The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Paulownia Mall - Club Escapade: Rugal, Mr. Skin
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The employees of the club, being that their club was a fairly legitimate business avenue, were a TAD bit surprised to see Rugal bust down their door and demand each and every employee make their way to the floor. Needless to say, the few who were on duty showed up and the proprietor of the place, a small looking man, walked up and asked in a shaky tone, "Mr. Skin, you say? He doesn't work here! He's just a guy who pays monthly to have a booth here! And if he's doing any sorts of those things, we certainly don't know about it!"

"He does love a Rum and coke, however."

Out from a room upstairs, exited a man that certainly fit Tanaka's description. Clad in a purple suit, cape and hat that would make any man who'd call himself a pimp proud, the man in the get up descended the staircase in a gainly manner and stopped to stand before Rugal, hands resting firmly on his cane before speaking again, "Now now, no need for this violence. I'm simply a man who enjoys the booth he rents here, and the drinks that comes with it. Seeing as you know who I am, I can surmise that one of three things has happened:

1) You're here on business with me. I'm currently off duty at the moment, and I don't do business in this club. I only talk out deals when the booth is mine and the beat is pumping.
2) You are attempting to arrest me when I have no crime. That can't be right, because no officer in their right mind would dress as you.
Or, the 3rd. Tanaka told you bout me. I knew he had been arrested recently, so I'm not surprised my name came up. Please, state why you're here, and do restore the door before you do? These are well and good folks, and it's gonna cost a pretty penny to put that up professionally; And I do feel something awful that me being here has caused all the trouble! We wouldn't want any trouble 'tween the two of us, now would we?"

The man looked up, directly into Rugal's eyes, and the King of Fighters noticed two final details about the pimp in question. The first, his height; the man came up to Rugal's chin. The second, were his eyes. They were distinctly the color of honey.

Paulownia Mall - Cafe Chagall Teri, Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg
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Teri nodded, and took the final sip of her delicious Pheromone Coffee, "That sounds like a splendid idea. However, you might need to get me a separate one. You know how I am with beef."

"Me too! Me too! I can get a bowl for myself, too, right!", this was punctuated by a heavy slurp by the turtle dragon baby, downing his tea, "I bet you'd like some too, wouldn't you, Devon?"

After paying their bill, Teri placed a comforting hand on her friend's shoulder, giving Devon a smile before saying, "You've been very patient with us today. Think of the beef bowls as a reward, I know I always liked a big meal after clothes shopping. Let's get going, eh?"

The Cleric had indeed noticed Devon's slight shift in attitude, and she, like Ella, was happy to see the progress, even if it wasn't from anything the two young ladies had done. Cadolbolg had done all the work for them.

Paulownia Mall - At the Fountain: Som, Garm, Teri, Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg
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((Insert what Som said to Garm before the group appeared here))

As the group made their way outside of the Cafe, Garm gave a happy bark, alerting the group to his and Som's presence at the fountain, and hopped from his perch to approach Teri and give her a happy rub of his head against his Pup and her friends, "You have returned! Took you long enough! Did your shopping go well, each of you?"
"Tear-ri, Jersey Shore has relocated to Club Escapade, and kicked the door in. Should I keep a watch on him, or follow you?"

"Stay near him. You may need to start hiding out, but as I said before, you need to pretend you're not as smart as you are. It keeps him unawares."
"Ella, is the Operation going well? Devon seems to be a bit more relaxed than I remember her being."

Iwadatoi Station - Strip Mall - Sweet Shop: Akane, Deadshot
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At the sound of the click, even though by all rights it should have gone unheard, the man's head jerked up in the direction of Deadshot and Akane, the eyes of the clearly disturbed man hidden by his heavy face mask,

"I-i-i d-d-don't want... Any sort of trouble. Leave, me... ALONE!"

Suddenly, and without any prior warning, the guy knocked down a stand of candy in the direction of Akane and Deadshot, and made way for the door, making the salesman yell after the bundled up guy about the mess.

(I'm sure you two could catch up with him in time. Do be careful bout it though.)

Shadow Zone: Strike Team
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With an air of calm descending once the Reaper seemingly disappeared, and the party went back to regroup with the rest. However, before any could make their way to either particular stairway, the sound of rattling chains filled the air; and gunshots rang loud as each and every part member felt a round land on themselves in some manner. Fire, bitter cold, harsh wind... All manner of energies were infused in the attacks the once thought eliminated Reaper brought upon the party.

While Jake may have called to take the Reaper away, he never specified for how long, or where to. So, the Reaper found itself taking a mild setback, and it was angry.

When the attacks landed, each member of the Strike Team could feel his or her limbs begin to grow numb, and then - Darkness..... Which lead to waking up.... Somewhere?

Caim awoke in the silence, hand still close to his blade, and tapped his ring, attempting to call out. However, he found that unlike usual... The rings did not work.
Chilled to the bone at this revelation, Caim tried to reach out to Angelus or Ton Ton via the pact link, but their voices were faint at best, only coming out quietly,

"Caim? I cannot use my rings, and I can barely hear you... It feels as if you are very far away..."
"I'm not the only one with the messed up ring? Okay, that's a relief. And you sound kinda close, Mr. Caim. I'm gonna try and find you."

Speaking of the Tonberry, he too woke alone, cold and in the dark, with no ring functionality to him. Holding up his tiny glowing lantern, all Ton Ton could do was wander into the darkness and call out, "Hullo? Does anyone hear me?"

Angelus, like the others, awoke after being hit with a blast (in her case, it was ice) and being exposed to darkness itself. Holding her dagger-Evoker to her throat for a moment, the dragoness called to Tiamat to bring forth a small fireball of light, and held aloft the makeshift torch, not knowing how long the minute fireball would last as she began exploring the area as well, the voice within taunting ever so quietly,

"Scared without your human to protect you? Pathetic..."

The Reaper has separated the party.
As a harsh side effect, all of you have been separated and scattered into two sections on the next floor; and your communicator rings do not work for an indeterminate amount of time (aka, until the groups properly meet with each other again).

The two sections cannot interact with one another, but with some exploration, can find the others in their respective groups.

Watch out, some nasty stuff lurks on this floor....

Group 1:

Shawn (The Wanderer)

Group 2:

David West
Ton Ton
Yu Narukami

Caramel Frappe:

Paulownia Mall | Outside the Police Station: Cadolbolg, Devon, Ella, Garm, Som, Teri

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"Hello again, Hunter. I saw that you are as attentive to look after my Pup and her friends as much as I try to be able. Any particular reason for that? Also, don't react too greatly to my ability to speak. It's supposed to be a secret at the moment, especially to Alpha Rugal. Now, shall we speak more by the fountain?"

The Mirian Hunter, and most people in existence, was not exactly expecting Garm to respond to his simply greeting let alone question his intentions regarding the Wolf's Pup, he assumed that Garm had meant the Airship's Medical Officer. Though it was quite a shock to be addressed by what would have been a mostly instinct driven predatory animal, he controlled his reactions as was requested of him.

Nodding slowly, Som Waterford walked towards the nearby fountain, noting more than a few eyes upon him and the large wolf that strode through the commerce building.

Noting that the Wolf was somehow wearing one of the rings that had been passed among the group, Som placed the magical device around his own finger, albeit hesitantly due to the device's magical properties.

"(If you would pardon my surprise to find that you are capable of speech. This Realm has proven to be full of them - surprises that is. As for your query, it is my duty to protect those in need of assistance. It has, however, been difficult in acclimating myself to this world as being such as those who are friend to 'your pup' would normally be the type of beings that would bring harm to those I seek to protect.)" The Hunter responded diplomatically to the rather large beast. Since his introduction into this realm, he quickly had discovered that his beliefs were viewed as prejudiced and the last thing we wished to occur was to offend Garm.

As the two Hunters sat near the water's edge, Som observed the residents of this Realm go through their daily routines, not a single one appeared to be aware that danger could snuff out their lives in the blink of an eye.

"(You appear to be quite comfortable in this world of humans, would you not rather be in the wilds stalking prey?)" Som asked curiously. Garm did not appear to be an animal that had been domesticated but rather seemed to be on the Airship voluntarily. Som found idea strange at best.

The Hunter never received an answer to his question as the Wolf suddenly hopped off of his perch to approach the group of Rising Dawn crew members.

Seeing the Ship's Cleric, she appeared different somehow in the way she acted around the others. It was something that he could not quite place but the difference seemed pronounced as he observed the nuances of her movements, her speech and even the way she dressed. She appeared to be more charming in a manner that brought a smile to the Hunter's face as he approached the group.

"I assume that you have found something in regards to investigation?"

Shadow Zone | Strike Team #2: Caim, Constance, David, Slindis, Ton Ton, Yu

Constance woke with a start, her last memories were the rattling of chains and the sound of gun fire. Panic set in at the revelation that this might be the after life and that she was dead, forever doomed to be alone. However the sensation was short lived as she saw the Berserker Warrior, Caim, pick himself up off of the ground and begin to try to use the communications ring that they had all been issued.

Checking her surroundings, the Vampire found the darkness of their surroundings unsettling. She could have asked Bast to help her see in the darkness but that would not have helped the others instead, the ever clever young blood sucker asked Teddy to give her a hand full of Phosphorescent shells.


The Shotgun report seemed to be enhanced by the closed quarters of that the group found themselves. Seconds later, however, the room was bathed in a bright yet sickly green glow as the chemicals within the round reacted to exposure to air.


It appeared that the Inexperienced Vampire was about to fire her shotgun once again, a move that might have surely brought Shadows to the group's position.

Paulownia Mall - Club Escapade: Rugal Vs Mr. Skin

Oh ye gods, this man is pretentious... Rugal thought at Mr. Skin showed himself, looking like an Poor man's Snoop Dog...Or...Snoop Lion or whatever he's calling himself these days.
"Oh good, cutting straight to the chase. Shame, I was expecting at least one over-developed pea brained thug..." He said, looking around, just in case that thug did exist so he could feed him his own toes.
"Sorry about the door then. Back in my day, a man had to make his intentions clear if he wanted to be taken seriously. Yes, we have a mutual friend in Mr. Tanaka. Now, let me pretext this: I'm not the police, though I work for who they work for. All I'm allowed say. Now...I know you purchased a rather large supply of chemical with a Certain Purpose I won't disclose. Why do I even care? There is a biological agent in the city, You might have heard of it. Pretty nasty stuff, rots your teeth clean out of your head. And it also kills ya. He said as he walked around the club, examining the place with a minor disapproving look.

Christ, this club is way too clean. Toilets most likely don't even have random phone numbers scribbled about... He thought, remembering the days when you could get killed in a club just for not ordering a certain drink.
"Now, I was given Tanaka as a lead so I'm thinking either:
A. His contacts have something to do with this virus, Hence all those Chems.
B. His contacts can get me to whomever is doing this.

So A or B, Mr. Skin?" The Criminal Mastermind spoke as he went over to the bar and reached behind the counter for a beer.

"And lets keep this quick, Tanaka gave me a lot of names and I gotta check out each one..." He finished as he yanked the cap off the top of his beer and began to drink it.

Iwadatoi Station - Strip Mall - Sweet Shop: Deadshot, Akane

"...I hate it when they run..." Deadshot sighed before he leapt over the candy on the floor and began sprinting after him.
"If you hunt like a Fox, Now would get a GREAT time to prove it. Catch him alive though, we might squeeze a cure out of him!" He shouted to Akane as he gave chase after the infected.
"Grapple!" The assassin spoke as he engaged the Grappling Hook on his Wrist Guns.
Once he had a good shot, he fired it at the Runner's legs, hoping to trip him up before he could become a threat to himself or others.

Shadow Zone: Strike Team #1: Jenny, Angelus, Annie, Cz, Jake, Wanderer, Melethia

All that Jenny could make out was Jake seeming casing the Reaper away before she was violently teleported someplace else.
She woke up on the ground quickly, her racing heart for Jake's safety helping to revive her faster.
"JAKE!...Wh-what happened?...Where is-" She began to panic, while the other members the Rising Dawn were "Relatively" safe, The Author was facing that certainly seemed like Death.
"...Wh-where are the others?...Oh Arceus, this is all my fault..." She began to fret when not all the the team could be found, if she just stayed with the group, this wouldn't have happened.
She began to tear up a little at what she had wroth.

Shadow Zone: Strike Team #2: David West, Caim, Constance, David, Slindis, Ton Ton, Yu

"ooooohhhhhh...why me?...." David groaned as he woke up after the teleport, really wishing he had went to the city instead.
"...David to all points-....What?....oh-fan-fucking-tastic. The rings are dead. Oyyyyyy..." The Sniper grumbled in sheer frustration as he picked himself up.
"...Okay....Deep Breaths...This shit will work itsel-"


"JESU-Constance!" He exclaimed as the Vampirette interrupted his attempts to calm himself down, shooting her shotgun up into the air to light the place up.
Pacing over, he snatched the shotgun from her hands before saying "You soppy Cunt! Why don't you just set up a glowing red neon arrow over our heads?!"
It was clear that David was starting to lose it...


I am officially 19 now.
Yay~ -

*quiet background cheering*

The Wanderer and group 1.
Location: Shadow Realm | ???

The Wanderer was first surprised at what Jake did, slowly it surly turned into anger into his eyes.
Death would not be killed so easily, he knew it would come back, it did come back. The very second the Wanderer was targeted and shot in the head ... again (New Vegas Irony) he had almost turned his own pistols on the Author, wanting to gain reason for this actions, for one should not be so stupid as to annoy Death itself.

Being shot, darkness surround the new armoured Wanderer, he was cursing himself for being stupid, he could have deflected the shot with his own bullet, yet his anger towards the Author blinded him. Yet the Wanderer was not scared, he knew he would not die and he would be back in three days or less like the Messiah he is.

Waking up to total darkness, the Wanderer was facing away from Angelus' fire, yet he saw one person in front of him, just a matter of time until ...
Night person PERK active
The area was lit around him, he did not need a light to see but he could see everything around him in a low light. Remembering that his helmet had a night-vision function he turned it on, more light came into his eyesight with a green tinge.

Looking down upon the ground he could see the Author, the one who did this to them all, the one who caused to anger Death. Putting away one of his revolvers, he pointed one at the Author.


A trigger click was heard in the darkness, yet before he was thinking about to fire, the Pipboy light came on.
Lighting both the Wanderer and what he was going to do, this was something he was surprised at too.
("Sorry, I had to ... we should think about this more!") His Shadow pleaded to him.

Yu Narukami and group 2.
Location: Shadow Realm | ???

Yu Narukami was simply following the group, then the Reaper showed up, easily he was definitely going to fight this time. It wasn't human, it was something he knew to fight, then he heard the name "Death" from Fuuka and everyone surrounding him. The memories of that fight with Adachi came back, this was not a Shadow to trifle with, something that cannot die. Yu chose to run away with the others, yet looking back he could see the 'Author' and the Doctor behind about to face the reaper.

Yet surprisingly it seemed the Author had beaten the reaper ... yet he was all too wrong. A shot hit everyone in the group, including Yu in the arm. Then unfamiliar darkness surrounded him, Yu was surely scared, darkness was something he certainly has faced many times, but this was 100% darkness surrounding him, yet all of the sudden.


The loud sound of gunfire appeared in front of him, he was certainly awake but in the dark. With the shot he could see a girl behind it. This was not good, shadows would surely come this way. Then David began to get worked up, this worried Yu greatly since he knew what could happen, David could go completely insane.

Bringing his hand up he summoned his Arcana card, a blue flame surrounded the card and it illuminated Yu and a small area around him. The other two could easily see him now, the next action the 'Leader' took was place a hand on Constance to stop her from firing. "Don't ... you have no need to do that, stay calm ... or we will be in danger." Yu calmly said before looking at David. "You too David-san ... quiet, we need to wake everyone up and make sure we will not be in any danger." Yu said once again but if David could see the gray-haired boy's face, it was dead serious.

Shadow Zone: Strike Team #1: Jenny, Angelus, Annie, Cz, Jake, Wanderer, Melethia

Jenny heard the struggle nearby, turning her head just in time to watch Annie tackle the Wanderer.
While she was worried what was going on there, what caught her attention was who the duo was fighting over.
"JAKE!" She exclaimed as she saw him on the ground, not moving much.
She instantly ran over, checking to see if he was alright as he was the least durable of their splinter group.

Turning her attention back over to the fighting Duo, she then walked over and added "Wanderer, Please. If he's hurt, we'll need your medical skills. Please...Put the gun away...".
She was clearly eaten up by the fact she put them all in this position, the forming tears was a clear sign too.

Shadow Zone: Strike Team #2: David West, Caim, Constance, David, Slindis, Ton Ton, Yu

"....Gah...fucking teenagers..." David cursed as he handed Constance back her Shotgun, annoyed at the duo for different reasons, Constance for possibly drawing any nearby shadows and Yu for...Well, being what David wasn't.
"So recap: We're Isolated from the other half of our group, we have no means to contact them or HQ, Meaning we have no idea where the Exit is OR our objective...*Sigh* Why can't we just have one mission go well for once?..." He then sighed as he used the Limited light sources of Ton Ton's lantern, Constance's Phosphorescent buckshot and whatever the hell Yu was doing to scout out for movement outside of their group.
"Just something normal like a Arms Deal or a Military Coup? Non of this magical BS..."

Paulownia Mall - Cafe Chagall Teri, Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg
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Ella patted Teri on the back to acknowledge the statement. "Oh, we'll get another one for you, Teri. Just something for us all to eat, you know?" She placed the money on the table as a tip and went to head out as Devon picked up Cadolbolg.

"Well, Cadol, want to get some of that food?" Once again, it was hard for the young dragon to tell what it was, but Devon certainly seemed... calmer? Less tense? In any case, it was something that Devon's little brother could certainly like seeing more of.

Paulownia Mall - At the Fountain: Som, Garm, Teri, Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg
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"It's going great so far, Garm. We keep working at it, and maybe we can get Devon in the right state of mind for this. I do have to say, though; Cadolbolg picked out the best outfits!" Garm could certainly hear that Ella was very pleased with how things were going so far, and it was even clear to Som from the way that she was walking.

The Bard seemed a bit more sure of herself as she walked around - perhaps it was the fact that her shoulders weren't slumped back, but she certainly seemed less tomboyish, which was a refreshing change. "Well, I think Ella mentioned something about winter clothing being quickly taken by people, which is odd considering we're in summer. Maybe we could find out more in the Beef bowl shop?"

Shadow Zone (Group 1): Angelus, Annie, Cz, Jake, Jenny, The Wanderer, Melethia

Melethia woke up to the sounds of groaning and a rather strong lack of light. The light problem was solved when she pulled out her warhammer, producing enough light for her honed eyes to see. However, the next problem of them wanting to kill Jake was one that had to be solved quickly.

"Look of you want to beat the crap out of him, wait until we get out of here! Right now, we need to cooperate of we want out, and anyone that wants to say otherwise can answer to Thunderclap." Her statement was meant more for the Wanderer, although Annie could hear the sharp discipline that had to come from a military unit in the girl. But wasn't Melethia only 13 years old?

Shadow Zone(Group 2): Caim, Constance, David, Slin, Ton-Ton, Narukami

"Constance, take it easy. We won't get anywhere if we give our position away, and we should assume the others lived for now. If we made it out alive, then I can ensure you they did as well." Thankfully, Slindis was able to see quite well in the area, although she knew the same wasn't true for the others.

"And I'd say you're correct, David. It has gone sideways, but it just means we need to focus and regroup. Is everyone good to move? I want a sound off of everyone that's here so I can get an idea of if we have any issues." After a quick call from everyone there, she began thinking of the others capabilities from what she knew.

"Okay, if anyone else here can see in here, I need you to lead either the front or the rear of the group. I'll take the other section, and we need to call out in case there's any attackers inbound." From how she was quickly breaking down the situation, it was clear that she'd had much experience with these kinds of scenarios in her past. It was also clear she could see rather well in the darkness, making her a good scout.

Shadow Zone (Group 1): Angelus, Annie, Cz, Jake, Jenny, The Wanderer, Melethia

Once again, the resident Child Soldier was right on the money, causing Jenny to focus on the situation at hand
"Right...Okay...Mel, do you think you could make some small torches for the rest of us? Nothing too fancy, just something in case we get separated again?" The pokemon asked while Annie calmed Wanderer down before moving back over to Jake and Cz, gently nudging them awake.
"Right...Once everyone is moving, I say that Wanderer takes the lead, I heard him talking about that Helmet's nightvision before. You stick to the center, make the most of that Hammer's light. And Angelus can take the-...take th-...." She started before she realized something was off.

"...Where's Angelus?..." She asked as the crimson clad Dragoness seemed to have vanished...

Notice: This was cleared in advance with Bluerocker

While the group was missing her, Angelus was busy trying to get though to the others, hoping by moving closer to their position, she could get a better link.
"Caim?...Can you hear me?...This realm is making it hard to get though..."
"Angelus?...Hello?...I can barely make out what you are saying. Where. Are. You? Are. You. Alright?"
Relief was starting to enter her system as she sent back "Yes, The Author is with us, Along wit-"
The sounds of movement caused her to freeze, allowing the fact that she had trailed off much further then she meant to begin to sink in.
"Angelus?...ARE. YOU. STILL. THERE?" Caim sent as Angelus began making her way back as the link got fainter.
"Yes. Yes I am-" She was in the process of replying before something grabbed her ankle from below, tripping her up.
By the time she could process this, several more tendrils had spawned from the floor around her, wrapping around her limbs as she struggled in vain.
Panic began to set in as she was being pulled along the floor at worrying speed towards a black inky pit that was forming behind her.
"What- Grrr. No! Get off! CAI-...." was all she was able to get out before she was pulled into the consuming darkness, Leaving her partner on the other end in silence...

Shadow Zone: ???: Angelus

The next thing the Dragoness knew, The Darkness cleared as she was spat out from a portal on a wall and let to fall on the cold cobblestones below.
While she didn't know where, it wasn't like the Shadow Zone she was in before, seeming more akin to a Castle Hallway with a very limited amount of light available for her to see with.
A quick check of herself showed that while there were small blobs of dark shadowy glop on her, she wasn't hurt.
However, she was missing her Evoker, robbing her of the means to summon her Persona and combat the Shadows here.
"My, My, My...What a fine little mess you got yourself in..." her Shadow taunted, making a bad situation even worse.

Shadow Zone(Group 2): Caim, Constance, David, Slin, Ton-Ton, Narukami

"Yeah, yeah. Standard Operating Procedure..." David remarked as the Drow began to take charge of the situation.
"If we are going to compete the objective, We'll need Jake's Tactical PC. He was making Map Data of the area before Death showed up. Second we find that, we'll be sitting pretty. Only thing is does Jake still have it?" He explained as he kept close to the Drow, constantly checking his blind sides for movement, seeing how aside from Constance, he was the only one with a gun.
"...Can you still do that thing that makes you invisible? (Shadow Fade) Might come in handy and allow you to see any hostiles before they see you..." He suggested before he motioned to Caim.
"Yo Caim! We're moving out...Caim?..."

New York, Manhattan, Date: unknown, Time: Unknown, Exact Location: Unknown

He knew he was being hunted. He had been running across the city trying to avoid him but couldn't seem to shake him even with his inhuman speed. Now he was in an alley waiting for his stalker to appear. From down the alley he could see his enemy walk out of the shadows. The grey hoodie he wore cast a shadow over his face that he couldn't see through.
As Agent watched his target stand there he couldn't help but muse a bit. His target was in what looked like a stealth suit and it appeared he had been on a mission before he showed up. 'Oh well it's not like it's gonna matter here in a few minutes anyways' Agent thought while looking at his prey with a predatory glare.

Then his prey lunged at alarming speeds. It took Agent off guard for a moment but that was all it took for his prey to close the distance. Soon he felt a sharp pain in his chest and was pushed back a few feet. It hurt like a bitch but he could deal with it. He quickly recovered and launched a punch of his own. Which sent his opponent flying down the alley.
The target quickly stood up and pulled out a huge sniper. Agent quickly pulled out a sniper of his own and they both fired. Agent felt a searing pain in his arm but he took a second look to see it was gone. He quickly rushed at his target seeing as his bullet had hit him too and stunned him. He bulldozed right through his target into the street.

There he could see multiple humans staring in shock at the fight. While regenerating his arm he rushed at the nearest human. Once his arm regenerated he quickly threw the human to the ground and stomped on his head, causing it to explode. Dark tendrils shot out and consumed the once living human giving Agent new found strength.

He turned to see his target in his face already throwing a punch. Agent quickly threw up his arm and transformed it into a dark massive shield effectively stopping the punch. Then his arm was covered in dark tendrils and his arm transformed into a 6 foot long demonic looking blade. He quickly stabbed his prey before tossing him back.
He saw his prey get up and was mildly impressed. Mildly...

Turning the blade arm into a new weapon Agent quickly launched his now extending blade arm at the prey. His enemy wasn't fast enough to dodge and was sent sprawling to the ground. Agent quickly jumped his way over to the downed enemy quickly changing weapons again into giant claws.

Agent pounced his prey and quickly began slashing into him, doing massive amounts of damage. His prey got a few good shots in but it didn't halt the predator's onslaught. Soon the man on the floor was too damaged to move.

Agent chuckled a bit as he approached changing his arms back to normal. "Damn... y-you... AMERICAN DOG!" his target yelled out at his approach. Agent felt no emotion at all as he heard the words. The Evolved simply walked up to him and muttered "just die already..." before transforming his right arm into a massive blade and burying it deep in his targets stomach.

Tendrils crawled out of his arm as he began to consume his newest target. When the target was finally consumed, Agent had a flash of memories and a new sense of power rush through him. Images of a huge ship and inter dimensional travel flashed through his mind. "The Rising Dawn." He had seen it and its super powered crew. It especially noticed a certain hate for a blonde man named Wesker. It didn't matter to him. What did matter was what seemed to be a girl that could transform into weapons that was his companion.

He quickly looked behind him to notice a teenage girl. "Taytum" the name flashed through his mind as he stared at her. The sociopath said nothing as he stared at the girl. She quickly yelled out "Hi!" in a happy voice. This puzzled him greatly, hadn't he just killed her master? That's when it clicked. In a sense anyone he consumed became a part of him. That meant that he was now this new weapon's master.

"Follow me, we have work to do" Agent muttered as he turned and began walking. "Okay!" was the simple reply he received as she began following him. He began sifting through his target's memories. Apparently he had not worked with them for a while, but still happened to know where they were. They weren't even in this dimension at the moment. So he couldn't go visit them right now. It didn't matter. When they got back he would be waiting.

"Now to prepare to "visit" this Rising Dawn crew..." Agent muttered as he walked down the street. Sirens blaring behind him as he walked off.

Shadow Zone (Group 1): Annie, Cz, Jake, Jenny, The Wanderer, Melethia
Jake stirred and rolled over at Jenny poking him. He hacked and coughed as he tried to get up, resting on all fours. Batting away any offered help he pointed at Cz who was still waking. Finally struggling to his feet he growled, "Status? Anyone missing? Pick her up, we're moving on."

He checked his compact PC, shaking his head as he failed to find out their location. It was a basic map without landmarks from the last area. Useless. He placed it back into it's pouch and pulled out a compass. It span wildly. Useless. Then he looked around and took stock of the situation, seeing Annie straddling the Wanderer prick who was stupid enough to try help him hold off Death with his flashy Persona, Jenny standing and looking into the distance and Melethia standing close to him with a warhammer.

And they all looked annoyed or distressed in some shape or form.

"Well. Shit."

Iwadatoi Station - Sweet Shop: Akane, Deadshot
Akane grinned at Deadshot's remark. Hunting was far too easy when the prey allowed themselves to be cornered. She simply took a step to her left and blocked the door, her hands flying to her sword and the takoyaki all but forgotten. "STOP!" she shouted.

The target now had two choices, run into Akane or be caught.

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The Wanderer and group 1.
Location: Shadow Realm | ???

After a single mental sigh, the Wanderer was about to lower the gun, even his Shadow wanted him to stop. Then the unexpected happened, Annie had tackled him to the floor and kept both his gun and body still. The Wanderer offered no resistance in getting up or raising his gun arm.

Annie began to try and calm him down, little did they know that the Wanderer was already mentally calm. " ... fine." The Wanderer said as he lifted his arms up in non-resistance. Soon enough the Wanderer got Annie off of him and got onto the ground and sighed. Then he noticed the tearful Jenny and the lecturing of Melethia. "The asshole isn't hurt ... but I'm going to punch him at one point ... and if he does one more bad thing, I will place a bullet in his skill." The Wanderer said with a hidden insane like smile.

Even with him wearing a helmet, they could all see his intense glowing blue eyes. He just stayed silent as he began to lead the group forward, he ignored all chatter. ("You should be thankful that you didn't kill him.") The Shadow lectured him as well, and the Wanderer said the next thing out loud.

"Something like that would usually you killed ... in our world, I have killed people for putting others in danger ..."

Looking ahead, the Wanderer pulled out his two guns once more. The aura of anger surrounded him and the next time he would look at Jake, he would look at him as if he was a target, prey for the taking. Someone who he would kill for the better of the world, for better or worse.

Yu Narukami and group 2.
Location: Shadow Realm | ???

Yu Narukami still held out his Arcana card to light up the small area around him, looking towards David and then Slindis in the conversation, Yu was just nodding along, he wasn't much for words in times like this. "David-san ... " Yu was about to say but his head moved to the side, he did not know what to say to someone like this, with someone with confidence issues like this.

"Anyhow ... moving on would be the best option." Yu said as he went to the front of the group and readied his Arcana and katana just in-case.

Paulownia Mall - Club Escapade: Rugal, Mr. Skin
Mood Music

Mr. Skin flexed his fingers lightly on his cane and sighed, "Alright, I'll tell you this much... For a price. I know bout who Tanaka ratted you out on, seeing as you came knocking on my door. With my various 'contacts', I know more than a few things around town; including who would be purchasing those sorts of items. What I do with em, is for simple.... Buying and selling. What happens when folk use my stock is their own business. However, that Walter guy... He's the one you'd need to look after. I never seen a motherfucker so obsessed with smells; seeing as he should have rotten his nose out a long time ago.

Point being, you got the wrong guy. I'm just a business man who deals in the trade of delighting the flesh and the senses. What you're looking for is elsewhere. I got no business with killing anyone."

Paulownia Mall - At the Fountain: Som, Garm, Teri, Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg
Mood Music


Cadolbolg gave a cheerful wag of his tail and added with a slightly bashful tone, "I didn't think my choices were THAT great..."

Teri laughed, and gave the turtle dragon baby a pet on the head, "Nonsense, Cadolbolg. Some of your ideas looked halfway wearable. Not that I'd wear skirts though. Not my style. By the way, Ella, that jacket you got was very nice. I'm sure you'll look fetching in it."
"Damn shame too. Why didn't we get it again?"
"Don't need it. It was a simple thing I only wanted at the time."
"God, you're so irritatingly boring and responsible and money conscious."
"We may need it for food too, you know."
"Sadei, help! She's being more boring than YOU! Not to mention, you still haven't told your friends about all those nasty homesick feelings you're hiding away... Like how that coffee shop reminded you of the one at school, or the clothes store being close to home..."
"It's not important. What is important is looking after Devon and Dad."

Garm gave a happy rub of the head against Ella's side again, answering, "This is joyous news! I am very happy to hear of your success! It makes all my waiting for you all the more worth it! I wish I could come with you to your beef bowls, but I am afraid my duty calls me elsewhere... However, Tear-ri has promised me plenty of delicious food after all is said and done."

After hearing Garm's mild complaint, Teri gave the wolf a good hard scratch behind the ears, "You've been doing a very good job, my friend. I'll make sure to cook up something with the imps for you, I promise."
"As for the beef bowls, will you be joining us, Mr. Waterford, or do you intend to take your investigation elsewhere?"

Garm (unaware of his Pup's mental struggles) walked back to the Fountain, giving a hearty chuckle in Som's mind when he gave one final note to the Hunter, "I hold no objections to you following my Pup and her friends, Hunter. I can tell that you greatly wish to.... Perhaps for not the reasons you might not disclose.
Simply know this, Hunter. I have raised many pups. I am no fool as to your possible intentions. I will abide so long as you keep proving yourself worth our time.

As for your question, another time when I am more free... Go on."

((Insert Som's responses here))

Iwatdatoi Station - Stip Mall - Beef Bowl Store: Som(?), Teri, Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg
Mood Music

Ever the nonchalant, the people of the restaurant didn't seem to mind when the eclectic group of Hunter, Ladies and Turtle Dragon baby took their seat in the establishment... heck, the usually busy eatery seemed to be... Lacking? According to the people they asked for directions from along the way said this place was always prolific in customers.

A man with ginger hair and eyes the color of honey, who was sitting in a booth across the group's, gave a heavy sigh and looked over to the group, "Oh what do you know? Some new blood in this venue. You're the newest faces I've seen in here all week. Damn shame, this place.... It's always sad to see such good places like this start to go under..."

Iwadatoi Station - Strip Mall - Sweet Shop: Akane, Deadshot
Mood Music

Even with Akane on the block, the man didn't seem discouraged. Giving a guttural cry, the infected man dropped his shoulder into a charge, appearing hell bent to knock himself and Akane out of the door....Even if there was a drop over the railing outside the store.

((I wasn't able to properly convey this with screenshots, but the strip mall has three levels, with two up a set of stairs. The Sweet shop is on the 2nd or 3rd.

Sorry! D:))

Shadow Zone(Group 2): Caim, Constance, David, Slin, Ton-Ton, Narukami
Mood Music

"What- Grrr. No! Get off! CAI-...."
Caim blinked for a moment, somewhat oblivious to what was going on around him and motioned to Ton Ton, who had finally arrived on the scene, "Hey, try to reach Angelus."
"What, you can't hear her?"
"Just... try."

Ton Ton paused for a moment, and then Evoked Galahad into existence, the Knight with the Chalice appearing for a moment before Ton Ton shook his head, "Sorry, Caim. I got nothing. Why? Is something wrong?"

Caim's face blanched further, the panic readily apparant on his face as he forced himself ahead, picking up his son and placing Ton Ton on his shoulders, "Angelus told me that Jake is with her group, wherever they were. However, when she spoke with me, she sounded far away. I think it's either something to do with this realm that affects our ability to communicate with each other, or the same sort of thing that's affecting the rings."

Ton Ton turned to the darkness behind and held up his little lantern, "Think this means I got the rear."

After Ton said this, the party heard one moment of grace descend upon them, as Fuuka's voice began to speak,"Hello? Hello?! It's me Fuuka! Ah, there we are... It appears what the Reaper's done has forced your group to hit two separate sectors of the same floor. I sense that you're not too terribly harmed, but... I'll keep this channel open, but I don't know if I can help you communicate with one another, as you did with your Rings. There seems to be a timer on how long that effect will last. I'm clocking it for a couple more minutes... Also, There is a strong Shadow in your area, as well as...Something else. I can't put my finger on what it is exactly. Be careful; and I'll check on the other group."

After that, as the group began to wander in the darkness, something moved in the corner of David and Slindis' vision. With the mild illumination granted by both Constance's shots and Ton Ton's lantern, they were almost certain that they saw something moving from their sides... But what?

None the less, the further the party proceeded, the more that an electrical hum began to ring in the air... Which brought the party to- A generator?! What the hell was this thing?

"Looks like something the Empire would make... Doesn't give me any familiarity with it though. Anyone a tech expert here?"

"Hhmn... Don't touch it. I'm going to analyze it further before anything else is done...."

As Fuuka went silent again, the party was left to their own devices... What could the machine be? And where could that supposedly great Shadow be off to?

Shadow Zone (Group 1): Annie, Cz, Jake, Jenny, The Wanderer, Melethia
Mood Music

With tensions mounting between the group members, Jenny, Melethia and Jake (seeing that Annie and Wanderer were currently trying to talk things out) heard the slight whirring of machinery in the air, coming from somewhere in the darkness around them- Right before Fuuka cut in,

"Hello? Can anyone on this side hear me? It's Fuuka. I just got in contact with your other party members, and they seem to be alright, as well as close to something that might be important... Could I get a sound off from all of you? Your other group seems to be worried. What's more, I see that there is a great wall separating the two groups. You're going to have to go up before you'll be united again, unfortunately..."

After that, more whirring filled the air, and lo, a scarlet Javelin shot out of the darkness; unprecedented, and straight towards Annie....

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Iwadatoi Station - Strip Mall - Sweet Shop: Akane, Deadshot
Mood Music

Even with Akane on the block, the man didn't seem discouraged. Giving a guttural cry, the infected man dropped his shoulder into a charge, appearing hell bent to knock himself and Akane out of the door....Even if there was a drop over the railing outside the store.

Akane was surprised at this move. "Deadshot!" she shouted before stepping to the right and drawing her sword in one clean motion into an uppercut from her low stance. A flash of white and the sword swung full and true, landing a clean blow into the belly of the charging monster.

Akane grimaced as she did so, feeling resistance. She had meant to draw her katana, blade only, not with the sheath still on it!

Shadow Zone (Group 1): Annie, Cz, Jake, Jenny, The Wanderer, Melethia
Scene music (Highly recommended to listen to whilst reading!)

More whirring filled the air, and lo, a scarlet Javelin shot out of the darkness; unprecedented, and straight towards Annie....

A cry from Jennie and the flash of Melethia moving to intercept the scarlet javelin both happened at the same time Jake saw it. From the corner of his vision he could tell Annie would not be able to move out of the way in time nor would Melethia be able to intercept it. On pure instinct he moved at full speed towards the path of the javelin.

One step, two steps, three steps, leap and twist sideways-


Time slowed for Jake as he felt the impact. Sound died out and nothing remained but the searing pain and falling sensation. Then reality set in and everything went numb. His body fell to the floor with a dull thunk as his rifle clattered to the ground near him. Blood began to pool around him from the hole the javelin had made punching through his guts. Pain seared through his body. Jake tried to roll onto his back but couldn't because of the javelin still embedded in him. He tried to cry out in pain but no sound could he make, only gasp breathlessly. Not even the voices in his head were there, only excruciating pain. He distantly heard a scream.

Paulownia Mall - At the Fountain: Som, Garm, Teri, Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg
Mood Music


Devon smiled at Cadol's statement. "I'll try them on more when we get back, Cadol. You really were sweet in helping... Certainly made it a lot easier to go through." Cadol still couldn't quite tell where this change had happened, but darn if it wasn't a really nice change from how Devon had been acting over the last week.

Meanwhile, Sadei decided to back up Tama to get Teri out of that funk. "Teri, you need to take care of yourself too! Geez, just look at this like a day off for yourself also. Who knows? Maybe she got the jacket for you." Sadei's interjection was rather blunt, and something more akin to Tama.

After that, Ella responded back to Garm. "Yeah, we'll have a better night tonight. You might be invited, too, although I ask that you don't lick Devon's toes or fingers for that night. I know it sounds weird, but you'll know when the time comes."

Ella's focus then shifted outwards to the Hunter as she extended a hand out to him. "Now, would you like to join us? It may sound odd, but we can't find things out on an empty stomach." The succubus' companion also nodded, seeming willing to have Som alongside them for the day.

Iwatdatoi Station - Stip Mall - Beef Bowl Store: Som(?), Teri, Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg
Mood Music

Devon greeted the man with a smile (Although the eyes were rather reminiscent of something she'd remembered seeing in a game a long time ago) and looked around in the shop. For the time of day, the shop only had four tables filled - this wasn't very packed at all. "Excuse me, but what's happened to the normal customers? Were they scared off by someone, or did another shop open up down the road?" Her statement was accompanied with a gentle patting of Cadol's head, clearly a nervous habit even if it did look a bit motherly.

Ella was more concerned about the lack of people, but she realized she'd forgotten to hand the jacket over to Teri. "Here, I knew it would look great on you. It's just your size, and I already got rid of the receipt after seeing a small scratch in the leather." Was Ella insisting on Teri having the jacket?

Shadow Zone(Group 2): Caim, Constance, David, Slin, Ton-Ton, Narukami
Mood Music

As the others tried to get a better idea of what was happening with the machine or with Angelus, Slindis was more focused on those glimpses she saw. It was hard to tell what they were, but she already had a strong feeling that it wasn't anything good.

"There's some movement out there! Everyone, stay on guard: I doubt it's one of ours." With that, she dropped into that defensive stance in case they were attacked by whatever was in there while checking on Yu and Constance. After all, she had the feeling that neither of them could see quite as well in this light as they'd like to.

Shadow Zone (Group 1): Annie, Cz, Jake, Jenny, The Wanderer, Melethia
Mood Music

Melethia quickly responded to Fuuka's call out before the javelin went through Jake. When that moment happened, there was a sudden if subtle change in Melethia. "Any of you that can heal, Get 'em up an' goin! Ain't no way I want any of my men dyin' in this pit, an' I'll get that thing off us." Following that statement, she pulled out her Evoker blade and slashed at her throat to summon Andras.

"Seek my foe out and eviscerate them. Leave nothing standing to oppose us." Her owl-like persona gave a cry to battle, then used its good eyesight to track down its prey alongside Gaea.

Shadow Zone (Group 1): Annie, Cz, Jake, Jenny, The Wanderer, Melethia
Mood Music
Annie knelt over Jake and he somehow found his voice again. She called forth her Persona, the rage more than evident on her face. "Betcha wanna know why... You're part of the Crew. You're a mate." he said softly.

"Any of you that can heal, Get 'em up an' goin! Ain't no way I want any of my men dyin' in this pit, an' I'll get that thing off us." Following that statement, she pulled out her Evoker blade and slashed at her throat to summon Andras.

"Seek my foe out and eviscerate them. Leave nothing standing to oppose us." Her owl-like persona gave a cry to battle, then used its good eyesight to track down its prey alongside Gaea.

Jake shook his head at Melethia's order. They didn't have anyone with the power to help him now. He mustered up a reserve of something and spoke again. "Don't worry bout me. I'm too far gone. In one of me pouches is a flask... I would like one last drink..."

It was clear Jake was beyond saving. His fragile body had been skewered with something it could never withstand. The Author's time was up.

'At least I'm not a liar... I welcome death with open arms...' he thought as he lay bleeding out.

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Witness Death.
The Wanderer and group 1.
Location: Shadow Realm | ???

Just as the steps of the Wanderer began to hum down the hallway, a more sudden sound stole the moment. A large spear or javelin flew past besides the Wanderer. The sound he heard afterwards was a loud "*THUNK*", screaming and then the sounds of falling and yelling. Looking backward the Wanderer could see Jake standing with the projectile inside of him, with the pale face of a almost dead man. Yet within the helmet of the Wanderer he smiled and yet he did not know why.

The body of Jake fell to the floor and soon blood began to flow. The Wanderer began to walk back to the scene instead of summoning his Persona and defending the group, indeed he did hear the words of both Annie and Melethia about trying to save the Author, but the Doctor knew well, Death was upon the group, the feeling that the Wanderer knew well. Stomping in the blood of Jake, the Doctor/Wanderer stopped suddenly.

Kneeling down slowly, he pulled out a phial out of nowhere and filled it with the blood. ("So ... I'm guessing we're picking this up so we will find out a way to stop these 'Authors' in the future?") The Shadow whispered to the Doctor, knowing well that there is a dead man in front of them. Nodding to himself, the Wanderer placed the full phial away quickly and took a single glance at the dying man, getting up he stepped out of the pool whilst leaving blood footprints behind.

Walking to the direction of the danger, the Wanderer turned him head, his eyes had a burning feeling to them. "I would say your goodbyes ... there is nothing I can do, his veins, arteries and vital organs have all be destroyed. He is meant to die ..." He bluntly put before started to just walk to where the danger came from.

Yu Narukami and group 2.
Location: Shadow Realm | ???

The darkness that surrounded the group made Yu worried, the Persona master knew that those shots from Constance would have definitely attracted enemies. Lifting up his hand, the blue light surrounding him expanded a little more due to the teenager wanting more comfort in this terrible situation.

Becoming more and more paranoid, Slindis finally gave out a order to the silent group. Nodding towards her, Yu called his Persona quietly, as if he was not trying awake the shadows surrounding the group. "Izanagi, protect us." Yu called, then his Persona faded to the side of Yu, it's faint stomps was aware of the situation and tried to stay silent.

Paulownia Mall - Club Escapade: Rugal Vs Mr. Skin

"Walter, Eh?...That helps narrow it down. Your suggestion is noted." Rugal said as he finished his beer, leaving the empty bottle down on the counter before pulling out his wallet.
"Say 500 American will cover the door? Though personally, I think you should get some of those Indian Beads might make for a more appealing entrance, Let the kiddies see what they are missing out on before they pay to get in." He said before handing Mr. Skin some cash from his own wallet, knowing it was faster then beating up everyone.
"Now then...I better give this Walter a visit. I thank you for your time and sorry again for the Door." Rugal then said before he walked out, picking up his jacket on the way out.
1 down, 4 to go... He thought before making his way over to the Flower Shop at the Port Island Station to find this "Walter".

Iwadatoi Station - Strip Mall - Sweet Shop: Deadshot, Akane

"Shit!" Deadshot cursed as he watched Akane seemingly slashed the Infected with her sword.
"Oh well...Guess we'll doing this the american way..." He sighed as he caught up and said "Tazer!" before firing a wire onto the infected.
Once it hit, he turned up the juice and began shocking the infected into submission.
"I KNOW IT DOESN'T SEEM LIKE IT, BUT WERE TRYING TO HELP YOU!" He shouted as he watched the infected trash from the high voltage flowing though his body.

Shadow Zone: Strike Team #1: Jenny, Annie, Cz, Wanderer, Melethia

Jenny was on the verge of breaking down as Jake took the blow for Annie and Angelus seemed to disappear.
When Wanderer gave the group their diagnosi-
"YOU'RE A USELESS DOCTOR!" She shouted as she did everything she could to keep Jake alive, applying pressure to the wound as well as doing CPR.
"N-No, Jake, Please...Come back...I'm sorry..." She begged in vain as the Author passed from this world and into the next.
".....*Sniff*...Jake..." She sobbed before breaking down into tears as she hugged the lifeless body, blaming herself for this happening.

Shadow Zone: Strike Team #2: David West, Caim, Constance, David, Slindis, Ton Ton, Yu

"Ahhhh...The Universe was being a dick to us so it spawned the Generator nearby. About time our luck improved...." David theorized as he examined the machine.
"Yo, Fook-ca (Fuuka), This is the Objective right? Shadow Zone generator? So...What, cut the red wire?..." He asked as he began looking for something that looked like a power source.

Location - Shadow Realm: Jake, Annie, Jenny, Wanderer, Angelus, Melethia, Cz
I Still Call Australia Home
"... Jake ..." Annie said sadly as she helped him have one last drink of scotch. The burn down his throat was a welcoming feeling, but it could not stave off the cold he felt.
"I would say your goodbyes ... there is nothing I can do, his veins, arteries and vital organs have all be destroyed. He is meant to die ..." The Wanderer bluntly put before started to just walk to where the danger came from.
"YOU'RE A USELESS DOCTOR!" Jenny cried out, the pain echoing in her voice.

Jenny felt a hand take one of hers. It was cold and clammy yet warm with blood. "Jenny..." Jake whispered. The tiniest of tugs from the dying Author urged her to lean in closer. "Me PC has me will. Stay strong Jenny, tha crew need ya more than me. Tell Akane... I'm sorry." he whispered into Jenny's ear.

His hand went slack and the life began to flow out of his ice blue eyes behind his glasses. He let his head rest against the cold pavement, a sad smile forming on his face as he closed his eyes one last time.

"An' someday we'll all be togetha once more,
when all of tha ships come back to tha shore,
I'll realize something tha I've always known,
I still... call Australia... Home...."

"N-No, Jake, Please...Come back...I'm sorry..."
Annie's hair covered most of her eyes, and if anyone paid attention... she had a tear stroll down her cheek.

".....*Sniff*...Jake..." She sobbed before breaking down into tears as she hugged the lifeless body, blaming herself for this happening.
Seeing this boiled Annie's blood. She rose up slowly, and had a look of a hieratic. Annie surged her emotions through Gaea, in which the Persona was free to act on it's own accord. Instead of standing there on the defense, she took off in a heartbeat with crystal plating on the arms.

She passed up the Wanderer, and left Melethia's Persona behind only to spot the android girl. With that in mind, Gaea brought up her fist and shot it down with the force that would break apart a building.

Shadow Zone(Group 2): Caim, Constance, David, Slin, Ton-Ton, Narukami

"David, we can focus on that after we find out what's in those shadows. As it stands, I'm only getting glimpses of them." She took clear note of Narukami and Constance getting ready for whatever was coming while trying to get a good idea of what they would be fighting.

(Shakes magic 8 ball)

Shadow Zone (Group 1): Annie, Cz, Jake, Jenny, The Wanderer, Melethia
Mood Music

THe young girl's change was going even further as she coldly responded back to Jenny. "I didn't know him, Jenny, but he won't be buried alone. Andras, continue as planned. No quarter, razed earth, all of that. Before that dies, it will know fear." Another slash with her Evoker blade summoned Andras again, and the owl-headed Persona tried to jab at Akontia.

The Wanderer and group 1.
Location: Shadow Realm | ???

As the group began to face the Author's killer, the Wanderer heard the insult from Jenny. Turning around quickly, his eyes locked onto her, burning still. Inside the helmet he still smiled, these people, did they know that Authors did not truly die, but not even the Wanderer was certain about this fact. Focusing on Jenny though, the Doctor spoke with annoyance and anger.

"If I am useless, what would that make you!?"

This was not a insult nor something to get back at her, it was a fact. If a miracle Doctor could not help the Author, no one could. If a person is suppose to die, they die. Turning away quickly once more except with the aura of anger around him, the Wanderer summoned his Arcana card, "PERSONA!" He yelled loudly through the hallway. "Kannon, tear it apart!" He blatantly yelled as his Gundam persona was summoned.

The two charged forward.
Guns drawn.
Tired of all.

Shadow Zone: Strike Team #1: Jenny, Annie, Cz, Wanderer, Melethia

While She was busy grieving, Wanderer's remark stuck a cord with Jenny as she sobbed bitterly into Jake's chest.
"Precisely, what ARE you good for?..." A voice in her head replied, causing her to freeze.
"...No....Not me too..."
"Sorry Sweetie, this is only going to get worse from here..."
Her shadow taunted, causing the distressed Pokemon even more grief,
As the others set about giving chase to Jake's attacker, she found herself unable to move, knowing full well what her Shadow had planned.
"...It's all my fault..."

Shadow Zone: Strike Team #2: David West, Caim, Constance, David, Slindis, Ton Ton, Yu

As Slindis watched the perimeter, David was focusing more on the machine.
"If the Intel was right, this should be linked to the Shadow Zone pockets in the city. The less people who wander into this place the better..." He said, more focused on getting this contraption shut down then the supposed Shadows in the area.
"Hell, if we are lucky, taking this thing out might even get rid of some of the creatures too." He said before he finally pryed his eyes away, seeing nothing but darkness.
List of things I need: Night Vision... He thought as he kept his M500 ready to fire.

Port Island Station - Rafflesia: Garm, Rugal, Walter o'Dim
Mood Music

When Garm tailed after Rugal, he saw that he had made his way to a completely different part of town, and to... A flower shop? Either way, Garm kept his way along, doing his best to act like an oversized, but friendly, stray (even if the collar was something of a giveaway).

As for Rugal, who did not seem to notice (or care) the fuzzy follower, when he came upon the flower shop previously mentioned by Mr. Skin. And, true to Tanaka's description, there was a man wearing a hoodie, hood up, and a pair of sunglasses on, glancing at some of the wares offered. Upon further inspection, Rugal could see that the guy was rather keen on getting the scent of each flower he passed by...

Paulownia Mall - At the Fountain: Som, Garm, Teri, Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg
Mood Music

Cadolbolg wagged his tail again, a pleased smile on his face as he said, "Glad to be of assistance! Er, whatever it was I did? I just picked stuff I thought looked pretty."

Teri paused in thought, and addressed the staff (who was currently in the form of an arm braclet)"...Well, I was thinking this day was more for Devon, Ella and Dad's sakes. I wasn't really thinking I'd get a rest while we were here. Besides, Ella needs me for the Operation, not for me to laze on the job. As for the jacket, I think she just got it for herself. It doesn't surprise me she has good taste."

As for Garm, he gave a slightly perplexed nod, and (after the party left), ghosted himself in Rugal's footsteps, doing what he could to remain undetected.

Iwatdatoi Station - Strip Mall - Beef Bowl Store: Som(?), Teri, Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg, Ryan
Mood Music

The ginger haired man shook his head, "Nah, it's nothing so serious as someone shaking off customers. Rather, the honey in this store just isn't as attractive here as some other places, if you know how the old saying bout flies goes..."
He took a hearty bite of his beef bowl and swallowed, continuing, "You see, that Wild Duck Burger place has some new item on the menu, and it's been drawing in customers like crazy. Dunno what they're putting in their meat, but I'm more than happy to get my beef bowl on. Mhmm mhmn...."

Cadolbolg gave a happy bite of his meat (while enjoying all the pettings he was getting) to punctuate this, and added, "Well, burgers can be pretty nummy too. Maybe people just want more burgers in the summer? Burgers make me think of summer... Then again, I like all kinds of food, so maybe I'm not the best to ask..."

As for Teri, she was a bit more absorbed in the sudden gift. After blinking with surprise when she saw the very nice leather jacket being handed off to her, Toyotama crying out in joy, "Score! Got ourselves a jacket! Dude, told you it was a sweet find."
"Wow.. Chalk one up to you, Sadei. Looks like you were right about the Jacket. But this is awfully nice of her. Wonder why?"

"Oh my, thank you very much Ella! But really, you didn't have to do this..."
As she ran her fingers over the material, the succubus could see that the Cleric certainly looked a bit confused about WHY she was getting the item at at all.... Which also carried over when a dragon shaped person addressed her by name.

Without a second thought, Teri stood up in alarm and took a stance that Devon recognized as Slindis' Ocean Stance. In a cautious tone, Teri asked, "Who are you, and how do you know my name? You're not any dragon I'm familiar with."
"Devon, Ella, you don't happen to know if anyone's told the outside world about Authors, do you..?"

In the meantime, the ginger man looked over the dragon guy, Teri's alarmed reaction, and then asked, "So I take it none of you know this cosplayer?"

Iwadatoi Station - Strip Mall - Sweet Shop: Akane, Deadshot
Mood Music

At the sight of both Akane cutting down the runner, and Deadshot tazing the daylights out of him, the most reasonable reaction overtook the current occupants of the store:

Panic, and yell stuff at the assailants who were currently blocking the door.

"Holy shit!"
"Someone call the police!"
"Please, if you want some candy, just take it and go! Just don't hurt the kids!"

Of course, this wasn't going to do the duo any favors with Mitsuru... And it wasn't going to be long before the police pulled in.

((Remember what Mitsuru told you!))

Shadow Zone (Group 1): Annie, Cz, Jake, Jenny, The Wanderer, Melethia
Mood Music

There was a gasp in each of the group's mind from their current mission control, no doubt as pained as the rest that one of their number had been struck down so easily, "No.... I'm so sorry.... And I'm afraid it's about to get worse. Akontia's closing in. I'm going to preform a scan of her once she comes into view."

At that, it was then that the glow of the appearing Personas and the light of gunfire revealed something about the javelin currently impaled in Jake's chest. There was a wire attached.

With a heavy sounding *SHNK*, the wire and the Javelin dislodged themselves from Jake's abdomen and zoomed quickly into the darkness, and from more to the east, rather than straight ahead like Annie and the Wanderer were going...

Silence overtook the room for a moment, before the cry of "Bellona, destroy the Shadows. MARAGI!" filled the air, and a racing column of fire was beginning to speed toward each of the group members.

In the light of the fires, however, the group could see the perpetrator in question, wielding the now bloody Javelin as the fires sped ahead. No expression lay on her face, no remorse, no anger, only determination to eliminate those before her. In fact, it almost reminded Melethia of herself...

Shadow Zone(Group 2): Caim, Constance, David, Slin, Ton-Ton, Narukami
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When Fuuka's voice came on again, the group noticed that she sounded distinctly shaken, but she answered none the less, "I-i wouldn't do anything to the machine quite yet. It's what is, keeping the world here up and running, and you're friends are beginning to engage the Anti-Shadow Weapon - Akontia. I'm worried what might happen if we don't extract you properly before shutting it down with the equipment we used last time... Wait. I'm sensing something else here. It feels really strong. Be careful..."

No sooner had Fuuka made mention of the Shadow, a blast of light energy hit Ton Ton, (who had dismounted from his father's shoulder to investigate further with his little lantern). With a small grunt and a readying of the knife, the Tonberry called out, "I think I found it!"

Well, if he wasn't so small (or the distance that he was from the party), perhaps the lantern could have provided a better view for the others. Because, unbeknowst to those lacking proper vision gear (or didn't have darkvision like Slindis), some bloated thing was beginning to creep it's way towards the group; trying to get a hit in before it was properly noticed. Covered in strange tubes, the conjoined beast gave a bellow before spinning in the air, and pointing at David; and shoot a bolt of darkness at the Irish Soldier.

Port Island Station - Rafflesia: Garm, Rugal, Walter o'Dim

Alright, here's hoping this man is relatively normal... Rugal thought as he walked towards the Flower shop, watching as his mark as he creepy admired each and every flower.
"If I owned a Flower shop, I'd charge for what you were doing." He remarked as he broke the ice and got Walter's attention.
"Rugal Bernstein, I'm an Friend of Tanaka's. He needed to get some details on those..."Goods" he sold to you. Just we've been getting some irregularities in our books so we need to do a follow up. The Terms of the Deal are still the same, only checking to see if we missed something..." He lied rather well, If Tanaka sold this man any drug making chemicals, he would get it faster this way then beating him to a pulp in a public place.

Speaking of Public Acts of Violence...

Iwadatoi Station - Strip Mall - Sweet Shop: Akane, Deadshot
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"Holy shit!"
"Someone call the police!"
"Please, if you want some candy, just take it and go! Just don't hurt the kids!"

"....gah, jeez...umm...IT'S OKAY! WE..."ARE"...THE POLICE!...YEAH, ALL CIVILIANS STAND BACK! THIS MAN IS DANGEROUS!" Deadshot lied as he tazed the infected into submission before he rolled him on his stomach before putting zip cuffs on his wrists to give the impression that he was legit.
" Investigator Akane...Umm...Let's Charge him and Take him back to the station!" He then slowly and loudly explained as he picked the Infected Man up, not for Akane's benefit, but for the crowd around them.
"If we get stopped, you do the talking-slash-flirting. I don't have the looks for it..." he then whispered to the Kitsune as he began taking the man to the nearest exit, hoping to get out of here before the police showed up.

Shadow Zone (Group 1): Annie, Cz, Jake, Jenny, The Wanderer, Melethia

Jenny recoiled in horror as the Javelin that took Jake's life was viciously yanked from his lifeless body.
Despite everything she had gone thought with the Rising Dawn, Jenny was still woefully unprepared for something like this.
Unable to really think, she just attempted to run from the fire, Still fighting off sobs as she did.
However, with how much the crying took out of her, combined with the fact that she wasn't really all that fast to begin with, She was ultimately stuck by the fire, shouting in pain as she was knocked forward onto the ground before groaning as she was knocked out.
Jenny has Fainted!

Shadow Zone(Group 2): Caim, Constance, David, Slin, Ton-Ton, Narukami

"CONTACT!" David shouted redundantly after Ton Ton was stuck by the lighting, pumping lead into..whatever the hell that thing was supposed to be.
"FOR ONCE CAN I GET THE NON-BULLET RESISTANT MONSTER?!" He cried before the Creature fired a bolt of dark energy at him.
"...shi-" The Irishman said as he instinctively brought his arms up, as if that would stop him from dying a painful death at the hands of this creature.
As he did this, he failed to notice that his hand was glowing as a Card seemed to form from it.

Then, before the projectile could hit him, it was shot out of the air by a red beam right in front of David.
"...The crap?" The sniper mused confused as several more dark bolts were sniped out of the air before they could hit their marks.
"...Fuuka, Did you send back up? We have an unknown party assisting." He then asked Mission control as he returned fire, such was his ignorance of Personas.

All the while, the only noticeable trace of Apollo was a scope glint in the upper corners of the Shadow Realm as he protected his master from afar.

Iwatdatoi Station - Strip Mall - Beef Bowl Store: Som(?), Teri, Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg, Ryan
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Ella's eating was followed up with some casual communications with Cadolbolg and Teri (while watching Som get started on a bowl of the beef and rice mixture, of course.) "Oh, they were really nice. I mean, you really are doing the most out of all of us here, so would you like to keep helping? We just need to ease Devon into this, and we both know she listens to you and Ton more than anyone else.

It wasn't too much, Teri. Think of it as a thank you, would you? I swear, it's like you took a Vow of Poverty." She finished up with a joking laugh while Devon talked with the man.

"Who knows? They could be slipping something addictive in the food, after all. Coca-Cola had cocaine in it for a good amount of time, after all. You just don't hear about it a lot nowadays." It was meant as an offhanded statement, but then again it was hard to tell if it was true with the fast food chains nowadays. Man, I'd love some Smashburger... too bad this is kind of filling me up already.

It was right around then when the dragon popped up - that was way bizarre for any part of Japan, much less anywhere! "Who's asking? Those toys of yours don't seem like they're for underwater basket weaving, or anything peaceful." The Dragon could feel the wavy-haired blond eyeing him up with some matter of suspicion, although it wasn't outright hostility. Teri's inquiry was also met with both Ella and Devon comfirming that they'd kept the situation silent.

Shadow Zone (Group 1): Annie, Cz, Jake, Jenny, The Wanderer, Melethia
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After the dodging of the Maragi through her beaten-inwell-honed reflexes, Melethia barked out orders to the other two there after recognizing the look in Akontia's eyes. (Never mind that a child was a one barking out the orders and thus might not be listened to at all.) "It knows no mercy. It knows no fear. Get that unconscious doctor out of here and show that filth what happens to someone that targets our clan." With that, she rolled and darted to the side while closing the distance. At this point, there was one thought in her mind: kill that machine. And by God, she was going to succeed or die trying.

With the remaining time available to it, Andras let loose another toxic blast at Bellona to hinder its attacks and then vanished. It wasn't too hard for Annie to see that any kindness in Mel, any sympathy that Mel had wasn't there. From how extreme the shift was, though, it was far more than mourning for Jake. Something else was kicking in here, and it was hard to see if Akontia or Melethia showed more emotion.

Shadow Zone(Group 2): Caim, Constance, David, Slin, Ton-Ton, Narukami
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"David, see if you can keep that aid going or if you can contact it somehow. I'll work with Ton-Ton and Narukami to keep that thing off you for now, although I'm not looking forward to seeing those blasts... Slindis barely dodged a Dark blast, and the little she felt from the graze made it abundantly clear that she didn't want to be hit by another.

After that, she slashed at her sleeve with the Evoker again to summon Joanne while rushing in. "Joanne, give us insight!" The solemn robed Persona examined the Shadow and gave a reading that the Boss was indeed Evil aligned. The flash of light when Joanne was summoned also granted a good bit of light for the area, helping the others get a view of the Shadow.

Hmm, nice to know... I still have to see how easy it is to hit first before going in to Smite the creature. With that, she closed the distance to deliver a full flurry of blows on the Shadow to see how effective normal attacks would be.

The Wanderer and Shadow Attack force 1.
Location: Shadow Realm | ???

The Wanderer was running in the direction of the attack, hearing another noise he stopped briefly before seeing the javelin being pulled out of the dead body and launch back into the darkness ahead, looking for a bit more the Wanderer also saw Jenny collapse, this made him wonder if he was a bit too harsh on the weird life-form. Giving a huff he turned back to see the Anti Shadow weapon finally reveal itself, looking like it just wants to kill the group with no emotion.

Another attack was launched but the Shadow Weapon used a Persona instead. "Jesus it has one as well!" The Wanderer yelled as the fire pillar came flying towards him, "Try and melt this! KANNON!" He yelled his Persona's name, the big hulking robot of metal moved fast in front of the attack and blocked it head on. This made the Wanderer grunt and smoke could be seen rising from his tattered cloak.

Inside of the helmet he still smiled, he finally began to question why he was doing this. ("Time to let me out partner~!") The inner Shadow said with a hum and tune. Nodding to himself he decided to pull the mental trigger.

Chaotic Battle music

If anyone could see the Wanderer at this moment, his eyes inside the helmet would turn crimson as if they were filled with blood. "So that is the bitch who has to die ... consider their wish fulfilled!" The Wanderer called out with a darker tone then before. Even before this point he was ignoring Melethia's orders but this time he ordered back, "No offence shorty, but I don't take orders ..." The Wanderer gave a dark chuckle as he pointed his guns at their target.

With a combination of VATS mode and this darker personality he launched a barrage of twenty bullets towards the Shadow Weapon and all were straight on target.

Yu Narukami and Shadow Attack force 2
Location: Shadow Realm | ???

Yu readied his weapon and Izanagi did the same, then their enemy came forward. It was a bad one, about to cast Zio, the Irish soldier was attacked but as soon as Yu turned around he could see David holding his Arcana. Running quickly towards his side, Yu glanced at the arcana, it was the Hanged man. "David-san, that is a Arcana ... you summoned your Persona and that is the one protecting us but-" Yu was about to tell something to David but the two had to split for a second to dodge a attack.

"Zio!" Yu yelled with his might and Izanagi launched the electrical attack towards the Shadow.

Looking back at David with a stern look he gave him the advice he needed and was going to tell him before he went depressed a while back. "As I was saying, that was YOUR Persona. Look within yourself, you know their name ... call it out and he will obey your orders. Think about attacking, defending and such ... you will find out it's abilities in your heart!" Yu called out before charging in with his own sword.

Iwadatoi Station - Strip Mall - Sweet Shop: Akane, Deadshot
"....gah, jeez...umm...IT'S OKAY! WE..."ARE"...THE POLICE!...YEAH, ALL CIVILIANS STAND BACK! THIS MAN IS DANGEROUS!" Deadshot lied as he tazed the infected into submission before he rolled him on his stomach before putting zip cuffs on his wrists to give the impression that he was legit.
" Investigator Akane...Umm...Let's Charge him and Take him back to the station!" He then slowly and loudly explained as he picked the Infected Man up, not for Akane's benefit, but for the crowd around them.
"If we get stopped, you do the talking-slash-flirting. I don't have the looks for it..." he then whispered to the Kitsune as he began taking the man to the nearest exit, hoping to get out of here before the police showed up.

Quickly placing her sword back in it's place, Akane bowed to the patrons and owner of the store as Deadshot set about moving their captive. "Good work securing the suspect Special Detective! We are truly sorry for the disturbance caused everyone! We'll be out of the way now, if you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us at regional headquarters!" She said in an official and apologetic manner before getting the door for Deadshot. As they moved for the exit Akane nodded at his instruction to take the lead.

Any inquiring looks were met with a stern gaze and the words, "Official Police Business!"

It was in no small, though silent and almost unnoticeable miracle Kalastryn found herself exactly where she needed to be, after hours of flying in no specific direction, wings to tired, perhaps, to fly for many hours afterwards, she cast a seeming spell, (the last she'd probably be able to cast before persona logic kicks in, unbeknownst to her.) to maintain many of her facial features except, you know, the black feathery wings and horns, which would still be there, but completely invisible to even well trained eyes. and made a dive into a back alley where she would be under observation until she stepped out to the light, and even then, she'd blend like a green chameleon on a leaf.

How strange, the last spell she'd cast normally for some time, was one she used to use so often, she thought, back in her first home. To the city of Stormreach on Eberron, the mere mention of Tieflings could send some into a fit of bloodthirsty rage after... a certain invasion ... committed by those... monsters. She took a look at herself, and reflected for a moment. Thinking (I suppose, sometimes... out of darkness, comes light?) A second thought, a voice much like hers, but having a certain... twisted, feeling to it, quietly put in their two cents, You'd like to think that, wouldn't you? she quickly ignored this. She "heard" exactly what it said, but after hearing it counter every positive thought she had on the way here, she saw it as an empty threat... an intruder in her subconscious that couldn't do anything to her anyway, lest they have already tried. It would prove later, that she was very wrong...

She began her search through this new town, with an appearance so her own, yet so strangely... human. A word she thought no one would ever associate with her name.

Port Island Station - Rafflesia: Garm, Rugal, Walter o'Dim
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The man stopped sniffing the flowers and turned to Rugal, the heavy sunglasses shining in the sunlight before the man proceeded to sniff the front of Rugal's suit. After turning away and giving a small snort not far off from a cow, he began with, "You smell like overpriced cologne and dog. But I also detect a hint of Tanaka on you too... Alright, this way."

Leading Rugal into an uninhabited cranny of the district, the man took off his sunglasses and lowered his hood, revealing papery, aged and wrinkled skin; a shock of salt and pepper hair, as well as a pair of honey colored eyes. Blinking a moment, the man asked, "So, what seems to be the problem with your books? Last I checked, Tanaka had excellent records."

In the meantime, Garm followed after Rugal slowly, reporting in, "He's meeting some guy in a flower shop, talking bout merchandise and Tanaka. Must have gotten something out of that criminal in the police station. This guy could smell me on your father's coat... Talk about creepy!"

Iwatdatoi Station - Strip Mall - Beef Bowl Store: Som(?), Teri, Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg, Ryan
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After seeing the caramel frappe being pulled out of seemingly nowhere, Teri visibly relaxed, arms dropping to her sides before asking, "Ryan? What are you doing here?! Last I saw you, I was just rescued from Bru-"
She paused, and her gaze dropped for a moment before sitting back down, "I mean, it's been a while. So, what's with the Dragonborn look?"

As she waited for the proper answer, she gasped a little (in an attempt to play off the awkward moment), and acted upset at realizing she left the Demi-succubus hanging, "Oh right, where are my manners, Ella? Thanks again, really. I guess I'm just not used to getting presents, is all."
"Smooth as sandpaper. As usual. So, fuzzy wuzzy, you got Dad in position? And the guy he's talking to... Smelled you?"

"He smelled me on Alpha Rugal's clothes. It must have been when I marked him with my scent. I find that very, very strange."
"Alright. Careful, fuzzball. I actually like you, and I'd hate to see something bad go down with you. Don't want to have to bust any heads."

After the conversation with the dragon shaped man took a turn for the friendly, Cadolbolg turned his attention back to Ella, "What do you mean? I never noticed Devon listened to me. I thought she was just really nice, and did nice things cause she's our older sister. That's what Father said anyways..."

As for the stranger with the ginger hair, he cracked a smile, and added, "Well, it's nice to know this all didn't have to turn ugly. Er, as for that comment with the food, I was simply joking! As if Wild Duck Burger puts anything in their food... It's probably like the little one said, it's a seasonal thing. Perhaps I'm just a bit of a downer, and I'm thinking for the worst..."

Funny that he went and backpedaled like that... Was the man hiding something?

Iwadatoi Station - Strip Mall - Sweet Shop: Akane, Deadshot
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With their decently made bluffs, Akane and Deadshot were able to drag the guy out of the store without much fuss. However that lead to the question of whether they'd be able to get the guy back to the Shadow Operatives building without much issue. After all, Mitsuru gave them a lift, and that took a bit of time before they had even reached the edge of the district; not to mention they'd need public transportation to get away quickly....

Unfortunately for the two, the police began to arrive, and one called out, "FREEZE! Put the man down, and put your hands in the air!"

Here's hoping what Mitsuru said about name dropping her would work....

Iwadatoi Station - Strip Mall Kalastryn
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Kalastryn eventually found herself in a very populated strip mall with a store front that had three levels, each containing their own respective establishments to choose from. It was almost like a market, but each store was on top of another. The smell of fried dough filled the air as Kalastryn drew close to the Takoyaki stand, (it was hard not to be close to the place, after all, it was right by the entrance of the strip mall area), and outside, a group of law enforcement officers seemed to be yelling at a man and a woman with fox tails; who were holding a comatose person bundled up in heavy clothes. What a strange little market...

((You're still welcome to auto yourself to the beef bowl place, but this felt like the most 'right' place to put Kal))

Shadow Zone (Group 1): Annie, Cz, Jake, Jenny, The Wanderer, Melethia
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Like the attacking Persona, Bellona was beginning to fade away by the time the poison hit, but when it landed on the warrior maiden, Akontia took a wary step back, and put her Javelin in a more defensive stance as Melethia began to close in. Seeing that she had confidence in close quarters combat, Akontia raised priorities to the small elf child.

Well, she would have, were it not for the giant kick to the face and the hail of bullets that came after it.

Now, the funny little thing about VATS is, even though it was highly accurate: The percentage of a hit cannot be any higher than 95%, so there is a small 5% chance that you could actually miss.[1] Not to mention, with your friend's Giant Titan Persona drops a kick into your target, your attacks tends to miss rather horrendously. Well, about half of them anyways. Also, with The Wanderer's allies still able to move while he recklessly shot into combat, Melethia and Gaea felt the sting of bullets in their skin when Akontia was knocked about halfway across the room by Gaea's kick.

Back in the shifting darkness, the Anti Shadow Weapon got up without any effort, her expression still remaining blank, even if her casing already looking somewhat beat up by the fifteen bullets lodged in it, and the small dent that was made in her front. It seemed that her current methods did not work here. Even with two of the group eliminated, it appeared that fire spells would not have the potency she desired. Time to bring out the Physical. Readying her boosters, Akontia charged back towards the group, and called out, "Bellona, Initiate: Arrow Rain!"

When the Persona appeared again, she brought her pole ax onto the ground, and a cloud of arrows appeared from above. They hung for a moment, and then began to rain down like hailstones; disappearing as soon as they landed a hit. Individually, each arrow didn't hurt much, but a group of them could easily prove to be troublesome.

Shadow Zone(Group 2): Caim, Constance, David, Slin, Ton-Ton, Narukami
Mood Music

At first, the Shadow screeched when the light drew too close to it, and try to skitter away again; but when confronted by the Zio and the pummeling, the beast gave heavy sounding groans of pain. However, with the fact that it was still standing, it was readily apparent that the beast's bulk was indicative of it's health. This was going to be a long fight. In retaliation to the assault, the Shadow began to spin like a top, trying to knock away those close to it. After ceasing the spinning, the beast turned it's attention on Slindis and Narukami, and began to try and shoot bolts of Light energy at them to shake them off it's case.

As for David, Fuuka rang in again, "David, I don't know how to tell you this, but there's a sniper in the rafters... And it's as Narukami said. It is your Persona. Try attacking the Shadow now by calling on it, but make sure not to hit your comrades!"

In the meantime, Caim ran and grabbed Ton Ton before running back towards the group near the Shadow, placing the Tonberry on his shoulder before readying himself for a charging strike. As for Ton Ton, he concentrated and cried out, "Galahad, help us!" to try and make up for the fumble with the Shadow earlier. When the Chalice-bearing Knight appeared, it held up the aforementioned cup, calling up a bolt of light energy before disappearing.

However... It didn't seem to have any effect? Strange, didn't the light Slindis create do anything earlier?

[1] I fact checked that claim of 100% accuracy. I'd have to say no on every shot hitting. I also learned a couple of other interesting things about VATS; which will be made note of in a moment...


(Huh, much more extravagant than the market square back home, but I think it's the same idea) she thought to herself shortly while her attention was, however briefly, not pointed at the two strangers carrying an unconscious man. Now... while that hero's instinct of stepping into just about any situation where a person is unconscious might have seemed inviting, Kala knew better simply by looking at two points of the situation. One, the tails on the woman were certainly NOT a costume. Two, the uniforms and authoritative presence of the people stopping said woman and whoever the other was... well it was more than a large enough hint they were law enforcement. She'd seen enough of the inhuman to realize stepping into their business unarmed wasn't a good idea. She also knew enough about the law enforcement of most places to realize stepping into their business wasn't a good idea in ANY circumstance. So while curiosity might have gotten the better of her in another situation, she was wise enough to leave this one the hell alone.

She remembered the plentiful times she had evading the Stormreach guard... damn those True Seeing spells, letting just about anyone see through any magic disguise... now it would have been much more manageable a situation back then... if it wasn't the most common enchantment most people with a sword and shield in that city carried around at ALL times. This, however, is irrelevant at the moment. She quickly walked around the scene and into one of the nearby stores. It seemed to be a type of restaurant. Catching a quick glimpse of the Teri was more than enough to recognize them, much less Ella and Cadolbolg, but who the hell was the giant lizard thing?? Looked almost like a kobold from Stormreach's sewers, except, taller. The relaxed feeling Teri had towards them calmed her down for a moment.

To toy with them for a moment, and to gauge her disguise, she tested how Teri would recognize her without horns on her forehead. she simply approached the group, and sat down smiling at them. "So... who's your... friend?" she said in a rather badly faked tone of voice, but a very real look of confusion on her face.

Caramel Frappe:

"Me? Well I was going to test how well my disguise worked. Maybe you'll see through my seeming spell at some point. My name is Kalastryn D' Zannifer, but my friends call me Kala." She said, studying him over... people here are actually... okay with people looking like that wandering around? She'd disable her disguise to be blunt and just show him what she looks like if they weren't in public. "So how did you and Teri meet?" She asked, probably knowing the answer already... it was easy to tell he was an author... I mean, how else would he know Teri? If that wasn't enough, he referred his appearance to a title of something... she wasn't quite sure what, but it seemed authors often took inspiration from such things... though this would be the first time, to her awareness that is, that they enacted their creativity on themselves.

"If your a friend of Teri's I'm sure the information would be in good hands. However, showing you what I look like and telling you my life story wouldn't be advisable in the middle of a restaurant, now would it?" She said, all of her words not exactly in whispers, but in a volume audible to their group, however to few if any that would find the mention of spells, disguises, or secrets out of the ordinary.

Caramel Frappe:

"Your an author, correct?" she says bluntly "Though I'm unfamiliar with the full story, as I understand it I was created by an author... my friends were, my family was, my whole world was..." She says with a smile, which in the snap of a finger turns into a look of anger with narrowed eyes, and she definitely doesn't seem impressed at the sizable miracle of genesis they were capable of. "I also narrowly escaped it when an author's mistake killed every last one of all of them, save for an amount countable on two hands. My understanding of authors and this "Red Mage" may not be as up to par as those that were there on this side of the paper, or wherever I was first thought of...

but may I ask you something... and you can answer as you see fit, or not at all... but did this "Red Mage" suddenly make all creations in your mind spring to life... or... were we there, alive as you wrote all your stories. I want to know, because the world I grew up in was god damn brutal, and some sentient being created me the way I was. For the entirety of my life seen as sub-human, despised by man and monster alike. So you tell me, were we suddenly given sentience because of one person's acts...

or has every time a person put a pen to paper, letting their imagination run free in comedy or tragedy, did they create as well, a sentient being who's surroundings were under their control? I know who I AM, but what bothers me the most about my life isn't the fact being born what in my world was considered a hell-spawn, when people wouldn't spit in my direction before they'd try to place my head on a spear, not being able to go to a church simply to pray with the best of them, without the feeling of hatred of every paladin and exorcist in the room being so palpable you couldn't see through it, or even knowing that wherever I was born, the MOMENT I was born, I was hell bound because of what I was... No that doesn't bother me at all in comparison to the thought that some person, like YOU, put me through all that because they figured it made a good story to tell their friends!" she says, and as she ends her rant, she sighs... and in apology she says

"Well, perhaps it is unfair to compare you, a man I don't know, to someone so cruel. I've actually made friends with a few authors... and with all this considered I suppose their suffering is greater than mine. It is one thing to be put through hell, and another to send someone there without knowledge of the situation's gravity, merely as you assume to be words on a piece of paper, and then be confronted with every small detail of their suffering at your hands. The world I knew is gone, and it was a world that hated me... but at least that is over. Authors will never be able to escape the haunt, of that moment of revelation, when they realize how much suffering they caused someone."

Iwatdatoi Station - Strip Mall - Beef Bowl Store: Som(?), Teri, Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg, Ryan
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Ella knew that she would have to be straightforward with Cadolbolg to get him to really be in on this, so she decided to be rather honest with him. "Well, I'll say it like this. You know how you love staying in Dev's hair? Well, she wouldn't have even considered it if you hadn't made it so clear that doing so was something you wanted to do. If you asked it, she'd move mountains for you! So, if you wanted to help with me and her, we could work together to help Dev get used to the thought of possibly staying like that.

Two heads of soft hair are better than one, right? If she's stuck like that, I know you'd like her to be happy in her own skin."

After that, she took a moment to converse with Teri for a moment. "Look, it's no problem. just help me later tonight with the items we need poofed in, and we should be even. Nothing too much." However, Ella took note of the odd reaction when Devon mentioned drugged foods... maybe her Bard had been a lot closer than thought. Why hide it, though?

Ryan's arrival opened up old memories for Devon as well, and the inclusion of Kalastryn as well added to the awkwardness of the situation for her. Since it seemed that the two didn't recognize Devon immediately (Even if it would take a bit for Kala to recognize Devon's signature almost-but-not-quite-Tiefling-like hellish taint), she started rubbing Cadol's stomach again - after all, she seemed to have lost her appetite even with a mostly full Beef Bowl. "Um... not that I'm saying none of that makes any sense, but why would you two talk about that kind of stuff out in the open? I mean, you have to really be into your Dungeons and Dragons to talk with stuff like 'Seeming spells' and 'Everlasting Dragons'... wouldn't that kind of get you thrown in the madhouse?" Kalastryn's rather scathing rant of Authors only served to rub in how Devon had failed Slindis and Melethia so horribly - the only thing that had stopped her from heading in to the Shadow Zone was Ella and Cadol's insistence.

However, Ella could see how uncomfortable Devon was from the body posture and interceded to introduce herself to the two before it got much worse. "Oh, I'm Ella. Kalastryn could tell you a bit about me if you asked, the somewhat dour man picking away at his food is Som, and I was just taking my close friends here out for a day on the town. I'd ask what his name is, but maybe he could introduce himself." Hopefully focusing on the man would make the focus on Devon lessen, because as it was it threatened to cause big problems with what Ella had been working on all day.

Shadow Zone (Group 1): Annie, Cz, Jake, Jenny, The Wanderer, Melethia
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Melethia was caught up in the friendly fire from the Wanderer and the Arrow Rain (Taking some moderate attacks in the process), but that only served to make her even more livid as she leaped in the air to hit the damned machine in the joints - places Melethia knew from experience would cause big problems for the thing's mobility, all while slashing herself with the Evoker to summon Andras.

"Andras, wither the summon. It has no right to life." Responding in kind, Andras swooped in and... touched Bellona? Well, whatever that touch did seemed to drain some vitality from Bellona while revitalizing Melethia, meaning the young elf could keep fighting. And with how she was initially taught, this would end with one or the other dying - ans she was hellbent on making sure that she was going to be the one that lived.

Melethia activated her Dragonmark through Andras, draining Bellona of some vitality and transferring it over to Melethia as temporary health.

Shadow Zone(Group 2): Caim, Constance, David, Slin, Ton-Ton, Narukami
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Although she was able to sidestep away from the spinning, Slindis wasn't able to dodge the Light blast quite as easily; oddly, it didn't seem to hurt quite as much as the Dark blasts. She still wasn't quite sure why that was the case, but the durability meant that she'd have to hang back soon enough to heal the others. Until then, she had to work with what she did know about the creature - it was just the right alignment to not like an Exalted smite.

"Joanne, let's show this creature exactly what an Exalted Smite feels like." Another slash of the sleeve with her Evoker glove summoned the Persona, which responded with a powerful pair of Smites at the end of a flurry of blows. That Shadow would certainly be paying attention to her after that kind of attack...

Slindis summoned Joanne to perform an Exalted Smite on the Shadow. This powerful blow only deals extra damage to Evil creatures, but when it hits one, the target's in for a world of hurt.

Smites Left: 5. Since Slindis got lucky and rolled a 58 out of 100, she got two hits off of one Smite.

and Shadow Attack force 1.
Location: Shadow Realm | ???

The barrage of bullets missed their target and instead hit the Wanderer's allies, but this Wanderer was not the Wanderer they knew, the blood coloured eyes would tell them that. Clicking his tongue the insane Wanderer did the thing he have done since the start of the battle. Kicking the dust behind him the Wanderer started to charge towards the Anti-Shadow weapon, still gripping his pistols. The Persona was stomping behind the Wanderer holding it's Beam Saber, the Gundam Persona was rather large as it was 18.88 meters tall.

After deciding to charge the arrows were launched from the ASW's Persona. The arrows hit both Persona and master, yet the insane Wanderer still ran with holes in most of his clothing. Yet he gripped a object in his mouth, it looked like a modified Syringe with a weird liquid in it. The smile was still clear as the Wanderer still charged and somehow managed to inject himself with the substance. The drug was called Psycho, it was something made to lessen damage to soldiers and yet would affect their mental side turning them to a frenzy, since the Wanderer was already in a state of madness it would not change him.

"Get out of MY WAY!" He said to Annie, Melethia and their Personas as the two charged by. The drug was finished and the syringe fell to the floor and vanished but as it faded the Wanderer was a couple of steps from the Anti-Shadow Weapon, this time he was shoot up close and personal while his Persona handled the Weapon's Persona.

Yu Narukami and Shadow Attack force 2
Location: Shadow Realm | ???

As he tried to talk to David the Shadow retaliated, while Slindis dodged the attack, Yu himself looked towards the enemy too late. This was a error that he made, moving to the left quickly the bolt struck him in his lower body and sent him flying, he then hit a wall and stopped. Izanagi instantly came to his side in a defensive stance, Yu smiled as he looked at his injuries. Looking towards his lower body he could see his clothing sizzle, it wasn't anything that bad but the collision with the wall proved to hurt more.

Feeling his mouth with his hand he pulled it away to see thick crimson on it. Still he smiled and looked towards the enemy and summoned his Arcana again. "Cleave!" Yu called out in a softer then usual, Izanagi immediately glided towards the Shadow and gave it three swipes of his blade before going back to his master, he took another defensive stance again.

Iwatdatoi Station - Strip Mall - Beef Bowl Store: Som(?), Teri, Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg, Ryan
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The Cleric gave a small bob of her head in Ella's direction, giving the succubus more than enough indication that she was still on board. However, not a moment too soon after that, Kalastryn began her rant regarding Authors; her harsh words striking Devon and Teri deep.

Teri froze upon hearing Kalastryn's criticisms of Authors, knowing fully well that she was more than guilty of that crime. Putting her chopsticks down, seeing that her appetite was completely destroyed by that point, she turned to Kalastryn and spoke, her attempt of a smile beginning to crack[1], "Red Mage, what he did was make it apparent of who the Authors were for those we Wrote for, and tried to kill us all; regardless of what that would have meant to those connected to us. And he killed millions to achieve the power to break the border between the worlds to do it. He is no saint, by any means.

I'm sorry you had to deal with what you dealt with, Kalastryn, but if it's any small comfort, when things are written, at least, when I did it, the Person I wrote for usually came to their own, on their own. Your thoughts and feelings are your own. They always were. I never thought that those I wrote for were real people, so I didn't know what harm I was doing.

But you're right. I never forget what my writing has done. Even when I broke the connection between myself and those I used to write for, I am reminded constantly of what the title of Author means. And I know that I deserve it."

She would have left too, had it not been for her friends each saying their pieces about their experiences in author-hood or introducing one another, she just felt the pit in her stomach get worse; Toyotama whispering ideas about how to make Kalastryn hush up permanently (not that it made her feel any better)...

Cadolbolg, however immature and childish he did appear, knew was good at one thing: Listening. He knew how to take commands, and to remember when his parents or his friends or his Pact partner told him something important. And when he heard the things being spoke about Authors, he listened quietly to each of the persons present on the matter, and spoke as well, "You, new lady, I think you need to shut up about the Author people. From what I've been hearing, Teri, Devon, Jake and even this new guy, Ryan, have gone through a lot of tough times for being what they are; just like you. For you to just call them bad just cause is just as terrible as the people who treated you wrongly.

That all being said, I've been around Teri, Devon and Jake to know that they didn't mean to hurt anybody when they wrote their stories. Didn't people in your world write stories too? Does that make those people bad, just because they like a story? I know friend Teri may not be held in the highest opinion of my father because she wrote for his family, myself included, but you know what? Just by spending time with these people, I know they couldn't be as malicious as you said; because they're far kinder than you know, and they're sorry for what they've done. Not to mention one of those Authors is the best big sister I could ask for. And for you to rub it in like that is wrong too.

Now where did that piece of ginger go?"

Cadolbolg began to nibble on the piece of ginger quietly after that, not quite knowing what his words meant for either of the Authors present. For one, Teri could hear the death threats disappear like a poof of smoke, and Ella could see already that the Cleric relaxed after hearing what the tiny turtle dragon baby had to say. Now, that left in question what Devon had to say about the matter. While Cadolbolg ate, he added back to Ella, "So you're saying that Devon listens to me when I ask her to do things? And I could use that to help her be happy? Sign me on. I want my big sis to be happy; and I know Ton Ton, and Teri and all my family would be happy for that to happen to. Just lemme know how I can help."

As for the man with the ginger hair, he watched this whole spectacle go down with increasingly wider eyes, seeming very much confused about the whole ordeal,

"These are some damn good roleplayers."

[1] No tears yet, just the expression

Port Island Station - Rafflesia: Garm, Rugal, Walter o'Dim

Rugal seemed a little uneasy after Walter sniffed him, clearly understanding this was going to be one of those "Weird" types.
"...Dog?...Dammit Garm..." He said offhand, unaware that said "Dog" was watching him.
Still, he paused as after he took off his glasses: The exact same eye color as Mr. Skin.
...Hm...Interesting...Think we might have a lead... He thought, though, he'd wait until he saw a third person with those eyes before he called it in.
"Well...You heard he got arrested? Think it was over something small and twatty, but just in case an subpoena is ordered, we'd like to have everything saved before we delete those files. Just think of it as writing your websites down before you delete your internet history." He said as he pulled out his PDA.
"So after the "Goods" where offloaded, where did they get sent? We have the ingoing records set up, but we'd need a destination."
"...Can't you just make one up?..."
"See, that's what I said, but those suits are being anal about it. They think that the police are going to use the traffic cameras to track them if they go off route or something. Tch, Bunch of stuck up 60-somethings that are more frail then the suits they wear...but they pay my bills so here I am. So just give us the location and we'll be good."
"And if I don't want to tell?..."
"Then they'll fire me and you can go though this song and dance with someone else again and again until you do. Besides, what the hell would we have to gain from busting up a drug ring that WE put up? This isn't America where the suits get to literally shit on their employees and sell them down the river to save their own asses, the courts ACTUALLY do their job here. You go down, one of the board of directors is your cellmate. So lets make sure that doesn't happen, now shall we?"

With his web of convincing Bullshit set up, he waited for Walter to spill the beans.

Iwadatoi Station - Strip Mall - Sweet Shop: Akane, Deadshot

"Well...Shit..." Deadshot loudly stated as he eyed up the beat cops that were attempting to arrest them.
"Hey, contact your CO, tell them that Misturu authorized this Operation and we're working under her orders." He said as he pushed the Infected man between him and the police, bullets tended to hurt humans like him you see.
"This man is suffering from a Biological Hazard and he doesn't have much time left. Get us EMTs and a escort to the...the....Fuck, what was the name of that building again?...Oh, The Kirijo Group building!" He then ordered the police, switching the Ammo type on his gun to Rubber bullets.
Just in case...

Shadow Zone(Group 2): Caim, Constance, David, Slin, Ton-Ton, Narukami

On the advise of his team-mates, David become spotter for Apollo's shots, somehow knowing that he'd understand.
"5'o Clock to 9!" He shouted before a Red Beam passed though a pair of incoming projectiles, neutralizing the.
"20-past 8!" The sniper called before another beam was fired, this time bouncing between several projectiles like a Pin Ball on a Table.
"Ha! He even knows my Lingo!" David smirked before Yu took a hit from a shot to got though.
"YU!...Grrr...Alright, Let's wrap up...Bring the Rain." The Irishman ordered as the shots from Apollo ceased for a moment.

On that cue, the Persona Marksman phased out his Rifle before reaching into a Red Weapons Chest to find something to "Bring the Rain".
With a glint in his eye, he found Just the one...
"Alright, everyone *MIGHT* want to take cover right about now..."
"...From what?" Slindis asked as David saw the first shot be fired.
"...THAT!" He then shouted as Apollo opened fire on the area with a series of massive Exploding Sniper rounds, carpet bombing the area around the monster like an AC-130[1].
"YEAH! SUPERIOR FIREPOWER BITCH! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" David shouted over the bombardment, for once, feeling confident that he actually managed to do something worthwhile.

[1] Imagine a Plane Mounted Machine Gun the size of a car. Now imagine it firing at you. Or just watch this.

Shadow Zone(Group 2): [Caim], Constance, David, Slin, Ton-Ton, Narukami

Once David's Persona began to bombard the area, Ton-Ton shielded his eyes and ears from the repeating blasts, after all, he was standing less then a few feet away from Apollo's Fire.
Caim meanwhile was holding fast, having plenty of experience being Danger Close[1].
What he didn't have experience with was whatever opened up underneath his feet, falling into a strange blend of fuild Oil-like Shadows, tendrils gripping his legs and pulling him under.
Out of instinct, The Tonberry felt himself grabbed by the cloak and thrown aside as Caim threw him to safety, the last act he was able to do before he went under.
By the time Ton Ton knew what happened, Caim was long gone...

[1] Standing next to an Allied/Enemy bombardment

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