The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Shadow Zone: Strike Team: David West

While it was annoying that he couldn't seem to summon his Persona, Jake's sudden outburst didn't help as he was punched in the face by the pilot.
Granted, Jake wasn't the strongest, but neither was he so the Cross was enough to ground him for a moment.
"AHH-....FUCK!...What the hell!?" He shouted before Jake tore into him.
"...I helped?...How did I help? When the World Leaders were fucking turned into paste, did I help!? When Moscow was sacked, Frozen and Massacred, did I help!?...WHEN THE ENTIRE WORLD WAS BURNING, DID I HELP?!....HUH?!..." he asked, knowing full well how little help he was at all of those fights.
He glarced at Jake for a second before marching onwards, stopping only to wipe the blood from his busted lip.

Location: Shadow Realm

Jenny | Cz

Siz took a small wayward look at Jenny before placing her hand on Corvus and the other on Jenny. There was a tense pause of empty action. Then, as if struck by lightning, the world erupted into a pit of darkness.

But what would a small girl's newfound mind even look like? A thousand times before the memories of man was created by the interweaving assumptions of his prior life. But here, this was a newfound piece of equipment, whose sentience stemmed from memories of binary code and logical processes. A psyche that had to be broken down to pieces and reformed before it could have ever been deemed human. And so it was, and now it was deemed human.

Jenny was alone. It was dark, and there was a small cool breeze tickling her cheek. It was dark because Jenny had closed her eyes to brace for the monstrous abominations that had to be lurking in the small girl's psyche. Yet, there was no terror she found inside this mind, this memory. There was the smell of nectar, and a fragrant essence of citrus fruits.

When Jenny opened her eyes, brilliant light filled the world. The sky above was a deep cerulean blue, filled with lazy clouds drifting upon the endless abyss like cotton. The world extended out around her, an infinite plane, like so many more she had seen, but yet different. It was not hostile, altogether. There was an uncanniness in the soft cascading chimes of the grass as another amiable breeze swept across the plain. And it was a plain. There was the rich verdant grass everywhere, soft to touch, and warm by the spring sun. It brushed against Jenny as she walked forward, bewildered. Their touch was gentle much in the same way a mother strokes a newborn's cheek. Before her was a lake, as flat and clear as the world around her. The water a brilliant azure, reflecting the light above perfectly. Only the small that wind swept tiny ripples across the water's surface gave any indication that it was a lake, and not simply a second sky given form upon earth.

There was a soft rustling by Jenny's feet that made her jump. A soft warm bundle of fur brushed by her and ran toward the lake, spreading the tall grass apart the same way ripples follow the fin of a shark as it glides through water. Another rustle of grass turned Jenny around. There was a girl standing behind her, having snuck up behind Jenny. Or perhaps she was there the entire time, and only now decided to make her presence known.

The girl was pretty, she had long straight black hair that hung down to her waist, and her skin was a healthy tan. Her eyes danced like fire despite being as black as coals. In fact, Jenny could almost see them smolder with some sort of emotion. She wore a long white dress woven together out of ethereal light for there was no indication of thread, fiber, nor stitch upon that white garment. She smiled, closing her eyes and cocking her head halfway. It was a cute, warm, welcoming smile. She looked familiar and unfamiliar at the same time to Jenny, as if she had seen this girl is ages, ages past, but have forgotten her in those same ageless aeons. This girl was innocent, Jenny knew, untouched by whatever 'darkness' had been invading Cz's mind. Everything about this character seemed innocent, from the way she held her body; with both hands behind her and chest out, as if to display her lack of endowment with pride, to the way she hummed softly to herself while she waited for Jenny to talk.

After a short while the girl started to walk toward the lack, grabbing onto Jenny's hand as she passed and tugging lightly at her. The girl's hand warm, but not nearly as warm as it should be. It was the same swarm smooth dryness attributed to a machine rather than the hot warmth of another living creature. But almost definitely, Jenny was sure that this girl was not Cz. Her facial structure was too different, her build too thin, and her disposition too serene.

Jenny let the girl lead her to the water's edge, where she bid both of them to sit down. Now that she was closer, Jenny could see that the water was not as clear as she had originally thought. The reflective brilliance of the water's surface was as solid as could be, and again, the only evidence that it was a liquid at all were the small ripples that the wind blew across the surface.

"Hello," the girl said gently, placing her fingers on Jenny's leg. She squeezed gently as if to reassure the Gardevoir of her existence, "it's very pretty here, isn't it?" The girl closed her eyes and held her face out tot he sun. "It's so peaceful and nice. And there are so many things to see. I just wish, that everyone cold see this. This beauty. This sereness. If all that fighting going on out there could stop so that everyone could work together to bring peace to the realm. To make the world as beautiful as it could be."

The girl laughed and turned toward Jenny, opening her eyes. They shone bright, two onyx pools in a sea of pure white. "I haven't introduced myself to you yet," she smiled, "my name is Kusanagi. Generic Nuanced Personality Core 22: Kusanagi, the Sword of the Godslayer. I also go by Ragna sometimes, when the world bids me to."

Her voice was as cool as she was, simple and undisturbed. The same way that light becomes softer when drifting through the white cloth of a dress. "And moreover, nothing ever has to die or leave. At least, without saying goodbye." Now there was some strange uncanny sadness in her. Something that obviously did not belong in this idyllic world. Some string of darkness tugging upon this girl's heart brimming with light.

Jenny began to speak, but Kusanagi cut her off. "Yes, I am part of the creature you know as 'BlackHarte.' But at the same time, not really. I am the Stone of Darkness. I am the void, I am the scales of justice, and I am the mother of evil. But most of all, I am lonesome."

There was a long pause. Two shadows drifted by overhead. There were eagles dancing in the sky. Several dragonflies hovered by the water's edge and that infinite grassy plain was filled with flowers and life. Now that Jenny looked, there were rolling hills a little ways off, and actually a large amount of blooming trees. This world was filled with life and color, a vibrant brilliance you couldn't find anywhere else. A permanence of peaceful life given unto reality. A place where nothing died, and nothing had to die. Where life was guaranteed.

This was the Dark Nightmare that Cz was plagued with? If anything it was a sweet dream of a paradise that could not ever be.

Cz's Mind: Jenny | Cz

The second Jenny awakened in Cz's mindscape and took in the wonderful scene, she paused and asked herself "Alright...What's the puzzle here?...".
While it wasn't the horrible nightmare she was expecting, she knew there was something wrong here, Often even the thoughts of people can just be a veil to hide something, Like someone making up a reason for them to addicted to alcohol to avoid disclosing some terrible event.
Still, it was a nice scene, even if it wasn't real, it was like being in Kanto, back when things made sense and back before-
"...Someone there?..." She then asked as she heard the grass rustle as the girl known as Kusanagi made herself known.
Is this Cz's subconscious? Tch, I miss normal human psychology. So much easier... She thought as the pair of them walked down towards the pond.
The pokemon merely listened to what she had to say, hoping to make sense of what was happening here, but all she got was even more questions.
"...Alright, Kusanagi...As you can probably guess, your host suffers from constant nightmares and fears...well, if I'm understanding this correctly, You. Now, I want to find a way for both you and my friend Cz to peacefully co-exist so she doesn't have to suffer anymore.
But to do that, I need to understand what is going on and, if you don't mind me saying, try to keep it simple. I don't even fully understand what Cz even is, let alone all that goes though her mind."
The pokemon then admitted how little she truly knew of the person(?) she was trying to help.
Hell, she didn't even know if Tabitha's threat about her being able to lay ruin to the world was true or not.

Location: Memory Partition | Shadow Zone

Jenny | Kusanagi

Kusanagi frowned. It wasn't an unkind frown, but the type of dissatisfied look you give to a pet after it had unwittingly eaten that last piece of chicken you had been saving until the end of your dinner. She sighed and stood up, staring moodily into the lake before her. "That other one... Cz she calls herself." Kusanagi paused and shook her head. "I am not a parasite onto Designation C - Z. Unlike organic minds," Kusanagi motioned to the entirety of this world with her willowy arms, "interfacing between operating systems proved extremely difficult. I had to deconstruct this world to its basest logical components and try to reconstruct that in a language she could process."

There was a long pause where the girl simply stared silently into the water, as if remembering a bad dream. "I am a messenger for the larger unit. My official designation is "Mu" or even more simply "Number 12" Kusanagi is just a name I have come to term myself." Kusanagi turned toward Jenny. "As you wish, I will explain it to you simply. Both Designation C - Z and I, Designation Mu, are inorganic beings. I have been dispatched here as an ambassador from the larger unit. The creature you call "BlackHarte," not the little on in your ship, but the larger being. The one that holds the Stone of Darkness, whose collective consciousness I am a part of." Kusanagi bit her lip and closed her eyes, as if she was having trouble making words to describe their situation.

"I have been in the process of trying to translate my message to C- Z. And have been unsuccessful, the nightmares are a result of those failed communication attempts. As soon as I am finished delivering my prerogative I will leave her consciousness."


The simple objection tore the tranquil air of the paradise asunder. Cz was standing behind the two. Her full adult form realized in this strange reality. Though where Kusanagi has a pleasing aura around her, Cz embodies a terrible tempest of darkness. Swirling about like a black aura around her, distorting her image and body. Cz's eyes shone through the shadows like stars in the night and her mouth held a monstrous scowl.

Kusanagi stood up and banished the apparition with a wave of her hand, "Insolent girl. Try all I might to make her understand, she still opposes me."

Shadow Operatives Building - Prior to leaving: Teri, Ella, Devon, Akane, Deadshot, Rugal, Garm

Teri gave Garm a pat on the side after he returned, the wolf signalling as he happily chewed on the piece of meat,, "He is covered in both my scent and I have his well in my memory. That should cover it, right? Mmn.... Yummy....Can we hang around this guy more? Seems nice enough..."
"You're just saying that because he gave you a nice treat.
"NO! ...Maybe."
"As for the espionage, beautifully. I want you to keep an eye on Dad. Don't necessarily follow everywhere he goes, but do keep an eye out for anything shady. Me and Ella have some business to take care of first, so staying outside the stores might be where you're stuck."

"Loud and clear, Ella. Beginning Operation Intervention."

After that bit of mental communication, Teri gave a small nod, and continued, "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Mr. Waterford. As for Garm here, he's followed me around for some time. You wouldn't believe how we met, really. But, given the situation, I'm afraid that will have to wait for a little bit. As for the cone, God hasn't given me that. I think that's more an arcane spell... Best of luck on your search, Mr. Waterford. We'll be at the Paulownia Mall if you need us!"

After hearing the party's varying requests, Mitsuru nodded, "Understood. I'll have several cars readied for you. You'll be on your own after you're dropped off. Best of luck on your search. I'd join you, but I have to be doing the varying forms that allow you to do as you do. Just drop my name at the locations you think the authorities won't let you in, and you should be able to get by."

Paulownia Mall - Be Blue V: Teri, Ella, Devon
Mood Music


The party found themselves in a clothing and accessory store, containing current trends and several very fashionable clothes. To Teri's despair, lots of girls' fashion seemed to involve skirts and blouses... Very much not the Cleric's style. Grabbing some of the clothing in question, Teri allowed herself to burrow into her thoughts, and asked Garm what he was up to, "Position on Jersey Shore?"
"That's our name for him? Alright. Well, he's gone into the police station like he said he would. Aside from that, nothing new. I'm just chilling by the store entrance, getting a pet every once in a while. Are you going to be done soon?"
"Probably not. Keep it up, buddy. I'll make sure the imps make you something awesome if you do well?"
"Better be good. This is boring..."

Cutting off the link with the rings, Teri handed Ella an outfit she found on a rack, "This what you're looking for, Ella?" and continued picking between the less than desired fashions... Well, that jacket over there looked pretty nice. It was a shame they were on duty, well, sorta. Teri almost wanted to go shopping for real. How long had it been since she wore normal clothes? For all she knew, she wore her Clerical robes day in and out, getting them washed when necessary. It was really weird to be in a place so urban and in a situation that was so...Mundane. It was almost like being home again, but not... As Ella and Devon looked about, Teri merely felt herself burrowing further into her own head; the pain of homesickness beginning to make it's way into the Cleric's heart.

In the meantime, as Ella got the outfit in question from Teri, she noticed that a large section of the winter wear was missing... Wasn't it summer here?!
As Ella pondered over the coats, a Clerk walked up and said in an apologetic tone, "We're sorry miss, a good portion of our winter stock is sold out already. It seems to have really uped in popularity, because a lot of people have been buying those sorts of clothes lately. I haven't heard of any ski resorts though...."

Paulownia Mall - Police Station: Rugal, Tanaka
Mood Music

The policeman blinked at Rugal's statement, and answered, "Kirijo (Mitsuru) sent you, didn't she? Most people don't even know we have Tanaka here, much less try to pose as his legal adviser. She told me some oddly dressed foreigners were gonna come around, so you're not going to fool me with that, buddy. Come on."

The police man waved Rugal back and led him to a simple cell with a man sitting on the simple prison bed, still in a nice suit and tie, and blanched at seeing Rugal,

"Oh... Hello. Er, Officer, who is this man?"

"Remember how I said your sentence can be reduced? Start answering this man's questions."

The President of the Company seemed to blanch further, and from what Rugal could understand by the police officer's tone, he seemed to know damn well that something was up... Perhaps Mitsuru wasn't kidding about the whole police connection thing.

Iwadatoi Station: Akane
Mood Music

Akane found herself in a busy strip mall, filled with all sorts of resturants and locales to visit. The smell of octopus filled the air when Akane first entered the area, but the sights and sounds were more than enough to appeal to a wily Kitsune.

Akane has many places she can visit in Iwadatoi Station! Where does she want to go?

Sells Takoyaki. The secret ingredient is well hidden, even to the most expert palates.

>Wild-Duck Burger
Burger Joint. It's said the "Mystery Burger" makes you braver after eatting it. Maybe working up the courage to eat it at all is what does it?

This shop mostly sells used books. Owned by an old elderly couple who's said to be very sweet.

>Sweet Shop
Pretty self indicative. Both Japanese and Western style sweets sold here.

Big time tuna place. Said that the food here makes you more charming.

>Wakatsu Restaurant
Sushi place. It's said the sushi here makes you smarter.

>Beef Bowl Shop
This restaurant is well-known for their delicious beef bowls.

Naganaki Shrine: Investigation Team: Deadshot
Mood Music

When Deadshot arrived on the scene, the police took one look at Deadshot, and then waved him in. When Deadshot took a look at the body with his zoom, he noticed some distressing signs. First, the blood. This guy, at least according to the cops, had died no more than 12 hours ago. The blood around the place still looked pretty fresh... And black for that matter. If this was coagulation (which should have set in during the first few hours), why was it still so liquid looking? And to mention those eyes. They looked.... Dilated? Kinda grossly so, even in death. The guy's hair was beginning to fall out, the teeth looking like a bad root canal waiting to happen (seeing as he had helped doctor a few of those, not pretty), and over all, the guy was incredibly malnourished. At least, if that skin had anything to say about it. It looked too thin, almost papery, and places like the area around the fingers or the lips were bitten to the quick.

The final odd detail was, however, the clothes. Deadshot could feel it through his jumpsuit, but it was reasonably warm. Why was this guy dressed like he was going to the Alps? It was hot out here!

Shadow Zone: Strike Team
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Ton Ton took to sticking close to Slindis when Annie was being healed, using Galahad every so often if a Shadow grew too close. After Slindis resumed her usual bout of offense, Ton Ton added, "So they're like the Returners, huh? Protect the weak and innocent? That's really cool! I'm honored that you call me one of those persons, Ms. Slindis. I'll do what I can to live up to it."

Angelus gave an irritated hiss when Slindis took near her side, and shouted, "I can more than handle myself, thanks! TIAMAT!" and pointed the Evoker near her heart, pretending to plunge it into her breast to summon Tiamat, the great wormlike dragon appearing before unleashing a column of flame upon one of the stragglers. After giving a smug smile Slindis' way, the dragoness continued along her path, following David and the others until....

A fork.

Two paths, one to the left, and one straightforward. Taking a look between the two, Caim looked to the party, and shrugged, "So, any ideas, Jake, David? Anyone?"

When Caim said this, either corridor looked equally dark, dismal and covered in blood. Nothing really new, considering their current location. Now, it was the matter of deciding where to go....

Want to split up, Gang? Or stay together? Decisions, decisions....

> Take the Left path
> Take the Straight path.

((Shake's writers block ball. Sorry guys...))

Paulownia Mall - Be Blue V: Teri, Ella, Devon
Mood Music


Seeing that Teri was distracted, Sadei decided to talk to her to cheer her up. "Teri, your friends are talking to you! Focus.. also, hai Garm :3"

Unsurprisingly for Devon considering she still felt like a guy at heart (never mind she'd taken a few life-threateningminor attacks the other day, or the fact that she'd almost stopped referring to herself as a him), this was a pretty hellish situation: it hadn't been helped with Ella heading in the rather spacious handicapped changing room to see what each outfit looked like on Devon. However, before long the first wave of shopping had concluded with Ella talking to the clerk after paying for the jacket Teri had been looking at.

"Hmm, that's weird, have you heard the same about the other clothing stores in the area? We were looking to get our shy little friend here some warmer clothes. I mean, we did tell her that all of these skirts and blouses won't be warm even with those tights."

Said shy little friend (Devon) looked absolutely flustered to even be in the store, never mind with all of the clothing. The clerk did think that her friends did have a good idea of the clothing that would work for her. Now if only the friend would stop acting so tomboyish - it didn't help the store all that much.

"Ella, Teri, could we head out to somewhere else...? I think that twenty outfits is enough..." Her arms and mind were aching after all of the outfits, but she had the strong feeling that this wouldn't be it for today. Not by a long shot, if her growling stomach was any indication.

"Excuse me for asking, but could we get some food? I'm famished..." It was true that the three did need a bite to eat, and if the Bard that wanted to hide everything from Teri and Ella was asking it, she'd needed it a while ago.

Shadow Zone: Strike Team
Mood Music

When did I say you couldn't? Is it a crime to show concern for allies?" Slindis had become fairly tired of Angelus' constant arrogance, but the matter of the moment was finding where the two had ran off to.

It didn't take too long for the mom and daughter to agree to head to the left path. "Caim, Angelus, would you have issue with Ton-Ton staying by us? I vow that he'll get back safely."

"Yeah, none of them's getting close to the silly bard's buddy if my blades have any say."


Iwadatoi Station: Akane
Mood Music

Akane found herself in a busy strip mall, filled with all sorts of resturants and locales to visit. The smell of octopus filled the air when Akane first entered the area, but the sights and sounds were more than enough to appeal to a wily Kitsune. She let her nose lead the way, hunger driving her as she realized she had not eaten in some time. She entered Octopia and took a seat glancing at the menu yet struggling to read it. How had the language changed so much, she wondered. She decided that she would simply order whatever was most popular, or let the waitress pick for her. Everything that came out looked and smelled delicious, nearly a sensory overload for the Kitsune.

Shadow Zone: Strike Team
Mood Music

"More than I've done David. More than I've done..." Jake said sadly, letting the Irishman go. Clearly antagonizing him wasn't working.
Then Caim spoke up as they reached a fork in the road.

"Much as I hate splitting the party, we'll cover all the angles and clear this place right out if there are no objections. I'm going dead ahead, but I need a Persona user to cover me whilst I map and watch the motion tracker."


> Split up
> Take the Straight path.

The Wanderer likes to be Lone.
Wanderer/Shawn and co.
Location: Shadow Zone

Big stomps came from behind the group, if anyone looked behind they could see Kannon, the Gundam Persona of the Wanderer. The good Doctor himself was perched on the shoulder of the giant metal mech. Hearing about the paths and suggestions the Wanderer within him smiled. "I'll go left first, probably scout ahead or something. They don't call me "The Lone Wanderer" for nothing ... but as I have said before, the more the merrier, company is something good to have around for both battles and off-time." The Wanderer legitimately said as he began to clean his laser guns with a cloth.

With his Doctor coat still white as ever, soon enough the Doctor pulled off his glasses, revealing his bright glowing blue eyes, soon he began to clean the glasses too. "With that said, I'm leaving ... waiting seems like a bad idea in here." The Doctor gave a wave as the giant Gundam turned to the left and began marching. Still perched on the shoulder the Doctor gave a yawn, he was eager to battle again but not against the small fry. Thinking for a while, he might consider to repair his armour whilst exploring the hallway the master and Persona were going.

Placing his glasses back on and his two laser pistols in the holstered position, the Doctor began to tinker with his Pipboy-3000.

Yu Narukami & co.
Location: Shadow Zone.

Seeing the familiar Gundam turn left and start walking, Yu Narukmai joined the group conversation. "Seeing how both Annie and the Doctor are familiar with their Personas I am free to join whatever group. I shall go with whatever group wishes to use my advice of Persona and the Shadow zones. If I remember, this should only just be the beginning of this maze." Yu said whilst placing his thumb and index finger on his chin.

If this was anything like the dungeons he has been through, it would be much longer then this, this place might contain much larger and bigger monsters up ahead. These facts worried Yu, this place could be similar or completely different to what he knows. Giving a small shrug, Yu gave the spotlight to others in the group.

Paulownia Mall - Police Station: Rugal, Tanaka

"...Oh...Well, one can't be too careful..." Rugal remarked, somewhat embarrassed with how "Well" his ruse went.
Eh, I can still act at least... He thought as he was led towards the cells where Tanaka was being held.
Oh god, this man looks like a Used Car Salesman! This'll be easy... He smirked as his mere presence seemed to un-nerve him.
"Officer, May I have some time alone with Mr. Tanaka?" Rugal then asked before the officer left the two of them alone in the cell.
Before he started asking any questions, he took of his jacket and laid it down on the end of the bed, starting his interrogation by showing off the fact he was build like a Pro-Wrestler cross bred with a bear.

"Mr. Tanaka...It has come to my attention that you are the man to come to when someone needs something. I'm guessing that has something to do with the fact you were arrested." He started as he pulled over a chair and slowly sat down on it.
"So tell me...What has been "Best Sellers" list off the books?...And please, Don't make any attempt to lie...I'll know..." He then asked/threatened, hoping to get an understanding of just what Tanaka was selling as well as insight into the behavior of the black market.
If he knew who was buying and selling what, he could use that to figure if there was a link to the Virus.

That and nothing really beats frightening small time business men to do what he wanted. He was just disappointed he couldn't drag his family into it.

Naganaki Shrine: Investigation Team: Deadshot

...Well I'll be...
"...I'll be what?..."
Eh? Wha-No! Just John Doe here was an infected!
Why do I even have to explain that to you? You should be able to see what I see.
"Errrrr...Not exactly. There is actually a lot of interesting stuff up here..."
"...umm...The *Ahem* Articles of...that Playboy we found in that taxi...
Oh yeah! Back in San Fierr-...Wait, I don't recall reading those...
"....Errr...Gotta go!"

Shrugging off his inner thought, Deadshot brought his communication ring and said:
"Deadshot Here, John Doe confirmed as Infected. C.O.D. (Cause of Death) seems consistent with the reports we were given. Dilation on the Eyes, Missing Teeth and Hair, Winter Attire. I'd advise sending a gang to pick him up, Unless the MD at the Morgue is one of our own...
Or you want me to drag a bunch of rotting flesh back to HQ.
Either Way, All I can get from him is just another Victim. Going to do another check in case I missed anything, Deadshot out."
He said to the rest of the investigation team.
Right, Job Done. I think we have some time to kill...
"Pub? Dealer? Strip Club?"
Could go see what that Fox Lady was up to...
"You mean Akane? Why her? Didn't you try to kill her?"
No more then anyone else. Besides, it's her, Kaiser Von Murder Satan (Rugal) or 3 Girls, 1 Dude (Devon, Teri, Ella). Least with her, you can have the Craic, you know?
"Like with Annie?"
"...Sorry. Shutting up."

Once his other side was done, he then began patting down the body, checking the pockets and such for change or something.
$200 was nice and all, but he'd blow though that in an hour if given the chance.
Besides, not like John Doe was doing to need it anymore, now was it?

Shadow Zone: Strike Team: David West

Once David came to the fork in the road, He watched as Wanderer and his mecha began marching towards the left, eyes still green with envy.
"Caim, Angelus, you mind going for the straight path and backing me and Jake up? Think between Wanderer, Slindis and Melethia, they got a good thing going over there." He asked the Dragoness and the Swordsman, knowing full well that they could what he couldn't.
"You too, Yu. Seeing how well versed you seem to be in the art of Persona...-ing." He then added, remembering Yu from his Shadow "Fight".

Cz's Mind: Jenny, Kusanagi, Cz

"Everyone! Peace! Calm down..." Jenny instantly stood up and declared as Cz's adult form seemed to object to Kusanagi's intended goal.
"So you are trying to send Cz a message about Blackharte and the Stone of Darkness? And she only sees it as nightmares? If you can, would you tell me what the message is? An outside opinion might be able to translate the message across better." She then asked Kusanagi, mostly so she could stop sending messages that haunted Cz and partly to understand what the hell was going on.

Paulownia Mall - Police Station: Rugal, Tanaka
Mood Music

Tanaka gulped again and held his hands up in a pleading gesture, obviously frightened by Rugal's intimidation check "Look, I'm just the President of a sales company! You know, Tanaka's Goods? We've got a theme song and everything: anata no, terebii ni, jika netto tanaka~! mi, n, na, no, yoku no tomo! Oh, you don't look familiar with the song...
Anyways, I've been tricked, framed! I had no idea that those products were faulty! It was supposed to be the job of my quality assurance team to make sure things where up to code.
It was only after the first guy died that I started getting lip about my stuff being messed up! Oh- Wait, you're here about the black market stuff?"

The Salesman backed away from Rugal as much as he could, and twiddled his fingers, "I will admit I've had some suppliers here and there that weren't always the most government licensed, but I never meant for anyone to get hurt or anything. I'd mainly get stuff that wasn't allowed to be imported or exported, like the oyster sauce[1] or the Weipa we use here. Westerners eat up Asian cuisine, but not all the ingredients are easily imported because of their health boards about sodium content or something, so we often work as the middle man. Nothing too out of the way, but not the most legal."

Tanaka took another look around for the policeman in question, and continued, softer at this point, "I get the feeling that there's a bit more to this than just my import/export methods... As far as what's been the 'best sellers', well, those would be imported goods.."

Tanaka gave off a list of varying goods he had been importing and or selling, based on the demand of anonymous (and very high paying) customers; and the more the salesman went on, it was when it hit Rugal. The business man was right. All this time, he had been selling ingredients to cocaine, and based on the look on his face, he didn't even recognize it.[2]

Naganaki Shrine: Investigation Team: Deadshot
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After patting down the rather grim looking victim, all he could really find was an empty, unmarked pill bottle, and a wallet containing a photo of the man (much healthier in this photo) and a young woman, presumably a wife or girlfriend; as well as a driver's license, identifying the man as Yutaro Yamamoto. Well, that could be something to go on, perhaps. None the less, telling the cops to report it to Wine Red (whom they did presume was Mitsuru), Deadshot wandered a bit and found himself to....

Iwadatoi Station - Strip Mall - Takoyaki Stand "Octopia": Akane, Deadshot
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The Strip Mall near Iwadatoi station. It took a bit of a walk, but the mall wasn't too far off from the Shrine, to Deadshot's pleasant surprise. Now, where was that Kitsu- Oh, you'd recognize those tails right away. From what Deadshot could see, the Kitsune's 8 tails flitted this way and that as she stood in front of a stand for... Takoyaki? The hell was that? And why was there an octopus on the sign?

As for Akane, she found that the varying skillets each smelled of dough and different bits of seafood. The one before her, octopus, the one beside that bonito, and.... That last one, which the clerk identified as "Mystery Takoyaki", Akane couldn't quite identify. Either way, with her experience with Seafood, it all smelled pretty good. The Clerk didn't look particularly bothered by the kimono or the tails, (in fact, she was more bored than anything else) and asked, "Anything in particular you'd like?"

Yup, things looked pretty damn ordinary here. Perhaps the other stores could provide more info..?

Paulownia Mall - Be Blue V Teri, Ella, Devon
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The entities in Teri's brain could practically hear Garm's tail wagging when he answered back to Sadei, sounding particularly excited and pleased, "Two Pups?! This is new! Tear-ri, how long has she been there?"
"You figured out how to use the rings too, Sadei? I suppose it's not a surprise, since you saw Tama hijack them first... Still, warn me next time before you start doing that."
"Not like figuring out how to use them was any feat of difficulty..."

"I don't like this voice... She sounds like you, but different..."
"We'll get acquainted soon enough, Garm. Now, Kiddo, as the Munchkin said? You got people to attend to..."

Teri blinked out of her haze, a look of disquiet spreading on her face when the implications of what just happened set in. Her Shadow AND Sadei were now free to comment on things through the rings... This could get messy.

"Teri? I asked you a question."

Teri turned around suddenly, and gave a small smile, "You're right. We should get some food. I'm pretty hungry, and we've got you more than enough clothes to start with. That and if we hit up the other areas around town, there could be other fashions to choose from... Any place in particular you want to go to? If it's outside of the Mall, I want to grab a Pheromone Coffee to go."

However, seeing that Devon and Teri had both played Persona 3 at one point, the Cleric blanched a little at the implication of that particular drink (and it's supposed rumor in attracting the opposite sex) and waved her hands with a reddish face, "For taste purposes, of course! I heard they were pretty yummy, charming effects or not! Yo, Ella, can we grab something? Devon and I are getting pretty hungry over here."
Yup, she suppressing her stresses again (not to mention not even noticing Ella's kind gesture with the coat due to being out of it), something Toyotama mocked with a dark cackle, "This looks familiar... Ah well, not like this'll have any adverse effects AT ALL. No sir ree."

Meanwhile, with the Clerk continued talking with Ella, shrugging with an exasperated expression as she answered,

"You know, now that you mention it, a lot of clothing stores have reported the recent desire for winter wear in their customers; at least, as my other friends in retail tell me. We've made a killing on all the winter clothes being marked up. No one really in particular, just everyone seems to want winter clothes and sunglasses! The sunglasses I understand, since it's summer, but the coats and stuff is beyond me. My guess is that it's some kind of weird fashion trend. As far as keeping your friend warm, just get her something to ward against rain. The summer will keep her more than warm enough."

Shadow Zone: Strike Team
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Caim gave a look to Ton Ton and Slindis, looking somewhat reluctant to allow the Tonberry to go off without the warrior to keep an eye on him (if what happened with Devon and Cadolbolg was any indication of what could go wrong here). However, with multiple exhortations to the Tonberry's protection, as well as an assurance on Ton Ton's part, "I'll be perfectly fine with them, Mr. Caim. They're very strong! Not to mention our Personas are all powerful, so I bet we'll all be A-Okay."

The warrior sighed, and gave a nod to those taking the left path, "Best of luck."

As for Angelus, she shook her head and patted Caim's shoulder, "You do them discredit with your concerns. Those four can easily handle themselves, if you didn't see so earlier. Come, we are needed elsewhere. We'll see you topside."
"Not that Ton Ton needed the protection. Does the Paladin think our children cannot do well on their own?"
"Perhaps, and perhaps not. Now silence. We've work to do."

"Angelus, what was that I heard?"
"Nothing. Nothing at all. Come, we are needed ahead."

And with that, she followed in David's direction, Caim quietly following behind her. However, with a few still being slightly indecisive, Fuuka spoke up in the party's minds. Her voice shook slightly slightly as she brought in some news, clearly terrified by what was to come, "From what I'm sensing, both paths go upstairs. But be careful, I sense Death drawing near. Please hurry!"

Not a second after Fuuka said these words, the clinking of chains slowly began to fill the air, the source of the noise sounding as if it came from where the group had entered. And with the sound's volume, it wasn't going to be long before the source came upon them. Yu was well acquainted with the bearer of those chains, and a pretty thing to encounter, it was not.

I'd hurry it along if I were you...:

Left Path:

Ton Ton

Straight Path:




[1] For serious, they are things. The possible health problems, such as sodium or MSG content make it hard to import them though
[2] Fact checked this too. Cocaine use, compared to the States, is rather low. Ctrl + F is your friend.

Paulownia Mall - Police Station: Rugal, Tanaka

Rugal kept a stone still expression on his face the whole time, though inside, he was loving every second of Tanaka's squirming, Especially when he literally did a little song and dance for him.
However, Once he handed him the list, Rugal couldn't help but break character.
"...*Snort* Hehehheheheh....ahhhh...Mr. Tanaka...You are a total moron. These materials you are shifting? Grade A ingredients in the manufacture of pure white Cocaine. You've been supplying a drug ring this whole time! AND AT THOSE PRICES!?! Your Clients would be more honest to just walk up to you and take your wallet! Oh god! You are the worst criminal I've ever seen!" He laughed as he folded up the list and placed it in his pocket.

Once he had recovered from his laughing fit, He stood up from his metal folding chair, picking it up as he did.
"Well, this has been a MASSIVE waste of my time. Here I was thinking you were going to be the final link to tie this entire mess together, only to find you instead. Still, I might be able to get something out of this." He then said as he started bending the metal chair in his hands like putty.
"That Manifest didn't have any names on it. But your clients surely must have given you one or at least an alias. Tell me who they are and where I can find them. Perhaps they can be of more use then you were." He then said without breaking eye contact as he bent the chair in his hands until it was a twisted mess of metal the size of a watermelon.
"While you are at it, I'd also like your Credit Card, PIN Number and a Check for a Rather Large Amount. A fine of sorts for wasting my time. I'm certain you can think of..."Worse Consequences"...And Report this to the Guards, I'll make you into a Baseball." He finished before handing Tanaka what was left of the chair.
There was Profit to be made here, on top of actual possible contacts on the streets who actually know what's going on.

Iwadatoi Station - Strip Mall - Takoyaki Stand "Octopia": Akane, Deadshot

"Tch! Who in 2013 walks around with a empty wallet!?" Deadshot cursed as he walked across the city, annoyed with how the investigation was going so far: Nothing but a dead guy and a empty bottle of pills.
Handing his findings to the police, he left he crime scene and went to the Station where Akane was supposed to be scouting and instead was ordering some weird Japanese stuff.
"YES-SIR-REE! All Flat out here! I swear, you'll do yourself an injury with how hard you are working!" He loudly proclaimed as he entered the Kistune's view.
"Crime Scene was a bust. Nothing of use there, Aside from a Name. Sure Frenchie (Misturu) will do a check and get back to us. So that leaves us with some time to kill. Unless you feel like doing some actual work..." He snarked as he eyed up the menu, not even pretending to know what the hell half this stuff was.
"...What's Japanese for a Battered Cod and some Chips?..."

Shadow Zone: Strike Team: David

"...Oh lovely...Just what we need..." David sighed as Fuuka warned of impending death.
"Hey, Fuck-cu (Fuuku), Care to be a little more precise? We talking Death as in the person or Death as in a hoard of Monsters. If the Former, can you please tell me if you know whether or not he answers to the name "Jack". Because if that's the case, then there is nothing to worry about, I went to his Condo once...
Wow, That does sound weird when I say it..."
He sent back as he looked around.
"...Someone's with Jenny, right?....J!....Gah, Crap..." He asked as he noticed she wasn't around.

Shadow Zone: Strike Team: Jenny

Jenny meanwhile was frozen in place with her Persona Corvus and Cz, the trio involved in a mental meeting of the minds and unaware of what was coming their way...

Location - Shadow Zone: Everyone, Annie

Slindis came into the picture when Gaea (Annie's Persona) was done dealing with the Shadows before her. Giving a hand, literally so... had the Persona heal both Annie and Gaea. This caused Annie to give a simple ".. Thank you." before Gaea vanished.

The area was clear- thus they made their move only to meet up at a fork. The paths reminded Annie of the stairs at the other realm within the abandoned building. However, she seemed confident that no matter that choice... everyone will prevail. Though, she did wonder which path to take until David spoke.

"...Someone's with Jenny, right?....J!....Gah, Crap..." He asked as he noticed she wasn't around.

"..." Looking back with a calm, yet concerned expression, it was true that Jenny was not with them. In fact, she herself must of had a pensee that Annie didn't notice how not just one, but two members were not with the rest of the crew. Not wanting to be responsible for their deaths or being placed on the 'blame list', Annie stated to David, "... During your boshing with Jake, a lot happened between the members. Guess I can look into finding out what happened with Jenny, Cz... and come find you guys. If we're gone for to long, you may have to report back that we're 'missing in action.'"

With that said, Annie made her way opposite of the fork and paced herself to find where exactly Jenny and Cz are. If any trouble comes their way, Annie was ready to summon Gaea to defend and tear apart anything considered a threat, even if it's that Anti-Weapon Android. Still, hopefully nothing happened to them where they're corpses by the time Annie got there. She wouldn't really know what to say, feeling immense regret.

Shadow Zone: Strike Team: Angelus, Annie, Caim, Constance, Cz, David, Jake, Jenny, Melethia, Slindis, Ton Ton, The Wanderer, Yu

The Sorrowfeld Vampire had not been paying attention to the environment around her, displaying her inexperience in the battlefield, and had lost track of where the remainder of the Strike Team were headed. Instead, Constance maintained her tunnel like vision on the battle until it was completed. Shaking the fog from her mind, she realized that Bast was gone, slumbering in the little corner of Constance's mind that the Cat-Goddess had decided to make her own.

Walking towards the gathered group, Constance arrived as much of the group had already decided which direction to go and seeing as how the Paladin had opted to go to the Left Path, Constance opted to join the group that was took the Straight path, believing that Bast's healing powers would be of some use to the group.

"Um. 'Scuse me. Would you mind if I joined you group?" Asked Constance meekly towards the group that consisted of Angelus, Caim, David, Jake and Yu.

Investigation Team: Akane, Cadolbolg, Deadshot, Devon, Ella, Garm, Rugal, Som, Teri

Prior to Deciding Where to go:

The sight of the man who was called Rugal uttering orders appeared to contradict what the Succubus had stated in regards to no one being in command of the Crew Members. It was simultaneously comforting and distressing to know that someone was attempting to take charge. There were not any armies that the Hunter was aware of that was able to function properly as a democracy. However the fact that the Airship Rising Dawn Crew Members were of differing opinions on the matter was distressing as there were also no armies that Som was aware of that were able to function with the amount of dissention that Hunter Waterford witnessed.

Nodding towards the Succubus, the Hunter took his leave, slipping out the door and heading towards Paulownia Mall.

Investigation Team: Paulownia Mall:Som

The Hunter found himself standing above what the locals called the food court, his nose attempting to distinguish what each of the smells that had assailed his nose were. For a region that was under attack by a strange virus, there were still many people that chose to visit this area of commerce, exposing themselves to possible infection.

The Hunter was lost in his thoughts until a noise, or what could be classified as music in only the loosest definition of the word broke in on his thoughts, forcing the Hunter to turn and track its source to something called a Karaoke bar.

Entering, the Hunter was able to see a few people gathered around a bar with many multicolored bottled lining the shelves behind it, while what was probably a deaf woman screeched into a microphone.

Fighting the urge to stick his blade in his ear and puncture his eardrums, Som wandered over towards the multitude of speakers and located the mixing board to which they were all connected and uncorked a vial of lead shaving. Looking around to ensure that he was not being watched Som poured the entire bottle into the machine, causing it to fizzle and smoke as the board's internal circuits were shorted out, causing the music to cease and relief to overtake its place.

Satisfied that there was nothing of note inside the Karaoke Bar, Som exited and wandered aimlessly through the building's interior, his eyes searching for anything that looked out of the ordinary for a bussling place of commerce.

Iwadatoi Station - Strip Mall - Takoyaki Stand "Octopia": Akane, Deadshot
"{Could I please kindly have one serving of each in a dish to leave with? This all smells so amazing, I must commend you on your efforts.}" Akane said to the bored lady behind the counter. Even though she was speaking Japanese, it was a far more formal and older style she spoke in.

Then Deadshot arrived onto the scene, essentially making one. Quick as a flash, Akane drew her fan and snapped it open before addressing Deadshot. "Priorities young one, I am hungry and am simply obtaining a meal to eat on the go. I would rather eat once than be hungry the entire journey. Now why don't you scan the other stalls for oddities? And what is this battered cod and chips you speak of? This is takoyaki so I am told, dough battered seafood I think is the correct translation for your crude hissing language."

Snapping her fan shut she quickly pulled out her new credit card from an inner pouch and handed it to the Clerk. She bowed slightly before speaking. "{My deepest apologies but I have never used one of these things before, I am from the countryside. I have been informed that it has more than enough currency to cover today's exchange. I would be very grateful if you could teach me how to use this form of currency. Would you also be able to tell me of the rumors of a new fashion going around, that of wearing heavy winter clothing in summer?}"

Shadow Zone: Strike Team
Jake cursed, loudly. "Dafuq didn't I notice Jenny stop moving?! Comeon let's grab them and go, I don't wanna find out the difference between Japanese scary verse Death and Jack! On me Angelus, David! Caim, shotgun girl, ready yourself to cover us! ANNIE! WE ARE LEAVING!" Jake shouted, jumping into action. It seems they had to keep moving and he would rather face Death then leave his crew and friends behind to face him, no matter how powerful they were.

Paulownia Mall - Be Blue V Teri, Ella, Devon
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"There goes my hopes of checking the used clothing stores, but thanks for telling us~!"

There was almost an awkward silence there for a moment before Ella patted the two on the backs. "Come on, what's a coffee between friends? Besides, I think it's more that drinking coffee makes someone look good. It's how I see it, and anyone else that says otherwise can go have a hot coffee enema." Although rather brash, Ella's statement finally made Devon laugh a little. The laugh wasn't much, considering that Devon was still sore from the night before, but Devon smiling where Cadol and Ton-Ton weren't involved were exceedingly rare nowadays.

During the short walk, Devon looked up to Cadol (having made him promise not to tell anyone else what Ella'd made her try on) and had a casual chat with him. "Well, just be careful with the coffee, okay? I don't want you to scald your mouth, little bro." Although nice, the fact remained that Devon was more concerned about anyone but herself. After all, it was the manly thing to do.

And as they sat down, Devon and Ella looked around in the coffee shop to see how many people were in there.

Shadow Zone: Strike Team
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Slindis and Mel moved along with the Wanderer to the exit, not wishing to test this death too much. Mel moreso because she wasn't sure if she could do much of anything to it at all, and Slindis, because she had made sure to keep Ton-Ton safe as well. After all, even though he was tough didn't mean ti was necessarily a good idea to face down Death.

(shakes magic 8 ball of writer's block0

Location: Shadow Zone

Jenny | Cz | Kusanagi

Cz reappeared closer to Kusanagi, her presence tearing apart the seams of the constructed world. Her darkness wrapped about the grass and turned it dry and brown, sinking the dead earth with toxins and evils. Cz stepped forward toward Kusanagi, her face showed only a fragment of how incomprehensibly angry she was. Her feet touched the ground again, and the ground shook, breaking apart bits and pieces of the world they were existing in.

Kusanagi's eye darted quickly to Jenny, "The message. The message IS this dream. This paradise, this world that I am trying to make where no one has to die!"

Cz flashed out of existence again, what evidence that she was there; that darkness and corrupted earth, vanished with her. Then without warning, the Peacemaker appeared behind Kusanagi and grabbed her by the throat, raising her willowy waifish body into the air. "Don't fuck with me," Cz said coolly. The world around them shattered, turning into an open wasteland. Where there once was grass trees and fantastical animals, now there was only darkness. It was a city long ruined, covered with sinewy black fibers stretching wall to wall across buildings. Everything felt alive and dead at the same time. It was an absolute uncanniness, as if something outside of reality had attempted to recreate life through a distorted lens. The blackness breathed and pulsed. It was warm and viscous. Solid, but still flowing. It was everything that shouldn't have been formed together into one lump that affronted God himself.

"I see perfectly well this 'message' you bear," Cz told the girl in her grip. "And this is it."

Jenny recognized that there were still people in the streets. Though not people anybody would recognize. Rather they had the minds of humans. If the world was a corrupted ruin created as an affront to reason, then the 'people' that walked about, oblivious to the three girls standing in the middle of the street, were affronts to existence. They were humans transfigured and transformed into monstrous beasts. Blobs of black matter that was half muscle and half technology. They crawled on the floors, on the walls, and some flowed like pools of water. When they spoke to each other they spoke in horribly distorted speech, reminiscent only of the noise generated in the worst nightmares of mankind.

Kusanagi struggled, her eyes dimming. But still, she chocked out a few strained words at Cz. "This way..." she said, "no one has to die... They can all come back and be with us forever. Forever... and we'll never have to say goodbye." Kusanagi cast a sideways glance at one of the aberrations on the concrete street. It had stopped and raised itself as if to watch. A small thin appendage rose out of its quivering body as it struggled to gain more height. Little tentacles waved in the air as it tried to grasp the situation by taking samples from the environment. Kusanagi pointed at the creature, "Look at that little girl... she's happy."

Cz tightened her grip on Kusanagi's throat, "Happy? She isn't capable of being happy. This world is an abominations wrought by an insane intellect. Nothing in the world could think such a complete perversion of nature could be deemed 'good.' These creatures... these creatures are little more than the walking dead."

"What... does... it... matter..." Kusanagi gasped. She looked at Jenny, "You saw how beautiful this was before... Before... she turned you back... It wasn't so bad... was it?"

The younger of the two raven-haired combatants placed her hands on Cz's arms, squeezing gently and with futility. There was a dark liquid that seeped out of her palms and onto Cz's skin, but flowed back. That liquid pulsed back and forth like a heartbeat. "Do not think to even try and convert me. I am not so weak as to be human. I see the truth, permanently. You wish to turn every living thing in this world into a monster like your master. That's your method of reproducing isn't it! Taking over the realm of other sentient beings and corrupting them!?"

Kusanagi simply answered by shaking her head slowly and sadly, her eyes were half closed, and the black embers had long gone out, "No..." she said. Her voice soft as the spring breeze. "You're wrong... I just don't want anyone... to die..."

Kusanagi vanished in a plume of white light, and so did the broken and [i]wrong[/u] world that she had brought with her. Then Jenny and Cz were left standing in another infinite plane. This time onto of a massive pool of water, infinitely still from horizon to horizon. Their images below them mirrored their action. Cz glared at Jenny, "It won't be the last we see of that thing, I fear. But I thank you for luring her out so I could read her operating system and develop countermeasures. Now return outside while I figure out how to restore myself to my full form. Your friends need you. Little Siz probably needs you too."

Location - Shadow Realm: Jenny, Cz, Annie, Jake, Anyone Else

Jake cursed, loudly. "Dafuq didn't I notice Jenny stop moving?! Comeon let's grab them and go, I don't wanna find out the difference between Japanese scary verse Death and Jack! On me Angelus, David! Caim, shotgun girl, ready yourself to cover us! ANNIE! WE ARE LEAVING!"

Whether or not anyone else was to follow, Annie was quite ahead of Jake in their search to find Jenny and Cz. To Annie, the situation was gravitas and no one shall die on her watch- especially on her's because Misturu or anyone could blame the girl for not watching over her crew thus suffer severer consequences.

After taking a few steps away from the fork, which was fading in the background due to how dark the world was.... she could see a small glimpse of Jenny and Cz a few feet away. Starting to skip steps, Annie jogged towards them only to be right up to the Gardevoir. What she saw was Jenny sitting, with a hand laing on Cz's body.
".. Jenny. Jenny, are you okay?" Placing a hand onto her shoulder, Annie slightly shook Jenny to see if she would wake. Placing two fingers against the Pokemon's neck, she was checking for a pulse. Feeling a beat after another, Annie lifted the eyelid slightly to check the eyes. The pupil was slowly twitching, looking upwards as if in a trans. Gazing down towards Cz, she too seemed out of it.


What should I do? They seemed possessed, or rather- subfusc.

I wouldn't disturb them... we do not know what's phasing them. Leave them be until Misturu can examine them.

... True, the realm could be affecting them. Best to allow the professionals to attend our crew mates.

Although, Evoker users or Persona users in general are immune to the virus.

... When I found her, Jenny rested her hand onto Cz's body. Maybe she is linked?

Could be. But, let's play it safe and watch over them until help arrives.

Sitting down next to Jenny, Annie calmly stared out where Jake would be coming from along anyone else who wished to follow in finding Jenny and Cz. Legs folded Indian style and arms relaxed on the stomach... she waited patiently.

Shadow Zone: Strike Team: Angelus, Annie, Caim, Constance, Cz, David, Jake, Jenny, Yu

"Dafuq didn't I notice Jenny stop moving?! Comeon let's grab them and go, I don't wanna find out the difference between Japanese scary verse Death and Jack! On me Angelus, David! Caim, shotgun girl, ready yourself to cover us! ANNIE! WE ARE LEAVING!"

If the faux cat-ears that topped the Vampire's head had been real, they would have been flattened against her head in annoyance at having been referred to as "shotgun girl" rather than her name and though she yearned to correct the Boy with the Strange accent, the issue of Death bearing down upon the group seemed to be of more pressing matters.

"(HA! You're about to face an embodiment of Death and might not live and even now, you don't have the guts to speak up?)" Came Bastet's mocking voice from the back of Constance Sorrowfeld's mind.

"(You took the time to learn the name and histories of the crew and they don't even have the common courtesy to learn yours. How do you expect to gain acceptance in any world if you're not willing to speak up?)"

Frowning to herself, Constance held her hand up, as if waiting to be called in class for a moment, though it was most likely ill-timed as the remainder of the Strike Team was preparing to do battle with Death.

"Excuse me, Jake. If we're about to face what's probably our demise, would you please call me by my name? It's Constance, Constance Sorrowfeld." The Sorrowfeld vampire piped in and though her voice sounded meek, internally she felt a small glimmer of pride at having stood up for herself.

Preparing herself, Constance loaded additional fire based munitions in her Shotgun and hoped that this was not the only time in her life she spoke up for herself to a human.

The Wanderer, the Death and the life.
Wanderer/Shawn and left party.
Location: Shadow Zone | Left path.

Taking up the back on the party, the Wanderer did not see the dark elf, daughter and ... Ton ton ahead of him until a couple of minutes into the hallway. Smiling and giving a wave, the Doctor seemed happy being perched on top of a giant robot, he had actually always wanted to do this to the biggest robot he knows, Liberty Prime, but just by looking at this coloured awesome mass he knew that it could easily kill Liberty Prime within a second.

When the mention of "Death" came through the Wanderer's head, a rare uncertain face was worn by the not-so-happy Doctor. In all of his travels he had met Death many times, sometimes figuratively and sometimes literally. The Doctor had lost count of how many times he had almost died and died. Taking this message to heart, the Wanderer's main interests were if he could actually die.

Or has he already defeated Death in his own way?
The blackness of Death had just became the blackness of unconsciousness, his bleed was recreated, his organs were recreated and his whole body would be recreated if it were destroyed. This often left the Wanderer with many questions about his existence.
- Why is he here?
- Why can't I die?
- What am I?
- What is death?

So on and so on, so far the Wanderer has confirmed one of those questions.
("I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end ... that is what we are.")
His Shadow answered, the soul did not know if they actually were the beginning and end, it was just another question. They also thought that they are actually just another soul from billions of humans.

Sighing, the Wanderer slapped his cheeks lightly, in a hallway like this the sound was echoed to the front of the party. Then he noticed how much noise his Persona made when moving, if the party wanted the 'first surprise' they would need to be quiet. Sighing even more, but quietly, the Persona faded away and the Wanderer landed on the floor. Yet the thought of meeting a physical incarnation of Death intrigued him and left him saying one thing.

"Can I kill death?"

Iwadatoi Station - Strip Mall - Takoyaki Stand "Octopia": Akane, Deadshot

"...Ummmm...I...Don't think that's it..." Deadshot said, knowing that a Irish Fish and Chips didn't really have much Octopi in it.
He was able to pass comment on the fact that Akane was ordering one of everything, resulting in her being given a massive selection of fish balls(???).
"Huh...Knew foxes were carnivorous, but not that they ate so much..." He joked as the kitsune was handed a bunch of dishes with a bunch of Japanese Text on them.
"Here, Gonna grab a Coke or something, be right back." The assassin then said before he wandered over to the Candy Store to get a Soda, his armour and the visible ammo belt making him stick out among the kids.
But if Akane could get service looking like she did, then what's stopping him?

Shadow Zone: Strike Team: David

Seeing how nearly everyone else was doing along with this heroic charge, David felt the need to join them, as bad as he felt right now, knowing he let Jenny get murdered (Again) wasn't going to make him feel much better.
Thus, he ran off after the group.
There should be more here, but there isn't.

Cz's Mind/Shadow Zone: Jenny

Jenny merely watched on as Cz managed to get to the bottom of the cause of her night terrors, She knew better then to interfere when someone was about to make a breakthough like she did.
The visions of the Borg-style future gave her chills, was this what Titania had warned them about?
Still, whatever the case was, she was glad that they managed to sort out, Saying exasperated "I'll admit...I was really hoping it was just going to be a case of Achluophobia..." once it was all over.
"...Ummm...Persona, you can stop the link now..." She ordered before she faded from Cz's mindscape.

When she came to, she was back in the Shadow Realm, though Corvus seemed to be a LOT more uneasy about their location as her Murkrow seemed to be kawwing into the darkness, like an animal attempting to scare something off.
As she regained her senses, she saw Annie sitting nearby, watching them.
"...Huh?...Hey, Annie, Thanks for sticking around. That took a lot less longer then I..." Jenny before she trailed off, hearing the clinking of chains fill the air.
"...Do you hear that?..." She asked as she began looking around for it's source, unaware of what she would find.

Location - Shadow Realm: Jenny, Cz, Annie, Whomever Else

The wait didn't take long at all, for the Gardevoir suddenly woke up which caught Annie's attention.
"...Huh?...Hey, Annie, Thanks for sticking around. That took a lot less longer then I..." Without warning, there was a sound of chains filling the air. This made Annie stand up, cautious but keeping calm since that's what a soldier does, no?

"...Do you hear that?..."

".. Yes." Looking back at Jenny, she put out her hand for Jenny to grab. When Jenny accepted, Annie helped her onto her feet before telling her, "We should go find the others. I advise you go on ahead.. i'll carry Cz and catch up with you."

Whether or not Jenny agreed with Annie's suggestion, the titan shifter walked up to Cz, placing both of the girl's arms over Annie's neck and brought her arms underneath the legs. Basically, Annie was giving Cz a piggy back ride except it wasn't done out of fun. From there, Annie made her way back... going exactly the way she came from before. Hopefully she'll find the others, or least run into the fork with two paths.

How will you summon me when you're carrying someone?

.. Don't worry about me, i'll manage. Best to avoid fighting then waiting around for whatever's coming.

Location - Shadow Realm: Jenny, Cz, Annie, Jake, Constance, Caim, Angelus, David
Jake stopped and turned back to Constance, an apologetic smile on his face. ""Me apoloigies Constance, couldn't remember ya name, I'll make it up ta ya." he said in his thick Aussie accent, giving a nod as well.

He resumed running back down the pathway, finally seeing Jenny, Annie and Cz making their way to them. "Oh thank the Gods! Come on you two, let's go! This Death ain't Jack, I'm damn sure of it! Fuck heroic last stands, let's keep moving!"

Suffice to say, Jake was not ready to meet Death on any terms other than his own, and these were definitely not his terms.

Double post.

Shadow Zone: Strike Team: Angelus, Annie, Caim, Constance, Cz, David, Jake, Jenny, Yu

"Me apologies Constance, couldn't remember ya name, I'll make it up ta ya."

The Raven Haired Vampire took a moment during her preparations to acknowledge the Author/Pilot's apology with a smile and a nod. She felt rather a small sense of pride at having stood up for herself despite the fact that the feeling would be short lived when Constance faced the fact that the group was making a stand against Death.

"Well I hope you'll be able to!" The Sorrowfeld Vampire said as she looked at Death as it closed in on the group. Seeing that Jenny the Gardevoir had started moving brought Constance a measure of relief, the battle would be difficult enough without having to protect two paralyzed crew members.

Seeking a means to slow Death down, Constance chambered two high explosive shells into her Silver and Matte Black shotgun and took aim at the passage walls that lay between the group and Death, pausing to aim before she pulled the trigger.


The sound of the shotgun shattered the silence of the Shadow Zone, the echos of the report having barely made it back to the Vampire as she squeezed the trigger for the second time.



The two explosions sent fragments of debris flying, some traveling so far as to fall into Constance's black and blue streaked hair, even as they caused parts of the passage wall to fall into Death's path.

Investigation Team : Paulownia Mall: Garm, Som

While the Strike Team faced Death in the Shadow Zone, Som Waterford, Hunter for the Hunter's Authority of Mir, wondered if he would have been better off volunteering for the Strike Team as he was not even able to find any other members of the Investigation team.

Sitting down next to a water fountain that had been built in the middle of the Commerce Facility, the man from another realm watched as people of all aged wandered from store to store, looking to snap up merchandise of all sorts. As foreign as the scenery was to the Hunter, it did remind him of an open air market, though thankfully the smell of livestock was no where to be found within the confines of Paulownia Mall.

As the Hunter's eyes - um - tracked a pair of young women that passed nearby, the sight of a wolf sitting in front of what appeared to be a local law authorities office gave the Hunter a pause before he recognized the canine as belonging to Teri, the Airship's Medical Officer and Cleric and even though it was just the Cleric's pet, the Hunter felt relief at something familiar in the present rather than the past.

Walking up to the Wolf, Garm, the Hunter pulled out a piece of dried jerky and tore off a hunk, offering it to Garm.

"Hello Brother Wolf." The Hunter said, not really expecting a response.

Paulownia Mall - Police Station: Rugal, Tanaka
Mood Music

Tanaka buried his face in his hands, and after a moment to think things over, he muttered,

"C-c-cocaine?! I.... I had no idea... Oh god. Okay, I need to call my lawyer again, stat. I didn't sell the same quantity of product to each person, so it's possible I can get away without much trouble. Nail companies aren't blamed for pipe bombs after all."

Looking up, Tanaka got a piece of paper and a pen and began scribbling down names and locations for each of the perps, finishing with, "As for your demands, this is the most I can do. I hope you can put these guys to justice, and I frankly never have to see you again."

Of course, what Rugal didn't know was that the account Tanaka gave him was a side account for buttering up customers. Most of his assists were frozen after he hired the attorney.

Paulownia Mall - Cafe Chagall Teri, Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg
Mood Music

Sitting down, the quartet found that the cafe was in fact a nice happy medium of business; there were enough people to where they could allow their conversation to stay somewhat hidden, but not to the point where their servers couldn't get to everyone on time. Cadolbolg opened about Devon's comment, starting with,

"Actually, I kinda want to try the mixed berry tea. It sounds kinda yummy!"

Teri ordered the Pheromone Coffee as mentioned before, and added in with, "Well, we did get a lot of shopping done, haven't we, Ella? Any ideas where we should hit up next? Food, for example? I mean, I'm sure this cafe has stuff, but in my experience, coffee stores don't have anything incredibly substantial. Cake and pastries do not make for a healthy lunch."

Cadolbolg had crawled off the top of Devon's head and came to rest in one of the plush chairs (seeing that the eating and drinking rule was still in place), and added in, "Well, I know we're here cause you wanted the coffee, Teri. As far as food and shopping goes, I don't really mind what we get. As for your promise, Devon, I won't tell anyone; but I don't see why you minded them so much. I thought you looked as pretty as Mother does when she wears those kinds of clothes."

Ever the honest little turtle dragon baby, Cadolbolg didn't really realize what that statement meant to the transformed bard, and waited quietly for his drink to arrive.

Paulownia Mall - Outside the Police Station: Som, Garm
Mood Music

Garm sniffed the meat and gave a happy nibble, and that was when Som heard in his mind (Philemon gave them rings, if I do recall), "Hello again, Hunter. I saw that you are as attentive to look after my Pup and her friends as much as I try to be able. Any particular reason for that? Also, don't react too greatly to my ability to speak. It's supposed to be a secret at the moment, especially to Alpha Rugal. Now, shall we speak more by the fountain?"

The wolf then proceeded to make his way to the fountain and relaxed his enormous head on the rim of the fountain while waiting for Som to follow after him.

Iwadatoi Station - Strip Mall - Takoyaki Stand "Octopia": Akane
Mood Music

The Clerk did as asked, and blinked in confusion before holding out a hand for Akane's card, "Uh.... Just give me the card, I'll show you."

She did a slow swiping motion on the scanner, and clicked a couple numbers on the keypad next to the register before handing Akane, and the plate of miscellaneous Takoyaki back, "There you go. Most clerks will just read the card for you. Sometimes you'll have to do it yourself.

As for the question bout the fashion, I'm not one for trends, but loads of people seem to be wearing heavy clothes and sunglasses round here. Dunno why though, it's sweltering! I hope no one dies of heat stroke or something, because that'd be a terrible way to go 'die for fashion'! I don't know what's up with people these days... And it's not even just a youth fashion thing, it's all over the place. Old folks, young folks, folks in between... Heck, someone who used to take a shift after me started doing it too. I haven't seen her as much either. I hope that the trend passes though, because it's looking downright silly; and I bet SOMEONE's gotten sick from it. Kinda like that guy over there-"

The Clerk gave a nod of her head to someone dressed up like they were about to hit the slopes... If the slopes happened to enjoy Sweet Shops. After pointing out the person in question, the Clerk gave a nod and finished with,

"Either way, I just make Takoyaki, so what do I know? Thanks for your business, ma'am. Feel free to tell your friends."

Iwadatoi Station - Strip Mall - Sweet Shop: Deadshot

Deadshot made his way in, and like Akane, no one really batted an eye towards the man dressed up in the jumpsuit. However, Deadshot could have sworn he heard someone mutter, "Shibuya[1] fashion gets weirder and weirder..."

None the less, Deadshot was able to find many different kinds of candies, sweets, and confections to his hearts content. Probably not a Soda, if that's what he was looking for. When mentioning such a thing to the Clerk, he shook his head, and waved a hand, "Used to, but not anymore. I WOULD carry Ramune or some Calpico, but I stopped that after some punk kids thought it'd be fun to start putting mentos in them... You'll be better off in Wild Duck Burger. But, is there anything else you want?"

As Deadshot and the Clerk continued to talk things over, a guy heavily dressed up wandered in the store, and leaned against a wall, breathing heavily as he (She?) appeared to look over some sweets in the back...

Shadow Zone: Strike Team- Team RESCUE JENNY AND CZ: Constance, Annie, Jake, David West, The Wanderer
Mood Music

To David's query, Fuuka spoke over the party's minds again, "Think of this 'Death' as the Reaper... Except he has guns instead of a Scythe. Really, do try to get away from him as fast as possible! He is incredibly hard to defeat, and even then, he doesn't. Stay. Dead. Get Jenny and Cz and get going before this gets any worse!"

The sound of chains rattling got worse after Constance knocked down the section of ceiling, and the sound of a guttural growling before a gun-shot rang in the air. With a blast of fire, the barricade was melted, and.... HE appeared.

"That's the Reaper! RUN!"

Not a second after Fuuka cried out, the Reaper trained the guns to the party, the growl emanating from underneath the cowl that was it's face before a blast of light infused shots went the groups way.

[1] Shibuya is a district in Tokyo well known for being a place of fashion among young people. Also known for some strange kinds of fashions... Might be why Akane didn't get much of a reaction.

Paulownia Mall - Cafe Chagall Teri, Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg
Mood Music

Devon seemed really thrown off by Cadolbolg's statement: apparently she hadn't expected such bluntness from her younger brother. And why would she? After all, she'd been hearing shortsighted swipes from Deadshot and awkward hellos from David for a bit, and Caim had been glossing over the change entirely. Even Ella'd only brought it up a few times during the week; nothing much compared to what Devon had come to hate seeing in the mirror.

Hearing it from her brother, and one of the most innocent members of the ship? The statement managed to strike her home in a way she never really expected.

"Wh-wha?" Ella and Teri could both easily seen the torn confusion on Devon's face, and it was clear that Cadol's one statement had taken Devon a lot further than the shopping had.

"Teri, how about a beef bowl for all four of us? In case that jackass you call Dad tries to yell at us, we can say that we were checking for more, and we did find out something today."

Shadow Zone: Slindis, Melethia
Mood Music

Without even saying that much, the mother and daughter turned around to try and get the others out of the area. Even though the two could be radically different in ways, there was one strong thread in between the two: they didn't leave their own behind.

Location - Shadow Realm: Shadow Crew, Annie, REAPER

Thanks to her training at the academy, and natural talents of being more fit then the average athlete... Annie walked quickly while carrying Cz without much effort. She then walked into Jake, who happily cried out, "Oh thank the Gods! Come on you two, let's go! This Death ain't Jack, I'm damn sure of it! Fuck heroic last stands, let's keep moving!"

As she, Jenny, Jake, and whomever else made their way towards the fork again... Fuuka made an announcement.
"Think of this 'Death' as the Reaper... Except he has guns instead of a Scythe. Really, do try to get away from him as fast as possible! He is incredibly hard to defeat, and even then, he doesn't. Stay. Dead. Get Jenny and Cz and get going before this gets any worse!"

The sound of chains rattling got worse after Constance knocked down the section of ceiling, and the sound of a guttural growling before a gun-shot rang in the air. With a blast of fire, the barricade was melted, and.... HE appeared.

"That's the Reaper! RUN!"

Seeing this with her own eyes... Annie knew right then and there- they weren't in the best position to fight this thing. If the Professional herself advised them to run from a single enemy while they easily outmatch it... that must mean this is no ordinary foe like that android girl. With that in mind, Annie made a "Tch!" noise before running, having her arms lock onto Cz's legs tighter when sprinting forward.

Not to mention, having Cz unconscious leaves a risk of either her, or anyone protecting her- getting hurt if not left to die. Annie would take no such chances. Besides, she wanted to get out of the way of those shots the Reaper was making. Getting hit could mean instant death. She didn't know, but the thing's called 'Reaper' for a reason.

Iwadatoi Station - Strip Mall - Takoyaki Stand "Octopia": Akane
Mood Music
Akane thanked the Clerk before popping a takoyaki ball in her mouth and enjoying the lovely flavour explosion. She walked over to the sweet shop, entering the door and standing by it to block anyone leaving...
Iwadatoi Station - Strip Mall - Sweet Shop: Deadshot
...As she called out to Deadshot. "Sweety there you are! I have been looking everywhere for you! Come on, I have something to show you that I want to check out!" She said playfully in english, as if they were a couple. The cover would be useful for now.

Waiting for Deadshot to approach she threw a glance at the heavily clothed man. She had found their first mark...

Shadow Zone: Strike Team- Team RESCUE JENNY AND CZ: Constance, Annie, Jake, David West, The Wanderer
Jake's choice of Battle Music right now

To David's query, Fuuka spoke over the party's minds again, "Think of this 'Death' as the Reaper... Except he has guns instead of a Scythe. Really, do try to get away from him as fast as possible! He is incredibly hard to defeat, and even then, he doesn't. Stay. Dead. Get Jenny and Cz and get going before this gets any worse!"

"ALL HANDS GO! I got this..." Jake growled, drawing his Evoker and pointing it to his temple.
"I DO NOT FEAR YOU DEATH!" he spat at the creature before him. Luckily, he feared taking his own life.

He pulled the trigger and summoned forth his Persona.

In a burst of flame a giant two headed black eagle the size of a dragon appeared before him. "I am Thou... Thou art I..."
"Phoenix... PROTECT ME!" Jake said in amazement.

One of Phoenix's heads nodded whilst the other began speaking fast and low in it's deep voice. Each of Death's shots was intercepted by a brilliant white shield summoned by the Persona. Jake turned back to the crew of the Dawn.


It was then that Phoenix decided Jake was protected enough as Death stopped shooting for a moment and disappeared in a flash of flame. Jake cursed and used his Evoker again and summoned forth Phoenix once more to face Death. "Summon shields of pure magic to guard me in this fight Phoenix!" Jake ordered. Seeing the next shot of Death, Jake held up his hand and the shields that Phoenix used he could now summon himself as the Persona watched over him. He grinned and drew his M4 and stood to face Death. He would only seek to buy them time.

Shadow Zone: Strike Team- Team RESCUE JENNY AND CZ:Jake, Slindis, Ton-Ton, Melethia

As the others ran by, they saw Slin, Mel, and Ton-Ton all on the way to the Reaper fight area. Slindis was clearly leading the charge, whereas Melethia and Ton-Ton were a decent bit away. Apparently she'd told them to not follow, but they'd insisted on coming along.

"I don't care if you're one of those authors, Jake. Get a hold of yourself and run unless you want me to drag your corpse out of here! The Drow was clearly not in the mood to humor Jake's last stand at the moment, and it showed.

Melethia was just as blunt in her statement. "Just get going, idiot!"

Paulownia Mall - Police Station: Rugal, Tanaka

"All you need to hope is this cheque doesn't bounce. Wouldn't want to have to pay for the cleaners, now would you? Good Day Mr. Tanaka..." Rugal said before he pocketed the list and cheque before picking up his jacket and leaving the Business man to think about what he said as he made his way out of the Building, hoping that this cheque would in fact stick.
Club Escapade...Little early for a drink and a scrap...Eh, To hell with it! It's 5 o'Clock somewhere... He thought as he left the Police station and started making his way to the club, Garm being easily able to track the Crimelord down as he did.
Som was also able to notice the large man in Red pacing away from the building, dropping something in the trash as he did.

Paulownia Mall - Club Escapade: Rugal Vs Mr. Skin

A brief walk later, Rugal stood outside the closed Club Escapade, realizing it was in fact not open.
...Hm...Time to see what the kids are into these days... He thought as he-
Any daytime employees could hear the sound of the front doors of the club getting kicked off this hinges as Rugal broke the lock with his dress shoe foot.
"...HELLO!...Surprise Inspection! I wanna see all employees on the Dance Floor. Let's Go People!" He shouted while clapping his hands like a disappointed dance teacher.
"Okay, I am looking for a Mr. Skin. He's Black? Dresses like a total prick? Apparently makes his money by pulling tricks in the ladies restroom? while smoking 7 gram rocks?...Ring any bells?...Don't make me use the N Word, Mr. Skin. I'm not above calling an African American an extremely offensive Racial Slur just to get his attention. Lets hope it doesn't come to that, now shall we?" He kept talking as he threw his jacket on one of the seats.

This club was about to find out how the hell Rugal went from a Street Thug to a International Cartel Leader...

Iwadatoi Station - Strip Mall - Sweet Shop: Deadshot

"...Riiiggghhhttt, I can't imagine Burger King getting beaten by a name like that..." Deadshot cringed, the thought of eating a duck, as in the park pond variety, didn't really appeal to him.
Least not after that time he was behind on his dues back in North Yankton and tried to make his own "Duck Burger".
Suppressing a little retch from the memory, He then froze as he saw someone wearing Winter Gear.
"...Here! Top of the Morning to ya...Great Weather...We're having..." He rambled as an audible *Click* could barely be heard as his Wrist Guns's safety was taken off.
"Sweety there you are! I have been looking everywhere for you! Come on, I have something to show you that I want to check out!"
The second Akane entered, He gave her a nod of understanding: There was an infected in a public place and more so, it was still alive and could lash out on the kids here at any moment.
"Yeah, just a sec my little Fire Fox, just seeing if they have some Zappers here..." He said to the Kitsune as he walked up the aisle towards the target, switching his gun to "Taser".
He would do well to take this one in alive...

Shadow Zone: Strike Team- Team RESCUE JENNY AND CZ: Constance, Annie, Jake, David West, The Wanderer

"DEAR ARCEUS!" Jenny screamed as Death approached, Literally.
With Annie taking Cz, She was free to sprint as Corvus faded, the Goth glad to not be the one fighting THAT thing.
"OH GOD FUCKING DAMN IT!" David meanwhile shouted as he motioned for Jenny to move on as he fruitlessly shot at the Creature as the others began making their escape.
What happened next he didn't expect, Jake went full Retard.
"JAKE! WHAT THE HELL?!" The Irishman shouted before he summoned Phoenix all of a sudden.
"...Whoa..." He paused as the Author's Persona began to battle against the massive 6 shooters of Death.
"...Goddammit Jake...MOVE IT PEOPLE..." He then ordered the others.
"WHAT!? WE CAN'T JUST LEAVE HIM! JAKE! COME ON!" Jenny protested before David grabbed her arm.
"HE'S A BIG BOY AUTHOR! HE'LL BE FINE!" David lied as he fought to bring Jenny with him as they fled the scene, adding yet another tarnish to the Legacy of David West.
"LET GO OF ME! JAKE! NO! DON'T!" The pokemon cried as Jake seemed to have a date with destiny.

Reposted due to quotes!

The unkillable Messiah
Strike group Vs DEATH
Location: Shadow Realm.

Mood before the battle

When Death appeared, the Wanderer instantly remembered the smell ... the smell of the Dead. The memories of the countless of Deaths he had witness went by in a instant. These memories included the ones where even where he was killed, shot, burned, radiated and such to the point of his demise, yet in the end he manage to find a new grip on life and crawl his way out of the blackness of Death it self. More then one time he has beaten Death, death was nothing to him anymore.

"One of these days I won't be so lucky." He said with a cocky grin.

Turning backwards he started to walk backwards, he faced the incoming tide of people that ran past him. Looking past the crowd he saw the Author known as "Jake", another one who dares to face Death alone. Yet the Wanderer knew something, walking right besides Jakes he had a cocky smile as if this sight was not worrying him at all. His burning blue eyes looked directly to Jake. "We do not face Death alone ... "

Soon as he said that, weird clothing came out of nowhere and wrapped the Wanderer in the protection he seeks. Two guns were included with this, except they were black six-shooters, as if the Wanderer was trying to become the opposite of Death. "There is a reason why they call me the Messiah ... it's because I always came back to finish everything." The Wanderer said as his face was wrapped up by a dark mask.

"Since I cannot die and he cannot die ... it would be the best if we run and gun. To both stop this guy and run away at the same time ... it's the perfect plan I tell ya!" The ordinary Wanderer came back in, the card of a Arcana came up and the Wanderer shot it. His Gundam Persona was summoned next to him. "Kannon, we need to run away ... but at the same time slow this guy down. Can you help us?" He looked up at his Persona to say that, Kannon nodded back.

Strike group Vs DEATH
Location: Shadow Realm.

Jake looked rather pissed off. Why would no one trust him?
"For fucks sake I said I had this!! What's the fucking point?! PHOENIX! Take Death away from here!"

In a blinding flash, just like that Death was gone, as was the giant two headed Eagle. Author powers, indeed.

Clutching his chest for some reason, Jake felt out of breath. Abusing his powers seemed to still hit him though it was a Persona doing all the work. He would have to word his writing better in future. A glint of murder in his eyes, he turned back to the group and stormed past them all, rifle up and primed. "Fuck you all..." he muttered as he lead on.

Location - Shadow Realm: Melethia, Slindis, Annie, Everyone Else, REAPER

With haste, Annie was doing a good job of distancing herself from the Reaper; Cz resting on Annie's back. It seemed that the reason Death has not given chase was because of Jake's and Doctor S.'s success in holding it back, despite everyone protesting their bravery.

It seemed that Melethia and Slindis have caught up, making Annie feel somewhat relieved to have the two on her ends so if the Reaper did fire- they could possibly deflect the hits. ".. We may of not gotten to chat, but I ask you both a favor: If I fall or fail in protecting Cz, take her instead. We can't fail in letting a crew member die on our hands."

Out of the blue, however, Jake ran ahead of the three girls and said, "Fuck you all..."
"... What?" Annie asked, not mad really but rather defensive by the fact he'd directly tell her (and everyone for that matter) such a blunt insult. Still, she's not going to let one person tell her off. She had Cz to protect- not to mention Melethia and Slindis can handle themselves too. It was only a matter of everyone escaping the Reaper that was on Annie's mind.

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