The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Merlin | Edge | Violet.
Time: Night.

Atfer Merlin was searched by the two men and pushed into the elevator, he gave a mean look back to the two. His hand already above his head was covered in fired, this seemed like just a minor fire spell but seeing who is in control of it, who knows what can happen. Yet before he could light anything on fire, the doors closed in amazed timing. "Loud-mouthed barbarians!If they had done that in Camelot they would be in chains by now." Merlin huffed.

Turning to Violet, a outburst of words came flowing from his mouth. While doing this Merlin turned a little bit and re-enacted Violet's mouth with his hands, just like what a little kid would do. "Can't blame me for giving it a chance ... Sir Kazuya doesn't seem to linger on the good side of life." Merlin said as the replica of his Excalibur faded away into bright particles in the air. "You need to change allegiances. We should have been glad I didn't explode ... anything! That is." Merlin said loudly once more before they got off at the front office.

Meeting the driver, Merlin offered a quick bow and a "Good day" before getting into the grounded metal carriage. This quickly got rid of the topic of stolen gems and made him interested in the comfy seats.

Inner city: Noodle Shop: Jenny, David, Kalastryn, Wanderer, Devon, Caim, Teri, Angelus, Caim, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

"Guys, It's Yen. 50 Euro to me is like worth 7000 here. Besides, Company card, remember?" David pointed out as he handed his card to the waiter and let the orders flow in.
"As for spirits, I think it's more of the same from our one. Just try not to drink the salad bar this time." He jabbed, remembering when Caim went on a rampage and began drinking shots of dip and sauces.
Moving on to Wanderer, he then said "Don't worry about it, just keep the thermonuclear weapons in your pants and all will be good."
He then realized that was an actual collection of words he had said to another human(?).

Jenny meanwhile was steadily downing her wine bottle as Teri attempted to explain Japanese to her, or at least enough to get a dessert out of the menu.
"I'll admit, I never understood why they are so big on Japanese up there, Hell, they all speak English anyway." She slurred slightly as she slowly swirled her glass in her hand.

*Shakes Magic 8 ball of writers block*


Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus.
Location: Tokyo | The Docks.
Time: Night.

The group soon arrived at the Docks Icarus appeared above them standing on a steel girder.
"Good good, now then you never saw me, we need not introduce ourselves."
"Icarus we know it;s you."
"dammit, well fine but I am holding true to his tenants he wont see me nor have I set foot, as since I have not touched the ground I have merely been levitating. anyways The moon is full, which means my Informant can aid us."
He held out the jeweled scepter and he became shrouded in black smoke, As they looked they could make out piercing green eyes. a low menacing laugh could be heard.
"Ah yes this may not be freedom but it shall do for now, these crystal you have, the energy emitted by them are a natural energy known as Ki some may also call it chakra, it exists within the body, This mutant Darkside was able to absorb the heavy energy from the crystal through the girl, You could absorb the crystals energy and use it but if your not experienced with using it, I'd say you would only have 5 minutes before the excessive Ki usage was too much for your body.
Now then your biggest challenge would be tracking him down, However the cyrstals could be used as effective bait, as could the girl-

"we are NOT using Serena as bait, Besides now that we know that we can prepare our own trap." he put the scepter in a sealed sheath tightening the lid.
"Me and Serena are doing everything we can to turn the table in our favor. If anyone needs me I'll be on a plane to reach South America contact me when and where you want to ambush Darkside." the smoke had fully dissipated by now and Icaurs jumped far and landed onto a boat he waved
"tell Kazuya if you want but he doesn't need to know I'm sneaking around in his city might make him more paranoid."

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus.
Location: Tokyo | The Docks.
Time: Night.

When the Taxi arrived in true rushing fashion, Merlin was mostly intrigued with the nice leather seats and the window, allowing the breeze to sweep across his face with a happy smile. When the group came to the docks their target was standing cockily on top of a steel girder. Someone other then Merlin confirmed the identity, and Merlin's eyes shot up in intrigue and determination, he needed information about the legend sword of his world.

Yet all that came from icarus' lips were dumb words, making everything hurry up as if he had no time to attend to them and their queries. Merlin's usually happy self was reduced to a teeth-grinding frown. The target began to spurt nonsense that the legendary Wizard did not care for, but when his "Informant" began to speak about Ki. "Natural magic. More attuned to human nature rather then nature itself." Merlin whispered to himself under his own breath, remembering the feeling of natural magic that he had felt before from Edge and the gem.

Next thing, Icarus dismiss the fog and talked about another name, more womanly and feminine. About to open his mouth, the more target like person to Merlin escaped all the suddenly, not allowing any members of his party to talk. Seeing what he had escaped in, it was certainly a mechanical boat to Merlin. Yet just the ignorant, rushed and bad-mannered personality of Icarus sent Merlin into a rage, especially since he obtained no information regarding Excalibur.

Merlin's eyes lit up in a blue blaze, and as if he levitated off the ground he began to glide, sliding along the air like skates. Coming to the edge of the dock, Merlin stopped. If Icarus looked behind he would see two blue piercing eyes surrounded by electricity. Merlin himself gave a annoyed scream, and a burst of magic gave the sparks of electricity around him. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH ... Tell me about Excalibur!"

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus.
Location: Tokyo | The Docks.
Time: Night.

"...Hey! WAIT! SOUTH AMERICA IS MASSIVE! WHERE THE HELL DO WE MEET!?" HEY! COME BACK! COME BACK!.....Argggg...He ain't coming back..." Violet groaned as Icarus left them without so much as a an address to meet them at.
"Urg, Well...Guess I'll send word to our contacts there. Wish he would have at least let us say something first, Could have been of some help." He sighed as he began to walk back to the limo.
"He take on 1 look at girly man there and he saw everything he needed to know. How get in, I need to get to the airport to pick up some tourists, this day is getting dangerously close to me not getting any pussy!" The vulgar Driver said as he honked the horn repeatedly.

All the while, they were being watched.

Well...What did he say?

Watching from the rooftop, Hiryu pulled out his tablet and wrote down "They want to set a trap for him in South America. He also mentioned something about a girl named Serena. It might the be one that appeared when we first met Darkside."
His handler sent back:

Good, now I have a possible bargaining chip. Good work, I'll admit, you ninja types get stuff done. Now, slow him down then report for Evac. Don't Fail me.

Sighing at his orders, he watched as Icarus began to leave on a boat before rooting though his gadget belt for something.

All the while Icarus watched the city skyline, the G-corp building towering over all else, yet another aspect of the city Kazuya had dominated.
As he was watching the city drift away from him, he saw a strange metal bird in the sky above him, holding something in his talon's as it let out several robotic squawks.
It dropped what it was holding before it began floating down on a little parachute in front of the boats path.
As the boat went under its path, Icarus realized just what it really was.
A large explosion rocked the front half of the ship, clearly visible from shore, as Hiryu began making his way out of the city.

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus.
Location: Tokyo | The Docks.
Time: Night.

Edge stood in silence with his arms crossed. Icarus had made up his mind, apparently. It was a pity, but Edge had been expecting it. Words spat out in contempt tended to leave a more lasting impression than a hand reached out in sympathy. Still, it would have been nice to have some idea what they were up against, what this "Darkside" thing was, maybe even where Icarus came from, but this lousy fucking day just had to keep getting worse and worse. Now, no matter what they did, they were still going in blind. And worst of all, they were being watched.

Edge only barely saw him, and just as they were pulling up. He was perched on top of a warehouse some ways away, but that bright red scarf might as well have been a giant neon FUCK YOU sign. Still, giving any indication that they had been seen would be a bad idea, and Edge knew that. So he watched, and listened, in silence. Fuming.

Something was going on, something Edge didn't like. Darkside had come out of a natural portal, the sort of thing that only happened once every couple hundred years. And both Icarus and this other person had both known he was going to be here before hand. That's not to mention that Icarus had a weapon from another universe entirely, and one that he apparently, according to the rules of that universe, could not possibly posses. Edge could only think of one explanation for all of these things.

The Greydall Empire.

He would have to tell Kazuya as soon as he got back, even if he was interrupting his meditation. Any time to prepare was vital, and if they could make the first move, that would be even better.

So he stayed quiet as Merlin and Kazuya shouted at the boat. He needed to think. Only a handful of people had more experience fighting Greydall than he did, but it was still going to be incredibly-

And then Edge happened to glance to the sky, and saw the bird. Carrying a bomb.

"Merlin, if you have any healing spells, get them ready." Edge said before running to the edge pier. "VIOLET! CALL AN AMBULENCE!"

Edge jumped off of the pier and hit the water running, just as the bomb went off. Lucky for him, he had enough strength in his body to use Swiftness, even if it burned every muscle in his body. It took him about a minute to get to what was left of the boat, where he found Icarus floating on a piece of debris, blood pooling around him. Edge let himself fall into the water, swimming the rest of the way.

"Don't worry, kid." Edge said, trying to heal Icarus with what little strength he had left. "I've got you. You're gonna be fine."

This lousy fucking day just kept getting worse and worse.

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus.
Location: Tokyo | The Docks.
Time: Night.

Yelling at the escaping Icarus unleashed the inner-feelings of Merlin, all those moments that people used wrong powers and moments that usually involved himself, Excalibur and Altria Pendragon, his Lord and oldest friend. Hearing the warning of Edge, the explosion happened as Merlin still looked upon the boat, eyes opening wide while seeing the destruction. This was the power that this current modern world had.

It indeed worried him, especially with the current people he had met and heard about the world. It seemed to him that this world was just filled with evil and darkness. Finally having his mind come back, he heard the order of Edge and nodded as he focused more onto the burning boat in front of him. Sure, Merlin hates bad people, but he doesn't want anyone to die either ... too many people have died in his life.

"I shall."

Was all Merlin said before pulling out his little infinite magical book. With a simple wave of his hand, the pages began to pass by the thousands within ten seconds. Then it had came to the sections which were in another language but it was symbolized as a flower. A determined smile swept upon Merlin's face, his hand now gently moved towards the ground and another magical circle appeared with electricity, yet this one was green, it smelt of fresh air and it floated in the air.

"DONE!" He yelled out, he knew this was a simple healing circle, and to do better healing it would require real ingredients and more complex runes on the circle.

The Break Room
Location: Versailles | France
Time: December 26th, 1776

Darren | Kyre | Kurumu

"I don't even know any more." was Darren's answer as he began to chuckle slightly, it was one of those moments where all you really could do was laugh at the madness of it all.

"...You really want to know what's the matter with me? So basically...I'm immortal and I can't die, which is a problem to me because I REALLY want to. I mean, my mere existence as an Author is bringing countless deaths in places I can't even begin to think of and after everything that happened, I for one don't want to deal with this insane shit anymore. So I tried to find Red Mage, who's over there decapitated, to try and finish what he started. Then I ran into Titania, think that's her name, and we made a deal: She wants you dead for some reason, possibly breast-related, and I offered to do that. Then I ended up in a Library, talked to some Asian guy (Puce), found my way here and then killed Chaos Space Marine Stripper there. BUT! She said this was a simulation so I have no idea if any of this is real or not and all I have to show for everything is that crazy bitch most likely laughing at me!"

He began to try and compose himself after that massive rant, clearly he needed it.
"...Hell, part of me realized from the get do you'd kick my ass if I so much as looked at you funny so what's the point anymore? So now, all I want to do is get out of here and go back to Everest. Things are simpler there, cold, but when you die a few times from it, it doesn't really affect you anymore.
...So, how have you been keeping?"

Location: The Rising Dawn

Deadshot | Cz | Lucieon

"Fair enough Boss, but I'm expecting some currency!" Deadshot said as he watched the missiles curve back towards him.
"OH SHI-OOOOOOOF!" He said as he attempted to leap out of the way, though he was blasted towards one of the walls as Lucieon began to light the place on fire.
"I am in no mood for games!"
"Really? urg I couldn't tell..." He said as he began to pick himself up, only to manually set the fire on his gun.
"if this doesn't work, nothing will." He stated before he rolled on his back and shot a projectile right in-between Lucieon's legs.

"Tazer, Bitch!" The assassin then mocked before a high voltage of current began to enter the Merchant's body, his hand on the dial in case he needed more juice.
And if he had enough to down a dragon[1], he had enough to take this guy down.

[1] Yeah, he managed to tazer Angelus in her dragon form once. Granted, it was a bit of an ass-pull but still

Sorry this is so late >.<

Rising Dawn: Captain's Quarters: Rugal, Garm

"...It's...Complicated..." Rugal merely said, not really having an answer to Garm's statement.
"I mean, before what happened, I had perfect control, I think it might be this realm or this...Nyarlathotep that had that effect on me. Though I will be more open in the future, just...It's hard to admit that for all I have done, I...haven't really changed..." He sighed as he threw out the trash down the chute.
"It's good you are around, really, I mean that. I...just wish that I could just competely "Disconnect" from my past and move on. But always something keeps dragging me back. That business with Deadshot, the Viral Bombs, those weapons, just one thing after another...and the worst part is, I still don't know what became of my former employee's. Having them running around our world, I mean, no doubt Kazuya is hunting them down, but still...They can be dangerous if left to their own devices."


Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus.
Location: Tokyo | The Docks.
Time: Night.

Icarus was unconscious, blood spilled from a laceration on his leg, Edge might have noticed what looked like black feathers, the half angel had attempted to use his wings as a shield, the wings had only reduced the energy bast, enough to make the blast non lethal.
AT the moment the shock-wave had rendered him unconscious. The blood had another problem there were a few sharks off the coast and they could smell a wounded meal.
He groaned as edge got hom out of the water, the healing spells fixed a bit. the bleed was severe though and Icarus was now a ghostly white but at east he was no longer bleeding.
Icarus wasn't dead his hadn't stopped yet but it was faint.

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus.
Location: Tokyo | The Docks.
Time: Night.

Violet needless to say was surprised by the fact that the boat Icarus was on exploded.
"OH COME ON!?" He whined as he went to call 911 to call for medical attention.
He paused for a moment as Kazuya would most likely find out about Icarus still being in the city, but that was quickly pushed aside as he saw the other people on that boat.
"Hello! This is Dr. Violet of G-corp, A boat has exploded in the bay, Get the Coast Guard, EMTs, Send everything, NOW!" He barked into the phone as Edge fished the angel out of the water.
"Ahhhhh, Shhh-Shoot! God, Jus-....Keep him stable, I mean, I'm a Doctor, but...not that kind." He stammered, after the events of the day, between the Lockdown, Torgue's pizza and now this, Violet was most likely not going to leave the safety of the G-corp building any time soon.
Distant Sirens of Ambulances and other emergency services began to near as they went to the scene of the disaster.

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus.
Location: Tokyo | The Docks.
Time: Night.

Edge dragged himself, and Icarus with him, out of the water, and back onto the pier. Icarus seemed to be...well enough, although he was still unconscious. If nothing else he wasn't bleeding anymore. Not feeling like he was dying anymore was a bonus, as far as Edge was concerned.

"That..." Edge said. "That fucking ninja..." Edge stood up and pointed to where the red-scarfed ninja had been. "HE DID THIS! I SAW THE HEATHEN FUCK! HE WAS RIGHT FUCKING THERE!"

"Edge..." Violet said softly. "You need to-"



Several minutes passed. The only sounds in the air were Icarus's heavy breathing and the sounds of sirens far off. "Sir Edge?" Merlin eventually said. "I can see several other people stranded out at sea. Your strength might put to better use rescuing them."

Edge sighed, and nodded. "Yeah." he said quietly. "You're right." Edge looked out to the sea, and ran back out to save the rest of the people on the boat, just as the ambulance pulled up to the dock.

Inner city: Noodle Shop: Jenny, David, Kalastryn, Wanderer, Devon, Caim, Teri, Angelus, Caim, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Ella and Devon each got a glass of whiskey, and they relaxed while finishing their meals. [color=00c863]"Is everyone ready to head back?"

Seeming to finish her meal, and downing whole a drink that many people could be intoxicated by only a few sips of, Kala actually managed to keep her composure... for a few minutes. This actually surprised her, she'd actually single handedly out-drank 4 dwarves in a drinking contest and still had the mental fortitude to fight when they called foul. Wait, was it dwarves or beholders she beat in a drinking contest? She couldn't quite remember with a damn headache. "Yesh Devon, I think thad'd be a great idea." she said slurring, but only slightly. Hey, at least she didn't have to drive... she just hoped Jenny didn't either.

Inner city: Noodle Shop: Jenny, David, Kalastryn, Wanderer, Devon, Caim, Teri, Angelus, Caim, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

By the time the meal was finally completed, Jenny was basically flickering like a dimly lit candle thanks to that bottle she managed to finish off.
Slurred comments aplenty as she balanced on the knife's edge of flat out puking on one of the waiters, man, people REALLY need to stop letting her get her hands on the bottle.
"*Mess of words so incomprehensible, typing mere gibberish doesn't do it justice*" She said as David calmly finished off his own, his tolerance to the demon drink being legions more then most.
"I think I know someone who is anyway. Ella, You got the keys right? You want to drive or shall I?" He asked, non-ironically finishing his shot after saying that.
"...Oh, don't look at me like that, Sure I'm reasonably certain I was sorta pissed during that time in the Angel Temple. Think I can handle a half mile drive." He said as he began walking over to Jenny.
"Alright, That's it, just us Rest or whatever you things do." He said as he more or less carried her out over his shoulder, casually giving the waiter the Debit Card and it's pin: "Take it, It's most likely empty by now after this anyway."

He then did his best to avoid moving too quickly to avoid causing the Pokemon to spew, while he ha a few pairs of jeans, those fine leather jackets were harder to come by.
"...So, who here isn't Pissed?" He asked as he sat Jenny in the back of the SUV, glad she wasn't driving.

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus.
Location: Tokyo | The Docks.
Time: Night.

Giving a final point to Edge, Merlin pulled Icarus inside the magic circle's area while seeing off Edge run/swam to save the rest of the people out there. "How many people were on that ship?" He asked himself as he turned to the ambulance with curiosity. Shrugging the feeling off he had to heal Icarus a bit, waving a hand with a gentle movement, Icarus was covered with a light green energy, hoping to heal him before giving him over to what looked like the medical unit of the city.

A sharp feeling hit Merlin, this made the magician grip his head in pain. The day for him was long, and he needed rest, for his energy is going towards low levels. "Ahh wrench." He swore to himself as he saw the other people in danger at sea.

Wanderer, Jenny, David, Devon, Kalastyrn and (Insert others).
Location: Noodle Shop | Personaverse.

After giving David a thumbs up for not exploding the restraunt, the Wanderer stayed silent for the longest time. While conversations, the Lone character was sitting in his chair, almost falling asleep. "I wish I could get drunk." He muttered to himself before Devon's voice was raised above all the talking. "Is everyone ready to head back?" He said to everyone, this made the sleepy Wanderer get up straight from his chair.

"I am ... I think some people need to some sleep." The Doctor said to Devon while looking towards Jenny. "So who wants to drive? I would but ... I haven't exactly got used to actually driving yet." The Wanderer said while giving a embarrassed look. Excusing himself with a quick motion of the hand, the good Doctor left the Noodle shop in a weird majestic movement as if he was re-enacting a ballet. Outside of the shop, the Wanderer got into the van and fell asleep.

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus.
Location: Tokyo | The Docks.
Time: Night.

Violet meanwhile was more co-coordinating the rescue effort, namely yelling at emergency personnel to get to work.
"COME ON! WHAT ARE WE PAYING YOU PEOPLE FOR?! LETS GO! LETS GO!" he shouted at them, revealing that Kazuya did in fact have the emergency services on his payroll.
As Edge went swimming after the people in the water, boats and members of the coast guard soon joined them, as well as a few off duty G-corp soldiers.
Within the space of minutes, the rescue operation was fully underway.
"Don't worry, they have this. You can get some rest now. God, sorry your first day on Earth was so rough..." Violet apologized as he turned to Icarus.
"Alright, now, Kazuya mightn't want you in the city, but I think I can help with that anyway..." He explained as he began lugging Icarus over to the Limo away from the scene and any possible eyes of Kazuya.


Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus.
Location: Tokyo | The Docks.
Time: Night.

Icarus stirred awake groaning loudly
"Argh what the hell happened? wait I remember a metal bird and then, DAMMIT" he cursed
"It was That ninja wasn't it? the same one that got in the way before, I bet he heard everything which means now Armstrong can tell Darkside everything."
He lowered his head.
"We need to contain that ninja if we want to fight Darkside, No we need to work out a better plan, I'm being blinded by y anger and that making me reckless and now Our best Resource Kazuya is likely to be an obstacle."
He sighed he wasn't sure what he could do he grabbed his head the shock-wave had really messed him up.

The Break Room
Location: Versailles | France
Time: December 26th 1776

Daren | Kurumu | Kyre

"You poor thing," Kurumu reached out and patted his shoulders gently. There was genuine pity in her voice, but at the same time a deep disgust that seemed to resonate in the undercurrents of the air. Kurumu closed her eyes and drew a soft breath through her lips before giving a great heaving sigh that made her body shudder. "What I'm about to say might break you sweetie," she peeked over at Kyre being revived on the floor a little ways away before turning back to Darren, "this is all real... but you are not."

Darren blinked, confused.

Kurumu smiled sadly and pulled him by the hand to the bed, sitting him down on the edge as she kicked Red Mage's corpse out of the way in the most polite way possible. She sat down next to him and placed her hands over his, "Listen, you're not real." She paused and then corrected herself, "You are less real than us." The white Mages pulled Kyre to her feet and cleaned her clothes of blood. She looked as good as new, miraculously, if a few years younger. "You and her exist differently to us. 'Us' being established characters. We are perpetual, as long as people remember us we will endure and live on. We will exist upon this reality and continue existing." She paused and looked away, "Sometimes it's a bit much though to be honest, living through every instance of anyone's demented fantasies." She shook herself out of it and turned back to Darren, forcing a smile onto her lips.

"Being an Original Character, you have a dramatically smaller lifespan than us... and given time you will die when you fade from the memories of others. But until then you will remain immortal." Kurumu gave Darren a long hard look, and when it seemed as if he didn't understand, she resigned to give him the answer straight. "You are a fictional character Darren, the 'simulation' that Mu-12 was talking about is the internet. That is what the Break Room is. It's a break room, where we come to cool off after work, where we can socialize and forget all the terrible things that we had to do to continue existing. Though we are never really resting I suppose, we are a multiplicity, existing in many instances at many times. I guess it's nice to have at least one part of me resting at any given time right?" She forced a smile and got up. "It's all real Darren, and it's all not at the same time. The way we exist is very strange I think, and thinking about it too hard won't be too healthy."

The White Mages grabbed Kyre by the arms and began hauling her away. Kurumu turned to Darren and bundled up her hair, leaving her neck naked. She tilted her head to the side, "If you still want to, go ahead. I'll come back. Don't worry about it. I just won't remember you or most anything from the Avatar Adventure. Make your decision quickly before they come back for you."

Location: Rising Dawn

Cz | Deadshot | Lucieon

The lightning shot through Lucieon's body, and had he still been undead he would have been unfazed. Unfortunately, his soft and squishy human body conducted well, and he lost consciousness against his will, falling to the floor ina crumpled heap of silks and leathers. But still, the fire raged around him, spreading and consuming where it could, and without the sorcerer's guidance the magicked fires grew hungry and fierce, devouring things that Deadshot didn't even know where flammable.

Cz recoiled at the flames, burnt by the proximity of the fire to her bare skin. "Okay! Not what I hoped would have happened! Do something!"

Though it was strange, why is it that Lucieon could use his magicks within Philemon's world when all the others could not? There was something fundamentally unright about the situation.

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus.
Location: Tokyo | The Docks.
Time: Night.

Violet seemed extremely concerned with Icarus's new statement, he had heard that name many times in the last few months.
"Oh jeez, Kazuya is going to be pissed that one of his agents is in the city...But...He's American and a total racist, why'd he have a Ninja?" He asked out-loud, this was really confusing him.
"Okay, shit...ummmm...Okay, Icarus, you saw him right? When you are able, I need every detail about this Ninja. Edge, Merlin, We're going back to my apartment. Icarus would be most likely shot on sight if we went back to G-corp. Still, Kazuya might be more worried about Armstrong then him so he might be more reasonable now." He said as the driver of the limo began honking again.
"HEY! THIS IS NO AMBULANCE! HE BETTER NOT BE BLEEDING ON THE SEATS! I HAVE TO WASH THAT SHIT!" Mohammed protested, causing Violet to finally lash out.
"...Mohammed...Do you have idea how easy it would be to make you disappear off the face of the earth?..."
"So shut up and drive the damn Limo."

Icaurs nodded.
"I just Need a minute,"
He Slowly closed his eyes.

Icarus groaned in his nightmare

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus.
Location: Tokyo | The Docks.
Time: Night.

Witnessing that Icarus was alright, Merlin sighed and looked towards the area where Edge was placing the injured people from the boat, it looked like the ambulance crew was handling them well. Yet it had seem that they did not care for Icarus, Violet, Merlin or Edge yet. Clicking his fingers the circle faded away into nothingness, walking to the limo and about to enter the vehicle, Merline looked towards Violet.

"Okay ... but lets hope ye Lord will not grow suspicious of us. As for him, I suggest we tie him with chains onto this metal rooftop." Merlin gave a chuckle and lightly tapped the Limo, but suddenly stopped as he saw the driver give a dirty look which looked like it would kill the worst demon. "I am currently in a state of tiredness ... so I will not be much help to ye." Merlin said as he hopped into the limo, once more getting interesting with everything.

The Break Room
Location: Versailles | France
Time: December 26th 1776

Darren | Kurumu | Kyre



And there it was: The last shred of anything normal in the author was now gone as he began to walk off, his laughing making it extremely hard to do so as he wobbled from side to side.
".......sorry, which way is the exit?...Just...-Oh, right, nothing is real, you're not real, *I'm* not real, NOTHING IS FUCKING REAL!!" He then suddenly shouted, as if wanted to lash out at everything, he even had his axe up and everything, but...what was the point? Nothing matter any more and there was nothing he could do about it.
Just like Vinnie, only he had a way out, Darren? Not so much.
So he just kept walking, knowing full well that nothing would ever change for him.
"...I have no mouth and I must scream..." He weakly quoted before making his way out of the area AKA wandering around looking for an exit.

Location: Rising Dawn

Cz | Deadshot | Lucieon | Rugal | Garm

"Gah! CrapcrapcrapcrapCRAP!" Deadshot panicked as he tried to undo Cz before trying to tackle the flames.
"Okay, Shit, uhhhh, I DON'T FUCKING KNOW?!" He shouted before he grabbed a pillow off the bed before trying to pat out the flames with it, only succeeding in getting the pillow on fire and nearly getting lit up himself.
"OH GOD WHY MUST YOU TORMENT ME!? I GET IT! I'M A PRICK, BUT HITLER WAS WAY WORSE! GAAH! I SHOULD HAVE JUST GONE TO FUCKING JAIL!" He whined before the smoke finally triggered the fire alarm, resulting in one of the AI's setting off the sprinkler system in that room.

((Note: I'm assuming that would work or at least slow the fire down))
Still, once the water was raining down on them, he let out a sigh of relief.
"Ohhhhhh Thank you...Oh god, this fucking day never ends..." He coughed from the smoke and steam that now filled the room.
"Uhhhh, This totally makes up for the fact I'm technically a Pedophile, doesn't it?" He then joked to Cz, now most likely realizing that Lucieon kinda had a point.
Either way, all that went out the window the second the door opened, a extremely confused Duo of Rugal and Garm walking in.
"...Deadshot...Huh...So....There an explanation for any of...*This*?..." The King of fighters asked as Deadshot looked around the room.
"...You know, this kinda reminds me of a story about the last time this happened. I think it was in Thailand..."

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus.
Location: Tokyo | The Docks.
Time: Night.

Edge hesitated before climbing into the limo. "You. Limo driver." Edge pointed a still soaking-wet finger at Mohammed. "You're not going to pitch a fit if I climb in are you?"

"Nah." Mohammed said. "I make it point not to piss off large black men."

Edge was taken aback. "...I'm Vietnamese."

"Either way, you look like gangbanger." Mohammed said. "Now get in before I change mind."

"Whatever you say." Edge said, climbing in next to Merlin. "Violet, would you mind dropping me off at the G-Corp building? I promised a doctor there I would spend the night, and I need to talk to Kaz in the morning. It is very important."

"Ah!" Mohammed said. "You are smart man. Head-dick's apartment smells of semen and pig feces."

"It does not!!" Violet shouted. "How would you even know that?"

"Smell comes out through window." Mohammed replied. "Stinks up whole neighborhood."

Inner city: Noodle Shop: Jenny, David, Kalastryn, Wanderer, Devon, Caim, Teri, Angelus, Caim, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

At David's question, Teri raised her hand with a small giggle, "I drove... *snicker* a coupla times.."
"Not that we ever got our license. Lemme tell yah, Sadei, driving is a scary experience. Too much pressure to not screw up."

Angelus shook her head at the tipsy Cleric's moment to volunteer, and gently guided Teri to the back of the van with Jenny, "And you've also had two glasses of wine and a cocktail. Into the back with you. Caim, you go along too. I saw you drink that second glass."

A gruff sigh from the warrior was all Caim said before he climbed in with the rest of the passengers, muttering something along the lines of, "At least I'm still coherent. And I didn't drink ALL of the snack bar..."

With that, the dragoness chuckled and motioned to David, "I believe that leaves the two of us as chaperones. Unfortunately, I am unable to drive. When you typically fly to get around, driving has no meaning, you know?"

In the meantime, Ton Ton and Cadolbolg sat on Devon and Ella's laps and looked at each other with confusion as the majority of the party sat around and carried on in drunken revelry, Cadolbolg snickering at the occasional bits of goofiness that was imparted by both Jenny (and anyone who was anywhere near close to her levels of inebriation)
"Cadolbolg, that's not very nice.."
"Doesn't make it not-funny!"

Rising Dawn:Cz | Deadshot | Lucieon | Rugal | Garm

Garm may have had something to add to Rugal's qualms about his former workmates, but by the time he was close to intimating a thought or an idea, Deadshot burst into the room as, well, himself. The wolf paused, his thought now lost to him, and shook his head with a sigh, "I would fuss about you being here, but at this point; I think it's safe to say that this sort of thing is normal by this point. Deadshot, why did you bust into here?"

While waiting for Deadshot's response, the wolf shot Rugal a small glance and his voice spoke softly over the rings, "I will not forget what we have spoken of, Alpha Rugal. However, if you feel that you need to speak more, but feel as if you worry for the rest of the pack, you need only call. I am starting to see that this role is one that helps our pack best. Perhaps Ella was right to call me a therapy dog..."

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus.
Location: Tokyo | The Docks.
Time: Night.

Sighing at Mohammed's comments, Violet then agreed with what Edge was suggesting.
"Fine, I'll take the others to my place. Merlin wants to see more of the world and Icarus would get killed on sight most likely. Then I'll have Mohammed drop you off at the building-"
"Great, more time with the Queer and his lover-Huh-HEY! HANDS OFF THE MECH-OOOOF!"
As Mohammed protested, Violet had finally reached his limits, dragging him out of the Limo before promptly Kicking the shit out of him.
"...I'll drive." He then finished before leaving Mohammed to the paramedics and driving off with the group in tow.
"Gah! Think I broke a nail..."

Once that matter was taken care of, Violet brought the group towards his own apartment complex, taking a back route into the building for fear of Kazuya tracking their movements.
A elevator trip from the parking lot later and they were there.
"Sorry about the mess. I tend to live at work more often then not." He apologized in advance as they entered His apartment.
"It's a Risky business ours, but it's rewarding. And not in the sappy way either! Bot-ler!" He ordered as one of the Com-bots from his lab stepped in, this time dressed up as a Butler with a classy drawn-on moustache that would make Hercule Poirot green with envy.
"Please, Can I get anyone anything?"


Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus.
Location: Tokyo | Violet's Apartment.
Time: Night.

Icarus Was sitting on the couch Trying to maintain consciousness. He wanted to sleep but then the nightmares would continue. He fumbled at his belt trying to get his flask out but his fingers were numb and clumsy.
His hand bumped against the brass sheath that held the scepter it got hot really hot , instinctively he yanked his hand away but it was still hot, he could feel it in a panic he wrenched the brass sheath and flung it away the sheath hit the floor with a distinct clang The others looked to him and the noise.
"S-sorry that, sheathe its temperamental, Don't touch it, trust me nothing good will come of it. he shakily got to his feet and carefully scooped it up but his hand suddenly burned and he dropped it.
"Damn it, cursed thing." he growled, frustrated he left it where it was.
He kept trying to get his flask off his belt. He felt stiff, slow, and dizzy.
"I don't think angels are supposed to take explosions at close range." he groaned.

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus.
Location: Tokyo | The Docks.
Time: Night.

Mess? Edge thought. This place looks immaculate.

Edge looked to Violet and nodded. "Believe it or not, I'm very thirsty." Edge said. "Do you have anything to drink around here? Some tea would be nice, if you have it."

Violet nodded and went to the kitchen, and Edge sat down next to Icarus. "Are you alright?"

Icarus shook his head. "I don't think angels are supposed to take explosions at close range." he groaned.

Edge chuckled. "In my experience, nothing is supposed to take an explosion at close range. Can you see alright? Are you dizzy? Lightheaded, maybe? You may have had some internal damage, too." Edge shook his head. "Violet! Could you get some water, too? Preferably in a bowl?"

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus.
Location: Tokyo | The Docks.
Time: Night.

Every inch of the complex had Merlin looking around, but when they came to in Violet's apartment, he was pretty much open mouthed as he walked in, examining everything from the decorations to the fireplace. Then coming to the windows, he once more marveled at the view. "Towers erected in many directions." He only said before being offered something by Violet. "I'll take some wine thank you ... unless you people have something that gives you energy in the time-period." Merlin said turning back and taking a seat on one of the many luxury couches.

Touching the material, he only wandered how this was acquired within this tower ... and how it was paid for. Merlin knew that G-Corp wasn't the nice people of his world. Hearing Icarus mentioned his Angelhood, Merlin gave a laugh. "I will believe that towers decorate this world ... but I won't believe in that." He said after his chuckling fit.

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus.
Location: Tokyo | Violet's Apartment.
Time: Night.

Violet nodded to his Robot Butler before he waltz into the kitchen and began picking up all the required items, namely the tea, the bowl of water and a Wine and Red-Bull for Merlin.
"Yeah...I'll Admit, My ears were ringing for hours after Torgue blasted his was in. I can only imagine how bad you felt." He said as he saw down beside Merlin as he looked out over the skyline.
"Yeah...They are expensive but when you get a few like that...*Ahem* moving on. Now Icarus, I want you to give all the details you can about this "Ninja". Edge has also seen him, but I'd like to hear from you. All the glimpses Edge got were from far away so if you got a more closer look. Now would be the time to tell me." He said as he pulled out his PDA and got ready to take notes.


Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus.
Location: Tokyo | Violet's Apartment.
Time: Night.

Icarus nodded.
He put his hand to his temple, a perfect image of Hiryu appeared it was life like it even had his stance to a T.
"His name is Hiryu, That's what Armstrong called him. I believe Hiryu Hates the fact that he works for him though, I could tell from how he reacted. Also Armstrong seems to want to mess up Kazuya, he literally said He liked Darkside because he could get under his skin, who knows maybe he'll hire me next." he said with a bitter laugh.
He then heard Merlin scoff at his comment being an angel.
"You shouldn't make rash judgments but very well a demonstration."
He managed to get his flask and took a small dosage of sake, the fluid made him shudder as new energy flowed into his body.
He stood in a small clear area he took a deep breath in and out he opened his eyes and Merlin saw a magnificent pair of black wings unfurled from his back, Icarus was different his features hadn't changed but now he drew attention he was, there was no other word for it, angelic.
He looked at Merlin he could guess the wizard had seen an angel before, and the resemblance was to good to be true.


Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus.
Location: Tokyo | Violet's Apartment.
Time: Night.

Looking out over the skyline of the city, Violet handed the two items to Merlin. Placing the clear glass of wine on the table in front of his seat. Taking a while to open the Red Bull, Merlin read the name of the drink and finally found the pull tab to the can. Nodding with approval of the weird mechanic for a sealed drink, Merlin turned to Violet once more. "All I need is some sleep ... by sunrise most of my energies should be returned to my body." He said in his usual intellectual way.

Then Icarus backed up his claim of Angelhood, indeed Merlin was intrigued, but the key here was black wings. "Black wings ... did you fly too close to the sun? For if I remember from a certain book, black wings are for the fallen ones. Did you go against the will of a certain someone?" Merlin's voice called of knowledge and flowed from his lips, supernatural creatures were not his speciality though. "But ... I am not so certain, I have only met a few Angels in my lifetime and I shall not ask too much for the past" Merlin said in a quiet voice before returning his gaze to the outside.

The only Angels he had met were related to Excalibur, the Lady of the Lake was one and another told him about the powers of the sword, so that he may also protect it along with his King. There was another situation were he was on the brink of death and saw another weird figure marked with blue hair. Puffing out air, Merlin sipped the last of his Red Bull before switching to the wine, he wanted to sleep well tonight.

The Break Room
Location: Versaille | France
Time: December 26th, 1776


Kurumu watched him go and frowned. She let her hair down and closed her eyes. It was not a happy thing to see someone so thoroughly destroyed in mind and soul. In fact there was a great sadness welling in her heart. People played with characters, that is the reality of their situations, if she had not contextualized her own existence, then she would have surely gone mad ages ago. A soft hand tapped her on the shoulder and she turned to find a time-worn friendly face looking kindly at her. his voice was sympathetic when he spoke, and it meshed with the soft rustle of his red overcoat. A few words, kind words of convalescence, wisdom, and advice. Then he took off down the hall, his boots rattling softly against the floor, and his silver pistol hanging to his side.

Kurumu smiled, and nodded. You can't save them all, but you can do your best to remember them as they were. The White Mages returned shortly, their brilliant red hair bright against the white of their robes. they motioned gently, asking where the other one was. Kurumu pointed forward down the hall, and the two White Mages hurried toward Darren, eager to exhume him from the sanctuary. Kurumu put her hands behind her head and gave a long drawn whistle, staring off into the hallway long after everyone had gone. Red Mage's corpse still lay in the room, broken and bloodied. Another Red Mage would step in to take his place soon enough. The clamoring for a spot in sanctitude was great.

Kurumu started forward, returning to the main hall where the Christmas Ball should just be finishing. She could faintly make out the drunken speech of one barbarian king in the distance, and the groans of very many proper kings. Then suddenly she felt cold, she gripped herself and shivered uncontrollably. A dark shadow passed through the hallway, darkening all the lights. The very air seem to turn to stone. Then as suddenly as it came, it passed. The lights returned and the warm air hit her lake a gale, knocking Kurumu off balance. She looked around her, surprised. Nothing like that had happened before.


In the great hall people were chatting away, screaming, yelling, all the like of merrymaking. the last of food was carted out on silver trays, and vast platters of sweets and confectionaries dotted the air with their perfumes and aromas. Cakes crafted out of cream and sugar, ambrosia atop chestnut roasted tarts, lemon cakes dripping with honey, soft roasted glazed ham, candied fruits of all assortments, and every now and again there was the odd cup of frozen delights, artfully crafted by ice magicks by caring and loving hands. Darren stood out in this crowd. He had wandered in unaware of his location, looking only for the doors that brought him into a personal hell. The clamoring of the crowds suddenly rose to a crescendo, striking out dissonant chords into a reverberation of terrible noise. And all of a sudden there was a cold darkness, as if all the air and light had been sucked from the room. A terrible shadow that cast itself across the air of the room, obliterating the chatter and happiness. His amorphous being consumed reality and sent screams of terror and horror up into the high halls, He formed, his body an unreal mass of swirling ink. He lashed out, dark eyes adorned his being and swallowed the light with ravenous hunger. He consumed all, he consumed everything. But the only he touched was Darren.

Darren was consumed in the dark, obliterated by the formless chaos. He was disassociated and spread across countless stars and reformed over and over again in the span of a moment. The next he open his eyes, he was filled with a euphoria. Sunlight, beautiful soft sunlight and the cold Atlantic wind tickled his face. A grassy knoll stretched out behind him, and a calm ocean danced before him, twinkling in the light of the afternoon sun. He didn't know anything anymore, just that he was consumed by an overwhelming sense of nostalgic happiness.

He was lost, deep, deep inside the great body of that creature without master. He who wished to remake the world in beautiful favor.

Bad End

Avatar Adventure
Location: Sochi | Russian Federation

Deborah | Titania

"Be a dear and put tanning oil on my back won't you?" Titania sighed, laying against the warm sand. Her breasts pressed tight under the weight of her body on a silk blanket, colored alternating white and red. The sun shone bright above them and Deborah shot Titania a dirty look from her seat about four feet away, under a large beach umbrella. The Black Sea stretched out before them, twinkling with effervescence; sea foam against the ray of the sun. Deborah scowled and got up. She was still wreathed in the dark blue veils of her sorcerer's garb. The heat was making her incredibly unamiable. But, a thrall to a young bitch, she knelt down next to Titania, her skin a white pallor, and massaged the oil tenderly into her back. Deborah's hands swept over the arcs of her shoulders and down her flank, dressing each inch with a professionally thin coat of the oil.

"You're going to get burned," she said. Titania scoffed and hit Deborah on the head lazily with the back of her hand. Deborah unlaced Titania's top and applied another coat to the groove of her back.

Titania gave a sigh of satisfaction. Then she remembered something important. "Deborah, how's our intrepid adventurer doing in his journey to summon the White One?"

Deborah put down the lotion bottle and wiped her hands on her robes before producing a thick leather bound tome from the depths of her bag. She licked her finger and flipped through the pages until she found the passage detailing Darren's awful end at the hands of BlackHarte. She paused and closed the book forcefully.

"No good?" Titania said.

"No good," Deborah answered.

"Killed or converted?" Titanis flipped over, placing her small hands on her chest to keep the top in place. Deborah looked at the young white-haired girl and frowned. "Converted, my least favorite of the words using 'c' as a hard 'k' constant. Who was it, and what other casualties?"

"Red Mage also perished. Both were at the hands of Kusanagi." Deborah gave a dry laugh, "But he isn't one to stay dead is he?"

Titania shook he head. "No he isn't. Though he is regaining his old powers, I fear he is rapidly becoming useless for the upcoming fight."

"He has become rather dimwitted," Deborah said.

"Indeed," Titania agreed. The Queen of the Fey looked at Deborah and gave her a good once over. Then she commanded lazily, "Kiss me."

"I won't."

"Not even for your freedom?"

"Not even for my freedom."

Titania turned and lay rest her chin on her arms again, closing he eyes to better enjoy the dying rays of the sun. "Back to work then."

"Back to work then." Deborah picked up the bottle again and se to work on Titania's legs.

Location: Rising Dawn

Cz | Deadshot | Lucieon | Garm | Rugal

"Grrk," Lucieon said. His eloquence struck everyone in the room with an sense of astounding revelation. They realized in fact, that Lucieon was indeed on the ground, and hurt. Cz glared at Deadshot, her dark raven hair wet from the sprinkler clung tightly to her long white robes, which in turn was now stuck tightly to her skin. She was wet, cold, and uncomfortable. Not to mention that she was still tied up. Though she managed to retain some of her demeanor.

"Could we get me untied before we launch into any long winded stories about hookers and fires?"

Location: Rising Dawn

Cz | Deadshot | Lucieon | Garm | Rugal

Without any more prompting, Rugal quickly undid Cz's binds before taking off his Jacket and covering her with it to keep her warm.
"It's okay, whatever happened here is over now. Now long where you like this. And why?" He gently asked, not pushing to hard, without all the details, he could only assume the worst about the situation.
"...Or...Was that Canada?...Hmmm...I remembered having Mabel Syrup...And licking it off someone...Hmmmm..." Deadshot mused as Rugal lost his temper.
Grabbing Deadshot by the throat, he then lifted him off the ground, keeping a firm grip.
"You have exactly 1 minute of oxygen left to tell me what happened. Starting now."
"URK-okay! okay! i came in to use the bathroom, I thought this room was mine. Lucieon had her tied up, I swear! We had a bit of a fight, fire broke out, that's all that happened! Come on man! I'm too drunk to do something this weird!" THe assassin pleaded as he was getting choked.
Seeming satisfied with that answer, Rugal added "How about a nap then?" before violently striking Deadshot's jaw with his elbow, knocking him out cold before dumping him on the ground.
"Garm, Tend to Cz, get her to the Medical Center. I'll bring these two." He ordered before picking up both men on his Shoulders and leading the way to the Medical Center.
What I would give for some peace and quiet...

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