The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Area 69: Surface Base: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashford), Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian, Cadolbolg
Deadshot /W. MG EXCELSUS

Known Vulnerabilities for MG EXCELSUS: Weak against Ninjas, Weak against EMP, Armor around joints can be broken to reveal weak spots in the armor, Removing the legs will hinder movement, It's a Giant Enemy Crab, Attack it's Weak Point for Massive Damage

The Pulse rounds from Constance caused the OS inside the Mech to flicker slightly, much to Deadshot's annoyance.
"OI! CUT THAT SHIT OUT! THIS IS A RENTAL!" He shouted at the Vampire before attempted to swipe her with the large blades, the Catgirl's speed making it more than a challenge.
"STAND STILL AND LET ME KILL YOU! Come on! I'm in a good mood right now, don't ruin it!" He shouted as Melethia and Slindis attacked the legs of the Mech, not really having much effect.
It was then that they noticed the protective armor near the joints where the leg connected to the body and how fragile the metal behind it was.
It would take some climbing, but if they could break one of those armor plates...

It was then that Shawn made his appearance, using his stolen jetpack to fly around in the air with Ella.
"Well, Well, Well. Didn't get the hint back in San Fierro, did ya? Hahahah! Going to need a LOT more than a Lawn Mower Blade to get through this badboy!" He taunted the Wanderer as Ella's Projectiles barely made a dent in the armor around the cockpit.
He kept up his laughter until Angelus came into View, the Dragon from the Train Station that came within inches of killing him.
"...Oh...Thought I took care of you. Ah Well, It's doesn't matter. 2 Words: Plasma. Cannon. Mother. FUCKER!" He stated as he resumed his laughter while 2 large cannons unfolded above the Cockpit and started to Charge for a big attack next turn.

"MUAHAHAHAH-...Eh? HEY, GET OFF MY MECH, FURBALL!" They then heard as one of the front legs began to rise and fall, smashing into the ground in an attempt to shake Hadrian off like a flea in the wolf's fur.
Hearing the ranting from David Ashford, he retorted "Oh look, A cockroach. Better Smush it!" before trying to bring down the leg Hadrian was on right down on top of the student!

Area 69: MIB Sector: Research Lab: Rugal, Jenny, Teri, "Alien"

Rugal paused dead in his tracks when he heard Metal Gear.
"Metal Gear!?....Those unbelievable fucking Hypocrites! And after pushing so hard to outlaw them internationally, they keep making their own!? "Ohhh, We can't allow Nuclear Platforms to be constructed. It's not moral, But it's okay when we do it!" Tch! Goddamn Politicians..." He shouted, recalling how hard selling those things was back during his Arms Dealing days, thanks to US Efforts.
"Rugal! Nevermind that! If that madman has...Whatever that thing is, that can't be good." Jenny said, drilling the gravity of the situation into him.
"You're right. Dimitri, Path to the nearest Surface Elevator, ASAP!" He ordered as the Alien seemed confused by what was going on.
"I owe you a great deal. If we meet again, I will greatly repay you for your kindness." He said to the Cleric before running off as they made their way back topside.

Area 69: Surface Base: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashford), Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian, Cadolbolg
Deadshot /W. MG EXCELSUS

"That's four words!"

With a growl, Angelus' jaws began to fill with flame as she aimed a heavy fireball for one of the cannons. In the meantime, Caim lept from the Dragon's back, and swapped out Hymir's Finger on the mech, a resounding Clang filling the air as the heavy hunk of iron hit the mech.

Ton Ton and Cadolbolg, on the other hand, finally managed to find the speakers, and in a flurry of well placed KNIFEing and fireballs, managed to get the loud music out of the party members' heads, most likely boosting morale for all!

Area 69: MIB Sector: Research Lab: Rugal, Jenny, Teri, "Alien"

"Get out of this hallway and go straight, then you'll find your elevator! Hurry! D:"

Teri gave a nod to the Alien, and with her Direwolf in tow, shouted back, "Best of luck on your journey!", before running off with Jenny and Rugal to the surface

Area 69: Surface Base: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashford), Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian, Cadolbolg
Deadshot /W. MG EXCELSUS

"Finally, something relevant! Everyone, use EMPs if you have them, and attack the joints if you can't to expose the armor. Also, if any of you took a level in Ninja, that might be able to help. Ella, Ashworth, Som, Constance, Hadrian, follow up with the others." After shouting that out, he tried calling to his best imps in the hopes that they would come soon, but there wasn't all that much of a hope of them getting there in time.

Ella grinned on seeing the cannon and started launching some blasts around the barrel area in the hopes that she could get something there, although it was a slim chance of succeeding. "Of COURSE they invest everything they have in their weapons. Forget the schools and infrastructure."

Melethia grinned on seeing the armor around the joints-it was too well made. whoever designed this didn't want anything getting past it. This naturally meant that this was exactly where she wanted to focus, and she jumped on the leg to chop at the metal with her handaxe. Although the armor was well-made, the handaxe was able to slowly but surely able to make a gash that grew into a hole...

Slindis, on the other hand, jumped up on another leg and began punching through the metal near one of the joints. ALone, she wouldn't have been able to have much of an effect. The handwraps she had on, though, were able to enhance her blows enough to make short work of her set-out goal. "And the Flame said investigating the Saltire District was a fruitless task." For a moment, her thoughts drifted to the mysterious disappearances in that middle class district which had altogether too many acid-breathing hounds and aberrations of nature there before looking at where she could focus next.

I did not receive a quote.

The Wanderer temporary loses his "Lone". Shawn & everyone else Vs.
Deadshot /W. MG EXCELSUS
Location: Area 69: Surface.

Looking at his former pray turned hunter, Shawn looked at the machine from the air, not eager to get into combat at all ... yet. Seeing the giant group below him, Shawn seems to be glad to have this new flying contraption that he will examine later. Pausing his flight for now he flew back down to the main group and turned his pack off with one flick. "Need to find David." Shawn muttered as he made his way through the group and found the cop.

"Give me a sit-rep and quick ... possible weaknesses too." Shawn's voice was calm but very demanding. "It looks like he is going to get the finale he wants." Shawn also said in a soft voice, but pulled out the Tesla-Beaton prototype in his inventory, but also hot keyed the Fat-Man called "Esther" to the number one slot.

Area 69: Surface Base: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashford), Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian, Cadolbolg
Deadshot /W. MG EXCELSUS

Time seemed to slow for David, as EXCELSUS's gigantic leg came down upon him. It's looming shadow enveloped the young Ashworth, seeming to freeze him in place. Any irrational anger that he had left was replaced with awe as he stood there, staring.

'Is... this it?' The young Ashworth lifted his hand, reaching out to touch the approaching metallic appendage. 'Am I... going to die?' The moment he touched it, time sped back up, and within seconds, the Ashworth was crushed, a sickening squelch and a splash of blood punctuating his demise.

His parents never found out where their only child disappeared off to, and some of the members of the Rising Dawn offered short prayers to his passing, while others simply didn't care much, and moved on there never-ending journey.
And so ends the life of David Scryer Ashworth, forgotten in both his homeworld, and by the people he met...



David's breathing was becoming more haggard, and his eyes had become increasingly dilated as these thoughts raced through his head. However, unbeknownst to him, the leg had come to a halt, the tip of it a scant few inches from his comparatively tiny noggin.

"But I can't die... Not now..." He said quietly. His head felt like something was trying to get out, gnawing at his brain, and clawing at it. He fell on one knee, grasping at his head in agony. "I REFUSE TO DIE LIKE THIS!"

As he cried out, the pain vanished, and the amulet's shuddering stopped abruptly. EXCELSUS' leg, having been frozen in the air, creaked as it's intended trajectory was altered unwillingly, and resumed it's movement, splitting the ground, as opposed to the student.

Non-EXCELSUS Post! Shawn & everyone else Vs.
Deadshot /W. MG EXCELSUS
Location: Area 69: Surface.

"I think the situation speaks for itself!" David West shouted from his cover over the battle as Shawn asked for what was going on.
"Devon says it's weak to EMP and that the Joints are it's weak spot, but we ain't getting a crack at them with those Armor Plates in the way!" He explained as he opened fire on the Cockpit with just as much effect as he thought it would: Nothing.
"Dammit! I can't do shit against this thing!" He shouted in anger, not liking the fact that once again he would be sitting on the sidelines for this fight.

Sighing defeated, he then glanced out over the desert and remembered something.
"...The SAM Sites...Wanderer, I have a REALLY bad idea...Follow me!" He said as he sprinted towards one of the bases 4 Surface to Air Missile Batteries.

Bad idea commence. Shawn & everyone else Vs.
Deadshot /W. MG EXCELSUS
Location: Area 69: Surface.

Noting the weaknesses, Shawn thought about using his Pulse Grenades to slow it down whilst destroying or at least trying to destroy the legs. "I have my own attack plan, but usually bad plans tend to end well in my world." Shawn commented as he sprinted alongside with David. The Wanderer did not like leaving the group behind, but at least they will be a good distraction whilst they try to do something that will affect the bloody robot.

"But man that thing is big ... and I thought Liberty Prime was big." Shawn spoke as he still ran, not gaining a sweat or losing any stamina. "I wonder if I can attach some things to these things." Shawn said as the two approached the SAM sites. Unfortunately Shawn did not know anything about modern military devices.

Area 69: Surface Base: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashford), Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian, Cadolbolg
Deadshot /W. MG EXCELSUS

"!!! WHAT THE PISS?! HOW THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT?!" Deadshot shouted at David Ashford after he somehow managed to stop his stomp attack dead in it's tracks.
"God, Why does everything I try to kill pull some shit out of their ass like that?!" He cursed as the flashing alerts finally reached him.
A quick flick through the OS showed that Caim, Melethia, Slindis and Hadrian were trying to expose the Joints that the Armor Plates were hiding.
"Oh No you don't. Launching Kidnappers!" He said as he did just that, several hatches opening up and firing Metal Disks into the air around the mech.
The Kidnappers then Hovered around, pestering their efforts with small arms fire and by firing a claw at them, trying to latch onto them and pull them off the surface of the machine.

"-The fires will burn in their defeat!
The human heart is obsolete!
Breaking down the fabric of society!
Collective Consciousness controls what you wil

Cadolbolg and Ton Ton's efforts were able to smash the speakers shut down the blaring music that filled the battleground, enraging the Assassin to no end.
"OH WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR?! Could have gone for the Cannons, the Blades, the Legs even, but Noooooooooooo. Just had to be a Buzzkill and hit the speakers. Pricks!" He shouted as he took a few swings at them with the Huge Blades, trying to swat them like flies.

Speaking of the Cannons, While Ella and Angelus was able to take one offline for the moment, the other one was able to able to charge.
"Alright! I've always wanted to do this-*ahem* IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZOR! BLARRGGGGGGGG!" The pilot played along as a extremely powerful orange beam of Super Heated Plasma, on par with Famed Dragon Fire began to sweep through the skies in attempt to hit any of the airborne attackers.
For a moment there, it was about to score a direct hit on the Dragon, least before it seemed to hit a invisible wall in front of her.
"Eh!?...OH COME ON! THAT WAS A DIRECT HIT! YOU SHOULD BE ASH RIGHT NOW!" The assassin complained as Jenny smugly kept a Reflect Barrier around the Dragon to cover her blindsides as she flew around, seeing how she was a much larger target then Ella.

As this was going on, Rugal was already quickly making up for lost time by climbing up one of the Legs, attracting the attention of the kidnappers in the process.
Despite being peppered with small arms fire and having more then a few claws digging into his flesh, He was able to sever the wires quickly and remained on it, Hammering down on the armor as hard as he could, already seeing cracks emerge,

SAM Sites Shawn & David West
Location: Area 69: Surface.

Once he reached the Battery, David West started to go to work, using his gun to blow holes in the battery around key structural areas.
"Right, This is the dumbest thing I've ever came up with, but I think that if I can take apart this SAM Launcher, I *MIGHT* be able to fire a missile." He explained as he went about trying to take down the metal.
"Oooooooooooookay...Get me some explosives, C4, Dynamite, RPG Missiles, whatever you got , Some Duct Tape...And something to drink if you can spare it." He ordered the Wanderer, clearly this was going to be moronically stupid...

Choices. Shawn & David West
Location: Area 69: Surface.

Listening to David carefully, Shawn looked around in his Pip-Boy. "Ugh, I'll give you ... some C4 ..." Shawn said as a pile of 15 bulks of C4 landed in front of David. "Some dynamite ..." The Wanderer said once more and another pile appeared but was around 20 sticks of Dynamite. "I would like to keep my other ammo so here is all I can spare." Shawn muttered as a pile full of 15 to 20 missiles and a pile of 10 mini-nukes, different types.

Sighing, Shawn also pulled out some tape and quickly gave it to David. "Let me just get working on that drink." He rubbed his helmet and turned around. David from his perceptive could see raising steam, small explosions and the smell of a fruity cocktail in the air. "Here, my homemade Atomic Cocktail!" Shawn announced as he returned with a rocket shaped drink.

"It will give you resistance to energy, fire and a bit of radiation. Like ten teeny tiny particles." Shawn said as he made a 1cm distance between his fingers representing the small amount of radiation he is talking about. Giving the weird bottle of green liquid to David, he could also see the signature of the Wanderer below the drink name "Shawn Pitt".

"Don't worry, it tastes like wasteland fruit."

Missiles and Booze Shawn & David West
Location: Area 69: Surface.

Once Shawn presented the drink, David instantly knocked it back, clearly need the liquid courage for what he was planning to do.
"Ahhhh...Tastes like...Flat Cola..." He remarked as he counted the amount of explosives that Shawn seemed to pull out of his ass.
"Right...These will do. Okay, You can go on ahead. I've got this here." He said as he blasted the SAM Site with his M500 again, dislodging one of the Missile Tubes with the Firing Trigger still in it.
"...What...Exactly are you doing?"
"What I'm hoping to do is to take the Missile in this tube, duct tape those bombs to it, load it up and fire it. With some luck, I might even survive. Now go!" David explained as he kept mumbling how fucking retarded this idea was.

"It's pronounced EMP, not E.M.P" Shawn & David West
Location: Area 69: Surface.

Shrugging about how this will work, Shawn decided to place his faith in the vengeful Cop. Activating his Jetpack, Shawn remembered something and quickly turned around. "Oh and here, it might do something good." Shawn said as he chucked a Pulse Grenade towards David and then kicking up the dust as he launched off the ground. Getting out to his Tesla Cannon once more, The Wanderer is going to join the fight.

A couple of seconds later in the middle of the fight, Shawn came out of thin air and decided to attack one of the legs nobody was on. A giant laser made out of white lightning hit the extra leg and Shawn flew by with his giant Tesla Cannon, giving the cockpit of the Metal Gear a middle finger.

"I believe a rematch between the two of us is due!"

The sight of the Red Dragon diving through the skies caused Som Waterford to display a sense of emotion for the first time since his and Constance's arrival on this plane, where ever it was. Since its inception, the Hunter's Authority had hunted many of Middleworld's dragons to the point that they had either become endangered or extinct. Seeing a Dragon flying before his eyes further reinforced that they were no longer where he and Constance should have been. If this was the case then his task would end in ruination and Middleworld would -

Daft Sikes:
"I refuse to DIE LIKE THIS!

The yell of defiance drew Som's attention away from the airborne crimson reptile as he witnessed the metal monstrosity's leg being deflected to the side by a mere human boy and landing not too far from where Som's location.

Give me a sit-rep and quick ... possible weaknesses too."

"Everyone, use EMPs if you have them, and attack the joints if you can't to expose the armor."

[AGRO-BATICS] Breaking into a long strided run, the Hunter started moving like a fast moving current of water as he opted to roll over a mangled four wheeled metal vehicle rather than run around it. Before the machine had a chance to lift its leg back into the air, the Hunter was upon it, grabbing a piston and transferring his forward momentum upwards as he began his assent towards the creature's knee joint.

Once he was at the desired location, he took the remainder of the explosive putty that he had mixed while caged within the cell and began wedging it within the moving gears, allowing it to be spread about fast than if he had done it by hand.

[ALCHEMY] While the putty could have exploded on its own, a blast of blazing white phosphorous would have caused an even larger reaction.

"CONSTANCE! DRAGON'S BREATH HERE!" The Hunter barked as he began his descent back to the ground, his desire to be around the knee joint when the Vampire shot the leg near nil.


For her part, the Cat Eared Vampire known as Constance Sorrowfeld found herself fighting not only the monstrous crablike machine, but fighting off fear's embrace as she moved around the field of battle, her motions a blur as she maintained her [CELERITY] spell. She had never really been in any fights growing up and it was not until recently that she had found herself up to the tips of her ears in battle. With tears caused by the gut wrenching fear that tore at her gut, Constance tried to concentrate on avoiding the machine's crushing feet as she maintained her fire upon the machine, her rounds appearing to do more and more damage with each shot.

"(Don't die today. Don't die today. Don't die today.)" She told herself over and over as she reloaded her weapon whilst on the run, dropping more than a few of the Pulse Shells from her trembling fingers.


Another of the Excelsus' large blades came crashing down in front of the Vampire, who was too engrossed in reloading her weapon that she ran straight into the flat of the blade, the impact sending her to the ground. The world wavered for an eternity as the blade was hauled back into the air to begin its crashing decent through Constance's body.


The blade slammed into the ground, missing the young raven haired Vampire completely as its aim was ruined by the deflected leg caused by a young human boy, much to the relief of Constance. Picking herself off the ground and renewing her [CELERITY], the young girl saw her unlikely traveling companion wedging something into the metal mountain's knee joint before turning to her.


Nodding, Constance pumped the Shotgun's fore-end to eject the Pulse Cartridges she had already loaded before reaching back to Teddy, who had the Dragon's Breath shells ready to load. Running at her top speed, the girl loaded her weapon, this time with a sense of purpose as her fingers did not drop any of the shells that they jammed into the fire arm's receiver.

[AMATEUR SHOTGUN SURGEON]"HEY! I HOPE YOU GOT INSURANCE ON THAT THING!" Constance called out, hoping that the vehicle's driver would be able hear her as she aimed at the Excelsus' knee joint and pulled the shotgun's trigger.

Area 69: Surface Base: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashford), Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian, Cadolbolg
Deadshot /W. MG EXCELSUS

The grappling attacks seemed to be rather successful on Melethia, with enough of them grabbing her and knocking her to the ground with a rather painful THUD. Still, no longtime journeymen had given up at the first failure, and Melethia wasn't about to give in just yet. Seeing that they were about to try to drag her into the reach of one the trampling feet, she did her best to replace her longsword for her kukri - an effort hindered by the machines doing their best to limit her mobility. "This is a fun bit of luck!"

The explosions certainly didn't help her struggle, and the more she fought, the more feral she seemed to become.


Devon cursed the slowness of his magical recovery as he quickly thought of spells to use. Shout would have been a nice one to use, but he was still straining to regain his energy. Glitterdust would have been another nice one, but again he was too drained to use that. Grease? No, it would mainly interfere with the rest of the group. Blink? Possible, but that was more defensive during a time when an extra offensive push might turn the tide.

And he knew exactly what that offensive push would be. "Come on, everyone. These are times where champions are forged, so show this bastard our grit!" It may have been a short speech, but it was enough to drive the others there further.

Devon Inspired Courage in the group! All of the allies in the immediate area can now hit easier and with more power, and they are all braver.

Bard Songs left: 9

After that statement, he ran over to David Ashworth's side as he prepared to make some major holes in the machine with his shortsword.


Slindis was able to avoid most of the grappling hooks even though she was clinging onto the leg of the machine, and more punishing blows were delivered to the armor casing. In addition, the bullets, although they certainly hurt, weren't enough to break her concentration as she continued to work at opening a hole. "Watch those explosives, rookies! I've got this leg!" Her barked out orders were clearly directed at Constance and Som, and the added benefits of the song were enough to push her efforts to the point of severely cracking, charring, and pitting the armoring.


Finally, Ella glared as the blast got within inches of blasting her with only Jenny's Reflect barrier saving her. "That's it, I'm coming for the other one!" With that, she dive bombed down to the second barrel and hacked at the wires leading to the barrel with her kama in an attempt to sever them.

Area 69: Surface Base: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashworth), Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian, Cadolbolg
Deadshot /W. MG EXCELSUS

Hadrian growled in irritation, as one of the drones launched grappling hooks, which grabbed onto his suit jacket. When it tried yanking him off, all it did was make a large tear in his suit, and revealing the armor he wore beneath. It tried once more, joined with another drone, launching their hooks. Hadrian leaned to the side, evading the first hook and grabbing onto it's metal cord. With a yank, the drone flew through the air towards him, and with it's momentum, began spinning it over it his head. The second drone fired it's grappling hook, only to be intercepted by the first, which Hadrian threw.

The impact lead to the drone exploding, raining down bits of shrapnel below, and obscuring the remaining one's vision. Through the cloud of smoke, came a wave of ice magic. The Kidnapper was frozen solid, and fell to the ground below, shattering into many pieces. "THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU MESS UP MY SUIT, YOU FLYING METAL RATS!"

With Devon's little speech, Hadrian continued his assault with increased fervor, dodging more hooks and bullets, and cutting at the armor in a wild frenzy.


Down on ground level, David Ashworth was sitting flat on his ass, staring at the crater where the leg smashed down, wondering what the hell he just did. Devon came up beside the Ashworth scion, his weapon ready. He looked at the Bard, looking positively stupefied.

"...I don't suppose you could tell me what happened just now?"

"Watch those explosives, rookies!"

Peering towards the source of the insult, Som saw that the individual who had shot the comment towards Constance and himself was a Drow. Biting his tongue, the Hunter made no comment nor did he attempt to defend himself against a lesser creature. As he continued the flow in and out of the area with his running and tumbling, he made a mental note of the individuals that fought the machine. A Dragon, Two Elves, A Succubus, A Werewolf, A Miniature Dragon and a Lizard Thing armed with a knife. If the Hunter's Authority knew of the existence of such a group back in their realm, there would have been a Hunt called on this group for the existence of such a team would not be tolerated.

They were not, however, in Som and Constance's realm and the Hunter's Authority did not exist here. Sanctum did not exist here. What did exist here was a team of humans and non-humans that fought against a machine that appeared to be more advanced than any that Som had seen on Middleworld.

As he approached another of the crablike machination's legs, the Hunter found himself being diverted by a fallen object that shattered into icy shards upon impact. Looking upwards, he saw the Werewolf furiously cutting at the machine's knee joint.

"(Sanctum would have my head if they saw what I am about to do.)" Som thought to himself as he started another ascent up the leg, this time using a line that had become tangled around the leg to swing up to where the armor clad lupine was attacking.

Drawing his blade, the Hunter's weapon morphed into a spear that was plunged into a chink within the machine's armor that the Werewolf had created. Pushing upwards, the Hunter pried a section of the armored plate off of the knee and exposed a portion of the mechanics underneath.

Below the two, Constance continued to weave her way around the machine's attacks, the hunger inside of her increasing as she continued the battle.

"How about an aperitif, Miss Sorrowfeld?" Teddy suggested from behind Constance as he sensed her growing hunger combined with the knowledge that the group that the his owner was fighting in conjunction with would find the act of his vampiric owner feeding upon one of their number quite displeasing.

"Oh-Okay." Constance panted as she came to a skidding stop that caused a fair amount of dust to be kicked up onto Devon and David's clothing, a juice box filled with body temperature blood in her hand. She would have apologized to the two humans that she had kicked dust upon but it would have been rude considering the fact that her mouth was full.

Area 69: Surface Base: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashworth), Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian, Cadolbolg
Deadshot /W. MG EXCELSUS

Devon shook his head as he stabbed at one of the limbs of the machine. "Afraid I can't, but I'll take it." He would have said more, but the dust kicked up caused him to cough a bit to get the grit out of his mouth. [color=grass]Gah, focus! You need to make sure that thing can't hit the others, others like... Oh shit.[/color] With the dust fading, he could see a thrashing Melethia slowly being dragged by what seemed to be 7 Kidnappers towards one of the stomping areas.

"Talk later. Other things now!" Losing all sense of manners by nearly knocking down the vampire, he sprinted to the area where Melethia was being dragged in an attempt to stop the girl from being killed.

Slindis just tried to search for the needed parts to take down, having finally broken through the plating. That is, while she still worked at dodging the grappling hooks while clinging to the leg, which meant all of her focus had to be on this.

"Talk later. Other things now!"

Continuing to drink from the Blood Box that Teddy had given her, Constance Sorrowfeld watched in amazement as she witnessed something that she had never witnessed previously, a human lending assistance to a non-human. The little experience she had with humans had been stained with looks of disgust and mistreatment and attempts on her life. It was because of this that Maximilian and Harlow Sorrowfeld thought it a necessity to locate the best instructors that could teach their daughter how to defend herself against human aggression.

The sight of the bard assisting the sea green haired elf made Constance want to help them in any way that she could as she handed the now empty blood container to Teddy, who consumed it for reuse later.

[BLOOD MAGIC - CELERITY] Drawing on the new blood that coursed its way through her veins, the Sorrowfeld Clan Princess started running, pumping the fore-end of her shotgun a number of times until she was sure the weapon was empty.

"Teddy, could I have some Pulse Rounds please." Constance asked her backpack as she reached back and was handed the requested ammunition. Quickly, the girl reloaded the firearm while on the run, passing the bard as she did.

"Grab the elf, I'll take care of those 'Capture Machines.'" The Vampire girl said before she increased the speed at which she ran and took aim at the first of the Kidnappers.

[AMATEUR SHOTGUN SURGEON] *BOOM!* Constance's weapon spoke as she pulled its trigger and sent a Pulse round at its intended target. As the Pulse Round struck the small machine, the projectile's true payload discharged and emitted a purple colored pulse of energy that shorted out the machine's fragile components and caused it to fall to the Earth.

Closing in on the group and their captive, Constance pulled the trigger 6 more times, pumping the Shotgun between each pull of the trigger in quick succession, so quick that the report of the weapon and the sound of the weapon being pumped blended into one sound.


Around the green-haired elf, the machines fell from the sky almost in unison as each one was struck by Constance's onslaught. By the time Constance had run past the cluster of robots, Melethia found herself in free fall.

"GRAB HER!" The Vampire called out towards the Bard, the speed at which she was traveling making it near impossible to turn around and get back to the elf in time.

Blast Off To Titan:

Devon didn't need to be told twice as he got underneath the young elf, almost slipping himself as he caught her. "Sorry about that, Mel... Are you okay?" He was clearly showing a good bit of concern for her as he brushed her off. This attention was clearly something that he felt a bit awkward in doing, although he really did mean the best by it.

"I'm better than that fool in the machine will be in a few moments, but thanks. I'll try to be quick, but it's better if I take out that leg I was working on in the start." She darted around the stomping legs and shots being delivered by Som as she made her way to the leg she'd targeted. Once up there, she used her now drawn kukri and handaxe to good effect as she chopped away at the area near the casing some more. That'll be the weakest spot thanks to the stress of the mrtal being punched through there. Let's see how weak, though...

Finally, Devon called out to the raven-haired girl still speeding around. "Thank you so much for helping me help her, Constance. It means a good bit to me, and I'll try to repay the favor." Of course, he didn't know she was a vampire, and thus what that might mean.

"Thank you so much for helping me help her, Constance. It means a good bit to me, and I'll try to repay the favor."

Constance gave a slight nod in the Bard's general direction as she watched the Hunter assist Hadrian in their attempt to disable the giant Excelsus. This was the very person that had not only kept her alive after the attack on her family's ancestral home but had made her regret not staying in the home during the attack by making her life a nightmare with his the constancy of his attitude towards her and non-humans like her and he was perched atop one of the knee joints wedging open an armor panel so that the Werewolf could continue his rapid fire assault on the more fragile components.

"(Perhaps there's some hope for him.)" The Cat-Eared Vampire thought before turning her full attention to Devon.

"Right. We should keep it up instead of patting each other on the back, huh?" She said, her lips curving slightly upwards into the smallest of smiles before she started looking for ways that she could assist the group of strangers.

Seeing the Winged Succubus in the air, the young Vampirette waved her arms in an attempt to vie for her attention. She needed to get closer to where the more important components were located, higher up near where the machine's controller would be.

"HEY! CAN YOU GIVE ME A LIFT UP THERE?" Constance called out and pointed towards the top of the monstrocity. Knowing that she would also need a way to penetrate the armor she also motioned to Som.


Already busy with a task of his own, Som grunted in response and tossed the remainder of his premixed suppy of the explosive to his unwilling travel companion.

"THANKS!" She responded as she caught the ball of putty.

Waiting for her ride to the top of Excelsus, she went over the plan in her mind. She would throw the putty onto one of the armor panels on top of the machine and use it in conjunction with one of her White Phosphorus Rounds to cause a massive explosion that would hopefully rend a large enough hole in the armor for her to fire one of her pulse rounds deep into the beast's belly.

Pain is gain. Shawn.
Location: Area 69: Surface.

Flying above the Metal Gear, The Wanderer was examining the battle. The shot fired from his Tesla Cannon was non-effective, well at least from this side of the field. "What the hell can take this thing down?" Shawn started to think fast, causing a heavy load to fall onto his mind. A stressed mind was something that led this survivor to pain or worse. The blade of Shawn's could not do anything to the machine either, even if it was coated in flames, now the Wanderer wished he had his 'brothers' with him right now.

Especially Storm who specialized in machines, but mostly blades and has huge futuristic armor with it. "Guns do nothing, damn it!" Shawn cured his whole inventory and he would mind call the others but he wants to prove that he can help the group by himself. Replacing his giant cannon with something lighter, he ended up empty handed, being demoralized in the process.

Thinking up of a stupid idea, Shawn pulled out a pulse grenade then decided to land onto the machine and plant it inside for a nice surprise. The worst of the news had not been delivered yet, but a nice explosive missile was locked onto Shawn thanks to the postage stamp of Deadshot. Right before pulling the grenade pin, the missile explodes right now to the Wanderer in true movie fashion.

The Courier now turned rag-doll was flying across the field, and slammed right into a building behind Constance and CO.
Was them metallic sound heard behind them. Shawn had hit a metal railing and fell head first into the ground, breaking one of his arms in the process. Luckily enough Shawn's helmet save him from head damage but ...

Elite Riot Helmet Broke.

Was the message displayed on Shawn's iris HUD. Taking the helmet off, the wrecked piece of metal helmet disappeared into thin air, waiting for repair later. A dark blonde-ish hair person emerged with blood trickling down his eyes, his left arm bending in a weird direction. Pulling it back into place, the Wanderer did not scream at the pain of a broken arm. Surveying the scene he saw a human and a weird human wearing a cat tail and ears.


Was the light voice he heard. Staggering towards the two, the Wanderer's blood vision wasn't disturbing his mission.
"I CAN ... help ... with that." The now red-headed Wanderer said to Constance with a devilish smirk, wanting for someone to at least the objective he wanted to complete.


Area 69: Surface Base: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashford), Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian, Cadolbolg, Rugal, Jenny, Teri
Deadshot /W. MG EXCELSUS

"Shut up, shut up SHUT UP!" Deadshot shouted at his own machine as dozens of alerts and error messages flooded the cockpit, at least the music drowned it out before now.
"Where is the mute on this thing?...THERE we go..." He sighed as all the blaring alarms in the cockpit were silenced, allowing him to get back to actually piloting the damn thing....
This was then followed by Shawn's Pulse Grenade scrambling the Mechs OS on Deadshot again and turning them all back on again.
"...Awww...PISS! What did I say about doing that?!" He shouted as a stray missile blew the Wanderer away.
Despite that, things weren't going too well for him as the alerts clear pointed out.

First, He lost power to Legs 3 and 5, 3 was hit by Shawn's Tesla Cannon and 5 was knocked offline thanks to the bomb that Som planted.
You know when you get punched in the arm so hard that it goes numb for a while? Basically that but with Giant Robot Legs.
They weren't detatched or blown off, hell, they didn't even look damaged, they weren't going anywhere anytime soon.
Second, The Armored Plates that were protecting the most vulnerable part of the legs were being knocked off like Dominos, thanks to the efforts of the crew that were chipping away at them.
This meant that most of the legs could now ACTUALLY be blown or cut off.
"...Urggg...This was a much better idea 30 minutes ago..." He sighed as one of the cameras picked up Constance trying to plant another one of those Putty Bombs.
"Ahhh...Crap, crap, CRAP!" He growled as he desperately looked for a countermeasure to fire.
Oyyyy...I knew I should have took that Manual when I stole the keys to this thing... He thought as he just hammered the buttons and wiggled the sticks.

As for Rugal, Caim, Slindis, Melethia and Hadrian, they were soon able to break off the heavy armor around the joints, revealing MUCH weaker metal underneath.
Before they could get to blasting/cutting at it though, another set of hatches opened as the last line of countermeasures deployed.
A set of Clunky looking robots climbed out, one for each leg and went to engage the attackers, focusing more on getting them away from the joints than actually killing them.
Proof of this was how they opted to try and grab the team and hold them in place for the Kidnappers to pick up.
Speaking of, while a large dent was put in their numbers, more Kidnappers were soon deployed along with the Robots, seeing how effective they were earlier.
"Ohhhh...Didn't think they still made this model anymore. God, this takes me back...Alright, Let's dance." Rugal calmly said to his new opponent as the pair of grappled each other, each trying to get the better of the other.

Back in the air, Ella's attacking of the wiring was able to disable the 2nd Plasma Cannon, stopping EXCELSUS from spraying Plasma Death into the skies.
But there was still the matter of everything else in the sky, including the Mech's Huge Blades trying to swipe the airborne party members.
Jenny's reflect barriers wouldn't block THAT! So she refocused her efforts on trying to protect the people atop the Mech from the bullets of the Kidnappers.

America's Funniest Explosions with David West
Location: Area 69: SAM Site

Finally, outside of the battlezone:
"-Stupid, Stupid, STUPID! Why the hell am I even doing this?! Fuck, I should have just gotten that Elf Kid to do this. Then again, she can actually put up a fight so...Oyyy...Not even going on the piss can make this a credible idea..." David West grunted to himself as he managed to pry off one of the Missile Tubes for this Redneck Rocket Launcher.
Slowly sliding the Missile out, he started on phase 2: Duct Taping the numerous bombs that Shawn had gave him to the Missile, the end result looking like some homemade 4th of July Firework...
Made by people who had no idea how fireworks actually worked.
"...I am not drunk enough for this...This doesn't even count as Crazy Enough to Work, Explosions don't work this way!" Despite his constant rambling on how dumb this was, he couldn't stop trying to make it work, shoving a Mini Nuke onto the Tip of the SAM Missile.

Area 69: Surface Base: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashford), Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian, Cadolbolg, Rugal, Jenny, Teri
Deadshot /W. MG EXCELSUS

Melethia immediately pivoted on hearing the machine and scowled. One time's enough, If that thing's gonna try and grab me again, I'll finish the job first. Before she was pulled off the machine again, she replaced the handaxe for the electric grenade flask and threw it as hard as she could at the vulnerable components inside.

The robot then grabbed the girl's leg and tried to get her off the Metal Gear, but the damage was done: The electricity had gone off inside the leg.


Ella heard Constance's requests for an airlift and moved down through the tiny gaps in the blades' coverage area to get to her and the Wanderer. "Sooner we can get that down, the better. So, what's the plan?"


Slindis heard the climbing of the gangly machine towards her position and put her all into the last flurry of blows she could deliver on the exposed electrical conponents, scorching the area with electricity and fire from her handwraps before getting fiercely tugged on by the Grapple-Buddy. "I won't let Los Santos happen again, especially not from a construct like this!" If Rugal could split his attention for a moment, he could sense Slindis' shift into a far more aggressive stance - something that was extremely rare for the normally level-headed drow.

Slindis had shifted from the Ocean stance to the Fire stance. Trading a chunk of her wisdom and evasiveness, she gains a lot more power behind her attacks and a rapid Ki Generation when she successfully attacks something.

With that, she flipped off of the leg with the grappler and went in with a fierce straight to the elbow area of the Grapple-Buddy.


Devon saw the problems in the air and shook his head. "Didn't you forget? this is a no-fly zone." He focused as much as he could, hoping to get the Kidnappers blown away or at least deterred. What's holding up Flagrun and the others?

Area 69: Surface Base: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashford), Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian, Cadolbolg, Rugal, Jenny, Teri
Deadshot /W. MG EXCELSUS

Hadrian pulled his arm back, ready to stab right through the now vulnerable appendage, but something gripped his leg. Glancing down, he saw a metal man nearly as tall as him, garbed in combat fatigue. It spoke in some monotone babble which Hadrian couldn't understand, and tried pulling the werewolf down. "Oi! Just give me a second! Got my hands full at the moment." Hadrian taunted the robot, before driving Body right through the leg, all the way down to his elbow. Yanking his arm out, he left a sizable hole in EXCELSUS' leg, revealing the complicated machinery within.
"Alright, big guy! Finished up here, and I'm coming down!"

Hadrian let go of the tower of metal, letting himself get dragged down by the robotic soldier. They landed down below with a crash, a cloud of dust shielding them from view. The sound of meat on metal and metal on meat was heard for a few minutes as the robot and the werewolf exchanged blows, until Hadrian came running out of the cloud, shoulder-rushing the robot and knocking it to the ground. He straddled the robot, grinning ferally, and fists clenched. He stabbed at the robot's head nine times at a rapid fire pace, before rearing back his right arm, and activating the blade's fire enchantment. With a roar, he brought it down, unleashing a fiery, explosive stab/punch, running the blade right through, and his fist knocking the robot's head deep into the sand. Hadrian stood up, and gave the apparently out-of-commission robot a mock salute.

"Don't be depressed! That's just the difference between pros and amateurs."

"I CAN ... help ... with that."

"So, what's the plan?"

Constance froze as two sets of eyes locked on her and requested instructions on a plan, a plan that could go horribly wrong and kill the three of them. As her mind filled itself with the possibility any of her plans going awry and the unfathomable burden of lives in her hands, the Cat-Eared vampire froze and started breaking out into a cold sweat that caused tiny droplets of blood to appear on her skin.

"I-I-I-I don't know." The Raven Haired Vampirette stammered as her body began to shiver uncontrollably, her body reacting to what was happening to her mentally.

"Remember your lessons, Miss Constance!" A voice strapped her to voice chimed in, breaking the infinite loop of terror that had overtaken her.

Sorrowfeld Manor: A Classroom:

Sitting alone in the makeshift classroom her father had ordered built, a quite young Constance Sorrowfeld felt uncomfortable in the uniform that her instructor had bid her wear during their daily lessons and this being the first day that she was to meet her instructor, she was unused to the roughness of the clothing and nervous to meet her new teacher.

The class itself was very small and very empty with none of the materials that one would expect except for a small desk where Constance sat, a larger desk for the instructor and a blackboard. The only item that appeared to be out of place was a Teddy bear that sat motionless on the instructor's desk.

Glancing through one of the three windows that lined one side of the classroom, the young girl-child wished that she was on the other side of the panes of glass, running through the woods that surrounded her family's estate. It did not help that her instructor was over an hour late which in all probabilities meant that she would be spending an extra hour beyond the time that had been allotted for her studies.

"Are you going to just sit there all day or shall we begin?" A voice said from the instructor's desk, startling the young vampire out of her daydream of running among the trees.

Looking at the instructor's desk, Constance saw no one there, at least she perceived no one being there until the Teddy bear that had been set upon the table began to move of its own accord.

"Of the students that I have had over the centuries, you are the first to have sat there for the entire time to wait for your teacher's arrival without questioning why it was that he hadn't yet arrived. It's an admirable quality but ultimately foolish. It's no wonder your father sought to hire me." The Teddy bear continued as he began to reach into his belly and draw out a piece of chalk and a long stick upon which the chalk was set.

"Misdirection. That is one of the key elements that allowed the Upperworlders to do as well as they did during the Hydro-War-"

"So, what's the plan?" the Succubus repeated, bringing the Cat-Eared vampire back to her current plane of reality.

"Right. I need you to carry me up above the machine and drop me right on top of it. While I'm there, I'm going to plant this Putty Bomb on one of the armored plates." She responded to the Succubus with a voice filled with resolve.

"But I'm just the diversion. You, human, are going to toss one of those EMP grenades of yours into any exhaust vent or opening that you can find that's near its power source. Knocking out the power source should bring that thing down." Constance said to the red haired human before starting into a run, motioning for the Succubus to gain some speed before picking her up off of the ground.

"Ahhh...Crap, crap, CRAP!"

As the machine's pilot started depressing any and all of the toggles that he could find, the machine's fire control system was engaged, causing a series of sprinkler to sprout out from around the machine's body and start dousing the metallic skin with water.

Planted firmly atop the machine's exterior, the Vampire was not spared being doused by the spray that began to sap her of all of her energy and sent pain shooting through the entirety of herself. The water caused the energy that gave the vampire her life to short circuit.

With her consciousness fading, Constance felt herself slip off of the top of Excelsus to the ground below.

Area 69: Surface Base: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashford), Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian, Cadolbolg, Rugal, Jenny, Teri
Deadshot /W. MG EXCELSUS

The young Ashworth was exhausted, having been narrowly avoiding getting a stray bullet in the face by the flying grappling robots, and the falling remains of said robots. "Oh for the love of God! CAN'T I GET A DAMN BREAK?!" David shouted in frustration at the drones. Of course, they ignored him, continuing the launching of their hooks, and the firing of their machine guns in an attempt to thwart the heroes' attack. He dove to the side, as another drone was knocked down from the sky, falling in a downward spiral and firing it's gun uncontrollably.

He pushed himself up from the sand, and wiped the sand from his face and glasses. Before he could curse the robots once more, he felt droplet of water falling on his bare skin. He looked up, seeing EXCELSUS expelling water from the top of it's main body. That, and a girl sliding off from it, and falling to the ground below. "Oh damn it all!" He ran towards the girl, arms out, and dove.

"I gotcha! I gotcha, I got-YAAGH!" The young man succeeded in catching the girl, but not as he intended. His timing was a bit off when he dived for her, and as a result, she ended up landing right on his back, bringing him face-down onto the sand.

Before Constance's Dropoff

Ella half-groaned at the possible thought of lifting the both of them up. After all, the Wanderer looked like he weighed a lot, and even without, she'd only carried one person at a time before... "I'll make it in two runs to keep it safer. show them what us so-called subhumans can do." She went into a dive (The air starting to get a bit clearer thanks to the wind pushing back some of the bullets) so she could get enough speed, then picked up the rather quick Constance and dropped her off as near as she could to the requested area.

The flight back through the chopping blades was going to be a lot more difficult, though...

Devon gave a quick sigh in relief at the wind helping a bit, but this momentary lapse in attention was nearly punished by one of the still-working legs. "Oh shi-! Gotta focus, gotta keep going..." He did his best to get near the gunslinger that had proved to be rather rude earlier and called out to him. "Oi, you see anything I can nail from here? I've been a bit more busy down here keeping the air clear, but I'd rather get this over with!" His voice was certainly loud enough to reach all those that were conscious in the area.

Daft Sikes:
"I gotcha! I gotcha, I got-YAAGH!"

The darkness that surrounded the Cat-Eared Vampire's consciousness shattered at the same time as her coccyx shattered on impact with the human that had attempted to catch her as she fell.

"OH MY GODS!!! AAAARRRRGH!!!" Constance found herself screaming as her mind shook off the shroud that clouded her thinking and focused on the sharp burning sensation of pain that emanated from her posterior.

"Oh dear, Miss Constance, you sound like you're in a great deal of pain." Teddy commented as he found himself spared from any harm due to the fact that Constance's body had shielded him from damage and the fact that he was a plush Teddy Bear backpack with no bones or flesh to shatter.

"AAAAAAAAAGGGGGG" The Cat-Eared Vampire continued to scream as she felt her body start to mend itself by sending blood to the damaged region in her body. It did not help Constance's broken rear end that the ground beneath her was constantly squirming.

Lifting her skirt, the young Vampirette discovered the back of someone's head, which logically meant that his face had been buried in the ground. The fact that the human had attempted to catch her as she fell and the gratitude that should have been felt was off set by a large margin by the fact that the man's head was located under Constance's skirt, a fact that sent the blood that was healing her damaged arse to her face.

The gravity of the situation returned to her, fortunately for Young Ashworth, when Constance heard the succubus' words as she flew high above, carrying the red-haired human in her arms. Heaving herself off of the stricken human, she pulled him up from the crater that his face had created, allowing him to finally breathe.

"show them what us so-called subhumans can do."

Som's attention was too rapt in keeping himself alive to have paid attention to the Succubus' commentary and even if he had heard the words, he would have ignored them. Surrounded by two of the machine's children, the Hunter was busy dodging and blocking blows to either side, trying to attack from odd angles that the smaller machines would not have predicted.

"Blasted machines." Som cursed as he felt a set of mechanical claws rake his back, ripping his jacket and scoring his leather armor, revealing a set of thin metal plates that had been sewn between the layers of leather. Using the momentum that he had been given by the strike from behind, the Hunter pitched forward into a roll, a roll that took him beneath the strike of the metal child in front of him.

Planting the handle of his blade into the ground underneath the machine, Som caused the blade to morph into a spear, causing it to plant itself into the ground while impaling the smaller metal monster, the blade of Som's spear erupting out of its neck.

With one of his opponents finished, Som turned towards the second and unleashed a flurry of small arms fire at the automaton only to see the bullets bounce off its armored hide. Without his spear and with his pistol showing itself to be ineffective, Som could only dodge the series of attacks the leg machine unleashed at him.

Area 69: Surface Base: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashford), Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian, Cadolbolg, Rugal, Jenny, Teri
Deadshot /W. MG EXCELSUS

David swayed back and forth, barely able to stand on his own two feet. He looked at the girl, grinning stupidly. "Heeey theeere, missssss!" The Ashworth said in a slur. "Did yoooooou make it okee?" Before the girl could answer, he gave her a thumbs-up. "Thhaaat's greeeaat to hear. Good night."

The poor lad teetered forwards and fell into the sand face-first once more, and in front of the girl he attempted to save.
"Mmmmmmmffff," David gave a muffled, pained moan into the tiny particles of earth.

Now that Devon saw the two, he started trying to process who would need the help the most. It's be a lot easier if Teri could get over here, but enough worrying about what I can't change. Honestly, it'd be a lot easier to heal the both of them at once, but the only way he could do that would be somewhat painful...

"Constance, will you need immediate aid? Make up your mind, because the amount of damage between the two of you isn't something I can really ignore." as he talked quickly, he began gathering the energy he'dneed to cast a healing spell on one of the two while mentally gulping at what he'd be doing to help the other...

Ella pulled out her Kama and began fighting alongside the redhead, using the longer reach it could provide to give some needed cover for Som. "Of course you throw away your close quarters weapon at the first you bring a peashooter to a Metal Gear fight is beyond you have anything else in reserve, or did you already blow your load?" It was certainly tense for her, but Ella had learned enough to know that it wouldn't be a good idea for that human to go off and do the first second third fourth thing they did best - getting themselves killed.

Daft Sikes:
"Thhaaat's greeeaat to hear. Good night."

The sight of a the human passing out just after saying what was essentially nonsense would have been comedic at the best of times but with the situation that they were in at the moment, Constance found herself feeling rather concerned for the boy that had risked bodily injuring in his attempt to help her. That coupled with the throbbing that she still felt in her rear end silenced any laughter that she might have allowed to inadvertently escape had the circumstances differed.

As she rolled the young Ashworth onto his back, allowing for him to breath more freely, she heard the sound of approaching boots followed by the sound of the bard's voice.

"Constance, will you need immediate aid? Make up your mind, because the amount of damage between the two of you isn't something I can really ignore."

"You'd better take care of him first, us Vampires can heal ourselves fairly quickly." She said with a nod towards the unconscious David Ashworth.

As she spent a moment to continue healing herself, she watched Som as he fought the machine that was giving him to much trouble.

"Of course you throw away your close quarters weapon at the first you bring a peashooter to a Metal Gear fight is beyond you have anything else in reserve, or did you already blow your load?"

Normally a comment such as the one that the Succubus leveled at him would not have garnered any sort of response from the Hunter, he being a professional and she being a creature beneath him but he found himself flustered at the fact that his attacks seemed to do little if any damage to the larger of the machinations and very little damage to is subordinate machines.

"Not all of us show our hand off the bat." Som said with a frown as he used the much needed diversion by the winged demon to remove a vial of water and another vial filled with a black powder from his pouch of alchemy supplies. Pouring some of the water into the vial, Som shook the mixture, watching the black powder start to expand inside the container, waiting for a cue that only he seemed to know.

Without warning, the Hunter threw the vial at the machine, causing it to shatter and release the black oozing liquid onto Som's target. The reaction was immediate as the vile liquid began to eat away at the machine, causing a cloud of acrid smoke to rise from where ever the slimy liquid touched.

Were one to observe the black liquid carefully, they would have noted that it appeared to move of its own accord, climbing up the side of the machine, spreading itself so as to completely engulf Som's target.

"Dehydrated Ooze, just add water." Som quipped, reciting a statement that his instructor had said the first time they had been taught the proper handling of oozes and slimes.

Electromagnetic pulses FTW. Shawn & Everyone.
Location: Area 69: Surface.

Sighing as he got his new objective by the cat girl, the Wanderer pulled out his grenades. "I'm not a human, I'm a mutant technically." Shawn sneered as he brushed back his blood soaked hair revealing his glowing blue eyes. The wound healing faster then usual thanks to the Auto-Inject Stimpak that was ready for any injuries. Deciding not to use him jetpack on the one, Shawn made a sudden dash and started his round on the Metal Gear.

Ninja perk activated

Was the message displayed this time around and soon the wanderer was making air dashes through the air whilst throwing the grenades into every nook and cranny he could find on the robot, luckily he had his good ol' VATs mode to help him aim whilst completing this difficult objective. A few seconds later, Shawn was back to the starting point and clapped his hands which suddenly revealed the electromagnetic pulses going off. Pulling the Tesla Cannon out of thin air once more Shawn said one simple phrase. "Lets finish it."

Area 69: Surface Base: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashford), Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian, Cadolbolg, Rugal, Jenny, Teri, Garm
Deadshot /W. MG EXCELSUS

Devon could not have thought too soon, as Teri arrived on wolfback right on cue and began waving her hands over the young Ashford lad, her spell and Aura pumping him full of Positive Energy:

Teri casts Cure Serious Wounds, dropping (3d8 + 15) x .5[1] of healing! In this case: 42 points of Healing (alongside 2 points every six seconds David's in the Aura)! David is now A Okay, and fully conscious!
42 seconds till Teri can cast another 3rd Level spell.

Breathing a heavy sigh of relief, Teri looked to Devon and said, "Sorry for taking so long. Lets just say that helping out Dad ended with a detour or two. Now, is she gonna be alright?"

Teri indicated a hand to the new Vampire who looked roughed up, and continued,

"Or how bout yourself?"

As she asked these things, Devon and Constance could already feel the Cleric's aura on full blast, what wounds either had beginning to close.

With the cannons out of the way, Angelus began shooting more homing fire on the mech, careful as to not hit her allies and 'sent' to Jenny as she continued her assault,
"You have my thanks! I loathe to think what those cannons would have done...."

As for Caim, finally exposing the not so safe interior inspired the warrior to swap back to his green blade (Slaughterism) and shouted, "TAKE COVER!", before thrusting the blade into the sky and raining down purple tinted lightning at the various units trying to distract the party from the Metal Gear.

As for Ton Ton and Cadolbolg, the duo zipped around the blades, a mixture of platforming on Ton Ton's part and Cadolbolg slicing back at the blades with his sharp tail; sparks flying as the two met. After knocking off another blade coming in, Ton Ton hopped on the blade in question, and brought down his knife on the joint holding the blade in place, as well as a lightning breath from Cadolbolg. Ton Ton, being strong against several kinds of elemental attacks, only felt a light tingle as the blade was severed from the main mech. Now, that left the other blades coming at them...

[1] (level 8 cleric, +1 from Domain, +6 from Augment healing and the multiplier from Teri's equipment)

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