The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Rising Dawn: On the Las Venturas Streets: Ella, Hadrian

"I don't know what an Aerosmith is," Hadrian said nonchalantly as he looked at the row of bars running along the streets, each having signage more bombastic and illuminated than the last. He looked away and wiped at his eyes. "But I can say for certain that I'll go blind if I keep looking any longer."

As soon as his vision cleared, he spotted a modest-looking (modest in comparison to the other establishments, at least) bar across from where he and Ella stood. Lighting wasn't overly excessive, the sign wasn't too extravagant, and if Hadrian listened carefully, he could hear soothing piano music being played, as opposed to the deafening rock ensemble the other bars had. Not that he knew what rock was. He was alright with places like that, but he certainly wasn't in the mood for a place like that. "How about that one over there? It looks somewhat decent.

Four Dragons: Ella, Hadrian, Jenny, Cz, Cutie Bruisers, Caim, Angelus, Devon

Caim and Cadolbolg spent their time pulling the lever and seeing multiple amounts of the coins both be lost and gained by differing outcomes, Caim stood up from the machine and said to his son, "I bet there are other games we could play with these coins. Care to look?"

The baby turtle dragon gave a nod, and the Father/Son duo found themselves wandering around the casino, Caim finally stopping at a table where some people were playing Blackjack. Caim watched the group of people being dealt cards, and before he could say anything, Cadolbolg spoke in his stead, "Wonder what this game is? I've seen cards before, but I don't think I've played them too much...."


Ton Ton gave a small nod, "Okay then, I'll keep better track in a big place like this. I do hope Ms. Sorrowfield is alright though. Just disappearing out of the blue can't be very good..."

As for Angelus, she did in fact notice Devon's slip of the tongue; an eyebrow raised as she tapped her ring and asked, "Is everything alright? Last I checked, this city was Las Venturas, not Veg-venturas..."

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia, David, Shadow, Teri

Seeing that nobody else had any food ideas, Teri gave Melethia a bright smile and said, "It's alright, Mel. I understand the trouble you're having. Then again, this also makes me wonder if Mum ever really explored her options... Ah well. Anyways,"

Teri turned to Rugal, "Since no one else seems to have much culinary knowledge out of this collective, sans the wonderful help that's Devon's imps, I've taken charge with food prep. I'm gonna make Mum a nice curry with an indulgent ice cream-based desert to finish it off. Thoughts before I go on ahead to make it? I figured the milk in the ice cream could nullify any spice, not to mention I don't intend to make anything TOO spicy...."

If anything, Teri did look like she was enjoying the idea of getting down and ready to make something for Slindis. Or perhaps it was scaring David and Melethia with her enthusiasm. It was kinda hard to tell.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Four Dragons | Las Venturas

Cz | Jenny

Cz stared at Jenny for a long time and then closed her eyes. She took a few deep breathes and shrugged off BlackHarte's vulgar suggestions. "Earlier I was not capable of articulating this well because I had no thoughts to articulate." Cz turned around on her heel and started walking toward the main group (hopefully). "I suppose I could return to my regular non-compacted form at any time I wish, at least, since that meager meal restarted my hydrogen capacitors. Now I keep up the charade as to not put off the others of the group." She flashed a smile at Jenny, "'Cz wants go with friends' is much less intimidating than 'I shall be observing you to grasp what the humans in this world are like.' Moreover, I prefer to stay in this body to avoid the more lecherous humans. I do not want to liberally use my Divine Providence on the people here without good purpose."

She shook her little head, and her long hair swept across her tunic, "Especially here, I do not wish to be mistaken for a strumpet. My full body is rather... provocative... as I've been told."

Avatar Adventure
Location: Four Dragons | Las Venturas

Cz | Jenny

If Jenny wasn't already confused, she was now.
"Strumpet? Body is Provocative? I...Don't understand what you are talking about." She said, Cz's use of big words confusing her a little.
Does this mean that she was right?... The pokemon thought back to the Warning.
"...Cz...What is your "Divine Providence?"..." She then asked, hoping she wasn't about to trigger an atom bomb or something.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Four Dragons | Las Venturas

Cz | Jenny

Cz paused and looked at one of the waitresses walking by her. The young Peacekeeper's eyes flashed yellow and the waitress stopped, her body rigid. Her own eyes had taken the same yellow sheen, but her pupils had turned as red as her blood. Cz walked slowly toward the waitress and put her hand on her leg. Sliding her small fingers on the smooth silk of the cheongsam, "Kill yourself."

The waitress' hands shook, opening suddenly, dropping the drinks she was carrying onto the floor. Slowly, the waitress grabbed herself on the throat and squeezed tightly. Her eyes were filled with fear, and her hands were shaking, but she pressed harder and harder until he knuckles were white.

"Stop and forget," Cz whispered. The Waitress dropped her hands and collapsed to the floor, coughing and panting, her face red from the asphyxiation. Then she got up, almost confused before picking up the tray with the drinks and stumbling away.

Cz turned back to Jenny. "Divine Providence is a protocol to protect humanity. It is the first course of action in the case of anarchy. We issue our directives to those susceptible, and they will be unable to disobey." Cz shrugged, "Divine Providence has sublevels. Implantation of want and will, lustful coercion, things we are all designed to be capable of doing. But in the end it allows us to impose our will completely on a person, and even dissolve them into grey matter to create proxies to do our work. Of course it works not on special humans, or creatures such as yourself."

And this time Cz supplemented her words with a series of graphics beamed directly at the Gardevoir's psychic organ.

True crime. Shawn.
Location: Caligula's Palace (Main Floor), The Strip
Time for action.

Before the cameras turned back the field of radiation and invisibility hit the Wanderer as he started to crouch. He held a Stealth Boy in his pocket. In the mind of the Wanderer, Shawn saw what was going to happen. They were either going to hurt him, kill him or interrogate him and then do the first two to him. Shawn needed to save him and start his objective, otherwise he will not have the right tools to case this place.

Being invisible, the Lone Wanderer started to trail the group of four. Hopefully they won't do anything bad straight away, though he held a straight razor in one of his empty hands. Unfortunately whoever was going to be stroke by it was going to have one hell of an infection from the blood remaining on the blade.\

("Once again, God forgive me for what I'm about to do.)" He silently prayed as he usually did before commencing his planned kills. This Wanderer was always a believer thanks to his Father and Mother, who left him with a special phrase relating to the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, that phrase was especially related to "The Waters of life". It reminded Shawn of DC and the Project.

Four Dragons: Ella, Hadrian, Jenny, Cz, Cutie Bruisers, Caim, Angelus, Devon

When Caim and Cadolbolg walked up to the table, they saw a bunch of people getting dealt cards, saying things like "Hit me" and "Stand".
After a minute or two, they managed to pick up the gimmick of the game: to get cards to a value as close to 21 as possible.
After seeing one guy bust himself by Doubling Down, a spot opened up for Caim to enter the game.
The max bet was 200 chips/coins, might be worth big money if he was good at it.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Four Dragons | Las Venturas

Cz | Jenny

Jenny finally understood what Titania was warning her about: Cz could indeed be an extremely powerful weapon if she choose to.
Already, she was seeing the possibilities of her powers for evil and she was quickly frightened by the little one.
"...I...See..." She said stunned as the waitress walked away.
"...And...Why would you use this power?...Who do you work for? God, I got so many questions..." She asked, hoping that the doom Titania foretold could be averted.

Fucking Predator up in this shit! Shawn.
Location: Caligula's Palace (Main Floor), The Strip
Time for action.

A quick walk later led Shawn into towards backrooms of the Casino, Good thing that his plan for robbing the place involved going back there anyway.
Once his targets reached the door, the Pit Boss unlocked it with his keycard and his code: (PER) 1-0-9-9, before walking inside with his goons and the Dealer Shawn might have just gotten killed.

[Science]: The Keycard reader looked like it could be hacked.
[Sneak]: Bet he could swipe a spare card off one of the workers...
[Lockpick]: It's just a Casino, how hard could the lock be?
[Speech]: Maybe if he made up some bullshit story about being a inspector or something, they'd let him in?

Avatar Adventure
Location: Four Dragons | Las Venturas

Cz | Jenny

At this point Cz was starting to become annoyed with the life form before her, "Did I not say that we protect humanity? We are Peacekeepers, therefore we keep the peace." Cz turned around and started walking again. "We serve humanity in humanity's interest. We were their children, and they are our clients. We protect them from themselves."

Cz shook her head, "I believe Jean Jacques Rousseau put it best: The social pact, far from destroying natural equality, substitutes, on the contrary, a moral and lawful equality for whatever physical inequality that nature may have imposed on mankind; so that however unequal in strength and intelligence, men become equal by covenant and by right." When Jenny returned only a blank stare Cz sighed and explained, "People give up their right to power to be protected from other people." She gave a good long stare at Jenny.

"Do you understand? Humanity is its own greatest enemy. That is why we Peacekeepers exist. So that we can administer justice and maintain equality among the people."

As soon as they were within earshot of the other members of the Rising Dawn, Cz instantly switched back into her 'compact' mode of speech, "Jenny, Cz want chocolate."

Four Dragons: Ella, Hadrian, Jenny, Cz, Cutie Bruisers, Caim, Angelus, Devon

Devon seemed all too happy to push the other reminder in his head as he led Ton-Ton to one of the various restaurants in the casino. "Well, are you sure she didn't use a spell to head out? I mean, that's something that isn't too hard to do when you have the right amount of experience.

Anyway, do you want some chinese, some korean, or some good burgers?"

He let Ton-Ton think the options over as he responded to Angelus. "It's just reminding me of the original that this is based off of. Let's leave it at that."

Rising Dawn: Outside Black Books: Slindis, Rugal

"I was handling things on my own, things that I didn't feel needed a warning across the whole ship." On her way back, she of course kept an eye out for anything out of the ordinary, like any attacks that might be going on. After all, where money flows, violence usually follows...

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia, David, Teri

A few of the imps heard the call for aid and poofed in the room, indicating that they were willing to help. It was a shame that Teri couldn't really communicate with them in a substantial manner, but that's somehting she'd have to work around if she wanted to get this done right... Melethia, on the other hand, began thinking with David for ideas of places to have it appear like. "Well, maybe we can try somethin' like a path in some kind of forest? I dunno."

Rising Dawn: On the Las Venturas Streets: Ella, Hadrian

Ella listened to the music for a bit and nodded. "Well, it seems like a more upscale bar so we should be good. Do you have the money on hand for it, though? The stuff I've used in other placeswon't work here, I promise you..." She had the strong feeling most placces wouldn't take bits of souls as payments, which unfortunately was all she'd dealt with back in Hell. And with how upscale this bar looked, she doubted the small change she'd pocketed off the dead Da Nang Boys would suffice.

Still, the bar would be better than hanging around the streets with booklets of the town's various "Massage Artists" in the gutters.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Four Dragons | Las Venturas

Cz | Jenny

While she still felt like she was in way over her head, Jenny nonetheless smiled and said "Alright, I think I understand now..."
Though her explanation didn't ease her worries entirely, she felt at the very least that Cz wasn't going to start a world war or something on a whim, though she made a note to stick close to her.
If she was to set out an attack like that, she might be the only one able to stop her, one Psychic Type versus another.
Still, when Cz went back to her young child routine, she played along and kindly said "I do believe that could be arranged, little one."

And with that, she lead Cz over to the Casino's food court, letting her get something from one of confectionery stores before leading the pair of them towards Angelus, Ton Ton and Devon.
"Lo There! Everyone having a good time?" She asked as she enjoyed a warm Poffin.

Rising Dawn: Outside Black Books: Slindis, Rugal

"Alright, Alright. Just in case something had happened, like that Ninja assassin a few weeks ago. Take care." Rugal sent, recalling when Raven attacked the Rising Dawn before they were sent into that High School Realm.
As he said this, he offhandedly said to David "Go with a Summertime Forest, She'll be here soon." which barely picked up on the ring unbenounced to him.
"Alright, S-U-M-M-E-R-T-I-M-E, Space, F-O-R-E-S-T." David keyed in as he fired the Simulator up and the Environment Generated.

On the topic of the meal, Rugal chipped in "I remember this one 5 star establishment in the Middle East did the same thing. That should do the trick rather well. You get started on that, I need to get changed."
"Changed? For what?"
"For the Spa. What? Did you think you were going to Massage and Caress her?" He asked the sniper in a somewhat offended tone.
"...Well...Kinda. Seeing how this was supposed to me apologizing and all..." David answered before receiving a Rugal Brand Death GlareTM
"...I'm just going to shut up now..."

Mir : Exterior : A Cabin in the Woods:

Snow. Snow was a rarity on Mir, especially when one considers that the last time snow appeared was prior to the Great War, and even then, it had been caused by a comet that had been captured and processed by the Omians. This snow was not caused by the Omians, as was the previous, it was natural snow that fell to the ground and covered the green boughs of the nearby trees.

Constance could not help but feel a sort of childlike wonder as she tramped through the heavy brush also feeling a bit taller than she normally would have felt.

"(Another dream?)" She asked herself, partially remembering her previous vision involving the Omian role in the Hydro War. Pinching herself in response to the thought, she found that her hands to be masculine, calloused and far larger than hers.

"(What-What's going on here?!)" Constance asked herself in a panic as she sought a reflective surface, any sort of reflective surface that she could use to see who or what she was.

Finding a pool of water that remained unfrozen by the weather, young girl went down on her knees to peer into the water's reflective surface. It was a much preferable position to be in as the shock of "her" visage might have caused her to tumble into the nearby chasm.

"(Oh crap. I'm -)"

"SOM WATERFORD! COME OUT OF YOUR HOLE TO BE JUDGED!!!" A familiar voice yelled in the distance, a voice that brought anger to the surface of Constance's mind.


The voices that called out for Constance/Som came from a distance away and did not appear to be directed towards where she/he remained in a crouched position. Cautiously, the Vampire trapped inside of the Hunter's body peered over a bit of brush to get a better view of the situation.

There in the distance stood a group of men clad in the very same uniforms of the men who had been responsible for the slaughter of the Sorrowfeld Clan, their uniforms and gas masks bearing the same Onyx Fist emblems. There were also a few Hunters mixed in and working in conjunction with the members of the Onyx Fist. Surrounded by all those men was the leader of the group, Malys Sodenheim, son of Kale Sodenheim and the restored Emperor of Mir.

The Orbo Amulet that hung around Constance/Som's neck started bubbling and humming as it sensed the telltale aura of magic that cloaked the Emperor. Underneath the Aura stood Mal in all his glorious horror, his black and putrid flesh writhing as if a colony of maggots lived beneath his skin.

"Read the charges before we burn the cabin to the ground." Mal ordered, causing one of the Hunters to step forth and open a scroll.

Hunter #2: "Som Waterford! You have been found guilty of the following charges: Count One: Aiding a non-human in the commission of a crime. Count Two: Disobeying a direct order. Count Three: Conspiring with said non-human towards the assassination of the Emperor. Count Four: Procreation with said non-human FILTH!"

If it had been shocking to find herself in Som's body, it was nothing compared to the shock that overtook Constance's mind when she heard the fourth charge that had been leveled against the Hunter and her companion.

"Burn it down."

At Mal's command, the magic users of the Oynx Fist began to chant in unison, causing the Orbo Amulet to bubble even more violently as it sensed the gathering mystic energies.

"SOM!!! HELP!!! IT-IT'S COMING!!!" Constance heard her own voice screaming from inside the surrounded cabin. Before the call for help had finished, Constance found herself already in motion, a pair of large blades drawn and ready to kill all who stood between Som and child sired by Som and -

A feminine voice caused Som to focus, finding himself seated at the bar of a moderately lit Public House.

Bartender: "What can I getcha, hun?"

"Ale." The Hunter grumbled as he attempted to reconstruct how he had come to be seated at the bar.

Bartender: "Ain't got no Ale, sugar but you look like you could use sum-thin stronger anyhow. How 'bout a tequila?"

"Fine." He answered in response, unsure what this tequila was but hoped that it did not sound as wretched as its name, "To Kill Ya." While the bartender pulled a bottle of clear liquor from the top shelf, Som Waterford's eyes swept across the room and the other patrons of the establishment and spotted three familiar faces, two of which were looking into the Public House through the window, one belonging to the Werewolf, the next belonging to the Succubus and the final one, sitting next to him, belonging to the damnable Teddy bear that the Vampire was always carrying with her.

Bartender: "Here you go, sweetie. On the house. What happened? Lose all your money?"

"Thank you, but no." Som said as he sniffed the drink and knocked the small shot glass back, feeling the potent alcohol burning its way down his throat. Placing his shot glass back on the bar it was obligingly refilled by the smiling barkeep.

"I am sorry, but did I come in here with a young 'girl' in a black dress wearing cat ears?" Som asked as he looked for any sign of Constance.

Bartender: "Umm, not that I saw. She your girlfriend or som-thin?"

The woman's voice had a hint of disappointment that was quickly dispelled when the Hunter shook his head.

"No. She is a traveling 'companion.'" The Hunter responded, drinking down the shot of tequila that was in front of him.

Bartender: "I'm sure she's off having fun."

Refilling the tiny glass for the third time, the bartender wandered off to quench the thirst of the establishment's other patrons.

While it was the sound of the barkeep's voice that brought Som back, it was the clattering of coins and the clinking of chips that brought Constance back. Like the Hunter, she was surprised to find herself back on the Casino floor amid all the brightly lit slot machines and greenery of the card tables.

"What happened?" The Cat-Eared vampire asked herself, pausing for a moment to look at her hands and relieved to find that they were normal, though for the life of her she could not explain why she felt that way or the need to look at her hands.

Looking around, she spotted the Gardenvoir called Jenny and the Little One called Cz heading towards an area that smelled of warm food and a lot of it.

Charm over chaos. Shawn.
Location: Caligula's Palace (Main Floor), The Strip
Time for action.

Being too late to slit his new found prey, Shawn cursed to himself and withdrew his razor. Having no time for opening his mouth, the eyes of the mutant darted around, highlighting every single way he could get inside that damn room. "(Fuck it!)" He said loudly as he quickly scrolled through his Pipboy to find his most formal clothing he could find. The thing he found was a Pre-War hat and business suit.

With the formal clothing on, another sigh broke free. Thumping his chest and coughing, he got into his 'voice'. "Hey wise guys, you in there!? I need to talk to ya 'bout the inspection. You knew I was coming right? Well, luckily enough for me, some nice weird looking gentlemen pointed your asses out to me." Shawn said as he knocked hard onto the door, still praying that the Dealer was alive. Behind the Wanderer's back was the straight razor blade which prepared to attack.

Four Dragons: Ella, Hadrian, Jenny, Cz, Cutie Bruisers, Caim, Angelus, Devon

Caim tweaked an eyebrow, and 'sent' to his son, "How about we stick to our pact voices while playing this game. Looks like a part of it is secrecy."

Cadolbolg turned his head in curiosity, "We're going to play? Okay! Hmn... It seems the face cards are 10 in value.. Keep that in mind, Father!"

"I will. Now, how about we start then?" Walking to the table, Caim put 4 of his coins on the table and awaited his hand; Cadolbolg watching in anticipation.


Ton Ton thought for a moment and spoke again, "Well, I've never had Chinese or Korean. I'd like to try either, really."

If anything, Devon seemed to have perked up the Tonberry; at least, it appeared he did. After answering, the Tonberry gave a way to Jenny and Cz as they approached.

As for Angelus, she looked ready to say something about what Devon said, but was interrupted by Jenny's arrival with Cz, "We're doing well enough, Jenny. How about yourself and our new arrival? If you need to talk about it, Devon, perhaps we could convene after leaving this betting house?"

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia, David, Teri

Seeing that her culinary plans already had a big thumbs up, Teri gave a happy nod, mounted Garm and said, "You got it! Okay, Garm, Devon's helpful Imp friends, to the kitchens~!"
After arriving and parking Garm outside ("A direwolf has no place in a kitchen..."), Teri looked for an empty space on the stove top and wondered aloud, "What are some basic ingredients for a curry... I mean, if I had a recipe, this'd be 10 times easier."

A voice rang out over the intercom, Dimitri popping in and sending a Youtube video to the Tablet, "Would this do, Madam?"

Teri looked over the video and made a face, "Hmn, looks like he just sautes some veggies, and put some curry powder into the mix. Looks simple enough. Now, do we have some low heat curry powder...?"
Turning to the imps, Teri figured this would be the best she could do at the moment and asked, "Hey, you guys have any curry powder? Preferably low heat?"

Four Dragons: Ella, Hadrian, Jenny, Cz, Cutie Bruisers, Caim, Angelus, Devon

Jenny was once again startled by Constance's latest appearance as the Cat Girl appeared on the floor nearby.
"Constance, Must you keep disappearing like that?" She asked as she pulled a chair for the Vampire to sit.
"Listen, if there is anything I can do for you, please. Just ask." She offered before addressing Angelus.
"We're fine, Cz seems to be enjoying herself."

Charm over chaos. Shawn.
Location: Caligula's Palace (Main Floor), The Strip
Time for action.

Once he knocked on the door, it opened and he was faced with a rather tall brutish looking Mob Enforcer, no doubt the one would be thieves would have to deal with if they tried to break into the Staff Area.
He glared at the "Inspector" and said "We paid up our dues this month. What's the deal?".

((Sorry for the Short Post X_X ))

Avtar Adventure
Location: Four Dragons | Las Venturas
Time: Dinner

Ella | Hadrian | Jenny | Cz | Cutie Bruisers | Caim | Angelus | Devon

Cz munched quietly on her bar of chocolate and watched the adults talk among themselves. I think she believes me to be a psychological weapon. She cocked her head from side to side and smiled, trying her very best to look cute and innocent.

"If I were her, I would believe the same. A lower life form like that can only understand the loosest connections in your carefully crafted explanation." BlacHarte replied, his soft black body shaking slightly as he 'talked.'

Cz stopped her swaying and shoved the rest of the chocolate bar into her mouth. She chewed slowly, the chocolate melting in her mouth. The soft warmth of the cream spread across her throat and coated her mouth. It was a little dry, a little thick. But she slowly swallowed it bit by bit, savoring the sweetness. "Do not patronize me.

BlackHarte gave a cheeky laugh, "I had merely the thought that you were becoming too human."

To this Cz most nearly jumped out of her tunic. Though she managed to restrain herself after a split second, the force and motor delay in the small human frame caused Cz to topple over onto the floor, planting her face firmly on the cigarette stained carpet. "I AM NOT!" she shouted angrily.

Almost instantly Cz clasped her mouth shut and began bawling, hoping to hide the slip of the tongue. I am not too human! She sent angrily at the linkshare lifeform around her tunic.

BlackHarte gave another chuckle. "Of course you are not, milady."

Cz sat up and wiped the tears from her eyes, "Cz is tired..."

Four Dragons: Ella, Hadrian, Jenny, Cz, Cutie Bruisers, Caim, Angelus, Devon, Constance

He was torn between the two until Devon had a genius revelation that shattered the world's foundations...

"Why not both? I'll cover us... Yes. Keep it for later, Angie. It's easier that way." Devon was almost on his way along that path when Constance, Jenny, and Cz popped up as well. Looks like he'd be paying for all of them.

"Cz, are you okay" After the young girl had helped herself back up, Devon used his minor cantrip Prestidigation to clean her off. as he checked up on her for a scratched knee or something of the sort. It almost reminded him of his old family, but he decided to push that thought back in the past before it opened up any more old wounds.

Who knew heading to a casino town could open up so many old memories for the Bard?

Rising Dawn: Outside Black Books: Slindis, Rugal

SHe was able to make her way through the streets and got back to the ship in a reasonable amount of time for David to do whatever he was planning.

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia, David, Teri

The imps nodded and directed Teri to the weak spices, and before long she was hearing enough to catch a few tidbits here and there of what they were saying.

Rising Dawn: On the Las Venturas Streets: Ella, Hadrian, Som, Constance's backpack

As Hadrian got into some whiskey, Ella called over to Som. "Had a rough time, Hunter of Dreams? You certainly look like you've been through the wringer..." It was almost a bit comical to see the Teddy Bear ordering a drink not too far from her, but she'd learned from her sister that you could see anything on this planet...

"Constance, Must you keep disappearing like that?"

The Cat-Eared Vampire's face contorted into a look of surprise when Jenny addressed her, unaware that she had disappeared from this world. All Constance was aware of was the fact that one moment she was watching a woman(?) prance about on a stage whilst singing about how drunk she was and the next moment, she was standing in the middle of the Casino floor.

"I'm sorry? What happened?" The Sorrowfeld Vampire asked, her hand toying with a shock of blue hair as she responded to the short creature's admonishment before thanking her for the offer of an open ear and assistance.

"Thank you for the offer but I think that I'm okay." The Raven Haired Vampire said before witnessing the little one called Cz throw herself upon the grime covered floor.


Observing the little one's actions, Constance could only nod at the girl's outburst and subsequent crying.

"(A bit old for tantrums isn't she?)" The Faux Cat Girl thought to herself watching as the Bard, Devon, picked Cz up and cleaned the floor's grime from the girl's tunic.

Watching the others start to go and collect piles of food from various stands and stations, the Vampire noted the sheer amount of food that other patrons were collecting, more than was required to survive to be sure, more than Teddy could consume, which was quite the impressive amount. Standing in awe of the restaurant patrons, Constance hoped that the food was not too terribly expensive, as the price of food on Mir was quite expensive for those unfortunate enough to have been touched and changed by the gasses and radiation from Fir.

Hoping to ingratiate herself into the crew members of the Rising Dawn, Constance turned to a woman that stood behind a cash till.

[DOMINATE]"Excuse me? The meal for my friends has been covered. Okay?" The girl said as she locked eyes with the woman.

CASHIER: "Sure thing! Hey that neko getup is pretty sweet, could you tell me where you got those?"

"Neko?" Constance asked as she walked towards the buffet.

"Had a rough time, Hunter of Dreams? You certainly look like you've been through the wringer..."

The Hunter suppressed a groan when he heard the voice belonging to the Demi-Succubus addressing him in what could have been a teasing tone. The last thing that he wanted at that very moment was to deal with the outspoken Ella who had no idea where her place was, at least that was what he had been told.

Thinking back on the more recent past, the Hunter remembered the expertise each of the crew members of the Rising Dawn displayed while fighting the Metal Behemoth. It was a feat that a group of skilled members of the Hunter's Authority would have been hard pressed to duplicate.

Or perhaps it was the alcohol that was altering his perception.

"Sho? I bet yoo wou'n't look any better if'n yoo got shent 'way from yur home becush of shome shtupid shpells mucking up each utter." Som managed to slur as he knocked back another small glass of the fantastic beverage known as tequila. Sliding over next to where Ella sat, Som sat the bottle that the Bartender had so generously left with him and poured himself a glass.

"I butt yoo cud jusht - jusht - woooo." The Hunter continued pausing between shots long enough to wave his fingers in the air as he did his best imitation of a spell caster.

As the Inebriated Hunter continued his one-sided conversation with the Demi-Succubus, one of the passing bar patrons paused long enough behind Som's conversation partner long enough to take a photograph of Ella's hind quarters with his mobile phone.


The man was sent flying into a nearby wall, the Hunter's fist knocking the consciousness out of the man before he reached the ground.

"'Ey! I'm talking 'ere!" Som said as he straightened out his jacket and sat back on is stool.

"Miss. Could I trouble you for a cup of your strongest coffee?" Teddy ordered from where he sat, pointing in the direction of the swaying Hunter.

Four Dragons: Ella, Hadrian, Jenny, Cz, Cutie Bruisers, Caim, Angelus, Devon

Jenny was taken completely off guard by Cz's sudden tantrum, worried that she might have said something wrong to offend the young one.
"Oh My! I'm sorry. Just you did't say anything and-" She rambled on as Devon cleaned her up, thinking her sudden shout was an answer to her own statement moments earlier.
Once she was done fretting over Cz, she then saw Constance use [DOMINATE] on their waitress for a free meal.
"Whoa, Whoa, whoa. What was that?" she then asked in an annoyed tone.
"You don't use Mind Control for something like this. It's wrong! Sure, It's okay when it's something important like getting a password or avoiding a fight in a life or death situation, but you shouldn't go around using it to scam people!"
While she had controlled people in the past, it was always something she'd rather not do, the idea of controlling someone against their will repulsing her.

"Whoa, Whoa, whoa. What was that?"

The Black and Blue haired Vampirette looked towards Jenny with a look of incomprehension, unsure why the gardevoir would have issue with Constance's manipulation.

"What do you mean?" The Cat-Eared Young Woman asked until it dawned on Constance what Jenny's issue was.

"I don't know about you but I don't think that we can really afford to feed everyone here." Constance admitted as she pointed towards the volume of food that was being consumed by all the patrons of the buffet.

"I mean obviously this place is running a scam, otherwise how could these people eat so much? I mean they've got to be paying a fortune to eat here." The Sorrowfeld vampire stated, pointing at the fact that there were stacks of plates at each of the occupied tables where the customers dined. It became apparent to anyone who bothered listening to Constance that the Vampire had never heard the term "all you can eat" nor understood the concept.

Sorry for the wait, you know. GTA all day, everyday! T.T

Morality doesn't count when you kill assholes. Shawn.
Location: Caligula's Palace (Main Floor), The Strip

Looking at the rather large man, Shawn began to look awkward for his act. In real life, he was not scared of the steroid pumped man, one slash and that muscle can flop right out of his body with a stream of blood. "Oh, I'm sorry. I'm rather new at this." He said in his awkward tone, but he smiled. The muscle man's eyebrow twitched but not before he needed a stitch.

With a swift gust, his neck was suddenly cut and the river of blood flowed out of the death inducing flesh wound. Quickly grabbing the guy in front of him, he dragged him out and into a nearby closet, because every staff area has multiple closets. The most unfortunate bit for The Wanderer is that his face and suit took a bit of soaking from the spewing blood.

Knowing that his act is up, Shawn only wished that he had the assistance of a silence pistol but it would take too much time. Going back to the previously blocked off room, he went inside once more with his razor in hand.

The computer's security was nothing compared to an ArmaTech system, so Eric was through in a flash. From there he was able to find the security feed he wanted.

The boss of the casino had the dealer tied to a chair in a back room somewhere. He was asking questions and beating him. This was bad - Eric needed information from the dealer. In order for that to happen, he needed to be in a condition to give it.

He pulled up the blueprints of the casino. An air vent on the roof led down through the entire structure and into that back room, curving around and continuing on somewhere off near the entrance. Alternatively, there was the kitchen entrance which, with a bit of sneaking, could lead to the desired room.

An aug would stand out in the kitchen, he decided, so he went with the vent.

He disabled the alarm system and disconnected from the system, coming back to reality. He was still alone, which was good.

The pulled his trenchcoat around him to conceal his cybernetic prosthetic limbs and headed back out to the hallway, aiming for elevator and, from there, the maintenance routes. Apart from having to pose as an inspector and pay off a meatheaded brick of a man some 10 minutes ago, he hadn't encountered any complications, and he wanted to keep it that way. A smooth operator very rarely found himself in an undesireable situation, but he was prepared, as always.

Rounding the corner he remembered that he didn't erase the security footage. He sighed and doubled back.

He entered the security room to find a guard at the terminal.

"Who are you?" he asked, a look of fear crossing his face. This guy was obviously new, and if he could avoid having to fight him, he would.

"IT," he lied. He let the cloak fall a bit, showing his augments. "Security specialist. Our firm detected a problem with your alarms."

"Which firm?" the guard demanded.

"I'm sorry, I didn't realise I answered to you. Either leave me to my work in peace or call your boss to sort this out. I'm this close to just leaving you without security," he said, holding his fingers up to show a small gap when he said 'this close'. He hoped that the sudden turn towards aggression would scare the man into leaving him alone.

It didn't. He pulled his gun.

Eric sprang into action, ducking and sliding under the table and using his cybernetic leg to kick out and break his knee before standing and punching him out in one fluid movement. He flicked his right wrist to extend the knife. The man had seen his face, and he was in hiding. He couldn't let him live.

Yet he couldn't bring himself to kill him, either. He was only a young man, doing his job. It wasn't his fault his boss was a loser.

Eric sighed and retracted the blade. He thought back to the OrbStrike station, back to when he ran a security detail for AugSec. He'd fired upon armed guards and McManus Holdings's engineers alike, but he wasn't that guy anymore.

He would finish his job here and then he'd have to uproot his life and leave.

He erased the tapes, just in case, and turned to leave.



The air vent was tight and difficult to move in without making much sound. He'd been crawling for quite a while, but was finally at the vent that looked on to the room.

The dealer sat dazed in the chair, blood running down his shirt and dripping onto the floor. If Eric was going to make a move, he was going to need to do it fast.

The question was: lethal or non-lethal?

Non-lethal had its pros and cons. Pro: nobody would have to die. Con: All of his weapons would be useless, and the casino boss might end up causing more damage to more people.

Lethal - Pro: Casino boss would be out of the picture, nobody else would suffer because of him. Eric could use his weapons.

He would just have to wing it.

Four Dragons: Ella, Hadrian, Jenny, Cz, Cutie Bruisers, Caim, Angelus, Devon, Constance

It was awkward, but the Bard finally had a distraction... "Constance, there's a bit of difference, I would think. We would have only needed to pay for our heading in. It's kind of how a buffet works, and I know I would have had enough for us to eat. Don't control the waitress when they come back to clean up when we finish. I know it may not matter to you, but they live or die based on their tips if it's anything like what I know, and the one up there's already going to be having some hell for missing all of us.

Enough of all that, though. No cutting, let's not throw around any elbows, and let's get something to eat!" As the group got closer, they saw that the Korean food was only one of the many kinds of foods. If Devon had to guess it right, this was one of the really expensive buffets from the quality of all the food on display.

Rising Dawn: On the Las Venturas Streets: Ella, Hadrian, Som, Constance's backpack

Ella had to hold back a laugh as she responded to the inebriated hunter. "Even so, I don't think I've known a man that got so wasted after 5 drinks... Must be some strong stuff. And is that backpack really ordering a drink?"

Yes it was, Ella. And it was equally absurd considering most bars didn't carry coffee straight unless they also served food.

Rising Dawn Simulator: Slindis, David, Rugal, Teri, Melethia

After making her way back on board the ship and leaving her supplies in her room-
"Yo! Slin!" She heard as David came jogging down towards her, much to her annoyance.
"Phew, glad I caught ya. Listen, I just need a moment for this."
"David, Look, I-"
"Heyheyhey, just let me finish, then you go back to hating my dumb Irish ass, Okay? Come on, Humor me." He pleaded, making it clear that it'd just be a lot faster to just say yes.
Once he had her, he motioned for her to follow.

"Alright...I just wanted to say sorry. Seems like a no Brainer, eh? Just...The thing about me is: All this stuff? Elves, Dragons, Vampires, Magic, Other Realms...It's just still so...New to me. It was sheer luck that I even learned this side to the world existed and, like all children when they see something for the first time: I was a complete and utter retard about it....Okay, except Melethia. She's actually really good with that sort of thing."

"What I'm trying, and most likely failing to say is, I had no fucking idea what your history was and I had zero right to say what I said and for that I'm sorry. I mean, I meant no Ill out of it, Sure, I think you're sound. The world had more people like you, it'd be a much better place. On top of that, I can honestly say, I feel a hell of a lot safer with you on my side."
"...Which is why we are having this discussion?"
"No, We are having this discussion because I was an asshole to one my friends and I'm attempting to fix that." He finished as they came across the Simulator room of the Rising Dawn.
"Set up a little something to help ya unwind, got a few people to help chip in. Hope you enjoy it." He said as he opened the room up, revealing a clean stream beside a lush green forest.

Rugal was standing there with Teri and Melethia, all dressed up like some Pool Boy rather than his usual get up.
"Here's hoping the bastard didn't put his foot though in his mouth again..." He murmured to the pair as David led Slindis in.


Morality doesn't count when you kill assholes. Shawn.
Location: Caligula's Palace (Main Floor), The Strip

Eric watched as the 2 goons wailed on the Dealer that Shawn was talking too while the Pit Boss watched, lighting up a cigar as they beat him up.
"...So...I assume you have your story for the police set right? You had loans to pay, so you began cheating Gamblers. Without any prompting from us, mind. Got it?" He said to the teenager as he lay on the ground bleeding, more then a few bones broken.
It was then that Eric saw Shawn enter the room from behind them, causing the 3 to instantly freak and and pull their guns on the Wanderer.
And turn their backs on the vent he was hiding in...

"Constance, there's a bit of difference, I would think. We would have only needed to pay for our heading in. It's kind of how a buffet works, and I know I would have had enough for us to eat. Don't control the waitress when they come back to clean up when we finish. I know it may not matter to you, but they live or die based on their tips if it's anything like what I know, and the one up there's already going to be having some hell for missing all of us.

Enough of all that, though. No cutting, let's not throw around any elbows, and let's get something to eat!"

The Faux Cat Girl did not need to be told twice when it came to sampling new cuisines. Even though the Vampire did not need food to survive, nor did she receive any nourishment for eating it, she was still quite interested in the different flavors that each morsel contained. Grabbing a plate, Constance went over to the line that had queued for the section marked Italian, which was at this point very long due to the "Build your own Pasta" Bar being open.

Tapping her food impatiently, the Vampirette stood as one by one, each of the customers were served by the overworked chefs. Both time and the queue marched forth slowly and even though Constance had an eternity to live, she did not have an eternity to wait.

[BLOOD MAGIC - CELERITY] It might have been considered cutting if any human were to see her or notice the fact that the Cat-Eared young girl had hopping behind the Pasta Bar to create her own plate of pasta which included some sort of red sauce, a green sauce and a white sauce, all of which smelled delicious. The plate also included something called Italian sausage, clams, some sort of insect called a lobster and red chili flakes.

Looking behind her to make sure that no one had noticed, she smiled to herself as the people still in the queue continued to move forward, not giving her a second glace.

Sitting at a table, she noticed that she was the first to finish gathering her meal.

"Even so, I don't think I've known a man that got so wasted after 5 drinks... Must be some strong stuff. And is that backpack really ordering a drink?"

Teddy noticed that he was being observed by the Succubus with what appeared to be a look of disbelief as he flagged down the barkeep for another drink.

"Excuse me, miss, but have you ever been told it's not polite to stare?" Teddy said to the Ella before ordering a glass of red wine, depositing a gold coin on the counter for payment.

"As for Som, I would've thought with as much as he drinks, he would have built up a much better tolerance at this point."

"What're yoo guysh talkin' 'bout. Ahm fine!" The Hunter stated as he knocked back his sixth shot of tequila.

So the dealer had been cheating his client. Eric smirked, drew his pistol. Now all he had to do was find out where the money had been stashed and he was on the home stretch.

He kicked out the vent and dropped into the room, shooting out the lights and rolling to the side. A muzzle flashed, illumitaing the room for a brief moment and peppering the wall next to Eric's head with bullets. He dove for the other side of the room.

"Drop your guns or you're all dead," he said. All it would take was a second. He would activate his ocular augmentation's night vision and pop the two goons before barreling down on the pit boss. He had no idea what to do about the newcomer. From the looks of things, he wasn't one for sneaking around, possibly more braun than brains. He couldn't be sure, though, and underestimating someone was a dangerous thing to do. From the looks of it, though, he was no friend of the three men in the room.

"This is your only warning. You can't see me, but I sure as hell can see you," he bluffed. He had to wait to the last second to activate his night vision or he'd be an easy target.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Buffet | Four Dragons | Las Venturas
Time: Dinner

Ella | Hadrian | Jenny | Cz | Cutie Bruisers | Caim | Angelus | Devon

Cz sat idly at the table and didn't make a move toward the food. At this point she was lacking in appetite, more off put by BlackHarte's biting comments than hungry. She sat there at the table until all the others broke off to find their foods, and she sat there while the waitstaff cast strange looks at her. Cz looked like an abandoned child were it not for her air of severe dignity, and in fact, a small level of that Divine Imperative causing the waitstaff to feel uneasy around her.

Eventually Constance the vampire cat came back to the table with a plate full of pasta and pasta-accessories. She looked dim-witted, and mayhaps she was so, but Cz couldn't feel correct judging someone based on her appearance alone. Going against the advice-protests of BlackHarte, Cz opened her mouth and spoke.

"What is you?" she asked sweetly, picking up a cup in front of her with both hands and bringing it to her lips. Cz took a long drink while staring at Constance, "You is strange. Not like friends."

"Of course she is different milady, she is an aberration born of fetishes," BlackHarte answered teasingly.

I asked not you. Cz growled back, acting as if she were only clearing her throat.

Four Dragons: Ella, Hadrian, Jenny, Cz, Cutie Bruisers, Caim, Angelus, Devon, Constance

After much betting was to be had, and the mute was left with two coins, a distinct rumbling filled the air, causing Cadolbolg to smile sheepishly, "Father... As much fun as all these games are, I'm kinda hungry."

The former Prince gave a nod and the two wandered off towards the food areas; stopping when they reached the table where a good chunk of the party was relaxing at and gave a wave, Cadolbolg fluttering over next to Ton Ton; "Hello, Friend Ton Ton! Have you been having fun?"

Ton Ton waved a hand for Cadolbolg when he appeared, "Things seem to be going well enough. Ms. Sorrowfield disappeared on me, but I think it may have been a spell going haywire. Aside from that, and Ms. Cz needing a nap; we seem to be doing well.

As he spoke of Cz, the young girl (at least, she appeared that way to most), made her mentions of Constance, and Ton Ton spoke up, Oh speaking of... Ms. Cz, that's one of the newer members of our group, Ms. Sorrowfield. She was with us when we entered this establishment. She also helped us fight off a big robot."

Cadolbolg made a happy noise, and tucked into his meal, Caim watching from the sidelines with a smile. However, upon Devon's return, Caim had to force himself to appear calm, his stone face taking place as the incident in the training room remained fresh in his mind. This sudden shift did not go unnoticed by Angelus however, as she was connected to Caim's mind as he was to her's. As the images flashed in her mind, Angelus made another mental note that she needed the two men to properly reconcile with one another. However, she'd keep up her cool appearance as well when she answered back to Devon, "Very well, Devon. However, I do ask you do not refer to me as 'Angie' again."

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia, David, Teri, Slindis

The work in the kitchens wasn't very hard for Teri when she had prepared the curry and the sundae earlier; the main difficulty being in understanding the Imps, but she had to admit that the process as a whole was indeed a fun one. Standing beside Rugal (Garm once again confined to the entrance) she whispered back, "I think he'll do alright, so long as he doesn't get too nervous. Then again, he gets nervous often... oh drat, now I'm worried."

"What is you? You is strange. Not like friends."

The little one's voice drew Constance's attention away from the piled plate of pasta concoction and towards the voice's source. It had not occurred to the Young Vampire until that moment but Cz reminded the Sorrowfeld Vampire of her younger sister when she was that age, as sharp and direct as one of her father's straight razors. Smiling at the juvenile's seemingly innocent facade, Constance regarded the little one with a slight air of amusement.

"I'm Constance, Constance Sorrowfeld." She responded, leaving out her familial lineage as well as her title, "What do you mean by strange?"

The question was rather straight forward since strange was a relative term in comparison to the remainder of the crew members of the Rising Dawn. Was the vampire strange due to the fact that Constance was from this world or was it the fact that she wore cat ears despite the fact that she was a vampire? Continuing to smile, Constance waited patiently for a response, not touching her pasta concoction whilst waiting for the little one to formulate another question.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Buffet | Four Dragons | Las Venturas
Time: Dinner

Ella | Hadrian | Jenny | Cz | Cutie Bruisers | Caim | Angelus | Devon | Constance

Cz's mood darkened. Even though it was part of her ruse, she still hated being talked down to. However, she persisted, but as she opened her mouth her logic process came unto an impasse. She couldn't express her thoughts in a manner a five year old could and still be understood. She had to either clarify the question or risk being exposed.

"Milady is being indecisive," BlackHarte chided half-seriously.

In the end Cz made up her mind and voiced her concern, "You is unhuman." She said flatly. Her words were carefully chosen to be grammatically endearing as well as unsuspicious. After all, any child could string words together and make sentences that seemed coherent. However the observation that Constance was not human would have been much harder for a five year old to pinpoint. Nevertheless Cz gave Constance a wanting look. Eyeing her ears, fangs and tail suspiciously. Do I judge this one as human? Or do I judge this one as an aberration?

"You is unhuman."

Even with the way in which the observation was phrased and the tone that was used, the Sorrowfeld Vampire could not keep herself from slightly flinching at the little one's observation whilst a much larger emotional cringe occurred within her mind. Various thoughts wormed their way to the surface of Constance's mind as she wondered how it was that she was going to respond to Cz's observation.

"(They teach them to differentiate between us so young.)" The Young Vampire thought to herself, remembering the emphasis that had been placed between human and non-humans in her world. The question was a reminder of the World's social inequities.

It took a eternally long handful of seconds for the Raven Haired Faux Cat Girl Vampire to shake off her initial reaction to Cz's observation before responding, her tone having lost some of the amusement that it had previously contained.

"Because I'm not a human." Constance said in a hushed tone, removing the cat ears and the tail and placing them across her lap, revealing that the Vampire was just that, a vampire.

"I'm a vampire." She added as she pushed her untouched plate of food away from her.

Four Dragons: Ella, Hadrian, Jenny, Cz, Cutie Bruisers, Caim, Angelus, Devon

Jenny watched as Constance and Cz interacted, stepping in with a comment just in case they were getting off on the wrong foot.
"Don't worry Cz, Constance is our friend and while she mightn't be considered "Human", I don't believe that should be any cause for alarm. I mean, Look at me!" She said, looking the least human out of the lot of them.

There should be more there, but there isn't, damn writers block.

The Lone and only. Shawn.
Location: Caligula's Palace (Main Floor), The Strip
Time: Death's arrival.

The lights turned out, a clear smile was plastered on the Wanderer's face. The only thing was that Shawn was confused by this unknown person. By his talk it reminded him of the cops he met in this world and yet the tone said "Order" inside his mind. Taking caution on his side, he marked this unknown as "Neutral" in his mind. The Wanderer would not take that man down, but instead he focused his attention to the three enemies and his friend the dealer.

[Night person activated]

The perk was activated and the room glowed green just like night vision in Shawn's eyes. The bad thing about this was the mutation located in his eyes made them glow bright blue. This did not matter as Shawn moved very fast with his bloody razor in hand. The first person who aimed at him fired directly into his direction, the Wanderer cannot avoid the bullets but he can avoid the bullet's path. One bullet passed through his left ear, his teeth gripped his lips due to pain but it did not stop the destination of the blade.

The throat.

In a second, Shawn had cut the first Mobster open. The fountain of blood squirted out in a short spray covering Shawn's suit. "Ugh ... messy." He sighed but focused onto the next guard who had started to fire at the Wanderer, this got three bullets inside his stomach. Throwing up a tiny bit of blood, Shawn began to curse at the fact he did not equip his armor instead of saving the dealer, but he threw that thought away as he made a piercing motion.

[Bloody Mess Activated.]

Was the next and probably worst perk activated. Not wanting to do this, the fist of the Wanderer shot threw the gun and through the next mobster's body. The worst part was that the body exploded, covering that part of the room and Shawn in blood and a few body parts. Snickering for a second he turned to the Mob Boss. "You can cheat me, but you cannot cheat death!"

[Terrifying Presence activated]

After that, Shawn fell down the wall, both tired and hurt.
The worst part is that his suit and razor were bloody.

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