The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Kazuya, Violet, Merlin.
Location: G-Corp
Time: Night.

Giving a slight bow as Kazuya left the two in dust, Merlin got up with a insulted look on his face. "Well ... even that damned loud intruder had better manners. Shouldn't he treat the people better ... especially the ones that have a legend on their name." Merlin muttered to Violet, the two travelled easily back to the office, Merlin spotting out the damage to either people or the floor.

Coming to the lab, it seemed like that took a lot of the damage. "The good news seems that your "Lord" managed to persuade that loud man, good to hear that." Merlin trailed off as he walked to a window. Turning around he certainly felt a connection with the "Alchemist" Violet. "Fine ... I'll work with you for a while, but at one point I want out to explore this world." Merlin said and extended his hand for a formal greeting.

After the handshake (Which was suppose to be a lower arm grasp like in his own time), Merlin looked around the room, investigating every little damage with rapid eye movement. "I think I might be able to repair the room ... a environmental time spell maybe." The Wizard began to ponder and search through his small book, yet as he kept flipping the pages they never seemed to run out, like a infinite number of pages was contained within the book.

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Shadow Operatives Building: Jeep leaving Building: Jenny, David, Kalastryn, Wanderer, Devon, Caim, Teri, Angelus, Caim, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

(Before the van took off)

"Well, we could go to that noodle shop, but there's also a lot of other interesting shops as well. We should keep our eyes open, you know? No bars, though... Isn't that right, Caim? Although I would like a shot of whiskey after that, since I still can't find any pants..."

Caim gave a silent nod to Devon's inquiry, speaking very sternly to his sons, "She's right, you two. Just because I do something and it looks cool or intriguing, doesn't mean that I want the two of you do so as well. As I mentioned before, alcohol is something that should be drunk in small quantities and to those of age... Of which you're very much not."

Angelus cut in after that, adding, "Bah, a glass of juice is better anyways. Or one of those 'milkshake' concoctions..."

The two Cuties gave happy nods at the sound of milkshakes, but Ton Ton couldn't keep a happy mood, not even at something that delighted children everywhere. Even if the Shadow Operations had gone well enough, the rides were still something he didn't entirely care for; especially after that incident with the high speed chase. Covering his unblinking eyes with his hood, the Tonberry curled into a little ball and silently prayed it would be over soon.

Teri blinked in amusement and looked down at her own shirt, before giving a laugh, "It is a little garish, isn't it? Well, I guess a little clothes shopping couldn't be too harmful. I kinda forgot how much I missed a normal set of clothes after wearing all those robes all the time!"
"Fuckin preach. I sure as hell missed it too. And the Munchkin is right. If you keep that shit up again, we're cracking down on you again. I may be an angry bitch, but I sure as hell hate it when you're mopey. Kills my buzz."

Of course, once Jenny began her driving, all bets were off. Ton Ton and Cadolbolg gave yelps of surprise as soon as the van took to the streets, little claws and paws digging into Devon in fear (even more so on Ton Ton's part) as Jenny's crazed driving took over. Teri silently thanked the Lord that she had buckled up right after getting in, or else she would have been flung from her seat. All the Cleric could do was pray that they wouldn't get hit by a car. Caim, being that he had previously rode with mad drivers, felt a familiar sensation of dread and terror as he was almost thrown from his seat as well (seeing that he wasn't nearly as attentive about seatbelts); and clung to Angelus for dear life. The dragon didn't need mind reading to know that her pact partner was very high strung by the ride from hell; and did her best to remain calm when the rest of her little family was descending into panic- and then it was over.

After the party stumbled out of the car, the matriarchial dragon surveyed the damage. Ton Ton was sobbing into Devon's shoulder, little muffled cries of "Is it over yet?" coming from the shivering Tonberry while Cadolbolg still clung to Devon's shoulder and shuddered from the ride with... JOY?!

"Huh, that was kinda fun!"
"No... no it wasn't..."

Caim was probably the calmest of the shell shocked victims, his eyes only being wide in some dead-eyed stare as his PDA weakly rattled, "The last time I saw driving like that, it was by a man with a pink cat's head. I need a freaking drink."
Angelus could only shake her head and pat her pact partner on the back, "After today, I think you've earned it."

In the meantime, Teri and Ella stumbled out of the van at last, the Cleric checking over herself and her succubus friend before shaking out, "You know what, as appetite destroying as that was, all that fear just made me hungry. Wanna get food and drinks first, or the clothes?"

Shadow Operatives Building: Canteen Rugal, Garm

Garm gave a happier sounding whine after being pet on the head, and turned to the food the moment it arrived. Digging his nose into the food, Rugal was surprised to hear the wolf's voice in his mind as he ate (perhaps on account of that clunky bracelet around a forelimb), "You talk of Alphas as if there is only one. In human packs, they are made up of the same kinds of members. A mated pair and the pups. Rarely, outsiders are brought in to aid in caring for the pups, such as myself. Alpha Slindis is the Female Alpha. You are her mate, and thus Male Alpha. Unless you two have done what Tear-ri did not want you to and are 'Divorcing', then I think your status is secure."

It was not long before the plate was cleared, and Garm started cleaning his face as best he could before he continued, "And even if the fact of what Alpha Slindis says is about our bout, it would not be out of place for the little one to know. In a pack as prone to fighting as our own is, the best we can do is lick each other's wounds and try to keep from doing that again. At least, that's what I learned in my old pack. But I have noticed one thing in common with many of our pack members. No, for your species."

With the plate now clean, and his fur reasonably clean, Garm rested his head on Rugal's lap again, "Humans are strange, because they always think with the past. You, Tear-ri, Alpha Slindis, and many others... All in the past, their heads our. The past can be helpful to understand mistakes, to remember dangers, and to know which foods to eat; but with humans, it serves to hold them still. I don't understand why you bother so much with it; because it makes you stuck when you should be moving forward."

Violet | Merlin | Edge
Location: G-Corp
Time: Night.

Edge groaned. He wasn't entirely sure what happened; one minute he was watching Icarus fly away, and the next second he was lying in a bed somewhere...he didn't even remotely recognize. White walls, green curtains, and a rock-hard bed? It felt like a goddamn hospital...

"Where did that come from?"

"Bed 29, I think."

...yup, he was in a hospital. Edge picked himself up and swung his legs over the side of the cot; as soon as he had, he regretted it. Sharp, shooting, stabbing, tearing pains ran through literally every muscle in his body. Even the muscles in his eyes. He hadn't hurt this bad in a long time. Years, maybe.

The curtain in the front was drawn back slowly, and Edge was faced with a surly looking middle-aged doctor. "You're awake." she said."

"Unfortunately, yes." Edge said. "How long was I out?"

"About an hour." the doctor said. "The people who brought here claimed, and I'm quoting here, 'He was so tired he couldn't even stand up, that angel kid, what's-his-name, had to basically carry him into the chopper, he was sleeping before we even took off." The doctor looked up from her notes. "They were gracious enough to carry you in here themselves. You were, and I would venture to guess currently are, in a state of extreme exhaustion. I would suggest at least a week of bed-rest, maybe more."

"That's nice." Edge said, nodding. "I think I may do that, but there are some things I need to take care of. There's a man named Violet I was told I needed to speak with."

The doctor sighed. "Violet is on floor 69. Elevator is down that hall, to the left."

Edge nodded. "Thank you."

The doctor shook her head. "I was given specific orders not to 'mess' with you. By Kazuya, even. That doesn't happen very often. But I maintain what I said. You need bed rest."

Edge sighed. "I can't afford to be in bed all day. But I'll tell you what; I'll compromise. I'll stay here overnight, and come back tomorrow night. How does that sound?"

The doctor nodded. "Fair. Is there anything I can get for you?"

"Yeah." Edge said. "A couple aspirin. My whole body feels like I overdid it at the gym."

Shadow Operatives Building: Jeep leaving Building: Jenny, David, Kalastryn, Wanderer, Devon, Caim, Teri, Angelus, Caim, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg
After the car stopped, Ella snatched the keys out of Jenny's hands. "Jenny, someone else is driving the rest of the way tonight. They can't handle that again, got it?" She was still shaking a bit, but that was nothing compared to how Devon was clinging to Ton-Ton.

"Caim, David... I don't think I need that liquor any more." Devon's face was right about the same shade of green as the TOnberry's, and she shook her head as she replied to Cadolbolg. "Cadolbolg... that wasn't fun at all. Like, not even a tiny bit. We're heading with Caim and Angelus for the food, okay?"

Finally, Ella responds to Teri. "We can pick up something real fast." WIth that, she finds the nearest shop and quickly buys Teri a Simple shirt with a dragon pattern on it. "This is so you it's not even funny. Try it on!"

Inner city: Noodle Shop: Jenny, David, Kalastryn, Wanderer, Devon, Caim, Teri, Angelus, Caim, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Jenny didn't seem too upset about this development as Ella took her keys.
"Eh, we got there so I don't mind. Besides, Like I'm planning to be in any state to drive back anyway!" She winked at the Succubi before waltzing in the front door of the Noodle Shop with all the nerve in the world and them some.
Once she was in, she got a few stares from the staff, but she just smiled and said "Cosplay party. We'd like the biggest table you got." before she was lead towards the back to a table large enough for everyone.
"Oh, this will do nicely! Well? Come on, take a seat, take a seat!" She gestured to the others as she picked up a menu and began flicking though the pages to the wine section.
"Hmmmm...Think I'll have the Sauvignon Blanc....Annnnnnnnddd....Make it red."

David meanwhile had managed to compose himself as he watched Jenny keep acting in a manner that just wasn't her.
"...Okay...I'm REALLY starting to think that those meds she took is messing with her head. Wanderer, Kalastryn, Think you have something to bring her back down a little? Even if she ain't driving, I'd hate for her to do something that she might regret and be mostly sober while doing it." He asked both the Doctor and the Tiefling, hoping that maybe they might have something to counteract whatever effect that cocktail had on her.
Still, after he said that, he made his way inside, still a little shaken as he did.
"Uhhhh...Just a water, thanks." He then asked while he sat down, something that was extremely out of character for him.

Shadow Operatives Building: Canteen: Rugal, Garm

While the speech did help Rugal's mood a little, it's effectiveness was counteracted somewhat by the fact that he was basically getting it from a dog. (Sorry, Dire Wolf)
"...*Sigh*...Maybe it's just the recent events getting to me, all this business with Shadows and such. Just one thing after another after another..." He sighed as he pushed his dish aside, his appetite not really being enough to warrant the meal.
"...Again, Just while it's easy to say "Move on", it still doesn't sit well with me. Hell, while I was..."Out", My Shadow went and tried to make sexual advances on one of the other crew members. That's...not something I can easily move on from and I highly doubt that Slindis has forgiven that as easily as she did..." He then added as he re-called what occurred while his Shadow had Hijacked his body.
"I don't think it'll go as far as a Divorce so you can tell Teri that, but I doubt that she wasn't affected by it...Come to think about it...I think Teri even witnessed that too...Urgggg..." He groaned, this topic not really helping his mood too much.

"...And I never did clean up that mess in the Captain's quarters. Dimitri is going to love that..."

Violet, Merlin, Edge.
Location: G-Corp
Time: Night.

Violet was a little embarrassed by how blunt Kazuya was in his "Greeting", not to meation the fact that Merlin seemed rather offended by it, but he did relax a little once the wizard agreed to help out with the mess Torgue made.
"Well...As our, uh, "Lord", he has a lot of duties and such to keep track of, especially in light of the events that occurred here today. Even in Peacetime, he acts as if he's at war, if that makes any sense. Still, it all comes from a good place, he wouldn't bother otherwise." He explained, despite being one of the people that Kazuya arguably hated the most in this building.
While Merlin checked out his spell book, Violet attempted to see if there were any old "Com-Bot" prototypes that he could re-program to do a bit of cleaning.
"...Wonder if I have a maid outfit somewhere?" He mused out-loud as the elevator marked Edge's arrival.
"Ah, you must be Edge. Heard your name thrown around the comms over the last few hours. I..." He began before striking a pose, the effect ruined by the fact he looked like he just survived a bomb blast (Which he did).
"...AM THE WONDERFUL VIOLET...and so on...Mind helping me move this?" He then asked as he began trying to push a broken support beam out of the way.

Wanderer, Jenny, David, Devon, Kalastyrn and (Insert others).
Location: Parking bay number ??? | Shadow Operatives Building | Personaverse.

The restaurant intrigued the Wanderer, for he had never seen a place like this before and the language baffled him. "This isn't Chinese isn't it?" The question was more aimed for his own mind, but a few people around him could hear him. Sitting down, the good Doctor looked quite ordinary for a everyday Doctor, except there was quite the amount of dried blood on his coat. Still, the Doc didn't really care about is appearance, in fact it looked like one of those Doctor's that stayed up all night to do some research, eye-bags low and redshot eyes.

Trying to understand the menu, it was all in Japanese. "Ugh, surprise me?" He asked to the waiter who also took Jenny's order. Hearing David, a loud thump was heard, Wanderer, who was directly across from David had a bottle of Whiskey on the table. "Oh not, this ... " The Wanderer said as a candy looking box fell out of nowhere onto the table. "Don't worry, this was invented for the knowledgeable ... it makes us focus more, so it should help Jenny or at least calm her down ... unless you want to give her morphine, but taking out a needle in here would be bad."

Getting up, he walked to Jenny and opened the box next to her. "Want a mint?" He said trying to trick her. The box looked like it was from the 70's or 80's, yet some red 'candy" looked all the new.

Violet, Merlin, Edge.
Location: G-Corp
Time: Night.

Not noticing Edge, Merlin continued looking through his small yet infinite book for the correct spell. "Still, Alchemist Violet, a mind like mind wishes not to be chained up in a cage like this." Merlin responded with wisdom as his finger finally stopped. Taking several steps back from the window and the giant hole in the wall, Merlin pointed to the ground and clicked his fingers. Electricity came from his gauntlets and made a neat little magical circle on the ground.

Walking through the magic unharmed, Merlin stood at the middle of the magic circle. If the lights were not entirely destroyed from before, the magical power here was making them blink, the levitating rocks/pebbles before began to glow blue and lightning began to dance around them. "Don't worry, nothing will harm you!" A confident cry came over the crackle of electricity.

"Tempus nequeat, ad praeteritum, quod in castello ubi erat."

Merlin yelled out, the small book in his one hand slammed shut, the electric circle began to spin around half of the room until it blurred. It kept spinning and spinning until a blinding light appeared, sending Violet and Edge to cover their eyes. The light faded away, everyone opened their eyes and half of the room (From the window) appeared to be fixed completely.

Merlin was still there, eyes open, almost seeing starts. Breathing heavily, the magical aura surrounding him faded away and suddenly THE Wizard grasped his head and knelt down while muttering a few words really quickly.

Violet, Merlin, Edge.
Location: G-Corp
Time: Night

Edge looked at Violet, at Merlin, and at the giant girder, and at the half of the room that was fixed. "I think Newton over there has it covered." Edge said. "You're Violet? Kaz told me I needed to talk with you, but I'm not sure why." Edge shuffled his feet. "I...kinda fell asleep while he was talking. I was very tired." Edge nodded in Merlin's direction. "Where do you find these people?"

Violet, Merlin, Edge.
Location: G-Corp
Time: Night.

Violet watched as the girder he was trying to move somehow began to glow before the bright flash engulfed the room and half of it was repaired right in front of their eyes.
"...Well....uuummmm....That works." He mused confusedly as Merlin took a moment to catch his breath.
"Well, do that a few more times and I'll drive you to the airport myself!" He then said as he propped Merlin up on a newly re-created chair.
"To answer your question: 1. Kaz put me in charge while he calms himself down. Seriously, you don't want to be on his bad side on a bad day. 2. They literally fall out of holes in reality. Don't know why, don't know where, they just do." He then said as he went over to a half constructed mini-fridge and handed Merlin a bent glass bottle of water.
"So Yeah. I'm in Charge until he's done doing...his thing...So *Ahem* What can I do for ya?"

Violet, Merlin, Edge.
Location: G-Corp
Time: Night.

Edge had to stop and think for a moment. He was sure that Kaz wanted something from him, not the other way around. "Do you have a piece of paper? And a pen?"

"Yeah, sure." Violet shuffled around in his desk for a moment before bringing out several pieces of paper and a blue pen. "Here you go."

Edge nodded, and began drawing a picture. "I saw someone running across the rooftops during the lock-down." Edge said. "About 180 centimeters. Heavily built, but not bulky. And fast. Faster than I am, even. He went up and talked to Sli...Darkside for a couple minutes, then got the fuck out of there." Edge handed the paper back to Violet. "That's just about the best sketch I can make of him. He had a red scarf and a weird sword that looked like a cross between a broadsword and a tonfa. This guy?" Edge tapped the picture he drew. "He's important. We need to find him; failing that we need to find as much information about him as possible. Icarus got a better look at him, he'll probably be able to give more information about him." Edge drummed his fingers on the desk, thinking again. "Also, I broke one of my swords, and I could use about thirty of these throwing knives." Edge pulled out his broken sword and two of his throwing knives. "Is there any way you could help with that? And as long as I'm down here, is there anything I can do for you?"

Violet, Merlin, Edge.
Location: G-Corp
Time: Night.

Being sat up on the chair due to the helpfulness of Violet, Merlin gave a nod to the "Alchemist" in his eyes, the energy felt gone from his body and his magical circuit felt weak and yet almost haywire. "I would rather rest for now ... construction a world portal was very ... wasteful, of my energy and magic." Merlin muttered, smile still on his lips even if he was breathing quite heavily while drinking said water bottle, in due time he was looking at the material of the water bottle and trying to pronounce the brand on the plastic.

"No, I'm quite ... tired I say. Help would be very much appreciated and kind sir ... " Merlin said in a tired tone, trying to get up but could not. "I am Merlin ... Royal Adviser and Court Wizard to he- ... his Majesty, King Arthur Pendragon." Merlin said to Edge who gave a tired bow while still sitting down. "I'll help with cleaning in a bit ... just give me a minute to recover my lost energies." Merlin said once more, but this time he actually wondered if he could remember how to do physical labor.

"I really need ... " Merlin started to talk to himself but was cut off by a cough, it may have seemed minor but the iron taste in Merlin's mouth was not good. Immediately the Wizard stayed silent and tried to meditate so he could heal himself with the recovering magical energy. Funny enough, this world was magical, it certainly seems that magic was a primary energy here. The thought of if there were any of Wizards also came to the front of Merlin's mind.

Cancelling that thought, the Master Wizard only wondered what caused this, certainly something before caused all of this, and it was not the big loud man.

Violet, Merlin, Edge.
Location: G-Corp
Time: Night.

Violet looked at the sketch as he tried to figure out what it was he was looking.
"...So you saw a Ninja?...Okay...ummmm...I-i-I'll run it though the channels and see what turns up. As for the Sword and Knives, I'll have manufacturing sort something out for ya." He said as he took the drawing, the sword and the knives and placed them on a mostly intact table.
"While I'm not exactly *The* person to find this guy, Don't worry, Kazuya has like, entire armies for this sorta thing. We'll find him...sooner or later..." He said, clearly a little worried about this situation, he didn't have the same skill for this Kaz did, but it'd only be for another few hours. Tops. Hopefully.
"Anyway Merlin, take all the time you want. I'll fire up the Com-Bot Cleaners!" He then added as he walked over to one of the Prototypes that were knocked aside in the blast and got to work on re-programming it.


Location: Detroit
Time: Night.

Darkside soon arrived in a Dark city His odd skin tone and massive size made him stand out not many people stood at 6'5 or had enough muscle mass to crush a car.
He walked around he kept an eye out for someone that fit his size. his boots simplyt weren;t big enough and were constrictive. he eventually found someone.
"I need your clothes
Your boots
and your motorcycle"
The big guy smirked
"You forgot to say please."
Darkside laughed and got a dark smile on his face.

A few minutes later Darkside was dressed in a leather jacket, thick black combat boots, and black jeans.
He began to look around
"Now I wonder if that meddlesome ninja is nearby."

Violet | Merlin | Edge.
Location: G-Corp
Time: Night.

Edge walked over to Merlin. "Hey. Newton. Are you alright?" Merlin didn't respond. "I'll take that as a resounding 'no'." Edge shook his head. "No. Not while I'm watching. Hey! Violet!"


"I'm gonna take a couple bottles of water." Edge said, doing just that. Violet nodded, engrossed in his work; Edge sat down next to Merlin, cutting the tops off of both bottles with a throwing knife.

Rain Art: Heal - Level 5 Art:
Precisely what it sounds like. Rejuvenating water, when used properly, has the power to heal all wounds.

Requires cool, clear water to preform.

Edge chanted something in a language only he understood, stuck a finger in each of the two bottles, and slowly drew them out. The water stuck on his fingers, as if held there by a magnet. "Enough people have died today." Edge said, touching Merlin's chest with his two fingers. The water made a trail where his fingers went, and pooled where Edge touched Merlin. "And enough people have come close. No, today's been a bad enough day. And maybe you can help me, Kaz, and Izzy." Edge shook his head. "What the hell kind of name is Dark Excalibur, anyway? Sounds like something out of a bad television series. Not my point. My point is, you will be fine. Because I said so."

Senator Steven Armstrong
Location: World Marshall HQ, Denver, Colorado, USA
Time: Night.

"...Talk me though this again...You...Lost him?...How?..." Armstrong spoke over the video feed to Hiryu, who was who now outside Tokyo.
"I just told you. I got out of the city, as *you* ordered and now there is no trace him in the area. I've looked everywhere."
"Well how the hell did he slip pass you? It's not like he's a set of car keys, now is it?"
"Mr. Armstr-"
"That's Senator Armstrong to you."
"...Senator Armstrong, I can't help if if he was using some class of teleportation."
"...Grrrr...Fine. Just get your ass back here. First flight, boat, taxi, I don't care."

He then shut down the feed on his Office Computer and began to gaze out the window over the Denver skyline.
"Great, first that Vega bastard passes me in the polls, now this..." He groaned as pulled out a cigar and began to smoke it.
"...I'll find you yet, you ugly bastard..." He reassured himself before taking a nice long puff of his Cuban cigar as he leaned back in his chair.

Inner city: Noodle Shop: Jenny, David, Kalastryn, Wanderer, Devon, Caim, Teri, Angelus, Caim, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Angelus blinked with unease at the thought that drugs had lead Jenny to act in the manner that she was now, and voiced her thoughts on the matter, "If it was drugs from your world that lead her to act this way, I think that less drugs would be the best option, or at least have her ingest something that induces a calm; but being of natural origins. Warm foods for a 'food coma', perhaps?" After giving her opinion, she turned to the waiter and ordered "Whatever sort of rare meat you have around here." while waiting for her pact partner to put a word in as well.

Caim, on the other hand, took a bit more of a forward approach and snatched the Mentats from the Wanderer's hands, "Just what the hell do these things DO anyways? Who knows if they'll do with whatever you gave Jenny will react with these..."
He punctuated this with popping a Mentat in his mouth, grimacing a little at the dusty-yet-minty taste, "They sure taste like dirt... Ugh, waiter, something strong to drink and, er... One of these Katsu-Udon things."
The warrior took a nice sip of the spirits brought to him, and blinked for a moment, as his vision seemed to get...Sharper? "...Wanderer, is it normal for these things to make you feel like a high definition camera?"
"Gods above..."

With the ability to sit properly at a table, Ton Ton seemed to calm down a bit from the wild ride, and ordered a juice with a simple bowel of ramen, with hopes that the food in question would help bring him down, before turning to Cadolbolg and saying, "Cadolbolg, you wanna do something fast and crazy like that, we can try to convince Mr. Caim and Ms. Angelus to go to a theme park and we can ride a roller coaster. Then again, being able to fly might negate that..."
The turtle dragon baby tilted his head in confusion, and looked up at Devon, "Theme park? Roller Coaster? I don't know what those are... But I don't see why you guys didn't like the ride. We wore our seat-belts like we were supposed to. Well, Father didn't, but I think he learned his lesson for that."

Ton Ton shuddered at the thought of the car ride again, and muttered something along the lines of, "I don't wanna talk about it." before taking another sip of his juice.

Meanwhile, Teri gave a small smile at the shirt Ella had picked out, and went to try it on. To her happy surprise, it did look... Nice. Pretty much like something she'd wear back home. Walking back out of the fitting room, the Cleric shot a smile Ella's way, "You weren't kidding, this looks good! You never told me you had an eye for fashion, Ells. I mean, you do clothes stuff every so often but... It's uncanny!"
However, the little reverie didn't last for long, and the Cleric's tummy gave a little growl, making Teri's smile look a bit on the embarrassed side, "So, if I remember correctly, the restaurant was that way? Or did you want to do some more shopping first?"

Shadow Operatives Building: Canteen: Rugal, Garm

Garm gave Rugal a look akin to "You gonna eat that?" when the King of Fighters pushed away his plate, and then tucked into the remains of the meal before adding, "When I say 'move forward', I don't mean forget everything and act like nothing has happened. That would be foolish. If you're so concerned about the damage your Other self made, then you should be working to fix it rather than sitting around and stewing about the situation. Myself and Ella had to tell Tear-ri that several times, especially once she implemented the Operation in tandem with Alpha Slindis."


The wolf looked up to Rugal again and simply stated, "The one to return you to yourself, of course. You are right. Once she saw you, or the Other you in that case, both parts of herself were very unhappy. At least, I got that impression in our discussion. I have not been able to share thoughts through the rings until very recently, so I do not have a great insight to Tear-ri's mind unless she's said things to me.

But, enough about that. The Operation is done and you are yourself again. Now the course of action to decide is how you want to fix your mistakes. I personally think that cleaning your den would be a start. It's pretty easy to get to and it doesn't require Alpha or the Pups to be around. After all, if you want to slay this caribou and feed the pack, you need to take out the legs first."

Welp, Garm being a wolf, that metaphor probably made a bit more sense to him; but seeing that Rugal was a reasonably intelligent individual, the bits of meaning he could glen was probably something along the lines of "Work on the small stuff first". However, another thing was made clear: Teri and Slindis, even if they weren't happy with what Rugal did while possessed, had certainly put some kind of effort into bringing him back to himself. There was hope yet... At least, Rugal could hope that there was.

Violet | Merlin | Edge.
Location: G-Corp
Time: Night.

Merlin was mostly silent, trying to re-acquire his energies. Yet all the time he heard Edge speak and looked upon the man grabbing two of that plastic material filled with water, yet he cut it off. Next thing he knew was Edge directly in front of him with water sticking to his fingers, obviously magic or some technique. Placing the fingers against Merlin's chest created pools which began to heal. All among this, Merlin kept his composure and did not dare to move, especially since he was examining it himself.

The gem hanging around Merlin's and the crystal gauntlet reacted to the magic as well. Merlin breathed deeply while this all happened. "Agreed." Merlin simply said in reaction to the many deaths and injuries today, even he knew that this was too much, any was too much, which was why he dedicated most of his time to study, to find new ways so people may not be killed. Then Edge's request came up, noting that, the next mentions of Excalibur immediately gained a reaction from the Wizard and Druid.

Merlin shook with movement, but kept himself calm. "Excalibur ... dark!?" Merlin simply said in shock, thinking to himself for a couple of seconds, he realized that it wasn't his world's Excalibur, that still laid with her Majesty. Blowing air out of his lungs, Merlin was relived. "Still ... a dark Excalibur. That cannot be good, anything related to the Arthur legend will not be good." Merlin said mostly to himself, "It might cause more death." Was the final sentence Merlin said before getting off the topic.

"It certainly does seem something bigger is behind this, I shall consider this offer ... umm ... you didn't introduce yourself? Is it not apart of the manners in this world?" Merlin asked the Edge in front of him, yet the thoughts of Dark Excalibur cannot escape him.

Wanderer, Jenny, David, Devon, Kalastyrn and (Insert others).
Location: Parking bay number ??? | Shadow Operatives Building | Personaverse.

Surprised at Caim's action, this didn't lead for the Wanderer demand to get them back, instead the Wanderer who stood up near Jenny and Caim, while dodging the Waitresses and other customers, apologizing when he could, he mostly stared at Caim, inspecting him as if he were another patent of his. "You can certainly be right." He pointed out to Angelus, "Too much can certainly be bad, especially if they had already had something ... but sometimes, you need to take risks, sometimes there are injured soldiers demanding to fight ... and you do everything you can to help them and help the battle in front of you." Wanderer said with a all-knowing look, which eventually lead to a sad smile.

"Everything in my world comes with risks ... which makes me annoyed at magic, we could have saved so many lives." Wanderer said, with the mention of magic he looked towards Kalastyrn, turning immediately back with a normal smile to Caim, he responded to the Warrior's reaction. "Many intelligent individuals use this 'candy' to say, even I use it ... and yes, it makes one focus more, mentally and physically ... as for the taste, you don't really get a choice in my world. We should be glad that we are eating noodles instead of irradiated dog meat found on the side of the road." The Wanderer spoke confidently to Caim, satisfied with the normal reaction. Now it was time for Jenny.

Violet | Merlin | Edge.
Location: G-Corp
Time: Night.

"Name's Edge." Edge said, extending his hand. "Howdy." Merlin took Edge's...arm, about halfway up to his elbow. Which was weird, but whatever. "You said you were called...Merlin?"

Violet | Merlin | Edge.
Location: G-Corp
Time: Night.

After his own formal-ish handshake which he stole from the Camelot Royal Knights, Merlin stood up, feeling full of energy and a surge of magical energy. Hopping up from the chair, Merlin made sure he was alright by flexing his body on the main floor of the lab. Once checking out his physical body, Merlin stretched his arms out wide and turned on his magical circuit once more, for a brief amount of time a force was emitted from Merlin which levitated him from the floor for a meter, his white hair was dancing along.

Landing and turning it off, Merlin turned around to Edge. "Always nice to meet someone new Edge." Merlin said back to him before taking a formal bow. "Yes, I am Merlin. Court Wizard of Camelot and Royal Adviser to his Majesty, King Arthur Pendragon. As you can see, I am very much intrigued by the mentions of a Excalibur here." Merlin said with his happy smile, also glad that he didn't once again almost ruin the Majesty's secret.

Violet | Merlin | Edge.
Location: G-Corp
Time: Night.

Oh. Edge thought. One of those. Edge had been to hundreds of different worlds (he despised the word 'universes'; a universe was literally all matter, you couldn't have more than one of them), and while most of them were mostly the same, there were also...oddities. Worlds that were stuck in one era or another, or were so far ahead of most of the others as to be indistinguishable from the rest. Edge had even been to worlds where humanity had never existed.

Dragging himself up off the ground, Edge said, "I wouldn't be the one to ask about that. I just heard Icarus mention it. I know this is going to sound stupid,'re a magician, right? A professional magician? Not just a guy who can palm a coin? I know I saw you do..." Edge gestured around the room. "...that, but I've seen other people do similar things with really high tech."

Violet | Merlin | Edge.
Location: G-Corp
Time: Night.

Hearing Edge talk about what kind of Magician he is baffled Merlin a bit. Coughing a bit to interrupt into the talk after Edge mentioned that other people did this kind of thing, Merlin's smile only grew brighter, even almost cocky like. "Magician, Mage, Magus, Druid, Sage, Wizard, Alchemist and occasional Dragon tamer ... I have many titles, in a professional manner I would refer to myself as a Magus or Magician." Merlin said to the man who had just healed him, remembering that he used water and turned it into some kind of healing potent power.

"But do not underestimate that spell, it may be simple and a version that effected some of the surrounding environment ... but that spell reversed the time to when half this chamber was built. But in my current state thanks to your "magic", I have regained my magical energy and should be ready to do anything. Like this ..." Merlin said as he clicked his fingers and another electrical magical circle appeared on the ground, crackling and fizzing with excitement.

The circle was not an ordinary one like before, but it had changed to a special circle. Walking to the circle, Merlin placed his hand over it and simply said, "Excalibur.". The electrical circle coiled up into the shape of a two-handed sword, it started to slightly glow as electricity was transformed into golden metal of a holy sword.

And there it was, Excalibur.

Merlin picked it up and had no problem with swinging it around. "This is the Excalibur of my world ... but do not fret, it is no threat. This is not the real one, it is simply a replication, it has a fraction of it's true power ... and this one only costs a bit of magic to create, the real one ... that would defy space time and leave a very angry Quee- ... King." Merlin looked confused but fixed his sentence at once. "Besides, it will fade away in due time ... and it could be easily broken. And if you are wondering about the missing sheath, that is another story in general." Merlin said, smile becoming more and more calm as it seemed he was receiving a memory flashback like a wave.

"No person in this world can do this, for I am Merlin, one who has dedicated his life to magic for the good will of life." Merlin said in a superior tone, still calm at heart. Looking towards Edge he gave a yawn. "No matter the magic ... the body still needs sleep at one point, I wonder when was the last time I slept." Merlin said stepping to Edge, a few steps away he looked at Edge face to face. "Anyway, enough about that, lets talk about you ... and what you just did to me." Merlin said, but a certain stomach rumbled immediately. "Ugh ... over some food?" The superior tone went away in favor for an awkward one that yearned for food.

" ... I really hate doing things like that."

Inner city: Noodle Shop: Jenny, David, Kalastryn, Wanderer, Devon, Caim, Teri, Angelus, Caim, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Jenny was busy getting loaded on wine prior to the meal when Wanderer offered her a mint.
"Sure, Thanks! Oh, you might also want these back. Sorry, just got caught up in the moment." She said as she took the Mentat as well as handing Wanderer back his Lucky Shades.
While it wasn't an exact science, Wanderer could only think of how things could have ended if Jenny didn't have the extra luck.
Still, the important thing is Jenny had another drug that could have an unknown effect on her inside her body.
"Think I'll have....Hm...The Fugu." She then calmly, thought the waiter seemed to be extremely on edge for some reason as he reluctantly took her order.
As the Waiter went around, Jenny seemed to get a slight headache as she held her head slightly before taking another sip of her wine.

While he was somewhat glad that there was *A* plan, Considering it might have been Wanderer's drugs that got them into this mess in the first place, David wasn't entirely convinced as he just half assed picked the least confusing food: A European style omelette.
As Caim seemed to reel slightly from the taste and the effects it was having on his brain, He was starting to worry
"...And you are SURE these will work? I mean, 200 year old mints?..." He pointed out to Wanderer as the Waiter returned with some sort of legal document which Jenny signed without really looking at it.
"...Wait, what was that about?" He asked as the Waiter rushed around the table asking for other orders while looking rather concerned for Jenny.
"...The fuck is a "Fugu"?" He then asked as he saw the dish on the menu.

Wanderer lived a life without magic huh? That was something Kala was too unfamiliar with. While she became a wizard through actually studying magic, she awakened as a sorcerer at a fairly young age, therefore having at least baser magics for a majority of her life. Thinking on how things could have been had it not existed at all in her world... she visibly shudders.

"Well... Wanderer, was it? Magic isn't without risks either. When it comes to magic to defend yourself with you can spend precious time casting one only to realize you didn't move correctly, or said the first word wrong, and the whole thing will just refuse to work, in the middle of a fight. Clerics of my world were bound to their gods, and if they had angered their deity they could be left without their spells as well, and clerics are typically the healers, so their entire group would suffer, unable to recover from injuries. Even worse for paladins, who get many of their strengths from the same source, only if they do even the slightest wrong thing and don't atone for it they lose everything, no ability to smite evil, heal, or in some cases even defend themselves were they reliant on magic to do so. They have to be quite paragon in everything they do, or find themselves able to do very little. Magic is not without risks, but it should be used where available. You are right, you could have saved many lives were it available to you before. However, there is a difference between a distaste and spitting at it. Just because you didn't have it before doesn't mean it shouldn't be a usable tool now." She stated, actually seeming to be diplomatic about it, and not showing any distaste towards Wanderer or his own opinions.

That's when she saw Jenny signing a contract and, given the place they were, didn't like the look of it. Signing a waver to eat a potentially poisonous fish was uncommon where she was from. Far less uncommon, however, was the signing of a waiver after the purchase of a "Potion of Wonder" which could be anything from regenerating your spellcasting abilities, to burying you in lit demolition charges. Needless to say, it was unnerving.

"Y- you sure you shouldn't have read that first? If your meal comes with a contract you really shouldn't eat it..." She said, as hypocritically her own stomach started to growl. She didn't want to trust this place's food, but... it's not like she grew up eating caviar and Filet Mignon... As the waitress came to her, she simply said. "Surprise me... just nothing with a waiver, please. No, really..." She said, again looking as worried as the waitress for Jenny before borrowing the waitress's ear, whispering to her and taking out a handful of gold coins in a manner to where Jenny, either out of not paying attention or a slyly hidden hand, couldn't see them. "I will leave all of these as a tip if you make sure whatever she gets is safe, preferably not... "Fugu." I just don't want to see her get hurt..." she said, pulling away from the waitresses ear and grinding the coins together lightly, making a soft though metallic clinking sound before putting them back in her pocket with a grin.

"Anyone else?"

Violet | Merlin | Edge
Location: G-Corp
Time: Night.

Edge nodded. He still hadn't eaten today, and a good meal sounded good. "That sounds like a plan. I haven't eaten all day." Edge turned back to Violet. "Hey! You seem like the type that would know a good place to eat. Any ideas?"


Being as the city was still on lockdown (Violet had mentioned something about needing to do as many repairs as possible so people "-couldn't complaint about chunks of building missing.") Edge and Merlin decided to go down to the canteen. Edge had gotten a couple of Submarine sandwiches, a couple pieces of sushi, and a small bowl of onion soup before sitting down; Merlin had gotten a very large bread roll, something Edge recognized as chicken udon, and a novelty "Salty Watermelon" Pepsi.

"Alrighty." Edge said. "That should take care of that. You wanted to ask me about something?"

Violet | Merlin | Edge
Location: G-Corp
Time: Night.

"Yes, indeed, I wanted to talk about that magic you performed onto me earlier." Merlin said while looking around the canteen, the food, the people, but mostly he gazed downwards towards his own food. "Yeah earlier in time, I didn't mean to say most of that stuff ... that announcement is what I usually announce to the Royal Courts of the land ... I just wanted to make sure that I remember that for when I visit the other "Royal Courts" of this land." Merlin said in a unusual quiet voice.

Besides him was the sword he had summoned earlier, the replica of Excalibur, Merlin decided to keep it around, especially due to the fact that the Dark Excalibur "user" might come back, he will probably meet the man with the weapon at one point. Using a fork, Merlin twisted it around like Spaghetti and at it. "Weird, but the broth tastes nice.", the Wizard said to himself before taking a gulp of pepsi, muttering about it and then taking a bite of his bread.

"Yes, I was wanting to see if you are willing to tell me what power you used earlier." Merlin said after swallowing the bread down, it had seemed he ate more casually with Edge then you would expect from a "Royal Adviser" and Master Wizard of Camelot.

Violet | Merlin | Edge
Location: G-Corp
Time: Night.

Edge drummed his fingers on the table. "The first thing you have to understand..." Edge said, thinking. "Is that it isn't actually magic. Not in the way you're thinking. Functionally, it's closer to a psychic power, but saying that is misleading." Edge continued drumming his fingers on the table. He was terrible at explaining pseudo-spiritual...stuff. Eventually he just decided to explain it the way it was explained to him. "The earth, the wind, the sun and the rain each have their own gifts, their own powers and domain. What's more, they're more than happy to lend their power to anyone willing to ask. The trick is knowing how to ask."

"But I'm rambling" Edge said, getting into a groove. "The point I'm trying to make is that the power isn't my own, it's a property of the water itself. All water, anywhere and everywhere. It's just something that's been forgotten over time."

Violet | Merlin | Edge
Location: G-Corp
Time: Night.

Starting to hum, Merlin took a casual quick swig of his Pepsi, getting the feel for the sugary drink and the caffeine rush the foot of the Mage began tap quite quickly on the ground. "Hmm ... I think I'm getting it. It isn't apart of magic, but more of a elemental power that nature has bestowed upon people who ask in the right way, am I right?" Merlin asked Edge, looking over to what he was eating before quickly slurping up some more noodles, at least he was fitting in with the local manners.

"Probably not my field to interact with then, I just wish to learn the kinds of magic out there. Powers are not my in area of expertise, unless it counts as holy magic. That I cannot get enough." Merlin said before stuffing his mouth of the Italian bread roll. Almost choking on said bread, Merlin took a few heavy breaths and drank some of the water he got as well. Taking things more slowly, he looked towards Edge. "So what is your profession and position around here? It sure seems something big is going on around here." Merlin noted as he saw a bunch of troopers dashing in the nearest hall.

Violet | Merlin | Edge
Location: G-Corp
Time: Night.

Edge chuckled. "I'm not actually employed here. Kazuya and I have...a sort of agreement. Right now both of us have very similar goals, so we're working together." Edge leaned back, looking at the ceing. "So far as a job goes? That's...a bit more complicated."

"How so?" Merlin asked.

"...there is a debt I owe someone..." Edge said. "...that I can never repay. But there's this kid named Boss with more psychic power than anyone should have, let alone a twenty year old kid. The way I figure, taking care of him, keeping him out of trouble, and teaching him how to use his power...that's a good start." Edge looked back to Merlin. "Problem is, right now there's this thing that calls itself Darkside that's hurt him really, really bad. Maybe even killed him. And this thing DID kill a bunch of other people. So, to make a long story short, I'm here to kill some kind of tick...amoeba thing. And I was wondering if you would be willing to help; it uses powerful magic, and uses these odd gems to increase it's power. Would you be willing to...I don't know, maybe take a look at the gems? Tell us what it is in them he needs? Just throw in your two cents? I'm completely out of my league when it comes to magic."

Inner city: Noodle Shop: Jenny, David, Kalastryn, Wanderer, Devon, Caim, Teri, Angelus, Caim, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Jenny seemed a bit distant as Kalastryn made her opinion on her getting one of the most lethal fish dishes in the world known.
"Oh, come on. I've already died before, right? Might as well live a little." She answered as she took another sip of her wine, though it was clear that those mints had given her a headache.
"...Wanderer? What were in those things? Urg, head is killing me." she said as she held her head, wincing slightly from the effects.
"...Man, feels like everything is super loud...though...I kinda want another one, now." She then added, leaving her hand open for Wanderer to give her another one.
Meanwhile, Kalastryn didn't need to other with the bribe, the Waitress seemed willing to make sure that Jenny didn't get something that could kill her stone dead anyway (But she kept the gold anyway).

Casual Drug abuse aside, David was attempting to have a good time while Wanderer kept doping Jenny up in a bid to get her back to normal.
"...So...ummmm...Huh, Anyone...Do...Anything?..." He attempted to start a conversation, but aside from "Work", he really didn't have anything to talk about, least a topic he could talk about with everyone else, seeing how they varied from dragons to mad doctors.
Still, when the topic about the different homes between Wanderer and Kalastryn came up, he realized something.
"...Man, I kinda miss home...I mean, I get going to different places and new sights and stuff...But man...I just miss being able to talk to people about...well, Stuff." He sighed as the first dishes began to arrive.
"Don't get me wrong, you're all sound as hell, but I can't remember the last time I was able to talk about boring shit like TV or Sports."

Merlin | Edge.
Location: G-Corp | Canteen.
Time: Night.

Hearing the story of how Edge came here, it moved Merlin, if it was anything he understood was friends and debts, the two go together better then bread and cheese. "Understandable, it must feel hard for you. I mean when I was just a apprentice of the old Alchemist at Camelot I rescued a boy named Mordred from being killed ... little did I know he would come back and almost king my own close friend." Merlin said with his eyes half closed as if he was remembering many a scene.

Looking up back to Edge, Merlin gave several nods. "I'll help ... if he uses magic I should be able to do something hopefully." Merlin's hands became clenched on the table and immediately went to the Pepsi Bottle once more. "As for these gems ..." Merlin said and took a quick swig of the bottle before a satisfied thud of the plastic bottle came onto the table. "I wonder if it is anything like mine, although this gem is just a supply of magical energy. If it may be similar I do not know, but if I get a check of them I may be able to study them ... and possibly exploit them for either my own magic or something ... around here, I guess." Merlin gave a shrug but looked excited, as if he knew.

The next current thoughts would be to gain access to the world, or as Violet said, "Passports and papers", and hopefully setting up a shop in a library around or in the tower. The slurping of Noodles were certainly a thing Edge could hear, but yet it was the sound of a happy and yet curious wizard.

Wanderer, Jenny, David, Devon, Kalastyrn and (Insert others).
Location: Noodle Shop | Personaverse.

Taking away the Mentats before Jenny got her hands on another one, Wanderer nodded to was Kalastyrn said. "Understandable, but ... basically what I was trying to say, is that I'm sick of all the death and dying. This only applies to my world, something covered by radiation and fallout. You should have seen my reaction when I first saw the world ... all my life I lived in a underground Vault with others, of course this was until I was eighteen and I was forced to leave due to my father." The Wanderer's grin turned into a sad smirk.

"Even by then I had to kill someone to save someone, yet the world was much worse. I took up my Dad's profession of Doctor to save people ... yet in that world, each person you save comes with five people you have to kill to live yourself." The Wanderer finally said before sitting back in his own chair and sighing, picking up his Whiskey he chugged it down. "Not putting everything into a shit mood, I am sure everyone here has had something bad happen to them. And Jenny ... you do not want to become addicted to these things, people who can resist and claim back their non-addiction are fine ... I just don't want you to get into anymore trouble by allowing you to take unknown medicine. You should book an appointment with us so we know what works on you." The Wanderer gave a respectful wink to the Tiefling Kala.

It had seemed that the Wandering Doctor had learned to not be a butthole when it comes to healing people, although in his own days in his world, many problems and deaths have came from weird "healing" techniques, but this wasn't his world and that respect should be awarded to people who can do the same thing as him. It shouldn't ever be a competition to make someone better. A thud came from the table with David and Wanderer, "I'll have the Kat ... su ... don Boss." The Wanderer said to the head chef while reading from the romaji part under the picture of the bowl of egg.

"Now to only hope that this won't contain cat ... or a person named sue or Don. Cat isn't that great, and I ain't no cannibal!"

Inner city: Noodle Shop: Jenny, David, Kalastryn, Wanderer, Devon, Caim, Teri, Angelus, Caim, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

When Teri placed the shirt on, Ella smiled at its appearance and paid for it at the register. "Teri, there wasn't a lot for me to do when I was growing up. Sure, I used to like my mother, but I still needed to find some hobby and I picked that. I don't get why you thought I'd make you wear something that you wouldn't like, though.

Still, we should get a bite to eat at that shop. I know I could use a bite to eat!" Ella strided confidently alongside Teri as they went to the shop to see Devon eating the noodles alongside the Cutie Bruisers.

"Well, I like roller coasters like any other person, but they have rails. Cadol, there's a lot of difference... Ton-Ton, do you need some more juice?" She seemed to be sharing a beef bowl with Cadolbolg, although it was clear that Cadol was having far more of the food than she was.

However, when Devon saw Jenny eat the Mentats, it made her understandably concerned. "Jenny, you sure you want to do that? It's like mixing Red Bull with vodka... it might sound good, but your body's gonna hate that in the morning."

However, it was clear that Devon wasn't really going to get through to her and she replied to David's question. "David, I can bet you that your old hobbies were a lot more interesting than mine were. You know about when Slindis entered that castle, right? Around then, all I was doing was... well, it was work, sleep, and browsing the internet. And considering how much happened, I'm not going to lie; there's been more than a few nights where I wonder what would have happened if I didn't join in. Probably would have seen my older sister's baby..."

Kala smiled at wanderer. Did he just say an appointment with "us" instead of "me"? She wasn't at all bitter about the whole diagnosis thing, but it was good to know he now respected her practice, at least more than before. Then again alchemy was a lot less magical than it was chemical in some cases. Not too far off from making medicine actually, as it mainly consisted of different manners of mixing natural things together. Maybe burning or cooling them at certain intervals. Digressing aside, however, she turned to David and Devon and replied to their reminiscence with. "It's hard not to miss home isn't it? I know it's tough to understand that from me, since it's actually hard for me to say whether I miss home or not. It was a place where I was either mocked or attacked on nearly a daily basis for being what I am, but also the place where I learned to be who I am. She said, reminiscing about everyone she met there. Those alive, such as Slindis and Mel, but those also, who weren't so lucky. Letting out a soft sigh and a smile...

"I never really focused on the positives too often... but that's mainly because the negatives were rather overpowering. Then again, it's where I met Slindis and Mel. I never really said, but after that, things only got better. They were part of an organization I was unsuspecting to be so warmly welcomed to. I found work left and right with them, going places and doing things many people wouldn't have trusted me with otherwise. Eventually, even I was called hero. All this, however, only added to the knives under my skin." she said as her dish arrived, a bowl of rice and "General Tso's Chicken" Stirring it with her fork she recalled her confession about being a spy while fighting Jenny's shadow.

"Everything went right, when I painstakingly wanted it to go wrong. You see, before I ever even went to Stormreach, the place of suffering, both when I was mocked and revered... I was contacted by one who called himself of my own kind. That is to say a Tiefling. They offered me release from the contract that made me what I am. In exchange, I was to travel to stormreach, and become a spy for those who he claimed already held my soul." She said, continuing her story with

"I agreed" She stated. If there was any emotion on her face at this point, it was unnoticeable, but then returned to a slight frown.

"I hated the world in which I lived, just like it always hated me. Then I met Mel in, as strange as it sounds, a tavern." She said, hinting at the presence of alcohol, though Mel took no part in it of course. "She was even younger then than she is now, but it didn't take her long to figure out what I was when there was a paladin of the silver flame present who already knew. They have an uncanny knack for just outright knowing such things hmm? In the midst of him readying to attack me, she stuck up for me and he was escorted outside." She said, making no hint to the fact that it was more of the bouncers knocking him flat on is a** and throwing him out than an "escort."

"To think that someone who actually knew what I was would defend me was unthinkable given previous experience with demon slayers and the like. There she was though, someone who was willing to look past the red eyes and horns to see someone worth saving. It took some time, but I was surprised that her mother, Slindis of course, was equally open minded, though a paladin of the same faith to the man previously mentioned as my assailant. I guess you could say that's when things started to change. I found myself at conflict constantly. she said, her emotions returning to being a little happier.

"I worked for an organization that helped people, and had people in it that I legitimately began to care about... though my nature called me constantly to leave the weak and defenseless to fend for themselves, as they had done to me. In the end though, I started earning the respect of the entire city, but as time went on... I found less and less of it to be what I wanted. It's what they wanted after all. The one who sent me to that city in the first place. I dreaded the day he would make his move, no doubt Shavarath at his back, to destroy the place I then called home. The place that then accepted me, called me hero and friend and champion. I didn't want to betray them, not ever... but surely they would feel betrayed should that day come, and me be revealed to have helped them..."

She said, staring down and tapping her fingers on the table, clearly agitated by the memories.

"There was a time, when I would rather have died than let that happen. I started struggling to do the work I did in helping people, both out of feeling ashamed at earning their respect and out of actually wanting to... escape it all..." She said, scratching her neck and loosening her collar a little. "Instead, I eventually made my peace with it, only to find that when people weren't torturing me, and I wasn't emotionally torturing myself, and I had finally reached acceptance... the whole world... died. Everything I did was of little consequence, good and bad. It was all gone. Everything I cared for. Only I wasn't, tragically. Tortured by others, than tortured by myself, and then losing everything, assuming myself the last one standing. You know the rest, that's when I found myself here." She said, changing to a happier tone to finish things off.

"As odd as it seems though, I wouldn't have it any other way. Now, I find that all wasn't lost, and the two people who started my progress to peace are alive and well, and I am with them... and all of you of course..." She said with a chuckle "I'm glad I found myself with all of you in good company. The best friends I've ever made." She said before finally starting to eat the meal in front of her, still piping hot. "and maybe next time you all can tell your stories over dinner hm?" She said with a grin.

Violet, Merlin, Edge.
Location: G-Corp Canteen
Time: Night.

While Merlin and Edge recouped downstairs, Violet was still working to get the place cleaned up, having programmed a series of Combots to do the rest of the repair work, about a dozen robots with hard hats and wrenches moving around metal and fixing the broken machines.
Once he was happy with their progress, and programmed one of them to be the foreman, he went back down to the G-Corp Canteen where the others where.
"Sorry about that, but I think the Combots can care it from there. Besides, I'm not dressed for repair work. So what did I miss?" He said as one of the waiters brought him his usual meal, a warm Chicken Salad, without him even needing to ask for it.

Sorry for being so late

The Break Room
Location: Versaille | "France"
Time:December 25th, 1776

Darren | Kyre | Red Mage

The revelation was enough to stagger Darren was he wobbled back first into one of the walls before sliding down onto the floor.
"...W-w-....I-...I-didn't mean to..." He stammered as he tried to process the horrible horrible crime he was responsible for, cursing countless copyrighted characters to that fate over the years
"...All I wanted...was to escape...Forget about my own life...Oh god...." He said as this was either a breakthrough that he needed or the final nail in the coffin of his psychosis
"......huh.....It-it makes sense now.......This is my curse....for what I did..." He then blankly said, while he knew that he was one who caused trillions of NPC lives to be ended, this new layer of crime, of him trapping characters in a state of endless suffering, helped to seal in the implications of his actions.
"my name is Statcowski, Red Mage Statcowski."
"...Darren...Darren Webster..." He answered as his eyes seemed to go dead as he sat there, stuck in that immortal shell of a body and dressed up like Phantom of the Oprah wannabe.
"...Can you drill a mouth hole into this mask? I need to drink..."

Violet, Merlin, Edge.
Location: G-Corp Canteen
Time: Night.

Edge turned around and waved to Violet. "Oh. Howdy. We've decided that Merlin over here is going to take a look at those gems. He's a court magician for King Arthur, so maybe he can find something out about the gems that can help us kill Darkside."

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