The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Escapist Adventures | MIT | Admissions Building | Office

Whatever enjoyment Kayta was getting from beating Doctor Neo Cortex's face in with the butt of a pistol was quickly ended when she realized that she could no longer move and that B3WP was no longer accepting any of her commands. She'd been locked out, which was just like being locked within her body, unable to control any of her body parts or bodily functions. Hell she couldn't even force herself to pass gas in Doctor Cortex's general direction. This was the totality of the control that the PHD in Midgetry had over her.

It seemed that she'd located one of the researchers that had been part of the program that was responsible for B3WP's creation. She'd expected whomever had been part of the project to be smart, she just hadn't expected him to be this much of a douche. Straining against her "shackles" Katya managed through sheer for of will to throw a punch at Doctor Cortex's leering mug. At least she thought that it was through her own will that she had been able to throw that punch. The Doctor, or so it appeared, had a bit of a mean streak in him as he had actually allowed the punch to occur. What the young homicidal maniac didn't realize was that the Bad Doctor had reprogrammed the target of the punch and Katya found herself punching herself in the gut to hard that she actually did a forward flip.

"0W..." The Young H@xxx0r H3r01n3 stated as she found herself on the floor, on her back and looking up at the ceiling, "B3WP? B3WP? C@n j00 h3@r m3?"

Dead air. No response was returned to Katya's query. Looking at the Mini-Raynor, the Older of the Rostikova sisters hoped that whatever Cortex did, he would make it quick. Attempting to speak, Katya found that Cortex had locked her mouth closed,. Laying on the ground, Katya waited for whatever Cortex had in store for her.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures
Location: Admissions Office | Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Boston | Massachusetts | United States

"Yeah...That's what I thought...." Cortex smugly said as he walked away from the hacker, moving into a side room to change his pants while Katya soaked in all the control she no longer had.
"While I didn't work on the project myself, I have to hand it to the original project designers, their concepts were solid. Personally, I'm not a fan of enslaving soldiers, but in this case, I'll make an exception..." He calmly explained as he got himself cleaned up, returning to the room in a fresh pair of jeans.
"Alright then, now I could just leave you like this, shut off your breathing and let you slowly suffocate-....What the?..."
Cortex's attention quickly was lost to the other monitors in the room which had feeds from the rest of the college, allowing him to see it in disarray from all the fights that were breaking out, something in his Pot induced gaming binge he had failed to notice.
"...Oh....Bollix..." He groaned as he went pale once more, realizing that Katya wasn't from Harvard and was instead an agent from another group he REALLY didn't want to see...

"...Okay! Change of plans! You're my bodyguard now! Going to be moving quick so keep up!" He stammered as he punched in a few commands onto his phone, marking himself as "The President" on her background sub-routines, ensuring that she would not let any harm come to him, even at the cost of her own life.
He then went to a painting of himself on a motorcycle before tearing it down off the wall and revealing a keypad, quickly punching in a secure pin number as the wall then slid to the side, revealing a fireman's pole which he then went down.
Once Katya followed (Not like she had a choice), she would find herself in a darkened lab built around a single metal cylinder, the amount of consoles and wires going into it just screaming "Secret Weapon", didn't Kazuya say something about that at the briefing?
Either way, the Doctor was frantically hamming in codes and commands as sweat began to roll down the side of his head.
"Alright, I want you to tell me everything about whatever group your working for, their plans, their goals, everything. Harvard doesn't have access to THAT many goons!!" He asked as he kept going to get...whatever that thing was online.

Escapist Adventures | MIT | Admissions Building | Office | Secret Lair of Midget Man!

This was one of those times that Katya was relieved that she hadn't been paying attention during class the briefing. Between the fact that she was one of the newest members of the Rising Dawn and the fact that she new very little about the members and the fact that she'd been thinking more about Bringing the Pain to NeCo than the Briefing, there was very little that she could tell him.

"I dun kn0w j@ck, s0rry, M1st3r pr3z." The Hacked Hacker responded obediently as she tried to think of a way out of the situation, "I wuz k1nd@ th1nk1n' @b0ut t3h t0urn@m3nt th@n p@y1ng @tt3nt10n t0 t3h br13f1ng, M1st3r Pr3z."

Speaking of the tournament and her plans, Katya had noticed something about Doctor Cortex's The President's gaming style. The way someone plays a game was very much like someone signing their name or leaving a trace of blood at a crime scene and Doctor Cortex's The President's gaming style reminded Katya of her arch-nemesis, NeCo.

"S1r, R j00 N3c0?" Katya asked bluntly.

MIT Dropzone: Basement Factory

Boss shot Icarus a dirty look; his index and middle finger momentarily stopped massaging his temple as he did. "I know you' But seriously. Show some self-respect, man. We're on the job."

"Oh please." Insano said, presumably rolling his eyes. "Don't act like you weren't scoping that-"

"I wasn't, actually." Boss said, resuming his psychic stance. "I'm scanning the area, trying to figure out how all of this-"

"Wait, what? Scan? How would you go about doing that?"

Boss gave Insano the most flabbergasted look he could possibly give. "I'm a psychic. I psychic thi-"

"Yes, yes, I understand that, but I thought you were the kind of psychic that eventually became possessed by some kind of cosmic life-force and ate a star, not the kind that got body-swapped with a ninja and immediately became a waste of space."

"I...I don't..."Boss shook his head, and resumed his 'scanning'. "All of my powers revolve around barriers, and I can make these barriers as strong or as weak as I want. If I make them really, really weak, and just kind of fling them around everywhere, I can get some sense of the general shape of the area around me. Trouble is, that only gives me tactile information; not what anything looks or sounds like, just what I would feel if I were stumbling around in the dark."

"Clairsentience." Insano said, nodding. "I'm to understand that it's incredibly useless."

" have been correctly informed, then." Boss said, shaking his head again. "I'm actually doing it most of the time, and it barely gives me anything useful to work with."

Insano made a mental note of that claim, and turned back the way he and Boss had come. "What do you think the odds are that we get there before someone does something really stupid?" he asked, to no one in particular.

Shadow Wanderer (Currently in a Janitor outfit) & Caim Vs Catalina.
Location: Maintenance | MIT.

*I lied. Theme change!*

Listening to Caim, dark Wanderer nodded a single time. "Well ... good thing we don't know how to use the internet." The Murderous Joker hummed out, with his great, evil smile. Whipping back, a thunderous voice called out in the mental plane of the Wanderer. ("Liar, you have a habit of commenting on internet forums, gossiping about the crew, and then trolling who dare to deny the claim!") Clicking his tongue, Shadow Wanderer took a silent ponder about how he could seal this habit from his other self.

Bursting his thought bubble, the two witnessed Catalina's last and hopeful final assault, Wanderer smiled and touched his chin, pondering. Placing his weapons back into his coat, and grabbed something bigger. "Well, there are several ways to stop an explosion. Good armour, a bigger explosion, but seeing how we don't want a crater here ... it'll be easier to completely destroy it." Wanderer said to not one in particular as the enemy charged, his smile defying the kamikaze attitude of Catalina.

Pulling a much larger tube-shaped object from his coat, it was as if Wanderer had magical powers of his own as the large object turned out to be the very thing that almost annihilated Catalina before. With seconds to spare, Wanderer had placed a almost blindingly glowing cube into a empty section. To Wanderer this was a different type of ammo this time, it was overcharged. Easily moving the large weapon, Wanderer's evil smile turned into a scowl that a living corpse could possess.

"Seems I went too easy on you last time, bitch." He spat out, with his current rage, feeling the muscle mass come back to his face. It was actually mutating back into it's normal form. "Caim, block her for a few seconds. This needs to charge!"[1] The 'normal' side called out to his ally. Hoping that Caim did his duty, Wanderer allowed power to fill the weapon. The light within the weapon was only growing stronger as Caim was keeping her back.

Feeling it was charged, Wanderer called to Caim. "Get down!"

Still, the blood ran streaks on his face as he blurted a almost shrieking laugh. "Now DIE, my love!" Wanderer hissed with a vile tone as his finger was easily pulled back. Light exploded from the cannon, easily becoming bigger than the actual weapon, and almost filling the width of the whole hallway. It didn't help that Catalina was right in front of it as it was shot.

Storm, Alpha, Teri, Garm, Dimitri VS Marines.
Location: show floor | MIT.


Confident after his last attack, Storm smile like a victorious hero. Dodging the marine, it was as if Storm was dancing around the man, making fun of the situation at hand. Suddenly noticing that he was playing with his opponent, Storm grabbed his katana once more, and prepared to do a drastic measure of cutting both the man's arms off. "You should make better use of yourself." Storm said to the marine as he was suddenly struck from behind.

Storm's face switched to darkness as he prepared to face the rest. "Aaah!" A soft yelp swept by his ears. Suddenly looking to his beloved on the other side of the battlefield, he did not notice that grenade that caught the side of his katana. Not knowing it's purpose, Storm was all too late and blown away to the side. Sliding along the wet ground, he could feel the shards of metal toy with his outer flesh. More importantly, he felt the bolt of pain from the small shards that dug themselves into the bandaged side of his face.

The Spartan was still on the floor, but he made a sudden scream for the pain. It almost sounded like a wolf's howl as it was reintroduced to the waking moon. Stepping back up, Storm's left eye barely caught the charging marine. Yelling with vigor and a anger that reminded himself of the darker Wanderer, he thrust his katana forward. This was not lucky for the marine, for the katana's target was not his legs, armour, or even head, but it was his rampaging fist. The energy covered katana easily plowed through the fist, and ultimately skewed his arm. Smiling fiercely, Storm then made an upper cut, which submerged from the bottom of said arm, leaving it dangling like a sheet in the wind.

Jumping backwards towards some cover, Storm reached into his costume, and pulled forth a pistol. Then he began to take shots at the marine who had just headbutted his beloved AI.


Being headbutted off the marine, Alpha could feel pain on her forehead and nose. As she was flung, Alpha took her rapier with her. As she was sent back into the ground, and slid along the ground. Her AI interface still shook from the damage, but she felt more weak in her physical self. Taking cover by Storm, she yelled to her allies. "I'm going to help Dimi with Viscus!" Once announcing that, she took one look at Storm, who simply smiled back before firing. "Don't worry, I'm her by you." Storm said and touched her arm once. Comforted by this, she once again went into the mainframe.

Alpha, "Dimi" VS Viscus!
Location: Cyberspace.

Meters away from Dimitri, Alpha was materialized into the cyberspace. Her form looked like her natural dress and look, except the colours were lighters, and she also carried a microphone. Listening to all of the conversation, Alpha nodded. "You hinder our goal, and aim to serve your own selfishness. For the times before, we will eliminate you." She said before raising her microphone. A soft tone emitted in high pitches, and it sounded like if she was singing some kind of lullaby. Yet a force-field protect the two AI from droid's fire.

Going on the attack, the girl AI raised her hands, and then two abnormally large speakers were created besides her. Without wasting any time, the microphone was placed to her lips once again, but instead she screamed in a musical tone. The soundwaves dashed towards one of the droids.

[1] I don't know how this works, but I didn't want to leave Caim alone for this part.

MIT Dropzone: Basement Factory/Hallway near Stage 1

Rugal was merely annoyed as Icarus's wandering eyes became the topic of conversation, letting out an amused sigh as he shook his head.
"People...Task at hand please? Thank you." He kindly asked as he went about trying to find a way out of the factory, looking along the walls for some kind of access point.
"Can't say I know who this Birkin fellow is, I've been out of the loop for a while, but I agree with trying to find the others. If the cat isn't already out of the bag, there ain't going to be much hiding it for long." He then said as he soon found another passage on the opposite side of the production line.
"Alright, think I found a way out, Follow me." Rugal called out to the others as he went up the passage, his lungs already thanking him for moving away from the fumes of the factory.

The passage lead into one of MIT's boiler rooms, namely the one beside Stage 1, the passage having been hidden inside one of the older boiles by the covert art of-
"...Did they literally just put an out of order sign on this thing?...Good Grief, such a rookie move..." Rugal groaned as he rolled his eyes, pushing back into the main concord, only instead of being full of happy convention go-ers, it was a frantic mess of people running around as gunfire and other sounds of warfare could be heard as the rest of the crew clashed with nearly every guard in the building.
"...Oh goddammit..." He groaned, knowing that Kazuya would just LOVE to hear about this when they got back.
"...Well, I guess Cortex knows we're here now..."

The Escapist Avatar Adventures

Location: The Rising Dawn | Landing Bay | Kazuya, Violet, Rising Dawn Guards, ???

".. Let me take a look then.." Kazuya groaned as he swiped the letter from the guard's hands, between all the stress of just capturing Cortex alone on top of all the other matters he had to worry about, he had little patience for the Madness that the Rising Dawn was usually known for.
"...I also look forward to hearing how the hell someone could deliver a letter to a airship hundreds of feet in the sky above the sea on the east coast of America with dozens of armed guards..." He called out to the guard as he opened it, the fact it folded out several times only increased his annoyance

To the members of the Rising Dawn...

If you are reading this, let me personally thank you for taking the time to do so, and pardon me for surprising you all with this letter. I will not waste anymore of your time and get down to business- my name is Elise. I am not of your world, but rather- I come from Runeterra where magic and science collide. There is an island that is marked as 'Valoran' where the two houses are at war with each other, one is Demacia and the other goes by Noxus. Demacia can be seen as this holy, morally rightful house that stands for humanity while Noxus is a faction, ruled by corrupted leaders that are seen as power-hungry... which is putting it kindly. In order to prevent the houses from ruining the entire island, if not outside of Valoran, they turned the island as whole, into an open arena known to all as the League of Legends. Summoners are the right hands of both houses, whom summon Champions from arou-

That was about as far as Kazuya got before he gave up and crunched the letter up into a ball and threw it over his shoulder, he had more important things to do then hear the life story of some extra-terrestrial being.
Why, oh why, must they insist on interrupting me on this exact operation?... He asked himself as the letter rolled over to Violet's desk as he was sitting on his office chair going though the file that Icarus sent him as he sang along to God only knows what.
~"I will never, ever run away.
I'll be here to fight another day.
I will make you realize
I'll always be right by your side.
Now our love is sanctified,
I'm here to bust a g-
He was interrupted by the letter rolling under his desk, prompting him to take a break from his oh so busy workload to pick it up and read it, noticing the shard as well.
While he couldn't make out all of the details due to Kazuya damaging it, he did however notice the parts where this "Elise" went on about how beautiful she was and that was good enough for him!
"...Ummm, Kaz, can I be excus-"
"Go on, get out of my hair...Anything to shut you up..." Kazuya instantly cut in, giving Violet the chance he needed to sneak out of the hanger towards a more quiet part of the ship, settling on one of the older cargo holds as he looked at the shard.

"....Right....okay then...Ummmm...Did ti say how this worked?....Ummm...Alright, er...KLAATU...BARADA...NIKTO!" Violet then said as he held the shard, expecting something to happen.
"...What's wrong with this damn thing!? Come on!" He then impatiently said as he held the shard in his hand and shook it up and down, as if that would suddenly power it.

Escapist Adventures | MIT | Admissions Building | Office | Secret Lair of Midget Man!

Cortex wasn't exactly happy to hear that Katya didn't know much about the group she came here with.
"Tch, naturally I would have to capture the dumb one...Then again, you are using BWEP so I guess that was to be expected." He groaned as he paced around the lab, trying to get this device to power up as Katya watched, prompting him to turn around and say "Feel free to help you know!" as she just stood there.
As he was mashing the Start key, she then asked him about his gaming habits which gave him pause for a moment.
"...How did you know my Online Username?..." He then asked, he often referred to himself as NeCo-1099 on his, Steam, Origin and Upl-....nope, can't say that last one with a straight face.
Either way, it got him thinking about the teenager he had control over.
"...Ain't you that girl that keeps coming into my Lobbys and getting wrecked? And can't shut up on the mic?...and she sounds a lot like you?..." He then asked, slowly starting to realize who he was talking to.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures

Location: The Rising Dawn | Old Cargo Hold | Violet, Elise

Violet was about to call it quits when all of a sudden the shard lit up and blinded him with its light, prompting to recoil back and fall down on the ground as a feminine voice called out to him.
"Hmm, why so tense? Relax."
"Whoa?! Who said that? Hell, hu-.....Whoa...." He frantically asked before he saw Elise sitting on one of the crates nearby, both somewhat relieved that it had worked, though she wasn't quite what he was expecting, leaving him somewhat fearful of what he had just released onto the ship.
"Allow me to introduce myself .. I am Elise, assuming of course you've gotten my letter. I am here on my behalf to join the Rising Dawn, and guide the crew into divinity-"
"But of course, And I am G-Corporation's Finest Agent, The brains of the operation as well as the style, the one and only Dr. Vio-" He went to say, only for Elise to cut in and take back her letter, looking rather annoyed.
"My masterpiece, my ... beautiful letter. What brought you to ruin such a lovely letter?"
"...-let?...." He finally finished as he gulped slightly and adjusted his shades while she tried to fix it.
"Still ruined. Does this please you, after all i've done to make it special for this occasion?"
"....Wah-...Oh! No! Nononono! That wasn't me! See, um, your letter ended up in the hands of my boss and, well, he wasn't really in the state of mind to really truly appreciate the effort you put into it! I mea-I-i-i loved it, what I could read when he was done with it of course!" He then nervously explained as he instantly regretted letting his heart (And other organs) do the thinking for him.
...I think Kaz might actually kill me for this....

The Escapist Avatar Adventures

Location: The Rising Dawn | Old Cargo Hold | Violet, Elise

"You act as if i'm going to bite your face off. Ha hah ha."

"Well, that nearly did happen the last time someone came around to our neck of the woods..." Violet laughed once more, recalling out..."Eventful" Nadalia's arrival was and just how long it took to tend to all the wounded.
Still, as she began to lighten up a little, he was starting to see that she was just like one of G-Corps very own "Violet Girls", all too keen to show off her looks.

"Though... I must ask~ if your boss didn't even finish reading my letter, why would he instruct you to summon me? That doesn't exactly add up, does it?"
"Well-...He "Didn't". I kinda took it upon myself to bring you into the G-Corporation family. I run new applicants as it is already and looking though your "Resume" made it clear you would be a great addition to the team!" He then totally lied, half the time they weren't looking for a job, they were just people who teleported in and he had to deal with them because Kazuya was busy.

"All well. You took the liberty of appreciating my hard work and that's good enough for me. So thank you, Dr. Vio-let. Apologies for cutting you off during your introduction of course. The time I spent on that one letter your boss so easily mistreated took an hour of my time... and I value my time. Does he treat you in the same regard, or the others by any chance? Not really any of my business Dr., but if i'm going to 'join' your organization ... everyone has to be to good terms. It's my policy."

This made Violet pause a little before he went though the same song and dance he did whenever Kazuya got into a disagreement.
"Well, it's less that Kazuya treats people badly and more that he's always under so much pressure ever second of the day. Running the company, it's military, conducting foreign policy, engaging otherworldly threats, it's quite the burden to bear. I mean, could he be nicer? Most likely, but I'm not going to hold it against him. What I can say is that the rest of the organisation is very welcoming! For example:"
Once he finished his statement, he then bowed slightly before taking Elise's hand and kissing it like a proper gentleman.
"Welcome to G-Corp." <3

Escapist Adventures | MIT | Admissions Building | Office | Secret Lair of Midget Man!
Insert Post Title Here...

Now it might not have been obvious to Doctor Neo Cortex The President but he'd just signed the death warrant for his personal gaming rig as well as his digestive system. Believe it or not, Katya was rather obsessed with her online First Person Shooter rankings and she was rather pissed that the player known as NeCo had dethroned her from the #1 position in many, if not all, of the major FPS titles in existence. While it may have been the fact that NeCo was a better player than Katya, it was as far fetched a thought as Angels of Lightning coming to the Earth to become part of a rag tag group of Super Heroes. This meant that as far as Katya was concerned, NeCo must have been using hacks. There was only one punishment that a hacker of FPS games truly deserved.

With that obsession thought in mind, Katya had made a few modifications to B3WP's programming, one of which was a priority override of B3WP's behaviors when someone identified themselves as NeCo.

NeCo Override:

//Written By: Katya Rostikova
//Purpose: Find NeCo and make him eat his Mother Fucking Motherboard!
feed(, Target);

Unfortunately, there had been a number of smart asses that had identified themselves as NeCo with some rather traumatizing results. Though these individuals were ultimately forced to eat their own motherboards, NeCo kept reappearing online. In Doctor Neo Cortex's, the override that Katya had written superseded all other programming, including the one that the pint sized professor had installed.

"00000h j00 juzt s@1d t3h m@g1c w3rdz M1zt3r Pr3s1d3nt." Katya said as B3WP unleashed a dozen tendrils, wrapping up Mister Midget Dude The President and holding him aloft in the air. Others reached forth and seized the gluttonously expensive consolesthat NeCo had been working on and started dismantling it, taking extra care to remove the motherboard piece by piece.

"N0w s@y @hhhhhhhh! H3r3 c0m3s t3h a1rpl@n3 c0m1ng 1n f0r @ l@nd1ng," The Obsessive Hacker Heroine said as she started forcing bits and pieces of silicon wafer down Neo Cortex's throat.

"Little Miss. I've cleared out the foreign code that allowed the Target to override my systems. He should not be able to perform that hack again." B3WP informed his mistress as he opened communications with the Rising Dawn members.

"Y0 Cr3w I g0t h1m... I g0t... 0h h3y wh0 d@h h0tt13?" Katya's asked as she caught sight of the hanger cam and Elise and Violet, before quipping, "M@n R th0s3 tw0 g0nn@ g3t 1t 0n?"

Distracted by the potential for pr0n, the tendrils that had been force feeding Neo Cortex his computer started loosening up... allowing the good Doctor the opportunity to escape.

MIT Dropzone: Basement Factory/Hallway near Stage 1

"Nothing to be done about it." Insano said, and began shooting the guards with the electro-disruptor. BUT AT LEAST TELL ME YOU HAVE SOME KIND OF PLAN!" Insano shouted over the sound of gunfire.


MIT Dropzone: Service Entrance

MIT Convention: Cosplay Contest: Storm, Alpha, Teri, Garm, Dimitri, Selena, AIMBot VISCUS!

In Cyberspace - Dimitri and Alpha vs Viscus - FIGHT!
(now that Alpha has officially joined the battle, the music link is different. Go click it!)
Also, the information Dimitri gains in his scouter was pre-approved by Diablo.

Dimitri wouldn't say it aloud in front of his arch nemesis, but he was relieved when Alpha showed up for reinforcements. The last time Dimitri tango'd with Viscus, he had Vermilion on his side with her varying wits and artillery; to go it alone was intimidating enough. However, with one of the combat droids being distracted by Alpha's attack, that left Dimitri a large room of opportunity; especially given that his shots were being eaten up by something in Viscus' cage. As he scanned with the SCOUTER, he noticed some distinct details reading out:


In noting all of this, Dimitri shouted to Alpha and his programs, "That cord attached to his cage gives him connections to the rest of the network. Sever him from that, and he can call in more help! Seiryu, work to slow down Viscus' process, Principality, get to those guards, and Orochi, get that cable!"

At Dimitri's call, PRINCIPALITY hovered by the unattended droid that was looking to back up it's partner and waved it's stave, causing sparks to fly from it's body and forced the droid to begin shooting towards it's allied droid. SEIRYU and YAMATO_NO_OROCHI approached the cord in the meantime, SEIRYU staying in the air to allow it's cloying processes seep into Viscus as the aforementioned OROCHI charged towards the connection cord and attempted to snap at it with it's many heads. Dimitri could only hope this whole plan went without a hitch, or he'd have to call in CHANSEY for help too....

Everyone Else - Storm, Alpha, Teri, and Selena vs 7 Guards - FIGHT!

Teri gave Selena a nod of thanks, and readjusted herself, allowing her Healing Aura to spread around to her comrades as she readied herself for her next move. Seeing as she was closest by, Selena was the first to feel the Aura's effects wash over her, soothing the small hurts from the recent damage incurred by her head on collision with a costume stand and beginning to heal up whatever cuts or bruises she had.

However, the Cleric wasn't done just acting as a passive healer. As Rugal had once told her in their training sessions, "There is no such thing as a fair fight. " With Selena's entrapment in place, now was the time to strike. Taking a fierce stance (Fire), Teri took a deep breath before readying Sadei and began muttering "Mudamudamuda!" under her breath (whatever the hell that meant) before delivering a series of rapid fire strikes against the marine's armor[1] before drawing Sadei back and delivering one last jab in the Marine's direction; hoping and praying that she was causing some kind of damage to his armor.

12 seconds till next 2nd level spell.
30 seconds till next 3rd level spell.
18 seconds till next 4th level spell.

Garm, in the meantime, was happy that Selena's magic had come in when it did. Having a large servo enhanced arm, regardless of the damage he was beginning to do to it, was not a comfortable thing to have shoved in his mouth. Wrestling himself free from the grip, Garm jumped back, and growled before opening his maw wide open and shooting a blast of freezing cold ice at his former captor (and, if there was some poor saps around him, maybe they'd get caught too).

6 Seconds til Garm can use his breath weapon again

MIT Convention: Holding Area: ARES 35, Cadolblog, Ton Ton, Angry Marauder

"Ohhhh, trying to trick me are you!? SUCK ON THIS!"
As the Marauder began to shoot wantonly, Ton Ton hung onto the Marauder for dear life, 'shouting' over his pact link to Cadolbolg,
"Duck and weave! I-I'll try to think of something!"
"I could try to electrocute him? Metal conducts electricity, right?"
"...Worth a shot. I'll try to get another stab in, but I don't know how well that'll work!This is going to suck...."

After going over this plan, Cadolbolg opened his mouth and shouted to ARES (Whenever she got up anyways), "Watch out for the lightning, robot lady!"
Following this, an electric blue stream of lightning shot towards the Marauder, and began to dance up and down his metallic body, Ton Ton wincing in pain as the electricity began to course through his little body. Here was hoping he could keep holding on....

MIT Convention: Maintenance route to Stage 4: Wanderer, Caim, Catalina

"Get down!"

It didn't take Caim twice before he hit the ground and watched as Wanderer's... Whatever it was, go off (Caim was a professional in melee weapons, not necessarily in the strange items Wanderer had in his possession), causing a huge blast and a hefty explosion in it's wake. Summoning what energy was built up in Windsinger, Caim called forth a great tornado to swirl around his body and knock back any sort of debris that threatened to come his way. After a few moments, the tornado died down, and all Caim could see was a great twisted wreckage of concrete, metal and... Yep, that smelled like smoke, fire. Things were going to get ugly fast, and Caim decided that perhaps it was best to find the Wanderer ASAP. Digging through the rubble, he found the Wanderer on his back, and offered the mad Wastelander a hand, along with a "chuckle" from his PDA, "So, tell me, what did you do to piss that woman off? She seemed dead set on having you mounted on a plaque."

[1] The best visual reference I have for this is a move Kilik from Soul Calibur does, or this gif

Escapist Adventures | MIT | Admissions Building | Office | Secret Lair of Midget Man!
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Between all the hardware that was being shoved down his throat and the fact that Katya managed to find a way past his programming, Cortex wasn't exactly pleased with how this entire operation was going.
"WMHPWARMOH-STO-PLEA-CAN'T...BREATHE!" He struggled to say between RAM chips and other forms of electronics now being shoved down his gullet, prompting him to cough blood more often then he'd really like.
He got his opening when Katya was distracted by...something (Hard to take notice of such matters when you are bleeding out though your gums), allowing him to reach for his phone once more as he quickly inputted another line of programming, one that would be certain to keep Katya off his back until he could get his device online.
All of a sudden, while she was peeving on Violet and Elise, she got a notice that a download had completed, followed by the image of a purple gorilla swinging into her view, obscuring her Vision and even her HUD.
"Well, hello there! I don't believe we have been properly introduced. I'm Bonzi! What is your name?"
Before she could even answer, Katya found herself up to her ass in adverts from everything to custom mouse pointers to fake PC cleaning apps.

By the time she was able to close all the ads and purge the monkey from BWEP, she got a tap on the shoulder, causing her to look behind her, seeing nothing but a large metal torso.
A slow pan upwards soon revealed why as she soon found out just what exactly Cortex was trying to activate.
"...Sup?..." Cortex asked before a huge fist impacted her teenage form in the gut, launching her into the air and into the ceiling of the lab.
And the ceiling above that.
And the ceiling above that...

MIT Convention: Main Concord/Boss Fight!: Nadalia, Rugal, Icarus, Boss, Insano, Katya Vs. Cortex!

Rugal was assisting Boss with the evacuation, after all, I'm sure the thing that everyone needed to be calm during a battlezone breaking out in a public place was a blood-soaked man with a chicken mask for a head.
"EVERYONE OUT OF THE BUILDING! MOVE! MOVE!" He shouted to the attendees lucky enough to make their way out of the build with Nadalia was Insano held off the guards, right as Katya let everyone know that she managed to get her hands on the Doctor
"Y0 Cr3w I g0t h1m... I g0t... 0h h3y wh0 d@h h0tt13?"
"Katya?...What the hell are you talking about? Do you have cortex or not?...Katya?" He then asked over the rings, only to get his answer right in front of him.
The guards fighting the duo suddenly froze for a moment as the ground they were standing on shook, right before it suddenly burst open right at their feet as Katya was sent clean though the ground, using BWEP to protect herself, which is more then I could say for the Marines as they were rag-dolled to hell from the impact.
As the dust began to settle, a large shadow began to become visible as a 8 foot mech armor hovered out of the hole before landing on the ground in front of them.
"The in."

MIT Convention: Cosplay Contest: Storm, Alpha, Teri, Garm, Dimitri, Selena, VISCUS!

With the marines more or less taken care of, it left our heroes standing in a mostly empty hall, the only things remaining was webbing, injured/dying/dead marines and tons of trampled convention stalls.
The fight quickly left the marines as their psychoactive drugs wore off, leaving them drained and tired, unable to fight even if they wanted too.
However, the battle for MIT was still raging as they soon received a call from Rugal.
"Rugal to all points, Cortex is in the main concord and he is currently armored in some battle mech. Requesting assistance right now!" He frantically pleaded over the rings.
There should be more here but there isn't, Sorry ^^;

In Cyberspace: Dimitri and Alpha vs Viscus

Once his connection to the network was cut and his defense drones were disabled, Viscus quickly found whatever limited power he had over the college's systems fade quickly, the entire area going dark as it "Powered down", leaving only him in a cage, unable to escape.
"....You win..." He grumbled, resignation dripping from his voice as he looked over to one of the remaining monitors, seeing Cortex in the main hallway about to fight the rest of the crew.
"...Have fun killing him too..." He then spat at the duo as he knelled down in his cage and bowed his head, aware that there was a 0.000000000001% chance of him managing to avoid deletion now.

MIT Convention: Holding Area: ARES 35, Cadolblog, Ton Ton, Pissed off Marauder

"EHGIAUWEGBLHIAWBRGLhdvflajwgevflwufvlsdfgvaslefyVWLEFGVALUGFVAELRGVLARV-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-...uhhhhhh..." The Marauder screamed as he was shocked, this armor didn't protect against lighting too well, as Ton Ton held on, the smell of roasting flesh could be smelt leaking from the enemy's helmet before he flopped lifelessly onto the ground, twitching on occasion but for all intents and purposes, defeated.
But before they could get too comfortable, the sound of a massive impact could be heard as they could make out Cortex's dramatic entrance, leaving them little doubt that the fight wasn't over yet.

MIT Convention: Maintenance route rubble to Stage 4: Wanderer, Caim

After Catalina's attempt to drag both men to hell with her, the entire hallway was in ruin, in the sense that there was so little left of the hallway that they were basically outside right now.
But as Caim was well aware, then there was nothing happening, something bad was going down, as Rugal reminded him.
"Rugal to all points, Cortex is in the main concord and he is currently armored in some battle mech. Requesting assistance right now!"
There should be more here, but there isn't, sorry ^^;

((Other reactions up later, sorry))

MIT Convention: Main Concord/Boss Fight!:

Icarus saw the huge Mech enter, he sighed and opened a portal to the void, he switched the bag for the trident and drew Dark Excalibur. His fingers gripped the handles a crackle of black electricity, out of the corner of his eye he had seen Nadalia choose to spare a man. Icarus took to the air, Twirling the Trident he fired a set of bolts each time the trident pointed at Cortex. The shields were raised rather quickly, the shield was never meant to take such serious amounts of energy Icarus tried to press the attack hoping to force the pressure on. As the vollies of lightning fired that odd feeling from before when he fought mango was returning bit much more eagerly, the air began to feel cold, a sense of dread slowly began to creep into many people's minds.
As Icarus focused he began to smile his skin seemed paler, his pupils seemed narrower, his canines were elongated.

MIT Convention: Cosplay Contest: Storm, Alpha, Teri, Garm, Dimitri, Selena, VISCUS!

Selena smiled as the many heroes took advantage, of her spider web spell she suddenly got a strange feeling as many of the people at the convention began evacuating. Selena took out a silver broom charm, it extended in a 6 foot long broom she sat upon it and levitated high into the air she preferred to float above a crowd, mob mentality was not gentle.

"Rugal to all points, Cortex is in the main concord and he is currently armored in some battle mech. Requesting assistance right now!"

The Escapist Avatar Adventures

Location: The Rising Dawn | Old Cargo Hold | Violet, Elise, Kazuya

"Oh and... I also have to ask- are you going to keep me as a secret from 'Kazuya'? He's going to find out of my presence eventually, even if I go along with you in laying low."

"Oh I'm sure he won't mind. So long as you don't get in the way of his work, I really doubt he'll even know you are there!" Violet answered, though whether Kazuya ignoring her was a good thing or not would be up to Elise as Violet offered to show her around the ship.
"Now, the first place we will be going to is the Hanger. It's where Kazuya has set up his operation and where-."
"Y0 Cr3w I g0t h1m... I g0t... 0h h3y wh0 d@h h0tt13? M@n R th0s3 tw0 g0nn@ g3t 1t 0n?"
Freezing in place, Violet then suddenly pulled out his PDA and mashed on the buttons to shut it up, all while giving an awkward smile and saying "...Eh-heheh, must have been a prank call..."
Katya's interruption aside, Violet then lead his new Intern into the Hanger, right as all hell broke loose.

"-BLACKOUT ALL MEDIA, NO ONE IN, NO ONE OUT. I'M NOT ABOUT TO LET THOSE RIGHT WING HEADCASES PIN THIS ONE ON ME!" Kazuya was screaming at his men as they tried to limit how many people knew about the situation at MIT, all while the image of Cortex in a Mech hung around on the monitors.
The vein in his forehead was about to pop as the mission began to spiral out of control.
Near instantly, Violet regretted bringing Elise here, stating "....Errrr....How about I show you our Canteen first and we can come back to this area later...after Kaz..."Cools off"..."
No hiding now...

Wanderer & Caim.
Location: Ruined Maintenance | MIT.

Lying back on the rubble, a low groan came from the body of Wanderer, which actually had a syringe sticking out of it. "I am ... officially glad I came prepared!" He said clear and loud, yet he could already feel the creeping smile on his face. Wanderer and his glowing eyes looked around, with partial curiosity, but mostly excitement. Looking to the Warrior, it seemed Caim was already. "Ah ... good." He said with happiness in his voice. The right person had survived the blast.

Griping Caim's hand, Wanderer still looked at the ruined hallway as he explained. "Uh ... well it first started at San Andreas. A lot had happened, but it ended with me blowing her and her car up with this." Wanderer said as he weakly raised the arm that held the giant cannon. "Still, she should be dead now ... I used a max charged shot unlike then." Wanderer said with a comforting tone and a genuine smile, almost cold.

One thing Wanderer noticed, was the lack of clothing covering his body. The only fabric existing on him was covering his below region. "Give me a sec ...." Wanderer said as he pulled out the syringe from his shoulder. A minute later, Wanderer came back in his Shepard cosplay and plasma rifle

"Well, that was fun ... somewhat ... not at all. At least I have my trophy." Wanderer said, holdind what seemed to be the leftovers of Catalina's left arm, which dripped a mix of blood and oil. "Ugh, gross. Now ... I believe we deserve some res-" He began to state, but over his Pipboy, a message began to play. "Rugal to all points, Cortex is in the main concord and he is currently armored in some battle mech. Requesting assistance right now!"

Looking behind, Wanderer could see the light, and only groaned as he realized that he had a whole less freedom than he had in his world. "Well ... that way we go." He said with a unenthusiastic voice, and legs slowly walking the opposite way to the light.

Storm, Alpha, Teri, Garm, Dimitri, and Selena.
Location: show floor | MIT.


With the storm of the battle dying down, the Spartan looked over his cover. The battlefield was covered with water, blood, ruined sandwiches, trampled figurines, and the dying marines. "Well. Defense successful." Storm said, playing at the military tone he once obtained. Looking next to him, was the delicate figure of Alpha. Poking her cheeks twice, he whispered, "You'd done?" Suddenly, life came over his own ring, and it sounded like Hell.

"Rugal to all points, Cortex is in the main concord and he is currently armored in some battle mech. Requesting assistance right now!"

Lightly slapping his AI, Storm stood up. "Okay everyone, form up and get ready, we need to move our asses over there ASAP!" Storm yelled, using his commanding voice in a serious tone. Sheathing his blazing blade, Storm went over to the others to make sure they were ready.

Alpha (Cyberspace).

Alpha, who was helping "Dimi" with Viscus, sighed with relief as the AI gave up. "Now be a good boy and stay there." She teased. Looking over to Dimitri, the message from Rugal began to play, and Alpha immediately nodded. "I'm going back now, we should be able to do something. SHe said with a smile.

"You'd done?" A soft voice called, Alpha's smile lit up as she pulled herself back to her physical body. Feeling the light slap from her partner, she had awoken to him ordering the group to move out. By the tone of Rugal, she knew it was time to become serious.

Escapist Adventures | MIT | Admissions Building | Office | Secret Lair of Midget Man!
That's more Power Armor than Mech!!!!

The world was a galaxy of stars and little birds swirling around Katya's aching head that had been caused by the blunt force trauma of crashing through several layers of concrete. All the head shaking in the world didn't appear to help clear the haze any as the Haxxx0r heroine staggered around in a daze.

"Holy crap that hurt..." The young woman said, her normal mode of speech having been beat out of her temporarily. Looking at the hole that she just been spewed out of, she could only repeat the curse "Holy Crap!" when she saw the over sized suit of power armor climb out of the crater. Clearly the wearer of that suit of armor had some sort of complex about his size.

"BEWP. Anything you can do about finding a chink in that armor of his?" Katya asked as she looked around and saw hundreds and hundreds of panicked cosplayers looking for a way out, the main exit having been blocked by rubble that had fallen from the convention center at the start of the fight.

"I will attempt to do so, Little Miss and might I say that it is quite refreshing to hear you speak nor-" BEWP started to say before the annoyed angry gamer girl interrupted him.

"Shaddup, BEWP. Soon as this fog clears outta my head. I'll be normal again." She said as she started running away from Cortex's Power Armor and towards the mob of scared costumed geeks.

"Yo! Move! Scuse me! Outta the way! How's a woman supposed to fight in armor like that?! Ooohh... booby trap, I gotcha. How about... wait... let's save this for later. I got your Personal Info. Dox you later! Move it squid face!" Katya called out as she passed through the mob and started climbing to the top of the rubble, "Hey Geeks! Imma rip a hole in this wall and get you outta here! Just be nice and organized, like I'm a CT [1] and you're a hostie[2]! Alright?!"

"BEWP gimme a bit of a strength boost," The Young Haxxx0r ordered as she started to move large pieces of rubble, tossing it to the side, pausing long enough to see how the others were doing.

[1] Counter Terrorist
[2] hostage

MIT Convention: Main Concord/Boss Fight!: Nadalia, Rugal, Icarus, Boss, Insano, Katya Vs. Cortex!


"Well that can't possibly be good." Insano said, switching his rail-gun to rail mode and firing at Cortex. "WHAT KIND OF BLACK MARKET STEROIDS DID YOU TAKE TO GET SO HUGE? I'VE SEEN PICTURES OF YOU, AND YOU'RE...LIKE, FOUR FEET TALL! AND HALF OF IT IS YOUR GIANT SWOLLEN HEAD!"


The entire room went silent as Cortex stood in...what was a wall, in happier times.

"The Doctor..." Cortex said. ""

Cortex was cut off by what was left of the convention-goers each screaming at the top of their lungs and bolting out of the doors. "HEY!" Boss yelled. "I SAID NO TRAMPLING! CALM-" As the last of the civilians left through the door, Boss sighed and hung his head. "Rugal. Honest question. Is preserving the structural integrety of the building still a top priority? 'cause it's either that or protect the people fleeing, I don't think I can do both. Either Cortex stays in the building and wrecks it or leaves the building and kills people. And of the two, I think the one that doesn't involve all kinds of people dying is the better one."

The Escapist Avatar Adventures

Location: The Rising Dawn | Hanger | Violet, Elise, Kazuya

"...Really Violet? You go recruiting for new interns now of all times?" Kazuya groaned and then glarded as Violet stood there awkwardly for a moment, completely still before suddenly saying "...One Media Blackout coming right up~! Ehehehehe-...heh..." and slinking back to his desk, attempting to disrupt communications on the mainland while Elise..."Admired" the operation.

"Is that them? On the screen ...? From what I see, it looks like they're hardly cooperating... why aren't you communicating with them?"

Already not a fan of her interruption, the fact she was now telling him how to do his job REALLY didn't win her any points in Kazuya's book.
"Simple. They work better on their own and I'm busy trying to stop every news outlet in the country and possibly the world from saying that the Rising Dawn "Attacked" a defenseless and respected college. I warned them about this prior to the mission. It's out of my hands now, all I can do is damage control. Now, if you excuse me..." He said before shoving her to one side and getting back in position in front of the monitors, trying to figure out how to spin this to the media.
"...Alright, Once Cortex is secured, I want all the details we can on his persona. Access his fake accounts and re-write Dr. Clancy Lang as a anti-government extremist. Bison will use this against us once he finds out and will most likely attempt another national broadcast, once that happens, I want all company assets to both track his signal AND limit it's broadcast range. I do not want him to build his platform on today's events!" He ordered to his men, while the Rising Dawn fought the fights, it would be G-corp that would pick up the pieces.

Turning back to this "Champion", he then said "Now...Unless you have any other insightful comments, I'm going to ask you to get out of my sight. I have little patience for this ship's constant annoyances. When Violet is done running interference, he'll find something for you to do. Dismissed.".
After how much of a hassle Nadalia proved to be, the last thing Kazuya wanted was another vaguely demonic woman running around his ranks and damaging his operation.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures

Location: The Rising Dawn | Hanger | Violet, Elise, Kazuya

"You're on the verge of eruption ... relax~ Let your sorrows, pain, and anger go ... allow your mind to wonder."

"...I'm sorry, did you travel all this way to preform music?..." Kazuya asked in a condescending tone as Elise went about playing "Cherry Blossoms", a rather out of place tune for the situation they were in I.E. in the middle of a military outpost with dozens of people clamoring about trying to get some work done, including him.
Yet for some strange reason, he couldn't push it aside like every other distraction in his life (By which I mean, everything else in his life), giving him pause as he seemed to "Lighten up" for once.
"...W-what are you doing?..." He asked with an uncertain caution, knowing just how dangerous those kinda charms could be to him and others, though judging by the fact he hadn't grabbed the Koto and smashed it yet, he realized it was too late, he was entranced.

"The melody you hear ... it is what I play to help my allies furtherance the night. No matter what molds you, never allow the human side of yourself to fade away... least you lose yourself completely by ambitions in this world, or the next."
Unable to comment, Kazuya instead merely listened to the whole thing, his eyes dulling over almost as he did.
Even some of his staff were a little unsettled, was he alright? He wasn't yelling at people and there was nothing good happening right now to explain why he wasn't (Least as far as they knew).
And for that moment: Peace. He wasn't worried about Cortex, he wasn't worried about Adel, he wasn't worried about his plans for the US after Bison was brought in. Just...pure...peace.

When the song ended, he looked like he had just snapped out of some kind of hypnosis, either that or was suffering from one hell of a head rush, having to support himself on the side of a desk.
".. I could try and ruin your day quite easily .. but, I am not selfish. Your team needs a leader, and I won't sabotage their only chance in succeeding. So with that, I will pay my respects by allowing you to continue your work. Good day to you, Kazuya."
"...A-as you were..." Kazuya merely stammered, having a hard time tapping back into his comfort zone/Angry Self for some time afterwards, but he returned to his work, a great deal less tense and with far less shouting.
Violet couldn't believe what he had saw as Elise walked over to him.
"...I'm going to have to take some Koto lessons if it can chill Kaz of all people..." He remarked, adjusting his glasses a little before he focused on his work.
"Alright, I have the news feeds scrambled. But-...That's all I can really do from here sadly..." The Doctor then sighed as he looked at the fight.
"...Got it! Elise, I want you to go to the Brig and talk to the masked man in the green cloak. See if he knows anything about Cortex's designs that we might be able to use! Tell the guards I sent you. The Passwork is "When's Marvel". I need to stay here to keep the cable networks down."

The Escapist Avatar Adventures

Location: The Rising Dawn | Brig | Elise, Doom

"It is a pleasure to meet you. My name is Elise, and I am here on behalf of the Rising Dawn's interests to get intel on Cortex, his projects or 'designs' to be exact. If you can supply us with any news, we would be truly grateful for it. If you seek payment in return, I can look into it for you~ once Kazuya gives me approval."

"...Tch, please...Cortex never let Doom touch his projects. Said Doom would just ruin his research or some shit like that..." The man, who seemed to be called Doom, grumbled as he sat in the corner of his cell, currently seated on the floor between his bed and he toilet, not even bothering to look at Elise as he answered.
The man seemed rather thin, slightly starved almost as he laid there in a dirty green cloak with a rusted metal mask on his face
"And even if Doom did know anything, which he doesn't, He's not going to tell you so Kazuya can suck Doom's Hidden Missile, you can even tell him that...Now go away..." He then said as he brought up a empty bottle of yoghurt before throwing it at her leg, a half-hearted measure of defiance.
The guards stood by as Elise attempted to talk with the villain, one of them leaning over and saying "If he tries anything, let us know. This man is a dangerous crimina-"
"Oh just shut up! Doom gets it, Kazuya is So Afraid of me. The big waste of time, too stupid to know what's what. Look, Lady, you can just crawl back up that asian pricks asshole and leave Doom alone. I'm not saying nothing!" He then spat at the guards, prompting one of them to raise his weapon, just in case...

MIT Convention: Main Concord/Boss Fight! (OST: Motor Head): Nadalia, Rugal, Icarus, Boss, Insano, Katya Vs. Cortex!

"...Oh...Great." Rugal sighed when he saw Cortex's newest ego boosting device, even went though the trouble of molding a "Bulge" on the codpiece.
Having sent out a message to the others, He then went to engage the doctor, pushing past the fleeing crowd until he was right in front of Cortex and leaping up to try and land a kick at his stupidly large head.
Rather then flesh and bone, his foot ended up impacting against solid air as it hit Cortex's shield, forcing him to leap back off it to make himself safe.
"Ahahahah! Mind over matter you cockhead!"
"C-COCKHEAD! WHO ARE YOU CAL-..." He went to protest, only to remind himself of the rubber chicken mask on his head, prompting a shuddering grumble.
Any other protests were quickly pushed aside when one of the hands on the mech turned into a chaingun, Cortex opening fire on Rugal and forcing him into cover.
".. Is, this to be the one we're after? .. Why does thou have such yellowed flesh? Is he by any means a soul doomed with a skin disease?"
"...Really?! That's what concerns you right now!?!" Rugal barked back at Nadalia, she was a great fighter, but he did have to question her "Game Sense" a little as he fired back the odd "Hadoken!" between volleys of lead.
"HEY! IT'S A PIGMENTATION THING, YOU BLACK BITCH!" Cortex barked back, only to be halted by Icarus's engagement, the lighting breaking his shield for a moment.

"Ha! Go ahead! Take down my shield and I'll take down your LIFE!...B-because you'll be dead!...YEAH!"
His other hand turning into a small energy coil, a series of 3 large green plasma bolts then fired out before seemingly homing in on Icarus, following him though the air with unsettling intelligence.
With the Angel off his back for now, Cortex put away his plasma gun and then pulled out a small baton from his wrist, pushing a button that caused it to unfold into a staff and then a Battle Axe.
"WHAT KIND OF BLACK MARKET STEROIDS DID YOU TAKE TO GET SO HUGE? I'VE SEEN PICTURES OF YOU, AND YOU'RE...LIKE, FOUR FEET TALL! AND HALF OF IT IS YOUR GIANT SWOLLEN HEAD!" Insano inquired over the sounds of screaming people and Rail Gun fire, the latter of which didn't seem to phase the armor too much aside from messing up the paint job.
"Swol-IT IS NOT SWOLLEN! IT'S FILLED WITH THE KNOWLEDGE I NEED TO KICK YOUR ASS!" He roared back as he rushed towards his follow mad doctor, attempting to hit him with a swing of his axe.

Back with Rugal, he answered Boss's concerns by shouting "Katya is making an Evac point. Move the crowd towards there and get them out of the building. If this building comes down, they can build a new one! We'll keep Cortex busy, just keep the people safe!"

The Escapist Avatar Adventures

Location: The Rising Dawn | Brig | Elise, Doom, Deadshot

"You're probably starving... mind if I join you?"

"....uhhhhh..." Doom merely said as he looked at the freshly cooked food, wetting his lips slightly.
You can't be serious. He's the most wanted criminal in the-"
"Maybe so, but ... do not worry about my safety. I hope you can find it in yourself to trust me."
The very first thing that came to mind was that this was some kind of trick, maybe it was drugged, maybe it had some mic hidden in it, perhaps Kazuya snuck into the kitchen while it was being cooked and took a whiz in the pot just to spite him.
"Felt like you could use some company. Don't worry, I won't bite.... but I think you'll want to take a bite of that fried shrimp instead. I believe that there is also Maine Lobster served with a nice seasoning ... hope you'll find it to your liking."
"...It does look kinda nice....I-i guess..." Doom then said, trying to downplay just how much he wanted to take all that food and stuff it in his mouth
Little by little he edged over to it, picking up the fork in his hand was he examined it, leaning over and bringing his face extremely close to it, attempting to see if it was drugged or something.

After nearly a minute of waiting and belly rumbling, Doom's willpower finally broke as he went and took a good mouthful of lobster, moaning as he tasted it.
With all caution now fading, he quickly dug into the rest of the dish while the guards looked on, as well as the other prisoner in the brig.
"...Hey, while you're in a culinary mood, Can I get a Batter Burger and a large chips?" A scarred man in a maroon jumpsuit asked from one of the nearby cells, the kind of man that looked like he deserved to be here.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | M.I.T. | Exterior of Convention Center | Blocked Exit
</3 Terran Space Marines

It seemed that heavy lifting and concussions weren't two things that necessarily worked well together, especially when it was the heavy lifter that was suffering the concussion. As the woman continued to remove rubble from the singular exit that would allow the cosplayers, gamers and convention goers to escape to safety, Katya found that her head was starting to hurt more as she continued to clear the rubble. As the pain in her head continued to increase, the young woman found it a great deal more difficult to focus on completing her task efficiently.

"Son of a..." Katya cursed as the more rubble fell on the pile that she was clearing, knocked loose by the woman's efforts. It seemed that not only was the rubble keeping the civilians trapped within the kill zone, it was keeping a load bearing wall of the convention center upright. If she wasn't careful, she was liable to bring down the wall on the a large group of the cosplayers.

With all the issues that Katya was dealing with, the last thing that she needed was a group of the Terran Space Marines to show up and start shooting in her direction. The sound of automatic fire did little to calm the already panicked crowd, especially when a few of them were hit by stray bullets. The Haxxx0r Heroine watched as a woman cosplaying as Morrigan was cut down by a barrage of lead, unable to react in time as she threw a large boulder sized chunk of rubble at the murderous Marines, causing them to scatter.

"Shield up." Katya muttered as she moved to place herself between the Marines and the civilians, the clank of bullets hitting a wall drowned out the screaming. Opening a channel to the Rising Dawn members she muttered, "Little help?! Anyone?"

The Escapist Avatar Adventures

Location: The Rising Dawn | Brig | Elise, Doom, Deadshot

".. Excuse me for a moment."
Doom was too busy getting some much needed nutrition, all that time working for Diabs did a number on his body and, while it was one hell of a diet plan, it did take it's toll not long after he started cooking for the Gang-Banger.
Now he's out and about while he's still locked up here and getting prodded and poked by Kazuya, the notion of that thought made him slow down a little, but only a little.
Either way, by the time that Elise came back with Deadshot's portion, he was already licking the plate clean, milking it for all it was worth while the Assassin got his burger.
"...Okay, I'll be honest, I was being half sarcastic with that request, but hey!" He said before happily nomming on his burger, being sure to glance at the guard and let him know just how good it was, making exaggerated facial movements and moans as he ate it.
"{Hmmmm Damn that's a good burg'} *Glup* By the way, he was kinda onto something there about the rat carcass. Hell, I'm in here for unleashing viral bio-hazard bombs in a major urban center, Selling arms to former communists and blowing up a military base. Still, thanks for the grub!" Deadshot then said with a shit eating grin as he then offered her and the guards a few of his chips.

"...Than-thanks for the food also..." Doom then nervously said as he slid the plate, along with both the knife and fork to the bars of his cell, leaving them there to be collected.
"...So do I have to tell you something now?...Isn't that how this works?..." He then rather densely asked, not seeming to understand the notion of a bribe or encouragement in an interrogation.

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