The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Matt stepped up to the booth to take his turn. When he was done he saw that he had gotten a 9 from 6 shots. "Well this has been a fun little challenge though be glad I had decided to turn off select augments beforehand. Anyway I humbly admit defeat though don't expect me to call you anything other than your name," Matt said.

Outside the Canteen: Slindis, Rugal

"On the contrary, A realm that can produce someone like you mustn't be all bad. Might pick up a few things..." Rugal said, fully content with the idea as the pair entered the canteen.

Canteen: Jenny

"Really?...Didn't think the desert could support such growth..." Jenny mused as she took a few more bites of her poffin.

Advanced shooting range: David

David gave a small air punch at this victory when Matt wasn't looking.
"Yeah, still, Good game, good game..." He said as he reset the targets, going to keep training.
As he took aim though he paused and remembered that wrist gun.
Mmmm...I wonder... He thought as he equipped it and holstered his M500.
He then took aim at targets and opened fire, landing a perfect hit.
And another.
And another.
He was soon basically spraying ammo at all the targets, the computer showing a clear improvement in his accuracy rating as a smile grew on his face.
He only stopped firing when his clip was out, then he laughed "...David West is back in the game..."

Canteen: Jenny

With that, some of the imps went around and gave samples to those that would try them.

Out of curiosity, Angelus took a poffin and bite down on the strange square; wondering what made them so appealing to Jenny....

Advanced shooting range - outside

Teri nodded with a smile, "Certainly seems that way. However, I'm guessing that you're not here just to watch them shoot."

She gestured at the gun in Melethia's hands, "Mr. West's teaching you how to use that I take it? I'm not trying to pry, but if you don't mind me asking; what prompted the urge to learn? You're already proficient with your knives and your bow."

Training room - Devon, Caim, Cutie Bruisers

As Devon's dance began to take root, Caim's face hardened into a glare; finally able to take this exercise a bit more seriously, "And here we go... Now, let's change things up again!"

The Wheel turned, and Caim had swapped to a green longsword (Slaughterism); and began trading off more blows with Devon; the change in weight necessitating an adaptation of the battle dance. However, Caim was certain this sort of consistent changing was exactly what Devon needed to keep his stance strong.

Outside the Canteen: Slindis, Rugal

Slindis mused as she sat down relatively close to Jenny. "You may, but there's a lot there that I faced in lots of areas. I won't lie - it won't be easy by any stretch of the imagination. Who knows, perhaps we'll find something for you to wear."

Canteen: Jenny

The imps gave a guttural laugh as they responded. "Jenny, those mortals were going for their fix. If they couldn't see a way, they would make one. All we had to do was cultivate it onboard, and even a Dretch could do it."

Advanced shooting range: David

Melethia gave a congratulatory handwave to David before shaking Matt's hand. "That was nice speed out there, Trigger! I'll try to see if I can pick that up, but I'll check up on Keeneye."

With that, Melethia responded to Teri as she went to check up on David. "Eh, I just wanted to learn, see how it works. Maybe I could change up the designs? I mean, it could happen, and there's lots of different ways to make it better."

She then took a few minutes to watch her weapon being used so skillfully and responded. "Ya think that's good, wait until I revamp the rest of your weapons Keeneye."

Training room - Devon, Caim, Cutie Bruisers

Devon was fully in the flow, and the speed of his attacks punctuated the higher pulse of the combat. If Devon was getting tired from all this, he wouldn't say as a few more of the blows were traded between the two. The fact that Caim could actually feel the hits instead of ignore them altogether meant there was definitely something to this whole 'symphony of combat' thing or whatever Devon was going on about.

The hard part, of course, was keeping the dance going. Plus the whole 'No Magic" rule put in from the start meant that he couldn't work that in until Caim felt ready to sign off on Devon's progress.

Boooored... Boss thought. So booored...

Maybe you should have sparred with the others?

Boss sighed. Nah. I don't know how far it would have gone. It was a miracle I didn't crush pink-wand-girl the othe-

"Hey." Edge was tapping Boss on the shoulder with his foot. In both his hands was an enourmous sandwich. "What's wrong?"

"Ehh...nothing, why?"

Edge took a bite out of his sandwich and swallowed. Boss always thought it was a little unnerving how he could do that without taking off his mask. "If you're bored, go out and fly around. Or teleport to the moon. Or...something."

"Nah." Boss said. "Just not feeling it."

Edge sat up. "Is...something wrong? Seriously wrong?"

The answer was yes; a lot of things were bothering him, but Boss wasn't sure he wanted to talk about it in front of...well, everyone. Instead, he teleported next to someone he hadn't spoken to yet; a blonde woman wearing a red dress. "Hiya!" he said. "I'm Boss. What's you're-"

"WHAT THE CRAP!?!" Edge said.

"...talking." Boss said, gesturing to the blonde woman. "I would think it was self-explanatory."

"That's Angelus!" Edge said. "Do you not remember her, either?" Boss slowly shook his head. Edge stuttered for a second, then grabbed a salt-shaker and threw it at Boss: it bounced it off his shoulder harmlessly. "The hell is your problem!"

Boss shrugged. "Well, what I said still applies. Name's Boss. Pleased to meet you."

One of the imps had appeared on the table in front of Edge, and was chittering at him, clearly angry. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it won't happen again. It's just so frustrating. This is an awesome sandwich, by the way, props to the chef."


One of the imps had appeared on the table in front of Edge, and was chittering at him, clearly angry. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it won't happen again. It's just so frustrating. This is an awesome sandwich, by the way, props to the chef."

The imp gave a slight bow at the compliment and handed him a red muffin. A note on the tray for it said it was supposed to be spicy and sweet, and a bite into it certainly proved that. The texture was a bit off, though. Said note also stated that they'd appreciate it if they didn't keep bursting in while they made the herbal brownies.

With that, they checked up on the drinks to see what the two were having. Even if they were being more than a bit messy, they were otherwise finr.

Storm (and Alpha).
Location: AA universe | Rising Dawn | Dark hallway ?.
Time: 2Pm (Gonna guess).

After about an hour of childish exploration and a maze of dark hallways Alpha received the message on Storm's phone.
Storm sighed as he pulled out his phone. "Done pouting yet?" Storm tried to get a response out of his female AI partner. "I'm not pouting! ... I just couldn't talk around that nice lady." Alpha yelled out with reason.

Storm smirked, but Alpha decided to tell him about the message.
"Umm ... Sean, you might want to see this."
Alpha said to Sean/Storm who bought out his phone and finally managed to access it.
"We also need a map of this place." Storm was worried that he was lost, but finally got into his spam box and weird named message.

(I changed his name to "Sean" so it wouldn't be confusing.)

To Whom It May Concern:
We ask you very kindly to stop barging in and out of the kitchen. Not only is it rude, but it interrupts the delicate process of cooking.

Also, we have made this delicious muffin for one brave soul to try; it is meant to be sweet with a hint of spice; any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Be warned, the texture may be off a bit.

Thank you

The Kitchen

Edge read the letter with mild interest. Sweet and spicy? he thought, looking at the muffin. It looked...perfectly fine, if a bit small-ish. Worth a try.

And so, Edge ate it whole. Instantly, the concentrated Habanero Pepper extract hit him; it was like his entire face had been set on fire. No, that didn't quite cover it; it was as though his face had suddenly been transported into the heart of a burning star.

"TO HOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTT!" he screamed, jumping up and clawing at his face. "NEEED WAAAAATEEEERRRRRR!"

And with that, Edge ran out of the mess hall to the nearest source of water, screaming as he did.

"That...that's Edge." Boss said to Angelous.

A distant shout was heard from outside the Mess hall. "....howwwwwwwwdyyyyyyyyy!!!"

"...he's not usually this much of a spaz. Must be something in the food."

Edge tore through the ship as fast as he could, barelling over several piles of boxes and one large person with white hair in a trenchcoat (who he rudely knocked to the floor, unfortunately). Quickly, very quickly (but not quickly enough) he was back to his quarters, and miracle of miracles, the tub he'd used to heal himself was still there. He violently thrust his head in; for a moment, he thought the pure heat may evaporate the water before it was able to touch him. But that was nonsense, and after a couple seconds of using heal, he was fine.

But he was pissed. Even if he couldn't blame the imps, just getting hit like that out of nowhere pissed him off.

Training room - Devon, Caim, Cutie Bruisers

Edge knocked on the wall of the Training room.

"I'm pissed and want to hurt something." Edge said. "What rules are we playing by?"

Storm (and Alpha).
Location: AA universe | Rising Dawn | Holding Bay 17.
Time: 2:30 Pm (Guessing).

Whilst waiting for the phone message to load, Storm found a holding bay and began to look for the numerous supplies their room needed. The room was well stocked, though Storm wanted to get a few clothes, cleaning products and food/drink supplies. "Well I luckily found the 'spartan' sized clothing. A small box of cleaning supplies and a few small boxes of food and drink." Storm said as he picked up the super large box he found.

Then Storm could only see a bit of a blur and a large impact. A large enough impact which knocks the winds out of Storm and knocks him down, though luckily enough no injury occurred. "Guuuuh~" Storm gurgled as he laid on the ground. "What the ... what happened?" Alpha appeared out of Storm's phone quickly and saw her partner on the ground.

"Ugh ... I don't know" Storm said as he didn't want to move from the spot.


Slindis shook her head as the man ran out. Didn't he know that milk would have soothed his mouth much faster than water? On overhearing the conversation with Boss, she put in her two cents. "These muffins are incredibly potent, but it's something you could get used to in time." The fact that she immediately poured a glass of milk afterwards wasn't missed by anyone there.

Meanwhile, the Imps took note of the excessive spice and looked at each other. "Oh come on, it's only a little bit of spice. These humans can't handle a little bit extra with their food?" They grumbled as they went back to the drawing board for this one.

Training room - Devon, Caim, Cutie Bruisers, Edge

Edge knocked on the wall of the Training room.

"I'm pissed and want to hurt something." Edge said. "What rules are we playing by?"[/quote]

The door opened slightly, and Edge could see the two going at it rather intensely. With the precision in the movements from both sides, one would think this was a kind of rehearsed dance instead of a master testing his Student's limits.

Storm (and Alpha).
Location: AA universe | Rising Dawn | Holding Bay 17.
Time: 2:30 Pm (Guessing).

Storm was approached by three or five imps all wearing cook's outfits and the main one talked to him in fairly rough English.

"Storm man, you want us helping you? Our fault: misunderestimated amount of heat in food, caused Boss Man running off." It was clear English was still rough for him, but there was no ill intent outside of making foor too spicy.

Canteen: Jenny, Rugal

Jenny watched in shock as Edge ran out after having one of the REALLY spicy Poffins.
"....Maybe...We should wait a while before we start selling these to the crew..." She said to the head imp before inspecting the tainted Poffin.
"...Just how much spice and spicy berries and peppers did you put in this? It almost feels hot to hold..." She asked before sniffing it slightly.

Rugal meanwhile could only hear Edge's screams and silently made a note to not eat anything made by those Imps.
"Tell me...Where did you all learn to cook?..."

Advanced shooting range: David

David was busy with his new weapon mowing down all in his path with it as Melethia spoke.
"Yeah! I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Now...Time for the Skullmasher..." He chuckled evilly as he slotted a round that looked like it belonged in a shotgun into his gun before firing.
The Skullmasher round worked a treat on one poor target, taking everything above the waist off.
And nearly dislocating David's arm with the kickback.

Storm's Phone: ???

After a long download, they found that it was a video message crudely made in ASCII.

Once the message was over, Alpha received co-ordinates to a old farm not far from the Rising Dawn's current location.

Canteen: Jenny, Rugal

The head imp nodded. "We may have put in too much spice for you, but we wanted it to have a bit of a kick." He had a bite and grinned at the heat while giving a small belch of fire. "I mean, we did taste test it before heading out. We honestly thought it'd be good for everyone.

One of the lower rank imps turned to Rugal and stumbled over one of the knocked-down tables. "We learned where we were at since we came to be. Now I know you're smarter than you look and you already look intelligent, so I don't need to explain it more." Even though they were part of the Crew, they still had that slight smell of brimstoneand slight aura that was a stark contrast to any angel Rugal had some across.

Advanced shooting range: David

Melethia nodded in joy. "Okay, now all ya need to do there is get used to that kickback. To be fair, I can find some way to lower that, but it would limit the variety of rounds we can use there..."

Still, David was quickly learning that Melethia was possibly the person to head to when it came to equipment.

Rodem's Room: Rodem, Lupito

"Get up, tamed one, unless you want me dragging you out by the scruff of your neck."

Rodem had been enjoying a rather nice nap when he woke up to hear a wolf talking to him. That was odd in the sense that most wolves were too stupid to even take down a simple deer without any help from others in that 'pack' they insisted on.

Not to mention they weren't usually this big. Or had the arrogance to barge into his room.

Canteen: Jenny, Rugal

Jenny yelped after the imp let out a mouthful of fire, not really keen on the sight of the stuff since that Devon business, the mark on her arm clearly visible.
"...Just...Humans aren't really keen on...eating...Fire..." She said, somewhat shocked that it was THAT spicy.
Before she could say anything else, her phone started to Ring
Taking a look at the number, she sighed and said "Sorry, I got to take this." before leaving the canteen, a somewhat annoyed look on her face.

Rugal meanwhile just watched the imps fly around.
"...At least the buffet in hell won't be hellish..." He quipped, still reassigning himself to not eat any food they prepared, not trusting the legions of hell as far as he could throw them.

Rugal's Room: Rodem, Lupito

Rodem merely glanced up at the Wolf in his masters chambers.
Then went back to sleep, not really caring for Lupito's threats.
"Tell me "un-tamed" one, If I can call you that. What reason should I be disturbed?" He said as he rolled around in his basket, enjoying the peace he had for the past few weeks.

Outside the Canteen: Jenny, Head Imp

The head imp tailed Jenny, listening in to see what was going on.

Outside the Canteen: Jenny,Lower Ranking Imp

The imp returned to Rugal to make a statement as Slindis ate one of the dry yet sweet poffins. "If you have any issues, you are free to cook your own food. Just don't attack us in there, please. We had enough of that down under."

Rugal's Room: Rodem, Lupito

Lupito growled as he watched the rather lazy panther. "What reason? Tamed one, you are a shame to forefathers with your sloth. You may be content to subsist on handouts, but it's pathetic to watch compared to the Great Shifter."

Outside the Canteen: Jenny

After following the Gardevoir for a little while, The head imp began to hear her talk.
"Hiryu, what is it?...Well...Of course I'm alright, why wouldn't I be?...Well-I...No...Yeah, there was some mishaps over here but we are okay, You can tell Blade that....What about Hein?...Trying to do what?....Wait...He has someone here?....on this ship?...He put an assassin on this ship!?....But...How!?.......Dammit...Well...Who did he send?...Oh no....Okay, I'll see what I can do, but don't call the ship, if they find out that the Striders are trying to kill the Rising Dawn...No, Keep Blade out of this, I can handle it myself....Alright then, Keep me posted..."
Once the phone call was done, Jenny slumped down on the floor and sighed hard.
"All this over a stupid title..." She sighed.

Canteen: Rugal

"But of course. I understand that fully." Rugal remarked before he paused for a moment: A faint Energy Field seemed to race by overhead.
He even got up and stared at the ceiling for a moment.
"...Mmmm...Must have been a bird or something..."

Rugal's Room: Rodem, Lupito

"Oh Joy, you are one of Those Wolfs..." Rodem replied as he got out of his bed and stretched, more like a cat then a Panther.
"Listen, before you go calling me "Sloth", Know this, Who was watching the ship while you, My Master and his plaything (Slindis) were off and about? Those bodies the others cleared out where there for a reason..." He added before walking past the wolf and jumping on the desk to help match his height.
"Now then, I'll ask you first to get out of Master's Room. I've downed bigger then you..." He growled, baring his fangs.

Outside the Canteen: Jenny

The imp immediately walked over to Jenny. It was one of the ones that had joined while they were on the Western, so it didn't know of Jenny's affiliation.

"Lady Jenny. What was this of an assassin onboard? If that's the case, we need to get something set up here."

Canteen: Rugal

The imp apologized again as Slindis stretched, refreshed from the time in the Spa. [color=c20000]"Rugal, isn't it about time we collect Teri and Melethia? They may be our daughters, but it doesn't mean they should subsist on less than 4 hours of relaxation a day."

Rugal's Room: Rodem, Lupito

Lupito raised his maw to show Rodem that he wasn't intimidated. "You expect commendations for succeeding when it was balanced in your favor? And I will only say this one time, Kitten: call my Master a plaything again and you will have as much sight as he."

He bared his teeth at the temerity of the panther as its tail arched and ears moved back. "You think yourself an equal? Tell me the last time you dined on the flesh of your foes. Tell me the last time you weren't reliant on handouts. Tell me the last time any others were shown that you earned your pitiful reputation through your skill."

He certainly had the presence of an Alpha, and there was a few spots on his coat from the slaughter in DC. He wasn't about to back down here, and he'd had intimate knowledge on how panthers fought from the Great Shifter, a companion of his Master's packmate back on Eberron.

Outside the Canteen: Jenny

"WAHWHOSTHEREWHATDOYOUWANT!?" Jenny exclaimed as she jumped out of her skin and onto the floor of the hallway in fright.
"YOU?!...I mean, You!...Frightened me..." She said when she realized how much of a mess she had made.
"...Okay....This is bad..." She said before she read the Imp's mind and found it had been there the whole time.
"...Oh well, keep calm, carry on...mind helping me up?" She said as she held her hand up to be helped.
The Imp compiled, as you do, Jenny was counting on that.
She used Hypnosis to make the Imp forget that phone call ever happened and everything in it, as far as the Imp was concerned, it was just returning...
"Ohhh...errrr...A-ah!" she then said before shoving a nearby fire extinguisher into it's hands before snapping her fingers to bring it back to the present.

"Awwww, Thank you. I was looking for that...Fire...Extinguisher...Just can't be too careful, all of us running around fighting fires! AHAHAHAHAHAHA! SEE YA! BYE!" She then said before taking the extinguisher it was "Returning" to her and ran off.
The Imp had no idea what it was doing or why.

Rugal's Room: Rodem, Lupito

Rodem merely stared on un-impressed by Lupito's display.
"Mmmm...I'll do you one better, I'll tell you exactly when the next time I've shown any others that I earned my "Pitiful reputation" though my skill..." He said before looking over to the clock on the wall.
"That will be in...45 minutes...Tops."
He then hopped down from the desk and went back into his basket as his Master Plan to prove Lupito wrong began.

Storm (and Alpha).
Location: AA universe | Rising Dawn | Holding Bay 17.
Time: 2:30 Pm (Guessing).

After a couple of minutes of letting his mouth hang open from both the fall and Imps, Storm got back up on his two legs and did his usual stretching exercises to get out the pain. Though all of a sudden he received the message, once it was over his face showed much concern, it was an AI core that sent them this message and curiosity hung in. "Miku, patch me into the ship's intercoms and television sets whilst using the phone's audio sensor as a mic and the camera as ... a camera." He said.

In a few seconds his face appeared on every TV/screen on the ship.
"Good evening everyone, I just received an SOS in my spam file, take a look." Storm said as the video popped up beside his image.

Once the video was over it was removed from view and Storm talked again.
"Well I'm curious what this is, it seems it also sent a location to the ship as well. But since it was in my spam file, I have to say ... the cake just might be a lie. Alpha, disconnect." Storm said to everyone as he disconnected from the ship.

Storm wondered as he began to take the large box which fell, back to his room.

Canteen: Rugal/Jenny/???

Rugal listened to the message, not really caring who was person talking or their fate.
"Alright then, Lead the way." Rugal said before walking with Slindis towards the shooting range where Teri and Melethia were watching David blast away targets with glee.
All the while, Jenny was searching the ship for the would be assassin, praying to god that she found him first before someone tried to kill someone else.

Outside the Canteen: Jenny

After that, the imp went back in the kitchen to tell the next imp in the rotation it was his turn to keep an eye on Jenny, and it went to try and find her.

Shooting Range: Melethia, David, Slindis, Teri.

When SLindis arrived in the Shooting Range with Rugal, Melethia was getting started on some modifications to David's M500. It wouldn't change the maintenance procedures, but the enchantment would give his bullets more punch and accuracy.

Rugal's Room: Rodem, Lupito

Lupito Then got ready to pad out, wondering what it was that the tamed panther had planned. If this plan involved harming Slindis, Melethia, or Teri, Lupito would rip the cub's throat out. Outside of that, we'll see.

Shooting Range

As nice as watching the men shoot was, Teri couldn't help but yawn a bit; and leaned against Garm, her eyes growing a tad on the heavy side,

"Heh, you know what they say about guys and toys, don't you Garm?"

The wolf's ear's lowered faintly, as Garm looked at his Pup in confusion; and noticed that her leaning on him was getting a bit heavier as the seconds passed by,

"Be a good boy and stay right there, will you?"

Garm made a small whine of protest, but by the time the sound left his throat; the Cleric had already flopped on the wolf; and was using him as a makeshift pillow/bed of sorts. It was at this point Slindis and Rugal entered.

Training room - Devon, Caim, Cutie Bruisers

Edge knocked on the wall of the Training room.

"I'm pissed and want to hurt something." Edge said. "What rules are we playing by?"

Caim 'sent' a quick message to Ton Ton and Cadolbolg as he continued his practice set with Devon; pleased that he actually had to put forth effort to keep the bard off his back. Sure, it was great that Edge wanted to let off steam; but it certainly looked as if his student was making a great breakthrough, and Caim wanted to observe it in it's full glory. Thus, when prompted, Ton Ton was the one to answer, "Well, while we would prefer not killing each other; the two of us are available for sparring. Mr. Caim is in the middle of training his student."


Angelus smiled, and took a bite of one of the spare spicy muffins the imps were passing around; giving the chef a light thank you before answering Boss, "I thought you and your companion looked familiar. We were on that damned space station at one point, remember? The one with the aliens that spat acid...."

Shooting Range: Rugal, David

David glanced over as Teri started to nod off, somewhat impressed she could sleep over the sound of gunfire.
A hint of moment across the Target range in the corner of his eye got his attention.
"Huh?" He let out as he scanned the area, keeping his wrist gun aimed.
"...Eh, might just be Tunnel Vision." he dismissed before resuming his fire.

It was then that Rugal and Slindis entered.
"Mr. West."
"Blondie." The two exchanged as he felt his way past several tables Melethia had pulled out for parts.
"I was wondering where you had ran off to. Always tinkering around..." He said to Melethia before he heard Garm whine.
"Kid's asleep. Must be rightly knackered to take a nap here." David added over another volley of lead as Rugal found the Cleric dozed off on her mount.
"I see...Come on, That's a Wolf, not a Bed." He said before picking her up and easing the weight on Garm.
"So Tell me, What are you working on, Melethia?"

Hallways: Jenny

Jenny meanwhile was running around with a Fire Extinguisher in her hands, trying to track down who or what Hien had sent on-board the ship.
Come on, Come on! I know you are in here!...
"Targets found, awaiting orders, over."

She gasped as she found the would be assassin and began running for the Training Room.

Training Room: ???

Caim and Devon exchanged blows as they were watched from the vents above.
"...Engage?...Just like that, Engage?" The man asked his superior.
"Those targets have the location of the Blue Dragon and thus, must be killed lest our location be comprised!"
"...Strider Hien, I'm ju-"
"You will pull out your orders or face the same fate as every other would be traitor! Hien, out!"
The Agent sighed as he was cut off.
"That man is a idiot..."

As the duo trained, the Assassin dropped down and made his presence known,landing swiftly behind Caim.
"Nothing Personal." The agent known as Raven said as he went to slit the soldier's throat.

Training Room: ???, Devon, Caim, Cutie Bruisers

Devon sighed as he looked the man in the eyes. "Really? Out of everyone on the planet you can go after, and you go after the people that went to ensure that Tomoya didn't destroy it? I mean, get your priorities straight." With that, he casually rubbed the ring alerting the rest of the crew that something was going on where he was while he thought of the next best move to make. For right now, keeping him occupied would be the best thing.

Shooting Range: Rugal, David, Slindis, Melethia

Slindis got the alert from the ring and immediately interrupted the talk. "That can wait. For now, we find this attacker and we subdue them." In that same time, SLindis informed Lupito of the threat to put him on high alert.

Melethia nodded as she quickly put the gun back together and made her way to the ventilation shaft. "I know plenty about the vents here. If the backstabber wants to use them, he'll have some treats along the way." Before she got a response, she moved through the tunnels and began setting up small traps of her own - ones that she'd found worked quite well, like grease traps or choking smoke traps. Whoever was invading the ship would find a new difficulty since the traps hadn't been there before, and they'd need especially sharp eyes to notice them.

Rodem's room: Lupito, Rodem

When Lupito got the message, He went to Rodem's room to inform him of the issue. "Slothful one, attackers are confirmed to be on board. Take it how you will, but if the people here die, so does your main source of food."

Shooting Range

In her slumber, Teri snuggled towards the new heat source (Rugal) and mumbled, "don wanna go to school... buncha bag of dicks."

In the meantime, Garm was happy that his Pup was no longer using him as a bed. Sure, he could deal with being a wolf-shaped horse, but dead weight was a tad different than being ridden around on. However, he also noticed the tense expressions on the humans' faces... What was going on?

Training Room: ???

Caim, after nearly dying by a sword to the back before making his pact with Angelus, was NOT about to die via such a tactic again. In one swift motion, he moved his blade from attempting to attack Devon, and spun to bring his blade around and into Raven's side.

Meanwhile, Ton Ton and Cadolbolg got the summons from the rings, and spun around in confusion,

"Not on our watch!"

Thus, Cadolbolg sped towards the confusion, Ton Ton ready to leap from his perch the moment the time proved sufficient.

Training Room: Raven

Caim swung his sword and hit nothing as Raven seemed to fade out of existence and re-appeared a good few feet away.
"Surrender now and I'll make this quick..." he warned as Cadolbolg and Ton Ton arrived on the scene.
The Duo lunged at the Ninja as he pulled out a set of knifes.
Once Ton Ton went for the kill, he vanished again, appearing above and behind the Tonberry, about to stab him in the head from above.

Shooting Range: Rugal, David, Slindis, Melethia

"Wait, What?" David remarked at the sound of an attacker.
"Slin, Lupito, With me. Fan out, alert the others and re-group at the intruders current location. David, Garm, Watch Teri. Move!" Rugal ordered as he lead his team though the ship.
"Hey! You know I could be of som-" David protested before the sound of a shutting door silenced him.
"...-Help...And on tonight's episode of Supernanny with David West..." He sighed to the wolf as glanced at the Cleric.
"...Out of all the fucking times to take a nap! Kids these days..." He said as he secured the room.

Rodem's room: Lupito, Rodem

Rodem yawned and sighed "Isn't there any security on this blasted ship?!".
Still, he got out of his bed and began going though the halls, looking for this attacker

Training Room: Raven

Devon did a single roll over to Ton-Ton's side and gave a few thrusts of his actual blade to knock away the knives from the Ninja. "Surrender? You're the one working with someone actively working to cripple the planet last time I checked. Or did I forget something there that provoked this attack other than us having to work with you for that time to, I dunno, stop the planet from being blown to bits?"

Due to her agility, Slindis was quickly nearing the room while Melethia got to a point in the Ventilation shafts that gave a clear view on Raven.

Rodem's room: Lupito, Rodem

Rodem yawned and sighed "Isn't there any security on this blasted ship?!".
Still, he got out of his bed and began going though the halls, looking for this attacker[/quote]

Lupito bluntly talked to Rodem. [i]"Word has the man in the hallway down that way. Not likely that he moved alone."[/color]

Kura had pulled out chopsticks from her hair, accessories that were functional. She gave them a quick wipedown and pressed her hands together. "Cha!!!" she said happily and gracefully sety about devouring and consuming the massive slab of meat.

She had finished it and left the plate completely and utterly bare, not a crumb on it. She had passed out after the meal, her stomach looking somewhat pregnant when she fell asleep, but was back to normal when the akatsuki girl woke up. She left a note thanking the imps and walked out towards the living quarters.

Living quarters.

Looking around, Kura found the captain's quarters and made her way inside, slipping the door open with a hairpin. She's a ninja afterall. The girl closed the door, not really caring who's room it was. She quickly stripped down and tossed her clothing onto the hat rack, leaving her in her underwear.

Kura walked into the bathroom and grabbed a towel along the way, turning on the water and letting it heat up. Kura meanwhile hummed a tune softly to herself.

Rodem (Rugal's Pet Panther, He became part of the crew after AIM went bust)

Lupito bluntly talked to Rodem. "Word has the man in the hallway down that way. Not likely that he moved alone."
It was around this time that Kura broke into into the Captain's Room, a new scent in the air alerting the Panther.
"...Not likely at all. Keep searching these hallways, I think there is another intruder in one of the rooms..." He said before breaking off from the large wolf and following the scent of warm running water to the captain's quarters as Kura entered the shower.

The steam from the shower gave away that someone was here before the clothing tossed around the room did.
"...Prey..." He thought as he followed the trail into the en-suite.
Kura was minding her business in the shower when suddenly she looked and saw:

Training Room: Raven, Devon, Edge, Caim, Cutie Bruisers

Caim's glare became fixed upon Raven, blood already boiling for Raven's attempted attack on Ton Ton (even if the Tonberry was the one to attack first), and pointed his blade at Raven, a ruse in mind "If you wish to kill me, I'd like to at least know the motivations behind it first. Call it a last wish, if you will. Not that I intend to die today...."

As he bluffed through his teeth, he had already 'sent' his plan to the children; and did the same to Devon via rubbing the ring while he re adjusted his grip on his weapon.

Ton Ton, on the other hand, was a tad shaken that he was almost knifed in the head. Pact strength or no; he was certain that was something typically not lived through.

With a nod of thanks to Devon, Ton Ton readied his weaponry again, and gave a question of his own, "I thought we were allied with the Striders. After all, Ms. Jenny got them to help us with Tomoya's forces. Why the sudden change of heart, Mr. Ninja?"

With that, the little creature went for Raven's ankles with the Knife; the lantern shining brightly in anticipation for the Karma that could possibly be repaid.

As he did this, Cadolbolg dropped his tail down on Raven's head, having taken note what that had done to David moments ago.

Shooting Range: David, Teri, Garm

As Teri slumbered, and Garm watched over the slumbering Cleric; David heard a familiar posh voice speak over the intercom, "That would be my fault, Mr. West, not my Ladyship's. I was the one that caused her drain of fortitude, as she aided me in deleting some malignant programming."

Before David could ask what the AI meant, Dimitri continued, noticing his Creator's attempts to bolster David's confidence earlier and taking it on as a minor objective, "Furthermore, being left alone with Her Ladyship implies a certain degree of trust from the Ship's Captain, does it not Mr. West? Or perhaps that you are qualified enough to be a guard?"

Kura froze looking at the cat. She hadn't been in the shower too long yet and was still mostly dry. Rushing forward, she hugged the cat and started to pet and love it. "You're sooo beautiful! your coat is so shiny and smooth!" she cooed over him and let loose a squeal of joy. "EEEHH! I wish I could make a summoning contract with you!" being entirely sincere. The cat could detect that she wasn't hostile in the slightest and seemed somewhat at ease around her actually.

Training Room: Raven, Devon, Edge, Caim, Cutie Bruisers

Raven first reacted to Cadolbolg's tail attack, quickly moving out of the way as the little dragon missed.
Grabbing his tail and using the momentum that he had built up, Raven slammed the dragon to the ground before stomping on his head.
To avoid a possible stab to the legs, he leapt away soon after.
"My orders and motivations are no concern of yours." He merely answered as he focused on his next move
Dashing to the walls of the Training Room, he began to wall run around, throwing several small smoke pellets, aiming on blinding the group as much as he could.

Shooting Range: David, Teri, Garm

David merely scoffed as he finished locking the room down.
"Look, less of pep-talk, more of finding this guy, okay?" He said, clearly annoyed with his situation.
"...Just saying...I'd to think at this point in time I've proved myself to be something other then a guard..." He added as he trained his sights on the door.

Captain's Quarters: Rodem, Kura

"WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?! YOU ARE TRESPASSING ON PRI-...Oh, Right behind the ears, right behinds the ear, ohhhh yeah..." Rodem thought as all thoughts of trying to tear out her throat and of the intruder faded.
He purred (Or whatever bit cats do instead of purring) as Kura petted him, lying down on his side as she played with him.

Training Room: Raven, Devon, Edge, Caim, Cutie Bruisers

As Raven ran around the room, Devon created a rather strong countergust to scatter the smoke away. Right after that, Slindis entered the room and Greased the area right in front of Raven right as Melethia loosed a fire-tipped arrow onto the grease to set it ablaze.

Meanwhile, Lupito stalked the halls for any other signs of intruders.

"See, i'm not so bad." she said petting him. "I don't know if you can understand me, but i'm a friend. I'm not here to hurt anyone, this is just the nicest room." she said petting him some more. "Are we ok Mr. Kitty?" she asked him.

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