The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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"It's a long and frankly confusing story, but yes Kura. We are in someone's head, An Author's head. I don't know all the details, but all you need to know is that we are looking for the source of this Author's creative abilities." Rugal explained, clearly as confused as Kura was about the situation.
"Now...If you want to go after Bison, I'm not going to stop you. But it is NOT my priority. Knowing him, we'll have another chance to kill him. But for now, My main mission is getting us the hell out of this place in one piece. Understand?" He said, deciding that if Kura was going after Bison, it wasn't worth his time trying to stop her.


After Shadow lashed out at him, David was on the ground holding his bleeding head as the Super Powered Merc just drove his skull though the table.
Fighting the pain as he got up on his feet, He then laid down on the seat he was one before the attack, waiting for the sickness from the massive binge and the pain from his beatdown to ease a little.


Opting to hide behind one of the pillars when the group came around, Jenny missed out on just what happened.
Once it was over and Sean sped off, she looked a saw Alpha alone in the hallway, clearly upset by his leaving.
"Alpha...Wh-What Happened?..." She asked as she came out from hiding, certain that the hallway was empty now.


"Transaction : Confirmed. I will begin working on a Software patch once I grant you all access to the Metalwork Room." Viscus said as he brought up several camera's, one of which showed Doom getting up after getting flattened by all the projects.
"Automated Machinery : Online." He said as a feed of Doom being frightened by all the machines in the room gaining a mind of their own came up.
Bringing up the blueprints again, he added "I require that armor to be to spec. Failure to do so will void our arrangement. And keep in mind, You need me more then I need you. A few changed lines of code in this patch and I can make it as if Vermillion here was never even born. Do not test me." He warned before he left the tablet to work on his patch in his Potato Battery.

M. Bison

After his close call with his former boss, Bison retreated to his quarters at the Dorm, coughing and hacking at the choking the just narrowly avoided.
Sitting on his bed afterwards, he pondered what he had learned.
Creative Center?...That must be the cause of this, whatever it is...I need to find the others...
Changing into a less Military-ish outfit, He slipped his hat back on and warped off again, keen to inform his partners about his discovery.

Edit: Bison doesn't know he's in a Author's head, My bad X_X

Dance Class - FLASHBACK: Cadolbolg | Yurine

Cadolbolg shrugged, his youth making it hard for him to catch Yurine's intent for some alone time, as well as that bubbly feeling in his chest making it a little hard to think clearly, "Me and Friend Ton Ton had prior experience with teaching our Friend Devon before running this class... I don't see why we couldn't help you as well, miss."

Lunch Aftan | Cadolbolg | David | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Lucretia | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Puce | Sadei | Shadow | Teri | Ton Ton

Well, it's really nice to be able to have something to write down my ideas, even if I am borrowing from your memory for the language bit. It's not that hard to guess, but I never really had the chance to learn it myself.

"You're using my memory to figure out how to talk? Huh... how do you go about doing that? Was it when we first bonded?"

As Teri asked this, Sadei could tell the Cleric's tone was ernast to hear about the process. She had been rather eager in her magical studies after all. Well, at the least the theory and the formulaic stuff, not so much the history of it's use.

"History, huh? I wonder who's the teacher... Oh, and sorry for not hearing you earlier, Ella. If you wanted something else to eat, you need only as- Oh shit. What did that Russian idiot do to David NOW?!"

After asking this, she heard David's cry of agony, and rushed over to the scene, snapping her fingers for another meal for Ella as she attended to the fallen Irishman, tapping into her healing Aura to help ease off some of the hurt as she worked on fixing him up. After checking for any material that needed to be removed or cleaned, Teri focused upon one of her spells she didn't needed, and then felt it disappear, a healing spell taking it's place.

Using her Clerical ability, Teri replaces the spell slot with "Calm Emotions" with the healing spell "Cure Moderate Wounds", and casts it, healing David's wound for 2d8 + 13 ((8 level + 1 for Domain + 4 for Augment healing) with the addition of the total result multiplied by 50% because of her equipment) for a total of 34 points of damage healed. David's going to be Juuuuuuusst fine.

Library: Slindis | Rugal | Caim | Angelus

Ignoring what she thought was a child's tantrum, Angelus spoke to Rugal and Slindis, hoping to patch up the error she made earlier, "We're going to look for the Center. However, the idea of calling students down is a great idea. How about you two deal with that, while we search on grounds? Caim has his device, and can keep track of the ones brought to the office."

Caim nodded in agreement with his pact partner, "We'll cover ground more this way. That and... Well, Rugal, you know Angelus and I aren't really ones for public relations. That's more you and Slindis' forte."

With a salute to the duo, the pact partners left the library, and went on their way to help find the Source.

Dimitri's World: The Tablet Dimitri | Vermilion

After Viscus left the Tablet, the programs relented, and Dimitri scrunched his nose, as if something bad just landed in front of them,

"Am I glad he's finally decided to leave... Well, Ms. Vermilion? I do believe our que has arrived. Shall we?"

Sending the Mole shaped AI a devious smile, the two began their task of Viscus's armor, their plan fully realized as they began their work.


David soon felt his skin and bones mend and-
"MOTHERFUCKER! That Russian prick! That Substance abusing dickless snake!" He shouted as he realized that it was Shadow that did that to him.
"Alright, where the FUCK is that asshole!? Huh!?" He shouted to anyone present, clearly not amused by Shadow's antics.


"...I dunno man...On the one hand...I just want to quit, you know?...No having to be all "Big Bad Bruiser" anymore, it's a hard act to keep going all the time...No real need to do...anything anymore...
But on the other hand, I REALLY want all the other stuff too!...Just....So fucking conflicted right now..."
Sighed a former nightmare as he talked with the school's guidance counselor during his lunch break about losing his urge to wreck shit.
"But what the fuck do I do? Running around saying Sorry to everyone? Fuck that noise! I was BORN to hurt people, These fucking pecs need a target. God, I miss the old days. "Bruiser! Hurt this thing!" Done. Now?..." He went on as talked with Inuart.

Then he turned a corner and saw a face he thought he'd never see again.
"...Oh fuck me..." He said as he saw Caim and Angelus moving towards them.

David | Teri

Teri pushed down gently on David as he began his angry triad about Shadow,

"Calm down, David. You can go fuss at Shadow after we're out of this situation. Yes, what Shadow did was wrong, but for this moment, we need to try to get out of here. And doing that and causing fights with one another isn't going to help that out. Now please, stay still while I check your condition. Last thing we need is a shoddy patch job..."

As Teri continued her checkup, her Aura kept working hard to get rid of any other damage David had on his person. Any minute cuts or scrapes disappeared like they never happened, and David could feel a slight relief from his binge drinking.

Bruiser | Inuart | Caim | Angelus

Moments Ago

Inuart listened quietly to Bruiser's thoughts, giving small sympathetic nods and "Mhmns" as he heard Bruiser pour out his heart,

"Well, Bruiser, there are plenty of places you could use your destructive impulses in creative and possibly money making ways. I know there is a large industry for wrestling. If not that, perhaps you could take up work as a freelance Mercenary? Even then, I'm sure SOMEBODY could use the aid of as burly and individual as- Oh bloody hell."

It was at this point the Guidance Counselor and Bruiser bumped into the pact partners, and was in as much for a strange sight as the two were. Seeing his (former) rival and adversary in a suit was something entirely unexpected, a thought Caim repaid in kind. Caim knew Inuart favored a more fanciful shade of attire, but this was ridiculous!

But of course, this paled in comparison to seeing Bruiser before them, alive. Angelus's brow furrowed, and fire burst from her fingertips, a hint of her draconic edge echoing in her voice[1] "How are you still alive?! Last I saw you, Teri put an energy beam in your skull and the building collapsed around you!"

The swordsman, well, became as his moniker implied, and his familial blade appeared in his hands, "The same could be said of you, Inuart. What brings you here again?"

The red head rolled his eyes at the two's quickness to the violent approach and stepped between the three, "Well, I can tell you one thing, Caim, I'm not here about Furiae, so you can put that sword away now."

The duo blinked in confusion, and looked at Inuart like he was mad,

"... You're not? Well, then what ARE you here for?"

Inuart shrugged, "If anything, I want to leave here, get on with my life, and help my friend here rehabilitate after whatever you and your ensemble did to him."

Angelus snorted angrily, smoke actually coming out of her nostrils this time, "It's more than what he deserved..."

Inuart shook his head, as well as an accusatory finger, "Tsk tsk, lady dragon. Who are you to judge who deserves what? You are no god."

"I am as close as there is to one."[2]

Inuart yawned at the dragoness' boast, and finished with, "Then a cruel and uncaring 'Goddess' that you are. Now, if all we're going to do is exchange unpleasantries, then I'm afraid to say that I'd rather not stay. Bruiser and I were starting to make progress. Bruiser, shall we?"

[1] in her dragon form, there was some sort of background thing to her voice I can't quite explain eloquently. You can hear it here.
[2] Interestingly enough, this is true too, at least in the Drakengard verse. The Demon babies are the gods of the Draken-verse, and the dragons were at war with them for supremacy. You know, as much as I hate 2, it did provide some interesting fluff for the series as a whole. More on that Here.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Administration Office | Avatar Adventure High School

C.C. | Lucieon

Lucieon was a little more than miffed at the clerk's half-assed attitude and dismissive body language. He reached out and grabbed the scruffy man by the shirt and pulled him back toward C.C. and Lucieon. The Undead Merchant's sapphire eyes sparked with a life that had long been forgotten to ages past.

"If she cannot remember her surname, then you will give us every file for a female student that has a name starting with the letter 'C," understand me peasant?" Lucieon nearly growled at him before letting go of his shirt. Reaching deep into the lining of his velvet tunic, he pulled out a small golden coin imprinted with a sunburst. "This is pure gold, weighed at twelve point four ounces. This is worth 11,291 dollars in your modern currency. Do well by me and you will be rewarded."

The Merchant's read on the clerk was clear, he was a man that was lazy and unpredictable. Sometimes abiding to laws and sometimes cutting corners to save some work. Though he was unsure about how powerful the staff of this organization was, he flashed open his cloak slightly to reveal Estoc, sheathed, but still formidable and coated with the dried blood from the earlier incident. And very well, Lucieon sure that the look in his eyes told the clerk that it was human blood.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

The Barrier: Gabrielle | Lupito (aka Loopy's Day Out)

When the angry mother wolf popped up, Lupito decided to try talking with them. After all, he should be able to, even though he couldn't talk to Slin.. Hiya! I'm really sorry about my companion... she's a bit spacy. If we could pull a swap here, we can maybe kinda get by here with no problem? Her meat's too stringy for any good eating, you know, and I'll try to keep other pups out of her hands...

Lunch: Aftan | Cadolbolg | David | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Lucretia | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Puce | Sadei | Shadow | Teri | Ton Ton

Melethia shook her head. "No, I won't. I won't assist you in your suicide because you didn't have the guts to help him yourself, and honestly it's a waste of my time.You touch anyone else with your deluded ideas, though, and they will speak of you in the past tense."


Devon nodded. "It actually sounds pretty good to me, Ella. If there's any decent sushi place at this school, that would be a great idea... How about it?" Between the two of them, the rather large portion of Mac And Cheese was quickly eaten up, and Devon began getting to thinking...

"Teri, any idea how I could make a necklace that would help me get in contact with Ella?" He sent the message over the ring, hoping she'd have a response.

Well, yeah. It's really hard to explain, but it's more like I'm looking at the words on the surface of your mind and going from there.Trust me, it's something that you just wouldn't understand as a living human. Sadei seemed a bit confused herself, but the main thing was that she seemed in a good mood about it.

Rugal, Slindis

She looked over at Rugal. "Well then, let's start Finding them." And with that, they started on the task.


David soon settled down a little as Teri did her thing, dotting over any minor details she could have possibly missed, giving the sniper a good dose of her Healing Aura.
"...Right...Just I'm giving that asshole a MAJOR lead injection once we get out of here..." He growled before returning to his drinks, being more sensible with his drinking this time around.


Angelus noticed as their bickering other halfs bickered, Bruiser just sighed and began walking off, not having any of the drive or cruelness to even drop a "Hiya Toots!".
He instead just slipped away from the group, leaving Inuart behind.
"Bruiser and I were starting to make progress. Bruiser, shall we?...Bruiser?..." He asked, only to look over his shoulder to find Bruiser already half way down the hallway.
"...Certainly seems like you two are off to a great start..."


Returning the nod, the pair of them set out from the library and began their search.
"Right, It's lunch now so everyone will either be in the canteen or the recess yard, Which one do you want to tackle first?" He asked, keeping an eye out for any other former employees of his.

Alpha/Miku & Jenny.
Location: Hallway.

Noticing the returning presence of Jenny, Miku quickly wiped away her tears.
She turned around with a fake smile. "Nothing, the idiot just ran away to figure out what is with that group." She told a weird truth, Miku had not connected with Sean's mind for a while and she can only do that when she is in her holographic mode or when the two are ... very, very close.

So she assumed that he was going to do something with them.
"So what now? I'm hoping we can get back soon and stop this madness." She said to Jenny, trying to shake her thoughts of her beloved.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

Lunch: Aftan | Cadolbolg | David | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Lucretia | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Puce | Sadei | Shadow | Teri | Ton Ton

"Yeah yeah, death threats and all that jazz... Now, follow this light with your eyes. Wanna make sure you don't have a concussion."

As she did the final bits of her checkup, she answered the mental callings, the ring first, and Sadei second, "Well, Devon, as far as I remember what my DM did in my older games, he just slapped together a pair of necklaces using Message as the main component spell. How they worked was that you could talk for a certain amount of time a day, and had a couple of uses a day. The big thing about it for the character that used it was that he talked to his family with it about once or twice a day with em, and it only worked for the necklace bearers. So, if you used one like that, you'd have to make sure Ella had the other one. Aside from that, I suppose trying to copy one of the rings Tajuh gave us?"

After the last bit of her check up, she gave a smile and a pat on David's shoulder, the healing portion of her Aura finally receding now that she thought the Irishman was alright,

"Take it easy, alright? We're lucky you didn't get a concussion or anything more serious than some bleeding... So, magic. Got it Sadei!"

Meanwhile, as Devon and Ella conversed about the finer points of food, Ton Ton's interest was piqued, "Sushi? What's that?"

Cadolbolg made a loud slurping noise as he downed his next piece of meat, and gave a happy burp, a small fireball following after it, *BURP* "Something to do with fish, I think? Fish is an interesting taste, but if you roast it just right, it's REALLY nummy!"

Angelus | Bruiser | Caim | Inuart

"Bruiser and I were starting to make progress. Bruiser, shall we?...Bruiser?..." He asked, only to look over his shoulder to find Bruiser already half way down the hallway.
"...Certainly seems like you two are off to a great start..."

Inuart blinked in surprise, and gave a curt reply to Caim and Angelus before running after his charge,

"No thanks to you... Now, I'll be off. Hopefully, neither you, your dragon, your sister or any of your ilk will never see us again."

leaving Caim and Angelus alone in the hallway again. Caim released his blade back into the wheel, to Angelus' curiosity, and the warrior 'sent',

"They're harmless. Let's continue with the mission."

The fire disappearing from her hands, Angelus hazarded a glance in the direction of the guidance counselor and the sulking Machoke, and muttered, "I certainly hope you're right... I'd hate for this to bite us in the rear end later."

"If it does, you can yell at me about it. Let's go."


Ahhhh...She's head over heels for that man... Jenny thought, the perks of having a Mid-to-High level of knowledge of how people thought and acted. (She did run a clinic before it was blown up)
"Well...I guess we should hook back up with the others,Well, maybe you more then me. I'm pretty sure they were working on something." She said, personally hoping her idea wouldn't result in having to be out in the open, she was still embarrassed by her form.
Prove of this was when she hid for cover again as someone else arrived.


Alpha watched as a rather disgruntled looking Bruiser paced past her, stopping only for a moment to shout "....What the hell are you looking at!?" before going on his not-so-merry way.
Sighing, He then made his way over towards the Staff Room, intent on getting something to eat and hopefully get him out of his mood he was in.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

Lunch: Aftan | Cadolbolg | David | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Lucretia | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Puce | Sadei | Shadow | Teri | Ton Ton

Devon responded back. "I'll try copying one of those rings, then... I don't really know how well I'll be able to do, although it'll be tricky... Maybe she can help fuel some of the magic for it?" As he and Ella finished up their food, it looked like lunch was about over.

In the meantime, Melethia had decided that Aftan wasn't even worth her time. Considering that she had thrown off Puce to get badly beaten, it took everything she had to just decide to hit her later when she wasn't expecting it.

Rugal | Slindis

"Let's head to the office and narrow their specialties down. That should give us the best clue, unless you see one that sticks out to you...

And there was one name that stuck out quite a bit: C.C. It was so nondescript that it was certainly worth checking into first.

Rugal | Slindis

"Alright, at the very least, we'll find out if they got my Fax or not and why." Rugal answered as the duo set off for the Front Office, seeing 2 other students, Lucieon and CC, waiting outside.
Tapping on the glass to the front office, He said to the person working there "Coach Bernstein here. I sent a few Faxes regarding some students? Did you ever get them?"

Matt and Ken walked up to the table(s) the heroes were sitting at to ask them something. "Do you guys know what the class is? We would like to know ahead of time if we should skip it, " Matt said as he ate a bratwurst and Ken drank a cola.

Alpha/Miku & Jenny.
Location: Hallway.

"Yeah we really sho-" She was saying before she noticed Jenny to be gone from her sight.
Looking behind her she saw another creature. "(What the)" She could only think before it yelled "....What the hell are you looking at!?" at her direction. Once the creature disappeared she began to speek to Jenny wherever she was, "You can come out now but gee ... that guy was mean, do you know him?" She asked with eyes that wanted more information.

"But we do need to meet up with everyone especially Sean ... but I can't help that guy might cause trouble." She said about the meet up and meanie they had just encounter.

(Note: Sorry for the short post ... and what is up with these complicated capthcas!?)



Poor Jenny looked like as if she saw a ghost when her former tormentor paced past Alpha, thankful she had chosen to hide when she did.
"...Bruiser is here?...Now we REALLY need to find the others! Come on! We have to warn Teri!" She said, recalling the little cleric and her suffering at the Machoke's hands.
Thus she dragged Alpha across the building into the Canteen where the rest of the team were eating.


When Matt asked about the next class, David answered "I think it might be computing but don't quote me on that.", the Sniper feeling a little dizzy after his quickie Binge/Beating/Healing in the space of a few minutes.
"Also, if you see Shadow, let him know he's a dead man." He added as he gave himself a slap in the face to help wake him up a bit.

Jenny, Devon

Devon waved at the Kirlia as he finished cleaning up his area. "Jenny, just want to give you a heads-up: do not eat the school lunch. I don't quite know what it is, but it's certainly not dead..." He gestured to the food Ella had gotten earlier, and it was beginning to search out other bits of the food like it.

David, Melethia

Melethia grabbed a piece of ice from her drink and placed it on David's neck for a second to help jolt him awake before chiming in. "Whatever it is, it'll be easy. All the classes here have been easy except that stupid music class, saying explosives don't create music so there's not a need to worry. I'll help ya rough Shadow up if ya want me to, so all ya have to do is ask."

Jenny, Devon

"...Ew...Good to know, but listen, we have other problems to deal with!" Jenny said, clearly a little distraught.
"Basically, Bruiser is still alive and somehow he managed to get here. Now, if I know anything, it's that Machoke is always trouble, no matter where he is! Where is Teri? I have to warn her." He said quickly and breathlessly, having ran over here.

David, Melethia

"YIEK! Sheez, Melethia. Cut that out!" David said, not really enjoying a cold touch like that, though it did wake him up a bit.
"No, This. I'm doing myself. No offense, you are a great fighter, and by that I mean you are an awesome fighter, but in cases like these, you just have to do it yourself, you know?" He said before taking the ice cube from her hands and using it to cool down his face.
"Just need to slow him down is all..."

Jenny, Devon

Devon paused for a moment to think this information out. "I don't know what's worse: that he is still alive or that this isn't exactly unexpected. I mean, if they could bring Caim's sister back, it's not too hard to think they could bring him back."

The Bruisers got quiet as Devon finished. "Look, could you break it gently? She's already had a lot of stress today, Jenny... it's all about the timing, you know?"

David, Melethia

Melethia got an impish smirk, clearly having what she thought to be a good idea. "Why not aim for the knees? It's hard to move fast after taking a good hit there, ya know. Go ahead an' take care of it yourself, Although I'll bemore than ready to give you some tips on how to make sure it's not a fair fight for him..."

Kazuya, Gilliam

After one of his playing/training sessions with his two Pokemon, Kazuya was contacted by one of his secretaries via the intercom. "I'm truly sorry for interrupting your personal time, but someone been trying to contact you for the past couple of hours. I didn't recognize him from any of our records, but this Gilliam said that he knew you."

Jenny, Devon

"I hear that..." Jenny sighed, recalling her own experiences.
She had plenty of time to get over them, but was uncertain if Teri could say the same.
"Just how did he even get here? Hell, how did WE even get here!?..." she asked as Teri kept making lunches, soon putting the staff of the canteen out of business.

David, Melethia

"Well, if I can't hit him full stop, then how do I hit the Knees?" David asked as he got up, feeling like the headrush from the booze and healing had finally wore off.
"Second I engage him, he'll just start using that Dash of his, I've actually been on the stuff he was on back during the Angel War, It's potent as hell. No. Going to need to be a lot more clever about it..." He sighed, feeling that his guns were...out gunned.

Kazuya, Gilliam

Away from the madness of the AA High School, one of the many accoraties of the Rising Dawn was in his office, unaffected by the current situation.
"~Who's a Good wittle teddy bear!? Who's a Good wittle teddy bear!?~" Kazuya cooed to his pet Pokemon Kuma while his other, Mokujin, sat on his desk in the shape of a pair of sunglasses as he "Tanned" using the sun coming in from the window.
The second he heard the name Gilliam, he dropped everything and fixed himself up, not wanting to be seen as a demented man who played with small animals in his spare time in the eyes of his "Friend".
"intocharacterintocharacter...Main Feed, turn on." He said as a comm feed to Gilliam opened.
"My time is very precious Gilliam. What is it?" He said as the "Sunglasses" hoped off the desk in the background.


Shadow had walked around a while, but found literally nothing to kill. He eventually wandered back to where the group had fought that big hulk copy. He just sat there looking around relaxing a bit. Trying to calm down.

Jenny, Devon

Devon gave it a bit of thought before responding. "Well, the thing is, think the tensions on the Blue Dragon at the end of that war to know the tension... There's a lit I can't say out in the open about it."

He switched over to ring communications so he vould get a more private link and initiated the contact. "Thing is, there's a good chunk of hellish politics involved here. We've got a former ruler of hell and the current ruler of hell searching for something, and there's probably the politics of the other legions that are kicking in here... We're looking for someone or something that's a creative center and trying to isolate it - honestly, I'd rather not have it in the hands of either person, because that's more than a bit crazy."

David, Melethia

Melethia kept that same impish grin up. "Simple: you guide him into your shots. Know how he'll react, and you'll be able to nail him. You have the accuracy, and we both know it. Blind him, disorient him... think outside the crosshairs and you'll get your target."

Kazuya, Gilliam

Gilliam replied. "I know that I've come across as meddling to you, but I'd like to have a talk with you, if that's not presumptuous of me. Name the time and location, and I can arrange it. Of course, this will be in person should you wish it.

Also, I see you've been taking good care of the two I gave to you from how your office looks. Could you tell them I said Hello? Come on, Sprout, I thought I told you not when I'm making a call..."

In the background, Kazuya could see an Oddish jumping on the table and tickling Gilliam's nose with his leaves. Seems that Gilliam hadn't just bought the Pokemon out of nowhere...


Jenny, Devon

And just like that Jenny somehow forgot entirely what she was worried or thinking about.
She looked confused for a moment, glancing over her shoulder for a sec before asking "...What were we talking about again?..."
All the while, Bison was running off, thankful they had avoided that bullet.

David, Melethia

David looked at his guns for a moment before nodding.
"...I think I have just the ticket. Thank Melethia." He said before getting up and seeking out Shadow for a good old fashioned Duel.
A few minutes later, he managed to find the merc back where he first appeared, when they were cleaning up the blood after that fight.
"Hey! Asswipe! Round 2 you piece of shit!?"

Shadow, David, (Melethia? Is she just sitting in the background?)

"Oh it looks like some American dog wants my boot up their ass again" Shadow replied as he stood up and took his glock out of its holster.

"Well you first..." Shadow said as he stood there waiting.

David Vs. Shadow

David went to pull out his M500, being the most famous of his arsenal.
However, once he had it out, he glanced at it for a moment before holstering it.
Too slow... He thought before drawing his Wrist Guns (Visual of the Guns) and firing around Shadow, aiming to land a hit if he tired to dodge.

David Vs. Shadow

When Shadow went to dodge he was hit by 3 bullets to his left arm, but his healing factor plus super tough skin kept him from taking large amounts of damage. He stopped dodging and just let the bullets fly around him for a second.

Then Shadow decided to simply bum rush David at incredible speeds. Although in the process a few bullets hit his limbs, but the virus's healing effect kicked in and he was able to simply shrug them off.
He was only 10 feet away and closing in fast.

David Vs. Shadow

Melethia had followed along to watch the fight, giving a good amount of distance as she thought to herself. I wonder if he'll use the everbright mod... Although she wanted to jump in, she respected David's earlier wishes of wanting to do this one alone.

Devon, Bruisers, Jenny

Devon gave Jenny one of the muffins that had been poofed up to Jenny, brushing off the crumbs that Ton-Ton and Cadolbolg were making form their somewhat messy eating in the process. "Mind if I tell you later? It's a bit private, and something that I'd rather keep private."

David Vs. Shadow

"Oh Great." David deadpanned as Shadow charged at him while he tried to think of a decent counter attack.
Thanks to Melethia, he did.
With the flip of a switch, the flashlight came on, though thanks to the Elf's tinkering, it was more like a super massive Flash Bang grenade then anything else.
So he shined them both right into Shadow's face as he charged, hoping to send him off course.

David Vs. Shadow

Shadow stopped dead in his tracks. It looked like he had gone from 100 Miles per hour to 0 in less than a second. With one hand he covered his face and with the other he raised his glock.
He fired several times directly at the shining lights.

David Vs. Shadow

"Oh yeah..." David remarked, realizing he forgot about the ulimate backup plan: FIREFIREFIREFIREFIRE!
In order to avoid the incoming barrage of bullets, and to possibly get a better setting, He leaped to the side and though the door to a empty classroom.
Once he was in, He began looking for a decent ambush point.

David Vs. Shadow

Shadow was not about to give him time to recover. He reloaded his glock before walking up to the wall close to the door and just busting down the wall.

He quickly looked around to see if he could spot David.

David Vs. Shadow

Once Shadow had entered, David attempted his ambush from above, having climbed up the doorframe that Shadow just walked under.
He sprayed bullets all over the room, trying to cover as much ground as possible in order to ensure at least ONE bullet hit.

David, Vs. Shadow

Shadow was hit multiple times , but the bullets were just not doing enough damage to stop him. Shadow simply reached up and grabbed David, before slamming him into the ground. He then lifted his leg and tried to smash him with a leg drop.

David, Vs. Shadow

"OHSHITOHSHIT-" David let out before he was slammed into one of the classroom desks before getting a leg drop to the head.
"ooooowww...." He weakly groaned, Shadow managing to exploit his one weakness: The fact that he was "Normal" compared to everyone least.
Slowly turning himself over, he attempted to shoot Shadow, "Attempted" being a key word here as he could barely keep his arm up.

David Vs. Shadow

Shadow simply stepped on his wrist to keep him from firing. Meanwhile he pointed his glock at David's head.


Shadow fired.

He put his glock back in his pocket and stepped a few feet back.

The bullet had lodged into the ground next to David's head. "So do you wish to go round three?" he asked as he stood there looking down at David.

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