The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Merlin | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya Serena
Location: Los Angeles | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

Grumbling sightly as the news copters began to fly in, (Granted, there *WAS* an Alien Monster attack going on), Kazuya answered Edge's question "This. Air Units, Blockade all Civilian aircraft, I want a no-fly zone over the area. Merlin, if you have some means to obscure their vision or even break their recording equipment, now would be the time. Ground Units, Get the body out of here!".
With his orders out, a unit of soldiers began to cover up the remains of Darkside's body with Military Grade tarpaulin before attaching it to a cable on one of the Helicopter.
"Thank you, We reversed engineered it from some agents of Desperado Enforcement LLC. Cyborgs. More often then not, our units had trouble dealing with them so we maxed out what we could do with HF-Blade Tech. Usually gets the job done." He then explained as he motioned for one his Helicopters to pick them up.
"With this out of the way, perhaps we can get back to finding out where Boss ended up."


Merlin | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya Serena
Location: Los Angeles | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

Selena smiled.
"The wizard will not be necessary," She announced as she produced a wand and cast spells with a few gestures, as if spelling out a rune in the air. Upon completion the media people seemed to all stop and be trying to get their camera to work while other looked past the group as if searching.
"A simple binding spell to jam any camera's and an illusion spell to make ourselves invisible I've don't it plenty of time this was just a greater scale. Before any starts to ask no I'nm not constantly besieged by the press my pursuers are..." her face darkened
"Witch hunters, But I suggest we get a move on we may want to Destroy that body, It may be lifeless but who know what could revive it."
She tapped her wand to her bracelet and it turned into a charm. She then took off the broom charm and it grew full-sized.
"I would suggest we get a move on though, The spell may not last as long, given the greater scale."

Merlin | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya | Serena
Location: Los Angeles | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

Kazuya scoffed at little at the idea of the Mainstream Media being "Witch Hunters".
"No, if they were Witch Hunters, they'd be out of business years ago. That and as moronic these companies are, I can't imagine that they've been doing nothing but hunting down your kind for the last 2 decades. The American Media is many things, but at their worst, they'd just yell at others to hunt you down rather then actually do it themselves..." He said, though he had to admit, Fox News might be closer to the threat the witch was on, it'd certainly explain a lot.
"As for the body, don't worry, It's my intention, I just need to secure it's possession to ensure the US don't get their hands on it. I know what goes on in those Military Labs..." He then added, noting that it seemed to have cloaked his Helicopters as well.
"I must say though, I could have applications for that kind of spell. How do you cast it?" He asked as he got to the choppa. (Sorry)


Merlin | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya | Selena
Location: Los Angeles | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

Selena sat upon her broom both legs hanging to the side

"I Don't think you could get your people to use my spells, My spells require three things,
A mental projection of the effect you desire,Devoted concentration, and natural magic ability. SO I fear none of your standard units could use the spell, even if they had the book, and as a warning, learning spells takes tremendous effort, It'd be as easy to teach you a spell, as teaching your men that unique little Eye-blast I saw you use."
She was keeping at the same level as the choppers, he eyes drifted to Merlin, another magic user, one who she could tell was not going to be a pleasant person.

Kaishihara Pharmicutical West Hallways Entrance: Rising Dawn Crew + Yu Narukami + Mitsuru

Mood Music

As Deadshot kept pressing the button to call the elevator (and it really seemed to drag on FOREVER), there was finally a *ding* indicating it's arrival. But..Strange, the doors didn't open. In fact, there seemed to be something leaking from the door, something red... Before the former mercenary was able to investigate further, the door to the elevator finally opened, and the next thing he knew, a wave of the same red liquid flooded out from the interior of the elevator, completely covering the mercenary in the contents as the rest of it began to puddle on the floor behind him. A foul smell began to fill the air as the liquid covered the floor, and it was readily apparent that it was no mistaking what had just washed Deadshot and the rest of the hall - blood.

Caim gave a silent nod to Ella's hopes, but added, "Even if we hope for the best, expect the worst. It keeps you sharper that way. For example, that." He gestured his sword at the sudden influx of blood, "Here we have our enemy trying scare tactics already. I'd expect more while we're in here. As for your spear work, you're doing fine. Just remember what I said and make sure to keep your grip loose enough to be flexible."
Keeping his grip firm on the blade, Caim kept to the fringes of the group in case a Shadow attempted to get a drop on anyone who wasn't watching a blind spot.

Angelus, rather like her pact partner, seemed rather non-plussed by the blood and only flexed her nose at the smell, "I'm fine, Ella. Caim and myself practiced with Kingsblood while you kids had your night, so I feel more than prepared. However, I appreciated the smell before the elevator opened."

Teri shuddered in response to the blood and gave a nervous nod to Slindis, "Yes'm.. I don't think I'm quite ready for that though, even with all the medical stuff we've done."
She gave Sadei a little squeeze with one hand and kept another on Garm for comfort, "But you know, something's come to mind. The tech team said they uploaded Dimitri. Why isn't he talking to us? Dimitri, do you read me?"

A burst of static overtook the intercom for the building, and a garbled version of Dimitri's voice answered back, "'"

Mitsuru grimaced at the foggy transmission, and drew her scarlet rapier from it's holster, "That... is not good. Once we hit the computer rooms, I'm calling Fuuka. Her team is closest to the main labs."

As most of the group began to move their way towards the labs, David found- absolutely nothing in his room. Like everything else in this building, it was dead quiet in the room, to a degree that bordered on eerie. There were signs of former "living", including cups of coffee on desks, papers scattered about... Where was everyone in this building?
Jenny, on the other hand, got a similar finding whilst looking up the stairs. Nothing seemed out of place, aside from being incredibly quiet.

When the team drew closer towards the computer, the stench of blood drew stronger again, and the party could begin to hear a faint dripping... Given the smell and the transmission earlier, it was no surprise what the source of the noise was. Mitsuru looked away from the interior of the computer room and pulled up her radio transmitter, "Fuuka, do you read me? We have found the tech team... No survivors. I fear that our plan is going awry quickly."

Fuuka's voice buzzed to life quickly after Mitsuru's call, and answered, "Yeah, we entered up North and have been waiting for you by the main labs. The door locked behind us on entry though, so we're pretty creeped- WATCH OUT! JUNO!"

Before anything else could be said, the sound of chittering came from within the computer room. Mitsuru pulled out her Evoker from her holster before advancing, both of her weapons trained at the ready. Not a moment after she stepped in, she took a leap back, placed the evoker to her head and called out, "ARTEMESIA, TO ME!"

DJ, change to the battle music, Kthanks?

The Shadow Operative Leader's Persona appeared at Mitsuru's call, and brought it's whip down on one of many shadows that began pouring out of the computer room, disintegrating it with a touch. However, that meant there was many, many more where that one came from; as masses of Shadows began to pour from inside the computer rooms, effectively attacking the group on both sides. However, with Mitsuru's Persona appearing, it did mean that the party was not wholly helpless, and SOMEHOW able to use their Personas; a fact that provided a small comfort in all the chaos.

Merlin | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya | Selena | ????
Location: Los Angeles | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

As the various media heads were working on repairing their cameras, they may have started cursing themselves as yet another wild and newsworthy thing popped out of the blue. A small circle of white electricity slowly and surely opened up with a roar, showing a view of what looked like metal and pipes with glowing blue fluids flowing, though they would be hard to see through the smoke. With a large explosive noise and a burst of heat billowing out of the sudden portal, something shot through the smoke with a feminine yelp accompanying it. The circle quickly closed after ward as the object hit the ground and slowly rolled to stop. The object let out a few small grunts as it tried to rise up from the floor.

Rising Dawn Crew + Yu Narukami + Mitsuru
Location: Kaishihara Pharmicutical | Outskirts West Entrance.



Watching the back with fear and paranoia, something that has not happened in a long time, Wanderer looked back into corridors they walked through. "Ah, I hate these kind of places." He said trying to keep silent and not fearful to a point where he just charges in recklessly. The funny gold gloves were held out in front of his, his fists inside them curling tightly, these were probably the only weapons he had that won't kill people, even his own fists could punch someone to death!

"What about you Wanderer? What do you think you'd wish for?"

A voice suddenly called out to him, turning around on his heel quickly as a bullet, the Wanderer was in a boxing like stance. "Wish ... what wish!? They could come from anywhere ... no time ... to think!" He quickly whispered to her before turning around with more speed. This seemed like a whole other crazy, paranoid crazy. A wish, Wanderer did not know what he would actually wish for, there is nothing he wants in this material world.

Yu Narukami

"I know the feeling well." Yu said quietly back, memories flashing once more to the past where he had tackled many dangerous situations with his own group, even simply looking at Mitsuru she had experience with this kind of missions. Lowering his weapon for a time, Yu walked along while examining his uniform, he quite liked the FBI agent look, more professional. A comfortable smile had fitted Yu as he marched on with his group, doing this so he may see his friends once again.

Present time, Battle time!


When Mitsuru summoned her Persona, Yu was second to ready his own weapon. Holding out his open palm, a card was within it. Crushing it with that hand Yu yelled the name of one of his closest companions, "Izanagi!". The card erupted into a blue fire as it created a large figure which stood in front of Yu Narukami, it was Izanagi, his persona. With the quick summon, Izanagi did a wide slash, slapping the three enemies in front of Yu away.

Yu himself took out one shadow with a thrust. Turning around he called to everyone, "Everyone, summon your Personas!". It was the most obvious thing to do after all.


Towards the other side of the group and the one on the very edge of said group, was the paranoid crazy Lone Wanderer. After seeing all the blood, he felt more better because his hands instantly switched to his usual ranger pistols. Although when the hordes of Shadows started coming, he instantly started shooting until Yu called out for everyone to use their Personas.

"Ah yes! My persona ... uh ... Bacon, no that wasn't it ... " The Wanderer muttered to himself as the enemies came closer and his bullets were still firing. Taking the fight to them he actually jumped onto one Shadow and stomping it, "Baron? Lennon ... no that's further away.". The Shadows retaliated with a group power attack, giving what felt like licks to the Wanderers armour.

"Uuhhh ... gross. I feel like shit, don't make me pull out my Tesla Cannon you balls of shit!" The Wanderer yelled in a fit of rage, a few second of more bullet time went along and finally the light-bulb in his head went off with a classical ding.

"Oh ... right. Kannon, lets fuck em up!" He yelled in triumph as his own Persona card came to him, except he shot it. A rather large metal figure emerged from underneath him, taking Wanderer along on it's shoulder. It was Kannon, the Wanderer's own Persona!

Standing on his large Persona's shoulder, Wanderer fired at the Shadows whilst giving commands to his Persona.
Then there was lasers.

Which killed a few Shadows, to be honest the Wanderer did not want to laser everything, because team-killing is a big issue for him.

Merlin | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya | Selena
Location: Los Angeles | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

Puffing on his bone pipe, Merlin laid out on a steel girder that was dislodged during the battle. If Selena saw him, he seemed to be immensely calmer and less scary then from the battle with Darkside. Circles of smoke came out with swift movement, lifting into the air like a leaf. Following the smoke rings with his eyes, he came across the look of Selena who was looking or examining him.

He gave a calm smile and gave a small wave before looking upwards towards the clouds and helicopters of the media. When suddenly a portal opened up in the sky, shocked by it's appearance and the falling object. Merlin hopped up from the girder. "Alas this better not be one more enemy." Was all he could say before stepping off the girder.

Once more, he did not fall to the ground, but magical ripples kept him in the air and he stepped down to the ground.
Staying closer to the group then the fallen object, he awaited for their response.

Kaishihara Pharmicutical West Hallways Entrance: Rising Dawn Crew + Yu Narukami + Mitsuru

Mood Music


When the shit finally hit the fan, Rugal made sure he wasn't taken off guard by the attacking Shadows, quickly evading back from the walls as he pulled out his Tarot card.
But once again, hesitation kicked in at the idea of summoning Hercules, knowing full well how that could end given the "Lovely" interactions he had with the Persona up until now.
"...Touch anything that isn't a Shadow and I'll kill you myself..." He said out-loud before crushed the card in his hand, summoning a massive dark claw from the floor in front of him that violently impaled a shadow creature that was standing in the wrong place at the wrong time.
"...Yeah...M-more like that..." Rugal slightly stammered before regaining his composure as the Persona was summoned and began directly sparring with the enemies, still not entirely trusting his Persona to not try to take a swing at him or the others.


"Well...Break time is over..." David sighed as he saw the incoming Shadows, swiftly spinning his gun as if to impress anyone watching before opening fire, mostly out of habit until he realized what he was shooting.
"...Oh yeah, nearly forgot..." He said before bringing up his card, flicking it into the air and hitting it dead on with one of his bullets to summon Apollo.
Right on cue, the room lit up with muzzle flashes as the unseen Sniper of the Gods began to cut down the enemy.
"...Man, I could watch that guy shoot for hours...Alright, I'm going for the Computer room to support Fukka and the Tech Team. Give them hell, people!" He said as he resumed firing, attempting to cut though the battle and get to the Computer room.
But more importantly, he actually got her name right!


Once the shooting started, Jenny quickly raced up the stairs before taking cover around the corner at the head of them.
"Urg! I can NEVER get used to that!" She groaned as the entire floor under her descended into a raging battle, something that happens a lot more often then she would like.
Hell, the floors were already covered with blood and there were lasers for some reason!
As she was hiding though, she felt something in her hand: A card?
"...W-wha-?" She stammered, she thought she needed an envoker, then it hit her: Her Shadow fight!
Before she could dwell on this, the card vanished right as the sweet sound of a staff thwacking against skull and bone as Corvus suddenly appeared and entered the fray, beating down every shadow she saw with a transparent staff.
Though Jenny didn't know that.


With his Jaw hanging loosely, The assassin retched a little as he was coated in at least 10 bodies worth of human blood and, while it had seen plenty of it over the years, getting bath'd in the stuff was never pleasent.
"......UUURURURURRGRGGGGGRGRGRGRG! MOTHOEURT-FUCK!" He spat as the battle began around him, slipping around as he tried to pick himself up from the blood.
"OH YOU DAMN DIRTY FUCKS! I'LL BEAT YOU TO DEATH WITH YOUR OWN SPINE!" He grumbled as he summoned his own Persona, [Null] soon appearing and quickly looking annoyed at the fact that his suit trousers were now marred with blood.
What happened next though made it worth his time as Deadshot got up, the bloody mess on his jumpsuit making him look more like one of the monsters then a human.


As a result, while Corvus was running though, his skull ended up on the receiving end of her staff, though she quickly froze afterwards, the stoic goth quickly starting to look rather embarrassed while [Null] gave her a slow clap, either out of sarcasm or just glad he had shut him up.
Either way, while Deadshot was napping on the bloody floor, [Null] got to work, not wanting to be outdone by Apollo.

Merlin | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya | Serena | ???
Location: Los Angeles | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

The second one threat was over, another one just showed up.
Kazuya was quick to react to the new "Alien", "All units report. Converge at the impact site, NOW!" He shouted as Darkside's body was flown out of the city while his men roughed their way past the media and press back to street level.
"Okay, no one make a move until *I* give the order. I just put this alien into the ground, I'm not going to do another in the same week!" He ordered the others in case one of them were going to have a go at taking on the newcomer.

As the object began to regain it's senses, the first thing that entered it's scan range was several Armed Humans slowly closing in around her.
Behind them was the clamoring news media trying to get a good look at her while the soldiers kept them back.
There was also a man who seemed to be leading them walking towards her.
"You. Do you understand what I am saying? Friend or Foe?" Kazuya ordered as the soldiers looked nervous, expecting this to be a re-run of last time.

Merlin | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya | Serena | ???
Location: Los Angeles | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

The object slowly rose up and as the smoke slowly billowed away, it was revealed that the figure was wearing a white labcoat and holding the side of her head, a bit of blood dripping from where her hand was placed. The figure slowly moved her head, her hair messy and her bangs covered over one of her eyes as her gaze finally fell onto the various armed soldiers and Kazuya.

Her eyes looked a little hazy and didn't fully seem to recognize the situation before they slowly widened as she realized the situation she was in and the haze lifted from her mind, just in time to realize what Kazuya had been saying to her. The figure slowly raised her free hand in the air. "...D-Don't shoot... I'm-I'm a friendly..."

The figure has long ash blonde hair with her bangs being colored black. Her labcoat was white, stained a bit by the blood dripping from her face. Her blue eyes stared toward Kazuya, a bit of fear visible within them as she trembled in place. All in all, she looked like a common human scientist, aside from the faint blue glow coming from her belt and a white fedora lying to the side of her feet. ...This... is definitely not home... She thought to herself as she continued to stand in place.

Merlin | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya | Serena | ???
Location: Los Angeles | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

"...At ease..."
And with that, the Soldiers lowered their weapons, letting out a collective sigh of relief as they did.
Kazuya walked forward, glaring at her as he did, this had been a rough week for him thus far and he wasn't about to have another.
"...I am Kazuya Mishima....State your name, your purpose, your world of origin and how you became to be here. Abide by the local laws and I don't believe we should have a problem. The state of this city shows what I do to problems and Problem Makers. Do I make myself clear?" He said as he motioned to the soldiers and the battle they had just won.
"You seem to be a long way from home, aren't you?"

Merlin | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya | Serena | Vanessa
Location: Los Angeles | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

As the man walked up and stood over her, the woman looked up, her trembling increasing a small bit as he glared down at her. Once prompted, she nodded and spoke. "...I'm Vanessa Sinclair... Um... I was just testing a new invention out... when.. uh..." She motioned to where the portal had just been. "well... there was a bit of a failure... And the world I'm from is named... Terra-6..." She said, her voice a bit meek as she looked around to the scene of the battle that preceded her unwilling entrance into the city. "Y-You don't need to tell me twice... Mr. Mishima..."

"Yes... I'd assume that I'm more than a few lightyears away from home... if even that." She replied with a sigh, as she slowly sat herself down on the ground, still clutching her head. "Wh-Where am I....? And it sounds like you've... be dealing with people dropping in from different worlds, correct?"

Merlin | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya | Serena | Vanessa
Location: Los Angeles | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

"The short answer is you are in another realm from your own from what I've gathered." Kazuya explained as his soldiers returned to their post.
"While we do have the technology to send you back, it will be quite some time before we'll be able to figure where Terra-6 is in relation to us. If it's of any comfort, the year is 2014 and you are on Earth. This is in fact Los Angeles, Albeit on a bad day." He then said as he motioned for her to follow.
"We'll be heading back to my headquarters shortly. It's in Tokyo, Japan. While it's a bit of a flight, It'll have whatever you need to get used to live on this planet and well as your best chance of getting home. Just know any violent or disrupting action against my forces will be met with lethal force." He said as he waited for his Helicopter.
"You are not bound to join us, but I'd highly advise it."

Merlin | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya | Serena | ???
Location: Los Angeles | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

Edge crossed his arms and watched events unfold. The soldiers were holding back the media personalities (Edge wasn't sure how legal that was, but whatever) and Kazuya was...thretaning? Probably thretaning the new arrival, a middle-aged woman in a lab coat. A little unnessecary, but whatever. Eventually, Kaz stopped talking and began towards the hellicopter.

"Is she coming with us?" Edge asked.

"I hope so." Kazuya replied. "It's bad enough we have all these people coming out of nowhere. I don't want to have to keep tabs on them in other countries unless I have to."

Edge nodded. "I'll go incentivise her, then."

Edge teleported to where Vannessa was sitting. "Name's Edge. Howdy." Seeing she was bleeding, he asked. "Should I take a look at that?"

Merlin | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya | Serena | Vanessa
Location: Los Angeles | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

None of the terms he had told her would have registered, her eyes showing more confusion and curiosity than anything else. However, she raised an eyebrow at the year 2014. That long ago...? Vanessa looked up to Kazuya and nodded silently, seeming to mull the offer over. ....I've got no way to get back on my own... This is probably as good an offer as any...

Seeing someone else suddenly appear aside of her, she jolted a bit before looking up at the man. Seeing that he was offering to help with her bleeding, she smiled softly and nodded. "Yes, please do. And my name's Vanessa. I'm guessing you're with Mr. Mishima, right?" She began to look up before noticing that Merlin was standing above her, small waves of blue pulsing under his feet. Anti-gravity...? ...Maybe I won't feel so out of place here...

Merlin | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya | Serena | Vanessa
Location: Los Angeles | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

Edge nodded, purged some water from the air, and gingerly placed a water-covered finger on Vanessa's temple. The sensation was...not unpleasant. It was cool, yes, but not uncomfortably so, and the area around the wound only tingled a little as it healed. "Yeah, I'm with Kaz. Sorry about him but..we've had...we've had a rough couple of days. A lot of people have died." Changing the subject, Edge said, "You look like a scientist. Was there a telaporter malfunction?"

Merlin | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya | Serena | Vanessa
Location: Los Angeles | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

Vanessa shivered a small bit as the coolness of Edge's hand touched her forehead. An awkward smile grew on her face as the wound tingled and healed, the smile faded a small bit as the man began to ask about the transporter. "Um... Well... The short answer is yes. I'm not entirely sure what happened, but I'm lucky the explosion didn't just kill me outright. I was pretty sure I had the theory down pat.. but there must've been something I neglected..." She said, her eyes drifting toward the floor and she nodded solemnly.

"I'm sorry to hear that you've all been going through a rough patch. Having to see a lot of people die isn't..." Her voice faded a bit as she seemed to go into deep thought for a moment or two. "I can understand Mr. Mishima being so cross if that was the case."

(Well, that didn't take long, now did it?)

Kala thought as the order rang out to summon personas. (First order of business...)

She thought as she drew her sword and stabbed it through the Tarot card that appeared. As Demi appeared, Rugal might have felt a little... strange. In fact, were he to look at the floor, he'd notice it twice as far away... because he's twice as tall!

After that, she engaged her Tenser's transformation, though not resorting to any undead forms yet. The power from it was still a bit off putting to Kala, but it doesn't take long to set in her mastery with the sword she has, as well as make her faster, stronger, and more durable. She then rushes over to guard the now unconscious deadshot, flipping Corvus a rather annoyed look, and said. "Think before you strike would you!" she said, the fact that Deadshot's Persona and Corvus weren't fighting over the matter making it plain to see they weren't necessarily an enemy.


Merlin | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya | Selena | Vanessa
Location: Los Angeles | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

Selena drifted down gently sitting on her broom.
"why hello there, I wasn't expecting a portal to open. You may wanna get out of here though those camera men are like flies to flesh."
Selena had a sweet smile but in some truth she was checking if this woman was another threat, or worse another magic hater.
Her hand was holding her wand in case something went wrong.

Merlin | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya | Selena | Vanessa
Location: Los Angeles | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

Looking up at another voice, Vanessa was slightly surprised to see yet another person floating in the air above her. This one was a woman, riding a... broom? ...Is she... Is she a mage? As Selena looked the woman over, she'd see that there was nothing overly dangerous coming off of her. Vanessa's eyes seemed to light up with curiosity as she nodded toward the broom rider, slowly rising up to her feet. "Well... I wasn't expecting it to open either... much less explode." The scientist replied with an awkward chuckle.

Looking over toward the news crews, she shook her head lightly. "They're only trying to do their jobs. I doubt an unusual event that's..." She motioned to the wrecked state of the immediate area. "...this disruptive wouldn't be something they'd be drooling over." Looking up to the witch now, she gave her a smile. "Ah, but where are my manners? My name is Vanessa, may I ask what yours is?"


[quote]Merlin | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya | Selena | Vanessa
Location: Los Angeles | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

Vanessa saw the young woman stow her wand away
"My name is Selena, and that may be so, They like to pursue and exploit a situation, Human nature doesn't change." she was looking away Vanessa noted her eyes were drifting to the right meaning she was likely remembering something before shaking her head
"would you care for a lift? a broom isn't the most comfortable in fact it takes some getting used to but I could get you up to on of those helicopters." she held out her hand with a kind smile her very long dark hair ran all the way down to her waist.
"Why are you looking at me like that?" she said noting how Vanessa's eyes had seemed strangely lit up.

Far away
Icarus has long since lost any idea on a direction he didn't know what he could run from, the thing he despised the most was within him after all. He was a monster, a demon, there was nothing he could do about it, he may have been born a half breed, part angel, but inside him was the toxic blood of a demon, memories were surfacing he knew why the trident and scepter reacted to him so strongly, why his wings were black, and even why somber Had acted the way he had.
What was he supposed to do? he found a Cliff and rested upon it, looking out he sighed. that's when he realized, the scepter was gone, but who could have taken it, his mood turned desperate, that thing could be dangerous , he had to get it back.

Merlin | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya | Serena | Vanessa
Location: Los Angeles | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

Being further away from the group, examining the scenes, Merlin saw it was a woman. Managing to stay in hearing distance, he picked up the words of "portals" and the such. It was true that technology was stepping into the boundaries of magic with the creation of man-made portals and flying metal carriages. Biting his own lip, he was uncertain that humanity would be able to take the pressure of such power.

But he knew one thing, these were not the humans of his world. Although the people in his world had a great deal of courage, determination, and even their own holy connection. Of course these were the Knights of the Round Table he were thinking about. With his King, a woman, that he made into a man for the time of his/her reign. Yet Merlin knew the person as a young girl and ruler. Arturia, the girl ruler who he gave Excalibur to, the holy sword he found on a dangerous day.

Yet with this large, modern world around him.
With all the knowledge he can gain and the magic he can learn.
One phrase stunned Merlin's mind.

" *MY* world. And you...are not welcome in *MY* world...Burn in hell..."

The words of a bad and feared ruler. The neutral look on Merlin's face turned to horror and anger, he was not being sheltered by this "G-Corp", he was a Prisoner that was granted the illusion of free will. (No ... I will not work with such people!) Merlin's mind yelled, his body stepping backwards to the building he sat on high above, Merlin's back came in contact with fallen rubble, mind in confusion. Obviously fighting was not an option, but running away today was.

Letting go the pressure from his lip, a magical circle appeared on the top of his right hand.
A single whisper.
"Ad aliquid"
And the white haired Master Wizard was no more. Or rather, completely invisible.
Now currently running away from the scene, from this group that had seemed to have chains around him.

It was a good time to run anyway, because having a bunch of media surrounding you and having too many helicopters in the air brought in one certain group that had a convoy speeding towards the scene.

It was the American army. Sure we know people can be bought, and there were corrupt politicians, double-agents and all the like. Yet the current President[1] was one person to not fuck over, and all of that stuff was a lot less, unless it was the President himself doing that shit. Although the President hated when people stepped on his turf since he was a past gang leader after all.

And he really, really liked Burt Reynolds and some celebrities. So invading LA to defeat Darkside, a dark being, sure smart, but not telling the President and possibly putting some of his friends at risk, not a smart move at all.
So a lot of the American army was on their way to secure LA and in his own words "Shoot any un-authorized bitches".

[1] Related to Diablo's future arc which involves the President from Saints Row. WHO is currently President, so it makes sense, if any problems just tell me. :3

Standing next to the Hollywood sign, Kras had a clear view of the US Army moving into LA. "Well this complicates things a little bit. Going to have to be more careful, I just hope the target hasn't fled the city yet," he said as he was looking at something on his HUD. A little bit later his clothes began to rapidly change into his old army fatigues but colored to match the current uniforms. "This obsession of the President's to make everything purple is really stupid," Kras said as he walked back to his car. Before his eyes his sleek Ferrari began to change into a standard military humvee and colored purple as well. "Time to get this show on the road," he said as he got into the vehicle and drove towards LA.

Merlin | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya | Serena | Vanessa | Mr. President
Location: Los Angeles | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

While the rest of the ground was greeting the newcomer, Kazuya was more concerned about the fact that the Military had FINALLY showed up.
"Grrrr...Dammit...Start pulling out! I'm not getting into a fire fight with the US Military over this!" He ordered his men as they began to flee the scene, going back into their Helicopters and flying off back over the way from which they came.
"Everyone remain calm, I'll handle this." He then told the others, worried that the "Leader of the Free World" mightn't take to kindly to his men in his city.
Swallowing his pride and getting ready to play kiss-ass, Kazuya then made his way towards the convey, unarmed and alone.
"Mr. President. It's an honor to meet face to face at last. I am Kazuya Mishima, CEO of G-Corporation. I apologize for this un-sanctioned operation on US soil. I tried to contact you, but the Chain of Command mustn't have gotten the message I sent. In either event, the situation has been taken care of. My company will pay for all damages." He said, lying about the message, but it wasn't as if the President would know that.
From what he knew of the man, he was more likely to be calling strippers then ambassadors.

Merlin | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya | Selena | Vanessa
Location: Los Angeles | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

As she talked about human nature, Vanessa shrugged a small bit. "That's the way things are. I know I'd be doing the same thing in their shoes. ...Though I'd hardly call trying to get video footage of something like this 'exploitation'."

Seeing that Selina as a bit weirded out by her curious stare, she smiled a bit, hoping to take the edge off of that. "Sorry... I.. Uh... It's the first time I've actually seen a mage on a broom." Vanessa stated, "I've read stories about them flying around on brooms or without them, but you can never assume something's true until you've seen it... I'd love to see how flying on these would go, thank you!" The woman nodded happily at the offer to ride on the broom and reached out her hand to grasp Selena's.

She seemed to be a little more urgent in her attempts to get on the broom once a few oddly-painted tanks started to roll up. ....This can't be good...

Kras parked a few blocks away from his destination and grabbed two large weapon cases from the backseat and walking. Making his way towards a skyscraper, noticed that the president was talking to someone nearby. Acting inconspicuous, Kras continued towards the building.


Merlin | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya | Selena | Vanessa
Location: Los Angeles | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

As they took off Selena saw the incoming troops
"Yeah that's really, really not good" Selena ascended into the air, following the choppers, sh noticed the wizard had fled after Kazuya's...episode, They were soon over the ocean.
"Hey in your world, how do most people view magic? it sounds like its common enough to not be too strange. considering your...reaction... she looked off to the far right she could see something far off in the distance she shook her had figuring it must have been her imagination.

Far Away
Icarus learned being part angel gave him a very weird ability he could actually stand or rest upon a cloud, he knew he shouldn't it should have been like water vapor, but it felt like a warm cotton to him and it easily held his weight, Taking out one of his emergency scrolls he found a little magic that could morph the cloud materials into something more tangible and even had the ability to sculpt it, it took a while but eventually he had a decently sized shelter it was warm catching in the rays of the sun ans didn't let the heat out and even had some defense, he could put his electricity into the cloud and it could shoot down a nearby target. He looked out, this could be his home, he didn't have anywhere else to go anymore.

Selena | Vanessa
Location: Pacific Ocean
Time: Morning

As they were flying over the ocean, Vanessa slowly looked to be a bit more nervous, holding on tightly to the broomstick, so much so that her knuckles were beginning to color white a bit. She managed to keep herself calm enough to answer the question Selena suddenly asked of her. "Magic...? Well, it would depend on where'd you go. Where I'm currently living, it's just another way to get things done. Some other places the entire society revolves around teaching it and developing mages. And, of course, there are places where it's taboo." She shrugged a bit to herself as she looked down at the murky waters speeding underneath her, her magical companion, and the stick of wood keeping them both high above.

"I don't understand either of the extremes to be honest... I'm guessing magic's really important to you, huh?" She asked toward Selena, looking toward the horizon just as the witch did.

Kras walked into the lobby of the skyscraper and up to guard at the front desk. "I need access to roof. This is a matter of national security," he told the guard, a blatant lie. The guard believed him and told him how to get up to the top. once up there he set down the cases(one of them is more like a crate) and busily got to work.

From the crate Kras retrieved a large tripod used for gun emplacements and a Ramset gun[1]. Quickly nailing the tripod in place, he got a large mounted gun that looked like a harpoon gun. After screwing everything in place and hooking up the steel cable, Kras aimed the gun at his target. The target in this case was an office in an adjacent building. He fired and the large grappling hook sailed through air and went through a window and into a wall.

While some of the glass fell to the street below and would surely alert people to what was going on, Kras didn't care for all that mattered was the target. "This is Hargreave, codenamed Kras. Enroute to target. Will need immediate extraction, over," Hargreave said into his headset as he before ziplining to the building. "Rodger that. Chopper is inbound, over," a voice on the other end confirmed.

Merlin | James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya | Serena | Vanessa | Mr. President
Location: Los Angeles | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

Edge, having finished healing Vanessa, stood up. "That should do. It was just a scratch, nothing big. You'll be fine."

It was then Edge noticed the...tanks. "Kaz...You let the military know we-"

"Everyone remain calm," Kazuya said, moving towards the tanks. "I'll handle this."

Edge sighed. "Oh heathen fucking."

James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya | Mr. President.
Location: Los Angeles | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

As Kazuya came alone toward the large convoy, he passed several lines of US Army troops. Some of them wore normal army clothing with purple trimmings, but some wore weird suits, but these soldiers has high ranks. Along the way to the center of the convoy, passing numerous huge helicopters, tanks, and even the one or two weird units that he had no idea were there, this included the barely dressed nuns wielding medieval weaponry.

Passing several more troop lines, coming towards the center of command, Kazuya was asked very nicely to search him. Obviously being a person who was confident without using a weapon and having a great phisique, the normal body search soldiers allowing him to pass. Either this President was either very lax or was very confident and dangerous. Coming across a rather large purple armoured vehicle that was in the center of the convoy, the back opened to reveal a weird scene

A throne was in the back, and the man who sat in it was wearing an even weirder armour then the high ranking soldiers.
Another figure was besides him, yet this person wore a purple robe with a sword at his side, before Kazuya talked, the robed man whispered to the armoured man.

The man on the throne was the President of the United States.
And beside him, his personal advisor.

The President got up and jumped out of the throne in a non-human leap, and landed right in front of Kazuya with a thump. Allowing Kazuya to speak first, there were already bodyguards and soldier surrounding the fighter, yet with a wave from The President they stepped back. The robed figure walked and stayed by the President's side.

After Kazuya tried to explain the whole situation, the helmet of the armour seemed to open up, folding and collapsing on itself (Like Dead Space armour) until the face was revealed. His head was masculine, hair was dirty blond, two blue piercing eyes, a chisel chin, 5 o'clock shadow, and a mischievous smile that just gains him votes. Yet the first thing he said was ...

"Oh you have better not hurt Burt Reynolds!" A cockney accent came from him, aggressive and slightly angry. Once more the robed advisor stepped in to whisper. "Oh ... he just called! Ah, I knew some kind of dark being couldn't harm that geezer." He gave out a smile once more. Focusing on the problem he looked straight at Kazuya. "I know why you and your company are here ... some Dark Being ... blah, blah, minor destruction of LA. And yes I knew he was here .... but of course we got note of your little air invasion. So we allowed you to do it instead." He said confidently, remembering the information Kinzie gave to him before leaving and piloting his own air-force plane.

"I'll allow you to leave with payment ... but step on my turf without my permission again and I'll send Green Peace or wor-" The President was about to thread once more, but in the distance an alarm went off. "Ah fuck! What now? Uh, just follow me ..." The President said to Kazuya as he began to walk off with his Advisor and guards making a circle around the three characters.

"Just know I am extremely sensitive about my country ... nothing happens without my knowledge! Including if a stripper gets left behind in Iraq, I don't tolerate shit like that." He said slowing becoming more louder. They passed along the front lines of the convoy where everyone saluted the armoured President. Until they came across several purple armoured guards holding a figure captive, guns to his head.

A set of white hair was on that head.
It was Merlin.

Hargreave landed in the office and immediately went to work clearing rooms of bodyguards assigned to the target. After clearing the final room he found the target cowering under a desk. "My employer's been looking for you Dr. Ashford. This will be easier if you don't resist," Hargreave said as he pulled the doctor up. Ashford looked like he was about say before giving up and put his hands in front of him which Hargreave quickly ziptied. "Come in HQ, this Kras. I have the target, requesting evac, over," he said into the headset. "That's a negative Kras. A no-fly zone has been put into effect over LA. You're on your own, over," HQ replied. "Roger that HQ. I'll radio in once I'm out of the city. Kras over and out," Hargreave said before switching off his comms.

"Okay Dr. Ashford, looks like we'll be parachuting down to the street. Hope you aren't afraid of heights," Hargreave said as he strapped the doctor to himself before walking them to the broken window. "Jumping in 3...2...1, Geromino!" Hargreave yelled before diving out of the window. He pulled his chute as he was clear of the building and but didn't have much choice in where he was going. "Well this looks like it's going to interesting," Hargreave said as he saw that he was gliding towards a large group of soldiers centered around three people.

"Clear the way! Make room!" Hargreave shouted at the people below him. The soldiers looked and quickly cleared the street for him. Once he landed though all guns were trained on him and his prisoner. Of course when Hargreave detached Dr. Ashford, the doctor just fell to the ground passed out. "It's alright guys I'm not here to kill the President or anything. I'm just taking this person back to my employer," Hargreave explained with his hands in the air.

James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya | Mr. President | Hargreave
Location: Los Angeles | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

...Deep breaths Kazuya, Deep breaths... Kazuya thought as the President of the United States went on about..."Strippers in Iraq" and getting "Green Peace" of all people to invade him, just as bad in person as he file suggested.
While he liked that he was more "Pro-active" then most of the other World Leaders, He still wasn't entirely keen on the man, his attitude or the fact it seemed like he was a bigger Egomaniac then every warlord from here to Thailand combined, including a few he knew personally...
Such thoughts were pushed out his mind when it appeared that Merlin was about to get his head blown off.
"Hey, let him go. He's one of mine. Unless you want the NSA out of commission for the next 6 months..." He threatened as he stood in front of Merlin, while he didn't know the man personally, he wasn't about to let him get killed on some asswipe's ego trip.
Before the stand off got even more tense, There was a blessing in the form of Matt Hargreave gliding into the scene, as if this wasn't confusing enough already.
"It's alright guys I'm not here to kill the President or anything. I'm just taking this person back to my employer."
Shame...Tch, would rather deal with Armstrong then this fruitcake. He thought as he asked "And who exactly was employing you? This is a restricted area. I don't care if you are a Merc, authorized personnel only.".
Granted, all his men had pulled out and he had no standing in this nation to make such a statement, but it was more out of force of habit then anything else.

James/Akari | Edge | Kazuya | Mr. President | Hargreave
Location: Los Angeles | LA Battle Zone
Time: Morning

With the grand entrance of parachuting unknown, it seemed that many of the soldiers, guards, and killer nuns began to gather near the area, all armed. "Calm down, if he wanted to kill me he would already have." The President's hand came up and all personnel lowered their weapons, still cautious of the new arrival. While they know that their President has killed numerous and unknown amounts of people, this person could be completely different or with different abilities.

The soldiers and guards gave them space, some getting back to their duties and some just giving them a bit of space. The assassin Nuns though stayed very close, both worried about the President and the Advisor. "I would give out your name and reason before your picture is sent out to all my facebook friends ... and agencies, I don't know what you would be worried of more." The President gave a humorous shrug.

The Advisor in the meantime looked at Merlin, feeling the very powerful feeling of magic. A smile came under the hood, he went to whisper to the President once more. "Really? Like you? Hmm ... " The President said as he look went to Merlin, examining the weird looking figure. "... I thought a wizard would look ... less retarded?" He said outlout, allowing Merlin to almost give him a vile look before rethinking of his position.

More whispering from the Hooded Man and finally the President gave up.
"Fine ... we're taking this man. For non-violent reasons of his own."
Merlin's look was almost bright. "Uh, thank you sir." He said moving towards the man but stopping, almost getting another gun pointed at him. It seemed that he went out of one crazy party to another, but is this one less "selfish" ... Merlin was now worried.

"Back to you Mr ... Kaz?" Boss President said with forgetfulness, scratching his head. "But I wouldn't say that, they are already grounded for 10 weeks for hacking into my porn stash. It is all digital these day. One reason why I want to change this country. No man or woman should fear having their porn uncovered!" He gave a epic pose with his arm stretched out, his voice now booming.

Posing for a few more seconds he turned around. Giving his finger a twirling motion, as if imitating a helicopter, yet as that signal was given, everything an everyone was starting to move out. Helicopters started flying, cars started to drive. "Back to the point, you get your ass out of here and pay for your ... damages. And you tell us why the hell you are here! And who the hell is he !?" He pointed to Kazuya, then to Matt, and then finally to the captive of Matt.

This all happens as the large army convoy starting moving out around them.

Right before their eyes Matt's army fatigues changed into a business suit. "The name's Matt Hargreave, professional assassin and mercenary leader. All the agencies already know who I am and employ my services. My prisoner here is Dr. Ashford but I don't know what his field of study is because I don't care. As for my employer, he simply goes by Mr. Black," Matt finished explaining before handing his business card to the President.

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