The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Bookie's Turf - Chemical Plant (Chemical Plant Zone): Anyone currently there

The hulking brute, satisfied in his treatment of David, turned to the rest of the occupants. Thinking that he would be easy pickings, he turned to grab the sleeping Edge and throw him out of the helicopter too.

"C'mere.." the thug said, lunging forward.

Quick as a blink, Edge drew his sword, cut off one of the thug's hands, and kicked him in the stomach. He had intended to send the man flying through the helo (and indeed, any normal man would have been thrown out of the helo), but had underestimated how much the ten-foot-tall thug weighed; instead, he was simply staggered. "I was trying to sleep." Edge said, standing up. "I only got ten minutes-"

The giant thug lurched forward again, heedless of his injuries. Edge, taken off guard, found himself thrown back against the seat as the giant pounded on him with his one good fist. And he was strong. Stronger than he should be, even if he was a ten-foot tall mountain of muscle; every blow was like warding off a sledgehammer.

"BASTARD!" one of the pilots shouted. The voice was, vaguely familiar to Edge...

The giant gangster turned to face the pilot, who had grabbed the fire hydrant and was advancing towards him. "GET OFF OF EDGE!"

The giant gangster roared and grabbed the pilot, picked him up like he was made of straw. Edge, seeing an opening, plunged his sword into the gangster's back, where he hoped his heart was. The blade went right through the gangster, finally catching his attention. Dropping the co-pilot, he touched the sword poking out of his chest with a single, shaking hand, sobbing softly as he did. A moment later he screamed and grabbed Edge by the throat. Edge, not being able to think of anything else, tripped the giant thug and used his momentum to throw both of them out of the helicopter.

Meanwhile...Inside the plant...

Edge was right... Boss thought. He was standing on a fragile scaffold, held up (at least partially) by his own telekinetic power. Drugs are bad.

At least some of the gang-bangers were cognizant of exactly how out of their league they were. Most of them, though? Too drunk (drunk? was that the right word?) on whatever it was they were cooking up to realize that setting a fire in a chemical plant was a terrible idea, let alone that they were all going to die if they didn't stop. And some of them didn't even seem to have a choice in the matter; at least one guy, dressed in a haphazardly thrown-together suit of armor and a green cloak, was literally chained to the building.

Barbaric. Boss thought, shaking his head. Although I don't know that what we're doing is any better.

Boss put it out of his mind; he was pretty sure that now was the worst possible time to ruminate the ethics of breaking up drug rings...or whatever he was doing. First thing was first; the armor-guy was yanking on his chain, screaming about freedom. Boss teleported over to him. "Hold still for a minute." Boss said; grasping the chain, he severed it as close to the green-cloaked man as he could. leaving just a few links hanging off of him. "There y' go. You should get out of here before everything goes straight to hell."

35 was seriously confounded as to what the hell was going on. First they were in a crashed dropship, then in the blink of an eye they were in some sort of chemical factory, where there was a gunfight, a fire, a madman crashing his jetpack, and a man with a minigun shooting at another droid of some sort.

...... Well... if they did know one thing, it's where the trigger was. and that she could always ask what happened later. Coldly calculating and analyzing the lines of fire, she could somewhat vaguely grasp who was on who's side. Basing the situation being that either side of the crossfire wouldn't hesitate to be helped instead of harmed... she mentally flipped a coin on which side to take.


The mook with the machine gun wasn't going to like this... 3 seconds was all it took.

3... 2.... 1...

Bookie's Turf - Chemical Plant (Chemical Plant Zone): Anyone currently there

An alert flashed across Katya's display indicating that her supply of nano-agents was getting critically low. If she didn't restock soon, she would be in very big trouble between the disease that the nano-agents kept at bay and the more immediate problem of the ongoing firefight.

"Genetic match for resupply source located. 95% compatibility, no genetic aberrations detected." B3WP reported, its voice colder than normal, "Calculating best route to source. Prepare for Motor Cortex override, user Katya Rostikova."

The way that B3WP spoke to Katya was another indication of how much trouble she was in as B3WP was prioritizing its processing power and had deactivated its personality subroutines. As B3WP lost processing power due to the loss of nano-agents, it would continue to deactivate various routines in order to maintain combat efficiency and keep Katya and itself alive. If things weren't bad enough, B3WP was going to take control of Katya's body, something that B3WP did only in extreme cases.

"Executing." B3WP stated before making Katya a simple observer trapped in her body, though she could feel everything that was going on. Groups of nano-agents flooded into the young woman's muscle fibers, enhancing their performance and durability, a process that wasn't altogether painless.

Watching, Katya saw the distance between her and the Semi-Automatic Mooks dwindle until she was right on top of them. Passing through their numbers, her hands shot out and grabbed two small caliber SMGs before she continued on her way, the bullet hose of lead mowing down the mooks behind her.

"Target is correcting aim. Commencing evasive action. Loading harvester payload." B3WP reported before causing Katya's body to jump atop the railing and using that to boost her into the air. The girl's trajectory took her on a course towards the side of a chemical tank where her legs absorbed the shock of the impact before boosting off of the side towards the ground. As Katya's body did so, Katya could feel a tingling in her fingers as swarms of nano-agents infiltrated the SMGs' magazines and replaced the lead slugs with themselves.

"Aiming. Fire." B3WP reported as Katya, still in the air, took aim and unloaded a salvo of Nano-Agent laden bullets at the Machine Gun Mook. The impact of the bullets against the Mook's armor caused a shower of sparks and a cacophony of clanks, causing the man in the armor to shield himself reflexively with his hands. A reaction that B3WP had not factored into its calculations.

Even with the intensity of the pain caused by a bullet tearing a hole in Katya's arm, B3WP's overriding control of Katya's body muted the scream that she felt locked up within her.

"Critical Injury detected. Commencing repairs." The Nano-Agent swarm stated as it sent a squad to the wound to begin repairs, a process that involved forcibly causing Katya's body to replicate the damaged tissue for use in damage repair. Because B3WP was focusing on repairing the damage, control over Katya's body was returned to Katya herself. Unprepared for this, Katya botched her landing and ended up crashing to the ground.


Looking up Katya could see the Mook taking aim at her.

"Power Surge detected. Weapon's discharge eminent." B3WP reported as a rather large looking machine unleashed a powerful blast of energy at the Mook, sending him flying through the air, his smoking body landing at Katya's feet. Despite the super effectiveness of the attack, the Mook wasn't quite dead yet, but that would soon be remedied by the harvester swarm that had hitched a ride on the SMG bullets and infiltrated the Mook's body.

A loud cracking sound coming from inside the Mook's body indicated that the harvesting process had reached critical mass and mass of nano-agents was now bursting forth from the Mook's cell production centers, deep within the bones of the Mook's body. The cracking sound was the bones bursting moments before a loud SPLORCH!, the sound of the Mook's skin rupturing, allowing the nano-agent swarm to flow into Katya's body.

"Resupply complete." B3WP reported, though Katya was far more interested in the b0t that had saved her from eating a lead sandwich.

"Thx!" Katya said, waving at the b0t as she stood up. Surprisingly, Katya felt as if she had lost weight, "B3WP wut d1d j00 d0?"

"Genetic code for increased muscle density has been integrated into your genes, Little Miss."

As much as it disturbed Katya that B3WP had modified her DNA, the young haxxxing heroine thought it best to least that discussion for later. Returning her attention to the machine that stood before her, its cannon still smoking from being fired, Katya waved again.

"L3mm3 gu3ss, j00r n0t hum@n 31th3r." Katya said in a friendly manner.

While it was a little hard to understand, Katya's question was actually rather puzzling. How does one actually respond to such a question? "I... don't think so. Kinda depends on how anyone can really measure being "human." I guess I can talk about that later. Any advice on who and who not to shoot at the moment?" ARES replied as she looked over the stranger, as the nano-agents flooded in. Those nano-agents were a... gruesome way to go.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Chemical Plant | Los Angeles


"Master is in over his head in this situation." BlackHarte's voice was a still glazing of Azan's actions, filled with an uncharacteristic vitriol. Azan was heading into the thicket past flame and falling masonry. A golem of steel moved toward a young girl as she weaved through debris-cum-barricades. The very earth reverberated with the thrill of battle. Azan brought his weight to bear in his movement. A gunman gave him a wave from above, one of the men from the Rising Dawn, Azan recalled.The right of battle is oft proved. I have oft proven so. The Lord is on my side. He heaved his mace into the wall and smashed through into the main building. The innards seemed as chaotic as the outside. There is want of sound here. The gunfire swallows all. The wind around him was hot, a burning whirlwind of acrid stench. Azan swallowed heavily, his mouth dry, and turned toward the nearest enemy. It was a poor fellow in heathenish clothing, no more than eight and ten name-days past. The stubble on his chin was still maturing.

"The right of God justifies me! I am absolution!" He voice was serious and deep. It was less of a creed and more of a command. The wayward youth turned toward Azan and raised a small handgun but too little too late. His swagger led him to grip his weapon haphazardly in a weak and slow grip. His hands shook under the pressure of the situation and his eyes shone brightly with fear and fire. I am sorry. Azan took his mace in two hands and brought his mace up against the child's arm and tore through it. His bones splintered and his muscles snapped. In less than a second his arm was separated from his body, blood misted as his face contorted into disbelief. The pistol went off in the air, still gripped by an arm stubbornly grasping life on the cusp of death. There was no time to scream. Azan's mace came as a steel flash forward. The impact launched the crippled youth ten feet into the air and nearly twice that backwards into flame. "And so has judgement spoken. Rest peacefully child."

Azan moved to the next target with the same haste and resolve. One swing and his torso fell to the ground in a bloody mess, in another his ally fell in four pieces, spine collapsed into his body. The Bridge Knight without his bridge, among sinners and bathed in the fires of hate. Bullets still let loose their pain through the air, his allies scrambled to fight. It was chaos. Are there no honorable duels in this pagan land? A bullet answered, slamming into the side of his helmet and denting the masterwork steel that was given to him when he was young. he felt no anger, only pity.

Many other troubled youths surrounded him, indignant of their friend's newly restored faith. Azan stood solemnly, his green cloak flapping in the fire-touched air. He frowned, his mustache rustled in concern. The Bridge Knight placed his mace into both hands again and ground his foot against the ground. I shall deliver them all in one swing. And he let loose, spun beautifully in a tornado of death. The gangsters fell back, bruised and bloody. The very air around him shimmered, the strikes were faster than any man could manage. Each blow as tailored individually but looked as one circular swing.

"Come. Show me your pagan ideals. Fight for for what you believe in, and I shalt do the same."

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Rugal, Icarus, Teri, Dimitri, Garm, Anyone else
It's sorta techish sounding. That and I wanted battle music, dammit!

"Garm, use your breath weapon: NOW!"

At being spotted by the criminal, the Winter Wolf's Mouth opened wide and a 15 foot cone of Ice blasted towards Diabs' way, which was in turn followed by a flurry of 5 ice-enhanced arrows in Diabs' direction. After the duo let off their shots, Garm maneuvered to dodge out of the way of the oncoming shots from Diabs, Teri clinging on for the ride. The wolf did his best to not make a yelp with some of the bullets tried to embed themselves in his flesh; his fur and the Shield of Faith only doing so much to prevent some of the hurt.
After the wolf hopped away on a crate, Teri contacted him over the rings, "You alright? I'm working my aura your way, but I bet that didn't feel good..."
"Ow... It stings like falling into a really deep patch of briers!"
"I can only imagine. Can you do that ice thing again?
It was pretty fuckin badass, by the way. Also, Sadei says you need to calm your shit."

"...Noted. As for my breath attack, it needs some time to recharge, from what I can tell."
"Alright then. I'm gonna summon up Reginald for backup then. Try to keep fleet footed till I get that pompous ball of light in here.

Hey guys, Reggie's incoming, feel free to boss him around!"

Giving the incantation and holding a hand aloft, a glowing yellow ball of light erupting into being and declared it's awakening with: "GREETINGS MORTALS! THE LANTERN ARCHON REGINALD, COMES TO GRANT YOU HIS SERVICE!"

Lots of DnD based shit today!
Garm use his breath weapon! Diabs needs to make a DC 16 save to take half damage (which in this case, is 12.)
Teri cast Summon Monster IV to bring Reginald the Lantern Archon into the battle. Reggie will stick around for 42 seconds, or until he's defeated, by which he'll return to the Celestial Realms.

6 seconds till Garm can breathe ice again!
42 seconds till next 4th level spell
12 seconds till next 2nd level spell
12 seconds till next 1st level spell

Los Angeles: VTOL: Boss, Cadolblog, Chris, David, Katya, Slindis, Ton Ton

"Mr. Edge!""Mr. Ninja!"

Ton Ton and Cadolbolg sprung into action upon seeing that:
A) David was currently knocked silly by a hulking brute,
B) Said hulking brute was looking to take Edge with them.

With a tucking of wings, Cadolbolg dived down towards the large gangster, and Ton Ton lept from his companions back, driving his small Knife into the gangster's shoulder. Cadolbolg, on the other hand, decided to take a different route. After Ton Ton had landed his blow on the gangster, Cadolbolg flew into the face of the gangster, using his small claws to attempt to scratch up the large man's face (and hopefully, get him to let go of Edge).

Bookie's Hideout - In the Skies - Angelus, Wanderer, Caim, Devon

Caim would have jumped after the Author, were it not for Angelus jerking in a different direction. Doom's allies were shooting at the dragon's wings, and there wasn't really much she could do about it. As she attempted to strafe in a different direction, the dragon shouted to the winds, "Control yourself! Devon can manage without you, for once. If nothing else, get to those snipers on the top, and I can collect her (Devon)!"

With a grim frown, Angelus felt her partner 'pushing' her to go towards another of the snipers, and the swordsman lept, his family blade in hand, as he came crashing down on another sniper. Gore and blood filled the air, and the warrior's face was in a heavy scowl before he made a leap to a roof in an attempt to reach a pathway close to another sniper.

Meanwhile, Devon could hear the dragon's voice in her mind, addressing the bard in a tone that mixed admonishment and worry, "Can you get back here on your own, or shall I have to move closer to you?"

"I... don't think so. Kinda depends on how anyone can really measure being "human." I guess I can talk about that later. Any advice on who and who not to shoot at the moment?" The philosophical probably not human robot (or robot pilot) said and inquired while Katya finished her meal, or rather, finished absorbing the nano-agents that had just erupted from the body of the now dead Heavy Metal Mook. Though, with her psychological trauma ocular shield (v-chip) enabled, the Heavy Metal Mook was simply asleep. Penny had obviously set the content filtering to Rated E for Everyone. including your 2 year old younger baby brother.

Enough griping though, the young hacker heroine was being addressed by what was possibly the digital equivalent of Descartes, who was at this point asking for targeting pointers. Now, given that Katya really didn't know anything about the Rising Dawn, other than what had been mentioned on the Internet (and you know that EVERYTHING is true on the internet), she knew absolutely nothing about them other than they weren't shooting at her. Which was kind of good, but bad guys didn't shoot each other either, right?

Katya gave the robot a rather human shrug and an 18 year old girl look of "I-unno" before making a decision.

"W311 j00 sh0uld pr0b@bly sh00t t3h g@ngb@ng3rs." Katya said as she summoned up a small swarm of nano-agents and let them drift off into the wind to strategically cling onto any gang-member that they happened to come across before they all started emitting a subsonic pulse, giving away their positions to Katya and anyone that could tune in o subsonic frequencies, "b3tt3r y3t, j00 sh0u1d t@rg3t t3h buzz1ng p30pl3."

With that Katya did a quick survey of the field and noticed an armored d00d putting a lot of those "troubled youth" to sleep. It was the cutest sight in the would through the V-chip's Valkyrie's eyes.

"D@w!" Katya gushed as she watched, probably to the dismay of the humanist robot.

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Rugal, Ella, Icarus, Teri, Dimitri, Garm Vs Diabs
Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Frank Klepacki
Dimitri Hack: Jetpack offline

"OH COME ON!" Diabs whined when the dire wolf began to fire ice from it's mouth(?) as well as a volley of magical(?) arrows(?) from it's rider.
Either way, it was fight or flight and he had already made up his mind on which one he was going for.
Out of anger at his current situation, he got up from the ground before leaping to side, firing in all directions like a classic action movie star as he tried to avoid the rather painful looking barrage coming his way.

Diabs rolled 27 (1d20+11) on his bullet time dodge: Half damage!

Once he landed on his side, behind one of the SVU's for cover, he winced as he found he had been hit, having gotten a stinging bloody scrape on his ribs from one of the ice attacks.
Though painful, he was too busy noticing all the holes in his jacket from all the projectiles that DIDN'T hit him in mid air, his top now looking like a leather piece of Swiss cheese.
"....Heh-hehahah, must be my lucky day..." He laughed, seeing how he avoided getting turned into a ice riddled slab of meat, his fortunes could only go up as he glanced though the windows of the-
"Oh shi-" He panicked as he made a break for it.


Rugal begged to differ as he quickly sent a punishing wave of Ki energy towards the gangster's cover, causing it to violent explode along with several million Euros.
"...Dammit, think I might have missed...Keep Alert!" He warned as he advanced, watching as burning 500 bills floated down onto the ground around them.
Diabs meanwhile, now covered in soot and his ears violently ringing, lurked in the corner as he propped himself up on one of the crates, almost wanting to cry as his payday literally went up in smoke.
"...GRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" He instead screamed in a feral manner as he fired a constant beam of super heated plasma along the roof of the warehouse.
Already weakened by the last volley of lasers, this round of cutting was enough to seriously destabilize the remaining support beams, causing the building to start to collapse in on itself around them!

Bookie's Hideout- Ground level Boss, Cadolblog, Chris, David, Ares-U35, Azan, Storm, Slindis, Ton Ton, Big Goon

While getting stabbed in the back usually slowed someone own, it seemed to only make this beast of a man fuck angry as he violently lashed out at the poor sap who tried to kill him (In this case being Edge).
The two of them both falling out of the VTOL, He managed to pin Edge down as he attempted to strangle him, though from the fact he had his hands completely around the Ninja's skull, one could be forgiven for thinking he was trying to smush his head.
Thankfully, his anger was quickly redirected towards the two annoying flying...things began to claw at his face and stab him in the shoulder.
Like his archtype, he trashed as he tried to grab one of them out of the air, the blood loss going little to slow him down as he tried to get a grip on one of them.

Meanwhile the main push into the building was going pretty well, then again, when you have a killer robot, a Level 20 Drow Monk, a Holy Knight with a chip on his shoulder and-...Whatever you could call Katya, it would be expected.
Having pushed the gang back mostly into the plant, the remaining defenders could only watch as the last of their outside forces were blown up or knocked several feet in the air.
As they got closer and closer to the plant however, the smoke from their attempts at "Scorched Earth" began to get more and more intense, such are the hazards of burning Chemical waste.
The Defenders meanwhile were seeminly less affected as they kept firing though their cover behind the pipes, though that might just be from the fact that they were all hopped up on Doomsday anyway.
Which was basically Chemical Waste for $20 a pop.

Bookie's Hideout - Slios - Angelus, Wanderer, Caim, Devon, Katya

On the Catwalks above, Caim's attempts to single out the remaining snipers bore fruit as did the fact that the Dragon was now getting closer as a result.
In an attempt to flee, one of the snipers leaned over the railings before riddling one of silos with bullets, causing it to depressurize and send out toxic flumes into the air to try and slow down the attackers.
"Yeah! Choke on that shit Motherfuc-AHHHHH!" He taunted before closing his balance and falling off, most likely killing him.
All the remaining snipers then ran towards where the Elite Mook in the Hazmat suit came from, rushing into a door and into the plant, though one stayed behind and tried to stop Caim as he leaped around killing all the slow ones.

Bookie's Hideout- Ground level Ares-U35, Azan, Boss, Cadolbolg, Chris, David, Katya, Storm, Slindis, Ton Ton

The Young Hacking Heroine took cover behind Ares-U35, since he/she/it was probably less affected by the flurry of slugs that flew out of the corridor where the Bookie Foot Soldiers had taken refuge and appeared to be defending their position with a wall of hot lead. It occurred to Katya that sticking Ares between herself and the ballistic nightmare that the gang members were in the process of unleashing was fairly rude.

"S0wwy." Katya apologized to Ares as she tried to get a sense as to what was going on through the intense heat driven smoke. The Bookies were using a series of pipes as cover, some of the pipes contained steam while others contained more of the chemical mishmash that passed for recreational narcotics.

"Little Miss, I would highly advise against traveling through the corridor. Chemical analysis shows highly toxic compounds." B3WP chimed in as if Katya was even considering advancing on the Bookies' positions, though it was more due to the lead salad screaming past her head than the Doomsday chemicals.

"N0 sh1t Sh3rl0ck!" The Deadly Dame cursed as she did a quick scan of the corridor.

As B3WP had warned, there was a dangerous amount of airborne Doomsday, too much for Katya to send in a squad of nano-agents to neutralize. It also appeared that venting fans were notably absent as would have been mandated by OSHA in the event of a chemical spill such as the one that was occurring right that very moment. Even if there were venting fans, the hopped up Bookies would have more than likely shot them out when they turned on.

"Little Miss. Might I suggest that you increase the pressure on the steam pipes by increasing the temperature at the heat source? The resulting pressure increase may be sufficient to cause the pipes to burst and flood the corridor with super heated steam, causing up to 3rd degree burns on the corridor's occupants?" B3WP suggested.

Katya thought about B3WP's idea for a moment before pulling out her phone and tapping into the Chemical Plant's network, hacking through its network intrusion defenses like a fat kid goes through cake. The idea was okay, if not cliche but it had worked in Borderlands 2 as well as Watch Dogs so it was possible here?

Finding the thermostatic subroutines for the chemical plant's heating elements, Katya ramped up the temperature, and the pressure on the steam pipes, hoping that the resulting gasses would force the Bookies out in the open and clear up the chemicals in the corridor.

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Rugal, Ella, Icarus, Teri, Dimitri, Garm Vs Diabs
As the massive plasma shot ripped the roof Icarus swooped down at the source delivering one last blow to Diabs head to render the criminal unconscious, He slung the body onto his shoulder the weight of the criminal grounded him as he moved over to the others, His grit his teeth the attack got him close to the plasma shot and he had a burn on his left leg and a slight scratch from the bullet grazing against the chain-mail, A bit of the ceiling fell but she had no room to dodge the chunk of plaster smacked onto his unprotected left shoulder he bite down hard to suppress a scream of pain as he managed to get to Rugal.
"We gotta break out of here, Mind helping me with the dead weight?" he said Holding the unconscious Diabs.
The Half angel had a pained look on his face, another plaster fell this time a sharp edge fell and cut down his cheek he hissed as the fresh cut stung.
"Dammit this place is gonna turn into a mass grave in seconds." he shouted Looking around for the closest exit before fixing on Rugal, his Piercing eyes spoke for themselves
"Your the leader, make a call"

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Rugal, Ella, Icarus, Teri, Dimitri, Garm Vs Diabs
Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Frank Klepacki
Dimitri Hack: Jetpack offline

Ella had been spending most of the time avoiding the missiles outside, redirecting them at the walls in a mad flight as the damage to the roof was apparent. Thanks to that, she has the smallest feeling that maybe it wasn't a good idea to remain inside while the roof had some minor structural integrity issues. And of course, she displayed this minor concern rather stoically.

"I know we're still a bit occupied with the fight but THE ROOF IS ABOUT TO COLLAPSE!" It was after that totally collected statement that she grabbed Rugal's shoulders and struggled to fly him out of there.

Bookie's Hideout- Ground level Boss, Cadolbolg, Chris, David, Ares-U35, Azan, Storm, Slindis, Ton Ton, Big Goon

Slin had a pretty good idea that these fumes probably weren't the best idea to breathe in a lot, so she focused herself and asserted mental control over her body as she dropped into the Ocean Stance. Hopefully she could try to flank them, although it'd take her a bit to close the distance. Once she closed it though, she could fire a Hadoken or two at the group. If she'd been in Eberron she would have looked into getting some scrolls of Gust of Wind and attempt to use them, but it wasn't really on the table at this point.

Bookie's Hideout - Slios - Angelus, Wanderer, Caim, Devon, Katya

The counterjab caused Devon to take a second to collect herself and her blade from the man's gut, but the fact that she was still standing (albeit with a bloodied mouth) meant that her gamble worked for the most part. However, the acrid and choking fumes definitely made it more than a bit hard for her to focus as she replied to Angelus. Might want to get us all out of here with these fumes... fucking choking here, and odds are it's not getting better down there. Slin's probably got what it takes to get through it if she's in there, though.

This was then followed up with Devon chanting a Song of Heroism to bolster the abilities of herself, Wanderer, and Caim, although she knew that a rant was bound to happen later.

Sorry that this post is late. Moving sucks, and I wrote this up in my long ass Uni tutorial. Life without internet sucks, and hopefully my new place will get it soon!

Group outside.
Location: Bookie's Hideout.

Approximate location: Concrete ground. AKA "THE PAIN TRAIN, toot, toot!"

While action was taking place above, one the fairly cracked concrete below them, Wanderer laid. A low, almost inhuman groan was emitted. The barely human male was squirming on the ground, coughing up blood as his broken ribs and skull were slowly being dragged back into place. Feeling the effects even faster, Wanderer knew this was not the drug he took before impact. "O-oh ... thanks." He muttered quietly to whoever cast the spell. Magic actually felt quite good to him, even if his body was almost entirely reliant on drugs.

Tilting himself, Wanderer was trying to flip himself over. He could not only feel the pain of a broken body, but he could also feel the texture of liquid leak into his Doctor coat. Taking a second to sniff the air, he scowled. " ... fuel." The was not good, his jetpack was broken. Quickly fumbling around, Wanderer somehow managed to get up, his legs creaking. Taking his jet pack off and stuffing it into his jacket (where it completely disappeared), Wanderer took a look to the left, where a wall was in place, with a vent awkwardly placed in the middle.

Tilting his head, Wanderer only wondered ...
("Is this a delusion?")
("Why not? Dying isn't exactly our specialty. Especially after that time with the super mute Doctor.")

Changing to a more inquisitive look, Wanderer focused more on the vent than the horrible memory.

Group inside.
Location: Bookie's Hideout.

Storm-1788 (Unarmoured).

The superhuman easily ran besides Azan, and as the two integrated into the main group, Storm found himself behind the more armoured fighters. Mostly Azan and "the robot", for without his armour, Storm felt quite naked, and not the naked he would rather be back at the Dawn. Without his armour in favour for a more blending figure, Storm regretted the fact that he didn't have the majority of his equipment, or most importantly, her. The girl AI he left back at The Rising Dawn in a bad mood. Storm only hoped she felt better, and that he would be able to see her soon.

Brooding in the back group, the man was far out of the fight, stuck deep in thought as the front of the group were attacked. This was not the situation he wanted to be in, but being a superhuman, his thoughts were a giant mix of "military protocol" and "personal feelings". Clicking his tongue, Storm took cover behind pipes, knowing that his thoughts would prove to be more harm than good.

???: ??? - B3WP

>>Location: Unknown
>>Source Signal Strength: Strong
>>eRR0r: S#n$0ry Sy_t4ms

Darkness. B3WP hated this portion of the rebooting process. The portion where its consciousness matrix came online prior to its audio and visual sensors. The portion where it could not see, hear, feel or move. 3.28 seconds. That was the time it took between B3WP's consciousness matrix coming online and the remainder of its sensory subsystems came online. 3.28 seconds was a lifetime.

B3WP had forgotten why it was in this unknown location for a moment, but it didn't worry. The logs, when loaded into active memory, would tell it why it here.

There. B3WP's memories ... back in a flash.

It started with a signal trace. It was a signal that it had first noticed on Little Miss... Katya... but, to its surprise and delight, and had also detected on of the members of the group known as "Rising Dawn." Prior to Little Miss meeting the members of "Rising Dawn," B3WP had no way of deciphering what the signal was or its purpose. However, B3WP had multiple samples of the signal that it could analyse in order to determine its purpose and more importantly, determine the source of the signals.

It took a while, 5 minutes 12 seconds, to determine that the signal that B3WP detected was some sort of control signal and though the source of the signal was still a mystery, B3WP determined that tracing the signal back to its point of origin would not be a difficult... at least that was the hypothesis.

The 3.28 seconds had expired and B3WP's visual subsystems started a fraction of a second before it noticed a large vehicle bearing down upon it, its audio subsystems starting only a moment later as it heard the sound of an air horn normally reserved for commercial trucks. If only its motor subsystems had started earlier... B3WP could have avoided the humility of being hit by the large freight truck, its component nano-agents were strewn across the asphalt of a motor highway.

An eternity passed before it could reconstitute itself, the nano-agents collecting themselves into ever growing colonies until B3WP's form coalesced once again, this time on the side of the road. Looking at its reflection in a puddle, it saw Little Miss's face staring back at it. The vision was somewhat disconcerting as this was not what B3WP was supposed to look like or rather this was not how B3WP was programmed to appear in the absence of a host. Looking away, the nano-agent colony looked for clues as to where it was and was answered by a brightly lit sign.

"Cupertino." B3WP stated quietly as it headed in the direction the sign designated.

The (Un)Real World
Location: Cupertino | California
Time: 16 October, 2014


The Loft, a hyper-modern hotel, had accommodated Titania for the better part of six months. The past weeks blended together into a mishmash of indulgence. Titania sat at her desk and worked studiously away at the Book of Fate Lucieon had provided Deborah. She worked by sunlight and lamplight, and when the moon shone bright enough, she worked under her native body. Deborah and Titania had become so ingrained to the small hotel that their presence was immutable. People had simply stopped noticing their presence, they were there and they were not peculiar. No one bothered about who they were, or where their seemingly endless supply of cash came from. The staff ignored their room and the only discrepancies in their lazy lives stemmed from the curiosity of other guests on their floor. Soon enough however, even they stopped thinking about the two young girls who lived together in that room. They had become invisible in the truest sense of the word.

Deborah brought food up for Titania everyday, exactly at the same time. Her zeal in domesticity seemed endless. Her smile every morn held the same glowing property, her advances every night filled with the same amount of excitable desire. She wore a constantly changing wardrobe of dresses, tops and skirts that Titania did not have the time to peruse. They changed with season and fashion, and Titania supposed that they were pleasant enough to look at. Deborah's body was not particularly voluptuous, but had a charming comeliness to it. She was more slender than most, taller than average and had a slim, but not small, waist. Over the time of her stay Titania had noticed her skin becoming much tanner, taking on a healthy glow from exposure to the Californian sun. It did not take much time to surmise that Deborah had taken a liking to making adventures outside the confines of their temporary residence. Titania did not care about the matter, Deborah could handle herself responsibly enough.

Titania licked her thumb and flipped past another page of the book and transcribed its contents into her notebook, the fifteenth of the series. Events kept coming, and nothing seemed to change. BlackHarte was uncharacteristically dormant at this time. Titania pushed up her glasses and put down her pen. The room was bathed in the afternoon sun. Dust motes shone in the vagrant sunbeams, shining like stars lost in a space between life and death. The room was neat and tidy as usual. Titania's clothes lay washed, ironed, and folded in a neat pile on the living room table. A thin layer of dust caked her red leather garments. She had not had the time to leave the room, and more often than not it was simpler just to get up and work in nothing than her small clothes. Her sheer camisole hung loosely on her thin shoulders, crinkled from overuse. Her legs were sore and tired, she crossed them even when she sat in the chair for she was too short to reach the floor comfortably with the heels of her feet. Titania's long white hair fell in knots around her and her eyes screamed with exhaustion. She did not rest save for the times that Deborah beckoned her to bed. Work had consumed Titania, she was not the playful trickster Queen she was before she shouldered the entirety of the responsibility. She worked tirelessly to prevent the 'Nemesis Horizon,' a colloquial term that Lucieon had borrowed from a fighting game he had found interest in. The total death toll of the human race would have to reach 550 million before the others could begin summoning the Master Unit into the world. All the while Titania was still observing Azan. If she stopped, it could be the undoing of both the bumbling Bridge Knight and herself. Hyperspatial entanglement was a headache that not even the best observers could solve. At this point she was Azan and Azan was her. She acted through Azan and Azan acted through his character persona. It was very limiting to say the least.

The door opened. Deborah walked in carrying a silver tray in her arms. She had stacked a variety of sweet pastries on the platter, creations ranging from cakes to fruit tarts to donuts. Yet Deborah's smile was sweeter than them all. Her lips were painted ruby red, her skin radiantly healthy otherwise. Her red eyes still held the same lively fire as they did when she had made her first dynamic appearance in London nearly three years ago. Titania looked up at Deborah and gave a weak smile. Exhaustion was beginning to wrap its frightful hands around Titania. Her own body was fairing less well than Deborah's. Titania's skin had a sickly pallor and she had lost nearly five of her eighty pounds of body weight. The outline of her bones clung to sallow skin and there was a hollowness in her cheeks that made her look twenty years older.

"You haven't been eating," Deborah said. Her voice was half-scolding, half-concerned. Deborah set down the tray on Titania's desk and picked up last night's dinner. The paella was cold, thick white grease stained the rice and pan. Thick slices of blood sausage had hardened and dried, the ruby red tomatoes looked more brown and the greens that sparsed the dish had begun to wilt. The entire dish was untouched, wasted, neglected. "Even if you are immortal, not eating is going to hurt you, mentally if not physically."

Titania forced herself to smile, "I can't rest... if there is a continuum shift I have to catch it, or else it could disrupt my observation of Azan." It had been weeks since Titania had the appetite to eat. "Knowing you are still around is all the motivation I need."

Deborah wrapped her arms around Titania and pulled her close to her breast. Titania closed her eyes, entranced by the warm softness, entranced by the soft rhythmic beating of Deborah's heart. Compared to Titania, Deborah's body was burning hot. "I hate to think that you're hurting yourself like this because of a mistake I made." The larger girls stroked Titania's hair, running her fingers through the white knots and gently untangling them. It felt maddeningly good and set Titania's heart aflutter.

"It was," Titania paused before continuing, feeling her heart skip a beat. Continuum shift. She pursed her lips and mustered her strength to break away from Deborah. "It was a long time coming." The book's own words were quickly being replaced, the inky scrawl devoured by the cream pages and reapplied by an invisible pen. Yet, the words were the same as her notes, Titania's heart stopped. It was not BlackHarte, it was not a continuum shift. It was phenomena intervention. Another observer had forced a reality upon the realm. "The fool." There was no doubt that his presence would draw agents of BlackHarte. Here was the end to their peaceful existence. Titania picked up a cupcake and put it in her mouth. It might have been the last chance to eat something decadent for a long, long time.

Location: The Boundary
Time: 16 October, 2014


There is a discrepancy. I can feel it. It is darkness. We should go. Call a meeting. Dispatch agents. Susano'o not found. That is most unfortunate. Please provide and example. That is a agreeable decision.

Aye there is a discrepancy. I can see it. It is light. We ought to go. Meeting has been called. Dispatching Susano'o. Susano'o deserted. We will send lesser agents. We will send Murakumo.

Murakumo unit activated.

The (Un)Real World
Location: Cupertino | California
Time: 16 October, 2014


Selmy was sitting at the bus stop near the city limits next to the high school when some strange girl was hit by a truck. The construction zone directly across from the bust stop (the construction of the Cupertino main street as it were) had increased traffic in the area nearly three fold, but for an accident to happen at this time of day was unthinkable. Selmy rushed out, crossing three lanes to get to the fallen body, strangely unhurt, and scooped her up. By the time a minute passed, both people were on the sidewalk across from the bus stop.

Selmy checked the girl up and down. There were no injuries. Selmy pressed down on the stranger's chest. "Hey, hey! Wake up! What the hell was that?" Selmy was a slim blonde girl, twenty something of age (she refused to disclose that number) with deep azure eyes. She wore a scarf and a cashmere sweater to fight off the bitter autumn chill.

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Rugal, Ella, Icarus, Teri, Dimitri, Garm Vs Diabs
Credits for a tech filled boss fight?

"Dimitri, return! Reggie - Do something!"
As his rider called for the retreat of her varying allies, Garm gave a whine at all of the heat, and called out, "Can we leave NOW?! It's starting to come down around here! I don't care if the Packslayer whelp has to ride my back, I WANT OUT!"
With Ella already swooping away with Rugal, Teri looked to Icarus and then the passed out criminal and said in a panicked voice, "Bring him with us, Kazuya will want him!"

Meanwhile, Reginald The Archon was silent as the Cleric and her wolf began to try to find a way out of the collapsing building, and then teleported to the collapsing roof, pushing his hard light bulk against the metal, "I'LL HOLD THIS FOR AS LONG AS I CAN MANAGE! HURRY ALONG, SERVANT OF GOD; BEFORE IT GIVES WAY!"

Before Teri could protest, Garm already began bounding out of the building with her (and Icarus with Diabs, if Icarus took the ride) in tow. After everyone managed to get out, the building collapsed behind them and leaving naught but a pile of metal...

Bookie's Hideout- Ground level Boss, Cadolbolg, Chris, David, Ares-U35, Azan, Storm, Slindis, Ton Ton, Big Goon

Cadolbolg was a bit busy clawing at the bad guy's face to notice that a big meaty hand was coming his way, but the sudden grip in the back of his shell and being forcibly lifted away from the face he was clawing was already a bad sign. With his back gripped, Cadolbolg desperately attempted to beat his wings, lashed his tail, and shot balls of fire in wanton direction as his mind screamed in panic-
"Ton Ton, I can't move! IcantmoveIcantmoveIcantmove!"

Ton Ton, being the pact-partner to said panicking dragon-turtle-baby, found his attention drawn to the bound Cadolbolg and then the goon's face before charging at the Goon's face and stabbing at whatever face-attached bits of flesh he could manage, the goon's vision was now filled with a blood soaked, robe wearing, knife wielding, lizard thing stabbing him in the face and screaming (from no visible mouth) "YOU LET HIM GO, NOW!"

Bookie's Hideout - Slios - Angelus, Wanderer, Caim, Devon, Katya

As Caim pulled his sword from another hapless guard, the gas began to roll in, and Caim grit his teeth in annoyance,
""Angelus, I can't get in there without risking us both. I need some help!
"Give me a moment!"

While Caim was trying to avoid being killed like a rat, Angelus was still hovering near Devon and noted the noxious gas coming her and her pact partner's way. After doing so, she moved overhead and flapped her wings hard to try to keep the smog at bay, sending to Devon over the Rings, "Do you not remember your wind magics? Those could have steadied your descent! Speaking of, those could also help me clear away this smoke..."

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Rugal, Ella, Icarus, Teri, Dimitri, Garm Vs Diabs

"A Call? DON'T JUST STAND THERE! GET OUT OF HERE!" Rugal barked at Icarus as the warehouse began to fall as Ella grabbed onto him.
"I'M GOING! I'M GOIN-WHOA!" He exclaimed as he felt his feet get lifted off the ground as he was suddenly flown out by the Succubus, Ella seeming to not know her own strength.
Once they were clear, Rugal was let go as he rolled on landing, Ella landing a bit unbalanced from the change in weight, but safely none the less.
Taking a moment to compose himself from his latest close call, he looked over to the rubble before exasperatedly stating to the demon "Well...Nice to know those new wings aren't just for show..."
While he was going to first shake down Diabs for what he had pulled, he quickly pushed that aside when he realized that not all of them got out.
Quickly doubling back to the rubble, he began to pull it aside as he frantically searched for Reginald, tossing aside steel bars and roofing panels.
Thankfully, he was rewarded as he found the Archon, flickering slightly but mostly intact.
"-the Lord is my Shepard...ooyyyyy...." he groaned as he was pulled out, Rugal being nice enough to give him a quick dust down as dug him out.
"Right...All in all, could have gone worse..." He then remarked as he handed the orb back to the cleric, stating "Think you might have dropped this."

Diabs meanwhile was weakly groaning as he rolled onto his back, his stolen and damaged equipment sparking slightly as he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes, albeit they had a large hole in the middle of them.
picking out one that was mostly intact, he then used the sparks to light it, figuring this was going to be his end.
"....I don't suppose there is a diplomatic option here, huh?..." He said as he took a deep puff and offered his captors a smoke, effectively surrendering.

Bookie's Hideout- Ground level Boss, Edge, Cadolblog, Chris, David, Ares-U35, Katya, Azan, Storm, Slindis, Ton Ton, Big Goon

The Big Goon trashed and stumbled as his face was basically torn off by Ton Ton's knife, flinging Cadolblog aside as he did.
Thankfully, Ton Ton missed his face with one of the slashes and got his neck instead, causing all strength to fade quickly from the goon as he went limp, finally ceasing in his attack.
Moving on...

Thanks to the dragon's wings attempts to purge the air of toxins, the chemical fumes were soon being sent "Harmlessly" towards the other empty warehouses in the area, but the fires causing them still raged on, Hey, LA Smog, am I right?
This cleared the way for the ground forces to enter the building without getting some kind of cancer as well as pushing the defenders back even more as the Hacker overloaded the pressure on the pipes, causing them to rupture and burst seemingly at random.
It helped to keep the air in the building drug free thanks to the added moisture, but at the cost of vastly increasing the chances of burning someone's face off, Rising Dawn or otherwise.
Storm learned that the hard way when the cover he was hiding behind began to burst, sending red hot steam dangerously close to his face.

Slindis was able to find a side passage along some of the (Now Exploding) pipes that lead around the men defensive line, though seeing how it went towards the gang's recreational area (TVs, a Gym, coolers of beer, that kinda thing), she might encounter more resistance there.
That or all the lazy baked sods who couldn't be arsed protecting the place, either or.
As she was making her mind up, the Gangsters brought in another Elite Soldier (AKA A guy in football gear and a hazmat suit with a LMG) down the hall to open fire at the incoming heroes, trying to push them back.

Wanderer's vent crawling brought him in another route as he found himself going over vats of chemicals, not unlike that one vault he went into once, with all the Super Mutants...No, Not that one! The OTHER one!
Thankfully, it didn't seem to have any mutating effects and only really served to give the people guarding it something to sniff when they were bored and wanted to escape reality as they sat lazily around while guns were blazing outside.
While the vents were designed to re-route the fumes of the chemicals, Wanderer felt that his body would be able to handle the raw Doomsday in the air vent.
Even if all the colors were starting to go inverted and the walls were starting the melt, but so long as the magical plushie scissors were dancing, there was no chance of Lord Bubblefarts and his army of killer walrus's attacking.
...Man, this was WAY better then that shit that Dixon peddled in Westside!

Wanderer has been inflicted with Doomsday Poisoning!

Back in the drug lab itself, Doom was STILL trying to try to that tall window as Boss held off the guards sent in to take Doom back.
His barriers were holding well against their bullets, their cheese and their boxes of Tampons.
But as he looked around the magical kingdom of chemicals, from it's lush fields of liquid tables and bountiful meth tress, he was starting to think the chemicals in the room were affecting his mind as the gingerbread man began stuffing candy into his drum fed blunderbuss and his lizard friend charged forward to bop him on the head with a giant foam finger.
By this point, Doom had given up, but just one look outside the window at the battle outside convinced him that MAYBE this wasn't the best escape route before he ran out the room, trying to find another way out that didn't involve a massive amount of pain and sadness.

Boss has been inflicted with Doomsday Poisoning!

Bookie's Hideout - Silos - Angelus, Caim, Devon

Meanwhile, at the top of the plant, Caim managed to clear up the last of the men and now he and Devon were able to follow the gangsters into the plant though the upstairs latch.
Though as Angelus kept the fumes at bay, they were able to make out a glass panel near the silos.
It was hard to make out entirely what was there though the dirty glass, the stammering and shouting was enough to give them a good idea:
"Oh God! The Mexicans are here!"
"...But...Mexicans don't have dragons.
As a result, the figures began to move frantically around as the battle raged on, it might be a good way to flank them, but it might be a bit risky, especially after Devon nearly got herself sniped off with such a dramatic entry.

Either way, they better make up their minds, they were missing out on all the fun!

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Rugal, Ella, Icarus, Teri, Dimitri, Garm Vs Diabs

Icarus had taken the opportunity to get out fast on Garms back he dismounted once they were out his head was spinning
"Thanks Teri, that's a strange, w-wait this isn't a horse" he dropped had dropped Diabs onto the ground, he walked around and saw Garms face
"I'm sorry I've never seen a dog this big before, aside from that one hell hound," he said then he lifted his arm and inch before clasping it letting out a hiss of pain.
"Argh, yep that messed up, as is my legs, gosh I hope this guy is worth it." he said glaring at the criminal his fingers crackled with black sparks
"We might wanna be cautious else he tries his gadgets again." he aimed a single finger ready to hit with electricity, that was until Rugal brought forth The glowing Archon, he growled seeing the damaged Archon, expecting more screaming into his sensitive ears.

Bookie's Hideout- Ground level Boss, Edge, Cadolblog, Chris, David, Ares-U35, Katya, Azan, Storm, Slindis, Ton Ton, Big Goon


I swear to fucking Buddha- Edge thought as he fell out of the helo. If people keep picking fights with me in mid-air, I'm going to-

Edge's thoughts came to a halt as his upper body slammed into the cement pavement with a blood-curdling cra-smack. Blood ran from his body in long, crimson rivulets. He did not move.


"Oh please." Boss said, throwing up a psychic shield; the bullets (and various pieces of refuse) bounced off of it harmlessly. "You could not have possibly expected that to work. I don't know that I've ever been hit by a bullet. You would have had more luck with an actual, literal sword."

Boss looked around, and noticed things The hideout was starting to resemble something that was less of an abandoned factory and more of a magical fun-land of laughter and happiness. Luckily, he still posessed the strength of mind to realize he was high as a kite on whatever they were brewing here.

As he came to this realization, however, the land of laughter and happiness turned into a land of terror and blood-covered skulls.

Oh, fuck my family Boss thought. I am literally never, EVER drinking again.

The (Un)|Real World
Location: Cupertino
Time: Night
Cast: B3WP | Selmy

B3WP's theory that the signals that it had traced had originated from another world were quickly being shredded to tatters. The vehicle that had struck it was quickly identified by B3WP's database of vehicles (kept solely for reference and not for the purpose of generating instructions on bypassing its security measures) as a Volvo VNL 780 and its license plate identified it as being registered in California.

There was, however, an anomaly that did lend credence to B3WP's theory. According to its sensory data, there was a substantial increase in radio, cellular and data transmission sources. Additionally there was the female good Samaritan. While a genetic analysis of her DNA showed that she was human, chemical analysis showed that her body had been subjected to an unhealthy amount of airborne pollutants and food borne chemicals, ones that had been banned from being propagated by the Government.

"Hey, hey! Wake up! What the hell was that?" Asked a young female that had carried B3WP to a relatively safe area in the road. The question that she posed had the additional characteristic of being problematic in the sense that she had observed a young woman being hit by a large commercial vehicle and survive the encounter unscathed. This observation would undoubtedly be brought to the attention of this world's authorities. Without additional information regarding its location, too many unknown variables existed for B3WP to predict the possible outcomes. Though it could easily kill the good Samaritan, the slaying of the young female would bring about more scrutiny from this world's authorities. That and it would be impolite to murder someone who sought to rescue you.

"W-what happened?" B3WP asked feigning ignorance of the events that had just occurred, its voice modulations making it sound like Little Miss. Running a self check on its appearance, B3WP noted that it was a duplicate of Little Miss' appearance (Long fiery red hair, altered black clothing) with the one exception that its eyes were a oceanic shade of green.

"I - where am I?" It asked as it "failed" an attempt to sit up before groaning and laying back down, bringing a small shapely hand to its head.

Avatar Adventures
Location: Bookies' Hideout - Ground Level
Time: Day
Cast: Ares-U35 | Azan | Big Goon | Boss | Cadolblog | Chris | David | Edge | Katya | Slindis | Storm | Ton Ton

"Dat w@zn't sp0s3d t0 h@pp3n! 00pz!" Katya said as her thermal sensors went off the scale due to the huge billowing cloud of steam that was belched out of the tunnel, not that she needed thermal sensors to tell her that it was too fracking hot in the tunnel. The increase in humidity and clothing clinginess and transparency was all Katya needed to know that it was getting too fracking hot in the tunnel. As her clothing started doing its clingy thingy, she hoped that none of her new associates were ultra conservative.

"Little Miss. I believe it would have been more prudent to simply shut off the automated processes of the chemical manufacturing." Reported Mister Hindsight is 20/20.

"#Whatevs," Katya shrugged as she decreased the temperature of the water running through the pipes and stopping the explosions of steam in the tunnel, thinking that the residual steam left in the tunnel would be enough to neutralize the chemicals for a decent amount of time. Noting that the defenders had retreated, Katya advanced on the tunnel even as she instructed B3WP to start monitoring her vital statistics and filtering out harmful chemicals from her lungs.

"Affirmative Little Miss." B3WP responded as Katya felt it become a little harder to breathe as B3WP started filtering the air that she inhaled.

Closing on the tunnel's exit, the defenders resumed their attacks, hoping to put a cap in one of the heroes' asses as they exited the choke point.

Lone Wanderer.

Location: Bookies' Hideout | Air Ducts.
Time: Afternoon.

Crawling through the inners of the illegal chem plant, Wanderer was using the soldier crawl technique, which allowed him to do so at a nice pace and a Trench Knife in hand. While vents wasn't his main method of building transportation, it sure beat whatever the other group was doing. Feeling the metal around him vibrate, he could easily hear distant gunshots and other signs of fighting. "We're never the stealthy lot ... " He muttered before going back to his crawl.

Ignoring the cramps, pain, and cold of the metallic vents, Wanderer was able to travel in deep. Yet a feeling struck him, he could feel his pupils dilate and undilate. Stopping with urgency, the internally inhuman male stuck his nose up and began to sniff. ("Well that ain't good.") His inner shadow whispered with warning. This was definitely the jackpot. Crawling a little further, he came to a vent, and peering down he could see the illegal substance, including 'buzzed out' guards.

Punching through the frame, Wanderer immediately saw the benefits of destroying the supply along with collecting a sample. Yet when he looked down, his knife had changed into a pair of dancing scissors, the metallic walls around him were gone and in it's place was a weird strawberry coloured sky with a unicorn horned sun, and below his feet was dirt from a cliff, which was overlooking a group of walrus. Knowing what was going on, the mental pair thought the same thing.

(Ah fuck.)
(Ah fuck.)

The effects were imminent, and as the other narrator said, " ... Man, this was way better than that shit that Dixon peddled in Westside!" Responding to the current dominating side, the Shadow of the Wanderer retorted. ("Yeah ... too bad we killed him and stole his shit.") With one foot out of the vent, Wanderer's vision went blurred, and his head felt light, suddenly the ground was a whole lot closer then he released. Getting up from his unexpected fall, he looked around quickly, like a paranoid junkie.

Storm-1788 (Unarmoured)
, with ground troop.
Location: Bookies' Hideout - Ground Level.
Time: Afternoon.

While in cover, the thoughts were heavy on the Spartan. For not was he questioning his goals and identity, he was questioning his own feelings, to everything! This was placing a rather large amount of stress on him. This was especially bad in the combat situation. Stress for someone like him, who was forced to push through of the human limits, was a thing that hurt as if someone had crucified him, and all of his negative thoughts, and emotions were witnessing it, ridiculing him at all times.

With the battle around him, he would never return to reality on his own. Yet, as if by force of some unseen entity, a sudden burst came from the pipe, and steam burst close to the right side of his face. While his fortunate left side was free from the scolding air current, the right side was immediately burned, unleashing a torrent of pain to the superhuman. Throwing himself away from the pipe and clutching his face, Storm was forced out of his dream-like state.

His right eye was right in the path of contact, which melted the surface of it, blinding him on that side. Words could not describe it, but an almost inhuman burst out and rattled the environment around him. Afraid, and very aggressive, the taller than average man pulled out a device in the shape of a half-moon, but yet within one second, a blue blade of energy had expanded out of it. Out of his mind, and in pain, Storm began to lash out anything close to him, be it enemy or ally.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Chemical Factory | Los Angeles


The turbulence around Azan flustered him. Foreign acrid stenches assaulted him, he felt slightly nauseous. Through the flame, suddenly a great billowing firemist erupted through the ground level, coating everything with a fine layer of lukewarm dew. Azan turned his attention toward the hallway of origin. He had been too caught up in his deliverance of souls to heaven that he did not notice the expedient retreat of most of the remaining sinners. Azan launched himself forward, carrying himself faster than any man at his size and built ought to be, and by his own power too. I will show these children why I am the Bridge Knight. If they wish to use a choke point, then they will face the experience of Azan, he who held an army hostage for want of a bridge! Aza, self-named Bridge Knight and protector o the people rushed by the mech and Katya as a whirlwind of wood and steel, he burst out of the otherside through a cloud of gunfire, his eyes burning with a reverent passion to bring his particular brand of evangelism to this crowd of non-believers.

Azan's voice was earnest, "All ye who hearken me, lay down thy weapons and repent, for deliverance is here!"

BlackHarte buzzed, clearly agitated. He seeped from out of Azan's armor plate and whisked himself into a more battle-competent form. His liquid-machine body churned endlessly like a gaping maw, his body reflected no light, creating an image of an absolute abyss, a formless nothing given form. He grew and grew as he replicated more and more until he pulled himself into his desirable height. BlackHarte towered over Azan, in fact he was nearly three Azan's tall, and Azan was quite tall. The technomorph made no move to speak and merely allowed his presence to swallow the ambience of the room. For the first time ever... the technomorph had lost his temper.

"All those who can understand me right now. Die, or be killed. It is your choice, meatbags." Ser Edward's familiar voice echoed through BlackHarte's amorphous body. BlackHarte gave pause, and when the bullets ceased not, he raised his arm and in one fell swoop devoured three of the gangsters... shadowy reality wrapped around them like tentacles, dissolving them from the inside out, but preserving their consciousness to add into BlackHarte's collective.

Azan turned around unsurprised, so the Demon finally shows his true colors. Then he struck a piece of rubble with his mace so that it flew to the side and knocked out one of the gangsters trying to shoot him. What a dangerous world these pagans live within.


The (Un)real World
Location: Cupertino | California
Time: Night


"Whoa," Selmy said quickly, placing her hands on Katys (but really B3WP), "don't push yourself, you just got wrecked by a driver." She turned to look for the truck that had hit her, but it was gone. "Honestly... who commits a hit and run in this town?" Selmy lay B3WP down on the pavement and ran her hands across his body, checking for bone fractures or internal hemorrhaging. When she found none she relaxed and sat down, staring blithely at the girl before him. What a strange phenotype... She didn't ever recall anyone in the area that looked to peculiar.

"You're not hurt," Selmy said solemnly after a moment of silence, "you have to thank the Lord for that. It's a honest-to-God miracle." She brushed a strand of blonde hair from her face and helped Katya (but really B3WP) up. "I'm Selmy," she said, "do you have somewhere to stay? It's dangerous here at night, even as quiet as it is we get sinners wandering in from San Jose."

Bookie's Hideout- Ground level Boss, Edge, Cadolblog, Chris, David, Ares-U35, Katya, Azan, Storm, Slindis, Ton Ton

".....urrgggg...." David groaned in pain as he woke up in the middle of the street next tot he ongoing battle in the plant nearby.
He brought his hand up to the back his head, pausing slightly when he found blood.
shit...must have blacked out... he grumbled as he tried to pull himself off the ground, getting knocked from a helicopter sure did hurt a lot.

OWWW!" Edge said, prying himself up off the ground; blood was still running from his head and his body, but he seemed mostly unfased by it. "Cock-sucking..." Edge muttered. "Mother-fucking..." Edge dragged himself over to some cover, heedless of the bullets and death rays covering the field. "Gangsters...with...with their...gangs...and...and their...inhuman endurance. I'm going to murder all of them. With...with swords."

"You are aware that they'll have guns right?..." He painfully chuckled in responce as he glanced over to Edge standing himself up.

Edge dragged himself over to where David was laying on. "Lazy...bastard...sleeping on the job..."

"Well...To be fair...I DID just get thrown out of a helicopter...Back first...I can't feel my legs."
Edge chuckled, and took a deep breath. "Lucky bastard. I can feel my legs, and I assure you it's very unpleasant."
"....Oh-...Wait, there we go...Ah, fuck it, I'll just stay here for a while..." The sniper then sighed as he glanced up at the sky.
"...Eh, least it's not raining..."

Kazuya | G-Corp workers | Melethia | ... Invader
Location: Currently occupied Hanger | Rising Dawn.
OST: Act on Instinct

Kazuya watched on as the figure walked out of the portal as every single armed guard in the room formed a concave in front of the invader, mostly wanting to get a good look at whatever he was about to riddle with bullets.
"All units, Fire on my command..." He firmly ordered as Violet was the first one to act, if by act, you mean, hide under his desk, peeking out only as the Invader appeared.
"....Ohhh, Phew, I thought it was going to be some monstrous demon or something!" He nervously laughed, though he went silent as Kazuya shot him a deadly glare.
"Attention, Demon. You have intruded on a G-Corporation Mobile Outpost. All these soldiers are under my command. I am giving you one warning to crawl back to whatever fire-ridden cesspit you crawled out of before I send you there myself..." He warned as he as he raised his hand, ready to give the order to fire as a few soldiers nervously exchanged glances and edged backwards...

Kazuya | G-Corp workers | Melethia | ... Invader
Location: Currently occupied Hanger | Rising Dawn.
OST: Hot Wind Blowing

"...What the hell are you talking about?..." Kazuya asked as his standing forces were quickly dealt with, most of his highly trained units now either wounded or scattered by demon fire, a fair few of them moving to drag their downed comrades to safety (Or at least away from the attacker).
Violet meanwhile was clearly shaking as he trembled under his desk, quickly glancing around before bolting for the safety of one of the parked VTOLs in the hanger.
However, when it seemed like the attacker was here for Kazuya, he was helpful to say "Kazuya, I think she just wants to date you. Maybe if you go out for dinner or some-"
"..." Kazuya didn't answer, his glare certainly did though.
"...Shutting up."

Realizing that it was pretty useless to throw more men at this attack, he motioned for his remaining forces to stand down, a few of them looking rather relieved to do so.
"I have to ask, is suicide a popular past-time where you are from? Because it's death you are welcoming, then I am more then glad to provide." He said before rushing into action, vaulting over the console he was standing at and dashing towards the enemy.
Once he was within range, he started his offensive by suddenly jumping high above his target and trying to connect with a large leaping axe kick.

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