The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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"Well... you and I were kinda in the same shoes there as I've been in another time... I mean i never looked like a Dragon of some sort but back home I certainly didn't look human. I could show you... or, well I would if I could use magic at this point." She said, putting her hands in her pockets and feeling something that wasn't there before

Then she had an idea... certainly if this card appeared in her pocket like magic, she might be able to use it to channel her magic. Teri had briefly mentioned earlier about "finding the right places..." "Hmm... if you wouldn't mind leaving the cafeteria here, I'm going to go see if there is anything like a training room here... if there is, maybe I could use it to show you how I look under this little deception?" she asked, out of either curiosity as to his response or starting to feel she could trust him with it.

Rising Dawn: Med-bay: Annie, Deadshot

After getting away from...whatever the hell Ryan was, Deadshot began to bring Annie to the Rising Dawn's Medical Bay, Not wanting to risk visiting the guy who's nuts he nearly tore off by going into the Shadow Ops one.
A brief walk later, during which there were a few awkward moments when he was walking past agents with a unconscious woman on his shoulder, he managed to get here, going past Siz as he did.
"Outta the way kid!" He demanded as he made his way inside the Med bay before dropping Annie into one of the trolleys and catching his breath.
Okay...recap...Demon guy, Annie, "Truth"...And I need a drug test... He thought before he began looking around for something with a Label simple enough to follow.
He was praying that he was just high off his kite on something...

the two of them did find a training room after only a few minutes of walking about... she held up the card and focused into it. Out of the card sprang something she felt familiar and yet oh so strange. It looked like her true form almost, but while it's left half had skin as dark as the void of space without any stars to see, making it impossible to make out any details on it, other than one glowing red eye. The right half looked similar, but glowed a brighter shade of white than the sun, though somehow not sharp to the eye. It floated off the ground without wings and simply waved their hand in front of Kala, who knew the name as naturally as if they'd been around each other for a while. The creature's name was Demi, and without even speaking to her persona, Kala's command of revealing their true form was met... revealing...

Her new appearance being her true form, the persona vanished as Kala turned to Ryan and smiled, asking. "So this is how I look on most days... I meant it when I said I've been in your shoes with being judged on first appearances." she said giving a slight grimace at remembering why she usually kept it under wraps... and remembering home. "I don't blame you if you form any new opinions on me now, or even if they're quite negative but... well don't let it get in our way like so many others did at my home." she said with a sigh.

Of all the things Ryan bringing up could have pissed her off, it would be the "design" of her horns... of all the things he could of done, getting touchy with her wing feathers would be one of the worse... she didn't seem angry as she spoke but... it seemed like he was treating her like a work of someone Else's art to be admired rather than speaking to her like a person. "Look I know you mean it well with the complimenting, and I admit I look rather decent. However... you... well I hope you don't take offense to this but your treating me more like a work of art than a person. I'll have you know I've never had an author tethered to my name, so I guess you could marvel in how I look all you want, but speak of me like you would another person please." she said in a way that made the point quite clear, though not an disrespectful or angry tone. She wasn't so much angry with him, I suppose, as she found it a bit strange to be spoken to in such a manner. Again she knew he meant well by it but she'd had very bad experiences with people who treated life like art.

Rising Dawn: Med-bay: Annie, Deadshot

After struggling to work all the medical equipment, ("GAAHHHH! THE ONE TIME I ACTUALLY NEED WANDERER!") Deadshot was now attempting to find a computer to look up a decent DIY test he could do on himself.
"...That makes Zero Sense! You know that this reality isn't real so there is no point in doing a test. Besides, if this world is in your head, then whatever results you get from doing your d-....*Sigh* can you please just go to the Shadow Zone?...." The Shadow sighed, starting to regret this plan.
"Shut it voice in my head!...Though...I'd need a second person to verify it...."
"...What did I ju-...oyyyyyy...."
The Shadow cringed as Deadshot considered his options, seeing how it was either a unknown kid or ann-
"...Shit, Annie." He then realized, having been so wrapped up in what he was trying to get done, he had totally forgotten about her.

Going back to the Titan Shiftier, She was still out, though she was still was still slightly murmuring.
...Oh, she's just fainted. Shit, I've sorted this out before... He thought before going over to one of the cabinets and getting a Adrenaline Shot.
"Alright...Hope you had Sweet Dreams cause they're over right about-" He set up for a one liner as he uncapped the needle.
"-NOW!" He finished for no one's sake but his own as he jammed the needle into her chest, giving her both a jolt biologically from the drug and physically from the shot to the chest.

Personaverse | Airship Rising Dawn | Crew Quarters: Constance Sorrowfeld and Teddy

It had been some time since anyone had seen hide or hair of Constance Sorrowfeld or her companion/mentor Teddy. Since her return from the Shadown Realm, the juvenile Vampire had kept to herself and withdrawn from the world since her discovery that the crew had incurred casualties during its incursion into the Shadow Realm. As she had found out during the Shadow Zone assault, the Airship's Pilot, Jake, had died and though he was sacrificing himself for another, the fact that an Author, one who appeared to wield unlimited power over the Realm, had been slain made the Vampire's thoughts on her survival nil.

She had also began to regret her final words to the man, words that were not kind or supportive. She had felt proud of herself for sticking up for herself and have the Author know her name and yet the pride that she felt now felt hollow in comparison to the loss.

The Sorrowfeld vampire had fled from the world immediately upon returning, fled into her room where she greeted Teddy. who was busy absorbing the Airship's History via the Data Screen, before she collapsed onto her bed from sheer exhaustion. It was only moments later that Constance found sleep and dove into its murky depths, praying to elude the dreams that gave her chase every moment her eyes closed.

Personaverse | Airship Rising Dawn | Corridor Enroute to the Canteen: Som Waterford

The Hunter had quietly excused himself from the group of investigators upon leaving Wild Duck Burger, Som's appetite diminished by the information that had been force fed to the Hunter. This world was ruled by a cadre of Gods or Authors or Writers, each of whom was responsible for a group of his or her creations, each of whom was a member of the Crew of the Airship Rising Dawn.

If this was true, it implied that he and Constance were also one of these creations and that every action that they took, every event that they took part in was not of their choosing. It was through the manipulation of a faceless diety that the events of SOm's life had unfolded. Perhaps his world was manipulated by such a being for his or her own entertainment as well.

The idea that some being controlled his fate made the Hunter even more determined to forget the day's events with a series of drinks from the Airship's Canteen. The idea was pleasing to the Hunter, so pleasing in fact that he never noticed the diminutive Peace Keeper wandering the halls until it was too late.


Som found himself standing over the young childlike Peacekeeper. Looking down at her, SOm quickly apologized.

"Apologies little Peace Keeper. I did not see you there." The Hunter stated, picking the young one off the group before starting off in the direction of the Canteen once again.

Also doesn't have a medical license.
Doctor S, Deadshot and Annie.
Location: Canteen | Rising Dawn | Personaverse.

Walking through the halls of the Shadow Operatives Building actually bored the Wanderer, even if he tried to get somewhere secret they just wouldn't let him in, he wasn't even bothered to try and use his silver-tongue to bypass them. The lack of energy made the Wanderer not sigh physically, but mentally. The Shadow within his head was also bored, but then he came up with a good idea. ("Hey ... since we're in this world, we should try out some of the drugs and compare them to our own. The Medical Bay on that ship should have heaps!") His Shadow prodded him with thought. During this time of bored actually made the Doctor go along with his Shadow's idea, soon enough he was skipping along with future joy.

Once getting to the door to the Rising Dawn's Medical Bay, the door automatically opened to the Doctor as if it knew the person on the ship who actually was a Doctor. Once getting inside, the Doctor's doctoring coat swayed with the air-conditioned breeze. He actually did not spot the two people, he just walked until he got to the supply cabinets. Opening them with ease, they were actually not locked. After thirty seconds of looking, the Doctor picked one of everything.

Piling them on the main Doctor's desk in the room, he sat down and plugged a nice IV full of the Rising Dawn's anti-radioactive serum into his own arm. Doing this eyes closed, it gave him quite the sight as he opened them to see both Annie and Deadshot looking at him. ("Wait, keep your cool, I'll handle this!") His Shadow said and became the dominant personality. The blue eyes of the Wanderer turned crimson red behind the glasses quickly, "I do this once every week or two ... my body builds a natural supply of radiation, and if I don't do this ... well ... it will turn out like Hiroshima. Hehe" The darker Wanderer gave a light chuckle as he pulled out and lit a cigarette.

"Anyway ... why are you in my office?" He said again as he placed the item in his mouth and gave a blow of smoke, his much darker and bolder tone placed a sense of belonging and ownership on the word "my" as if he was saying that the Medical bay now belonged to him. ("No need to be an asshole!") The real Doctor said inside, yet he was ignored by his darker side. His stare ever penetrating the two in front of him.

"Well thank you for explaining yourself I suppose, but I don't really mind. It was more a correction on your way of speaking towards me that I felt odd." she said as she then addressed what he said about his schooling. "It's a shame to hear how your younger years went but I'm glad you got through it all safe and sound. It is also a shame, that others do not think the way you do, or the world would be so much better a place." she says with a sigh. "Anyway, I'm glad I may have been some small help with whoever that gunman was, and that you don't seem too shaken by it... I wonder though, would he have relented had I been able to show him... this?" she said, making a gesture to her horns. "I'm also very saddened to say that while the hatred towards me was unjust in my home, I cannot assign blame to anyone... not even my occasional attacker." she said, strangely smiling at the thought. She wondered on whether or not Ryan would actually care for the conditions as to why, but decided to let him ask should he want to know.

Rising Dawn: Med-bay: Annie, Deadshot, Wanderer

When Annie was rudely awakened, Deadshot was the first to know about when she woke up swinging, clocking the assassin in the face as she more or less fell out of the med bay bed.
"Argggg....ow..." He merely sighed as he picked himself up as Annie did the same.
"... .... W-wh... what happened to me? Did someone assault me with a knife....??"
"If that was the case, then I would severely doubt we'd be having this conversation..." He merely said as nursed a burst lip from her punch.
"Short version: Some fucking-....DEMON made you pass out...I think...I can't be certain of all the details, I've sorta been having a...errr...Basically, I wouldn't take my word for it...Point is, I brought you here because giant fucking demon guy....And then I woke you up by jamming you full of this stuff. Great for Hangovers, you should try it." He explained as he held up the needle he jammed into her chest.

"Now, just a heads up, you might feel a rush of energy for a while after it counteracts your energy crash so if you find the need to do sit ups or something, go nuts. This stuff once made me run down a motorway away from a few dozen police cars. And I made some reasonable distance too." He explained right as Wanderer entered and he froze on the spot.
"Oh come on, he's not THAT scary..."
Motherfucker has Nuclear Weapons up the ass, What the fuck do you want me to do!?
He thought as he watched him do some sort of Dialysis on himself.
"Anyway ... why are you in my office?"
"Just need a Drug test. Want to either confirm or deny something." He said before picking up a empty test tube before spitting in it, getting both his spit and some blood from his lip into it.
"Run that now if possible. I want to know if I'm tripping or not, it gets hard to tell sometimes..."
"OHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYYY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! JUST GO INTO THE FUCKING SHADOW ZONE YOU STUPID MAN! GAH!" His shadow then raged, causing him to cringe slightly from a pain in his head.

Shadow Ops Building: Canteen: Akane, Angelus, Annie, Caim Deadshot, Melethia, Ryan, Ton Ton, Wanderer
When she hugged the Wanderer and he whispered about breaking the news, she hugged him a little tighter but said nothing. He was right.

After that small bit of whispering, Melethia took her time to explain to Akane, "I've got him... Just let know when you want me take him out so you can give him a clean burial." She was at least giving Jake's body the proper respect by not dragging it through the area, and hopefully Akane would understand that.

Akane nodded as Melethia explained it. "Thank you Mele. I would like to take him now, but you seem to have him stored somehow. He would not have wanted to intrude, if you are hungry eat first and sort yourself out. I'll... I'll be in the my room on the airship waiting. Thank you."

With that the Kitsune walked out. Stopping by the Rising Dawn's canteen she found a bottle of scotch and a glass, to drink to Jake's memory as she waited. Sitting in the chair in her room she found the drink smooth yet firey, burning in a far different way to the sake she usually drunk. She decided she quite liked this Glenfiddich 12 year old single malt scotch whiskey.

Rising Dawn: Constance Sorrowfield's room
As the young vampire fell to sleep dreading the dreams that would be sure to haunt her, another watched over her from a different realm.

They say Dead men tell no tales... But what is to say they don't make them? The dead Author was on a new journey, one with few rules and no destination. So it was that he came to intrude upon the beginnings of a horrible dream for the Vampire.

With a stroke of his pen against a notepad the entire scene blew away to reveal a location familiar to some but not to others. A place that was simple and clean. A small rolling meadow somewhere in Canada, maybe. The soft spongy grass offered Constance a smooth feeling akin to the nicest bed she had ever slept in as the warm rays of the sun shone down upon her, pleasant to the extreme.

Several feet away from the sleeping vampire Jake sat at a small wooden table in a simple wooden chair, sipping a cup of tea. His notepad sat before him, a simple black leather thing to fit in one's breast pocket. Over the back of the chair was draped a simple dinner jacket. The young man wore a light blue silk dress shirt and black pants, the long sleeves rolled back to his elbows. It was accompanied by a loosely done up black and purple diagonally striped tie.

He felt bad was the only reason for his kindness. As a wandering spirit he could do nearly anything thanks to his old powers, invading a dream was simple. If the little vampire woke up then he would talk, if not, well her dream was this so her sleep would be deep and uninterrupted.

Bad timing.
Insane!Doctor S, Deadshot and Annie.
Location: Canteen | Rising Dawn | Personaverse.

The red-eyed Wanderer heard Deadshot speak. "Run that now if possible. I want to know if I'm tripping or not, it gets hard to tell sometimes...", at this point even the much darker side paused to consider the fact that he even dared to order something from the dark Doctor. A smirk was speared along his face, pulling his sunglasses and laying them onto the main desk, his crimson eyes were in plain view, if Deadshot remotely even saw the Wanderer before, he would usually have blue eyes.

Laying his legs upon the table, the smirk only grew bigger as the Doctor took another puff. Then suddenly a burst of laughter came from the mouth of the Doctor, "Ahahahahaha! You ... you are demanding something from me!" he said with his darker tone. "Well you are asking the wrong person bub ... I don't do things for free, and you already owe me something ..." His smirk turned into a dark smile as he pulled out his rather large black six-shoot and laid it upon the table with a loud ...


"I suggest that you either get out of MY office immediately or give me some money!!" He said loudly as his hand was placed on the gun. This certainly wasn't the Wanderer they knew, even the normal Wanderer on the inside was thinking that his dark side was taking it a bit too far, yet he couldn't take over at the moment, the momentum of this event had gathered the insane version a bit of a resistance to being switched back. ("Stop it ... STOP IT NOW!")

"No ... I will not stop!" He said to himself.
"I'm going to count from three ... and if you are not out ... " He said and held his tightened fist ready to count and his gun hand pointed at his prey, equipped with his firearm.

Shadow Operatives Building: Party Room: Jenny, Cadolbolg, Devon, Ella, Teri

Ella could see that Devon and Teri were busy making some kind of red-colored rice and some non-alcoholic drinks for Cadolbolg, so she decided to head over to Jenny and share a drink of sake with the Gardevoir. "I do appreciate you being concerned about Devon, Jenny. If you wanted, I'm willing to hear you out with this. Even if it doesn't seem like it, I really do want the best for Devon, even if it does mean doing something she might not like at the time.

And even if Devon doesn't have the best common sense, I'd be hard-pressed to name many people that have the sheer determination to keep going even when so much is against them. I'd say the only person to beat her out has to be that Irish sniper with the horrible dye job."

"...You've got to be kidding me..."
Insane!Doctor S, Deadshot and Annie.
Location: Med bay | Rising Dawn | Personaverse.

"...Wanderer, you know for a fact that I can't pay you. That's kinda what happens when you steal my paycheck..." Deadshot said extremely annoyed at the Wanderer's sheer audacity to demand money in light of that fact.
The fact he was pointing a gun at him didn't help things either.
"Alright, fine. There is $200 on this, Pin is 1099." He said before leaving his Shadow Ops Debit Card on the table in front of him.
"There, Overcharged Medical Fee, Now either run this or at least tell me which machine does it..." He then demanded, his arms (And Wrist Guns) at his sides.
"Oh great, you just got us both killed..." His Shadow whined as he stared Wanderer down.
Look, worse comes to worse, I repeat what we did in the Shadow Zone...And if that don't then...Well, He won't be taking me alive, that's for sure... He answered as he fiddled with something on his belt.

Shadow Operatives Building: Party Room: Jenny, Cadolbolg, Devon, Ella, Teri

"David?...oh Please, He grabs his tail and runs at the first sign of trouble...Then gets drunk and bitches about how he's too "Weak" afterwards..."
"Remind you of anyone?..."

Well...that was out of character for her, then again, Ella did notice the bottle was already starting to run dry.
"All I was saying was...Even us girls dread having to go do make up, nails, hair, dresses, jewels, I just can't image that he would see the appeal...You know?..." she said before downing her next shot in a manner more akin to David then herself.
"...Uhhhh....starting to kick in...woooo..." Her Shadow then said, the filtering liquor starting to affect her somewhat.

Doctor S , Deadshot and Annie.
Location: Medical Bay | Rising Dawn | Personaverse.

Seeing the card slide onto the table made the Shadow surprised for one second, opening his mouth and raising his fingers to count. Yet he just stopped as a inner voice yelled, ("Okay, enough is enough!") The normal Wanderer said as he overcame the Shadow. From the outside his eyes turned back into their usual radiating blue glow. Letting go of the gun, it faded away in mid air. Seeing the cigarette too the Wanderer sighed.

Throwing it away to fade as well, a sentence was loudly muttered under his breath. "Fuckin' Shadows ... " The Doctor said as he got up and unplugged the needle from him. "I should tell him to quit smoking." He said to himself as he walked to the bin an dumped about five boxes of cigarettes into it. ("HEY, those are mine! And would've it killed ya to let me have a bit more fun!") The Shadow yelled within him. "No ... it would have killed him." Another quiet mutter.

Moving to the table, the Doctor picked up the card before locking towards Deadshot. "I would ask you to forgive me ... but I wasn't the one to do that. Hopefully too, the money is there, otherwise he will come after you no matter what." He warned the marksman, picking up the test tube he then walked over to a machine which had several holes in it. Placing the tube into one of the holes, the Wanderer then activated the machine, it began to spin the tube around and stopped seconds later.

Sitting back at the desk, the Wanderer looked up and pulled off his glasses. His blue eyes looked as if he had to go through something. "Apart from a hint of radiation ... nothing should be wrong." He shrugged at Deadshot. looking past the guy he witnessed a very hyper Annie, it made him curious to what had happened after he had left.

Doctor S, Deadshot and Annie.
Location: Med bay | Rising Dawn | Personaverse.

"...Uh.....Huh...." Deadshot reacted as Wanderer seemed to "Disarm" himself somewhat.
"...Okay, That was new...." The Shadow added as Deadshot lazed on one of the empty beds while the doctor began his drug test.
"Just if there is less then $200 in Yen, tell..."him" to blame Mitsuru's people, not me." He added as he saw Annie stripping?.
Needless to say, as the Titan Shifter began doing push ups with her top-half bare aside from that weird bra, He took the chance to lean back on the bed slightly to get a better view.
"Fuck me, She's Dieseled[1]!"
I know!
"And she's what? 16?"
"See, This is TOTALLY just you tripping. Like there is SERIOUSLY a 16 year old blonde woman built like that..."
...But why the hell would I dream of Body Builder women?...
"...You're a Sub?...Shit man, I dunno...Though she does have a great bone structure, Least when it's inside her skin..."
...Uh huh...
"...So are we a Pedophile now?"
...I'll get back to ya on that...

As she was working out, The Doctor finished the test, Not that Deadshot noticed, his keen eye elsewhere.
"Apart from a hint of radiation ... nothing should be wrong."
"...Uh huh...yea-Wait. RADIATION?! WHAT!?" He then exclaimed, the possibility of being radioactive being enough to pry his eyes away from Annie's workout.
Least until he was confident enough to say he didn't have cancer.

[1] muscular

"Sorry about that"
Doctor S , Deadshot and Annie.
Location: Medical Bay | Rising Dawn | Personaverse.

With the worry about radiation and Annie stopping her fast paced workout, he finally knew what it was all about. the keyword was 'Author'. His smiling settled down to a face of curiosity, the one that you would find on a Doctor or scientist. "Authors, huh? Yeah I know my Author ... not much of a secret around here, we all came from a Author. Although it seemed that my Author clearly has a different view from yours. When I first met him in my world he described it as giving life to parts of his personality. Even then he said that he was not the one to create me ... he said I was born just like any human, just in another world to his and similar to himself." The Doctor said as he leaned against the desk and stared out of the window.

"But I tend to not worry about that, here I am, a living human. Doing my duty to this world before I go back to mine. Though I do wish to go back to my world at some point, since they might start World War 4 after something." He gave a snicker before going all calm once more. "But this Author stuff is all dribble to me ... I feel like I would understand a bit too much if I dived too much into it. And this 'demon' is your Author, if he looks like that he probably is wearing a disguise or some spell ... he'll be the same as mine, a human. I suggest you go talk to him, but that is only me who had no problem dealing with my Author." He said to Annie before turning to Deadshot.

"Well that 'hint' of radiation was from me ... as in that time where you did try to kill me and I nuked the boat. It is not even at the twenties mark. If you are worried, I can provide something from here or my own collection ... should be enough."

Of Existence, Clothes and Brain Cancer.
Doctor S, Deadshot and Annie.
Location: Med bay | Rising Dawn | Personaverse.

Deadshot was wondering what this Author stuff was about, having heard the term thrown around once or twice since he was "Recruited" onto the Rising Dawn, thus he sat though Wanderer's explanation of it.
"...Uhhhh....This fucking place is weird..." He said in the understatement of the century as he wondered what his Author would be like.
"Most likely some fat ugly retard or something."
Who will most likely die a virgin as well...
The two sides conversed before getting onto Annie's point about Free Will if her Author controlled her actions.
"Well, I'm not an expert on the matter, but...Well, I'm not....So unless you want to try talking to the guy and get some answers from him, I got nothing..." He then sighed, feeling like he was over his head.
The fact that she was basically in her underwear probably didn't help.
"...Also...Uh, Feel free to put your clothes back on. I've been hopped up on that stuff enough times to know it doesn't act as a aphrodisiac...Or at least not on it's own..." He then bluntly added, recalling this one time where-

"Well that 'hint' of radiation was from me ... as in that time where you did try to kill me and I nuked the boat. It is not even at the twenties mark. If you are worried, I can provide something from here or my own collection ... should be enough."
His train of thought went back to this radiation problem as Wanderer mentioned it.
"...Oh yeah, I forgot about that...There were a lot of weird guns on that boat...Just...Does that amount of Radiation cause...Mental Issues?...Like Hallucinating?...Or Brain Cancer?..." He then asked the doctor, hoping to put his mind at rest about this place not being real.

All the while, his Shadow was starting to fester in anger over how badly it's ruse seemed to have backfired, but calmed itself in the knowledge that Deadshot's moronic tenancies would win out at the end of the day.

Doctor S, Deadshot and Annie.
Location: Med bay | Rising Dawn | Personaverse.

Whilst listening to the other two in the medical bay, the good Doctor walked to a closet and pulled out a bag with a radiation symbol on it. Throwing it on the Doctor's desk, he then looked at Deadshot. "Think about it like this. Zero means you have zero trace of it in your body, a hundred and fifty to three hundred will make you feel tired, three hundred to four hundred and forty nine will make you start to throw up, four hundred and fifty to five hundred and ninety nine will make your hair start to fall out, six hundred to nine hundred and ninety nine will make your skin fall off ... and all of you above, well basically you die." He said grimly before turning to the side to cough, it seemed a bit of smoke was still in him.

"Luckily enough you only have a tiny bit in ya, if you are worried take that and put it in, then your worries should go away. Just a reminder, I have survived a lot of radiation ... but I do have to admit, it did turn me into a mutant." He confessed, he didn't look like a mutant, heck he looked perfectly human. yet his weird blood and glowing eyes proved him otherwise. Remembering the rest that Annie said, he turned to her next. "It actually might not be a disguise, it could just be a power he wanted or for protection. As for why he chose you, it could be anything, from interest from you to your world and many other things ... as I said before, my Author said that I was more like a focused part of his own personality ... " He said back then was reminded of Rugal, a person who had not caused him any harm, but caused harm on not just his Author, but his Author's origin character.

"Now I wouldn't get angry ... if it's anyone you should get angry at it should be Rugal, or his own Author. But I heard what happened to him ... and yeah ... not happy. A character actually tried to kill all Authors off in the real world at one point, almost killed Rugal's author off, which caused a lot of stress to him ... as I hear at least." He offered his words to hopefully calm Annie down about the whole Author situation.

"Honestly, I would rather leave them as a mystery ... only focus on your own Author, but if a Author does try to harm any of our worlds, including this one, we have to stop them." A cold side was shown very briefly as the Doctor held a vial of the Author Jake's blood, remembering the pain he saw on Akane. A sigh soon ensured ...

I need to find a new theme to make these headings from :/
Doctor S, Deadshot and Annie.
Location: Med bay | Rising Dawn | Personaverse.

"Rugal has one too? Huh...Might want to pay him a visit sometime..." Deadshot chuckled darkly, his intent clear, unaware that his and Rugal's were one in the same.
Still, he was a bit more relaxed after this drug test as his Shadow seemed to have stopped trying to sell the moronic idea that the whole world was just him hallucinating.
"Right...Well *Ahem*....Thanks, that's a load off my mind..." He then attempted to thank Wanderer, though it seemed like he didn't really want to, seeing how much grief the Wasteland Doctor had caused him.
"Anyway, I need a drink. I bet my blood alcohol was rather low in that. Annie, I'm not sure what to tell you, but...Well, I don't...But if you need help, I guess I'm not doing much..." He then offered, seemingly breaking his vow of non-communication.

Naganaki Shrine: Rugal, Garm, Mr. Monster

"Garm! Be quick or be dead!"

To Garm's credit, he was indeed quick, and released his grip on the arm as Rugal fired off at the beast and brought a fist into it's face. With the creature distracted (and no Teri to tell him no), the wolf joined with Rugal's efforts of smashing in the Shadow's facial mask via taking grip of an arm again and giving a harsh pull. Seeing that Rugal had the creature fully distracted (which Rugal would feel later with the varying shallow stab wounds in his back); Garm had no difficulty in ripping off one of the Monster's arms, causing a harsh gurgling/shrieking sound- which ended after Rugal delivered one last punch to the creature's facial mask.

After shattering the mask into a fine powdered blue mist, the arms immediately went limp, and the Shadow began to fade away in a harsh black smoke. Not much longer after the fight was done, there was no trace of the Shadow, it's birth or it's death; save for what Rugal had previously wrought upon the Shrine's environs. There wasn't even a shred of purple fabric to be had either. No Pimp, no goons, nothing. Just an over-sized man with an over-sized wol-

*Bi-DINK! You have one new message!*

Hmn? That was new... Upon looking to the message on his PDA, to Rugal's chagrin(?), he saw that the text contained a list of names... Of each and every Rising Dawn member, down to the AIs and the pets. Which of course, brought up the question: Who sent the text?

Naganaki Shrine: Rugal, Garm, Mr. Monster

"Bah! What the hell was that?! I've seen Parasites[1] make better monsters then you!" Rugal insulted Mr. Skin's remains as they began to fade away.
"Oh be that way, When you get to hell, tell them I sent ya!" He then gloated right before he got the message, whipping out his PDA the second it went off and began reading the message.
"...What the?...This a list of the crew?....Who the fuck is "Damian East"?..." He remarked before he put his PDA away.
Eh, the AIs can track it or something. Not my problem... He thought, despite his name being on the list.
"Right, As for you, Go on, Shoo! I hunt on my own and I don't want to get fur all over me." He then coldly said to Garm before be began making his way out, picking up one of the Handguns the goons dropped and putting it in his pants, just in case...

[1] Las Plagas

A Doctor's concern.
Doctor S, Deadshot and Annie.
Location: Med bay | Rising Dawn | Personaverse.

"Try not to drink too much ... actually that is wrong, try not to drink a 'David' amount of alcohol." A smile was pasted along the Doctor's test as he cleaned the equipment he had just used. After Deadshot had tried to thank him, he just gave a simple nod, not really caring, but noting that it was something nice from the guy at once. Holding the black card he held, it faded away into his own inventory. "And as much as I want to hurt Rugal too ... harming his Author would probably do nothing. Hell Rugal might hate him just as much, as I said, that guy has been through a lot." The Doctor remarked again as a loud thunk was heard, as the Doctor placed the equipment back in their spots.

"I have a bad feeling for some reason. Can't tell if it is about this 'mission' we undertook, about our 'merry' crew, about the future or even about myself. All I can say is ... shit is going to be fucked up!" He blurted out the last part in discomfort.

Kala was wondering as well whether or not he'd really want, or need to hear that part of her story. Sure, she's usually sort of open about it but she's complained about it to so many people she thought it may start being tedious. Still, as he pondered she noticed the look of curiosity on his face, and she didn't tell him before so, well... might as well. "I see that look on your face. You want to know who attacked me right?" She asked, not even waiting for an answer before saying... "Well... just about anyone who could pick up a stick and swing it... I got the worst of it from paladins and other sorcerers of course due to certain abilities they have that made my life around them miserable. I couldn't blame even them because, well tieflings have a rough lot in life but... well, the animosity in the city I lived it was quite magnified. Shortly after I moved in I started reading on the history of them, and... an invasion of shavarath, essentially hell in your religions, was more than an assumption or bad dream for that particular city. Tieflings very unlike myself, it seems, formed the backbone of the assault. I can't blame Stormreach's citizens for their animosity, they lost a lot of loved ones to whom they assumed I was related." she says with a sigh. "... but I'm probably boring you with the sob story aren't I?"

I think I'll quote songs from the 80s....
Doctor S, Deadshot and Annie.
Location: Med bay | Rising Dawn | Personaverse.

As Deadshot was going to leave, Annie confronted him on his hypocrisy, much to his annoyance.
"1. That's a natural Male reaction, find some straight guy who wouldn't want to look at a mostly naked attractive woman. Trick Question: Doesn't exist.
2. If you really feel that strongly about it, I'll let the next Hellspawn that manages to beat you whisk you away to Castle Clucksterfuck to have his-slash-her way with you for all eternity, Okay Sweetheart? Sheesh..."
He shot back before resuming his beeline for the ship's bar, unaware of the fact he basically confessed to admitting that Annie was hot.

"Smooooooooooooooooth D.S., Smooooooooooooth...."
Oh just piss off for half an hour...
"And go where?"
Not my problem to solve.
"...I see, hey, look to your right for a second would ya?..."

Mostly just to shut his Shadow up, he did, staring at the window of the ship's hallway as he did.
What he saw gave him some real pause: It wasn't him staring back at him, It was a young man, one that had made the foolish mistake of trying to save the world by joining the military.
"....What......the fuck?...."
"...What?...Don't remember me?...Maybe you will better if I look like this."

On that cue, the reflection acted like a internet screamer as it instantly changed to that young man's dead body, it's head riddled with bullets and visible chucks of flesh having been bit off his rotting body.
Needless to say, like in the bathroom, Deadshot freaked out before shooting at the window and breaking it.
"...Frankie?...I could really go for your constant barrage of Burning Puns right about now..." He said after his episode, starting to miss that wonderful anthropomorphic Uzi...

Shadow Operatives Building: Party Room: Jenny, Cadolbolg, Devon, Ella, Teri

"David?...oh Please, He grabs his tail and runs at the first sign of trouble...Then gets drunk and bitches about how he's too "Weak" afterwards..."
"Remind you of anyone?..."

Well...that was out of character for her, then again, Ella did notice the bottle was already starting to run dry.
"All I was saying was...Even us girls dread having to go do make up, nails, hair, dresses, jewels, I just can't image that he would see the appeal...You know?..." she said before downing her next shot in a manner more akin to David then herself.
"...Uhhhh....starting to kick in...woooo..." Her Shadow then said, the filtering liquor starting to affect her somewhat.

Ella grabbed another bottle of sake (making sure this bottle was less strong) and tossed a look over to Teri and Devon finishing up the food before pouring another glass for herself and Jenny. I understand that, but he really could have left at any time. Heck, he could have done that after what happened in Los Santos. He still stayed, though, and I'll give him credit for that. Sure, he could stand to find a way to fix his problem instead of moping about it, but who's perfect?

Still, I have to go hard on Devon. If I can make her go outside the comfort zone on this, she might be willing to do the same when she's in a fight. Something to help her get past the frustration of seeing her songs not help that much, even if that isn't really too true. Sure, it's not as flashy as most stuff, but it's those small nudges that everyone seems to forget. Hell, the only reason she's still living is because her songs gave that small edge."

Shadow Ops Building: Canteen: Akane, Angelus, Annie, Caim Deadshot, Melethia, Ryan, Ton Ton,

"I'll be there in a bit, Miss Akane." Melethia was certainly patient when it came to handing Akane Jake's body; after all, the Bag of Holding was rather good for keeping things from rotting with the low amount of air in it. So, after getting a small sandwich to eat, she made her way to Akane's room.

Shadow Operatives Building: Party Room: Jenny, Cadolbolg, Devon, Ella, Teri

"...So to stop him from getting kil-*Hic*...You put him in high heels?..." Jenny questioned Ella's logic as she finished the first bottle, already up to a state of inebriation she was in back in Las Venturas.
"...David....I bet He's only here because he gets a check from...Richie...Fenny Richie (Phoenix Richardson) or some stupid codename like that...Not like Blade and H*Hic*-Hiryu...they do it for others...and all I sit in a chair...and listen to people go on about how horrible their lives are....That's what I do for a LIVING..."
Even if Ella zoned out and ignored everything that Jenny just said, her body language and the fact she spoke like she just had a stroke was sign enough that she had once again gone too far with the bottle.

Alone again.
Doctor S.
Location: Med bay | Rising Dawn | Personaverse.

Seeing how Annie walked out annoyed at the gunman assassin, and Deadshot running to the bar in either embarrassment or how the Doctor's author would say 'Tsundere-ness', the good Doctor was just left there all by his lonesome once more. Sighing to himself, he placed the anti-radiation pack back in the closet and opened the rather large window in the medbay. The ship had a wondrous view of the area.

"Never have been to Japan before ... maybe I should look around." He said to himself, having his urge to wander bubble up to the mental surface. ("Hey ... am I allowed out now!?") The Shadow yelled out and ruined the nice, calm and windy moment as the Wanderer took a couple more seconds to look at the city from above. "FUCK NO!" He yelled out of the window before turning back inside and closed the window.

"You are fuckin' grounded!" He threw his arms in the air as he walked out of the medbay and probably out of the airship.

Naganaki Shrine: Rugal, Garm

Garm hung back as Rugal descended the staircase, and released a held breath, "Phew... Didn't even question why I was there at all... That is good.

Tear-ri, I think he's returning to base. I'm going to be doing the same, but still tailing the fellow. I'll see you in a little while and give a full report."

"Alright then. I'm with Ella and Devon, as before. Ella seems pretty hell bent on me chilling out, so i might be stuck here. Even got Mom to tell me to stay here.... I'll await your return."

And with that the wolf waited quietly before continuing his quiet tailing of the King of Fighters...

Shadow Ops Building: David West, Fuuka, Yu

"...So I take it the Kirijo Group has a good youth outreach program? Just you seem kinda young for this line of work..." He asked, fulling knowing that she was hired for her powers.

Fuuka gave a small chuckle and shook her head, "Not exactly. I've been in this sort of buisness since I was in high school. It was a little simpler then too. Around two years ago, when I was 17, my powers, along with many of our group awakened and we fought off the Shadows, as well a force named Nyx, and another named Erebus. Back then, we were able to access the Shadow Verse via a time called the Dark Hour, which used to cover EVERYTHING, and wasn't nearly as localized as the Shadow Zones are now. In fact, they're a little easier to manage than the Dark Hour was. Sometimes other people would slip through the Dark Hour, instead of being able to avoid Shadow Zones as we do now. I was one of those people, actually, before my Persona awoke in me. I had slipped into the Shadow realm and had to be rescued! After that though, we were attacked and I put the Evoker to my head. Before I knew it, I was summoning my Persona and able to help with the effort. I've been with them since."

Her eyes relaxed as a hint of melancholy entered her tone, "I was very shy then, but I made several friends with those who had their powers awakened in a similar manner. In fact, it's funny you should mention age, seeing that our youngest user at the time was 11 years old... I'm seen some of them die in that conflict, one of which a young man named Minato Arisato.[1] He had a power similar to your's Mr. Narukami. But- .... It's complicated to explain, but because of a sacrifice he made, the world as we know it is safe from both Nyx and Erebus."

A pause filled the air before Fuuka looked back to the two, determination shining in her eyes, "And because of that, those of us who were involved in that incident resolved to what we can in fighting Shadows. It's why my friends are missing now. They're taking care of assignments similar to this one in different places all over Japan. It's also why Mitsuru is pooling Kirijo Group resources into the Shadow Operatives. We won't let Minato's, and everyone else's sacrifices be in vain. Now, shall we proceed to the lab?"

As Fuuka walked ahead, David could see that the young woman was very serious about what she had said. Not to mention this sort of threat attacked her and her friends when they were so young.... Seems that Shadows and world saving don't discriminate, regardless of how old you are.

Shadow Operatives Building: Party Room: Jenny, Cadolbolg, Devon, Ella, Garm, Teri

After cooking up a meal for everyone in the room, as well as downing a cake shot or two in the process, Teri sat herself down and began nursing a glass of red wine while chowing down on the beans 'n' rice mixture she made (how much alcohol was in that bag anyways?). Not long afterwards, a familiar black wolf wandered in and placed a fuzzy head on the couch she was sharing with Devon and Cadolbolg, "Hello. I have returned now, and managed to stay hidden, for the most part. How have you three fared?"

Teri spared a hand to pat the wolf on the head before returning to her meal, "Hi there, Garm. I've done well enough, I guess. Mum and Ells wants us to chill out, so I brought in some implements." She swirled her glass for emphasis, and finished it off, pouring another one not soon afterwards. The stuff tasted good after all, and with the effects intended behind it, the Cleric could already feel that warm glow go to her cheeks...
"Ah, that's the stuff.... Man, Munchkin, do you get affected when we drink stuff too? Or you just sit there in sobriety? Shit's feeling kinda good in my stomach... Yo, don't forget about the water, Kiddo. Hangover prevention right there!"

Cadolbolg, who had been keeping a heavy eye on Devon, took a bite of the meal, "We've just been chilling after giving Fuuka the evidence stuffs. Now, Devon, you never told me why I wasn't allowed the cake drinks...."
The tiny turtle dragon baby tried to give Devon a puppy dog (dragon eye?) look to convince the bard to let him try some of the drinks, seeing that cake sounded pretty delicious. Not to mention they made the Cleric loosen up a little bit, so they couldn't be all bad, right?

[u]Shadow Ops Building: Canteen: Akane, Angelus, Annie, Caim Deadshot, Melethia, Ryan, Ton Ton, Wanderer

(before everyone split off do to their thing)

Angelus gave Akane another sympathetic pat on the back after being tackle-hugged, and let the Kitsune go to be consoled by the others, adding on, "But of course, Akane. Do let us know when the ceremony begins."

Caim gave a similar nod to the Kitsune, the look on his face being enough to know he meant the same as Angelus did.

As for Ton Ton, who was still hanging by Melethia, looked to the little elf and asked, "Well, this is certainly new to me. I've seen people die, but I've never been to a funeral before..."

Airship Rising Dawn: Slindis' Room: Slindis, Dimitri

As Slindis unwinded in her usual manner (reading and writing at her leisure), a small cough overrode the overcom and Dimitri's voice entered the air, and the Butler's visage appeared on the built in TV (seeing that all the rooms came with one) "User: Slindis. As we have previously arranged, it has been my duty to inform you should the situation involving our captain's 'changes.' Well... If you would listen to this recording I've gained from a local radio station, I think you will find it to be far more informative than what any explanation I give for it..."

Following this, the TV changed from Dimitri's face to a news report about the recent activities Rugal had been engaging in, from running the car into the club to... a report about a blown up section of a Shrine? Oh dear.

[1] The Male Protag in P3, at least, his name in the manga incarnation. It sounds better than Makoto Yuuki! (anime movie name) :P
He died to save the world, essentially.

Naganaki Shrine: Rugal, Garm

Not long after he left the broken remains of Mr. Skin and his gang in the ruins after his wake, Rugal began making his way back to the Rising Dawn.
To this end, he was about to do the same trick he did twice that day already, already sizing up his options as he paced along side the road.
A minute later he committed to a cheap looking 4 door Sedan with elderly couple, it wasn't pretty but it'd do.
The second that they stopped at a red light, he pounced, sprinting over before hoping the drivers door and throwing a 70-Something old man to the road.
"Oh my, it appears your other half has fallen and he can't get up. Why don't you get out of the car and-...." He paused halfway though his threat as he caught a glance at something while the old lady went to help her partner.
"...Get back in the car." He then ordered.
"...ww-what d-"
"DO IT!" He then roared as he went after his new target...

Rising Dawn: Hanger: Rugal

"~We ain't gonna linger and lie low
When there's Hard Cash comin' back
No way I'll just sit here when i know
That there's Hard Cash comin' back
Hard Hard Cash...Don't want no easy money....oh no..."
The King of Fighters sang with the Radio as he racing back towards the Rising Dawn, pulling out his PDA to trigger the Hanger Doors of the Airship to open as he cruised in with his Brand New Car.
Parking it up, he then exited his new prize, Running his hand along the bonnet of it, admiring the curves as if they were of a womans.
"Say what you will about Mid-Life Crisis's, but...Utterly Worth It. God I feel 30 again..." He chuckled with Glee as he drank in the moment, sure, he had sport cars in his life, but there was something special about "Earning" it instead of buying it.

Shadow Ops Building: David West, Fuuka, Yu

As David herd Fuuka's story, he couldn't help but shake his head.
"Christ...Over half the wealth in the world is spent on Military and they can't seem to do jack all with it aside from blow each other up..." He sighed, hating the idea of another group of young kids being forced into this life instead of people who actively trained to protect the world.
"I'm sorry about your friend. This life...It's hard..." He finished as he and Yu entered the lab.
"So what was the Intel? It was from the Android, right?"

Shadow Operatives Building: Party Room: Jenny, Cadolbolg, Devon, Ella, Garm, Teri

As Garm returned, Jenny was quickly starting to enter the "Black Out" phase of her drinking, enjoying just how powerful the Devil Drink was against the taunts of her Shadow.
After all, a lot of the people he treated back in her clinic did suffer from Alcohol abuse so she understood why people did it.
Although in David's case, it was more like he was raised on the stuff instead of water...

Either way, She sat here, head resting on the table with a glass in hand, so long as no one asked her to do anything that involved thinking or moving, she'd be good.

Shadow Ops Building: Canteen: Deadshot, Anyone else there

After his episode, Deadshot went to the canteen, instantly telling the imps there "Something good for someone who saw a ghost.", letting the waiter figure out what the hell he meant by that as he sat down and held his head.
Whatever was going on with his head wasn't medical so there wasn't any way to really stop it aside from-
"...The Shadow Zone...Should I?..." He pondered as he sat there, wondering how he'd do it.

Shadow Operatives Building: Party Room: Jenny, Cadolbolg, Devon, Ella, Garm, Teri

"Jenny, I'm going to have to cut you off before you're in there with David for a hangover. Are we going to have a problem?" It seemed that Ella was going to be the one that tried keeping Jenny away from Alcohol when drunk; a feat many people and pokemon had failed miserably at. Still, it was the thought that counted, right?

In a rather uncharacteristic tone for the staff, Sadei seemed somewhat sullen in her hesitant response. "I don't really feel it... I think it's because you and her share the same body, while I don't. It's not too fun, as you'd expect - I don't really taste food, smell aromas, or feel things like you do in here... At most, I only experience them through Teri, and even then it's fuzzy."

Devon then finished up the rice (After promising to say something to Ella in case the meal had any odd connection attached to it) and shook her head as she refused Cadolbolg's request. "Well, if I handed them to you, then Caim and Angie would get really mad at the both of us. She might even ground us! I wouldn't want you to get in trouble, and it kinda makes smaller people clumsy when it's drunk.."
Unfortunately, this was something that Devon was going to be firm on. From the looks of things, though, it was really starting to calm down in there.

Shadow Ops Building: Canteen: Melethia, Ton Ton

(before everyone split off do to their thing)

Melethia's response to Ton-Ton was rather sedate, which didn't help the message. "Same here, Ton-Ton. Although, it was more me fighting that caused a lot of the dying. That is, a lot of the old clan kept the more skilled members going after dying, so burials weren't really a thing."

Wasn't raising people back from the dead usually a really bad thing? The way Melethia talked about it made it clear that she'd seen it a lot, which didn't say anything good about the people Melethia had been raised around.

Airship Rising Dawn: Slindis' Room: Slindis, Dimitri

The last report was the call to action for Slindis, and she placed her book down while preparing for a rather difficult fight. "That was rather enlightening, Dimitri. I can't let this go on any further; it won't be safe, but should you feel the need to inform someone else that knows, go ahead and do so."

After all, she knew that Rugal wouldn't be holding back. If she could get him to a Shadow Zone, it may throw a wrench into Rugal's plans and give the needed edge.

Rising Dawn: Hanger: Rugal, Slindis

Not long after Dimitri made the call, the AI blanched as he watched Rugal begin cleaning his "New car" with a hose, noting that there was a red fluid seeping into the drain that didn't look like paint...
Either way, When Slindis walked in, she saw the man himself fretting over a small dent in the front bumper.
"Gah, fucking cyclists, thought they could cut me off..." he grumbled until he glanced over his shoulder and noticed the Drow enter.
"Ah, there you are. Now I know you have a few questions so I'll give you the sort version:
One of the leads I tracked down turned into some class of a Shadow Monster. So after I cleaned up, I found he had a set of keys on him and...You don't just don't turn down a free 2013 Pegassi Infernus sports car!"
He lied, as he resumed his buffing out the dents it had collected on the way over here.
"Once I done here, I'll pass on what I learned to Misturu and her Shadow Ops. From there, as long as something asinine doesn't occur, I'm thinking perhaps we could go to that Kabuki Theater, get a bit of culture as well as an excuse to show this bad boy off." He kept rambling wiped a hint of blood off the bonnet.
"...Or if you want, we could just stay in..."

Shadow Operatives Building: Party Room: Jenny, Cadolbolg, Devon, Ella, Garm, Teri
Dimitri did indeed blanch at the thought of Slindis and Rugal having at it (especially when he calculated what this would do to his Creator's emotional levels), and sent a message to his mobile unit right away, in hopes that His Ladyship would know what to do. However, when he ported himself to the screen, the visage on the camera was... Less than what he was expecting.

Laughing at some sort of unheard joke, the Cleric looked down at the screen, and gave a little wave, "'Sup, Dimitri? I'm just chilling here with my buddies!"
The Blue Butler paused for a moment, questioning the morality of his actions for a moment, and then continued, "Uh... Well, your mother said that you were free to leave. That and she needs you in the hangar. It regards your 'mission'. Sadei being in a lengthier form might be pertinent as well. I'd get that done quickly."
"Ah shit, for reals? Alright, me and Garmy here will be on our way. You heard em, Sadei, we need to bust a move. It's been fun, Ells, Devon, Cadolbolg, and Jenny, but we need to bounce! Talk to you guys later."
"Garmy? Also, you're talking kinda funny."
"Sorry, Garm. Stuff must have hit my stomach harder than I thought. Anyways, off to the Rising Dawn hangar. Shouldn't be tooooo far from here."

Mounting up on the wolf, the duo made their way out towards the Rising Dawn, Teri giggling at random thoughts as they went along. In the meantime, Toyotama answered back to Sadei, giggling a little bit herself before hugging what mental form Sadei held in the realm of Teri's mind, "Shiiiiit, Munchkin. Sorry we made you feel bad. Like, for serious. I may be a BITCH, which I will totally admit to being, but you matter to me... Sorta. It's just kinda nice to not be bombarded by worries for once. This stuff kinda numbs things a bit, y'know? Well, there's one creeping in with what Dimitri said, but I feel a lot less fussy than usual..."

As for Cadolbolg, he could only give a little "Aw...." when Devon denied him the drinks, followed by, "Well, maybe the impies would make a real cake? :3"

Shadow Ops Building: Canteen: Melethia, Ton Ton

Ton Ton paused for a moment and added in as best as he could manage, "Uh... people usually stay dead when they die, last I checked. That must have been some powerful magic users if they could bring them back like that..."

This certainly was disconcerting, but the Tonberry knew already that Melethia wasn't very normal to start with. Now, how to get that across nicely?

Shadow Ops Building: David West, Fuuka, Yu

Fuuka gave a small sigh and walked in with the two, "What's happened has happened, Mr. West. There's not much else we can do. If we didn't stop Nyx and Erebus, there would be no place here right now. As for Minato... He did this so we could live. And, while I am doing work at the moment, I do take time out to relax at the end of the day. Us moping about the means will sully his sacrifice for us."

As they were lead into the labs, Fuuka brought them to a vial full of black goo and a... Burger? There was a burger in a container. When Fuuka swept the two around, she pointed to the tube and said, "This, is what was in Akontia's body. It is what we've determined to be the Shadow Virus, in it's purest form. At least, it's viral in nature. The virus, as we've gathered with this, and from a patient brought in, attacks the cells and rapidly causes a necrosis in the areas producing melanin and keratin. This is why the hair and nails fall out. Following that, based on what data we gathered, after the pigmentation is taken care of, the virus goes full tilt and then completely destroys the host, inflaming parts of the brain associated with aggression, and causing a full shut down of the body. With no melanin, there is no protection from the sun, which is why they're bundling themselves up so much;they burn easy, and it makes their eyes sensitive to light. However, the strangest part of the virus, the eyes, is still not solved..."

"My assumption is that those eyes sclera, even with the lacking melanin, is rather a reengineering of the spots on the scelera to produce that effect. A calling card as it were. Nyarlatothep hasn't been said to be modest in his work."

Mitsuru walked in, bearing that same coat as before. Wasn't that woman hot? As she did, she pointed at the cheeseburger, "One of your groups actually found something interesting with this burger. With the sample your group brought in, we analysed this with the virus and found that it contains traces of the virus in all parts of the food item. The meat, the vegetables, even the bread. The virus is heat and moisture resistant, and one of the infection methods is ingestion, which means that it can resist stomach acids. So, in your two trips in this day, we've learned far more about this virus than we ever hoped in a period of weeks. As you can also imagine, we're sending operatives to Wild Duck Burger as we speak. Any questions?"

Shadow Ops Building: David West, Fuuka, Yu, Mitsuru

The second they made the connection between "Duck Burgers" and the Shadow Virus, the only thing David could say was "...Well, when you go to a place called "Wild Duck Burger", you should see something like this coming."
Still, the threat of having a fast food chain be a center for infection was not lost on him.
"If they've been doing this since the first victim, then this is going to quickly blow up into a massive health scare so lets spin it to give us the advantage. Look up all possible Duck-Related diseases, pick one and say there is an outbreak of it due to bad Duck Meat. Then we tell everyone who has consumed one of those burgers to report to a center, run by us, to be treated. Even if we haven't gotten a cure yet, we'll still be able to quarantine any more Infected. If Persona users ARE Immune, then we'll be fine. But keep an eye on the Investigation team. Just in case" He quickly suggested as eyed up the sample burger.

"Got a name for the owner? Think I might pay him a visit and explain to him the merits of good food safety..."

Shadow Operatives Building: Party Room: Jenny, Cadolbolg, Devon, Ella, Garm, Teri

Ella shook her head at Teri's leaving and gave a disappointed farewell. "Teri, you're making up for the shortened night when we get out of here." To be fair, Ella knew from the start that Teri's rest couldn't last for too long.

Tama could still notice how hard it was for Sadei to cheer up, although she certainly tried. "It's no problem... It did keep me away from all of that nasty stuff earlier. But enough about my sentient weapon problems if that's even a thing, it's hard to say with only one being around, we have stuff to do. Let's go, Tama."

It was a quick wave to see Teri off, then the focus from Devon shifted back to Cadolbolg. "They could... any flavor you might want? Somehow, I don't think Ella wants me to leave at all."
Devon then called to the imps to begin making a cake while Ella quickly took Jenny to her room, but the night was winding down for them.

Shadow Ops Building: Canteen: Melethia, Ton Ton

Once again, Melethia was almost unnervingly relaxed as she recounted a bit more on what had happened. "Well, when there's fighting like there was, you had to use everything available. And with them, just because the life had expired didn't necessarily mean the bodies had no use. Heck, it's how I trained. Nothing that bad, and it ensured that some of the dead weight in our number had use. It also kept us trainees motivated."
(See that? That is one of us that was Dead Weight. You'll train against her until you're not Dead Weight, unless you want to be Dead Weight.)
Melethia had been trained by fighting against the undead corpses of her extended family members that had been 'dead weight'? It certainly explained a lot more than Ton-Ton had ever wished to know, and yet it left a lot more to be asked.

Airship Rising Dawn: Slindis' Room: Slindis, Dimitri

SLindis knew it would take some nerve to keep her focus up, but she tried to appeal to Rugal's pride to get him to move along (Ignoring the vehicle which she would try getting rid of when she had the chance) and head closer to the training rooms. "Certainly, Rugal, if you would follow me first? I need to work out some stress myself, and you're the only hand to hand fighter here worth their weight in salt. That is, if you're man enough to do it."

She definitely knew she was playing with fire here, and she was hoping to not get too burned. Worst came to worst, she could still throw down rather well in a fight, and unlike Rugal, she didn't use Ki much in her strikes.

Rising Dawn: Hanger: Rugal, Slindis

Slindis's bluff managed to pry Rugal away from the New love of his life.
"...Ohhhhh, Those are fighting words...A challenge has been issued, it's not like I can say no, especially not to you, my lady..." He added as he finished buffing out the dents and put away the hose.
Relieving Stress? Man enough?...I think she finally might actually be onto me...But does she know I know she's onto me?... He thought as he noticed how uncharacteristically Slindis seemed to be gloating into a fight, marking the start of the mental mind games.
"So tell me: Any particular rule set in mind or just last man standing?" He asked as he began following the Drow, being extremely mindful of what path she would be taking.
Oh Old man, You are in for a show today...

Shadow Operatives Building: Party Room: Jenny, Cadolbolg, Devon, Ella, Garm, Teri

As the party seemed to start winding down, Jenny finally made a late response to Ella's remark.
"alright, alrihgt, i'lwl edgt going then iuf it means so much to yj.a.." She slurred as she began to stand up, thought it was clear that alone was far beyond her capabilities right now.
Still, no more Shadow to harass her any longer so that was a minor win as she began trying to make her way out the room, though at the rate she was doing, she'd be ages before she did that, let alone get out of the building.

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