The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Teri, Garm, Sadei, Slindis

Sadei just made a brief response to Teri that made sure to put emphasis on what she was saying: "Okay, just know that me and Tama will step in if you get too crazy again. If we need to, I'll even contact Ella for help. I'm sure you don't want that, Teri."

And with that, the Cleric opened her bible to a marked passage and began to pray....

Shadow Operatives Building: Party Room: Cutie Bruisers, Devon, Ella, Caim, Angelus

Devon and Ella continued with Caim and Angelus to the meeting room, and It was clear that the little group was in a great mood. "Oh, me, Ton-Ton, and Ella already had the ones that he picked out for us. They really are tasty, so we made sure to save some for later. If you need me to keep an eye on my brothers again, it's no problem."

Ella returned the talk in a quiet whisper to keep it hidden from Cadolbolg (Well, not that it would have mattered, since he was focused on hanging with Devon and Caim), "Ton-Ton did seem a bit on edge from something, but we helped him relax. I think I speak for both me and Devon when I apologize for not heading to Jake's wake until late last night. It was a lot easier helping Devon cope with how she's stopped seeing only bad in her situation."

Ella decided to keep it a bit more secret and contacted Ton-Ton over the Ring, "That and the plan with Devon. I know Cadol told you about it, but it's almost like Devon's getting comfortable with how she is. Maybe she'll try to fight her own way instead of Caim's way, you know?"

After that, they arrived in the Conference room.

Shadow Operatives Building, Conference room Mitsuru, Fuuka, The Crew

Slindis contacted Teri over the rings again to try and calm Teri, because she had the feeling her student would take this news harshly. After all, Slindis had seen the wound: It was a lot worse on the inside, and she knew that Teri wouldn't have had half of the skill needed to heal that up."From what I was able to gather, it was a single clean blow that he took while defending Annie Leonhardt. I saw it, and I doubt even I could have healed up what remained of his organs. I know you're confused and disoriented here, but the most important thing to learn here is that you can't save everyone." Slindis' nod could be seen by Mitsuru, and it was clear that this hadn't been the first time Slindis had heard those words in some form.

"Here's hoping Jake sees the Boss instead of the ex..." Devon would show more emotion, but she'd gotten a lot of it out last night. That and she had the feeling Jake hadn't gotten caught in Ageha's domain from how he acted.

Ella wrapped an arm around Devon's side as she spoke, "Well, me and Devon right here already said our last respects, so I think we should repay him by heading in to finish what he started. Jenny, will you need help in there?" The statement also made it rather clear who Devon was to Kalastryn and Ryan, although it might be a bit odd to explain exactly how it happened.

Melethia was blunt as always when she responded, although she seemed a bit on edge. "I think we should leave that to Akane to handle. Might be the best, although I know a few ways to do a good burial at sea if he wants that. More importantly, we need to find where we're going today. Something to help Cz focus, after all."

Finally, Devon waved to Narukami and quipped back to the rather calm Persona user. "Narukami, did Deadshot really run off again? At least he didn't speed off in a delivery truck this time."

Yu Narukami and co.
Location: Conference room | Shadow Operatives Building | Personaverse.

Nodding along to Mitsuru's talking and hearing Devon, Yu placed the coffee on the table and then moved his hand against his chin, he was thinking. "Indeed he did, I don't know any details at the time but others might, especially those on the Rising Dawn that might have seen him. Does your ship have cameras? You might want to have a look at them." Yu said to Devon, his gray eyes looking upon Devon.

"But, as Mitsuru said, we have a lot to do this day. So either we form a two or three person team to go look for him or we can have all of our focus on the job today." Motioning to a shrug, Yu looked towards the superiors of this operation. "Of course this depends on what everything thinks about what we should do. I myself would like to look for the man, but we have to ask what is more important in this dire situation." He said taking this situation of the missing Deadshot quite seriously, yet Yu didn't really know what relations DS had to the crew.

"But yes, we can only hope he doesn't screw up yet another club." Yu's calm demeanor turned into a more joking state as his face started to smile.

Shadow Operatives Building, Conference room: Rugal/David West

Suddenly, the fact his other side had tried to come onto Akane really felt Rugal guilty, Visible discomfort starting to appear on his face as the details about Jake's death began to sink in.
"...I...See..." He murmured, seems like that Hijacking took a lot of his own drive and vigor out of him.
"Okay...Deadshot I feel should be able to look after himself. After that mess he caused in San Andreas, I hardly believe he'll find much issue staying safe. Unless another Shadow Zone appears in the city..." He added, starting to worry a little for the assassin.
"...Those debit cards you gave us, Think you could track his one? If he was out on the town, he would most likely burn it somewhere."

David then cut in with "That, or you though just get the Traffic Cam footage. He took Rugal's car and I don't think someone wouldn't noti-"
"I have a Car?" Rugal then asked in confusion, Clearly he missed the part where his Shadow stole it off the streets.
"...Well...Yeah, A Pegassi Infernus...Where did you even get that anyway?" The Sniper asked, leaving Rugal with a question he couldn't answer.
"...It...was in...Storage! Yes, After all, There aren't many chances for me to use it..."
His unconvincing answer did little to satisfy David.
"...For how long?..."
"Come now! There are more pressing matters at hand!" Rugal then snapped before getting back to the briefing

Shadow Operatives Building, Conference room: Jenny

Still nursing her Hangover, Jenny was sleepy slumped on the table, going her best to pay attention and failing horribly at it.
-Jenny, will you need help in there?" Ella then asked, spurring her to wake up a little.
"...I'm sorry, what?..."
"She's asking if you need help. The answer to that is always yes! Tch, moron...
"No!...I mean Ye-No....Ummm...W-what would I need help with?..."

Smooth Jenny, REAL smooth.

Location: Conference room |Shadow Operatives Building

Mitsuru | Fuuka | The Crew

Cz sat back down and closed her eyes in annoyance. Her dark black hair draped across her face like tattered curtains, and the edges of her mouth twitched. "Let me rephrase my previous statement." She paused for dramatic effect, "What are we going to do about ending this mess quickly. We have the information, we have what little man power we have left in this team."

She opened here eyes again, and they were calmer, more stable. Yet it seemed as if they were more cold and distant, more machine than human. "And do not confuse me for an android. I am fully functioning, independent and capable of emotional as well as intellectual growth. I may have been synthetic life, but I am by no means unfamiliar with things like love, loss, and loyalty." Cz settled in her chair and kept her steely eyes on Mitsuru. "What do you want us to do to end this fight."

Shadow Operatives Building, Conference room Mitsuru, Fuuka, The Crew

Teri didn't respond to Slindis after she got a rundown of what happened to Jake, rather, her expression hardened and gained a more stony look to it; her grip on Sadei tightening quietly as she listened to their superiors. If the Shadow Realms were able to kill Authors that easily, she'd have to be on her guard. However, on the inside, Sadei and Toyotama could already sense that the death of Jake hit the Cleric hard, and she was doing all that she could to not show much more emotion than already being displayed....

As for Fuuka, she looked ready to argue further with Cz, but a look from Mitsuru seemed to make the girl pause, and the red-hair woman began, her gaze fixed upon the strange mix between human and robot, "If we had the answer for the quickest solution and all of the information needed about the virus, Philemon wouldn't have called in for your help in resolving matters. What we have are leads based upon the evidence you've gathered, coupled with the data gained from the analysis of said data in our labs. It's touch and go from there. We're doing what we can, with what we have; and I would ask that you be less belligerent to my Operatives in the meantime. Getting this done as soon as possible is something all of us want here. Are we clear?"

There was a silence that fell over the room, and for the briefest moment, the party could see the smallest hint of indigence on the woman's face. Even if she seemed calm for the most part, it was clear in that moment that she too was feeling the toll of this fight against their foe. However at the mention of more questions, as well as Narukami's suggestion for the investigation, Mitsuru spoke up again, the moment passed and the cool head of the leader taking over again, "Actually, Narukami-san, searching for Deadshot is coterminous to one of the locations you will be investigating today.

Due to evidence gathered by the parties who were outside of the Shadow Zone yesterday, the Club Escapade in Paulownia Mall has come under suspicion for possibly having ties to the spread of the virus. On one of the victims of the virus that was brought in by the aforementioned Deadshot and Akane, there was a matchbook from that club. That, along with the incidents recorded there the day prior, testimony from those who investigated there, as well as tips gained from Tanaka; there may be additional ties to Nyarlatothep's forces at that location."

Fuuka spoke up at this point, and connected her laptop to the projector, showing a news report about a recent automobile accident. There was a vehicle as David described, horribly plunged into a light pole, the once beautiful exterior wrecked by the structure, "Way ahead of you. It's part of the reason we gave you those cards, so they could be traced later in case one of you disappeared. This vehicle, which we've also recorded on our cameras as being on to arrive and depart near our building the night prior, as well as data from Deadshot's credit card show that he was near the Paulownia Mall previously, at Club Escapade no less. If he has a penchant for alcohol, which I'm guessing might be a yes, considering he hit a local establishment not long after arriving here; that'd be the location in the area to get drinks from. The thing that bothers me however, given that a car was recently rammed into the back of the store, is how the Club decided to still take Patrons at all... It's really suspicious, if you ask me."

Fuuka looked up from her laptop after that, and her eyes fell on Kalastryn, who had asked about Philemon and gave a perplexed nod of acknowledgement; "Huh, I don't remember seeing you at the initial briefing... Anyways, Philemon is the one who originally created the power of Persona, at least, that's what we've come to understand. He was the one who told us about your group, and said he'd help us fight against this stew of trouble we've found ourselves in. And, he's the one who brought the Rising Dawn here. I don't really know what he told your group, but I can only guess he'll send your airship and your crew back to wherever it was before you came here. Seeing that you all were people from another world entirely, we didn't ask too many questions to the crew members about your place of origin. I'm sorry that I presumed you all came from the same place. I guess, whenever you guys see Philemon again, he'll answer that for you. Now, I believe you were going to speak about the other places of investigation, Mitsuru-san?"

The woman with the red hair gave a small nod and continued, "Yes, as I was saying... Additionally, we have gained concise evidence last night that ties the establishment 'Wild Duck Burger' as a place where the virus is being spread among the people. One of the groups that investigated the establishment found that the food contained there was a source of propagation among the populace. It is here and Club Escapade we will ask to divide your forces; as they are the most volitile to handle at the present. Afterwards, we'll meet at a rendezvous and let you know about the findings gathered at the third location. It'll be the one our forces will be combing while you investigate those two; the residence of a deceased victim found yesterday, Yutaro Yamamoto.

Depending upon where you go, your objectives will vary. If you go to Club Escapade, your's will be to find how it is still functioning, as well as recovering Deadshot.
If you are to go to Wild Duck Burger, the owner of the establishment, Nise Mono, is to be brought in for questioning, as well as a sweep of the building."

A photograph of a middle aged woman with a bun and a pair of shades appeared on the projection screen, bearing the uniform of the aforementioned restaurant chain. The combination of clothes looked a bit odd, but they certainly made her distinct. After a moment to let the image sink in, Mitsuru closed with,

"We've already set up a police quarantine of both areas, so as far as we know, a civilian shouldn't be able to make their way in. However, do be on the lookout in case someone managed to sneak in. That being said, both investigations are liable to be dangerous, and the possibility of a generator being present with either side is high; especially in Wild Duck Burger. I would advise you split your resources evenly among the two groups. Are there any questions before you divide yourselves up?"

The Night Before

Rising Dawn, Jenny's Room - Dreamscape: Jenny, Jake
Jenny was a more than a little stunned, there was no doubt in her mind that it was Jake who she was talking to, he did have a way with words.
"...Y-you're not mad?...I-...." She stammered, competely taken off guard by what Jake was saying.
"...Just...I only wanted to help Cz, she was having nightmares...And then that...THING (Death Persona) showed up and..." She added as a knot got caught in her throat.
"...I...just can't help but feel...that if I did something know?...But...What do I tell Akane? She's been crushed by what happened..."

Jake smiled softly. "Just do what you always do. Be there for her to cry on. Smack her around a bit, tell her to get her shit back together. Oh, and don't let her burn the world down. She might do that. Probably. But yeah, she'll be okay eventually, she's going through a tough time without her knights. Angelus and Caim should help her as well, if not drag Angelus into helping you."

He finished his cup of tea and placed it back on the table before getting up and putting his jacket on. "Oh yeah, that hangover is gonna suck in the morning. Lot's of water when you wake up. I gotta go now, you'll be right Jenny. You're stronger than you think and kinder than you know. Keep up the good work. Gokigenyou!"

With that, the Dead Author faded away as he walked off, leaving the Pokemon to think and enjoy the peaceful meadow until the morning came.

Rising Dawn, Akane's Room: Akane
The announcement woke the sleeping Kitsune, who instantly decided she would not attend. Instead, she made her way to her ensuite and had a vigorous shower. A full hour later she emerged, tails and hair shampooed, conditioned and groomed for the day. In the closet she found a clean kimono, this one plain white with an orange flame pattern on it. As she put it on and then started to gather her belongings and weapons she stopped, looking at Jake's pile of gear. Placing her swords into her obi she made her way to the pile. The sword She, Aftan and Gabs had found for him in the Spirit Realm, his twin pistols, his rifle, military belt and pouches, and finally his hat. She pondered for a short moment as she ran her hand down the longsword's length. She wouldn't have any ranged attacks outside of a Shadow Zone as her fireballs could not be summoned at will.

Shaking her head just a tiny bit, she picked up one of the pistols and removed it from it's holster and placed it in her obi at the base of her tails. The gun felt heavy and cold yet comforting at the same time. She also picked up his longsword and placed it in her obi on her right, opposite her Katana/Tanto pair. Finally ready she headed out to the hanger, stopping by the canteen for breakfast.

All she had to do now was wait for the others to arrive and join whichever group had a higher chance of letting her release her anger on an enemy involved in causing Jake's death.

Shadow Operatives Building, Conference room Rugal

Lord oh lord, this meeting couldn't get anymore awkward as Rugal heard about both that car he rammed into Club Escapade and the other car he stole ending up in a wreck.
"...They are still open?...That is strange..." He said for the sake of sounding proactive as well as silently hoping that if he was to go there that he wouldn't be recognized.
Suddenly, he remembered something his Shadow had picked up as he pulled out his PDA.
"This just came to mind, yesterday when I was..."Investigating" Mr. Skin, I received a message from an unknown source. I'm sending over a copy now." He said to the Shadow Ops before forwarding a list of Rising Dawn names to them.
"We'll need to be extra careful, they know who we are and why we are here. I'm going to have our own AI's run a scan to see if they can track down the sender, you might want to do the same." He then said, Ensuring that I didn't just leave that plot thread hanging.

Shadow Operatives Building, Conference room David West

The sight of the ruined Pegassi Infernus brought about a great sense of despair in David.
"...Oh....God Why?....A Pegassi Infernus!?! Oh, when I find you Deadshot, I am going to slap you silly!" He exclaimed, seemingly more concerned about the car then anything else, though to his credit, it was a REALLY nice car.
"...Right, I'm going to the Club and Finding Deadshot. Either he's much more depraved then I thought or he's in trouble because that's a War Crime right there. And I know war crimes!" He stated to the group, recalling how he's still most likely going to be shot on sight if he ever entered Russia again.

Shadow Operatives Building, Conference room Jenny

Jenny's entire train of thought was derailed when Akane walked into the conference, the Haze of her Booze induced illness fading as she recalled Jake's words last night.
"So what if Jake doesn't blame you? I bet she still does. Go on, ask her? Hell, you've let to even talk to her about it!" Jabbed her Shadow, needing to re-establish control after Jake helped shake her grip on the Pokemon.
And they were successful, Jenny looking down at the floor as her friend entered the room.

Shadow Operatives Building, Conference room Mitsuru, Fuuka, The Crew

Devon was the first to speak up after what Mitsuru had said; after all, there was no way she was heading back into that desecration of perfectly good beef. "Heads-up to anyone heading to the burger joint: I wouldn't be surprised by more than a few people that managed to sneak in. After all, there were large crowds there yesterday to eat garbage that makes McDonalds seem gourmet."

Slindis nodded at Devon's information. After all, a broken clock had to be right some of the time. "So you're saying there's going to be a bit more difficulty there, Bard? If that's true, then that's where I'm headed. I'd rather have the comfort of having at least one precise person on that mission." If nothing else, Slindis knew exactly what she needed to do.

Melethia followed up with an interjection of her own. "Working in one of those food places now? Bah, sounds better working conditions than that club, and I know that there's bound to be something else up there." Although she did seem to have energy, Melethia's blunt statement was met with a concerned look from Slindis.

Ella noted Jenny's dejected state, placing a hand on her shoulder to try and help comfort her. "Jenny, we'll back you up today. Just open up for a bit, would you? We aren't going to judge you, you know. There's no reason for all of that paranoia." After all, it was clear that something was still eating the Gardevoir up.

Devon was staying on top of things as well when she talked to the dejected Jenny. "Speaking of, Jenny, how about we head to find Deadshot? I'd feel more comfortable with you backing up up there. If it gets dangerous in there, I can still heal in a pinch. It'd also smell better than that nonsense they called a burger store. Well, that and I've already saved Deadshot twice; let's make it a hat trick." She also nodded to Narukami, making it clear that she was going to search for Deadshot.

The pointed look from Ella also made it clear that she was going to keep a very close eye on Devon this time.

Finally, Devon tossed a tentative question to Akane over the rings in the hopes that the Kitsune would hear others out. "Akane, if you don't mind me asking you, would you mind heading with me and Ella to find Deadshot? I completely understand if you don't want to head out, but I know we'd all feel better if you were there for us."

Shadow Operatives Building, Conference room Mitsuru, Fuuka, The Crew
Akane inwardly swore at herself. She had mistakenly walked through the hanger and into the briefing room in the Shadow Operatives building. Now she would have to deal with the crew AND her feelings. Leaning against the wall next to the door she crossed her arms before apologizing, though her voice lacked any emotion.

"I am sorry I am late. Do not bother yourselves explaining it to me. I only wish to go with one group... The one that has the highest chance of causing harm to our enemies."

She heard Devon over the rings and had to stop and look at her before replying. Akane still wasn't used to the Author being female. Her voice turned cold. "As long as it leads to our enemies, then yes. If he disappeared to go drinking or personal reasons, I could not care less."

Shadow Operatives Building, Conference room Jenny

"What is there to judge? I'm fine, just still rather tried is all." Jenny said as Ella and Devon began asking what team she would be on.
"I was half thinking of going to the Burger place. Just if there is a need for a rescue, I don't think I'd be much good at it. Besides, someone needs to man that angle, least something slip though." She added, brushing her hair behind her ear a little, mostly to give her body something to do.
"Yeah, I mean, Deadshot isn't you, He's a highly trained, if drunk and un-washed, soldier! You didn't even get into Med School!".
Once again with the firm insight from her Shadow, She never did get her license..

Finally turning to Akane, she bit her lip a little and said "Well...I think the Burger Place might have some of the ringleaders. This Nise Mono was one of the people spreading the Virus over the city. I mean, it'd what Jake woul-"
She froze instantly at her error, the only thoughts going though her mind was the slow clap of her taunting dark side.

Shadow Operatives Building, Conference room Akane
Akane gave Jenny a smile, albeit a sad one. "Yes, Jake would have wanted to strike at the top. He would probably allow his friends to ask questions first. I intend to do no such thing, so taking me to an investigation rather than an attack would be silly. At least if I find that useless assassin I can remind him of why we are here. Certainly not for partying anymore..."

Akane was clearly not prepared to help the investigations. She wanted one thing.


Shadow Operatives Building, Conference room Jenny

"Jenny, could you please remember what I said last night? This won't help you at all." She said it with a smile on her face, but she knew that someone would have to try and keep an eye on Jenny. Since she would have to be keeping an eye on Devon to make sure her bard actually tried to be careful today, she guessed that paladin might be the best fit. It was that or give Teri even more to stress about.

"Slindis, would you mind keeping an eye on Jenny? She's really being eaten up by something, and I really don't like the feeling of what might happen next."

The contact from the demi-succubus was certainly unusual, but Slindis at least heard her out. "So, right up there with my daughters and Rugal? Well, Rugal's gotten better, but I'll keep Jenny in mind."

Devon was a bit shocked at how little warmth was in Akane's message but did her best to recover in her response. "Odds are that we're running into fighting either way with Deadshot, but it's your call. After all, these leads do come in the most unusual places... Just please, don't think we don't feel for your losses."

To help her recover, Devon then went to Ryan and Annie. "Ryan, Annie, could you two please try to focus on the big thing here? After all, we are here to help them out. I mean, I don't know what your history was, but it might help more to focus on this virus going around here." As usual since her change, Devon was holding Ton-Ton somewhat closely but not too tightly in hope that the shifters would try to be a bit more civil.

Apologies for the absence: Holidays...

Airship Rising Dawn | Dreamscape: Constance, Jake
Prior to Resumption of the Arc:

Constance's cat ears seemed to lay flat against the top of her head as she considered the choices that had been presented to her by Jake's spirit. She almost considered accepting his offer to rid her of this dream and the memory of how she had received her sister's cat ears but in the end, the choice was no longer hers.

As the three, Bast, Constance and Jake awaited the Sorrowfeld vampire's decision, another mind, familiar to Jake in scope as a power equal to his, appeared and drew the three into another place or time.


*Scratch Scratch Scratch Scratch*

Darkness. The was all the trio saw, as if darkness had engulfed the world and made it its own and yet as their eyes adjusted, the three saw that it was not darkness in which they stood. There must have been millions of millions of twinkling lights that surrounded them and as one of the lights died, another rose to take its place.

*Scratch Scratch Scratch Scratch*

"Wh-where are we?" Constance asked, her voice barely a hint of a whisper but it was loud enough for all to perceive, especially the source of the scratching noise, which ceased as soon as Constance spoke.

"Not supposed to be here. Not supposed to be here." Muttered a quiet and feminine voice from the center of the Twightlight Room before the scratching noise began once again.

As Bast, Constance and Jake approached the source of the voice, they noted a figure seated at a table and though they could not see any of the figure's features, they could tell that whomever it was it was female. Without looking up from what she was doing, the woman spoke once again.

"The three approached the writer. But they were not supposed to be there." The voice muttered as she continued - writing, the scratching sound was the sound of an old and worn quill against the manuscript paper upon which she wrote. She paused for a moment, as if listening to an unheard voice.

"Yes - yes! There should be a purpose for everything, even if they did come here accidentally." The woman said as she continued to write, "But - but - but what is their purpose for being here?"

"Is she talking to herself?" Constance asked Jake, of whom she knew suffered from bouts of madness.

"Is - she - talking - to - herself?" The woman's voice echoed Constance's own as she continued to scrawl upon the paper before pausing once again to listen to the unheard voice.

"Send them away? It's too soon? Are you sure?" She asked again, this time the three could make out her accent, "Oh - alright."


"Wait! Don't send us away!" Constance yelled before realizing that they were back in the rustic setting that Jake had created.



Airship Rising Dawn | Constance's Quarters: Constance



The alarm was sent flying across the room as Constance woke with a start, the dream that she experienced was still fresh in her mind. Constance considered trying to go back to sleep, were it not for a light knocking at her door, followed by the door opening without the visitor being invited.

"Wake up. We have a meeting to attend." The Hunter stated to Constance and as he turned to leave, he paused for a moment before turning to address the Vampire once again,"And do not leave the Airship again without informing me."

Without another word or allowing Constance to reply, Som left.

Will Resume Arc in next post. Just need to catch up first.

Yu Narukami and co.
Location: Conference room | Shadow Operatives Building | Personaverse.

Nodding along to Fuuka and Mitsuru, Yu was finding the club to be more needed to him.
"No questions here ma'am, I'll tag along with the Club crew." Yu said to the two women besides him with a small smile. "Now, Mitsuru-san, before the rest are ready, is there any other information we need before we depart?" Yu tried to get any information out of her, just so he could be prepared to the situation. The gut in this case says something is going to go bad, just like always.

The Lone Wanderer & Jack the Reaper.
Location: Snowy Graveyard | Purgatory.

After a long cold time which felt almost like eternity, the Wanderer started to walk off, his breath revealing in the air. "Well ... this has been enlightening Mr. Reaper. Now, I need to get moving as I always will. I will keep sending the souls to you and you ... you just don't come near me again. I haven't died before and I don't plan to until my world is purified. Good day." The Wanderer's sarcasm bled out in the last two words, yet the snow was getting deeper but the path remained clear of snow.

Shadow Operatives Building, Conference room David West

Sensing Annie's annoyance with the New Guy, David interjected "Here, Mind watching my back while we get Deadshot? That bastard can be a right pain in the ass if he wants to be and he might be a bit more relaxed with someone who hasn't blown the side of his face off."
If he was going to find Deadshot in the middle of a drunken stupor, the one with the minor healing factor could come in handy.

Shadow Operatives Building, Conference room Jenny

Jenny was a little uncomfortable about just how much Ryan seemed to be taking a fancy to her, that along with the attention she was getting from Ella made her feel like she in the spotlight, right where she didn't want to be.
"I told you, I'm fine. Just just hazed is all...Now shall we be off? I'd like to head to the Medical Bay to get something for my head before we leave."

Man, I am having REALLY bad luck with Blocks recently :/

Shadow Operatives Building, Conference room Mitsuru, Fuuka, The Crew

Overhearing her mother's decision of positioning, Teri spoke up out-loud, "Mum, since you're going with those at the Burger place, I'll go to the club. That way, both sides have someone who can do the bulk of the healing. Garm, you with me?"

The wolf barked, and answered aloud (as well as letting all know the wolf had gained the gift of speech), "Naturally, Tear-ri. Where you go, I go as well. There is no question of that."

Following that, her eyes turned to Annie and Ryan, having being acknowledged by name and her voice entered their mind via the rings, sounding tired and far colder than her usual self, a far cry from the confident voice she used moments ago, "You called for me? Please, tell me this business quickly. I'd rather it not lead to any more accidents later, as silenced words are wont to be around here."

Angelus and Caim listened quietly and the two went over it before answering, "If it's probable that there will be someone to bring in, a little extra muscle never hurt. I'll go to the Wild Duck Burger."
"As shall I. Besides, a nose such as my own might be able to sniff out something aside from filthy food."
"Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, stay with Devon, hmn? You're sister appreciates your support, as you can see... Do try to make it look like it was your decision though."

The Cutie Bruisers gave the smallest of nods, and Ton Ton was the first to speak to the Bard, "I know you spent a lot of time with Cadolbolg last time, how about I go with you this time? Galahad would probably be keen to aid if we had to go in to some dark place for Deadshot."

Cadolbolg burst in not a moment too soon and answered, "I'm coming to rescue the Deadshot guy too! I'll cut down the bad guys for you!"

Well, at least Cadolbolg could be counted upon to be a bright light in the gloom that was the group. Whether that was due to blind ignorance or a cheerful disposition was up in the air.

Shadow Operatives Building | Conference Room: The Crew
Constance Sorrowfeld:

The Sorrowfeld Vampire had been listening to the briefing in silence, her mind concentrating more on grasping onto the fragments of her dream/vision that was slowly fading from her memory, like all the other visions she had witnessed since arriving in this realm. She remembered a room surrounded by stars(?) or some sort of lights. She remembered a forest and Bast being there. She remembered someone else -

"Yes, Jake would have wanted to strike at the top. He would probably allow his friends to ask questions first. I intend to do no such thing, so taking me to an investigation rather than an attack would be silly. At least if I find that useless assassin I can remind him of why we are here. Certainly not for partying anymore..."

The Kitsune's statement penetrated the Cat Ear wearing Vampire's train of thought and derailed it, bringing her back into the present, where she needed to be. Remembering what she had studied in looking at the personnel files, Constance remembered the Akane and Jake were close and though Akane could have been considered a Jake's creation, there was a note in the file from a previous occupant of the Airship that stated that Akane more a construct within Jake's mind, whatever that meant.

"I'll go to look for Deadshot also." Constance blurted out suddenly without knowing why she would volunteer to go back into what was sure to be another combat situation. Looking over at Som, she noted his surprise at her decision.

"I can't hide forever." She said as she retrieved a Blood Box from Teddy and began sipping on the tepid blood nervously. Glancing at the rest of the bunch, she noted that Akane was not the only one to feel that the time for investigations was over.

"What are we going to do about ending this mess quickly. We have the information, we have what little man power we have left in this team."

It seemed that the Kitsune was not the only one who was spoiling for a fight.

Som Waterford:

Som had indeed been surprised by his captive's sudden decision towards going to Club Escapade, a decision that he secretly hoped had been made wisely as one that would allow her to assist the crew in the most optimal manner possible. As tempted as the Hunter was to join the same group to observe the Vampire, he remembered the instructions to divide their resources carefully.

"I believe that leaves me to go to Wild Duck Burger." The Hunter noted as he checked his belongings to ensure his equipment had been stored in its proper place on his body, the Hunter doing his own mental preparations. As he did so, the Hunter came to realization that it was neither his mind nor his body that needed to be checked, rather it was his combat readiness that needed to be reinforced, especially since he had been lax with his daily training regime and generous in imbibing drink.

"If you will excuse me, I will be in the training rooms until we are ready to depart."

Kala let out a sigh as Fuuka answered her question. One who could create any sort of magic would have to be either godly powerful or a god themselves. She pondered for a moment on the "not being at the initial briefing" portion. She had a bad habit of being left behind huh? Then again she couldn't complain... inter-planar travel seemed commonplace with her by now. She remembered an actual visit to "Shavarath" the hellish plane of her home.

Was that place really home anymore however? She had countless adventures there that shaped who she was more than anything else... hell, she was so calm facing her shadow because she's done something of the sort before. Of course she always remembered the bad times there... but there were good times as well. Though she was an unwanted hero for certain, there started to be occasions where thanks and apologies were given. Then, congratulations and semi-decent payment. Though she has such a habit and a half of lingering on the way people treated her, she was all too proud of how she treated them. There came a time where Stormreach was under attack again, and the city wasn't choosing their allies as picky as they usually were. Despite all the infernal sin running through her veins, she never acted upon it.

There certainly was a time she could have.

She remembered tagging along with Nelle Gann in an attempt to find her brother Natt, who vanished.

At this point her shadow returned to chime in. "Yeah... we've been through the ringer huh? We were actually there... when stormreach was attacked by Shavarath... o' course no one remembers much about it. Time travel must be a very strange thing. You had such an opportunity to do whatever you pleased and no one would be the wiser amidst the chaos. Hell, that's why-" she cut her shadow off with her mind. "Why I was there, I know... I was there years later as a spy... but people were quick to discover me..."

"Then we started playing the innocent victim of a curse that spans generations... worked to great effect too.

"Of course... I used to be a very great actor... though oh how my act became reality. I met Melethia in a rather run down old tavern, such a pleasant girl then... after going through the Chronoscope with Tremas and Nelle... seeing everything that happened at the hands of who I assumed I couldn't escape being my kin... I couldn't let that happen. Not to people who were so innocent, even if only at times."

"Innocent?? YEAH RIGHT! You saw everything they did to you. Hell you FELT everything they did to you, "anyone who can pick up a stick and swing it" isn't that what we told that overgrown Kobold back when you shed that stupid disguise?! Murder is still murder despite the race of the victim, and some people tried to prey on you on a daily basis!!"

Her shadow had a point. They were right, but they were also wrong.

".... You've certainly a fair point that I can't fully deny. But there were those also who decided instead to put their swords away and sit 'round the table right? Mele became no way an incapable fighter, yet she and her mother both remained not only my ally, but my friend... that's despite the fact her mother was not only a paladin, and most paladins reveling in the chance to kill one such as us... but a paladin of the silver flame, who hated creatures like us beyond hatred, to the point of destroying us whenever given the chance. She was different though. Where others of her clergy would offer the sharp end of a sword she offered an ally and friend. Would you prefer the both of them, and all those we've met who'd had such an open mind and heart towards us, die in another invasion? Even the most repressed emotions I've ever had-"

"- Wouldn't wish such a thing... you understand us so well, despite really facing me only but a day ago..."

With all that resolved in her mind, she spoke to Mitsuru. "If I could opt out of searching that sewer of a "restaurant" again, I'd really like to, eh, still... I guess your in charge here aren't you? If you find it necessary I guess I'll go... still, I guess since both parties will converge at the end, there's little point in being picky about where to start... if I may though, I'd prefer to be alongside Slindis if it's not a bother. I know that catching up on recent events on a job isn't always the best route, but it seems to be that the only time any of us have is spent working on something, and as we've worked together even before we joined the rising dawn, it could be beneficial working with the most familiar cohorts." she let out with a sigh.

Shadow Operatives Building, Conference room Akane
Devon was a bit shocked at how little warmth was in Akane's message but did her best to recover in her response. "Odds are that we're running into fighting either way with Deadshot, but it's your call. After all, these leads do come in the most unusual places... Just please, don't think we don't feel for your losses."

Akane's voice returned with a bit more warmth in it, but still cold and detached. "I... Thank you. I know. I will stick with Jenny, she needs someone to help her more than I do by the looks of things. I... I will be fine with time. I think."

Sensing Annie's annoyance with the New Guy, David interjected "Here, Mind watching my back while we get Deadshot? That bastard can be a right pain in the ass if he wants to be and he might be a bit more relaxed with someone who hasn't blown the side of his face off."
If he was going to find Deadshot in the middle of a drunken stupor, the one with the minor healing factor could come in handy.
"Before you go David-san, could you do me a favour? Jake left me his weapons and I need to learn how to use one of the little ones." Akane asked as she stood up off the wall she was leaning on.

Jenny was a little uncomfortable about just how much Ryan seemed to be taking a fancy to her, that along with the attention she was getting from Ella made her feel like she in the spotlight, right where she didn't want to be.
"I told you, I'm fine. Just just hazed is all...Now shall we be off? I'd like to head to the Medical Bay to get something for my head before we leave."
"Oh good Jenny, David-san and I will accompany you. Shall we head now then?" The Kitsune said, her words more of a statement than a question.

The Lone Wanderer & Jack the Reaper.
Location: Snowy Graveyard | Purgatory.

After a long cold time which felt almost like eternity, the Wanderer started to walk off, his breath revealing in the air. "Well ... this has been enlightening Mr. Reaper. Now, I need to get moving as I always will. I will keep sending the souls to you and you ... you just don't come near me again. I haven't died before and I don't plan to until my world is purified. Good day." The Wanderer's sarcasm bled out in the last two words, yet the snow was getting deeper but the path remained clear of snow.

"...I hope to not see you again here soon. You should be thankful I do not get to judge..." Jack growled. Then he left, the Wanderer was none of his business anymore and nothing further would come out of their confrontation.

Shadow Operatives Building, Conference room Rugal

Once the teams were beginning to take shape, Rugal finally made up his mind about which team he was on.
"Well, I have little intent to return to that dump, even if I have to slum it at this "Duck Burger". Even the name is unappealing..." He said as he made his way over to Slindis and Melethia, forcing a small smile at the pair.
"Basic arrest and search, what could go wrong?..." He joked, most likely cursing their entire efforts as a result.

Shadow Operatives Building, Conference room David West/Jenny

"...Right, I'm just going to take the easy option and not ask what that was about..." David remarked as he watched the confrontation between Annie and her author as he looked at his team, finding it somewhat amusing that he was the "Eldest" of the lot.
"Alright everyone, Now, if he's anything like me, Deadshot will most likely be extremely hungover. This will either make this job extremely easy or extremely hard. If hell hath no fury like a Woman scorned, then...Um...A guy with a Hangover is worse?...Look, I don't make speeches often, that's Blondie's (Rugal) Job, just be careful, all I'm saying." He said before Akane asked him for some weapon's training as well as overhearing Jenny's requests for some medicine.
"Ladies, Follow me. I'll set up a small shooting range for Akane and get Jenny a Paririe Oyster. I'll meet the rest of all downstairs after." He then said, leading Jenny to ask...
"...What on earth is a Paririe Oyster?..." She asked before David and Akane began to drag her (Metaphorically) out of the room in order for him to shove that concoction down her throat (Literally).

((Jakeman: you can skip to the Range))

Shadow Operatives Building, Conference room David West/Jenny/Akane

"...What on earth is a Paririe Oyster?..." Jenny asked before David and Akane began to drag her (Metaphorically) out of the room in order for him to shove that concoction down her throat (Literally).

The sober pair merely shared a knowing look before laughing. One funny trip to the canteen later that won't be spoken of ("Oh the look on your face!"), the trio ended their journey in one of the Dawn's training rooms set up for the shooters onboard. A small 25 metre range with 4 booths, it was enough for those onboard to keep their eye in when things were quiet. Not that it ever was...

Akane laid Jake's, no, her pistol on the bench and stood to the side, tails flicking around a little anxiously as she waited for David to show her how to work the M1911A1. "Anno, it has been made to never run out of ammunition, if I am remembering right. Otherwise it is normal." She said quietly as she fiddled with the heavy longsword in her obi.

Jake's sword. Her sword. Hers.

It just didn't feel right. He would come back, he couldn't just die and be gone, right?

Rising Dawn: Firing Range: David West, Jenny, Akane

After "Curing" Jenny, David was chuckling all the way to the Firing Range.
"Oh man, They don't teach you that in Med school!...Well...Actually...Still, twas an experience, Aye?" He joked to the Gardevoir, his "Elixir" having done wonders for her Hangover, though she felt sick in a different way now.
"...That was better then medicine?..." She groaned, still reeling from the taste it left in her mouth.
But I digress, back to the Training.

"Ah....The Browning 1911...This gun has stood up to the test of time. It was first made in 1924 and is still one of the most widely used side arms-...Wait-Unlimited ammo?..." David asked, confused and rather interested in finding out if that was the case or not.
"...*Ahem* anyway, I could go on about all the dynamics of Aiming and Recoil, but I'd just bore the both of us to death. For now, lets just get to the basic "Bangy Shooty" side of things. Now do as I do." He said before pulling out his M500, firmly gripping the gun with both hands before firing a single shot though the paper target's head.
"Just un-holster it, hold it with both hands for full stability and control, Point it at the target, lining up the grooves on the top of the barrel with where you want to hit them. Then squeeze the trigger. If you are able to use a sword, then the kickback should barely affect you. Go on, give it a try." He stated, going though the motions himself for her to understand.

Jenny meanwhile leaned against one of the walls, while she did feel sick from that horrible "Cure", it did seem Akane was starting to cheer up a little...

Rising Dawn: Firing Range: David West, Jenny, Akane
Akane nodded at the instructions and watched David like a hawk in his demonstrations with his much larger pistol. She picked the 1911 up in her right hand, after all that was her dominant hand and that was what David was using. She mimicked his grip, bringing her left hand up underneath the butt of the pistol to hold it like a teacup. It just didn't feel right and she shuffled the gun about a bit in her grip. David noticed and sighed, holstering his own pistol.
"Here Akane, let's run you through the entire basics. I guess it is quite different from swords and fireballs hah."

And so David spent 5 minutes running the Kitsune through the basics of gun safety and shooting. He gulped before having to change her stance, but once he got that done and helped her adjust her grip, he could nearly feel the Kitsune starting to give off a warm feeling again, not her cold detached feel from earlier.
"Right, now all you have to do is look down the sights. Put your target into focus and the rear sights will focus up too. Get the sights lined up and squeeze, don't pull, the trigger. It'll be loud too."

Akane nodded and looked at her target, breathed out and squeezed the trigger. The gun recoiled in her hands and even though she was expecting it, she still let out a squeak of surprise.
"Looking good Akane, nice shot in the kill zone. Do it again, and don't close your eyes this time!"

Akane kept shooting. Her groupings were terrible but she was hitting the target at least.

Rising Dawn: Firing Range: David West, Jenny, Akane

David watched on, she wasn't going to enter the Army Ranger Wing anytime soon, but she had a fallback if she needed it.
"Alright, you got the gist of it. Now, how about some moving targets, eh?" He asked as he set up the targets to begin moving from left to right as well as up and down.
"Now, I'm just going to assume that because you are 500 years old, You've seen a fair bit of combat, including experience with moving targets. Take what you've learned and shoot them down. But don't think too much about it, Just imagine you are using your fireballs instead of a pistol and remember: Unlimited ammo. Spamming bullets can still be extremely effective in the sense of landing a hit or just making it harder for your enemy to attack. Give them Hell, 'Kane." He said before letting the Kitsune get to work, though he was thinking how much easier his life would be with unlimited ammo.

Jenny meanwhile, despite all the crap she's lived though, never could get used to gunfire so she was a little startled as well, but after that shock wore off, she kept watching Akane try to hit the targets.
...Maybe I should take up firearms?... She thought, Even with Akane's mistakes, it didn't seem too hard...

Yu Narukami and co.
Location: Conference room | Shadow Operatives Building | Personaverse.

Noticing everyone leaving or doing their own thing, Yu Narukami's attention went on Ryan.
Yu did not know this person and to him it would serve some good to know him. Especially since the person looked like a lizard on the outside and Yu had experience handling weird forms of animals, his thoughts went back to his old friend of Teddie. Yu now wondered if Ryan was just like Teddie in a way.

Walking over to Annie and Ryan, Yu introduced himself. "Hello, my name is Yu Narukami, I handle natural persona users. I do believe we have not met?"

The Lone Wanderer & Jack the Reaper.
Location: Snowy Graveyard | Purgatory.

"I go as I please Reaper, that is my title. As for a judge, only something higher then the tallest skies can become mine, someone who can actually manage to kill me!" The voice of the Wanderer called back, the supernatural wind only growing stronger, sweeping snow, blocking almost all sight of the Wanderer. When it had settled down, no body was there and no path remained. It seemed this place wanted to show the Wanderer something, be it good or bad.

To the Wanderer, the globe of windy snow surrounded him. Thankfully the helmet he wore kept it out of his eyes, yet no matter how much armour or clothing he wore, the cold would keep seeping into his body. Breathing as he did let out me visible cold air. Until suddenly the snow faded away like an illusion revealing a destination. Gaining a look back he didn't see his original starting point or the annoying Reaper.

"It's like they think they're Angels or something ... " The Wanderer quietly said to himself as is arms were kept folded to keep the cold away, even if it was useless, it was more because of habit.

Looking at the Church, he kept walking, there were no doors, as if this was here before the concept of doors were invented. Gaining access to the inside, there was more snow, more wandering souls. "No roof." He simply said. Walking on there were broken seats, pillars and even a ancient tablet or two. The wandering souls looked more like a Christian community, pretending to be sitting down on broken pews, one was even preaching.

The sight was nothing new to the Wanderer, except this was a actually Christian church sermon. The closest thing to this moment to the Wanderer was the sermons he saw in Rivet city and many other religions that seemed to be based or at least inspired by the religion. Being someone of the faith due to his mother and father, the Wanderer tried to pick up a sit-able pew and listen in.

"My brothers and sisters, I beseech you to listen in and come hither!
We're in the midst of the storm of our time.
Our efforts may or may not be for naught, but we must seek to be forgiven by our Lord God.
For his Angels descend from the Heavens.
Thou does not know why they are, but we must remain vigilant and ever faithful so that our outcome will be for the betterment of the future.
Come my brothers and sisters!

The Wanderer tuned in confused and a tad scared, the voice from the Preacher sounds like an echo lasting forever. He was expecting a bit more from the bible, but it had seem these people had gathered for more then just a sermon, it seems something dire was going on. Sitting in the brittle and fragile pew, the Wanderer picked up a Bible, surprisingly it did not fall apart in his hands. It was an old Bible too, seemed to at least be made around times much before his own and his great grandfather.

Even some of the words that the Preacher was saying were almost foreign to him, yet the Shakespeare he had read make him sure that this was from times then or even before. Coming back into sense, the community of the Church were standing up from their seats, tension was in the air. More eerie voices called out.

"But they come to kill us, they surely must. Everyone looks at us with evil eyes as if we use witchcraft!" A woman called scared.
"Woman, they're Angels, they would not come to kill us, they would kill the non-believers." A much older man said calmly with a calm smirk, they made the Church quiet.
"Or Demons ... " Another voice broke the silence. A hooded and cloaked man said at the back of the room, it had seem the spirits turned to the unknown man.
"Samuel keep quiet! You will scare everyone." The man from before said, now shaking a bit at the thought of their possible fall.
"Yes, it would be better if we kept calm. surely we would not perish."
"Yes, but are you surely certain of that. Hah ... "

The air of the Church turned to a chill, every breath of the spirit's turned to white. The invisible candles were put out. All the attention was back to the man named Samuel, all voices ended, and the sight confused the Wanderer even more as he kept his seat. The creepy man rolled back his hood to reveal a half mutilated face, the skin was missing and it felt like a darker, unholy feeling washed over the Church area.

Yet, the creepy man began to peel his own skin, more like rip apart. Revealing a obsidian like skin. Yet it more felt like a larger object was going to burst out of the skin of the man. Suddenly a explosion of red, meat and flesh of humanity fell to the ground, somehow revealing a large figure that stood up from a kneel. Just looking at the figure made the Wanderer freeze still, seeing how it was impossible to place a thing this big inside a person that small.

The red-ish skin of a Demon was bare naked, yet the fear did not subside. "By God ... "
These words of the Wanderer did nothing as the Demon started to do his business. The blood flowed with a blink, a divided body was already on a wall, hanging like a anti-cross. In a mere amount of seconds, the whole community of the Church was already sliced, diced and killed in a numerous amount of ways, people lined the walls and people lined the ground. Yet the demon had not moved.

Instead a bird was perched on his shoulder, covered in the slightest amount of blood. Samael the Demon sighed, "Why would they send me here if a bird could do my work." He said in a bad mood, the bird happy with it's kill. The two were gone in a blink of the eye and the full effects of the slaughtered Church. Covering his eyes and falling to the ground, the Wanderer tried to keep his gaze from the demon, bodies and blood.

Opening his eyes, he saw a empty, non-bloodied Church. Breathing in deeply, the Wanderer placed the book into his invisible inventory. Getting up from the pew he saw a latch and a door to the Church's basement. "Would anything be down there?" Shrugging he approached the door, yet feeling a bad presence he turned around with guns in hand. The first thing he had seen was stone-like steel and much blackness.

A deep husky voice came from within the armour, cliche to the Wanderer.
"You ... why are you here!?"
"Shit." The Wanderer said quietly as he noticed the surge of dark power from this thing.
"A demon.Why would they be here?" He said to himself.
"Speak human." The Demon kept it's calm.
"Well ... I'm not dead, that's for sure. I'm just waiting."
"For what!?" The Demon's voice sounding more demanding now.
"I'm not saying~" The Wanderer said back, pouting and looking away.

Grunting, the demon threw one of his large swords at the Wanderer, yet the mark it hit was besides the Wanderer's head, missing him completely. The Demon itself actually didn't like his job, he didn't want to become a Demon but apparently his family was a long line of cultists and their 'dark lord' decided to throw them a bone and make their youngest son at the age of 12. Being forced into Demonhood annoyed him, so he did his job as lax as possible.

The unholy sword flew back to his hand. "Can ... can you just leave. I don't really want to kill anyone today." It said with it's unusual voice. "Well, too bad mate." The Wanderer simply shrugged with a smile and immediately pointed his guns at the demon, ready to fight.t it.

Location: Conference Room | Shadow Operatives Building

The Crew | Fuuka | Mitsuru

Cz gave a curt nod and closed her eyes to listen. Both of the locations sounded equally terrible, she really didn't want to be in a combat situation while still being in this world. If it came down to it, she preferred to be far, far away from alcohol, men, and men drinking alcohol as possible since she didn't have the power to conceal herself from the attention of mortals.

"I think I will go to this 'Wild Duck Burger' place," she brushed her bangs from her face and crossed her arms. Her eyes, still closed, gave away her annoyance. "What sort of a name is 'Wild Duck Burger' in any case!?"

Shadow Operatives Building, Conference room Akane, Devon, Cutie Bruisers
"I know, just don't go too hard about it. After all, I think she's feeling a bit overwhelmed for some reason... I know it sounds odd, but her movements aren't as sharp as one would expect from one recovering from a hangover." The concern in the message was rather clear, even though the reasoning behind the concern was a bit off. Then again, there were stories going around the ship about how much Devon'd practiced dancing, so it would make sense that she knew a bit about body language.

After that message, though, Devon's attention was drawn to her brothers. "I'm sure you two will be really helpful here, okay? Just take care of yourselves as well, since it can get dangerous in there. It's nothing against you two, but I've got to be a good big sibling to you two." This was immediately followed up by a sudden hug from Devon which wasn't unwelcome. Maybe Devon would try something different as well?

"Look, I don't know what you're thinking about, but I don't know I like the feeling of it... fuck, I didn't even think I could feel queasy." It was hard to tell, but Mengde felt different somehow as the Persona let out a rare response.

"Considering what happened the other day, though, I do need to try something different. Just deal with it, and if something happens because of it? We keep going and make sure that we can get back to Caim and Angie safe."

Shadow Operatives Building, Conference room Slindis, Rugal, Melethia, Kalastryn

Slindis dryly quipped when she heard Rugal's off handed comment "Rugal, if I had a raindrop for every time I thought that something was going to be simple, I could flood the Rising Dawn." If there was anything she'd taken from all she'd seen, it was that things were never that simple. Of course she still tried to prove herself wrong, but she'd never been so lucky.

There was going to be more of a response when one of the minor Kirijo Group employees approached Rugal and handed him the gleaming copper colored ring. "My apologies for intruding, but an officer was over here earlier to return the ring that was lost, Bernstein-san." It was rather convenient for it to be returned so promptly, but it was a nice ring.

It was right after that when Kalastryn announced her wishes to join with Slindis and Melethia, and the two greeted her. "Well, that's certainly comforting news. Just take care in there, okay? I know all too well that lacking access to things that seemed natural throws a torch in the corner to how you fight, so I'd stick to how you learned to fight in antimagic fields."

"Or just have your persona cripple the shadows so we can do out thing. After all, preparation often decides between victory or annihilation. Melethia's rather blunt choice of words brought another extremely concerned look from Slindis, though...

Shadow Operatives Building, Conference room Ella, Constance

Ella strolled over to everyone's favorite little vampire and gave her a nervous grin to make it known that she was a bit on edge as well. "Well, Constance, it's good to see you're so positive about heading in. I know I'll be busy keeping an eye on the Bard there for the first bit, but I'm sure she's smart enough to find something that works. Just be careful yourself, will you? We know that there's some people here that would hate to see you hurt, and I'm not talking about your stuffed companion."

Shadow Operatives Building, Conference room Rugal

"...We can dare to dream, I guess?..." Rugal sighed, knowing how wrong he was, especially in recent days.
He then blanched for a moment when some random Shadow Operative came up to him with one of Gilliam's rings, namely the one his other side threw in the trash the other day.
"...Thanks...Guess I dropped it..." He then said as he wiped it a little and put it on, leaving out the finer details before he timidly added "Still, shouldn't be anything we can't handle..."
He also shared the concern when Melethia rather coldly suggested to Kalastryn about crippling people with her Persona, Saying "Hopefully, there won't be any need for that. We aren't on a warpath, we're just glorified police officers in this assignment. Granted, there is a chance things could get violent, but let's not encourage them."
Oh the Irony...

Anti-magic fields were a hell of a time on Kala. As strange as it may seem to some, she was rarely ever armed, and even then mostly with magic oriented equipment. She didn't quite feel she had the strength or dexterity to really use anything other than a wand or scroll. Then again, she's coming from a world where the only ranged weapons were bows and crossbows, which were pretty heavy and hard to aim. Getting in close? Well she'd never quite tried it... but how could she really? Shields or Armor would dampen her ability to use her magic to any effect at all. It was pretty certain she'd grown significantly in strength and co-ordination since she got her wings and the week or so of training that followed with using and combating with them. She decided she might give close quarters a try. There were certainly ways she'd seen others to use magic exceptionally well to bolster such abilities, rather than be hindered by them.

She took out a book. Few would recognize this as a wizard's spellbook, save maybe Slindis and Melethia. Then again, she'd never much had to use it as she'd always committed to memory every spell in it she'd ever use under normal circumstances. This was simply to brush up on ones she hadn't used often. She politely excused herself from the conference room. "I'll be back in a moment, but I've preparations to make in case things go sour. I know it may seem folly to worry about combat or any such thing in what I assume could be as simple as a health inspection... but I swear I've a third curse... pretty much everything goes sour around me. Around all of us really." She said with a chuckle, walking out the door and towards the training room.

Entering the training room in question she sat and looked through her book, placing her finger on the words she was reading so as not to lose track amidst all the incantations and runic writing. She didn't look much up from it as she memorized them, not noticing any others (if there were any) in the room at the time. She had a conversation again in her mind with her persona/shadow. "Think any of these would work Demi? I mean I know they would, We've a lot of intellect, more than needed perhaps to cast a damn genesis spell... ah if only I could find any trace of that spell through our wanderings here... seems to be about the only one missing it seems..." She thought, almost trailing off. "Nevermind... anyway do you think they would fit the bill or would we have to improve them, if they could be?"

As her persona and her discussed... or well, mentally discussed, the spells in question... Well it was easy to see considering the ones she had in mind why the next statement was said "So are you really through being the coward at the back of the pack shouting spells and waving sticks around or is this just temporary? Either or, no, they won't do... as is. They can certainly be improved, I mean we've even seen them used to far better effect than what's written down." The persona said as a mental interpretation of the spellbook in her hands entered her mind-scape. A pen in her persona's hand, she scribbled a bit next to the respective spells on each page in which they were contained. "Next time perform them like this." Demi suggested. A small mental spat over how to perform the spells to greatest effect later and her spell-like abilities were ready to go. Almost unnoticed by David, Akane, and Jenny... she left back to the conference room and asked Slindis.

"I realize now that you've largely given up that old bulky armor you used to wear, so I assume you might fight unarmed now? Regardless of whether or not that's the case... might you have a spare sword you could loan? Anything not too large to wield in one hand would do... but I've not anything really to defend myself with where magic might fail."

((Beware ye who click the spoiler text for Kala's new abilities and spells... it's quite a long list. Don't worry, the biggest hitters also have the highest drawbacks))

Yu Narukami and co.
Location: Conference room | Shadow Operatives Building | Personaverse.

After hearing the introduction of the new Author and shaking his hand with a firm grip, Yu could feel the scales yet he wasn't all that afraid. "It is nice to meet you Ryan-san. And I see, I'm not new to the term Author, although I do not know much about them." Yu said to Ryan, accounting for also why he is here and his own Shadow.

"Funny thing, I'm not all that afraid, one of my close friends is similar in a way, he is technically a shadow and a bear, but yet inside of him he has a human form." Yu said once more, but getting to his friends his thoughts ran away for a few seconds, leaving a brief silence. The thoughts of his friends being far away worried him, yet he shook it quickly as he remembered that he can always go to see them.

"Sorry about that, I was thinking about my friends. As for your Shadow, the best way to deal with it is to accept it, I have only seen this rarely ... and recently. If this does not happen I fear your Shadow will grow stronger with each thought until it forces you into a battle. But whatever happens that is a reason why I am here and others are here, it turns out that is my field specificity here." Yu gave a smile of confidence.

King of Fighters:
Tell me if you see this snip in the inbox, Diablo.

Shadow Operatives Building, Conference room Rugal, Kalastryn, Slin, Mel

"We can, Rugal. I just like planning for if the plan goes south; not doing that's cost me in the past." Slindis noted that the discussion was tying up and that it was just waiting for the last people to finish their own preparations.

Still, it seemed that Melethia was still rather intently focused on any fighting that was sure to pop up there even with Rugal's warning and only gave a curt nod in acknowledgement.

Kalastryn's question, however, was met with a shake from SLindis' head. "I wish I did, but nothing's really in there weapon wise. I'd check the armory on the Rising Dawn if I were you, since they've some simple yet effective weapons to use."

Shadow Operatives Building, Conference room Team Health Inspectors

When Kalastryn brought up needing a weapon, Rugal remembered yet another thing from his Shadow's actions, reaching into his jacket and pulling out a 9mm pistol he "Borrowed" from one of Mr. Skin's men.
"In case you don't find anything. It mightn't be to your taste, but it never hurts to have, provided you use it right. Just think of it as a crossbow, only..."Faster"." He explained in case the Tiefling was un-familiar with firearms, It wasn't a formal training like David would do, but he found the the act of firing a gun was rather simple so there shouldn't be a problem.
Glancing over at Melethia, he noticed she didn't really get the message on how this wasn't going to be a "Guns Blazing" operation.
Then an idea: "Mel, Think you can lend one of your weapons to our friend? After all, you do only have 2 hands, least last I checked."
Granted, it wouldn't really calm her down (Nor would it really slow her down), but Still, There was little reason why she couldn't lead one.

She turned to Slindis first saying "Well that's a shame but I'll be sure to look in the armory then, Shouldn't be too difficult to find something by the sounds of it."

She then turned to Rugal, happily accepting the fire-arm but saying "Well it'd be a pretty small crossbow, but I get the point. I think I've seen these used a couple times." *ahem* "It may not be very wise to borrow anything from Mel when it comes to weaponry. People where we are from could be tasked with any number of foes with any number of strengths and weaknesses. Weapons she'd probably carry might be versatile, though necessary, for any given situation. It's probably not the best idea to lessen anyone's arsenal, especially Her's... and taking into consideration how prepared she always seems to be... well I wouldn't say she couldn't have spares. However I wouldn't chalk it up to assumption there would be any that it would be wise to part with. I'll just go check the armory and meet back here when I find something."

She left the three with a bow and went to the Rising Dawn, searching through doors until she came across the armory. Scanning the shelves carefully, she weighed and practiced with a few swords in her hands. There was one sword out of the few she had tried that seemed lighter and more nimble than the others. She decided that would be the best one to use.

Returning with a sword that looked maybe a bit flashy, though not chosen for that purpose, she turned to the three and said "When our team has gathered themselves, I'm as prepared as I believe I could be. I've got that armament Rugal gave me in my pocket, and this too." She said patted on the hilt of her sword, sheathed at her side. But as she felt the grip of it, she noticed the hilt was missing something, a Gemstone, no doubt probably just a cosmetic addition, but it was about the right size for... *ahem* "I just seem to have noticed it's missing something. Mel... would you happen to have anything useful that could be put in the hilt of it?" She asked, recalling that she'd seen enchanted gemstones often embedded into weaponry to make them more potent in combat. Some were even useful to her, since they could turn any old sword with a place to fit it into a decent spell-casting implement.

More talking out of my ass on guns >_<

Rising Dawn: Firing Range: David West, Jenny, Akane

A few dozen leaps up the "High Score" Rankings and David realized that Akane had began to understand the mechanics of a firearm.
"You know, I'm kinda surprised you never learned how to shoot before. I mean, Muskets were starting to phase out swords back in, what? 1500, 1600? You HAD to bump into a least one or two in your lifetime....
Unless its like 100 years for me would count as 5 for you. Which would make you...25?..." He mumbled, clearly talking out of his ass, though he did eye her up a little after saying that.
"...Which truth be told does seem surprising accurate to me..." He added as Jenny nervously stepped up.
"...Hey, Um....I was thinking...Jus-....While we were on the me too?..." She asked, clearly still mulling over if this wise or not.
"Yeah, sure J. That's what I'm here for. Hang on, Got just the piece for ya." He kindly answered before doing a quick search of the weapons locker.

While Jenny was somewhat excited, even smiling to Akane at one point, she was still extremely nervous as David came back with a .22 Pistol.
"Okay, Baby steps here. This is low power, low recoil and weight. .22 ammo, used by Boy Scouts for firearms training actually, Something I don't approve of. Kids with Guns? If you can't trust someone with Booze, then you can't trust them with a weapon, that's my mantra." He explained before handing Jenny the butt of the gun with the barrel pointing down as she slowly reached out and took it, gently examine it while being very careful to not point it at anyone.
"Tch, Why they even need to have a Gun Badge is beyond me. I mean, Then the US wonders why everyone is so gun craz-"

While the discharge was far less violent then the one on Akane's .45, the effects were clear instantly as Jenny dropped in horror right as David fell to the ground, holding his foot.
"OH!....FUCKIN-...SON OF A-...GRRRRRRR....pissssss...." He growled in pain as he fought off screaming in pain.
"OH!...OH ARCEUS! I-I-I DIDN'T MEAN-....I got-...I gotta..." Jenny stammered before going what everyone would do in a situation where they just shot one of their friends: Bolt it out the door and out of the ship, going to regroup with her team and hopefully deploy before word of this got out.
"Ahhh...J! J! COME BACK!....arrgghhhhhhh.....She ain't coming back....Ow..." David protested as he got used to the pain while also glad he didn't give her a bigger gun to test with.
"...Little Help?..."

Kala had heard rushing footsteps outside the door that abruptly stopped at it as Jenny took a deep breath and entered the room. She would have assumed she just wanted to get there quickly if she didn't look rather nervous. "Everything alright?" she asked Jenny. "Whatever David did to try and lessen your hangover seemed to work if you could run that fast without getting a headache. Eh, regardless... where is he at the moment? I was just about ready to head off when we got together with everyone in our group." She stated. Not seeming suspicious of Jenny at all, but still looking a bit curious and concerned as to the three that had just departed minutes ago being reduced to one. With a sigh she suggested. "If you don't know where they are you can stick with us and we can look for them."

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