The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Schoolhouse D(AA)ze

Teri awoke from her nightmare with a gasp; her eyes darting around in an attempt to scan the environment around her with confusion. This wasn't the Rising Dawn... No, this was the stuff of nightmares (aside from the one she had just awoken from). She was back in high school, the one place that a college student never hopes to relive again. Shaking in her seat, Teri gripped her bag tightly as it dawned upon the Cleric that... Well, for all intents and purposes, she was a teen in school again. Garm and Sadei were missing, but she could still feel traces of her Clerical power coursing through her. A small sigh of relief on that, at least. As she looked around, she noticed a familiar face seated next to her,

"Devon? Is that you?"

As Angelus was hearing the horrifying news that Dimitri had regarding a deal with Fate, a flash of light overtook the scene, and she found herself standing in a lounge, cup of coffee in hand,

"What the? But, wasn't I..?"

As she looked around in confusion, she saw that Caim too was there, and in a suit no less, his armor and blade seeming to be missing. And, if the Fates themselves being discussed moments prior had a sense of humor, Ton Ton and Cadolbolg were now sitting on a table, with Donuts at their tiny hands to nibble upon.

What a perplexing sequence of events indeed....

Charity Case:
Im'a borrow the flashing.

The spartan Storm-178 or Sean was in his room, playing around with some of his electronics.
He wanted to get a computer up and running so he could focus on the news.

Alpha or her real name Miku was helping Sean with said electronics while keeping a check on everything.
Truly the two were bored and Sean did not want to talk to anyone, and Miku was WAY too shy to talk to anyone besides Sean.

In the briefing room aboard the Rising Dawn Storm thought for a second in one of the chairs. He yawned for a brief second before saying something below his breath.
"Did he say that Burt Reynolds is President or is it me?" Sean had no knowledge of this world.

"-member that under no circumstances should you display your powers or break cov-" Said a Military officer as he addressed the members of the Rising Dawn in a briefing room located somewhere in the heart of the Pentagon.

"What the hell, I have to be normal ... no armor?" Storm-178 had 'became' human once more.
Alpha or Miku had become silent.

"-the New York Massacre, there have been a number of people, we call the afflicted, that continue to remember what happened despite our efforts to remove the memories of this event. One such person-" Explained Lucifer as he stood before the assembled group as projected picture started to come into foc-

Sean scowled at the past event.
"Why must people remember such horrible events?"
The memories of all the blood, death and everything else.
"I thought they would cleanse everyone ... " Sean thought.

He would never obey the Devil, his family was Christian but they had welcomed Japan's culture and religion with open arms.

"What the hell ... why, why, WHY!"







Sean & Miku (Nickname: Miki).
Location: Staff Lounge.

The stench in the Staff Lounge smelt like fresh coffee.
It was early in the morning before School actually started.
Lucky enough the two known Sean Pittman (Storm) and Hatsune Miku (Alpha) were cuddled up on one of the Lounge's couches.
Sean's eyes battered open as the smell reached him.

"Good ... morning~ He said half-awake but started to look down and opened his eyes.
Miku was right next to him and she began to open her eyes as well. " ... ehehe so war ~" She said as she was also half awake but soon saw the person she laid upon.

" Eeeh ... EEH ... EEEEEEEEEEEEH~" She darted right off the couch as the door opened.
School was going to open soon.
"Sorry about that ... " Sean said as he got up and offered a hand to the girl on the floor next to him, though he then saw who she was. "Aaaaaah, Miku!" He said pretty loud and attracted attention.

"Those two are awfully close ... "
"Maybe Miki and Sean is ...."

Voices began to come out from the Lounge.
Sean quickly grabbed Miku and dragged her out from the room towards a hallway.
They took quick looks at each other.

Sean wore his red shirt and formal pants, he was more intrigued by his partner's human (?) form.

"What the hell is going on?"

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

Main Entrance to Campus: Aftan | Devon | Ella | Melethia | Puce | Teri

As the students filed out of the bus, they got their view of the campus that was to be their home for the next few years, except during the summer when they would be allowed to go back home with their parents. Returning students yelled and screamed happily as they saw the friends that they had missed over the summer while new students stood there, not knowing what to do. Fortunately for them, there were volunteer students more than willing to assist.

"Hello there. Are you freshmen lost?" Asked a gloomy voice from behind the Members of the Rising Dawn, who had naturally glommed together in this new environment.

The girl who addressed them was known only to a few, while others would have taken note of her familiar traits that she had inherited from her mother and father, Elena Volkov and David West. The girl was no longer dressed in her familiar black tactical gear but a spring-ish (for a goth styled girl) dress while a sash that she wore announced that she was one of the school's Welcoming Committee Volunteers.

"If you'll follow me, I'll give you a tour of the school." Lucretia Volkov-West said as she ushered the group through the main entrance.

"Hey... Max... have you seen Elizabeth anywhere?" asked one of the returning students as the group passed by.

"Naw man. I haven't seen her since finals last Spring. She didn't even e-mail me like she said she was going to over the Summer." Responded the student named Max as Rising Dawn Members got out of ear shot of the conversation.

Passing through the gate, the group saw how truly expansive the campus was. What was surprising was that, for school that was supposed to be as prestigious as this school was supposed to be, not a person outside of the students and their parents had ever heard of AAHS.

"This is the school. That's the Gym. Those are the class rooms and that's the dorms." The girl waved generically towards the buildings in a non-specific manner.

"Any questions?"

Staff Lounge: Angelus | Cadolbolg | Caim | Gabrielle | Kurumu | Miku | Slindis | Storm | Ton Ton

"I hope you two dummkopfs rememver zat public dizzplayz of affection are verboten while you arrrrrre on campus!" A voice of obvious German descent said from a table not too far from where Storm and Miku were sitting.

"Oh my Snicker doodle, don't give them too hard a time!" A woman said, who, upon further examination was dressed up like a nurse. Turning her attention towards Sean and Miku she smiled as she started talking once more, "Don't you two worry your little heads. Your secret is safe! You two are new here right?"

Kurumu settled down at a table with Slindis before she took note of Caim (?) and Angelus (?) and Cadolbolg and Ton Ton, taking a moment to wave them over before she started speaking in a hushed tone.

"What in the bloody bloody... crap is going on?" The Succubus asked as she looked around the staff lounge, taking in the signage and other members of the staff, some of whom were quite familiar to Kurumu as members of The Hammer Empire while others were not familiar to her at all and yet, the people who she remembered as people that she had fought before seemed to not remember her at all.

"Something really really really really wierd happened. I was taking a really nice nap in Akane's tails when ... well... something happened" A familiar voice said from behind the gathered staff members, as Gabrielle walked up on the group.

"Obviously something happened!" The Succubus responded as she turned towards the rest of the group.

"We're on a mission right? I mean... that's why we're here... right?" Kuru asked as she looked around for Puce.

Sean & Miku (Nickname: Miki).
Location: Staff Lounge.

While everyone was talking, the couple were to one side of the room talking to the Nurse and the German Professor.
"Um, sorry about that ... I'm just tired." Sean scratched himself as he said that, his eyes were still looking towards Miku which was right besides him. "I am sorry as well ... ehehe" She gave a light laugh but the two's gaze never left each other. The two were surprised with the transformation but anyone could clearly see they were happy.

Sean's memories were still blurry, he could remember everything about the AA, but his memories of recent events were blurry. The only events he remembered were the briefing and Lucifer.
"Sorry I gotta ... go do something." He dropped an awkward excuse and left with Alpha, they quickly saw the others and walked over to them, smiling somewhat.

"This environment is weird. It looks like a staff room to somewhere." Sean said with an uncertain face, he had never ever been inside of a staff room or school before in his life. He saw Angelus, Cadolbolg, Caim, Slindis and Ton Ton, but had never met the other people before. The two were on the edge of the group, just looking at each other, "I'm ... I'm ... human?" Miku said with a happy face. A hand landed on her head, Sean had rubbed it smiling.

"I'm happy for you ... truly." Sean said and Miku quickly blushed.
"Ah, ah ... never mind about that, we need to find where we are and what has happened ... and maybe find out what this body is." Miku said and Sean nodded in response. The two made their way into the group of their allies, "What the hell is going on, this place looks like a staff room ... and somehow my AI got a body. Somebody explain ... please." He presented Miku to them.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

Main Entrance to Campus: Aftan | Devon | Ella | Melethia | Puce | Teri

Devon walked together with Ella and Teri as he took a look at the rather large campus. It was surprisingly cool to him, and he did his best to not show he was cold. "Well, is there any special courses here or something like that? I mean, this is a bit different, and my parents did spring this on me... It doesn't look like a military school, but they probably wanted to have me be somewhere else besides that dumb school." He noticed a small yip from Teri's bag, but he decided to let her handle that.

However, he did respond to Teri as she waited for her to notice the small movements in her bag. "Yeah, it's me. Who thought we'd be headed to the same school?" He made the deliberate decision to not reveal too much information to any listeners, what with all the stories he'd read in the past about situations like these.

Meanwhile, Mel got a bit of space as she eyed up the rather large building. It was an older one, and she had the idea that there would be plenty of hidden ways through the school just waiting to be found out. She could ask one of the returning students about it, but why do that? It would kill all of the fun.

Staff Lounge: Angelus | Cadolbolg | Caim | Gabrielle | Kurumu | Miku | Slindis | Storm | Ton Ton

Slindis hardly recognized the faces around herself, but she saw it much like a social function: Keep an eye and ear out, try to blend in, and she could discover a lot more. "Kurumu, just calm down for a moment. You won't find much out by making yourself stand out, so just try to blend in for now. I know you want to rush out and find out what's happened, but I guarantee you'll find a better moment."

As Storm walked in, Slindis discreetly talked to him. "I would assume this is a school, and if this new teacher assignment sheet is correct, it looks like you're off in the music hall." As she read it, there were more than a few names other than the names of the Rising Dawn on there. Rather large turnover rate, it looks like. WHy's that?

Sean & Miku (Nickname: Miki).
Location: Staff Lounge.

"Ah, thanks. Either that those agents know a lot about me or this is a twist of luck ... I'm betting on luck." Sean thanked Slindis as he looked at the sheet over her shoulder. "So this is a school ... what teacher am I?" Miku as but Sean smirked as he looked right below his name. "You are my assistant teacher. Which must be nice for you." He said to Miku which sent her ablaze once more.

Sean was glad she was becoming less shy, and when it comes to music and especially singing, she can become an Angel, easily conquering her shyness. "Thank you ... maybe we can look for some clues at our desks?" Miku remembered that usually teachers get their own desk in the faculty room. "That is true. Well we will see you guys later!" He said to the group and the two left, not trying to acquire suspicion on many subjects. They remembered waking up and the accusation that they were close. They looked away from each other whilst walking down the hallway to the nearby staff room/faculty room.

Sean was annoyed that he didn't have his weapons or armor, though it was good he still had his strength and speed even though he couldn't use it. If it was anything he should be even quicker without his armor. Though he found it annoying he didn't have some memories before this event and his files. But a smile appeared on his face that he was the music teacher and that he can play his violin again.

"Hopefully I have a Violin at stuff." He said out loud trying to break the silence between the two, he was especially glad that he partner finally has a body, though he is curious if it is real or not.

Miku on the other hand was silent but examining her body. Not trying to smile at both facts that she can sing and have a physical body, though she already knew it was not real. It had a heartbeat and warmth, though it was actually synthetic. What told her this? She still had a device on her, it looked like headphones though it was a machine which showed a screen on her glasses, it told her about the body but not much else.

Now though she is worried that Sean won't like her because the body isn't real.
A sad frown appeared on her face, though the face of Sean was easily looking at one part of her body.
Sure they weren't big and they were flat, but she smiled once more as she turned to him.
"Ugh ... wha-"
"PERVEEERT!" She gave Sean an uppercut.

The mechanical body was powerful, Sean felt it firsthand.
Sean knew she was sad, so he had to look at her chest to comfort her, getting up he smiled at her stride as she turned around with a smile. "Hurry up Sean!" She said, Sean nodded, "Coming, coming." He sighed, though his mind began to wonder.

"(Do I ... love her?)"

The two decided to focus more on filling the blanks in their memory as they reached the staff room and opened the door.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

Main Entrance to Campus: Aftan | Devon | Ella | Melethia | Puce | Teri

"Well, is there any special courses here or something like that? I mean, this is a bit different, and my parents did spring this on me... It doesn't look like a military school, but they probably wanted to have me be somewhere else besides that dumb school." Devon said as he walked along the path that made up the school's main entrance.

The Entrance path itself was long, too long to be of any practical use as it also seemed to wind for quite some time. Curiously, the group heard the soft sound of buzzing around them, as if a hive's worth of bees was working on collecting nectar from the colorful flowers that made up the Entrance's garden. Strangely, however, no bugs could be seen, despite the fact that ever so often a member of the group could have sworn that they felt a bug landing on their exposed skin.

"There's quite a few courses that expand the school's curriculuum beyond what you'd find at your common public school plus a few safety measures that-" Lucretia began saying before she was interrupted by a rather loud


"- ensure that you freshmen don't level the campus while learning to control your abilities." The young tour guide said, hinting at the school's purpose.

"So what you're saying is that this school is for -"

"Is for students with gifted students and students with super human abilities." Aftan interrupted before Puce could give away any information about the group.

"Right. AAHS acts as a magnet school for students planning on going into the sciences as well as students that have displayed ... unusual abilities."

Staff Lounge: Angelus | Cadolbolg | Caim | Gabrielle | Kurumu | Miku | Slindis | Storm | Ton Ton

Slindis' words cut through Kurumu's panic like a knife as she realized that there had to be some reason why they were there and not aboard the Rising Dawn. Taking a deep breath, the Succubus looked at the Drow with a smile.

"Thanks Slindis. It's strange waking up in a strange place with strange people around you and not remembering what happened." She said.

"Not like THAT hasn't happened to you before." Gabrielle said with a laugh as she looked around, waiting to see if Akane would show up, her fingers trembling from tail withdrawal.

Looking at the list, Kurumu's brows furrowed once again as she noticed that she could't see Puce's name anywhere on the staff roster though she did catch a glimpse of her name.

"I'M THE WHAT?!?!?!?" She exclaimed as she noticed that she was the school's resident Sex Ed. teacher.

Staff Room: Rugal

As he met with Kura in his quarters, The bright flash of light came over Rugal and he too was was taken to the strange new setting.
His transition to the Avatar Adventures High School wasn't as smooth as he ended up in the staff restroom, feeling rather off all of a sudden.
"uhhhh...what the hell was that?...." He groaned as he found himself in a cubical.
He attempted to force the door open by kicking it, realizing that it took him two kicks to open it despite all his training.
It was then he saw himself in the bathroom mirror.
".....I can see again?..."

The next thing the staff members knew, A 20-something Rugal stormed in, notably a lot leaner and less muscle bound then the man they knew, what with 20 odd years of training and working out being reverted.
He also was decked out in what appeared to be gymwear, had a whistle around his neck and got one of his eyeballs back, though the other was still missing.
"Okay...SOMEONE...Has a lot explaining to do..." He said as he stared at the others.

Welcoming Committee: David West

David too was reverted, though a lot farther back then Rugal was.
"Hey! Kid! Wake up and get off the damn bus!" the driver shouted before throwing him out.
The Irish Sniper groaned as he tired to figure out what happened while picking himself up off the ground.
As he did, he saw a reflection of himself in a puddle, showing he went from his late 20's to being 12 again, the botched dye job in his hair not happening until a drunk bet when he was 15, returning it to his natural brown.
".....What.....The......Fuck?...." He asked himself before being hit by his school bag also getting thrown out.
He then picked himself up and made his way to the other students, focusing on the ones he sorta knew, namely Lucretia.
"Any Questions?"
"Uh 3 to be exact:
1. What the Fuck?
2. What the Shit?
3. What the Fucking Shit?!"
The explosion that occurred didn't help David's situation.
" MIND!"

Lost and Found: Jenny

Jenny meanwhile woke up in darkness, much like when she woke up in the morgue freezer once.
She was crammed into what appeared to be a bag, smushed together with books and notepads as she woke up.
"uhhhhh....what happened?....Where am I?....What's....Wrong with.....
Not again!"
she screamed as she trashed inside a schoolbag in the lost and found.
Sighing that she wasn't going to get out anytime soon, she began to use her still-developing Mental powers to try and locate the others.

Rising Dawn: Raven

Raven looked on as the others warped away, leaving him alone in the training room with 2 gunshot wounds and doped out of his mind.
"....Did....Did I just make them disappear with my mind?...." He asked himself as the ship went on with Autopilot...

Charity Case:
I think I just separated the Staff lounge and faculty room.

Sean & Miku (Nickname: Miki).
Location: Faculty Room/Teachers Room.

The actual Staff Room/Faculty room is pretty large, able to fit a dozen circular tables, Posters, Books, TV, Coffee Machine and Basic stuff. Half of the very large room is covered by rows of desks, separated by classes. Sean's and Miku's desks were in the second last row of desks, at the very end by the window. Storm walked up to his and saw his name on it, "Prof. Sean Pittman", Sean had a deadpan face seeing his old name on a plate.

"How do they know my name?" He muttered as he looked at the area around his desk, the desk are was pretty large. There was a suitcase full of his clothes and such, there was a half moon shaped object in there as well. "Hmm, I wonder what I did?" Sean smirked as he looked around a bit more, the desk was pretty plain since he was new, but by his suitcase was another case ... a very familiar type of case. "A ... a violin." Sean's hand began to reach the case hut his mind rejected the idea and pain began to set in.
"Argh ..." Sean gripped his head.

At the same time.

Miku on the other hand looked at her desk, it was plain just like Sean's though beside her name plate was a microphone a singer would use, softer memories came flooding back to her making her smile. Then she looked at the plate, "Assist Prof. Miku Hatsune", she gave a naughty smirked at the site of it. " Assistant Professor sounds lame though ..." She said quietly as her partner looked at his desk as well.

There was a large bag as well containing some fairly plain clothes.
Miku was excited since she could finally wear some real clothes even though they are mostly plain white stuff.
"Ahhh, kawii~!!!" She yelled loudly like a teenage schoolgirl, it was funny because she was around 18 years old.

She attracted some attention but she saw Sean grip his own head.
Rushing towards him she held him.
"Sean ... Sean! Calm down ... calm down." She said with a concerned but soft tone, Sean immediately sighed and breathed in deeply, he shortly after held his partner's hand. "Thank ... Miku." He smiled as he returned to his desk to return down, Miku did the same and the two had a look at their teacher timetable.

Both of them had music down, but Sean was specialized in instruments and Miku was the best at singing. The wondered if they could sign up to teach any other classes or join a club to watch over.

EDITED: Double post. >.<

Staff Room: Rugal, Slin, Storm, Kurumu

Slindis nodded to Storm's statement then turned to Kurumu. "It's not the first time I've dealt with something like that, so I had to pick these kinds of things up. First Stormreach, then Eveningstar, followed by Everfree, and even eventually with the meeting in the castle with West and the events afterwards... The point is, taking some time to feel out a situation saves a lot of pain. Have some faith: you will find him. It's a shame about the class yoou have to teach, though. I don't envy you one bit."

After that, Rugal walked in looking much more like a new recruit rather than the experienced fighter she'd known. It wasn't bad, per se, but it was a bit jarring. "Coach Bernstein, you certainly decided to trim down a good bit. One would say a bit too much, although I won't say it's entirely bad." She laughed to relieve some of the tension while giving Rugal a look that clearly communicated to lay low and avoid undue attention for the time. He could ignore her, but from experience with her on the Rising Dawn with the Wedding and the time spent ...there..., she knew her way around this.

Welcoming Committee: David West, Melethia

Melethia finished her small look around as she pt a hand on David's arm. "Keeneye, relax. You're still older than me, if that helps any."

Meanwhile, Devon heard the communication from Jenny and turned to Ella. "If you could excuse me for a sec, I need to check up on something here. I'll be back quickly, okay?" He left Ella to go and chat with the others there while he went to find Jenny.

Lost and Found: Jenny, Devon

After what seemed like an eternity, Devon finally found the Lost and Found. If it was this far off, he could see how so much stuff was lost here. When he finally got Jenny out, he was a bit surprised and signed off on the Kirlia. "She's a present from some good friends."

I never thought I'd find a... Is that what I think it is? Holy crap, it is!

He looked over the blue Gameboy Advance and turned on the Pokemon Sapphire, extremely happy when he saw the save file that he'd thought he lost ages ago.

Rising Dawn: Raven

Raven was approached by four of the imps after they'd seen the intruder on the Cameras, and they directed him to the nearest safe holding area. There was a bit of food there for him as well, even if it was a fairly bland meal with the whiff of spice on it.

Staff Room

As the group began milling about with one another, the Caerleon collective began noticing noticing schedules in their pockets,

"I teach ancient history and fencing. Hmph, can't complain there."

"Art? I suppose that means I can teach out of my Arse and still be considered proficient... I wonder if I could incorporate fire somehow?"

However, the biggest surprise came to the Cutie Bruisers:
"Dancing..." "Teachers?"

Welcoming Committee

As the party wandered around in the tour, Teri finally noticed that something was moving about in her bag, and took a peek inside. Suppressing a squee, Teri only patted the now puppified version of Garm rummaging around in her backpack, the black puppy blending in well with the shadows of the bag.

"Oh my god, you're adorable! Hmn... I hope you can hold it for a while."

As she giggled over the smaller version of Garm, she also noticed that he was pushing a pen at her with his nose. A pen?!

"Er.... Thanks buddy?"

Holding the object up to the light, Teri found that it was no ordinary pen. No, this one was far too ornate for a regular writing utensil, not to mention a silvery blue. But looking at it, Garm, and then noticing her Tablet was still strapped to her side, it finally clicked,

"Gang's all here, huh? Well, better than thinking you guys disappeared on me..."

Matt slowly woke up to find himself on a bench outside. He did a quick to make sure everything was there and was relieved to find out everything was. He even had a signal here. He saw some teenager next to him asleep and decided to wake him up. Hey kid, wake up. Can you tell where we are?" Matt asked him, noticing that his voice had changed. He took out a small mirror he kept on himself for counter sniping and saw his 16 year old self looking back at him. "Well this just great. I've been turned into a 16 year old," Matt said as he slumped back into the bench. He saw teenager next him wake up and decided to introduce himself. The name's Matt Hargreave. What's yours?" Matt asked a little dejectedly.

This made the teenager look at him questioningly. "Why do you call yourself Matt Hargreave and yet look like a teenager?" he asked Matt. Matt's eyes widen at the prospect of meeting someone who knew what he originally looked like. He began giving the teenager information about himself to verify who he was. "Well if your really Matt Hargreave, why do you not recognize me? It's me Kenneth Black," the teenager said.

Kura was about to answer rugal, when the flashes hit her. She found herself much younger, roughly 16, and still rather well developed in terms of her body. Ontop of it all, she was rather bitchy. "Great... i'm back in highschool..." she said and began to wander the halls.

Lost and Found: Devon, Jenny, now Kura
"Is that a gameboy?" She asked rhetorically, snatching it out of Devon's hands and looking through his playing file. "Your team fucking sucks. But atleast you play." She said snapping the thing shut and tossing it back to him. "So, What's your name?" Kura asked.

Staff Room: Rugal, Slin, Storm, Kurumu, Caim, Angelus

Rugal just kept looking at himself, unbelieving of what happened, He didn't even have his trademark Mustache anymore.
"Tch, Easy for you to say! Ugh, this is why I don't like being forced into an form that isn't my own!" He sighed before he tuned into what Slindis changed into.
"...Still, could say the same for you. Didn't think I'd ever see you in a suit." He remarked before he began looking at the timetable.
"Gym Class. Oh, someone is just taking the piss now...Okay, first priority: What the hell was that flash?...Anyone?" He then asked, wondering if this warp was completely deliberate.

Welcoming Committee: David West, Lucretia, Melethia, Matt, Kenneth

David calmed down slightly as he got to process the situation.
"Okay...Secondary School. Weird...but manageable." He said, recalling his time in Castlerea Community School before joining the Army.
"Right, Shit, Ummmm...did they give us our timetables yet?" He asked before looking in his school bag, not finding any personal effects or more importantly his guns.
"Dammit! Where is my gear!?" He shouted as he teared though the schoolbag.

Lost and Found: Jenny, Devon, Kura, Rodem

After Kura showed up, Jenny managed to get the nerve to leave the Lost and Found, peeking around corners before stepping out, now in the form of a Kirila, a few dozen levels younger than she was.
"Oh, god, this is so humiliating..." she cringed as she did her best to hide herself in the hallway.
"Devon, Kura. What on earth happened to us!?" she asked, her small size reminding them more of a doll then a Pokemon.

Kura then looked behind her and saw a small black Panther Cub making his way towards her.
Like everyone else, little Rodem was just as confused by what happened.

Staff Room: Rugal, Slin, , Kurumu, Caim, Angelus

Slindis looked down at her outfit and recognized the slight tingle that indicated an illusion and responded to Rugal. "I don't feel like I've gotten any younger at all, but for now I say we try to lay low while keeping an eye out for someone that's a friend here. the fact that so many new teachers happened all at once with no problems is troubling, to say the least."

She took the time to check up on Caim and Angelus after hearing of their classes. "Interesting classes. I'd keep an eye out just in case for anything that strikes you as odd."

Welcoming Committee: David West, Lucretia, Melethia, Matt, Kenneth, Teri

Melethia responded as she led the way to the Dorm area that was outlined in the pamphlet handed to her by one of the lesser guides. "Maybe it's already in your new room? Just check in the guys' rooms. Why not follow those guys?"

She also took the time to look up to Teri as she beamed at her sister. "Well, it's nice to see ya a bit closer to my age, sis. Want to check our room?"

Sadei also responded to Teri. Ooh, I like the new appearance of me, Teri. I don't know why or how it happened, but you'll be able to have me around a lot more here.

Lost and Found: Jenny, Devon, Kura, Rodem

"Small tip for the future: Don't do that again. I've been looking for this for ages, and there won't be a third time."

Devon put his game in his suit jacket's inner pocket and mentally readied a Dimension Door to go in case Kura tried something to him or his game again. Sure, it was a bit childish, but he wasn't willing to lose it again to her whims. Not 500+ hours and more high level Pokemon than you could shake a stick at, including a level 100 Ditto that had started as a level 15 Ditto when it first entered the Day Care. SHe'd only caught some of the low level members at the start of their raising, explaining the mediocre line up.

Looking at Jenny again (Still with said prepared spell) Devon responded to her. "I don't really know what happened, but I think we'll find out in a bit. Sorry about how you look, though..." He made a note in his mind to not show her the save file that had a high level Gardevoir in it somewhere in the many filled boxes, since it probably wouldn't help her much.

In addition, he tried to think of how Jenny would find a place to stay. After all, he had the feeling someone of her stature would be an easy target for assholes.

Staff Room: Rugal, Slin, Kurumu, Caim, Angelus

"Strikes us as Odd? That's just par for the course at this point..." Rugal said before looking around the staff room.
"We need to regroup with the others, See how this teleportation affected them. You aren't an "Official" Teacher per-se but you are still a member of staff. So you might be more free to move about then we would." He said to Slindis before double-checking his timetable.
"I'm going to the Gym, keeping up appearances. You need anything, I've got my Ring." He said before setting off.
Well...I have 20 years of working out to catch up on... He thought, hoping the place had some weights he could use during class.

Welcoming Committee: David West, Lucretia, Melethia, Matt, Kenneth, Teri, Puce

Discarding his school bag, not intending to attend any of this classes, David said "Right, Guess we might as well check out the digs. Come on gang, I ain't going through puberty again because some asshole thought it'd be funny to put us in school!"
Thus, he followed Melethia to the Dorms, sighing "I need a drink..." on the way over.

Lost and Found: Jenny, Devon, Kura, Rodem

Jenny was not keen on moving around much in her new form, once she realized she was de-evolved, she almost wished she'd stayed in the lost and found.
"Oh god, What did I do to deserve....oh...right...." She muttered before going silent, pegging her misfortune as Karma for not stopping that Strider Assassin attack back on the Airship.
"I wonder what happened to the others?..."

Rodem meanwhile just stuck close to Kura, with his Master nowhere to be found, he didn't want to be left alone in this state.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

Welcoming Committee: Aftan | David | Dmitri | Ella | Garm | Kenneth | Lucretia | Matt | Puce | Teri


*Bing - BING - BING!*

"Attention Students! Please report to your First Period classes for roll call. Attention Students! Please report to your First Period classes for roll call." A familiar voice announced over the school's P.A. system before shutting off. It seemed that even A.I. Vermilion couldn't get out of being sent to the school.

"Alright, freshies. Looks like you've all got P.E. with me. So why don't you all get suited up." The group's volunteer tour guide said as she started leading them towards the Gym before noticing that David West was trailing behind, apparently intending to ditch the first period of the first day of classes at the school.

"Umm... you might want to think about coming with us." The gloomy girl said after putting a hand on David's shoulder to get his attention. There was something in her voice that hinted at there being a consequence to ditching classes at the school.

"What's the big deal anyways. It's just P.E. and it's not like David really needs the exercise." Puce said as he watched Aftan and Ella make their way towards the Gymnasium.

"Because, the school appointed a few of the higher ranking students as Hall Monitors. No offense but I don't think that any of you want to take your chances with one of them, especially not on your first day." Lucretia said, her eyes narrowing as she did so.

"I guess." Puce said, uncertain of what to make of Lucretia's answer, urging the rest of the group to follow her towards the Gym.

As those who thought it would be a good idea to follow the rules moved forward, a lone voice from the busses called out a name.

"David? David West?" A young girl with white hair called out, dragging what appeared to be a very very heavy bag behind her. Spotting David, she hurried in his direction before stopping in front of him, apparently out of breath from the effort of dragging such a heavy heavy bag.

"Sorry, I think we got our bags mixed up." The Girl said as she finally stood up straight to look David in the eye. Something about her nudged some of the memories in David's head. He'd seen her before. More to the point, he'd seen her die before.

"I'm... sorry... ummm... I accidentally opened your bags. That's some arsonel you've got in there." The girl said without so much as betraying any emotion about the subject.

"My name's Yurine, by the way. Maybe after todays classes are over, we can talk shop?" She asked, hesitantly before she ran off, leaving David alone as the other group had already made off towards the Gym.

Lost and Found: Devon | Jenny | Kura | Rodem


*Bing - BING - BING!*

"Attention Students! Please report to your First Period classes for roll call. Attention Students! Please report to your First Period classes for roll call." A familiar voice announced over the school's P.A. system before shutting off. It seemed that even A.I. Vermilion couldn't get out of being sent to the school.

Faculty Lounge and Teachers Offices: Angelus | Caim | Cadolbolg | Gabrielle | Kurumu | Miku | Rugal | Sean | Slindis | Ton Ton


*Bing - BING - BING!*

"Attention Students! Please report to your First Period classes for roll call. Attention Students! Please report to your First Period classes for roll call." A familiar voice announced over the school's P.A. system before shutting off. It seemed that even A.I. Vermilion couldn't get out of being sent to the school.

Kurumu looked at her schedule and was relieved to find that she wasn't scheduled for any classes this period and settled in for a moment trying to figure out just what it was she was going to talk about the first day.

"I vouldn't get too comforrrrtable frauline Kurono. Veee have a zzzztaff meeting during zee firzzzt period." The Life Sciences Teacher (Doktor von Kripplor) said from his table where he was kanoodling with the School Nurse (Peach).

"Staff Meeting? Already?" Kurumu said, looking up from where she was writing some notes.

"Ja! A zzzztaff meeting! Did I zzzztutter?" The Doktor said with a laugh, quite aware his accent sometimes made him difficult to underzzzztand.

"Vee vill be covering zee protocolzzz for zis yearrr."

"What do you mean by protocols?" Asked Gabrielle, from the corner couch where she appeared to be sweating a shivering, not a good impression especially in light of the fact that she was to be the school Psychiatrist.

"Azzz you vell know, eetzz ourrr duty to monitor zee progrezzion of zzzertain zzztudentzzz. Did zzzey not exzzzplain zis to you?"

"Yes! I remember now. Okay. The thought had totally fallen out of my head." Kurumu said before Gabrielle could do any damage to their cover.

"Vee alzo have to dizzzcuzzz the 5 mizzing zzztudentzzz that never made it to campuzz"

Meanwhile, a massive hand clasped Rugal on the shoulder.

Turning around, Rugal found that he had to look up at a rather massive and imposing figure in a respirator.

"GREETINGS. I ASSUME THAT YOU ARE MY NEW ASSISTANT COACH RUGAL BERNSTEIN?" The massive hulk asked in a voice that would have shaken the filling out of Rugal's teeth if he had any.

"I AM COACH MAXIM AND I BELIVE THAT WE HAVE MUCH TO DISCUSS FOR TODAY'S TORTURE LESSON. I WAS THINKING THAT DODGE BALL WOULD BE AN APPROPRIATE WELCOME FOR THE NEW STUDENTS. HAHAHAH" Coach Maxim said with another brain rattling laugh before he dragged Rugal off towards the Gym, adding a comment towards Slindis before he left.


Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

Welcoming Committee: Aftan | David | Dmitri | Ella | Garm | Kenneth | Lucretia | Matt | Puce | Teri


*Bing - BING - BING!*

Melethia heard this comment from the girls as she walked along the way to the class, taking in everything for the area. She definitely observed the ones that looked stronger, but another thing she paid attention to was all of the nooks and crannies of the school. It would be well worth her time to case the area when she had the chance to later that day so she could find her way around this storied school.

The moment she got into her locker area (First before anyone else) and got the information that she'd have to change into something else, she immediately went to work setting up the inside of her locker with a good amount of quick to set up traps that she would be satisfied with and thus rather difficult to dismantle, especially when she had dismantling some set off others there.

Was it overkill? Yes.
Was it cruel and unusual? Most certainly.
Did the defenses put a Kundarak vault to shame? You bet.

However, if she would have to leave her pouches in there, she was going to make damn sure that nobody but her could access it without losing a body part or twenty. There was even special traps set in so the bags could not be warped out through technology or magic, nor could someone become incorporeal to gain access to it.

Lost and Found: Devon | Jenny | Kura | Rodem


*Bing - BING - BING!*

Devon looked to see that he had P.E. and grudgingly made his way to the Gym area. He hadn't liked it the first time around, and he wasn't about to change his mind the second time either. Seeing how he saw more than a few people heading the same way that had just as much muscle as Rugal did, he had good reason to dread this.

Faculty Lounge and Teachers Offices: Angelus | Caim | Cadolbolg | Gabrielle | Kurumu | Miku | Rugal | Sean | Slindis | Ton Ton


*Bing - BING - BING!*

Slindis noted the meeting that was about to start, and she made a note to herself to keep a low profile. After all, she was a librarian here. Not exactly something that everyone would see as important, and she would use that to her benefit.

"Don't go too hard on them, Captain. After all, it is the first day here for a good number of them."

It was after that where Slindis observed the various teachers there. She could feel a tension in the air, although she'd have to keep an eye out for when she could use what she learned in the meeting that was just starting. From what it looked like, there was a good number of people not showing up. Also, although she had not been a teacher in the scholarly sense, she knew from her home and anywhere else she'd spent a good deal of time that there wasn't a high turnover rate.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

Locker Room: Melethia

As Melethia was setting the traps in her locker in the Gym's Women's locker room, there was a sound behind her as someone walked up the locker aisle, the sound of the steps closing in on her as whomever was in the locker room with Melethia was headed straight for her.

Turning around, she saw that the person that was approaching her was another student that wouldn't have garnered any further attention save for the fact that she was wearing a sash that informed the young elf that this skinny waif of a student was one of the infamous Hall Monitors that Lucretia had mentioned.

"You're running late. I hope you're not planning on ditching your first class!" The girl said in a rather charming voice as she looked at Melethia.

"Did you lose your P.E. uniform? Because if you need, I have an extra set in my locker." The girl said as she openned up the locker next to Melethia's and pulled out a T-Shirt and Gym shorts that would have been way oversized for the girl in question.

Passing the clothing over to Melethia, the girl looked at the young elf with a somewhat quizzicle look on her face.

"Did you need me to leave so that you can change? Because I really have to make sure that you get to class."

Faculty Lounge and Teachers Offices: Angelus | Caim | Cadolbolg | Gabrielle | Kurumu | Miku | Rugal | Sean | Slindis | Ton Ton

"What to you mean that 5 students have gone missing?" Kurumu asked as she stayed in her seat, as other members of the faculty were filing into the Lounge for the meeting, the sounds of clanking coffee cups and the smell of coffee and different flavored creamers filling the air.

"Vell, zere have been a few zzztudentzzz zat have failed to check in vith zee registrar zis morning. Ven attendenze contacted zeee parentzz, zey vere cluelezz azz to vhy zee zzztudentzzz had not made it yet." The Life Science Teacher said as he bent closer and started speaking in a hushed tone.

"Verd izz zat zese zzztudentzzz vere zee highezzt clazzification lazzzt year. Zee principal vas planning on recommending zzem for the zzecond zzztage." He continued before he realized that he was talking to a pair of first year teachers.

"What he means is, they were slated for recruitment." Said Mister Ekou, who was still seated across the room.

"Recruitment into what?"

"Various university sports programs of course!" Ekou responded, though from the sounds of it, there was something off about the way he said what he had said.

Turning to Slindis, Kurumu seemed to remember something about what had happened just prior to them appearing at the school.

"Slindis. Do you remember anything about before us showing up here. Like being at a briefing? Something about missing people?" The Succubus asked quietly.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

Locker Room: Melethia

Melethia calmly checked the Hall Monitor over, more than a bit curious. SHe'd overheard from a few others that this school was for talented types, so someone that looked that ordinary... Well, she had to have a good mind at least. "Nope, just gettin' used to things here. I was home schooled before coming here, but my parents had to do a lot more work. Kinda why I'm here." She motioned for the Hall monitor to look away for a moment as she concealed a few tools of her trade on her - some lockpicks, a few slim files, and a rather thin prying pick that could be used for self-defense if she needed it.

"Thanks for the uniform, though. I kinda lost mine earlier thanks to my Dog at home rippin' it apart. Ya can call me Melethia, okay?" The hall monitor had arrived back to see that the girl had found a way to make the oversized outfit work. What she couldn't see is the equipment that had been concealed on her thanks to the size of the uniform. "So, is there anythin' I need to wear here outside of this training class?"

Outside the Locker Room: Devon

As he thought on it more, he wondered if there wasn't some kind of way he could just avoid the class altogether. Sure, it would be risky, but worst comes to worst, he would get chewed out and sent back. Plus, he could always get the exercise later. He didn't need some washed-up college football player showing favoritism to the other sports player.

And with that, Devon looked around for an opening to Ditch the class.

Faculty Lounge and Teachers Offices: Angelus | Caim | Cadolbolg | Gabrielle | Kurumu | Miku | Rugal | Sean | Slindis | Ton Ton

Slindis kept listening to the troubling conversation with terms that were far too vague for her liking. The speed at which Ekou had responded felt like he had wanted the topic to be dropped, and she didn't focus in fully on Kurumu as she took a harder look at the others. "I do recall something along those lines. It was far too brief for me to get much, but I want you to be careful here. You don't have to be a genius to know something's off about this school. I'll do my part for us here, but until further notice, I'd assume that the people at the school that we don't immediately recognize as something else are neutral at best."

Sean, Miku & etc.
Location: Avatar Adventures High School | Faculty Lounge and Teachers Offices.
Time: Start of school.

As the school bell rang, Storm/Sean and Miku quickly looked towards their timetables.
It had seem that their class was not due yet, though checking on the desk, Sean spotted a note.
"Note: First staff meeting when bell rings." Sean read, it was obviously his handwriting, though he never remembered doing this. Sighing he looked over and Miku held the same note except in her writing.

A distraction came into Sean's mind as he looked down at his suitcase.
"Umm ... what do we do with these, and where do we sleep?"
"I don't know." Miku said in a response, though she was curious if they would have the same room or not.

But on Sean's mind he wondered, he saw Rugal meeting another intimidating fellow.
Then he was remind of his superhuman abilities. When he examined Rugal (By popping his head over the row of desks) he could clearly see he wasn't as muscly as before ... and didn't have his signature facial hair. Quickly checking his body, Sean opened his red shirt, Miku easily looked away with embarrassment. Sean spat out a sigh of relief as he saw that he body looked normal, athletic and a bit muscular, though his power did not come from his body alone.

Buttoning his shirt once more the two walked out from the desks and Sean saw a nearby vending machine.
Smirking he though he had his powers and tried to lift it, he could only get it millimeters off the ground instead of picking it up like nothing. "The hell ... did they inject me with suppressors?" He muttered under his own breath.

The two quickly walked into the meeting room and held up his hand.
"Hello everyone~" He said in a happy tone with his assistant behind him, the two sat down shortly. Miku was still shy and sat closely next to Sean ... and kept her mouth shut for now. "So, what's on today?" He asked everyone why were they there.

"Why are we following this lady?" Ken whispered to Matt. "Something about P.E. class. Personally I think we should slip away and raid a vending machine. I'm hungry as hell. Want to come?" Matt asked him. "Sure but I'm mainly going to steal its money," Ken replied. They then quietly slipped down a separate hallway, constantly checking for anyone, or thing, that might stop them.


"Oh no fucking wa-URK!" Rugal said before he was dragged off towards the gym by the much larger Maxim.
No, I'm not being some roid-abusing ape's assistant... He thought as he be began plotting Maxim's downfall.
He had a load of bulk and muscle on his side, but all it would take would be some well placed strikes in order to take him down.
Still, Slindis said to keep a low profile, so he waited to see just what "Lessons" he was going to teach.


"Ah, Thanks I was looking...for..."
David trailed off as he realized who he was talking to before Yurine ran off.
The Fucking Hammer Empire!?...I swear I god I'm going to fucking go Columbine on this place at this rate. What's next? The Black and Tans?! He thought as he went through his things and pulled out his M500 and his new Wrist Mounted guns, concealing them in his uniform before making his way to the Gym.

After getting changed into his PE Gear (Keeping his hidden guns), David waited on the Floor for class to start.


When the bell went off and all the students began making their way towards their next class, Jenny panicked at the thought of all the students seeing her like this.
In an extreme case of poor judgement, she ran down the hall from Devon and Kura and started looking for someplace to hide, settling on a maintenance closet.
Closing the door behind her, she sat in the corner and waited for the horde to receed.

"Jenny, wait!" Kura shouted and followed her the best she could until she finally made it through he clogged hallways and to the closet. Kura had made sure to hold on to Rodem as to not let others get at him or have him fall off of herself.
She waited until the hallway cleared and knocked on the door.
"Come on Jenny, Come on out, you look great." she said, trying to get the kirlia to come out.


"Great?! I'm 2 feet tall! And my damn skirt covers NOTHING!" she shouted from inside the closet.
"Look, just get the others. I'll stay here and....Keep an mental eye on things!" she added before straining to put a selves in front of the door with her Telekinesis.
It was much harder than normal due to her weakened mental powers, prompting her to say "Besides, My powers were weakened when I deaged. I'm not sure if I'd be any help or not."

"You don't need to be useful to come along. I may be a complete and utter asshole to people, but not my friends. You can come with me like Mr. Kitty is. Oh, and could you ask him his name? I assume he has one." she asked the pokemon rather sincerely and meanwhile petting Rodem, scratching his chin and helping the cat feel good.

Teachers Lounge
The bathroom door opened and a red mist came out of it, along with a menacing figure appearing the doorway.

"Dafuq happened to me?" he asked then felt around in his back pocket. "The hell is this?" he said pulling out a cad and reading it. "Professor Alucard... European History Teacher... Eh, i can live with it." he said then looked around. "Who are you people?"


"I'm not going out there looking like this! End of Discussion!" Jenny shouted, realizing that her voice was just as young as she was.
"...Oh great, now I sound like I'm throwing a tantrum... she sighed before going into Rodem's head to get his name.
"Also, Mr. Kitty's name is Rodem. He's Rugal's pet. I'm sorry, just this form hasn't really served me well growing up and I ain't making that mistake twice."

Rodem perked up at the mention of his master's name, processing what she said as prove that he was also here.

"Sorry... but i refuse to leave you in there. You can get into my backpack. if you want to. pretty much empty and soft, just the perfect size to hold you." The Kunoichi said to her. Then she put Rodem into her arms, scratching the cat's belly, making sure he got attention.


"....You aren't leaving until I come out, are you?"
Kura could hear the sound of Jenny pulling back the selves and unlocking the door before the kirlia came out of the closet.[1]
"Alright, but just don't leave me alone. Last time I was around humans like this, some bullies thought I was a girls doll and tried to rip my arm off! Not letting that happen again..." she said before climbing into her backpack, think Yoda from "Empire Strikes Back".
"Right, so what class is it now, anyway?" she asked as Rodem jumped into the backpack with her.

As he was waiting, David sat in on one of the benches saved usually for the audience during a School Basketball game as Melethia showed up, the pair of them keeping an eye out for the others.


"I think it is Physical Education or some stupid shit." The Girl said, adjusting the straps on her bag to adjust for the weight. "And i promise not to leave you anywhere or let you take any shit from anyone." She said while taking her time in the hallways. She made sure that her hair fell forward over her shoulders as to not to smother her passengers.


"Thanks Kura. Just who or what brought us here? And made us all like this?..." Jenny asked herself as her rode around on Kura's back.
"Mmm...Do you remember anything about the Flash before you landed here?" She asked as Rodem clawed up a notebook.

"No Clue... only thing i remember is rugal walking in on me then the flash. And to who did, dafuq is i know." she said shrugging. "And you're welcome." she said, rather polite for being a bitch. "And rodem, please for the love of the godess above, don't tear up my school things. I like to draw in class." she said to him.


Jenny was slightly confused by what Kura said about Rugal.
"Walked in on you? Forgive me for asking, but what did he "Walk in on"?" she asked as the gang the outside of the Gym, Causing Jenny to recede into Kura's schoolbag until only her head was visible.

Rodem mewed sadly, he enjoyed clawing things...

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