The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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(The Ballad Of Stoneridge) Gilead, overlooking Stoneridge

Chris turned her head as Devon spoke, just in time to see the guard she hadn't noticed fall to the ground, obviously quite lifeless. She opened her mouth for a moment to protest, then shut it again as she realized she couldn't really argue with the necessity of the action - after all, Devon had just potentially saved her life. "Bel'la dosThank you, miss Devon. Usstan... shinilja whol naut elhearin mina.I... apologize for not noticing them." She quickly patted down the guard she'd dragged over under cover, looking for any keys he might have carried, but someone this far back wouldn't have anything like that.

She'd already started heading towards the front of the church when Boss appeared, getting ready to reply before he teleported into the church and started untying the hostages. She chuckled softly at a joke only she seemed privy to, shaking her head as she made it to the front doors of the church, barred to keep people from just leaving. It was but a few moments' work to ease the plank of wood from the iron rests, then she pulled the doors open, staying careful to keep hidden behind the doors, trying not to attract too much attention to herself. Best to leave the actual dealing with the ex-prisoners to more personable sorts, after all.

(The Ballad Of Stoneridge): Caim/Teri

Before the Cleric could speak regarding her condition, the tablet on a strap bleeped to life, Dimitri speaking through it, "Her Ladyship and User: Slindis' condition should improve so long as they remain within the proximity of the Healing Aura, Sir. Furthermore, User: Slindis has already seen to Her Ladyship's condition with a healing spell, a favor Her Ladyship returned as well."
Teri gave a sheepish nod to Rugal's fussing, Dimitri haven spoken on her behalf and added in, "I think you should be a little more worried about yourself, Dad. I would exert caution in getting those icicles out, they might have jagged edges and tear at your flesh some more if you take them out forcefully. Otherwise, I'd advise you stay within reach of my Aura, and some of it can be worn off."
Following that, she began digging through her satchel for her medical tools before descending upon the now KOed Mages. They didn't have to be in tip top condition, but Teri was going to see that those broken bones would be set and on the path to recovering properly before the bandits were to be turned into the proper authorities. That and Slindis would be more than able to handle any wounds the Cleric wasn't attending to.

As for Caim, he kept an eye out on the mages that Teri was attending to, keeping his blade at the ready in case any of them try to take advantage of the medic working on them. As he did so, he sent a message over the rings to those around them, "Mages taken care of. Any reports from the other districts in the town?"
As he awaited a response, Caim gave a solemn nod of acknowledgement to Ella; which, coming from her battle master, was something of a sign saying "Good job" to the Succubus.

Inside the Church - Garm

As Devon and Edge worked on getting the townspeople out of their bonds, Garm kept back, knowing full well that creatures of his species tended to frighten others; especially given his size. (Unless of course, he was called over for help), Garm wandered around the church and kept his nose to the air for any suspcious scents. So far, he could only detect the basics that made up a creature in fear; sweat, urine, salt... Nothing like rotten eggs or gunpowder so far. However, he kept a vigil as he moved about, and stopped when he noticed Chris staying near the back. Upon reaching her, his head tiled with curiosity and asked, "I know that people are scared of wolves, but I don't know why they'd be scared of elves. Why are you back here with me?"

(The Long Game) Blackwater City: Facilier Casino : (David) West, Jenny, David A, Maka Albarn, Melethia, Angelus, Shinia Hatashi

There was only a moment's triumph as the group passed the bouncers, and Angelus was about to give congradulations to each of the party-

Only to be swept away by a group of overzealous busboys hopping to earn a tip or a raise from patron or employer alike. The next thing she knew, she was sitting at a bar and being inquired about a drink. Giving it some thought, she told the barkeep, "Some tea would be nice, if you have it. Something spicy. If not that, then I suppose a dry red wine would do."
No need to be getting one's self completely plastered while on a mission. However, the woman with the whiskey was another thing to consider. As the others were hustled in varying other areas, Angelus sent over the ring to David (West), "David, you wouldn't happen to know a woman in a duster, would you? I am seeing a woman in a similar uniform as your's... If not that, do you know if UNIT is sending anyone else with us?"
As she awaited her beverage (and West's response), the dragon-in-human-guise did her best to appear nonchalant around her quarry.

(The Long Game) Blackwater City: Facilier Casino : (David) West, Jenny, David A, Maka Albarn, Melethia, Angelus, Shinia Hatashi

Shinia was lost as she'd never played roulette before. "No thanks... i think i'm going to take these and run." she smiled and went off with her chips to get some food at the bar, it'd been a while since she'd eaten.


A man with a lare crimson trenchcoat, crimson hat and glasses, sat down at the black jack table. Setting down a massive bag next to himself, which looked like it could store one or two corpses in it, he reached in and put down five grand worth of chips on the table. "Suuuup." he said, greeting the people. "I want you to deal me in, but do it all coolly, and don't make any of those stupid accents when you do it either. I'm a bawler, not a bitch." he said to the dealer, his massive sack being filled with chips.

The Ballad of Stoneridge
Location: The City Stoneridge


Humanoid Typhoon or not, the absence of this member was hardly a relief from the terrible misconduct of human resources Stoneridge was experiencing. Death was ultimately the most grievous and wasteful of any sort of production, and in a barren wasteland like Stoneridge, life was even more precious. There is no second chance for those faced with death, immortality a simple folly of those fortunate enough to be long lived. The laws of Causality withstanding, killing was not the realm of humankind, but rather a right belonging to a divinity that did not exist, which in essence pointed to the conclusion that murder was never justified. Creation was precious, and destruction too natural.

This was what Vash understood as he kept solemn watch over Stoneridge, his fingers dancing on the drum of his Colt. Yet some force compelled him to stay his hand. Her turned his gaze away from the aftermath of the firefight. Despite the Gunman's good intentions, the zealous devotion the other members had toward violence turned his stomach. He should have stopped them, stayed the fighting a little bit. Saved what meager lives he could have. There had been many instances before on Gunsmoke where he had done such, leaving to killings in a firefight, weaving between gunmen, disengaging pistols, rifles, explosives and moving away without being noticed, or being misinterpreted as a idiotic buffoon. He could not do that here. Here he had no jurisdiction, and it ate away at his very heart and soul. Vash placed a gloved hand on his face and gently massaged the bridge o his nose. He stared into the middle distance, the falling sun danced in the pols of his yes.

"There is nothing master can do," BlackHarte said. The little black mass had less humor in his voice as the long day had passed. His cheerful air faded into the simple processes of a mechanical creature.

"I'm not your master, I'm your friend," Vash answered, his eyes straight forward, but his mouth contorting into a twisted friendly half-smile.

BlackHarte paused and looked out over the city himself, casting his eerie green gaze upon the still dusty world. "There are survivors in need of assistance. You ought to help."

"They are being handled by more capable hands. I'm no doctor, it is better if I stay out of their way."

"Master is rather unsociable." BlackHarte said. He swung his body across Vash's shoulder and hooked himself on the otherside, building a grotesque pitch scarf around Vash's red trenchcoat.

Vash forced a laugh, but it came out much less than a forced chuckle. "I'm useless here, only good for killing. I cannot partake in any other form of phenomena intervention." Vash stood up and took a step off the roof, landing in the hazy street below. The bowing sun was hot against his skin, but Vash felt little discomfort.

"Where did master hear that phrase." BlackHarte seemed suddenly interested, possessed by another type of being entirely. His voice was haggard and violent, brusk yet flowery. It felt as if a million different consciousnesses were trying to speak at once through a medium that was far too limited to encompass all of them.

"I'm not your master," Vash repeated, heading slowly toward the Church. He picked up the Colt in his right hand and placed it gently on BlackHart'e single green eyes, "and I was warned about you," Vash gave a grim lost, regretful smile. The gun discharged and the black mass dropped to the floor, writhing in simulated pain. The lights on his black skin flickering on and off. "The girls warned me about you before they sent me here," Vash finished. He pulled the collar of his jacket over his face and slipped on his sunglasses.

"You're a monster, just like me." Vash stepped into the church.


The (Un)Real World
Location: Wells Fargo Tower | San Francisco | California
Time: July 4th, 2014

Deborah | Titania

"Why does mistress always insist on spending her time at the highest elevation in the immediate area?" Deborah was sitting crosslegged with her back against the final slant of the tower before it tapered off into communication atenas. The bitter wind whipped into her skin an caught between her tanga and her body, lifting it uncomfortably. She pressed softly on it to smooth it out and glanced scornfully down at the streets below. The Golden Gate sparkled deep azure in the distance, reflecting the magnificent luminescence of the summer sun. Her top and tanga were uncomfortably loose, Titania has spent the entire day pulling and tugging at them while they browsed the streets of the city. Deborah had only originally agreed to wear the outfit because the humid heat of the city in the summer months was well known, but she had not anticipated, perhaps in a fit of blindsighted naivete, that Titania would not use every single moment and excuse to try and make her indecent. Titania had succeeded a sizable number of times, and many of those times while in crowded sections of the city. Though, no one really seemed to care.

Titania herself wore a pareo and a brandau, both in a matching sea blue and leaf green mix. Her long white hair was done up in a small bun at the back of her head and she wore thin black sunglasses to cover her green eyes."I Like to feel like I'm taller than everyone else once in a while."

"Could you not just make yourself taller? Why do you insist on keeping that fourteen year-old appearance."

Titania padded over to Deborah and pressed a hand onto her flat stomach and played teasingly with Deborah's navel. "Because it makes me look innocent and cute."

"It makes you look like something out of Nabokov's Lolita."

Titania pouted and sat down next to Deborah, slipping her self under Deborah's arm and fitting snugly into the nook of her underarm and breast. "Because I like to be able to do this." Titania closed her eyes and turned her head toward Deborah. Deborah grimaced, Titania's acts of affection always felt tainted in some way. An indescribable terror beat away at the pit of the Blue Sorceresses' stomach.

"Is there anything you want to do before the fireworks come?" Titania snaked her hand upwards from Deborah's navel. Deborah caught her with her own hand and held it firmly. "Other than that."

"You're not fun, slave." Titania opened her eyes and smiled sweetly. "How about you tell me how Vash is doing?"

Deborah waved her left hand and summoned the old leather bound tome again. She took it with both hands and opened it to a blank page. Deborah gasped and snatched Titania's hand again, "No."

"That time I didn't mean too. Just tell me how our Humanoid Typhoon is doing."

"Mr. the Stampede has taken out BlackHarte's physical body within the AA currently. He's heading to interact with a group within a church. The group consists of Garm, Chris, and a few others."

Titania lay her head softly across Deborah's lap and looked up, smiling, "I do enjoy it when we have a participant that actually listens to what I have to say."

"Mistress, you have to be more honest with yourself."

Titania reached out and grabbed Deborah firmly, she gave a terrible smile, "Well, isn't that the pot calling the kettle black."

"I didn't mean honest like that."

"I know."

(The Ballad Of Stoneridge): Ella/Slindis

Slindis stretched as she recovered, replying with a "Teri, they should be able to recover from here," as she replied to Rugal. "We can melt the ice out if we need to." After that, she checked around the town and patted the pair on the backs.

And as Ella worked with Caim, the pair cleaned up what they could see. "Caim, that was a lot easier than I thought it'd be." After that, she flew into the fort and began calling out the victory to those inside.

Inside the Church - Devon

It didn't take too long for Devon and Boss to cut the ropes, and Devon was one o the first to reassure those within by stating, "We're here to help, and we've got friends that are rooting out the mages and hostage takers as we speak." After that, she let Boss talk to the people as she moved over to Garm and Chris.

"They should be fine, guys. They could use some food and water, but no major injuries to speak of. And Chris, the save was no issue. Garm here can tell you we watch out for our own here."

(The Long Game) Blackwater City: Facilier Casino : (David) West, Jenny, David A, Maka Albarn, Melethia, Angelus, Shinia Hatashi

Since she'd managed to not be driven off, she tried to stay hidden as best as she could considering how much she was a young child in a casino and keep an eye on the man. SHe knew someone of interest when she saw them!

(The Ballad Of Stoneridge): Icarus
The Half-Angel flew downward and noticed the glowing aura around Teri.
"C-can you heal me?" He said showing Teri the large wound he got from the icicle spear.
he had a relatively deep puncture wound in his left leg, it managed to slip through his black mail.
He he was holding his leg tightly the majority of the townsfolk had run off.
He landed and was clearly trying to avoid putting his weight on the bad leg but then again the wound seemed deep.

Icarus cringed.
"I am literally RIGHT HERE, shouting isn't just unnecessary, its rude. Just SHUT UP"

(The Long Game) Blackwater City: Facilier Casino: (David) West, Jenny, David A, Maka Albarn, Melethia, Angelus, Shinia Hatashi

"HEYWHATSTHEBIG-OI-WHA-....The fuck!?" David stammered as the Casino's staff "Greeted" them before they dragged off his group every which way, so much for being a "Body Guard".
Still, once they cleared off, he realized that his group was okay, just they staff were REALLY into their job.
"...Oh...Well, No harm done then...I guess..." He remarked before he saw the old man at the Blackjack table.
"...Bingo. Making a move, Mel, Maka, cover me." He said to himself before Angelus contacted him, giving him pause.
"...Uniform? UNIT? That can't be right. Look, I think I have our man, Jus-...If you think it's important, engage her, otherwise, I'm moving on the target." He sent back over the rings as a man with a red tenchcoat entered the game.
"Oh yeah...Need some chips...unless..." He mused as he used all the brain power in his head to figure out a way to get in the game without having to borrow cash off Melethia.
"Hey Mel, Maka, if you go behind him, Make sure he doesn't have an easy exit, watch out for the bodyguard." He sent over the rings, the joys of non-verbal communication.
"Hey, Dealer, Deal me in. I'd like to use Credit to buy in. If I loose, I'll work the kitchen skin, sound fair?" He bluntly said as he took up a chair, smiling and nodding at the rich men around him.

Jenny meanwhile was far more worried about her situation.
"Hey, what the-.....Oh!?.....Ummmm....ahhh..." She gulped as he looked at the poker faces of all the people in front of her.
She knew how bad gambling was, how addicting it was, how it was all rigged and it was just a psychological trap designed to ruin peop- Oh hey, a Straight Flush.
"....All In!" She chuckled evilly as he shoved all her chips into the pot.

Location: A invisible box outside StoneRidge:

Time: "To kill!"


Several minutes went by, and thanks to the physical box and the sun, the Wanderer began to feel the heat. A drop of sweat fell off his chin and tainted the disturbed soil below him. Blinking several times, the Wanderer saw that the slight trench under the physical box was finally deep enough. Taking a heavy breath, the Wanderer began to move his jaw left and right slightly, in a grinding motion, then he opened his mouth.

"The person who left me here needs a bullet in his leg"

The Wanderer said before placing the shovel back into his inventory, then fitting himself in the trench, slowly dragging himself under the box while gripping the bottom edge. With one final push with bruised hands, the trapped one was finally free, most certainly crazier than before, this happens when someone locks you away. Giving a short sigh he looked up at the sun, giving a small smile, it was time to do what he always does.

Looking at his Pipboy, he chose the armour he usually wore in Navada, and it seemed this environment was similar. Lifting his hat, he pulled out a metal mask which surrounded his face like a dark shell surrounding his personality. Syncing his breathing with the mask's system he placed the hat back on top. Then the survivalist placed a more metal and combat ready armour on, checking that his injuries were well, the blade-like bones were back in place while the metal armour settled in place.

With all the armour in place, he pulled out a cloak which easily fitted around his neck, filling more and rips than Swiss cheese. The mask eye-holes lit up blue along with his eyes and his breathing slowed as the burning sun was off his back. "Cool ... cool. Ah, this is why I preferred the weather of DC." The Wanderer reminded himself as he started to walk back to the town, rifle in hand.

(The Ballad Of Stoneridge): Inside the Church - Garm, Chris, Devon

Chris pulled her hat a bit lower down around her head as she crouched down next to Garm, still hoping the doors would mostly keep her from view as she switched to English. "Mister Garm... my people are... known for... raiding communities like this on... other worlds. I don't know... if there are any here or not, so I'd... rather not worry... anyone unduly." She peeked out through a crack in the door, making sure things were still going smoothly. "And... everyone else seems to have... it under control, so..." She shrugged a little, the shadows covering her cheeks seeming to deepen for a moment. "I'm... not really needed right now beyond... making sure the doors are open enough for... people to leave."

As Devon approached, she looked up again. "Still... it was careless of me, so... I'll try to do better." She sighed softly. "I'm... still... very unknown to... all of you, so I... don't want to cause problems."

(The Ballad Of Stoneridge): Stoneridge

Fionn, wanting some answers on just what caused The Wanderer to go Dirty Harry on a retreating mob, began walking over to him while appraising the situation. The Drills needed to be rebuilt, but otherwise everything could be patched up easy enough. From what he could see, none of the townsfolk were harmed.

"Storm, you good with a hammer? I'm thinking we should help with repairing the place. Least we could do eh?" May as well try to be diplomatic. He was just following orders after all. Orders that killed milli- Fionn shook his head, going there again was the last thing he needed to do. He slowed his pace as he caught up to The Wanderer, "So, that was an interesting display there. You suffer from a curse or something?" He tried a careful approach, best not accidentally set him off again.

Inside The Church

"I-Is it over?" A man emerged from the Choir seating, with three people soon following. "You're not here to upstage them and finish what they started are you?" The man spoke with a combination of anxiety and fatigue, they had heard the battle outside and The Wanderer's "Moves" and were trying to prepare for the worst, and failing at that. The groups's anachronistic appearances didn't help. For all they knew, these were assassins sent in to silence the town.

Then he saw Garm. "N-nice Dog." He began laughing nervously. How can my day get any fucking worse!? At least everyone else is in The Fort. He tried to reassure himself, not sure if it was working.

(The Long Game) Blackwater City: Facilier Casino : (David) West, Jenny, David A, Maka Albarn, Melethia, Angelus, Shinia Hatashi

"I want you to deal me in, but do it all cooly, and don't make any of those stupid accents when you do it either. I'm a bawler, not a bitch."

"Very good sir." The dealer just shrugged and dealt the cards, so long as the guy didn't try to cheat, he couldn't be bothered with teaching proper manners, it's not his job now is it? The man in the checkered suit made a quick glance at the newcomer, before focusing on the game again. "Well I'm on a winning streak, might as well take my chances baby." he continued to speak with his 50's accent, either in defiance or ignorance of the new comer.

Then David sat down,

"Hey, Dealer, Deal me in. I'd like to use Credit to buy in. If I loose, I'll work the kitchen skin, sound fair?"

"You think I'm that stupid Sir? Get some chips before I call sec-"

"Wait Son." The man in the checkered suit grabbed 1,000 dollars worth of his chips, barely a dent in his winnings, and passed them over to David. "I like his moxie. Deal him in." He ignored the disapproving look from his bodyguard, her suspicions now growing, "I'm just going to take a break for a moment." She leaned back with a drink in her hand, watching David, Maka and the newcomer.

The woman in the bar meanwhile, noticed Angelus watching her. "Enjoying the view?", her voice containing the expected level of sarcasm. She continued to drink, glancing at Shinia as she approached the bar.

(The Ballad Of Stoneridge) Stoneridge: Rugal/Deadshot

Nodding and smiling at the safety of his family, Rugal began to get to work yanking out the ice shards in his forearm and bullets from his chest, tearing them out before lobbing them onto the hot desert sands, letting Teri's healing Aura take care of the holes in his flesh and his electrical burns afterwards, just another day at the office.
"It's fine. Won't make too much of a difference. Just so long as you two are okay. I'm going to move into the fort with Ella. If you choose to heal the fallen enemy, make sure you pacify them first. You may show mercy, but we can't be sure they will." He said to the Cleric and Drow before he went to move out, pausing as he saw the black winged angel getting treated for his leg wound
"You, Icarus was it? You did good out there. Get some rest after Teri is finished, You earned it." He friendly said before pausing to tug out another bullet out of his shoulder, as it it was a bit of dirt on his jacket.
Thus he then went over to the Fort as Ella flew overhead, spreading the good word of victory.
"Tch, Keep going on like that and you might as well call yourself an Angel. But what my comrade says is true, you can open up now." He joked at the Succubi in name only before calling for the towns folk to open up.

Back with Deadshot, he was too busy going though the tents and houses to really be much help with...well, anything.
By the time he was done, he was walking around with a potato bag worth of swag as he sneaked out by Fionn, Storm and Wanderer.
"Hey guys, check out all this stuff the tow-...The bandits left behind! Anyone got a wagon or something I can hold it all in? Don't feel like lugging this thing around all day" He boasted as he asked for help, figuring his Bluff stat was high enough to pull this off.

(The Long Game) Blackwater City: Facilier Casino: (David) West, Jenny, David A, Maka Albarn, Melethia, Angelus, Shinia Hatashi

"Seriously? I mean, if you *WANT* to give me your money, I'm not going to complain. Just when you are ahead, the idea is to stay there rather then foster your own doom." David chuckled as he accepted the buy in before chipping into the current pot as the bodyguard moved away.
As he waited for his cards to get dealed, he leaned back into his seat, his hand at his hip, ready to draw if he needed to.
"So...Solitaire was it? Tch, name certainly suits ya. You're that Train guy, right? Or did you retire to return to your natural environment?" He quipped, the quality of which was questionable given his current situation.

Meanwhile, Jenny was quickly starting to get sucked into the world of the cards as she looked around the table with a sly smirk.
"Can I get a red wine over here? I need something to wash down the tears of my playmates here!" She chuckled as she contemplated the morality of reading their minds for their cards.
....Hmmm....Perhaps only if I get low. Besides, I can read their bluffs, I'll be fineeeeeeee. she told herself as one of the waiters poured her a glass.
"Listen, Guys, if you have the farm riding on this, just say so. Then leave and send someone with some actual money over and stop wasting my time!"

(The Ballad Of Stoneridge):
Wanderer, Storm-1788, and Fionn
Location: StoneRidge

Walking briskly back towards the center of the town, the Wanderer kept turning his head backwards from where he came. The invisible trap box was obviously gone, yet his thoughts were focused on it. "Hopefully no one will came across it ... " He briefly muttered before turning his head once more, but instead, saw the slowly coming Fionn. Mentioning what happened during his previous "switching" left the Wanderer silent, for he was thinking how to answer the question.

"Split personality and Moral insanity ... I think. That's what it said in the medical book." He shrugged. While knowing that mental state is not like a normal being, he does not know how it began. Speculating mentally on how it was created, the Wanderer looked down at the dirt for a couple of seconds and pondered with his hand on his chin. "Mutation, technical enhancement, moral disruption, mental trauma, physical trauma, experimentation ... " The now armoured man muttered to himself. Breathing out and looking up to Fionn he could only say, "To be honest, I don't know how it began, it just is." He said with not much focus.

"It has been a long road, one filled with piles of bodies I cannot avoid." An invisible smile was painted on his face while he said that, for the truth always made him comfortable, even if it was dark as the crimson blood that came from his enemies and allies. Looking behind Fionn, Wanderer saw the also walking Storm. The 'Doctor' gave a wave to the spartan behind the gun-mage. "Concerning repairs of this town, I can help with any metal work. Regarding the 'Doctor', he is more for destroying than building." Storm said.

Yet just about Wanderer was about to object, the noise ran out from the helmet again. "Yet can be said about most of us, especially soldiers like me. Although I have experience from repairing this combat armour." He said with a lacking tone in his voice, as if he was on full "military mode". "... you bet your ass I have experience in other areas. I can fix anyone up with any ... most, materials. I can repair things too, but medicine is my preferred area ... " The Wanderer responded, pointing his gaze towards Fionn.

"So, what is there to do? I would simply hate if someone bled out on some nice dirt." He said softly kicking the ground. [1]Then the sneaky Deadshot walked by, hoping that the three would help him. Underneath Wanderer's metal mask was a cheeky grin, "I hope that all came from the corpses ... they're free game." Yet his eyes went sharp as he examined the bag, "Considering you keep bitching about that card, I can imagine you want some payment' from the town."

[1] Edited in

(The Long Game) Blackwater City: Facilier Casino: (David) West, Jenny, David A, Maka Albarn, Melethia, Angelus, Shinia Hatashi, Alucard

Shinia approached the bar and took out a hundred dollar piece from her winnings, putting it on the bar. "Umm.... i don't know how much food is served here. but best quality meat you have in the place please... and i guess water..." she ordered, sitting next to odd woman at the bar.

The girl looked rather innocent, hungry and stressed. but she also looked very open and friendly. She seemed week in strength and rather pathetic to be truthful. She was however searching around herself for magical signatures.

"Well, giving a man money, i didn't expect anyone to question. I mean who the fuck are you? the spanish inquisition?" Alucard asked David. Then the man and a massive number of people in the casino stopped and looked towards the main doors. "I swear to me, if those assholes happen to puss out like a bitch on me, i'm going to keep the peace all over them..." he mumbled to himself, expecting something to happen rather soon.

(The Ballad Of Stoneridge): Ella

"Who the hell are you!?" A man appeared above the gates of the fort and pointed a rifle at Ella, backed up by another three. They were probably the town's militia, hounded into the fort by the bandits. Hearing the chaos, they overlooked the battlefield and saw their now annhiliated attackers.

"...Y'all did this? What do ya want?! Ya'll bounty Hunters or somethin!?" He slowly lowered his rifle, still anxious about what he was seeing. Rugal's approach shook him again, seeing the man take so many bullets and not only survive but continue with barely slwoing down had freaked them out to say the least.


As Slindis Caim walked into the town, they could hear sporadic noises eminating from the general store. The crash of falling pans was then followed by a man falling through a window, his upper body completely tied up. He took one good look at Slindis, before yelling "WHAT ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO BE? CATHOLICS? JEWS?! SOCIALISTS?! BRITISH!!?? YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE, YOU HEAR ME!?" Before trying to run away. From what he was wearing he was likely the shopkeeper....

Wanderer, Storm-1788, and Fionn

"It has been a long road, one filled with piles of bodies I cannot avoid."

"So you've never thought of taking up painting I take it?" Fionn could only shrug at this point, he wasn't in charge of anyone here by any means. Well, if he turns again he could make a good distraction... He gave up on trying to ask any further and focused back on the town itself. It was a bit of a mess.

"Concerning repairs of this town, I can help with any metal work."

"Hmm. Well for a start, we could get those drills back up and running. Between the two of us I think we could get em fixed in a good amount of time." He scratched his chin again as he surveyed the town, noting the various examples of battle damage to the buildings. They were responsible for a good amount of it, so it was only right they help to rebuild. "Maybe I should have layed off the flame rounds....", he noted one of the roofs had exploded. Good thing that wasn't the gunsmith....

"So, what is there to do? I would simply hate if someone bled out on some nice dirt."

Fionn pointed to the wounded bandits, "I'd say we've a few dozen injured. Let's try to keep the body count down this time shall we? I'd look for the doc of the town, you could set up a triage in the meantime." Seeing Deadshot with his loot, all Fionn could do was shake his head.

(The Long Game) Blackwater City: Facilier Casino: (David) West, Jenny, David A, Maka Albarn, Melethia, Angelus, Shinia Hatashi, Alucard

"Well ma'am, I'll ask our head chef. Hey Ezio! We got a conisseur for ya!" Within six seconds the kitchen doors beside the bar exploded as a portly yet startlingly agile chef strode over to Shinia "Ey! You want the best-a in the house? I'll cook you the finest I have to offer! There is no better place for-a Italian Cuisine! Have a drink and relax!" He then turned around and made for kitchen again.

"Ey Salvatore! Guess who's here? A girl with more money than brains and her alcolholic aunt!"

"I fold"
"I fold"
"All In." One man left pushed off of his chips into the pile. Bet she has no better then two pair. I mean Come on. The man had no idea just what he was dealing with.

Meanwhile, Solitaire decided to properly introduce himself. "Dean Solitaire, CEO of Luas Lasrach. And you are?" He raised his eyebrow at David, he respected the man's stones, but his audacity was a little suspicious, especially given how many people chose to give him a wide berth so far. For the time being he ignored Alucard ad Maka, focusing his attention that wasn't on the game on David.

His bodyguard meanwhile watched all of them, deciding to step back and go to the bar to get a second drink. "Want anything Sir?" Mel could see her subtely picking up a second briefcase, one that was at Solitaire's feet, and holding it in the same hand as the first. Probably to egt it away from the two around him. "No, I'm cool. What would you fine Gentlemen care for?" He grinned at his "guests", his enthusiasm for the game now renewed with the new players.

As he inquired on the choice of drink, Mel could see the bodyguard exchange looks with the woman in the bar. Was it to get him out of there? Or was it the briefcase that was important?

(The Ballad Of Stoneridge): Stoneridge - Teri/Icarus/Reginald

Reginald would have said something in response to Icarus after being insulted as he was, but the constraints of Summon Monster IV kicked in, and he was teleported back to the Heavenly Realms. However, those working in that office did recieve a glowing report from the Archon, explaining something along the lines of, "I HAVEN'T HAD THAT MUCH FUN IN AGES! DO SEND ME BACK IF MY SERVICES NEED RENDERING AGAIN!"

As for the Cleric and the wounded half-Angel, Teri was giving a wave off to her parental figures, Caim and Ella, before finishing up her work with the two mages, and then turned to Icarus, "Yes, this shouldn't be too much of a problem. However, I need you to trust me. I'm going to use a spell that will make it hard to move, but it'll make sure you don't feel anything while I'm working on your wound. Now, one second...."

She scribbled on her tablet, creating a blanket to appear on the ground, and slung one of Icarus' arms around her shoulder to help him sit down on the surface before beginning her work on the wound. First, she gave an incantation before placing her hand on Icarus' leg, causing the sensation of the heat in his body leaving his flesh, as well as a feeling of numbness overcoming his body, "This is the spell I told you about. It will wear off in a little bit; so please don't be alarmed. Now, I would advise not looking at the operation, and do let me know if something hurts, okay?"

Teri casts Shivering Touch on Icarus, doing 13 points of Dexterity Damage! (a common person has 10-11 Dexerity, so I'm assuming Icarus has a bit more than that). This spell will last for 48 seconds, and renders the target numb, and unable to move (depending on the degree of Dexterity Damage)
42 Seconds till next 3rd level spell

After casting her spell, Teri carefully used her tools to widen the area around the initial impact site, and then gently worked the icicle out of his leg. After all, as she told Rugal, she didn't want the wound to be impacted further if the icicle was of the jagged kind. However, by whatever grace of whatever divinity, the bloodied object was out, and it was time for the easier part: Antiseptics and magical healing. This part was much quicker for the Cleric, as she placed the proper antiseptics, and then allowed her Aura and a Cure Moderate Wounds to do a majority of the work for her. With a final Mending cast to aid in fixing the armor around Icarus' leg, Teri gave her new comrade a nod and motioned to the unconscious mages, "You think you could help me with them? I need to bring them to Fionn and the authorities of this town."

((I'm assuming the Shivering Touch wore off long by this point.))

Battle in the Shop? - Caim/Slindis

Caim gave a sigh and wandered up to the Shopkeeper, the sword in his hand changing places with a wicked looking polearm (though to the Shopkeep, it might as well have been magic) and used the tip of the blade to cut the Shop-keeps bonds. As he did so, the warrior looked over to Slindis with an expression that practically said "Do we REALLY have to deal with this guy?"
Looks like Slindis would have to be the voice of reason here.

Inside The Church

Garm did what he could to listen intently to Chris' explanation and tilted his head in curiosity, "I can't say I've heard of many 'Drow', so I don't think I can give you much to go on. However,"
His tail began to wag a little more, "Keeping the door open for the survivors is as good a thing to do as any. Speaking of..."

He took in a deep breath from the cracked door, and spoke to the others in the church "I think the one called Fionn and Wanderer are nearby. We should probably get these people to them as soon as possible; at least the Fionn one seems to know what to do about refugees and stuff."

"N-nice Dog."

Garm gave a small snort at being called a "dog", calmly telling the man before him, "I'm not a dog. I'm a wolf. I don't really look that much a dog, last I checked."

(The Long Game) Blackwater City: Facilier Casino : (David) West, Jenny, David A, Maka Albarn, Melethia, Angelus, Shinia Hatashi

The woman in the bar meanwhile, noticed Angelus watching her. "Enjoying the view?", her voice containing the expected level of sarcasm. She continued to drink, glancing at Shinia as she approached the bar.

Angelus did her best to keep a nonchalant expression as she was addressed by the woman, giving a simple shrug, "I've no care for anything of the amorous, if that's what you're implying. Rather, I thought you as someone I knew. You possess the same garb as my hired hand, which of course, begs the question of why you're alone, and staring at my entourage who are gathered with the others there. Call me paranoid, but I know a predatory look when I see one; and-"

she shot a glance at Shinia, her "niece", "I'd prefer my little outing with my girls to be a peaceful one." She then added before the chef made a remark about her "Niece". Doing her best to invoke a haughty tone to suit her character, she called after the chef "This 'drunk aunt' and her niece are the ones paying your bill, so I daresay you should do your jobs without further comment!"
As she hissed those last words, a small ember spat from her mouth, (nothing harmful, mind you) but more than enough to leave an impression.

(The Ballad Of Stoneridge): Edge/Boss

"BOSS!" Edge shouted. A moment later, Boss appeared next to Edge.

"What's new?" Boss asked.

"Are the people in the church safe?" Edge asked.

Boss shrugged. "So far as I could tell. They were a little shaken up, but considering that they were taken hostage..."

Edge nodded. "You've got a new job. Find anyone that's wounded, and bring them over here. After that, check up on everyone in the group, make sure they're-"

"WHERE DID HE GO?" Boss shouted, pointing to...apparently nothing.

Edge blinked and shook his head. "Who are we-"

"SHERIFF MOTHERFUCKER!" Boss shouted. "I PUT HIM IN A BOX SO HE WOULDN'T HURT ANYONE. OR HIMSELF." Boss waved his hand, and the invisible box disintegrated. "New plan;" Boss said, floating upwards. "Edge, you go find injured people and bring them over here. I'm going to go find our psychotic friend before he hurts someone."

Before Edge could tell Boss how unnecessary that was, Boss had flown into the sky, leaving Edge to do most of the heavywork.

(The Ballad Of Stoneridge): Stoneridge - Ella

Ella kept at her flight level as she bluntly replied to the men leveling rifles her way. "We're just some people called in to break this little siege. If there's more coming in to attack you today, we'll clear them out just the same. So take a minute to get your panties untwisted and collect yourself before I have my friend over here help you." She thumbed to Rugal, and the flecks of blood on her clothes and wings certainly helped 'sell' the image.

Battle in the Shop? - Caim/Slindis

Slindis stood up and looked to the belligerent shopkeeper as she put a hand on his shoulder. "We're here to help, so we can all calm down here. do you need food and water?" If she had to play the good cop to Caim, she was more than able to. She even went and patched up some of the shopkeeper's minor injuries using suplies found in the store to placate him.

Inside The Church

Devon took it on herself to call out to the others while Chris and Garm talked.. "Look, we're the ones that came in here to help you. By this point the people holding you all are gone and if not they will be shortly. Follow us so we can get you all back to safety."

While she waited for the others to follow, she replied to Chris. "Chris, you aren't causing a problem for any of us so you can relax. You did pretty good to be honest, and way better than I would have when I started! Right, Garm?"

(The Long Game) Blackwater City: Facilier Casino : (David) West, Jenny, David A, Maka Albarn, Melethia, Angelus, Shinia Hatashi

Mel took notice of the briefcases as she subtly got a bit closer there, unsure if they were filled with funds or if they were instead packed with explosives. In addition, if any of the others needed a hand, she was ready to lend it.

However, she would have to get a look in one of them and that would mean unlocking it first. If she aimed to do that, she would want to get close...

With that in mind, she saw the lack of attention as her chance to run into the woman with a frantic and scared look on her face. "SOrry miss, but have you seen my dad? He said he'd be off to the tables for a game of cards, but I can't find him anywhere! It's way far to get back home and we're just visitors..." The rather young elf punctuated her act with some sniffling and tearing up, and she aimed to look the part of a rather disoriented and scared girl.

(The Ballad Of Stoneridge) Stoneridge: Rugal/Deadshot

"What my feathered friend here said is true. We have no intention of harming or letting you come to harm. All we seek is some answers to some rather odd questions. Namely, why this town was attacked and if they are related to a scheme that poses a grave threat to us all. In exchange, we will be more then willing to assist you in reparations and security." Rugal calmly explained as he kept his hands raised slightly, trying to ease the shaken survivors.
"So how about it? Why did someone want to try so hard to wipe this settlement off the map?" He then asked as he slowly walked over to the now open gates of the fort as Ella flew overhead, hoping that wouldn't be too trigger happy.
"Ella, if they open fire, don't retaliate. Even if they are violent, they have reason to be distrustful, considering the state of their region." He went over the ring as he kept his hands slightly raised and were everyone could see them.

Deadshot meanwhile scoffed at Wanderer's statement as he threw down his bag of swag and began to root though it.
"Hey, the contents of that card are worth more then the entirety of this entire rock! But I will need some "Compensation" in the meantime, bullets aren't cheap." He said as he went though priceless valuables and trinkets, picking out any gold he could find.
"Besides, if I get my card back, then I'll be able to pay them back with interest." He then added as he pulled out a necklace of expensive pearls, trying it on and actually considering wearing it.

(The Long Game) Blackwater City: Facilier Casino: (David) West, Jenny, David A, Maka Albarn, Melethia, Angelus, Shinia Hatashi

"Oh yeah, the train guy! Think I actually took one of your lines into the city, Man, real celebrity, aren't cha?" David chuckled as he threw his feet up on the table, going his best to portray himself as come cocky young kid with nothing to loose.
"The name's West. David West, Least that's what I'm told. Just helping some Ladies of Leisure leave the city penniless but more or less intact, they're just at the bar right now. I for one hope you have more wisdom then they do. Oh, and I'll take a quart of Vodka with ice if you feel like bankrolling me even more." He then said as he watched Melethia move over to the bodyguard and attempt to pull a Little Girl Ruse, even if it was trading one act of cloak and dagger for another, he was still a little glad she actually remembered she was a kid.
"So you, with the red (Mcpop's character)? What's your deal?"

Jenny meanwhile didn't falter in the slightest as the lone member of her table stepped up tot he gauntlet she had laid down.
"Are you sure about that? There is still time to back out. I'm sure your winnings could be used more constructively outside of a tribute to me. Not that I'm complaining..." She taunted as she looked the man dead in the eye with an evil grin on her face.
Underneath her shell, she was a little spooked.
[color=dodgerblue]Oh god, what if he gets a Royal Flush!? I can't go bust like this!...kay, just peak at his cards once. ONCE![/color She told herself as she brought her hand to support her head in mock boredom as she used Mind Reader to get a peek at her rival's hand.

(The Ballad Of Stoneridge) Stoneridge: The Church

The drow smiled at Garm, rubbing between his ears for a moment. "You... look close enough for... untrained eyes, mister Garm." She shook her head for a moment. "And... I'll take the time to... discuss my less savory kin when there's more time. For now, though..." She tapped the door, thinking for a moment. "Things... look to be under control here." She started to sidle around the edge of the door. "Perhaps... we should check with mister Fionn to see... what needs to be done still?"

She nodded to Devon, adjusting her clothes slightly to keep as much of her sensitive skin as possible out of the light. "Thank... you, miss Devon. It's... kind of you to say that... Hopefully I'll... continue to meet expectations." She slipped out away from the church, eyes scanning the immediate area, both looking for any new threats and for Fionn himself, hoping that none of the townsfolk notice her. I thought I'd seen him nearby. But if the townsfolk see us with him, that might reassure them about all of us.

(The Ballad Of Stoneridge):
Wanderer, Storm-1788, Deadshot, and Fionn
Location: StoneRidge

Hearing Deadshot completely deny his statement made the Wanderer sigh. Turning around he would decide to ignore the guy, thinking that one day or minute, some town would rise against him and chase him into another sewer. Looking back to Fionn he shook his head, "While I may not look religious ... I look at people like that and try to think how they can be saved. Well, at least before I turn them into a 'red painting'. In one way, you could say I am an artist." The Wanderer said with a smug smirk before turning, as if he was trying to look for something.

"Welp, I better start my quest to look for the Doctor, you'll know where I am! He said as he started to job back into town, hoping to find the Doctor's office, hoping that it won't be shot up, or worse, a shot up Doctor. In any case, the Wanderer was planning to track this man down, he could even be smart enough to avoid the bandits, otherwise, he might be in the church.


Seeing the happy Doctor skip away, Storm looked at Deadshot and dared not to say anything. People like that were often thrown in a prison in his world. "Lets get working ... " He said to Deadshot, keeping a sigh out of his speech.

(The Ballad Of Stoneridge): Stoneridge - Teri/Icarus/Reginald
Icarus nodded and picked up several men by their collars, one of them groaned and started to wake up , Icarus Kept him unconscious with an effective headbutt.
"Wait I think this guy was one of the guys who tried to hit me with the ice." His eyes glared a hint of a spark crackled around his fingers. his eyes had darkened and a snarl started to form on his lips. He suddenly felt aware and looked down.
"He can rot in jail for all I care he's not worth it." He said trying to act like he didn't have any care but that look in his eye said everything, He had wanted to return the pain that was caused to him.
He had at least six grown men held up sure he was dragging them, but it was clear despite his gangly teenage body he was stronger than he looked.


Due to factors outside of his control, Ninjamedic is unable to complete the arc and as a result requested that it be ended.
In light of this, The Rising Dawn shall return to the status quo and the next story arc in queue will begin shortly. We, the moderators of AA, apologize for the inconvenience.
The next story arc: "Mr. Bison goes to Washington" will begin shortly. For now, feel free to mingle on the airship :)


Skies over US West Coast: Rising Dawn Airship: Everyone

Once the business in the realm of Gilead was taken care off and the evil plot foiled, The Heroes (And Anti-Heroes) of the Rising Dawn returned back to their home-realm victorious.
Humming over the open sea about a few hundred miles off the coast of California, The crew was in mostly high spirits as they looked forward to being able to relax for a while without having to deal with another threat.
((Spawn Characters Where-ever you please))

Rising Dawn: Captain's quarters: Rugal

"Come on, come on, com-ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeaaahhhhh..." Rugal groaned loudly as he was reunited with the one thing he missed the most out in that arid desert world: Heated Showers.
Cleansing all the dirt and dust from their last mission as well as taking care of some personal grooming, he left his en suite back in his prime and couldn't be happier.
"Oyyyy...Bloody sand gets everywhere..." He said as he emerged in a burgundy bathrobe before going to his desk for his PDA to check the world news, keen to figure out what was going on while they were away.
"More trouble in the Middle East, Huh, Germany won the World Cup and beat Brazil 7-0? Strange...Oh?..."US Presidential Election"? It's that time again? We weren't gone *THAT* long, were we?" He remarked as he went though the news as he got dressed before leaving his room, Heading for the Canteen for a coffee with his news.

Rising Dawn: Armory/Training room: David West

The UNIT sniper meanwhile was tinkering around in the ship's armory, taking the brief moment of calm as a chance to maintain his gear.
"~She may not have been a beauty queen,
she might never be a rose,
but to me she is the fairest flower
that in the garden grows.
Although I'm in America
far across the Atlantic Sea,
sure I always love my Roscommon girl,
she's the rose of Castlerea~"
He hummed to himself as he meticulously polished and cleaned all the blood and grime off his trademark M500 Magnum, taking great care and attention to detail in his most prized possession.
"Here we are~. That's nice ain't it?...Alright, let's give you a whirl, shall we?~" The gun-nut cooed as quickly began to reassemble it before making his way to the shooting range in order to test it out.

Rising Dawn: Jenny's Room: Jenny

Once they were back in the air, Jenny instinctively went to her inbox, as was her custom during these "Trips" that the Rising Dawn often took.
Booting up her computer, her heart jumped a little when she saw the number 3 by her inbox.
Oh? Perhaps Blade finally managed to get leave! she thought as she quickly clicked to find the following:

- A Latverian Prince rambling about how he was being deposed and needed her bank account to get funds out of the country.

- A bank with a mispelled name stating "Lower youre house payments now!"


Closing down her email, she began to tear up a little, her loved one hadn't contacted her in god only knows when.
She didn't know if Blade was out on service with the Striders, If he had moved on and found another or if he was even alive!
Feeling crushed, she climbed back into her bed before starting to cry into her pillow

Rising Dawn: Brig: Deadshot

"-Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to mark the passing of one of our own. Of a young soul taken away from us too soon. Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust and....*Sniff* OHGODIMGONNAMISSHIM!"
Meanwhile, back in the cell where Deadshot usually resided, the Assassin was holding a funeral service for his fallen ally.
Namely, the credit card that Philemon had blessed with an unlimited supply of money, the one that seemed forever lost to him since he was brought to Gilead.
Going though his 9th bottle of liquor, he sobbed slightly at the sight of a tiny gravestone he had made with "Deedshotz moneys: 2014-now" written on it.
His one ticket to fame and fortune, gone like so many others before it.
So he did what one usually does at an Irish Funeral: Get extremely hammered and by god did he plan on doing just that...

Storm-1788, Alpha, David.
Location: Training Room/Armoury | Rising Dawn.

The training room was mostly silent as two figures were inside. Yet, the exception was the sound of conflict. Heavy smacking sounds were at the edge of the room, near the windows. A hanging punching bag was being worked on, each punch leaving a mark before the inner sand responded to the physical violence. One more heavy punch and the room was left without the punching sounds, yet heavy breathing remained, that was until loud gunshots rang out.

Giving a look to the gun range, Storm saw David working on his skills, he would join him soon for his own gun maintenance and gun practice. The sweat was running down the Spartan's, yet he did not notice this in his training, only checking that his earplugs was still one. One person did notice the light layer of sweat, a girl sitting near the room's entry, with a pile of guns and ammo besides her. ("Don't look back, don't look back ... ") The Spartan thought, thinking about the tense situation between him and Alpha.

Sure, they were not on silence terms anymore thanks to that world, but they were not as close anymore. Shaking his head quickly, he pulled his arm back and launched his final heavy shot onto the punching bag, it launched into wall and fell of it's support, that is how he knows the exercise has ended. Easily lifting the punching bag, he placed it back into it's hanging support before walking over to his weapon pile and partner. Giving an awkward smile he picked up his guns and moved into the range, giving a nod to David.

Setting up his targets, he loaded his pistols before sighing.

Location: Canteen | Rising Dawn.

The canteen, one of the hearts of the ship. One figure was sitting at a table, the 'Doctor' of the ship. The Wanderer's clothing was back into his normal profession Doctor clothing. A cup of coffee on one side of the table, and many small containers with dark red liquid. The dark-looking Doctor was humming a song while fiddling with a pen and the containers, labeling them. If anyone checked closer, they would be names of the crew members.

Stopping for a second, the Wanderer took a sip off coffee, admiring his collection of blood. "Ah, it took so very long ... only if they listened to me." He said before looking at his coffee, "I can't tell if this tastes like shit." Wanderer said before looking at the imps in the kitchen, his glowing eyes making them look away. The mutated man started labeling once again, yet one of those containers held a glowing green liquid.

Storm-1788, Alpha, David West.
Location: Training Room/Armoury | Rising Dawn.

David was doing the same as he noticed the Angel Soldier nearby, giving him a quick nod followed with "Well? Any Craic?" as he kept firing at this targets, it was funny how much one's DPS increased when they no longer had to reload.
Mopping up the last of his targets, he smirked as he blew the smoke from the barrel before holstering it, spinning it in his hand as he did.
"Heh, I tell ya, It's still weird to count my shots only to realize I can keep firing..." He joked as he watched Storm begin his own session at the range, taking note of his posture and style of aiming.
"...Do you have some kind of targeting system on your HUD? Just something seems "Off" about your aim, Least to look at..." He remarked as he glanced behind him towards where Alpha was standing.
"...Ah...Something you...Want to talk about or?..." He then asked, figuring that something was up between them.

Rising Dawn| Private area/Shower room

Icarus was in Shower stalls, he had spent the last ten minutes standing under cold water, he despised the desert he hated the sun, he hated the dry air and he HATED the sand.
He was standing in the middle of the large room with his tunic, shit and cloak neatly folded to the side wearing his simple leggings. His wings were wide open as he picked out and cleaned the infuriating sand that had got itself stuck in his feathers, He could make his wings disappear but the sand would somehow still cling to it and reappear with the wings until he cleaned them. he looked at the shower drain it was nearly clogged with sand he sighed.
"Sand, I hate sand why does it have to get everywhere? he shook his head his hair was still quite damp with a flourish of his wings he shook off any remaining sand the then faded as he put on his clothes, reappearing folded on his back as he left.

Rising Dawn| Library

Selena sat with her cauldron set, Withing the black cauldron a brew boiled and simmered. she watched smiling.
"Hmm not long now it will soon be ready, The Little Prince lost his Sake while in that castle, Lucky for him I happened to get a smell of it, I must say its quite the potent mixture, Does it need any more?" she wondered to herself she looked at the herb she had been holding it was a strange one, a black leaf with purple veins, and was a distinct heart shape about as large as a fingernail. It was a common ingredient to 'love potions" she smirked and laughed at the thought.
"This little leaf, always sought by the starry eyed and the hopeless trying to brew their own little potion in the vain hopes it will cause some soul to fall in hopeless love with them,, and they always fail." she looked at her small cauldron etched in the design was the face of a bearded man whom had a cross look.
"Its always the same, they never brewed in their life The don;t know difference from a poultice to a potion. They assume its just a matter of putting nice things together in a pot and boiling it all together," she laughed softly as she placed the tiny leaf into a stone bowl, a mortar, taking a pestle crushed and ground the dried leaf into a fine black powder.
"They never in their delusional mind realize they are not making a tonic, they're feeding them a poison, but pain is a part of love the red heart of lust comes from the blood, its necessary, there's no such thing as happiness without pain, if love was truly pure, no one would have to suffer to find it. she looked in a small mirror her hand rose to her right cheek in the mirror her face reflected back, the same beautiful face, she wiped her cheek with the back of her hand and the skin seemed to smudge a little, another wipe and the makeup was gone, an old scar revealed, she looked at it, as much as she hid it, she knew it was there, and while it may have been years, seeing it again made it feel hot and sting as it had when it had been fresh, a small tear formed in her eyes she blinked to try and clear it away.
"Forget about them, it doesn't matter now things will be different, now that I've found him. She held the black powder over the cauldron ready to let the ingredient mix in, but her hand stopped,
Is this right? He's done nothing to me, Is tricking him really fair?"her grip faltered her wrist was uneasy shaking just a bit. the scepter began t glow a hint of black smoke started to drift up and seemed to creep onto her shoulder along her neck, circling her ear.
"Fair? Why does one need to be fair? was that scar fair? was any of it Fair? they liked to think so, they thought it was all FAIR, they thought it was all RIGHT."
She nodded
"I suppose your right, I just need a few more touches o ensure it'll work then. her hand went up to her hair letting a single strand twirl and coil around her finger she pulled sharply as the hair came out, she dropped it into the cauldron.
her hand then slowly moved to her brooch her finger resting on the sharp in, she bit her lip as she pushed her the pin pierced her finger. she then pinched the small wound and held her hand over the brew.
"Now t'll lead him to me, and a little potency of a witches blood will help. she let a few drops fall the cauldron hissed as the brew took in the blood. She smiled and extinguished the small fire underneath the Mix cooled quickly she then used her wand and poured it into a large flask. it looked identical to Icarus's sake and with a quick smell she laughed, he wouldn't suspect a thing from taste or scent.

Shinia, Selina
Rising Dawn| Library

After Selina had finished her love potion business, there was a weird "whomp" noise and out of a port dropped Shinia ontop of a bookcase. This ofcourse upset the balance of it and caused it to fall forwards. Somewhere in the process of trying to escape whatever situation that Shinia had been flung into now, she wound up underneath the bookcase and groaning thanks to the weight of the solid maple and books atop her. "Ouchies...." she said, a bit stuck and trapped underneath everything. "Anyone? a little help?" she asked.

Rising Dawn| Bridge

Alucard was chilling on the bridge, feet up. sitting next to him on the ground was a bag of poke chips, all made out of solid gold. "whelp, that was fun. Let's see where i can take us to next." he said to himself, fiddling around with the controls forcibly until one spat out the co-ordinates for area 51. "Nice relaxing vacation then." he said, however, then heard the faintest crying drifting from somewhere in the ship. Grabbing his bag of gold, he began to explore the ship.

Jenny's Room

Walking in through the wall, he found the gardevoir on her bed crying. He set the sack of gold chips down on the floor in her room and sat on the bed. "Well, you're a... thing that's crying... if it's any other reason than being french... you shouldn't be crying. you should be fucking ecstatic because you're not french. Look at me, i bang the queen of england on a regular basis and she's a sack of old bones and skin, but look at the bright side which is shining gloriously bright, so much so i need to put on my shades..." he said, putting on his sunglasses looking down at the thing. "She's still not french. Or german, but that's a really awkward story that involves a lot of WHY boners." the vampire said trying to calm down the gardevoir.

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