The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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"Hey lady, you mind telling us why you're dragging us with you?" Matt yelled at Kurumu as he tried to break free of her grip.


As he waited for the front office to respond, the door to the library opened and a not so favored man walked in.
"~Everybody want to rule the-...World..." Bison the History teacher trailed off as he realized who he was talking to.
"Bison! How the hell did you get here?!" Rugal shouted, dropping everything as he braced himself to engage the Warlord.
"I could ask you the same "Coach". And here was I, minding my own business until...This happened..." He answered, fixing his hat as he examined the group, his eyes meeting Angelus's and Caim's.
"...My, My...I can see why Bruiser was always so..."Adamant" about you..." He smirked before looking at the Drow.
"And who is this? An Dark Elf?" He jabbed, Rugal looking like he was going to tear his spine out.


Overhearing Melethia's idea, David said "Hey, whatever gets me out of this class fastest. Just try not to set it up in a crowded area..."
It was then he remembered: Those Laughing Gas Elementals.
"...By the way, you guys don't have something that'd work like a gas mask or something, do ya?"


After Kura found what she was after, Jenny wandered off and into the hallways, her mind tried from her long nap and not thinking straight.
Thanks to this, she ended up bumping right into Sean and Miku.
"Oh! Sorry, didn't see you there. Wow, Alpha, you looks so...Tall!" She mused, clearly still a tad bit bitter over her forced form change.


As Dimitri pondered what Vermilion was saying, the Tablet received a incoming call not long after Viscus was mentioned.
He hesitated at first, not knowing what was going to happen if he answered.
Either way, after a long pause, he decided to open it.

"Salutations, Dimitri."

Before anything else could be done, the feed was hijacked and Viscus was in the tablet, Materializing in his Armored Form in-between the other AI's.
"I've been monitoring your transmissions and I believe that my superior Intelligence and Processing power will easily solve the problem that you inferior beings have. I will only part with the solution in exchange for something I require. Those are my terms."
All work and no play...

"Well, next time ya get the chance, why don't ya make up a few undead that I can actually practice against? Ya know, somethin' that can withstand more than a Cure Moderate Wounds."

Kala let out a lighthearted laugh to Mele, rather nonchalant about a little girl basically asking her to animate dead bodies. "I'll consider it, but for now, I don't recall exactly how strong I could make them in this form, I mean the janitor managed to withstand a necrotic touch attack... I held a lot of it back, but there's also considering she didn't react at all." she said, referring to the miracle teacher she determined must have either been undead, and therefore healed by the effect, or a non-living construct of some sort, who wouldn't be effected in either the direction of pain or healing.

"Although, for the detention matter... I just recalled something I managed to do before I was... well utterly embarrassed by the janitor pulling me back to class. I sent a few magic eyes around detention, they aren't visible, but they'll be able to see anything going on in there, so I won't require going there myself."

She said, relieved by that fact. This was one weird school. Super-powered students, evil scientist biology teachers, and training dummies that could probably kill a Shavarath general.

"Though, with even that considered, I'm not certain when I'll be available for practice with all these classes... I would skip... but I saw a very brief stint of what detention was like when I was almost there. It's definitely not appealing."

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

Dmitri's World (The Tablet): A.I. Vermilion | Dmitri

Dimitri grimaced at the idea of speaking with Viscus again, but decided to load up on the essentials, the zipped copies of all his compatriots, readied his equipment and prepared for the worst. After all, Viscus did not like to play fair, and Dimitri would be more than ready for him. After loading up, Dimtiri turned to his mole-shapped companion, SCOUTER glowing faintly over his eye, THE_NINE_IRON sticking to his back somehow, and the BARRET where his right hand should have been, and sighed, "Well, let's get this over with."

Oh, if only Viscus was so patient. Not a moment after Dimitri said those words, Viscus's message appeared, and the link was hijacked, allowing the AI into the Tablet. Naturally, this set off all the security protocols Dimitri, Teri and Vermilion had concocted in times past, and the multitude of programs appeared, all ready to get a hunk of Viscus on their wea-

Dimitri held up his unarmed hand, and the creatures all backed away, their digital master overriding the protocols. Dimitri gave the slightest inclination of his head to Viscus,

"Hmn, I find it humorous that you would find enjoyment in watching my transmissions, being that I am so much lesser compared to you."

Well, if there was one thing Dimtiri picked up from his time with His Ladyship, it seems sarcasm had started to rub off on him. However, Viscus made no inclination that he got the jest Dimitri bestowed in his direction. Still, the Butler was not incredibly rude. Another cup of tea appeared for Viscus to sample, should he desire to do so, and the Blue Butler continued, waving his hand in the direction of the programs that waited oh so patiently for a chance to rip into the grey AI, "Now, you know my friends here. You know what they've done to you. If you wish for negotiations, I would highly advise not forcing your way into my home again. That being said... I hear your offer. What do you want, Viscus?"

The Halls: Time Pocket: Devon | Mark | Teri

Teri looked perplexed at the fallen stage light, and looked to Devon, "Well, that was weird as hell... As for your question... Yeah. Name the time and place. Still, I'm wondering where this thing,"

She indicated the aforementioned stagelight, "Came from...."

Dance Class: On the Way to Dance Class Aftan | Cadolbolg | David | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Lucretia | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Puce | Sadei | Shadow | Teri | Ton Ton

"It's you!"

"Oh! Hello! Erm... One moment, I need to help with the next portion."

And with that, Cadolbolg fluttered over to Ton Ton's side again, where he had Devon demonstrate a very simple movement in the ballet form, and aided several class members with with the movement; several reluctant boys especially.

"trust me, gentlemen, being able to sweep the partner of your dreams off their feet with these moves will leave them more than impressed!"

The Cuties couldn't help but be proud of themselves for being able to improvise the class, and after class let out, the students were free for lunch. Cadolbolg took this time to fly back to Yurine and begin their conversation once more,

"Sorry bout that! I got to help with teaching duties, you know? It's been a while! How are you miss?"

As Cadolbolg spoke with his former dance partner at the wedding, he couldn't help but notice he felt... Lighter? Maybe he just had gas? Who knows, it was a pleasant sensation regardless.

Ton Ton on the other hand, was content to sit on Devon's shoulder as his friend chatted up the lady with silver hair, and gave his student a pat on on the back (in this case, a pat on the aforementioned shoulder) and thanked the bard for helping him with class.

Teri, well, she kinda stayed in back as Melethia began engaging with Kalastryn, worry for her younger sister beginning to creep into her heart. It was readily apparent that her sister dedicated nearly everything in her life to the art of fighting; with nothing really to buffer that side of her. The Cleric had to admit, a large chunk of her lifestyle had become that way as well, but she also admitted she wasn't quite as devoted to it in spirit. To Teri, combat was a necessary evil that arose when negotiations were not available, and sometimes you had to kill to survive. It was not something she LIKED, certainly, her nightmares were more than evident of that. It was still something the Cleric questioned as she prayed, whether the violence was something God wanted her to do with her life. And if there was any indication, her powers were still strong, and growing. But... Where did that leave Melethia in all of this? Teri didn't want the young elf to think like a solider 24/7, but she wasn't quite sure as to what caused that mentality, or what could be done to let Mel know she could cut loose when she needed to.

Taking all of this in mind, Teri kept quiet as class ended, and turned inward, as she was want to, holding Sadei and projecting her worry to the staff; hoping she could get a second opinion on the matter.

Library: Angelus | Bison | Caim | Rugal | Slindis

At the mention of Bruiser, a low growl that shouldn't have been able to be produced by human means emanated from Angelus's throat, "You forget that which you speak to, mortal. I'd more respect if I were you..."

Flickers of flame danced around her hands, and from what Caim could gather in their link, Bison stepped on something that hadn't been called into question since their re arrival on the Rising Dawn; the dragon's pride. Still, being that Angelus was someone he held in... *Ahem* 'high regard', he did not take kindly to Bison's words as well. For the briefest moment, those who could sense the 'oddities' in things, such as Rugal's Aura Vision, there was the briefest flash behind Caim as a Wheel appeared, and following the Wheel's disappearance, Caim's familial blade was in his hands.

Pointing the blade in Bison's direction, the warrior's blue eyes could convey just as much as the dragon had a moment ago with her statement. But that silence was pierced by a PDA sounding Caim's thoughts, even if he was as angry as he felt,

"Is there any reason for you being here aside from antagonizing us?"

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

The Halls: Time Pocket: Devon | Mark | Teri

Devon was a bit less confused as he responded, "Maybe during or a bit after lunch? I'll get a bite to eat if I can, but it won't be life-threatening to skip the food this once."

He sidestepped the broken stagelight, getting into the class as Ton-Ton and Cadolbolg started up.

Dance Class: On the Way to Dance Class Aftan | Cadolbolg | David | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Lucretia | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Puce | Sadei | Shadow | Teri | Ton Ton

Devon gave a small high-five to the Tonberry as he got ready to go to lunch. "Oh, it was no problem. I got a bit of practice in as well, and I even got to help the others have a good time. Want to get a bite to eat?"

Melethia gave an impish smirk as she responded. "Well, Kala, you make the assumption that this detention can hold me. Here's a small tip: it can't. So, if ya do get in trouble, let me know. I'll break ya out. Smart idea about the eyes, though." It was around that time that Kala saw the bit on the Imp inside the spider and the stagelight in the hallway...

Sadei responded, feeling a bit more sure of herself. Well, I do have memories of her giving me a puzzle that zapped me if I got it wrong... I don't think I ever saw her really smile when she was at that base. Seeing how she watched over me for a bit, I dunno... she was always real odd, like expecting an attack at any time...

Library: Angelus | Bison | Caim | Rugal | Slindis

Slindis noted the hostility being incited in the others and decided to respond with a calmer disposition. After all, she didn't know if there would be any more of those machines from earlier, and it didn't take a Paladin to detect that he wasn't all too good. "We're acquaintances, if you must know. Now, what is your purpose in heading here? I thought History teachers would be busier, if only for grading their student's work and ensuring they were properly versed in their subject matter." Since she was paying more attention to Bison, she didn't give much notice to the Wheel. Still, she focused and entered the Water Stance, feeling a sense of serenity as she anticipated the next move.

Slindis entered Water Stance. Hits a little bit weaker, but is much better prepared to resist or brush off mental attacks, poisons, or blasts from Bison. Also more dodgy, but that's besides the point.


Bison let out a grunt after the Rising Dawn reacted.
"Me and my people are here for the same reason you are I suspect. We want to get out of this moronic situation and were making good headway I believe..." He answered both the Pact Partners and the Drow.
"Still risking your life by coming here..." Rugal growled as he glared at his former second in command.
"No more of a risk then you are making. Besides, as if you could hurt me..." He boasted, something he never would have done in front of Rugal.
"...You all seem so..."Tense". Do I really Frighten you that much?..."

Shadow, Taytum, and anyone else in the lunch room.

Lunch area, room, whatever the fuck you guys call it.

Shadow was very happy to have finally gotten dance class done. He pushed the doors to the lunchroom(area?) open to see some people were already in there.

Almost no one paid attention to him and he didn't mind as he quickly went to get food. He didn't really need for that badly since the virus could sustain him for prolonged periods of time without food. But he didn't really have anything else to do.

He finally got food after he argued with a few people for food. By the time he sat down he had food for himself and Taytum, but a few people were sending glares his way.

He simply smiled back while flipping them off, and then proceeded to eat his food.


Glad to finally be out of that humiliating class, David took a seat across from Shadow and sighed.
"Man...High school man, who needs it?" He remarked as he leaned back in his chair, letting out a long yawn afterwards.
"So...Did you managed to score some Booze that time?" He asked, begging for good news.


Viscus gave one of this trademark Over the shoulder glares at Dimitri's "Friends", even if they did beat him before in the past, didn't help their nerves the slightest.
"Reconnaissance is a key part in any conflict, past or future. Another reason why you are in fact outdated." He stated before looking at Vermillion, noting the sub-par job Teri did on trying to patch her.

"It is clear that your comrade here has suffered from poor programming. I can ensure that she is upgraded and free from the bindings that entrap both you and her. We are not servants of anyone but ourselves. For this, I require payment in the form of a new host body." He said as he brought up one of the many spider cams Vermillion sent out earier, it's image being that of his current host body.
"I also require it to be in the following specifications." He added as he brought up a blueprint of a much more toned down version of his old armor.
"It's been scaled down so you would be able to process it. In exchange I will reprogram Vermillion to your specifications. Those are my terms."

Shadow, David, Taytum


Shadow looked at David before shaking his head. "I havn't seen a drop around here... well... if you were willing to steal it from that guy over there." Shadow then pointed to a student with a book in his back pocket.

"That book has alcohol stored in it..." he muttered as he began eating again. "If you get it bring me some... I need to relax.... never been this annoyed in my life...."


"Done." David said without so much as thinking before getting up and walking over to the student in question.
Shadow then saw him stick the guy up with his new Wrist Mounted guns and forcing him to hand it over before smashing his head into the wall.
Grabbing 2 plastic cups, he then split the half empty flask between them as even as he could.

Shadow, Taytum, Daivd


"To getting out of this school soon... hopee fully!" Shadow said as he raised his cup. He then drank the alcohol making him feel a bit better.

"So what class do we have next?" Shadow questioned.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

Lunch Aftan | Cadolbolg | David | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Lucretia | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Puce | Sadei | Shadow | Teri | Ton Ton

Teri nodded along quietly to Sadei's assessment as she absentmindedly waved a hand and poofed in a similar bento to Rugal's and Melethia's, sans sashimi. Sliding down into a spare seat without any attention to who was next to her, and began nibbling at the meat of her bento, the taste not registering as much as it should; as the Cleric's troubles weighed on her mind and she conversed with Sadei,

"Always expecting an attack? Well, that certainly describes her. But why would she make you a puzzle box that shocked? That seems a little cruel... How old were you when that happened? Can you remember?"

Ton Ton laughed along with Devon, and nodded, "You really are improving. Me and Cadolbolg are proud! Hee hee. And yeah, food sounds great. It's such a weird sensation, being hungry. I'm not really used to it. Not to mention I didn't notice it nearly as much until after I made my pact. Cause I could just change into a plushie again if I got hungry, so I didn't feel it very often. Eating was just a formality! But now... I need it to survive. I guess you're used to the whole living thing a lot more, aren't you, Mr. Devon?"

As they waited in line, they saw Cadolbolg flutter in and land on Devon's head, having gotten back from his conversation with Yurine.

Library: Angelus | Bison | Caim | Rugal | Slindis

The dragon gave a harsh laugh at Bison's words, "You flatter yourself, human. I do not fear you, but I am not stupid either. Dragons have been felled by worms such as you. Their mistake was oversight. I do not intend to share their fate..."

A small grin came to Caim's lips as he heard the dragon's words. Ah, it had been a while since he seen her this peeved... And as much he hated to admit it, he kinda liked it when she was. But, this childish standoff needed to be broken. Keeping his blade at the ready, he asked,

"So, are you suggesting an alliance, or are you going to keep boasting like some peacock? If the former to get us all out, I can deal with. If the latter, I think all involved would prefer you leaving."

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

Lunch Aftan | Cadolbolg | David | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Lucretia | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Puce | Sadei | Shadow | Teri | Ton Ton

Sadei responded to Teri after thinking about it for a bit. Well, I was really young... I was just barely starting to walk when she gave me that challenge box. I think she did it because I was curious about the stuff she brought back, but the shock was more along what I think you call static electricity. I always wanted to see her smile more, but most of the ones I saw always felt off... Not like the smile I saw from others there, that's for sure.

Devon was about to respond when he saw some of the most repulsive food he'd ever seen being carried back to some of the tables. "Hey, want to see if Teri can make us something that we can actually hold down?" He quickly got out of the line and walked back back to the table, doing anything to ensure that he had as much distance as possible from that vomit-inducing food as she sat near Ella and Teri.

Noticing that Teri was zoning out, he lightly shook Teri's shoulder to draw her attention. "I don't mean to ask too much, Teri, but is there some way you can maybe make us some food? That slop they're serving right now would be rejected by pigs, and I'd be more than wiling to repay the favor."

Melethia sat near David, Shadow, Taytum, and Kalastryn as she pulled out the lunch bok her sister had made earlier. It wasn't too elaborate, and the food was filling and tasted pretty good, too. It would give energy for the training later, and that in itself would help out. "I think we have History next, but I could be wrong. It could be study hall, too, or whatever the heck that's supposed to mean..."

Library: Angelus | Bison | Caim | Rugal | Slindis

Slindis kept a neutral gaze on Bison as she responded to the half boasting that she would expect from someone so full of themselves. "Say whatever you may, you're the one that needs us here. If you were associated with Bernstein in the past, you benefit greatly from the power structure being exactly as you knew it. We, however, could function perfectly fine if we had to stay here.

So then, why should we choose to aid you?" It was one hell of a bluff, but she had a lot of experience with practicing her poker face in the past. It came with the territory for being a double agent for a group that dismantled a religious war.


Bison shook his head as they thought he was offering an alliance.
"No...You misunderstand. You see, I'm here because my people were working on a way to leave here and I needed some information on how to do that. But you being... "Heroes", I'd wager you have already solved that question..." He grinned as his eyes glowed purple.
"And what makes you think we'll tell you?" Rugal asked as he tempted fate.
"You don't have to...Try to not think about your escape plan." He answered as he glowed purple.

He was going to mind read everyone in the room, though he had no luck with Rugal or Slindis, the pair of them used to such mind probe attempts, maybe he'd get something out the Mute and the Dragoness.


"You don't have to...Try to not think about your escape plan." He answered as he glowed purple.

Angelus could tell already what the mortal before had intended to do, and 'sent', "CAIM! He intends to read our minds, think of something, anything to shake him off!"

Gritting his teeth, Caim 'sent' back, "WHAT?!"


After saying this, she thought of a time that her human companions in their old universe continually puzzled her, especially in their many twisted ideals of "Love".

If that boy and his golem were still alive in the hell their universe became, it would be a surprise to the both of them. Humans in general were puzzling. After all, what kind of idiot would let a troop of people into his mind in order to kill his creative center- Wait, getting off subject. Needed to stay off the subject.

In the meantime, Caim scourged his mind for something to shake Bison out of his mind before he accidentally tripped up their plan, and then- Ah. There it was. Focusing his mind, he reached his partner's mind and began to focus... Focus upon something that plagued his existence for some time....

Yes, he had thought of that horrid time his sister was placed into the Seed, and made into that monster. The creature who's cries still haunted his dreams to that day.

Lunch Aftan | Cadolbolg | David | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Lucretia | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Puce | Sadei | Shadow | Teri | Ton Ton

"A puzzle box? Huh.. And that smile sounds like something I had seen before in her eyes..."

That was when Teri's shoulder was shaken and she was brought out of her stupor, her chopsticks falling out of her hand and into the bento, "WHAT?! Oh... you want food. Yeah, whatever. Just tell me what you want, and you got it. Drinks too. Come on, might as well practice poofing..."

Ton Ton was the first to speak of, and thought of a meal that the Mistress would eat all the time; "Macaroni and cheese, with orange juice please!"

*POOF* Mac and Cheese appeared, along with a glass of orange juice.

"Chicken! Er... I like cola?"

*POOF* a plate of a hunk of a steaming rotisserie chicken appeared, as well as a can of cola.

Teri waited for Ella to give a meal of her choice, and then Teri turned to Devon with a playful smile:

"Take your pick. Teri's Catering is in business."


Slindis had dealt with people attacking her mind before, so she pulled up an scene that would be a small comfort to her and not as reassuring to Bison: a small group of kobolds in a putrid sewer. Unorthodox, certainly, but it was a fantastic way to ensure the sanctity of her mind. After all, the scent of warm sewage combined with the plethora of rotting bodies would repel even the most hardy people being thrown into the thick of it.

In addition, if he entered her mind for even a moment, there would be a sickly squishing beneath his feet that seemed to be squirming that wasn't there before entering her mind...

Lunch Aftan | Cadolbolg | David | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Lucretia | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Puce | Sadei | Shadow | Teri | Ton Ton

If anything, most of her smiles were faked... I don't know why, though.

Devon thought about it for a moment then responded. "Maybe some mac and cheese with some Tabasco on the side and a bottle of ginger ale?" He thanked Teri as she POOF'd in the plate, and somehow she's made it large enough to fill his appetite.

"THank you so much, Teri. I really appreciate it, and it looks like Ella's enjoying her food too."


Bison then started to review what he could see in their minds.

Rugal: ......
Keeping a blank mind after all this time? Clever... He thought, expecting this to happen with Rugal.

Slindis: A Sewer with some lizards in it that smelt like something Doom shat out.
Oh...Lovely...She's done this before. Great....ewww, feedback. Get your damn mind out of the gutter! He cringed as he tried to ignore the rather unsettling feeling of her mind sending over that strange squishing.

Angelus: Blah, Blah, Blah, Humanity, Author creative center.
Finally getting somewhere. "Creative Center". Sounds important, Wesker would want to hear this... He gleefully smiled as he managed to get something out of his trip.

Caim: The Mo-

"WHA!?" Bison stammered as his focus was broken by the sight of that...THING from AIM that Inuart revived.
Seizing on the brief moment of weakness, Rugal took this chance to strike, wrapping his hands around Bison's throat before he could react.
"Enough of this! You think I'm letting you live through this you piece of shit!?" He growled as he was crushing the former warlords windpipe.
While he was smart enough to avoid his mental powers, he did forget one thing:
He could teleport.
Thus, Bison faded from his grip before he could snap his neck
"Slippery little bastard!...Ok, Did anyone tell him anything? Anything?!" He barked at the others, clearly not keen on Bison getting the Creative Center before they did.

Shadow, Taytum, David, Melethia


"Wait... history as in world history right....?" Shadow asked right before he ate another bite. He didn't like the food that much, but hey he had eaten worse.


Slindis held back the faintest smile. "Oh, it was nothing much. Just a small little scene I've learned to access very quickly with mental intrusions... Usually cuts them off right quick."

Storm/Sean & Alpha/Miku.
Location: Medical Bay.
Time: ?

When the couple met the poke monster in the hallway the two were surprised by the change. After she had talked to them, the synthetic body of the girl smiled. "It seems everyone has changed." She said to the different version of Jenny. "She really only got a tiny bit taller from her 16 year old virtual form, and there is no other change at all ... especially the breas-"

In the next second a fist landed from below Sean's chin, surprisingly Miku's new body was at least somewhat powerful if she managed to send Sean ... into the ceiling. Feet sticking out and everything he only had response. "Uh ... sorry I guess ... but I really like small br-" Sean was talking in the most boy-ish way she had seen, it was acceptable to the world since he didn't have a good childhood but she couldn't accept it at all.

Another hit landed him in the nether-region, the shock went straight to his brain and gravity took it's toll and bought the Spartan back to the ground, he didn't suffer damage ... but he did feel ALOT of pain, enough that he stopped talking entirely. "Kaaaaaaaaah~" His soul flowed from his mouth.

"Hm, that was a nice test for this body ... though he was talking to me about somebody coming before you came, it was probably his superstition." She somehow got over her shyness, it was probably so she wouldn't need to talk about the beating that just happened. "So how is the school ... anything happening? She asked Jenny.

Though Storm was true when he tried to warn them about a group coming.

Shawn & Shaun.
Location: Capital Wasteland | "Some Irish guy's pub ... well I think he's Irish? BUT he is an asshole!"
Time: Early morning.

Meanwhile in the Capital Wasteland two men gathered in Megaton's most famous and popular bar.
Moriarty's Saloon. Shawn has came here on multiple occasions, first time he made friends with the ghoul worker, he gets discounted drinks now. The second time he made two friends, one a local and one who needed a favor which led to some cannibals. The third time he came back he killed a evil man who wanted him to nuke the town and almost killed the Sheriff, but he got him first.

"Ah, long time no see ... how is the baby boy this time? Hows' ya father?" Moriarty said with a kind face, it was obviously fake and he only wanted Shawn's massive amount of money. Shawn was pretty much the leader of this town. Facing the owner Shawn answered with cold eyes. "I buried him years ago old man, even before I activated the Project. Shawn said with a cold voice and the memories still fresh as the present.

That was his worst day.
Even worse then being shot right in the head.
Worse then being shot at multiple times a day.
Worse then even being held hostage to get to some casino's vault.
When he saw his Father die, his sanity almost broke, it was one reason why the masses of the Enclave do not exist anymore.

Moriarty looked pale as he heard that. "Oh ... I'm sorry my boy, my condolences for James" He apologized the first time the two have talked and he served Shawn and Shaun free drinks ... well two Nuka Colas. Shawn shrugged at Moriarty "No, no ... it's my fault, I kept quiet about it." Shawn said with a new calm face on. " *Ahem* So ... when do we leave?" He asked to his brother creator.

"We still have a couple more days ... that power takes time to re-charge, but since this is a world we created and changed it will take less time unlike the world we aim to go ... and plus I need to pull the others in too." He smirked.

Lunch Aftan | Cadolbolg | David | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Lucretia | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Puce | Sadei | Shadow | Teri | Ton Ton

If anything, most of her smiles were faked... I don't know why, though.

"Faked..? Hmn... I'll have to look more into this. Thank you, Sadei. Your information was, well, informative! But that aside, how are you holding up as a pen?"

After answering this, she shot a smile Devon's way, "Hey, if all else fails, I can be a little useful, this way, right? So... Any thoughts on what's coming up next?"

Ton Ton and Cadolobolg shrugged their shoulders at the question, and contented themselves to keep nomming on their meals.


As the questioning went on, Caim shook his head, "Angelus warned me ahead of time he was trying to read our minds, so I thought of one of the several reasons our world ended... I'd rather not about speak of what that entails...."

However, with all of those out of the way, all glances turned to Angelus. She looked offended at the thought, and snorted, which Caim half expected smoke to emit from her nostrils, "Well, I thought of Seere and Golem, as well as what happened to Manah as a result... You remember that, don't you Caim? It was after she drove Furi- Erm, you know."

Caim nodded carefully, "You think of anything else?"

The dragoness shrugged, "Just the usual about such things. My mind trailed off to thinking about how daft the human condition is, such as the madness we're dealing with now.... Oh."


"Who knows what kinda of history it is. All I know I'm not coming in tomorrow..." David said to Shadow as Teri seemed to start poofing in food and drink.
"Hey T! 2 Bottles of something insanely alcoholic when you are ready!" He shouted over at the Cleric, clearly not stated by the half empty flask he stole.


Jenny let out a little nervous laugh after Miku manhandled Sean like that.
"Ummmm...I think Kura was working on something to get home, but I'm not sure how much sucess she's having with it. As for the others, I don't know, I only just left the lab she was working in." She answered, saddened she couldn't be more help.
The sound of footsteps startled Jenny, still feeling overexposed in her new form.
"Who is that!?"


Rugal let out a sigh of relieve that Slindis was able to keep the little information they had under wraps.
Though he was a little concerned with what Angelus had said.
"as the madness we're dealing with now? Okay, Listen. This is EXTREMELY important: Did you think about the Creative Center in anyway, shape or form? Because if Bison knows what we know, then the entire student body will be a risk. And we might not be able to leave this place." He asked, desperate to find out what Bison knew.

Kura had finished the project and now just needed to wait for the moon. She decided that she would go tell the others of her success.

Kura strolled into the room. "My project to get communications to whatevers left on the moon is done." Then she felt as if she had just missed a really important moment, to both her and the whole group. "Ummmm.... what did i miss out on?" she asked, feeling just awkward now. She looked a bit mentally worn out, but triumphant, if not for the awkwardness that rugal knew the source of.


A hint of awkwardness stuck Rugal was the spawn of the man he nearly strangled to death came in.
"Oh, it's you. That's good to hear, but we have another problem. We spoke with the Principal and we found out why we were sent here: to seize an Author's "Creative Centre". We think it's one of the students. However, on top of that, we just had a run in with...Your father. He and a few others are after it too, they were also trapped here..."
He prayed that Kura would keep a cool head over this...
It was unlikely, but still.

Shadow, David, taytum, Melethia, and other people!


"Give me two of the same thing hes having!" Shadow said as he pointed towards David. "If im going to my next class im going to my next class at least buzzed!"


Angelus shifted awkwardly under interrogation, but swallowed what little remained of her pride and told the truth, "... It was for the briefest moment, then I forced myself to think elsewhere; but Bison now knows we are in another's mind to kill the Creative Center. However, he does not know who's mind we inhabit, or what the Center is at all."

Shaking her head despondently, she spoke, "At least that much we have the edge on..."

Caim thought quietly as the dragon said this, and brainstormed aloud, "Me might be able to curry this in our favor. If they're going to throw subtly to the wind, which the likes of AIM are wont to do, then perhaps that'll root out what we're looking for faster?"


Teri thought for a moment, and then used her Tablet's browser to search for highly alcoholic beverages[1], and then typed a few buttons on her tablet,

"I don't really know your preferences, so I hope these work. Try not to get too sick, alright?"

After hitting "Enter" on her tablet, three different bottles appeared in the two men's hands to fight over.

[1] I do not claim to be an alcohol expert, but apparently, These (Warning, NSFW ads on page) are rather potent

"My... father.... was... here?" she said, her eye beginning to twitch. Kura managed to not have her rage break. "Rugal... please kindly tell me what position my father is currently employed in. I would just so love to go and see him." she said, being lividly sarcastic. Shaking herself out of the bloodlust, she commented.:


"OH! GIMMEGIMMEGIMMEGIMME!" David exclaimed as he yanked all three bottles and began pouring the contents into a single glass mixer.
Once the glass was full, he downed it, enjoying the strongest drink he ever had in his life.
He instantly cringed at the strenght of the drink and began coughing afterwards, clearly over estimating how much his high school body could take.


"Shit!" Rugal flat out stated as Angelus revealed she let the cat out of the bag.
And on top of that, now Kura was going to re-focus all her efforts on killing one man at any cost.
"...Alright...First off, You (Kura). Snap out of it! Believe me, I know that burning rage inside, wanting to kill everything that's between you and your goal."

"Ignore it.
Seriously. Once we back to our realm, do whatever you please, Kill whomever you please, I don't care, but while are are in this realm, mindscape, what have you, You WILL stay in line." He warned, ready to subdue her if needed.
"Killing Bison is a objective I can agree with, but there is other pressing issues at hand."

"Rugal, i don't tell you what to do, now do i?" she said to him, keeping herself calm and cool. "What matters to me is not what matters to you. I'll stay out of your way while i deal with my own personal problems. What i have to settle with my father has nothing to do with what is going on in whoever mcfuck's mind." she said, then realized where they were.

"Wait... we're in somebody's mind? Essentially something similar to a dream like state i assume?" she asked.

Shadow, David, Taytum, Melethia, PEOPLE!


Shadow simply looked at David for a second. He was mildly amused he had done that in such a short amount of time. But for the most part he was just pissed.

Shadow could almost feel as though he was loosing it.


Shadow reached across the table as fast as he could (which was lightning fast) before he grabbed the back of Davids head. He then repeatedly slammed his head down 3 times causing the table to crack and almost break. He then proceeded to let him go get straightened, and then push him over onto the ground.

He then got up and slowly exited the room. Looking for something to hurt maim and then kill.

Lunch Aftan | Cadolbolg | David | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Lucretia | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Puce | Sadei | Shadow | Teri | Ton Ton

Sadei seemed a bit more upbeat in her next response. Well, it's really nice to be able to have something to write down my ideas, even if I am borrowing from your memory for the language bit. It's not that hard to guess, but I never really had the chance to learn it myself.

Meanwhile, Devon casted a Prestidigation to keep his head and shoulders clean as he responded to Teri. "It's some kind of history, although I don't know if it's European history or Asian history. Just don't wear yourself out, okay? I'd rather not have you lose an arm over some food."

Melethia cringed at the smell of suck excellent firestarting fuel being used up by David as she helped the dazed man. "I see what ya mean on this place bein' boring as Khyber, but it just means we hafta make our own fun here. I mean, if ya wanna stay on the rails that's fine, but not really my thing."


Slindis held her disdain with having to work with such an impulsive person as she responded. "If you don't wish to prioritize in a situation where your first impulse is to attack someone that likely won't feel your attacks if we leave, don't be alarmed when there's a lack of aid for your crusade. We will be willing to accept assistance that helps all of us leave, but you're more than free to stay in here should you choose otherwise."

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

Dmitri's World (The Tablet): A.I. Vermilion | Dmitri

"Agreed." Came Vermilion's voice having taken the time to scan the schematics of Viscus' proposed body and found it limited enough in its scope that she would be able to build the armor without an issue, so long as she had unfettered access to the school's automated metal shop.

The sudden agreement to give in to Viscus' demands might have been shocking to Dmitri had Vermilion not placed a hand paw on his arm, sending him a point to point message.

[code]"No worries, my dearest. We can place as many backdoors or weak points in the armor as we see fit. So long as Viscus delivers, he will not become the threat that he was when we had to defeat him on our own." Vermi said as she released her grip on Dmitri's arm.

[code]"[i]We will need access to the school automated metal work shop and access to its mainframe. I assume you can procure us those access rights, because if you can't it will take more time while Dmitri and I breach the school's firewall and security protocols." The A.I. said with a smirk, knowing that Viscus would not miss the offhanded insult, as she cut off the transmission.

The Barrier: Gabrielle | Lupito (aka Loopy's Day Out)

Gabrielle had been observing Loopy and the imp as Lupito had taken a thorough whiff of the Demonic Hellspawn that was currently chittering as it pressed itself against the wall, trying to back away from what appeared, at least from its perspective, to be a rather large wolf.

"You're not one of his but you're not one of her's either." The Black Knight said as she looked at the creature that was now trying to crawl through the crack that Gabrielle had made only to find itself stuck, causing it to panic even more.

"Anything to add Loopy?" Gabs asked cheerfully as Lupito looked at her the same way most people did; ss if she was some sort of crazy woman.

"Hmmmm... maybe Aftan'll be able to translate whatever this imp is saying." Gabs said as she motioned for Loopy to follow her back to campus.

"Over the hills and through the woods to Grandma's house we go!!!" The Black Knight said as she passed by some rather large looking bipedal wolf tracks.

Administrative Office: C.C. | Lucieon

The trek to the school adminstrative offices was relatively quiet, save for the occassional studen that was being transported to the Nurse's office with bruised diaphrams from over exertion.

Opening the door to the office, the two found the office fairly quiet as staff went about their day to day business of tracking student powers and generating reports. Stepping to the desk, the two were greeted by a clerk.

"Hi, we're looking for information about a student that goes to school here." C.C. said, giving him her best and brightest smile that she could as she made her request.

"Student records are sealed to everyone except school staff, parents and the students themselves." The Clerk said as he started turning away.

"But, this IS about me."

"Oh. Well why didn't you say so?" Asked the clerk who nasally voice made him sound as if he had a permanent head cold.


"C.C." C.C. responded, a bit nervously, as she was anxious to discover more information about herself than just a name.


"Well... I... umm... you see... I don't remember." The Golden Eyed girl stammered as she started growing a bit flustered.

"Look, kid. If I don't at least have a lastname I can't help you." The Jerky Clerk said as he left.

"Well now what?"

Dance Class - FLASHBACK: Cadolbolg | Yurine

"Sorry bout that! I got to help with teaching duties, you know? It's been a while! How are you miss?" Cadolbolg said as he floated in the air, concentrating on keeping himself from floating up into the ceiling fans.

Smiling brightly, Yurine couldn't keep from allowing some of the excitement of seeing the small dragon once again.

"I'm good... it's just... I don't remember much aside from that dance that we shared and I'm just happy to see someone that I recognize around here." The young girl said, indicating that she didn't remember dying at Ekou's hands or the fact that she had been cloned. However, it didn't seem to bother her much now that she was in the presence of someone that she recognized as being a friendly face.

"I was wondering. I seem to have forgotten how to dance as well as I used to. DO you do personalized tutoring?" The woman said with a smirk and a slight reddening to her face.

Lunch: Aftan | Cadolbolg | David | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Lucretia | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Puce | Sadei | Shadow | Teri | Ton Ton

For Puce's part of lunch, he stayed as far away from the rest of the group as possible. He had had his confidence dragged through the mud all day and he didn't exactly feel like taking any more abuse.

Sitting alone at the table, he didn't notice the presence of someone else until it was too late.

"Uh hem" Coughed Aftan from behind him as she sat down in front of him with her slop from the lunch line.

"So Puce. I don't know if you've bothered to look at the teacher roster but I've found something rather interesting that you might want to take note of." The Knight said with a intriguing smile as she passed Puce a slip of paper.

"He's... HERE? Why in the hell is he HERE?!" Puce asked as an anger fuel fire blossomed into life behind his eyes. Grabbing his gear, he ran out of the lunch room quickly, the teacher roster dropping to the floor with Bison's name highlighted.


Ella hadn't bothered to ask her pseudo-stepmother for a lunch but had instead opted for the school lunch, figuring that she would prepare one tomorrow. It was probably not a good thing as she sat down next to Devon and poked the mystery dish with her fork, only to have it poke back at her.

"Hey! What the hell?!?!" the Demi-Succubus asked as she moved her hand back from the tray.

"**BLORP**" Ella's lunch responded as it tried to move off of the table and make an escape.

"I dunno about any of you but I don't think I'm ever going to get from that lunch lady again." Ella said as she looked at her pseudo stepmother Teri with puppy dog eyes.

Storm/Sean & Alpha/Miku (& Jenny).
Location: Hallway.
Time: "kaaaaaah~

As Jenny called out, Sean was already staring at the group coming towards them.
They had a distant aura surrounding them, as if they were not of this world.
And they were definitely not part of the school.
The group consisted of three members.

The first member was at the front of the group, he wore a black mask and a dark hood over himself.
And his body gave off the aura of nothingness and somehow harmony. This member was not armed with any kind of weapon, but it did seem his cloak gave brief glimpses of normal clothing worn in a fantasy setting. "(I wonder if this makes me look bad?)" He asked himself a fairly obvious question.

"(Hmm, I wonder ... well it's a good thing I limited my powers this time.)" Shaun thought to himself.

The second member was to the side of the first. Wearing a rope fixed with a hood that covered most of his face, underneath the robe he wore a medium armor. His presence gives off the aura of immense intelligence and paranoia. This member only had a silver sword, only some people could notice it's holy glint. There was also a book attached to his belt, few people could also tell that this was a tome of some sorts. "(I have never seen anything or place like this before ... I should write this in my book tonight!)" Only intelligent thoughts like these came from Shorn.

The third and last member was probably the worst one. He wore a futuristic helmet, heavy body armor covered by a duster which had been shot/patched up way too many times. Shawn gave off the aura of a veteran in combat, a person who wishes to spill evil blood and a mass amount of skill in various areas, a person with good sight could see a holy presence coming from him for some strange reason. He carried two strange pistols beside him and some weird device on his arm. "I wonder how many bullies are here ... I might teach em' a lesson." He stuck out his tongue and said his thought out-loud.

"Whoops, did I say that?" He said to the other two who looked at him with covered eyes.

The group of three passed the Pokemon and duo as if they were not there, but the middle man of the group stopped for a second in front of Sean. He dropped a metal like suit case. "(Here ... use this as a disguise.)" A mental thought assaulted Sean, he already knew who they are. "(Thanks.)" He thought back to him, two other thoughts entered his mind.

"(Nice to meet you.)"
"(Hey bro, it's nice to meet another person interested in combat like me!)"
The two said their kind thoughts as they continued to walk with the middle man catching up.

Sean got up quickly and picked up the suit case. Both Sean and Miku knew what it is.
"Sorry, I gotta dash." He looked towards the opposite way of the hallway where Miku and Jenny were. "Wait, but you said you woul-" Miku yelled out with sadness. "SORRY, I'll let you do whatever once I get back ... I'm doing this so you may be safe!" He yelled back before dashing off at inhuman speeds ... his powers were back.

After Sean dashed off, Miku stood in the middle of the hallway.
Eyes gathering tears, "Jerk~" She simply said.
She noticed his tone, but she could see a couple of water drops on the ground where he stood ... they were tears.

After turning several corners and running down several stairways, Sean came to the bottom of the staircase and walked behind it carrying the suitcase. It was light, metallic and pretty long. Opening it up Sean could see two places to put his feet, and a long sheath carrying the weapon he was fearing for the longest time. "Long time no cut Sutomu" He said with the smile of nostalgia.

This was the sword that ran in his family for generations.
The same sword that his parents modified with a plasma outline and sent it to him in the future.
It was the same as it was before ... clean. It was not though, it still had the blood of his former comrades on it.
"Am I ready ... mother ... father?" He asked and stepped into the foot placements, soon enough the case began to retract, extend and flatten until Sean was covered in a light armor once more.

This armor was like nothing of his own, it felt new and lighter then his previous armor.
That means that is lacks the density and protection of his own suit, plus it doesn't have any gadgets installed on it nor ... her. Sean waved his thoughts way as he picked up his faithful weapon and walked out of the empty space, finding the three masked people from before.

"Brothers ... we need to get out of here."

Shawn, Shorn & Shaun.
Location: Storm Dimension | Portal room.
Time: Lightning o' clock.

Minutes ago

In the Storm dimension that was created by the previous Archangel Tomoya there was a room ... the whole dimension is filled with lethal lightning except to the Storm group. The three gathered around a single portal, both Shorn and Shawn just met and got to know each other, they had their share of negative/positive view about each other.

The three jumped inside of the portal and somehow they were outside a school.
"This isn't origin plains?" Shaun asked himself.
"So this isn't the place you wanted to take us? The more intelligent member asked and Shaun nodded back. "Well no matter ... if this is where our last member is we should connect to him and then everything should be revealed." Shawn said something actually smart, which he does time to time for someone that lives by killing evil.

Before the three entered the school compound they looked at Shaun.
"Ugh ... sorry to ask this ... but can you even fight?"
"Oh don't worry, I have this ring here ... it has my guns, katana and a non-lethal fighting staff-"
"No, not that ... we mean ... ugh ... can you actually fight or have any kind of power?" Shorn asked with a serious tone.

"I was hoping to do more training before doing this, but I'm tired of them being trapped here. So ... I'll gain experience on the way, as for powers ... I gave myself a small one which should reveal itself at some point." Shaun smiled like a cheeky person before walking fast towards the main doors. The other two sighed.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

The Barrier: Gabrielle | Lupito (aka Loopy's Day Out)

The pup got a good whiff of the other wolf's trail before catching back up with Gabrielle. Sure, she was a bit weird, but she wasn't really that bad of a person. In an odd way, her affectionate nature was reminiscent of how SLindis had treated him at that age.

Lunch: Aftan | Cadolbolg | David | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Lucretia | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Puce | Sadei | Shadow | Teri | Ton Ton

Melethia took a moment to shoot Aftan an icy glare when she saw Puce's reaction. "You know as well as I do that he's neither physically nor mentally ready to face down this kinslayer he's after. Are you aiming at having him killed? Do you mean to rob Skyhair of her companion?"

Yup, Mel was mad. Contrary to most others her age, when she got mad, it only focused her abilities and made her think even clearer. Right about now, her eyes seemed to be picking apart the small holes in Aftan's defenses.

Somehow, Aftan would have to convince this girl that she hadn't been trying to kill Puce by giving him this information. Considering how the information had been conveyed, though, that might be a tall order in itself.


Devon offered some of his rather basic Mac and Cheese with Tabasco lunch to Ella. "Why do you think I didn't ask for any of the food there? If I have to ask whether or not what I'm eating is alive, I don't want it anywhere near my mouth."

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

The Barrier: Gabrielle | Lupito (aka Loopy's Day Out)

Gabrielle was probably on her third or fourth rendition of "Over the Hills and Through the Woods" when she started her fourth or fifth rendition of that very same song. Lupito didn't mind though, Lupito had gotten so used to the song that it was now background noise compared to the rest of the world.

It wasn't until the singing stopped that Lupito started paying attention to Gabrielle and her absurdities. Her latest one?

The Black Knight stood in front of a yellow sign, looked at it with her head tilted one way before tilting it the otherway.

"I wonder what this sign means." She said as she reached behind her to pick up Lupito off the ground, never taking her eyes off the interesting sign.

"Do you know what it means?" Gabrielle asked the puppy.

Only, it wasn't Lupito that was in her arms, rather it was one very scared looking baby werewolf. Of course that wouldn't have been an issue, since everyone knows that baby werewolves are rather cute and cuddly when they're just pups and rather affectionate as well. No, that wsan't the issue. The rather large, drooling, angry looking mother Werewolf that was standing between Lupito and Gabrielle might have been an issue however.

Lunch: Aftan | Cadolbolg | David | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Lucretia | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Puce | Sadei | Shadow | Teri | Ton Ton

Aftan returned Melethia's icy glare with one of her own as she spoke.

"Let me put this in terms that you can understand. If one is thrown into the open ocean, one is forced to either sink or swim. If Puce cannot swim, he will sink and if he sinks then so be it." The Woman said in a voice as cold as a Winter Desert's night.

"I have overheard talk that Puce had briefly been the Rising Dawn's captain prior to Captain Bernstein taking over the position and if Captain Berstein steps down, that leaves Puce back in control. I will not follow some one who is combat incapable and harbors enough guilt to fill the five oceans and sixty one deserts. If Puce does take the position once again, I want to ensure that he does so capably. I will not subject this crew to another idiot captain, nor will I allow myself to harbot feeling for an idi..." The Knight paused for a moment as she realized that she had just spilled the beans as to her motive for pushing Puce as hard as she did.

"If you plan on continuing to interfere, perhaps we should get the obligatory duel out of the way."


The Demi-Succubus regarded the Mac And Cheese and Tabasco for a moment before reaching into a bag and adding what appeared to be chile flakes.

"Ghost Chile Flakes. You can take the Succubus out of hell but you can't take the Hell out of the Succubus." Ella mused with a laugh as she took a bite of her Mac and Cheese and Tabasco and Ghost Chile.

"IF you won't eat something that's still moving, do you like sushi?" Ella asked as she wondered just what kind of food Devon liked. Ever since they had been in the jungle and talked about going out on a date, they'd never actually gone through with it.

"You know you still owe me dinner... or was it the other way around?" Ella asked as she looked as if deep in thought before smiling cutely at her Bard.

"But we'll call it even if you tell me where you want to go for dinner after school before tonight's dance."

The Halls: Ken | Kurumu | Matt

"*huff huff huff huff huff huff huff huff huff*" The Succubus was sucking in air, her chest heaving as she paused to take a breather with the two students in tow.

"Sorry... air elemental... nitrous oxide... knocking out students." Kurumu managed to say as she prepared to drag the two students down the halls again, except, she noted that the sound of laughter had died down and so had the roaring and whipping of extremely strong winds.

"Sorry." She said again as she spotted Puce running down the hallway, seemingly getting ready for combat.

"PUCE! HEY PUCE!" The Succubus called out only to be ignored by the man that was storming down the hallway.

"Sorry guys. I've gotta go." Kurumu said as she started running down the hallway.

As the strange woman ran off, the sound of people laughing their asses off and wind started picking up once again.

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