The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus
Location: Tokyo | Violet's Apartment.
Time: Morning

Seeing Icarus off, Merlin gave a courteous wave goodbye before turning to Violet. "Ah okay, I shall go to the bathroom first." Merlin said as he began moving before stopping to pick up the black angel wing, shrugging he placed it within on of his magical pouches before moving towards the bathroom. After ten minutes Merlin came back with his head in his hands.

"Ceramics, why did I never think of that. Damned buckets." Merline muttered to himself as he came back to Violet, who wanted to go to South America. "Sure, I have never heard of this South America but it should be good to learn more about the world ... and where did Mister Edge go?" Merlin said before looking around the environment looking for the quick man.


Location: South America | Above an ancient pyramid
Time: Noon

Icarus looked down seeing the ancient pyramid,
"Right then thanks for the lift, I'll take it from here." he nodded to the pilot and let himself fall out of the plane he waited a few minutes before opening his wings and slowly gliding down, he had a memory of when he was flying with his dad, they'd Play a game not to go to high or too low, while racing each other. but that memory came with bittersweet smile. he soon landed and found Serena was there waiting for him
"Oh Icarus TI think this was that pyramid you mentioned, but why are we here?"
"There's something at the bottom of this pyramid that we need. with It Darkside will be destroyed." he placed his hand on the sealed stone door and it responded opening
"I-Icarus how did you?"
"It was sealed by magic"
he walked in and Serena followed the inside was dark Icarus held the scepter up
"Some light would be preferred"
"What now I'm a torch? such impertinence." a low growl emanated from the scepter it slowly began to glow bathing everything in a green light. as they made their way down Icarus seemed to be strange determined and solemn. Serena was a bit surprised he had been so friendly and talkative before.
They soon reached the bottom and found a huge stone sarcophagus.
"There it is"
They waked forward they could see ancient runes, and the room felt oddly warm as if something was generating heat.
Icarus was surprised he could read them
"Seek you the world? Seek you power? Does your soul despise Peace and thirst for more?Does your soul cry for destruction and conquest? We grant you power to ruin the world. The power of darkness. Evil spirit of magic trident. You are the King of Darkness"
Serena shuddered
"M-maybe we should leave it be besides I doubt we could even get it open-"
Icarus place a hand on the lid and it opened with ease. inside was a box he opened it revealing a stone trident. Icarus picked it up the strange item responded to his touch flakes of stone fell off slowly.
"SO this is what we're after?"
"Yes, good work with this in hand you shall find you;ll have more than enough power to stop Darkside. Although you could release me-
"Haha nice try Not falling for it Your staying where you belong," he then put the scepter inside it's brass sheath sealing it
"let's go." He told Serena. as they started to walk back out surprised it was startlingly easy, then again there was no one to interfere.

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus
Location: Tokyo | Violet's Apartment.
Time: Morning

"Ah, don't worry. He just went back to the G-Corp building for the night. Said he promised a Doctor or something..." Violet explained as he got his things before heading out, though Merlin's comment about Ceramics did insight a chuckle.
"Really? Mastered Magic and the Elements, but still use Wooden Toilets? Tch! Can't imagine you all not having Running Water where you come from." He replied as he and the Magician left the apartment, taking the same Limo he "Borrowed" off Mohammad the night before.
"Could show you how one of these things work if you'd like?" He then offered, figuring what was the worst that could happen with showing a several hundred year old Wizard from another realm how to drive a expensive Limo with a Stick-Shift?

Merlin | Violet.
Location: Tokyo | Limo.
Time: Morning

"Uh, another time. Right now we have a ... very, very important task to set on." Merlin said in a rather simple way, not wanting to interact much until the giant threat of Darkside was no more. If there was going to be no world to interact with, it would ruin everything Merlin had planned, especially with reading and taking apart everything he could get his hands on.

Sitting in the passenger seat, Merlin turned to Violet. "It was more buckets ... but I knew ceramic toilets would be a good idea. I had many good ideas, yet it seemed that half the kingdom was on the verge of burning me. Ah, well least they were tolerant of my presence, and right now, they know how important I am." Merlin gave a light chuckle before experimenting with his window buttons.

Once rolled down, Merlin just gazed out of the window, basking in the light of this world.

Merlin | Violet.
Location: Tokyo | Limo.
Time: Morning

Going though the early morning lights of the city, all the people in it back to their normal routines despite all the mayhem that occurred the day before, it seemed like they were used to this sort of crap already.
Violet was driving, granted, he'd normally ride in the back but seeing how this usual mean spirited driver was now minus several teeth, it'd go along with it.
"I find it's less the ideas and the presentation. You could make a law that required all people to get punched in the face and so long as you sell it right, you could get them to pay taxes for the service. Still, what kind of "Ideas" did you have in mind for your realm?" He asked before be pulled up outside the G-Corp building, a bunch of Valet's taking the wheel from there.
"Right, Edge should be meeting with us soon, then we can figured out our next move."

Merlin | Violet.
Location: Tokyo | G-Corp.
Time: Morning

Leaving the seat of the long seat, Merlin figured that the long black 'carriage' was to carry many people. Violet and Merlin were outside of the G-Corp building and he couldn't help but just look up. "What a large tower. Only if I had the time to build one." Merlin could only say out loud before the two walked inside the nice lobby. "As I said, I had plans for large towers made by a combination of magic and man, plans to help society and end wars ... a lot of them I had succeeded at, many failed ..." Merlin said but ended in a low sad voice.

"But the biggest succession is the acceptance of magic among man. Back in the days when I was just a alchemist's apprentice, that was the age called saeculis obscuris, translated to 'Dark Age' in common tongue. After my true identity as a Wizard was found out by Arturia, I was accepted. Next thing I knew I was Royal Court Wizard and accepted in Camelot ... but it would be a long time for the whole of magic to be accepted." Merlin said as he recollected his large past.

"But since then ... a lot has happened." Merlin said before allowing Violet to go first in escorting them through the building to meet Edge to commence their plan.

A young man wearing a jacket with a hoodie stood in front of the large G-Corp building. He stared at it silently
before giving a sigh and running a hand through his short black hair and adjusting his coat,"Well...moment of
truth," He pulled out several cards with strange designs on them.

"Let's get this show on the road,eh guys?" Now, the average person would look at this scene with a raised
eyebrow and probably question this fella's level of sanity. Oh, if only those folks knew the truth...

He took one more deep breath and pocketed the cards before strolling inside the building and heading up
to the front counter,"Excuse me? I'd like to apply for a job here, if that's ok."

Merlin | Violet | James
Location: Tokyo | G-Corp Lobby
Time: Morning

Violet listened to Merlin's story as they entered the building.
"Well, don't worry. Every Civilization tends to follow a similar path. I'm sure your people will get their towers built some day." He said as he saw a man with a Hoodie talking to one of the receptionists.
"Sorry sir, but you'll have to go though the proper channels with Human Resources. We don't just let anyone who walks in here get a interview." The Female receptionist said to the Hooded man as Violet walked past, wondering what was going on.
"Oh...Hello there? Can I help you?" Violet (Appearance) asked as he eyed up the young man.

James at being spoke to, turned his head to the man beside him. Huh, snazzy suit. He thought to
himself. He than shook his head,"No, it's nothing. I was just told I could get a job here at

Merlin | Violet | James
Location: Tokyo | G-Corp Lobby
Time: Morning

Violet was a little confused by what he was being told.
"...I see..." He responded as he looked at the teenager in front of him, wondering if he really knew what he was getting himself into by applying at G-corp.
"...Hm...Well, In that case, Allow me to introduce myself. *I* am-" He stated before striking a pose straight out of a Loreal Ad.
"-Dr. Violet. Head Researcher of G-corp! If you get a job, you'll be calling me Boss. And this is Merlin, a Guest of ours." Violet said as he motioned to the White haired man standing beside him.
"So...Who might you be and why do you want to work here?"

James did his best not to snicker at the man's posing but he figured it was just part
of his character. Instead, he chose to bow to him and his friend,"It's very nice to meet
both of you, sirs. I look forward to working with you if I get the chance,"

"My name is James White, as for why I want to apply here.." He straightened his back and
ruffled his hair nervously,"That's the complicated part...I could tell if you really want
me to..but you probably think I was insane and that I'm an escaped convict from an
asylum from somewhere out of town."

Merlin | Violet | James
Location: Tokyo | G-Corp Lobby
Time: Morning

Impressed with James's manners, Violet then laughed off his claim that his story was insane enough to warrant him getting locked up.
"Oh come off it. Can't be any worse then most of what goes on around here. Hell, we had a killer alien attack just yesterday!" He Cheerfully joked, despite knowing for a fact that Darkside was still out there and still posing a threat to the world.
"So come on. Spit it out, trust me, it's unlikely it's something I haven't heard before." He then asked, figuring that someone who was just looking for a job couldn't be too bad.
Granted, it could be that this was some sort of ruse he was using to try and break into the company, but if that was the case, Kazuya would have hunted him down and killed him by now.

James allowed himself a little chuckle at that line about "killer aliens" and what
not,"Hehe..alright, alright, but don't say I didn't warn you,"

He took in a deep breath and began,"I'm not from this world..infact, I'm not even from
this dimension. I come from a world where things like killer aliens, giant monsters and
magic-wielding swordsman only exist in cartoons, video games, anime, and stories."

"I was at an anime convention one day in another town where I picked up these cards
here," He pulled out the Elemental Tarots and flashed them each one at a time before
pocketing them,"Along with a bunch of other merchandise...but the moment I went outside,
a giant portal ripped itself open in the sky and sucked me into it.."

"I ended up in the lab of this scientist who, and I'm not kidding here, built a Portal
Device using a microwave, a coffee grinder, a satellite dish, a nuclear accelerator and
other odds and ends. Apparently he was trying to contact other dimensions and what not.."

At this, the young man rolled his eyes,"Also, his machine broke after one use, stranding
me here. Now, I need a way to provide for myself, and Maybe find a way back home. The guy
told me about this place so I came to check it out..."

He noticed the looks on their faces,"I know that look...and trust me, I know what I'm getting
myself into...also, I'm not defenseless..." He pulled out the cards again and held up the
Sun Tarot as it glowed faintly.

Merlin | Violet | James | Edge
Location: Tokyo | G-Corp Lobby
Time: Morning

The G-Corp doors opened again, and Edge walked in, carrying a large paper bag in one hand, and a drink carrier with four large cups in the other. "And back." he said, putting the drink carrier down reaching into the bag. "Soon, for you." Edge pulled out a large, pinkish bagel; one of the guards at the door nodded and took the bagel from Edge, grunting in thanks as he did. "Not a problem." Edge said. "I had them make half a dozen, so let me know if you want another one."

Edge walked up to Violet, Merlin and James. "Howdy guys. Sorry for leaving like that." Edge held his bag out. "Bagel? They're fresh. And some are cherry flavored. Where's Icarus?"

[1] This entire bit was inspired by the fact that my capatcha is bread of life. No joke.

Merlin | Violet | James | Edge
Location: Tokyo | G-Corp Lobby
Time: Morning

Edge cocked an eyebrow at James. "You haven't been here very long, have you? Not only is that not the strangest thing I've ever heard, that's not even the strangest thing I've heard today. Listen to this; I'm a Vietnamese ninja who was raised in France and can use vaguely defined magic to various effects, and I'm here because my best friend, a guy named Boss, who is a psychic powerful enough to throw around skyscrapers, got manhandled by an unspeakable Lovecraftian horror, and I'm helping these guys find that thing and kill it before I go looking for Boss." Edge reached into the bag and grabbed a bagel. "And this wouldn't even be the first time I've killed one of those things. My name's Edge, by the way. Howdy."

James just stood there, speechless.

"Here." Edge said. "Take a bagel. They're pretty good, I've had two already."

James listened to the ninja guy for a few minutes spout off his story, before finding
his voice again,"...Ok, you trumped me for weirdness super cool ninja guy," He looked
at the bag,"Name's James White...and don't mind if I do." He grabbed a bagel and took
a bite out of it, nodding in approval,"Hmm, you're right, they're good,"

"Special powers, you say? You're not the only one who has a few aces up his sleeve.."
He pulled out the Elemental Tarot and showed them off,"Here, check these out."

Merlin | Violet | James | Edge
Location: Tokyo | G-Corp Lobby
Time: Morning

Edge took a look at the tarot cards and instantly wished Boss was here. He wasn't...especially familiar with the tarot, but Boss was, and he would probably know what he was looking at.

But...that one had been glowing when he was holding it. So either the cards has powers, or they were the source of his powers. And the cards did look wierd as hell; not like any tarot he had ever seen.

"A handful of novelty tarot cards." Edge said. "Nifty. You'll have to do a bit of explaining, I don't know anything about this."

Merlin | Violet | James | Edge
Location: Tokyo | G-Corp Lobby
Time: Morning

Coming to the lobby, Merlin and Violet met James and were rejoined with Edge who carried cherry bagels. Even Merlin knew what a Bagel was, but the cherry smell carried along the air and grazed the Master Wizard's nose. "Darkside is still out there." He mentioned, knowing that it was a joke, but the threat was serious.

"Good morning Edge, I shall have one thank you. The French did do good pastry." Merlin said to Edge before taking a Bagel and taking a nice bite out of it before turning to James. Slightly patting his chest, Merlin swallowed. "Sorry ... where are my manners. My name is Merlin, Royal Wizard of Camelot and Advisor to his Majesty King Arthur Pendragon. Merlin said with a formal bow.

" ... a myth in this world it seems. Hehe." Merlin gave a chuckle before his gaze locked onto the card James held out. "Elemental magic, attached to the cards. Powerful it seems, even though I do not know the purpose." A nod came from the wizard before he continued to nibble on his bagel, it even seemed that he was in a trance eating the pastry.

Huh, there were certainly a colorful cast of people here. At least things wouldn't get
boring for the young man. He bowed his head to Merlin,"It's an honor to meet the great
Merlin himself. You're quite famous from where I come from,"

He sorted out the rest of his cards,"Ok, in the world I come from there's this anime
known as Daybreak Illusion. The heroines of that show used these things called Elemental
Tarot to battle a race of demonic creatures known as Daemonia that are born out of the
negative feelings and desires of humanity,"

"Each of these cards corresponds to a different character and their powers. This one is
the Sun Tarot," He held it up,"It belonged to a girl named Akari and it gives the wielder
the Power Of The Sun, so it gives Power over the Fire Element."

He held up the Star Tarot,"This is the Star Tarot, belonging to one named Seira. It grants
power over the Ice Element."

Next was the Moon Tarot,"This is the Moon, belonged to a girl named Luna. It gave power
over Nature, allowing her to use vines for slicing and binding, and projecting barriers. She
could also heal."

"This is the Temperance Tarot, its owner was a girl named Ginka. Its a mix of Light and Metal."
"Than there's the Fool and Magician cards which gave their owners power over blades and explosive
devices...and.." At this point his tone turned a little grim.

"We have the most powerful of all...the Judgement and World powerful they had to
be sealed away for most of the show."

Merlin | Violet | James | Edge
Location: Tokyo | G-Corp Lobby
Time: Morning

Edge had never seen someone so intensely eating...anything. Ever. It was a little unsettling, frankly. "So the cards have elemental magic. That's helpful." Edge nodded. "Have you actually used this magic? All of it, or just some of it? And how long have you been using it?"

James let out a soft sigh,"Not too long. A couple weeks to a month or so but I've always
been a quick learner even back in my world. I've used it to foil a few bank robberies and
attempted murders...along with one or two giant monsters. I'm very careful of how much
magic I use,"

"Having this power feels great and all but...I sometimes worry I might get a little carried
away and do something I'll later regret. Just because I have these powers...doesn't automatically
give me the right to play judge and jury with people's lives,"

"That's why I've chosen to use this gift of mine to forge my own protect the
innocent and the defenseless. After all, a wise man once advised that if you choose to battle
the monsters in this need to be careful that you yourself don't become the very
thing you want to destroy."

The cards glowed faintly at his words,"But this is the path...I've decided on for myself. I'll
use this power to shape it."

Merlin | Violet | James | Edge
Location: Tokyo | G-Corp Lobby
Time: Morning

"Yeah, I'm with Edge there. That's far from the strangest thing I've heard and I can honestly say I know how that scientist managed to make that combination work." Violet explained as the others introduced themselves.
It was refreshing to hear James go on about wanting to be a Hero and whatnot, though it was starting to become clear he was still a bit new to the trade.
Granted, he wasn't a pro or anything, he just sat in the lab all day, but it was good to see the youth supporting the good guys.
"So magical cards you say? Interesting. Kazuya would love to figure out how to produce those..." He remarked, knowing how much Kazuya LOVED being 12 steps ahead of everyone he knew and 15 ahead of those he didn't.
"...Hmmm...Tell you what. We'll give you a little Internship. It things work out, we might just employ you." He then added, smiling at James as he did.

Merlin | Violet | James | Edge
Location: Tokyo | G-Corp Lobby
Time: Morning

Gaining a response from James, Merlin's eyes lit up as if someone placed lanterns behind his iris. "Aha, I knew someone was going to have this response ... now I know how it feels like to be his Majesty!" Merlin reacted with surprise and happiness, almost dropping his pastry but catching it before the last second. Actually he sighed for a second in his head for not screwing up with pronouncing Arthur's name as a male.

Listening to James' explanation about his magical tarot cards, once more Merlin was intrigued. "I've heard of magical card, but not magical tarot cards. Well it shall be interesting to see them in a scenario of battle SIr James ... I am not so used to this world after all." Merlin said as he almost touched one of the cards but moved his hands back, reminding himself that he has to be more polite and 'royal' to say. Moving a step back, Merlin took in a deep breath, with this breath the jewels inside his gauntlet and clothing started to glow blue, the same with his eyes.

After a few breaths to calm himself, Merlin heard the words of Violet. "Kazuya would love to figure out how to produce those..." was the main part Merlin heard, "I hope you do not intend to try and make those magical cards into weapons now, Violet" Merlin said Violet's name with a darker tone. If it was anything, Merlin disliked when people tried to turn something from the realm of magic into a weapon.
Something he feared in this world.
For defending and good reason it was all okay with him, but to use such things as a weapon for war or harm of innocents, is something he could never figure.

"Other then that gentlemen ... I do believe we have something to do!" Merlin said to them all.

James turned to Violet at being spoken to,"An Internship,you say? Sure, that'll do just
fine." He knew an Internship was like a trial period, to see if you were actually of use
to the group and could be a valuable contributor.

This meant he'd have to do a fair amount of work to even be considered for employment.
"I'll do what I can to help. So, do I have to fill out any papers or anything? Or do you want
to see me actually use these cards? Anything's good with me." He pocketed
the cards in case any of these folks had grubby hands.

Merlin | Violet | James | Edge
Location: Tokyo | G-Corp Lobby
Time: Morning

Violet was slightly taken aback by the sudden venom that Merlin used in his voice.
"Well...*I* wouldn't. You should know I'm a Lover, not a fighter." He technically told the truth, but if Kazuya was able to get his hands on stable and controllable Magic such as this, Violet knew that every soldier in the building would get a packet of them to use in case of a battle.
Nothing got Kazuya more riled up then something he wasn't prepared for.
Still, James seemed willing to show off his powers so he added "Sure, just watch what you do. The Security here can be a little uptight...".
He then leaned back and awaited his demonstration, figuring that he might be able to pitch the idea to Kazuya so he'd try a little less harder to get him fired.

James took a deep breath and readied to take the stage. He didn't like being a showoff
but the guys here seemed genuinely interested in what he could do,"'s hoping
I don't blow the roof off the place, that wouldn't go over well.."

He pulled out the Sun Tarot and closed his eyes, focusing on his link with the spirits
within the cards. He than opened his eyes and tossed the card into the air,"Sun! Lend Me
Your Power!" The card turned big enough to fit a person through then split down the middle
to form into a large door.

It opened up and one could see light within along with a glowing figure. The boy ran
forward and leaped inside the card, causing it to shut close. The other side opened
up and a figure emerged in a torrent of solar flames:


Merlin | Violet | James | Edge
Location: Tokyo | G-Corp Lobby
Time: Morning

While Violet was enjoying the sudden light show, the same couldn't be said for the rest of the G-Corp Staff in the lobby.
Granted, it wasn't like he was setting off a bomb or something, but THEY didn't know that.
What surprised Violet was what came out of the card after James leapt into it, it appeared to be a little girl.
"...What is it with Magic and Little girls?" He mused outloud before he appalled James (If that was the same person, but only in a different form).
"Nice! That was pretty impressive!"

Merlin | Violet | James | Edge
Location: Tokyo | G-Corp Lobby
Time: Morning

Seeing James go through the door size card, and come out as a flaming younger girl positively surprised the Master Magician, painting a gaping mouth onto him. Ignoring the reaction of the staff, Merlin did not move at all, but he certainly felt the magic in the air. "Ah home sweet home." He mused to himself quietly before picking out Violet's sayings.

"Considering this magic changes forms, any form can be magical. Normal young girls wouldn't be able to do this kind of thing." Merlin said to Violet, explaining a simple magical rule not knowing what he was actually saying and that it was connected to "anime" that James said earlier.

"Even though I lived many a Millennium, something like this surprised me. So much to learn ..." Merlin said as he once more pulled out his magical book from his pouch, waving his hand it flipped over in seconds to a blank page. Clicking his fingers a fountain pen came from nowhere with a pot of ink, soon the floating pen was drawing on the blank page with Merlin acting like a conductor.

Merlin | Violet | James | Edge
Location: Tokyo | G-Corp Lobby
Time: Morning

"I know, just from what I've seen, they tend to get chosen to host such power much more often then men do." Violet replied as he looked at James's new form, though the idea of forced transformation did help put him off the idea of developing tactical versions of those cards.
He also saw a few the guards be a little on edge, while they weren't strangers to magic or anything, it was still un-nerving to have a possible fire demon girl in the front lobby.
There should be more here but there isn't :/

Caramel Frappe:
Just for fun, no need to reply


Darkside | Armstrong
Location: Colorado | Outside of Denver
Time: Morning

Darkside grimaced.
"Yes I'm here for your job, The gemstones are under their control, so I need to force them into giving them up. Draw them out I don't make plans but you seem to have a knack of getting whatever you want, just one question why do you have a ninja under your employ, Seems a bit of an odd choice."
He cracked his neck. This senator was an odd individual but he could tell they both wanted the same thing, power.

Location: South America | In a jungle clearing
Time: Noon

Icarus had gotten used to wielding the trident and was able to slash and stab and make it look quite impressive and posey.
"Right then that should do it for practice he said the stone trident had been flaking off small pieces. icarus was curious he held it in both hands and allowed his electricity to course through it, teh stone shell covering it suddenly broke off, underneath was black metal. The Trident radiated energy like heat, but Icarus somehow found it not alarming but almost comforting.
Unbeknownst to the pair a set of eyes were watching them for afar.
A pair of hands hovered over a crstal ball.
"yes yes, there he is, it would seem that it won't be long now before it happens, a shame he doesn;t seem to know, but wait what;s this," the eyes look closely and find the scepter, with a wave of a wand many tomes came before her
'that scepter I've seen it before, yes, yes...."
The eyes widened in fear.
"Ths is most unpleasant Must be going but where, hmmm where could I go, where can a witch warn others of such danger? they usually try to cut my head off, savages, Perhaps they deserve it, no no no." shaking their head scolding their-self.
"ah whats this he was in japan. right then one express ride to japan, where did I put that shrinking bracelet and bag."

Merlin | Violet | James | Edge
Location: Tokyo | G-Corp Lobby
Time: Morning

Edge sighed. Yeah, this one's a greenhorn.

Fire Art: Extinguish - Level 4 Art:
Squelches any flame immediately and in its entirety.

Edge snapped his fingers; the flames around not-James completely disappeared in an instant. "Now is not the time or the place for that." Edge said. "If you want to show us your powers, it would be better for everyone if you did so in a more controlled environment; not in the lobby of a building that has just suffered no less than two monster attacks." To emphasize his point, Edge gestured to the ten or so people that had immediately flung themselves on the ground, the two guards at the door, pale as snow, with their guns drawn and pointing at not-James. "Forty people died yesterday because a loudmouth steroid junkie busted into the wrong place to get a pizza, and at least forty thousand died because of an unkillable monster from another world. The lucky ones were murdered. The unlucky ones were eaten alive. Most of them were innocent civilians. One of them was my best friend."

"What I am saying," Edge said, stepping closer to James. "Is that the first lesson you need to learn is restraint. Little people have lives, and that the path you have chosen means your primary responsibility is making sure they can live their life uninterrupted by people like us, at least as much as possible. Only a small part of that is beating up bad guys; most of it involves not flaunting your status as a demi-god."

Edge turned to Violet. "That being said, is there any place in this building he can safely show us his powers? Because I would like to see them, if James is willing, and I think I saw Merlin taking notes."

Merlin | Violet | James | Edge
Location: Tokyo | G-Corp Lobby
Time: Morning

Looking up from conducting his painting of the fire-form of James, Merlin did take a look around. "While I am amazed, control is essential for magic." Said the Wizard as he finished the picture, turning it around for everyone to see. It was superbly done for just a fountain pen, Merlin opened his mouth again, "I would have added colour ... but ... " The small magical book closed with a nice thud before Merlin took a full 360 look of the environment.

"Making people fear is not good." Merlin muttered before holding his hand, his jewelled gauntlet and clothes started glowing bright blue just like his eyes and amulet located on his chest. "vapor" He said and waved his hand, mist flowing out of the end of his hand and covering the smaller fires, completely putting them out. In a few seconds the glow was gone and Merlin breathed out with a large breath and the mist was gone just like the fire.

"Citizens, it is fine, no demons are attacking ... this boy is just ... new." He said with a chuckling smile.

Merlin | Violet | James | Edge
Location: Tokyo | G-Corp Lobby
Time: Morning

Violet only now realized how freaked out the lobby really was, guess he didn't learn his lesson yesterday after all.
"Well, if we go up to my lab, pretty sure the place should be fixed up by now." He said as he motioned for them to go on the elevator while Edge and Merlin controlled the fire, making Violet wonder just how un-concerned he was.
Either way, they left the lobby and went up to the 69th floor, to Violet's lab.
Once he was in though, he was taken aback by the Redesign, sure the place was blown to shit yesterday, but he wasn't expecting them to change the place so much.
"Oh wow, really liked what they did with the place!" He remarked as he took a seat on his new office chair, spinning around on it a few times.

Darkside | Armstrong
Location: Colorado | Denver | World Marshall Inc. HQ
Time: Early Morning

Armstrong merely kept puffing on his cigar.
"...Why do I have a Ninja in my employ? Why do you care? The fact we're even talking about terms of employment shows I don't really care about who I hire. Provided they do their job." He explained as he walked over to the creature, not seeming to the least bit concerned for his safety.
"Kazuya won't break on handing you the Gems. The only way you'll get them is if I send a man into his building. Hiryu should be more then qualified for the task. He'll see you coming from a mile away. Now, I won't send one of my men into G-corp for free. You do some work, make a bit of a mess, remind people what they have to lose. Then? I'll set up the operation and not a second before. Those are my terms. You in or you out?" He explained as his men stood at the ready.

"And if you really care about how I hired that man, lets just say some of his friends were really *MY* friends...And they were glad to see him gone."

James followed the others to Violet's lab, feeling a little miffed at her companions. Honestly,
he/she hadn't even known them for ten minutes and already they were making assumptions about her?
She had a few choice words for that Edge fella but decided to keep his mouth shut for the time
being, not wanting to wreck his first day on the job. He wasn't even an employee here yet and
snapping at his peers wouldn't look good.

Also, their words stung quite a bit. Yes, he was still a bit new to this but treating her like
she was a rookie was gonna come back to bite them soon. He'd show them there was alot more to her
than met the eye. Besides, it was Violet's idea to show off his powers, not his.

So instead, she just kept her mouth closed until they were in the lab,"Wow, I gotta say, this is
the top of the line stuff you got here, Mr Violet."

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