The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Betting Shop: Rugal, David, Slindis, Caim, Ton Ton, Melethia

Ton Ton lept off of the dying men and onto a safer part of the concrete (and well away from the remnants of Melethia's acid grenade) when the rest of the group arrived, and made a grossed out noise when he noticed how covered in blood he was.
"Ughh. This is nothing like fighting the Daemons... So, I take it negotiations aren't going very well?"
Judging by the expressions the group exiting the Betting Shop, the Tonberry's suspicions were easily confirmed. Taking this in mind, Ton Ton followed after the group, and made use of his tiny size to make his way to an armored guard's ankles and began stabbing around the Achilles Tendon and softening up the armored unit for a good takedown.

Taking note of the heavier armored enemies, Caim reached into the Wheel and pulled out a heavy looking axe. With a whirl of the brutish weapon, Caim charged towards the closest shield bearer and lept high into the air, bringing it down with a sonic blast to the bearer and those around him.

Chinatown: Angelus, Devon, Ella

With the dispersing of her crowd with a decent amount of success, Angelus allowed to take less care (save for aiming well away from Devon and Ella) with her fireballs and the Da Nang. Instead of using the smaller homing fireballs that she was using, Angelus changed to her stronger (but slower) fireballs, each one hitting the target (or the ground) with a hefty explosion. Following after that, she dived down and moved to snatch one up in her talons,

"You'll see what happens when you mess with me and my own!"

Helicopter: Teri, Sadei, Garm, Cadolbolg, Jenny, Akane, Jake

After taking down the Ran-Bo, Teri looked around and muttered aloud (after cutting the connection to the Tablet off), "We should probably regroup with the others...."

At that thought, an explosion of purple energy appeared from down the street and the Cleric thought to herself, "That's probably Dad...."

and turned her head, shouting her intent to go help the others down the street before tearing down the sidewalk atop Garm. Upon arriving a the scene, the Cleric got off of her faithful wolf and said, "I think we'll be of more use as separate units, friend. I hope this spell works as well as the book said...."

When the wolf turned his head at what his pup was talking about, he saw the Cleric chanting something in a language he didn't understand, and then her getting covered in a beam of light. Teri looked up after the chant had ended and whirled her staff around like an expert before charging into the fray as well.

Teri casts Divine Power! With this spell, her Strength score raises to a 16 (when it was previously a 10), she gains a temporary additional amount of 8 extra hitpoints, and she gains the martial prowess of a proper fighter. At her caster level, it lasts for 8 rounds, aka 48 seconds.

36 seconds till the next casting of a 4th level spell.

Meanwhile, Cadolbolg barreled in the air in his own fashion, shooting lightning at the nearest offenders his little wings could carry him to. After a poor sap found himself shaking with electrocution, the turtle dragon baby looked around for his pact partner, and wondered where he could be off to. However, he could see other friends in the battle, and flew over their way, shooting more lightning in an attempt to not only aid his friends, but strengthen his own skills as well.

"Mother and Father will be so proud of me helping out! I need to try extra hard!"

RC Planes and Shawn.
Location: Wu Zi's Apartment.
Time: Derp.

Seeing the RC plane fly off into the distance, Shawn quickly thought about it. "(A robot?)" He asked himself before looking down out of the window and seeing the raging battle between small soldiers with future-weird weapons and his comrades ... which are also weird. Smiling underneath his helmet, Shawn jumped out of the window, onto one enemy and began to fire at any enemy in his sight.

Usually Shawn disliked killing people. This all depended on what this target is, "Are they bad", "What crimes have they committed" and "Can I bring them to a non-violent justice". So he preferred to keep people alive, but when he has to get dirty, he is the one who is covered in blood in the end. Shawn decided that he likes to fight when he has to.

Betting Shop: Rugal, David, Slindis, Caim, Ton Ton, Melethia

Melethia nodded to Rugal's statement and picked up one of the weapons. "I'll find out how these ones work, but they're way too flashy lookin' for my looks." With that, she fired a fwe shots to the flanks of the group, grazing some in an attempt to get them to group in one area.

As for Slindis? She went downstairs with the gunfire after shifting to Ocean Stance and harassed the group alongside Ton-Ton. "Rugal, don't get too worked up. Going on like that leaves openings for them to exploit!" Although her attacks weren't as harsh as Rugal's or Caim's, it was far worse for the enemy mainly because they couldn't hit the bloddy woman!

Chinatown: Angelus, Devon, Ella

Devon seemed to panic at the fireball for a moment before grinning and communicating to ANgelus through the Ring. "I'm about to do one of my specials. Fire near them, but but how about a little shock and awe?"

With that, the bard smirked as he seemed to fade from view in a small mist. "You should have known better than to attack a dragon, mortals. Now tremble in fear as we send your undying victims to ddrag you to the netherworld!" The cloud dissipated to reveal a rather large crowd of the undead that all gave bloodcurdling moans as they advanced on the gangmembers. In addition, the white boy was nowhere to be seen.

Devon casts Major Image to create the illusion, and also casts Greater Invisibility to vanish from the sight of the gun users.

12 seconds before the next level 1 spell, 24 seconds until the next level 3 spell, 30 seconds until the next level 4 spell.

Ella was a bit shocked at the development, but she had the gut feeling this was another one of Devon's spells. With that, she began to fire out some shockwaves from her chained scythe at the fringe gangmembers that avoided Angelus' fireballs.

Helicopter(En route to Betting Shop): Teri, Sadei, Garm, Cadolbolg, Jenny, Akane, Jake

Sadei hummed to help Teri keep her focus up during the spell's duration, and she could feel herself focusing a bit more as well for some implacable reason. "Come on, let's show them what we can do! Together, we can take them apart!" Perhaps it was part of Teri's spell, but fighting with Sadei was starting to get a lot easier. Was a little focus all it took? In any case, the two seemed to be working rather well together.

Betting Shop: Rugal, David, Slindis, Caim, Ton Ton, Melethia

"Ton Ton, we are literally in a warzone. What do you think?" David answered as he covered Caim's advance, letting out the odd retch of distrust as his Corrosive Weapon melted though the hapless gang bangers.
"Urgg...I think I going to be sick..." He said to himself, Granted, he used Acid Rounds before, but that was against armor, not living things.
"Oh Screw this!" He conceded before ditching the shotgun and opting for his M500 and Wrist Guns, War was hell enough without melting body parts.

Rugal meanwhile was tearing through people, Literally, showing more anger in his fighting then usual.
"Listen. When you've killed HALF as many people I've have, THEN you can tell me how to do it right!" He shouted at Slindis before grabbing a fleeing enemy and snapping his spine over his knee and throwing him into a nearby car.
Someone needed a timeout...

Caim was able to break the shield of the grunt he Sonic Boom'd around the same time that Shawn moved in for covering fire, the Lone Wanderer quickly picking off those who attempted to take aim and fire.
This, And Ton Ton's sneak attacks and Melethia's flanking, left only one left with a shield.
While discouraged, he did have a ace up his sleeve.
"SUCK ON THIS! AHAHAHAH!" He mocked as he pulled out a Weird Grenade and went to throw it.
Did I meation it was a sticky grenade? Well, he found out the hard way when it stuck to his hand.
"...Well...Shi-" was his last words as he died in a rather violent explosion made of other smaller explosions.
The Betting Shop attack was repelled.

Chinatown: Angelus, Devon, Ella

A Dragon was bad. A Dragon with the powers of Necromancy? Even Worse.
Fearing for their lives, they did the smart thing and got the hell out of dodge, one being unlucky enough to be grabbed by Angelus as he fled.
Thus, the enemy retreated with their tail between their legs, fearing the curse of the dragon.

Helicopter: Teri, Sadei, Garm, Cadolbolg, Jenny, Akane, Jake

The Strength buff was more than enough to inflict some rather painful blows on the enemy, leaving at least half a dozen men with the never ending shame of being beat by a girl.
Only thing was, they had guns and once they got the foresight to stop charging and just shoot her-
*Bzzzzt* "Mind if I join in?" Chuckled a certain pilot as the Helicopter spun around, guns and missiles pointing as the would be firing squad.
Not to meation Akane on one of the turrets.

Need I say more?

Long Story Short, they were dead. Very Very Very Dead.

Seeing how outmatched they were, The Da Nang made the tactical decision and left the district

???:Deadshot and C.R.A.S.H.

"-No! Nonono! You don't need to answer those calls in Chinatown, I'm there right now!...What's happening...It's....Chinese New Year....Yeah, again....Well, it was a short year...Year of the...Dragon....No, I'm sure it's dragon....WELL IT SHOWS HOW CULTURED YOU ARE!" Tenpenny shouted over the radio, preventing any police action from interfering with the attack, even though it was a sheer failure.
As he did that, the Villain known as Deadshot was busy on the roof of their Current Hideout trying to fly by the plane used in the attempted assassination of Wu Zi Mu.
"Christ...Thes-*COUGH! COUGH!*...Fucking controls..." He sighed, not used to flying a plane like this.
The Radiation poisoning he got from fighting Shawn didn't help either, He was only still standing thanks to some IV Drips he got Pulaski to swipe from a Ambulance.
Fucking Rising Dawn...This went a lot better in my head... He thought as he attempted to fly the plane, He wanted his gun back.

Capturing and Shawn.
Location: Chinatown (Outside the betting shop).
Time: Torture.

After the attack, the enemy side began to retreat. On the side of the battle that Shawn was on, only bodies laid in the street, bleeding puddles onto the street. Shawn sat on top of the car he jumped on and dented, he was satisfied with his defending skills. "So what I saw was futuristic weapons but mostly ... that small flying vehicle with a gun attached. Should tell everyone ..." Shawn pulled off his helmet and returned it to his inventory.

In the distance were three bodies. They bled like the other, but one was actually alive, he had only received a bullet hole in his shoulder, arm and a single leg. The lone survivor began to crawl with a single arm, slowly hoping that the makeshift dark angel won't see him. Looking back he could see the armored killed without his helmet and cleaning a pistol. Crawling more quickly two shots were fired, they took other his other limbs.

Screaming was the only thing he could do now as he tried to look behind, spotting only the leggings of what would soon be his nightmare. Shawn pulled up to the man with a single object in his hand, and a sinister smile on his face.

"Sorry kid, but lights out." He said as he simply swung his lead pipe. The survivor could only see Shawn's smile as he was knocked out. Shawn looked at the kid, picked up his weapon and pulled him back to the shop to where the others were gathering. The Lone Wanderer was only thinking how he would heal the guy and then torture information out of him.

Betting Shop: Rugal, David, Slindis, Caim, Ton Ton, Melethia

As the last chunks of the one body stopped falling, Slindis put a hand on Rugal's shoulder. "Rugal, they're dead! Calm down so we can focus on the attacks elsewhere in the city." She clearly wasn't up for a lot of argument, and she was clearly ready to head out.

Melethia, though, checked up on Ton-TOn and Caim. "Are ya both okay? I just wanna make sure with that weird last bomb, ya know."

Chinatown: Angelus, Devon, Ella

Devon faded back into view as the gangmembers left the area. "You were right, Angelus. A bit of smoke and mirrors is better than a straight-on fight. Kind of hard to believe that they fell for it, though." His clothes were a bit torn from the attacks, but none of them did any real damage.

Ella decided to glide near Angie to check up on any last attackers in the area. "It makes you wonder if any of those thugs know how magic even works. Still, best not to look an opportunity in the mouth, though."

Helicopter: Teri, Sadei, Garm, Cadolbolg, Jenny, Akane, Jake

Sadei continued humming in Teri's ear as the last men dropped from Teri and Jake's combined assault. "We should do that a bit more, Teri. It really gets the blood flowing, you know." Even though there was more than a few bodies here, Sadei seemed more glad that she was able to bond with Teri a bit more.

Due to the strengthening bond with Teri, Sadei now uses Teri's Wisdom to determine now accurate she is.

Betting Shop: Rugal, Slindis, Caim, Ton Ton, Melethia

Rugal was in a world of his own, on his knees hammering on some poor sap unlucky enough to survive the battle until there wasn't a piece of his skull that was more then the size of a peanut.
He was on edge, that much was certain so when Slindis laid a hand on his shoulder...
He instantly reacted as if an enemy was attacking and lashed out with a massive right swing, if she wasn't in Ocean stance, odds were he'd have taken her head off.

One he missed, the gravity of what he just did began to set in.
....Guess I haven't changed at all.... He thought

Alleyway: David, Shawn

...Lord....please deliver your child from this most awkward of situations and he will be most eternally grateful David thought, not really keen on getting in the middle of some relationship issues between a pair of people who could beat him to death.
"Hey, I got a live one ov-"
"Oh thank jesus. I'll be with what's-his-face." He then said as he left the scene as quickly as he could, going with Shaun into an alleyway next to the shop.
"Sorry about that, just nearly had a case of friendly fire there and I don't want to see the fallout over it, you know?" He explained as he checked out the P.O.W.
"Out like a light...Got something to wake him up?"

Chinatown: Angelus, Devon, Ella, Jenny

Jenny opted out of the battle for the most part, though she did set up a barrier or 2 to over the odd blindside attack.
But the real punchline was what she said to the group after the Da Nang had fled.
"...Angelus....Did...Did you just raise the dead?..." She asked, wondering how the hell she missed out on that power after all they've been though.

Blood, sweat and more blood, with Shawn & David.
Location: Chinatown Alleyway.
Time: Not good.

After asking Shawn to see if he can wake him up, Shawn smiled. He pulled out a wooden chair, placed his captive on top of it, tied him to it and then began to pull out his 'Tools' for this special job. "Usually when it comes to tasks like this, I find it a tad easier when you place your 'subject' in a horrifying atmosphere." He began to point to the ally and the chair.

Soon enough he had placed a clothe on the ground which had most of Shawn's small melee weapons (Which contained some of the weapons he used before, mostly the "Ripper") on it as well as many of his consumables. "Now that the atmosphere has been set up, it is time to wake up." Shawn said once more as he readied a weird tribal looking drink in his hand and another which looked like someone's set up for a makeshift drug. "I'll use both of these. The bitter drink right here will awaken his senses, and this Rebound will circulate his blood more. I'm sure a mix of these will wake him up." He said as he injected the Rebound into the captive and poured the Bitter Drink into his mouth.

"He should be up in a few second. A word of advice, I'm wearing this clothing in-case I have to get dirty and for the concealment of my identity." He said to David with a proud stance. "It'll be better if we can mostly keep it clean and not try to kill him. Though I must say, I'm good at both talking and 'making them talk'" The last sentence from Shawn was spoken, he looked towards David since he held the leadership position.

Bloodsweat and sweatblood, with Shawn & David.
Location: Chinatown Alleyway.
Time: 24

While he was about to make some comment along the lines of "Do you always carry a wooden chair with you?", David merely shrugged.
"Eh, Back in my old outfit, we tried to avoid torture if we could help it, too much "Human Right's" red-tape." He said as Shawn pulled out at least a dozen melee weapons.
"...I really hope you aren't keeping all those weapons where I think you are keeping all those weapons..." He said as he picked up a Bloody Combat Knife
"...Because if you did, You should see a Proctologist...Rather soon in fact..." He said, making a note to wash his hands after this was over while Shawn Revived the subject.
"So, I just stand here and look mean? I can handle that..." He chuckled as he spun his M500, might have a game of russian roulette with this guy.

The gang member woke up in a fright; "Jenjang hal nom-a! Nal gaja! Nal gaja! Nal gaja, dangsin byeongsin!"
"....Right....Korean....Shit..." David sighed, this was going to take a while.

Betting Shop: Rugal, David, Slindis, Caim, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, Melethia

"Father! Did you see what I did with my lightning?"

Before Caim could say a word regarding his condition, he found himself being alighted upon by his turtle-dragon-son. Giving a rare smile, the Warrior gave the turtle-dragon-baby a pat and looked to the elf, "I'm perfectly fine, Melethia, especially since my son has returned. And unfortunately, I have not, Cadolbolg."

After a moment of getting pet and returned to the air, Cadolbolg spoke up again, "Oh well.... I just wanted you to know I helped. I think I will check on Friend Jake and Friend Akane. Lemme know when you find Friend Ton Ton, okay? If I'm alive, than he's gotta be."

Caim gave a small nod, "I trust you were able to, Cadolbolg. Why shouldn't I?"

With a smile and a wave, the turtle-dragon-baby disappeared as he flew towards the helicopter. It was after that Ton Ton pulled himself out of some rubble, "Ugh.... I feel gross, but I'm okay. How about you guys?"

Sure enough, the little Tonberry was covered with blood and bits of rubble stuck to his now sticker stat. Aside from that though, he looked well; if somewhat weirded out.

Helicopter: Teri, Sadei, Garm, Cadolbolg, Akane, Jake
Taking a look at the carnage, Teri bowed her head for a moment as she gave a small prayer regarding the lives lost that day, "May their souls find rest in your embrace, Lord. Amen."

After the brief prayer, The Cleric gave a wave to Akane and Jake in the helicopter, using the ring to send, "Thanks, I owe you guys one!"

It was around that time that the spell wore off, and Teri felt the strength she had a moment ago be snatched away like a rug being torn underfoot. And like that rug, her balance failed for it. The Cleric wobbled after losing her divine powerup, and were it not for a very quick wolf friend, she would have had fallen.

"Oh, thanks Garm... I would have landed on my ass for sure."

Following that, she rode her wolf through the carnage of the battle, looking around for other members of their group, speaking with Sadei as she did, "I will admit, it was kinda nice feeling powerful for once. But, it doesn't last too long. I'll have to keep that in mind next time I intend to use that spell. If it ran out while we were fighting those gang members, that could have spelled a sticky end.... I'm glad you enjoyed yourself thou-

It was right at that point that the Cleric and her wolf companion had wandered in on Rugal and Slindis' misunderstanding. Both mount and rider froze on the spot, not really knowing what to do or say regarding the situation.

In the meantime, Cadolbolg fluttered over to Akane (taking note that Jake was in the middle of doing his piloting thing) and landed on the Kitsune's shoulder, waving a happy paw, "Hello! I came to check on you and Friend Jake. Is everything okay? That's what you ask, right?"

Chinatown: Angelus, Devon, Ella, Jenny

Angelus watched with a chuckle in a throat as the Da Nang fled from the district, and then turned her attention to her comrades, gently gliding down to street level before giving a mild 'thump' with her landing, and listening to all the queries given to her.

At Jenny's question, she shook her head, mirth sparkling in her eyes as she spoke, "Oh no, Jenny. Even one such as I have no control over the realms of life and death. Twas merely an illusion, cast by our friend Devon here. Good show with that, by the way. They fled the area screaming like small children."

She gave another deep chuckle, and then nodded with Ella's assessment of the magic, "They haven't seen magic before, would be my guess. It is still amusing, however. You would not BELIEVE how much mortals put stock in what they see alone. However, I cannot complain about how effective the tactic was. It kept this district from becoming a slaughterhouse, at the very least... So, are the others alright, Jenny? You seem to be calm enough, so I can presume a yes?"

Betting Shop: Rugal, David, Slindis, Caim, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, Melethia, Garm, Teri, Sadei

After the near miss, Slindis gave Rugal an extremely stern look. "I know this has all gone to hell because of things you didn't think of in the past, but that doesn't give you the warrant to fly off the handle! Tighten your belt, take a moment to focus, and for Tira's sake, calm down. We both know you're better than lashing out at allies!" It was a wonder that she wasn't even more mad, considering what had just happened.

Melethia thought about it for a moment before realizing it was probablyfor the best that she stay out of this argument. After all, she really didn't want to be forced to pick sides since both of them were obviously really close to her, so she decided to talk to Teri. "Looks like someone's been getting some fighting practice on the field. How'd ya make it through proper-like? We both know ya aren't the best in close quarters, Sis." She put the gun down as she tried to nudge Garm away from the fight.

In addition, Sadei responded to Teri's comment to her. "Well, I'll try to keep track of that, but it's small things like that that really make me feel comfortable here. Thank you so much for helping relieve some of the tension here from keeping an an eye on the fishy."

Chinatown: Angelus, Devon, Ella, Jenny

Devon nodded at Angelus' statement as he talked to Jenny. "Well, they did have numbers on their side, so I thought it would be best to try to fake them out. I'll have to use a different one next time, but as Angelus has almost beat into me, it's far better to control the playing field if you can." He sighed as he realized that the restaurants probably wouldn't be open after that whole show and began looking for that betting shop.

Ella swooped through the air as she talked some more with ANgie. "Yeah, that much is obvious. Don't even get me started on males. I mean, all it takes is a bit of skin and most of them go rushing to do what it is you need. I'd call it funny if it wasn't so sa!" SHe let out a small giggle as she looked for more guns in the area, putting the scythe back in the Wheel as she did so.

Lost in translation with Shawn & David.
Location: Chinatown Alleyway.
Time: 24

Shawn heard the note about the speculation of him hiding or carrying weapons inside his anus.
His face twisted up and he turned around. "... no. I carry everything on me on this device." Shawn pointed to his trusty Pip-Boy 3000. Everything from weapons to clothing to even the biggest of objects are stored inside this device.

"Honestly ... I have no idea how everything fits inside this thing. My scientist side speculates that this device holds another dimension inside. BUT that is only a possibility." Shawn ended up shrugging and returned to the topic at hand, who had just woke up. Hopefully both David and Shawn can think up a solution to this little ... problem.

"Well shit. I have only heard legends of that country and information only from books. Shawn cursed under his breath as the captive yelled. "Maybe one of us should grab someone who knows how to speak it?" Shawn looked at David and shrugged.

Betting Shop: Rugal, Slindis, Caim, Ton Ton, Melethia

Rugal actually took this to heed, taking a moment to close his eyes and exhale deeply.
"...I'm sorry...Anger was something I didn't need to contain before...." He apologized, cutting himself off mid sentence before wiping his brow, only to find he instead smeared more blood onto his face.
"...I will find this man. And I will make him pay...dearly..." The former King of Fighters stating for everyone to hear.

Wu Zi Mu

It was then the doors of the Betting shop swung open, revealing a blind and pissed off Wu Zi Mu, armed with one of the RPG's he purchased earlier.
"ALRIGHT YOU KOREAN FUCKS! WHO WANTS SOME OF THIS?! HUH!? ANSWER M-Whoa!" The Blind man shouted before tripping over one of the dead bodies in his path, dropping his weapon in the process and causing it to misfire into the sky like a firework.
"...Goddamn homeless it over?..." He asked, clearly unable to see the ruined area in front of him.
A few sniffs later and his eyes widened, he couldn't see the aftermath, but his imagination picked up the slack.
"...Um....*Ahem*...Well...Maybe....Maybe we might consider taking these weapons out of circulation...If-if that okay with you..." He mumbled to the group.
"Still...If you could..."convince" the Da Nang to do the same? They have a boat out in the bay...Just a thought?"

Alleyway: David, Shawn

Back with the subject, David was trying to figure out a way past the language barrier.
"....Maybe we can teach him "1 Snap: Yes, 2 Snaps: No?"..." He mused as he-
The Sniper recoiled as a hole was blown into the chest of their target.
"What the-" He exclaimed as he pulled his weapon and took aim at the roofs.
There it was: That damn RC Plane again, taking care of loose ends.
"Son of a-...FOLLOW THAT PLANE!" He shouted as he smashed the window of one of the less blown up cars and unlocked it.
"You coming?!" He shouted to Shawn as he began to hotwire it.

Notice: Anyone is free to come and join David. The rest of the group will raid the Da Nang's ship, should be cool.

Chinatown: Angelus, Devon, Ella, Jenny

Letting out a nervous laugh of embarresment at her Foot-in-Mouth moment, Jenny answered "Oh, Yeah. Everyone...Alright...No real...complaints....aside from the dead bodies...".
As she followed them back to the betting shop, she then said "Well, it had me fooled! And you have to remember that the majority of the people on this planet don't get to see what we see and do what we do...
Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing..."

A cliche car chase with Shawn & David.
Location: Chinatown Alleyway.
Time: The meaning of life, 42.

Nodding along to David's idea, Shawn's was only left open as the hole suddenly appeared in their 'Friend'.
"Jesus, forgive this man." Shawn quickly prayed for the dead man in front of him, the blood splatter barely touched Shawn's armor. Thinking in silence a voice pierced through it. "You coming?!" David yelled to Shawn, looking behind him he saw David in a car to chase the RC plane.

"Why the hell not, I have a score to settle too!" Shawn's emotionless face turned into a more sadistic face. Swiping his duster behind him, David could see the weapons, aids and everything else disappear behind him. Not including the convenient chair chair.

Jumping inside to the passenger's seat, he looked at David.
"You can drive, last time I tried I ... well I kind of stole a police car. It was a neighborhood, I was still armed and wearing this armor ... it led to a bad situation." Shawn looked away awkwardly as he kept tracking the RC plane.

Betting Shop: Rugal, Slindis, Caim, Ton Ton, Melethia

Slindis was a bit more hesitant to put her hand on Rugal this time as she talked. "It's more of focusing it properly, Rugal. You know the proverb of the blade that stays unsheathed all the time, correct? It eventually hurts all around it, and it also loses its edge." It was around that time that Wu Zi Mu went downstairs, and Slin turned to Mel to see an impish grin on her face.

"Hey, do ya have the blueprints for this ship? I think I have a good way to convince them to permanently keep the weapons out of reach." Although the statement seemed innocuous enough, everyone but Wu Zi Mu knew that Mel didn't mean a peaceful talk. The inquiry into the ship alone told them that much...

Chinatown: Angelus, Devon, Ella, Jenny

Ella whistled when she saw the shop. "Whew, this place just took a turn to Wrath. Looks like the others are okay, even if it doesn't smell like it." SHe sidestepped the bodies as she tried to find out what exactly had happened there.

Devon decided to take a look out in front of the shop as he chatted with Jenny and Angelus. "In any case, it worked, and there's at least a little less bodies out there."

Chinatown, now reaching the betting shop: Angelus, Devon, Ella, Jenny

Angelus shook her head at Ella's statement about men and exposing flesh as they wandered towards the area with the rest of their comrades, "A thing I will never understand about mortals. Their obsession with reproduction. There's enough of them crowding the world as is. Why there is some deep ridden drive for mating constantly, I'll never understand. Praise be to whatever gods that listen that Caim is not like that, or I would have put the both of us out of our mercy and bitten his head off."

Ella giggled lightly at the dragon's unintentional innuendo (something that flew way over the dragon's head), and Angelus turned her attention to Devon and Jenny, "Devon is right. The spell played off that very fact and allowed fewer casulties in the area. That much is good enough. As for your question, Jenny, I cannot say. There would be both benefits and drawbacks for the mortals of this realm to know of the things that we do. Even if they knew, what would they do? What could they do? If anything, I think it'd instill fear in them moreso than help the issue along..."

The dragon grew quiet after that, her expression looking grim as they finally reached the rest of the group in front of the betting shop.

Betting Shop: Rugal, Slindis, Caim, Ton Ton, Teri, Garm, Melethia, Wu Zi Mu

Teri found herself pulled out of her stunned state upon Melethia's query and answered, "Well, I've been getting a bit of training from Mum recently to improve my staff skills. I've still a way to go, but I have a spell that lets me get a temporary boost in being able to defend myself. So, if in a pinch, I could drop that and get myself out of trouble, so long as I'm able to get the somatic, vocal, and divine focus parts done."

Following that, Wu Zi Mu descended the stairs, and Teri began making her rounds about the party members, Healing Aura up and running while she checked on the others. However, this period of health checking also allowed the Cleric a moment to address her staff, "So you had a blast, huh? And it calmed the Shadow down? Huh. Not that I'm completely surprised..."
"Damn straight, I liked it. It was a hell of a rush! Man, we need to do that sorta shit more often. I'll keep nice and quiet for a while if we do it a couple more times today, okay?"

The Cleric visibly shivered when she heard the darker parts of her conscious raise it's head, so to speak, in her mind, and after a moment's hesitation, 'said', "Only if necessary. Otherwise, I'll stick to normal spellcasting. Understood?"

The Shadow made no other noise in her mind upon that, and for Teri, that was more than enough. When she approached her (now deflated) parent figures, Teri took extra care in her attempts to not set off either when she asked their condition. After all, even if the fight had subsided for the moment, tensions might have been high.

For Ton Ton, however, the ruckus made by David and Shaun was more than enough to draw his attention. Sending a message over the rings entailing his destination to the others, Ton Ton decided that his presence would probably be a welcome one among the two men, who seemed keen on going on some little crusade on their own. With a few hops across the rubble, a small run, and a leap into the broken window and onto Shawn's lap, the Tonberry was in the car with David and Shawn. With a little wave, Ton Ton said, "It wouldn't hurt to help out, right?"

Caim could only watch with an amused grin as the Tonberry ran off with his intent to be of aid to the police man and the Lone Wanderer. Even when not knowing what was going on, the little creature charged headlong to aid his allies cause.
"I certainly hope that doesn't come to bite him someday..."

Following that, Caim wandered towards the main gathering of the group and caught an earful of what Melethia had in mind. With a mischievous smirk of his own, he remarked, "I like the way you think, kid. Hit em hard and make them regret starting this whole mess, right?"

Betting Shop: Rugal/Wu Zi Mu/Jenny, Everyone else

After hearing Slindis's advice, Rugal couldn't help but smile.
"You truly have something for everything..." He said, his mood improving, not by a huge amount, but he wasn't going to lash out like that again.
Once he was calm again, he listened to Wu Zi Mu's proposal.
"Seeing how they were willing to go to war, It's only a matter of time before they come back. Give us a location and we'll take care of it."

Wu Zi Mu nodded as his men went about collecting all the weapons, clearly they realized the error of giving everyone such powerful weapons.
"...*Ahem* Well...All we know is they operate out of a Container Ship out in the bay. It prevents us from making an attack like this one on them. We don't have Blueprints of the ship, but we do know that it's off the shore of Battery Point, near the Gant Bridge.. Take them down and you have my word that I'll go whatever it takes to see that these weapons never see the light of day again."

Jenny nodded to the Triad's offer.
"Eh, Whatever they have on that ship can't be any worse then what they had here, Right?...Right?..." She said unconvincingly.
"...It is, isn't it?"
"Always send the pawns first..." Rugal answered, confirming her fears.

Stolen "Borrowed" Car: David, Shawn, Ton Ton

"COME ON! COME ON! We're losing it!" David shouted as the Tonberry slowly got in the car before the trio tore off after the RC plane, following it out of Chinatown and into another part of the city, namely Garcia.

The Plane landed on the rooftop of a Shop dedicated solely to selling such toys.
Parking outside, David said "Right, Keep your cool. If this guy is our man, he'll most likely be braced for this. Right, Let's take this SOB down." as he cocked his guns and led the way inside the First Floor.
The sounds of a muffled struggle could be heard...

Betting Shop: Rugal/Wu Zi Mu/Jenny, Everyone else

Mel grinned as she began talking. "We'll need to get moving fast, but I know how we can take down the ship. Of course, there's gonna have to be some people hitting them from different areas, but we need to hit 'em fast. Anyone gonna work with this?"

SLindis sighed as she heard her daughter talk and intruded in. "Melethia, we're gooing to try and conserve some life here. Or has the death toll in the other city not been ennough today?"

Ella thought about it for a second and responded herself. "Well, what would happen if you only hit its steering and propulsion?"

Melethia laughed as she heard the suggestion and nodded. "It's not my first choice, but I'll take it. Any of you strong swimmers?"

Devon shrugged and turned to Angelus, indicating that he didn't havve many better ideas here.

Finally, Sadei responded to Teri's statement in an upbeat tone. "Yeah! Just a little bit at a time would really help a lot more with the whole thing. I know it's tiring to you, though, so I won't ask it too much."

How to take down an international terrorist 101 with Shawn, David and TonTon.
Location: RC Toy shop.

Shawn nodded besides David, his two ranger pistols were drawn and ready to fire.
The wind blew again The Lone Wanderer's face as he swiped the sweat from his head, he only hopes that this isn't the
last time he will wipe it. Be prepared everyone, this could also be a trap." Shawn said as he placed his helmet back on.

Following the sounds of the noise, Shawn's eyes were stuck to the floor.
Scared that there may be a mine or two hiding somewhere. Usually people in his universe just stick it anywhere and hope for the best. In Shawn's mind he is worried since his opponent is smarter then the regular raider. Coming to the door which contained the noise, Shawn nodded to David.

The group should be prepared to breach. "[sub]Should we go in loud and proud, or nice n' silent?" Shawn finally asked them.

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