The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Storm, and Azan. Feat. Violet/Alpha.
Location: Local 7-11 | Inner City | Los Angeles.
Time: Afternoon.

Violet was extremely tone deaf to whatever awkwardness Storm and his AI friend had as he spoke on the phone.
"Alright, now then, Storm, can you rely the exact symptoms while Alpha here helps me track down a means to keep him stable." He ordered the spartan as he awaited input from the both of them.
Meanwhile, outside of the minor E.R. style situation, a trio of the thugs friends had finally gotten sick of waiting for him to stick up this shop.
"Yo, Ricky, what's the hold up? You said you were just going for a pack of smo-What the fuck!?" one of them exclaimed as they saw Storm and Azan standing over their friend as he seemed to having a hard time breathing as he was coughing up blood.
"Motherfuc-SPRAY THESE FOOLS!" one of them stated before they all drew out their weapons and began unloading at the duo.
The Clerk was wise enough to leave the room while Violet helpfully listed out some possible causes.
"Hey, he's not allergic to peanuts, is he? Might have ate a candy bar that had nuts in it?...Is that gun fire int he background?..."

Wanderer, Caim, Angelus, and Devon.
Location: Old Rail Yard | Inner City | Los Angeles.
Time: Afternoon.

Clearly outmatched, outgunned, outmanned and clearly out of their league, the Bookies were in awe of the Johnson brothers.
"D-d-d-Dude!...Fucking Ca-a-a-arl Johnson!?"
"I thought he was Dead!...Or a CEO in Las Venturas?"
Their exchange was cut short as they nearly had their balls blown off, prompting them to finally flee, tripping over themselves as they did.
With any chance of a rescue dashed, the dealer quickly put two plus two together and realized what was going on.
"F-f-f-f-Fucking Colombians! Alright! I'll Talk! Ngh, There is a chemical plant a few blocks away, just around the corner. We cook the Doomsday there! The chef is some fat fuck who wears a lot of metal for some reason! Please, that's all a know man!" He cried as the audible sound of him pissing himself once more, All he wanted to do was sell some drugs, was that too much to ask?! q-q

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Rugal, Icarus, Teri, Dimitri, Garm, Anyone else

Back at the docks, the gang there was getting ready to move on the Warehouse as Ella relayed the info she had gathered to the others.
"Alright, if I know my deal making, he's most likely a high ranking member. explains why he is alone. He doesn't need guards because if his business partners have a go at him, it'll be all out war. Think we might as well raid the deal, if nothing else, we'll stop a criminal enterprise and maybe get some info in the progress. Icarus, keep the vent open, I'll be there shortly." Rugal told the others before moving on right as a bunch of black SUVs began to roll in, the meeting was starting soon.
From the looks of things, they seemed to be Europeans, ones with a lot of money to burn as they began to pull out at least 10 metal suitcases before heading inside.
Might be a good chance to get the drop on them before they got set up, besides, one of the SUVs was kind enough to have a built in router, giving Dimitri the stepping stone he needed to get online.

Meanwhile, Icarus could make out a man in a Red Jacket and sport glasses taking into a phone, being just about able to hear what he was saying, As could Ella if she was close enough.
"-Well, are they Colombians or are they Yakuza? There is a bit of a difference...Well, What happened to the guys by Roscos?...All of them? Rolling some PC Fan girl? Oh fucking hell, And Ricky's guys?....Shit, Alright, get back to the plant and lock that shit down. I'll be over once these saps pay up. And Tell Doom he better have a batch ready by the time I get there!" Diabs said as he hung up, pulling out an Auto Pistol and cocking it before his hand seemed to spark lighting for some reason.
By the time Rugal had reached the vent, the Gang Banger was gone to meet the buyers.

((Feel free to engage as you see fit))

Los Angeles: Residential Area: Katya, Ton Ton, Cadolblog, Boss, Anyone else

As hyper-sonic slugs and pellets flew through the air in search of prey, Katya watched the newcomer called Boss stop most of the incoming projectiles with some sort of invisible shield that didn't register on B3WP's standard sensor sweep. The lead slugs and pellets remained suspended in the air, many of the slugs still spinning from the rifling of their respective barrels.

"At least now I know I'm not the only person people are willing to form a violent mob to chase down. What inane sensitivity of theirs did you offend?"

Katya's only response to the newcomer's question was a shrug of her shoulders as she wandered into the open and pulled out of the still warm projectiles from the air, looking at it before dropping it to the floor.

"K3wl." The Crimson Haired Haxx0r muttered as B3WP tracked yet more incoming contacts, this time coming from the sky. The roar of the VTOL's engine confirmed the young woman's supposition that members of the Rising Dawn would detect the gunfire and come to investigate. Hearing the crack of sniper fire coming from of the VTOL and into the gathered crowd of thugs, Katya smiled the smile of someone whose scheme had gone "mostly" according to plan.

Seeing the male sniper and the two female... whatever they were... Katya nodded to them in greeting before turning her attention back to the gangsters.

"N3w p1@y3rz h@v3 j01n3d t3h g@m3!!!" The woman announced as she took the kid gloves off, "B3WP, fu11 c0mb@t m0d3!"

The command's effect was near instantaneous as a stream of nano-agents was secreted out of Katya's skin and began wrapping around her like a skin tight metallic armor. A few of the gangsters that had not been wounded by the Sniper's initial assault turned and fired on the silver clad Katya, only to see their bullets ricochet off her skin, along with a fine mist of nano-agents that glittered in the sun as they fell to the ground. Smiling at their surprised looks, the young woman ran towards them, with a pair of knives that he sprouted from the palms of her hands.

"G@m3 0v3r c0ns013 cl0wnz!!" Katya yelled as she plunged one of the blades into the chest of a helpless gang banger, the knife's handle dissolving into a swarm of ravenous flesh eating nano-agents. Clearly Katya wasn't being as merciful as the VTOL's sniper.

Even as the skirmish continued to rage on, the near berserk Katya still had the sense to update t3h c00t1e br00z3erz on their question.

"Y0 c00ti3z, t3h RV D0ct0r D00m wuz 1n 1s 1n t3h 1ndustr1a1 ar3a!"

Wanderer, Caim, Angelus, and Devon.
Location: Old Rail Yard | Inner City | Los Angeles.
Time: Afternoon.

Still holding the dealer, Wanderer took a long sniff. A face of disgust spread across his face, allowing more violent thoughts to spread through his mind. "Arg, what the fuck!" Wanderer yelled. His arms following up with fast movement, pushing the man to the ground. ("Kill him.") His darker side thought, feasting off the darker emotions. "No. We do not need to do that. We have gotten the information ... but we have to pay him back somehow. How about I patch him up ...? " The Doctor said outloud, responding to his dark side. ("Good point.")

It might be strange that the man was responding to nothing, though he looked down to the dealer. The disgust turning to a evil smirk. "I have some ... strong disinfectant." He said again. Looking back towards Devon, Caim, and Angelus, Wanderer also wanted their input. "What do yo think? Should we allow this poor man to bleed out ... or help him ... painfully?" He said to the three, while imagining what he can do to the "fat fuck" plying behind the scenes.

Storm, and Azan. Feat. Violet/Alpha.
Location: Local 7-11 | Inner City | Los Angeles.
Time: Afternoon.

"Ah cra-" Were the last words Storm muttered before a mass noise of firearm bullets came exploding into the mobile phone's microphone. "Ah! What happened?!" Alpha yelled out in concern. She was somewhat ready to talk to the Spartan, but alas fate interrupted this cursed crew member with more misfortune.

Storm yelled out as he jumped to the left, sliding into a shopping aisle, keeping prone, and hoping that a bullet would not hit him. ("Out of all the days! I had to work without THE suit!") He yelled out in his mind. Cursing the his suit-less body. Touching his leg, he moved his hand up to his waist, where he pulled out one of his pistols. Before firing or attacking back, Storm tried to find Azan, surly the big man could not withstand a barrage of bullets?

Merlin, Shorn and Pierce Washington
Location: Western Ave NW | Washington D.C.
Time: Evening.

When the bodies decided to abandon their current inhabitants, allowing the brain matter to be destroyed, the scene turned horrific. Police looked horrified, secret service were surprised, and even the advisors had a reaction of horror and inquiry, after all, they have seen nothing like this. Pierce followed up, and the two agreed, also ordering people to take the bodies to the Crib. Shortly a car pulled up.

Out came Pierce's driver, sighing as he saw Pierce in his current circumstances. One look at the bodies, and he was on the ground, throwing up ... on Pierce's shoe. Merlin smirked wide, while Shorn tried to hide his amusement. Giving their regards, both parties left and returned to The White Crib. Yet, The President was already back at The Crib.

Merlin, Shorn and Pierce Washington Shaundi
Location: White Crib | Washington D.C.
Time: Evening.

With the Communications director safely returned, the White Crib was in high spirits, not every day that you manage to foil a terror plot and actually mean it.
Well, most people were rather happy with the outcome and sadly for some, Director of the Secret Service Shaundi (Who's last name is as unknown as the President's first) was NOT one of them.
"THE HELL KINDA PROTECTION WAS THAT?! One of the President's most important and trusted allies, kidnapped by a bunch of reporters!? I thought some of you were the best this country had to offer..." She chewed out the local detachment at the White Crib as Merlin and Shorn returned, notably yanking a joint out of one their mouths before crushing it under her heel.
"Urg! I told the Boss we needed to drug test..." She groaned before storming past the duo.
"Out of my way. I have heads to roll. I want detailed reports ont he bodies from the abduction zone. Find out who these people are!" is what she said to them as she passed them, but what she meant was "~Oh, thanks for getting Pierce out of that mess for me! Could you be a dear and help us find out who did it?" XxX <3

Los Angeles: Residential Area: Katya, Ton Ton, Cadolblog, Boss, Anyone else

David was going to ask who Katya was, what she was doing, how did she know who they were after, how the hell did she find Doom's current location and why in the ever loving name of fuck was she bulletproof?!?
But if there is one thing he learned over the years on the Rising Dawn: Just go with it.
"Industrial zone, Gotcha. Everyone get on. Flyboy! (Pilot), Get Kaz on the horn and tell him we might have got something. Everyone else, get set for takeoff!" He ordered the gang before the VTOL took off, leaving behind a right mess of bodies and shell casings as the building fell behind them.
All and all, a standard trip for the Rising Dawn to-...well, basically anywhere.

Los Angeles: Residential Area: Boss, Cadolblog, Chris, David, Katya, Slindis, Ton Ton

"Industrial zone, Gotcha. Everyone get on. Flyboy! (Pilot), Get Kaz on the horn and tell him we might have got something. Everyone else, get set for takeoff!" Called out a voice behind the Silvery Death Dealer as the Sniper ordered the members of the Rising Dawn into the VTOL. Seeing as how she was a free agent in that moment, Katya obliged the apparent squad leader and headed towards the VTOL, but she wasn't about to leave the area empty handed. Spotting the Wi-U Loving Gang Leader hiding behind one of the burnt out wreck, the young woman sprinted towards his location, taking on a renewed flurry of small arms fire.

"Wi-Wut?!" Katya yelled as she slid across the hood of the car, her boot catching the Gang Leader in the face and knocking him to the ground as well as sleep city, "Wi g0t @ pr3s3nt f0r j00!"

Picking up the unconscious Wi-U Loving Gang Banger, Katya headed towards the VTOL.

"B3WP, c@n j00 run a s3@rch 0n th3z3 p33pz?" Katya asked as the silvery nano-agents receded back into her skin, revealing the young woman underneath, "St@rt w1th t3h sn1p3r."

"Confirmed Little Miss. Running search now." B3WP responded, sending the data to Katya's mobile phone.

Watching the ground seem to descend as the VTOL gained altitude, Katya looked at the others in the hold, staring especially hard at Slindis and Chris, the two drows.

"0h gr8, L@rp3rz!" The crimson haired woman exclaimed sitting down in one of the seats.

Avatar Adventure
Location: 7-11 | Los Angeles


The first few bullets that hit Azan sent alarm bells ringing in his head. Or rather, the infernal demon was screaming inside of his helmet, spouting jargon he was certain only damned sorcerers would know. His thick steel plate did a good job stopping the small caliber projectiles. He turned toward his assailants, eyes squinting beneath his expressionless helmet. BlackHarte's frantic movement inside his helmet and armor shrouded the world outside into a haze of darkness. Nevertheless, the Bridge Knight heard teh footsteps on the linoleum floor. Azan never claimed to be a smart man, but he was a brave warrior, one with honor, conviction, and dignity. He would win battles without resorting to such injustices as ranged combat.

He took a step forward, blackness seeped through his armor and ejected the bullets with a clink. Nanomachines melded themselves into his steel plate and reformed the iron-carbon compounds to repair the damage done to his grotesque suit. Azan ran forward, his voice bellowing out, echoing off the hollow innards of his suit into a deep resonating howl. "Cowards! Seek absolution for your dirtied honor!"

Without particularly noticing how many he was running into, he swung his grand mace forward with inhuman speed. The metal head made contact with several bodies, sending flying outward. He could feel the splintering of bones through the vibrations in his metal pole arm. Azan frowned, between sweat and the demon, he could scarce make out the outside world. After his first horizontal swing he swapped his grip out and spun his grand mace in his hand, grabbing it with his left and bringing it to bear in an overhead swing with both hands that hit the ground with kinetic force akin to that of a military explosive. The concrete beneath him gave away as crack spread out and the very earth heaved and gave away. The sewer pipes underground collapsed under the Azan's weight and the entire store began to shake loose from its foundations.

When next the Bridge Knight stood, he was standing in a crater a man deep and three long.His mustache rustled in the settling dust. "Are there anymore that stand in their ways of wickedness who wish to face me? I am Lieutenant Azan of the Knights of the Holy Iron Chain of the Vatican, serving the greatness of the Holy See. Behold ye who sin and repent, for I am the judgement that shall judge, punish, and forgive."

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Rugal, Icarus, Teri, Dimitri, Garm, Anyone else

As Rugal he saw Icarus waiting by the Grate
"They're already gone, I'm not actually here I'm just telling you I'm going after them."
The Image of Icarus flickered and suddenly started to become the man In the red trench-coat spoke the exact words to the heroes.
"-Well, are they Colombians or are they Yakuza? There is a bit of a difference...Well, What happened to the guys by Roscos?...All of them? Rolling some PC Fan girl? Oh fucking hell, And Ricky's guys?....Shit, Alright, get back to the plant and lock that shit down. I'll be over once these saps pay up. And Tell Doom he better have a batch ready by the time I get there!"
Then the image seemed to just loop. It seems Icarus was leaving a basic message that only the heroes could see, Meaning Icarus was tracking them by himself. This also meant that They'd have to track Icarus.

Storm, and Azan. Feat. Violet/Alpha.
Location: Local 7-11 | Inner City | Los Angeles.
Time: Afternoon.

"...Oh shi-" was the last words of the hapless goon before Azan hit him with enough force to send him flying though the air and impact the side of the car they drove in on, shattering his body as it totalled it.
The others had the good sense to get the fuck out of the way when the massive knight charged at them, though his massive AoE overhead swing was enough to cripple them for life as they fell from the impact and were stuck by flying rubble.
As a result, the only thing to heed his call for combat as a car alarm that went off once the shockwaves were finished.
However, the effects of causing a small earthquake were not lost on the store they were standing in as it began to collapse around them, rubble falling from the roof as it began to give way.
All the while, Violet was kind enough to give them an update: "Okay, I'm looking it up and I think it might be Irritable Bowel Syndrome...Are you guys going though a tunnel? You're breaking up. Hello?", mistaking the building collapse for static.

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Rugal, Icarus, Teri, Dimitri, Garm, Diabs Anyone else

"...I swear to god, if he makes a habit of this..." Rugal sighed as he watched Icarus's message, at the very least, they knew were Doom was now.
"Ella, Teri, Icarus managed to get a lead on Doom's location. They seem to be holding him in an old plant, he's current scouting them out now. Should we follow or engage these guys?" He asked over the rings, Doom was more important, but it was clear that these guys were up to no good.
Diabs meanwhile was standing the middle of the empty warehouse as the buyers began to flow in.
"Well! Come estas! Bonjour! Whatever the fuck hello is in German. So glad we can finally meet face to face. So...You got the cash?" The Gang Leader asked as the suitcases of money were opened up.
"Ohhhh, Oh wow...You even brought it in Euro! Hohoho! Nice!" He stammered, clearly this was his first time at a deal like this.
"But, I'm getting ahead of myself...Now...You ready to get your world rocked?..." Diabs then chuckled as he held out his hand before it seemed to crackle with lighting, causing some concern for the Europeans.

To anyone watching from outside, dozens of small beams of plasma began to race out of the building, going though the metal of the warehouse like a hot knife though butter (As well as anything else that might have been in it's path).

Los Angeles: VTOL: Boss, Cadolblog, Chris, David, Katya, Slindis, Ton Ton

Once they were back in the air, the VTOL then began making it's way towards the industrial area of the city.
"Alright, we're nearing the plant. Everyone get ready, they *MIGHT* be expecting us." David said to the others before getting on the rings and saying "West to all points. We think Doom is holed up in an old plant in the industrial area. We're in the VTOL and en route. Keep an eye out for us and meet us there. West, Out."
Meanwhile, Katya got the following information on the sniper as she did her background check while the VTOL began to make a pass at the target.

Name: David West
Occupation: UNIT Special Envoy: Assigned to Rising Dawn (CO: Phoenix Richardson)
Income: 10'000USD.
Notes: Red dye in hair is actually from an incident in his youth involving Lead Paint.

Bookie's Turf - Chemical Plant: Anyone currently en route there

Meanwhile, at the plant itself, the gang members there were getting ready to defend the place from attack, Boss and Edge's attack on the apartments had them on edge as they began to fall back on the linchpin of their operations in the city.

On Ground

On the ground, about half a dozen cars were parked up in a arc to block off the entrance as the gangsters there argued over just who exactly was attacking them.
Apart from that, they were pretty decently entrenched with men running into positions with old AK-47s and one sniper nested up by the large pipes overhead.
While they had the front covered, there was a blind spot in the rear where the loading bay was, granted, there was still 2 guards watching it, but it was much less well defended.

In the Air

Meanwhile, on top of the old silos, there was 4 more gangsters in position with snipers as well as one rather fat one that was dozing atop a pile of munitions.
This was notable as there was a few LAW rockets laying there, giving them enough punch to shoot down anyone coming in from above.
While it would just be as simple as "Shoot the guy with the RPG", considering what could be in those silos, they could end up taking out the whole block if they ignited the ammo the guy was sleeping on.
Still, there was a way into the plant from above though the vents if anyone could get into position without getting shot down.

Old Rail Yard Wanderer, Caim, Angelus, and Devon

Caim shrugged at Wanderer's question, "Either kill him quickly or fix his hand. I'd rather not listen to him squeal as we walk away..."

At the sound of David's message over the rings, Angelus called for Devon over the rings as well, "Meet us at our location, I will be providing the three of you with a ride to the Chemical plant Doom is housed in. Also, Caim has informed me of your work in keeping the authorities off of our trail, my thanks."

After sending off her message, Angelus tapped her partner's shoulder and grabbed a mask....

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Rugal, Icarus, Teri, Dimitri, Garm, Anyone else

"Yup, I'm ready, Sadei."
"And I'm ready to kick some ass!"
"Patience, Toyotama, we need to plan before we get to ass kicking... Speaking of, Sadei, could you please become your bow form? And Garm, I'm going to need you to stay still, I'm going to cast a few buffs on you..."

"We're going to engage the enemy, aren't we?"

Based on what was being gathered thus far from Surveillance and a selection of ring-based messages, the deal with Diabs had gone south with the Europeans, and finger-lasers were being deployed... Wait a second, finger lasers? Wasn't that Doom's hat? Oh, this wasn't good... however, there was still the matter of Rugal's communique to attend to, as Teri began to weave spells for herself and Garm, "Welp, if David's message was anything to go by, Icarus is going to have more than a bit of backup. That and there are a couple things I"m taking into consideration here,
A: Kazuya already put Diabs on our shit list if we found him
B: He seems to be using some of Doctor Doom's tech
C: He just ended his previous business deal... Messily, which means he has a bunch of new cash added to his assets.

I think all of that speaks for itself. Myself, Garm and Dimitri are going to attempt a sneakier engagement, but we'd prefer the backup; Dad, Ells."

Teri has cast Shield of Faith and Frost Weapon! Frost Weapon gives Garm a deflection bonus, making it harder for him to be hit, and Frost Weapon has temporarily granted Sadei an icy damage type to any arrow fired from her.
24 seconds till next 2nd level spell
24 seconds till next 1st level spell

This was punctuated by the release of the last of her current buffs, Garm was now covered in a shimmering barrier, and Sadei's bow form gained an ice-like sheen after having a drop a water placed on it. Afterwards, the Cleric shimmied her way on top of Garm's back and looked down at her Tablet, "Dimitri, I need you to hijack his systems and drive them up the wall. Break communications, turn equipment against this dude, the works."
After giving the command, the mounted Cleric and wolf snuck to an entrance of the warehouse, and tried to make their way to a dark area and give a chance to strike....[1]

Dimitri seemed to pause upon the command, looking to his master in hesitation before porting away to the security systems and unzipping the first three of his viruses: PRINCIPALITY, OROCHI, and SEIRYU in the system. With a smile, and the BARRET equipped, the AI looked to his three comrades and annouced, "Let's get to work, friends."

Los Angeles: VTOL: Boss, Cadolblog, Chris, David, Katya, Slindis, Ton Ton

The Cutie Bruisers clung to Slindis and Chris for dear life after being delivered from the very hostile situation; both of them whispering varying bits about their less than comfortable situation, "She started a fight over consoles and PCs, and I don't know what that means!"
"We just wanted waffles and pancakes, but we got shot at!"
"She acts like Mr. Caim on a bad day!"
"Then Mr. Ninja (Edge) and the Psychic Guy (Boss) showed up and we were okay!"

After another minute of spewing out their worries about being surrounded by shooting gang members and Katya, the Cuties calmed down and started talking back at a normal volume, "Erm... well, this is Ms. Katya. I dunno much about her, but she was going to help us find Doctor Doom, until the gangsters attacked us."

Cadolbolg gave a wave to Edge and Boss as Ton Ton explained what happened, being familiar with a desciption of the two from tales his parents told him: "Kinda touchy about PC games, I think? I dunno what that was all about... Also, Hi there Mr. Ninja and Psychic Guy! It's been a while, huh? How'd you find where we were so quickly? With psychic stuff?"

Bookie's Hideout In the Skies - Angelus, Wanderer, Caim, Devon[2]

As Angelus winged over her way towards the Hideout, her keen eyes took note of the varying parties on the silos, and spoke over the rings, "How many of you have ranged projectiles? I have a bad feeling about those items they're sitting on... They look like explosive things I've shot before."

[1] To Rugal's less than happy surprise, he could see Teri making her way in on Aura sight alone...
[2] If you want someone moved/on the ground, please let me know and I'll edit em. Otherwise, I'm assuming seating of Devon, Caim, Wanderer.

Los Angeles: Apartments: Edge

Edge hobbled around for about a minute before giving up. The entire area had been evacuated. There was literally no one here.

If I'm lucky... Edge thought. Boss will get a lead and just whiff me over the-

Los Angeles: VTOL: Boss, Edge, Cadolblog, Chris, David, Katya, Slindis, Ton Ton


"And just what were you doing?" Boss was sitting in one of the VTOL's, not far from where Edge was currently standing.

Edge heaved a great sigh and sat down. "No leads. And I got hit by a car. It was...very painful."

"Can't you teleport?" Boss asked.

Edge sighed again. "I could have..." he grumbled. "If I got some goddamn sleep before all this started."

Boss shrugged and leaned back. "We're headed to an old plant, I think. Doom is over there."

Edge nodded and leaned back, tipping his hat over his eyes. He wasn't actually going to go to sleep; there was going to be a fight in a couple minutes, and he needed to be in as good a form as he could possibly be. But he was certainly going to pretend to be asleep.

"Hi there Mr. Ninja and Psychic Guy!" Boss noticed the turtle-dragon-looking plushie waving to the two of them. "It's been a while, huh? How'd you find where we were so quickly? With psychic stuff?"

Boss looked over to Edge, who had already begun snoring. "No." Boss said, smiling. "I was kinda-sorta hiding in a car that happened to drive by and saw you guys. Thought I'd help out a bit. I'm Boss, by the way. Friends call me Boss" Boss gestured to his companion. "This is Edge." Edge snored loudly again. "I...guess he's asleep. He needed some rest anyway."

Wanderer, Caim, Angelus, and Devon.
Location: In the Skies | Bookie's Hideout
Time: Afternoon.

During the time in the air, Wanderer looked down at his hands. His Doctor's coat was somewhat coloured crimson, the dried liquid mess concentrating on the sub-human's arms. "I can't believe tha-" Wanderer said out loud before swinging his head sideways and coughing in a violent motion. Forgetting about the rings, he began to talk over to the party. ("Ugh, bugs. On the topic of ranged projectiles, I have enough for any situation presented ... though ... ") He spoke as a large barrel stuck out, aimed at the scene.

("I should be able to kill those men, at least before they reach for the explosives.")
("Kill them, kill them, kill them, kill them!")

Wanderer said over the hard-blowing wind, while a much smaller voice muttered in the background. For the darker side of Wanderer, was unsatisfied with the result of the dealer. Unconscious, robbed, lack of blood, but at least he was alive, even if he did not have an arm. Once more, he was alive, and even hooked up to a blood bag. All in the end though, Wanderer's nice side was dominant, even if he still took his patient's wallet.

In the present, he was looking through the scope, somewhat itching to pull the trigger. Yet remembering the type of ammo, he made sure to check it was not the explosive type.

Storm, and Azan. Feat. Violet/Alpha.
Location: Local 7-11 | Inner City | Los Angeles.
Time: Afternoon.

With Azan completely dominating the gangsters, Storm was left in the aisle of the convenience story. After the shock wave hit, items on the shelving poured on him, denying him any conversation with the others on the phone. Throwing his hands up, he hoisted himself out of the big pile of store items. Annoyed at the circumstances, he placed his mouth to the phone. "Okay, we're under fire ... I believe that the ma- ... Storm was talking as his head turned the corner to check on their injured captive.

On the other side of the phone, Violent and Alpha only heard a tone of annoyance. "-n ... ah shit! Rubble is all over him. Oh God, look at his face ..." Is what they heard in the background of the call. In most of the time, Alpha was silent, mostly worrying for Storm. The came closer, "Yeah ... yeah, he's dead. Rubble crushed him. What should we do?!" Storm asked Violet, hoping that the others had found something.

Once more, on the opposite side of the phone, Storm had finished prodding the dead body, and his steps allowed him to step over, eventually rushing him outside, gun in hand. At the moment though, the Spartan was amazed at the giant Commander's strength.

Merlin, Shorn and Shaundi.
Location: White Crib | Washington D.C.
Time: Evening.

With The Crib in such high spirits, Merlin and Shorn were ready to drink in the atmosphere. Alas, thanks to Shaundi's orders, one low groan came from Merlin, and a unpleasant look came from the main Advisor. Nudging his partner in magic, Shorn began to drag Merlin to the morgue located underground. After all, these two still had a job to do. As Merlin walked like a zombie, Shorn was starting to walk down the steps while on his communication device.

Pierce, while he may be happy to be back home, a loud, important voice came from the West Wing.
One way or another, the pain hasn't ended for Pierce.

Los Angeles: Residential Area: Boss, Cadolblog, Chris, David, Katya, Slindis, Ton Ton

Name: David West
Occupation: UNIT Special Envoy: Assigned to Rising Dawn (CO: Phoenix Richardson)
Income: 10'000USD.
Notes: Red dye in hair is actually from an incident in his youth involving Lead Paint.

Reviewing the information about the Sniper called David West, Kayta the laugh that threatened to bring attention to herself and the fact that she was d0xx1ng everyone aboard the VTOL. The suppressed laugh wasn't due to the Lead Paint incident that turned the Irish Sniper's hair that particular shade of rouge but rather the fact that UNIT was paying David less that slave wages. A couple of jabs to her Smart Phone later, she had managed to hack into Phoenix Richardson's UNIT email account.

SUBJECT: Salary Error

To Whom it May Concern,

It has come to my attention that Operative David West's salary is grossly below minimum standard payment practices for UNIT agents. Please correct his salary ASAP and wire back wages to his account. Lord knows what might happen if Operative West finds out that he's been shorted 5,000,000 USD over the course of his enlistment.


Phoenix Richardson

Chuckling to herself, Katya spent the next 5 minutes monitoring the flurry of activity within the ranks of UNIT's accounting battalion as they checked, double checked and triple checked their numbers before wiring $5,123,192 to David West's banking account, of which the H@xxx0r siphoned of 10%.

Looking out the side of the VTOL, the young woman could tell that they were close to their target destination, not via GPS navigation or anything of the sort, she just had to notice the gang bangers lounging around with their rifles slung over their shoulders as they lazily walked their assigned patrol routes.

As much as going through the front door interested Katya, since her Nano-Agents were getting rather hungry, she suspected that her "traveling companions" would try to avoid that route at all costs give the comments she overheard from the c00ti3br00zerz and Sniper West's hesitance to kill the attacking c0ns0l3-t@rds at Roscoe's.

Looking at the unconscious Wi-U loving Gang Leader, Katya had an idea as she coaxed a small ball of her Nano-Agents into the palm of her hand and let it ooze into the man's ear canal. If she got the programming right, she would be able to use the man to get the group straight through the front doors without an issue.

Los Angeles: Residential Area: Boss, Cadolblog, Chris, David, Katya, Slindis, Ton Ton

Chris hugged the two children tightly while they calmed down, her own color returning after she'd paled from seeing what trouble they're in. "I'm... glad you two are all right, at least." She smiled a bit shakily as she looked the two over, making sure there were no scrapes or bruises that might have gotten missed in the action. Once she was assured her friends were unharmed, she looked at the newcomer, her head tilted and brow furrowed as she tried to make sense of the girl's speech.

She narrowed her eyes slightly, trying to examine the girl's head a bit more without coming over and prodding at the odd-talking person's skull. She was obviously too young to have a stroke, but perhaps there was some damage to her head that might explain why she was talking something that sounded almost like English, but not quite, something very confusing to the non-native speaker. "P-pardon me, miss... Katya?" She shook her head slightly, being reminded of another friend she'd had with the same name, but there was no chance of this being another duplicate like Slindis. "Are you... feeling all right?"

Los Angeles: Industrial Area (VTOL) : Boss, Cadolblog, Chris, David, Katya, Slindis, Ton Ton

"P-pardon me, miss... Katya?" Said a concerned if not slightly anxious voice from the right of where the Red Haired Hacker was seated, "Are you... feeling all right?"

Looking at the source of the voice, Young Miss Rostikova realized that one of the women that she had mistaken as cosplayers was addressing her. From the way she was dressed up, Katya recognized her as a drow or dark elf but the makeup job was so incredibly intricate that the girl found it impossible to tell where flesh ended and the makeup started, even when using enhanced vision.

"Sur3 1'm f1n3, y d0 j00 @sk? By t3h w@y I luv j00r 0utf1t! J00 must h@v3 sp3nt @ l0ng t1m3 w0rk1ng 0n 1t! #amazeballz!" Katya exclaimed, even then B3WP's sensors gave a warning.

"Young Miss, I've detected genetic anomalies in two of the humanoids, the females that you described as 'cosplayers.'" B3WP stated flatly, as if there was any other way that he stated things since emotion was obviously not one of his characteristics, "Calculating the amount of genetic variation, you are looking at a totally different species than Homo Sapiens."

Now before you go asking how it was that B3WP was able to check the genomes of each and every one of the passengers on the VTOL, tiny specks of spit exhausted from your mouth during speech. It's totally a thing.

"S0 wut j00r s@y1ing 1s sh3'z n0 c0spl@y3r and the c00ti3br00z3rz rn't dr0n3z?" Katya said, suddenly feeling a little faint, "th3y'r3 r3@lly dr0wz and dr@gonz? #WTF!"

Looking back at Chris, the young hacker forced a smile, though anyone with a brain could see that she had tensed up and appeared to be nervous, the blood draining from her face. What in the hell did she get herself into?

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Rugal, Icarus, Teri, Dimitri, Garm, Anyone else

Ella had heard the conversation as well with some focused listening and gripped the shaft of her shortspear again as she landed near Rugal. "Looks like we're going as the spearhead, then. Let me know if you need me to fly you in, otherwise I'll be skewering the ones you miss. Sound good?" It seemed that she either didn't know that Teri had snuck in, or that she knew and had at least a bit of faith in Garm to back her up.

And with that, she stepped in and stayed grounded, keeping an ear out for any sudden movements. If he has lasers, it might not be a good idea to make a target of myself until the time's right. She also gathered her focus, readying her body for some more extraordinary techniques in there.

Ella readies Maneuvers 1, 5, 9, 10, 12, 14, 15, and 16

And Sadei did her best to stay as focused as possible in er bow form, getting enough information from the context to know that she'd need to be on the top of her game. "Could you tell Garm to try not to worry? It helps me feel a bit easier if we try not to think of what might happen if we mess this up, you know..." Her nervous energy trembled through the bow, and the icy spell seemed geared to have her focus more.

Los Angeles: VTOL: Boss, Cadolblog, Chris, David, Katya, Slindis, Ton Ton

Slindis was a bit off-put from the confusing woman's words, then after some time to decipher them she hesitantly responded to her in a rather focused manner. "With all that's going on here you're worrying about who your allies are? I mean, I understand but I'd think we would need to pick our priorities a bit better." She also offered an arm to Ton-Ton if he wished to jump over, knowing that he probably needed a hug and that this Chris was already disoriented enough.

After giving a moment for the Tonberry to make up his mind, SLindis looked to the unlikely ally and spoke with a bit more confidence. "Name's Slindis, and if you're not an enemy we'll gladly take you for a friend. Just... try to be less confusing? Something about how you talk is sending my frontal lobe into a tumble..." She also rubbed her forehead again, then looked to David in hopes that they'd find a way to get to the bottom of this soon.

Bookie's Hideout In the Skies - Angelus, Wanderer, Caim, Devon

As Devon sat on Angelus's back, she replied to the Wanderer's grateful smile from earlier. "I thought we'd have been better off with saving our resources... it certainly helped all of us along, didn't it?" She also seemed to be musing, then gained a faint glean in her eyes as she looked down at the people below. If they couldn't use fire, they would have to take the fight to them...

With that, she muttered a few arcane words under her breath before flipping a coin and catching it. I must be crazy to do this... then again, I was running off luck in the Depot. Here goes nothing.

Devon Casts Improvisation, gaining a pool of luck she can use on saves, skills, and attacks! Six seconds until her next level 1 spell

And on what she deemed to be a close enough circling by Angelus, the bard crouched and grasped her blade by the grip with her right hand before jumping off the dragon and onto the rooftop below, drawing her blade as she did so. Her goal? Her blade through the rocket man's gut.

Devon additionally uses half of the pool of luck in Jump and Tumble to ensure she doesn't kill herself from the fall, and uses her Human Versatility boost for that last added edge in the landing (boosts left: 4).

Kazuya | G-Corp workers | Melethia
Location: Currently occupied Hanger | Rising Dawn.

Melethia shrugged as she took a seat in a nearby chair hiding a chuckle as the G-Corp members ran and tried to repair the damage. "Well, Kaz, still pretty impressive. That does look like it hurt ya a lot, after all." SHe still seemed rather carefree, knowing she was mainly staying on the ship until a better time for her to use her skills was called for and noticed the glances. With that, she juggled the keen dagger in one hand as she thought about what he was trying to ask then replied in confusion.

"Well, not really. I mean, unless you wanna count thinkin' outside the box and knowin' the angle to toss this dagger so as to cut both of ya shoelaces in one motion without nickin' the skin. And why do ya keep lookin' at my back?" As a whole, she seemed rather unconcerned about the implication for some reason or another.

Bookie's Turf - Chemical Plant (Chemical Plant Zone): Anyone currently there

Devon's rather silly move had near instant results as her fall was broken by what felt like several feet of fat as her blade sank into the flesh of the napping gangster, causing to gasp as he was violently awakened by the sword currently impaling his digestive system.
For a brief moment, he just stared at her, mostly in disbelief unti-
The Bard was struck right in the jaw by a massive right hook, knocking her off the man with her blade still very much embedded in his fat.
This allowed the RPG man to then attempt to pull the sword out of his belly, only to instead go limp and go into a much longer sleep.
However, her Assassin's Creed-style assassination didn't go un-noticed to the snipers (Nor did the massive fucking dragon in the sky) as 2 of them began taking pot shots at Angelus, aiming for thinner material of her wings rather then center mass, while 1 went for the remaining passengers on her back.
The last one then began to train his sights on Devon...

Meanwhile, the VTOL was in position for everyone on board to get out and into the battle as David responded to Katya's sudden freak out about how the Drows were actually Drows.
"Yeah, And I once visited the Grim Reaper at his Hell Condo once, Shit is weird, deal with it! Now get ready to deploy! And for fucks sake, let the guy go! Who cares what games console he likes!" He said as the VTOL hovered outside the front entrance of the plant, the Wii-O fan being dumped out the back as he ran screaming from all the crazy people.
"By the way, Chris, you can stay in here if you want. I know that getting shot at ain't really something your fond of. Same goes for Ms. Snapchat (Katya), Figure these guys aren't going to like you too much after that shit you pulled back there...
...Also, what is your name? Feel like I should have asked that first...Oh fuck it, you can tell me when we get back."
The second the doors opened, David began to lay down suppressing fire at the entrenched gunmen with his rifle to prevent them from firing back, giving the crew inside enough time to get on the ground and moving.
"GO! GO! GO! I'M A WALKING CLICHE!" He shouted as opened fire on the gangsters.

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Rugal, Icarus?, Teri, Dimitri, Garm, Diabs
Dimitri Hack: Plasma Beam offline

When the lasers went off, Rugal instantly knew what he was dealing with and took cover.
"Oh, of course he could have to take THAT one..." He grumbled, that attack was so terrible for friendly fire if he remembered correctly.
"Alright, I see your point. Me and Ella are up top, we'll strike from above." He sent over the rings as watched her Aura move around Diabs flank.
That's my girl... he thought as he went though the vent and began to make his way along the rafters above, being careful about this footing as the laser attack made quite a few holes.

Diabs didn't notice the group at first as he quickly made his way over the still warm bodies of his former business partners and began to shove the contents of their suitcases into a bag.
"200...300...Oh man, 500! Might as well fucking print this shit myself!" He chuckled until he heard some creaking metal over head, Causing Rugal to mentally curse himself before Diabs looked up.
"What the fu-" He remarked before instinctively bringing his hand up to blast him, only to get some sparks instead as Dimitri began his unseen assault on his weapon systems.
Groaning, he instead sprayed the rafters with bullets from his Auto pistol, not really going much to Rugal but forcing him to jump down before he could get in range, as well as bringing what appeared to be some winged lady (Ella) to his attention
"Oh, you think you're a sneaky motherfucker, huh?! Suck it!" He then said before pulling open his jacket right as a series of 8 bottle sized missiles flew out and began to make their way towards her.

Prioritizing getting paid over proper combat, The gangster then pulled the bag over his shoulder before attempting to make a run for it, only to realize he was running straight towards a HUGE fucking dog that seemed to glow and shit, as well as someone on top of it.
"WHAT THE!? FUCK! SHIELD!" He panicked before instinctively firing up a protective field that yanked bits of concrete from the ground before orbiting them around him.
Once it was up, he fired a quick burst from his pistol again as he began to look for a escape route that didn't have a massive fucking dog in the way, nearly tripping over himself as he did.

Dimitri meanwhile was noticing some strong resistance from the weapon's systems, they were clearly designed to counteract such hacking but his trio could easily keep knocking vital systems offline.
However, he then noticed that the local shipping cranes were on the network, allowing him to move around shipping containers, as well as one of the local forklifts if he felt like some vehicular homicide.

Los Angeles: Industrial Area (VTOL) : Boss, Cadolblog, Chris, David, Katya, Slindis, Ton Ton

For someone who had gone through the same feelings of #WTF?! as the Crimson Haired H@xxx0r, the Irish Sniper's respond was surprisingly cold as he seemed to dismiss Katya's surprise at finding herself in the situation that she found herself. All the data that she had collected from the net regarding the Rising Dawn did very little to prepare her for the reality of things, especially when you consider that a majority of the information that the young woman had sifted through appeared to be wild speculation. For instance, how could anyone consider the reality of a Dragon being a member of the Rising Dawn, the concept was too outrageous to be taken into consideration and yet, as Katya looked out the open door of the VTOL, there was a dragon in the sky.

"... I know that getting shot at ain't really something your fond of. Same goes for Ms. Snapchat (Katya), Figure these guys aren't going to like you too much after that shit you pulled back there...
...Also, what is your name? Feel like I should have asked that first...Oh fuck it, you can tell me when we get back."

The comment brought Kat's attention back to the situation at hand. Despite the absurdity of the situation, being suddenly brought into the middle of a firefight was like bringing the young woman back to something familiar, strangely enough. Plus, the nano-agents were getting hungry.

"L1K3 H311 j00r l3@v1ng m3 b3h1nd!" Katya yelled after the deployed David West before turning to Slindis, "wut evz, 1'm n0t w0rr13d ab0ut j00 guyz, 1t'z juz w31rd t0 th1nk th@t t3h rum0rz w3r3 4 r3alz."

"WUZ UP H8T3RZ!" Kat yelled as she landed on the black top, looking for a target to vent herself upon.

"Little Miss, I suggest that we handle the snipers. Their elevated positions give them a tactical advantage." B3WP droned as he activated Katya's tactical displays and highlighted the snipers taking potshots at the dragon in the sky.

"'K@y!" The young woman said as she pulled out Hate, her pistol painted with ripped hearts as she started towards the top of the Chem Plant, her enhanced speed making short work of the vertical distance.

It should go without saying that the 18 year old girl wasn't an experienced marksman as she didn't have must practice with the firearms. But she didn't need to be the quickness of her climb to one of the snipers took him by surprise when he felt Hate's barrel pressed against the back of his head.

"K@y by3z!" Katya said, pulling the trigger.

Storm, and Azan. Feat. Violet/Alpha.
Location: Local 7-11 | Inner City | Los Angeles.
Time: Afternoon.

"....Ah...Well....ummmm...." Violet mumbled as he got word that the target had in fact died.
"...Right, well, I guess the only thing you can do is-" He then went to speak before got an alert.
"Oh, what's this?....A-ha! We got a positive fix on Doom it seems, I'm sending the coordinates now. They seem to be holded up in an Chemical plant on the other side of town. Get a car and make your way over there before you miss out on all the fun."

There should be more here, but there isn't ^^;

Kazuya | G-Corp workers | Melethia
Location: Currently occupied Hanger | Rising Dawn.

"Hm...Work with your..."Father" long enough, pain quickly becomes the last thing your mind..." Kazuya replied as he finished applying his bandages on his hand, clearly wincing when he tried to flex his fingers.
While he knew that Melethia was more a soldier then anything else, it was still a little jarring to see how childish she was about it in the process.
"-And why do ya keep lookin' at my back?"
"Just watching my own..." He cryptically answered before he began to make his way back to his command center, getting status updates on both the hunt for Doom and his other operations.
Even as he was walking away, Melethia could get the feeling that Kazuya would be keeping a close eye on her...

Remus stood before the portal, his cloak blowing with the power current that sprang forth from the cosmic rift. Beyond his stone tower the earth was barren and destroyed. For years he had searched the world, but not a single living thing remained. He was all alone in his world - the last life form in existence.

Beyond the rift was the man who did this. For a week the black-clad man had pored over his old mentor's notes, trying to unlock the secrets of the planes. And now, finally, he was here. He would slay his old master, the man whom he had called his friend, and avenge the countless thousands of his home.

From his belt hung the death-black feathers he had taken from the dark angel's rotting wings. The scars upon his forearm from the demon's razor-sharp teeth were as much a trophy of his battle as the feathers, and he wore them with pride. The skin around them had turned black, and the veins of his right arm were a grisly sight.

A smell permeated the room, coming from the rift. The smell of life, of grass, of trees. It was something Remus had forgotten, having been gone for so long - first in the low realm, a barren, forgotten place; and then in this realm, his own realm. Remus tried not to think of the charred, blackened bones of his father, his sister, his mother, lying somewhere out in the wastes. He only hoped the carrion birds had died out before they'd had a chance to pick their bones clean.

Before he stepped through the portal, Gallow placed all of his energy into a metal ball the size of his fist - all except the very minimum he would need to survive the journey to another realm - and dropped the ball. The ball had taken but an hour to make, but countless hours with his mentor's notes do learn how. He was instantly weak - the ball felt heavier in his hands now, and he dropped it to the ground. He felt his life force leave his body, and he gasped. With the remainder of his strength, he leaped through the rift, leaving his home forever.

A few minutes after he left his home realm the metal ball detonated. The first thing to go was the stone tower, the stones disintegrating in the immense, unbelievable heat of the explosion. Then the sands of the wastes disintegrated, followed by the rocks, the water, the earth's crust - layer after layer of his world disintegrating into nothing. The core of the earth erupted into dust and, just like that, the earth was silenced. The stars and planets of the cosmos were extinguished, one by one, along with the empty void between the space-dust - space itself. The fabric of reality began to unravel, the cosmic strings that were once woven together so intricately.

The universe began with an almighty bang, and it ended with one just as big. The universe achieved perfect symmetry, and then it was no more.


Remus fell upon the grass of a new realm. He had only seconds to rejoice in the feeling of nature against his skin before the void rose up to embrace him. He was out of energy, and the blackness took him. Time passed. The nightmares that had plagued him since his emergence from the low plane came once again - the dark angel's wicked smile, the rows of razor-sharp, jagged teeth. The hatred and malice in the demon's eyes, despite the angelic form. In this dream Kiarnon appeared to him, the demon-dog from the plane of spires. His eyes burned black, and his voice drifted to him once again: 'bow down and worship me, reaver, and I shall let you serve me in blessed hellfire for all eternity'.

The rotting carcass from the sands of eternity; the hollowed-out, fleshy shell of some long-dead horror that should never have existed. He had slept in that carcass that night, beneath folds of rotting flesh. 'twas a sick thought that that one night, surrounded by death, was more bearable than the days he spent in the plane of spires surrounded by living filth.

Days later he awoke. He ripped the cork from his waterskin and drank deeply of the cool liquid - the last remnant of his homeworld. He breathed deeply, savouring the scent of life, and ate from his meagre provisions - some stale bread and aged wine his master had been keeping along with a wedge of cheese that had been fermenting in the cellar. The wind blowing across the strange place he now sat in - a city somewhere? - cooled the sheen of perspiration that coated him and chilled him to the bone. He was in an alley of some sort. With a groan he forced himself to his feet. He needed to find resources. Then - and only then - would he think of what top do next.

From the moment 35 was assembled, free thought wasn't much of an option. To most, them and the other ARES units were weapons themselves, little more than guns carrying guns, in a sense. So when their dropship went down en route to the next melding pocket to defend, who could say they'd be missed? The sound of an erupting engine and impact with the earth below, as well as the crackling of flames were the last thing they remembered before passing out. In what seemed like merely seconds before their eyes opened, though they had no way of telling just how long it had taken, they found themselves outside, in some city that looked so out of place to her usual surroundings. Or was it she who was out of place there? How did she even get there? Was she even here at all, in reality? Is this what it's like to dream?

These thoughts and more flooded through 35's mind, and for the first time, it actually felt like they possessed one of their own.

Questions boiled up more and more, but was interrupted when she heard gunfire nearby.[1] There wasn't really much point in asking such questions when someone was likely shot. Seeing as how they were already in their assault frame, it would not take long to arrive. and of course, one mustn't forget to bring the proper utilities to a gunfight.

[1] Thanks to Katya.

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Rugal, Icarus, Teri, Dimitri, Garm, Anyone else

As the shield of floating stones swirled around Diabs, he prepared to fight a giant wolf but likely wasn't expecting a raven-like teenager to have been following him and he likely was very surprised when the heavy weight of Icarus plummeting down on a drop kick the weight of his body, chain-mail, the height of his fall and acceleration. The Change in momentum transferred to Diabs creating some nasty G-force. The resulting hit was enough to stagger, and even knock him over. Icarus opened his wings and hopped away, taking to the air a few sparks danced across his fingers.
"OK Mr. Big shot I hope you got some serious shock protection on those gadgets of your or I'm gonna overload their circuitry." he announced glaring at the man he had knocked to the ground. a lot of black lightning gathered along his finger tips ready to let loose.

Sorry for being so late with this.

Storm, and Azan. Feat. Violet/Alpha.
Location: Local 7-11 | Inner City | Los Angeles.
Time: Afternoon.

Stepping out of the convenience store in a fast walk, Storm's looked behind with concern. Looking back forward, he could see the scene of Azan. His stance turned cautious, steps slowing down, trigger-fingers flinching, and eyes scanning all around him. The only sound he could hear was from the crumbling store behind. The phone was held up once more to his ears. Nodding towards the new information, Storm felt he should be angry, but his mind was more concerned with the local armed forces turning up.

"Loud and clear. Me and the hulking suit of armour will arrive soon." He said quietly, arm still holding itself up, and pointing around the dust cloud surrounding. Before he could shut the phone off, a few words came through. "Be careful, please." A quiet feminine voice called. A smile appeared on Storm's face. Nodding quickly the Spartan spoke. "You too." He said, ending the phone call. Receiving the coordinates, Storm began to yell Azan's name, hoping that he would find the man, and hurry to the battle scene.

Lone Wanderer, Devon, Caim, Angelus, and the VTOL group.
Bookie's Turf - Chemical Plant (Chemical Plant Zone)

Giving a small hi-tuned whistle, Wanderer stared at Devon who dove down to the target building. "Now that takes guts" He said, forgetting all about the enemy snipers and his own job. A small wry smile fitted on the wanderer's face. "Oooh. Unfortunate" He muttered at Devon's fate. Suddenly the retaliation of the enemy began. Pairs of shots began to wiz by ears and limbs. Still sticking out his Anti-material rifle scope, it was struck by one of the sniper's shots.

With the lack of tensed grip and attention, Wanderer was thrown off balance. His body began to twist of Angelus' back. Quickly falling off, Wanderer reached out his hand, yet only smooth scales tried his grasp. Failing, the whole body of Wanderer fell off the dragon. "No, no, no, no!" He yelled out, desperate to not arrive at the battle like this. Dropping from the air, he followed the feminine author's steps, except with no magic.

Feeling the blade-like air going by his face, hands, and ears, Wanderer immediately stretched out his limbs, hoping air resistance would kick in. Still gripping onto his gun, he quickly placed it inside the Doctor coat, switching it with a bigger, wider object. It was the jetpack he stole back at a 'rogue' US base. ("I should thank Deadshot for this ... ... naaaaaaah.") He thought, immediately pressing the button for the machine.



"Huh? It ain't workin'." Wanderer said, surprise plastered all over his face. In with relation to the fall, Wanderer was beginning to see individual leaves on the trees. Multiple presses were had, no dice. In this stage, Wanderer was praying, his hands pressing the on button hundreds of times. Finally hearing the clicking and igniting of the engine, Wanderer began cry out happiness. "Aha ... haha ... ahahahahaha!" He laughed, thinking that God has sided with him.

Yet not being conscious of his whole environment, Wanderer actually have not equipped the jetpack at all, he was only holding it. Luck was not on his side today. With a burst of speed, the Wanderer began to fly through the air, like a firefly attached to a rocket. Screams being muted by gunfire, the fly-like Wanderer was finally heading towards to a good target, a nice sniper who would provide wonderful relief from this hell ride.

Bookie's Turf - Chemical Plant (Chemical Plant Zone): Anyone currently there

When the attack started, it seemed to be going well from David's POV, While he wasn't going for kill shots, he was doing a good job suppressing the attacks for his team to cover the ground.
"Keep pushing, they can't sustain this for long!" He shouted to the group as he went to line up another shot only to pause when he saw what appeared to be A blonde Ridley in hot-pants in a power loader suit firing some kinda of advanced weapon system at the gangsters.
"...Alright...That happened." He shrugged, deciding to just be glad that it wasn't them he/she/it/??? was shooting at, so long as she didn't ignite the whole place, he didn't mind the fire support.
It was then that he looked up and saw what appeared to be a man strapped to a rocket laughing like a madm-

"Goddamn it, Wanderer..." He instantly concluded, it certainly seemed like something he would do.
Seeing how he was riding a ignition based jetpack, he took aim at one of the fuel tanks before chip shooting the container, bouncing the bullet off the surface in order to rupture the tank minus the whole "Blow up and die" bit that usually occurs when a bullet meets a fuel tank.
As a result, his course vastly changed as his fuel ran out, causing him to "Harmlessly" slam again one of the chemical silos rather then eventually crash in a burning wreak into them at a later date.

Lone Wanderer, Devon, Caim, Angelus, and the VTOL group.
Bookie's Turf - Chemical Plant (Chemical Plant Zone)

Hanging onto the jetpack, fear itching to enter his heart, Wanderer blocked the feeling well, for fear was something he hasn't felt for years. Yet his hands gripped, hoping for a non-painful landing. Cutting off his own voice, he felt the lightness of the pack on him. Looking behind, he can only see a trail of falling liquid and smoke. Off in the distance, Wanderer could see the scope of David with his superior eye. ("Hmm, he might be the better sniper ...") He thought, reminiscing about his assassination missions with the NCR's top sniper group. At the time, he were experienced, mostly as a hunter, agent, killer, but not as a soldier.

Focusing his attention on his fast incoming obstacle, he knew this would be somewhat painful. ("This will hurt") Cried the small bold voice, inside his mind. Smacking chest-first into the silo, Wanderer's body bounced like a ball. This made the inhuman man fall in an arc, toward the ground. Yet seconds from the concrete, Wanderer injected a syringe into his neck "At lea-" Wanderer muttered before he slammed into the ground, gurgling spit, which dribbled quickly down his mouth.

Slowly turning his mouth, he spat. A low groan emitted from his mouth. He could feel the bones within him fall into an unnatural place, yet as if wire was attached to them, they began to pull themselves back together, just like a toy.

Avatar Adventure
Location: 7-11 | Los Angeles


When the world had finished shaking and the bullets had stopped their hail against his metal shell BlackHarte emerged from his defensive stance. The world outside was rubble, broken and collapsed concrete littered the ground covered with a dirty brown dust. Water leaked into the crater from broken pipes and several bodies lay strewn across the scene.

[Bloody murder.] The thought was simple and brusque. It had become unnecessary for him to rationalize the events leading to this outcome. The only important piece of information was that the outcome had occurred. Should the earth itself had been destroyed, BlackHarte would have hardly spared the processing power to feign surprise. He was tired of the continuous folly of humankind.

Storm made his way toward the Bridge Knight. BlackHarte watched silently as Storm called to the sack of meat called Azan.

"What is it?" the meat bag said. The two made a simple and banal conversation. There was a fight breaking out elsewhere and a rendezvous was necessary. BlackHarte gave pause, considering whether or not he should speak. Ultimately there was very little he could do that he supposed would make it through the meat bag's obstinate skull. "We should go support our allies then."

Azan's declaration boomed through the armor, as he moved his body shook, sending quakes through BlackHarte's gelatinous body. Azan was uncharacteristically silent. Something about his face seemed stern. He kept giving a strange glancing look to Storm. [I wonder what's going though his head right now.]

Azan was running, armor clanking as he did. He called for Storm, "With haste boy! With haste!"

Bookie's Turf - Chemical Plant (Chemical Plant Zone): Anyone currently there

Let's clear the air for a moment, shall we? To be clear, this... engagement, was Katya's first experience it came to Mass Homicidal Rage induced Rodeos aka team death matches aka firefights including a massed number of enemies. But from her experience with the internet, specifically 9chan, and violent video games, she knew that the outcome of a point blank gunshot to the head by a 45 caliber handgun wouldn't be pretty. So it was quite a surprise that when Katya pulled the Hate's trigger, the sniper whose head should have exploded into a thousand meaty bits instead seemed to pass out and go to sleep.

"Wut t3h... B3WP!" Katya exclaimed when she realized that not only was the sniper's blood not showing, there was no blood showing up on the walls or the grounds of the Chemical Plant. Which more than likely meant that B3WP had something to do with the gore filtering that she was experiencing.

"Ar3 j00 k1dd1ng m3 B3WP?! J00r v-ch1pp1in' m3?" The Homicidal hacker yelled loudly as she kicked the "slumbering corpse" of the sniper. What she couldn't see was the remnants of the sniper's head bouncing over the side of the chemical tank and bonking a goon over the noggin.

"Yes, Little Miss, I am filtering inbound ocular content as to avoid any long term psychological trauma." B3WP responded in its matter of fact tone, "I am acting on Miss Penelope's request."

"W3'11 s33 @b0ut th@t!" Katya retorted as she opened conference call with Penny. "Penny! What in the hell?! Why'd you tell B3WP to v-chip me?!"

As she spoke with Penny, Katya raced to another one of the sniper's position, this time with a silvery metallic blade extended from her right fist. Seeing the girl zerg rushing his position, the sniper snapped off a number of rounds at the young woman, the slugs bouncing harmlessly off of the railing.


Again, the sniper appeared to go to sleep from Katya's point of view while in reality, the sniper's arms and sniper's rifle hit the floor, blood gushing forth like Old Faithful.

"Katya," Penny responded over the conference call, "18 or not, you're still maturing psychologically. Exposing you to that sort of violence is bound to affect you in the long term."

"So what, you're a psychologist now?" Kat snapped as she put another sniper to bed.

"I've been working on that since you were sixteen. I thought you knew that."

"You REALLY need a man, Penny. Like REALLY." Katya said. On the plus side, all this filtering was making it easier for Katya to kill without really feeling any remorse, like she was in some sort of video game.

Bookie's Turf - Chemical Plant (Chemical Plant Zone): Anyone currently there

"Yer welcome..." David snarked over the rings as he watched Wanderer "land", knowing that as someone who once shot himself in the face for recreational purposes, he would be just fine once he regenerated a little.
Moving on, he watched as Katya capped a few Snipers as more guards began to come out on top the upper levels in response to the massive siege that was now occurring.
Thanks to Penny's filtering, on top of Australian levels of censorship, she was also able to see the Elite Mook in the Hazmat, The gang members having jury-rigged a set of heavy armor by shoving football gear and some metal plates to it.
And because he had a floating red skull over his head, Katya could also make out the Heavy MG he was packing and, therefore, firing at her, on top of the other low ranking members firing their Semi-Auto rifles into the air at the Dragon flying overhead.

Back on ground level, the fact that what appeared to be a killer robot (Ares-U35) coming their way as well as everything else was enough to break the enemy's line of defense and force them to concede ground as they retreated into the Interior of the the plant, using the catwalks and pipes for cover as they all panicky shouted at each other.
After all, they were trained to stop cops and drive bys, not fight a magical Mexican/Yakuza robot army.
Still, just to try and buy themselves some time, they rolled out barrels of fuel before firing on them, igniting them and lighting the front entrance on fire.
While the merits of causing a fire at a Chemical Plant are questionable at best, they did manage to block the main entrance, I mean, it's not like they could get past the fire, right?....Right?...

While this was going on, Storm and Azan finally made it to the scene, their arrival being marked by David waving them down from the VTOL.
"WELL! GLAD YOU COULD JOIN US! SEE IF THERE IS A WAY THOUGH THE BACK AN-....Eh?..." The Sniper shouted before the VTOL shook slightly and he checked his 6 (I.E. Looked behind him)
Having managed to flank the aircraft hovering above the street and climb inside, Him, Chris and anyone else who might be unlucky enough to still be inside watched as a Rather large and annoyed looking man in a orange jumpsuit climbed into aircraft.
"Oh, lovely." The Sniper sighed before he turned around to fire, only to get the barrel of his rifle grabbed and getting hoisted up against the ceiling and then slammed back down on the ground before getting thrown out of the aircraft onto the street below.
The man then turned on occupants, seeming more like an ogre of lore then something human.
That or that crap about eating your vegetables and drinking your milk seemed to have been legit.

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Rugal, Icarus, Teri, Dimitri, Garm, Diabs
Dimitri Hack: Jetpack offline

The Gang Enforcer's escape was halted briefly by the Divekick Icarus had landed, causing the criminal to tumble as he fell, groaning as he watched what appeared to be a VERY convincing cosplayer (He had working wings and all!) trying to make a move on him.
"Oh come the fuck on?! Why does everything in this city want me dea-...." He was going to ask, but quickly thought of at least 5 reasons before he even finished talking.
Either way, while he prone on the ground, he quickly pulled out his Auto-Pistol before blasting a clip at Icarus, attempting to get a hit on the legs or something that wasn't covered in Chainmail.
Backing up as he moved away from the angel, Diabs then pulled something out of his pocket before throwing it on the ground, causing that section to glow slightly.
Quickly realizing he couldn't outrun them all, he went for a move "Proactive" retreat as he lunged for one of the discarded SMGs of his former business partners, rolling on the ground before ending up in a crouched position, firing at whatever was nearest to him.

Bookie's Turf - Chemical Plant (Chemical Plant Zone): Anyone currently there

"#S3r10us1y?!" Katya exclaimed as she raised a silvery metallic shield to between her and the Heavy Metal Mook with the MG, causing an eruption of sparks and glitter as bullet met nano-agents, before diving for cover behind a thick and hopefully bulletproof wall. While she could deflect the incoming MG fire, she couldn't do so indefinitely, nor could the wall apparently as the Heavy Metal Mook continued his bullet hose of suppression.

"B3WP? L1l h31p?!" The l33t haxxxor inquired as she moved to a section of wall that wasn't doing an impression of Swiss Cheese.

"Scanning enemy Machine Gunner. A wad of corrosive nano-agents should be effective against the target. Estimated time to breach armor: 5 minutes." B3WP stated.

"5 m1nut3z?! Wut sh0u1d I d0 1n t3h m3@n t1m3? R3@d h1m @ st0ry?!" The young woman complained as she looked around the corner and saw the Heavy MG still trained on her.

"You have no other weapons that would be effective against the target." B3WP responded, its nano-agents spewing forth to deflect another barrage of high speed lead projectiles.

"S0 h0w @m 1 supp0s3d t0 g3t t3h n@n0-@g3ntz 0n h1m?, g1v3 1t t0 h1m @s @ g1ft?!"

"That is an idea, Little Miss. Until then, Little Miss, perhaps you should use the target's single minded focus on you to handle the enemies firing at the Dragon overhead."

"1 h8 j00." Katya said as she moved out, sprinting towards the Semi-Auto Mooks with a hail of bullets following her.

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