The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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"You would think that an army would be in the barracks on standby for this."
Merlin, Violet, SPLOSION MAN!
Location: G-Corp, Floor 69 (Violet Systems)
Time: Early Evening.

Witnessing the angry large "Pizza" wanting man and the soon-to-be crying Violet, this allowed Merlin to keep sitting down on the office chair to analyse the situation. As much as he wanted to book it towards the weird door, he didn't exactly want to leave the man known as "Violet" to this large man's mercy. Stroking his bare chin, he continued to examine the scene, the only way he was going to get involved is if one party gets violent. Yet Merlin feels like that a tower this large would have an army inside of it, so he would rather not be cut down or shot by an arrow.

Hearing the man on the radio, it surely sounded like the "Leader" was hurrying back, and it would seem the best for the Magician to stay in a position that is not threatening. "Maybe we should all calm down? Lord Violet get the man some coin and maybe show him to this "Food court"." Merlin threw out the words so the man wouldn't throw out some more weird noises covering up his loud words.

("Oh lordy, what am I going to do?")
Was the only thought that spread through the mind of Merlin.

Again, apologies for disappearing for a little while; as well as the autoing that's about to ensue. Life has been a bit of a pain...

Club Escapade: Annie, Cadolbolg, Constance, David, Devon, Ella, Garm, Teri, Ton Ton, Yu, Deadshot

As Yu began to make his way out of the Club to find Mitsuru Kirijo, he did not realize that his query was in fact right in front of him. Giving the young Persona user a playful smile, she said, "Ever the one to take the initiative, aren't we, Narukami-san? Help me gather up your comrades, hmn? We have a rendezvous to attend, after all..." before walking past him and into the main club area.

After arriving in the main wing, Mitsuru gave a light cough to draw attention before calling out to the party, "Get ready to leave. As I said earlier this morning, we have a meeting to attend to before you're dismissed for the day. There is transportation parked behind the store."

Following that, the woman turned around, and walked towards the back as she had instructed...

Calming Clearing: Akane, Angelus, Caim, Cz, Jenny, Kalastryn, Lucieon, Melethia, Ryan, Rugal, Slindis, Som

With Jenny's Shadow finally abated, the party could finally let their held breaths be... Well, they would have, if they knew how to get out of their location. Just before the party began to wander about, a familiar voice entered their minds, "Hello? It's me, Fuuka! We got news of what had happened over here, so we have a team of Operatives looking for you and the generator right now..."

Not much longer after she had said this, a small detachment of commandos appeared and led the group outside of the Zone, which was followed by a powering down noise; and what had formerly been a clearing had returned to familiar brick and motar; as well as Fuuka Yamagishi. With a relieved expression, the young girl gave a headcount of the party, frowning at the appearance of the new arrivals before speaking aloud, "I think you'll be happy to know, that our Operatives found Nise Mono escaping the scene not long after reports of the Shadow Zone came in. A combination effort of the police and the Operatives have captured her while you were in that Zone. That and we've still a rendezvous to attend to. I bet you're all really tired, but we need to get this bit of process out of the way before I can let you go. Sorry about that! At the very least, you'll have a ride?"

Shadow Operatives Building: Rendezvous Conference Room Mitsuru | Fuuka | Yu | Rising Dawn Party

After all of the party members were gathered in another conference room; this one noticeably stocked with refreshments on the table, as well as varying (non alcoholic) drinks to be had, the two women stood at the front and Mitsuru was first to speak, "While the creation of two Shadow Zones wasn't exactly what I had in mind, at least one periphery objective has been realized. We know for a fact that both locations are aligned with Nyarlatothep in some manner. As we speak, the Operatives are working to check the locations top to bottom for any further incriminating evidence.

Now, that being said, we have also accomplished in rescuing our prodigal member, Deadshot; as well as capture the heads of both Wild Duck Burger and Club Escapade. Currently, they are in our custody; but we cannot hold them for long. We'll need to see what information can be gathered from them before they're released."

Fuuka spoke up after Mitsuru, adding in the light comment of, "At the very least, we may pin down Nise Mono on account of contaminated food...

Anyways, we should continue with what we've found at Yutaro Yamamoto's apartment... Interestingly enough, we found that there was an excess of pill bottles in his apartment-"

An image flickered on a display screen, projected from the ceiling and onto the wall, displaying an apartment in disarray. The possessions of it's former tenant scattered every which way, windows covered in thick curtains, and, as Fuuka said, a rather LARGE pile of pill bottles in the bathroom, as well as... Blood in the bathtub?

"A recent look into Yamamoto's actions at work and home have determined that he has been reported missing from work for some time, his at the time girlfriend following not long after. I think that's, well, I think you can figure out what is in that bathtub... Given the amount of pill bottles, we found that they were all together, we're wondering if perhaps it's linked, rather like the food from Wild Duck Burger being contaminated with the virus..."

Pill bottles in excess? That sounded familiar... Come to think of it, weren't they all over the floors of both places when the groups went their separate ways?
(Hint, Hint: They were.)

Shadow Operatives Building: Rendezvous Conference Room Mitsuru | Fuuka | Yu | Rising Dawn Party

Rugal couldn't get out of the Shadow Zone quick enough after what happened to both Melethia and Jenny, the elf not really talking all that much and the pokemon still out for the count as she was taken away by EMTs.
Still, while the entire operation was done the hard way, the important thing was it was a sucess and everyone was mostly okay, though he had a hard time believing that.
It was then that the photos of the pills were displayed, showing the massive piles of pill bottles in the bathtub.
"It's clear he was a middleman before he died. Though it then asks the question if his death was planned, had he outlived his usefulness?"

Deadshot meanwhile, though still shaking slightly from his condition, was able to confirm the link between Yamamoto and the Club.
"Oh yeah! I remember that stuff, one of the dealers I went to said it was shite." he said, prompting a stare from everyone in the room.
"...It was an eventful night, okay!!?...Look, important thing is, there were more then a few bottles of that shit being passed around when I was there last night. Then they fecked me into a portal and you know the rest..." He explained as Fuuka brought up the girlfriend.
"Oh yeah, I remembered seeing a photo of her in his wallet, quite the looker if I recall. Best bet is to find her, she might just be the Skyler to his Walter White..." He added, implying that she might have something to do with her partners drug trade.

"...Why were you looking in his wallet?"
"Relax, I didn't take anything, there was nothing to take. That's why I remembered it."
Shaking his head at Deadshot's greed, the Sniper then said "Well keep an eye open at night, if those places was related to Nyar-la...da...temp...Grrr, the Cthulhu guy!...Then I'm sure his minions are going to be pissed and/or desperate."
Despite what he just said, he then added "Though, on the other hand, I think in light of what happened, we're going to need to continue this tomorrow. Deadshot is still recovering and Jenny looks like she'd been though a lot. Keep us posted and let us know if anything turns up."

Shadow Operatives Building: Medical Bay

Jenny meanwhile was being treated for Fatigue and Shock in the the Shadow Operatives Building's Medical bay, not going though the hassle of bringing her to the Airship.
Her fight with her Shadow and the blood loss rendered her out of commission, though it was nothing compared to what she did to her Shadow.

Shadow Operatives Building: Rendezvous Conference Room Mitsuru | Fuuka | Yu | Rising Dawn Party

"Pill bottles you say? I assume that they were some sort of medication or drug correct? Have you analyzed what exactly could have been in them?" She said as she got a drink of water from the table of refreshments. "Come to think of it... I don't know much about what the others found while investigating the club where they started the search for Deadshot, but by his account they seem to be a narcotic or negative substance of some sort. Which actually reminds me of something. Before we checked the generator room for Nise-Mono, the employees seemed pretty out of it all. When they spoke there was no emotion, and they seemed completely oblivious to it being anything but a normal work day, even with no customers and a police lockdown. Could they have possibly been under the effects of such a substance?"

Shadow Operatives Building: Rendezvous Conference Room Mitsuru | Fuuka | Yu | Rising Dawn Party

Devon and Ella nod, but Ella's the only one to respond. "That's nice and all, but what's the relevance?"

Shadow Operatives Building: Mess Hall

Slindis had finally pulled Melethia to a quiet area. "Melethia, we really need to have a talk... there's a lot of things that I need to tell you, and now might be the only night that we have..." She placed a hand on her daughter's shoulder and began having a very private talk about information she'd kept quiet from the young girl since she'd met her.

Slindis and Mel are inaccessible for the night.

It's late so I only get to respond to you. Aren't you a special snowflake? I do value my subplots/foreshadowing so.

The Break Room
Location: The Great Library | Archives of God
Time: Infinite

Darren | Kyre | Puce

There were somethings that defied description, and the place where Kurumu was located was one of those places. An eldritch location outside of traditional understanding, a place where no mortal could comprehend, let alone set foot in. Puce thought about it for a good long time, mulling over the countless hours he had spent running around the Library searching for a way to begin to understand this place of existence. It took all of his wit... at least what he could muster while his neck was stuck between the vice of Cwanuld's legs... which he noted were softer than he might have imagined them to be when he first met the abrasive youth in Germany. After a long period of silence where no one by Kyre was comfortable with, he spoke, and Puce spoke rightly, justly, and properly with the best words he could articulate to tell Darren exactly where Kurumu Kurono was.

"The Break Room," he said flatly, looking at Darren.

There was a brief pause, Darren looked aghast, frightened. He was so pale that it looked like he might pass out from anemia, but that was just because he was Irish. Physically he was fine, a little unfit, but not too bad.

"What?" Darren asked. He was baffled really, he put his axe on the ground and stared hard at Puce. Perhaps the months of separation had finally drove him over the edge into the pits of madness once occupied by the likes of Hamlet and Oedipus?

Puce slipped his hands between Kyre's legs and pried his neck from her grip before pushing her off. The woman had fallen asleep suddenly, it was strange. Perhaps the euphoria had gotten to her? Puce didn't really care at this point. He gave a very stern look to Darren, almost like a bear with a shotgun staring down at its prey. He said again, "The Break Room." When Darren still looked confused he began to spell it out, "T-H-E B-R-E-A-K R-O-O-M," he said. Then Puce began to explain it, "You see Darren, it's this place where people go when they get tir-"

"Hold on," Darren interjected, giving a brief cursory look at Kyre, who was curled into a ball fast asleep on the floor now, "I know what a break room is."

"You still looked confused," Puce complained as he drew his bag up from the floor and plucked the obsidian dagger from his cloak. He threw the knife onto Kyre, who caught it in her sleep, and then stuffed all the loose papers in his bag.

"Yes," Darren said.

Puce took a long drink from the liquor bottle he held, draining the glass container of every last drop.

"You are trespassing," Puce paused his drink to look Darren in the eye, "that's what is means. You cannot reach Kurumu here, and you should not be able to reach me!" With that he made the kind gesture of breaking the bottle of Le Mort D'amour over Darrens head and walking away nonchalantly.

Kyre stirred at Darrens feet and opened her eyes. She sat up, knees flat against the floor, strangely feminine, strangely cute. Almost like a child. Then it registered to her that Puce was gone and she gave Darren an accusatory glare.

Puce looked back pitifully at the duo and sighed, "You are in The Break Room, stop acting so serious." He brushed back his hair and adjusted his cloak, "We're all out of character here. It's outside of the Avatar Adventure, this is where we go when no one is using us. That is, if we do not have our own worlds. there are a great multitude of places here, but Kurumu and I, we run a small ╘←▲♂6>☻0τ." The last word didn't seem to come out right and Puce blinked. "I suppose I cannot say anything about that outside of it... actually, what as I talking about? Whatever, welcome to the Break Room. You'll find Kurumu in one of these realms. I just have forgotten which one." Then for real, Puce vanished back into the bookcases.

But realms? What did he mean?

The answer tot hat question came hard and quick, as soon as Darren gave the though three more giant doors appeared in front of him, sending Kyre stumbling back. They were thick oak doors. The one of the right gunmetal grey, the one in the middle a crimson red, and the one on the left a soft worn yellow. Each of them seemed to lead to another "realm" as it were. Perhaps another existence? Or perhaps another Break Room. Who knows who or what they'll find in their search of Kurumu. But certainly there would be a great multitude of so called "out-of-character characters" milling around.

Shadow Operatives Building: Rendezvous Conference Room Mitsuru | Fuuka | Yu | Rising Dawn Party

Rugal glanced aside as Slindis and Melethia walked off, slightly worried about them, what happened in that Shadow Zone wouldn't have been easy on her, even if she did win.
He snapped back to attention while Kalastyrn and Ella were debating the almost zombie like employees back at Duck Burger.
"...Well, if they were controlled and if we find out how, it might be a lead to their main base of operations. Failing that, it might at least provide some insight into how they operate once they are able to talk about it." He explained to the Succubi, though Deadshot offered a simpler explanation.
"You sure they were hypnotized or controlled? Maybe they were just dead inside from minimum wage work? Seriously, stay in a gig like that for long enough, You just stop caring."
"...Deadshot...I think I know when someone is being controlled..."
"Oh yeah? And when was the last time you were inside a low quality fast food joint? least with a Necromancer or something, they are honest about their intent to steal your soul. But McDonald's Knock-offs? Tch, Have better luck making a deal with the Devil..."
"Yeah, Blondie, I'm actually with DS on this one. Second a person realizes that is where they'll be for the rest of their lives, they're just gone man..." David agreed, though Rugal was having none of it.
"And how exactly does that explain them not noticing the police?"
"I told you, they stopped caring. If their boss was to turn out to have a private sex dungeon in their office and gets mauled to death by Eastern European Mobsters, unless it results in them no longer having their job, all they'll worry about is what the next order is."
"...Yeah, I think I'm going to wait for the professional opinion."
"Oh, you just don't want to admit I'm right!"


I spent ages trying to decode that. If it turns out you were just putting up random shit, I'm going to cry q-q

The Break Room
Location: The Great Library | Archives of God
Time: Infinite

Darren | Kyre | Puce

Behind his mask, Darren was extremely dumb struck as he had no idea what was going on as Kyre seemed to have passed out because who fucking knows.
"...Break room?...oh what the flying fuc-OGREHG!" He went to say before he had a bottle smashed over his head, downing him as, while he was immortal, pain that wasn't instantly lethal still hurt a lot.
"OH MOTHERFUCKINGPIECEOFASIANSHI-....WHAT!?...THE FUCK!?...IS GOING ON!?" He shouted as he picked himself up, holding his bleeding head in pain as it slowly began to heal.
All he knew was that there was now 3 doors in front of him and that the man he was talking to was now gone.
"....urrggggggg....Okay, Is it too late to take back yer wan's[1] offer?..." He asked out-loud in relation to the contract he made with Titania as things were quickly starting to get weird and fast as his head was pounding.

Enny Meeny Miny Moe....
...I don't remember how this does
Something something, let it go
Enny Menny Miny...Moe..." He butchered an old children's rhyme before going with door number 2 and praying it would lead to something he actually understood.

[1] Slang for "Her". Urban Dictionary

Shadow Operatives Building: Rendezvous Conference Room Mitsuru | Fuuka | Yu | Rising Dawn Party

Kala actually looked at deadshot, and just started laughing. "When was the last time you were in a low quality fast food joint with a necromancer?" or something along those lines. As she stopped chuckling she answered with, "Today, actually. He was in a low quality fast food joint with a necromancer present today. I don't necessarily think their souls were stolen by a necromancer per say though. I do know of spells that charm people and rob them of thought however, and they didn't seem to be thinking much." She said as she got an odd look or two from around the room.

"Well, I know about them, I don't really use them too often... certainly not now. Makes it easier to recognize when people aren't in their right mind after you've actually caused it before and seen the results though. Maybe not by use of magic, I've not seen much of that here outside Persona's and Shadows, but they didn't seem to be in their right mind. I have before cleared a sewer of kobolds in my home for little over a single coin. I know that low paying jobs aren't very appealing, but if you saw their condition, the blank way they spoke, and consider the fact that the place contained a shadow zone, I find it a far throw from simply being workplace apathy." She concluded.

"And necromancers don't always steal souls, they usually just manipulate the ones from people that are already dead, and control their bodies." She said, actually trying to sound very slightly creepy, by simply being slightly upbeat with that statement. "It's not always the most agreeable work, but I find it an actually legitimate arcane study... despite the evils it's usually associated with. After all it's just a tool under my belt. Much like a tool, the user determines it's purpose. A hammer can build a wall or it can break one down. I like to think it's not innately evil, and that it could be used for the better, if uncommonly so." She argues, and she has a fair point. Whether or not others agree is a different story altogether.

Shadow Operatives Building: Rendezvous Conference Room Mitsuru | Fuuka | Yu | Rising Dawn Party

It was of course then that she got to Ella's question. On the relevance of the pill bottles reminding her of the employees.

"Well we have been looking into a virus, and there seems to have been whatever substance was in those bottles at all three scenes at some point. Perhaps whatever was in those bottles could potentially be both the cause of their mindlessness as well as a cause of the virus? Or perhaps, more sinisterly, the pills were used to administer the virus to those unsuspecting of it, and the employee's seemingly lost thought process was some sort of side effect. My guess as only as good as anyone else, but perhaps the virus is being spread under the guise of a drug?" She tried to reason, hoping she was correct, while certainly not feeling wrong in any case.

Yu Narukami | Mitsuru | Fuuka | Rising Dawn Party.
Location: Rendezvous Conference Room | Shadow Operatives Building | Personaverse.

Within the conference, Yu Narukami was listening to the leaders of the operation intensely, while keeping notes on what the others said. Yu didn't have anything to add since Mitsuru seemed to cover everything he could say, yet the feeling, the bad feeling that he had in his own case in Inaba overcame him. Yu was about to say something himself when suddenly ...


"Fuuuuuck ... who placed this tower here!? This is what I get for flying at night." A voice called from beyond the black tinted windows (from the outside), a small military like knife was even stuck within the glass, showing it's nice pointy and somewhat bloody end to the insides of the building. Yu was simply staring at the glass in amazement and awaited for someone to say something about this.

The Lone Wanderer.
Location: The outside of the Shadow Operative Building | Personaverse.

"I should have filled up the tank more." The Wanderer muttered to himself, keeping in a flat yet grabbing motion on the black glass in front of him. "Anyway where ... NOPE!" He said to himself as he almost looked down, this is what he received for not having enough money for jetpack fuel, or was it that this kind of fuel was less effective on the craft. Anyway, the Wanderer kept still as long as he could before shaking a bit.

The Knife was still firmly planted, as the Wanderer's enhanced human strength and artificial edited body tried to enhance his discipline so he may not fall nor move. Staying still, the Wanderer's mind pointed him in a certain direction, suicide.

Jumping off the building would be the easiest way to get down, but he doesn't want to experience that kind of pain ... especially since his body might explode upon impact, either in a messy way, or in a way that may destroy a path or two depending how the jetpack's fragile technology may react from gravity and let over fuel coming together.

Shadow Operatives Building: Rendezvous Conference Room Mitsuru | Fuuka | Yu | Rising Dawn Party

"Well, There you have it then. Minimum Wage, while soul-crushing, was not the reason the employees were acting so strangely." Rugal couldn't help but smirk after Kalatryn shut down Deadshot's argument.
"As for the Virus, it seems pretty clear that's the method of delivery. Just keep following the trail to the top and we'll put this scheme of theirs to rest." He concluded right before the sound of something (Or someone) crashing into the window got his attention.
"Well, well, well...look what we have here..." Deadshot chuckled at seeing Wanderer hanging outside the building, though David seemed a lot more concerned.
"Gah, for the love of-....Ummm, Just...uhhh, keep the meeting going, we'll sort this out." He said before getting up off his chair and opening the window next the one the doctor had stabbed.
"Wanderer! What the flying Fuck man?!" He shouted as he tried to pull him in.
"DS, Don't just stand there! Help me!"
"Urg, fine..." the Assassin groaned as the pair of them pulled Wanderer into the building.
"Grrrr, christ-he's heavier then he looks!" He groaned in effort as the two him got the would be pilot to safety.
"Okay...1. You've officially lost all right to give me crap. 2. That fine will be 200." Deadshot then declared, showing quite a bit of nerve.

"....uhhh, Kids these days..." Rugal shook his head as he got back to the meeting, leaving them to argue amoung themselves

Yu Narukami | Mitsuru | Fuuka | Rising Dawn Party and the latecomer Wanderer.
Location: Rendezvous Conference Room | Shadow Operatives Building | Personaverse.

Being pulled up by the two, the Wanderer had the subtle thought of throwing Deadshot out of the building because ... why not? The guy needed to experience death at one point, to become a true man. After being pulled in, the Wanderer laid on the nice business carpet for a bit. After a certain amount of seconds, the Wanderer's signature helmet and faulty jetpack disappeared into nothing.

Looking towards Deadshot, the glowing blue eyes told him that he wasn't in the best mood. "One, denied, I plead the sixth amendment. Two, fine." The Wanderer said as he flicked Deadshot's previous credit card back at him, not a single credit spent. "And excuse me, the inventory system on me carries an armoury. So don't expect me to be exactly light." The Wanderer shot back to Deadshot's comment before looking onto the more confused David.

"Long story short, I came back from shooting myself and I decided to fly back ... I didn't know this was THE building ... nor that you were in a building. Shit ... is it important too!?" A squeak came out of the Wanderer in the last part. Many eyes could be felt right on him as the trench coast, bloody military knife wielding madman pulled out a chair and sat down like nothing happened.

" ... ugh, carry on. I was recovering from a bullet to the head if anyone wanted to know." The Wanderer said in a awkward tone, he had also stabbed the knife into the table, pointy end first. Manners wasn't something this guy was well informed about.

Shadow Operatives Building: Rendezvous Conference Room Mitsuru | Fuuka | Yu | Rising Dawn Party

Mitsuru waited quietly as the party talked among themselves regarding varying ideas about how the drugs are related, but before she was able to answer anything, the Wanderer came back in his... "special" way, and the Shadow Operatives leader had to rub her temples before beginning again,

"Good to see you're with us again, Wanderer," she said carefully, trying not to let her indigence show through, "Perhaps you could use the door next time, instead of disrupting proceedings. Now, I don't care to repeat myself, so I will leave it up to your party members to bring you up to date on the current events of the situation."

She turned back to the party and with Fuuka, began doing what they could to answer some of the questions the party had,

"Oh yeah, I remembered seeing a photo of her [Yamamoto's girlfriend] in his wallet, quite the looker if I recall. Best bet is to find her, she might just be the Skyler to his Walter White..."
Fuuka's shoulder's lowered softly, and she shook her head, "...I didn't want to outright say it, Deadshot, but what you saw in the photo of that bathtub, that's what's left of her. It looks like there were pieces of her flesh torn out via...." the young girl shuddered at the thought, and Mitsuru filled in the blank, "Cannibalism. Given the dental records we pulled from the deceased Yamamoto, they matched the varying lacerations on the young woman's body."

"Perhaps whatever was in those bottles could potentially be both the cause of their mindlessness as well as a cause of the virus? Or perhaps, more sinisterly, the pills were used to administer the virus to those unsuspecting of it, and the employee's seemingly lost thought process was some sort of side effect. My guess as only as good as anyone else, but perhaps the virus is being spread under the guise of a drug?"

She typed a few things on a PDA and looked up at the party again, "We were already going to sweep for any traces of the virus, which, as I mentioned in previous meetings, was made much easier on account of bringing in Akontia. With the virus sample that she had contained in herself, finding traces of the virus is a snap. However, we'll take extra precautions with looking into any sort of traces of drugs found on site; seeing as they may contain the virus as well. If whoever is distributing the drugs has the virus as well....I loathe to think of it."

Fuuka spoke up again, looking to her superior, "I could lead the tech team into looking in probable distributors as well? There are a couple of pharmaceutical companies that'd be close by within the region; and if their position as a distributor is being abused...."

"That's an idea.

Now, I appreciate the swiftness and tenacity all of you have put in today, so: You are dismissed for the evening. Please, take the time to relax and recuperate; a Shadow zone can be very tiring to the mind, body and spirit. You are free to roam the city as before, but I ask that you do so in groups; if only for your own safety. We don't need another kidnapping of our forces... However, I will ask that Deadshot stay behind, to give us a clear account of the events leading up to being thrown into the Shadow Zone."

And with that, the party was free to do as they pleased. In the meantime, Rugal noticed that a message appeared on his PDA from AI Vermilion (who he had sent that pesky analysis to earlier..)

Merlin, Violet, CAPS LOCK
Location: G-Corp, Floor 69 (Violet Systems)
Time: Early Evening.

"O-o-o-OKAYOKAY! I-I-I-REFUND YOU AND GET ANOTHER SENT OUT! JUS-...please...I'm not really to die yet, The Spring Sales will be starting up soon! I've ordered this White Waistcoat, I don't want to wear it at my wake!"

"WHY DO YOU THINK I'D KILL YOU? DO I LOOK LIKE A MURDERER? I'M JUST VOICING MY ANGER WITH YOUR POOR SERVICE AND SH*T. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME." The man then punched open the conviently placed fire exit, turning back to respond to Merlin, "THEY KNOW WHERE TO DELIVER IT. GOOD EVENING TO YOU". Despite G-Corp having no clue who he was, let alone where to deliver a pizza, the man was seemingly satisfied, and walked up the fire escape stairs to the roof.

"No, I call this: Get the hell off my building." >:(
Location: G-Corp, Helipad
Time: Night.

After Mr. Pecs-on-Legs made his exit, Violet began to calm down as the fact that he WASN'T going to be smeared all over his lab began to trickle though his mind.
"....T-t-thank you, come again....uuhhhhhh..." He weakly said before he fainted, after all, that was a rather stressful situation.
Not long after the shirtless man left the room though, Merlin was about to move before an entire battalion of G-corp began to flood into the room, though a few of them tripped up on the junk on the ground in their pursuit of the intruder, it was starting to become clear that he was starting to be forgotten as this foreign knight seemed to have gotten everyone's attention.
The man was able to reach the Helipad (Holy Crap! An actual picture of the G-Corp building actually from Tekken! O.O) without much hassle thanks to the fire escape, but...

The next thing he knew, there were search lights blasting at him, strong enough to be blinding despite his sunglasses as a large Osprey Transport Helicopter hovered beside the building.
"...This is it!? This isn't Darkside! This is who the Intruder is-oh for the love of-WHAT DO I PAY YOU MORONS FOR!?....*Sigh*...
Attention, you are Trespassing on private property. Get on the ground NOW! Do NOT, I repeat, NOT test me!"
Shouted the pissed sounding Japanese man from the phone call, now more enraged then ever.
As if that wasn't enough, a about a dozen armed men had lined up along the path he used to get here, Man, these Pizza Joint guys don't take any shit, huh?


Location: G-Corp, Helipad
Time: Night.

Icarus soon landed, That flight left him feeling heavy. But Darkside had to be stopped. His wings began to fade he didn't have the energy to maintain them. He started to look around.
"Hey umm Kazuya I hate to interrupt but Where did you evacuate the civilians to? If the city is abandoned Darkside may leave it alone which is fine for protecting the city, but he needs to replenish his energy more desperately than I do,
OH umm I should ve mentioned this but I can sense energy, so If Darkside is nearby I can sense it, but I can;t fly so I'm pretty much grounded." he Tried to think of something he could do he didn't want to think too much about Darkside, it was reminding him too much of what happened.....

Don't go in the office, don't go in the office, don't go in the office... O_O;
Icarus, Merlin, Violet, Kazuya, Guy who isn't Darkside
Location: G-Corp, Helipad
Time: Night.

Icarus noticed as Kazuya seemed to be more on edge in relation to this lone intruder then when there was a monstrous mutant threatening the world, beads of sweat dripping down the side of his head as he laid down his warning to the shirtless man on the Helipad.
"...The Civilian's are underground, we set up bunkers for wide scale attacks. If Darkside thinks he can break in there...Well, he won't. If you need to fly, take one of the jets, but for now, My priority is securing my building. I can't risk this nutjob damaging the secure containment area we set up for the Gems and allowing Darkside to make the most of it. I just lucked out he got to the...the *Ahem* higher levels of the building..." He said as he watched his men try to make a move on the target, though it was strange, while the situation with Darkside was pretty rough, there was something about this man getting to the top floor of his building that seemed to have him far more worried.
"Don't worry, second I get this guy away from my office, I'm going to start finding the rest of those gems before Darkside does."

Shadow Operatives Building: Rendezvous Conference Room Mitsuru | Fuuka | Yu | Rising Dawn Party

Rugal merely shook his head in distaste to Wanderer, not even wanting to know what he was talking about in relation to the bullet to the head business as he looked at the AI's report, namely the man who was in it.
...Golden Eyes... He thought as he heard Fukka go on about how they were moving the drugs
"...I think the rest would do us some good. As for your distributor, one of our AIs were able to get a lead on a massage that was sent to me after I took care of Mr. Skin. Traced it back to one Akinari Kashihara, head of a company called Kashihara pharmaceutical. This should speed things up a little..." he said as he uploaded the data on his PDA to the CPU the display was hooked up to, giving them all the information Vermilion had collected.
"Also, notice the Golden Eyes on that man. I recall Mr. Skin having similar eyes, right before he mutated that is. now, If there is anything else, you know how to contact me." He said before leaving the room, heading towards the Shadow Ops Canteen, though he kept an eye out for Slindis and Melethia.

Deadshot meanwhile, while he was happy at first at getting his Shadow Ops Credit Card back, he went rather pale when he heard about the fate of the girlfriend.
"....oh....I-i-is that right?...." He shifted a little uncomfortably, the meation of Cannibalism scaring him out of making a joke about him eating his partner out.
He seemed to retch a little in his mouth as Fuuka was kind enough to focus on the details on the display, zooming in a little on the bathtub.
"...Can you...change the picture-....Look...I...Don't really...remember what happened. I was PRETTY wasted by the time I got to Club..." He began to explain as he picture of the eaten corpse was starting to freak him out.
"...I-i-i gotta go!" He said before racing out the door, shoving Rugal out of his way as he ran towards the nearest restroom.

"...Mayyyyybbbe we could have used a "Not Safe for Work" warning there..." David remarked as Deadshot fled the scene.
"...Well, Got the Night to ourselves. I was thinking of swinging by and seeing out Jenny was doing. Might head out to the city for the night after. Who's with me?" He then asked the younger members of the group, needing to unwind after all that Shadow Zone nonsense.


Location: G-Corp, Helipad
Time: Night.

Icarus headed down He needed a meal and some rest. He noticed one the security people
"Excuse me sir is there a cafeteria and maybe a barracks"
The guard Gestured to the elevator
"Food Court is on the 30th floor, I think there's some sort of Barracks on the bottom-most floors Just follow the signs"
Icarus nodded and thanked the guard who was mostly relived that he the person wasn't screaming like the last lunatic.

A few minutes later Icarus was enjoying a warm meal, In the Void he was used to a basic diet of vegetables, meat and tons of cooked rice. He was happy they took his credit card, though holding it felt heavy in his hand.
He took a small cup and had a small dose of Sake, it was significantly stronger than most common brands something his mother made she dubbed as a 'pick me up'. He went down a few stairs and headed to a spot that did in find a barracks. Using his soft wool cloak as a blanket.

Icarus bolted awake gasping for breath. he looked around and realized he had been dreaming. He got up and took the elevator to the roof. once on top he activated his wings and took off,
I'll find him, I won't let the future be destroyed. Kazuya plans on destroying him, the best I can do is a get fix on Darkside's location.

Shadow Operatives Building: Rendezvous Conference Room Mitsuru | Fuuka | Yu | Rising Dawn Party

"I'd be more than happy to lay back a little after all that's gone on today, David. I'd like to see how Jenny is getting along too. Still though... from how I solved my shadow, and how I've grasped that they are a part of us... I worry about her destroying her's instead of making peace with it. Can that really be a good thing for anyone?" She pondered, hoping Jenny would fare well after she woke up.

"Ignore my rambling if you would. I don't mean to worry anyone with my own speculations." She sighs "I would like to take a look around town if nothing else, hopefully tonight is a time we can actually enjoy instead of being swamped with problems. For once, the latter seems not to be the case." She stated, actually seeming surprised that there is actual downtime amongst the crew. After all, when you've lived on Eberron, and especially in Stormreach for as long as she has, there's never a dull moment where you can relax. Especially not least as a Tiefling in that city. How strange, she thought. She has so many fond memories of that place. She'd made many friends and allies Slindis and Mel only having been two of many.

So why then, does she always look back on the negatives?

"Negative really. There was actually only one problem. How wrong is it that simply being anything other than the simple elf, human, or dwarf where we come from puts you under suspicion? You've never blamed them for their prejudice, you say they've always had a right to it after what your kind did. Was that in part because you weren't entirely innocent yourself?"

"... Your right. I suppose though, that while at first I didn't have the best intentions, I still faulted myself even after I knew myself to have changed. I joined up with Slindis in the Expedition League, I did worlds of good for both the average citizen and on occasion even for the coin lords themselves. It's hard to love your job when everyone hates you for doing it. It spoke to me though, convinced me I had a soul worth trying to save from my simple "crime" of being a tiefling. Did they care? No."

"Be as angry as you want. Anger is an emotion any would feel in our situation. We never did anything wrong, even if we at first intended to. You don't have to act like you can't fault them. Anger is something everyone feels at some point, but half the city would kill you if they knew, and some tried. You need to stop being so damn reserved. Bottling things like that up is why I'm here after all. Next time you tell your story to someone, stop saying you can't fault them. Tiefling blood or no, it wasn't right how they treated you. An elf in the same situation would be angry, so why shouldn't you?"

Demi's lecture over, Kala actually felt a little more at peace, despite thinking about anger. She then said to David "When your ready to leave you'll find me in the med bay, I'm going to go check on Jenny." She said as she walked out of the room and went into the med bay, having a seat in a chair across from where she was currently unconscious.

Yu Narukami | Mitsuru | Fuuka | Rising Dawn Party and the latecomer Wanderer.
Location: Rendezvous Conference Room | Shadow Operatives Building | Personaverse.

"To be honest, I flew here because I didn't remember where the building is. Ehe~" The Wanderer giggled about himself while trying to act innocent, but as Mitsuru started talking once more, the Wanderer himself got into a more serious mood, where his fingers were touch typing on his Pip-Boy's keypad, presumably, taking notes about everything else. Looking to his sides, he saw Rugal and Kala, Wanderer did not know he was besides these people. Now he felt somewhat uncomfortable.

After the arrival of the latecomer Wanderer, Yu took a piece of paper and a pen and began to remember some of the previous points to give to the Wanderer later.

"Manners are always good."
Icarus, Merlin, Violet, Kazuya, Guy who isn't Darkside
Location: G-Corp, Lab.
Time: Night.

After the loud man left the room and gave a polite yet still loud goodbye, Merlin returned it with a courteous nod, acknowledging him. Shortly after, Violet fainted, Merlin got up from his chair but a flood of weird looking "Knights" ran in and ignored the two to go after the "Pizza" man. Baffled, it seemed that man possessed more danger then himself at the current time. "Lady luck blessed me today." He snickered before turning to the computer and searching up their current location with the voice command.

A map of Tokyo showed up and in the google search the keywords of "Japan, Tokyo" showed up. "Ja ... pan? Is this another land to England, surely I knew the globe was large and had many cultures ... but this is amazing!" Merlin said to himself as he looked out of the nearest window to see this newest and weirdest environment around him. Before leaving to follow the soldiers to the roof, Merlin gave Violet a slap, not hard nor soft. Waiting for a response, Merlin gave up and gave a shrug.

G-Corp | Roof.

Leaving in a good fashion, Merlin walked up to the roof via fire escape as well. Stopping several times along the way to see this technological ruled city, Merlin continued up to the roof. Once getting to the top floor, he could easily see blidning light and a very powerful wind coming from above. Shielding his eyes with his hand, he spotted the helicopter. "Metal flying carriages?" He only questioned before walking to the edge of the soldiers, hoping he wouldn't be noticed.

Soon to come a flying figure came across his eyesight, seeming like angel wings were in the sky. "Angels? Doubt it." He hummed to himself before thinking of his choice to stay here of use his magic to get off here. Waving his hand, his magical energy circuit began once more, just like a factory his aura surrounded a thick layer of his personal space and his gem necklace and crystal gauntlets and clothes began to glow once again.

"Maybe I should stay to help ... but these people don't seem the best." He mentioned as he looked at the black knights who seemed not hesitant to kill him on sight earlier with their projectiles.

Shadow Operatives Building: Rendezvous Conference Room Mitsuru | Fuuka | Yu | Rising Dawn Party

Rugal was just about out the door when Kalastryn brought up the point about Jenny possibly "destroying" her Shadow.
"While I'm not an expert, perhaps it was more just a different manner of acceptance? Besides, it seemed like it's main gripe with her was her un-willingness to fight. Maybe because she was able to beat it, it accepted that she wasn't weak?...Though, that's just my opinion. Tell her I wish her well and I'll also come by with a meal for her. Hospital food wasn't never known for it's quality..." He said before he went out the door, leaving David to state:

"Cheers Blondi, see if they have those nice muffin-ish things she likes while you're at it." The sniper said before he turned to the others and added "Me and Kala will meet you down there. As for you Wanderer, you might as well come with, should be able to make some use of ya there."
Thus, he led the way towards the Medical bay of the Shadow Ops building, though he had to stop and ask for directions more times then he would be willing to admit.

Shadow Operatives Building: Rendezvous Conference Room: Jenny, David, Kala, (Insert other Character's here)

By the time David found the place, Jenny was somewhat awake as she laid in her bed, though still rather weak as the heart-rate monitor sounded off a slow heartbeat.
"Well J? Good to see you're still with us. Heard from the others you kicked some serious ass." He warmly chuckled as he pulled up a chair beside her.
" guys don't pay me enough for this..." She weakly joked as she shifted slightly to sit up better, leaving David to wonder if she was either joking or he had seriously been missing out on checks to his bank account.
"...Kala?....That you?...Sorry about what happened....Just figured the last thing anyone would want to see would be the "Therapist" going crazy..." She then apologized to the Tiefling, recalling the whole "Stabbing her in the throat with an arrow" thing.

"As a person who's been to Xoriat, the plane of chaos and live to return, I know insanity pretty well. Don't mention it, everybody feels crazy at some point." She said, remembering that Xoriat could drive someone even of her willpower mad to the point of giving the one thing she went there to prevent falling into the wrong hands, directly into the wrong hands, when politely asked for it. Even after she literally had to delve into the stomach of a giant beholder to get it. Smooth move genius. Then again, it probably was mostly a hallucination. After all, an airship made entirely out of bookshelves and mattresses wouldn't actually work. Well, it wouldn't work anywhere except the plane of insanity, where she guesses reality is pretty subjective.

"Anyway, we came here to check on you since we were a bit concerned. You seem to be healing up okay. Just... I really hope you're going to be okay after you kinda... gave the "finger of death" to your shadow. Speaking of which... I might be able to help with you feeling so weak. Your not, you never have been. It takes a lot of conviction to remain a pacifist when you literally have the strength to turn your shadow into a pile of ashes. We can talk about it when your back up to snuff, but I might be able to help with more than just saying that."

She thought... remembering an old offer she made to David. She thought to herself that she probably wouldn't be the most masterful teacher as is... but if someone is smart enough to use psychic abilities...

Ah but she was getting ahead of herself. "Anyway... I had a question... it's perfectly fine if you choose not to answer, and I wouldn't tell a soul if you'd prefer it that way but..."

She thought the last bit, seeing as how Jenny could read minds. The thing that most spurred you to rage at your shadow to the point of obliterating it as you did... who... who is Bruiser? If it's too sore a subject you needn't recount it to me at all... I just thought I could help you find solace if I knew.

Shadow Operatives Building: Medical Bay: Jenny, David, Kalastyrn, (Insert other Character's here)

Jenny was smiling slightly as she answered the Tiefling, "I don't think you could call me a pacifist, I...just don't like fighting...Though, I now know that I can if I need to." she said before before Kalastyrn asked her mentally about Bruiser, her expression souring a little, more at the question itself then the fact she asked it.
"...Someone from my past and one of the reasons I am who I am today. I won't go into the details, but needless to say, Bruiser is the last person my shadow should have used as an example..." She answered out-loud, much to David's confusion.
"...Eh?...Where'd that come from?...Wait, you did the mind reading thing, didn't c'ya?" He stated the obvious, Jenny giving him a somewhat annoyed look.
"...What? It's not like in Video Games where that shit is clearly marked out for ya!" He defended himself, enough to get a chuckle out of her.
"and since when did you have time to play those?"
"....Shut up!" He playfully answered as he checked out one of the charts on her bed.
"Alright, Doc, What say you?" He then asked Wanderer, wondering if he had a little "Pick Me Up" or not, not a instant cure but something to get her on her feet again.

Yu Narukami | Mitsuru | Fuuka | Rising Dawn Party and the latecomer Wanderer.
Location: Rendezvous Conference Room | Shadow Operatives Building | Personaverse.

When David looked over to the Wanderer to ask him to come with him, he saw the Doctor still in his armored clothes with his feet kicked up on the conference table and a book over his face which only says "How to pick up girls" on it. Hearing David, a low groan came from the book covered man, sweeping his legs across the table to get them off, he almost side-swiped Rugal in the face. Not knowing the fact the Wanderer simply acted as nothing happened.

"Fine ... I'm coming." He said as the book disappeared as it fell to the ground. The Wanderer started to gracefully follow them wondering what to do.

Scene skip!

Wanderer, Jenny, David and Kalastyrn.
Location: Medical Bay | Shadow Operatives Building | Personaverse.

"Okay, lets see what I can do." the Wanderer said, casually walking up to David and taking the charts from him. In under five seconds he threw it away as it looked like he knew what to do. "I have no idea whats going on but I'll try my best!" The Wanderer said, as it looked like he knew exactly what not to do.

The few next things that happened, were that the Doc changed into his Doctor's clothes to bring more of the atmosphere back. Shortly afterwards he skipped in the medical bay, looking at what all the other Doctors were doing and screwing with their work, ultimately making it better, you could even hear the angry Japanese words they yelled at him. "No problem good sir!" He yelled back, not hearing the tone.

Coming back in front of the Pokemon, Sniper and Tiefling. Wanderer began to lay out numerous amounts of instruments of his practice, from blades, guns, food and then the chemicals, they all were laid out on a large tray. The blades were mostly noticeable since they were shining yet somehow still bloody.

If Jenny saw what was inside of the Doctor's head, it would only be this.

Looking over his work partners, the Wanderer came across the chemicals, which seemed to be better then the others.
Picking up two injection looking devices, he looked to David West. "Okay, so I have either bootleg Morphine, aka Med-X, it will get rid of most of the pain. Or we have Stimpak, my favorite, something that truly gets rid of the pain eventually and it can heal you, not completely but for bullet wounds, broken bones and slashed flesh it is great!"

Shadow Operatives Building: Medical Bay: Jenny, David, Kalastyrn, (Insert other Character's here)

Jenny wasn't exactly aware of Wanderer's medical skills, nor how good they were, but the vast array of blades, guns and a collection of junk that contained (But was not limited to):
-Jars of Mutated blood
-A Golf Ball
-Something glowing and Radioactive looking
-and a strange disk that had "Sexbot for Shawn" written on it.
David was understandably concerned with the direction that Wanderer's treatment might go, his skin starting to turn to a shade not unlike Jenny's snow white skin.
...I have make a huge mistake he thought to himself as Wanderer "spoke" with the other doctors.
"Yes you have, David. Yes you have..." She then answered outloud, revealing that she was in his head and making him retreat into his chair a little more.

Needless to say, they were both relieved when it seemed that all Wanderer planned to do was give her either a shot of Morphine or...whatever was inside a Stimpak.
"Go for the Stim. Deadshot tried a few of them before, he seemed to be okay." David suggested as Jenny eyed it up.
"...O-okay...Just...There aren't any "Side Effects", is there?" She asked the "Doctor", keeping an eye on his mental activity in case he decided to with-hold something important.

Kala was just about to ask the same thing with side effects, but was beaten to the punch. "Are you sure either of them would be a good idea? With the limited medical knowledge I've obtained in how worlds of this "Era" work, Morphine can make certain people have terrible reactions and be pretty sick... and the needle for that "stimpak..." the rust on that just can't be good for you can it?" She said, recalling a time when medicine at her old world was actually pretty top notch. Occasionally, you'd be able to find an alchemist able to make potions for almost everything a cleric could do save bring you back from the dead. Which actually reminded her of something...

"Hold on... I think I might have something better than a rusty needle or a pain killer..." She said as she took out a small bag, probably no bigger than the average wallet. As she reached into it however, it was able to envelope her arm up to her shoulder. Digging around in it, after a good 10 seconds she pulled out A vial with blue liquid in it.

"This is probably the finest potion I've come across for anything other than injuries. They seem to have you well enough patched up here so I don't think we'd have to worry about healing up whatever is left of those. This should eliminate any exhaustion you might have and get rid of the pain to boot. Best part is, it doesn't taste bad either." She says as she uncorks it and the room starts to smell a little like blueberries, she then puts it down upright next to Jenny if she would decide on that instead.

Wanderer, Jenny, David and Kalastyrn.
Location: Medical Bay | Shadow Operatives Building | Personaverse.

The natural smell of Blueberries began to fill the room, yet a hissing sound came from a certain person. It was Wanderer holding a can of air-freshener holding down the button, introducing the smell of a sterile lab once more. "This is a medical lab, not a forest. Even introducing such smells in the air can contaminate experiments ... or even worse, viruses." The Wanderer said while giving the Tiefling a stink eye look. "I would have brought my "Angel formula", but that is still experimental, but it is my "Cure-all" to say." The Doctor gave a weird smile.

"But that is something that can be changed to each person and race, my medicine and ... that 'potion' may not work on her." The Wanderer said while holding Jenny's charts once more to pinpoint what he should use. "Hmm, I have something that will get rid of the pain until they are fully healed ... but we don't know if it will work. You may as try it." The Wanderer said while getting rid of ... well, more absorbing his equipment except two things.

"This is the one I said about, it had a large does of healing toxin which repairs the body as I said before ... also fully rid of rust and sterile. If you want to rely on more traditional and less scarier means, I have a power made by some tribes, spread it on a body, put it in a wound, mix it with water. It works many way, tastes like flowers weirdly enough." A bag was placed on the medical table with a soft thump.

The Doctor would rather leave this up to his methods, rather then foreign ones that may become a threat to anyone in the lab or building ... until he had experimented on it at a microscopic level that is. ("Not letting that weird bitch steal your thunder I see.") A familiar voice called out within the Wanderer's mind, his Shadow it was.

In real life, the Wanderer only shook his head in a weird way as if he was denying something. Sighing to himself, he could only tell the truth. "I don't trust magic or any means of that stuff, for all we might know it can kill us all!" The Wanderer looked towards Kala with a tiny sense of hostility. "Ahh, only if we had someone on the ship who knew this race ... or a book about her kind." A look was focused upon Jenny, even the good Doctor knew nothing about what she was.

Shadow Operatives Building: Medical Bay: Jenny, David, Kalastyrn, Wanderer, (Insert other Character's here)

This sudden contest between Kalastyrn and Wanderer was making Jenny and David rather uneasy, the former giving a annoyed stare to the latter.
"...Hey, I just figured he could help. I heard you, like, nearly bled out or something.
Lets just hope these two don't put each other in the hospital in their bids to get me out of it...
The two spoke quietly as the Doctor and Tiefling exchanged words and mixtures in front of them.
"...Umm...Maybe I could just use both?...Besides, it might, er, make me...Twice as Healthy?" She nervously suggested, knowing that, from a medical standpoint, it was the foolish way of doing things.


It was better then having the Demonic Zombie get into a fight with the Mutated Doctor in her mind so against better judgement, she both injected herself with the Stimpak and downed the potion, figuring it was the easiest way to defuse the situation.
The effects seemed clear as she shuddered a little afterwards, though it was unclear if it was the contents of the Stimpak or the Potion that caused it.
But she more or else hopped out of the bed afterwards, again, leaving it extremely ambiguous which concoction was the reason for it.
"Ahhh...Much better. Thanks Guys, I needed that." She then kindly said, giving the pair of them a little bow while glancing over at David, as if to say "Next time, just get Teri."
"...Well, that was fun. Who wants Grub? I know Bondi (Rugal) is in the canteen." The Sniper then suggested to shift the topic, hoping that Jenny didn't just give herself something by mixing and matching her drugs like that.

Location: Tokyo Rooftops
Time: Night.

While Kazuya was trying to deal with the intruders quest for Pizza, others were making the most of the chaos in the city as the troops wandered around, confused both by the lack of Darkside and by the attack on G-corp.
A lone figure watched as it hung from a radio tower, frowning at the sight at he pulled out a tablet and began to type something onto it.

Kazuya's men are in disarray, it seems like your Sat Counter-UAV is working.
I can easily slip though, but without the target's location, The mission is impossible

He then held it up to his face before a line of text scrolled down his POV:

Stand By. Co-ordinates will be sent soon.

Grumbling slightly, as if he wanted them to fail to find Darkside, he put the tablet back before resuming his recon of the area.
He wasn't happy about this mission, he wasn't happy about his new handler, but he didn't have a choice in the matter, they were kind enough to remind him of that whenever possible.

Target located. Coordinates on screen. Go get them, Son.

Reluctantly accepting his mission, Hiryu leapt off the tower and began sprinting across the Tokyo skyline.

After seeing Jenny down both the potion and inject herself with the stimpak... well if something happens there wasn't much Kala could do. She seemed ok for the moment though. Answering Wanderer's look of hostility, she simply gave a sigh. "Magic is a funny thing, it's hard to learn, and twice as difficult to master... but when you've used it as long as I have, what you already know won't hurt you. I could argue the point with you for hours, but seeing as how this is perhaps the only break we'll get while working for Mitsuru, I'd like not to spend it that way."

She said to Wanderer hoping that their dispute on medicine and magic would rest. Then turning to David and Jenny.

"Sure, I haven't had a bite to eat in a while, and I sure as hell wasn't going to grab anything at that damn "Wild Duck Burger." Sheesh if that place is closed down today it won't be soon enough. Anyway, glad your feeling better Jenny. Let's uh... let's just hope you stay that way..." She said, muttering the last bit to herself. It was simply only the same concern David had. Her potion didn't have any side effects for sure, but she was hoping that Wanderer's stimpak didn't "spoil the batch" so to speak. Of course, it could be bad vice versa too.

Merlin, Violet, Kazuya ,"DO YOU DO DELIVERIES?"
Location: G-Corp, Helipad
Time: Night.

"...This is it!? This isn't Darkside! This is who the Intruder is-oh for the love of-WHAT DO I PAY YOU MORONS FOR!?....*Sigh*...
Attention, you are Trespassing on private property. Get on the ground NOW! Do NOT, I repeat, NOT test me!"

From Kazuya, it took the shirtless man five seconds to form his response. He threw a grenade at his feet and leaped towards the helicpoter, the ensuing explosion propelling him across. Grabbing a handlebar beside one of the doors, he swung about, the force dragging the helicpoter to the right and opened the doors. He walked behind Kazuya and tapped on his shoulder.


-1 Helipad
Merlin, Violet, Kazuya, "..."
Location: G-Corp, Helipad
Time: Night.

"Son of a-GET DOWN!" Kazuya shouted after the grenade went off, thinking it was more along the lines of a RPG or basically anything that could be aimed at him.
The force of the blast was enough to knock all the men that would normally be trying to "Arrest" the intruder flat on their asses while the man himself climbed into the Transport, leaving a collapsing Helipad behind him.
Kazuya was busy bracing for an impact that never came before he was tapped on the shoulder.
Instinct took over as grabbed the man's arm and quickly threw him face first into the floor of the transport.
"I'll throw you off this goddamn transport! Who are you!? Who sent you!? How'd you get past security?!" He began to demand as he twisted the wrist of the man behind his back, he was getting answers, one way or another.

Shadow Operatives Building: Medical Bay: Jenny, David, Kalastyrn, Wanderer, (Insert other Character's here)

Devon entered the room after the majority of the talk. "If you guys were up for it, I thought we could head out and got something to eat on the town. Obviously none of those restaurants we were at today, but something to remember this place by."

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