The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Merlin | Violet | James | Edge
Location: Tokyo | G-Corp Lobby
Time: Morning

Following the others onto the elevator, Merlin immediately focused on the outside as the 'pleasant' elevator music played in the background. Reaching the 69th floor with a nice, *DING*, everyone got out and started to examine the place. "Honestly I liked the windows." Merlin said in a half-annoyed tone, it had seemed taking out the windows was in favour for putting in more computers. Looking around a bit more, Merlin found weird looking cylinders (pods) surrounding the center of the room.

"What are these contraptions, they look like metal coffins. Or at least something to house bodies." Merlin said with a questioning look with raised eyebrows. In the back of his head, he was annoyed that these people were fooling around with refurbishment instead of going out to track Darkside.

Merlin | Violet | James | Edge
Location: Tokyo | G-Corp Lobby
Time: Morning

"Well, Technically, this is all Kazuya's stuff, but yeah, he doesn't spare any expense." Violet said to James as he looked around his new office, already thinking of ways to personalize the place while everyone else checked the place out.
It was then that Merlin pointed out the pods in the middle of the room, prompting Violet to check them out.
"I'm not sure...Think they might be Cyropods...Oh man! I could use these for mini-coolers!" He explained, this place starting to grow on him more and more.
Still, once he had his fun, he began to check his messages for updates, hoping that Darkside turned up again or news on Boss's location.
"Now James...Tell me...Does all your powers require these...errr "Forms"?..." He then asked the newcomer, wondering if he was stuck like that now.

James/Akari nodded slowly,"Yes, you could say that," His voice had changed along with his form. She held up her hand and conjured a small ball of fire in the palm of it, keeping the magic steady without much effort,"I can change back and forth between the forms however I choose. However, each one brings with it their own strengths and weaknesses,"

"For example, this form, Akari's, is Fire-aligned, meaning I'm strong against elements like Nature, Ice, and what
not. However, enemies with a Water alignment could easily overpower me if I'm not careful. Thankfully, each of
my forms has flight capabilities on top of elemental powers," To prove her point, she banished the fire and
let herself drift off the ground and into the air for a few seconds before landing again.

"Each form can summon a weapon too," She summoned her card and pulled out a rapier made of fire from it,"Don't
worry, I know better than to start swinging it like a madman. I'm not entirely a show-off."

Merlin | Violet | James/Akari | Edge
Location: Tokyo | G-Corp Lobby
Time: Morning

"...I...See..." Violet answered as he watched James/Akari float around the lab, kinda starting to become un-nerved by the implications he was hearing.
"So you have an entire deck of playing cards...And each one has it's own form? And you can change at will?...Interesting...But...Wouldn't that take a toll on your mental state?" He asked, after all, James would be switching between dozens of different forms and powers sets, the level of strain that might cause was reason for concern.


Darkside | Armstrong
Location: Colorado | Denver | World Marshall Inc. HQ
Time: Early Morning

Darkside shrugged
"very well then. Well I'll be heading to Los Angeles, I heard some mysterious disappearances have been going on" he said with a cruel smile.
He looked skyward and took off like a rocket he then started to fly he was to high up to be seen and his speed made him hard for the common eye.
He had that cruel smile plastered on his face, cause some destruction, inspire fear, revel in power and soon an even greater power would be all his.
He doubted any of those meddlers would be able to follow him here.

Merlin | Violet | James/Akari | Edge
Location: Tokyo | G-Corp Lobby
Time: Morning

Violets phone suddenly rang.
"Hey violet its Icarus, Darkside will be in Los Angeles soon I got everything I need, I'll be intercepting him soon, It ma take a while for me to get there. I;d feel a lot more confident if I knew you guys were there."

that's when violet realized this was just a voice recorder meaning he couldn't talk back to Icarus.

Location: South America | In a jungle clearing
Time: Noon

Icarus had a grim look on his face
"Serena, I think you need to go home."
"B-but Icarus, I thought we were gonna fight together."
"No he's too strong you were in danger from before, I won;t let you risk your life for me."

A set of eyes watched them, a smile spread across her face as Serena argued for a few minutes before leaving.
Icarus sat on a rock.
"Ergh I wish she'd understand, Its not that I want to be alone, but she would just be in danger."
"Perhaps I can help" Icarus bolted up and saw an older rather pretty looking girl with black hair, that's seemed almost purple.
"Who are you?"
"I am Serena but just let me talk to her. let ,e show you I can help you."
She then walked over Serena showed surprise but a few minutes she nodded and said her goodbyes.
"T-that's insane how did you do that?"
The New girl smiled.
"In the past I was once called a witch, but I changed my ways I help people yes I do, I've seen the future and I know things that will come to pass, You wish to fight a monster don't you, allow me to help you." she smiled and Icaurs saw Serena leaving
"Alright then I guess it can work out, We need to get to Los Angeles, can you fly?"
She smiled an took out a small broom charm it became a full sized broom she sat upon it.
"Of course. she said tying up her hair.
Icarus opened up his wings
"Let's go then."
The two took off Selena smiled
"That was Easier than I thought I guess he's still young, I'll have to hope for the best."

James/Akari looked to Violet and smiled to try and help relieve him,"I won't lie. This kind of power
is tempting, and I sometimes feel that desire to use it for myself is strong...but thankfully, there's
a few things that help me to keep it under control,"

She brought out the other cards,"For one thing, I don't like switching forms willy-nilly. I like to
pick one that suits the situation best. Akari is good when I need to get up close and personal, Seira is perfect for long-range combat, and Luna can provide support and defense, and so on. Of course, there's the elemental affinities to take into
account too," She banished her sword and took a breath to curb her flaming hair,

"Also, those World and Judgement cards I mentioned? I almost never use them," She shook her head,"Like
I mentioned they put a huge strain on me and it's not surprising to see me collapse after one use. Also,
used together, they're the most destructive attack I have, so I make it a Priority that, if I DO use
it, I only use it in a place without civilians and what that?" She gave the people around
her a stern glance than nodded.

"As for mental state? That's a tricky question," She ruffled the back of her hair,"I guess you could
say each card has its own personality and traits behind it. I won't lie, it can get confusing sometimes.
But...from what interaction I've had with them, they seem like a generally nice bunch and only want to
help me do what I think is right,"

"I'm the one in control of my fate...nobody else. I hope that clears up some things." She bowed in respect.

Merlin | Violet | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya
Location: Tokyo | G-Corp Lobby
Time: Morning

Glad that he finally got some news on Darkside, Violet then said "Good news! We got him! He's in Los Ange-"
Before he could finish, he was interrupted by His boss barging in, not looking pleased.
"Darkside has been spotted in Los Angeles, Get up to the helipad, wheels up in 5." He ordered everyone as he walked up to Violet as he hung up.
"Oh hey Kaz-"
"Don't speak to me. You, James was it? Get to the Helipad. We'll have units on the ground by the time we get there if we leave now. Edge, Merlin, with me." He didn't even say hi before he began making his way out of the lab, he had been waiting all day for news and he wasn't going to miss his chance.

"...ummm...I think you should go...James, I think if you do good here, you'll have a good chance of getting your job. Better get going, I'm staying, not really much good in a fight." He explained to the others as the drone of helicopters flying over head began to fill the building, no doubt Kazuya was going in all guns blazing.

Darkside | Armstrong
Location: Colorado | Denver | World Marshall Inc. HQ
Time: Early Morning

Armstrong had a smug smile on his face as Darkside ran off, knowing that'd most likely be the last time he'd see him alive.
"...Perfect...If he survives, I get a super powered alien on the payroll. If he dies, I'll have a reason to end all G-corp operations on US soil. And the best part? He picked Congressman Vega's home state. good..." He chuckled outloud as he crushed his cigar before heading back inside, looking forward to the news coverage.

Merlin | Violet | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya
Location: Tokyo | G-Corp Lobby
Time: Morning

With the news about Darkside and the entrance of Kazuya, Merlin listened carefully and with detail to the tone of Kazuya. Merlin gave the man and nod before he began to follow the CEO or "Lord". If one thing Merlin knew, is the urgency of this mission, the mission to stop a powerful being from gaining more power. No matter what Kazuya wants from this or wants to defend, he knows how important it is to stop this being, just like Merlin.

"Agreed, let us stop this evil." Merlin said in a bold tone, a stern look wept across his face. This was surely going to be something to write about later.

James was momentarily taken aback by the sudden arrival of the guy he assumed to be Kazuya.
The name he mentioned though did send shivers down his spine,"Darkside..." He shook his head
and looked to Violet,"Right. I'll do my best." She bowed to him and turned to head for the helipad.

His first mission was about to get underway.

Merlin | Violet | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya
Location: Tokyo | G-Corp Lobby
Time: Morning

Edge's hand went to his sword...which wasn't there. "FUCK!" Edge shouted. "Violet! I need swords, any swords, right now!"

Merlin | Violet | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya
Location: Tokyo | G-Corp Helipad
Time: Morning

Violet was sent into a panic at Edge's demand.
"OHH-ummmm..uhhhh....ahhhhh..." He said as he began opening drawers and looking all over the lab in vain for a sword or even something to club people with.
This went on until Kazuya himself joined the search and opened up one of the pods in the center of the room, revealing their purpose as being weapon lockers.
Moments later, he pulled out a Heavy looking blade before handing it to Edge.
"High Frequency Blade, spec'd toward disabling heavy armor. It uses a powerful alternating current and resonates at extremely high frequencies in order to improve cutting power. It can go though steel like butter. Now iff there is nothing else..." He said before resuming his march towards the helipad.
Once the crew was up, they could see dozens of Osprey Helicopters taking off and flying over the city as well as one on the Helipad in front of them, all of them bearing the G-corp logo.
"Last chance for anyone who wants to back out people." He added before getting in.


[quote]Merlin | Violet | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya
Location: Tokyo | G-Corp Helipad
Time: Morning

There is no way this is fitting in my sheath Edge thought. And I can already cut through steel like butter. And it's so heavy... Edge shook his head and slung the sword over his shoulder. No idea what Kaz is thinking. But it's still better than nothing. And maybe it can get through that armor that broke my other sword.

Wordlessly, and without hesitation, Edge followed Kazuya onto the helicopter.

James/Akari gawked in shock at the sight of so many choppers taking off before
them. To be frank, he was starting to feel like this was a bit out of his league...but
then he/she quickly shook their head and changed back to normal to conserve energy.

"I'm not backing out...I came all this way to help make a difference, and now I
got the chance, if I back out now...I'll regret it for the rest of my life." The other
Tarots in his possession glowed as if in acknowledgement of his resolve. He nodded
back and followed the others onto the chopper.

It was time to see what he was really made of.

Merlin | Violet | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya
Location: Tokyo | G-Corp Helipad
Time: Morning

Stepping up onto the heliport, Merlin was surprised to see the damage almost repaired from last night. Yet that was the smallest worry and surprise to Merlin, yet many of the "iron flying carriages" from last night swarmed the sky and the area around the tower, it was like flies attracted to dung, and the dung was Kazuya. Staying silent, Merlin ignored Kazuya's words and stepped into the helicopter. "Let us depart quickly." Merlin said, reminding himself in his head that Darkside was still out there.

Taking a seat on the edge of the helicopter, Merlin wanted the best view. ("These were called 'helicopters'? Interesting, many new technologies and magic in this world.") He thought with a smirk on his face, a smirk which was determined to face this world with all of his power.


Merlin | Violet | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya
Location: Tokyo | Over the ocean 90 miles east of LA
Time: Morning

As the group flew out there was an emergency reporting there had been fires and some sort of trouble, but as they arrived they could see emergency vehicles.
"Kazuya sir, We have visual of the Target Darkside."
"Fire at will I don't want any mistakes."
"Sir, there are two other figures close by all of them are in the air, Wait one of them is approaching fast."
The others looked and saw two familiar figures one was Darkside the other was Icarus. the two seemed to be in some sort of glass orb fighting like crazy, Icarus was wielding some strange black Trident.
Icarus and Darkside were moving fast lading strikes that made the orb shake, but it was made of something strong.
The third entity flew up it was some sort of girl with dark hair riding on a broom.
"I assume your the ones Icarus said would be coming He wanted to keep Darkside under lock until you guys arrived I was worried he;d get busted up, That orb is around them keeps Darkside from escaping, Its under my control." she smiled a bit
"I'd be careful Icarus will not hold anything back this time, you don't want to get in the crossfire.

Merlin | Violet | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya
Location: Los Angelous | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

"Icaru-?!...huh...unbelievable crazy bastard..." Kazuya said somewhat exasperated, almost impressed that Icarus managed to beat him here.
"Okay everyone, hit the ground running. Second we land, it's full on Battle. Don't worry about any and all collateral damage, I'll cover it. The Government can get their check in the mail like everyone else. I don't care how much it costs, Darkside is Not, I repeat, is *NOT* leaving this city alive. Even if we have to bury him under it!" He explained to the group as they began touching down near the inner city where Icarus was.
Cracking his neck and taking a deep breath, Kazuya then leaped out of the Helicopter before it had even landed, landing with ease.
"It's payback time." He said before making his way towards the fight.

Merlin | Violet | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya | Icarus | Serena | Darkside
Location: Los Angeles | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

"It's not Icarus Darkside needs to be afraid of..." Edge said before jumping right out of the helicopter, sword held up high, falling straight into Icarus and Darkside.

Edge leaped from the helicopter straight into the fight between Icarus, slamming between the two of them with enough force to throw them apart.

Edge turned to Darkside; what little of his face anyone could see had been bunched into a scowl of unimaginable fury. With his free hand, Edge grabbed Darkside's throat and roared.

Fire Art: Burn - Level 6 Art:

Set an opponet's clothes or armor on fire, but only for a few moments. The purpose is to weaken and disorient, not destroy.

"BURN!" Darkside erupted into bright orange flames. "BURN YOU HEATHEN FUCK! I WANT TO HEAR YOU SCREAM!"

Merlin | Violet | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya | Icarus | Serena | Darkside
Location: Los Angeles | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

"So much for the warning." Merlin's smirk grew more intense as he witnessed the fury of Edge, something that he rarely sees, the last time he had seen something like this was when his King wiped out a whole castle with Excalibur. Looking back to the broom, he listed down that it was someone who knew his power well. "Unfortunately I am joining this fight too ... " Merlin said as his feet dropped over the helicopter.

Yet the feet did not drop, he was not standing on air. Blue magical ripples were coming out of the bottom of Merlin's boots. What it started to look like was that Merlin was stepping down some stairs, the stones on his gauntlet and necklace glowing. Turning back to the lady on the broom, she could see Merlin's magical glowing eyes. " ... witch." He said in a bold yet wicked tone, turning to the battle Merlin started running in the air, each step giving off magical ripples which were actually magical circles.

Running towards a side where he would not strike Edge but only Darkside, Merlin thrust his hand towards the dark figure, not allowing his rage getting to him. This city was under siege and yet Merlin had not even explored it, too much at risk.

"Vox in domum suam!"

Merlin's thunderous voice called out, blue electricity quickly gathered in his hand before firing it at the backside of Darkside. Even if Darkside could avoid it, the spell was called "Thunder Home", a homing spell easily controllable by Merlin, Edge would not be hit.


Merlin | Violet | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya | Icarus | Serena | Darkside
Location: Los Angeles | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

Darkside screamed as the fire and lightning stuck him as one, The Monstrosity snarled aiming both palms at Edge
"TO HELL WITH YOU" He shouted and a wicked Ki blast erupted from his palm.
Icarus took off and grabbed edge throwing them both down as the blast just missed them.
The angel and ninja looked at each other they could see something familiar, loss, regret, and a burning desire for vengeance, the two nodded having an understanding.

Selena sighed.
"That orb isn't gonna hold for long,She prepared a spell so they'd have solid ground to stand on, the fight was taking place in the air and doing so was a bit of an issue for those who couldn't fly.
she meanwhile was keeping a close eye on Icarus she could could sense turmoil in the young angels heart, she smirked.
"Good thing I liberated his bad influence from him" she admitted to herself, she held out the brass sheath for the scepter, Icarus didn't know she had it but it was better she held onto such a thing, Icarus didn't know what he had been toying with.

Darkside growled and with two more blasts the orb shattered
"you think You have me beat? I'm just getting started boy. I'll kill all of you." He screamed and they could feel the very air vibrate. there was a vast reserve of power in this creature.
He sent several homing blasts at Merlin these attacks were just as punchy as his lightning but multiply the bolt by five, and natural seeking.
he then charged at Edge and Icarus the two worked together slashing at the monster and drawing on the fact that the beast could only aim for one of them. Icarus smirked
"hey Edge check this one out. He threw his new trident skewering Darkside then fired black-lighting the makeshift lightning rod pumped him full of electricity not only that but it got very close to his crystal heart. the monster screamed and this time had enough of being toyed with Just as Icarus recalled the trident back,, to show off, the beast was suddenly upon him and this time he had no time to dodge the powerful ki blast, he then started to beat Icarus as hard as he could while he had an opening the Half-angel felt something sickeningly snap as Darkside punches were akin to a sledgehammer. He tossed the boy as far as he could, he landed right next to Kazuya.
the half angel groaned and struggled to stand.

Merlin | Violet | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya | Icarus | Serena | Darkside
Location: Los Angeles | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

Seeing his bolt hit made the dark grin on Merlin grow brighter, yet with a curse from Darkside and a bigger attack then his own diminished the grin to a more angry frown, his eyes turned into a more bolder form. The very air surrounding the Master Wizard began to spark, even the rocks and rubble below him began to levitate off the ground.

"You dare to use lightning on ME. I am Merlin Ambrosius, legend and Master Wizard!"

The bolts homing towards the Wizard ran true to their goal, yet they were met by solid hard surface, not any surface, it was created out of electricity. It had generated from Merlin's right hand which had five glove lined along his knuckles. In this time blocking the bolts Merlin was pushed back greatly, yet the determined look on his face told them it did nothing. By the end Merlin was 5 feet from hitting a still standing building, holding up his gauntlet as if to toy with Darkside, the sparks lingered around the gems.

"He cast his first Lightning Bolt at age three. When he was eleven, he invented his first new spell. By the time he was twenty-three, he'd mastered every known form of magic." Merlin said as if he was reading off invisible text, his determined frown turned into a determined grip. "All true. So who the hell do you think I am?!" Merlin said and flung his right hand with gauntlets, just like before but five bolts of lightning shot towards Darkside. The biggest difference was that the bolts surrounded one gigantic bolt.

After casting the spell Merlin still grinned, yet he felt that this world was indeed different when he cast his spells. Would this Universe be able to take the power he has forced into it?

Merlin | Violet | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya | Icarus | Serena | Darkside
Location: Los Angelous | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

While the others began to fight Darkside directly, Kazuya was busy ordering the helicopters in the sky to open fire.
"All air units engage the target. Short controlled bursts, Allies are Danger-Close." He managed to radio out, prompting his fleet to start hovering over the battle, peppering Darkside with Minigun fire at his blind sides when it was clear to do so.
It was then that Icarus was flung towards him after an ill-fated attempt to show off his skills with that trident.
"...You...deserved that. Now come on, if anyone is going to kill you today, it's going to be me." He remarked before he began picking Icarus up on his shoulders while the others kept up their assault, namely Merlin boasting about his mastery of lighting magic.
"MERLIN! STOP TELLING HIM HOW GOOD YOU ARE AND SHOW HIM! EDGE! KEEP UP THE OFFENSE! SERENA! MEDICAL ASSISTANCE! HERE! ASAP! YOU, JAMES WAS IT? DON'T JUST STAND THERE! KILL HIM!" He roared at the others in angry encouragement, focusing on coordinating their attack and planning on entering the fray himself once Icarus was taken care of.

Meeting Phase

Shadow Operatives Building: Board Room

As expected, Mitsuru and Fuuka were ready for the next round of questions to come their way, each taking turns with varying inquiries:

"What do have in the manner of technological assets? Hackers and such? While we have the legal right to enter the building, if he sees us coming with cameras or other surveillance methods, he might come out guns blazing. Least if the measures he took thus far are any indication of his company policy..." Rugal asked, worried that Kaishihara might deploy another Shadow Zone or something once they raided the building.

"That we do. We've have a large force of technological resources since this operation began; and they've been working since last night to get the scope of the facility. That and your 'friend' Dimitri was so 'kind' as to show us his abilities in hacking... By taking over one of our terminals for several minutes." Mitsuru clearly did not look amused when she mentioned this little factoid, but continued onward when David's question rolled around.

"Question: We have Lethal force authorized? Like Blondie said, if he sees us coming, we could easily get forced into a "Kill Box" situation and I for one would like to be the shooter rather then the shoot-ee." He asked, while he done a few raids in the past for UNIT and such, it was nice to not have to wait for the other guys to shoot first.

"We would prefer that you didn't kill anyone, but if it is absolutely necessary, you are permitted. We believe this facility will mainly consist of researchers, not really the most combative type around. The same applies to Kaishihara as well. If he's connected to Nyarlatothep's operations, we'd want to know his involvement as well as any other plans Nyarlatothep could be using his assets for. That and we need SOMETHING to turn into the authorities."

"So if we arrest him, does that mean this is over?".

Mitsuru sighed at the thought, "We certainly hope so. Like I said before, if he's this deeply involved, capturing him should be key to finding and negating all operations that he may have with Nyarlatothep's forces."

Slindis listened to the battle plan as she entered, taking a drink of some coffee she poured for herself. 'Well, what are the normal entrances and exits? Any secret ones into the sewers?" She knew it wasn't too likely, but she had to cover one of her bases.
Mel was munching on a pear as she chimed in. "Okay, I want to know what the foot traffic's like, you know, their high-security zones. We might want to bypass those if we can. If you pilfered blueprints, now's the time."
"What do we know about the guards? If they're not infected and just in this for the meager paycheck, we could make sure they're not an issue with some talking after all."

Fuuka chimed in at this point, and brought up a set of blueprints on the screen, "The Kaishihara building consists of four floors. The main ones of interest to us, however, are the Ground Floor and the Top. The Ground Floor contains 3 entrances, to the North, East, and West. As you can see by the orange arrow, that is where your team will be deployed, myself and a team from the North, and the Tech team from the Main Entrance, to the East. The Tech team already have fake identification to allow themselves in. From there, they will find one of the computer rooms, marked with the purple Stars there, and begin their work to take out the security and gain control of the power grid. Once they give the clear, we will all make our move and storm in. If it all goes according to plan, then we should be able to detain the employees without any harm and search the facility for incriminating evidence toward's Kaishihara's involvement; which should be in the main labs. Those are marked with the maroon marks. Make sense?"

-One ride later-

Kaishihara Pharmicutical - Outskirts - West Entrance: Rising Dawn Crew + Yu Narukami + Mitsuru

After about an hour long drive, the party found themselves in a forested area surround research facility, the cover being more than enough to hide their presence from any apparent onlookers (At least, it seemed to look that way). As the party awaited their signal, Mitsuru poured over her radio transmitter, when a transmission finally came in:

"Ma'am? Wasn't this supposed to be a normal work day?"
"That it was..? Why do you ask? Is something wrong?"
"Well, we've been in here for about 5 minutes, we uploaded the AI to the computers like you asked, but there doesn't seem to be anyone here. We didn't even have to use our 'IDs' to get in. Wait a sec- What was that noise?! Er, disregard. We got Fukushima checking out the noise and- OH GOD WHERE DID THOSE COME FRO-"

The transmission cut short and the red headed leader of the Shadow Operatives grimaced and said her final order before breaking into a run towards their entry point, "That would be our cue, but not the one I was hoping for. Prepare yourselves!"

Mood Music
Upon entry into the hallway, the expectation of a violent encounter was not fulfilled. Silence permeated the air, a heavy stillness accompanying it. Everything in the building looked perfectly in place, down to the dust (or in this case, lack thereof) on the floor. The only sounds the party could hear was themselves breathing....


Merlin | Violet | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya | Icarus | Serena | Darkside
Location: Los Angelous | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

Icaus sighed as he got up
"It's incredible what one mistake cost me"
"You can still fight come on, Finish what's been started."
Serena has arrived, She has already rifling for a potion.

"this whole thing it started when I was younger, I had been out playing in the fields alone when I felt a strange presence something emerged from it a monster, It had such terrifying power I sent out a distress signal to my family a giant lightning bolt in the sky. The monster started to get close when my father arrived. he told me to fly home, to get mom, and to stay inside, but as they fought I saw that monstrosity look right at me. I was paralyzed by fear I didn't dare take to the air in case it gave chase.
I watched My Dad, fight he must have been counting on me to send mother, to send help, he couldn't overpower the monster this Darkside the one I saw, it was at a level of power far beyond what I could understand, it was terrifying. Darkside then trued to test what Dad was like he fired a massive ki blast he had to have known where I was hiding because it was coming right at me, My dad deflected the blast.
Darkside laughed he said my father was bound by mercy and that made him weaker. He fired three more blasts and, I saw dad was losing ground he took one bad hit and hit the ground, something in me snapped and I burst out of hiding I focused all my anger all my energy into a single bolt the blast was enough to render Darkside to the ground.
I ran to where my dad was laying in the dirt he sat up, he... he asked me to-to take care of mother and my sister, when I asked him that he could do that, he just said
'Not where I'm going' My father rose again he began to glow in such intense light it felt blinding. When I finally looked back I I saw to burning outlines, I rushed to get closer when mother finally arrived, she told me not to get too close, MY dad, he-he was dead but Darkside still lived.
I began to search for answers when I learned the truth I was horrified, Darkside had buried himself deep inside the earth with my fathers body as food, but his life was now bound with Darkside's, he can;t even die, he's just in endless agony as Darkside slowly pieces his ashes together.
I soon realized there was only one way, one way to save everything, I used a forbidden spell to open a rift in time, I had learned when and where Darkside was going to be and what he'd be going for, how he grew how he fought.
I planned to kill Darkside before he could get stronger before he would ever enter the void. but I couldn't do it alone, and who would happen to find Darkside but you. I knew you;d want to stop him just as badly as I would so I used a voice synthesizer to sound just like my father, I then told you where Darkside was going I had to hang up in case you traced the call. But I hadn't anticipated his strength, how easily he could fight on his own or the interference of Armstrong I think I caused a butterfly effect.
[end music]

he sighed and took the potion
"This thing h-he's destroyed everything, and everyone. he's a monster, I-I I won't stand for it any longer, this end
right here
Right now" he suddenly rose up the trident crackled with electricity

The air became frigid cold around Icarus, his skin had to cold white look of ice. Closer look showed his violet eyes had gained slit pupils he opened his mouth and let out an insane cackle, just as his canines were growing into long razor sharp fangs. his wings seemed to have become bigger as well.
"I shall bring to an end what has been started so long ago
", he flew back into the fray this time though there was that frigid feeling of dread something about this was unnerving.
Serena sighed "and behold the reason for his black wings, I had hoped He wouldn't have slipped into it so easily but that dark blood flows freely now."
She looked over to Kazuya
"He may not be a danger yet, but I;d rather he didn't stay like this for long, Though at the moment his condition may be helpful"
she looked up as Darkside looked at Icarus he laughed up until a single bolt made him writhe in more agony then before.
"You shall die by my hand Darkside, and be sent to the abyss you came from"

Kaishihara Pharmicutical - Outskirts - West Entrance: Rising Dawn Crew + Yu Narukami + Mitsuru


Once the operation was underway, Rugal was one of the first to enter the building after how "well" the last group did.
"...No sign of automated defenses thus far. Worst case, more Shadow Creatures or some class of experiment. Nothing we can't handle." He told everyone in a bid to ease the tension, using his experience as a former Super Villain in order to try and figure out Kaishihara's security.
Either way, so long as this place remained in this realm, he had little chance of getting away from them.
Right off the bat, he began to make his way towards one of the main labs, if Kaishihara was the type to breed some class of Super Mutant Soldier..."Thing", he'd want to take care of that first.


"Ohhhh, that is ALWAYS a good sign...Ahhh well, Might as well show willing and say hi..." David sighed as he began to do a tactical sweep of each room while the rest of the group moved on, hoping to avoid any chance of them getting flanked by an unseen enemy.
Kicking in one of the doors to the room labelled "C-019", He quickly scanned the room, his M500 drawn and more then ready to fire.
"POLICE!-kinda-WE HAVE A WARRANT! THAT STILL COUNTS! COME OUT QUIETLY AND WE WON'T KICK YOUR much." He shouted loudly, mostly so he could say "Hey, I warned them." when the shit did hit the fan and he had to start shooting.


Jenny meanwhile hung back towards the rear of the group, mostly leaving the others to scout out ahead.
"Urg, sooner this is over the better..." She nervously said as he stuck close to the group, not going to try her luck wandering off, not after how painful whatever happened to the first team sounded.
"Man...I wish I could use my powers. This wouldn't be so nerve-racking then..." She sighed, wishing she could use her mental powers to see the enemy coming as she peered over one of the corners and up the northern stairs.


On the ride in, Deadshot was happy as could be, quick raid and he'd be richer then Bill Gates and Jesus combined!
One could just see the Dollar signs in his eyes as the operation got underway, he was giddy as a schoolchild waiting for the recess bell.
Until at least-"We got Fukushima checking out the noise and- OH GOD WHERE DID THOSE COME FRO-"
With all the energy sapped from his body and a clearly worried look on his face, he then suggested a different plan.
"...Can...we just blow up the building?...From outside?...I-i-i mean, it's CLEAR that this guy...this guy is, uh, "Evil". Oh! We could do Drones!...You guys have those right?...Right?...just...a gun on a little helicopter...with a camera?" He stammered as the group entered the building.
Sure, he did raids like this before, but it's MUCH easier to do this sort of operation when you know that the people inside only had guns instead of...well, whatever that was.
"...You-you guys go on ahead, I'll cover the...the, er, Elevator!...Yeah!..." He then said, poorly hiding his fear as he casually hit the button the elevator, the dinging of the machine going from floor to floor echoing throughout the hallways
Just think of the money, Just think of the money, Just think of the money... He told himself as he waited for the doors to open.

Merlin | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya | Icarus | Serena | Darkside
Location: Los Angelous | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

While it was shocking to hear that Icarus's Father was in fact dead (In a manner of speaking), Kazuya focused mainly on one detail during that story:
...Armstrong?... He repeated to himself before Icarus began to power-up (Somehow) and charged back into the fray, while Serena voiced her concerns.
"...I figure he knows what he's doing. And if he can't handle his power...then I'll have to get involved..." He coldly answered while he began to signal for more suppressing fire by his air units as he sprinted towards the combat zone, figuring that Icarus would be getting Darkside's attention.
Once he had a visual, He then crouched on some rubble as he lined up a Laser blast from his eye towards the creature, trying for his weak point.

James was watching the battle unfold before him and only one thought was going through
his head at the moment:

"What the hell have I gotten myself into?" At hearing explosions going off though, he was
jogged out of his stupor and refocused on the target,"Darkside.." Whoever this guy was, his
actions were threatening innocent civilians...and as the holder of the Elemental Tarots, James
couldn't permit this guy to run freely anymore.

Charging in full-force was suicide, even a rookie like him could tell. So, instead, he hauled
out another of his Tarot Cards,"Moon, Lend Me Your Power." A sphere of green nature energy
engulfed him:


Luna was her name and as she took over, she could already feel the land crying out for justice.
Seeing the creature before her, she rose her hands as they glowed brightly. The ground around
the area rumbled and shook then cracked open, spawning huge binding vines and roots.

Snarling, revealing wolf-like teeth as a red crescent moon shone on her hands for a moment, she
gestured for the vines to attack and they flew forward at high speeds to ensnare their target.

Merlin | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya | Icarus | Serena | Darkside
Location: Los Angelous | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

Fire Art: Fury - Level 10 Art:

Ignite your body in flames, along with any weapons you use. Disorienting, destructive, and terrifying. Not to mention that no one can catch a ninja if he's on fire.

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!" Edge screamed and charged at Darkside. His entire body was alight in bright orange flames, including his sword; the moment of shock was all he needed to grab Darkside and throw the monster (and himself) off of Icarus...and the building.

Darkside grabbed the flaming specter as they both barreled through the air. "I can fly, you fool!" he said. "Can you?" Darkside attempted to hurl Edge to the ground, but Edge telaported just a few feet above him and brought his flaming sword down. Darkside caught the blade with one hand. "You think a simple sword-"

"SO WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM?" Merlin fired a blast of electricity at Darkside, hitting him square in the chest. At the same time, Edge kicked Darkside down, in effect leaping further into the air. Darkside took a moment to right himself. "HA! NOT EVEN YOUR-"

Kazuya, seeing a shot, blasted Darkside straight through the forehead. Only a moment later, Edge came back down and sliced off half of Darkside's face, and his entire left shoulder and arm, with a single swipe of his enormous flaming sword. Darkside screamed, and bashed Edge in the chest with his one good arm, sending him flying back towards Kazuya and Icarus; Edge landed and stood up, taking an Eagle stance with his Armor Breaker.

Rising Dawn Crew + Yu Narukami + Mitsuru
Location: Kaishihara Pharmicutical | Outskirts West Entrance.


Being comfortable in his usual armour, Wanderer shuffled about nervously. From the briefing he had worn the most flashy and harmless weapon he could find in his Vault. Golden Boxing Gloves, sure this would land a soft punch from a normal human being that would soften due to the glove, in the hands of Wanderer any punch would feel like a mace hitting a fat man's stomach. "Is it me or is this place familiar ... a little too familiar!" Wanderer said as if this scenery came from his mind (If we remember his shadow realm that is).

Sure, the Good Doctor was accustomed to the medical lifestyle, but he hates, hates the dark, I mean if you were exploring dark and dangerous vaults with many enemies, you would be scared too! Quickly flipping the switch to his helmet's scanning vision (which also acts as night vision in some situations), the feet of his comrades began to fade away, fearing being alone in a dark space the Wanderer immediately began to sneak run back to them, serving a good purpose of a back-guard, hoping that nothing bad will happen[1].

Yu Narukami

Yu's equipment:

Yu's position was next to Mitsuru, before the breach of the building he had changed into different clothes and carried a different sword, as David said "where did he carry all of it", the only thing Yu did was a shrug, not really caring for an answer, his pockets were quite deep. Coming into the creepy building, Yu immediately began checking that all his comrades were with him, moving down their route, he checked that David was sweeping and the Wandering Doctor is in the back keeping a low-aggressive defence.

"I don't want to say it ... but this doesn't feel right." Is all he could muster up to say in this situation.

[1] Yeah something bad can happen here if you want.


Merlin | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya | Icarus | Serena | Darkside
Location: Los Angelos | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

Icarus grabbed Darkside as he came close the fire not bothering him. His hand reached deep into the wound, electricity sparked causing Darkside to suffer form muscle paralysis, Icarus found what he wanted, the Crystal Darkside screamed once again as he ripped the crystals out. Darkside's body fell limp at the crystal glowed with intense hatred, Icarus laughed as black lighting coiled and surged like snakes to prey.
The crtal stared to melt and with that the Monstrosity was no more Icarus cackled madly as he took to thei air,
"AT last, yes, finally he has been slaughtered, all those years of fear and suffering swept away. Icaurs stared to change his pupils had rounded out, that cold feeling of dread had dissipated, and there didn't seem to be any fangs.
he looked around and a realization hit him like a was of brick.
"I'm a monster" he flew away, not gently gliding either he was moving fast Serena started to run after him
"Icarus no, don;'t run" she tried to call after him, but she then realized it was hopeless, Icarus wouldn't be found unless he wanted to be.
she sighed.
"Great we have a supernatural teenager, whom is now ashamed of himself, loose and on the run. well at least he won;t cause any harm, As long as he doesn't run into a bad influence, and I took that possibility away." she said holding up the strange scepter that Icarus once held.

Kala was pretty calm about the situation at hand. At least until the call from the radio came in announcing what she could only assume to be the deaths of one of their teams. Death was perhaps the only thing Kala truly feared beyond all others. Naturally so, though it's worse for her. Kala did not ever lie when she stated that all tieflings go to hell.

Ah get it together... You know as well as I do you've survived much worse than this! Just to clarify, this couldn't be any worse than when you were nearly absorbed into the mind of... Yaulthoon...

Her shadow reassured her, though on the last word... were it possible to shiver as a mental representation, her shadow would have. To be certain, that ABOMINATION was the WORST, most deranged, creepy, and most utterly terrifying monstrosity she had ever faced. Nothing... NOTHING, could be worse than THAT maniac!

And, though she was the last through the door, she felt no fear. Though she would admit, "the silence is... Eerie... this doesn't sit well. We just heard something horrific, and yet now, there's nothing..." she said. This was the calm before the storm, wasn't it?

In any case, though she certainly is not a leader in any case she would have suggested that splitting up may be a bad idea. Though... the rest of the Dawn's capabilities should never be, and were not, called into question. She decided to take up a position near Rugal, wasting no time getting close to the main labs. Her hand tightly gripping the sword at her hip. She wasn't used to fighting without magical aid, but there's no time like the present to learn, eh?

Merlin | Violet | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya | Icarus | Serena | Deadside
Location: Los Angeles | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

Looking upon Darkside's demise, Merlin felt relieved and a bit annoyed. To him it was great that his dark power died before he caused any worldwide damage, but killing something was never good, in Merlin's case he usually banished creatures and monsters to other realms, in human battles, he tries to do what he can so no one dies. In any case, someone always dies. Looking upon Icarus, Merlin pulled out a bone pipe, "Don't fall any further banished Angel, for you may find your own dark gates.

This was what Merlin said, he was seated upon a horizontal girder of a damaged building. With a click of a finger, a flame came out of his finger to light the bone pipe. Smoke coming out, Merlin began to puff on it while looking up at the figure of Kazuya. "Cocky son of a wench." He puffed out quietly as the smoke came from his mouth. If anything Merlin knew that they should leave the black Angel alone for him to make his own path, Merlin only hopes that he won't be next on his list.

Looking upon the little destroyed landscape of LA, Merlin just takes in the scenes, while leaving out the noises of ambulances and police cars. Modern society is an interesting thing. "I need to read some books ..."

Merlin | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya | Icarus | Serena | Darkside
Location: Los Angeles | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

Kazuya for one was glad his target was finally in the ground, walking over to Darkside's remains after the battle.
With the creature dead, he could finally move onto the dozens of other threats to the world, but before he did, he had to get something off his chest as he knelled down.
" *MY* world. And you...are not welcome in *MY* world...Burn in hell..." He said to the remains, as if he believed Darkside could hear him.
As Serena voiced her concerns about Icarus, Kazuya didn't seem to care.
"It is of no matter, The mission was successful. Our next move is getting out of the city before the US Military gets upset that we did their job for them...Though if you are talking to Icarus again...
Tell him he's no longer banned from my city."
He said before turning to the others.
"Ground units, recover the body and prep it for transport to The Vault, I'm not letting those idiots at Black Mesa try to revive him. Everyone else, take a minute to compose yourselves. We'll be heading back to base shortly." He declared as the sound of a news Helicopter began to fill the air.
"Oh great...The Media are here..." He sighed, knowing full well how they'll play out this story.

Upon entering the area, Mel's hands immediately went to her weapons as she and her mother immediately begin checking the corners. This had already started bad, and from the sounds of it, it was going to be a special kind of fun.

"I don't like this... it'd be something I'd set up before an ambush..." Slindis replied to her daughter's statement with a grim nod. "And knowing the people we're up against, it's bound to involve those shadows. Teri, stay sharp!"

Slindis also patted their shoulders to reassure the pair, more than ready to see this final stage of their excursion through. "Kalastryn, I know you can handle this. It'll be just like it was in Eberron, so you know the deal." After that, she moved near David to aid him in his flanking. "It's just like when we met in the castle. Here's hoping there's not any massive explosives wired here."

Ella, though, stuck closer to Caim and Angie. "Caim, here's hoping this moves smoothly, or at least smoothly enough that those tips that you showed me with this spear here will pull me through. Not that I don't welcome a challenge, but in all I'd rather this moves smoothly." She then looked to Angelus as she drummed her fingers along the compact spear. "Angelus, you got enough room in here to let loose if you need it?"

Devon was a bit farther back (on Ella and Caim's insistence) and stuck with nearby the Cutie Bruisers and Jenny. "Agreed, Jenny... I already think I know what I'm taking care of with that wish you know?" She pats her on the shoulder before looking to her brothers and musing to them. "If we can finish with this fast enough, we can get back for some of that Korean barbecue on me. Sound good, you two?" She then chuckled nervously as she gripped her shortsword's blade...

Kaishihara Pharmicutical - Outskirts - West Entrance: Rising Dawn Crew + Yu Narukami + Mitsuru


As Rugal moved thought he halls, He noticed Kalastryn was following him in as she remarked on the silence.
"Quite. It's always the ones that hide that are the most dangerous. T-103 Tyrant models in a bulletproof trench coat is one thing, you know how to fight that. But if you don't know What you are fighting..." He said as he kept silently walking though the building, half expecting to find something from his old line of work in this facility.
"Just hope whatever they were making was biological. It's easier to kill something that has actually blood to bleed."


David couldn't help but smirk at Slindis's comment.
"Nah, I left my C4 Vest at home." He joked, recalling when he was willing to blow himself up just to kill the bastard behind the monster attacks that summer.
"Still, unless there is a really well laid out Fire Escape plan, most Villains don't have the money to blow up entire buildings with their own people and resources in it. Ken did, Blondi (Rugal) used to. Hell, I bet Kazuya could sink the entire city of Japan and be able to walk away from it smelling of roses." He explained as he began looking under tables and such, almost expecting a Facehugger or some other god-awful biological mishmash.
"...Gah! It's the damn waiting that gets ya..." He sighed, wondering where the enemy was coming from.


It didn't take a mind-reader to figure out what Devon was going on about in relation to her wish, but Jenny knew full well regardless.
"Indeed...I wish I could bring Jake back...I'm not letting his death be for nothing." She said, using her anger to try and stir up some courage in this situation.
"...Still, I'm not actually sure what I'd want...Maybe to help Akane out somehow..." She then added as she looked around, seeing Wanderer sneaking up behind them.
"What about you Wanderer? What do you think you'd wish for?"



"....Urggggg, is this thing hand cranked or something?!" Deadshot whined in annoyance, there was no way that the elevator could be THIS slow, not in 2014, but it was mainly just his nerves getting to him, something Yu didn't help with when he said.
"I don't want to say it ... but this doesn't feel right."
"...Well, what exactly would feel "Right" to you? Since I joined this madhouse, I've just been going from one deadly situation to another! Why should today be any different!?!?!" He stammered, clearly losing his cool as he hammered on the button.
"Second this is over, I'm going to Jamaica and buying the country with the money I'll get..."

Merlin | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya | Serena
Location: Los Angeles | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

Edge looked around. Everyone looked unharmed, and he assumed Icarus was fine being as he had just flown away. Again. And now there were no less than eight reporters and cameramen climbing out of several helicopters that had been circling around during the fight.

Fucking vultures... Edge said, looking at the mass media frenzy about to get underway. If it's not one thing, it's another. How did they even get here so fast?Edge seriously considered just cutting off the part of the building all the reporters were on, letting them fall to their earnest and well-deserved deaths. He could do that with this sword. He was sure he could.

Kazuya hadn't been exaggerating when he described The Armor Breaker; if anything he had under-stated the strength of the blade. A normal man might use this blade in the same way Edge might use a butterknife. But Edge...with his skill...He could turn it into something mighty. And really, it wasn't that heavy. Ok, it was heavy, but it wasn't anything a man of his stature couldn't handle.

"You were right." Edge said to Kazuya, nodding. "This is a good sword." Gesturing to the reporters and cameramen coming at them, he asked, "What are you going to do about the circus?"

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