The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Black Mesa: Biology Lab: Dolores, Selmy, Anyone else

Dolores going all rampage mode on the minor experiments the researchers here had freed didn't make them think to highly of their odds to stay alive, seeing how she just stabbed her way past over 100 million dollars in cell-reconstruction research.
The men in hazmats suits began to confusingly motion at each other, unable to say much to each other in those thick suits as they tried to figure out a way to slow down the attackers while the bigger monsters they had cooked up woke from their containment.
One brave soul marched forward out of cover before pouring the contents of a large yellow beaker of..."Something" on the ground in from of him.
Recoiling a little from the gunfire whisking over his head, he pulled out another blue test tube, yanking the cork off it like some kind of frag before smashing it on top of the gunk he had already poured.
A violent chain reaction occurred as he ran away, the two mutagens mixing together into some kind of Slime monster, rapidly absorbing and corroding everything it touched as it slid forward along the ground, eating up G-Corp lead like popcorn as it then leap up in the air and tried to assimilate Dolores.

All the while, another daring researcher pulled out a violet colored beaker before shaking it several times and throwing it in the groups path, igniting like a firebomb on impact with a white benzene flame to try and slow them down as his friends took a crowbar to a pod containing a rather Nasty looking creature.

Black Mesa: Demonology lab: ARES, Guards, researcher, Anyone else

The guards marched on in rehearsed movements around the displays until they realized that ARES was threatening far more then just their lives, something that made Agnus EXTREMELY nervous.
"STAND DOWN! STOP! ALL OF YOU!" He ordered to his guards as they froze on the spot, stuck mid animation.
"Why you-....Do you have any id-did-did-did-did....IDEA WHAT THAT COULD DO!? Nevermind Black Mesa, you could put the entire world in Peril!" He shouted at ARES as another nearby blast caused the room to shake, namely causing a Egyptian looking urn to wobble off the edge of it's display...
A look of sheer terror appeared globally amoung the staff, you wouldn't think an expressionless helmet could have such a fearful look on it's face as it suddenly dived towards the display, managing to grab the urn before it hit the ground.
A collective sigh of relief filled the room as the armor put it back, right next to the sign that said:


"...Look, You t-t-t-t-think that I'm going to sell out the one man who t-t-t-t-t-t-trusted me?! Oh, I know who Albert Wesker is and D-d-d-damned if I'm going to let you make me un-emp-emp-emp-employed...GET HER!" He then ordered his armors before a new threat emerged.
A series of strange Sword/bird demons flew into the room, effortlessly dodging all the displays before moving in on ARES and the group, attempting to impale them mid flight as they turned from winged creatures to large swords at will.

Black Mesa: Robotics Lab: Katya, Anyone else

After the patch went out, the possessed marine marched right into the middle of the room, "Sneaking" on his tippy toes as much as a man in power armor could.
The Cyborgs walked on in their set patterns, unaware that the marine was even there, even as he leaned over and waved his hand in front of the robot's face as it trudged right past him, the patch seemed to have worked.
But as some of Katya's group and the G-corp men following them went into the room, she soon saw another universal driver update begin to start downloading.
All the cyborg's eyes flashed for a moment before they then opened fire on the incoming soldiers, forcing them back out of the room with their particle beams.
As this was going on, production began to start back up again, while the security measures were still depowered, there seemed to be enough reserve power to turn back on the assembly line.
A pale human body went into the machine, there was some sparking and blood splatter then a brand new NOD CyborgTM popped right out before joining it's brothers in battle.

And just as insult to injury, Katya got a new alert on her social media feed:

Back outside on the dam: Ryan, Nadalia, Elise, Faith, Angelus, Cadolbolg Vs NOD Attack Bikes

Nadalia's bold move against the drive-by units didn't go un-noticed as two of the drivers watched their brother fall to his flaming end at the bottom of the valley.
However, there was a slight issue as there were more bikes then Nadalia was aware of, something that became rather clear when all of a sudden a volley of missiles began to rain down on top of her from the 3 bikes that were previously out hunting VTOLs.
One of them made an extremely ballsy move when he drove off the mesa and right onto the dam itself, using the bikes front mounted guns to carve his way though the G-Corp reinforcements, racing past the Iron Queen as he did, she could barely make out him sticking up the middle finger to her though the dust and smoke all this focus fire did.
The driver was about to turn around and go for another attack run when he noticed a certain Gardevoir attempting to get to cover, nursing a wounded shoulder.
With evil intent, he then popped a wheelie before racing towards the Pokemon, aiming to smear her brains all over the blood stained tarmac.

Some Hee Ho keeps writing with me, Hee Ho.

Generic NPC 22:
Same with this hee ho.

Black Mesa: Lobby/Research Labs: Strike Team Vs. Black Mesa Staff

Cyborgs - Caim, Katya

Caim charged headlong into a random direction, which found him in the company of one 1337 HaxX0r and her small retinue of undead cyber zombies. What Caim also took note of was the varying guards, as well as what appeared to be Katya sending on of them headlong into their lines of sight. With a confused expression on his face, the warrior pointed to Katya's troop walking along the corridor, his expression clearing giving question as to what was going on; further aided by the gesture towards his blade.

However, before any further negotiations could be gained, the sound of ripping and tearing filled the air (a sound that Caim was more familiar with creating, rather than hearing), and the cyborgs began to reactivate, alongside an awakening assembly line; seeming to create more of their enemy. With a growl, Caim tapped into the Weapon Wheel and pulled a different weapon, replacing Swordsmasher in it's place before turning charging into the fray, his PDA shouting, "Cut off that machine, it'll only create more of them! I'll hold them off in the meantime!"
Following this statement was a hefty slice of the ax that Caim had summoned, leaving a nice gash in his opponent, as well as a solid force between him and the 1337 haxX0r.

Demonology - ARES, Blade, Ton Ton

As the group began to advance inward, Ton Ton felt a shiver run up his spine, something instinctual pulling within the core of his being to go towards a different direction from Caim's. Pointing in the direction of the Demonology Lab, Ton Ton's gaze grew steely as he called to the Pokemon acting as his perch, "That way, please. I sense Daemons afoot."
"'Demons'..? Geez, Ghost types always give me the creeps."

With a hustle on the Grovyle's part, Ton Ton and Blade found themselves with ARES, who was attempting to reason with the nervous doctor inside, while a group of possessed armor-like beings began to advance towards them. The nagging sensation Ton Ton had felt prior intensified, like a slimy sort of sensation began to wash over him. Ton Ton could best describe it feeling almost as if he was dipped in oil, but it was clear to one thing - the very beings that he was meant to combat, whatever sort of variety existed here, seemed to permeate the very room. Drawing his knife and his lantern, the little creature practically vibrated on his perch as he gave his battle cry, "BEGONE FROM HERE, DAEMONS! I WILL SEND YOUR ILK BACK TO THE SHADOW!"

Leaping from Blade's shoulder, Ton Ton angled his descent onto one of the blade-birds, and brought his knife down on any bits he could manage. From what Blade could see of the Tonberry, his usual calm demeanor had disappeared, and became something more akin to a certain other sword wielder....

Bridge/Lobby - Garm, Rugal, Teri
Teri landed on Garm in a small heap, weakly waving her hand to dismiss the eagle from her summoning. With the Cleric safe and sound, Garm couldn't help but notice that his rider was now shaking, the sound of sniffling filling the air. With a concerned whine, Garm began to hurry back to the entrance of the Lobby, wanting to get as far away from the fire fight as possible, while calling over his shoulder, "Tear-ri, are you hurt?"
"They died right in front of me... And I couldn't do anything..."
"Tear-ri, I- ... Let's just get you to Alpha Rugal, okay? This firestorm is no place for either of us!"

With a hurried gait from the faithful wolf, Garm skidded to a halt in front of Rugal, giving a whine to get the King of Fighters attention, "Alpha... I need your help."
The man himself was busy guiding the G-Corp reinforcements to their staging areas when Garm showed up, looking at the wolf before asking "Why? Is there something wron-..." He didn't finish when he saw the state that Teri was in. "...are you alright, dear?..."
Teri blinked slowly upon hearing her father's voice, and softly whispered the same thing she told her wolf, "The VTOL... They died right there, and I did nothing."

Garm weakly spoke up at this point, another whine prefacing his speech, "I saw the whole thing. When the VTOLs picked up Tear-ri after the thing with the water elemental, some big flying metal things shot it down. Tear-ri had to summon a magic bird to catch her and bring her to land. She's been like this since. I dunno what to do - I can't even hear the angry voice."

"...Damn...." Rugal sighed, even after all her training and all the battles they were in, Teri was still only human. Taking her off her mount and placing his hands on her shoulders, he then explained "Listen...I know it's hard, but I need you to be strong right now. We are not going to let their deaths be in vain, do you understand?..."

Alongside Rugal's attempt at rousing the Cleric back to functionality, Garm nuzzled his partner's shoulder, gently asking, I know we say you need to be honest about your feelings and things in general, but Alpha Rugal's right. You can cry on my fur when everything's over, okay?"

A tense silence overtook the three for what felt like ages, before the Cleric began to blink in response. Gently patting her face with both hands in an attempt to refocus, her Aura flared up again and she spoke properly, clinging gently to Garm's side as she pushed herself back into the fight, "R-Right... Is anyone hurt? What's the current situation?"

"We are moving into the labs now. Biology, Robotics and Demonology. We are going to push until we are right at Wesker's door. Then you can make sure he doesn't get away with what he has done. It's what those pilots would have wanted..."

Teri grimaced at the thought of the biology lab and the recent deaths of the pilots, and gave a solemn nod, recalling what she gained in the interrogation prior, "Biology...That sounds like what Cortex warned me about. I'll go there with Garm, my magic will be best suited for pushing whatever nasty stuff is there back."

Following that, the Cleric pulled out another stick of gum and began to chew on half of it, following that with the incantations for Healing Lorecall and Lessor Vigor, giving the trio (and some lucky G Corp Employee) a quick healing boost, as well as a removal of fatigue. Following that, the Cleric willed Sadei into bow form and mounted up on her wolf friend again, before charging into the Biolab. As the two made their way, Garm sent one last message over the rings to Rugal, "Thank you Alpha. I was worried I lost her for a minute there."
"Keep her safe, I need to keep this area secure."

Back outside on the dam: David, Ryan, Nadalia, Elise, Angelus, Cadolbolg vs NOD Attack Bikes

Angelus gave a roar of thanks to the Arachnid Champion and the Iron Queen for their efforts; but did not finish the fight just yet. There were still a few bikers shooting back and forth in the sky, and from what she could see, her normal singular fire blasts would not be enough. She needed speed, and she needed precision, which her homing fire would have to suffice as. That or she needed to be clever. Either way, the dragoness decided that, since the Bikers were so eager to come her way, she might as well make the best of it. As one of the Bikers began to hop in midair, Angelus had held a fireball in her maw, and waited for just the precise moment before - THWOOM! The Biker was enveloped with a ball of dragonfire, the flames twisting the metal, flesh, and rubber of the bike and rider into burnt ash. With a resounding "HMPH!", the dragon gave a snort of her nostrils as she quipped, "Which mount of metal wishes to challenge me next? I will burn them all..."

Cadolbolg, on the other hand, had noticed that one of the Bikers began to drive heavily off course and far away from his mother. With a stroke of curiosity and a healthy dose of apprehension, Cadolbolg turned away from the fight between the fire wielders and the spider woman, and tucked his little wings in, diving down towards the bike. That was when he saw that the bike was heading straight towards Faith, who was not only hurt, but holding up barriers as part of the good fight. Feeling anger in his gut, Cadolbolg began to feel a tingling sensation in his mouth, building and building within him the more his outrage grew! Finally, before the bike was able to get close to Faith's barrier, the tiny turtle-dragon let out a charged ball of lightning from his mouth, knocking the little guy backwards in the air[1] and striking the bike. With the surge of electricity, the driver lost control of the bike and spun out of control, falling off of the side of the dam and turning into a pyroclistic blowout in it's stead.
As for the turtle-dragon? He gave a little wave to Faith in midair, uncertain about what he just did.
Similar to his Charge Fireball, Cadolbolg has, accidentally, made a Charge lightning ball!

Inside Black Mesa - Inuart

Pushing past the Guards, Inuart settled into his means of escape, and covered his face with his hands. First he was assassinated by Furiae and some entourage of hers, now they had captured his friends (and were ready to capture another), and here he was running from the battle. Even if it was a tactical retreat, everything in his being screamed this was wrong. He should be fighting with his comrades, not being some errand boy... The bard rubbed his temples with a groan, and muttered to himself, "....When I get to Bison, I will train and I will train hard. They will regret everything they have done. I will be certain of that."

[1] (a la this gif)

Back Outside on the Dam:
Selena, Ryan, Nadalia, Elise, Faith, Angelus, Cadolbolg Vs NOD Attack Bikes

Selena saw the bike roaring towards the Inured Gardevoir, she felt anger welling up inside her. She aimed her wand, when a raging Metallic turtle creature launched a thunderous ball of energy
She flew down and readied her wand.
"I call upon the power of Ice and Snow, Glaciers, Harsh winds, BLOW!" She announced and a glacier like shield surrounded her and the Gardevoir, She then took out a few bottles of salve, and potions for recovery and healing.
"I'm not exactly a healer, But I can help you with whatever I got, as long as you trust me." She came closer holding her wand it was etched with ancient runes.
"Hold still and I can use another ice spell to numb the pain."

Merlin and Dr. Zero.
Camelot knights, Saint Ninja Security Team, Sir Bedivere, Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain, The President, Wanderer.
Location: Angel Research Sector | USA: Black Mesa Research Facility
Merlin OST: Fate/Stay Night, Kishi Ou no Hokori

With the surrender of the Dark Scientist, Merlin crushed the small ball of light with a satisfied smirk. With the particles of light floating back towards the surface, Merlin nodded. This was not only a victory in power, but one in intelligence. Refusing to show his giggle, but mentally Merlin was in a riot, it seemed that a simple light orb made a man surrender. Basically, Zero surrendered to a simple torch. With the defeat of the Dark Angels, the Camelot Knights killed each and every one. It seemed that their swords completely destroyed their bodies, but, after all, these spirits of a legendary kingdom, one guided by light.

The three knights seemed on edge, not only because of their surroundings, but the two white knights looked at the only one dressed in black. "Lancelot." Sir Bedivere said with edge. "Betraying bastard." Sir Gawain said with a harsh tone to match a North Pole winter. The dark armoured Lancelot ignored both. "Still sour, I see, heh." The Dark Knight said and started planted his sword into the ground. Immediately the three started fist-fighting in the background. The metallic clanks making Merlin's eyes twitch as he addressed the summoned Camelot knights.

"Ignoring those ... Fools. I like to thank you for your service." Merlin gave with a bow, and as a swift wind passed, those spirits were gone, after all, while they were holy spirits, they were only weak unlike the three brawling in the background. Speaking of brawling, not only was there the echo of metallic punches, but the softer sound of flesh pounding on flesh came from where Zero was. Of course, Wanderer was busy kicking a downed Zero while The President smoked a cigar behind. "You fucker! NO ... ONE ... STEALS ... MY WEAPONS!" He said with a raging fire, each word came with a kick.

"I'd call this a success." The President said with a shrug. "Now, it would be great if you could tell why you're doing this and why ... Uh ... Whathisface wants this?" The President said, only to be interrupted by a normal Wanderer. "Bison, his name is Bison." He responded, and the President simply shook his head. "What a fucking stupid name." Yet suddenly, the beaten Zero seemed be bind by a rope made up of light. "It would be grand if you don't kill him." Merlin called from behind, only sighing as he took a single gaze upon the still brawling knights. "Ugh, how annoying ... Anyway, let us get out of here." Merlin said, and while most prepared to leave the room, that was not Merlin's plan.

Suddenly, a large magical cirlce covered the floor, and it began to rise with great speed, seemingly destroying the whole room and the rest of Zero's property. It raced towards the low ceiling, and as most were on the floor due to the sudden G-force, Merlin raised his hand to the ceiling, and suddenly, there was great light. "And the Lord said ... Let there be light." He said in confidence. If anyone had their eyes closed, it seemed that the floor had been pushed above the surface of the facility.

"Oh my. I knew we have guests here, but not in this way." Merlin said, intrigued by the chaos surrounding them. Even now he could feel several other magus in the areas nearby. "I did ... The Rising Dawn. Finally." Wanderer said as he stepped back up from the floor, admiring what the crew have done so far. "That means G-Corp is here, urg." He said in disgust before touching his earpiece. "Hey its me. Yes, nothing much happened ... No, no ... It wasn't even worse than that time I got into that drugged limo ... uh huh ... Okay. Oh yes, label the Rising Dawn as allies, but beware of G-Corp."

As the Saints Ninjas once again came to their President, the three knights were surprised with their surroundings. "How neat." Sir Gawain said with powerful optimism, his smile facing the chaotic environment. "I sense ... Powerful individuals." Lancelot said as he raised the visor to his helmet. "Well, we may as stay. Don't know about you guys, but I have a day or two to last here." Sir Bedivere responded, concerned, but intrigued about all the technology that loomed on the horizon.

"I have several days, it reminds me of the time I fought for the Grail."
"I have ... Around three cycles. Depending if I use this or not." Sir Gawain said as he flourished his blade.
"I hate you guys. I can't believe this ... " Bedivere pouted.

Even while everyone looked upon the rest of Black Mesa, Merlin made sure his magic kept an eye on Zero.

Avatar Adventure | Black Mesa | Robotics Laboratory

The fucking nerve. The fucking nerve of that fucking asshat. Who in the hell posts a Twat in the middle of a fucking invasion? Who in the hell posts a Twat in the middle of an invasion with a self destruct sequence being quite inevitable? Who in the hell posts a Twat in the middle of an invasion with a self destruct sequence being quite inevitable and then wait for Katya to show up to infest his ass? As she took cover behind a bunch of machines, she pulled up a new Twat field and started filling it out before posting it.


Smirking to herself she looked at the situation she found herself in. Tight quarters, moving machinery and A LOT OF FUCKING CYBORGS. Considering the fact that Mister Smirk Swords was doing rather well for himself, Katya decided perhaps melee would be the way to go. Drawing on a mass of Nano-Agents, the Dawn's Resident Technologist formed a sword in her hands, though her anime addled mind couldn't help but add a bit of a twist.

"Right." The newly dressed hacker said as she hopped out from behind cover and swung at a Cyborg, cleaving it's arm from its body and sending a spray of oil and blood all over her.

"Fucking... gross." She said as she headed towards the control panel that operated the Cyborg Creation Engine, cleaving her way through the massed enemies.

"Caim... how in the hell do you deal with all this gore?" Katya exclaimed as she got a face full of oil.

Location: Black Mesa Biotechnology Lab
Officium istis quis id minime quaererent it

Dolores Selmy

It feels good to be bathed in blood! So good! I like it! I like it! I like it! I feel like my entire body's melting, quivering in a foreign excitement! It's lovely. I feel so alive! No. Please stop. I place one foot in front of the other and spin, I let Blood Scythe cut the air, I let the air blow through my hair, and I let the blood immerse my skin. It was hot and slick, it wasn't coagulating at all. My clothes are completely soaked through.

I swing Blood-Scythe without reason, hitting anything that I feel like. The noise it makes when it cuts through flesh drives me crazy! It sounds like rustling linens, that sweet way when you can hear someone else shifting in the same bed as you. Lovely, lovely lovely! Who... are you?

I am she-who-suffers. Nay, I am suffering herself, personified. The very nature of anguish given beautiful human form.

From behind, a great creature reared its head and moved to engulf me. I let Blood Scythe tick into its translucent flesh. It got stuck. The metal on the scythe began to corrode rapidly.

"Oh, you think you're cheeky don't you?" I laughed, "Let me show you that I'm not so weak! Allow me to show you the power of the Azure!" I let go of Blood-Scythe and raised my left arm. A darkness overtook it, a raging boiling violent hunger that shook my bones and made my knees weak. A mix of ferocity and ecstasy that is called 'power.' I punched the creature. "Return your borrowed soul to the abyss! Distortion Drive: Devoured by Darkness!"

My arm grew to that of a beast's and around me thousands of strings appeared. They leaped forward, each thread becoming a blade in its own, tearing into the creature that loomed over me. All this that live must have souls, be made of cells, and this tore the very basis of that being into shreds.

Soon after the onslaught of pure dark had turned the slime creature into dark shriveled stains.

"Hehe," That felt good.

My heart stopped and I fell to the ground. I couldn't breathe. My ears were ringing. I was deaf and quickly going blind. The men who were originally fleeing me turned to see me collapse. And their demeanor changed. Suddenly they craved vengeance, payback. I was suddenly weak. What happened...

Traheo Exhausted. Deactivating nonessential functions to preserve unit functionality. Rebooting personality core.

What are you talking about... I'm a person. You can't just... reboot me. My heart. My eyes. They are essential. Damn it.

Nonessential functions have shut down. Personality override commencing.

My skin, its turning red. Not blood. Rot. I'm rotting. My body is decaying. What... why...

Who am I?


My name is Dolores Selmy. Who else could I be? I am she who suffers.



When I woke up Molli was standing over me, her hand on my brow. Azan was nearby, his helmet off and face carrying a strange worry. What happened? I can't seem to remember anything past deployment.

"The operation's over Dolly," Molli said softly. I closed my eyes. The soft hum of machines reminded me where I was. This was the Rising Dawn's medical facility. "Azan brought you back. You collapsed after overexerting yourself." Molli put her head on mine. My arms were bandaged fully. Covered with a clean white cloth. No way that exhaustion covered me with this much damage. "I was so worried when he brought you in. They said your heart stopped."

"I'm sorry for making you worry," I said. I don't really feel sorry. I can't even remember what I did.

"Take a good long rest." Azan said softly, "our next mission is soon, but you should be able to participate if everything goes well."

Merlin and Dr. Zero.
Camelot knights, Saint Ninja Security Team, Sir Bedivere, Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain, The President, Wanderer.
Location: Black Mesa Exterior (Dam) | USA: Black Mesa Research Facility
Merlin OST: Fate/Stay Night, Kishi Ou no Hokori

Zero was grumbling in pain from his bruised kidneys after Wanderer was finished kicking him while his was down.
"ACK-....I surrendered, alright? Ohhhhh....Hmmm..." he growled loudly before he found himself being tied up in one of Merlin's magics while the President asked about a Bison.
"...Bison?...Who the hell is Bison?...All of my research was commissioned by the state of Colorado under the "War off our Shores" act signed by Senator Armstrong. You know, the other right winger vying for your office? Whatever results I found from the research I did for him was sent off to a military base in Denver. Whatever happens to it there is unknown by me. If one of my creations was found off the reservation, I assure you, the breach would have occurred there. That's all I know on the subject..." Zero then explained before Merlin brought the group back topside, right in the middle of the action.
"...Tell me, lord Merlin, in all your wisdom, do you really think this is the best place to bring us?...I mean, I could think of a few reasons why this place might be a bad choice..." He said to the Magi, right as an unlucky Ninja ended up getting nailed in the chest by a stray bullet.

However, once Wanderer brought up G-Corp, Zero couldn't help but laugh, stating "Ohhhh, the Devil of the East might finally get his hands on the data vaults of Black Mesa after all. You know, since I was hired, Dr. Birkin would go on for hours checking up on our base's security to ensure that G-Corp couldn't get access to our secrets. I can already imagine one of his agents back down in my office, downloading my life's work even as we speak...But hey, I'm sure he could put them to better use then the US could, isn't that right, Mr. President?..." He gloated to the Commander in Chief, Sure, he could be lying, but would it be worth the risk of allowing Kazuya to access the same Technology that made Krizalid?...

Austin Texas: Icarus
Icarus was in a hurry to Find the Door to His Fathers Vault, he soon found himself outside ST. May's Cathedral, he sighed of course the door would appear in the one place he would never be welcome, He looked up he could almost feel a set of judgmental eyes, he had heard rumors from his father bu he knew this was hallowed ground. He took in a deep breath and took a step forward, he paused and looked around he was on the steps of the church. And yet nothing unusual happened. The gate to the vault was inside he advanced to the huge door.

Seeing that allies had arrived and not been so diplomatic, and the doctor seems to have called in even more reinforcements, clearly breaking his research (or threatening such as a bargaining chip) is not a good idea. Especially seeing how the rigidly trained knights seem intent on keeping the equipment safe as well.

ARES heaves out a dull sigh, "Why... why can people never just be reasonable and opt against throwing their lives away?" she asked as the compartment in her chest opened up from before, and instead of following through with her threats and tossing the clearly unspeakably powerful equipment she doesn't understand, or give it back, she places it inside. To the doctor, this would be a surefire tell of a couple things, if not previously known. Firstly, the fact that ARES has no internal organs and can open compartments on her body likely mean she's not human... or alive for that matter. Second... there may be a lot of things located in the nothingness within... including his possessions... which she is unlikely to willingly open up for taking back.

Rolling around the shelving with a bit of dexterity, she picks up her fusion cannon and starts taking uncharged shots upwards at the bird/blade demons that assail them from the air. Surely being able to transform into metal swords would protect from physical attacks by some measure, but let's see how plasma effects them?

"You know Doc I can say your loyal to a fault... I respect that, really." she says, making very many efforts to direct fire away from his general direction.

"I'll say though that for as smart and capable as you seem to be your logic is about as flawed as a gun made from paper mache . You know your working for a man who is hardly defensible, and yet you still wish to work for him? If your worried about being unemployed look around you! I come from a future where the whole world is practically military, and aren't this precise... even demons take orders from you." she says as she downs one of the birds... that is a point.

"Also, your worried about your job, and me throwing one or two of these things when the entire base is about to explode?! If one or two would "put the entire world in peril" THE WHOLE BASE GOING UP IN SMOKE ISN'T ANY BETTER GENIUS!!" she says as one of the knights maneuvered behind her while her attention was in the air. A lance digging into her shoulder was an interruption to her diplomatic attempts... though it met much resistance, somehow? ARES shrieks in a bit of pain as she turns around on him, her arm still (mostly) intact and gives him a swift kick to the chest, which sends him back much farther than he should have gone, landing in front of the nervous Doctor.

"Argh... I... am really trying not to shoot you here. Last chance to be on the side that wants to stop all of your research here being blasted into a crater... and whatever comes of that probably doing much greater damage. He trusted you for your intellect, and I know your smart enough to see that with the doomsday clock on this place ticking down right now if you don't help then just as you said, with all you have right here in this room, there is a lot more at risk. I've trusted you so far to change your mind... last chance."

She says as she levels her gun at the doctor directly, making clear that all bets are off after his next move.

Merlin and Dr. Zero.
Saint Ninja Security Team, Sir Bedivere, Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain, The President, Wanderer.
Location: Black Mesa Exterior (Dam) | USA: Black Mesa Research Facility

Wanderer and The President listened carefully to what the dark Doctor had to say. From the clues they gained, it seemed Denver was there next target. "Man, I hate Denver." He muttered before suddenly a bullet pierced his leg. Falling over, it seemed Wanderer screamed for about ten seconds before he got up like nothing happened. Yet he kicked Zero once again. "Surrender your soul!" The Dark Wanderer said with surprise, and a tone that sounded like a demon infested his body. " *Ahem* I mean, wizard, I would be happy if you put up something." The survivalist said with a twitchy eyes.

Sighing, The President crouched, avoiding any bullets that flew by. "Hmm, Armstrong and Vega." He said, scratching his growing blonde beard. "Looks like we have our targets, but what for a plan ..." He asked himself, mind trailing off into many plans that could completely fuck over both parties. Meanwhile the three Knights stood overlooking the Black Mesa complex, but as the bullets came flying, two stood behind the completely armoured Lancelot which only had bullets bounce off him.

"Why are you hiding behind me?"
"Well, because we have no helmets."
"Why don't we have helmets!"
"I believe you said something like, 'we look better without them'."
"Oh right."
"Than why do I have a helmet."
"Because, uh, you are ... Manly?"
" ... Are you saying I'm ugly?"
"Well I'm not saying you're handsome."
"You bastard!"

From over the other side of the raised floor, Merlin performed a simple spell to heal the downed Ninja. "Ugh, fine. I thought you people could handle danger." The Wizard said before clapping his hands together and uttered a few words lost to the wind. Yet that element of wind seemed to gather around the whole platform they stood upon, reflecting the dangerous bullets. Walking back to the downed but dark Doctor, Merlin gave a smirk. "I believe your office was just moved." He said, nodding towards the wooden and glass scraps on the floor platform they stood on. Even Zero's main desk was on the edge of the floor, yet when the wind spell was summoned, it was shred to pieces. "Huh, seems like everything of yours was destroyed ... Well, unless you have a backup of course." The Wizard taunted.

Outside on the dam: Ryan, Nadalia, Elise, Faith, Angelus, Cadolbolg, Edge, Nickolai Vs NOD Attack Bikes

Edge jumped down from the cliff face. The tank had been totally trashed, unfortunately. "Have you tried to conta-"

Nickolai jumped up from behind the cliff face, grabbed Edge, and pulled him to the ground. "Be very quiet..." he said, pointing to where The President and his posse were standing. "My gut tells me those men could turn us into bloody smears on the ground."

Edge looked over the group. The President was there, and The President was...formidable, as far as Edge knew. Three knights, all three in heavy plate armor. Wanderer was with them, for some reason. And in the back...someone with silver hair...

"Is that Merlin?" Edge whispered to himself. "I'd wondered what happened to him. He looks like he's doing pretty good."

Nickolai looked surprised. "You know one of those people?" he asked.

"Two of them." Edge responded. "Wanderer's with them."

Nicolai looked again, and nodded. "What do we do?"

"We don't need to lie to them." Edge said. "Call them, and we'll tell them that we're with The Rising Dawn and that I got hurt when the helo was shot down. I'm still covered in my own blood, they won't have any reason to doubt us."

Nickolai nodded again, rose, and gestured to the group. "HELP! WE ARE WITH THE RISING DAWN! MY COMRADE IS HURT!"

Black Mesa: Biology Lab: Dolores, Selmy, Insano, Anyone else

Stepping through the door to the lab, Dubstep Blaster was hanging from a strap on his shoulder, and holding what appeared to be a handgun version of the railguns Cortex had been building under MIT, Doctor Insano put four watermelon sized holes in the slime monster before it could wreak any kind of havoc. "YOU WITH THE CROWBAR!" Insano, standing just inside the entrance to the lab, shouted. UNLESS YOU WANT A HOLE IN YOUR HEAD THE SIZE OF YOUR HEAD, BACK AWAY!"

Black Mesa: Biology Lab:David, Teri, Garm, Insaneo, Anyone else

David had linked up with the rest of the biology assault group as Delores began to clear shop, allowing the rest of the supporting units to advance into the base, despite the researchers efforts to stop them.
"YEAH! Go New Girl! Kick their ass! Woo!....N-new girl?...You okay?...." He excited proclaimed right before all of a sudden Dolores began to go faint before suddenly collapsing right in the middle of battle.
"...Tch, Always a catch...AZAN! Get the girl out! All units, if you got something to use against those fumes, now would be the time to use them!" He shouted to his units as he brought up the fabric of his running up over his nose and mouth in a vain attempt to stop the quickly poisoned air from affecting him.
He did perk up a little when he saw Teri enter the lab, mounted on Garm like some kinda Medical Cavalry.
"Hey T, don't suppose you could ask Jesus for an air freshener or something?...*Cough Cough*" He quipped to the Cleric as Dr. Insaneo tried to convince some of the local researchers to maybe NOT release more monsters into the now bloody lab.
His efforts were in vain as the man with the crowbar successfully managed to release that horrible creature, Costing him his life as it impaled the poor bastard who was before casting his body aside in search of enemies.

"...Ohhhh this can't be good...FOCUS FIRE!" he shouted to the G-Corp masses, needing little prompting to fire at such a dangerous (And ulgy) beast, showing just how much the mutant's flesh was designed against gunfire, barely even drawing blood on the creature.
"Oh that's just mean spirited, that's what that is...Shit-THE FLANK! WATCH THE FLANK!"
Right as he said that, a bunch of Screaming men carrying flags and strange glowing canisters ran right into the mass of soldiers before blowing themselves up in a large green blast, taking the bulk of the G-Corp grunts with them, allowing the Researchers to escape and flee deeper into the base.
There was only 4 survivors of the explosion, a bunch of disappointed looking Sucide Bombers, but their faces lit up right as they saw David, Teri and Insaneo, chanting the likes of "IT'S TIME!", "KANE REQUIRES IT!" "FOR THE BROTHERHOOD!" before sprinting as fast as they could towards them, detonators in hand ready to blow up...

Black Mesa: Robotics Lab: Katya, Caim, Anyone else

Back with Kayta and Caim, the Warrior's tried and tested methods of problem solving worked just as well as they usually did as his Ax quickly reduced the incoming Cyborgs to mere scrap and organs, the shockwaves sent out by the weapon keeping floored long enough for him to clean up before they could take aim and fire at him.
"Not bad. You think your hot shit, don't you? But remember the old Axiom: Brains ALWAYS beats Brawn!" a rather annoying smug voice said over the PAs right as a more suitable enemy was deployed against Caim.
The room began to shake slightly as a A Extra Large Robot was deployed on the scene, so large it often had to duck under machinery hanging from the ceiling just to get close to swordsman.
"Avatar Ready." a robotic emulation of a angry man's voice droned as it went to open fire at Caim, it's laser much larger then the ones the other cyborgs used.

Back with Katya, Her social media feed went off again, this time the oh-so-mature admin stating:

With his "Constructive Criticism" eating up her attention, The Admin then took the chance to compile a sample of the signal BEWP was using to control the marines.
A bit of coding later, he then began to send out the new signal, using it to try and confuse the marines with a mess of conflicting orders, resulting in a lot of them standing around trying to lick their own elbows and more importantly NOT fighting back against the Cyborgs still coming out of the machine.

Black Mesa: Demonology lab: Ton Ton, Blade, ARES, Guards, Agnus, Anyone else

Have to admit, Blade wasn't one to turn down a fight, but this was a bit of a dozy, having to kick all their asses without touching anything in the room, while part of him was curious to see what would happen (Namely to see if he could make the egghead's head explode), he decided against it.
Besides, with all these Flying/Steel types around, he had enough to worry about and that was BEFORE Ton Ton went all macho and attacked.
"Ton! Wait-WHOASHIT!?" He tried to protest before having to leap out of the way of a flying sword as it swung for his neck.
Using his Agility to his advantage, he quickly used another would be attacker to leap onto the ceiling, away from all the museum pieces, as he focused on the armors, avoiding their lances before pouncing on one, a quick Leaf Blade to the skull quickly slaying the guard.
With it's head rendered off his shoulder, a series of white souls began to race out of his open neck cavity, like air escaping a balloon before all the armor plates fell lifelessly to the ground.
"I got it! Without their heads, they're powerless!" He rather dencely said, right before having to duck under another flying sword, costing him his leaf-Ponytail.
"...Come here you little-!!"

Back with ARES, she was able to scan both of the objects she had just stored in her Hammerspace, The first was a Strange red orb made up of a unknown blood type, it wasn't human at least and there was a 90% probility of it being Demonic in nature.
The other was what looked like a Normal golden amulet, but a quick scan revea-
Suddenly ARES's entire system locked up for a moment as the Amulet seemed to scan HER back, her body spasmed for a moment as an unknown driver was installed on her CPU.

The Amulet of Shinnok grants ARES the power to use Raise Dead.EXE. ARES can now use the Amulet in order to raise any target from the dead (So long as they were alive to begin with). The power of the Fallen Elder God allows them to retain their intelligence but binds their will to ARES's every command. Once raised, the target is given a corrupted version of their former body to use. While the Amulet does all the work, the power needed to run it is extremely intensive, much more so then any of her weapons. Several targets can be raised, each one adding to the hefty power bill

"No! T-t-t-that's the Amulet of Shinnok! Gah! I knew you were here to s-s-s-s-steal my research! I will handle you myself!" Angus stammered right as ARES snapped out of her trance, shooting his hand up into the air before one of his Sword Birds flew into his grasp, turning into a weapon he himself could use before pushing his way past his guards to attack the Android himself?...Doesn't he know what he's up against?

Back with Ton Ton, he was struggling with the bird/sword demon as he managed to slice down it's hilt, much like how Father would slice a man's spine, causing it to screech in pain.
The bird began to falter before crashing into the wall, shattering into a million fine pieces on impact and dumping Ton Ton on the ground away from the others, as well as causing a nearby coffin to fall down on its side.
There was a slight male groan from inside as Ton Ton could make out something coming out of it, it was a Strange White Snake poking his head up though one of the cracks to look around.
" would wake the dead with that rack-....What the devil-...This isn't the New Meridian Cemetery!" He muttered to himself in a confused British accent, not unlike Dimitri's only older and more stern sounding.
"This is-....Oh! Pardon me Sir, but could you please tell me where we are right now?" He then asked the Tonberry.

Merlin and Dr. Zero.
Camelot knights, Saint Ninja Security Team, Sir Bedivere, Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain, The President, Wanderer.
Location: Black Mesa Exterior (Dam) | USA: Black Mesa Research Facility
Merlin OST: Fate/Stay Night, Kishi Ou no Hokori

"ARGH-.....Christ dammit, and people give out to ME about my eithics..." Zero groaned as Wanderer had the gall to strike him while he was down as well as then demand something of his.
"Urg, fine. My wallet is in my my jacket, top right inside pocket. I only carry Black Mesa credits however so don't expect them to be exchanged at any nearby bank..." He explained, looking around at all the mayhem going on as Merlin brought up a barrier around them.
It was then that Magician then brought up the contents of his office before shattering every last inch to the wind in a show of power, something was rather redundant as Zero pointed out.
"...We are one of the most advanced research labs in the history of the human race. Why wouldn't we have a backup server? It's in the Administrators office where Dr. Birkin alone. If Kazuya's people are able to capture him, He'll have access to all the technology and experiments of this entire base, not only my own. And if your administration actually reads the requests the DoD send us, that is not a good thing...Heh, in fact, there was this one hack job called Dr. Breen. He wants to open up this portal to allow some beings from another universe to take over the world. Have no idea where the hell he got his education, but he seems to rarely realize that he isn't going to be promoted if such a thing happens-"

The Dark Doctor rambled on for a while about his co-workers and their workings, some of the stuff he spoke up made Wanderer a little un-nerved but in hindsight, he was just stalling.
All of a sudden, a series of small grenades began to float around in Merlin's wind barrier, right before detonating and sending out a sickly yellow gas onto everyone inside.
The effects were rather instant as all of a sudden reality began to warp around them as the hallucinogens quickly took over their minds, causing the President's guard to all turn on each other and start trying to beat the shit of anything that moves, including them.
Zero was savvy enough to hold his breath as squad of Kane's Elite Guard suddenly attacked.
At first, Merlin wasn't really worried, the Fumes didn't really affect him and his barrier would protect them all against any and all projeti-
Next thing he knew, Merlin was getting peppered by red hot laser weapons which passed though the barrier with ease, as was everyone else who wasn't already tripping balls.

Back outside on the dam: Ryan, Nadalia, Elise, Faith, Angelus, Cadolbolg, Rugal Vs NOD Attack Bikes

Having held back in order to keep the path into the base secure, Rugal soon made his way back into the battleground, ducking under stray fire as G-Corp managed to ensure a foothold in the area, but the cost of that was quickly starting to become clear as Faith began to relay Nadalia's condition to the others.
"Dammit...Hang on, I'll try to get someone over." He said over the rings before grabbing the arm of a passing G-Corp medic and sending him towards the wounded Queen.
As he did that, one of the remaining bikes began to take the chance to finish off the both of them from the ridge.
Realizing that a normal Ki Projectile wouldn't make it in time, he did get a quick idea once he saw the ruins of the machine that Cadolbolg managed to disable (To put it lightly).
Dashing over and tearing his hands though the missile launcher (or what was left of it), he then managed to pull out an un-exploded missile out of it, quickly examining it to see if it could still be used.
In an impressive feat, Rugal then had a brief run up before tossing the missile skyward like a pigskin football, watching it soar though the air before landing square in the bikes path, it's explosion ringing like a touchdown display, much to the Fighter's satisfaction as the Medic began to run over to treat Nadalia.

Back in the sky, the last 2 bike still standing out of the original group went about engaging Angelus, coming up with a joint plan to try and take her down.
Both bikes halted for a moment before planting a strange metal device to the ground next to them, each one containing a grapple line of sorts tied to their bikes.
In perfect sync, both drivers then leaped from opposite sides of the canyon, crossing by each other (As well as the angry dragon) in midair.
Before landing, they both fired off another projectile, a pair of specialized grapple hooks digging into Angelus's scales.
Once both hooks were in place, both devices lit up before an extremely painful current began to flow though the dragon's body though the power lines hidden in the grapple, hopefully keeping her in place long enough to allow them to finally line up some good shots on the struggling dragon.

Offering a mechanical groan and holding her head, stunned as unwelcome though... potentially useful software installed itself into ARES' headspace. Snapping out of her lockup just in time to see the researcher decide to engage her himself, she shook her head with a sigh.

"You have no idea what you're dealing with..." she says as, instead of looking down the iron sights of her Fusion cannon at him...

She unloaded it and tossed it aside, making a gesture of cracking her knuckles. "Mr. Mishima said that though the personnel in this base were to be classified as our opposition we were free to subdue the researchers, such as yourself, through less harmful means. I had hoped you would see reason, but still I am intent not to kill you, and you can have your damn stuff back when we're done here. For now though, let's settle this like gentlemen."

She says as from her too palms extend two beams of, presumably sharp plasma energy.


Not completely finished, but saving it for a bit of a surprise, the million fine pieces of sword bird that Ton Ton had slain then begin to shift around on the floor as it puts itself back together...

Merlin, Dr. Zero, Crazed Saint Ninja Security Team, Sir Bedivere, Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain, The President (Power suit edition), and Wanderer.
Location: Black Mesa Exterior (Dam) | USA: Black Mesa Research Facility
Shadow Wanderer OVERDRIVE OST: Survivor by Sick Puppies

Listening carefully to Zero's information, Merlin nodded. "Hmm, how convenient. I mean, I remember everything since I can use all of my brain." Merlin said full of confidence, while not many knew, but the Master Wizard was a hybrid between a human and a incubus, which allowed him to become stronger in many ways, but mostly magically. Spotting and hearing the two in the distance, Merlin rubbed his chin. "Is that ... Edge? How neat." He said happily and clapped his hands.

Yet with the sudden announcement of injury, Merlin pointed at the three knights standing near the platform's edge. "Lancelot, Bedivere, Gawain, go over there and protect those two." He ordered gently, feeling ever cautious. The three gave a nod and jumped off the platform, quickly running toward the two. If either Edge or Nickolai had a sharp eye for flying metal, they could see all three easily deflecting the bullets that came from a distance.

"What is wrong?" Gawain immediately said to the two, flashing them a gentle, concerned face. Both Lancelot and Bedivere stood guard in front and behind, seemingly to move their blades in fast motion. "Why ... Aren't we bringing them back?" Bedivere asked with worry, which Lancelot huffed a sigh, "The magician knows something is about to happen." The suddenly back at the raised floor of a platform was covered in yellow gas which swirled around Merlin's magic. Slightly distracted, the three immediately took up their stances, luckily that was when the Elite Guard showed up.

"Oh, such 'charming' armour." Bedivere hummed.
"Rather ... Phallic though." Bedivere said and cocked his head.
"Arg, let me just kill them!" Lancelot bellowed.

The three Knights than went to battle, all whilst protecting the two in the center of their triangle position.

Back on the platform, Merlin was surprised by the gas and guards, yet ended up dodging the lasers. "Oh my, projectiles built from light." Merlin said, yet with another surprise, Zero did not notice his mouth move at all. Surveying the battlefield, it seemed that he notice the figure of Wanderer was standing unusually still, and The President seemed to have fun throwing his own men around.

"This will be something to see." He muttered, giving a smile at Zero. "Enjoy." He said before a gust of wind swept across the platform, and it seemed the Magus was gone, but really he was just taking out a few elite guard under the cover under his invisible air spell, which was made up of multiple layers of wind compressed into super-high pressure air with a massive amount of magical energy, which distorts the refraction of light and renders what is inside completely invisible.

Wanderer was one of the only members to be affected by the gas, there was no air-tight suit or spell to ward it off. Yet as a survivor of the Wastes, he had gained resistance to many toxic substances. Yet for someone who has a body of radiation and the mind of a peeled onion, crazy plus crazy would only equal overdrive. "Woo, my time to shine!" A yellow passed throughout the gassed platform.

Several of the guards stepped into the platform to eliminate the group, yet with most allies missing, this was only a playground for Wanderer. One of the elite guards patrolling through the gas suddenly felt a pain within his chest. Feeling that it was just a small pinch, upon looking down, a hand was sticking out from it. "Oh what a day! What a lovely day!" Shadow Wanderer said before completely ripping the body into what could only be called a bloody mess.

If a gurgling scream piercing the thick gas did nothing to the other guards, the ungodly machine sound coming from within struck fear. Then with seconds, more screams pierced the field, and even limbs started to fly. One head particularly rolled across Zero's lap. That was when a grinding sound came close, as if someone dragged heavy metal across the ground with speed. A shadow quickly zipped across his vision. "Don't you ever feel the need to punish those that stole your possessions? I do." A voice whispered. The shadow sped by once again, yet Zero only felt pain.

If he looked down, it seemed that the dark doctor was missing both of his legs.

Avatar Adventure | Black Mesa | Robotics Laboratory
Got you now you bastard...

Looking at her social media feed, Katya smiled. No, she hadn't lost her mind, not completely anyways. She was happy that the Network Administrator had taken the time to send out yet another one of his brainless twats, allowing the Rising Dawn's resident computer intruder to get a fix on the IP address of the terminal that he was sending his Twats from. He might have been the master of his domain here in the the installation's network but out in the Wild West that was the Internet, he was nothing more than a peon.

"Got you now, asshat." The Ryuko look-a-like muttered as she pulled up a command line window.

Command Line:
Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms
2 <1 ms <1 ms 2 ms []
3 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms []

Trace complete.

That was a simple enough route. That just placed one managed network switch between her and the Nod Asshat. Which brought her to phase two of her plan.

"Caim. Keep these CyCocks off of me!" The woman called out as she cleaved another of the Cyborgs in half with the black scissor shaped sword, the spray of oil and blood coating the walls behind Katya's victim. Walking up to a wireless antenna, the woman pressed her hand against the wall, the cement turning black as a layer of nano-agents flowed from the palm of her hand and started climbing onto the Wireless Antenna. Following the Catagory 6 Ethernet cable, the black tendril followed snaked along the cable's insulated exterior until it reached a Network Switch. Snaking from port to port, B3WP quickly identified which of the cables went directly to the target terminal and continued the journey of the killer tendril.

Emerging through a wall plate, the black tendril noted the sheer size of the behemoth man that was seated on the strained and stressed desk chair, a fine layer of cheesy orange dust covered the carpet. To call the man corpulent would have been an understatement.

Oozing over to the power outlet, the black sludge started crawling up the monitor's power cable and into the monitor itself. Another twat was sent to the Network Administrator.


As the man read the message, the monitor suddenly went dark, it's glass face cracking as the chassis started to warp as the monitor morphed into a large plastic and glass Venus Man Trap. Before the man could scream, the monitor monster chomped down on his head.

Back in the robotics lab, Katya smiled to herself as she removed her hand from the wall, but not before a Cyborg raked a clawed cybernetic hand across her back, ripping both cloth and skin open, causing the woman to scream out in pain. Turning, the Hacker hacked the legs out from under her assailant, causing the machine man to topple backwards, landing on its back before it attempted to turtle itself upright so that it could attack once again. Attempting to turn, Katya felt the pain radiating outwards from her wounds. Through the haze of pain, the woman realized that she could feel the pain above the wound but nothing below.

"B3wp... little... help." Katya muttered though the A.I. inside her head was quiet, it devoting most of its processing power to repairing the severed spinal cord.

Black Mesa: Robotics Lab: Katya, Caim, Anyone else

Caim turned when he heard Katya's cry of pain, and was ready to charge in to help, but something happened that he did not anticipate. Pain, white hot and sharp, shot through his body; his muscles clenched and his chest felt tight. Caim's mouth gaped open, and the sound of a gasp escaping his lips where a scream should have been. Something terrible must have been happening to Angelus for him to be in this much pain, and there was nothing Caim could do. He felt paralyzed, but so very aware of every jolt of agony coursing through his body; and Caim was almost certain that this could possibly spell his end, should whatever madness attacking his draconic partner not end soon.

Of course, the enemy was not one to take chances with suddenly motionless attackers. One of the shots launched by the new mech landed just short of Caim's, sending the swordsman flying back towards the entrance and landing with a harsh *clang* as metal scrapped the floor.

*K-SHNK* The mechanical monstrosity took another step closer. The Mute Swordsman, on the other hand, would not allow himself death just yet. With a groan, and Crimson Hood stubbornly in his grip, he crawled towards Katya and thrust the Axe upwards, concentrating before activating the magics built up within. There was a rumbling sound, and from the ceiling, huge rocks began to appear, and rained themselves on the enemies below. As for Caim? He weakly planted his arms around the young woman, making a shield of his body, and scrunched his eyes closed as the axe's magic did it's worked, silently hoping that the magic would save them both from painful deaths.

Black Mesa: Demonology lab: Ton Ton, Blade, ARES, Guards, Agnus, Anyone else

Ton Ton blinked in confusion at the new being, considering that it A) Sounded a lot like one of their resident AIs, and B) it's appearance reminded him of Cadolbolg, if only a little. However, with the battle raging around the group, the Tonberry would have to keep explanations to short and sweet. Taking a quick look around to make sure that nothing was about to stab him in the back, Ton Ton turned back towards the strange snake,
"You're in a research facility called Black Mesa. Lots of bad guys work here, and we're in the part that researches I think there's a lot of Daemonic stuff here. I think the better question is, who are you, and how did a dragon-snakey get stuck in a place like this?"

The snake-like creature didn't seem to pay that much attention to Ton Ton's response, it's gaze seeming to be locked on the spectacle about it before murmuring to itself, "...This is-....Madam. Madam! We need to move!" before running and ducking back into the coffin from whence it came.

Ton Ton, however, could sense something lurking within, and desperately called out to the snake creature, "Wait, no, there's something nasty in there!"

Black Mesa: Biology Lab:David, Teri, Garm, Insaneo, Anyone else

"Hey T, don't suppose you could ask Jesus for an air freshener or something?...*Cough Cough*"

Garm gave a snort of displeasure at David's comment, quipping, "He's not kidding, it smells like the worst bog full of the dead set on fire. If I didn't know better, I'd say that the Pack Slayers were here! Either way, we gotta get rid of those running guys!"

Teri scanned the scene quickly, and took note of the NOD fanatics that charged towards them. With a wave of her right hand and an incantation, a large sheet of ice appeared underneath the fanatic chargers, making their run a lot more difficult, considering that the ground underneath them became much slipperier than they remembered. However, there was another thing that brought the Cleric's attention - a particularly nasty looking undead like creature.
Raising her right hand again, the Cleric exposed the cross that hung from her wrist and intoned, "In the name of the Lord, I command thee to GET BACK!"

The Cleric felt a surge from her aura, and the sensation of Positive Energy moving from her body and "shooting" outwards, and reaching the Undead abomination nearby, which in turn froze in place. Seeing that her turning worked, the Cleric shouted to her allies, "Get that thing from afar. and get it quick! It only lasts a minute, and if I get within 10 feet of it, the effect'll wear off!"

Teri casts Ice Slick! This creates a 20 foot sheet of ice, which the NOD fanatics have found themselves on. Unless they make balance checks (to move at half speed), or they'll fall. It'll remain for 8 rounds, or 48 seconds. (it can be dismissed).

Teri also uses Turn Undead to make the Tyrant cower in fear. This effect lasts for 10 rounds, or 1 minute.
Turn Attempts Remaining: 6 5 Undead/5 Fire
12 Seconds till next 1st Level Spell

Outside on the dam: Ryan, Nadalia, Elise, Faith, Angelus, Cadolbolg, Rugal Vs NOD Attack Bikes

Angelus had little time to respond as the grappling hooks buried themselves in her skin, growling "What devilry is thi-!" before the current began to run itself through her body. Were Angelus in a better state of mind, perhaps she'd be reminded of the Pokemon world, and a creature known as an Electibuzz, but right now, she could only just flap her wings to keep herself afloat, the trumpeting, yet pained sounds of her roar piercing the air.

As for Cadolbolg, he would have done a happy loop de loop in the air for Faith, were it not for the sound reaching his little ears. Turning back towards Angelus, the tiny turtle shouted to the Pokemon before flying off towards the red dragon, "Belly rubs will have to wait - I gotta help my mother!"

Tucking his little limbs in, Cadolbolg flew as fast as he could manage before angling his wings; shooting him high up in the air. Extending his tail properly, the tiny turtle dragon closed his wings towards his body and spiraled downward, the combined momentum and sharpness of his tail cleaving through one of the cables. However, he saw that his mother's pain didn't end just yet, and the little creature flew upwards and did the same thing to the other cable, finally freeing Angelus (and unknowingly, Caim) from the agony. With the deed done, Cadolbolg flew to his mother's face and nuzzled his small form against her enormous snout, calling out,"Mother! Please be okay!"

The great red dragon gave a sigh of relief in reply, the scent of her burnt flesh intermingling with that of Cadolbolg's in a grim, but ultimately familiar combination. No longer needing to flail, in light of the painful experience, one of her great eyes turned towards one of the NOD bikes, "Little one.. the deed is not finished quite yet. Can you handle you handle one of my tormentors?"
"Yeah! I'll go get that guy, and you make the other one pay for hurting you!"
"Good child, use any means you need to. Break!"

Of course, by this point, the NOD bikers had realized that something was amiss with their operations - the dragoness had no longer flailed in the air as she was previously, and some little speck in the air seemed to have cut the cables. To the unfortunate biker on the right, he saw a small point in the air begin to speed towards him, shining brightly in the sun; almost made of metal, but not quite. A crackling filled the air, and the biker tasted electric karma as Cadolbolg's lightning coursed through them and their mount; causing both to explode rather voluminously.
As for the other biker, he had the unfortunate fate of seeing Angelus turn towards him head on, her eyes fixated directly upon her attacker and sparks beginning to dance around her lips. An angry flap of wings brought her closer to her attacker in a seemingly impossible speed, and the biker found himself staring red death in the face. With an angry scowl, the dragon turned her gaze to the mortal and intoned, "My flames will turn your bones to ash." Before anything else could be said or done, the dragon's maw opened, and a stream of fire fell upon the assailant, leaving naught in his place when the flames blew out.[1]

[1] This part is twofold in reference to parts of the game. The "impossible speed" thing is reference to a game mechancic where the player could mash X to make Angie fly faster (and she flapped her wings faster), so no super speed. The second, however, is related to the opening FMV. In her second form, Angie could turn bone and metal to ashes.

Merlin, Dr. Zero, Crazed Saint Ninja Security Team, Sir Bedivere, Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain, The President (Power suit edition), and Wanderer.
Location: Black Mesa Exterior (Dam) | USA: Black Mesa Research Facility
Shadow Wanderer OVERDRIVE OST: Survivor by Sick Puppies

The confessors pushed forward, attempting to secure the target though the chaos, but Wanderer's madness was working against them as their grenades only seemed to make things worse as he began to literally rip people apart.
Zero was watching in horror as he tried to squirm away, Merlin's binds being sure to keep him from phasing back into the shadows, something he was soon to regret when the mad doctor came down upon him with a chainsaw, a threat that was universal along all the scientific professions.
"No-NO! WAIT! DON'T-GRAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The Doctor screamed at the top of his lungs before Wanderer began to violently pry his legs from the rest of his body, blood and bone spraying from the machine as the Mad Doctor (No, not Zero, Wanderer!) finished his work of art, leaving a pale, shaking Zero at his feet, crawling back from him as he saw his legs no longer attached to his body.
Wanderer most likely would have finished the job if it wasn't for a timely intervention by a laser beam to the skull, followed by a NOD Commando coming out of stealth beside the wounded doctor.
"GAH...The Binds! Cut the Binds!" he screamed before the Commando managed to blast them off with her laser weapons, freeing Zero as he began to make his escape.
"you-....will pay for this-!" He managed to say before slowly making another dark portal on the ground and crawling into it, leaving a trail of blood in his wake before he disappears from view, right as the commando turned her camo back on and make her own exit.

The Confessors tried to hold their ground, but soon allied forces began to sweep into the area as a detachment of G-Corp solders moved in to mop up whatever was left, right as the grenade's effects began to wear off.
Their CO moved over to the President before saluting and stating "Sir! G-Corp 233th Airborne. We need to get you out of the combat zone." as his men began to secure the grounds of the Dam.

Black Mesa: Robotics Lab: Katya, Caim, Anyone else

The two wounded Rising Dawn Members took cover as the ceiling above their heads began to glow, prompting the Avatar Warmech to look up momentarily right before the entire structure began to fall down all around them.
The Cyborgs were unable to full comprehend the nature of their situation and were the first to get struck down by the magic projectiles, the Avatar meanwhile made a vain attempt to prevent the roof from falling down as it reached up and tried to hold it up.
But despite it's best efforts, the steel was melted by the magic and rained earth and stone upon the entire lab, causing a massive cave in that all but destroyed the nightmare-ish work of the Black Mesa research staff, along with Caim and Katya...

Some Time Later

There was a blinding light for a moment as Caim and Kayta watched one of the rocks entombing them get pulled away, revealing a tired looking man in G-Corp armor wiping some sweat from his brow.
"Urg, piece of shi-...holy-HEY! WE GOT A LIVE ONE!...MAKE THAT TWO!" He then shouted to his friends who were trying to clear the lab to advance though the base.
Motioning his allies over, they began to dig the duo out of the rubble while some medical teams stood by, getting caught up in a cave in tends to leave some bumps and scrapes at the very least...
G-Corp managed to secure the area as they were digging them out, more then a few of them now picking up robotic parts and Cyborg limbs as if they were mere litter and collecting them for analysis back home.

Black Mesa: Demonology lab: Ton Ton, Blade, ARES, Guards, Agnus, Anyone else

Agnus was not deterred by ARES's threats as he engaged the android, striking against the bio-steel of her armor with his Demonic Sword.
Only thing was, once the impact was made, it turns out that he was a lot more then her scanners let on as the impact of his sword managed to send her sliding back, estimates indicating that his being was about 10 times above that of the average human male of his build.
"G-g-g-gentlemen?...Is that so?...Well, fair be it for me to d-d-d-d-decline a challange...Now then..." He mocked before bringing his hand to his chest and focusing, causing a strong golden glow to radiate from his being.
While it did look holy, Ton Ton's Senses and ARES's Sensors quickly picked up a massive surge of demonic power coming from the researcher as his entire body transformed.
"BEHOLD! THE POWER OF AN ANGEL!" Angelo Agnus crackled as he advanced on the Android, bringing another one of his flying sword pe-
"OW!? What in the-" He winced when the sword suddenly raced past him, grazing his shoulder on the way over before coming over to ARES's side, offering itself up as a weapon.
"BAH! No matter! It's time to dissect you!" The Demon/Angel/Insect...Thing barked before attacking, trying to take the robot's head off.

Back with Ton Ton, he watched as the strange snake creature went back inside before the coffin began to stir, followed by the groan of a young woman as the lid began to open.
"zzzz....zzzz-eh-wha?...Leviathan, what is i?...!?!?!-What do you mean we aren't in New Meridian anymore?!" She said before there was some frantic banging as she kicked down the lid of the coffin before falling the ground in front of Ton Ton.
The smell of rotting flesh filled the air as a strange looking zombie picked herself off the ground, dusting herself off before looking around.
"...This-...Is new?...But-...The Skullheart was just 3 years ago, there shouldn't be any reason we are awake..." She murmured to herself before the snake chimed in "I believe the fool in white might have something to do with it, Milady?" before pointing his tail towards the now demonic Agnus.
"...What is it with men of science and grave-napping?" She groaned before finally noticing a series of surgical markings on her body, ones that she knew weren't there before.
"Argh!? Well, I never! The Nerve of him!" She then grumbled, as annoyed as someone might be about being dug up and experimented on like some kind of lab rat.
"Hmmm...Pardon my manners, sir, but would it be correct that you are in need of some assistance with this one?" The snake then asked, bringing up the bladed tip of his tail, clearly offering their assistance.

Blade meanwhile was attempting to reign in the dozens of flying swords, using his speed and his own Leaf Blade in order to take down as many of them as possible, already standing in a sizable pile of the creatures as more and more kept coming.
"Oh yeah, just stand around and chat, not like we're in the middle of a battle or anything..." He grumbled to himself as he sliced another airborn sword, only to get slashed along his back for his efforts.
"Gahhh....THAT ALL YOU GOT-oh shit!" He tried to taunt, only to have to avoid an entire volley of the dammed things.

Black Mesa: Biology Lab: David, Teri, Garm, Insano, Anyone else


"You don't understand!" Insano said, looking over the now-immobile suicide bombers. "Gunfire isn't going to work against it! This gun shoots bullets at a tenth the speed of light and it still can't pierce that thing's skin!"


"But if you have magic that can cure disease, try throwing it at that thing!" Insano said. "That monster is a walking cancer; purging it of all the diseases it's carrying might at least weaken it!"

"I CAN'T!" Teri shouted. "I'd have to lay a hand on him, and like I said: if I get too close, the Turn'll stop working - and then we'll have a rampaging cancer monster on our hands, on top of the suicide bombers"

*Targeting Complete. Fire At Will*

Insano fired a barrage of rounds from his hand-rail-gun, blasting the detonators out of the hands if the bombers. "On top of nothing, now." Insano said. "But I see your point. And I apologize; I'm not overly familiar with how your magic might work." Insano pulled a slender blue rod out of his coat and threw it in the ground in front of the group; a dome of energy-like a thin sheet of water-surrounded the group, including the injured. "And we have to be delicate because any one of these beakers could contain something like Captain Tripps...this is going to be difficult."

Black Mesa: Biology Lab: David, Teri, Garm, Insaneo, Anyone else

"WATCH WHERE YOU SHOOT!" David warned the mad doctor, not in any mood to end up like a civi on the streets of Gaza as he attempted to disable the incoming bombers, last thing he wanted was to trigger some kind of kill switch and get his face fried off.
Still, Teri's Ice Slick was enough to keep them slowed long enough for both him and Insaneo to either kill the bombers or cut the cords before they could trigger their explosives.
"KANE SEMPAI, NOTICE ME!.........Awwwwww man..." A rather disappointed bomber whined when he tried to detonate, only to find his power supply cut off along with his only chance of getting noticed in the Brotherhood.
Either way, with the 4 bombers all taken care of, attention then turned to the Elephant in the room, namely the one that was shrugging off gunshots, railgun fire and didn't really look like an elephant as he marched forward unopposed.
Least until Teri was able to stun the creature in it's advance, whatever it was about her aura, the Tyrant seemed extremely unwilling to move closer to her as a force that felt like several people pushing against it kept him in place, though his skin and rock-like armor proved to make it rather durable if Insaneo's "Borrowed" railgun was having a hard time breaking though.
"Shit, shit, SHIT!-...Wait! I got an idea!" David shouted before leaping from cover, sliding along the ice to one of the Bombers Insaneo managed to nail in the forehead.
Quickly ripping off one of the glowing containers, he then threw it into the air above the Tyrant before shooting it, expecting it to explode when in fact all it did was coat the Tyrant in glowing green gunk.
"...Fuck, was hoping that would work..." He cursed before quickly doubling back to safety, but paused when a strange hissing noise began to fill the air.
The Tyrant looked confused at first, but suddenly started to scream as it felt it's flesh being melted like boiling fat, least until all the flesh was burned off his face and it began to seep into his skull, eating though bone just as fast it seemed.
The process was a short one as the formerly imposing Tyrant flopped to the ground lifelessly before being reduced into a putrid green and red soup, much to David's surprise.
"...T, what's the name of that spell that Devon uses all the time? Makes you really clean?..." He asked in a concerned voice as the remains began to leak out though the small gaps the toxic material was now eating though the solid steel floor.
"...Y-yeah that one...Might want one of those..." The sniper nervously said as he examined his own throwing hand, worried if he got any on himself.

As he worried for his own personal health, another squad of G-Corp moved in to push deeper into the base, managing to secure a foothold and even catching a few of the biohazard lobbing doctors.

Surprised at the force behind Angelo's strike carrying so much force, ARES used what reflexes they could to parry the blow, but still recoiling quite a formidable distance as she then re-evaluated his strength.

"I see, so looking and sounding like little more than a nervous coward of a scholar was just a facade. No matter." She says as the reanimated blade raced it's way past the doctor.

"Thing could have had a little more precision, but oh well." she says as she gently bats the sword away with one hand, and it goes to roll under a unit of shelving.

Seeming to decline arming herself, if only for a moment, a good chunk of the energy reserves that remain within ARES extend out of her hands, shaping themselves into a razor sharp form, of plasma hot energy.

Not waiting for Agnus to make the next strike, as her morality already afforded him the first, closing the distance very quickly by exhausting only a very minute amount of her jet energy in every step forward as she leaped over his head and whirled around to bring both of the energy blades in diagonal swings upwards across her chest, simply to parry whatever attacks he had.

At the first opening, she activated the reserve energy from her afterburners not to propel herself forward, but kick him back with as much force as possible. Now facing away from where ARES was when they started, the reanimated sword flies out from under the shelf for a much more devastating backstab the second time around.

Black Mesa: Inner circle: Basically everyone

After pushing into the base, the forces of the Rising Dawn arrived at a staging area deep in the heart of Black Mesa...

Once the crew reconvened with each other in the lower levels, they found themselves by a G-Corp staging area where a bunch of men were trying to cut their way into the base with explosives and power tools.
Rugal made his way in after the ground battle topside was won, Angelus's reign of terror going on unopposed, greeting the others as they arrived.
"Good. You made it. The officer in charge said this bulkhead leads into the main office complex for the base. Once we are in there, we should find Wesker. Kazuya has the Rising Dawn in the sky to ensure he can't escape though the skies, so we should have him cornered. As a result, I want EVERYONE on their highest guard. A cornered rat is the most dangerous, especially one as smart as he is." He warned everyone while David conversed with one of the other officers.
"-Alright, good work soldier. HEY LISTEN UP! Got 2 demo squads outside the lab Wesker sent that order to. We still have no idea whats inside and it's behind a door even bigger then this one. They are making good progress but whatever he has cooking up in there can't be go. I say we go in and cut the snake by the head before he can finish his little science fair project." He then added while the men in the background got ready to blow the door wide open.
"Everyone stand back...Charge is Primed...3...2...1-"

Instead of an explosion, something even stranger happened: It opened up.
All units were on guard as 2 large figures marched into the hallway.
"Hold positions! Fire on my command!" David shouted as every single unit in the group trained their weapons on the two men, something that didn't seem to concern them all that much.
They glanced over the room before the one with the blue visor spoke in a robotic tone: [The Administrator will see you now. Please accept his invitation and his gesture of peace.]
Their cryptic message delivered, they then turned around before walking back into inner circle of the complex.
Their departure was then followed by several squads of unarmed, grumbling NOD soldiers with their hands behind their heads marching right in the middle of the staging area.
"The hell is this?..." David understandably asked before getting an answer: "Kane has ordered us to stand down and surrender, but the second he changes his mind, we are going to destroy you!" one of the men spat (Literally) before one of the more senior members of their ranks smacked him upside the head.
"What he means to say is that as a gesture of goodwill, we have laid down our arms to allow the Administrator to speak. I advise you accept. Enough blood has been spilled this day..." He explained, much to Rugal's skepticism.

"...This would be exactly the kind of thing he would do...And he would know that this would be our best chance to catch him so we wouldn't say no..." He sighed, trying to figure out how this would play out from Weskers POV to attempt to avoid a possible trap.
"...Alright, might as well go and be social about this...But While we are doing this, I want that damn lab opened!" David then added as the team began to split up once more.

The path to the inner administrative areas of the base was marked by dozens more unarmed men standing around, insulting and berating anyone who walked past.
Before too long, the group found themselves entering a Strange "James Bond" style office as a man in a White Leather Lab Coat stood in the middle of the glass office with his hands behind his back.
"Ahhhh...Good. I knew the Rising Dawn was more then just a bunch of hired hands. Probably not how Kazuya sees you, but that's neither here or there. Before you try anything, this material this office is made from is designed to withstand nuclear impacts, one of the many gifts this lab has given to the world under my guidance. I know you are here after all and, despite what you might think, I will not resist. I will however offer you something..." He spoke over the intercom as his two assistants from earlier relayed some orders to the unarmed soldiers.
"Rather then attempt to fight you, I instead propose this: Immunity from prosecution, safe passage out of the country, assurance of my safety from future..."Incursions" with your organisation and a new identity. In exchange, I will surrender, explain any questions you have about Bison's plan and also transfer all remaining Black Mesa Discretionary Funding to your faction." He then added as his men began to bring in several Large pallets of $100 bills.
"This is merely the backup funding we store on site, there is billions more where that came from on our offshore accounts. All of this, plus the information on M. Bison's plan is all yours. In exchange, I merely ask that I be allowed to leave. I've lost my interest in global conquest in my age and now all I wish is to be left in peace to resume my research...The choice is yours..." He explained as he and his men stood before them, more then a few sweat drops visible, even on Wesker's face...

Black Mesa: Demonology lab: Ton Ton, Blade, ARES, Guards, Angelo Agnus, Nadalia, Elise, Squigly, Anyone else

Angelo Agnus laughed at ARES's comment about a nervous coward.
"Coward?! COWARD!? I have you know all the samples here I acquired myself and DAMMED if I'm going to let any Mishima dog just walk in and take them from me!" He shouted before the android attempted to strike with a kind of energy blade, resulting in him bringing up his sword to block, slight whines of pain coming from the living weapon as he did.
ARES began to evade him as she leapt over him, prompting him to block again before she landed, but her combination of the afterburner kick and the sword stabbing him in the back did much to slow down the demonic "Angel" as he slid along the ground of his lab.
"GAH!....AHHH, THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!" He grumbled as he picked himself back up, now with a large sword stuck in his chest, but it didn't seem to slow him down too much, he even attempted to pull it out of his body and wield it!
It was around this time that Nadalia and Elise arrived, backed up by some more G-Corp soldiers, the lot of them bearing witness to the demon attacking their fellow crewmates.

"Holy-SOLDIERS! OPEN FIRE!" The CO shouted as they began to pepper the creature with lead, something that Agnus didn't approve of.
"More of you?! Grrrr, BASILISK!" He then shouted before a pair of fire breathing hellhounds leapt out of nowhere and opened fire on the soldiers, allowing him to focus on the other threats.
Taking aim at Elise, he then brought his hand up to his chest, flexing almost as a demonic aura began to form around it.
"Your strength...Will...Be...MINE!" He then roared before racing though the hair and attempting to grab the Summoned champion.
Back with Blade, he was starting to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of flying blades, all the little wounds starting to add up as their number merely grew.
It was then that Ton Ton's newest ally began to enter the fray, the undead girl simply walking over before asking "Leviathan, would you kindly?..."
Taking a moment to bow, the parasite in her head then began to spew purple flame in all directions on top of the flying swords, much to both Blade's delight and regret as the fire licked his skin.
"OWACARUSFUCKSHITDAMN! WATCH WHERE YOU FIRE THAT THING!" The Strider whined as he had to pat himself out slightly while the toasted reminds of the swords fell to the ground.
"You're welcome..." Leviathan snarked afterwards, making his "Apology" with a blow of smoke from his nostrils while Squigly "You go on, we'll handle these." before the duo went to cut off the Demonic Doctors reinforcements.

Back outside on the dam: Ryan, Faith, Angelus, Cadolbolg, Ghost

Once the remaining ground forces were mopped up, Faith could finally ease up a little as the NOD assault began to lessen, their small pockets of resistance starting to get surrounded and put down.
With Angelus still the superior force in the sky and more and more VTOLs landing, the invasion was successful and she could finally rest easy.
Or so she thought.

No sooner then the Gardevoir got a chance to sit down, a Strange Soldier walked to up her, seemingly of a high rank from how the others were treating him, and his helmet make communicating with him nearly impossibly as she was unable to access his mind though that strange material.
*TSK!* "Nicely done, good to see there is more to ya then a pretty face and silicone gel implants..." *TSK!* Ghost chuckled in a creepy manner as he walked on by, pausing only to kick over a dead body to examine it.
*TSK!* "Keep up the good work and maybe, just maybe, you won't end up like this poor bastard...Heheheh, Later Hooters..." *TSK!* The Spec Ops agents said before waltzing past the remains of the battle as he entered the base, but strangely he wasn't going the same way as the rest of the crew...

Back in the skies above, Angelus was reigning supreme as several more G-Corp aircraft began to flank her, getting close enough for her to see their pilots giving her a thumbs up before breaking off again.
As that was going on, a bunch of the fighter craft began to patrol around the base's airspace, forcing all other aircraft in the area (Aside from the President's own airship) to land, either willingly or crashing into the ground.
"-So what, do I just speak in here or-oh-OH! *Ahem* Hey Angie! Dr. Violet here, one the soldiers managed to get me one of those rings you guys always use. Nice job out there, Kaz actually almost smiled for a moment there. Keep the area under our control, I'm being told we nearly got the bastard..." Violet then chimed in over the rings, letting her know how the operation was going.

Black Mesa: Inner circle: Basically everyone

Insano chuckled. "Let...let you go?" Insano chortled, before pulling a flask out of his lab coat. "Why?" Still holding the rail-pistol in one hand, he took a long swig from the flask, upending it, and tossed it aside. "So you can make more of these...things, that tear people apart, eat them alive?" Insano stumbled backwards, still laughing. "Or maybe you'll get smart and just make something that kills people outright? Eh? Is that what all this is about? Is that why you set up a biological weapons research department inside a fucking dam?" Insano shook his head, and pointed his gun at Wesker's heart. "No. One way or another, this is the place you die."

Black Mesa: Demonology lab: Ton Ton, Blade, ARES, Guards, Angelo Agnus, Nadalia, Elise, Squigly, Anyone else

ARES was dumbfounded at Agnus' fortitude. A strike like that would most certainly have rendered most men incapable of doing much other than waiting to bleed to death.

Yet if his boast about acquiring most of this technology himself was to be believed, certainly he was not like most men.

Without stopping motion, several computerized calculations rushed through her mind seeing him change targets to one of her allies as raw, programmed instinct briefly took total control at this.

The sword that Agnus drew out of his chest and attempted to wield, still a weapon animated under the command of ARES alone struggled fervently to break free of his grip before in the end simply crumbling back to dust as ARES had no further use of it.

Her Fusion Cannon still being left on the ground where she had previously been trying to negotiate A foolish endeavor from the start it seems. she processed regarding her decision in the attempt of avoiding violence. such is what I was built for... I suppose it was wasteful to try and step away from such when it comes to the enemy. Once more looking at Angelo Agnus' attempt at harming Elise, and yet more reinforcements bathing the G-corp members in fire. Any who would harm those who have proven themselves to me otherwise, are more than fitting to be my enemy.

Racing over to the Fusion Cannon and picking it up, she then turned on a dime and- her relay responded negative to using afterburners? Shit... the afterburners charge on a slow overflow of reserve energy from the usual jets in her feet, which themselves charge quite quickly... but at the frequency she had been using both, this is the WORST time for them to wipe out...

Originally, they had planned to use their afterburners to close the distance between her and Agnus, fully charging the Fusion Cannion point blank into the hole now left just shy of his spine... however her systems failing her in doing so, her programmed instinct as a decoy overtook all else.

sprinting at full speed only to drop to the ground and slide without interference from friction or exertion, she then rose to her feet haphazardly and lunged between the two of them... her throat being caught in Agnus' grasp.

Black Mesa: Inner circle: Basically everyone

After the encounter with Agnus, had been resolved, Wesker would have observed a much different ARES than the one who helped initiate the assault on the base. They had changed into their Recon frame. They possessed very, very little in the way of armor, but they seemed much more nimble. Underneath their normal plating their build would seem quite lithe, now that the armor in their Recon frame seems to be much thinner. Though made of a similar material to their previous plating, this material seems to have yielded a small amount in its hardness and softened slightly to afford more flexibility, though it covers their entire body save for their face in the same armor material, no thicker nor thinner anywhere else. This means no specific weak points are revealed on their body, save for their face... though the armor itself is inherently, if even slightly, easier to pierce...

If Wesker was using his time to analyze things like this and get a read on his opponents in the case of total denials of his diplomatic approach, ARES 35 would have... disappeared. Of course, Wesker himself would be no stranger to cloaking devices, but not being able to currently see them would be annoying if problems arose.

The "assistants" at the door transmitting orders, however... would perhaps be unaware to the tiny transmitter mounted on the roof above their heads... the radio orders being given being tapped from a distance and discreetly "heard" by the ARES unit currently invisible to the naked eye in the next room.

Even processing all this information at the same time, she was not speechless in the face of Wesker's bribery. An implacable voice in the room sounding,"Mr. Wesker, I shall reveal a few things to you now about my programming, if you would indulge such conversation now."

"Firstly, I am to follow any orders I am given by any superior without question, though otherwise I cannot harm any human, or humanoid as it were, unless provoked... a regulation which both circumnavigates and ensures more safety than Asimov's laws of robotics. This being said our orders were to, above all else, apprehend you... not to strike a deal with you."

"Second... I am afforded an amount of free will, and I can think for myself. You are a man of science, a researcher of course... and though our primary objective is to apprehend you, I am a weapon which prefers not to draw blood. In this case, Kazuya's initial orders were to apprehend you, but that we could deal with researchers in whatever way we so design... it is a combination of this and a third programing feature which delays me from making a cold and clear-cut decision on the matter yet."

"Lastly, virtually anything with a pulse that proves itself to be my ally is also automatically deigned my superior, with all that entails insofar as my first program. This means that I can take orders from every member of the Rising Dawn in this room with loyalty unparalleled. It is because of the fact that I know not whether it is more critical for you to be apprehended, or for the information you possess to be handed over to us... as you had the presence of mind to initially include, that I have not used this stealth module to already shoot you from an unseen position... as I must await a superior's decision on such a matter first... since so many are present at this current time." she explains, though whether or not it is more an explanation to Wesker, or the Rising Dawn's crew... should be rather obvious.

Merlin, Sir Bedivere, Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain, The President (Power suit edition), Edge, Nickolai , and Wanderer.
Location: Black Mesa Exterior (Dam) | USA: Black Mesa Research Facility

Feeling between the inner conflict of "killing immediately" and "extended torture", Shadow Wanderer seemed to think about the decision in detail, with seconds of cocking his head, as if he debated internally, which was rather literal. Not knowing the force that came upon them, the two voices bickered.

"Don't do it!"
"I want some DAMN fun!"
"Can't it wait till later?"

Before the chainsaw could sweep across the Dark Doctor Zero's future corpse, a fateful laser blast sent Wanderer flying. The heavily modified chainsaw was send sprawling across the ground, the loud revving shortly stopped. Yet surprisingly, as Zero was crawling into his dark yet cowedly pit, he could easily see the figure of Wanderer rise, as if the setting had suddenly turned into a zombie movie. "I like to see you try, you're just a shitty doctor!" The dark voice said, slowly turning to reveal a missing eye ... And of course the butcher flipped him off in the last second.

"Aww man, I always get the least fun part." Shadow Wanderer muttered, obviously disappointed in the lack of a trophy head, yet he smiled. Raising his hands, he could easily see that he had some trophies. It was the crudely torn legs of Zero, and they still were lively, spurted blood onto the dust covered floor. After admiring the severed legs, the dark figure began to make sure nothing else was broken or zapped.


With the G-Corp forces beginning their occupation operation, it seemed that The President was sitting on a big pile of bodies, most were his former troops, but it seemed that no blood pooled underneath. Holding up his hand to the CO, the intimidating leader held his fingers to the metal helmet he wore. "Yeah, I'll be there in a minute, just get these guys to the medical wing." The President muttered, quickly finishing the conversation to face the G-Corp leader.

"Took your sweet ass time I see." He said within the suit. It seemed that a giant shadow overcame the area, and just by looking a teeny tiny bit upwards, anyone could see the large airship of the President. "I'll get out in a second, I just need to wait for the extraction team for these guys." He said, nodding to the pile of bodies. Quickly after the bodies were even mentioned, Wanderer was already beside the pile, giving a enthusiastic but impressed whistle.

"Hey, nice pile you have there."
"They'll mostly alive."
"What did you say?!"


Before anything else got out of hand, it seemed that the air exploded, and Merlin was there, just like what you'd expect a magician to do. "Let us all calm down here, we still have work to do." The Master Magician spoke with confidence, yet it seemed he was taking deep breaths, and that is when the three knights came along with Edge and Nickolai. "We have retrieved the injured." Lancelot muttered within his dark helmet.

"Ah, excellent. Now that everyone is here, I will tell you all that I have sensed an enormous power source. It seems to be where everyone is, for I detect white and black presences ... Which include magic users." He said, smirking at the thought there might be other magus in the area. "I'll started chanting a portal." Merlin said again before turning around and chanting deeply.

The three Camelot Knights seemed to relax, each of them resonating with many virtues, and not a single drop of blood stained their armour. Bedivere and Gawain seemed to glow with smiles, and even the dark-looking Lancelot chuckled. The President looked upon Nickolai and Edge. "Okay you two, I have no idea who you are, but it seems we have no time to do so. All you need to know is that I am the President of the United States, and I'm about to go back to my giant ship. So if you guys want to get fully rested or healed up, you can hop on my incoming extract. If you want to fight ..." He said trailing off. "Which I can see you want to do. I'm sure you can get somewhat patched up by the magician." He pointed at Edge.


Whatever choice was made, The President somehow jumped all the way back to the airship, and Merlin whisked up a powerful portal to wherever the finale was taking place. Immediately the insane Wanderer ran into the portal carrying two giant weapons. Following him, Merlin shook his head, and the three Camelot Knights proceeded with caution.

Basically everyone, plus Wesker.
Location: Black Mesa: Inner circle.

In the middle of all the careful yet tense negotiation and rejections, suddenly a portal appeared from the empty part of the room. Actually, there might have been a guy there, but well, he isn't there anymore. The biggest surprise was yet to come, as a extremely familiar figure ran out of the portal, holding what looked to be some very unwieldy weaponry. Even with his arrival, they could immediately tell, it was the wrong guy they actually wanted. For the red eyes glared at everyone from within the helmet.

With his grand gift of a silver tongue, he decided to put it to good use ...

"Hey motherfuckers, missed me!?"

Wanderer announced to the whole room, which then followed a completely awkward moment, especially considering Insano was pointing a guy at the big bad. "Oh shit, did I come in at the wrong moment?." He muttered, feeling many eyes upon him. Except the point of looking would be the giant weapons upon one shoulder and on the other. The situation pretty much became a standoff rather than tense negotiations.

Several other figures stepped through the portal. They are Merlin, Sir Bedivere, Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain. Naturally, no one would notice who these people were, only that three knights and weirdly dressed man came through, and they all leaked powerful presences, especially the one in weird dress. "Oh my, there are many people here." Merlin spoke eloquently, yet his eyes automatically fixed onto Wesker, as if he could see inside him.

Escapist Avatar Adventure | Black Mesa Inner Sanctum
Fry the Fucker!!
Katya Rostikova

The Rising Dawn's resident digital data miner was leaned up against a wall and observed the situation as it unfolded. The Drunken Doctor wanted to fry the fucker, which was a rather stupid position to hold given that dead men tell no tales. Sure they could have dug through the servers for information but it was far more efficient to interrogate this Wesker fellow rather than kill him outright. The problem was that the remainder of his terms left the group little choice. Given the things that he'd been able to accomplish here at the dam, it was the height of insanity to leave the man to his own devices with a promise not to interfere with his plans in the future.

There was still another issue. Katya was not yet integrated enough with the Rising Dawn to have a say either way. She had no history with the man who stood before them, bargaining for his life. She had only recently joined the Rising Dawn and had only been on a couple of missions with them. So she stayed there, leaning against the wall, posture relaxed as she looked at the others for a sign as to what their next action would be.

Her eyes briefly halted on the warrior Caim and she felt herself blush for a moment as she thought about their time spent trapped under the rubble of the Robotics Laboratory. He used his body to shield her from the brunt of the damage. This, of course, meant that she'd spent a fair amount of time with her body pressed against his as the crew from the Rising Dawn worked on freeing them from the rocky tomb and her nano-agents worked on reinforcing the rubble to ensure that it didn't crush them to death.

Realizing that she was staring, she continued looking at the others, frowning at the Mad Doctor Insano. He was living up to his name sake if he thought that killing Wesker was a viable option. Still he was the only person to have voiced an opinion on the matter. Thumbing her pistol, she pulled back the hammer... just in case...

Black Mesa: Demonology lab: Ton Ton, Blade, ARES, Guards, Angelo Agnus, Nadalia, Elise, Squigly, Anyone else

"T-Thanks! Uh, all the ladies, those soldiers and that green are our friends, the others are with the doctor. Uh, go nuts?"

Looking over the situation, Ton Ton took note of the new hellhounds as well as Agnus transforming himself into...something, and charging after Elise; followed by him grabbing ARES by the neck. And with that, Ton Ton hatched an idea, borne from something he had seen Caim preform earlier. It began with the Tonberry running over to Blade, giving an "'Scuse me! Sorry!" before running up his back and taking a flying leap from the pokemon's head - ending with him burrowing his blade into Agnus' shoulder and shouting, "THAT IS NOT HOW YOU TREAT A LADY!"

Black Mesa: Inner circle: Basically everyone

Caim looked and listened to the varying opinions of the Rising Dawn, and merely shrugged, "Frankly, I don't care. Capture, release, so long as we get the information, I'm fine either way. That said, if we let the "good doctor" go, I'd rather not have to deal with more nature perverting abominations."

Ton Ton, on the other hand, seemed a bit more forthright about what to do. With a small groan of displeasure, the Tonberry shook his head, "I don't think we can trust him. He's probably just gonna do more bad stuff with his research..."

Teri sat aboard her trusty wolf companion, and pondered the same thing, when Doctor Insano pointed his gun and declared a death sentence on Albert Wesker. With a sigh, she shook her head and waved a hand to get the scientist's attention, "Weren't you at the briefing? We're supposed to capture him, remember? ....Anyways, I gotta say I agree with the others here - I'd prefer to avoid a fight, but how can we trust you, Wesker? Even if we wanted to let you go, you haven't given us any signs that you'd work towards bettering society and the medical field. How do we know that you're not just gonna make more bio weapons?"

And it was at that point that Wanderer and his gang of knights burst in, leaving the wolf to grumpily quip, "...I don't think negotiations are an option anymore."

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