The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Location: Big Poppa's Mansion.

The Car exploded, much to the surprise of the the guards outside, Shawn being able to hear the blast echo though the vents as he crawled along.
The vent went into The indoor pool, which was empty at the moment bar a single patrolling guard on his own OR he could keep going an end up in one of the mansions 26 bedrooms, but judging by"Sounds" coming from that direction, he might end up "Interrupting" something.

Whatever he did, his target was in the music room, just getting there is the problem...

Location: Big Poppa's Mansion.

This mansion was vast and had many things Shawn had not seen before.
It was one of the most 'Pre-war' buildings he had ever seen. Some of the things he looked at did not have any dust, dirt or scratches on them. Judging by the guards he could already tell that the leader of those people is not a kind man. "This was probably acquired by the sacrifice of other's happiness."

Shawn quietly muttered to himself, a smile came to his face. A twisted smile, the same smile that he wore when facing down Caesar in his own tent which was in the Legion Fortress. To Shawn that day was just one marvelous slaughter of slaver scum (And one jackoff Trader). The Blade Shawn wore was called "Soul" and in fact it was a flaming sword he crafted at the beginning of his journey, a 'vampire' clan leader gave him the blueprints after he saved a village and told the clan NOT to drink from humans, but from bloodpacks they would acquire within a deal with the village.

Basically he taught them.
Eating humans and then drinking = Bad.
Drinking Bloodpacks acquired from the humans = good.

That was on of the many quests he had taken part of since he escaped his home of Vault 101.
Now Shawn faces two options.

> 1. I can get information from a guard.
2. I can go where that ... sound is coming from.
3. FUCK IT AGAIN *Bang, bang*

The decision to question the guard was a good choice by Shawn.
He had broken one of the captured Legion's leaders just by talking, getting inside his head was fun by Shawn.
Sneaking up upon the guard, he wrapped his un-ignited sword closely to the guard's neck (5 CMs apart) as he came behind him.

"Move and you become toast."

He said as he clicked a switch on the sword handle and the sword lit up on fire. The guard could feel the heat coming from it, and the worst part was that there was the old splatter of blood on the blade. "Ok boy, tell me where *Ahem* Big Poppa is." He said to the hostage guard, he really hated that fucking name.
"(What a fucking joke of a name)" He thought.
Then he remembered "Papa Khan" leader of the now extinct Great Khans.

He sighed.

Location: Big Poppa's Mansion.

While he had the whole infiltration thing down to a T, there was one factor, one twist, one obstacle that no amount of training in the Wasteland could have prepared him for: Spanish.

"Big Poppa? gringo estúpido. Vargos voy a matar! déjame ir y lucha como un hombre con enormes bolas!"

While he was playing lost in translation with the guard, he racket he was making resulted in one of his friends turning the corner.
"eh, Vincent, qué está pasan-quién demonios es este idiota?!" His friend shouted as he pulled his piece out from his pants and pointed it at the would be hostage taker.

Location: Big Poppa's Mansion.

Unfortunately the survivor did not know an inch of Spanish other then the weird stuff that Raul spouted in New Vegas. A second was needed to think of what to do with the hostage. He had many choices but it only boiled down to three similar options. Tightening his sword, the flame roared as if calling himself to the flesh. Once more, options flashed ...

1. kill

2. KIll

> 3. KILL

The second flew by, and at the end of it the red blood spewed forth from a gushing wound. The neck of the hostage guard was cut right open, some blood flew out, some blood dripped down and some blood was engulfed by the flame. The body was falling down, Shawn decided to throw it in hoping to distract the alive guard for his next action. Quickly looking at his Pip-Boy, a body was highlighted and had 80% hovering over it.

Smiling once again, Shawn initiated his attack once more with his sword. Charging towards the guard with his sword pointed directly at his neck. [BLOODY MESS] and [SLAYER] were the active perks during this kill. Shawn did not want to waste his bullets and also alert the whole mansion, so he took his best bet.
Another roll of the die. After surviving WAY too much he would not let these people be the last of him.

The grinding of Shawn's bones only helped him sprint directly at the surviving guard.

Location: Big Poppa's Mansion.

"...Mierda." the second guard let out before he was cut down to size and then some by Shawn's sword, his quick thinking ensuring that the alarm wasn't raised...Yet.
Looking up from the body of his latest kill, he found a hallway where several of the bedrooms in the mansion where located.
Down that hallway was the lounge with the voices of gang members and unknown langage filling the air.
Coming behind each of the doors, Well, thanks to the "Working girls" of Los Santos, the guards in the bar where lucky to hear themselves think, let alone the double kill Shawn just pulled off.

Then it came into his mind again, his employer wanted them ALL dead, even if they had nothing to do with the mission aside from being there.
Either way, once he was in the bar, he'd have to deal with around half a dozen crack fueled Vargos with handguns and SMGs before he could find Big Poppa.

Location: Big Poppa's Mansion.

A loud flesh like thump was the only noise Shawn could hear as the body fell to the ground, this was after Shawn immediatly pulled the sword from the body as if it was from some twisted version of Excalibur. The blood of both corpses began to flow just like the water from the pool, still and silent ... just like the original cup which held this blood. Switching off the flames on his sword, Shawn could see that some blood managed to get onto his blade though a quick skillful swipe managed to get it off.

Waiting for a few seconds to go by, the greatest habit of a survivor kicked in. The bodies were still warm as Shawn's hands ran through them, finding some ammo for a sub-machine gun and pistol ammo, both which were clearly not for his favorite weapons. "I always wondered why ammunition weights nothing ... and where it goes. Seriously I have over a hundred thousand caps, cars of ammunition and several explosives on me ... where do they go?" he asked himself one of the great mysteries surrounding him which even he didn't know about.

"(He DID say to kill them all ... though I'll probably spare woman and friendly pets.)" He had thought to himself about this blood ridden contract to find the person behind the speaker. Equally both of these sides were bad, so bringing punishment was no problem to this Lone Ranger which carried many names and titles. Equipping his two favorite pistols, Shawn started to sneak to the bar in order to plan his massacre. "I shouldn't feel sorry for this raider like group ... although they do have some style." He whispered to himself.


"A single gunman? HMPH! These humans have never heard of a dragon's strength!"

A mighty roar escaped from Angelus' mouth before fire began to fill her jaws, a hope that the roar would act as a scare tactic to the man with the gun. Sure enough, the gunfire ended, and the dragon only had a few small holes in her flesh as testament to the assault. However, this did not mean that the threat was done. With a deep breath, the dragon blew a ball of fire into the machine, and waited a moment to see how it reacted to the fire...

Rugal, Slin, Caim, Lucieon

Hearing the dragon's roar in the air, Caim smirked and thought, "That-a-girl.." before running after Rugal and Lucien out of the warehouse and into the fray. Swordsmasher still equipped, Caim charged an unsuspecting SWAT member and leapt high into the air, bringing the blade down and causing a sonic blast to explode from the impact.

If there was one thing that had not changed in his stay on the Rising Dawn, it was that battle was Caim's bread and butter; and he would show these gun toting goons how to properly fight, no ranged weaponry necessary. Of course, if Caim was not careful, he would probably end up too wrapped up in the battle instead of escaping....

Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg

Cadolbolg gave a nod, "Mother, Father and Friend Ton Ton haven't sent anything my way either. We might as well! It could be fun, right, Friend Jenny? That man in the outfit look sooooo silly."

With the little smile he gave, Jenny could see a lot of youthful innocence in the little turtle dragon baby. Was it because he was growing with Caim and Angelus as parents, and thus dismissed most strange things as nothing? Or perhaps he just did not understand the finer things around him? With a creature like Cadolbolg, it was hard to tell. Different facial structure, you know?

Mele, Teri, Ton-Ton

Teri shook her head again at Melethia's words, desperately wishing she could facepalm at the situation (but a charged Reppuken in one hand and a staff in the other kinda renders those sort of things undoable.) "What on earth are you talking about? Repertoire? Reputation? Mel, you don't know a damn thing about this guy aside from the fact that a cop tried to hold him and he's pointing a gun at us. If anything, I think he doesn't want us around and you're going to get yourself into more trouble if we don't leave him alone."


Kicking down the Door of the Fire Exit as "The Dark" consumed the poor SWAT fools, Rugal was clearly in no mood for this crap after what he had hoped to be a peaceful business meeting turned to the worst in the worst fashion possible.
Inside, The SWAT teams were beyond hope, Outside wasn't much better.
Thank god the Police here are morons He thought once he viewed the madness outside.

The Helicopter was quickly downed by Angelus's fire, the Gunner jumping out once he saw it coming, taking his chances with the pavement below, breaking nearly every bone in his body.
The Pilot meanwhile, starting to burn alive, took a wiser(?) move and instead vered his falling flying machine into the the sea, splashing into the Water and saving himself a lifetime of Forth degree burns.

"Well...Could have gone wor-"
"FREEZE!" shouted the one remaining cop as he held his handgun with shaky hands.
Less then a moment later, he was grabbed from behind before his face was driven into the ground thanks to a throw by Slindis, Her Shadow Fade...Fading just in time to show the Drow dusting off her hands as half a dozen of the City's finest laid on the ground groaning in pain behind her.
"Ahhh...You never cease to amaze..." Rugal stated lovingly before he refocused on their current goal, getting the fuck out of here.
"Caim, have Angelus keep going flybys of this area, keep them busy until we can get away. Second it's save, we'll meet up with her again." He ordered as he went into one of the police cars and threw out the officer Slindis had stuffed in the drivers seat.
"Get in. We're getting out of here!"

Crazy Old Guy

The Old Man was letting out cries of disbelief as he looked at this surrounding.
"Los Santos!? How the hell did I end up here!?....Oh Gaia, The Brits!" He shouted as he realized that his friends were else where.
"Ummm...Sir?...Can we help you?..." Jenny asked, the man staring at her as a result.
"...Whoa....I am tripping so hard right now...." He said in a manner that suggested that this wasn't uncommon for him.
"...Is there something wrong?..."
"Oh Everything, green fairy. One minute I'm talking with the Lizard King, the next I wake up in a Japanese Bath House! Oh...Man...They must be out of their domes by now..." The man side before offering a hand to shake.
"Sorry, Herbie mustn't have told me about you. Call me..."The Truth"..."
"...Are you..."High"?..."
"Whoooaaaa...My buzz is questioning my own enhanced reality....trippy...Listen...You gotta help me..."

Mele, Teri, Ton-Ton, Tommy

Tommy took a large gulp from the larger mug of coffee as he listened to the two girls. What the hell is this!? Have I walked into a amateur production of The Hobbit!? "Sweetheart, I'd love to let my guard down in front of the two armed to the teeth and her giant pet wolf, but something tells me you're not following me to deliver Blueberry Muffins." He lowered his gun arm, keeping the Magnum pointed exactly at Melethia. He wasn't shocked at Teri's spellcasting, but he did divert a slight more attention to her. "Also, if you're going to attempt diplomacy, creating a glowing shield doesn't fill the other guy with confidence that you can be trusted to let your gun down. I'm guessing you don't have experience with this kind of thing." He was getting more impatient now, I'm being talked down to by a teenager playing dressup....

He took another slurp of the coffee, looking back at Melethia, at the least, he could tell she was being honest, though why she'd pick a guy out after acting in self defense and ordering a coffee as being a crime lord was beyond him. "Now I'll give you credit kid, you have a bigger spine than most of the two-faced pigs in this country, but do you honestly think I need assistance in getting work done? What makes you think I give a crap about being remembered by some random morons when I'm rotting in a hole in the ground? You take me for some James Bond Villain knock-off!?" Finishing his coffee, he lobbed the mug over the roof, landing on the patio of the cafe. "Now," He lowered his gun, looking to deliver the message yet again and THIS TIME, hoped it would actually sink in before he'd find himself having to crush another car. "Both of you, I'm going to walk away now, and try to get some peace. If I cross you two again, it had better be by some crazy coincidence, or I'll have to explain to my shrink why a street in the Los Santos was covered in blood. Understand?"

With that, he walked down a stair beside the building and went about his business, walking in the direction of Cedar Park. Well, at least today can't any more annoying than that..


After ditching the teenagers, Tommy went to nearby park to calm himself down, sitting on one of the benches near the pond.
It was a nice quiet day, the park was deserted, no Gang Members to deal with, the Cops weren't around, just him, the one place in the city where a guy could get unpolluted air.
Peace...And quiet..
Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!
And that was ruined by a beeping that sounded like the bastard child of a digital watch and a alarm clock.
A quick glance showed it was coming from one of the tunnels running under the bridge from a black suitcase...

Location: Big Poppa's Mansion.

Once he got to the bar, he saw the usual drunken scene like Raiders stealing a caravan full of booze and Chems.
He counted 7, 1 barkeeper, 2 patrons, 1 man smoking some kind of drug, 2 playing some kind of game on a computer and the last was getting entertained by dancing woman.
He had a few options:

[Speech] The dirty Cop idea came to mind again, but would it work if he didn't understand a single thing the gang members were saying?

[Explosives] There were some rather high proof liquors behind the barkeep, one well placed shot could set it off. Question was though, how big would the explosion be?

[Small Guns] Guns Blazing, though if he knew his barkeeps, he could bet that a larger weapon was hidden under the counter for just such an approach

[Melee] If he was quick enough, he could easily down the Gamers and the Drinkers in a single motion, but he's still have to deal with everyone else afterwards...

[Captcha] Phone Home

Rugal, Slin, Caim, Lucieon

As the four of them peeled out, SLindis immediately checked on everyone as she talked to Rugal. "Rugal, what manner of supplies would be usually held at that warehouse? We need to know that before we proceed, since whatever was in there was taken by professionals. Outside of the bodies, that place was stripped down."

Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg

Ella took a good whiff of the old man and grimaced. "You've been having a lot of the herbal medications, haven't you? At least you have some clothes on. Cadolbolg, please don't be as silly as him when you grow up."

Devon took on a more sedate tone, recognizing the scent from somewhere. "My friend, maybe we can calm down and talk this out? It won't be too hard, and I'm pretty sure we can help out."

Ella looked over at Devon, shaking her head as she whispered into his ear. "We're still heading out to that Sushi bar tonight, don't forget."

Mele, Teri, Ton-Ton

After that argument, Mel turned to Teri. "Look, I was just wanting to pick some things up from the guy. But if ya really don't want it, then fine. Maybe we could head to some kind of park?" She wasn't really interested in the idea, but it would help her out to not have Teri breathing down her neck the whole time they were here.

Los Santos: A McTacoKing: Mercy Clarke

Anyone who had ever said that there was no such thing as Heaven on Earth had CLEARLY never had a Double BigWhaco Burger from McTacoKing, CLEARLY. I mean you had everything that could make you forget that there was such thing as starvation or disease or war or death. You had the double fire seared beef patties, covered in McTacoKing's crunchy seasoned taco bits, covered in bacon, covered in french fries, covered in special sauce all between two sesame seed bunch.


Did I mention the crunch? It emphasized the fact that there were flavors quite literally exploding in your mouth, a trademarked characteristic of McTacoKing's food that was accidentally discovered when a few drops of nitro were added to the special sauce.

"OM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM." The Bicycle Courier and Full Time Student Om Nom'd as she walked her "smart" bike towards the location of where her next delivery was supposed to be, not even taking her eyes off of her food while she walked, her Data Bracelet chiming as it got closer and closer to whomever this Ton Ton man was.

"Grrrr!" Mercy grr'd in annoyance as the chiming was interrupting her Heaven in her Mouth party as she looked up to see if she could see her delivery guy anywhere and stopping when she noticed that the Data Bracelet was pointing directly as some sort of Lizard King Thing.

"STUPID *BOOPING* PIECE OF *BOOPING* CRAP, WHAT THE *BOOPING BOOP* IS *BOOPING* WRONG WITH YOU, YOU STUPID *BOOP*" Mercy cursed rather loudly as she started bashing the Data Bracelet against a nearby wall, her knowledge gained during her semester as a Computer Engineering Major telling her that slamming things was the best way to fix broken things.

Satisfied with the amount of bashery, Mercy looked at her Data Bracelet once again as she took another bite of her Double BigWhaco Burger.


"STILL *BOOPING* BROKEN?!?!?" She screamed as she noticed that there were people staring at her, causing her to blush a bit from her display as she looked at the two girls, the Italian Man, the over sized Dog and the Lizard Thing.

"Sorry, I - um - do you guys know a guy named Ton Ton? I gotta delivery for him."

Rugal, Slin, Caim, Lucieon

With Slindis already dropping the questions about the warehouse, Caim diverted his attentions to the dragon in the skies, "Dunno if you heard from my thoughts, but-"
"The plan is that I distract, you lot escape, and we regroup later. This tactic isn't new. I only wish that you make it quick. For some reason, mortals in this area seem to think me unusual."
A rumbling laugh filled Caim's mind for a moment, and then the link cut off, Angelus turning her attention to the work ahead. After that, Caim took a look at Lucien, and the Undead Merchant could see the warrior prince quirk an eyebrow in concern. The Dark had left Lucien haggard, after all, his flesh seeming drawn a bit too tightly to his bones after that attack... Was that a common side effect of such a spell?

Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg, Jenny

Cadolbolg, still sitting on Jenny's shoulder, sniffed the man and turned his head to sneeze, a small jet of flame issuing from his nostrils as he did so.
"What's that smell? It tickles my nose something awful! Do you have something on your clothes, Mister? What kinda trip are you going on? Is it far? Why's it bad?"

Oh Cadolbolg, you adorable little thing. Drug lexicon is obviously not in your dictionary, now is it? Still, Ella also mentioned something about actin silly as well, and Cadolbolg looked at her with curiosity, the strangeness of the situation still overriding what most of the other party members had figured out, that is, their new acquaintance being higher than a kite on a windy day.

Mele, Teri, Ton-Ton

After Tommy left and Melethia dropped the idea of a peaceful park outing, Teri relaxed visibly, the energy from her Reppuken dissipating from her hand with a strange sensation of dissatisfaction following it. Highly charged energy did not liked being teased, it seemed. Still, Melethia could see that her notion calmed her sister down, especially after she turned and smirked,(she was smiling behind all that colored mess, right?) saying, "A park? Huh. Never took you for a nature enthusiast. Not to say that it's a bad thing, as I like the great outdoors as well- what?"

That was about the point that Mercy showed up and demanded to know Ton Ton's location, to which Ton Ton quietly raised his lantern bearing hand and said, "That would be me... But I wasn't expecting any sort of mail. Who sent it, and why?"

Rugal, Slin, Caim, Lucieon

The second everyone was in, Rugal hit the pedal to the metal and began to flee the scene, using the sirens on his stolen cruiser to bypass traffic before reinforcements arrived.
"Not entirely sure, though that warehouse was often used for storing Advanced Weapons, Bioweapons and Access Codes for automatic weapon systems. Whatever was in there can do a lot of damage in the wrong hands." He stated as they left the docks behind them and he steered his stolen car into a garage in a nearby neighbourhood dubbed "Pay and Spray".
After arguing with the owner and agreeing to hide the car, He then added "I think we should get out of the city as soon as possible. If they were able to attack that location that well, I'd rather not be around for whatever they plan to do next..."

The Truth

The Truth's face lightened up as and he to explain his problem.
"I was guiding members of a British rock band on a peyote safari. We faced the inner light and communed with the Lizard King..." He explained before Jenny asked " how did that go?..."
"That's the problem, I don't. I woke up in that bath-house over here and I have NO IDEA how I got there or where the others are!" He added, starting to look distressed.
"Oh...Well, I'm sure they are okay."
"I don't think so. They were Brits, a gang and their manager. They don't know anything about the desert. Last I saw them, we were in Arco del Oeste in Bone County...Fantastic sunsets..." He mused on.

Location: Big Poppa's Mansion.

Still in hiding, Shawn observed the group well. Just like any enemy party he was hunting down.
These were raiders, just amateur though, nothing compared to the Deathclaws he had came face to face before.
"(Well ... they look better then Raiders. No pillaging or raping ... yet." At that "Yet" thought he probably knew that killing these people would not just make the area better, but a handful of lives too.

1. [Speech] I could still act like a cop, but that language ...
2. [Explosives] Alcohol is usually makes a good boom, but that would just about attract the whole resident area.
> 3. [Small Guns] I could just shoot them all, but that would attract others in the mansion.
4. [Melee] I could cut a couple down ... but would I get shot up afterwards?

Shawn liked the idea of trading bullets until everyone in the room needed a Doctor or ended up using one of his 'bigger' weapons. Putting on his Desert Ranger Combat armor and one of the normal Ranger Helmets, Shawn was pretty much well covered but it didn't explain how he got changed out of nowhere. If he thought about it enough he could probably question the logic of his world.

Selecting some of his enemies in V.A.T.S mode until all of his action points were depleted, he prepared for his attack. He could only pray that the [Grim Reaper's Sprint] perk (If he kills someone in VATS he gains his action points back) came into battle. Breathing to himself, he simply had to do what he has done many, many times before.

Then he jumped out of covered and initiated VATS.

Rugal, Slin, Caim, Lucieon

Slindis shook her head at Rugal's remark. "If we leave here, nobody else will be heading after those supplies until it's too late. If it's really that mad, we need to be able to do something about it before it explodes, you know? We need to assume the worst until we have a good idea of the scope. Lucieon, you did a good job of keeping those forces in the warehouse locked down, so take some time to recuperate. Get some food, rest where you can, that sort of business." She gave the haggard man a firm handshake as she turned to Caim.

"Send my regards to Angelus for handling that about as well as could be expected. I'd rather it didn't happen in the first place, but I'll not surrender to a corrupted guard." A quich glass of water was filled from the sink nearby and quickly quaffed as she addressed Rugal once more.

"If we can get more contacts, that would be fantastic. Otherwise, I'd like to find an area where we can find an area map, both civil and topographical. There's a chance we could be here a while, so we need to find out what we can."

Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg, Jenny

Devon listened to the story intently and nodded. "Well, it sounds those guys aren't in a good place. They probably don't even have any water. You're looking for some help with this, right? If you have the name of a good late-night sushi bar, I'll be more than glad to assist. Ella, does that sound alright by you?"

"Hmm... This better be good, Devon. I really don't want this to turn into some kind of recurring joke, you know?" Ella seemed a bit miffed, but the way it sounded, she wasn't fully opposed.

"Oh, I promise I'll make it up to you. Jenny, Cadolbolg, mind coming along?" He turned to the other two there, trying to see if they'd be willing to help the man out.

Mele, Teri, Ton-Ton

Melethia nodded. "Well, it's nice to just get outside and relax, you know... Hmm, what's that beeping? Hold on, I'll be right back. It's a professional curiosity, if it's that important." Without any real warning, Teri's sister wandered off for the third time that day. At least she waved at the oddly foulmouthed deliverygirl while doing so this time.

Rugal, Slin, Caim, Lucieon

Rugal let out a sigh at Slindis's objection.
"I understand the gravity of the situation, but here's how I'm seeing it:
1. Someone managed to attack one of my secure depots. That's a big deal, only a handful of people would know where to find them.
2. Once he cleared the place out, he then set us up as "Terrorists", meaning that he, or she, is trying to frame us.
3. Whatever his plan was would most likely involve attempting to damage the image of the Rising Dawn, making life far more difficult for us. I just want to make sure we're not playing into his hand."
"And what makes you think that's the case?"
"...It's what I'd do." He admitted, this sort of plan being thrown around in his head a lot back in the day.
"Now, I have maps of the whole region on my PDA, but that doesn't change the fact that we have no idea where the mastermind is, nor when or where he's keeping those weapons. Hell, I don't even know how he even got them out of the docks!" He cursed, clearly not enjoying being in the dark on this topic.

Location: Big Poppa's Mansion.

Shawn burst from cover and hosed down the gang members in his path, lead overwhelming flesh as he managed to down nearly all of his targets.
However, the round fated for the drug smoking member ended up hitting his bong instead.
A vacant look filled his face as he looked around and found all his friends dead.
He then returned to smoking his bong, the steel and lead from the round making it even better in his opinion (Though keep in mind he isn't in the right state of mind to make an objective conclusion.)

The Dancer screamed before running out of the room, screaming in Spanish for the others to show up before hiding behind the counter for cover.
6 more entered the room, firing at Shawn as they did.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Los Santos
Time: Day

Lucieon | Rugal | Slin | Caim

The Undead Merchant gave a soft smile and a sheepish laugh to both Caim and Slindis in turn. Is it really that obvious? He raised his hand to his face and inspected the Darksign and found the black tattoo glowing a dim orange. Someone's put out m bonfire... He grimaced.

"It is a little damage, really. I am absolutely fine," Lucieon lied through his teeth. His Estus would not heal him as he had hoped, not with the bonfire smothered and dying. His eyes seemed deader than usual, a still cloudy powder blue instead of the intense sapphire that usually defined him. Using the Dark was a little more than I bargained for... in the end. Lucieon reached into his cloak and pulled out a small purple berry and popped it in his mouth. Some semblance of humanity returned to him, his skin regained it's color and softness and his eyes their sharp cobalt blue. His hair fell softly around his shoulders again, like spun gold. He would need to find a "willing" donor later, the fruit would keep his strength up until then.

"What's next?" he asked casually as he chewed.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Los Santos
Time: Day

Lucieon | Rugal | Slin | Caim

With Lucieon appearing to be on the mend, Caim turned his attention back to Rugal and Slindis' discussion and listened intently as Rugal explained the situation. Upon hearing Slindis' request to give their regards to Angelus, Caim tapped into their link and did so, as well as explaining why they were attacked at all and was greeted with silence for a moment, and then, "So they are attempting to diminish the name of the Dawn... Should not the children be warned? If our collective is being attacked, then all of our number are at risk! Furthermore, if the law keepers of this place are corrupt, they could attempt to capture our scattered forces and ransom them against us in order to force you lot out of hiding. I'd suggest mentioning that, if not doing it yourself..."

With that, the link closed and Caim reported back what Angelus had to say on the manner, adding, "What Angelus says is true. We're scattered. That's exactly what this enemy would want. Shouldn't we make a rendezvous point if things go rotten with the others? On top of that, if we need to vacate, I say we do this ASAP. The watchdogs around here could probably catch our scent quickly if we're not careful..."

Caim looked ready to cut something in two as he 'said' this; impatience showing on his face. Sitting around here and waiting for the plan to come together was not something he found ideal. Yes, he understood the value in plans and tactics; but if things were truly so terrible, action needed to be taken before their adversaries were able to cool their heels from the dragonfire being thrown at them at the moment.

Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg, Jenny

Cadolbolg remembered what his father had told him earlier, and then fluttered to the top of Devon's head, "Father said to stick with you, Friend Devon! So here I'll stick! Besides, I don't want to miss out on any possible fun! So what's first?"

After sitting around on the airship for so long, some adventure certainly sounded fun!

Mele, Teri, Ton-Ton

Teri waved at Mel as she waited for Ton Ton to finish off with his package, and called out, "You keep in contact with me, alright? And don't stray too far!"

In the meantime, Garm could only shake his shaggy head, already well aware that Melethia might have been using this as an excuse to ditch. She was the kind of pup that liked to go off on her own...

Pay and Spray

Rugal nodded to the idea of regrouping with the others and said "Good call. I'll go contact the-"
His words were cut short by a by distant *BANG!*.
"...What the hell was that?!" He shouted, clearly concerned as he peered out from the Pay and Spray.
A nearby neighbourhood was now coated in a sickly green fog.
"...No....Nonononononono!" He stammered before the Scanner in the police radio flared up with a rather desperate sounding 911 dispatch stating:

"-Attention all units! Attention all units! Chemical weapon detonated in East Los Santos District, Repeat, Chemical weapon attack in the East Los Santos area. Be advised, Evacuate all civilian personnel!-"

"...That bastard...He set off a Bio-Weapon in the middle of the suburbs!" Rugal shouted as he punched the bonnet of the car with enough force to leave an imprint of his fist.
"We need to find the others NOW, before this madman sets off another one!" He shouted as he pulled out his ring and shouted "Teri! Melethia! Where are you!? Answer me!"

Glen Park

Melethia followed the beeping to its source, a discarded suitcase under the bridge.
A quick examination showed that the lock on it was damaged from misuse and it was basically unlocked.
Taking care in case it was something bad, she opened it up and found it was worse then bad:

Beside the explosive was a canister with a Biohazard symbol on it, this was a chemical dirty bomb and it was rigged to blow in another 5 minutes.

East Los Santos

Meanwhile, At ground zero, the effects of the Chemical Bomb attack were near instant, the T-Virus C.R.A.S.H. had planted turning anyone unlucky enough to be in the affected area into a T-Virus Zombie. At first, the local Purple Ballas attempted to hold off the infection with their own weaponry, but they were quickly overwhelmed. Within the first few minutes, most of the neighbourhood was history.
And the shambling remains were starting to spread out.
As a result, the nearest target was Ganton, home of the Grove Street Gang.
Less than 10 minutes after the attack started, the area was full of gang members in Green engaging the undead threat, turning that part of town into a warzone.


All the while, Community Resources against Street Hoodlums and their new paymaster was in the observation deck level in one of the many Downtown skyscrapers, watching the chaos unfold.
"...Wow...I really wish I brought popcorn..." Said paymaster said as he sat back and enjoyed the show.

Rugal, Slin, Caim, Lucieon

Slindis quickly did her own checks with the others. SHe didn't have any doubts about herself being able to make it through, but they needed to regroup now. "Attention all members of the Rising Dawn: There have been multiple biochemical attacks on the city. Sound off and be ready to regroup at a safe rally point. If that's not possible, do not hesitate to evacuate the city or work with the locals here. Law Enforcement should be out of the equation at this time, so be ready to avoid them."

After she finished with that, she talked to Caim. "Have Angelus give us a sitrep on the area from what she can see. We need to know how wide of an area was affected." She quickly did a check on her potion and wand inventory in her smaller bag of holding, noting the supplies were getting low.

Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg, Jenny

"Slindis, this is Devon, Ella, Cadolbolg, and Jenny sounding off. The news is going crazy, but the four of us were about to head out to the countryside on unrelated business. I'll keep you posted if anything comes up." He finished the message as more reports filled in.

Devon saw the panicking people and turned to the others there. "Truth, right? We'll help you out, but it would really help if you could find a group, any group that we could work with for what's going on. I can call assistance, but there's only so much the four of us can do as-is. I really hate to do this, but I promise you won't regret it."

Ella was about to interrupt, but then she saw one of the news cameras that was passing over Ganton showing the report on the violence there. "That mass isn't human. No way. Humans would have gotten actual weapons to fight back on that area."

Mele, Teri, Ton-Ton

Mel snapped back at Rugal. "Shut up, Rugal! I'm disarming a bomb here, Sis is in the area, and I don't need any further distractions!" Sure, it was harsh, but she hated distractions when she was at her work.

So far, it wasn't too bad, but she couldn't get complacent. The mass of other explosions in the area made sure of that, and she wasn't going to have this one hit her sister. Not while she had any say in it.

After all, Teri may have gotten a bit stuffy, but she was family. And a member of the Vol Clan never never abandons their family.

Location: Big Poppa's Mansion.

After Shawn shot dead most of the people in the room he simply looked at the man smoking drugs.
Staring ...
Staring ...
Staring for multiple seconds.

"Hmm, least it isn't an aggressive drug. He seems cool." Shawn said to himself and possible the high man, it seems he was granted mercy out of everyone who now lay in a pool of dark red liquid. Noting the loud woman and another group. "Ah shit!" He said out loud and dived behind the bar, though catching a bullet in his shoulder. "AH!" He yelped as he fell behind the bar, he felt pain from bullets but it never lasted long and there were never any bullet wounds on him. (Strange Fact #2)

Shortly after the pain went away, though the HP counter in Shawn's Pip-Boy lowered a bit. "Assholes." He muttered but soon shortly his eyes lit up just like a kid and Christmas. It was two gang SMGs.
Once grabbing onto them something weird and mysterious happened, and Shawn did NOT have the Wild Wasteland perk on. The two SMGs morphed into the Greaser Guns he found in the Mojave.

The other group of enemies did not stop shooting, this did not stop Shawn ... it only flicked his switch more.
As a brief lucky pause happened due to the bomb explosion, Shawn took note of both events and decided to pop out of the counter like a Wack-a-mole game. "Spray 'n Pray bitches!" He yelled at them as both SMGs in his hand began to fire, hoping to put on a show for everyone.

Black. Darkness. Nothing.
IT is what happens to a character when an Author leaves. And there must always be an Author to have characters.

Tomoe Akane awoke to a completely empty void. Her memories blank, she drew her sword and threw a fireball high up into the air, revealing nothing as far as the eye could see. Only black. Only Darkness.

Another fireball. Continued nothing.

The Kitsune ran, her golden hair and tails billowing behind her. She ran and ran but nothing happened. Just as she was about to give up, she saw something. Something in this land of nothing, it spurred her on.

It was a body. As she got closer she could make out details. It was slumped on it's side, almost in the fetal position. The body wore an odd set of clothes, a long sleeve shirt and trousers coloured green but with a jelly bean pattern of various greens and browns on it, like camouflage. A series of black lines ran across the body's chest, making themselves clear into a black vest with pouches of all shapes and sizes on it. A sword was clutched in the body's right hand, still in it's brown leather scabbard. In the left hand, an odd pole of metal and wood. A wide brimmed hat was squashed underneath the body's head.

Akane skidded to a stop and fell to her knees as she took in the full sight. A young man, that much was certain. A dead young man.
No head could be twisted that far to the side without breaking the neck.

"Jake..." she whispered, not knowing why.

The Kitsune despaired. What cruel God would put her in this place then give her this cruel parody of life, such a sharp reminder of death?

"I am that God. The body you see before you is that of your Author. You are nothing but a character in a game. Do you not remember?" A voice said, coming from everywhere yet nowhere.

Akane clenched her teeth. Yes, she did remember now. "So it is true! There are Gods above the Authors!"

"There must always be an Author. Are you ready to return to the Avatar Adventure?"

Akane reached across to Jake's body and gently laid him flat, turning his head back to face forward and closing his vacant, empty eyes. She placed his sword and rifle upon his chest before crossing his arms over them, finally placing his hat over his face.

"...Yes. So Jake will not be there?"

"Only if you want him there."

Then, a flash of light, and nothing.

The Rising Dawn

Akane appeared in the hanger of the Rising Dawn in a flash of light. She looked around, feeling oddly enough, at home again.

"G'day Stranger. Ain't seen you in while, Tomoe Akane." Jake said as he stepped around the corner of a container.

Akane ran and grabbed him in a massive hug, prompting the young man to blush furiously before returning the hug.
"Well this is nice an' all, but don'tcha think we oughta find tha others?"

Akane just nodded and the two began to search the ship. First stop, the Canteen.

The Rising Dawn

As they went to the Canteen, Jake and Akane got a few message through her head from a few people.

"Attention all members of the Rising Dawn: There have been multiple biochemical attacks on the city. Sound off and be ready to regroup at a safe rally point. If that's not possible, do not hesitate to evacuate the city or work with the locals here. Law Enforcement should be out of the equation at this time, so be ready to avoid them." Obviously from Slindis, and there was a small bit of panic even in the calmness of the message.

"Slindis, this is Devon, Ella, Cadolbolg, and Jenny sounding off. The news is going crazy, but the four of us were about to head out to the countryside on unrelated business. I'll keep you posted if anything comes up." This one was from the Author and Bard known as Devon, and there was the underlying tone of confusion from the man in that message.

It was a bit more time before a more localized message went through her head again. "If anyone's still on the Rising Dawn, I'd really like a response here. It's been going crazy down here, but it's probably only going to get worse. Come down if you want, but we really don't know how deep this rabbit hole goes!" The two passed by a few of the Imps that were associated with Devon that waved at them as they kept the ship well-cleaned.

"G'day lil fellas. I see Devon still keeps youse around! Well, ain't no rest for the Wicked. Let's git ta work Akane. I'm off to tha bridge, see if I can get us into position to help or provide dust off."
"Understood. I'll stay onboard for now, and try and get some more information out of Slindis or Devon."

The Pilot and Kitsune sprinted through the halls, the bridge their target. Upon arrival Akane looked out over Los Santos from the main window whilst Jake stood at the Helm, taking in their situation.

"G'day Rising Dawn, it's good to be home. Miss Vermillion, are you here? I am initiating protocol and taking manual control of the ship in an emergency situation. In the absence of any other crew aboard, I hereby take command of this airship and assume responsibility for her and her crew. Bringing us around to shore, estimate feet dry in 5 minutes. Well fuck me... San Andreas. Setting course for Grove Street... And powering up automated weapons systems."

The course set, he left the helm and sat in the Captain's chair, his tablet PC beeping and integrating into the ship's systems. He grimaced. Los Santos was in the grips of a zombie attack.

Akane meanwhile, was seeking more information. She tried to communicate, unknowingly triggering the ring that she still had from the young Ensign Date so long ago. "H-hello? Slindis, Devon, this is Tomoe Akane. I have just arrived on the Rising Dawn with Jake, from I don't know where. Not important. Where are we and what is the situation? Jake has taken command of the Rising Dawn and is bringing us to some place called 'Grove Street'. He said 5 minutes until 'Feet dry' whatever that means."

She turned back to face Jake. "Message sent Jake. Do you think everyone is alright? Will we get there in time?"
"We can only make our way. This city should be rioting, if we're in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas... Not zombies from what I can get on the local news networks. Be prepared for some of the worst fighting you'll ever see. Masses of uncaring foes. Only destroying the head and inflicting mass body damage is the way to kill zombies. Incinerate them totally or remove the head or brain. I might actually be useful this fight, hah."

The Rising Dawn

Slindis confirmed the contact with Akane. "I'll ask how you got here later, but the important thing may be keeping the ship off-scene right now. There's been the possibility that this is a set-up, although more feet on the ground will be appreciated. Still, multiple biochemical attacks on the city, and the radio's suggesting undead attacks. If they're anything like what they're like in Eberron, blades are the best way to go. Acid rounds as well, but the weak points on our side will be the Bard and Jenny.

If you got the message earlier, I need to repeat: Law Enforcement may be hostile. Find alternate people to work with. Locals are the best bet, perhaps even the gangs if you must. It will be some time before we can rally, but if you can establish relations in Grove Street, that would be an excellent area."

Shortly after, Devon tentatively tried contacting Jake. After all, he probably got one of those rings, right? "Jake, this is Devon. We'll be fine for now, although backup would help a lot. There's a small problem with training as a bard, you know: Can't do a lot against things that won't hear people out, and I don't know how my blade will hold up in an extended siege. And here I went buying a new outfit..."

"What the hell was that!?" Erupted from the nearby blocks to Rugal and Slindis as she stood in the center of the "Nearby Neighborhood" where the T-Virus was now spreading, and despite choking and coughing on the gas for a minute, she seemed untouched the by the infection... running out of the smoke, getting into her car, and following the Stolen Cruiser (Rugal/the rest) without turning on the sirens, didn't need to while there was already one blaring a few cars ahead.

Pay and Spray

Rugal was taken aback that Melethia was already working on another Bomb and was now trying to figure out what to do next.
"Okay...Jake and Akane have the ship en route, but there is another device, Melethia is disarming it. So we can assume that there is several devices in the city. this was only a fucking shopping trip... Okay, Get Dimitri to scan for any other devices with the Dawn. There should be a faint signal coming from them if they are the model I think they are." he ordered as he got back into the cruiser, ready to head out.

Glen Park

A quick examination of the bomb showed quite a lot: The timer was connected a brick of C4 under the canister which would send the Virus within into the air.
The Canister was extremely highly pressurised, meaning so much as a ding could release the contents into the air.
Add this with the C4 and this thing had a blast radius of several hundred feet.

There was also a failsafe on the circuit board, if that was removed, boom.


Once the word of the outbreak spread, the Truth seemed indifferent.
"Government bastards. I knew they'd try this someday! Alright...ummm....Try Grove Street, high strung cats but honest. Shit, I need to get out of here before the NSA gets here! Remember: Arco del Oeste in Bone County!" He shouted before he began to run off to get out of the city (As well as nick a new pair of pants on the way out.)
Jenny meanwhile was watching it all unfold on the TV in a nearby shopfront.
"Oh god...We need to get over there and help them!" She stated the obvious as they set out.

Location: Big Poppa's Mansion.

As the gang members were too worried about the sudden Chemical attack on the city, they were clean pickings as Shawn was able to down them all rather quickly.
Moving into the next room, A built in gym, he heard someone shout "Deadshot set me up!" before making a break for the exit and out of town.
He was flanked by several other gang members all trying to get out before they were killed, judging by how many of them there were, that had to be Big Poppa.


Among all the alerts flashing over the Radio audible to Rugal and Slindis, a voice came over it speaking specifically to that car. To Slindis, the voice was oddly... familiar...

"So, you slaughter half a dozen police officers, then set off a bomb, then steal a police car and haul yourselves away? You must be crazy if you think you'll get away with that!" As she performs a PIT ( ) to stop the car, turning the front and side of her car into theirs at a higher speed. This caused the stolen car to lose traction, stop, and face sideways relative to the road... she then gets out of the car with her pistol and shoots one of the tires. "Congratulations, end of the road!" she says sarcastically, waiting for them to step out.

Glen Park

"Shut up, Rugal! I'm disarming a bomb here, Sis is in the area, and I don't need any further distractions!"

As Tommy looked over the area, he heard the beeping... Alright, better deal with this crap now... He got up and walked over to the tunnel, the caffeine finally beginning to perk him up. "Hello! Anyone here? I doubt you're having a Skype talk down here!" As he walked down the tunnel, he spotted Melethia, fully concentrated on the bomb. Fantastic, its one of the wonder twins again. Probably not a good idea to get involved..... Ah screw it.

Not looking to distract her while he worked on what he assumed was a bomb, he leaned over slightly to see the contents of the device. "I wouldn't touch it if I were you. Looks like it will go off it you so much as breathe on it."

Avatar Adventure
Location: Pay and Spray | Lost Santos
Time: Day

Lucieon | Rugal | Slindis | Caim

Lucieon swallowed the berry and walked up next to Rugal, staring out at the spreading green fog. He grimaced. Technology, what a terrible creation of humankind. If he could, he would of spat at the fog in distaste. But fog being an ethereal being wan unable to be affronted by such an action. Instead the Undead Merchant looked to Rugal, his eyes giving a knowing look, "What exactly did you have use for such a weapon in any manner? Are we not the 'heroes' of this adventure?"


Avatar Adventure
Location: Rising Dawn
Time: Day

Red Mage | Titania | Akane | Jake

Red Mage waited patiently for any response, but heard none. His heart fell a little. Have we've been gone that long I wonder? He stepped away from the bed, his green eyes shining in the afternoon sun. Titania murmured something, but had long fallen asleep. The thought of a Fairy resting confused RM somewhat, but in the end he did not see himself fit to question it. After all, was he not merely a creation of some other man's magic? If that was so, then why did he feel so alive?

He placed a hand on the door and slid it open before walking outside, moving swiftly and silently through the empty hallways of the Rising Dawn. Once this place had been full of life. So much that I couldn't stand it. Now the halls seemed desolate to him. The cleanliness of the metal an insult, the uncontested hum of the ship's engines sad. His long willowy white hair floated gently behind him as he walked, eyes trained ahead unseeing. Then a faint sound jarred him from his thoughts. Two voices. The swish of cloth on skin and the tapping of electronics. Without a moment's delay he found himself in front of the bridge door. His eyes staring dead ahead as if trying to peer through the blank steel. It was a whim, but one he could not expressly ignore. It weighed his heart as heavily as his affection for Titania.

He knocked. "Akane? Jake?"


After Lucien pointed out that fact, Rugal replied "...Well, I...used to sell them...Used to."
Before any more objections could be raised, the police officer tailing them managed to stop their car before blowing out the tires.
"...I got this..." He said to the others as he turned off the engine, a enraged calm about him as he got out of the vehicle and faced the attacker.
"I have no idea who the hell you are, but I'm not in the mood for this shit." He warned as he used his Slashing Aura to cut off the driver's door before picking it up and flinging it at the officer, aiming more for the car behind her rather then outright trying to kill her.

Akane nodded at Slindis' message. "Jake, Slindis thinks it would be a better idea not to bring the Rising Dawn over the city, keep it as a trump card. Local law enforcement may be hostile, she suggests relations with Grove Street if we can."

To Slindis she sent back, "Understood. Once we get the ship on autopilot I'll be right down. Where are you? Jake seems to know the area, and could get a map anyways I think."

"Got it Akane, just got a message from Devon. Setting the Rising Dawn to Autopilot, we'll find something in the Hanger to fly. Well, I will." Jake replied to the Kitsune.

"And here I am, a Pilot and Marksman, mostly useless in the big scale fights of the AA. So, would you like to be picked up by Helicopter or Tank? I'm easy as to what I save your arse in. Where are you at, I can be there in under 10 minutes for dust off. Slindis is asking us to try and recruit Grove Street as well." He sent to the Bard.

The Rising Dawn came about to skirt the coastline, her automated systems taking over. Then, someone knocked on the door.

It opened to reveal a Mage in Red. "Akane? Jake?

Jake grinned, getting out of the Captain's chair and offering a handshake. "G'day Red Mage. As you can see, we're back from the dead or whatever. Timeline fuckery, ho! SITREP is as follows: City is under zombie attack, crew are scattered as usual, I've set the Dawn to patrol off the coastline, and Akane and I are about to go be Big Damn Heroes. You want in? Could use your firepower mate."


Tori thought for a moment that he was aiming for her, and actually dodged... into the door's path, getting hit in the head and falling under it. Rugal would have thought himself the victor... until by some miracle, she had both seen slindis through the window of the car, and gotten hit in the head *very* hard with a metal door... she started remembering things, she put the gun down, and there was a distinct sound of rending metal, and cracking glass. She had cut through the door with her fingertips. Standing up, she said. "You want to run that by me again?" She says as she dusts herself off. Maybe it would have been at that point Rugal notices her ears, are quite similar to Melethia's? "That accident aside, I won't go down that easy..." She boasts with a smile.

(HP 400/438)

(Ki 40/350)

(Activates Grandmaster of the sun stance, +4 strength, 4 Ki gained on hit, 6 on critical hit.)

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