The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Rising Dawn: Personal Quarters
Time: Early morning
Edge | Boss

"Lord guide me now, for I can't see..."


"...a reason for this suffering and this long misery..."


"...what if every living soul could be upright and strong?"


"Well then I do imagine there will-"[1]

"Didn't you say that song is about stupid people?"

Edge looked up from the blade he was sharpening. He was lying in his hammock, contemplating in his head how he was going to explain to Boss that he had failed, that there was no way that he could show Boss how to use his powers in meaningful and effective ways, and that he'd made a bargain with something ridiculously powerful just so Boss could have a chance to become more than what he was. And it wasn't going well. "What?" Edge asked.

"That song." Boss said. He was leaning back in his chair, feet on his desk, reading some odd book or another; Edge had no idea how he differentiated between the piles of books the room was covered in, or even where he got them all, but Edge supposed he was glad that Boss was reading actual books instead of going online and getting into pissing contests with trolls. "You said it was about stupid people, expecting to be saved from something. 'Oh, these people, they seem to think that as soon as there aren't any more guns, or there aren't any more kings, or when little baby Jesus himself comes from upon high, everything will be just peachy keen. And they're fucking stupid.'"

Edge sighed, and went back to sharpening his sword. "Yeah. Something like that."

"And how the only thing that can save someone from anything is action? I think the exact phrase you used is 'You can't do nothing and expect someone else will make it right'?"

Edge continued sharpening his sword, and said nothing.

"...something's bothering you." Boss said, closing his book and sitting up. "What's wrong?"

Edge continued sharpening his sword for several minutes, saying nothing. "Did something happen while we were on that mission?" Boss asked? "Did Kazuya do something? Did he threaten you? I swear to God, I'll grind him into paste-"

"No." Edge said calmly, shaking his head. Edge wiped his sword off with his sleeve, flipped his legs over the side of the hammock, and took another deep breath. "I went and found someone to help you with your powers. She's on the ship somewhere." Edge put his sword in his sheath and strapped it-and another onto his back. "I thought I could show you myself how to do...that, how to utilize your powers in the most meaningful way possible, but...I can't. I see you getting more powerful every day, but still doing exactly the same things you always do. And I can't help you, because I don't know how you and your powers work. I..." Edge sighed and put his head in his hands. "I fucked up, is what I'm saying."

"...gonna level with you, Edge." Boss said. "I...kinda figured most of that out awhile ago."

Edge rubbed his face. "Of course you did. Of course you did."

"I don't think that means you failed, though." Boss said. "I mean, if you go into something not knowing how to do it right, it's not your fault if you get it wrong. And you've never deliberately done wrong by me, I don't think." Boss walked over to Edge, and put his hand on his friend's shoulder. "You're selling yourself short, is what I'm saying. You haven't failed because you haven't done anything wrong. And you've always been there for me. Always. That means more than you think it does, I think."

Edge nodded. "Yeah. You're-"

*Bing Bong!* "-*Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawnnnn* ...Urg, Attention passagers, The time is 7:30am Mountain Time and we are...somewhere over new Mexico. Hm. Briefing is at 8...And I'm going back to bed..." *Bing Bong!*

Edge stood up and grabbed his robe and straw cone hat. "We should go get something to eat before we leave. And there are a couple people that I need to go talk to."

"...are you gonna be OK?" Boss asked.

"Yeah." Edge said. "I'll be fine."

Rising Dawn: Semi-intact Hanger: Kazuya, Violet, ARES, anyone else

"Simple. After MIT, we aren't exactly popular right now and interacting with the president in either a official or unoffical matter will cause him huge trouble in the election, if not straight out hostility from either the american people or the president himself. On top of that, I find that he is too much of a wildcard to be able to function in my plans in any capacity." Kazuya explained as the airship began to take cover in the clouds away from the President's.
"Regarding ODIN, NASA would most likely be used to get the weapon into orbit. From there, it'll have total global first strike capacity. International pressure to cancel the project has been in-effective, no doubt that Bison had something to do with that. Either way, once we capture Bison, We'll be able to make a case for the project to be scrapped. The President will owe us one and will have to comply." The G-Corp CEO added befor-
"Zzzzz....zzzzzz....zzzzz..." Violet snored, having made good on his promise to go back to bed.
"...One moment..."

Without so much as a word of warning, Kazuya went over to Violet's chair before lifting it entirely off the ground before harshly dumping the Fabulous Doctor flat on his face, much to his shock as he stood right up saying "I'm Awake! I-i'm awake."
Rolling his eyes before putting the chair back, Kazuya then said "If you wish to talk to him about that printer, I suggest you do so now before the briefing..."

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, Kalastryn

Rugal froze for a moment when Kalastryn confronted him about his history with Kazuya, silently praying that something would come up as to prevent him from having to explain that Kazuya used to work for him, back when he was a villain.
"....Well-....I-....The thing is-Oh Selena! Good to see you!" He changed the topic, anything to avoid having to bring up his past (Kazuya was doing that enough as it was).
She began to ask about Icarus and where he went too, showing Rugal a note he had left.
"...In Texas?...Hm...Never pegged him as much of a cowboy...Well, Sadly, I haven't seen him, though if he left this note, then that is most likely where he ended up. Hope he takes care, Any man who builds an entire vault to hide something more often then not doesn't want it found..." He grimly said before handing the note back, trying to remember just who his father was again.
All while notably not answering Kalastryn's question as Boss and Edge arrived, another helpful distraction.
"Ahh, good morning. You two ready for the next mission"?

Rising Dawn: Semi-intact Hanger: Kazuya, Violet, ARES, anyone else

"I'm Awake! I-i'm awake."
Rolling his eyes before putting the chair back, Kazuya then said "If you wish to talk to him about that printer, I suggest you do so now before the briefing..."

ARES finished welding one more plate into place before taking a small respite and going over to Violet with a rather courteous bow. "Doctor, sorry to interrupt your... beauty sleep, but when I first arrived you were kind enough to assist with my confusion upon arriving in this time, dimension, or whatever the case may be. Now there was a lot of advanced technology stored in my files, but I do believe I promised to pass on information on one device in particular as a thank you... as inconclusive as the session was due to hacking attempts upon me, a war machine, which you ignored. Nevertheless, I intend to make well on said promise."

She says as she hands the doctor a USB flash drive.

"I managed to store the blueprints in full for a molecular printer on that drive. Information on what it does if you happen to have forgotten, is that it can essentially convert matter into other- more desirable substances and shapes. If you could make it on large enough a scale, you could potentially even convert damaged beyond repair combat gear, into fully functional military vehicles, and vice versa if so desired. Anything you can imagine in between as well. I trust this won't be misused, as you and your superior do, from my perspective earn your keep as command over the apprehension of our targets."

She then turns her attention to Kazuya onto matters discussed on the current situation.

"So with that out of the way, the Daedalus has a person of interest aboard. Not so much a target by any stretch, as a person to be avoided at all costs since it is in our best interests to not even have diplomatic interactions with them, since even co-operation with them could harm both of our parties in the eyes of the public after recent publicity tweaking in favor of our opposition regarding our most recent target? And furthermore he understands this as well, and may respond with far more equipped aggression to begin with?" she says, yet again not allowing herself to idle as she resumed her repairs before even beginning to speak.

"If I am to understand correctly, we both occupy the same airspace quite near our target, who is holed up in a government facility? As much as it may seem a tedious suggestion, it should be included in our briefing for the rest of our deployment team that there is a very real possibility of fighting on multiple fronts. If the president is unaware of our intentions at a government facility, and the fact that there is something insidious going on there... it may be a mutual destination, and I calculate that at a high probability... to my dismay." She says as the hangar is actually beginning to resemble it's pre-bombed state! In fact, it's worth noting that she even went over the previous welding from Rugal and Nadalia... her Tesla Rifle's repairs seem more advanced than singeing metal closed, and even the repaired areas don't appear to have been burned to begin with!

"Also, there is one more thing I need to have addressed. I can take on a variety of roles, as the production of my unit was built around squad synergy. Before the briefing even begins, I don't need the whole story of what we are going up against, but allow me to summarize very briefly. I can take on a rather swiftly moving and rather explosively aggressive role, a slow but defensive role, which if I may be honest... I would not exaggerate to say is akin to sending in a tank, grade of munitions and durability included. this role... which I'm sure you can see refers to things such as technical and mechanical maintenance and hacking capability. I can also take on a role of essentially a sniper with ability to become completely invisible, and a medic which can even temporarily boost the natural healing and immune system of our deployment. For what we are going up against, and the details can wait until the briefing... what would you suggest of me sir?"

She asks, before ending her rather drawn out question with. "I only ask now because any knowledge gleaned in advance could help us all in preparing me properly. I can switch between these roles, but my systems prohibit me from using all of their capabilities simultaneously... and it takes time to change between them... time in which I am left defenseless. Ergo, once the repairs are finished, which may be just before the briefing if I pick up my pace, I plan to shift into a role that would be best utilized against our opponent. I figured I'd ask the expert on that... you... do seem to know a whole hell of a lot about who we're tracking." She says, as she welds a plate into position that
takes the draft out of the room, her attention completely on her task... almost as if she didn't just at all inquire as to how Kazuya knows so much about AIM...

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, Kalastryn, Selena, Boss, Edge

Kalastryn was clearly unamused by Rugal dodging the question, but either she was too groggy to pursue the answer any further... or she understood that sometimes there are some things best left unexplained. Downing her second cup of coffee, her attention and usual posture returns as she snaps out of what seemed to have been enough exhaust to choke an elephant.

"Sorry Selena... I guess it can't be avoided that Icarus has his own things he needs to take care of. Still, he left behind a note and nothing more? He didn't even wait for you to wake up and explain at all why he had to leave, or say goodbye? You two seemed to regard each other a lot more... fondly than that." she says as she taps her chin repeatedly in thought. Before shaking her head and apologizing with. "I must apologize if that added any more weight to your mind on the matter of his parting. However, I've something to reassure you with as well. I'm sure that whatever reason he had for finding this vault, it is much more important to drive the two of you away from each other than some greedy business... and he has his own reasons for leaving. I believe he'll come back when he's accomplished whatever task he's set out for there... and if you have any worry about him making it back." She pauses briefly, before quite seriously, but calmly continuing.

"Not even the grip of DEATH could withhold me from returning to the Rising Dawn, and those here that I cared for. If he's anywhere near as strong as the rest of us... and I assume he is, it's only a matter of time before I'll have another prying eyes spell to apologize for." She says with a rather loud laugh. However... that does remind her of one thing she did have to say to Selena.

"Oh, and while *ahem* they aren't around... I do apologize for getting hostile to both of you that night outside the training room. From one mage to another, and maybe that's where the bias might come from, I did believe your side of things more than theirs." She says, now finally getting the chance to explain and apologize for possibly seeming hostile and dismissive to their cry for help.

"Oh, and... Boss, Edge, good morning. Coffee is available... and damn if it isn't every bit a morning's blessing as it's praised for." She says as she gestures over to the coffee machine.

"Also thanks to Rugal being up nice and early, the imps didn't have time to make it their own personal blend before he assured them it didn't need any additional seasoning... don't worry about breathing fire like Angelus if you decide to take a cup."

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, Kalastryn, Selena, Boss, Edge

"Fan-fucking tastic." Edge said, moving to get a cup of coffee. "A cup of coffee would be a godsend. I slept like shit last night."

"I don't know how you stand that crap." Boss said, sitting down at a table next to a small window. "It tastes like someone-"

"The 'joke' he's getting to is that he doesn't sleep." Edge said, taking a sip of his coffe. "He stays up all night reading books."

Boss sighed. "I've been reading about psychics." Boss said, putting his feet up. "Or, trying to. The most believable 'psychic' I've found with any kind of documentation is a guy named Edgar Cayce. Which is problematic not only because he died seventy years ago, but the 'powers' he claimed to have are so radically different than mine that I'm more confused than I was before. Also, he may have been a fraud."

"Mmm." Edge said, sitting down opposite to Boss. "Can't help you with this guy, but I can explain to you fairly easily why you can't find any information about people like you. Hey! Rugal!" Edge waved to where Rugal and Kalastryn were talking. "Back when you were a villainous bastard and had Kazuya and all these other guys we've been catching working for you, how many people knew you could shoot flying laser-fists out of your fists?"

The President, Wanderer, and Merlin.
Location: Daedalus Mk II's Bridge | USA: New Mexico Airspace

Leaving a few seconds in the air, tension was growing thicker and thicker. The President did not know what to think, but when he had an idea, suddenly, the picture went black, killing the communication. Turning his head slightly, his new member, Wanderer, had pressed a button. "He sounds pretty dumb." Wanderer admitted. Taking a sigh of relief, The President was once more astonished by this man.

"Get a good look at this. I fooled around with a console ... Don't worry, it is encrypted." Wanderer said, smiling devilishly. The Boss worried, a picture went up on the screen, labelled as "FOX News". It was the channel they were just viewing, but it was replaced with a unflattering photo of Vega. While it was photoshopped, there was also the sound of a infinite fart bleeding through the speakers, then there was yelling, a lot of yelling in the background.

Cutting the picture off once again, The President now smiled like his former, crazy self. "You are now officially my favourite person." He said, giving a thumbs up to Wanderer, who just gave a shrug. "I do what I love." Wanderer returned the smile. Now, The smiling President turned back on communications with Doctor Birkin, with encryption. Immediately he stared daggers at the man on the other end.

"You, I call YOU. You don't call me." The President said, his tone more psychotic than charismatic. "Now, before I care who you are, I'll have someone else call you back with details about my visit." The President said, a bold tone hanging on every word, and before William could get another word out, once again, communications were cut. Bellowing a sigh, The President sat in the Captain's chair. "He thinks he can order me around ... "

"Dumb, I know." Wanderer spoke softly, his hand carefully examining the Captain chair, soon enough Wanderer looked under it. "Don't say a thing ... bugs. He did say that he helped build the ship." Wanderer said, standing back up and whispered in The Boss' ear. His eyes became wide. "Bugs. How the hell do we deal with that?" He barely made a whisper back. Before any of them could talk, another head came besides them. "What's going on?" Merlin suddenly butted in.

The scene was rather awkward for all personnel on the bridge. There was the President, who leaned out of his chair. The blue, glowing eyed Wanderer, crouching down and speaking upward. Than there was the Advisor, Merlin, who leaned over both and spoke from there. Pierce once again, left the room. The other Saints simply looked away or went among their tasks.

The two had to explain the certain technology that leaked out sound to another location. "Huh ... Something like that. Interesting, I can see how it aids the industry of stealth and tactics." Merlin said, stepping away. The Wizard surrounded himself with a powerful aura, one that blew his hair and tunic, it almost looked if someone opened a window. Suddenly his hands began to glow, and raising them outward from his chest.

"Tenues montem clypeus." The Wizard muttered, his words sounding more ancient than the things you would find in a museum. His hands came down slowly, and the aura faded away. "It is blocked ... If it exists, that is. It shall block things smaller than a bird, but it shall break to larger objects." Merlin said, giving a bow after his little performance.

Clearing his throat, The President rose from his seat. "Okay everything, get to defensive positions and activate Silent Night protocols. We may come under fire ... Especially if this is connected to our enemies!" He ordered all personnel on the bridge, and soon the ship was active, but not active enough that someone could visually spot it.

Wanderer came by The Boss.
"Will they come?"
"Of course, that is their mission ... But their Shepard is a wolf."
"That man always seemed sketchy ... But crickey, I didn't know he would go to the Dawn."
"Just focus on looking good, at least for your election." Wanderer said. Looking to his side, The President could see the emotions on the Wanderer's face. Anger, pity, determination, hope. They were things that existed in humans, but the presence was overwhelming, inhuman even.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Airship Rising Dawn | Katya's Quarters

"uuuuuuuhhhhhhhh... fugggggggg.... wut?" Katya muttered as she heard the overhead PA system announcing the ships arrival at whatever destination it was that the ship's captain had designated, "Br... br... Black Mesa? New Mexico? JEEEEZUS! What in the hell are we doing in the middle of no-fucking-where?"

"We have arrived at the next phase of our mission, Little Miss" B3WP responded quietly, careful not to be too loud as to disturb its mistress as she went through her morning routines.

"Wh... what in the hell happened? I... did I get drunk again?" Katya asked as she sat up in her bed. Looking at the view screen she saw what else she'd gotten into, apparently she'd used the ship's bandwidth to pirate Game of Thrones, Mad Men, The Walking Dead, Elder Scrolls Skyrim and the entire Nexus Mods catalog for Skyrim.

"Oh maaaaaaaan." The hacker muttered as she looked at the entire list of items she'd downloaded while drunk, deeply sad that work was calling her away from the siren's song of gaming.

Fully dressed, Katya started wandering the corridors looking for someone to talk to about what was going on.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Alice's Room | Rising Dawn

Molli Faust

Faust woke up with the cold of fabric resting against her skin. The was warm and lazy and the soft hum of the internal machinery of the airship trembled upon her. Her head hurt and her muscles ached. The very core of her bones seemed to resonate with a dull pain. All of the feedback just served to confirm what she had feared the most.

She raised her hand to her face and placed it on her skin, running her fingers down her chin to her neck and down to her stomach. She could feel every inch of her form. She bit her hand. She felt that too. Underneath her pale skin droplets of blood gathered to form a bruise. I'm human. It made little to no sense that it had come to pass.

Faust threw off the covers and got dressed, donning her overalls. She rolled them halfway hup and then put on a form-fitting tank. It felt almost natural, almost as if she had done it a thousand times before. Faust looked at herself in the mirror. Her face was angular, she had high cheekbones and a sharp chin. Her neck was longer than normal and her shoulders were wide. She had a large chest with a modest 'chest' her waist was a little thicker than normal but the flare of her hips compensated nicely for what she lacked in the classical 'hourglass' figure. She leaned closer and touched her lips. Deep red, flushed with blood. My eyes are green. A fine soft green. It reminds me of grass. She smiled and leaned back. She put her waist-length hair up into a ponytail, leaving some sparse bangs to cover her forehead. She struck a pose, hands on her hips and wieght on her right foot.

She grinned.

A knock came on the door. "Molli, its me." Not only did Faust recognize the name, she also recognized the voice with an obscure familiarity.

"Come in, the door is unlocked," Faust said. She grabbed her boots from the side of the bed and slipped them on. She was still lacing them up when Dolores stepped through the door. She wasn't wearing her usual outfit. Instead of the silk shirt and black slacks Dolores was wearing a thick vest over a cotton-long-sleeved v-neck. Below that she wore a pair of padded trousers. She hadslung a black knapsack over her shoulder. She had small combat boots laced up to her knee. Dolores' long hair was bound into a tight braid and wound together at the back of her head. "Are you, going somewhere?" Faust asked, bewildered. She didn't know for sure, but she felt as if Dolores was not the type to dress like that without reason.

Dolores gave a coy girlish laugh. Faust had never understood how she looked so young. Despite being nearly twentyfour she looked in her mid to late teens. "I've decided that I want to go on an expidition with the heroes. Like a real big-shot!"

"What, why?" Faust was baffled.

Dolores sat down on the bed and leaned back. She stared pensively at the cieling before answering, "I realized something last night. I don't want to be stuck playing the support for my entire career. I want to go out there and prove that even someone like me can make a difference in the fight for the world."

"There's no reason for you to do that. You already do plenty on-board."

"I appreciate the sentiment Molli, but it isn't the same," she put an arm around Faust's arm and leaned into her, "you're actually part of the maintenance crew, or what's left of it. Me? I'm just a bartender. I do a job in the same category as a common whore."

Faust shook her head vehemently. "That's not true and you know it. You don't have to risk your life just to do something so fleetingly stupid!"

"No, I have to do this. You might not remember what happened last night, but I do. What I saw happen with the interface module is more than I can stomach. If we're going to get through this then this is something I must do."

"Why did you come here then?"

"I want you to send me off." Dolores took Faust's hand and pulled her close, "I want to know that there is going to be someone anxiously awaiting my return."

"You want a reason to come back?" Faust said slowly. Dolores nodded. "I see, it's a cruel world after all."

Avatar Adventure
Location: Hangar | Rising Dawn

First Lieutenant "Selmy"

Hi, my name is Dolores. My father gave me that name before he died. I never knew him personally, but I never really liked the name. It means "anguish." I never really understood why he gave me that name. It doesn't really fit a girl does it? I'm twenty four years old, I stand at 157 centimeters and weigh 48 kilograms.

Today I'm going to be joining the Rising Dawn main crew in battle. They're a band of super-human psychopaths who work to save the world from imminent disaster on a daily basis. They can be a little rough around the edges, but I think they're good people at heart.

The hangar is a big place, I felt a little out of place honestly. I'm short, this is something I've come to realize but the immensity of the hangar array would have made even a giant uncomfortable. Faust is behind me, I asked her to come along and see me off. Deployment wasn't for a while, but I felt anxious. I didn't get a lot of sleep at all last night. I spent most of the day cleaning myself in the shower. I scrubbed my skin raw becaue I felt violated by those imps.

I hate magic.

Molli tapped me on the shoulder and pointed at two mean conversing with a group of people. "Those two are Violet and Kazuya, I think they're the ones in charge of the operation. You should probably go talk to them." I nodded and ran over. My boots made soft clinking noises as they hit the metal floor panels.

"Mister Kazuya!" I waved to get his attention from the other person he was talking to. A Rising Dawn hero by the name of Ares. "I want to be a part of the mission, if you would!" I gave my best salute. I could hear Molli's footsteps getting closer. I swallowed.

Rising Dawn: Semi-intact Hanger: Kazuya, Violet, ARES, Dolores, anyone else

Violet was trying to process what ARES was saying for the most part as he forced his mind though the jet-lag while being handed the USB.
"Oh-...Right. That. Umm...Just-...I'll get to it once I have my coffe-"
"Now, Dr. Violet..." Kazuya butted in, his suggestion seeming to have waken up the doctor more then any amount of caffeine ever would.
"I'll be accounting for it in the briefing. While the President's status here does complicate matters, Should a situation arise, I can counting on the fact that he "Hired" the Rising Dawn for this task as our means in order to comply him to halt any possible attack. However, I'm not counting on that working, considering how thick the president is. Out best bet would be to ensure that our operation is completed in the least about of time possible. Smash and Grab. Go in guns blazing, grab Wesker, then get out. To that end, I would suggest a form that has either high mobility, both ground and air, or enough firepower to take down the base's re-enforced steel blast doors. We won't have the time to take the long way around." He then ordered the war-mech as he checked his watch, internally trying to figure out the ideal length of time for this operation.

It was then that this "Dolores" turned up, giving the CEO a salute and expressing her desire to be part of this mission, prompting a somewhat confused glance as he eyed her up, a slightly annoyed expression starting to form on his face.
"...Good for you...Now get out of my face..."
"He means "Hi". That's his way of saying Hi..." Violet corrected as Kazuya resumed his relying of orders to his aircraft.
"Urg, look, I'm a busy man and I don't have the time to entertain the follies of the youth. If you consider yourself ready for battle, get suited up in one of our spare combat outfits and wait for the briefing..." He then added in an angry tone.
All the while, the remaining Soldiers that weren't killed by Furiae and weren't killed and/or fired for allowing Wanderer to blow up the hanger the night before began to fall in, one of them handing the "New Girl" a spare pair of fatigues.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, Kalastryn, Boss, Edge, Selena, Blade, Faith

Rugal merely glared at Edge as he brought up a period of his life he had spent his entire time on this ship trying to move away from, as if to say "I will trip your tongue out and choke you to death with it!".
"...They are not "Laser" Fists, they are Ki Projectiles. They are two completely different disciplines. As for how many people I know who use them, look at any decent martial arts tournament. You Jackass." He spitefully answered before returning to his breakfast, shaking his head as he did.
"Morning everyone!" Blade then cheerfully said as he made his way into Canteen with Faith, quickly swiping a Coffee and some fruit.
"I take it you heard the jets outside this morning? Seems like Mr. Mishima is breaking out the big guns for this operation..." He said as he dipped his finger into the coffee before Absorbing it up though his skin.

There should be more here, but I'm busy, sorry ^^;

Avatar Adventure
Location: Hangar Array | Rising Dawn

First Lieutenant Selmy

I can't say I wasn't a little disappointed. The commander shrugged me off with little regard for my person. He obviously didn't see me as anymore than the regular soldiers that he employed. A passing soldier threw her a uniform, complete with helmet and visor. A death sentence if I ever knew one.

No one ever cares about someone when you can't see their face.

"I don't know what you were expecting," Molli said, finally having caught up to me. She rubbed me on the shoulder, "Don't feel too bad. You really ought to just stay aboard the ship."

I turned around and put my finger on her nose, "Just you wait, I'll show them what I'm capable of soon enough!" I tossed the uniform to the ground and put my hands on my chest. "I'm not going to wear no uniform either." I walked over to one of the armory racks and pulled a pistol and a shotgun from the slots. But I will hold onto these.

I walked back to Molli and leaned into her, waiting patiently for things to happen. She patted my head condenscendingly. "You are very much still a child Dolores."

Avatar Adventure | The Rising Dawn | Canteen | Breakfast Time
@StripKitty: @KatyR told you to watch what you drink, lil sis

The sensation of 1024 hammers being stuffed inside your head while it's been shaken by a paint mixer isn't a pleasant one and yet, it was the sensation that last night's round of drinking had imparted on Katya Rostikova's brain as she attempted to blindly stumble her way through the corridors. Taking a turn, she opened the door to what she had thought was the Canteen but turned out to be some sort of training room with Kazuya, Violet, ARES and some others running around what appeared to be a semi-intact hanger. Letting her eyes focus a bit, she closed the door and turned the other direction. It wasn't quite the time of morning to even contemplate something as unholy as morning calisthenics or training. She also had the feeling that the man named Kazuya would be a royal pain in the ass this time in the morning.

~YAWWWWWWWWWWN~ The young woman yawned as she took another turn, passing the door of some one named Alice, the sounds from inside sounding something like ... something that the Rising Dawn's hacker had only heard in movies... those movies. There was a slight grin as Katya passed the quiet commotion that was inside.

Continuing on, the young woman caught a glimpse of her face and paused. It looked like a purple day. For some reason it seemed that sometime during the night, Katya had changed her hair to a midnight purple color, done up in a pair of tails with black flower like scrunchies holding them up. Her outfit had changed as well since she was now wearing a long red coat that trailed down to the back of her knees. She much have been binge watching anime again since it looked like the sort of outfit that some sort of modern day anime mage would wear. At least it wasn't some sort of maid's outfit.

Passing a room with the sounds of Bloodborne being played, the Gamer hesitated for a moment but moved on. There were some things more important than games and on top of that, she'd already beat the game a few times. Going through the motions again would be pointlessly boring.

"Here we are... urp!" The Hacker Heroine muttered as she came perilously close to horking up whatever was left in her stomach. Man. She needed something in her stomach quick. Entering the Canteen, she noticed that there were already a few people piled in, getting what nourishment they could before the next mission.

Sitting at a table, next to the occupied table, Katya ordered a prairie oyster from a passing imp.

"W..wut?" Katya asked as the imp mimed that it had no idea how to make one and that the Bartender, Luke was out, "Seriously?"

The imp shrugged and continued on, clearly having better things to do that deal with the over dramatics of a just barely into adulthood female human.

"W...wait. Where'm I supposed to get one then?!" Katya exclaimed as she stood up, just a little too quickly for her stomach's liking,

"Oh god." She managed as she ran to the nearest trashcan.

Rising Dawn: Semi-intact Hanger: Kazuya, Violet, ARES, Dolores, anyone else

ARES listened to Kazuya's suggestion with the kind of serious demeanor one would expect of people in a briefing for a military briefing, her hands still never idling. "So this time the stealthy approach is most certainly off the table? Excellent." she says with a sigh of relief. "I'll confess that while our combined performance was not as expected for a stealthy approach, the combat prowess displayed by my peers leaves me optimistic about a more aggressive approach.

With her currently free hand, she strokes the bridge of her nose as if in a gesture of discontent. A crying shame that such collateral damage was involved though, and at such a great place of intellect... though it was being misused by our adversaries. I can't help but wonder if there really was any hope of avoiding it though. Any unit is only as precise as the least precise, as strong as the weakest, and so forth. We do have our target, but even though some of us were about as precise and discreet as a sniper rifle from a far away roof at the task, we ended up causing as much noise and damage as a rocket firing chain gun."

By this point, she hefts the final piece of rubble in place, and starts to secure it to it's previous state.

"Though since this task, if my auditory processors haven't deceived me, will have much more of a direct approach than the previous one... you say that I should either be mobile, or have enough firepower to break through a blast door? I believe I may have such a frame that would satisfy both criteria." she says as Wanderer's damages seem to be fully reversed. The nearly silent thrum of the Tesla rifle's welder stops completely, it's task completed.

As she finally turns away from all of her repairs, she does note Dolores making a peculiar decision to arm herself, but disregard the combat uniform. With her task complete for now, and the arcfolding process being available for delay just a while longer... she does decide to inform them of the oddity.

"Excuse me, I do hope it's not too much an intrusion into your own affairs but... well, am I to understand that your going to deploy with the rest of us? I don't mean to be rude, nor speak out of line in swaying you from your decision, but I would advise wearing a bullet proof vest at very least. Where I'm from, I was essentially mass produced infantry, so I'm a bit of an expert when it comes to advising on the situation of bullets... and how much they sting." she says with a mock, nervous laugh.

"Though now that I take a look at your attire..." she says, sizing up Dolores' outfit. "I assume that you intended from the start to create your own protection." She shakes her head with a sigh she leans in and whispers to the two of them.

"I apologize for "beating around the bush" as much as I could, as I desire very much not to directly say it, but I'd much prefer you not get hurt. Last time we went after one of our targets we had to level a building to subdue him, while being fired upon by a lot of others... I'm not saying I have any power to stop you, save for a humble suggestion that it truly is much safer up here in the air. Kazuya says he "doesn't have time for the follies of the youth" and while it's true he's a busy man, I think it's probably moreso because I know that even me telling you war is hell isn't going to stop you." she says withdrawing from them slightly with a sigh and a bow.

"I sincerely hope that I haven't in any way offended you with my concerns, especially if they do in fact turn out to be entirely misplaced and I've just come across as condescending, rather than concerned. If you are still set on joining us, I'll have your back just as the rest of us shall as well." She says with a nod, hoping that if expressing her concern was any transgression, it would be forgotten by the gesture of saying that they do in fact have their support in whatever decision they take.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, Kalastryn, Boss, Edge, Selena, Blade, Faith

Kala couldn't help but chuckle at Rugal's reaction. "So Kazuya used to work for you? Guess that's the reason for the hostility towards you eh?" she asks, quite rhetorically since the answer is about as easy to see as water is to drink. Suppressing a small bit of laughter, she continues. "Sort of cute how you tried to dodge the issue though. Remember when we went through the whole Persona debacle? Wasn't that long ago Rugal, I'd perfectly understand the words "I don't want to talk about it." she says before taking notice to the entrance of Blade.

"Does seem like we won't be going in with any sort of disguises this time around... perfectly fine by me, after last time. I really should use what time I have to study my spellbook. Also, did you just drink your coffee through your finger? I don't believe we've met. My name's Kalastryn d' Zannifer, but most everyone here just calls me Kala." she tells Blade with a friendly nod.

and also Faith's entrance. "Did... did you dye your hair?" she asks, tilting her head to the side puzzled. "I thought it would have been nice for Mel not to be the only one aboard with green locks for a change or- oh... correct me if I'm wrong, you aren't Jenny are you?" she asks and rubs the back of her neck with an embarrassed sigh. "I do actually remember she got sent out on assignment if I recall correctly. Something about the Striders. Old friend who looked quite a bit like you... I'm sure it's not the first time you two have been confused with each other, or am I just that tired?" she says with a chuckle as she goes to take a sip of the empty coffee mug, for no other purpose than quieting herself.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Hangar Array | Rising Dawn

First Lieutenant Dolores Selmy

I felt Molli's arms close around me and pull me close to her. This ARES person was much more intimidating up close. ARES had a strange sensibility about her, a sort of awkward concern that bordered on condescending. I felt reassured by Molli' warmth against my back. "I'll be fine." Sometimes it sucks being this small, I can tell you that. "I'm not a child okay? I can make my own decisions. I don't need anyone coming in and telling me that getting shot is going to do me evil!"

Molli's arms tightened around me. "Dolores, you're the one being rude now." There was a pause as Molli drew herself to her full height, "I'm sorry for my friend's attitude. She has a bit of a Napoleon complex."

I swung my head back, knocking into her collarbone. She didn't budge. Instead she put a hand on my head and forced my head forward and down. "Dolores, thank ARES for her concern."

No. "No." I don't like being treated this way. "I have been working on this ship for the past four years." I don't like being looked down on. "I know well what I'm getting myself into. I don't want to do this. I have to do this." I don't expect you to know. "I was born here. This world, I know that all of you fight for it, but I couldn't care less that you do." I am not helpless.

"Dolores!" I felt her forearm hit the back of my neck and force me down. He held me by the hip and neck. "That kind of outburst is something you definitely should not say to one of the heroes!"

I felt a little betrayed, but I knew Molli was just looking out for my and her own best interest. No one really cared about us, for all they cared we could just vanish the next day and no one would bat an eye. Yeah, we could be so easily replaced by machinations. Like the imps, or the ship itself. How pointless we are. We live in the shadow of titans.

"Dolores!" Her voice came with an uncharacteristic sharpness.

"Excuse my insolence. I thank you for your concern." Immortal. That's what the heroes are. No matter how dire the circumstances they always found a way to stand back up. To win. They never really died. They just went away, went home. They were never just... forgotten. But are they heroes because they are immortal... or are they immortal because they are heroes.

Have my back. You have to be kidding me. I'm doing this to show everyone that you don't have to keep taking care of everyone. We can help ourselves too you know. We aren't just here to praise the ground you walk on, we aren't just here to be saved. If you think I'm going to be dead weight, just come out and say it, hero. At least with Kazuya I know that he's human, he has his faults just like me. With any of you people, you could all be gods for all I know.

"Thank you kindly ARES for expressing your support. I'd greatly appreciate if you could bring Dolores back in one piece."

Dolores. My name is Dolores. It means "I suffer." What kind of father chooses that for his daughter's name.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, Kalastryn, Boss, Edge, Selena, Blade, Faith

Edge chuckled. "Calm down, I didn't mean any harm. You used to be a bad guy. You aren't now. If I thought you were a bad guy, then I would've tried to kill you by now."

Just then, Faith tapped Edge on the shoulder. "Oh! Faith!" Edge stood up, and gestured towards Boss to do the same. "Boss, this is the person I told you about; her name is Faith, and she's going to train you to use her psychic powers. Hopefully." Edge looked around. "Where...where's Ryan? Never mind you can't-" Edge shooked his head, and walked towards the bar. "I'm gonna get a drink before we leave. Calm my nerves."

Boss rolled his eyes, and teleported in front of faith. "Hiya." he said, extending a hand. "Name's Boss, friends call me Boss. You already know Edge, I imagine?"

Rising Dawn: Semi-intact Hanger: Kazuya, Violet, ARES, Dolores, anyone else

Kazuya wasn't exactly impressed with Dolores "I'm a big girl now!" routine, looking onward as his "Newest Soldier" conversed with ARES.
While part of him was glad to get another Rising Dawn Member on his team, he couldn't help but feel that this would only end badly.
That and the number of people in the world he didn't resent, either openly or covertly, could be counted on one hand so her chances of getting into his good graces weren't exactly stacked in her favor.
Violet meanwhile was trying his best in his sleep deprived state to assist ARES into getting Dolores to accept the armor.
*Yawwwwwn* "Hey...I helped to design that uniform. It's actually a lot more comfortable then it looks. The inner padding is actual Egyptian Silk while the outside is a rather fetching sea green! oh, and it will basically protect you from just about all small arms fire. Observe. HEY GUYS! HELP ME SELL THE UNIFORM!" He shouted to one of the soldiers as he got geared up.

Without so much as another word, The soldier pulled out his side pistol before aiming it at his own chest and casually pulling the trigger, reeling back a little from the force of shooting himself in the heart.
He then yanked out the bullet from the chest plate and posed as if to say "Ta-Da!" in a manner that seemed rather rehearsed, Violet clearly asked him to do that before.
All the while, Kazuya checked his watch, wondering when the others were going to get here.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, Kalastryn, Boss, Edge, Selena, Blade, Faith, Katya

Back in the Canteen, Rugal was slightly embarrassed as he slipped his coffee, least Kalastryn was kind enough to drop the issue after Edge basically spelled it out for her.
"Thank you. Just I know for a fact that if Kazuya really wanted these men that badly, he wouldn't have came to us and US Law wouldn't stop him. But he wouldn't pass up a chance to drag my name though the mud..." He sighed as he finished up his meal right as Katya ran in, in dire need of a hangover cure.

*Whistle* "Yo Waiter! Crack an egg into a glass, top it with a teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce, two dashes of Tobasco, some salt and pepper, Serve." Blade was kind enough to explain as he went over to where Katya was and held back her hair as she dry heaved over the trash can.
"Me and J usually hit the bars hard when we do. Learned the recipe off by heart. Cheaper then a Full Heal" He explained as the Imp quickly served up the strange concoction, though he was still able to work some spice into it, sneaking it in with the salt.
Despite the scene, he was still able to converse to Kalastryn, stating "Oh yeah! I know you. Jenny told me about you, Said you were one of her friends. Name's Blade. I'm sure she told you all about me..."
A slight bit of cockiness slipped into his voice at the end, even as he stood there massaging Katya's back as she tried to keep the contents of her stomach inside there while the Imp brought over the drink.
"Alright, Down the Hatch and keep it there." He said as he basically forced it down the Hacker's throat.

Just so you know, I'm putting the President's part out of spoilers because it is now on the main arc line. Well, and near the main RD crew.

The President, Wanderer, and Merlin.
Location: Daedalus Mk II's Hanger | USA: New Mexico Airspace

When the transport arrived, it was introduced to a heavily armed platoon in the hanger. Every soldier held a rifle, and some held something even more. Before long, The President walked down with his own entourage. Including Wanderer, Merlin, and four bodyguards that looked like elite ninja.

The President stood tall and intimidating, his metal, power-suit was on full power, and it seemed he could easily kick a tank. Next to him was Wanderer, dressed in a actually clean lab-coat and holding a clipboard, he was giving it his all to be a "professional Doctor" which the other him really disliked. Then next to him, was Merlin, dressed in his usual Camelot Tabard, with his white hair waving around like a supermodel. The aura surrounding him was mysterious enough to avoid.

When Kane and his own group came out, each member thought.

("Looks evil.")
("Yup, totally evil, and ...")
("Looks like a bitch.")
("Reminds me of ... Him.")

When the transport was along the way, The President passed control to Pierce, well, actually Kinzie, but he likes to throw Pierce a bone sometimes. By the time they got to Black Mesa, Wanderer was already looking around mostly at the technology, but also for something to steal. After all, technology like this would make a total killing in his home-world. Merlin was doing likewise, except no one could tell if he was examining something or going to sleep.

The President on the other hand.
"Many dangerous doors I'm guessing." The President simply muttered as he took Kane's tone into note. There was nobody here he could trust, only the people by his side. Naturally, closed doors only meant more secrets in this place, and The President could tell that these secrets were not the kind. Meanwhile with Wanderer, he simply gave a evil sneer at the tall man. "How's the weather up there?" He said with a snort.

Already, they had reached the end of the path.

Avatar Adventure | The Rising Dawn | Canteen | Breakfast Time
@KatyR: @StripKitty I swear I asked you to stop giving me advice...

As much as the ship's resident hacker and newest member of the Hangover Club wanted to speak, her mouth was in the process of doing battle with her gag reflex. Everything about the Prairie Oyster screamed "DON'T YOU FUCKING SWALLOW ME, BITCH!!" From the taste to the smell to the texture to the spices, everything single molecule of the foul concoction was telling Katya that she was to launch the drink from her mouth into the nearest garbage disposal.

In the end, it was sheer determination (and Blade's hand covering both Katya's mouth and nose) that won the day. The drink was drunk and Katya went into some sort of full blown seizure as her body tried to figure out what in the hell it just ingested.

"BLEEEEEEEEECH!!! AAAAACH!!! AARRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!" The little sissy managed to exclaim as she scrunched her face up extra tightly that it appeared that it might collapse upon itself. The display lasted roughly a few prolonged moments before the Young Woman finally settled down and looked at her savior, Blade, "Th... thx... 1... th1nk."

Having not spent enough time around Katya, Blade might have found her vocal habits rather strange as they appeared to be more a conglomeration of what could have been verbal emojis than words.

"7h@7 suxxx0r3d h@rd." The h@xxx0r h3r01n3 muttered as she wiped the drool and residue from the corners of her mouth with a clean napkin that had been dipped in water. Surprisingly, Katya's breath didn't smell of Eggy Worcestershire and Tabasco, thanks to the fact that the nano-agents coursing through the woman's blood stream had removed the "food" from her mouth, "1'm K@ty@ by t3h w@y, K@ty@ R0571k0v@. N1c3 t0 m3@7 j00, bu7 1'm s0rry, 7h15 15 t3h f1r57 71m3 1'v3 h3@rd 0f j00."

Meaning, either Jenny didn't tell Katya much about Blade, or Katya didn't remember Jenny telling her about Blade. That didn't mean that Katya wasn't grateful for the assistance though as she followed the Strider Grovyle back to where he had been sitting with the others, Rugal, Kalastryn, Boss, Edge, Selena, Blade and Faith, nodding her greeting to each and every one at the table, not trusting her mouth enough to open without blasting each and every one of them with the contents of her stomach. It would take a moment to settle, she figured.

A few moments passed before she did open her mouth, luckily not hitting anyone with anything besides the vocal stylings of her words.

"S0000... j00'r3 a n1nj@?" She asked Blade, indicating the way he held himself, "H0wz 7h@7 w0rk1ng 0u7 f0r j00?"

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, Kalastryn, Boss, Edge, Selena, Blade, Faith, Katya

"Yeah, I remember the first time I had one of those..." Blade fondly reminisced as Katya enjoyed the healing goodness of that horrible cocktail.
Once Katya began to talk, the verbal nonsense was quickly lost on his primitive mind as he merely tilted his head as if to say "You wot, m8?"
" to meet you..."Katty Ya"...Wait-...Seriously?...J-jenny didn't tell you about me?..." He mumbled as the insecurity kicked in.
"Oh don't be so melodramatic, she only came on board about 2 days ago." Rugal pointed out, lest Blade start harassing people with questions about if they even knew who he was or not.
"...Right! Of course! Hahahah..hah..." The Strider said before "Sipping" his coffee once more as he lead Katya back to the table, just in case her body decided against digesting that Prairie Oyster.
When the topic turned back to him being a Ninja, He was more then keen to stroke his ego a little.
"Oh it's great! I get to travel, see interesting people, kick some serious but-...."
He paused when he went to go on about the values of a Strider when he looked down at his chest, namely the long ass scar that went from his face all the way down to his mid-section, the one Hiryu gave him.
"...You know...It's a living..." He then finished in a deflated manner, even going so far as to actually move his face bandanna and drink his coffee "Normally".

Alright, it was more of a Force of Habit thing anyway ^^;

The President, Wanderer, and Merlin.
Location: Dr. Birkin's Office | USA: Black Mesa Research Facility

After being lead hastily though several labs, namely the Demonology and Xenobiology labs were they could only get slight glances at what laid within (It wasn't pretty), they were soon lead to the Administrators office.
Before they went in, there was a full body scanner with another "Tyrant" of a man slowly snapping a pair of latex gloves.
"Alright, before anyone can be brought into the Administrator's office, I am going to have to ask that you hand over all weapons. The Administrator is a careful man so don't try anything, President or not, we can't allow you to just wave a gun around, not after how the last Administrator died. This goes for your friends as well." Kane Explained before walking though the scanner, pulling out a handgun, a strange pen and a baton of sorts, the latter two of which seemed to gently set off the Geiger Counter on Wanderer's Pip Boy.
Either way, the Tyrant manning the scanner was quick to ensure that all visible weapons[1] were taken off the President and his men before they were allowed inside.

After that, they were finally allowed to meet Dr. Birkin in person.
His office was unlike the sterile halls they had passed to get there, A Dark room full of computer screens with the man himself at the helm.
Even just stepping inside, an "Off" vibe filled the air, especially for Merlin as he noticed a array of small devices on the wall, he had seen them before at the White Crib, Small Power Suppression units designed to shut down Metahuman powers, Magic and other un-human powers, This must be where they were made.
Once they were all inside, the computer screens shut down before the lights in the office turned on and the chair slowly spun around to reveal Dr. Birkin in a white leather trench-coat with the Black Mesa Logo on it.
"Mr. President. How may I help you?..." He asked, a undertone of annoyance running though his voice.

[1] Stuff in the Pip Boy don't count.

Location: Hangar Array | Rising Dawn
The Devil is not so black as she is painted.


The soldier shot himself to prove a point. I gave a groan. "I have to ask you," I said to Violet, "to stop trying to convince me otherwise." I broke free from Molli's grip, a little too abruptly. The look of shock on her face made me feel a little guilty.

"I have to ask you to understand this," I pointed to the grunts, "none of the other heroes wear this special armor of yours, so why should I?" I crossed my arms and shook my head, "And you Ares said it herself. I have to be dealing with structural collapses and high-powered rifles and supernatural abilities. Wearing this stuff for protection is honestly pointless with the magnitude of disaster that being on this vessel entitles me to."

And I wouldn't be caught dead wearing something so military and bland.

"I won't be able to prove anything to you now, but on the battlefield I assure you that I am more than enough by myself." After all I can see almost anything with these accursed eyes, shouldn't be too hard to dodge a few supersonic shards of metal.

Rising Dawn: Newly Re-furbished Hanger: Entire Crew

After the crew had finished their morning rituals, they began to pile into the Hanger to be briefed on the next mission

Looking over the crew as they made their way into the hanger, Kazuya figured now was a good time to start the briefing.
"Good morning. I hope you are all well rested because you will need to have all your wits about you in this mission. Today, the target is this man: Dr. Albert Wesker, currently operating under the alias of Willaim Birkin, Administrator of the Black Mesa Research Facility." He said as an image of one of the Mesa's appeared on the projector.
"Thanks to Data that Icarus was able to secure back at MIT, we now know that Cortex was using the college as a finishing ground for the Lab's black market dealings, a means to get weapons out of the base without having to report them to their military masters, as well as outsourcing some projects the lab couldn't get funding for. What you saw at MIT was the scraps on the cutting room floor, which naturally means we can expect far more from Black Mesa itself..." He warned, no doubt they remembered just how many weapons Cortex had back in the college so this would be "Welcome" news.

"On top of that, we don't know anything about the base itself. The only information we can gather is that it was a former US nuclear waste storage site, but under Wesker, they have dramatically grown into a research and manufacturing hub, producing upwards of 30% of all military technology in the entire country, most of it government contracts. Now, while I personally would go for a much more "Quiet" approach, the attention we gathered from the MIT mission will have no doubt reached his ears so our window is closing before he most likely leaves the country entirely, cutting off our one lead to Bison. As such, I have called a battalion of G-Corp's army for one goal: Attack the base."
Letting his words hang in the air, he motioned for the next slide, outlining the plan of attack.

"Under the cover of our air units, we will land On the Dam to the west of the base. Air support will take care of the enemy's defenses in the area, allowing you to land safely. Once we hit the ground, you will blast though the steel doors leading into the base. What lies on the other side, I do not know. All our Intel was able to get was the outside of the base. Once you are in, you'll need to find where Wesker is hiding on your own. Assume any and all Black Mesa personnel are enemy combatants, even the researchers. If you have some ethical concerns with killing unarmed men, then feel free to use other means to subdue them, but whatever you do: Do not let your let your guard down. Just because they have a lab-coat doesn't mean they won't try to kill you."

"As for the base's security system's, we expect heavy resistance. Camera's, gun turrets, mechanical guards, anything and everything to ensure the safety of the base. So once our team is inside, we are going to blow up the dam. The Hydro-electric power generated feeds every computer system inside the Mesa. We take that out, we cut the power to the entire base. They will most likely have a back-up generator, but hopefully the reduced energy production will erode their defensive capabilities. However, to do that, we will need to control the air space so our aircraft can bomb it. To that end, I call upon Angelus. While the strike team takes the lab, you will remain outside with our forces. While G-Corp's aircraft are the best money can buy, What Black Mesa might have produced to engage them might be too much for them to handle. So once the team is inside, I want you to use your Dragon-form to shoot down anything in the sky. Be it man, machine or beast, if it's not one of ours, I want it burned to ashes before it even hits the ground...
...There is one exception however and I want all of you to pay attention to this..."

This time, the projector brought up a feed of a massive purple airship over the desert.
"This is the Daedalus. It's a Flagship-class air combat platform created as a countermeasure to a ground invasion of the US. This project was headed up by the President and he has direct control over it. And because it's here, it means only one thing: The President of the United States is in the area. Due to the nature of our mission I.E. "Invading a US Military Hub", we cannot rely on them being on our side once the operation begins. On top of that, even if his forces prove to be an ally, I am under the believe that Wesker might have contacted him to use as a "shield" against us, a hostage even. If he is inside the base, I want you to make it a priority that he makes he out safely, even if you have to drag him out kicking and screaming. Outside of that, if they get involved in the battle, your express order is to not, I repeat, do *NOT* engage them. If so much as one of them get a bruise, it'll make future operations that much harder. You are free to assist and be assisted by them, but otherwise, forget they are even there."

His presentation over, he turned to face the crew once more.
"Time is a resource we can't afford to waste. Once we get in, Wesker will most likely try to make a run for it. We go in and we go in hard, take only one prisoner: The man himself. Don't let anything get in your and at the same time, ensure the president makes it out alive. All going well, we'll be back here before lunch. Any questions?..." Kazuya finished before leaving the floor open to questions and suggestions.

Any Questions, In character or out of it, feel free to ask :D

Rising Dawn: Semi-intact Hanger: Entire Crew

Teri listened over to the whole battle plan with rapt interest, considering that she was going to be one of the medical supports in line for the mission, when a detail caught her eye... water. There was a whole dam, and they were going to blow it up? What if... As she began to think it over, she got a nudge from Garm, who moved his head towards Kazuya and whispered, "You got a look on your face like you wanna say something. Say it!"

With a smile the Cleric raised a hand and asked, "Um... Question. You said we need to blow up the dam, right. I.. I have boots that allow me to breathe underwater, and can call up water elementals. Couldn't we send one of them into the dam's processing plant and have them wreck havoc on their systems? They can control water after all, and if we kept the dam intact, it'd act as a means of entry and exit for our group."

Caim was next to raise a lazy hand, asking through the PDA, "You mean..myself and Angleus, right?"
The Red Dragon herself, on the other hand, seemed to be glowing with the praise Kazuya had lauded her with, "Oh, you want me to be my full self? With pleasure..."

"O-o-oh! Queesstiiooonn!" Cadolbolg was next to speak after his father, the little turtle dragon fluttering in the air with Ton Ton in tow, "Can I go fight with Mother?"
"Cadolbolg wait your turn, it's rude to interrupt people..."

Rising Dawn: Hangar: Entire Crew

ARES was on her knees to the left of the main proceedings, though still listening to every word said and observing the visual feed, they were currently undergoing the process of adjusting into their new form. The chamber on their back fully open and metallic appendages stretching forth to pick apart their armored plating and replace it with their Assault frame... which would do nicely for what Kazuya specified... quite nicely indeed...

Still being passively re-outfitted, the plating replacing their old engineering armor seems to have become much more bulky, in quite a few areas. However, their assault frame seems to ignore armoring certain areas of the body altogether? Their thighs, the joints of their shoulders, and from their hips to their chest were left uncovered. Probably to allow those parts of the body to move unhindered under the weight of the rest of their armor... which does look heavy, even as it's still being formed. The massive plating on their back, which lightens only slightly as it wraps around to their chest in a harness shape looks as though she's carrying a turbine on her back. Two pistons of some sort also attach themselves to the rear of her shoulders, presumably to help with flight control with her jets, still located in her feet. Speaking of which, the gear attached to their feet? They may as well be wearing jet turbines compared to their boots from before!

As the process finishes, she does have questions for Kazuya. Getting up from her transformation process and engaging the safety on her Fusion Cannon... for now, she addresses their current commander with. "If it is imperative to leave the President's forces entirely unharmed, is there any way to provide insight into distinguishing them from the forces of our target? It stands to reason they wouldn't be wearing lab coats, as they are not researchers... however given the indiscriminate nature of our assault otherwise, it would help greatly to know beforehand the appearance of who it is we are most certainly not supposed to shoot. she says with an affirming nod.

"I am also not one to disagree with the chain of command, and time does run very thin I assume... destroying the dam outright would cripple an evac-... extraction point for us as well, so if what they say about being able to provide an alternative method to cripple the power is true, might I suggest to attempt that plan first? At very least so that once we are through the doors, the ground outside of them will still be there as a tactical advantage."

Kalastryn was watching the process of ARES' transmogrification with interest until they had spoken up, voicing their own question as well. "This President seems to be quite an important person, and that airship seems to be very, very well armed. I myself do not appear too threatening, should I try not to be. If we are sending Angelus out to limit air resistance against us, I have a pair of wings myself. Should things become heated with this "Daedalus" I would recommend sending me over diplomatically and explaining the situation. For that reason alone, I request to be withheld from proceedings inside the base until further notice. Mind you I'm certainly not disregarding that it is in our best interest not to engage them in any manner... but after how MIT went, I'd think it a good idea to have some form of backup plan in case our original plan... simple and effective as it is... does not go as it should. It's unfortunate for me to inform you but... around here? It rarely does." she suggests. Holding and shaking her head with a sigh.

Rising Dawn: Brig: Elise, Cortex, Doom, Deadshot

"Not at all, ma'm .. .. he just, passed out is all. Did that to himself. Right guys? RIGHT?"

"Yea, he's a psychotic mad man."
"Hmm h'mm ... ... troubled midget with no sanity left."

Doom was the first to protest the guard's explanation of why Cortex had the mother of all wedgies, going up the bars and saying "That's a lie! I'm telling you, the ghost did it!".
"Pffff, please, there are no ghosts here. We would have know about them!"
"I didn't see any ghost."
"Sorry Doom'N'Gloom, I've been here for months but I didn't see no ghost." Deadshot suddenly added in with curious timing, silencing the rookie Villain as Elise began to undo the rather painful looking arrangement Cortex was in.
When Cortex finally woke up, he did so while massaging a large lump on his head, another "War Wound" he had gathered during his stay on the Dawn.
"ohhh, My aching headTM..." Cortex groaned as his vision began to focus on Elise and the fancy silk set up she had made as she poured him some green tea.
"...I'll pass." He said before sliding the cup back to her, not trusting her to not have drugged it or something.
"look, I got nothing to say to you or anyone else, I told you what I know and I won't say anything else." He said before crossing his arms and looking away in defiance, not wanting to be a dirty snitch like Doom was.

Rising Dawn: Brig: Elise, Cortex, Doom, Deadshot

"You have no need to worry~ I am here on my own will and not assigned by the Rising Dawn to gather more information. Rather, I wanted to make your lives easier in the Brig ... because I can relate."

"Tch, please, you don't know the first thing about me..." Cortex scoffed as she took a sip of his tea, trying to convince him that everything was above board, but he had been stung too many times by false kindness to fall for this.
"You may be prisoners of the Rising Dawn, but you're still human beings. No such ill treatment will be executed without my awareness on the matter. Furthermore, Doom mentioned a 'ghost' ... and I for one, feel this could be a threat to our organization and your safety. If you're willing, do tell me about what came of it's demands, or why it decided to pull your underwear over your scalp. But if you dare not say, I won't hold it against you. I'm simply trying to make the best for both worlds, Rising Dawn & your lives here manage is all."

"...Well-...he did say something about a man named-"
"Now." One of the guards said before they all swarmed the cell, stating "Ms. Elise, I'm going to have to ask you to leave now.", their sentence capitalized by the unclicking of the safety's on their weapons.
"The Briefing for the next mission is about to begin anyway. You might as well not be late..." one of them "Suggested" in a manner that seemed like a threat.
Cortex didn't say anything, somewhat glad to see Elise get forced out of the room, he had already realized that whatever happened was Kazuya's doing and he wasn't doing to pry to save his own skin.

Sorry for the long wait.

The President, Wanderer, and Merlin.
Location: Dr. Birkin's Office | USA: Black Mesa Research Facility

Before stepping into Birkin's office, a large pile of shining swords was laid next to the scanner, and right next to it was an even larger pile of guns and other dangerous weaponry. The ninja squad waited on the other side, and some were checking their watches. The President still threw weapons onto his pile, some ranging from a simple pistol to large, extreme sex toys. Most people in the room were surprised, minus Wanderer. Coming to his final weapon, The President pulled out his infamous, glowing, blue dildo bat. Strangely enough, he laid it on top of the weapons in a way that someone would bury their pet hamster.

Passing through the scanner, The President waited for the last member, Wanderer. "Still not bigger than mine." Wanderer said with a chuckle. With a swift pull, the disguised Doctor laid one, single scalpel on the table and simply walked through. "I lied." He smirked. Yet, they did not know, but he lied about the lie.

Minutes later within the office, The President gave a scowl. "We found Angel tech leading here, and I believe we deserve a explanation." The President said, his voice growing ever more angry and cockney by the second. "A thorough explanation ... If his mind can create and comprehend one that is." Wanderer said calmly, his words sharper than any of the weapons in his arsenal.

At the back of the group, Merlin examined the room even more detail, hoping to stop something that would be important.

Rising Dawn: Newly Re-furbished Hanger: Entire Crew

"I'm gonna blow up a da~am! I'm gonna blow up a-"

"You're not blowing up any dams, Boss." Edge said. "You're going to stay here with Faith."

"Surely you must be-"

"Um... Question. You said we need to blow up the dam, right. I.. I have boots that allow me to breathe underwater, and can call up water elementals. Couldn't we send one of them into the dam's processing plant and have them wreck havoc on their systems? They can control water after all, and if we kept the dam intact, it'd act as a means of entry and exit for our group."

Edge pointed to Teri. "See? That's a much better idea."

"...yeah, it is..." Boss said, slinking down in his chair.

"If I might add..." Insano said, leaning forward. He had been sitting behind the two, and judging by the clipboard he had in one had, he had apparently taking notes on the briefing. "While you may be one of the most powerful beings here, Boss, you would be much more of a liability than an asset. You're not very good at playing on a team, your rough skill and power fluctuates wildly depending on the circumstances, and I'm to understand you have a hard time killing people. If the president's ship attacks The Rising Dawn though, that could be an asset." Insano leaned back again, and looked over his notes. "Furthermore, I've no doubt that Wesker has some experience with psychics, even if we aren't talking about psychics as powerful as you. And I can tell you from experience that psychics are...simple enough to deal with once you know what their weaknesses are."

"And a sword in the face isn't?" Boss asked.

"In my experience a sword to the face-or a bullet, or a grenade, or one of those fancy throwing stars Edge has, or even just a massive, blonde knuckled fist-is one of the most effective ways to bring down just about anything. Magic, ki, energy, psionics, even super-high tech can all be completely nullified under the right circumstances. But! Even if you're functionally invulnerable, enough kinetic force will bring you down. That's why brute force has always been a mainstay in tactical maneuvers; not only is pound-for-pound the most effective form of hurting something, but it's undeniably the most reliable."

Boss tried to sputter out a response several times before turning to Edge. " you-"

"Only that my throwing knives aren't fancy." Edge said, examining one of his throwing knives closely. "And that there's a fourth advantage to brute force; anyone can use it. I've seen people about as powerful as Rugal get lynched by mobs with nothing but hammers and baseball bats. Which is kind of what I was getting at before Faith came around. There are...what, six, maybe seven billion people in the world? What do you think happens when you piss off literally every one of them?"

Boss sighed. "Fine. I'll stay on the ship and...I don't know, meditate? Faith was asking me about that..."

Avatar Adventure | The Rising Dawn | The Hanger | Post Pre Op Briefing
@StripKitty: I told you lil sis. Can't get rid of me...

So the nitty gritty bits of the plan, if they could call it a plan, was to infiltrate a base that they had no current data or layout on, fight an unknown number of hostiles that were defending this unknown base with an unknown layout and bypass any unknown number of traps and other defenses that could kill them, all to extract one man. Katya supposed that the crew had seen action on operations that had less information but it seemed that there couldn't have been any less information shared in regards to this base.

Walking over to the edge of the hanger, she looked over the side, a saw the damned damn in the distance, looking like a large stone tombstone, a tombstone that kept the damned valley from being flooded by the reservoir. Despite the fact that everyone was ready to hit the dam without giving a damn about their welfare, the Hacker Heroine was much more pragmatic in regards to her life and, more importantly, staying alive.

Dropping off the Infested Terrans near one of the gates and having them attack would be a good distraction, especially since they looked like Cortex's own men. That could stir up a little bit of chaos among the Wesker's ranks. The team would strike through one of the access tunnels but they would still face an unknown number of traps and automated defenses.

"GOD FUCKING SON OF A FUCKING BITCH!!" Katya screamed loudly in frustration as she tried to see an approach that would minimize the danger to herself and the team. Looking around her, she noticed that she'd drawn the attention of many crew members. Waving to them with a smile, she apologized, "Sorry! Nothing to see here. Hehe."

Looking back down at the damn, she tried to think more on how she'd handle this if it was a newly released map on an FPS.

"Recon. I need recon." Katya muttered. Even if she managed to patch into a security terminal, she'd still only get a limited amount of information from the security camera feeds. She needed the informational equivalent of a Hoover vacuum cleaner, which was impossible until Katya got closer. Unless...

Email to Willaim Birkin:

Yo Wesky!

Check this shit out! I totally got the Infestation Program off the ground!!

Neo Cortex

Still nervous, Katya sat at the edge of the hanger, her legs dangling over the edge.

Location: Hangar Array | Rising Dawn
Liberty is a thing beyond all price.


Azan had his own misgivings about the operation. Alas, in the end it was the world of these youngsters that he had somehow stumbled into. It was not his place to intrude since he knew little and less of the customs of this place. For example he still had no idea what a'president' was. From what he gathered it was like a temporary king.

He closed his eyes and lay back in a chair he had brought with him from the Canteen.

"Should we split up into two groups? I think a few of us should go in with the express purpose of securing the President."

Ah yes, the demon girl. Come to think of it, Azan had not seen the black demonspawn for a while.

"And should anything go wrong with the President extraction I can shut off communications between the facility and the outside world for about 20 minutes."

Rising Dawn: Newly Re-furbished Hanger: Entire Crew

Kazuya was hearing the first round of questions and going though them one by one as their air units got set up an in position.

RE: Disabling the dam instead of blowing it up

"....Hm....Well Teri, if your elemental can the disable the base's power supply, I won't call for the dam's destruction. Our original Evac plan involved using the base's hanger bay for our escape route after the base was secured, but if you can shut them down, then we can hold our position over the dam and use it as a staging area and forward base for reinforcements. Just if you wish to go that route, then the burden is on you to shut off the power. All we have going for us is the element of surprise so we need every advantage we can get. If I don't get confirmation of your objective being completed, then I will have to proceed with the dams destruction."

RE: Angelus entourage.

"Mr. Caerleon, you will help with the strike team. Unless you happen to process a weapon that will be able to take down an aircraft without leaving your mount, then I fail to see what else you can offer our efforts in that role. on the other hand, you'll be engaging against several hostiles in a close quarters environment, which does without saying is a much more suitable position for you on this mission. As for the..."Children", so long as they don't get in the way of our efforts, I don't care where they are deployed."

RE: Engaging the President, his forces and identifying both.

"I cannot say with any certain knowledge that I know how the president's personal force will be identified, best I could think of is look out for men dressed in purple. The President is rather fond of that color for some reason. If they are dressed in purple, ask them to identify themselves. If they are the president's unit, do not engage and wait for further instructions before proceeding. As for talking to the man himself, we are dealing with a man who once beat a reporter to death in the white house during a press meeting with a 5 foot dildo bat...The further I can keep him away from this operation the better. Should that situation occur however, I will permit the opening of communication channels, but know that I won't unless their involvement grows too great to ignore. If the President himself is in danger, you are clear to assist in his safe return, but our efforts have to be on Wesker. The man is far too intelligent to be allowed to slip back into the underground, this is basically our last chance to get him before he'll disappear off the face of the earth forever."


Much like some of the others, he wasn't exactly trilled with this plan, but he knew Wesker as well as Kazuya did and he was right: They only had one shot at this before he would slip into the shadows once more, taking their hopes of finding Bison with him.
"Well, I might as well lead the charge then, I can deal with just about anything they would be able to dish out. Wouldn't be the first time I stormed a hidden complex with without knowing much about it's layout either..." He said, recalling when he "Brought out" AIM from Viscus, using nothing more then his charisma, his intense fury and a metal staff.
He knew that most of this was coming from Kazuya's desire to prove himself after Wanderer badly shook the man's ego, but he knew that pointing that out would only serve to make things even worse.


David meanwhile was bit more disappointed as his career plan of "Save the President -> Get Rewarded -> Profit" seemed to be shut down by Kazuya's extreme policy of not interacting with the man at all.
Though even while he was doing on about how Wesker was more important, The sniper did conclude that perhaps if he got close to the president, he might be able to assas-
"Nggghhh!...Goddammit..." He groaned as he got another one of his recurring migraines, something that Blade noticed.
"Hey, you sure you are alright man? I mean, if you want to sit this one out-"
"Tch! You kidding? And miss out on all the fun? I once fought alongside Jack the Grim fucking Reaper-
"-And Satan in his Hell Condo in Hell. We know, we know..." Rugal finished for him, looking slightly annoyed at hearing that damn story for the upteenth time.

The President, Wanderer, and Merlin Feat. Dr. William Birkin
Location: Dr. Birkin's Office | USA: Black Mesa Research Facility

Brikin just started blankly at the group in front of him as he was asked about the Angel Tech.
"...You traveled all this way to ask about that?...Yes...We have Angel Technology, used in the development of more advanced technology and weapons to be used for both the country's safety as well as a counter measure against another Angel War. It was a hot button issue around here during our formation and thought decoding it's secrets, we've made massive strides in this nation's technological standing. Now, to be more precise, Dr. Zero was the man enlisted to head that research department, your queries will be better answered by him. Commander Kane, provide these men with ID badges, give them as much clearance as you see fit. That is all, good day..."
And without so much as another word, Birkin turned his chair back around and looked back at the monitors while Kane went about printing out a series of temporary passes for the base.
"Right gentlemen, these are your passes. They will grant you access to the following labs: Angel Genetics, Demonology, Xenobiology, Bio-weapon research, Robotics and Unstable Matter research, a personal favorite of mine. I'll ask you to stay out of the other labs aside from that. Now, if you just leave the room, you will have your weapons returned to you and you will be free to walk around without an escort." Kane happily said in a manner that had faint undertones of "Piss off."

As he was explaining that, Wesker got a 90s style pop-up happily stating "You got mail!"
Instantly, he knew that something was up when he got an email from "Neo Cortex" doing on about what appeared to be bio weapon research.
"...Kids and their computers these days..."
Rather then blatantly falling for one of the oldest and dumbest tricks in the book, he didn't even open the attachments and quickly purged the entire message and ran every anti-virus program the had before he sent back a reply:

Email to Neo Cortex:

Email to Willaim Birkin:

Yo Wesky!

Check this shit out! I totally got the Infestation Program off the ground!!

Neo Cortex

OMG, such gawdlike genetics Bro-Tex!
Them cell membranes didn't know what hit them yo!
I also 1-v-1'd some srs Tib research, check it out!

Albert Wesker

Adjusting his glasses, he then brought up one of the base's most advanced cyber-weapons: The Nemesis.exe.
Setting the weapon to follow the email, like a laser pathfinder on a guided missile, he then sent it off, the slow moving program following the trail of the message, it's ETA was about 15 minutes after the email was received.
And until those 15 minutes were up, most hackers had no idea they were targeted until it as too late.
The latest annoyance dealt with, he brought up his phone before quickly dialing in a number.
"...Inuart? It's me. Come to the office after the president leaves. We have a problem..."

Avatar Adventure | The Rising Dawn | The Hanger | Post Pre Op Briefing
@KatyR: #SomethingWrong

Katya looked down at her VNC client and sighed as she noted the response from Wesker. Clearly he wasn't the sort of person to be randomly looking at PDF files which meant he was at least smarter than a retiree logging onto AOL for the first time. She'd established a secure VPN tunnel to the MIT network using Cortex's credentials where she established an anonymizing virtual machine running SuSE Linux. From there she routed her email from that temporary VM through an Exchange server that happened to be connected through the NSA before it went out to Wesker. Clearing the email from the Linux Exchange client, she started a low level format of the VM, ensuring that it would write 0s across the entire HDD not less than 5 times before shutting down before she closed her VPN connection to MIT. She wasn't stupid enough to think that Wesker wouldn't have also analyzed the header data to find out where the email originated from but if he happened to attempt to trace it, he'd have found himself attempting to infiltrate the NSA networks, something that they frowned upon government or not.

"Well that didn't work." The Haxxxor thought to herself as she looked through her bag of tricks. Looking around her, she noted that everyone else was gearing up and getting ready to roll out. Some of the normal crew members would probably die while trying to establish air superiority over the dam. Sucked to be them.

"Alright B3WP. Get the grunts in a VTOL." Katya said. A door at the back of the hanger opened, revealing the Mercs dressed up as Terran Space Marines that were under Katya's control. Lining up, they boarded one of the VTOLs and waited for deployment, not a work muttered between them, not that they needed to say anything since they were networked to each other an knew what any of the others were thinking at any given moment.

Walking over to where Teri stood, Katya appeared slightly unhinged, worried and anxious.

Rising Dawn: Newly Re-furbished Hanger: Entire Crew

ARES was the first to interject again after Kazuya's round of answers were dolled out. "So avoid immediate confrontation with any personnel wearing purple? I can't say I understand his fondness for the color either, but duly noted." She ponders, but then nods in understanding as the reasoning sinks in. She continues with another question however. "As you had suggested prior to this briefing sir, this frame should have ample firepower to blast through just about any physical barrier they stall us with. This being the case, whatever your plans originally were to breach the blast doors, I would not necessarily shelf them just yet in case their fortifications happen to be more formidable than I now suspect. What would that entail, should I not be capable of getting through them?"

"Keep in mind this is a very unlikely scenario however... having seen the technology possessed of this realm aside from technology acquired or inspired from others, as I assume the Rising Dawn may be... correct me if I err in that assumption, I do estimate roughly a 40% likelihood that the door should blast apart in one blow... the other 60% still should not last long. Even so, you seem very prepared for this, so I would assume you have a backup plan. What I mean to ask is, in the near impossible event that we appear incapable of entrance... what exactly is plan B?"

Kala had followed suit with pressing questions afterwards, as her own request hadn't quite gotten a direct answer... she did however keep in mind one thing that Rugal said before.

("He always does this when his ego is bruised...")

(Bruised ego hmn? Well I'm not going to be a kiss ass, but I might as well try my hand at the metaphorical cure spell in this case.)

"Mr. Mishima, if I may say so you do seem to have a bit of a talent for this sort of thing. The way you plan things ahead actually puts Droaam's military tactician's at my old home realm to absolute shame... namely because they were able to be defeated even with this caliber of planning. Still... I would suggest covering just one more base here. Should all go according to plan Angelus will of course be limiting enemy air units no? As resilient as dragon scales are, and I should know as I had met many of them before calling Angelus an ally, the Daedalus does seem to be rather impressively armed. I fully understand that avoiding any contact with this "president" is a priority, and I fully understand why... it seems insane that he would hold such a position with the way you describe him.

"This being said, should it come about that an encounter with him be an inevitability I still stand by my request to do exactly such and... stand by. After all, with such a psychopathic, yet powerful man being down inside of that base, and said base being so secured, I don't think there is any guarantee that in the event that, A) an encounter proves to have been inevitable and B) the encounter ends with a somehow reasonable conclusion, that we would be able to open communications with the Daedalus. With their leader on the ground, and it standing to reason that radio communications could potentially be jammed on premises, they may not take it from us, nor able to take it from him that neither Angelus nor the Rising Dawn are truly a threat. Hells, by your descriptors he seems so unstable that he may very well have forgone any way of contacting the Daedalus from the ground at all... a folly I'm sure none here would make, yourself included."

"It is for this purpose that I do so humbly request to remain aboard. I possess the ability to fly as well, and may be able to act as a much more physical communicator in such an event. Surely with your quite clearly displayed gift for tactics you could understand that covering one more base, at the expense of withholding only one of the Rising Dawn's usual crew, is a small sacrifice for a large cover, no?" she explains, with the utmost sincerity, even taking the time to formally bow afterwards.

"Of course, I shall concede that you are the man in charge here, so if you believe me more useful on the ground, I shall cease my insistence to the contrary."

The President, Wanderer, and Merlin Feat. Dr. William Birkin
Location: Dr. Birkin's Office | USA: Black Mesa Research Facility

"Well that answers my question ... Some researcher he is." Wanderer said while muttering the last part under his breath. While adjusting his Doctor coat, The President blew out a heavy sigh as he looked to Wanderer. "Fine ... We'll get out of your hair." The President said, his tone seeming as if he toyed with a child, yet it was not only that, he remembered what Wanderer told him about the Rising Dawn.

As each person got ready to leave, Merlin clicked his tongue, which attracted only Wanderer, who followed his gaze to the anti-power device. Giving a sigh of his own, Wanderer took his temporary card from Kane. "Don't worry, it's not like we want to visit the Urology department or anything." Wanderer said, a fake smile across his face, but his tone heavily spoke "D.U.M.B.A.S.S" to the man.

Yet his eyes spoke another thing.

Quickly, the three plus guards got out of Birkin's office, and began to walk the facility to their desired department.

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