The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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M. Bison Congressman Vincent Vega | Bruiser | Colorado State Senator Steven Armstrong | Incognito Mr. Presidentito.
Location: GOP fundraiser
Time: Night

As the truck plowed though the interior of the building, Bison was busy running to his getaway car while his driver was having a smoke on the hood.
"Huh? Bison? Thought the rally would be on for ano-"
"START THE CAR! START THE CAR! START THE CAR!!!!" Bison screamed, the reason why he was running quickly showing himself as the President crashed though the other-side of the building as he ran out.
"Oh shit! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" The Machoke shouted, clearly just as keen on the idea of getting covered in shit as Bison was, which is to say: Not at all.
However, As the duo frantically got into the limo and the President lined up his shit blaster, something seemed to drop into the parking lot right in front of his truck, while he couldn't see what it was, he could feel the *THUD* as it impacted against the pavement as well as the chips of tarmac it sent flying up.

Then the object turned around, uncloaked it's stealth camo and glared at the driver...

"...The Hell is that thing?"

M. Bison Congressman Vincent Vega | Bruiser | Fulgore! | Incognito Mr. Presidentito.
Location: Outside the GOP fundraiser
Time: Night

Sunshine had vanished. The sundown had faded away into night, this time it brought a gift along with it. The President, still on his rage spree, targeting people on his "shit list". Before coming to the next target, a UFO slammed down from the high heavens. The truck came screening to a halt a few meters in front of the object. "Is that a fuckin' robot?" The President questioned what had just happened. The brown liquid from the truck's nozzle dripped as the scene turned silent.

The silent stayed until the weird mechanical being came behind from a sort of cloaking field, this baffled the President. "A cloaking field too, ey. What a damn coward!" The ruler said with a hard presence from behind the mask. Apart from the muffled shouting from the truck driver, the limo from 'Vincent Vega' screeched as the took off. Knowing his target was running away with the speed of a hunted rabbit, The President scowled.

Pressing the "shoot" button once again, waste fired from the truck which splattered all over the machine. "Suck my shit!" He yelled from within the driver seat, smacking down the gearbox and it's stick, the truck also screeched, but more like a banshee. Taking off it began to try and run over this new enemy, to strike down the fleeing Bison.

M. Bison Congressman Vincent Vega | Bruiser | Fulgore! | Incognito Mr. Presidentito.
Location: Outside the GOP fundraiser
Time: Night

The machine was motionless as the waste was sprayed upon it, it didn't even seem to notice.
When the President went to ram it how ever, he got a nasty shock as the robot drove it's fist into the grill of the truck before impact, killing all the momentum as the tired screeched in vain as they tried to move the unknown machine.
Taking his other hand and gripping the front bumper of the truck, shit officially got real as Fulgore slowly lifted the front of the truck off the ground before hoisting the entire thing over head.
The air was silent for a moment as Fulgore didn't so much as break eye contact as he held the entire truck over his head.

Then he brought it slamming into the ground roof first, popping the tank open like a ripe shit cherry as it was totaled.
Ripping his hands from the metal, He then began making his way to the cab door, effortlessly ripping it off the cab as he "Opened" it.
Shit just got real.

Captcha: "I think, Therefore, I am."


Boss | Edge | Icarus | Selena | Vanessa | James | Violet
Location: G-Corp Building; Rooftop Helipad
Time: Early Morning

Icarus smirked
"I suspect he's using the teleporter as a precision bomber, personally I'd warp in something a bit more amusing like a stampede of angry bulls that might be fun," he had a smirk on his face.

Selena sighed, Icarus may have been joking but still the fact that his mind went to a more frightening abuse of the machine Bothered her. One thing was certain she didn't want the scepter to have any influence over him. The last thing this world needed was more hardships.

M. Bison Congressman Vincent Vega | Bruiser | Fulgore! | Incognito Mr. Presidentito.
Location: Outside the GOP fundraiser
Time: Night

Upon 'opening' the door to the upside down truck, the machine saw the driver still in his seat, his scowl and laser-like gaze having no effect on the metal man. Yet, there were people in the area, civilians, they were examining the scene, confused by what just happened. Some of the people were even taking photos, some of the people from the GOP fundraiser still covered in waste came out as well. With all of this attention, it was obvious that the authorities were going to come.

Yet the driver and Commander-in-Chief suddenly flashed his hand to the machine. In-between his fingers was a weird ball.
"You really think I'm not prepared?" He said with a raging chuckle, an invisible smile painted inside the mask. With one movement, the electrical grenade with ignited, The President made a dash towards the open smashed window frame. It was quite easy to escape the vehicle, especially for one who does never wear a seatbelt.


The grenade exploded, electrical light filling the cockpit of the truck. The President himself did not care about the machine, he just ran, yet the limo was not in sight. "Fuck!" He cursed the air where his target escaped, almost tearing the mask off in anger. Yet he did not, The President simply pulled out his mobile phone, the number input was labelled "Pierce (Never call)". "Hey Boss, the whole inspection is going great and all bu-" The voice immediatly said, with urgency yet he was completely ignored by the President, who interrupted him with anger.

"Shut it, Pierce, we got an urgent problem! There is a limo leaving the GOP fundraiser, I want copper to catch him and implant some 'evidence' to make the paper next to Armstrong." The President said with speed, checking behind him multiple times as he kept running to avoid the machine. "Got it, also Armstrong's ugly mug is already planted on every news website in the country. The press goes ham really fast these days. In all seriousness, I have to tell you-" Pierce said, but the phone was already hung up.

The President stopped to turn around, expecting the hunter to be there. "I won't take any shit from a robot!" He said in a bad mood.

"Nope!" >_> | "Nope!" <_< | Fulgore! | Incognito Mr. Presidentito.
Location: Outside the GOP fundraiser
Time: Night
Music: Museum (Fulgore's Stage: Killer Instinct 2)

The grenade overloaded Fulgore's systems for a time, the assassin freezing for a moment before he began to fight the current now flowing though his body.
It wasn't long though until he was able to get moving again, though he was recovering from the EMP a lot faster then a normal robot should.
Once he was back online, he glanced over as the President as the crowds began to gather and the fundraisers left the building.
Among them was an extremely enraged Armstrong, though he was able to wipe most of the shit off before he left the building, still smelled though.
"Fulgore! Get him!" He ordered, prompting the machine to then leap over the totaled truck and start to fire Lasers at the President while in mid air.

"Nope!" >_> | "Nope!" <_< | Fulgore! | Incognito Mr. Presidentito.
Location: Outside the GOP fundraiser
Time: Night
Music: Museum (Fulgore's Stage: Killer Instinct 2)

The vertical diagonal slice of lasers alarmed the President, yet with a swift side-step he was out of the way of the edgy lasers. "Oh ... so it is Armstrong who hired this arsehole." He spoke to himself in a quiet tone, yet this just gave the President more reason to "shit" more on the Senator Armstrong. Pulling out a shotgun seemingly out of nowhere, yet this was no ordinary shotgun. This piece of beauty had three barrels and was painted purple with gold trimmings.


Something that gained a man a lot of respect for using.

"You think I would be without my weapons you heap of shit!" He yelled with a muffled voice and began to fire on the machine.

Fulgore! | Incognito Mr. Presidentito.
Location: Outside the GOP fundraiser
Time: Night
Music: Museum (Fulgore's Stage: Killer Instinct 2)

The buckshot was enough to stagger the machine with each shot, but it was clear Fulgore was designed to take much more punishment then that as he kept advancing on the President.
With Terminator-like determination, he marched though the lead before suddenly unfolding his Plasma Blades and lunging forward, planning to bury it in his chest.
All the while, Armstrong was watching with glee, after what he pulled, he was looking forward to seeing this random protester get torn limb from limb, clearly unaware of who it was.

Fulgore! | Incognito Mr. Presidentito.
Location: Outside the GOP fundraiser
Time: Night
Music: Museum (Fulgore's Stage: Killer Instinct 2)

The President witness the shot doing nothing to the metal skin of the machine. Putting away his shotgun, he looked at the approaching Fulgore. "Hmm, he seems unstoppable." The President said with a whisper, looking upon his doom. Not wanting to waste any more ammunition on the Terminator-like figure, The Boss side came back from where he once lead a gang. Giving a sigh to the fast machine, he decided to use it, the one single power he never wanted to use in this precious life of his.

"I don't want to do this, but it seems I have to. I'll have to use my super secret technique!" The President said with a grim tone, sweat dripping off his brow. Yet he took in a deep breath and unleashed his move ...

Fulgore! | Incognito Mr. Presidentito.
Location: Outside the GOP fundraiser
Time: Night
Music: Museum (Fulgore's Stage: Killer Instinct 2)

"HUNT THAT BASTARD DOWN! DON'T LET HIM GET AWAY!" Armstrong shouted as the President attempted to make his escape, but no kind of fancy wave-dash was going to get him out of this situation as the machine sprinted after its prey.
At this point, the police had finally been called to reports of a domestic terrorist being chased by a robot, a pair of cruisers now appearing on the scene as the President ran for it
"THIS IS THE POLICE! STOP RIGHT THERE!" They shouted as the blocked the road with their car and got out, only to then suffer the wrath of several plasma bursts being fired from Fulgore's blades.
While the machine was dealing with the police though, the President saw a familiar limo suddenly skid to a halt nearby.
"Come on, Laughing boy, you want to live or what!?" Bruiser shouted from the driver's seat.

M. Bison Congressman Vincent Vega | Bruiser | Fulgore! | Incognito Mr. Presidentito.
Location: Outside the GOP fundraiser
Time: Night

When the police blockade showed up, The President whom was sprinting towards them took a speedy jump. All the cops were confused and yelling back at him, then Fulgore showed up. Aiming their guns due to fear and anger, alas it was too late. Fulgore shot first and all that was left was ashes and scarred police cars.

The President only looked back and gulped, turning back to the limo he instantly got in without fear. "I believe ... we should leave!" He said whilst trying to put on a weird tone that came from the stereotypical protester or hippy groups. The limo shot off once more, The President was surprised by the appearance of these guys, although after thinking for a second, he immediately thought that he would ask for his vote.

Yet they did not know the truth, or the truth that the police were going to pull them over at one point. "Shit." He mumbled inside his mask, gaining the attraction of the people in the car. "I mean, thank you for rescuing me ... my brothers." The pretending President said in a slow tone, hoping that he had taken the hippy look. The truth was that he wished he had smoked some grass before entering the car.

M. Bison Congressman Vincent Vega | Bruiser | Fulgore! | Incognito Mr. Presidentito.
Location: Outside the GOP fundraiser
Time: Night

"Thank me when we don't have a kill bot on our asses!" Bruiser said as he hit the pedal to the metal, causing the tires on the limo to spin out as they took off.
Fulgore only realized the President's escape after he finished off the police and was now sprinting after the car, keeping up an impressive pace as he did.
"Hey, anyone who covers Armstrong in shit ain't that bad in my book." "Vega" said as he glanced though the back window at the machine chasing them.
"If anyone has any good ideas, now would be a good time." He then added, somewhat annoyed he couldn't use his powers on account of there being a possible witness in the car with him.

Violet | Kazuya
Location: G-corp, Tokyo, Japan.
Time: Evening

After the array was taken offline, Kazuya ordered a halt to the bombings, least Ken attempt to try the same trick with him.
"Right, we spin this the right way, We could keep the grid offline for months. He's burning money with every second it's offline. Watch the radar and monitor the network, but don't bring our own one live until I give the the order. Someone hire some hack scientists to denounce Black Industries for lack of safety protocol. Even if they can tie it to us, it'd just be the same people who said I attacked LA for personal gain back with Darkside. Dismissed." Kazuya said to his men before he left the teleporter lab.

Boss | Edge | Icarus | Selena | Vanessa | James | Violet
Location: G-Corp Building; Rooftop Helipad
Time: Early Morning

Violet cringed somewhat at Icarus's remark.
"Look, I know we're in the business of warfare and all that jazz, but I'm not exactly keen on Kazuya sending random bombs all over the world at people he doesn't like. Aliens and Monsters is one thing, but...Just doesn't sit well with me." Violet said as Kazuya entered the room in time to answer.
"A high value target of mine was trying to set up an international teleporter grid to fund his activities. I took it offline to rob him of income. I mightn't be able to directly arrest or attack him, but I can make sure he has less resources to work with. Make it harder for him to not make a mistake."

Press Conference

Thomas White, the puppet CEO of Black Industries, stepped up to a podium in front of a room full of reporters. "Hello everyone, I'm sure you know who I am by now. Earlier today 4 of our teleportation hubs exploded, killing 126 innocent bystanders. While some people would like to think it was due a malfunction in our equipment, it was not. After viewing security footage, we have come to the conclusion that somebody hijacked our system to teleport in bombs. We also have data that points to where the attacks have originated that has been given to the proper authorities in the affected countries," Thomas White told the reporters.

"In light of this attack we have begun installing more security measures in the remaining hubs and should have the network up and running within the week. I cannot discuss anymore at this time and I will not be taking questions. That will be all for now," Thomas said before making his exit, the reporters quickly getting up to try to ask him a question.

Maka probably would have attributed finding a witch just outside the city, misfiring a spell while they were practicing alone to a strange dream. Not that such a thing would be an impossibility, but it seemed impossibly unlucky that, as she could tell the spell was likely fumbled, that it happened to hit her dead on. It didn't hurt, though as she charged forward, she slowly felt her footsteps taking longer and longer to touch the ground. Whoever it was probably had no idea how it was accomplished, but Maka was then running in place, feet off the ground, and unaware of the transition from the desert around Death City... to the skies of Tokyo. For a brief moment anyways. As soon as she snapped to awareness again, the rush of the air from beneath to above her was quite fast, but she landed atop a tall building. She landed on her feet, saved from a free-fall the entire distance to the ground. Thing is... where is she?

Location: Toyko Skyline, Tokyo, Japan
Time: Evening

Once Maka landed, she found herself on top of a tall building, overlooking the Rest of the city, where-ever this was, it was clear that it wasn't Death City.
Just as soon as she could process this however, her eyes picked up movement in the sky above, least before massive spotlight was set on her.
The Helicopter hovered overhead as a squad of Heavily armed men dropped down from it before sprinting to her location.
"YOU! HANDS UP! NO SUDDEN MOVES!" One of them shouted as they quickly formed a circle around her, guns pointed and fingers on the triggers.
Welcome to Tokyo, Maka.

Well, whether or not this was a dream, when Maka was surrounded by armed men focused on her, she was determined not to find out. Hands above her head and taking care to enter statue like stillness, the only thing that moved, was her mouth. "I-... I'm guessing people fall out of the air here a lot?" she asks, trying to piece together just how they reacted so rapidly. "Where... is here, exactly?" She asks, puzzled.

Location: Toyko Skyline, Tokyo, Japan
Time: Evening

"More then you'd think. Tango non-violent. At ease." The Commanding officer said as his men lowered their weapons.
"We call it "Earth" and this city "Tokyo". You seem to be a long way from home. Just stay calm and follow our laws and customs and there will be no need for violence." He explained as he waved for the Helicopter to land to pick them up.
"I'm going to ask you to come with you. State your name please?" He then said before pulling out a clipboard and pen with all the excitement of a man doing taxes, this was clearly something that happened here a lot.

"Uh... Maka Albarn." she said at his request for a name. Sighing in relief as they all lower their weapons. "Well, I can't quite say this is par for the course in my book. I guess I'm used to what you'd call out of the ordinary." She says as she followed him into the chopper. She wasn't about to start a fight. It wasn't her job. Though very discreetly as she climbed in, she focused her soul sight to take a quick peek at them. They looked very much like your average Joe who just had a job to do. On second glance, without Soul Sight, it looks like they do this a lot... and aren't too fond of the idea of taking their fingers off the trigger so quickly. Alright then... just don't piss them off. Slightly relieved at the thought, she took a seat and shut up for the ride to wherever.

Location: Toyko Skyline, Tokyo, Japan
Time: Evening

"Ordinary? Nothing is ordinary anymore..." The Soldier said as they began to take off, making their way towards one of the larger buildings in the city, a few minutes flight was all it took.

Boss | Edge | Icarus | Selena | Vanessa | James | Violet | Kazuya
Location: G-Corp Building; Rooftop Helipad
Time: Evening

As Maka's helicopter came in, Kazuya had just received a report on how Black Industries had responded to his attack.
"...We....Only took him offline...for a week?..."
"And he's planning on making sure we can-"
"I KNOW WHAT THIS FUCKING MEANS YOU GODDAMN IMBECILE! Crack that security and prep for another raid. He thinks he's rich enough that his shit doesn't stink?! Oh no, I can play the long game just as hard as he can and unlike him, My funds won't run out!" He shouted before Maka was brought in by the soilders, Violet noticing her before Kazuya did.
"Sir, newcomer just phased i-"
"Oh God Fucking Dammit, AGAIN!?....Urrggggg...Welcome to G-corp, I'm Kazuya Mishima, please bother that man instead. Goodbye!" Kazuya rather bluntly said as he pointed to Violet whom seemed rather embarrassed about the situation.
"...He's been having a hard day, Sorry. Umm, Dr. Violet. And you are?"

"Maka Albarn. Just so your aware, I sincerely hope your nothing like the only "Doctors" I've ever met before you. I'm not even going to try to explain that statement." she said, in a sort of blank politeness you'd probably only understand if you had met those doctors. "So... I take it that guy runs this place? He looks pretty pissed."

Boss | Edge | Icarus | Selena | Vanessa | James | Violet | Kazuya | Maka
Location: G-Corp Building; Rooftop Helipad
Time: Evening

"...Pissed is an understatement. Ummm, how about we go to my lab?" Violet said as he motioned Maka and the others off the Helipad and back into his lab, thankful that the bombing raid was over.
Granted, he had made weapons before, but the amount of damage Kazuya just caused didn't sit well with him.
"Sorry about the mess, we had a bit of an "Operation" going on over here. Umm, Can I get you anything? Something to eat? Drink? Anything?" He asked the newcomer in a vain attempt to get his normally cheery mood back, but it was hard going.

Upon seeing the mess around the room and hearing the mention of "operations..." "Uh... that'd be a no on the food and drink. I'll pass. Figure we could talk about what's got him so bent out of shape? I understand having a creepy or angry boss. Hell, I worked for Death himself where I came from. Wasn't a bad job actually, met my best friend doing it. Anyway... you don't look too happy at the moment either." She said, pretty much ignoring the "dropped bomb" of working for the Grim Reaper. Though she didn't exactly expect him to ignore it.

Boss | Edge | Icarus | Selena | Vanessa | James | Violet | Kazuya | Maka
Location: Violet's Lab, G-Corp Building
Time: Evening

"...You used to work fo-....urgggg..." Violet groaned as he processed the weirdness that just came into his life in the past 5 minutes.
"...Just...tired of so much crazy stuff know?...Hell, just a few days ago, there was a massive roided up madman in here and blew up the top 10 floors of this building. Now Kazuya is going domestic bombing, you're friends with the grim reaper and-...I just wanted to make robots..." He sighed as he slumped down in one of the chairs the madness started to get to him.
"...Sorry, just you've kinda came at a mad time. It's not norm-...Oh who am I kidding, it's always like this...So...How'd you get here then?" He then asked as kicked his office chair over to one of the Cryo Pods in the center of the room and pulled out a West Coast Cooler, though at this point, he was considering drinking something much harder.

Seeing the frustration Violet was going through she apologized for the sudden drop of information with. "Well... I'm sorry for just dropping that information on you out of nowhere. I guess I have a long list of things to explain before I just tell you how I wound up here." She said as she took a seat on a spare chair. "Well for one, me and the Grim Reaper aren't exactly friends, so much as I work for the guy. You see, where I come from, Death happens to everyone, as I assume it does here. Witches on the other hand, are actively sought out constantly to die. He hates them a lot. Terrorizing people who don't deserve it and all that kinda pisses him off. she says taking a breather before explaining the next bit. "There was one witch in particular, Arachne, who always seemed one or two steps out of reach at all times. It was only when he nearly caught her that he discovered a project of hers that reshaped the way everything works. Apparently she figured herself a soul collector too, though in particular, she collected the souls of fellow witches. The project in question was apparently infusing them into weapons." She explained.

"I'm getting to a point here... eventually...

"Even then she managed to escape, but that project of hers revolutionized the weaponry that we started using. Essentially, she had given weapons souls, and therefore they became sentient, living, and even able to change between a human form and the weapons they came from. Without the knowledge of a lot of people, a lot of them decided to live ordinary lives... start families. Which was somehow possible. Fast forward about a generation or two, and Death had a problem with them. You see... these weapons, could collect souls like he could. Only thing is, they could absorb them, and actually get more powerful.

"Where many people saw a problem and a threat, it was quick to be turned into opportunity. You see, one... thing, in particular... an extremely powerful demon called a Kishin, required the Grim reaper to seal it, unable to kill it. In order to do that, and ensure it would hold, he had to bind himself to the area. He eventually formed a sort of academy. The skills learned? Well, that's where I worked/learned as a student. Essentially, he needed something or someone to protect the world from things like the Kishin.

He discovered that Kishin are formed from the souls of people so evil that they are just irredeemable. So to prevent any more of them from popping up, he started empowering human beings with the ability to see the properties of one's soul, and started pairing them with Arachne's living weapons. The idea, which I might mention has worked for quite some time, is that the wielders can see the properties of a person's soul, and whether or not they are evil enough to threaten turning into one of said demons from before. Then, the duo would swoop in and take them out, the weapons then absorbing their soul, thus neutralizing the transformation."

She then gave a minute for the information to sink in.

"The reward for doing this well enough goes mostly for the weapon. Essentially, those wielders aren't just the Grim Reaper's Hitmen, but his craftsmen. When the weapon they use is infused with 99 souls of those verging on transforming into a Kishin, and then the soul of one Witch, it becomes proven and powerful enough for the Grim Reaper himself to award them a place in his own personal arsenal."

After rambling on for a long time about that huge history lesson...

"As for how I got here? Well, I am one such wielder. And when I had found a Witch and picked a fight.... Something she did sent me here, separated from my weapon." she said. Most of it truth, but she didn't really want to drop the other bomb on him and start showing him what exactly she was fighting with.

Boss | Edge | Icarus | Selena | Vanessa | James | Violet | Kazuya | Maka
Location: G-Corp Building; Violet's Lab
Time: Early Morning

Boss scratched his head. "I feel like I've missed something. Have I missed something?"

"Teleportation technology is extremely dangerous." Edge said. "I've heard of entire societies being destroyed by it in the past. That may explain why you've had so many people from different worlds dropping in, lately."

"Although the tech your guy is using may not be the same kind that we're used to." Boss said. "In which case we're going to be about as helpful and objective as a Truther."

Edge turned around and looked at Boss. "How-"

"Because not only do we not know what we're talking about, but what we think we know is fundamentally and demonstrably wrong."

Edge sighed. "Fine. I'll give you that."

"Maybe you should find out how he developed it." Boss said. "The first thing I would want to know if someone had tech of that level is where exactly they got it. Did they just stumble across it in house, or did someone give it to them?"

"We know someone who could help you analyze the tech." Edge said. "But getting him here may be...difficult."

"'cause he lives in another world." Boss said. "And also on Jupiter."

Boss | Edge | Icarus | Selena | Vanessa | James | Violet | Kazuya | Maka
Location: Violet's Lab, G-Corp Building
Time: Evening

"...That's easily the craziest thing I've heard in weeks." Violet answered as Maka explained the rules of her own realm, it seemed like everyone's world was different.
"Well, hopefully I should be able to track down your home realm and get you back. Admittedly, it might a while what with Kazuya's "Operations" hogging the teleporter..." He sighed at eh took a drink of his Cooler while Boss and Edge went on about Ken's teleporter Tech.
"Nah, Kazuya wouldn't care how he got it. All he cares about is bringing the guy in, but so long as he is making a profit off them, he'll be able to buy his way out of any possible arrests."

M. Bison Congressman Vincent Vega | Bruiser | Fulgore! | Incognito Mr. Presidentito.
Location: Outside the GOP fundraiser
Time: Night

Looking upon Fulgore, The President realized that the machine was indeed something more than your regular robot. "This thing ... is not giving us a break." He said in his pretend smooth voice, trying his hardest to keep the cockeny and his natural voice out. Sitting down with a soft thump, to the inhabitants of the limo all his was is a random stranger who decided to protest with human waste at the GOP. Yet, knowing his role to get out of this alive, The President stood up with a sigh.

The strange skull figure slowly pulled out the tiniest gun-lookalike object from his pants. "As much as this sucks for the environment ... I may as use it." He said with leaning out of the window and started to aim at the running robot. "Take this you metal git!" The normal cockney voice came out as the gun fired, yet this was no ordinary gun. The shot fired loudly toward the machine, yet The masked President was shot back into the limo as well.

"Well, glad to see we have different backgrounds for the word "crazy." That's really not every detail, but I think that's enough information to process for now." Maka said, chuckling

"and yeah, getting home would be great when we have the chance."

She then turned to Boss and Edge.

"Huh, didn't notice you before you spoke up. Name's Maka. You would be?" While still listening for the answer to introductions, she turned back to Violet and asked. "Also... what exactly is it you do around here?"

Boss | Edge | Icarus | Selena | Vanessa | James | Violet | Kazuya | Maka
Location: G-Corp Building; Violet's Lab
Time: Early Morning

"Can't say I blame you." Boss said. "Edge over here is a ninja."

"Howdy." Edge said.

"He's sneaky."

Reposting this to be all in one place, and easier for me to reference.

Boss | Edge | Icarus | Selena | Vanessa | James | Violet | Kazuya | Maka
Location: Violet's Lab, G-Corp Building
Time: Evening

"Well, Again, it might be a few months before I can use the data from your teleport to track your home realm, providing someone doesn't try to blow up my lab again. Still, could be worse...I guess..." Violet added as Maka introduced herself to Boss and Edge.
"Still, until then, we could show you around the city, play the part of the tourist. If nothing, it'll help get you settled, hm?" He then suggested to her, partly to get out of the building for a while.

Lost in Nightmares: Rising Dawn Crew Feat. Yu Narukami Vs. Nyarlatothep

Other battle music, because Nyarlatothep is a thieving whore


The (former) Prince of Caerleon looked up at the great Eldritch Abomination that was unfurling it's many tentacled self before the party, and gripped his sword with a grimace, "Who cares what you have to say? I've killed 'Gods' that were less annoying than you, and I'll do it again! ODIN, HELP ME PUT THIS ONE DOWN!"
Slashing through his Tarot Card, the Persona Odin appeared, and brought his spear into a mound of black flesh; Caim following suit with a charge and a slash of his own.


"I care not for your trivial words. I will turn you to ash for causing us all of this trouble. Echinda, let us clean up after this mess!" With a wave of her hand, Kingsblood slashed her Tarot Card and her Persona appeared in a crackle of fire. As it spread it's wings, Angelus pointed her dagger in Nyarlatothep's direction, and the feminine Persona opened it's mouth to unleash a set of 8 fire balls at the Crawling Chaos after The Wanderer's lazer light show and Ella's lightning.

Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Cadolbolg took to the air the moment Devon began her bard song, and called out, "We got you covered, Devon! Don't forget it! Lei-Zhenzi, work with Galahad!!"

Ton Ton hopped on his companion's back again, and called out, "I was BORN to fight things like you, Daemon! Galahad, Light up this darkness!"

At the combined call of the Cuties, Galahad and Lei Zhenzi appeared together, the Hooded Knight lifting his grail whilst the Dragon Warrior lifted a flaming sword. A halo of light began to concentrate from the grail and then encircle the flaming sword before Lei Zhenzi swung the blade, sending the empowered burst at one of Nyarlatothep's tentacles.

Teri, Garm, Dimitri

"God has faith in me, as with everyone else here. That's all I need to remember before I start believing you! Sadei, Garm, Dimitri? Shall we?"
"Let's fuck this bitch up!"

"Commencing scan with Persona: Thoth!"
"I am right behind you, Tear-ri!"
As Ella began to move towards their enemy, Teri whirled and gave her Arcana card a good kick to summon Toyotama-hime into the fray, bringing the healing Aura with her. Following that, the Cleric began incanting a prayer. Holding the hand with the cross necklace aloft, she finished with, "Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. AMEN!"
Toyotama pointed her trident at the sky, and a pillar of light engulfed the Cleric, filling her with renewed strength. Taking on Fire Stance, the Cleric charged in with Ella, and struck a section of Nyarlatothep on the other side of Ella's pincer attack.

After the initial strike, the Cleric brought out a vial of holy water and anointed a small drop upon the staff before giving another incantation, ice sprout over it before Teri took her stance again.

Teri has cast Frost Weapon. This spell gives attacks with Sadei an extra OOMPH! as it adds ice damage, along with the usual from Sadei.
Teri has cast Divine Power. This gives her some combat ups, including an 18 strength (with fire Stance), extra HP, and the fighting ability of a fighter her level. It will last 48 seconds.
24 seconds till the next 2nd level spell.
12 seconds till the next 4th level spell.

Garm followed behind Ella and Teri, calling to his Persona for aid as well, "Gelert! Give that baddy a nice chill!"
When the Iron-born Wolf appeared, it gave a shaking howl before it's shards of ice dug into the same section of Nyarlatothep.


The Crawling Chaos shrieked and writhed in pain as several of it's face masks began to shatter, compounded by the fact that
A) Several of said masks were disappearing at the same time.
B) Melethia's poison in some of those masks
C) Several elemental attacks were being thrown at once, making it very hard to try to resist any at any given time
D) Other parts of him were being attacked as well, and frankly? It was a lot less bearable than dealing with 4 or 5 when it was near 10 strikes he had to defend against.

Obviously, this was a lot worse than the small gang of teenagers he had to contend with before. Shivering and shuddering, the party began to notice that the black mass that constituted his body was beginning to wriggle, to which Dimitri called out, "He's changing his Strengths and Weaknesses.... Resistance: Wind. Weakness: Physical![1]

And watch out! Two attacks are on the way! The First: 'Myriad Impale!' The second: 'World Ending Wave'!"

"Silence, you mechanical mockery of life! It matters not what you say! ALL RETURN TO ME IN THE END! You cannot escape the wheel of fate!"

As he shouted this, several of the tentacles that were waving in the background disappeared into the fleshy ground below. A moment's pause arose before these tentacles began erupting from the ground underneath the party's feet, hoping to either impale or ensnare those nearby.

And if that weren't bad enough, the main head began to shake and jerk uncontrollably, and faintly, the party began to hear their own voices in the back of their heads. Whispers of past failures, of fears, of that which one wished to forget... Were it not for Devon's music playing, it would have been clear as crystal...

Yo dudes, read this, fo shizzle.:

Essentially, Nyarlatothep is pulling the trick where he tries to use a person's insecurities against them. Think of this like a Shadow, save that your Personas will not be affected. Nyarlatothep is using his impersonation skills/collective badness to bring this up to your characters. How you wish to confirm or deny what Nyarlatothep says to your characters is up to you. What he says, is up to you. He's pulling into YOUR characters insecurities. I want you guys to personalize this in the way that'd work best for you. :)

[1] I rolled on a random number generator. This really turned up. >.>

Kala felt the sting of another, condescending voice in the back of her mind... it wasn't Demi's per say, but... it's words still hurt as much as when her shadow mocked her.

(Why are you even here?)

(What? Who's there?)

(It doesn't matter if I tell you or not, it doesn't even matter if you could consider "winning" this fight a victory. Sure, your putting an "evil" Deity in his place. Bet that would look good on your life resume when you die. Oh, but wait, none of it will matter. Even if you manage to survive this, your not going to live forever... and nothing you've ever done or will do will stop you from roasting an eternity in Baator, tiefling.)

(How do you know about that?)

(Oh please, you give that sob story to everyone who figures out that your a Tiefling at some point or another. Sad thing is, they probably don't even realize how true it is. Why do you even tell them? You want someone to pray for you? Mourn you? Care about you? They don't. They won't. Your just that insignificant. No one cares about that. They don't have to deal with it, you do. It's not their problem, and no one is going to make it their problem, no matter how much you think they like you. Prove anyone you want wrong about being "evil" because your a Tiefling as much as you want, in the end, you wind up in the same place. So why are you here? You might as well save someone else the trouble and off yourself!)

(Your right...)

She thinks as the expression on her face looks like she could nearly be brought to tears, emotionally crushed, even the tone of "voice" in her thoughts sounding crushed. Slumping to her knees and burying her head in her hands, one of the spikes erupting from the ground nearly pierces her chest, but out of a burst of willpower she almost didn't know she possessed, she dodged out of the way.

She turns from the verge of tears, to clenching her fist and gritting her teeth with a scowl on her face, a rekindled determination resounds throughout her mind in her response.

(Your right. And I don't care!)

(Of course I'm righ... hm?)

(Your right, and I don't care... Let them mourn me or not at their will, to be honest, I never wanted them to. Prayers won't help me, and I wouldn't force anyone to try. If they care enough to try, that's fine, but I don't need anyone's seal of approval, much less yours. It's not their problem where I go when I die, your right about that too. It's my burden, and mine alone. Fighting the evil in my blood proved a lot of people wrong about their first impressions of me, your right. That, however, is also a convenient and appreciated side effect, not my true intention. Your right again, it doesn't matter what I do, I end up in the same place. Though, fighting the evil in my blood was never about escaping that either. Even if your right about all these things, you are wrong about me.)

(Really? Oh do tell.)

(No one knows me better than myself, so I'll indulge you. What has all of this been about? Why am I here? Because I choose to be. I choose a life apart from the evils associated with my kin not because I wanted to change my fate at the end. I wanted to change the journey, not the destination. How many Tieflings took part in the Defense against a Devil invasion? How many have a best friend in the high paladin of a church of demon slayers and exorcists? How many of my kind do you know to have their mental fortitude tested by a visit to the plane of insanity itself, and emerge with a victoriously sharp, sound mind? Many of my kin chose to embrace the darkness, choosing the free, easy ride to their fate. Even if I end up the same place, roasting next to whoever got me into this damn curse... I am not my kin, this I have proven not to the world, but to myself. If and when I stand face to face with the one who sold me to a hellish fate, I truly will have to thank them. It is because of them my fulfilled, satisfying, heroic life was made possible. Difficult, but possible nonetheless. It is because of them, that should they either look to me as an undeserving prisoner who has committed no crime, or a fool for defying the "nature" of a Tiefling, I can walk through hell with a smile, undaunted and truly proud.)


(I'm not here to impress you. GET OUT!)

Almost on command, her antagonist stops their mental assault in their tracks. Having enough self respect and willpower to shut it up, she sure as hell isn't going to let anything it says get to her.

Maka sighed at the fact that she likely wouldn't be returning home any time soon.

"Well, looks like I'll be staying here for a while... can't hurt to know the area a little better. Sure."

She said, accepting Violet's invitation.

"You know, I knew someone who called himself an assassin. I take it that isn't too different from a ninja right?" she asks, remembering the showboating loudmouth that was, Black Star. For an assassin, he often did stealth poorly, if he even bothered with it. Still, probably shouldn't outright say that at the moment, considering it might insult someone who likely doesn't have that flaw.

"So, are you two coming along too? I'd prefer to keep a bigger group than just two." She said, which was partially true. Mostly true, even. The other portion? A guy in a pinkish-purple suit with purple hair doesn't exactly look like a tough guy deterrent, and she wasn't interested in defending herself from getting mugged.[1] Not that whoever was doing the mugging would get very far without some cuts and bruises, but... well, might as well try not to piss people off.

[1] It is evening right now in this scene, so it should be getting dark out while they're out.

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