The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Rising Dawn: Canteen/Bar: David, Caim, Storm, Alpha, Kayta, Azan, Faust, Luke, Ryan, Faith, James/Ginka, Selena.

Selena quietly entered the Canteen somewhat anxious She hadn't quite gotten used to the majority of people on the Rising Dawn she Also was rather nervous in case that crazed... thing attacked her again she had concealed the scepter inside of it's sheathe sealing it so it had almost no trace shrinking it so it hid in a small satchel at her hip. Very few could find it save for maybe anything with contact to the dangerous entity sealed inside the scepter. She wasn't sure but she suspected that creature may have been sent by the entity, but she couldn't Prove it and also didn't want to admit she had the Demonic Scepter, it usually wasn't something You kept with you.

Rising DawnIcarus, AI Vermilion
Icarus smiled, his face getting partially red.
"well umm a few people seem a bit stressed and well I had this idea, of maybe playing some music and inviting the crew to a lil swing dance, I used to do it all the time when I was growing up." His face was getting more red when it slowly dawned on him how rather silly his Idea might be to other people.
"I have a list of songs My family would swing dance to, and two curve-balls." he says with the last idea bringing a large smirk to his face.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Canteen | Rising Dawn


Faust gave a sidelong glance at Selena as she entered the Canteen. Faust's mind was muddled so though Selena looked familiar, Faust could not recall exactly why. She let the mystery woman out of her mind until the matter became more pressing. Dolores looked taken aback as she leaned over the counter and watched Katya drink the water mix. She smiled slyly. "Its a water-mix not just water. I pride myself on the subtle flavor of my drinks, not just the complexity. Its the execution as much as the ingredients dear."

"The friend... my older sister as it were," Faust gave a goofy smile, "I really just have no idea where she is right now! But, I'm sure that I can figure out where she is in given time." Faust paused, something came to mind. "Oh yeah... she did leave a few of her things in her old room. Do you think that it'd be useful to take a look at that?"

"Should you two really be making decisions while shitfaced?" Dolores covered her mouth to mask an amused giggle.

Faust ignored Dolores. "its this thing... an interface module I think. Its broke to all hell, but she used to jack into it all the time when she needed to rest."

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Airship Rising Dawn | The Canteen
///@KatyR: 3'r33 d@i @hn huzz11n///

The Rising Dawn's newly inducted member's face tweaked itself into an uncomfortable look. While it was Katya Rostikova's place to sexual harass each and every member of the crew, it was an uncomfortable experience to be on the other side of the coin, or rather it was an uncomfortable experience to perceive being on the other side of the coin. Though most people might have taken Faust's requests at face value, the normally sexually charged deviant took it totally wrong.

"Waaait a second heeere chicky! Are y-you hittin' on meee? W... wai's it so hot in here? D... did you slip me a Micky? Th... that's a sh... shitty thing!" Katya managed to slur in a manner that was as extreme as the manner in which she was swaying in her seat, "I... I'm not th... ~hic~ that kind of gurl, missy!"

Actually typically she was that sort of girl but that little fact was lost on the rather inebriated hacker heroine. I mean if it wasn't for the fact that she had found a bartender that was willing to server her alcohol, she more than likely would have attempted to hit on the spider queen relentlessly until Elise had relented. If it wasn't for the fact that she was in a hurry to get a buzz, she might have asked Wanderer to watch or join in. But it just so happened that Katya enjoyed the newly found sensation of getting a buzz (and Escapist is a PG site that would frown upon graphic depictions of a threesome).

"Little Miss, I believe the young woman is truly asking for your assistance. Her voice pattern indicates honesty" B3WP chimed in over Katya's mobile device.

"Shut it you. No one asked you." Katya muttered before turning her attention back to Faust.

"Fiiiine. I'll look at it. But first...." The Over Sexed Socialite said as she turned her attention back to Luke," What are you doing still staaanding here. Don't chu have a woman to woooo?"

Never mind the fact that Katya was keeping Luke on his toes with the constant request for booze.

Kazuya, Violet, Wanderer, Anyone else
Location: Rising Dawn | Hanger.

Taking note of Kazuya's countdown, Wanderer simply shook his head in disappointment. "Not taking me seriously. The usual first and last mistake they make." The Shadow said without emotion, an almost pitying look gazing at Kazuya. Sighing, his thoughts took to the usual anger for one who denied a monster. The instinct to fight was born once more.

("Wait. No blood, not yet.")

It was the voice in his head, and not the usual once, it was the total being of Wanderer, both human and monster, whom desired to have everything wrapped around his pinkie. With the last second, Wanderer reached into the almost infinite depths of his lab coat. Finding just the item, the Wasteland Warrior threw a hexagon-shaped object, most of the combat personnel would recognize that it is a stun grenade in a matter of seconds.

Yet with that throw, Wanderer had already closed the VTOL door, sat down in the pilot seat, and began to take off again. To himself, Wanderer was glad that he had kicked the pilots out. Of course though, seeing the personality of Kazuya, Wanderer smirked. "He'd rather take this whole thing down than rather let me have it." He said, but his smirk betrayed that was what he wanted.

"Sometimes you have to take things for yourself."

Rising Dawn: Hanger: Kazuya, Violet, Wanderer, Anyone else

Kazuya was able to finish his countdown as Wanderer threw his stun grenade, The G-Corp CEO being able to swat it aside with the back of his hand, causing it to "Harmlessly" go off near Violet's face.
"OH GOD! MY EYES! THE GLASSES, THEY DO NOTHING!" He screamed though his facial burns as Kazuya went to get his VTOL back, right as Wanderer shut the door in his face and began to take off.
Not wanting this for obvious reasons, Kazuya quickly took to action, running towards the front of the transport.
As Wanderer tried to taxi out of the hanger, he got a nasty surprise when the man he was stealing from leap up in front of the cockpit, grabbing onto the front of the VTOL before punching clean though the windshield and into Wanderer's face, knocking him out of the pilot's seat.

Breaking apart the rest of the glass, he then climbed his way into the cockpit before pulling the emergency stop lever, causing the VTOL to jut to a halt.
"No one...I repeat, No one, steals from Kazuya Mishima..." He said as he advanced on the doctor, now up close and personal: Just where he wanted him as he went to kick the living shit out of him.

Kazuya Vs Shadow Wanderer. Sidelines: Violet, Anyone else
Location: Rising Dawn | Hanger.

The declaration was heard strongly by Wanderer, a flash of rage changing his face. "You are a walking cliche!" His voice bellowed, the Doctor's feet backing slowly away. Even the bad side of Wanderer knew how powerful this man was in close combat, for the aura and stance betrayed him. Facing Kazuya in this kind of professional clothing was a swift death sentence. "Here is a little t-" Wanderer said as he suddenly cut himself off, only to dig into his pockets and spray a handful of sand into Kazuya's face.

With Wanderer out of vision, by the time Kazuya would catch a glimpse of him, the mad Doctor would be already coming for him. Wanderer's figure was covered in flexible armour, a flowing cloak, and a black mask that only conveyed this current personality. Of course, this was not the objects to focus on, for what came at Kazuya was two items on Wanderer's hands. One on the right hand spun with energy and old crimson covering the blade, it was a saw hand. On the other hand was a familiar fist, that flew like a flaming bird.

Even before he launched his siege, a plan was already in progress.


Perks activated: Slayer, Piercing Strike, Stonewall.

Kazuya: Khan Trick [Unarmed PERK].
Kazuya: Paralyzing Palm [PERK].
Kazuya: Ranger Takedown [Unarmed PERK].
Kazuya: Unarmed attack.
Kazuya: Unarmed attack.
Kazuya: Unarmed attack.
Kazuya: Unarmed attack.
Kazuya: Unarmed attack.

[1] Not his penis.

Rising Dawn: Canteen/Bar: David, Caim, Storm, Alpha, Kayta, Azan, Faust, Luke, Ryan, Faith, James/Ginka

"...Thank God you don't seem to have to worry about a vow of celibacy then..." David awkwardly joked, that was one mental image that would stay with him for a while and not in a good way as he resumed his drink in a bid to remove it.
"On top of that, how did you get that job? I mean, last time we talked, you were a bit more..."Scaly"...I mean, unless that's you got the gig..." The sniper then asked, recalling that Ryan did look a bit more human then he last recalled.
As he began to wonder what Jenny would think about hearing Ryan hooking up with one of her kind, Right as a slight migraine kicked in, nearly making him spill his drink as he held the side of his head.
"Oh?...You alright, West?..."
"Yeah, yeah, just-...Must be that tumble out of the helicopter the other day flaring up again...Yo, Barkeep, mind if I get some extra ice and an aspirin?..." he answered as he tried shaking it off, yanking out one of the ice cubes and putting it in a napkin before pressing it against his head.
"Still, if what Ryan here says is true, then you'e seen your share of combat, Faith? I mean, Jenny told me a bit about the kind of "Legends" that roam around there. And you took on two of them?..." He asked, something was off about how he was saying it, like he didn't quite trust her...

Rising Dawn: Hanger: Kazuya, Violet, Wanderer, Elise, Nadalia, Anyone else
OST: Honest Eyes: Black Tide

"Ngh!...Really, this is your plan?..." Kazuya said with some annoyance as he wiped his closed eyes, underacting to the Khan Trick, you really think Martial Artists can't handle some dust to the eyes?
Once he opened them though, he was met with a sudden strike with a flaming metal fist to the chest, that part he could handle, but not long after it connected, he felt
"!!!...What-...did you-" He strained to say as his body seemed to "lock up" all of a sudden, quickly realizing that this mad bastard most likely hit some pressure point or something, allowing him to get the follow up knock down attack, allowing him to pin him to the ground before punching him repeatedly with the Industrial Fist in the face with the same results you would expect.
Right after his V.A.T.S. Strikes finished, Wanderer noticed a VERY angry Kazuya glaring at him as his eye glowed bright red.

"WHAT?! WHO'S TALKING!? I CAN'T SEE A THING!" Violet yelled though the burns and broken glass in his face as the guards on sight stood by, their weapons trained on the VTOL as Nadalia asked what had happened.
"It was the unstable one, said he wanted to take one of the transports for himself. The boss disagreed and well-"
Before that NPC could finish, he was interrupted by Wanderer getting blasted clean though the wall of the VTOL by a large laser burst.
This was then followed by Kazuya walking into view as the smoke settled, deep bleeding cuts all over his face from getting pummeled with an industrial saw.
"...Alright...Now you got me mad..." He then said in the understatement of the year as he leapt down from the hole in the transport before dashing over and violently kicking Wanderer in the gut before he could even get up, Ironically with enough force to make him stumble back onto his feet before Letting Wanderer know just how upset he was about the current state of affairs.
"Good thing you are a doctor, you're going to need one." He remarked as he launched him skyward with the final blow, hoping he had finally hit him hard enough to force some sense back into him.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Canteen | Rising Dawn


Fausts tried to stand but she couldn't find her balance. She sat down back onto the stool and steadied herself on the bar. "I cannot seem to... function right now..." Faust reached out to grab Katya, and she did. Katya was unexpectedly warm, even her hands seem to burn with some sort of flame. "The interface module is in the room. The one room that..." Faust paused.

Dolores smiled and pulled Faust away from Katya, "Now hold on there friend, you've had a little too much to be demanding anything of anyone right now." Dolores walked around the bar and knelt into Faust, placing half of Faust's larger frame on her narrow shoulders. Dolores looked at Katya, "If you could, I might need some help getting this shitfaced imbecile to 'her' room. I'm not the strongest of people." Faust pushed against Dolores, but ultimately ran out of strength. The larger girl slumped against Dolores' back. They were in an awkward position, Faust was too heavy for Dolores to move herself and Faust was no longer able to control her major motor functions.

"C'mon," Dolores whistled, "help me a bit and I can show you what the terminal she was talking about is."

Kazuya and Elise Vs Shadow Wanderer. Sidelines: Violet, Nadalia.
Location: Rising Dawn | Hanger.

The hot beam slammed into the Wanderer's chest, erasing what armour he had. This impact sent the figure of him flying, through the metallic wall. Falling through the air, the Shadow's thoughts were racing, easily trying to grip onto his feelings and instincts. It mattered little what he became, only his survival. As he was sent grinding against the ground, ripping his cloak even more, Shadow Wanderer knew his mistake.


The darkest personality, it finally knew what was wrong, and it knew it would try and resist. Every other sound was mute, and even the thumps from Kazuya did little to rattle his brain. For the desire lingered in the Shadow, and it did the last thing it wanted to do. ("Need help?") That voice brought that black personality comfort. For this was the him that knew what to do. To not only survey the scene, to raise moral of the troops, or trap the evilest of monsters. This was the normal him.

Kazuya's last and hardest hit threw Wanderer across the hanger. His black mask breaking off into many pieces, revealing two crimson eyes, brimming with the strangest of tears. The whites of these eyes would turn out to be the biggest threat. For it sent the two personalities back into their mental home. A prison of black and white, good and bad. The basic of both holy and darkness.

("I ... I don't know ... ") Those words of the Shadow were a first.
("Don't worry. It isn't your fault, you were just being yourself") The lighter side said with a gentle smile of a mother that never raised him.
("But if I can't win, who can?!")
("I know ... neither, but ...")

Those words trailed off, but in that jail cell within their mind, one figure came to the center of the room. ("No, we can win. Maybe not physically, but we still can win.") The excitement in his voice raised, for the possibilities of the unknown had come in front of them. The Shadow Wanderer walked from the opposite, from that darkness that ever licked for power, yet it came to a calm stand in front of his opposite.

("But they are strong, and we are weak") At that moment, Wanderer placed his hands on his dark self's shoulders. ("No, we know more, we've killed more. Do not forget our purpose, do not forget our past.") Wanderer said, smiling like an Angel. From that moment, memories came to them. Their life was forged from chaos, from death. Yet from that moment, his life was born, and from that, many achievements came along.

Survival, victory, friendship, endurance, trials, trust, destruction. The armies that he fought, the armies he created. Both creation and destruction was due to him, even in a land of the apocalypse. From that, the two looked each other in the eyes, and the darker placed his own hands on his opposite's shoulders.

"To become one."
"To become one."

Both smiled, and from there, white and dark mixed, creating truth.

On that hanger floor, the body that belonged Wanderer had just muttered two things, both bearing a different tone. Feeling the ragged damage these monsters created, it gave that being a purpose to fight. Like a corpse, it raised from that cold floor, and already it could feel a new body and new energy. "Not done yet." A heavy tone said behind the two. The person they had just hit was not there.

True Wanderer
Wanderer theme: On the Edge of Truth

"Monsters. You are useless to the world." It coughed, not yet used to the radical powers his body used to repair itself. A loud crack echoed throughout the room as that being straightened itself without a yelp. The presence that surrounded him felt foreign, as if he were making another world meet this one. Behind this new Wanderer, some saw illusions of people. These were not just any people, but they are soldiers, for there was an army behind this leader.

Raising his hand, there were fake cheers that filled the room, like ghosts come to torment them or a leader rallying his troops. Suddenly, a voice bellowed throughout the room, it rang with the voice of an angel, and it carried the demand of the greatest of Kings.

"I am not someone you can kick aside. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life, freely. That is my truth, and that is my end."

Bringing his hand down, and even behind the mask, people felt a stare trapping them, like pray within the grasp of only something that could claim the top of the food chain. This was strength at its purest form. "You are a terrible leader Kazuya Mishima." It said behind the mask, but Kazuya could feel a victorious smile. "Even the one I do not know. You two share something, and that is sin." He shot a glare towards Elise that was like a Spider-Wasp.

"I care not for your property, but in place of the Angels, I will claim punishment." Wanderer said and lifted his helmet up to spit on the ground. "You are worse than those you have captured." He said, ending with a laugh that shocked the hall. Within, even he knew sounded crazy, but knowing from experience, it was the confidence that counted.

What happened next was that Wanderer held out his hand, and immediately a object materialized out of thin air. "Sorry." He said, falling a sympathetic look on the more simple soldiers. Before anyone could move, it was already fired. Yet not at them, but in the air. Gazes were directed upward, and then, it began to rain a deadly substance.

For his next move, Wanderer pulled out his two signature ranger revolvers and began to shot at the two main figures in front of him. Within his mask he felt sorry, for even if he was insane most of the time, he could see the memories of his service on the Rising Dawn crew ... yet ...

10% health to Nuclear Anomaly PERK activation[1]

He would win either way, just like he promised.

[1] It won't be that bad. Basically a hole to fall into and out of the ship.

Rising Dawn: Hanger: Kazuya, Violet, Wanderer, Elise, Nadalia, Anyone else

Kazuya was glad that Wanderer seemed to calm down slightly after that beating, or so he thought as he began to go on about Monsters and Angels and whatnot.
"...Are you seriously...calling me a monster for not giving you a damn VTOL FOR FREE?!"
".. We should probably lock him up somewhere and get him help. There's no telling what someone as insane as him will do to the rest of our crew if he gets the chance. This reminds me of when Warwick snapped during one mission and nearly killed Lux, if I hadn't stepped in. I would hate to see that happen again..."
"...WHAT EXACTLY DID YOU THINK I WAS TRYING TO DO, GENIUS?!" Kazuya shouted in anger as this "New" Wanderer kept rambling on, but what really concerned him was the fact that he then pulled out some kind of large weapon before firing it into the air, sending numerous amounts of bombs into the air.
Right before the point of contact, everyone ran to get out of the way, except Kazuya who merely stood there and asked

"...Why me?..."

Violet's vision was about to clear up as Nadalia healed him, giving him a slight shock when he saw the Iron Queen after seeing nothing but darkness and pain for the last minute or two.
His head was still ringing from the blast as looked over to Elise as time seemed to slow down, something that is known to happen when something is about to blown off the face of the earth.
Shoving Nadalia aside, he then leapt though the air shout "GET DOWN!" as he tackled Elise to the side as the blast went off.

When the bombs did go off, a bright flash filled the entire room as, for the second time in under a week, the entire G-Corp Mobile Command Outpost they had set up in the hanger was blown to kingdom come.
Metal and computers flew all over the place as the hanger was depressurized, quickly being sealed over by the fact that the VTOL that started this entire argument managed to clog the gap giving Wanderer the time he needed to escape(?) while everyone got the hell out of the way.
Except Kazuya.

He just stood there, not bothering to get out of the way, scorching much of his flesh as he watched his operation burn right in front of him.
He wasn't even angry as a defeated look appeared on his face as he fell to his knees in a limp manner.
"...*Sniff*...Why does this always happen...w-when I try to do good things?..." he sobbed as another one of his attempts to do good in the world was shot down right before his very eyes.
Violet meanwhile was a lot less worse for wear, having pushed both himself and Elise out of the blast range.
"Urgggg...why does everyone have to blow up my office...You alright?..." He then asked as he picked himself up off her and tried to help her back up.
Once he saw Kazuya however, he then asked "....Uhhhh...M-Mr. alright?..."
"...*Sniff* The hell do you think, you moron?..."
All the while, Nadalia watched on and wondered: Where were most of the guards while this was doing on?

Rising Dawn: PARTY TIME!: Icarus, AWOL G-Corp Members

"Party rock is in the house tonight~
Everybody just have a good time~
And we gonna make you lose your mind~
We just wanna see ya-dah-dah...shake that!"

On the other side of the ship, the mood was much lighter as several of the main Hanger staff found out about Icarus's little party and had made their way there without Kazuya's permission. (Or even Icarus's invitation!)
The entire room was filled with dozens of servicemen, most of them not even changing out of their combat gear as they drank and sang in celebration of a sucessful mission, something that rarer then you'd think.
"WOOO! GREAT PARTY ICARUS! TO THE ANGEL!" One of them shouted during one of the quiet parts of the current song as they all raised their party cups to the host, giving several great cheers to the Dark Angel...

....Right as the sound of a distant explosion filled the air and the room shook slightly.
An air of dread began to fill the room as the "Guards" all looked at each other.
"...Weren't we meant to be doing something?..." one of them asked out loud as a few nervous coughs filled the room.
"-Every-day-Imma shuffling."

And just like that, they shrugged it off before getting back to partying, it was most likely nothing anyway...

Rising Dawn: Canteen/Bar: David, Caim, Storm, Alpha, Kayta, Azan, Faust, Luke, Ryan, Faith, James/Ginka

"...That WOULD explain why Jenny can't handle her drink..." David pointed out as he awkwardly looked at Caim, having the glassy stare of a man had seen (or heard) too much for one man to handle.
"...Well....uhhhh....Welcome aboard! I'm sure you'll fit right in around here!" He then happily said to change the topic, right as a distant explosion went off, causing the lights to flicker.
"...Oh, don't mind that. Wanderer is most likely shooting at seagulls with that Mini-nuke gun of his...Again..." David casually groaned, though he was silently thankful that he picked a better time to do it then 7am in the morning.
"Still, if you want, we could bring you along the next mission, though I have to warn ya, stuff ain't as easy out in the field..." He said as he stared at Faith, as if trying to hint at something...

Kazuya and Elise Vs True Lone Wanderer. Sidelines: Violet, Nadalia.
Location: Rising Dawn | Ruined Hanger.

Chaos rained down in the hangers, the multitude of explosions rocked the floors, both destroying people, and making them fly into the walls. It was destruction, and it was something that Wanderer was very experienced with. Holding his sadistic giggle back in his mind, Wanderer's gaze darted to where the explosions hit. Nuclear power would have ate away at some of the flooring. Staring down his goal, it was a cracked floor panel which was allowing hissing air into the room.

Smiling inside his helmet, Wanderer felt the power come into him as radiation started to fill a majority of the hanger. "Ahh, I live off this stuff." He muttered, each second feeling the twisted mind that created his current self. It was as if not only white and black mixed, but the result was trying to hold off the two colours from destroying the other. Even now, he could feel their intent to ruin the other. "Ah, alas things go so quick." He said to himself.

As the dust and debris began to clear everyone's vision, the survivors could see the main target clapping in the middle of the room. "One thing, this doesn't count as betrayal, because we didn't join you in the first place." Wanderer said, addressing himself and his other personalities. Deciding to finally end this, he gave a little bow to mock the rulers in front of him, after all, it was appropriate for the one that kills their kind.

"And with that, you will always remember this as the day that you almost caught The Lone Wanderer." He simply said before placing one of his pistols to his stomach. With a shattering bang, it had seemed Wanderer just shot himself. Until a little mechanical voice filled the hanger.


"Health reduced below twenty percent, activating Nuclear anatomy. Have a nice day."

"Trust me, this is going to hurt YOU much more than m-."

Before finishing his sentence, the particles in the air responded to Wanderer's bodily command. With the mixture of his inner chemicals and radiated blood, the air acted like a natural match to the deadly substance. With that, another small nuclear explosion was born. Lighting up the hanger once more. Compared to the ammunition he shot earlier, this was worse, but focused at the center of the room. Underneath that explosion was a destroyed hanger panel that led out of the Rising Dawn, and flying through that air was Wanderer.

Of course, he was on fire.

Yet with a plan in mind, an armoured True Wanderer was ready for a crash. At this moment though, Wanderer reminded himself. "Do I regret this?" There were many consequences from this, he would lose more people. "Were they ... my friends? No, only allies." Born from his sacrifice raised not only a new mind, but a new goal.

Thus, the shooting figure of the sky flew, his mind new as steel and relaxed like elastic. Before allowing himself to sleep, he realized something. "Ah right! No traces, silly me." Wanderer scolded himself before playing with his Pipboy. After all this planning, he had forgotten to activate his last card, especially since he didn't want anyone chasing after him. Booting up his communicator, he contacted his last tie on the Rising Dawn.

Mr. Handy/Jenkins:

"Yes sir, do you need me to do something?"

Inside his mask, Wanderer only smiled. It was possibly the only voice that welcomed him on the ship. Yet even now, he had to give it up. "Hah, sorry, but activate "loose ties" protocol." With that term spoken, another explosion erupted on the ship.

That little shack he kept on top of the Rising Dawn, full of his ammunition, research, and even some personal items, they were eliminated in a blink of an eye. Yet spotting the smoke from his falling position, Wanderer could feel moisture on his face. "How selfish of me." He said, before a large impact embraced him.

Somebody likes writing dialogues with me. I wonder who?

The Rising Dawn: Training Room: Rugal, Angelus

Angelus smirked at Rugal's comment, the King of Fighters noticing that having her ego stroked worked wonders to calm the dragoness down. The dragon gestured, moving the flames to focus specifically on the mask, melting the bit of rubber and plastic into a small bubbling pool that stunk just a little. Scrunching her nose up at the smell, the dragon turned back to Rugal and allowed a flame to dance on her finger, flickering as it seemed to want to change from it's confines, "Hmn... Perhaps I need to Caim a lesson then. Perhaps I could lure him somewhere and attempt to take him unawares with some flame to the rear?"
She chuckled to herself, rather similarly to a noblewoman, Rugal noted, before continuing, "Reminding my fool human of what I am, and the respect I deserve doesn't sound like too terrible of an idea, actually... Thoughts, Bernstein? I recall you being a creative one..."

Rugal thought for a moment, thinking over the possibilities before speaking, "Well, it all depends on how far you want to go. If you just want to scare him, could take him out for a flight, then suddenly toss him aside and grab him with your claws, dangling him there while you explain your grievances? Repeat as necessary."

Angelus paused at the suggestion, surprised that she hadn't thought of it herself, "...That... Sounds rather fun."

"Then how about you have fun then? "

The dragoness' human mouth split into a grin, bearing far too many sharp teeth than the human anatomy would allow, before taking a step outside the training room, giving Bernstein a small wave, and leaving the man and the melting mask alone...

The Rising Dawn: Brig: Deadshot, Doom, Cortex, Teri, Garm

"'Ms. Bernstein?' If you must, please address me as 'Ms. Gravel' or my first name. As for your, er, "offer", Doctor, I'm not here for money."
"How the hell did Kazuya find that out? I was trying to keep it under wraps..."

"Loyalty is a hard trait to mask, Tear-ri. This Kazuya probably saw that and drew his conclusion. Let's face it, you are very attached to the Alphas."
"I guess that's true..."

"Y-y-you're not here for money?...Then w-what do you want?"

Teri pointed at his wounds, which were still closing up by being in contact with the Cleric's Aura,"That, and to talk.

Cortex looked down at his wounds, and to his surprise, noticed that...they were sealing themselves. With equal parts apprehension and wonder, the Doctor whispered to himself, "...Arcane Healing?"
"Wrong source. Divine. Arcane Casters don't get the cure spells, last I checked..."
"...Where are am I?..."
"The brig of the Rising Dawn."

"....T-the Rising Dawn....THE Rising Dawn....
Cortex paused before turning to the bars to Doom's Cell, grabbing them and shrieking, "DOOM! YOU FUCKING JUDAS! YOU SOLD ME OUT TO THE DAWN?!"

Teri, in the meantime, remained calm in light of Cortex's outburst, shaking her head gently at the accusation,"Not exactly. That would be more my fault than his."

"N-n-n-no! it wasn't like that. Kazuya made me-"

FUCKING KAZUYA IS THERE?! OHHHHH NO! NO!NO!NO!NO! In the midst of his outburst, Cortex grabbed his own head and began banging it against the floor, the Cleric grimacing at the sight.

"Well, part of why I'm here is to keep Kazuya away from you guys."
"Great, the one thing saving my life if the fucking priestess daughter of Rugal Bernstein! I couldn't ask for more in life!"
I don't agree with Kazuya's methods. Just ask Doom or Deadshot. I have an alternative method to get what he wants. Aside from that, I'm maintaining your upkeep, more or less, and making sure that some people - She shot a dirty look at the guards,
-"remember the basic amenities like food, water, and a bath."
"Hey, I'm not selling anyone out, unlike that under-developed waste of flesh over there!"
To be fair, Doom wasn't exactly willing when it happened.
"Tch, Please, He sold me out for a fucking plushie!"
No, he didn't. I got the information from him prior to that."
"-Which technically he did!"
"Look, I'm not going to talk, you're wasting your time..."

I was guessing this would happen."
And with that, The Cleric sat down to pray, Garm taking a vigil and quietly growling, "Keep quiet, or I'll make you wish you did...."

Rising Dawn: Canteen/Bar: David, Caim, Storm, Alpha, Kayta, Azan, Faust, Luke, Ryan, Faith, James/Ginka

"Don't you have a lady to wooooo?"

Luke shuffled awkwardly at the question, then gave a nervous laugh before cleaning another glass (seeing as Dolores had been attending to Katya's drinks fast enough), "I'm still on duty, Ms. Katya. However, if you MUST know, we've made plans for dinner tonight, once she is relieved of her duties."
It was a rarity to see the normally cool bartender acting like this, which Caim would have noted, were it not for the fact that he'd been downing his glasses of whiskey. However, the blonde bartender found his attention diverted by Dolores' query to the aforementioned inebriated hacker,

"If you could, I might need some help getting this shitfaced imbecile to 'her' room. I'm not the strongest of people."
Luke gave Dolores a quirked eyebrow, and shook his head, "Of all people, I don't believe Ms. Katya would be the best of aids in carrying a body. If anything, I think it might be time to close her 'tab'.. I could call a few of the imps for help?"

Speaking of the mute swordsman, Caim found his attention diverted by Faith and Ryan's conversation regarding the Gardevoir's adventures in the Pokemon world, downing several glasses of whisky as the conversation culminated with -

"Just so you know David .. I was going to say I washed Ryan's back but now because he's being so childish ... I helped him wash his dick also. There, I said it."

causing the swordsman to genuinely and honestly burst out laughing - or, in as best of a manner a mute man could, a hand smacking the table as each gasp rasped out of his mouth and his PDA shot out it's mechanical tones, "Maybe Ryan's right, West! We should keep the Pokemon away from the alcohol, or I might break a rib!"

Cheeks beginning to glow red, no doubt from the volume of drink he had consumed, the warrior stood up and gave a stretch, "Anyway, I think I've had enough. I think I hear Angelus calling...."

Without much further ado, the swordsman began a... Shaky would be giving it a compliment, gaits towards the exit of the canteen, stumbling when Wanderer's explosion went off, and a resounding "Damn mad scientists!" echoing from his PDA as Caim left.

However, his space was not long gone - shortly after Caim left, a familiar duo, Ton Ton and Cadolbolg fluttered over to the bar, Cadolbolg landing on the counter and Ton Ton dismounting, waving his little blue lantern as he gave a greeting,
"Helloooo~! I see we have new friends? (Ryan and Faith)"
Cadolbolg gave a happy wave of his front paw, "Haaaaai, Mr. West, Mr. Bartender (Luke), Ms. Stranger Bartender(Dolores), Ms. Stranger(Faith), Mr. Stranger(Ryan), and Ms. Stranger (James)!"

From what James and Faith could recognize (Ryan already being familiar with the Cutie Bruisers from his time in the Persona verse), was a Tonberry, a small bipedal lizard wearing a robe, and armed with a lantern and a knife; and Cadolbolg, a metallic silver dragon-turtle hybrid of some kind, bearing a large shell, but a pair of adorable wings, big cute eyes, and a tail that had some sort of keen edge to it, rather like a sword. However, the two creatures, despite how armed they looked, seemed almost like...children? They certainly spoke young enough, the green one sounding not a day over 11.

Rising Dawn: PARTY TIME!: Icarus, AWOL G-Corp Members, AI Vermillion

Vermilion merely chuckled at the explosion (and it's lack of reaction from the AWOL G-Corp members), and set the next tune to play after "Party Rock" ended, "I hope this party is up to code, Icarus?"

Rising Dawn: Ruined Hanger: Kazuya, Violet, Elise, Nadalia, Anyone else

"..."You are a terrible leader, Kazuya Mishima."..."You are worse than those you have captured."....That's what they think of me?..." Kazuya repeated to himself as the others attempting to comfort him.

"...Everyone wants a better world to live in...To be safe, to be able to raise families and grow old in peace...and yet...Most people don't do a damn thing to make it so. Sure, Sure, there are "Heroes", they go out, stop the "Evil, Evil Villains" before they finish their plans...Any yet...When *I* do doesn't count..."Ohhh, you can't be mean to the people who want to enslave humanity, that's not right." "Ohhh, you can't hurt men who would kill everyone in sight if given the chance, it's not moral!"..." He began to ramble on slightly, still talking over everyone else as they tried to calm him down.
"...Japan has been the safest it's ever been in centuries. I use every resource G-Corp has to offer, even as it operates at a loss year after year. My forces have done just as much to defend this planet from threats as the Rising Dawn, If not more! Where's my praise?...Where's my international respect?...Where's my favors from Angels and Gods and the powers that be?...Where's is my goddamn bootleg action figures with my name misspelled on them?! Tch, What the hell does he know about leadership? Thinks that just because he's done some good in the world that he's can judge ME?!

When they are out saving other realms, who picks up the slack? Me.
When they are off fighting off one threat, who takes care of all the other ones? Me.
When they are here, able to put their feet up after a long day of "Saving the world", who's up all night trying to stop the next madman? ME!"

At this point, Violet attempted to drape a blanket over Kazuya as he knelt before the CEO snapped it away as he stood up.

"...Wanderer can wait. I'm not about to spend resources that could be used to rebuild trying to convince someone who tried to steal from me that perhaps he shouldn't have done that. Judging from the fact he tried to blow us all up, I think his mind is made up. Violet! Re-establish contact with our agents on the ground and set up a new means of Evac, our VTOLs are too damaged for such a mission. Elise, find out where the hell my damn men are and convince them that not doing their jobs is not a good idea. Nadalia, start using your fire powers to remold and reclaim this damaged metal, Seal the hole where he exploded. I'm going to contact HQ and get more manpower sent to the operating site. Tell the Airship AIs to set a course for New Mexico. I'll show that pretty thief how a REAL hero gets things done..." He ordered before he stormed off to his room to call his forces in Japan.
"...W-wait, don't you want to be patched up-" Violet attempted to get out, only to be silenced by the sound of the hanger door slamming shut.
"...First?...N-no?....okay..." he trailed off as he was left once again to clean up the mess, looking nervously around before attempting to lighten the mood...somehow...
"...Heh, well, he-...took that well....N-normally he doesn't..." He remarked as he smiled for a moment before going pulling out his phone and attempting to contact Blade and Furiae, though he was at a loss as to how to get them back to the ship now...

Rising Dawn: Canteen/Bar: David, Storm, Alpha, Kayta, Azan, Faust, Luke, Ryan, Faith, James/Ginka, Ton-Ton, Cadolbolg

Watching Caim's "Graceful" exit, David couldn't help but snark "So I had too much to drink, but he hasn't?..." to Ryan's objections while Ton-Ton and Cadolbolg entered the room.
"Look, man, I'm not trying to be thick with you or Faith, just want to make sure she knows what she might be getting herself into. I mean, I'm going to be honest, it's more luck that I'm here alive and talking to you this day then skill after all the stuff I've encountered during my career. This ain't a line of work for those who want to live long..." He explained as he took his glass back.
"...I'm not a fan of seeing those with loved ones get hurt, that's all." He finished before returning to his seat and talking to the Cutie Bruisers.
"Hey guys, meet Ryan and Faith yet? Faith here is a Gardevoir, just like Jenny!" He said in a rather cheerful tone, either in a bid to defuse the situation or dodge any questions, depending on how Ryan saw it.

The Rising Dawn: Brig: Deadshot, Doom, Cortex, Teri, Garm

Cortex was still not the slightest bit happy with this situation he found himself in as Garm snarled at him.
"Silence you overgrown mutt! I've skinned newts larger then you!" He boosted as he paced around his cell, still trying to figure out if there was any way he could get out of this predicament.
"Might as well yell ya now, Baldy, she's going to make you talk either way. No point making yourself all embarrassed and shit later..." Deadshot said from his cell, not content with stirring the shit enough as it is it seemed.
"Please, I've endured nothing but torture since I got here. I fail to see how she could really make things any worse..."
"Heh...All I'm going to say is this: I want to be able to say I shagged your mom right now..." He chuckled as he knew what Teri was doing right now and was keen to see the results, shooting a quick wink at the cleric as he leered on at the other "Guests" in the brig.
"...That's really the best you got? I have you know that my mother was in fact sleeping with the circus owner back when I was 3-WAHHHHHHHHH?!" He suddenly spat out, prompting him to cover his mouth with his hands while Deadshot laughed widely in his cell.
Quickly shooting an accusing glare at Teri, he ran up to the bars once more before shouting "You-!...Educated slightly attractive teen! What have you done to me?!"

[1] The 3rd attack in this animation

Avaztar Adventure
Location: Canteen | Rising Dawn


Dolores bowed her head at Luke, her eyes wavering from place to place. Sweat beaded her forehead. "Ah, I don't think that would be the best course of action." She shifted her weight back and tried to put more of Faust on the bar stool. The larger woman looked as if she was going to crush the young barkeep. "I have to help Faust here with a matter of private concern, as a friend. I don't think having the imps around at all would be a good idea." She pronounced the word "imps" with about the same tone as someone pronouncing the word "vagrant."

Speaking of the elder bartender. He looked a bit... devilish. His face, his hair, the way he carried himself reminded Azan of someone he had met previously. A long time ago, or a short time ago, he couldn't be totally sure. But something like a false radiance.

The exasperated woman heaved all of Faust back onto her bar stool and sat down on the floor. Her cheeks were flushed, her lips were pulled tight, her silk shirt wrinkled and black tied loose. Her hair was somewhat unsettled with loose strands hanging over her green eyes. She's a pretty girl. Wouldn't look out of place in the Vatican.

"I... don't think I can carry her though," Dolores looked as if she had swallowed a poison capsule. She breathed heavily, her chest rising and falling dramatically. A little boyish, but pretty indeed. Azan pondered for a moment whether or not he should assist, but in the end decided against it. In truth, I am no longer a knight.

Just then Cadolbolg drifted in and addressed Dolores. "Ms. Stranger Bartender," it said. Dragons, haven't seen those in quite some time. Dolores looked up and waved back weakly.

"That's right... no magic. There can't be any magic near the terminal..." She grit her teeth. "That." Dolores' mouthed through her teeth, "fucking" she raised her head a little bit to look out the window. There was a dissonant venom on her tongue "whore..." She looked up straight at Azan. The light from the window shone directly into her eyes.

He nearly fell out his chair. So startled was Azan that he spilled some of the honeyed wine he had in his tankard. What in the world.

Dolores turned away from Azan abashedly, putting a hand on her cheek. It was brief, but Azan saw it. Her eyes, her beautiful green eyes were actually a blue darker than even the deepest black.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Airship Rising Dawn | The Canteen
///@KatyR: W3@p n0t 4 r0@dz untr@v3l3d.///

As the Bartender, Luke, had stated now might not have been the best time for Katya to do either task that had been requested of her, whether it was examination of an interface module or drag a fully drunk young woman back to her room to look at her "interface module." In either case something would more than likely end up screwed and not necessarily in a good way. Besides, the last thing that Katya wanted to waste the buzz she was feeling on was baby sitting a drunken Faust. The Rising Dawn's resident Computer Scientist might have liked the girl but she didn't know the girl well enough to hold her hair while she praying the porcelain goddess. Besides an even greater opportunity than tinkering had presented itself, the opportunity to troll Lucky Luke the Tender of Bars.

"Dinner? Don't tell me that you're going to go and do the whole dinner and a movie bit are you? If you are, choose something scary... maybe the Exorcist?" The interfering interfacer slurred as she swayed in her stool, eyeing the secondary bartender, Dolores, playing the role of Atlas while Faust played the role of the infinitely heavy Heavens.

A commotion on the other side of the bar caught Katya's attention. It appeared that Katya wasn't the only person exercising their right to imbibe in excess. Spotting Azan, Katya raised her voice just loud enough for everyone in the Canteen to hear.

"C...cut dat man off righ-now! Ca...Can't even keep all dah booooze in his cup! Aboos I sai! Alceehol aboos!!" Katya slurred before spotting her favorite mini-dragon, wrapping him up in a squeeze that would have made a doll's eyes pop out, "CADDY!!!"

Things did seem to be getting rather interesting in the Rising Dawn's Canteen. Of course while everything was going on, connections were being made, though these connections weren't breaking any land speed records.

Katya's brain:
1 + 1 = ..........
1 + 1 = .........
1 + 1 = ........
1 + 1 = .......
1 + 1 = ......
1 + 1 = .....
1 + 1 = ....
1 + 1 = ...
1 + 1 = ..
1 + 1 = .
1 + 1 = 2!!!

Wheeling upon the half flattered bartender, her stomach flipping in the process, Katya managed to slur something about "Yur her interfrace fren?!" before unleashing an unholy rainbow of partially digested foods and drink upon the half pint server of pints.

"Oh... oh man... I feel better." Katya muttered as she motioned for a glass of water from Luke.

Rising Dawn: PARTY TIME!: Icarus, AWOL G-Corp Members, AI Vermillion, Elise, Kalastryn, "Whoosh."

If Elise were to look over their shoulder at any point, they would see that the blast was certainly not going unheeded. Firstly, an absolute blur zoom by, almost seeming as though they should create some small swish of air, but they leave no sound of footfall, and even the air doesn't seem to resist their advance.

Kalastryn runs up some distance behind, stopping and keeling over to catch their breath just outside the disrupted gathering. "Whew, never thought keeping up with someone with steel for... well everything, would be so hard to do!"

As she wipes the sweat from her brow, she glances in the door to see a fresh face (Elise), Icarus, and... the entirety of Kazuya's staff sitting around on their asses!?

Just as sarcastic as they always can be when she wants to, she corrects her posture upright from her doubled over stance of catching her breath and leans into the door.

"I enjoy my time off as much as anyone else, but how is your boss going to react when the first responders to that huge explosion happen to NOT be the people he signs a paycheck for to deal with it? It's not a race or anything, but I'm just saying that ignoring mid-flight detonations of that caliber isn't going to look good on your résumé folks. she snidely says before taking one more deep breath and sprinting off again.

Some dude still doing writing shit with me...

The Rising Dawn: Brig: Deadshot, Doom, Cortex, Teri, Garm

"You-!...Educated slightly attractive teen! What have you done to me?!"

As Garm gave another growl to the much shorter doctor, Teri's eyes opened from her prayers, and coolly explained the situation to Cortex, (seeing as she couldn't get around the fact that Cortex would be aware of the effects, one way or another) "I've cast a spell called zone of truth, it is exactly what it sounds like. Now, care to tell me what you know about your fellow cartel member's whereabouts?"
"...No, I wouldn't really care to do so."

With a resigned sigh, Teri only shook her head as she looked over her Tablet, giving Dimitri a quiet heads up about her next query, "Alright, I'll start with the direct questions if you won't cooperate. Dimitri, which one is Kazuya showing interest in?"

The intercom buzzed for a moment as the butler AI answered, "Wesker, I believe."
"Alright then. What sort of stuff does Wesker have cooked up for us?"

Cortex writhed on the spot, almost looking as if his eye were to bug out of his head before he finally gasped out, "...GAH! He's the Administrator of Black Mesa, a US Military Research Hub. It's basically where all the cool toys the US has are created. It could be anything from an advanced weapons system to B.O.W.s. I'll admit, he was rather tight lipped about what went on over there on account that a lot of the base are "reformed" mad scientists who gave up trying to take over the world in exchange for working on the Taxpayer's dollar."
"So you aren't aware of what his facility holds? For example, what sort of BOWs he has right now? Last thing we need is a bunch of Tyrants and T-Virus zombies."

Cortex's lips remained sealed for a moment, before he gasped out again - "FUCK THIS DAMN FIELD!, before slumping in his seat, and began to speak again, seeming to get a rather large headache in an attempt to ward off the affects of the truth spell, "...It's Wesker. He'll either have T-Virus B.O.W.s or B.O.W.s advanced enough to render them moot."
"Fair enough. Any other weapons of note?"
"Again, this is the main research center for the entire US Military. You'd sooner answer what weapons it doesn't have in storage."
"So Bison has his fingers in a lot of pies, huh?"
"....Is there is really no fucking way to get out of this thing!?...After he became a congressman, he went to a Pentagon fund raiser. By the time he left, Wesker had the Admin position. It's less that he has his fingers in pies, but rather he can "Very Nicely" ask for a slice. It's how I got my job...
"By the way, now that you're aware of the circumstance, I think you owe Doom an apology."
...I would, but honestly, I'm too enraged at this moment in time to do so.

Teri blinked in surprise at the extra influx of information, and made another note on whatever document she was filling out on her Tablet, "Now, that, I wasn't expecting...hmn... Mr. Guards? Is there anything else I should ask?"

There was a distinctly pregnant pause, before one of the guards spoke up quietly, "...What does the N stand for?"

Teri gave a shake of her head at the query, smugly answering, "Neo, duh!, but was cut off by Cortex cutting in again, groaning at the question and muttering, "Oh please don't make me answer this...It stands for Nerd. It was painted my head when I was 3 by a group of mean spirited clowns. They then all died in a freak "Fire Breather" explosion...

The Cleric paused at Cortex's matter of fact explanation of the circus' demise, and tried to back out of the conversation gently with, "...I don't think you need to explain that.

However, the second Guard seemed a bit more interested with the tale, "Wait...You killed them at age 3?"

Cortex shrugged, and looked at his glove like it was but another Tuesday, "Not just them, the entire circus and everyone in the crowd. They all loved the spotlight and teased me for wanting to do something more productive with my life like learn Science...I like to think they are happy with how they died. Oh yes, there was QUITE the news coverage...Fucking attention whores, the lot of them..."

Teri took an involuntary step back at Cortex's confession, her eyes wide with horror as she asked the guards "...if you guys don't have any more questions, I think we're done..."

The guards only looked at each other, their expressions matching the Cleric's, as the second of the two of them shakily announced (in what little he could keep of his bravado), "...I think I'll change my shift now..."
"Do I need to give Kazuya a direct report, or are one of you two going to do it for me? Alternatively, I could have Dimitri send a recording of this session-"

Before she could finish her sentence, the second guard ran out of the room, shouting, "I'LL DO IT!" as he streaked down the halls, leaving Teri with herself, her wolf, and the lone guard (who looked just as unnerved as his partner) with the psychos in the Brig; aka - not a situation Teri was feeling any more comfortable with. Still, with the interrogation done, Teri tried to give a final formality in giving a closing to the prisoners, as well as asking about any other possible needs they had, "...okay then. Um.. that'll be all, doctor. I'll make sure the imps send in food that wasn't cooked by wanderer. the rest of you need anything else?"

Cortex walked up to the bars in silence, before grabbing them with a cold, hard grip. Giving the young woman an armor piercing glare, the doctor's voice seemed to resound far more deeply as he spoke, his answer quiet enough to warrant the girl to move ever so slightly closer as he said, "Only for you to understand that when I get out of this cell, I will dissect you last..."

Teri, while normally one to back down on such threats, instead felt a residual anger in the back of her mind. It was her Shadow, and 'her' voice clawed up from deep within the Cleric's gut. Her expression grew hard where it was once compassionate; her Aura no longer giving it's "warm" healing cover; rather, it felt like a sharp winter breeze as the Cleric's anger grew. Taking a grip on the same bars, Teri stared back into Cortex's eyes as she practically growled her response, her tone sounding far rougher than the gentle one she gave earlier, "I wanna see you try, little man."

A heavy weight filled the air as the staring match began, before Cortex drew back, giving an involuntary shiver as he whined, ...Great, now I have to admit I was hoping that you would merely cower at the sound of that threat. Seriously, this field is fucking annoying the hell out of me!

Teri's expression softened ever so slightly when Cotex backed down, but the 'cold sensation' lingered as she climbed back on the wolf's back, and addressed the prisoners before leaving, first to Deadshot, then to Cortex, "Don't antagonize the others too much, or I'll cast Zone of Truth on you too. I doubt you'll want to recount embarrassing experiences to the others. And Doctor? If you think I'll cower at the sound of any old threat, you obviously have forgotten - Regardless of blood, I am my father's daughter."

Exiting the brig, once the duo was well out of earshot of the prisoners, Teri slumped over on her wolf-shaped mount and groaned to Garm, "...I can't believe I pulled that off. I need a freaking drink."
"So to the bar?"
"Yeah...If nothing else, it'll have a sight for sore eyes."

Rising Dawn: Canteen/Bar: David, Storm, Alpha, Kayta, Azan, Faust, Luke, Ryan, Faith, James/Ginka, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg,

Cadolbolg, while usually one for hugs, gave a surprised screech when Katya suddenly grabbed him, the little turtle flailing in the grasp of the Haxxor before she let him go, the little turtle dragon taking to the air in alarm, "Eeek! Give me a heads up the next time you want hugs; or I might cut you with my tail by accident!"

Ton Ton, on the other hand, could only watch with equal parts confusion and relief as Cadolbolg pulled himself out of his situation, and turned back to David, Ryan, and Faith with a little sigh, "Apologies about my brother's theatrics. While I understand why he was alarmed, freaking out isn't really the best course of action. I don't really wanna think about what'd happen if the bar caught on fire... anyways, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintances! However, Mr. Ryan, now that you mention it, you were a dragon-like humanoid last we met in the Persona realm, yes? I thought your voice sounded familiar when we first spoke. Have you been doing alright since we last met?"

As for Cadolbolg, he began his descent towards Faith and Ryan again, and hovered in front of the Gardevoir, his head tilted in curiosity, "I wonder what your hair feels like. Father says I need to ask people's permissions before I sit on their heads..."
'Sit on their heads'? If Cadolbolg looked less like a turtle, and more like a fluffy cloud bird, Faith could have sworn that the tiny turtle-dragon hybrid sounded like a Swablu!

Luke only shook his head at the scene that unfolded in front of him. From Katya making demands of his dating life, to grasping poor Cadolbolg like a rag doll, bothering the other attendants, and then to her then puking all over the unfortunate Dolores, the barman could only take so much. With a well meaning smile, he pushed the glass of water towards Katya, and then snapped his fingers, calling upon several Imps to clean and mop up the mess on the unfortunate bartender. If Dolores were to look upon the other Bartender, she could almost swear she saw a grin of smug satisfaction as the less than desired imps were attending to her. The hell was the guy's angle? Maybe it was talking shit about the help? Either way, he was able to command the imps with but a gesture, with a small group of them helping Faust back to her chair (if only to slump over the bar once more), and relieving Dolores of her weight, as well as Luke's need to attend to her.

Turning his attention back to Katya, he began to speak once more, "I believe that you should lay off from any further alcohol until you get something in your stomach, as well as calming it, of course. I suggest some pickled ginger to abate any further nausea, such as the kind taken for sushi. It's rather good for calming the stomach. As for your query regarding my date, I think the classics work for a reason. Besides, the lady in question asked to keep it simple this time around - that said, I know she does have an affinity for action and horror movies. I'll take the suggestion into account. Now- speak of the devil and she shall appear..."

True to Luke's somewhat misplaced analogy, a familiar face began to wander into the Canteen. Astride a black wolf of enormous size, the Cleric entered the Canteen and dismounted her enormous wolf friend before slipping into the bar-stool closest to Luke (incidentally, next to Katya) and gave Luke a very tired sounding, "Rum and Coke please. You know how I like em, Luke."

Garm, on the other hand, gave a curious sniff around the place and found his nose moving towards Azan in curiosity, the knight sitting by his lonesome creating a spark of inquisitiveness in the wolf. After all, wasn't the Big Pack supposed to gather together? Why was the knight sitting all alone?

Rising Dawn: PARTY TIME!: Icarus, AWOL G-Corp Members, AI Vermillion

Vermilion felt a bit awkward with the whole proceedings, and quietly began turning the dance music down in the area. Even if she was enjoying the mood, she couldn't help but note that the party crashers did have something of a point there, even if it was a bit of a buzzkill. Turning her attention back to the servers to the Dawn, the AI reconnected and began her work on damage reports.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Canteen | Rising Dawn


Dolores felt the slick wetness run down her shirt and soak her pants. It smelled of equal parts acid and lye. It was detestable. She placed a hand on her chest, and felt the moist, chunky, and altogether unpleasant warmth against her breast. She closed her eyes. O lamentable gods, who do you test me so. "No... I am not the one you will be 'interfacing' with." The wetness had reached down to her stomach and she could feel the damp alongside her thighs. I feel defeated.

"Honestly," she said under her breath, "children have no reverence for subtlety at all... All they crave is stimulation."

Luke smiled at her and called the imps to clean her. The little demons came jibbering in, hopping into the air on their grotesque bodies. Dolores flinched at the sight of them. Her body tensed as they got closer. She felt the first tug at her shirt. Cold air rushed against her skin and she jerked back, eyes opened wide in fear. A second brought a damp towel and slammed into her with his entire weight. The towel was warm and somewhat pleasant, but the subtlety was left unappreciated, rather ironically, by Dolores' high-strung state. It ran the towel against her dirty skin, mopping up the acid and alcohol, the sugar and cream. A third imp worked on her pants, taking warm water and combing through the high-weave cotton of her slacks. Dolores bit her lip and looked up. Her eyes were closed in distress and a dark blush creeped onto her face. It was rather hard to tell what exactly she was feeling, it looked like a mix between unbelievable disdain, and strangely, nostalgia. A high-pitched whine leaked out of her throat.

When the imps finally finished Dolores let out a long sigh, her face was beet-red from self-asphyxiation and embarrassment both. She brought her knees up to her chest and buried her face in her arms. "I...I... I...." she sobbed, "I hate bugs... I hate devils, and I hate being touched like that! I'm not a child1 I'm not a child! I'm not a child!" Dolores was sobbing now. In her position she looked even more absurdly youthful than she already did.

O lamentable Gods, why do you test me so.


Distracted somewhat by the humiliation of the demon-girl-bartender Azan had not noticed the large wolf approach him until it was already standing directly before him. Azan looked down at the wolf with dull surprise. He had had some to drink, but it was not nearly enough to get Azan even a little bit buzzed. Honeyed wine was often easier to find than fresh water in the dirty pagan lands of Midland after all.

Azan raised a gauntlet and placed it on Garm's head, scratching the wolf behind its ears. Dogs like that, but do wolves like that as well?" He took another drink by dumping some of the wine through his visor and into his mouth.

The Lone Wanderer.
Location: ? | The US.

A bitter breeze fell over Wanderer, passing through his armour and touching his bare skin. Shaking, the inhuman being slowly opened his eyes with multiple flutters. Yet the sight he saw was the light gray sky, and the sound of multiple metallic objects clanging against his armour. Phrases such as, "GET OUTTA THE WAY!" and "GET A REAL JOB!"were being yelled before fading away. ("I'm not going to like this, aren't I?") Wanderer said, feeling his usual self.

("No, no you will not.")
("Shit, where did the other guy go?")
("I don't know, and I don't care. He said he'll be back later.")

Sighing, Wanderer sat up, using his arm to support himself. The sight he was introduced to was certainly not a good one.

"A bridge ... the Brooklyn Bridge. I'm in New York, Goooooood damn it!" He yelled all of a sudden, and multiple yelps echoed around him. Pulling his helmet off, Wanderer saw that he was surrounded by people and coins, and nearby were people with cameras, taking photographs of the horizon. Getting up from the ground, Wanderer took a 360 degree look. "Ah!" He said, spotting the Rising Dawn in the distance, smoke bellowing from the top.

("At least we got some damage off.") Hearing his other side, Wanderer massaged his temple, almost regretting the actions his combined self took before. Shrugging it off, he knew that the past won't change. With a second, the Wanderer had changed back into his Doctor clothing, and people seemed to gasp at this new person. "Okay, shows over!." He announced as his feet began to walk.

Heading towards the city, he took note of some smashed beams, and the destroyed boardwalk that he awoke from. "Welp, let us go ... I'm sure the city has a bike or hundred." He said out loud, gaze focused on the big apple in front of him.

("Whoa, whoa, where are we going?!.")
("To the one place we know!")
("Expensive hot dogs, here we come!.")

Their trip to DC had began, and there was only one destination.
Wanderer started humming a familiar theme.

Rising Dawn: Canteen/Bar: David, Storm, Alpha, Kayta, Azan, Faust, Luke, Ryan, Faith, James/Ginka, Ton-Ton, Cadolbolg

David merely watched on in amusement at the scene before him as Ryan and Faith got to meet the "Kids", Katya became every bartenders worst nightmare and Dolores got to know the resident Imps as they cleaned her up a bit more thoroughly then she'd like, while this place did get on get on his nerves a little, it was still kinda neat to hang out at, least when there wasn't something horrible happening.
"Oh come on, they aren't that bad, Dolores. And they have feelings too you know." David pointed out as the Imps (Visual Reminder) went about cleaning the place up, looking a bit annoyed at being called "Devils", sure they were more Neutral then anything else!
It was then that he then turned his head towards the TV, going on about some kind of break in at MIT, he was going to dismiss it, but when they showed some live footage from the scene, it showed a green person of some kind carrying a unconscious woman that looked quite a lot lik-
"...Furiae?...Oh shi-" He instantly reacted before discarding his drink and racing out of the room, leaving a big spill for a annoyed looking imp to clean up.

Rising Dawn: PARTY TIME! over: Icarus, AWOL G-Corp Members, AI Vermillion, Elise, Kalastryn, "Whoosh."

Needless to say, the notion that the lot of them were about to lose their jobs was quite the buzz kill.
As a result, once they were snapped out of their party fever, the entire squad began to slowly move out of the room, stopping only to finish their drinks and pick up their discarded equipment, leaving only a few behind who were clearly too drunk to be of much use to anyone.

Rising Dawn: Ruined Hanger: Violet, Nadalia, Rugal, David

"-Calm down, we're working on another Evac point. Ummm, Alright, you know when you go out to the Boston Public Garden. Make your way there and I'll send some men down by parachute-....Well-....Look, we just had Wanderer blow up our aircraft, alright?! We're doing the best we can!...Alright!?....Good, Just get there a-a-and I'll try to get some medicine for Furiae, alright?" Violet shouted over the phone as he tried to salvage this operation while the Iron Queen fixed up the hanger yet again.
While Nadalia was trying to seal the gap Wanderer left behind, the door to the hanger opened before a stunned looking Rugal entered.
"...This seems to be a bad week for this part of the ship..." He sighed as he looked around the damaged hanger bay, Kazuya had better be paying for the damages.
Once he saw a small repair effort going on, he quickly went over to assist Nadalia, stating "I'll do the lifting, you do the welding. Dr. Violet, there should be a pair of welding gloves in one of the tool compartments on the walls. Past them here, please." as he took off his jacket and shirt and hung them up on a nearby jagged piece of metal, shaped a bit like a hook.
"Er-yeah, sure thing." Violet stammered as he went to look for them, taking a break from stressing about their people on the ground before lobbing them over at Rugal.
Catching them and quickly putting them on, he then took care of handling the metal while Nadalia took care of the welding, the gloves helping him to hold the rather hot metal without loosing too much skin.
"Let me guess, fight with Kazuya?..." He asked as he kept it steady for her to seal up the hole while the guards returned from their party.

"Oh about fucking time! I need 12 men prepped for parachute deployment on Boston Public Garden. Once you are on the ground, your mission to link up with our agents and find a means to get back to the ship. Take a helicopter from Boston Globe Heliport after you make contact. Field Medic, I need you to go to the Medical Wing and find a vial labelled "T-1099/FC". Grab a handful of them and report back there for deployment. Do this and maybe Kazuya won't fire you all. MOVE! MOVE! MOVE!" The Doctor barked with a alien amount of authority, something he wasn't known for.
It was about this time that David rushed onto the scene, quickly asking "Where's Kaz? I need to speak with him!"
"Little busy David, Trying to clean up this mess Wanderer lef-"
It was then that David grabbed Violet before asking "Listen to me, both Blade and Furiae just showed up on the fucking news. I've been around Spec ops long enough to know That is not a good thing. What the hell is going on down there?!"
"....You know what, you might be able to help. Their Mission went bad and we're trying to get them back up here. Team is about to parachute down to pick them up. You can go with them if you wish."
"Damn fucking straight I will." David spat back before having a parachute lobbed at him as he went to get to work.

At this point, I would like to remind you all that he is still currently dressed like John Marston

The Rising Dawn: Brig: Deadshot, Doom, Cortex, Ghost

After the cleric had left, Cortex felt so humiliated as she slumped against the side of his cell, striking it with his hand in anger.
"...y-you oak-"
"No Doom...I'm not okay...I am far FROM okay..." he spat back at his former friend right as the remaining guard got a order though his ear piece before leaving the room.
"Dammit...How the hell am I going to explain this to Wesker? or Bison!?..." He grumbled as a concerned look appeared on Doom's face as he noticed the camera's move once again.
"Seriously, To hell with that Magic. Magic is just a means for the stupid to compete with the true wise ones! ohhhh when I get out of here, I'll give her a piece of my mind..." Cortex rambled on, unaware that Doom was trying to warn him of something.
"Once I am free, then everyone on this ship will not be safe from the Wrath of Dr. Neo Cor-"
Before he could finish, every light in the brig went off, much to the doctor's surprise.
"Wah!? W-w-who is?..."
*TSK!* "Me..." *TSK!* Ghost said as he walked into view before Cortex's cell opened, allowing him inside.

"Whoawhoa-hey-hey-I-i-i-i told her what I know!" The mad midget pleaded as he backed up against the wall of his cell, all his bravo leaving his body as this figure appeared.
*TSK!* "Perhaps you did. But...I'm here about something else. 1 Question...1 Answer...1 Bullet..." *TSK!* Ghost said as he loaded a single round into the chamber of his pistol before quickly pointing it at Cortex's head.
*TSK!* "What do you know about Adel Bernstein?..." *TSK!*
"B-b-bernstein?...He has two kids!?"
*TSK!* "Well...technically it's 3, but that's not the point. What do you know about him?" *TSK!*
"N-n-n-nothing! I swear! Li-i-i-i-I-mma still under that spell! I can only tell the truth!" Cortex lied, something that Ghost didn't really like (Well...actually, he did).
*TSK!* "Mmmm...Only one way to make sure then..." *TSK!* He said before putting the gun away, only to then turn Cortex around before giving him the biggest Wedgie the doctor had ever felt up to that moment.
*TSK!* "What do you know about Adel Bernstein?!" *TSK!*
*TSK!* "...See? That wasn't so hard now was it?..." *TSK!* The assassin then mocked before pulling the doctor's underwear over his head and face before letting him walk into the wall.
*TSK!* "Heheheheh...I love this job..." *TSK!* the man in black then said before casually strolling back into the darkness, right as the lights turned on, the camera went back into position and the guard returned.
"Dude! Are you just going to let that happen!?" Doom shouted at the guard, only to be answered by "Let what happen?" as the guard pretented to not notice Cortex running around his cell with a stained pair of white underwear currently over his eyes and about a mile up his crack.
"WAAAAAHHHH WHY ISN'T ANYONE HELPING ME?!" he screamed before he ran into the bars and knocked himself out cold.

Rising Dawn: PARTY TIME! over: Icarus, AWOL G-Corp Members, AI Vermillion, Elise, Kalastryn, "Whoosh."

Icarus had wanted to disappear once the horde of people appeared. They were playing loud strange music; he had never heard songs like that before, and when it became clear that the G-Corp were in trouble he suspected he might be at fault.

That was until another entered the Balcony.
Selena walked into the room with a written invitation in hand. On it written in fancy script was 'Party on the Balcony Dance experience suggested formal attire ONLY.'
Heeding to the invitation she had changed into a pure black dress with a low cut plunge for the top and a slit along the skirt showing her right leg a pair of shiny black shoes her hair was simply cascading down her shoulders stopping at the small of her back partially covering as the dress had no back.

"Hmm what happened I thought There was supposed to be a party," she looked around Icarus could see Selena and had made himself completely disappear, if one could see him had look like a nervous wreck his face red and his tongue and twisted itself into Knots.

Selena walked forward and reached out Icarus's Illusion disappeared.
"IS the party over I was hoping we'd get to dance.
"Y-You wanna dance with-me?"
She laughed smiling.
"Yes silly." she smiled and rested her hand on his cheek, Icarus felt like the entire ship could hear his heart throbbing in his chest.
"Oh but there's no music, hmm Oh I know." she took out her wands and with a wave a ghost like band appeared and with instruments including a piano, brass section and violins to cello's.
Icarus smiled. Umm I'll need a second to umm get changed." he said blushing a bit more then he was already, his hands were trembling.
Why he was so nervous he had tangled with hellhounds defeated a massive hellion he'd out flown dragons, but a woman one inch taller than him made him this shaken, but... she was so beautiful.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Airship Rising Dawn | The Canteen
///@KatyR: F1$h F00k 1n h20!///

Katya took an experimental sip of the water that Luke had passed along her way and made a face as took as the odorless, clear and tasteless liquid touched her tongue. Where was the sweetness that she'd come to expect from drinks?! Where was the fizzle? Where was the excitement? Sure she'd drank water before but it was always a mistake, like when you accidentally drink water when you're rinsing your mouth out after you've brushed your teeth or when you accidentally swallow water when you're rinsing yourself off in the shower or when you accidentally swallow a whole bunch of water when you're swimming.

This was the slow method of sobering up and if there was one thing that this chick did not do, it was slow. Pulling an empty pint glass closer to her, it placed her finger just inside the rim and closed her eyes as she sent a command to B3WP. A moment later, the sound of a glass being filled was heard as B3WP's nano-agents latched onto the alcohol molecules and deposited them into the glass. The smell of pure alcohol wafted from the glass, hitting Luke in the face. A moment later, the sound of the glass being filled stopped and Katya looked an infinite amount better than she had a few moments ago.

Of course, there was a good reason why she'd pressed the reset button on her Blood Alcohol Content.

"Hey Teri! Hard day?" Katya asked as she ordered a Mimosa, a drink that she'd seen her parents drink quite often on their weekly Sunday brunches and an order of French Toast with a side of fruit salad. She was in the mood for breakfast. Though not a spicy one, "Mild please. No hot stuff."

Eyeing Teri and the rather tired expression the Cleric wore, Katya attempted to lighten up the conversation.

"So... Luke tells me you're going out for dinner and that she's going to propose." Katya said, fibbing one of the parts of what had been told to her by the devilishly flirtation Bartender, "Oh... oops. I wasn't supposed to tell you that second part."

There was a certain smirk on Katya's face. She was a notoriously bad poker player and having been around her for at least one drinking session, Teri would more than likely be able to tell that Katya was just button mashing her buttons at the moment, hoping to pull off the haduken of embarrassing comments.

As she spoke to Teri, a twin set of arms snaked out of Katya's back and tucked themselves under Delores' arms, lifting the woman that was tiny in stature but not emotion and depositing her on the another barstool, one next to Faust.

"Hey Chica. I'm sorry for yacking on you. Erm... How about I look at your interface after I finish talking to Teri?" There was a noticeable lack of lewdness in the word interface in Katya's voice, perhaps she'd felt guilty about puking on the woman? "And then after you've shown me yours, I can show you mine." (Facepalm)

Rising Dawn: Canteen/Bar: Storm, Alpha, Kayta, Azan, Faust, Luke, Ryan, Faith, James/Ginka, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, Teri, Garm

Garm tilted his head in curiosity at Azan's gesture, before leaning into it, allowing the Bridge Knight to get a grip on the fur of the abnormally large wolf. However, Azan couldn't help but notice that the beast, at least, whenever his glove drew close to the mouth, felt abnormally cold? After the petting, Garm's tail wagged in enjoyment, and the wolf began to speak, "Thanks for the petting. I was wondering if it was normal for members of 'Big Packs' to not want to be around each other. I thought big packs stayed together."

Back to the bartender and the Cleric, Luke looked down to Dolores, a moment after her little breakdown, and shook his head; almost in a manner of a parent scolding his child (which probably didn't help Dolores' state any more than before) as he spoke, "There's no need to be so over-dramatic. They were simply cleaning you off. Besides, beggers can't be choosers when it comes to the help they receive, hmn..?"

Whomever this "demon" of a bartender was, he was certainly good at exacting a passive aggressive revenge. First he called up the very help Dolores had insulted, and now he was talking down to her for being angry about it? How utterly cruel![1]

However, Luke's attention was next drawn to Katya's display with the alcohol, quirking his eyebrow with curiosity at the trick and what the young Haxxor was to say next.

"Hey Teri! Hard day?"

The cleric remained quiet at the query, only giving the slightest nod in reply, before knocking back the contents of her glass. At finishing the mixed drink, she muttered something about wine, to which Luke pushed the glass in question.

"So... Luke tells me you're going out for dinner and that he's going to propose." Katya said, fibbing one of the parts of what had been told to her by the devilishly flirtatious Bartender, "Oh... oops. I wasn't supposed to tell you that second part."

Teri gave the smallest ghost of a smile on her face at Katya's playful romp towards her romantic life, and shook her head, "I think it's a bit early for that, Katya. We just got back together. As for the former, it's dinner and a movie. What he" she indicated to Luke "Has in mind for each, I'm not entirely sure. How about you? 'Interfacing' with someone, I heard?"

As for Ton Ton and Cadolbolg? While waiting for Ryan and Faith to get the word in, David had left his hat on the table, and the two were taking turns trying it on. Unfortunately, it was proving to be rather large, to the point where it covered most of their bodies!

[1] The writer of this post acknowledges she is being over-dramatic for this writing as well. Take the hypocrisy as you will. :P

captcha: Soft kitty, warm kitty
Okay, who let the NSA put a camera in my room? *shifty eyes*

Mr. Bison goes to Washington

Act 3: Knowledge is Power

Another night of travel soon brought the Rising Dawn over the New Mexico desert, hovering high about the barren wasteland below them as it drifted gently though the still skies.
But this peaceful scene was soon disturbed by the sounds of jet engines as several dozen G-Corp branded VTOLs began to move into position around the airship, a few of the more over-zealous pilots even going so far as to rev up their engines as they got into formation.
*Bing Bong!* "-*Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawnnnn* ...Urg, Attention passagers, The time is 7:30am Mountain Time and we are...somewhere over new Mexico. Hm. Briefing is at 8...And I'm going back to bed..." *Bing Bong!* Violet groaned over the intercom, all the traveling though timezones did not do his beauty sleep any favors as he tried to get another few minutes in befo-
"Violet, Wake the hell up. I'm trying to run an ground invasion here, not a pre-school "Naptime". Get up!" Kazuya barked before getting back to his duties, while the Hanger was still a total wreck, he was able to set up his own personal computer and use the software on that in order to control and relay orders.
I am worse than those I have captured., am I Wanderer? Ohhhh to see the look on your face now... He thought to himself as he sent out a "Hold formation" order to his aircraft.
He was going to bag Wesker one way or the other...


After spending much of the night fixing up the Hanger (Least to the point where he didn't have to worry about the entire rear half of the ship falling off), the new announcement was the last thing that Rugal wanted to hear.
grrrrrr...Why did I teach him how to slave-drive?... He cursed to himself mentally as he forced himself into his morning routine a few hours earlier, while he was used to changing time-zones over night, it didn't make it any less annoying.
Oh well, nothing a shower and his usual coffee wouldn't fix as he went towards the canteen, hoping to get in before the imps threw all the spice into the pot like they usually do.


Once again, David was getting a harsh wake-up call once again as his recurring migraines began to flare up again, they had been going off all during the night, leaving him rather exhausted when he heard Violet's tried announcement.
"Yeeeeahhhh, good for you, you go to sleep now..." He grumbled as he finally pulled himself out of bed before hunting for some more aspirin for his aching head, being careful to pick out the correct dosage out of the packet and leaving them to one side...
Only to then down the entire packet and follow it up with tap-water from the bathroom.
After that, he went though great pains to clean himself up, even trying to get that damn hair dye out despite learning years ago that it wasn't going anywhere.
Still, once he had tidied himself up, he made his way towards the medical wing to heck up on Furiae, he would have done it last night but Caim being there kinda made it awkward and, depending on how things played out, possibly lethal.
So off the sniper went, hoping one of the resident doctors were around to give him a quick brain scan or something.


Blade meanwhile was trying to calm himself since he got back to the ship.
Between what happened to Jenny, the Hiryu business and Furiae's little "Episode" back in Boston, he was having a hard time getting that "Balanced vibe" as he liked to call it.
He had spent much of his night calmly meditating on his bed, a nice Rose Incense burning gently as he peacefully slept in that position, not a care in the wor-
The entire room began to shake as one of Kazuya's reinforcements kindly hovered alongside the window of his room, he couldn't even near Violet on the PA!
Snapping him out of his peaceful trance as he sat there with an annoyed look on his face, he let out a deep sigh before deciding he might as well wake up and possibly suggest that Kazuya just get teleportation technology like the Striders use.

Another little time skip, go about your business until everyone meets up in the hanger. Once again, extremely sorry for the delay ^^;

Rising Dawn: Kala's Room: Kalastryn

Waking with what little time they had left, and what sleep they were afforded with the change in time zones, Kala stretched with a yawn. "Ugh, damn it... I understand it's a heck of a lot easier to operate in the day, but if everyone else is as tired as violet, resting to go for our next mark at night could be advisable... if available." she muses, but her words of wisdom are of course wasted as the only ears in the room are her own. Understandably groggy, she gets out of bed still yawning and stretching- especially her wings, which had to be retracted the entire day before. Getting dressed in her usual attire, and splashing water on her face to wake herself up a little futher, she decides to use what little time she can to go to the canteen and get something to eat...

Rising Dawn: Hangar: ARES, Kazuya, whoever else

ARES had kept true to her word, the near silent hum of her welder toiling away throughout the night, and she couldn't help but chuckle at the announcement, and Kazuya's reaction. While it was nowhere near pristine condition quite yet, ARES took only a brief pause to take a seat by Kazuya and whisper. "I'm not sure whether or not Violet had informed you yet, as it was very late in the night, right before I got to work, that he was made aware to pass the information along. For your eyes only, I lifted a bit of research from one of the computer labs at MIT, while the Hangar is mostly empty, you may want to take a look. Since you have your own personal computer, I can transfer the files there too for future reference. Whenever it's convenient for you." she says before getting back to her self assigned task of repairs.

The President of the United States Saints. and Krizalid.
Stage: White Crib: Containment chamber room | USA: DC |

A smile smeared its way on The President's face. "Welcome to the official psychopath club." He said and punched a button to his side. Immediately, the containment fields went down, and the Irish fighter could do whatever he wanted. The guards in the room immediately held their guns up. The President sighed, and with one signal from his hand, the guns were lowered. "Value your lives gentlemen ... Underestimation of someone has severe penalties."

Clearing his throat, he walked up to Krizalid. "Anyway, feel free to pick anything up, you need a new coat I believe ... Don't worry about costs, your payment will be a nice one." The President said to him. Before he forgot, the President talked to Krizalid about everything that has happened, what they will do now, and what the stakes are in this soon coming fight.

"Basically, we go to Black Mesa or to my hometown of Stilwater to save a friend. Either way, I can tell there is going to be a big fight. Oh yeah, I believe I never got your name." The President said, his smile becoming more relaxed, and stretched his hand out. "The name is Boss, well, that is what everyone calls me anyway."

After the introduction, The Boss turned around, a new aura of determination surrounded him. Yet as he turned around to his aide, two people stood behind. "Sorry for my lack of attendance, it seems I underestimated the technology of this age" Merlin's gentle but wise voice filled a chamber. Peering around the world leader he noticed the new presence of Krizalid. Giving a respectful nod, Merlin knew that they had just gained a valuable companion.

Besides Merlin was the strange but familiar Advisor that served him time before. Giving a graceful bow, he had the eyes of someone who already had the whole plan in motion. "My Lord, I believe it is time." Shorn announced to the room, giving the air a sharp edge. The President gave a hearty laugh. "Yes, I always wanted to do this!" The President said, his true smile now twisted into something that a child would have.

Picking up his phone, The President contacted the important figures of his military.
"Full hands on deck, assemble the teams. Activate Operation United Skies"


Pleasant music

Within that phrase, alarms were heard from all over Washington DC.
They were not fire alarms, nor any other kind of alarms.

The Pentagon began to light up, like the jewel of the city.
Suddenly, the ground began to rumble, and civilians began to duck and cover all over the place. Police had already began to get them to safety. The building that was the Pentagon began to lift break away, yet it would be easy to see the large lines that were now carved into the buildings and ground.

That is when the Pentagon began to expand, wider and wider.
Until right in the middle, a gigantic hole was created. Yet the noise of the separation was taken over, as a loud buzzing filled the air. A object began to rise from that hole.

"Let the true Saints take to the skies."

Team Light Mesa:

The President

Team Plan Ruiner:

Tactician Shorn

Krizalid can decide to go on either team, but one spot on the first team is ... Reserved.

The Lone Wanderer.
Location: DC | US.

Riding down the main streets of DC, Wanderer was filled with awe, as he now saw his hometown full of life. This wasn't like his home at all, it wasn't a battlefield of blood and horror. No one was trying to kill him, no one was trying to hunt him, and of course, the best part, neither did he hunt or kill. It almost made the Wanderer cry, but with him focusing on riding his 'new' bike, he flowed down the streets until he arrived in front of the White House.

Stepping off, Wanderer was surprised to see that it had been renamed.
""White ... Crib"?" He question out loud, almost becoming confused. The lawn was covered what looked to be purple lawn gnomes and flamingos.

"Was it always like this? I have way too many questions." He said grasping his head.
That is when it happened. The ground rumbled, and the Pentagon split away, revealing a climbing abomination that was called an airship. "Now that is ... ... more my style!" Wanderer said, giving a slight giggle at how much chaos one ship caused.

" *cough* Well, let us see if I can introduce myself to the President." He cleared his throat and mind, and began to swiftly jog to the entrance. Even if they wouldn't let him in ... Well, they would.

Rising Dawn: Semi-intact Hanger: Kazuya, Violet, ARES, anyone else

"I got the files, They mostly went into detail about a US weapons project named ODIN, a kind of orbital weapon. I had sent another mission down to MIT to get more information, but...Well, lets just say Striders can be overrated sometimes..." Kazuya explained to ARES, recalling the ill-fated mission by Blade and Furiae the night before.
"While I know that Cortex was using the college as a platform for weapons, I still can't figure out what exactly they were building there that Black Mesa couldn't handle. This is one of the main production facilities for the entire US Military, so why were they using MIT?...I would follow up the matter, but as it's a US backed project, my hands are tied. I'm already about to be one of the most wanted me in the country after this operation, I doubt they will want to share their national secrets with me. For now, I'm going to focus on capturing Wesker. He should be able to-" He then added, right as the radar began to pick up another airship in the area.
"What the-!?...What the hell is that crazy bastard doing here?! Great...Just what I need..." Kazuya groaned as he brought up a feed of the President's personal military airship nearing the base.
"Tell the AIs to keep the ship out of the Daedalus's range and field of vision. I'm already going to attack a military base, I don't want to add what basically amounts to Air Force One to that list as well..." He ordered Violet as he wiped some sweat from his brow, this entire operation could get really messy really quickly, Hell, he could imagine without a shadow of a doubt that Wesker had this planned...

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, Kalastryn

When Kala made it to the canteen, she found Rugal chasing off a few of the imps from the coffee machine.
"No! No! It's fine! It's spicy enough as it is! There really is no need to add more!" He tried to reassure them as they hovered around the air crackling at him.
The former super-villain having saved the day once more, he then went to sit down to enjoy his coffee as he saw Kalastryn enter.
"Ah, good morning. The coffee is actually consumable by mortals today if you want a cup?" He offered, right as another VTOL jet flew by the canteen window.
"...I think Kazuya has given up on this being a small scale operation after that mess Wanderer made...He always does this when his ego is bruised..." The former crimelord sighed, bit like a regretful parent in a sense.

Rising Dawn: Semi-intact Hanger: Kazuya, Violet, ARES, anyone else

ARES was a bit surprised that Kazuya had already gathered the intelligence, and expressed such as they continued toiling away at their task. "Oh? Here I was looking for an opportunity to have someone take a look into my software with a reason they would actually want after. I do still have to remember to give Violet the blueprints for that molecular printer, if I recall." She says as she lifts another piece of rubble strewn about the hangar, now much tidier and in a much more refined state of repair thanks to the night's efforts, but not quite finished all the same.
"When it comes to splitting the research between MIT and this "Black Mesa..." perhaps it isn't about something black mesa can't handle, as something MIT could. As well as that old proverb about keeping all of one's eggs in a single basket. The files probably told you enough of what we'd be looking at as far as the finished product, but from what I'd recovered "ODIN" looks like one hell of a weapon... coming from a weapon myself." she says, continuing both working and speaking as she brings another piece of rubble up for reconstruction.

"MIT was also rather discreet to be running weapons research like this right? The files I lifted were projects from the students, also attributed to said weapons system, and the students working on it at the time also said something about "Clancy Lang" at the time shipping the information to NASA, so I think construction on it may be well underway." she concludes, as she then heeds Kazuya's, admittedly well controlled, outrage at the arrival of the Daedalus.

"I know your hands are rather full, as are mine, but could I get a rundown on why exactly it's imperative to avoid this "Daedalus?" Perfectly fine if it can wait until the briefing sir." She says, not ceasing reconstructing the hangar, at a rate that may have it nearly if not finished by the time the half hour until the briefing is done, and all while showing Kazuya a degree of courtesy his employees consistently fail to parallel. Sheesh, are they Terminator, or the Terminator's lapdog?

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, Kalastryn

Kala tilted her head in slight puzzlement at what Rugal meant by "Kazuya always getting this way when his ego is bruised." However, first of all, there was coffee. "Rugal, I'd absolutely love some." she said with a sigh as she helped herself to a cup of that blessing that makes Monday mornings bearable.

"So... things are still busy here as usual. I didn't have much time at all to introduce myself last night, but speaking of the mess wanderer made, several if not all of the G-corp employees were too busy having a party to react to the explosion. As I passed them by though, someone else- a fresh face, was already handling the situation." She says, and grumbles something about feeling like the Dawn is some sort of bus service with how many people just jump on.

"Oh... I almost didn't notice you were in the room when I shouted at ARES last night. To explain that little quip, we were both getting out of our costumes, myself unaware that we were in the same room at the time. My room, in my defense." She says, as she brings the cup of coffee to her lips, and like the magician she is, it disappears before she gets up to get herself another mug. She must really not have slept well, to both need that much coffee, and have that little of a filter in the morning.

"Well now that I've let out something I wouldn't want floating around the ship... what do you mean by "He always does this when his ego is bruised?" Seems like you knew him before, not that you told me." She inquires, leaning her elbow on the table as she starts sucking down another cup of coffee.

Rising Dawn: Icarus, Selena
Selena was slowly stirred awake by the morning light she pulled in close what she thought was Icarus but as she opened her eyes she saw what was simply a large pillow.
"What the? " she gets up then sighs Icarus must have left last night she had hoped he would have stayed with her.

Icarus had changed into a black double breasted coat fine black pants shiny black boots and a black silk cape with gold on the interior lining. The band had started to play
Icarus Took Selena by the hand they began to slowly dance, he kept a bit of a distance at first but Selena closed the distance, soon he had his arm wrapped around her waist with her head right beside his. She was smiling, but she could hear his every breath and the sharp beating of his heart. His wings slow began to close shrouding the two.
"Hmm are you nervous?" She asked.
"What do you mean?"
"I noticed your wings, the way they are I noticed it kinda shows your mood, sorry it's just something I figured out.
"I-I've never met someone like you when I came here I-I used to feel so alone."
Icarus heard her give a heavy sigh.
"Sometimes it's better to be alone."
"No one can ever hurt you."
Icarus moved looking her in the eyes.
"Selena I promise I won't ever let any-" She put a hand over his lips.
"Don't promise me that please just don't, No man has ever kept that promise."
Icarus looked at her she lowered her hand.
"I-I don't want you to get hurt either maybe- we should stop before-Before" But her body was betraying her, with each pause she felt herself getting closer until Icarus could feel the words from her breath, her lips pressed into his. They held close, and the music played.

Later that Night

In the middle of the night Icarus got a message he slowly tried to listen, not wanting Selena to wake up.
The message was a video he couldn't stop a gasp from escaping it was his father, The Raven King he was dressed in a fine black suit.
"Icarus I Imagine if you're seeing this your probably confused, most likely though I've died and you're at an age where you're ready to become a man, or take the first steps at least that's one thing I hope I taught you, a man with wisdom can always find a way he can do better.
But I'm not hear to lecture you, I have an important matter as I said before this message will be sent to you when I die and your Old enough to receive your inheritance. Now you might have received some degree of my estate.
However you've not seen my best craftsmanship." He smiled good naturedly Icarus was enthralled, had his father left something for him? Something he had never known about?
His Father clapped his hands and his two Dire Ravens, Targe and Dirk. Targe, the larger of the two which had a few stray white feathers on the tail and wings, had a large slip of paper in its mouth. His father took the slip and showed unfolded it, holding it out he showed a map.
"I bit a dungeon a real proper dungeon, This is the Raven King's Vault I built one for you and a similar one for Athenus, Now I imagine you may have left the void Can't say I blame you, You need to find your own path not just follow mine.
But that shouldn't matter There's a location to the vault In the Material world however it requires two special keys don't worry the door will tell you. The only problem is this door I put a lil too much magic in the door it has the ability to wander. No need to worry though you're handheld will find it for you.

Selena Saw a noted was left on the bed.
"Selena I had to leave, I need to find my Father's Vault. All I can say for certain is it's close to Texas currently."
She let out a sigh and was in a bit of a hurry and threw on a white bathrobe. Fixing her hair and makeup she left the bedroom to get some breakfast.

Rising Dawn: Canteen : Rugal, Kalastryn, Selena

As she walked in she saw a huge man trying to convince an imp not to add any more spice to the coffee. He also saw the devil woman Kalastryn. She sat down, making gestured to service for black tea and some toast.
"Good Morning." She said politely.
She turned to the large man at least 6'3,
"Your Rugal right? I heard you were the Captain? Hmm have you seen Icarus? He left me a This Note." She held it out in case anyone wanted to see.
She didn't want to admit she was worried about him, He had mentioned his dad a few times He had said his Father used to be part of the crew on this ship.

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