The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Location: Calming Clearing | Shadow Zone

Akane | Angelus | Caim | Cz | Jenny | Kalastryn | Lucieon | Melethia | Ornstein | Ryan | Rugal | Slindis | Som

There was a pause as Lucieon turned around and gave Jenny a long hard stare. His eyes were death, blue, lonely, and piercing. Ornstein let out a growl and flash stepped forward, his spear twirling around his hand until it landed in both hands, facing outward toward the forest dark.

Lucieon stayed calm however and walked forward, addressing Ryan first, "We are aware. That is partially the reason I have been dispatched to monitor the group." He flashed his black card and gave Ornstein the same deathly look. The Dargonslayer stepped forward and swiped twice with his spear, leaving a floating arc in the space in front of him. He eyed the brush and waited for the voice again, hoping that it would vibrate the delicate equilibrium of the arc of lightning.

"If it were that easy to get a girl to spread her legs," Lucieon finally said, breaking the dread silence, "I've died many, many times to vindictive women with large swords. Even more time to sorceress'. and ten times more to butchers." His Princess Guard ring flashed gold in the dark light. "Come on out, I have a lance for you that you won't soon forget."

Avatar Adventure
Location: Sears Tower | Chicago | Illinois
Time: 4:10 PM

Darren | Deborah | Kyre | Titania

Titania snapped the laptop shut and tossed it off the side of the tower, letting it fall to the ground and land on someone with a wet crack. She stared at Darren without speaking, looking at him posing with his axe. She stopped and breathed through her teeth, clenched in either anger or annoyance. "Your death will come only if you achieve your objective successfully." There was death in her words. A subtle indignant air that seemed to set the cold winter chill aflame with swirling heat.

Kyre took a step back and looked up from nursing her hand, "Mistress titania...?"

The young girl did not respond to Kyre. She stepped forward and stepped on Darren's foot, cracking the cement roofing slabs. "You should not speak to me with such an oblique air. You and I are not familiar... If you seek my anger, I will show you that there are things worse than eternal life wrought with guilt."


Titania was caught off guard by the sudden ding and jumped backwards, her eyes wide and hair floating gently down around her. There was a stand with a bell that appeared in front of them. Everyone except Deborah seemed surprised. Then the bell rang again.


"What... is that?" Kyre asked. She walked forward and gave the small silver bell a hard look over. Her single green eye sparkled in the half-dead sun. Her hair draped over her face, and she smelled sweetly of winter berries.

Titania was flustered and turned away. She looked around them for anything that could make rational sense of the


The bell rang again and Deborah nearly fell off the edge of the sear tower with a large set of mahogany double doors appeared where she was standing.

"What in the Seven Hell's!?" She backed up, hopping on one foot, off balance but on-balance.

Kyre turned from the bell to examine the door, almost unfazed now by the appearance of random household objects. Titania slowly began to realize what exactly was happening, and yet again, she was not happy about it. She breathed sharply through her teeth, whistling a high warbling pitch before grabbing Darren by the shirt and throwing him against the door and breaking it in two. Kyre looked at Titania, who merely pointed, and Kyre nodded, following Darren through the hole in the door.

Then at last, Deborah and Titania were alone again.

"It was Red Mage?" she asked.

Titania shook her dainty head, "No. Someone worse. It was a writer, but I do not know who."

The Break Room
Location: Great Library | The Archives of God
Time: Distorted

Darren | Kyre

Darren was falling, there were so many shelves that flew by him, an infinite number of wooden towers that reach high above to to the door he was thrown through. Then another figure appeared in the line of his vision, and it quickly grew larger, and larger, and larger, until it hit him right in the stomach.

It was a warm feminine softness, and the world was streaked with strands of ruby red, the soft fragrance of winter berries dabbled the air. Kyre had slammed into Darren feet first and thrown both of them into a uncontrolled freefall.

"Sorry!" she cried over the roaring wind.

It was a few moments later before they hit the floor. Darren landed first, breaking over a hundred fourteen bones that he consciously knew about, and twenty three bones that medical professionals had yet to identify. Then Kyre landed on top of him and crushed the rest of his organs and skeletal structure. Kyre looked bereaved, shocked, and almost regretful and the mess of a man she was sitting on. His clothes and mask were perfectly fine, but he was undeniably dead... Until she started to feel the flesh underneath her shift and reform, and Darren sprung spontaneously back to life.

He coughed.

Kyre jumped up, embarrassed, pulling Darren up by his arm. "I'm so sorry about that Mr. Darren." She muttered, looking at him with her left eye. It was brilliantly green. Deep, sparkling, and full of life. More than they could say about the environment they were in. What was it? A huge library with shelves upon shelves of papers. Not even books, but just papers. Papers stacked and combined together into piles and stacks and compilations.

"...Where are we?" Kyre asked.


High above the shelves a robed figure looked down, his hair tousled long and uncut. He had spent too long wandering these archives, looking for a cure. Looking for a solution to his problem. And just as he was on the verge on insanity, some people had dropped from the sky. Where had they come from? He wondered. He moved closer to take a look while the sunlight still streamed into the library. His heart stopped and he gripped his staff and liquor tightly.

"Kyre? Darren? What are they doing here!?"

The AA-verse
Location: G-Corporation light transport: leaving Tokyo
Time: Early evening

Kazuya | Edge | Icarus | Darkside

Edge clenched his fist. If Boss was No, he couldn't be. Boss wasn't a goddamn moron, if he couldn't win he would have teleported as far away as he could. Hell, he was probably back over in Japan, trying to meet up with them. Darkside had to be lying. He had to be.

Edge shook his head. He had to think clearly, and calmly. "Not buying it, Slithers." Edge shouted. "Boss messed you up pretty bad. I can see that from here. And there are three of us here; two of us made you run like hell at full strength, if I recall. Not only that, but Black Ops over there-" Edge nodded towards Kazuya. "Decided to get his horns on, and brought some fighter jets, which are a tad bit sturdier than helicopters. And the man you killed..." Edge drew his one good sword. "...was my best friend. No matter what happens, you aren't walking away from this with your life."

Location: Skies of Japan, above Tokyo.
Time: Early Evening.

The skies of evening began to settle, just like the life around it. People were hustling back to their homes, families and loved ones. Little did they know many things were happening around them, with many characters involved. A few clouds have appeared in the sky, not enough to disturb anything down below. Little did anyone in the city or world below this sky that a figure would emerge from legend and come to this world for many a purpose.

It all began with a single spark, these sparks flew in the air from nothing and then, lightning. Elemental electricity flooded around the clouds, covering a mile around the city. This electricity soon began to make lines, lines and more lines until it had made what looks like a large circle hovering above the city center. Accompanying this circle was a smaller circle which was similar in size to the master circle but smaller, as if forming a ring like shape in the sky.

Symbols began filling this weird electric ring, weird symbols no one could tell unless they have immersed themselves with magic, dark arts or lore from another world. Finally, the smallest of circles, one that a small person could stand in was formed right in the middle of that large ring. suddenly, more electricity surged towards the center of the ring, towards the small circles. This amount of power was enough to make the city's lights blink on and off.

Finally the electricity was gone, the ring and small included. All that remained were the weird symbols and a hole that seemed covered in a light substance like paper. Then, a rip, as if someone and they indeed did rip a tear in the fabric of this universe. A small object came through, to many it would only be a small dark shape, yet this was a person. "Hmm ... wrong calculations I see, should change that later. Was all he could manage to say before pulling out a small book.

"Now that is done, now where is it ... " The mature yet young like voice rang out, his fingers moving as if he had done this a million times before. "Obice." he said calmly and pointed a finger to his falling body. Suddenly a magical circle appeared behind the man as it blocked and bounced it's way off a radio tower. Right now the height was getting lower and lower, but the magical person knew exactly what to do.

In the path now was one of the largest skyscrapers in Tokyo, the projection was clear and then.
A loud collision between the object and the building's horizontal roof was heard.
Once more a magical circle was below the Wizard as he opened his eyes. Pushing himself up, he inspected his environment. "A building ... this high? Is this suppose to be a castle?" He asked the new world before him.
The circle suddenly faded away into nothing and the wizard dropped down to the roof, but still fixated on the city below him. Slightly looking up, he saw the paper portal close up, as if someone had applied glue to it. Now a star remained in the direction of the portal.

"Well, I never knew a Royal Wizard would end up here. Is this what I get for serving that Arthur?" Another question emerged from his mouth, yet a cocky and happy smile emerged on his face. This was another world were he would learn even more magic and do more good, or his name isn't Merlin.


The AA-verse
Location: G-Corporation light transport: leaving Tokyo
Time: Early evening

Kazuya | Edge | Icarus | Darkside

Darkside laughed cruelly, He moved and something happened that the jet pilots couldn't see but Kazuya and edge caught it, Darkside was extending his arm to make another Ki attack, when suddenly Icarus charged in dropping his guard to get in close, Icarus rammed his elbow as hard as he could into Darksides gut the Mutant let out a cry in pain. Icarus began delivering punches directly to Darksides chest, Kazuya noted that Icarus was attacking on the monsters right, without his right arm it was harder to block incoming attacks.
"Now DIE" He screamed they noticed Black lightning was coursing over his right fist when it connected it transferred to the monster body it howled in pain and delivered a kick to Icarus's face, The young angel backed up, but Darkside wasn't going to let an opening pass he began attacking and Icarus was put on the defensive. He took a lot of blows though he let out another bolt and backed away.
He unslung his sword.
"This sword could kill you, It drains teh life force of whom it strikes and imbibes it into the wielder an expert could slice you to ribbons, but I'm not such." he turned to edge
"catch" he shouted and tossed the sowrd and scabbard to the ninja
"Consider a short term replacement for the one you lost."
he turned and suddenly Darkside had disappeared, he closed his eyes trying to sense the beast, he 'looked' around and suddenly Darkside was behind him and grabbed him tight Icarus struggled as Darkside laughed, he had him in his one good arm. He couldn't fight but then again he could crush the little half angel.
"Now surrender Those crystals to me, or the half angel will die here and now"
Icarus screamed in pain, he struggled Darkside tightened his grip.
"I can hear his bones, they'll start to crack I suggest you hand them over." Darkside laughed cruelly thinking he ad won.

Calming Clearing: Akane, Angelus, Caim, Cz, Jenny, Kalastryn, Lucieon, Melethia, Ryan, Rugal, Slindis, Som

"Now, now, don't go putting ideas in her head..." The Shadow remarked to Ryan's "critical Intel" while Jenny just seemed to get more and more embarrassed.
"J-just did you have to explain that?" She cringed as she backed away while the rest of the group went on high alert, limping away with her bad leg.
"Everyone be on guard, We have no idea what this Shadow can do." Rugal warned as he kept his eye on the branches above, seeing how Melethia's shadow used those as well.
"Look, jus-Listen, We should just leave!"
"Oh come on! What's a little scrap between friends? Tell you what, I'll even start with the one you like the least!"
She was about to protest before an unseen force plucked Rugal off the ground and into one of the forest's trees, firing him off with enough force to uproot the tree in the process.
"OOOF!...Oh...Oh, it's going to be one of those fights..." He groaned as he picked himself up, wincing from the dozens of splinters be most likely had in his back.
"...So, What?...Going to hide like a coward!?"
"Well, given whom I'm spawned from, it *did* cross my mind once or twice..."
"Oh, the youth and their one liners...So? Going to fight us face on or what?"
"*Sigh*...If you insist..."

After saying that, a black figure descended down on top of the King of Fighters, landing on his shoulders before cracking him over the head with a transparent staff and driving his face into another tree before leaping off again, preventing him from countering.
She landed in the center of the group, appearing to be wearing some sort of Ninja suit and holding a glass-like staff made from her Telekinetic power. (Visual)
"...What's the opposite of 'overwhelmed'? Because that's what I'm feeling right now..." she boasted despite putting herself in a position where she could be easily attacked by basically everyone.

As Rugal was repeatedly thrown by Jenny's shadow, Kala had seen just about enough of people getting injured for the day. She summoned Demi with the slash of her Tarot card, activating her death aura. Little did she know her dark and damaging aura, in pokemon logic, could screw with psychic abilities targeting her. "Hey Jenny, got a favor to ask you... make peace with this thing, before or after I slash it into cubes of jelly, I couldn't care less which!" she says as she flew into the air and dropped into a well delivered dive bomb towards the shadow, sword held in front of her.

The Break Room
Location: Great Library | The Archives of God
Time: Distorted

Darren | Kyre | Guy who might be who I think it is

Ironically, Darren was the one least concerned with the fact he basically died, after the first 10'000 "Deaths" it tends to lose it's impact.
After becoming pavement pizza, he began to stir again, looking rather annoyed that he did.
"Death by fall. One of my least favorites..." He groaned as he sat up rather unaffected about the fact he fell from such a height.
"...Oh, cool, Suit's intact." Was his reaction tot he fact that his outfit wasn't a bloody mess, one of the reasons he disliked throwing himself off tall buildings as it was a nightmare to clean up.
Now for the setting, he was a little confused: "...A Library?...Urg, I can just see where this is going...Okay, that's actually a lie, I have no idea what the hell is going to happen..." He sighed, aware of the fact he was now in one of Meh and Dissy's trademark wacky sub-plots.
"...Urg, I should have just donated myself to medical science...Or starving Cannibals..." He said before picking up his axe and walking around, glancing around the place as he did.
It was then that he saw someone moving towards them.
"Hey you! Yeah, You!...Where the hell are we?" He called out, unaware of who it was he was talking to.

The AA-verse
Location: Skies over the coast of Tokyo
Time: Early evening

Kazuya | Edge | Icarus | Darkside

By the time Kazuya made it to the fight, Icarus was currently in the grasp of Darkside, his desire for revenge for someone he hadn't even met yet was quickly his downfall.
"Goddammit..." He cursed as he landed on one of the wings of the pair of Fighter Jets, he had been in this situation time and time again, where some super powered asshole held someone hostage in exchange for a list of demands.
No matter how many times this happened, it never got easier.
"...He understood the risks. No deal. I don't find his life valuable enough to trade for a world with you in it, I figure he'd agree." He rather coldly said as he raised his hand for the jets to arm their weapons, seeming to be willing to blow them both up rather then give into Darkside's commands.

All the while, his Bionic Eye remotely zoomed in on the creature's face as Icarus struggled with him in midair, locking on to it as it did.
Please let there be grey matter... he thought as he made his move, ordering his jets to fire.
In the same instance that the missiles and guns began to fire and got Darkside's attention, he fired off a aimed eye beam for the invader's face, hoping the headshot would give Icarus the opening he needed to get out of the way of the missiles.
Failing that, he wasn't going to lose any more sleep over his death then everyone else's that occurred this day.

Immigration issues
Merlin, G-Corp Soldiers.
Location: Skies of Japan, above Tokyo.
Time: Early Evening.

Not long after Merlin appeared, he realized that something was up as flying machines ruled the sky and metal siege machines rolled freely on the streets.
There was also the glimpse of a mid-air standoff over in the distance, but quickly, that became the least of his concerns.
Behind him, he heard a door get kicked down before a battalion of Strange looking Knights storming in and began taking positions on the rooftop around him.
Sheesh, hell of a welcome wagon.

The AA-verse
Location: Skies over the coast of Tokyo
Time: Early evening

Kazuya | Edge | Icarus | Darkside
Darkside yelled as the blast hit his eyes, Icarus out of desperation used one of his more dangerous techniques
"Banko-urgh Bikun, no bikuri- oh screw this
Thunder Shock Surprise he shouted as He unleashed a finishing technique.
Black lightning coursed through Darksides body he screamed even louder he let go he could feel his energy was almost empty. Icarus then flew away. The Mutant growled as he sank downwards not having the energy to even fly. he let himself fall and swam away. Icarus gasped for breath.
"Kazooie, this is why I didn't trust you, lucky for you I go out of there." he gasped and snapped his fingers making the black sword he tossed to edge disappear.
"And lucky for me he couldn't grab this" he said holding out the red crystal. it floated into the air and dissapeared.
"Now then Can we get something to eat? That took a lot out of me, and before you complain he has no energy a missing arm, and no dagger, he is screwed unless if he finds the remaining crystals but they are still in Tokyo so if he gets them it'll be your fault, like my nearly broken ribs"
He glared at Kazuya there was something oddly familiar about this teenager.

Technological issues.
Merlin, G-Corp Soldiers.
Location: Random tower roof.
Time: Evening.

"Intriguing, humanity has come far. With or without magic is the question." Merlin said, hand to chin, looking and smiling at humanities creations around him, from the castle to the weird machines in the sky. Seeing black dots came up in his view. "Magnificat." He said quickly and placed one hand over his left eye, shortly after a magical circle was created on top of that hand. This spell intensified his sight and the sight of flying figures was confirmed.

"Look at that magic ... I guess it should have been obvious to sense it. Guess my 'magical compass' isn't set out straight in this world." Merlin said as he gentle placed his hand down, magic circle disappearing as the door was kicked in. Listening to the 'Knight' group's demands, Merlin decided to act kind for a good start in this world.

"Good evening gentlemen, or shall I say Lords, for I do not know which Kingdom or King you serve. While I believe I should be interfering in that business ... " Merlin introduced himself and motioned towards the figures in the air. "But I shall tell you, I have no weapons on me, nor magic affecting the surrounding area. But where are my manners sirs, my name in Merlin, Court Wizard of Camelot and closest advisor of his Magesty, Arthur Pendragon." Merlin said and gave a polite bow, not looking dominating nor looking weak.

Merlin himself hoped that this world knew about him, but judging the environment around him, he may look like a joke. Already he had to adjust his manner of speaking in this world and if he had to, he would prove himself of his fame or legend one way or the other.

The AA-verse
Location: Skies over the coast of Tokyo
Time: Early evening

Kazuya | Edge | Icarus | Darkside

Once Icarus broke free of Darkside's grasp and the mutant was sent down into the sea below, The two jets instantly began to hover above the water, using radar equipment to track the villain while Kazuya watched from above in case Darkside tried to give him the slip again.
"While I confess that your survival was a secondary objective compared to stopping Darkside from getting those gems, I can assure you that comment was mostly a ruse to buy time so I could take the shot. Besides, if we want to talk about trust issues, you haven't even told me your name or how you even got those gems." He explained to the half angel as he was focused on finding a body.
It was then that he saw something that filled him with anger: In spite of his constant warnings, Icarus held onto one of those gems for himself, risking the entire operation and possibly their lives if Darkside realized he had it on him.

Suppressing his body shaking in anger, he then slowly began to break down the situation without so much as raising his voice.
"1. My name is Kazuya Mishima.
2. I fail to see how I was responsible for an injury to your thoracic cage when I made zero psychical contact with you thus far.
3. You got out of there because of me, The fact I was able to make that shot is directly the reason we are even talking.
4. Trust or not, there was a massive flaw in your reasoning of bringing Darkside exactly what he was after.
5. On the matter of trust, I trusted you to hand over the Gems so my organisation could secure them, only to find out that instead, you withheld one for yourself.
6. Even if you didn't trust me with the gems, I highly doubt that you thought about what would happen I had not been able to make that shot and Darkside managed to obtain the gem off your person. And that, would have been your fault.
7. And I am going to do though this very slowly: your poor judgement in relation to these gems placed you, me, my men and the population of the entire city of Tokyo at risk. All it would have took was Darkside picking your pocket back when he had you dead to rights and none of us might have been able to stop him."

The half demon then leaned in closer to the half angel, Not looking very happy and finished with: "And I am well aware of my obligations to my city and I will complain if you do something that puts it at risk like this again. Do I make myself clear?"
Without waiting for an answer, he turned to Edge and said "I have some more jets en route. They will help you look for Boss. I'm not entirely certain of his fate, but know I will spare no expense if needed. And Darkside will pay for every life he took today."
Thus he stepped up his search for remains of either Boss or Darkside...

False Alarm
Merlin, G-Corp Soldiers.
Location: Skies of Japan, above Tokyo.
Time: Early Evening.

"...eerrrmmmm, Unit 4 to Base, Tango non-hostile. Receding alert. over." The Leader radioed before his men stood down, though they kept their eye on Merlin, while he didn't "Look" like an Alien, they knew that he didn't have to.
"...Okay..."Merlin". We have reason to believe that this world is not your own. While we can't confirm how this came to pass at this moment in time, we do have means to return you to your own realm. Before we do so, we'd like to take you to our..."Castle" to you to meet our..."King...Do you understand what I'm telling you?" The CO said slowly, making sure he was being clear on the matter, Kazuya would totally fire him in a second if Merlin so much as broke a window under his watch.
"Unit 4 to base, being Tango in for questioning. Get Dr. Violet on the line, he knows this sorta of thing better then we do." The Leader then said before motioning for Merlin to follow him and his men.

New time, new people. Better or worse, nobody knows.
Merlin, G-Corp Soldiers.
Location: A skyscraper.
Time: Early Evening.

Looking at his 'welcome party', Merlin wasn't going to start unnecessary engagement, yet his intrigue only kept on growing, so much new is laid out in front of him, this only meant that his learning was not yet done. "Oh I already know this world isn't my own. I believe that this was either a random outcome or fate itself brought me here." Merlin said, addressing the first two problems that the soldiers had. The gems and crystals on Merlin's clothing and gauntlets had stopped glowing, for the presence of magic flowing through the magician were stopped for now, necessary to have a non-aggressive interaction.

"As how I came here ... I intended to create a portcullis to another world and time. My newest spell was indeed the result of this, sure, I am experienced at creating a world portcullis, but one going to another world ... that is what my newest spell was for." Merlin's cocky smile had faded into neutral concern, for he remembered how many forbidden spells he had remembered to avoid a bitter future, these spells were used to battle such foes as Mordred. "Of course this was for research, I would never use the "Paperella" portcullis for such bad intentions." Merlin said once more, beginning to follow the soldier. "That tis a good name." A whisper said.

"But if I could ... I would rather stay here for a bit. As the Wizard of the land, I feel like it is my duty to learn everything I can, especially anything connected to the magical sense." Merlin's honesty was practically bleeding out at this point, but yet ... "And just to mention, no one should touch me ... I would hate for them to get any foreign magic on them." Merlin said, cocky smile still present, was this a warning or a thread?

In the mind of the genius Wizard, his concern was growing. He did notice that they were trying to keep things simple, so that they would not complicate the mind of this man, yet Merlin's mind was ever-growing. Yet his concern was for this "Doctor", for he had never heard of the term before, but it certainly was a important position. Walking with the soldiers, the Wizard kept quiet, continuously thinking, from ways to get out to ways to keep the peace, the only worry was what would these people do to him.

Looking down at his Lightning Gem, Merlin was annoyed that he had to stop his magical circuit for now, but it was all for peace, this was important, for he is pretty much a diplomat.

Violet Time! (sorry this is late)
Merlin, Violet
Location: G-Corp, Floor 69 (Violet Systems)
Time: Early Evening.

Merlin was quickly escorted though the streets of the city, the Soldiers starting to ease up a little now that the Darkside matter had seemed to have been resolved.

*Scene skip because I can't be arsed writing how Merlin got there*

The next thing the Wizard knew, he was in a sort of lab, like a Alchemist's, but a lot more advanced, metal machines taking up large parts of the room with bits and pieces of robots littering the floor.
"~Just a minute!~" shouted a somewhat effeminate voice as banging noises could be heard before the man himself made his appearance.
"Sorry about the mess, oh, it's all steam ahead these days. I tell ya, Kazuya needs to learn what a Holiday is, I had tickets to a Musical. All dressed up and no-where to go..." Violet Sighed as he tip toed though the mess that the sudden mobilization of the G-Corp army caused.
"So you're the "Alien" then? Merlin, right? Well, I..." He paused before shaking his hair in a manner ripped right from a shampoo ad, slow motion, glitter and all.
"-Am the wonderful, beautiful and Excellent! Violet and I Welcome you to our still patch of heaven!" She then finished his overly long greeting before bowing vainfully.

The AA-verse
Location: Skies over the coast of Tokyo
Time: Early evening

Kazuya | Edge | Icarus

If Edge's gloves were any thinner, his hands would be bleeding; his fists were clenched so tight he couldn't feel them anymore. Here he was, a ninja and guerrilla fighter with almost forty years of experience, a marksman so skilled he could throw something the wrong way and it would still hit dead-center, not to mention more magical powers than most people had any practical fucking use for, and he was still totally and completely inept. And he hated it. He hated it. That's how he'd spent half of is life, that's why he was who he was now, and he promised himself, he promised himself, if anything ever happened to Boss-

But the motherfucker had to pick a fight over the water, the one place he was always useless. So Edge had stood here. Useless. Sure, he could throw a couple knives at the thing, or maybe hit it with one or two Ninja Arts, but there was absolutely no way for him to go over and stab it. The Ninja Arts were very deliberately not meant to kill; well, a handful of them were, but they were all the hardest to pull off, and weren't meant to be relied upon. No, Edge was fast enough to run on water, and clever enough to run on air if he needed to, but he couldn't do both at the same time.

So he had stood here. Useless. As Icarus got taken hostage, and Kazuya had all but taken care of the situation. And now Darkside was gone, but probably not dead, and without any doubt long gone. And there was not a damn thing Edge could do about it. And he hated it.

So let us out, Sinh. You know how ea-

Quick as a blink, Edge imagined an orange door in his mind and slammed it shut. Bastard wasn't getting out, not today. Not ever if he had any say in it, but especially not today. That's the one thing Edge knew he could do right.

Far away, Kazuya was shouting at Icarus. Something about keeping the gems safe. Wait, Icarus still had one? Goddamn moron, what was he thinking? Kazuya summed up the situation pretty well; he had a damn good head on his shoulders, an even temper, a strong sense of responsibility, and Edge could even forgive his ruthless pragmatism.

Kazuya turned to Edge.

"I have some more jets en route. They will help you look for Boss. I'm not entirely certain of his fate, but know I will spare no expense if needed." Kazuya doubled up one of his fists. It was a subtle gesture, but Edge noticed it, and saw exactly where Kazuya's priorities were. "And Darkside will pay for every life he took today."

Edge nodded, but didn't look at Kazuya. "You're damn right he will. I'll make sure of it with my bare hands if need be."

Kazuya nodded. "I'm not sure how close the two of you were, but...for what it's worth, I'm sorry. Boss was a good man."

"Is." Edge said. "He's not dead yet."

Kazuya frowned. "If he's alive, we'll find him. If he's dead, we'll recover-"

"He's at The Rising Dawn." Edge said, still scanning the water.. "Has to be. He may be hurt, but he's not dying, he's too smart to let someone get that close to him. And there are people there that can protect him if need be."

Kazuya took all this in and nodded. "Is that where you're headed?"

Edge nodded, and looked to Kazuya. He'd seen demons up close before, even killed a few; A big scaly caprice didn't scare him anymore. "It's my job to protect Boss, same as it's yours to protect Tokyo."

Kazuya nodded knowingly, but said nothing.

"That being said..." Edge continued, looking away. "I have no idea where The Rising Dawn would be. Boss has some sort of weird...sonar...tracking sense that I've never fully understood; if he's seen something, he knows where it is. I don't have that. wouldn't happen to know where it is, would you?"

Violent Time!
Merlin, Violet
Location: G-Corp, Floor 69 (Violet Systems)
Time: Early Evening.

While being transported through the streets of Tokyo by the kind guardsmen of G-Corp, Merlin was looking around everywhere. The technology was what most interested him, metal carriages, long plain clothing and some people even wore some kind of fabric masks. The city was in a state of small panic, with both Merlin's entrance and the figures above the city. Not just noticing the technology, Merlin inspected the culture around him.

The symbols interested him, not the English nor symbols he knew. Merlin knew this was not the land he came from, but this was highly interested, how many other places were like this? How many other lands had different cultures? The smile of intrigue was smeared onto his face. Yet the figures still came to mind, were they going to cause trouble? If so, he might have to step in.

Then one of the biggest buildings came into view.
This was the "Castle" they talked about.

*After scene skip*

Walking into the room made out of the 'designed' stone, Merlin's gaze went everywhere in a mere second. The weird metal machines, the weird metal creatures ... and most of all, the weird 'alchemist' he saw in front of him interested him greatly. The clothes of the man were bright, it almost reminded him of the maidens inside of Camelot's castle, and his talking was fruity, like some of the jesters in Arthur's court.

"Nice to meet you, as you have heard ... the name is, Merlin." Said the Magician, keeping careful about his words, still not used to the language or English of the men here. "Not really an ... ugh ... a "alien" as you may have said, just a complicated problem with a complex magic rhythm." Merlin said, giving a graceful bow as well. Rising back up, Merlin looked at his hair, wondering if he could grow it longer, but that thought was wiped out, as to listen why he is here in this advanced room.

"So what scrolls do I need to sign so I may leave and find then nearest library?"

Location: Calming Clearing | Shadow Zone

Akane | Angelus | Caim | Cz | Jenny | Kalastryn | Lucieon | Melethia | Ornstein | Ryan | Rugal | Slindis | Som

The Shadow didn't flinch at Kalastryn made her move, standing perfectly still as the Tiefling lunged at her, She had seen this coming and knew exactly what she was going to do.
As Kala drew near, she brought up her staff to block her incoming sword swing before striking with an elbow to her face and following up with A strong swing to her skull with minimal movement between attacks.
"Predictable. Most people are, it's one of the reasons Jenny stopped reading minds: you read the mind of one slow stupid jack-off, you've read them all." She taunted as Jenny watched, prompting her to try and talk her down.
"Please! There is no need to do this!"
"Well, actually, there is, See, I got tired of laying on the ground being helpless as my friends die."
It retorted, using Jake's recent death to silence her before turning back to the rest of the group.
"Well...Go on. Make your attacks in vain, I can see them all coming..." She gloated, clearly using her mental powers to predict any and all moves the party made.

Rugal paused for a moment before smirking, he knew ways to work around Telepaths reading his mind to predict his moves.
"Everyone, Don't think! Empty your thou-URK!" He went to shout out before feeling an unseen force grip around his throat, choking him as it lifted him a few feet off the ground.
The Problem was: The Shadow knew that he knew that.
"...Did someone hear something?...You're doing to need to speak up, Rugie." She quipped as she held a hand out to Force Choke him: Darth Vader Style.

Location: Club Escapade

Annie, Cadolbolg, Constance, David, Devon, Ella, Garm, Teri, Ton Ton, Yu, Deadshot

"Sheesh, you don't need to go that far!" Deadshot remarked to the praise he was getting from Annie, though he went along with the toast anyway, noting her reaction as he did.
She seemed a little nervous for some reason, though he figured he had some idea why.
"...Still, Considering the amount of shit I gave ya since your Shadow had a go, I figured it was the least I could do." He explained as he began hatching a rather nasty ploy in his mind.
"...Want to go to a private room in the back and just fuck each other's brain's out?" He asked rather matter of fact manner all of a sudden.

[Insert Annie's Reaction here]

"HAHAHAHAHA! Ah, Relax! I'm just pulling the piss. I don't put out on the first date anyway. Heheheheh...Oh, I'm a terrible person..." he then said afterwards.

David meanwhile was getting the lay of the land from the other Shadow Ops members, attempting to get some information on their comrades who went on to arrest Nise-Mono, though he wasn't getting much out of them.
After failing to get anything there, he tried calling the group on his ring: Nothing.
"Hey guys, Can any of you reach Rugal and them? Can't seem to get a signal on this damn thing..." He asked the others, holding the ring up in the air as if he was holding a cell phone trying to get a bar of reception.

Welcome to the Internet
Merlin, Violet
Location: G-Corp, Floor 69 (Violet Systems)
Time: Early Evening.

Violet couldn't help but let out a laugh when Merlin asked for Scrolls.
"My, My, your realm is going freak out when they invent Computer Tablets...Least they have hair dye where you come from." He remarked before hopping on a office chair and sliding over to a computer.
Pulling out a Mic, he then said "Oh Agent K? (Kazuya) Brian's boys brought in a Alien, straight out of inter-space. Get over here when you can and see if they have any of those nice cream crackers I like on the way over. Bye!~".
Hanging up, he then said "Kazy will be here in a moment, he's going to talk to you, give you the laws of the land and such non-sense. As for your library...".
A few buttons later, he opened up the Web Browser and a strange image appeared on the display:


"Lets get you up to speed, shall we? Just say what you want to look for into this. Go on, see what we know." He then said before connecting a wireless mic and giving it to him.
Welcome to the 21st century Merlin!

Information, myth and reality.
Merlin, Violet
Location: G-Corp, Floor 69 (Violet Systems)
Time: Early Evening.

Still gaining a weird feeling from the word "Alien", Merlin was instantly distracted by the metal frame that glowed and spelled words on a pane of glass. "Interesting ... interesting indeed." Merlin said to himself as he pulled a seat towards him, understanding that it had wheels on the bottom of it's object frame. Noting what Violet said, he gave a nod as he moved to the microphone, not afraid or hesitating to learn about what this world knows about him.

Over a number of short minutes, Merlin had searched for multiple keywords.
The first was obviously "King Arthur", his lord, student, mentor and best friend.
"Hmm, interesting, in my tale the King was actually a woman ... and not killed my Mordrid. Funny enough, we became immortal through one way or another." Merlin commented.

After that, he searched through multiple words once more.
And finally, himself, Merlin.

"While I do have white hair, I am certainly not old. I became immortal after drinking from the Holy Grail. And I see that mostly related to me is myth or legend, especially Excalibur, which certainly lies at the bottom of the lake ... but I have been seeking much about it, just like God and the Universe." Merlin began to speak, but cut himself off quickly to stop blagging about too much of his research, especially since this person may become a rival.

"One more question ... what about magic? Does it exist? And does the public use it?" Merlin looked towards Violet with a curious gleam. Merlin himself found the name to be funny, who would be named after a colour? Certainly Merlin could spend much time in this place and research numbers of words and keywords, yet, the trust of the old paged book remained in him. Lets only hope he doesn't get into the British Library.

Well, Kala should have expected that the shadow would have expected that. The blow to her head was forceful enough to push her away, but didn't actually hurt. That's when Rugal was getting force choked, after she assumed he was referencing the shadows ability to read minds. She had an idea, but she made it vanish quickly so that while the shadow was distracted they wouldn't have read it. She kept her mind as blank as she could. In fact.., she summoned Demi and changed forms... again. To any onlookers, it would seem as though her flesh suddenly rotted and decayed, though not to a degree of injury. She smelled a slight bit unpleasant as a result, but as Jenny's shadow might have detected... her thoughts were truly blank, or at least, they appeared that way. If you've ever tried to read or effect the mind of a zombie, it's a pretty wasted effort, and a damn well blank read. Kala could think because she was such a genius (34 Int. In DnD terms, the average Joe has 8.) but by assuming the form of a mindless undead, her thoughts were shielded.
"So... you know... what I think? I think... that your... done." She dragged out, apparently it taking a temporary toll on her mind, but not enough to where it would be forever damaged.

Kala tried the same flying stunt again, or so it seemed. When the shadow went to repeat the same effect, Kala rolled forward midair, dodging the blow to her skull and slamming her heel on the shadows head with as much force as she could muster. Ouch. Any counterattacks were met with a dodge, but not a retaliation... unbeknownst to the shadow, she was letting her aura do the work of harming it, slowly and repeatedly hitting them with dark energy.

The AA-verse
Location: Southern Minnesota
Time: Late night/early morning


Boss slammed into the ground hard enough that he left a six-foot long gash where he landed. He was hurting. He was hurting bad. He couldn't remember being hurt this bad before, and it terrified him.

Boss slowly climbed out of the hole he had made, and rolled over onto his back. He couldn't feel his right arm at all; he raised it up, hoping it was still there. It was, of course; but there was a knife or a dagger of some kind sticking out of it. Blood welled on both sides, running up and down and all around his arm. Boss took several deep, gasping breaths, and closed his eyes. Grabbing the dagger by the hilt, he tore it out of his arm in one clean motion, and threw it as hard as he could. It didn't go far; he heard it land with a thick thud maybe five feet away.

Boss opened his eyes again, and looked around. He had landed in...not somewhere heavily forested enough to be called a forest, but still a pretty heavily wooded area. It was dark out; the only thing illuminating the night was the half-moon floating up in the sky. There were no animals or bugs or birds making any sounds, not that he could hear; but thought he heard a stream or a brook somewhere in the distance. And it was freezing out. Like, literally freezing; there was a layer of snow on the ground at least a foot thick. Feeling had come back to his arm, and it was hurting like a bitch, and freezing on top of that; but he lacked the strength to pick himself up, even telekinetically. He wasn't sure what he was thinking coming here, but in hindsight it was very clearly a bad idea.

Somewhere in the distance, there was a clamor. Boss thought he saw a light, heard someone stomping through the snow, but wasn't cognizant enough to be sure. He needed to rest. He'd had a really, really hard day. Or...hour...or...something. It hadn't been...


The AA-verse
Location: Skies over the coast of Tokyo
Time: Early evening

Kazuya | Edge | Icarus
Icarus Looked around He pulled out a small device, He opened it up, the device served a few functions a communication device, a GPS Map to name a few, it looked a lot like a small gaming hand held.
Using the stylus he pinged through a few functions before getting a track on the Dawn.
"Hey umm guys I think the Rising Dawn isn't too far away. Well if you can fly I guess, it isn't too far away." he said and lowered his head. He got a fix on it's location.
"Umm I'm gonna go over there, I think maybe I could get the sensors to get a fix on Darkside, and maybe find a way to kill it. I'l see if I can find Boss if he;s alive I think I can run the medical bay by myself, there's everything we;d need in there to heal him of any injuries."
With that the Half angel flew in the direction of the dawn moving as fast as he could.

"I'll do whatever it takes that monster can't be allowed to cause any more damage, I hope that Ninja was right, because I dont want to believe that someone like Boss could be killed by that monster, it took a massive explosion to weaken him.
No what am I thinking he has to be alive, I just hope everything is ok
I wonder if I'll run into

Location: Calming Clearing | Shadow Zone

Akane | Angelus | Caim | Cz | Jenny | Kalastryn | Lucieon | Melethia | Ornstein | Ryan | Rugal | Slindis | Som

Lucieon turned his head toward the Shadow and watched with mild contempt. There were several things that had happened. First, the shadow had made herself known. Then it had struck away Kalastryn easily, and again once more. It had read rugal's thoughts and begun to force choke him, and the very last, Ryan... the Dragon Disciple, had decided it a good idea to *lick* the creature.

He held out his card, "Nothing but a ghost and a shadow," he grumbled as he commanded Ornstein telepathically. Ornstein stepped forward with his spear in hand, and Lucieon broadcast his thoughts deafeningly by using his Princess Guard Ring as a catalyst.

"Command Economy: Reflation!" he roared over the quiet of the forest clearing.

A confusing thought to any mind not addled with textbook-terms-turned-attack-names as Lucieon's own. The Undead Merchant smirked as his card opened up, revealing a transparent circle in the middle where his current net worth was displayed. Suddenly the number dropped sharply. At the same time Ornstein's electric field increased in strength ten fold, sending blinding light outward in a brilliant flash of yellow-gold color.

Lucieon turned his card over, the number dropped sharply again, "Macroflation! Command Economy: Lump-Sum Taxation!" Ornstein thrust his spear toward the shadow, seeking to pierce its heart... uncaring if Ryan was struck by the lightning. It was light gathered into a lance of holy strength, the power of the sun. All of its gathered rays in the trees and earth into one lump sum.

The (Un)real World
Location: Sears Tower | Chicago
Time: 5:00 PM

Titania | Deborah

Titania watched the door close and the bell vanish. She knew what was going on now, and she didn't like it one bit. SHe turned to Deborah who was busy sulking in the corner, looking rather neglected. The little white-haired magi sighed and waved to signal Deborah to come over, which she did, and sat her down in front of herself so that Deborah was now at eye level.

"Read to me what's happening to them," Titania commanded sternly.

Deborah nodded as if she was less than enthusiastic. The Blue Mage pulled a worn leatherbound tome from her cloak and opened it, picking out a page that was recording everything Kyre was thought to be thinking and began to read aloud.

The Break Room
Location: The Grand Library | Archives of God
Time: Infinite

Darren | Kyre | Unknown Figure

I was thinking, something, but my mind's all fuzzy. I can't exactly make it out. There's someone above us, but he's hooded. His cloak obscured his face. He said something under his breath. I cannot hear him. My heart is beating fast and I can't help but get swept up in excitement. After so long my body is turning on without my conscious thought. My muscles tense and my breath draws fast, Darren moves ahead of me. His axe in hand. He's addressing the man above. He's being very aggressive.

The man above sweep across the suspended walkways that run across the towers of bookshelves. Darren seems unhappy about it. But there is something about the man that is familiar. Darren walks forward. Is he ignoring me? I tried to talk to him a little earlier. He didn't say anything. I should be more polite. But. I feel anxious. I want to get moving. My hand is already around Fang's hilt and I pull on the obsidian blade lightly. It's cool and smooth in my hand, unblemished by years of neglect. I move forward, my free hand finds its way to Darren's shoulder. I tug on his shirt. It's soft in my and and a little loose on his body. He turns around, masked face looking at me. It reminds me of the mask I used to wear. I suddenly feel sad, but I do not think. I pull him forward.

We are both running. Running through the darkness. I cannot see very well, the dusty air puts strain on my good eye. I blink hard, tears are coming. Bookshelves fly by, papers are everywhere. I catch glimpses of some of them. Text, written in language I cannot understand, others have some pictures on them. Different pictures of many different types and things. We keep running. The hooded man is in front of us. He has a combat staff. I'm afraid, I'm excited. Who is this person? He seems so familiar.

He turns around, wild eyes stare at us from the dark. Lonely eyes. I have seen them before. I know this person.

"Leave me along you crazy hooligans!" he said. He was jumping backward now from shelf to shelf, cloak flapping around him. I tug harder on Darren. He stumbles, he's not used to running this fast, and jumping so much. He is too heavy for me to carry. I make him endure it. I speed up, we speed up. We can't catch the man in front of us, he's too fast.

I feel alone...

Darren is behind me complaining about something, but I cannot hear him. I am caught up in the moment. The wind around me, though dusty and stale, is still the air of chase. I have prey and I feel free. I want to kill and eat and sleep. I want to drown in pleasure. Where does this come from? I feel young, but I know I am not. I draw Fang into the air, and he makes a sharp cutting noise as he frees himself from the scabbard. The ebony blade shines bright in the moody light of the library. Where does this light come from? Why do I care. I lung forward and hit the man, letting go of Darren. I move faster without Darren. I catch up and I strike, once, twice. I hit something hard, but I do not think it is the man. Something hard hits me in the head, I blink, stunned. I can't seem to see straight, but I feel him. I feel him trying to run. I lunge again and grab him, we both fall. We fall far and hit the ground hard.

I am unconscious? But I feel good. I feel alive, I want to..

The Break Room
Location: The Great Library | The Archives of God

Darren | Puce | Kyre

"What do you want!?" Puce screamed. Kyre was sitting ontop of him and holding his neck in a deadlock with her thighs. Fang, her obsidian dagger was dug deep into his cloak, pinning him into the floor. Puce was a mess, his hair long and his face scruffy and worn with exhaustion. Kyre was panting, face red. She wasn't as young as she once was it seemed, but she still had her hunter's vigor in her soul. Puce turned his eyes toward Darren, approaching the two entangled fighters. He was out of breath and dragging his fire axe behind him. "I'll say it again, what do you want writer?"

Kyre giggled and laughed while Darren and Puce stared each other down. His messenger bag was filled with paper parcels, most of them alchemical texts and magical recipes. But some were just pictures of a particular blue-haired girl.

Location: Calming Clearing | Shadow Zone

Akane | Angelus | Caim | Cz | Jenny | Kalastryn | Lucieon | Melethia | Ornstein | Ryan | Rugal | Slindis | Som

Kalastryn's "Crazy enough to work" ploy was crazy enough to work, after all, Who the hell expects someone turning themselves into a zombie?
Certainly not the Shadow as Kala managed to connect with her attack, clearly having a large effect as the Shadow was downed, while she was far more dangerous then Jenny, she bruised just as much and the Dark Aura didn't exactly help.
"Grrrr...Just when I thought you couldn't get any dumber." she growled, sounding a little tired, at she tried to land a counter hit with her staff, failing to do so as Kala was still mobile enough to dodge.
It was then she waved her hand towards the pile of arrows Rugal pulled out of his body after Mel's fight, using her power to send them flying towards her legs and wings, hoping to slow her down to limit her threat.

It was then that an image appeared in her head, one that confused the hell out of her: Mostly naked Anime school girls.
"I-i...What?" She asked, competely bewildered, out of all the times to think about THAT!
"...Ryan, What in the name of was th-" she was going to ask before the Author Licked her across the face.
She froze for a second, shuddering and retching a little, not really out of pain, but more the fact that it was EXTREMELY unpleasant.
Once she was composed though, she was livid, if the staff to the crotch he received followed by her repeatedly striking him in the face and body while he was down didn't make that clear.


She screamed as she laid into him, clearly not impressed by the Dragonoid's antics.

Still, while that plan didn't exactly work, the distraction gave Lucien time to charge up Ornstein's attack as well as keeping the Shadow from seeing it coming.
Thus, the Lance flew towards the Shadow, even a last minute Reflect barrier doing little to stop it's impact before the Shadow was knocked out her feet and sent sliding across the ground.
Hell, if she hadn't gotten that barrier up, it'd most likely would have taken her out, judging by the amount of cuts and gashes she received from it.
Her mask was bent and dented, prompting her to discard it as she picked herself up, revealing a fire red color in her hair in contrast to her host's leaf green.
"ohhhhh...lets see you try that again..." she said before holding her hand out and using Confusion.
The next thing Lucien knew, his mind was under attack as pain flooded his body and everything in his view began to distort and warp.
Lucien is Confused! He might hurt himself in his confusion.[1]

Location: Club Escapade

Annie, Cadolbolg, Constance, David, Devon, Ella, Garm, Teri, Ton Ton, Yu, Deadshot

While Deadshot did get a chuckle out of his horrible prank, most people have a hard time laughing off a martial arts kick.
"OHHHH-...okay, I had that one coming..." He groaned as he laid on the ground, the wind taken out of him before Annie confronted him afterward.
"You're in my good graces, but don't expect anything from me... yet." she stated before walking off, leaving him to process that remark.
"...Tch!...Yeah...This totally beats Jail..." he chuckled as he picked up his drink and carried on, not bothering to pick himself off the ground as he did.

David was going to ask what exactly Deadshot said to justify him getting knocked flat on his ass, but he decided not to pry.
"Hmmmm...Pretty sure it was a place called "Duck Burger". Sure, it's just a fast food joint, what the hell could have done wrong?..."
David repeated this statement out loud in his head, using the vast collection of experiences he had with the Rising Dawn thus far.
"...Okay, I think they might be in trouble. Shit! Oi, guys! Get ready, we're heading out the second Mitsuru gets here!" He then shouted to the rest of the group, Knowing their luck, their crew-mates were in fucking Narnia or something...

[1] The Wiki says it's a 50:50 chance of him hurting himself. Have fun!

The AA-verse
Location: Skies over the coast of Tokyo
Time: Early evening

Kazuya | Edge | Icarus

Kazuya wasn't entirely sure if Edge was correct on Boss's current location, but nodded anyway in response to the question.
"We do, but we've been unable to track it for the last few days. I understand first hand that the airship is a hot spot for abnormalities. Portals, Rifts, Teleportation, That sort of thing. It's not uncommon for them to disappear off the face of the earth for weeks on end. Rest assured though, it's still around, we know that much for a fact." He explained as Icarus managed to get a bead on the Dawn's location somehow.
"Do what you wish, though I highly doubt that the Dawn is in our realm at this moment in time. Besides, we're not done here yet." He said as the second detachment of jets arrived.
"All units spread out and patrol the water, report everything from dead fish to floating trash. I want Darkside's body. The Coast guard will make sure he doesn't wash up. You have your orders, Compete them." He ordered before his transport showed up, fresh after delivering the gems.
"Now then, I need to get back to G-Corp, no doubt the government is asking why I had the city locked down. You are free to join me if you want to make your own way back." He said to Icarus and Edge before flying into the hanger, pausing and kneeling as he reverted back to his human form, seeming to be rather drained as a result.

Information, myth and reality.
Merlin, Violet
Location: G-Corp, Floor 69 (Violet Systems)
Time: Early Evening.

Violet was busy trying to play something called "Flappy Bird" on a rectangle shaped piece of metal when Merlin asked him about magic.
"Hm?...Oh, why yes. Yes, magic still persists around the world. The Bossman just prefers to use technology instead. As Arthur C. Clarke stated: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"." He explained as brought up another "Spell" from that metal he was holding, playing a piece of classical music that would take an entire orchestra to re-create in a theater.
"Sure, we're not *AS* good as Magic in some areas, human enhancement and other skills, but we're getting there."

The Break Room
Location: The Grand Library | Archives of God
Time: Infinite

Darren | Kyre | Puce

"*Gasp Gasp* ...Nice-*Pant* one..." Darren gasped for air, seeing how he was attending a course in computer networking, athletics wasn't his strong suit.
"Alright...All we wanted was directions, I mean, I have no idea where the hell this place...Or "What" it is. So if you could jus-...!!" He went to ask before his attention turned to bag Puce was carrying before Kyre managed to detain him.
It was ironic that he didn't realize that it was Puce, I mean, even with the great amount of detail Dissy gave his posts, they were wasted on this moron so he couldn't tell that the partner of the woman he was trying to kill was right in front of him!
What he did realize was that the pictures were of Kurumu or at least a woman that could be described as a blue haired pair of breasts on legs.
"...Jackpot...Alright, doing to ask a simple question, going to get a simple answer from you. 1 question, 1 answer. Okay, This woman right here, Her name is Kurumu...Kur....Kura...Kuroa....Corona...uhhhh..."
"Thank you! What she said. Okay, so we're trying to find her, kinda need some help with that. So...Question: Where is Kurumu Kurono...
OH! And, heh, I-i know I said 1 question, but, um, if also give us directions from here to where she is, I'll tell my friend here to stop crushing your in-between her legs...So...yeah..."
Thus he stood there awkwardly as he waited for Puce to spill the beans.

Information, myth and reality.
Merlin, Violet
Location: G-Corp, Floor 69 (Violet Systems)
Time: Early Evening.

Intrigued by the vast amounts of technology in this world, Merlin could only state one thing."But don't forget, magic is also ever growing, so it is logical that technology will not surpass it or even reach some places that magic goes to ... but that is true for the opposite too." Merlin said nodding to himself, his fingers now tapping at the alphabetical item in front of him. Right now even Merlin was learning how to use a computer, hoping that he could make a spell to make a magical computer of sorts.

"Maybe consulting a library would be better ... " Merlin mumbled as he typed up other multiple words before searching them. "So ... when is you ... umm ... "Leader", going to get back? I actually wish to explore this world." Merlin said, while trying to figure out how to talk and learn this world's language. Shortly after, Merlin made a weird graceful motion, each movement flooding with a strange feeling ... it was obviously magic.

"Ah, excuse me ... sometimes my magical energy escapes, one of the bad points of being very powerful in this area of expertise." Merlin said immediately stopping his movement, the weird feeling disappearing with the glow of his gems and crystals, but Violet could feel where this was coming from easily, a overwhelming flooding sensation of magic was coming from Merlin before fading away.

The AA-verse
Location: Skies over the coast of Tokyo
Time: Early evening

Kazuya | Edge | Icarus

Wind Art: Teleportation - Level 8 Art:
Move instantly from one place to another, up to fifty feet. Useful for evading attacks and getting to hard-to-reach places.

Icarus and Edge slammed into the hangar with surprising force. Well, Icarus slammed into the hanger, Edge more skidded. "What was that for?" Icarus shouted.

"We're coming with you." Edge said, standing up.

"No, I'm going-"

Edge grabbed a fistful of the Angel's tunic and slammed him against the nearest wall. The look in his eyes was just short of murder. "You have shown a callous disregard for your own well being, and a profound lack of good judgement. Now you can keep that gem you're carrying, I won't take it from you, but as long as you have it, I'm going to be keeping an eye on you. And being as I'm going to be following Kazuya over here-"

"Yeah?" Icarus said. "Well what about Boss?"

Edge sighed, and loosened his grip on Icarus. "I have to trust that Boss is OK. Which I do; I know he has good judgement, I've seen it firsthand. I would go so far to say his judgement is better than mine, actually." Edge shook his head. "But that's not the point. As long as that...that thing is still alive, I'm going to stay with the person who can find it fastest. And so far as I know, that person is this guy." Edge pointed to Kazuya. "And as long as you're carrying that gem around, you're staying with me. No arguments."

Merlin, Violet
Location: G-Corp, Floor 69 (Violet Systems)
Time: Early Evening.

As the conversation between the wizard and the doctor about the bizarre and inconsistent nature of the universe continued, the room began to rumble. Every few seconds, a tremor shook the room, accompanied by the distant sound of an explosion, statring feint but then thundering through the building. The noise reached its climax as the wall burst open in an explosion, blowing the wall apart as if it was paper. When the dust settled, a giant figure stood, appearing to be reloading a rocket launcher before holstering it (or whatever you do with a launcher, don't look at me like at that!). He walked into the room, pointing at Violst before his voice boomed across the room.



Merlin, Violet, SHIRTLESS MAN!
Location: G-Corp, Floor 69 (Violet Systems)
Time: Early Evening.

Needless to say, before Violet could answer, his explanation was interrupted by their "Guest".
As someone who spent most of his work miles away from anything that remotely resembled a fight, Violet was not exactly in the best frame of mind to deal with this sudden intruder.
The Shellshock from the explosion most likely didn't help either as he was knocked off his feet by the force of the explosion.
"*Cough Cough* W-w-wha?! Whe-how-...What pizza!?" He shouted though the ringing in his ears and the dust in the air as he tried to make out what the hell this man was saying.
"H-h-how did you get here?! This building is off limits!" He shouted as he began backing away along the ground from the man, after all, he DID just nearly blow up an entire floor to get to him (And from the sound of it, several others).
As he did, he was eyeing up the "Panic" button on the other side of the room...

Frozen Moscow: Annie, Cadolbolg, Constance, David, Devon, Ella, Garm, Teri, Ton Ton, Yu, Deadshot

Devon nodded as she warmed up. "Sounds good by me. Cadol, Ton-Ton, Narukami, feel like meeting that challenge? After we meet with the boss, of course."

Ella, though, responded to the contact in a fairly blunt way. "I was going to ask that from the entry into the zone, Teri. Honestly, you need it badly."

Calming Clearing: Akane, Angelus, Caim, Cz, Jenny, Kalastryn, Lucieon, Melethia, Ryan, Rugal, Slindis, Som

As the fight started, Slindis and Melethia got ready by heading to flanking positions alongside Caim and Angie.

Merlin, Violet, SHIRTLESS MAN!
Location: G-Corp, Floor 69 (Violet Systems)
Time: Early Evening.

When the "guest" appeared in the new hole in the metal wall, Merlin viewed the man while sitting calmly in his office chair. Surely he had not seen such a man before in his very large lifetime, this man's muscle surely bested anyone from Round Table and more. The weird tube like object attracted Merlin next, where explosive and destruction magic originated. "You have came very far humanity." Merlin gave a comment to Violet before the man talked.

Having no idea what a "Pizza" is, Merlin was alarmed, the tone in his voice was very aggressive. Circulating his magic once more through his body, the gem around his neck and the crystals on his clothes and gauntlet started to glow blue, as if pure power was flowing with them. Looking towards Violet and him looking towards the button "I would ask to get a "pizza" if I was you." Merlin warned. The eternal wizard was alarmed, but he could see this situation becoming peaceful.

This all depends on the variables.
the man.
And himself.

Yu Narukami, Annie, Cadolbolg, Constance, David, Devon, Ella, Garm, Teri, Ton Ton and Deadshot
Location: Club Escapade | Personaverse.

As Devon mentioned Yu's name, there was no response from the Persona master.
For he was already gone from the room.
The memory of Yu leaving the room came to those people.

Post from the page before.:

"I'm going to report to Mitsuru-san, you are probably all free to lounge around a bit seeing how you just left a shadow zone, usually it takes a lot of energy out of a normal person. But as I've seen, you are no normal group. Still, feel free to rest a bit before travelling back." Yu's voice was normal once more, except he was putting up a strong face, the fatigue was setting in. This was from both the environment, the lack of clothing and his previous experiences with the Shadow zones.

"Ah, a busy day." Yu said to himself as he left the doorway and walked casually downstairs in a slow but brisk pace.

Kala celebrated her victory in delivering her strike for a few brief moments before Being struck in the legs and having her wings pierced by the same bloodied arrows that were recently under Rugal's skin. It was forceful enough at first to knock her to the ground, but there wasn't much pain. Then again, it'd be hard to really feel anything with an inactive nervous system. Coagulated blood also didn't cause much blood loss, oh the perks of being a zombie. She nonchalantly tore them out of their resting places, her death aura ironically closing and "healing" the wounds in her dead flesh. she then took them in a bundle, and whilst the shadow was distracted with Ryan, silently walked up behind them and stabbed the points all at the same time, downward into the shadow's right shoulder.


She said, whether or not she was speaking of the shadow's attack or Ryan's failure wasn't made very clear. The shock of her suddenly losing only a few IQ points then subsided, and she spoke more clearly than before. "I can't say I disagree with Ryan though. To fault one's self for things beyond your control is to fall to insanity. There shouldn't be such a war within anyone." she then looked to Jenny, who had been silent for a time. "Jenny, blaming yourself only gets you so far, and only in the wrong directions. Everyone has demons to contend with. everyone. One can live forever and still be unable to live with themselves. Don't be like that. When someone sacrifices so much, even to say everything, for another person... it's not that person's fault. It was a person caring about them so deeply they would save them at any cost, not your weakness. Hell, I know this advice sounds strange coming from a Devil and a Necromancer, but a balance does exist. This shadow is everything bad about you, but they don't define you, the good in you is so much more than what this shadow lets on. Knowing this, please... accept that this is a part of you. Your not perfect, but no one is. No one blames you for anything that went wrong. If your going to grieve, grieve... but don't let it consume you. Just be you."

She said, wise words reflecting her persona's Temperance arcana, and hopefully ringing true to end this.

Location: Calming Clearing | Shadow Zone

Akane | Angelus | Caim | Cz | Jenny | Kalastryn | Lucieon | Melethia | Ornstein | Ryan | Rugal | Slindis | Som

"...You still don't get it, do you?" The Shadow spat at Ryan after dusting herself off from Ornstein's attack.
"This is more about Jake's death, you know. Whenever there is a fight, a conflict, Someone trying to kill off her friends and comrades, What does she do?" She then asked before motioning to Jenny as she hid from the battle.
"Yeah...You hide there, like the coward you are. I refuse to just sit in wait whenever there is a battle, To watch everyone else do the hard work, to actually die myself. Hey! Remember that!? I'm sure you do!" She then added, referring to when she passed away during the Angel War after the fall of New York, only to then be brought back not too long after.

"Well, No longer. I'm going to die on my feet because I refuse to believe we are THAT weak!" The Shadow then finally announced before it went to strike Ryan yet again, only to be the subject of a back-stab by Kalastryn before she could.
It cried in pain after it had the bloody arrows jammed into it, giving Kalastryn plenty of time to try and coax Jenny out to confront her Shadow.
".....B-but...w-what about-LOOK OUT!" she was about to say before Kala got a broken arrow stabbed into her throat by the Shadow, having pulled out a couple of the arrows she had stabbed her with.
"EITHER BE ALIVE OR BE DEAD! DON'T BE BOTH! And You! Stay out of this unless you actually feel like pulling your weight for once!" She growled at Jenny before going on the offensive again.
She seemed to be on her last legs, but she still had enough in her for one Big ass attack.
She began to focus her power, laughing a bit shakily as she began to form a large orb in-between her hands.
"I WIN! NO MORE LOSING! NO MORE ABUSE! NO MORE FUCKING RISING DAWN! NOW DIE!" She shouted before plunging her fist into the ground, sending out a large wave of psychic energy racing outward from her position in a manner that didn't seem any different to a large explosion.

Rugal could see the writing on the wall, this was not going to be pleasant.
"EVERYONE GET BEHIND SOMETHING!" He shouted as he planted himself in front of Slindis and Mel as the shockwave raced outwards towards them.
Then something strange happened, as the death inducing shock-wave raced towards them, it seemed to have hit something in midair as it appeared to stop expanding merely a few feet from where the Shadow had started it, resulting in it harmlessly fizzing out rather then turning the place into a psionic crater.
"...You couldn't even let me have this, could you?" The Shadow said as she could barely stand, her nullified attack having taken a lot of power to use, though it was clear that the toll it took on Jenny herself to protect everyone was greater, herself looking ready to collapse at a mere breeze.
"...You...tried to-..." She went to say, most likely a fancy speech but she was too tired to do so.
"And so what if I did?...The important thing is that I could"
She said as she glared at her shadow.
"Oh? See, if it was me, *I* wouldn't have died back in New York. *I* wouldn't be losing this fight right now. And *I* would not have let Bruiser-"

Jenny used Psystrike!

What happened next was a bright flash engulfed the entire area, blinding everyone as the Shadow learned the hard way not to mention Him of all people.
When the light faded, Only Jenny was remaining as bits of burnt looking black fabric began to gently fall to the ground around her.
Least before the adrenaline wore off and she fell down flat on her face.
Jenny has Fainted!

Location: Calming Clearing | Shadow Zone

Akane | Angelus | Caim | Cz | Jenny | Kalastryn | Lucieon | Melethia | Ornstein | Ryan | Rugal | Slindis | Som

As Kala's throat was pierced with one of the very arrows she used to backstab the shadow. She'd had about enough, not that she was in a position to say that at the moment. Though evidently, Jenny had as well. Kala wondered who the hell this Bruiser was and why he seemed a sore subject beyond simply being an enemy, but it was a topic for later discussion as Jenny fainted. She plucked the arrow out of her throat and her aura lasted just long enough to "heal" it up before it faded. She then summoned Demi to undo her undead transformation and Tenser's, not seeing the need for them anymore.

Kala loses the effects of shroud of the zombie and Tenser's Transformation, and her aura fades.

Then, she walked over and picked up Jenny's unconscious body, holding her across her arms and stretching her wings with a yawn, dearly hoping people were done facing themselves for the day. "After two skirmishes like Jenny's and Mel's shadows, I think I've had all I can take here. For the Flame's sake, if any of you have something you need to get out... please hesitate."

Demi then chimed in within her thoughts. "I don't know what your complaining about, seeing you getting your ass handed to you as a zombie, yet not being hurt enough to give a shit is really pretty empowering. I mean, how many of those attacks could have left a person dead or crippled for life? We sure are one tough MotherF***er"

Well I don't mean to brag but... well it's pretty hard to kill what's already... "dead." Anyway... we really should get out of here, sure I'm strong enough for another go I guess, but I just don't need to deal with it right now... well, none of us do.

Then she remembered how they actually had three assignments for the day. Ever work the night shift only to find out you can only get like 3 hours of sleep before you need to drive back to work for the next day because someone called out sick? Felt like that. With a groan that would surely mistake a few to think she was still undead, she then spoke to the group with. "This is going to be a long day... any of you remember where we're supposed to meet with the rest for our third assignment? That is assuming they're done with theirs..." she asked, really looking forward to getting any bit of rest she could after. Oh... but while they were in the shadow zone... one more thing...

"... Didn't you tell Ryan you wouldn't be using any disguises anymore?"

"Isn't one of the reasons you exist the fact that people hate what we are and how we look? If I recall correctly, our next assignment is at some sort of shrine. Ryan may be ok with the looks but he's just that comfortable. Looking like something that flew straight out of hell surely wouldn't be appropriate, definitely not least in a place of prayer."

"A fair point. Get reading. If you recall it takes about an hour for us to study up and memorize all those runes."

"Hey I only need one of them, not a damn grocery list! Should only take about 2 minutes tops to remember one spell."

So, while waiting on the rest of the group to decide upon chasing the disappeared Nise-Mono or leaving, she laid Jenny down easily on the ground and read over the phrases for "Seeming," committing them to memory.

"So... I vote in favor of moving to the next objective and getting the hell out of here. All who favor say I." she says as Demi was summoned hopefully the final time for the day and cast Seeming on the Tiefling. She then apologized to Ryan, and explained that it probably wouldn't be a good idea to walk into a shrine looking like the hell spawn she is. She then picked up the unconscious Gardevoir again, hoping to get them and herself anywhere but here. Besides, she sure as hell wasn't going to let Ryan do it after his only "attack" on the shadow.

Merlin, Violet, SHIRTLESS MAN!
Location: G-Corp, Floor 69 (Violet Systems)
Time: Early Evening.

"H-h-how did you get here?! This building is off limits!"

The man responded in a far louder manner of a disgruntled customer, "LOOK WIMP, WHEN I ORDER PIZZA FROM YOU, AND YOU SAY IT'LL BE TWENTY FIVE MINUTES, I EXPECT IT TO BE HERE IN TWENTY FIVE MINUTES. I GET IF ITS A FEW MINUTES LATE, IT HAPPENS, BUT 40 MINUTES IS F*CKING BULLSH*T! DO YOU EXPECT TO BE ABLE TO TREAT YOUR PATRONS LIKE THIS?" One thing that was noticable immiedatley was the bleeping out of the man's swears, it undermined the intimidation slightly, though the man didn't exactly look to be threatening, just disgruntled.

Merlin, Violet, RANDY SAVAGE!
Location: G-Corp, Floor 69 (Violet Systems)
Time: Early Evening.

Violet was basically on the verge of wetting himself at this point, although there was an extremely large amount of confusion also factoring into it.
"I would ask to get a "pizza" if I was you." Merlin suggested, though not really doing much else
"w-w-wha-...We make robots here! Kazuya doesn't even let me have a hot plate! I-i-i-t-there is a food court on the 30th floor! Y-y-you could go there!!" He suggested as he kept backing away from the man with the rocket launcher, hoping he hadn't already been there
And just when this scene couldn't get any more weird:
{"Hey hey, you you, I don't like your girlfriend
No way, no way, I think you need a new one
Hey hey, you you, I could be your girlfriend!"}
rang off one of the Radio channels as someone labelled as "Kazie! :3" seemed to be calling on one of the computers before it set off the answering machine app.
*Beep!* "Hey, Violet Systems, The good doctor is out on a house call right now, leave a message after the beep. Stay Fab!" *Beep!*
"...Violet...Why is my building on my fire?...Can you please explain that to me...Because...I don't recall there being one when I left...Hello?... Grrrr-I'M COMING OVER THERE AND I SWEAR TO GOD YOU BETTER BE DEAD OR DYING WHEN I GET THERE!"
shouted an EXTREMELY upset Japanese man on the other end, causing Violet to squirm even more.
"O-o-o-OKAYOKAY! I-I-I-REFUND YOU AND GET ANOTHER SENT OUT! JUS-...please...I'm not really to die yet, The Spring Sales will be starting up soon! I've ordered this White Waistcoat, I don't want to wear it at my wake!" He pleaded, starting to tear up behind his glasses.

Kazuya's Transport meanwhile began making it's way back to HQ, as did a lot of the soldiers deployed in the city.
After all, A skyscraper on fire is pretty noticable.

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