The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Selena had saw the Supposed Demonology lab, curious she decided to take look maybe there was information on them what sort of research was there. but once she looked inside she found no such thing it was mostly destroyed for one thing but from what she could tell most of it was about arcane and occult study things she could tell she had already studied long before, sighing she made her way over to where the other heroes were she secretly wished Icarus was here, was he hurt? Did he even find the vault, what if someone tried to stop him? She shook her head and took in a deep breath, she forced a calm, focused mentality, Magic was dependent on the user, and an erratic chaotic mind brought forth a similar magic.

Black Mesa: Inner circle: Basically everyone

When Wesker Offered Immunity as well as an uncountable sum of money. However such excessive currency seemed worthless to her, as well she somehow imagined there was a loophole. she readied her wand imagining perhaps someone may attempt some sort of violent rebuke.

Austin Texas: Icarus
Icarus entered the church with his handheld in his palm looking down his eyes looked around the church was almost abandoned. This place was huge, and there was plenty of places it could be. As he looked around, as he went to I higher balcony his handheld pinged and suddenly in front of him a black metal door appeared. A smile appeared on the door handle a raven Knocker was on the door. but he got a strange sense, he was being watched. He whirled around and found the eyes of the one watching him, and it wasn't a warm set of eyes either.

Black Mesa: Inner circle: Basically everyone

Wesker's ruse seemed to be working for the most part, the air was tense as the crew seemed to want to take him in alive anyway.
His eyes kept darting towards a small console he had on his desk, watching as the light turned green: it was time.
"...Well...While a lot of my research has been for war, it was not by choice. After all, this is a DoD installation. However, there were a few things I managed to pick up about our world that could massively change the way we look at the world..." He began to explain as he pulled out a tissue to wipe down his sweat with.
"For example, one of our researchers, a Dr. Breen, has been working on more reliable inter-dimensional travel. Though his work under my employ, I have found something amazing. You all know of different worlds and realms, like ours but still rather different, some of you even came from those lands. Though the work we've done here, I have discovered that not only are all these different worlds connected to our own, but even how. For you see, every reality is actually part of a massive inter-dimensional "Hub", which I believe to be hourglass shaped. When grains of sand pass though, they do so though a narrow gap. My theory is that this world, the one we are on right now, is in the middle of that gap and is a junction of sorts for all the matter in the infinite worlds travelling from one side to another. I mean, how else do we get so many..."Guests" from other worlds?..."
As his monolog went on, Wesker began to move back to his desk, pretending to pour himself a glass of water as he pressed the button for the intercom.
"Already, we feel it's effects as a vast array of life finds us, but this day, we at the Black Mesa Research Complex are going to do something truly incredible, for this day, on the massive cosmic unction that makes up our world..."

"...All lights are green...Dr. Breen, proceed."

The second he said that, he then smashed the intercom before hitting the floor, right as a massive earthquake hit the base.
"What the hell-" David stammered as the roof began to collapse on top of them.
"Son of a bitch-, He's going to blow this whole place sky high!" Blade helpfully pointed out, because that wasn't clear enough as the earthquake gave way to massive green electric sparks jumping all over the room, erasing everything it touched from existence.
Not waiting a moment longer, Rugal charged forward, screaming "WESKER! NOT THIS TIME YOU SPINELESS PRICK!" before attempting to leap up and strike his protective casing.
The doctor looked up to see him about to connect, only to then be annihilated from existence by the green lighting.
There was a mixture of dread and excitement in Wesker as he then shakily got up, looking over to the crew before adding "...Brace yourselves..." and spreading out his arms before the lightening engulfed him too, followed by everyone else in the room, their atoms scattered amoung the infinite worlds in the empty black void of space...

Misunderstood Intentions
Location: NOD Barracks | Black Mesa
Certa amittimus dum incerta petimus.


Hm? What is this? The world seems to be somewhat uncertain. Fuzzy. I don't quite like it. BlackHarte raised his head, the black mass of his body shimmered in the dull light of the recreation room. Gunpowder, more refined than black powder variants. I seem to still be in modern times. That is good. The air trembled as more pellets launched themselves across the room. Blood filled the air as crimson confetti. They drifted like scraps of paper. Hunh, death. I don't think I like the implications. He twisted his body around and scanned the room. To the side there were soldiers advancing with their guns drawn.

They looked unfamiliar. They're not human, at least, not entirely. Strange armor, respirators. I see now. They're hybrids. I can't get a lock on their genome. Is it extradimensional? It doesn't quite follow the same rules as us. No, I see now. Combine. They're called Combine. A verb and a farming implement. BlackHarte slithered backwards down into the shadows of the room.

Such a large scale temporal rewrite. A machine assisted large-scale Phenomena Intervention perhaps? Something similar I think. Not through Observation. There's no lingering afterimages of a rewritten reality.

A soldier stepped on him. BlackHarte seized the chance and seeped into his suit, and then into his body. Although once inside BlackHarte discovered that 'he' might not be entire accurate. The soldier stopped moving and tried to motion to xer squadmates, but xis arm froze in mid air. Oh no, no, no. Can't have you doing that. I'm just going to borrow your body for a while here. You can have a good long sleep.

The Combine soldier squad leader turned to look at the unit. BlackHarte stared back behind the morbid helmet. The insides of the suit already a jumbled mess of half-dissolved flesh and bone. A cocktail of chemicals and a soup of nanites.

BlackHarte lowered his hand. No, no. Nothing's wrong. I'm fine. Absolutely fine. Yeah. He gave the all green signal with his new arm. The squad leader turned around and continued forward.

This is bound to get interesting then. He cocked his shotgun and pointed it forward.

Back outside on the dam: Ryan, Faith, Angelus, Cadolbolg

The battle topside was all but over, the only thing that was left to do was to clean up the, "Fallen Comrades" while the team inside finished their job.
Even as Ryan and Faith were recouping their strength, a pair of G-Corp grunts moved over to the dead body before wordlessly putting it in a body bag and loading onto a quickly filling VTOL.
It was then that there was a sudden jolt though the ground beneath their feet, giving pause to everyone outside.
This was followed by what could only be described as "All hell breaking loose".

A massive green beam shattered though the mesa before stirring up a terrible storm in the skies above, resulting in green lighting raging high in the atmosphere above them as well as the two Airships, Rising Dawn and The President's Daedalus.
As if this wasn't freaky enough, what happened next was the last thing anyone would expect.
"LOOK OUT!" someone shouted to the soldiers nearby Ryan and Faith before what appeared to be A lovely Ice Cream Truck landed right on top of them, much to the surprise of the Jolly old soul driving it.
Looking out the window at his new location, he stared at Ryan and Faith for a moment, slowly smiling and turning on the jingle before driving off "Serve" the local soldiers.
This was only one of the strange items that began to rain down from the sky, Angelus could get a good view of what was going on from above, however, this did distract her from what was in front of her.
"WAHHHHHH! LOOK OUT!" a young voice screamed, right before she found herself colliding in midair with a strange white flying object, prompting both of them to fall ungracefully from the sky and onto the sand below.

Rising Dawn: Fancy Hi-tech Hanger: Kazuya, Violet, Kalastryn

"...That....Bastard...He's sparked a massive trans-dimensional rift. Wesker could have destroyed the entire American South-West!" Kazuya stammered, unbelieving of what he was seeing and looking like he was having a stroke at the just the sight of the temporal storm.
"...Thats-...Not it? No, no it isn't..." Violet stammered as he tried to contact anyone inside the base.
"...Yeah, this is actually pretty bad. I can't reach anyone inside the base. It's like they were wiped of the face of the earth."
"Keep trying. Get the Airship away from the storm, otherwise we will be up to our knees in Xeno's! Get me though to the Daedalus and put them on the main screen. Advise they fall back as well unless they want to get overrun. We need to find out the state of the situation before we can proceed. Double time! Let's move!" The Demon CEO ordered as he had the airship back away from the slowly widening storm.

Wanderer and ???
Pre-set Encounter Location[1]: Tiberium Refinery Complex

As the chaos erupted around the room, taking and giving, all the while dissembling all particles it could touch. Yet the great unfortunate that fell upon most, was that they could not pull any trigger at the vanishing villian. The green lightning dazzled all, and with many already gone, it suddenly hit the dark but heavily-armed Wanderer. Yet, not before he could yell with disgust at everyone and everything in the room.

"FUCK YA'l-"

With that, only a black mark was left where the Wanderer stood. Leaving the confusion lingering in the air due to his and the unknown strangers' sudden appearance. This was the beginning of the great chaos that started to claim the Black Mesa lab, and it would be good for none.

For Wanderer, travelling through the darkness in his unknown form left him with no fear. For he had done this before, when he first came to this weird but wonderful world. Feeling a non-physical smirk, he was reminded of the author that allowed him to come here, and gather more information. All of this would be pointless though, if he didn't acquire anymore weapons, which he did, and not all came in the traditional format. To him, friends and comrades counted as weapons too.

Then suddenly, light, as if God were striking a match at the beginning of time. Wanderer awoke gently and batted his eyes, but immediately rose and stood up. Looking around he could see an unknown area, lit by a green glow that was contained within a machine. "Huh, where am I?" He asks the most obvious question, feeling the ever staying dark presence in his mind. ("Who knows, but most likely the lab.") It spoke, and Wanderer could only give a cautious nod as he picked up and packed his two large weapons away, instead favouring his signature black, ranger revolver.

Out of the corner of his eye, he could see a figure approach.
Turning around in a blink of an eyes, the revolver was pointed at whoever was there.

Merlin, Sir Bedivere, Sir Lancelot, and Sir Gawain.
Location: Black Mesa | Fury's Core.

The disappearing act caught Merlin off-guard, and being unable to protect himself, he too was also sent sprawling through the portal that the green lightning forced him through. Yet, even within the travelling of the unknown, he breathed calmly, preparing for anything that could be at the other end. Luckily as soon as he flew out of the portal, he hit the safety bars and shield of the catwalk. Groping the bars tightly, the magician's eyes opened wide as he saw the lava, and the demon that lurked in it.

"How? He mumbled, wondering about how that target did this, then immediately feeling the heat that surrounded him, and with one mutter a thin shield surrounded him. Feeling the area around him, he smiled. "You can come out now." He spoke loudly, and the air wavered around three objects before revealing the Knights that came with him. All three seemed to be amazed at the lava.

"This is why I'm glad we're spirits." Gawain muttered.
"Especially concerning this heat." Bedivere responded.
"Unfortunately brothers, we're not alone though." Lancelot growled with challenge.

All three gazed upon the lava demon, then Merlin turned to see the being of fire kill some humans. "Stay alert, we have even more company." Merlin said, preparing a lightning spell. Naturally the magician thought about teleporting out the location, yet some of the Rising Dawn crew might arrive, so it would be best to help them if they are in the same predicament.

[1] As discussed with Diabs

Austin Texas: Icarus, ???
Icarus was surprised to see the large looking priest, he had heard of priests but he typically assumed they were small skinny men with a sneering disposition.
"Umm hello there I don't know if you've been here for a while at least a day or two time but That door there I umm I'm going in there, Its a vault and once I leave you won't have the unholy door in the church anymore. He really hoped that he didn't come across as a madman.
He realized he was still in his disguise, he removed his hat showing his unique violet eyes.

Caim's changing weapons in my next post, so I'm just gonna repost the listing with the new weapons to save me grief later.

Wanderer and David West?
Pre-set Encounter Location[1]: Tiberium Refinery Complex

Not long after Wanderer reappeared in his home world (Well, the home world he was in before anyway), he could hear someone talking.
"What the-....Tch! Fucking temporal spasms. Thought I got the shielding for that installed months ago?!" A familiar voice said as he tracked it's location, finding a man typing something into a cybernetic wrist before talking into it.
"Melethia, get a read on my locati-....Hello?...Who is this?....This UNIT High Command Center, Dublin Base?...Allllright, well, which branch of Domino's is this then?..."
It was then that the man's eye flashed for a moment before he instantly turned towards Wanderer with reaction speed that was impressive even by his standards, a large red M500 revolver materializing in his hand as he pointed it at-
"...Wait-....Shawn?...Is that you?....Holy shit man! Nearly fucking shot ya! Hahahaha!" The man then said before phasing away his weapon back into his arm before walking over and rapidly shaking his hand.
"Ohhhhh dude, it's been ages since we last talked. I haven't see you since that mess in the Mojave! How is the head anyway? Man, I knew you were thick head but to be able to live with your skull in 20 parts and after being buried in a shallow grave? Ohhhh, good times, good times..."

It was only when he got close was he able to realize that he was talking to David West, but...there was something wrong, several things in fact:

When did he get a cybernetic arm? When did he replace his eye with a Bionic one? Why did he have graying hair? Why was he wearing that Weird outfit? Why was he wearing a wedding ring? Why was he talking about "Killing" Wanderer and leaving him a shallow grave?

Also, since when did he know Wanderer's real name?!

[1] As discussed with Diabs

Black Mesa - Spawn 1 - Fury's Core Caim

Caim landed in the Core standing, taking an involuntary step backwards to steady himself. Nearby, he could see that strange band of knights that had accompanied Wanderer to the same place as Wesker, as well as several large fiery beasts duking it out (with anyone mundane trying to make a break for it). Taking note of the now incredibly hot situation, Caim ducked down by the work area close to the catwalk. Once he found a suitably covering place, the warrior felt his body go numb to the world as his consciousness entered the -

-space between where his weapons were kept. Each instrument of murder floated in this space, suspended upon invisible racks for quick and easy access. As Caim looked upon each piece, he could see a sort of 'display' telling him his weapon's capabilities, their history, and - ah, there they were. The Knight's Vow, a lance that used ice as it's magic, and Sorrow's Companion, a strange mace with an extended reach; but also powerful. Grabbing these two weapons, Caim willed for two others in the wheel to retreat, and the two chosen to take their places. Following that, Caim willed Sorrow's Companion be in his hands when he woke, for it's icy touch would be the most useful-

-in this abominably hot place. Caim's eye's refocused after his little jaunt in the Armory, and he noticed that a different weight took it's place in his hands. Yes, that's right, the mace he had sought while his mind was "away". Now to take out the trash... As Caim began to leave his hiding place, he saw a figure standing standing a small distance away, holding a blade and bearing a somewhat bored expression (almost like him, funnily enough). Now, this would not be so abnormal for Caim, but he noticed something 'odd' about the stranger, especially with the blade in their hands...

Black Mesa - Spawn 3 - Tiberium Research

Before the Cleric could shout anything else, the lighting consumed her and the next thing she knew, the scenery had changed. A green light pulsed, and instead of a quiet room filled with her companions, Teri found herself alone again. Well, perhaps not entirely. There was still fur beneath her finger tips; warm and comforting in the strange new situation. Garm, ever the stalwart companion, turned his head upwards, "I don't think we're in that same room anymore... You think that happened to everyone else too?"

Almost right on cue, a panicked "Aaaaah!" filled the air, and Ton Ton materialized in the air, falling straight for the floor. Or, he would have, had Garm not moved to catch the Tonberry on his shoulders. Ton Ton sat up with a groan, and shook his head, "OOooh... Thanks for the catch.. Where are we even?"

The Tablet strapped to the Cleric gave an attentive beep, and upon examination, she could see Dimitri and Viscus scrambling around trying to figure out what the hell Wesker did; before Dimitri took front and center on the display, "Your Ladyship, are you alright?"

Giving a loud sniffle, Teri's voice wavered as she answered, clearly shook up by the recent turn of events, "No, I am not alright. Dad just disappeared and he could be dead or something; and now we're stranded in the middle of god-knows-where in this fucking facility!"
"Calm down. Take deep breaths. Freaking out isn't gonna help out, especially since we're in the lion's den..."
"Your canine companion is correct, Your Ladyship. Try to relax a little... Anyway, myself and my 'associate' are trying to understand how exactly Wesker managed this situation. From what we can gather, he enabled some form of temporal distortion a la the Rising Dawn's drivers; the ones that can cross universes; but somehow localized to create a teleportation affect. If this is true, then there's a reasonable chance your father made it out alright. Right?"
The display turned to show Viscus for a brief moment, who was simply shaking his head, and in turn brought the "camera" back to Dimitri, who gave a nervous laugh, "Uhhhh, disregard that!"

However, before either the Cleric or her cybernetic assistant could say anything, Garm gave an angry growl, and Ton Ton tugged on Teri's robes, "uh... Hey guys? I understand this is a bad time, but we got company."

Back outside on the dam: Ryan, Faith, Angelus, Cadolbolg

"WAHHHHHH! LOOK OUT!" a young voice screamed, right before she found herself colliding in midair with a strange white flying object, prompting both of them to fall ungracefully from the sky and onto the sand below.

"What on earth....AUGH!"

After Angelus and the clumsy white dragon landed on the much softer sands, Angelus grumbled a little before righting herself and looked over the newcomer. At first she felt on edge, but after a moment her eyes widened in shock, her voice matching her surprise as she called out, "You! What one earth are you even doing here?! Did... Did you survive the breaking of the world, Michael? How? ...No. You look much younger. Perhaps you are from a different time then..."

Cadolbolg fluttered downwards after Angelus and the new dragon, landing on his mother's snout and rubbing his tiny face against her's as a gesture of comfort, "It's good to see you're okay, mother... But, you know this guy? Who is he?"

The red dragon chuckled at Cadolbolg's inquiry, and motioned her nose towards the white dragon, "I am unharmed, little one. As for your question, my acquaintance with this dragon goes very far back, further than when I first met Caim. It was a long, long, time ago; before the Union and the Empire were even concepts in the human consciousness. I knew him as Michael, and he knew me as Red; when I was more finicky about my name being used."

Rising Dawn: Fancy Hi-tech Hanger: Kazuya, Violet, Kalastryn
"Keep trying. Get the Airship away from the storm, otherwise we will be up to our knees in Xeno's! Get me though to the Daedalus and put them on the main screen. Advise they fall back as well unless they want to get overrun. We need to find out the state of the situation before we can proceed. Double time! Let's move!"

"Understood. Commencing evasive procedures and attempting contact. Please stand by..."
Meanwhile, in the mainframe of the Rising Dawn, Vermilion remained one of the sole crew-members to be actively managing the ship itself. However, as her lightning-quick processes began to activate varying parts of the ship, a small fragment of her could not help but think towards her fellow AI companions, Alpha and Dimitri.
"...please be safe..."

As reality rent itself apart seemingly at the push of a button from Wesker, ARES was absolutely livid. That was saying the least of it. By the time she could have gotten a shot off at him from her position to his left, she had already been dissolved by the meltdown.

Yet, she reformed and rebooted rapidly... in just enough time to gather her surroundings to see a G-Corp VTOL had infiltrated their enemy's launching position. Looking around however, as their stealth module was on it's last moments, preserved in stasis from the transport, it became clear that... no one in here is a threat... they're just running for their lives...

ARES' computerized processes began a situational diagnostic report on the available options to ARES at the given time.

Grunting in dissatisfaction as her programming, most aggravatingly prevented them from taking any easy routes to protecting innocent lives when faced with an ally (who was unlikely to cease fire anyway) She propelled herself behind a pile of crates as her stealth module disengaged. She then quickly took a deep breath as she stepped out from behind them to flag down the VTOL's attention.

"ARES 35 of the rising dawn." She quickly introduced. "While your presence here will certainly help cut off one of Wesker's only possible escape routes, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD CHECK YOUR FIRE! Preliminary scans indicate everyone other than us in this room are civilians or unarmed researchers, open fire and there will be a thousand more ways that Bison can spin the public against us! Kazuya will NOT be pleased at that!" she warns, hoping that the grunts operating the aircraft would be wise enough to take the hint and rev down the automatic weapons. Otherwise... she would have to get creative at learning how to dodge.

Black Mesa: Inner circle: Basically everyone

"Son of a bitch-, He's going to blow this whole place sky high!"

That's all Insano should have needed to hear. Of course Wesker was planning something, any idiot could have told them that. He should have put at least a dozen holes in the faux-human standing in front of him and the group before he could blink, but...he hesitated. For just a fraction of a second, he wasn't sure if killing him was the right thing to do.

And the fraction of a second passed, and the dam was hit by what might have been an earthquake. Insano was thrown to the ground, and his targeting software was thrown all out of whack. Rugal shouted something at Wesker and charged at him, but was hit And...vaporized, even?

"...Brace yourselves..." Wesker said, as he, too was engulfed by lightning...

NOD Barracks: Insano

The inter-dimensional void threw Insano back into the world like a surly bouncer after last call. He didn't land so much as he smashed into the pool table, breaking one of the legs as he did.


"Oh...sweet mother of science, my head!" Insano muttered. Trying to brace an arm to get up, he managed to put a hand on one of the pool balls, and flopped off the pool table-and face first-onto the ground.


And that's going to take twenty-two seconds that I don't have. Insano thought, rolling himself over. There had been a soldier playing pool when Insano had...arrived, and he was in full on panic mode, rushing to what looked to be a weapons locker. "WAIT, THAT'S NOT-"

Insano was cut off by the sound of a shotgun blast...which decapitated the poor soldier. "Well that's just great..." Insano said, standing up. He had pulled a half-meter long blue crystal out of his lab coat, and in a swift motion he jammed the bottom of it into the ground in front of him. A field of energy-like a thin sheet of water suspended in the air-sprang up like a wall in front of him just as four soldiers in gas-masks stalked into the room.

"Now what are the odds any of you speak English?" Insano asked.

Austin Texas: Icarus, ???
"...This might take a while..."
Icarus examined the door he noticed a strange humming he pressed his ear against it it sounding vaguely like some sort of music, he heard percussion and violins it was oddly familiar. He then realized there were ancient runes. As he studied them, he smirked.
"You always had a sense of humor didn't you." he smirked and began to read the very Norse looking runes.
As he read the rune he smirked. He began to translate it to himself, being quite amused.

I've been tellin' my dreams to the scarecrow
'Bout the places that I'd like to see
I said, friend do you think I'll ever get there
Ah, but he just stands there smilin' back at me

So I confessed my sins to the preacher
About the love I've been prayin' to find
Is there a brown eyed boy in my future, yeah
He says. girl you've got nothin' but time

He smirked and took a deep breath, He hummed a few times practicing his tone control. Leaning in close to the microphone, he started singing he managed to sound relatively well though it would seem odd to anyone who happened to be staring, .

"But how do you wait for heaven
And who has that much time
And how do you keep your feet on the ground
When you know, that you were born, you were born to fly"

As he said 'fly' his wings appeared and spread wide open the black feathers each clearly distinguished he always seemed to change when his wings appeared he gained some sort of radiance somehow. The Raven in the knocker suddenly opened it's beak and a harsh cold wind rushed out through the beak in a wide cone Icarus folded his wings to protect himself, oddly enough the strange wind made his disguise disappear leaving him in his black tunic, dark blue legging and cloak. with the hat left discarded on the floor.
The priest was not having such an easy tome the harsh cold wind of the void was nothing if not unexpected, imagine being dipped into freezing arctic ocean, with gale winds tearing off away your clothes while encased in Ice. You'd still feel ten times warmer than the poor priest was feeling.

From the raven's mouth a strange item appeared blocking the cold wind Icarus tugged it out to see it was a beautiful master-piece

He looked closely and he could see inside the beak was more runes something you couldn't ever see unless you got the password, he opened the balisong and grit he teeth he slit open his palm and grabbed the knocker banging it three times. The door had a distinctly loud ring and the door began to open and other gale wind blew this one harsher than the last as the door opened a foreboding abyss was beyond the door.
"This is where we must part ways I fear you have no right to stop me, as what lies within this vault is mine by birthright and only those worthy may enter. It takes a certain caliber of resolve to enter even with the seal broken, I shall return and the door will disappear. Bye" He said and as he walked through he found his old home.

Black Mesa - Spawn 1 - Fury's Core: Caim, Merlin 'n co.

The figure seemed to be looking around in a confused manner while there was violent screaming coming from nearby.
"Keep quiet for a moment...I'm trying to think..." She calmly said while the screaming kept up.
"You mind? I'm in the middle of something..." She then asked the man in knight's armor currently attempting to crawl away with the Blade in his shin keeping him in place.
Finally getting sick of his whining, the woman rolled her eyes before swinging the sword upwards, launching the man skyward before she let out some kind of terrible scream.
Caim wasn't entirely sure what had happened next, only there was several bright crimson flashes and the man was gone.
Well...Not "Gone" Gone, Caim could clearly see where the man "went".

Pre-Set Encounter: Zero: Drakengard 3

"...I was TRYING to fucking CONCENTRATE! Urrggg...." Zero violently yelled at the random floating pieces of flesh and metal still falling from the air before resuming her attempts to find out where she was.
Holding her hand up to her head, she then seemed to be deep in thought for a moment before groaning.
"Of course...Why would that little bastard answer?..." She grumbled in annoyance before causally walking though the battle ground, barely reacting to anything that was happening around her.
Caim braced himself for attack when the woman walked towards him, seeing as she apparantly eviscerated a guy for no apparant reason. However, right about the time she could look him dead in the face, it wasn't the blood blood dripping from her hair and dress that caught his attention. Rather, there was a burning anger in the woman's eyes; enough to make Caim, of all people, uneasy.
She cracked her neck for a moment and-...walked right past him, casually shaking some of the blood off her sword on her way before lazily hoisting it up on her shoulder.
While he guessed that would be one less fight for him to deal with, it was as she was walking right past him that he noticed she was holding an EXACT copy of his father's sword...

"...where did you get that sword? This was my father's. There's no possible way you could have it." He finally asked as the woman stopped walking and turned around, a bored look on her face before she examined her own sword.
"...I dunno. Found it?...What's it to you?" She flatly answered, something that managed to make Caim pause a little.
"...Well, where did you find it?"
"Think it was this dead king...or was it a queen?...It's hard to keep track, You humans all bleed the same..."
"...What was his name?"
"Do you name every breath you take?..." She then answered, right as Caim looked fit to explode.
"Didn't think so. Now get out of my face, Kid. I don't have time for this..." she said before walking away, brushing her hair behind her ear as she left a trail of blood behind her.

While that was going on, Merlin and his allies were keeping an eye out for possible threats, right as they noticed an enemy soldier running along the catwalk towards them.
His knights went to attack, least before Merlin wisely gestured for them to stand down as the soldier ran right past them, seeming to make his way towards a group of his comrades attempting to block up one of the doors entering the area.
"Hurry up! It's coming right this way!"
"Oh man! I really hope this works..."
"D-d-don't worry guys! K-k-kane will protect us!"
After piling whatever they could find in-front of the door, Merlin could feel the ground shake slightly, the lava below them jiggling with ever thundering step of-...whatever the hell that thing could be.
All of the soldiers shakily kept their aimed trained at the door before the thundering steps stopped.
"...Tell Kane I love hi-"


There was an extremely violent impact as the soldiers, the barricade, the door and basically everything within 5 feet of it was sent flying like some kind of shotgun blast, knocking them wide over the lava pit and even though clean the roof in some instances.
When the smoke settled, there was only one figure still standing:

[I-AM-RED-CY-CLONE!] It bellowed in a robotic tone before slowly marching towards Merlin and his allies, every step making the entire room shake.

Random Encounter No. 1: Mech-Zangief: Street Fighter

Black Mesa - Spawn 2 - NOD Barracks: Insaneo, Blackharte

Back in the Barracks, Blackharte would be rather impressed with the skill of the Combine squad, quickly sweeping from room to room and using their superior tactics to mop up the NOD units in the area, He even managed to get a few kills himself.
The radio system embedded in his skull relayed the commands going from unit to unit in an extremely efficient manner.
Then something began to go wrong.
"Who's that?"
"Someone in there."
"Look out!"
"*Violent Death Scream*"
"Lost him! Where is he-*Violent Death Scream*"
"Watch out-*Violent Death*"
"NONONO-*Violent Death Scream*"

Even the Squad Leader seemed a little un-nerved as he relayed some kind of hand signal to Blackharte before turning a corne-
A quick plasma based projectile to the skull marked his end as the construct realized that they had been flanked, right as he managed to detect a nearby cloaking field powering down...
It was about then that Blackharte could remember that he saw a movie like this once, but there was something off about this scene...

Random Encounter No. 14: Predator: Predator Series

Meanwhile, back in the pool room, Insaneo watched as the Combine team began to surround him, being sure to cover every single angle to strike the SECOND the barrier went down.
They didn't bother to answer, instead just deciding to wait him out until the barrier shut down while their comrades (And Blackharte) went to clear out the rest of the Barracks.
It was then that something rather strange happened as an golden after-image appeared next to one of the soldiers as he suddenly violently twitched and fell down, his throat having been slit from ear to ear.
In the space of under 5 seconds, the same thing happened to just about everyone in the room as they all seemed to died to a endless number of those golden images, each one fading away near instantly afterwards.
Once they were all dead, an old man in rags slowly walked into view, hiding something inside his cloak as he did before he noticed Insaneo.
{"What is this?...Some kind of Templar Sorcery?...Or it is the Apple-...No...It's neither...I cannot allow you to live..."} The man said in what seemed to be some old kind of Arabic, least if Insaneo's guess was right...
The man then pulled out some Metal Orb from his robes before being engulfed in a golden light, slowly fading from view as a Much younger and more dangerous looking man appeared out of thin air before he began to sprint towards the mad doctor.
While he seemed to be using only medieval weapons, Insaneo quickly learned that not all was as it seemed as it managed to leap though the barrier and went to drive a blade right into his throat!

Random Encounter No. 19: Assassins: Assassin's Creed

Black Mesa - Spawn 3 - Tiberium Research: Teri, Garm, Ton Ton

Parental issues aside, Teri, Garm and Ton Ton quickly found themselves facing off against an entire hoard of alien creatures, soon finding that their entire exits were blocked by this massive hoard.
"*Sniff* Let the earth be transformed. That all those wh-who believe in the power of Tiberium be transformed with it. Let the earth be transformed..." The soldier currently in a pool of his own urine began to pray, showing off his faith to the Brotherhood in one last act of loyalty.
It was then that his prayers were answered when a incoming Hydra froze in place for a moment, as if halted by time as his eyes slowly rolled back into his head, something that seemed to get his brother's attention.
It then spread like some kind of illness, every single creature stopped in place, slowly spasming but locked to their position and unable to move.
The soldier peered out from his desk to see all the aliens had halted.
"...YES! MY LOYALTY HAS BEEN REWARDED! ALL PRAISE KANE! FOR HE IS THE TIBERIUM PROPH-..." He shouted out in joy before the same fate befell him, a frozen expression of horror appearing on his face.
Kneeling on the ground behind him as a man in blue robes as he slowly put his blade back into it's sheath, a haunting ring sounding though-out the room as it did.
Near instantly, every single living thing in the room that wasn't Teri, Garm or Ton Ton violently exploded into bloody clouds as their very beings were cut into extremely find shreds, it would be hard to so much as find a hair remaining of any of them.
Teri had seen this before...but where?...
It was then that the man in blue stood up...And slicked his white hair back...

Random Encounter No. 3: Vergil: Devil May Cry

Once he had revealed himself, a array of floating blue swords began to appear around his head before moving into position around them, ready to strike.
"...State your name..."

Black Mesa - Spawn 6 - Hanger Bay: ARES 35

After ARES radio'd them, the VTOL quickly stopped their blind fire at the crowd before anyone was badly hurt, but rather then assist, they instead seemed to pull back to allow a different VTOL, this one containing a landing force which would then control the crowd. (Well, at least they weren't going to be killed).
Inside the crowd was a familiar face as he seemed to appear out of nowhere.
"Nice job soldier. I'm returning to the airship in order to organize the withdrawal. Get this VTOL back into the sky." David West ordered as he was waved along as a VIP, giving the man ample time to pull out a cigarette and light it up as he got on board, looking rather relieved to get the hell out of dodge, but where were the other Rising Dawn members?

Random Encounter No. 10: David West: AA Universe

Black Mesa - Spawn 2 - NOD Barracks: Insano, Blackharte

Random Encounter No. 19: Assassins: Assassin's Creed

Insano barely had enough time to grab the assassin's wrist before the blade landed, stopping it barely half an inch away from his throat. Whoever this dark-skinned man was, though, he was much, much stronger than Insano. And his strength-enhancing gauntlets weren't built to fight people off as much as they were to handle dangerous materials. As it stood, the blade was moving slowly, slowly, towards his throat.



Helpful as always... Insano thought. What about the bio-synch reboot?


"{Listen to me!}" Insano said to the assassin, still struggling, arm still hanging uselessly at his side. "{I don't know who you are, but I was thrown here by a temporal mishap. I'm not with these other people you're attacking! I don't even know where they are, or where I am!}"

The assassin did not heed Insano, and the blade moved closer to his throat. "{Who are you?}" Insano asked. "{What are you here for? I'm a scientist; maybe I can help you!}"

Back outside on the dam: Ryan, Faith, Angelus, Mikhail, Cadolbolg

As Mikhail was picking himself up, He began to realize just who he was talking to.
"Oh, Hey, sorry, I was just flying around with Zero and-Wait-...Who the-..." The white dragon said before his eyes met Cadolbolg, quickly forgetting his situation and shock at the sight of the little flying turtle.
There was a childlike giggle before he leapt up and attempted to butt the little creature with his nose, it as starting to sink in that this wasn't the Micheal that she knew.
"Oh, I'm gunna get cha, I'm gunna get cha!" He playfully snapped at the little turtle, all but forgetting about the larger of the dragons, least until another lighting bolt nearby frightened the piss out of him, almost literally, as he attempted to hide under one of Angelus's wings.
"W-w-what's going on?..." He nervously asked, right as a confused looking Regular Human in a blue suit spawned where the lightening struck, finding himself in a desert now instead of his family home before quickly phasing back out of existence.
The storm was starting to get much worse as more and more material and beings from other worlds began to rain down on top of them, making the skies much too dangerous to fly in.

Meanwhile, Ryan and Faith was watching the chaos unfold as most of the ground forces retreated inside the dam to escape the worsening storm, one of the CO's urging them inside.
Before Ryan was dragged along though, there was a loud *SPLAT!* as a body feel clean from the sky and smashed into the concrete, leaving nothing but a bloody mess.
As disturbing as that was, Ryan was fit to lose his lunch when all of a sudden, the body began to move slightly, limbs snapping back into place as the blood seemed to be sucked back into his body.
Once it was finished reforming, the person shot awake, unshaven and looking like he hadn't had a bath in years.
"No-NO! What the fuck!? Why the hell am I here?! This is total fucking bullshit! What do I have to do!? The second I get out of here, I'm going to find the nearest black hole an-..." He raved on before he saw Ryan standing there looking at him.
"...Caramel Frappe?...That you?...I swear to fuck if this is your doing-!!!" Darren shouted at his fellow Author as he grabbed him by his collar and pushed him against the wall of the dam, not happy about being brought back into the AA world.

While that "Happy Reunion" was going, one of G-Corp's finest was leading Faith from the storm and into one of the Dam's Generator rooms, where dozens of soldiers were camped out and getting medical attention, as well as a holding area for the remaining NOD Soldiers, including the ones that Elise had webbed up earlier.
"Alright, stay here until we get the clear for Evac." The CO said before moving to assist the effort.
On the other side of the room, there was a green flash as a Black Haunter with red eyes phased into existence, reading the back of a box of Instant ramen while his finger went to push the on button.
Or at least where the on button of his mircowave would be if he was still in his home, resulting in the Ghost type attempting to push the non-existent button for a while before he realized that he wasn't in his kitchen. Or his Apartment. Or even his world
"....Wait-...This isn't Celadon City...Where the hell is this?...Since when was there a Dam in Kanto?..." He said as he looked around, only to sudden freeze when he saw her, dropping the box with shock. (Tho his jaw hit the ground first)

It was a shiny Gardevoir, standing all alone by herself, her blue hair flowing freely around her shoulder, her features as divine as only a Gardevoir could be and she had a chest deep enough, you needed a life preserver to motorboat it.
His face when he saw Faith Said it all as a Nasty Plot began to brew.
The next time Faith would look around, she would find the Haunter leaning on the railing next to her, seemingly appearing out of nowhere with a un-convincing smile.
"Girl, do you know your ABC's? Because I'm going to give you the 4th letter..." He then quipped before laughing a little too hard at his own terrible joke.
"But no, seriously. Name is Psycho, but I like to call myself "Milk". I do yo body good when I'm in ya..." He then said before taking her hand and kissing it.
"And what do I call you, aside from "Hot"?..."

Misunderstood Intentions
Location: Nod Barracks | Black Mesa
Certa amittimus dum incerta petimus.


This day gets better and better. BlackHarte hopped backwards away from the newcomer. I suppose I have kept this ruse up long enough. The technomorph raised his shotgun, braced it in one arm, and emptied the chamber at the Predator. As the pellets filled the air the Predator vanished again, sweeping low and to the right to avoid the lethal hail. BlackHarte threw the spent shotgun at him.

The Predator caught it and let his stealth field drop again. His eyes glinted, enthralled by the appearance of strong prey. They shared a silent moment. Their eyes focused against each other in mutual acknowledgement. I could end you right now if I wanted to.

The Predator returned the sentiment. They felt as if they were equals as they circled each other. I always did like honorable cultures. I will humor you.

He made the first strike, a clawed hand as fast as lighting struck against BlackHarte's helmet, tearing it apart and exposing the decayed abomination underneath. Half-synthetic and half-organic. Black slag which wrapped around the bleached bone of the poor individual that once owned the body writhed. BlackHarte kneed the aggressor but was caught by the heavy plating around his midsection. BlackHarte threw a punch and whiffed, the Predator having ducked away. His weapons flared online.

A security measure. Hm, no need to be so cautious. You've known I wasn't human long since this engagement. BlackHarte hopped back and forth on his feet. He waited. The tension grew in the air around them. Then he struck, so fast that the air around him exploded. He brought both his elbows inward with such force that the internal skeleton shattered and had to be reinforced with BlackHarte's own body. But the result was there, a wave of pressurized air that had escaped violently toward the Predator. Sonic Boom, BlackHarte announced playfully.

At first ARES felt very relieved at the combination of the peaceful result of their interaction to be expected I suppose, G-Corp appears to train their employees much more rationally than our contenders... wait...

A few things however seemed quite... off, to ARES. First of all, as far as she could tell there weren't any orders to withdraw given to her prior knowledge, at least not that it would have been easy for anyone to have picked up on within their group. In fact with their group being the task force for their mission of apprehending Wesker at what was presumably their only chance, withdrawal seemed not to have even been on Kazuya's list of options, much less even a last resort.

David seemed little concerned for their allies, the whereabouts of whom are currently unknown with the dimensional meltdown occurring, yet he seems so calm and simply relieved for himself... a total shift from even the responses at even a slightly more mundane threat like the NOD tanks on the dam. He deconstructs and rematerializes in an unknown location, and he's so calm and unconcerned for everyone else on top of it?

Lastly... this all seemed too... convenient. Sure, ARES was whisked away right where their target would need to escape from, but two people having such luck?

She levels her rifle at David and blinks stoically, "Unacceptable. Mr. West if there is one thing I've learned from being amidst you lot recently, it's that your uncanny luck gets you through a lot... but Wesker's gamble putting the both of us directly at his escape route at the same time is simply to convenient. If you need to assist with a withdraw order, of which I am unsure as to how you could be aware any more than I of the existence of, wouldn't you prefer to do so from the ground? Where you could also ensure the safety of your compatriots?"

"I'll ask once, prove what you say, "soldier" or step out of the aircraft."

Black Mesa:Anti-Mass Spectrometer : Selena, Kane, Some Mooks

After the darkness faded, Selena opened her eyes to see she was inside a destroyed lab, shattering metal and frantic yelling filling the air.
Selena tried to control her thoughts but Shaking off the adrenaline of almost dying was not an easy task.
"LOOK OUT!" one of his guards warned before another massive green lighting bolt struck the ground, spawning some Ulgy looking foes.
"FIRE! FIRE!" Kane shouted before attempting to flee the room while his men covered his "Brave Retreat".

One of the brutish creatures leaped forward and roared at her, Selena let out a scream and raised her hand to protect herself, her heart began throbbing her mind was overflowing with extreme emotional turmoil.
Her eyes began to glow blank white with no iris or pupil, she took in a sharp breath and screamed at the monstrous creature was doused in green acid, a vortex began to swirl around her she was somewhat hidden by a green micro hurricane of acid not a drop touched her but the metal began to corrode around her her eyes glowing as she walked forward.

She looked around her face cold and devoid of emotion, Selena was essentially not there her magic and primal instinct were active, but every part of her personality was essentially shut off.

Escapist Avatar Adventure | Temporal Flux -> Armory
I can still taste her lovely sweat-box, she fed me such tears of ecstasy.
Katya Rostikova

When being ripped apart atom by atom, spread out to the four corners of the multi-verse and reassembled at a random location (or pseudo-random in the case of Escapist's Random Number Generator), there are a few variables that need to be considered.

First and foremost on this list should be the presence of any and all objects located at your reassembly location. Nothing is as day ruining as being reassembled inside of a solid granite mountain. Fortunately for Katya Rostikova, she was lucky in that she was reassembled, without the assistance of a matter assembly device of some sort, in a location free of objects. The fact that the target location was rather dark, being that it was inside a closet filled with what felt like Arctic Jackets made of Cat Fur, was a bit disconcerting, but probably not as disconcerting as what the unfortunate NOD Goon experienced when he was reassembled.

The second thing to consider is whether or not you're reassembled in the manner that you were disassembled. The safest thing to do would be to have some sort of matter reassembly device at the target location that would ensure that the your particles are placed back in the spot that they originally were. However, without a matter reassembly device, things can quickly deviate from normalcy. In the boring case of the Rising Dawn's Digital Drama Queen, she was reassembled exactly as she should have been. In the far more interesting case of the NOD Goon, he was reassembled with his Head attached where his left leg should be, his left leg attached to where his right arm should be and his right arm attached where his head would be. In short, he looked like a Ken Doll after that one bully from Toy Story, Sid, was done operating on him.

So, before we play out the scene, lets discuss something, namely the Buzz Axe.

The Buzz Axe is the most common weapon in use among the bandits known as Psychos on the planet of Pandora. While not usually too fatal in the hands of a Psycho, it would definitely be fatal if someone, namely the unnamed NOD Goon, was suddenly relocated to a location occupied by a Buzz Axe.

"Huh?" A Psycho holding a Buzz Axe huh'd as he suddenly found himself holding his Buzz Axe that had mysteriously impaled a man with an arm for a head and a head for a leg and a leg for an arm. While it would have been a strange occurrence for anyone with two braincells, it was just another day in the life of a Pandoran Psycho.

"They told me to bring a pail lunch... you look pale enough to me!!" The Psycho bellowed as he tried to dislodge his Buzz Axe from the NOD corpse.

"Holy... shit" Katya cursed as she looked through a crack in the closet door. Observing the area outside, she noted the fact that she appeared to be inside of an armory of some sort stocked full of crates with a logo for some company called Hyperion. The Psycho with the Buzz Axe was not alone however, there appeared to be a half dozen more of the crazy bastards in the armory, each one hard at work attempting to load the crates onto a pallet to be hauled off by a fork lift.

"Holy shit." The Rising Dawn's Hacker Heroine cursed again as she realized that one of the Psychopaths was headed towards the closet which she teleported into. Normally, the presence of Seven men armed with melee weapons wouldn't have scared the young woman, however, given some of the random stringing of words that they barked at each other, she figured something just wasn't right in their brain.

"The meat puppies, they come to the slaughter, like children to an ice cream truck!"
"I made finger pizza just for you!"
"NO! Mommy bled for us both! She bled for us both!"
"I can still taste her lovely sweat-box, she fed me such tears of ecstasy."

Pulling one of her pistols out of its holster, she quickly pulled back the slide to chamber a round, hoping that she would not be the next meat puppet for one of these Psychopaths.

"Holy shit." The Rising Dawn's Dame of Disaster cursed as she realized she had no bullets at all... but that didn't matter much since.


"Engaging Kinetic Strike Module"


A wall exploded outwards as a squad of 5 soldiers and some sort of cyborg charged into the room... with only one moving at a time.

"GO GO GO!" The Assault Squaddie #1 yelled as he took a position behind a crate.

"ROGER DODGER!" The Sniper Squaddie yelled as she took a position in the corner of the room.

"MOVING!" The Heavy Squaddie yelled as he started moving and suddenly stopped in the middle of the room, "THEY'VE GOT ME FLANKED!"

"FIRING!" The Mechanized Soldier said as he took aim at the Psycho that was right in front of him, a 95% Hit flashing on the machine's HUD as he squeezed the trigger to his Minigun. There was a loud whirring noise as the gun's eight cylinders spun up and suddenly the room was washed in the sound of several hundred bullets being fired in only a few seconds, "MISS!"

"THIS IS GONNA HURT!" Assault Squaddie #2 yelled as she pulled the trigger on her shotgun at another Psycho that was at point blank range, "NUTS!"

If the X-Com squad was having poor luck shooting the Psychos, the Psychos appeared to be having an equal amount of trouble as they threw their Buzz axes at the assaulting squad... which, if they weren't armored, would have ruined their day. Fortunately for them, they did wear armor and the Buzz axes really didn't do anything... which is when the Hyperion weapons were unloaded... which made it a rather prolonged and uneventful gun fight.

Back in the closet, Katya slumped backwards and watched the battle with annoyed and bored curiosity.

Black Mesa - Spawn 2 - NOD Barracks: Insaneo, Blackharte

Random Encounter No. 14: Predator: Predator Series

The Predator stood his ground before a shoulder mounted plasma cannon quickly unfolded, a single energy bolt flying though the air before impacting with the Sonic Boom, causing the two projectiles to cancel each other out[1], causing another brief pause in the action as the two combatants sized each other up.
The now unmasked Predator slowly turned to his weapon, as if unsure of something.
There was a combination of clicking and growling as the weapon slowly receded back into his armor, followed by him slowly taking off his clawed gauntlets and dumping them on the ground.

This was going to be "Fair" fight it seemed.

I will humor you. Heh heh heh heh... The creature mockingly taunted, using Blackharte's own "Voice" before roaring at him and charging forth, opting for a massive kick against the Technomorph's midsection to knock him back against the wall.
Pinning him against it, he took the chance to grapple his rival before bringing his spine down on his out-spread knee in a clear attempt to shatter it.
While he was on the ground, The Predator followed up with a nasty kick to Blackharte's chest while he was down, sliding him across the floor as he went on the defensive, still uncertain of what this "Creature" could do.

Random Encounter No. 19: Assassins: Assassin's Creed

The Assassin would not yield as the blade got closer to Insaneo's throat, but when the Doctor began to talk, his expression changed under his hood as he explained himself.
{"...I have many names, Templar. I will not reveal them to you..."} He said to him before suddenly disappearing in a golden light, seeming to spare Insaneo before repairing in his "true?" form, namely the old man he once saw.
{"...But...If you speak the truth, then I will allow you to. Otherwise, now would be a good time to speak your last words..."} He warned as he slowly knelled on the ground in front of the barrier, nursing something in his cloak as if he was about to pull out a pistol...

Black Mesa - Spawn 6 - Hanger Bay: ARES 35

Random Encounter No. 10: David West: AA Universe

David was in the middle of pulling out his flask before ARES stomped in, pointing her rifle at him.
In a quick movement, he stood up before pulling out his own gun, starting a kind of Mexican stand off before the sniper realized what ARES was saying.
"Jesus...You serious right now?...That-....That is you, right?...Okay...going to put away my weapon...and you do the same..." He nervously asked the Android before the two of them each lowered their weapons.
"Right...Sorry, I've been having a rough morning. After the explosion, I ended up in one of the Biology labs. The...Well...I think I've seen enough of this fucking lab for one day after some of the stuff I've seen in there...As for the withdrawal...Look around, This place is a death trap and we're losing more and more men by the minute. We need to get our forces out of the combat zone, regroup then we can start looking for Wesker...or what's left of him..." He explained as he sat back down again, looking rather shaken as he pulled out another cigarette and took a long drag.
"...Look, if you want to stay on the ground, go ahead, but seriously, they are literally jumping out from the goddamn walls. We need to get back to base, secure our wounded then we can try and take the base. Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if there is some kind of "Plan B" for a situation like this. Hell, for all we know, there could be an airborne nuclear weapon en route here right now!" He said as he tapped his foot against the floor, what the hell did this guy see?...

((Second half up soon))

[1] Yeah, I used Capcom Projectile Rules rather then Netherrealm Rules, but hours of Zoning Matches in Injustice taught me that the latter don't exist.

Black Mesa: Anti-Mass Spectrometer: Selena, Kane

Selena's Acid Storm was enough to disable both parties in the conflict as it ate right though their weapons and armor, one unlucky Black Hand trooper running away in nothing but NOD-Brand underwear.
"FALL BACK! FALL BACK! GET THIS DAMN DOOR OPEN!" Kane kept yelling as he banged on the metal blast door as the Witch cleaned house.
What forces remained seemed to try and focus her down as she had to deal with the combined fire of both Black Hand flamethrowers and the strange Alien weapons, seeming to be some kind of electronic beams.
"PROTECT THE PROPHET! IT IS THE WILL OF NO-urk!?" One of the braver solders said before getting struck from behind and ultimately having his neck snapped.
The entire room went into high alert as a series of well-placed gunshots took down several foes on both sides, Kane having to duck to avoid getting his head taken off.
"Sorry to keep you waiting..." the soldier said as he stood over the bodies of his victims, the last person Kane wanted to see.
"YOU?! NO! IT'S IMPOSSIBLE! YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD! GAH! OPEN THE DAMN DOOR! GET ME OUT OF HERE!" The "Prophet" pleaded as the soldier turned towards the Witch in the middle of the room.
"...Huh...Showtime..." Snake said to himself before attempting to land a shot on Selena with his Pistol.

RANDOM ENCOUNTER No. 17: Solid Snake: Metal Gear Solid

Black Mesa: Armory: Katya, Level 72 Bandits, Psychos Vs. XCOM

RANDOM ENCOUNTER No. 6: XCOM Soldiers: XCOM: Enemy Within

The battle waged on for an uncomfortably long time as all the people involved seemed to be REALLY bad at what they were doing.
Hell, they couldn't even get hit by a bullet even if they wanted to!
"Taking the shot..." The Sniper said with a 99.999999% chance to hit.
"Negative, target is still standing." The Sniper said before Face McShoot howled mournfully before crying into the highly trained marksman's shoulder. much to his confusion.
"...So...Do I get promoted now?..."

A few of the more experienced and wiser bandits didn't bother taking part as they casually walked though the gunfire, not even getting hit once as they kept looting all the weapons.
"...Think we should tell the N00bs they are under-levelled?..."
"Nah, leave them to it. More new weapons for us..." one of the more level headed ones said before holding up a massive rocket launcher, examining the fine craftsmanship for a moment, it wasn't every day you found one that launched flaming rockets that in turn launched other flaming rockets.
"A Maliwan Pryophobia?....Tch, Vendor Trash..." He grumbled before throwing it in with the rest of the "Useless" weapons before suddenly freaking out over finding Some kind of pistol.
He was a little excited to say the least, Least before one of his friends socked him from behind before attempting to take it from him.
While this was going on, Katya froze when a really, really, REALLY big dude opened the closet she was hiding in.
"...Oh....Shit-" She repeated once again as the Goliath picked her up, hoisting her it's shoulder before pushing the entire contents of the closet into a large sack he was carrying around.
His attention turning back to Katya, he looked confused as he held up the young hacker, tilting his head before asking "Gun looks weird...This Dee-el-sea?" as he then grabbed her hair and legs before holding her like a minigun, attempting to find where the trigger was.
"Quit Fight So Much, Gun!" He said as he tried to make her fire, trying several different positions, first as a pistol, then as a shoulder mounted RPG, then a shotgun, all to now avail
"Awwwww Guuuuuyyyssss! This gun bang weapon box gave self-person broken gun!" He whined to his friends before holding Katya up by her leg like some kind of fish in an attempt to get their attention.

Black Mesa - Spawn 6 - Hangar Bay: ARES 35

Well, with all of this unfolding, ARES naturally felt like quite a piece of trash. Lowering her rifle as David explained what had him so nervous, she climbed her way into the aircraft carrier and sat down, at least to talk for a minute. "I would like to apologize about that, Mr. West. This entire situation must be incredibly vexing, and I suppose being so mechanically calculative as myself often has its own plethora of disadvantages. I thought it suspicious that you arrived alone, but didn't take into account the state of panic you were likely undergoing and repressing... both of which are understandable in this scenario." she explains, offering a rather resigned sigh in additional apology.

"Apologies and all over with, I was honestly thrown right here just a few short minutes ago... convenient for cutting off an escape route of our target but at the same time it was surprising as hell to see a VTOL of ours ready to mow down the crowd with machine guns... thank god our people actually know how to listen, not just hear eh?" she said, gesturing to the distinct lack of a bloodbath outside.

"Especially because if it came down to it, I'd have just had to bite the bullet... still, what did you see exactly? Anything to report on the status of anyone else?" she asked, almost too quickly and easily changing the subject to asking what David saw... but nonetheless looking genuinely interested in whatever answers he'd have.

Rising Dawn - Hangar: Kazuya, Violet, Kalastryn Meanwhile as Kala had sat reading her spellbook, just beginning to begrudge her decision to stay behind, Kazuya had called for the airship to back away from the rift made by Wesker, and to advise the Daedalus to do the same.

Not hesitating to rise from her idle position, she approached Kazuya and asked.
"Mr. Mishima sir, you said earlier that I "May make my way over to the Daedalus once you deem that the situation called for their assistance, and not a second before." This being said if you deem this my cue and we have any of those spare "comms" on hand, I could probably fly my way over there if all else fails now." She nods.

"It's actually not the first time I've traversed dimensional rifts, excluding my time spent aboard the rising dawn, so in all likelihood I could act as a "middle man" if direct channels would fail as well." she says, smiling as her offer earlier to act as a messenger seems to be paying off.

Once again, sorry for posting late.

Wanderer and David West?
Pre-set Encounter Location: Tiberium Refinery Complex

His eyes flickered around, swiftly taking short looks at every different thing in the strange room. Wanderer paid special attention to David West himself. The man was obviously older, has futuristic technology, and the fact that this world still contains the Dominos franchise. ("We apparently died, huh?") The more aggressive Wanderer muttered, yet that was when that little light-bulb lit brightly within this mind.

"Oh... my... God. We were just involved within a short area universal manipulation device." Wanderer muttered out loud. Suddenly point toward the future David West, the figure of Wanderer seemed to gather a seriously strong aura, "Hear me out buddy. I'm not your Wanderer." He said, placing emphasis on the word "your". Pausing for a couple of seconds, the mutated survivalist cleared his throat. "I was sent from the past. An incident with target Wesker caused a powerful machine to go crazy, and it sent me here." He said, leaving a more awkward feeling in the air.

" ...To a place where I obviously died."
"Probably like a dumbass." The more dark Wanderer overtook, puffing a sigh. "This is most likely a Dystopian world. I mean, how else can we explain you re-joining a military force, and that Dominos is the major pizza franchise, heh." He chuckled. Eyes turned blue once again, and Wanderer shook his head. "Either way, I need to find a way back... So, why are you here?"

Merlin, Sir Bedivere, Sir Lancelot, and Sir Gawain. Vs Mech Zangief
Location: Fury's Core | Black Masa

With the robot overpowering the general facility guard, the four Camelot citizens prepared for combat. Yet as the mech came closer, the Knight in black armour known as Lancelot held up his hand. "I can handle this." His dark tone grew with a hidden taste for blood. "Thou shalt look for any others to slay, for this is mine." His voice groaned underneath the helmet, as almost if their was a beast underneath. Yet the other two knights and mage understood this as his urge for them to see if there are any other dangers.

Merlin instantly gave a nod, while the other two simply gazed at Lancelot with distrust, yet nodded simultaneously. "Fine, but don't die. You owe us that." Gawain said, taking a few steps back, as did the others. Merlin smiled though, he was intrigued with the powers that this Berserker held, and he wasn't talking about the robot.

Pulling his sharp, crimson sword, the black Knight walked until he stopped a few feet from the approaching mech. "You face me, you metal beast." Lancelot scowled as he prepared his combat skills. Suddenly, he charged, blade prepared to pierce.

Misunderstood Intentions
Location: Nod Barracks | Black Mesa
The Dark is not the absence of Light.


Well, I suppose it's a good time to ditch this meatsack. BlackHarte removed himself from the wreck that had once been a Combine soldier. His black body glistened in the light. He was shimmering with movement, his skin crawled. The very nature of his being repulsed living organisms. Ah. It feels good to stretch sometimes. BlackHarte 'clenched' his 'fist.'
The nanomachines swarmed around his arm until the shatter calcium of the soldier were re purposed into bone-white claw.

BlackHarte moved forward and the Predator stepped back to guard. Yet BlackHarte never appeared before him. Instead he vanished into this air.

From below he rose up, bone claw striking the Predator from behind. The attack knocked the Predator airborne and BlackHarte launched himself after it. His body twisted and expanded until it was a torrent of whips, striking the Predator five times. Then he vanished again, reappearing below, twisting his body into a giant mouth and using a prehensile tongue to strike upwards. He slammed the Predator back into the air, resetting the air juggle.

BlackHarte backdashed and jump canceled into the air. Crimson. The air below the predator twisted and broke open. A shattered reality brought forth an innumerable swarm of bees that attacked the Predator twenty-seven times. And then BlackHarte glided forward and spiked the Predator back to the ground before landing himself, bringing his body into a vague humanoid shape.

Then he taunted, twisting his lower body into the shape of a pile of books and pretending to thumb through a volume. Then he dash canceled backwards to avoid a wake-up attack from the Predator.

Curse Crimson Percentage: 50% BlackHarte cackled.

Black Mesa - Spawn 2 - NOD Barracks: Insaneo, Blackharte

Random Encounter No. 19: Assassins: Assassin's Creed

Insano laughed out loud. "{My name?}" he half-asked. "{Well, I too, have many names. But most people call me Doctor Insano.}"


So he has higher tech than me. Insano thought. Lovely. Any chance of scanning it for duplication?


I thought not. Insano thought

Insano walked over to the crystal rod he thrust into the ground and yanked it up. "{Myself and an number of others, for that matter-have come here to capture Albert Wesker. Well, they came here to capture him. I'm here to kill the bastard.}"


"{What about you?}" Insano asked the assassin. "{You never told me what you were here for. I meant what I said; if I can help you, I may as well.}"

Black Mesa - Spawn 2 - NOD Barracks: Insaneo, Blackharte

Random Encounter No. 14: Predator: Predator Series

Needless to say, the Predator was quick to instantly regret his tactical choices when Blackharte suddenly unleashed a rather impressive 34[1] Combo from out of no where.
There was a dazed confusion on his bruised face, unable to really process what the hell just happened as he saw the creature Taunt him.
The Salt was real and by god he was going to let this ugly mofo (Blackharte that is) know just what they did to taunters.
Bringing up his wrist mounted computer, he began to try and input a code, hitting his palm against it a few times to knock it back into operation.
Getting back up slowly, he then returned the favor with a taunt of his own, namely the classic "Raised Middle Finger" while the Nanomorph was able to pick up an extremely strong energy signature from his now rapidly blinking wrist computer.
It was a lot like the kind that was used in nuclear fission, namely the kind used in low yield atom bombs.
The readings began to spike as the Predator charged forth, roaring one final insult as he attempted to take Blackharte and half of the barracks down with him!

Random Encounter No. 19: Assassins: Assassin's Creed

The man seemed unconvinced, but slowly took his hand away from his weapon(?) as he stood back up.
{"...I was studying a powerful artifact, one that I who's secrets I was destined to unlock. I find myself in many strange places in time and space, and yet...this one feels more..."Real" then the others...Perhaps...if you were to help me understand what this artifact is, I might lend you aid in your..."Quest"..."} He said as he slowly reached in and nervously brought out That Metal Orb from before holding it out for Insaneo to take a look at.
Before he doctor attempted to touch it, he warned {"This device has claimed many lives...of my enemies, of my allies and...even my wife...And if you are not will take both of ours this day as well..."}
This was it, time to see what this old man had up his sleeves...

Black Mesa - Spawn 6 - Hanger Bay: ARES 35

Random Encounter No. 10: David West: AA Universe

David took another deep puff of his cigarette before he began to answer ARES's question.
"It was some...kind of crazed creature in some sort of cared nothing for anything in it's path. Ohhhh, man....It just burned everything. Man, woman, child, just-....Burning everything..." He rambled on before suddenly jolting to attention as he saw something come into the hanger.
"OH GOD! THERE IT IS! WHY IT WON'T IT DIE!? WHY DON'T IT DIE?!" The sniper began to have a panic attack as he attempt to control his breathing.
ARES's sensors picked up the being in question as it walked into the hanger, but...something was off.
I mean, it was some kind of being in a strange suit, it was kinda like one she used to wear, and it was walking around with some kind of flame weapon but....Aside from that, it seemed friendly enough as he asked for directions or something from one of the nearby guards.
When it's eyes met ARES's, it seemed to tense up before frantically gesturing to her about-...something behind her?

It was then she found her entire power supply quickly dropping, all energy leaving her frame as some kind of EMP device was slapped on her back, shorting out dozens of her processes and drivers in the process.
David was pretty calm all of a sudden as he took another draft of his cigarette before carelessly crushing the butt of it on the malfunctioning android's shoulder.
"...I never really was on your side..." a french voice purred as David faded out of few and as replaced by Some kind of Spy.
Placing a hand on ARES's shoulder, he effortlessly pushed the mecha to the ground before waving to the incoming Pryo, attempting to reach the aircraft before his Nemesis could escape.
"Au Revoir, you mumbling abomination! Hahahahahah!" He taunted before making his way to the Cockpit, A quick pair of gunshots signalling his hijacking as the VTOL began to take off.

((Rest of Reactions tomorrow))

[1] If I counted right

Misunderstood Intentions
Location: NOD Barracks | Black Mesa Facility
F = q(E + vB)


The Predator lunged forward, his arm out. His body tearing through the air in his bid to strike at Blackharte, yet in his rage-induced charge the apex predator had made a laughably simple mistake. He lunged forward, ready to perform a high-damage hit confirm attack, but had not assured that his opponent was in recovery. Had BlackHarte gambled that it was not a grab and blocked, it might have done some incredible damage. If he backdashed and was too slow, he would have been caught if the attack continued to follow through past mid-screen. A dash forward was suicidal, and to clash a special move with a normal would be idiotic. There was only one thing left to Blackharte. He had to perform a kara grab.

BlackHarte feinted a low medium sweep to push himself forward, performed a rapid-cancel with 25% of his meter that reset him to neutral and then tried to grab the Predator.

Too early. The strike hit BlackHarte during his recovery from the grab. In a last-ditch effort BlackHarte enveloped the fissure core with his body to soften the blow to the surrounding environment because he was wary that he had an ally nearby.

The explosion expanded BlackHarte into a perfect sphere, and then he collapsed into a fine dust. The carbon-silicate high density material that he used to form protective shielding left him stiff and brittle. It is very fortunate that this BlackHarte is in uplink to the main body while retaining his independent operating personality. BlackHarte scrumbled together and tried to reconstitute his body, aware that the Predator was now recovering from a brief cooldown period.

It was lag. BlackHarte scoffed, bringing his body to bear again. He was hurt, bits of his black ooze had turned grey and dead. The beta radiation had really hurt some of the microsystems in his nanomachine partitions. He didn't have the tools to rebuild individual nanomachines on his person right now. He'd have to just generate more from his environment. This is far from over.

Wanderer and David West?
Pre-set Encounter Location: Tiberium Refinery Complex

Future!David seemed just about as confused about what was going on was Wanderer was.
"Hey, It's not a Dystopian future! I got Richie's[1] Job. It's actually a fucking awesome future. As for why am I here? You tell me! I was just minding my damn business on my coffee break when the next thing I know I'm in this fucking dum-....hang on....OHHHHHHH! Dude! I remember this!" He began to ask before getting hit with a total nostalgia bomb.
"Yeah! Yeah, I remember this! We were after that Wesker guy and we were only just about able to get him out before the bastard had the entire base nuked off the face of the earth!...but wait-....If I'm here....then...where is "Your" Me?"..." He asked as he tried to remember what exactly happened to him the last time he was here.

Back in the present, For some strange reason, Wanderer REALLY hated David now and he had no idea why....

Black Mesa - Spawn 1 - Fury's Core: Caim, Merlin 'n co.

Random Encounter No. 1: Mech-Zangief: Street Fighter

The Mecha stomped along, taking ever step in a pre-set robotic pattern, one foot in front of the other in a manner that didn't even try to seem human.
It didn't seem to even notice Lancelot at first, even as the black night raced towards him and went to impale him on his blade.
Least that's what was supposed to happen, but when the Blade impacted against real Soviet SteelTM, rather then go right though his chest, the sword instead bent upwards entirely, now looking more like the letter C then anything close to a weapon.
The second contact was made, the Mech's eyes flashed red for a moment as an audio clip played:

"Gentlemen and Ladies is-TIME TO FIGHT!!!"

A small holographic display above Mech-Zangief began to count down from 99 as the machine got to work.
Two massive hands grabbed Lancelot before lifting him above the Mech's head, right before his face got shoved against a diamond hard robot crotch.
[FOR-MOTHER-RUSS-IA!] It boasted before launching itself into the air via hidden jets in it's heels.
Merlin and his allies could only watch as the Mech then brought Lancelot's head right down into the floor of the lab in a massive pile-driver.
When the dust settled, Lancelot's legs were the only thing visible as everything above his waist was now buried in the ground in a rather comedic fashion.
[BOL-SHOY-PO-BE-DA!] It droned before resuming it's march towards Merlin and the other knights, at a pace that would most likely take him at least 2 more posts before he would be able to reach them, seriously, he can hit, but MAN, him walking was like watching paint dry.
Either way, they still had an extremely powerful foe to deal with for at least another 90 seconds...

Round timer: 90

[1] Phoenix Richardson, David's CO in UNIT

ARES leveled her rifle at the pyromaniac (which is in no way shape or form the only definitive trait capable of granting them a name) only to hesitate at the lack of hostility as she half looked away from the scope to quip "Are you sure? He really doesn't look that- URGH" She almost managed to quip as the iconic backstabbing line about never having been on her side was said, Errors running rampant across her vision as the Pyro's warning fell on deaf ears.

Well with a hijacking in progress and her quickly losing all of her motor functions, and much of her energy being sapped away, she was needless to say pissed off at the situation... however, she didn't think that the (presumably international) man of mystery had any experience with the undead. Using what of her energy she could spare without the device on her back rapidly draining her into shutting down, she decided to put that theory to use, as from the other side of the cockpit door the spy would have a nasty surprise headed his way.

The pilot he had just killed to hijack the VTOL, a bullet hole in his head, (and his chest for extra assurance of death) was... not dead. Laid out prone on the cockpit floor, he pulled out a revolver of his own and capped the spy in both of his knees... twice, before the cockpit door opened and he stooped over next to ARES and attempted to pry the EMP sapper off.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Black Mesa: Armory | Katya, Level 72 Bandits, Psychos Vs. XCOM
Welcome to die!

RANDOM ENCOUNTER No. 6: XCOM Soldiers: XCOM: Enemy Within

For you, dear reader, who might have forgotten what was happening when we last left the intrepid Hacker Heroine, we have prepared a quick recap of the scene as it had unfolded. We have a team of soldiers from X-COM, an organization whose goal is the total eradication of hostile alien life from Earth, facing off against a squad of Pandoran Bandits, a group of guys whose goal is to rob you, rape you and eat you... not necessarily in that specific order. Despite the fact that the bandits are quite human, having been sent to Pandora from Earth by some means here on Earth, they were considered quite the Extra Terrestrial and quite hostile. We also have Katya Rostikova, the Rising Dawn's Digital Drama Queen, being hung upside down, prized fish style by a Bad Ass Goliath.

"New friend!" The dumbass bellowed as he pointed Katya at a soldier that poked their head in through the hole that the X-COM MEC soldier had made upon entering.

To say that this soldier was different would have been an understatement. For one, they wore some fairly bad ass looking armor, minor the sleeves. Secondly, they had this aura around them that screamed two words: "Mind Bullets."

"Oh you're gonna get it now." One of the X-COM squaddies called out, "the Volunteer is here and she's going to kick your ass!!"

The Volunteer, not exactly the best call sign for the Ultimate Psi Soldier that was responsible for bringing down the E.T.'s Temple Ship... but they were paid to kill aliens, not to be creative with their nicknames.

"Oh I don't know about that one." Said someone from the other side of the room in a voice filled with smug satisfaction. Looking at the source of the voice, Katya spotted a lady with crimson hair and blue tattoos, ones that appeared to be glowing as she entered the room, causing the Bandits to quake in their boots before realizing that she was there to help them.

"Uh... no I'm not." The Siren named Lilith said, her voice slightly disgusted that the Psycho named Krieg had associated her with Poop in the first place.

The two psychopathic psychic women squared off, looking each other up and down, trying to get a gauge on the other's weakness. Silently, the guns in the room started to levitate, the sound of hundreds of bullets being chambered at the same time echoed in the silent room as the occupants waited in anticipation of what was supposed to be a hell of a light show.

"BORING!" Katya called out as she used her free leg to kick the face of the Giant that held her aloft.


The Goliath's head appeared to pop off and roll around on the ground, like Blaster's Helmet in Beyond Thunderdome.

"Mistake! BIG GOD DAMN MISTAKE!" The Raging Goliath screamed as its head stalk popped up from the base of its neck.

"What the FUUUUUUUUUUUUU... ow" Katya started to curse before she was thrown against The Volunteer and Lilith.

The screams started soon after as the Raging Dick Head started killing off its former friends and foes alike.

Black Mesa - Spawn 1 - Fury's Core: Caim, Zero

As Zero began to walk away, Caim's fury built within the core of his being. Who was this woman? How did she manage to walk by the corpses of his parents, and moreover, procure a replica of the blade meant for him? She knew nothing of the legacy that the sword held, nor it's meaning or the power contained within it. She didn't know how much joy a much younger prince had felt in receiving the gift, and she certainly didn't know that the sword was something much more than just a tool. She did not know, nor did she care what a mockery she had made of him, his parents, or the entirety of Caerleon. Regardless of the circumstance, one thing was abundantly clear in Caim's mind - she needed to pay for her slander.

"...Asherah and Gaap."
"Their names were Asherah and Gaap."

Turning towards the Intoner, Caim charged with his father's sword and brought it upwards in an arc, hoping to give Zero a truly nasty sword wound.

Black Mesa - Spawn 3 - Tiberium Research: Teri, Garm, Ton Ton

Once he had revealed himself, a array of floating blue swords began to appear around his head before moving into position around them, ready to strike.
"...State your name..."

"Sweet mother of high school flashbacks..."
"Quiet you."

Teri looked between her two companions, and signaled over the rings, "This guy is kinda infamous where I'm from. Just follow my lead for right now, and hopefully it'll go alright. If he attacks, go nuts."

Putting her free hand to her chest, Teri spoke slowly and carefully, hoping that nothing she said would set of the Son of Sparda, "I'm Teri, a Cleric of God; er, something of a priestess if you will. And these two are my friends,"
She gestured to Ton Ton and Garm, who addressed themselves thus,
"I'm Ton Ton, a hunter for Daemons. Well, at least the ones that hurt people, that Squiggly lady seemed okay?"
"I am Garm, a proud member of the great pack The Rising Dawn, and guardian of Tear-ri."

After her friends introduced themselves Teri took the lead again and began silently praying to God that this would work, "The three of us are looking for our friends. As you could tell by the wierd lightning, some temporal stuff happened, er, world travelling sort of stuff - and we got separated. We're just trying to find our group again, so we don't want to fight you. So how about this - we team up for a while? I know some magic, and these two are good at fighting on their own. 'You scratch my back, I scratch your's' and so on. So how about it?"

Back outside on the dam: Angelus, Mikhail, Cadolbolg

Cadolbolg in light of the recent turn of events, had taken to hiding behind his mother's horns, calling out from behind them, "Mother! This dragon is trying to eat me! ...does that make him a cannibal? I'm a dragon too, after all..."

The red dragon gave a snort at the turn of events, and lifted her head towards the skies. With the influx of all manner of beings falling atop their heads, she was afraid that she would not be able to maneuver upwards; even if she was one of the best fliers from her realm (and not to mention all of the babies and other varying hazards that tended to litter the skies in her former home). That said, once Mikhail began to snap towards Cadolbolg (and subsequently hide under her wing), Angelus gave an annoyed growl, "Cease this at once. The little one is my son, and you should give him the respect he deserves....That and it's going to be nigh impossible to maneuver if you remain underneath my wing for the entirety of this storm. Let us proceed forwards.... But to where?"

Another thing that troubled her was the white dragon's personality as a whole. The Michael that she knew was an eager, but somewhat reserved warrior. Like many other dragons, he had at least some sense of propriety and decorum as a dragon rightfully should, this creature was... Different. As she began to walk towards the closest alcove she could find in the canyon bottom, she gave inquiry to the white dragon, "Tell me...What is your name? Do you recall anyone known as 'Red'?"
"Whoever he is, he needs to not bite at me again!"

Black Mesa - Spawn 1 - Fury's Core: Caim, Merlin 'n co.

Pre-Set Encounter: Zero: Drakengard 3

Caim's sword cut though the air before it impacted against the edge of Zero's, the woman having brought out her replica to block.
The force of Caim's anger however was enough to knock the false blade out of her equally false hand and right into the behind of the large fire demon (But he didn't seem to notice).
When he attempted to follow up however, it struck against another sword she quickly equipped, the two blades pushing against each other as their wielders glared at each other.
"...Suicide a popular pastime where you are from?" She earnestly asked before tackling against the Swordsman, quickly managing to back him towards the lava flow, their blades never once parting.
"I didn't care what they're names were and I really didn't care about who the hell you were. But now?...You've really pissed me off." Zero explained before suddenly side stepping and allowing Caim to stumble forwards as he pushed as hard as he could against nothing.
She then tried to keep this short by attempting to impale him from behind, she wasn't in the mood for this bullshit right now.

Black Mesa - Spawn 3 - Tiberium Research: Teri, Garm, Ton Ton

Random Encounter No. 3: Vergil: Devil May Cry

Vergil merely stared at the motley crew in front of him as he called off his Summoned Swords, not really seeming to respond much outside of when Ton Ton mentioned he was a demon hunter.
"A demon hunter?...You?...Such Foolishness..." He dismissively said as he began to straighten out a crease in his coat, all that was missing was a eye roll.
"Well sir, from what I gather, the Daemons from my world are very different things than the ones that tend to exist here. They're made of shadows and tend to prey on children. Either way, I have found that more and more kinds exist as I have traveled. Regardless, if they seek harm against innocent people, I will put them down." The Tonberry answered, something that seemed to get Vergil's attention.
"And you think you can just "Put Down" a Son of Sparda?..." He threateningly asked as he reached for his blade.
"But why would I want to? I don't see a reason for us fighting, considering we're attempting to make a partnership. Seems a little counterintutive, don't you think?..."
"Or a clever ruse to hunt your prey..."
"H-hey, there's no need for us to fight each other! We can work something out rig-"

Before any other action could be taken, He moved quickly into a samurai stance before pulling out Yamato and cutting the air.
Time seemed to freeze for a moment before the half-demon began to rapidly slash at everything in the room, test tubes shattering, furnishings turning to dust, sheer steel being cut, even the remains of his victims got another mulching.
It was like being in a wind tunnel full of knives and when it finally stopped, everything in the room was laid to waste, bar the trio in front of him.
Tension hung in the air as he slowly brought the hilt of his sword back into his sheath, that horrible ringing sound hanging in the air.
For the second time since they meet, Teri heart skipped a beat when she realized she wasn't about to be torn apart, but Garm wasn't so lucky: his fur was now neatly trimmed, something that was slightly overdue.
Also, the entire wall between this lab and the hallway was now a pile of scrap, the NOD forces about to rush into the room and kill everyone in it were now little more the fine slices of meat and cloth.
Without saying a word, The Son of Sparda went to leave the room, but he stopped for a moment before turning back to the group expectantly.

"...Well?...what are you waiting for?" He bluntly asked before leading the way, giving Teri a chance to see what DMC gameplay looked like for real as he lead the way, quickly laying waste to all threats in his path.
..........Just as cool as the games. <3
....maybe a little too close for comfort though.

Black Mesa - Spawn 6 - Hanger Bay: ARES 35

Random Encounter No. 10: RED Spy/BLU Pryo: Team Fortress 2

The RED Spy hummed happily to himself as he began pre-flight checks, something that quickly turned to sheer horror when the dead body he had just killed kneecapped him.
"Arrrrggggg, mon dieu!" He cursed as he fell to the ground, bleeding out of both his legs while the Undead Pilot attempted to get the Sapper off of ARES.
"Grrr...I'm Afraid not..." He said as he pulled out his revolver once more before nailing the corpse in the back and legs, using the rest of his clip to keep it from getting ARES back online.
"Awwww...Did I throw a "Wrench" into your pla-..."
He trailed off when he realized that Pryo was now in the VTOL and pointing a flamethrower at him.
"...merde. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The Spy screamed as he was burnt alive in a rather horrible fashion, making ARES glad she didn't have smell detection or at least could switch it off as her BLU ally managed to get sweet sweet Revenge!
Turning back to the Android, the Pryo brought up some Strange Sign before using it to smash the sapper

((Rest of reactions coming soon-ish))

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