The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Bill O'| Mr. President | Senator Armstrong | Dr. Insano | The Fox News Posse | SANTA CHRIST!
Location: The O'Riley factor | FOX News.
Time: Morning

And so Santa Christ was taken away, not knowing his fate The President of the United States gave a respectful salute with a tear in his eye. Looking towards the Men in Purple, the Commander-in-Chief gave them a stern look, a look which was filled of a large sense of justice and disappointment. "I never expected anyone to shoot Santa Christ, not even someone like you guys. It ... it is just disappointing, I don't want to see you again. Take them away boys."

After The President spoke, the FOX News group was taken away. Some were silent, most were screaming, and Bill ... he was sputing the nonsense that usually came out of that gaping black hole of a shit mouth. With them gone, Mr. President turned to the rolling cameras, he could just feel the many eyes on him. "Men, women, boys, girls, and even the people who are in-between or wearing hotdog costumes. It is a grim day."

A sad look came from the viewers who viewed this. "One of the most jolliest and helpful people in the world was just shot. Not shot by anyone, but by FOX News and Senator Armstrong. People like this, people with no love or sense of homie-ness. They cannot be trusted, they will just backstab you or try to blow up a boat with you on it. That boat is America, and if you trust and vote for people like that, you will be on this exploding boat. But with me, I will make sure that boat does not explode, and even if it somehow does ... I will get them back." The President continued to speak, his charismatic voice speaking to the millions.

"So I would like to announce that this day will be now known as "SC Day" in the name of Santa Christ, and it will be a national holiday for all. No one will work, and everyone will be happy. Other then that, I also place Stephen Colbert in charge of FOX News so it may change it's ways. Stay safe and stay happy America, your home-by the President, out!" He said and gave the signal to cut, which Dr. Insano did.

Not only should that make the memory of Santa Christ not in vain, but it should also deliver a kick in the balls to his future competitors. Thinking about that, The President began to walk out back to his helicopter.

He had a date with a septic truck and a certain someone's house. And that someone should be very pissed off, hopefully stomping angrily on his cigar that almost set everything on fire.

Boss | Icarus | Barakiel.
Location: A Long Forgotten forest
Time: Afternoon

"I worry for him." Barakiel said in a concerned tone, his eyes gazing at the escaping Icarus. "While I cannot interfere too much, I hope people like you are there to comfort him and guide him onto a better future. It would be bad if those black wings become true to their meaning." Barakiel said, his face scowling back to the large forest that laid in front of them. Boss and the others in the helicopter would feel that the weather had become much more calmer in past couple of minutes.

"And here come the expected guests." He said to Boss, a better smile apperaring on his face. "Oh how I love meeting new mortals ... especially those who do not want to kill me, or those I don't have to kill." Barakiel said with a light chuckle. By now it would feel like this Archangel of Lightning would be a good character to act as Loki. The Archangel got up from the ledge to address the incoming helicopter.

"Welcome mortals! About time you showed up, sorry about the weather~!"

His voice boomed and echoed, reaching the people in the helicopter especially. The Dragon quickly raised it's head in caution, it's head was high enough to level it's eyes with everyone in the helicopter and it was pretty close as well. Yet the figure standing up on the castle ledge swung his arm wide. "Stay." He softy said, yet his voice was heard by all. Reluctantly the giant Dragon lowered itself once again, not wanting to feel the pain it had felt many time before. It would rather be in the company of an Archangel then the Demon Princes of Hell, much better treatment that way.

"Well ... I bet they are here for Icarus. Hopefully they are also the ones to stop him from flying into the sun."

Rising Dawn Crew Feat: Yu Narukami and Mitsuru Vs. Nyarlatothep
Location: Lost in Nightmares.

The truly not Lone Wanderer

Each insult, each word went by the Wanderer's ears. By the time he was laughing the chainsaw was removed from the throat, the man was not truly human, he did not fear that kind of death. Jumping backwards towards his comrades in arms, the Doctor witnessed the environment changing to darkness that gave a crawling feeling in his mind, as if he had been taken back to that Alien ship.

One thing did not surprise him, and that was the change of Kaishihara. "Pff, how cliché." The Wanderer said after the transformation. His mouth opened and with an angry scowl called, "My kind has almost destroyed themselves before, my armoury makes all the difference in that world though. BUT right now I'm going to call bullshit on you with everyone else!"

The muffled voice still called loud and true. With everyone else pulling out their weaponry and began firing, the Wanderer was about to fight himself, yet he managed to spot Yu who was just standing. Running over, he shook the boy's shoulders, no response. "Shit! Guys, we got a dazed here!" He yelled loudly, but the fighting seemed to distract most people. Sighing quickly, Wanderer stood in front of the original natural user and pull out his own weapon.

"I hope you like lasers ... because I'm going to fuck you with them!" A crazy smile called out.

Ah, lovely finale music.

"Kannon, lets give them a meal of justice!" The Wanderer yelled with passion, his voice calling out his Person which was summoned underneath him, carrying the user into the air. "More lasers! Ziodyne!"

The Persona fired an electrical attack (In the form of lasers) towards the big bad Nyarlatothep.

Yu Narukami.

Velvet Room:

When the Crawling Chaos drew near, Yu saw a blue butterfly appear on his shoulder, and in the next instant, he felt himself in a familiar space.

"Ah ... here."

We all know what to expect here

Igor looked up from his seat and gave a smile to Yu,
"It's been some time, young man. You have come searching for another truth that seeks to disappear like smoke. Because of this, it would appear that The Wild Card calls to you again. Use it well."

With a wave of Igor's hand, two cards appeared before Yu:


and a voice entered his mind: "Thou art I, and I am thou...
From the sea of thy soul, I come...
From the very moment of my emergence, I have been a guiding light shed to illuminate thy path...
I am the original god...

Before the vision of the Velvet Room faded away, Margaret gave her usual cold smile as well and added, "We'll be watching..."

*Yu has Access to the Wild Card again!*
*Yu feels the power of his Social Links again!*
*From the Depths of Yu's Soul, Izanagi-no-Okami has returned to him!*

Giving a courteous bow to the two,
Yu's mind turned to white as he was returned to the real world.

The final horror was in front of him.
In a place of darkness which had become a thread to them all.

Yet Yu did not move, not out of fear but out of determination. Gaining all his social links was like a flood of memories.
He had remembered why he was here, he was fighting, not for himself and not just for the world. Yu Narukami was fighting for his friends, his town, his love. To protect all that was dear to him. "Hmph." Yu huffed to himself with a smile. "Sometimes I'm the dumb one." He said quietly to himself, collecting the memories that were the most import to him.

How it all began.
How it became.
How it was all loved.
How it is now.

The surge of power came to Yu. All of his Personas came back to him. The Wild Card came back to him. Placing his sword to his side, he thrust his hand out. "Michael!" Yu yelled, the first Persona of Judgement was summoned.

Persona finale music.

"Heaven's Blade." Yu called and Michael suddenly moved towards the enemy, dodging by Kannon and pointing the spear right in front of him for an attack.

Boss | Icarus | Barakiel | Vanessa | James
Location: A Long Forgotten forest
Time: Afternoon

Vanessa blinked twice as Selena's warning came out over the airwaves and into the transmitter she had in her ears. A dragon....? Those things exist here...? This is crazy... Just as she sighed, she noticed a pair of rather large and obviously reptilian eyes appearing out of the blue, staring her and the rest of the helicopter group down. She froze up almost instantly and her eyes widened immensely as she stared back, mouth slightly agape, sweat dripping and fighting with all her might to not wet herself right then and there. ...Well, shit. Guess I should just assume candy people then... This is way too much to wrap my head around, provided this thing doesn't just roast us like in the fairy tales...

Giving her a slight bit of relief, a loud, booming voice came loud and clear to her and the others on the chopper. It seems whoever was there was waiting for them and they had control of the dragon as it lowered its head on command. She sighed before looking outside and seeing what looked to be a lone figure, with massive black wings, on a castle ledge in the direction where the voice had come from. However, the castle seemed to be composed solely of black clouds. Vanessa blinked blankly before burying her face into her palm. Even with the dragon making her open, a cloud castle was a bit too much. Her mind just kept flooding itself with more and more questions ...I can't even tell if this real life or if it's just fantasy...

Seeing that the helicopter was somewhat close, the woman didn't feel like waiting, wanting her questions answered asap. She hopped out of the open side of the helicopter with no parachute, much to the dismay of the pilots. Two flashes of blue light almost instantly manifested themselves just behind the falling woman's back before suddenly taking the form of an odd set of wings . The wings lit up and hummed as the woman suddenly shot forward in the air and after a moment or two, slowed to a stop over the castle roof. If unfettered, she'd land on the roof, slowly drifting onto it. Seeing the Archangel standing before her, she seemed even more flustered. Not knowing where to start, she simply bowed toward the winged demi-god in front of her. "Hi... Um... Sorry if this seems odd, but wh-what are you... and how are we not plummeting to our deaths right now?"

James | Edge | Serena | Vanessa | Several G-Corp employees
Location: A long forgotten forest (in transit)
Time: Afternoon


"We know." Billy said. "It happened not two seconds ago, we were right here, and we saw it."


Billy smacked Biertov in the back of the head. "Stop it."

Edge said nothing, and continued to look out the window. Biertov tapped Edge on the shoulder. "You are nervous, friend?"

"No." Edge said. "I don't get nervous."

"Bah. Is nonsense." Biertov said. "You are worried about your friend. Is natural. Nothing to be ashamed of. If anything were to happen to Nicoli, I would go all the Rambo on whoever did the thing on him. It would be very not pretty."

"HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTTS!" the pilot shouted. "WE'RE LANDING!"

Boss | Icarus | Barakiel | Vanessa | James
Location: A Long Forgotten forest
Time: Afternoon

Looking from the castle's ledge, Barakiel awaited the guests to arrive. Yet to his own surprise, it gained his attention when one of the passengers from the helicopter jumped out, with a pair of wings no less. "Hmm ... well I haven't seen that for a while." He said to himself, addressing his former memories of when mortals tried to replicate his kind's wings. It brought back many, many lifetimes worth of memories, summoning a cheeky grin on the Archangel's face.

Once the 'winged' female arrived in front of him, Barakiel could not help himself but examine Vanessa for a good second. His eyes darting around in a quicker than mortal fashion, yet the bright blue glow coming from his eyes partly disguised it. "I am Barakiel. The Archangel of Lightning, one of Heaven's Original Seven Archangels." Barakiel said with a proud bow, before he did not have any wings on him. Yet when the Archangel bowed, electricity swarmed to him and created large white angel wings with a blue aura to them.

It looked strange, he was wearing clothes and yet it seemed that the wings were coming out from his coat. "As with this place, probably magic. Your new to this world, no? Don't worry about it, many others adjust themselves in a matter of time ... and about my dragon, don't worry about him, I've trained him well and he wouldn't dare to attack ... being sent back to Hell wouldn't aid him." The Archangel said with a light chuckle.

"Your group ... it is here for the young one? Good ... good." He said slowly, gazing over at the forest in the distance as if he was looking forward in the world or even in time. Quickly adjusting his gaze to the helicopter a small distance away, it looked like the helicopter was going to land weirdly. "Man ... and I slowed the weather." He muttered before raising his hand and opening his palm, electricity suddenly surrounded the helicopter, stopping it in mid-air. With a small pull of his hand, the helicopter floated to the small yet acceptable size balcony, landing and the visible blue electricity moving away.

"You mortals really need to improve that."

Location: The Vault, G-corp, Tokyo, Japan.
Time: Evening

With everyone else out and Kazuya still not back yet, Violet took to overseeing the lockdown of Darkside's remains, watching the proceedings while G-Corp soldiers secured the bodybag in a Cyropod.
"Alright, Set the Danger Level to "Minor", Even if he does somehow regenerate, He'll be a Popsicle." He ordered as his men nodded, checking his PDA for messages as he did.
Jeez, what's taking Kaz so long? He should have been back by now... He thought, it wasn't like his boss to be late.
Still, once the operation was finished, he and the rest of the soldiers left the Underground Vault with Darkside's remains now on ice and left for the Researchers to look at.
If they could get anything of value from the Alien, they could easily recoup the losses they gained from trying to defeat him.

Location: Ocean Island
Time: Morning

Kazuya meanwhile was doing his best to go though his equipment or what was left of it after his failed assassination attempt, something that was rather hard with being able to only move 1 arm, nevermind the fact he most likely had internal bleeding and a few broken bones..
Still, once he made himself a sort of sling for his arm from the harnesses on his Merc Uniform, he pulled up his own PDA and began to send out a message.
" HQ...Send an Transport to my location...Track the source of this signal...Do this or you'll are...fired..." He said before hitting send, flopping back onto the sand after he was done, tried from the effort.
The second he got back to Tokyo, heads were going to roll...

Colorado State Senator Steven Armstrong
Location: Limo leaving Denver
Time: Afternoon

After he had left the interview at Fox News, Armstrong began making his way out of the city towards a GOP fundraiser or as he liked to call it "Easy Money".
As he was leaving the city though, he tuned in the built in TV to the news station once more to see the aftermath, watching what could only be described as-
"-The dumbest thing I have ever seen on National Television since Duck Dynasty. He thinks he can pin this on *ME*?! The fucking UN can't touch me and he expects to convict me of a murder that occurred in another state and by other people? Who the hell is Santa Christ anyway? I never heard of him before now..." He said as he watched the President's plea for support.
"...Hey, what's the Stock Price for Fox News like? They were already in the Republican Pocket, might as well make it officia-WHOA-" He asked before his Limo suddenly swerved as another limo cut them off at the Intersection.

M. Bison Congressman Vincent Vega | Bruiser
Location: Other Limo leaving Denver
Time: Afternoon

"DAMMIT BRUISER! I TOLD YOU! RED MEANS STOP!" Biso-....Sorry, "Vincent Vega", shouted at his Machoke driver as he was still getting used to the rules of the road.
"Hey, you said get you there before the other guy, that's what I doing. So quit your bitching. Bad enough you got me in this fruity get up anyway..." his chauffeur snapped back as he pulled into the bus lane, wondering why no one else was using that row of traffic.
"Fine, Fine...Ah well, that mess in LA should play well at this gig."
"Yeah, I remember hearing about it on the news, Max, Doom and Inuart okay?"
"Yeah, Cortex was talking to them earlier, it was just the Business district that was hit, Most they'll have to deal with is the traffic. Still, nice excuse to increase military spending, one step closer to rebuilding my empire..."
"Ohhhhhh Yeah that reminds me. Wesker called, he'll need more time to rebuild the Psycho Drive, another Teleporter Mishap at Black Mesa he said."
"That's alright, The President is stonewalling us on ODIN anyway. Still, with the amount of noise Armstrong is making, I'm sure he'll crack."
"Ick, still don't like that guy. I mean, you ARE aware he'll murder you the second he gets into office, right?"
"...Well, yeah, it's what I'd do. Don't worry about him, once the crowd gets going my way, he'll fall like the rest of them."
"Alright, Just I'm a major Scumbag so I know a Scumbag when I see one. And that guy? Tch, fucker would shank his own father."
"And? I killed my father too and you don't me bragging about it..."
"...Ey, didn't you just do that?..."
"...Just focus on the damn road..."

Tony Stark
Location: Tokyo - Japan
Time: Evening

A sharply dressed figure reclines on a nondescript chair outside of a completely unremarkable bistro - the japaese cityscape sprawling before, behind and around like a metallic jungle...familiar and yet entirely different from the landscapes he was used to. Speaking to the mobile resting on the table before him, he sips on the drink in his hand and pondered things a moment from behind dark tinted shades.

" So the deals good over there? Sweet - I'd like to say I'll be there next monday, but...kinda tied up with things and stuff. "
He chuckles briefly. "Yeah, you know, the whole 'business trip and not-really-a-vacation vacation! "

Things for Stark-Innovations Jap Division were going okay, and he was close to sealing the deal on new branding for phones and laptops not yet unveiled to the public...consumer markets always felt like a slow laborious process, compared to the more 'dynamic' world of weapons creation that he'd been brought up around, in and to inherit. Still, on a day like today, he could unwind and take time to appreciate the lay of the land - despite reports of odd occurances around the city, mostly from unchecked and unknown sources to local channels and whatnot, he felt relatively confident that he had everything in the bag for this little working vacation - sure, he'd packed an 'extra case' along just to make sure he could handle anything that might crop up over time, but it wasn't exactly like he'd made that a priority. he wasn't likely to encounter anything needing it over here, not a chance!

The phone call still required attention, so he continued...tapping the table with a knuckle as he listened to somebody he couldn't remember the name of talk about the benefits of grasping more of the Japanese market and ensuring that StarkTech was properly branded and recognised within the projected period of time before the next StarkExpo...he hated too much business in one day, and what he really wanted was a distraction.

" Yup...uhuh, I understand entirely. " Bold faced lie. #876 of the day " Don't worry, I got this...thanks for the dictionary, by the way, totally came in useful at check-in. Look, I think I'm gonna go grab something to eat that isn't mostly uncooked fish, take a shower an' then see where the world lies for me this evening. Peppers the one to talk to if you, I'm not foisting anything off, cut me some slack here-...look, I think the lines breaking up a little, I'll call you when I reach the hotel - good luck during the board meeting! "

With a quick unceremonious hangup and breath of relief, Tony Stark places the now-quietened device into a pocket and finished his americano - pocketing the green tea kitkat he'd gotten from the machine around the corner as something to munch later. Now that he was free to explore the big wide world, he figured he'd head back to where he'd parked the car and get himself skidaddled to a much better place, one that wasn't some small american-styled diner in the middle of modern Japan...he needed to get lost into the heart of the city and find a much better watering hole!

Tony Stark:

"Alright, talk to me. How are we doing?" Kenneth Black asked his personal assistant. "The public teleportation project is nearly done with about half of the hubs are operational with the rest soon to follow. The puppet CEO is getting on everybody's good side by donating to various charities and being normal. Hargreave's people tell me that his project has only a couple months left and are doubling security. Dr. Ashford arrived and is already starting work on that super soldier serum with minimal complaints. Other than that everything is running normally," she told him. "Good job. Double the security on the teleportation hubs, my ego got the better of me. Tell Hargreave that he should make so that his little "toy" only responds to his input if he hasn't done so already. Other than that give yourself a pay raise, double what it is now. For now I need a nap," Ken said as he headed to his personal quarters.


Boss | Icarus | Barakiel | Vanessa | James | Selena
Location: A Long Forgotten forest
Time: Afternoon

Selena soon arrived
"Its definitely a spell making these clouds solid, and I suspect Icarus may have been in need of a shelter. She looked around.
"where did he go?"
Boss pointed down the stairs
"Are you sure he's a little unstable" he said the memory of being flung to the castle floor,
"I think I can handle him, sure he may be unstable but he's still a teenage boy" she then went down to find Icarus

"Icarus are you down here" she could hear the sounds of someone, as she got closer she soon found Icarus his face was pale but had a red tinge on his cheeks
"Oh hi selena, are you really there or AM I just seeing hings he clumisly reached out to touch her she backed away,
"what the? she then saw an empty bottle beside him she rolled her eyes
"he's drunk of course he is," she helped his get up putting his arm around her shoulder and hlding him by the waist
"lets get you up, and out of here.
"Out of here but I made this place for me."
"I umm got a better place" she worriedly headed upstairs but the half angel was heavy and she slipped
"we need to clean you up first." she had Icarus sit up and found a potion it would taste awful but it flushed one of certain poisons including alcohol. Icarus slowly drank it and shuddered Selena helped him stand. they then walk out.
"so who all decided to join the party?" he said strolling out his cloak trailing behind him.

Kaishihara Pharmaceutical: Top Floor: Kaishihara's Office

Mood Music 2.0


Devon heard the speech and sighed as she looked to Ton-Ton, then the corrupted manager. "You know, a year or two ago I would have been shaken to the core. I would have been stuck on the ground curled up in a ball by that. Thing is, I'm not that person. I'm not afraid of death now, but it does not mean I long for it. And even if you claim we're not special, we certainly had enough to get to you."

Devon then drew her blade as she pulled her Persona card out to summon Mengde, chanting a few songs in Rapid Succession to bolster the group and improve their morale.

"In any case, we're about to clear that appointment book. Think of it as a favor for all the things you showed us these last few days."

Devon used Inspire Courage and Ironskin Chant to increase the damage and defense of the group while making them les susceptible to fear!


At that same time, Ella simply drew out her spear as she impishly smirked. "You know, if you're us, then you have our desires magnified thousandfold. And you know what? I think we should grant you that release first. Anything else would be selfish, and I'm a giver."

The moment Devon's songs kicked in, she Evoked Ishtar to cast a secondary blast of lightning, although it was intentionally aimed to the side to limit the amount of area he could evade to safely. In the same motion, she worked with Teri in a two-pronged attack.


Mel chuckled as she looked to David, showing that she wasn't too fazed by Nyar's words. "If it were some dude in a suit, then it'd be too easy. Besides, as you said, this is just Target Practice. How about the person that gets the most eyeshots gets some lessons from the other?"
She summoned Andras by crushing a card, and the Persona responded by creating a small green barrier on the bow. When she loosed the arrows, they'd have a small coating of poison that would hopefully increase the damage a bit. However, the majority of her arrows landed in the mouths of the masks or the masks themselves if they hit, with only a small fraction actually getting in the eyes.


Slindis didn't even hesitate to evoke Joanne as she leapt into the fray, with her Persona touching her fists to imbue them with a radiant energy as she crossed up alongside Rugal. "Been too long since we fought alongside each other for something this serious, Rugal. We really should do it a little bit more. Now sound good?" Her blows would be in sync with the hulking King of Fighters, showing that her general combat training was an equal match for Rugal's mastery with the ways of the fist. More importantly, she aimed to keep space for Kannon's Shocks and Michael's Slashes to get through.

Joanne has imbued Slin's fists with Divine Might, giving her an added damage boost!

Boss | Icarus | Barakiel | Vanessa | James
Location: A Long Forgotten forest
Time: Afternoon

As Barakiel looked the woman over, she seemed not to notice his eyes darting which way and that, mainly due to the fact she was still looking around the castle cautiously. This can't be stable.... The glowing wings that seemed to sprout from her back disappeared as soon as the Archangel bowed toward the woman, a flash of blue the only hint the attachments were there to begin with.

She bowed in turn as Barakiel introduced himself. The relevance of Barakiel's position was partially lost on her, but she got the idea that she was speaking to someone above her, both in standing and power and spoke as such, her voice a bit meek. "Nice to meet you... I'm Vanessa. And yes... all of this..." She extended her hands to indicate the entire scene. " a lot to take in when I've been used to in a day... I'm just about willing to believe anything now...." She said with a sigh, idly rubbing the side of her temple as the helicopter was more or less shoved into a landing. "Improve on what...? Landing on cloud castles isn't really covered in a pilot manual, I'd think." Vanessa replied dryly as she watched Selina move after Icarus and return with a cloaked and winged man behind her. Well.... It looks like we can just leave it to her then....

Violet | Kazuya
Location: The Vault, G-corp, Tokyo, Japan.
Time: Evening

As the day went on, Violet kept worrying about his boss Kazuya, mostly because he if was in trouble, he would most likely chew Violet out the second he got back in the door.
As he was looking over a few tests with the remains of Darkside, he noticed a transport chopper nearing the Helipad, filling him with Dread if it was Kazuya who was on it.
"Alright...Act normal. You didn't do anything wrong, place isn't on fire, it'll be alr-"


The next thing he knew, the door to his lab was violently kicked down by a bandage clad Kazuya, most likely having reopened most of his wounds in the process.
"Whoa! Kaz, What happened!? Are you-"
"Black. Industries. EVERYTHING. On them."
"Names, Addresses, Contracts, Locations, Bank Information, EVERYTHING!" He then roared at Violet as he limped though the lab towards his office, no doubt to cool off after his loss to Kenneth Black.
"....ummm...It'll be on your desk-"
"GOOD!" The CEO said before went into his office and locked the door behind him.
Ohhhh...I'm going to make him rule the day he crossed me.... Kazuya thought as he began to plot his enemies's downfall, but first.
"Kuma! Mokujin!...Who wants Ice Cream?" He then asked as he began to unwind after the days events...

"Sir, our intelligence gathering division has informed me that someone is digging into Black Industries' records. Our counterintelligence division is currently going over everything with a fine tooth comb to make sure we aren't connected to it in any way. Other than that everything is running smoothly. Our robotics division has made progress in getting their robots to walk like a human. They project that it will be combat ready in about one month," Ken's assistant told him.

"Good. Tell the CEO that the teleportation hubs that are finished are to be opened up to the public. After that tell him to destroy his burner phone completely. We'll provide a new one once this blows over. Make sure to destroy our's as well for good measure. Set up a front for the robotics division so we can start making money from it as soon as possible. That will be all for now," Ken said before he went back to reviewing his various plans.


[quote] Boss | Icarus | Barakiel | Vanessa | James | Edge | Other G-Corp Staff
Location: A Long Forgotten forest
Time: Afternoon

"BOSS!" Edge shouted, storming out of the helicopter. "WHERE ARE YOU?"

"Over here." Boss said, waving. "What are you so exitec-"

Edge teleported to where Boss was standing and grabbed him by his vest. "WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN?"

Boss was taken aback. "...Rob's? He sent me here about an hour ago. Are...are you OK?"

Edge took a deep breath and let go of Boss. Of course. Edge though. I was going in the wrong direction the whole time.. "I'm fine." Edge said. "I was just...worried."

"I KNEW IT!" Biertov shouted as he stepped off the helo. "I KNEW IT WHOLE TIME! I HAVE WITNESS, TOO! GOOD FRIEND BILLY, TAKE MY BACK."

Billy looked at Biertov and shook his head. "I have no idea what this man is talking about. I ain't even sure we speak the same language."

"You are terrible friend." Biertov said. "Much less funny than Nicoli."

Edge looked around. Icarus was right over there with Selena. Vannessa was talking to...was that Tomoya? It looked like Tomoya,, it just looked like Tomoya. Edge took mental note, and walked over to the copter. "If you're going to G-Corp, pile back in."

"Or I could just teleport everyone back to wherever you were." Boss said. "'cause I can totally do that. And the chopper over there."

"No." Edge said.

Boss scoffed. "Who votes for teleporting!" Edge and Biertov raised their hands.

Violet | Kazuya
Location: G-corp, Tokyo, Japan.
Time: Evening

After he managed to get the report on Kenneth's dealings, Kazuya was soon back on his feel, albeit in crutches as he raced back into Violet's lab, much of the unwinding and relaxing he tried to partake in being undone once he shouted:
"That Bastard has all the damn Teleportation hubs online already! How the hell did he get them activated without me knowing about it!?"
Violet gluped as he tried to say "...But, don't you do know about it-"
"Don't back talk me! I'm not letting that mass murdering prick make trillions on teleportation technology just so he can wipe out entire countries in his free time!" The Demon CEO snapped back as he planted himself down on one of the chairs in the lab before holding his head, trying to think of a way to get back at that bastard.
"...Alright, can get track down the teleportation signals from each of his Hubs?"
"Yeah, sure. With the amount of traffic he's hoping to get, It'd be impossible not to. Why?"
"So we can trace the movements of everything that's transported, right? Good, I got an idea. First off, I need to contact Kenneth somehow."
"What? So you can warn him?"
"No, so I can accept his surrender. Now get me a direct line. And get the troops mobilized."

M. Bison Congressman Vincent Vega, Bruiser | Colorado State Senator Steven Armstrong
Location: GOP fundraiser | Leaving Denver | Colorado.
Time: Afternoon

The intersection began to become really busy. Cars were almost everywhere, people were yelling and swearing. This was a certain traffic jam. Meanwhile behind the two limos was a large dirty truck, which seemed to carry a rather large container tank. The blocked cars began to move everywhere, trying to get away from the intersection, and it seemed that the two limos were going the same way. "Hey, can we get this shit moving. This order is too damn special!" The Truck Driver yelled out of the window in a heavy Denver accent.

This truck was travelling towards the military base near the area, this was a weird VIP delivery.

Boss | Icarus | Barakiel | Vanessa | James | Edge and etc.
Location: A Long Forgotten forest
Time: Afternoon

"Oh ... not there yet." Barakiel quickly muttered, turning into a whisper. Looking away from the future girl, he turned back slowly. "Uh, sorry. It is just that someone in my position can ... see a lot. Other than that, it seems that your business is done." Barakiel said, gave a smile as Boss came along to suggest teleportation. Barakiel stepped off the castle ledge stretching while doing so.

"I feel like some blue skies." He said, brushing his hand in the air, clouds following and changing into a much lighter colour. "Better ask ... so what do we do about this castle?" He turned around to ask the coming out Icarus, who looked drunk. "... okay why does that seem impossible?" Barakiel said with a confused face.

Boss | Icarus | Barakiel | Vanessa | James | Edge and etc.
Location: A Long Forgotten forest
Time: Afternoon

Vanessa shrugged a bit in response. "I think this is high up enough that it won't really matter if we leave it here or not..." She said casually. "If people see it, they'll probably pass it off as an illusion or an urban legend... and what's the worst that could happen if one finds this castle anyway?" She asked before noting Boss and raising her hand high in response, a smile on her face as well.

M. Bison Congressman Vincent Vega | Bruiser | Colorado State Senator Steven Armstrong | Wage Slave
Location: GOP fundraiser | Leaving Denver | Colorado.
Time: Afternoon

As Armstrong was sighing at how bad the traffic in this city was, He noticed the limo that had cut them off was trying to use the bus lane.
"Clever bastard. We need to get rid of those things, free up the rest of the city. Not like anyone actually uses that thing these days..." He remarked as he heard the driver of the Container Truck yelling at him.
"OH SHUT IT, WAGE DRONE! DON'T MAKE ME OUTSOURCE YOUR SORRY ASS!" He shouted back as he began to light up another cigar to replace the one he had lost.
"Tch, no respect for public officials in this country...Damn that Foreign President and his liberal agenda..."

Meanwhile, the Congressman was much cooler in his responce, if only for the fact he was too busy trying to get Bruiser out of the grid-lock.
"Alright, try taking the next right."
"But that bastard in the truck is in the way."
"Then wait for him to move."
"Hey, can we get this shit moving. This order is too damn special!"
"OH SUCK MY FLACCID CLONED COCK, PRICK!" Bruiser shouted back as he kicked up into the next gear before "Gently" ramming his way though the cars in front of him, much to the annoyance of his host.
"Bruiser! This is the sidewalk!"
"Do you want to get there or do you want to listen to that guys shit all day?!"
"....Ahhh, Fine, I was planning to run on infrastructure anyway..."

Boss | Icarus | Barakiel | Vanessa | James | Edge and etc.
Location: Floating Castle
Time: Afternoon

As the others were moving to vote on their next move, James's PDA began to ring out, prompting him to pick it up and hit answer, it was Violet and he sounded rather distressed.
"Hey!...Um, Sorry to interrupt, but...cou-could you start making your way back here? Just Kazuya kinda had a run in with an...errrr...super villain and I REALLY don't want to deal with him on my own and if you guys are around, there might be less of a chance of him doing something he might regret..Might. Look, just start making your way back here! Now!" He said to the others, nervously glancing over his shoulder as he did so.
While they were leaving anyway, Violet did sound rather urgent as he hung up.

James, having heard Violet over the PDA, could tell almost right away something was
definitely wrong,"We should probably head on back...judging by how Violet was acting, I'm
going to hazard a guess that whoever Kazuya's run into...well, it's probably better if we
just get back...I don't even wanna consider what could happen if it's somebody he has a personal
vendetta against.." He shuddered at the implications.

Considering the kind of powers people wielded in this strange world...well, that only
made him all the more urgent to get back.

Boss | Icarus | Barakiel | Vanessa | James | Edge and etc.
Location: Floating Castle
Time: Afternoon

Giving Vanessa a shrug yet with a non-caring look, the Archangel decided time for him to leave. "Well ... as much fun as it was coming out here, I have to leave. Lightning doesn't create itself, and my army is probably wondering where I am anyway. Also, keep an eye on the little one." Barakiel said with a concerned look and gave a small point towards Icarus, the black winged Angel. "If he falls, give me a pray, or tell someone to. It doesn't matter who, but tell me if it is urgent." The Archangel said to Vanessa as he jumped onto the castle balcony's ledge.

"Everything. I shall leave now, get back home safely and be very, very careful of that one-eyed snake. If you also see the one-eyed steroid man, tell him 'hi' from me. Adiós!" The Archangel said with a Antonio Banderas like accent and faded into electricity. Next thing the group knew was the huge dragon stretching it's neck and suddenly flying off. Wind heavily flowing through the air, yet by the direction of the Dragon, the Archangel was heading straight up.

M. Bison Congressman Vincent Vega | Bruiser | Colorado State Senator Steven Armstrong | Wage Slave
Location: GOP fundraiser | Leaving Denver | Colorado.
Time: Afternoon

Armstrong had his outburst, responding back in a likewise manner the Wage Slave flipped him the bird but stayed silent. Examining more closely at the two vehicles, they were limos. Gritting his teeth the man decided to stay silent for the better, even a man like this on the ladder knew to shut up when something like this happened. After all, he was only a transport driver, yet like many others, when the other limo decided to make a run for it, the man gave him the bird as well. Yet confused when the driver talked.

Saying the same insult to himself, it only made it more confusing. Giving a shrug, it was lucky that the traffic got back into order quickly, with both limos going away at a nice speed. With the Wage Slave, this made his trip much more faster and he was almost in record time to reach Aurora city where he destination laid.

Only if Bison and Armstrong knew what the truck's tank contained, and what it was going to be used for. "I'm coming Mr. President. Santino ain't gonna fail this one!"

Mr. President and entourage | Air Force Base Commander Johnson Gaylord.
Location: Buckley Air Force Base | Aurora.
Time: Afternoon

The whole base was like an ant colony, the soldiers were moving fast, and their superiors were moving faster. Not only today was their usual inspection day, but it so happened that The President was passing by and decided to drop in. Some people were annoyed, some people were excited, for they knew what The President was like. The opinion of the Base was split, was The President going to come down on them like some kind of apocalypse, or would he actually be genuinely merciful?

The result would come soon, but some of the men were placing bets on the outcome.
Yet suddenly the air picked up and all eyes were on the outside of the base, Air Force One had just arrived.
Not in traditional colours, this large plane was covered in mostly purple paint and gold trimmings. The emblem blazing through onto the tarmac, all of the soldiers outside hailed to the Chief's plane.

As the speeding winds died down, the stairs of the plane came down and two figures emerged. The President first and directly behind him, yelling with a loud voice was Pierce, the Communications Director. "I swear man, people are reporting a damn cloud!" He said with the usual nonsensical tone. "Pierce I'm not going to believe, especially since you turned my damn music to opera on there!" The President snapped back, rushing out on the awaiting carpet and saluting soldiers.

"Hey! You didn't believe me about Paul." Pierce responded quickly. Stopping for a second and turning back "Pierce, just listen. I know you still have nightmares about that shit but focus on your job!" Mr. President said before turning back and walking to the end of the welcoming carpet where another figure stood with many medals. "Mr. President, welcome to Buckley Air Force Base." The Commanding Officer said with a salute. Pierce stood silent, "Is it here?" The President said quietly.

Having a evil grin on his face, the Commander whispered to the President. "Ready and modified ... plus the driver said those two were assholes." He said while slipping out some money to give to the President. "Hah, I knew I'd won the bet." His cockney voice shiny, also with a smile. The two walked along until they reached a small hanger where The President just simply smiled.

"Oh yeah. Those fucks won't know what is coming. Commander, grab me some overalls and a mask ... I'm going in." The President said, his smile more evil then ever. In a simple matter of minutes, the President was disguised and driving his truck to the GOP fundraiser. Yet Pierce was all alone at the base, forced to go along with a examination.

M. Bison Congressman Vincent Vega | Bruiser | Colorado State Senator Steven Armstrong
Location: GOP fundraiser
Time: Night

After they finally managed to get out of the grid lock, both president hopefuls managed to reach the main GOP fundraiser for that state, though they were largely unaware of each other until the time came for the speeches and they ended up bumping into each other on the way to the main stage.
Bison was looking out into the crowd as Armstrong walked up to him.
"Big crowd. And they said no one would play 50 bucks to get in here."
"Yeah, but they also said that people couldn't be driven against public healthcare too. Senator Armstrong."
"Congressman Vega. Expecting to earn much."
"Eh, more then you at least."
"Yeah, keep telling yourself that and you might actually believe it. Oh and sorry about what happened to your home district."
"Please, Kazuya is a rouge agent, only answers to himself."
"And in that sense I actually kinda respect him. That and he seems to hate your guts nearly as much as mine."
"...What would make you say that?..."
"Oh...Nothing...Anyway, time to make some money..."

Thus the two President Hopefuls went down to play kiss ass to international billionaires, like true Americans.


Boss | Icarus | Barakiel | Vanessa | James | Edge and etc.
Location: A Long Forgotten forest
Time: Afternoon

Icarus rejoined the others, the potion had helped him recover.
"This castle will do no harm remaining here, if anything it'll absorb some of the static energy in clouds," It would pay to have it remain as a reserve of energy, never know when a boost of lightning ill come in handy.
"If you want to leave it would be best to teleport."
Selena approached an placed her hand on his shoulder
"I know you still plan on hiding up here but you can't be left alone, stay with us, you can trust us." Icarus stared at his boots but nodded silently.
Selena hen looked at the Ninja.
"we best get a move on."

M. Bison Congressman Vincent Vega | Bruiser | Colorado State Senator Steven Armstrong
Location: GOP fundraiser
Time: Night

A certain amount of time driving later, The President was right outside the GOP fundraiser. So no one recognizes him he also wore a skull mask with the overalls he took from the military base. "Those fuckers did not expect this." He smiled inside his mask, parking outside in an alleyway, this gained him many eyes on him. Yet it seemed that The President's aura made them look and walk away fast. One person was about to approach him, yet a middle finger was all that greeted him.

Seeing the latest pedestrian run away and checking the time, it seemed that it was time. "Time to ruin those Republican fucker's fun!" He said loudly, soon enough the whole truck was in full motion and gaining speed. Blocking the way were barriers and security officers, the barriers instantly flew open and the officers dived out of the way, each one screaming into a radio set. Yet it was too late, the truck was already through.

The truck was passing through one entrance to the arena, a giant honk gained all the attention. "Okay ... I need a bit of music ... " The revenging President said as he flicked on the radio.


Surprised at the song, The President sat there listening to Teenagers by My Chemical Romance before turning it over quickly. "Well I haven't heard that in a while. Yet the second cannot stand to the first favourite!" He said as his final song came on with another flick of the radio dial. Then the famous tune came on and the man began to hum.

"Dun Dunn Dunnnn~ We're leaving together~!"
Yeah, it was final countdown.

The song started to boom out of the truck, yet the windows were rolled up for a reason.
Yet the truck started to roll again.
This time a sudden spray of brown liquid came from the long gun on top of the truck's tank.

"Septic avenger motherfuckers." The President said coldly as he drove around, running over people and spraying shit all over people. He was hoping to strike Bison and Armstrong.

M. Bison Congressman Vincent Vega | Bruiser | Colorado State Senator Steven Armstrong | Mr. President
Location: GOP fundraiser
Time: Night

"-And that is how the Mirco-chipping as stated in page...something of Obamacare allowed terrorists in Benghazi to rig US elections to in order to make Pot abortions legal. Now, what does this have to with Cliven Bundy's heroic stand against the US Government? Well, what you do think the BLM want his land fo-...oh shit..."

Oh shit was right as all of a sudden, a fucking septic truck of all things crashed into the building as music began to blare from the cab.
Then to the horror of the 0.1%-ers there, human waste began to spray out of the hose (Why do Septic Trucks even have those?!) and right on them and on top of countless staffers.
"HOLY SHIT! HOW THE HELL DID THAT GET IN HERE?! WHO'S RUNNING SECURITY!? I WANT TO SEE-....nononononoNO-!" Armstrong shouted right before he got a weeks worth material from a Taco Bell restroom all over his face and suit, causing him to fall over and reel in horror.
"OUBRAOAUHFAOUEHRFAEOGUB *Spit spit*...*shudders* YOU'RE DEAD! YOU HEAR ME! DEAD!" He shouted with feral rage as he tried and failed to wipe the shit off his glasses, only ending up smearing them as result.

Bison meanwhile watched in horror, least at first.
Sure, he was worried about getting covered in shit, but then he realized something: His campaign trail had a new viral image of Armstrong, now covered in shit.
Pulling out his phone, he then quickly snapped a picture of his rival as he tripped over one of the guests and crashed into a table outside his booth as the spray of shit sweeped over it.
The Icing on the cake? Armstrong saw him do it as well.

Once he had the picture saved, Bison quickly ran off backstage, keen on getting the fuck out of dodge before the shit it the fan.
"BRUISER! START THE CAR! NOW! MOVE! MOVE!" He screamed as he shoved his way though panicking staffers as he made his escape.
As he was doing that, Armstrong only had one thing to say once his senses cleared a little.


A simple google search revealed that Kenneth Black had his own webpage. While it looked a company website filled with promises of destruction instead of promises of moving forward, there was something that caught Violet's eye. A phone number to a call center with the tagline "If you're not important enough, we'll tell you to fuck off."

Violet | Kazuya
Location: G-corp, Tokyo, Japan.
Time: Evening

"-But I'm telling ya Kazuya, it was NOT easy hacking into the NSA's private data streams in order to get you this number. I was thinking to reward me for going beyond the call of duty, you should give me the rest of the week off. I need to show our newest guest Vanessa the city and nightlife."
"...Shutting up."

It wasn't long before Kazuya had called the number while Violet got back to work tracking the Black Industries global network of teleporters, namely who was going where and the such.
"Black Industries, how may we direct your ca-"
"If Kenneth Black wants to have a single dime left from this entire venture, you will put me onto him, right now." Kazuya simply ordered as he waited to be connected.

Boss | Edge | Icarus | Serena | Vanessa | James | G-Corp Employeees
Location: A Long Forgotten forest
Time: Afternoon

"Alrighty!" Boss said, clapping his hands together. "Everyone ready?"

"This is gonna suck..." Billy said.

"No!" Biertov said. "Will be much fun!"

Boss put the fingertips of his index and middle fingers on his temples. A breeze picked up around the group; it seemed to be circling around the group, going faster the longer it went on, going from a light breeze to a storm wind. After about twenty seconds, the entire group-including the helicopter-began to hover over the ground.

"IS THIS NORMAL?" Billy shouted.


Boss | Edge | Icarus | Serena | Vanessa | James | G-Corp Employees
Location: G-Corp Building; Rooftop Helipad
Time: Early Morning[1]

And suddenly the group found themsevelves on the rooftop of the G-Corp building. In the midst of no less than 50 soldiers armed with rifles. Who, within the space of a second, had all their rifles pointed at the group.

"-PORt a grou..."


"Bogies on roof." Another, calmer soldier with a french accent said. "This is not a drill. Battle stations now."

"Oh for fuck's sake." Billy said, getting on the ground.

[1] 'cause of time zones. I checked.

Boss | Edge | Icarus | Serena | Vanessa | James | Violet
Location: G-Corp Building; Rooftop Helipad
Time: Early Morning[1]

A rather pissed looking Commander went in front of the group as they were teleported in, clearly not amused by their sudden appearance.
"You think you can just phase onto private property whenever you feel like it you useless maggots!? I hav half a mind to grab each and every one of you and throw you off this bu-"
"Oh just shut up and let them in!" shouted an annoyed Violet over the soldier's radio before a embarrassed look appeared on their faces and they let the group off without question.
Violet meanwhile was in his lab hopping from computer to computer, following dozens of teleporter signals in several countries.

[1] 'cause of time zones. I checked.

"Sir, the call center is telling me that someone is asking for you and they sounded angry," Ken's assistant told him. "Sure I'll take the call," Ken said as his assistant handed him the phone. "This is Kenneth Black, what the fuck do you want," Ken said after the call center connected him through to the call.

Violet | Kazuya
Location: G-corp, Tokyo, Japan.
Time: Evening

"Really shouldn't have bragged about being a CEO, Ken." Kazuya said as he was connected to the Villain.
"Still, I like to think I'm a kind man so here is my option: You shut down your shell company, shelve you teleportation projects as well as turn yourself over to UNIT or my people and I won't ruin your entire teleportation network off the face of the earth. And frankly? I don't care how many fronts or money laundering operations you have, setting up that many hubs in that many countries, bribing politicans, hiring workers, training security as well the researching, power and operation costs...Well, I'd imagine if this went under, you would have a debt to your investors and contacts comparable to a 3rd world country." He bragged as he walked over to one of his company's teleporter units right as Violet was monitoring read-outs and data while a large amount of solders began moving weapons and equipment in the background.
"...Kaz...You sure you want to do this?"
"That depends entirely on what Mr. Black here wants to do...So how about it? Prisoner of the law or Prisoner of Debt. Up to you."

"Ah, Kazuya. Bitter about me kicking your ass I see. While I would love to take credit for the teleportation thing, I have don't have anything to do with that," Ken said to Kazuya. Since he was recording the call and he knew some government agency would probably be listening in, he could not implicate himself. "What amazes me is that your doing my job. You'll be joining me on the terrorist watch list of every country in the world if you manage to pull that off. Congratulations on your first terrorist act," Ken said to Kazuya.

M. Bison Congressman Vincent Vega | Bruiser | Colorado State Senator Steven Armstrong | Incognito Mr. Presidentito.
Location: GOP fundraiser
Time: Night

"One down ... " The President said, skull mask look down upon the waste covered Armstrong. Pulling out his own phone he took a quick photo before looking around for Bison. Noticing that the Congressman running for President was not in the crap covered mess, the vengeful eyes of the President looked towards the exit. "One cowardly fucker to go!" His voice now in full anger, his hands moved quickly and the sewage truck, still shooting crap took a turn for the exit.

Sure the main target was doused in poo, but he wanted to send a message to the other competitor. Truck shooting out of the original entrance he entered from, The hidden President came face to face with a group of police and security guards. Sighing, "Good thing this isn't covered by taxes." The President said to himself, the truck started shooting once more before the police had the chance to say anything.

Pedal to the metal once again, the truck was looking out for a limo.
A soon to be shit limo.

Violet | Kazuya
Location: G-corp, Tokyo, Japan.
Time: Evening

"Terrorism? Really? You really think the public and your investors are going to believe that an massive worldwide malfunction of your Teleporter Array was a lone act of Terrorism? And even if it is, you'll prove that such technology is not ready for this world. Not yet. I look forward to bring you in Ken, But until then, I'll settle for your wallet."
And on that cue, Violet nodded before he slowly engaged the teleporter, using the data he got from Ken's array to set up a connection as the soldiers made their move.

Black Industries Mercs
Location: Teleporter Hubs

Once Violet activated the teleport, those watching the main teleport chambers noticed a foreign object appear from a purple portal before it quickly closed again.
And what was more worrying, It was beeping...
Suddenly, in another Hub on the other side of the planet, another suitcase was thrown before the portal closed.
One by one, Ken could see the status on his hubs go from Green to Red as explosives were quickly phased into each hub and the portal shut down before the throwers could get caught in the blast.
In the space a few minutes, Kazuya had caused "Violent Malfunctions" in most if not all of Ken's Global Network.


Boss | Edge | Icarus | Selena | Vanessa | James | Violet
Location: G-Corp Building; Rooftop Helipad
Time: Early Morning

Icarus had been prepared to attack when Violets voice pinged in, Icarus followed the others, He wasn't exactly sure what was going on, Selena was keeping an eye on him, She may be trying to hide it but her eyes rarely ventured far from him.
"So, what happened to Kazuya that he wants our help? he seems to prefer working alone." they moved as a group they were a pretty big group at this point, even if he tried to slip away the seciuirty camera's and other measure would notice him.

Boss | Edge | Icarus | Selena | Vanessa | James | Violet
Location: G-Corp Building; Rooftop Helipad
Time: Early Morning

After the first bombs were sent out, Violet began to slip away while the others arrived, he wasn't entirely comfortable with his boss using Teleporter Tech like this, Vanessa might have had a point on that matter.
Still, while Kazuya and his men kept working in the lab, Violet went up to greet the others.
"Boss! A-ha! I told you we'd find him, eh? Eh?" He said with a fake cheeriness until Icarus asked about Kazuya at least.
"...Well...See...I'll admit, Kazuya is hard to work with, but when he gets..."Passionate" about something, he tends to sorta "Use a Sledgehammer for a nail" kinda guy. While I would have said something, I...think it would go better with a few other voices then mine backing me up, you know?"
"WOOOO! BOOM BABY!" A soldier shouted as he flung another bomb into the teleporter, out of sight of the group, but not out of ear.

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