The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Location - Shadow Operative Bulding Conference Room: Annie, Everyone Else

She sat a seat or two next to Deadshot, listening in on what Fuuka was saying. Suddenly, she pointed a gun right to her temple while explaining on, "By using a device shaped like a gun, or in some cases, with collars or knives etc, it invokes a fear response, and the Persona is able to come forth. At least, we suspect that to be the case with most of you. We don't know how many of you are or will become Natural Users like Narukami-san, who can summon his Persona with the force of his will instead of needing an Evoker.

We've also provided several training rooms that will enable you to practice using your Personas before going out into the field. And that, Narukami-san, is how you can train the current Natural Users in that form of summoning. But before all that, is there any questions?"

Her expression wasn't boredom at this time. This was quite compelling information since it involved them having to enforce fear among themselves by putting a gun to their head. Despite Annie can regenerate as to wear her limbs can grow back... a bullet to the head could in fact possibly kill her. She did however, have a statement in mind.

".. Why did you, or the man who calls himself Philemon- want the Rising Dawn to take part in this mission of yours? If you could really, truly reach out to other worlds, there is bound to be a infamous number of alternative people you've could of.. selected to.."

... The munching made her pause as she slowly turned her head to Deadshot. Was he honestly eating at this conference especially during the introduction of how to shoot the gun into your head to summon this 'Persona' out? She was indeed annoyed. Even more so when Deadshot asked the professionals a question leading up to his last question, "{...Wait, did you guys want one?...Cheese and Onion...}" He said before offering a few of his crisps.


But to her surprise, Ella came forth and wanted a favor from Annie herself.
"Would you mind helping me and Devon? I'd ask someone else, but Devon's already having a hard enough time getting used to her body, never mind puling the trigger and 'shooting' herself."

Out of anyone else, she deemed Annie someone that they (both Ella and Devon) could ask for help. For one thing, Annie was their prisoner still with handcuffs on. Second, why didn't they consider Teri, Slindis, Jenny, or even the actual professionals like Mitsuru or Fuuka since they were the experts? It just seemed odd to her. Nether the less, she had a expression that was slightly more alive then boredom, but not as obvious of course.
"I may not be the person you want to receive help from. I know absolutely nothing about Personas, or their purpose. I am as new to this as you and Devon. Unless... you're asking me to invoke fear into Devon."

Yu Narukami, Mitsuru Kirijo and Fuuka Yamagishi and the Rising Dawn crew.
Location: Personaverse | Shadow Operative Building, conference room | Tatsumi Port Island, Japan

Nodding to everything, Yu knew about this all already seeing how he was here a week before training and learning from the Shadow Operatives. Seeing how this group is new to Personas and their world, he was thinking that they will have a hard time not only accepting Persona knowledge but training with Personas and using them. The knowledge that was on the top of his mind was about Nyarlatothep and evokers. The Evokers force the Persona out whilst the natural user learns to control and accept their shadow which becomes a Persona.

Yu was a special case in all of this, he held the power of the wild card and the Arcana of the Fool. Under normal circumstances he would be able to summon multiple Persona, but that was when he gained the social bonds and other Arcana of his friends. Without them he only had his trust initial persona Izanagi, even then his own Persona had become an ultimate persona at one time, back then when they faced their final enemy.

His other friends could upgrade their Persona as their bond with Yu increased. It reminded him of the time with his once friend but now lover Chie, her Persona was upgraded when their bond was at maximum. Maybe with these people he could form bonds and gain their Arcana's to help with this ordeal. Making a fist, he misses them dearly, he still has their Arcana but as said before they are useless to him.

Coughing to attract attention to himself, Yu began to talk. "Basically, Evokers force the Persona within you out. Little do you know that everyone in here has a Shadow within them. To people who have the talent of becoming a natural user like myself, that Shadow is talking to you right now and making you uncertain about yourself ... probably talking about things you don't like but are true. If that is happening, at one point it will try to control and kill you, but instead you will have to face your hardships and try to accept it. If not ... you have to fight it." Yu said to everyone as he opened his palm and focused all his will into it. Yu learned that at veteran Persona user doesn't need special needs and can summon it at will, but being in places such as the Midnight Channel or Dark hour can help newbies. Another bit of information he learned is that a evoker user can summon their persona naturally at one point, but he doesn't know since he has never seen it himself.

A blue light filled the room suddenly, upon focusing the light everyone could see a single card hovering above the hand. Soon other cards started to circle Yu. "These are Arcana, the one I hold is mine ... it is the one of "The Fool", I also hold "The World" arcana but that is something else. All of you have a arcana and a persona belonging to one of them." He said to them. Shortly he began to talk about all of the Arcana.

Hanged Man
The World

"These are all the arcana, now I will show you what is a Persona." Yu said with a slight smile as the cards around him faded into nothing, crushing the card with his hand. Yu was covered with blue flames which turned into a rather large figure right behind him.

The figure wore a black long coat with red trimmings and other dark clothing beneath it.
It's feet were blades and it's fingers were long and sharp looking.
The most notable things about this large figure was the large weapon it held and the white mask with yellow eyes hiding behind it. "This is Izanagi, my Persona."

The large figure soon disappeared which left it's master still calm and expressionless. "Now the people who have already fought their shadow ... and people who think they have a shadow, should follow me. Learning how to use the Persona should be simple, but controlling your Shadow is the hard part." Yu said whilst standing by the exit to the training rooms.

Location: Shadow Operative Building | Conferance Room

Rising Dawn Crew and Associates

Cz looked skeptically at the presentees, and even more so when they presented her with the 'evoker.' To her it just looked like a primitive projectile weapon, easily classified with flintlocks and other low grade weaponry that was lost to archives of human history. Or likely, as the high council would have deemed, to prevent humans from using these weapons to inflict terror and death upon one another.

"These are suppose to summon 'powers' forth from us?" Cz asked with an air of annoyance. She picked up the evoker and placed it upon her temple as she had seen the others model. "And these powers are to serve us in eradicating some sort of alien disease crafted by a creature of darkness?" As far as Cz knew, that 'darkness' seemed an awful lot like her own 'proxy' ability. To destroy a human and reform it into an amorphous devouring substance that carried the will of a Peacemaker. Could this Nyarlathotep be a Peacemaker of old?

Cz pulled the trigger, her eyes unflinching from the presenters before tossing the evoker back at them. "I have many doubts about this operation. But firstly I suppose you would have to get me another type of 'evoker." Cz rubbed her eyes, she was tired all of a sudden, "Something for someone that has no reason to fear dying."

She sighed and closed her eyes to rest them for a moment. The salt air has agitated her. What a pain it is. She laughed silently to herself. Almost as if I was human.

Shadow Operative Building, Conference Room

The two young women began to answer back forth for the party, taking the questions like champs as they came their way, Mitsuru starting with Rugal's question,

"Give us the file of the last Infected you've found. Name, age, Routine, Address, anything we can use to find out how he or she came into contact with this virus so we can follow the trail from there. Unless you already have a lead..."

"We can get those documents ASAP. For now, we're going to be proceeding to the training rooms, so you and your party can be prepared for what is to come. If you have the energy afterwards, you're more than welcome to peruse them as you need to."

"...So what was that about "Natural User"? Sounds like some classy "Chosen one" Bullshit..."
Jenny merely sighed annoyingly before saying "If we counter any Infected, should we report them to your people or put them out of their misery?"

Fuuka smiled and gestured to Yuu, "As Narukami-san has explained and demonstrated, a Natural user is someone who doesn't require an Evoker to call their Persona. However... The process is difficult. Dealing with one's Shadow is very dangerous. Which reminds me, Narukami-san, how do you suspect these people will know if they have Shadows to deal with or not?"

That was when Fuuka realized she hadn't answered Jenny properly, "As for your question, if you feel that you can bring them here, than do so. The more we can learn about this disease, the better. Otherwise, if you think they're too far gone, bring them their peace. It would be better to die with what little humanity they had left than to become a Shadow completely."

*Gulp* "No, But seriously, how Public is this operation? I mean, those were some pretty fucked up looking victims, can't keep something like that under wraps for long. I'd like to know if we need to keep a low profile or not." He then asked before stuffing his face again, his chewing visible though the part of his face that was missing.

"It would be best if you kept a low profile, or as much as possible. Japan has some very strict gun control laws, and we skirt by as is. If too much trouble arises, just drop my name and you should be alright. However, I would prefer that your group work within the law."

".. Why did you, or the man who calls himself Philemon- want the Rising Dawn to take part in this mission of yours? If you could really, truly reach out to other worlds, there is bound to be a infamous number of alternative people you've could of.. selected to.."

Fuuka shook her head, "We didn't have any choice about you coming here. As far as what Philemon told us, someone else recommended your group to him. Who that was, we've no idea. We've just had to make due with the force we were getting, even if they were from another world. With our usual forces scattered taking care of other Shadow related incidents, we can take all the help we can get."

After taking a good number of notes on the condition of those affected, Slindis gave an affirmative nod. "It's eerie how you got something that works so well, but I doubt there's no way to cure it once infected. I'll have to try something first, but if it works I might be able to stem the tide a bit or keep it away from key people in your group if I bring my Persona out."
"I'd like to give my idea a try first, because if we can save some it's less we have to kill."

Mitsuru shrugged, "We've tried the healing magic from out Personae before, but it didn't seem to do anything aside from calming the infected down. If you think your magic could do better, than you're more than welcome to try. However, the last subject we had has perished. I'm afraid you will not be able to test your theory until either of us finds another patient."

Melethia had heard enough about the talk and shrugged before bluntly calling out to Mitsuru. "Look, just point me to one of those training rooms. If they can do what I think they can do, I'll need them for what I'll do for my Evoker. After all, if I have to use this, I'm gonna make it a real weapon." With that, she went off to a room and took a good long look at the Evoker.

Mitsuru gave a nod at Melethia's acknowledgement with a faint smile and added, "Don't you have a sense for timing? We're just about to go do that."

"Now the people who have already fought their shadow ... and people who think they have a shadow, should follow me. Learning how to use the Persona should be simple, but controlling your Shadow is the hard part."

Teri sat up after that comment from Yu and gave Devon a nod, "Well, I think that means us, Devon. Mr. Narukami, I do hope you don't mind if my friend Garm comes along too. Him and I are particularly close. The name is Teri, by the way. Teri Gravel.
The wolf only gave Yu a single look to indicate he had no intentions of leaving his Pup and Friend behind. As Teri and Garm drew closer, Dimitri chimed in, "I think it is only fair I introduce myself as well, User: Yu Narukami. I am Dimitri, an AI in the service of Teri Gravel: 8th level Cleric and 1st level Monk of the Christian God. I will be accompanying her Ladyship wherever she may roam. I do hope I can be of assistance on this endeavor."
As Teri talked with Yu, the Shadow shifted anxiously in her mind, not liking the idea of Envoking the more it was talked about,Well, better get her ready, Sadei. Looks like we're going to be using our Personas soon..."
"Can we get this over with quick? I don't like where all this is going..."

"I have many doubts about this operation. But firstly I suppose you would have to get me another type of 'evoker." Cz rubbed her eyes, she was tired all of a sudden, "Something for someone that has no reason to fear dying."

Fuuka blinked for a moment, and then made a small gasp, "Oh right! My mistake, that wasn't the Evoker for you. It must have been one of the spares.. Mitsuru-san, could you please get that Other one to her?"

"It's alright, Fuuka. We're bound to make a mistake or too. And here you are." Mitsuru had walked to a compartment of sorts, grabbed a realistic looking doll with shiny black hair and handed it to Cz, "Highly unorthodox, but whatever Philemon commissioned for the specialty Evokers, we weren't going to object. He'd understand your groups needs for these moreso than we would. Now, to the training rooms everyone?"

Shadow Operative Building, Training Rooms

As the party milled in, Mitsuru spread an open arm and explained, "These are the state of the art training rooms that we have mentioned before. In these rooms, we can open a temporary portal to the Shadow realms, and allow Shadow Operatives to train in fighting against Shadows in a monitored environment. Now, we have 8 rooms to choose from. These seven smaller rooms, and this one large room. Pick whatever rooms you'd like among yourselves. Once you do so, the doors will close and lock behind you. This is to enable that the Shadows won't leak through into the rest of our world. Narukami will be instructing the current natural users in one room; but for the rest of you, when the Shadows arrive, ready your Evoker,"

She pointed the gun to her head, "And set it off in the manner befitting the form your Evoker has taken. So long as it simulates harming you in some way, the process should work and the Persona will be unleashed to aide you. This process will be tiring at first, but that's why we're here. We will be here to watch every step of your learning process, so don't be afraid to call upon us if you need to. Best of luck to you all."

Shadow Operative Building, Conference Room

Slindis gave an affirmatory nod before making her way to one of the rooms, having got the instructions. It was a bit odd, though; unless she was supposed to throttle herself with the glove, it wasn't the best option available. Unless it implied... But how in Khyber would Philemon have known that? He'd said he was merely told who they were by someone else. "You can begin at any time."

It was clear that Devon was very hesitant to let Ton-Ton go, but she eventually set the tonberry down to the ground and followed after Teri and Narukami. "How exactly are we supposed to have the Personas come out if we're Natural users?"

"Exactly the way you think they're supposed to come out, Double Dipshit. Just give me a name so we can get on with this and get closer to getting that Queen Bitch back for this, preferably without becoming her bitch in the process."

Tama also found herself being reassured by Sadei. "You'll only look a bit different. Think of it like a different haircut, except this one allows you to keep Teri alive."

Melethia went off to the nearest unoccupied room and immediately began working on the rather dull Evoker.Ugh... why's it got to be like a Kinslayer's blade? Odds are I can't ask for another one, so I'd better make this one count... At least this weapon was of high enough quality to actually work with, despite how dull the blade looked. She'd have to start somewhere, though.

Better start with the base enhancement for it before going to anything else. After all, there could be something else that pops up here in the meantime, and I don't want to add the fire to it yet. Thanks to how she worked, she was getting a bit of tunnel vision thanks to all of the focus she needed to get this blade right. She knew there was definitely a risk with the area. It didn't mean that much when the alternative was hamstringing her offense.

Ella called over to Annie, wanting to ensure that the woman would have a bit more than just herself and possibly Deadshot in the room. "Looks like we'll be finding out together, then. Did they really have to make it Silver, though? When I see the smartass that suggested that, I'm going to punch them in the kidneys."

Location:Conference Room | Shadow Operatives

Cz and the Presenters

Cz picked up the doll and gave it a look over. The skin felt warm and soft in her hand, and the hair was light and airy, yet had a very real weight to it. The face... the face resembled a small girl she once knew with a thick mob of unkempt hair and big innocent doe-eyes that looked up to everyone.

And before she knew it, she had been herded into a training room with Melenthia.

How did... she looked back and saw one of the Presenters wishing them luck. Had I really been so taken by this doll as not to notice? Moreover, what was a shadow, and how was this little doll suppose to evoke anything from her? All these things seemed so foreign and unexplained.

That is until the session started and she tightened her grip on the doll. The little thing had a heartbeat and a breath. Cz came to a grim thought, "It's alive...?" The Peacemaker bit her lip and waited for whatever shadow that would come to appear.

Yu Narukami, Devon, Teri and Garm.
Location: Personaverse | Shadow Operative Building, shadow room 1 | Tatsumi Port Island, Japan

Yu nodded as they walked towards the Shadow training rooms. "Nice to meet you all. You can bring him, in this situation the more friends the better." Yu said as he was reminded of the times he encountered the first personal Shadow of his BFF Yosuke. "Apparently almost anyone can have an arcana, I met a fox who had one once ... so I wouldn't be surprised if this guy was called to." He said as he slowed down to pet Garm, slowly and cautiously.

"And I am guessing that the voice is coming from a piece of technology ... nice to meet you too Dimitri." He said in his usual polite tone as he moved to the front again. The corridor was long but the group was almost there. "You gain a persona after you accept your shadow ... if you have done that you should be able to summon it, just be reminded that your shadow will always be there and it can go out of control again. If so ... just keep accepting it. If the shadow does go out of control, we will have to fight it." said the high school boy.

Coming to another corridor full of doors, with windows looking into the chambers, Yu stopped at the chamber marked "One". Having a communicator hooked up on his jacket, Yu called the control room. "Open chamber one for the natural users, lock it after we get inside." He asked and soon the chamber was opened. The group quickly went inside, the room was pretty natural looking, pretty big too. Although when the training begins it will take a whole other form, with fog and different surroundings. "Okay are we all ready ... being prepared is important." He turned around to the three behind him, Yu himself was still calm and deadpan yet he pulled out a two handed sword from his coat ... how can that be possible?

Mir | Ruins of Sorrowfeld Manor | Constance#token:0#s Hideout:

In the pre-sunset afternoon, the gleam of Som Waterford's Blade clashing against the matte black finish of Constance Sorrowfeld's shotgun might have made an interesting contrast were inclined towards such thought as Teddy was. Sitting on a charred and cracked parapet that lay in ruins next to the area where the Hunter and the Vampire fought. To the Teddy Bear philosopher and backpack, the weapons gave a rather Mirian-Centric view of humans and non-humans. Pondering this line of thought, Teddy concluded that it was all a matter of perspective. Humans viewed themselves as children of light and non-humans and the children of darkness and vice versa. It was through the observation of his Owner and her Captor fighting that Teddy has decided that both sides were incorrect and just plain stupid.

Another clash of arms brought Teddy's attention back to the skirmish that was occurring before him as Som rolled forward, his blade lashing out and extending into a bladed whip that wrapped itself around Constance's shotgun. With one quick motion, the firearm was sent flying into the air, leaving the Cat Eared Vampire helpless, at least that's how it used to be.

Celerity Channeling the blood within her veins, Constance's movements became faster, her limbs a blur as she unleashed blow after blow towards the Hunter who was put on the defensive as he tried to dodge and block the lightning fast punches and kicks as he worked a vial loose from his vest and shattered it on the ground at the ultra quick Vampire's feet.

In a matter of seconds, Constance found herself being slowed down by a series of vines that had sprouted from the ground and wrapped themselves around her ankles and wrist until she was rendered defenseless and unable to move.

"Do you yield?" Som asked simply, his blade pointed at Constance, who nodded in response.

"Better. You did much better today." The Hunter commented as their sparring session came to a close, "But you still have a long way to go if we are to avenge your family."

"No. It's not just about my family anymore." The Raven Haired Little Vampire commented as she ripped the vines from the ground and from her body.


Practice Room #2


And thus was the sound of Constance and Som's return to the AA Realm as the two of them appeared in the middle of the Training Room that container Melethia and Cz.

"Ugh. What happened?" The Black Haired Blood Sucker asked as she picked herself up off the ground and looked around at her new surroundings once again.

"I am not sure but it appears that we have been shifted around the Airship once again." Som stated as he looked at the chronometer located inside the training room, a chronometer that noted that they had been gone for some time.

"H-Hey! What in the Hell is this?" Constance asked as she picked up a set of cat ears off of the ground, ones that did not belong to her.

"Perhaps someone is trying to mimic your fashion sense." The Hunter said coldly as he tried to shake the sense of uneasiness that wormed its way through his body. His mind trying to determine where he had gone.

Looking around the room, the two noticed Melethia and Cz standing there, most likely wondering where they had come from.

"Oh. It is you again." Som said towards Cz.

Training Room #3: Rugal

Taking the chance to try out his new powers, Rugal booked a Training room for himself (Unless someone else joined in) and waited for them to spawn in some easy opponents, just to get things moving.
Settling on the "SWAT Unit #321" Template, He then pulled out his Evoker and fiddled with it until the enemies came in.
"Alright...Here goes..." He said, not really used to the idea of Shooting yourself in the head to summon something.
Just as he pressed it to his head, the SWAT came in, yelling at him to put down the gun.
...I really hope I just attack them instead...


Aside from feeling the kick of a gun against his head, he didn't...feel any different as the SWAT went to disarm him.
Suddenly, a Large Claw shot out of the ground in front of them, seemingly tearing at reality as it craved a gash large enough for it's owner to crawl out of.
Rugal, Meet your Persona: Hercules.
"...What the hell..." He said as a massive 10 foot being with huge claws climbed out of the Gash it made before letting out a brutal roar that fazed even Rugal.
Needless to say, this had a mixed reaction from the SWAT, some members peppering it with bullets to no effect while one just ran towards the exit and began hammering on the door.
In a single swipe, Hercules managed to vaporize half of the unit, his claws shredding them into a fine pink mist before slowly advancing on the remaining half like something out of a horror show.

All the while, Rugal looked at the towering monstrosity and then to his Evoker.
He then silently holstered it and vowed to limit using it as much as possible as he watched the carnage.

Training Room #1: David West

"...I'm REALLY hoping you didn't pull that from where I think you did..." David West cringed, remembering that talk he had with Shawn and the Bloody Combat Knife.
"Right, Summon...Here we go........
Annnnnny moment now..." He began saying at he stared intently at the ground in front of him.
"............Isn't there a phrase for this:....Klaatu......barada....Barada..."
"Nikto?" Dimitri keyed in, having seen that film while he was on Stand By once.
"Thank you. Klaatu! Barada! Nikto!"
This display was starting to get sad now.

*43 Straight Minutes later*

"KALLTU! BARADA! NIKTO!" David shouted in the corner of the room as everyone else actually, you know, did stuff.
"OH COME ON! WHAT CAN A DOG DO THAT I CAN'T!?...Oh yeah...*Sigh*..." He said, finally giving up as he watched the teenagers flawlessly summon Shadows and Persona's, rubbing more salt into the wound that once again the "Badass Military Type" was getting outclassed by Magic Teenagers who actually went to college.
"...Awesometastic..." He moped as he watched, unaware that this very action was being the catalyst he needed as a dark pool slowly opened behind him...

Location - Shadow Operative Conference Room: Annie, Ella, Everyone Else

Fuuka shook her head, replying to Annie "We didn't have any choice about you coming here. As far as what Philemon told us, someone else recommended your group to him. Who that was, we've no idea. We've just had to make due with the force we were getting, even if they were from another world. With our usual forces scattered taking care of other Shadow related incidents, we can take all the help we can get."

"..." It did make sense to her, for what other choice does the Shadow Operatives have? Trying to conjure up anyone else could of taken much longer and then it would be to late. Besides, it wasn't as if she was going anywhere anyways, being a prisoner to the Rising Dawn.

Ella called over to Annie, wanting to ensure that the woman would have a bit more than just herself and possibly Deadshot in the room. "Looks like we'll be finding out together, then. Did they really have to make it Silver, though? When I see the smartass that suggested that, I'm going to punch them in the kidneys."

Getting up from her seat, Annie confronted Ella with a calm tone and simple expression. "I'm insouciance towards being an Evoker. If this device will distribute fear into me to summon my 'Persona', I have nothing against the model and it's design." With that, Annie with her handcuffs on just went into a room with Ella following and whomever else would soon follow.

Location - Training Room #4: Annie, Ella

"This is..." Annie glanced. The room wasn't to big, but had plenty of room to run a mile and back around. Lights were flickering now and again, while the floor was basically flat with a somewhat shiny surface. The plating was questionable but the room just seemed like your average training room. "I'm not keen on staying here. We should start training as soon as possible-"

A shadow emerged, with a swollen white mask around it's black body and having a haunting howl with that. Annie's eyes were a bit wide, the sudden appearance of this creature was quite startling.

It was on 4's, the back looked hunched and the mask so expressionless.
Annie realized this was her chance, only to realize the handcuffs were in the way of pointing the gun accurately to her temple. The shadow began running towards them. The girl made a "Tch!" sound before deciding to put the gun in her mouth. She was hesitant for just a second, only to force the trigger and fire the gun. Her head shot back, but no blood came out nor a bullet hole in the back of one's head.

Instead, a 25 foot creature jumped over Annie's head like an athlete only to smash the shadow's face into the ground with a mighty punch. The impact caused the training room to have a tiny earthquake, making Annie and Ella have their feet an inch off the ground. When Annie regained her vision, she saw who her Person was, and her expression was in total shock.
Annie, Meet your Persona: Gaea

Never before has Annie been this absorbed, this.. astounded by anything other then being able to see her Persona was none other then her own Titan Form in person. However, it wasn't a 14 meter class but rather half of that due to being part of her as Annie assumed. The titan looked back, having a bored expression only to vanish after that one attack. At least it got the job done in killing that shadow.
".. How did my mind know, my Persona's name? Why did I suddenly just greet myself to my..."

Training Room #4: Deadshot

"WOOOOOOOOOOO! YEAH! I STILL WISH YOU HAD SKIN THOUGH!" Deadshot shouted the second Gaea faded from their realm.
"Man, I wonder what my one looks like!" He said, pushing Annie aside as the next Shadow was sent in before rushing them in a manner much like before.
"Alright! Lets do this!" He said before dramatically spinning the Evoker in his hand before shooting the bottom of his jaw.
The second he pulled the trigger, a dark silhouette appeared on the floor before a Man in a Suit with a Strange Blood Stained Mask began to form from it, right in the middle of adjusting his tie no less.
He was competely expressionless as he glanced over his shoulder at the incoming Shadow as it raced towards him.

The second it lunged at him though, the man moved extremely fast as he turned around and pulled a platinum gun from his jacket and effortlessly capped the Shadow in the dead, killing it's momentum and leaving it laying dead at his feet.
"Whoa...Nic-EHA!?" The Assassin said before his Persona flash-stepped in front of him and brought up his gun to his scarred face.
"...Call me [Null]...And only call me when it's important..." [Null] merely said before disappearing, leaving a somewhat shaken Deadshot in his wake.
"....Okay....Uhhh...My turn is over!" He said as he attempted to shrug off the fact that even his Persona seemed to want to kill him!

Shadow Operative Building, Conference Room

After a moment, Slindis saw a Shadow pop up out of the ground. It wasn't too large, but the way it shambled around reminded her a bit of some of the more incorporeal undead.

"Here's hoping this Evoker works. If not, I'll have to go to the old standby of hitting it until it falls." With that, she breathed out before slashing at her left sleeve with her right hand, causing a cloud of smoke to fill the room. At the same time, a young yet confident voice flowed into Slinis' mind

"I am thou, and thou art I
I spring forth from the well of your soul
I am the Martyred Champion, Joanne!"

The fog then faded away to show the persona that was the same height as Slindis leap in with the staff and impale the shadow with her staff, causing it to vanish in a burst of light.

THe SHadow let out a tired and annoyed sigh as it talked to Devon. "If you're going to want my help here, you'll have to give me a name. Not 'hey, you' or 'that one prick in my head', got it? I just want to get this over with so we can get to things that actually need us instead of playing pattycake with Four Eyes and that one ditz that couldn't even get to first base with The Devil."

"How about Mengde?" The response was met with a card popping up and the Shadow grunting.

"That's adequate."With that, she stabbed the card with her shortsword as a rushing wind popped in the room.

"Look, they can't hear this, so let's make it clear. We're the same, I come from your soul, call me the Hero of Chaos or Mengde. Do I need to repeat myself?" The man that popped up was just under the height of Yu, yet he seemed to radiate an Aura of confidence.

Melethia immediately greeted the pair as she worked in the broaded refining steps to the enchantment for her item."Nothing too much. I was just busy touching up this... NO. Not now. Let me finish making this before you pop, you damn shades."To punctuate that statement, she had stabbed through a Shadow that was trying to attack the pair and caused it to dissipate.

"Do you three need any help with the area?" It seems that she'd gotten used to Som Constance's vanishing by this point, and she was waiting to see what Cz would do.

"Deadshot, you're a very lonely man, aren't you? Oh well, at least you didn't have the brilliant idea of an Evoker that's made of Silver being handed out to me. ALthough I do have to agree with youo; Annie's Evoking was rather brilliant! Now, let's see if this works." The disdain she felt for the gun was rather clear as she pulled it out and unhesitatingly pulled it while pointing at her heart.

"I am thou, and thou are I
I come from the soul that you've established for yourself
I am the Champion of War and Love
I am Ishtar!"

Annie's Persona was then met with a rather beautiful horned woman pointing one of her fingers and looksing a bolt of electricity at one of the Shadows that were popping up.

43 minutes of FAIL.
Yu Narukami, Devon, Teri, David and Garm.
Location: Personaverse | Shadow Operative Building, shadow room 1 | Tatsumi Port Island, Japan

Examining the room and field, Yu nodded at David who came in and started to try and summon his Persona, Yu just about witnessed failure similar to his best friend Yosuke but yet it still became worse after. Yu knew what was going on, David has not fought his Shadow yet and it would be summoned within this environment and conditions. Seeing David go depressed and a dark pool opened behind him, soon the Shadow of David will come to meet him.

Next thing the Narukami saw was a Persona summon by a girl who he heard was called "Devon" by others. Cocking his head at the confusing name, but most of his concentration was on the dark pool that was behind David. "David-san you might want to look behind yourself ... slowly." He called out to the former cop and probably eldest of the group. Looking to Devon, Teri and Garm, Yu called out to them. "You guys should prepare yourselves!" He motioned towards the pool.

"David, you are about to confront your Shadow. No matter what it says, accept it! If you fail at that, do not worry. We are behind you." Yu said from the other side of the room and brandished his two handed katana and readied his will for anything. After they will win, Yu will place some normal Shadow enemies in here to practice with.

Some Mood Music

Shadow Operative Building Training Rooms:

Room 7: Slindis, Angelus, Ton Ton

Angelus gave an impressed nod to Slindis' Persona coming forth and single handedly taking out the Shadow without a second thought, "Interesting... Now, how to activate this piece of machinery..."

She looked down at the dagger with a distasteful expression, "Do I really have to use this thing to use my powers? How greatly the other dragons would laugh, to know I, Angelus, have been brought so low...."

With a sigh of irritation, Angelus held the dagger to her breast, and took a deep breath as she pantomimed plunging it into her ribcage, as she had seen Caim's sister do so long ago. With a sound of tinkling glass, a....Creature, appeared, veiny skin and an enormous mouth to match, swallowing the next Shadow in one gulp as whispered words entered the dragon's mind,

"I am thou, and thou art I.
From the flames of thy soul, I arise.
I am Tiamat of the Empress Arcana, Ummu-Hubur who formed all things.
Smite the weak with my strength!"

After the Persona disappeared, Angelus was left stunned as Ton Ton lept from her shoulder, the collar around his neck activating as a new Persona appeared: A knight bearing a goblet and a knife. The new Persona held the Goblet aloft as it's rays blasted away the next Shadow that dared attack the group, a gentle voice sounding faintly in it's owner's mind,

"I am thou, and thou art I.
From the Light in your soul, I rise.
I am Galahad of the Star Arcana, Knight of the Round Table.
May our light outshine the darkness."

Ton Ton looked to the two young women, almost as if searching for a form of approval as he said, "That was certainly new!"

Angelus simply blinked in astonishment and muttered, "Indeed...."

Room 3: Rugal, Caim

Caim stared in surprise to see what Rugal's Persona looked like, clearly not expecting some kind of sadistic clawed beast to climb from the sea of Rugal's soul. Of course, that meant that it was Caim's turn to try it out. As the next Shadow approached, another SWAT looking fellow, Caim looked down to the dagger in his hands and balked when he realized how exact it looked to the one Furiae used to end her own life with. How the hell would Philemon had known about that?

Either way, the Shadow was advancing, and Caim aimed the knife at his neck, closing his eyes as he 'swiped' it, and a flurry of black feathers appeared as Caim's Persona was summoned. A great bird-like being bearing a sword appeared, and with a sweep of it, it sent a trio of fireballs at the Shadow, incinerating it instantly (and not in a manner unlike what Caim had seen with his own blade) as a deep voice reverberated in his mind,

"I am thou, and thou art I.
From the darkness in your soul I arise.
I am Cael of the Tower Arcana, Ruler of 30 Demonic Legions.
May my sword and fire bring ruin to those before you."

Caim looked to the Dagger and stowed it away. Like Rugal, he wasn't liking the idea of using that infernal replica too often, Persona or not.

"I'll be happy when we leave this place."

Room 4: Annie, Deadshot, Ella, Cadolbolg

After Annie, Deadshot and Ella got a chance to practice using their Personas, Cadolbolg knew that it was his turn. He wasn't quite sure how his new collar was going to help him out, but it had to do something, right? Leaping from Ella's back, Cadolbolg flew forward as the sound of tinkling filled the air, and a new Persona rose. A dragon with scales resembling armor appeared, bearing twin blades, and roaring a challenge to the newcomer. It was easily the size of Gaea, in fact, it made Cadolbolg look even smaller by comparison. Whirling the twin blades, one now covered in fire and the other in lightning, the beast brought down both on the Shadow as it was hit with a double dosage of pain and promptly disintegrated. After that, a calm voice, not unlike what Cadolbolg likened to his friend, Devon, entered his mind,

"I am thou, thou art I.
From the storm in your soul I come forth.
I am Lei Zhenzei of the Sun Arcana, son of the Storm Dragon.
May my tempests aide your family in their time of need!"

After the dragon faded away, Cadolbolg nestled back in Ella's hair, "I think that's what's supposed to happen, right?"

Room 1: David, Devon, Dimitri, Garm, Teri, Yu

As more Shadows began to pour into the room, Dimitri found that the driver installed into his home space was beginning to work, and a little monkey with a book appeared. Handing Dimitri the book, the monkey stated in a matter of fact voice to Dimitri,
"Thou art I, and I am thou.
From the sea of your soul I arise.
I am Thoth of the Lovers Arcana, Lord of Knowledge.
Use my book to tear a path through the sea of ignorance."

Once given the book, Dimitri realized he could see all going on in the room; the locations of each Persona user and Shadow that was to come, and called out, "There is more to come, prepare yourselves!"

That was when Teri decided to start to put the Evoker to her head, when a familiar voice entered her mind and an apparition of herself appeared. Still bearing the Glasgow grin, the Shadow folded her arms, "You don't need that. We both know that. Come on now, summon me, dammit! I wanna bust some heads, and sitting around in your lazy ass brain isn't gonna get that done."

The Shadow then disappeared, and formed into a Tarot Card, causing a grin to appear on the Cleric's face, "Priestess, huh? Hey Sadei, turn into a arm bracelet, if you'd be so kind? I'm gonna practice my stances."

After waiting a moment for her staff to reform and stowing her on an arm, Teri assumed the aggressive Stance Rugal taught her and brought a punch to the card, shattering it and causing a blue mist and a tall woman to appear:

"I'm you, and you're me.
From your pansy ass I'm busting in.
I am Toyotama-hime of the Priestess Arcana, Daughter of the Sea,
all shall love me and despair!"

"You totally stole that last line from Lord of the Rings."
"Shut up."

Following that, the Persona skewered the nearest Shadow with her Trident, causing the Shadow to disappear in a puff of black smoke. However, this left Toyotama-hime exposed to another that had laid in wait. That was when Garm leaped in, the collar activating as a voice called out (and definitely from the wolf himself), "PEERSOOOOONA!"

"I am thou, Thou art I.
From the sea of your soul I rise.
I am Gelert of the Death Arcana, Faithful hound of Llywelyn.
Use my Strength to protect those you hold dear."

A suit of frosted, canine shaped armor appeared, not bearing any wielder inside it. Blood, or at least what looked like blood, dripped from it's "jaw" covering and large shards of ice floated around the sentient armor's body. The armor leaped in front of Toyotama-hime and took the brunt of the damage, following up the attack with the shards of ice stabbing into the Shadow. Once the Shadow dissipated, Garm turned and continued speaking, "Is anyoone hurt! I'm not sure if saliva is better than healing magic, but it's worth a shot, right!"
It sounded as if he was trying to ask a question, yet where the normal human pitch would raise for the asking it sounded as if it ended in an exclamation. At the very least, the words were correct; putting Garm a few steps ahead of most wolves.

After 43 minutes of Failure

When David's Shadow began to manifest, Teri took her stance and called out to David, "Careful, David! What's gonna come out of that pool will say some really nasty stuff, and it's gonna hurt like hell, but you gotta accept it as a part of yourself!"

Garm took a similar attacking stance and asked in an unintentional deadpan, obviously still trying to work out the kinks in tone, "This woon't be pretty... Be oon yoour guard, Tear-ri."

Jenny, Fuuka

As Jenny stood outside a training room, Fuuka walked to the Gardevior and asked quietly, "I think your abilities are rather like my own. Is that why you haven't went into one of the rooms yet? Mitsuru can accompany you if you'd like."

Training Room #3: Rugal

Following what would only be described as all 10 Jason Voorhees movies wrapped into around a few minutes of nigh-endless mook horror, Rugal was almost glad to see the Persona slowly fade.
"So...This is Persona..." He said as he walked around the remains, deep claw marks marred the walls of the training room as Hercules slashed and slashed and slashed over and over.
"It's impressive...Ain't it?"
Rugal then began to hold his head in pain as his "Friend" returned to him while Caim tried out his own.
"It was nice to flex, but...there is...something missing...I like that form, but...I'd prefer MY own form to this one assigned to me."
"I'll be happy when we leave this place...Rugal?..."
Ignoring Caim and pacing out of the training room, Rugal then supported himself on one of the Hallway walls, checking to see if anyone was looking as he seemed to be pouring buckets of sweat.
"Make no mistake, we both know what belongs to whom and I plan on getting what is mine."
Then, just as quickly as it flared up, the pain left Rugal's mind, leaving him tired and exasperated as he stood outside.
Once he took a moment to compose himself, He then slid down the wall until he was sitting on the floor, wondering what the hell was happening to him.

Training Room #1: David West

Right as Yu warned him, David felt someone grab him from behind-
"David West, It is I. Your Dark Reflec-"
"CHRIST!" He exclaimed before struggling with his Shadow Doppelganger, getting the upper hand and drawing his M500 before hammering the butt of which right in his Shadow's face.
"AHHHHHHHHHH!....FUCKING-JESUS!? I....fuck....oohhhhhhhh...." The Shadow then began to cry and whine as he fell back on the ground, holding his face in pain.
After all, getting hit with anything in the face hurts, never-mind the butt of a handgun.
"Right! Got him downed! Do I blow his brains out?" The Sniper enthusiastically asked his supports with a mixed excitement, like learning how to drive.
"NO! YOU FUCKING RETARD! God, Man, Didn't you pay attention to anything?! ahhhhhhh...SHIT! fucking nose...." His dark-side berated his light side, still groaning as blood(?) poured down his face.
It was strange, it was less anger and more...well, There was anger, but more in the "You just socked me in the face you total prick!" variety then the standard Shadow Fare.

"....So....Ummm....What?..." The Sniper asked, THIS was a Shadow fight?! All he was seeing was a darker toned version of himself laying in pain.
", guess it was a little too much to trust you with a menial task...come on, help me up." His "Dark Side" said as he reluctantly helped him up.
"......Uhhhh...So now what do I-"
"Yeah, would you give me a damn minute?! I just got my fricking nose broken over here...Ugh, nose is pissing like a race horse..." The Shadow groaned before walking right past everyone, looking for a tissue to help clean the blood pouring from his nasals.
"........WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!?!" David finally snapped, having no earthly idea what was going on as his "Evil Side" harmlessly searched around the edges of the room for one.

Training Room #4: Deadshot

Deadshot couldn't help but let out a wolf whistle at Ella's Persona, noting it was more Angelic then Demonic, although it was clear that he wasn't gazing at it for the symbolism.
"Man, I'm loving this Gig already! Can't wait to see what the Company Healthcare package is like!" He joked as he pulled up one of the folding chairs and sat down on it as Cadolbolg had his turn.

He almost wish he had popcorn as he watched a MUCH bigger dragon come from the little baby one that seemed to follow everyone around.
"Wish you could get them to last a little longer. Having a Personal Kill-machine is always handy and if I'm in a spot, just sell some of that bling of his to get back in the red. Man...And here I was thinking the San Andreas Gig was a easy buck!" He gloated, unaware of anything Ella had went though during their quest to stop him from ruining the entire region.

Outside of Practice Room #2: Jenny

As Cz and Melethia brought Constance and Som up to speed, Jenny opted out of training to study the files they were given in more detail, especially of that virus.
Thus, when Fuuka asked her what she was doing, she had to ask again in order to get though to her.
"Oh...Well, just the rest of the crew kinda have everything they need for...well, anything. So I'm kinda like a "Mission Control" or just someone to ask what's going on. Hence in order to do that, I need to know what's going on. Besides, I would be more interested to get into the minds of these Shadow Victims, see if there is anything I can get out of them." she explained, having gotten so wrapped up in everything she failed to realize that her powers were gone or limited.

Location - Training Room #4: Cadolbolg, Deadshot, Annie, Ella

"WOOOOOOOOOOO! YEAH! I STILL WISH YOU HAD SKIN THOUGH!" Deadshot shouted the second Gaea faded from their realm. Right now Annie was still speechless, that her Persona was the Female Titan she forms into. Still, it was also quite a show to see Deadshot summon something like that which was very effective. Of course, even his Persona seemed unimpressed with it's owner and sort of put him in his place. "....Okay....Uhhh...My turn is over!"

She slowly grew into her bored expression again, but had a deep thought about Gaea. How did she automatically know it's name and why was her voice introducing the Persona? However, in her mind it suddenly called to her.

I am thou, Thou are I.
From the depths in your soul I rise.
I am Gaea of the Heavens, Mother of the Earth and Creator of Titans
May I lend you my godly strength to crush those who would bring you harm.

"..." Annie couldn't believe it- her Persona was communicating with her. What magic or sorcery could of been powerful enough to create such... an alternative thing to Annie's being? Her mind seemed not of it's own anymore despite she felt no different.

"Deadshot, you're a very lonely man, aren't you? Oh well, at least you didn't have the brilliant idea of an Evoker that's made of Silver being handed out to me. ALthough I do have to agree with youo; Annie's Evoking was rather brilliant! Now, let's see if this works."

Ella summoned her Persona, which it effortlessly defeated it's enemies too. It seemed everyone's Persona was very useful and powerful already. Then came one of the Cutie Bruisers whom had something up it's sleeve too... only it was something else. This Persona was even bigger then Annie's plus seemed far more deadly.

After the dragon faded away, Cadolbolg nestled back in Ella's hair, "I think that's what's supposed to happen, right?"

She envied Cadolbolg's Persona... she couldn't place why. Maybe it was because Deadshot was going crazy and rooting for that Persona, along with everyone amazed by it themselves. ".. Tch."

Yu Narukami, Devon, Teri, David and Garm.
Location: Personaverse | Shadow Operative Building, shadow room 1 | Tatsumi Port Island, Japan

Seeing how the Shadow was non-aggressive, this made the veteran Persona user intrigued yet almost made him grab his enchanted glasses that see through illusion and into the truth. Usually a personal Shadow wishes to kill it's lighter side. Yet in Yu's travels he did befriend something who was a Shadow, yet he also had a darker side and personal Shadow. " ... do personal Shadows have a good side?" Yu pondered as he shook his head, he knew that these things were not people, they were the dark sides of the heart ... willing to kill to gain their freedom.

Brandishing his blade once more in annoyance, the shining double handed katana was ready to pounce upon the Shadow. The only thing both him and his new friends could do was weaken the Shadow if it ran crazy if David rejected it. "David-san you must accept your Shadow before it tries to kill you or ... " Yu was going to say something but looking at the Shadow he knew he was about to make David reject him possibly.

I am thou... Thou art I... the time has come ... open thine eyes ... and call forth what is within, Yu Narukami ... for I am Izanagi, creator of deities!

Once more the voice called to him, not knowing why, Yu just listed it as the opening of another journey or due to all the awakenings all around him. The voice was something he already listed as his own Persona, Izanagi an old creation deity that formed Japan and other Japanese Gods. Yu smiled at this, another journey meant that he could form more bonds and make more friends. Remembering the first time he summoned Izanagi, the power still lingered in his hands.

Holding his hand out, a single card faded into life and hovered upon the hand gracefully. "Persona!" Was the familiar line Yu called out. The card broke like glass, into pieces and grew into a raging blue fire which materialized a large figure right behind Yu Narukami. Having prepared himself he looked to the others, "Prepare yourselves for whatever happens!" He said to Teri, Devon and Garm. Focusing upon David upon his Shadow.

Location: Training room #2 | Shadow Operatives Building

Som | Constance | Cz | Melenthia

Cz was taken aback by Som and Constance's sudden appearance. She took a few steps back and her grip on the doll tightened. "You recognized me so quickly?" Perhaps it was just her memory becoming faulty as a result of the dimensional interference, but Cz couldn't recall if she had awakened when Constance and Som were around.The Peacemaker turned her back to Constance, trying to mask the slip of her tongue, yet in her hurry she tripped over her own feet and sent herself crashing into the floor. Her hand tightened around the doll even more as she landed face first onto the training room floor. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on who you were in the room, the head of the doll popped off. The Heart stopped beating and the breath stopped coming from the doll.

How clumsy of Cz. Maybe her adult body was just too top heavy for her to be used to it in such a high-gravity environment.

Cz's heart skipped a beat and her eyes widened. It stopped. Did I? She held her breath and closed her eyes. There was something welling up inside her, something warm. Tears. Cz couldn't stop them from steaming down her face, she didn't know how. Before she knew it she was sobbing uncontrollably, still gripping onto the small doll, which now felt cold her hands.

"Initializing... Initializing... Initializing... Peacemaker Unit Activated. Identifying Self. Unit
Designation Resolved: Artillery Type Unit C-Z"

"Huh?" Cz couldn't be more surprised to hear her own voice read out at her the start-up protocol for a Peacemaker unit. Whatever grace, dignity, and maturity she once had was long delegated tot he far back of her mind.

A black shadow leaped forth from under Cz and formed into a corporeal creature above her. Massive in scope, nearly filling the entire height of the training room.

"Unit is separate from governing body C-Z. Undertaking new designation.... 'Veles'

Veles took her place above Cz, commanding itself in Cz's cool and austere voice. The seperate Peacemaker unit quickly turned her attention toward a burgeoning shadow and let loose a spear of light from the floating disk above it's head. That light struck the shadow and filled it with blinding energy. The boundless darkness filled and bubbled, huge globs sprung and shrank from within it's body as it tried to rectify the sudden input of energy into its system before the stress ultimately became unbearable and the shadow exploded into a plume of smoke and fire.

Yu Narukami, Devon, Teri, David and Garm.
Location: Personaverse | Shadow Operative Building, shadow room 1 | Tatsumi Port Island, Japan

David West is now a Natural Persona User! image

Training Room #2:

Confusion. Confusion was what appeared on both the faces of Constance and Som as they watched the Cz spawn a giant - something - and destroyed a creature that was either clad in or crafted of shadows.

"What's going on here?!" The Raven-Haired Vampirette asked in a voice that was filled with much confusion and tinged with fear, fear from what she had just witnessed and fear at not knowing what she had just "walked" in on.

"Does it matter?" Som asked as he looked about the room, his hand never far from the handle of his blade.

"Do you three need any help with the area?"

"Well, maybe you could explain what's going on?" The Cat-Eared Vampire asked as she stood there, oblivious to the fact that there were many things that hinted towards the obvious.

"(Well arrrren't you the clueless prrrrrincess?)" A familiar and feline voice asked Constance from within the depths of her own mind, a voice that seemed so real that it caused the Vampire to turn around to see if the voice had come from behind her.

Shadow Operative Building Training Room

Room 7: Slindis, Angelus, Ton Ton

"Yes, that was was impressive... Good job, Ton-Ton. That's an admirable Persona, and truly a Torchbearer of Hope." She was clearly a bit jarred, seeing how Angelus' persona was rather bestial in nature, not like the woman she knew to be opening up to some of the others. Stil, Ton-Ton's Persona helped reassure her of the truly admirable character that the Tonberry had. From what she'd seen, it looked like he'd rubbed off on her cocky Author, so that was certainly a good sign.

"Well, now that we've gotten a feel for how they function, it would be a good idea for us to leave. Angelus, if you need any help with some self-defense techniques without using the Persona, I'm more than willing to aid you in this." Her statement to Angelus could possibly be seen as a bit Patronizing depending on how skilled Angelus was at fighting, but Slindis saw Angelus as she would any arcane Caster in an Anti-Magic Field.

Room 1: David, Devon, Dimitri, Garm, Teri, Yu

Devon was gearing up to have Mengde battle David's Shadow, but the relatively peaceful ending put a stop to that. The whole revelation of David finding Devon attractive was another shocker to the Bard, and her eyes opened up widely in shock as she tried to think of a response.

"Mengde, ya gotta help me out here! Oh god I did not want to deal with this..."

"I got nothing. Have fun with all of those issues! You should have looked in the mirror over the last week, you know. Might have made that almost as easy to deal with as you are on the eyes."

Yup... Devon was now in a semi-panic state again thanks to Shadow David's statement.

On a more sane note, Sadei giddily cheered Tama on. "I knew you'd look awesome! Toyotama, you can totally count on my help to keep Teri safe!"

Room 2: Som, Cz, Melethia, Constance

"Cz, you need to get some better balance. If someone else saw you like that, it'd be way too easy to place a few daggers in the neck." Although the statement wasn't the nicest one, she was doing what she could to help the woman. It wasn't quite as large of a concern that the two appeared in the room, seeing as they could have shown up while she was touching up her Evoker.

Knowing that it'd take a moment for them to get used to the shift, she casually exposited on the situation."It's simple. Some jerk's trying to spread something that could cause more than this place to be overrun. Think of it like throwing soil on a fire in the cargo hold so it can't spread to other areas of a ship. Only catch is that most magic and other abilities are hard to access; you've only got your physical training to work with." As she spoke, another couple of Shadows popped up and she held up the curved knife that she had been working on enchanting.

"If you want to use some of the magic or non-weapon stuff, odds are you'll have to summon of these Persona. If you need the tools needed for them, I saw a few extra ones in the room out outside. Also, Constance, I don't know how you'll be able to access blood easy, so be careful." To punctuate that, she went and made a stabbing motion at her gut to summon her Persona.

"I am thou, and Thou art I
I am the reflection of your soul
I am Andras of the Death Arcana
Heed my words, and I shall guide you to overwhelming victory."

It was punctuated with an owl-headed man letting out a rather loud cry to cripple one of the Shadows in the room with a loss of sight and a wracking poison for a drawn-out death.

Room 4: Annie, Deadshot, Ella, Cadolbolg

An irritated glare was shot at Deadshot after he half-bragged about getting off so lightly, although there was a good chance part of the reaction was from how her Persona was leered at. "It would be a lot better for everyone involved if you don't mention San Andreas again, got it? It'd also be better for your long-term longevity for obvious reasons. Be more like the Persona and get to the point instead of joking around." Then again, she could have been throwing attacks his way, so it could be a lot worse.

"You've done pretty good, Annie. I'll admit, I didn't really know why Devon wanted to help you out at the start even with Teri asking, but maybe she saw something that I can't." Again she was trying to be open in her own way to Annie even if it probably came off as more of a backhanded compliment than anything else.

Following that, Cadolbolg summoned his Persona to a decent bit of clapping from Ella. "Wow, that was a really good job! Maybe my Persona can sit on top of your Persona's head? He's certainly big enough to allow her to."

SHe followed up with summoning Ishtar a few more times against some other Shadows to get a feel for the keep-away style that it lended itself to, then turned to the three with a question.

"Do you all feel comfortable with using this Evoker? Well, besides the smarmy designs for some of them..." Her last statement was punctuated with her almost yanking out the silver-plated Evoker and only just stopping herself before throwing it away.

Location - Training Room #4: Annie, Deadshot, Ella, Cadolbolg

It would appear that Ella wanted to bond with Annie more, though the wording wouldn't exactly give that away.
"You've done pretty good, Annie. I'll admit, I didn't really know why Devon wanted to help you out at the start even with Teri asking, but maybe she saw something that I can't." Annie didn't take this offensive- in fact, she too wondered why anyone would want to help her out in the first place. If no one was to heal those serious wounds nor were able to withstand the titan's strength.. some if not most of the crew could of died that night.

"I don't know why ether.." The reply was rather cold, but it still wasn't spoken in a rude way so to speak.
Ella then mentioned, "Do you all feel comfortable with using this Evoker? Well, besides the smarmy designs for some of them..."

Gazing at her own Evoker, she reflected on how the Persona was talking to her through the mind. It seemed Ella was talented, swiftly having her Persona 1-shot everything while everyone else again... had amazing Personas in which they could swipe the floors with these 'Shadows'. This led to the girl wondering why the Shadow Operatives would need their help in the first place if the shadows were deemed this weak.


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Shadow Operative Building Training Rooms:

Room 3: Rugal, Caim

"Rugal..? Hmn.. Wonder what's eating him?"

With a shrug, Caim decided that enough was enough for this Persona business and decided to leave the room. So long as he could keep his sword, there shouldn't be as much of an issue when it came to fighting this Shadow.

Room 7: Slindis, Angelus, Ton Ton

Ton Ton beamed (as best a Tonberry could) at the praise Slindis gave, as he hoped it was a sign that her opinion of him was being rebuilt. As a fellow fighter of Goodness (at least, as Ton Ton saw her, even more so as a seasoned one), it was a good sign if she thought well of Galahad. Hopping back onto Angelus' shoulder, he spoke up, "I dunno what a Torchbearer of Hope is, Ms. Slindis, but I'll take the title with thanks. I do know that Galahad called himself a Knight of the Round Table, so I guess that means I'm one too? Either way, he sounded nice enough. I think he fights for a Master or a Mistress too, whoever that may be..."

While Ton Ton was cheery from the recent events, Angelus still found herself a bit disturbed by the turn of events, both in the appearance of her Persona, as well as the fact that her fire was not available to her at the moment, save for when summoning the aforementioned monster in her soul, "This is me... That thing is me. It has stolen my fire and rendered me next to mortal... Have I fallen too far?"
"You know what happens to dragons who stay by humans too long. They become just as mortal as the humans near them. Perhaps what Bernstein had said was right after all..."

Angelus shook her head to perish the thought, (alongside the oncoming headache that followed it) and holstered the Evoker, "That will probably be best, Slindis. I usually stick to my fire when I am in this form. To be lacking it now I would call that an inconvenience... No, that phrase is an understatement to how I feel about my fire... I feel as if I will miss a piece of me once we leave this room. I did sense Caim grabbing a dagger for me before leaving his room, so I suppose tactics with that will be best. I am familiar with Kingsblood, to a degree."

Once the trio left their respective training room, Angleus' prediction proved to be correct, and the mute handed Angelus a black dagger with the appropriate sheath, "You'll be needing this since our powers will be locked. You are familiar with Kingsblood, right?"

Angelus only accepted the blade with an attempt at a smile, and was glad Caim could not hear her thoughts, for once, "Thank you, Caim, for thinking of me. I'll make sure to take care of it."

Repressing a sigh from the back of her mind, the dragon attached the sheath to a leg and looked to Slindis and asked with a slightly downtrodden voice, "Training it is."

Room 1: David, Devon, Dimitri, Garm, Teri, Yu

After Shadow!David disappeared, Dimitri did a final scan of the room using Thoth, and spoke quietly, "Threat is neutralized. No more Shadows detected in the direct vicinity." and closed the book, handing it back to the Baboon-shaped Persona before it disappeared into digital dust. What a strange program, that...

Teri didn't really know what to say in light of David's Shadow, seeing as it's not every day one demands that it is accepted by it's wielder. Stepping out of her stance, Teri slowly approached the Irishman and offered a hand, "Come on, David. Let's get you out of this room. I think you've had more than enough for one day. If you want, I can poof you something to eat while we're in here?"

As she tried to accommodate for the Shaken Irishman, Toyotama-hime was making an everloving ruckus in Teri's mind, "Shiiiiiiiit, that was the best! Munchkin, if you want something that'll keep me quiet, you keep getting Pansy-Ass to summon me~! OH MY GOD that was awesome, especially the way that my trident sunk so deep into that Shadow~! And with what Butterfly Face said is true, that also means I got our spell list too... Does this mean I get to influence what spells we pick? Pleeaaaassseeeee? Shadow's aren't people, so we can be as brutal to them as we want, right? Because, for serious, this is the most fun I've had in forever!"

Garm on the other hand, had noticed that Devon was reasonably shaken and brought his fuzzy head against Devon's hand, his wavering tone betraying his attempt in comforting the Bard, "Dooo you need to speak on your thoughts? You seemed troubled, Devon. I am not the brightest, but I know the value of having oone to speak too, especially fuzzy ones to speak tooo."

Room 4: Annie, Deadshot, Ella, Cadolbolg

Cadolbolg grinned at Ella's comment about his Persona carrying hers, his little tail waggling as he spoke, "Sounds like fun! I can't wait to show Mother, Father, Friend Devon and Friend Ton Ton my Persona too~! Maybe I can carry all the Personas with mine?"

It was certainly a bit odd to hear the Turtle Dragon baby up close and personal after the fight was done; Cadolbolg's age showing through very clearly with his voice. Kid didn't sound a day over 11. However, the laughter died down when Ella and Annie began to talk things over, and Cadolbolg looked between the Deadshot and Annie, "Hey, you two are the ones Friend Devon visits often... Now that I think about it, I don't think we met properly have we? I'm Cadolbolg! I guess we're going to be fighting more of these baddies together, aren't we?"

The turtle dragon baby waved a claw after introducing himself, a relaxed expression on his face. Perhaps even if he knew who the two were, he didn't feel a need to worry? That Persona said more than enough in the turtle's confidence.

In actuality, Cadolbolg didn't feel a need to fear on account of the fact that the Dawn had managed to keep the two captive for so long. And with Ella, Devon and the Wanderer keeping the duo under wraps, why did he have to feel afraid?

Jenny, Fuuka, Mitsuru

Fuuka gave a small nod, not wanting to break Jenny's concentration, "You're welcome to borrow the files if you like..? At the very least, if at least one of you knows what to expect, you can easily inform the rest, right?"

As some of the Dawn members began to leave their respective training rooms, Mitsuru stood in and said, "Nicely done, all of you. I am aware that a couple of you are still in your respective rooms, and for that, we can wait. As for the rest of you, you are more than welcome to stay on site, or in your airship if you desire. That being said, rest up. We'll be briefing you on your area of investigation in the morning. If you'd like on site quarters, let me know, and I can have another operative escort you."

And with that, the Kirijo heiress returned to the various machinery monitoring the progress in the Training Rooms...

Training Room #2:

"If you want to use some of the magic or non-weapon stuff, odds are you'll have to summon of these Persona. If you need the tools needed for them, I saw a few extra ones in the room out outside. Also, Constance, I don't know how you'll be able to access blood easy, so be careful."

The Cat-Ear clad vampire would have answered had Som not stepped in and answered for her.

"There is no need to worry. I will allow her to feed from me if needed." The Hunter stated, the offer surprising both Constance and Teddy in its apparent kindness.

"You are no good to me dead, after all." Som commented when he noted the expression on his captive's face, the comment causing Constance to look somewhat downcast as she opened the door of the room to grab a pair of the devices that Melethia had mentioned.

Taking a device from the Dark Girl with the ever darkening mood, Som looked at the device and took note when the Elf pointed her dagger at herself, summoning her Persona. Taking a cue from her, Som pointed the device at himself and felt a surge of emotion as Artemis appeared before him.

I am Thou and Thou art I
From the darkness of thine soul I rise to hunt
I am Artemis, Goddess to Hunters and the Night Moon
Beware creatures most foul. I will find thee.

At a end of the incantation the Winged Huntress blew her horn, calling forth a mounted hunting horde that encircled a group a Shadows before a series of nets was hurled upon the hapless prey and as they struggled against the tangling ropes, a glint shined from where Artemis stood as she unleashed a silvery arrow that split into a number equal to the number trapped by the nets and each arrow finding its mark.

Standing there, Som could only bow towards the Persona as she and her hunters dissipated. Looking at Constance, the Hunter's expression seemed quizzical in regards to what her Persona was.

"I - I don't think so." The Faux Cat-Girl responded as she looked down at the Evoker in her hands before dropping it on the ground.

"(That's right. Show them that you're nothing if not worthless.)" Responded the voice deep inside the Vampire's soul.

Yu Narukami, Devon, Teri, David and Garm.
Location: Personaverse | Shadow Operative Building, shadow room 1 | Tatsumi Port Island, Japan

After witnessing David's Shadow both come and go, Yu was actually surprised at the Shadow's attitude towards everything. Yu's face remained somewhere between neutral and shocked but returned back to usual after a few seconds the Shadow faded from the room. "Okay ... that was successful, I think." Yu said still waiting for the awakening of David's Persona, but since this was David's persona, he probably had to manually awaken it and get his confidence back on track.

For that to happen, David would need support not just from him but from everyone in this room. Focusing his attention on the others, he looked at Teri and Garm, they had seemed to be doing well, having Garm talk wasn't a big deal to him since he already knows a teddy bear who can talk. Yu gave a thumbs up to Teri who was talking to David and looked at Devon and Garm. Devon herself seemed seemed shocked. Concerned, Yu walked over to the girl and giant wolf. "Is there something wrong, Devon-san?" He said to Devon, concerned that she might be shocked with what just went down.

Location - Training Room #4: Cadolbolg, Deadshot, Ella, Annie

"Sounds like fun! I can't wait to show Mother, Father, Friend Devon and Friend Ton Ton my Persona too~! Maybe I can carry all the Personas with mine?" Despite anyone would find it cute if not just the sweetest thing a baby dragon could say- Annie had the most bored expression possible and turned her head without a care. After all, this 'warrior' was more interested in leaving the room. The shadows posed no real threat and everyone was already taking care of them so Annie would just be on her way- "Hey, you two are the ones Friend Devon visits often... Now that I think about it, I don't think we met properly have we? I'm Cadolbolg! I guess we're going to be fighting more of these baddies together, aren't we?"

The turn of Annie's head slowly only to be mad dogging at this 'creature' made Cadolbolg feel as if the girl before her didn't want to be bothered. It wasn't his fault though... Annie just was rather cold in general if not just a lone wolf by heart.
"I don't work well with anyone. I'd prefer if you keep your Persona to yourself." Was all she said before leaving the group behind and shut the door behind her. A bit harsh, but she still envied the baby dragon's Persona. Didn't help how everyone was going crazy over it too.

But it wasn't just that. She didn't really... feel comfortable with anyone even those who've bonded with her over the past week. Don't they realize that she's their prisoner? Acting like everything's peachy with a guy like Rugal still around doesn't make Annie happy-go-lucky in the least. She did pause in the hallway, remembering how she was at least relieved seeing Devon in that dream with her, and how she got along with the Wanderer and Teri, plus admiring Teri's personality especially for her being similar to Eren.

Why in this world are the people most capable of opposing the Shadows the only ones given the privilege of avoiding them entirely by making the Rising Dawn face them instead? Even though Fuuka had already answered why- it didn't make sense to Annie. These were Shadow Operatives, specialists in dealing with Shadows. Giving everyone a Persona including her and Deadshot seemed... desperate. Were the experts going to just sit back as the crew fight for their lives? How... selfish, is what Annie would clearly bring to the trainer's attention.

Though something was bothering her too while walking through the long hallways leading up to the conference room... her Persona spoke to Annie through the mind. Not only that, her Persona was the opposite of her... effervescent. It seemed, so alive when fighting the first shadow. It didn't look bored, but defensive with an objective. Was that how she looked when she was in her titan form?
Look at her, she kept judging everyone and everything without considering the changes she alone... was going through. Kept feeling that being a warrior meant resisting the crew, not joining them and feeling soft over the past time with them. She WAS their prisoner and wanted to remember that for the time being since she did wear those handcuffs at all times.

"Am I enjoying being a 'good person' to this crew? ... Have they considered just how bad things could of gotten that night in the city? ... As long as I keep obeying their rules, I am a 'good person' when in reality, they know better. They're leader is on my death list..."

Why am I speaking to myself?

"I'm stripped of my title... being in this shameful position. I should of had the will to transform and finish every one of them off. No, I should of killed them when I had them within my reach as the Female Titan. I should of left them algid."

Before reaching the door to the conference room, Annie stopped herself immediately.
This isn't like me.. why do I do I have such ill thoughts for the crew?

Because you're not the warrior you thought you were Annie. You're not a very strong person whatsoever.
Annie's eyes widened for a second and her head bobbed up. Why.. did the tone in her head just thicken and talk back to her with such negativity? Gaea? .. No.. this isn't how my Persona treated me before.

Look at you... turning your back on your father's wishes over people who've made you their little slave. I bet Rugal would love doing more to you then just shoving oil into your pretty mouth-
"Stop it." Annie said, her body slightly shaking. What was going on with her exactly?

You've grown weak, Annie. Resorting to a gun in order to summon 'Gaea' and have her do the battling for you? Your father taught you better- his rules are irrefrangible. But.. you've failed miserably. Jealous over a little creature's Persona because it turned out to be superior and far more worthy then your entire existence? I'm not sure what to make of you anymore... you disgust me.... you don't deserve to be called a warrior.
"... ..." She took a soft breath, only to look forward with a dull expression and step into the conference room. There, she met the professionals as Fuuka spoke to her and whomever else.

"Nicely done, all of you. I am aware that a couple of you are still in your respective rooms, and for that, we can wait. As for the rest of you, you are more than welcome to stay on site, or in your airship if you desire. That being said, rest up. We'll be briefing you on your area of investigation in the morning. If you'd like on site quarters, let me know, and I can have another operative escort you."

"Thank you." She softly spoke, not caring exactly what to do in the time being. With her movements being a bit slower, Annie managed to walk to one of the rooms in the hallways away from the training courses. She opened the door and saw a fine room with nice bunk beds, a sunset beaming it's rays into the room, and everything else you could imagine in a room conditioned with nice service. She simply laid in the bottom bed, her eyes slowly closing on itself as she didn't bother undressing or at least removing any of her clothing.

What have I become...? Am I... me, anymore..?

Training Room 2#: Rugal

Glad that Caim didn't seem to notice him leave, Rugal began to wander away from his room, feeling he had the concept down for the most part.
Passing by the other training rooms, he paused when he walked past both Slindis and Teri's rooms, watching as the former conversed with Angelus and the latter seemed to comforting(?) David West.
As much as he would like to talk to them, he instantly knew that he was the last thing they wanted to see after that business with Annie.
"Admit it though, she did sorta have it coming."
"shut it."
"What? She did. We sure as hell did!"
With his "Friend" flaring up again, he checked out the other rooms while wishing he has an aspirin.
Stopping outside of the room Melethia, Cz, Som and Constance were in, he watched as the Elf explained the situation before showing off her own Persona.
Hm...Doesn't seem to have even skipped a beat despite everything... He thought was he entered the training room to get a better view then just from the viewing station.
Wonder if Som and Constance were told yet... He thought, hoping the Hunter and Cat Girl wouldn't be in the boat of people who hated him for that torture session.

Training Room 1#: David West

David declined the hand as he just began to walk out of the room, a 1000 yard stare on his face at the crippling realization his Shadow had forced on him, he didn't even bother to pick up his gun.
Ignoring everything around him, he began to make his way out of the building, just wanting to get away from all social interaction.

Training Room 3#: Deadshot

"...Urg, and clients wonder why assassins are all dickheads..." Deadshot sighed, hating the idea that in order to be considered "Pro" you had to act and dress in a certain way, he was killing people for a living, what did it matter what he dressed like?
"Stop it." Annie suddenly said, prompting a "...Stop what?..." before Mitsuru's message was relayed around the building.
Annie then seemed to walk off some what dejected to one to the in-house bunks.
"...What's her problem?..." He asked out loud before doing the same, although he was thinking of skipping the joint and heading into the city to have a night on the piss.
Come to think of it, I don't think they put some sort of tracker on me... He realized, planning to make the most of his night without going back to his cell on the ship.

Hallway: Jenny

"Mm-hm." Jenny merely nodded in response, not talking her eyes off the files.
From someone who never met her, Fuuka could be forgiven for thinking that Jenny was always the focused type, constantly reading up on the threats that the Rising Dawn battled against.
Though after hearing what their own Captain did, she seemed to have changed...

Shadow Operative Building Training Room

Room 7: Slindis, Angelus, Ton Ton

"I can explain the story later, but it's not a title I hand out easily. Now then, if you would excuse me?" Caim's arrival and passing off the rather large dagger to Angelus gave Slindis the time needed to compose herself. She certainly needed it since she was going to have to make a caster able to defend themselves competently in a melee. She knew this was going to be a nightmare to pull off. After all, it had taken a few months to get Teri to know how to use a quarterstaff.

"Thank you for giving her a weapon, Caim. Now then, Angelus. You'll need to follow me; we have a long night ahead of us if we're going to make you better at defending yourself. We can't count on you always having Caim around here, and I doubt we can use these Evokers in the city where there's no hotspots.

After all, there's more to worry about than the Shadows." Her statement shifted over into the blunt, minimalistic tone that was characteristic of her shifting over into Teacher mode. From what Angelus remembered from the few times she'd aided with Teri's training, there was certainly going to be some pain here.

Room 1: David, Devon, Dimitri, Garm, Teri, Yu

After Teri told Garm that she intended to go after David and how to catch up with her, Devon definitely took a bit of time to stroke Garm's fur to calm down. Saying his fur was a bit shaggy would be like saying water was wet, and she'd cast Prestidigation if it didn't mean bringing Mengde back out.

"It's nothing that's a large issue, Garm... It's just been a really long week for me, although I'm glad you asked." She smiled before holding back a small sneeze. Devon'd always had a small allergy to pets, and that looked to be one of the few things to never change. She was so wrapped up in things she didn't want to think about that she didn't see Garm's talking as that shocking. What's a talking wolf when your self-identity was altered last week?

Yu was then greeted with an open smile and a kind tone. "Could you please just call me Devon? I've just had some bad memories pop up, and I'd really like someone to talk with if it's okay. Nothing against you, Garm." The smile that crossed her face as she responded to Yu's rather kind inquiry may have sent the wrong message across to Yu, however. After all, she was speaking in Japanese, and asking someone to not use honorifics was usually a pretty significant statement.

Not that she knew that, though.

Back with Sadei and Tama, though, Sadei was trying to be a mediator with Tama. Even though Tama was a Persona, Sadei didn't feel that comfortable with Tama going too wild. "Tama, let's be a bit more careful... I don't want Teri to go too big, okay? Maybe we can both talk with her about the spells, and she chooses what's best. I think we could work something out there, and it's best for all of us if Teri stays safe."

Room 2: Som, Cz, Melethia, Constance

"Yeah, just like that. Not too hard, and it'll take some time to work with it. Just showConstance about it, since magic's a no-no with it around. I'd not want to see her die to them, since I don't know how good she is with a blade." Melethia certainly seemed disappointed in Constance's refusal to use the Evoker. After all, they'd need all they had to get rid of the threat here. Didn't Constance know she'd be dead weight to the whole group by refusing to learn how to defend herself?

She finished packing the equipment back up and turned to the trio to finish her talk with them. "If you end up needing me, I'll be getting some other weapons ready outside. I know Keeneye will need some new ones for here, so I need to meet up with him. Meet with that Mitsuru or Fuuka if you need help, and they can explain it better." After that, she left then went off to the Canteen on the Rising Dawn. It was odd, but she knew that was the best place to find the Irish gunman.

Room 4: Annie, Deadshot, Ella, Cadolbolg

Ella turned her focus on Deadshot again with a bit less of an edge in her voice after Cadolbolg's infectious enthusiasm. "Deadshot, I'm in as good of a mood as I've been over the past week, so I'd like to keep it up. Act with a bit more seriousness? I know you know the stakes here." It wasn't exactly praise but it was certainly the closest anyone had come to treating him as more than a prisoner over the past few days.

"So, Cadolbolg, want to show your family what you can do in a while? I think that we'll have a harder time after this - no, I know we'll have a harder time than this. Why else would we have been called here? That man definitely didn't seem to be assocated with either of my parents..." Despite her best efforts, her mood kept wavering after the implications sunk in. She then caled out to Annie as the soldier got ready to leave in hopes to try to get through to her.

"Annie, just remember that anyone can change. I know it sounds ridiculous, and it sounds hard, but it's never not within reach."

After that, she went to find Mitsuru to see if she could track down some way to get an idea of the city or who else could be counted on as friends here.

A quick post before I leave to go back home.

Yu Narukami, Devon, Teri, David and Garm.
Location: Personaverse | Shadow Operative Building, shadow room 1 | Tatsumi Port Island, Japan

Pulling up his Shadow Operative arm band, Yu saw David leave his Evoker and exit the room. Thinking that it would be better to leave him for now, Yu waved him hand and Izanagi retrieved the Evoker and held it out to Yu. Pocketing the gun like object for now, Yu would go after David later. After a single thought of leave, Yu's Persona suddenly faded from the room. Still listening to Devon, Yu smiled calmly even if Devon was not using honorifics.

"Okay ... Devon." He said, still calm. "What is worrying you?" Yu said in a normal manner, intending to make the girl comfortable with this place and whatever worried her. Yet the thought of David still lingered in his mind, was everyone else in the same mood?

Shadow Operative Building Training Rooms: Sleeping Bunks: Deadshot

Swiping a city guide from the lobby (As well as someone's Credit Card), Deadshot was more or less set for this night on the city.
Seeing how this was a largely gun-free city, he felt that he could easily kick the shit out of anyone who wanted to have a shot at him.
While he was unable to find anything to wear outside of his maroon jumpsuit, he figured seeing how this was Japan(-ish), No one would pay any heed.
Before he went about hailing a cab, he remembered a statement he made earlier.
...Eh, bet she never lived a day of her life... He thought in relation to his fellow prisoner before seeking out the Titan Shifter.

By process of elimination (And LOTS of "Sorry! Wrong room."), He finally managed to track her down.
"Yo, Annie! Up and at them, Going out to wreak the city. Figuratively speaking. This is not open to negotiation!" He said as he knocked loudly on her door

Rising Dawn: David's room: David, Melethia

After checking the bar on the Rising Dawn, Melethia went to the 4th most likely place she could find David West (Outside of the Armory and the Medical Bay), his quarters on the ship.
David himself meanwhile was slumped in bed, laying face down and staring blankly at the wall, not moving so much as a inch since he got back.
"Keeneye, you there?" He heard Melethia ask as she knocked.
"Come on, you in there?..."
Even in this state, he let out an annoyed sigh as he heard the Elf's Infamous lock-picking skills unlock his door before letting herself in.
"...Can you please not do that in the future?..." He asked, not bothering to turn around and look at her.

Shadow Operative Building Training Room

Room 1: Devon, Dimitri, Garm, Teri, Yu

After Teri told Garm that she intended to go after David and how to catch up with her, Devon definitely took a bit of time to stroke Garm's fur to calm down. Saying his fur was a bit shaggy would be like saying water was wet, and she'd cast Prestidigation if it didn't mean bringing Mengde back out.

"Can I sum it up with it's been a really long few days? It's really what it all goes down to, and I think it'd help if I could go and see some new sights here... Maybe I could invite Ella to come along?" Her striking of Garm slowed down shortly after saying that, and she called Ella over the Rings to see if she was up to seeing the town.

She certainly needed like she needed a break from something, at least. It's a shame she wasn't too in depth about what it was, though.

David's Room: Melethia, El Davido

"Something's bothering you. Could it be because of the stuff we have here? I know it's a hell of a lot harder to add my more useful perks to my gear here, but " She could be heard plopping down on the bed as she gave David's gun a once-over.

She finished packing the equipment back up and turned to the trio to finish her talk with them. "I'll make you a better one for here. Close-range, long-range, you name it, it'll blast those things away. Point being, you'll be using it and not some half-baked stuff pushed on us. Now, before you say we need those personas to gut them, I've already got an idea on how to shove that that in their faces.

And you know what that is, my gunslinging ally? Superior Firepower. Nothing it hasn't solved, nothing it can't solve, and nothing it won't ever be able to solve." It was crazy how the kid sounded more like a weapons dealer than anyone else on the ship, but she certainly knew her stuff thanks to some of the other things David'd seen her toys do. If she were any older, she would have been working for Rugal back when he ran the Cartel!

Room 4: Ella, Cadolbolg

Our Succubus quickly and cheerfully responded to the message sent to her by Devon. "I'm up for it as long as you are, Devon. I don't think I'll be able to tell Cadolbolg no to any trips, though. Sorry~!" Even with all that was going on, she was definitely up for a small trip in the city. Who knows, maybe she might even get some sushi?

"I don't think I really have to ask this, Cadol, but are you up for a trip around the town tonight? Devon's already wanting to go out, and I think it's just what our little Bard needs." An outstretched finger was shown to the dragon for her best approximation of a handshake, and she followed up with a playful tome

"After all, we both know you earned a little treat after earlier, right? Your mom and dad should be just fine with it."

Location - Shadow Operatives Hallway: Deadshot, Annie

It must of been at least a couple of minutes before a loud bang could be heard, coming from her door. With such strong pounding without regards whether she was asleep or not... only one person in Annie's mind would be blunt enough to act like this.
"Yo, Annie! Up and at them, Going out to wreak the city. Figuratively speaking. This is not open to negotiation!"

She was right... it was none other then Deadshot himself.

"..." She didn't feel like responding, let alone leaving the bed. However, Deadshot kept knocking on the door with no pause in between which made Annie's tolerance drop sharply. She sprung out of bed and marched to the door.

When opening it, Deadshot could tell.... maybe it wasn't best to keep doing so from the look on Annie's expression.
"What makes you think, the crew will allow us to roam the streets without supervision. I am certain you're just playing dumb now." Both of those were cold, and none of them were put politely in regard to Deadshot's feelings. But she was right- how would they sneak out and roam freely? The crew had them in the brig this whole time up until now.

Shadow Operative Building Training Room

Room 7: Slindis, Angelus, Ton Ton, Caim

Angelus flinched faintly at the implications she needed Caim to defend herself, and a low, inhuman growl escaped her throat as her pride took a heavy hit, "What? Did I hear that right? Does this MORTAL think that I NEED that fool? Oh, she will have another thing coming..."

It took much in Angelus' power to restrain herself before curtly answering, "It seems I have worn this guise for too long, for you forget my true nature. I don't need Caim to defend myself, Slindis; and I'd appreciate it if you didn't say anything like that again. It is only because of this blasted Persona business I should take upon this training at all. ...."

And with that, she placed Ton Ton on Caim's shoulder and stormed out of the room after the Drow, fury fueling her every step. It didn't take a pact bond for man or Tonberry to know that the dragon had taken that offhanded comment for worse, and was going to try to prove the Paladin wrong.

"I have a distinct feeling there was good reason for neither of us to say anything..."
"Good call. Let's get back to the Dawn before we see any sparks fly."

At the very least, Angelus did have the leg up on Teri in one regard: She was far more familiar with Kingsblood as an extended talon than Teri did with a quarterstaff.

Room 1: Devon, Garm, Yu

Garm wagged his tail at the thought of Devon doing something with Ella in town, "It sounds like yoou have a plan, this trip. It soounds like yoou need it."

While the 'o' sounds were still a bit extended, and the emphasis was still a bit off in some places (at least compared to the relaxed body posture), Garm was still trying his hand (paw?) at proper human speech. Garm seemed to... Think? Right, the wolf thought for a moment before adding, "Perhaps I could follow too? I know Tear-ri will be occupied with David West, so I do not think I will be missed. I coould learn more about Human speech while with yoou too?"

Room 4: Ella, Cadolbolg

Cadolbolg held out a small paw, shaking 'hands' with Ella before fluttering off of Ella's head, "Gimme a sec to talk to Father, and we'll know for sure."

After a moment of Cadolbolg going to Caim's side, some excitable conversation on the turtle-dragon baby's part, and Cadolbolg came back, "Father said yes, and Mother is busy at the moment, so I think that's a yes for the both of them~! I just wanna eat something aside from sandwiches... Maybe some kind of noodles? I like hot foods."

Hallway: Jenny, Fuuka

Fuuka wasn't entirely sure how to talk back to Jenny's sudden bout of seriousness, and merely gave a soft nod,"Feel free to borrow them as necessary, Mitsuru permitting. Then again, I don't see why she'd need them? It is a copy of the files after all... Anyways, I bid you good night."

And with that, the teal haired lass left Jenny to her thoughts.

Rising Dawn Training Room: Teri

Prior to Melethia's timely use of her lockpicking, Teri had given chase after David, finally stopping at his quarters (to which David even locking the door). After pounding on the door for a few minutes to get the Irishman's attention (to no avail), the Cleric decided to have Dimitri keep a vigil on David's condition (not to mention a lead sandwich would be the last thing any of the Dawn members needed.)

Following that, she made her way to a training room and asked Vermilion to set up the room for some hand-to-hand practice. With Sadei being locked in the arm-bracelet form, it'd be best to practice the newer method she was taught. Besides, with Rugal being outed as truly being Annie's torturer (as much as Teri still didn't want to believe it), Devon still being tormented by his change in identity, and Caim's words still ringing in her mind, it felt like a good idea to vent. After taking off her gloves and some other extraneous equipment (like that quiver), the Cleric began going at a punching bag with a fervor, her Shadow/Persona chatting back to Sadei as Teri focused on improving her strikes...

"Yo, I have a full name now. It's Toyotama-hime; and dammit, I will be treated with the respect it begets! As for the spells and shit, I say we go high damage output, seeing as those shadows probably don't breathe. Shit like Thin Air ain't gonna get us far. Shivering Touch or Aura of Cold however... Those could be fun."
Toyotama-hime cackled at the image of wreaking destruction with the spells in question and continued, "I'll be nice for now, Munchkin. But don't be surprised if I give my suggestions a bit heavily. I like being able to leave this body from time to time, and I want to max out the full potential I get from it...Though I will admit this punhing bag business is kinda nice too, in a cathartic Our-knuckles-hurt kinda way."

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