The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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The Ballad of Stoneridge
Location: Stoneridge Outskirts

Vash the Stampede

Vash gave a slight incline of his head as acknowledgement, his kinship of Fionn was strange, but for now he disregarded their likeness'. He shifted his weight forward and fell off the cliff, slamming his foot down into the rocky ground and sending up a cloud of dust and gravel as he slid downward toward the town. He pulled his colt out and fired three rounds toward the siege brigade and then shifted his weight forward again, breaking into a full run.

Those three rounds arced toward the attackers, whistling through the air and coming to a stop with a crackling clang and spark, sending three of the firearms of the would-be murderers high into the air.

Vash was sprinting ahead when his feet hit ground zero, dashing through the siege lines like a red storm, gun expunging its divine providence. His speed was so incredibly fast, his form so disorienting, it was like being run down in a scarlet stampede. By the time he stopped, and the dust blew around him, he stood behind the dusty walls of the town, six of the attackers lay on the ground, stunned, their weapons damaged beyond repair. Slowly Vash turned around and reloaded his hand cannon.

He watched as the rest of the team did their work... some of them reveling in lethality, and he grimaced. Vash raised his gun and took aim at Deadshot before a soft chip in his ear dropped his arm. They will be healed soon. Focus on saving what lives you can... innocent lives. Blackharte was playing a mediator, perched atop Vash's shoulder. The Humanoid Typhoon turned around away from the fight and started a slow pacing walk, eye keen to spot any hostages.

(The Long Game) Blackwater City Express:Shinia and those at the station

The Girl woke up in the middle of the road. She looked around herself and at her body, checking her arms and checking that everything made sense. She had her satchel, her pendant, her body seemed alright. Shinia got up and dusted off her school girl outfit. She stuck out like a sore thumb in the town and began shrinking back. What she could recognize around herself was a train and a station, having seen them in a few anime.

The Girl knew english and heard it around her, but was too frightened from the events of her day to even consider trying to talk to someone. She saw a rather odd group gathering on the station's platform and decided to see if they could help her. They reeked of magic, but that was less of a concern. they seemed a bit like herself, out of place.

The schoolgirl slowly and nervously walked up to them, carefully clutching the pendant around her neck, now wanting to believe that it did actually do something and contained a warrior spirit instead of being a mana charged piece of junk. Shinia walks up slowly and gave a small bow, beginning to speak in Japanese in a frantic and freaked out tone.

(The Ballad Of Stoneridge) Gilead, overlooking Stoneridge: Caim/Teri/Garm

Garm's ears flattened at the sudden influx of noise, the sound of bullets and shouting filling the air as everyone began to book it in every direction. However, the wolf remembered his mission, and his sharp nose pointed him just barely in the same direction as Chris. Looking to the rest of the stealth team, Garm barked a quick little comment, "Better hurry up, before she gets much further ahead" before ghosting after the drow. As he followed her path to the best of his ability, Garm could only hope his dark colored fur would help him hide better in this hot place.

Caim grimaced as their nice plan sorely fell through the cracks; no doubt being on account of Deadshot's shenanigans. None the less, with people on the ground-bound outskirts, Caim knew his area of expertise. Giving a nod to Ella and the stealth team, the Warrior drew into the weapon wheel and his familial blade disappeared, a Serrated Blade appearing in his hands again. Now, to take on the forces below.
"I'm going to go for a charge and then a jump attack, Ella. Whether you follow on ground or air, matters not. Just be sure to keep up."
And with that, the warrior did what he did best, charged on ahead into the battle below.

"You damn right, Sadei. That fucker's lucky that T was nice enough to only let him off with a warning. Lemme tell you, She and I feel the same thing about stuff. We were ready to rip his fucking hand off. Now, I love talking with you, Munchkin, but we gotta go kick some ass."
"Alright. Mum, give me one second, I'm going to call on some help-"

Teri started to mentally look over her spells when the attack began to go down, and decided that some extra assistance on the battle field would be a wise move. As she held her cross necklace to her arm and began to pray to her God, the Cleric decided that the Lantern Archon of her choices would be best suited. After all, with Angelus elsewhere, another flyer could help out the likes of Icarus or Ella. And so she prayed-

-until her prayer was answered, calling forth a glowing orb of light the size of her head. After the ball of light appeared, it loudly began to speak, "GREETINGS MORTALS! I AM REGINALD, WARRIOR OF THE LORD GOD-"
"STOP." Teri put a hand where she best approximated the Archon's mouth was and gave a pointed glare, "You're here for a limited time. Make the most of it and go help my allies. You're not allowed to kill or maim. Get going."
The ball of light looked surprised by the sass his summoner gave him, but simply answered with a demure, "DIRECT MY ASSAULT, AND I SHALL GO."
The Cleric pointed towards Icarus, "Help him take out the archers and gunners. If he asks, give him your name and tell him you're under me."
"UNDERSTOOD." and the ball of light disappeared, reappearing next to Icarus in the sky,

Teri casts Summon Monster 4, calling forth Reginald, the Lantern Archon. Reggie will hang around for 1 round/caster level (48 seconds), or until he is killed/defeated. 12 Seconds until the next 4th level spell.

(The Long Game) Blackwater City Express: David West, Jenny, David A, Maka Albarn, Melethia, Angelus, Shinia Hatashi

Angelus sighed as the younger (at least, young to a millenniums old dragon) members of her party squabbled and griped with one another and David (A) finally let out a big burst towards his frustrations, Angelus stepped in and gently spoke, "Alright, you're upset because of some unwilling world travels. You wouldn't be the first and you won't be the last. Now, let's try to work through our current objective, and perhaps we can find you two (Maka and David A.) a way home, alright? Now, where to- oh hell."

Of course, that would have worked out a bit better if a Japanese school-girl didn't suddenly show up in front of her and her compatriots. Pinching her nose, she gave an exasperated sigh and addressed the school girl, "Not to be rude, little one, but I don't think we're the ones you're looking for."
((Also, it's been a while for you, just so it's clear, Angelus is in her human form at the moment.))

(The Long Game) Blackwater City Express: (David) West, Jenny, David A, Maka Albarn, Melethia, Angelus, Shinia Hatashi

The sudden appearance of both Maka and Shinia was confusing as all hell for West.
"...Wait..Were you guys on the train or..." He asked as he made his way up to them.
"Okay, you (Maka) I remember seeing on the ship, sorry if I didn't get a chance to introduce myself. West, David West." He said before offering out a hand to her to shake.
He was about to repeat the act with Shinia, only to discover that she seemed to speak only in Japanese.
"...Anyone speak Japanese?....Anyone?..." He then asked the group, cursing the fact that his extent of other languages consisted only of European ones and even then, it was limited to insults and chants at football games.

Jenny meanwhile was keen to assist the most likely rather confused minds of Maka and Shinia, seeing how they both seemed to be suffering from the same status David A. was going though.
"Ohhh, I'm sorry to hear that Maka. Don't worry, just stay with us and I'll make sure you don't get in harms way, okay?" She first said to Maka before turning to Shinia.
"...I'm sorry, but I don't seem to understand what you are saying. Can you speak english? Ennnggg-liissshh?..." a strange white and green creature asked the high school student.

(The Ballad Of Stoneridge) Gilead, overlooking Stoneridge: Caim/Teri/Garm

"I'm right here shouting is excessive at best" he hissed at Reginald he looked down the archers were aiming at Reginald now
"I'm gonna cluster them together when you hit the ground raise hell,"
Icarus then started sending bolts at the ground driving the grounded archers into a smaller area Icarus smirked, a little shock and terror tactic he learned from a horror in the void. He then spiked Reginald down like a volleyball so The Archon plummeted to the ground fast
Icarus extended his arms.
"Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say: "Now have come the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of his Messiah. For the accuser of our brothers and sisters, who accuses them before our God day and night, has been hurled down."
He quoted he may have been missing the context but somehow that still felt a little fitting.

(The Long Game) Blackwater City Express: (David) West, Jenny, David A, Maka Albarn, Melethia, Angelus, Shinia Hatashi

The schoolgirl slowly calmed down and nodded to them. she sat back and had to take a minute to regain herself. "Sorry... i've been lost, i was shifted through all these weird places until it popped me out at you... it seemed to be searching for people as i appeared on the moon... in some sort of airship, some giant crater with all these weird robot corpses around with "AIM" on the side... a place called Aperture Science..." she said, trying to calm down still. "I'm Shinia..." she said to them, looking up.

That's when she noticed one of her favorite anime Characters and a pokemon standing infront of her. She shook it off as this was weird to begin with. "I don't know, but my family is a line reaching from ancient japan in a search for people who slaughtered and disrupted our line. Most of you seem to be magical and i hoped that you might be able to help me. Does the term 'Snake Princess' ring a bell?" she asked, taking a deep breath.

I was using the minor spellcasters to let Slin's Spell Resistance kick in - the major casters can punch through thanks to their extensive training, but she is fairly strong against incoming magic.

(The Ballad Of Stoneridge) Gilead, overlooking Stoneridge

Slindis gave Chris a good salute before she ran off, punctuating it with saying "Sounds good, Chris! Just keep it up and I'm sure you'll find a home here."

Rugal's concerns for Slindis regarding the spells seemed to have merit when she was blasted by some spells from the lesser mages, but the dust cleared with the spells having not much of an effect at all due to Slindis's high Spell Resistance. "Rugal, it's going to take more than these spells to punch through." Her comment was punctuated by heading to the enemy nearest Teri and backhanding him before a strong jab to the gut t knock him out, providing her Daughter with some protection.

Ella sighed as she waved back to Teri before shifting into a stance she'd been working on with Caim, Proudly declaring "Come at me, you weak-willed excuses for men!" as she went in right behind Caim. Even though she stayed on the ground, her agility in dodging the attacks set a small seed of doubt in the lesser fighters.

Ella is in the Pearl of Black Doubt Diamond Mind Stance! The more Ella is missed in melee, the harder she becomes to hit.

She even seized the opportunity granted by the attacks to lunge out and grab one of the men by the leg nefore throwing the man through a dense Crowd, impacting the people in it before he smashed against the wall of the fort with a crunching thud.

Ella is also using the Ballista Throw Maneuver! As part of this maneuver, you must succeed on a melee touch attack against your foe. You can then make a trip attempt against your enemy. You gain a +4 bonus on the ability check.
If you succeed in tripping your foe, you throw him in a 60-foot line. The target and all creatures in this area take damage. The thrown creature lands prone at the end of this line.

7 Maneuvers (Number 14, Number 12, Number 7, Number 13, Number 19, Number 8 and Number 4) before she needs to recharge for a post.

Devon was taking Fionn's advice as she infiltrated the city with Chris as she heard the muttered response in Drow, thinking to herself that it was good that she had casted her spell earlier. "Ol zhah natha ssrigg'tul ulu thalra dos 'zil al, Chris. Ol zhah seke Mal'ailen neitar yur'i, jhal ol fridj morfethe ol udossta emp'poss ulu harventh areion lu'inbau l'lodias doeb d'ghil." (It's a pleasure to meet you as well, Chris. It is true idiocy never changes, but it just makes it our job to cut through and get the people out of here.

After Chris ran off, Devon seemed stressed out as she curtly replied to Garm. "Damnit! I hear you, Garm, and I'll be right behind you!" Although she wasn't quite as suited to the stealth, she flipped a coin and pocketed it, hoping for some luck as she followed alongside Garm.

Devon casts Improvisation! She gains access to a floating "pool" of luck, which manifests as bonus points you can use as desired to improve your odds of success at various tasks. This bonus pool consists of 2 points per caster level for a total of 24 points, which you can spend as you like to improve attack rolls, skill checks, and ability checks, although no single check can receive a bonus greater than 6.

24 seconds until her next level 1 spell.

(The Long Game) Blackwater City Express

While the others went and vented their (Rather reasonable) frustrations, Mel decided to be helpful in her own way "That's a good point, Miss Jenny! We should stick together an' talk with others to help this go smoother... Bookworm (David A.), I'm sorry ya landed here but I'm here with the rest'a us to help you out. Same with you, Miss Sandy: We'll stick by ya, an' we'll make sure ya got someone on ya back."

This was punctuated by the way she greeted the girl with the nice looking uniform. "I can't say the name rings a bell, Ruby (Shinia), but we can back ya up nonetheless. Just stick with us, okay?" She offered her hand in a firm handshake to the dazed girl, proving to be a decent bit shorter than her at 4'8.

(The Ballad Of Stoneridge) Gilead, overlooking Stoneridge:

"We have a flyer here!" The Archers began to draw Dynamite Arrows to counter Icarus's lightning, they guessed soemthing was up there, whatever it was, it was intelligent enough to plan its attacks. "Right, where is it!?"


"He's straight up!, flush him out!!"

In response to the lighting, six arrows with dynamite strapped flew straight up, most to be intercepted by Archon. However one flew behind Icarus and exploded behind him, the man responsible taking just a second to brag before Archon knocked him out cold. Then the smoke cleared, they lost him again.

"Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say: "Now have come the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our Go-

"There it is! FIRE!" Another wave of arrows flew up, this time they would be easy to dodge. However, the Siege Mages now made their play. A barrage of two foot long icicles, starting their journey towards the Angel as bullets, flew towards the target. Now began the mage's response.

As Caim and Ella made their was through the gunline, they could see the Mages in the distance, seemingly unaffected by the oncoming crate of FUCK YOU addressed to them. Then came their response. They could hear a whistling noise gorwing louder and louder until an explosion landed, scattering the group though only injuring Teri. It was a howitzer shell, followed by it's true payload, a bolt of lightning struck the ground and split, striking Caim, Ella, Slindis and Rugal. And the bandits they were occupied with....

"Yeah, I'm not grinning madly during a firefight and hostage situation. Almost as if I'm a professional and not a sociopath!" Fionn figured there would be enough people making precision shots, so he went for suppression fire, herding the reinforcements from the town and forcing them to approach Vash and Edge.

Edge meanwhile was now forced to cover by the sniper of the tower he just collapsed, having taken the time it would take for the tower to actually collapse to jump off and pull out a revolver. His leg was broken, but he was alive at least. he was then backed up by a returning patrol, now taking aim... only to be forced to cover by a set of fireballs exploding right behind them. Fionn appeared behind him, "Nice knifework, those custom made?" he then fired another flame shot, this time blasting apart the new improvised cover of the collapsed tower the sniper and his backup were using, leaving them open for Edge. "Remember, just wound or disarm them."

It was at this point that Boss appeared in the tower with The Wanderer just as he was "finishing".

With all of this going on, Devon, Chris and Garm had no problem sneaking past, they spotted the church, still with patrolling sentries. They were still watching the area, ignorant of The Wanderer thanks to Deadshot and Icarus. "You think we should have had some with bill up in the tower?" "Nah, he's fine." They must have been guarding something in the church. The townsfolk perhaps?

Then Vash came into their view, and that of the sentries. They raised their guns at the man walking at a quiet stroll amidst the battlefield. "Um.... Hands up? Is he drunk?"

(The Ballad Of Stoneridge) Gilead, overlooking Stoneridge:

Icarus's eyes widened when the barrage of missiles flew at him he dropped down a few feet so the arrows flew past him meeting above him the icicles however had more luck spun to avoid two a third stuck but didn't break through his chain-mail, he managed to kick a fourth but in doing do the last icicle pierced his leg He bit down hard to not scream he needed a diversion luckily the Archon was providing chaos the ice cold injury made it too hard to focus an illusion, however that's when the dynamite exploded the shock wave hit Icarus like a brick wall. The shock-wave hurdled him a fair distance away he opened his wings to glide downward, holding himself close to try and recover quickly. he landed on a roof silently. he groaned luckily the very distracting explosion kept him hidden all he needed to do was not make too much noise.

(The Long Game) Blackwater City Express: (David) West, Jenny, David A, Maka Albarn, Melethia, Angelus, Shinia Hatashi

Shinia's appearance on the platform wasn't noticed by anyone getting off the train, except for one of the guards, who didn't even react. Fucking noble brats and their teleport scrolls...

From the platfrom, the gang could see the entrance to the city. However, this was a city-state, and as such there was a ticket check at the end of the platform with more securityn than they expected. Of course, it was only two guards in armor, one with what looked like a rifle just behind him resting on a wall. There was a third person, one of the Station staff checking tickets. From here he looked friendly enough.

From there on, the exit opebed onto the main street for the area, one of the old business districts made when the Castle was first constructed.


Sorry if I forgot to snip you >.<;

(The Long Game) Blackwater City: Business District : (David) West, Jenny, David A, Maka Albarn, Melethia, Angelus, Shinia Hatashi

With the gang finally out of the station, West was rather eager when he stepped out into the open.
"Ahhh yeah...I'm more of a city slicker, but I would live here. I would live here well." He chuckled as he took another look at the file.
"Alright, Dean Solitaire. Okay, guys, listen up, we're looking for a man by that name and...Well, I don't really have any other details so...Yeah. Best thing to do is to split up and check this place top to bottom. As for you young ones (David A., Shinia, Shinia), you can tag along, but stick close if the shit hits the fan, I'm going to need to ask you to duck and cover and leave the fighting to us. I'm not sure how much combat you've seen, but I don't want you getting hurt if you don't have to." He explained to the teenagers (Though strangely not the 13 year old elf, odd).
Granted, most of these newcomers most likely could kill him on the spot, but he didn't want to end up with the one non-magical
"Aside from that, just get to work, pick a spot and start asking around I guess. We don't seem to have anything else to work with." He then said as he began to walk onward, hoping to find the local watering hole, this heat was making him thirsty.
Still have no idea what the hell this place has to do with that alien fleet. Wonder why the Angels sent us here..."

Jenny meanwhile kept close to the newcomers and David Ashworth, going her best to ease them into the madness of the Rising Dawn.
"Alright, erm, Well...Were does everyone want to go!?" she laughed nervously, even with her new PhD from Philiemon, it didn't really help her out too much in this situation.
After all, you're talking to people who have been plucked from their homes and daily lives and thrown into what basically was a superhero group.
No amount of Med School could prepare you for that.

(The Long Game) Blackwater City: Business District : (David) West, Jenny, David A, Maka Albarn, Melethia, Angelus, Shinia Hatashi

David scowled at the man wandering away one more time and muttered a few obscenities under his breath, before looking around at the business district. He supposed it looked welcoming enough, but the student was getting that increasingly annoying feeling of déjà vu, as if he had been here or at the very least seen this place once before.

"Alright, erm, Well... Where does everyone want to go!?"

At her query, David sighed and took a moment to think. It would be better for him to quit his moping and be useful. That, and Melethia calling him out earlier provided him some motivation to do so. "...Well, given that we know next to nothing about this, Dean Solitaire, I suppose that anywhere is free game. We could just start off by going into any of the businesses around here to ask if the name is familiar at all."

(The Ballad Of Stoneridge) Stoneridge, Inside The Church: Boss

Boss didn't notice The Wanderer as he entered the church; he only noticed the man lying in a pool of his own blood. Boss stood there for a moment, unable to decide what to do, before doing the only thing he really could do; taking the grevously wounded man to Edge so he could maybe be treated.

The Wanderer maintained vigil the entire time, not noticing his fresh kill or Boss leaving.

(The Ballad Of Stoneridge) Stoneridge, Outskirts: Boss, Edge

Edge didn't like Finnon's attitude, but he decided to go along with it anyway. Boss was the same way; never kill anyone if they couldn't help it. "Thanks. I make them myself, most of the time." Edge said, listening to the sound of guns firing. "Sounds like eight men; nine if you count the sniper. Most of them with revolvers. Couple with rifles." A loud POW went off in their vicinity. "And one of them just picked up the sniper rifle. Stay here, I think I can ta-"

Just then, Boss teleported in, wounded gunman in tow. "He's hurt!" Boss said. "The ground under him was covered in blood! You have to help him!"

Edge sighed, and tucked his gun into his belt. "Fine. You take care of the gunmen, I'll..." Edge looked at the man; his throat had been slit, and he had lost a great deal of blood. Edge wasn't precisely sure he had the power to do anything, but he would try. "I'll do what I can for him."

Boss nodded, and teleported beside the gunmen, blasting them with enough sand to knock them all over as he did. "ALL OF YOU ARE GOING TO STOP!" he shouted as the dust settled, and waited for their move.

(The Ballad Of Stoneridge) Gilead, overlooking Stoneridge: Teri, Reginald, Caim

"Your Ladyship, look out!"
Teri didn't even have a chance to move by the time the Howitzer shell hit, the impact knocking the Cleric off her feet and landed on the ground with a pained cry of "FUCK!" (as landing on a quiver of arrows was never great for chiropractic purposes), and slowly rolled on her side to try and right herself up. Shrapnel stuck out her robe, but Teri didn't feel any pain from it, no doubt on account of the enchantments on her equipment. Thinking on how she owed Devon for the robe, Teri began to focus on her Healing Aura again, the warmth of the positive energy beginning to pulse through her being, aiding in taking away some of the pain. No doubt, the others would need it in a pinch. The Cleric scanned the battle field for her comrades, and spotted the mages further ahead of the group hit by lightning, the mages getting ready for some spell or another. "T-that can't be good. Sadei, get into your bow form, if you'd be so kind?"

As liquid silver began to dribble down her arm and form into a bow, Teri grabbed a water bottle from her satchel and uncapped it with her teeth, waiting for the bow to be completely formed. After Sadei finished, she splashed the bow with some of the water and spoke in Celestial incantations; covering the bow with a pale sheen. Teri stood up with a start following the casting, took a defensive, if shaky, stance with her bow, and nocked an arrow before letting it fly at one of the mages's limbs; and began to try a shaking walk to her allies. Healing spells needed to be cast, and a touch spell only reached so far.

Teri has cast Frost Weapon, imbuming Sadei with a (nonlethal) Frost enchantment, doing an extra 1d6 of for each successful strike.
30 seconds till next 2nd level spell
6 seconds till next 4th level spell

Teri has shifted into Ocean Stance. This gives a +3 bonus to Wisdom (making it a 25 with equipment), a bonus to dodging blows, and +3 to all of her saving throws. This allows Teri to keep a cooler head, and maintain accuracy through thought and analysis. However, her Strength is reduced (-2, making it an 11 with equipment).

Caim let back a gasp, mentally crying out in pain as the electricity traveled through his body and discharged. This wouldn't be the first time that the warrior had felt such an attack on his person before, but it certainly wasn't any better than the other time. Even so, the warrior persisted, and glared at the mages who brought the onslaught to them. Shaking off the initial jitters, Caim did as he usually did, lowered his head before readying a charge, an angry, wordless growl coming from his PDA, as he forced himself ahead and thrust his blade forwards, hoping the sonic energy generated would do something to his opponents.

As for our wayward Archon? When he was last seen, Icarus had pretended he was a baseball and lobbed him down to his enemies below. After clobbering into some poor soul's head, the Archon activated his Aura of Menace (DC 12) and shouted boldly to his opponents, "GREETINGS MORTALS! I AM REGINALD, ARCHON OF THE LORD GOD! IF YOU LAY DOWN YOUR ARMS, YOU WILL NOT BE KILLED AT LEAST, I THINK THAT'S WHAT MY SUMMONER IMPLIED. OTHERWISE, DO NOT SAY I DID NOT WARN YOU!"

After boldly announcing his intentions, Reginald floated higher into the air and fired off two rays of extraordinary light, one for two different attackers.

Aura of Menace (Su): A righteous aura surrounds archons that fight or get angry. Any hostile creature within a 20-foot radius of an archon must succeed on a Will save to resist its effects. Those who fail take a -2 penalty on attacks, AC, and saves for 24 hours or until they successfully hit the archon that generated the aura. A creature that has resisted or broken the effect cannot be affected again by the same archon's aura for 24 hours.

(The Long Game) Blackwater City: Business District : (David) West, Jenny, David A, Maka Albarn, Melethia, Angelus, Shinia Hatashi

Angelus feigned an unknowing shrug as Shinia asked about the Snake Princess. It would be better (for the moment) if she pretended to know nothing; the others had nothing to do with that battle from so long ago.
"No doubt, this will come to a head later. I will have to mention it to Caim and Rugal after their- Ack!"

Angelus froze in her place as she felt the pain of Caim's brush with electricity course through her mortal form; clutching to her sides in an attempt to stay in place. No doubt, however, the outburst was bound to be noticed, and Angelus gave a few heavy gasps before trying to continue the conversation, "I *gasp* Am not certain *huff* if speaking to every person about this *pant* is the best of ideas. It might alarm our quarry. If he is a leader of a company, he would stick to higher class establishments. No doubt there is a hierarchy in place here; and services for each member of the social ladder. In my experience, bars or other such places would be the place to look. That's where I intend to look. Anyone want to come with me?"

(The Long Game) Blackwater City: Business District : (David) West, Jenny, David A, Maka Albarn, Melethia, Angelus, Shinia Hatashi
The girl frowned at the lack of knowledge among the group about the snake princess, then she sighed, looking around and rolling her neck to crack it. "I don't know, i'll follow you thouhg miss Gardevoir." she said and and decided to follow jenny. "But might i ask... how are you real?" Shinia asked, poking her shoulder and calming down while being in the presence of two supposedly fictional characters.

She then looked around the group and decided to offer up her help. "If he uses magic and you could get me a bit of his mana, i should be able to track him." the school girl explained. On her neck, the red crystal seemed to pulse a glow and Angelus could almost feel as if something was staring at her through the crystal.

(The Ballad Of Stoneridge) Gilead, overlooking Stoneridge:

Chris shook her head as she saw Vash just stride out into the open, in plain view of all the sentries. "Zhah uk... galla ulu inbau uktan elggen?(Is he... trying to get himself killed?)" She looked back at Garm and Devon, pointing to one of the sentries who was still looking dumbfounded at Vash. No time for any more detailed conversation than that, not if she wanted to help out.

She ran silently up to her own unaware target, the one closest to her and behind the other sentries. Her hand pulled out the needle she'd had ready, its steel darkened with the sticky sleep poison. She placed one hand over the sentry's mouth and jammed the needle into his neck, holding him as silently as she could while she waited for the venom to work.

(Four doses of sleep poison left)

(The Ballad Of Stoneridge) Gilead, overlooking Stoneridge: Rugal/Deadshot

"...Oh boy, INCOMING!" Rugal shouted as the howitzer fired, bringing up his Dark Barrier shield to protect himself.
While he was expecting a heavy amount of resistance, a mortar shelling was not was he had in mind.
The all too familiar ring of the massive projectile in his ears as it landed was not the most pleasant in the world, The lighting wasn't much better, but luckily for him, only the latter hit him.
As it struck against him, His shield absorbed most the arc heading for him, electrically charging it at the cost of having a live current flowing though his forearm.
Gritting his teeth, he flung the shield at an nearby enemy before shaking off the static on his arm.
As he glanced around the battle field at the damage the shelling caused, what caught his eye was Teri on the ground from the impact.
"TERI!" He shouted, mostly from concern and partly because his hearing was shot.
Instantly, his attention shot towards the mages that called that attack, oh what he was going to do to them.
Charging at them with his slashing aura up, something tells me that they weren't going to be spared any mercy.
Or even worse, they would...

Deadshot meanwhile watched as his "Amazing" "Plan" to catch the enemy off guard was a success, his flanking and getting their attention allowing for a good pincer assault...Whatever the hell that was.
"YEAH! GO BACK TO ISTANBUL YOU FRENCH CU-OWWWWWWW!" He shouted right as Vash was kind enough to shut him up by grazing a bullet by his ear.
"THE HELL!? I'M ON YOUR SIDE YOU PRICK!" He shouted as he moved forward, firing at the enemy as he did.
When he finally caught up to Vash, he was standing right in front of the church with about a dozen guns pointed at him.
"HOLD IT RIGHT THERE! NO ONE IS GETTING AT SHOT AT HIM BEFORE I DO!" He then shouted before he fired his wrist guns at them, aiming to get a few kills while Vash had their attention.

Storm-1788, Alpha (Inside Storm's helmet), Wanderer, Chris, Deadshot, Rugal, Boss, Edge, Vash, James, Teri, Caim, Garm, Slindis, Ella, Fionn, and others that I did not count.
Location: (The Ballad Of StoneRidge) Gilead, overlooking Stonebridge:


Not noticing his kill or Boss leaving, the Wanderer's invisibility field from the Stealth Boy finally wore off. Examining the rifle from his latest victim, it was in a condition that was not fit for his kind of duty. Looking down he noticed his bloody gloves. "Crap." He muttered, his mind almost going to overdrive at the sight of the crimson liquid. Shaking his head, he saw that everyone was in quite the battle, "Yeah, I am not going to be ignored ... tag your in." Wanderer said before his eyes turned red.

"Ah, my pleasure." His awakened darker side, a evil smile shining through. Placing the razor blade back within his inventory, his other hand reached inside his coat and when both hands were pulled out, two nasty guns came with them. Climbing off the tower window and dropping down to the Church roof, the dark personality introduced himself in quite the manner. "Ya'll are fucking up my town, and it looks like Sheriff Motherfucker has to put it back in order!!!" He said before pulling up the rifles in each hand.

"Pew pew! Say "hi" to God for me!" He said before firing on any figure that moved, unless they looked noticeable like Rugal, Vash, or Storm. In any case, lasers and bullets started to spray like a fireman's hose. It didn't help that the mad man on the roof was covered in blood too.

(Note:I would do a part for Storm, but I have no idea what is going on. >.<)

(The Long Game) Blackwater City: Business District : (David) West, Jenny, David A, Maka Albarn, Melethia, Angelus, Shinia Hatashi

David kept walking around the streets, trying to get his bearings before he flagged down one of the locals and asked "Oi you! Where's the nearest watering hole? Go a throat like sandpaper."

Jenny let out a slight chuckle at Shinia's question on how she was real.
"Heh, Well, when two Gardevoirs love each other VERY much...And if it helps, I'm not really "From" this world. But don't worry, I'm just as real as everyone else here! The same for...Maka, was it?" She answered, gesturing to her as he did.
"As for tracking him with Mana, we'd still need to find him first."

(Short banter post is short)

(The Ballad Of Stoneridge) Gilead, overlooking Stoneridge

The electricity blast did char Slin's garb, but she didn't seem all that affected by it as she shook her limbs. Sure, it hurt like heck, but she wasn't a stranger to getting hurt. It did remind her to turn around and pat Teri on the back before she leapt into the fray alongside Rugal. "Rugal, Teri, we're breaking through!" She even shifted her fighting style to mirror her daughter's own, picking the foes apart with well-timed counters.

Slindis has shifted into Ocean Stance, which grants +2 Wisdom, +2% dodge, and +3 to all Saving Throws at a cost of -2 Strength. Strength=32. Wisdom=25.

7 Maneuvers (Number 14, Number 12, Number 7, Number 13, Number 19, Number 8 and Number 4) before she needs to recharge for a post.

Ella took the lightning surprisingly well thanks to the natural resistances from her bloodline and armor, seizing the supposed moment of surprise to begin lunging through even further alongside Caim. "Caim, I know you can take more than that, so show them already!" The more they could keep the attention on herself and Cami, the more time Devon would have in there.

Devon uses a bit of her luck as she sneaks onward, sticking relatively close to Garm as she avoids some of the gunfire headed her way. "Gaer ph'mzil klezn nindel shlu'ta tlu xxizz'a ghil, Chris. Mal'ailen zhah naut uss d'nindyn. There are many things that can be helped here, Chris. Idiocy is not one of those."

Improvisation points used=12 (6 each for Hide and Move Silently). 12 left, and 18 seconds until another level 1 spell.

She knew the talking from another language had to be confusing to Garm, but the talk about others being held at some kind of church definitely drew her attention!

(The Long Game) Blackwater City Express

Melethia immediately nodded, walking over to Annelus with a bit of concern written on her face. "I'm gonna stick with you... I mean, you got the right idea here, Redscale, and I think I could use somethin' to eat after all of that." With that, she stuck near Angelus as she looked to the nearest tavern.

Secret Base

"Looks like they saw the email that let's them know we're watching. Now have one of our spies unleash the real Digital Package into their systems. Also tell him that if he's found he is to commit suicide, preferably doing it in a way that involves a large explosion. In the meantime I'll be dimension jumping with Matt Hargreave to see if we can find something interesting to steal. You have control until I get back," Ken told his assistant. He then pulled out a thick tablet, hit a few buttons, and disappeared in a small flash of light.

Look over there, a komodo dragon. *Deletes post*

(The Long Game) Blackwater City: Business District : (David) West, Jenny, David A, Maka Albarn, Melethia, Angelus, Shinia Hatashi

David had noticed Angelus' momentary discomfort but said nothing regarding it, having decided that it would be better to not call attention to it at the time. Perhaps later he would ask.

At Melethia's joining Angelus's party however, David hopped in soon after. "H-hey! I'll follow too! I'm not going to be left out again." The student strode over by Angelus and Melethia, ready to join in there search of the local watering hole for some substantial information regarding Solitaire.
...He hoped.

Location: Cyber-Division, G-corp HQ 65th floor, Tokyo, Japan

As the hackers and data-miners of the G-Corp Cyber-Division kept up their efforts to maintain order in company operations, Violet had taken to napping on the job, just from the sheer Boredom of it all.
Face down on the keyboard of his command center, drooling as he snored, his slumber was disturbed by an alert on his screen.
"Unauthorized upload detec-....Meh..." He said as he locked and shut down the computer that the virus bomb was going to be uploaded to and went back to sleep.

The process was halted as the spy got the following error message:


(The Ballad Of Stoneridge) Gilead, Church and Sentries:

Garm looked very confused at Devon and Chris chattering away in some language he knew nothing about, his ears falling flat against his head as his bangle addressed Devon's Ring, "Is there something important I'm missing here? I'm not understanding what you two are talking about."

However, that question could be set aside for the moment, as Chris already jabbed a needle into one sentry (at least, Garm could guess that these folks were their quarry). Looking to two sentries quietly minding their business, Garm's jaws parted open wide before a 15 foot cone of ice shot towards the two sentries.

Garm uses his Winter Wolf breath weapon, causing 4d6 (Reflex 16 for half) of ice damage on his targets. 24 seconds before this breath weapon can be used again.

(The Long Game) Blackwater City: Business District : (David) West, Jenny, David A, Maka Albarn, Melethia, Angelus, Shinia Hatashi

David's train of thought was ended by a well-timed newspaper whacking him in the head. It landed on the ground and stared at him, or it would, if it wasn't an inanimate object. The headline read "Rail Tycoon Celebrates Recent Success With Gambling Binge", a lower article "Cat plays with ball yarn all through night" conveyed how little there seemed to be going on that day. For them though, the head article looked to be the one thing they needed.

Luas Lasrach acting CEO Dean Solitaire arrived in Blackwater last week to open the new Gunsmoke line, and has promptly spent the time not at publicly speaking indulging in his taste for gabmling. Solitaire has been in the Facilier Casino for the past three days, and is presumably still there. There has been discussion as to whether or not his prvate life is the business of the public....

Well that's convient now isn't it?

Storm-1788, Alpha, Wanderer, Chris, Deadshot, Rugal, Boss, Edge, Vash, James, Teri, Caim, Garm, Slindis, Ella, Fionn, Icarus and others that I did not count.
Location: (The Ballad Of StoneRidge) Gilead, overlooking Stonebridge:

Icarus looked down from the roof he was on he could see that the battle was taking a definite strong turn in favor of the heroes. Icarus knew humans could when pushed, turn to panic, he decided to use a fear tactic. but he'd have to be fast he opened his wings wide. he swooped fast the army saw a dark blur and suddenly one of the mooks were gone, another blur and yet again but they weren't lost a few minutes later they fell down from the sky screaming. Icarus swooped down smashing into a group of them knocking them over. he grabbed tow prone soldiers throwing them into the crowd. he took in a deep breath and let out a scream, but it was nothing like anyone had expected, their was something primordial something terrifying in that horrible sound.

Icarus kept himself a few feet in the air, lightning charged in his fingers.

(The Long Game) Blackwater City: Business District : (David) West, Jenny, David A, Maka Albarn, Melethia, Angelus, Shinia Hatashi

"OW-Hey what the hell!?" David shouted into the crowd at whomever had thrown his newspaper at his head.
While he was tempted to bust a cap in someone's ass, he paused when he saw it, clear as day: Their target was in the newspapers!
"...Huh...Well, I feel like an idiot...HEY! WHO'S FEELS LIKE GAMBLING?! OUR GUY IS AT THE CASINO! COME ON!" He then shouted at the others as he held up the paper to the others before making his way to the casino, though he realized he felt a little under-dressed for the situation.
Eh, it's the Wild West, how classy would everyone be dressed?

Ken had known that the virus bomb probably wouldn't work, he had instead been counting on the mental instability of this spy. So instead of trying to get away, the spy detonated the 20 pounds of C4 he had snuck in 1 pound at a time. This had the effect of taking out a couple floors, destroying some important stuff like the server room on the floor above the blast, and killing some people. Needless to say that G-Corp had definitely been crippled by this attack.

Location: Cyber-Division, G-corp HQ 65th floor, Tokyo, Japan



Violet was violently awakened as the spy blew himself up, taking out the power grid to that sector and causing the backup power to come on, coating the room in the dark red glow of the emergency lighting.
He knew instantly as he shot up awake and screamed: "AHHHHHHHHHHHH! IT'S

Violet began to pace around the room until power was restored.
"Attention all personnel, A military grade explosive was detonated in the public terminals on floor 45 and the Server Room was damaged as well as Floors 42 though 47. All repair bots and personnel report to the blast site. Also, could Dr. Violet come up to my office..."
"...Oh hell..." Violet groaned, he just KNEW he was going to be blamed for this...

[1] Arch Angel of Water

In Some Other Universe

"So does your device able to tell what universe we're in?" Matt asked Ken as they found themselves in the city of an advanced civilization. "Only if we're in a universe that's tied to some movie/book/game. Otherwise it just lists as Universe 1, Universe 2, and so on, with a brief explanation. Right now it tells me we're in the Mass Effect Universe; between 2 and 3 is what it says here," Ken said to Matt.

"Then I know where we are. Take use into space and we should be able to steal a pretty big spaceship. That's assuming your "cubes" actually work," Matt said as he put on a space suit. "They're infinite storage cubes[1] and they'll work so long as we don't hit the item size limit," Ken said as he put on a space suit as well. When they were both dressed for space, a hollow plasma cube formed around them and rocketed them into outer space.

[1] stolen from highly advanced aliens

Kazuya, Violet
Location: CEO's Office, G-corp HQ 70th floor, Tokyo, Japan

"-And that's why I think it was actually Janitor's fault. I mean, I stopped the hacking, I didn't know he walked around with c4!" Violet awkwardly stammered as he attempted to explain why a large chunk of the building was blown up yet again.
Kazuya, being himself, was less then pleased with his response.
"And why your going to be working over time for the next 6 weeks. Damn that Ken..."
"WHAT?! It's not my fault the scanners and guards didn't pick it up!"
"Violet...Shut. Up. We need to return the favour..."
"How do we do that? Even if we tracked the location of his base, there is no way Ken will allow us to send any meaningful deployment of troops."
"I know that, you imbecile. Fortunately, we have other options..."

Violet went to protest before Kazuya motioned for him to shut up as he opened up one of the drawers at his desk and pulled out a specialized looking phone.
Dialing on it, he brought it up to his ear before saying "Password: Deadlier then the Dawn. Access Code: 1099. It's Kazuya. And I'm a calling in a favor..."

"Finally! Been waiting ages to get back into this game!"
Location: Outside Secret Base, Where-ever that is

Out of the effective range of any of the Bases defenses, a bright orange flash suddenly appeared, a teleporter to be exact, straight from the Blue Dragon, before a figure covered in frost and scars appeared out of it.
"-WAIT-WAITWA-....GAHHHHH!" Blade cursed, barely minutes after completing his objective in the frozen wastes of Kazakh, his current master Strider Hien had dropped him into yet another mission without so much as a supply drop.
Still shivering slightly from the cold he had been working in for the past 6 months, rubbed his arms as his HUD brought up a new objective.

Objective : Assault the base

"...Oh wonderful..." The Groyvle then groaned, sure, some of the higher ranked Striders were able to wipe out entire military installations by their own, Hell, both of his masters, Hiryu and Hien, could boast that.
But even then, they had time to prepare and get ready, something that Blade was denied time and time again.
"Right...It's official...He's trying to kill me..." He sighed as he pulled up his face scarf and began making his way towards the base, keeping out of sight as he did.
Jenny...Hope your keeping save...

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