The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Unity Station Akane | Angelus | David West?

Akane heard the taunt. She heard it, and ignored it. The words, but not the sound. The sound gave her the position of the sniper. He was still up on the rooftop of the station, the next one over. She moved silently and quickly, gathering speed as she approached an alleyway. A jump, then another off the wall and she was back up to his height, behind the sniper. He was scanning where she had jumped off, not where she moved to. It seems this sniper wasn't so used to wild game, for lack of a better term.

Humans were so predictable. She took the moment to transform back to her regular form, standing relatively at ease at the other side of the roof to David.

?David felt, rather than heard the voice in his head. 'So nice of you to tell me what you are using. It makes finding an antidote much easier.' she said as she took a swig of a small vial, a horrible looking purple liquid inside.

She followed up with a fireball at the sniper.

Ganton: Rugal, Devon, Sweet.

Neither Sweet nor Rugal moved as Devon spoke his piece.
".....If I ever see you in my 'Hood again after this, I'll blow your brains out myself!" Sweet finally conceded before walking off, Rugal's expression not changing.
"....This wasn't supposed to happen..." the former crime-lord sighed, his simple shopping trip going to hell really fast.
"Thanks Devon, Enough people died today because me." He said to the Author as he glanced over to the burning district, lit up with Dragon Fire.

Jenny, Melethia

Jenny was a little concerned at the idea of these viral bombs being made en mass.
"Oh god...Who on earth would make such things-....oh..." She paused as she remembered hearing something about Rugal's contact being robbed.
"...Still, as long as no one was hurt I guess..." she then said, worried she might have offended someone.

Unity Station: "David West"

Clever bitch...Okay, I'll admit, that was stupid of me...
On instinct, "David" rolled out of the way of the fireball before taking aim with his Wrist gun.
"Freeze!" He shouted, causing an Icy projectile to hit the Kitsune before freezing her solid for a few seconds (Think the Freeze Projectile from Mortal Kombat).
He then began to unload the entire clip into Akane before she thawed out, hoping to counteract her antidote by upping the doseage.

Gravity is a Bitch, Shawn.
Location: Red County roads.

Shawn had made a ballsy move, attempting a jump on a bike that would be hard to land at the best of times, never mind with a burst tire.
But when he tried to jump the bridge into Blueberry, another shotgun blast nicked his shoulder, causing him to spin out over the ramp and fall into the Flint Water River below, the current quickly picking him up.
The two hapless cops looked over the edge after they got out of their car.
"....Think this counts towards my kill count?"
"...I'd say so. Come on, lets get some donuts."

Wanted Level removed

The cops were off his trail, but there was still the issue of being in a river in Medium-Heavy armor with a shotgun wound in his shoulder.

Swam with power armor on , Shawn.
Location: Flint Water River.
Time: As the great Gavin Free says "FIIIIIIISH!!!"

The only thing Shawn could think as he was falling was.
Then the fall towards the river felt like it took forever in Shawn's eyes. If there was one thing he didn't like, it was falling ... not counts being killed or eaten by a Deathclaw, those things made him run faster then the Road Runner.

Finally slamming directly into the surface, the armor of Shawn got instantly wet, making him even heavier.
The blood from his shoulder was flowing, decreasing his health. First thing was first, trying to navigate his Pip-Boy was incredibly hard but Shawn removed his Elite Riot Helmet for a Rebreather which he earned in New Vegas thanks to a smart boy. Managing to breath, the injured Wanderer allowed the current to take him as he injected himself with a Stimpak.

To Shawn, the Stimpak was irreplaceable. It served to heal most things. Gunshot, Stimpak, broken bones, Stimpak, bleeding, Stimpak, being clawed to death by a Deathclaw, Stimpak. The Stimpak was something that could heal Shawn instantly, and he made sure he kept a high supply of the stuff for anything ... but he did have to pause to take it.

"I'm not bothered anymore." He said whilst stretching out his body and allowing the current to take him away as he healed. From his view, he could see a fish ... which was something he has never seen before up until his later adventures, he found the things fascinating.

Swam with power armor on , Shawn.
Location: Flint Water River.
Time: As the great Gavin Free says "FIIIIIIISH!!!"

Shawn soon drifted from the river into the "Fallen Tree" area, ending up on a small beach where a bunch of rural residents were fishing.
Once he washed up, they instantly started to panic, thinking he was come kinda alien or worse, a Commie, in that strange Riot Gear.
"Bessie! Get mah gun. This is a'Merica, you ain't welcome here!" He shouted at Shawn as the Stimpak did it's thing.

From his Map, He could see that he was in a new region: Flint County.
As a man walked up to him with a hunting rifle in hand, he suddenly got the impression that it was much like Red County in terms of hospitality.

Sometimes glad that "a'Merica" was nuked , Shawn.
Location: Fallen Tree Beach.
Time: Adventure!

Looking upwards towards the sky, Shawn drifted onto the beach remembering the time he saw an actual plane.
The thing bombed the shit out of his enemy whilst defending Hoover Dam, and it also belonged to a friend whom he retrieved the plane from the bottom of a lake. Remembering his victory, the Courier was dragged back into reality as he heard a redneck sound once more.

"This reminds me of those Point Lookout mutants." He muttered quietly to himself before getting up and being introduced to a man with a hunting rifle, quickly Shawn saluted and improvised. "Sir, I am Corporal Kimball belonging to the 501st Special Experiment Squad. I ... no, we had an accident whilst testing this new armor against a highly dangerous threat in Los Santos." Shawn said with his legit American accent (DC Accent, if that exists) whilst keeping a strong salute.

From his time in the NCR, Shawn had enough experience with the NCR army to not only lead them, but also become one of their best 'free' troops.

Jake sat in the chopper as it powered down, avoiding the words being traded. He wasn't really in a diplomatic mood, he was just happy to no longer exist in a black space, reliving bad dreams over and over again. Silently, he cursed his higher Author.

Unity Station: "David West"

Akane froze. Literally. Elemental differences are one of those things that simply can't be overcome. Taking a full clip of tranquilizers didn't so much hurt the Kitsune as damn near knock her out. As she unfroze and began to fall, a soft laughter escaped her lips. Her final defense kicked in, and her body became sheathed in blue flames, magic keeping them going even as the Kitsune passed out, smirk still on her face.

Ganton: Rugal, Devon, Sweet.

Devon spoke up after Sweet walked away, still a bit unsteady even with the PVC pipe as support. "That was a big favor I just pulled there, so make it count. Now if you'll excuse me, there's still some injuries I need to patch up in there." He passed by Teri as he walked back to the makeshift clinic, hoping to find a way to stretch his one healing spell far enough to fix the gangsters up. Devon could have asked for some help, but he had the feeling that it would help to save Teri's energy for later.

Jenny, Melethia

Melethia patted Jenny on the arm. "Well, I had to take it slow since I didn't really know how it reacts. I mean, the pouch was an option, but I'm not about to have my materials tainted, you know. Still, if ya need help here, I think I can do a few things, Miss Jenny."

Ella, Cadolbolg

Ella climbed onto one of the roofs to have a good view of the area and scritched the small dragon's head. "You know, if it wasn't for all th sounds, this would be a really nice scene. Shame we had to come here like this, though."

Glen Park

"If I'd a bit more time, I could have covered that without needing to ask you. Still, it's what happened, and I'm really glad you two were here. Now if ya know how to gut zombies, follow me. We're gonna make a safe area somewhere in this hellhole."

"You do that. I'm going to find the suicidal prick that just tried to turn this park into the Land of The Dead with myself in it. Look after yourselves, we may need to watch out for each other for the time being." He then took off, only really acknowledging Teri and Melethia. He maintained a steady stride, casually walking over to a police car, throwing the officer out, and speeding off. I could go for another coffee night now.. He switched on the radio, obviously tuned into the police frequency.

Calling all units near Unity Station, Sniper reported in the area. Appears to shooting a cosp- "Works for me."

Unity Station: "David West"

As the firefight died down, Tommy arrived on the scene. Stopping the car just outside of the building and slowly walking in, Spaz-12 in hand. He spotted the frozen Akane, Not your average hitman, whoever doing this, he's got one hell of a following. He entered Deadshots view slowly, keeping the shotgun pointed in his general direction. "Lovely day we're having aren't we? Mass Bombings, Zombie outbreaks, ......whatever she is supposed to be, I don't suppose you were stupid enough to cause any of this? I'm trying to have a day off here, and I'm now looking for a constructive outlet for my pent up anger. Your face could work."

Unity Station: "David West"

"David" watched as Akane engulfed herself in fire as she passed out.
"...Well...Okay. Not how'd I take a nap, but whatever..." He quipped as he examined the now burning Kitsune.
"So much for my Coonskin cap...unless...." He then said as he pointed his Wrist Gun at Akane's head, hoping killing her would put her out.

It was at this stage that Tommy walked in on the assassin.
"Lovely day we're having aren't we? Mass Bombings, Zombie outbreaks......whatever she is supposed to be."
"Yeah, Ain't no Summer like a Los Santos Summer."
"I don't suppose you were stupid enough to cause any of this? I'm trying to have a day off here, and I'm now looking for a constructive outlet for my pent up anger. Your face could work."
That comment prompted a chuckle from the Sniper as he faced Tommy, the aged criminal noting he looked exactly like the punk ass cop that tried to arrest him.
"Well, Well, Well. Someone spiked your meds, Old man. See, if I didn't know any better, I'd swear that you were threatening me." He responded as he took aim at Tommy, the pair of them now in a Mexican stand off.
"...You aren't going to shoot me. If you were, you've done it by now." He taunted, tempting fate.

Ganton: Rugal/David/Jenny

Rugal nodded his head as Devon walked off to tend to the other wounded with Teri, glad that a confrontation was avoided.
Still, Sweet had a point and it was hard for him to just brush that off like he did so much in the past, especially seeing how Teri and Melethia were right next to one of the bombs.
Sighing, he then made his way over to Slindis and Caim.
"Hopefully the bombardment that Angelus and Akane is rendering on the infected will whittle down their numbers enough to contain the outbreak. Had those other devices gone off, this would be a massive graveyard by now..." He interjected before the sound of broken police siren filled the air.

Soon, a extremely damaged Police Cruiser rolled into the area with a exhausted looking Officer David West in the drivers seat.
He parked nearby the group and went to get out, the door helpfully falling off the hinges when he tired to open it.
He looked like crap, covered in dirt and Zombie blood, his uniform in tatters, he was one of the first responders when the shit hit the fan.
"...Right...Can someone tell me why did I just had to kill my way over here?..." He asked, annoyed that his first day on the job ended like this.

Jenny meanwhile handed Devon back his wand after all the infected where cleaned.
"Well...I guess we could use some potions if you have them. The people won't turn, but they are still rather hurt, make things easier for the others." she asked as she watched David stroll in.
"...And maybe something for Mr. West to drink. He looks like he needs it..."

Unity Station: "David West"

"...You aren't going to shoot me. If you were, you've done it by now."

"And if you were going to shoot me, you'd have done it the instant I appeared in the room, when firing a shotgun one-handed without aiming would have been far less effective then with it now at point-blank." Tommy's stern but still casual (for him) thousand-yard stare combined with the comeback told Deadshot that he wasn't dealing with some senile vigilante. "So, who are you, and who else so I have kick the shit into?" The older hitman wasn't intimidated in the slightest, despite his equipment, Tommy could tell he was just a kid compared to himself (in terms of experience at least) , he might make a mistake. Appearances aren't everything though, don't get arrogant.

Unity Station: "David West"

"So, who are you, and who else so I have kick the shit into?"

"David" let out a little nod, Tommy had a good point about the Shotgun.
"Name's David West, but you can call me Deadshot-THINK FAST!" He finally said before pulling the same Smoke Bomb trick he used on Akane before rolling out of the way of a possible counter attack.
He attempted to flank Tommy, that shotgun would mess him up if it hit, while switching his Vision Mode back to Terminal.
Once he was done with that, He began to fire his 9mm Wrist Pistol at the Gangster.

Unity Station: "David West"

"Name's David West, but you can call me Deadshot-THINK FAST!"

Either a moron, or prepared for any possible attack. Screw it... When the smoke dissipated, Tommy was now wielding the two M4's, taking aim with one and allowing the second's shots to scatter to cover a wide area. He fired at the assassin as he attempted to flank him, forcing him back. Ducking behind a vending machine before Deadshot fired, Tommy retaliated with a Molotov Cocktail followed up with rifle fire.

Unity Station: "David West"

"OH SHI-!" "David" managed to get out as the Molotov cracked from the M4 rifle fire, spraying burning liquor all over the roof top between the two.
Wincing as his Terminal vision began to sting from watching the fire, Deadshot heard a train horn, His train to San Fierro!
"Grrrr...THIS ISN'T OVER, YOU HEAR ME!?" He shouted as he used his grapple to descend from the building, Tommy watching him sprint towards the Train Station.

Unity Station: "David West", Akane


"Damn right it isn't, ya naive prick!" He leaned out of a window as Deadshot fled. "TOMMY VERCETTI! REMEMBER THE NAME." He punctuated his boast with one last burst of rifle fire.

"....Well that went nowhere, though at least I know he's definitely in on this. Gotta find a contact here, someone else I could get info from." He then remembered Akane. "You'll do", he remarked as he strolled over to the still burning samurai. He saw the tranquiliser darts scattered around the floor "You're out for now, that's for sure. Maybe I can find who she works for, or what she is in the first place." With that, he walked out of the building.

....Only to crash through the wall with the patrol car, switching the radio on to wait for anything from the police or for Akane to wake up.

Unity Station: "David West", Akane, Tommy Vercetti

The flames covering Akane flickered out and died without a sound 5 minutes after Tommy crashed his car though the wall of Unity Station. With a groan, Akane rolled over and cracked her eyes open.

'Anybody out there? I... I need help. David West just attacked me... The sign says... Unity Station.' She broadcast across the rings, and unintentionally telepathically across a 50ft radius.

She had the worst hangover and felt like sheer and utter shit. Why had David attacked her? Why?

Ganton: Rugal/David/Jenny

Devon shook his head at the mention of potions. "Don't have any, don't know how to make them. I've been doing what I can with the spells I have, but I have to do what I can so later on Teri has more energy... Besides, if I didn't do this, there's the very real chance Sweet would have ignored me and killed Rugal..."

It was around that time that Akane's message got to the group there, and Devon closed his eyes for a good good thirty seconds. " much for catching a break, then. Jenny, I'm going to need some help when Akane's sent here. I'll be using a bit more magic there, and David's likely going to be under a sharp watch. Speaking of him, it would be a good idea to see who the last people of our crew were encountered."

Meanwhile, Slindis broke off from Caim to confront West herself. "David, if we could have a small talk? I'd just like to ensure that you've not been infected on the way here, and if you have, I can treat you." Although her tone was calm, her stern look showed that she would harbor no disagreement in this. After all, he had just come through hell. That and she wanted to ensure he wasn't killed by the others before he got to back himself up.

Ganton: Rugal/David/Jenny

David, having left his ring in his old room back on the airship, was completely unaware of the danger he was really in.
"Thanks Slin. Pretty sure that I didn't get bit, though there was a lot of blood..." He said as he sat on the hood of his car and wiped his brow of sweat and blood.
"Next time...I'm just going to fucking retire, eh?" He joked to the Drow as he let himself be examined.

Rugal meanwhile got the message loud and clear: David had attacked one of their own.
There was one thing he disliked and that was betrayal (Least people betraying HIM anyway).
He was about to "Confront" David before Slindis managed to get to him first and motioning for him to stay, indicating that she was going to handle him.
Shooting a killer Glare at the Officer, Rugal then said to the others "The second you are ready, we set out for Unity Station!"

Jenny meanwhile was more shocked at the allegation of David attacking Akane, realizing that his Shellshock might have had something to do with it, the man had been though a lot over the course of his stay at the Rising Dawn.
I need to enter his mind soon and find out if he really snapped or not... She thought to herself.

Sorry this was late , Shawn.
Location: Fallen Tree Beach.
Time: Sorry again! >_<

The Redneck seemed a little put off by Shawn's story.
"Experimental Armour? Dangerous Threat? 501st S.E.S.?...Then why is there a Badge from a Bravado Buffalo's hood on your shoulder pad?" The Redneck pointed out, seeing how Shawn had made his new Riot Armour from the remains of Catalina's muscle car, He must have missed that.
"Boy, I'mma ask you again. Who on God's Green earth are you!?" He repeated, starting to get annoyed.

Didn't think they were smart , Shawn.
Location: Fallen Tree Beach.
Time: Truth!

Seeing that the Redneck knows his cars, it had seem Shawn's luck didn't pay off this time.
Taking off his Riot helmet he looked at his armor. "Well, least his says that I need to polish it out." He noted a few improvements to his armor when he has time. Facing the Redneck once more, he eyed the hunting rifle. Shawn had one of them, it turned out to be his best friend in more then one situation.

"Fine, I'll tell, I'll tell. I'm not a member of THIS army and I'm not from around here. I can tell you that I come from Washington DC, and that there certainly a virus threat in Los Santos. I'm looking for the guy who did this so I can place a bullet in his eye, and he was going to San Fierro. I left Los Santos, got chased by some people and then landed into a river and floated until I ended up here." Shawn spoke and gasped in a little air.

"So please let me leave so I can catch this ass before he infects another area." He pleaded.

Ganton: Jake

Jake was just getting out of the chopper when he felt Akane's plea for help. "Akane? ...David!? RESCUE PARTY, ON ME, I'M TAKING OFF IN 2 MINUTES OR WHENEVER MY ROTORS ARE UP TO SPEED!" He shouted, panic very quickly replaced by pure anger.

Back into the pilot's seat he slid, slamming the door shut and keying the magnetos again, both the general electric jet turbines of the Black Hawk whining to life. Above him, the rotors started slowly spinning once more, picking up speed. Jake cursed at them, loudly.

To David's somewhat horrible luck, Jake did not recognize the officer in the police car, being talked to by Slindis.

Ganton: Devon, Teri, Garm, Jenny, Melethia

"That was a big favor I just pulled there, so make it count. Now if you'll excuse me, there's still some injuries I need to patch up in there."

Teri shook her head, and gave an apologetic smile, "That's my cue, if there ever was one. I'll talk to you two later, alright? Garm, go help our stubborn friend there."

With her healing aura burning bright, and Garm homing in to help act as a support to the exhausted bard, Teri followed after Devon to help him in treating the patients, the positive energy energy emanating from her already doing a number to take away the pain and begin to work on the wounded gang members with the stitch and spell. As she did so, she gave a snort and shot to Devon, "As if I wouldn't help you out with these guys. I appreciate the sentiment, Devon, but there are way too many for one person to handle. How about you take a rest for a little while, okay? Or, at the very least, let me help divide the work needed?"

Oh, if only the conditions could remain so ideal. Akane's distress signal came in after Teri finished up with the last of the wounded (Devon's stubborn nature forcing him to help anyways despite any protests Teri tried to make), and the Cleric used a quick casting of Create Water to clean her hands off before heading to the Rescue Chopper.

Caim, Ton Ton

Caim had taken the paladin's comments regarding the undead into consideration and Slindis heard from the PDA before walking away, "Polearms it is."

After she wandered towards David, Caim resumed in trying to show Ton Ton how to make a better slashing motion with the knife, the Tonberry slowly picking up the motions in mimicrcy of the mute warrior. However, that was interuppted by Akane's call to aid. Welp, practice didn't last for long. With a glare towards their destination, Caim put the weapon he was using for practice back into the wheel, and scooped up Ton Ton with an arm as he made his way to the chopper. He felt the burning sensation in his chest again, most likely from Angelus, as well as... Anger? Perhaps she had some sort of idea what was going on with Akane. Wasn't she with the fox at the time?

Ella, Cadolbolg

Cadolbolg's eyes closed with a happy smile as he got the scratch on his head, and then perked up when he heard Akane's voice in their minds. With a confused glance, he looked at Ella and asked, "Did you hear that? Someone was asking for help... And I wonder why everyone's going to that flying machine too? Do you think there's something going on, Friend Ella?"

Angelus, Akane, Tommy

After finishing her cleansing of the area via fire, Angelus detected a different scent upon the air, aside from the burnt flesh of the undead... Blood. Fox blood, to be exact. Alongside that, she heard Akane's desperate plea for aid in her mind, and mentally kicked herself. She had been blinded by what lay before her, when the fox needed her support!

"Hold on, Akane! I shall be there shortly! And if the perpetrator is still lurking about, I will roast them alive...."

With a shaky wingover, the dragon used the few vestiges of strength she had left to force herself to home in on the Kitsune's scent; her chest beginning to burn as she forced her way into the sky. Damn the bullets embedded in her skin. Damn the undead that filled the streets. Damn the idiot mortal inventions.

After another turn in the air, Angelus finally got a good of the Unity Station and Akane's small form on the burning building. With a tuck of her weary wings, Angelus found herself diving towards the building, and forced her wings out to halt her descent and hover over the building. The mixture of foxfire and the artificially fueled Molotov Cocktail made the dragoness hiss with pain as she reached her claws down to grip the limp Kitsune's body and airlift her out.

"It's alright... I've got you."

With another shaky flap of her wings, the dragon flew up from the burning building, eyes searching for a Helicopter.. Or, in this case, a fleeing mortal. Yellow eyes squinted with disgust when Angelus brought Akane to ground level, close to the police vehicle Tommy had commandeered and the dragon turned her enormous head to the gangster, her hackles raised when she gave her query, "Who did this?! What mortal dared to attack this girl?"

Ganton: Slindis, David

As she cleaned the blood off, she decided to cut to the chase as she sent a message to Jenny. "Jenny, I know this may feel off for you, but I just need you to give me a basic amount of help with this. Don't do a full dive, just do a small check that might tell if he's lying."

There was almost no pause as Slindis took a look around in the battered car before focusing on his eyes for any visual tells of deceit. "Now with the attack here, there's been a good amount of trouble getting in contact with some of the people here. Did you see any members of the Rising Dawn? If so, who were they? If any of them got injured in the attack and are hiding it, I need to know so we can set up some treatments for them."

Unity Station: Deadshot, C.R.A.S.H.

When Angelus arrived, Deadshot froze, not expecting the dragon to be so puntical to Akane's plight.
"...Oh shit...TENPENNY! PULASKI! GET A MOVE ON! COME ON! LET'S GO, LET'S GO!" He shouted to his partners as the dragon saw a man (Who admittedly looked a lot like David West) run towards a parked Freight Train being halted by 2 police officers who then pulled the driver out and hijacked it.
"You even know how to drive one of these things?"
"Hey, if that Carl Johnson kid could do it, how hard could it be?" The duo argued as they took up shop in the cab while Deadshot hopped on the back on one of the flatbeds attached to the train.
"Just Shut up and get this thing moving. I'll hold them off!" The assassin as he pulled his rifle as the police struggled with the controls.
"HEY BITCH!" He taunted to the Dragon as he took aim.
"Hehehe...You looked." he quipped before opening fire.

Ganton: Slindis, David, Rugal, Jenny

David took a moment to think about Slindis's question.
"Sorry, I just went right to the Station, threw my qualifications at them and I was sworn in less in 5 minutes later. Nearly arrested this big time crook, but...Charges were weak, but I did see Teri, Devon...Devon's GF...Person (Ella) and Jenny. After that, next thing I know the Whole of Ghetto is knee deep in undead." He answered as Jake took off and the others looked like that they were heading out.
"So...Catching the bastard that did this, eh? Might as well tag along." He then said once he was given a clean bill of health by the Drow, unaware of the tensions of the group.
Jenny meanwhile gave Slindis a Nod, he was telling the truth which confused her.
Was Akane wrong? Or was he completely unaware of his actions?

Rugal meanwhile had..."Borrowed" one of the former resident's vans in order to pick up anyone that didn't get in Jake's Helicopter.
"Come on! Get in." He ordered the remaining group, glaring at David as he sat in the back before the lot of them made their way to the Station.

Less then a minute later, they arrived to the image of a man firing at Angelus with a Rifle.


[quote="Kalastryn" post="540.101127.19814483"]

Ganton: Devon, Teri, Garm, Melethia

Devon turned to Teri and shook her hand, doing a good bit better thanks to the help. "I'll see you there. For now, I'm riding in the El Dorado to help them out... After all, they probably need the help there more, and it looks like that's where Ella's going." He seemed to be a bit steadier on his feet, although the wand had been a bit for him to bring out in the first place and he plopped down in the open truck bed next to Ella and David, wondering what Slindis had found.

Meanwhile in the chopper, Melethia waved at Teri. "Wow, he's really stupid, isn't he? He really needs to stop putting himself in the dangerous areas, you know? Well, at least we can fly ahead with this transport and cover them."

Slindis, Rugal

The two sat in the cab of the car and Slindis turned to Rugal. "I had a talk with him as I checked up on him with Jenny to corroborate, and David never ran into Akane. It's very possible he was framed, and I've seen some spells in my day that can change one's appearance. Besides, although he may have some anger at his efforts, he's not the type to attack longstanding teammates."

As they started getting into the rougher part of the area, Slindis sent a message over the rings to all of the Rising Dawn's crew. "Akane's attacker was very likely someone posing as him, but it was not David West. Keep an eye out for imposters, and if there's any suspicion should we be split up, use rings to confirm it's an ally."

Ella, Cadolbolg

Cadolbolg's eyes closed with a happy smile as he got the scratch on his head, and then perked up when he heard Akane's voice in their minds. With a confused glance, he looked at Ella and asked, "Did you hear that? Someone was asking for help... And I wonder why everyone's going to that flying machine too? Do you think there's something going on, Friend Ella?"

She shook her head at his response as they began to drive, waving at the imps that Devon had ordered to stay in Ganton to cover Sweet's boys. "I'm not sure, but we'll find out. How about you help me here? I'll make sure Devon gets you some real good fish if you do~" There was a mild protest from Devon, but the extremely sweet smile that Ella gave silenced the bard rather quickly.

"Between me, you, and the two boys in here, we'll be safe." THe scritching continued until they stopped to see someone firing at ANgelus, and Ella got ready to go in the wheel.

"Ready, Cadolbolg?"

Angelus, Akane, Tommy

As Tommy waited for someone to come after Akane, he leaned back (once again...) and tried to take in everything he saw so far. As long as he got some explanation for what was going on, he could try to at least make some sense of the insanity he saw today. One thing at a time Tommy, one thing at a ti-

Then, Angelus entered the scene, lowering down to pick up Akane. "It's alright... I've got you." At the sight of an actual dragon, Tommy's sanity began to crack. ".....What kind of DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS BULLSHIT IS THIS!?" Okay Tommy, try to remember your breathing techniques, remember what she said, don't lose your head. That rhymed.. Tommy was now slowly rubbing his eyes as he saw this. Have I been sucked into a childerens book now? Okay, okay, she's come for the girl there. Maybe you can ask what's going on an-

"Who did this?! What mortal dared to attack this girl?"

......Maybe it was all the random annoyances he had to put up with today, maybe it was the insulting and condescending tone with which Angelus spat that question at him. Or perhaps it was just that Tommy realised he was now having a conversation with a dragon over a fight between a assassin ripped out of a DC comic and a half human half fox samurai amidst a zombie outbreak. Whatever the reason, Tommy snapped.

"Okay, lets make this perfectly clear, sweetheart. If it wasn't for me, that girl's brains would be decorating the walls here. I just showed up after spotting a sniper and decided to see what was going on, being almost turned into a zombie does make you curious. Now." He reached for one of Angelus' horns, pulling the dragons head so they were both at eye-level. "I've not been having a good day, as you can probably tell. So understand the last thing I need on top of everything else I've had to deal with is BEING PREJUDGED BY A STUCK UP DRAGON. YOU TALK TO ME LIKE THAT AGAIN, AND I'LL RIP OFF YOUR TAIL, THEN IMPALE YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO LOOKS AT ME FUNNY FOR THE REST OF THE DAY. YOU GOT THAT?"

Jake bought the helicopter to a hover above unity station. He spied Akane safe in Angelus' claw... And one very short lived human boldly in what seemed like a shouting match holding her by the horn. Jake simply rotated the chopper so Caim cold see this, the roof only a single step from the choppers side door. "go for it Caim!"

Unity Station: Deadshot, C.R.A.S.H., Tommy, Angelus, Akane

Like Mr. Vercetti, Angelus had been having a rough day when she was anticipating something simple. What was supposed to be a simple hour long flight had turned into being shot in varying parts of her anatomy (which Tommy could see some coagulating bullet holes, now that he was up close and personal), burning an unanticipated chunk of the zombie apocalypse to bits, being pushed several times over when it came to fighting some helicopters, the stress of her comrades being possibly killed themselves (especially Akane, due to the dragon's negligence and some batshit person who perpetrated the attack) and now being yelled at when she (in her own eyes) was asking a simple question. Angelus, very much forgetting that most of humanity was not used to dragons, zombies and the like in her agitated state bellowed back at Tommy's ballsy proclamation of tearing her into pieces with, "I'D LIKE TO SEE YOU TRY!"

And that was when Deadshot shouted his bit of inappropriate language to women. The dragon's eye turned it's focus upon the sniper right when the bullet was launched. Before Angelus had time to think, she heard a dull "THUCK" as a force akin to a (dragon sized) punch to the gut. The dragon's head wrenched itself out of Tommy's grip and looked straight at Deadshot, her pupils dilating before letting loose a cry that melded pain and rage into one unholy shriek. It had been some time since the dragon had last lost control of her bestial side, and with this new pain adding to the load, the final straw was reached. Smoke drew from the dragon's maw as she positioned herself for her charge, her tail swishing similarly to a cat's as she left Akane's body by Tommy's side. When another bullet entering her system in her calm before the storm, the dragon cried out again before firing a shot at the sniper. Immediately afterwards, she lowered her head and entered a charge, rage fueling her every step.

Cars: Slindis, David, Rugal, Jenny, Devon, Cadobolg


Ella could see that the baby turtle dragon looked very distressed at the sight of his mother being struck twice by gunfire, especially the way that his little wings began to flap before barreling into the fray, lightning bolts shooting from his little mouth towards the mean gunman that dared attacked his mommy!

Helicopter: Caim, Ton Ton, Teri, Melethia, Jake, Garm

"Wow, he's really stupid, isn't he? He really needs to stop putting himself in the dangerous areas, you know? Well, at least we can fly ahead with this transport and cover them."

Teri gave a sigh and a shrug, "I don't think he's stupid so much as he is stubborn. Like how he refused to rest after doing so much for the Ganton boys already. I mean, really?!"


When the bullets pierced Angelus' flesh, her pact partner felt the shot as well. With a chocking gasp, Caim's hand flew to his chest while the other gripped his seat in an attempt to stabilize himself from what felt like a punch to the gut; his face carved into a pained scowl as he tried to reach his partner's mind. When all he received in kind was a massive wave of pure rage, the swordsman's face shifted in confusion. What on the gods' twisted earth was going on with the dragon?!

Seeing Caim in the state he was, Teri reached over with her healing aura raised, and asked, "Caim, are you-?"

"Don't touch me!"

The warrior batted away the Cleric's hand harmlessly and kept his up defensively, "Just.. Don't. Er... Save your strength for Akane. She'll need it more than I."

A shoddy lie, but one to save face. Ton Ton looked at the Cleric with a silent, but apologetic shrug as Caim gritted his teeth through the burning sensation in his chest. As the chopper began to lower itself, the mute waited till it was the bare minimum before he could leap out of the Helicopter and help Angelus, who had begun her charge. His landing was shaky, but it got the job done before he had to wait any longer to pursue after the charging dragon. The Medics were already on arrival, so there was no need for him to wait in the helicopter any longer. With a blade in hand, Caim did his best to follow after the charging dragon, and to get a good grip on what the hell was going on around here.

"Well, he's off to an early start..."

Back in the helicopter, Ton Ton had taken to sitting on Garm again, who seemed eager to get out of the helicopter as soon as reasonably possible, Teri waiting for the helicopter's landing with anticipation as well. If Akane needed help as desperately as she sounded, then the Cleric wanted to be on the case ASAP.

Unity Station: Deadshot, C.R.A.S.H., Tommy, Angelus, Akane

Tommy shook his head at Angelus screaming at a train moving away, coming close to spell out why charging straight at a sniper over a long distance is a bad idea, but he just shrugged instead. He turned to move Akane into the back seat, making sure she was in the recovery position. "Great, I'm a babysitter now. You want to insult me too? It's not like I just saved your life right?" Seeing Angelus get shot, he just shook his head again "I must be the only person here with a shred of common sense.... Nope there it goes." He slammed down on the cars accelerator and gunned the patrol car after the train, sticking to the side to avoid being shot. He then switched on the radio, setting it to broadcast on all frequencies.

To anyone who actually cares, I have an injured... Fox-woman? Point is, I have her here, waiting for someone to collect her.

As he approached the train, he produced a 4-barreled rocket launcher and retracted the sun-roof, taking aim at the front car of the train. "You want to stop a train? HERE'S HOW YOU STOP A TRAIN." A salvo of Rockets then flied towards the train, going past Angelus.

Unity Station: Deadshot, C.R.A.S.H.

Deadshot's bit of hunting quickly came to bite him in the ass as the entire Rising Dawn zeroed in on his position.
"FREEZE SHOT!" He shouted as his Ice Projectile raced out of his Wrist Gun, clashing with the Dragon Fireball in mid-air, slowing it down at the very least.
Now for the Dragon herself: Please be stupid enough to work... He prayed as he spoke another voice command.
TASER SHOT!" The assassin cried out as a hook with a cable fired from his Wrist Gun, latching onto the Dragon's skull as she charged.
With the turn of a Dial, several million volts began to flow into Angelus's body, slowing her charge to a crawl as the Battery on the Gun began to empty.

And just when he thought he was in the clear: "You want to stop a train? HERE'S HOW YOU STOP A TRAIN." Tommy shouted as a volley of missiles at the train, causing a simultanous "OH SHITTTTTT!" From Deadshot's Police lackeys.
"Oh fuck me!" He shouted as he fumbled with his handgun and began to spray fire at the missiles, hoping to get them to explode before contact, showing off the killer's multitasking skills as he awkwardly aimed with one hand under his left arm while tasering a Dragon that was inching closer and closer.
1 Shot, 1 explosion, 2 shots, 2 explosions, 7 shots, explosions and with the last bullet, he managed to blow up the last missile before it hit the train, resulting in the train station nearly becoming rumble.
"HOLY SHIT! I JUST DID THAT! LET'S GO! LET'S GO!" He shouted, intoxicated with his own run of luck as Angelus neared the range needed to gobble him up.
"OH COME ON! WHY! WON'T! YOU! JUST! DIE!" He raged as he blind fired into Angelus's face, the 9mm bullets not doing much damage on their own but on top of the lingering bullet wounds, the shocks, everything else, it helped.

Then came the straw that broke the camel's back: Throwing his empty handgun, he reached into one of his suit pockets and pulled out a second Taser before stabbing it down on the Dragon's head, the extra million making the difference as the Dragon keeled over in front of him.
Caim, being bound to his partners pain, too was downed by the pang of pain that knocked Angelus out, much to Deadshot's excitement.

"...YES! I AM INVINCIBLE!" He shouted and posed...
Just in time to be nailed in the back by Cadolbolg's Lighting attack.
".....oooooowwwww!" He groaned in pain as he fell on his knees, smoking from the sudden shock to his system.
With the Dragon out of the way, It was then the countless other reinforcements arrived, notably Jake up in the Helicopter and Rugal in the van.
"Alright...LAST STAND!" He shouted though the pain to his enemies as he pulled out his last handgun and opened fire, aiming to disable them long enough for them to get out of there.
1 Bullet in the front Tire of Rugal's van was enough to cause him to lose control and slam into the side of the parking lot wall.
The Helicopter was tricker as he attempted to disable it, aiming for the pilot and the controls.

The next time Jake knew, bullets were gazing his hair and the control panel for the Black Hawk was shot to shit.

Then the moment of truth: The Train FINALLY started moving, much to his relief.
"Y-YEAH!....WOOOO! DAVID! WEST! REMEMBER THE NAME!" The Imposter laughed with sheer joy as the Train quickly picked up speed and left the station and into the subway line, the Assassin laying down in exhaustion from the escape.
...How the hell did I pull that off?...

Unity Station: Deadshot, C.R.A.S.H.

Thanks to Devon whipping up a cushion of air around the vehicle, the crash was actually fairly tame as far as they went. Not that it really helped with Deadshot fleeing on that train, though... David only had a moment to recover before he was confronted by both Devon and Ella.

"Why was that guy posing as you?"
"Why was that guy posing as you?"

It was almost humorous how they spoke in unison, except the situation they were in was anything but.


Slindis got out of the crashed car with Rugal and took a breath before heading to Mister Vercetti, noting that she'd have to heal Angelus rather quickly. "I'll need some cover while I patch them up. Could you provide that?" The drow looked like some cosplayer, but she acted a lot more like a paramedic.

From what she could see, the two had taken a decent amount of damage. She'd have to be creative in the healing until Teri was ready and able to assist. Until then, though, she had to clean up the wounded areas.

Jake cursed as the black hawk took the hits, shattering the main panel and all the instruments, along with the radar in the nose. He didn't care though, grinning as he thumbed the trigger and sent a pair of rockets into the tilunnel after the retreating train. The pair of rockets struck true and blew the rear half of the train to shreds causing the trains emergency brakes to activate. The loss of hydraulic pressure was more than enough to hit the failsafe that all trains had. Deadshot would have to walk the rest of the way.

The chopper landed next to the dragon and crashed van. Jake bailed out and went straight for the dragon. Miss vermillion, dictate mode to my tablet please. 'The dragon Angelus had nothing wrong with her and was in perfect health.'

Pain lanced through his body as the author command rewrote the avatar adventure, knocking the stupid pilot right the fuck out.

But Angelus woke up. With nothing wrong with her.

Location: Fallen Tree Beach.

The Redneck, after some arguing with his family, let Shawn go right around the same time as Deadshot contacted him, funny how that works.
In a contrast to his past messages, the assassin sounded like he had just ran a 10km marathon as 2 men celebrated in the background.
"Sup kid...I-*pant* was just hearing about Cat-...Catalina and HOLY....WOOOOO!....That....was badass...not many people tango with Catalina and live....uhhh...So I want to meet you for some REAL work. Pull up them big boy pants because it's only going to get worse from here. Meet me at the Easter Basin Docklands, San Fierro, By the huge ass fucking boat. Here is a map for...whatever.......Later...I need to lay down..."

With new orders in hand, Shawn was that bit closer to finding Deadshot and ending his madness.

Deadshot, C.R.A.S.H.

"What the hell did you tell him that for?! We haven't moved the Weapons yet." Tenpenny objected to what seemed like a dumb move from his employer.
"...So?....I bust his ass, cops show up, find the Terrorist blown up with his own weapons. Now leave me alone...Wow that was ti-*YAAAAWWWNNNN* Tiring...." He sighed as he kept laying on the flatbed train carriage as the gang made their way to the meet.

Doc Shawn.
Location: Fallen Tree Roads to San Fierro.
Time: Give me an actual time and I'll give up.

Walking off the beach, Shawn needed to be able to move in citizen zones without being suspected.
Wearing armor, both the police and his target knows that he wears it. So to avoid being shot or captured, Shawn went behind a tree on decided to change. Putting on his lucky shades and his Doctor coat he had received from The Followers in New Vegas, one of Shawn's biggest hobbies is the medicine industry and thanks to Shaun's medicine gathering and medical skills he was accepted into the follows. They still though of him as an idol of course.

Placing his weapons inside his invisible inventory Shawn was ready to roll out, though he always made sure to keep some weapons on his hotkeys. Getting back onto the road Shawn used his charisma and Doctor look to hitchhike a ride into San Fierro, luckily enough (The shades!) a old lady passed by in her small car and gave the makeshift Doctor into the city, right at the Hospital no less. "Thanks!" He waved back and then started to make his way to the docks.

Unity Station:

Angelus' eyes opened in confusion as the pain that had been overloading suddenly disappeared, as well as a decent chunk of the last few minutes or so of her memory. Lifting her enormous head, the dragon scanned the scene to see the Rising Dawn crew gathered around her, engaging in varying tasks.

"Why are we here agai- AKANE!"

The dragon forced herself up from the uncomfortable position she was in (how did she get there anyway?) and she looked around to see Caim and Jake passed out on the ground and Akane stowed away in a car, looking worse for wear. As Teri got out of the helicopter, Angelus inclined her head to the car carrying the fox woman and moved out of the way as the Cleric took her tools out of her satchel and began her work.

In the meantime, Cadolbolg fluttered to Angelus' side and clung to her enormous head with a voice that sounded close to tears, "Mother~! I thought you were dead! Father fell the moment that lightning stick struck you!"

The dragon's eyes narrowed, still not recalling what had ocurred after she air-lifted Akane from the building, "Did he now? Well, my consciousness means one thing. He's not dead yet. Now, what happened here? And why is Jake on the ground too? The helicopter didn't crash, that much I can see.
For that matter, I feel as good as when I first started today's flight..."

Ton Ton had silently wandered in on wolf-back, but hopped off when Garm went to inspect Caim and Jake's comatose bodies, wet nose pressing and tongue licking in an attempt to wake them up. The Tonberry wandered over to Tommy's side and looked up inquisitively as he asked, "You were here the whole time this series of events went down, correct? Could you please explain what's happened? Today's been very chaotic, you see."

Garm's efforts worked for Caim, at the very least, who woke up with a groan (that sounded more like hard breathing, due to his non functioning voicebox) and forced himself up from the ground. After placing the sword he had equipped back in the Wheel, he looked at Garm with a snort and said, "You act as the Medic's mount, right dog? Hope you're ready to act as another's for the moment."

Garm looked at Caim with confusion, and then gave a light whine as Jake's body was put on his back without any warning. Following that, Caim gave a light tug of the wolf's collar to indicate they were going to Slindis, the only other main doctor on call of the group.

Only saw the part about the missiles now, Sorry.

Unity Station: Rugal

Rugal was reeling from the crash as Deadshot managed to get away, his first move to check his passengers before getting out of the pickup truck.
It was around this time that Jake managed to launch a pair of missiles into the tunnel.
"WAIT! STOP!" He shouted before the Twin Missiles exploded and brought down the entrance after the Train, sealing the now disabled train within along with the assassin.
That wasn't the issue, the issue was that this made their goal of tracking the attacker harder now that the path was blocked, by the time they clear it, he'd be long gone...

Before he could object, Jake managed to heal Angelus, leaving him staring at the collapsed tunnel.
"...This railway goes straight to San Fierro. Why else would he take the train?..." He said to himself as he tried to think of his next move.


David was in utter shock at how this day was going thus far, A Zombie outbreak, now some kind of imposter posing as him.
As he processed this, he was bombarded with questions by Devon and Ella.
"Well how the hell am I supposed to know!? I have literally no fucking idea what the hell just happened!" He shouted rather defensively as he hopped out and examined the area.
"...Why does this have to happen to me?...I fucking quit this shit!" He whined as he kicked the rumble that covered the area.


Jenny had the usual reaction to seeing her friends nearly die and instantly ran towards the Dragon, witnessing the sudden revival caused by Jake.
So much for a nice break... she sighed, resigned to the fact that they needed to stop whomever that was.
On her mind also was David, that couldn't have been him to attack Akane, the appearance of a Doppelganger confirmed that, just who the hell was it.

Minor Retcon

Deadshot, C.R.A.S.H.

"...So?....I bust his ass, cops show up, find the Terrorist blown up with his own weapons. Now leave me alone...Wow that was ti-*YAAAAWWWNNNN* Tiring...." Deadshot yawned as he came down from his "Action Hero" Buzz.
Right in time to see the missiles racing towards his escape.
"...urg...knew I shoulda aimed for those instead..." He merely stated before picking himself up, sprinting up the length of the carriages and leaping in time to avoid becoming red mist.
The Missile hit the rear of the train, blasting it and the tunnel to hell and grinding his escape to a halt.
Deadshot himself landed on the ground of the tunnel, his ears ringing like hell as he picked himself up.
"...HEY!....YOU TWO DEAD?!"
"Ya Man..." His goons winced as they crawled from the wreckage.
"So....Now what the hell do we do!?"
"Walk....Got a meeting to get too..." The killer answered as he wobbled away from the train crash, this whole "Super Villain" routine could be going a lot better in his mind...
Still, At least Shawn would be out of his hair by the time he reached the city...

I'm not calling him Doc Shawn.
Location: Easter Basin Docks, San Fierro.
Time: Nah, hard enough to keep track of everything without having to be accurate about what time it is

Shawn waited and waited and waited at the docks, namely near the large shipping crane, but there was no sign of the Assassin, This was looking more and more like a trap...Or that he was just running late, one or the other
Maybe if he looked around, he could find some insight into Deadshot's plans...

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