The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Location: Tiberium Labs / Characters: Miia, The Batter

"Pu-purify what!??" The Batter heard as he raised his bat over his head only to bring it down on one of the creature's heads, or at least what he assumed was its head. The Add On's had taken a slight beating and he was slightly hurt but he was doing fine in thinning their numbers.

He hadn't noticed Miia's ordeal with the creature or her climbing up the pole until the creatures had knocked it over. He immediately locked onto her position and began heading towards her before he was cut off. The Batter growled as he yelled out. "Omega, Epsilon, protect her!" The two Add-Ons immediately dart over to the creatures surrounding her. The immediately cut through the enemies. The Batter feels a sharp pain as one of the creatures cuts him along his back. He immediately whirls around and bats it to the side. "Alpha! Long chain!" He orders as he fights off another creature. Alpha immediately whirls in circles before slicing through multiple enemies at once.

Location: Tiberium Labs / Characters: Miia, The Batter

The Batter had thought that his two Add-Ons had failed him at first as he crushed the skull of another creature. He couldn't hear anything coming from her anymore as he used "Run with Courage" to smash through multiple enemies at once. These creatures appeared to be endless, much like the spectres of his home. He had multiple tears and scratches running down his body but most of the damage were to his Add-Ons. Then he heard a screech as the girl yelled out.


The Batter could only afford a glance the girl's way and saw her crushing one of the creatures to death. To be perfectly honest he wasn't sure why she hadn't done that to him. His momentary distraction cost him in the form of a slash across his face. The Batter stumbles for only a moment as Alpha covers him and tears the creature apart. "Save Secret Base." The Batter says as his cuts glow and eventually disappear along with most of the damage to his Add-Ons.

The Batter cursed the fact that he was already at half strength but continued to plow through the creatures still coming at them. The Batter was never known to flee however and persisted in his efforts to "purify" everything.

Location: Tiberium Labs / Characters: Miia, The Batter

"This is getting ridiculous." The Batter thought as he bashed another creature's skull in. There seemed to be a never ending onslaught of the bug things. He needed to figure something out because his Add-Ons were starting to get warn down again. Not to mention how he himself was doing. The Batter wasn't planning on dying today however and kept swinging.

The Batter could hear the girl's panic somewhere in the crowd but couldn't currently identify where at. He grunted as another sliced his back and he whirled it around to knock it away. He needed a plan, he couldn't fight all of them like this. He felt the girl press up to his back but didn't acknowledge her presence as he listened to her say something about getting out of this. The Batter sighed and was about to reply when he felt her tail snake around him. "Aaauauhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .. ... . .. T-TAKE THIS!!!"

The Batter was lifted off his feet as he went hurtling at the creatures. Easily knocking them over and earning him a few more bruises. He heard something along the lines of an apology but couldn't make anything out through the headache as she dragged him back over to her and hung him upside down. He was disorientated but managed to swing his bat upside down and hit a Zerg.

He heard her mutter what was most likely an apology as she set him down. He finally got to his feet and called his Add-Ons over to him and they began bashing more Zergs before Miia said. "Okay but we really, REALLY need to come up with a plan. I can't afford to die here and lose everything!"

The batter agreed with her on that point at least. He turned to her and replied. "I'll create an opening to that door. Follow me." This sentence was soon followed by him saying. "Run with Belief." He seemed to pull a baseball from nowhere and tossed it into the air before hitting it and causing a small explosion as it went forth and blew through the enemies. The explosions caused some enemies to attack each other, some to get stuck in some weird glue like material, and others simply died from the impact. It left a clear hole to the door and The Batter immediately ran towards it.

Misunderstood Intentions
Location: Black Mesa
Certa amittimus dum incerta petimus

Fateless Child

Huh. What was that. Strange. Niflheim shook his head. His skin shimmered in the faint light as he shivered. Explosions. But no registered users are in that area of the complex. He raised his head. His neck extended, he moved his head back and forth as if he were a radio dish. Dimensional interference field. Recent too. Ill tidings.

He turned toward the Iron Queen, Elise, and Blade - having taken note that Isaneo had left on his own earlier - and spoke softly, "I have reason to believe that there are people in need of assistance." He paused, "One of them is a rather unique creature... the other is a Lamia. They are rather distressed." He paused. There was a lull in his processes. His heart burned. What a strange feeling. "They are in the Tiberium Storage Facility at the moment. I will go ahead and receive them. I will catch up soon."

Niflheim collapsed into himself, turning into a black shadow, and moved away at incredible speeds. He weaved through hallways, down through air vents and across crevices too small for a human eye to see. But he was there, this intangible implacable shadow.

He arrived. Radiation readings. Heavy metals. Precious metals. Traces of plutonium. This is an artificial material. Niflheim set down and his body coiled back into form. Thick musculature around a single flexible spine. He rose. His body a serpent, touched by green light and his skin abyss black.

As he finished forming the Batter jumped over him and tumbled onto the floor, casting a wary eye at the serpent-creature.

Niflheim scattered dust into the air and lit them up like fireflies. The lights scattered the radiation from the Tiberium crystals.

Ouroboros! He spoke forcefully. "THOUSAND COILS OF THE HUNGRY SERPENT"Then he coiled his body around and let loose a barrage of shadows, both physical and illusory against the ceiling above. The ceiling collapsed and blocked the doorway. The insulation above was exposed, crisscrossed with wires and metal.

His body collapsed again and he reformed himself into his humanoid shape. His single green eye flared in the dark of the room. "Pleasure," he said. There was a long pause, "to meet you." His voice dimmed to a kindly tone. "I am the AI complement to the Rising Dawn reactive subsystem construct." Niflheim paused for a moment before giving his name. My name. "You may refer to me as Black Heart." It's not really my name. He eyed the batter suspiciously. "Welcome to our broken world."

He looked back toward the collapsed entrance. There were two living creatures in there. A Lamia, and an Observer. Heh.

Location: Tiberium Labs / Characters Niflheim, Miia, The Batter, Tobi?

The Batter hadn't heard what the girl had said before the explosion but he was definitely satisfied with the results as he sped through the door. A few had scraped and scratched The Batter and he ended up tackling one of the Zerg. He failed to notice the girl being dragged away however as he fought off more Zerg. Soon enough his battered Add-Ons joined him in fighting off the creatures.

The Batter spotted Miia being harassed by the Zerg but was cut off by more of them. He watched as the Zerg immediately began cutting into her. The Batter did his best to beat the Zerg out of the way but it was for naught and he watched as... All the Zerg got cut into pieces? It was only then that he spotted the figure standing next to her. Definitely strong and he wasn't even able to sense whoever it was right away. Definitely a threat.

It was then he was knocked back by one of the creatures. As he flew through the air, he noticed a snake like creature before he landed. He was just barely able to land on his feet. Making it almost seem like he meant to do that. He then spotted the new entity shout. "THOUSAND COILS OF THE HUNGRY SERPENT!" Only a few short moments later and the entire area was torn apart as the Zerg were too.

"Adversaries purified."

The creature turned to him and said. "Pleasure," There was a pause before it continued. "to meet you." The Batter barely even noticed it had formed into a humanoid shape as he immediately went to the collapsed doorway and tried to figure out a way to get back to the girl.

"I am the AI complement to the Rising Dawn reactive subsystem construct. You may refer to me as Black Heart. Welcome to our broken world."

The Batter only half listened to the AI. Not really understanding what an "AI" was in the first place. He turns to it and says. "I need a way back in there now."

Misunderstood Intentions
Location: Tiberium Lab | Black MESA
Certa amittimus dum incerta petimus

Fateless Child

"You worry?" Niflheim said softly. Strange for such a creature as yourself. He closed his eye and stalked toward the door, placing a hand on it. "Well, the danger is passed. I suppose there is no harm in it."

"Gleaming Fang!"

In an instant the rubble cleared the two stood in a room filled with blood and ichor. The wrought carapace of the Zerg swarm lay in waste over glowing green Tiberium. His fireflies cast a dimmer yellow light that illuminated the darkness. That faint light had cast a tranquil glow over the two figures standing amidst the carnage. Niflheim set the fireflies to work, metabolizing the special biomatter found in the chitin of the Zerg while he waved his hand toward Miia and Ryan.

"You worry overmuch," Niflheim said loudly. His voice echoed in the still room. "Master Author, I did not have you noted as one wanting of such theatrics. Something about this Lamia compels you to such romantic action?"

Location: Tiberium Labs / Characters: Black Harte, The Batter, Miia, Ryan

The Batter heard the AI say. "You worry?" What was the AI pointing out? What did this being know about his existence already? Would he be a threat? Only time would tell. "Well, the danger is passed. I suppose there is no harm in it." This was soon followed by.

"Gleaming Fang!"

There was a rather large explosion and the entrance to the room was granted to The Batter. The Batter was now completely covered in blood as he stepped into the room. He walked up to the duo as Black Harte said. "You worry overmuch. Master Author, I did not have you noted as one wanting of such theatrics. Something about this Lamia compels you to such romantic action?"

The Batter took in the new figure. He threw around a few of the words Black Harte used like "Master Author" and the fact that the girl was apparently a "Lamia." He threw around the words as the girl began panicking about the the word "Romantic." It didn't really matter to him until he was brought back into reality by Ryan trying to disguise himself as this Madara only to have his disguise ruined by the AI.

"Anyhow, like I said .. . all will be revealed in due time. We really need to leave pronto, and I do advise you keep your voice down. Screaming will only attract more unwanted attention. Speaking of company-" It was only towards the end of his sentence that The Batter realized what was coming. "You have my thanks for keeping Miia safe. I doubt I would of made it in time to her if you hadn't stalled the Hydralisks. What name do you go by, if you don't mind me asking?" So the creatures were called Hydralisks? He'd have to remember that for later. He stared at the man for a few moments. Sizing him up in silence before replying with two words.

"The Batter."

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Airship Rising Dawn
A Falling Star

A woman fell from the sky. Unaware of her apparent peril her eyes were closed as the air tore at her skin, at the fabric of her black garments as they attempted to rip them from her body. She was unconscious of course. A fall from that height would have teased out a scream or limb flailing at the very least.

Aboard the Airship Rising Dawn, the radar tracked an inbound object traveling at terminal velocity, closing in on the Airship's super structure. The alarms sounded loudly, warning any on board that they were about to get hit.


The woman's body, which should have splattered across the frame of the mammoth flying fortress instead breached the ship's armor and made a woman sized hole in the ceiling of the top most level of the Airship. Additional alarms sounded as the ship's Artificial Intelligences took stock of the damage and noted that it was minimal. They also noted the biological signature of an unknown person on board the Airship.

"Uhhhhhhh..." The woman groaned briefly as she continued to breath slowly and rhythmically. The A.I.s noted that the wounds she'd sustained by her crash through the roof were healing at an astounding rate and the fact that the woman still had a gigantic halberd clenched in one of her hands.

Running a brief search through various databases, A.I. Vermilion was able to locate an old file for someone named Rory Mercury.

Misunderstood Intentions
Location: Tiberium Lab | Black MESA
Certa amittimus dum incerta petimus

(Why I constantly rewrite that instead of just using a macro is beyond me.)
Fateless Child

"Far be it from my intention to ruin your cosplay session Master Ryan," Niflheim said politely. and somewhat sarcastically. He lowered himself as the fireflies began to funnel back toward his body, each bringing a small load of priceless materia to his body. His body lit up like a glowstick as he metabolized the Zerg's parting gift. "Childish indulgences aside, we are in a very precarious position. The entire area is still unstable - the Dimensional Interference Field that Albert Wesker invoked is still rewriting reality as it sees fit. It be best that we rejoin with a group to assize our own stability."

Not to mention that this place is full of radioactive materia that will render you two infertile.

"It is possible for me to extract the non-combatant to the Rising Dawn, or if you'd rather - I could just bring everyone back to meet with with Master Blade, the Iron Queen, and Spider bitch." Niflheim paused after the last one. His eye blinked twice. That was unexpected. "Excuse me, I mean Mistress Elise. I am... unsure of why that slipped out. Nevertheless if Mistress Miia's health is of any concern to you - especially her reproductive capability - then I urge us to leave immediately."

Black Mesa: Executive Helipad: Wesker

There was a trio of lone NOD soldiers nervously waiting at one of the "Quieter" parts of the base, each one of them the sole survivors of their units and all huddled close to each other as they awaited their orders.
"Come on....Man, we should retreat! We can't take all this shit on by ourselves!"
"Shut it! We're following our orders and that's that."
"Seriously, look around. Dr. Birkin is dead, Dr. Zero has been captured and I think Kane might actually be dead this time as well. We need to get the hell out of dodge and now! And fuck these orders anyway! We've been waiting here since the base went to shit. How the hell does that help anyth-"
Their conversation was cut short when a bolt of green lighting appeared before them, each one of them pulling their weapons and nervously aiming them at whatever was coming out.
A blonde man dropped out, landing on all fours in a practiced manner and exhaling deeply before slowly standing up.
Right as he did that, he quickly brought his hand to his watch to stop a timer before commenting "Hm...7 minutes ahead of estimate. New record...".
Glancing over to the confused soldiers, he then ordered "There is a transport craft that is unlisted in the Executive hanger. Get it up and running. We're leaving now."
With that said, he began phase 2 of this man as he brought up his PDA and began to send a transmission to NORAD.

"This is Doctor William Birkin. Black Mesa has fallen, Repeat, Black Mesa has fallen. Execute protocol "Nuclear Raccoon" Authorization Pass-phase: Complete. Global. Saturation."

After he said that, there was a slight delay before his PDA lit up and he let out a coy grin...

Rising Dawn: Hanger: Kazuya, Violet

Kazuya was watching closely as the group began to rejoin each other as the storm seemed to settle, least in the sense that it "Peaked" and the worst was now over.
But no sooner did that concern fade, a new one began as one of his men's faces went totally pale.
"...S-sir...I'm detecting an a lot of comm chatter from the base. Something called "Nuclear Raccoon" has been activat-....Oh shit...We're detecting a nuclear launch in the Eastern Coast! They are going to nuke the entire area!"
Pacing over and nearly knocking the man out of his chair, Kazuya looked at the screen with an expression of shock.
"...So this was his plan all along...VIOLET! GET THE PRESIDENT ON THE LINE! We need to stop that missile!" He screamed at violet before quickly getting on the communication rig and sending out the following message to everyone on the ground.

"Attention all points, Wesker has managed to call in a nuclear strike to take out the base. You need to find him and capture him before the Missile lands. He's our only lead to Bison. we're doing everything we can our end to delay the missile, but you need to hurry. Drop everything and find the bastard before this entire place turns into a massive smoking crater!"

Black Mesa: Armory: Katya

Once she managed to get into the network, she had access to all of the camera's on the base, least what was left of them anyway, guess the portal mishap might have knocked a few security systems offline.
Either way, she could see it all, Caim and Zero fighting, Edge's possible sexual assault charge, Saxton's beating, but most importantly, she finally was able to get a read on Wesker's location.
Not long after she managed to get a read on him however, she was blasted with a mertic ton of warning alerts as "Nuclear Raccoon" was activated.
Thankfully, Kazuya was nice enough to explain what that was:
"Attention all points, Wesker has managed to call in a nuclear strike to take out the base. You need to find him and capture him before the Missile lands. He's our only lead to Bison. we're doing everything we can our end to delay the missile, but you need to hurry. Drop everything and find the bastard before this entire place turns into a massive smoking crater!"

Least with her map online, she could forward the other Rising Dawn members the information and lead them in the right direction.

Black Mesa: NOD Barracks: Nadalia, Elise, Blade

" should keep at those English lessons you are talking, Nadalia. I feel you have quite a ways to go yet before-"

"Attention all points, Wesker has managed to call in a nuclear strike to take out the base. You need to find him and capture him before the Missile lands. He's our only lead to Bison. we're doing everything we can our end to delay the missile, but you need to hurry. Drop everything and find the bastard before this entire place turns into a massive smoking crater!"

Kazuya's statement sucked all the air out of the room as Blade's expression quickly changed to one of "Oh Shit" once the notion of incoming nuclear death made it into his mind.
"...Right, Everyone behind me. Katya! Directions, NOW!" He quickly barked before taking off in a sprint, parkour'ing his way along the battle torn hallways as he lead the way to the Helipad (provided they could keep up).

Wanderer and Old Young(?) West.
Location: not Dystopian future | Tiberium Refinery Complex.
Less-Serious song

"...Well, nice to know that your social graces are a good as ever...Now throw me a stimpak, my head is killing me..." David groaned, not even wanting to answer what the hell that statement he made was supposed to be.
Once he was lobbed over one, he quickly jammed it into his neck artery and let out a sigh of relief as it's contents entered his bloodstream.
"ohhhhh.....thats-....MUCH better...Hey, where'd you get that gun?..." He then said upon noticing Wanderer's new magnum, casually discarding the needle once he was done with it.
"Attention all points, Wesker has managed to call in a nuclear strike to take out the base. You need to find him and capture him before the Missile lands. He's our only lead to Bison. we're doing everything we can our end to delay the missile, but you need to hurry. Drop everything and find the bastard before this entire place turns into a massive smoking crater!"

"...Well, that's just great, now ain't it?..." David groaned as he got back on his feet.
Thankfully, Katya's efforts allowed her to find the both of them via the security and lead them to Wesker's Location.

Merlin 'n co Vs [Mech-Zangief.]
Location: Black Mesa | Fury's Core.

The Mech marched onward, even after the bridge was severed and it was slow to pick up on the fact that it was in fact in danger as the bridge gave way and he plunged into the lava below, right as the timer hit 0.
As the machine slowly descended into the lava, a small audio clip played: "YOU'RE WINNER!...Is-...okay. I do better"
While it was sinking, the machine reached down to his belt before unclipping the massive "Z" Emblem he had and throwing it towards the group, as if they won a prize.

Loot Get! Essence of Soviet Steel: Become immune to damage for a short duration and reduce your speed by about 80% while you have it active

The last they saw of the Mecha was when it's hand poked out from the lava, giving them a thumbs up while it's audio device said "Now, Message from Propaganda Ministry..." before it was completely submerged in the roaring hot river below.

Location: Tiberium Labs / Characters: Miia, Black Harte, Tobi A.K.A. Ryan, The Batter

Seeing as how the being in front of him was no longer addressing him, The Batter went back to glancing around in a bored fashion. Not really caring but to pay attention to the bare minimum. Which was in his situation, an unstable area that was dangerous and radioactive materia could stop fertility. The latter hardly mattered to The Batter as he stood there and waited patiently. "It is possible for me to extract the non-combatant to the Rising Dawn, or if you'd rather - I could just bring everyone back to meet with with Master Blade, the Iron Queen, and Spider bitch."

The Batter actually paid attention to that. What was the "Rising Dawn" this being spoke of? It was only then he noticed the expression on Miia's face. He had to force himself not to sigh as she-


"Damn that girl." He thought to himself as he simply stared at her.

"Now now ... you're not infertile unless you stay here for a few more hours. We'll be leaving this place so you're fine Miia." The Batter heard Ryan say in an attempt to calm the girl. Personally he didn't see why they all didn't just leave now. She could get over herself later when they were out of danger.

He hadn't heard what the AI had said but it had riled up Ryan. "By what right did Elise earn herself that title ... Black Harte?" The Batter was somewhat concerned that he'd have to calm another member of their group down until Black Harte apologized. What was with these beings? They all really needed to keep a cool head and get out of here. Then they could bicker among themselves.

"Is your friend an Arachne? .. Is, she like Rachnera then?" Then they began talking about an interesting topic. A woman that was part spider was at least more interesting but again he had to question while they were still standing here if they were in danger?

"But we've stalled long enough, let's get going. Darren and Annie are still probably trying to figure out as to why I suddenly wrapped out on them and I don't feel like eating anymore dirt today." The Batter was at least satisfied that they were finally leaving.

Before the group could go anywhere however the intercom blared to life and The Batter heard. "Attention all points, Wesker has managed to call in a nuclear strike to take out the base. You need to find him and capture him before the Missile lands. He's our only lead to Bison. we're doing everything we can our end to delay the missile, but you need to hurry. Drop everything and find the bastard before this entire place turns into a massive smoking crater!"

The Batter simply turned to his companions before saying. "Which direction are we going?"

Misunderstood Intentions
Location: Tiberium Research Facility | Black Mesa
Nuclear Launch Detected

Fateless Child

"Even so - brief direct exposure to mature Tiberium crystals can cause birth defects. While I have scattered the more harmful radiation types, the toxicity of the material itself can do damage. We leave immediately," Niflheim raised his body, larger now after consuming the Zerg presence, and looked around.

He pointed forward toward a wall. "I came from there. Through two floor and three walls is the NOD Barracks. There is another group of Rising Dawn operatives there. The total distance is about a hundred meters. Fifteen of which takes you through porous concrete."

There was an ill boding silence as the nuclear warning rang out. Niflheim trembled. Something stirred in his heart, an old memory. Collapsing concrete, burning air, falling ash. Water flooding - boiling. Cooking people alive. The mad manic manner of desperate men. Sharp minds dulled to nothing more than primal beasts by the onslaught of hopelessness. A broken world - a broken home. Blood. Blood from slaughter but also maiden's blood. The girl that lost her mind - the girl that lost her memories.

"Ah..." Niflheim said."Young master."

"Master Ryan, can you carry Miia with you. I am unable to accommodate a creature of her size." Niflheim placed his hand on the wall he had pointed out and tentatively pushed the wall. The wall collapsed outward into an empty hallway. "Please keep pace," he said to the Batter and Ryan, "I will lead the way to the Barracks group."

With those words he dissolved into a black mist and spread out. A block condensate formed - a trail of fireflies - that led the way to Blade.

Location: Tiberium Labs / Characters: Miia, Ryan, Black Harte, The Batter

The Batter watched the machine for a moment as it appeared to go silent. Contemplating on something important or simply reminiscing. Either way The Batter didn't have time for it and merely looked to Ryan for answers. However the AI seemed to come to just a few moments later. He listened to the AI ask for Ryan's assistance in getting the girl going. He was walking over to her to simply carry her when Ryan plainly denied the offer. Ryan tried to comfort Miia for what was to come.

"Sorry Miia, but it's better this way."

However, The Batter simply froze at the words.

"It's better this way."

"It's better this way."

"It's better this way."

The Batter was only just shaking off the memory as what seemed like a vortex appeared and sucked the two in. The Batter simply ignored it for now since he knew they were safe. Seeing the fireflies, The Batter simply walked after them, trailing after the AI. Trying his best to ignore his memories.

Misunderstood Intentions
Location: NOD Barracks | Black Mesa
Certa amittimus dum incerta petimus.

Fateless Child

Niflheim arrived shortly after Ryan next to Blade. A scarce five minutes had passed since he had left. "How do we reach Wesker." The Batter arrived behind Niflheim in a minute's time. The swarm of fireflies landed onto Niflheim's back and recombined with his carapace.

Coming of Age
Location: Medical Bay | Rising Dawn
Be still my fluttering heart. Tremble not, as my knees do, when I face him.

RED HORSE Second Lieutenant Molli Faust

Her heart ached. It was hard to pinpoint why exactly, but it started after Kazuya announced that a nuclear weapon had been launched. It was as if suppressed memories were trying to worm its way back to the forefront of her mind - yet in her case there were no memories. There was this instinct of fear and an empty uneasiness. It made her legs weak and her hands tremble.

Dolly's short gasps brought Molli back to reality. Dolly lay before her on a cot, her shirt was torn open and small clusters of EKG sensors were latched to her bare chest. An IV dripped steadily into her left arm and the monitor beeped rhythmically with Dolly's breaths. Her blonde hair lay splayed below her, there had been little time to prep her. Immediately after leaving the library she had gone into convulsions. Only now did she calm down. Her blood pressure had dropped to half of its normal level and her pulse was slow. She was fidgeting so much that they had to stuff a towel into her mouth to stop her from hurting herself. But now she was vocalizing through the gag. Her voice rang out distressed, half-screams in truth, against the tough fabric. Even against the whining of the oxygen machines her high was audible.

The autodoctor lay still to the side. There was no diagnoses. Despite her symptoms there was nothing explicitly wrong with Dolly. Her blood samples tested negative for any foreign bodies. She didn't have a fever. Her brain activity was normal. She was the absolute splitting image of health were it not for her rapidly decreasing vital signs and involuntary muscle contractions. They had cuffed her arms and legs to the bed's frame but now that she looked Molli found that the steel frame of the bed had bent inwards - the buffed exterior was cracked.

"Please," she muttered to herself "please be okay. Dolly."

John sat nearby. He looked just as worried. His head was lowered and he had clasped his hands. He looked like he was praying.

The first time she came in all bloody and broken earlier that day it was a shock. But it was also a relief that none of the blood was actually hers. The full body scan revealed no internal bleeding or muscle damage. Her organs were in prime condition as well. But now. Now Molli was sure something was wrong. These seizures couldn't be natural. She couldn't make herself believe that this was some sudden onset illness with no rhyme or reason.

The world couldn't be that cruel.

The autodoctor sprung to life and administered more muscle relaxant to Dolly. Her muffled screams died down. Couldn't sedate her - not with her brain in such an unknown state. All they could do was deprive her of muscle control. "You never should have deployed Dolly," Molli said tearfully. She stroked a blonde lock from her sweaty forehead. "Maybe we should never have even left you know? Stayed rooted, started a family. It's not a bad life."

"Your name is Dolores Vermilion Selmy. We met in grade school. I was seven at the time, you were six. You were the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Brilliant green eyes, hair like spun gold. You didn't talk much at school. You sat by yourself and never looked anyone in the eye. But I was so entranced by you that I had to talk to you. You were so sweet, even back then. You have a beautiful voice Dolly. The best thing about you - I think - was just how different you were from everyone else.

You were reserved, demure, and intelligent and at the same time you had this vibrant energy in you. This desire to prove to everyone in the world that the name Dolores Selmy was worth remembering. It was like watching two different people live in the same body.

We were inseparable up until high school. I'll be honest, I don't think you ever really grew past middle school. You stayed little and sweet. Your personality grew well I think. You became more and more out going. Less reserved. So strong. A pillar of light against the dark.

When we separated for college I was so sad... you just vanished from my life. But when I heard you enlisted right after graduation I followed you. It was hard, but I was so happy just to be near you again.

So you can't go dying on me Dolly. You can't. You promised. Your promised back then and you promised before you left today. You promised that you'd always come back to me didn't you!? Dolly... please. Don't go.

Your name. Just remember your name. Dolores. She who endures."

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Armory
"I've got no strings!"
Katya Rostikova

Connected to Black Mesa's networks, Katya forwarded Wesker's location to all of the Crew Members of the Rising Dawn all the while cursing about the groups run of horrible horrible luck. First there was the random mass teleportation of the entire crew and then there was the random mass teleportation of a series of random beings from other worlds and now there was a god damned, motherfucking NUKE on the way! If she wasn't burnt to a crispy critter in the initial blast, she'd be growing arms out of her face due to the radioactive fallout.

"Need I remind you that you are impervious of Radiation, Little Miss?" B3WP stated as he scanned her brain patterns and determined just what it was she was thinking.

"Oh. Right." Katya muttered as she backed up from the terminal for a moment, pondering the sanity of going after Wesker with a Nuke coming in.

"Does anyone happen to have an escape plan after we get Wesker or are we going to somehow miraculously get teleported off this rock right as the Nuke hits?" Katya asked over the rings, her voice sounding rather agitated. If there was one thing that she didn't like, it was half assed plans and Kazuya's plan of grabbing Wesker and running before the nuke hit sounded less than an eighth of an ass.

Leaning in towards the terminal, she started typing again, this time checking to see if there was a network connection heading out of the base and into the internet.

"Swweeeeeet." Katya sang loudly as she started typing away at the keyboard before realizing that she had absolutely no idea how to stop a nuclear missile. Turning back to the rings, the girl addressed the crew once again, "Hey does anyone know how to shoot down a nuclear mis... oh never mind I'll just Google it."

Pulling up a Chrome browser, she started typing once again.


"Fuck me... seriously?!" The Rising Dawn's resident potty mouth cursed as she started browsing through the various websites on the matter. As she did so she addressed the crew again, "So... does anyone know how to stop a nuclear missile?"

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn
"To Hold me Down"
Rory Mercury

It started with a tingling sensation down ... there. Right between the legs. It wasn't the most pleasant of ways to wake up, not without someone next to you but still the woman who'd come crashing through the Rising Dawn's armor plated frame turned over, her eyes fluttering as she slept, her voice whining a bit when she realized that no one was laying next to her.

"Ittaaaamiiiii..." She called out as she rolled over and opened her eyes slowly. The room... was it a room? It was a strange place for sure. She'd been many a places. She'd been to Japan with Itami before but only when she was riding in the transit system did she ever find herself in a space that consisted of four metal walls. She'd been nervous then... the underground was Hardy's domain. Here, however, she didn't feel Hardy's presence. She felt like she was well outside the influence of the God Hardy.

That seemed like so long ago though... had... hadn't she ascended already?

A pair of crimson eyes blinded as the woman looked down at her hands, the sensation of the cold metal floor traveled from the young woman's fingertips. up her fingers, up her arm and shoulders, up her neck and into her brain. It truly had been a while since she had felt... anything.

"Itami?!" The woman called out expectantly as she got up. Looking around, she caught her reflection. She was... her again. The long black hair, the crimson eyes, the scarlet painted lips. Those parts were hers. What didn't seem right was the fact that she was wearing the garments of an Oracle of Emloy, God of the War, Death and Insanity.

She was back... but she wasn't. Something felt wrong. Walking towards a door, she passed through it and found herself inside another metal room, this one a long corridor. There was a battle somewhere. She could feel it. The sensation of the souls passing through her body on their way to their afterlife caused the woman's knees to weaken a bit as the priestess struggled to maintain control of herself. She had no idea where the battle was but she knew people were dying and until she could determine what was going on, she could only explore her unfamiliar surroundings.

"Leilei?! Taku?! Itami?!" Rory Mercury called out for her friends. She didn't realize how futile her search was and it was this lack of realization that caused her to continue exploring.

Location: NOD Barracks / Characters: Elise, Nadalia, Ryan, Miia, Blade, Black Harte, The Batter

The Batter arrived shortly after Niflheim. He walked in before taking a look at the occupants of the room. Most didn't seem too out of place for what was currently going on so he simply strolled up to the group and stood there waiting for their plan. Not saying a word and mildly hoping they wouldn't take offense to his presence. If they did suspect him though, he was sure one of the three members he had already met would clear up his name.

Daedalus 2.0 - Hangar: Kalastryn & The President

As chatter and panic started to reach Kala's ears through the ring on her finger, her first instinct of asking this man how the hell he knew the Rising Dawn's passengers so well subsided for more pressing matters. "Okay Mr. President, my name is Kalastryn but that can wait. As unpredictable as this situation is, I was sent over here to ask what the U.S. policy for a situation like this is, but rather than be a middle man in this scenario, it might just be better for me to lend you this."

Taking the ring off of her finger and placing it in the President's hand, she explains. "I do believe Priorities have shifted here. There seems to be a nuclear missile heading in this direction, and you'd probably like to speak to the man in charge directly. Slip that on, it's a communicator we use all the time."

She says as she takes a few steps back from the man, now deaf to the situation except perhaps the reaction to dropping the fact that a nuclear strike is incoming.

Black Mesa - Armory: ARES 35, Katya

Well it finally seems as though we're getting together for a final assault... and without much time to do it in.
ARES thought as the map of the compound uploaded to the drive in her head. With the knowledge of Wesker's whereabouts known, objectives were of course made clear. Though through the communication chatter she did hear Katya's question about stopping a nuclear missile. Surely she doesn't actually intend to stay behind and disable an in flight missile?

Well Kazuya's orders were absolutely clear of course, to drop everything and find their objective before the blast... however...

You know what... maybe I might skip the system diagnostic unless I absolutely have to. That programming bullshit is finally out of the way. If you weren't such a pain in the ass Frenchie, or a smoking corpse... I'd kiss you right now in hindsight... Then I'd probably kill you, whatever the hell that gadget was it hurt like a bitch!

Running up to Katya she grabbed the back of her collar and said "Quite frankly there's no time. I'd know how to stop one, but not with this age's tech. Right now, we need to regroup and clear out. Taking out the bastard who wanted to wipe us off the face of the earth in the meantime is a bonus since that helipad seems like our ticket out." That is before she proceeded to lift Katya out of the chair she had been sitting in and rush off towards their destination.

Location: Back outside on the dam / Characters: Edge, Faith, Psycho/Milk

Edge was not happy.

He had been hit with shrapnel, bullets, mind bullets, a tank, and now a septet of grown men. He had been flung out of exploding helocopters and cliff faces. He had lost at least a quart of blood. He had fought soldiers, friends, that oddly sexual tiny...person...thing?, rape allegations, and a tank.

And now this hyper-sexualized albino oompa loompa had set off a flashbang she had hidden in her clevage. Somehow. AND THEN! Had flung half a dozen men on top of him. Edge was not entirely sure, but thought there might be several layers of mockery going on there. Like a Baklava of 'fuck you's'.

And Edge was not happy.

Edge exploded out of the pile of soldiers on top of him, swinging his sword at...thin air. "HEATHEN FUCKING, COCK-BITING, MOTHER OF ALL WHORES!" It had not quite occurred to Edge that he had been blinded; in the back of his mind, he felt he may have been literally blinded by rage. "ALL OF THE WHORES! I SWEAR WHEN I FIND YOU I'M GONNA RIP-"

As Edge continued ranting, everyone's walkie-talkie came on, and broadcast a message. "Attention all points," Kazuya said. "Wesker has managed to call in a nuclear strike to take out the base. You need to find him and capture him before the Missile lands. He's our only lead to Bison. we're doing everything we can our end to delay the missile, but you need to hurry. Drop everything and find the bastard before this entire place turns into a massive smoking crater!"

Everyone stood still for a moment. Shit, Edge thought. Invisible tanks...a tear in the asshole of the universe...and now a nuke? This entire mission has been one failure after another.

"Three of you come with me to fight Wesker." Edge said. "The rest of you find that lilly-white munchkin bitch and make sure she doesn't go anywhere. She gives me a bad feeling." Edge took the walkie-talkie that Nickolai had given him and said. "All aircraft are grounded, as of this moment. If you see anything in the sky that wasn't there last time you looked, regardless of it's affiliation, gun it down." Edge looked up to The Rising Dawn. "That goes for you guys up there, too. Take no chances."

Edge's walkie-talkie...he thought it was a walkie-talkie...and showed...what seemed to be a map of the complex, complete with makers showing where him and most of the rest of The Rising Dawn were, as well as...

"Wesker!" Edge said out loud. "On the executive helipad. On the other side of the complex." Edge walked over to his other sword and pulled it out of the ground. "We don't have a lot of time." he said, presumably to the soldiers he'd told to follow him. "So we move fast. Any-"


Edge grabbed his walkie-talkie. "Insano, I hear you. Where are you?"

"I...I'M IN THE PORTAL ROOM!" Insano shouted. Various calamatous sounds-loud knocks, lightning strikes, and heavy things hitting metal almost drowned out his voice. "SOMEONE TRASHED THE PLACE-"

Location: Portal Lab / Characters: Insano


Insano put the communicator on the console he was working on. The place had been trashed...but not by a person, and Insano knew that. Whoever activated the resonance cascade had clearly known the effect it would have, but not how far reaching it would be; the resonator itself had been insulated and was still intact, but about a third of the equipment around it had been wrecked by the resonance storm. That was going to make things...significantly more complicated, but nothing he couldn't handle.

"Wesker was talking about how your world was a bottleneck." Insano said. "Either he had no idea what he was talking about, or he was just making it up as it went along. Different universes have different-"

"INSANO!" Edge screamed. "DID YOU GET KAZUYA-"

"Oh, that overmuscled crybaby can go fuck himself." Insano said, shutting the top of the console. With any luck, this one was...not done, but done enough. "Has he rended the very fabric of his world apart? Has he fought and killed mindless, unspeakable horrors from a world where time and space mean nothing? Has he killed the messiah? I think-"

"OH FOR FUCK'S SAKE!" Edge said, clearly panicked. "YOU NEED TO GET OUT OF THERE RIGHT NOW!"

"Can't do that." Insano said. "Shutting this thing down takes precedent over anything and everything else. I can't let this-"

"YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!" Edge shouted. "THERE'S-"

"NO, YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!" Insano shouted back. "There are things in the Far-Beyond, the Never-Never, beyond the comprehension of men. Things that could take beings you would call 'gods' and flay them alive. Things that would devour not only the souls of everything on this planet that swims or flies or crawls, but would do that to every other world it could find. And I won't let that happen."

Insano sighed, and put the comm on the next console he needed to work on. Another voice chimed in. "Whatever you're doing, do it faster." Kazuya said. "There's a nuclear missile headed right at you."

Insano stopped for a moment. "...that cheeky bastard. I mean, that would work, but it would work like a sledgehammer works as a flyswatter." Insano shook his head, and pried the top off of the console. "I can do this. You stop that missile, I'll stop the portal."

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Black Mesa - Spawn 3 - Tiberium Research: Teri, Garm, Ton Ton, Rugal, SAXTON HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLE!

Random Encounter No. 3: Vergil: Devil May Cry

(Also, I'm hijacking the DJ)

As Teri was effectively punched off of Garm, and the aforementioned wolf was in a headlock with Saxton Hale, Ton Ton hatched a plan within his mind - this guy said that he enjoyed rendering species extinct on at least one account; if he could just get hit, then this could end very quickly. Running up the imprisoned Garm, Ton Ton hopped onto on of Hale's shoulders and brought down his Knife downwards, blood welling up from the cut. This caught the notice of the Australian man, who threw Garm to the side (and eliciting a pained whine from the wolf) and grabbed Ton Ton with one beefy hand and shouted,

"HA! YOU CALL THAT STABBING SOMEONE!?!" and threw the Tonberry into the air, bringing his leg back and kicking the small creature with one of his enormous feet, sending the little Tonberry flying; even having to endure two bounces before he finally felt himself landing "properly" on the ground. Ton Ton gave a pained "Oof!" to the beating, and painfully reminded him of that one time he got into a fought with Bruiser. But, it was enough for what he intended to do. Raising his little lantern with a shaky hand, Ton Ton cried out:

"You cruel wallower of genocide; the time for judgement is now! Sorrow, Rage, Fear - you will know these things and more from those you've hurt! Feel the pain of the lives you cut short - EVERYONE'S GRUDGE!"

Before Hale had anything to say about it, a familiar inky sort of darkness began to form around Ton Ton's lantern, before flame-like tendrils of the stuff began to shoot at Hale in a continuous stream. Taking note of the amount of darkness going for the large Australian, Ton Ton shouted, "Hurry and finish it; before the Karma runs out!"

Teri must beat a DC 25 to not puke and get back up from Saxton's punch. She rolls a 30.
Also, given the amount of damage - Healing Devotion activates; Teri will regenerate 2 HP every 6 seconds for a minute.

At Ton Ton's rallying cry, Teri grimaced and forced herself up into a standing position, stepping backwards to steady herself. That attack from the raging Australian was a doozy, and if she didn't do something about him; he'd just knock more holes into herself and the group. With another groan, Teri willed Sadei into Staff form, and began another set of chants, her right hand beginning to glow an eerie blue before she shifted to an offensive stance and charged forwards. Slapping her glowing hand onto whatever part of Saxton she could manage, the Cleric gave the final call of the incantation - "SHIVERING TOUCH!"

Teri casts Shivering Touch, robbing Hale 3d6 of Dexterity! (in this case, 9 points, pretty hefty!)

12 Seconds till next 2nd level spell
30 seconds till next 3rd level spell

Back outside on the dam: Angelus, Mikhail, Cadolbolg, Ryan, Faith, Darren, Psycho/Milk

Angelus perked up when she noticed Mikhail's description was beginning to match.... oh no. She had to act fast, or else this was going to end badly for the smaller white dragon beside her. Looking out towards the storm that was still raging over head, Angelus decided that the risk was going to be far less to worry about in comparison to the reward. Spreading her immense wings, she looked to Mikail, "I think I have found your human, Mikhail. We must make haste, before mine cuts her down. Cadolbolg, hold on tightly to me; I'd hate to lose you in the storm."

After giving her warning, the red dragon took to the skies, magnificent with each flap of her wings.

Black Mesa - Spawn 1 - Fury's Core: Caim, Merlin 'n co.

Pre-Set Encounter: Zero: Drakengard 3

"Where did you think you were going? You wanted a fight, you're sure as shit getting one..."

Caim readjusted his grip on Windsinger as Zero began her new approach, his mind racing about what he should do now. His current opponent was easily as strong as he was, and just as fast. If he wanted to come out of this alive, he'd have to outsmart her - and with a focus on unarmed close combat didn't necessarily make that easy. His best bet was to try and get the woman in some lava, and with Windsinger's reach, make it out without her taking him in too. Furthermore, while he could change weapons, that little tussle from earlier had given the polearm some charge on it's magic, something Caim was sure to unleash upon Zero any moment (if with a little timing put into it.)

Zero was the first to make a move, leaping upward and initiaing a diving kick downward towards the prince. Caim rolled to the side to avoid the worst of it, and brought himself back up in a spin, bringing the polearm around to catch Zero off guard - but in turn, his blade bounced off of a strange green colored barrier (which he was certain was pink a moment ago). Zero retaliated by throwing a quick set of jabs at Caim, which, were it not for his semi-frequent sparring sessions with the like of Rugal, Caim was barely able to redirect some of her force with the flat of Windsinger, the offensive weapon now becoming his main means of defense. However, Caim knew damn well that this couldn't continue for long. His muscles were already beginning to cry out in agony from the force that this madwoman was exerting on his body. It wasn't often for Caim to find opponents that kept him on his toes, but give her very similar amounts of tenacity, it wasn't something he could revel in as easily as he had before.

As this dance of death continued, Caim began to hear a familiar voice worm into his mind, quiet at first, and then becoming loud in his mind,

Not even caring to keep the conversation private, Caim's PDA began to broadcast the thoughts he sent back to the dragon, the warrior's teeth gritted in exertion from the battle, "What part of busy do you not comprehend, dragon?! I am in the middle of a battle and THIS WOMAN IS TRYING TO KILL ME!"
"This is precisely what I speak of! This woman, you cannot end her! Mikhail is searching for her."
"Mikhail?! Who in the blue blazes is Mikhail?! No wait - I don't care, he can find her corpse!"
"That dumbass?!"
"Caim, listen to me. You misunderstand, Mikhail is another dragon; one I knew many years before your ancestors thought of you."
"Nononono, YOU misunderstand, Dragon. She, is trying to kill ME; and you're telling me to not do it because you were off hanging out with your old squeeze! We just talked about making sure I don't ignore YOUR feelings, but how do you think that makes me feel? Just because he's a dragon, suddenly I'm not important?"
"That's not what I meant, and it's off topic!"
"No, I think it's perfectly on topic right now, apparently it's because of HIM I should defend myself!"
"ugh... I do not have the patience for this right now... Caim, I'm tracking you to find that woman, her name is Zero, so just wait until we arrive, and we should be able to sort everything out."
"Are you two fighting again? Mother looks mad..."
"You brought Cadolbolg with you on this??? *sigh*, Cadolbolg, Mother and Father are talking right now, please get out of this particular pact-link-line thing. I will make sure to play with you later, okay?"

As the mental and physical fighting had gone on, Zero and Caim had found themselves drawn to the edge of their platform; which was precisely when Caim picked the moment to strike. Activating the magic of Windsinger, a tornado made itself manifest around Caim's being, swirling and cutting with every second Zero stood near the warrior. This gave him the final push to start taking the offensive, jabbing and slashing with Windsinger, using every fiber of his fighting ability before finally knocking the woman into the lava below. Giving a heavy sigh of relief, Caim took a few steps away from the lava and began to catch his breath.... Were it not for the GIANT FUCKING FLOWER that began to sprout on the edge of the lava field and a familiar figure that was starting to crawl out

Caim's eyes widened, and he took Windsinger again, this time placing it at the woman fighter's throat,
"I don't know who you are, or what you are, but I'm done. You stop trying to kill me, now."

Wanderer and Old Young(?) West.
Location: not Dystopian future | Tiberium Refinery Complex.
Insert drama

Shrugging at what David said, Wanderer did the next best things and threw a stimpak to the sniper. "You're lucky, actually. If it was him, he would have kicked you in the head and give you psycho... And you do not want that." He said, examining his new revolver, which he seemed to go over each and every detail of the weapon. It was somewhat weird, but it seemed that the survivalist knew exactly what he was doing.

(Hey! I heard that!)

After David asked about the gun, Wanderer held it up. "Long story, it is actually yours. Don't worry though, I'll create you a new one when we get back, any-" Wanderer was speaking, until his Pipboy picked up a new airwave thanks to the communication ring that was laid within its modifications. The gunslinger simply shook his head, and gave a chuckle. A nuke. The good news was that he could survive by getting away by the initial explosion. The bad news, not many of the crew can survive the fallout.

Tapping a few buttons on his Pipboy, it seemed that he began to broadcast to the whole Rising Dawn crew. "Hello everyone! You might be excited... Or well, not really excited, to hear from me. During this current predicament, I believe we have two choices. One, we go to the dark doc, adding a little more power to the team effort, BUT risking death by nuke or radioactive fallout... At least for you guys. Or, Davey boy and I can find some kind of sci-fi plane, get to the nuke, and I can disable it. Which I may say, I have done before." Wanderer across the RD airwaves, his obvious facial emotion marking which option he'd prefer to do.

After all, it isn't every day you get to disable TWO nukes in your lifetime.
"Apart from that, I suggest our forces retreat. Both US and foreign. Over and out." He said, ending his communications, awaiting for a reply for the top brass. Yet he took a second to smell the air. (I smell blood... Not just any blood, but someone like us. Someone who has been covered in the crimson liquid from head to toe multiple times...) His internal personality spoke.

Another second, another worry.

Merlin 'n co.
Location: Black Mesa | Fury's Core.

Catching the material, Merlin examined the object, tightening his fist around it. "Hard... Durable. Hmm, could make something interesting." He muttered, trying to ignore the metal man they had just faced. Off to the side were the spiritual knights, looking over into the lava. Gawain even gave a salute to the fallen enemy. "I don't know why, but I feel sorry for him... It." Bedivere said, looking away from the sight. Lancelot only nodded. "It was a powerful enemy. Its defense was better than any servant I fought, but its attack was a tad weak for me." He said, smirking under his helmet.

Gawain finally saw the mech's hand fall under magma, and returned. "What now." He said, and before he knew it, the four men suddenly vanished from the area. "I forgot something." Was all the magician said.

Center of Blackmesa

It wasn't long before the group appeared in the same room they vanished from before. The lack of green lightning, mass of people and enemy made the picture more clear. "You three, guard the area. I need to gather some information for our current ally." He muttered before walking to a console, hoping to gain some information before danger comes. Of course, not just enemies, but the magus could feel the air wavering, as if a bigger danger was above them.

Kalastryn & The President.
Location: Daedalus 2.0 | Hangar

Seeing a face of surprise upon Kalastryn's face, The President gave a frown. It wasn't the good kind of surprise her face wore, it was the kind when death was about to visit. That was when The President himself got a notification in his own earpiece, from the ship's bridge. "This is terrible." He muttered, before nodding and placing the communication ring on his finger. That was when a familiar voice was aired through the magical device.

"Hello everyone! You might be excited... Or well, not really excited, to hear from me. During this current predicament, I believe we have two choices. One, we go to the dark doc, adding a little more power to the team effort, BUT risking death by nuke or radioactive fallout... At least for you guys. Or, Davey boy and I can find some kind of sci-fi plane, get to the nuke, and I can disable it. Which I may say, I have done before."

"Apart from that, I suggest our forces retreat. Both US and foreign. Over and out." The other end said before cutting off. Nodding along, The President breathed deeply before looking at Kala. "One of our friends just suggested he can stop the nuke... Providing he can reach it." He said before activating Kala's ring.

"Okay ladies, you heard the lad." His cockney voice rang over all of the rings. "A disabled nuke would look better on the news than this area being cremated. Plus we'd all look like heroes, and it would provide us a chance to finally end this. Mr. G-Corp, if you can hear this, I believe we should leave the blast zone, record the disabling of the nuke, and send the footage everywhere. Labeling us as the heroes, and placing the Armstrong-Bison parties as the evil overlords they are." He announced over the radio, hoping that Kazuya would have enough sense to not allow fallout to rain down upon US oil.

Storm, Alpha, and Rory Mercury.
Location: Hanger | Rising Dawn

A storm,
a nuke,
and a ship full of chaos.

That was the life that the otherworldly duo were experiencing at the moment. The hanger of the Rising Dawn was up in chaos. G-Corp was running around the hanger, launching VTOLs, soldiers grabbing weapons, and the insane amount of talking filled up the large metallic room. On the complete other side of the room, two figures acted with the same intensity. One was leaning against a wall, closed eyes, and humming a song unknown to most. The other was working with a blowtorch and hammer, which was directed to a large, futuristic suit.

The girl was softly examining her new clothing, until she finished her humming with sudden surprise. Not many in the hanger would notice, but a small vibration and impact had hit the ship. Immediately walking to her lover, her slender hand tapped the man's large back. "Hey, hey S. Something just entered the ship." She said with concern. Which the man suddenly stopped, somehow hearing her voice over all the racket.

"Something? Do you think it was from the storm, Alpha?" He said, with a face that looked all too tired from the current operation. "Possibly, you've heard the reports about the tears." Alpha said, looking toward the direction of the intruder. Under her eye-patch, she was connected to the database of the Rising Dawn, with all of its security operations and weapons. "Storm, I'm going to take a look. You get the suit running, I might need you to come running if I need help." She said, giving a gentle smile.

Storm gave a more charming smile. "As always, my lady." He said, continuing the metalwork. The AI started her investigation into the intruder. From the cameras, the girl was lost, wore a outfit from the lolita scene, and most worryingly, she wielded a giant weapon with ease. It made Alpha bite her own lip as she walked through the halls. She were already running worst scenarios. That girl could walk into the hanger, or into the medical bay and access Wanderer's 'special' items. Either way, it wouldn't end well. Accessing communications among the other AI, Alpha spoke up. I'm about to come into view about the intruder. Do we know anything about her? She said to her AI companions, bothering to also activate any secluded turrets that were near the two.

"I'll make sure to protect him!" She spoke with a confident tone and smile, tightening her hold on her weaponized microphone. That was when she turned the corner, and there the girl was. "Hey you, halt!" She said with her robotic voice, yet it was tuned to sound military-like. Alpha's arm was practically pinned down, after all, she refused to point a weapon at someone who was lost and confused, plus, she wielded something that could slice her into layers. She didn't want the stranger to feel she were in danger.

Black Mesa - Spawn 3 - Tiberium Research: Teri, Garm, Ton Ton, Rugal, SAXTON HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLE!

After the combination of A). Getting a dose of every single thing every single animal he had ever killed inflicted upon him and B). Having his body's motion functions freeze up (literally), Hale's gusto began to rapidly fail him while his body began to reel from the effects of-...whatever the hell was happening to him.
"AAAAHHHHH! POPPY JOE, NO!" He screamed as he held his head, giving Rugal all the opening he needed to finish the job.
Grabbing another piece of broken rebar from the rubble, he advanced on his foe before violently striking Hale in the ribs, the concrete making for a good mace as he followed it up with one to the chest, then the head, then the head again, the gut, the head, the side, the gut, the head-
"...D-dad, I think he's-"
-The head, the gut, the head, the head, the gut, the ribs, the chest, the head, the chest, the gut, the head-
"Alright, Dad, he's beaten, you can sto-"
Rugal kept swinging over and over, only stopping once he realized that he wasn't able to swing anymore, not because he didn't want to, but he piece of rebar he was holding was now worn down too much for him to do so.
"Ahhhh....ahhh...ahhhh....." He panted loudly, actually looking somewhat exhausted by how much he was hitting Hale, who was now a broken and battered mess before him.
Just to finish the job however, he walked over to him before taking his trademark hat clean off his head, tearing it up in front of him and throwing the remains on top of him.
"...I-...Have do that..." he groaned as he let himself fall against the side of a wall before-

"Attention all points, Wesker has managed to call in a nuclear strike to take out the base. You need to find him and capture him before the Missile lands. He's our only lead to Bison. we're doing everything we can our end to delay the missile, but you need to hurry. Drop everything and find the bastard before this entire place turns into a massive smoking crater!"
"...Oh, he WOULD do that, classic fucking Wesker..." The former King of Fighters sighed before getting back up on his feet, spitting out some blood before making his way forward, limping a little from the fight with his former business rival.
All the while, Vergil was attempting to slink away from the group, trying not to bring attention to the fact the a HUMAN managed to beat him, as well as the fact that his reproductive organs were in intense pain, hence why he was walking the way he did.

Black Mesa - Spawn 1 - Fury's Core: Caim, Merlin 'n co.

After her quick "Swim" in the lava flow, Caim thought he could rest easy, but despite everything, it wasn't over for Zero just yet.
The flower gently floated around in the scorching river for a few moments before coming to a rest on the edge, then growing MASSIVELY in size as something began to crawl it's way out of it.
Zero, now covered in blood, in a lot of pain, naked, minus an arm and with the MOTHER of all ego bruises, attempted to make a graceful exit, something that Caim was able to deny her as the touch of Windsinger met her throat.
"I don't know who you are, or what you are, but I'm done. You stop trying to kill me, now."
"........grrrrrrrrraggggghhhhh!" She spat though her teeth, she was not one to take a humbling well, even as she "Surrendered", her first was violently punching the ground in anger.
"YOU-...FUCKIN-....Well?...What are you waiting you for, you motherless bastard?! Do it! FINISH IT!" she pleaded, nay, DEMANDED, of the Swordsman.
However, before he could consider that offer, there was a large crash as the side of the cave was blown wide open, thanks in large part to Angelus's dragon magic and also because of the sheer amount of damage the area had taken in the fight.
"ZERO-SAMA!" Mikhail squeed happily as he landed nearby, stumbling a little at the landing as he went towards his sempai.
"Mikhai-...WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! DESTROY HIM! NO! DON'T FUCKING GO TO ME! EAT HIM YOU GODDAMN COWARD! Mikha-" She ranted before getting a big sloppy lick across the face, quickly replacing her boiling anger with a mere look of resignation as she sighed and tapped her fingers against the ground while propping her head up with her stump arm.
"eheheheh, you taste like berries!" The young dragon cooed as he kept licking her clean, much to her annoyance.
"...Go on, take a picture, it'll last longer..."

Wanderer and Old Young(?) West.
Location: not Dystopian future | Tiberium Refinery Complex.
Insert drama

David wasn't massively keen on Wanderer's "Idea" to stop the missile.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa there, you suggesting that we steal a Black Mesa Aircraft, jump onto the missile and disarm it in midair?!" He stammered, while he would admit that would be pretty badass, you wouldn't think a nuclear missile would be easy to disarm at the best of times, nevermind in mid-flight.
"Ohhhhhh, shitting hell....A-alright, I think the hanger bay was that way. Just know this, I ain't dying today. So if it looks like this place is going to get a bit more radioactive for my tastes, then I'm not sticking around, got it?" He explained to Wanderer before running towards the hanger.

((More to come soon-ishTM))

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Armory
"Assault of the Oversized Junkbot"
Katya Rostikova

It was only through her inhumanly awesome reflexes that Katya Rostikova was able to grab the Malawan Volcano Sniper's rifle after getting hauled out of the terminal chair by a set of rather cold robotic hands. A shiver ran up the young hacker's spine as the inhuman coldness of the metallic appendages touched her skin. It was like someone had pressed a cold, sweaty can of soda against her neck.

"EHHHHHHHH?!?" Katya screamed in alarm as she flailed ineffectively against ARES's cold cold grip, "COLD! DAMMIT YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE!"

It took a few moments and meters of dragging before Katya realized that it wasn't some sort of Wesker invented Robotic Deathbot that had grabbed her but rather the Rising Dawn's ARES and the flailing stopped and the protests began.

"Why are you grabbing me? Don't you realize what the hell is going to happen if that missile detonates against the dam?" Katya exclaimed trying to use logic, "You're going to have millions of gallons of irradiated water flowing down a canyon, crashing into whatever town is in the way, polluting thousands upon thousands of acres of land, killing people and livestock and turning this area into another Chernobyl. We're not even talking about fallout! Depending on weather patterns, we could have radiation poisoning in Las Cruses or Albuquerque!"

Which is why it was abso-fucking-lutely insane that the orders were to capture Wesker and evacuate. Wasn't anyone thinking of the loss of innocent lives? At least when they had tested the Nuclear Bombs in New Mexico during the 1950s, they had ensured that the area was as isolated as possible.

"ARES. We need to stop that missile! There's Tiberium on the base also." Katya attempted to reason with the friendly hacker dragging vending machine. As she pleaded, she accessed the images of the Tiberium refinery that she'd seen in the security footage and pulled up the research files on Tiberium that she'd copied from the Black Mesa Servers before forwarding them to her robotic counter part.

"And if the bomb detonates the Tiberium stored here, it'll aerate the stuff into the atmosphere and be carried down stream. It'll be a global fucking catastrophe."

This was probably true. Tiberium was like a cancer. Not only did it spread like a cancer but it was highly toxic to organic live. Initial reports from the research that Wesker had done suggested that Tiberium caused rampant mutation in organisms that came in contact with it. A nuclear blast might destroy a large portion of the Tiberium stocks in the damn but even a little bit of the stuff getting into the river would still allow it to spread throughout the American Southwest.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn
"Rory Miku?!"
Rory Mercury

The Apostle of Emloy could sense the souls of those killed in battle passing through her body. The sensation was... intoxicating but debilitating at the same time. It was only through sheer force of will alone that Rory Mercury, could walk down the corridor without collapsing into a moaning heap of lolicon. Leaning against a wall for support, she inadvertently activated a blast shield, causing it to retract and reveal the world beyond the cold metal corridors.

"Wh... what?" The young looking Demigoddess exclaimed as she looked to see the Earth hundreds of feel below. It was not only the sight of the ground but she was able to get her first glimpse of the machine that she was riding inside of. The vehicle was massive, far larger than the helicopters that the JSDF had brought to the Special Region. Was she still in her Homeland? If so, how had it changed so much.

A voice behind her interrupted her thoughts.

"Hey you, halt!"

Rory turned and saw a girl... or something that had the appearance of a human girl. Looking at her, Emloy's Oracle could see that she was protecting something and would attack Rory if she make any offensive moves. It was quite exciting. She felt Emloy's call again as another wave of souls passed through her body, causing her press her hand against the viewing port, the bullet proof glass cracking under Rory's strength.

"Th... there's fighting near by. So... so many people... dying...mmmmmm.... I can hardly contain myself." The Demigoddess in a lolicon's body moaned before managing to regain her composure when she spotted an explosion in the distance, "Who's fighting down there? Why are they fighting?"

As Rory asked these questions, she looked directly at Alpha as if to say depending on Alpha's answer, the young looking berserker would either be fighting for the Rising Dawn or slicing everyone on board into bite sized pieces. Priestess Mercury gripped the handle on her Halberd, her knuckles turning white as she tried to resist the urges that were tugging at her body.

Black Mesa - Armory ARES 35, Katya Rostikova

ARES halted in their tracks the moment Katya said the words "Global Fucking Catastrophe" and turning around to face Katya, ARES put them down and asked.

"How? Just answer me that okay. How do you plan to stop a missile strike headed here and now, launched probably from the same nation that we're standing on? I don't- function, like you do. I... HATE THIS BULLSHIT! There have been errors in my programming ever since some impostor screwed with my programs before I just showed up, but in most every circumstance do you know what ARES units are meant for? To take every possible bullet for any living thing, humans priority number one, that haven't pissed off our superiors or carry strategic value. I'm literally an extremely expensive decoy, and in most cases I can't even talk about it!"

"It also really gets on my nerves, and FYI I was built with a functional nervous system to feel pain when I get shot so that the enemy where I come from will continue to shoot me and give other real people time to run, that even though I'd probably stay behind and help you anyway, I'm literally programmed with an obligation to do so! I'm also programmed to be a soldier, being given an order, and this is probably the one time with those programs on the fritz that I could make a decision, but either way it doesn't really matter. Either way I'd just be fulfilling the purpose I was made for, sticking around with a nuclear missile on the way in a vain attempt to stop it and protecting you or following orders like always and going after the person we came here for!"

ARES sighs in frustration, and brings their hand against their face... rather hard.

"Do you have any idea... any at all, how lucky you are to have free will? ... Don't answer that, it isn't even a matter of luck. There's probably a damn good reason the designers behind ARES units didn't want us to act for ourselves. Just forget the breakdown... how can I help you do the impossible?" ARES asks, before slowly starting to walk back to where Katya was before this outburst.

Location: NOD Barracks/Executive Helipad / Characters: Elise, Nadalia, Ryan, Miia, Blade, Black Harte, The Batter

Was Blade's main reaction to what he was seeing, he didn't really know anyone involved in this conversation so he opted to just stand and stare for a moment as they worked everything out.
He did pick up on the "Lizardman" comment.
"Hey, I ain't just some mere Lizard. Grovyle. G-R-O-V-Y-L-E. Alright? Now, if we are done talking about introductions, we need to get to that helipad. According to the map, it's at the top of the mesa the base is built into. So keep going up." He told everyone before leading the way once again, moving at a pace a bit above average for most people as they neared the Helipad.
Seeing how Wesker was making his exit here, it only served to reason that what was left of the base's personnel were holed up here, most of them too wounded to really put up much of a fight or even do anything outside of pray to Kane for their safety. (Most of them unaware that Kane had just been burned to death in the Portal Lab, but don't tell them that).
The ones that were remaining were battle scarred, tired, scared and realizing they were about to die, but still armed enough to cause problems.
Two of the more notable members of the guard was A woman who seemed to be some kind of officer and A large Bi-pedal robot stomping around with a damaged arm, as well as a ton of dents and rocks stuck in his frame.
In the center of it all was a Rather fancy looking stealth craft being prepped for take off, with the latest in cloaking tech and advanced jet engines.
Most likely how Wesker was going to escape, but if that Missile wasn't stopped, they'd have to use it themselves in order to out run the blast.

Wanderer and Old Young(?) West.
Location: Black Mesa | Hanger.
Insert drama

Wanderer felt almost stupid for believing he was transported to a Dystopian future, it was only a plant devoted to a very strange green rock. With speed, the two dashed out of the complex, but not before Wanderer scooped one of said green rocks in a metallic container. "Hopefully this won't kill us all." He said, placing the container within his invisible inventory.

That was when the two arrived on what was seen as an airfield, with many plane carcasses lying around, with some regular jets parked on the runway. "Future bullshit, where are you~?" He said with a inquisitive but playful tone. A few stragglers from Black Mesa were running to places, but a firm lead bullet from Wanderer seemed to make them fall down like mannequins. "Better dying like this, than dying in a nuke." The darker personality muttered as they finally found their destination.

It was a hanger that seemed to look something you would find in Area 51, for it had pipelines connected to it, and even more of the green rocks laying around. The two entered and they immediately saw something that seemed dream-like.

"It would be great for both of us if it has a autopilot function."

Alpha, and Rory Mercury.
Location: Hanger | Rising Dawn

Struggling to take her gaze off the girl's giant weapon, Alpha quickly focused upon the girl again, just witnessing how her hand was almost breaking the porthole glass. Her strength was unbelievable, but it was a common feat upon the vessel of the Rising Dawn, and that included her partner. Naturally, caution was the first instinct that came to her, then came a more military mind-set. Giant weapon, strength, a body harder to hit, and confusion, the girl was easily be marked as a possible comrade.

Taking a breath, Alpha cheered herself with a nod. "Um... to put it simply. Two parties are fighting. One is the group I'm apart of, the Rising Dawn." She introduced the group by bringing up a holographic projection of the ship and crew, still careful of the blood lust that dwelled within this woman. "We are fighting to capture a target needed to bring out another enemy, and all before an aerial strike hits the area." Alpha said, the holographic image changing to one of Wesker and another image of a nuke explosion.

Clearing her throat, the synthetic AI took a couple of steps closer. "My name is Alpha, the security artificial intelligence of the Rising Dawn. May I ask your name?" She said with polite tone and gentle smile, hoping that whoever this is, will join them instead.

Wanderer and Old Young(?) West.
Location: Black Mesa | Hanger.
Insert drama

"Wanderer. Stop stealing they're damn Kryptonite and just keep moving!" David whined, not really in the mood for Wanderer's obsession with stealing everything that wasn't/was nailed down (even though they were about to do just that.)
Managing to make their way towards one of the Hanger Bay, past the fleeing G-Corp and NOD, they found the craft that might be able to do the job, but the Sniper still wasn't convinced.
"Forget the Autopilot, let's just hope that whatever fucking gods are watching this stupid shit allow this thing to go fast enough to keep up with damn missile for you to disarm it. At which point I'd ask if you are SURE you know what you are doing, I mean, most nukes aren't designed to be deactivated in mid air..." David asked as he quickly did everything he could to complete the pre-flight checks.
"...Ummmm..." He muttered before checking the sun visor, a advanced looking set of car plane keys falling out.
"...Holy shit, this might know how to fly one of these?..." The sniper said as he tried to take off, managing only to turn on the wipers and open up the cargo hold instead of even turning the engines on.

Black Mesa Transit System: AA!Darren, Annie, Ghost

While all the exciting stuff was going on elsewhere, two of the Rising Dawn's "Heroes" were trying their best to catch up with everyone else.
"...You know...This is such a Ryan thing to do...No wonder those guys in the Serial Killer forum bump him off first..." Darren mumbled as the tram they were in began to stumble along the tracks, the horrible metal hissing being drowned out by Much worse sound effects.
"...Aren't we supposed to not use these things during a fire?..." Annie pointed out as she tried to find a seat that wasn't already burned/covered in blood/both.
"...Well...Technically, this isn't a fire, it's just a land invasion. Besides, I mean, you want to walk though an open battlefield, have it. Me? Unless there is a chance I'll actually die, I'm not interested." The Disgraced Author answered as he leaned his head out one of the broken windows, a dull look on his face as he seemed to wait for something to come along and tear his head off.
"We aren't moving fast enough for that to work, the most you'll get is a concussion..."
"...Part of me knew that..." He sighed as they stopped at one of the stations that lined the entire track an-

*TSK!* "GO! GO! GO! RUN FASTER YOU FUCKERS!" *TSK!* a voice filtered though some kind of speaker shouted as a man in Some advanced Sci-Fi armor ran right into the open tram, his team lagging behind as they ran away from Some kind of aliens.
But before they could reach the doors, Ghost quickly hit the emergency launch button, closing the doors before the tram sped away, leaving his teammates behind for dead.
*TSK!* "Gaaaah, you call that fucking running!?! Tch, fucking G-Corp scrubs are good for nothing..." *TSK!* He grumbled as he examined a small flash drive he was holding in his hand, the contents of all of Black Mesa's research, all for Mr. Mishima to exploit, He was going to get paid well ton-
It was only when Darren coughed that Ghost realized that he wasn't alone, looking up quickly as he hid the flash drive before pulling out his weapon.
*TSK!* "Hey, don't fucking judge me! You saw them, I'm not waiting around for-....for...." *TSK!* He trailed off before looking at Annie, seeming to freeze up for a moment when he saw the blonde Titan.
*TSK!* "...Annie?....Annie Leonhart?...Holy shit, you look-...I mean, when did you get back?..." *TSK!* He stumbled over his words slightly, prompting the Author to sigh "Real smooth, killer, real smooth..." as he resumed his wait for something to take his head off.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Armory
"Deploy the Tear Absorbent Cloth Squares!"
Katya Rostikova

The outburst that ARES-35 had just leveled on the Rising Dawn's Hacker Heroine was not something easily forgotten. The human mind just didn't work like that. Just like pain receptors, nerve endings and neural impulses, emotion was something that one could not simply turn off. So it was that Katya Rostikova felt pity for her ailing crew mate. Sure the action of hugging ARES might have been inappropriate given the setting and a bit melodramatic but the Rising Dawn's Digital Drama Queen did so anyways, hugging the toaster that could feel pain.

"I'm sorry." The young woman apologized for the human race's role in ARES' less than ideal life, "Maybe when we get back, we can take a look at your programming." The girl offered as she looked at her mechanical partner, "We can..."

"Little Miss." B3WP's monotone voice interrupted, his voice being outputted through Katya's mobile device, "I have a proposal for the inbound Nuclear Missile."

The was a grunt of annoyance on Katya's part as she released ARES from the hug.

"Dammit B3WP, I was about to get laid." The Lewd Lady of Computing sighed before getting to the heart of the matter, "Alright... what's your idea."

"Based on the analysis of the missile that is inbound on this facility, it has been determined that the missile is outfitted with a standard implosion style warhead. The one of the nuclear detonation sources is layered upon the other in a spherical arrangement. The nuclear materials are then surrounded by a layer of plastic explosive before being placed within a container. If we can introduce several hundred thousand Nano-Agents into the missile's internal systems, the nuclear materials can be deconstructed and removed from the missile itself. This would reduce the missile's destructive capability significantly. The projected damage to the dam's structure would be minimal." B3WP outlined.

"You interrupted ... well... you know... for that? How are we supposed to even get you up there?" Katya exclaimed.

"The Maliwan Volcano appears to have an overload function. It should be able to generate enough damage to create a shaft to the outside. Once this has been completes, Miss ARES can transport the needed Nano Agents to the missile and deposit them on the missiles surface before retreating." The Artificial Intelligence stated.

Katya considered this for a moment before turning to ARES. The plan appeared to be sound but there was still the matter of ARES' role in it.

"Well ARES, what to you think of this idea?" Katya asked her mechanical pal, "It's up to you whether you want to take part in this or not."

Yup, Kayta was giving ARES an opportunity to choose for herself. But there was still the matter of informing the rest of the crew. Talking to her ring, Katya informed the crew of her plan and requested permission to execute.

"Yo, Boss Dude! Imma go get that missile!" Katya exclaimed.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn
Rory Mercury

"My name is Alpha, the security artificial intelligence of the Rising Dawn. May I ask your name? The False Girl asked causing the Oracle of Emloy to smile despite herself. It was very rare that you would meet soemone with such manners while dozens of lives were being snuffed out of existence.

"Rory Mercury, Apostle to the God Emloy." The Young Looking Lolicon said as the looked out the window, her cheeks flushed from the souls that Wanderer had just delivered into the hands of her God. She was slowly losing the battle to resist going berserk on everything in sight... and given that the only person available for the... other option... was a total stranger, the chances of that were nil. She had maybe another few moments.

As she gazed at the ground, she spotted a hanger built into the side of the canyon. The crimson eyes flashed as she saw soldiers running about, some packing supplies into crates while others were preparing to mount a defensive. In the middle of it all was a man that Alpha had identified as Wesker, the Rising Dawn's target.

Despite this Alpha's explanation, there was no word as to what the purpose of the Rising Dawn was. Were they on the side of Justice or were they just another bandit group? There was only one way to find out.

"You've been quite helpful Alpha. Perhaps I will see you soon." The woman said as she hefted her Halberd and swung it at the armored corridor wall, slicing a hole in the hull. As she did this, she moved on Alpha, grabbing her by the wrist, "Or you can come explain things to me."

With that... she jumped out the hole in the hull with Alpha in tow.

Free fall... there was no other sensation like it. Weightlessness. Freedom. It was like being on the battlefield except the enemy here was nature herself. As she and Alpha fell, Rory turned, a mischievous look in her eyes.

"So, Alpha. Tell me the purpose of this Rising Dawn. Who do they server?" Rory said, looking at their hands, one finger straightening out as if to slowly release Alpha into gravity's embrace.

Character: Barbas
Location: Classified, Black Mesa Research Facility
Time: 1200hrs

Four pairs of booted feet hammered down the stone corridor, sending rhythmic echoes soon punctuated by the harsh bark of radio orders and the staccato of gunfire. The masked soldiers moved with military precision, each pair in turn hawkishly overseeing the other as they leapfrogged down the subterranean capillaries of the facility. Every side-door was thrown open and every room faced the interrogating beams of their torches. The only experience any cowering security guard or employee had of their uniformed dispatcher was the petrifying glare of his Medusean visage.

On the surface, a hundred metres above, the blazing midday sun baked a pockmarked landscape of sputtering black wrecks and twisted fencing. Desperate bands of soldiers cut off from their units, already veterans after having survived their disastrous arrival, waged a constant war of attrition against the extraterrestrial invaders. In countless blocked-off corridors and warehouses, wearied opponents fought a savage tug-of-war, blasting indiscriminately at often unseen opponents with machine guns, rockets and pistol fire. The rooftops and basements of already battered edifices changed hands several times an hour, as gains were measured in single rooms or floors and at the cost of nearly every ounce of remaining strength. For the bloodied and scattered remnants of the HECU, now faced by a seemingly endless stream of alien monstrosities, the very future of humanity was at stake. The fighting had become closer, more personal and more savage. No quarter was given and no prisoners taken. Above the billowing clouds of petrol smoke and the incessant cacophony of gunfire, the skies were cracked by the rumble of artillery, the scream of jet engines and the deafening crash of explosions. Black Mesa had become a place of horror, a vortex of fire and noise.

* * *

Their murderous deed done, the soldiers moved on to parts unknown. The clatter of violence faded as quick as it had come, leaving only an eerie silence in its wake. For a protracted moment, there was only the muted motion of hurrying insects in the pitch darkness beneath the shattered ceiling lights.

A blinding flash of eldritch light sheared through the darkness of the corridor with a whip-like crack, momentarily illuminating the suggestion of a dark canid mass at its centre. Tiny forks of green lightning fizzled up the sides of metal shelves and arced across the valves of ceiling pipes, casting meandering paths in the gloom before they vanished entirely from the world. A faint snuffling and the soft padding of limbs on cold stone were the only indications of life. A hunched silhouette moved in the pervasive gloom, inspecting the lifeless body of a security guard. Leaning its form against the chest of the corpse, it felt the brief suggestion of dissipating body heat. Then it turned, head low and sniffing, stalking down the corridor after the departed soldiers.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Armory/Rising Dawn Hanger
"Stealing yo formatting since 2012"

"Yo, Boss Dude! Imma go get that missile!"

Kazuya was still nervously monitoring all communications between the crew members when Katya's statement came though, wiping some sweat from his brow for a moment before answering "Good. Wanderer and David are trying to get a transport from the Hanger to reach the Missile. Make your way to their location, Before Wanderer decides that he'd like staring at the explosion more then making sure everyone lives...".
With that snide insult at the man who set back his operation out of the way, Kazuya got back to to his nervous pacing around the hanger, finally reacting to the President's call to use the operation as a PR Stunt.
"Mr President, is there REALLY nothing you can do? In your position, you should have total control over the nuclear arsenal of your country. How the hell did Wesker manage to authorize this!?"
"Because he didn't. Least not directly." Violet chimed in, prompting a glare that screamed "The Fuck you say?!"
"When he re-established the base, Wesker wrote in several new protocols. Nuclear Raccoon is a fail safe to be used
to try and prevent the stealing of private US project data. You know, the stuff your trying to steal? Once that missile is launched, it ain't getting stopped, not with conventional safe-guards, not with hacking, nothing."

"...And you know this how?"
"Freedom of Information request. Sent it after the alert was raised. Threatened to sic the G-Corp Legal Army on them if they didn't get the lead out." The Doctor smiled as he resumed his work, namely trying to figure out how large the fallout would be and trying to come up with reasons for the nearby towns to move without including the words "Nuclear Death".
"...Right...Mr. President, I advise that once this over, you put someone who doesn't, and I quote, "Smoke Weed everyday", head your Department of Defense. Also, explain how you are going to use this against Armstrong and Bison in the race?..." Kazuya snarked as he began to move the ship out of the possible blast zone.

Wanderer, David West and Babras
Location: Black Mesa | Hanger.
Insert drama

"...No, those are lights...Those are missiles...Good to know...This it?...Why the hell does thing have a massage seat?..."
David struggled with the flight controls some more, turns out that Marksmen weren't trained in fighter jet usage, especially ones that have been yet to even be released on the market yet.
"Come on, fucking ergonomic design my ass!" He grumbled before he paused, having heard something.
Looking back from the pilot's seat, he turned around and-....saw a dog?
While it was a fairly un-interesting sight, that what was so off putting about it, considering David's line of work.
"...Wanderer!...Did adopt a dog?..." The Sniper called to his ally.
"...What?...No-...Well, Does he have cybernetic parts and a brain jar?..." Wanderer shouted back.
"...No...Looks-....Kinda normal to me..."
"Well, it isn't my dog then."
"...Well-...Get rid of it. We're trying to shoot down a nuclear missile, not start an animal pound!" He whined some more as he began to grow more and more frustrated with the controls.
"...Heh, you think it hows how to fly one of these fucking things?!" He angrily joked as he hit the console, doing nothing but turning on the FM Radio.

The Rising Dawn Adventures

Black Mesa Transit System: AA!Darren, Annie, Ghost

"Didn't think I would be recognized by anyone except for the Rising Dawn. Was I a good person to you outside of your suit?" Not an issue with me whether we're friends or enemies. As long as you aren't trigger happy, I won't mind you. You were asking me when did I get back, correct? ... We've never met and yet, you took notice of my absence. You're part of the crew too, or just a lackey hired to die on the front lines like every other blindly optimistic soldier?"

*TSK!* "...Well-.....I-errrr..." *TSK! Ghost stammered some more, as if conflicted by something.
*TSK!* "...I ran into ya back in Las Venturas. The time you...well, flattened the place. Just-...Didn't think I'd see you again..." *TSK!* He then answered, not really sounding all that convinced about his answer as he leaned up against the side of the Tram, pulling his weapon away.
"Yeah, I'm sure it made a lot of headlines..." Darren snarked, right before a loud *THUD!* filled the air as his head connected with a sign, an impact so underwhelming he had finished healing from it before the blood had even hit the ground.
*TSK!* "Yeah...I mean-....It was kinda Awesome, eh-heh...heh..." *TSK!* he halfheartedly laughed, trying to break the ice with about as much success as using a egg spoon against a actual ice cube.
*TSK!* "...I mean, I do know you and we have met to put this?.....Look, Legalities are a bitch. Second I spill the beans, I'm back in prison...or the brig rather..." *TSK!* he let slip, realizing that his contract was only against disclosing who he was.

But if they figured out who he was on their own? That wouldn't be too bad...right?...

The Rising Dawn Adventures

Black Mesa Transit System: AA!Darren, Annie, Ghost

"I knew of someone who also belonged in the brig. Although a scumbag at times and possibly trash, he wasn't too bad. I'd rather consider him a friend over any of the other Rising Dawn members, especially Rugal. Whomever created that man, is no better than a religious babbling executioner nut job that targets a group of people based on their race or nationality..."

She remembers me! <3
*TSK!* "Oh yeah, total asshole. gonna burn in hell." *TSK!* He rattled on, seeming to be a bit more animated now after that statement for some reason, couldn't really tell why though.
His mask blocked the grin on his face before Annie spoke again, "I'm not one to worry about people, but I hope Deadshot's is in one peace. I'll have to ask Ryan about him ..."
*TSK!* "Ahhhh...Deadshot usually finds a way to get out of shit. He might get his hands dirty, but he always comes out smelling of roses..." *TSK!*
"And human waste and second rate narcotics..." Darren managed to say before the next sign came in, interrupting the conversation for a moment as his head was impaled on a "Stop" sign, the Author struggling a little to stay inside the tram before his body went limp as it came out he other end, leaving a massive hole right in the middle of his face before it healed over again.
*TSK!* "...That dude has Issues..." *TSK!*

"By the way..."
*TSK!* "Yes Hotness?..." *TSK!*
"If you are secretly working for the fugitive we're after, i'm going to disable you for the remainder of your years. I'll start with plunging my Maneuver Gear blade between where the spine meets the ilium so that you cannot regain feeling in your legs. Otherwise, stick around if you like... I don't bite."
*TSK!* "...Clearly people flock to you for your personality...." *TSK!* The Agent joked, almost sounding like a complement more then an insult.
*TSK!* "Still, ain't no worry there, Blondie. Got my Orders from Mr. Kazuya Mishima himself. Believe me, if that was the case, he wouldn't even let you disable my legs. He'd already have them torn off my body...That wasn't joke, he literally did that to someone once..." *TSK!*
"gif ur tryhm ta git inter mer cants-*Crack*, she's like 16. Believe me, even if you work for the Japanese, Pedophiles don't really get good employment contracts..." Darren sniped in with the mother of all cockblocks as he had his jaw reform mid sentence.

Black Mesa: Anti-Mass Spectrometer: Selena, Kane, Snake

RANDOM ENCOUNTER No. 17: Solid Snake: Metal Gear Solid

as the cardboard tank somehow opened fire. Selena Reacted quickly throwing up a barrier but not fast enough, she was severely depleted of her mana, the flimsy barrier blocked the shell but the shock-wave was intense, Selena growled and snapped her fingers, Snake heard a rumble as it began o rain fire, well sort of, small pebbles at a high velocity shot down that were themselves hot and on fire, now against actual armor this would be a laughable attempt, however as a teeny tank box this tore flaming holes Snake looked up with the contents of a ration packet (which totally wasn't just a hot pocket) halfway in his mouth, still under he affect of poison his vision became blurry as the witch advanced, she extended her hand it was lose to snake whom was poisoned and in a lot of pain from raining, flaming pebbles.
"Tempus posuit te super Ice"
She said and A blast of cold wind hit snake full front and ice formed around him quickly it took seconds for him to be encased in this strange ice that for some reason wasn't melting.
She glared at her opponent, a dead silence filled the room and the glow from her eyes faded and her knees buckled. she looked at herself and her surroundings her clothes were almost completely ruined and she felt like she had been trampled by a Company of Marines.

Black Mesa: Anti-Mass Spectrometer: Selena, Insaneo, Kane, Snake

RANDOM ENCOUNTER No. 17: Solid Snake: Metal Gear Solid

Snake was busy freaking out over the remains of his fabled Tank-Box, recalling all the fun times they had together right before Selena sealed him in ice, a sad and surprised look on his face right before he was encased.
Right after that happened, Insaneo appeared on the scene because it's easier to write it this way and began to try and rebuild what little remained of the Portal Lab's master console.
As she was attempting to get her strength back, there was a low groan from behind her as the burned man began to attempt to crawl his way out of the chamber, something that was noteworthy as he was basically 90% burn wounds and little else, on top of just being dead less then a few minutes ago.
As for Insaneo, the main barrier that would prevent him from shutting off the portal tech would be how damaged the power lines were during the first few minutes of the storm.
The storm was self sustaining, so he would need to figure out a way to get enough power into the console to counter act it.

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