The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Rising Dawn: Med Bay: Slindis, Teri, Constance

Slindis stretched and grumbled, certainly showing the patience that had been wearing thin throughout the day. "I've already found what has to be the most thickheaded student in ages on this ship, so I had hoped to work with someone that was actually willing to learn. I'm admittedly a bit concerned about Rugal's state of mind, though I will admit there's some parts that I don't know. COuld you tell me if you know anything more while we see how this girl's doing?" Almost on cue, she began examining the young vampiress as if it was part of her normal routine.

Shadow Realm:
Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie, Deadshot, Yu
The REAL mood music for this battle. :P

Effects and who has 'em.

Inspire Heroics: Until the fight is over, the group is more accurate, a little bit more durable and agile, more skilled, and unshakable in their resolve.

Who has it: Devon, Ella, Garm, Deadshot, Cadolbolg.

Although Devon was still concerned with what Annie's Shadow had said, she certainly seemed to not show it all that much when she called out to the injured Deadshot and Narukami. "Deadshot, we can talk with Annie about what happened after we get her out of there. Can't really help for your ammunition situation, so do what you can with your Persona and I'll keep us going...

Yu, that's Annie's Shadow. If Izanagi can go and blast the Shadow with sound bursts like that last one, that'd hit it where it hurts." It was odd how taking the reins had become so natural to the Bard, but she knew that someone had to keep the group bolstered here. Heck, it was what she'd trained with the Cutie Bruisers to do!

Devon leapt out of the way of the attack with a well-timed dodge, although the earsplitting screech gave her a good idea of what her Shout Spells must feel like on the other end. Taking a second to get up, she contacted Mitsuru. "I need some info on this thing if you can give it. I'd try myself, but my way of doing it's not always been reliable. Not to mention I need to keep the others going here, so there's a split focus as-is."

Unfortunately, Ella was only able to dodge the kick itself... some stones that were launched up from the force of it managed to clip her leg, creating what would be an extremely nasty bruise. If her reflexes hadn't been any better, she'd be having to deal with a broken leg. "Gah! You've got it, Garm. Narukami, I'll have Ishtar work with Izanagi when I get her out." To punctuate that, she pulled out the evoker (She still wanted to punch the smartass that made it Silver) and pulled the trigger to have Ishtar launch another forked bolt of lightning at the Shadow's arm.

After recovering from the earlier attack, Devon did her best to explain important factors to Narukami, "Narukami, if past experience is true, the Shadow should have a large healing factor. It's going to be tough to crack. Now we have to stay calm... Mengde, let's show this Shadow that no matter happens, none of us will break! " As usual, Mengde scowled before letting out a resonating chant to punctuate Devon's words. It was hard to describe, but it felt like all of Devon's allies were hardier or could at least take more hits. It certainly helped Cadolbolg brush off the shards of stone that had been sent his way from the kick.

Devon and Mengde have sung an Ironskin Chant, further bolstering the defenses of his allies in the area. It won't outright stop more serious attacks, but they can sure take a beating.

Bardic songs left: 13

The Airship Rising Dawn | Enroute to the Airship Medical Bay: Constace, Cz and Jenny

As the Drow examined the Vampirette that lay on the observation table, Slindis noticed that there was not a hint of a wound anywhere upon the body, a strange thing given the patient's state. Yet the vampire still lay motionless upon the table, the EKG readouts displaying no brain activity.

All of a sudden there a gasp for air as COnstance's essence returned to her body from where ever it had traversed to in order to bring the information that had been plaguing her.

"What? Whe-where am I?' Constance asked as she looked as she spotted the medical equipment and began to relax, at least she would have were it not for the voice appearing in the back of her mind once again.

"[i](Pathetic! You fainted over another one of your visions. Why don't you just let one of the Shadows in this world consume you?"

Rising Dawn: Med Bay: Slindis, Teri, Constance, Jenny

Jenny had struggled with the constant visions, just the experience of your mind being in one place and your body in another was extremely taxing on her.
After all, try carrying an unconscious woman across several dozen hallways when all you can see is a Great Hall where males fought to the death for the right to sleep with a Royal.
There are somethings I'll just never understand about Men... She thought as she bumped into yet another wall.
A LONG time later, she and Cz managed to lay the Vampirette down in a Med Bay bed before the Pokemon slumped into a chair and took a nap, Dreaming of the visions that Constance was giving her.

When Constance began to panic, she stirred as she saw Slindis and Teri standing over her.
"oh-*Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn* Sorry, must have dozed off..." She said sleepily as she got up and walked over.
"She passed out back in the Shadow Operative building, I brought her hear. She has Visions of her own Realm, of it being destroyed..." She explained to the two doctors.

Shadow Realm: Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie, Deadshot, Yu

"JUST SAYING! I STILL THINK SHE'S A TOTAL BITCH!" Deadshot shouted as he kept summoning [Null], much to the Persona's annoyance.
"You know, There are actual paying clients I could be seeing to..." He sighed as he brought up a briefcase from the shadows on the ground beside him.
Kneeling down and unlocking it, the Suited Hitman then pulled out yet another Platinum Gun, this time a AK-47 Assault Rifle
"Okay, where the fuck do you get those?" Deadshot asked before getting another gun barrel pointed in his face.
"I go to a man and give him vast amounts of currency. If you actually had any currency, you might be able to afford one. Now keep your head down and let the professional do his thing." [Null] Answered before peppering the titan with lead, something it wasn't so used to back in it's home realm.

Rising Dawn: Training Room: Rugal

"Lock down all access to this room. No Video or Audio." Rugal finally ordered as the room began to darken as the AI set the stage for the battle ahead.
A Purple Hue filled the room as he entered the Shadow Realm, the effects on his other side being clear.
"Ohhhhhh yeaaahhh..." Chuckled a voice a thick red fog flowed from the ground before a Man jumped out of it.
"Ahhhh...Feels good to FINALLY be out of that thick skull of yours."
"Not as good as the feeling of Dead Weight leaving my head."
"Ahhhh...I see what you did there. So what, Last man standing?"
"Would I have it any other way?"
"Would we have it any other way? And the Prize? Unlimited access to that sweet blue ass of Slindis?"
"Shut it! Like I would ever let that happen."
"Uh...Still have one Rage Button left. Good. That is very good! Was starting to think you were going soft without me to guide you!"
"I don't need you anymore."
"Hm...I wouldn't be so certain. Someone has to keep you focused, keep you fit and strong and full of anger. You owe your very goddamn EXISTENCE to me. Heh, I mean, Without the Training I made us do, You wouldn't be alive. Without my Wisdom, you would still be eating out of trashcans on the streets. Without my Charm, you wouldn't even have a family. Face it Rugal. I'm not some corny Shoulder Devil speaking in your ear or some agent Nyarlathotep planted in your mind as part of some stupid "Take over the Universe" Scheme. I AM Rugal Bernstein. All you are is just the Vessel though which I dictate our actions."

Clearly having heard enough, He went into a combat stance, one mirrored by his Shadow.
"You. Can NEVER hope to be me."
"That's because I already am...Heheheheheh-AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!"
And then the two sides fought, but only one would leave this room...

Prefers the title "The Wild Card"
Yu Narukami, Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie and Deadshot.
Location: Shadow Zone

"past experience"

Another trigger word which echoed inside the mind of Yu, shaking free from that distraction he heard everyone talking to him. Nodding towards them, they needed to weaken the massive Shadow, more importantly they needed to free the host of the Shadow so that they can this. "I suggest that we have two groups, one working on freeing the host and another focusing as a main attraction to the Shadow." Yu said back to Devon, he had no idea what the suspicious girl wanted to do.

"I'll give another attack, but it seems that some of you guys need this." The former Leader said as another card appeared in his hand and he crushed it with force.


With his Persona already out, Izanagi leapt behind it's master and swung it's weapon and cast a spell on all allies on the field. It was a spell that would heal all of them, hopefully it would help the people on the battle who were injured. The Shadow could see that Yu made another card appear, intent to cast a offensive attack once more. The intention Yu had was to stun the Shadow so that may do an "All-out" attack.

Rising Dawn: Med Bay: Slindis, Teri, Constance, Jenny

Teri gave Slindis a small sigh regarding her question with Rugal, and shook her head, tapping the ring for a moment, "When the rooms have a few less ears, certainly." giving a small motion of her head towards Jenny and Constance. Of course, discussing such things around a mind reader mightn't be the best of ideas.

Of course, this was before the Vampire awakened from her seemingly death-like slumber, something Teri was beginning to chalk up as the classic vampiric mode of rest. Weren't they already dead anyways? Then again, considering Constance also liked eatting food, how similar she was to the vampires the Cleric was familiar with was up in the air. Either way, Jenny's words seemed to be a cause for concern, "A destroyed dimension? "

She shook her head with a small sigh. The destruction of one's home dimension seemed to be something of a common factor for Rising Dawn occupants, didn't it? Looking back to Constance, Teri gently asked, "How are you feeling, Ms. Sorrowfield? Your readings were a bit worrying when you were out of it. Also, I'd like to give you a basic checkup, if you feel up to it. Seeing as the EKG was a bit wonky, it'd be good to check your nervous system for proper responses."

Training Room: Som, Angelus

Angelus turned to Som with an equally irritated looking glance, and shrugged, the non-chalant tone clashing with the expression the dragon was making, "I care not, so long as you stay well out of my range. The room is more than large enough to accommodate for the both of us."

These things were indeed true, but from what Som could see, the dummy that Angelus had taken to practice upon with Kingsblood had seen better days. It looked almost like she had been going at it for a while. If anything, the persistence was admirable, but the drive to keep doing an exercise like that was disconcerting...

Training Room: Rugal, Dimitri

Before the battle began, Rugal could hear the faintest strains of Dimitri's voice in the air, "Best of luck to you sir."

Meanwhile, in the Mainframe of the Rising Dawn, Dimitri had established a connection with his mobile unit (the Tablet) begun using the driver currently located in it to activate Thoth's appearance again; and began a readout on the Shadow itself. As he began getting the information from the Book of Thoth, he murmured to himself, "I will not allow myself or Her Ladyship to be ill prepared should your foolish choice lead you to devastation, Captain Bernstein... At the very least, Her Ladyship cannot blame herself or me for not warning you..."

Shadow Realm: Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie, Deadshot, Yu
This sort of song is good for Shadow Fights too

Garm winced as the Shadow's foot was brought down heavily upon his Persona, Gelert fading away after the impact. However, unlike the fires from earlier....The pain didn't last for very long. (At least, not nearly as long as the ringing in his ears from the Shadow's screaming did) Garm noted this and thought to himself, "I can block for those who can't handle attacks like that..."
"Ella, stick close to me! My Persona can take hits a bit better than your's can; so use me as cover!"

Following that, the wolf found himself ghosting Ella's movements, a combative measure the Succubus had seen the wolf taken around Teri before. He was definitely serious about using himself as a meat shield... And with the Media Narukami gave the party, Garm felt more than able to fulfill that role.

Mitsuru answered in over their minds next, "I'll do what I can! Give me a moment to concentrate..."

As for Cadolbolg, he joined in on the lightning use after zooming in the air around Annie's Shadow like a fly, sending a message over the rings, "Friend Devon, I dunno how well she takes to fire, but I can try shocking her too!"
"Lei Zhenzei, let's get cracking!"

The dragon-warrior Persona appeared again, and electricity danced on one of the blades before the Persona unleashed it's strike:

As Cadolbolg's Persona began to fade away, the tiny turtle dragon baby felt a pressure beginning to build in his head, not unlike a headache. That particular brand of electrical discharge seemed to take more out of Cadolbolg, probably on account of not using his lightning powers for nearly as long as his fire.
"I'll have to practice more with it... Ugh..."

Rising Dawn: Med Bay: Constance, Cz(?), Jenny, Slindis, Teri

"How are you feeling, Ms. Sorrowfield? Your readings were a bit worrying when you were out of it. Also, I'd like to give you a basic checkup, if you feel up to it. Seeing as the EKG was a bit wonky, it'd be good to check your nervous system for proper responses."

"E-EKG?" The Dazed Sorrowfeld vampire asked as she tried to sit up, only to tumble back onto the medical cot, her crimson eyes rolling back into her head slightly as the world seemed to go dark around the edge of her vision.

"I-I don't know what happened?" She continued, her voice growing weaker once again as whatever was causing her to dip in and out of consciousness, this time manifesting itself in a pulse of light and radiated outward to envelop everyone in the medical bay.

"(Don't you even pity this pathetic little girl. She let her family die when she could have helped them. She hid under the bed like a worm rather than die with them. Don't you even try to help her. She's weak and pathetic, like the rest of you.)" Said a voice that felt like an itch in the back of everyone's mind.

"(She's going to allow this to happen to our world and rather than take responsibility for it, she's going to get others to take on the responsibility.)" The voice that sounded like Constance's continued before it showed them the things that were to pass.

Mir | Castle Sanctum:

The Omian Harvesters had done their work and had atomized every usable piece of matter into its base molecules. What remained of Castle Sanctum, capital of the Mirian Empire, would be atomized in a matter of moments. After the last of the great shell had been consumed, the Omians would continue their work by Havesting the useful materials from Fir, the molten realm that lay beneath Mir.

The Omian Observer, Ma'sheb, placed her Harvester in hover, pausing in her work to look at the one of the last few small patch of earth that remained. Upon it had been planted a wooden marker and had been enscribed with an epitaph.

Hope Sorrowfeld - Last Daughter of the Sorrowfeld Family - Blessed be that you were too young to understand the horrors of the world.

Watching as the Harvesting machine worked to break down the patch of earth, the body of the Hope Sorrowfeld was revealed to be a tiny bony wrapped in a swatch of cloth. Ma'Sheb regarded the child's body as it too was consumed, the carbon of its body would later serve as part of the Chassis of the great World Ship that the Omians sought to consume.

The observation was suddenly broken by a blast of light.

Turning, the Omian Harvester saw the first of the many behemoth meteors smash through the ring shaped Omian Realm.

"Too soon. It was not to come for another 10 days." Ma'Sheb said as a chorus of other voices joined hers in the Omian mindlink before the central communications hub was destroyed, taking all those who were linked to it.

"He lied." Ma'Sheb managed to say before she was consumed by a wall of flame.

Training Room: Som, Angelus

"I care not, so long as you stay well out of my range. The room is more than large enough to accommodate for the both of us."

Looking about, The Hunter nodded in agreement with the Dragoness, though he did not feel like being in the same area as the Dragoness, he begrudgingly obliged, taking time to examine his dagger as he drew it from its scabbard.

"I did not know that Dragons needed to train in such a manner." Som stated, his tone indicating that what he thought of a dragon's reputed superiority complex. For the Dragoness to stoop to such a level would have been laughable in Mir.

Rising Dawn: Med Bay: Slindis, Teri, Constance, Jenny

Jenny froze when the Next Vision took place, much like the ones before it.
With a silent sigh, she then said "...See, that's what I was talking about...Poor thing..." as she sat down beside Constance on the Medical Bed.
"Once we are done here, I hope you don't mind if we see if we can do anything to help her home. I doubt a detour would be any different from our usual travelling norms." She then added, knowing full well the history both women had on this same issue.

Rising Dawn: Training Room: Rugal

Dimitri watched the pair of Vital Signs go at it, each one spiking and normalizing as they fought.
While he knew that Rugal was a skilled fighter, he did grow concerned as the fight dragged into it's 3rd hour with neither side seeming to let up.
Then out of the blue, both Vitals Crashed as seemingly both Rugal and his Shadow died on their feet.
After a few brief seconds of panic as the AI went to contact the Medical Bay, both Vitals normalized again, though the Shadow's one was more fitting a man that had be on the receiving end of Rugal's fist.
This was followed by the lockdown being lifted as a giddy looking Rugal walked out of the Training room, unfazed by the fact he had looked like he just got ran over by a ride-on lawnmower, bloody and cut.

"...Sir?...Are you okay?"
"DIMITRI! How the hell are you?! God, I'm glad to see you! Man...*Sniff*...Ahhhhh...You smell that?..."
"...Oxygen, Body Sweat and Pollution from the city?..."
"Damn Straight...Smells like...Paradise...Oh wow...." The Captain squeed, as if all these were new and foreign concepts for him.
"Just...Awwww, Feels like...Like...A great weight has been lifted...or-or-or a Raging Fire finally put out. Just....Pure....Fucking...Peace...God Above, Did Teri feel this good when she fought her Shadow? Man, I should have gone this YEARS ago. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Hehehehahaha!" He shouted like a hyperactive Glenn Beck as he waltz over to the computer Dimitri was housed and closed the link to the Shadow Realm.
"Just Dimitri...I...I honestly can't thank you enough...You saved my life more then once, you are one of the most loyal members this ship has and that is before we get into detail of all you've done for my little girl. Just...Kudos to you. And...I mean this...Thank you." He then said, genuinely nearly breaking into tears, to the AI before bowing in respect and walking down the hall.

"NOW LETS SAVE THIS REALM FROM THE FORCES OF EVIL! YEAH!" He wooped as he walked away, not bothering to get those wounds looked at.

Location - Shadow Realm: Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie, Deadshot, Yu

After stomping on Garm's Persona, it would seem Annie's Shadow left herself a little to open. Ella's Persona shot a bolt of lightning toward's the Shadows arm, causing her to stumble a step back with the pain stinging at it's given location on the arm. Holding it like you would when burnt, she hollered another scream with soundwaves bursting out before running for the Persona. However, the corner of her eye caught Cadolbolg's Persona charging up it's attack.

Stopping right before reaching Ella, the Shadow turned around with it's foot sliding against the floor making a foot sized crater mark in the checker painted surface. The Shadow crossed her arms, each arm crossing the other like an 'X' as the dragon Persona struck her arms twice with the lightning blade, then shot it's powerful beam into it. However, everyone could see that the Female Titan was able to have crystal plates forged on the arms, able to protect itself from such an attack. After the attack was done with, the crystals started to break down, making the Female Titan instantly swing it's arm out. The hand was flat with the arm's length swung sideways towards the Dragon Person... however it faded because it's turn was up. By missing, the Shadow was distracted yet again before Yu did his thing by having his Persona provide everyone regeneration on health.

This made the 14 meter titan turn it's head in a dramatic way, also realizing Yu was planning on doing something else. The Female Titan jogged it's way for him, eager to crush him with no intent on waiting to find out what Yu was up to. Luckily, Deadshot's Persona shot an assault rifle of led into the titan making her cover the eyes with one arm while trying to swat him away with the other since last time, her eyes were destroyed. Also everyone noticed that the arm that got hit by Ella's Persona had steam coming off. It seemed this Female Titan could also regenerate.

Furious at this point, the Annie's Shadow shot her arm out with the fist heading towards [Null] ever so quickly. With a punch like that, if it hit the walls it would cause large shards of concrete and stone to fly everywhere over everyone.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Med Bay | Rising Dawn

Cz | Constance | Jenny | Teri

Cz backed up and closed her eyes. Her eyes were tired again, her body heavy. She sighed and her entire body shivered, Cz's long raven hair bounced slightly with her minor movement. "What a perplexing girl." The Peacemaker took another step back and shifted her weight around, trying to get comfortable in her standing position.

She muttered to herself, "It is as if there is a duality in her mind. Of course this is just speculation. My biometric sensors are completely broken as of now." Cz placed her hand on her forehead and brushed back her bangs. "Still, what a cruel world this place can be."

Cz was used to mind links, in fact they were the general method of communication that Peacemakers employed. Talking ate up too much precious time and often carried the risk of miscommunication. She knew enough that whatever sub-unit within Constance was malicious, and all of its words and images were part of its ploy.

Then finally Cz hazarded a guess addressing both Teri and Jenny, "Is it her 'persona' that's acting up? I do not believe this to be a standard expression of survivor's guilt by any stretch of the definition." There was an annoying high-pitched ringing in Cz's ear that starte. She couldn't seem to wave off.

Rising Dawn: Med Bay: Slindis, Teri, Constance, Cz, Jenny

Jenny was so wrapped up in the business of Constance's realm that she competely overlooked the fact that there was a Shadow in her mind.
"...No, That's not a Persona..." She corrected as she went to use her Telepathic powers, forgetting that they were limited in this realm.
"Damn it! If it wasn't for the limits on our powers, I might be able to get in there and do something to help her..." She sighed, feeling that she couldn't help the Cat-Girl in anyway.
"...So Tell me this "Shadow", What makes you so special then?" She spat, confronting Constance's demons directly.

Shadow Realm: Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie, Deadshot, Yu

Deadshot kept hiding as the Titan didn't seem to suffer from their constant barrage.
"GAH! THIS IS POINTLESS! WE SHOULD JUST GET AN EVAC AND GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!" He shouted to the others, having lost enough gigs to know when he was on the losing side.
It was then that his own Persona was struck by the Titan, the impact knocking the wind out of him as [Null] was smashed into a gooey mess of black sludge.
"THAT'S IT! YOU ASSHOLES ARE ON YOUR OWN!" He added before fleeing from the battle like a true coward.
After all, It was one person he REALLY grown to dislike fighting everyone else he happened to dislike, Who was he to stop them from offing each other?
Firing off one last Summon of [Null] to cover his escape, he then sprinted into the hallway where he fought the android shouting "HEY! HEY! RED HEAD FRENCH LOOKING LADY! (Mitsuru) 1 TICKET TO ANYWHERE BUT HERE! HEY! COME ON! I'M A P.O.W. OF THE RISING DAWN! I KNOW MY RIGHTS TO A SAFE AND TIMELY EXTRADITION! GIMME A GOD DAMN PORTAL!" hoping to catch the attention of the lady from the meeting.

[Null] meanwhile respawned from that nasty hit he took, his Mask was now slightly cracked and his suit was messed up
The Businessman's Assassin simply shook his head in annoyance as his wielder let him and everyone else down yet again.
Shaking it off, he got his twin handguns once again and aimed for the eyes and neck, anything he could do to slow the Shadow Titan down before his time was up.

Rising Dawn: Med Bay: Slindis, Teri, Constance

Constance's SHadow was met with a rather blunt rebuttal from the paladin, and she was already thinking of the ways to combat it. "You know, I've had my fair share of extraplanar or otherwise powerful creatures trying to intimidate me. Yourself? Not nearly as impressive. If you actually want to say something meaningful instead of wasting everyone's time with your babbling on about the mistakes that she made, then I'll listen. As for yourself? I'll just leave it at this: I'm not so tied to my extra abilities that I couldn't provide more than a fair match.

Would you like to go on, or do you want to move to the section where you see what decades of fighting against the worst a plane has to offer results in?" The images from the dying world were a bit reminiscent of her home, but only in the most cursory way. Too bad for Constance's Shadow that the sights only made Slindis more determined to finish this.

Shadow Realm:
Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie, Deadshot, Yu
This sort of song is good for Shadow Fights too

Effects and who has 'em.

Inspire Heroics: Until the fight is over, the group is more accurate, a little bit more durable and agile, more skilled, and unshakable in their resolve.

Who has it: Devon, Ella, Garm, Deadshot, Cadolbolg.

Ironskin Chant: Bolsters the defenses of his allies in the area. It won't outright stop more serious attacks, but they can sure take a beating.

Who has it: Devon, Ella, Garm, Deadshot, Cadolbolg, Yu

The shards from the impact pelted Devon and Ella, although the Ironskin Chant made the attack hurt a good deal less than what it normally would. That's the good thing about keeping defensive songs up: Although they weren't as earthshattering, the small bits of protetion could layer together to make the group a lot stronger.

Although Devon was still concerned with what Annie's Shadow had said, she certainly seemed to not show it all that much when she called out to the injured Deadshot and Narukami. "Sounds good, Yu, and thanks for the pick-me-up there. Cadol, back me up here if you can. You both know how the others manage here..." Dollowing that statement, Devon unsheathed her shortsword to defend herself as she heard Mitsuru's communication.

Since she was getting ready to head up the combat here, her response back to Mitsuru was kept brief. "Sooner you can get that, sooner I can get something worthwhile set up here. As I said, my own way of scanning's failed on me before." Following that, a knowing glance was shot over to Ella.

Since Ishtar had already faded away after the one Evoking, Ella was instead trying to move around to the back of the legs with her halberd to get some extra stabbing on."Devon, you're still insane, you know that? I mean, any of us could probably do better than you at what you want to do there... Would've helped a lot more if Deadshot would have stayed here, but I can see why he'd leave..." She certainly seemed a bit amused at what Devon was doing, but decided to keep any harsher words to herself as a stab was made at the leg.

"You two remember how fighting it earlier went, right? Might be a bit different, but I'm willing to wager that this Shadow's about the same where it comes to its weak spots...

HEY, UGLY! YOUR FOE IS RIGHT HERE!" Devon's shout seemed to resonate with a earsplitting noise from Mengde as she targetted the SHadow's Arms and face again with her Shout spell. After all, the crystal from earlier hadn't taken too well to the blast, so she was sure that the Shadow would focus on her.

Devon casts Shout! You emit an ear-splitting yell that deafens and damages creatures in its path, with more damage being dealt to crystalline objects. In addition, if Annie's especially unlucky, there's a chance for her to be temporarily deafened.

Time before the next level 4 spell: 30 seconds or 5 posts.

The Medbay: Constance, Cz, Jenny, Slindis, Teri

"...So Tell me this "Shadow", What makes you so special then?"

"Would you like to go on, or do you want to move to the section where you see what decades of fighting against the worst a plane has to offer results in?"

Within the blood colored aura that radiated outward from the slumped form of the young vampiress, a pair of feline eyes regarded the pathetic group that dared to address her with idle threats and prattling barbs. The eyes that looked at each of the crewmembers of the Rising Dawn with a expression that spoke of deep satisfaction, satisfaction in the knowledge that should they fight for the Young Vampire that dressed like a Neko, they would only be proving the Shadow's point. They would prove that Constance Sorrowfeld was weak and undeserving of the assistance of the crewmembers that had allied themselves with such a cowardly whelp.

"(Your boasts and prattling only serve to bore me and to defeat me will only prove my point. Know this, Crew of this Ship of Fools, if you fight for her, she will never change. She will continue to be cowed by her own fears. Do you know what this cowardly child will do? She will hand the very key that her family died to protect to the one that slaughtered them like cattle. She will watch from afar as her child is held hostage and ultimately sacrificed by the same bastard that seeked an end to her world. She will never know what she is capable of nor exult in the glories of victory. She shall be relegated to the shadows, incapable of helping those that depend on her. This is the prophecy I foresee for does she not travel with one who would rather see her dead? Would this Som Waterford have slain her long ago were she not useful to him?)" The voice that was Constance's and yet not said.

"(Even now, she would let you die for her while she pretends to be unconscious.)" The voice observed, its eyes looking at the medical displays that were still running scans of the Vampire's vital signs. Looking at the displays showed that the seemingly unconscious Vampire's brain was reacting to the sights and sounds within the room, something that would not have been possible were she truly unconscious.

"I - I - STOP IT!!!" Constance screamed as she started ripping the leads from her arms and started running for Medical Bay's exit.

Satisfied that her point had once again been proven, the feline eyes and voice disappeared.

Vs Titan Shadow.
Yu Narukami, Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie and Deadshot.
Location: Shadow Zone

Taking the field once again, Izanagi jumped back in front of Yu, taking a majority of the shards, Narukami could easily feel them but he simply shrugged it off with his neutral front. "No problem." The Natural user said back to Devon as the card floated in his hand. Yu was thinking, he turned to the group of allies, "Weak spots ... if it has any special weak points, that would be helpful. I'm sure if we combine that with it's Persona weakness surely we will have enough time for a agile Persona to get in there and rescue the host." Yu Called out to them, if this would work it would take a short time to get the information from a analytic Persona.

"Stunning it would work for a bigger attack of all of us!" He once more shouted over the carnage, it was his turn to attack once more. "Persona!" He yelled and the card was crushed into shards, just like glass. Izanagi thrust his airs towards the Titan Shadow directly synchronized with his Host, Yu. Another electrical bolt launched forward to the Titan. His next attack would be a physical one, with not just his Persona but also his two handed Katana, it was time he put his life on the line.

An awkward situation.
Storm & Alpha.
Location: Rising Dawn | Medbay.

During the time of this whole ordeal the injured Spartan Storm-1788 has been in the medical bay for most of the time. The combination of both Teri's magic and his own regenerative powers has helped him greatly and has healed him quickly. Right now his body would be up to 80% rebuilt of taking that huge boot to the stomach by fighting the Titan Annie, yet his ribs still feel sore and probably weak. The bandages wrapped around his head and body were probably not needed but the couple did not want to take the risk.

Speaking of couples, his beloved partner was right beside him all of this time. Alpha performed her daily duties of checking weapons in the physical world and AI world but due to Storm being injured she seemed more disconnected from everyone. The only times she actually talked were when she passed people quickly or for needed work. Apparently the cause of this attack came by with the Good Doctor S, the Doctor came by to check the previously unconscious Spartan out but had no need to worry, yet they were quickly kicked out when Alpha recognized Annie ... Alpha even went as far to threaten her with the Spartan's energy sword.

Right now at this very moment, things were a little more then awkward seeing how over in the corner of the curtained off medbay the two were clothe-less and naked except the cover of the thin white sheet of the bed. They were keeping quiet whilst being beet red, they had no idea what they were talking about, "Shadows" and "Personas". The two would keep out of this. "We ... should stay out of this. I would hate if we were discovered." the Spartan whispered to Alpha who was hiding under the covers just in case they came in. "Oh ... would you really?" She teased as she held a impish smile on her face. His blush growing even more he closed the covers of her, "Shut up ... " Storm pouted.

They still kept quiet, hoping they would leave soon.

Rising Dawn: Med Bay: Slindis, Teri, Constance, Cz, Jenny

"Constance! Wait!" Jenny pleaded as she raced after her, not caring what the Shadow has said, knowing full well how they twisted the truth to spite their owners.
Thus, she did her best to keep up with the much more agile Cat-Girl.
"Constance! It's okay! We can change all that, just let us help!" She shouted after her as she tried to catch up though the hallways of the Airship.

((Shakes Magic 8 Ball of Writers Block))

Location - Shadow Realm: Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie, Deadshot, Yu

... .. Where... am I? The thoughts in Annie's head were soft if not weak. She was merely dozed off, peacefully kept in place as she couldn't really open her eyes all the way. All she felt was the darkness overtaking her. Even to go as far as forgetting that she was swallowed by her Shadow.

"... Oh well." She mumbled to herself, turning her head to rest. She didn't care anymore, not that she was thinking logically anyways. This seemed to of been her losing touch of reality, not realizing what was happening outside- (Great Battle Music)

The Female Titan withdrew itself by jumping backwards, trying to avoid any more bullets from entering it's weak spots. The Shadow covered it's nape with one hand while having it's other hand out, bullets hitting the titan's palm but seeming to not inflict the damage [Null] wanted to do. However, a quick jab from Ella made the Titan gaze down to her small body. She removed the hand that was covering her neck to suddenly bring it down over Ella with a fist.

However, she heard Devon call out to her, "HEY, UGLY! YOUR FOE IS RIGHT HERE!" Right when the Shadow popped it's attention to Devon, she did a shout that slapped right into the titan's face. A ear piercing noise filled in the Shadow's ears and even her sight had vibrations throwing her eyes off. Suddenly, she couldn't hear much of anything. She became deaf, being a bit sojourn without doing much else physically. This left her vulnerable for Yu's attack, his Persona sending a lightning shock that blast the Titan's chest, making her fall back with feet in the air. The landing, or fall... caused quite an earthquake, with the room becoming broken down with even the roof above them caving down with shards hitting the floor around them. Slowly getting up, the Female Titan looked more then simply ticked off. She however, didn't scream... because she was still getting her mind around why she became deaf.

Once getting up, she slanted her arms down as if they stopped functioning. But, this was no joke... she charged full speed up to 60 miles per hour in that room. Leaning all the way forward, with arms flopping sideways, she was aiming at Yu where he would have to react fast. It seemed she planned on diving a curb stomp onto his body against the wall.

Vs Titan Shadow.
Yu Narukami, Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie and Deadshot.
Location: Shadow Zone

Yu's Music.

Seeing the attack coming straight at him for speed, Yu smiled.
"Izanagi defend me!" His voice spoke with power, in a split second his Persona reappeared but directly in front of the attack, the Persona known as Izanagi braced himself as he suddenly grasped the speedy attack attack, Yu could feel the direct pain coming from his Persona as Izanagi was being forcefully pushed forward by speed.

Luckily this saved Yu's life but he spat up a little bit of blood, it had injured him in the process. Placing his plan in action but his experience carried him on, Yu jumped onto the stopped and ran directly up to the face in which he decided to give one swipe of his katana to the Shadow's eyes. Hoping it was stunned for long enough, Yu jumped down and another card appeared within his hand. "Heavy Cleave!" He spoke, this attack was suppose to be three strikes against one foe. Letting go of the foot Izanagi prepared his giant blade for attack and moved forward launching three heavy melee attacks before jumping back to protect his host.

The group could go for an all-out attack if the Titan was stunned for long enough.

Rising Dawn: Hallway: Rugal, Dimitri

Dimitri was a little flabbergasted at Rugal's chipper new attitude, especially with the heaping of praise that was (albiet deserved) dropped on him. The display containing the Butler's avatar beamed for a moment before returning to it's normal ambiguous smirk, his voice ringing over the intercom as Rugal made his way down the halls, "Thank you, sir! Truly, you flatter me. As for your query, I believe she commented on feeling 'lighter', as you have just now, as well as a heightened reaction to emotional stimuli; but very tired. I advise you rest yourself. These Shadow encounters are rather draining upon those who have them, especially for the bearer of the burden."

And with that, the display containing the AI returned to normal, and Dimitri closed Thoth's book. Although the details remained within it, the AI was next to certain he wouldn't need them at the present... Furthermore, with the new programming added to the ship, it was one less detail that'd be necessitated by the Shadow Operatives. Good thing they didn't know the AI had lifted it at all.

Training Room: Som, Angelus

Angelus scoffed, and gestured to her mortal form, "Perhaps you did not hear Philemon properly, but our powers are locked; save for when we have our Personas on hand. As much as it irritates me to have to fight in this form, with this weapon,"
"Blasted God of mortals cursing Us. He should pay for his insolence."

Angelus winced faintly before loostening her grip on Kingsblood, seeing as she wasn't training at the exact moment. It was a large black dagger about the length of her forearm, and shone in her hand as she spoke, "The situation behooves me to do so. And I'd rather not have to deal with your cheek while I work with what I have."

Yup, even on the Rising Dawn, the dragons were nice and prideful, just like how Som remembered them. Funny, did the dragon wince mid sentence?

Med Bay: Slindis, Teri, Jenny, Constance, Cz

Sensing the unwanted and, frankly, unwelcome voice in her hosts' mind, Toyotama's attention was fully grasped; and she was not happy. Turning her helmeted head to the source, she briefly assumed her Shadow form and roared a challenge in response, broadcasting herself loud and clear over the rings to get her barbed words to Constance's Shadow,

"You put one more finger inside this mind again, you basic, Janky-ass, BITCH, I'll show you who the motherfucking Queen of this mind REALLY is!"

The outburst caused the Cleric to hold onto the bed to stabilize herself as Constance began to run out. Toyotama's decision to be relatively demure as of late had made Teri forget how loud the Shadow could be when she really wanted to, even if this time it was in defense. Realizing Constance was getting away, Teri shouted, "Dimitri, block her off! We need to get that Shadow under control!"

To her surprise, however, Vermilion was the one to answer instead, "Dimitri is a tad occupied at the moment, but I can easily do the same. If you like, I could direct her to a training room, seeing as Dimitri has recently installed some programming to the training rooms, as per our Captain's request. They will be able to simulate the conditions of the Shadow Operative's training rooms, with one of us AI operating it..."

Shadow Realm:
Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie, Deadshot, Yu
This sort of song is good for Shadow Fights too

Effects and who has 'em.

Inspire Heroics: Until the fight is over, the group is more accurate, a little bit more durable and agile, more skilled, and unshakable in their resolve.

Who has it: Devon, Ella, Garm, Deadshot, Cadolbolg.

Ironskin Chant: Bolsters the defenses of his allies in the area. It won't outright stop more serious attacks, but they can sure take a beating.

Who has it: Devon, Ella, Garm, Deadshot, Cadolbolg, Yu

Mitsuru's voice finally rang in each of the Party's ears, declaring, "Sorry that took so long, but the Shadow is Strong against Ice, and Weak to Dark aligned magical attacks! I really hope one of you has those..."

Following that, Deadshot heard the Kirijo woman in his, and his mind alone, "First, you are a coward, and I am incredibly upset at you for attempting to abandon them. And that's not accounting for the reports I have received about your night on the town, I'm not surprised you've been held in a citizen's arrest. However, I will address you and those involved at another time regarding that incident.

Second, I cannot pull you out of there unless you find one of my machines scattered in there. The one I have out here projects into a Shadow zone, so I can nab you out. And, if what I'm seeing is correct, your Persona is still fighting. If it dies, you do too. Good luck finding it with Shadows on your tail, your Persona abandoning you and the cries of your allies in your ears."

And with that, Mitsuru turned her attention back to the main party still dealing with the Shadow.

Cadolbolg cried out in pain as one of the shards of ceiling landed on him, the exhaustion from that lightning attack rendering him oblivious to the attack from above. As he struggled to get airborne again, Cadolbolg saw [Null] attack at the neck, as well as Narukami's brave display, and muttered to himself, "The neck... But I don't feel so good."
Lei Zhenzei's voice echoed quietly in Cadolbolg's mind as he considered his options, trying to give his stout hearted user a boost, "You must be brave, son of Caim and Angelus. How will you make them proud if you back out now?"
"You're right. I gotta help my friends!"

Giving a little nod, Cadolbolg forced himself up on his legs, wincing as he called out, "Lei, Zhenzei, I need your help again. Get the neck!"

The Draconic Warrior appeared once more at the call, and instead of setting his blades on fire or crackle with lightning again, it brought the both of them down onto the neck and tried to cut a chunk of flesh out.

As for Garm, he found Ella perfectly capable in her climbing of the Titan, and sped his way to Narukami, providing both as a shield, and a distraction, "I will guard you, Strange helping boy. Now, allow me to do what I do best! GELERT!"

Giving a harsh bark in Annie's direction, and the Armored Persona appeared, giving a bestial roar as it brought it's armored paws and sharped head guard against the second eye.

Location - Shadow Realm: Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie, Deadshot, Yu
Gotta Have Battle Music

With it's foot launching forward into Izanagi, it was incredible even to Annie's Shadow that he was able to block her attack from crushing Yu. What really took the titan by surprise was when Yu... the host of the Persona swiftly took his blade and ran upwards, causing a blade to sink into her eye socket. With one eye blind, the Titan was forced to walk back with one hand covering her face, screaming with soundwaves shaking everything around.

What happened next, was that Yu did not intend on letting this opportunity go to waste. He commanded Izanagi to strike Annie's Shadow, which then the Persona did just that. Launching himself up, he slashed Annie's shoulder and chest area about three times before returning to his master. The blades cuts were deep indeed... and all the wounds such as the eye, the shoulders, and partly the chest let out steam which was a sign of regeneration. Of course, the Female Titan was still deaf so she didn't hear what was coming next.

Cadolbolg's Draconic Persona fell from the skies, a downward slash against the nape of the Female Titan's neck. If she heard the winds being blown between his wings, perhaps she would of countered. Or if she had her sight, she'd focus on all her surroundings instead of covering her injured eye. The slash came in with no warnings, having such momentum on the nape... it cut through the flesh and had a cleaved slice that reached about 10 inches thick. This caused Annie's Shadow to look up, the mouth slightly open and her falling once more but this time completely onto her back. Being cut at her weak spot was also an indication she was weakened.

This was the chance to not go wasted either for Garm's Persona. With the Titan on her back, Gelert rushed in sliced the second eye with his razor paws and dashed inward to bruise it completely. Being blind, deaf, and left with a lot of regenerating to do, the Female Titan surely wasn't in the best condition to fight at full potential. Although, by natural instinct the Female Titan swerved her leg around, hoping to push anyone or anything out of it's path which if anyone got hit- it was going to be severe.

Rising Dawn: Hallway: Rugal, Dimitri

"No need Dimitri, I feel like I could take on this entire goddamn realm! BAM! Hahahah!" The "New" Rugal chuckled as he marched back into the Captain's quarters, quickly stripping out of his bloody and tattered suit and started running a shower.
"Quick Shopping list though: White Hair Bleach, Feel like going for the whole "Old Man" look, Age gracefully and all that. Second, a Doctor's Bag, Going to clean the wounds first before I sew them up." He said as he checked himself out in the mirror, flexing a few times to stroke his self esteem.
"Sir, wouldn't you rather have Her Ladyship tend to them?"
"Nah, Save her the work. Back in the forests of Thailand, where I trained with a master of Muay Thai, I had to use Sticks and Leafs for Splints and Bandages. I mean, Someone had to patch me up back then!" He joked before hoping into the Shower, letting the warm water wash off most of the blood from his wounds and clean himself up.
Heheheheh...I hope that bastard is still screaming... He thought, enjoying his new lease on life.

"Hey, stick on "Give me the Prize." would ya?"

Shadow Realm: Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie, Deadshot, Yu

"YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! I GET IT! I'M AN ASSHOLE!" Deadshot shouted as he kept running from the battle as [Null] and the others kept fighting.
Sprinting down the insane dark halls, he kept branching from one hallway to another in a bid to find the machine.
"Yes, because lord forbid if she could actually tell me where one is." He whined as he kept searching for the exit.
"She has a point you know..."
About what?! I know I'm a rotten asshole, what's the point of her saying so?
"And the part about you being a coward? About being Spineless?"
Oh well excuse me for deciding I'd like to die someplace else at a later period of time.
"Annie risked her life for yours."
Well fuck that Hitler-aping bitch! And who the fuck are you!?
"I'm you, Shit head!"
Then who the hell am I then!?
"A Coward?"
Alright, shut up! Sheesh...

Fighting his new inner monolog, Deadshot managed to find one of those weird devices before jumping though it, unaware of where he was going to end up.

[Null] Meanwhile cringed as he realized his typing wasn't much help here but kept firing until his time was up, leaving the rest of the team to face the Titan alone.

Kids these days...
David West, Storm & Alpha.
Location: Rising Dawn | Medbay.


After Melethia left to work on his gun, David found himself alone with his thoughts, the thoughts that were telling him about how meaningless his life was and giving him an entire list of reasons why he should just kill him-
"Fuck this, I'm getting drunk."
And so it was, It was as if dozens of liquor bottles cried out...and were silenced.


As Storm and Alpha waited out the crowd in the front of the Medical Bay, sounds of rattling could be heard from the Storage Locker nearby.
"...What was that?" The AI panicked, regretting her joke mere moments before, Sure, there was a trill in the risk of getting caught, but the fear of ACTUALLY getting caught outweighed that.
"Uh...Uhhh! Hide!" Storm fretted as he pulled up a thick sleeping blanket that they discarded before the festivities as Alpha hid underneath it, laying on top of the Spartan in an attempt to hide the fact their quilt was covering 2 people.
The Rattling got louder as the door opened.

"-and i'm teljling dyou, setven segal douwld wkick bdruce willis'us ass!" David seemingly shouted at the broom in there as he wobbled over, seeing Storm in bed.
"storm! ddink't know you werre awak.e lisjten...i just want to say....that vi'm sorry....i'm sorry for atll the rihroble tlhings i sanid apbout anmgels behind yotur back. just bi nonw wonk tsaht those murdirnseg bastards...were....15 timues the man i" He slurred as he sat down on a chair beside him, pouring his drunken heart out to the spartan, unaware of just how awkward this scene was.

"and man, i don't blame ya fgor wanting tso kill all us humans. we'rke notmhing. i'm nothing but a child among gods. mewlethia could...could tear my barm off with her mind as shec....shoots....with the gun.......k
i am la mess of depressinon, pain and sadnessg." He finally said as he buried his face into Storm's midsection and began crying his eyes out, unaware his head was in fact resting in the small of Alpha's back a few inches away from her rear end as he did.

Captcha: I like Turtles

Rising Dawn: Med Bay: Slindis, Teri, Constance, Jenny, Cz

After hearing that last statement, Slindis made sure to let the others know she'd made her decision. "I'm following her. I won't ask any of you to join me, but I won't let that thing take over her." She ran outside the room immediately after, leaving the pair to decide what they would do.

Meanwhile, Sadei responded rather loudly to Tama. "I know you and Teri are sharing the body, but acting like that isn't going to help anyone! Do you know nothing about timing and when to do things, Tama?"

Shadow Realm:
Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie, Deadshot, Yu
This sort of song is good for Shadow Fights too

Effects and who has 'em.

Inspire Heroics: Until the fight is over, the group is more accurate, a little bit more durable and agile, more skilled, and unshakable in their resolve.

Who has it: Devon, Ella, Garm, Deadshot, Cadolbolg.

Ironskin Chant: Bolsters the defenses of his allies in the area. It won't outright stop more serious attacks, but they can sure take a beating.

Who has it: Devon, Ella, Garm, Deadshot, Cadolbolg, Yu

Seeing the injured Narukami, Devon began running over to the injured man. "Okay, Yu, I'll be there to patch you up, just hold on for a-oh man this is gonna hurt" Unfortunately, this was the worst place for Devon and Mengde to be as it placed the two right in line of the Shadow's attack.

That's the funny thing about being a Bard; even though it makes you a great backup to the party, it doesn't really bring the health needed to be a true frontline distraction. The crater in the wall left by Devon and her Persona were clear evidence that the songs were probably the only thing that had kept her alive.

It was a shame that Mitsuru's message had come in almost too late, but Devon made sure to get the word out even as she felt the compacted metal of her Full Plate making it rather hard to breathe. "okay ice, use dark, and get annie out of there... remember, never give in until we finish this...-" That was about the most she could get out before losing consciousness. However, she was able to get off one last bout of inspiration to the whole group.

With her final waking words, Devon Inspires Courage in the group! Her allies can now hit a lot harder until the end of the fight.

Bardic Songs left: 12

Ella was understandably mad at the deafened and blinded Shadow after what it had done to Devon, and she responded completely within reason. "Oh HELL no! Devon busts her ass to make sure that you'll get out of here safe and yet you do that? It's on, she-bitch, and I ain't stopping until you're dropping! ISHTAR, GET ME TO THE NECK!" The trigger of that damnable Evoker was pulled yet again with a good deal of force, and Ella leapt in the air with her Persona in a bit of adrenaline filled rage to try and impale that base of the neck with her halberd.

"Nobody's making me lose her again... once was enough. I'm not letting my mom see her any time within the next century.

Ishtar, blast that gut." After a rather close landing, Ella begin stabbing at the nape of the neck while Ishtar blasted Shadow Annie's gut with a fierce blast of lightning.

Med Bay: Slindis, Teri, Jenny, Constance, Cz

"Constance! It's okay! We can change all that, just let us help!"

"I'm following her. I won't ask any of you to join me, but I won't let that thing take over her."

The voices of the Rising Dawn crew Members faded in the distance as Constance, harried by the panic she felt in her bones, rushed blindly down the halls, her mind absent of thought as it was consumed by the all encompassing fear and shame that she felt.


A thick metal barrier crashed in front of the fleeing Vampire, still clad in the clothing that she had wore the night that her family had been slain, still wearing the cat ears and tail that had given the Onyx Fist soldiers pause long enough for her to have been saved by Som. Looking into the polished metal of the barrier, Constance saw her distorted reflection and lashed out at it, causing sparks to fly as her claws knicked the surface.

Seeing that she was blocked off, she turned around and headed toward an open corridor, the voices of the Crewmembers closing in.

"LEAVE ME ALONE!!" The Faux-Neko screamed as she ran, still blind to the destination that she was being lead as more and more barriers fell in place and herded her towards one of the many training rooms located in the ship.

While Constance fled the scene of her shame and guilt, her Shadow did not as it responded to the challenge that had been issued by the insolent voice inside of the Medical Officer's mind.


"You put one more finger inside this mind again, you basic, Janky-ass, BITCH, I'll show you who the motherfucking Queen of this mind REALLY is!"

"(My, aren't we the petulant one?)" The voice purred as it seemed stretch in a relaxed fashion.

"(To think that someone who has sworn herself to uphold the Laws and Traditions of a God would have such a childe inside her mind, I wonder how her Lord feels about his Follower having such a worm inside the fruit of his labors.)" The voice continued in a fashion reminiscent of a cat playing with its dinner.

"(Tell me, little mouse, what gain does you mistress have by helping this foolish girl who abandoned the defense of her home, who does not seek direct vengeance upon those who have wronged her? What should you and yours choose to face me, how will you fair against Fires far hotter than that of the Blessed Sun and against she who revels in the slaughter of her enemies?)" The feline voice continued challengingly.


Constance burst through another door and found herself in one of the training rooms. Turning around, she saw that the way back was trapped by the approaching crew members that had given chase from the Medical Bay.

Pulling her shotgun out, Constance Sorrowfeld loaded a single Pulse shell as she slammed the door shut and locked it before blasting the electronic panel, locking the door for quite some time.

"*huff huff huff huff huff*" The Sorrowfeld Vampire huffed as a sheen of blood sweat coated her skin.

"Safe - at last." The girl murmered, unaware that something lurked within the darkness of the Training room, something that stalked her and prepared to pounce.

"(You would think that wouldn't you little vermin.)" The voice in the back of Constance's mind said as the Vampire's Shadow appeared behind her, a facsimile of the Vampire in all ways save the blood stains that covered her mouth, hands and forearms.

Training Room: Som, Angelus

"The situation behooves me to do so. And I'd rather not have to deal with your cheek while I work with what I have."

Standing off to the side, having checked to see that his weapon was in worthy condition, the Hunter made a flicking motion with the dagger, causing the blade to extend until it was the length of a long sword, as he turned to face the practice dummy that had been moved into place by the Air Ship's Arificial Intelligence when it sensed another presence within the Training Room.

"I believe that the situation would behoove us all if all you can do is knick a wooden doll with that Rat Stabber." HUnter Waterford stated as he lashed out with his weapon, the quickness of his movement causing a streak of silver around him as it severed the wooden practice dummy twain.

"Are you so reliant on your magic that you cringe at the thought of being unable to defend yourself without it?"

Rising Dawn: Med Bay: Slindis, Teri, Constance, Cz, Jenny

*Huff Huff* "Why...Did she...Have to Run?..." Jenny cringed, the pokemon not exactly designed for such pursuits as she followed the path that the AI's lead Constance.
By the time she had reached the enterance to the Training Room, she felt like her sides had been torn open as she panted and gasped for air.
"Ahhhh...ahhh...*Sniff* Okay..."Game Face"...Hoo boy..." She said as she entered the Training room-


...Least she would have if it wasn't for the fact that Constance had shorted out the lock for the door.
"Damn it!...wait....The Vents!" She exclaimed, remembering the numerous times resident lockpick Melethia used them to get around the ship during attacks.
Moving away from the door, She went to the nearest access panel and began trying to pry it open with her bare hands, biting her lip in pain from pulling at the metal.
Still, She was able to get it open before crawling inside, leaving the path clear for the others to follow if they so wished.
Right...just hang on Constance... she thought as she hit the first snag in her plan: Unlike her, Melethia actually knew where most of these vents went.

Rising Dawn: Rugal's Room: Rugal, Dimitri

"Of course sir. Is there anything else you will require of me at the present moment, or shall I leave you be?"

In Pursuit of Constance: Slindis, Teri, Jenny, Constance, Cz

Toyotama shrunk back in light of Sadei's presence, and muttered back, "Sorry, Munchkin. I don't take kindly to invaders..."
"Just warn me next time?"
"If that's an invitation to let me do it again, you got it."
"Okay, with all that out of the way, the moment we hit the Shadow Zone, Sadei, if you would be so kind, it'd be wonderfully helpful if you became your bow self."

After dealing with the varying voices in her mind, Teri followed after Constance, Slindis and Jenny; silently giving a prayer to God in thanks for giving her some semblance of quick thinking. After they reached the broken door with Slindis and Jenny, Teri froze when she heard the Shadow's voice worm her way into her mind again, feeling the tiny ounces of doubt in her mind.

And that was when Toyotama gave a snort in her Host's mind, and then another, and then burst into a cacophony of laughter, pointing in the Cleric's headspace to the direction she heard the Voice coming from, and answered back (via rings again) "Oh wow. OH WOW. Man, I knew Vampire Bitches got shitty lines, but man, by far are you the weakest of em all. Dude, me and my Hostess here have gone over the religious righteousness shit before and again already."

"Compared to dudes like the Crusaders, Inquisitors, or them Angels, we're motherfucking Saints! Made a personal vow to take as few lives as possible and shit, and to be as good as we possibly fucking can via healing the sick, talking shit out before pulling out the fisticuffs and so on. Sure, I live up in here, but you know what that means? I'm the hard edge, I'm the steel hidden in the silk. I'm what keeps my softy of a Hostess from keeling over. In short, I'm what anime protagonists are made of. And hey, I'm a badass muthafucka, but I'll willing admit I'm not perfect. Kiddo here ain't perfect. We never will be, but that's what makes us human. And last I checked, it's the "consistently working at being good" thing that God really cared about, so go shut your haughty ass, uncle-fucking piehole before you try to school me on Our religion."

"Besides, Dude-bitch, if I got as much free reign as I wanted, PLENTY more would be regretting they crossed Our fine ass. But lemme tell you something, be motherfucking grateful. Praise whatever god you love that Our God-loving and fearing ass is the one coming to deal with you, because We could be SO much worse. In fact, We don't get any sort of intrinsic benefit to helping out your hostess; aside from the fact that it's the right thing to do. My Scaredy Cat Hostess might be a wimp, but I'll give her this: She don't give up on her principles, and We're gonna love and tolerate the hell out of you, motherfucker. Come on, Kiddo. Flurry the shit out of that door. Let's save dumb broad from herself. And, if you wanna be super awesome, quote Dio for me, will ya? It kinda fits with the situation"

Not even considering how little her hands had healed, Teri assumed the Fierce (Fire) Stance she had learned from Rugal, took in a deep breath, and began uttering a phrase, low at first, but it grew in intensity as the Cleric began to punch and kick the wall at an increasing rate, the phrase's repetition increasing as well before the Cleric finally drew her fist back and gave the wall one final blow, knocking the door down after it had been weakened by the others.

Slindis, being one of the two who had overseen Teri's training in the past week, recognized the behavior immediately. Why her student thought saying that a bunch of times aided in concentration, the Drow had no idea.

Training Room: Som, Angelus

Angelus gave an angry growl in Som's direction, and desperately wished she had her fire on her at that very moment, because she would have wiped that smug expression off of the Hunter's face, "You calling it mere 'magic' cheapens what the Fire is to me, human. The Fire is a part of me. It is as much 'me' as Breathing is to you, as flying is to the bird."
"It is as wallowing in filth is to of your kind."

Ah, that drated voice again. Angelus did as she could to block it out, pointing the blade in angry acknowledgement at Som, a gesture she was unintentionally miming from seeing many times in Caim's stead, "To mock it is to mock me. If we are to deal with Shadows alone, then I will be more than able to fend them off with myself and my Flames. This blade I will learn simply for the sake of defending against others like you, should that come to pass."

She put the blade away, and made a move to the door, "I, however, will move to a place where my mind can have peace, instead of continually bearing by your ignorant tongue."

Ah, the mark was sorely hit.

Shadow Realm:
Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie, Deadshot, Yu
This sort of song is good for Shadow Fights too

Effects and who has 'em.

Inspire Heroics: Until the fight is over, the group is more accurate, a little bit more durable and agile, more skilled, and unshakable in their resolve.

Who has it: Devon, Ella, Garm, Deadshot, Cadolbolg.

Ironskin Chant: Bolsters the defenses of his allies in the area. It won't outright stop more serious attacks, but they can sure take a beating.

Who has it: Devon, Ella, Garm, Deadshot, Cadolbolg, Yu

Inspires Courage: Causes allies to hit a lot harder, and makes them hold fast against any sort of fear effects.

Who has it: Ella, Garm, Cadolbolg, Yu.

Upon seeing Devon's last push to help the gropu, Garm's ears stayed perfectly up, bared his fangs, and barked at Yu, "Heal her. NOW! I will draw the beast's attention." before taking a firm and grounded stance in front of Annie's Shadow. His hackles raised, the wolf (and now fading Persona) readied himself to begin tanking whatever blows were going to come in Devon and Yu's way. Yu was almost reminded of his old friend Kanji Tatsumi when he saw how the wolf stalwartly and selflessly allow his body to become a shield for others.

Cadolbolg, on the other hand, was in the same camp as Ella, and feeling the fires of rage in his belly when he saw his bardic friend fall, "Devon! NO!"

Where he felt weak before, Cadolbolg did not care. As his Persona faded into the Aether again, the turtle dragon baby readied his blade-like tail over the Shadow's neck, and brought it down; wanting to cut the one who harmed the closest thing Cadolbolg had to an older brother.

Location - Shadow Realm: Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie, Deadshot, Yu
Intense Music!!

Upon impact, the kick was able to successfully send Devon flying which she soon passed out. When trying to gather the strength of standing up, she was soon met with a very angry Ella who landed alongside her shoulder and started stabbing that halbred into the closest area around the nape, getting a good slice into the skin past the muscle. Since the wound from Cadolbolg's Persona hasn't clearly healed up, this deeply pained the Shadow Annie thus she started desperately moving around to throw the girl off.

Before a hand could smack her off, Ella's Persona shot a bolt into the stomach of the Female Titan thus made her collapse back onto the floor when she couldn't even stand up in the first place. [Null] was also shooting around the wounded areas, knowing full well that it'll slow down the regeneration process at least.

Within a moment, her eye that was pumped with steam started to forge enough where she could see out of it. The baby turtle dragon was going to strike into her neck as well, but suddenly was grabbed by the hand where only Cadolbolg's head was sticking out. With a swift glance, the Titan rolled over which caused Ella to leave the Titan's body. By squatting, she looked at Cadolbolg, which then the thumb shifted over the dragon. The thumb was slowly lowering, pressing on Cadolbolg's head. If no one acted soon, she was going to crush Cadolbolg.

Vs Titan Shadow.
Yu Narukami, Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie and Deadshot.
Location: Shadow Zone

Yu's Music

Seeing how everyone was on full attack on the Titan Shadow, Yu nodded to them. Running over to the unconscious Devon he began to drag the girl away from battle, Izanagi was defending the two while pointing his giant blade towards the Shadow just in-case it tried something. "Dia." He said calmly, Izanagi waved his blades again and a healing spell was placed on Devon. Facing towards the Titan and battle, Yu called out to them. "I think it is time we ended this!" He said as another Arcana card appeared into his hand, crushing it once more Yu called to his persona.

"Izanagi, Tarukaja!" He said loudly, Izanagi waved his blade once more and a aura of enhanced damage flowed through everyone. A third card appeared and in the burning eyes of Yu, it was a attack. He was not going to allow this Shadow to hurt anyone no more.


Another Zio attack, except this time it came more from heart and with the increased damage of his previous spell, it turned this attack into a big one. Hoping for everyone else to end it, Yu stabbed his katana into the ground before tending back to Devon. "Finish it." He calmly said, he did not know if the Shadow had another trick up it's sleeve, but Yu had faith in his new found friends.

(Note: Izanagi has a strength for electricity and a weakness for wind.)

Storm, Alpha and a very drunk David.
Location: Rising Dawn | Medbay (Private room).

With the situation going from bad to worse, Storm regretted not telling Alpha to lock the door, now the drunken and depressed David West was resting upon his very so naked lover. David's speech was all slurred and Storm barely manage to understand much of it, but caught onto the part about "Angels", did David still think that Storm was an Angel? Sure he was working under them, but he wasn't an Angel himself.

Looking to the side of the room where the small bathroom was, Storm could see the clothes they had left behind during their 'moment'. With his mind in overdrive which was not good since he was still resting and all, Storm heard some things outside, so he decided to make David go outside. "David I know you have been through a lot, but I still think you should lift your chin up. There are many-" Storm started to talk but Alpha was poking him below.

"*Ahem* things you can do on here to make yourself happy. Also I think something is happening outside and they called your name ... I think somebody needs you." He smiled towards the drunken man. Hopefully he would leave and they can lock the door behind him.

Location - Shadow Realm: Yu, Annie, Deadshot, Devon, Ella, Cadolbolg, Garm
Continuing Yu's Music

Cadolbolg felt a mass amount of pressure on the head, a thumb that size caving in onto him. The Female Titan was not stopping to kill this little dragon until suddenly, Yu decided to act and save him.


A massive cut pierced the Female Titan, across half her face to mostly through the body. Lightning surged through the Shadow making her drop Cadolbolg just enough time for him to fly away. Since the stomach and mostly the chest was already damaged thanks to numerous attacks and [Null] blasting bullets to keep the wound open, suddenly the stomach had a wound deep enough from Izanagi's cut to have Annie herself slip out who was unconscious. Falling to the floor with a 'plop', Annie laid there peacefully with her eyes closed.

The Shadow Annie was out of it by this point. The face with a large cut between it, the stomach open with the chest having a large steam cloud filling the air, with all sorts of other regions letting off steam. Even her other eye hasn't completely regenerated. Since Annie was out safely, this would be the perfect time for everyone to go all out and finish off the Shadow.

Still, regardless of how weak the Titan was now... she looked down at the Annie below and slowly reached out for her, intending on having her back once more by perhaps swallowing her or deciding to finish her off.

In Pursuit of Constance: Rugal, Slindis, Teri, Jenny, Constance, Cz

"Nah, I'm good. Thanks for asking though." Rugal answered as he stepped out of the shower as the AI delivered both the medical equipment and the hair Bleach on his desk.
a few bandages and needles later, he got to doing his hair to reflect the "New" him.
Once he was done, he looked at the results with a satisfied smirk.
"Ahhhh...Perfect..." he said before changing into a new suit, though omitting the shirt and jacket.
"Sir, my counterpart has informed me of a possible Shadow attack in the Training room-" Dimitri then chimed, causing Rugal to freeze.
"Oh shit!" He then said before running off without so much as asking whom was being attacked.
Oh no you don't, I just got into this body... He thought as he made his way down there, seeing Teri attacking the door with her bare hands before breaking though it.
...Huh....Guess she did learn something after all... He mused as he walked into view, laughing and clapping his hands.

"Ahahahahahah....Now THAT! is how you fight! From now on, THAT'S HOW YOU FIGHT! YEAH!" he yelped with joy at his daughter's fighting prowess as the Drow showed up.
"Nothing in this world like seeing the fruits of your labor, eh Love? Alright, Teri, take a minute to heal up, you don't just punch down a metal door then act like it was nothing, least at first. Slin, with me." He said before entering the training room and the Shadow Realm.
"Alright, show yourself you little bastard..." He spoke, seemingly to the Shadow haunting Constance, least as far as they knew...

Jenny meanwhile was talking the longer, dirtier, harder and smellier away in, unaware that Teri was unable to break the door she couldn't get past.
Covering her mouth and nose as she crawled though the cramped vents, she kept trying to find a way in, wondering how the hell Melethia did this every day.

Storm, Alpha and a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very drunk David.
Location: Rising Dawn | Medbay (Private room).

The attempts to get David away from them weren't going very well as he wiped his tears off the quilt, pulling it ever so slightly over to him as he did.
"ahhhhh they kdon't pneed me. sure, what can i do that dyou can't? hell, what do i do here? ei just paid as wan envoy for Richie in UNIT and that's alll i do. fuck, Jenny sedo fuckuing more then ii do around e.h..e.r." He slurred more as he took another swig of his drink, spilling it down his neck in the process.
"Storm!....Stormy, Stormy, Stormy..." He started up again as he placed his hand on what he thought was Storm's knee, though the twitch and suppressed yelp on Alpha's part showed it was someplace else entirely.
"never....alnd vi pmean never! leqt anyvone taek uaway wahlt czha yba gtot mnan. in our lnnie ovf wodrk, o1 of 3 tnhigs can happen.
1. ye die!

2m. yoe becotme van tontal wasshole

or 4r. ycou nned up fading into insignificance . Like meh...." He spoke, revealing how much the former cocky Sniper had fallen, reduced to a sobbing drunken wreck with a HORRIBLE sense of timing.
"htere, hold ethis, i need to go Strain the Spuds." He finished as he handed Storm the bottle of...whatever the hell he was drinking (It was most likely from that broom closet he was in) before wandering off, barely able to stand upright.

It looked like it was over, that they would be able to get out of this situation before it got any worse, but unluckly for Storm and Alpha, "Strain the Spuds" was slang for taking a shit and thus, David wobbled into the Bathroom, locking it behind him as he did.

Rising Dawn: Med Bay: Slindis, Teri, Constance, Jenny, Cz

"Just because I'm willing to forgive you doesn't make you immediately atoned, Rugal. Don't forget that." For some reason, Rugal felt off - and not because of the hair. There were more important things to focus on, though.

Meanwhile, Sadei's response to Teri and Tama was brief as usual.. "Should work, Tama, and I'll change into that form when we get to the Shadow Zone."

Shadow Realm:
Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie, Deadshot, Yu
This sort of song is good for Shadow Fights too

Effects and who has 'em.

Inspire Heroics: Until the fight is over, the group is more accurate, a little bit more durable and agile, more skilled, and unshakable in their resolve.

Who has it: Devon, Ella, Garm, Deadshot, Cadolbolg.

Ironskin Chant: Bolsters the defenses of his allies in the area. It won't outright stop more serious attacks, but they can sure take a beating.

Who has it: Devon, Ella, Garm, Deadshot, Cadolbolg, Yu

Inspire Courage: Causes allies to hit a lot harder, even if it's bullets..

Who has it: Devon, Ella, Garm, Cadolbolg, Yu

To say that Ella was thoroughly done with this shit was an understatement, especially when it came to Cadolbolg being put in danger. "Didn't I tell you already, you dimwitted stripper?" Ella did another jump to catch Cadolbolg in her hair and pulled the trigger to that blasted Evoker to bring Ishtar forth again, but this time it responded with a blast of kinetic energy directed at the Shadow's arm.

"I'M who you should be focusing on. Guess I need to etch it in some of those muscles." Aiming to make her statement true, she thrust her halberd at the damaged Shadow's legs.

Finally, Yu saw Devon wake up again, and the first thing she did was reach for some of the rubble. "Didn't you hear me, Yu? Get Annie out of there. I'll even make sure her Shadow isn't able to see her......" With that, Devon staggered onto her feet as Mengde scowled, causing the rubble which seemed to burst into a shower of blinding golden lights.

Devon casts Glitterdust! It makes it nearly impossible for Annie's Shadow to hide, and there's another chance of blindness for the Shadow. Not really her day, is it?

Time until next level 2 spell: 30 seconds. Not much luck with those spells, huh?

Location: Training Rooms | Rising Dawn

Rugal | Slindis | Teri | Jenny | Constance | Cz

Cz caught up with the rest of the group a little bit after the door had fallen. She walked slowly not because she was trying to act cool, well some of it was, but because she couldn't actually manage a pace more intense than that. The world was a bit fuzzy, and the incessant ringing in her ears were grating her nerves. How could it be that her ocular and auditory sensors gave away at the same time. It had been hundreds of years since her last maintenance it nothing like this had ever happened, or even showed signs of happening.

She stalked up behind Teri as Rugal went into the training room, his macho gusto sending an aura of intensity through the air around him. Cz scowled, "The vampire girl... Constance... she's in there?" Cz pointed into the training room. There were bad vibes coming off of the area, she didn't need any sensors to tell her that. Simple logic processes sufficed.

She walked in after Rugal, "What is this whole thing about... this world is nothing but a whole heap of trouble."

In Pursuit of Constance: Rising Dawn Training Room Slindis, Teri, Jenny, Constance, Cz, Rugal

Although pleased about making her father figure proud, Teri couldn't help but let out a hiss of pain as she took off the gloves to inspect the damage done to her hands. After peeling off the gloves, she found that the bandages she had placed went right with them, exposing the already wounded knuckles to those who cared to look. Taking a deep breath, Teri walked in, answering Cz as she did, "We're about to fight one of the Shadows of our group members. It'll be tough, but we'll get through it."
"Actually, in all honesty, I'm a little scared. I haven't been in a fight without Garm in a long time."
"Pfft, we got Mum, Dad, Jen and this kid; not to mention your's truly, Munchkin and Dimitri. We'll be fine. Now, you gonna whine, or are you gonna get in there and make Mum and Dad even more proud? Summon me, and let's kick some ass!"

After walking into the zone, Teri called out, "Toyotama-hime, come."
A Tarot Card descended in front of the Cleric, to which she punched, and her Persona descended upon the group in a thin cloud of mist. The familiar sensation of Teri's healing Aura washed over the group as Toyotama floated behind her user, her grip tight on the trident in anticipation of what was to come (even ).
"Get them gloves on quick. Shit's gonna get nasty before it gets better."

Shadow Realm:
Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie, Deadshot, Yu
This sort of song is good for Shadow Fights too

Effects and who has 'em.

Inspire Heroics: Until the fight is over, the group is more accurate, a little bit more durable and agile, more skilled, and unshakable in their resolve.

Who has it: Devon, Ella, Garm, Deadshot, Cadolbolg.

Ironskin Chant: Bolsters the defenses of his allies in the area. It won't outright stop more serious attacks, but they can sure take a beating.

Who has it: Devon, Ella, Garm, Deadshot, Cadolbolg, Yu

Inspires Courage: Causes allies to hit a lot harder, and makes them hold fast against any sort of fear effects.

Who has it: Ella, Garm, Cadolbolg, Yu.

Cadolbolg clung to Ella's head, quailing from his near death experience as Ella continued summoning her Persona; unable to concentrate on anything but holding on for dear life. Even as a hardened warrior, nearly losing the life of himself and his Pact Partner's in one fell swoop had rendered him terrified.

Garm, seeing that Yu had left Annie's Shadow next to incapacitated, and the possessor of Shadow about to get ingulfed, called to his Persona once more, "Get back! Gelert, keep it at bay!"

With the collar Evoker activating, the armored Persona appeared once more, and launched it's ice shards at the Shadow's face while the wolf did his best to drag Annie away from the Shadow.

Outside the Shadow Zone: Mitsuru, Deadshot, Shadow Operatives

After Deadshot exited the portal, he found himself dog-piled by a group of Shadow Operatives, each trying to hold back a limb as Mitsuru walked forward, the frown on her face evident before speaking in harsh tones, "So, Deadshot, I do hope you're happy with yourself. In abandoning your comrades, you have condemned three of them to near death, and ALL of them: mortal injury and possible psychological fracture, including two who reasonably counts as a MINORS. What have you to say for yourself?"

Location - Shadow Realm: Yu, Garm, Deadshot, Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg, Annie
Let's Settle This Music

Annie lying on the floor with her drifting in her sleep, the Shadow leaned more forward with the hand overshadowing Annie's body. She intended on grabbing Annie whether it was to capture her again or finally kill her off. Fortunately, she never got the chance as Ella moved in with her Persona firing a kinetic shot at the arm. Since the shoulder had a deep cut already, firing such a blast caused the arm to fly off into the distance.

With no delay, the Female Titan hurried to retreat from anything else but when she managed to pull up.. she was met with Ella diving her halbred across the legs which ran deep enough for the Female Titan to fall forward- only to catch herself with an elbow to the floor supporting the body. Garm did not delay for he called upon his Persona, causing the ice shards to fly into the Shadow's face. Most hit around the mouth and sides of nose, but one directly hit the eye that was visible so she couldn't see out of that one.

When the other eye had finally regenerated to see... Devon had done his handy work of causing a flash that blinded the titan. There was no possible way from getting out of this, being so wounded and remained deaf, blind (again), almost paralyzed and worst of all, losing Annie herself... it made the Female Titan slowly lower herself with hair covering the Shadow's face. She was defeated, unable to carry on. With Garm tugging Annie's collar to carry her to safety, Annie suddenly started opening her eyes. From the Shadow being beaten by the crew, Annie was no longer submerged in darkness.

"... Hu... what? Wh.. where am I?" Annie asked, only for Garm to let her go once the cost was clear. She shifted upwards, while still sitting and realized the situation overall. It would seem that the crew has rescued her from Annie's own Shadow. The girl couldn't believe it, the look on her face from realization that despite the god awful truth about her... they stayed and fought. She also noticed how the Shadow was heavily damaged in all regions, with steam coming off the cuts and the face having ice shards sticking in.. with the stomach open and a missing right arm.

"..." Her gaze looked down, noticing how her emotions were under control once again. For some reason, she felt guilt, or rather bad about the Shadow before her being left in such a state. Looking at Garm, with a sad expression she stated, "... Thank you, for... recovering me. But, I don't think I should leave things the way they are. I'm going to deal with this myself." With that, she got up and walked towards the Female Titan. Although the Shadow was blind, deaf, unable to move, her head looked up towards Annie's location. It seemed she was aware Annie was confronting her.

Suddenly, the body dissolved with a shadowy aura looping over the area... and once more it was just Annie's Shadow being the identical version of Annie with those yellow eyes, gray sweater and exact resemblance of the human girl before her.

...Touching Music for Moments Like This

The Shadow that has reverted to the human form had a very saddened expression, one where the heart is breaking down.
"Annie.. I don't understand you. After all of what you've gone through and me alongside you, the only one who really understands you... you reject me. My entire existence is just a teratoid, the appearance of some monster that you just want to go away."

Annie may of seemed troubled, but surprisingly her expression was calm with a soft tone. It sounded like she was coming clean with herself. "No... if anything, i'm a monster. I'm a terrible human being, and you're... just someone who had to be part of that. Rather then admitting to the truth, I embarked on doing everything in my power to push away the facts and act 'good' for the sake of my reputation with the crew. Even now, if they see me as the worst case scenario for a human being... I wouldn't blame them. I've done such horrid things in my line of work that even Rugal would be justified... in ..." The thought of torture and waterboarding made her slightly flinch, but she clenched her fist. There was no way she was going to back out now.

Looking at her Shadow, she came closer face to face.
"Annie... you might be the dark side of me, something I never wanted to reveal to anyone. But, I was wrong... there's no denying it. What you said to me, about my actions, about my ill nature... it's true. I do want to break apart humanity and punish them for everything they've done towards me, my kin. They simply don't understand what they've done to our village or how they've affected my life, my dad's life... my friends' lives."


Annie slowly had tears roll down from her cheeks, with no way of preventing her emotions from leaking out despite speaking calmly even still. "If you are me.. you know that I want to be 'good'. I don't want to put up an act and deceive anyone or make them hate me. Back then, I wouldn't care what people thought since I placed my objectives over everyone's lives... but, the course of months training with them made me happy. I was happy to have friends, to know they're actually nothing of the people that ruined my life. I still however, carried out the strategy for revenge and ended up ruining lives. I murdered Marko, slaughtered the squad closest to Eren... I mislead everyone who trusted me with their very lives, I took away a member of the Rising Dawn's, and as I stand here... I was going to eventually leave this world and manage to wipe out mankind in my world."

A pause was between the two, only for Annie to place a hand on the Shadow's arm. ".. I'm a bad person. Who tells someone that's been a part of themselves they shouldn't exist? .. Seems I am not meant to be a 'good' person despite how badly I want to be something better then I am now." The Shadow Annie seemed hurt to hear Annie's words with the face of slight surprise mixed with a saddened vibe around it. Perhaps she fully understood where Annie was coming from and was experiencing the exact emotion too.

".. You are me. I am you.. it doesn't matter what I felt before. I'll never change if I keep this up. Deep down, I do want to carry my plans and bring an end to civilization behind the walls. No longer having the weak get swept by those who are rich and categorizing people as property or worthlessness. Yet, at the same time... it's tearing me apart. Honestly, I don't know how anyone could live in a world filled with corruption and the majority of humanity doing nothing in terms of selflessness."

Hearing this from Annie herself, the Shadow's eyes were watering up. The very words of being told 'You are me' suddenly showed in the Annie Shadow's facial expression. It was as if a wave of relief and lightening surfaced through the Shadow's body. "Humanity is incongruous. It will always be that way Annie, for I know you. The struggles and torment that society has placed you through with the events that stripped you of your homeland. So... if that's the case Annie, why would you even consider being good? Why be a generous soul when you're fully aware of the stygian truth?"

Before the Shadow knew it though, she felt something wrap around her. It wasn't an embracing hug, but rather a comforting gripe over her body that Annie commenced. While hugging her Shadow slightly, Annie held her eyes closed while expressing herself the best she could in answering the question. ".. The Rising Dawn showed me otherwise. Despite of my actions of stealing their relic, doing away with their crew member, massacring a city's population in attempts to escape... they've tolerated me. The crew did not approve of what Rugal did in nearly killing me, instead they offered me a chance of being 'good'. The Doctor healing me rather then punishing me. Devon escorting me to the brig, attending a nice meal with her which led to us taking a picture. Teri wanting to change my ways and putting up with my cold nature. Even Deadshot, who's self esteem rests on the hands of money... has thrown himself to take fire upon his body so I wouldn't get burned. Never have I felt so touched before, nor have I met people such as them. This is why I want to be 'good' because the Rising Dawn has shown me I can have faith in humanity."

Barely able to keep silence to herself, the Shadow Annie had tears strolling down with eyes slightly lit up. The little lights in her pupils was a sign of being moved, of being caught off guard. Having Annie say such things was like being carried out of the dark depths of the bottomless void and into a peaceful place brimming with light. With the Shadow now closing her eyes.. she smiled and hugged Annie back with more tears coming down. Suddenly, she was highlighted in blue and starting to fade out only to spark into a card in which Annie extended her hand to see what it was.

It seemed to be very unique, the meaning of the card applying to Annie's character, the Strength Arcana Tarot Card.

Within seconds, it transformed into blue orbiting lights that sinked into Annie, the atmosphere around her lighting up in the blue aura only for it to fade out eventually as well. Once it was done, she slumped down onto her knees and hugged her own arms, feeling she was at last in peace with herself but tired out nether the less from all of this.

Storm, Alpha and a very X100 drunk David.
Location: Rising Dawn | Med-bay (Private room).

After the drunkard David walked into the private room's bathroom, the couple gave a sigh of relief. Yet they needed a plan so they would not be discovered. Alpha jumped out of the bed due to anxiety or a hint of anger towards David for getting drunk again, she knows what he does and so does every other AI on this ship. "I swear if he touches me again and I'll have every turret on this ship aimed at his ... his ... nether regions!" She said in a very annoyed voice but in the tiny volume of a whisper.

It seemed she was angered at David for ruining the good moment. Storm was the same but on a lower scale, sure he was annoyed that David ruined this moment, but he feels sorry for the guy since he knows his past and background from various of dossiers by Angel spies. Yet, Storm figured that something bad happened during this port and he would not find out due to not being in a hundred percent condition and also that he was not involved in this at all.

Making up a plan, Storm threw the sheet towards Alpha. "What is this for?" She asked with interest, Storm smiled a tad before reverting to more of a serious facial expression. "Hide yourself with this and run down to the room, I'll gather your clothes later and bring them to you." The injured Spartan said to the AI. "But ... but, there might be people around." She said in embarrassment as she lowered the caught sheet which drew Storm's attention to another place.

Turning away quickly, the Spartan began to put on his patient gown which laid on the floor. "Well ... it is either that or stay here with him and listen to his ramblings." He whispered back with a impish smile. Growing red, Alpha admitted her defeat before opening the door. The Med-Bay was actually empty, she was sure that she heard some voices outside earlier. Focusing on the task at hand, she gave a blow kiss to the Spartan as she made her quick escape, she went as far as to even temporarily turn off some of the ships cameras so she can avoid all shame.

Arriving to their room she opened it quickly, closed it, locked it and hid under their queen sized bed's sheets due to embarressment. The Spartan on the other hand has to do the same run, except with the patient gown, although being an honorable soldier he is, Storm decided to lay back on the bed and waited for David to finish. The bad thought of what would happen if Storm wasn't their came into mind.

Vs Titan Shadow.
Yu Narukami, Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie and Deadshot.
Location: Shadow Zone

Yu's Music

Walking over to the slumped Annie on the floor, Yu looked at the fading card. "That is a Persona, not just any Persona, but it is your Persona. Take care of it and use it for the purposes you stand up for. Just remember that a shadow still lurks in all of us, but remember that we all have friends that support us." Yu said as his own Persona Izanagi faded away from behind him. Turning around he began to examine the scene, surprisingly this place actually did not turned into a different environment.

Remembering a fact that somebody mentioned, a dark feeling overwhelmed Yu about the last person who they had not found yet. "Kirijo-san, we have finished our battle here with the Shadow but we still have not located the last member of the group who came here ... I still have a bad feeling that there is another shadow lurking in him." He called out into nothing, hoping that Mitsuru would say something.

Little did they know that he was right, another shadow was in the area. It was the shadow of the Doctor, and it was a smart one, it awaited for it's victims. Picking up his double handed katana, Yu Narukami looked forward into the darkness of this place, another enemy awaited for him.

The Lone psycho Wanderer.
Location: Shadow Zone (?)

A couple of minutes have forwarded after the first illusion assault the Shadow caused. "Why ... why do you want to do this!?" The Armoured yet helmet-less Doctor called out to his clone of a Shadow behind him. "It's simple, I just want to kill everyone in horrible ways ... just ... like you." The Shadow cackled behind him, the real Doctor could feel the Shadow's smile burrow into him. The Shadow itself could feel that the main group had finished their battle with another Shadow, soon his plan would come into action.

"No, I'm not like that ... you are not-GAAAAH" The Wanderer was trying to say the magic words when more mental images assaulted his brain, they were images of his own death, ways that he could not possibly imagine. "Uh, uhh, uhhh ... it is not time to say the magic words." The Shadow spoke again, the real Doctor was practically broken by now, he had fallen under the will of his captor and danced like a puppet on the strings of his evil side. Soon the man and Shadow came up to a different looking part of this weird world, it began to look like an abandoned hospital with beds, gowns and equipment littered everywhere ... even some bodies lied on the floor.

"Where are we?" The Doctor asked in a pained voice before being kicked from behind. "Silence dog ... we are in the world created by your nightmare ego, this is MY world! Now my love, I shall soon give you the most lovely death." He stroked the Doctor's chin before pushing him violently and once more yelling at him. The Shadow was both in love with his host and yet wanted to kill him, it was insanity. The two were actually walking towards the Operation Room of this weird hospital world.

Rising Dawn: Training Room/Shadow Realm Rugal Slindis, Teri, Constance, Jenny, Cz

"Well, If that's the case, then I better get to work on that, eh?" Rugal winked towards the Drow, cementing the fact that something was rather off about the Captain.
"Heed Teri's words Cz, Ain't no way in hell this Shadow is getting off the hook..." He then added as he confidently strided though the darkness, unfazed by it.
".....Well!?....Aren't you going to greet us?!....Or would you rather hide in the darkness like the coward you are!?" He shouted provokingly at the darkness, prompting the sound of crashing metal nearby.
"There we go..." He chuckled elderly as he jogged over to where the sound came from.
Didn't get the hint the first time, did ya?...*I'M* in control... He thought as he found a pile of metal panels on the floor.
Kicking them over, he found Jenny underneath them, coughing from the stench in the vents.
"You?...Goddamn it...Grrrr, Stick close...It's still in here..." He coldly said as the Pokemon picked herself up.
"H-how did you guys get in?..." She asked confused as she dusted herself off a little from the dirty vent she used to get into the training room.

Outside the Shadow Zone: Mitsuru, Deadshot, Shadow Operatives

"Oh Thank be to fucking Christ above!" Deadshot shouted as he re-entered reality, leaving the darkness of the Shadow Realm behind.
Only to be instantly dog-piled by a bunch of suit wearing linebackers.
"Owoowo-Hey-get your hands off m-OW! Arms don't bend that-OWWWW-OKAYOKAYOKAYOKAY-MERCYMERCY, SUBMIT AND....shit..." He cried in pain as his handlers kept him in place for Mitsuru to chew him out.
"So, Deadshot, I do hope you're happy with yourself. In abandoning your comrades, you have condemned three of them to near death, and ALL of them: mortal injury and possible psychological fracture, including two who reasonably counts as a MINORS. What have you to say for yourself?"
"A few things actually.
1. One of those minors turns into Godzilla....just saying.
2. Said minor was an asshole who wanted to kill off the human race. Like ALL of it. She wasn't even getting paid to do so, just doing it for kicks! So fuck her, I mightn't be a nice guy, but I'm not THAT bad.
3. I wouldn't really call them "comrades", hell, a week ago, we were trying to kill each other. I'm only here because I was their POW.
4. ...How the fuck do you fit into that Catsuit?..."
Deadshot then asked, clearly starting at Mitsuru's choice of attire.

"I mean, On a drunken bet once, I tried to get into one of those suits, nearly lost my damn leg due to the lack of circulation. I mean, DAMN, I can't even see a zipper anywhere! Do you just, like, do one of those trippy Magical Anime Girl suit up montages every morning or do you just show up to work naked and they just paint it on?..."
Needless to say, everyone in the room was staring at Deadshot now.
"...What?...We're all fucking thinking it! Sheesh, where is your damn Y Chromosome, guys?..."

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