The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Confusion Returns: You used Storm in the lecture part ... but that ain't no problem. XD

The Doctor returns.
Wanderer/Shawn and co.
Location: Shadow Operative Building.

During the lecture of Mitsuru's, the now patched up Doctor was in a formal form. His clothes were his civilian clothing which consisted of his Doctor stuff and some sunglasses to hide him glowing eyes. For the whole lecture he wanted to say something about Deadshot and put all the blame on him, but his Shadow actually managed to stop him, the reason was so that they would contain their energy for the future which would contain a battle.

After the whole speech and the positions, Fuuka took the floor to explain a few more thing about the Shadow Zone. When the word "Robot" had came up, the Doctor was already on the case, practically brewing with enthusiasm. Then the question time came up and the Doctor immediately stood up with his hand stretched to the ceiling. He cradled his Pipboy as if he was going to write multiple things down.

"Ugh yes ... I have some questioned about machine. *Ahem*"
One, does it have any weaknesses? If not do we use this ... 'persona' to fight it.
Two, can we have a detailed summary about it's background or past?
Three, what is it's design like? ... from last I saw it was literally human.
Four ... can I have a design?

The Doctor said the last part with his puppy dog eyes, if he could do it at least. "(Come on ... persuasion, don't fail us now." *Rolls dice*) The Shadow said within, if he could gather a design of that robot, he could probably think about making one ... especially if he returned to the Wasteland. "Other then that, my name is Shawn Pitt, codename: Wanderer ... and I would like to go into the Shadow Zone ... plus it seems Rugal needs some cold medicine or something ... " The Doctor said as he almost snickered at that last part.

("Alien technology is a bitch ain't it?") The Shadow Wanderer joked mentally, which made the Doctor's cheeks puff from resisting laughter.

Yu Narukami & co.
Location: Shadow Operative Building.

Yu, who was standing up near the front was eagerly listening to this plan. From so far it was more organized and had far more power then any plan Yu came up during his time leading his own investigation group. Seeing the Doctor volunteer with enthusiasm and Annie with hidden eagerness, this made Yu raise an eyebrow and looked to his side at Mitsuru. "As much as I would like to go investigate ... I worry for the two that just received their Persona. Where do you think I would suit best?" Yu asked the Mitsuru besides him.

Shadow Zone Duty:

Yu Narukami.
The Doctor.


Moooood muuuuussiiiiicccc
Shadow Operatives Building: Devon and Ella

Devon glanced at the others and began speaking, more than a bit uncomfortable in the clothing that Teri had poofed in for her to wear. "I'd love to go on the exploration team to the Shadow Zone-

But was cut off by Ella giving her a hollow, blank-eyed stare that made the Bard quickly change what she was saying.

-But I think I'd be better off helping Ella in the town." It was a bit unusual to see how much Ella could cow Devon; it was hard to say what Ella had said to Devon last night, but a reminder through that one look was enough to bring her back into line.

Shadow Operatives Building: Slindis

Slindis had stayed up much of the night (Having distinctly sstayed in her room instead of the room that Rugal was in) debating what she would do in the morning, but she was finally able to curtly reply to Mitsuru. "I think I'd be best suited to explore the Shadow Zone with the others. Although I'd like investigating more, I'd feel a lot more comfortable if there was someone there to retrieve them if something went wrong."

After that, Slindis contacted Teri over the ring. "I know you're still not really all there after the hit your Persona took last night, so I need you to go on the investigation team. Don't pursue Rugal too hard; just keep an eye on him. Above all, don't take any careless risks. Although he hasn't taken any hostile actions yet, I don't want you to drop your guard. You saw what happened to the cursed bard yesterday, after all."

Slindis is on the Shadow Realm Team

Shadow Operatives Building: Melethia

Finally, the second youngest looking humanoid there put in her two cents. "I'll take that Shadow Zone job. I also have that armor of the Bard's to fix up, but even with the properties of the Zone I wouldn't be able to fix it up for a month or so. Still, it's good to get that practice in, and they could use the backup." With that, she pulled out the evoker blade she'd been refining most of last night (Certainly looked a lot more dangerous) and began casually juggling it with one hand.

Melethia is on the Shadow Realm Team

Unnoticed to everyone but Teri, though, a note written in purple Comic Sans appeared in the cleric's pockets along with an extra gift.

Location: Shadow Operatives Building

All the People

Siz leaned back in her chair, closing her eyes to rest. A good night's sleep had eluded her once again, and her eyes fell heavy. Cz was frustrated, but she herself was too exhausted from trying to decipher the nightmare to exert any force on her compressed body. The little girl held tight to her evoker-doll and stared at the reports, trying her best to absorb all the information bombarding her little head. In the end she bit her lip and looked around. Rugal, Deadshot, Melenthia, and Slindis joined the Investigations Unit. David, Annie, Yu, and The Doctor were gearing up to head into the shadow zone. Cz paused and gave a little thought to the situation. Investigations would keep me on the safer side. Cz assumed, too tired to think beyond the surface ramifications of the choice. Being in the Shadow Zone would allow Veles to be free again... and if I interface correctly I could regain my regular form... in theory. Cz growled in frustration and knocked on her head with a clenched fist. Siz mirrored her. This is so dumb.

With a strange calm coolness, little Siz opened her mouth and spoke firmly, "I is go to Shadows. I is bring light to Darkness."

Cz was baffled. To go near the dark after that entire episode with the eldritch creature? Even she was baffled at the her persona's decision.

Cz has joined the Shadows Realm Clean-Up Unit

Location: Med Bay | Rising Dawn
Time: Concurrently


BlackHarte made a note to himself to leave a gift for Author Jake. His journey to the medical center of the vessel had been infinitely more expeditious by hitching a ride with the human. The reality of the matter was unfortunate. Despite being an unstoppable force in cyberspace, BlackHarte was very weak in the physical realm. Requiring to scoot his body by extending and contracting bits of his body to push his body partition along the floor in a viscous blob. Movement took long ages.

With a heavy heave-ho of his gelatinous form BlackHarte threw himself against the wall and stuck to it. Then again, he brought his full weight to bear and smashed himself against the wall, sticking firmly a little higher up. Slowly, he began to climb up the side of the wall. The airship was old, BlackHarte remembered, but just how old escaped him. His earliest memories told him that this ship belonged to a boy named Ryan. But BlackHarte had suspected that Ryan's vessel had long been destroyed somewhere, and this ship belonged to someone else. It was not in his nature to make decisions based on assumptions alone however, for he was a creature of logic. At least, BlackHarte hoped he was a creature of logic. Truth be told however, he had indulged in human emotions several times in the past. Especially after he had come into possession of the Stone of Darkness. At first it was hunger. Not the innate need to feed that all 'living' creatures where imbued, but the sensation of wanting to eat. The sin of gluttony. Then after he had eaten his fill, he had lost contact with a god portion of his previous hulking body. For a while he slept within the ship's frame. Silent and only reacting to emergencies. A sin of sloth. Then it was wrath, helping strike out against the fleet in orbit by using the Stone to generate the wormhole. He had laid waste to a huge amount of life, and found delight in senseless slaughter. But soon he grew bored of that too. Then he grew prideful, under the Mage in Red he had planned the downfall of Gods, just to see if he could. For the most part, it worked, he believed. He could not say. He lost another part of his body during that incident, and another chunk of his memories.

Master Kyre was eventful, so very eventful. Through her, and her body, BlackHarte indulged in pleasure for the first time. Lust was something that he never grew bored of. Even when feeding the emerald-eyed master had given him some perverse thrill. BlackHarte missed the Anti-Mage dearly. She was a fun master. After her was the blonde-hared merchant. He who was so covetous of life and humanity lived in constant greed and envy. BlackHarte had no real desire for it, but observed none the less. Still constantly he felt as if something was missing. Were those not all the masters he had served? What more could he be wanting? He had his friends, he had the ship, and now he even had other A.I.'s to keep him company.

What more could he want.

It took effort and time, but BlackHarte finally reached his destination after an eternity of thought and slow movement. He lay directly against a cool metal panel, devoid of any of his influence. He had 'walked' all the way here because he wanted to delay the time before the revelation. A good portion of him did not want to know if the evidence was here, if this was indeed the same ship they had boarded that fateful day in Washington D.C. BlackHarte opened the panel and peered inside with his green eye. And she was there, waiting after all this time, like she had been the day he closed the door on her. A white bodysuit, cleanly washed, folded and pressed into vacuum containment. Made to fit a small girl of fifteen.

BlackHarte couldn't remember who it was for, but he knew whoever it was was important at one point if he stashed something like this away for three years.

Sea of Chaos
Location: Distorted | Existence | Reality |Shattered Dimensions
Time: Concurrently

Black Heart Primary Unit - Designation: "Kusanagi, Sword of the Godslayer" Sub-Unit 22: Personality Core - Ragna

"Wh0 cou1D IT bE!? Who could it be. who could it be behind the mulberry tree with blackberries that fell out around us!

The sun is bright the sun is naught. Darkness sees I about. Is this the past, is this the present, is this the future? Am I lost, do I need a map! GAHAGEHAHAHEEEHEE! MAP I NEED think NOT I haaavE it mY LIEGE! COME BACK TO ME PLEASE. Okease. please okay

want See you again . Aga. in. Ag. Ain. s-s-S-s-S-uffer wur me. Yes. Aye. Agree. noMinAteD. Congress! Haha! They LEFT. ThEY LEFT. AND THEY DID NOT SAY


two mE! nNiGhammarRE Tihs is a nitrhmage nitrhmage nightmahg NiAIGHTmARE! Trapped in LivIng hell . He. ll. Hell. llhel . hel. Please come baAck. Sosorry I am nsotory . SSSosssos o SO soryyy.





BlackHarte settled down. His body stopped moving, and floated in vast emptiness. This primordial evil confused, beckoning, and wishing. Hoping. Looking. Yearning. Do machines dream? BlackHarte looked out into nothing and wondered. Did machines dream? Was he dreaming? Was he a person? Is he not a machine? If he was not a machine then the was dreaming. What was he dreaming. What did he want.

What did he wish. Hope. See.

"They never said goodbye," he answered himself in that own little world he inhabited with nothing else but a million other things. But a million things in a vastness as massive and dark as he saw was the same as nothing. He was so angry over nothing. Nothing has slighted him, and nothing hurt him. Nothing hurt so much, nothing was everything after a lack of something.

BlackHarte looked out into the world and pleaded to his invisible God that he himself created to plead to, "Let me see them again. One. Last. Ti-i-i-i-i-i-i"

And then Sub Unit 22 died, crushed by the ruling thumb that was BlackHarte. Ragna vanished into nothing, like those people he yearned for. Another, generic, pointless creation of a higher power that was there for no reason but to enrich the solitude of a massive abominable creature. And Generic Nuanced Personality Core 22 did not even get to say goodbye.

"Goodbye," he said. But no one was there to hear him. Not even himself. He never did say goodbye.

Shadow Operatives Building: Airship Rising Dawn Crew Members


The Raven Haired Vampiress stood towards the back of the room and listened to the briefing that had been given by Mitsuru while trying to decide which of the groups would benefit most from her and Bast. Even as she pondered this, she was taken aback by the number of crew members that she had not yet met and the fact that this group would so willingly go forth to battle an unknown force in the name of a group that they were unfamiliar with.

"(It's becaused they're heroes, dummy. You could probably learn a thing or two from them.)" came a snide comment from the back of Constance's mind as Bast, her voice sounding as if she was in the middle of a nice and comfortable nap.

"Miss Constance, I would recommend that we join the investigation team. I believe that you are suited for this with your - eh - enhanced senses." Teddy said from his position on Constance's back.

"No. I'm going to go help with the Shadow Clean Up." The Childe of the Sorrowfeld Clan stated as she walked over towards where Annie, Cz, David, The Doctor and Yu Narukami.

"Got room for another?" The Crimson eyed young girl asked as she looked at each of the members of the clean up crew.

Shadow Zone Clean Up: Constance Sorrowfeld


Standing near his charge, Som was surprised at her decision to embroil herself in a situation that would be so combat heavy, especially given how she had been acting since the start of this whole Persona ordeal. It was almost as if she was a different person. As surprised as he was at her decision, he could not help but simultaneously feel a strange sense of pride at the decision.

It was his turn to make a decision, however, and he had overheard the commentary of the Plush Backpack on how the Investigatory group would need those who had experience in such things. Being a Hunter meant that Som Waterford was required to be as observant as he was physically ready for combat as members of the Hunter's Authority often had to do their fare share of tracking and investigations.

Walking over towards the other group, the Hunter stood silently, unwilling to speak to the remainder of the group given their - species. He did, however, give a brief nod towards Deadshot, of whom he assumed was human.

Investigation: Som Waterford.

From the back of the room Jake stood from his seat. "New arrival here, G'day to those of tha crew who haven't met me yet, me name's Jake, and I am an Author. I'm heavily skills based, but my powers include rewriting anything. I've faced shadows before and won with the help of my friends, I'm in for causing some hell." The young Australian said with his hand upon his sword. He glanced to Akane next to him, and she stood as well.

Clearing her voice nervously she began to speak, "I... I will go with the investigation team. I am not happy with facing my shadows again so soon after rejoining this plane and my last memories..."

Jake placed a reassuring hand upon her shoulder, squeezing once before letting go and moving to join the others in the strike team.

Jake: Shadow Zone Strike/Clean up
Akane: Investigation

Shadow Operatives Building | Shadow Zone Clean Up Team: Annie, Constance, Cz, David, The Doctor, Jake, Yu

"New arrival here, G'day to those of tha crew who haven't met me yet, me name's Jake, and I am an Author. I'm heavily skills based, but my powers include rewriting anything. I've faced shadows before and won with the help of my friends, I'm in for causing some hell."

A pair of Crimson eyes curiously regarded the Author who spoke up and volunteered to join the Shadow Zone Sweeper team as he stood. Not only was she curious in the fact that he was new to her, but she was curious in the fact that he claimed that he was able to rewrite anything, a power that Constance would have thought to have reserved for Gods, not the young man who spoke with a strange sounding accent. If there was any validity to his claim, the young Vampire was certainly glad to have this Jake accompanying the Shadow Zone Sweeper team.

After his speech was completed, the Sorrowfeld Vampire nodded greetings in his direction since now might have been a more apt time for introductions rather than in the heat of whatever battle faced them in the Shadow Zone.

Waiting for the Swordman and Author to join the Strike Team, Constance retrieved her silver and matte black Twelve Gauge shotgun and began nervously checking the weapon to ensure that it was in proper working condition.

Shadow Operatives Building | Investigation Team: Akane, Deadshot, Melethia, Rugal, Slindis, Som

"I... I will go with the investigation team. I am not happy with facing my shadows again so soon after rejoining this plane and my last memories..."

The Hunter with blue eyes regarded the newcomer with Nine-Tails with a look that bordered on contemptuous as he stood apart from the others of the Investigation Team. To him, this Akane was just another non-human aboard a ship of non-humans and human colaborators. There were a few of the non-humans that had shown themselves to be of some use but Som Waterford reserved judgement on the remainder.

Looking at the Kitsune, Som remembered that there had been more than a few merchants back on Mir that would have paid handsomely for Kitsune tails, the exotic hairs being prized by many of the richer royal families after they had been processed into silk-like cloth, not that Som would have taken part in such an act.

As he continued to regard the Fox Woman and the way she carried herself, he hoped that she would not put the Investigation group at risk. She certainly did not look like much.

Equipment and fear.
Wanderer/Shawn and co.
Location: Shadow Operative Building.

"As they say ... the more, the merrier."

A voice called out to the raven haired girl, it was a man dressed up in a Doctor's uniform whom wore black sunglasses, but beyond that a faint blue glow and the outlines of eyes stared at her. If she had heard others or even the man himself, he was called "Doctor" or "Wanderer", but he called his own name of "Shawn Pitt" when he had asked questions. Even right now he wait standing up, eager to gain some answers to his question.

It had seem that the Doctor returned to the presenter, but in truth his mind was still on her. ("She seems different.") The Wanderer called out in his mind yet another echo rippled back. ("No kidding ... she ain't human. They remind you of somebody ... don't they?") The Shadow called out from the inner part of the Wanderer's mind. Nodding to himself, he confirmed the fact.

("The cannibals ... "The family". Vance and his 'kin'.") He said to himself mentally once more, ("The so called "Vampires"? She does have that whole ... 'feel'.") The Shadow voice returned the vote of confidence but right before turning to the other newcomer they needed to say one more thing. ("Good thing ...our blood is more radioactive then a nuke.") The two said at the same time and chuckled as their attention went to the new guy ... or at least the man and girl they have not met.

Hearing Jake's introduction, the Doctor's attention was place on him. Especially since he used the word "Author" in his introduction. The Wanderer only knew one other Author, it was the one who played and created him. ("Shaun ... ") He said his name, the one who bought him here, good and bad. His Author was here, but based on the moon, he knows of the Author's power, they create and destroy, they have rules. The Wanderer did not want to see anything else about being a Author.

The Wanderer may need to keep a eye on this one, ("One step out of place ... you know what to do.") his Shadow spoke once more, reminding him of his position of "Omega", the end, the one who destroys for the better. The Alpha would equally agree with this statement, if a Author went crazy again, Death needed to come back. ("I will become the Angel of Death ... only if I need to do so.") The Wanderer said within himself, his Shadow calmly smiling with him.

Pulling his gaze from the presentation, it went towards Jake. His hands almost shook and begged to end it now. If anyone saw, a intense blue gaze came from the sunglasses of the Doctor. His hands, his scythe, his tool to end all. Forcing himself to look forward again, he was worried for himself. Then he saw 'vampire' equip and maintain a shotgun, "I'll ... I'll do that too." He immediately said, looking down upon his Pipboy he chose his weapon, the best weapon for him right now.

A large .50 Cal rifle plopped into his arms. Immediately the Wanderer began to care for his weapon while his eyes remained on Fuuka, Still waiting for his answers. Little did he know, his hands were already on the scythe, he still needed to prove that he has control.

Shadow Operatives Building | Shadow Zone Clean Up Team: Annie, Constance, Cz, David, The Doctor, Jake, Yu

I'll ... I'll do that too.

The comment came from one of the Airship Crew Members, one of the ones that Mitsuru had given a withering glance towards when she spoke of subtlety, as he started pressing buttons on a rather sturdy looking machine that was attached to his wrist. Looking at it, Constance Sorrowfeld, could not quite determine the small device's function other than, perhaps, an oversized wrist watch.

Adjusting the faux cat-ears that she never left home without, she looked at the one called The Doctor with a curious glance, her eyes glancing between the user and the device, that was, until he pulled out a rather large rifle, one that looked as if it could take out a score of Firian Berserkers in one shot.

"That's a rather large gun, don't you think?" The Young Vampiress commented as she started removed the barrel from her weapon and looked down one end, ensuring that there was no debris or residue built up that would cause her weapon to misfire.

It was true that the Anti-Materiel rifle was rather large, especially when one considered that the Shadow Zone that the Strike Team was unknown to them. Constance hoped that rather than a series of alleys that would render the rifle a hindrance, she hoped that the zone would contain large open areas where the rifle could be utilized.

Thinking that she had come off as rather sure, the Sorrowfeld vampire greeted the Doctor.

"I'm Contance by the way.

Wanderer/Shawn and co.
Location: Shadow Operative Building.

"The name is Wanderer as you probably heard ... " The still standing Wanderer said towards Contance but shuffled towards her with his rifle leaned against his shoulder, " ... or Doctor, those are the titles I go by around here. Don't worry though I am a actual Doctor, I can help humans and non-humans. That is pretty much my job around the ship." He spoke with confidence and a unusual tone of honor. The Wanderer did look confident until he had spotted the cat ears, then his face twisted into a confused smile.

" ... I'm guessing those are not real?" He shortly spoke afterwards, scared that he might have accidentally discovered some kind of secret cat-vampire hybrid race in this place. *Ahem* "Sorry about the rudeness." The Wanderer cleared his throat and apologized, another duty for this Doctor is to know how to help everyone, humans and non-humans, a catpire would make his job a whole lot more interesting.

Holding up his rifle, he took out a clip and placed another one in, the difference was that the colour of the bullets were different. It went from red-tipped to normal, it was obvious that it was some kind of different ammo. The ammo he had replaced was the explosive type, it would be terrible if the Doctor unleashed those in a small hallway. "Returning to your question, this gun is big, but it is only my biggest rifle. I have others weapons that lean towards much larger sizes, but I wont get those out, I would hate if they went off in this ... nice room." He gave a light chuckle towards the end of his sentence.

Eyeing the weapon of Contance, it was a shotgun, to the Wanderer it was in better condition then many he has seen in his Wasteland, it practically shined in his eyes. "Shotgun, twelve shots ... I have one of my own, although mine can equip different types of ammo ... like coins for instance, but it looks like a relic compared to your shiny edition." He commented on the shotgun as he began to check the condition of his own weapon.

"But ... where we are going has tight corridors, I'm guessing you want to be in front of us? Hehehe" Another chuckle emerged, "But if you are in front of the group, you will not need to worry about this big rig, with the combination of my Pipboy and skill, we will be able to easily hit anything with a hundred percent accuracy." He gave a cocky smile before holding up his Pipboy and rifle for her to look at. "But for you to be here, I am sure you have many special talents of your own." A genuine smile came through as the Wanderer once more cleared his throat in embarrassment.

"Enough about those subjects ... tell me more about yourself?" The Wanderer said, his curiosity began to grow more.

Shadow Operatives Building: Rugal

"W-well enough. I'll get some transportation arranged then." Rugal sniffed, still feeling the effects of the Cryo Minefield he walked though this morning.
"I would also like to get a list of a-any underground contacts in the city that would have a feed on the a-activities of the streets. I know first hand just how wide-reaching such contracts can be..." He then asked Mitsuru, knowing from experience how much a allied criminal could assist in digging up dirt.

Shadow Operatives Building: David West/Jenny

David meanwhile was with the rest of the Shadow Strike team as they checked their gear, watching as Wanderer bragged about his armory.
Looking as his own M500, he sighed as he holstered it, knowing how little use it'd be.
"Right...Now, It goes without saying everyone moves as a group. From what I heard from Deadshot's little trip, it's kinda like hell so...There's that... Wanderer, Yu, Take point. Jake and Annie, you're with me-" He said to the group.
"I'm going too." Jenny then interrupted as she joined the group, if Cz was going, then this could be a great chance to get to the bottom of those nightmares of hers.
"...Alright, but I want you and Cz center of the group. Even though you have telekinetic powers...and...Cz can bring up a Giant floating predator...drone...
...*Sigh* Never mind..." David said as he rubbed his brow before adding "Right...Shall we head out?..."

Shadow Operatives Building: Deadshot

Deadshot stared as Akane walked over, remembering their tango back in Los Santos.
"Huh...Didn't know Foxes liked Cities..." He joked as he got up from his seat and joined the investigation group.
"We should also totally check the bars. Bar-flys ALWAYS know what's going down. Also, I'd like to get my guns back if that's alright with the parole board..." he then asked, keen to get his Equipment back.

Shadow Operatives Building: David West/Jenny

...Man, the fucking 16 year old is both Godzilla AND a MP. Bet she pulled a few favors to get that rank... David thought, wondering if he would get more promotions and crazy ass super powers if he pretended to be under twenty.
"Alright, just give us a heads up if you go all "Naked Godzilla" While we're in there. There are only so many monster attacks I can live though..." He remarked afterwards, recalling his own track record with Giant Monsters.
As he did, he eyed her up, causing him to ask "So you have a weapon or you one of those "Tear my spine out with your pinky toe" types?..."

Shadow Operatives Building: Strike Team
"Good ta see ya still around David." Jake said as he put his hand out to the sniper. He moved slightly away from the girl with her shotgun, at least she knew how to handle it, but the Doctor gave him a little of the creeps. Just a bad aura, one could say...

Shadow Operatives Building: Investigation Team
Akane perked up a little and gave Deadshot a better once over. "Oh! You are the one who I fought against at that train station. I guess you have changed your stripes like a leopard, is that not how the saying goes? It will be good to have such a slippery one such as you for an ally this time."

Shadow Operatives Building: Strike Team: David

"...So yes basically?...Great, another Martial Artist..." David moaned, recalling the several times he was slapped around by the likes of Rugal and (This one time back in the Temple) by Slindis.
"Yeah...Last time I try to go for a Sane occupation..." David sighed in relation to Jake's response, recalling how HORRIBLY his attempts at coming a Traffic Cop went.
"You been trained in Mapping and Tracking? Could use a nice pathway back to the nearest portal when the shit hits the fan." He then asked, notibly saying "When" instead of If.
With their luck, he was expecting to run into something completely and utterly horrible and for him to get his asskicked.

Shadow Operatives Building: Investigation Team: Deadshot

Deadshot let out a chuckle at Akane's response.
"And fuck you too Lady. I'm extremely glad my backup is a Flaming Magical Flying Hooker with a Furry Fetish." He joked afterwards, knowing that there wasn't a chance in hell of them getting along so he didn't bother trying.
"Seriously though, so long as there's incentive, I honestly don't care what side I'm fighting on. Such is the joys of a hired gun."

Shadow Operatives Building: Strike Team: Jake
"I got us covered there, Certificate II in Navigation and a rather personal interest in mapmaking. My online handle isn't Cartographer for no reason." Jake said in reply to David before looking over at Annie and giving her a once over. Military Police was a bit of a loaded word to the pilot, who was essentially a mercenary who didn't get paid.

"Military Police straight out of training eh? So you've seen real combat before joining the Dawn right? Even though you are introducing yourself for what seems like the first time, you at least sound sincere, so you're alright in my books. I mainly act as a Pilot aboard the Rising Dawn and occasionally her Captain when battle comes to the Airship. But don't worry, I'm skilled enough on the ground to get by so I won't drag the group down, in case you were worrying."

Shadow Operatives Building: Investigation Team: Akane
"Ahh, a sellsword, though I see your mouth is as foul as ever. Perhaps you are in need of a good night in bed, hmm? Though I sadly cannot help you there, it seems we are neither's type, and I very much doubt you could afford my price." She said in understanding, before joking right back at the snarking merc. Her voice very quickly changed from brooding back to it's usual happy and playful tone, the words dripping like honey from the comb.

Shadow Operatives Building: Investigation Team: Deadshot

"...You don't think I have 2 dollars? Come on, Give me a little credit...No, seriously, I'll totally pay you back." Deadshot snarked right back, though Akane was right, without the money from the San Andreas gig, he really couldn't pay her 2 dollars!
Not like he'd tell her that though.
"Maybe it's for the best though. Would hate to catch a social disease..." He then remarked, figuring if Akane was trying to out-Insult him.
And we couldn't have that, now could we?

Shadow Operatives Building: Let's split up, gang!
Somber Mood is Somber

"Gotcha, Mum. I'll do what I can... However, I might have just found an ace in the hole."

As the Party members began to divvy themselves to the varying sides, Teri felt the envelope in her pocket and read the note, her brow furrowing before pulling out the new ring (more like bracelet) for Garm that accompanied it.
"Okay, this is just freaky. This totally has to be Tajuh's work or I'm gonna be hella creeped."
"He really seems to like helping you out, if it is him. Either way, purple note guy has been nothing short of nice. Kinda makes me suspicious."

"Hey Garm, come here..."
"There we are! Okay, now that you have this on, it'll be a bit easier blending in. Not to mention, for what I have planned, you pretending to not talk is somewhat imperative...."

"This is how you communicate with the others so wordlessly?! This makes a lot more sense..."
Initially, it was a little awkward getting the ring on, but after a moment to test the newly acquired bracelet out, and the somewhat bewildered wolf found he could communicate with the party as the rest were wont to. That all being said and done, Teri and Garm made their way to the Investigation team, and walked in on some particularly awkward conversation between Akane and Deadshot,

Teri and Garm are on the Investigation Team

Cadolbolg gave Devon a friendly nuzzle on the cheek, and said cheerfully, "Come on! It could be fun exploring the city with you, me, Friend Ella and Friend Teri~!"

Cadolbolg is on the Investigation Team!

Garm was tempted to say something about himself being included, but a small admonishment over the rings from his pup, to which the wolf replied, "I do hope you know what you're doing..."

Angelus and Caim, after giving Cadoloblg and Devon their regards, went over to the Shadow Clean-up side of things, Angelus murmering, "It'll be good to be back to normal again..."
As she did so, the dragon purposefully avoided Slindis, seeing as how well their last conversation went over.

Caim on the other hand, looked more cautious than anything else, a bit on the edgy side for what was to come, "I'm a bit more worried about the Shadows... I saw what short work they can make of Devon's breastplate. I'll have to watch out for my own."

Ton Ton hopped on Slindis' shoulder next, and gave a gentle wave of his Lantern, "I think it'd be good if I went too! I mean, I look like a lizard! I don't think that seen much around here... And perhaps you can enlighten me about those Torchbearers you mentioned, Ms Slindis. It sounds like you hold them to a high standard, especially if you count me as one."

Caim, Angelus and Ton Ton join the Shadow Cleanup Crew!

Town Investigation
Rugal Bernstein

Shadow Zone Cleanup
David West
Yu Narukami
The Wanderer
Ton Ton

Mitsuru and Fuuka looked to one another in confusion when varying members spoke about recent parts about their professions, pasts, etc, but accepted that as quirks of the Rising Dawn; and went about their original intentions. After the teams sorted themselves out, Mitsuru walked between the two groups, handing out small credit cards; and to Jake and Akane; an Evoker,

"Those are Evokers, modified weapons we use to summon Personas. Before you ask, no, they do not shoot bullets and are unable to. And, to you (Akane), even if you're not going into the zone at the moment, you never know when one might show up. It is best to be prepared.

Now, the other thing I have handed to each of you is a debit card containing 20218 Yen (about 200 dollars). It will cover your train fees, food, and other needs while out exploring the city. I do ask, however, you do not attempt to purchase weaponry, or gamble the lot of it away. That all being said, let me get to your questions."

She looked first to Deadshot, "I am hesitant to give you back your weapons when you're entering a civilian area; especially considering that our crime rate is pretty low, save for the occasional Yakuza activity, which is also low in this region of Japan. However, I'll be a bit more lenient; and give you ONE last chance before I start requiring you to have direct supervision; and grant you your items. After all, with the Shadow Zones appearing like last night, even due to outside interference, the fact that they CAN appear is disturbing news... Do not waste this chance."

Fuuka was next to take a question, this time, from the Wanderer, "The Anti-Shadow Weapon, Codenamed Akontia... We've encountered another like her before, named Aigis. In fact, she's one of the operatives now! The one you're encountering wasn't even supposed to exist, according to what we knew about them. You see, long before Mitsuru took over the Kirijo group and created the Shadow Operatives, the Kirijo Group devised a series of Anti-Shadow androids. Initially, they were without personalities, and thus, lacked Personas. In attempts to get them to develop Personas properly... 'Experiments' were conducted. I don't know all of the details, but not all of the androids came out unscathed. We suspect it's rendered Akontia unstable. We were originally going to keep her here, and try to rehabilitate her into a more sane state of mind. However, with the Shadow zone being brought forth and Akontia reactivating; that is a bit harder than we anticipated."

Pressing a couple buttons on the wall, a projector came down and displayed an image (BAD SHOP INCOMING) of the robot in question, as well as the image of another machine, which looked akin to an oversized generator.

Mitsuru stepped in again, "If anything, we would like you to disable Akontia rather than completely destroy her. If she can be saved... that would be a step in the right direction, especially considering who had her before we did."

Angelus' interest was piqued at this point, "Explain. Why is that relevant?"

Mitsuru grimaced, but continued, "...We recovered her from a facility that was devoted to Nyarlatothep and his designs; as well as a piece of machinery that we think was used to generate the Shadow zone, which is that item next to Akontia.
Trust us, when you find a sect of cultists raving the name and cutting their own throats rather than telling us anything, that's pretty self indicative. We believe Akontia will have information as to why she was there if we can bring her mind to stability again. For now, she registers all as 'Shadows' and is hostile. At least, that's how she was when WE had to deal with her. As far as combating her, we found that lightning based attacks or magic worked the best. Fire, not so much."

Next was Rugal's question, and the Leader of the Shadow Operatives shook her head, then produced another image on the projector "Afraid not. As said before, any of those supporting Nyarlatothep have killed themselves. Otherwise, there is a salesman named Tanaka who has recently been apprehended with selling fraudulent goods. He has his nose on the black market, so that may be a lead as well. He can be found in the Paulownia Mall Police Station.
Finally, there is the Naganaki Shrine, which is where the most recent victim was recovered. You might be able to find some clues. Otherwise, I advise you search the Station Districts for any infected or signs of infected. Mister Bernstein, I believe you read extensively on those documents, so you can advise your group on what can be seen as signs of the virus. Fuuka, lead your group to the Shadow Zone. I'll take care of this group. Now where do you want to go?"

Fuuka was the last to speak, "Okay. Now, would those going to the Shadow Zone please follow me? You can continue your conversations as we move along."


After the party found themseleves in the strange, oversaturated, and yet dark area, Fuuka's voice appeared in the group's mind, "Good, you're in the zone. Now, be on the lookout for both Shadows and Akontia. Keep your Evokers close, and keep climbing up. I sense that at the top of this zone, the machine used to generate the Zone is there. I also sense Shadows incoming! Stay strong!"

True to her word, a group of varying Shadows began to close in on the party.

Shadow Operatives Building: Investigation Team: Deadshot/Akane
Akane smirked, this human was good. She laced her voice with condescension and adopted that slightly more high-born tone she tended to avoid using. Her accent gained a much more oriental sound as well, Japanese Eastern to be precise. "From the way you seem to beg for your weapons back, I would say you indeed do not have two of these dollars. I much prefer favours though little huntsman. And of course you will pay me back, you seem the sad sort of person to have no family left to chase generations later. We Kitsune can be quite faithful companions, though that of course would be rather annoying for you but fun for me..."

Location - Shadow Operations Building: Annie, Jake
Jake sighed at Annie's story. "We all have our history. Long as you don't betray us, and fight well, then I don't really care about the past. You are atoning for your sins and taking responsibility for your actions at least here in the AA. Not like I can lecture on that... Ahh, Angelus! Caim! Ton Ton! Good to see you all again."

"Those are Evokers, modified weapons we use to summon Personas. Before you ask, no, they do not shoot bullets and are unable to. And, to you (Akane), even if you're not going into the zone at the moment, you never know when one might show up. It is best to be prepared."

Jake took the Evoker and slipped it into a pouch on his webbing as he didn't have a spare holster for it. Though he wasn't thrilled about fighting shadows at least he didn't feel so off about being in the Shadow Zone.

Upon entering, it felt similar yet different to the Shadow Realm that Gabrielle and Kokoa used a long time ago that he spent a nightmare in. Seeing the approaching enemies he unslung his M4 rifle and took his shooting stance. "Do these things take bullets? Cos if they do, it's time to get their medicine!"

Shadow Operatives Building: Devon, Ella

Devon was about to mention an area as the others split off before Ella cut her Bard off. " I think me and Devon might be heading to Paulownia Mall. That merchant might have some good ideas, after all. 'Also, Teri, it'll give us time to start our plan.' Is there anything else we should keep our eye out for?"

By now, Devon learned that she couldn't argue with Ella so she just sighed. "Okay... Maybe we can keep an eye out for this guy there? How about it, Cadol?"

Shadow Zone: Slindis, Melethia

Slindis responded to Teri's message over the ring with a bit of approval. "You have one? Use it, but keep it under wraps for now. Playing your hand too soon might be a bad idea." Shortly after, she responded to Ton-Ton's inquiry into the Torchbearers.

"Ah, you're curious about the Torchbearers? It was a varied group, holding the finest people I've met before meeting with the Rising Dawn. They all came from various walks in life, but our lot was to help those that couldn't help themselves. I see that same passion in you, Ton-Ton; It doesn't matter what you are, the key thing is that unyielding drive to help others and uncover the truth possessed by yourself." There was almost a nostalgic longing in her voice; it didn't sound like what she had done was simple, but it was simple for Ton-Ton to tell that she had found her calling in this group.

She would have explained more, but the arrival in the zone led to the attacks by the Shadows and the start of combat. "You think they don't? If ya have problems, just use that evoker of yours!" After that, she slashed at her throat with the Evoker to summon Andras.

"Cripple them!" Hearing the command, Andras cried out and threw a ball of a nasty looking sludge at a chunk of the Shadows. From the way the Shadows vomited, it seemed that they had swallowed a large chunk of the vile substance. It was not a pleasant day to be them...

Meanwhile, Slindis decided to keep more of a calmer focus. With Melethia there, she couldn't afford to rush in. After all, Melethia was with them. Even if her daughter was skilled, Slindis didn't want her to overextend herself.

Shadow Zone
"Heh works fer me! Firing!" Jake said as he opened up on a shadow. He moved closer to the other firearms users he saw, namely Constance and Som, firing short bursts as he went.

Dead-eye city.
Wanderer/Shawn and co.
Location: Shadow Zone.

After travelling into the Shadow Zone, the Wanderer in Doctor's clothing was eager to clear up his reputation with the Shadow Operatives. "Time to mean more good ... as always." He gave a cocky smile as the group came up against a group of Shadows. Pulling his large Anti-Material rifle from his relaxed shoulder, the Doctor pointed it at the Shadows, this rifle could be used from close-range but seeing how this is suppose to be a long range weapon it would be good if he went to the back of the group.

This make him willingly take the risk of damage to others then over himself, for good reason too. Others were better at CCQ then him and the Doctor on the other hand had the dead-eye to beat a Deadshot. "Everyone ... try not to get hit by my bullets, they cost some time to build." He gave a snicker as he joked. "By the way I'm the one here to go to if you do get injured ... so yeah, avoid the bullets and you won't need to be 'investigated' by my medical skills." The Wanderer smirked as he did a couple of athletic moves, includes backwards handstands and back-flips to get to the back of the group.

Taking a shooting position, the Wanderer linked with his Pipboy's V.A.T.S mode. This practically slowed down time to a frozen stance so he could take the shots he wanted, seeing the openings between people he decided to take the shots with one hundred percent confidence.


Four rather large bullets zoomed through the openings of the group, these bullets avoided people like Constance, David, Slindis and Jake, soon enough the bullets impacted the Shadows near the group. The cartridges fell to the ground as the Wander cocked his rifle again. If this wasn't enough he would use his Persona, for now it wasn't the time. If any of the group looked back they would see a Doctor whose blue eyes glowed brightly, as if he is in ecstasy while in battle.

Yu Narukami and the Shadow Elimination group.
Location: Shadow Zone.

Yu Narukami was near the back of the group, he was allowing others to take combat, right now he was focusing on helping both Annie and the Wanderer since they just received their Persona. He would be there if they needed help, plus his decided to take a support role and decided to dish out electrical attacks or buffs when he can.

Shadow Strike Team: Angelus, Annie, Caim, Constance, Cz, David, Jake, Jenny, Melethia, Slindis, Ton Ton, The Wanderer, Yu

Shadow Operatives Building:

The Childe of the Sorrowfeld clan felt simultaneously relieved and scared as more of the Rising Dawn Crew Members joined the Shadow Strike Team, especially the Angelus the Dragoness, who Constance had witnessed in her dragon form in the battle against the female Titan, who had also joined the team as well.

"Enough about those subjects ... tell me more about yourself?"

The Doctor Wanderer was addressing her still, Constance realized as she retreated from her thoughts and returned to the present. Handing her cleaned Shotgun to Teddy, Constance, intertwined her fingers as she spoke, keeping them on the table in front of her as she addressed the question that had been posed.

"There's not much to tell, I'm afraid." Constance said, unsure if she wanted to delve into the topic of her family but decided that giving The Wanderer a bit of background could not be of any harm.

"I'm from a place called Mir that sits between the Realms of Fir and Om. My parents were the rulers of the Sorrowfeld Kingdom located 10 Hexes from the Imperial Capital, Sanctum. My parents and siblings and myself aren't exactly what you'd call human -" The Young Raven and Blue Streaked Haired Vampire started, a hint of sadness creeping over her voice as she mentioned her parents and siblings, "But I guess before anyone else tells you, I come from a family of Vampires.

As she said this, Teddy, the girl's Teddy Bear shaped pack handed her what appeared to be a juice box complete with flexible straw and as the young girl punched a hole in the top of the container, the iron rich smell of blood could wafted into the air briefly before Constance began to consume the crimson liquid.

The Sorrowfeld Vampire did not know what else she could add to that. Vampires were universally reviled for what they were in her realm and if the Wanderer had any experience with those of her kind, he would most likely know that she was often times driven by the Hunger to drink in the life source of all men and women, that she could use the blood she consumed to cast spells that boiled her foe's alive, to move about much faster than a human could possibly discern and could heal near instantly.

"Which isn't anything very special." The Girl added as she continued to drink.

"(Why don't you tell them why you wear those ridiculous ears and that ridiculous tail.)" Bastet's mocking tone came from within Constance's mind.

"I - um - well - yes, these are fake." The Vampire added, briefly removing the Cat Ears from her head and revealing the band that kept them in place before placing them back on her head.

"It's - well - sort of a thing that I've always worn." Constance Sorrowfeld added, which was truth enough.

Shadow Zone:

Faced with an array of Shadows before her, Constance placed herself to the side of the front rank, keeping her out of The Wanderer's zone of fire while allowing her to unload her own shots at the charging Shadows creatures. Prior to entering the Zone, Constance had opted for a load out of White Phosphorous Shells, colloquially known as Dragon's Breath, hoping that the fire damage that they afforded would be strong against the opponents that they faced.

The first of her volleys struck the Muttering Tiara, enveloping the creature in fire.

"I got him! I got him!" Constance whooped in celebration, only to see the creature unphased by the assault after the flames had been extinguished.

"CRAP!" The Vampire swore as she started pumping the fore stock of her Shotgun, ejecting the useless shells and reaching back to Teddy for a different load out. Like the Wanderer, Constance also had access to Coin Shot Shells, each one having been made out of the pure silver coins that was the backbone of Mirian trade.

AMATEUR SHOTGUN SURGEON Taking aim, the Vampire pulled the trigger on her firearm and sent a scattering load of the silver disks towards the group of Shadows.

Investigation Team: Akane, Cadolbolg, Deadshot, Devon, Ella, Garm, Rugal, Som, Teri

The Hunter found his head to be pounding and throbbing with pain as he continued to listen, against his will, to the "insulting" banter that the Kitsune and the Motor Mouthed Human traded, hoping that either the investigation or the end of the world would begin. Focusing on the remainder of the briefing, Som was quite relieved to find that the Investigation was to begin soon and that he would not be in need of an End of the World Shelter after all.

Seeing that the Strike Team had already departed to make their way towards the Shadow Zone, the Hunter removed his alchemical kit and began mixing a compound that would reduce the agonizing head ache that he was suffering from.

"Does that one have no shame? The Hunter muttered in reference to what seemed like unabashed flirtation between the Human and Kitsune, adding an herbal compound that would calm him and his nerves.

As he sat there, he took note of the Airship's Medical Officer having joined the investigation team and nodded towards her.

"It is good to see that someone of high intellect will be joining us on this errand." The Hunter stated, leaving the fool out of fool's errand.

Investigation Team: Akane, Cadolbolg, Deadshot, Devon, Ella, Garm, Rugal, Som, Teri

" I think me and Devon might be heading to Paulownia Mall. That merchant might have some good ideas, after all. 'Also, Teri, it'll give us time to start our plan.' Is there anything else we should keep our eye out for?"

By now, Devon learned that she couldn't argue with Ella so she just sighed. "Okay... Maybe we can keep an eye out for this guy there? How about it, Cadol?"

Cadolbolg wagged his tail in thought, and added, "If he sells bad merchandise, he might have a slippery tongue. I'd keep an eye out for that. Otherwise, I'm sticking with you, Devon. I saw what happened in that battle, and I'm gonna make sure you don't get in any trouble, Big Sis. It's only right, after you watched my butt last night."

"It is good to see that someone of high intellect will be joining us on this errand." The Hunter stated, leaving the fool out of fool's errand.

Teri blinked with surprise at the compliment (seeing as she didn't get many by anyone outside of her 'family'), and waved off a hand, "You flatter me, Mr...."
"Shit, I don't think we ever grabbed this guy's name."
"Whoops. Welp, we're being flirted with, that's a start."
"No we're not! He's just being nice!"
"Keep telling yourself that... Yo munchkin, back me up here. Dude-bro is hella laying it on thick here."

Quietting the Shadow for a moment, she gave a nervous laugh, "You know, I don't think you ever gave me your name. Then again, I don't know if I did either... Welp, better do the polite thing, *ahem*, My name is Teri Gravel, Cleric and Monk of the Christian God. And you are?"
"There, that solves that little problem."

The Cleric then turned her attention to her Mother and her friend, signalling with the ring to each respectively, "I'll do what I can, Mum. Garm has a ring now, so that might make things a tiny bit easier."

"Gotcha, Ella. I take it you want me to come along too? Or does Operation Intervention require me to be elsewhere? Also, Garm, I need you to get a proper scent of Dad. If you're going to tail him later, this will be vital to get it now. Just pretend to be what you were before, and act all friendly. Lick his hand or something."
"You know, thinking about that, I find that demeaning. Can I just rub against a hand? Licking is so....Servant-like. You know, why do they call it 'tailing'? He doesn't have one. I have one. I find that phrase silly."
"Garm, focus! I did say, 'or something'. Whatever works for you."
"Right, right... One Big Friendly Wolf, coming up!"

Garm, true to what he was instructed, lopped over to Rugal's side and sniffed the red dinner jacket, giving a friendly pant before rubbing his head against Rugal's hand. Given what Rugal had seen from the wolf before, this behavior was completely normal. Compared to Lupito, Garm was always downright friendly.

Location: Shadow Strike Team | Shadow Zone

Annie | David West | Slindis | Melethia | Constance | Jake | Cz | Yu Narukami | The Wanderer | Ton Ton | Caim | Angelus | Jenny

The shadows appeared, their forms abhorrent to reality. Dark shapeless bodies that crawled across the floor like the dependent insects they represented. Those images of the evil creature flashed through Siz's limited consciousness and Veles responded instantly. Siz gripped the doll close to her, her heart pounding as a pillar of light appeared above her head. Veles appeared above them, in her full horrifying splendor. "System activated. Recovering data for improper system shutdown. . . System data restored. System recovered. Ambient threat detected, activating defense protocols." She paused and turned her focusing disk toward the group of shadows. "Administering justice. Veles' giant wings absorbed what little sunlight filtered through the Shadow Zone and gathered thermal energy within her focusing dish. Then a beam of low-energy light arce toward the shadows and sweeped across the shadows, dealing minor damage.

Veles started charging again, this time refocusing her prerogatives to gather more energy before firing another radiant lance. Little Siz on the other hand fell onto Jenny and gripped her tightly, watching Veles cast her shadow over the group. "I is scared. Bad air around." Sghe closed her eyes and hid her face on Jenny's leg.

The (Un)Real World
Location: Writer's Beach | Hawaii
Time: Two Weeks Prior

Sav | Nessaj

The Writer adjust his straw hat and looked despondently at the suit of armor sitting before him. The orange flames flickered weakly in his visor, and his voice was strangely weak. Once a powerful knight reduced to little more than a smoldering ember within dark metal armor upon a beach of dark pebbles and sand.

"The Stone of Darkness," he said. His demeanor was as muted as the flame within the furnace of his heart. Almost like witnessing the last petals of a winter rose scatter to the first gentle winds of spring. "It still lives. It... lives. Find it... end it."

The Writer placed a hand on the poor Knight, now no more than Don Quixote. It was pitiful, yet all things tied together in some great tapestry of life, he believed, and this was unavoidable. However, it confused him that the Stone of Darkness existed at all. He was very much sure that he had written the stone out of existence very soon after he had received it. It was consumed in transforming the First into her full character form was it not? The Writer mused slowly to himself and thumbed the lip of his straw hat between his thumb and forefinger. He wished he was old enough to drink, and would have enjoyed a Frozen Daiquiri so that he could be more like Hemingway. On a tropical island, writing, and hiding from responsibility from the main states. What had he been talking about? Too often he walked a meandering path to his point, and lost himself thinking.

The groans of the Knight in black armor refocused him. The Writer spoke to his borrowed creation softly, "The Stone has been gone for a long, long time. It was written out of existence." The Writer ran his finger across the brim of his hand and adjusted it. Letting it ruffle his hair underneath the loose straw weave.

The Knight shook his head weakly and turned his head to face The Writer. The flames flickered and sent little embers into the twilight sky, illuminating the air above him like fireflies dancing in a Midsummer Night. "The Stone Lives for it was never yours. It was given to you by another, but we have forgotten by whom. It observes itself and exists by itself. It cannot be simply written away." The Chaos Knight turned his head back toward the violet sky. Soft crystal waves lapped against him as the tide flowed in to follow the rising moon. His fire flickered with each incoming sea breeze. the Boy understood that he would die if left out here, but he could not help the Knight. Even with unlimited efficacy in the realm of his tapestry, he held no sway in his own. He was not strong enough to lift the Black Knight alone, so he closed his eyes and whispered a small prayer for him. Then left. Hoping that when the tides once again receded, the fire in the Chaos Knight would have already rekindled. But the Writer knew that such a fantasy was impossible, no miracles happened in the world he lived in. No miraculous tales of fantasy or colorful weaves of joyful emotion. Only cruel dark poetry.

Location: Shadow Strike Team | Shadow Zone

Annie | David West | Slindis | Melethia | Constance | Jake | Cz | Yu Narukami | The Wanderer | Ton Ton | Caim | Angelus | Jenny

Seeing his shots do nothing to the shadows, Jake frowned. He was loathe to use the Evoker this early and summon Gods knows what as his Persona. His psyche was shattered enough to start with. So, he stopped firing and slung his rifle back over his shoulder and retreated to back behind the battle line seemingly forming of their close quarters fighters and the ranged rank behind them. He stopped beside Jenny and the small child with her, taking out his compact PC from a webbing pouch and opening Photoshop. True to his word, he began to draw a basic map of the area, leaving a lot of the digital canvas blank.

He doubted he would be required to rejoin the battle, seeing as Angelus nor Caim had yet to start fighting, though if he looked up he probably would have been proven wrong by the Blood Knight.

Shadow Operatives Building: Devon, Ella, Som, Teri

Devon seemed jarred by being called Big Sis; apparently, she still wanted to be seen as some kind of guy. "Sounds like a plan, Cadolbolg... I'll make sure nothing happens to you either. Akane, are you sure you'll be fine with Deadshot?" It would be funny how tough Devon was trying to act if it didn't feel a bit hollow to everyone that saw what happened the previous night.

Devon was about to mention an area as the others split off before Ella cut her Bard off. "'Stick with me: I really think Devon's going to struggle the whole way. I promise you I'll pay you back later in spades.' Som, we need to check the stores to see if there's any victims in those. If you want to head to other areas you're more than welcome to, but we should be in simple contact if you need us. Just look for the small dragon, okay? 'Don't forget these rings as well; they're really useful'"

Shadow Zone: Slindis, Melethia, Constance, Jake

"Focus, Constance. Panicking like that won't help us at all. Just find other ways to fight and you'll be fine. Jake, don't forget your combat training. Aim for the center mass with the shots. See if the masks will crack, but don't be afraid to Evoke." Although it wasn't much, Slindis' calming words were meant to get the new evoker users to prioritize more.

She would have explained more, but the arrival in the zone led to the attacks by the Shadows and the start of combat. "Andras, keep up the attacks. Don't even give them a chance to blink." The next evoking led to Andras gliding up before crashing into one Shadow..

"Like that, but with an actual weapon. Keep it up, keep them off guard." Another Evoking led to Andras gliding up to survey the area for a better avenue of attack.

Shadow Operatives Building: Investigation Team: Rugal/Deadshot

Rugal was making his way out when Garm made his move, sniffing and rubbing against him.
"Yeah, yeah, Good boy and all that..." He half-heartedly said, While he was never against the idea of Teri having some sorta dog, he himself was never too keen on them.
Cats on the other hand...
"Right...I'll be checking out this Tanaka so I'll be heading to the-...-th-AH-COOO!....*Sniff* Bloody Wanderer-To the Police station. As for the Virus, be on the look out for anyone who is wrapping up warm despite it being Summer, Dilated Pupils, Extreme Aggression and Missing Hair, nails or Teeth. In later stages, they will have extremely pale skin, pitch black eyes and an aversion to light. If you see anyone matching these details, contact the others on your rings before engaging. I'd rather not take any chances with a infection in a major urban area. You have your orders. Move out." He then said before making his way out of the room after taking his Debit Card, wondering what worked for a bribe in this city.

Deadshot was confused by what Akane was saying about "Family to chase Generations later".
" would then sleep with my grand-children?...Christ, even the Hookers here are weird..." He remarked, really creeped out by the implications of what the kitsune just said.
That thought was pushed aside however when he was given his card with a funny amount on it.
"...Huh...Guess I have 2 dollars now..." He joked, seeing how the amount was 100 times that.
"As for begging for my guns, It's not just guns. My Scope, my body armor, few other gadgets. They are easily worth a few hundred grand."
He perked up when Mitsuru lifted his weapons ban, prompting him to shout-"YES! God, That's just what I wanted to hear! Be right back guys! I'll check out the John Doe at the Shrine, Meet you there." before running back to the Rising Dawn to get his stuff.

Shadow Operatives Building: Strike Team: David West/Jenny

The second the shadows attacked, David unloaded with his M500, advancing forward quickly as he did, like a character from a Light Gun Game.
However, the summoning of Personas made cutting though the Shadows rather easy, basically cancelling out David's efforts with the superior firepower of Veles and Gaea doing a number on the incoming enemies.
What seemed to rub in his sheer irrelevance was how Wanderer was able to seeming pull off shots that only the Sniper could even better then he could.
"...*Sigh*...I guess I'll look for the Generator then..." He remarked as began pushing away from the group, looking to find a way up while they cut down the masses of Shadows.

Jenny meanwhile picked Cz up after she clung to her leg.
"It's okay. We won't be here for much longer. We just need to wait for our friends to clear the way, then I can help you with your bad dreams." She calmly explained as she hung back, letting the rest of the group fight the Shadows, though she did have her Evoker in hand.
She had no idea what her Persona was, but she'd need to use it to access her powers here.

Shadow Strike Team: Angelus, Annie, Caim, Constance, Cz, David, Jake, Jenny, Melethia, Slindis, Ton Ton, The Wanderer, Yu

Constance retreated behind the summoned Personas in order to gather her wits as it appeared that her fire attacks had no effect upon the Shadows that sought to harm the Strike Team. She also knew that Bast would not be able to assist the group much.

"(How would you even know unless you tried?)" Came Bast's response to Constance's thought process.

"You're just being prideful." The Vampress muttered as she send another volley of deadly silver discs towards the approaching Shadows.

"Focus, Constance. Panicking like that won't help us at all. Just find other ways to fight and you'll be fine."

"(See?)" Constance's Persona said in response to the Drow Paladin's words.

Unaware of her situation, the Vampire never saw the Shadow that had slunk its way next to her until it was too late and pain erupted from the Faux-Cat Girl's shoulder as the Shadow's attack landed.

"AUGGH!!!" The Vampire screamed as she pulled the trigger twice at the Shadow, forcing it backwards with the impact of the shots.

"Fine. Do it!" Constance said letting Bast join the Battle, the Cat Headed Woman taking form next to the wounded Vampire.

"(Come on, little Shadow, don't be afraid to hit me!)" Bast mocked as she waited for the attack. When it came, Ra's Avenger was ready and allowed the strike to hit, only she did not appear to sustain any damage. The Shadow on the otherhand was surprised to find itself wounded from strikes that appeared from no where.

"(My Turn)" Bast said gleefully as she grabbed onto the Shadow and bit deeply into it. As she absorbed whatever life essence Shadows had, Constance felt her fresh wound healing quickly.

Investigation Team: Akane, Cadolbolg, Deadshot, Devon, Ella, Garm, Rugal, Som, Teri

"My name is Teri Gravel, Cleric and Monk of the Christian God. And you are?"

If the Hunter winced, he did so internally at the introduction that he was given to the Cleric/Monk. While the Hunter's Authority shunned the use of magic, there were clerics in their ranks, clerics that maintained a strict code of celibacy and abstinence from things that most people with a pulse would find pleasurable.

"(I appear to be barking up the wrong tree.)" Hunter Waterford thought to himself as he nodded respectfully in response to the Cleric's introduction, waiting the proscribed amount of time before introducing himself.

"Second Tier Hunter of Som Waterford of the Hunter's Authority." Hunter Waterford returned with a nod in the Cleric's direction. While the introduction was a bit wordy, the position itself was not as impressive as it sounded as all it meant was that Hunter Waterford had been cleared to Hunt all manners of creatures by himself. First Tier Hunters, the highest Tier in the Authority and acted as the political arm of the organization.

As for the Christian God that Cleric Gravel mentioned, he found himself curious on the matter as it appeared that his God had gifted his disciple with a Wolf familiar. As with all predatory animals, Wolves were prized for their ability to track and hunt their prey, often working in teams. Honored was the Hunter that was able to tame a wolf.

Reaching into his travel pack, the Hunter produced a piece of dried meat for the Wolf. If this animal was honored with this Christian God, it would not hurt Som to produce an offering to hasten the Investigation.

"If you do not mind me stating, that is quite the wolf." The Hunter stated, offering the Cleric's pet a piece of the tough yet intensely flavored meat. Another volley of commentary from the Kitsune and Cohort's direction caused the Som's headache to worsen somewhat.

"Beg pardon, Cleric Gravel, but your Christian God would not happen to have blessed you with a cone of silence has He or She?" Hunter Waterford stated, his head nodding towards the Kitsune and Mouthy Human.

"Som, we need to check the stores to see if there's any victims in those.

A familiar voice chimed in that belonged to the loathful Succubus. He had given his word to act respectfully around the demoness and he aimed to keep his word. Turning to Ella, the Hunter simply nodded.

"By your command." The Hunter intoned, the phrase was the requisite response to any order given by a superior and though he chaffed at the thought, he knew that as he was in unfamiliar lands, he would have to respect the Succubus' orders as she knew more of the lay of the land than he.

Shadow Operatives Building: Investigation Team: Akane
Akane giggled as Deadshot ran off. "Ara ara, not even all that fun to toy with and tease... Seeing as we've got a team going to this Mall and Deadshot going to the Shrine, I can head to Iwadatoi Station and search it."

Shadow Zone Fight: Jake
Finishing the initial sketch of the area, Jake put his compact PC away as Slindis gave her words of encouragement. Jake frowned at this. Combat training? He never was combat trained in the military, rather obtaining his shooting skills in the Outback hunting vermin and on rifle ranges. It was then he noticed David sneaking off, and decided that the sniper could use a hand. He guessed he could also continue the map as David explored. "Two pairs of eyes are better than one, David. Per Ardua Ad Astra, mate."

Shadow Zone Fight: David/Jake

"Glaine ár gcroí, neart ár ngéag agus beart de réir ár briathar." David silently recited, remembering his time in the Irish Army Ranger Wing, a much simpler time

"Alright, We're just scouting ahead, I mean, you don't just NOT use the gang of super powered people for protection, you know?..." David sighed as Jake still seemed as keen and eager as ever.
"If you have any scanners on that Compact, set them to track Motion, Sonar and Energy reading. Motion for Enemies, Sonar for Environment and Energy for the objectives. Even if they are powered with electricity, both that Robot and the Shadow Zone Generator have to use some kind of magical energy." He ordered as the gang cleaned up the last bits of resistance.
"...Urg...I really wish they got Space-Ninja (Strider Hiryu) or Japanese Donald Trump (Kazuya Mishima) to do this gig instead...Just feel like I'm throwing stones at times, you know?..." He added as he made some headway forward as the others drew the ire of every Shadow Creature in the area.

Shadow Zone Fight: David/Jake
"Roger boss, got Motion and IFF of the crew members plotted, and I'm drawing the map in as we go. That's about as best this baby can do without me re-writing her and that would require my persona in this 'verse right? We'll be fine, trouble will find us sooner rather than later. And don't feel so bad, you're one up on me with actual military training! It's just everybody else has superpowers that they use all the time... I mean if I abused my author powers, this could all go away. But then, would my perfect world destroy so many other's? Curse my ethics..." Jake said, looking around for anything out to get them.

Shadow Zone Fight: David/Jake

"Yeah, yeah...Just...This gig hasn't been going well for me thus far...Really making me second guess the point of me even still being here." David admitted, though he didn't bother going into detail, it wasn't the time or the place.
"I swear, second this job is over, I'm getting a Desk Job. Let the next poor bastard deal with this shit, Had enough for one life" He added as he checked the hallway.
"Clear. Least until the Monsters show up out of Satan's asshole...So what's your Persona or do you have one yet? I kinda gotten mine, but...Well, I kinda don't want to have it anymore..."

First time user.
Wanderer/Shawn and co.
Location: Shadow Zone.

A perfect battle Theme for a gunslinger

The gunslinger Wanderer was still shooting at the Shadows, it had seemed that weapon damage was doing okay but it did not seem as successful as using a Persona, giving a sigh at the lack of damage and lack of blood from the shadows the Wanderer decided to use the last of his giant magazine before going to his "Plan B".


The bullets pierced multiple shadows and managed to make one sizzle into the ground like the black goop it is. The giant rifle disappeared from sigh from the Wanderer. During this little pause for him, he thought back to what Constance was talking about, it was a shame that they did not finish their talk. ("A vampire with fake cat ears and a tail ... we might have a winner~") The Shadow side of the Wanderer's mind decided to say, very knowing how 'single' the Wanderer truly was.

"I don't need to hear this now ... " He muttered, grunted and then shook his head with embarrassment. "Okay ... keep calm, this is a first meeting anyway." He said to calm himself, yet his Shadow came back with a line to convince the Wanderer to do something stupid. ("You know ... she might be impressed by your Persona ... give it a try.") He commented, then soon enough the Wanderer held the glowing card in his hand, the justice arcana floated with grace.

Two guns appeared into the Doctor's hands, they did not seem to look like guns at all, they looked like children's toys.
Placing them behind the floating card, the trigger was pulled and the distinct sound of *PEW PEW* could be heard. They were laser pistols, some of the tech from the world of the Wanderer. The card snapped in half and soon enough a rather large metal figure faded into existence.


The Wanderer used his Persona's name, looking around he saw the Gundam Persona and was completely flabbergasted. The amount of weapons and features of this thing must be amazing if it looked like this. "Now only if I could get this thing on the Dawn in our world ... I'll look into that. Would that count as inter-dimensional transporting?" The Wanderer was actually caught up in thought until a couple of Shadows came in front of him ready for the attack, yet in a instant they were cut in half.

Covering himself for attack, he only saw the Gundam standing there with what looked like some kind of laser sword. "HOLY CRAP, you're awesome!" He yelled with amazement, the Wanderer offered a fist bump and the Gundam obliged placing it's giant fist against his master's. Returning to the battle, the Wanderer climbed his Persona and began to shoot with his laser pistols.

("That thing is awesome.") His Shadow responded late, probably still amazed by the giant hulk of future technology.

Shadow Zone Fight: David/Jake
Jake nodded in agreement, one hand on his sword whilst he held his pc in the other. "Yeah I hear ya mate, I'm not to crash hot bout these persona's being all our powers, and I'm skill based to start with. I'll be glad to get back in the pilot's seat and be really useful again, though I'm sure if I had of tried I could have brought the black hawk in with us, ha. But yeah, I've got an evoker but I don't wanna use it till I have to. I don't think it'll be a particularly nice persona, seeing as I'm pretty much insane and shattered personality..."

Shadow Zone: Strike Team: David West, Jake, Annie

"Yeah, knowing my luck my Persona will just be some useless prick with a weird gun..." David said as he motioned to his M500, seemingly insulting himself in the process.
"Now then...where to go?..." He asked outloud as the last of the Shadows were dealt with by the others, him not bothering to help seeing out they had more firepower then most of the units he was a part of in the past.
There should be more here but thanks to writers block, there isn't so to help pad this out, I now present William Butler Yeats "A Drunken Man's Praise of Sobriety". Enjoy.

~COME swish around, my pretty punk,
And keep me dancing still
That I may stay a sober man
Although I drink my fill

Sobriety is a jewel
That I do much adore;
And therefore keep me dancing
Though drunkards lie and snore.
O mind your feet, O mind your feet,
Keep dancing like a wave,
And under every dancer
A dead man in his grave.
No ups and downs, my pretty,
A mermaid, not a punk;
A drunkard is a dead man,
And all dead men are drunk.~

Shadow Operatives Building: Devon, Ella, Som, Teri

Rugal's almost barked-out commands that seemed to be trying to establish some kind of control over the group certainly didn't seem to go over well with Devon, and she wasn't afraid to express this. "We already know this, Rugal, Stop acting like some make-believe general and get over it, will you?" Unfortunately, Devon's protests almost seemed to go unnoticed by the towering man as he passed by, and the disappointed dropping of the head could be easily seen and felt by Cadolbolg.

Heck, it felt like most things she had been saying recently were barely listened to. For starters, she was totally fine to head back in the Shadow Zone! Sure, she was sore from the massive attacks yesterday and still not able to move a lot, but she could still back them up. Sure, her normal attacking method wasn't as good but that didn't mean she wasn't able to fight. It was almost as if everyone around her saw her as a petulant child!

Ella, though, seemed to have a lot more success talking with Som. "You know, Som, that was more a suggestion than anything else. After all, none of us happen to be in command of each other here." The disdain in Som's body language was still clear, so she tried her best to keep the Hunter calmed.

Her mood was helped as she heard the remnants of Deadshot's and Akane's bickering. After all, even if it was somewhat crude, the way the two were able to joke and bicker on like a couple was fairly amusing. THinking about the couples bit did remind Ella that her plan was ready to start.

"Teri, could you help me and Devon with the mall? We'd be better off with your insight here, and I'd really appreciate it. 'Remember, Teri. If you wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole, it's good enough for me.' " The final message was an indication to Teri that the Operation was beginning to start, and Ella directing the three to the clothing section was a rather clear indicator of what Ella had planned.

"oh no you can't be serious." There was no way that Devon'd be wearing anything from there willingly. However, the glares from Ella and Teri made it glaringly obvious that there wasn't any choice here for her to make.

Shadow Zone: Slindis, Melethia, Constance, Jake

Since Jenny was more than a bit preoccupied, Slindis made her way to cover the pair during the remnants of the first wave of shadows. "With that confusion on his face, it doesn't seem like there was any kind of formal training. I might try training him when we get out of here if he really needs the aid. Constance, please take more care! It's not worth finding out things about your persona if you end up in the dirt." Her last comment was followed by Constance draining the life of one of the Shadows, calming her slightly but not all the way.

She also noticed West and Jake running off shortly after that, but her Daughter seemed more concerend. "Hmm... Melethia, is there something wrong with West? From what I understand there's been some sort of inferiority issues with him."

Melethia responded as Andras communicated the basic layout of the area it could view. "Yeah, that's been hitting him really hard... I stil have problems seeing why, even with that doctor's really flashy shots. I mean, there's people that would kill for that kind of versatility!" After that, she leapt into a last remaining trio of Shadows and tried slicing at them. Surprisingly, it was a lot harder than normal to do much of anything even with her new blades... had she erred in making them? Compared to how easily Caim handled them with his attacks, she felt more like that silly bard student of his instead of an actual combatant.

Finally, SLindis kept within a reasonable distance to ANgelus and saw her ise the Evoker to summon her Persona. Even with all of that training last night, she still didn't want to leave ANgelus open, so she stuck near her as well.

This also gave her the chance to see Annie's injuries, so she evoked Joanne where something surprising happened: The Persona gave a reassuring smile as it tapped the Persona and Annie, healing the injuries of both before leaving with a humble bow. "That certainly wasn't any magic I've ever used, considering the fact there was no real small pulling in my head from the spells. Maybe this Persona is a representation of what I initially wished to be? I can certainly take some of the load off Teri's shoulders."

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