The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Los Angeles: Residential Area: Katya, Ton Ton, Cadolblog, Anyone else

"THE WII-U WILL DOMINATE!" The Restaurant's Manager screamed, advertising just how far reaching the console corruption become: infiltrating the very fabric of society. The darkly dressed woman stood in the middle of the diner and stared at the Restaurant's manager in disbelief before laughing, even as the man pulled the shotgun's trigger several times, the spent shotgun shells bouncing off the diner's counter, ejecting little wisps of smoke as they settled onto the floor.

"BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! S3r10usly?! The W11-U?! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Kayta loudly chortled as B3WP, detecting the imminent danger that its host was in, ordered its nano-agents to wrap the girl in a protective, skin clinging shell.

Sh13ldz Up! - The diner's facade appeared to explode as the manager's buckshot shattered windows, splintered wood and caused plates of food to messily explode, all the while Katya stood unharmed in the middle of the buckshot blitz. An occasional spark flew off of the girl's metallic hide until the manager's shotgun finally ran out of shells. Pulling the the drum from the receiver, the manager tossed the spent ammo container aside and grabbed for a replacement from under the counter.

"J00r s0 t0ast!" The young h@xxxor1ng heroine exclaimed as she ran towards the manager and jumped up, sliding over the counter to land next to the manager who flinched and started fumbling with the magazine. Katya's silver hand shot out towards the counter next to her and ripped a power cord out of the wall. CHING! The silver toaster ching'd as it impacted against the side of the manager's head and ejected two slices of burnt toast.

With the manager taken care of, the trio only had the gaggle of g00nz assembled outside. Having heard the shotgun stop firing inside, they ceased fire as well, waiting to see what would happen next.

"S0 00b3r c00ti3 an1m3 v3h1cl3z, any 1d3az?" Katy inquired towards he companions as she peered out the window at the veritable army of g00nz waiting for them.

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Rugal, Icarus, Teri, Dimitri, Garm, Anyone else
As Rugal asked he found that the half angel had seemingly disappeared a few seconds later He re-appeared
"She's Scary when she gets angry." Icarus admitted
"One flyby coming right up " He then flew into the air looking around. 15 minutes later the sound of shouting as someone plummeted into the water Icarus swooped down and pulled them out a black market dealer with a shaved head, goatee and a dirty trench coat. He shoved the man he stumbled in front of Rugal, spitting out water getting dangerously close to getting Rugal's suit wet.
"what the hell is wrong with this Kid?"
"I said Talk not complain" Icarus growled, swiftly approaching the man The others noticed his eyes had gotten darker, and the pupils were thinner.
"This guy's got contacts, Plus I found this in his safe." he held out a receipt.
"AN order of one shark fin soup and Kraken rolls to a mister Victor Doom, This bastard has an illegal restaurant"
"I'm just making a liv'in, them sharks don't need their-argh" Icarus grabbed him with a pinch grip on his ear
"maybe someone should rip off your body parts see how you like that huh?" Icarus looked like he was ready to kill.
"Now speak mortal else you wish to experience true pain"

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Rugal, Icarus, Teri, Dimitri, Garm, Anyone else

While Icarus was up in the clouds for all that time, he did notice a few other details before he pounced on that shady looking guy.
Namely that there was a prefab doubling as an office that had a lot of guys texting on their phones nearby, possibly used for on site digital equipment (And Wifi), as well as a bunch of dock workers crowded around a Rather Nice looking Bike with a Weird Logo on the fuel tank while a bunch of men in suits took a cigarette break around one of the warehouses nearby.
Speaking of the warehouse, there was a lot of activity over there and not many of them looked like they worked at the docks.

As for the guy himself, the reality of his situation was finally starting to dawn on him.
"Wait-Wait-Wait-Okay....Fucking hell, man....I mean...They're sharks. They are just giant swimming mouths...y-you know?...I mean, Yeah, I might have sold it to some guy who dressed up like that guy from the comic books. Paid in cash, drove an old RV for some reason, but...Look, if you want, I'll turn myself in man. I'll go straight. Just they wouldn't hire me at the Japanese Seafood place, Manager said I didn't look Asian enough and that is breaks the atmosphere. I mean...I-I just want to be a chef...y-you know?" He explained to Icarus, starting to back away from the Angel.

Storm, and Azan.
Location: Local 7-11 | Inner City | Los Angeles.
Time: Afternoon.

Giving a nod to the "larger than life" man, Storm followed the booming Azan back to the store. Seeing the conflict happen directly in front of them, Storm was about to charge in, yet, the Spartan was late to the party as Azan announced his morals. The next thing that happened was a sight to see, for the grand mace made contact with the criminal. Knowing, and certainly hearing the damage done to the man, Storm could only say two words.

"Holy shit!"

He had yelped in surprise. Shaking himself of the sight, before the criminal got the chance to react or fall, Storm gave off one step, and he was already in grabbing distance. With an impossible speed, Storm charged from below, and sprang upward, grabbing the male's throat, and pushing him into the wall where the drink section was located. Holding him upwards in the air, the Spartan was taller than the man, allowing to slap him with ease to keep him awake.

Knowing his training, he made sure where the pistol was before interrogation. "Agreed. Though this "ruffian" may be a little more talkative after that move with the mace!" Storm said back, giving Azan a neat smile before turning his head back. "I doubt you want to feel that again."

Wanderer, Caim, and Angelus.
Location: Old Rail Yard | Inner City | Los Angeles.
Time: Afternoon.

Quieting down immediately, Wanderer gave a nod to Angelus, confirming the fact. Holding up his ring, it had a few scratches on it, as if someone tried to take it apart or modify it. The ring was received by the Doctor shortly before they left. It shocked the inhuman man as soon as it's purpose was discovered, his eyes were almost sparkling. In the current situation, the 'current' Doctor seemed to have more of a serious face on.

("Yup ... I've been on both sides. I have equipment for such work.")
("They usually ended up dead though")

The normal Doctor said over the ring, followed up by his darker personality. The face of the Wanderer winced at the fact that his darker side could still communicate over the rings. Having both sides talk would soon enough end in conflict, though the better Wanderer was heard more than the darker side, indicating the current stance of dominant and submissive positions. The current in-control Doctor shook his head, pulling out a strange device from his coat.

Attaching it to the machine on his left arm, the Wanderer played with a few buttons on the machine, and suddenly a cloaking energy began to enshroud him. Eventually leaving a tiny little blur, barely noticeable to the human eye unless you got too close. The blur followed the human dragon, the man underneath the energy holding his trusty black revolver just in case.

Merlin, and Shorn.
Location: The White Crib's Secret Service Center/ Wise Rd NW | Washington D.C.
Time: Evening.

Following the last given position, Merlin was yelling over the VTOL's on-board radio, giving directions to the pilot. Having lessons with the vehicle were comforting, yet he still lacked much practice. One thought he worried about was the landings, he didn't exactly want to crash in any buildings, and worse, wreck the President's lead air vehicle. As the VTOL was coming along the car, it was speeding along, almost keeping up to the speeding aircraft.

Giving a daring smile, the lead tactician started to descend, getting close to the car. Not knowing much about aircraft tactics, the purple-robed pilot decided to give a shock of terror to the driver, and other drivers in the area. After all, he cannot use any weapons, though he had hoped to scare the man out of the car, for the speed and air the craft created might flip any vehicle if it gets too close. "This brigand seems be daring just like us." Shorn remarked, concentrating while lowering the VTOL inch by inch.

"Just don't kill us ... I would hate to give the ruffians who did this a laugh!" Merlin added, worrying about the flying hunk of metal getting close to the ground. His mind almost in a worrying state.

Los Angeles: 7/11: Azan, Storm, Clerk, Anyone else

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOH-Shit, son!" The Clerk exclaimed as Azan all of a sudden returned and struck out the would be robber followed by Storm picking him up off the ground like pair of would be vigilantes.
While the goon would have been singing like a bird, there was something about having several ribs broken that made conversation a little difficult.
Still, the sight of the pistol did help him tough it out a little, just a little.
"*Choke* Dude-....what you want?....*gasp*..." He asked as he coughed up some blood, maces were known for causing internal damage after all, might want to make the Q/A session short. Or, you know, get him some medical attention.
All the while, the Clerk was more then a little thankful for them saving his ass.
"THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU! Ohhhhh, man, no matter how many times they do that, I never get used to it." he remarked as he sat down for a moment to catch his breath.
As for long range communications, The Goon had a phone on him that they could use.

Los Angeles: The Old Rail Yard: Caim, Angelus, Wanderer, Anyone else

With the plan in place and the pieces moving, Angelus engaged the dealer, quickly getting his attention the second he looked up from his phone.
"...Damn...You party girls really are 24/7, ain't yez?" He remarked as he looked at the dragoness, thinking she was just some party goer in-between raves.
"Let me guess, need a little "Something-Something" for "Gal-friendz"? Gotcha covered, Toots." The Dealer said before he unzipped his jacket and revealed his stock.
"Got 'Caine, Got Pot, Got Yellow Bentines, Triple-Sod, Clarky Cat, C.A.K.E., Got something new for ya, straight from the chef so to speak. Check it, Toots: Doomsday." he chuckled as he pulled out another bag of those Green Rocks with a evil looking smile.
"If 'Caine is "Da Bomb", "Da A-Bomb." He joked, clearly unaware of the 2 mass murdering men ready to rip his spine out and/or the fact he was talking to the last Person/Dragon he should be calling "Toots".

Los Angeles: VTOL (Skies Above): David West, Chris, Anyone else

The drow remained silent as she listened to David's explanation. "That's... about what I thought, thank you..." She looked upwards, thinking about the Rising Dawn and the people aboard it. "I'm... still a little surprised people... as diverse as the crew were chosen for a... reconnaissance mission of this nature, then..." She shook her head slightly in amazement. "They're... bound to cause a commotion, if they're... not that common, I'd think..." She sighed softly. "Or... maybe I'm just more... self-conscious than most about such things..."

She tilted her head as she listened to him talk about the land of his birth. "There's... nothing wrong with some rain, it sure... beats constant sunny weather, at least from my view..." She smiled a little more. "And... the last world I was on did have... expatriates from several different Earths, so I'm at least... passingly familiar with the various liquors from here." She paused as she saw the flask he was drinking from. "I'm... not familiar with that flag, though... Is that country close to Scotland? That is where... scotch comes from, isn't it?" Her cheeks darkened a little. "That and... someplace called... Traverse City, I think? They made some... very tasty cherry wines..." She giggled softly. "Terrible, isn't it? I... wanted to be a teacher, but... all I know of this world is... where my favorite drinks came from."

Los Angeles: VTOL (Skies Above): David West, Chris, Anyone else

"Hey, Kazuya REALLY wants this guy. Believe me, when that guy wants something, he'll do what he can to get it. If it wasn't for the fact they know he was coming of them and thus would move the target out of the city, he wouldn't have called us. The Rising Dawn showing up can mean anything, Kazuya? Not so much." David pointed out as he sat himself down on the floor by the Drow, checking his rifle out of habit.
"Besides, it's LA, even before that Demon god flattened the place about a year or two ago, no one really takes notice." He then added, casually mentioning that one time were that did actually happen about 400 forum pages ago.

Then the conversation went to the weather and Booze, something that David could talk hours about.
"Key word there, Chris is "Some" rain. Not day in, day out. I understand the complaints of someone who lives out in the desert, but having it rain every day instead ain't all it's cracked up to be either." He said before he took a swig of the flask before he asked about Ireland's location.
"Yep, just cross the Irish Sea, can't miss it. Just one ferry trip away. And Yes, they do make Scotch." He then joked before he offered Chris a drink.
"Me? I'm more a Vodka kinda person. Ever try it? Ever want to?" He said before giving her the flask.

"And don't worry about it, A lot of teachers drink. And personally, I wouldn't mind learning a few new locations for the bucket list."

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Rugal, Icarus, Teri, Dimitri, Garm, Anyone else
Icarus grit his teeth but he tried very hard to relax,
"See that you do or I'll be back" he stormed off to the others. His wings flared wide, he clearly didn't want anyone close to him. He then relayed everything he saw to Rugal and Teri in great detail.
"I hope that helps, I'm starting to suspect that this receipt is bunk, argh, I thought we were close." he was clearly angry and he crumpled up the receipt in his fist he sat down, breathing heavily.

Los Angeles: Library
Selena, Shinia

The two girls sat alone together in the dark library lit by candles
"Now that preparations are done we can begin, I want you to imagine some sort of energy surrounding your hand gently flowing around it like a river, a pleasant warm sensation, imagine it vividly your eyes may be closed or open all that matters is if yous see it in your mind." Selena watched the girl, wondering if it was possible, "Will She be able to control it? I learned it myself, but then again that as after the village was burned to the ground."

Kazuya | Violet | G-Corp workers | Melethia
Location: Currently occupied Hanger | Rising Dawn.

Melethia was nearby in the wall vents, nibbling on the tasty muffins as she thought out what she'd be doing here. After all, she wasn't going to let these G Corp guys (Even if that Violet guy did make fantastic drinks) have free reign over her abode. Still don't know what to think of these possible saboteurs, but since there haven't been any pained screams it's probably safe to say they haven't tried any tampering in the dangerous areas. However, she was hearing some footsteps moving around in a different way - scouting, perhaps? It was different than the typical patterns, and that alone was reason for interest.

In this case, 'interest' meant drawing her returning dagger and silently shifting so she couldn't be directly seen from the vent grate. If someone were to head in, she'd be ready to throw the blade at the unwitting person's kneecap.

Los Angeles: VTOL (Skies Above): David West, Chris, Slindis

Slindis had woken up after getting rest in the VTOL to hear the other two talking and stretched. "Is it right to assume there's not been any news from the ground? I was just getting some sleep while I could, and I just found a little nook to hide off in. Small habit from Eberron is all, nothing more."

SHe also glanced to Chris and gave the fellow drow another moment of peace as she grabbed a drink from a canteen. "Heard the talk about a desert, and that brings back a few memories... From the research I did here, at least the mummies are relatively confined and won't come back to life."

Los Angeles: The Old Rail Yard: Caim, Angelus, Wanderer, Devon

Devon had joined the group, having taken a different route as she kept an eye out for any trouble. After all, drug deals could go poorly rather rapidly. "Caim, what's your call on the area around us? I can bluff some heat coming in if we need it."

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Rugal, Icarus, Teri, Dimitri, Garm, Anyone else

Ella had taken some time to fly in on the second wave, taking her time to get views on the streets along the way. "Plenty of extra people here, and none of them are built like dock workers. Seems like taking the secondary route was a good idea." It might have been due to her not entering as loudly as the other winged person, but she didn't seem to be as noticed.

She also took the time to contact Rugal over the rings. "If you ask me, it's getting hot here real fast. There's more than a few gangmembers if my call's right, and with how loud that new kid's coming in I'd want to prep for some kind of ambush." At the same time, she landed near Teri, glancing around and using her keen hearing to try and act as a scout.

Kazuya | Melethia
Location: Currently occupied Hanger | Rising Dawn.

Melethia watched as a shadow cast over the grate as Kazuya made it way over to it, sensing the source of the Dark Energy.
She was out of the man's field of vision as she watched him pause as he looked at the vent before seemingly looking off at something else and walking away from it.
Counting the footsteps, as well as figuring out what direction they were heading in, she figured out that instead of going for the grate, Kazuya wa-

A loud *BANG!* Echoed in the vent as a pair of hand shaped dents appeared in the vent lining, causing the entire vent to shake as it was being pulled from the wall.
Instinctively, She buried her dagger into one of the hand marks, going clean though the Flesh, Bone and Metal all in one, though it did little to stop Kazuya from ripping that entire section of venting off the wall, causing her slide out into the open afterwards.
"...YOU?!" Kazuya grunted before he nursed his hand which now had a though-and-though wound. Nothing that a doctor wouldn't fit, but there were HF-Blades that didn't cut flesh so damn finely, though judging from the slightly mindfucked look on his face, it was the last thing on his mind.
"...But...I don't-...Get 2 men to put this air vent back in, ASAP! And get me a First Aid Kit!" He barked at his men as they wondered why the hell he had ripped out part of the wall in the first place.
"...Forgive me. I had thought that there was something..."Demonic" in the vents. My senses aren't known for leading my astray like this..." He said as he bowed slightly in apology, though judging from the stare she got from him afterwards, It was clear he thought there was something up with her as he then went to tend his injured hand...

Boss | Edge | G-Corp pilot
Location: VTOL
Time: Half an hour ago

Boss smiled as Edge walked towards the transport. "You changed your duds!" Boss said. "You look good. Much more asian-y. I think." Edge wordlessly walked past Boss and sat down. Boss shrugged and sat down on the opposite seat Edge had taken. "Hat is a nice touch." Boss said, still trying to make small talk. The vessel took off. "Makes you look more authentic, but it's bound to stick out. I like it-"

"I don't want to talk." Edge said coldly, staring out the window. "Bother the pilot if you want to chat with someone."

Boss's smile faded a little, and he looked away. About a minute later, Boss snapped his fingers excitedly. "I saw that Biertov guy in Kazuya's group! And he was with another Russian gu-"

"I just said," Edge growled, still not looking at Boss. "That I don't want to talk right now."

"Yeah, but I-"

"Shutup." Edge said, cutting Boss off. "I don't want to hear it."

Boss looked at the floor, then looked back out the window, saying nothing. The small vehicle was silent for several minutes.

"What happened with that thing over the ocean?" Edge asked.

Boss looked back from the window. Edge was looking at him now, his eyes both angry and terrified. He had seen Edge angry before, but never...never like this. "I went to buy you guys time." Boss said. "Clearly not enough, but-"

"No." Edge said. "I mean how did he..." Edge rubbed his face with his hands and took a deep breath. "Just...what happened? To you?"

Boss was taken aback. "I...don't...I fought it, and it beat me. Stabbed me with a knife; I gave the knife to that kid back at the castle, but-"


Boss recoiled as much as he could in the small chair. "I...I hit it with everything I had, Edge!" Boss said. "I mind-nuked it, for pete's sake, it just wasn't-"


"I..." Boss looked around, then at the ground again, curling up into a ball. "I tried. I'm sorry..."

Edge took a step back, took a deep breath, and sat back down. Calm and quiet. Edge thought. Calm and quiet. I don't need to yell at him. I don't-

Edge ran his fingers through his hair. "I'm not angry at you." he said. "Not...not at you. I just...I was just..." Edge sighed. "I don't want you to do something stupid and get yourself killed, Boss. And you keep doing really stupid things. A lot."

Boss nodded, still curled up in a ball on his seat. "I'm sorry..."

"Don't..." Edge climed into the seat next to Boss and wrapped his arms around his friend's shoulders. "Don't do that. I'm not angry at you, Boss, really. I'm just...I've seen enough people I care about get killed because of stupid people. I don't want you to get killed, too. Because that would fucking suck."

Boss nodded. "I know."

Edge let go of Boss and picked up his hat. "About twenty years ago..." Edge said. "I met a walking saint; a man with the power and the will to heal the sick, feed the hungry, and bring hope to the entire world. And he had powers like yours, but stronger. The way you can move buildings? He could do that with entire galaxies. Or at least things the size of galaxies." Edge shook his head. "I saw him do things that I still don't completely understand. More than once."

"...what happened to him?" Boss asked quietly. He had never heard Edge talk about his past before, at least not in clear, concrete terms. Just vague stories about time in south-east Asia or France or other places he didn't mention.

"He died." Edge said, shaking his head. "Five years ago. Killed by one of the people he worked so hard to save." Edge looked back over at Boss. "I know why you want to...why you want to try and save everyone. I really do. I even respect that point of view. But you can't. Some people can't be reasoned with, some people don't want help, and some things have gone so far as to throw away their entire humanity. And these things will murder you if you give them the chance."

Boss nodded again. He wasn't curled up anymore, but his arms were still wrapped around his chest. "I know." he said. "I don't want to know, but I know."

Edge shook his head. "I don't know what I'm saying. I just..." Edge put his arms around Boss again. "Please. Please be careful. Don't do everything in your power to save someone who can't be saved; sometimes the easiest possible solution is the right one. And don't die. Please don't die."

Boss nodded, but said nothing.

Boss | Edge
Location: Inner City (L.A.)
Time: Sunset

Easiest possible solution... Boss thought as the car screeched towards them. Edge walked forward and put one hand under his robe; from the front you couldn't see, but he was gripping one of his swords. What is the simplest thing I can do that will both solve this and protect the people inside? Boss smiled. Like with the train. he thought, lifting the car in the air even as it screeched towards them. It slowed down considerably, but not immediately, and spun slightly in the air as it came forward until it was completely upside down.

Edge looked over at Boss and nodded. Turning away again, he shouted, "LISTEN!" holding up both hands as he did, and walking slowly towards the upside-down car, which was floating at eye level. "My friend and I aren't here to pick a fight. We just want to talk, and needed to get someone's attention. We're looking for two people; a big guy in armor and a green cloak named Doom, and a bookie named Diabs." Edge tried to peer inside, but couldn't see anything; the windows were tinted dark purple, and the sun was behind him and in front of the car. He could, however, hear shuffling around inside. "We aren't looking for a fight." Edge said again. "We don't want to hurt anyone that doesn't already deserve it."

"AND!" Boss said, now on top of the car. "We can pay you for helping us. And I personally know someone who can install self-seatbelting-seatbelts for you guys."

Storm, and Azan.
Location: Local 7-11 | Inner City | Los Angeles.
Time: Afternoon.

Seeing blood from the criminal, Storm rolled his eyes. "I thought L.A criminals were suppose to be tough ... they are in my time." Storm mentioned as he lowered the man to the ground, though with one thrust, the man slid to Azan's feet. Looking to the cashier, he gave a nod. "No problem ... just try to ask for more protection. Maybe a hidden shotgun under the counter ... like the movies. Anyway, our orders are to get this man back to base ... and I guess to get him some help." Storm sighed, he looked back to Azan and the criminal.

Spotting the phone, he nodded. "Thank God I only know the Dawn's number ... everyone else uses those damn rings." Storm sighed before trying to phone the bridge of the dawn, hoping that one of Kazuya's men is looking after the station.

Wanderer, Caim, Angelus, and Devon.
Location: Old Rail Yard | Inner City | Los Angeles.
Time: Afternoon.

Staying behind "Party girl" Angelus, the Wanderer's feet were still planted to the Rail Yard gravel, not daring to move an inch. He was thinking to himself about the name of the green drug, one packet still in his inventory. ("'Doomsday' how fuckin' narcissistic.") The inner-Shadow Wanderer thought, still in his submissive role. Wanderer was still tracking the dealer, hoping what they knew what to do next, for he himself had a good plan.

Slowly moving in his stealth-field, he held up his ring, and sent a message to the party. "Is that all the info we can get out of him in this kind of state? Interrogation might be handy ... though I do have my own plan to draw out our targets" His thoughts were transmitted to the three allies in the area, Wanderer not knowing about Devon's appearance. "You should kick him in the balls for that 'toots' comment ... I know I would." The Darker personality also spoke afterwards. Wanderer could only mouth a silent sigh.

Merlin, and Shorn.
Location: Western Ave NW | Washington D.C.
Time: Evening.

With the target car making a U-turn, the first advisor grunted as he suddenly had to make a turn himself. He was placing all the strength he had into turning the wheel. All while in the back, Merlin huffed a sigh. This made him throw his hands up, this would not be so bad, except the motion purposely created a magical air blast which popped the top of the cockpit, allowing all the air to rush in. Merlin looking at Shorn could only see the tactician, magician, swordsman screaming words with no sound.

Giving him a shrug, Merlin created a shield around the cockpit, one big enough that he could stand in it. The master magician was smirking as the VTOL finally came back on track, around hundred meters away from the car. Merlin shook a sudden thought about his compliments to the makers of these fine machines. Bringing his hands together, the standing wizard was motioning, as if he was trying to make snowball. Suddenly wiping his hands and thrusting them, he had sent out a mass of energy towards the car.

The pilot Shorn knew what magic this was, it was a air ball that was heading towards the car, hoping to throw it from the roads.

Los Angeles: Residential Area: Katya, Ton Ton, Cadolblog, Anyone else

The Cutie Bruisers gave pause at Katya's quick end to the management's attack; and the two looked to each other with mixed expressions, and turned to their pact bond to discuss their new ally for the moment,
"She kinda reminds me of Father on a bad day."
"Yeah... That worries me a little. I mean, I can deal with fights and stuff, but if she's just going to cause a mass of them, that may not be incredibly helpful to our objective. I don't think we have any information at all! Not to mention we shouldn't leave her to the horde, but..."
"I think she has a computer? We've seen those do crazy stuff! How about we talk with her about it? That's something you'd tell me to do, I think?"

Ton Ton paused, his (essentially) blood-brother's clear analysis cutting him to the core. However, his tone brightened, and the Tonberry looked to their female charge, "...Sometimes you really surprise me Cadolbolg, you know that?"

Hopping back on Cadolbolg's back, the Cutie Bruisers hovered over by Katya, and Ton Ton was the first to speak up, "Hey, I think we need to talk... I mean, you're a great fighter and everything, that much is clear, but we can't really keep up with fights about consoles or whatever. We started talking to you about Doctor Doom, remember? The bad guy in green and armor."

"You know, now that you mention it..." Cadolbolg pointed to a goon with the insignia of the card, "Didn't Kazuya say that Doom was involved with some gangs? Not to mention those jerks tried to make us dance..."

Los Angeles: The Old Rail Yard: Caim, Angelus, Wanderer, Devon, anyone else

"Caim, what's your call on the area around us? I can bluff some heat coming in if we need it."

The mute warrior couldn't help the corner of his mouth crinkling into a smile, if only a little, on three different accounts. The first - the drug dealer had no idea who he was dealing with, the second - how himself and Wanderer were closing in on him, and the third - Devon inexplicably sneaking into the business and already asking for orders. He'd make a warrior of that Bard yet, "So far, things are looking relatively calm. Angelus is approaching the target and she's already getting a decent amount of drugs on display. However, once the signal is dropped, myself and Wanderer are going to get a jump on him. If he makes noise, which may be probable, on account of his vocal chords needing to be functioning, then I'll need you to do that. Otherwise, keep your ear to the ground."

"On the contrary Wanderer, that's exactly what we'll do! When I give the signal, we'll corner him and pump him for information."
As for the dragon in question, she feigned an intrigued expression, her chin resting on her fist for a moment as she exclaimed, "How wonderfully astute of you! However, you're a little wrong. I intend to make a purchase for later; and that purchase will need to be something aside from little green rocks..."

She took another innocent step towards the drug dealer, her expression taking a slightly predatory edge, "Rather, what I desire is information, and I expect you to grant it to me....Unless of course, you want myself and my associates to give 'it' to you."
"Corner him. Now."

((@Shaun: I'll give you temporary control of Caim's movements to trap the thug in conjunction with Wanderer. c: ))

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Rugal, Icarus, Teri, Dimitri, Garm, Ella, Anyone else

Teri motioned towards Garm to come back to her side, the anger within herself simmering down to a more controlled state. As she reached for her canine companion's fur and whispered an apology to him, "Sorry for scaring you buddy, you did nothing wrong..."
Giving a wave to Ella, as well as a distasteful frown at Icarus' methods, Teri instead approached the shaking man and allowed her healing aura to wash over him as she knelt down to his eye level, "Peace. I won't hurt you, rather, I seek to offer you advice. Whether you turn yourself into the police or not is not I will watch closely; but if you seek to take honest employment, you're going to need a resume and maybe need to clean yourself up a little.

Anyway, go a library with a computer. You can use a program called Microsoft Word to make a resume, and you can print black and white pages for about 3 cents. Even if you can't be in a Japanese restaurant, there are other seafood places around. Go forth and do no more wrong...I'm pretty sure that's the line..."

After trying to set the battered wanna-be chef on the straight and narrow, Dimitri chimed in from his Tablet home, "Your Ladyship, I hate to interrupt, but there is a matter of the hub we need to find? User: Icarus, User: Ella, have either of you spotted a building that would resemble a hub of communications? If I could reach the main network, then I could access the information contained within; and we could be one step further towards our goal..."

Ignore, Double Posted.

Los Angeles: Residential Area: Katya, Ton Ton, Cadolblog, Anyone else

During the period of calm, The Trio inside the restaurant watched as a growing crowd of Gang Members joined the mass outside, most of them most likely heard the commotion and came packing.
Each one of them had the Gang's logo on their person, be it a shirt, a baseball cap or even a tattoo.
Before long, they were able to make out their ring leader (Or at least someone more higher ranking the then others) as he walked along the "No-Mans Land" between his group and the restaurant.
"Yo! Think you can just roll up in here and mess with us?! We run this town! So come on out! We got you PC Elitist pricks surrounded! Come quietly and admit that a PC is just a X-bone without TV!" He ordered the people inside as his gang kept their aim trained on the building before returning to his position, pulling out his phone and calling someone..
Man...Gang Warfare got really pretty over the last decade...

Los Angeles: Apartments: Boss, Edge, Anyone else

The Car was empty, the guy who was driving it bailed out before it sent it off as a kind of projectile.
While their attempts to calm down the locals would have worked, the fact they were asking about Doom and Diabs exactly only put them even more on edge. (No, not that one)
"Oh shit! Fucking Colombians! Diabs was right! They were looking for that metal retard!"
"Dude, Colombians don't stop bullets in mid air!"
"Ain't that Yakuza? Didn't they do that in that film with the computers?"
This resulted in more panicked gunfire as the gang mistook Edge and Boss as members of a rival gang, though most of them began to bail as they ran out to their own cars and bikes before attempting to flee the scene, though that left the question of where they were going if they lived here...
I mean, would you mess with Yakuza who had the power to deflect bullets?

Los Angeles: 7/11: Azan, Storm, Clerk, Anyone else

As Storm insulted the goon's constitution stat and threw him at Azan's feet, they began to notice that he was starting to black out slightly, I mean, say what you will about the qaulity of criminals these days (Though I believe they'd been on the downturn since the 80s), but he did take a steel mace to the torso.
"...Hey....ummm....I think he's...really hurt guys..." the clerk pointed out as the goon began to bleed out over the floor.
Meanwhile, when Storm called the Rising Dawn, the first voice he heard was that of a rather irate Violet going on about muffins or something.
"-DON'T YOU TELL ME IT'S JUST A MUFFIN! THEY WERE STARBUCKS CHOCOLATE AND CARAMEL!....*Ahem* Hello, Rising Dawn, Dr. Violet speaking. How can I help you?"

Los Angeles: The Old Rail Yard: Caim, Angelus, Wanderer, Devon, Anyone else

The Dealer was not exactly threatened by Angelus, when you deal with rabid psychos who would tear someone's head off to get their next fix, you wouldn't either.
"Oh...Is that right? or else what, bitch?" He said as he shoved her back before pulling out a handgun from his jacket and pointed it at her face.

((Just a bit of fluff to trigger the ambush. :3 ))

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Rugal, Icarus, Teri, Dimitri, Garm, Ella, Anyone else

The would be sea chef then nodded frantically before leaving the scene, both out of fear and just how weird'd out he was of the entire group, he sure as hell wasn't going to try and sell illegal products now!
Meanwhile, Rugal took wind of Ella's tip and quickly realized what was going on.
"There is a deal doing down...Alright, That Hub is by the waterfront, Shouldn't be too much of an issue to sneak into. If you want Teri, I'll take Dimitri and install him. Otherwise I'm going to try and find a way into that Warehouse. Icarus, Ella, Check the rooftops, might be a way in there." He said tot he group as a plan began to form.

Ella meanwhile picked up something as she kept an ear out: "HEY! Hands off Nitro!" she heard a man yell before picking up the sound of a punch landing and a body falling to the ground as well as the clamoring of the dock workers who were eyeing up that motorcycle.
"Tch! No one fucking touches my bike..." The man said as she picked him up walking into the building...

Los Angeles: VTOL (Skies Above): David West, Chris, Slindis

Chris held out her hands slightly as she shook her head. "I've... had vodka before, and it's... handy in mixes, but I prefer something with... more taste if I'm going to drink it straight." Her cheeks darkened again. "I-I didn't mean the drinking itself, more that I... knew more about this world's drinks than I did it's... history or geography, which... isn't exactly how things should go, is it?" She chuckled softly.

She looked back over at Slindis, not seeming terribly startled by her presence. "I... always figured that most of... what happened on Earth was more... technological than magical... it was actually one of the things I... liked hearing about, with my... lack of talent." She sighed softly, before looking back at David. "It... sounds like things are changing, though."

Los Angeles: Residential Area: Katya, Ton Ton, Cadolblog, Anyone else

"Hey, I think we need to talk... I mean, you're a great fighter and everything, that much is clear, but we can't really keep up with fights about consoles or whatever. We started talking to you about Doctor Doom, remember? The bad guy in green and armor." said Ton Ton from the back of Cadolbolg while Katya was peering through one of the busted windows at the growing group and gank bangers assembling outside of Roscoe's. This group didn't even qualify as a gang with how many people they were bringing to this little soiree. Ton Ton's words brought Katya back to reality.

"B3WP, h0w'z th@t qu3ry g01ng?" The young woman asked the Nano Agent Swarm coursing through her veins.

"It is completed Little Miss. It seems that someone already ran the query prior to yours and the results had already been cached. Results posted on your HUD." B3WP stated, running the surveillance video that it had found.

"J33z. T@lk @b0ut h3avy m3t@1." Katya murmured getting a view of Doctor Doom's armor. As Ton Ton and Cadolbolg watched, Katya seemed to be making odd gestures in the air as she zoomed in on the RV's license plate and sent it to her phone. Katya had already hacked into every Motor Vehicles Departmental database in the continental United States during her time spent on her hobby so she ran a quick database query for the License Plate and the location to which it had been registered. While she was doing this, she quickly asked B3WP to perform another task.

"B3WP, c0u1d j00 pl33z tr@ck d0wn wh3r3 t3h RV w3nt us1ng t3h CCTV v1d @rch1v3z?"

"Already on it Little Miss."

"B3WP. I t0ll j00 t0 st0p w1th t3h l1l m1zz cr@p."

"As I already explained Little Miss. So long as you continue to speak as a child, so shall I continue addressing you with your childhood title." B3WP stated before going silent, designating computational resources towards following Doctor Doom's RV.

Turning to the c00t13 br00z3rz, Katya responded to Ton Ton earlier question.

"S0 I f0und s0m3 0ld v1dz 0f j00r D0ct0r D00m." Katya stated, peeking out the windows once again, this time spotting the ring leader of the Gank Squad outside, "H3 wuz @t @ st0r3 4 @ b1t but l3ft 1n @n RV. I'm try1ng t0 tr@ck h1m d0wn us1ng the CCTV @rch1v3z. N0w @z f0r th1s d3b@t3 th@t w3'r3 1n, 1tz @ m@tt3r 0f p3rs0n@l h0n0r. J00 und3rst@nd t3h c0nc3pt 0f h0n0r r1ght, UC@Vz?"

"Yo! Think you can just roll up in here and mess with us?! We run this town! So come on out! We got you PC Elitist pricks surrounded! Come quietly and admit that a PC is just a X-bone without TV!"

"H3y! J00r m0m c@ll3d, sh3'z @sh@m3d sh3 r@iz3d a c0ns0l3 B1TCH! Why d0n't j00 c0m3 h3r3 and @dm1t th@t my PC is 0P c0mp@r3d t0 j00r n00b-@zz c0ns0l3, h0m13! H0w b0ut w3 run b3nchm@rkz b1tch! I b3t my Pc c@n l0ad Skyr1m f@st3r th@n j00r Puss St@t10n c@n g1v3 a r1mj0b!"

Storm, and Azan.
Location: Local 7-11 | Inner City | Los Angeles.
Time: Afternoon.

Bringing the phone down for a split second, Storm waved casually, "Don't worry, some authorities will come along to pick him up, they'll patch him right." He said with little concern, yet he was quite worried that they will either be too late, or the man will be out for too long to be questioned. Putting the phone up to his ears, he was glad to hear the voice of Violet, for things were still awkward between his partner.

"Yes, this is Storm. Requesting a evacuation for medical concerns. We apprehended a criminal, he also may know more about the targets." He said over the phone, either hoping for a quick evacuation or someway to help this poor guy. Looking over to Azan, Storm inquired. "Who will carry the guy? I'm more built for speed ... " Storm said to the hulking Commander. The Spartan's thoughts inquired about the mace, and what might have happened if he was lighter with the hit?

Striking it from his mind, his concentration was formed back onto the matter at hand. "In all seriousness, this man is suffering from internal suffering, and surly he must have some information about local crime." Storm said, giving all of his reason for giving the man some help. After all, he isn't like the Doctor who would give up on certain dying humans.

Wanderer, Caim, Angelus, and Devon.
Location: Old Rail Yard | Inner City | Los Angeles.
Time: Afternoon.

Taking their steps towards the dealer, little did he know that two other members were slowly cornering him as well. Yet, with the sudden appearance of a firearm. "Ah shit, a gun!" Wanderer messaged, almost yelling it out loud. Looking back over to Caim, and seeing the man's arm extended, he bit his lip. "Quickly take the hand! I'll follow up as support, and deal with the aftermath." Wanderer messaged again, and his steps became more quickly.

Knowing Caims' style and concern for his partner, his feet began to move, keeping his faith in his quick draw with a sword, over the bullet of this enemy. Looking up, Wanderer could see the grand image of a warrior, swiftly swinging his weapon at a aggressive extended arm.[1] Little did the warrior know, that after this, Wanderer would have more respect for the mute. Even if he has to deal with a bloody nub, spewing out the crimson liquid he knows well.

Merlin, and Shorn.
Location: Western Ave NW | Washington D.C.
Time: Evening.

The VTOL came to a hover over the home. The first-Advisor looking annoyed at the standing magician. Merlin simply gave a shrug. "This was the easiest path ... on the bright side, I can simply heal the captured man." He said, looking somewhat concerned about the scene. While lowering themselves to the ground, Shorn relayed the information back to the White Crib, soon enough authority should deal with this damage. Surly the information was being quickly tracked to The President, hoping that it will lower his anxiety.

The craft touched down, and the two easily jumped out. Merlin was examining the sight, either out of curiosity of how houses are made in this time, or concern for whoever owns the land. "Keep your eyes open." Shorn said, pulling out a yellow tome with a bolt symbol. His hand also extended out. Merlin gave a nod as he followed him. The two were walking to the car, hoping that the trunk was still closed, and that Pierce was somewhat unharmed.

[1] I hope that was good.

Los Angeles: Apartments: Boss, Edge, Anyone else

Why can't it ever be easy... Edge thought as the car in front of him crashed to the ground.

"Well..." Boss said, jumping off the car. "At least we've found someone who knows who we're asking about. Lots of someone." Boss laced his fingers behind his head and turned to Edge. "Now how do we get them to blab?"

"Why does everyone think I'm fucking japanese?" Edge asked.

"I thought they were talking about your friend Kazuya." Boss said. "They do sound alike."

Edge sighed and shook his head. " with some of them. See if any of them are willing to talk."

Boss nodded, and teleported into a car with four men (two of them shirtless) piled in. "HURRY UP!" Boss shouted, beating on the driver's seat. "YOU DON'T WANT THOSE TRIAD BASTARDS TO GET US DO YOU?"

Edge, meanwhile, walked up to a woman carrying a small child with her. "Wait! Please!" Edge said. "I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to know where to find Diabs or Doom. Tell me something, please, anything!"

Los Angeles: VTOL (Skies Above): David West, Chris, Slindis, Anyone else

"Believe me, you probably still know more about this world then half of the people in it. Personally, I'd rather talk with someone who didn't know anything and admit it then someone who knows nothing, but believes otherwise." David answered as he took the flask back right as Slindis returned.
"No harm in some shut eye, Op seemed to be a lazy one thus far. Yet to hear anyone buzz for support so we're good for now." he explained as he did another habit check of his weapon, knowing that his comment about the operation going well was most likely going to jinx them.
On the matter of Mummies and Deserts, he then posed the thought "...Wait...You guys had Mummies too? I thought that was an Egyptian thing?..."
This enlightening David West ThoughtTM was then broken by Chris's comment about "Lack of talent".
"...Lack of Talent?...thought you Drow-types were like superhuman and shit? I mean, Mel bench-presses more then I ever could."

Los Angeles: Apartments: Boss, Edge, Anyone else

The gang members inside the car were to busy getting the hell out of there to really notice Boss's clever ploy, though he did end up getting smushed in by several Bookies getting into the same car.
"Come on, get to the plant before the Mexicans do!" One of them shouted as they began to burn rubber and raced off to whatever this "Plant" was.

Edge's attempts for info didn't really go anywhere, the woman and her child was far too busy fleeing the scene, so much so that they didn't notice that one of the Bookie's cars was heading straight for them as they crossed the road.

Los Angeles: Residential Area: Katya, Ton Ton, Cadolblog, Anyone else

Katya's trace on the RV revealed to be the property of one "Darcy Wuitschick", a man who's personal details matched those of a notable member of the LAPD's most wanted list: Diabs.
There wasn't an address given, though the CCTV scan did pick up a much more recent result: About 20 minutes ago, it was seen moving into the old industrial side of town.
Though this info dump would have to wait as Katya did a great job of angering the angry mob that was right outside their door.
"Oh...I was just pissed because you disliked what I liked, BUT THEN YOU HAD TO GO AND MAKE IT PERSONAL! LIGHT THEIR ASSES UP!" The Ringleader ordered before the gang opened fire once more, this time aiming for the power line going into the now shot-to-shit restaurant, damaging it as it caught fire.
There was also a metric butt ton of small arms fire to deal with as well.

Los Angeles: Apartments: Boss Edge, Anyone else

Edge shook his head and walked away, looking for someone else willing to talk him. Until he saw the car heading straight at the woman he'd just spoken to. Without thinking, he spun around, grabbed the woman by the waist, and shoved her out of the way. With only a split second left to react, he flipped into the air...and collided with the windshield of the car, was sent flying, and slammed through the winshield of another (empty) car, hat-first. That...wasn't quite as painful as I thought it would be Edge thought, slowly pulling himself through the hole he'd made in the glass. It's better than getting ran over, I guess.

Los Angeles: Residential Area: Katya, Ton Ton, Cadolblog, Anyone else

Boss had a little trouble following the conversation of the bookies, but understood the gist. "We need to get away from the other gangsters", "I do not like asians." "I also do not like asians, and presumably do not like mexicans either", "My mother was mexican you slur of spanish profanities," ect, ect. It got a little bit more inane after that. Boss rolled his eyes and leaned back. Until they drove by the weird-looking monster-things. About to killed by a hail of gunfire. Weird-looking monster things about to be killed by a hail of gunfire that Boss was pretty sure he recognized.

Boss sighed, put a ticker[1] over the car he had been driving in, and teleported in front of the group, putting up a barrier as he did. "Wow." Boss said as the metric butt-ton of small-arms fire slammed against the telikinetic wall behind him. "At least now I know I'm not the only person people are willing to form a violent mob to chase down. What inane sensitivity of theirs did you offend?"

[1] Telekinetic tracker thingy

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Rugal, Icarus, Teri, Dimitri, Garm, Ela, Anyone else
Icarus nodded at Rugal's suggestion, He opened his wings and took to the air, silently soaring around the warehouse. as he looked around the building, hoping to find rusted vents, or a small window, somewhere that could allow ease of entry. after much searching he eventually found an air duct. Grasping tightly to a grate he examined the vent, He could rip off the grate and enter but dropping the grate would make a noise,
He used his handheld to send them a message.
"Found a rusty grate, could get in but It'd make a noise, also my arms are getting tired hanging." he sent he could already feel the sharp edges of the grate digging into his fingers.
"Urgh I hope this one is worth it, You'd think a metal screaming man would be easy to track."

Avatar Adventure
Location: 7-11 | Los Angeles | California


Azan returned Storm's inquisitive look with a stare of blank recognition. His mustache snuffled, swishing side to side inside his helmet as he moved his upper lip. The feathered mustache on the outside of his helmet did the same. Azan cast a look down at the injured soldier and stared softly at his wounds. "There was a time where a simple peasant boy had to contend with such a blow and then awake the next morning to tend the fields." He poked the would be assailant with the butt of his mace. "If you died, it would be a great shame. I would have to go find another ruffian to question."

The Bridge Knight placed both hands on the head of his mace and assumed the stance of a sacred sentry. He directed his attention toward Storm. "I will be able to carry the man. But not for long. If we were to march the standard 25 miles I do not believe I could make the pace."

BlackHarte squirmed inside of Azan's helmet. the Knight looked up and frowned. It seems the demon is bothered by something. I should be wary then.


The (Un)Real World
Location: Cupertino | California
Time: 4th of September, 2014


Sunlight was streaming down through the window and landing softly on Titania's cheeks. She had a faint blush that colored her cream skin, a warm healthy glow of a girl in the morning sunshine. the sheets were cool and soft against her skin, and she moved her legs beneath the covers, rippling the fabric. She blinked, eyes heavy with sleep. She yawned, mouth dry. Titania sat up. She had wore a sheer camisole to bed and a pair of silver silk pants that hugged her hips loosely. Her clothes were somewhat skewed, a strap hung from her shoulder and drooped down along her underarm to the curve of her breast. She paused, her eyes finally adjusting to the brightness of day. She held the bed to herself, to her left lay an empty imprint of an older girl, the sheets were thrown over the side roughly. Deborah's robes were still hanging in the closet opposite to the bed. The Book lay undisturbed on the bedside table. Titania's reading glasses still lay perched upon its leather cover. Both were coated in a layer of fine dust. "I must have slept a long time..." Titania said to herself. She smiled sadly. It's been a while since I slept at all. She presumed that Deborah had fled, leaving all the ideas of magic behind. Where she would go proved to be a mystery. She had no friends in the realm of man. Most like she would be kidnapped and trafficked like a sow. Dark thoughts muddied Titania's mind. She was entertaining the notion of allowing the others to generate enough souls to bring about the Master Unit when the room door slammed open.

"Good morning master!" Deborah cried cheerfully. She wore her waist-length hair in a long braid, her bangs were brushed aside into neat side-bangs by bright pink ribbons. She wore an airy sundress, yellow with the image of white flowers imprinted periodically about the design of the fabric. She held a tray in her hands stacked with bowls of confectionery sweets, smoked meats, and colored beverages. "Finally awake are you sleeping beauty? You've been out for nearly three weeks." She walked up to the bed, her hips swaying as she moved. Deborah had never looked more virile than she did now. There was something about the life in her face, the spring in her step and the light in her red eyes. In fact, her eyes seemed almost pink in the lighting of the room.

"You have become uncharacteristically happy." Titania tried to appear ambivalent to the ordeal. But her grumbling stomach called strongly at the hearty aroma of blood sausages and fried eggs. She stole a sausage from the platter and placed it in her mouth. It was hot and salty, spicy oil leaked out around Titania's lips as she bit down. The heat was almost scalding, but she was grateful for the savor. Slowly, she place the rest of the sausage in her mouth and chewed. She swallowed before she spoke again while making a move on the fresh grapefruit slices, "Are you not going to be joining the others in collecting souls for the Master Unit?"

Deborah leaned forward and placed the tray down on the bed and sat down on the edge nearest to Titania. "The others are less heavy-handed than Red Mage was. The natural death rate of human race is more than enough to place them on the projected time table for the Master Unit. But they have offered a little encouragement. The Crimean Conflict, the Ebola Pandemic, the natural disasters. Works of God that are rather convenient." Deborah leaned forward and placed her forehead on Titania's. Her breath smelled maddeningly sweet and her skin was pleasantly warm.

The subtlety of Deborah's words did not escape Titania, "Them? Are you not including yourself with them?"

Deborah nodded sprightly, adding a cheerful "Mhm!" to emphasize her statement.

"What made you change your mind?" She had been incredibly adamant before.

Deborah looked away and smiled, the flush of her cheeks hinted at her answer. Yet for a few moments more she stayed silent on the matter.

Titania broke the pause by asking again, "What made you change your mind?"

Deborah turned back to Titania and smiled, raising a finger to her cupid bow lips. She swung her legs childishly and punctuated her answer for emphasis. "I. Fell. In. Love." She said.

Titania's heart caught in her throat as she chewed through a dish of scrambled eggs with red bell peppers and onions. She swallowed and gave Deborah a long hard look. "And who might it be that has caught your heart of his sleeve?"

Deborah leaned forward,the light glittering in the wetness of her eyes, the gloss of her lips, the sweetness of her skin.For an moment that lasted an eternity Deborah was the world. She pressed her lips against Titania's and the two were statues against a backdrop of the morning sun.

Storm, and Azan. Feat. Violet
Location: Local 7-11 | Inner City | Los Angeles.
Time: Afternoon.

Violet was a little concerned when Storm said the subject was "Suffering from Internal Suffering".
"...Oh....Ummmmm...I'm not like an..."Medical" Doctor. I have a doctorate in telling me why you need an Medical Evac?" He asked as he brought up a new tab on his computer for looking up "Suffering from Internal Suffering" on in the internet, finding only a Death Metal band of the same name.
"....ahhhhh....Just a sec!" He nervously said before he went on the Rising Dawn's network, only to find that the two AI's he actively knew of (Dimitri and Vermilion) were currently engaged in Field Deployment and Ship Management respectively.
This left him to message the remaining one, Alpha, with the following:

Got a moment? ^^;:
"Hey, just got a little bit of a medical emergency on my hands, mind hopping onto my line for a second so I can pick your memory banks? ^^;
No pressure, but I really think it could be serious >.<'

"Okay Storm, just stay on the line for a moment, going to get an expert in. Just not sure if Kaz would bother sending a VTOL over some suspect who isn't Doom." He reassured the Spartan as he waited for the AI to jack herself in.

Wanderer, Caim, Angelus, and Devon.
Location: Old Rail Yard | Inner City | Los Angeles.
Time: Afternoon.

"......AHHHHHHHHH!" The Dealer screamed as he watched his hand slowly slide off, being able to see the bone and tissue clearly, it wasn't like it was in cartoons at all!
With his detatched left hand still on the gun, the dealer fell backward as he recoiled, now staring right at Party Girl's psycho BF.
In a panicked motion, he reached into his jacket before pulling out whatever he could (Bags of powder, needles, weeds, etc) and throwing it at Caim's face before bolting it towards the roadside, limping from the pain as Angelus smelt a lot more urine in the air for some reason...

As this was going on, a few of the locals got startled and ran as 2 more Bookies arrived on scene after hearing the screams.

Kazuya | Violet | G-Corp workers | Melethia
Location: Currently occupied Hanger | Rising Dawn.

Melethia's response to the startled man's reaction as the blade was cleanly pulled out of his hand was rather flippant. "Yeah, it's me. What's the problem? Got somethin' against me hangin' in the vents?" She watched the men scrambling off in a casual interest as she brushed herself off, seeming to bounce back oddly quickly after the attack. She also quickly wiped the blade until all of the blood was removed from it, showing a discipline with blade maintenance that was closer to Caim than Melethia's family members.

In addition, she patted Kazuya on the side in an odd sort of pride as she stored her weapon. "You're taking the injury pretty well, ya know. Most people would be cryin' out in pain a lot more considerin' it's a hole through the hand, what with all the nerves there an' all." She oddly didn't seem too concerned with Kazuya's odd stares, although Kazuya would notice the aura more closely on the girl's back. As a matter of fact, the elf seemed to be thinking more about how much work she'd have to do in order to repair the hole left in the wall.

Los Angeles: VTOL (Skies Above): David West, Chris, Slindis

As they rapidly neared their destination, Slindis nodded in affirmation to David's question. "Plenty; it seems a lot transfers between worlds, but from what I saw through some quick studies led me to believe that none of them actually came back. It's a good thing, too; there's some things you don't want to see, and the end result of fighting a mummy is one of them. If we could leave it at that, that would be lovely.

After all, I'd rather keep my lunch." The finality in that statement made it clear that it wasn't something that would be good to discuss if any of the three on the jump-jet wanted to avoid using the air sickness bags.

A bit more attention was additionally given to the relatively unknown drow after she finished her drink. "Well, from what I heard from Teri it was true of the earth she came from. This one seems to have some odd conflux of magic and technology, even if the people here as a whole never seem to touch upon it. David can attest to that, as well." She was also keeping an eye on the situation, although she would have been on the ground if she could blend in better, but since it wasn't an option without making herself a target for the city's police she thought it might be better for her to be in the air.

Finally, she calmly replied to David's remark on all drow being superhuman. "Besides a bit more dexterity and resilience against spells, if all things were otherwise equal we'd be the same. You'd have a bit more stamina and mental flexibility too; it's something I had to deal with when I was starting out... and the less we talk about how Melethia surpassed that the better." The rubbing of her left arm was a clear indicator that the story behind that was something Slindis didn't want to dwell on for anyone that knew her habits, too.

Los Angeles: The Old Rail Yard: Caim, Angelus, Wanderer, Devon

Devon had joined the group, having taken a different route as she kept an eye out for any trouble. After all, drug deals could go poorly rather rapidly. "Caim, what's your call on the area around us? I can bluff some heat coming in if we need it."

After the attack on the drug dealer and the limping flight, Devon immediately focused on her spell as she messaged Caim back. Roll with what's coming next; cops would be too easy for this area. THe message would be a bit cryptic, but the Dealer and the bookies were greeted with the only thing worse than the cops when it came to dealing drugs in this area.

The two Grove Street leaders walked forward, with the notorious 'Sweet' Johnson leveling his guns at the bookies as CJ (Notably back in his wife beater from the heyday in the '90s) boldly strided to the crippled man with an assault rifle in his hands. "Sweet told me you motherfuckers were trying to spread that shit back in this area. Did you bitches forget what we did to ya'll bitch asses back in the '90s? That shit don't fly in our hood!"

The other brother seemed a bit harsher as he called out to the two bookies. "Don't try any dumb shit; not even the muthafuckin undead could stop the Families! We go strong, and we already getting that bitch ass drugmaker back in his place. Unless ya want us fuckin' ya dope slingin asses up too, ya gonna be spillin' it all out here too." He fired some warning shots between their legs, and they could feel the heat as the bullets barely missed their groins.

Devon casts Major Image! As long as she maintains focus she can create fairly realistic illusions that can include heat, sound and smell within a certain area.

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Rugal, Icarus, Teri, Dimitri, Garm, Anyone else

After Ella heard the talking from the buildings, she passed the talk on to Rugal and Teri. "Sounds like we're about to have a runner from the building, and we'ed better get ready toi cut him off. Angel boy, you have any spells to blast him from above? We want to keep that bike locked down, and the workers inside are going to probably be there to attack too." She also seemed to be thinking out the situation as she looked over to Teri and Garm, then tilted her head as she calmly replied to Dimitri.

"I didn't see any hub from up there, but my gut tells me it's in the warehouse too. Rugal, how do you think we should tackle this?" She clearly valued the advice, remembering Caim's strong advice to hear out those that had ran Mafia-style raids in the past. After all, with the exception of Rugal and Garm she didn't see the group as being durable when it came to actual attacks.

Finally, Sadei chimed in to Teri with a reassuring tone. "Okay, we gotta be careful in here... Teri, you ready?"

Kazuya | G-Corp workers | Melethia
Location: Currently occupied Hanger | Rising Dawn.

Kazuya at this point was busy applying some first aid to his wound when Melethia approached, prompting a grunt from him.
"Well, it's not exactly productive for me to start screaming in pain now is it?" He answered as he took off his glove before applying disinfectant, wincing slightly as he did, As good as he was, Kazuya had yet to overcome pain like Rugal had.
Between his sighs of pain, he did keep glancing back to her as a bunch of G-corp soldiers began to try and repair the mess he had made.
"I apologize once more. My natural instinct is to remove any trace of Demonic Power if I sense it. I've learned the hard way that it's not a wise move to leave that unchecked. For some reason, I mistaken you for some class of Demon or another threat. Any idea why that was the case?" He asked, though in reality he had a pretty good idea as he noted the source of the dark energy seemed to be coming from her back.

....Of course...Why else would he adopt her?... He concluded to himself as he awaited Melethia's explanation.

Los Angeles: VTOL (Skies Above): David West, Chris, Slindis

The drow's skin paled for a moment, becoming almost an ashen grey. "Y-you don't need to... convince me about the... effects of mummies on... people. Once is... more than enough, believe me..." Considering this was the first time the topic had been brought up around her, obviously she'd seen more than she'd wanted to regarding the effects of that kind of being. She bit her lip hard for a moment, waiting several heartbeats before the color returned to her skin.

She looked from Slindis to David for a moment. She'd already opened her mouth about her lack of talent, so it was no point hiding it - it helped, perhaps, that she'd told another Slindis much the same thing before. "I... don't have any of the magical abilities that are... normally associated with my kind, or any abilities at all, really." She shrugged slightly, closing her eyes as she leaned back against the inside of the VTOL. "About... the only things I can... do differently than humans are see in the dark and... resist some magical effects." She sighed softly. "To... tell the truth, most humans have... more magical talent than I do, even if they... never get a chance to use it." She chuckled softly, a very dry sound. "And you can... rest assured the matter was... looked into by specialists in arcane and divine magics, considering my people's... pride in such matters."

Los Angeles: VTOL (Skies Above): David West, Chris, Slindis, Anyone else

"...Eh, I don't really see the big deal. They're just zombies with a different outfit. Then again, I have been lucky enough to not meet one yet." David remarked as the trio talked amoung themselves while the VTOL took a bit of a sharp turn all of a sudden.
Shrugging it off, He then added on the matter of Drow anatomy "Well, I guess I learned something new today. Still, if you want Chris, once this Op is over, Come down to the firing range on the ship, I'll give you the 101 on firearms. I find that with enough lead, every falls sooner or later.", finishing his statement with a blindingly fast hand movement as he drew his Magnum and aimed it at the drow's face, Chris being able to make out the rifling on the inside of the barrel.
"BANG!...Gets the job done." He then chuckled, unaware of how well his joke would go down on the shy Drow.

Any thought of that went out the window the second David looked out at it, seeing a crowd of angry looking gangsters shooting up a local restaurant as it was on fire.
"Wow...Looks like freaking Iraq down there. Wonder if this is-...Oh shit." He trailed off as he noticed a familiar looking Green Tonberry and a Metal Dragon down in the building they were shooting at.
"Oh Bollix. It's Ton and Cadolbolg. OI MAVERICK! Get use down there, ASAP!" He yelled at the pilot as he sprung into action, partly out of fear for their safety, but largely in fear of the wrath he would face from their parents.

Los Angeles: Residential Area: Katya, Ton Ton, Cadolblog, Boss, Anyone else

While the gang was still firing, they paused for a moment as the G-corp VTOL began to hover in the street in front of him.
This was then followed by David opening up the side door before peppering the crowd with Sniper fire, though taking care to more wound rather then kill, trying to get the crowd to disperse.
"Kept ya waiting, huh?" The pilot remarked as he used the VTOL to shield them from the incoming fire.

Wanderer, Caim, Angelus, and Devon.
Location: Old Rail Yard | Inner City | Los Angeles.
Time: Afternoon.

Smiling on the outside, but thanking the helpful Devon on the inside, Wanderer still was not noticed. Using his stealth field to his advantage, he moved quietly on the rail yard's gravel, easily sneaking upon the bleeding dealer. The illusion was more than a distraction, for if the Wanderer could, he was pretty sure he could smell fear in the air. ("And for the last move.") He thought, stepping toward the back of the dealer, slowly placing a barrel to his head, and a hand over the mouth.

The Wanderer had a hold on the bleeding dealer, and just in good timing, the stealth field faded away, adding the Doctor's appearance, as if he was teleported or created behind the group. "I suggest you quiet down. Either I can help you with that new nub of yours, or you won't talk for a really long time." He whispered into the dealer's ears, as he pointed the gun to his companions[1].

Storm, and Azan. Feat. Violet/Alpha.
Location: Local 7-11 | Inner City | Los Angeles.
Time: Afternoon.

Giving Azan a thumbs up, he responded. "It shouldn't be much ... I hope." He said, getting back to the call, though by then Violet was about to get some 'help'. "Hey, wait a second, what do you mean by expert? This is a simple thing!" He yelled into the phone.

Rising Dawn: Room 179.

After the mission had started, the artificial-bodied AI Alpha was already in her room, cowering under the covers, as if the open air of the room were like razors. A weird sense of sadness has filled her, as known by her before, it was due to the fact that her partner had not been treating her like "the other half". The other side of the heart, the other piece of breading holding a sandwich together. She feels alone all because Storm is trying to do everything himself.

Around an hour of so have gone by ever since the crew left, and now, Alpha was pretty much still sitting in bed. Although the differences were that this time she had a pile of Pepsi cans stolen from next door (Tomoya's room), and a netflix movie on the TV. In fact, she was somewhat enjoying herself, though she was still somewhat annoyed and saddened by Storm's arrogance. All of a sudden though, a message popped up on one of her artificial eyes, one from a new arrival on the ship. Doctor Violet. She knew Kazuya and Violet, not personally, but from ship camera's and database comparisons told her who they were, nobody dangerous to the Dawn, yet at least.

Giving a huff, she paused her movie, and gave her response. In truth, she felt good to aid the new arrivals, even if it wasn't to make sure they would not cause trouble and point the guns at them.

RE: Got a moment? ^^;::

"Um, okay. I hope I'll be able to help. (I_I;)

I mean I'm only a security officer. o(^_^o)"

She responded, even with the usual emoticons she added with all of her messages. ("I wonder if it is a habit?") The AI pondered, her recent thoughts being a mess. Wanting to be a help to Violet, Alpha easily hooked herself up to the line he was using. "You requested my assistance?" She said holding her ear, as if it were a phone.

Though a different voice responded.
"Wah!" It yelped back in surprise. Raising an eyebrow, she knew the voice. Trying to avoid a smirk she called again. "What do you need. M-Y H-O-N-E-Y~?" She asked, teasing the Spartan on the other line. On the other end, Storm could only hope that the response didn't freak Azan out.

Merlin, Shorn, and Pierce Washington
Location: Western Ave NW | Washington D.C.
Time: Evening.

Once the Director was out of the car, the duo made no comment about the smell that swept out of the trunk of the car. Merlin held a finger up, as though he were not done with something. Walking back to the front of the car, he knew that the service would want these men in. Grunting as he began to move them outside, where the authorities began to arrive, Merlin placed one of the criminals down, noting how fulfilling it is to move bodies physically.

As the Magician went back to the car, the first Advisor and Pierce were left as the first of the police began to show up, and even one black sedan showed up. Two 'suits' quickly stepped out and ran to the director, where he began to moan about getting some new pants. The two SS men smirked, but were obliged to get the man some pants, though this left one of them without pants, so they were having a game of "rock, paper, scissors". Shorn gave a breath of relief. "Thank goodness we were here in time." He said to Pierce, nodding over to the purple VTOL.

"The Boss will forgive us for denting it, though you might want to explain how you got into this predicament?" Shorn gave a cocky smile to Pierce, who knew he had a story to tell, an embarressing one, sure, but one The President definitely wanted to hear. There was much more to happen, even more authorities would show up, addressing damages, taking the criminals back to The White Crib, people communicating back and forth between The President's assistants, and of course, someone to pick up Pierce. The two Advisors needed to get the President's craft home for repair.

[1] I hope those companions are in front of the bleeding dealer

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