The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Kala jumped up and dusted herself off as the currently invisible android crept away. She was kind enough to shake Dr. Insano's hand despite thinking, He's an eccentric one isn't he? And... is mad science really a serious academic subject? and deigned not to speak that thought for possibly being taken as criticism. Instead "Well, it's nice to meet you. My name is Kalastryn d' Zannifer. If that name means nothing to you, I don't blame you. To put it in terms you would understand, I'm an aristocrat from hell." She stated as she let go of his hand. "I'm glad that we've not slowed down on obtaining new arrivals since I bit the dust. I'm sure you'll see things you'll find quite... well just plain fucking weird, but you get used to it after a while. If your reaction to my own appearance is something to go on, your probably on the right track already. I'm seriously not the strangest thing here. For an example, see a friend of mine named Caim, who is engaged to a dragon."

*ahem* "well with that said, I think it really is about time for breakfast. Your welcome to follow me to the canteen if you need to find your way around. I won't give much of a tour though. Honestly, last night was the first time I'd ever even heard we had a library aboard, so I'm not much of an expert either." She said as, with or without them, she headed towards the canteen. One of the places aboard that she definitely does know how to find.

ARES meanwhile decided to follow them as well. Not saying a word to keep a low profile. that thing seems friendly enough... but I don't know.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, Melethia, Slindis, Anyone Else

Reeling back in mock terror at elves reaction, Rugal then smiled before saying "Ah...You know I jest only because I love you both." before wrapping an arm around the Drow as they set off.
"As for Mr. Mishima, he is better known for not taking prisoners so I guess it's understandable. Still, if he asks you to do any "Operation" or "Mission" on your own, promise me you will say no. He's the one who showed up with the Private Army, he can take care of it himself..." He then said to Melethia as they entered the Canteen, managing to snag a seat before the aforementioned Private army stormed in for the breakfast rush.

When the topic of newcomers came up, He was quick to answer "Well, first off, there is Katya. Strange sort she is, Haven't had to chance to talk with her, nor understand what she is saying. She has a strange way of speaking, though she seems to get along with Teri good enough, if last night was any indication. Rather into computers I find as well as social media, though from what I've heard, she did rather well in battle too during the Chemical Plant raid." as he motioned to the blue haired one as she spoke with the other group, nibbling on her order as she did.

"Aside from that, there is also ARES-35. Pretty sure David picked her up by the plant as well. Mostly stuck around Dr. Violet and some of G-Corp's people. Appears to be some kind of battle robot from the future, though she has enough common sense about her to do something other then shoot everything that moves. She's rather nice from what I've heard." He added, Slindis most likely recalling the sudden appearance of a killer android firing lasers at the Bookies back in LA.

"Oh, not sure if you are aware, but it appears Ms. Kalastryn is among us once more. I'm not too certain on the terms of her revival, though it seems to have delighted the young ones (Ton Ton, Cadolblog). Been meaning to return something to her as well-"
"Her spellbook? Perhaps she can teach you how to "Properly" make Apple Sauce?"
"Hey, Enlarge Creature should have worked there! Besides, I-it washed out...Even if Devon had to tend to it." He murmured as the Trifling walked in with a man in some kind of medical scrubs as well as what appeared to be gag glasses.

"The man beside her calls himself Dr. Insaneo. Willingly, which is perhaps the more disturbing part. A man of Science, I'm not sure if he went to an credible institution, but he seems to be far less "Intrusive" then Wanderer is with his studies so he shouldn't be a worry there. Believe he too arrived from LA."

"Finally, there is another woman by the name of Nadalia, calls herself the "Bride of Ash". A regal sort from a forgotten realm, though I've had a sparring match with her and Icarus and I can vow she is more powerful then her appears. Vivid Magic user, she also seems to believe that Mr. Mishima is her soulmate. While he seems to be playing along, one of his men said that it was easier then fighting her about it. Mel, I believe you were there at the time?"

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Ella, Devon, Ton-Ton, David, Katya, Anyone Else

All the while, David was still conversing with the others, smirking as Ton Ton picked up on his good vibes.
"Damn straight, I am Ton. Now I don't mean to brag, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut..." He said he as he reached into his jacket before producing a napkin with a series of numbers written on it, a phone number to be exact.
"It's nice to know i haven't lost my touch after all my time up here...I mean, it's on my phone already, but I like having something to show..." He chuckled as he put it back away, having finished his brag.
He paused however when Ella starting asking for a pint of stout, "...At 9am and for breakfast? Sounds like something I'd do...Wel-...Alright..." before leaning back and calling towards the bartender "Hey, Cool Hand Luke, 2 pints of Vanilla Stout for Mrs. And Mrs. here when yer ready!"

Rising Dawn: Medbay: Blade, Teri, Garm

Blade was supporting himself on the counter as he looked at all the strange medical bottles and vials, trying to find something labelled "Pain Killer" or at least a "Potion".
Ah, why is human medicine so confusing?... He thought himself before he heard movement and looked over his shoulder to see both a young girl and what appeared to be a massive wolf in the room next to him.
"Well, I'm just kinda looking for something to numb the pain if an-.....uhhhh..." He said as he entered the range of Teri's Healing Aura, prompting his wounds to start automatically heal as he watched them disappear without so much as a scar.
"...Whoa...Is this you? How the hell are you doing that?" He asked as he moved his claw like fingers in front of his face, not really believing his eyes.

Avatar Adventures
Location: Airship Rising Dawn | Canteen
Time: Now

Cadolbolg | David West | Devon | Ella | Katya | Ton Ton

It took a few moment for Katya to respond to Devon, though it was in no small part due to the fact that it took her brain some time to translate the "sounds" that Deven spoke into actual words than anything else or there was also the fact that speaking to yet another new face seemed like an insurmountable task at the moment. Regardless of her reasoning, the young Crimson Haired Hacker paused long enough for her stomach to settle.

"Y3@h. Juz7 @ b17. 1'm K@ty@ by t3h by." Katya responded finally taking a bit of her bacon omelette super deluxe, the flavor bursting in her mouth like an explosion... of bacon! The taste left her feeling almost human again... almost.

"0h... th@z g00d." The Haxxx0r H3r01n3 muttered as she took another experimental bite and found the super deluxe part... a bit of habanero pepper, "G@h! H0t! H0t! H0t!"

As one should know when eating extremely spicy foods, water does little to quench the fire on one's tongue. It, in fact, seems to have the opposite effect. This is the same with soda as well.

"OMG! S3r10uz1y?!" Katya's pain continued after drinking her glass of water. It was only the timely intervention of an imp with a glass of milk that she was properly assisted.

Looking about the table, Katya's cheeks turned quite red when she realized the scene that she had made.

"S0rry!" She said, hiding her face and wanting to crawl under the table.

"Little Miss, I believe that you should take this opportunity to get comfortable with interacting with larger groups of strangers." B3WP advised.

"I agree with BEWP, my dear. I think that this should be taken as a learning experience." Penny joined in on the rain on Katya parade.

"Shut up... the both of you." Katya muttered.

Rising Dawn-Corridor (Leading to Canteen): Insano, Kalastryn, Boss, ARES

Insano re-adjusted his goggles. "I'm not sure what about you would be the least bit unsettling." Insano said. "Especially considering some of the things I've seen just yesterday. Or even the things from my home universe." Insano shuddered. "Which I'd rather not talk about until I've gotten a few drinks in me. Besides, my son is a freakish pink cephalopod, and I love him."

Rising Dawn: Icarus, Selena
Icarus got out of bed, he groaned he had a rough day yesterday but Selena had been nice enough to heal him he then sat up and saw her lying next to her he gasped
"what the-" he was confused that's when his memory of last night came back,

Last Night:

He had been sleeping when Selena had knocked
"Selena, what's going on?" he asked holding up a lit candle, she seemed nervous and fearful
"S-sorry but since what happened, I just got nervous being alone c-could I stay with you in your room tonight
A red blush creeped onto The half angel's face.
"Oh alright" he started to open the door when Selena hugged him closely
"Thanks I'm feel like it's somehow watching me"
They walked inside, Icarus didn't have his wings and lied back down when Selena lay down beside him he closed his eyes and eventually fell asleep

Icarus remembered and his face became red again his wings blinked back and the wrapped around him Selena stirred awake
"Hmm, oh good morning Icarus, she gently pushed his wings open and gave him a gentle hug, she then got up, Icarus saw she was wearing a frumpy white night gown she went behind the changing curtain Icarus turned his back and start picking up his neatly folded clothes his room was neatly kept admittedly he didn't have an opportunity to trash it he slowly put on his clothes
"Thanks for letting me in, I didn't want her to sneak up on me in my room alone in the dark"
she came out fully dressed, and she put a hand on his shoulder he turned around and she shifted his hand to touching his cheek she stepped in closer she was a little bit taller than Icarus, The Angel blinked his breath was a bit fast Selena leaned in very close tilting her head slightly lips about to-
*Bing Bong!* "Attention passengers, The time is 9:00am Eastern and we are nearing optimal deployment conditions for operation "Catch whats-his-face". Please report to the hanger for your 10:00am briefing and thank you for flying with The Rising Dawn~! Sponsored by G-Corp" *Bing Bong!*

At the announcement Selena leaned away
"Lets get something to eat we got an hour" they walked and Selena bit her lip and gently offered her hand, Icarus blushed but took it and they crossed the hallways holding hands.

Selena was happy but a little nervous, not solely because of Faust though she despised that thing but Kalastryn had promised she would keep an eye on it.
She had entered the room for a few other purposes, she first wanted to try and fizzle away Icarus's memory with the scepter If Faust wanted it then Icarus may remember it was his and had realize it was taken by her. She also had taken a blood sample from the young Angel, she was curious but from what she could tell he was still an angel, but there was an odd taint to it, she had some suspicion on the matter but she wasn't sure. As far as she could tell Icarus was a half angel and somewhere in the process of falling she could only hope he wouldn't stay in his demonic form for long periods.

They reached the canteen
"Morning Everyone who's turn is it to cook breakfast?" Icarus asked smiling.

Kala saw more familiar faces than she thought around the breakfast tables. And even more-so less familiar G-Corp employees enjoying an early morning meal. She would have immediately taken a seat next to Slindis and Rugal with the news of her ressurection, however catching her eye was Selena and Icarus, and the pair of "eyes" hiding themselves whilst tailing Selena for safety returned to Kalastryn's palm, as the spell was running short on time. Better that than having wasted it. They seemed to slowly dissolve back into the hands that created them, and as they did so, Kala saw everything they had observed. Much to her embarrassment. Clearing her throat and walking to the two lovebirds, Kala addressed Selena. "I take it you and the angel here are quite well acquainted? I mean were I in your shoes, I would not have invited myself to his room last night if such wasn't the case." she said a bit sarcastically. There was a hint of apologetic tone in her voice. "I'm sorry to have invaded your privacy, it was a matter of safety... I didn't know you were staying in another room at that point of the night." she said, apologizing for the rude remark which started the conversation.

*ahem* "You may recall I informed you that I had cast a spell the prior night to ensure your safety. It was a spell called... prying eyes. It made a few magical orbs, no larger than a marble, that can actually see about 120 feet in all directions. When they returned just now... I saw what they saw..." she says, a hardly hidden embarrassment overflowing from their normally dignified tone of voice.

"Regardless, it is not really anyone's "turn" to prepare breakfast. We have a kitchen staff in our employment, so just pick out what you'd like from the menu." She says to the both of them before resuming the pursuit of her own meal.

She decided naturally to sit amongst her most long held friends. Walking to Slindis, Rugal, and (presumably) Melethia's table, she kindly asked. "Is this seat taken?" with a sly grin. Perhaps unaware that they seemed to have been aware of her arrival home. She picks up a nearby menu, not much waiting for their answer before sitting and placing an order to just "surprise me." before stating to the two of them. "Well... I'm pretty much immortal now." and awaiting their responses.


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The drow woke up to the sound of the announcement being played throughout the ship. A soft sigh and shake of her head accompanied her getting dressed, her newly-repaired dress showing just the barest seam where she'd sewn it back together. Thankfully, the blood had cleaned off of it easily enough, although the scar down her torso matched the seam on the dress all too well. Probably should attend, even if there's likely little I can do to provide assistance... A harsh chuckle escaped her lips as she added mentally Assuming, of course, that I don't get removed as a 'disruptive influence' after yesterday... Still, the thought of the trouble she may have built up for herself didn't seem to deter her as she opened the door and started to quietly make her way down the hall, heading directly towards the hangar. Perhaps she could learn more about just what was going on by watching the preparations for the briefing - and the canteen was likely too crowded at the moment anyways, with all the extra people on board. Hopefully there'd be time to grab a meal after the briefing while everyone else was distracted.

Mr. Bison goes to Washington

Act 2: Dr. Neo Cortex's Day Off

And the Rising Dawn beats him up for lunch money.

The Lone Wanderer.
Location: Wanderer's sniper shack | Rooftop | Rising Dawn.

Vivid images flashing by, the powerful breeze of the wind, the metallic handlebars, and the end of the world surrounding him. A dream back to the past, when Wanderer had accepted a contract. A package that has to be received by the protected city of New Vegas. The Wanderer had heard it was a place full of sin, such a place needs a cleaner, but not only that, the whole Mojave Desert was full of life. This made the Wanderer happy, that the world does have more life than what the Capital Wasteland showed him. The road was a quiet, desolate place, but he was happy, he had left the Capital Wasteland in good hands, and he also left it in a good state.

Even if most of it was now littered with bones of creatures, mutants, slavers, raiders, and even aliens.
The smell of blood was nothing to him, but this made his nose sensitive to the more ... pleasant things of life. The better things in life were much more colourful, and he loved it. Yet the memories of the necessary acts he had committed, lingered in that mind. The Cannibal's baby was one of them, he had to bury it along with the rest of it's family. A sad, but necessary day. Wanderer was looking forward to New Vegas.

That was, until he was shot in the head.
"That one act ... "
"Made us realize, that were were not human. Something beyond? Something behind? We didn't know ... "
"All I wanted to do is live, hoping to make a brighter future for ourselves."

They did, but that is another story, and a rather long one at that.

The sound of that gunshot made the 'man' flutter his eyes open. The scarring memories returning, the scarring environment, returned. Yet when he got up, it was somewhere else. "Right ... the shack." Wanderer muttered, cradling his aching head. Something dangled in front of him, his vision edging upward, it was a rope, tied into a circle, attached to the roof. The horror of the situation did nothing to him, the Wanderer simply blinked in confusion. Looking to the side, pills, too many of them, and to the other side, alcohol. Giving in his temptation, he looked down, his arms were clean. Giving a sigh of relief, he got up off the couch. "At least I'm not in a bathtub ... hey you there?" He said to his other side, wanting an explanation.

After trying multiple times, and several minutes of waiting, Wanderer gave up, "Sleeping ... maybe?" Looking around his shack, he noticed it looked as if another nuclear war happened. Sighing, he would have to use his Mr.Handy to clean up. "Jenkins, Get your thruster in here, my other side was an asshole again!" Wanderer called out. In an hour, the robotic butler with the help of Wanderer, cleaned up the whole room. It was even cleaner than usual, with the explosives actually in a safe container!

Pushing his door open, Wanderer witnessed the morning sun. Feeling the warmth on his skin, he basked in it, right up until the winter air hit him. Quickly covering himself with his Doctor's coat, he muttered under his breath, "Damn weather was it always like this?" Already tired of the crisp, cold air, the Doctor ran back into his home, to cook up something warm on this cold day. ("Man, fuck socializing,")

Storm-1788 (Unarmoured), and Alpha (Physical body)
Location: Room 179 | Rising Dawn.

The cold bitterness of the outside lingered in the air. The Rising Dawn's machinery easily fixed that, warming the air with vents, machinery, and unique devices. In a certain room, in a certain wing of the ship, two figures lay on a bed. A think quilt covering the two. The peace on this ship was just and due for all the crew, but this peace was disrupted by a newer voice. *Bing Bong!* "Attention passagers, The time is 9:00am Eastern and we are nearing optimal deployment conditions for operation "Catch whats-his-face". Please report to the hanger for your 10:00am briefing and thank you for flying with The Rising Dawn~! Sponsored by G-Corp" *Bing Bong!*

Rolling over in the warm bed, the larger figure accidentally fell out of the bed. " *grumble* Passengers ... they're the passengers" Storm said, getting out a yawn as his lingered on the room floor. The warm yet bitter air did not annoy him, because a face popped over the side of the bed. Rubbing her synthetic eyes, Alpha gave a nod towards Storm. "I agree ... they are the passengers. I would count them to barely pass as "guests"." She said, and began to lay once again on the bed.

"Oh no you don't." Muttered Storm, an annoying tone hanging in his low voice. Eyeing the quilt that Alpha laid on, he gave a strong tug, which sent the quilt and physical AI flying. Not going along to his plan, both went flying off the bed. First the quilt covered Storm, and a sudden force slammed into him, sending him once more onto the cold, metal floor. Dazed, Storm pulled the part of the quilt covering his face, starting to blush and look away, he saw Alpha, once again naked, but rubbing her head. "Ooooow. Why did you do that, idiot!." She said, punching him in the chest.

Knowing her looks, she blushed, as well. "I was hoping for something else, honest." Storm giggled immaturely. Almost growling, Alpha snatched all of the quilt, wrapping it around herself, and leaving Storm showing his own shame. "It isn't that bad ... besides, we only cuddled last nigh-." He said once more, before a pillow to the face silenced him. "Hmmf, cover yourself." She said pouting. Wanting to pout himself, Storm excused himself to get changed.

Rising Dawn | Hallways.

Dressed in their usual clothing, the couple were travelling towards the canteen. "Geez, it wouldn't harm you to be a little more gentleman-like." She huffed, walking faster than usual. "(Says the one whose holding my hand." Storm responded in thought, and as if she had mind powers, Storm felt Alpha's harsh glare on him. Giving up to his little lady, once the two arrived at the elevators, he let go of her hand, and motioned to the open elevator. "After you, my lady." He said, imitating someone from the Victorian era. Satisfied with the service, she smiled and strode into the metal box.

Arriving at the floor to the canteen, Storm and Alpha walked the halls, finding Caim and Angelus. "Sup'." Storm hailed them with a wave, while Alpha gave a bow, "Good morning~"

Rising Dawn-Canteen:

Insano, upon reaching the canteen, headed straight for the bar. "Bartender!" he said, clapping. "Get me your finest rum and coke! And put it on that boy with the yellow...vest...hoodie...thing's tab. And I swear if you put any kind of spices or pepper in it I will turn you into a mockery of a man."

Boss, meanwhile, hopped over to where Rugal and Slindis were sitting, intent on telling them about the invisible agent he wasn't actually a hundred percent certain that he saw...until Kala sat down and announced "I'm pretty much immortal now."

"How immortal?" Boss asked, curious. "Are you just a person that doesn't age, or do you regenerate? Or do you...I don't know, burst into flames whenever you would take what would be a lethal amount of harm and rise from the ashes later on? 'cause I know a guy like that. And how durable are you, for that matter? 'cause I know a couple people that are literally tens of thousands of years old, and not only are they immortal, but they're indestructable, too. God-King Gilgamesh? About two years ago, when I was away from The Dawn for ahwile, me, Edge, and two other guys tried to fight him and lost. All of us threw everything we had at him, and he didn't even flinch. I took a piece of rubble the size of a car, flew 2500 kilomiters into the air with it, and brought it back down with enough force that it looked like a nuclear bomb hit him...and he didn't even get a nosebleed." Boss thought for a moment. "So I guess what I'm asking is, are you just immortal, or are you immortal and indestructible? Or do you not quite know yet?"

Paradigm Story - He Who Would Be God
Chapter: 2 - Superimposed Possibility, Phenomena Intervention
Location: SFO | San Francisco | California

The Storyteller

It was a new day. The sun had just begun to dip below the horizon. The chill December had nearly bitten my ears. The establishment was warm. Old worn wood cast a caramel haze on the shop. The waitress from last time saw me and blushed, turning away. Other than the staff the old man was the only other person in the establishment at the moment. An afternoon squeezed out of the dull annals of the Christmas lull. I pulled up a seat and sat down.

He smiled, his teeth forevermore snow colored chips of ice. "How was your Christmas." His blind eyes tracked me as I sat down.

I cast a look behind me at the waitress. The old man kicked me in the shin. I turned around. "It was good," I answered halfheartedly, "It was good."

He grinned, and he grinned, and he grinned with an old wrinkled face that seemed to be wrought from aged leather. "If you are not here to listen I can leave."

I shook my head. She brought us two drinks again. The same sour-bitter berry brew we had before. He took a long drink from his pint and started to speak.

"While Deborah brought Ruby to the bathroom Titania was pressed in her search. The trace symptoms of phenomena intervention were present. The air had an inconsistent stutter to it. It was hot and cold, wet and dry. To Titania and other Observers it felt like existing in a cloud of white noise static. There were too many people for the intervention to have taken place in an open area. It had to be in an enclosed space, somewhere private. That would be the only place that the Observer could have forced his reality onto Selmy's reality.

While walking through the gates she ran into Lambda-11 who waved to her. She wore a blue uniform foreign to any serviceman. Titania was understandably confused.

'What goes you Observer?' She asked. Her steps were like pieces of a dance. She drifted across the floor like she was half-flying. She got close and let her arms drift around Titania. 'Are you here to let me know something secret?'

Titania pressed her hands against Lambda and pushed her away. 'I am not.'

'Such a shame,' Lambda replied, 'an anti-Observer unit like me could really spice up your life.' She leaned close to Titania's ear and whispered, 'It was in the bathroom, the observed incident. But who is it? Who's the Observer?'"

He paused as the waitress brought a dish of avocados.

"Deborah led Ruby into the large stall and shut the door behind her. The young girl looked at her 'mother' feeling strangely uneasy. Deborah pulled a small razor from inside her grimiore and held out her hand. Ruby instinctively put her hand on Deborah's. There was an uncharacteristic seriousness to her. She ran the razor across Ruby's forearm and waited with bated breath.

Should there had been blood, Ruby would have been human. Should there not be, then a foreign observer was with them."

Caim, Angelus, Alpha, Storm

The pact partners waved at the Angelic Spartan and his lovely AI assistant with calm expressions, Caim being the first to "speak" (as well as audibly complain), "You two sleep well, or did you get rudely awakened by the guy with the PA device too?"
Angelus gave her pact partner a playful shove in the shoulder, and shot back, "Ignore him. We were able to enjoy the human tradition of "breakfast in bed" without any qualms. He just likes to complain."
"One of us has to do it about humanity in some way. It wouldn't make right otherwise."

It was an amusing sight, to see the deadly warrior and the dragon in human form bicker in such a playful tone. Despite the appearance of being around the same age as Storm and Alpha (at least, physically. Measuring out years can get messy for AIs and Angels); they seemed to fuss at each other like an old married couple. Was it a premonition for what was to come for Storm and Alpha?

Teri, Garm, Blade

"...Whoa...Is this you? How the hell are you doing that?"

A smile ghosted on Teri's face for a moment before she gestured to an examination table, "It's simple, I use healing magic. Now how about we fix you up, hmn?"
After Blade sat himself down, the self proclaimed medic examined the Grovyle carefully, making notations on a Tablet she kept strapped on her side occasionally. After the initial checkup, Blade heard some strange language he could not understand before Teri placed a hand on his shoulder and... well, it was a strange experience, to be honest. Instantaneously, all of the weariness and fatigue he had felt moments ago melted away, combined with being more of his wounds begin to close themselves. The Cleric gave a couple more chants of that strange language, and as she did so, Blade could notice a marked improvement in his condition. In fact, when Teri removed her hand from his shoulder, he felt great! It was almost as if Hien hadn't sent him off on so many suicidal missions! The Cleric looked over the pokemon one last time before giving a satisfied nod and spoke again,
"That should do. I'm sorry there's a bit of scarring on some of your wounds, they were already beginning to heal on their own and without surgical treatment... On the bright side, you looked like you needed the patchup anyways; so I think I got rid of the worst of it."

With a sign that his friend was finished, Garm finally wandered over to Teri's side and nuzzled his giant head against the Cleric's and, and looked up the Pokemon before asking quietly, "You did look pretty beat up before Tear-ri and I got here. Did you get into a fight?"

Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, Ella, Devon, David West, Katya, Luke, Dr. Insano

The Bartender looked Dr. Insano up and down and shook his head with a smile as he grabbed the drinks of choice and served up the cocktail, "Come now, just because I'm friends with the kitchen staff doesn't mean I share their tastes to the letter. That said, I will say that the chili is exceptionally good. The name's Luke by the way."

Following that, the blond readied the request for vanilla stout and was ready to comment on the youth and drinking habits; but upon catching eyes with the one who made that request, the quip died quietly in Luke's throat and ended with a quiet, "2 vanilla stout.." before they were sent David's way.
The bartender gave a solemn nod in Ella's direction, and she noticed a piece of paper had made it's way in one of her pockets...

Ton Ton, however, was oblivious to the proceeding, and instead busied himself in David's fortunes in love and breakfast, "Oh, I've seen something like that in one of Mistress' romance movies! You got a girl's phone number, right? Who's the lucky lady? Are you gonna call her? ...granted, I don't really know what someone does after that... Oh, as far as breakfast goes, Devon, I think I'll stick with toast, honey and jam. I'm not really in the mood for meat at the moment."
The Tonberry seemed happy to see that David had gained a leap in his step, and was perhaps amused at the prospect of seeing a cheesy chick flick unfold in front of him.

Cadolbolg, on the other hand, was happy to have a bacon omelette to busy himself with, and gave a hearty laugh at Katya's dismay with the peppers, "Oh no, I forgot to mention it. The impidoos like putting a lot of hot stuff in the food. I don't really mind it because I like hot stuff and I can breathe fire, but I forget other people don't. If you ask them nicely, they tend to not do it. Course, the key thing is to remember to ask them at all, or they just make it normal-like."
The turtle dragon baby kept his smile wide for the elite haxxor, and gave off the impression that he hadn't even noticed that Katya was currently wishing to dig an early grave for herself. If nothing else, it just came off as good natured humor on his part; probably supplemented by the fact that there was an increasing menagerie of strangeness gathering in the Canteen; as well as the turtle dragon baby's insistence on waving to each of the new arrivals.

Kala laughed at Boss's interest in the situation, before deciding not to keep the details to themselves any further.
"Well to answer your question, or many questions, there is no fiery explosion when I die, I'm not getting older, I'm certainly not indestructible. Essentially, being among the "good guys" despite my... hereditary circumstances, got me into good standing with some other world's pantheon long ago. I was absent from the dawn for a time... I think at a point where it crash landed? During my absence, they had actually summoned me with a reward. The implications were lost on me for a time, but it is where I got the wings on my back from."

she says, taking a brief pause and smiling. "Turns out that it is a pretty potent status symbol in the world they are patron to. I'm not the only one with such a blessing either, and it seems that all on that world see such a blessing as a mark of utmost importance. I can die 70 times before next Saturday, and the vast multitude of clerics there will ensure I'm on my feet again each time. Their process takes a while though, and it often makes one's soul "sick." Memory loss being a rather common, though temporary effect. Hells, I'd have been here sooner could I have remembered being here in the first place before a few days ago!"

She concludes, quite triumphantly boasting the fact that their heroics have payed off.

"So Baator can wait, and wait, and wait. I might pop in for a visit from time to time, but I'll be out by dinner." and speaking of meals, her rather spicy breakfast, identical to Katya's omelet had arrived, with a glass of milk for good measure.

"Enough about that though, I'm sorry if I seem vain. Just rather ecstatic about the situation. *ahem* So, what is the status update as to what goes on here?"

she asks, addressing Rugal and Slindis.

Rising Dawn-Canteen: Rising Dawn Crew

Insano chuckled, and re-adjusted his goggles. "Luke. Right. Good to meet you. If you're in a chatting mood, why don't you tell me how they roped you onto this ship? No offense, but you seem a little bit too...sane to jump onto this flying metal deathtrap. Also, who do I talk to about juicing up the engines on this thing?"

Avatar Adventures
Location: Airship Rising Dawn | Canteen
Time: Now

Something wet and squishy plopped down on Katya's plate next to Cadolbolg, pink in appearance and covered in little tiny buds with bits of what looked like chewed bacon omelette clinging to it. The funny thing was the detached tongue's lack of blood after having been hacked off by B3WP's nano-agents at Katya's mental request. What was even more funny or strange or gross was Katya's attempts to talk to the Baby Dragon Turtle afterwards.

"Shon of a b-b-b-ish!" The L33t3st Haxxx0r exclaimed at the pain of having hacked off her own tongue as she took her fork and poked her previous lingual appendage.

~poke poke poke~

"Grooosh." Katya commented, sticking out her tongue nub in disgust. While it was a drastic action, or rather a very very very drastic action, the removal of her tongue did remove all remnants of the burning sensation from her mouth. The burning would return much much later however, but we don't talk about that in polite company.

Glancing over at Cadolbolg, she was slightly enamored of the fact that he could put a positive spin on most things, something that Katya had been unable to do for quite the majority of her life. It often paid to be more cynical and jaded online but the ease of which the Snap-Dragon took change made Katya briefly consider the fact that a change in attitude needed to occur.

Looking at the table and its many strangers seated there, Katya thought that the change in attitude could happen tomorrow or perhaps the day after.

"I have completed filtering the alcohol from your blood stream as requested, Little Miss" B3WP reported before adding the bad news, "I regret to inform you however that my nano-agent population is now at 33%. We will need to harvest additional raw materials within 24 hours or my systems will be unable to continue removing the diseased tissue from your system. Critical organ failure will occur in roughly 48 hours, 12 minutes and 13 seconds without additional raw materials."

Katya sighed an accepted the report without comment. Hopefully whatever mission they were being called on would include some bad guy that Katya could harvest or B3WP's automated systems would kick in and harvest whatever was generally available, namely a civilian.

Pulling out her phone, Katya scanned the front page of a DC news site and looked for anything worth looking into, spotting one right away. A few hacks later, she homed in on Koseph Jony, a supposed diplomat from a remote African nation. He was in DC to speak out against the use of child soldiers. However, according to Pikileaks, he was the leader of one of the largest child militias in existence. His visit was a cover for arms negotiations with a US based arms manufacturer.

"P3rfffff3ct." Katya muttered, drool sliding down her chin as he tongue continued to regenerate itself.

The (Un)real World
Location: SFO | San Francisco | California
Time: Day

Rugal, Mel, Slin

Slindis took in the names of the new people and nodded curtly, watching them as they entered and talked before she replied about Kala's revival. "This... well, it'll need some explanation to be sure. There's a bit of a difference between resurrection and immortality, after all." She also took note on Mel's involvement with Kazuya, knowing she'd need to keep a close eye on that.

Melethia seemed a bit more enthusiastic, hugging Kalastryn as she looked at the Boss. "Who cares, she's here!" She also seemed a bit nonchalant about the details of the claim, instead asking the imps for a soda as she looked around.

Finally, after Kalastryn's inquiry Slindis replied with, "Oh, you know the usual, Nothing we haven't seen, just trying to get some people before they wreak havoc on the country."

Ella, Devon, Ton-Ton, David, Katya

Devon quickly patted Katya's back as she nibbled a bit on her own omelette, chuckling as she enjoyed the heat. "Well, you do kind of get used to the food after a while... and believe me, it could be worse." How it could really be worse wasn't said, but she gladly took the stout that was delivered to her and Ella with a smile and took a drink. "Ella, what's with the drink so soon?"

It took a moment for Ella to really explain given she was drinking it like she was dying of thirst before she felt the letter in her pocket, tersely replying with "We'll talk about it later." After that, she dug into the food David had recommended and found it to go rather well with the alcohol.

Rising Dawn-Canteen: Icarus Selena

The two sat down Selena's face was a little red as was the Half Angel's. They sat down relatively close to where Rugal Slindis and Melethia were.
They both managed to order food which came to them really quickly, Icarus's plate large piled with fruit, meat, buttered toast, it was a lot compared to Selena's salad.
"Are you sure your going to eat all that?" she asked but happy for the distraction
"We're gonna have to fight today, I know that for sure, going to need all the energy I can get." He started eating rather viciously, he was about halfway through when he swallowed it down, took a drink and wiped his face when his eyes suddenly noticed a small elf girl, his eyes found themselves looking intensely at her.
"Who's that?" he said, accidentally loud enough for the elf to hear him.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, Melethia, Slindis, Kalastryn, Boss

"And Hello to you too, Ms. Kalastryn." Rugal smirked in response to her bold claim of immortality, smiling at how happy Melethia was to see the trifling again.
Still, once she explained the terms of her revival to them and Boss, he couldn't help but be impressed.
"Is that so?...Wow...Oh, don't worry about being Vain, if you let it go to your head, I'll be sure to let you know." He then said, pondering if he too could get such a deal in his afterlife (or at least avoid whatever judgement he had earned during his Cartel days).
On that topic, he expanded on Slindis's comment by saying "What he means is we are currently in the process of tracking down those in a plot to attain the highest seat of power in the United States. Considering the vast armies and military assets, it would be in our best interests to prevent them from doing so. Only issue is that...Well, Do you know a man named "Kazuya Mishima"? He took it upon himself to lead this "Mission" and he won't let anyone forget it..."
He left out the part about him personally knowing everyone involved in the plot at some point, as well as Kazuya, besides, this was a happy moment, right?

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Ella, Devon, Ton-Ton, David, Katya, Nadalia

David was clearly milking this little reveal for all it was worth, he needed the ego boost.
"Sorry Ton, that's classified. Wouldn't want to reveal a national secret..." He chuckled as he finished his meal, unaware that Nadalia finally found the right floor for the Canteen and went about mingling.
"Ahhh, Master West. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed our time together last night." The Bride of Ash said, prompting a mouthful of an answer from the sniper.
"{Oh-anytime Nadalia} *Glup* Just come on by sometime after the mission and we'll make a night of it., perhaps not turn my bedroom into Mount Doom this time? I get you were excited and all, but still?..." He said before Nadalia went off to get her meal.
"Aye...But like I said Ton, can't reveal her name. She'd kill me! Anyway, I'll meet the rest of you guys in the hanger." David then said before wiping his mouth on his sleeve and heading to the briefing.

Rising Dawn: Medbay: Blade, Teri, Garm

While Blade had been used to medical attention before (In this very room no less), this was the first time he really had been patched up with a kind of Magic and it was clear from his awe-struck gaze that it was blowing his mind.
"Yeah...Wow...That Voodoo stuff really works!" He densely said as he flexed his forearm blades a bit, it even fixed the slight chips all those bullets knocked off them!
"Well-...Garm, was it? It was less one fight and more basically hopping from warzone to warzone for the last year...*Sigh*...Hope Jenny can handle it..." He trailed off sadly, clenching his fist as he did.
"...Oh, err, Sorry, just hang on, pretty sure I have something in this..." The Strider then said before he reached into his belt before pulling out a wad of paper currency, full of different denominations that he was then starting to go though for something he could actually use.
".....uhhhhh, you take Turklish Lira? Russian Ruble? North Korean Won?" He then asked, figuring he had to pay for the cleric's services

Rising Dawn: Hanger: Kazuya, Violet, Chris

As Chris went into the hanger, it was mostly quiet as a lot of soldiers went to the Canteen rather then whatever have whatever rations they had brought with them.
However, there was still some signs of live as Violet could be seen at his desk, his feet up and enjoying some cereal.
"Ah, Morning Chris. Sleep well?" He kindly asked as he waved to her.
Before she could answer though, the sound of grunting caught her attention as he looked up to see Kazuya doing shirtless pull ups on some of the rafters, several feet above the ground.
"Hey going to say Hi?" Violet cheerfully asked, prompting Kazuya to drop down from the ceiling, landing smoothly on the ground as he did.
"...You're early. Briefing isn't until 10." He said before he turned to face the Drow, his chest and torso baring scars that made her one look like a paper cut.
"I was informed about the alteration in the Canteen. I will tell you I don't condone Hien's behavior, though it would appear that no lasting harm was done. Either way, he collected his student and left the ship. You shouldn't be seeing him again and I've assured that no action will be taken again you so I deem the matter closed..." The Half-Demon explained rather matter of fact as he went for his shirt, leaving Violet in an awkward silence.
"...He means Hi...t-that's his way of saying Hi..."

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, Melethia, Slindis, Kalastryn, Boss, Nadalia

Upon Nadalia arriving to their table Kalastryn was more welcoming than you would expect. Especially because while the canteen wasn't an exotic restaurant by any means, the etiquette stands regardless that strangers should not just come up and sit at your table out of the blue. Could be because where Kala came from, inserting yourself at the table of a capable looking group was a commonplace event. Hell, it's how she usually found work or rather how work found her. Even so, with Nadalia's old fashioned communication, she figured Nadalia could be from a similar setting to her own previous setting. Which did mean there was likely a bit of explaining to do about this setting. First though, she definitely recieved Mel's hug quite well.

"It's good to see you too Mel." She said, a slight crack in her voice was the only indication of forced back tears. The one thing they would have regretted when Nyarlatothep struck them down, was not seeing her and Slindis again. Speaking of Slindis, she replied again with. "Oh, you know I'm the last person you need to inform about the difference of that." she says with a chuckle "but in the case explained to me the difference between them is bridged a bit. My body won't age anymore, and in fact I did not quite notice that it hadn't for a while. So I'll still die when someone kills me, but even then the rather... let's say "zealous" worshipers of the ones who gave me such a gift would not allow me to go under for long. Though I will concede they need to refine their methods a bit, even where we come from resurrection did not beget memory loss." She says.

With their reunion so touching she almost forgot Nadalia's presence. "oh... and... sovereign? You mean like a leader hm? Last time I checked we didn't much have a leader around here. I mean Rugal is our leader in name last I checked, but more for the title and less of the commanding presence." She says, then figuring she might have arrived after the "Kazuya" Rugal mentioned took charge.

"Oh... you mean the one heading us as of now? I- well I at least assume that it is more a temporary collaborative effort for now than an actual concrete leadership. We have a different way of running things than you might be familiar with. There is not so much a leader as we band together for- well whatever happens to each of us. We are more a team of peers than anyone in command. I'm not certain if you bore witness to an event outside the training rooms last night, but we tend to police ourselves and... well your certainly not the first to arrive here and ally without invitation." she says with a chuckle, but figures it best to explain that jest.

"The crew of this ship is very much an amalgam of capable people from different realms, and some of which did not arrive of their own volition. Regardless, newcomers are always welcome so long as they are benign. With that sorted though..." she says, then concluding with a grin...

"Your not the most sociable sort I take it?" referring to her rather awkward insertion.

Sorry for the lateness!

Storm-1788 (Unarmoured), Alpha (Physical body), Caim, and Angelus.
Location: Hallways | Rising Dawn.

Witnessing the couple play around with each other, Storm placed a hand to his chin, as Alpha decided to ask, "Breakfast in bed, What is that like? I find it hard to imagine, especially since this ship has a horrible habit of urgency at these kind of times." While asking about their morning, Storm was wondering about the two, and in all of his intellectual glory, he thought, "(So they do it in Angelus' human form ... but has Caim also done it the 'other' way?)" Feeling embarrassed by said image, a small blush appeared on him.

"Is it cold here, or is it just me?" Storm blurted out of nowhere, feeling awkward, he joined in with another topic. "We were also woken up by the announcement. It ruins such ... better times." He said, gazing to Alpha whom is at his side. The AI girl was focusing on such other things, the two looked like a married couple, and that was something she could only dream about, since she was paired together with a dense blockhead.

"Haha, ha." Alpha said with a forced laugh, looking at Storm, she elbowed him, while it looked gentle, to Storm it felt more like a sharp jab. Opening his eyes wide, he tried to cover the pain. "Well, we should raise our energy levels, especially since he needs the energy. Have you eaten yet?." Alpha asked the two, while Storm internally grumbled, and wondered if she was still annoyed from this morning.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, Melethia, Slindis, Kalastryn, Boss, Nadalia

Nadalia straightened herself in the seat, snapping into a serious posture with the face to match it. "That is not my ethos .. I simply, lost my touch on communication for a brief moment. If I was not 'sociable' then I would not be fit to run as a Queen in my realm. Truth on the matter is... I am not custom to individuals who can match my reputation in strength and leadership. My tongue is not familiar to how people upon this ship personalize themselves with. So please, do not place me in the position of a toper miss.... ? I do not even know the name you go by."

Realizing this, the Iron Queen felt a chill of guilt run down her spine- because she herself, did not introduce herself properly to those who have not known her existence. "Ah~ forgive me yet again. I must address my name to make this conversation settled ... my name is Nadalia. I am known as the Iron Queen of Alonne. You may just call me Nadalia. I'm not above any soul here."

"Well then Nadalia, it is a pleasure to meet you. I didn't mean to sound rude in saying you weren't "sociable." I was just teasing. Even so, my name is Kalastryn D' Zannifer. It is a name I'm sure means nothing to you, but I'm also a bit upper class when placed among my own kin like yourself. I'm sure you can see the kin I speak of are not the most friendly looking sort, but I have a feeling we'll get along swimmingly." she replied in breaks between finishing her meal, not keen to talk with her mouth full.

"You may also be right about not being above any soul here. In such words I mean you no disrespect, simply that whichever standard of personal capability you hold yourself to, not that I doubt so, the people I've met among this vessel are more than likely just as proficient."

"In other words, welcome aboard, and though I'm certain it is tedious to remind someone of your standing to watch their manners, do be nice while your here." she continued, and as her meal was ended she decided to use the remaining time to read through her spellbook. Not to say more conversation would be unwelcome however. As she opened the pages though, she could see Rugal was not the most... astute study. As pages beyond the first level of mastery were not very explored since her absence. It was only then that Kala took the following consideration.

"Rugal, if you wanted that enlarging spell and not more, I could probably tutor you on it later. I do believe that you are intelligent enough to learn it... at the same time, I can't blame you for not being able to read Draconic properly. I'll admit that was a bit of an afterthought when I loaned it to you. Angelus might recognize the writing though." she says, letting a hint of apologetic embarrassment escape her lips.

"Still, an alternative to making you a giant whenever you want is shrinking yourself or anyone else whenever you want. There's a spell for that too. I guess we'll get around to that later if you so wish, for now I've asked you all what was going on around here. In a more personal question, how have you been?"

Rising Dawn: hangar: ARES, Kazuya, Violet, Chris

ARES 35 snuck away from the doorway of the canteen seeing Kala being so sociable. Well I guess they're nice enough, whatever they are. They look even more intimidating than the chosen though. Needless to say, ARES had never thought on the subject of magic. The technology of their world had come so far that the mythical had no place in people's minds. While that notion is perhaps not entirely correct, it was very uncommon for people believing otherwise to be deemed sane. Am I... crazy? Is that even possible for a machine? Am I even supposed to be able to consider that a possibility? she pondered as she wandered the Dawn's interior, her introspection not much giving way to awareness of their direction. Before they knew it so, they had entered the Rising Dawn's hangar as well. Seeing a person similar in likeness to one of the people at the "monster's" table,[1] Violet, and another man in the room. As they had moved quite far from their initial engaging of their stealth module without stopping, it's effects had stopped, making them perfectly visible as they stepped through the door. "Oh, hello Doctor. uh... what's up?" she asked Violet rather awkwardly. Their attention not much drifting from Chris however. Another one? This place is... beyond words. None of this was ever documented to my knowledge so... perhaps Violet was on to something when he suggested dimensional travel instead of time travel. That is probably best... certainly a dark foreshadowing off of my shoulders.

Not thinking much to explain the situation of their next action, seeing how Violet had already taken a look inside their "mind" ARES had stepped just to the side of the door and knelt down on both knees. As she did so, they could see the "arcfolding" process as it changed their frame. Their back opened like a pair of sliding doors, from which a series of small mechanical arms with welders attached to them detached whatever plating was present[2] and replacing it with new pieces of armor. The gun they had carried underwent a similar process, as it was also lifted onto her right forearm, transforming and seemingly becoming undifferentiated from the armored plating in place. When that was done, only taking about a minute or two she stood saying. "It's rather odd, I used to always be told which frame to wear to maintain synergy with a group of other units. Making that decision myself is an odd difference to what I'm used to." She says, as she was then made into her engineer form. "This one should assist with technical maintenance if you require Violet. It is alright if I call you by name rather than title Doctor?" she says, whether out of respect or a perceived subordination to those in the room was not quite clear however.

[1] Chris, in reference to Slindis.
[2] PG-13 guys, they have a pair of shorts and a tank top underneath

Rising Dawn: Hanger: Kazuya, Violet, Chris, ARES

Chris paused as she was addressed by name but the unfamiliar (to her) Violet. "Oh... good morning..." Of course he knew who she was, even if they've never been introduced formally. Still, it was enough to momentarily put her off-balance, given her normal reserved nature. "I... slept well enough, although I'm... still getting used to things here, admittedly." She ran her hand across her freshly-braided hair, tching slightly as she felt how uneven it was. I'll have to get used to braiding it on my own... Her line of thought was interrupted as she realized Kazuya was in the hangar as well. She took note of the scars that covered his body. She's seen much worse during her history, although most who could afford it had been careful to only leave the scars that improved their appearance in some way and used magic to heal any others that might have accrued during life in a treacherous drow city.

She pursed her lips slightly as she listened to Kazuya, her instincts torn between a slight indignation that Hien wasn't going to be punished further by his nominal superior and her relief that she wasn't going to be dealing with additional trouble from the encounter. She waited for him to finish, polite as usual. "It... never hurts to be early, and as... crowded as the Canteen is likely to be at the moment, it seemed prudent to make my way here first." If she was otherwise discomforted by his brusque manner, it certainly didn't seem to show; he wasn't outright rude, or otherwise hostile, so she just took his manners as one who wasn't much used to small talk, giving Violet a small shrug as she heard him covering for his boss.

She turned her head slightly as she noticed ARES entering the area, giving her a polite nod if nothing else, her unfamiliarity with the newcomer keeping her from being too outgoing, although she did stop and watch the process unfolding with some interest; so different from the magic she'd seen around herself growing up but could never touch. Her cheeks darkened as she realized she'd been staring a bit more openly than she'd meant to. She ducked her head slightly towards ARES before heading over to where the briefing was being set up. She claimed a chair near the back as her own and sat down quietly, slouching slightly in the chair to minimize her presence even more.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, Melethia, Slindis, Kalastryn, Boss, Nadalia

"It's not much a bother Nadalia. By Draconic I do actually mean dragon speak. From the realm me and Slindis used to call home dragons were a part of civilized folk actually. In fact they had their own country called Argonesson. It was actually commonplace for wizards like myself to study their language, since a lot of spells do require speech components to cast properly, and a few more useful ones are written in Draconic. Why do you ask?" she replies. Only then does she realize that she had disguised herself so as to seem a little less intimidating.

"Oh, is it odd where you come from for humans to know such advanced languages? My apologies, I did not realize when I mentioned my kind that I was disguised." she says as a ripple effect of magical energy washes over her skin, revealing

"Forgive me for the deception, I tend to take a form that is softer on the eyes and easier on the mind for those around me who don't quite understand magic, much less the infernal. In fact I'm probably in luck. In the realm we usually reside in, very few people outside this airship are aware of magic's existence. So it's usually surprising to any opponents I come across that I can throw an explosive fireball from nowhere, or force them to sleep with a word. So it's also usually safe to say that magic to make me appear human is rarely bypassed. Even so, I apologize if I've come across as deceptive." she says, still pondering why Draconic would seem so odd if Nadalia assumed they were from a "similar time" in a way of putting it.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, Melethia, Slindis, Kalastryn, Boss, Nadalia
Realizing that she was kind of going off.... Nadalia organized her posture with a slight cough escaping the lips.

"Oh my. I went off again... such a bad habit of mine. Forgive me ... what I am getting at, is there's conflict between humanity and the ancients we call 'dragons'. Hearing the tale of your kin to learn after them is a treat to thy ears. Speaking of fireball ..."

Nadalia seemed taken in with interest to Kalastryn's abilities, due to the nature of testing one's power.
"You know the craft of pyromancy? The first flame has given man their humanity, and the soul generates the fire within. What do you know of it's specialties?"

"Well I used to be a bit of a "pyro" myself, and we seem to come from very different cultures. It is not that any I knew worshiped dragons, but simply that dragons, though oft a bit vain, lived among the society from which I hailed. Not above nor below the common man, though they often acted so. The Draconic language was their native tongue, and we used it more for trade with them. I don't worship dragons, simply I speak their language. As for what you speak about flame granting humanity and a soul generating fire... I'm afraid I'm at a loss." she admits to the queen.

"The realm I hail from and the realm from which you do seem quite different. I can tell because the realm I used to live in is gone now, so unless your world was shattered to splinters by the time you left it, stand it to reason that dragons, pyromancy, and the like tend to have different meanings between how our separate realms functioned. Although yes, I'm a wizard. Magic is my trade, I know spells to bend the wills of the common man, to bring the dead back as servants and even to assume traits of undeath myself, and of course a few elemental spells here and there. Fire included of course." She says, almost boastful of her standing in the arcane.

"Also, you really do seem to dislike dragons hm? I'll not say names, but just be aware that we do have a dragon or two as allies. By this I mean to say not to be alarmed, dragons are as uncommon in the world outside this vessel as I am, which is to say most people are ignorant of their existence, much less worship or quarrel with them. I'm just letting you know that if you see any dragons about, chances are they are on our side, which as I understand also means your side." She says trying to cover for potential hostilities...

"Also, as even more a testament to the strengths aboard our ship compared to the world from which you came, all as said before is not to indicate dragons were never enemies. In fact over my years I'd been forced to slay a few of them. In fact, it was at the behest of a dragon that I slew three in one venture, because they posed a threat to our shared home." she said. It was surely a difficult boast to believe, but her expression remained so serious that it was also difficult to believe they lied in such a claim.

"I also take it since you have such a fascination with fire that you are a pyromancer yourself? So great to have another mage aboard. If you'd like, perhaps we could test each others mettle once our next venture is settled if you would like? No lethality of course." she proposed, hiding quite well a simple fact that would make an encounter with them quite difficult for one fond of flame.

Caramel Frappe:

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, Melethia, Slindis, Kalastryn, Boss, Nadalia

Thinking back to the dragons, Nadalia wanted to make something clear.

"If we do have allies with the kin residing in dragons... I welcome them. Allies with such a bloodline would prove worthy to fight alongside in battle. Although, I cannot imagine one simply awaiting somewhere in a small room. How big are our 'allies' exactly?"

"Well, Angelus is the dragon of which I speak. I hope you understand I wanted to be just a bit vague under the opinion that it was a sore subject to you. Also, I agree, would seem quite impossible for such a large ally to walk the halls of this airship. That is providing that they do not assume a humanoid form, as they do often. A bit of shape-shifting can go a long way it seems. They often assume a form no larger than you or myself when the situation does not call for a form so large and powerful." She says, then taking to heart a bit of Nadalia's story.

"One for sharing stories of home hm? Care if I make known the story of mine?" She asks, in a seemingly rhetoric fashion. "Well, though there isn't much left of old Eberron left, I have many a great tale to tell of it. Less so the realm responsible for my creation. My kin are called Tieflings, and we hail from Baator, a realm often referred to as "the nine hells." It consists nine layers, though I've only personally seen the first. Each has it's own set of tortures for those dead who have lived lives of ill repute. Tieflings are among it's more natural denizens, in fact even living Tieflings are cursed to suffer there despite any wrongdoing, or lack thereof. I could have lead a life void of sin if possible, and still I would be damned to such a place. At least if I could stay dead." She says, taking a moment to let the implication of such sink in to Nadalia, as she missed her speech on her current mortal standing before arriving.

"The very first ring is so ferocious that it downpours fire instead of water, burning most anything below without cease. However, I would say that my more or less infernal heritage does protect against that at least. In fact, even while alive I've yet to be burnt once. Not due to extra care put into my magical studies, in fact I've misfired a few more scorching rays than I'd like to admit in my early days. Although it does seem that my flesh does not burn." She says actually puzzled as to whether or not that was wise to say. Hopefully Nadalia would not take it to be an insult.

"Honestly I've never felt a burn where normal people would have been ground to ash. Even so, you seem rather professional in your rather heated profession, so perhaps it is effective to say that your likely better than any hedge wizard who once learned a few fireworks to use against me. I look forward to calling you an ally once we're all assembled."

She said, as the conversation then returned to it's initiation.

"As this conversation comes full circle, I'm to understand your "sovereign" is currently heading our latest skirmish. As I've never met him, how would you describe this "Kazuya? I know little of the person who bears that name." She asks with a genuine curiosity. It would seem prudent to understand the person who asserted themselves "leader" now wouldn't it?

Following some more of the antics of the Rising Dawn Crew, the briefing finally started

Rising Dawn: Hanger: Basically everyone

Once the clock stuck 10am, The crew gathered in the Hanger as Kazuya watched, now clad once more in his combat gear as soldiers shuffled to and fro preforming pre-flight checks on the VTOLs as well as other tasks.
"Morning everyone. I'll keep this brief, we'll be going mobile rather soon. Thanks to intel we pried off Dr. Doom's belongings, we were able to track down another member of Bison's entourage, Namely one Dr. Neo Cortex. Piecing together a profile from past communications, we have reason to believe that he is currently operating under the persona of Professor Clancy Lang, Current Head of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While data was sparse, We know that he took over after the last head of the Institute was found washed up in the bay some time ago. Having said that, I am told that his combat experience is minimal and most of his work was based around weapons research and other inventions. Therfore, it should just be a matter of picking him up. However, there is a catch..."

After that motion, Kazuya then nodded at a pair of his soldiers before they brought up a projector against a screen in the background before playing the speech that the President of the country gave just yesterday, in case anyone missed it.

"If anyone has watched the news, the current President seems to be onto Bison, but he has called on us in order to catch him. While we were doing that anyway, the broadcast means that he and his allies knows we coming and will most likely be prepared. While it hasn't changed the overall plan too much, it'll make getting to Cortex more difficult as if he detects us, I'm sure he'll deploy some class of countermeasure, something I'd like to avoid in a largely civilian area. Luckily for us, Though Cortex's arrogance, we were able to figure out a way onto the campus..."
Another nod resulted in the banner for the first annual "Cortex Power E-Sports Invitational", being held at MIT and running over the course of the next few days.
"MIT is currently hosting a tournament for "Electronic Sports", whatever the hell they are supposed to be, which Clancy Lang has organised. I'm not sure if this is some how related to Bison's plans or merely him flexing his persona's power. Either way, it's given us a way onto the campus without alerting him to the Rising Dawn's presence there. As well as "Professional Gamers", there is also several side events including a "Best Costume" competition which means-"

Kazuya was then interrupted as Violet burst onto the scene, knocking over the projector as he showed off his new......Well, you'll see.
Punching the device aside, he then proudly proclaimed "YOU'RE ALL GOING TO GET AWESOME COSPLAY DISGUISES!" before striking a pose in front the crew while the vein about to pop on Kazuya's forehead could be seen from space.
Rubbing his temple to calm himself down, he then added "One last thing. Before some of our more..."Exotic" members ask: "

"No. You Can Not Go As Yourself."

"While I know that the vast majority of you aren't entirely human, the whole purpose of this exercise is to prevent Cortex from being aware that the Rising Dawn is at his doorstep until it is too late. I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I'm not about to let that mad bastard set off some kind of advanced weapons system in the middle of college. Now then, Dr. Violet will aid those uncertain of who or what to "Cosplay" as. My Men have also taken the liberty of going though some of the ships old cargo bays in order to give you the resources necessary to complete your Disguises. Once you are all ready, you will enter the building, Find Cortex then return him to extraction point. If all goes well, we won't even need to fire a bullet.

Now get changed. Wheels up in 20 minutes."

Following some more of the antics of the Rising Dawn Crew, the briefing finally started

Rising Dawn: Hanger: Basically everyone

"Doctor, why are you dressed like that? Isn't the point of a disguise not to draw critical attention?"

Kala, who had been sitting next to ARES (much to the discomfort of one android.) then answered her question. Rubbing her temples in annoyance at the situation as she did so. "Yes... but a disguise only works if it is something that blends in with a crowd. We'll be dressing as freaks to blend in with freaks..."

ARES gave violet another once over and continued. "So you mean to say we'll be surrounded by people that want to dress like that?"




"So... what are you going to-"

"A psychopath obsessed with burning things."

"... what?"

"I'm considering that if I have to do this, it might as well reflect how I feel about the situation. If I'm to be forced to disguise myself in a way I dislike, I may as well capture my fiery rage."

"Well... I'm only really as effective as the armor I'm equipped with so..."

"If it's any solace, understand that we feel the same way about this. At least the irony is lessened for you. I'm a devil that often disguises as a human being. Where we're going, I'm going to have to disguise as a human being to blend in with people who would "dress up" like me, to then "dress up" as something equally absurd. You just have to put a costume on, suck it up."

"When you put it that way, my- our situation almost seems funny."

To which the both of them shared a nervous, hollow laughter. Their rather brief exchange, if for any positive purpose, helped to make one thing clear between the two of them. They were both going to hate this. At very least... if I look like an idiot.. Everyone else will too...

Great minds think alike it seems.

Rising Dawn: Hanger: Basically everyone
I carus smiled
"I got an Idea, I've been wanting to see if I can pull this off" he opened his mouth and black smoke billowed out it swirled around him, covering him in black smoke he started to float off the ground, the room got cold when Icarus eventually landed the smoke cleared he was wearing a long black coat with the hood pulled up over his head
"Well that should" his voice he looked at himself and slowly ran his hands down his body, he realized he made a mistake whn he say his new body's subtle curves, he pulled back the hood revealing himself

Selena started snickering as it was revealed
"Well this is dandy Its a technique called a true illusion, meaning for all purposes this is my body It feels so weird." his hands rest on his wider hips, around the skinny waist
"That gonna take getting used to" he admits quietly unfortunately Selena couldn't hold it back and started laughing
"Nice trick."
Icarus scowled
"Oh you have objections?" The girls lips opened wide and a cloud of smoke slithered towards Selena and wrapped around her like a serpent she struggled
"hey, nononono" she soon became entrapped, when it deispersed she had changed

She looked at herself
"O-ok this is, erm I could get used to this I guess" she said a bit uncomfortable with the shortness of her skirt, not to mention she looked a lot younger now.

Observing Icarus and Selena being so "enthused" about getting into costume, ARES and Kala agreed that there really wasn't any point in delaying it.

After a few minutes of digging through clothing, armor pieces, and the like...

"Well we don't look half bad... I even managed to hide my tesla rifle under the arm piece of this costume. I did have to put a hole in the boot to be able to use my jumpjets though..."

"Mphmph... mff" ... Evidently speaking through a Gas mask isn't so easy. Taking a clawed finger she carved a small slit just beneath the breather portion, to at least let a bit of sound escape.

"I'll say again... don't mention it... ever... at least the hazard suit is red.

"You seem to like wearing that color a lot."

"I'm cursed."


"No details... I have to. Kinda done for if I don't. That or I murder a criminal every month."

"Forget I as-"

"Forget I told you."

The both of them nodded in agreement... for ARES it actually would be easy to forget... one deleted file later and the conversation would never have happened. On the other hand... it would be handy to know... Maybe just the part about killing people..." she thought, as that bit of speech disappeared from her memory.

Rising Dawn: Hanger: Basically everyone

The drow ran one hand over her eyes and forehead as she listened to the speech, particularly Violet's enthusiastic interruption. Cosplay? Half the people who came from Earth kept mentioning that... and they were all rather weird... She shook her head, watching as Icarus and Selena used various types of magic to disguise themselves. "I think I would... be better off assembling my... disguise in private." She pushed her chair back as she stood up, nodding to the people she talked to more often, including taking time to give Ton-Ton and Cadolbolg quick pats on the head, not wanting to appear as though she'd been avoiding people this morning - or at least that she hadn't been avoiding them due to any problems with them. Twenty minutes... that doesn't give me much time at all.

Back down in her room, she started pulling pieces of fabric out of her pack. They weren't going to fit perfectly, since they weren't originally meant to be worn by her, but she could modify them with a few quick stitches. She wiggled her way into the black, white, and red tartan skirt that reached down to mid-thigh, sighing slightly. If I understand the... rules of Cosplay, this should be right, but it's still too short! She quickly added a few side panels to a white blouse before pulling it over herself, the fabric still too tight, but at least she could breathe in it. A pair of white stockings only made it to her calves before refusing to stretch any higher. She slipped on a pair of black flat shoes - no silly heels for this drow, thank you very much! - then checked the time. Not a whole lot of time left, so needed to keep the makeup simple. Some light-colored makeup around the collar and sleeves of the blouse, and a little more around the tops of her stockings, with just a little at the fingertips... Add some spirit gum to form a 'seam' on her ears, and she looked very much like someone trying to cosplay a drow, 'worn' makeup and all.

She emptied most of her personal belongings out of the bag, leaving it on her bunk and just carrying a few things that might come in handy for this mission. No weapons, though - her knives wouldn't pass as fake, but a large sewing needle jammed into the lining on the bag would do just fine for deploying her sleeping poison, now resting in a sports bottle, if need be. She looked at the time and hurried through the corridors back into the Hangar with just a minute to spare, hoping she wasn't the last one to make it back, assuming anyone else even had to actually physically disguise themselves.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures
Location: Airship Rising Dawn | Hangar
Time: 10:00 AM EST

Rising Dawn Crew
Let's be honest here. Katya wasn't really paying attention to the briefing. Sure she had gotten the really important parts such as Doctor Neo Cortex posing as Professor Clancy Lang at M.I.T, a University revered for both it's intelligence and lack of anything dangerously close to being Awesome. There were other reasons for Katya's dislike of M.I.T, primarily because her Contra-Strike nemesis, NeCo, attended M.I.T or was a professor or something.

This of course was all before her ears perked at the mention of "MIT is currently hosting a tournament for "Electronic Sports" and "YOU'RE ALL GOING TO GET AWESOME COSPLAY DISGUISES!".

"W@1t, wut?!" The L33t Haxxx0r Heroine exclaimed, her face positively drooling at the prospect of Gaming and Cosplay. It was like going to a buffet and finding out that they had Mexican food AND Sushi!!!, "#Awesumballz!!!!"

For those of you not in the know, this was Katya getting exciting about what was shaping up to be the perfect mission for her. Not only would she get to crush NeCo in person while dressed up as her current favorite Anime character from Bakemonogatari, Shinobu Oshino.

As it had when she had changed in front of Wanderer, a privacy screen materialized itself around the young woman, isolating her from the world outside while her body reshaped itself with the help of B3WP's nanoagents. Seconds later a youngish looking blonde girl with an aviator's cap sat where Katya had been sitting.

"@lr1gh7!!! 1'm @11 s3t lezzzz g0! C'm0n C'm0n! Wutz t3h h01d up?! Lezzzz g000000 p30p13! T3h n3wbz w0n't fr@g th3ms31v3s!!!!" Katya yelled as she started trying to get into a VTOL, finding that she was having issues reaching the handle.

"0h." She oh'd as she realized that she was quite shorter than she normally was, before turning to Cadolbolg or Wanderer "Little help?"

Avatar Adventure
Location: Hanger | Rising Dawn


Azan was sitting against the wall when the speech was given out. He listened intently, mustache bristling with annoyance. If they expect me to take off this armor, then they have another thing coming. It is unfortunate that he had to dress up since he was actually wearing nothing but a pair of boxers beneath his rotund platemail.

No matter, Azan was a man of honor. So he browsed the costumes available, and completely missing the point, he picked another set of platemail. Yet this one was forged from grey stone, wrought in iron chains (much like his original armor.) He donned it over his current gear, placing the helmet above his own like a macabre top hat.

He turned toward Kazuya and spread his arms wide, "Is this satisfactory?"

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