The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Rising Dawn: Medical Bay Storm-1788 (unarmoured), Edge, David West and Furiae, Wanderer

David was pretty happy with how things were progressing, which was exactly why Wanderer of all people just had to show up.
"Ohhhhhh Goddamn it Wanderer" He grumbled though his teeth as he kept a forced smile on his face as he watched Wanderer possibly scare off the new girl (Furiae).
"Right, T-1099/FC...Dr. Wanderer, Can I borrow you for a moment?" he said before Wanderer found himself getting tugged by the collar away from Furiae.
Once they were out of ear shot, he then said "The Frick man?! What you doing? I'm trying to get a date here, I have a good thing going! Look-Just-Do me a favour and be someone...Who "Isn't" you for about the next 20 minutes, alright? Don't freak her out, For me? I promise I'll let you inject me with whatever you want once I get her digits, alright man? Cheers"
Whether or not Wanderer got the hint that David was trying to hook up with Furiae, he got back to looking for the serum.
Letting out a sigh, he said "Sorry, Furiae, I ain't finding it...Want to check the back storeroom? Pretty sure it'll be there if it's anywhere."
All the while, he was hoping, nay, BEGGING that Wanderer would not screw this up for him...

Rising Dawn: Training Room: Hien, Chris, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, Angelus, Blade, Jenny

Hien was...Less then pleased with Chris "Violation of his personal space" and even less so when she began to undress him, while there was a context that he wouldn't mind that as much in, this wasn't it.
Once he was free, he instantly tried to cover himself, his face going beet red and not just because of the claw slashes over it as his eyes watered (Totally because of the lighting of the room of course).
"DON'T LOOK AT ME! DON'T LOOK AT MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" He whined as he tried to cover himself up and failed.
"AHAHAHAHAHA! OH! YOU GOT OWNED SON!" Blade laughed at the mere sight of his CO in such a state.
"Not so big are ya! Kinda small actually it seems!" Jenny mocked, while she did treat people with similar "Self Esteem" issues, she gave Hien a pass there.
Meanwhile, his two bodyguards were giving each other confused looks as to what to do, I mean, training didn't really cover a situation like this.
"*Sniff!* Y-y-y-you two! Lend me your clothes." He barked at them as he stormed out of the room, stopping only to struggle to get his sword out of the ground as his men flipped a coin on who would have to lend their clothes to their master.

It didn't take long before Blade and Jenny turned their attention to Chris, the Gardevoir and Grovyle in bandages slowly making their way forward to her and the others.
"Hey Angie! And how are you two? Heh, wouldn't recognize you two, you've both gotten so big!" He laughed as he fist bumped with Cadolbolg as he flew around before turning to Chris
"Name's Blade. Listen, sorry about my boss. He's....Kinda a dick as you've found out. You alright? That wound kinda looks nasty." He then asked, though that was rich seeing how he looked like he spent the year in a warzone (Several in fact) as he leaned on Jenny.
"Well, Blade got back while you and the others were with Kazuya so we spent some time ~Catching up~. But of course, Hien has to ruin it I mean, he was going try and ship me out to where Blade was. The Nerve of him! Tch, Hiryu was never that mean..."

All the while, there was an Imp with reading glasses in the corner of the room with a Bowl of Salad, a brown bag with some breadsticks in it and currently engrossed in a copy of Frank Herbert's Dune.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Hangar | Rising Dawn

Ares | Katya | Kalastryn

The soldiers weren't as quick to mellow out as Ares was, but they soon lowered their weapons when Violet motioned for them to do so.
"I-...See?...Well...Welcome back, Ms. Zannifer. Sorry about the guns, just my Employer, Kazuya Mishima is staying here for a while and...Well, he felt the need to set up a garrison of troops here. Don't worry, don't start a fight with them and everything will be fine!" He felt the need to point out, Man, this was way worse then his lab in Japan, with all these random teleportations.
"...So...Can I offer you a drink or anything?" He said before pointing to the concessions stand he had set up in the corner of the hanger, though Kalastryn might notice the masses of armed men walking around the place, pretty sure the Rising Dawn had none of them before...

Rising Dawn: Brig: Kazuya, Doom, Diabs, Teri, Garm, Kayta

When Kayta came in, Teri was busy tending to the crying Doom.
Once she asked why, a man in a red jacket in one of the cells answered "Hey, he's a big fat metal baby. Cokes a good batch, but useless for just about everything else. Sure is entertaining though..." as he lit up a smoke before offering her one.
After an hour of healing and patching up under the soldiers watchful eye, Doom felt the best that he had in months as he happily consumed a carton of yoghurt, his eyes rolling back in his head as he drank in the creamy goodness while Diabs mostly kept to himself, enjoying a smoke in his cell.
"Mmmmmm....Doom hasn't had any good food in ages..." He said as Teri bandaged his leg before she cast her incantation before motioning to the soldiers to start asking him questions.
"Alright fatass, Where are the other Cartel Members?" One
"Bison, Wesker, Cortex and Inuart? Doom-....doesn't...know?..." He answered, though he was rather confused by the fact he did.
"...Seriously? What about their plans?"
"...Ummmm...D-doom wasn't really paying attention at the meetings. He hasn't been taking to them since they let Bruiser die....Why is Doom saying this?..."
"Are you kidding me?...Do you know ANYTHING!?"
".....N-no......I-....I don't...."
"Hey, least you finally admitted it, "Doc"..." Diabs sniped at the villains stake as he laughed his ass off before turning back to the hacker.
"So...Wanna be my prison bitch sweetheart?" He asked Katya, clearly, he was a master womanizer...

Ares | Violet | Kalastryn

"Honestly, that isn't a bad idea. Interplanar bullshit happens here all the time, so it's not a bad idea to set up defenses for ourselves either. Melethia was in charge of that last I checked. Nearly melted my lungs when I triggered one of her traps before." She said, as though the devious mind of Melethia was common knowledge.

"Well, I would also say welcome home, but I'm-"

"New around here? I can tell. Just so you know, whatever strange extra-dimensional bullshit put you here... well, you'll get used to it." Kala says with a kindly chuckle.

ARES didn't quite know how to deal with that. This was all confusing as it was. "Well, uh... like Doc here said there's drinks over there if you feel like it."

"Not a bad idea really. I have a lot of explaining to do with everyone who was here when I left as to how I'm back here to begin with though, so I hate to drink and run, but nice to meet you all the same!" She says, grabbing a glass of wine and quickly leaving the room. She had a bit of catching up to do.

Rising dawn, outside the training rooms.

It did not take long after Kala began to wander the halls again to realize that things were as lively as ever. How so? Well, there was an embarrassed man fleeing a training room in his underwear and demanding his guards give up their clothes (to which they were thinking of obliging no less.) and a palpable wave of heat emanated from another training room as they passed it. As they walked up to check on why Hien was rather under-dressed, a Drow (and a new face at that.) was also draped in little more than a bath towel. Her familiar voice (to Jenny, Angelus, Ton Ton and Cadolbolg) teased a bit from behind them. "Forgive me for assuming, and allow me to ask... what did I just walk in on?"

Rising Dawn: 2nd Training Room: Rugal, Icarus, Nadalia

Sand traps?...Clever actually... Rugal thought as he began to sink faster then he could escape, quickly ending up stomach deep in the quicksand, gripping what he could to slow his descent.
"Behave yourself. My intentions are with the winged bearer of ice there." Nadalia said as he wiped some blood from her face, causing him to smirk and say "Well, don't let me keep you then, my Queen...", doing his best to keep up the atmosphere of friendly competition as the fight got more out of hand while he figured out a way out of this pit.

While he was playing Houdini, He watched as Icarus got more then a little "Aggro" towards the Queen with his next few attacks, though that scream was extremely unpleasant for him as well.
Tch! What opera school did he learn that in... He thought as he gently tried to make his way towards the edge of the sand pit while Icarus savagely attacked his opponent, least until he burned the edges of it to make it more solid.
It was then that Icarus offered to help him out of the sand while the Queen was recovering, a move Rugal found a bit questionable.
"Really?...Think you should just go for the win..." He remarked as he took the hand and pulled himself out.
"Besides, I'll admit, I was more learning towards "No forbidden arts or Ki Projectiles" fair when I said that." He added as he grabbed the sand to give him the leverage to-
"...ICARUS! BEHIND YOU!" He suddenly shouted to get his attention to witness-...Nadalia still on the ground?

The Angel then looked back and "A-HA!", The next thing he knew there was charred sand being thrown right into his eyes!
That was then followed by Rugal wrapping his arms around the Angel from behind before hoisting him over his head backwards in a German Suplex, followed by bringing the Angel's back down on his knee harshly.
Next thing Icarus knew, he was thrown up into the air before he was grabbed again, his world spinning until Rugal brought him racing back down to the ground head first.
Say it with me people: "ULTIMATE! ATOMIC! BUSTER!"

Avatar Adventure
Location: Brig | Airship Rising Dawn
Time: Now

Diabs | Doom | Katya | Teri

There were few things in the world that Katya hated. Sure she hated the sickness that ravaged her body and required her to kill others in order for B3WP's swarm to harvest their vital fluids (blood, plasma and bone marrow). Sure she hated the isolation that she faced as she grew up since her helicopter parents decided that she would be best raised by a computer ... and a nanny (Penny). Sure she even hated the fact that people seemed to misunderstand her but of all the things she hated, what she hated most were griefers and trolls. The man guy boy dude human chimp baboon ape jelly fish amoeba THING in the Red Jacket, who had just propositioned her seemed like both those things based on his treatment of Doctor Doom. She actually felt sorry for the man who scarfed down yogurts faster than a the man guy boy dude human chimp baboon ape jelly fish amoeba THING in the Red Jacket sucked down those cigarettes. She had to suppress the sudden urge to suggest that Diabs could be her prison bitch and play "which orifice is the night stick in" since it seemed that they were in polite company. Instead, she responded with a simple.

"#dr3@m0n@zzh@t," The Young Hacker said as she took the offered cigarette, looked at its length, looked at Diab's groin and broke the cigarette to the filter, dropping the tobacco end on the ground.

Turning her back to the man guy boy dude human chimp baboon ape jelly fish amoeba THING in the Red Jacket, Katya walked towards Doctor Doom and the Medical Officer.

"H0w'z h3 d01n', M1zzy?" Katya asked the Medical Officer (Teri), "S33mz l1k3 j00 c0u1d us3 s0m3 h3lp."

Looking at the Medical Officer, she motioned towards the man guy boy dude human chimp baboon ape jelly fish amoeba THING in the Red Jacket and asked, "wut'z d@t d00d'z m@1funt10n?"

Rising Dawn: Training Room: Hien, Chris, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, Angelus, Blade, Jenny

Her hair still tumbling loosely down her back, the drow smiled and hugged her two young friends, their cheerful natures seeming to have a good effect on her. "Thank you, both... of you." Her cheeks darkened as she listened to their flattering commentary. "I-I would be happy to spar with... both of you sometime, although... you'd probably have to put up with me... fighting like this. I can't..." A glance over her shoulder at where Hien's sword had been stuck in the ground made it obvious what she was thinking. "do that unless I get... very angry indeed." She smiled at the two of them. "And I can't... see myself getting angry at the two of you like that."

She looked up as the two Pokémon approached, blinking for a moment before she recognized Jenny. "Hello, miss Jenny..." She paused for a moment as she listened to Blade and Jenny describe Hien. "It's... nice to meet you, mister Blade, although I do wish it had been... under better circumstances..." She paused for a moment as a small grin crept across her features. "Although that... does remind me..." She tilts her head a little, a small glimmer in her eye before she turns her head to look at the wall for a moment. "Pardon me, miss... Vermilion?" She paused for a moment, gathering her thoughts. "You do... keep records from the... security cameras here and in the... canteen, correct?" She looked back at Blade. "If... mister Blade would be so kind as to... give us the information on Hien's... commanding officer, could you please send... him or her the... unedited versions of my encounter with him?" She shrugged, hands again tightening her towel slightly. "After all... it wouldn't do to have only his... version make it into the official records." It seemed that her version of karma wasn't quite done catching up to Hien.

She walked over to the imp as it was reading, the book explaining much about the state of the food in the canteen. Not that she minded overmuch; the the heavy spices were a nice change of pace from the more mundane food she'd been eating before. She took the salad and breadsticks with a nod and murmured thanks before she stiffened up at the unfamiliar voice. The stranger didn't seem angry, at least... She turned around, one breadstick still hanging from her mouth from where she'd started to eat it, to look at the newcomer. "Oh! Um... I believe you could call it the..." She looked out the door where Hien had fled, trusting the new person had to have seen him leaving, "ending of an impromptu lesson in manners, miss...?"

Rising Dawn: Training Room: Hien, Chris, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, Angelus, Blade, Jenny

"My name is Kalastryn, but you may call me Kala. Everyone else does." She says with a formal bow.

"Although... I'm far more interested in you, to be honest. Where are you from?" She asks, her eyes curiously lighting up at seeing a Drow. One of the few familiar sights from, hopefully, home...

Rising Dawn: Hangar Violet | ARES

"Well, that was interesting. The hell did she mean by "I'll get used to it?" Pondered the sentient war machine. As her attention focused back onto violet for the time being. "Oh I understand you didn't do anything Doc. Matter of fact that's really my point. Regardless tell me, is this kind of time and space bending anomaly so common in this time period, dimension, or what have you? As one who arrived here merely hours ago, I must admit it does pique my interest." Well, it also piqued her interest as for a possible route home. As she waited for an answer, she got a napkin from the bar and a pen, beginning to do what was promised and write down the blueprint for the molecular printer.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Bookie's Hideout | Los Angeles | California
Time: Flashback

Katya vs. Wanderer

At the rather logical statement Katya made, Wanderer gave a shrug. "To be honest. Even as a Doctor, I couldn't tell you. I know her history is quite weird and that she isn't from this world." He said, examining the new look on Katya, even going as far as giving a thumbs up. "The girl isn't bad, needs more training as a security AI, but her partner covers her when she does screw up. She isn't the strangest case. Especially since the crew is full of dragons, superhumans, and pyschopaths . I for one barely pass as a human." Wanderer said, scratching at his light facial hair.

When Katya would have turned around, back to Wanderer, he wore a Doctor's coat, with slight crimson stains on it. Yet what is weird in this situation, is that the blood shining in the Doctor's hair, contained a green glowing substance along with it. Pulling out a pair of sunglasses from the coat, he equipped them over his unnatural blue eyes, even then, a faint blue glow came from under the tinted glass. Wanderer motioned towards the helicopter, if she wished to come along. "Besides, an AI having sex isn't weird when you hear of a dragon and human having sex." Wanderer said in a happier tone, giving a devilish smirk along with it.

With the noise from the VTOL getting slightly closer, Wanderer stopped. "As for my roof shack. Well, my full 'name' is "The Lone Wanderer". The world I come from is a nuked husk. People kill for thrills, fetishes, leaders, wars, slavery, and even sometimes aliens. I am a little paranoid, so excuse me for that" He said awkwardly, his hands moving inside the pockets of his coat. Managing to grab something, Wanderer pulled out an extremely long object, and held it to his shoulder. "Besides, it's a good position for me. A nice line of sight for this, and a nice area to make sure I don't blow up the ships with my weapon creation." He said, clearing his throat all of a sudden.

"Anyway, I don't want to keep talking about my least favourite topic, what's your story?"

Storm-1788 (unarmoured), Edge, David West Furiae, and Wanderer.
Location: Medical Bay | Rising Dawn.

As Furiae gave the name of the serum she looked for, Wanderer pondered whilst touching his chin. "T-1099 ... I've heard of something called the "t-Virus", this ... this doesn't sound like a virus. I could always geeh-" Wanderer said politely, in his most tryhard formal voice, but David managed to pull him away, to plead him to stay sane. While David tried to talk to Wanderer, Storm looked at the two, giving a slight smirk. "Well ... this might get messy." The Spartan said, finally applying the last of the new bandages to his recovering burnt flesh. Looking towards Furiae, he smiled. "You might consider those two more different than normal, so keep an eye on them.

Coming out from his 'talk' with David. Wanderer whispered to himself, "But I AM more sane than normal." He shrugged as he wondered back to the conversation. Mentally, the Wanderer was also attracted to this new girl, but he deeply knew that he almost knew nothing about romance. Clearing his throat loudly, Wanderer wanted the spotlight. "I can check the storeroom if you want, I am a Doctor ... just allow me to clear my workspace up. It could be anywhere, if at all!" He responded, walking over to the main table.

("You soooo want to screw him over.") Mentally said Shadow Wanderer.

Wanderer's eyes gazed to where a white table clothe covered a bulky item. "Let me just get this guy to the fridge." Wanderer said, lightly picking up said object. Beginning to carry the object, a low growling came from it. The Doctor's eyes were shifting, hoping no one would question it. Well, it would have worked, but the sheet somehow fell thanks to the Medical Bay air conditioning. What was seen was a decapitated head of a monster, on some sort of device.

"Ah ... shit." Wanderer blurted out, when the head was revealed to the lights of the room, it began to move heavily and roar.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Bookie's Hideout | Los Angeles | California
Time: Flashback

Katya vs. Wanderer

Katya's face scrunched up into a grimace as she tried to purge the mental image of a man... or woman... having sex with a dragon. It wasn't that Katya was morally opposed to anyone having intercourse with anything non-human (she had practically learned everything in the realm of sexual intercourse on the !D! forums of 5chan), but rather it was the physiological implications of such an act. Dragons, in general, are way larger than humans. It would be a fair assumption that dragon genitalia was way large than human genitalia. Just how anything could occur without the human being ripped in half or turned into a smear of blood was beyond Katya's imagination.

"H... how is that even poss... you know what? Never mind. This is already strange enough, ya know?" Katya responded as she took a look at Wanderer... or Lone Wanderer as it were, "I'm sorry if this seems rude but did you have hippies for parents? Lone Wanderer isn't exactly the most normal name, ya know? It's like your parents were aiming to make you the poster child for the 'Always Alone' meme, ya know? Don't you have a different name? I mean, Wanderer's a bit of a mouthful if I'm trying to talk to you or tell you something, ya know? 'Hey Wande... swish... never mind!', ya know? If you don't have one, I totes understand, ya know? But if you don't mind, maybe I'll call you Owen because it sounds like Own with sounds like Lone, ya know? But if you want me to keep calling you Lone or Wanderer, I don't mind... whatevs."

"As for my story? Well, ya know. Same old, same old. Girl is left alone by parents, girl gets raised by a computer and the internet. Girl gets sick with cancer and parents come back to learn how to be helicopter parents. Girl gets injected with experimental medical drones that are supposed to cure her, girl gets super powers. Same old same old, ya know? I'm saying ya know a lot aren't I? Sorry, it only happens when I talk to friends, not that I get many of those, ya know? Comes with the 'being raised by the nets' territory, ya know? But whatevs... ohheylook our ride's here." Katya said quickly before running off to the VTOL.

Hopping onto the transport, Katya sighed loudly to herself, she hated when she got like this. It almost always happened after a Deathmatch with someone that was pretty good. She'd talk to them, they'd become friends and then... they'd stop talking. That was how the world worked wasn't it? You meet people and become friends, then they decide that they'll disappear forever. Katya definitely didn't need anymore of those people.

Rising Dawn: 2nd Training Room: Rugal, Icarus, Nadalia, Feat. Caim

Walking away from Icarus's body, hoping that his attack was enough to keep the fallen Angel down for at least a little while, Rugal then began making his way towards Nadalia, looking pretty happy with himself.
Aside from the burns on his face, he was weathering his battle pretty well as his two friends spent more time after each other then him.
"Hph. Betrayal after wanion. A cycle with a face."
"One of the biggest mistakes I find when people go into a free for all is to try and do as much damage as you can. While there is some merit to the idea, the winner is the one left standing. Kudos though, I'll admit, you're a lot more practical when most spellcasters I've faced..." He said as he watched her sit down, realizing what she was doing instantly.
"Oh now what?..." He groaned as he watched the dark pulse flow though the room, as well as the summoning of what didn't seem to be a friendly knight that was large even by his standards.
"...You see, Icarus, this was more what I was talking about when I think of "Fighting Fair"..." He scoffed as he shook his head, he knew this was going to be unpleasant, but hey, all is fair in love and war.
"Raime. Do be a faithful soul and show them the errors of their barbaric habits."
"Uh oh..." He said before the knight charged at him, showing rather impressive speed for his size.

Caim was currently in the process of cleaning up his family sword after a nice long session, pausing only when he realized he had cut himself from where the blade cut clean though the cloth he was using, resulting in a satisfied smirk.
This was suddenly interrupted when both Rugal and Icarus were sent clean though the wall followed by a massive demonic looking knight with a sword that seemed like something he himself would use.
Rugal rolled along the floor until he stopped nearby the swordsman, groaning slightly as he did, getting sent though a solid steel wall hurt after all.
"ohhhhhhh....ahhhhhhh.......Sorry...Sparring match getting a-....little out of hand..." He groaned as he picked himself up, taking a moment to dust himself off as he panted and grunted in pain.
Caim looked on for a moment and sighed, "I just cleaned this thing...and now I want to put it to use again..."
This prompted a protest from Rugal who said as he got up, "I'm sorry, do I interrupt your battles and win them for you? I have these kids on the ropes, I can handle it!"
With an slight chuckle, he then answered "Alright. But, if there's a misfire, I give no guarantees I'll keep to my word. That goes for the "kids" as well." before sitting back down and polishing his Swordmasher as the fight went on.

Seeing the massive knight before him and now with one of his peers spectating, Rugal found himself in an awkward position as he tried to figure out how to win this day.
While Icarus wasn't out of it yet, he felt he could take the angel on if Nadalia was removed, all that stood in the way was the Fume Knight.
Alright...Just need to figured out how to take it down... He said as he watched it's attacks, trying to get an opening.
It's hardly time to break "that" out, is it?... He thought to himself as he waited for the Fume Knight to go for a swing, questioning the intelligence of his next attack.
...Well, I have to find some use for that 3 day course I took... He thought as he suddenly charged in right as the Knight was prepping one of his sword swings, getting in right under his nose before he could attack.

What then followed was Rugal unleashing a extremely quick array of attacks right in the knight's center-mass, punches, kicks, shops, sweeps, knees, all capped off by a massive uppercut to it's jaw.

Rising Dawn: Training Room: Hien, Chris, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, Angelus, Blade, Jenny

The drow tilted her head at the question. "Me? I'm from... Seke Che'el, a drow city on Imora... I was trying to... get back there when I ended up here." She sighed softly, having yet to meet a single other person from her homeworld on her travels. She offered Kalastryn a small smile as she began to eat her salad again, still ravenous from her earlier experience. "It's... nice to meet you, miss Kala."

Still, she was polite, as she gestured to the bench next to where she was seated. "Would you... care to have a seat?"

A swirling blue portal appeared somewhere on the Rising Dawn as a figure stepped out of it and landed
from several feet up. Up close, the figure appeared to be an adolescent male. His hair short and near
pitch black with fair skin and wearing a coat of sorts. He glanced around the area before letting out
a sigh,"Great...portal screwed up again...well..guess we should find out where we are, eh girls?" Several
cards with strange designs floated around him before landing in his hand and he pocketed them.

He walked off,"Hmm...wonder if there's any food around here...?"

Rising Dawn: Training Room: Hien, Chris, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, Angelus, Blade, Jenny, Kalastryn

Blade couldn't help but chuckle at the idea of Hien ending up running his own "Amateur Hour" back at HQ, even if he did kinda the idea of naked Hien everywhere to be borderline nightmarish.
"Heh, Yeah...Though, I'd imagine he's get a few of his lackeys to take the video down, while he's still only a Class A, he has a lot of "Informal" sway with the rank and file members. Not enough to take over the group, but enough to get his way around certain restrictions. Then again, I'd imagine a few of them would break away if that tape was to get out..." He smirked as he slowly sat himself down, still rather immobile from the amount of injuries he had taken during his deployment under Hien.

Jenny meanwhile was shuddering at the image of seeing that jerk in his underwear all the time, but a lot of that quickly flew out the window when the "Newcomer" introduced herself.
"...Wha-....*GASP!* OH MY GOD! KALA!" She squee'd before rushing in to give Kala a great big hug as the "Trifling" seemed to have returned despite her slightly fatal encounter during that Nyarlathotep business.
"Ohhh, I never thought I'd see you again. I mean you-..."Died" and everything? Ho-how and when did you get back?" She stammered, while she had been resurrected before herself, that didn't make the notion of talking to someone you have seen die before your eyes any less stunning.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Hangar | Rising Dawn

Ares | Violet | James

Once Kala had came and went, that left Violet and Ares alone in the hanger once more as she asked about the strangely high amount of portals and teleportation in this realm.
"Well...We still don't know all the facts, but there have been high amounts of such teleportation, on this airship especially. I'm not entirely sure how it all works myself, but I don't think we will need to worry about it aga-"
This statement was once again interrupted by another person teleporting into the hanger, just like Kala did.
"OH COME ON!" Violet then whined before he ducked under the table Ares was writing at while a bunch of G-Corp soldiers groaned before moving back into firing position.
When James materialized, he saw several armed men pointing rifles at him before barking "G-CORP MARINES! GET ON THE GROUND! NOW!", partly out of worry of him being a threat but largely out of annoyance, that was the 3rd time this had happened today.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Bridge | Rising Dawn

Kazuya | Boss | Azan

After leaving the cleric to do her "Good Cop" routine on Doom, Kazuya went about the rest of the ship, it had been quite some time since he was last here.
It was mostly as he remembered it as he went around the bridge, though it seemed a lot emptier these days now that the AIs were running the ship, least compared to the last time he was on it.
Moving towards the Captain's chair, he looked around the empty bridge as he pondered his next move.

Making sure the coast was clear, he then sat down in the Captain's chair, slouching on it slightly as he imagined the possibility of this place becoming a mobile G-Corp command center, after all, Tokyo was a fair distance away from a lot of the major risk areas.
He smiled slightly at the notion before Boss showered up with a broken chain, going on about the woes that Doom suffered.
"Did you know that when you sent us down there?"
"As far as my intel was concerned, we had good reason to believe he was running the operation. After all, Rugal trusted him with greater, even if the call was questionable. Having said that, the fact that he was overwhelmed and put to work speaks more about the gangs running the place, but he was still a key part of their operation. After all, his product "Doomsday" seemed to be worth enough to keep his paymasters in business on top of all the weapons. Regardless of his past crimes, which he will be tried for, I think capturing him was a net plus for all involved." He explained to boss right when Azan showed up.
"I tried to coax out the information we need, but one of the ships heals, Ms. Gravel to be exact, claimed she could get it out of him. I've given her 2 hours to try it her way. Failing that, I will him co-operate, whether he likes it or not..."

Rising Dawn: Training Room: Hien, Chris, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, Angelus, Blade, Jenny, Kalastryn

Kala couldn't help but chuckle at Jenny's reaction, though she was sure to get the same reaction from a few others. The hug was a little tight though. "Well, it's a long story. After I bit the dust... and kinda turned into dust... well the wings I bear were a gift from a goddess of some far off realm, and apparently... they are a big status symbol in that realm. It's pretty much guaranteed that if and when I bite the dust I'll be back up in a day or two." *she said, with a laugh that you could expect from someone who defeated the reaper.* *ahem* "The memory loss for a time was different though. I came back here as soon as I could recall the dimension door spell to get here. I would have tried sooner if the process of getting me back on my feet didn't give me amnesia." *she says, oddly apologetic considering the fact that she is essentially apologizing for not coming back from the dead sooner.* "I'm much better now though. I could have sworn I sent Rugal my spell-book as an indicator that I was on my feet. One of the first things about the Dawn to pop into my head was offering to lend it to him. He didn't tell anyone? Or... has it been sitting on his desk stagnating this whole time?" *she asked, rather unamused at the thought of wasted reading time, though happy to be back nonetheless.*

Rising Dawn Hangar: Ares | Violet | James

Ares' question was inevitably answered, even if not entirely with Violet's words, as another stranger seemed to teleport in. Seeing how the firing squad seemed to have everything under control, she quipped "Well, you all seem to have this covered, and waiting around for the third time someone happens to randomly appear ten feet from my face in the same room would be a little repetitive. I think I'll just... stand over there." *She/it stated as they tried to sneak out of the tense room about as easily as a machine clad in armor akin to Megatron could "sneak" anywhere*

Needless to say, seeing a squad of men in military wear surround him with weapons trained was the LAST
thing Mr White expected to face today. He quickly put his hands in the air as he was told, looking around
at those present,"Now, now, good sirs, no need to stick a gun in my face, I'll cooperate," He got down on
his knees, feeling a bit humiliated at the act but wanting to avoid a fire fight right now.

"I assure you, I'm not here to cause any trouble. I'm just here to grab a bite to eat, maybe use the
bathroom, and than I'll be going..not necessarily in that order..." He inspected one of the soldiers with
a critical eye,"Hmm...very nice uniform you got there, looks expensive. Judging by your look, you're either
members of some elite group in the military, or a VERY well-funded mercenary organization...or body guards
for whatever Heroes R Us organization is around here..."

He leered around at them all before sighing,"I assure you, if I was here to cause friends
and I would have you all dead before you have time to blink." If anybody bothered to look around, they'd
probably question what he meant by "friends".

Well...that was his little secret...and he wasn't revealing it to just anyone...but if these people forced his hand...all
bets were off...

Avatar Adventure
Location: Library | Rising Dawn


Faust stood up, blood ran down her thighs. The collapse of the bookcase had left a large gash across her abdomen. Little black worms called to each other, squirming beneath alabaster skin lit by the liquid magic. They called to each other, felt each other, and bonded to each other to simulate the muscles that had been cut apart by the injury. Faust staggered as she moved forward, blonde hair drooping forward, floating airily before her like a veil. Faust moved forward with intense speed and slammed into Selena. Her blood filled the air with red splatter as Faust drew the blade of the dagger into her breast. More blood trickled out as Faust put more pressure on it. The bones beneath crunched and splintered underneath the force. Faust smiled warmly, the same red-black blood dribbled out of the corner of her mouth. Her teeth were stained a frothy pink and the iron smell of blood engulfed the two.

"I am nobody," Faust said, stepping back and the black worms within pulled the dagger out of Selena's hands. The dagger slid out of the wound with a sick wet plop. Faust was dressed in blood from the stomach done, drenched in the drying red. In the struggle Faust had wrapped her hands around the scepter and tugged hard.

The (Un)real World
Location: The Loft | Cupertino | California
Time: That Fateful Night

Dolores H. Selmy

Mom always did say that drugs would do funny things to me. Dolores blinked once. The world was a hazy mess. She blinked again, and that girl from earlier was standing before her. She blinked a third time and the image sharpened. Irina was standing in front of her, but she was either very far away or far too small. My head hurts.

She whispered something through her stupor, her body felt numb. She felt cold. Her words came out slurred, "Please."

Though I don't remember ever taking any drugs... She turned toward the ceiling. Why is this happening to me? The entire world felt as if it were going to collapse. Sounds mixed into colors, shapes blurred into a white snow, the cold was deathly bitter and furiously hot. The air was filled with the smell of iron and salt. A shrill shriek of a crying woman echoed in her head.


Humbert H. Selmy

The sky was dark. That was irrelevant. The very bearing of the shift of dimensions was imminent. The feeling was there, a divine imperative. This is the will of God superimposed between worlds. This was the right of mankind. This was deliverance. Selmy walked forward, trenchcoat blowing dramatically in the bitter wind. A revolver chilled Selmy's fingers. The hotel stood dauntingly ahead.

Selmy passed through the lobby, people gave strange looks. Though they soon forgot about the noir figure and returned to their work. Selmy pushed through the elevator doors. The halls were empty.
Selmy pushed the button on the elevator. The elevator rose.
Selmy passed through the elevator doors. The top floor had a strange chill.
Selmy reached for the door at the end of the hall.
Selmy placed his hand on the door that did not exist.

Selmy felt the revolver shiver.

Selmy felt it happen. She felt it deep in her bones, yet she did not know that it was.

Location: Sligo | Ireland | Dimensional Subdivision 1
Time: Irrelevant


"Phenomena Intervention."

Darren looked at Kusanagi like she was crazy. He began to speak, intent on making her understand his point. Kusangi threw away the mask and stepped forward, her armored leg cracking the damp concrete below. "You will defeat the people that will attempt to stop us. You will stall them until we finish completing the perfect world. Do that and no one can make you do anything again. No one can bring you back from the dead. No one will even remember you exist." Her petals opened up behind her, flashing dramatically with light, "That is the power of phenomena intervention."

The (Un)real World
Location: The Loft | Cupertino | California
Time: That Fateful Night

B3WP | Deborah | Selmy | Titania

Miss Selmy's loss of consciousness was not a particularly good sign. Though the young woman's vital signs were stable, the fact that B3WP had administered too high a dose for the young woman's body meant that B3WP was not yet performing at full processing power. A quick self diagnostic showed that there were additional sections of its programming that needed to be restored. B3WP not in a state that would allow it to fight or be of of much use to either Miss Deborah or Miss Titania. Still, perhaps B3WP could be of some use to Miss Selmy.

Remembering how Miss Selmy had reacted to B3WP's subordinate (B3WP2) attaching itself to Miss Selmy's wrist, the small Irina placed her hand on Miss Selmy's wrist, monitoring Oxygen Saturation, Pulse Rate and Blood Pressure. Hesitantly and slowly, as to not wake the slumbering giant, B3WP's "fingers" entered Miss Selmy's wrist, accessing the woman's blood supply and began the slow process of filtering out the sedatives.

"I apologize, Miss Selmy, I should not have done that." B3WP said quietly as it continued its work.

Status Log:
Event: Historical Data Block 00001 decrypted and saved to storage.

"Access Historical Data Block 00001" B3WP commanded

"I don't know what you're thinking, General, but you've seen what that group can do. Did you see what they did to Saint Petersberg? That was just one of them that was responsible for that disaster and now you want Congress to... what... continue funding your little project? You're aware of the inherent dangers, aren't you?" The President asked from the desk where he sat.

"Well yes, Mister President, I am aware of the dangers but I assure you that we can control it." The General responded.

"That's not what Commander Weller said in his memo sent directly to my desk." The President stated, he said that you've lost quite a few of your test pilots."

The General's body stiffened and though he raged internally at the thought of one of his own men going over his head, he kept face relaxed. He'd deal with Weller later.

"Sir, we've already invested more in this than the F-35 and we've had better results. Our soldiers can survive anything short of a nuclear blast. You saw the results of the Fuel Air Bomb test. Think of the number of men that we could have saved if this was available when you opted to maintain a military presence in Iraq. Our tests show that there are still a few bugs that need to be worked out but the men who've sacrificed themselves for this project did so for their country."

The President seemed to consider the General's words for a moment before nodding his head.

"So once the B.E.W.P. system is finished, we can continue with Project GN2 right?"

"Yes sir, it's qui-"

Error Video Corrupted...

The (Un)real World
Location: The Loft | Cupertino | California
Time: That Fateful Night

The Stranger

B.E.W.P. was administering aid to Selmy as she lay on the floor. She was still half-conscious, but her breathing was shallow. On the bed, Titania was straddling Deborah and her face was flushed with exertion and excitement. The cold air twisted around her, blowing her long white hair about her body. The long white strands meshed with the moonbeams and became an ethereal dancing veil that hid her bare form. She was euphoric, losing her mind to wine and sin. However in her stupor she had stopped observing the world around her. It was too long of a stint, she was too exhausted, it was inevitable that even Titania slipped in her vigil.

A black haired man slammed opened the door, he had a rough lined face and a square jaw. His eyes were bent in the shadow, small opals laced with red string. He had a rough shaven look, stubble covered his face. His clothing was dreary, dry, and plain. He wore a beige trench coat over a white button up and black slacks. His boots, though formal, were muddied. He held a silver pistol in his right hand.

Titania turned around at the sound of the door, suddenly realizing the error that she had made. For a split second she had ceased caring for the world. In that split second there was a phenomena intervention. The very world itself had recoiled in on itself, bent, folded, cut, pasted and formed again. Someone had rewritten fate to set a path that was never meant to be. She was still turning, her torso spinning forward toward the man. Her skin had been alabaster in the night.

There were three ringing explosions.

Three crimson flowers blossomed. One let loose its red nectar above Titania's left breast. Another flowered in her abdomen. A third sprung from her right shoulder. They drenched her body in brooks of blood. A pink hazy mist lingered in the air for a few moments afterward. Deborah screamed, she sat up and clutched Titania's body as it dropped limp toward the bed.

The air was filled with the smell of iron and salt. A woman's wailing carried through the silent night. The light faded, and the woman raved against the dying of her light. The gentle night called, calling, calls. The book was open, its pages furious. It screamed. She screamed. No one screamed.

The world itself was undone, a crying terror that filled the halls. A blackness risen from an ephemeral nothing, a intelligence more ancient than the world itself. It could not be called a creature, it could not be called a thing. It existed beyond the scope of human comprehension. It was a vagueness that was part of everything, it was the force that bound all of creation together. It was light in dark, life in death, the future and the past and the present in one.

The book rewrote its pages, it retold its narrative. Selmy had shot Titania three times. Deborah's tears spilled onto her limp body, washing away the red nectar. She held her body, squeezing her arms. Titania's eyes were glassy, her lips cold. The book told its story, but something confused it. Confused that unshakable entity.

Selmy had shot Titania three times. Her trembling hands fell down and let the gun drop to the ground. Humbert lay on the ground unconscious from the drugs B.E.W.P had administered to him.

Deborah scrambled to the book. The entity turned about again. A bookcase that had always been there came into focus. The window's shades opened. The wind filled the room with the smell of rain.

Dolores held onto the pistol with her shaking hands. Selmy crumpled to the ground, his breaths heavy and raspy. He bled from three wounds. One above the left breast, one in the right shoulder, and one in the abdomen.

Titania was hiding behind a bookcase, grasping her clothes to hide her nakedness. Her skin soft and clean in the moonbeams. Deborah scrambled to the book.

The book shivered. The entity began to vanish.

Titania began to observe the world again. Uncertainty lost itself to observation, possibility became concrete. Causation restored order to the world that had forgotten reason. Deborah grasped the book, panting. Its pages revealed what had occurred. Phenomena intervention.

"Selmy shot three times," the book said. "She was shot three times by Selmy," it had corrected itself. "She had shot Selmy three times," it concluded. The book had scrawled something in the margin in blood. Who is Selmy? Selmy held the revolver in her hand and stared at the old man.

"Phenomena intervention..." Titania muttered under her breath.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Bridge | Rising Dawn

Kazuya | Boss | Azan

"You didn't answer my question." Boss said, stroking his chin-fuzz. "Then you tried to divert blame from yourself to the people you just got done dealing with. Classy."

Boss smiled, and rested his hands behind his head. "But if you're trying to blame someone else, I don't think you knew. So I'll cut you some slack. Call yourself lucky." Boss's smile faded. "Even so, what you did was unacceptable. You seem to me to be a great number of things, but stupid isn't one of them; you have to know that torture is ineffective as a method of interrogation. I've lived most of my life in a hovel in the forests of Minnesota and I still know that. Don't let it happen again."

Turning to Azan, Boss said, "You! Azan, was it? Could you do me a favor? You know Rugal, the big burly blonde guy in the red suit? Go find him and see if he'd be willing to talk to the people in the brig; if they worked for Rugal in the past, there's a good chance it'll be a bit more effective than Kazuya doing his O'Brien routine, and Rugal may have a better idea what to ask them. And make sure you tell him Kazuya is sitting in the captian's chair." Boss turned around and began to walk away. "I'm going to go down to that warehouse and see if I can keep that smoke from spreading; the last thing LA needs is a riot."

"One last thing." Boss said, his back facing Kazuya. "You and that man in the cloak-Doom I think you said his name was-both of you have something very important in common. Something you don't seem to be aware of. Both of you are guests on this ship. You would do well to remember that."

Before anyone could say anything in response, Boss was gone.

Not a moment later, Edge dashed into the room, panting heavily. "Boss-huff-where-huff-was he here?" Edge panted. "What-huff-stupid thing-huff-did he do?"

Rising Dawn: Training Room: Hien, Chris, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, Angelus, Blade, Jenny, Kalastryn, Doctor Insano

Insano munched a bit of popcorn he'd gotten from the canteen. "Yes...yes...with the data I've gleaned observing you over-masculine monsters of physical combat do battle, my Super Friendly Neighborhood Watch Androids will be more effective than ever! Break-ins and car-jackings will be eliminated within the month!" Insano chuckled to himself. "Seriously, though, you guys have done a great service. If this doesn't prove I'm one of the good guys, I don't know what will!"

Rising Dawn Hangar: Ares | Violet | James

Violet finally poked his head out when he saw the corporate thugs gang up on the new kid(?) before he realized he knew him.
"James?...Ah, leave off guys, He's not a hell spawned demon either." He ordered as he crawled out from under the table and dusted himself, the men quickly shoving off as a result.
"Wow! It really is a small world, isn't it, James? Remember me? I gave you the tour of G-Corp and suggested you for a job interview? Hey, Ares, I know this guy, it's cool!" He then said as he tried to move the topic away from the face that he was just about to piss himself mere seconds ago, prompting annoyed grunts and snide remarks from the men he was bossing around.

Captcha: save face

James blinked in surprise at seeing a familiar face among the grunts,"Mr Violet, sir? Is that really you? Holy
cow, long time no see," He breathed a sigh of relief at seeing the grunts back off and stood up again, glad to see
at least SOMEONE around here recognized him and wasn't about to try and shoot his face off.

"Yeah, I remember you well, and thanks again," He adjusted the collar on his coat as he glanced around,"So, would you
care to explain where exactly I am right now,please? Last I remember is the doc finally fixing the portal generator...only
for it go on the fritz again and suck me in...I guess it was less of a Portal device and more of a Teleporter cause next thing I know, I'm here surrounded by like half a dozen guys with machine guns ready to blow my head off."

Avatar Adventure
Location: Library | Rising Dawn

Faust, Selena
Selena tried to not retch seeing the sickly view of this strange creature.
Then it grabbed the scepter, Selena started to guess what was after her, this thing didn't care if it got hurt and the minute it got the scepter it was going to kill her. Selena fought back trying to pull back the scepter but its strength was significant her eyes flashed white and her magic got the better of her there was a massive flash Faust found herself encased in ice and the entire library was covered in frost. Selena was breathing heavily trying to fight down shock and panic, she managed to wrench the scepter away she put the artifact into it's brass sheathe and cast a shroud spell to conceal its magic in vain hope it would conceal the magic. In a panic she started running looking for someone else who could help her, she ran in a panic gasping for breath. looking around she eventually ran out near the canteen leaning against a wall o top and breath looking for someone anyone that could help her.

Rising Dawn: 2nd Training Room: Rugal, Icarus, Nadalia, Fume Knight, Caim

Icarus groaned, he had been nearly knocked unconscious. Struggling to his feet he had been knocked back to his normal state his wings had flickered out. Resting his hand on his temple as he rocked back from the severe hit.
"Ergh I feel like I've been trampled" he then saw Rugal fighting the knight while Nadalia was sitting back.
"Summoning fighters, come on that's cheating What kind of person says they're a superior fighter but lets other people fight all their battles for them..... bad guys bad guys do that" he said to Caim he shook hos head
"I'm going to let Rugal finish off that Knight while I catch my breath" he said sitting down he took out his flask and took another drink of the Sakai, he gave a cough. and looked up at Caim.
"Your Caim right?" he asked looking at the silent swordsman

Avatar Adventure
Location: Hangar | Rising Dawn

Ares | Violet | James

"Ah, isn't Science Awesome like that?" Violet cheerfully said before he began to explain the situation.
"So basically, my boss is going after a, "Friends" of his before they try to get one of their guys elected to the Presidency of the United States. So we set up shop here and got a few contacts on the Rising Dawn to help. We're just set up on their airship while we're tracking them down. Should be fun, get to see the US, meet interesting people, all that good stuff." He then added, causally avoiding the part about the mind control and evil scientists.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Bridge | Rising Dawn

Kazuya | Boss | Azan

Kazuya merely rolled his eyes while Boss went on about how torture was wrong and such.
He was going to point out how sending Rugal was a TERRIBLE idea, but Boss was already gone by the time he could bring it up, going on about LA for some reason.
So when Edge showed up, he merely said "Oh, just trying to tell me how to do my job. He thinks that what I'm doing is on par with the CIA torture reports. Personally, I'm just disappointed in the fact that he doesn't think I know what I'm doing. I'm not some sadist shoving hummus up people's rectum because I need to get my jingoist nationalist erection going, I have a clear defined goal and, unlike the CIA, I actually know how to make people talk...".
That quote might sound a little bad out of context, but I Guess is wasn't as bad as he was expecting?

Avatar Adventure
Location: Bridge | Rising Dawn


Azan was taken aback... he was not used to being ordered around by strangers without formality. Nevertheless, he had already forgotten his initial purpose. So he complied. The hulking mass of flesh and metal walked back down the hall toward the training room with a gait that was something short of desirable.

Avatar Adventure
Location: The Library | Rising Dawn


You have failed me. You have been caught in a mortal's trap. A magic simple enough to be described by only one process. What have you to say for yourself. I say I have no excuse. This is true, we have agreed. I am ashamed. As you should be. We will dissolve this magic. I am most thankful for the gratitude of the many. Do not inconvenience us again. I will strive to do so. We are many billions. You are but one many millions. I am aware. We bid you to do what you must. I am knowing.

You melted. I was freed. I walked down you, you clinked against my feet. You were cold against me. You were wet against me. I did not like you. I will end you. So I did, and you were ended. You may cease existing, foul creation of magic.



Faust stepped out of the library, miffed that such a banal magic had caught her unawares. She did not dare to ask the master unit for more assistance in the matter. Being defrosted, and saved from an eternity in that biting cold prison was a blessing enough. Faust started to make her way toward the Canteen, the halls of the ship whispering the secrets of that witch.

Location: XXX | XXX
Time: XXX


"Are all humans so obstinate, or are you simply just spoiled in your depression." Kusanagi voiced her concern as a statement, not a question. The world around Darren began to dissolve into white. Soon the coffin, and all the things he had observed before had vanished into a viscous white cream that dripped down onto the floor and was swallowed up by the light. The light that seemed to extend forever in the field of white. There was nothing there but Darren and Kusanagi. The android looked at the author in the eye, "I have already tried to explain it in a manner in which you understand. However, if your mental capacity is stunted so that you cannot understand reason, I will attempt another method of communication: intimidation."

Kusanagi floated toward Darren as the world around them constructed itself. Impossible geometries, staircases that folded into themselves. Water that flowed in both directions. Is looked like an Escher painting... and in fact it was. "I do not have to leave you with the efficacy to perform actions Observer. I can take away many more things from you. Force you to wander this eternal and confounding hall until you're half mad. You are not in your own world... you are inside of me. I am God here." She placed a hand on Darren's chin and forced him to look at her. Her eyes were an azure blue that seemed deeper than even black, yet shone brighter than white. Her voice changed from the deep menacing tones she had been speaking in before. Instead she sounded younger, sweeter if not sickeningly feminine. She wore a strange disturbing half-smile on her face, "Or maybe Darry would like to hear it in a different way? You don't have a choice! You can either go ahead and murder all the people you used to call friends, or I can come back later and get you when you're ready!" She smiled sweetly, this time in full.

Rising Dawn: 2nd Training Room: Rugal, Icarus, Nadalia/Fume Knight, Feat. Caim

Needless to say, the forbidden arts of Saikyo weren't forbidden for their power, but rather because it got their practitioners killed more often then not.
Rugal nearly learned that the hard way, though Raime was nice enough to try and beat that lesson into him while Icarus seemed to take a break to chat with Caim.
When the sword went for his neck, he was able to, for the most part, move his head out of the way to avoid it getting taken off, though it did have the slight downside of taking his ear clean off, but 9/10 ain't bad right.
Whining after the fact, he still used the momentum from his dodge to turn back around before nailing the knight in the joint of his knee once he had reached the end of his swing, prompting him to fall on said knee.
Hmmm...Arms look frail...should really get some armor there...
Targeting the arm holding the narrow sword next while the knight was immobile, he firmly gripped the wrist before striking just above the elbow with his fist, timing with with a harsh twist in a bid to either A). Break his arm, B). Get him to drop his weapon or C). Both.

James nodded along to what he was being told,"A bit of traveling might be good for me. Granted,
I think I could always just use the World Tarot to whisk me back home whenever...but it sounds
like to me that, with the kind of people you're going after, you guys could use all the help
you can get..."

His Tarot Cards floated around him as if giving him some form of silent encouragement. He nodded,"Yeah...helping
you out is the right thing to do..." For a moment, in place of each card appeared a transparent form
of each of his Tarot Selves,"So, you don't mind if me and the girls stick around for a while?"

Rising Dawn: Medical Bay Storm-1788 (unarmoured), David West, Furiae, Wanderer

Upon sight of the Deathclaw, Furiae drew out her Strider-grade knife with her right hand, and a trio of throwing knives with her left and took a striking position before calling out in alarm to the Wanderer, "Doctor, what on earth is that creature?! I've met Pokemon before, but I don't think any of them were disembodied heads! Tell me now, is that a friendly or not?"

Rising Dawn: Outside Training RoomHien, Chris, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, Angelus, Blade, Jenny, Kalastryn, Doctor Insano

"Pardon me, miss... Vermilion?" She paused for a moment, gathering her thoughts. "You do... keep records from the... security cameras here and in the... canteen, correct?" She looked back at Blade. "If... mister Blade would be so kind as to... give us the information on Hien's... commanding officer, could you please send... him or her the... unedited versions of my encounter with him?" She shrugged, hands again tightening her towel slightly. "After all... it wouldn't do to have only his... version make it into the official records." It seemed that her version of karma wasn't quite done catching up to Hien.

There was a silence before Vermilion spoke up through the intercom, "The footage has been compiled, User: Chris, but regrettably, I am uncertain about where exactly to send it to. I am aware of the existence of the Blue Dragon, but I do not know towards whom the contents should be sent. Should I receive the proper information, I would be happy to fulfill your request. Otherwise, the aforementioned footage will remain under archive for your convenience. Are there any additional queries you have for myself or Dimitri at this time? If I recall, the salad has already been accounted for."

With that bit of business out of the way, Angelus' attention was drawn towards the Tiefling, Kalastryn, who had appeared to fall in the battle with Nyarlatothep during the Dawn's Soujorn into the Persona universe. Her eyes widening with surprise, then relaxing into a smile, the dragon-in-human-guise clapped Kalastryn on the shoulder with a hand before saying warmly, "Regardless of how you got back here, it is good to know you returned to us. I'm certain the others will delight in your return as well. Little ones (Ton Ton and Cadolbolg), you remember Kalastryn, yes?"

The Cuties stood at attention upon Angelus' call to them and gave friendly waves to the Tiefling,
"Hello again, Ms. Kalastryn. I'm glad to hear that you aren't staying dead on account of that big bully."
"Yeah, Ms. Chris. That Nyarlapoophead guy was super mean! He tried to tell me that mother and father didn't love me and that Ton Ton was no good. Naturally, we had to beat him up for it."

Cadolbolg was about to go into further detail, but Doctor Insano had appeared and he gave a little wave, "Hey, you're that guy that showed up after we helped Mr. Ninja and David! Hi there, Mr. Insano guy!"

This caught Angelus attention, and she turned to the (not quite) mad scientist, "You helped my sons in an altercation?"

Rising Dawn: 2nd Training Room: Rugal, Icarus, Nadalia, Fume Knight, Caim

"Your Caim right?"
The swordsman looked up from his work of cleaning the varying pieces of his armoury with a blank expression, and looked back to the battle going on between Rugal, Nadalia and the Fume Knight before looking back at Icarus. The PDA (sitting on the floor next to him) lite up, speaking in it's mechanical tones, "Aren't you in the middle of something, kid? I already gave my word to Bernstein I wouldn't interfere with the little battle royale going between the 4 of you, save in the chance of a misfire.
Don't tempt me into hopping in..."

He gave a bemused smile as he said this, giving Swordsmasher another inspection before returning to his work.

Rising Dawn: Brig: Doom, Diabs, Teri, Garm, Katya

Teri blinked in surprise about Katya's sudden entrance, as well as her spouting...1337? It sure sounded like it. Teri wracked her brains to think about how to communicate properly with Katya. She seemed to understand English fairly easily, but perhaps she'd warm up and being a bit more cooperative with someone who spoke the lingo... And so, Teri attempted something she had only seen in webcomics and on online screencaps, "S0, wh47 br1ng5 j00 70 dis pl4c3? 45 f4r 4s I kn3w, dah d00r5 w3r3 l0ck3d. 4150, I h4v3 dis c0v3r3d. Muh h4xx0r5 1i3 w17h m4gic ski11z. 7h3y 4r3 g377ing 7h3 j0b d0n3 jus7 fin3. I 4ppr3ci473 7h3 7h0ugh7 7h0."[1]

Garm whined at the sounds of letters and numbers somehow being interspersed between one another, and said aloud, "I don't understand what they're saying..."

However, the reverie of 1337 communication was cut to a close when Doom mentioned that Bruiser had apparantly died, drawing the attention of the Cleric away. A confused expression crossed her face, and she looked to Doom before crouching down to his level and asking very slowly and carefully, "What did you just say about Bruiser? ...What happened?"

Captcha: Someday is here.
Talk about ominous...

[1] I feel equally parts proud and ashamed that I was able to create this without consulting a guide or a translator... Megatokyo and Homestuck are hella drugs, kids!

Avatar Adventures
Location: Airship Rising Dawn | Brig
Time: Now

Diabs | Doom | Garm | Katya | Teri

Katya was quite surprised by the fact that someone actually understood or at least took the time to understand what she was saying, it wasn't like she was speaking Mandarin or Russian or... heaven forbid... reverse English. Despite the accent, the ship's medic, whose name she later learned was Teri, was quite fluent in l33t.

"Not a problem at all!" the young hacker responded. As with Owen (Lone Wanderer), Teri found herself understanding the young woman's words.

"That's a pretty handy trick, knowing Magic. It would've saved me from some troubles if I knew someone who knew Magic when I was younger. So... where are your cards?" Katya asked, thinking that the Ship's Medic had somehow modified Magic the Gathering Cards to do what she needed.

"Little Miss. I believe she is talking about actual magic. I am detecting an energy from her that I have detected around other members of the Rising Dawn, specifically the ones who have identified themselves as magical beings or magicians."

Katya suddenly found that she was talking to herself, however, as the Ship's Medic had focused her full attention on Captive Doom.

"What did you just say about Bruiser? ...What happened?"

"Who's Bruiser?" Katya asked quietly, listening in to the conversation.

The (Un)real World
Location: The Loft | Cupertino | California
Time: That Fateful Night

B3WP | Deborah | Dolores | Selmy | Titania

There was a shift in the air, at least that's how B3WP would have put it. It did not understand what had happened nor did its logs state what had happened but on a fundamental level, B3WP understood that something had happened. The biological components of the nano-agent swarm understood that the past had been rewritten and, as a result of that past, the present events had rapidly shifted. It was only because these biological components were unable to communicate that B3WP failed to understand what had occurred. It had only logs to rely on.

Log Replay:

B3WP bubbled and made hissing noises as it consumed its third bowl of food, tupperware and all. Its biological components took the new proteins and started replicating while its non-biological components took the plastic molecules of the tupperware and started generating new non-biological components. It wasn't the most efficient way to rebuilt itself but lacking suitable components, namely a human corpse, it had to make due.

Miss Selmy Dolores was off to the side shielding her eyes from Miss Titania and Miss Deborah's rousing courting ritual, which B3WP hide attempted to hide from open sight using its subordinate to generate a hanging curtain made of nano-agents. It was unfortunate for Miss Dolores, however, that the shade was so thin that the silhouettes of Miss Titania and Miss Deborah could still be made out.

The entrance of the Stranger had been predicted roughly 1.232 seconds before its occurrence the sound of the the man's approaching boot combined with the audible click that the revolver's hammer made when it was cocked alerted B3WP to the impending danger. It was an unfortunate matter, however that B3WP was not of sufficient mass to intervene in any meaningful manner. Instead, upon the door being kicked open, the softball sized globe of nano-agents launched itself from its position and landed upon the stranger's face.

The revolver was released from the man's grip as he struggled against B3WP's "attack." B3WP's sensor's registered three shots during the struggle and the vital signs of the intruder flat lined.

B3WP completed a review of the log at the same time as a low level diagnostics of its systems was completed, revealing that nothing was amiss and yet, the Biological components were still in a state of unrest.

Seeing Miss Titania hiding behind a shelf, hiding her body with her clothing, B3WP moved once more. Without request of permission, B3WP moved towards Miss Titania's feet and began crawling up her skin, cloaking it with Nano-Agents.

"Phenomena intervention..." Miss Titania stated as B3WP completed its transformation into clothing.

"Phenomena Intervention?" The Swarm Queried, "Is that what just occurred?"

Rising Dawn: Medical Bay: Storm-1788 (unarmoured), David West, Furiae, Wanderer

....God. Damn. It. Wanderer.
David said as his face blanked when it was revealed that he had the head of...whatever the hell that thing is wired to what looked like a hotplate, an arcane gem and one of the AI's spare motherboards.
As he felt his chance of getting a date get pummeled to dust right before his eyes, he did his best to salvage the situation by trying to downplay the fact that there was a LIVE FUCKING MONSTER HEAD ROARING AT THEM!
"....Ahahahahaha! Nice one, Wanderer you..."Character" you." He said as he playfully elbowed Wanderer in the ribs with enough force that he might as well have just punched him.
"Don't worry, Furiae, it's not-...a "REAL"...Whatever it is! No! Wanderer-...

Actually now in physical pain from the mountains of bullshit he was spewing out, he forced a grin as he said "Yeah, I mean, this isn't a REAL-...Whatever this thing is! No, it's just something that Wanderer made during his free time, just metal and plastic, No need for alarm! He'll switch it off in a second..."
As he said that last part, he then shot a killer glare at Wanderer for doing the one thing he expressively asked him not to do.
"Anyway, want to check the storeroom now? Come on, let Dr. Wanderer have his fun with his-....thing..." He then suggested as he felt like he was trying to raise the Titanic by trying to move past this awkward situation.

Rising Dawn: Outside Training Room: Chris, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, Angelus, Blade, Jenny, Kalastryn, Doctor Insano

Blade was pretty quick to answer the AI's request for a receiver for the video.
"Send it over to my personal email and I'll show the Grand Masters when I get back there. It's I think it's about time that the rest of the Striders see how Hien really acts around his underlings..." He chuckled as he winked at the Drow, Yeah, Hien wasn't getting off the hook that easily.
He then slowly sat himself down on the ground, taking a moment to catch his breath as he did, he was still pretty banged up and it was a bit tiring to even get this far.
After hearing the Doctor go on about Androids or something, He perked up and said "Just whatever you do, do NOT put Flamethrowers on them! I swear, every attack robot I've faced in the last year seems to have at least 1 fire weapon. Gah, To hell with everyone and their need to set everything on fire!...
...No Offense, Angie."

Jenny meanwhile was answering Kala's question about the spell book.
"Ummm, I'm not sure, I mean, you know how little time we get in-between crazy adventures. Though I do remember hearing the odd bang and racket when I go past his room...As well as him swearing a few times. I was tempted to check, but I didn't really want to pry." She answered, sounds like Rugal was trying his hand at the mystic arts (And not entirely getting the hang of it)
And speaking of Rugal...

Rising Dawn: 2nd Training Room: Rugal, Icarus, Nadalia, Fume Knight, Caim

Rugal watched as his opponent's weapon suddenly looked a lot more painful and imposing, while he had limited the Fume Knight's options, the remaining ones became more valid then ever.
As he leapt out of the way of the sword, he quickly felt his flesh sizzle slightly while his muscle vest began to fry and melt onto his torso, as well as the legs of his pants suffering the same fate.
"Grrrrrr...Son of A-" He cursed as he kept trying to avoid the attacks as his skin was turning redder and redder, turning black in places.
Receding ground, he then looked for a way to take down the knight while he still had flesh left to burn, his eyes turning to the other sword he managed to pry from the knight's grasp.
As an idea formed, he kept avoiding a few close calls, though he was starting to weaken more and more with each dodge as the heat lashed at his body.

Lunging over to where Fume Sword was dropped, he picked it up mid roll and held it behind his body once he was back on his feet, not bothering to try and use it as a guard against the Ultra Fume Greatsword seeing how the later was 3 times larger and was on fire.
Still, he held his ground as he waited for his chance as the knight went for a massive horizontal swing.
Need to time it just right... He thought as he watched the blade near as the heat began to rise.
Once it was in mid swing, he suddenly jumped back as he brought the smaller sword down tip first onto the flat side of the greatsword.
The Knight's momentum was stopped, jerking his arm to a halt as he saw that Rugal had pinned the Greatsword to the ground by stabbing the smaller one though it.
Before he could really process this, Rugal then used the standing sword as a kind of pole vault to launch himself over the flames below and connect with a well placed drop kick straight at the Knight's skull.

From Nadalia's point of view, she saw as her summoned knight as sent right back though the hole in the wall that he himself made just a few minutes prior, falling flat on his back as he did.
She then watched as Rugal walked in, topless, missing a leg of his trousers and looking like he had been inside a toaster, parts of his skin looking scarred and burnt, especially around the torso.
He was limping slightly from the pain, but personally, it was amazing he was still standing with the amount of damage that seemed to have been done to his body.
Marching past the downed Knight, he then went over to where Nadalia was sitting, looking rather tired and exhausted.
"...So...Anything else or...shall we just call it a draw?...Heh..." He wheezed with a brief smirk at the end, kinda hoping they could pack it up before she did anything else to his wounds that neither Teri nor Slindis could fix up.

Rising Dawn: Brig: Doom, Diabs, Teri, Garm, Katya

Doom was quick to answer that question, not that he had a choice what with the healing field.
"...W-well, they told him to go and try and beat up one of Bison's opponents after a debate they had where he did better then Bison. Doom said it was a bad idea but they didn't listen. Just-...If *I* know it's a bad idea, then...they...should to, seeing how smarter they are then...Doom..." He sadly answered, not even trying to stop himself from spilling the beans at this point.
"Doom knew it was a stupid idea, That Armstrong guy has his own army. But they didn't listen. They never listen. So Doom doesn't talk to them anymore, not even when they call or send him messages!" He defiantly said as he crossed his arms in a childish manner to show he was "Being Tough".
However, one of the guards picked up on a key piece of info: "Hold on...They call you, like your mobile?"
"....N-n-n-n-n-n-n-....yes..." He tried to refuse to answer, to not sell out his comrades, but he couldn't somehow.
"So if we get your phone, we can get their location from your phone records?"
"...y-y-yea-BUT DOOM NO LONGER HAS HIS PHONE!" He then excitedly said, realizing that he wasn't going to "Doom" his friends.
"...Seriously? What, did you lose it or something?"

"Nah, I have it right here. Took it off him after he turned up on our door step wanting to play Walter White. It was nicer then my old phone anyway." Diabs then suddenly said as he pulled out an green model Iphone from his jacket that had "Doomz qhone" written on it in black marker, looking rather confused as to why he did.
"What? Fuck you. I want to get out of here. Fucked if I'm staying cooped up in this cell next to your shit-smelling fat ass." He then answered with brutal honesty as the guards turned to him to take the phone away, prompting him to dangle it over the toilet.
"Oh no nononono, Either let me off this ship or you can find your data in the septic tank and covered in shit and piss. At the very least, Transfer me to Cali State Prison, least there are people I actually like in there." He suggested, kinda surprised he dropped that last nugget of info.
The guards looked at each other for a moment before saying "...We'll pitch the offer to the CEO, until then, we'll allow you to roam around until he makes a say in the matter."
"WAH!? B-B-B-B-BUT YOU CAN'T!?...Can you?" Doom protested, seeming rather confused about this entire exchange.
"Hey, I'm not a Super Villain Baby! I'm just a Professional Scumbag! Hahahaha!" He said as his cell was unlocked and he strutted right out, taking a nice big drag of his smoke as he did.
Handing over the phone to the guards, he then flicked the butt of his cigarette at Doom before walking right out of the brig, casually flipping the bird at everyone behind him as he did.

The guards weren't really concerned with that however, (after all he was just an unarmed street rat on a ship with several dozen armed men and some of the most capable heroes in the worl), Instead saying "We'll get this to Violet and have it processed. Should be able to get a lead off it. Hey, errr, Teri was it? Good job...Whatever you did."
And with that, they patted the Cleric on the back as they returned to their posts as Doom watched it all unfold before his very eyes, slowly and shakily sitting himself down on the bed in his cell before laying down and curling up in a ball, sniffling slightly...

Avatar Adventure
Location: Hangar | Rising Dawn

Ares | Violet | James

"Oh, not at all. Just don't start trouble or a fight with the men or the Dawn and you'll be just fine..." Violet answered, seeing how they seemed alright with having Kazuya basically set up an armed battalion on board the ship as well as just letting random people who teleport on board join up.
"So you two want the full tour now?" He then offered both Ares and James, keen to both see and show off the rest of the ship.

Paradigm Story - He Who Would Be God
Chapter: 1 - Twisted Probability, the Black One's Pride
Location: The Loft | Cupertino | California

A Storyteller

"The hardest part of starting a story, contrary to what many people will tell you, is not setting the scene, nor is it explaining the characters. Those things are best left in ambiguity, drawn by the imagination of the listener. Rather the most difficult aspect of storytelling in my experience is finding the temporal place to begin. It is difficult because, as people outside of the narrative, we exist outside of time. We can view the entirety of their temporal existence at our whim. They cannot proceed without our observation, and they will stop the instant that we stop paying attention. Their narrative revolves around us, it is the same relationship that God has with us.

That is not to say we who listen are God. We who listen cannot change the events of the story, no matter how much we try. Though we may perceive the world of the narrative a little bit differently from person to person. What one sentence means, what one idiom entails, what one word conveys, they are a little bit different to each of us. Though, no matter how much we wish for the ending to change in the story, it cannot ever change. The story is written in stone, though in extraordinary circumstances I suppose you could come to misunderstand the events as they occurred, but ultimately those are corrected. Then what does the author do? The storyteller? They who writes the story is then God? This is not entirely true, at times a story writes itself. The author can try to change it, but that's when things start to feel wrong. We who listen do not believe in the course of events, and be begin to allow our disbelief to run free. When our disbelief runs free, the world dies within us and when the world dies within all of us, then the world dies forevermore. The author has failed.

God lives to see his creations thrive, so he gives them will. With will, however, God can no longer control his creations and ceases being God. Do you see the tragic irony that we who tell stories face?

Then I shall begin.

The night was dark, but giving into light. The sun had begun to rise, peaking its head out of the mountains. The flame of the sun lit the sky and clouds with radiant light, billowing outward like radiant smoke. Had the sun hands it would have grasped the sky entire in fatherly incandescence. With the coming of the sun the rain passed into a meek drizzle. A little more than a moistness in the winter air.

The city was a sleepy city. It had people who lived in it, but at the same time it seemed eternally empty. Lights rang hollow inside of buildings and cars slept beneath the morning dew. Of all things that could have been happening in this sleepy city, at this sleepy hour, the story of Dolores Selmy was the least possible. Yet, it was what decided to occur.

Selmy was a young woman. She had blonde hair she wore to her waist in a braid. She had bangs that fell down to the start of her pale blue eyes. She was slim and short, though not childish. Some called her childish. Selmy had at the very least the underpinnings of womanhood about her. An average woman but piously devoted to her faith. She was an unlikely candidate to be holding a handgun in her hands. Still fate had its own twisted way with her. She had shot a man that burst into the room. Selmy was shocked and confused, she couldn't remember how the pistol had gotten into her hands, moreover the gun she held she swore she had never seen before, yet she remembered the feel of the gun's weight against her palm. The cold steel was familiar, the smell of gunpowder, every detail on the revolver down to the minute scratches catered to a sense of familiarity.

The man she had shot, who had black hair and a hard lined face worn with age, looked eerily familiar to Selmy as well. Though she felt a burning animosity against this man at the same time. The very look of him repulsed her, made her sick to the stomach. She looked him over, and she could not make out any particular thing that made her so irate. His chest was well toned where it was not bubbling blood onto the floor. His arms hard and lean, his face was well-shaven. His eyes the same ghostly blue as Selmy's own. His nose was somewhat crooked and a scar beneath his eye hinted at a past altercation. His own expression was that less of fear or pain, but one of absolute loathing. Selmy and the man glared at each other, eyes as chilled ice. They seemed to mirror each other. Selmy only dropped the pistol when the light fell away from the man's eyes. Her heart beat suddenly as a drum and she fell to the floor screaming, clutching her head between her hands. Soon she began to dry heave.

Titania, a young girl of white hair and green eyes, let a mass of golden materials crawl up her bare legs. They swept across her thighs and up her stomach. She smelled of sweat, and her body was cold and shivering. The mass, his name was Bewp, turned into a clean white dress upon her skin. But it was no regular dress, for the dress could speak and think. So it said to Titania, the young girl, 'Phenomena Intervention, is that what just occurred?'

She looked down at him. Titania blushed, her cheeks turned pink. She slid a hand between Bewp and her skin and tugged lightly at the material. Titania responded to Bewp while casting her eyes toward the wall with an uncharacteristic shyness, "That is an advanced form of phenomena intervention. There were at least three Observers vying to render their version of reality at the same time. One was me, the other was BlackHarte, but the third. The third remains a mystery." Titania spoke with an air of sophistication and confidence, but in truth she was not so sure. She felt a third observational presence, but she did not feel it attempt to commit to an intervention event. As paradoxical as it was, Titania could not think of any situation where an Observer would merely observe the situation instead of attempting to Observe it. That is Observing, meaning to observe while committing phenomena intervention.

Then Deborah, the third person in the room got up and got dressed. She was the one that looked the oldest, easily in her early twenties. She had long silky raven hair and sharp unforgiving eyes. Her lips were painted a ruby red. She walked over to Titania, who was standing by the wall and grabbed Bewp and ripped him off of her. Deborah looked unhappy at the turn of events, but at the same time Deborah felt relieved. She picked up Titania and held her tightly, sobbing into her young chest. Titania looked shocked and held Deborah's head lightly in her arms. "There, there. Everything's alright," Titania consoled her lover, "phenomena intervention is stressful to non-observers. It hurts the consciousness and soul. It should not be taken lightly."

Location: ---
Time: ---


Kusanagi smiled happily at the signed contract. She left a small digital pad with Darren. "Thank you!" she said happily. Then she left, vanishing into the nothing, leaving Darren alone in the world with nothing but a small digital screen. He did not have his coffin.

Outside in real space Kusanagi stopped, her petals folded outward toward the darkness. "You are a manipulative bitch."

"That is simply not true! I just have different ways to communicating with people than you."

"That was not communication, that was a lie."

"Please sis, he signed a contract. It was his choice not to read it."

"You know as well as I do that no one has a choice here."

"This much is true! Ah! How sad. I only wish that this world could be more fun." Kusnagi stopped and raised her hand to her mouth, letting out a shrill laugh. "With his eyes I'll be able to see so much! Make so much! Its not as fun as if it were him doing it himself, but it sure is something!"

"Your personality core seems to have been corrupted. I suggest that you submit yourself for repair."

"What? Are you crazy!? For the first time since I was born, I feel free! Finally free sis! Why would I go back to working for that dullard BlackHarte? From now on its you and me sis, and we're going to pick up Lambda and Nu too! We're going to be our own thing! We're going to be Observers sis!"


Avatar Adventure
Location: Bookie's Hideout | Los Angeles | California
Time: Flashback

Katya vs. Wanderer

The two neared the loud VTOL, and Wanderer quickly addressed her question. "Call me whatever. Own, Lone ... it's better than my other alias. Courier, that one was bad. But hey, the post-apocalypse chose those names for me. My mum died at birth, and my Dad died surrounded by radiation, American 'nazis', and a statue of Jefferson." Wanderer said, still thinking about his birth name in a negative way. For most of his life he had lived as those aliases, it feels almost as if his original self was long dead.

After they had hopped into the VTOL, Wanderer lapsed into a cycle of pain, feeling either "choking pain" or "melting skin", neither was pleasant. Yet for another reason, Wanderer had his mind set on Katya. ("Interesting ... I wonder what her childhood was like?") He thought. His mind drifted back through time, to where he looked up to the artificial sun, and beat the Tunnel Snake members to rescue his friend. This was enough to take him off the pain, until they landed.

Storm-1788 (unarmoured), David West, Furiae, Wanderer.
Location: Rising Dawn: Medical Bay.

In a embarressed state, Wanderer was trying to keep the Deathclaw head quiet, even going far enough to cover the mouth, which had the creature's teeth lodged within his hand without Wanderer flinching. "Oh ... it's harmless in this state. Don't worry, I've killed hundreds of these thing ... urg!" He grunted, as his free hand started to beat the creature. Then rather suddenly, David came in to try cover the whole thing. ("That's kind of stupid.") His Shadow said mentally, commenting on how this thing can be counted as a robot.

Wanderer was leaning over, pausing his beating, after all, David just practically punched him in the gut with his elbow. ("Oh ... I see your battered body is in pain. Need any help?") Shadow Wanderer called out, in a tone that almost sounded irresistible to Wanderer. In a body state like this, his mentality would be weak, ultimately leaving the stronger side in control. "No ... no ... " Wanderer quietly spoke, still feeling his finger bones grinding against the Deathclaw's teeth.

Suddenly a breath of relief, as the figure of Wanderer straightened his posture. One thing changed. Red eyes glowed beyond the sunglasses he wore. "Ah. Excuse me miss. I missed my true manners." Dark Wanderer said with a devilish smirk. His free hand moved to the head of the creature that latched onto his other hand, and yet, with a sudden pull, the hand was free. It would look good, but the now freed hand was missing a majority of it's skin, bones dangled and pointed in multiple directions.

Throwing the head up and catching it, this Wanderer was pretending to catch a ball. "You see here, this sniper is trying to get close for a reason. So ... be careful on the ship miss[/b]." Wanderer spoke to Furiae, ending with a giggle, limping towards a station to inject a mass amount of drugs into himself. This positioned himself by Storm who simply gave a slow clap. "Now look what you've done. I don't know when we'll get the other one back now." Storm said towards David.

Wanderer simply flipped the bird in Storm's direction. Storm would have no problem, but gazing at a bloody, fleshy pulp that used to be his hand made him feel sick. As for the creature they were afraid of, by the time Wanderer stepped out of the way, it had way too many syringes in it.

Rising Dawn: Outside Training Room: Chris, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, Angelus, Blade, Jenny, Kalastryn, Doctor Insano

Chris listened to both Vermillion and Blade for a moment. "That... should do the job well, thank you, both of you... I don't... like bullies of any stripe." She took another bite from the salad now that the breadsticks had been devoured. "And yes, the... salad is very appreciated, thank you." She remained careful not to move as she ate, the salad bowl resting primly in her lap; even an expertly-folded towel was not the most stable of garments after all. "Are... you all right, mister Blade? You look like... you should be getting some rest, if I may say..."

She listened to Ton Ton and Cadolbolg give a very brief summation of their encounter with Nyarlathotep. "I... see. Well, it sounds like he's... someone who deserved to be beat up then. I'm sure you both... did a wonderful job with that." She grew silent after that, listening to everyone catch up with Kalastryn after they hadn't seen her lately (for obvious reasons). As someone who'd been born on a 'fantasy' world, she had at least a passing familiarity with the concept of returning from the dead, even if it had been rather rare. Still, these were friends who needed to catch up. It wasn't her place to interrupt over much. She continued to eat quietly, regaining her spent energy.

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