The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus | Kazuya!?
Location: Tokyo | Violet's Apartment.
Time: Night.

Violet went pale as snow when he heard the same as well as the image that Icarus projected(?)[1].
"....So...You're telling me...That the guy...who was-Who blew up that boat was...*Glup* S-s-Strider Hiryu?..." He nervously asked, realizing instantly how boned they were.
While he never met the man personally, anyone who Kazuya said, quote:

"-was the nightmare that kept lesser Ninja's awake at night and one of the many reasons I need to keep my building competely secure. The Striders are the best of the best and some of the most lethal people in this realm."

"....WELL! It's a good thing that's NOT the Ninja you and Edge saw! B-b-because if it was...then....*Sniff* w-w-we'd all be...d-d-d-dead..." He began to break down, rushing over to the windows and pulling the curtain's closed as well as locking them.
"Oh Dear god. This is Bad...This is REALLY bad!...Oh shit, I need to call Kaz, I need to tell him-"

Suddenly, a voice filled the room: "Tell me what?"
They looked and saw a man that looked exactly like Kazuya, standing in the doorway in a black trench-coat and wearing thick sunglasses at night for some reason.
"GAH! HE-E-E-EHEY KAZUYA!!!'d you" Violet froze in place as the man walked in, glancing at the group
"...Greetings Merlin...Greetings Icarus...Greetings Edge." He said as he smiled kindly at all of them...Why wasn't he trying to tear Icarus's spine out?
Either way, he sat down on the sofa, not bothering to take off his glasses before asking "Okay...before I begin, Yes Merlin. Angels do exist here. I'm not sure why this one has Black Wings, but I guess I never really stopped to ask now did I?

So...Are you all certain the man you saw was Strider Hiryu?"

[1] No seriously, what was that?

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus | Kazuya!?
Location: Tokyo | Violet's Apartment.
Time: Night.

"Kaz. Howdy." Edge said, nodding. "I take it you're feeling better. Are you over here for any special reason?"

Rising Dawn Cz | Deadshot | Lucieon | Garm | Rugal

Garm didn't need further prompting regarding carrying Cz to the Med Bay (not to mention with all the time he spent with the medics, he knew damn well where that location was), and looked up to the now adult version of CZ, "Are you able to walk on your own feet, or do you need a ride? Either way, I am used to carrying persons like yourself..."

Whether or not Cz decided to enlist Garm as a temporary mount, Garm proceeded after Rugal with the girl in tow and asked, "What was all this about fires and you being tied up? It doesn't sound like something that should happen to fellow pack mates..."

Inner city: Noodle Shop: Jenny, David, Kalastryn, Wanderer, Devon, Caim, Teri, Angelus, Caim, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

By order of Elimination, David was the one chosen to drive back to the Airship, while he had been drinking, he was the only one both alert enough to drive and actually knew how.
"Alright, we'll just go nice and slow. If this is a rental, I don't want our resident "Sobriety Officer" making a mess in the back." David stated, glancing back at Jenny as Ton Ton and Cabolbolg giggled at the fact she was in a world different world.
"Laugh it up while you can, Lads. That'll be you in a decade or 2, mark my words." He warned, least if he stuck around the Rising Dawn long enough.
Once everyone was in, he began slowly driving though the city, bright lights and confusing text on signs marking his way, least until he realized something.
"...Hold up....Does anyone know the way back?..."

*2 Hours Later*

Rising Dawn: Hanger: Jenny, David, Kalastryn, Wanderer, Devon, Ella, Caim, Teri, Angelus, Caim, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

After countless wrong turns and stopping to ask for directions more times then David would like to admit ("Hey! Not my fault the Sat-Nav on this thing was busted!"), the Heroes of the Rising Dawn DID manage to make it back safety, if a little delayed.
David for one was glad it was over as he drove up the ramp and parked the SUV.
"Urrggg...Home Sweet Home...Alright people, last stop. Wakey Wakey!" He said as he honked the horn once of twice to alert anyone who was currently sleeping, namely Wanderer and Jenny.
Once he was done, he hopped out and added "Alright, if anyone is looking for me, I'll be in the Canteen, need to make sure Deadshot didn't clean the liquor cabinet while we were gone."

Jenny meanwhile began to stir when the horn was honked.
*Mess of words relating to going to bed* she slurred as he attempted to get out of the SUV, looking like someone who had just stole an entire truck of liquor and drank it all.
It was a true testament to the power of alcohol, least if you weighed only at 100 pounds.
She glanced around the place, as if lost before she tried to make her way out of the hanger.

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus | Kazuya
Location: Tokyo | Violet's Apartment.
Time: Night.

Turning his head towards the entranceway of the apartment, the view was certainly that of the character Kazuya. Surprised for a brief second, he heard the greetings, this placed a better mood onto the Master Wizard. Before he thought him as rude, but it seems that Violet was right, he was busy with his work and did not want to talk, it was the same thing with Arthur back in the days when a new rein of ruling came upon Camelot.

"Greetings Lord Kazuya." He said back in a graceful way, adding the lord for the proper respect of someone in that much of power. Hearing the talk about Angels did make Merlin's mind come back to the black and white concept. "True ... and I guess black doesn't mean necessarily evil, white isn't always good and black isn't always bad." Merlin said and went back to sip his wine some more, almost feeling the sandman close his eyes.

Listening back to the conversation, it was starting to talk about another person called "Strider Hiryu"

Wanderer, Jenny, David, Devon, Kalastyrn and (Insert others).
Location: Noodle Shop | Personaverse.

While the two hour drive was fun for everyone else, Wanderer was sitting in the back of the van just sleeping. In the head of the Doctor a dream was playing. It was him sitting on a throne of a old stone castle just eating great food without ever having becoming fat. It was so enjoyable that everyone in the kingdom came to watch and perform for their white-coat clad king.

Then towards the end of dessert, a beautiful woman came up to the mad king and flirted with him rather casually, in fact said woman was Armata, his old childhood friend from Vault 101. Almost swelling up tears, the Wanderer almost broke down but ...



Immediately jumping up from his seat and scrambling out the car and over a single person (Probably Jenny), Wanderer got up from the cold metal hanger floor and looked at David. "I don't know if I should hit you or treat you to a drink ... or both." The Wanderer said as he marched to the nearest lift to his rooftop bound home.


Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus | Kazuya
Location: Tokyo | Violet's Apartment.
Time: Night.

Icarus Sighed he closed his eyes and the illusionary image or Hiryu dissipated.
"I was able to get pretty close when Darkside threw me at him, I got a look at him, Strider Hiryu is working for Senator
Armstrong and Armstrong wants to use Darkside to cause chaos, who knows why, All I know is if Darkside has resources, someone who has the intelligence, who could direct Darkside's kind of power,, things seem very grave indeed., the one thing that doesn't make me think It's hopeless, is Darkside still isn't the monster he could be."
This got a look from the others.
"It's complicated but I know Darkside can get worse, much MUCH worse."

Somewhere on the road
Darkside was n the move, driving a motorcycle, sure he could fly but he decided he had plenty of time. He had seen ads for Armstrong, and asking a few questions had gotten him an answer on where he worked.
"So you want power, but what do you plan on using it for?"
He smirked as he soon approached Armstongs city, One should have a personal visit with their employers.'

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus | Kazuya
Location: Tokyo | Violet's Apartment.
Time: Night.

"B-b-b-but would a Strider be working for Armstrong? And more importantly, if Hiryu was that close to Armstrong, how is he not dead?" Violet stammered as Kazuya appeared to be in deep thought.
"Considering the amount of trouble it had caused us, I can't imagine Armstrong is going to use him to pin up Campaign posters..." Kazuya said as he fiddled with his sunglasses
"Now, G-corp has a healthy relationship with the Striders, we don't mess with them, they don't mess with us and we sometimes help each other out. But, for someone so high ranking in the organisation to go rouge like this..." He sighed as he got up and began making his way towards the window, taking a moment to fix his sunglasses again.
"If he's in the states, we'll have to be careful. Not only will we have to watch out for Armstrong's men as well as the US Government...Though it could be argued those terms are interchangeable...
Before we can take any action, I need to know all of Darkside's weaknesses. We have all the gems accounted for, what else could he use to power up?"

Violet meanwhile was more then a little confused, Kazuya seemed awful..."Casual".
"...Kaz...Are you okay?..."
"...Would I be here if I wasn't?"
"No, just I recall something along the lines of "I never want to go to that moron's residence." being used whenever I throw a party."
"...And you wonder why he hates you..."

Darkside | ???
Location: Colorado | Outside of Denver
Time: Early Morning

Darkside tore though the back streets towards the Senator's room, getting a feel of his new land.
As he was driving though, he was stopped as there was someone, or rather Something blocking the road, the shadows covering him up for the most part, aside from those red eyes of his.
It kindly waited for him to kill the engine before it spoke in a robotic matter.
[Asset : 1-0-9-9 : Darkside : I have a message from your new employer. He first wants to both commend you for making your way to the United States of America and asks if you could quote "Follow Basic Instructions next time". You were to meet our agent outside of Toyko : Japan.
Message Begin:

Senator Armstrong wishes to meet with you at his Company's building : World Marshal, Inc in the city of Denver. I have been dispatched to ensure that you compete your objective. Failure to comply will result in termination. Refusal of Terms will result in termination.

Do you accept: Yes/No?]

Kala's system had actually gotten rid of any alcoholic traces by the time they got back to the Rising Dawn. It did take a while. "David... I'm glad you were driving rather than someone else... but didn't you at least watch out the window when Jenny was driving? If I wasn't slightly drunk at the time, I could have taken the "shoe-leather express" here faster than you found your way around." she said with a laugh that wasn't any bit mocking, even if slightly sarcastic. "Anyway, just so you know, I usually handle my alcohol a lot better than that. Once drank 4... ungodly creations... under the table in a drinking game, all by my lonesome. Then still had the sanctity of mind to continue my work of closing the portal that brought them there in the first place without a hitch." She said... although come to think of it, it was a portal to Xoriat that was present... she did get a little loopy in some places. Such as fending off undead ham shanks and clam shells in the kitchen.

Still... it was a portal to the plane of insanity and chaos. It'd drive lesser people into gibbering for the rest of their life in an insane asylum should they even have gotten through the front door. How seamless reality and fiction become when your suddenly driven insane, only to recover minutes later. Rinse and repeat that cycle three to five times and you have the worst MIND-F*CK of a job Kala had ever been through.

She shuddered a bit at the recollection, but then waved it off and continued. "But excuse me of my boasting, I think I'll be going to bed now."

she said as she started towards her room to eventually encounter Garm, Rugal, and Cz in halls. "Well... this is a strange situation..." She said, seeing Rugal hoisting 2 unconscious bodies on his shoulders "um... need help carrying one of those?" she said presuming, and hoping, that they were headed to the med bay rather than somewhere to hide them.

Rising Dawn: Hallways: Rugal, Garm, Deadshot, Lucieon, Cz, Kalastryn

"Well... this is a strange situation..."
"Oh come now Kala, you've lived here long enough to know better then to expect normality." Rugal answered as he marched though the halls, carrying the two men like mere baggage towards the Medical bay.
"um... need help carrying one of those?"
"No, I can manage. Really, these two need to eat more. Can't imagine that they get their daily allowance. Might need some help once we get to Medical. These two are okay, just a bit of a fight, nothing too serious. It's more Cz I'm worried about." He explained as he and Garm got to the Med bay.
"From what I've gathered, Lucieon was holding Cz against her will in her room. Had her tied up like some kind of animal. Then again, these are Deadshot's words, not mine. And with his..."Tastes", I'm understandably concerned." He added before tossing the duo onto the first set of beds he could find.

"Just let them sleep it off. I take it the others are also back then if you're here? I'd like to give Teri one night without having to patch someone up."

"Ah. Yeah I agree, even before I came here there was no such thing as normal, least not as you would think it." she said, pondering for a moment.

"Well... Deadshot doesn't seem anywhere close to paragon from the looks of him, but if what he says is true, at least he didn't just walk away and leave her there to rot eh? Though I can imagine why someone would tie a woman up, I'm not impressed by the idea, nor do I think either of them had that in mind. At least, if the other one had any sense of morality." she said, pointing to Lucieon.

Then there was the point about Teri. "Yeah... nobody should have to do that every day. I guess I'll take a seat and sleep here to give them a potion or something in the morning. Least if I still have any, Teri won't have to work on a friendly fire incident in the morning." She said as she took a seat in the corner and seemed to to doze off pretty quickly, but could probably still hear and respond to things said afterwards for a little while.

Rising Dawn: Hanger: Jenny, David, Wanderer, Devon, Ella, Caim, Teri, Angelus, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

"But David, I can't get drunk!"

*one ride later*

After the long ride back to the Rising Dawn, the party filed out of the van in a manner that resembled a circus act, each stretching/groaning/etc as they either woke up from the ride, or were happy to finally get out of the van. Ton Ton and Cadolbolg, funnily enough, were two of those who had fallen asleep in the ride. Cadolbolg was curled up on Devon's head (Somehow), and Ton Ton had slumped on Ella's shoulder before they were forced out, both Cuties giving a groan from being woken up from the ride,

"five more minutes, Mother. I can go to dance school later..."
"I can't go now- I gotta beat the boss first!"

Caim, like his children, had found himself slumped against Angelus during the ride, his eyes remaining unblinking throughout the ride (and to most, it looked like he hadn't slept at all). Upon exiting the car, the (former) prince stretched and gave a silent yawn; blinking his now very dry eyes, "How long were we driving around? I feel like we were in that car for hours."

Angelus gave a groan of her own, being the one to have to watch all the sleeping drunks (and kids), "We WERE in the car for approximately two hours, on account of some people not willing to look for directions. Devon, Ella, we'll be willing to take those two off your hands if you'd like? You've watched them more than enough for Caim and I in recent memory; you can have the rest of the night off from baby-sitting if you'd really like? Hold on, Jenny, stay steady...."
What Angelus said was indeed true, especially in regards to giving Caim and herself some alone time. It was the least the dragon could do. Not to mention she'd probably have to herd Jenny back to her room too...

Teri winced at the loud horn, being rudely awoken like the rest of the party. However, unlike Kalastryn (and similarly to Jenny), the alcohol still processing a bit in her system. Running after David (and stumbling a little along the way), she called out, "Hey, wait up! I wanna go to~! I got the munchies!"

Rising Dawn: Hallways: Rugal, Garm, Deadshot, Lucieon, Cz, Kalastryn

Garm sneezed after Kalastryn walked in, his sensitive nose taking in the varying smells of alcohol, and many different sorts of foods, "It certainly smells like you guys had a good time. That's good. We've had a lot to deal with lately."

With a simple wag of his tail, the wolf looked up to Rugal and asked, "Speaking of, if Kalastryn and the others are back, I should probably find Tear-ri and help get her to bed. Knowing her, she's probably had some of the alcohol too... Need anything else of me before I go?"


Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus | Kazuya
Location: Tokyo | Violet's Apartment.
Time: Night.

Icarus was also surprised but decided to not push his luck with Kazuya.
"From my erm, informant, can tell, The gems are the only source of power, the six in your vault, and the last one I have in the void, Darkside shouldn't be able to get them and he'll need all seven. The fluke with Serena won;t help him a second time. that being said, I haven;t told her but I want her to be somewhere safe.
As for weaknesses, He relies on his energy, we saw that when he lost his arm he was weakened also my sword will easily drain away his life force. From what we can tell he can win if he has a significant advantage he usually fights alone that's how he won most of his fights. The best measure would be to somehow isolate him, make him unable to run.
He also has some sort of gemstone where his heart would be, its a black crystal damaging it not only hurts him but if it were destroyed he'd be no more. DO't forget that you can;t just destroy his body if the crystal is intact, Y-you, ...." He faltered as if a painful memory had surfaced.
Just don't forget it" he said the last bit rapidly

Darkside | Droid
Location: Colorado | Outside of Denver
Time: Early Morning

"Alright I choose to accept, lead the way toaster oven." he said with a smug grin on his face.
It wouldn't be long before those meddling fools tried to pick another fight, perhaps he could get them to bring those gemstones with them, If he could absorb te power off all seven gems he'd be unstoppable.

Rising Dawn: Hanger: Jenny, David, Wanderer, Devon, Ella, Caim, Teri, Angelus, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

The car's stopping brought a good bit of relief for Devon and Ella since it meant that the drinking would stop (And Devon was especially glad that Ella wasn't driving) and the two walked out with the Bruisers. "Well, go right on ahead. We're always happy to keep an eye on the two for you, though, so don't think it's laborious for us or anything." The only thing that was killing Ella's cheer a bit was that she hadn't been allowed to drive, but then again that might have been for the best considering the last time.

Devon nodded, though. "Well, one night would be nice... who knows? Maybe Ella might actually let me wear some pants again." She hadn't had too much even with David's offer, so she was a bit more sober than the rest. Still, Ella's smirk said that even if Devon was getting pants that it would have a caveat of her own so Devon might need some help with that one tomorrow...

"Ella, Teri, you feel like some Mario Party for the rest of the night? I know it's childish, but it'll get us in the right state of mind."

Ella laughed a bit. "What, something about honed reflexes?"

Devon started walking to the lounge room in the building. "No, more mad enough at everything and ready for bullsit wherever it may come from."

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus | Kazuya (??)
Location: Tokyo | Violet's Apartment.
Time: Night.

Edge smiled. "So now we know how to kill it. Just stab it until it dies, just like most anything else." Edge leaned back and closed his eyes. "Yeah. Yeah, I can do that. I can do that easy."

Rising Dawn: Hanger: Jenny, David, Kalastryn, Wanderer, Devon, Ella, Caim, Teri, Angelus, Caim, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

"I did. Repeatedly. Next time, feel free to take the wheel Angie!" David snarked, he had enough of her complaints on the way over.
Still, he couldn't help but chuckle at Teri, she sounded just like some drunk ass college kid (Which wasn't far from the truth).
It was then that Devon blew David's mind: "...We have Video Games!?...Where?! I've been on this stinking ship for years and I haven't seen any! Tch, no one tells me anything..."
Granted, he was grown ass man, but he was willing to humor the girls (Sorry Devon) if it meant finding where this unknown tomb of electronic entertainment was.
Besides, his Netflix wasn't working too well here, what with it being another realm and all.
"Well, shit, Lead the way then. Me and Teri will bring the booze and snacks. Just hope it's Mario Party 2, I heard that the joystick spinning in Mario Party 1 skinned kids alive...or...something, it's been a while since I looked it up." He said, more or less inviting himself to this "Gaming night".

Jenny meanwhile, while still shaky, was still able to figure out where her room was, guess the 2 hour nap did her a bit of good.
"Onpe noep, i got it, annnngy. wooooo...I could sleep for days..." she groaned, though there was a bit of a chuckle in her slurs as she managed to find her room handy enough, guess she wanted to spare Angelus the trouble of minding her, though when she did open the door, she did flop onto the carpet in front of her bed.
"...Eh, close enoguh..." She shrugged as she pulled down the blanket off the bed over her, not bothering to try and climb back up, she was good there as she let the sleep sink in.

Rising Dawn: Medical Bay: Rugal, Garm, Deadshot, Lucieon, Cz, Kalastryn

*Note: This is set AFTER Meh's characters react*

"It's okay. I think Kala here has it covered, I'll be along myself shortly." Rugal said to Garm, figuring that Teri would be looking for him.
"Just so you know, I think Lucieon there is technically Undead. Don't ask, I never really took any heed of it. Just I hear that the undead have a strange reactions to healing magic and potions. And thanks again for this. I know that you didn't have to. I'll come relieve you later." He then said to the Tiefling, leaving the medical bay to go towards the Hanger where the others were.
"zzzzzz.....zzzzzzzz...." Deadshot snored loudly, he would have a nasty bruise from where Rugal hit him, but he seemed so used to getting his ass kicked while drunk, he didn't seem to notice.

On his way over, he passed by Slindis's room, pausing as he did, his worries about their "Conversation" involving that fight they had starting to take root again.
More importantly, it seemed to be ajar, She was the last person to leave her door unlocked.
Hesitating for a moment, he then gently pushed the door open, peering inside as he did.
While he was worried he was intruding (Which he was), it quickly faded as he saw Slindis sleeping soundly on the bed with Melethia snuggled up beside her under the covers as she limply held one of her handwritten books, odds were they drifted off while reading.
He let out an amused grunt as he saw them, they needed this after all they had been though.
So he left sleeping Elves lay, switching off the bedside light before quietly leaving the room, closing the door behind him as he made his way to the hanger.

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus | Kazuya?...
Location: Tokyo | Violet's Apartment.
Time: Night.

Kazuya listened keenly to Icarus's statement, processing the information and taking down a few notes on a piece of paper, it was a strange contrast to the Kazuya they knew.
"...So basically, break his heart? Huh, that doesn't seem so hard..." He rather casually said once he heard Icarus out.
"Alright, I'll get this back to the boss and-"
"Boss?...You have a boss Kaz?"
"...No, just a slip of the tongue..."
It was at that point Violet had enough and pulled the glasses from Kazuya, revealing something rather...odd as his face seemed to mutate somewhat.
"Hey! Violet! No-"

The room went silent as the Doppleganger's ruse was found out.
"...Grrrr, it's always the eyes that get me in the end! But they are so hard to mimic!" The Fake!Kazuya groaned as he flopped on the sofa, seeming rather annoyed he was found out.
"...Yeeaaahhhh...Okay, let me explain: I'm one of Kazuya's people, Well, not people...Just...He wasn't..."In the right state of mind" to make this meeting...annnnnddd when I heard that Violet was at the docks where that explosion figured this way would be faster..." He groaned before his body began to melt into a Blue Slime.
Retaining Kazuya's voice he added "See, this would have been much easier is Violet had just played along!...Gah, anyway, I just wanted to check up on him. Still, I'll get this back to Kazuya...Just...ummm...This never happened...okay? He'd kill me if he heard about this..."
The Ditto just laid there looking down.
"...Oh! Name's Mokujin by the way....err...Hi?..."

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus | Mokujin
Location: Tokyo | Violet's Apartment.
Time: Night.

"Howdy Mokujin." Edge said, waving. "If you're one of Kaz's people, you don't have to leave right away. Stay, have some tea."

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus | Mokujin
Location: Tokyo | Violet's Apartment.
Time: Night.

Starting to fall asleep, Merlin made himself wake up as he heard that the man was not Kazuya. Getting up suddenly from the couch with his finger raised in a alarmed manner, Merlin slumped back down onto the small couch with his head in his palm. "It ... it would be indeed nice if I could obtain some sleep. Inter-world travel is not very kind on the mind nor body." Merlin said with a grim look on his face, as if his energy was draining away to low levels.

"That drink did ... not help, but I can't blame it ... today was almost too much to handle." Merlin gave a chuckle as he tried to stand up again with stubbornness.

Rising Dawn: Hanger: David, Devon, Ella, Caim, Teri, Angelus, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Teri shared David's look of surprise when Devon dropped the news about video games being a definite possibility, "Hold the fucking phone. We have VIDEO GAMES?! ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod!"

The Cleric was literally bouncing with joy at the thought of the electronic entertainment, especially when such comforts were thought to not be existent on the Rising Dawn. Grabbing David's arm, Teri began to drag (or at least, try) the Irishman towards the Canteen, and joyfully shouted over her shoulder, Devon, you had better set up a DDR mat or two when me and David get back with the snacks and drinks! I'm gonna dance you guys into next week~!"

Angelus surpressed a small laugh, and gently grabbed both of the dozing Cuties from Devon and Ella, "I'm giving you two the night to yourselves as a reward, not to imply you are incompetent or overwhelmed by the little ones. You certainly deserve it."
She gave the two small creatures a pat on the head and tugged Caim's sleeve, "Come now, Caim. Let's leave them to their fun."

A groggy grunt was the only answer Angelus received as the pact partners returned to their chambers, Cutie Bruisers in tow.

Rising Dawn: Hallways: Rugal, Garm, Deadshot, Lucieon, Cz, Kalastryn

*before Rugal left*

Garm gave a happy wag of his tail at the dismissal of duty, "My thoughts exactly, Alpha Rugal. I'll be on the rings if you need me."

It took a bit of time, but when Garm found his charge and Devon, Ella and David playing a varying assortment of games. Teri and David were currently tearing up a pair of DDR mats while Ella and Devon furiously mashed buttons in one of the many mini-games Mario Party had to offer. And that smell..? Oh, more booze. Seems like there was an after party for the party. If the wolf could laugh, he would have, but instead settled next to one of the couches in the makeshift game-room, remarking to Rugal over the rings, "Looks like I had no reason for concern, Alpha Rugal. They were well enough on their own."

Before Kala drifted entirely to sleep, as Rugal left the room she dug through that miracle of an inventory bag once again. Sure Deadshot could probably make due with whatever the med bay had in medical supplies... but undead? That was more her expertise, and while she couldn't cast anything to help his recovery now, she did know how to brew a potion he should find useful. Well... that is if he really was undead. As she found the potion and pulled it out of the bag, the liquid inside was a dark purple sheen and smelled like blackberries and... nightshade? She pulls up a tray next to Lucieon's bed and sets down a "Potion of Inflict Critical Wounds."

The label on the side of the bottle, printed in white so as to be visible against the dark liquid reads, "Not for use upon the living, can cause great harm. Though the dead, or undead for that matter, will find it to be a great restorative. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK."

Now, if she knew anything at all about Lucieon, or the fact that he isn't technically undead anymore... she'd know it not to be prudent to leave such a harmful substance in his hands. She knows no better, unfortunately, and returns to sleep on a slightly comfortable chair in the corner.


Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus | Mokujin
Location: Tokyo | Violet's Apartment.
Time: Night.

Icarus was surprised by the small slime.
"A shape-shifter? that's not every common." he admits aloud surprised, his head still a bit lost in memory.
He was gently floating a few feet in the air in a sitting position his wings still open.
"I don;t get it, Darkside shouldn't have any allies how did this Armstrong know about him so quickly? It doesn't make any sense." he says Clearly frustrated.
"But wait by the way your behaving does that mean The real Kazuya knows I'm here?" He asked the small slime.
"Because last I checked he seemed ready to turn me into pavement."

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus | Mokujin
Location: Tokyo | Violet's Apartment.
Time: Night.

Surprised how well everyone was taking this, Mokujin let out a sigh of relief, though it was Jarring, you'd thing everyone would be more surprised.
Still, he answered Icarus's questions: "Well, Did make a bit of a mess of the team Kazuya was with as well as what he did to that city and that kind of damage travels fast on the news. While I doubt Armstrong saw Darkside coming or was expecting him, I can imagine that he saw on Fox or CNN of a Monster rampaging and giving Kazuya issues and said "Ohhh! I want that". Apart from that, Kazuya was thinking he had people in the city but I don't he's really thought this out aside from the "Sic the monster on people I don't like" bit." The ditto answered as he began to take Kazuya's form again, seeing how no one seemed to mind.
"As for Kazuya himself, you don't need to worry there. I've done this tons of times and he has yet to find out. Provided Violet doesn't use the phones here or you don't try to break into the building, I think you'll be safe enough for the night." He then added as he got up.
"Wait, Kazuya wired tapped my phone?!"
"Relax, he doesn't know about the Sex lines-"
Violet cringed massively at that.
"...Well! Ummm...Kazuya will be with you in the morning then!" He then said as he began to leave the room, stopping only for his glasses.
"Oh...And Icarus...I get he can be a pain in the ass at times, but believe me, Kazuya means well. On a better day, he might have offered you a job. Second this is all over, I bet we'll be laughing about this and he won't try to kill you...

If anyone wants to skip to morning, go ahead, I kinda don't know what to do from here <_>'

Darkside | Droid
Location: Colorado | Outside of Denver
Time: Early Morning

On cue, the "Droid" nodded before speaking into a headset.
The next thing Darkside knew, a black Helicopter with one the Desperado Enforcement logo on it, several armed men hoping out of it while the Droid motioned for Darkside to get in, more of an Escort then a threat, not like they seemed to be able to put up much of a fight anyway.
But a lot of them seemed to have cybernetic enhancements for some reason, metal arms and legs and such, weird.
Either way, a 15 minute helicopter ride later brought him to a brightly lit helipad on the top of one of the largest buildings in the city's skyline.

Once he was off, he saw his new "Employer" standing alone watching him land, minus any bodyguards and smoking a cigar.
"Darkside, Thanks for coming in..." He greeted as the Droid walked over to his master.
"I take it this means that you've accepted my offer then? Or did you just come to the States to take a break from getting your ass kicked by little girls?" He lightly jabbed as he puffed on his cigar, referring to the last time they were talking.

Rising Dawn: Hanger: David, Devon, Ella, Teri, Rugal, Garm

Rugal soon entered the picture after Garm did, leaning on the doorway frame as he watched the scene in front of him unfold, unknowing kicking a empty bottle of David's personal stash as he did.
He looked down, seeing the label was "Kraken" right as David managed to slip off the dance pad.
"BULLSHIT! YOU SAW THAT! It wanted me to hit 3 things at once, I only have 2 legs!" He protested as the song ended, leaving Teri as the victor as he took a moment to catch his breath and check up on brutal battle between Devon and Ella.
"Come on! Winner wears pants! Winner wears pants! AND I PLAY WINNER!" He cheered at the two as the game went to the final few turns, shaking them both by the shoulder in excitement.
Suppressing a laugh at the childish scene, Rugal took a seat on the couch and was content to watch it from afar, least at first.
The next thing Teri knew, the screen roared to life with the sound of "PLAYER 2 READY!"
An awed hush filled the room as they watched Rugal get on the dance mat.
"...What?..." He casually asked as he took his jacket off.

Rising Dawn: Hanger: David, Devon, Ella, Teri, Rugal, Garm

Devon and Ella played their game far into the night until the both of them collapsed from being so tired.

Rising Dawn: Hanger: David, Devon, Ella, Teri, Rugal, Garm

The Cleric took the brief pause to finish off a half empty water bottle; but when the announcement for the second player announcement rang in the air, the Cleric turned to her father-figure with a mischievous grin, (no doubt influenced by both Toyotama and the alcohol), "You don't seem the type for video games. But hey, don't go crying when I whoop your ass!"

And thus commenced the DDR match of the night.....

Rising Dawn: Teri's Room: Teri | Garm

....that the Cleric wouldn't remember. Teri woke up with a groggy noise in her throat and the feeling of dryness in her mouth; even after downing at least 5 water bottles the night before. Rubbing her eyes and greeting a familiar Garm, Teri asked aloud, "Dimitri, what happened last night? When did I get back to my room?! I remember drinking with my friends and then... Video games? Somethin' bout video games"

There was a faint buzz and Dimitri's form appeared on the room's TV to answer the Cleric's summons, "Ask your father later. For now, there is a meeting to attend to. I was about to wake you up, actually. Come on now, chop chop. I'd advise getting all your gear together, I heard something is afoot. Vermilion and I are waking up other passengers and giving the alert as I speak."

Again, sorry for the delay guys, but we are finally reaching the ending point of this arc~!

Airship Rising Dawn: Everywhere?

True to Dimitri's word, a call went out throughout the ship via AI Vermilion: "Attention, Members of the Rising Dawn. We have just received a call to the Shadow Operatives Board Room in preperation for the next step of our objective. Prepare as if you are going to battle. I repeat, prepare as if you were going to battle. This will be a briefing preceding a mission that will most likely be dangerous and cause possible harm to life and limb. Please report to the Shadow Operatives Board Room when ready."

*insert character's routines here*

Shadow Operatives Building: Board Room:Mitsuru | Fuuka | Yu | Rising Dawn members
Hello Mood Music, it's been a while.

As the party gathered about in the boardroom, Mitsuru and Fuuka were in their usual positions, Mitsuru standing in front of a projection screen, and Fuuka with an open laptop in front of her; and a very large breakfast banquet fit for a whole Rising Dawn team to feast upon laying upon the table. After waiting a moment for everyone to settle in, she clicked a button on a remote in her hand, and an image of a building appeared on a screen,

"Greetings, all of you. I hope the night before was a proper rest for all of you. Now, as your helpful AI have already told you; we are prepared for the worst. After tirless work from our technology department, as well as the efforts in your investigation, we've been able to pinpoint the source of the medicines and virus that has been placed into our city. Here: Kashihara Pharmecutical, as head run by the CEO of this company: Akinari Kashihara."

She pressed another button to reveal the visage of the leader of this company to the party, a confident (or perhaps arrogant) look on his face, as well as...Honey colored eyes. Funny how that seemed to be a commonality in this area. It was at this point Fuuka spoke up, "Kashihara's company seems to have been in business for the last couple of years, with the line of owners passing from Mother to Son, the current Kashihara has been in the CEO position for several months now. However, as mentioned before, our methods of tracking him have been... Well, what we had to work with was unsettling, to say the least.

Aside from all the prescription bottles we've found tracing back to his company, one of you gave us a text message that has contained each and every one of your names. The signal for this message has also traced back to Kashihara's facility. We're under the impression that as a result of this, Kashihara knows we're onto him and whatever he has as a connection to Nyarlatothep. Furthermore, our field reports have also gathered that associates of Nyarlatothep seemed to have a connection with eyecolor, as you can see here. This yellow coloration is highly unusual, but we haven't been able to figure out the cause, as Nise Mono, a Mr. Skin, and the owner of Club Escapade has the same feature, but no contacts or other sorts of cosmetic equipment was found on her. I think it's reason to be weary of this man, especially if he's been able to pull off what he has already."

Mitsuru took over again at this point, her expression taking a turn for the stern, "Because of the evidence pointing further and further in his direction, we will be infiltrating his facility today and try to find concrete evidence of his involvement. I had to pull a few strings, but we do have a warrant to search the premises. As such, we'll be able to enter the front gate and set up as usual. Our main objective will be to find evidence of Kashihara's wrong doings, and bring him into the proper authorities. If nothing else, an Assault charge could possibly be placed upon him so we can get the searching done more effectively. We do have blueprints on hand, so we won't have to wander TOO aimlessly...

However, I don't think Kashihara will take us walking into his proverbial lair too well. Most likely, Kashihara will attempt to take you out by throwing you into a Shadow Zone; which is why I asked all of you to prepare for battle. If you so wish, I myself will join you in this endeavor; but I will allow you all to conduct yourselves accordingly. Aside from listing our objectives and asking you see them through, I have seen that I don't need to micromanage the lot of you, thankfully."

She gave the wryest of smiles and added on one final note, "Before we begin the operation, are there any questions, comments or concerns?"

For Kala, the call to arms came a bit late. She had been up quite early actually, as she had gone through a nightmare last night. When she had awoken an hour or two before the rest of the crew however, she took the opportunity to read through her spellbook, not keen on repeating past mistakes. Judging on how she would have to use her persona to cast these spells, and likely in a combat situation, she decides to prepare a set of spells less focused on utility. The true nature of her unconscious terror was lost from her memory through the focus on work.

As the call to arms rang out, she was already set.

Morning Phase

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal

Despite the madness of the night before, Rugal was up bright and early, not getting hammered made that rather easy, making him one of the first to respond to the AI's message.
After Garm helped him clean the place up, his room was rather barren, but least it didn't look like a bomb had gone off in it.
Once he was dressed, he went down to the canteen to have some breakfast, Taking a pair of extra dishes on a tray with him as he did.
He then went back to Slindis's room, knocking before he came in in case he was interrupting anything.
"Morning you two. I figured I'd save you a bit of time." He said to her and Melethia before laying the tray down on the bed.
"So sleep well?"

Rising Dawn: Hanger: David

David meanwhile was a lot less graceful when he woke up, sprawled on the floor of the Hanger where they set up their little arcade the night before.
The first thing that entered his view was a empty bottle of Kraken right in front of his face as he began to stir, the haunting melodies of the menu for Mario Party playing in the back ground over his hangover.
"oohhhhhh...that was fun..." He groaned as he attempted to pick himself up off the ground, God he would murder for a Breakfast Roll right about now.
He looked around for the others, seeing only Devon and Ella passed out on the couch with his jacket draped over them for some reason.
Before he did anything else, he checked the score, wondering who won until the AI's message rang though the ship.
Leaving the 2 women alone, he then began to get his usual breakfast of a bunch of Prairie Oyster's.

Rising Dawn: Jenny's Room: Jenny

Once again, Jenny found herself wishing she had never been born as she was hunched over the toilet of her room, feeling like she was dying but couldn't quite reach death's sweet embrace.
Shuddering as she tried to stand, her senses were blasted yet again when the AI began to send her message, every letter sounding like a jackhammer to her.
Still, soldiering on, she made her way to the canteen also, hoping to get some Lum Berries or something.

Rising Dawn: Medical Bay: Deadshot

Finally, the would-be Terrorist was the last to stir from his bed at the Medical Bay, feeling a large pain in his jaw as well as a few teeth feeling slightly looser.
"ohhhhhhh....I had a good night, I just know it..." He groaned as he out of bed, realizing he was in the medical ward.
Yeah, I totally got into a fight...where's the other guy though? He thought as he saw Lucieon in the other bed, while he didn't look like he got the shit kicked out of him (Least from what Deadshot could see), he felt smug either way knowing he managed to solo one of the Heroes in a fight.
"Still got it..." He said as he made his way out of the Medical bay, glancing at the sleeping Kalastryn as he did, seeing how she was in her less "Human" form, (Least if I recall correctly).
"...Hey Demon Lady...uhhh, you real or am I just tripping balls right now?" he bluntly asked as if this exact situation had happened before.

Meeting Phase

Shadow Operatives Building: Board Room: Rugal

Slightly surprised at the fact there was a full breakfast banquet, Rugal instead opted for a coffee while he watched the plan unfold.
It seemed like a text book raid alright, though Rugal had been on the receiving end of enough police raids to know the ropes.
"What do have in the manner of technological assets? Hackers and such? While we have the legal right to enter the building, if he sees us coming with cameras or other surveillance methods, he might come out guns blazing. Least if the measures he took thus far are any indication of his company policy..." He asked, worried that he might deploy another Shadow Zone or something once they raided the building.
It'd be what he'd do.

Shadow Operatives Building: Board Room: David

Already munching on the free food, David was busy thinking of possible Sniper points, making him ask this.
"Question: We have Lethal force authorized? Like Blondie said, if he sees us coming, we could easily get forced into a "Kill Box" situation and I for one would like to be the shooter rather then the shoot-ee." He asked, while he done a few raids in the past for UNIT and such, it was nice to not have to wait for the other guys to shoot first.

Shadow Operatives Building: Board Room: Jenny

Going pale at the sight of all that food, Jenny fought the urge to get sick as she lobbed another Lum berry or two into her mouth instead.
She didn't really question the plan, not really having the know-how to ask about it, and instead just said "So if we arrest him, does that mean this is over?".
This then lead to-

Shadow Operatives Building: Board Room: Deadshot

"Us getting our Wishes!?!" Deadshot wildly said as he felt himself nearing the light at the end of the tunnel, all this shit he went though over the last week or 2 was FINALLY going to be worth it!
He could see it now, mountains of gold, Tons of Supermodels, 20 sports cars and enough left to paint a MASSIVE "Fuck You!" sign on the moon.
"ohhhh sheer fucking legend! So when we going?!" He squealed like a little girl, looking forward to the MOTHER of all paydays.

Location: Rising Dawn | Med Bay
Time: Previously

Deadshot | Lucieon | Cz

Lucieon was not unconscious as people had thought. He stayed with in himself, thinking and reflecting. The shock was nearly purged from his system, and his beating heart returned to its regular beat. Therumm therumm. He opened his eyes and looked up at the ceiling. It was clean, slated. It was grey, plain. Lucieon emptied his lungs and drew breath. The air was sterile, cold. Impersonal and dry. "I am not undead," he said, but no one was there to hear him. The only other people in the room were unconscious. Deadshot's loud snoring and Cz's soft breathing mixed in his ears. Lucieon sat up and brushed himself off. The hellfire had scorched his clothes somewhat, and bits of his pants were still covered in the pungent oil. He swung his legs over the cot and planted his boots tot he ground. His les were weak, the sudden burst of electricity had put a lot of stress on his nerves. Lucieon got to his feet and stumbled, he struggled to regain his balance. But foot after another he managed to get moving. He made his way to Cz and looked down at her. She was asleep by the looks of it, probably dehydrated after being exposed to so much fire. He bent down and put an ear to her chest. Her heartbeat was strong and regular and her skin was soft and warm against him. He closed his eyes and just listened for a moment to her. Her breath was like a butterfly's pitter patter. He raised his head and gave her a good long look over. He smiled at her, content to see such infallible beauty. He stopped turned away and scowled. His cheeks lighting a soft red. He felt angry and ashamed. She was not human. She was a thing, a weapon, a tool

"I'm awake," Cz said. Whether that was a statement intended to notify everyone that she had regained consciousness, or a jab at Lucieon's actions toward her was unclear. The merchant simple ignored her and kept facing the other way. Deadshot snored away in the corner.

"You were not hurt I hope," he siad.

Cz sat up, the rustle and tug of her robes against her skin was intoxicating. "A little lightheaded, but otherwise I'm fine." She licked her lips, a little dry but otherwise still a deep natural pink. "I could use some water."

"Not my problem."

"It was not so a few hours ago when you were spilling a cup over me when I asked for a drink."

Cz placed her feet on the ground and stood up. She was barefoot, and her movements were silent and swift. The only noise was, again, the soft rub of fabric on fabric and fabric on skin.

"Are you going to tie me up again?"

"When the time comes." Lucieon paused and felt around for Estoc. "For now we are wanted." He fund its handle and grabbed onto it to steady himself.

Location: Shadow Operatives Building | Board Room
Time: Now

Rising Dawn Crew

Cz and Lucieon stood to the back of the group and listened intently as Mitsuru explained the situation. They were silent and brooding, obviously not enjoying one another's presence. Cz gave Lucieon a spiteful glare. "Do you plan on following me there as well?"

"I will go to protect you." Lucieon closed his eyes and let his back lean against the wall. He never felt anything so absurd while he was undead... being alive did come with the most inconvenient things. Just being around Cz made him feel anxious now, and he really couldn't put his finger on why.

"Playing the chivalrous knight now?"

"A merchant protects his interests."

(Quick post is quick)

Morning Phase

Yu Narukami.
Location: Shadow Operatives Building: Yu' room. | Personaverse.

After the separation from the Rising Dawn party, Yu Narukami did his usual tasks. He trained in some of the Shadow Zones he knew, socializing and gaining social links. Apart from all of that, Yu just simply slept in his room, awaiting for the next day, his instincts telling him that something will certainly go on.

*Hours later*

Waking up with a early alarm, Yu quickly texted his girlfriend Chie before getting ready and dashed out the door to search for a vending machine.

Location: Rising Dawn: Wanderer's roof shack. | Personaverse.

Falling out of his bed with a thud, the Wanderer was too tired to even bother stretching.
Checking his house once more, the good Doctor dressed up in his usual getup of Armour and a leather trench-coat.
"Today ... I shall make more phallic jokes!"

This is all Wanderer said before marching out of him weird looking home.

Meeting Phase

Yu Narukami.
Location: Shadow Operatives Building: Board Room | Personaverse.

Coming into the meeting room with a dash, many figures littered the table before the conference started. Opening his can and sitting nearby Mitsuru and Fuuka. "May this end today, I got something to do." Yu said with a sly smile with a thumbs up and a mind full of thoughts.

Location: Shadow Operatives Building: Board Room | Personaverse.

After Yu had sat down, the doors busted open with the Wanderer flying in with his jetpack.
Turning it off, he immediately smacked onto the floor and got up with a breakdance move.
"Sorry, I thought I was late." Wanderer said shyly as he got to sit down, taking his jetpack off.

Somewhere else

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus | Mokujin
Location: Tokyo | Violet's Apartment.
Time: Night.

Time passed through the night, without knowledge of any other notable events in the world, the focus of the AA world was on Tokyo with Merlin and pals. Light came in through the curtains of the modern apartment, city noises also leaking in somehow. Merlin awoke with several blinks of his eyes before becoming shocked once more and fell onto the floor with a loud ...


Looking around quickly, Merlin sighed.
This was the modern world and a couch.
Not his bed in his tower.

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus
Location: Tokyo | Violet's Apartment.
Time: Morning

After all the madness that had transpired over the last day or two, Violet couldn't be happier to finally rest without having to worry about some gray skinned monsters trying to blow up the world or bodybuilders with rocket launchers blowing up his office.
The only sad part was though it had to end, the alarm on his bedside cabinet ending his sleep as he lazily slapped the alarm.
Sighing that he had to deal with reality again, he began to get dressed and changed, going for a White overcoat/pants combo.
Once he was up and about, he returned to his guests, seeing Merlin on the floor.
"You know, the sofa folds out into a bed..." He remarked as he as he began checking his messages.
"So, ready to kick some super powered alien's ass?"

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus
Location: Tokyo | Violet's Apartment.
Time: Morning

As Violet walked through his apartment, he saw that there was a note on the counter between the kitchen and the living room. Picking it up, it said-

Sorry about not being around in the morning, but I told one of the doctors over at the G-Corp building that I'd spend the night. She wanted to make sure I didn't die of exhaustion. Make sure you tell the others where I am, and I'll probably be up to greet you guys when you get here.


P.S. If I ever get to a point where I can't move again, just throw me in a body of water. With any luck, I'll be fine if a few minutes.

Violet groaned. It was already shaping up to be a loooooong day...

Morning Phase

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, Mel, Slin

Rugal was met by the mom and daughter with arms wrapped around each other, and his sudden entry woke the pair up.

Melethia yawned and stretched, immediately smelling the delicious breakfast. "Yeah, Wheathair... we were up really late last night, though..."

Slindis also stretched, having worn her normal attire to bed as well. "Still, Mel... that was a lot we both had to say. I'm glad we did."

After that, the three had their downright fantastic breakfast then went to the meeting area hand in hand.

Rising Dawn: Hanger: Ella and Devon

Devon and Ella were a bit grumpy when they woke up because-

"What was the idea in stealing my star on the last turn?"
"Well, you were the one that dueled me for all of my coins on the second to last turn when you knew I had a mushroom!"

The pair had tied.
For second place against the computer.

Ella then turned the damn console off before heading to the meeting area with Devon, both hoping there'd be some good food there.

Meeting Phase

Shadow Operatives Building: Board Room: Slindis

Slindis listened to the battle plan as she entered, taking a drink of some coffee she poured for herself. 'Well, what are the normal entrances and exits? Any secret ones into the sewers?" She knew it wasn't too likely, but she had to cover one of her bases.

Besides, as unpleasant as it might sound, it might be a good way to open a second front.

Shadow Operatives Building: Board Room: Melethia

Mel was munching on a pear as she chimed in. "Okay, I want to know what the foot traffic's like, you know, their high-security zones. We might want to bypass those if we can. If you pilfered blueprints, now's the time." She had that analytic gleam in her eyes, but for once there was a lack of viciousness which was actually rather refreshing!

Shadow Operatives Building: Board Room: Devon

Devon definitely had a good bit to eat at the breakfast bar set up, settling on some sausage, scrambled eggs with Tabasco, and some hash browns that were consumed rather quickly. After finishing, Devon wiped her mouth before replying with a simple inquiry: "What do we know about the guards? If they're not infected and just in this for the meager paycheck, we could make sure they're not an issue with some talking after all."

Devon was really looking to lower the body count where possible.

Shadow Operatives Building: Board Room: Ella

Ella got a rather filling meal for herself and was going to talk a bit with Kalastryn until she heard Deadshot going on about the wishes again which brought forth an annoyed response.

"Can you seriously shut the fuck up about the wishes?" Her tone made it clear she really didn't want to hear a lot more about what the damn wish.

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus
Location: Tokyo | Violet's Apartment.
Time: Morning

"I fell ... accidental." Merlin said, eyes still focused on the window. Slowly getting up, Merlin lightly smacked his own face, keeping his hands on his cheeks which slid down slowly. "... do you have any tea?" Merlin's quiet voice asked before he moved to the kitchen sink and washed his face. Feeling more awake, Merlin stretched and started to feel his energy course through his body, "Ah, that feels better. Where is the toilet?" Merlin said, guessing in his mind that the toilet will be much different.

"I may not know what a "Alien" is, but I agree."
Looking towards Icarus, Merlin felt like he should have tied the Angel up or experiment on it somehow. "I still don't believe him." Is all Merlin said.


Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus
Location: Tokyo | Violet's Apartment.
Time: Morning

Icarus woke up, rather abruptly. then he looked around and realized he was in The apartment, he sighed. his wings were still present, His eyes scanned the room. His hand held Binged He opened it up to see a message from Serena.

"She's found it, good. SO I can guess you guys have your own plans for getting Darkside into a trap.
I have to retrieve something. I'll be in a helicopter in a few minutes. and tell Kazuya I'm sorry for trying to deceive him, but we both know that We can't just let Darkside be free to destroy anything.
I Still have one of the gemstones in the void so He ca't get the full set even if he does somehow get all of Kazuya's."
He looked out the window
"ah there's my ride, I'll be seeing you all" as he walked out one long feather fell out of his wings, it landed right next to merlin.
A few minutes later he was on a helicopter making full-speed to south america.
The state of the art chopper was crossing the ocean within minutes They had a long distance to go.
He stood looking out at the vast wide ocean, holding that bizarre scepter.
"I won't let it happen again, this time I'll stop him. I don;t now what your plan is but if it stops Darkside I'll do it"
"Good, good that's what I want to hear."

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus
Location: Tokyo | Violet's Apartment.
Time: Morning

Violet merely nodded as Icarus went to set up...Whatever it was he was going to do in order to trap Darkside.
As he raced over to South America and out of the city, Violet asked himself "...Wait, was that one of our helicopters or did he have one of his own?"
Either way, Icarus was long gone by now, leaving him back at square one as Merlin asked where the toilet was.
"Just down the hall to the left." He answered as he wondered what he next move should be.
"Well, Merlin, feel like going to South America?"

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