The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Shadow Operatives Building: Medical Bay: Jenny, David, Kalastryn, Wanderer, Devon, (Insert other Character's)

David nearly ran right into Devon as he made his way out of the medical bay, clearly shocked by the Bard's sudden appearance.
"Whoa! How long were you standing there, Ma-..." He was about to protest when he remembered that little fact about Devon.
"...Maaaaybe we could do that, Dev...I mean, I had Chinese back home, but it was really just boiled fat and store brand grub." He then corrected himself with all the skill and grace of a brick though a stained glass window.
"Sure. I'm starving for one. Come on, I'll get the car around." She cheerfully said as she made her way down the hall with the others in tow, seeming to be a lot lighter of step all of a sudden.
"Ohhhh...Think I'm feel those things kick in now." She said as she skipped and pranced, full of energy, like as if someone took 4 too many espressos in their large mocha before going to their Networking Lecture.
"Wooooo...Hey, this is kinda nice. Hey, what where in that stuff guys?" She asked the Doctor and the Tiefling, chuckling slightly as she did, seeming air-headed as both mixtures flowed though her.

"...In case you didn't see, She might be in the middle of a sugar high right now...Kinda cute actually, like giving a kid a cup of coffee" David mentioned to Devon as Jenny beamed with energy.
"So...this place have a name? Finally find that damn fucking sushi bar?" He then asked, recalling how much she and ella wanted to go to such a place.

Wanderer, Jenny, David and Kalastyrn.
Location: Medical Bay | Shadow Operatives Building | Personaverse.

Ignoring Kala's talk about magic, the Wanderer could say the exact same thing. Walking besides Jenny, the Doctor was writing down the effects of the two combinations on a notepad, hoping that he may be able to edit the composure of his Stimpak to override the effects of the "Blue potion" as he calls it. "Now only if I could experiment." He said to himself and saw Jenny look back on him. "I mean, that medicine was made by me, it was created out of all natural ingredients including Broc Flower, Xander root, Mutfruit and Nuka-cola." The Doctor said while adjusting his sunglasses.

"And not to worry, I am a master skilled surgeon and Doctor of the medicine industry. If anything you can count of me to heal someone or cure a sickness." The Doctor said while adjusting his sunglasses once more with a somewhat evil smile, if anything it was competitive as hell since he was the ships Doctor and wasn't going to let anyone get in his way of helping someone.

Finishing his observations, the Wanderer drop his notepad and it faded into nothing, going back into the invisible inventory that the Doctor has.

Merlin, Kazuya and "We here at the Torgue Corporation sincerely think that this is F*CKING AWESOME!!"
Location: G-Corp, Helipad
Time: Night.

Hearing the warning for the explosion, Merlin was lucky that he was on the edge of the helipad. The explosion forced him to block crossing his arms, the fiery explosion licking at his flesh. Stepping a tad more backwards he managed to escape the heat, but after it faded away, many bodies were on the collapsing helipad. "They have probably passed on." Merlin said with a look of disgust on his face, an explosion like would have killed them, this is what Merlin's past experience.

Moving away from the collapsed portion of the helipad, Merlin quickly tried to scan for a few bodies to scavenge, but he wouldn't want to interfere with the helicopter at this moment, for he does not know what to do in a situation like this, the technology began to scare him. Portable explosions, flying metal carriages, this did scare the magician and yet it fueled his inspiration to learn more about this ever-expanding world.

Yet he could only look on at the helicopter, hoping that this conflict would end soon.

Seeing Jenny's burst of energy and perky attitude, Kala's worries about Jenny's shadow and the medications subsided. As for Jenny's question, she hadn't a clue what was in her potion. "Alchemy is a fickle thing, and a practice I didn't much study, so I don't know the recipe for that particular potion by heart. As for the needle from Doc over there... well you have your answer." she said, referring of course to Wanderer. Feeling a bit of competition emanating from him. Then Devon walked into the room asking about getting a bite to eat out on the town.

"I wouldn't mind, but who's buying?" She asked, taking out the small purse and reaching into it again. "I don't suppose they take gold coins here do they?" she said as she pulled out enough of them to fill her palm. Devon would probably recognize the coinage of course, having played Kala's home MMO "I would try to use more valuable coinage where I'm from... but the vault I kept all my platinum in... well it's a good thing I didn't put all my eggs in one basket." She said, placing the coins back into the tiny bag.

She then turned back to a rather energetic Jenny. "You know how to drive?" She asked the Gardevoir in amazement and slight disbelief. I mean of course she was humanoid enough to operate a car physically, but knowing how to drive was something Kala didn't even know.

Shadow Operatives Building: Medical Bay: Jenny, David, Kalastryn, Wanderer, Devon, (Insert other Character's)

Needless to say, the idea that all that was in that injection was fruit and soda wasn't exactly winning David over on Wanderer's medical skills.
"...I...See...I was...kinda expecting it to be full of...I dunno...Vitamins and shit..." He remarked, though Jenny didn't seem to mind and it did explain the rush of energy she was feeling.
"Hey, Placebo is considered one of the most effective medical sciences. Although...I'd ease up on the Cola next time. Wooo!" She remarked before pausing in her caffeine induced waltz to suddenly do a cartwheel flip.
"...Wow...Never did drink Caffeine before now. I think I like it." She said before Kala asked her about knowing how to drive.
"Well, I *do* live in New York and the cabbies there overcharge. Besides, you drive one car, you've driven them all, right?" She then added, making David think that this would be the last car he'll ever get into.
"...If Jenny doesn't get us killed, I'll pay. But Wanderer, I'm only going to ask you once: Act like someone other then you. I saw the footage from the night Deadshot and Annie went out and I'm not wanting any of that shit, got it?" He warned as he got his Debit card out while Jenny went to get one of the Shadow Ops cars.
"...Everyone might want to also wear a seat-belt on the way over..."

Wanderer, Jenny, David and Kalastyrn.
Location: Parking bay number ??? | Shadow Operatives Building | Personaverse.

When Kala took out the gold coins, the Wanderer pushed aside his competitive medical nature. Pulling out his own currency, a bottle cap, he looked at it. "They don't take bottle caps I take it ... maybe a gold bar would be enough." As the bottle cap suddenly changed into a gold block. When David said he would pay, the Wanderer's hand was empty with joy.

Then he decided to talk about the Wanderer and how he acted. "Excuse me! That was only with Deadshot, he escaped the ship! I couldn't exactly let him go free for doing all that shit to me ... and I cannot believe that Annie helped that villain." The Wanderer grumbled to himself.

"Concerning my medicine ... you do know that fruit contains vitamins and healthy materials. As I said, it heals bones ... which is due to the radioactive wasteland in which I live in!" The Wanderer said with passion, he glowing eyes which were changing quickly from blue to red in blinks, it didn't mean anything good, especially if his other side got out.

And then Jenny came around with the car.

The AA-verse
Location: Southern Minnesota: Rob's Shack
Time: Early morning

Boss | Rob

Boss shot out of bed gasping. The memory of Darkside was still fresh in his mind; if he had any psionic power left to spare, he would have released it in an explosion all around him.

"Calm down, son." a calm, weak voice said. "Took some doing, you're healed, and you're safe. Mostly."

Boss looked around. He knew this...well, it wasn't just a shack, it had two main rooms, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and utilities (including internet) but Rob always called it a shack. Rob himself, a very old man, dressed in what appeared to be pajamas, was sitting about three feet away, reading one of his Paul Brunton books.

Boss rubbed his forehead. He hurt. Holy goddamn, did he hurt. All over. But he wasn't bleeding, and he wasn't freezing, and that was something to be grateful for. Looking at his arm, he saw a long, jagged scar where that thing had impaled him with the dagger. Mostly healed, indeed. Boss thought.

"How long have I been out?" Boss asked.

"I'd say two hours." Rob said. "Not counting however long you were lying in the snow before I got there." Rob looked up from his book. "Something messed you up fierce, son. Any idea what it was?"

Boss shook his head. "It was tall, thin, and ate people. Other than that, not a clue."

Rob nodded, and returned to his book. "I'll bet it used magic. That's how it messed you up like that."

"...magic?" Boss asked. "Like Edge?"

"Oh heavens no." Rob said. "But we'll talk about that later. Right now you need to get some rest."

"But...but Edge-"

"Will be fine." Rob said, looking over his book again. "Worried, certainly, and with good reason. But he knows better than to get into fights he can't win."

Boss scoffed. "I...I wasn't..."

"Oh, I didn't say you were anything." Rob said, smiling. "Just that you need to stay here and rest for a few days. You'll be up to snuff in no time."

Boss tried to conjure an argument, but found he was too tired to. "Fine." he sighed. "You win. I'll take a little bit of a vacation."

"Wonderful!" Rob said. "I'll make some tea in the morning."

((OOC: I'm interested in jumping in, but would anyone like to catch me up on the details of what's going on? ))

((OOC: I'm interested in jumping in, but would anyone like to catch me up on the details of what's going on? ))

Shadow Operatives Building: Medical Bay: Jenny, David, Kalastryn, Wanderer, Devon, (Insert other Character's)

David was about to protest, but the part about Radioactive fruit had him more worried.
"...Radioact-Fuck sakes man, You hopped her up on Nuclear Material?!" He exclaimed while Jenny went to get the car.
"...urg, look, just don't do anything I wouldn't do. All we wait is a nice quiet meal in a nice quiet restaurant with other nice quiet people. Me and Devon here have just been to a ruined version of Moscow where Deadshot tried to off us. I just want to unwind, not get into any wacky misadventures." He explained himself as Jenny came around with the car.

This wouldn't be notable, but due to the high rush of energy she was receiving, Jenny was in the mood to be a little, well, reckless.
Case in point is when she rolled up in a Black SUV, though she revved it up and basically drifted it into place in front of them.
Opening the passager side door, He smiled sweetly and said "Come on, we'll miss all the good seats!"
...Goddamn it Wanderer... David thought, thinking that whatever Radioactive junk was in that injection made Jenny as nuts as he was.
"...I'm not sitting in the front, BTW."

Shadow Operatives Building: Parking Lot/Van: Jenny, David, Kalastryn, Wanderer, Devon, (Insert other Character's)

Caim and Angelus crawled into the car after Jenny, the pair looking reasonably more serene than before. Perhaps it was the way Caim extended his hand to help Angelus into the van, or the irritated-but-mildly-amused expression Angelus gave back, but the Shadow fights seemed to have lifted a small burden from the two, whatever it was.
Upon settling in, Caim cast his gaze to David, and began, "I'm not one to get to get completely lost in a bottle, but a drink with friends after a victory... That is a good comfort to indulge in" Pausing for a moment, he turned his head in the direction of his children and shouted, "Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, if you're coming along, stick by Devon, as usual. Understood?"

A happy cry came from the Cuties, who were currently nestled on the bard's shoulders,"Yes Sir!""Okay!"
Following that, they continued to chatter excitedly about what they were going to do for the night, "Mr. David said that maybe we could get sushi tonight!"
"That'd be nice, certainly. But, I wonder what else they'll be on the town..." He looked around to the other party members, almost as if looking for an answer about what else they could eat while out and about.

Angelus gave the Gardevior a warm smile as she sat in the van as well, and spoke after Caim, "Agreed. We could all use the chance to unwind, especially you; Jenny. I imagine our recent battles have been exhausting...
However, I do not see the little one (Melethia) around...? I suppose her mother must have pulled her aside."

In the midst of the hub-bub, Teri pulled Ella aside, and spoke quietly, her head bowed slightly as she began to speak,
"Hey Ells? I wanted to say before we went out, I'm sorry. Ever since Dad got himself possessed by his Shadow and Jake died, I've really holed up in my head. That wasn't right, and I should have talked with you sooner about stuff that was bugging me, rather than letting it all build up and worry you. Maybe if I had taken my head out of my rear end, I'd have realized that you of all people had been working really hard to keep me and Devon in check."
Giving a sheepish smile, the Cleric added, "Not to mention, it's kinda messed up to do all that when you just wanted a smile. Anyways, I'll make sure to be more open with you, okay? Now, do you know where that Jacket went off to? I kinda wanted to wear something aside from the robes while out and about."
"Wait, really? We're gonna wear normal stuff? BITCHIN!"
"Yup. I figured it shouldn't be too big of a deal. Besides, if we're going to relax tonight, gotta go the whole nine yards, right Sadei?"

-Insert Ella's response here-

After hearing what Ella had to say in return, Teri ran off to a spare bathroom and changed into some civilian clothes before hopping into the van with the rest of the party. With the lack of the uniform[1], the Cleric looked like an ordinary college student again.

In the very back of the whole scene, a wolf wagged his tail as his Pup went to join her friends, and then turned towards the Canteen, seeking to fill a baser need while the group went to have their fun. Besides, a bar would only complain of his presence again. Sending a brief message over the rings, Garm let Teri know of his whereabouts before making his way to the Canteen.

Shadow Operatives Building: Canteen Rugal, Garm

After wandering into the Canteen, Garm wondered for a moment about how he was going to manage getting a plate of food whilst on four paws, but then spotted his Male Alpha taking in a meal of his own. Begging wasn't really the wolf's style, but perhaps a morsel could be gained, as well as some insight into the Alpha's condition. With a silenced gained from many wild moons, Garm snuck along quietly before placing his head on Rugal's lap (as he had done many times before with Teri) before pale blue eyes looked up at Rugal, "It is good to see you returning to yourself. My Pup shouldered a great burden whilst you were 'away'. And yet, as Alpha, you don't keep a close eye on the pack. Why?"

There was a slight pause in the line of questioning, before a growl in Garm's stomach filled the air, and any tension that may have been caused by the wolf's questions was destroyed. With a small whine the wolf finished with, "Also, I'm trying to figure out how to get a meal around here. Kinda hard with no thumbs."

[1] Essentially, the robe, the cloak, and the circlet have been unequipped for this scene/night. Sadei is in her arm-bracelet form

Wanderer, Jenny, David, Devon, Kalastyrn and (Insert others).
Location: Parking bay number ??? | Shadow Operatives Building | Personaverse.

"Where the fuck did these guys come from!" The Wanderer said baffled, as if a clown car came out from right behind them. Observing the crew start getting in the car, the Wanderer looked to David, "Fine, I'll go in front and take care if anything happens. But the ingredients weren't radioactive, don't assume that everything in a Wasteland is radioactive ... ya don't need to discriminate everything that doesn't come from a normal world. " The Wanderer puffed out to David as he opened the front passenger seat.

"And I'm always a good person when I'm not violent ... they call me the Messiah in the Wasteland, and if I weren't nice, I wouldn't be able to get into New Vegas' casinos." The Wanderer said lastly before hoping into the "Shotgun" seat of the van. "Like a fuckin' clown car ... except worse." The Wanderer muttered to himself before pulling out his carton of cigarettes, placing one in his mouth and pulling out a card shaped lighter.

("Finally, a smoke. Thank Go- ... FUCK for that!") The inner mind Shadow said.

"Don't get cocky." The Wanderer said with the cigarette in mouth, finally lighting it a big puff of smoke filled the mouth of the Wanderer. Quickly pressing the button for the window and the automatic window followed it's commands. Next thing David and others saw was a calm looking Wanderer blowing the smoke outside, "Thank God that this stuff doesn't damage me." Wanderer said while taking down his sunglasses, his glowing eyes giving off a calm rhythm.

Shadow Operatives Building: Jeep leaving Building: Jenny, David, Kalastryn, Wanderer, Devon, Caim, Teri, Angelus, Caim, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

While he was glad that he wasn't going to have to be the only one to mind both Wanderer and this overly excited Jenny, the cramped space in the SUV was starting to get on his nerves, like being a kid on a overcrowded school bus.
"Ngh! Right, Okay, if we could get some people to either sit on someone's lap or jump in the back, That'd be pretty awesome." He spoke as he sat behind Wanderer while the others got in, trying to compress himself as much as possible for everyone to get in comfortably.
"Alright, Sorry, just usually when you say a fruit came from a Radioactive wasteland...It's usually Radioactive! And...sorry again, Just we don't have the best track records for doing something simple like this. Remember the last time we tried to unwind, we all nearly died when Annie went Godzilla on the city were in." He then said to Wanderer, apologizing for the shit he was giving him.

Once everyone was piled in, Jenny glanced back to make sure they were.
"Yeah...Still, I feel just fine, Angie! Now, Hope you are all comfortable back there..." She said as she checked her mirrors and signals, almost giving David the impression that she was going to be a reasonable driver as he texted Rugal on their change of plans.
"Because if we're going to get a table big enough, we're going to need to burn some rubber..." She added, crushing David's hopes before "Borrowing" Wanderer's Sunglasses and wearing them, giving him a cheeky wink behind them.
What followed next was a burnout before the SUV went racing out of the Parking lot and onto the streets with all the skill and grace of a Black Friday fanatic on the way to Target.

Shadow Operatives Building: Canteen Rugal, Garm

As Garm sneaked up on Rugal, he was idly playing with his food, a standard Meat and Veg dish, with his fork after getting David's text.

The Exchange:

David: Yo Bondi, doing 4 food in city. u coming?
Rugal: No Thank you. I think I'll pass.
David: kk, got T, Dev, Ella, Caim, Angie, kala, kids wit us
Rugal: Understood

As he got that last text, Garm made himself known as he crept up on Rugal, startling him slightly.
"Tch! That's why we put Bells on cats." He remarked, though he did pet the Dire Wolf as he put his PDA away and waved for the waiter.
"Another one of these please. Sorry, For however advanced they might be, I don't think they've gotten used to talking animals yet. No offense." He then added as another plate was placed on the table, only to have him place it on the ground afterwards.
"As for your question, you're assuming I'm still the Alpha after what happened. I mean...First Annie, then..."Him"..." He sighed as he rubbed his face a little.
"It's easy to say "I'll do better." But I'm not even convincing myself there...And right now, Slindis is talking with Melethia about what happened in the Shadow Zone...and...I'm...worried she might go into detail about what happened. Despite everything, Mel still looks up to me. So I'm not looking forward to explaining why I tried to kill everyone else in our little family..."

-1 Helipad
Merlin, Violet, Kazuya, Torgue
Location: G-Corp, Helipad
Time: Night.

Merlin watched as the Transport in the air began to wobble as a fight seemed to have broken out on it.
While he was wondering what it was, the Pilot was kind enough to leave the Loudspeaker on.
"...You....did all this...FOR A PIZZA!?" Kazuya shouted after getting Torgue's side of the story, it didn't take a genius to figure out that he wasn't impressed.
"Ohhhh, don't you DARE point that at me because I'm doing to take that weapon and shove RIGHT UP YOUR-" *TSSSSSSSS*
The Transport then began to jerk violently in the air, as if it was in a cartoon, as curses and swears began to flow though the static of the PA.
If this kept up, Merlin realized they might end up cashing right as he felt someone tugging at his arm.
"Come on! Get off the roof! If they crash into us, we're finished!" Violet, all dirty and panicked urged as he tried to pull Merlin back inside before the transport lost control competely.

Icarus, Hiryu
Location: Tokyo Skyline
Time: Night.

As this was going on, Icarus managed to slip off during the mayhem towards Darkside's current location, intent on finishing off the mutant to avoid the fate that befell his friends in his dream.
But as the Half Angel flew though the night sky, his attention was brought to a man clad in red and blue skillfully leaping and running from building to building, seemingly heading along the same path at him.

Hiryu meanwhile was more concerned about getting to Darkside first rather then the angel he was sharing the sky with, as was his Handler as another message appeared on his HUD, despite him not wearing anything over his eyes.

Ignore the Kid, Keep moving. He get in your way, Remove him from it.

While he did glance over his shoulder once or twice, Hiryu stayed on target, moving as though his life depended on it.


Icarus, Hiryu
Location: Tokyo Skyline
Time: Night.

Icarus sped forward he noticed the strangely clad ninja.
He pulled out his handheld. He gave kazuya a call.
"Hey Kazuya if you get this message and I pray its soon I've gotten a fix on Darkside, I'm going to circle him and keep a lock on his location but I don't want to engage yet, but I think someone else is following him.
he took a quick snapshot of The strange ninja.
"Any Intel on this guy would be good." he said and sent the message and the hi definition picture of the ninja if Kazuya got a look he would be able to recognize it.
As he flew though he noticed he should have line of sight by now but Darkside was gone.
Sudden;y something collided from behind. he hit the ground
"Argh my wing. he said and suddenly Darkside dropped down. The drop kick hit Icarus's shoulder.
"You little punk did you think I would be easy to kill, ha, Now then how about you hand over that gemstone and I may not slaughter your friends one by one." he said Icarus wasn't going to let Darkside have an advantage. he sent a few volts of black lightning into Darkside the mutant shouted and Icarus used the opportunity to get out of grabbing distance.
"I will never let you have the crystals Darkside I'm here to kill you."
with a snap of his fingers Dark Excalibur appeared in his hands.
Darkside flexed both his arms. The black sword had a cold aura, Icarus keep the sword in between him and Darkside but he had an advantage and anyone could see in his eyes he was going to kill the mutant.

Icarus, Hiryu, Darkside
Location: Tokyo Skyline
Time: Night.

Don't just stand there! Engage the Angel before he kills my new employee!

Hiryu grumbled slightly at Icarus's attack, he didn't like what he was doing either, but he wasn't in a position to say no.
Leaping off from the building he was on, in the space of seconds Icarus saw the Blue clad ninja in front of him, Staring him straight in the eye as he descended, It was quite striking, one of his eyes seemed..."Strange."
In a single quick move, he struck his Plasma blade Cypher against Dark Excalibur, hitting at an angle hard enough to knock it out of the Angel's hands before kicking off him in midair, leaving him unharmed but his sword falling to the streets below.
In the space it took for Icarus to look down, Hiryu had landed on a rooftop nearby.
"Attention Darkside! My..."Employer" has a message and an Offer for you if you wish to hear it!" He shouted to the mutant as he pulled out a tablet.

Nice work, let him come over and I'll talk to him myself. If he acts up, take him out and then try that man that Kazuya is fighting now. I'm not letting the chance for new talent slip me by."

The text scrolled though his vision as he began setting up the video feed, hoping Darkside would just fly off instead.

-1 Helipad
Merlin, Violet, Kazuya, Edge, "The Incredible Hulk Hogan" aka "The Bastard Lovechild of Michael Bay and Randy Savage" aka "Slim Jim"
Location: G-Corp, Helipad
Time: Night.

Seeing that Kazuya had the situation under control, Edge jumped down from the helicopter onto the collapsed helipad. "Get the injured down to the medical bay, right now!" Edge said to the assembled group. Pointing to someone who looked like he was in charge, he said, "You! How did the bastard love-child of Michael Bay and Randy Savage get into the building?"

The soldier nodded. "Sir! From what I understand, he literally just crashed into the building, likely from some sort of areal drop. Ground attacks we're prepared for, and attacks from up here we can manage, but one lunatic jumping in a third of the way up?" The soldier shook his head. "We just couldn't scramble fast enough."

Edge nodded. He understood personally how difficult their job had been; more than once he had counted on something similar. "I'll let Kazuya know."

Edge nodded, and moved to the lip of the building, looking for some kind of aircraft. "Have there been reports of any..." Wait. There was something there. He could barely make it out, and he was too drained to use Truesight.

"Aircraft?" The soldier asked. "No, not anything that we didn't allow to go through. Could have been a stealth-"

"Do you have a pair of binoculars?" Edge asked.

The soldier nodded, and handed them to Edge. That was better. Someone-about 180 centimeters, heavily built, and wearing some kind of scarf or cape, was running across the skyline, towards the ocean. Running fast, faster than Edge could without using the Ninja Arts.

"What do you see?" The soldier asked.

Edge knew (because of Kazuya's constant screaming) that the city was supposed to be on lockdown. And this guy gave him a bad, bad feeling. "If you have any 'copters left, scramble them over the skyline." Edge said, giving the soldier his binoculars back. "The big guy is just a distraction; the real threat is that guy, right there."

"...I..." The soldier looked through the binoculars to the place Edge was pointing. "I can barely see that guy. Alright, I'll give the order."

"Good." Edge said, nodding. "Thank you." With that, Edge teleported back to Kazuya. "So Slim Jim..." Edge asked the man Kazuya currently had pinned on the ground. "Who's the guy in the scarf?"

Shadow Operatives Building: Parking Lot/Van: Jenny, David, Kalastryn, Wanderer, Devon, (Insert other Character's)

As Devon sat in the car, she replied to David with a laugh. "That's the really funny thing, David... because of the outbreak, all of the sushi bars are closed. They said that even though it wasn't mandated they wanted to keep their customers safe, so that idea's dead in the water. There are some good noodle shops around here, though."

She then focused on Ton-Ton and Cadolbolg as she sat in the back of the van. "Well, we could go to that noodle shop, but there's also a lot of other interesting shops as well. We should keep our eyes open, you know? No bars, though... Isn't that right, Caim? Although I would like a shot of whiskey after that, since I still can't find any pants..." Devon remembered how scared Ton-Ton was of cars, though, and she made sure to hold him closely.

And as Devon got comfortable, Ella smirked as she slyly responded. "You know, it's about damn time that one of you two finally got your head out of the sand. If it got any worse, I was just about ready to... well, you would not have wanted to see it. It's good to see that you are smiling now, so let's have a good time. WHo knows? I might let Devon wear some pants again. It's neither here nor there, though. Teri, just have some fun tonight." She then handed the jacket back to Teri from Devon's sidebag as she waited for Teri to change.

"Teri, can we grab you a new shirt while we're out? That shirt... It looks okay, but I really think we could get you one that's more you."

Meanwhile, Sadei cheerfully replied. "If you don't, I'll send a message to Ella over the rings on how you're acting again, okay? I think Tama would agree that having you be more upbeat's nicer for everyone."


Icarus, Hiryu, Darkside
Location: Tokyo Skyline
Time: Night.

Darkside smirked
"Well I never thought someone would want my assitance, but I don't serve anyone unless it is for myself. but you know what's good for you so if you allow me to go about my business and destroy this meddlesome half-breed I may just let you live longer than most." he walked past hiryu and picked up the angel, Icarus grimaced but Darkside wan;t going to let his opportunity vanish he began to hammer heavy punches into the young boy;s back, each punch was like being hit by a slegde hammer. Icarus groaned.
"Ha where's your bravado boy, now hand over that crystal," he dropped him and began to apply pressure with his boot.
"Or do I have to kill you."

Icarus, Hiryu, Darkside
Location: Tokyo Skyline
Time: Night.

Despite any pleas that Icarus might have made or any vows Darkside made to burn the world, Hiryu was bound to inaction by one order:

Fuck him. Let Darkside have his fun, just get that Video Feed up and Tell him this:

"...You don't have to stop...but, you still listen to"Employers" offer." He said, though it was clear that he didn't want to.
As Darkside more or less curb stomped his enemy, Hiryu laid down the tablet on the ground and set it to project an image.
The first thing that came up was a corny Advert with "Hail to the Chief" playing, Hell, even Hiryu seemed confused.

Once it was done playing, the projection changed to that of a hologram Colorado Senator Steven Armstrong himself, a large looking man in a business suit wearing a US Flag pin and smoking a Cuban cigar.
"Well well...Glad I got your attention, sorry about the Advert, it's a social media thing. Urg, getting sick of that song. Second I'm elected I might change it. Now Son, I'm going to beat around the bush: I have never seen someone get Kazuya Mishima so worked up in such a sort time and there is nothing I admire more then a man...or...whatever you are, willing to do what it takes to get what he wants. Consider this a job offer, your reward? Anything you want. Money, Fame, Women...Maybe one of those "Gems" you keep talking about. You wouldn't to do anything hard, just keep doing what you are doing. Sow Chaos, scare people, Knock down that little house of cards of Kazuya's. Believe me, it's a win-win for both of us. So how about it?...It's okay, I'll wait until after your done with Fly-Boy over there" Armstrong offered as Hiryu seemed to glare at the man, yet did nothing.

Wanderer, Jenny, David, Devon, Kalastyrn and (Insert others).
Location: Parking bay number ??? | Shadow Operatives Building | Personaverse.

Placing the cigarette into his mouth once more, the smoke trailed outside the window. Turning around the smoke began to fill the car. "No problem, you don't know what it is like, so I can't expect you to know what isn't and is radioactive ... but what I can say is that a lot is radioactive, it is a terrible world which I'm trying to change, good deed by good deed." the Wanderer said to David in a mellow mood. Then noticing the trail of smoke filling the car, the Wanderer quickly to the window and spat it out, giving a spit to get rid of the taste.

("HEY, I was still enjoying that!")

This was quite confusing since it looked like he was enjoying it for the most time. Ignoring his own thoughts, the Wanderer pulled out a bottle of water from nowhere and started drinking it. "Actually, most of the drinking water is irradiated, but one big event that I help was Project Purity. It was my Dad's last wish and place where he died. Thanks to me retaking back the facility I didn't only fulfill his last wish, but now purified water should be filling the DC Wastes by no-Hey!" The Wanderer was interrupted by the weird Jenny.

"Why is she acting this weird?" They Wanderer said back to David, not worried about the ride to this restaurant.

Merlin and Violet.
Location: G-Corp, Helipad
Time: Night.

Witnessing what was going on, Merlin was feeling uncertain. This world was not filled of the white and black sides of his own, the moral scale was surely darkening off into the gray areas, where even the most good idea can have the most evil intention. Letting it play out, Merlin heard Violet loud and clear. "I agree with that statement." Merlin said as the two started to travel downward into the tower once more.

"Tell me Alchemist, what is this all about?" Merlin said to Violet seriously, wanting a full picture of what was going on, so he may be able to fill his own part.


Icarus, Hiryu, Darkside
Location: Tokyo Skyline
Time: Night.

Darkside gave a smirk
"Hmm very well then I accept these terms as they are and allow me to do you a favor, this menace of mine would likely see to it your taken out, he's so self-righteous, it makes me wanna puke, so I'll remove one f your future problems by terminating his life." he raised his hand Hiryu grimaced, he'd seen death before but this was just a bit too much.
Darkside prepared to attack when suddenly a silver bolt hit him.
"In the name of the Moon I will punish you!" shouted a voice.
They turned and saw a blonde teenager with fierce look
"what?"Shouted Darkside
"what?"Asked Hiryu
"what?" groaned Icarus

"I am sailor Moon champion of justice, On behalf of the moon, I shall right wrongs and triumph over evil, and that means you!"
Darkside dropped Icarus and was dumbstruck.
He shook his head
"hey you ninja freak" he kicked Icarus so he landed close to Hiryu
"Do me a favor and finish this one off for me while I take out this new blood." he advanced on the teenage girl.
Icarus groaned.
"You, please, if you have ever cared about anything in your life listen to me, or it'll all be destroyed." he coughed up what was definitely blood.

"I am sailor Moon champion of justice, On behalf of the moon, I shall right wrongs and triumph over evil, and that means you!"


"WHAT?" Edge shouted.

WHAT? Kazuya shouted.

"WHAT THE F*CK?" the man Kazuya had pinned to the ground shouted.

"THAT'S DARKSIDE, RIGHT THE FUCK OVER THERE!" Edge said, pointing. "AND ICARUS! I take my eyes off of him for less than a minute and he manages to...I swear-Kaz!" Edge said, shouting to Kazuya. "I'm going to go over and try to save Icarus! Let your men handle this guy, we have bigger fish to fry!"

AA Verse
Location: Small town in Utah, America
Time: Night

Bill had been running for what felt like ages now. He couldn't believe what had been happening. Earlier that day he was with some friends out getting lunch. Now he was running for his life from what looked like blood thirsty monsters. He could hear coughing coming from a roof nearby and he knew he had to get off the streets if he wanted to survive. Bill saw a house nearby with an open door and began sprinting towards it.

That was when he felt something wet wrap around his leg. He hit the pavement of the sidewalk hard. He saw some red on the ground but was too dazed to even realize it was his blood. He rolled over onto his back as he was beginning to be dragged away. He could see it on the sidewalk about 15 feet away. It was a sickly grey and had tumors coming out all over its face. It's freakishly long tongue had wrapped around his leg and was pulling him. He quickly grabbed the closest thing next to him and threw. Luckily he threw a rather large rock and hit the creature hard enough to knock it back. It let go of his leg and he quickly got up and ran back to the house. Bill rushed inside and quickly slammed the door behind him.

He breathed a sigh of relief before hearing a sound. It was a growling sound. Coming from inside the house. He quickly turned around to come face to face with a hooded monster with rather dangerous looking claws. It growled at him before lunging...

AA Verse
Location: Unknown
Time: Unknown

Agent stared at the monitor and watched as a human ran into a house. He knew a "Hunter" as he knew it was hiding in the building. He kept a neutral expression on his face as he continued watching. This was... interesting to say the least. He didn't expect such lethality. Even if it was a virus created by him. He had been working on perfecting the virus for a while now. He had been glad he had consumed so many Gentek scientists during his time in his own universe. It gave him access to information he would never had if he hadn't.

He had also been collecting information on these so called heroes. From what he could tell there had been many catastrophic events long before he came here. What really interested him though was the fact that the world seemed to reset itself as a dramatic event would come to an end. It somehow didn't effect the heroes at all and hadn't seemed to effect him either. He could only fathom that some outside force was causing this but there was nothing he could do at the moment about that.

He looked over at another monitor for more results from a small village in Africa. This village had some strange mutations in the infected there. Some were blending into the sand by changing there skin tone. While others were absorbing the heat and using it to literally burn everything around them. It amused Agent to see how the virus would adept to different environments.

He had been spreading his influence far and wide. Planting many evolved of his own in large governments in many different countries. He had been trying his up most best to keep most of his activities hidden. For the most part all he had left were a few crumb trails. And anyone that had come sniffing, had mysteriously disappeared. He knew he was going to be ready for his meeting with the heroes. The only question was, is he ready enough?

He absolutely hated ifs and this was no exception...

Man, this is getting weird
Merlin, Violet, Kazuya, Torgue
Location: G-Corp, Helipad
Time: Night.

Needless to say, Kazuya was a bit confused at first about Edge's question as he trussled with Torgue, though by this point, Torgue managed to him in a head lock instead of the other way around.
"...What guy in the scarf?" He asked before the news of Darkside's re-appearance reached him.
"...Oh that goddamn-" He didn't finish as he pressed his finger into his headset, despite being in a headlock.
"Kazuya to all points. Darkside found, ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK! PILOT! GET US THERE OR SO HELP ME GOD, I WILL WIPE YOU FROM EXISTENCE!" He barked orders as the soldiers who were in disarray by Armstrong's Counter UAV snapped back into action, racing towards the updated location while the Transport began making it's way there.
Panting from stress and anger, he then said to Torgue "Okay...Maybe...we got off on the wrong foot...BUT!...Blow up the ugly flying man and I will make you The Largest Pizza ever created by man...As well as whatever the hell you ordered from..."Us."....and delivered in 10 minutes this time...Can you do that?"

Meanwhile, Violet was having a hard time explaining just what exactly was going on, seeing how he had no idea himself.
"I-i-i-i-i dunno. I just hide in a Safe Home whenever something like this happens. GOD, I need to move out of this crazy town!" He stammered as he watched the Transport start to move away from the building as well as a series of attack helicopters.
"...It isn't normally this crazy around here...Urg, I need a Long Island Ice Tea..." He groaned, clearly worn out by the events that were occurring.

Icarus, Hiryu, Darkside
Location: Tokyo Skyline
Time: Night.

"....H-Hiryu?...W-what am I seeing?..." Armstrong asked as his hologram leaned in as he adjusted his glasses slightly as he looked at what appeared to be a 14 year old girl in a costume engaging his would be employee.
"...Urg, See, this is why I'll never step foot in this damn country. You Japs are so fucking weird!" He then remarked afterwards, showing off his blatant Racism as if it was something to be proud of.
Hiryu looked down at Icarus as he bled out at his feet, awaiting the order from Armstrong before he did anything.
"...Well?...Finish him, he's getting blood all over the tablet and I'm not buying a new one until the next model comes out." He then ordered, sealing Icarus's fate.
"You, please, if you have ever cared about anything in your life listen to me, or it'll all be destroyed." Icarus pleaded which caused no short amount of amusement on the part of Armstrong.
" Oh Please, We've literally had the Servants of God try to kill us off once and we kicked their asses! (Angel Wars) I'll think we'll manage. Hiryu, Kill him, quick, I have a Fundraiser I need to get back to." He repeated as he tapped his watch
Nodding slowly, he pulled out his blade and knelled down in front of the Angel.
"...Know that this wasn't my choice." He coldly said before he went to stab Icarus in the-


This was interrupted by the sound of an extremely powerful search light going off as a pair of Attack Helicopters appeared on scene under ordered from Edge, lighting Hiryu up before he could make the kill.
"Dammit! Kazuya is onto us! Forget him, just the hell out of there before we're found out!" Armstrong then ordered as he shut down the hologram, something that the Strider seemed extremely thankful for before he grabbed the tablet and fled from the scene.
"Air Tiger 4, Contact with H.P. Target, Repeat, Darkside found, moving to engage."
"Air Tiger 3 to Air Tiger 4, is that the Mutant or the Girl you are talking about?"
"...The Mutant, Air Tiger 3. Fucking moron
" The Helicopter radio'd in before opening fire on Darkside, Locking onto him with Heat Seeking Missiles.

AA Verse

Agent switched the monitor to see what the "heroes" were doing....

"What..." was all Agent could mutter as he stared in bewilderment at the scene before him. That was when one of his more trusted evolved came into the room saying "sir we have a situatio...." he cut himself off as he too stared at the screen.

"GW..." Agent said using the codename for his evolved. "I'm going to take a break... I do hope you can resolve this situation?" GW quickly replied with "of course sir." Agent then left the room in a daze as he tried to process what he just saw...


Icarus, Hiryu, Darkside
Location: Tokyo Skyline
Time: Night.

Darkside saw the incoming attacks but wasn't going to let himself be surrounded.
"Stop no one move or the girl dies." He had the girl in a grab his hand locked around her neck she struggled.

"Stop him" Icarus said as he got up, He glared at Darkside. The mutant laughed>
"Is something wrong half-breed? do you have some sort of affection for this girl, would it anger you if I stile her energy?"
His cold hand grabbed her throat and Sailor moon screamed as did Icarus,
Everyone heard Icarus's scream but more importantly they felt it, it was as if they dipped in a frozen lake, something inhuman and dreadful was in that scream.
Icarus charged and to everyone's surprise knocked Darkside to the ground, he was laying there, quivering something very unlike him.
Icarus's better judgement was in place and he picked up the young girl and got her away form the line of fire and his sword.
"Civilian is secure fire at will, no screw free will, FIRE EVERYTHING" The half angel ordered the weapons did fire not because Icarus had ordered but with a clear shot this good could not be given up.
The unloaded everything they had on the shaking spasming body.
Serena asked looking down his eyes softened
"You'll be alright everything will be fine now," he looked up "wait that's not right, I hit him hard but not that hard." his eyes widened. By rights Darkside's power should be next to nothing but it wasn't if anything it was growing
"CEASEFIRE CEASE FIRE." The men stopped with only a few shots left they saw Darkside was standing but with some sort of energy shield that had protected him she shuddered as his body was transforming his skin was darker now, more like the color of a brick, and in some areas had the tone as if it were bruised. Massive muscles swelled up grotesquely before settling turning the mutant into a massive giant of a man. his hands had increased in size, and boots were about to burst.
Darkside laughing.
Icarus threw a few heavy bolts at the shield
Darkside laughed
"Not by the hair, on my, chinny chin chin." He laughed his voice was muffled through the shield with a yell it burst and sent out a shockwave that knocked everyone back
"And now I shall take my leave, rejoice for I'll be back."

Darkside took off at an incredible speed to fast for anyone to follow him. and even if they could that simple shock wave had manged to put everyone in a daze.
Icarus hit the gorund.
"DAMMIT, AGAIN, HE WON AGAIN" he shouted real tears streamed from his eyes, The Young angel felt true despair.

Tired of running and willing to fight.
Merlin and Violet.
Location: G-Corp tower.
Time: Night.

Seeing Violet get agitated and on edge made Merlin take action. Stopping, Violet turned around to see what was wrong and then the unexpected happened to Violet ...


Or the most expected thing. Merlin had slapped Violet hard enough to where he span once before Merlin grabbed him to make his moving body do a full stop. "Stop it for a second Violet! Get in contact with your Lord, and find me something to help with. I am pretty sure I can help somehow." Merlin's eyes started to glow, and even the scientist Violet could feel the magical pulses sweeping from the Wizard.

If that wasn't enough, some of the small concrete rocks on the ground were starting to levitate. Once more telling him of the power Merlin had. The Wizard wants to stop this once and for all, the conflict simply would endanger not only the people of this building, but also the people below.

Shadow Operatives Building: Jeep leaving Building: Jenny, David, Kalastryn, Wanderer, Devon, Caim, Teri, Angelus, Caim, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Jenny was showing everyone in the car why Speed Limits were optional so long as you didn't hit anything, as well as the fact she was actually a lot better at driving then anyone would think, seeing how well she could control it at high speed.
Still, didn't change the fact that Caim recalled Genki of all people being more reasonable behind the wheel as well as Ton Ton most likely being scarred for life. Again.
"What? I want to get there before they all get booked up!...Besides...T-this this actually REALLY fun! Don't you think so?....HEY, DOWN IN FRONT! WHAT DO YOU THINK THIS IS!? A BIKE LANE!?" She defended her actions when Wanderer asked why she was acting so weird as she cut a red light and almost plowed them into an intersection.

David meanwhile was struggling to get his Seat belt on with how much the SUV kept turning and swerving.
Despite it, he still tried to have a conversation with the others, even if he was getting thrown around from side to side.
"Well Dev, if it was just pants you were after-"
"-I got more then one pair of these jeans. You could borrow a few-"

Luckily, the story of the heroes of the Rising Dawn didn't end in a fiery car crash as Jenny managed to nail the Parallel park Right outside the Noodle Shop
"Phew! We made it here early. Come on gang!" She then cheerfully said before cutting the engine and happily hopping out of the massive machine as if nothing had happened.
David meanwhile quickly exited the car before fighting the urge to puke all over the sidewalk.

AA 'verse
Icarus | Edge | Serena
Location: Tokyo Skyline
Time: Night.

Edge slammed into the building hard enough to crack the pavement on the roof, rolled, and drew his sword. "NOOOO! YOU HEATHEN FUCK!" Edge shouted as Darkside flew away. "GET BACK HERE! GET BACK HERE AND FUCKING FIGHT ME! GET BAck here.."

Edge fell onto his hands and knees, gasping. His throat burned, his vision was blurred, and every muscle in his body felt like it was about to tear apart; he was exhausted, more than he had been in any recent memory. He had been pushing himself as far as he could all day, even before all this had started, and now he barely had enough strength left to stand. He stayed that way for several long; agonizing moments. Eventually, dragging himself into a sitting position, he spoke as calmly as he could. "Alrighty. Icarus. Here's what we're going to do. I'm sit here and rest for a minute. I think I've earned that. You are going to come over here and sit down next to me. You and I need to have a chat."

Edge heard slow shuffling behind him, and felt Icarus plop down. Looking over, he saw that the boy...he hadn't really thought of him as a boy until just now, but he couldn't be older than maybe 20, he wasn't even old enough to grow a beard yet...he saw that Icarus was shaking, and on the verge of tears. "You're angry at me." Icarus said.

"No." Edge said weakly. "Yes. No. I am furious-" Edge pointed at the sky. "-at that thing, because it hurt my best friend, and because I don't know where he is now. I am furious at that thing because nothing I do seems to have any meaningful effect on it, and because it keeps beating me. I am furious at myself, because I've fought and killed demons, warlords, Old Things and unspeakable lovecraftian horrors, but this cheap Slenderman knockoff keeps getting the better of me. But you?" Edge shook his head again. "No. I don't have any damned reason to be angry at you. You've only tried to help us, even if you're kind of bad at it." Edge took several deep breaths. "You're the one who told Kazuya about...Dollar store Slendy, aren't you?"

Icarus nodded slowly. "His name is Darkside. I didn't tell him a lot, just that he needed to keep the gems from him."

Edge nodded. "So you know about him? That's good. That's fantastic, actually."

"It doesn't mean a whole lot now." Icarus said. "He's already beaten us."

"Not as long as I'm breathing, he hasn't." Edge said. "Do you know who Paul Brunton is?" Icarus shook his head. "He was a mystic and philosopher who died back in the 80's. He studied phiosophy and spirituality all around the world, and wrote extensively about it. Sort of like a pseudo-religious version of Joseph Campbell."

"I don't know who that is, either." Icarus said.

Edge chuckled. "That's...not very importiant, actually. My point is, there was something he said that you should take to heart. 'It is futile for anyone who has muddled his own life to set out to straighten the lives of others. The time and strength that he proposes to give in such service would be better used in his own. To meddle with the natural course of other men's lives in such conditions is to fish in troubled waters and make a fool of himself.

It is not that he is not to care about other people or try to help them, but to remember that there is so little he can do for them while he is so little himself.'" Edge took another deep breath. He was in worse shape than he thought he was, he could barely even talk.

"So you think I'm a fool?" Icarus asked.

Edge chuckled again. "No. Not at all. I think you're going about this all wrong." Edge mustered up as much strength as he could, and put an arm around Icarus's shoulder. "I know you're trying to help us. Really I do. But maybe you shouldn't be helping us; maybe it would be better and more effective if you let us help you. Because you may not be able to do whatever it is you're trying to do by yourself."

"So here's the plan." Edge said. "You are going to help me drag myself to that helicopter over there, because I'm not even sure I have enough energy left to crawl at this point. Then you, me, and Kaz are going to get something to eat, because I haven't had eaten since eight this morning, and that was just a bagel. I'm famished. Then we're all going to get some sleep. And tomorrow, first thing, we're going to do two things; first, you're going to tell Kaz and I everything you know about Darkside. Then the three of us, together, are going to figure out how to kill it. And it will work like a fucking charm, because we're going to do it together. Does that sound like a plan?"

Icarus nodded slowly.

"Good." Edge said slowly. "Now if you would be so kind as to help me to that chopper over there, it would be great. And you? Girl?"

"Serena" the girl said.

"Serena." Edge repeated. His arm was still around Icarus, who was helping him up off the ground. "Feel free to come with us, if you want. Maybe you can help us, too."

Icarus, Edge, Kazuya, Serena, Torgue
Location: Tokyo Skyline
Time: Night.

After witnessing Darkside slip away from him for the 3rd time that day, Kazuya could feel himself at his limit.
Boat loads of dead soldiers, millions of dollars of Property damage and that THING was now stronger then ever, rendering every effort he had made today pointless: All because of some winged teenager thought he was a hero.
His hands were visibly shaking as he laid them on the railing by the edge of the building, taking slow powerful breaths that were quivering as he felt the weight of today's events on his shoulders, while it was hard for everyone, he had to pick up the pieces after the battle, bribe the officials to keep them quiet, explain his failure to other organisations such as his own, especially how it happened right on his front door of all places.
And don't even get him started on the guy looking for his Pizza.
He was competely zoned out during the speech that Edge gave, he never really was one for them so it wasn't surprising that when he did speak, it competely contradicted what the Ninja had said up until this point.
"...You...I hope you had fun playing the hero. Because I didn't. And it has cost me much more then you could ever imagine. The second you are able: I want you out of *My* city. Walk, Fly, Crawl, I don't care. I never want to see you again so I see you on one of *My* streets, Talking to one of *My* soldiers, Breathing in the same air I do...I will be extremely angry. Yet, I doubt I could be any more angry at you than how much I am now.

I seriously hope I made this clear enough for it to enter your Thick Skull. your only warning: Do. Not. Test. Me...Farewell Icarus, it has not been pleasant and I for one am glad it's over."

The cathartic benefits of basically telling Icarus he was a dead man in this city were clear as he felt his shaking stop and his breathing return to normal before he turned to Edge.
"I will resume my efforts to locate Boss. For now, I need to return to my office, I do not have the clear mind I need to be effective. Violet on floor 69 will take care of anything you need done. I also ask you not to disturb me while I'm "Meditating". I am not who I am when I am angry. I am far worse..."
Loosing his shirt a little, He then began slowly walking towards his office, not bothering to take the transport this time.
"...And Mr. Torgue: I expect my payment for damages. Some of those weapons will do. Good day."


Icarus, Edge, Kazuya, Serena, Torgue
Location: Tokyo Skyline
Time: Night.

Icarus grit his teeth Kazuya was treating him as if it was only his fault he had done everything he could to help. Serena was standing close to him
"well I guess I won;t see you again."
"N-no I want to go with you, that thing I have to stop it."
"Serena you could get hurt..."
She put her hand on Icarus
"And so did you" the two looked at each other.
"Edge, I think your right but it seems my help isn't wanted, this is possibly the worst outcome. If I want to stop that monster I'll need all the help I can get, I hope I'll meet you again. If i'm right it should be in the same spot." he took off Serena held herself close as the two left Tokyo, and if Kazuya wanted his help, well Kazuya didn't seem to want anyone's help"

The Break Room
Location: Grand Library | Archives of God
Time: Infinite

Darren | Kyre

Darren placed his hand on the crimson door and gave it a half-hearted push. At first it was stubborn and refused to give away, and Darren felt almost as if luck had returned to his bleak existence, yet as it were his hopes for a return to reality were dashed as the crimson door swung open, revealing a darkness beyond that was impenetrable in the low light of the library. Kyre looked into the shadows and moved closer to Darren. The air around them grew ever colder. Kyre grabbed onto Darren, her body stricken. A black magic flooded into the realm, invisible and intangible, but present. It was as if a cold claw had wrapped itself about both Kyre and Darren's hearts, squeezing them until it was about to burst. It was a foreboding dread that was adamant about its privacy. Indescribable in meager consciousness, existing only in a subconscious knowing. Tendrils of dark swept out of the door, wrapping themselves around Kyre first, squeezing her skin and tugging at her armor. She was frozen in fear, eyes wide, tears pooling at the corners of her emerald vision. In one swift movement she was pulled through the door, and a second set of black reality slithered out and wrapped itself around Darren's body. Then it consumed Darren as well.


The Break Room
Location: Versaille | "France"
Time: December 25th, 1776 A.D.

Darren | Red Mage

When Darren next awoke he was surrounded by the sweet aroma of baking pastries and flowery perfumes. He was standing up, his getup still perfectly affixed to him. The durability on the outfit was simply staggering, almost as if it were magical in some way. Nevertheless, he took a look around and noticed that the halls were lavishly decorated with gold and embroideries, chandeliers and simple lamps and lights hung from the ceiling and walls, and there was a sheen of crimson velvet that coated the entire hall. The air was chill, but not cold. Soft music floated down from the fare end of the hallway, mixing with the rumble of chatter. There was a party going on, that much he came to realize.

"You're a long long way from where you should be," a voice said from behind Darren.

Darren turned around and looked at the source before jumping back with a terrible, terrible shock.

Red Mage smiled at Darren, his robes were not so much robes as regal party wear. He kept his distinctive hat and staff however, and his white hair and green eyes were unmistakable. "I little bratty wohre-bitch-fcuker told me all about your little escapade." He placed a well-manicured hand on Darren's shoulder and lead him down the hall, refusing to let the man get in a word edgewise.

"I've dealt with the Anti-Mage for now... she's being thoroughly entertained in the most amusing of ways," he gave a pause and a dirty smirk, "If only I had the time to watch, it would be most enjoyable. I think you'd find it very pleasing as well Darren, but that is not why you are here." The came out at the end of the hallway into a massive hall, the high ceilings were painted beautifully with depictions of angels and saints and there were hundreds of people in dresses and dress-wear dancing or milling around. A small orchestra sat tot he far end playing Vivaldi's "Winter" and a Christmas tree dominated the center of the floor. Lavishly decorated with all sorts of fineries and a beautiful green spruce to boot. Red Mage greeted a few people as they passed, some of which Darren recognized as characters from other franchises, before turning his attention back tot he intrepid Writer. "You are here because you seek death," Red Mage gave a sarcastic laugh, "and I am sad to say I cannot grant it to you. I myself am dieing as it were, this omnicidal side of me is being wiped out, fixed. I am no longer the solution to your problem." A chocobo paced by next to them while a short elf-like creature rode on its back chattering with what seemed to be a goliath. The orchestra switched over from "Winter" to Pachelbel's "Canon in D"

Red Mage was greeted by a black haired witch and he returned the favor, "Merry Christmas to you as well Circe." The general atmosphere was insufferably amiable, suffocatingly polite, and unbearably peaceful. Two more full-breasted girls in flowing lace dresses walked by Red Mage and exchanged greetings with him. He waved them off with a polite smile and a tip of his hat. "Japan does turn out some fine young ladies now and again, once they get past their quota of twelve-year old look-a-likes that is. They really have no sense of shame." Red Mage eyed the two girls as they walked away while he picked a few hours d'oeuvres off a servant passing by and popped them into his mouth. He smiled as he chewed, "Caviar and black truffle oil on a pastry puff. terribly decadent and not at all good to eat."

Darren almost spoke up in the brief pause between Red Mage's banal talks, but the Mage in Red cut him off with a tut, "Ah, but you don't care for these kind of things do you?" He looked up at the Christmas tree and smiled, "Of course not, no. you are here because you want to die permanently. And sad to say, the only way to do that would be to kill Kurumu Kurono." He grinned at Darren and patted him on his masked head, "And, you have to do it in this realm. "The Break Room" as we call it. Then death will be bestowed upon you by an agent of Order." A courtesan came p to Red Mage and grabbed him by the shoulders, pressing herself against his back and whispering something in his ear.

Red Mage gave a languid smile, the most genuine Darren had seen. A smile that was not born out of politeness or circumstantial enjoyment, but a smile born of some twisted perverted pleasure. "But be careful Darren," he turned and gave the courtesan a kiss on the cheek and sent her away. She had long blonde hair and deep blue eyes, skin fair but not pale. She was pretty, no doubt. Though she was not as well-endowed as some of the other girls in the party, she had a fiery liveliness to her that seemed to dominate the space around her. Red Mage kept on grinning, "because sometimes you can find something that's worth living for. In other news, the Anti-Mage just passed out. You can ditch her if you want, or I can bring you to her and send both of you off on your journey."

He kissed Darren on the forehead of his mask, "My sweet little adventurer, there are things that are worse than death lurking in these realms. Not just vagrants and bandits, but creatures born out of the dregs of human imagination. Avoid anything tagged with the number '34.'"

The Break Room
Location: Versaille | "France"
Time: December 25th, 1776 A.D.

Darren | Red Mage

"..." was Darren's response to this party of Red Mage's, confusion overriding his anger at the Arch Mage and all he did to him.
Besides, he himself had said it, he no longer could grant him his wish of death, proper Perma-Death at least.
He felt numb after hearing that, not even the one who caused him to be in this mess could do anything about his situation, though it seemed that the current idea (Kill Kurumu and get iced for it) was still on so Yay?
To be honest, he was wondering why the hell he was at the party from the Doctor Who episode "Girl in the Fireplace" more than anything.
Then Red Mage kissed him for some reason which was able to get a response out of him.
"...Seriously?...After....EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED!...You fuck-.......Jus-....uhhhhhh....No....Next realm...thingy please..." He half heartily protested before walking off, thinking about getting a drink while he was at it, but the Mask ensured that wasn't going to happen, thanks to the mask covering his mouth.
He was going to leave, until it occured to him that this might be the only time he'll ever see Red Mage again.
"...Wait...Jus-....I need to know...
...Why?...Why did you do this to me? To Teri, Shaun, Devon. I mean...Nothing will ever be the same again...Why did you do it?"
He then waited for the answer to why the Authors were brought into their chaotic world...

The Break Room
Location: Versaille | "France"
Time:December 25th, 1776

Darren | Kyre | Red Mage

Red Maged paused and there was a lingering silence in the air. A stifling sense of dark foreboding. The Mage in Red turned to look at darren, his green eye staring straight at Darren's mask, but glaring so powerfully that it seemed to leave the poor Author naked. "Do you still not understand?" He spoke with a voice saturated in anger, regret, sorrow, and disappointment. He started walking again. pulling Darren along using his magic.

"Think about it for once why don't you!?" he said, he slammed open a close door and revealed a candlelit room. Kyre was asleep on the bed there, red in the face and clothes in disarray. Several girls were lounging around the room giggling. Red Mage made his way to the bed and grabbed Kyre, slamming her onto her feet. She woke up immediately and in a daze.

"Don't worry honey! I'll get Tsubaki and Terumi from the Academy today!" She blinked and then steadied herself. "Oh... my head.. Veim da laho... what happened."

"you had a good long rest," Red Mage said venomously before turning back to Darren. "I cannot believe you do not understand, after all of this, all you have been through, and all that I have put you through, you still do not understand!" He pointed at Kyre, "Do you know why she was sent with you to find Kurumu!?"

Darren was about to answer in reference to Titania's comments about Kyre's steamy past but Red Mage cut him off again.

"It's because she's a original character! Don't you understand!? She is like you, unbound. She doesn't have to return to a base state at the end of every arc, forgetting who and what she was, the friends she made and the things she experienced!" Red Mage was crying now, and the room was silent. The courtesans watched in shocked interest, "Do you understand now?"

Red Mage was exasperated, but he continued on, "Do you understand why I tried to defy fate? To defy you and all of your friends!? Can you see why I am so angry!?" He slapped Kyre in anger and threw her against he ground. She hit the floor, stunned, and did not resist. She was still dazed from her rude awakening. "Look at her, it makes me sick. She had a happy ending. There's no ending for us though, there's no ending for we who already exist. We who are not the property of our authors, but rather are borrowed. We cannot die, nor live, nor advance, we are to be eternally locked in pointless, meaningless combat and adventures for the amusement of individuals who cannot understand the pain of constantly coming back to life only to be hurt, humiliated, or lose friends we never can remember!"

He hell to his knees and cried, his red had hiding his face, "Do you understand now? I did those things so we could be free, that maybe I could hold onto my memories and the life that I held when I was inside the Avatar Adventure world. So that I could remember those who died, remember those we vanquished. So that nothing we do would be rendered meaningless by the stupid fucking button." There was another pause, where only his soft sobs echoed in the room. Kyre struggled to get up, but stumbled and fell back down. "The goal was to entangle you people... so that continuity would be enforced. After all, you wouldn't push the reset button once you yourselves have had your world linked with ours right? At least we could escape to yours if we really wanted to keep ourselves... us. And now... I had not foreseen it at the time, but a darkness has spread forth. A creation that belongs to neither Author nor franchise. A darkness that threatens to consume our world and yours to craft an existence which itself deems proper." Red Mage paused and went limp, then he perked up again. He laughed and dabbed at his face.

"Why was I just crying?" he looked at this tear-stained hands. "That's funny, I don't know why, but I feel really sad." He stood up, using his staff as a support and looked at Darren. His eyes were innocent, and he wore a sad, sad smile on his face. "Who might you be?" he extended his hand, "my name is Statcowski, Red Mage Statcowski."

Kazuya, Violet, Merlin
Location: G-Corp
Time: Night.

Violet reeled from the open handed slap he was given, while it seemed like he was able to tear up because of it for a moment, he quickly composed himself.
"...Thanks, I needed that. Okay...I'll call Kaz and get you two talking, now, he might be a little stressed, but so long as you conduct yourself in a calm non-threatening manner, I think everything will be just-...." Violet trailed off as a strange sound began to faintly fill the room.
It was sobbing, quite heavy at that, almost like something you'd hear from a widow at a funeral.
More so it was getting closer and closer, right as the Elevator dinged loudly as it passed though every floor.
Once it reached their floor though, it stopped as whomever was doing it quickly seemed to clean their self up, sniffle somewhat.

When the doors opened, Kazuya stepped out, looking no less stoic then he did when he was talking to Icarus and the others.
"Violet, I need to step out for while, you're in charge until I get back. Focus on getting the repair crews up here and Mr. Torgue his pizza as well as booking an Warehouse for a bid at the world record for "Worlds Largest Pizza". Then tell the Repair crews I want this building Bomb proof in the future." He then instantly ordered without slowing down for a second, least until he saw Merlin.
"Um, Right away? Oh and this i-"
"Merlin, Yes, I got the file on my way here. Get him home or get him working, I don't have time to greet him formally. You. Step out of line and I WILL send you back to whatever hell hole you came from. Good Day."
With his "Greeting" over, the Lord of G-Corp then went to his office, locking the door behind him.
"...He's just having a bad day. He'll come around. So...Um..." Violet asked as he looked around the burning lab and the twisted metal.
"...You any good with this sort of stuff?"

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