The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Location: Shadow Realm | Training Room | Rising Dawn

Constance | Cz | Jenny | Rugal | Slindis | Teri

Veles' internal logic circuits ran short, she detected that none of the threats that had existed mere minutes before continued to exist. Yet her ambient sensors dictated that there was still a great deal of potential danger to be had. Veles floated above Cz, keeping stable in the air, her weapons had ceased for the time being. Veles did a quick scan of her allies and concluded none of them were the threat. Then it did a scan of the Sorrowfield Vampire and concluded a low level of ambient threat. Then, finally, out of options, Veles scanned Cz and detected a large amount of ambient threat. Particularly, Cz's nervous system had begun to shut down. Her muscles were in remission causing her blood pressure to drop dangerously low. A combination of malnutrition, exhaustion, dehydration, and strenuous activity had nearly destroyed her now decidedly human body.

The butterfly machination decided to dematerialize herself and place herself back into phase space to attempt to conserve what little energy her primary governing body retained.

Cz was a little worse for wear however. She was still standing by sheer miracle, or perhaps her legs had just locked themselves into that upright position. Her eyes were open, but saw nothing, and her mouth was as dry as cotton. Everything felt numb, where once sharp pricking pains tore at her skin, now only a cold numbness remained. The room was bright. Too bright. She closed her eyes and kept them shut. The energy to open her eyelids too much for her to muster.

Tired. Tired... Cz thought before she lapsed into full unconsciousness and collapsed onto the floor. But I'm glad that episode is over little vampire.

Rising Dawn: Training Room/Shadow Realm Rugal Slindis, Teri, Constance, Jenny, Cz

"WOOO! YEAH! FATALITY! *THAT'S* HOW IT'S FUCKING DONE! AHAHAHAH!" Rugal celebrated as Constance managed to tear her way out of the Shadow that had swallowed her in a rather brutal fashion as Jenny ran over to the Catgirl to give similar praise.
"Top Grade everyone! Cz, *LOVED* the killer butterfly robot, I have GOT to buy a few of those. Teri, Good work, See what I mean about using Anger constructively for deconstruction of your enemies. Dimitri, Thanks for the assist and Slindis...*Whistles* Just love watching you go to work, Perfect as always." Rugal complemented everyone present for their efforts in a way that seemed VASTLY out of character for him, it was as if he mentally became 20 years younger.

"Yes! I knew you could do it!" She shouted with glee as she went to hug the Vampire, stopping awkwardly at the last moment, after all, she had just clawed her way out of the internal organs of her Shadow.
"Just...Lets get you cleaned up. God, I was so worried, but the important thing is that you are okay." She finally settled, offering Constance a shoulder to lean on, Imagining that she might be tired after her fight.
Then it turned out that Cz was in-fact the one that needed a hand, collapsing from exhaustion and causing panic and urgency to re-enter the Pokemon's system.
"Cz!" She then exclaimed as she rushed over, quickly checking her vitals.
"Her persona must be extremely taxing for her. Come on, let's get back to the Med-Bay." She said before picking the little one up in her arms.

All the while, Hercules stood towering in the distance, glaring at his master as he mingled with the crew.
He realized wasn't going to get another chance bar this as he extended his claws and began marching over, giving off a low growl as he did.
"...Hm?...Oh, you still here? It's okay, it's over, you can go back to...where-ever it is you come from..." Rugal dismissively said as he looked at his Persona marching towards him, staring at him though that helmet it was wearing.
"...Teri, how do you "De-Summon" these things? Do I just will him away or do i-..."


Hercules took a massive swing at his master, Rugal barely copping on and dodging as a claw raced towards him, barely avoiding it as it took off a piece of his long blonde hair.
"SONOFA-DIMITRI! KILL THE POWER! NOW! Heel Hercules! Heel!" He pleaded as his Persona seemed dead set in gutting him.

Airship Rising Dawn | Training Room: Constance, Cz, Jenny, Rugal, Slindis, Teri

Guilt. The emotion was hit the Raven Haired Vampire like a metric ton of bricks when she witnessed her fellow crewmate, Cz, fall to the ground and into the arms of unconsciousness. The emotion was furthur punctuated when she stood there and watched as Jenny hauled the unconscious girl out of the Training Room to the Medbay. Running after the two, Constance could think that she and she alone would be responsible for anything that happened to Cz since it had been her Shadow that had caused Cz to over extend herself.

As Constance ran through the corridors of the Airship, she wondered if there was anything that she could have done differently to avoid this outcome.

"(Second guessing yourself again, huh? Am I sensing a trend?)" Came Bast's mocking voice from the back of the Vampire's mind.

"Shut up. I mean it shut - your - mouth" The Young vampire muttered aloud as she stopped in front of the Medical Bay to compose herself before entering.

To her relief, Constance found that Cz had already been placed on one of the medical beds, the automated machines were in the process of scanning the unconscious crewmember's body and diagnosing the multitude of issues that the young girl was suffering from.

"(Jeez, you'd think a Guardian of the World would know that she needed to eat and rest.)" Bast's voice chimed in once again.

"I SAID SHUT UP!!" Constance yelled, her voice shattering the quietness of the Medical Bay.

"Sorry." She apologized as she pulled a chair up next to Cz's bed. Looking at the growing list of problems that plagued the young one, Constance decided that if she was the one responsible for putting Cz in the state that she was currently in, it would be Constance that helped her recover.

"(Hmm. That's quite the interesting thought.)" The Feline Voice said from within the dark recesses of Constance's mind. This time, however, the voice did not contain the mocking notes that had dripped from each word as before. This time, the voice sounded like it approved of the idea.

Giving Bast a mental nod, Constance settled into the chair and began the long process of waiting for Cz to recover and as she did so, she began pulling up the various personel records of the crew members of the Rising Dawn, pausing the longest to read the biographical details of Slindis, Methethia, Devon and Teri, each of which had each of which had the common trait of having either lost loved ones or their homes.

Looking back to Cz, Constance placed her hand upon that of the unconscious girl.

"I hope you can forgive me." Constance said before resuming her vigil.

[1] This section was written purely for humor's sake and is not meant to be actually part of anything that is actually occurring

Storm & Alpha.
Location: Rising Dawn | Med-bay .

After hearing David talk senseless to the group, Storm shook his head in a disappointed way. He looked towards Melethia with concern. "That ... and I think we should do something about his drinking problem. I would hate to see what happens if we would not be here ... maybe we should consider getting a ship therapist or something to help David get over his alcohol problem. I mean I have no idea if he would want that, but drinking does many bad things to the body ... I haven't even tried a drop of the stuff, it might have some pretty bad consequences for something like me." Storm said but was suddenly caught in thought, maybe he should ask the Doctor to investigate his body a bit further. Although the Doctor probably already has.

"We should leave him here for now ... he has a lot to think about." Alpha's voice ran cold as ice as she began to walk to the door, still in the baggy and over-sized clothes of Storm. "Ah yeah ... I wish to check out too." He muttered back as he walked by her side. "We'll see you later ... Melethia. Just call us when you need us." He called back and then waved, Alpha turned around too and gave a quick bow before the two left the room. Along the walk on the way back to their room, Storm kept looking at Alpha.

"You look good in those clothes." He muttered in a embarrassed tone, he almost flinched just in-case he was going to be hit again. Except a light pat hit him in the stomach instead, Alpha's fist was their but it wasn't a full-power punch. "Just promise me that you won't do anything like that again ... and thank you." She said with embarrassment and a blushing face. Alpha obviously mentioned the battle with the Titan Annie and how he got hurt in the first place.

"Whatever you desire my hime-sama~" He gave a formal bow just before picking her up in the Princess position too. "Wha-what are you doing!?" She asked quickly and stuttering. "Hmm? Isn't that obvious, if you are my Princess, I am your Knight." He smiled gently, after that the two were silent until they reached the room.

Yu Narukami, Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie and etc.
Shadow Wanderer.
Location: Shadow Zone | Operation Theater.

Dark battle Music

The Shadow was in a good mood as the two attacks were launched towards him. With one slash of one sword it eliminated most of the projectiles, but with a satisfied "crimson" one of the projectiles impacted the Shadow's shoulder which he turned to break with his other sword. The Shadow had damage dealt to him but he wanted to become hit so he could show off one more feature of the battle. The pain was represented by black flames which happened to go along the chain towards it's target, that target was the Doctor.

With the black flames travelling along the 'strings' it came to the veins connected to the Wanderer, it connected and soon the Doctor let out a cry of anguish which sent him into a frenzy of madness. Another attack was launched onto the chain by two participants, yet the chain could only remain after all attacks and all effects on the chain went directly both two the Shadow and Wanderer. The Shadow did not budge and the Doctor went more mad. "Fools, you should all know that you can never sever a connection between light and dark of a person!" the Shadow mocked as the next attack was launched by Cadolbolg.

Being on the defense again, the Shadow matched the attack with his swords in a double crossed blocking stance. The flames were roaring to get over him, some even began to hurt him, once more this trailed back to the Wanderer as well which surprisingly set him partially on fire, mostly the arms and legs. Pain or more power, this was uncertain for the Wanderer who still fought the users. Devon whom launched a flashbang at the Shadow was most effective, with the light shining brightly the Shadow tried to cover his eyes but it seemed it began to sizzle his black flesh for a while. A dark howl filled the room, the Shadow decided to return a attack with two swings of his swords black flames were sent towards his close attackers.

When the flashback hit, it actually did not damage the Wanderer, but instead it returned his normal personality for a couple of seconds. At that moment he had switched his weapons for two of his .45 Auto submachine gun which he opened fire on Ella, when he came around to see the room he could see Annie above him talking about the things he talked about before. "Remember Revelations .... Doctor S. Remember what you stand for in this world and yours back home." is what she said in front of him.

Those lines got a brief smile out of the Doc before he turned with a serious face. "The only way to truly save me is by beating him ... do not care about me for now, just take him down enough so I may face him myse-" He was cut off, again his eyes faded back to the blackness he had before. Jumping off the ground and onto his legs, he decided to change his weapons once more. With a agile jump he was further when he pulled out a rather large grenade machinegun.

Without a second thought he began to unload into the people in front of him and Deadshot. Luckily enough, one figure ran behind him in a incredible dash. It was Yu who caught up to the people who were fighting the Shadow instead. Coming in just before the black flames, Yu summoned his Persona instantly, it was a spell and it gave more defense to all allies for the incoming attacks.

Location - Shadow Zone's Operation Theater: Wanderer, Yu, Deadshot, Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg, Garm, Annie
Great Song You Picked Shaun!

Seeing the Doctor tortured like this made Annie all the more tempted in freeing him as soon as possible. Not even her own Shadow went through of harming Annie to this extent when they met. As Annie spoke about Revelations, the Doctor turned to her with a serious face, "The only way to truly save me is by beating him ... do not care about me for now, just take him down enough so I may face him myse-" He was cut off, again his eyes faded back to the blackness he had before. He furthered his distance and pulled out a gun that Annie probably wouldn't want to risk taking hits from.

Luckily, Yu came forth in a flash by using his Persona to boost everyone's defenses against the Shadow and the Doctor's attacks. To ensure the Doctor wouldn't harm anyone... Still, the weapon the Doctor selected looked like a minigun but with the fire power to severely blow off limbs and body parts if chipped enough. "Tch."

Without thinking (or really understanding it), summoned her Arcana card only to crush it thus Gaea was summoned before her. Only 25 feet tall, the Persona readied herself. However, the difference between now and her Persona before the Shadow fight was that Gaea now has brighter glowing eyes, the plating on the arms... chest... and legs somewhat are shiny as if there's tiny crystal plating there, and her hair was slightly longer in the back along with her bangs.
"Gaea, protect the group from the Doctor!" With that, Gaea forged actual crystal skin to appear on her arms, and placing them together she blocked all the bullets the Doctor was firing at everyone. When his aim shifted towards Ella, Gaea side stepped and protected Ella since the Persona was still capable of blocking more bullets. Luckily the bullets only shot off a bit deep into the crystals, but not nearly enough to hit the arms beneath them.

So.. this is my Persona... The thoughts she had of her Persona did not exactly make her happy, but rather Annie acclaims this. Having a focused expression, the titan girl was going to make sure the Doctor wouldn't harm anyone but also to see how his Shadow worked. Since they did have to defeat the Shadow in order for the Doctor to have a chance of confronting it... they needed to know how it fought.
So far it would send pain into the Wanderer and it'd rile him up with insanity. Cutting those veins would obviously be of an importance but there was more to it. When Devon flashed the Shadow, the Doctor regained control so...

"Devon- if you can stun the Shadow longer, perhaps the Doctor would be capable to freeing himself if all else fails. Can you cast another one of those?" Hopefully, ether Devon or someone could manage to bring the Shadow's guard down just like when the flash occurred.

Rising Dawn: Training Room/Shadow Realm Rugal, Slindis, Teri,

Because I can.

Once Constance was dragged out of the Training Room, Teri gave a friendly salute to Squishy, who looked reasonably less boiled than before. The elemental gave a shivering "thanks" before disappearing onto the ground again; leaving Teri alone with her- "SONOFA-DIMITRI! KILL THE POWER! NOW! Heel Hercules! Heel!"

Without a thought to the contrary, Teri shouted, "TOYOTAMA, PROTECT DAD!"
and her Persona flung itself in front of Hercules, bringing the Trident up to block the next strike of Hercules' claws. A resounding *CLANG* rang through the air as the two weapons met, leaving the two Personas in a stare off before Dimitri's voice spoke over the Tablet again, "Procedures to cease Shadow Emulator initiated. We will return in 3...2...1..."

With that, the colors and Personas faded away, and a semblance of normalcy took over the room. Teri sank to the floor after the Personas disappeared, clinging to her arms in pain. It didn't look like much when Toyotama first blocked the blow, but Teri could feel the amount of exertion her Persona had to use to keep Hercules back; and even then, she was more than certain that if Hercules had put more strength behind his blow, Toyotama could have taken much worse damage. As the Cleric tried to tough through her current condition, her Persona shouted in outrage:

"Son of a cocksucking whore! Fucker almost broke my trident with that attack! WARN ME before we start doing suicidal, dumbass, stunts like that again! We're lucky Dimitri was already on the helper side of things, or else the both of us would have gotten fucked up bad. Anyways, I'm gonna take a nap for a while. We can talk more about Dad's personality shift later, that shit at the end wore me out; and I need to work on fixing up my trident. Don't do anything stupid while I'm asleep."

Location - Shadow Zone's Operation Theater: Wanderer, Yu, Deadshot, Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg, Garm, Annie
Gotta stick with the source material, man~!

"I got it! It's Strong to Darkness and Weak to Light! Best of luck!"

Yep, in seeing the fight begin to unfold, Mitsuru had unraveled the sneaky Shadow's scheme.

That all being said (and Annie's Persona blocking the attack), Cadolbolg focused his attention on the chains this time, and called to his Persona, "Lei Zhenzei! Blast those chains to oblivion!"

After said stream of attacks, however, Cadolbolg slumped a little in the air, feeling himself drained after pulling off that maneuver again. It seemed to be the strongest lightning attack that Lei Zhenzei could do, but it really took a lot out of the turtle-dragon baby.

With another of the shocking attacks launching at the chains, Garm had to let go to avoid being hit by the lightning (something he sensed he REALLY didn't want coming his way). After Cadolbolg's attack, however, Garm attacked the chains again with his cold teeth, and bit down hard to try to get some sort of effect on them; the cold from his bite continuing to seep in as he struggled with the structure.

Storm & Alpha.
Location: Rising Dawn | Med-bay .

"He's experienced enough to kill, he's experienced enough to drink whatever the hell he can handle. Sure, he messed up with some of the drinks, but he's still alive." she gave plenty of time for David to be more coherent, but Melethia's face was easily recognizeabe to mist people. Seeing it might sober David up, depending on how fast he could recover...

SHe could hear the frantic steps of someone making their way over, but she wasn't all that concerned at this point since they didn't sound like her sister's steps.

Yu Narukami, Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie and etc.
Shadow Wanderer.
Location: Shadow Zone | Operation Theater.

Perhaps it was the boost from Yu or maybe it was the fact that she'd skirted dying only a few minutes ago, but the blades didn't hurt all that much. "It's my only one, Annie, and it's not made for that... I'll need a second, but until thenpush hard and cut through!" Devon's melodic tone was punctuated with a cry from Mengde, and the rallying effects could be felt through the whole group.

Devon has Inspired Courage in her group! All attacks barring spells have their damage increased for the next chunk of time, and they're braver as well.

Bard Songs left: 12

A glance was shot back to see Ella moving to work in tandem with Garm, and Devon had a thought run through her head to push it on further. "Okay, it's time to make this work!" A bold cry from Mengde had a rather strong effect on our Bard; her movements became fairly fluid as her attacks began to be swung at the Shadow with a very unexpected timing.

To finish it on her end, Devon begins the Snowflake Wardance to become far more dangerous in a fight! Until the end of the fight, Devon's attacks are more accurate and damaging at the expense of complete fatigue when it's done.

Bard Songs left: 11

This passion to get up close wasn't lost on Ella, though, and she knew that Devon was going on again with that macho 'let me take the front lines' bullshit. I'm going to need some good help with these outfits I'm getting for Devon tomorrow... Her thought was stopped as she got caught in the shockwave, smashing the butt of her Halberd into the Wanderer's pinky toe in the Process

Rising Dawn: Training Room/Shadow Realm Rugal Slindis, Teri, Constance, Jenny, Cz

Luckily, it seemed that Teri had the situation covered, so Slindis took some time to process what she'd seen through the fight. Wasn't his Persona supposed to be tamed? Its actions were far too erratic... Too much is off... talking with Rugal might just tip him off too soon, so I need to find more facts here before I show my hand here. Bringing it up now might just give him time to make lies to cover himself.

"Rugal, I need to check on Constance. After all, she did just take a beating. Teri, I'm guessing you're well?"

Rising Dawn: Training Room/Shadow Realm Rugal, Slindis, Teri

Hercules froze in horror as Tomoyama blocked his attack, realizing both that his only real chance to get Rugal was gone and all he succeeded at was hurting Teri.
He let off a low growl of despair before the Training room reverted to normal and he faded away, knowing Rugal would never let him out again.

"....Fucking Hell...I don't understand. I beat my Shadow...Why is it still acting up?..." Rugal asked in confusion as if he didn't already know why that happened.
Guess I won't be calling you out again... he thought as he saw Teri in pain.
"Thanks...I owe you one..." He merely said as Slindis confronted him.
Even now, he is still a massive pain in my ass... He thought as he went to check up on the Cleric.
"You okay Sweetheart?"

Deadshot, Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie, Yu
Shadow Wanderer.
Location: Shadow Zone | Operation Theater.

Deadshot was annoyed that his 9mm didn't seem to have enough kick to sever the Chains connecting Wanderer to his Shadow, but he couldn't help but whistle with impress as Wanderer pulled out a Mini-Gun that shot freaking grenades!
"...I have GOT to get me one of those..." He mused from his perch as the Doctor began to open fire.
"Quickfire round! DRAW!" He shouted as he loaded a fresh clip into his handgun and took aim.
What Wanderer saw was his grenades harmlessly exploding in midair before they could hit their marks as Deadshot shot down his projectiles, rendering his attack rather ineffective.
"YEAH! Bet David West can't do that shit! Woo!" He taunted as he aimed to draw Wanderer's fire, seeing how he had the skill to make his bombs harmless.

As he reloaded, he Evoked [Null] who walked over out of the Shadows beside him, still annoyed at the Assassin for running off last time, still baring cracks in his mask and tears in his suit.
"You again?...You going to stick around this time?" it asked until for once Deadshot was the one pointing a gun at IT'S head.
"Shut up, Mr. Big Shot. Get a rifle and Set up on the far side, Mirror my position and aim for the Shadow." He commanded as he finished his reload and saw the other's attacks and how the only one seeming to get hurt was Wanderer.
"....Second thought, I have an idea. Set up, but aim for Wanderer, shoot him in the leg. See if this Pain Link works both ways." He then ordered as he got ready to shoot down the next volley of grenades.

His logic was that if the Shadow passed it's pain and suffering onto Wanderer, then maybe harming Wanderer might do the Reverse, making it easier to take down the Shadow.

David West, Melethia, Jenny, Constance, Cz
Location: Rising Dawn | Med-bay.

After Storm and Alpha left, David sat up, somewhat annoyed of the outcome of his sudden bender.
"Christ above...It ain't even the weekend...Ew...Mouth tastes like a janitor's closet" He groaned as Melethia entered his view.
"...Mel?....Oh god, Don't tell me-!!!" He panicked as he realized he just had a Major Bender on the Rising Dawn.
For David, there was 2 modes of Drinking: Standard was just him on a daily basic while Bender was saved for special events and was FAR more intense, more like something Deadshot would do.
"...Ohhh mannn...I'm never gonna hear the end of this...Okay....Break it to me straight...What did I do?" He asked the elf as he held his head, the embarrassment and guilt starting to sink in.
At least I didn't wake up in my underwear again...

Before she could answer, Jenny, Cz and Constance arrived, The pokemon laying Cz down on one of the other beds while Constance seemed to be talking to herself.
"Constance, It's okay...Don't worry, she'll be just fine. All she needs to do is learn her limits." She explained to the Vampire as she used her limited medical knowledge (Secondhand stuff she learned from Slindis and Teri) to help Cz recover.
"As for Forgiveness, I already have..." she then smiled, letting Constance know she wasn't in trouble in the slightest.

Rising Dawn: Training Room/Shadow Realm Rugal, Slindis, Teri

"You okay Sweetheart?"

Teri looked up to Rugal and gave the smallest of nods, and winced again when she pushed herself up, slinging Sadei's bow form over herself after doing so, "Feels like the first time I ever tried a flurry on a wall; like my arms are gonna fall off. Toyotama's pissed at me for trying that at all; said it almost broke her trident."

She moved her arms a bit to try to loosen them up, but the fact was obvious: it hurt her greatly to do so. As the Cleric tried to get some of the soreness out, she asked her staff, "I didn't think Personas attacked their wielders... I thought all that was taken care of? You're the one who's been agreeing with Tama, Sadei, what do you make of it?"

Rising Dawn: Training Room/Shadow Realm Rugal, Slindis, Teri

"I'm sorry that happened. It's strange, I confronted my Shadow and yet..." Rugal mused as he helped Teri up.
"Still, Your alright and that's the important thing. She's fine Slindis, You go check up on Constance." He said to the Drow as the trio left the Training Room.
"Right, I dunno about you, but I could do for something to eat. Slindis, want me and Teri to bring you down something?"" He asked, pretty relaxed after that engagement.

Location: Med Bay | Rising Dawn

David West | Melethia | Jenny | Constance | Cz

What do machines dream of? The simple answer, is that they do not. They do not dream. But Cz, being no longer a machine, dreamed. And she dreamed brightly and vividly, as if she had the greatest practice in the art of dreaming. Yet, not all well dreamed dreams are mirthful. No. Her dreams were well dreamed dreams of darkness and fear. In other, more less delicate words; her dream was a nightmare.

There was a woman in front of her, looking about her early twenties. Bright red hair and a single emerald eye peering out of a cracked yellow mask locked into a grotesque painted grin. Beneath her bangs shone a star and moon, shimmering like a pool of molten gold. She looked sad. She was standing upon a sea of infinite darkness, stretching from horizon to horizon. A place of absolute emptiness. Yet it was filled with souls. Cz knew this. But she also knew she was not here. Rather she was witnessing something occur, something astral. Not unlike the phase space representation she used to hide away her real body. There was another form in the Darkness. A blonde haired boy, no older than his teens standing opposite to this red haired woman. His sapphire blue eyes glared deep into her emerald eyes. Both of them were cold and dead. Unfeeling and uncaring. Behind the woman was yet another shape, and another. A man with long airy white hair, clothed from head to toe in luxurious crimsons. He held a wooden staff in slender delicate fingers, nails manicured to reflective perfection. He smiled, his eyes shining a brilliant emerald green. Yet, they were filled with life. A strange, mad, cackling life almost akin to fire. Two women were behind him, holding each other tentatively. Their faces were shrouded in darkness, but their eyes were definite in the pool of uncertain shadows. One a bright blood red, and the other a deep enchanting brown. Cz turned around and took another look at the boy, and found that he had people behind him too. There was a tall fiery orange Knight astride a massive flaming horse. Flames trickled out of his visor and into the void around them. Leaning against the horse was a small waif of a girl. No more than fourteen, sharing her looks with the man in red. She cast a knowing smile at Cz.

You! Cz shouted. Yet in her sleep she could only mumble out, "Ti...tan...ia..."

Titania tipped her hat to cover her face, but Cz could still tell that she was smiling maliciously at her. Titania pointed up, as if to say there was one more person for her to see. And there was.

Above all of them, a creature that defied description. Something so foul that it shouldn't, or rather, could not come into existence in any other plane than one of ephemeral Darkness. A shadow that lived and breathed, writhing and extending tendrils that had no definite shape. They did not move as did regular creation moved. It was utterly alien. And for the first time, it struck Cz with an overwhelming sensation of fear. This creature... whatever it was, it was all consuming. Having stretched its dark influence into each of these people. Slowly corrupting them and changing them into itself. Consuming their souls, thoughts, likeness, and abilities. Becoming more and more powerful. A consumer. A predator. Something that could not be captured with words alone. Cz felt her heart stop, she wanted to scream, but could not find the breath. She wanted to cry, but had forgotten how to shed tears. She fell to her knees, weak. Unable to understand.

The existence expanded outward, shedding a terrible evil light upon the world around them. It was not darkness that held the plane eternal, but rather was a infinite world of madness. Impossible, alien geometries, creatures that should not exist, and were terrifying and unsettling just to know existed. It would drive a man mad for years and years to come, and follow him into death. Yet nothing in this world of madness compared tot hat primordial creature of Darkness that lay above it all, like some dark god. Titania had vanished, but Cz did not notice. She could not notice. The completeness of her being had been consumed by the Darkness. And the Darkness had but only one name. It could only have one name. Something to describe the absolute evil cold that existed before her. A Heart of Absolute Blackness... BlackHarte.

Cz woke up, her head pounding. Constance and Jenny were next to her, but she bolted up right anyhow. The IV drip almost fell out of her arm. Her body had been treated for malnutrition and dehydration, but the machines could no thing for her mental health. Cz screamed uncontrollably, shivering, her entire body shook without need. Her long raven hair fell down around her like a veil of darkness. Her eyes were open wide, darting from corner to corner, searching for signs of that horrible thing from her nightmare. Cz gasped when she ran out of breath and choked down a few mouthfuls of air.

"Where... where.. where is Cz?" she said suddenly. That's not what I want to say. Cz looked up and Constance, her eyes still wide in fear. "I... I... I is scared!" Cz looked at the hands reaching out toward Constance. They were smaller and thinner than she remembered. These are not my hands. No, they were far too childish to be Cz's hands, who had been a woman grown when she entered the Training Room. Then it hit her. Compressed form. Something put me into compressed form without my permission. And out of the corner of her eye she saw a black spot slither across the ceiling vents. She felt a shiver run down her spine. Little Cz jumped up and grabbed onto Constance crying. "I is scared! I is scared!" While her compressed form could handle logic processes of her full personality with ease... this underdeveloped human body had less ability. it could only process the basest of Cz's new instincts. And right now, there was only fear. Even Veles, deep inside Cz, felt unsettled by that dark presence in her dream, for it was far too real.

After all. Machines do not dream.

Rising Dawn: Med Bay: David West | Melethia | Jenny | Constance | Cz

While Cz's reawakening took her by surprise, her outburst was competely unexpected as Jenny jumped in her skin.
Acting fast, she did the one thing she could: Attempt to console the frightened Cz.
"There there, it's okay. It's Jenny, Remember? You're okay...Shush shush shush..." She said in a soothing matter as she gently placed her hands on the sides of Cz's head in order to get her to look at her face.
"It's okay...You're safe. Everything is alright..." She repeated, focusing on calming her down before she attempted to ask what had scared her so much.

Location: Med Bay | Rising Dawn

David West | Melethia | Jenny | Constance | Cz

Cz turned her head toward Jenny, but kept her eyes searching the room. Constantly she would catch glimpses of darkness that sent shivers down her small frame. "Is is scared," she sputtered, trying to wrench free of Jenny's grasp. The more time that seem to go on, the more terrified she seem to become. Her eyes were darting across the room feverishly, and her entire body was shaking. "Not safe! Not safe!"

This feeling... that creature... it was a proxy. But a proxy made of what?

Cz started to cry, tears streamed down her face. "Dark. Dark. Cz no want to see Dark! Cz no want to be near dark!" This time Cz grabbed Jenny and buried her face in Jenny's skin. There was some comfort in staring intently at the pale white sheen of the Gardevoir. Cz refused to blink, afraid that she might find the same black beast within the dark of her lonely head.

Is this how a human feels in our presence? Adult!Cz thought quietly. Is this how they feel when we turn them into proxies? Adult!Cz shivered at the thought. But she was now trapped inside her own mind. Locked away, ironically, by the childlike Persona of Siz. And even deeper in her mind was her "Persona" Veles, or in actuality, the artillery unit CZ.

Rising Dawn: Med Bay: David West | Melethia | Jenny | Constance | Cz

The Hug was unexpected, Jenny avoided it after remembering how she reacted the last time she hugged her, after the Battle in Las Venturas.
Still, now knowing that it wasn't taboo, she gladly held the shaking Cz, doing her best to calm her down.
"There, there. It's okay. You don't have to be in the dark if you don't want to. I'm here. It's okay..." she calmly repeated as she sat down on the end of the bed.
"Now then...Why don't you tell me what scares you about the dark?..." she then asked as she reached over for a tissue to wipe Cz's tears away.

Yu Narukami, Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie and etc.
Shadow Wanderer.
Location: Shadow Zone | Operation Theater.

I still like this one.

Seeing all or most of his shots being blocked or destroyed by Deadshot, his Persona, Annie and her Persona. The Puppet Wanderer sneered, this was also reflected upon his Shadow. Both the Shadow and Wanderer was thinking about attacking Annie and Deadshot head on, but then another attack was launched against the two. Yet as the Shadow said, the link between light and dark in a person cannot be shattered ... at least by others.

The chain was attacked again by the wolf and ... dragon turtle thing ... combo. A strong combo came from Cadolbolg's persona, this did attack the chain and once more it did not work on the chain, but it did work on the Shadow and Wanderer themselves. Both small and giant figure were overcome by the lightning going along the chain, the Wanderer actually started to look charred and the Shadow began to sizzle again, right until Garm used a freeze attack on the chain which cooled them down.

[EDIT]The Wanderer did not flinch with pain as his pinky toe was presumably smashed by Ella and then shot by [Null] in the leg[EDIT]. Little did they know that the true Wanderer on the inside was screaming due to the pain. The Shadow decided to do the unthinkable, he was going to use the Wanderer as a weapon, literally. Lifting up his arm with the dark chain attached to it, he began to wildly flail it, this was to try and get Garm off, but the Wanderer was began thrown around too.

Switching his weapon to his flaming sword (Shishkebab), the Wanderer was being thrown around at hoping that Garm will get off and to hit a target. The Shadow then made a whipping motion with his arm which made the chain with Garm and the wanderer suddenly launch down toward the ground with a lot of momentum. The worst part is that Devon was right in the way of the path of the chain with the Wanderer at the end. The puppet Wanderer saw this to his advantage and pointed his nice sword at him.

With both and the Wanderer slowly dying or getting weaker, Yu was staying back with amazement, he did not know what to do, he did not want to hurt this man, but he wanted to beat him up. After hearing the Wanderer speak for a first time, he knew what to do. Yu had to attack the Shadow and try to weaken him so that the bond between light and dark will be severed. Since they are connected it would work both ways, if the Shadow weakens it would free the Wanderer and if the Wanderer is weakened it would free the Shadow.

It was a lose-lose situation for the group's enemy.
Why would he do this?
Did the Shadow actually want to die?
Did it want the group to kill him?
These were questions that would never be answered.
Yu tired to think, but ended up launching another spell towards everyone in the group to raise defense once more.

The Shadow also gave a few swings of his blades which launched flames, not just to the front group, but black flames began to consume the whole room.

Location - Shadow Zone's Operation Theater: Devon, Ella, Garm, Cadolbolg, Deadshot, Annie, Yu, Doctor

This Shadow was merciless. Throwing the Doctor around like a rag doll while hoping to throw Garm off the chain and anyone else in the way. However, Annie noticed that Devon was in danger as the Wanderer was coming from above, diving his flaming sword towards her. "Gaea!" As if the Persona understood, she bolted towards Devon like an athlete.

Before the blade could reach Devon's head which was inches away, a hand swept the Doctor and the titan's leg pushed back Devon without hurting her but sure enough making her fall onto her back. Having the Doctor in it's large hand, she also dealt with the pain when the Doctor lunged his sword into her thumb, obviously making Annie wince in pain since she's connected to her Persona.

The flesh burned, the stinging pain making Annie sweat while resisting to tell her Persona to drop the Doctor. She looked at the Shadow and gave a cold stare, hoping it'd notice. Using others to do your dirty work... even for a Shadow, that's a low blow. Wipe that smirk hidden in your face... But, was the Shadow really happy? This made Annie suddenly drop her serious gaze and look further into the Shadow's expression. Did it have a smirk at all? Or was it hiding something just like how Annie's Shadow was heart broken by the end until Annie confronted her.

However, her thoughts were cut short when the Shadow launched flames to ablaze the room, some spreading to close towards Annie where her leg got caught on fire, making her feel far more pain then when the Doctor stabbed her Persona's hand. "T'cchh!"

Deadshot, Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie, Yu
Shadow Wanderer.
Location: Shadow Zone | Operation Theater.

"...Huh...Guess that didn't work..." Deadshot mused, not really to bummed that his plan didn't work (After all, he got to shoot Wanderer).
Still, [Null] was in a good spot to take aim at the Shadow and hammer it with Ice elemental bullets from that Platinum Rifle of his.
Aside from that, from what Deadshot was seeing, this fight wasn't going to end until either the Shadow or Wanderer was down for the count.
Seeing as Wanderer was being used as a weapon, he smirked as he got another excuse to shoot at the Doctor, aiming for center mass this time around.
"I could get used to this..." He smiled as he sent another hail of lead towards Wanderer's torso.

Melethia, David, Jenny, Constance, and Siz.
Location: Rising Dawn | Med-bay .

"You ended up drinking some poisons. Got lucky with surviving after that, but I don't think anything else happened there. Mind if I say that surviving all of that was really impressive? Although she kept it to the point, Even the semi-sober David could only hear a bit of awe in the elf-s voice. Not exactly something that was worthy of awe, for sure, but Melethia always had odd ideas of what to be impressed by.

Siz's arrival brought in more than a bit of concern for Melethia, though. After all, that human was far too weak. Didn't they know she'd need training to not hold them back? Still, they'd have to keep the frightened kid safe somehow. "Jenny, give me some time and we could try setting up light sources in here so the trainee can at least rest well. Just some in the corners and near the beds could work, but they don't have to be that bright.

How does that sound?"

Yu Narukami, Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie and etc.
Shadow Wanderer.
Location: Shadow Zone | Operation Theater.

Buffs, wonderful buffs!

Inspire Courage: Damage, accuracy, and morale increase.
Everyone in the group has it. It won't boost damage from Spells, though.

Perhaps it was the boost from Yu or maybe it was the fact that she'd skirted dying only a few minutes ago, but the blades didn't hurt all that much. "Thanks for the cover, Annie... I'll pay you back. This should patch you up!" Mengde's firm hand was placed on the Titan, making her feel invigorated again and healthier as well. In addition, the healing bounced back to Annie to make her feel better as well.

Devon casts Cure Serious Wounds on Annie! Pretty straightforward: Heals her for a good chunk of health.

24 seconds before the next level 3 spell

Devon was getting ready to rush in and attack the Shadow more, but Annie's cry of pain drew her attention to the more important fact of the fire to her attention. More important, the gout of fire that was far too close to Annie "That'll take her right out... I worked way too hard to make sure she lived for that to happen!" Perhaps it was from the surprise factor or the timing, but Devon was easily able to tackle Annie out the way of one of the dark fire blasts. From the cry of pain, though, it was clear that it was rather painful. As a matter of fact, from the way she and Mengde both collapsed, it was clear that she was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for the second time in an hour.

Devon is now taken out of the fight again. Luck isn't smiling on out bard, is it?

This passion to get up close wasn't lost on Ella, though, and she knew that Devon was going on again with that macho 'let me take the front lines' bullshit. Damnit, AGAIN?! What is she trying to prove?! Why does Devon want to act like some knight in shining armor?! Doesn't she know what would happen to those around her if she did die!? In a moment of focused clarity, she pulled out her evoker and squeezed the trigger to summon Ishtar.

"Tesla that nomad, Ishtar!" I response, the persona winked at [NULL] as it blasted the Wanderer's back with a strong bolt of lightning, giving Ella the time needed to barely leap over some of the Hellishly hot flames and deliver a leaping slash to the Shadow's left arm to try and cut it off and the chain in the process.

Rising Dawn: Training Room/Shadow RealmSlindis, Dimitri

After leaving, Slindis made her way to the area of the ship that held Dimitri and checked on him. "Dimitri, would you mind aiding me in some studies? There's been some oddities I want to look into, and you're the only one I can trust." She wasn't exactly explicit, but it was clear she had good reason for keeping this discreet.

Meanwhile, Sadei confirmed the suspicions with Teri. It's been way too odd how this has all happened, but I have to agree with Tama. It's just way too crazy how he's been acting, although I wish I knew why...

Melethia, David, Jenny, Constance, and Siz.
Location: Rising Dawn | Med-bay

"...Yeah...Freakin' A..." David sighed, seemingly disappointed with the fact he was still alive.
Sheesh...Can't even kill myself right... He thought, Sucide being on the mind more often then he would let on.
"Uhhh...Just man...I need to find better tasting poison next time..." He coughed before spitting out a wad of soapy spit into one the sinks in the Med Bay.
"So is that all I did or is that all you KNOW I did?" He then asked, hoping that his drunken attempt at Hara-Kiri was the LEAST of his concerns.

Location - Shadow Realm's Operation Theater: Annie, Devon, Ella, Garm, Yu, Deadshot, Doctor, Cadolbolg

"Thanks for the cover, Annie... I'll pay you back. This should patch you up!" Once Devon had her Persona lay a hand onto the titan, Annie felt a surge of restoration flow through her. The wound on the hand felt slightly burnt but nothing as bad as it was beforehand. But of course, those flames got to close and scorched up Annie's leg in a blaze, a 2nd degree burn for sure.

Devon dived in, tackling Annie out of the way before a wave of the flames could hit her body. With them out of the way, Annie leaned up to see Devon was out cold. The expression was of worry, but more of determination to get them both out of harm's way. Placing Devon's arm over her shoulder, and placed her arm under Devon's legs... she carried her despite limping because her leg was badly burnt. Still, when you're striving to survive... people can do unimaginable things out of sheer will power.

Placing Devon down near the wall, Annie fell down onto her bottom while holding her leg with more sweat rolling down her face. No doubt is the Doctor's Shadow lupine... unleashing such hellish fire with little regards who's caught in it.
".. I must admit, I wouldn't of expected you to save me. You.. really are a true friend, Devon....."

Without a doubt did Annie feel immersed, thinking back to Devon's kindness. Visiting her in the brig whenever possible, treating her with no vile intentions behind her actions, attending the kitchen to have a nice meal with a picture soon after being taken... not judging her despite Annie's Shadow leaking such disturbing truths, and now getting Annie out of the flames despite causing herself to be struck out of consciousness. Looking up with eyebrows narrowed and a ticked off look that would scare almost anyone, Annie said loud enough to Gaea, "Drop the Doctor... I take back on wanting to end humanity. Instead, I want you to go all out on that Shadow. No mercy."

Even though Personas were linked with their owners, it would seem Gaea on her own suddenly felt a rush of anger and a terrible yeuk passing through herself. It was as if, the Persona was synced with Annie's own desires. Gaea dropped the Doctor regardless of what was to come of his freedom (despite he was struck with lightning) and bolted with arms swaying to increase her speed. Foot steps that made ruble vibrate on the floor, she was running with one, single, goal...

Ella brought down her halbred into the Shadow's arm, and before the Shadow could shake the girl off or strike her with the sword- it was faced with a terrible reality. When it's eyes turned to Gaea, she stepped down in front of him to cause a small creator beneath the foot sending a slight wave of air. While doing this, Gaea rose her arm back as far as it could go- only to shoot it forward where the fist came into contact with the Shadow's face. A large gap of air escaped the hit because of the massive impact, and the Shadow was actually being pushed back. The punch alone so powerful it almost broke Gaea's hand with the fingers and knuckles shattered from the foudroyant.

Location: Med Bay | Rising Dawn

David West | Melethia | Jenny | Constance | Cz

Cz grabbed harder onto Jenny and stared at Melenthia. "The dark. Dark is everywhere..." her words were a little more than a whisper. They were cold, but carried a great sense of urgency. Still exhausted after spending the better part of four days running on empty, Cz settled back into her cot, overcome by weariness again. The irrational frightfulness had left her body for now.

But Cz knew in the back of her mind, that the fundamental wrongness still existed. That evil which she saw in her nightmare. How such a creature had gone unnoticed for so long, and had been able to consume so many people was baffling. That thing which called itself BlackHarte did not belong in the world. It belonged nowhere in any realm of existence where reason ruled over madness.

"Please." Was all Cz could say before she closed her eyes again. Anticipating the sudden chill when her eyes came shut. "give Cz light."

Rising Dawn: Med-bay: David West, Melethia, Jenny, Constance, Cz

Jenny was starting to worry with how frightened Cz seemed to be, This wasn't like her.
"...Yeah, if you wouldn't mind Melethia. Not too bright mind, don't want to blind her." She said to the Elf as she began to set up a series of lights to keep Cz's cot lit up.
Jenny meanwhile turned on the bedside light before softly brushing her hair back.
"Okay...Cz, your energy levels are low so what I want you to is just get some rest and then eat something. You can't live of fresh air...Least...I don't think you can..." She said with uncertainty.
Knowing the endless amounts of Pokemon back in her world, there was bound to be at least one that could live like that.
Seeing how Constance seemed okay for now, she sat down on a chair beside Cz and watched over her, still trying to figure out what had her so scared.

The Truth.
Yu Narukami, Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie and etc.
Shadow Wanderer.
Location: Shadow Zone | Operation Theater.

Final battle

Taking more attacks to his own body, the Wanderer was stunned due to the pain of his body stuck in deciding if the lightning or rain of bullets was worse in the pain section. This was obviously tracked back to the Shadow who knew what pain his counter-half was going through, yet no joy came from that ... it was the possibility of the emotion of sadness. Then suddenly two attacks struck the Shadow himself, once more connected back to the Wanderer who fell but got up with a large amount of falling to the floor.

The Wanderer stretched his arm out as if he was going to grab something, then a rather large weapon fell into his hands. This weapon was well known to Deadshot, it was the Fatman that Deadshot came to know well with his last 'adventure' with the Wanderer. Back to the Shadow's point of view, the large punch of Annie's Persona shattered his black mask surrounding his face. The Shadow did not have a face in this form, but his eyes jut screamed pain, he even took a knee. Looking up he saw the Persona with broken hands in front of him. Did the user suffer the same pain just like his counter-part.

Right now the Shadow was thinking more then ever before in his life, he did not have the urge to kill, but his determination to finish his mission was still there. His mission was to end all bad life on Earth, the true mission of the Wanderer. The truth of the Wanderer. The Shadow was the true self, the self that the host did not want anyone to see. The Wanderer had a fear, he had a urge to kill and to kill more to make the world a better place. He did not want anyone to know this so he hid this intention by doing other good tasks by being a Doctor and all around good guy.

Yet his urge to kill was still there, and it branched to the little of tasks which probably included everyone here. Everyone here was a target for him, yet the strong fact that this was not his world hit him. This was not his world, not everyone was bad, even if there was bad it was not the bad that existed in his world. The Wanderer was scared, scared of this world and yet jealous of everyone. There were too many faults in the Doctor that he did not want to admit, yet he had to. Not to stop the pain for everyone else, but to stop the pain for himself.

The Shadow got up, exhausted of all this battle and pain for himself and his now insane light side. The Wanderer part of himself actually had a weapon posed to take out the man shooting him. The Shadow quickened his pace, it seemed everyone prepared for a attack as well, but instead they could only hear a gasp.


The Shadow yelled with all of his dark might. Yu was about to launch a electrical attack from Izanagi, he held the card in his hand yet it faded away just as he heard the Shadow yell for everyone to stop. At the back of the room where the Wanderer was he froze and turned to his Shadow. The dark chain broke and the veins that hung from the Wanderer faded back into his body. The Fatman fell to the ground and faded away too which probably made Deadshot have a sign of relief from not becoming BBQ-ed once again.

Melethia, David, Jenny, Constance, and Siz.
Location: Rising Dawn | Med-bay .

"It's all that you did, from what I know, And honest? There's lots worse things you could have tripped on while drunk. Just don't go looking for them, since they're all pretty miserable ways to die." Blunt as always, Melethia seemed to let David know in her own way that she was concerned with her as she began making small marks on the wall for added night-lights.

"I'll try to do all I can here for those lights, but I think she could also use some food. Jenny, could you please try finding Siz something to eat? No matter what, she'll need something to keep her going..."

Yu Narukami, Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie and etc.
Shadow Wanderer.
Location: Shadow Zone | Operation Theater.

If Devon was conscious she would have been touched by Annie's taking her off to the side, but she was unfortunately still on that threshold. The stopping of the combat for a bit, though, gave her a small chance to start recovering.

Ella'd thoroughly had enough, though, and she went to contact the only other person she could readily trust over the rings: Teri."Teri, are you busy tomorrow? When we get back from this last fight, I want to talk to you about something involving replacing Devon's wardrobe with one that DOESN'T encourage bullshit macho headlong charges." It may be catching Teri at a bad time, but she needed to work this out NOW. She wasn't about to let this happen a third time, and Ella watched Ishtar go away as she held her halberd in a defensive position. After all, there could be a chance that this was done with.

"Annie, would you mind helping repay Devon's favor tomorrow night? It won't be too much." Her walk led her back to near where Annie and Devon were, hoping to keep the pair defended. Unlike Yu, Deadshot, Cadolbolg, and Garm, these two were hardly in a position to move around.

Location - Shadow Realm's Operation Theater: Garm, Cadolbolg, Devon, Ella, Deadshot, Annue, Yu


It would seem that the Shadow has given up, like when Annie's Shadow slumped her head down with nothing else going for it. This made Annie relax, her eyes softening and body loosening up. It would seem they've done it, unless the Shadow was fooling everyone but the vines did fade away from the Doctor along with his weapon.

Gaea disappeared too, thus it was clear perhaps it was really over. Sitting next to Devon who was resting unwillingly, Annie looked at her hand. From fingers to the knuckles, it was basically broken while her leg was badly burnt. Because she had her Persona take the grand ability of regeneration, it'd take a little while for both factors to recover.
"To think that I held so much anger in..." Which was practically true.. punching someone where your hand breaks is a huge red flag of going all out. The Rising Dawn... having me completely become their ally, willing to take such risks... tch.

"Annie, would you mind helping repay Devon's favor tomorrow night? It won't be too much." Ella walked towards them, obviously seeking Annie's support in whatever she had in mind. If she would of done this beforehand, Annie may of replied, ".. I don't care. You shouldn't involve me with your relationship Ella. Ask someone else..." But this was different. Annie would exalt Ella's wishes out of wanting to be a good person. After all, this is how you start by doing so, no?
".. Since it seems important enough for you to ask someone like me.. I shouldn't complain. I'll help you.."

Getting up with one arm leaning against the wall and Annie standing with a calm expression, she looked at the Wanderer. Slowly walking towards him, even though she was limping... Annie said to him, "Now would be a good time for you to make peace with your other half, Doctor S. Also, I won't judge you for what you believe in... since I have no right to."

Deadshot, Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie, Yu
Shadow Wanderer.
Location: Shadow Zone | Operation Theater.

"And there's the Safeword..." Deadshot cooed as he climbed down from his Sniping Spot as [Null] left to rejoin the Darkness.
A quick few vaults over chairs and audience barriers, he had rejoined the rest of the Crew, Citing "See...This is why I always need Ammo in fights..." as he marveled at the number of hits he scored on Wanderer, If it wasn't the for the face he was a freaky ass mutant, he would have been dead by now.
He also ignored the presence of Annie for the most part, giving her the cold shoulder treatment.

"Alright Doc, Get facing your Inner Demons before I give you a Prostate Exam with this thing..." He threatened as he motioned to this gun, kinda hoping he could use this as a chance to get a few more shots in on the man who more or less stopped him from getting his paycheck for San Andreas.

David West, Melethia, Jenny, Constance, Cz
Location: Rising Dawn | Med-bay.

"Yeah, they usually are..." David remarked as he poured cold water on his face to wake him up a little as Mel got to work.
"Here, I'll make the lunch run. Who wants what?" He then asked as Jenny answered "I think there are some High Calorie Rations in the back of the pantry in the kitchen. Mightn't be the tastiest, but they'll work wonders."
"*Shudders* God I remember those from Boot Camp...ewwww...And yourself?"
"Just a Poffin or two, bring one for Cz, if she doesn't have the Ration, she can have that."
"Fair enough. Mel, Constance, Want anything?" David then asked before he set out.

To make oneself equal.
The Lone Wanderer, Shawn Vs Shadow Shawn.
Location: Shadow Realm, Operation Theatar.

Sad music to fit the theme.

The room's lights came on and the atmosphere began to feel a lot lighter to everyone else. The Wanderer started to walk back to his Shadow, he knew what was happening since they were linked. Still everyone was cautious but as the Wanderer walk past them still heavily bleeding, his glowing eyes were clear just like the blue sky of the Wastes where the two travelled in one body. When the Wanderer was on stage he coughed a bit, blood included.

"Stop ... stop fighting. This now is my battle." The Wanderer spoke with honesty towards the crowd in front of them. The Shadow's body began to fade away into black smoke and all there stood was a clone of the Wanderer. "I am the Shadow ... the true self." The Shadow said to his lighter half, the Wanderer smirked back at him. "Yeah ... I knew that from the beginning. We have a mission, a mission to make our world a better place, this lead to killing many people and soon this was the choice we took most. We masked it with good deeds and this make us the 'Messiah' of area. Yet soon we began to have a urge just to kill ... soon we killed people who did small tasks such as robbery. Yet that was our world, everything bad was met with force. When we came here we were scared just like the people back home, we wanted to kill bad people just like in our world. But one thing we must admit is that this isn't our world, this world is different and not all people are bad ... and with that we can learn to not kill them." The Wanderer and the Shadow looked towards Deadshot, the crew captured them and not killed them.

This was not the best thing about capturing Deadshot, the Wanderer did have an urge to kill him, yet they resisted, they forgot that they proved to themselves that they can resist this urge, thanks to a promise. "But we resisted this urge thanks to a small, single promise." The two looked towards Annie next. "I do admit that I have the bad habits from our world ... and I'm scared of this world all the more, but we can learn, we can improve just like before. We can be good, we can be the Alpha, we can be bad, we can be the Omega ... but only according to this world. Mercy is something we must grip more ... and as usual, we must learn more about this world." The Wanderer and Shadow looked at each other just like a mirror.

"That is the truth ... scared, angry, paranoid, we can learn to live with this and now in the way we know how." The Wanderer's smile grew and the Shadow nodded with him. "You are all of this, and I accept that. Together we can become a better person and protect the world once more, just like what Dad would have wanted ... what'cha say partner?" Wanderer thrust his hand out and the Shadow smirked evilly, but not too evilly. the two shook like honest men.

Finale music.

Yet the most unexpected happened at that point, the two figures began to step back while still facing each other. "Still ... we have to play by the rules of the wastes in this special circumstance. I must serve justice and you must survive." The two took a barehanded fighting stance. "We must fight to truly end this nightmare!" The Wanderer called out. "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, known by many titles ... but the true name is Shawn Pitt! We must fight!!" The Wanderer called and the two ran at each other.

Their movements were mirrored perfectly as two fists flew past each other's heads. Taking this chance the Shadow immediately made his other fist fly towards the Wanderer, but there are differences in their fighting styles. The Shadow represents the urge to kill and survive, his movements consist of energy and pure adrenaline, while the Wanderer had more control over his movement and had heightened reflexes and control over his fighting. With this the Wanderer used the momentum to push the fist somewhere else and then began to unleash a flurry of attacks on the Shadow.

With five successful hits on the Shadow's torso and head, the Shadow simply smiled as black blood ran down his face. Yet a combat knife appeared in his hand and quickly took a swipe at the Wanderer, it was successful as it cut his cheek and another for his arm. The Wanderer smiled too seeing his desperate side fight. Jumping back with a handstand and multiple athletic maneuvers the Wanderer had thrown multiple throwing knives at the Shadow whilst doing this.

Seeing the knives the Shadow dodged with speed, but without control some hit him directly in the legs, arms and torso. Shortly after the knives faded away back into their invisible inventories. The two then pulled out two pistols onto each other, giving a sly wink the Shadow began to fire away, but it was an easy task for the Wanderer to mirror the shot projectiles, the bullets flew into each other and bounced off in multiple directions. More bullets flew as the speed of the fight picked up.

They began to use many weapons from their giant stockade, from machine guns to as massive variety of melee weapons, changing to grenades and mines. At the end they were firing laser pistols and miniguns at each other. The two were huffing and puffing as they saw many cuts and wounds scatter on the body. Bones were broke and bullet holes bled, even critical damage was scored on each other with burnt facial flesh and brain matter scattered over the operation stage.

Still, they smiled at each other impressed with the other half. It was as if their fighting was a intense argument unfolding in front of the rescue/rescued crew. Knowing the last weapon that they had they looked at each other and gained their fighting stance once more, but both side had the intention to finish it. "The end is here" They said at the same time, they lifted their Pipboy's and began to doing multiple button presses.

With on button push it looked like that multiple portals had opened up around the two figures.


Was the two words the two yelled at each other, soon all the weapons in their invisible inventory began to fire out of the portals in a seemingly infinite amount. The two figures could not be seen as bullets, grenades, spears, swords, knives and all the ammo and weapons they seemed to have just flew into each other but disappeared as it hit where the other stood.

Then suddenly silence.
Two figures still stood.
Each had many holes and weapons sticking out of each other.
When the weapons began to fade the bodies fell to the ground.
Blood began to pour onto the stage but it was attracted to each other and met in the middle.
The two knew that each other was still smiling. Though a sudden light filled the stage as the Shadow smiled and began to fade into a blue light. The Wanderer looked up as the light moved over him, it was a single card, the Wanderer did not know what the card meant, but it spoke to him. It was the Justice arcana. With the card hovering over him it spawned a rather large being over the body of the wanderer.

Looking at it in amazement the Wanderer saw the Gundam fade into the card which slowly drifted into the Wanderer's hand. He had accepted himself, finally. It felt warm. Closing his palm the card was gone and the light faded away.


Was a loud laugh that emitted from the Doctor as he stared at the ceiling with a smile.

Deadshot, Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie, Yu, Wanderer
Location: Shadow Zone | Operation Theater

"...Okay, that's my dose of weird for the day..." Deadshot mused, not really sure what the hell Wanderer just did, but it seemed to work.
Considering that Mission Compete, he said "Hey! French Red Wine! (Mitsuru) Mission Compete, now get us the hell out of here!".
After sending that order, he then hung back away from the group, not really knowing what mood they were in after he more or less left them to die.
"Hey, Wanderer, When you are done, The Tranny (Devon) could use a hand and seeing how you were the one who put him there..." He then snarked, doing his best to kill his enemy's Buzz.

Yu Narukami, Wanderer/Shawn, Deadshot, Devon, Ella, Cadolbolg, Garm and Annie.
Location: Shadow Realm, Operation Theatar.

Looking back to see Deadshot making fun of the Wanderer, he remembered that Deadshot did run away and cause more problems for Mitsuru and the Shadow Operatives. "If anyone caused a problem it was you." He gave the coldest stare to Deadshot. "You weren't injured at all, in fact in the last battle you ran away ... if anyone needs to do something it is you." Yu called him out, Izanagi faded out behind him and Yu placed his double-handed Katana in a more relaxed position.

"Beside ... your face said that you enjoyed shooting him, but look at him, even after all of that and that last battle. He is tough and I haven't seen much from you. It even seems your Persona wants to kill you." Yu tried to burn him more deeper as he walked slowly to the Wanderer to see if he was alright, but he saw everyone else tend to Devon. Yet the Wanderer was on stage, with a strange syringe in him and began to move. Blood was a puddle deep around him.

"What are you doing?" Yu asked with concern and the Wanderer shook his head. "Ah ... I'm fine, I just need to stay still for a minute or two ... " His face then twitched with pain. "Stay still, I'm sure you will be find." Yu said with a calming smile. "Thanks ... the name is Shawn Pitt by the way ... just call me Wanderer or ... Doc S." He stretched a bloody hand to Yu, in which Yu shook. "Yu .. Yu Narukami, nice to meet you. Yu said and sat beside Wanderer ... mostly away from the pool of blood.

The Wanderer himself felt like kicking Deadshot in the balls ... with the "Bloody mess" perk activated. Yet the only thing that came into his mind was the name of his persona. "Kannon ... huh. Lets ... do ... great things, together." He said as his eyes closed.

Melethia, David, Jenny, Constance, and Siz.
Location: Rising Dawn | Med-bay .

"Oh, I'll take the same thing as Jenny if that's okay."Like it or not, she did need a bite to eat and David was offering. And as David left, Melethia quickly got the night-lights set up in the room. They weren't extravagant, but they ensured there was at least a bit of light in the whole room.

"So Jenny, are you feeling okay here? I mean, most of my compounds don't quite seem as strong, but it's nothing compared to you losing your more esoteric talents." Again, there was that odd way of her showing concern.

Yu Narukami, Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie and etc.
Shadow Wanderer.
Location: Shadow Zone | Operation Theater.

Deadshot's comment didn't go unheard, and he was met with a rather pissed-off Ella. "Deadshot, could we make it rather clear before we have to go to violence that you need to pick a better name for her? Last I checked, that wasn't any choice that she made, and she did patch your hide up when we first got to you. Hell, if it wasn't for her, we would have just left you in here for the night." At the end of that statement, there was a bit of stirring over near Annie...

Lo and behold, Devon's luck seemed to finally pull through, although it was exceedingly clear that even with healing that having her in any fight would be a horrible idea. There's only so much someone can get attacked like that, you know?

"Okay... maybe I should try to be a bit tougher...I know I could have made it if I had more stamina..."If I just had the balls to shrug it off... It was hard to tell from people that weren't too familiar to Devon, but she was on a turning point in her mentality. After all, the only thing that was making her at least part of a man was how she acted, and she was trying her best to keep that going. Too bad for her Ella already had some plans to change that before the Bard went for a hat trick on dying tonight.

Location - Shadow Realm's Operation Theater: Deadshot, Wanderer, Yu, Annie, Garm, Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg

What Annie saw was like nothing she's ever seen. Two people who're so alike in appearance, skills, and mind sets... assaulting one another in such brutal ways that even she sort of flinched seeing some of the brains splattered onto the floor. Yet, the Doctor was the victor and claimed his Persona causing him to become a Natural User.

She also saw how everyone was getting onto Deadshot. Deciding it would be best to act now... she walked alongside him and told everyone, ".. Deadshot isn't perfect, but he did come back though to aid us against the Shadow."

When her eyes met Deadshot's, it was clear he didn't want anything to do with her. As much as it saddened Annie, she kept speaking with a calm expression anyhow. "No one should be pointing fingers to who's at fault. If anything... I am at fault for causing Devon to be in such critical condition after my Shadow kicked her. Everyone would of been able to rescue the Doctor sooner if I didn't need immediate attention after being stabbed by that android. Yet, you all excuse me anyways and focus on Deadshot... so, put this behind us and let's escape here."

She turned and walked towards Devon, helping her up again by placing Devon's arm over her neck. As Annie's other arm went under Devon's leg, she carried her towards the stage, oddly without limping since the leg was healing faster then Annie would of expected. She gazed at the Wanderer, and told him, "I'm grateful to you... Doctor S. For keeping your promise and proving to me that you really want to make a difference in the world.... even if it's not your world. Your father would be proud....."

Father... Saying this herself, it made Annie sad on the inside even if she didn't show it on the outside. Still, this wasn't the time to dwell on the past as she carried Devon towards Ella since you know.. they're a couple and Ella would want to see Devon.
"I can carry him until he's safely delivered to the medics, but if you insist on taking over I am fine with it."

Deadshot, Yu Narukami, Wanderer/Shawn, Devon, Ella, Cadolbolg, Garm and Annie.
Location: Shadow Realm, Operation Theater.

"And There it is: The Reason I actually wanted to go to Prison. Fan-fucking-Sastic..." Deadshot rolled his eyes as Yu and Ella began to berate him for desertion and his choice of words for describing Devon.
It was then that Annie made a stand for him in a bid to maybe win him back(???).
"Hey Annie!...If I want your fucking opinion, I'll ask for it. Look, you guys do whatever. I'm just going to find the portal I used to get back here. Good night." He then said before turning his back on the crew for the second time that night as well as violently rejecting his former friend.
"Well, There goes any chance for Backup or Emotional support."
Ahhh...Still knocking about in my head, huh?
"You know it. They could help you, you know. Hell, Annie needed Help, Wanderer needed Help..."
And I need it?
"It helps."
Didn't help in Moscow, did it?...

Thus Deadshot started to backtrack to the Portal Mitsuru set up for him to get back here.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, Jake, Akane, Imps

"Alright, Be right back." David said as he got his list of orders and went down to the Canteen, letting out a large depressed sigh once he was out in the hallway.
Floor Cleaner...what was I thinking?...Shoulda went with Varnish... He thought as he turned the corner and entered the canteen.
"-So there I was, Covered head to toe in Mud and Pigshit and surrounded by, like, 20 South African police guards. And The CO walks over to me right and is all like *Ahem* "Rugal Bernstein, I place under arrest.".
So then I say "Yeah, And I'll place MY Foot up your ass!" And even though I'm covered in Mud and shit, He STILL let me off without so much as ticket. God I love Africa!"
Rugal loudly laughed as he talked to the Imps about his exploits before joining the Rising Dawn.
"Well, you sound cheery." David remarked, this having been the first time he met up with Rugal since the two of them faced their Shadows.
"Loving Family, Good Company, saving the world, what's not to be happy about? Heheheh..."
"...Yeah...yeah indeed...." the Sniper moped as he went to get the food for the Medical bay.

Before Rugal could start another zany story, He saw a pair of the Ship's regulars enter.
"JAKEY! AKANE! God, how the hell are ya?! Man, Feels like forever! Hey, Scorch, get the high flying Duo here a drink and a bite, huh?" Rugal loudly shouted as the Pilot and the Kitsune entered before offering the pair of them a seat.
Right from the get-go, they noticed that Rugal wasn't...well, Rugal.

Rising Dawn: Medbay: Jenny, Melethia, Cz, Constance

Jenny was at first confused, but soon copped on to what Melethia was saying.
"Oh, you mean my powers? Well...Truth be told, I haven't really noticed..." She said, avoiding disclosing the fact that she hadn't even seen her Persona yet.
"Besides, I'm not really a "Front Lines" sorta gal anyway so it doesn't really affect me..."


Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, David, Jake, Akane, Imps
Jake put his glasses back on after rubbing his eyes. Either he had been dreaming a really long time, Or Rugal was changing powerlevels again with his now white hair. Turning to Akane, she merely shrugged.

"G'day Rugal? You bleaching ya hair or did ya go supersaiyin or somethin'? And feels like forever? It has been forever if me watch and PC ain't lyin'. I'm debatin' going after Red Mage and killin' him, again just for mixin' our worlds up and fuckin' with me head. So, ya still a good guy then eh? Give us a rundown on who's who in tha zoo, and tha bad guy of the week eh? Oh yeah, bottle of sake fer us I guess." He said as he jumped on a stool and placed his hat on the bar.

Akane sat beside him, her head hanging low. She still felt empty, she had no clue where her knights were.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, David, Jake, Akane, Imps

"Yep, Still Good and Just Bleached, Figured if I'm going to go Grey, I might as well do it now then later, you get me?" Rugal joked as the Imps brought over a nice warm bottle.
"Besides, our powers went to our Personas. Granted, I could still beat a man to death, just without my Ki skills. You guys get yours sorted yet?..." He asked as he poured them all a shot of Sake.
"To Health!" He proclaimed before knocking it back, letting out a sigh of pleasure afterwards.
"Ahhh...Ain't Red wine, but it doesn't have to be. Say, were you even with us when we met with Philemon's people?" He then asked before refilling his own glass.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, David, Jake, Akane, Imps


Jake and Akane both toasted as they downed their shots as well. Jake was the first to speak and in a tired and defeated tone.

"Mate, you are far too happy to be Rugal Bernstein. Dafuq happened? As for us... We both pretty much just came to in my room, Akane in the bed and me taking a dirtnap on the floor with a blanket and not much else. We both agree that I'm not the highest tier of Author out there, to which I owe Red Mage another fucking beatdown, and explains our absence. Now then, Persona... Videogame series, Japan, bad guys are the evil side of yourself known as a shadow, gotta "kill" yourself to summon your own persona to kick the shadows arse... Nope. Count me out, I've done enough of that shit fightin' me own shadows and those of others. I remember that friggin' temple, I ain't goin' down that road again. If I gotta fight, I'll have to bullshit something with me Author powers."

"Matakun... Jake is right. I've got enough on my mind without fighting myself. Have you heard from the Order or Aftan or Gabrielle? Anything?" Akane asked sadly.

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