The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Given the nature of the situation, All Rugal could see was red.
"Listen, I've been framed, My friends robbed and my 2 daughters are standing right next to one of those bombs that just went off so I REALLY don't have time for this Superhero bullshit!" He growled as he eyed up the opponent, noting how cleanly she cut though that projectile.
"See you block this!" He said before sending out a quick but weak fireball towards Tori

Airship Rising Dawn: Vermilion | Akane | Jake

Current protocols approved.

Vermilion materialized on the display at Jake's call and gave a hint of a smile, "Greetings, Jake. It is good to see you upon the Dawn again. As you have already observed, what was supposed to be a simple supply gathering has gone... Haywire, to say the very least. I could give you a list of current occupants of the Dawn if you wish? Furthermore, my compatriot Dimitri is on ground if you need another link to the members of the Dawn; if those communication rings have not already proven sufficient...

She paused a processing cycle, as she found someone attempting to reach for her from an unknown source, her eyes buzzing with light as she tried to find the source,

Oh, one moment. It appears someone is attempting to establish communications with me as well.....
Source of communication unknown. Sending query for identity of the original Querant. "

As she said this, The Mage in Red found that a query entered his mind as well, asking that he identify himself before proceeding further in communication. However, with Red Mage entering the room, a bell went of in the back of Vermilion's mind, remembering what Creator Mark had mentioned about the Mage in Red, and several turrets turned their attention to Red Mage, with Vermilion asking in a cautious voice,

"Jake, do you really think trusting this Mage is wise? According to my databanks, and experiences in intergratting with Master Mark, he has not had a good history of working with Author types, with which you are as well."

Pay and Spray: Caim | Slindis | Rugal | Luceion

Caim's eyes widened after hearing Rugal's panicked state, and sent to his own children (and caretakers), "Cadolbolg, Ton Ton, Devon, answer me! Where are you?! Are you safe?"

Following that, Slindis' request for a soundoff went through the air and Devon answered back, making the warrior relax only faintly; as he was still waiting on a response from Ton Ton. As they waited, Angelus' voice entered their minds,

"Sounding off. Still alive, still dealing with airborne insects. I'll send you a report when I get a good look at all those noxious clouds of gas... Increasing altitude to avoid them."

However, with the quick actions of getting into the car and then quickly stopped by Gods knows who, Caim forced himself out of the car after Rugal shot his fireballs. Using the stored magic from the fight with the police to turn invisible, Caim charged and stopped when he brought it to the stranger's neck, the PDA spitting: "LEAVE US AND MOVE YOUR VEHICLE! I have sons waiting for me and I will not hesitate to kill you to get back to them! Now since we're in a hurry, so if you'll be nice and move your damn car along, this doesn't have to get ugly. NO, we did not set off any damn bombs, and the cops here are corrupt anyway, so their judgement isn't very good to start with. Now, with that context in mind, will you go or not?!"

Yep, back to bloodlust for Caim, as it seemed to his compatriots.

Cadolbolg | Devon | Ella | Jenny

Devon did most of the talking in explaining to Cadolbolg's Father where they were and what was going on, and noticed the zombies on the TV, "I remember fighting things like that before... They don't like fire, if I remember correctly! Don't worry, Friends! I'll keep you safe with my fires!"

The little turtle puffed his chest out as they journeyed to the shopping district, and then took in a deep breath just in case the undead attempted to get a bite on any of his compatriots.

Downtown Los Santos, en Route to Glen Park: Teri | Garm | Ton Ton | Mercy Clarke

Upon hearing the explosion towards where Melethia ran off to, Teri hopped onto Garm and shoutted at Mercy, "You're gonna have to do this delivery on the go, Ma'am! Garm, after Mel!"

The wolf sniffed the ground a bit before charging off in a direction, leaving Mercy to have to follow them on the piece of crap bike. On the way to Melethia, Teri felt Rugal and Slindis' voices touch her mind, and she answered through the rings, "Sounding off for myself: Teri, accompanied by Garm, Ton Ton, AI Dimitri and a delivery girl following me! I am currently in Downtown Los Santos pursuing Melethia to a park! I think something's caught her nose again, and I've heard some kind of explosion. Naturally, I'm a bit worried about the situation. I'm regrouping with Mel as we speak! If it's undead we're worrying about, I think I'm petty well equipped for that, but I'll attempt to meet you guys at any sort of rendezvous point."

Alongside that, Ton Ton added, "I'm alright, Mr. Caim! I'm with Ms. Teri and soon, Ms. Melethia! I think we'll be alright."

After a few more moments, Garm turned a harsh left and found himself in a tunnel with Melethia and.... Oh no, not the man with the guns again! And was Mel hunched over a... Oh shit! Teri gingerly got off of the wolf and asked, "Mel? Are you alright? There was an explosion and.... I take it you're disarming that, right?"


"Oh, well if that's the case you can take my- oh you son of a bitch!" She said, as Caim closed in on her and Rugal launched his attack at the same time, although Caim was... a bit *too* impatient, he beat the fireball there, Tori proceeded to punch him in the stomach, and then uppercut hit to the jaw, the delay this caused in his movements allowed the fireball to catch up and strike, but she used Caim as a shield against it. Then almost in the same fashion as Caim's wheel spontaneously switches weapons, a spear appeared in her hands from nowhere, which she used to pole vault over Caim and brought it down of rugal's head, using "every light casts a shadow" (roll 1-4 negative levels) she used the blunt end, and it was more to pacify than to attack, still might have given him a bump though, and the temporary decrease in level, was both what really made it hurt, and a little bit of revenge. she then puts the spear in the ground behind her, and back flips to balance on it on one foot. "I was ABOUT to say... *ahem* if that's the case you can take my car, especially for the reason that a friend of mine is with you... sorry, but you were both the first to strike me after that explanation." she said, tossing the keys to the car to Rugal she hopped down pulling the spear from the ground as she did. Her eyes fixing on Slindis almost as though to ask the question of why she was with.... Rugal?

Location: Big Poppa's Mansion.

Looking at the large group leaving, Shawn simply moved into the room and tried to pull the trigger whilst aiming at them.
Those two guns had little ammo to spare, either a incredibly smart move or something not smart at all. Throwing the weapons down he ran towards the exit, but took a gaze at the city.

"(I have no idea if my pray has any connection to this, but if I get hold of that man I'll know some details.)" Shawn thought before running out of the same exit, hoping that he would be easily able to capture his target.

Airship Rising Dawn: Vermilion | Akane | Jake | Red Mage
"I guess you didn't know he was on the ship then. Stand down your weapons. Give him a chance to declare his intentions, as I'm sure he'll do. And yes please, can I have a list of crew deployed, for size of my rescue chopper? Still looking for your body RM, lost in the Seas of Chaos?" Jake said, still offering his handshake.

Akane, for her part, merely huffed and returned to looking back over the city. She'd helped to kill the Red Mage once before...

Pay and Spray: Caim | Slindis | Rugal | Lucieon | Tori

It was at that point where Slindis brought her voice to a harsh chill, one that anyone that had worked with her or knew someone that worked with her knew very well. "Okay, all of you. There may be misunderstandings, but I'll be damned if I'll just sit here and watch as we all go at each other like children while this city burns! Rugal, Caim, back off now. This is Tori, and I can confirm she can be trusted. Kantori, we need all the help we can get to stop this undead attack. The police here can not be trusted, and even with that, we onlt went as far as was necessary to secure our escape. You'll find more living than dead there - not ideal, but a lot better than the bloodbath you're claiming! Now unless there's a problem here, we're all going to work together before this town's more filled with the dead than the living.

Got it?" She was not in the mood for any more of the could-be teammates trying their best to kill each other, and she was fully ready to put a stop to it herself if needed.

Cadolbolg | Devon | Ella | Jenny

Devon responded to Jake first. "I'm headed to a safer area with Cadolbolg, Ella, and Jenny to this area named Arco del Oeste in Bone County, then Ganton. A Helo would work best if you could manage it."

Right after that, he contacted Caim. "It's a lot quieter here, but I don't think it'll stay that way for long. We'll be headed to another area, but I'll grab Ton-Ton when I can find him."

After that, Devon sighed and apologized to Ella. "Seems like that Sushi will have to wait. Can you cover the combat against the zombies with Cadolbolg? Last I heard, they weren't much for talking."

Ella nodded and grinned mischievously. "You really owe me for this, Devon. Triple round at sushi, mister, and Cadolbolg eats all he wants."

Downtown Los Santos, en Route to Glen Park: Teri | Garm | Ton Ton | Mercy Clarke

Melethia didn't even bother turning around to Vercetti as she worked on the bomb, responding in a very irritable voice. "I don't tell you how to kill people, you don't tell me how to handle explosives. Now shut your mouth and let me handle this." Now, most people would have gone straight for the Gas, but that was a fool's move. Melethia instead decided to pull out two specialized nonconducting blades and severed all of the cords feeding power to the C4 in one surgical motion.

Without the explosive charge, the first major part of the disposal was done.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Rugal's Group | Transit | Los Santos
Time: Day

Rugal | Lucieon | Slindis | Caim

The Undead Merchant was quite pensive about the whole ordeal, watching Rugal's reactions slowly, looking for any faults in his expression that could give away some secret to his meanderings. There was few, but Lucieon managed to read some. He kept those to himself while rugal fought the new obstacle. His right hand fell to Estoc in case they needed to end the foolery quickly.


Avatar Adventure
Location: Rising Dawn
Time: Day

Red Mage | Akane | Jake | A.I. Vermillion

His heart and hopes rose and fell in quick succession. A.I. Vermillion was present, and training weapons at him, but its voice was different. It sounded... off. At least to him. It wasn't the same voice he had known. Really, I am alone. It was a grim thought. Red Mage scratched the back of his head with his right hand, scruffling some of the airy white locks on his head.

"Good to meet you Jake," he said cooly, "but the Vermillion Intelligence speaks truth. I am not in particulars a 'hero' as it were. At least not anymore." He gave a look at the turrets, "but my character stats are inherently broken. If you know what I mean. I cannot participate. Only observe." He put a hand on Jake's back. "Good luck out there though."

Los Santos: Mercy (A Little Bit Ago)

"That would be me... But I wasn't expecting any sort of mail. Who sent it, and why?"

The Bicycle Courier shrugged at the question. She'd never met whomever it was that sent the Miniature Godzilla the package that she started trying to pull from her bad at that very moment.

"I dunno, but whatever this thing is, it's real *BOOPING* heavy." Mercy said as she grunted the object out of her bag before it landed on the ground with a very large:


"What the bloody *BOOP* is that?" The College Student Aged Messenger asked as she looked at the extremely large Lunch Box and extremely Pink Lunch Box, emblazoned with the words "JEM IS TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!" on it. From the size of the Lunch Box it must have belonged to a REALLY REALLY REAAAALLLLY tall human or a Young Giant. Judging by the picture that graced the Lunch Box, the later was more probable.

"So it's all yours. Okay?" Mercy said as she started strapping her bag back onto her and checking her Data bracelet for her next delivery, only to find that her next delivery was in this very dimension, to someone named Jenny.

"God *BOOPING* Dammit!" The girl cursed as she started walking towards a near by park.

----------The Park----------

Standing in the middle of the Park, Mercy couldn't help but notice the fact that she was being followed by the very people that she had just delivered the package to.

"(Stalkers!)" The Girl thought to herself as she considered tazing the whole lot of them just to teach them a lesson. Only they didn't exactly act like stalkers, they were heading towards someone else, some little girl that was perched over some sort of weird looking brief case, just a few feet away from where Mercy Clarke was taking her Union Sanctioned break.

"Hey, little girl? I think those people are -" The College Student paused as she realized what the girl with the green hair was working on.

"That's a bomb isn't it?" Mercy said in a rather defeated voice as she realized that this was the worst job she'd ever had.

Los Santos: Mercy, Melethia, Teri

----------The Park----------

Melethia snapped back at the woman, still not really turning around. "Yeah, it's a bomb. Unless you were trained in neutralizing them, I suggest you let me do this." The more Mercy watched, the more she noticed small piles grouping around the girl. However, it wasn't for a bit where she glimpsed the biohazard emblem on the canister.

Glen Park, Los Santos: Mercy, Melethia, Teri

"Yeah, it's a bomb. Unless you were trained in neutralizing them, I suggest you let me do this."

The statement that came from the young girl, probably in that tween age range, made Mercy do quite the double take as her mind considered the possibility that her life was about to come to an utterly violent end. Her body didn't quite know how to the handle that little bit of news so it tried to do everything that it could think of doing all at once, those things being running away, fainting, screaming, pleading for mercy and begging for a miracle. The end result was the Bicycle Courier flopping over onto her back.

"BLARG!!" She blarg'd and laid there staring at the blue skies, waiting for the inevitable.

But wait, hadn't she majored in chemistry and electronic engineering for a semester? Couldn't all that knowledge that she had gained over the period of time count for something?

Sitting up, she peered at the contraption over Melethia's shoulder.

"Did you try taking out the batteries?" Mercy asked calmly.


After the initial confusion about Tori had passed, Rugal got in her Cruiser and got back on track.
"Dimitri, I need those bomb sites, NOW!" He shouted into his PDA as the AI scanned the city.
"Standby...*Elevator Music* Okay, I've tracked 2 more bomb sites, one in Glen Park and the in
Los Colinas
. You'll need to go pass the affected East Los Santos area, near the train tracks. I'm detecting high numbers of infected. Be careful."
Dimitri sent back before returning to his work on the Rising Dawn.
"Copy that. Okay...Melethia should have the one in Glen Park under control. Hold on, this might get bumpy." He warned as he took off towards the bomb site.

Less than a minute later, they were nearing Ground Zero, hordes of Infected littering the streets, burned out cars, people running for their lives, Gang Members in green attempting to stem the tide while corrupt police watched, glad that people who took pride in killing cops en masses were getting what was coming to them. It was a scene of pure chaos.

Sir Bomb McExplody

Melethia was able to get rid of the C4 charge with no real hassle, but as she moved the charge, she discovered a secondary trigger.
A simple logic gate would release the seal on the Canister if there was no charge going to the C4 when the timer ran out, allowing for a much smaller but just as lethal gas cloud to be released. While it too wasn't going to take much doing, the design of the bomb indicated Mass Production.

Location: Big Poppa's Mansion.

Back with Big Poppa, Shawn chased after him until they were outside the mansion.
From there, he could get a good look at the Los Santos skyline.
And the sickly green cloud and smoke coming from the ghetto.
Focusing on his mission, he saw Big Poppa shouting orders to his men, mostly just "Shoot! Shoot!".
As they caught wind of Shawn and opened fire, the man himself threw his laptop into the back of his Feltzer before hopping behind the wheel and speeding off, hoping for a easy getaway.

Glen Park, Los Santos: Mercy, Melethia, Teri

Melethia grunted. "I isolated the charge, so that's covered for the most part. I'm still isolating the other elements here, although the canister is too sensitive to move around on a whim. Again, unless you feel comfortable keeping the canister safe or unless you want to be a second pair of eyes here, I think I've got this handled." This girl had a clear case of tunnel vision on this bomb - not usually an admirable trait, but it was what was needed when a biological attack was at risk here.



Were Caim and Slindis, the two of them who could afford to take their eyes off the road, paying attention, Tori was running and jumping across the nearby rooftops at considerable enough a speed as to keep up with their car. Using a handheld radio to speak to the car. "Probably not the best time... but when you said you had daughters, and Slindis is in the car with you... do you mean Mele?" She said, making it clearer than ever that she knew them... but also making it clear she had doubts they'd be together for more than mutual interest, especially due to the fact Slindis is a paladin, by the very definition one of the most holy people she knows... at least as far as Eberron could get. While she'd heard of Rugal on the other hand, arms dealer, leader of a group of some of the worlds worst villains... she'd seen a lot of irony and contradictory behaviors back home, she'd even seen a vampire paladin who despised the undead... this was... equally awkward, she decided. Wait... did he say 2 daughters? For a good three seconds they would have seen her stop, and just freeze with her mouth hanging open, before she caught up again, and decided not to ask.

Location: Big Poppa's Mansion.


Before leaving the bar to chase Big poppa, Shawn saw a familiar figure on a movie poster that was framed.
One person seemed familiar but he had never met him before.

Pausing in his mind for a second he decided to send out this information to his fellow Brethren.
"I'm sure they will get a kick out of this." He snickered as he left the room and into gunfire.


The bullet storm heading towards Shawn was ignored, but a graceful object was thrown at them.
Shawn knew they were there but ... "Like I have time to deal with you shitheads!
He yelled in a sinister voice, eyes still locked onto his pray.

The object thrown at the group of gunmen was only known as a "Plasma grenade", a weapon that unleashes a powerful wave of green matter which reduced the physical matter in front of it. By the time the grenade's pin system initiated, the gunmen were all too distracted by the weird object.

Leaping over a fence with natural movement, Shawn had reached the garage too.
An explosion of green could be heard and seen.
Though right now Shawn had a little more luck with the vehicle he chose.
"What a dumb ass ... should of chose something good, like this." Shawn pointed to something he could actually ride.

In the Wasteland of the World Shawn found a Vault-Tec bike and repaired it up to usable conditions, he had it ever since.
So without wasting another second the Wanderer turned hunter accelerated with all his might to catch up to his pray.
With his Ranger pistol ever so ready, to either take out the car ... or something else.

East Los Santos: Caim | Slindis | Rugal | Lucieon | Tori

Slindis shouted out to Kantori on the way. "That's exactly who I'm talking about. Look at the streets, though. I don't know how long you've been here, but how can you stick with the city watch when they stand by passively while the citizens struggle to defend themselves? Can you really work with that kind of group? I know you can see the right path to take; just do what's right for everyone involved instead of a small group!"

They were right near Ganton when Slindis turned to Rugal in the car. "When we get there, we need to find out how we can store this. What's the decay rate of the gas? What concentration has the lethal effect? Our options here are limited, so we need to work this out now."

The car ran over an undead as she addressed Caim and Lucieon. "How much do you two know of fighting undead? They're different than fighting regular humanoids. If you don't know how to fight them, tell me now so I can help you."

Cadolbolg | Devon | Ella | Jenny

Devon thought about it for a good amount of time before responding with hailing a taxi. "I'll give you $200 dollars to get us to Ganton. You see those undead, just run them over. Hit the side alleys, do what you need, just get us there." The cabbie was very hesitant, but with the sheer conviction the man spoke with convinced the cabbie to at least get them there.

"Come on, Jenny. I know it sounds stupid, but we have to find somewhere to get a footing, Ganton's looking like the best place to find that footing. And unlike most outsiders, we can provide something they need - rallying and healing."

Ella was getting over the loss of the dinner as she got in the car and checked her Wheel for the Kamas. She was going to get tested tonight in a big way, and maybe she could see if all that time away that Devon had been with Caim and Angelus had helped her man enough to avoid him having to pay for the most expensive sushi on their eventual dinner.

Downtown Los Santos, en Route to Glen Park: Teri | Garm | Ton Ton | Mercy Clarke | Tommy Vercetti

As she saw the secondary mechanisms, she knew she would need some good hands real fast. "Old Blood, I'm gonna need some help here real fast. There's a secondary charge here, and I'm going to need help right now if we're all going to live. Can you do that?"


"GET OFF THE DAMN ROAD!" Rugal shouted as he plowed through a small group of undead.
"The Gas becomes semi-inert after detonation, it loses much of it's danger afterwards. The problem at this point is getting to the other bomb and taking down the Infected. If this is T-Virus, then the spread would be caused by contact with other infected. That means this one bomb alone could take down the entire city!" He explained before he was forced to skid to a halt in front of a makeshift barricade made by the locals to try and slow down the undead.
"Shit! Gotta go on foot from here. Alright people, don't hold back, so much as a scrape from one of these things could be fatal." He warned before he got out of the car and started wading through the hoard, his slashing aura making short work of them.


One rather eventful Taxi Ride later, they were at their destination: Ganton, THE crime ridden Ghetto of a city built entirely of them.
Yes Ironically, it was the Grove Street Gang that was keeping order, moving wounded, evacuating neighbours and, Most importantly, killing anyone that came near.
Thus when the Taxi entered the cul-de-sac, everyone dropped what they were doing and pulled guns out.
For a solid 10 seconds, non-stop gun-cocking filled the air.
"You! Get the hell out of here, This place is on Lockdown! Now get your motherfucking asses outta the Grove!" shouted What appeared to be the leader as he aimed an AK-47 at the Taxi.

Big Poppa's

The goons were vapourised instantly as Shawn went after the Leader himself.
Seeing how much damage he had managed to do thus far, Big Poppa did everything he could to shake the assassin, driving though lamp-posts and mailboxes in a attempt to cause him to crash.
All the while, he was trying to make his way out of town towards the countryside, aiming to get out of the city before Deadshot sent another assassin.


Slindis sent the information to Melethia after hearing, shifting into Water Stance as she fought to get a headway. "Rugal, I can more than handle myself." Although the zombies may have been a bit more resilient than normal people, Slindis had taken care of her fair share of undead in her career as a paladin. This experience showed by how she actively avoided punching the head itself (THe teeth would cause too much of a risk through residual damage) and instead went for the throat and legs. As a larger mass of zombies came nearby, Slindis focused for a moment before calling out and holding a small pendant with an odd arrowhead.

"In the name of Tira Miron and the Silver Flame, go to your final resting place!" Rugal felt the wave wash over the Undead there, outright reducing a good amount of them to dust and sending the others in the area of effect fleeing.

Slindis used Turn Undead! With the power of her faith, she affects 26 undead (23 from her Paladin Level, 3 from rolling 2d6)

Turn Undead uses left: 11


Devon kept his cool as he responded to Sweet Johnson, having a good feeling that he needed to show no weaknesses. "It's on lockdown, but you still need someone to patch your guys up. I can get that done and more, and quicker than the local clinics which are overwhelmed. Without someone to patch your boys up, you're going to have problems in a short time. Not to mention that as it goes on, bullets will start getting low, and I can help there as well. Just give the word, and I'll more than pull my weight here." His eyes locked onto Sweet to let Sweet know he would not back down.

Ella looked around at the others ready to gun them down and got ready to pull the Kama from the wheel. Either way, she was going to have to fight here. it was the only language they'd understand.

Teri | Garm | Ton Ton | Mercy Clarke | Tommy Vercetti

"I don't tell you how to kill people, you don't tell me how to handle explosives. Now shut your mouth and let me handle this."

Okay, little insulting, but she has me there. Though how in the hell does a 12-year old know how to use and disarm bombs like this!? Tommy simply shook his head and leaned back, he knew not to annoy someone when handling something like this. ....And then Mercy and Teri showed up. Great, now the rest of the gang is here. Still, the older girl seems smart, maybe she'll just keep qui-


"Did you try taking out the batteries?"

Tommy facepalmed. One minute relaxing on a beach, finally learning how to swim, the next, stuck watching an am-dram production of Chronicles of Narnia attempt to disarm a chemical bomb.

"Old Blood, I'm gonna need some help here real fast. There's a secondary charge here, and I'm going to need help right now if we're all going to live. Can you do that?"

Old Blood, not a bad nickname when you think about, I've been called worse. "Right, let me see" he took one look at the bomb, realising there possibly wouldn't be enough time to defuse it. "What about a controlled explosion? Detonate it in a place where we can stop the gas spreading?" He noticed a small storeroom, the size of a closet, just to the side of them. "Can you move it?" He began checking the storeroom for any vents or pipes. He spotted a roll of duct tape on the shelf.



Tori jumped down from the rooftop near where they had to stop, not really minding her questions weren't answered... now wasn't really the time... catching up with an old friend would have to wait. Panting for a minute after running for so long, and slashing a few zombies with the sharp end of the spear, in the head as she found usually effective, she then said "by the way, about stopping your car before, you've got my apologies if you want them. Quick question too... you said that these zombies were result of... infection, disease? Does that sound about right? If so, it'd probably be best to let me take lead. Through a lot of focus and training, I've gained total sway over my bodies immune system. In short, I can't get sick with anything that doesn't involve magic. She said, as she slung her spear over her shoulders. "Where are we headed anyway? You look like you know where your going. I don't... any specific place worthy of noting we'll be headed through?" She asked, hoping zombies would be the most of their troubles... considering the short amount of time she spent as a police officer... she knew, at least a little bit, about how violent gangs got here without the possibility of blaming the zombie apocalypse by biological warfare on rivals.

The Lone Wanderer, Shawn.
Location: The now 'revived' Streets.

The roads of the city were disgusting, even more to the motorcycle driver whom had killed many 'ghouls' in his world. Even so, he has befriended them before ... well at least the nice ones. Judging by these ones they were "Feral ghouls!" He spat out as he ran one over, looking behind his shoulders he could see many of them, a pack you could say. "They move slow though ..." He noted down for future battle plans before returning his eyesight forward and dodging the mailbox. [Perception 7]

"Haha, takes more then ... crap." He said to himself as he saw a lamp post completely blocking his way. In mere seconds he would soon flip with the bike, options.

1. [Strength 7] [Guns 60] I can quickly use my AMR to kill him instantly.
> 2. [Guns 89] [Science 70] I still should be able to shoot out a tire with a hollow round, the burst of air should do something!
3. Something else.
4. Screw it. *Crashes*
5. [Agility 6] I'm gonna reach it!

Preparing himself before impact, Shawn held one of his Ranger Sequoia.
Impact, and then lift off. this moment reminded him of the time he launched rockets ... and he has launched more then several. "You'll see firsthand why they call me the Messiah!" His words spread across the air, VATS was already activated before launch.

Target One: Tire.
Target Two: Right Shoulder.

Before he landed on the ground, two shots were fired.
Now it was either up to his unknown luck or his superior experience to see what happens.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Rising Dawn
Time: Day

Red Mage | Akane | Jake | A.I. Vermillion

"Thanks Red Mage. Stay out of trouble now, ya hear? We'll be back in time for dinner. Miss Vermillion, I leave the Dawn to you, keep her on station and ready to intervene. T-Virus detected, full authorization of weaponry granted. Akane! Time to go."

Akane nodded and joined Jake as they headed down to the hanger bay. Both had different thoughts on their minds as they traveled. Not a word was spoken as the reached the hanger and got into the conveniently left around Black Hawk Helicopter. A few strokes on his tablet PC and it became the armed variant, toting a pair of .50cal gunpods and a pair of rocketpods on the winglet stations. Jake jumped in the pilot's seat whilst Akane stood in the main doorway looking out. The big chopper powered up and rolled forwards, cleanly launching out into the open skies.

"All callsigns all callsigns this is Spellcaster 1-1. We are airborne and on our way to Grove Street to provide air support and a ride to those who need a friendly pick me up. Where would youse lot all be without ya local pilot?" Jake broadcast across all rings and radios to those who had them of the Rising Dawn. His Tablet PC silently worked away, it's own little slice of Vermillion keeping Jake from having to worry about manual comms.

As they flew across the descending hellscape of the city below, Akane looked upon it with a steel gaze. Two very important things were missing from her, and she would find out why by the end of the day.

She glanced back to the young man flying the chopper. Even if it means he must pay the price...


Rugal was in the process of ripping out a Zombie's Spine as Slindis used Turn Undead, clearing the area of the horde, either though vaporisation or just scaring them shitless.
"...Have something for any occasion, don't you?" He joked before wiping his hand off the poor sap he just played Chiropractor to.
In the short lull as the area was cleared, Tori asked him about the T-Virus.
"It's a serum that was designed to create superhuman beings called Tyrants. However, only a small amount of the population are suited for the transformation, I'd be surprised if a single person in this city meet the criteria. And when they don't transform, you get these lovely chaps." He explained to her, nodding his head over to one of the dead on the ground.
"In most cases, infection is fatal, but there have been cases of humans surviving. Therefore, you should be immune, but I'm not an expert, so don't go tempting fate." He warned as he got his bearings.
"The next Device should be down near the train tunnel. come on!"

Glen Park

Back with Sir Bomb McExplody, the timer was starting to run out, at this point, it might be best to do a controlled explosion as there was barely enough time to make sure there wasn't some 3rd Failsafe after the canister release failsafe.


"...Let them in." Sweet finally said before everyone got back to work, allowing Devon and comp-
"SHIT! THEY'RE COMING IN FROM ON TOP OF THE BRIDGE!" a semi-whacked out pusher managed to say as a stay group of undead managed to shamble about overhead.
Thanks to the "skillful" repairs, part of the wall above broke right off, allowing them to rain down onto the street, a few landing right on top of the Taxi they were in.

Big Poppa

With a good aim and a crap ton of luck, Shawn's shots hit their marks, one in the tire, one in the man himself.
The dealer recoiled in pain before crashing his car into the side of one of the Rich Folks houses in Mulholland, completely trashing his ride.
The former drug lord crawled out of the car.
"STOP!...JU-JUST DON'T KILL ME! IT'S NOT MY FAULT! I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT WERE IN THOSE CRATES! I JUST MOVED THEM! IT WAS DEADSHOT! HE'S THE ONE YOU WANT!" He shouted before pulling out the laptop in a attempt to shield himself.
"You want money!? 10 Mil! Name your bank, it's yours, just don't kill me!" He begged, reminding Shawn that his employer wanted all 10 Million back in his account.
By any means.

Downtown Skies: Deadshot

All the while as the city burned below him, the man behind it all watched on from the tallest skyscraper in Downtown.
"Dragon is still chewing up the Force, keeping them busy. Airship moved a bit...think they sent out a Heli...Oh, Black Hawk with .50 Cals, Classy..." Deadshot mused to himself as he watched from afar with one of the tourist telescopes like a excited child.
"Hey, enough with the tourist Bullshit. We going to Ferrio or not?" Officer Frank Tenpenny asked, getting fed up waiting up here.
"Yeah, Yeah, I'll meet you there. I'll hang out here for a while longer, waiting on that Payphone guy to get back to me. Might do a bit of shooting while I'm up here. The contact is in Easter Basin, now get out of here." He dismissively said as he watched the action while C.R.A.S.H. moved out.
He then swung the telescope around over towards Big Poppa's mansion, nothing both the survivors and the trail of property damage Shawn had caused.
"So much for following simple instructions...what do people have against killing each other!?" He asked out loud as he zoomed in on the crash site, waiting to see what Shawn would do next.

The Lone Wanderer, Shawn.
Location: The now 'revived' Streets.

"Unfortunately my world doesn't run on this money." Shawn smiled under his helmet and he threw a single bottle cap at the ground.

The former Drug Lord could see his masked 'hunter' coming closer, and closer.
Removing his mask Big Poppa could see the face of a young adult, his face looking as if he had fought in many, many wars, not just battles. By this time (And the weird future like mask) Big Poppa should know that this guy isn't a simple killer. "But ahh, you gave me a good chase. I mean no one does that where I come from, they either have a purpose to stand up for. Either that or they are mutated animals or hyped up on psycho." Said the previous hunter.

Shawn then crouched down in front of the injured drug dealer, blocking the view between Deadshot and Big Poppa.
Bringing out a very, very dark weapon, the Ranger could see a scared face on the Poppa. "Okay ... let me get everything straight, some guy phoned me to kill you, everyone in your house and grab that money. Tell me everything about what the hell has happened and who this Deadshot is ... and then maybe I won't have to use it." Shawn revved the Ripper.

It sounded like a chainsaw except less noisy. From Deadshot's POV he could see the Ripper out, as if Shawn plans to use it. In Shawn's thoughts, he did not want to use it. He only wanted to get all the information on this guy, judge him and then leave with the money inside the laptop to use as a chip. Whatever Big Poppa says might either redeem him and allow him to faint/act death or die with no legs and arms.



After the undead had fled from Slindis, or been outright turned to dust, and the explanation of the virus from Rugal she said. "So... in short, it's a virus that can double at random based on the person as a Symbiont, or kill them and animate their corpse... lovely..." She said sarcastically. Such a thing reminded her of the time one of her friends had a Xachosian Eardweller crawl into his ear. It was a Symbiont that made them smarter, and nearly doubled their spell casting prowess... until the eggs hatched... she didn't want to think about it. Although the idea was growing on her that her and Rugal might be "together" not that she'd ask. After all, balance was definitely something she believed in... the world was filled with dualities, at least at home... some if not most of them caused a positive outcome as well. Best to just watch how this turns out.


Slindis nodded at the response as they closed on the tunnel. "As Tori can attest to, dying's never so permanent in Eberron. After so much time, you do learn how to take down the undead in more than a few ways if you do travel out."

She turned to Tori as well. "In case we have to take an alternate way of dismantling this, how much extradimensional storage do you have?"[

Glen Park

Melethia nodded. "Got ya, Old Blood." Although she moved quickly, she made sure the movements were smooth when she transferred it into the closet and searched through her bags for ways to seal off the room. She didn't want any of that gas escaping.

"So, how will we seal this up?" She said this loud enough for Teri and Ton=Ton to hear.


Devon looked at the sky and whistled as Ella sliced off the head of some of the zombies. "Okay, boys, it's time to earn your keep! Burn those zombies to a crisp, and cover the guy next to you when he reloads!"

The Grove Street Boys may have been a bit confused at the man when they saw some small imps teleporting in with some crossbows reeking of sulfur. However, the confusion started fading away when they began firing the crossbows from the roofs of the houses.

Now, normally the crossbow has the major problem of a big reload time much like an old musket. The imps were compensating for this by having a staggered volley to ensure that there was only a small break in the firing. Altough they may have not been used to this, the sheer rate of bolts could stem the tide rather well.

"Where are your wounded?" Devon turned to Sweet and had an arm resting on a messenger bag he was wearing, trying to show he was ready to get down to business.



"Extradimesnional storage? Huh... there is that bag I got when the Coin Lords decided to repay me for all the work I'd done... by making me pay for it." She said as she motioned to the... decently sized sack on her hip. Still, she remembered how pissed she was when she found out they made her pay for her own compensation. It was actually quite the sizable sum too... damn over-glorified tax collectors. Sure they ran the city's trade and made most of the big decisions, but it's still low to siphon money from the person doing you favors. She then yawned and said. "By the way, now might not be the time to ask..." She said, turning to Caim. "but why are you so quiet?" she asked Caim, not knowing the mute was... well mute. She wasn't really paying much attention to where his "voice" was coming from when he had a blade at her throat... and then took a couple punches and a fireball... rather well actually.

You don't have to post snip when you snip. Putting nothing between [quote *insert stuff here* ] and the [ /quote ] makes an invisible snip. Quite handy, and makes posts a little cleaner.

Glenn Park: Teri | Garm | Ton Ton | Mercy Clarke | Tommy Vercetti

With Melethia's query dropped in the air, Teri wandered over with Garm and Ton Ton in tow and held up her hands, "I think I have an idea... We're gonna need something a little more permanent, but it will buy us some time."

Taking a cross necklace out of a pocket, Teri held Sadei in one hand and the necklace in the other as she began chanting in her usual blend of Celestial and Aquan before calling up several galleons of water (16 galleons to be exact), caused it to float and adhere itself to the door and then slapped the floating water with a hand, causing it to freeze over the door.

Teri cast Create Water, Control Water and Shivering Touch; which did the effects above. Create Water makes 2 galleons of water per level, Control Water enables her to levitate said galleons of water, and Shivering Touch sucked the heat from it, freezing it.

Control Water lasts 10 minutes/level, or in Teri's case, 80 minutes. Shivering Touch lasts Round(six seconds)/level, or 48 seconds.

24 Seconds till the next 0 Level Spell
36 Seconds till the next 3rd Level Spell
24 Seconds till the next 4th Level Spell

With a sigh of relief, Teri took a step back and looked between Tommy and Melethia, "Okay, that gives us about... 48, no make that 46 seconds of time before that ice melts. Hopefully, my magic will recharge by then. Otherwise, we need to permanently close it off, right?"
Being as she was so focused on helping out with the bomb job, Teri did not notice as another touched her mind, a fact that Dimitri DID in fact notice and file away as an alert on the Tablet's display; to be noted when his Lady next looked at it's screen...

In the meantime, Ton Ton heard a familiar voice in his mind from the Angelic Wars... Another Author... Tapping his ring, he 'called out', "Ton Ton here. I'm with Ms. Teri and Ms. Melethia; as well as a delivery girl and a Tommy V something. It's hard for me to pronounce... Is that Mr. Jake?"

In The Skies: Angelus

As Angelus fended off other attacks against herself for the sake of buying the others time, She heard Jake's call in her mind, saw the chopper he was piloting and 'sent' back with the ring's power, "Well, that was a voice I never thought I'd hear again.... And I smell fox. Is Akane with you as well? The girl could make some use getting rid of some of these insects and their feeble attempts at stinging my hide! Not that I couldn't handle them, but they are rather irritating regardless...."

Yup, Angelus hadn't change since Jake last saw her. Still full of her draconic pride, if somewhat a bit more open to team action?

East Los Santos: Caim | Slindis | Rugal | Lucieon | Tori

When Slindis made her comment regarding undead, Caim only cracked his (in)famous pre-battle expression and swapped weapons to a shining green blade before going to town on the nearest zombie, his expression turning a little miffed when the rest of the horde disappeared.

"So the point in asking if I could deal with undead was....?"

Regardless of Caim not being able to get his surfeit of battle, he listened to Rugal's explanation of the T Virus carefully and kept that thought in mind. Unfortunately, that meant his usual tactics would not apply here. Caution was key if he wanted to leave this battle sane... Whatever degree of sanity Caim had left. As they charged onward to the next point of interest, Jake's mental calling filled his mind and the warrior's battle face slipped back into place,

"So that disappearing, sorry student of mine comes crawling back... Doing well in the air, I take it?"

Even with the slightly demeaning language, Jake could hear a tinge of joviality in Caim's 'voice' as he addressed the airman.

And that was when Tori asked about his, well, mute condition. With a turn to the monk, Caim stuck his tongue out and showed the brand of his pact on his tongue and the PDA on his side spoke up for him, "I do not know if your realm has the concept of pacts, but mine cost me my voice. In exchange the life I was about to lose was spared, and I was granted power that rival armies in my realm. You'll see that soon enough... As for the machine on my side, it communicates in my stead. Even if it's not 'my' voice being spoken from it, it does the job."

He motioned to the machine and shrugged, "It's better than the taking everything I think and spinning it her way."

He gave a light smirk when he heard Angelus in his mind, "Only because your thoughts are not properly connected aside from 'stab this' or 'kill that'. I have to act as translator."

Of course, Katori didn't know that. Why was he smiling? What dragon was he talking about? There was a dragon at all? It'd certainly explain some of the noise she heard at the docks....

Ganton: Cadolbolg | Devon | Ella | Jenny

When Cadolbolg saw the imps begin firing shots at the zombie hoard, he flew from Devon's shoulder and took in a deep breath before trying to do as he had seen his mother do before, fire off homing shots at the zombies. Well... Unlike the dragon with literally several millenniums worth of life under her belt, Cadolbolg had barely pushed a single year. His attempt did shoot out a few small fire balls at once, but unlike his mother's precision, he had brought to the table a miniature rapid fire of sorts. Three shots in succession, to be exact. Now, while each shot was not as potent as a single fire ball, they were much quicker than his usual rate of fire; and set a single zombie in the ranks aflame! One down, many more to go..... With an excited turn, Cadolbolg cried out, "Did you see that, Friend Devon?!"

Airship Rising Dawn: Red Mage | Akane | Jake | A.I. Vermillion

"Duly noted, Jake. I shall guard the Dawn while you and the others are away..."

As Jake flew off with Akane, the turrets remained trained on Red Mage, and the AI decided that she might as well try to get some sort of reasoning out of Red Mage. With her gaze upon him she asked, "Why have you returned, Red Mage? Is there some sort of goal you seek here?"


A minute of jogging though the chaotic streets later, Rugal managed to find the last bomb inside the train tunnel and instantly went on his knees and opened it up.
It was of the exact same make as the one in Glen Park, He should know, he sold them!
"Shit, a Infector Mk2. I told him to get rid of these things, but Nooooo...Right..." He said as he checked the timer: 5 minutes left.
"Right, we have some time left, but we need to hurry. Any ideas, anyone?"


Sweet was too busy watching the sudden army of Imps with Crossbows and the little baby dragon take down the incoming horde to notice Devon even talking to him.
"...back...yard...of my house...the basketball court..." He mumbled as several of his Ghetto friends watched in awe and disbelief
"Man...Last time I smoke weed and water (PCP)..." Mused one as the Imps reloaded and got ready to fire again.
Still, some prompting from their leaders later, they got back into "Formation" and fired at the hoard whenever the Imps reloaded.

Big Poppa

Big Poppa had his eyes on the Ripper as beads of sweat ran down the sides of his head.
"....OKAY! Okay! I'll Talk, just...please..." He pleaded as he put the suitcase down on the ground.
"Deadshot...He's this hired assassin type, Never misses a kill, He asked me to move some stuff for him to San Fierro and Los Santos. I think he was the one who set off those bombs in the Ghetto. That's all I know!
WAIT! I got his appearance! Hold on!"
He then pulled out his phone and brought up an Artist's representation of the man himself.

Downtown Skies: Deadshot

All the while, Deadshot was watching, annoyed by not being able to hear what was going on.
"Come on...What's taking ya?..."
He then noticed the sheer lack of blood splatter coming from the dealer that Shawn was "Killing".
"...Spic Bastard is spilling the beans..." He realized as he got off the Telescope and went for one of his rifles, settling on the classic Barrett M82.
"Alright smart guy. You got the story. Now what?..." He asked him as he turned on his Eye-Scope and and zeroed in on this targets.

Glen Park

Back with the second bomb, They managed to seal the explosive away just in time for it to detonate.
A Hissing could be heard from the other side of the door.
But not a single bit of the the Toxic contents were able to get out before they became inert in the air, the Ice being able to hold the door long enough.
By the time the Ice Broke, all the gas had faded.

The Lone Wanderer, Shawn.
Location: The now 'revived' Streets.

Grabbing the sheet of appearance which Big Poppa drawn, Shawn was amazed with his artistic ability. The only paintings he had seen was from books and wondering around the DC area. "Pretty amazing, reminds me of a comic-book characters. You should consider becoming a comic artist. You'd get a good amount of cap ... cash." He recollected his knowledge of pre-war history.

Placing the art and laptop in his invisible inventory, Big Poppa could see the paper and computer poof into thin air. Curious, Shawn said only one thing, "I have no idea what happens either." He said as these items appeared on top of Big-Poppa.

Placing the Blood pack on top of Big-Poppa and placing the pre-war money in one of his pockets, Shawn smiled at the former drug lord. "Thanks for the information, I'll handle Deadshot from here. I'll be placing this blood pack here ... I usually use them for medical treatment or something to trade with cani-... 'vampires' I guess. And this-" Shawn eyed towards the Pre-War money in the pocket.

"In my time that is Pre-war money, all you need to know is that it will probably be worth a lot in this time. Other then that, use this money to get yourself a good life, move to a rural region and maybe become a comic artist ... just don't get involved with crime or evil anymore. I mean, even I have my problems for being at one end of the extreme moral scale and I hunt bad people for a living ... and you don't want more coming after you. So consider my warning to be fair. BUT-" A killer's glare came from Shawn's eyes, as if it contained a spell which releases a rain shower of blood, death and lead.

"Work with me here, act as if you were being cut apart. Flail around as this plunges into the blood bag, and I'll angle it so it looks like I'm cutting deeper ... after a while just lay flat dead and try to act dead ... or faint. Otherwise our mural friend might kill you immediately." The smile never left the killer's face, it was a kind and gentle smile ... nothing like his eyes.

From Deadshot's point, he could see a lot of actions, then Shawn placed his helmet back on and suddenly the Ripper was raised and plunged suddenly into Big Poppa (The blood pack). The blood simply sprayed as it would if you stabbed a man with a chainsaw, the blood leaked onto the ground and sprayed onto Shawn. Big Poppa flailed like a fish out of the water, but it looked like the blade was piercing into him and soon ... he stopped moving.

Getting up, Shawn turned around and the red glow from the helmet shot directly at Deadshot.
Even though Shawn had no idea where he was.
But another sudden action happened, the ranger pulled out the laptop from nowhere ... showing to the invisible Deadshot he has it. Another second, it was gone.

In the meantime, Ton Ton heard a familiar voice in his mind from the Angelic Wars... Another Author... Tapping his ring, he 'called out', "Ton Ton here. I'm with Ms. Teri and Ms. Melethia; as well as a delivery girl and a Tommy V something. It's hard for me to pronounce... Is that Mr. Jake?"
In The Skies: Angelus | Jake | Akane
"G'day Ton Ton, ya guessed right! Moving over to support the Grove Street, once we get a secure base I can start ferrying troops around. Angelus, I'll task Akane to you now. Be warned, she's a bit huffy for lack of a better word. Caim, good to hear from you too. Skies are clean at the moment. Fuck I hate choppers, but they are so useful. Spellcaster 1-1 out."

Turning his head, he looked at Akane. "Hey Akane, Angelus asked for some support. Think you could lend a flame?" he asked.

Akane nodded, grabbing the doorframe and launching herself out of the chopper and into the open skies. A flash and her tails ignited, propelling her along. Jake watched as she took off, a streak of fire and flame heading towards the red dragon above the streets of the city. Returning his gaze to the front, he brought the chopper lower to the city. He was near Ganton and Grove Street. Scanning around, he could see the bridge covered in zombies but thinning rapidly. He grinned and thumbed the trigger. The twin .50cal gunpods spat death across the bridge, turning zombies into half zombies and little bits and chunks as he made a pass over it. Coming around, he nodded at the damage the pass had caused, letting the friendly forces finish off the remainder. He brought the Black Hawk into a hover over the street and descended, gently settling down on the pavement of the cul-de-sac.

Meanwhile, still in the air, Akane had a grim look upon her face. She roared past the dragon, spilling fireballs in her wake on the gunmen below, burning several. She pulled an elegant loop before landing at one end of the street, drawing her sword and readying a fireball in her off hand.

"Draw them to me Angelus. Let's finish this."


If the Imps where a massive hallionation, then a fucking Black Hawk Helicopter was...well, Actually kinda likely.
"CJ! MAN! That Nigga always running around blasting shit!" Sweet exclaimed as he walked over to the landed Helicopter to greet what he thought was his Brother, Carl Johnson.
"CJ! YOU CRAZY ASS PILOTING MOTHERFU....Oh....Shit, though you were some other Grove Boy. Still, Thanks for blasting them fools." The Leader of Grove Street said to Jake as he got out of the Black Hawk.

Meanwhile, Jenny was finally ready to get out of the Taxi, Between the massive Arrow Barrages and the fly by that Jake did, she found it to be the safest place to hide ironically.
"WOOOOOOOOOOO! YEAH! YOU GO! W00T!" she shouted as she got out of cover, clearly deafened by being so close to the .50 Cal Gunfire.


Jake got out of the Black Hawk and threw a salute to Sweet. "Happy to be a help mate! JENNY! JENNY OVER HERE! How are you? C'mon, jump in and we'll go round up the others!" Jake said and shouted, adrenaline pumping now, his Aussie accent shining through thick. It seemed the Grove was safe for now...


Slindis gave a curt nod. "This is going off a simple idea, but here's the plan. Tori, we'll put it in your bag. Should the gas decay as quickly as Rugal says, we should be fine."

Glen Park

-Waiting for Ninja to post-


Devon moved over to the area when he heard the gunfire. "Thanks for getting here on such short notice, Jake. We have some wounded here, I'm on my way to start patching them up. Maybe you could help them set up some chokepoints and defenses?

Now, I don't believe I caught your name, but I'll cover you while this is going down. My little friends could keep up a good watch, enough to give your guys some time to get some sleep. And if nothing else, I'd like to think I'm a good musician if you need to relax." With that, he made his way to the wounded men area to see what the full extent of the situation was there.

The Lone Wanderer, Shawn.
Location: The now 'revived' Streets.

"Thatta boy." Deadshot remarked as he watched Shawn "Murder" Big Poppa before taking the Laptop.
He took his eye from the Scope of his rifle and pulled out his radio, transmitting to Shawn's Pip-Boy on Deadshot FM.
"Well, Ding Dong, the prick is dead. Good going kid, I see sunshine and hookers in your future. Now, Open up the laptop and follow the instructions I'm about to send to you. Shouldn't take more than a minute to send my money back to me. Try to screw me over? I'll show you why I'm called Deadshot, Capisce?" He sent over the radio before adding in a note that had step by step instructions to wire back his money to his account.
It was so easy, even a 1 Intelligence Vault Dweller could do it!


"WHAT?! Jenny shouted as she walked over to Jake as Devon checked out the Wounded.
"WOW! THOSE GUNS ARE REALLY LOUD, AREN'T THEY?!" She cheerfully shouted as everyone in the 'Hood seemed extremely confused by the current events.
"SO HOW ARE YOU AND AKANE?! BEEN A WHILE, THINK SINCE THE BLUE DRAGON!?" she added, referring tot that space battle against Tomoya.

Meanwhile, Devon checked the wounded, most of which seemed to be Zombie bites and scratches, many of them looking infected.
Strangely though, even the more high risk cases seemed extremely calm and laid back, thanks in no part to the large amount of Weed that they found buried in Ryders backyard.
If they were going to die, they were going to die with a smile on their face.

The Lone Wanderer, Shawn.
Location: The now 'revived' Streets.

Receiving the note with the instructions, Shawn gave a thumbs up to the watchful Deadshot.
On Shawn's end he could think of multiple things to do. From blowing up the laptop to sending the cash to multiple places over the world. The objective here was to kill Deadshot, to remove him from the world. To do that though he actually needs to get closer to him, from this situation he would just get shot and possibly just lose everything.

"(Fine, I'll play monkey just like I did with House and Caesar. And we all know what happened to both of them.)" He remembered the death of those two. The take over of The Lucky 38, Shawn shot Mr. House directly in the head ... his old body wasn't going to last long. Caesar died in his tent, surrounded by his guards. these were the events that led Shawn's site to victory.

The NCR, Brotherhood of Steel and The Followers. It was because of Shawn that they teamed up, even if they didn't know, he was the one pulling their strings. At some point he was going to organize and form them into one single faction led by yours truly. One point in time, he was going to not just unite and save American ... but do the same to the world.

> 1. [60 Science] I'll play along for now, I'll keep tabs on this money though.
2. [70 Science] I'll do the good thing, but lose his trail.
3. ALL TO PAPA! *Keep money*
4. I'll try to kill him.

Sighing due to the injustice he may cause, once again he took a gamble just like many times before.
Imputing the data and information from the note, Shawn decided to side with Deadshot for now. Even if he has to place an evil mask upon himself for now. "I will stop ... and kill him." Shawn made a pact to himself, which was etched into his very soul.

The money was sent straight off, but it carried a small bug. Only a person experienced with computers and science could only see it. A rope to pull in-case he needed it. After putting the laptop away Shawn gave the single to say that it was done.

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