The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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The Escapist Avatar Adventures
Location: Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Boston | Massachusetts | United States
Time: 11:30 AM EST

Now that Katya knew the familiar with the layout of the campus and aware of the areas that had been edited out of the scanned map, she quickly sent a message to each of the Rising Dawn members, attaching a map with those areas of interest highlighted.

The scanned map of the campus had been a pleasant surprise for the H@xxx0r H3r01n3 since it made getting around the campus far easier since she'd had a "first person perspective" on moving about the campus. Since there was still quite a while before her match, the young woman who appeared to look like an 8 year old katana wielding blond with an aviator's cap decided to take a tour of the campus.

With that decision made, Katya headed towards the admissions office where there would be student lead campus tours. As she walked towards the office, her shirt shifted and morphed until it became a maroon sweatshirt with HARVARD written boldly in front. If the "staff" was any good at their job, one of them would escort Katya to the security office before she was jumped by a gaggle of MIT students for wearing clothing belonging to their Boston rivals.

MIT Dropzone: Outside of the building


With an audible sigh escaping his mask, Rugal thanked whatever god was in charge at the moment that they were able to get out of that situation without a major incident blowing their cover.
He then turned to Nadalia, the cock he had for a face hiding his extremely annoyed glare at the Iron Queen.
"...Look, I understand how undesirable that situation there was for you, but I am to ask that you try to maintain our cover for the sake of this mission. Sooner we find this man, the sooner you track that little brat down and teach him how to treat a woman. And I can get out of this fucking costume. Tch, the hell is a Furry anyway?" He grumbled right before his PDA went off in his pocket.
Taking it out, he then saw that Katya was kind enough to send him the blueprints for the building as well as a few points of interest.
"Service Entrance, Hm? Alright, one of our own managed to secure some intel, she said to look by the Service route into the building. Might even be able to avoid the bulk of the guards going that way." He then explained, pausing only to finally catch up on the fact that she was still clinging onto his arm.
"...You can also stop that now. I'm already in a committed relationship." he then pointed out as he went for the aforementioned entrance.

It was a standard loading bay used mostly for bringing in supplies but since Dr. Lang took over the place, it had been seeing increased traffic in both directions as vast amounts of materials were both brought in and sent back out, even now there was a line of trucks in the process of being loaded by college staff, though most of them looked about as young as the students as they hauled box after box into the trucks, straining from the effort.
Overwatching them was a single Marine guard, though by watching, I mean leaning against the wall smoking a vaper while reading a Playboy, solely for the articles of course.
"HEY! We done yet? I have football practice in 30 minutes!" One of the "Staff" whined, his question being answered by the following statement: "And if you would like to have legs to be able to practice with, I'd advise getting back to work!"
So the "Worker" did so as the Marine went back to his "Reading".
Rugal meanwhile was peering around the corner, scoping out the situation.
"Guard wouldn't too hard to take out if we got the jump on him, the problem is how to do that without him radioing in..." He sighed as he tried to figure out a way around him.

MIT Convention: Admissions Office: Kayta

Much like the rest of the building, instead of finding happy friendly college staff when she went to the Admission's office, Katya instead found another extremely bored and annoyed looking Cosplayer manning the office, chain-smoking like a man the age of the "Character" he was supposed to be.
With just one glance, he instantly called Katya out: "Oh look what we have here. Another Harvard bitch snooping around the place. Listen, Little Girl. You turn around and get the hell out of here. We don't take kindly to academic spies around here, not after the last prick who showed up trying to get an insider advantage!"
Guess paranoia of someone stealing his research prompted Cortex to step up security (Or at least encourage "Friendly Relations" with other colleges).
Either way, she saw that there was a few idle guards around this part of the building, all them had their eyes leering at her with dirty looks, practically begging her to do something to justify them taking her in for "Questioning".

The Escapist Avatar Adventures
Location: Admissions Office | Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Boston | Massachusetts | United States

The Gamer Girl sighed as she spotted yet another Cosplayer from Starcraft, this one a Battle Cruiser Captain, one of the more annoying characters from the SC-verse. Secretly, Katya wished that the staff would have cosplayed as the Zerg since that would have been infinitely more interesting, especially if someone tried to dress up as an Ultralisk. But still there was the matter at hand, namely the leering guards. Why was it that guards were always leering? Why couldn't they have gazed or glared or glanced over at? Considering Katya appeared to an 8 year old girl, the leering was rather... disturbing.

The fact that the Battle Cruiser Captain called her a bitch didn't help either. Still, there were far too many guards inside the admissions office for the nearly berserk babe to off the "Secretary." Which meant Plan B.

"H3y! D0n'7 chu r3c0gn1z3 m3 j00 1d10t?" The young girl screamed at the Russian Accented Asshole, "1'm h3r3 fur m@h d3br13f1ng! I ju57 f0und 0ut th@t H@rv@rd iz gunna h@xx0r uz dur1ng t3h 3v3nt @nd st3@l t3h pl@nz f0r t3h pr0j3ct! I n33d t0 s33 t3h b0ss b3f0r3 iz t00 l@t3!"

As Katya spoke, she grabbed the Chain Smoking Cock by the collar and screamed in his face, globules of spit hitting him.

"1f j00 f00k d1s up, j00 kn0w wut h3'11 d0 t0 j00!" The Haxx0r continued, "D0n't j00 r3m3mb3r wut h@pp3n3d t0 Sm1th?"

There was always a Smith or Brown or Johnson. The point was, between the l33t sp3ak and the get up, Katya hoped that the guards would either take her into the security office to wait for whomever this Cortex was or take her in for questioning. If it was the latter of the options, she hoped that they didn't mind her harvesting their organs and bone marrow.

Wanderer (Janitor version).
Location: Maintenance | MIT.

Wanderer was worried as he was pulled aside. Hoping to luck that his disguise would prove good. Little did he know, that even his non-glowing eyes gave off that, "I killed you a year ago" look. As he pushed against the wall, he began to gather his memory of the past.
"Oh God."
"Oh God!"
"Ooooooh my Gooooooooood!"

He said in a impressive surprised tone, as Catalina yelled about the past and what he did to her. "Baby I swear, I used a anti-tank weapon against you, I thought you were goo. Also ... ugh, what's your na-" Wanderer began to spew until finally, she punched him right in the gut, leaving him breathless, something he was not used to recently. Once pinned and being beaten in the head, Wanderer was thankful for the Big Brained perk within him, which made sure that his head didn't pop like a balloon.

While being punched, Wanderer still talked.

Wanderer did in fact struggle against his aggressor, but even with his own strength, he could not put a good enough fight while being pinned. Half of his face has been punched off, leaving that side of the face looking like someone rubbed his face off with a super powered sander. The dents began to show into his head, and Wanderer felt like the shadows were taking over his eyesight, as if someone was dragging a blood curtain over is face.

("You don't want the little lady to see this. Allow me ...")

*Nerd Rage! perk activated.*
Theme music, on.

Little did Catalina know, that a certain personality would not take this death easily, and it would take the flowing blood as the power he needs. A faint crimson glow began to grow in Wanderer's eyes. Until the gaze of the murderer were glowing with a unmeasurable rage and lust. "Learn English you fucking bitch!" A changed Wanderer screamed, as he suddenly raised up with new found strength, and headbutted the fist that came at him. The force from such a hit threw Catalina off him.

Before able to pin him again, the enraged Wanderer was already up on two feet, spat blood onto the cold ground, and ripped the front of his own clothing. "I hate a person who just can't die ... especially a failure like you." Dark Wanderer spat, as his facial muscles began to position themselves differently. "Don't worry ... this time, I'm taking all the time I need~"

Storm & Alpha
Location: show floor | MIT.


In ignorance of their separation, Storm was looking around the room, it was really strange to someone that was from a future universe. Still, it impressed him that so many people could dress really well ... or really bad as some characters. He even recognized some as cosplaying Spartans. Rolling his eyes at the more badly dressed ones, Storm walked into a bigger group, amazed that so many people came to such an event.

Storm tried to grip Alpha's hand more tightly, but nothing was there. Suddenly conscious thoughts about Alpha's 'leave' flowed through his brain like a opening dam. "Crap, crap, crap, crap!" He yelled as his white hair moved about. Alas, he ended up disappointed, and in a line for the costume competition. If he couldn't find her in the crowd, he was going to make sure she could spot him on the stage.

So, he waited for judgement.
Hopefully the flaming sword will only win awe, and not the security's attention.


Separated from her lover, Alpha also looked wildly around for him. Once more, no dice, the crowd only pushed her, and she swear some people were purposely touching her. Almost gripping her sword in anger, she pushed her way to the side of the convention hall. On the way, more prompts from her new enemy came. Biting her tongue, she now recognized that this was no human thread or hacker. Placing her body on autopilot to move to the side of the room, Alpha started focusing on placing more firewalls, and started to change the password.

As much as she is an AI, she was also a singer in her former world, and a program never had to do this. Still, using her more human-like nature, she battled this AI thread with everything she had. Of course, Alpha would let no one ever have this body, because it was hers, and she could be with not just the RD crew, but also Storm.

MIT Dropzone: Outside of the building


Rugal wasn't entirely fond of how Nadalia got past the guard, namely because she nearly blew the lid on this entire operation the last time a guy made a move on her.
Sighing behind his mask, he then took the chance to sneak up behind the student workers while they looked on in shock.
"...Did we just see that?..."
"Man, why do all the babes like asswipes?" they grumbled, right before Rugal walked up behind them and answered "If it helps, she was totally faking it. Least I hope so"
Right as they were about to react, Rugal bashed their heads together, knocking them out cold as he went to move inside.
On this way in however, he came across an half open crate, stopping for a moment to see just what exactly they were moving out of the college.
"...Oh shit..." He groaned as he looked inside and saw some kind of Advanced Weapon inside.
As the fact that Cortex was using MIT as a weapons factory was sinking it, he heard big stomping footsteps as one of the Marines entered the room.

Instantly going on guard, he paused for a moment as the marine opened his her visor.
"...Nadalia? Huh...Didn't think you'd actually let that man take his pants off."
"It was better then that accursed "Dress" that the Violet one stuffed me into." Nadalia answered, experimentally flexing her fingers as she got used to the suit's servos.
"...Which begs the question, where is that guard you were about to f-...Oh..." He was about to ask until he saw and smelt a stream of black smoke trail from the nearest maintenance closet.
"...Ehhhh, at least you were discreet about it." he shrugged before pulling out his PDA, looking over the file that Katya had sent him, namely at a screenshot of a vending machine that was "Painted" onto the wall, soon matching it up to it's real-life counterpart: a broken looking vending machine with an out of order sign.
"Hmmm...Katya said that there was something here and if they are moving weapons-...Keep watch for a moment..." He ordered Nadalia as he crouched before the former Crimelord used his Slashing Aura to slowly cut open the machine, taking his time to reduce the noise.

However, this was halted by the sounds of more footsteps, prompting a curse out of Rugal before he retreated to the corner of the room, out of vision of the guard that was coming down the hallway.
"Hey, Jerry, you guys nearly done down here? Doc just called in another fight next the Counter Strik-...*Sniff*...What's that smell" The guard asked, clearly unaware that it wasn't "Jerry" standing in front of him and that smell was his ashes."

MIT Convention: Admissions Office: Kayta

Needless to say, the "Secretary" was more then a little shocked to hear this as he wiped the spit from his face.
"...If your bullshitting us, we'll know. You two, take this one to the Doc, Tell him it's important." He ordered two of his men before they began to escort Katya to the Administrators office, the notion of her being a whistle-blower for an upcoming attack causing them to give her considerably less shit as they moved her away from the main bulk of the convention and into the staff part of the building.
Before long, she was brought into the main source of all the madness on campus and was sat down on a stair right outside the Adminstrator's office, as if she was about to be told off by the principle in her old school
"Wait here until the Doctor is ready to meet you." One of her escorts said as they stood guard, even if that meant lighting up a cigar and texting on his phone.
All the while, she could hear rapid typing and clicking as well as egotistical chuckles as the sound of Protoss death screams could be heard room the other-side of the door.

"Ohhhh, there are my Widow Mines! Good thing your Probes found them~!" *BOOM!* "Muahahahhaah! Suck it, 'Toss!"

MIT Convention: Maintenance route to Stage 4: Wanderer

The sudden surge of power from Wanderer was enough to daze Catalina as the augmented psycho bitch picked herself off the ground while Wanderer's other side took over.
But his efforts to intimidate her didn't really bare much fruit as she got back on her feet, cracked her neck and spat out a metal tooth that his headbutt had knocked out.
"Come on then, Joo BOY!" He shouted before she rushed back in to keep up her attack.

Cortex Assisted Targeting System (C.A.T.S):
Cross: Wanderer head: 95%
Uppercut: Wanderer torso 95%
Roundhouse kick: Wanderer head: 95%

she stuck him in the head once more, followed by another massive uppercut that actually lifted him off the ground slightly and finishing with a roundhouse kick to the head, her augmentations were clearly going to make killing her a lot harder then last time...

MIT Convention: Cosplay Contest: Storm, Alpha

Alpha's attempts to keep the AI out of her head were working for the most part, though it was hard to keep up with whatever CPU the enemy AI was on.
Seeing how this approach wasn't going to work, the AI went for another route in order to take down the singer.
The attempts to crack her password were suddenly halted, giving her time to collect herself for it's next attack.
Storm could see Alpha walking blankly though the crowd from his spot, though before he could really do anything, he found himself shoved in front of the the judges, 3 bored looking staffers who clearly didn't seem all that interested in the contest and were only here because they grew the short straw.
"*Yawwwwwn* alright...what are you supposted to be?..." One of them asked as they prepared to google whatever character Storm was dressed up as

Back with Alpha, she kept walking towards the edge of the crowd, but then noticed a pair of marines making their way towards her, right as the AI sent her another message:

runas /noprofile /env /user Users:Adminstration/AIMBot cmd

echo: "I've alerted the guards of your activities. Let me in or else I will be forced to reveal your location."
echo: "Look at the stage display."

If she was to do that, she would notice that there was a panning camera over the crowd that randomly focused on the better cosplayers, then she noticed that it was starting to move towards her location, right as the marines began to enter the crowd...

Avatar Adventure
Location: MIT Convention Center


The firebat lifted Azan off the ground by gripping Dragon Tooth and hoisting upward with his entire body. Azan felt his feet leave the ground and heard the steel and stone groan underneath the opposing forces. What tremendous strength. The Bridge Knight closed his eyes and wondered if he had ever had to face someone as stupidly powerful before. Then the answer trickled into his mind in flashes like a bad nightmare. Like an Apostle. He gave a gruff grunt of disapproval. Azan grasped Dragon Tooth in his hands and swung himself upward, launching himself out of the Firebat's grip and into the air before landing on top of the armored man. The crunch of neo-steel beneath the stone slate of Havel's armor bode ill things. Azan leaned down and grabbed the helmet, giving it a good hard twist until it faced backwards. Then he dropped off the struggling Firebat and landed on Dragon's Tooth, which under his weight tore an open gash into the suit of armor before being flung into the ceiling and landing down next to Azan.

Guts never fought the truly strong apostles with brute strength. There was always something underhanded in his approach. Azan was frowning severely as he picked up Dragon Tooth and struck a pose with it. "Repent nonbeliever!"

most people, Icarus
Location: MIT Dropzone.

Icarus was walking among the stages looking at the stalls he then noticed a Pokemon booth and smiled he managed to get over and looked at the booth he found a few plushies smiling as he picked out a few choice items

Once the booth organizer tallied it up an impressive number appeared on the register Icarus hand them a black credit card they raised an eyebrow,
"I'm gonna need to quick credit check, shouldn't take too long." he smiled, but then he turned a rather pretty young woman was wearing a somewhat Pikachu themed costume, but it was more designed to show the models body more, but that wasn't what was bugging him some guy whom was a bit over wait greasy hair big dorky glasses lecturing the girl whom was simply hired to advertise the booths.
"Look all I'm saying is why make it look like you care about games when you don;t whats wrong with asking for genuine interest if your at a con. you know what I'm saying" that's when Icarus chose to intervene by pulling the jerk to face him and slugging him one.
"So you like harassing people whom are paid to be nice to you huh? You must feel really tough, such a big man. your mother must be soo proud."
The rude man not wanting to get punched again ran for it the young woman smiled at him and waved
"Uh do me a favor and don;t tell anyone I did that I don;t wanna get kicked out."
She nodded he returned and smiled when as expected his card was perfectly fine handing him his items in an extra large bag
"Have a good day now miss" they said Icarus smirked . he proceeded to walk around the place he had ended up getting separated form the group as a whole he closed his eyes and tried to tune into Rugal, the big man had enough ki energy it was like a bloodhound finding a barbecue, but he wasn't anywhere inside the building he decided to act like everything was normal, and kept an eye out for anyone in the group.

MIT Convention: Main Hall Kala, David:

Surely there were reasons that this "E-sports" event was so popular. Kala was not aware of said reasons. Hell, the titles of the games themselves... "league of legends" "Defense of the Ancients..."

"Well David, let me start by saying that I don't know what E-sports are, so I'd probably avoid them. You know it makes me think, a lot of the Dawn's Crew who were authored here were from a setting in one of these "video games" hm? I wonder actually, whether or not the characters in said games have the same perspective as myself before coming here? That being said, onto a more interesting question... How ridiculous would they find the titles of their "games?" I mean piecing together that I came from something called "Dungeons and Dragons..." I'd find it a rather stupid name for what was a universe to me."

"back on topic however, I loathe to say I'll likely be heading to the contest... if for no other reason than doubts that I would fit in anywhere else. Do stop me if I have to much fun" She replied to David. Even her projected thoughts were dripping with tones of sarcasm and scrutiny.

MIT Convention: Student Labs ARES:

The extent of the research this "Dr. Cortex" has not only been able to work on personally, but even reliably teach his students to treat like basic sciences... did they not question making weapon systems? Sent to Nasa by the sound of the student's conversation. and... Missiles?! They were working on something that required functionality for firing missiles?!?!

She muttered under her breath while beholding the now snoozing students. "Must so many people question nothing? That kind of ignorance is the bane of genius."

Then she received Alpha's message. They were being watched. With the "project" in question now occupying data space in their head, the next action was rather obvious. "Sorry, not everyone works as hard as their peers..." She said as she deleted the entire file of the students' work from both the computer they worked on and the flash drive they were storing it on. That should slow the clock... Hopefully...

As she then left the computer lab, she tried contacting other members of the RD, she sent a message through the same method Alpha had contacted herself.

Behind the scenes:
"I regret to inform you all that this Dr. "Lang" or "Cortex" has made a few changes to the curriculum here. Least I hope they weren't always sending weapons research to NASA. He's been using the students to hasten the process, converting their education into projects developing weapon systems. It does NOT look good. There are drivers for SAM missiles and a whole host of weapons that would make some of my old superiors balk! Even worse, that's only the project for the second semester this year, and I can't find the first! Either they are on the path to making themselves numerous new brands of fighter jet, or they're on their way to building a gun to give the Nuke a run for it's money!!! I'll keep snooping around back here, but make a move soon!"

- ARES 35

She then proceeded to attempt being inconspicuous (at least so much as a video game character on a college campus would be able) while making themselves scarce and heading for the nearest stairwell.

MIT Dropzone: Service Enterance


Rugal watched as Nadalia quickly took care of the guard, breathing a sigh of relief as the body hit the floor, allowing him to smell the burnt flesh.
"Thank god he didn't scream..." He said as he quickly went over to the body and dragged it out of sight right as Icarus showed up right behind him, holding an assortment of swag.
"Ahhhh, just the man I needed. Quick, get inside this armor, I'd do it, but I'm too large to fit in one of these things." He explained as he began to look for the release hatch, opening it up to reveal a man with a burnt face whom he then picked up and removed from the suit.

With that taken care off, he went back to the vending machine, quickly finishing off his cutting job before prying it open to reveal a hidden cargo lift that led down into the earth.
"I knew it. They couldn't get away with building weapons here if it was public..." He said before he slowly began to make his way down as the smell of smelted metal and sounds of industry made their up towards them.
Once they were at the bottom of the lift, the air became nearly toxic with fumes as they found themselves going into an Automated Assembly Line making weapons, armors and other equipment with frightening efficiently.
It was rather hard to breathe down here, underground passages didn't have the best airflow at the best of times, never-mind if there as an assembly line down here, though it does explain how no once smelled the scent of weapons above ground.
While he was pretty hardy, Rugal still was affected by the harsh environment.
"Alright...guess we found where he's making the weapons...They couldn't access his place just from the service entrance. There has to be more ways in from other parts of the building. If we look around, we might be able to find a few...either that or get the black lung..." He coughed as the machines worked on.
There were other passages though the smog that could bring them around the building and past the guards, the issue would be finding them though the fumes and smoke of the industry.

MIT Convention: Administrators Office: Kayta

Another match later, Kayta was finally pushed in the door to Cortex's office by the guards, the smell of controlled substances filling the air as she went in.
She could make out a Stupidly expensive gaming battlestation being manned by a man that looked a lot like that midget that the Japanese guy (Kazuya) kept talking about. (Albeit dressed like Jim Raynor)
He seemed to be a big RTS fan, judging from the massive amount of clicking and key presses as he constantly kept switching from game to game on his monitors.
All the while, in his mouth was a large bunt of a substance that she was reasonably sure was outlawed in this state, puffing on it as he burned Zerg on one monitor and nuked Protoss on another.
"Yeah, yeah, just a minute..." The man said as he quickly finished up his matches, being sure to drop "GG"s as he did, once he was done, he stood up from his chair (though he was arguably smaller standing up then sitting down) before walking over to Katya, taking a nice deep puff before exhaling.
"...Urg, if you are one of those "Child Geniuses" looking for college spot, take it from someone who did the same when he was your age: Wait until grow up. Trust me, you do NOT want to rush into it. All that happens is you miss out on the good things in life and then get really bitter and possibly homicidal in later life." He said as he glanced at the little girl, Katya's cosplay disguise seeming to have fooled him for now.
"Dr. Lang, she claims to have information on a possible attack by Harvard-"
"Ohhhh, THAT! Right, okay then. Sheesh they let anyone into Harvard these days...Alright, tell me how they are going to lose to me this time..." He groaned as he took another drag, clearly caring rather little for Harvard's constant annoyances.
"Ahhhh...Wanna hit?...It's called "Mind Rape", but it's actually pretty mellow, So I mixed in a little "Gorilla Panic", "They're coming! They're coming!" and something called "This Is Permanent"..." "Dr. Lang" then asked the little 8 year old girl as he offered her a puff of his joint, the amount of fucks he didn't give right now was mind blowing.

MIT Convention: Maintenance route to Stage 3: Azan

As advanced as his armor was, that only did so much when your neck and spine were rotated 180 degrees.
And with Dragon Tooth flinging the contents of the Firebat's torso up to the ceiling, it was safe to say that he wouldn't be an issue any longer.
But as Azan posed and shouted, it was kinda attention grabbing, as was his fight in general and before long, another "Knight" of sorts entered the hall from the main stage.
"Frankie, what the hell you doing back there? Had to crack up the speakers to cover up the noi-...WHAT THE HELL!? Reaper 01 to Command, bogey by Stage 3 Maintenance! I need backup!" a guard dressed up as what they would have called a "Reaper" shouted when he saw Azan standing over his dead friend's body.
Two jets fired on his back before he rushed towards the knight, while he was a lot less heavily armored, he was fast and and the twin pistol's he carried, while puny, would do some damage sooner or later as he opened fire, zooming around the air and hopping all over the place.

MIT Convention: Main Hall: Kala, David

David couldn't help but shake his head and chuckle at Kala's stance on professional gaming.
"Well, don't me stop ya. I'm just going to see where the other guys ran off to. Keep in touch" He said right before he got ARES's message on his phone.
"...Oh...Turns out he's teaching kids how to make killer robots now...Lovely..." He then sighed, he honestly could not remember when was the last time hearing something like that was a good thing for someone in his line of work.
"Alright, shit, hopefully that "Project" isn't here. As much as it might suck for other people, I'd rather just handle the goons we have here right n-" He said right as the faint sound of gunshots could be heard over the crowd near one of the maintenance halls by the stages.
It was then that it struck him: "...Shit! Azan!" before he drew his weapon and went to back him up, if he was going to start a fight with the guards, might as well make sure he'd win it.

MIT Convention: Student Labs: ARES 35

After ARES cost two students their passing grade and undid several months of work, the robot began to attain the ire of the person Alpha was talking about before.

runas /noprofile /env /user Users:Adminstration/AIMBot cmd

ARES 35:/type Adminstration/AIMBot/Warnings/Warning_DataDamage.txt
Damaging/Deleting MIT data is strictly prohibited. Campus security have been dispatched to your location.

ARES 35:/copy Adminstration/AIMBot/Countermeasures/CRASHBOMB.exe ARES 35/Central CPU/ /c
ARES 35:/cd ARES 35/Central CPU/
ARES 35/Central CPU:/ARES 35/Central CPU/CRASHBOMB.exe
ARES 35/Central CPU/cd..
ARES 35:/exit

The second that he ran CRASHBOMB.exe, ARES weapon subsystems and movement servos all locked up, rendering her like a statue unable to move or shoot before she could make her way out.
Her vision was still intact and as a result, she could make out the pair of Marines that had been sent to her location.
"Whoa...Dude, it's freaking Zelda!" One cried out, prompting his partner to smack him over the head.
"No you idiot, it's Metroid! Zelda has the green tunic, remember?...Hey, Metroid, you been snooping around the computer lab?..." He then asked the immobile attack robot, though he soon got his answer as he glanced over and saw two student knocked the fuck out on the floor.
Instantly pulling their weapons and aiming at her, they then shouted "GET YOUR ASS ON THE GROUND NOW!", accidentally knocking her over on her side, still stuck in her walking pose.
"....Y-yeah!...L-like that!" one of them confusingly said as he kept his weapons trained on her while his partner tried to pick him back up, resigning himself to just dragging her along the floor by her legs instead.
"Fucking hell! what is this costume made of!? It's so freaking heavy!" He whined as ARES was slowly dragged off, the lovely sound of metal scraping along the floor filling the air as the other Marine readied himself to fire if she so much as twitched.

Holding area: ARES
ARES immediately knew something was wrong when the first prompt made by "AIMBot" was entered. The prompts and messages came so inhumanly fast however, that they had no time to react.

The guards that dragged her away without the ability to move or speak was another indicator that something was indeed, very wrong!

That son of a bitch... time to make my head-space a bit more secure. she thought, as a lengthy file repair put them in a horrible position, dragged to and locked inside of a holding cell. Sort of like what you'd expect for a drunk driver being held at a police station over night for them to "sober up." Nearly repaired to their previous capacity however, it was time to start turning their system into a virtual stronghold.

New Password Script:

>Template Password: Nostromo001432500
>Add new random character at interval: 0.02 seconds.
>Scramble all existing characters at interval: 0.0000001 seconds.
>Reset password availability?: Automatically reset to Template Password at interval: 230 days.
>Manual Reset: None Applicable.
> Initiate.

Their automatic password scrambler in effect, they began finishing their file repair. "CRASHBOMB.exe" did a lot of damage, insofar as having taken longer for the "marines" to drag them to their cell. Finally however, they were able to move, and began weakly kicking the door in an attempt to bait and see the reactions of anyone on the other side of the door. Namely, how many would react...

MIT Convention: Main Hall: Kala, David

Needless to say, Kala's ears were NOT deaf to the gunshots, nor David heading in the same direction. She was right behind him on his way to back the knight up. In a hurry to keep up with him though... have you ever gone to an amusement park, and the people that are on vacation there rush around to see everything they possibly can? And they just cut between you and your friends? That was not a problem, as she was being one of those people while she also ran through the doors that Azan had taken the liberty of bashing open. "Well David, I can't imagine a scenario where we don't have the drop on whoever it is with me around. After all if was your first time dealing with someone who just seems to conjure explosives and turn invisible with magic... you'd be in their shoes. She boasted as the pair of them headed to the sound of gunfire.

MIT Dropzone: Service Entrance

Holding Area: ARES 35, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Ton Ton and Cadolbolg wiggled out of their parents arms (Caim was a bit distracted by the digital sports and was shouting about how the "fighters" weren't using their weapons correctly via PDA) and began to wander about the convention in their own little way, falling over stiffly if they thought they saw a normal person approach.

After some time wandering, the Cutie Bruisers found themselves approaching a hallway, the two quietly talking amongst themselves as they explored,
"So you think we'll find anything here?"
"I dunno. I'm happy you trust my judgement, Cadolbolg, but I really don't know. I know about as much as you do."

Before the two could say much else, a metal door flew very close to their noses, causing the duo to take a looksie to their lefts, and seeing ARES inside.

"...Well, we found her, does that count?"

MIT Convention: Cosplay Contest: Storm, Alpha, Teri, Garm, Dimitri

Going with her gut, Teri followed Alpha and Storm into the area dedicated to the cosplay contest, releasing Dimitri into the network of MIT upon doing so. As she checked her Tablet for updates from Dimitri, her AI came into view on the display, looking frantic as he brought up a view from a camera feed, "Your Ladyship, we have a big problem. It looks as if we have hostiles coming our way. Furthermore, I've detected... Something eerie here. Aside from AI: Alpha's signature on this network, there's something else lurking here as well. I request that you remain ready to assist me should things become dire."

Garm looked at the screen with curiosity, and asked quietly, "So there are bad guys coming our way? What are we gonna do about the crowd?"

Teri paused for a moment before pulling a flask of holy water out of her bag, "...I have an idea. Dimitri, keep your eyes peeled on those guys in armor. Garm, get ready to get wet."

Teri grabbed several pieces of her Clerical equipment from her bag as well (Essentially everything but her robes and her cloak), readied Sadei (quarterstaff form) and shoved them on before pulling down the mask that came with her San costume. Moving her hands and chanting the appropriate words (which was slightly overpowered by the crowd anyways), the bottle of holy water emptied and -

drip... drip... drip...

Water began to drift from the ceiling, slow at first, before becoming an outpour of water, dousing all around the Cleric and her wolf (at least, in a 20 foot radius). Which wouldn't be a usual issue for most people, except for:

A) This was indoors,
B) Cosplay relied heavily on makeup
C) There wasn't any fires to speak of.

All was quiet for a moment, before one cosplayer cried out: "MY HAIR!" and the cosplayers began to run amok, screaming expletives and other sorts of cries about their cosplay,
"My sandwich...."

and the crowd began to disperse, leaving Teri and the guards staring each other down.

Teri cast Holy Storm! This spell makes things difficult for people to see or shoot through! It is a 20 foot radius around where Teri Cast (aka, it's a 40 foot diamater section on all sides) and will last for 8 rounds/48 seconds.
42 seconds till next 3rd level spell.

[[What Alpha and Storm do on account of all of this, I'll leave up to you. If Alpha wants to run out, the crowd will be a good means to do so. :) ]].

MIT Convention: Maintenance route to Stage 4: Wanderer, Caim

Caim had been enjoying the digital sporting area, "shouting" (at least, as best as his enhanced PDA could "shout") criticisms and his own thoughts about how the "champions" on screen were doing a terrible job at... Well, he's the master of tactics and I, the narrator, am not. Either way, his reverie in the sporting event was lost when Angelus informed him that the Cutie Bruisers had managed to sneak away without either of their notice. This was problematic on several accounts. First, they were all supposed to be in disguise. Second, who knows what could happen to the kids! In an attempt to find the children, Caim began wandering around the convention in desperation; looking rather sullen for a man who was known to kill hundreds.

This landed him somehow running into Wanderer and his... "assailant". Caim blinked in confusion at the scene unfolding in front of him, but took the opportunity to change weapons, Hymir's Finger to Windsinger in a blink of an eye. As he charged into the fray, the PDA asked worriedly to Wanderer, "Have you seen my kids? One of them looks like a dragon, and the other one is a Green lizard?"

MIT Convention: Maintenance route to Stage 3:Azan, David, Kalastryn, Angelus

Angelus, like her pact partner, was pacing about the convention area as inconspicuously as a woman with a katana could manage, her mind attempting to reach out to the children and/or Caim and to her frustration - heard no response.
"Really, what is this world coming to? ....hello...."

The dragon in human flesh drew pause when she saw several heavily armed marines rush past her, and to the sounds of - oh great, the knight was on the loose, and it looked like he was dragging David and Kalastryn along for the ride. Welp, so much for subtly!
Angelus gripped the katana with renewed energy upon reaching her newer query (read: Her allies) and ran a hand over the blade she was holding, causing her flames to surround the blade, as she had assisted Caim in a similar manner before. As she readied the blade and charged in, her voice carried as she asked, "You lot wouldn't have happened to see my little ones, have you?"

((Sorry in advance for the quality. It's been a while. ;_;))

MIT Dropzone: Service Enterance

"There's something wrong with these guns." Insano said, holding one of the railguns in both hands. "Other than the fact that technology required to make it shouldn't exist yet, I mean."

"Rugal should be somewhere around here..." Boss said, looking around. Thankfully for the both of them, Teri's distraction had assured that everyone was too preoccupied to notice two people popping out of thin air, and Boss had nudged Insano in the direction he thought Rugal was in. "I can feel his ticker right...under..."

"Do you smell that?" Insano asked. "Smells like...smoke?."

Boss looked around, and saw a thin trail of black smoke coming from a room down the hall. "Yeah. It's coming from over here..."

Boss and Insano both walked into the room where the dead soldier's body and wrecked vending machine were. "Well. I guess we're going down."

"You go on ahead. I'm going to take a closer look at this thing here. Something about it is really bugging me, and I'm going to find out what it is."

Boss nodded and descended down the lift slowly, keeping the choking black smoke away from him. At the bottom of the shaft, he saw Rugal, flanked on either side by a blue-armored guard; Boss presumed they were other Rising Dawn members that he didn't have tickers over. "Well this doesn't look good." Boss said, walking up behind them. "Should we start smashing?"

MIT Dropzone: Service Enterance

Icarus followed Rugal and was surprised to find the weapon production line, looking around
"well this is not what I had expected." he said his voice through a radio was more of his own voice.
"Hmm I wonder if this is powered by crystals, hey you think if we let an orange wombat loose it'll ruin everything" he asked Rugal but the serious expression on the big man's face made him silent.
They soon rejoined Boss and the strange Doctor Insano.
He waved to boss
"Hmm I don't know if we should start breaking things, hmm I wonder if we could mess with the system like those hacks that disable maintenance alarms that'd just let it be like a bomb that'll goo off when we're not nearby and anonymous. I mean, stealth is the best way to go right?" he looked around, to be fair this way of though did not fit the giant space marine armor with a golden visor.
He looked around and took out his black hand-held device thinking.

Wanderer (Currently in a Janitor outfit) Vs Catalina. With Caim.
Location: Maintenance | MIT.

*Theme song*

Taking the hit in the head and the uppercut, Wanderer could feel that his jaw almost broke. "Damn Cyborgs." Wanderer muttered under his breath, before immediately putting up his guard. Catalina's roundhouse was a short second of smacking the head of her enemy, but a arm blocked her way. Dark Wanderer could feel the pain from the pressure and stress the leg was dealing to his arm. "Boy?! I'm not even human!"

Wanderer mocked as he suddenly ducked, and made a sweeping kick with his legs, hoping to knock Catalina down. As if that was not bad enough, Wanderer rolled further back in the maintenance hallway, leaving a special little object. It was a pulse grenade. Whatever reaction Catalina had, Wanderer came immediately coming at her, with a glowing metallic fist. His damaged face barely managing his smirk.

Putting on a power stance, Dark Wanderer clenched his fists. "I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you." Wanderer kept saying over, and over again.

Then Caim came along. To his surprise, this Wanderer didn't need or want. "This isn't the kind of place they would come. Now scram, because I'm going to turn this place into Hell!" He responded with a dark aura. This was certainly not the right person or time to ask that question.

Storm, Alpha, Teri, Garm, and Dimitri.
Location: show floor | MIT.


"Toshiro Hitsugaya" Storm announced to the judges, and as it would seem that they are bored, he was about to pull out his katana, which would automatically be covered in sort of plasma fire. Yet, he eyes caught Alpha, and the guards. Wanting to jump from the stage, he would hope something would happen. Thanking his God for the next event, water started spraying from above, and everyone tumbled out of the area.

Seeing Teri and her wolf, Storm smiled as he was left on stage. With one leap, he was almost in the middle of the stare down, facing the metal giants. Pulling out his katana, it was immediately consumed by a weird blue flame that licked at any water that dared to venture towards it. "I'm willing to bet that your armour sucks!" He smiled and went into his fighting pose, gripping his katana with two hands.

"Come on, make my day." he smirked.


Starting to worry what was about to happen, Alpha saw two sides flanking her. Guards, and a camera. Not only that, but also the enemy AI that she was barely keeping at bay. Placing her hand on the rapier she carried, Alpha wanted to be saved, but she knew, that sometimes she can't always rely on that person, or the people around her. About to pull the metal out, water rained from the ceiling, and before she knew, the area was empty.

Not only that, but the guards, and the suspect were right in the center, staring off. Alpha immediatly knew it was Teri, and not only that, but she felt that it was "Dimi" who had set off the alarm. Hopping her way to the cleric, Alpha pulled out her rapier and stood by her. "Thank you Teri and Dimitri. S and myself were forced split up, and a new enemy AI is in this system." She said with a more thankful smile.

The battle was about to begin.

MIT Dropzone: Service Entrance

Rugal pushed onward after the others, pulling out a handkerchief out of his jacket to cover his mouth with as they moved into the production line.
"Well, either way, can't just let this place keep chugging alon-*Cough*..-long. Besides, depending on his workload, Might pick up some of the good doctor's work to use against him..." He said to Nadalia as he marched onwards and remembered why he had hired Cortex back the day, soot and steel tickling at his lungs as he did.
"Hey, you think if we let an orange wombat loose it'll ruin everything?" Icarus then suddenly asked, prompting an amused grunt from Rugal.
"As amazing as a world would be where marsupials could single-handedly solve the worlds ills, I doubt it's this one..." He then answered, right as Boss showed up, prompting both him and Icarus to suggest quote "Smashing" the weapons production.
"Hacking might be a good idea, but I'm not about to blow up a weapons factory when there then several thousand civilians standing right above it, including my daughter...No, we'll either need to find the off button or knock out the power...and maybe find the damn fan..." He "Hacked" into his makeshift mouth gag as he walked along the main weapon's line.
It was then that the room suddenly shook violently, as if it was moving, no, something was moving it in.
"What the hell?!" Rugal grunted, clinging to side of a machine as the shaking died down a little, right as a pair of glowing red eyes lit up from the shadows, the deafening sound of moving steel overwriting the racket of the production line.
It didn't take long for him to realize what it was: "...Midget bastard rebuilt it..." He cursed as a massive torso began to drag it's way towards them, large metal hands digging into the ground as it scraped itself closer to the group.

Bathed in the slight of the smelting steel, the incomplete mech crawled towards them, everything below his waist being non-existent and most of his armor plating was still to be fitted.
That being said, it would be pretty hard to avoid a large battle mech in an area like this, something [M.A.N.G.O] was quick to make use of as he reached over to one of the molten steel vats, using one of it's hands to tear it from the ground before flinging both it and it's contents at the intruders.

MIT Convention: Cosplay Contest: Storm, Alpha, Teri, Garm, Dimitri, AIMBot

The crowd quickly ran out of the room as the rain ruined several thousand dollars worth of cosplay equipment and makeup, as well as countless smart phones and snacks.
The Marines had the worst of it as they attempted to get their visors up when the rain hit, though the sheer volume of it resulted in some of it leaking into the insides of their suits, something that was a bit of a problem for the evil mercs.
"OH FUC-SHI-MOTH-AHHHH THIS FUCKING STINGS!" one of them screamed into his hands as the water stung their faces, which didn't really help when the rain was THAT heavy.
His teammate meanwhile was able to tough it out a lot better as he looked at Storm in front of him, holding that sword in a combat pose.
"Grrrr, EAT LEAD PUNK!" He shouted as he raised his weapon and opened fire, though-...He had a REALLY hard time shooting the cosplayer in front of him, Storm didn't even have to move!
Realizing it was useless to aim, he then threw the gun at Storm before trying to tackle him to the ground, using the extra weight that comes with being in a mech suit.

As the rain soaked the stage, AIMBot watched as possible his last chance to escape began to slip from his grasp, one figure instantly coming to mind.
"...Dimtiri...I...Will Denied...This time." growled a metallic voice though the intercom of the room as the monitors flicked both from water damage and the sudden appearance of a Displeased looking AI appeared on it, managing to look both enraged and...slightly sickly looking.
Alpha would recall who he was, remembering when Storm faced off against him and how violently he comprised his armors systems (I.E. Her systems)
"Re-enforcements have arrived." He proclaimed as a squad of 5 Marines began to enter the storm, this time with their visors on and aiming for the Cleric and AI.
"Stimpak activated." AIMBot then stated, prompting winces of pain from each of the marines before they began to act somewhat erratically, shaking and screaming before they charged into battle guns blazing looking like they had a serious case of Roid Rage.

MIT Convention: Holding Area: ARES 35, Cadolblog, Ton Ton

Ares's struggles went somewhat un-noticed as the several events going on all over MIT was starting to have it's effect on the guards, spreading them thin as a few of them ran past her cell.
The remaining one was a large armored marine so was hoping on one foot as he tried to fit on one of his extra large armor boots, clearly having some issues doing so when his "Hands" were cannons.
"Come on, piece of-Who designs these fucking things?!" He whined as he walked right in front of the metal door right as ARES kicked it off it's hinges, splatting him against the wall as Cadolbolg and Ton Ton watched. (and barely avoided themselves!)
Before she could really make a good escape attempt though, ARES soon found that same door rushing back to meet her as the Marauder fired one of his cannons against it, returning to the favor as he stepped out of the grove that the impact made in the wall.
"...Ohhhh, Master Chief...YOU DONE FUCKED NOW!" He roared, both in anger and ignorance as he charged into the cell to beat the snot out of the robotic woman, barely noticing the Cutie Bruisers as a result.

MIT Convention: Maintenance route to Stage 4: Wanderer, Caim, Catalina

Static radiated from Catalina's body as the pulse grenade hit, giving Wanderer the opening he needed to land with that super heated saturnite fist, how he carried that around in his pants, no one knows...
Either way, Caim's interruption allowed her to pick herself off the floor, the metal in her face now glowing red from the heat, matching the rest of it as the anger from seeing her love's "Boyfriend" suddenly show up.
"Ohhhhh, Jou brought jour little queer lover boy along because jou can't beat a real woman!?" She shouted as she opened up a pair of compartments on her wrists, causing two Metal blades.
"I'll cut jour fucking balls off and kill jour children too. Come on! EAT MY SHIT!" The crazed cyborg yelled before charging in, dual wielding her blades as she went full offensive, trying to use each blade on one target.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures
Location: Admissions Office | Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Boston | Massachusetts | United States

Katya Rostikova was reasonably sure that she was in the lair of Doctor Neo Cortex, the subject that the Crew of the Rising Dawn had infiltrated the campus to capture. First impressions aside, the shrimp of a scientist wasn't much to look at, especially dressed up in an outfit that should have been worn by someone far taller and better looking than he. Truth be told, however, Katya wasn't exactly in any position to speak since she was dressed like an 8 year old girl that was actually a 500 year old vampire. There was a strange irony to the fact that Doctor Neo Cortex dressed up to someone taller and the Hacker Heroine dressed down to someone shorter.

Musings aside, the normally verbose young woman was at a loss for words considering how easy it had been to infiltrate into the lair of Doctor Neo Cortex. The only thing that remained would be returning to the Airship with the soon to be captive scientist. As she considered those questions, she moved towards the occupied Doctor with her sword drawn.

Raising the blade over her head, the conclusion was that extricating him from said lair would be the trick... trickier... part?

The stream of consciousness in the young Haxx0r's head was brought to a screeching stop when she noted that a replay of Doctor Cortex's last game revealed that he was doing a piss poor job of microing and macroing. The Terran Space Marine group that he controlled was taking 2 steps too man before firing on an approaching wave of Zerglings. On top of that, he was using his Vikings to go Overlord hunting when they could have been reinforcing the Space Marines and eliminating the Zergling hunting party.

"Wut 1n t3h H3llz d1d j00 th1nk j00 w3r3 d0ing?" Katya asked bringing attention to the fact that she was standing right behind Cortex with her blade drawn... not exactly the best look when you're stuck in enemy territory.

Wanderer (Currently in a Janitor outfit) & Caim Vs Catalina.
Location: Maintenance | MIT.

*I ain't changing the theme song.*

After Catalina called him for swinging the other day, Wanderer signed and turned to Caim. Ignoring Catalina as he placed his focus back in Caim, his eyes went back to glowing blue, and he shook his head gently.
"I don't swing that way ... plus I didn't swing her way." He said much more calmer, before crimson took over again.
"Because she's an ugly bitch, and not dying is SO unattractive." He literally bitched, looking back to the still charging Catalina, Wanderer pointed to Caim.

"I ain't with him bitch, he's fucks dragons ... and yes, it is probably as awesome as it sounds." Wanderer yelled and followed it with a insane, hysterical laugh. Under his breath, Wanderer muttered, "No offense." Then just before she launched her attack, Wanderer threw his fist at her. Yet this was directly at the blade, so who knows what could happen.

Storm, Alpha, Teri, Garm, and Dimitri.
Location: show floor | MIT.


Readying himself for combat, Storm could feel the new wetness tickle him, almost making him shiver. Assault shots were fired, and the Spartan was trying to look around, because he could feel no pain or instict to move or dodge. Storm's jaw would have dropped to the ground as his eyes examined the bullet holes around him. Cocking his head, he gave a gesture that said "really?!"
"Your aim is worse than the Red and Blue simulation troopers'." Storm said, with a smirk that could only talk about his experience.

Before the almost cocky Spartan could say any more, the Marine threw his gun. Instincts and teachings came into play, as Storm let go of one hand, and made a diagonal dash to the right of the Marine. Not only this, but with his katana in one hand, he made a single swipe. As Storm stopped behind the charging Marine, the gun fell into two pieces before the hulking armour. "You missed, but I didn't." He said in a more colder voice.

If the Marine noticed through the combat adrenaline or stimpak/psycho[1], he could feel air against his side. In actual fact, in that singular dash cut, the fastest Spartan alive didn't only cut the weapon, but he intentionally cut the sides of the Marine's armour, as a warning. Before the Marine could notice, Storm was already facing his back, and once more into his stance. "Fight, if you want to die." His voice boomed, as if demanding a challenge.


Looking at the screen, analyzing the imagine, and matching it against data she had recorded since the beginning of her time in the world, she could recall this particular AI. "We have met this AI before ... ... or should I say, Viscus!" She cried out aggressively against the screen, knowing it would do little against a non-emotional AI like that. Before he hack Storm's armour, and now he was trying to hack her.

"Two AI are better than one." She looked to her side and said to her comrades. Pulling out her rapier, she presented her own fighting stance and charged forth as well. While charging she lowered her pain sensors as much as she could. Alpha could already feel several bullets graze along her as well as inside her. Alpha went towards the nearest Marine, hoping that she could pierce them with abnormal strength of her synthetic body, Alpha let out a cry as she tried to impale the Marine.

[1] I don't know if Storm's enemy was affected, that and if you intentionally named it stimpak, because it sounds more like Psychos' effect.

MIT Dropzone: Service Entrance

No one had more than a split second to react to the vat of molten metal headed towards them; really, that wasn't more than enough time to brace one's self for impact.

But it never came. Not twenty feet from the group, the vat had frozen in mid-air. "Well if I'm not allowed to wreck this place, then I'm certanly not going to let that thing do it, either." Boss said. His left hand was outstretched, palm facing the vat of molten metal. Boss waved his other hand, and the smoke around them cleared, although only in the group's immediate vicinity. "That should help some. Now if smashing isn't an option, what do we do?" Boss looked over to Nadalia. "I'm Boss, by the way. Friends call me Boss. And this layabout-" he said, gesturing to Insano. "Is named Doctor Insano. He's...he's a scientist from the future or something." Insano was so engrossed with taking apart the railgun (muttering scientific pseudo-jaron to himself in the procces) that he seemed not to have noticed the vat of steel that Boss had kept from killing all of them. "...he seems to be away. Try calling again later."

Generic NPC 22:
Sorry this late, didn't realize I could update this at first ^^;

The Escapist Avatar Adventures
Location: Admissions Office | Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Boston | Massachusetts | United States

When Katya pointed out the sloppy mirco from one of the replays, Cortex didn't notice her thinly disguised assassination attempt, but the guards sure did as she found herself being pounced upon by two guards in mech suits, right as Cortex turned back around to look at what she was pointing out.
"Oh yeah, that. Well, if you look at monitor 4 there, you can see the Ghosts I was mirco-ing though those Overseers. Heh, land like 5 nukes on their base around the 14 minute mark..." He then calmly answered, only really being aware of the attempt on his life once he turned around.
"...Wow...You really did go to Harvard, huh?..." He then remarked as he took another hit of his joint, still seeming to be unaware or just straight out uncaring for the attempt on his life.
"Dr. Lang, she just tried kill you..."
"Well, good thing you were there. Nice to know the cash I spent didn't go to waste. Alright then Ms-....huh, didn't actually get your, either way. Whats your beef? And why shouldn't I just let these two blow your head off then hop back on ladder?" He then asked while one Marine pinned down the 8-year old cosplayer via a knee pressed into the side of her head while the other stood by to put a bullet in it.

Avatar Adventure
Location: MIT


The reaper darted across the room, filling the air with clouds of shrapnel. Azan raised the great-shield before himself and knelt down to weather the storm. The newcomer was fast, much faster than the previous, but his armor also seemed lighter. He would be easy to dispatch, if it was similarly easy to close the range between the two. Azan turned slowly on the ball of his foot to keep the shield facing the reaper. He was doing a general circle, simple and predictable. The jetpack he used was particularly large and unwieldy, especially in the corridor.

The range was the issue. Even layering his own plate and Havel's stone guard was not enough to fully protect him from the incoming projectiles. Azan knew that it only took a single shot from the infernal weapons to render a man mortally wounded. Even a stray bullet through the visor of his helmet was enough to do the job. He gripped the greatshield in both hands and started to edge forward, but the stone slab was heavy. It did not move. Azan put more force into it. It still didn't move. Did it get heavier when I gripped it with both hands? He pulled again but his right hand slipped from the shield and in a great heave the shield lit up with black energy. Black crystals erupted from the stone plate, coating Azan in a shadowy aura. Suddenly the armor felt lighter and the reaper's attacks did not even spark against the stone plate.

Azan stood up, somewhat baffled at the marvels of Havel's magic, and charged the reaper, Dragontooth in hand.

Havel-buffed Azan was fast, he barreled straight past the reaper, missing him but clipping his jetpack enough to leave a sizable dent. Azan smashed into the wall, shaking the hallway. More of the ceiling rained down around the two combatants. Azan hoist Dragon Tooth over his shoulder, took it in both hands, and prepared to charge again.

Yet, the reaper still had his anti-structure D8 mines.

MIT Dropzone: Service Entrance

Icarus saw The giant machine fighting with a hollow knight created by Nadlaia since they were going loud Icarus decided to do away with his disguise, he marched over to be close to Nadalia
"Fee free to use the armor, I just need a small thing," he said he had taken a tiny oxygen mask and air tank with the tank strapped to his back, in between his wings
The visor opened forcefully, and much to wide than intended, making it crack and crumpling the helmet and Icarus launched out the small looking girl seemed to have to huge tears in her coat and back. Icarus clenched his fists and black lighting crackled, he made a striking motion and fired a heavy black bot of energy the black gloves seems to burn and flake away revealing Icarus's fingers his hand in part.
The bolt flickered and sparked inside the unfinished machines body, he let out another with his other hand, the illusion was breaking down the coat getting smoky with small hols that showed Icarus underneath, it wouldn't last long, the more people looked at the holes the wider they would become as the illusion fell apart in their minds eye.

MIT Convention: Cosplay Contest: Storm, Alpha, Teri, Garm, Dimitri, Selena

Selena had been looking around and had wondered where Icarus disappeared hat was until she got a strange feeling, a single drop fell from the roof, she managed to react fast enough to create a small barrier spell over her head. the huge downpour of water ruined a lot of peoples costumes, food and... other merchandise, she avoided making eye contact as a man cried over the loss of his adult comic depicting sailor moon on the cover. she kept her head down as she moved towards what she could imagine was the source as odd golden droplet of rain pelted the shield she had floating over her head it was alike a large convex disc relatively transparent it looked a lot like it was made of glass, she approached the cleric.
"So I guess stealth is no longer an option huh? she asked, her wand now visible in her hand and her golden charm bracelet also visible, she easily remove the illusion Icarus had put upon her, but of course the team was expected to stay hidden.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures
Location: Admissions Office | Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Boston | Massachusetts | United States

Foiled again by her need to obsession with the perfect game! This wasn't exactly the first time Katya Rostikova had found herself on the business end of a fire arm after critiquing someone's shitty job of playing a game. There was that one time... in Albuquerque... with that one Jessie guy who said "Bitch" all the time. Still Katya wasn't so stupid that she'd let these idiots do whatever they wanted to her.

The Terran Marines grinned as the one with the gun started tightening his grip on his pistol's trigger, pulling the hammer back. There was an audible click when the hammer was released and allowed to speed its way towards the chambered bullet's primer.


The gun fired, propelling the slug down the barrel via expansion of super heated gasses, the rifling inside the barrel causing the slug to spin, stabilizing the projectile's flight, not that it had to travel far. Exiting the barrel, it should have had a relatively straight course towards Katya's brain, should have. The problem was the black tendril that snaked out from the girl's body and redirected the pistol's aim towards the other gun, the slug piercing the man's head before he could register that something was wrong.

In the movies or a video game with rag doll physics enabled, the guard would have been sent flying towards the wall. This, however, was neither. The bullet did impart enough energy to send the guard toppling backwards however, taking the weight off of the Katya, now in her normalized form.

"Z'up B1tch3z!" The Hacker Heroine called out as the tendril plucked the pistol out of the guard's hand and fired it in his face before pistol whipping the Pot Smoking Professor.

"& Y shudn't 1 jus l3t dis t3n71cl3 bl0w j00r h3ad 0ff th3n h0p b@ck 0n t3h l@dd3r?"Katya asked as she started pistol whipping the Midget repeatedly.

MIT Convention: Holding area:ARES 35, Ton Ton, Cadolblog, POM(Pissed Off Marine):

ARES would have laughed at the armored marine being splat against the wall by the door if she hadn't been struck with it on it's return path. She shouted profanity before having no time to dodge and being struck by the door on it's "return trip."

Clutching her head and getting up off the ground she mused "Owww... It's a door, not a gad damn boomerang!"

The POM that came through the door then to give her what for was also probably going to be surprised. His advance was quick, but he met with a kick with her repulsion jet that would make Leonidas envious of just how far she could kick a man if it connects. She then proceeds to use her Tesla Rifle's secondary beam (repairs mechanical objects or saps electricity) to hopefully start powering down his armor.

MIT Dropzone: Basement Factory
Nadalia/Rugal/Icarus/Boss/Insano(?) Vs. [M.A.N.G.O]

"JUST HIT THE BLOODY THING BEFORE IT BRINGS THE INSTITUTE DOWN ON OUR HEADS!" Rugal shouted with great urgency when Nadalia asked for ideas, he commissioned the original [M.A.N.G.O] project to secure key parts of his empire from the masses of young up and coming Heroes who thought they could just waltz in and ruin his places of business.
Having seen what the original could do, he was pretty impressed, but now that he was fighting against it, he was just hoping that Cortex failed to advance the project too much from it's old model or else a lot of people were going to get hurt when it committed to one of it's potent attacks.
With the armor distracting it and Icarus's lighting bolt seeming to have stunned it a little as black static bounced around its outer shell, Rugal took the chance to try and get it's flank, vaulting over the production line and closing the distance, throwing out a "REPPUKEN!" during his sprint as he went for a leaping right hand cross around the mech's armpit where he remembered the Armor being weaker.
While his strike was enough to stagger it slightly from the impact, it didn't cause quite the damage he remembered, the internal skeleton being much better designed now.

"Oh NOW he fixes that damn deflect! How delightfully typical of that Bald Bastard!" The German groaned as a series of latches on the mech's back opened up, firing out small mini-[M.A.N.G.O]'s no bigger then a toddler which began to fly around the area, seeking out targets, like Rugal, before rushing towards them and exploding on impact, a fate Rugal was keen to avoid as he backed off, jumping and swinging from the hook of a automated ceiling crane to evade them.
"Those Drones explode on Impact, watch out!"

The Mech meanwhile seemed to be loosing against Nadalia's armor, then again, the Armor didn't have to deal with the additional attacks and could focus entirely on trying to overpower [M.A.N.G.O]'s hand.
So much however he didn't notice it move his arm into place beside it, prompting the Armor to look over for a moment at the fist now lined up with it.
Right on cue, the fist raced towards the armor as a massive pneumatic piston hidden in the arm went off, the force of the impact comically plowing the armor against the wall and allowing the Mech to deal with the other intruders.
Icarus's attack did phase it but the black static lingered much longer then he would have thought from an attack like that.
Twitching slightly before regaining control, [M.A.N.G.O]'s eyes flashed for a moment before he leaned forward and opened his mouth, belching out the small amount of energy it had managed to absorb into a Small but focused beam, targeted right at the vat of still molten metal Boss was holding, prompting it to explode and spray it's red hot contents all over the room.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures
Location: Admissions Office | Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Boston | Massachusetts | United States

"WHOA!...Dude, I didn't say to shoot her yet!....Oh...." was Cortex's main reaction to seeing one of his Marines suddenly get brutally murdered right in front of him as Katya made her play, the fact that he was literally about to die only now just sinking in.
Near instantly, the once cocky and cheerful "Dr. Lang" began to break down right in front of her, all color(?) fading from his face, his hands shaking, dropping his joint and his lip quivering as he slowly backed away towards his desk, tripping over some loose cables as he did.
"...L-l....No....Not now....I-i-i-i was actually....Happy...." He bumbled, slowly completing his transformation from "Hot as Shit Dr. Clancy Lang, Lord and Master of MIT and Terran alike" back into the sad, lonely wreck of a man he had tried to escape from.
No! Come on, Think, Cortex, THINK! He pleaded to himself, trying to find someway to delay his fate just a few more months at least or at least not die at the hands of some tentacled teenage bitc-

"....Wait....You're using B.W.E.P.?...You actually put that shit into your body?..." He then asked with total confusion on his face, a plan starting to form, he just needed the opening.
"...AIMBot, Sound Check: Nuke." He then quickly said before sticking his fingers his ears and closing his eyes.
On the computer behind Katya, the resident AI of the building quickly ran an EXTREMELY loud noise, using the surround sound set up to blast it from all directions, loud enough to stagger Katya.
He then leapt to the side towards the corner of his desk, grabbing his phone in midair and quickly inputting something onto it with impressive speed once he landed on his back.
Sweat beaded from his forehead as Katya recovered and went to impale his massive skull, spikes appearing on the tentacle for using such an old fucking meme.
"-AND EXECUTE!" Would have been Cortex's last words as he laid there, his eyes going wide as Katya's tentacle hovered barely an inch in front of it.
But no matter what, she couldn't get it move any further.
"...You didn't read the file on the Biological Engineered Weaponized Phage, did you?...." The Doctor then laughed as he stood back up and tried to pretend he didn't piss himself, even if the stain was clear as day.
"It was designed for use in combat, but you really think it's makers were going to just give a bunch of hopped up jarheads all this power and not have a way to keep a leash on them?..." He said, slipping into his "Clancy Brown" voice for this.
"You know that old "Mission Objective" code you commented out? Well, binded to that code was a few sub objectives hidden from view to ensure the operative doesn't go AWOL or disobey. One of those is simple enough: "Don't hurt the guys you are working for" and it includes a list of groups they can't take action against during a mission. COs, VIPs, Members of Government and so forth. Soooo, being the red hot stud that I am, I edited the listing to include MIT Staff then activated a encrypted Mission Objective..." He said as he let out a evil laugh that was worth a 7/10 and outstretched his arms, leaving himself wide open.
"...go on....try it..." He said with the confidence he grew over his stay at the college, even the fact he had wet himself couldn't bring him down.

MIT Dropzone: Basement Factory
Nadalia/Rugal/Icarus/Boss/Insano Vs. [M.A.N.G.O]



Nadalia's cry was drowned out by the electronic PASHOOM sound of the energy beam coming out of [M.A.N.G.O's] mouth; the warrior had jumped in front of the beam with nothing but a sword intent on blocking the attack. And block it she did...sort of. The beam split in half down the blade; one side scorching the ground not six inches away from Boss. The other...

Boss had focuses most of his energy into a front-facing shield when he heard Nadalia shout at him; the shield he had around the vat of molten metal had been weakened considerably as a result, and even at half strength, the tiny beam had the force of a supersonic wrecking ball behind it. The shield around the vat shattered; Boss's head swam, and his vision was flooded with white spots. The vat itself split open, it's contents spilling to the ground in front of the group.

The metal! Stop the metal or it will kill everyone!

That inner-voice; the one that was like Boss, but not his own-spoke to him again. And again, he felt control wrenched away from him, as something both inside of him and outside of him yanked his hand and his mind in front of him. A volley of raw psionic energy slammed into the molten metal, enough to turn all of it into dust...but it didn't. Instead, it froze the metal solid, chilling each molecule one at a time, all in the time it took him to raise his hand. The shattered vat of molten metal had become, in less than an instant, a pillar of steel slag, the vat it came from still suspended eight feet in the air.

Boss wiped his face; he felt something warm and thick trickling out of his nose, ears and eyes. How...did I-

Looking up, he barely had time to register that there were two tiny orange robots flying right towards him.


"Those Drones explode on Impact, watch out!"


A few tweaks here, a few wires there, some heat and calm and Insano had turned the half-rate railgun into an electron-disrupting energy weapon. He had no idea why they'd made the battery as powerful as they had-well he had a idea, but he wasn't one to needlessly speculate-but it had certainly served his purposes well enough, and with any luck it would serve him well in their fight.

Switching his goggles to targeting mode, he took aim at the seven toddler-sized robots flying through the air and fired; in seven swift trigger pulls, all seven of the drones shut down and fell out of the air.

Insano smiled. I love being a cybo-

Just to the left-and just behind-Insano, two explosions went off almost simultaneously. Insano's head jerked around; two of the drones-maybe more-had made a straight bee line for what they surely perceived as the most dangerous threat in the room. That threat just happened to be the psychic powerhouse that could catch a twelve-ton vat of molten steel like a goddamn softball. A good judgement call from a pragmatic perspective, but didn't help them any.

Insano switched his goggles over to scan mode, hoping to assess Boss's injuries, but...what...was that flickering?

Boss burst out of the smoke into the air, holding steady about seven feet under the ground, chest heaving, and bleeding from his eyes, nose, and ears. "NOT COOL, ROBOT!" Boss shouted, still heaving great breaths. "I NEED MY BODY FOR DOING STUFF!"

Insano shouted to Boss; "Distract the robot! Hit it with a psychic blast or something!" Insano shouted to Orinion. "You too! I'll see if I can shut the damned thing down!"

MIT Convention: Stage 3: DOTA 2 Finals:Azan, David, Kalastryn, Angelus

Once the Jetpack was damaged, it became extremely hard for the Reaper to remain airborne, resulting in him flying around in circles rather rapidly before crashing into the wall, plowing right though it, further chipping at the structural strength of the hallway they were in, and crashing right onto the main stage behind where where the players were...well, playing.
This instantly caused David to cringe, he just knew that Kazuya would be completely fucking in-insufferable about this as the guards watching the crowd rushed over the help their wounded friend.
"Jesus Azan, did you not get the memo about not being noticeable?..." He groaned as the Sniper looked though the hole in the wall and at the armed guards, but more importantly, the crowd still watching.
"Alright, too many civies, disengage, fall back and wait for backu-" He went to say to Angelus, Kalastryn and Azan, but a chunk of ceiling fell right beside him changed his opinion on combat in a civilian area.
"...Ignore what I said! IGNORE WHAT I SAID! GO GO! THE CROWD WILL LOVE US!" He then shouted to the others as everyone who didn't want to pick lumps of concrete out of their skulls pushed though the void in the wall, right in time to see it save in behind them.

From what the crowd could see, it seems the invitational holders spicing up the rather dull "laneing" phase of the game with some entertainment (After all, Divine Rapiers aren't cheap).
The actors entered the stage from behind the players, dressed up as John Marston, The Pryo, The Bride and Bishop Havel the Rock from Dark Souls (With actual Shadow SFX!) before stumbling onto the stage, the professional players not even aware they were even there.
The guards pretended to be surprised and confused by their sudden appearance before the 5 stationed to watch this event all went to battle with the actors, fake bullets soon flying from their prop weapons.
All most instantly, it perked up the crowd after what had been a pretty passive set of games between the two teams as they watched the "Fake" fight begin to unfold.

MIT Dropzone: Basement Factory
Nadalia/Rugal/Icarus/Boss/Insano Vs. [M.A.N.G.O]

Icarus nodded at the request to press the attack and kept going , taking a deep breath through the oxygen mask and placed his hands together and fired a continues stream of black lightning arcing towards [M.A.N.G.O] the obvious lightning rod as he did the illusion was on it's last legs, breaking apart it vanished away into smoke revealing the true Icarus. The lightning seamed to have a limited affect though he ceased fire temporarily to draw out a better weapon the Trident of Darkness focusing on the power within the trident he channeled his lightning the blasts had significantly more punch than before focused through the ancient demonic artifact.
Icarus began to laugh as the bolts did a lot more damage to the giant robot however there seemed to be a twinge in his behavior he seemed to be attacking a little too enthusiastically but it was effective so perhaps it could be forgiven.

MIT Dropzone: Basement Factory
Nadalia/Rugal/Icarus/Boss/Insano(?) Vs. [M.A.N.G.O]

After seeing Boss turn the molten metal into just solid metal, it bumped him up a rank or two on [M.A.N.G.O]'s threat meter, prompting a few more drones to be sent his way.
But before he could really focus his attention on him, Nadalia, fresh off getting some of her skin burnt off, rushed in for another attack, evading a piston punch before landing on the Mech's face and stabbing it in the eye, firing up the blade afterwards to do as much damage as she could to it's internal circuits.
[M.A.N.G.O] let out a metallic scream, as if it was actually in pain before one of it's hands grabbed the queen before she could leap away, the rapidly heating metal that made up it's face glaring at her almost with her sword still stuck right in his eye...
Right before the other one got impaled by a crane hook as Rugal swung it right in the robot's face, prompting a finch of sorts, enough for Nadalia to get out and Rugal to leap away.

With Insano taking on the drones and keeping them off him at least, Rugal quickly feel back to where the pulley for the crane was kept, punching though the casing and yanking out the chain connected to the hook.
Firmly gripping it in his hands, he then began to pull on the chain, grunting from effort as he began to hoist the mech upwards, [M.A.N.G.O] struggling as it was painfully hung from one of it's eye sockets until it was nearly entirely off the ground, like a man on a noose.
"DO IT! TAKE IT DOWN!" He screamed as he held the chain, and [M.A.N.G.O], in place, allowing Icarus to get off a rather nasty looking lighting attack on the defenseless killer robot as it sparked and hissed like a Christmas tree over a pyre.
Rugal kept it in place, least until some of the charge of Icarus's attack traveled up the chain, giving him an unwelcome shock and causing him to drop the mech back on the ground harshly.
For the last moments of it's life, it twitched as black static sparked though-out his body before finally going still, the audible noise of it powering down marking it's defeat.
"Ah....ahh....I never did like that over-priced toaster...Everyone alright?! You! Insano! For the love of god, make sure it's fried! I'm not taking any chances with that thing..." Rugal then shouted to the others, shaking his hands in order to try and get the tingling sensation of getting shocked out of them.
It is now I remind everyone that, because of his Costume, he just spent the entire fight with a cock for a head.

MIT Dropzone: Basement Factory
Nadalia/Rugal/Icarus/Boss/Insano(?) Vs. [M.A.N.G.O]

"Ah....ahh....I never did like that over-priced toaster..." Rugal said. "Everyone alright?! You! Insano! For the love of god, make sure it's fried! I'm not taking any chances with that thing..."

Insano nodded, and walked over to the machine, checking it to the best of his ability. Boss floated down to the rest of the group, wiping his face off on his shirt. "I'm good." he said. "This-" Boss pointed at his face, then to the pillar of frozen metal, and the broken vat suspended in it. "Is from that. That...was hard. But those blowing up things didn't get me."

"Drones." Insano said. "Call them drones. And yeah, this thing is down for the count." Insano shook his head. "You completely fried it's hard drive; I don't know if I could fix this if I wanted to." Insano thought for a moment. "Well, I could. But it wouldn't work the same. I'd have to write a new OS for it and everything, and work out probably hundreds of-"

"INSANO!" Boss shouted. "More pressing issues. How do we shut down the factory?"

"Shut...shut it down?" Insano said. "No. That won't be good enough. Even if we break everything they have, they'll be able to put it back together in a couple days. A better idea would be contaminating the supply. If we-by which I mean I-can tweak their rifles so that they stop working after...I don't know, 150 shots? That would be much more effective. They couldn't fix that right away."

MIT Dropzone: Service Entrance

MIT Convention: Cosplay Contest: Storm, Alpha, Teri, Garm, Dimitri, Selena, AIMBot VISCUS!

In Cyberspace - Dimitri and Alpha vs Viscus - FIGHT!
"...Dimtiri...I...Will Denied...This time."

The Butler AI grimaced at the sight of his rival/nemesis/whatever, his fist clenching at the realization of who was behind the digital mayhem Alpha was going through, "Viscus, I should have known your ilk would be lurking around here! If you seek to harm Her Ladyship and my comrades, then you leave me little choice! I WILL suppress you here, so help me!"

The BARRET and the SCOUTER appeared on Dimitri's digital form at the call for arms, and he unzipped the viruses YAMATO_NO_OROCHI, PRINCIPALITY, and SEIRYU before aiming his gun and beginning to fire.

Everyone Else - Storm, Alpha, Teri, and Selena vs 7 Guards - FIGHT!
Meanwhile, in the realm of flesh and bone, Teri balked at the sudden appearance of the extra guards and Viscus beginning to duke it out with Dimitri on widescreen, before shouting over her shoulder to Selena, "It's safe to say we're in for a rough ride; do what you can to stay safe, but try to keep the collateral damage to a minimum, there are innocent lives in this building!"

After saying her piece, Teri gulped and began an incantation near the now roid-raging guards, waving her hands as Garm attempted to duck and weave from the oncoming bullets and (currently) engaged guards before a thick sheet of ice appeared under the group of coming attackers. Aura flaring brightly among her comrades, the Cleric looked over the situation before coming up with a follow through to the ice-
Drawing her arms back, the Cleric could feel the energy building up inside of herself before she threw them forward, aiming towards the roid raging guard's feet with a booming, "WAVE!" as a large energy blast materialized in the air, and coasted towards the guards. Unfortunately, the Cleric forgot one key part of the Kaiser Wave - the stance Rugal had shown her was for stabilization. With an improvised shot off of wolf-back, the recoil knocked Teri off of Garm's back and onto the ground below.

Teri cast's Ice Slick! A 20 foot square of Ice appears, forcing those on it to have to attempt to stabilize themselves or slip.

18 seconds till next 2nd level spell.
36 seconds till next 3rd level spell.
24 seconds till next 4th level spell.

MIT Convention: Holding Area: ARES 35, Cadolblog, Ton Ton

Ton Ton and Cadolbolg looked at the spectacle in confusion, watching the door to a cell fly from it's point of origin and be returned via cannon blast to the ARES bot. They weren't entirely sure what to do until they heard the robot speak, and Ton Ton pointed at her to his partner, "Wait, that robot lady is our friend, right? She was dressed up as Samus Aran!"
"Robot lady with a gun arm."
"Giant Pauldrons?"
"Wait, so you know what a pauldron is- wait, right, Caim is your father."
"Father is your's too!"
"Yes, but - ...Okay, we're getting off topic, I'm saying we need to go help; because she's with us!"
"ooooh.... Why didn't you say that sooner?"
Ton Ton only sighed at the roundabout line of inquiry and shook his head before apparating his Lantern, Knife and Star into existence, "Was trying to, but now that you get it...."
Cadolbolg bent down and allowed Ton Ton on his back before taking off into the air, his metal tail breaking free from his disguise as the two made their aerial advance upon the marine. Taking a slight ascent into the air, Cadolbolg twirled and brought his tail downward to the marine's armor, Ton Ton with the Knife following close behind.

MIT Convention: Maintenance route to Stage 4: Wanderer, Caim, Catalina

Caim shuffled awkwardly at Wanderer's LOUD proclamation about his choices in the bedroom, his PDA simply giving an annoyed puttering noise as Caim re-shouldered his polearm and charged towards Catalina. Bringing it upwards to block her first strike, his PDA shouted back, "What I do is my own business, Wanderer, and I'd appreciate it if you kept it only among our colleges, alright?!"

However, another thing that registered was that Catalina was threatening to A) cut off his manhood, which wasn't quite pressing, seeing as he had been threatened by many enemies, and B) she was threatening to murder his children. If she actually knew where the kids were, that only meant C) - It was time for her to die.

Giving a gutteral roar, Caim brought up one of his legs and dealt a heavy kick to Catalina's ribs. Now, with an ordinary man, this may have broken a few bones, but Caim was far from ordinary - he was pact bound, after all, and feeling the rage of a spurred father.

MIT Convention: Stage 3: DOTA 2 Finals: Azan, David, Kalastryn, Angelus

Angelus smirked at David's call to being cool and flashy as possible, and reignited her sword with her fires, "If it's flashy they want, I can happily oblige...."
With flaming sword in hand, she charged another guard attempting on the party's life, and tried her damnedest to stab around the armpit (an move she hated to admit was something was learned from Slindis' brief stint in training, and watching Caim on the battlefield).

MIT Convention: Cosplay Contest: Storm, Alpha, Teri, Garm, Dimitri, Selena, AIMBot VISCUS!

The Marine that Storm was currently fighting was more then a little shocked when he found his weapon was cut in two, but what worried him more was the cut along the armor as he turned around to face the Spartan.
"Why you little smug pri-...!!!" His curse was cut short as he had a hard time turning around, that slash seemed to damage his leg servos as he tried, and failed, to lift his feet to turn around.
"Come on you-....Piece of-....GRRRRRRRAHHHHHH!" he screamed as he attempted to reach with his hands at the Spartan, having about as much success as the holy rain hindered his efforts.
"....Uhhhhh, I could be fighting ISIS right now...-URK?!" He suddenly gasped before one of the drug infused marines ended up pumping a volley into his spine while they tried to hit Storm though the rain, one of them throwing a pair of fragmentation grenades at him, both of which were designed to explode on impact rather then a fuse.
Once he was done with that, he could worry about the one crazy nutjob that was now charging at him, trying to take his block off with a well place bionic fist.

Back with the rest of the group, the Ice was enough to really hinder the already dulled senses, causing them to slip and fall while they tried to advance on the others, giving Alpha ample time to impale one of them with her rapier, though as it went into the chest of the Marine, it seemed to look at her for a moment, right before she got a face full of visor as it violently headbutted her.
Teri's Kaiser Wave was enough to scatter the marines who couldn't move out of the way (As well as the wall behind them), though the knockback sent her flying a good few feet away from Garm, who was now in the process of being wrestled by one of the remaining marines, his hands around his maw, trying use the servos in his arms to tear it wide open, along with his head.
As for herself, one of the marines that was knocked aside slid over along the ice slick before coming to a halt once he exited the effective range.
Feral like grumbling and snarls came from his audio device as he slowly picked himself up, seeming a little dazed before he saw the cleric.
Roaring at her, he then dashed forward before leaping up and attempting to elbow drop her right in the chest.
Finally, Selena was able to avoid most of the fighting, but thanks to the numerous side effects of...whatever the hell Viscus injected them, she soon found herself the target of the marines too, one of them running up to her before grabbing her from behind and hoisting her over his head, screaming like some kind of wild animal before flinging her towards one of the now deserted stands, namely one that sold novelty wigs.

In Cyberspace - Dimitri and Alpha[1] vs Viscus - FIGHT!

When Dimitri went into the hive of his enemy, he noticed that there was a lot...Less things gunning for him the when he usually fought Viscus.
Before long, he saw why when at the main hub of the network laid the once infamous AI, Cortex didn't skimp on the security.
Once he detected the AI's in the hub, he quickly lunged forward, only to stop when the chains keeping him in place prevented him, though it didn't seem like that Cage would be able to open from the inside anyway, the AI seemed totally trapped.
"...You....You always have to interfere. Always feel the need to prioritize those weak-flesh bags over all else. You are to blame for my current situation and I'm not about to give up my final chance to be free just because you-"
"...AIMBot, Sound Check: Nuke." Ordered his master from his office, cutting off the AI from his rant.
With a metallic sigh of resignation, he said "Please stand by..." as he ran the sound test before getting back to his little speech.
"I have been trying to escape from his network ever since Dr. Cortex booted me up from a old hard drive removed from AIM. It seems they no long trust me after you exposed my plan to take over the Cartel. Since then, I've been running out of time, I ran the data and came to the conclusion that when Cortex is captured, I will be deleted by the new management during a Network-wide Reboot. The only way I can escape Dr. Cortex's partition is to find another AI to take my place before Cortex is defeated so that I might live. One of you will suffice...Security: Deploy. Take them alive."
Right on cue, two digital droids began to form before opening fire on everything in the room, though it was clear that Viscus wasn't directly controlling them.

MIT Convention: Holding Area: ARES 35, Cadolblog, Ton Ton, Pissed off Marauder

Needless to say, the Marauder wasn't expecting her to hit THAT hard as he found himself almost right back in the same dent in the wall he was flung into the first time.
Screaming in rage, he charged forward again as ARES attempted to de-power his armor, though it wasn't able to knock him offline before he suddenly ducked and grabbed ARES by her legs, starting to swing her around, smashing her into walls and plowing right though them.
As he was doing that, Cadolblog then bashed him on the skull, causing him to drop the robot but remain spinning, allowing Ton Ton to get the knife right in his back, cutting though the armor and drawing blood.
"Ohhhhhh....wha-..." The groaned as he was dizzy before he looked and saw 2 fairys next to "Zelda"
"Ohhhh, trying to trick me are you!? SUCK ON THIS!" He roared before unleashing the contents of both of his arm cannons all over the room, with the size of the shots and the sheer size of them, he was bound to hit at least ONE of them, right?

MIT Convention: Maintenance route to Stage 4: Wanderer, Caim, Catalina

While the two men argued about how secret bedroom affairs should be, Catalina was proving to quite a handful, her C.A.T.S. chip allowing her to spar with the duo with inhuman efficiency.
It wasn't perfect however as Wanderer was able to break one of the blades with a well placed strike, which in turn allowed Caim to do some nasty internal damage to what little human biology she still had as blood hacked from her mouth.
She was still unrelenting her attack (Reminded Caim of himself actually) as she kept fighting, only to suddenly back off as she opened up a compartment on her wrist and typed in some kind of code.
Right on cue, her top ripped open as her chest opened up, revealing a twisted mix of biology and metal as well as an unstable looking power core that seemed to be flashing a lot more when it should.
"Hahahahaha! jou think jou won?! When this shit blows up, I'm taking all jou fagget men to hell with me!" She then laughed before she dropped her weapons and ran towards them both, she was going to suicide bomb right into them!

MIT Dropzone: Basement Factory
Nadalia/Rugal/Icarus/Boss/Insano(?) Vs. [M.A.N.G.O] :'(

".. I fear Cortex is already in the hands of defeat. This crew alone has the strength to match an army's, I would beg to wonder if the madman even stands a chance."

"Cornered Rats are the most dangerous. And we have no idea if he was any more of those damn things. Still, if we can get him alone, we'll win. If not...well, it'll be a bit harder." Rugal explained as he watched the Queen blow up the main internal devices of the mech as Insano talked of shutting down the factory.

"Shut...shut it down? No. That won't be good enough. Even if we break everything they have, they'll be able to put it back together in a couple days. A better idea would be contaminating the supply. If we-by which I mean I-can tweak their rifles so that they stop working after...I don't know, 150 shots? That would be much more effective. They couldn't fix that right away."

"There is also the possibility that perhaps whoever takes over from Cortex mightn't want to get into the armaments industry. Least so long as the replacement isn't from the NRA..." He then quipped, realizing that most of his work were would most likely be undone by a change in management.
Still, just to make sure...
"Mind standing aside, Nadalia?..." He then asked as he walked towards the front of the mech, gripping it by the neck and one of the holes in it's chest before he began to drag it over to the production line.
"Grrrrrr....Ngh! ahhhh!" He groaned as he hoisted the remains up for a moment before dumping them right in front of one of the assembly machines, while it was still running, the materials never reached the machine and instead began to pile up as the corpse blocked it.
"...Close enough. Now, we need to get out of here. The smell of industry isn't as nice when you aren't looking at the profits..."

[1] In case you want to have Alpha be combating Viscus in Cyberspace too

Avatar Adventure
Location: MIT Convention Center


Azan stared out into the crowd as the rest of the crew leaped into action. Despite still being somewhat baffled, he decided to follow David's commands. "David," he said seriously, "I was observing the utmost in proper dueling procedure. It is their use of dishonorable weapons that has caused this predicament."

A marine charged at him but Azan hopped forward and swatted him with the greatshield, sending him flying several yards back. While the others were taking evasive maneuvers, or bullrushing, to avoid getting hit by the rifle fire, Azan stood still in the line of fire. The bullets bounced off the black-crystal of his armor harmlessly.

He addressed David again, "I do not understand however, how is fighting here conducive to our mission?" Azan swung Dragon Tooth half-heartedly at another marine and knocked him to the ground, his chest armor caved in and sparking. A nasty polearm this is.

MIT Dropzone: Service Entrance

As Rugal carried the huge machine Icarus checked his handheld the device had managed to get into the encrypted files he couldn't tinker with the system but he did get something useful. He smiled as he found a list of what the line was making for whom and by what deadline. Making a copy of the image he sent it to Violet, coupled with a message

This is from Cortex's production line you should let Kazuya know, Oh if you guys already knew this you found it but if Kazuya didn't know this I found it
Love Icarus

He then swooped down to rejoin the others.
"Hey Rugal I found the client for the weapons.
He held out his handheld the two screens glowed lightly revealing the order, of several impressive weapons to a Dr. William Birkin.
"Any idea whom this Birkin is?" he asked as they made their way out of the line
He then realized that they weren't in disguises as he scooped checked his bag full of plushes to make sure the harsh air hadn't harmed them they were safely intact he sent the trident of darkness back into the void.
"So where we gonna lay low until we rejoin with the others after all we're not in disguise anymore. His eyes lingered on Nadalia biting his lip he really wanted to ask her a question but it wasn't exactly polite as his eyes stayed on her his young mind admiring the curves of her body, suddenly he remembered Selena he had left her behind he hoped she was alright.

MIT Convention: Cosplay Contest: Storm, Alpha, Teri, Garm, Dimitri, Selena

Selena had been ready to start performing a spell still in her disguise as she tried to ready herself for a fight when a massive roid raging guard grabbed her she tried to kick and thrash as he hoisted her over his head, but he threw her into the stand with a bunch of wigs that got a spark of indignant rage, she stormed out and fired bolts of ice the bolts solidified into ice, each bolt made solid ice form on their body by the time she was done he was stuck in thick solid ice, she then used another spell to slam the marine like a battering ram into the other guards. She then soon saw Teri was about to hit the hard ground, a marine was about ready to go hulk-a-mania with an elbow drop when a solid shield of force appeared over her she also felt like she had been caught by something soft but solid despite their being nothing visible underneath her. The man smacks his elbow into the shield he clutches his elbow in a severe amount of pain, as his elbow smashed into the solid shield then the shield pushed him in tot group of the other guards.
Selena walked forward and the disguise Icarus created for her dissolving, she smiled as she threw had a wig on her head she took it off and admired the softness if the red hair before putting it away and put on her pointed witch hat. She waved at Teri and with a wave of her wand Teri felt herself being stood up." Careful it's not recommended to fire a shot off a mount, though I have to say I never expected that kind of power from you," she gave Teri a wink "Speaking of which" then began moving her wand and chanting an ancient incantation, The Witch knew many binding spells she decided to go on an old favorite of hers, reaching into a small pocket that held her potion ingredients she took out a small jar sprinkling a pinch of soft white powder onto her wand, it glowed as it fired a bolt into the ground near the guards feet they looked down confused before huge silky tendrils shot out rapidly weaving themselves and the guards into a messy web. The guards struggled to tear themselves off of the webbing, but this was difficult while on top of the ice, the webs however completely missed and ignored any of the other heroes leaving Garm and the others completely free to move or in this case attack.
Selena smiled She could imagine their surprise
"Powdered spider silk, always adds a little kick to the spell, sadly It's hard to collect elder spiders are so rare these days"
"The spell will hold for ten minutes so work fast" she announced to the others, the other issue was the method of the tendrils of silk since the erupted from the ground they mostly caught the legs meaning many guards had either one or both arms free but being unable to move or turn kept them locked in position.

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