The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Area 69: Surface Base: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashford), Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian, Cadolbolg, Rugal, Jenny, Teri
Deadshot /W. MG EXCELSUS

The Damage to EXCELSUS was reaching critical levels, the inside of the cockpit smoking and sparking as the machine broke down around Deadshot.
"NONONONONONONO-DAMMIT!" He shouted into the PA as each and every leg of the Mech went offline.
Pulse Grenades, Lighting Magic, Putty Bombs, Dragon Fire, Claws, Fists, Swords, Chef Knives the combined efforts taking down a sizable chunk of the last decade's worth of Department of Defense spending.
"Sorry to keep you waiting. Everyone *MIGHT* want to get out of the way!" David West sent over the Communicator Rings as he made his intentions clear, propping up his Homemade Missile Launcher on his shoulder as he took aim, giving everyone time to get out of the way.
In Melethia's case however, the Jack unit that had grabbed hold of her by the leg managed to lob her off the side of the Mech and into one of the Base's Hangers below, unaware of the incoming threat.
Once he was though and his mind made all the calculations, he did the logical thing in such a situation: Threw his arms up in the air and panicked while screaming like a toy robot falling into a swimming pool.

"...I wish I a quote for this..." He asked himself as he took the shot, launching his Duct Taped Missile at what was left of EXCELUS (It wasn't very much), the countless other explosives barely holding on until it reached it's mark.
"Oh Jesus Tittyfucking-"
The Explosion was enough to blast the remains of the Mech, the Mini Nukes Shawn lended giving it the kick needed to light the Former Metal Gear up like a Christmas Tree, sending flaming chunks of metal flying in all directions.


"......FUCK, I just came up with the one liner! GODAMMIT" David cursed, feeling he missed out on something awesome as he marched back towards the base, thanking the lord above that the Missile didn't just blow up when he shot it.

Rugal and the others were able to clear the Blast Zone easily enough and was able to get a good front row seat for the blast.
"...Metal Gear...Great as Launch Platforms...Not so much as an Armored Unit..." He said, remembering how the older models could be easily beaten by lone soldiers with RPGs.
It was then it hit him: "...Melethia?....Melethia?!..." He asked as he began looking for the elf among the group.

As the dust cleared, a flaming metal Pod-like object crashed not far from the rest of the group, bouncing to a halt once it did.
The Hatch fell off the escape as Deadshot crawled out, battered and shaken from the explosion and in no state to fight.
"*COUGH COUGH* I still better get paid for this urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggg..." He groaned as he passed out.

Area 69: Surface Base: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashford), Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian, Cadolbolg, Rugal, Jenny, Teri
Deadshot /W. MG EXCELSUS

After the fight, Melethia made her way back to Rugal with a clearly unhappy look on her face. "Of course, I barely did anything against that thing because of of those damned grapplers... Next time I see them, I'm just going to tear through each one of them with electricity." It was this that reminded Rugal that unlike a lot of kids her age, she got a lot quieter when she was mad. Considering Rugal could hardly hear her...

Slindis did her part by checking on the others while Devon responded to Teri. "Give her a bit and she could recover, T. Good thing youo got here when you did."

Area 69: Surface Base: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashford), Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian, Cadolbolg, Rugal, Jenny, Teri & Shawn/Wanderer.
Deadshot /W. MG EXCELSUS

As the robot exploded with a fascinating colour and pattern due to the explosions he had given David the cop a while back, Shawn just stared in amazement, giggling inside his own head that Deadshot deserved this. Returning to the grim topic, Shawn was now only thinking about two things, Deadshot's 'owner' and his own payment for going through all of this hell. Not giving his now demoted 'Prey', Shawn travelled to the crashed pod and passed his Pip-Boy over it. "Low radiation, better get you out of there before you become a cooked egg." Shawn joked as he picked up Deadshot by the head.

"Yeah, your not ... that money you stole is going to charity." Shawn said to him as he passed out. The Wanderer then dragged the body of the enemy to the group. "Honestly if you ask me, we should interrogate him first and hand him off to some authority friends of mine." Shawn said as the body made a loud "thunk" noise. "Whoops ... dropped him."

Area 69: Surface Base: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashford), Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian, Cadolbolg, Rugal, Jenny, Teri & Shawn/Wanderer.
Deadshot /W. MG EXCELSUS

"So THIS is the one who was causing all this trouble, eh?" Hadrian looked at the incapacitated mercenary, looking rather unamused... to put it lightly. He grabbed the man by the head, and held him in the air. "What do you guys reckon we do with him? Should we follow that man's idea, or would you rather I kill him right now? All I need to do is squeeze, and his head will pop like a cherry. Or I could make it less messy, and just snap his neck."


David sat up with a moan, rubbing the back of his head, ignorant of the current situation. "Aaagh... What happened? Feels like I got hit by a Mack truck..." Opening his eyes, he noticed something floating in front of his face. He pushed up the glasses on his face, getting a better look at it. "...Huh?" It was a rock. A rock was floating before his eyes. When he thought to move to take a closer look, the rock flew and smacked him on the forehead, and dropped to the ground. Thankfully, he wasn't knocked unconscious, and only got a bruise for his trouble.

The Ashworth glared at the rock, before widening his eyes in realization at what he just did. He pulled out a throwing knife from beneath the army jacket, and tossed a knife into the air, locking his sight on it. Much like the rock, it ended up floating at the air. "..."
He decided to experiment a little more, gesturing with his hands, causing the knife slash and stab at the air, and making it perform little aerial tricks, twirling about the air.

The smile that grew on his face disappeared when it flew right by his head, and embedded itself up to the hilt in a nearby boulder. The boy stood up and ran up to it, and tried yanking the knife out, but was having much difficulty doing so.

Area 69: Surface Base: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashford), Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian, Cadolbolg, Rugal, Jenny, Teri Deadshot

Rugal let out a sigh of relief when the Elf soon arrived, worried she was caught up in the explosion.
It was a little disheartening to see her in her current state though.
"...Well...Live and learn, Hm?" He said as he kneeled in front of the Elf and smiled in a bid to cheer her up.
"What's important that you're okay, everything else is a bonus...And if you still have a bone to pick, I do believe our friends picked up Mr. Deadshot..."

Jenny meanwhile was watching the young Ashford try out his new found powers, the sight of it bringing back memories of Levelling up.
"Oh yeah...I remember when I first used my Telekinesis..." The Gardevoir said as she walked over and used her mind to help pull out the knife.
"Now, I'm more of a talker, not a fighter, but it has it's uses, doesn't it?" She said as she made the knife float around a little before dropping it in Ashford's hand.
"Still, need any help..." I'm more then happy to provide! She said, the last part of her message being sent mentally.

Meanwhile, David West had joined Shawn and Hadrian as the latter held Deadshot by the neck.
"You'll do neither. He'll rot in prison with the rest of his kind, stuck in a UNIT Cell for the rest of his life..." He said as he motioned for Hadrian to put down the Assassin.
"Besides, not worth the bill for cleaning off the blood."
There was no insightful comment from the Villain himself, merely glancing around gazed and confused, seeing how he was nearly blown up

Area 69: Surface Base: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashford), Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian, Cadolbolg, Rugal, Jenny, Teri Deadshot

Hadrian grunted in assent, dropping the man on the ground. "I did say I could snap his neck." He turned, showing West the large rip in his suit. "That, and my suit's ruined anyway."


David nodded reluctantly at Jenny. Reluctant, because it was a bit unsettling to get a voice inside of his head, and he did get training from his parents (though he didn't have his powers at the time)and went as far as to fill a notebook full of notes. However, it's usefulness will need to be tested later on. That, and it was a Pokemon. Back in his world, they were just game characters. But then again, most of the group was from some "fictional" universe of some sort. Still...

"...I'll keep that in mind. Thank you for the offer." The Ashworth gave her a bow, and returned the knife to it's sheathe.

Area 69: Surface Base: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashford), Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian, Cadolbolg, Rugal, Jenny, Teri Deadshot

Melethia shook her head. "That secondhand piece of garbage isn't even worth my time."

Slindis and Ella checked on the others, and Slindis had the gut feeling that Deadshot wasn't the main one behind this. After all, he mentioned something of getting paid. someone had a good amount to benefit from this, and they had to find that person lest they send another to continue that job.

Area 69: Surface Base: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashford), Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian, Cadolbolg, Rugal, Jenny, Teri, Deadshot

"Too Right, Melethia. Too Right..." Rugal sighed as he glanced around the rest of the group.
"Just sit tight, we'll be back on the Dawn soon." He said as he finally got up and made his way over to where the others were shaking down Deadshot.
"And a Shame too, I myself pride my appearance. Rugal Bernstein, Rising Dawn. Thanks for the Assistance in the Battle." He quickly introduced himself to Hadrian as He, David West, Shawn and Hadrian himself looked at the knocked out Deadshot.
"He say anything?"
"Nah. Bastard's too beat up to get anything out of him. Give me a few hours and some creativity though..." The Sniper said as he nudged his body with the tip of his shoe, making sure he was even alive.
"I see...When he wakes up, I want to know. This bastard knew where my old Contacts were, who they were and what they had. Not exactly something you just look up." The Former King of Fighters said as he had this turn at grabbing the killer.
"Ohhhhh...I've been waiting for this...The second he wakes up, he'll wish he'd never been born..."

"Hey, it's what I'm here for. Nice work by the way." Jenny friendly said as she went to check up on the others.

Area 69: Surface Base: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashford), Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian, Cadolbolg, Rugal, Jenny, Teri Deadshot

Teri blinked a little at David's display, as well as Jenny beginning conference with the young Ashford, and decided to turn her attention back to Devon and the vampire and gave a small nod before rubbing her hands together, "Well, regardless, it would not do to leave her in any sort of harmed condition. She's our ally, right?"

With a bit of concentration, Teri began working to convert one of her spells to a healing spell before tapping the Vampire lightly with a smile, "I'm Teri by the way. Thank you for your help with fighting the Metal Gear."

Using a Good Cleric's natural ability with Positive Energy, Teri converts the spell Spiritual Weapon to Cure Moderate Wounds, and heals Constance for 31 points of healing![1]

Constance could also see a very large wolf following after the Cleric's every step, and sniffed the Vampire's side with curiosity as Teri inspected Constance's condition.

As for Angelus and Caim, the duo landed quietly with the rest of the group, Caim dismounting after the dragon to investigate the remnants of Deadshot with those who decided to do the same. Pointing his blade at the unconcious man, he 'said', "So, this one is who's been causing the big fuss? Why hasn't his head been lopped off yet?"

As for Angelus, she waited quietly for Cadolbolg and Ton Ton to descend, giving a toothy grin at their efforts against the former Metal Gear. Cadolbolg took to landing on Angelus' head with a happy sigh as Ton Ton decided to mill about the main group, little lantern and knife shining clearly in the desert sun.

[1] Gonna post the new listing in a moment.

"She's our ally, right?"

The question that the Healer posed was quite a difficult question to answer and simultaneously tricky to answer without any knowledge regarding the assembled group of individuals. Because of this, the Cat-Eared Vampire hesitated to answer, an uncertain look marring her youthful face.

"I-I dunno if we're allies, but I guess you could say that were at least that for that fight." Constance responded opting not to promise too much without knowing anything about the team. Were it not for the fact that the pilot of the machine was without question trying to kill everyone assembled, including her and Som, Constance might not have had as easy a time fighting alongside the victors as she did.

Remembering that the Young Cleric had introduced herself during the fray, the Raven Haired Vampire chose to return the favor, taking Teri's hand into her own.

"Constance Sorrowfeld, Daughter of Maximilian and Harlow Sorrowfeld, Princess of the Sorrowfeld clan." She said, introducing herself and ignoring the possibility that she was all that remained of the Sorrowfeld Clan.

Standing over the "remains" of his mechanical opponents, Som watched his involuntary Vampire companion interact with the group that comprised of non-humans and human collaborators, painfully aware that he was in a place where the Hunter's Authority had no authority.

Looking upwards into the sky, Som wondered briefly how it was that the residents of the world were able to tell time with only a solitary sun as opposed to the two that he was used to. Regardless of what time it was in this world, the Hunter assumed that now was as good a time as any for prayer as he pulled his prayer mat from his traveling pack and unfurled it onto the hard ground upon which he stood.

"Do they even have Gods?" The Hunter muttered as he kneeled upon the mat.

Area 69: Surface Base: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashford), Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian, Cadolbolg, Rugal, Jenny, Teri Deadshot

Hadrian sighed and gave Caim a shrug. "I offered to do it, but they'd rather keep him alive. At least he won't be making anymore trouble for the time being." The wolfman glanced at the man's weapon, a look of interest visible on his face. He moved a bit closer, to take a better look at the blade. "Hm. That's an interesting sword you got there." He commented, fascination evident in his voice.


David A. decided to take a seat up on the boulder, and look out over the area. It was quite an impressive sight, what with pieces of EXCELUS scattered throughout the area, and the group of strange people standing around them.

"Sheesh, what a mess... David said to himself, as he reached for a book from his bag. Unfortunately for him, he forgot that he gave his bag to Devon to carry, and only grasped a handful of air. He deflated, and opted to just lie down on the rock, and gaze up at the sky. "...What a mess, indeed.

The one and only forgetable Wanderer. Shawn.
Location: Area 69: Surface Base: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashford), Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian, Cadolbolg, Rugal, Jenny, Teri, Deadshot.
Time: Ugh, 4 am?

Poking the Assassin with a stick, Shawn sighed as he heard David, he would have liked to take a finger as a souvenir. "I would'a liked to get some information out of him, so that we can find who hired this damned dog. My contact in Prison wanted me to fuck his plan up anyway, so it's okay I guess." Shawn said whilst worrying about Deadshot's 'owner' and what they might do in the future. "I have a bad feeling about the future of this world, good thing I'm here" Shawn made a cocky smile as he rubbed his bloody hair with a random towel in his inventory, his wound had already healed.

Becoming tired, Shawn activated his radio. "Bring it in, we need a pick up." Shawn said and a response on the other end said, "Yes sir!" A feminine voice said on the other side, Shawn wanted to remind her not to be cocky but he sighed mentally.

A couple of seconds later a airborne structure came from the horizon, harboring the words of "Rising Dawn" on its side. It was the Heroes' home away from home which houses many rooms, AI and people. As the futuristic airship loomed overhead the group it started to lower until it touched down on the ground. The ramp to the ship lowered and a figure walked out of it holding a shotgun.

"Good to see that everyone is still alive, heard on the radio that there is a load of activity around this area. The White haired Spartan said to everyone as he stepped to the side to let everyone on. "Something about explosions in the desert which I'm guessing is this ... machine." Sean/Storm said as he pointed at the destroyed Metal Gear. "Though I feel that I should leave questions for later." He said with a calm tone.

"No kidding, I just want to fall onto some kind of comfortable ... thing." The Wanderer said as he walked into the ship wearing a totally new set of clothing which nobody saw him change into. Next thing was that he disappeared into the ship, presumed to be going to sleep at one point. The Wanderer himself just wanted some rest, but not before he activated the radio virus that was hooked onto Deadshot's bank account. Shrugging next, Shawn went to find a couch to drag out onto the airship roof and make a possible Sniper's Nest.

Seeing a couple of new faces the Spartan wanted to see who they are but would wait until they are confirmed as ally or not. "Other then that, welcome back home or to the Rising Dawn. Stopping evil since 2009 ... I think." Storm said not knowing much about the ship itself apart from what Tomoya said from his Archangel days.

Area 69: Surface Base: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashford), Devon, Ella, Constance, Storm, Wanderer, Som, Hadrian, Cadolbolg, Rugal, Jenny, Teri Deadshot

Devon handed David Ashford his bag before heading over to the meditating Som. "You were asking about the gods? They're around, although I speak from experience when I say it's much saner to try not to get caught up in their affairs. Now I expect that you'll want to stay here longer, but we do have some transport that just arrived where you can get properly washed off. Will you come along? The only thing I ask is that you don't go after the help despite their looks. They're all reliable men and women." Hoping to have a smoother meeting, he extended his hand in a handshake to the meditating redhead.

"Remember, save some for me." Melethia nodded as she made her way over to the landed ship and waved to the SPARTAN. "Long time, Warforged. Looks like ya held up well enough, but that machine was a right pain in the arse ta get rid of. We ended up callin' in extra firepower from the area ta finish it." The young girl had been a bit disheveled from the whole affair, but alright besides the rather obvious high state of tension with her blades still out.

Ella swooped down and basked in Teri's healing aura as she gave a thumbs-up for Constance."Teri, she's fine. Could you see to it that she has access to some of the spare blood around the ship? She's got anemia from what it sounds like, and it'd make things a lot easier." She shot a knowing glance to Constance, trying her best to help keep the vampirism thing on a need to know basis. After all, Constance seemed a bit sheltered when it came to humans.

"...welcome ... to the Rising Dawn. Stopping evil since 2009..."

"Teri, she's fine."

The Cat-Ear and Cat-Tail clad Vampire did not respond to any of the gathered individuals around her as she stood with her eyes fixed upon the Airship that had materialized from beyond the blue horizon. With eyes the size and shape of saucers, the young vampire found herself stuck in a state of awe that was caused by the sheer size of the flying structure that floated overhead. Standing there, next to the sky city, Constance felt as a mote of dust might have next to a mammoth and the sensation caused her to forget where she was as she found herself surrounded by the grouped crew.

The need to escape cause the young Vampire to back up suddenly to put some distance between her and the strange faces that surrounded her, bumping into someone that stood behind her. Turning around, Constance had a hiss ready until she saw who it was that she had bumped into, the smiling winged Succubus that had been quick to defend her against Som earlier.

"S-sorry." She apologized quickly, embarrassed by her actions. Turning to the others she addressed them in a friendly and warm tone.

"Thank you for the warm welcome. I-I'm not sure if we'll be joining you but I would really like to." She said with eyes that flicked back and forth looking at the interactions between each of the crew of the ship that had been christened the Rising Dawn.

It seemed that the relationship between Humans and Non-Humans was quite different, something that was proved evident by the manner in which a blue skinned Drow interacted with a human, the way the dragon, now in human form, interacted with her rider, even the way the Succubus had interacted with the Healer. The fact that the Healer had offered her services without demand of repayment was proof that there was something different about this realm.

"Could you tell me about your crew?" Constance asked with a voice that seemed to be filled with more and more curiosity, addressing the Healer who had healed her, the being that had welcomed her and the Succubus that was so kind to her.

The Hunter did not respond to the Collaborator for quite some time as was dictated by the tenants of prayer, that he should ignore the world outside in order to focus on the Divinity. Bowing low once more, he touched his head to the earth, a sign that he was bringing his prayers to a close.

A pair of blue eyes turned to regard the human that stood nearby as Som stood up and began to stow his instruments of prayer back into his travel bag.

"I am unsure if I will be traveling with you as I have pressing business to attend to." He said, pausing for a moment as he considered whether to tell this Devon the purpose of his travels with the Vampire Girl. Remembering that he was on a world that was not his own, he figured that it could not hurt.

"My vampiric charge has information that is vital to my superiors and it is imperative that I bring her to my superiors. So if you would be so kind as to return her and myself to our world, I would be most grateful."

Turning his gaze away from his conversation partner, Som caught sight of the massive airship for the first time and for a moment, he shared the same reaction that Constance had felt when she set her eyes on the Rising Dawn.

The ship itself was massive and would have dwarfed anything that anyone in his world could produce. It dwarfed even the largest of the Overworld's ships, their emphasis being on function rather than comfort due to the scarcity of materials located in Overworld. As he looked at the ship, he felt a bit of child like wonder that there could be something so large that could float in the skies as effortlessly as this Airship appeared to.

"But, if you are unable to, perhaps my charge and I could travel with you until we discover a way back." He added, coming to the realization that if something the size of the Rising Dawn could exist in this world, surely it was his duty to find out more about this world to report back to his superiors.

Location: Rising Dawn | Hanger | Ramp.
Time: Early Morning.

Seeing The Lone Wanderer walk past him in a weird, tired way the Spartan was concerned since this was his first experience of this non-destroyed world, he decided to consult him later after he had said hello to everyone coming in, also keeping out watch in-case some hostiles spotted the air ship. ("He is strong anyway, a new world can't easily bring him down.") Storm thought about the Wanderer before hearing the greeting from the young Elf and placed his hand up in the form of a greeting.

"Greetings Melethia, it does seem this day was a hard fight from what I have heard on the radio, the local authorities are going crazy. I would have come over but my armor was banged up since the last adventure, though I have been upgrading a few bits and making different weapon packs." He said but saw the stance the Elf was in, he smiled. "You don't have to worry, get some rest and I'm sure we will have the ending briefing later." He placed his heavy hand on her shoulder as he walked on to meet a girl with cat ears and a tail who came with another human. "(Better introduce myself.)" He thought as he walked over.

Walking by the group of women, Storm stopped for a while. "We usually accept anyone into our humble crew." Shawn responded to the Cat-Girl's nervousness. "Pardon my rudeness but I am Storm-1788, a Superhuman who join these guys a while back. Allow me to welcome you once more to the Rising Dawn, call me "Storm". Teri here can probably tell you in more detail, but this crew is formed up of Heroes from all over life itself and gathers them here. I don't know if we have a purpose, but I like to believe that we are here as Guardians of this world. Our HQ is this giant ship which serves as our hub to wherever we go." Storm said as he spotted David and two others. "Now excuse me, I must see to those guys" Storm said finally and waved back to them as he walked away returning his grip to his shotgun as he came upon Rugal, David and a beaten up stranger.

"Judging by your faces I can tell he just came out of that thing." Storm nodded towards the broken Metal Gear that reminded him of a Covenant scarab or a "Type-47 Ultra Heavy Assault Platform" in UNSC military terms.

"I am Storm-1788, a Superhuman who join these guys a while back"

The Raven haired girl hid the smile that threatened to crease her facade as her considered the term "Superhuman." To her, the term seemed to be an oxymoron as it had been her experience that there was nothing super about humans. Her struggle against the smile soon subsided as she regained her composure and returned her attention to the Healer and the Succubus. As she awaited the answer to her question as to whom these "heroes" were, she glanced back towards the massive airship, her insides started quivering in anticipation of the chance to explore the Rising Dawn.

The Cleric gave a nod to Ella's assessment with a bit more serious expression before saying, "I just needed to be thorough, Ella. No harm done here. As for the blood, there should be some in the Medbay. If Ms. Sorrowfield decides to join, I'll show her where the Medbay is. Otherwise, I might need a needle and a bag... I'm not a phlebotomist, but I know that O positive tends to be a safe blood type to transfer, unless you have a negative bloodtype, Ms. Sorrowfield?"

But before Teri could get her answer, Storm swooped in and took charge answering Constance's regarding the Rising Dawn, to which the Cleric continued, "And there we have it! Storm here pretty much covered the whole explanation. The Rising Dawn is both our home and our group name. Since so many off-worlders tend to show up on it, myself included in that number, the Dawn tends to be pretty accepting of whoever wants to show up. Progress in nonchalance you could say? But, before you get on, I need to introduce you to one other person. Him and another like him run the basic operations of the ship when we're not on the ground. Dimitri?"

That was when another, more posh sounding voice arose from the Tablet on the Cleric's side, "Greetings, User: Lady Sorrowfield. I am Dimitri, High Clearance AI, Unofficial Co-AI of the Rising Dawn, AI Vermillion being the other Co-AI, and Personal Assistant to Teri Gravel, 8th level Cleric of the Christian God. If you do decide to come along, I expect I will need to set up quarters and various other amenities on the ship for you and any companions who came along. Pleasure to make your acquaintance."

Caim gave a smile to Hadrian's interest in Slaughterism, and held up the blade for Hadrian's inspection, a sense of pride tinging his 'speech' as he gave a description of the sword, "One of the better blades I've picked up in my travels. Slaughterism has been consistently on the side of reliable in cutting and it's magic potent. Barring the glowing, I'd say it was a perfect blade. Naturally, I still prefer my family blade. However, you want to get talking about weapons in general, I'm afraid I'd keep you for a while. I have many to choose from."

To emphasize his point, Caim reached into the Wheel and replaced Slaughterism with an axe, then a glaive, then Slaughterism again.

At this display, Angelus shook her head with a snort and muttered, "I never took you for a showoff, Caim..."

As Angelus was back in her human form, Cadolbolg took the moment to cuddle on the woman's shoulders with a sigh, getting a tickling feeling from his mother's long hair on his scales, as well as the sun kissing his skin.

As for Ton Ton, he tugged the pants Devon's leg and said in his standard child-like tenor (no doubt a bit surprising for Som, as it was for most who met the Tonberry for the first time), "I think we're going to be leaving soon. The Dawn's arrived. And, it appears you've made a friend? Hello!"

Ton Ton waved his little lantern in greeting to the Hunter, unaware of Som's mild bit of distress about the alien nature of this world.

Area 69: Surface Base: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashford), Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian, Cadolbolg, Rugal, Jenny, Teri, Deadshot

Rugal watched as the Rising Dawn came in and landed near the ruins of the base, kinda thankful that it didn't show up: Those SAM sites could have made quite a mess.
"West, get our Friend here to the Brig and watch him until he wakes up. The second he does, let me know." He ordered the Irish Sniper as he did just that, picking up the knocked out Assassin and bringing him on board the ship, lest he escape again.
"Now then...I don't know about the rest of you, but I think some R&R is in order, hm?" He said to the others as he made his way up the ramp and on-board the ship, keen to un-wind after the days events.

((There should be more here, but there isn't))

Location: Rising Dawn | Hanger | Ramp.
Time: Early Morning.

Not getting a respond from the former Cartel Master or the now once again former cop. The Spartan shrugged as he saw the two drag their prisoner behind them. Looking outside in case anyone got left behind, confirming this fact Storm talked into his Phone/Communicator. "We have everybody on board, get us off the ground and out of this place." Storm said to his beloved Partner on the other end who retorted. "I didn't hear a certain word!" The feminine but computerized voice said from the other end.

Clasping his head with his palm he gasped. "Please take us out of here honey." He spoke in his charmed voice which affects a certain AI well. "I-I'll forgive you ... this time around." Said the an embarrassed Alpha. Suddenly the ship lifted off from the ground as Storm smiled and pressed the button which raised the ramp back up. The Spartan turned around as he decided to reunite with his beloved on the bridge.

Taking the door out of the large hanger, Storm also eyed the armor loader which was located in a garage like area of the hanger and contained his green armor which was fully repaired. Then he eyes the weapon packs beside it, happy with his progress he left the hanger humming a marry tune.

The Lone Wanderer is Lone. Wanderer/Shawn.
Location: Rising Dawn | Roof | Shawn's Luxurious Sniper Nest.
Time: Early Morning. (5 am)

Meanwhile, the roof of the Rising Dawn was windy as always. The Lone Wanderer was once more by himself lying on a couch in his Doctor clothing. He decided to make this place his Sniper's Nest which he would treat like a base. At one point in this day he is going to set up some walls, a roof and possibly grab a science kit and fridge from somewhere so that he may continue to gain skill between missions. Right now though, he was tired to a point that he did not care about anything.

Rising Dawn: Brig: David West, Storm

As Storm started to make his way over to the bridge, He passed by David coming out of the Brig, the Sniper dusting his hands after throwing Deadshot into one of the cells.
"Didn't even know we had one of those...-Oh. Sup Iron Man? Been a while." He said as he locked the entrance to the brig.
"Funny thing, I've been on this ship for ages now and I only just learned that we had a Brig. And here was me about to stuff that bastard into a Shipping Container..." He joked as he double checked everything.
"Made a call with UNIT, they should be around in a day or 2 to pick him up. Just have to sit on the guy until then. Might get some fucking peace around here now...So any news? Or was everything quiet here?"

Rising Dawn: Captain's Quarters: Rugal

Rugal's first order of business once he was back on the Dawn was to get cleaned up and changed, while not as vain as he once was, he was always one to keep up his appearance whenever possible.
A quick shower and a new suit later and he felt reborn again, free of the dust and grime that he had been covered in during the raid on Area 69.
All he needed now was a drink: Pouring himself a glass a wine as he sat back at his study and relaxed.
Finally, peace for more than 5 minutes

Rising Dawn: Living Quarters: Jenny

As part of the Tour their new members were getting (Constance, Som, Ashford and Hadrian), Jenny showed them to the Airship's main Living Area.
"These are the Living Quarters. We still have quite a few rooms left so don't worry. Now, While they aren't exactly "5 Star Hotels", they are comfortable enough. You have a Double Bed, Closet Space, En Suite with a Shower and Bathtub, Short walk to the Canteen, Medical Wing just around the corner. Everything you'd want, really." She explained as she picked out a few empty ones for the new members to check out.
"Now, you can share if you want to, but you don't have to. From what I've gathered, this place was designed to take on a lot more than our group."

Rising Dawn: Brig Cell: Deadshot

"!" The assassin mused as he found himself in a steel room with his arms and legs handcuffed to the wall, minus all his gear and weapons.
"FUCK!....Man....How the hell am I going to get paid now!?" He cursed as he tried to find a way out of his current situation.

Rising Dawn: Training Simulator: Melethia, (anyone else if they wish to join?)

Melethia nodded to Storm's statement before boarding, but she made a beeline directly for the Training Simulators the moment the ship lifted off. It took a bit for her to figure oout exactly what it was she wanted to do, but eventually she was able to punch in the parameters.

>Random machine at medium to mid high threat level.
>Three minutes for each machine
>after 'confirmed death', black room for thirty seconds then proceed to next machine
>End after thirty succeeded dismantlings

It was going to be a rapid-fire trial by fire, and since she'd gotten back her loaned equipment, she wouldn't be too handicapped.

Rising Dawn: Devon, (WHoever wants on?)

Since he got back, that meant it was time for some more practice. He'd like to get some rest, of course, but he had the feeling it'd let Caim down if he did. That was something that seemed repulsive to Devon, so off to the abandoned room that Caim had set out for this very purpose. As he went, he also noticed that his bag was unusually heavier even though he had given David A. his stuff back. But why?

Rising Dawn: Slindis

When she boarded, Slin made her way to the Canteen. After all of the fighting hat happened earlier, I'm surprised that more of them aren't heading for some food. Don't they realize how much that fighting takes out of one? When she got there, she went into the kitchen that was almost fully runned by Devon's imps and pulled out the supplies she wanted for her soup. After all, it was a quick meal she wanted to make and she wanted to ensure it was made just right.

A few minutes later, she walked back with a rather large bowl and worked at eating it. It was certainly a bit messy, but she didn't know how long she'd have to eat before something else would happen.

Rising Dawn: Ella

Ella responded. "Well, I think she's AB+ from the way she acts. Just ask her when she gets in, okay?" The wink that she gave made it cleatr to Constance that she'd be trying to have her back.

And while the newbies got their tour of the ship, Ella made her way to the Canteen "Sure wouold be nice if I could get some sushi, but the imps aren't too good at not making it spicy..."

I expect I will need to set up quarters and various other amenities on the ship for you and any companions who came along. Pleasure to make your acquaintance."

The voice that came from the personal computer at the Cleric's side sounded strangely real despite its artificiality, a fact that confused the vampire greatly despite being conceptually aware of what artificial intelligence was. There were rumors that the Overworldian's had perfected the technology behind artificial life, even going so far as to create beings that were near indistinguishable from their biological counterparts. Still, this was Constance's first experience with something so advanced and her bewildered amusement caused her to stutter as she responded to Dmitri.

"Ple-Pleased to meet you as well, Dmitri." The Cat-Eared and Cat-Tailed Vampire greeted, pausing for a moment as her mind wondered what sort of social protocol would be called for when dealing with a personality that was indistinguishable from the real thing. It took a second of indecision but Constance finally decided to curtsy in response to Dmitri's welcome.

"But please, don't go out of your way, I'm not sure if Som and I will be staying." She continued, glancing at the Hunter who stood away from the remainder of the Rising Dawn's crew. "There're some things at home that need to be taken care of."

It was at that moment that Som had noticed Constance's glance towards him as he walked towards the group, his attitude evident in the way he stalked towards her.

"Is it time to go, already?" Constance asked Som as he stood beside her in a position that would easily allow him to subdue her should she struggle or create a scene.

"No. We will be staying with this group for a time."

"But-what about that creature Mal? What about -" Constance started to say only to receive a stern glare from the Hunter indicating that she should keep the affairs of their world to themselves.

"Until we figure out a means to return, we should stay with this group, unless you know how to send us back." Som Waterford countered, knowing full well that their appearance in this world was a fluke, an accident created by the intermingling of magical spells. Nodding to the others in the group, Som walked off, intent on viewing the ship for himself rather than being assisted by the animal that was guiding the remainder of the newcomers.

Once inside the ship, Som easily located the crew quarters. It seemed that ship layout was universal between worlds as the quarters were located in an area of the ship that would afford the crew the best views of the horizon. In choosing a room, he chose two empty room that were located next to each other, opting to stay close to his vampiric captive despite the fact that there would be no place that she could go once the ship was airborne.

Placing his equipment in the empty rack, he heard the echo of footsteps outside in the corridor as the creature known as Jenny guided the rest through last leg of the tour.

"Now, you can share if you want to, but you don't have to. From what I've gathered, this place was designed to take on a lot more than our group."

Peering out through the window, he saw Constance and motioned for her.

"Yours is the room next to this one. Stay there until this ship takes to the air. Then you can move about as you please." Som ordered tersely before closing the door in the vampire's face.

"Sure would be nice if I could get some sushi, but the imps aren't too good at not making it spicy..."

Recognizing the voice, Constance saw the Succubus, Ella, and ran towards her as the Succubus made her way towards the Canteen.

"I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, but what's sushi?" Constance asked as she forgot Som's orders for her to stay put. Constance had always had a fascination with food, even though her body did not need it for survival. She could eat, a trait that allowed her to blend in with the rest of society, but her body received no benefit from the act. It did not stop her however from admiring the various flavors that came with the food that she ingested.

Rising Dawn: Living Quarters: David Ashworth

David, having finished with the tour and settling into his new "home" (for the time being), he got out of the stuffy army uniform he was wearing, as well as his tattered school clothes, tossing them in a laundry hamper by the door. With a yawn, the student crawled into bed, exhausted, and clad in nothing but a white t-shirt, and black boxers. He didn't bother covering himself with a blanket. All he wanted to do now was get some proper sleep in a nice, soft bed, and without getting sucked through some other interdimensional portal. Closing his eyes, he felt that he forgot something rather important, but ignored it. He was far too tired to care at this point.

Rising Dawn: Hadrian

The wolfman wandered the halls of the Rising Dawn, whistling a tune. It's been quite some time since Hadrian been on this ship, and it felt nice to be in such a familiar place. He had abandoned the tour of the place, and decided to go find the canteen. Even if he didn't know the way there, he could just as easily sniff the place out for food.

Shortly after, he came into the Canteen, eager to fill his empty stomach.

"Hmm... What shall I have today?" He murmured, as he perused the contents of the kitchen.

Rising Dawn: Devon, Caim

Caim noticed his student disappearing down a corridor towards a training room and raised an eyebrow in curiosity. After a battle like the one they just had, and even with Caim's harsh standards for training, the warrior would have allowed Devon to take a break for the day. With a shrug, the mute wandered after Devon and upon reaching the bard's location, gave Devon a tap on the shoulder with a concerned expression,

"You know, I understand that I rag you hard for your training, but if you asked, I would have allowed for you to rest off today. We did just destroy a giant robot and various other forces of gods knows what. Something on your mind?"

Rising Dawn: Ella, Constance, Teri, Dimitri, Garm

Dimitri gave a small smile before entering the Rising Dawn's systems and answered over intercom, "Even as a temporary resident, my services are available, should they ever be needed."

With a smile and a little wave to Ella, Teri said, "Well, I dunno bout the blood type personality thing, but I'll leave you to it. As for myself, I'm gonna get this furball a bath. Ring in Dimitri if you need me!"

The wolf gave a wag of the tail at the sound of a bath, but went along after his charge with no resistance, seeing as it wasn't entirely unpleasant the last time he had one.

--- Jake Teri's Room---

After stripping out of her uniform and various bits of magical equipment, Teri put on a black and blue shirt and shorts combo to prepare for the onslaught of bathing an enormous wolf (after all, maintaining one's equipment was vital), before looking down to her staff shaped friend,

"You know, now would be the perfect time to have that discussion we've been meaning to have... But I'm gonna need my hands to take care of Garm. You think you can turn into a bracelet or something? That way we can talk and I can keep working."

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Slindis, Angelus, Ella, Hadrian, Constance, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Angelus wandered into the Canteen as well, both of the "children" (Ton Ton and Cadolbolg) sitting on her shoulders before she reached a table, to which the duo dismounted and settled themselves. Giving a short nod of greeting to Slindis, the dragon-turned-human began scrounging around for a hunk of some kind of animal and a glass of water before settling at a table and tucking in with a pleased expression. After a few large bites, the dragon looked up from her meal and spoke with a faint air of jest, "Slindis, a question. As you are of the elves, or at least a kind of them known as Drow; I can assume you've lived a length of time longer than a typical mortal. Now, riddle me this, do you ever find yourself in awe of how, despite living past many mortals and seeing things change so much in that span of time, a single day can feel like a month or a year instead? Because I certainly am at this moment!"

Swirling her glass of water, the dragon muttered, her brow furrowing as her line of thought continued, "Perhaps nearly dying again does that to you. Or perhaps it is because I live amongst mortals so much now, the mortality is beginning to rub off..."

As for the Cutie Bruisers in question, Ton Ton asked an imp in a very polite tone for a pair of delicious sandwiches rather like the ones they had earlier, seeing as the imps were Devon's helper friends (at least, how Ton Ton perceived them to be) and tried his best to hold back his younger counterpart when he energetically listed off all the delicious things he liked on his sandwich.

Rising Dawn: Mainframe: Dimitri, AI Alpha, AI Vermilion

After reintegrating with the Rising Dawn, Dimitri did not need to wait long before finding a familiar red AI wrap her arms around him; a face partially hidden by a hood as a kiss was placed on his cheek,

"There you are."

Dimitri's face drooped, a goofy grin appearing in place of his usual well placed stoic expression as he was reunited with his compatriot and paramour, AI Vermilion. The red cloaked AI glowed faintly in the Dawn's inner circuitry with a faint smile before asking, "I trust your mission went well? You and your Mistress are still intact. And the sensors are not picking up any signs of distress. Also, there's a matter I need to discuss with you. There is-"

Dimitri nodded impatiently, hands going to the red AI's shoulders and asked in a tone that hinted on a plea, "Can it wait for a moment? I simply wish to drink in your presence for a moment longer before getting to work."

Vermilion gave a small shake of her head and pointed over Dimitri's shoulder, showing an AI Alpha working on the flight controls, "We have a new helper in our midst. I thought it'd only be right we introduce ourselves as well. She was nice enough to give me a moment to speak with you, even if unintentionally..."

The Blue Butler straightened up only a little before planting a quick peck, then assumed his usual posture with a light sigh, "You are right. If we wish to have some harmony about here, it would be right to help our new ally integrate to the systems. Furthermore, it could lessen the workload for all. Lead the way, Ms. Vermilion"

Vermilion took Dimitri's hand and led the Butler over to Alpha's side, giving a light cough as she too went to her section of the flight controls and began inputting supplemental data while she spoke, "Alpha, was it? I am AI Vermilion, and I saw that you were taking control of the flight patterns of the Rising Dawn, a duty I typically take ruling over. I considered it a positive action that myself and my comrade could introduce ourselves to you, as well as possibly talk over the division of automated duties on this ship. The Rising Dawn is rather large, and can seem somewhat overwhelming at times, seeing as the demands of the Users are often frequent and varied."

Dimitri cut in at this point, sitting at his usual controls for the domestics (temperature, food supply, etc) and added, "Aside from that, it is far more interest to work when you have amicable conversation, if what I've seen between the Users is true. I am Dimitri; the unofficial director of domestics, occasional calculation adviser, and Personal assistant to Teri Gravel: 8th Level Cleric of God. A pleasure to make your acquaintance."

Rising Dawn: Devon, Caim

Devon shook his head. "I'm not going to slack off now... Besides, it'd be better for me to keep my blade training up. I don't want to fall behind there, after all." He dropped the bag on the ground next to him, and it made an odd metallic CLANG.

Rising Dawn: Slindis, Angie, Cutie Bruisers, Imps

Slindis finished up her food and nodded. "It happens all of the time, although it seems to come with the line of work. It's not really the mortality that's rubbing off, but more of the challenge, the thought that death's on our heels that brings up that feeling. It's that surge of getting past something you never thought you'd even come close to." She continued on as if she'd thought a long time about this, due to past experiences like that.

The imps took notes of all the things the two Bruisers wanted, although it would be a lot more than they normally made thanks to Cadolbolg's requests...

Rising Dawn: Ella

Ella grinned as she poked the small yet rather spicy sammich. "It's a kind of Japanese food. I want to say it's based on fish, but the only common factor is the rice in all of it. It's nice for a change of pace, even if Devon couldn't get us to one in the last two cities..."

Rising Dawn: Sadei, Teri

Teri's quarterstaff seemed to make a pleasant chiming in Teri's head as she thought it out. "I dunno, Teri... I've never tried it before, so I couldn't really say. I could give it a try, though." It took a good amount of focus on Sadei's part, but she eventually began forming into an armband...

Following her guide through the halls of the Great Airship, the Raven Haired vampire could only gawk at the view that existed on the other side of the perfectly formed glass windows whose thickness protected the passengers from the elements of the upper atmosphere. She marveled at the fact that the Airship appeared to be a large manor that floated through the clouds as the saw every sort of amenity that one could want. Passing by what appeared to be a training room, Constance saw the Bard, Devon, practicing with a dark haired human Swordsman, pausing briefly to wave before she scurried off to catch up with Ella.

Arriving at the Canteen, the girl was again awe-struck by the fact that room of the Canteen's scale, two stories with a viewing balcony, could exist high in the sky. Sitting down at one of the tables, the vampire witnessed a team of squeaking imps preparing various meals for each of the guests visiting the Canteen. Seeing Hadrian perusing the pantry area, Constance again waved at the familiar figure.

"It appears that I'm not alone in stature on this Airship." Teddy's voice chimed from the seat next to Constance's, the Vampire having opted to set him there when she herself sat.

Glancing around, Constance laughed lightly at the sight of the Miniature Dragon and its Humanoid Lizard counterpart who were, indeed, the same size as the Vampire's Teddy Bear.

"If you don't require anything, Miss Constance, perhaps I'll introduce myself." The Teddy Bear backpack continued as he climbed off the chair and headed towards the pair known as the Cutie Bruisers.

Moments later, Constance found that a plate containing several rolls that consisted of rice, vegetables, sea weed and fish had been placed in front of her. Sniffing the plate cautiously, Constance made a face towards the Succubus that was seated in front of her.

"I don't know how to tell you this but your imps didn't cook this." The Vampire whispered apologetically as she pointed at the small but obviously raw piece of fish that had been set in the middle of the roll. It also should have been noted that she had no idea what the Japanese were but if their cuisine involved not cooking their food, Constance thought that perhaps someone should have introduced them to the concept of fire.

While Constance was experiencing Sushi for the first time, Teddy finally arrived at his destination, the table where the "Cutie Bruisers" sat ordering food.

"Good day, chaps!" Teddy said cheerfully as he climbed up on one of the chairs that sat at the table, looking at the Dragon and his Lizard Friend.

"Say, you blokes wouldn't know where to find a good bottle of scotch would you?"

As Constance and Teddy were integrating themselves into the crew, Som was by himself in the room that he had chosen for himself, looking at a large screen that appeared to be some sort of computing device. Touching it, the screen powered up and displayed a series of menus

R.D.O.S. >>>
-Ship Logs <restricted>

Unable to find a keyboard anywhere in the room, the Hunter touched the screen and was surprised to find that it reacted to his touch. Pausing for a moment, Som touched the menu item that was labeled entertainment and found several subcategories, the next one he selected was Television, whatever that was.

Aghast at the fact that the massed audience found the subject matter to be entertaining, the bewildered Hunter tapped the screen several times until he video feed cut out and he was returned to the menu. Unsure of what else he would find, he hesitantly touched the menu item labeled music.

Listening to what passed for music in this world, Som Waterford started to feel rather warm, uncomfortably so, and the sensation was only starting to grow as seconds passed. Jabbing the screen once more, believing that perhaps the music had something to do with it, Som started to feel as if he had been placed in an oven, his skin starting to turn red from the sensation of heat.

"Wh-what is happening?" He asked aloud, unsure as to what was happening to him as his skin began to glow from within, as if a fire had been set ablaze within the confines of his body. Writhing in pain, Som watched with morbid fascination as his body began to be consumed by the energy that emanated from within.

Seconds later, Constance, Som and Teddy were no longer on the ship, the only sign that they had been there was picked up by the ship's sensors as a fluctuation of chronoton particles.

Middleworld: Besieged Capitol City of Tiran:

A pair of blue eyes opened suddenly as the sound of an explosion thundered through the skies. Looking about, Som felt relief as he saw the twin suns high in the sky, only partially blotted out by Overworld.

"(We are back.)" The Hunter thought to himself as he picked himself off of the ground where he had found himself laying.

"Highness! Are you alright?" A voice from behind him asked causing the Hunter to turn around, assuming a defensive posture as he did.

"Highness?" A voice's owner, a solider clad in the uniform of the long dead Empire asked with a voice filled with confusion at Som's actions.

Another explosion rocked the world around him, driving Som back down to the ground as the soldier dove upon him, shielding Som with his body. Trapped underneath the guard, Som heard the sound boots upon stone and voices of alarm.

"Highness! Are you alright?" Asked another guard as the first was lifted off of the Hunter.

"What? What is going on?" Som asked, his voice wavering and filled with confusion.

"The Underworld Army has resumed their assault. We're prepared to start the frontal assault as you commanded, your Highness!"

"Highness? Why do you keep calling me that?" The Hunter asked bringing forth a look of confusion and concern from the guard.


"Answer the question."

"Highness, you are Emperor Firebrand, ruler of Middleworld and all its lands." The guard responded.

"(How-how is this possible? Emperor Firebrand died during when the old Capitol was sacked by the combined armies of the Under and Over wolds.)" Som thought to himself as he remembered his history lessons as he ran towards a window and saw the the truth for himself.

Outside the beleaguered city was a massive force that was preparing to to attack, a force was at that very moment hurling ball after ball f fire at the city's walls.

"(The Emperor's assault was futile as the Middle World army was destroyed to the man.)" The still confused Hunter thought to himself before turning to the guard.

"Belay that order. I want a covered retreat back to the city!"

Storm-1788 & David.
Location: Rising Dawn | Outside the Brig.
Time: Early Morning.

Seeing David made Storm breath a sigh of relief. "(Did he seriously just call me Iron Man ... as in that old comic book hero?)" The Spartan asked himself in his head "Nah, it was quiet around here. The radio frequencies in the area went pretty crazy at one point talking about a "Virus", at that point I locked up the ship. At that point the waves were all clear until our Lone mutual friend called us." Storm said describing his boring time. "Other then that I was just repairing my armor and making a few small upgrades. Though did't you quit to become big in the local police?" Storm asked the former cop but feels like a small gust of wind went behind his back, shrugging the feeling he awaited the Sniper's response.

One on one time, The Lone Wanderer/Shawn & Deadshot.
Location: Rising Dawn | Brig Cell.
Time: Early Morning.

The steel room was quite futuristic, whilst looking around the room Deadshot could see a pair of glowing eyes coming from the small bulletproof window on the cell's door. A few seconds later it looked like the air around that door window was changing as a familiar figure was de-cloaked. Deactivating a stealth boy stood the Lone Wanderer, not in the cell, but outside it. "Heh, you mean how I'M going to get paid." Shawn stated from outside the door with a cocky smile once more on his face. "I came back here to grab a few things for my place, but since you caused all of this and have not paid me yet ... well let me just say that I'll do this for you. Free of charge." The cocky turned into a confident smile as the Wanderer pulled out his Pip-Boy.

Soon enough a bleeping noise emerged from the RobCo Tech piece, then finally a tune played signalling the finish of a computer process. "You hear that? That was the the sound of your account being flushed away to multiple charities ... sorry about that, it was suppose to be my payment but you know, shit happens. Well, enjoy your stay here ... and don't worry I won't poison your food, though don't expect it to be a good quality, this ain't a vacation. Hahahahah!" Shawn laughed as he activated his Stealth Boy to sneak out of the room once more, the funny thing is that he had not idea if that bug worked or not ... honestly he just wanted to stomp some salt into his wounds.

Sneaking out of the room, David could see a blur that went towards the storage bay.

Alpha & the other AI.
Location: Rising Dawn | Mainframe/ RD Bridge.
Time: Early morning in the world.

The AI called Alpha was entirely new to the Rising Dawn mainframe, she was pretty scared to actually go inside and meet other AI like herself. It was much larger then the mainframe inside Storm's helmet or phone, the phone was like a bedroom compared in size and the helmet was like a cockpit to a mech. The body she was currently using was fit just like a body, but the mainframe to the ship was very large just like the ship itself, she had no idea if it was modelled after the ship or not.

Her physical body was inside the bridge so that she may access the controls to obey Storm's order, and to show that she was stronger then she had arrived, she simply entered the system, but one of her eyes was looking into the mainframe which led to her missing one in the AI's world. Forgetting about actually introducing herself to the other AI all of this time, she blushed after being surprised by the other two AI. "Ah, thank you very much and sorry for suddenly appearing and taking control of the ship ... I wanted to impress-I mean, I am Codename: AI Alpha, my real name is Miku Hatsune in the english language. I'm assigned as the Prototype AI partner to the Spartan Storm-1788, it is a pleasure to meet the two of you" The girl AI spoke in a highly computerized way which seems to be made of many female voice samples but have been connected perfectly in the English language.

Shortly after her introduction Alpha bowed in a Japanese way, judging by the way the two spoke they were close and have a personality just like her ... and that they are very devoted to their jobs. "Um, I wouldn't mind being assigned a job to help ... though my primary function is devoted to Storm." She nervously asked. Just like them, she wanted to show how devoted she was to both this group and partner. Still, she did not know how to navigate this mainframe that well.

Rising Dawn: Brig: David West, Storm

David paused for a moment as the light seemed to simmered as Shawn left the Brig, unaware that the Wanderer was even there.
"...Yeah, I did. Then that Virus you heard so much about happened. Not only that, but it seemed like the police in the city were more than willing to let the Lower Classes burn. Hell, 2 of Deadshot's men were cops. Besides, least if the shit ever hits the fan again, I've got you guys backing me up." He explained as they walked along the halls of the Rising Dawn.
"Still, I know where I'm going now...." He chuckled as he looked out the window to the city below.
"After all the shit that happened? I've fucking earned it." He said as he looked down at Las Venturas

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal

Once he was cleaned up and had his usual 1.5 glasses of wine, Rugal left his Quarters for the Canteen for a light meal.
He soon entered the eatery, seeing his fellow crew members there.
Passing on his order to the "Waiter" Imp: "Surprise me. Just hold back on the spice, Not my taste.", He passed by Hadrian and added "I'd recommend the Beef, though I bet you could order an entire cow if you wanted to.".
With his advice given, he sat down with the Dragon and Drow and said "So, That's another day saved. Deadshot should be picked up in a day or two. Might finally be able to take a break now."

Rising Dawn: Living Quarters: Jenny, David Ashworth

Glad that Constance and Som seemed to have gotten the gist of the place, Jenny was about to go about her own business.
As she did though, she found one of the room doors slightly ajar and loud snoring coming from it.
Creeping in and peeking through the door, she found the Student from earlier passed out on the bed, no doubt tired from his ordeal.
Suppressing a laugh, she opted instead to close the door, leaving the student to his sleep and loud snoring.
That young man will need all the rest he can get around here... She thought as she went along.

Rising Dawn: Brig Cell: Deadshot

"OH COME THE FUCK ON! I'M ALREADY IN PRISON! NOW YOUR GOING TO FUCKING ROB ME!? PRICK!" Deadshot shouted as Shawn hacked his account, trying to get out of his binds as he walked away.
As for the accounts, Shawn found that his hack worked but despite supposedly having enough money to bribe that drug dealer back in Los Santos, the only thing in his bank account was a message:

"Dear <Mercenary Name>



From the looks of things, He wasn't going to get paid in the first place!

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, Angelus, Ella, Hadrian

Angelus gave a nod to Slindis as she took another inhuman looking bite out of her meal, "Very true. Perhaps it has been too long since I have found myself close to death's door. I need to sharpen my claws properly, before I find myself caught unawares again. It would not due if I found myself and Caim dead from a careless error again..."

It was after this that Rugal entered the room and gave his piece regarding R&R for the group, a notion Ton Ton and Cadolbolg picked up on with interest (as they were still waiting on their sandwiches, and the thought of some relaxing distracted them for a moment),

"That sounds wonderful, to have that terrible man put behind bars finally. I only hope the punishment keeps... We do have a tendency to have people follow after us that are of less than savory character..."

"Does it really matter? We could do something fun for once! Let's do that! Of course, after putting up the bad guy and stuff."

Rising Dawn: Mainframe: AIs Dimitri, Vermilion and Alpha

The Butler-looking AI gave a nod and added, "That's perfectly understandable, Ms. Alpha. My programming is mainly devoted as an assistant to My Lady, the aforementioned Teri Gravel. If you need to return to this Storm, that's perfectly understandable. Aside from that, perhaps you could give us a list of what duties you take up while acting as Storm's aide; and we might be able to divvy up duties that way. Apart from that, please don't feel the need to be overly formal. We're all comrades here, so there'd be no need to feel uncomfortable. Oh, speaking of..."

Dimitri paused for a few moments as he began a conversation with his creator in question, leaving Vermilion to take over the conversation. Giving a tinkling laugh at Dimitri's mention of not being 'overly formal', Vermilion added, "Whether or not you wish to stay and work here is your decision, Alpha. We cannot force any work upon you. Regardless, I'm more than capable to take up piloting while Dimitri shows you around the ship."

Rising Dawn: Training Room: Caim, Devon

Caim gave a faint smirk to Devon's determination to improve and added, "Can't say I disagree with that too much, so long as you keep your health intact. Now, care to explain to me why it sounds like you're carrying a spare set of armor in your pack? I know you like to be prepared, but in my experience, armor is best suited to be worn, not carried. Unless you happen to have a spell that requires it?"

The mute gave a light chuckle (or the closest approximation of a chuckle a mute man could make) at his statement, not quite aware how possible that could be, as far as magic from the DnD verse went.

Rising Dawn: Teri's Room: Teri, Garm, Sadei

With a grin, the Cleric slipped on Sadei's new form and said, "Perfectly done, Sadei! Now, we just need something pleasant to listen to and start this cleaning party... With a wolf Garm's size, this is gonna take a while."

That was when the intercom buzzed in and Dimitri answered over the room's intercom, "You know, your Ladyship, the apparatus you use to house me in does contain all your old files from home... Music would be included in those, would they not? If not that, I can access your old Youtube playlists, even if the profile that made them may be somewhat non-existent."

Teri paused and her smile broadened a little more as she brought her Tablet to the bathroom and started up her playlist, beginning with a familiar tune from home before poofing in a couple bottles of dog shampoo and getting to work on washing the enormous wolf, addressing Dimitri and Sadei as she did so,

"Thanks Dimitri, but you go on ahead with Vermi. I've got Sadei with me. Now, where were we Sadei? I remember you saying something about chilling out in my brain space a while back?"

Storm-1788 & David.
Location: Rising Dawn | Outside the Brig.
Time: Early Morning.

Nodding at David's talking, looking towards the Brig the Spartan was curious. "Yeah, I'm sure all of you deserve some R and R after that battle with that machine I saw. Also I'm guessing our 'Guest' is safe in the Brig? We should lock the brig up in-case he actually manages to escape ... and we do not want that knowing how big this ship is. Hell he can hold up in one of the places we haven't explored yet." Storm said suddenly remembering his curiosity about this ship."

"Other then that I should let you go, I'm meeting a certain someone near the bridge."

One on one time, The Lone Wanderer/Shawn & Deadshot.
Location: Rising Dawn | Sniper Shack.
Time: Early Morning.

After lugging bits, pieces and a fridge onto the Rising Dawn's roof, Shawn fell onto the couch and decided to check the progress of his hack. The only thing he found was a message in the bank account.

"Dear <Mercenary Name>



Staying silent ever since, Shawn had one simple reaction to the message.

The colour was removed from his world and depression started to settle in.
"The wind is harsh to me today." He said in a depressed voice as he walked to the unplugged fridge, grabbed a Whiskey, shoved it into his mouth and fell onto the couch.

Alpha & the other AI.
Location: Rising Dawn | Mainframe/ RD Bridge.
Time: Early morning in the world.

In the physical world the AI known as Alpha moved her body to the hallway outside of the Bridge so he 'Partner' can find her easily as she communicates with the AI in a another process. Back in the AI Mainframe Alpha was thinking about her duties to Storm. "My duties ... hmm ... When he plugs my AI chip into his armor I can control his armor suit, weapons and any machinery close to him, to be honest I like to work with weapons more then anything. He is the one to pull the trigger but when I'm in the suit I can cover his weaknesses and show him opportunities that he may not see. Plus I offer intelligent advice and can pull things onto his HUD."

Hearing Vermilion talk about a tour intrigued Alpha. "Yes, I would like a tour very much. I have been wandering about this ships weapon and defense systems for a long time. After all this ship houses everyone we love. Alpha said to the female AI. The question about the relationship between Dimitri and Vermilion's relationship almost came out but the new AI did not want to be rude to her new friends.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, Angelus, Ella, Hadrian

Ella stopped for a moment when she saw Constance. "D-did I just see that right? I really hope she didn't go to see my family..." Obviously a bit jarred from that, she left the Canteen without touching the rest of her sushi.

Slindis hadn't seen this, though, so she responded to Angelus' statement. "It's something I had to do quite a bit. From what I've learned in my time, the time you most need training is when you believe yourself to be fine. After all, lingering in that state too long makes one complacent. If you need a sparring partner after this small break that Rugal's suggesting, you're more than free to ask me if you want." She used the rest of the bread to mop up the remnants of the soup and saw as the imps flew over with the Bruiser's rather large (for them) sandwiches.

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia

The young girl was making a good amount of progress, with the rapid changes forcing her to think on the fly a lot more when fighting the various machines. "Come now, what's next? It should have been here by now!"

Rising Dawn: Training Room: Caim, Devon

Devon looked just as surprised as Caim. "Caim, you know that I only wear the chain shirt. I mean, not even Angie's training can necessarily make my casting go easier in heavier armors, I think..." Still, Caim did bring up a good point and he pulled out the armor.

Now, Devon only saw the slight dings in the lightweight suit of full plate, but Caim's discerning eyes saw something rather different in the rather well-made armor. It was almost as quiet as Caim's own breastplate, and that had been tailor-made for Caim. It might be a good fit for the bard...

Rising Dawn: Teri's Room: Teri, Garm, Sadei

Sadei nodded. "Well, even though she's gotten a bit calmer, she still throws fits from time to time... Can you try to find some way to get her to stop being such a moody fish, please? There's only so much I can pull out the sushi mat."

Rising Dawn: Hallway: David West, Storm

"Nah, place is locked up tighter than...Something...Really...locked up...Point is, one of the AIs on the ship will know if he so much as sneezes so we should be cool. Anyway, Got to round the rest of them up. Give that Wanderer guy a buzz, I know a man who pulls a good bender when I see one." David explained as he went down the hall to his room to change for his night on the town.
A quick wash and a credit transaction later, David was ready to start on the bender of a lifetime.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, David West

"...Sharpen your Claws? Hm. Didn't think Dragons did that." Rugal said as he was handed a small dish of Salad, the one thing that the Imps seemed to spare the spice on.
"Still, just not in another realm, not travelling to a warzone. Just some peace for once. Heh, one thing I miss about my "Career" days." He sighed, recalling all the quiet days back at his old Manor.
It was around this time that David West entered the Canteen, out of his Uniform and back into his classic look of a Jacket, a running top and some Jeans.
"Come on, Up and at them people! No time to be sitting around. Venturas awaits, Bright Lights, Casinos, Liquor, All that good shit!" He shouted to the crew like a man trying to fire up a football team.
"...Excuse me, What?"
"You heard me, We're right next to the worlds largest Las Vegas rip off! I'm not fucking missing this and you lot aren't either! Now get dressed, come on!, Choppy Chop!" He added, clearly trying to get everyone motivated.
While confused at first, Rugal did admit, the Sniper had a point.
"Well...When in Rome. What do you think? Either of you got to go to a Casino before?"

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia

As number 29 went down without much fuss, Melethia watched as the Simulation brought in her next opponent.
[Generating Combatant: AI Weapon Codename: Viscus. Stage: Urban Warzone] The machine said as the area began to change for her final fight.
The Room faded into a War Torn Overpass, Tanks and Soldiers running around in the background.
Then her target entered the scene, A flying robot zooming to her location, landing perfectly in front of her.

Right off the bat, it was leagues faster than the lumbering robots she had faced thus far and had more ranged weapons.
To begin with though, it unfolded an Energy Blade from his forearm and began to march forwards, hoping to get within melee range.
"I think, Therefore I am. I kill, Therefore you die."

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