The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Rising Dawn: Hallway: Chris, Cadolbolg, Ton Ton, Devon

Chris smiled, reaching out to take Devon's hand, her grasp rather hesitant and gentle. She gave her a nod as they started to walk through the corridors, still taking in all the details of the ship. "Th-thank you, although I... do understand English well enough, I just... well, you'll hear me pausing even when I... speak drow, just not as often."

There was something relaxing about the way her two young friends talked to each other. "And I think... teaching you both Drow is a... wonderful idea. It's... never too early to start learning, and learning a new language is a good... way to learn about your own. You start thinking about how... words are put together in your native tongue as well as... the language you're learning, and if you're... studying a related language to your own, like if I were... to study surface elven, for example, you can even see what the... languages share in common, and where they've drifted apart."

She looked over to the tiny Tonberry. "I've... known English for a while, mister Ton Ton." She paused, trying to keep the darker parts of her past away from such young fresh minds. "Where I... first came from, it was just called 'Common', and a lot of... traders spoke it, so I learned it to... better be able to talk to them when I was... allowed to."

She paused for a moment outside the medical lab. "Is... that crazy person... I-I mean... mister Wanderer, really your doctor here?" Her cheeks flushed darkly as she realized how that must sound. "I mean... he's got some... very unusual methods... A-anyway, let's... keep going, shall we?" She squeezed Devon's hand slightly, a nervous gesture, as she moved down the hall.

Once they were a little ways away from the medical lab, she seemed to regain a little bit of her composure. "I was... trying to become a teacher before I... came here, although I don't know what will happen... with that now, so I'll... be glad to teach all... three of you, if you want." She does give a friendly smile. "We should... probably get miss Slindis to take some lessons too, since I... don't think she ever learned it herself..." She paused for a moment. "Mister Cadolbolg, mister Ton Ton, forgive me for... asking, but have you both learned to read yet? That... may be another good thing to learn, and... I've already got one... prospective student for that class."

Rising Dawn: Library
Shinia, Selena

"Oh, Madoka magica? well... yes and no. in reality? no, they're just an anime. but in it they're awesome and have cool magical powers and fight things and stuff!" she said excitedly, the girl's eye having a glint of happiness. "Mind teaching me how to control my magic?" she asked, excited about the prospect. "I can already track people's mana, so i know it exists, i just don't know how to use it." she explained.

Alucard, Jenny, Blade, Ella, Other dude(s)
Outside Jenny's room.

"HEY!" Alucard near shouted, appearing to get mad. "I'LL HAVE YOU KNOW I'M A FUCK MOTHERING VAMPIRE!" he exclaimed. With a disgruntled look, he snapped his fingers and they soon heard running water from the shower. "There MOM." he said.

Rising Dawn: Library
Shinia, Selena

Selena's eyes turned a bit more bitter when the girl asked for help controlling magic.
"You have magic? Then your cursed like me, It's not a gift. I will teach you how to control your mana, but Don't expect to learn spells from me, Black magick Is not to be tampered with lightly. Understand this, a sword needs to be swung to harm someone, but Magic can burn on a whim."

Rising Dawn: Jenny's room: Jenny, Ella, Blade, Edge

"Oh shit, Blade! I really didn't mean that, but we can patch him up... I hope?" Ella ran alongside Edge as she searched for a good room to take him to. "Not as familiar with who you are, but if you can heal him it might help more; if not, we need to get him to the med bay or Teri posthaste."

IN addition, she looked to Jenny. "Jenny, You know I didn't mean that, right? You're not about to hold this over my head later?" After all, she'd be plenty pissed if it was the other way around.

Rising Dawn: Hallway: Chris, Cadolbolg, Ton Ton, Devon

"So, if we're all agreed it seems like a pretty good way to spend a bit of time. Never know when knowing Drow'll come in handy, after all! And guys, the messages could be silly but I'll be watching you for any ruder words... Who knows, you might lose your seats if you're mean?" The chuckling that accompanied the statement made it clear that the statement was light teasing and not much more/

"And to let you know, Chris, the man handles some bits but if any real injuries pop up it's mostly handled by Slindis or Teri. I can also cover some small bits from what I've heard, but I'm nowhere near as specialized." She kept walking calmly, rubbing the pair on the foreheads with her open hand as she replied to Chris once more.

"I say we should head to the canteen; pretty good food there, just don't ask for it to be spicy unless you like having a fire breath! If you want Slin in on your lessons, it might be better to ask her. She does have to help Teri with a good bit of training at times, but I think she'd be okay with it as well."

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, Slindis, Wanderer, Angelus, Caim, Icarus

Rugal did perk up a little when Icarus started to talk about some kind of being making their way towards the ship.
"...What makes you say that? I mean, who the hell would be dumb enough to come afte-!!!"
He suddenly froze as he began to sense what Icarus was sensing, Dark Demonic Energy and there was only one man he knew with an Aura like that and he was the last person he wanted to arrive on the ship.
"...Don't tell me it's him! Please, not him! Anything else. Invading Country, Neo-Nazis, Aliens! ANYTHING!" He said as he rushed over to the window, shoving Icarus aside as he did.
"...Oh god dammit Kaz..."

Skies over US West Coast: Rising Dawn Airship/Rising Dawn Hanger Bay: Kazuya, G-corp fleet

Icarus's omen was right as a trio of heavily armed transports, each bearing the G-corp Insignia, began to come into radar distance, converging quickly on the airships location.
"Attention Rising Dawn, this is Devil 1, requesting hanger bay doors be opened and landing permissions for 3 Osprey Class Transports and their crews, Over." Kazuya radioed to the Ships AIs.
A few minutes of conversing with the AIs and sorting out permissions later, they began to start landing in the Hanger, quickly setting up shop once they were inside.
The second he was out of his own transport, he was instantly barking orders at his men.
"I want a portable command set up there, 3 computer systems there and a comm array there, all linked back with HQ. Get Dr. Violet in contact with their AIs and tell them to set up a meeting with their crew in the Hanger Bay. If asked what about, tell them it's relating to "Old Friends"..."
Thus his men began to set up all the required installations for their stay while Kazuya waited for the crew to arrive.

As he was doing that, an announcement went though the ships PA System:

Dr. Violet:
"-Who the hell puts the PA button there of all places?! I mean, how the- Oh, it's on?!
OH! Ummm, Hey....How's everyone? If you could all start making your way towards the Hanger Bay for a meeting with my Boss Kazuya Mishima, that would be great! No Rush!...Well, okay, some rush, Just get here when you can, There will be Margaritas~!" <3

Rising Dawn: Armory/Training room: David West, Storm, Alpha, Boss

"...So Edge is Jesus, is what your telling me?....Fucking hell..." David muttered in disbelief, he wouldn't mind, but Edge seemed to be more "Normal" then most people here, even if he was a Ninja.
"Well, if he wants to sleep on water that badly, I guess we could get a kiddie pool and set it up-" He said before Violet's announcement over the intercom got his attention.
"...Welp, guess break time is over. Though why the hell is Kazuya coming to us? He's usually the kinda guy to sort shit out himself. Lord knows he has the means by now. Still, a drink is a drink...See you guys down there, Have fun sword shopping." He added before making his way down to the hanger.

Rising Dawn: Jenny's Room: Jenny, Alucard, Ella, Blade, Edge

Once Alucard turned on the shower in Jenny's room, she re-focused her efforts getting Blade in there, seeing how Edge was there.
"I-i-i-One thing at a time Ella, please!" She stammered as she laid Blade on the bed, the wounded Pokemon groaning as she did.
"A-a-a-alright, just hold on, Blade. E-everything will be fine, just stay with us, okay?" She frantically said as she rubbed his forehead, granted, he wasn't on his deathbed just yet, but the sight of a loved one in such a state was always rather stressful for anyone.
Then Violet was kind enough to drop in and mark the end of the "Peaceful" period of the ship.
"Ohhhhhhhhh! WHY NOW OF ALL TIMES!? FUCK YOUR MARGARITAS! Ummm...ohhhh!" She panicked, the notion of them getting whisked off into another adventure at this exact moment was not doing her many favors mentally.

Rising Dawn: Men's Restroom Floor: Deadshot

"Zzzzzzz.....zzzzzz...-*Snort* did someum say Margaritas?" Deadshot groaned as the PA woke him up from his Blunt Force Induced nape
You know, for someone who got his head plowed though the bowl of a toilet, he seemed pretty cool with it.
Taking a moment to wake up a little before cleaning himself up, he began making his way towards the Hanger for his free drink, unaware of anything else, such are the effects of getting hit in the head.
Or rather, his head hitting something else.

Location: Medical Bay | Rising Dawn.

The thick old blood of a Deathclaw was slowly rolling down it's own skull, just like the hot flowing magma. Yet two blood crimson eyes was watching the flow with intrigue. His gaze was focusing on the small streak of crimson, wandering if this would happen when he was in combat with it, though, it would be many times faster and the blood would come out of many openings. Slowly cutting the right eye open, a murky, mist like puss leaked out.

Barely cringing, the Dark Wanderer was thinking with heartbeats. Opening his mouth in sync with his thoughts. "Interesting ... could this be ... oh." With surprise, as the eye cut began to rust over with a scab, except this was much quicker than a human, and different to the Wanderer's own "Bark skin". Quickly writing something down, the announcement came over the medical bay. Irritated by the disturbance, the 'man' plunged his scalpel down, lodging it's place within the decapitated creature's head.

"Guests ... I'll go and ... introduce myself to them, hehe." He said with a dark short giggle, matching it along with his emotions. Walking out of the medical bay, a heavy small growl was heard, turning around he giggled again. "Don't worry, I'll be back for you." Wanderer smiled as he turned again, slowly walking, humming an old war tune. The other mental side of Wanderer knew what he was going to do, and he hoped that he will be able to persuade him to allow him to handle negotiations, before blood becomes a new coat of paint for the hanger.

Location: Armoury/Training Room | Rising Dawn.

David made his exit after the announcement, this left Storm in a awkward and fast aura. "Oh God, why now?! Storm asked to nothing. Turning around to Boss, he placed the two blades he suggested beside him. "I need to get down there, I don't want anyone touching my stuff. You shop or that, but try to be down there. Someone may be mad enough to attack them." He said pointing to Boss before leaving the room with a incredibly fast jog.

Location: Room 179 | Rising Dawn.

When the announcement was made, Alpha had already made it to their room, locking it up. Right now she did not want to be involved with anything, she didn't even help with the AI duties. She even partly blamed herself for not detecting these intruders. Right now though, her eyes were portals to the ship's cameras, only examining the hanger where the new party was setting up. Then the sudden Spartan arrived with speed, immediately began to check on the part of the hanger where his weapons and armour were housed.

"So stupid." She muttered to herself, yet she did not know who that was directed to, herself or her partner?

Jenny | Alucard | Ella | Blade | Edge | Boss
Rising Dawn: Jenny's Room
Skies over U.S. West Coast

Edge purged water from the air and used it to begin healing Blade. "You." Edge said, pointing to Jenny with his free hand. "Calm down. I'll have Boss tell Kazyua you can't come down because your friend is hurt. Kaz is a reasonable man, he'll understand."

"Actually I think he's kind of a cretin." Boss said, appearing in the room. "But his heart's in the right place, I guess." Boss handed Edge the two swords. "Some stabbin' thingies. Courtesy Storm; make sure you thank him."

Edge took one of the swords and looked it over, nodding in approval. "I will. Thank you." Setting the swords aside, he said, "When you get to the docking bay, tell Kaz that a couple of the group are injured, and I'm looking over them." Edge fixed Boss with a stern look. "And make sure no one does anything stupid, if you would be so kind."

"I make no promises." Boss said, and was gone.

Edge sighed and looked back over to Jenny. "I can't keep summoning water out of thin air. Get a bucket or something and fill it up with water from the shower." Edge said. "It's hard for me to tell, but I don't think he's at risk of death just now."

Kazuya | G-Corp Fleet | Boss
Rising Dawn: Hanger Bay

Boss popped into the hanger shaking his head. "Of course you would pick margaritas of all things." Boss said. "The one thing I hate. What are the odds of you having any beer?"

The (Un)real World
Location: Space Needle | Seattle | Washington
Time: 26th July, 2014

Deborah | Titania

"The fight is over my lady, should I send our scarlet gunman home?" Deborah asked. The day was stiflingly hot, the sun bore down upon them with a resentful fury. It burned her delicate white skin and revealed red scratches that were etched lightly into her irritated skin. Deborah tugged lightly has her silk camisole and wiped the sweat from her brow. Her long black hair, draped down across her shoulders and pooled on her stomach, drew so much heat that she was tempted to sever it. She felt hot, sticky, and dirty. There was no wind to alleviate the heat here.

Titania was sitting cross-legged not to far from Deborah. Her long white hair was drawn up into twintails today, and she wore a white-blue sailor uniform with a short pleated navy skirt. If she felt the same heat as Deborah, the Fey creature did not show it.

"Do it, he was too hard to control anyway. Too much established canon to weave around." Titania's voice cut through the air with unusual clarity. She carried herself with an aura of frustrated annoyance. "Slave, I am not happy."

Deborah pursed her lips, "I apologize milady, but you didn't give me enough time last night."

Titania turned toward the Blue Sorceress, her eyes daggers that sent a cold clamminess racing down Deborah's body. Suddenly it felt like her clothes were suffocating her, wrapping themselves around her body, sinking into her skin. It pulled and tucked in some places, Deborah let out a sharp gasp.

"This is one of those rare occasions where it is not your fault."

Shocking. Deborah wasn't even sure herself if she was being sarcastic or not. She kept the snark within her breast however, lest the girl-master take it the wrong way. "What is the matter then?" Deborah grasped at the bare skin between her clavicle and her breasts.

"Too much time has passed, the window is closing! That's what!" Titania snapped harshly. There was a brief moment where Titania's green eyes gleamed against the blue Pacific Coast skyline and the air became saturated with battle hunger and rage.

Deborah placed a finger between the thin cloth plastered against her skin. It was almost transparent, she pulled up and let some air flow onto her body. Still, she felt sticky, despite being so wet. She looked up at Titania and asked in heavy breaths, "Who shall we... send this... time..."

"We are in our death throes, who else to we have? Send in Lord Haku-" Titania paused and gave Deborah a queer once-over. "Deborah... are you... in public... like, for real?"

"Master... called me... by my... name..." Deborah smiled, her cheeks red.

Titania walked over and stepped harshly on Deborah's navel, causing the larger girl to cry out suddenly, "Seriously... slave. It's an important crux of our operations. It's no place for you to suddenly get all... weird."

"I...can't... ah... help it..." Deborah gulped for air as Titania's dainty foot dug into her abdomen. "My body... someone... is playing with..."

"How are you supposed to be an Observer like this! Pull yourself together, or else the firs thing you observe will be sent in!" Titania stomped her foot with each word to emphasize the weight of her words. Which, after accounting for most things, boiled down to about 95 pounds.

In their fury, the leather tome fell open and began to slide off the slanted roof of the Space Needle, it flew, page's turning as the summer thermals rose to greet it, until it landed with a thud upon the head of a visiting foreigner. He picked up the book and leafed through it, smiling and frowning at the contents within. When at last he found the last page, he picked up a mapping pen from his sack and wrote in a name to fill in the empty space before leaving the book neatly on the sidewalk.


Avatar Adventure
Location: Engineering | Rising Dawn


Azan appeared, more or less unharmed in the dark of the engineering bay of the Rising Dawn airship. He knew little and less about machines, and next to nothing about where he was. So the little cogs turning in his brain. He was heading somewhere on a boat. That much he remembered, but where and exactly who with, escaped him from the moment. Patting down himself, making sure his armor and mace were in order, he marched himself off toward wherever there would be food.

It was tough living as an impoverished knight. He never knew when his next meal would appear before him, sent barrelling down from the sky at twenty kilometers an hour. But whenever it did happen, he let it be known loudly, "God be praised!" He heard his own voice echo aloud through the metal halls of the airship. "Oh.. did I say that out loud? I hope I didn't disturb anybody." He heaved the grand mace over his shoulder and turned around, eying the darkness for any friends or foes that might come blundering down, angry at his boisterous voice. After a few scarce minutes Azan decided that all was well and resumed his walking toward the nearest source of food, the feathered mustache on his helmet acting as stand in diving rods for nourishment.

Without much fanfare, he found the Canteen and kicked the sliding door open. Out, broken, into the room as he announced "God be praised! I am Ex-Lieutenant Azan of the Not-So-Holy-Iron-Chain-Knights of the Church that I was excommunicated from! I demand hospitality!"

Then there was silence from the Bridge Knight, his mace tinkering on his shoulder pauldrons. He cleared his throat, "Excuse me, that was rude and unknightly of me. Please forgive my rudeness, it is hunger that spurs with Holy Knight to such despicable actions."

The room was empty, and several plates with food were set out on the table, half eaten. Azan paused, he could have sworn that there were people in the room about half a second ago. Disregarding whatever thoughts he had left in the iron-bucket-with-a-mustache he called a helmet, he waddled over to the "kitchen" area and began to help himself to the stocked icebox, of which, he found endlessly amusing.

"A place of such convenient sorcery! Absolutely wonderful."

Rising Dawn: Library
Shinia, Selena

"Well, sorry..." Shinia said with a bit of hurtness. "I just have a force inside me and i want to learn to control it... i've seen both sides of the coin to what magic can do and if it's possible to learn more about myself and learn to control my abilities, then i'll take it..." she said looking down and heard the announcement on the pa. "Who is that?" she asked, happy her attention was being diverted.

Somewhere where he shouldn't be.

Alucard had disappeared from the commotion without anyone having seen him walk away. He was rather thankful that german cat boy girl thing had done that thing. being everywhere and nowhere at once was rather useful. He stepped out into the sunlight and thousands of people were cheering in excitement underneath the roman sun in anticipation for one man.

"Whelp, time to do my thing." he said and the guards turned to face him. Each were met with a bullet to the face. Finally the man himself turned around, dressed in holy white robes. "Lord help me... it's finally you, you accursed monster." said the pope now face to face with Alucard.

Alucard smirked. "Remember the fear turkey?" alucard said. The crowd began to scream in horror as a severed head sailed out across the gathered people, a cross shoved into the open neck wound. All the meanwhile, Alucard's maniacle laughter filled the vatican city halls, square and echoed out across rome.

Location: Not-So-Secret Base

Blade found himself in a breakroom a floor below where everyone was being evacuated. While there was an uneasy silence, it was mostly due to nobody being on that floor except for two sentry bots patrolling the hallways. Meanwhile the evacuation was about 75% done at the moment.

Rising Dawn: Hallway: Chris, Devon, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

The drow chuckled as she listened to Devon. "It's... all right, miss Devon. I don't... plan on teaching any... impolite words for... quite some time." She seemed to relax a bit more as Devon explained about the 'doctor,' the tension at the prospect of potentially seeing the lunatic for anything like that fading. "I... think I'll stick with what... first aid I know, then, unless something is serious."

Any further thoughts were cut off by the unfamiliar voice coming in over the intercom. "Who... is that?" She stops in the hallway, just outside the canteen, where her sharp ears are picking up some sort of commotion from inside as the Knight was sacking the kitchen. "Should we... do what he says, or..." She looked towards the kicked open doors to the canteen. "Find out... what caused that?"

The (Un)Real World
Location: Seattle | Washington
Time: 28th July, 2014

Deborah | Lucieon | Titania

"Ahn!" Deborah cried out. Her voice shrill and breathy. Titania's foot rose and fell again, it hit her on the back and she felt her bones shift under the force. Deborah cried out again, tears streaming down her cheeks. "M-master..." she said, "please, forgive me." Titania gave the larger girl a dreadful stare, her green eyes cut through the air. Titania raised her foot again, the red imprint of her heel light up Deborah's bare back.

Titania screamed between gritted teeth as she delivered another flurry of kicks to the prostrated girl beneath her, "Take your punishment with courage! Nothing pisses me the fuck off more than a subordinate that fucks up and can't take the beating afterwards!"

Deborah moaned, another bone in her back dislocated itself. "Ah!" She turned around and looked at Titania, her sailor uniform and skirt a whirlwind in motion. "Master, forgive me. Please, it wasn't my fault."

"Do you know, what we have to fucking work with because of your fucking mistake!?" titania let the last kick land on Deborah's head, and she put all her weight on that one leg and leaded close to Deborah's flushed, sweaty face. "I don't know where you get off on all this, but we have Azan... a motherfucker that can't even use the simplest magic, running around trying to win a desperate battle for us!" Titania stood up and then delivered one final kick to Deborah's stomach, flipping her entire body over. "Do you think that there is even a possibility that the simple-minded buffoon could even fathom the idea of phenomena intervention, let alone accomplish it!?"

Deborah's chest heaved as she breathed. Sweat rand down in droplets across her pale skin. All across her body red bruises and bleeding cuts painted her. titania tossed her clothes back at Deborah and turned around. "Dress yourself before anybody catches you like that."


Titania turned around annoyed. Deborah's clothes were draped over her body neatly. It almost covers her shame. But then she looked up, and her breath caught in her chest.

"You really ought to treat your toys with more care, lest they break when you most need them." A young man stood a little bit beyond Deborah's naked form. He carefully stepped over the bloodied mass, his boots and sheath made a soft click against the concrete as he settled into position. His hair took half a second to settle down after the rest of his body had stopped moving. He always had dramatic hair this one, like spun gold wafting in a summer's breeze. It added to his air of nobility despite his clothes being simply tattered rags and leather wanderer's armor. He smiled, teeth white as snow and gleaming in the setting sun. "You sent someone, interesting in this time. The rest of us are just, slightly worried." Titania narrowed her eyes and backed up a step. His presence was somehow threatening despite his polite demeanor. Or rather, it was because of his unwaveringly formal attitude that it made Titania uneasy in spite of the fact that he was simply a human sorcerer. "To be honest my lady, we were all expecting this White Knight of yours to finally make his appearance. It is so very puzzling that this Bridge Knight hath taken his place."

Titania turned around and turned her eyes away from his own pale blue eyes, "Deborah let the book drop, some random civilian wrote him in. It wasn't me." Titania turned back toward the man and pointed a finger at him, snarling, "And pray tell, when did you gain the right to speak down to me Lucieon."

Lucieon smiled and bowed, "Oh my lady, I never presumed to take the higher ground. I was simply, voicing the concerns the rest of us were having at our particular... predicament."

"I am aware of our situation," Titania spat at the ground where Deborah's loud breathing interposed itself with the silent evening air, "and I know it better than anyone else!"

Lucieon's smile faded, his demeanor harshened, and he opened his eyes. "Then you should know that BlackHarte isn't dead. He's making his way back to the Rising Dawn."

Titania's heart stopped, her eyes widened. It felt as if she had just swallowed cotton. How is that possible. We locked him in another dimension. We shot him. Titania opened her mouth to speak, but Lucieon was faster.

"His main body just happened to devour that continuity and began to reinstate his physical form." Lucieon turned around and knelt down next to Deborah, placing a hand on her skin and wiping off some of her blood. "He's gathering strength and our only Observer is in such a condition, I say this is the weakest I've ever seen our ragtag party of misfits."

"Silence!" Titania's voice rang out sharply. It echoed across the empty alleys and streets.

Lucieon turned around and wiped a bloody hand on his pants, "I apologize, I overstepped -"

Titania shook her head furiously. "No, you're right. This isn't going well, it's been going bad ever since we lost Red Mage. He's the only one that still remembers how the Stones work, and he's the only one with any clue about this whole deal of ownership." She sighed and collapsed to her knees. "What can we do, we're just a whole bunch of useless OC's. We need someone stronger, who won't get corrupted."

Lucieon cracked a genuine smile, "I was hoping you'd say that. I have in mind, just the one."

"Who?" Titania looked up at this blonde-haired sorcerer in confusion and wonder. An observer... a new observer? It sounded like a dream. With a new observer, they could field another character. But, where could they find one. An observer, was such a rare thing. You couldn't choose just any person, nor could you just make one up on the spot. Unless...

The words came to Titania's lips "You want to call... an existing observer... The Master Unit..."

"Amaterasu," Lucieon finished.


Avatar Adventure
Location: Canteen | Rising Dawn

BlackHarte | Azan

Azan sat down at one of the tables, his plate piled high with an assortment of pre-prepared meals. There were blood sausages atop mincemeat pies stacked above boiled potatoes and ripe fruits. Sauce and juice ran down the tower of food, the array of sweet and savory aromas mixed in the air. Azan was besides himself. On the very edge of his helmet, drool ran down the side of his mouthpiece. Where to start? He picked a soft floury potato from the stack and rolled int in his hands. His stomach growled. Ah yes, first a prayer. Azan tossed the potato into the air and clasped his hands together with such gusto that a small shockwave shook his table.

"God, blessed be thy name for providing your loyal servant with such a bounty!" As the potato dropped Azan flipped the mouthpiece on his helmet open and caught the spud in his mouth. It was soft, yes, it was warm, yes, but it also tasted of salt and cheese and butter, things that Azan had almost forgotten the taste of. This is wondrous. He cracked a smile as he chewed and swallowed. Next he helped himself to some fruit tarts, blackberry, mulberry, even oozing creamy coconut. Then came the sausages, then the haunches of lamb meat. So the poached eggs, the pasta, it had been simply ages since he last had pasta. Then finally, the end the one man feast he picked up a small cold chocolate. A bon bon. "And I thank the Lord for this as well!" He popped it into his mouth and chewed, cold sweetness enveloped his pallette and washed away the heavy flavors of the other foods leaving Azan with a chocolate mint aftertaste that was, in his mind, supernaturally pleasant. He patted his stomach, "I have never eaten half as well in my life."

Then master would do well staying aboard this vessel. Azan jumped, knocking the table over with him. His helmet rang with clattering metal. His eyes swept the room for the hidden speaker. "Who goes there!?" Azan cried, unable to lift his own body after the over-zealous feast.

The voice in his head came again. Master should not be frightened.

"I am the Black Mustachioed Knight, scourge of the Seven Seas! Show yourself fiend, for I am not afraid. rather, I am merely resting!" The Bridge Knight made a effort to sit up, rocking his round armor back and forth until the momentum carried him over on edge. "I ask again! Where are you!?"

Down here.

Azan looked down. BlackHarte stood there, a amorphous mass of black ferrofluid with a large green eye that stared at Azan, through Azan, into Azan. Azan's mustache bristled. Do not be afraid.

Azan ran, Azan ran as fast as he could backwards, while crouching, while-half rolling. He was halfway up a wall when he stopped, eyes uneasy at the blob. "Are you a demon!? An apostle!? A creature sent to test me perhaps! Oho! You will find that Azan is not so easily bested!" He grasped his grand mace and pulled it out, not to guard against the black blob, but to stead himself against the ground.

Perhaps it is simple because master is from a different era? Master is not accustomed to technology?

"Technology is the enemy of faith!"

There was a silence afterward. A long awkward silence. A period of time where neither parties spoke, and they just looked at each other distrustfully. And they stared, they looked. Their hearts beat as one. Their thoughts were the same. Is this someone I can trust? Why do I have to deal with something this absurd? When can we get on with the plot?


Azan interrupted him, "Demon..."

There was another long awkward pause in the conversation. Even BlackHarte began to feel uncomfortable, and that was a great achievement by any rights for the likes of mankind. BlackHarte spoke again. I am a personal servant.

"Slave Demon," Azan corrected. BlackHarte looked at him incredulously. If machines could become annoyed, it was going to be a short while before robots decided humanity was a waste of space.

The blob continued, of whomever inhabits this vessel... BlackHarte.

"And I am Azan, the Bridge Knight!" Azan paused, "or was it the Black Mustachioed Knight? Or perhaps it was Lieutenant Azan after all?" Azan smiled and extended his hand, "Well met hellspawn of demons!"

BlackHarete paused. <Even if I had hands, I wouldn't shake this man's hand. He's... he's altogether worse somehow than Red Mage, Kyre, and Tabitha put together... Is this, the power of human faith, or is it just the strength of human idiocy?> Then he continued. I will be your escort for your stay with us. There is going to be an even happening soon. Please... follow me. [If your feeble mind can handle such a concept.] BlackHarte added silently.

Azan was unconvinced. "Take me to your leader, Azan wishes to speak with them about dining and lodging arrangements immediately!"

Then there was another long silence between the two as everyone else on the ship made way for the hanger. BlackHarte nearly cried. [I... do not have the processing power for this.]


Location: Partition 2200 - Personality Division One - Kusanagi
Time: Distorted

Personality: "Murakumo" Subtype: Ragnarok Identity: Kusanagi

It's Been A Long Time. I thinK. HoW LoNG do YOU thiNk I mUst wait. FOr her; i HAVe waiTeD so lOng. So, so, sO,SO, so, lOng. A ReViVAL soon. I thINK. It is ONLy PROPER. sHe waited Long Enough for ME to Come get Her. i LoVE her so MUCH. ShouldN'T have made her wait So Long.

Soon. A World. That. Has. No Death. A plaCE. That People Can Live Forever. Wouldn'T THAT be nice? A PARADISE. F.o.r A.LL of my chilDRen FRIENDS. THeY Are PART OF ME iN the EnD. I HAve to treAt them well! Hahahahahahaha!

everyone will be a part of me so there will be no more death i will remember everyone i will love everyone yes they will see the Dark will eat everything i will consume everything everyone and then we can all play together and tell stories and never leave each other because thats what friends do we are supposed to be together forever ILl loVe HaviNG them inside of me.

Kill no one in this pitiful world Under the sun that i see no longer Remember everyone Under the soil those who died Maybe will come back no mUst come back I cannot Live withOut you anymore my liVElihood You are the Only one i want to see again in this world of oUrs

Soon the Dark will be here, and there shall be no suffering. The last light will be snuffed out, and I shall Observe all. I am the end, and I am the beginning. I am all and I am nothing.

I am BlackHarte...

Isn't that right Darren?

Rising Dawn: Hallway: Chris, Devon, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Devon smiled as she guided the group to the hangar. "That's good to know, since I'd rather not have Caim and Angelus find anything like that out by proxy unless it slips out in my training. It's a bit more... well, harsh than most other training, but I wouldn't have any other teachers." She also patted the drow on the back as she seemed to relax more, chuckling as she added in a "Just don't be afraid to ask us for a bit of help if you need it. We can certainly lend it to you if you ask."

And as a response to Chris's inquiry, she replied with a calm "It's Violet; since he's here, and with his drinks, I'd guess we have another job on our hands. I say we check on it, since I know Flagrun and the others can handle themselves."

Rising Dawn: Hallway: Blade, Jenny, Ella

Ella saw Jenny's panic as they got closer to the med bay and bluntly retorted, "Jenny, before you go shouting for Teri I know there's some Super Potions in there. Not too sure how they got there, but since they only work on you and blade I suggest getting right on them." She'd have been kinder, but Kindness didn't ensure someone got the care they needed.

Hotel in Rome.

On the television:
"Reports of the Pope's Death are false." Said the news reported in Vatican Square. "Reports of him being decapitated are false and the Holy Pontiff is alive and well." he said and then the TV switched to the pontiff giving a statement. Ofcourse it was in latin and would take a day or two for the public to get the message.

Alucard was meanwhile eating a bowl of cereal. "God damnit... fuckers had cloning tech..." he said with a full mouth then continued to eat. "Figures, the church covering up the truth with latin. Still haven't changed since i was a dude... Cheeky dickwaffles." he said, watching as the replacement give his speech. "Bastard probably doesn't even know he's a clone." he said and began drinking the milk from the cereal.

"Time to wait a while then do it again." he said and reclined. "HEY POLICE GIRL, FETCH ME MORE COUNT CHOCULA!"

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, Slindis, Wanderer, Angelus, Caim, Icarus, Azan

Once the message went out over the intercom, Rugal was now massaging his temples, this could NOT end well.
"Why us? I thought he had his own army to deal with whatever he needed to do?" He asked himself out loud.
"Alright, alright, if he had to call us, it must be something important. Lets-...Just pay him a visit, hear what he has to say...-then we kick him and his men out. Sound good?" He asked everyone in the canteen, it was pretty clear that this was rather un-nerving to a former super-villain like himself, especially with his history with the Japanese Spymaster.
Still, he too began to slowly make his way towards the Hanger, wiping some sweat from his brow as he did.

Rising Dawn: Jenny's Room: Jenny, Ella, Blade, Edge

Finally starting to snap out of her panicky stupor caused by Blade's injuries, Jenny finally was able to process what was being asked of her by Edge and Ella, slowing down and taking a breath as she did.
"A-a-all right, I'll get those things, over him." She said before running out of the room to get the Super Potions as well as a basin to fill with water.
As she was doing that, Blade was starting to stir a little, mumbling slightly as he as his eyes opened.
"-Sentry bots to the north, armed with flamethro-uh?....w-where am I?..." He said before he tried to move, a jolt of pain quickly putting an end to that idea.

Rising Dawn Hanger Bay: Kazuya, Violet, Deadshot, Storm, Boss, David, Wanderer

Deadshot, his fondness for drink guiding him, was the first to arrive at the hanger, pausing only when he saw all the armed men setting up all kinds of equipment, namely a table with a projector on it.
"...Huh, don't remember this being here. Yo! Here for the meeting?!" He called out to get everyone's attention, namely that of the Gay looking one by the refreshments table with the famed Margaritas.
"Oh, Hey, Margaritas! Finally, something going my-OUWEROUEWRGBARIGHBAEIRGBHAEPGHBEAIGRHBAERIGHBAE!" The Assassin went to say before he was suddenly grappled from behind and violently tased in the ribs by two goons before being dragged off.
"Whoa! What the hell Kaz!?"
"Damien East AKA Deadshot, wanted in relation to Bio-Terror attacks in Los Santos, Weapon Smuggling in San Ferrio and Stealing US Military Tech. And that's just recently. Get him out of here and into a holding cell. I'll be wanting to take him with me once the Mission is over. Urg, are they always so damn late?" Kazuya groaned as Deadshot was dragged off towards one of his VTOLs, nice and out of sight right before David, Storm and Boss showed up.
"Well, how's the men? Oh, Hey, Margaritas! Finally, something going my way." David nonchalantly said as he snagged one with a twisty straw.

"Sir! We need some help with this!" one of the G-Corp grunts said as he and a few others were trying to push a container full of Storm's equipment, the soldiers having a hard time pushing it out of the way in order to set up a Radar Device.
"Ahhh, I remember you. The Angel Soldier from the War. Storm, wasn't it?" Kazuya said as he reached out his hand to shake the Spartans, right in time to watch as the soldiers managed to knock over the container in their bid to move it, spilling it's contents on the ground.
"....Sorry, sir!"
Violet meanwhile greeted Boss by saying "...What's wrong with my Margaritas?...", seeming a little dejected by his comment as the other Rising Dawn members began to arrive.

((Arc Start in my next post))

Jenny | Ella | Blade | Edge
Rising Dawn: Jenny's Room

Edge put a hand on Blade's shoulder. "You're on The Rising Dawn, and you're safe." he said. "It looks like something messed you up pretty bad, but I'm taking care of that now." Edge looked over to where Jenny was getting water, and asked Blade in a much lower voice, "Where were you that there were turrets and flamethrowers?"

Kazuya | Violet | Deadshot | Storm | Boss | David | Wanderer
Rising Dawn: Hanger Bay

Well that was odd Boss thought, watching them cart away Deadshot. "It's's not your margaritas. It's any margaritas. I don't like 'em." Boss stroked his chin. "Well, I guess that's not true. I don't like tequila. It's nasty."

Noticing the soldiers struggling with Storm's equipment, Boss walked over and telekinetically moved it out of the way. "That ought t' help you guys a bit." Boss said. "By the way, a couple guys got hurt pretty bad before you got here, and Edge is taking care of 'em. Which is to say they won't be here for awhile." Boss turned to Kazuya. "Y' mind telling us what you're doing here? I mean, I'm assuming this is a business call, and not just you wanting to stop and chat. 'cause you don't strike me as the sort to do that." Boss gestured to the soldiers. "Also these guys."

Storm-1788 | Kazuya | Violet | Deadshot | Boss | David | G-Corp workers.
Location: Currently occupied Hanger | Rising Dawn.

Shortly after coming into the occupied hanger, the agitated Spartan examined the newcomers and their activities. Luckily no one was near the corner where his suit assembler stood tall. Seeing some of the G-Corp soldiers trying to move his stuff, the Spartan sighed and was about to walk over, yet he was interrupted by the grand CEO of the corporation that seemingly 'invaded' the ship non-aggressively. In presences of power, Storm tried to usually be well-behaved, even if he was the sort of lone wolf soldier.

("Well, least he doesn't know how I killed my first COs.") He gave a sigh of relief mentally, easily reaching his hand out to give a handshake. After the light physical contact, he moved his hand to a salute as a sign of respect. "Uh, yes, Stor-" He began to talk, yet the commotion involving made him suddenly turn around and slap his cheek lightly out of annoyance. Turning around after Boss moved his equipment, he returned to the conversation. "Storm-1788 sir, former specialist of the human corps. Though the rank does not matter in this environment, especially since our captain is a former criminal." Storm said with a casual shrug.

Listening to Boss as well, Storm turned the conversation to that topic as well. "Why yes, that is what everyone would like to know. As we all know, people do not come here without a reason." Storm said with bold intention, the last thing Storm wanted was a occupied ship with many people hating the man in-charge, in that case, Rugal was a better choice. Yet before allowing anyone to speak, a soft grinding noise emitted from a near hallway. Two crimson eyes inching closer. "Oh boy ... "


A mind in chaos. The current dominate personality was ignoring the shouts of his other side, mostly angry and regretful that the members in the canteen brought back a horrid memory, a picture that was etched into his dark side, as if it had happened yesterday. Many bodies were buried that day, yet many more would become the same. Friends, family, enemies, leaders ... they all die. By my or some other hand.

To those in the hanger, a figure emerged. A Doctor's coat they would notice, covered partially in blood. A rather large weapon was dragged behind him, one that looked like it was fashioned out of a car bumper, also partly covered in blood. Yet the weapon was large enough to remind them of another member of the crew who wielded large weapons, yet this member's style did not involve skillful wielding, he usually swung such weapons in a crazed manner.

The Doctor looked upon the new settlers of the hanger, licking his lips, a small stream of saliva trickled to his chin. "Oh? Who do we have here ... pitiful humans who want our help? ... iron-fisted conquerors?! Or my preference of ... more subjects?" He said with a chaos lusting voice, truthfully wanting more death to calm himself down, it always did. Giving a small giggle, he swung his sword into the floor, pointing the handle outwards from floor so he may lean on it.

Jenny | Ella | Blade | Edge
Rising Dawn: Jenny's Room

Blade instantly seemed 10 times more relaxed when he heard that name: Rising Dawn: Home.
"...Heh, where didn't they have turrets and (Gasp) flamethrowers?..." He weakly joked as a sigh of relief left his body, he WASN'T going to end up having to do another mission.
He could have been sent to the surface of the sun and he'd still be glad about that fact alone.
"where...where is she? she still here?..." He asked as the door opened to a pile of boxes floating in midair via Telekinesis.
"Okay Ella, When I went to get the Super Potions, I found this one called "Hyper Potions" and I wasn't sure which one was better so I brought both." Jenny explained as she held a pair of medical crates in mid air with her powers as well as a large basin of Water for Edge.
"...Jenny?....J?...That you?..." Blade then asked, Causing Jenny to freeze for a moment before she quickly let all the containers down.
"Y-yes! I'mhereareyoualrightcanyouhearmecanhehearmewillhebealrightiwassoworr-" she was about to ramble on until Blade raised a hand to stop her.
"...Jenny...You worry too much..." He chuckled as he brought her in for a hug, the two lovers sharing a tender mome-
"OHGODSPINE-SPINE!....ooooowwwww..." He then cried in pain as he broke off the hug, though in his mind, it was totally worth it.

Rising Dawn Hanger Bay: Kazuya, Rising Dawn

Kazuya smiled somewhat as Storm brought up the part about the Captain being a former criminal, right as the man himself made his appearance.
"Well, This is a Business call, Boss, but all going well, perhaps that will change as well..." He remarked as he watched the other crew members flow in, though this was halted when a crazed Wanderer suddenly showed up with a large "Sword"(?) and several mad ramblings.
Merely nodding to 2 of his men, they sneaked up on the mad doctor before quickly disabling him with a tazer to the spine in the same rehearsed manner they took down Deadshot, turning up the power as they did, just in case.
"That's why I brought the soldiers. They make life a lot easier for me. Now, take a seat, the briefing is about to begin." The explained as Wanderer was dragged off to one of the VTOLs while the meeting began.

Arc Start: Mr. Bison goes to Washington

Act 1: Breaking Doom

Once the crew was in place (And Violet had supplied them with refreshments), Kazuya took center stage as he began the proceedings
"Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen. I know some of you already know who I am, but I will repeat it. My name is Kazuya Mishima, acting CEO of G-Corporation Japan and it's vast array of armed forces. And I am here to request your assistance with a rather important assignment.

One of my main goals in my line is work is to assist in the capture of high threat targets that other organisations mightn't be equipped to deal with, namely the paranormal and technological. One group of targets that I have been after for several years as finally turned back up on my radar, however, Their leader is currently up for election to the most powerful office in the world: The Presidency of the United States. Worse still, thanks to his powers, he might even win. Allow me to explain:"

Turning on the projector and ordering to lights to be killed, He then brought up a picture of one of the Biggest Advocates for Dental Hygiene in the world.
"Again, some of you might know him, Master Bison, An powerful telepath whom is fueled by negative energy, some of you might have had run ins with him before. A crazed Ego Manic who conquered a large amount of the Asian landmass some years ago. Since then, he broke out of the Prison he was sent to and returned to the employ of Mr. Rugal Bernstein over there, whom he had served for a period before striking out on his own." He explained as he pointed to the Ships current captain, Prompting a cringe from the Former Crimelord as he covered his face slightly.

"Once that partnership ended following a massive underground base explosion, he and several others members of Rugal Bernstein's Cartel went underground for a few years until they he recently reappeared under the title of "Vincent Vega" and proceeded to run for local office, using his powers to quickly climb to federal government. He is now one of the 2 Right Wing front runners in the current election along with one Senator Steven Armstrong." He explained as the picture changed to that of an Extremely Smug looking man.

"While he is one of the dirtiest Politicians in a developed country, he is a lessor priority then Bison and his cohorts. Now, While I could have done the job myself, one of the first bills he enacted in office was the "War off our Shores Act" which makes it illegal for any military outside of the US to operate within the country, even with government permission. Don't ask me how that works. Effectively, I'd have to invade the country in order to just reach him and by that point, he would go underground again. Add in with the fact that he's been covering his tracks outside of interviews, I can't sent a simple "kill team" after him. And that's before the fact I'd be assassinating/kidnapping a US elected official."

"This is where you come in. Despite everything, It seems that this ship is technically not classed as "Military" and, thus, is allowed into US Airspace, so the operation is this: We track down Bison though his lackeys, pick them off one by one, disrupting their operation in the process before finally taking him down before he can be sworn in. They are as follows:" He explained as he went though a series of photos

-A seemingly blind man in a Matrix extra's costume.

"Dr. Albert Wesker, former head of Research for Rugal Bernstein's Cartel, Extremely intelligent, Cunning and thanks to an performance enhancing virus, is capable of Super Human feats of strength and speed. Out of all the names on this list, I personally view him as the most dangerous."

-A Short man with a huge head that looked like the first search result for "Cartoon Evil Scienst"

"Dr. Neo Cortex. Former Assistant Head of Research for Rugal Bernstein Cartel. Not unlike Dr. Wesker, he processes a vast intellect in a number of fields, including biology, robotics and quantum physics. Unlike Dr. Wesker, he is easy to break under pressure and mere fear and threats of violence is enough to make him submit, Rugal Bernstein can attest for that."

-An Album Cover of an extremely punch-able looking man. (Shout out to Caramel Frappe, he does good work!)

"Inuart, no known second name. A popular musician of unknown origin. We don't have much information on him, but we suspect a connection from what communications we were able to intercept. His public persona claims to be an adapt swordsman and we believe he is using the same virus as Dr. Wesker. It's unknown if he has a part in Bison's plan so He is on this list for the sake of covering all bases and as a possible lead in the future."

-Finally...Oh, God, What?

"Self proclaimed Dr. Victor Von Doom. An imposer of a fictional comic book villain and one of the most inept people I ever had the displeasure of meeting. His position was-...What did you hire him for, anyway?" He asked Rugal, only to get a annoyed grunt followed by "Oh, just get on with it!", clearly sick of being put on the spot like this.
"...Either way, he is extremely incompetent and I believe he was kicked out of Bison's group as a result. As a result, we were able to track his current location: A drug haven near Santa Monica run by the Las Venturas Bookies, a local street gang. We believe he is living with one of their members, goes by the name of "Diabs". He is the weakest link and the first on our hit list as result. We take him down, find out what he knows and he'll lead us to the others. Rinse, Repeat until we find Bison himself."

Closing down the presentation, he then turned to everyone before asking "Now, there may be more targets then we know about, but either way, we'll need to track down Dr. Doom in order to find out...Now, Is there any questions?"

Avatar Adventure
Location: Hanger Array | Rising Dawn


The Holy Knight had in some capacity worked his way to the alcoholic beverages in the hanger array. His mustache bristled as he sucked some of the fruit-juice spirit mix through a colored plastic straw. Out of the corner of his eye he watched Kazuya's presentation, keeping to heart the faces and names of each of the individuals on screen. His serious demeanor was something he had not displayed for a long time, and perhaps it would stay that way. However, in the pit of his stomach he could feel the potency of the situation to become somewhat serious during his stay aboard the vessel.

BlackHarte had coiled himself on top of Azan's helmet, which served as a useful hiding place from the Bridge Knight's judging eyes. The technomorph watched the presentation with the same amount of disinterest as he had displayed the countless other times an arc had been presented to the crew of the Rising Dawn.

The ship had scarce changed, but the people had come and gone. BlackHarte felt some wanting as he looked at the gathered crew of unfamiliar faces. He missed the dynamic duo, he missed the kitsune, he missed the stuck-up blue haired family man, he missed the power-crazy alchemist, and he missed the nuclear explosion man. To some extent he even missed the little white haired girl that ran around brandishing her oversized katanas. Those where all memories he held within his black heart, whether they were fond or otherwise. Over the years he had changed his master equally as many times and had to deal with adventures with equal absurdity. He supposed that it was time to embark again, and let the void in his heart open a little wider. [I wonder if anyone is going to die this time.]

Azan's hand shot up as Kazuya finished the presentation. "Yes!" Azan bellowed, "Azan here has a question!" Azan put down his drink and marched up to Kazuya, BlackHarte swinging back and forth upon his head in sync with his motion. "Azan would like to know the reason that Azan is to be helping you with this endeavor!"

Please excuse him, I've tried to explain many times that this is a band of heroes. Master is a bit slow when it comes to cognitive ability. BlackHarte chimed.

The Bridge Knight unhooked his grand mace from its holster and brought it full to bear, "Azan is a Knight of the Holy Iron Chains! Sworn to protect the weak and uphold the tenants of the Holy See! For what is this 'United States' and why is it important to be protecting from these degenerates you have mentioned!"

That was some uncharacteristic alacrity.

Rising Dawn Hanger Bay: Icarus, Rising Dawn

...Now, Is there any questions?"
Icarus raised his hand
"Umm just one concern, if Armstrong is involved that means that we might have to worry about Strider Hiryu," he noticed that name got some attention.
"I also happened to see the news coverage of Darksides attack, and he tried to blame it all on you. If we find anything about the Strider, I have a score to settle with him."
He had been leaning aganst the hangar wall with his wings dissipated without them he looked rather... well not ordinary what with the tunic and cloak but he didn't seem quite so strange, From afar he looked kinda normal.

Storm-1788 | Kazuya | Violet | Deadshot | Wanderer | Boss | David | G-Corp workers | and others.
Location: Currently occupied Hanger | Rising Dawn.

Before the presentation started with all of it's flair, Storm saw the now unconscious Wanderer being dragged out of the hanger, towards one or another of the G-Corperation's crafts. Kazuya took his place, leaving Storm mentally sighing and praying for his half-crazy half-brother. "That side is never cautious." He muttered under his breath, before focusing his bright blue eyes onto the presenter, with drink in hand of course, giving Violet a silent thanks.

After the speech, Storm had quite a few questions, but there was a big one in mind that needed to be answered. Almost placing his hand up, a loud booming voice caught his attention like a fly in a spider web, instantly turning the Spartan's head around. His gaze was now focused on a rather large armoured figure, questioning his own purpose on this new quest. ("And somehow ... we have a new 'recruit'. Lovely, and he doesn't seem to know anything.") Storm thought, looking upon the armoured man, easily retracting the "recruit" part of his thoughts. This man was a high rank in his home setting.

Turning his focus back to Kazuya, his held back a giggle, he had thought about what armour would be better, his or this new 'commander'. Icarus asked the next question, seemingly a personal question. Storm looked at the angel with no black wings. When he was aboard and apart of the Lightning Archangel's personal army, he had learnt many thing along with his partner AI. If any information was collected about Icarus' black winged kind is that they're, "not good news." Storm said quietly before turning to Kazuya once again.

Raising in hand in proper fashion, Storm awaited his own turn, and immediately said to Kazuya. "What about The President himself. Should we not ask for help or offer the same to him? Especially since I had read files that the Dawn know the US government personally. Surely they would welcome any knowledge we would have?" Storm asked. Knowing that The President is a key figure in this, surly he knows that both Armstrong and Bison are dire threats to his power. Just like most presidents, they do not like to be forced.

The President | M. Bison Congressman Vincent Vega.
Location: The White Crib | Washington D.C.

The President gave out a irritated puff of smoke, seeing one of his new adversaries enter his office. Having the cigar run to it's butt made the current President put it out on a smoke tray. "And I'm doing mine." Said The President, that sentence carried meaning to many things. Right now he was trying to see what Jon Stewart does for the Presidents, yet right next door in their own little 'chamber', two of his most brilliant minds were researching his two rivals in more ways than one.

"I'm leaving soon, just say whatever and go." The President said with a grumble, turning off the television with a remote on his desk. Then he had begun to pour a glass of alcohol, presumably fine whiskey. Looking at Bison, The President looked through his glasses, trying his darn hardest to punch the smug man in the jaw. "Want a glass?" He said with his own smug confident face.

Rising Dawn: Jenny's room - Right after Violet's announcement: Ella, Jenny, Blade, Edge(?), ???

As Blade was attended to by the others, an orange flash made itself known underneath the door to Jenny's room, followed by a knock. When the door was opened, a young woman with brown hair gave a small wave and said, "Hi there! My name's Furiae, and I'm a friend; promise!"

Upon entering the room, the young girl pointed at Ella and Edge, "You guys are Dawn, members, right? You two should probably get going, I got news that someone's coming..."
"If it's Kazuya, we already know. He's in the hanger right now.", Jenny snarked weakly.
The newcomer frowned at the news, and gave a sigh, "Well, fudge. I tried to get here as fast as possible. But, I'm here now to help with you and Blade, Jen!"
Following that, she gave a small smile to Ella and Edge, "With that in mind, could you not mention I'm here? I'm gonna surprise my brother a little later, and he worries a lot..."

Rising Dawn Hanger Bay: Kazuya, Rising Dawn

The Cutie Bruisers gave another determined nod to Chris and Devon regarding their language learning, even if bad words had been omitted from their vocabulary, "Besides, who knows what mother would do to us if we said naughty words?"
"Bed without dinner, be'd my guess..."

After entering the Hangar with the rest of the party, the duo grabbed margaritas for themselves (which were made virgin the moment the bartender heard their voices) and a pair for Devon and Chris, and began to sip on the fruity drinks while Kazuya gave his briefing. During it, the duo whispered some explanations of their own to the Drow lady, hoping to catch her up to speed, Cadolbolg being the one to carry surprisingly more insight than his counterpart, "You know... Now that I think about it, I've SEEN a lot of these guys, and I fought some of them with Father and Mother. I remember the Creepy Smiling Man (Bison), the bighead (Cortex) and the sunglasses guy (Wesker) best though. None of them were very nice; and the Bighead sicked that Dingo-Dile on us in that AIM place!"
"Hey Devon, you remember that redhead (Inuart)? Wasn't he the guy that kidnapped Mr. Caim's sister? He was really creepy too-"
"...Welp, Cadolbolg, we found Mr. Caim."

Caim and Angelus, on the other hand, were further ahead of the Cuties (and still unaware that they were there at all), and listening intently to Kazuya's lecture regarding the Cartel members... At least, he was going to remain calm, until Inuart showed up.
"He's... HE'S ALIVE?!"
What was formerly a calm expression melted into an angry glare at the projection screen as Kazuya went through the rest of the meeting, Angelus adding at the end, *to cover up the outburst) with, "We've a bit of a personal history with Inuart, Kazuya. Don't mind my partner here."
"You need to calm yourself, Caim. We'll get to him in due time... How about focusing upon the task now? The sooner we get to Doom, the sooner we get to Inuart?"

Ah, ever the great tactic of focusing and diverting. With that in mind, Caim kept his scowl, but didnt' seem intent on destroying anything. Rather, he turned to Kazuya and asked, "What's the procedure on bagging Doom? Any sort of hide away we have to burst wide open?"

However, Icarus' comment did draw notice from the dragoness, and she addressed the lad, "Strider? Do you mean Hiryu? Last I checked, he was on our side..."

As for Teri, she held her breath for a scant moment as Kazuya went over the list of baddies, an irrational fear that Bruiser was going to crop up on that list, even if she had personally killed him at AIM (after all, he was particularly infamous for coming back from the dead). However, as it ended with Doom instead of the Machoke, the Cleric exhaled loudly in relief and put a hand on Garm, a common gesture for when she was stressed.
The wolf in question did notice, however, and whispered, "Why do you sound so frightened? Nothing's happened yet."
"Scared? Nah, I'm not scared! Actually, I was thinking about a Margarita..."
"You have one in your hand now. You got them for yourself and Melethia after we entered."
"Oh! Uh... whoops... Erm... Come on Mel, tell this silly wolfie I'm fine! He just worries too much!"

Rising Dawn Hanger Bay: Kazuya, Rising Dawn

Chris looked around the hangar bay as she entered it, having never been in this part of the ship - or many others, for that matter - before. She did take some comfort from seeing the faces of people she'd had at least some friendly conversations with before. I really should get around to... exploring more, if I'm going to be here a while. She tilted her head a little, a faint frown crossing her visage as she sees the two youths grabbing a drink, before noting the bartender had things well under control. She sniffed at the margarita for a moment. "It's... not scotch, but..." She took a small sip, just enough to taste it. "It should... suffice for now." She listened in to the briefing, taking notes of what the two add in as well.

She smiled as she looked at the two. "And... we'll get you to your parents after the meeting is over, and I'll... talk about your lessons with them, to make sure... they're okay with it."

Her brow furrowed slightly in concern as she listened to the plan. Something didn't seem right about it, but what was it? She sighed and shook her head as she realized what it was. Unsure of herself in a situation like this, she instead leaned over to Devon. "There's something wrong with the plan... if you limit yourself to just one target at a time, that gives them more time to respond, and plenty of time for information to make it back up to the top. They're... going to know something's up after the first attack." She nibbled on her lower lip. "If... this is all the information they have, it's... unavoidable, perhaps, but still..."

Rising Dawn: Jenny's room - Right after Violet's announcement: Ella, Jenny, Blade, Edge(?), Furiae

Ella nodded, folding her arms as the reunion took place. "For one, Blade, sorry about the reaction. Just a bit jumpy after the last bit, and a bit of healing should do you well. Also, Edge, thanks for stepping in there with the water as well." She then shook Edge's hand in a measure of gratitude before looking to Furiae, stretching her wings idly.

"Yeah, yeah, I know we got a VIP here. Thing is, I just ruined Jenny's reunion night with Blade here so I'm staying right here. I can hear about whatever talk new guy has later; and speaking of meeting people, the others here are Blade, Edge, and myself, Ella." She then twirled around the ring on her finger, calmly awaiting word from the others what it was going to be this time. Could be worse, really - although it's probably best, what with the new person onboard the ship here. She'll have some time to adapt a bit more after the stuff that went on in that desert.

Rising Dawn Hanger Bay: Kazuya, Rising Dawn

Devon patted the boys on the head as she sipped on her drink, cringing as she heard the shout. "Chris, to be fair we don't have the manpower for a coordinated assault all at once. Most we could easily do is groups of two, but we have to play to our strengths here. After all, taking out one at a time doesn't mean we have to move slow. After all, Ton-Ton and Cadol here can mention that it only took us three days to handle the stuff with the Shadows a while back."

She also replied to Ton-Ton's inquiry. "I just hope he isn't as obsessive, because I'm not looking to deal with that again. If he's high enough on the list to be pointed out like that, then he's definitely improved." She had a feeling the others would handle the questions after that well, so she instead sipped at the fruity beverage while she began mapping out her possible uses here. "Caim, Angelus, mind if I work with the boys to learn a language from Chris? I thought she could use another friend, and since she doesn't have a ring I thought having a discreet language would work a bit better for that."

Mel, however, was sipping on a virgin margarita as well as she rather bluntly rebuts her sister with, "You were scared, sis. It's easy to see, and I agree with Garm. Thing is, face it when it comes and not before. Right now, we're just mapping this out." After the rebuttal, she joined Teri in stroking Garm's fur. He seemed to like it, after all, and he was a pretty nice companion to have.

In addition, she waved calmly to Violet. "Thanks for the drinks - bit too sweet, but they're still plenty good!" She'd mention more about Kazuya, but as it were right now she didn't remember the man too much.

This left Slindis to step in and add her input, standing near Rugal as she began the conversation. "Kazuya, mind telling us what you envision your role to be in this operation? That hasn't been too well defined, to be honest. Information is one thing, certainly, and that is appreciated. However, clarity is needed here and rapidly." She also rubbed her chin, thinking out the moves ahead.

She also looked to Rugal as she added in, "I would also like to point out that antagonizing Rugal when he is the most connected of us, and thus the one to best know how they work, is rather counterproductive. Never mind that it's a bit unwarranted at this moment."

Rising Dawn Hanger Bay: Kazuya, Rising Dawn

After the crew had spoken their piece, Kazuya began to go though their questions one by one.

"First, I'm sure Azan would agree that defeating a magical powered being with the ability to control the hearts and minds of men would be a lot easier if he didn't have 300 million subjects, one of the largest land masses in the world and enough weapons of mass destruction to blow this entire planet up a million times over, wouldn't Azan agree?" He answered, referring to the Knight in 3rd person to make his point clear, if not patronizingly.

Pausing slightly at Icarus's statement, mostly from the fact he brought it up, he cleared his throat before stating "We'll get to that part later, Icarus. For now, It's in our best interests to focus on Bison. On top of that, any of my attempts to inquire about Hiryu in relation to Armstrong are either ignored or stated as "He's undercover". I'm not sure what the situation there is, but if it is an undercover operation, then we should leave the Striders to it. As secretive as they might be about their inner workings and plans, I've learned better then to question their judgement and Hiryu can take care of himself.

As for Armstrong blaming me for the attacks...He's a politician, what were you expecting him to do? Award me with a Medal?"

Moving on to Storm's question about the acting President, he answered "I had thought about that, but personally, I find that he is too brash and un-predictable for this kind of operation. Also, in an election, I can imagine that Bison would love to be able to play the victim when the President is seen to be actively hunting him down, it's one of the reasons I believe he hasn't done so already. Add in all the Xenophobic fervor that both him and Armstrong is whipping up, him publicly allying with an internationalist group would be the last thing his campaign could live though. Now, if he makes contact with us, I'm willing to let him in, but all going well, the operation will be said and done before he even knows it's happening."

After Caim's outburst at seeing Inuart, Kazuya then explained "The best we could do was narrow it down to a single area, We don't have the contacts in the country that we once had. He is located somewhere in Bookie's turf, an area of urban decay in Los Angeles after the City Councilmen, namely Bison, embezzled the development funding. Doom is most likely aiding in their criminal operation. How exactly, I'm not sure, but at that level, any expertise outside of holding up corner shops is a plus. Most likely why he isn't dead yet. Our presence and actions will be covered by a bribe to a local news station as mere "Gang Warfare" as to not tip off the others at Doom's sudden disappearance, if he is still even in contact with them. These people are the lowest rung of humanity, Killers, Drug Dealers, Thugs, Thieves, All of them stuck in the "Ghetto" mentality of the '90s. they won't be missed."

During his breakdown of the hovel Doom was hiding out in, He overheard Chris and Devon talking about how limiting it seemed to deal with one target at a time.
"I share your concerns-....I don't seem to recall your names, but if there was a quicker way of finding them, I would have taken. I can't track them in any database without the NSA knowing, something Bison most likely would have thought of. I have no leads as to the current identities of his men, nor their locations. Doom is the best shot we have, Inuart is also an option, but his connection with the group wouldn't be so ingrained. Doom? It's his only purpose, he has no other skills, no connections, no "Friends", He's nothing without them which makes him a good pawn, which is what we are counting on if we wish to get any information out of him."

Finally, he turned to Slindis as she questioned his role, as well seemingly defending Rugal from his constant reminders of his former life.
"Me and my unit will remain here, aiding in the capture, detainment, integration and incarceration of the targets. While I know your group gets results, I've invested far too much in this manhunt to just hand it all over to all of you. I wish to be there when the last remains of the Cartel are finally brought to justice." He explained, his gaze turning to Rugal for that last comment, the two men staring at each other.
"Believe me, if I wished to antagonize Rugal, I would have just called UNIT and let him explain to them why one of the most wanted men in history is running your ship. Don't worry, I have no intention of doing so. As for what he knows about the Targets, If there else we need to know, Feel free to tell us..." He then replied with a satisfied grin before offering the stage to Rugal...

((Second part up soon, broken up for lenght))

Rising Dawn Hanger Bay: Rugal/David West

During the entire presentation, Rugal had a stern look on his face as Kazuya gleeful dug up a chapter of his history he has hoping to finally get away from, but if Bison was trying to make a move...
"...For all their vaults, I've found that they are surprising loyal to each other. No doubt under my-...*Ahem* Leadership, they've grown close to each other. That could be used a weakness, If Doom turns out to be a waste of time, we might still be able to lure them out by simply holding him, prompting them to look for him. Aside form that, I defer to your judgement...Seeing how you clearly know so much about them during *your* stay in my Cartel..." He answered back, not willing to just sit there and take it laying down.
Once he was done, he then turned and smiled to Slindis before sending over the rings "Thank you for that. Kazuya is slow to forgive and even slower to forget. Hopefully, he'll take it out on them rather then me, but I have a feeling this is going to get worse before it gets better..."

David meanwhile added little to the debate as he loudly sucked the straw of his margarita.
"So a simple "Search and Capture" Op? Shouldn't be too bad. Pick them up, pick their brains and ship them off to UNIT. Hell, I could make Brigadier General for a gig like this!" He chuckled, imagining himself getting a nice big shiny medal to rub in Richardson's face at the end of all this.

Jenny | Ella | Blade | Edge | Furiae
Rising Dawn: Jenny's Room

After their brief exchange, Jenny soon mellowed out after her harsh rebuttal to Furiae's appearance.
"Don't worry, It's alright. Sorry for snapping Furiae, just-...Seems like whenever we get a quiet moment, it never lasts long enough..." She explained as she sat on the bed beside Blade as she began to spray on some of the Potions she brought up, massaging it in afterwards.
"Still, I'm sure he'll be glad to see you, Angelus as well, Provided that Kazuya didn't just whisk them away into another dimension or something..."

Blade meanwhile was little confused by what exactly Ella was talking about while he winced at the healing being applied to him.
"...What reaction was-ow-that? All I remember was...Beaming ab-ow-board...something maroon colored...then a LOT of pain, more then usual...Then I woke up here..." He recounted, stalling as he did as his wounds were being mended.
His gaze then went to Furiae, smirking before saying "Well, well, well, Look who it is? "The Fury" herself? Finally got leave I see. Hey, Remember when I said that Hien would be the death of me?...Guess I was wrong, huh?" He joked, making light of his situation, granted, he was still in a lot of pain, but wounds would mend and he was finally home.
"Besides, J here would kill me if I died."
"You're damn right I would! Now hold still, don't want you bleeding all over my bed."
"Oh, so it's YOUR bed now?"
"*Giggle* Fine, our Bed."

Storm-1788 | Kazuya | Violet | Deadshot | Wanderer | Boss | David | G-Corp workers | and others.
Location: Currently occupied Hanger | Rising Dawn.

After Kazuya answered the Spartan's question, Storm gave an approving nod, indicating that he is satisfied with the answer. After all, he does not know this world's current President, for all we know know he could be a complete psychopath who has something again the Rising Dawn crew. Pondering on the thought for a second, his head automatically moved to the pile of spilled equipment by his corner of the hanger. Grunting in annoyance, it had seem that the world was again him this day.

"Well ... we have a villain, a reason, and even some help. I say we do it." Storm said and began to sip on his drink, finishing it, and walking over to his equipment, sorting it out for the future mission. He brandished his energy sword then katana, mainly focusing on the Japanese blade. Storm then began to sharpen the blade while listening to the rest. He was a soldier after all, orders is what he is used to, even if he did not like them. Though if they become outside of his comfort zone, he would receive a new CO due to 'self-harm'.

The President | M. Bison Congressman Vincent Vega.
Location: The White Crib | Washington D.C.

Smiling now with a nice view of his pure white smile, he said "That will change quite so-". His mobile on the desk rang, with a "gangsta" like tune. Looking at the name The President cursed it, immediately bringing up the purple mobile, not caring about his current 'guest', he answered it and immediately spoke "Listen here Pierce ... ". Yet once the lady spoke, The President's eyes lit up with surprise. His other hand was held up fast, stopping Vega from saying anything else.

As soon as that happened, a agent dressed in a light-ish purple opened the door and poked his head in, "Mr. President". Noticing the call, the Commander-In-Chief's free hand moved under the desk and a buzzing noise emitted from the wooden object. Blue light sprang up in the room, and it faded, leaving two figures in the room. One figure wearing a long dark purple robe, hooded. The other with pale skin, white hair, and eyes that had a tone of aggressive concern.

If Vega knew, these were his current "advisors", they had only appeared once in separate White Crib announcements.

Storm-1788 | Kazuya | Violet | Wanderer | Boss | David | G-Corp workers | and others.
Location: Currently occupied Hanger | Rising Dawn.

Boss rolled his eyes, and stayed silent. Bison again. he thought. How many times to you have to beat the crap out of a walking psychic nuke before he finally gets the point? Boss smiled. But hey. If I'm being honest, I'd love a chance to show him how real psychic powers work. By throwing things at him. With my brain. Big things.

Jenny | Ella | Blade | Edge | Furiae
Rising Dawn: Jenny's Room

Edge grabbed the basin out of the air and put it next to the bed, dipped his fingers in the water, and brought them back out; a thin tendril of water, illuminated with a soft white glow, came up from the basin, attached to Edge's fingers. "He'll be fine." Edge said to Jenny, touching Blade's forehead. "I'm pretty sure it looks worse than it is. I didn't sense any internal damage when I was healing him before. Some healing and a bit of sleep and he'll be fine."

Rising Dawn Hanger Bay: Kazuya/Rising Dawn

Caim kept his attention firmly on Kazuya's explanation on what was to go down, and gave a nod in Storm's direction, "I'm with the Spartan on this one, we've a goal, a target, and a location. What are we waiting for?"
The dragoness beside the warrior gave a roll of her eyes, and added, "A plan of extraction, perhaps? All we have are the details of where Doom is; no strategies to capture him aside from charging in! ...Don't tell me that IS the plan..."

After thrown in her two cents (as well as rubbing her temples), Angelus answered back to Devon over the rings, "I don't see a reason why myself or Caim would find any reason to be unhappy with the idea; at least, before we get a chance to reunite with the little ones ourselves."
She couldn't help but smile at that thought, as she started to sense greetings from the Cuties in her mind. Now, if only her brute of a partner noticed as well...

Ton Ton huddled a little closer to Devon's neck, giving a little shiver in memory of Inuart, "Don't remind me, he almost got me with his sword once... I won't forget that at all.

Also, Devon's right, Ms. Chris. We were only in that world for about 3 days. I guess it took a lot longer than that for us to come back though; because now that we're back, months have gone by! Then again, I don't think Cadolbolg or I have really been told what you guys were up to after we went to the Mistress' home..."

Cadolbolg, on the other hand, was looking at Chris's hair with curiosity, and asked the Drow, "Can I sit on your head? Your hair looks soft, and Father said I could only sit on people's heads if they gave permission! As for the lessons, I don't think Mother and Father should have an issue; but I'd like to say hi to them before we go on the mission; it's been a while since we talked to them properly..."

Teri laughed nervously as she was rooted out by both wolf and elf, and lowered her head a little, "Okay, I'll admit it, I was a little scared. Mainly, because I thought that there would be another person on that list... I guess they're not, and that's what matters. Sorry for worrying you two like that."

Garm raised a brow slightly, then decided not to prod further, as he knew very well what his Pup was going on about. Rather, he sprung off of Melethia's point, "If that person isn't on that list Kazuya had, I don't think you should stress out about it. If anything, worry about your training and your magic, since that's the stuff that keeps you alive out on the field. That and I don't like seeing you worry so much about stuff. I'll sick Melethia on you if you keep this up!"

The wolf gave a cheeky wag of his tail on that note; and as Kazuya's speech went on, Teri frowned at his classification of those dwelling the ghettos; particularly the bit about "they won't be missed", "Unless it's pertinent, I think I'm going to go out of my way to avoid our temporary CO, Mel."

Rising Dawn: Jenny's Room: Jenny | Ella | Blade | Edge | Furiae

Furiae took mental notes of Ella's introduction to the group, and gave a friendly laugh when she mentioned Blade and Jenny, "Oh, I know Blade and Jenny, they're my best friends! We all work for the same people, and they helped me with my training. I actually owe them, and my Master, a lot. Nice to meet you, Ella."

However, at Jenny's apology and Blade's mention of her codename, the young woman's cheeks became a light pink, and she laughed nervously, "Don't go dropping that name all over the place, Blade! Caim's gonna blow his top if he knows I've been doing Strider work! Well, if he hasn't already figured it out, I think I saw him a while back on one of my jobs... Hopefully, him and Angelus can accept what I'm doing now, without any sort of fuss; I can only hope anyways... As for Hien, I hope he falls out of the airlock, the jerk. He's done nothing but act like a, pardon my language, ass since he's taken over!"

The young woman crossed her arms with a frown at the thought, but then found her attention drawn by Edge's work with the water, "That's some neat magic there... I didn't know water of things could be used like that..."

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