The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Kazuya | G-Corp workers | Melethia | ... Invader
Location: Currently occupied Hanger | Rising Dawn.
Killer Instinct Season 2: TJ Combo Complete Dynamic Theme

I knew setting up on this flying madhouse was a bad idea... Kazuya thought as he went about trying to avoid the incoming wall of fire, He knew that random attacks were always an issue on this airship, but this was not had he had in mind.
Either way, he quickly side stepped before preforming a quick wall run to avoid getting burned, though a few embers lingered on his combat outfit.
Once he had his opening, he was quickly back in this so called "Queen's" face, opening up with a hard right to her jaw followed by a low kick aimed at her knee joint in order to try and cripple her movement.
All the while, the remaining soldiers were doing their best to try and put out the loose flames her attacks were putting out before they had a chance to fry their computers and equipment, though a few of them were cheering on their boss.
Seeing how if he lost, they were would most likely be next.

All the while, Violet was trying to sneak out of the hanger before he got burned, muttering "Ohhhh, The crew is going to be so pissed when they get back..."

Kazuya | G-Corp workers/Violet | Melethia | Nadalia
Location: Currently occupied Hanger | Rising Dawn.
Street Fighter X Tekken OST: TK Rival Battle Theme 2

She came up to him, placing a hand firmly on his cheek.
"Time has passed for eons .. and now, you're here before me, great sover-"

Before she could finish, she felt her hand get grabbed as she was pulled in harshly, followed by her face impacting against Kazuya's forehead as he headbutted her, knocking her to the ground as the smoke-screen cleared, as well as a painful "Ohhhh!" from the guys who were watching, that look like it hurt!.
"You seem to be under the false impression that I care. From my point of few..."Nadalia", I see a danger to this world and myself trying to lure me into a trap with meaningless tales of false prophecy. And, not be rude, but your requests are rather low on my list of priorities..." He calmly explained as he wiped some blood off his face, most likely having busted her nose with that impact, before pressing two of his fingers against the side of his head, causing a powerful red glow to appear in his right eye as the sound of power charging could be heard.
"Now, I am a busy man..." He began to explain before placing his foot on her neck, using his weight to keep her down.
"You can either surrender or die. Either way is fine by me...Just make up your mind soon, I have another operation I need to be overseeing right now..." He warned as his gaze was fixed on her head, as if targeting something.

Meanwhile, his remaining standing forces moved in to back him up as the moved in on her downed form, one of them attempting to get her blade while the others kept their aim trained on her head, REALLY hoping that she would just make it easy for them and give up...

Kazuya | G-Corp workers/Violet | Melethia | Nadalia
Location: Currently occupied Hanger | Rising Dawn.
Ultra Street Fighter 4 - Blast Furnace Stage

"You hear their cries, don't you? What do you feel about the agony of your people, great sovereign?"

Needless to say, the sudden arrival of several demonic minions was not what Kazuya had in mind as his forces were quickly taken down in large numbers by the haunted armors.
"...Fall back! FALL BACK! ALL UNITS EVACUATE THE HANGER! SET UP DEFENSES DEEPER INTO THE SHIP! MOVE!" He shouted to anyone still standing as they quickly fled the scene, granted, they were the most highly trained and brave of all of G-Corp's military, this was clearly not something they were trained to deal with.
Kazuya meanwhile took it upon himself to engage the armors and Nadalia, which made the Iron Flesh spell all the more annoying.
"You...Are going to regret this..." he growled in anger and annoyance as he went to engage the armors first.
Pressing his fingers to his head, he fired off several red hot laser beam from his right eye, cutting cleanly though Nadalia's minions, though he was quick to grab one that had attempted to strike from behind, twisting it's arm before following up with pair of kicks to it's head. (Visual)
Once he had thinned her minion's ranks, he then charged forward with a powerful combo, hoping to crack her armor. (Visual)

Violet meanwhile was watching on as the battle quickly went south (Though that implied that it went anywhere else to begin with), taking time from his escape attempt to shout "OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD KAZ, JUST SAY YES! YOU'RE ONLY MAKING IT WORSE!".
Unluckily for our fabulous friend, his "Advice giving" distracted him from the armor that he walked right into, causing him to stumble back onto the floor in fear.
"WAH! NO! PLEASE! I'M TOO PRETTY TO DIE LIKE THIS!" He cried as he put his hands up in surrender.

Kazuya | G-Corp workers/Violet | Melethia | Nadalia
Location: Currently occupied Hanger | Rising Dawn.
Two Steps from Hell - Strength of a Thousand Men

Throughout all of the fight Melethia had been observing Nadalia's fight in a ceiling vent above the Hangar to get an idea of what they were going up against, and she noticed a few important things. After all, even if Kazuya bandied about that this was his ship she still had every right to be here, and to be honest she thought his fighting style lacked a certain amount of finesse.

The most obvious thing was the first point: She was a mage, possibly a fire sorceror if her gut was right. She would be a bit better off with her armor giving her some resistance to fire, but as a stereotypical rule of thumb they got impulsive. The way with words also hinted less at her being a schooled mage.

After that, she noted her next point: This Fire Sorceror also had a spell to toughen her skin a great deal. She did have her Nightforge Blade which would be her best bet at punching through that as there wasn't many materials it couldn't leave a mark in, and her kukri was just about as good at piercing through armors thanks to the material and the acidic coating, although she wasn't banking on the added keeness to allow for bleeding.

Finally, she noted that as a caster there was a high chance that the sorceror had her focus entirely on Kazuya, and one well-timed strike to the flank might be what was needed to mix this fight up.

And thus, when the woman conjured what she believed to be a [1] Maximized Empowered and Quickened Fireball she removed the grating on the vent, drew her blades, and silently sprung on her from behind with the intent to drive the blades deep in the woman's gut. Even if it wasn't fully successful her precise timing could easily catch the woman unaware to secure some much-needed damage on the caster.

[1] Basically, really amped up and casted in the blink of an eye

Bookie's Hideout- Ground level Boss, Edge, Cadolblog, Chris, David, Ares-U35, Katya, Azan, Storm, Slindis, Ton Ton, Big Goon

Slindis noted the second Elite Soldier and focused on making herself invisible again through one last Shadow Fade before focusing intently on a strike to the man's knees to cause him to fall, then following up with an elbow lock to wrench the weapon out of the man's hands. The placement of the strikes and the lock also made the football gear's protection useless, but at the same time she would be deep in the gangsters. At least her ambush would stir up a lot more confusion in the ranks, something which could be used to rally and make another push.

Bookie's Hideout - Silos - Angelus, Caim, Devon

Angelus's rather blunt reminder caused the Bard to chuckle awkwardly, since she hadn't used the advised skinn in a while. Well, I kind of feel like a fool... Might as well try again. Although the attempts were crude, she was able to blow away enough of the gases to clear up their area as well as pushing one less aware guard off the building. "Really going to have to work on that some more..."

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Rugal, Ella, Icarus, Teri, Dimitri, Garm Vs Diabs

Ella shook her head at the smoke, brushing herself off at the near death experience. "WOuldn't really say there was one, considering you did near cave that in on us. If you start talking, though, you might live here." The withering glare might clue Diabs that now might be a good time to talk, but the reaction from Teri might be an even better way to show this.

Kazuya | G-Corp workers/Violet | Melethia | Nadalia
Location: Currently occupied Hanger | Rising Dawn.
Street Fighter X Tekken - Mad Gear Hideout Theme (Round 1)

Needless to say, things could be going better in this engagement for Kazuya as that Iron Flesh spell seemed to be working about as well as he feared.
"Tch, why does this have to happen now of all times?..." He mumbled under his breath as she went on and on about him being some kind of king or something, first solid lead he had gotten on Bison and his ilk in years and this bitch just had to show up.
Either way, he didn't have much time to dwell on it as a rather nasty looking fireball went his way, prompting him to leap out of the way as it raced past, consuming much of the command center that his men had spent most of the day setting up as well as generally wreaking everything it touched.
While he got lucky, there was still going to be a fair bit of burnt fabric that would have to be fetched out of this skin (Tch, doesn't she know how hard it is to find Purple Camo?!).
"Please, do not resist fate. You have great purpose, let it not go to waste."
Discarding his now burning vest, leaving him topless, he then answered "You can't maintain this attack. Even Demons have their limi-...!!!"
He trailed off as he spotted a figure drop down behind Nadalia before attempting to stab her in the back, quickly realizing who it was.
The hell is she thinking!?! He thought, least until it sunk in that she was giving him an opening (Damn brat must have been watching the whole time) and by god he was going to make the most of it.
Moving in quickly on the Queen, he went straight for the skull with his next attack, a violent right hook followed by a brutal left.
Before she could counter again, he went for an uppercut to launch her into the air as the shadowy aura of 1 black wings formed around his shoulders.
"NOW GO TO HELL!" He violent shouted before following up with another eye blast, aiming for center mass before she hit the ground. Visual

Violet meanwhile watched on, though he was pretty concerned for Melethia's safety, granted, she was most likely more adept at combat then he was, but it always worrying to see someone in a fight for him.
Leaving the rest of the Soldiers to deal with that last armor, He slid on over to one of the downed soldiers, rooting though his equipment as he tried to find something of use.

Captcha: I like you! "...Oh for the love of-" /)_-"

The (Un)real World
Location: Cupertino | California
Time: Night
Cast: B3WP and Selmy


B3WP appeared to relax under the medical care of Miss Selmy and felt... relief(?)... that the Good Samaritan did not find it strange, or appear to find it strange, that the young human female was not injured from her recent run in with the Semi Truck. B3WP was finding it difficult to pay attention to Miss Selmy due to the thousands fold increase in communications signals traveling through the atmosphere at the Speed of Light.

With a inefficient shake of its head, B3WP quickly compiled a filtering program that would block the masses of useless signals until such a time as it would be given to time and opportunity to catalog the contents to the various signals.

"I'm Selmy," Miss Selmy said, "do you have somewhere to stay? It's dangerous here at night, even as quiet as it is we get sinners wandering in from San Jose."

Accepting the proffered hand before standing up, B3WP regarded the strange human female, making quick observations about her clothing, appearance and mannerisms. With Miss Selmy spiking on the probability charts of being local or at least having knowledge in regards to the area, B3WP chose its response to the young female's questions with the goal of finding a local guide.

"Irina," B3WP said, borrowing the Little Miss's sister's name, "Irina Rostikova."

As for the later question, Irina did its best to appear to be embarrassed in regards to the answer as it looked down at its feet while changing coloring of its cheeks to give it the appearance of being flushed from embarrassment.

"I... no... I just got into town and I... don't have any place to stay." Irina said as it simulated a tear running down its face, "Who are these sinners you speak of? Are they dangerous?"

Kazuya | G-Corp workers/Violet | Melethia | Nadalia
Location: Currently occupied Hanger | Rising Dawn.
Deus Ex - UNATCO Theme

While it hadn't ended with Nadalia face down dead on the ground, Kazuya was keen to take the draw given the amount of damage she had caused thus far.
Part of him wanted to keep going, but the last thing he wanted was to give Rugal something to rub in his face for being the guy who allowed the ship to be taken over while they were out doing his job for him.
He then lowered his guard as he brought a slightly burned radio and ordered "All units fall in. Hostile is now friendly...for now..." before turning his back on Nadalia and getting to fixing up the mess she had caused.
As he did that, he glanced back at Melethia, glaring at her as if he was annoyed at the fact she saved his as (Or that he needed to have his ass saved).
Either way, he went on to try and contain the fires that had broken out, breaking out one of the nearby fire extinguishers as his men moved slowly back into the hanger, avoiding the queen at first until they saw the regen effects her magic had on their wounds.

Violet meanwhile was about to get into the fight, though he instead got a fright when the knocked out soldier he was try to snag a weapon from woke up.
"Whoa! Sorry, thought you dea-...*ahem!*...Ummmm...MEL! Are you okay? Are you hurt?" He then fussed over the elf, while it was common knowledge that Mel was a pretty good fighter in her own right, Violet never did get that memo and only saw a child.

Kazuya | G-Corp workers/Violet | Melethia | Nadalia
Location: Currently occupied Hanger | Rising Dawn.
Ultra Street Fighter 4 - Menu Theme

Kazuya was refusing to answer Nadalia's constant prattling about him being some kind of reincarnated king, all that he was thinking of was how he was going to get all this command center equipment repaired and how his LA operation was going thus far.
When one of his men asked if he was going to let this slide, he simply answered "If you feel like throwing your life away, I won't stop you, but do it on your own time. Now get these fires out..." before shoving the fire extinguisher into his hands and returning to his post, overseeing a now busted operations room as the freshly healed soldiers began to clear the place up, keeping their distance from the Queen.

Violet meanwhile was paying attention to what she was saying, if only to make sure that he wouldn't have to worry about being smeared across the walls anytime soon.
"...Soooo, you think that Kazuya is your "King"?...Ahhh, ummm, what makes you think he is who you say it is? I mean *Ahem* there are a LOT of souls on this earth..." He then slightly stammered, partly to find out if he had to worry about his boss becoming his monarch, but mostly to see if he was still in the running.
Clingy, fire spouting mass murdering queen aside, he figured he could do well as a king as he imagined all the nice crowns he'd have.

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The (Un)real World
Location: Cupertino | California
Time: Night


Is this really happening to me? Selmy blinked several times to help consolidate her thoughts. She gave Irina another once-over and pressed her hands against the bridge of her nose. Why do all of these outlandish things happen to me. God, what I have done to earn your ire... Have I not been a good follower of the faith? Selmy smiled weakly, brushing the tear from Irina's face. "Hooligans and vagrants mostly," Selmy looked around, the night was softly cool and the dust was settling on the construction site. Across the street the dull streetlights lit the town lazily, and the entire area seemed to be asleep. Though buildings ran lights, there were no people inside of the buildings, the entire town seemed to have a ghostly presence to it. Tonight is quiet enough though. Selmy pulled Irina to her feet, she was a bit taller than Selmy who was embarrassingly short for her age.

"I don't live around here, but I know a few good hotels around here I could check you into," Selmy started to walk toward main street, and pointedly the Loft, one of the newer lodging locations in the small industry city. In truth Selmy lived three miles in the other direction, easily within walking distance, but was reluctant to have guests over... she felt a little shame for her living conditions. Namely the absurd japanimation collection that dominated most of her living space. Lord forgive my vanity... "Follow me, we will be there in about forty moments."



I didn't like it. She seemed unnatural. Titania had shook her head at me, white wispy hair falling in cascaded around her pale thin shoulders. She never looked more sickly and pitiful, but at the same time she was never more alluringly exotic. She was so pale it seemed like her skin had become translucent, and instead of falling into a sallow pallor Titania seemed to glow white in the darkness of the room. I felt my heart flutter as I left, wrapping my blue cloak around my shoulders. I bounced up and down in my stride, feeling the familiar weight of my books and catalysts in their bags at my hips and chest. This girl, Irina, transplanted into this world by some author,she seemed unnatural. The way she acted just didn't sit right with me, even with the general strangeness of the realm's people. I opened the room door and strode down the hallway, hardwood floors below clacking against my boots. The air was wet, the first time in ages it seemed. Autumn rains had just recently blew through, leaving the city with a glistening sheen that reminded me of starlight.

The outside was cold, but I had a mission and I wore that with the same pride I use to call myself a magician.



Activating... activated... transplanting... transplanted...

Scanning area... identifying area. Area identified. Data storage inconsistent with current environment. Updating group information... updating complete. Moving toward target: Nanomachine sentient entity transplanted by observer - Dramatist. Approximate location identified. Deploying petals.

Eight wings of steel were created. They picked her up in the air. The sky swallowed her, pale blonde hair swaying behind her, tightly wound together; a sword at the end. The city sat still. The city shone with light. She found her subject. Then moved forward. A specter in the sky. She hailed him.

Murokumo Unit hailing Target with Cease and Desist Message.

"Be still and do not resist, or be terminated immediately."

Kazuya | G-Corp workers/Violet | Melethia | Nadalia
Location: Currently occupied Hanger | Rising Dawn.

Violet looked rather dejected when Nadalia basically ruled out any possibility of anyone but Kazyua being the monarch.
"...Tch, some guys have all the luck..." He said without a slight bit of envy in his voice, nope, not a slight bit at all as he scrapped his plans for a Ocean Blue royal gown with a Emerald trim.
Kazuya meanwhile merely glanced over his shoulder as she walked up to him, really wishing that she would just go away.
"If you are done, I have to rebuild now. I'm not sure if you realize it, but I am in the process of trying to track down some of my enemies. If you feel like..."Serving" your monarch, you would do well to aid in that endeavor..." He explained as he watched his men try to get the communication rig back up, it was hard to run a system check when all the keys were melted together.
"And if you do wish to serve me, for the love of all that is holy, stop addressing me as a monarch. It serves only to annoy me..."

Bookie's Hideout- Chemical Processing Boss, Edge, Cadolblog, Chris, David, Ares-U35, Katya, Azan, Storm, Slindis, Ton Ton, Big Goon

The elite's takedown by Slindis did much to break though this last line of defense, even if it left her rubbing elbows with the goons that were shooting at her.
A few of them clumsily tried to bash her skull in with the butts of their weapons, but the sudden appearance of Blackharte's new form ensured that they were quickly dealt with before that could come to past.
With this last line broken, the ground forces now had free reign over the plant for the most part, especially as Katya managed to shut down her own hack to stop people from getting their faces burned off.
Doom was about to try that path, peeking over the corner at the end of the hall just in time to watch Slindis painfully break a few bones and Blackharte "Eat" 3 live humans, giving him all the reason he needed to NOT go that way, rushing down one of the other paths, hoping he hadn't been seen.

Storm meanwhile kept swinging as he was blinded, hitting nothing as he did while he stumbled down the flanking path towards the living quarters, his affected vision barely being able to allow him to realize he had moved at all.
While he was swinging, he did notice the storage room he had wandered into, with a few TVs and weights for the gang to use in their free time.
What was more important was that he saw a figure in a green cloak running past, seeming to pause for a moment as he saw him and began to run the other towards the restrooms.

Back with Boss, he was having a hard time being able to make sense of what was real or not, the Lizard with the foam finger was able to help him as all of a sudden, he was struck in the jaw with a metal pipe, the impact causing the world to go "Real" for a moment as the Lizard turned into a gangster before turning back.
All the while, the Gingerbread man began to rock candy from his blunderbuss (Even if it sounded more like an AK-47) as they hit Boss in the arm, mainly due to the fact the gangster was most likely as high as he was right now.

Finally, right before Wanderer fell from the vent, all the vats seemed to stop bubbling, quickly causing the mixture inside it to get a slight skin as the fumes stopped.
"Ey'....wo-turned off the fuzzie?" a drug addled guard asked as he leaned over and looked into the vat.
Thus, when Wanderer fell over, he landed on top of the guard, knocking him into the vat as the other one looked at him.
Once he picked himself up, the hazed eyes of the so called "Wasteland Messiah" saw what appeared to be the grim reaper looking back at him.
".....What?...." The reaper asked as he stood there, pretty high off his rocker and not really being able to process whatever he was seeing Wanderer as, seeing how his perception wasn't much better and he saw Wanderer as a talking pancake.

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Rugal, Ella, Icarus, Teri, Dimitri, Garm Vs Diabs

Diabs had a smug looking grin on his face as Ella demanded that he started talking.
"Talking?....About what?..." He chuckled before taking a long drag and blowing it in her face and coughing slightly, most likely from some bruised internal organs.
"Save your patience, he's just a small fish in a big pond. Besides, I've just been talking to David, they've taken the plant this rat's friends have holed up in. Teri, give Icarus a quick patch up when you are ready. Ella, watch our friend here while I call our "Benefactor" for Evac." Rugal ordered his group as he brought up his PDA to contact the ship, setting up a video call.
"Kazuya, send one of the VTOLs over to our location. We got Diabs and we can to meet back up with the rest of the crew. Over-...And where did your shirt go?..."

Kazuya | G-Corp workers/Violet | Melethia | Nadalia
Location: Currently occupied Hanger | Rising Dawn.

"...Ugggg...Just don't do anything without my say so..." Kazuya groaned as Nadalia seemed to make herself at home, much to his annoyance and the annoyance of the surviving soldiers as they began to out the last of her fire when Rugal's Evac call came in.
"Kazuya, send one of the VTOLs over to our location. We got Diabs and we can meet back up with the rest of the crew...And where did your shirt go?..."
Grumbling slightly, He opened his end of the line before answering "I'll send one over soon. Keep your current position."
"Naturally. So you aren't going to tell me then?...Is that smoke in the background?...Why is there smoke in the hanger?..." Rugal kept prying, resulting in Violet shouting from his desk "Oh, he just had a bit of a hot date in the hanger. Literally."
"!!!....ETA: 5-10 minutes. Kazuya, out." He said before hanging up to cover his embarrassment.
"...As for my enemies, I have a plan in place. All you should have to do is just follow my command. For now, You would do well to familiarize yourself with your new surroundings. I'm not about to spent half of my time teaching you how to use a computer..." He then coldly ordered, showing just how much he cared for his new "Bride".
"...And someone get me a shirt!"

Lone Wanderer.

Location: Bookies' Hideout | Chemical Processing.
Time: Afternoon.

Getting up and quickly looking back at the vat, Wanderer thought he had just knocked a talking glass of grapejuice into it. Shrugging he turned to pick up his blade, only to be introduced to the most ugly monster he has witnessed. Then his bible knowledge kicked in, and his thoughts turned to the literal physical form of death. Screwing up his face in stress, he gave a hell-curling scream, as his hallucination turned into a more hellish version.

Pictures from the worse parts of his life assaulted Wanderer's memory. The memory of his swamp hallucination, where he saw his mother's bones, and the insults from all the bobbleheads. The memory of his father dying before his eyes, all due to the radiation from his miracle machine. Of course, the many, many deaths, that included all the torturous methods such as cannibalism, flaying, and mental assault. Of course, this drove the Wanderer's mind to overdrive. This finally allowed the chains to break once more, and the darker personification of the man came out.

Dark Wanderer opened his glowing red eyes, first he noticed that he was on his knees, gripping his hair. Looking up, he saw the Grim Reaper. Sighing, he muttered, "Coward." Getting up onto his feet, he still looked at the Grim Reaper figure, feeling some nostalgia to the feeling of death. "Sleep for now. Get better. I'll handle this." He said quietly to himself. Being the fearless side, Dark Wanderer walked up to the Reaper figure and punched him right in the face, not hard enough to make him a bloody mess, but enough to send the figure unconscious.

"God damn drugs. This is why I killed Dixon!" He ironically said, trying to find either an exit or something interesting.

Storm-1788 (Unarmoured)
Location: Bookies' Hideout | Storage/Restrooms.
Time: Afternoon.


And so God answered.
A black boot thundered through the upper restroom door.
Ironically, it wasn't God himself, but it is pretty damn close when an Angel's Soldier foot launches through your door.

Storm grunted in fury. His hand was away from his now half red face. Pulling his leg back from the door, he placed his hands on the remains of the kicked in door, and with his altered human strength he ripped it from the doorway and launched it backwards, slamming and breaking a television in the background. Luckily enough, whatever hallucination Doom was seeing, it wasn't attacking. The Spartan took a single look at the green cloak and grunted. "Doom?" He asked in a irritated, questioning tone.

Bookie's Hideout- Chemical Processing Boss, Edge, Cadolblog, Chris, David, Ares-U35, Katya, Azan, Storm, Slindis, Ton Ton, Big Goon

Ton Ton gave a heavy groan when the goon finally fell down to his assault, and looked over to David and Edge, silently hoping his efforts weren't in vain, "Mr. West? Mr. Edge? Are- are you two okay?"
David did finally answer the Tonberry's question once he finally pulled himself off the ground, holding his head as he did. "Ah, nothing some medical attention can't fix...That or a clean rag..." He answer as he winced as he bled from the back of his head.
Hearing a string of swears from both, Ton Ton's shoulders slumped in relief, "Oh thank goodness..." and he began a power walk towards David. As he did so, he heard a groan from his pact partner, who began to lift himself up,
"Tough big meanie, wasn't he? I almost thought he was about to crack my shell there... Is Mr. Ninja and David okay?"

As he approached, the Tonberry propped an arm around Cadobolg and gave a little nod, "I-I think so..."

Bookie's Hideout- Chemical Processing Roof - Caim, Devon, Angelus

Caim looked down into the window, seeing the chaos unfold inside, and gave the Bard a dark smirk, "How about we make use of some of your magics, hmn? It could be fun to scatter them about. Otherwise, I'm going in. Whether or not you follow is up to you."
With that, the blood knight kicked a hole in the glass and jumped down, readying his blade for some proper action.

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Rugal, Ella, Icarus, Teri, Dimitri, Garm Vs Diabs

Teri gave the Archon a gentle hug when Rugal handed him off, her Aura reaching out to the tired, yet brave Archon among the party. In response to the embrace, the glowing ball of light gave a cough and weakly answered, "You're alright, summoner. If you get the chance, I'll send one of my Hound Archon friends your way. He may be of better service than I... I take it everyone made it out alright?"

Before Teri could answer, the Archon disappeared, the allotment of the spell ending. However, this did draw her attention to Garm and Icarus, who were a bit less worse for wear. As Rugal began negotiations with Kazuya for a pickup, the Cleric turned to Icarus side and directed her Aura Icarus' way as she began to take out her medical tools, "Put down the tazer finger, Icarus. Garm and Ella can keep a close enough eye on him."

Garm, on the other hand, gave a huff at Icarus' assessment of his being, (his eyes still trained on their captured quarry) "I am a wolf, and my name is Garm. My name may be a name after a hellhound-,

"Queen Hel's watchdog. Lift your arm, Icarus."

"That- Anyways, I"m nowhere near close to one. I don't like fire, for one thing. Or lots of heat. That burning building was way too much for my taste."

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Rugal, Ella, Icarus, Teri, Dimitri, Garm Vs Diabs

Icarus Could feel Teri;s soothing aura and relaxed a bit and let her approach with her tools his wings folded neatly behind his back, he then struggled to lift his arm grimacing that's when Diabs blew a puff of smoke into Ella's face, he snarled, and with barely a warning he zapped the cigar turning it into ash, he could feel Teri's disapproving look and lowered his eyes,
"Umm sorry, smoking's bad anyways." he said weakly not looking directly at her, He suddenly remembered his sister, typically she'd patch him up after a bad fight, his sudden memory of that made him lower his head and a single tear started to roll down his cheek remembering his sister. It didn't take long for him to realize it, he froze and awkwardly wiped his face as if trying to hide it.

"Umm Sorry about that Garm, I've seen a few dogs when I was younger It's just Well I encountered a hell-hound when I was younger, It saw me as food and it was the first serious fight I ever had by myself." he shifted and Teri noticed a leather necklace around his neck and under his tunic, without meaning to his other hand touched a piece on the necklace and Teri could see an outline that looked alot like the tooth from a dog.

Bookie's Hideout- Chemical Processing Boss, Edge, Cadolblog, Chris, David, Ares-U35, Katya, Azan, Storm, Slindis, Ton Ton, Big Goon

Inside The Factory

Okay... Boss thought, closing his eyes. I have at least two supernatural senses. This should not be a problem.

Reaching out with his para-sense, Boss felt...a great number of things, none of them he was able to immediately discern. Even with his eyes closed, he still saw the hellish...whatever it was that the drugs were making him see, even in his mind's eye; anything he 'felt' with his para-sense was just laid underneath the context of whatever he was seeing.

That was significantly less useful than I thought it would be. Boss thought, moving slightly to avoid being smacked with a foam finger. Maybe if I use my under-

Boss barely had enough time to register that whatever that was, it didn't feel like a foam finger before being smacked in the face with a lead pipe. His latent mental barrier absorbed most of the blow, but he still staggered backwards, reeling from the force of the blow. Strangely enough, for just a moment, he was able to see clearly; not very helpfully, he noticed that the 'gingerbread man' was not shooting 'rock candy', but actual bullets. Boss threw up a shield to deflect what he could, but not fast enough; several bullets hit him in the arm before he could react. Boss screamed in pain, despite himself.

Crouching down, and taking several deep breaths, Boss tried to think. OK, first thing's first; Boss thought. I'm useless here, at least for the moment. I have no idea how long the effects of this...crap will last, and until then, I'm a danger to myself, and I'm a danger to everyone around me. Boss took another deep breath. I have to let the others know about it, too, at least as much as I can. Boss nodded to himself. Yeah. That's what I'll do. Fall back and re-group.

And with a thought, Boss teleported out of the warehouse.

Outside The Factory

Edge slouched down next to David. He was...reasonably certain that he had been hurt very, very badly in that fall. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to properly focus through the incredible pain that he was in, and was unable to assess exactly how injured he was. "I...wouldn't mind...a little rain." Edge said, chuckling. "I'm...just gonna sit down here, if you don't mind." Edge said, slumping down. "Maybe shut my eyes for a bit..."

Edge closed his eyes, trying to shut the pain out. He needed to


Tell me about it Edge thought. Peeking over the cover he had taken, he saw-

Doctor Insano pointed The Dubstep Blaster at the gangsters and pulled the trigger. German Power Metal saturated the air as weaponized sound waves slammed into the various drug-addled attackers, flinging them into the air like ragdolls.



Doctor Insano walked over to the group, next to Boss. "Well that won't do." he said. "I suppose as a reformed evil scientist, I'll have to do something about that." Doctor Insano looked around. "Is there a car nearby? I might be able to make some kind of air purifier out of the engine. Doesn't have to be a car, but my experience is that they're lying around pretty much everywhere, like so much discarded trash."

The (Un)real World
Location: Cupertino | California
Time: Night

Irina | Selmy

Mind you, Irina doesn't have feelings or emotions or anything other emotion, other than perhaps concern for its host and perhaps curiosity (a remnant of subroutine intelligence gathering leftover from its time as a combat enhancement prototype) but she it found the conversation with Selmy particularly stimulating. Having never spent more than a few moments with anyone other than Little Miss, Irina found Miss Selmy's mannerisms fascinating. Miss Selmy's proper use of the English language, her non-aggressive posture and her politeness were all concepts quite foreign to the nano-agent swarm and therefore quite engaging.

Irina caught itself staring at Miss Selmy for no apparent reason other than to wait for the next set of non-Little Miss like behavior. Well not really staring but Irina had been monitoring the various physical and vocal cues that indicated its subject's intent and emotional state. It was really quite thrilling.

"Follow me, we will be there in about forty moments." Miss Selmy said, walking towards their intended destination.

"Lead the way," Irina stated as it followed closely behind as to not appear "cr3@py," a status that Little Miss often bestowed upon those who were paying her too much attention, especially males.

If you were to ask your humble narrator, not that you would since no one ever pays attention to the narrator, had Irina not been ogling Miss Selmy and her non-Little Miss-like behavior and invested more processing cycles on paying attention to the fact that it was in a foreign world Irina might not have been taken by surprise but sure enough, the world went dark and Irina's gyroscopic sensory data showed that it had been lifted above the ground by an unknown assailant whose mannerisms were far less interesting to Irina.

"Be still and do not resist, or be terminated immediately." The assailant stated in a rather automated fashion.

How it was that the assailant was aware that Irina was a foreign entity in this world or how it was able to locate Irina in such a timely fashion was unknown. For all Irina knew, this was some sort of auto-immune like response that this world was armed with. What it did know was that it was at a disadvantage due to Miss Selmy's presence. This begged the question as to whether Miss Selmy was a lure for interlopers such as Irina.

Even as Irina went through a list of possible responses, it found itself less than willing to initiate protocols that would put the young woman in harm's way.

Response Log:
Initiate Response Alpha
Error: Possible Civilian Casualty
Initiate Response Beta
Error: Possible Civilian Casualty
Initiate Response Gamma
Error: Possible Civilian Casualty
Initiate Response Delta
Error: Possible Civilian Casualty
Initiate Response Epsilon
Error: Possible Civilian Casualty
Initiate Response Zeta
Error: Possible Civilian Casualty
Initiate Response Eta
Error: Possible Civilian Casualty
Initiate Response Theta
Initiating... stand by...

"Wh-what's going on here?! What're you doing to me?! Who are you, some sort of police person?! Let me go!!! I demand to see my lawyer! What the hell is going on here?! You've got the wrong person! Hello?! Who the hell do you think you are?! You're infringing on my rights! Just you wait until I see my lawyer! You'll be sorry!!" Irina yelled loudly from inside the steel barrier, fists banging on the metallic cage.

"I swear to God, I'll have your badge for this! I'll own everything you own and everything that your kids'll own... and their kids too!"

As far as diversionary tactics went, it wasn't Irina's finest display but seeing how there were microscopic gaps in the container and a blade would be ineffective at harming Irina, it didn't mind.

Bookie's Hideout- Chemical Processing Ares-U35, Azan, Boss, Cadolblog, Chris, David, Edge, Katya, Slindis, Storm, Ton Ton, Big Goon

Watching the chaos unfold in front of her, Katya was reminded of the first Castle Siegs that her guild had embarked upon in Planet of SwordCraft, not so much in the fact that they were successful but more in the fact that they managed to succeed despite everyone going berserk and donning the mantle of Leroy Jenkins!!! The Young Hacker Heroine was more than surprised that no one had been given a lead sandwich with the bullet storm that the n3wbi3 gangsters had dished up.

All this excitement seemed to overwhelm the young woman who stood behind Ares-U35 for cover as she rubbed her temples as she felt a headache growing as the adrenaline that had been saturating her body finally ran its course.

"Little Miss, there is something that you should be aware of. I've managed to track down th..." B3WP started to say, its voice giving Katya an even bigger headache due to his proximity to her, or rather inside her.

"N0t n0w B3WP. K1nd@ bizzy," KatyR interrupted as she took stock on what was going on throughout the facility, thanks to a quick and dirty hack into the security camera network. It appeared that things were going well enough. There was someone strange running about the complex however, someone in a green cloak or cape or something ridiculous like that. B3WP chimed in once again.

"But Little Miss..." The Nano-Agent Swarm protested.

"N0. St0p. Yur g1v1ng m3 a h3dach3," Katya said before deactivating B3WP's vocalization programming. She remembered that the C00t13bru1z3rz had asked about someone named Doctor Doom and figured that someone ridiculous enough to call himself that might be ridiculous enough to run through gangland with a green hood and cape on. As she headed off in the direction of where the camera feed had originated, she spotted a discarded AK-47 that had been left behind by one of the Bookies. Grabbing it, Katya quickly pried the dismembered hand from the grip before running into the complex.

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Rugal, Ella, Icarus, Teri, Dimitri, Garm Vs Diabs

Teri, not being a mind reader like Jenny, gave a sympathetic smile when she saw Icarus wipe his face. In her eyes, she thought he was trying to hide the fact that his wounds hurt while she worked on them. After all, he was a pretty young teen, and she could remember being that age and trying to act "tough" around others. In an attempt to lighten the half-angel's mood, she gave a gentle reassurance with her words, "Does it hurt that bad? Just hold on a sec, the Positive Energy should take care of the brunt of it. Last I checked, it feels pretty good..."

Garm's ear twitched at the mention of the Positive Energy, his vigil still kept on Diabs, "I thought you said you give off that stuff, so it feels good to you?"

"That first part's true, the second, mostly true for living things. Positive Energy is life energy, after all. Now, if we encountered an undead, they wouldn't be nearly as happy about it. And..."
The Cleric gave a final tap of her finger on Icarus' leg and arm, filling the wounds with more healing energy and rendering the Angelic teen good as new,
"All done. See, that wasn't so bad, was it?"

Noting the necklace Icarus bore, Teri pulled a black book out from her satchel and began flipping through it, muttering to herself, "Hell hounds huh... Hell hound, hell hound..."
The book seemed receptive to her question, as the pages and red ribbon moved to a new page, and a familiar, yet playful voice began to speak from the book, "Humans have dogs and wolves for man's best friend, it's only suiting Demons and Devilish Lords have their own hounds. Personally, I'm more of a cat person-"
Which lead to the book getting a very sound slam shut.

After a moment, the Cleric realized that Icarus seemed to be down about a different matter, her expression drooped slightly and asked, "Hey, are you okay? Is it the hellhound thing?"

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Rugal, Ella, Icarus, Teri, Dimitri, Garm Vs Diabs

Icarus felt a strange feeling from the healing Aura a strange spark of energy seemed to ignite as Teri used her Divine healing magic. Once he was healed he looked a bit better but he still had his mind lingering on Darker memories, his hands were fidgeting and uncertain that when Teri noticed "Hey, are you okay? Is it the hellhound thing?"
He shook his head
"HMM n-no not really it's more of,"he sighed and his wings folded so they were embracing himself a nervous tick.
"DO you ever get reminded of someone and then you realize you may not ever get to see them again, and last time you talked it wasn't exactly a good place to leave things off?" He sighed and reached for his flask he took a small drink of the Sake Selena had made for him He gave a small cough It was potent, He had expected it to be watered down, his eyes watered a good cover up at that, and he found his thoughts lingering on Selena he didn't mind considering the alternative. he looked back at Teri.
"Sorry I shouldn't bother you with my problems We got enough to deal with for now."

Avatar Adventure
Location: Boookie's Hideout | Los Angeles


Chaos ensued, darkness rose up and devours people entire. A wave of aberrant life that was not meant to be. Azan was horrified at the devastation that the demon could cause, but even more perturbed by the violence that the other mortals wrought. He closed his eyes and thought long and hard about the subject. BlackHarte towered over him, arms sweeping long and wide, catching his insolent prey in formless hands and devouring their forms whole.

Azan opened his eyes and bolted upwards, slamming himself into BlackHarte's chin and toppling the great black beast. The formless oblivion slithered up into itself and shuddered unnaturally before beginning to evaporate. Azan looked down at BlackHarte's quivering mass and felt unease creep into his bones. The sight was unnatural and repulsed his very nature, he wished to run and scream and kill the creature before him. The simple way it moved was enough to warrant its destruction, the mass sprung outward independently in all directions as if searching for something in the darkness.

Azan readied himself again and jumped a second time, launching himself through the ceiling and onto the roof. He looked out at the scene, smoke unfurled around him as fires raged. Vocalizations of despair rang in the soiled air, he breathed to himself. Where is our target. He closed his eyes and furrowed his brow in deep thought. Then Azan walked over to a particular spot on the roof and jumped again, crashing through three layers of floor before landing on linoleum in a bathroom. He turned and stared at the green-cloaked masked man and Storm.

"What are you doing LOLLYGAGGING! People are dying, hurry up already!"


The (Un)real World
Location: Cupertino | California
Time: Night


Why is this happening to me!? Selmy fell down onto the sidewalk, her eyes were open in terror. Above her floated a girl of the same likeness as her, it had her face, it had her skin, it had her hair, and underneath that glowing red visor, it was no doubt Selmy's own eyes staring back at her. Irina was screaming, banging furiously on the metal blades that had clamped down around her like some trap cage.

"Wh-what's going on here?! What're you doing to me?! Who are you, some sort of police person?! Let me go!!! I demand to see my lawyer! What the hell is going on here?! You've got the wrong person! Hello?! Who the hell do you think you are?! You're infringing on my rights! Just you wait until I see my lawyer! You'll be sorry!!"

The girl above spoke nothing, her red visor glimmered in the hazy night air. She wore a revealing bodysuit clad in some bits of metal armor, but especially around the legs the armor was thick and unwieldy, blades and fins grew out from the metal plates like some grotesque bird or fish. She looked less like someone garbed in armor and more like a cyborg, outfitted with miraculous technologies. It was something straight out of an anime. It looked at Selmy and paused. Her mouth twitched, as if to betray emotion, but ultimately nothing came of it. The girl returned its attention to Irina.

"I swear to God, I'll have your badge for this! I'll own everything you own and everything that your kids'll own... and their kids too!"

"Do not resist. Continued resistance will result in immediate termination," the machine-girl spoke in Selmy's voice. As Irina struggled in the cage, the blades turned to face their edges toward the girl. As they did they cut the air and made a signal of their audible sharpness.

"Hold on!" Selmy screamed, stumbling to her feet. In Patria, et Filia, et Spiritas Sanctis. Selmy made the gesture of the cross as she walked forward on quivering legs. "Let her go! She's done nothing!" What in heaven is that thing!?

The girl turned its attention from Irina back to Selmy as if to answer her. Then to everyone's immediate surprise, it answered her, "This unit is subroutine 11 of 13 deep boundary exploration units. The designation for this group is Lux Sanctis: Murakumo, this unit is given the naming designation Lambda - 11. You may refer to this unit as Lambda."

As Irina continued to struggle, the red light on Lambda's robotic visor glowed and the blades began their slow incitement of Irina. Selmy screamed as she ran forward, hand reaching outward toward Irina, who stood trapped by the massive metal swords. No... in God's name... this cannot be happening. An innocent girl, struck down by some caricature of a anime character. Selmy's eyes glinted red suddenly.

" rained, and fire will reign! All will return to flame! Buried beneath this wretched earth, buried beneath this storm of ash! Let all return to what it once was! A world filled with grey, a world of soot and dust! Burn flame, burn and cast your light of disparity upon all who gaze upon ye!" A bolt of red flame struck Lambda in the chest, launching her backwards. The swords clattered to the ground and vanished into rivulets of light before reforming around Lambda in the air. A new figure made her appearance on the empty street, she had raven hair and a blue robe that covered her entire body. Her eyes were blood red and skin a healthy tan, her lips were the same ruby red as her eyes. She smiled, her teeth shining in the light from the swirling flame that enveloped Lambda. She closed the book she held in her right hand. "Good thing I made it when I did. Otherwise our special guest might have been minced meat! Isn't that right B3WP?"

Lambda floated in the air, petals pointed at Deborah, eyes shining red. "Targets who interfere will be terminated immediately." Deborah opened her book again and grinned.

"Bring it on cyclops!"

Why is this happening to me!?

The (Un)real World
Location: Cupertino | California
Time: Night

Deborah | Irina | Lambda-11 | Selmy

Event Log:
Warning: Increased aggression by [unknown entity]
Recommend immediate deployment of countermeasures
Warning: [unknown entity] has activated weapons
Info: [unknown entity] designation Lambda-11
Priority Override: Weapons Systems Enabled
Event: Priming countermeasures
Event: Deploying countermeasures in 3 second(s)
Event: Deploying countermeasures in 2 second(s)
Event: Deploying countermeasures in 1 second(s)
Event: Detecting new contact entering local airspace
Warning: Incoming attack
Info: Tracking indicates target is Lambda-11
Warning: Prepare for impact
Event: Attack from [unknown entity] has impacted against Lambda-11
Event: We are free...

Despite the the chaos caused by Deborah's entrance, Irina managed to land gracefully on the black asphalt, its legs absorbing the impact of the landing. Even though it was free and could make a quick escape, Irina hesitated as it started suffering an apparent memory leak, perhaps from the forced abortion of the countermeasure process. Despite the fact that nothing would be gained from attacking Lambda-11, Irina was unable to set its weapons systems to standby mode. The only thing that kept the Nano-Agent swarm from commencing an attack on Lambda-11 was not only the presence of Miss Selmy, who had a higher than average probability of getting caught in the crossfire, as well as Deborah's reference to Irina's true identity.

"Good thing I made it when I did. Otherwise our special guest might have been minced meat! Isn't that right B3WP?" The still unknown woman stated to B3WP and allowed for the unit to practice one of the expressions it had picked up from studying Miss Selmy. It looked confused as hell.

If blue robed woman was aware of the Unit's designation, there was a high probability that she was aware of the disguised swarm's true nature as well as its origin. The fact that this unknown woman had attacked Lambda-11 on its behalf coupled with her knowledge placed her on the short list of Irina's current in-world assets.

B3WP'S In-World Assets:
Miss Selmy
[Asset: Designation Unknown] <--- See? Right here!

Though the unknown raven haired woman was a higher priority for protection than Miss Selmy, it appeared that she could handle herself for the moment whilst Irina found a safe place for Miss Selmy, lest she be injured.

"Come on!" Irina said, grabbing onto Selmy's hand and running towards what appeared to be a small freight company. Unless the beings of this world moved freight in a manner far different than the world that Irina had arrived from, it concluded that there would be shipping containers suitable for Miss Selmy to hide inside of.

"There!" The Nano-Agent Swarm stated and pointed towards a row of shipping containers with the words Swift painted prominently on their sides. As would be standard security protocol for such an area, the shipping container had been padlocked and though Irina could have ripped the lock off the doors, there were other matters to consider, namely Miss Selmy's mental faculties. It would place undue stress upon the young woman who had just come face to face with an unknown assault drone disguised as a flying human woman and a fire wielding blue robed magician to then see what appeared to be another young woman rip a heavy padlock in half.


It only took a moment for the padlock to make that sound as Irina seemed to materialize a set of lock picks from out of no where and use them on the small metal obstacle. Tossing the lock aside, the Nano-Agent swarm opened the containers doors and took stock of the contents: Sex Toys. Despite the Miss Selmy's religious leanings, this would have to work as a hiding spot until such a time as it was safe for her to come out.

"Stay here and don't come out until I come for you." Irina stated as it lead Miss Selmy into the shipping container and closed the door. As morally reprehensible as a hiding place could be, the amount of rubber and vinyl contained within would act as kinetic cushions to any stray impacts.

Event Log:
Event: Civilians have left the field.
Event: Combat systems status: Active
Event: Targeting Systems: Enabled
Event: Target Tracking Systems: Enabled
Event: Target Selection Status: Lambda-11
Event: Friendly Fire Prevention Systems: Enabled
Event: Friendly Fire Prevention Status: [Asset: Unknown Designation]
Event: Beginning Combat Operations... b1tch g0nn@ bl33d.

There was quite an advantage to not having a human host when it came to combat operations, especially when one took into consideration B3WP's main weapon required an amount of energy that no human body could withstand. As Irina walked back to where Lambda-11 and the blue robed woman were fighting, individual units of the Swarm had broken off from the main body and started collecting bits of highly dense metals that would eventually become the projectiles.

Event Log:
Info: Maximum Effective Range reached
Event: Underground Electrical Source Located
Event: Accessing Electrical Source
Event: Deploying Primary Weapon Alpha: High Energy Output Rail Gun

The asphalt cracked under Irina's boot as an anchoring spike shot out from the bottom of the unit's foot and anchored it in place and then a second time as the other foot was planted, this one cutting into an underground electrical line and giving the Swarm an ample amount of electrical current.

"Primary Weapon Alpha released." Irina stated as the weapon materialized in the Swarm's right hand before B3WP hefted the overly large rifle and squeezed the trigger. Though the weapon was totally silent, the explosive concussion that shattered nearby car windows was the one kilo projectile being accelerated to well above the speed of sound.

The (Un)real World
Location: Cupertino | California
Time: Night


Titania closed her eyes and sighed. The book in front of her unfurled its pages and filled them with ink. It smelled of her own grime and sweat, it was now that she was chiefly aware of the very human faculties of her mortal body. Where it indeed held great mysterious pleasures, it too seem to harbor a great many annoyances. She leaned back and rested her back against the chair. The support felt overlarge for her. It seems that in spite of all reason, I have become smaller than I was before. Titania laughed mockingly at herself. After a brief rest she forced herself back up and resumed reading, thumbing through the pages of the book as the story unfolded.

A sound shattered the silence of the sleepy town, it broke glass into shards and scattered them to the wind. The crack echoed through what little skyscrapers there were, and several dogs took to barking at the half-moon, spurred by the deafening roar. The projectile struck Lambda straight in the chest, and Deborah celebrated, throwing a fist into the air in jubilation. But the celebration was for not. The solid mass dropped to the ground in front of Lambda, her armor gleamed in the moonlight and her swords spun around her. There was another shimmering sort of light, one that betrayed the nature of her reaction. The air before her and around her was bent and wreathed in a rainbow hue, Lambda had erected a barrier to defend herself, a principle blocking technique not unique to her, but unique to those who hailed from her original dimension. Yet her purpose as a multi-dimensional agent called into question the legitimacy of the rules she followed. Though, that would be a thought saved for another day.

Selmy was appalled at her surroundings, taking equal parts dislike and perverse curiosity at the objects she was interred with. What did I do to deserve any of this? She bit her lip and thought to herself. She sat down and wrapped her arms around her knees, tucking her head between her legs. Why does that thing look like me?

Lambda turned its attention toward Irinia, her red eye glowed in anticipatory excitement. Her face, though stoic, seemed to twitch at the edges of the mouth, almost like a smile. The "petals" that surrounded her spun behind in a circle, creating a array for illuminated light that was bright as the moon, where around Irinia, the dimensional air distorted. "Eins" Lambda said, her voice emotionless. A red-black sword materialized from exotic matter next to Irina and propelled itself at her, breaking the air around it as it moved, mimicking the sonic boom caused by the railgun projectile. "Zwei" Lambda muttered again, and a second sword appeared above Irina. "Drie, vier, funf," three more of those strange-matter blades thrust up from below Irina and then quickly accelerated toward her. Impossibly sharp, impossible dense, and impossible strong. They were blades forged from the very void between realms, the Boundary. "Beginning termination."

Deborah was less than amused by Lambda's actions and began an incantation, but a second set of swords, blue-white forged from the same exotic matter hampered her progress. Deborah dodged back as a second enemy made itself present. This one, looking exactly like Lambda, but wearing blues instead of yellows appeared on the scene from seemingly nowhere. Where Lambda had blonde hair, this one had hair that was white, tinted blue, and she had sickly red eyes and a deathly pallor about her. Yet in some ways, that one seemed stronger than Lambda-11.

Lambda acknowledged the newcomer with subtle reverence. "No. 11 is relieved to see No. 13 has made it safely onto the scene."

No.13 did not seem to look at Lambda, instead it stated simply in the same robotic-monotone voice "This unit considers excess communication to be a programming error requiring system self-termination."

Titania put a pencil in her mouth and played with the tip lightly with her tongue. "I should probably assist at this point." Then she stood up and walked outside of the room, not particularly caring that she was still in her sheer nightgown.

Bookie's Hideout: Victory Achieved: Everyone currently at the Chemical Plant

Doom was a rather pathetic looking sight as he cowered before Storm, Malnourished, un-washed, clad only in his trademark cloak, long since tattered to the point of being a rag.
He certainly didn't seem to be the threat that Kazuya said he was as he drew more and more frightened the closer that Storm came to him.
"WHATNODOOMISNTDOOMYOURDOOMISINANOTHERBATHROOMJUSTDONTCOMEANYCLOSER! Oh God, Come on man! Just this once?!" He asked as he went down on his knees and prayed some more.

It was around this time that Caim made this blind leap into the window from above, crash landing in the middle of the counting room where a load of dealers were trying to get whatever loot they could before the building was competely overrun.
"What the fuc-KILL THIS FOOL!" One of them exclaimed as they pointed several automatic weapons at him and Caim found out that what he lesson he was about to tell Devon was true: Look before you leap.
Thankfully, before he could be made a bullet riddled mess, another knight was kind enough to drop in, Azan crashing though the floor on his way over to Storm's location, causing the entire floor to fall from under them as the Dealers fell to their doom.

Doom heard that large crash and hoped that his prayers were answered, only to find instead that as well as Storm, there was now a massive looking armored guy (Azan) and a rather annoyed looking Drow (Slindis) that walked in as she ran her hand though her hair to get all the dust and plaster out of it from the Knight's entry.
"...WHAT?! MORE!? NO! HELP DOOM!" He whined to an angry god as the sound of a the wood creaking broke the silence, followed by Caim casually crashing in though the damaged ceiling followed by a light shower of $20 bills.
"....STOP MAKING THINGS WORSE, GOD! OH TO HELL WITH THIS!" The Villain whined as he finally stood up in a combat pose.
"DOOM WILL NOT DIE THIS DAY! YOU WILL ALL FEEL HIS WRATH AS HE BRINGS DOWN HOT PLASMA DEATH!" He violently screamed as he crossed his hands and went to fire his trademark Fingerlasers at the group....
This was met with confused glances from our Heroes as there was a notable lack of Plasma, Death or even slight heat.
"...." Doom then looked down at his bare hands as he wiggled his fingers, realizing that he couldn't do that without his armored gloves which was one of the first things Diabs took away from him.
"....Oh yeah.....awwwwww man..."


Back outside the building, David was holding his ears as some random evil scienist showed up playing some kind of Death Metal followed by Boss teleporting in and screaming about the fumes from the plant.
"GUYS! SHUT! THE! FUCK! UP! My freaking head..." He finally shouted, silencing them both as he held his wounded head, last thing he wanted was a lot of loud sou-
"David!" Devon then shouted from the silos with just the right timing
"Oh for the love o-WHAT?!"
"The crew got Doom! We'll have them out shortly!" The bard yelled back as Angelus hovered overhead.
"....Oh....Alright, I'll call Kaz and we can get the hell out of here!...and I can get a fucking aspirin..." He said as he began to make his way back to the VTOL, pulling out his phone as he did.
"Hey, Kaz...It's done. We're on out way back now, Get a cell ready." He radioed in as he picked up his rifle and sat down in the VTOL, holding his head as he did.
He then glanced back over to Chris who seemed to have taken up his offer to just stay in the VTOL for the battle.
"Hey Chris. How'd you get the fight?..." He casually asked before raiding the first aid box on the transport for some bandages for his head wound and maybe some painkillers

Back with Wanderer, he kept...well, Wandering around the plant until he found an open exit and went though it, finding himself less then a few feet away from the vent he used to enter the building in the first place.
More importantly though, there was a rather angry looking flaming spider clown with an AK-47 looking at him.
At the same time, Katya watched as a man in some kinda of weird looking desert combat gear came out of the plant, looking like he was tripping massive amounts of balls on Doomsday, much like everyone else she had killed/helped to kill today.
What they don't know is they are both on the same side and now to see how long it will take for them to figure that out. Lets watch.

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Rugal, Ella, Icarus, Teri, Dimitri, Garm Vs Diabs

Diabs watched as the cigarette he was smoking on burned up in his hand thanks to Icarus zapping it, prompting him to ask "...Now, why do you got to be like that man?...".
"Quiet you...Evac is on route, they should be here in about 5-....Hm?..." Rugal started before stopping as he got a alert from Kazuya.
"...Ahhh...Seems like we finally picked up Doom-"
"Wait, you guys wanted Doom?...Aw, Shit man, why didn't you just ask? I've have gladly sold that retarded jackass for a roll of 50s!" The Gangster joked once more, he knew he was beat so might as well have a laugh.
"Or Hell, I would have done it for your phone number, gorgeous..." He then winked at Ella.
"Work out your issues with Rosie Palms first..." Ella sighed,
"Ahhh, I was thinking she was your sister!"
"No, she's yours. I heard you liked keeping in the family." The Succubi then shot back, causing the gang-banger to pause.
"...Will you marry m-" He went to ask before Rugal had enough and pressed his foot on his mouth.
"What did I said about keeping quiet?...Ahh, VTOL is here..." He then said to the others as their lift arrived, prompting him to hoist Diabs over his shoulder as he got on board.

Kazuya | G-Corp workers/Violet | Melethia | Nadalia | Furiae | Ghost
Location: Currently occupied Hanger | Rising Dawn.

Kazuya watched as his "Queen" talked down the other soldiers in the hanger, shaking his head in annoyance before he got a call from David in the field.
"Kazuya........Is that so? Are you sure?!....Hm....Return to base..." He smirked before he hung up, turning around to face his troops.
"Attention all Units! We have captured Dr. Doom. Repeat. Dr. Doom is now our custody!" He shouted victoriously prompting a massive cheer from his men, clearly thinking this to be the first of many victories.
"Get me a cell in the Brig ready. I want a 24 hour guard. Violet, get me a camera feed of the cells off the ships CCTV, Nadalia, I want you to take some men and wait for the transport to arrive. If he so much as THINKS of stepping out of line, Discourage him, I'm not letting him get away this time. Melethia, I want everything you have to hurt a man without killing him. I have a feeling he won't talk willingly...." He barked his orders at his people as they went to go though with them.
For the first time since he got here, Kazuya was smiling as his plan was starting to come together...

Around this time, The VTOL that had brought Furiae and the Assassin Ghost back to the hanger had finally arrived.
Ghost was the first to get out, though he paused as Kazuya broke the news, Chuckling for a moment before glancing back at his partner in crime "Well, looks like we didn't miss the after-party...Well, see ya next mission, Princess...".
He then fiddled with a few of the valves on his helmet to take it off as he entered the crowd, Furiae moving in an attempt to get a glance at the face of Inuart's killer, but quickly loosing track of him in the masses of Kazuya's army.

Shadow!Lone Wanderer
, and Katya.
Location: Outside the Bookies' Hideout.
Time: Afternoon.

Following his sense of direction, the untiring form of Shadow Wanderer kicked the door with haste. It opened with such force that the hinges almost broke. Stepping out into the sun, the current personality looked down at himself, impressed with the strange blue liquid that glint in the sun. Although the world around him was the same, shimmering, rolling hills of candy corn, and a sun made out of cotton candy. "Okay ... now I'm just impressed." He admitted, intrigued to see how long the effects of the drug would go.

Touching the liquid that caked him in layers, he knew what it was, for it was a substance that he could never forget. Sighing he looked onward, to find someplace to crash or the others, yet all he saw was a spider. Stepping closer he saw that the arachnid wore clown makeup, and was on fire. "How original." Shadow Wanderer said with half sarcasm and intrigue. Shaking his head, he reached into his coat, and pulled out a large rifle that could only be described as a "futuristic tommy gun".

"Whoever you are. Entertain me until this shit wears off!" He yelled, pointing the rifle as lasers started to fire rapidly.

Storm-1788 (Unarmoured)
Location: Bookies' Hideout | Storage/Restrooms.
Time: Afternoon.

Unimpressed, Storm was awaiting for the laser move. Yet, Doom stood there, as if he were imitating his past self. Shaking his head in disgust. The Spartan turned around to Azan and waved non-seriously. "Yeah, yeah, I know." He huffed, turning his attention back to Doom. "I would feel sorry for you ... but at this moment in time, I really don't give a damn!" Storm said as he coiled his arm back, and instantly unleashed a quick jab to Doom's face. Not knowing if it made the failed villain unconscious or stunned, he picked the man in the cloak up, ignoring the smell, and began the journey outside.

Storm did need medical attention, for he was half blind at the moment. Yet, he felt as he were in a carefree mood, and the speed he ran out faster than Usain Bolt. Only stopping when he arrived to David, where he dumped Doom onto the ground, and looked towards David, who should easily be able to see the red half of his face.

A large circular adorned with monitors, a single figure stood in the shadows looking over the large conference table.
There was once a time where he was the most feared where he his name was whispered in fear, but that tome had passed as he had lost his grip, but he could return, soon. He needed to spread his influence, he had found several candidates. it wouldn't be long before they found his letter, where he would show them His true power.
Anyone to open the letter would see a pair of dark green with slit pupils in a shadow and a low powerful voice beckoning them
"If you wish to have more power and wealth than even the kings of old would envy enter the shadows, and place your hand on the symbol in this letter, We shall then meet I ask only for a small part of your time, You need not accept now I have my patience, but there may be others whom do not share your reserves."

Inside the VTOL:

The drow shook her head slightly as she took the bandages from David. "Let me... clean that out first..." She sighed, her cheeks darkened with shame. "I-I'm sorry I wasn't... more help. That... sort of fight I would... just be in the way." She pulled a cotton swab and a small bottle of rubbing alcohol from the first aid kit. "This... may sting a little."

She put a little bit of the alcohol on the swab, and started to dab it at David's wounds. "They don't... look too bad, but... head wounds can get infected easily..." She gently applied the bandages to the wound, keeping her eyes on David's, watching his reaction, before handing the wounded man several pills from the kit. "And you're... not concussed, so the medicine shouldn't... have any bad effects."

ARES hadn't been entirely inactive through this whole thing. Well, that was a lie, perhaps they had, but it was for good reason. When Katya used her as cover she quickly leaped for shelter herself, and held up inside a storage crate. She wasn't necessarily shying away from combat for no reason, more like... making a couple adjustments. Seeing the rather hazardous situation at hand, her assault frame was probably not the best idea. It's a bit of a "glass cannon" so to speak. She started Arcfolding to the complete opposite of such.

Unfortunately, the timing and duration of this process seems to have made them miss out on all the fun... as is evident seeing the newly captured doom being juuuust about ready for his stay behind bars. The now armor-clad human armory was now approaching the main group with only the shield on their gun up (for paranoia purposes. She did just see them shoot/magic/smash a chemical plant to a more than likely unstable state.)

"I... I don't suppose there's room on one of those dropships for one more?" She asks the group, rather timidly considering how...

The Boundary
Location: Self-Partition 13 | Personality Council | Committee of Ethical Action

Amaterasu | Kusanagi | Tsukiyomi | Izanami

The air was still. Still, ever still. Stifling. The air antagonized. Hic sunt poenas. That which was the sun, sol sola, spoke first. "We have received a message," she said. She was vain, multas vitii habet, and she spoke slowly and surely. She expected the room to dote upon her with their eyes. Unas feminas stultas istas videre ero. She held out her hand and called us with her eyes, oculii vocat, she implored for the room too praise her, date lauda!, but the room was empty barring her peers.

That which was the moon replied. Soror pulchra solorum. "Give us the message, stall not sweet sister." That which was the moon left out what all had thought but held tongue which should not speak in that presence lest her ire incurred the others should seek.

That which was the sun turned to that which was the moon and gave the signal of disrespect. "I will give the message when it is appropriate." The God-Slayer spoke next. She stepped forward and raised Murakumo toward that which was the sun.

"Speak now, waste not time. Time is crucial." In tempora periculorum tempor est in copius rarus.

The God Slayer was anxious. Her own sword fragmented, sent out to the other world. She was not as strong now as she was when she was whole. That which was the moon agreed and moved forward aggressively toward that which was the sun. Propere audemus, fillibus nostra.

That which was the sun spoke loudly and bitterly, "If you wish to have more power and wealth that even the kings of old would envy; enter the shadows. Place your hand on the symbol within this letter. We then shall meet. I ask only for a small part of your time. You need not accept now, I have patience, but there may be others who do not share in your reservations."

Me oculii occludo.

That which was death spoke. That which was the mother spoke. Illa qui necare dicet. "We will see where this leads. Dextrae vestris date!"

They which were children obeyed, and placed their hands on the mark.

Oculus meus aperio.

The Avatar Adventure
Location: Undisclosed


A teeming mass of dark lay open to that space reserved for it. Formless oblivion in physicality, he spoke in a dreary middle-english tongue. "Ye who hath summoned me, speak your reason. May we be fortunate that our interests align." It raised the silhouette that seemed to be its head to acknowledge the man before him.

The Avatar Adventure

BlackHarte, Mysterious Man
From the shadows a man emerged but this person looked well almost dead their skin was almost grey, rough, and raw some of it peeling back, the eyes were dead and rolled backwards. It certainly moved like a man but this thing was a puppet.
"Men seek for gold, Gods desire Praise, Animals hunt for food, but their is one that all desire, Power." The voice from the envelope spoke and They were faint but somehwere in the shadows there was a a flicker image And it looked liek glowing green eyes, the puppet didn;t move it's lips and teh voice didn;t even seem to come from the puppet at all."It is not enough to be able to get hold of power though one must be able to defend it, no one mind can sit atop the world for long but, given a few, with the right resources, the right mind one could stop the wheel of the world from turning and those who are on tip stay on top, No more endless struggle for stability, a more ordered world, wouldn't you agree?" The puppet tried to smile showing rotten teeth, Blackharte could feel the eyes of the puppeteer fixing on him as if under close scrutiny. "Does my little puppet disturb you? I'm afraid I cannot make such a deal in person as it were, That would be my first goal, but only after my establishment for now these weak bodies shall serve as My puppet though this one may be n its last strings." The puppet started to choke and there was sense of coldness within the room, the body slumped to the floor
"Unfortunate, These bodies don't last long before death, Without a puppet I am limited to speech and sight, But I extend my Offer, Become a part of my circle and you shall be rewarded with more power and wealth you could dream of merely hold out your hand to receive my mark."

The (Un)real World
Location: Cupertino | California
Time: Night

Deborah | Irina | Lambda-11 | Lambda-13 | Selmy

Multiple alerts were logged as Lambda-11 not only managed to counter Irina's Rail Gun strike but start its own counter attack as well. Were Irina capable of feeling annoyance, it would have perhaps twitched an eyebrow or quivered a lower lip as the quartet of blades surrounded the unit and attempted to impale the Nano-Agent Swarm.

"Interesting." Irina said before exploding into what appeared to be a cloud of fine metallic dust moments before the blades closed together. Coincidentally, the metal slug that had been fired from the rail gun had exploded in the same manner as it had been countered by Lambda-11.

If this was to be the end of Irina and its jaunt into the (Un)Real World, I doubt I would have taken the time to record such a short and uninteresting trip. It should therefore be noted that this was not the end of the Swarm of Nano-Agents.

Event Log:
Event: Evasive Separation Completed.
Event: Unknown Material found. Attempting to take samples.
Event: Samples taken.
Event: Attempting to integrate materials into Swarm.
Event: Integration Successful.
Event: Reconstituting body.
Event: Accessing remote Swarm.
Event: Access successful.
Event: Sending infiltration commands.
Event: Remote Swarm commencing infiltration routine.

While Lambda-11 greeted Lambda-13 and got a threat for its troubles, Irina quietly began the process of reforming itself using a synthesized version of the material that it had sampled from Lambda-11's blade petals, though it was having a much tougher time than normal due to the density of the materials.

Meanwhile, as the Lambdas chatted, Irina's remote Swarm attempted to burrow into Lambda-11.

Bookie's Hideout: Victory Achieved: Everyone currently at the Chemical Plant

Shoot first, ask questions later (if needed). That was kinda, sorta, might-a-been Katya's motto when it came to shooting things, that is if she even had a motto when it came to shooting things in the fist place. Of course since Katya wasn't much of a shooter, she didn't really have that motto, did she? Anyways... where were we? Oh yes.

"H3y j00! H3-h3-h3-H3D SH0T!!!" The Youthful gamer yelled as she pulled the trigger.


"3wps." Katya muttered as she pulled back the charging handle and loaded a round into the AK-47's chamber, "Now let's try that again."

"H3Y J00!!!! H3-H3-H3-H3D SH0T!!!!" Katya screamed again, this time when she pulled the trigger a whole lead salad's worth of lead went flying at Storm.

The Avatar Adcenture
Location: Undisclosed


BlackHarte was pensive. He gave thought to the offer. Where he had labored so arduously the past three years to collect enough strength to stop the Wheel of Fate from turning, now someone was offering to help... yet at the same time, the man offering to help could not be trusted. It was hard for the nanite swarm to fully understand the ramifications of the mark, magic was not a series of executable actions that he as a whole was completely familiar with. Ironically the very strength that he held within his hands was that of magic, and that which he had been exploiting and analyzing. He came to a conclusion and cut off this batch of nanomachines from the main hive personality. He named this particular individual Faust.

"I will take your offer," Faust said, holding out an arm, human flesh began to form underneath the ephemeral dark.


The (Un)real World
Location: Cupertino | California
Time: Night


By the time Titania arrived on the scene, everything was already in abject chaos. Howling winds and raining swords had laid waste to the street, the shimmering threads of reality made themselves clearly agitated. Deborah stood far to the side, trading blows with Nu-13, the blue Murakumo unit dispatched by the ephemeral darkness. Deborah let loose a flurry of mystic fire from her magicked tome that consumed Nu-13. An explosion of that red flame illuminated the street casting strange shadows across the sleeping city. Nu-13 was pushed back, her petals brought to bear as a shield from the magic.

Lambda-11 seemed unresponsive, there was a metallic shimmering about the air around her that put Titania off. That nanomachine being. The Queen of the Fairy held out her small pale palms at Lambda-11 and erected a magic field around the machine-girl. The field sealed just in time.

"Activating Barrier Burst!"

Lambda-11 scattered an omni-directional burst of radiation to scatter her foes. It destroyed the magic bubble and flooded the immediate area with deadly amounts of exotic energy, the very same used to construct the impenetrable shield t hat she could create.

"Do not try to interface with it!" Titania screamed, squinting against the heat and dust kicked up by Lambda-11's barrier burst. "Separated it may be, that creature is still a construction of another nanomachine construct like you! You should not underestimate his own powers!"

Lambda fell to the floor and slumped to the ground, her petals danced around her protectively. "Initiating 10 second cooldown period after Barrier Burst."

"Foolish." Nu-13 chided her older sister. Nu-13 took higher into the air and let loose a hail of exotic matter swords at Titania. With a smooth movement of her hands she created a swirling mass of energy below B3WP's floating body, the ground below glowed and suddenly the gravity in that enclosed area increased a thousand fold, bringing down atmospheres of pressure onto the disassociated nanite body.

Titania dodged backwards, her bare feet slamming into broken concrete and glass, drawing streams of blood across her pale skin. She grit her teeth. Deborah screamed at her to leave, yet Titania held her ground. This is my fight as much as it is yours. The swords rammed into the asphalt around her and disintegrated, leaving gashes in the pavement. Nu-13 spun around and summoned a large magic circle behind her.

"Heat buildup reached 50%... authorizing Distortion Drive ability: Legacy Edge... engaged. Legacy Edge overdrive activated... Sword Summoner II activated." Around her, more exotic matter swords appeared, exiting subspace from small self-contained portals... but then there was no stop to them. First it was two, then four, then eight, then twenty, then sixty. Soon the entire sky was filled with these swords, blocking the meager light of the moon. "Prepare for immediate termination."

Bookie's Hideout: Victory Achieved: Everyone currently at the Chemical Plant

Slindis briefly checked the room for anything else of note before heading back to Storn and doom, whispering in Doom's ear. "You aren't the first that we'll be getting over the next few days, and if Melethia's heading the security you won't even twitch without the ship knowing." SHe also took a moment to let that sink in for Doom, seeming none the worse for the fighting they'd been in.

Along the way, she barked an order to Devon. "Bard, pass it on to West that he'll need to bind Doom up. I'm not about to have him run off." Devon had a rather good idea that Slindis wanted to just get out of here and get ready to tackle the next mission, so she dutifully relayed the message before heading back to Caim.

As the Bard got there, she scratched the back of her head as she looked to Caim. "Is it bad that I kindasorta forgot about the wind affinity? I've not focused on it for a while, so it did slip my mind there. Well, that and I made my own luck in the fall, heh heh..." It was pretty clear to her that she was geared to be chewed out when they got back by her teacher, and Ella finding out wouldn't be much better.

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Rugal, Ella, Icarus, Teri, Dimitri, Garm Vs Diabs

Ella sat next to Rugal as the helicopter took them back. "Thanks for shutting him up; he's probably no good to us if his jaw is swollen shut, and to be honest I was about to lay him flat on his ass." After that, she ushered Teri and Garm over as she checked on the cleric.

"Are you really trying to start something up with him again? I mean, all the power to you but isn't it a better idea to date someone a bit younger?"

Kazuya | G-Corp workers/Violet | Melethia | Nadalia | Furiae | Ghost
Location: Currently occupied Hanger | Rising Dawn.

After Melethia heard the security measures, she laughed lightly before hardening and looked at Kazuya. "If you want them to escape, you can keep that guard up. If you actually want to hold them, though? Three separate watches of three men are needed, and the ext watch joins with the previous one for about an hour before fully swapping. That's the beat way to keep the locked down with the men you have here."

The (Un)real World
Location: Cupertino | California
Time: Night

Deborah | Irina | Lambda-11 | Nu-13 | Titania[

"Remote access swarm disconnected." Irina stated, its personality algorithms having been disabled in favor of an increase in tactical processing. The more personnel that appeared on the field of battle, the more it appeared that Irina was having to dedicate more processes on staying alive rather than appearing human. Already the Nano-Agent Swarm was starting to look less human like and more an animated mannequin that moved quickly between various sources of cover whilst rapidly firing Rail Gun projectiles constructed of the synthetic Boundary material laced with ferrous materials.

Another being had arrived to assist [Asset-Unknown Designation01], forming a barrier around Unit Lambda-11 before it generated an energy wave that obliterated the Remote Nano-Agent Swarm that had been crawling all over the skin of Unit Lambda-11. Turning to Irina for the briefest of moments, [Asset-Unknown Designation02] spoke to it.

"Do not try to interface with it!" [Asset-Unknown Designation02] stated loudly, squinting against the heat and dust kicked up by Lambda-11's barrier burst. "Separated it may be, that creature is still a construction of another nanomachine construct like you! You should not underestimate his own powers!"

Irina froze at the statement, processing the information that [Asset-Uknown Designation02] had provided. The information sent a ripple throughout the Swarm, each one of the Agents pouring over the statement that had just been recorded, each one searching through each nuance of each word before each one asked the same question.

"Does she mean our predecessor?" B3WP asked before being hit by the effects of Nu-13's gravitational attack. For the moment, the Swarm was out of the battle as it continued to not only attempt to pull itself together under the effects of Ultra High Gravity but access various sectors of its design specification.

"Search Hit: Designation: BH-0... searching... Error: Access Restricted... Level Black-23... Attempting to bypass... Error: Access Restricted... Level Black-23." The Swarm, having Irina's legs, stated as it continued to build itself literally from the ground up.

"Priority Shift: Survive Encounter and Retrieve Information regarding other Nanite Entity from [Asset-Unknown Designation02]. Accessing Stellar Travel Routines... Gravitational Adaptation Subroutines... variable: Jupiter Core." Irina stated as it completed it reformation, though it looked like a shorter and miniaturized version of Irina, a side-effect of having had to reform in an increased gravity field. Surveying the field, B3WP witnessed its doom being materialized overhead.

"S3r10usly?!" B3WP said in Katya's voice.

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