The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Getting the last word in with Rusty.
Location: Rising Dawn | Canteen.
Time: A Venture Time

"....GET OUT OF THE MOMMY PLACE!" Rusty shouted as Shawn made his exit, leaving the poor doctor alone to fight his inner demons without his much needed diet pills as all the Imps looked on.

Viva Las Venturas! Shawn and Kent Paul.
Location: Outside Caligula's Palace, The Strip

"Tsh, needed to find an new act anyway. After that last gig got me locked up in some military hellhole..." Kent Paul sighed to himself as he walked along the strip, just after leaving Maccer to fend for himself against the other members of the Rising Dawn.
"God, I miss the '80s...And Vice City...I wonder if Tommy is still around..." He mused to himself...

Right as Shawn arrived, wearing a jetpack and that sheriff's duster, right beside.
"OH SHIT! THEY FOUND ME! AHHHH!" He screamed as he made a mad dash away from the Wanderer as he stood outside The Largest Casino in town.
Before he was able to so much as say hello, Kent was already in the door of the joint, pushing aside tourists as he ran inside.

"Well, don't you worry. You came to our aid back against that machine without so much as asking what we were even doing! Don't worry, we are very welcoming to any and all."

There was a long and drawn out sigh that came from the vicinity of the tall Hunter that had accompanied the Cat-Ear wearing Vampire, one that signified Som's annoyance at the situation and the fact that Constance had even bothered revealing any of her personal details or that she had expanded upon her past.

"Too melodramatic." The red stubble haired human muttered as he pulled the hip flask from his belt and unscrewed the top before pouring the container's cinnamon and clove scented contents down his throat. It made sense that the group would be accepting of one such as Constance as the majority of the Rising Dawn's crew appeared to consist of freaks such as her. The last thing that Som wanted was for the girl to create any ties to this world, ties that would make her extradition back to Sanctum more complicated.

"If you 'people' are done with making yourselves feel better. I would very much like an explanation as to why we are here." The Hunter requested in a tone made it appear that it was not much of a request at all.

To her credit, Constance was aghast at how her "travelling companion" was treating those who were so welcoming. The only problem was the fact that she had no idea who to even deal with Som. Instead, she opted to ignore him and instead turned towards the little one called Cz.

"He was drinking too much and it made him sick, just like it'll make Som sick." The Vampirette said with a frown.

This ain't New Vegas! Shawn and Kent Paul.
Location: Outside Caligula's Palace, The Strip
Time: No.

Due to the poor perception of the Wanderer, he looked in the direction of where the voice came from. It was a crowd following into the casino, shrugging the Wanderer thought he heard someone familiar. "Was it that Kent Paul guy?" He tried to remember the voice but ultimately went into the nearest casino which was called "Caligula's Palace". Entering, the Lone Courier could just feel that this place was under mob rule, mobsters and all.

"Yup, this is the place." He said to himself as he started to walk further inside. Thinking of his plan it would go like this. Gamble on Blackjack for a long while, gain many chips, gain free room, use room and bank heist HQ. Then he would ultimately steal the money from this place. First thing is first he needs some chips and maybe some more information that this place is actually run by criminals.

The Strip: Las Venturas: Caim, Ella, Hadrian, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, Cz, Jenny

"...Well....umm...Just going out on the town for a good time! Right everyone?" Jenny said, hoping Som wasn't looking for some detailed mission briefing that she didn't have.
"I-in fact, I was just suggesting that we go to this place called "The Four Dragons". You know, after that battle back in the army base, we figured we could use a break. You know?" She added as he handed Som the leaflet she was reading and pointed to the Casino.
"Unless anyone would like to go someplace else..."

Actually, it kinda is[1] Shawn and Kent Paul.
Location: Caligula's Palace (Main Floor), The Strip
Time: No.

Shawn soon reached the main gambling floor of the Casino, passing by a number of disappointed losers that lost all their money at the tables.
It was MUCH nicer than even the Lucky 38, seeing how it was clean and had actual people in it rather then those robots of Mr. Houses.
In their place though was no lack of Mafia-looking types, staring at him because Dude in Leather Trench Coat with a jetpack.
They seemed a bit on edge around him, but no worse than anything the Omertas, the Chairmen or even the White Glove Society were, their job WAS to keep the peace around here.

The Tables had the usual games, Slots, Roulette, Blackjack and some strange machines that played another card game (Video Poker).
If he was lucky, he could easily make a killing...

[1] In this Canon, Las Venturas is a Rip Off of the actual Las Vegas, like how New Vegas was a Rip Off of the Old Vegas

Rising Dawn: Off ship: Ella, Hadrian, Jenny, Cz, Som, Constance

Ella treated Som's scornful request with the same dignity that she was given. "Well, unlike some 'humans', we can't live always looking for new windmills to tilt our lances at." It would be so much easier if she could just smack him into place, but that would put her at the same level of those angels she'd seen on her last trip away from the entire group.

er response to Constance's 'revelation' was rather calm, all things considered. "I think if this ship kicked off all nonhumans, it would be a pretty sad one. I'm still not too sure about how it works here, but I can't remember any crusades against nonhumans here. Just try to be careful around people that don't know, okay? It'll take you far."

Rising Dawn: Slindis' room: Slindis

Her arrival in the library area was rather disappointing to the Drow: All she saw there was a few small tablets with no physical books. "So much for reading. Would there be any bookstores in this city? It's worth a check, and I wouldn't have to go in any of those fool's dens." She spent a few minutes to get ready then used Shadow Fade to become invisible as she began walking off the ship. Rugal's consideration is nice, but I really need the time alone right now.

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia, David, Shadow, Teri, Rugal

With the brewing tensions starting to heat up, Melethia spoke up. "WHy don't we just all cool off for a sec and start plannin' this out? We gotta keep an eye on each other, an' I'm not about to have us all attackin' each other outside of drills." It probably lost a good bit of the impact considering she was one of the core reasons behind David's words, but she wasn't aware of that.

Las Venturas, Outskirts: Slindis

A quick walk later, Interludes with an unknown scientist getting into a fist fight with one of his hallucinations over a bottle of Constipation Medication in the canteen with a few Imps taking bets, and Slindis was out of the airport.
Opting to move away from the strip and all the Casinos, she made her way towards the suburbs of the city.
Her quest for a bookshop went off without much of a hitch and she came across one called Black Books.
The air of it was like the old black market stores back in her Home Realm.
And of Wine for some reason.

Rising Dawn: Off ship: Ella, Hadrian, Jenny, Cz, Som, Constance, Caim, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Caim paused at Som and Ella's comments, and realized that Som's scorn laid with all of the non-human members of the Dawn, which in turn, would include his sons and his comrades of the Dawn. The mute turned to give Som a good hard glare, and wandered to Jenny and Constance, Cadolbolg still sitting on his other shoulder as he 'spoke',
"As Jenny already said, we care not who joins, so long as you don't actively try to kill us and don't try to do the very things we attempt to prevent, such as breaking the world in two or running an evil Empire. And seeing as you've already gave your word to the contrary, I see no reason for concern.

Now Jenny, are there places these two (Ton Ton and Cadolbolg) could run amok in without issue? I'd hate to not include them from the fun. As far as I remember, gambling houses typically were more adult oriented..."

Cadolbolg puffed up his chest, "I won't cause any trouble for our friends, Father!", which only elicted a smile and a scratch behind the ears from his father.

As for Ton Ton, he wandered to Constance's side and gently patted her leg with a paw to get her attention, blank yellow eyes on an expressionless face gazing upwards as he said, "I understand your fears. In another world, my kind are considered horrible monsters too. As for our group, from what I've seen, your actions build your merit here."

Rising Dawn: Training Room: Angelus, Devon

Angelus quirked an eyebrow, and sighed, figuring this was the best she could wrangle out of the bard, "Whatever it was, it seems you're better at your illusions than you thought, Devon. Now, you two can't avoid each other forever, seeing as you ARE his student, and occasionally mine as well. For the time being, just let him cool off, and we'll see if you two can work it off without me stepping in. Alright? Now, with that tabled for the moment, anything else I can do for you before I go and join the rest exploring this strange city?"

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia, David, Shadow, Teri, Rugal

Teri jumped in with Melethia, hoping the backing force of herself and Melthia could help cool down her father's temper, "Mel's right. David DID come to us to make it up to Mom, and of his own volition. He admitted that he was a great idiot and he wants to do right by her to make up for it. The least we can do is hunker down and get working together on it, right? And with you here, Dad, it might make some of our ideas a little easier to execute.

Now, what we're going for is to run a miniature spa of sorts to help Mum chill out. Now, Dad, you've partaken in rich people stuff on multiple occasions. You know what they usually do in spas? All I know is like a face mask and a couple stuff you see in movies..."

The Strip: Las Venturas: Caim, Ella, Hadrian, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, Cz, Jenny

Jenny thought about this for a moment before she answered "Should do. I don't think they'll mind. Hell, if they have the same attitude to us as they did in Chinatown, I don't think it'll be an issue in the slightest.".
Picking up Cz in her arms, the pokemon then said "Besides, they refer to themselves as resorts and I'm certain that other people brought in their children before." Before making her way towards the Four Dragons, leaving everyone else to do what they pleased.

Edit: (Visual for the Four Dragons Interior: Enterance Casino Floor)

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia, David, Shadow, Teri, Rugal

"Yeah, Come on, Ivan Drago. Peace?" David pleaded, going as far as to offer his hand for a shake.
"....Fine, I accept." Rugal answered as he shook David's hand.
David's face turned into one of sheer agony as his hand was squeezed by the much stronger German, a silent scream escaping his mouth until Rugal let go.
".....OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!" he winced under his breath as Rugal said "It's mostly a case of what don't they do. It all depends on where you do and what laws are in effect..."
"Little....too much information...Just recommendations...Please?..." David groaned as he cracked his wrist a little, gritting his teeth as he snapped his hand bones back into place.
"I'd mostly go with a bath with scented candles and incense, followed with a nice meal. Add in praise, lots and lots of praise, Nothing better then massaging the Ego. Lord knows she needs it. Nothing we can't handle."

Avatar Adventure
Location: The Strip | Las Venturas

Caim | Ella | Hadrian | Ton Ton | Cadolbolg | Cz | Jenny | Constance | Som

Cz stared at Constance with large unfettered eyes, before giving a peppy, "Okay." It was not much of a gesture, but she tried to reassure the Cat-kin Vampire of her friendliness. But in the end, anything she did was ought to be written off as the misunderstandings of a five year old.

And then Jenny picked up Cz and started talking something about the man being one to bad-touch women, and Cz acted as if she had no idea what the pokemon was talking about. In fact, Cz just idled silently in Jenny's arms, waiting for something interesting to happen. It is my place to observe. She reminded herself. I do not,I should not intervene unless it seems necessary.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Ella, Hadrian, Jenny, Cz, Cutie Bruisers, Constance, Som, Caim

Ella poked Cz in the nose teasingly as she went over to the Werewolf's side and elbowed him. "Well, What are your plans for here? I'd be asking that Bard if he actually wanted to bother with a sushi bar, but of course he's nowhere to be found." She was clearly a bit annoyed that Devon's first choice on a break was to go and train some more instead of spending a bit of time with her, but perhaps she would find a way to remind him that she has needs as well.

Las Venturas, Outskirts: Slindis

The paladin held back a small cringe at the scent of wine as she opened the doors and looked at the books along the shelves with a bit of confusion. "Why would one want to read about any number of grey shades? And what wizard in their right mind would leave a spellbook for sale? Not to mention books of brewing potions around... Still, if they have those, perhap... A Death Note? Really? That sounds so absurd it wouldn't have a place in the Twelve." About the only thing she could find was a few leather-bound journals (They'd claimed to be made of human skin, but a quick examination had told her otherwise) and went to the counter.

"Excuse me, but could you find me the shopkeep?" She looked at the rather new trainee at the store, not too sure what to make of them.

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia, David, Shadow, Teri

Melethia seemed a bit lost at the unstated messages but grasped onto the obvious ones. "Maybe we can keep it a bit lower profile than that? It seems like a lot... What do you think, sis?"

Rising Dawn: Training Room: Angelus, Devon

Devon shook his head then responded to Angie. "I'll keep that in mind, but enjoy the city. I'll meet up with you and Ella later here, so don't worry too much." He looked around the ship and heard the sounds of one of the people (definitely one of the new ones, considering he'd never seen anyone use this room) stirring and knocked on the closed door.

"You want to head out in the city? It's a bit different than most places, but we've earned a vacation after that last fight."

The Strip: Las Venturas: Ella, Hadrian, Jenny, Cz, Cutie Bruisers, Constance, Som, Caim

Hadrian regarded the succubus and let out a frustrated huff. "Well, I'm thinking of finding some new clothes. The ones I'm wearing right now aren't exactly in the best condition at the moment." He said, pulling at the collar of his suit. This resulted in the people passing behind the group getting a glimpse at the armor that the Guardian wore beneath his suit. Some of the people just went along minding their own business, albeit at a faster pace than normal, while others gossiped and laughed at the man. Why they were laughing, Hadrian did not know, but what he did know was that it was getting on his nerves.

He took a moment to compose himself, and continued his answer. "...Then I'll find a place to relax. Might try to see if they have any decent bars around here. I doubt it though."

Las Venturas, "Black Books": Slindis, Bernard Black

The Trainee brought her over to a man licking what a appeared to be a Poplicle made from a bottle of wine, the fact that he was resting on his laurels mean he was most likely the owner.
"Boss, got a customer here who wants to talk to you."
"...Yeah, and?"
"...Well...She asked for you."
"So? I paid you so I wouldn't have to deal with them! Idiot...Go on, Shoo! Shoo!" He said to his trainee before addressing the Drow.
"...Yes?...You going to buy something?"

"Well, unlike some 'humans', we can't live always looking for new windmills to tilt our lances at."

"As Jenny already said, we care not who joins, so long as you don't actively try to kill us and don't try to do the very things we attempt to prevent, such as breaking the world in two or running an evil Empire. And seeing as you've already gave your word to the contrary, I see no reason for concern.

The Hunter stood there with eyes as cold as a Frost Troll's heart, biting back the venomous retorts that were perched on his lips, already prepared to pounce upon those who had thought to speak to him in such a manner. Even as his upbringing told him that these "Heroes" were nothing of the sort, a voice that had long been repressed reminded Som that he was in their world and that the actions that he was witnessing was part of their society.

It also did help the situation that the Hunter had never been told the stories of Don Quixote's adventures.

Standing apart from the gather crew members, the Red Haired Hunter decided that his energy was better spent ensuring that his "companion" did not attempt an escape.

Upon entering the Four Dragons Casino, Constance was nearly overwhelmed by the lights and the noises that came from everywhere around her. The cheers of gamblers winning mingled with the groans of those who were losing mingled with the beeps and clatters of the slot machines which mingled with clinking of chips being stacked in the cash cages. It took some time, but the Raven Haired Vampirette finally became used to the noise.

Turning to see who was around her, she wondered what she should do until she saw a sigh that displayed the words "Show Girls!!!"

"What's that?" Constance asked as she began walking towards the sign.

In the City of Las Venturas, everyone who walks the infamous Strip dreams of winning big against the Casino. A few lucky people are able to do so and will come back another time and lose more than what they previously won. Even if there are a few lucky people at any given time, it is only a matter of time before luck comes back on the side of the Casinos.

Then there are those who make their own luck when hitting the Las Venturas Casinos. The treatment of those is generally much more harsh:

Henchman# 1: "Boss, we've been working him for hours. I don't think he's gonna crack."

Boss: "Di'jah use da hammer on 'is kneecaps?"

Henchman# 2: "I-I don't think he has kneecaps!"

Boss: "What do you mean he doesn't have kneecaps!"

Henchman# 2: "Boss, he's a Teddy Bear."

"Z'at all you got you? I've met toddlers tougher than you lot!" Teddy screamed from the corner where he had been tied to a chair. "Tell you what. If you let me to now, I swear I won't chew off your faces!"

Rising Dawn: Off ship: Ella, Hadrian, Jenny, Cz, Cutie Bruisers, Constance, Som, Caim

Caim liked the idea of the treatment they received in China Town, and followed after Jenny with Cadolbolg in tow (seeing as he trusted Ton Ton on his own far more than the turtle dragon baby). Cadolbolg's tail wagged in excitement as they looked around the casino and pointed at a slot machine, "Father, what's that thing?! It looks like a money dispenser!"

Ton Ton, on the other hand, found himself as entranced with the newness of the Casino, and lept on Constance's shoulder, "I dunno, but it sounds kinda cool. I hope you don't mind if I accompany you. I was giving Mr. Caim some time alone with his son."

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia, David, Shadow, Teri

Teri shot an annoyed glance at Rugal before taking David's hand and gave a small chant, her Aura and a Cure Light Wounds spell working to help with the pain as she answered back,

"Actually, all of those things we can scrounge up real easy. Lavender and chamomile scented candles and sandalwood incense should do the trick, and Mel, if you know any particular dish Mum likes, now would be the time to bring it up. One second...."

After waiting another moment to fix up David's hand and examining it properly, Teri pulled up her tablet and scribbled a little on the Tablet before the aforementioned items appeared on the floor around their feet. Sweat shown on her brow after the items appeared, but she gave a smile, "You think we need any more?"

Rising Dawn: Training Room: Angelus, Devon

Angelus gave a small nod, "I'll let them and her know. Take it easy today, Devon. We are relaxing after a battle, after all."

With a turn, the dragon began wandering to the the Casino with the rest of the group, homing in on Ton Ton and Cadolbolg's signal as she walked away.

Four Dragons: Caim, Ella, Hadrian, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, Cz, Jenny

Once she was in, Jenny made her way towards the bar counter with Cz and asked "Um, Excuse me. Do you have facilities for Children here?"
"Yeah, should be a play area in the ba-..." The Bartender started before he took one look at Jenny.
"...What the hell are you?" He bluntly asked as he looked at the Pokemon.
"*Ahem* Do you have such facilities or not?" She asked, not really wanting to have to explain herself at this point in time.
"...Er...Yeah, Got a sort of the lifts..." He answered, pointing them in the right direction.
"Thank you!" The Gardevoir then said before making her way over with Cz.

On the main casino floor, Cadolbolg watched as a man stuck the machine in anger after getting 2 oranges and a Number 7 on the machine.
He left in anger at missing out so much, leaving behind a few of his coins in the process...

Meanwhile, with Constance and Ton Ton, they soon found out as they entered the theater as several elderly men seemed to be rather excited to be there.
They watched as they got seated and served drinks before the lights began to dim and the curtains folded back.
What happened next? Well the curtains began to unfold as the announcer began to speak in chinese, going on about pleasure and excitement and what not.
As they watched, they were seen by one of the chaperons who exclaimed "Hey! You don't belong in here!" before moving to Escort them out, his face much like people who attacked the both of them in the past.

Casino Backroom: Teddy

"...Alright then...Talk me though this again..." The Head Honcho sighed over the phone to his men.
"...You found a Teddy Bear...Counting Cards...Correct?"
"Yes, Ain't what what I said?"
"...Are you on something? Drugs? Hooch? Social Disease? Who is that fucked in the head to think that a FUCKING TEDDY BEAR can play cards?! *Sigh* Look, shoot the bastard if it makes you feel any better, then get your ass to a Clinic before I fire it!" The Boss shouted before he hung up, leaving his goons to shrug as they pulled out their pieces on the Teddy.

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia, David, Teri, Rugal

"Hm. You know what I just realized, Melethia. If you are ever running short on materials, you can always ask your sister." Rugal cheerily said as he picked up the Spa equipment.
"Alright, David, set these up while I get our guest of honor. I'll come up with some ruse to get her here" He said before dumping the relaxation products into his arms, enjoying watching the man responsible for this mess struggle to not drop anyway.
"Yeah-Okay...I got this..." He groaned as the Sniper went into the Simulator room with the products.

*Shakes Magic 8 Ball of Writers Block*

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Ella, Hadrian, Jenny, Cz, Cutie Bruisers, Constance, Som, Caim

The succubus nearly choked on her laughter at the mention of there not being any good bars in the area. "Are you kidding me? Although this is a poor man's Las Vegas, I can bet you they went all out on the bars here. I mean, that's how you get fools to give up their money easily! C'mon, We'll find you a good drink and something to cover up that armor to boot."

Las Venturas, "Black Books": Slindis, Bernard Black

She spoke up a bit to hopefully have the man paying attention. "I know this may sound odd, but would you have healing ungents in stock? If not, some notebooks which are actually leather rather than cheap cowhide trying to pass off as human skin would be appreciated, along with some writing supplies. I can certainly pay you well, so I hope that would be good reason to get some assistance."

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia, David, Shadow, Teri

The elf did her best to hold back a laugh but still let out a giggle as she thought of Teri actually bringing in the materials. "You want me to knock her out? Wheathair, I got the stuff I did because it's hard to find and make. Summoning that might be waay too much for her."


Rugal went back to Slindis' room to find that Slindis had already exited the room. THe bedding had been fixed, but there was little notification of where she had gone to...

Rising Dawn: Outside David A's Room: Angelus, Devon

Devon wrote a note on a conveniently placed piece of paper listing what was going on and slipped it under the budding psychic's door before heading out. "I wonder if the talk wa true about the city..." The sights of the weak Las Venturas Strip almost reminded Devon of his old home, but it couldn't hold a candle to the real thing in his eyes. After all, where was the Fremont Street Experience for one? At least then Ton-TOn ad Cadolbolg would have had something really cool to see.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Children's Area | Four Dragons | Las Venturas

Cz | Jenny

Cz wrested herself from Jenny's grip and landed on the ground. BlackHarte jiggled around Cz's waist from the impact of the landing. "我不要在這裡呆太久。" Cz turned around and looked up at Jenny, her wide innocent eyes narrowed into something that looked unnatural on her small frame. She cleared her throat and pulled her sleeves up. Reset language settings to English, set auto-translate off. "Jenny, I think we should pay a visit to our other friends. I don't want you to miss out of anything for me."

She cleared her throat and started walking back toward the main group of her own volition.

There's no need for me to pretend int he presence of a telepath. She'll find me out sooner or later. "Jenny, come. Let us go. And please do keep silent of this." Cz gave the Pokemon a small smile and a quick look. Her eyes had a strange yellow tinge to them for the briefest seconds.

As Constance meandered towards the red padded plush double doors that marked the entrance to the "Show Girls!!!" auditorium, she was surprised by the appearance of the small green lizard-like creature named Ton Ton as he hopped onto her shoulder. Looking at the Tonberry, the Raven Haired vampire was near instantaneously enamored by his cuteness.

"I dunno, but it sounds kinda cool. I hope you don't mind if I accompany you. I was giving Mr. Caim some time alone with his son."

"I really don't mind at all. I'm happy to have the company!" Constance responded stopping briefly to look at a few brightly colored advertisements about Las Venturas being for families. The more the Raven Haired vampire looked past the bright colors, neon signs and gauche attractions, the more she could see that all that was a facade for something much less wholesome.

Opening the door to "Show Girls!!!," The Cat-Eared Vampirette was given near instant confirmation of her suspicions when her wide eyes focused upon what was occurring on the stage at the time.

"What's-What's-What's-" The girl stammered over and over again, her mind unable to understand just what was happening.

What was happening was a mistake on the part of the Four Dragons Casino in that the employee in charge of signage for the Casino's events had forgotten to update the Auditorium's signage to warn visitors of the true horror that awaited those foolish enough to enter the venue.

Ke$ha: "Hi e'ryb'dy I'mzoooo dr'nk!"

Boss: "'Ey! What the hell is everyone?"

The backroom of the Casino's terrifying silence was the Boss' only response when he called out for any of his henchmen to assist him with that week's groceries. That was the first sign that there was something amiss. The second sign that the boss received was when one of his henchmen finally revealed himself from behind a retired bar counter.

Henchmen #1: "Hey bitc-I mean-boss!"

Boss: "What were you about to call me?"

Henchmen #1: "Nothing at all, coc-I mean-commandant"

Boss: "You sound different Sal. Are you feeling oka-"

It was at that point that the Boss noticed the blood on the floor and the fact that his Henchman's lips were not moving when he spoke, those being signs three and four.

Teddy, realizing that the jig was up pulled the Henchman's Face mask, or facial skin mask, off of his face and grinned like a feral animal at the Casino's boss before running at him ready to pounce.


Suddenly, Ton Ton found himself on the ground, having fallen the distance from Constance's shoulder to the floor. Constance, Som and Teddy had disappeared once again.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Ella, Hadrian, Jenny, Cz, Cutie Bruisers, Constance, Som, Caim

Hadrian nodded at Ella with a smirk. "Sure, but I'm still uncertain about the quality of the drinks they serve me here." The wolfman doubted that he'd encounter a bar in this universe that had angel blood in stock, but he supposed it wouldn't hurt to try, despite the extremely high chance that he'll get disappointed. His suit shouldn't be so much trouble. After all, it's already filled with patches. What's one more? "Where do you suppose we start?

This ain't MY New Vegas! Shawn and Kent Paul.
Location: Caligula's Palace (Main Floor), The Strip
Time: Time is nothing in a Casino!

Even though The Lucky 38 had many secret rooms which Shawn unlocked as he re-opened the Casino (It's a mod, look it up), he was depressed at the lack of robots not at ready to kill everything and possibly everyone in sight. He liked those guys too much, especially since they tried to kill him at one point when he took the place over. Other then that, the Casino was like a mix of all four of those Casinos in New Vegas, of course it was nothing like New Vegas since he wasn't the King.

Walking up to the counter he placed a fat wad of old world money on the counter and got his chips. Other then that he walked off to Blackjack in which he had the most skills and confidence in. Shawn knew that these places liked to keep their money and Shawn wishes to take it away. What happens when a unstoppable river clashes with a immovable boulder, of course Shawn just blows it up somehow and that is how he is going steal the cash.

Four Dragons: Caim, Ella, Hadrian, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, Cz, Jenny

Jenny was startled to say the least when Cz forced her way out of her arms and began to speak in perfect english before going off on her own.
"...Ohhhhh....kayyy...." She murmured to herself as she followed the 5 year old back towards the Casino floor, wondering what the hell just happened.
Well...That's not the strangest thing that ever happened to me...but...What Titania said... She thought to herself, starting to worry a little as she followed her.

Meanwhile, the man about to throw out Constance and Ton Ton out the Show Girls theater got the fright of his life when the former disappeared out of thin air.
"...Damn, should have told the boss, we could have used a new Magician routine..." He sighed as he went to pick the Lizard up.

Las Venturas, "Black Books": Slindis, Bernard Black

"....Ummmm...." Bernard said as he had no idea what a Healing Ungent was.
"...I got something called "The Little book of Calm"....That help?..." He asked as he put down his wine lollypop and held up a small but thick book full of self help tips, like Lavender in bathwater and the such.
"Light Arts, just across from the Dark Arts section in the back. And the notebooks are with the stationary equipment." The Trainee said, clearly knowing more about what the drow was after then the owner did.

Slindis also heard someone behind her in a Supermarket uniform scoff "Cheap cowhide my ass..." as he seemed eager to buy that notebook she dismissed so easily.

That much is certain... Shawn and Kent Paul.
Location: Caligula's Palace (Main Floor), The Strip
Time: There is none

While the Wanderer was a god among the second hand cards in New Vegas, he found that it didn't translate well to the clean first hand cards of Las Venturas.
"Your Hand is Dead, sir." soon became the most hated word in the english language for Shawn as he found his luck ran short as he was dealt countless 2's and 3's, only getting a face card whenever he didn't want it.
"Might I suggest that Sir tries a Lower Stakes table?" The dealer earnestly suggested as he watched the chips at the Wanderer's table dwindle.
While the Casino didn't have robots, the Wanderers PER stat tipped him off to the countless cameras around him.
Strangely though, he noticed that despite their locations on the walls, they were all avoiding looking at his table for some reason...

"I hate casinos".Shawn and Kent Paul.
Location: Caligula's Palace (Main Floor), The Strip
Time: There is too much.

After having the unluckiest time in the Casino, Shawn could see and feel the cameras around him. With his suspicions rising, the Wanderer felt his luck implant itching and his lucky shades letting out a bad vibe. The luck in this place was doing nothing to the heart of the cards. With both suspicions and sixth sense of his internal and external items, Shawn knew something was wrong with the card games.

("So that is how they make their money.") Shawn thought. At the table, the Wanderer smiled as he eyes glowed. "Why don't you tell me what trips you have been using to cheat me out of my money before I decorate this Casino with your blood and intestines." Shawn whispered to the dealer as he placed a couple more chips in. "Also you yell, everyone dies. You guys are terrible at searching for weapons." Shawn remarked at the fact that they couldn't take away Shawn's invisible item bank.

[Terrifying Presence perk activated]

Rising Dawn: Outside David A's Room: Angelus, Devon

Angelus gave a small smile when she found herself joined by the bard again, slightly relieved to see that Devon had decided to venture out of the Rising Dawn and join the rest of the crew. However, her expression took a turn for the concerned when she noticed her son's pact partner had taken a turn for the concerned; Caim and Cadolbolg too enamoured in some kind of activity, and began walking faster to wherever the Tonberry was off to.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Ella, Hadrian, Jenny, Cz, Cutie Bruisers, Caim, Angelus

Cadolbolg's eyes lit up at seeing the coins and pointed, "Look, he left some here! Maybe we can play the game too?"

Caim looked around the area, and watched as other people began putting coins into the machines and pulling the lever to get a result. With a shrug, the warrior sat at the machine and said, "It can't hurt. Now, keep in mind we're only using the coins here, understand? I don't know where we're supposed to get more of them..."

The turtle dragon baby's eyes lit up with excitement, just barely clinging to Caim's shoulder as the Prince loaded a coin into the slot. With a pull of the lever by the turtle dragon baby, the two watched as the machine began to light up, all sorts of noises and bells emanating from the machine, which in turn left both Caim and Cadolbolg equal parts confused and transfixed.


"Ooph! What the- Where did she go?! Uh oh."

Ton Ton took a step back, a little wary of the security guard; especially now that he was towering over the Tonberry. Still, this being a time the party was supposed to relax, Ton Ton tried to opt for a more peaceful solution. Pointing back the way he came, he asked, "You want me to leave, right? I'll just see my way out. I don't want any trouble..."

"Ton Ton? What's going on here?"

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia, David, Shadow, Teri

Teri gave a nervous laugh, "You couldn't be more right, Mel. I'm a Walmart, not a mine! I bet if I tried to poof anything like Adamantine, I'd be wiped. Now, back to business. With David on setting up everything and Dad fetching Mom, that leaves us on cooking duty. Do you know any kinds of foods mom likes to have, like spicy foods or sweet things? Better yet, you know of any sort of stuff she'd eat as a treat? Like, say, a really indulgent cake once in a blue moon after a really hard mission?"

The Cleric rubbed her hands together after mentioning this, clearly looking forward to the process to come. Maybe Melethia's sister just had a thing for good food? She did get a bit dewy eyed where seared cow was concerned, after all...

Four Dragons: Caim, Ella, Hadrian, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, Cz, Jenny

Caim watched as the reels rolled in front of him as 2 sets of cherries lined up, causing the machine to flash before dropping 5 coins in the tray as a result.
As he collected them, he saw that the more coins he put into it, the greater the play off would be, as well as a list of Possible Payouts

Whatever he did, he won, But the real question was: Would he keep playing?

The Usher meanwhile looked at the Tonberry as Angelus came in.
"Listen...Whatever you are. Either show me that you're over 21 or leave." He said before the Dragoness inquired as to what was going on.
"This one of yours? Just the entertainment in this particular part of the resort is more intended for..."Older" Audiences. Can't really let kids in, if you understand what I'm saying." He explained, figuring the content involved didn't need much in the way of explanation.

Shawn is really hotheaded, ain't he? Shawn and Kent Paul.
Location: Caligula's Palace (Main Floor), The Strip
Time: There is too much.

The dealer was confused at first by what Shawn was saying, but the way in which he said it.
The hapless employee gulped as Shawn bought in again and was dealt his cards.
"....Look man, I got student loans to pay off. You think I like doing this either? I wanted to be a doctor!" He said as Shawn was dealt the first good hand since he got here, a 10 and a King.
The dealer looked around before adding "Listen, you should just get out. The guys here don't take kindly to heroes and people who are tight with their money. I'll break you even, then you need to go. Deal?"
Judging by how he was shaking, the Terrifying Presence perk worked, though he eyed out any possible Casino guards, wanting to get away from the madman who just threatened to kill him.

Well, he does live in the Apocalypse and usually kills everyone who wrongs him. Shawn and Kent Paul.
Location: Caligula's Palace (Main Floor), The Strip
Time: There is too much.

Sighing afterwards, Shawn looked at his cards and shook his head. "Honestly I know this place is ran by mobsters, my goal is to take their money." Shawn whispered again as he played his hand. "Slip me a keycard under a card and I'll split some with you after I case this joint." The Wanderer attempted to gain more access to this place.

In his plan, Shawn needed a way to get around and a card would be better then going through security and killing many other people. After that he would pay for a room and stay for a bit before he changes his clothes to something non-suspicious and rob the casino. If anyone gets in his way, depending on who they are and side with they may get a paralyzing palm to the face or a punch to the gut that would tear them apart.

True Dat Shawn.
Location: Caligula's Palace (Main Floor), The Strip
Time: There is too much.

"ARE YOU INSANE?!" The Dealer protested, seeing what Shawn was asking basically boiled down to asking him to betray the mob.
"[sub]Dude, if I do that, I'm fucking dead anyway! You can-[sub] Huh?" He said before one of the pit bosses came down.
"Hey kid, mind running as far as the Staff Room for me?" He asked, causing the poor student to nearly shit himself as he slowly walked over, right before a pair of large bouncers followed him.
"Sir, this table is now closed. Have a nice day." The boss then said as he followed the trio off the floor.
A quick PER check showed that the Cameras were now turning back into place.

Rising Dawn: On the Las Venturas Streets: Ella, Hadrian

The two looked around and found a good number of bars along the Strip. Seems that it was well worth it for the casinos to have a way to keep their patrons liquored up. "Maybe we could look for one where they aren't playing Aerosmith for starters? That's usually a good sign that it might be a better bar."

Four Dragons: Ella, Hadrian, Jenny, Cz, Cutie Bruisers, Caim, Angelus, Devon

Devon had taken a good bit longer to get to where Angelus was (mostly due to the new Armor he was getting used to), but the tension in the area led to him speaking up. "I'm terribly sorry about my younger brother running off here. He's just so curious about the place, and he's certainly a handful to keep an eye on."

Rising Dawn: Black Books: Slindis, Bernard Black

"Here, have it. If you don't believe my statement, you can have someone appraise it yourself." She followed the Trainee in the back after accepting the book from Bernard. She did take a little bit of time to get exactly what she wanted (I mean, who would need these outrageous colors of ink, and what in Tira's name was a 'gel' pen supposed to write with?), but she eventually got back up to the counter with a few large journals and some simple pens in tow.

"Would this cover it?" She went to her bag and meant to pull out a few gold pieces, but was a bit shocked when she instead pulled out a few pieces of slightly stiff green paper. There's no way that they'll accept this!

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia, David, Shadow, Teri

Melethia was stumped where it came to the question, but she could tell that Teri was really looking forward to something. "I dunno... maybe we could try something a bit like a spicy? It could be worth a try." Her mom might not like it, but it was better than not trying at all.

Las Venturas, "Black Books": Slindis, Bernard Black, ???

The Man in the S-mart uniform glared at the book as he was handed it.
"...We meet again..." He said to the book as Slindis paid for her materials, Bernard being more than willing to accept that Stiff Green Paper.
"And your change: Don't come back." He said, clearly showing why he preferred to have other people doing his job for him, as he gave her back a few lesser notes and a few copper coins.
Before she could say anything, the sound of a engine starting followed by the noise of a Chainsaw filled the entire store.
"WHO'S LAUGHING NOW!?! MUHAHAHAHAHA!" The Crazed S-Mart employee shouted as he brought down his weapon atop the Book Slindis gave him, shedding it's pages and tearing it's "Leather" into small bits that flew about the shop.
"...Ahhhhh...That felt good..." He then said before leaving, not explaining a single thing about what just happened and leaving the book a pile of paper strips on the ground.
"...Did he have that coming in?..." Bernard asked as he tried to figure out what the hell just happened.

Rising Dawn: Slindis's room: Rugal

"Slindis, Mind if I come in?...Slindis?..." Rugal asked as he knocked on the door to the Drow's room back on the ship.
After he didn't get an answer, he opened the door (It was unlocked?) to find the room was empty and that she was nowhere to be found.
"...Slindis?...." He asked, starting to get rather concerned, given the mindset she was in when he left her.
Bringing up his ring he asked "Slindis, Where are you? You still on the ship?"

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia, David, Teri

Meanwhile, David felt like a right git, lighting candles and dimming lights as he set the room up.
God, I hope this works. Or at the very least, she doesn't tell anyone. Wouldn't be able to face UNIT after this... He thought, worried about what becoming a Spa Boy would do to his reputation.
Once he was gone, he came out dusting his hands.
"Right, Guest of Honor here yet?" He asked Teri and Melethia.

Four Dragons: Ella, Hadrian, Jenny, Cz, Cutie Bruisers, Caim, Angelus, Devon

"Look, more shinies!"

Caim looked over the payout listing and counted out the 5 coins in his hand, "It seems that the more we put up to bet, the more that will come out. I bet we'd get more if we used more.... You want to try more than 1?"

The turtle-dragon baby looked it over, and picked up one coin for himself, "I want to keep one. But let's try two?"

The mute gave a small shrug, and put two coins in the machine and let Cadolbolg pull the lever again; curious about this strange light machine. If anything, it was entertaining to Cadolbolg, and that much was what made Caim enjoy the exercise. As the slot machine began to spin, Caim wondered quietly what purpose these coins held in the casino. Why did people put so much value on them, if at all?


As soon as Ton Ton saw Devon and Angelus, the Tonberry hopped on Devon's shoulder and said, "Me and Ms. Constance wandered in here cause we were just exploring. Then she disappeared, and this guy told us we weren't allowed. I wasn't aware of an age restriction, or that I was causing any trouble... Sorry."

Angelus gave the worker a nod, "As the little one says, this was obviously a misunderstanding. We'll be taking him out of your hair now. Devon, Ton Ton?"

After leading the two out of the "adult entertainment" area, Angelus gave an exasperated sigh, "Next time we go to a place like this, do try to be a bit more careful, hmn? I thought there was a bit more trouble than a simple mixup, given what I was gleaning from your pact signal..."

Ton Ton shrunk against Devon's side, clearly embarrassed to have caused so much trouble with the place he just wandered into.

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia, David, Shadow, Teri

When David wandered back in, Teri gave a small nod to Melethia's answer, and answered the both, "Dad hasn't grabbed Mum yet, and we're still trying to pick out a dish to make for Mum. The only real lead I have so far is she likes hot foods, maybe. So, with that in mind, I think we should make something good and simple, but somewhat spicy, and have a desert to finish it off."

She began pacing round the room, thinking of spicy foods off of the top of her head, "Hmn... Spicy foods... Well, there's chili? No, too every day... There's also curry. That can be made to be indulgent, depending upon what you put in it. AHA!"

Clapping her hands together, the Cleric spun around and said in an excited tone, "That's it! We can make her a nice curry and rice dish, and then cool off the heat with an indulgent ice cream desert, like a sundae! Milk is really helpful to take the edge off of spicy stuff; so it's perfect! ...Right?"

She sat there, waiting for her friend's responses with a tiny hint of impatience. It had been forever since Teri had been able to stretch her cooking muscles, but it was fairly obvious to David, Shadow and Melethia that she was looking forward to the exercise, as mundane as it was. In fact, this was probably the most excited either had seen the Cleric, up to this point.

Four Dragons: Ella, Hadrian, Jenny, Cz, Cutie Bruisers, Caim, Angelus, Devon

He patted the tonberry's side. "I didn't expext you to know everything there was about Las Veg-Venturas, so it's no problem. Just try to be a little bit more careful next time, okay?" He hoped that Angelus hadn't noticed the slip=up, but it wasn't too likely with his luck.

Rising Dawn: Black Books: Slindis, Bernard Black

After getting out of that extremely off bookstore, Slindis got the contact over the Ring. "I'm currently handling some personal business off the ship." SHe didn't really mention that she'd left solely for writing materials, and she didn't know what the reaction would have been if Rugal found that out.

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia, David, Shadow, Teri

In a contrast to her sister, Melethia seemed a good bit more unsure of herself. "I'm sorry I couldn't give you guys much that was helpful... I didn't see her that much back home. She was always busy with something."

Avatar Adventure
Location: Four Dragons | Las Venturas

Cz | Jenny

After a good hour Cz stopped and turned around toward Jenny. She shook and her head and sighed. "Honestly, I'm lost. I am very much used to farm villages and clean organized imperial cities. Not so much the hustle and bustle of these neon lights and scantily clad women." Cz frowned as she cast a sidelong glace to survey the area they were in. It was still red and gaudy and smelled heavily of cigarette smoke. Waitresses hurried from one client to another and the patrons were busy at their slots or cards. No one even bothered to look at Cz, with her small frame and scruffy hair.

Cz shifted her weight and crossed her arms, "I think we should go catch up with that kitten-vampire thing."

Rising Dawn: Slindis's room: Rugal

Hiding his relief that she didn't do anything drastic, Rugal sent back "Oh Alright, just you weren't in your room. We were looking for you, Meet us back at the Simulator when you get back. No rush, take your time. Rugal, Out.".
With her most likely on her way back, he quickly doubled back to the Simulator to finish things up before she returned.

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia, David, Teri

"Don't sweat it, Mel. It's still more than we know." David said to elf as he rustled her hair a little with his hand.
It was then that Teri went about about Curry and Rice and Milk and things that flew over David's head.
"...Hey, don't look at me. All I know is how to peel a spud." David said as Teri went all psycho chef on them, Still, it was nice to see her acting...Normal-ish.
Rugal then paced in saying "Right, she sneaked out a while back, but she'll be returning soon. We all set here?"
"More or less, Boss. Just wondering what Backdrop to use. I was thinking "Warm Beach"." David replied as he went to set the environment in the simulator.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Four Dragons | Las Venturas

Cz | Jenny

While Jenny didn't mind following Cz around, her change from a child with a bare understanding of english to this suddenly more articulated person confused her.
"Yeah...W-we'll do that. Just mind if I ask something?..." She murmured as she asked the loaded question.
"What's with the way you talk? I mean, it's nice that you can speak full english, but if you can, why didn't you earlier?..." She asked, in-directly prodding at the Warnings that Titania stated.
"I mean, don't think I'm upset or anything, just a bit curious is all."

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