The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Rising Dawn Hanger Bay: Kazuya/Rising Dawn

Chris nodded to Devon and Ton Ton in thanks for the explanation, although an expression of worry still crossed her features. "I... suppose you have a point, although this... version of Earth does have... communication fast enough that they... might still get ahead of us..." She shook her head a little as she took a larger drink of the margarita than before. "Still, as you say, there's... only so much that can be done. And you... are the experts, so I'll... trust your knowledge about this place and... these people."

Her frown deepened more as she heard Kazuya talk, muttering softly once his attention was safely elsewhere. "They'll... miss each other, won't they? We're... working to capture their... bosses, but no cares about... bringing 'justice' to the ones who are... at the bottom?" She sighed softly, closing her eyes for a moment and pinching the bridge of her nose with one slender hand. She'd been at the bottom of society for longer than she'd cared to remember, and instinctively felt sympathy for anyone else in similar positions.

Her mood shifted from dark to puzzled as she listened to Cadolbolg's request, smiling a bit and giving him a small nod. "I... think that would be... fine, mister Cadolbolg." Her cheeks darkened slightly as he talked about her hair, reaching behind her to gently tug at a lock of her silvery hair. "And... thank you for the compliment..." She relaxes a little, setting the rest of the drink back down at the bar, deciding she'd rather focus on the youthful energy and friendliness of the two youths for the time being instead of worrying herself further, although one ear stays focused on the conversations around her. "And... just to start your... lessons, hair is called lauske in my language."

Location: Outside of Monterrey, California
Time: Morning

Highway 1 was a lone stretch of road that connected Monterrey to Los Angeles and on that lone stretch of road stood a solitary figure waiting for someone. Dressed in a sheer, long sleeved grey shirt and a pair of black cargo capris, the figure looked the part of a hitch hiker, which was the point of the exercise. Even though it was summer, the morning was still very cold and Katya Rostikova was regretting her decision to come out to this stretch of the middle of nowhere that seemed to come directly from the dark ages. There wasn't a Harbucks or a Dilly's or ever a McDonobell's for miles around, heck, she was only getting 3G reception on her phone.

"#Lame," The Young Woman said, shivering against the coldness of the morning, pausing for a few moments before addressing the unseen entity that waited with her. "B3WP can't you make me at least a teensy weensy bit warmer?"

B3WP (for those of you who haven't read the Character sheet above), the artificial intelligence swarm that resided within Katya's body would have shaken its head, if it had one.

"Sorry, Little Miss, I cannot. We have just enough energy to follow through with the plan that you have laid out. There is very little energy in reserve to compensate for deviations," B3WP responded, hesitating for a moment before continuing,"Little Miss, my nano-agents have been monitoring your body for deviations in mental state and have not noted anything outside of known thresholds. It forces us to query you why you continue to speak in a fashion similar to a primate that has been dropped on its head during the birthing process?

"#Whatevs, B3WP. You're pretty #retro for an AI." Katya said through chattering teeth, none too thrilled that B3WP was unable to help her get warmer. Neither the chattering teeth nor the not being thrilled would last much longer however as the young woman spotted a car, a convertible of all things, speeding down the road with its driver and passenger. A quick primping and check of her breath later, Katya's thumb shot skyward to display the universal sign of "I NEEDZ A RIDE YO!"

A relieved smile passed over Katya's face as the car began to slow down and pull over on the side of the road, disappearing as she heard the #retro music that blared out the #Ultraretro speakers. Waving at the driver to hold on a sec, Katya quickly grabbed her phone and began jabbing at it ferociously until suddenly the song on the radio changed.

"#WayBets!" The Young Woman shrieked before approaching the car door.

"Where you headed?" The Driver, who looked like he belonged behind a bar in a DiveBar where everybody knew everyone's name.

"34.0522, -118.2437" Katya responded as she turned around and pointed the phone's front facing camera at herself, the driver and the passenger, who looked like she would date a guy whose lastname was grape, "#ChezPlez!"


"Where?" The passenger asked as she climbed into the backseat, unsure if they should give the girl a ride or run far far away.

"Oh - Um - L.A.?." Katya responded before hopping in. With that, the car pulled back onto the road towards Katya's destination... mostly.

"So you got a name?" The Driver asked conversationally as he looked at the rear view mirror at his partner in the back seat.

"Oh sure, I got tonz o handles. @KatyR, Kay, Kat, FrostyRosty, #Pimpin'," Katya started to say before she was interrupted.

"Were you dropped on your head as a kid, kid?" The Driver asked suddenly.

"#Noperz!" KatyR responded, "ASL?"


"Um... who're you guys?"

"Oh!" The Passenger blurted out, finally getting it, "Well, I'm... um... Melony and that's... um... Nick."

"Nice to meet chu, um... Melony and um.... Nick." Katya managed to say before Melony slipped a clear plastic bag over the hitchhiker's head, causing Katya to struggle.

Nick and Melony, or should I say Mick and Mallory, had done this a million times and as Katya's body went limp, Nick turned to smile as his serial killer wife, at least he would have smiled if it wasn't for the sudden and inexplicable hand, belonging to a should have been dead girl, shooting out and stabbing(?) Mick in the shoulder, causing him to pull on the steering wheel and aim the convertible directly for the tree line.

"Oh Shiiiii...." *CRRAAAAAAAAAASH*

The world sounded strange as Mick started to regain consciousness and coming into clear resolution as pain shot up from Mick's leg.

"Auuugh!!!" Mick screamed as he saw the red tinged bone jutting out of his leg. Another scream soon followed when he looked back to check on his wife, Mallory and saw her open eyes, staring out into the woods but focused on nothing. That bitch! That bitch killed his wife! Pulling the knife out of its hiding place between the center console and the driver's seat, Mick looked for the girl that had caused all this.

"Identities confirmed: Mickey and Mallory Know. Wanted for Multiple counts of Capital Murder, Torture, Arson, Larceny... A digitized voice droned before being interrupted.

"'Nuff said." Katya said as she stood up, her face slightly bloody from where it had impacted against the car's door... no... more than bloody, Mick realized as he saw the indentation in the side of the girl's skull, one that should have killed her. But there she was, standing and talking, and changed apparently since she was now wearing a pair of black jeans and a black denim type of vest, without a care in the world.

"Oh you're awakies," Katya said as she walked towards the wrecked car, smiling like a shark at Mick as he tried to swipe at the girl with his knife," too bad about Mallory though. She deserved worserz."

"You shut the hell up," Mick snarled, his anger overriding his brain's alarms that something about the girl was super wrong.

"Well, how about you start screaming your <3 out?" Katya countered as she placed a hand on the driver's chest, causing a wave of pain to wrack his body, a wave that started focusing itself in his bones and back.

"AHHHHHHHH-AHAH-AHHHHHHHHHH" Mick screamed as he felt his body being harvested by Katya's nano-agents. Luckily for Mick, the sensation didn't last too long as his nerve cells were collected fairly quickly. Minutes later he was silent and Katya was once again alone... sorta.

Twatter Post:


Mickey and Mallory Knox get knocked off.

The responses came flooding in soon after, causing the young woman to smile as the last of her wounds healed and she started off down the road to good ole San Francisco, hopefully she wouldn't be leaving her heart there. The phone rang:

"Hey Penny. No, I'm fine. They weren't too much of a hassle. L.A? Yeah I'm pretty close to there, why? Rising Dawn? I heard they're a bunch of bad asses with a few asses in there. Alright. I'll check it out. Give my love to my mom and my dad. Tell them Ibiza's awesome." Katya said as she walked down the road, feeling a bit warmer since B3WP had finally started warming her up.

Deadshot | Wanderer | G-Corp Agents
Location: Internment Area, G-Corp occupied Hanger | Rising Dawn.

The needle was plunged into, and through the dirty white shirt that was beyond the Wanderer's doctor coat. Immediately the slumbering danger rose with great energy, enough to make both agents flinch. Looking around quickly while mouthing a certain swear multiple times. He spotted out Deadshot and the agents, more importantly, his large sharp carbumper weapon by the agents. Taking a multitude of breaths, the Wanderer's gasps of air were soon back to normal. Looking towards the agents, Wanderer grinned slightly. "Adrenaline ... jeez, I hope you had medical training." He quipped, knowing and remembering his medical training .

Looking down, and taking a couple of seconds to gather his thoughts, the Wanderer looked back up and sighed. "Yes ... yes. I know. He tried to 'force' you people out of her. For disturbing his experiment with a disembodied head, and broody mood. I shall apologize ... " The Wanderer said with full genuine sadness. "We've gone through a lot ... now, what did I miss?" He said, brimming enthusiasm, his mind racing about what just happened. The last thing he needed was his memories, the present was far more pleasant.

The President | M. Bison Congressman Vincent Vega | The Advisors.
Location: The White Crib | Washington D.C.

The phone was hung, The President's mouth was left with open. A smacking noise rang in the room, the Leader has dropped to the phone to the floor. "Fucking bitch! They took Pierce! They took my homie!!!" He yelled, immediately got up and threw the glass across the room, ultimately hitting the wall, allowing many shards of glass fall to the ground. A scowl had appeared on The President's face, he immediately looked to his both intelligent assistants.

"Trace that damn call, inform everyone ... " He said, palming his face in annoyance. One of the advisors was about to lean in, trying to comfort the man. Yet he only screamed, "Everyone!" The two jumped back, silently running out of the room. Then, the disguised Bison felt two very powerful and angry eyes on him. "I suggest you leave ... I have an interview to get to".

Deadshot | Wanderer | G-Corp Agents
Location: Internment Area, G-Corp occupied Hanger | Rising Dawn.

"Split Personality. Just like in his file." one of the Agents commented as Wanderer returned into his "Sane" mode, pulling out a remote before pushing a button that released his binds.
"You're free to go, just note that any transgressions that your other side engage in will be shiftily engaged and disarmed. We can't run this operation with a crazed mutant trying to kill everyone. I'm sure you understand. Now, go on. You're free to go, but we'll have to keep the sword." The other then explained, much to Deadshot's annoyance.
"Hey?! What about me?! You can't do this?-can they do this? Come on! I just wanted a margarita!" He protested as Wanderer was led out of the room.
"Hey-HEYHEY-WANDERER! COME ON! HELP A BROTHER OUT HERE?! Please?!" He pleaded as Wanderer was led out of the VTOL before given a copy of the Briefing.
"All the CEO's orders are detailed in this. Now go, you'll miss deployment." The Agent explained as the doors to the VTOL closed shut behind them.

The President | M. Bison Congressman Vincent Vega | The Advisors.
Location: The White Crib | Washington D.C.

Vega was watching the whole time, more then a little stunned at what he had saw.
Someone kidnapped the White Crib Communications Director?...Man, security here is worse then I thought. I might just be able to proform a coup... He wondered to himself before the President ordered him out.
A grin reappearing on his face, He finished his drink before discarding his cigar, crushing it under his shoe on the carpet.
"Still going despite this? Huh...Guess you'll have to write your own speeches now..." He taunted before he left the room, while he had no role in the kidnapping of Pierce Washington, he certainly didn't mind this turn of events.
Either way, the clock was ticking...

??? | ??? | Pierce Washington (Hp: 100%)
Location: ???!

With the message delivered, The woman smirked as she hung up.
"Gooooood...Alright, my esclaves salaries. The Secret Service will be here soon. Move dear Pierce where the press will find him." she ordered her men as the Communication's Director, now bloodied, bruised, in his underwear with a red ball gag in his mouth was shoved in the trunk of his own .
Screaming in his gag, The woman kneeled down in front of him, a hand caressing his face as she said "Hush now my little chienne. It'll all be over soon, Monsieur Washington.".
Throwing his phone in the trunk with him for the Secret Service to track before closing the boot, she then motioned for the car to drive off into the streets of DC with it's captive still in the back...

Generic NPC 22:
You can have your character notice the VTOLs dropping the group off in the city

Rising Dawn Hanger Bay: Kazuya, Violet, Rising Dawn

After heeding the comments of both Storm and Caim, Kazuya then answered "I was waiting on your acceptance of this assignment, though I had the foresight to have your ship's AIs to move us into a good deployment position near the city. When you are ready, take one of my VTOLs. They have orders to drop you off in the city. Remember, the main objective is to find, engage and capture Doom. You can contact me though a mobile device or one of your Communicator rings. We've recently found a way to tap into those. That concludes this debriefing, you are all dismissed."
With the briefing done, Kazuya then made his way towards the mobile command center his men had set up as he oversaw the fueling and pre-checks.

Violet meanwhile was enjoying his role as bartender at the refreshments table, taking note of Mel's comment about them being too sweet.
"I'll ease up on the hard stuff then. Thanks Mel." He said as he leaned over to the two before returning to his work.
It was then he overheard the shy one (Chris) talk about the woes of the lower classes in the area.
While he usually stayed out of briefings like this, seeing how Kazuya's back was turned, he leaned over to the group before saying "Kaz means well, it's just hard for him to see anything outside of his target. You know, on the way over here, I took a look at that "Diabs" guy's file, turns out he's a Mid-To-High gang enforcer in the area, like a...Store Manager...only with more guns and drugs. I mean, I know it doesn't really help us against Bison, but...Well, if you..."Rough him up" a little or at least get him to leave town, it'd really hurt the Bookies in that area. Won't get rid of them all mind, but it'd make life a bit more bearable for the little guys...Just a thought..."
With his hint delivered, he then innocently went back to tending the refreshments table as The VTOL pilots waited until the crew was on board before taking off for the inner city.

SCENE TRANSITION! Everyone who is going to LA gets on a VTOL now!

Los Angeles Inner City: Bookie's Turf: Everyone who got on a VTOL

One quick VTOL trip later and the crew was dropped off in one of the city's Flood control channels within walking distance from one of the more crime ridden neighborhoods.
From there, there was a number of areas to go to: The Nearest Residential Area, one of the Local shops, The Old Rail Yard and if they were feeling lucky The LA Docks.
These were just some of the areas they could take a look in. Doom was in this city somewhere. Time to get to work.

Hey guys. Old RP vet here looking for something to pass the time. Apologies for the "not OOC" formatting (it has been a while but I was wondering if you were looking for anymore people for plots and if so, could I hop in. (alss if you do want more people could I get a quick 5 sentence summary of the current plot.

Thanks guys!

Hey guys. Old RP vet here looking for something to pass the time. Apologies for the "not OOC" formatting (it has been a while but I was wondering if you were looking for anymore people for plots and if so, could I hop in. (alss if you do want more people could I get a quick 5 sentence summary of the current plot.

Thanks guys!

Greetings! We actually have a chat for OOC stuff over this direction, so feel free to hop in and try to acclimate yourself. The current DM for our arc is Diablo1099, but we can do what we can to answer your questions if he's not around.

EDIT: Also, for that summary: M. Bison is trying to become president of the United States. Are you a bad enough dude to stop a villain from becoming the president?

Avatar Adventure
Location: Bookie's turf | Inner City | Los Angeles


Los Angeles had been rebuilt. No. It was another strand. A Continuum Shift. This was not the Los Angeles he knew. This was not the place he had left. It seemed long ago, a thousand lifetimes past when he first departed the ashen city. Things were simpler back then. His master, and him were one. A single beating heart. He was the blood that coursed through her veins. She was his body, his daughter, his love. Nothing mattered here, soon all would return to as it were, an ephemeral emptiness. A blackness that consumed the world. Despite the confidence, BlackHarte felt ill at ease. There was something in the air, an indescribable forebody presence in the area. Not immediate, but approaching. It felt familiar and distant at the same time.

The VTOL landed and opened its loading bay. Hot Californian autumn air rushed past him. The sun shone bright above the concrete towers and dreary suburbs. BlackHarte basked in the warm heat, closing himself and expanding his own body outward. Once, twice, a hundred, a hundred thousand times. His mind was everywhere and nowhere at the same time. It felt empty, the city. There was no one he knew, but still he could not shake the dread feeling of familiarity.

"Does the Slave Demon have apprehensions about our mission?" Azan announced loudly, his booming voice echoed off the steep slate slopes of the flood channels. Azan's head swayed as he walked, his steps were more akin to a childish waddle than a knight's marching pace. His feather-mustache fluttered in the breeze. "By Gods, the air here smells like Pompeii! Ashen, hot, full of filth and death."

That is simply the smell of modern poverty. BlackHarte answered, settling down his body onto Azan's helmet. The polished steel reflected a good deal of the violent sun. The inky murk of BlackHarte's body however absorbed all that it could and more of the sun's rays. Not that he minded, solar energy was a welcomed ambient energy store. We would do well to tread lightly here. This is a place unaccustomed to your faith.

"A proud knight and a demon, hand in hand, lost in a city of heathens!" BlackHarte didn't have the energy or patience to dispute Azan's declaration. [I suppose it is true enough.] Azan, armor clinking and grand-mace in hand, started a brisk pace toward the 7-11, not fully aware what the establishment was. Yet, his meandering mind had somehow struck a chord in the reality of the situation. [Perhaps he is not as stupid as I thought him.]

Azan's grand-mace made a harsh 'clack' everytime he brought the shaft down onto the sidewalk. Beneath his grinning helmet, his face was composed and serious. Wrinkles in the lines of his face betrayed his age and experience. "Young demon," he said. BlackHarte was almost taken aback, but considering when Azan was from, he was technically older than even most supernaturally gifted humans, "The one place to look for a masquerading buffoon in armor and a green cloak who's very poor is the one place he cannot be without. Do you know what that is?"

Master need not lecture this humble servant. BlackHarte wondered where Azan was going with his question. Whether it was a rhetoric or a genuine attempt at teaching BlackHarte was hard to discern.

Azan continued anyway, his voice still and stern. "A discount goods store." The glass doors of 7-11 slid open and a gust of cool air rushed out to greet the Bridge Knight. BlackHarte brought his body to bear and looked around the small convenience store.

The store clerk looked up, eyes bleary from staring at his hand held device. The store was scarce for customers at the time of day, and Azan was a huge sore thumb in the middle of LA. The clerk smirked, "You lost or something? San Diego Comic Con is way south of here breh." Azan turned toward the clerk, eyes glinting in the fluorescent lights. He slammed the pole of his grand-mace onto the linoleum floor, cracking one of the panels and then demanded "Have you seen anyone wearing a green cloak and a metal mask that lives around this area!?"


The (Un)Real World
Location: Pruneridge Lot | Cupertino | California
Time: 12th of August, 2014


What have I done to incur this. Titania looked up, her eyes gleamed in the moonlight. The stars above shone defiantly in spite of the hubris of man. Around her the air was dusty, torn up by massive machines. Steel and stone had begun to take root in a bowl of dirt. She scowled, white hair blowing in the night breeze. She wore little and nothing, her feet bare against the ground, the dirt between her toes. A ethereal dress whipped around her body, wrapping her thin fragile frame in its soft cold fingers. For the first time in ages, she felt weak and lost. Titania scoffed, the world was her playground, she went where she wanted she took what she wanted when she wanted. She had no responsibility, her was a lusty maiden, a petulant child, and a protecting mother. Yet, she couldn't place why her heart beat with such self-contempt. Tears rolled down her cheeks, silver in the moon-mixed-starlight. The dropped, clod onto her dress and soaked through, plastering the thing fabric softly against her skin. The wetness drifted down, ran across her chest and down to her navel. She felt the teardrop run. "It's a strange time for it to be raining," she muttered under her breath as more tears followed the first. Soon she was bawling, falling to her knees. The dust around her made her feel sticky and dirty, but she couldn't stop. Her shrill shrieks and sobs filled the night air like a ghost. The city around her was asleep, like it always was. The lights were on and cars inched along the streets, but there were no people. It was a surreal city, a place of quiet lonesome living.

The council had met, and everyone had agreed to gamble on summoning the Master Unit. Titania was adamantly against it. Summoning the Master Unit was folly even worse than genocide. Red Mage had tried once, and failed. His unregulated magic only managed to disrupt the movement of fictional planes. More than a hundred million souls, of men, women, and children, were required to create a rift large enough to summon Amaterasu back into the physical world. Titania wailed, her voice carried in the still night air, several cockroaches scuttled across the construction site to flee from her.

Deborah was bound several feet away, her naked body gleaned in the blue moonlight. She squirmed, kicking up dust. Her red eyes were wide as the scuttling insects scurried across her body. She squealed when one of the fat roaches found its way into a particularly sensitive spot. "M-master! P-p-please untie me!" Deborah's body contorted and slammed into the ground, scaring of a few of the curious vermin. Creatures disturbed by the massive construction project taking place around them.

Titania continued to cry, "I can't forgive you," she said between gasping breaths, "the lives taken here can never be returned, how could you vote with the rest of them. Why do you even care about that world,"

"They're ev-ever-everywhere!" Deborah screeched again hysterically. Several big black rats, victims of curiosity, had approached Deborah and nibbled absently on her exposed skin. "I'm sorry, master, I'm sorry! Please forgive me!"

"You would sacrifice the lives of those who truly live, people who cannot be brought back to save a fictional world of zero consequence." Titania bit the bottom of her lip, "What kind of monsters are you people." Titania looked up toward the moon. An indifferent white sentinel drifting among the stars. "Why would you all do that. Why would all of you make such a stupid decision. You aren't even bound to that realm anymore!"

Deborah didn't answer, she only cried out hysterically. Titania didn't care to listen to what she was saying, but she understood the gist of it. Something had crawled into somewhere it definitely wasn't supposed to be. The Queen of the Fey brushed the tears from her eyes. She knew, however, of the reason they acted like they did. It was something that someone like her, born in the (Un)Real World didn't think about. Titania picked up Deborah's old leather tome and held it close to her breast. It was weak, but there was a lingering breath and warmth in the book. "You all voted to do so because it is still your home. I know."

Jenny | Ella | Blade | Edge | Furiae ((Prior to LA landing))
Rising Dawn: Jenny's Room

Jenny doubled down on Furiae's statement on Hien: "Ohhhh, What I'll do to him for putting my Blade though!" she vowed as she and Edge put the finishing touches on Blade, playfully dabbing his nose in the Potion mixture.
"I wouldn't if I was you, Hiryu would be pissed if we went about attacking COs like that. Anyway, Furiae, sure, Caim does basically the same thing himself. It's not like you don't know what your doing either, you've yet to fail a single assignment. Sure, I think he's be happy to see his little sister being so successful." Blade meanwhile commented as he slightly flexed his arms and legs a little, enjoying being able to do so without having to worry about extreme pain.
"Thanks guys. Ohhhh, it's so good to be home..." He sighed happily as he reclined in his bed slightly before Jenny asked the others "Guys, mind giving me and the Hometown Hero some space? I want to hear all about his exploits and adventures~!"
"...Well, what if they want to hear them too? I mean, I got lots of stories th-OW!" Blade interrupted before Jenny silenced him with a punch to the arm.
"So if you wouldn't all mind leaving, that would be great!" She said in a tone that just screamed "Get the hell out."

Location: Los Angeles | California | 90210
Time:Mid-Afternoon | August 12, 2014

It had taken approximately 4 additional hours of hitchhiking for Katya Rostikova to reach her destination, though it might have taken less time for her to reach Los Angeles if it wasn't for the fact that she'd been kicked out of a few cars after riding for a scant few miles. She'd reached LA however and was a little less than impressed by the city. Having grown up in New York, she knew what a truly cosmopolitan setting was and what she was looking at barely fit the bill. Sure, Beverly Hills had some impressive shops and the music she heard pumping from the Bentleys that drove by was #rockin AND there was a strong 4G LTE signal coming from just about every cell-tower-dressed-like-a-palm-tree but the lack of skyscrapers and Yellow Cabs and a mishmash of people from all walks of life made Los Angeles feel like the plastic set of some movie.

"I have completed the search that you have requested Little Miss," B3WP chirped, breaking Kat's thoughts in regards to 90210. Whilst traveling to her destination, she had requested that B3WP run a search for everything related to the Rising Dawn (Missions, Personnel, Tech).

"#l3333t." The Young Woman exclaimed as she started walking down Rodeo Drive, one of the more famous streets that revolved around high end shopping. Looking over the historical files of the Rising Dawn, she noticed that more than a few of them had, as Katya would call it, A Pretty FUCKED Up Past. She pulled up old new reports of whole cities getting leveled by members of the Rising Dawn, near world ending calamities and worst off, poor fashion choices.

"#WTFUWearin'?" The young woman asked the picture she had pulled up of a man in armor riding what could have been called a Dragon, if dragons existed. His tech was an anachronism of low tech weaponry mixed with super uber tech. Still, there was something about the #TotezRetro look that Kat found sort of appealing. As she continued to walk down the street, studying B3WP's query results, Katya didn't notice the Big-Assed Brown Haird Diva walking in front of her until it was too late.

BOING!!! Went Katya against the Fat-Rumped Realitard.

"Hey! Watch were you're going? Don't you know who I am?" The Rapper's Delight asked.

"#nopez. You look like e'ry1 else 'round here." Katya said as she tapped her phone a couple times and began siphoning the data off of the woman's phone before walking off and throwing a couple of deuces into the air, "YOLO!!"

24 Hours later, the Kardash-a-tante would notice that all of her personal pictures had been posted on the Internet and her bank accounts had been cleared out, 75% of which was donated to Ass Cancer Awareness.

"Little Miss, I've connected with the LAX radar array and noticed a Vertical Take Off and Landing transport entering Los Angeles airspace. The Aircraft's radar cross section matches those of known Rising Dawn vehicles."

"#lezgothen" Katya commanded, walking towards the vehicle's assumed landing spot.

"whiskey and women, ain't no good fer me, ooohhhhh whiskey and women, almos' wreck mah life...."

The sound flooded Nicholaus Kins ears as he stirred from his slumber. His hair in a mess. He was a "toss and turn" sleeper.

"whiskey an women, almos wreck ma life, whiskey an women, almost wreck ma life..."

He reached over without looking, attempting to push the snooze button.

" if it weren't for whiskey an women, i's be a happy man, woaaaa-"

The sound of John Lee Hooker was finally silenced out at he manages to grope his cell phone and flick the "off switch"
The sun shone through the window into the loft apartment, overlooking the south end of Hollywood. The sky still tinted red around the edges in the fresh morning. Kin finally mustered himself out of bed and stretched. as he idly pasted by his kitchen unit, he tapped the button, bringing the coffee maker to life and the whirring sound of the devices insides to fulfill their purposes.

Crossing over to the other side of the studio loft, all one singular room, save for a closet and bathroom on one wall, he came to the wooden dummy, Mook Yan Jong, and stretched his back once more before assuming the stance. Soon the sound of his impacts against the wood could be heard ringing out. The smacking sounds echo'd through the room. This could go on for as long as an hour (ironically the coffee could become cold by then).

Once he felt satisfied, he made an attempt at breakfast. His omelettes were never as good as his old mans, and it still left him slightly hungry. Once dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, backpack with camera gear on his back, he hit the streets. This was his day off, and he had just procured a new lens.

Feel free to have your man bump into one of my characters!

Los Angeles Inner City: Bookie's Turf: Everyone who got on a VTOL
((Also, I apologize in advance for the post relying on my characters talking with one another. The party hasn't really scattered yet, so I scattered my roster around to give someone to talk to in each area. Feel free to join in the conversations?))

Residential Area: Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Cadolbolg fluttered around in the air of the residential area, Ton Ton riding on his back as the turtle-dragon baby fluttered about, "You know, I can't remember the last time I went toe to toe with any of those Cartel guys. I don't remember them all super well, but I remember them all being a big pain in Mother and Father's butts... The multiple explosions probably didn't help either..."

The Tonberry scratched his head in confusion (the little star above his head giving an extra spin as well), "You know, now that you mention it, why DID you explode in the first place? That doesn't seem like something Mr. Caim and Ms. Angelus would do to you..."
"Oh, they didn't do that, my creator Puce did. It's a long story, back when I was construct. Stuff was kinda weird then. And you're not really one to talk either, you used to be a stuffed animal!"

The Tonberry giggled at that jab, and nodded, "Point to you there. Now, back on topic, how are we gonna find Doom again?"

Cadolbolg paused mid flap for a split second, before continuing his usual wing beat and pointing in a random direction (and subsequently at Katya), "We could talk to that person over there? It's as good a lead as any. Hey Lady~! Do you know anything about a guy called Doctor Doom?"
"Cadolbolg; what happened to subtly?!" Ton Ton cried out, despite subtly never being a thing him or Cadolbolg had to begin with (what with being a Tonberry and a turtle-dragon thing).

The Old Rail Yard: Caim, Angelus

The Pact Partners stepped out into the train yard, the duo coming to the agreement that a train yard was to be full of possible vagrants and delinquents - ripe with information about criminals in the area. As they began to explore (Angelus in Human form for stealthy purposes), Caim "voiced" the option, "You think we should split up? We might catch some thug unawares if we're alone..."

The dragon-in-mortal flesh shook her head at the thought, "I don't particularly like the sound of that. Even if the vagrants here are standard issue, I'd rather not open room for that idiot in green to catch us with our metaphorical trousers down to our ankles. I'll use my nose instead, and see if I can detect something aside from fear, sweat, and regrets..."

The LA Docks: Teri, Garm, AI Dimitri

"Your Ladyship, is this locale really a place where your abilities should be needed?"
The Cleric gave a faint smile at her AI's query, and answered while she wandered around the docks with her wolf companion (which could have been mistaken for a very large husky, or some kind of Great Dane Mix; given his size),
"I think you worry too much, Dimitri. This area is surrounded by water. Water's my 'thing', so if we get into trouble, I'll have outlets, and that's not even accounting for Mum and Dad's training and our friends here."

Garm gave a huff of breath at the Cleric's confidence, and added quietly, "You probably shouldn't announce those things too loudly, Tear-ri. You forget we're on the prowl for the Man in the Iron Mask-"
"Which was a great movie-"
"Yet another to add to the watch list of your 'movies', but anyways, we don't really know where to start, and I don't have his scent."

Teri gave her lupine companion a pat on the side, and gave a shrug, "Well, we don't have TOO much to go on; but that doesn't mean this is a bad place to look. Just keep your nose sharp, alright? And Dimitri, the moment you detect some Wi-fi, hop on board and try to find anything related to Doom, kay?"

Los Angeles: Residential Area:

Katya had been walking for quite some time towards the VTOL's projected landing area. Had this been a real city with a copious number of options for public transportation, the Gear Headed Girl would have been there in no time.

"#Lame," She muttered as she continued to trudge through the Suburban Sprawl. It seemed that the peeps round these parts didn't exactly enjoy their wireless service since Kat had passed more than a few Cell relays that had been stripped of their copper wiring. Copper that had probably been stripped by the same peeps that had been muggin' her with their eyes when she passed by.


Those were some the tamer comments that she had to endure during her travels, a majority of them being #NSFW. So when yet another voice called out towards her, her reaction might have been understandable given the context of her travels.

Hey Lady~! Do you know anything about a guy called Doctor Doom?" Asked a voice in the distance.

"LEMME GUESS HE'S IN YOUR PANTS AND WANTS TO MEET ME?! OR MAYBE HE'S A DOCTOR OF WRECKING MY NETHER REGIONS?! #CREEPZ!" Katya yelled out blindly before seeing the person asking the question in question and it was definitely before seeing that the source of the question was the most #totezadorbs remote controlled drone #evah!

"OH MY GAWD!!!! How #TOTEZAMAZEBALLS! #CUTEEPATOOTEEZ! #MINDBLOWN!" The young woman exclaimed when her eyes finally resolved on Cadolbolg and Ton-Ton.

"H0LEE CRAPPERS!" She continued until her excitement died down, "Who made you? What's your range? Why can't I see your data stream? What encryption are you using? Do you auto-post to Twatter or SpaceBook?"

Clearly there was some sort of misunderstanding here.

"Can I take a selfie with you? #Cheeez!" *CLICK*


Deadshot | Wanderer | G-Corp Agents
Location: Prior to Rising Dawn deployment | Internment Area, G-Corp occupied Hanger | Rising Dawn
Time: Afternoon.

Upon leaving the VTOL, Wanderer only groaned as they kept his large bumper sword. Almost angry, but quick to not go to that mental space, he started to walk forward, hearing Deadshot's moans behind him. Turning around he covered on ear and cupped half his mouth with the other hand. "Sorry! I can't hear you, this thing is on!" He yelled and pointed to the VTOL, shrugging and continuing on his way. Checking out the brief, he quickly muttered, "I need to hack and delete their shit on me ... as well as add "Massive homosexual porn collector"" He said giggling to himself, returning to the main group.

Wanderer, Unarmoured Storm, & Rising Dawn Crew.
Location: Flood Channel | Inner City | Los Angeles.

Time: Afternoon.


"Huh, ain't so ... "blown up". Boneyard is looking quite good here. If it ever gets nuked, the Dweller's memoirs might come true." Remarked Wanderer, as his Doctor's coat coiled around him in the wind. Partially revealing some scars on his arms, yet he was not worried about them. "Any who ... I'll ... be doing my thing. Alone." He said while dodging his looks upon some members of the ground, and proceeded to run in a random direction. If anyone examined him, two large spiked brass knuckled were curled around his fists. Yet within his mind, he knew what to do, it was just that he didn't want anyone to see him.

What is the best way to get to a criminal? Interrogate the lower part of the chain. By interrogation, he meant the military standards he learnt in his NCR days. Besides, with the drugs in his invisible inventory, he can rival Doctor Doom or lure out "Diabs" with all his new product from another world.


Stepping onto the wet ground, Storm sighed. In the open, he felt naked, he was without his Spartan armour so he would not attract attention. Though at the moment, he did not want to involve his AI lover who still remained on the ship. For good reason too, Storm would rely on her in case anything goes bad on the ship. Almost grinding his teeth, he sucked air through them and avoided the urge to call her. He would allow his guilt to flow through this operation, and his fists.

Kicking the water, he started heading in a random direction, following the closest person to him. Yet this man, was really large. It was the new knight commander Azan.

Storm, Azan, & whoever.
Location: Local 7-11 | Inner City | Los Angeles.
Time: Afternoon.

Walking down the roads of LA made the Spartan look around. His white hair flowed with the wind, and the same with his jacket, revealing two holsters with pistols within. Even besides them was the weird half moon shaped energy sword that he carried around. Besides, a katana would be just as noticeable like his large, chunky armour. Checking that he still had his phone and minor currency on him, Storm looked up to see the store in front.

Opening the door, he was about to announce his presence, yet his question about the local crime was stopped in it's tracks. Storm had noticed the rather large Azan talking to the cashier, mace, armour, and all. "Oh Lord, I'm regretting this mission already." He face-palmed before walking to the giant. To him, this man was even bigger than the Chief himself!

Wanderer, Caim, Angelus, & whoever.
Location: Old Rail Yard | Inner City | Los Angeles.
Time: Afternoon.

Within the train yard were the traces of old trains, new trains, and of course containers. Yet this creepy and dark-looking environment were outmatched by a noise somewhere in the yard. "Goddamn it! I know you are a junky, I gave you water, now give me information!" A loud voice rang through the old carriages. Obviously the Wanderer was going to work on whoever he could find, if it got out of hand, his other side could possibly come out and give these old trains a new coat of paint.

The President | M. Bison Congressman Vincent Vega.
Location: The White Crib | Washington D.C.
Time: Evening.

"I swear, if you are behind this ... I'll kill you!" The President tried to say quietly, but his fury overcoming him, with his scowl of fury leaving a mark upon his face. Soon an agent entered the room, flinching at the sight of the room, yet kept his calm to escort The President to his convoy to the studio. Right afterwards the same man called upon the cleaners of the crib, when Mr. President gets back, everything will be clean, yet his mind is the only thing that will remain the same.

Merlin, and Shorn.
Location: The White Crib's Secret Service Center | Washington D.C.
Time: Evening.

One level underground, laid the giant white mansion's intelligence center. Two giant screens were in the middle of the room, serving as the main part of the large complex. Along the walls were computers, trackers, radios, plans, maps, and many other equipment pieces. At the dead center of the room was a large black table, not any black table, but one that had holographs on top, making a map of cities and statistics. The two big helpers were here.

Merlin, a new edition to the AA world was busy tapping on the table, slowly thinking of a way to track the call with magic. The difficulty here was his little experience with technology, at the beginning of his arrival, he slowly began to learn about this new world tech, yet this room was beyond his knowledge. He had mostly remained silent, unless one of the many agents in black addressed him about another problem.

Across the long, white-haired master magician was Shorn Edelweiss, a similar history between the two. Both new to the world, both new to technology. Yet Shorn has had many other experiences with tech, and thus knew more to it, all thanks to The President personally hiring him before he was in office. While Merlin was from a mythic tale's world, Shorn was from a completely different fictionally world, where he was a grand tactician for a Prince.

Both wore clothing of their world. Merlin, a Camelot knight tabard, with a shining stone hanging around his neck from a silver chain. His long hair partially braided, the whiteness shining in any light, allowing focus upon his blue tattoo coiling on his cheek. While not dressed like a royal house guard, Shorn wore a rare purple cloak, with gold trimming and hood back. Revealing a light blonde hair, worn short. Shorn was ordering the room around, telling to track the phone, and finding Pierce's car, for apparently it is not at the Crib. The difference between the two was large, yet as Shorn ordred one final member, Merlin grinned.

"Hmm? You look like you want to say something Magician." Shorn asked, lifting his head from screens in front of the main table. "Heh ... I have found a result to my cognition. Is there any of Mister Pierce's hair around?"

Los Angeles: Residential Area:

Just as Ton Ton was attempting to warn his friend about the finer points of subtly, the two were assailed by Katya's myriad hashtags and a set of selfies, leaving the two to try to come up for air after the storm of questions, (which also meant they gave their own to Katya)

"Twatter? I thought that was a bad word. And what's a selfie?"
"What's a hash tag, and why do you keep talking about them? Are they like hashbrowns? And why would anyone wanna get in your pants? Can't they wear their own pants? And aren't doctors supposed to fix things?"
"Also, what's a SpaceBook? It sounds like it'd be pretty! As for who made us, I guess the Mistress brought me to life? Then again, I'm pretty sure I'm pure flesh and bone now..."
"And why are you calling us drones? I stopped being a construct a long time ago! Imma real dragon now!"

There was a brief pause from the little ones, till the green one spoke up, "Oh right, she asked us to introduce ourselves. We gotta be polite and all that. Er...I'm Ton Ton. I'm a Tonberry."

The turtle-dragon of the duo gave a wave of a friendly claw as well, adding, "And I'm Cadolbolg! We're best buddies, and we're looking for Doctor Doom. He's a bad guy who's associated with a bunch of other bad guys. You wouldn't happen to know about him, would ya?"

Well, if there was one thing Katya was learning very quickly: One, the two speaking to her didn't sound like they were much older than 12 (and the hovering one even less), and two, they seemed to be awfully responsive for Drones...

Los Angeles: Residential Area:

If Katya had the ability to unhinge her jaws, she would have definitely done so in order to properly express the befuddling amazement that she suddenly felt in the presence of the not one but TWO!! drones. If Katya had the ability to explode her head, she really would have done so. Whomever had built these machines had really outdone themselves, though they could have designed them to be a bit more subtle. A dragon-turtle and a mini-Herpe Sapien? #Obvi!

"#OhMahGERD," The Social Media Psychopath exclaimed after the counter volley of queries that had been launched by the duo, "AutoDronez!"

AutoDronez, or Autonomous Drones in r3g sp3ak, were drones that were built with varying levels of Artificial Intelligence. They could problem solve, observe and make independent decisions based on a given set of goals. Clearly whomever had built these two and sent them out was looking for someone named Doctor Doom, but they had a great deal to learn about when it came to the real world.

"Twatter ain't a bad word, it's like SpaceBook but you can only write 128 word messages. You write messages to your peepz!" She continued, showing the two her Twatter feed.

Twatter! - Twat Something:

@MiuMee: Just got mah handz on j00ktoast! Comin' over?
@ProfMeowinstein: Just perfected a procedure to give cats 10 lives!
@BizzyB33: Got home. Hungry. Meh!

"#Hashtag? You use em' to categorize your twats, like 'OMG lotz of peepz wanna get in my pantz, yo! #BURNED,' and no not all docs fix things, trust me, but this Mistress sounds like a smart biatch if she progged you, 'specially if you progged you to think like you d00ds do." Kat rambled, answering the questions that had been rattled off at her by the @C00ti3Br00zerz all the while making duck faces at her phone's camera which clicked a new selfie every 10 seconds or so before settling on a photo of herself and the two AutoDronez.

Twatter! - Twat Something:

@KatyR: Ran N2 s0me autodronez that l00k like a dragz and a liz3rd! #DronezRk3wl

"Little Miss? B3WP chimed in as there was a lull in the conversation, "A search query for the name Doctor Doom yielded some results that you might be interested in."

"0'rly?" The Young Woman said, apparently into thin air as the c00ti3Br00zerz didn't note anyone else that she could have been talking to in the immediate area, "Oh HoleeCrappolaz! This Doctor Doom's one craycray hombre. But seriously, your Mistress is totez using the wrong toolz, Dr0n3c00ti3z. She should be tappin' that sweet sweet CCTV Net that LA has."

As she was speaking, Katya started tapping into the Los Angeles Metro CCTV relays and activated its facial recognition subroutines. It wouldn't be hard to spot an armor wearin' sicko. In the mean time, Katya had more pressing matters to take care of.

"You 2 wanna follow me to Roscoe's? They got the b0mb chik'n n waffles." The Hacker Hooligan said, motioning for them to follow, "So does your mistress have a handle? Cause she did a swwweeeet job on you two."

Merlin, and Shorn.
Location: The White Crib's Secret Service Center | Washington D.C.
Time: Evening.

As Merlin requested for a strand of Pierce's hair, the tracker on his phone kicked in as it pinged his current location.
As Pierce's current location was brought up, Merlin was then handed his old baseball cap from their Silwater days, giving Merlin the hair that he needed to do...whatever it was he was going to do.

Los Angeles: 7/11: Azan, Storm, Clerk, Anyone else

What was going to be a routine day of getting yelled at by customers for the Clerk was quickly changed when Azan began to get all up in his face, as well as bringing a rather large mace down on the ground while some other guy (Storm) seemed to just watch.
"WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA! TAKE IT EASY! Christ! You're as bad as the Bookies! Okay-okay-okay. I-i-i don't who he is, he ju-just comes in every now and again and buys a few dozen cartons of Yoghurt. I mean, He pays with cash like everyone else. If he wants to dress up for ComicCon, that's fine with me...Though y-your costume is a lot better...Th-that mace almost looks-...*Gulp* real?" He answered as he slowly hid behind the counter, lowering his profile as he hammered the silent alarm with his index finger.

Los Angeles: Residential Area: Katya, Ton Ton, Cadolblog, Anyone else

As the trio of unlikely friends conversed, life went on in the 'Hood as the residents went about their daily routines, though they did gain some attention from the locals.
"The Hell is that?"
"Man, I must be tripping..."
"Yo, That the Amazon Drone with my PS4?"
Slowly a crowd was starting to form around them, thinking that it was some kind of show and that Katya was controlling them remotely or some other thing like that.
Even a few intimidating men with a weird emblem on their
shirts began to watch.
"Yo! Make the Green on dance!" One of them requested as the looked on expectantly.

As for the CCTV search Katya was running, it mainly brought up some week old footage of the guy leaving a 7/11 with 3 bags worth of dairy products before getting into a beaten looking RV and driving off.
But what was really interesting was that a search of that nature was already ran though the system several days earlier, the logs stating that the request was made by private company that went un-named.
Someone else was looking for this Doctor of Doom?

Los Angeles: The Old Rail Yard: Caim, Angelus, Wanderer, Anyone else

The Rail Yard was just a dreary as the brochure implied as they could make out about a dozen workers mingling with the washed up vagrants by the boxcars, namely trying to move them out of the way while a fright train backed up.
"Come on, you know the drill. 3pm coupling. Move on out people!" The Foreman ordered as if it was a parent getting a kid out of bed for school before the cars began to move.
Angelus did manage to get a few more scents in the rail yard outside of regrets and fear, Like Urine, Gun Power and crystallized methamphetamine, the last of which drew her attention to a man texting on his phone.
He stood out from everyone else from just by the fact that he didn't look like he bathed in sewerage, nevermind the overly expensive leather jacket.

Wanderer's attempts meanwhile resulted in this exchange: "Dude! I asked for spare change! What the hell am I going to do with Water?!" The Junkie whined before he realized that Wanderer could actually beat the shit out of him.
"OKAYOKAYOKAY! Shit! You're a NARC, ain't ya! Alright! Alright! This is all I Got, just...leave me alone man. Damn..." He said before throwing him a small bag of Green rocks at him before running off.

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Teri, Dimitri, Garm, Anyone else

Being one of the most largest/busiest seaports in the entire world, the whole area was a hive of activity.
All Teri could make out was countless shipping containers being moved around like Procedurally generated game of Tetris.
Scents came and went by the thousands as Garm could pick up a nations worth of food exports and imports, chemical deliveries as well as all the pollution caused by the loading and unloading.
Dimitri was able to tap into the wifi, but it seems like the CCTV was a more basic network ran from a security center rather then being "In the Cloud" or some other tech nonsense like that.
If she could find that though, Dimitri could basically have an eye on every dock worker, shipping crate and cargo ship in the bay.
If she could find it.

Avatar Adventure
Location: 7-11 | Los Angeles | California
Time: Afternoon


BlackHarte immediately realized the appearance of a radiating radio wave signalling distress. He stopped, mind working at speeds faster than the speed of light, subroutines running concurrently in both the past present and future. He observed it, he observed everything and all. He knew, and then his body rippled and his eye glowed bright. [Activating Continuum Shift System.]

"WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA! TAKE IT EASY! Christ! You're as bad as the bookies! Okay-okay-okay. I-i-i don't who he is, he ju-just comes in every now and again and buys a few dozen cartons of Yoghurt. I mean, He pays with cash like everyone else. If he wants to dress up for ComicCon, that's fine with me...Though y-your costume is a lot better...Th-that mace almost looks-... real?" The clerk reached his hand beneath the counter and felt around for the silent alarm... except... Didn't I already press it? What's going on... I already said those things before.. didn't I?

Storm felt off, as if he had witnessed the events taking place mere moments before. Deja vu, as the contemporary citizens called it. He could sear that something very similar had just transpired, but had trouble remembering it.

BlackHarte spoke up. I have taken the liberty of disabling the radio transmissions in the current vicinity hand have likewise disabled the magnetic-writing system of all nearby cameras. BlackHarte lowered himself into a more lax position on top of Azan's head and rested.

Azan reached into his pocket and brought out a dirty gold coin and placed it on the counter, "Here, for your troubles... I suppose I will have to inspect elsewhere for this Doctor Doom character." Azan turned and looked at Storm, giving him an acknowledging nod. "We should report to the others! We are looking for a man who consumes a great deal of this.. 'Yoghurt,' I am certain some of the heretic magicks that our most peculiar allies employ will be able to make use of this information!"

Avatar Adventure
Location: Los Angeles | California


As I thought. BlackHarte's primary intelligence projected itself far outside of his small body, seeking information in the great multitude of radio waves crossing paths in the airspace around him. Then there it was, a massive influx of cohesive radio interference... another creature made of countless smaller ones.

BlackHarte felt around for his physical body.. and found it. Lodged inside of a girl in he late teens, who by herself was also contributing to a massive amount of outgoing radio signals. Then, given some time BlackHarte attuned to the internal communication channels that the nanomachines were using and posed the question to the entity.

"You who are as of I, state your identity. I am BlackHarte, nanomachine coalition of approximately thirty three trillion individual units." He took careful note to conceal his own physical body from electronic countermeasures by nestling the main broadcast cluster in Azan's helmet, only allowing one-way broadcast and reception through a tiny hole in his helmet.

The (Un)Real World
Location: Cupertino | California
Time: 15th of August, 2014


Deborah was laying beside her. She could feel the warmth of her body through the white sheets. Titania rand her fingers through Deborah's long black, silky hair and smiled sadly. Despite everything she had been through, she was still very much a child. The Blue Sorceress held tightly onto an old stuffed rabbit, its fur matted and fabric well-loved. She breathed softly, like a whisper, and the light rise and fall of her body seemed as gentle as the moonlight streaming through the window of their suite.

Titania turned away from Deborah and returned her attention to the large old tome that the girl carried around to keep tabs on the Avatar Adventure world. The cream-colored pages felt good underneath her fingers. The black ink stood out brightly in the blue light. The moon was full, an autumn fullness that spoke of fertility and bounty. Titania read the words again, slowly. Chronicling every action that happened and taking careful note on a separate piece of paper. Titania looked away again and closed her eyes, letting her thoughts wander to all of the different things that had happened since she was 'born' to the world. It was a good life. I think. She gave a genuine smile and opened her eyes. For the briefest moment she had stopped observing Azan, and it showed. She picked up her notes and compared it to the words on the page of Deborah's book. The words on the page had changed. Where the clerk had managed to hit the silent alarm before, now it seemed that BlackHarte had disabled the button.

"Deborah, we're in a lot of trouble. But, after everything, I'm glad we're in trouble together." Titania smiled and removed her reading glasses, placing them gently on the bed stand next to her. She slunk down onto her pillow and pulled the white linen sheet over her body. "I know you'll never know this... but I really do like you." Titania flipped off the light on the bed stand and closed her eyes, drifting into a dreamless sleep.

Deborah smiled.


Boss | Edge | Ton-Ton | Caldablog | Katya
Location: L.A. (nearest residential districts)
Time: Afternoon

"My experience with gangbangers is that they're only found in the most desperate of areas." Edge said. He had changed-well, more added-to his clothes. He was now wearing a large, circular hat, a faded green robe, long black-ish pants, and a pair of wooden sandals over his regular bodysuit.

"...that doesn't answer my question." Boss said.

"I trust Violet." Edge said. "He seems well-informed, regardless of his eccentricities. If he took the time to point you in a specific direction, there's a reason for it."

Boss rolled his eyes. "He's a looser who dresses in a pink...whatever the hell that was that he was wearing."

"Why does it matter to you?" Edge asked.

"It doesn't, really." Boss said. "I trust your judgement. I just like to know things is all." Boss chuckled. "Also, anyone who literally names themselves EL DIABLO is probably bad news."

Edge nodded. "Fair enough." The two of them stopped in the middle of the street. "What do you see?"

Boss closed his eyes and let his para-sense flow out, through the street and the buildings. "Not a lot." he said. "Lots of children, lots of people with guns, and lots of people with guns hanging around children." Boss looked up. "We're not going to be killing children, are we?"

"No. We just want to talk." Edge said, pulling out one of his guns and firing four shots into the air. "But best to make sure your barrier is up, anyway."

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Rugal, Teri, Dimitri, Garm, Anyone else

As Teri and her cohorts waltzed right into a shipping yard, they were being watched.
While Garm tried to get Doom's scent and Dimitri looked around for access points, Teri all of a sudden felt a knife-edge against her back, causing her to yelp and freeze with shock and fear.
"...You know, the point of all that training was so I wouldn't be able to do this..."
Before another word could be said, Teri quickly reacted as she brought her staff Sadei around for swing at her attacker's skull, only for it to come to a halt as the assailant grabbed the staff before it connected.
"...Better." Rugal remarked as smiled at Teri, letting the reveal of his prank set in.

"...THE FUCK DAD!?" escaped Teri's lips before she could think twice about it, her violent side vocalizing their (for once) agreed upon thought process.
"What? You really think I was going to sit this one out? If David wants to ride around in the VTOL, that's his loss...
Good arm, by the way. Could have taken a man's jaw clean off...Now, shall we?" He answered as he then motioned for her and Garm to follow, keeping out of the open whenever possible.

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Rugal, Teri, Dimitri, Garm, Anyone else
As they moved through the shadows a strange feeling, as if they were being watched, Something was very Very wrong. Suddenly rugal felt an ice cold knife against his throat
"make one wrong move and your daughter dies, Rugal could see a shadowy figure holding Teri, Rugal grit his teeth someone had somehow slipped under his watchful eye, how could he let this happen angry he struck at the person holding him which broke into smoke the men all dissipated, they were illusions.
"Not so funny when someone else does it to you now is it?" A voice said Icarus dropped down.
"You taught Teri how to control her Ki, but Sensing and controlling one's energy require their own training. I could gladly demonstrate if you want" Icarus saud getting into a fighting stance and gesturing at Rugal, join me.

Storm, Azan, & whoever.
Location: Local 7-11 | Inner City | Los Angeles.
Time: Afternoon.

Shaking himself from the current situation, Storm would question what just happened, but the present was most important. "Agreed, though I can't help but investigate the darker places of this city, so we may question ... ruffians." He said, hoping that the message got through to the tall-standing man. "Let us hope the others have some clues, so we may be able to assemble the picture here." Storm commented as the two left the store, yet the Spartan felt a tad sorry for the cashier, he had seen a living historical figure whom left a old coin.

Outside the store, his thoughts perked up, that coin might be worth a fortune, or completely nothing. "Crap. I forgot my phone! Do we have any means for communication?"

Wanderer, Caim, Angelus, & whoever.
Location: Old Rail Yard | Inner City | Los Angeles.
Time: Afternoon.

Blinking a few times, Wanderer was rather surprised with what happened. "... huh. Maybe I should have paid him." He admitted, almost cringing to himself at what he just did. Shrugging off the guilt, the Doctor moved on, holding up the clear bag to his eyes. ("Why don't you pop one?") His inner-darkness said, allowing some truth, for it would allow the mental partners to see what the drugs are. "No ... no. Lets not wake up in some gutter, besides, I haven't forgiven you!" He responded to the other side.

("Spoil sport.")
"Not if it keeps us conscious this time."

Eventually tuning out the annoying mental voice, the Doctor look upon the back again. "Lets go fishing." He said to himself, walking up and down the rail yard, hoping to find those pact-partners, who might even have a clue themselves. "Caim, Angelus! I got something!" He yelled out, wanting to quickly get to the thick of this case.

Merlin, and Shorn.
Location: The White Crib's Secret Service Center | Washington D.C.
Time: Evening.

The ping came up on the main computer, allowing many agents to look in the direction of the advisor. "Wait on my order to send in some people, Merlin ... " Shorn asked, giving Merlin a stern look, yet the Magician quickly spoke up. "Yes, yes! This will make it quicker. I'll start to make a portal with the hair. Knowing the location will make it only quicker." He said, moving to a open area of the CC. Soon enough his hands were beginning to move. Waving, swiping the air in front of him.

The air in the room began to grow chill and crisp, like the morning dew. The air turned to a soft breeze with a soft blue colour to it. After that, the hard air was moving like a strong gust, adding a dark blue colour. "Remember, we are now playing their game!" Shorn yelled over the gust, quickly ordering armed agents to get ready. Merlin, who was moving his hands in fury and swiftness, then suddenly clapping his hands, a short single hair of Pierce in-between them.

Release his hands, it was like they gave birth to a glowing square doorway. Breathing heavily, Merlin gave a soft grin. "It is done. I'll volunteer first, we should be close to the man." Merlin said, entering the doorway slowly, it gave a ripple as the magician entered.

Los Angeles: Residential Area: Katya, Ton Ton, Cadolblog, Anyone else

Roscoe's, home of the world famous Roscoe's Chicken n' Waffles. As horrid a pairing as they sounded, Katya Rostikova had to admit that it was pretty delish, especially since she was halfway finished with her second helping. The gathering crowd was not unnoticed but they were being ignored by Kat and Co. At least until one of the gathered hoods made the wrong comment in Katya's vicinity.

"Yo, That the Amazon Drone with my PS4?"

"BWHAHAHAAHAHAHAH!" The H@xxxoring Heroine laughed, launching a few wads of chewed Chicken and Waffles into the air, spattering on the shirts of one of the "intimidating" thugs, "PS4? More like PSSn0r3. PC M@st3R R@c3 4evs, son! What chu got? A l0w r3nt PC! N0t 3v3n a PC, h0mi3!"

If the thugs had just ignored Katya's comments, everything would have been okay. Everything would have been copacetic and no one would have been hurt. But you know these consoletards, writin' checks that their ass can't cash.

"Yo! You sound like one of those 12 year old kids on X-Box Live. Why don't chu go back to school little girl and gimme those drones so's I can sell em and buy 'Last of Us Remastered.'"

Katya's reaction, as sudden as it must've been to her companions was quite justified in Katya's world. Them's were fightin' words!

"B3WP. Music plz."

As soon as the beats started, the beatings started as well, starting with a thug getting a face full of Katya's leftovers, the crash of the plate and the groaning of the thug caused the crowded restaurant to start clearing. When Katya was done with these thugs, they would remember their manners and never ever accuse a PC gamer of playing X-Box Live.

Avatar Adventure
Location: 7-11 | Los Angeles | California
Time: Afternoon

Azan, Storm, Clerk

As Azan and Storm left the Clerk with that priceless old coin, he laughed nervously before saying "Thank you, Come again!" as he eyed up his new procession.
On their way out of the 7/11, a man with a Kinda logo on his shirt gave them a weird look before moving on.
When Azan and Storm were moving anyway, he approached the counter before pulling a pistol at the storeowner.
"Alright, you know the drill by now. Hands up, Fool!" He shouted at the Clerk as he groaned "Oh come on! How many times can this happen in one week!?" before he went though the routine usually caused by a stick up.

Merlin, and Shorn.
Location: The White Crib's Secret Service Center/ Wise Rd NW | Washington D.C.
Time: Evening.

Merlin and his forces went though the doorway and found themselves on The side of the road by some forest, but there was no sign of Pierce or his captors.
The Tracer went off again to give an update on the location of the the captured Communications Director.
Whatever was going on, he was clearly on the move...

Merlin, and Shorn.
Location: The White Crib's Secret Service Center/ Wise Rd NW | Washington D.C.
Time: Evening.

With an update from the CC, Shorn yelled into the group's earpieces. "It's on the move! Get back ... ", and Merlin easily responded by pushing the group back through the still open portal, muttering a old'e curse world that no one picked up as they were transported by the house. "What a success!" Merlin said sarcastically as he threw off his earpiece onto the planning table. The other Advisor came back with a smug look. "Come." He said to Merlin, and the magician walked up and started to jog beside the tactician.

The two were about the leave the White Crib's main doors, Merlin made shorn stop. "You have a plan ... don't you?" He said, carrying over the smugness that came with the other advisor. Giving an approving nod, Shorn walked through the opened doors to the front lawn of the crib, yet a really loud noise came from there. "I got a "Do whatever it fucking takes" order from him." Shorn said over the noise, with amusement as the source of the noise came into view.

"We're ... going to fly in that?" Merlin said, allowing his usual calm persona to fall for a bit.

And in mere seconds, they certainly were. "Keep in contact with citadel as I fly ... and try to not touch any of the weapons" Shorn yelled over the VTOL's system, Merlin giving an approving nod, internally wondering about what weapons this thing has.

Los Angeles: VTOL (Skies Above): David West, Chris, Anyone else

"~Sometimes a man with nothing good left to die for
Can live with nothing to lose~

Over the skies of the City of Angels, the transport VTOL did some flybys of the city, keeping on the clock lest someone requests support.
And on board was David, sitting in the hold with a Anti-Material Rifle, singing to past the time.
"~I keep watching the world go by in bullet time
Keep pushing the pain back down inside
Time trickles away as golden hammers chime
Keep hunting the peace I've been denied~
..." He halfheartedly sang as he awaited the call for Sniper Support, somewhat regretting his choice of tactical deployment as a result.
Once he finally finished counting all the rivets in the ceiling, he sighed as he looked over to his "Spotter" of sorts (Chris) staring out the window at the city below.
"...Hellva a view, huh? Guess that's one thing I can say about being on the Rising Dawn, you get to see the world, eh Chris?..." He remarked as he tried to start a conversation, though he knew that Chris wasn't really the talkative type.

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Rugal, Teri, Dimitri, Garm, Anyone else

"Oh, what the fuck?!"
"...Okay, I've had it up to here with all this bullshit."

It was a quick turn of events, suddenly being (faux) threatened with a knife by her father, and then Icarus popping in and trying to start a fight as well (and did he imply that she was some sort of person who needed rescuing?); the Cleric in question was starting to reach her wit's end, a feeling that was, yet again, shared by her darker side. As she watched the two men begin to take stances, Teri's fists began to shake, her teeth ground hard against one another, and before Rugal or Icarus knew it; the calming aura that they had come to recognize with their healer changed into something far more frigid: harsh and cold, almost like the sharp slap of a winter morning.

Garm gave a concerned whine at the sudden shift in the Cleric's attitude; and backed away from Teri, the fur on the back of his neck standing up, and his ears flat against his head.
"Your Ladyship..."
Dimitri flickered on his display, and looked desperate to say something, but the words didn't seem to want to come out. In short, he looked just as worried as Garm did...

After a moment of frigid silence, Teri's gaze moved between the Half-Angel and her father-figure, and she took a deep breath before shouting: "ENOUGH!" at both of the men, and continuing, her voice taking that harsh edge, (while still remaining an unnerving amount of control on it's tone) "...Now that I both have your attention, I think that we need to remember what we're doing here: Looking for Doctor Doom. That's it. Not testing my abilities, or demonstrating our powers to one another. And frankly, I understand I really screwed up there, but there is a line to be drawn when a fucking knife brought to my back. Dad, have you lost your mind?! And you say MOM is bad about the training? Take a look in the mirror. If you want me to improve so badly, tell me to get to a training room before deciding that scaring me like is going to solve anything."

She looked to Icarus after that, and then pointed at him, "And you! I don't know what your damage is, but we're in the middle of something here. If you wanna spar, that's fine and dandy, but get a better sense of timing than just dropping in and doing God knows whatever before asking for a play fight!

You two need to sort out your goddamned priorities. We're here for Doctor Motherfucking Doom. Not my training, not to spar with each other, the fucking metal man in the fucking green cloak who is linked to a bunch of other evil men. And, unlike you two machismo charged, dickwaving, musclebound morons, I actually give a damn about what happens. Now will you two stop acting like children and get back on task, or do I have to do everything myself and leave you here to continue your theatrics?"

Los Angeles: Residential Area: Katya, Ton Ton, Cadolblog, Anyone else

Ton Ton and Cadolbolg looked to each other in confusion, seeing as A) they were still being referred to as 'Drones', B) A fight just broke out on their behalf and C) there were gunshots somewhere nearby. It had appeared that their little excursion had descended into chaos. However, with Katya willingly fighting a bunch of goons in their defense, Ton Ton gave a soft sigh, and patted Cadolbolg's back, "We should probably try to help out; she is defending our honor after all; despite calling us Drones incorrectly several times."
"Maybe if we help, she'll stop calling us drones? I'm very much real, and I'm not super happy with being called Not Real..."
"A good deed is it's own reward, Cadolbolg; but perhaps we could ask. Not to mention those gunshots worry me. Let's try to make this quick, this is a public place after all."

With that, the Cutie Bruisers sprung into action; Ton Ton leaping to the closest Gangster and bashing him in the head with his Lantern and Cadolbolg flying beside Katya and whopping a goon with his tail, "If we help you, you'll stop calling us Drones, right?"

Caim, Angelus, Wanderer, Anyone Else

Angelus gave a smile and a nod to Wanderer's discovery of the green rocks, and held a finger to her lips, signalling over the rings between the three of them, "The one in the hide-coat (leather) smells 'off'. I suspect he may be involved with this drug operation as well. Caim seeks to take the high ground, and I will act as distraction. I take it you are skilled in the art of ambush, yes?"

By her words, Caim had already sprung to a still train car, his jumping abilities serving him well in a more mundane setting (and Angelus gave a slight wince at the inevitable 'thump' that followed). With that, she motioned for Wanderer to hide as she began a walk towards the man in the leather jacket, emulating one of status and purpose perhaps on par with a debutante or a high class buyer. The dress certainly helped the image.

Los Angeles: Residential Area: Katya, Ton Ton, Cadolblog, Anyone else

"If we help you, you'll stop calling us Drones, right?" Inquired Cadolbolg as he and Ton Ton joined the fray, the question giving Katya a slight pause as she decked one of the g00nz in the face with a nano-agent created set of brass knuckles. Was the word "dr0n3z" un-PC? Katya wasn't a troll. She didn't want to insult anyone.

"W311 h0w 'b0ut UCAV? 00b3r-c00t an1m3 v3h1cl3?" The H@xxx0ring Heroine responded before addressing B3WP, "B3WP, d0 j00r b3st13 a flava. Overlay FF0000 over h0st13 thr3atz & m3rkz, 00FF00 on 3'ry0n3 3lz3."

There was a pause as B3WP decyphered what was said before answering, "Command acknowledged Little Miss. Red overlay set for hostiles with lethal weapons and violent criminal histories, green for non-combatants and non-violent criminal offenders."

"D1n't I say dat?" The Girl retorted, her voice filled with a bit of annoyance, though satisfied that B3WP followed the order. Looking around, she noted that many of the g00nz with the Ace of Spades logo were highlighted in red, which suited her just fine.

"HEY j00CAVz, duck!" The young girl said as she threw a silver globule at a pack of g00nz. If Cadolbolg or Ton Ton tracked the silver mass, they would have seen it morph and split into several smaller masses, until there was an even number of silver masses to g00nz in the pack - 1. There was a *CHUNK! CHUNK! CHUNK! CHUNK! CHUNK!*ing of flesh as the pack of g00nz in fell to the ground, silver throwing knives protruding from their chest. The single remaining g00n from the pack looked at Katya in disbelief.

"B00!" Katya cried out as she decked him into unconsciousness. Even as more g00nz died or were disabled by the trio an additional wave of these Ace of Spade g00nz began showing up as word of the brawl spread through the neighborhood. To top of that bit of news:


"Aww crud!" KatyR exclaimed as she picked up the call, "0H H3Y M0MZ! N0 N0 N0, JUST 1N A RAV3! Y3Z m0mz th3y play M0t0rh3ad at rav3z. 0h hol3 0n m0mz g3ttin' another call."

As she switched over to her second line, the darkly dressed girl sent one of the g00nz flying into a deep fryer with a well timed kick, the smell of frying hands wafted into the air, filled the diner with the heavenly smell of fried chicken... at least it smelled like chicken.

"Hi Penny!" Katya said in a different, as in normal sounding, voice, "You don't say? I've got my mom on the other line, way to warn me! I had to tell her that I was in the middle of a rave. Yes, Penny, that IS gunfire in the background. No, I am NOT firing a gun. Oh, I gotta tell you this. I met these two cute little drones... well... they don't like to be called drones. So I'm waiting for them to decide on UCAV. Um... UberCute Animated Vehicles? BECAUSE they look like little anime pets that you'd normally see in plushy form, except for the flying dragon turtle, he's made of... well... I don't know what he's made of. Oh shit. Lemme get rid of my mom. Oh. You've gotta go to? Alright. Well tell me what you find out about the Rising Dawn. Oh... and check out someone named Doctor Doom for me would you? Yeah, it IS a rather silly name. Anyways. Talk to you soon."


"0H h3y m0mz! I g0tta b00gi3! I'm g01ng backstag3 with th3 band. K? Luvz ya!" Katya said before hanging up the line and addressing the c00ti3br00z3rs while kicking a g00n in the nethers, "S0 wut ab0ut UCAV?"

Los Angeles: VTOL (Skies Above): David West, Chris, Anyone else

The drow started for a moment as she heard the still unfamiliar person address her. She turned from the window, her cheeks darkening slightly. "Oh, um..." She shrugged, her palms lifting upwards slightly. "This is... the first time I've been to a... world like this, mister... David." She gestured to the city outside the window. "It's... a lot different than anything I've... really seen before." Her voice dropped for a moment, almost a whisper. "It... makes me feel rather... lost."

She paused for a moment, realizing how she must sound at the moment. A wry smile touched her lips as she looked back at David, her voice stronger again. "But... I'm used to... being a stranger in a... strange land by now, so..." Her head shook slightly from side to side. "I'll... find a place eventually, given time." Resting her back against the wall as she faced him fully, she continued. "But... trying to... find someone is not a good time to... try and get one's bearings, so... I hope I'm not imposing on you too much."

Her hands fell back into her lap as she watched David for a moment. "So... While we wait here, can you... tell me about this world? I've... met people who... came from Earth, or at least a Earth, but they each painted... such different pictures of the world..." She looked back at him curiously. "And you... do seem to be native here, yes? Who... better to ask?"

Los Angeles: Residential Area: Katya, Ton Ton, Cadolblog, Anyone else

Thanks to Katya going all "PC Elitist" on everyone's ass, she was able to turn a simple curious crowd into a violent hoard as a lot of offended console users began to draw their weapons as the civilians ran for cover.
With the men inside the restaurant taken care of, They were able to notice a few more gang members moving in to join the fight as they took cover behind cars outside, firing into the Roscoe's with pistols and at least on automatic handgun.
And just as icing on the cake, the Manager was soon inbound, carrying a Drum fed shotgun before shouting "THE WII-U WILL DOMINATE!" and opening fire on the trio.

Los Angeles: Residential Area: Boss, Edge

Meanwhile, Boss and Edge's attempts at...errr..."Conversation" didn't go un-noticed as soon several gang members leaned out of their windows firing at them, the bullets bouncing off Boss's barrier.
As they were going that however, a nearby garage door opened as a Muscle car drove out, lining itself up with the duo before the driver hit the gas and bailed, sending a massive car shaped projectile racing towards them

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Rugal, Icarus, Teri, Dimitri, Garm, Anyone else

"...I-....*sigh*..." Rugal groaned as he was given a lengthy breakdown of just how much Teri DIDN'T like his idea of a prank.
If he didn't know better, he would blame Icarus for crashing the scene, but unfortunately, he did know better.
"...Sorry..." He merely said as he motioned for her to take the lead.
Great, First Kazuya shows up, then this... He thought at as he looked to the Angel.
"...Like she said, it can wait until after. Kazuya is the last kind of person you'd want to keep waiting..." He then said as he moved onward, clearly regretting his idea of a prank.
"...Icarus, Think you can do a flyby of the Dock? If I remember correctly, this is a prime location for shady dealings. Arms, Drugs, you name it. They wouldn't trust Doom with it, but it might help us figure out what the Bookies need him for."

Los Angeles: VTOL (Skies Above): David West, Chris, Anyone else

"Brief breakdown, eh? Sure thing, Chris." David agreed as he stood up and began walking around to collect his thoughts.
"Well, first off, Earth is a mainly human domain as you know. From what our science has gathered thus far, we were evolved from monkeys and over eons and though the power of procreation, we started to explore our world, build settlements, kingdoms, countries. We did many great things, had a crap ton of wars over stuff that seemed important at the time, invented machinery, such as this Vertical Take Off and Landing transport we are in. Now, we mainly spend our days keeping everything running without a massive world war wiping us all out like in Wanderer's world." He went on, History wasn't his strong suit, but he figured it sounded informative enough (Then again, what did he know?)

"Myself? I'm a native, Aye. Hail from a Isle they call "Ireland" in Western Europe, a land with many different countries and cultures. Our one basically boils down to drinking, Farming and bitching about the weather. If we ever get a quite moment, I might convince the crew to go there for a holiday. It'd rain 24/7, but it would be a lot less "Eventful" then most of what happens over here. Booze would be better too." He then joked, pulling out a flask with the Irish Tri-color to show his cultured side.

"Now, while I used to think that this world was boring and mundane, if there is one thing I've found with the Rising Dawn, if you look hard enough, you can find just about anything here. Be it human, Drow, Demonic, Mutant, Machine, Demi-God, I swear, No idea where they've been hiding my whole life. Out of the 30 years, give or take, I've been on this earth, they only really started to turn up in the last couple. That or they've been getting more noticeable."

Avatar Adventure
Location: Local Shoppes | Los Angeles | California
Time: Afternoon


BlackHarte had coiled up in his helmet in one of the most uncomfortable ways Azan could imagine. Some of the nanomaterial was leaking into his ears, and most definitely there would be some stuck in his hair after the demon had presumed to exhume himself from the small confines of the feathered helmet. Despite every fact this and that, Azan had a mild confidence to his walk as he held tight to his grand mace.

"I do not have any means of long range communication!" Azan boomed, "Perhaps we should see if the clerk has possession of a rave that we could borrow?" The knight spun on his heel and began his march into the convenience store... when he saw the clerk on the wrong end of a handgun.

"That man is in trouble! Come compatriot of justice, we must defend the weak!" Aza took a small hopping step before launching himself barrelling through the sliding doors, grand mace spinning in hand, "FOR THAT IS WHAT THE SCRIPTURE COMMANDS!" Not that it should matter to me ever since I was excommunicated. He added to himself silently.

The 'answer' to his pseudo-quandary was answered when the grand mace slammed into the thug's chest and a loud crack filled the store. At least four ribs. Azan gave thought. "If we are to question ruffians, let us begin with this one!" His weapon is smaller than Guts's... but it is still a 'gun' I think. I have to be careful.

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