The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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The (Un)Real World
Location: Willis' Tower | Chicago | Illinois
Time: 4:00 PM

Darren | Deborah | Kyre | Titania

"Lady, I don't know if you noticed, but I am VERY desperate to cease existing..." Was Darren's answer to Kyre's question before Titania both somehow managed to rip all his clothes off and deck him out him out in a fancy suit.
"...Huh...Oka-HEY!" He was about to react before the mask snapped onto his face, locking into place before he could protest.
"...Okay, not looking like a homeless guy, I get, but is the mask really necessary?......I mean, I don't hate it, but I'd like to have a say the matter." He asked as he tried to pry it off, unaware of the fact that he seemed to look attractive now (Least as far of Kyre was concerned).
Then he got his mission briefing and, despite Titania being clear on who he was after and what to do with her, one question remained.

"Wait?...You mean Kyre there was-...Huh...News to me..." He mused, starting to wonder what other vital details he had missed by skipping over those massive posts that Meh and Dissy made back in the day, and now onto a real question.
"...Okay...Kill Kurumu, make it painful, gotcha. Slight Snag though: Judging by how much you want her dead, you would have done it if you had the chance. Now, I get the upsides to hiring an immortal man to kill someone, but...If you couldn't find her with all your power inter-realm nonsense, What the hell do I do? It's not like Mark left an address lying around..." He then pointed out as he fiddled with his mask some more.
"...Also, can I get a mirror or something? Just want to at least see what this fucking thing looks like..."

The AA-verse
Location: G-Corporation light transport: heading to Tokyo
Time: Early evening

Kazuya | Edge

The anger that was building up in Kazuya was quickly starting to reach critical mass, the idea of letting something get past him like that before going off on such a rampage was not something that appealed to him.
"...Clearly, He is far more of a threat then I thought. I'm going to have to raise the alert..." He said before getting on the radio as they entered Tokyo Airspace.
"Attention All G-Corp Security Personal: We are now at Code Kaiju[1]. The entire city is now to be considered a active combat zone. Get all defenses ready. The Target is a average sized Humanoid being with Ki based powers. If he so much as steps a foot into the city, I want him fighting for his dear life just to take another. We've done our drills thousands of times. Don't. Fail. Me." He ordered his men before looking out the window to see dozens of armed helicopters start flying from the G-Corp building as well as squads of armed men in APCs starting to occupy the entire city. (Visual Aid: Video, First 30 seconds or so)

Whatever he thought about Darkside now was meaningless, Kazuya was now fully intent on militarizing every inch of the city if he had to for all the embarrassment he had caused him in the last hour.
"Change of plans, we're going straight for the Gem. And by god, if I don't see an entire army there, You're all fired. Kazuya out." He finished before crushing the radio in his hand and started pacing though the transport, stretching and doing what he could to vent this pent up anger.
"...Pssss....Hey, Watch what you say aroun him. The Boss get's a little "Fighty" when he's nervous." The Pilot then whispered to Edge, not like he needed the warning though, it was clear just from failing attempts to calm himself down.

[1] Basically the code for a Godzilla Attack. Yeah, he's going that far


In Tokyo Japan
The streets of Tokyo ere alive and swarming, A small Cafe had two young teenagers enjoying a meal, one was a 14 year old Girl with blonde hair and which divided into what could be two ponytails, the other was a young man about 16, he was rather pale with long messy raven hair. You could assume the two were on a date with the girl smiling and laughing.

"Wow Icarus I didn't know you were this funny." Serena said laughing Icarus smiled back his violet eyes sparkled, He hoped he didn't stand out too much though that was hard, he was wearing a navy blue tunic and black pants, with black leather boots, he had a bag resting beside his chair but as he smiled he was nervous and tense
Come on just a bit closer and I can get her purse, I hate to steal them but If I don't everything could go wrong.
He managed very carefully take the purse with his foot.
He smiled and 'accidentally' dropped one of his chopsticks, he dropped down and rifled through the purse taking the three rainbow crystals after transferring them to his bag he got back up.
Now I just need an excuse to get away He though to himself as suddenly things got hectic, the city was being evacuated.
Icarus realized he couldn't leave serena yet she could run into danger.
"Serena lets get out of here quick.
The young girl got up and Icarus handed her her purse she smiled and 'accidentally' slipped and fell into Icarus's eyes,
"You;ve been so very good to me" she said giving him the butterfly lashes
"You know your kinda cute"
"Umm thanks my mom said I was a cute kid"
He laugh and leans in closer
Shit what do I do?

Suddenly Darien showed up
"hey meatball head what are you wasting that guy's time?"
Serena face turned red
"Shut UP DARIEN" Serena screamed, suddenly the military came walking, with several people moving briskly
"Keep moving people we got an evacuation going on high level threat don't panic just keep moving." they shouted Darien realized what was going on
"Serena go with Darien get somewhere safe, trust me on this." with that he backed up he hated using his illusions but he had little choice he made himself as noticeable as a rock, as long as he didn;t do anything to draw attention to himself he would be fine.

The military moved past him taking a yelling Serena with them Icarus then quietly moved forward, he had to get to kazuya however as he ran his illusion broke and a cop stopped him.
"You should be evacuating boy"
"Look I just need to see-"
"Whats the matter got a problem with authority?"
"well no it's just I-"
"Whats this?" he grabbed a small bottle and opened it
"Aren't you a bit young to be drinking Sake son?" he smirked and began to raise the bottle to his mouth
"I wouldn't drink that if I were you."
The cop scoffed at him and took a fairly large swig he then began to cough not expecting something this strong.
Icaurs took his opening and with one smack to a pressure point the cop slumped unconscious
"Sorry sir." he said as he gently lowered the officer and took back his sake, sealing the strong solution back up.
He saw two military people and headed for them
"Hey you guys I need to see your boss."
"Son give us one reason to not send you to the evacuation spot right now."
Icarus rolled his eyes and made his wings appear.
"does that give you a clue?"
The men were surprised
"Umm well he'll be here within minutes so umm yeah you could meet him I guess I'll just call it in."
Icarus nodded and flew to meet Kazuya's transport as one of the soldiers called to let them know he'd have an interception.
Over the Ocean
"You got some nerve trying to fight me alone especially considering how your friends couldn't defeat me together, they just managed to remove my arm which as you can see I've regrown, I also regret to inform you that I've only increased in power, I shall become absolute perfection and you merely slow down my progress"
As he spoke he was gathering energy into his palms he wanted to finish him quickly.
He glared
"Besides you can;t even sense my energy, Your fighting blind."

The AA-verse
Location: G-Corporation light transport: Tokyo
Time: Early evening

Kazuya | Edge

"What now?!" Kazuya groaned as he paced to the cockpit to see what his pilot was going on about: An Angel? here?
"A Angel? Ohhhhhhh, They have some nerve showing their faces here after all they did..." He growled, remembering the Angel War with Tomoya, needless to say, he wasn't a fan of them.
"I...Think it's trying to hail us?"
"Fine, Open the rear door and let him in. I need to Vent anyway." Kazuya then ordered as the Transport opened up, allowing Icarus to fly in.
Once he did, he was meet instantly with a rather displeased looking Kazuya.
"The Agreement was in exchange of not pursuing your kind, you would stay out of my city. Tell me, why have you broken our terms now of all times?" He said to Icarus, unaware that he wasn't technically one of the underlings of the Arch Angels of Heaven that he had dealings with in the past.

The AA-verse
Location: Over the Pacific ocean
Time: Early evening

Darkside | Boss

Boss stopped and thought. "I will grant you all of those points." Boss said, nodding. "But I still have the advantage here. Because while Kazuya and Edge are powerful in their own right-"

Edge teleported just a few feet above Darside and threw a psychic volley, hitting him with the force of a speeding freight train. Darkside went flying back into the ocean. "I'm pretty sure they can't do that."


The AA-verse
Location: G-Corporation light transport: Tokyo
Time: Early evening

Kazuya | Edge | Icarus

Icarus stammered
"Wh-what do you mean?" he saw Kazuya's glare, he got a bit nervous
"What agreement I never heard of this, besides my kind?" his wings folded and disappeared something taht almost no angel could do their wings were real while his merely imitated the look.
I thought you;d be happier to see me, I was bringing you the crystals, with that he held out one of the rainbow crystals it was bright red and seemed to have an energy to it.
Kazuya's eyes widened.
"But if you don't want a half angel's help I could take this and fly off to Canada they won;t mind a half angel." he fixed Kazuya with a look one that was all too familiar.
Over the pacific
Darkside flew back up gasping for air after being knocked into what was essentially concrete but with the threat of drowning.
"That-Proves....Nothing" he said
"Spirit Dragon Fury!" he screamed as he launched an attack teh bright energy hit Boss, the normal psychic sheild buckled under the pressure, knocking boss back several feet.
I don;t have time to waste with you. he said glaring but his bluff was clear that had hurt him and he was resentful for it.
"How about you run off before I Consume you like I did those city folk."

The AA-verse
Location: Over the Pacific ocean
Time: Early evening

Darkside | Boss

Boss huffed. That had been...unexpected. He was half-joking before, but truth be told, Darkside was right; he was more or less fighting blind. Whatever Darkside was attacking him with, it wasn't physical force, and Boss could see that his psychic barriers were unable to properly stop them.

I can still dodge, though Boss though. And I'm faster than him. He needs to focus his energy to attack; I don't. And all I need to do is stall.

Boss brought his mental barriers in closer to him, and hardened them. Even if they weren't very effective, a little defense went a long way. "Not sure that would work against me!" Boss shouted. "Y' wanna come and try?"


The AA-verse
Location: Over the Pacific ocean
Time: Early evening

Darkside | Boss

Darkside glared, he took a breath and smirked, he could get away any time.
He suddenly disappeared and appeared behind Boss, a kick sent him fling he followed up striking at almost random directions He kept knocking him around until Boss was propelled right into Darkside's open palm where he unleashed on the Blast this one hurt significantly greater.
"I warned you not to cross me." He looked at boss with the intent of making him pay for staling him.

The AA-verse
Location: G-Corporation light transport: Tokyo
Time: Early evening

Kazuya | Edge | Icarus

"Hold on." Edge said, stepping forward. "That stone. I need to see that."

Icarus was hesitant. "No. What do you need it for?"

"I have a friend who put himself in grave danger." Edge said. "And I need to know if he is in even more danger than either of us thought. It will only take a moment."

Icarus...was still hesitant, but he wasn't going to deny a request for a friend. Icarus held out his hand, with the gem. "Very well, but only for a moment."

Edge nodded, and took the stone in hand. Immediately, the gem began to glow with a gentle inner light. "...heathen fucking." Edge said, handing the stone back to Icarus. "Thank you. Truly." Edge turned to Kazuya. "Take it or don't, but we need to go right now. Boss isn't going to be able to hold that thing off for long. He may have just walked into a deathtrap."

The AA-verse
Location: Over the Pacific ocean
Time: Early evening

Darkside | Boss

Boss went flying, skipping over the water twice before he could right himself. Drenched head to toe, breathless, and bleeding from his arm, he rose from the ocean.What the hell? Boss thought It can teleport? Or is it just that fast? And how did it move like-

Boss shook his head. No. Don't panic. Quiet and calm. Quiet and calm. Boss took a deep breath, then another. Defense isn't working. I don't even know why I tried that. Time to switch it up.

Boss flew at Darkside and threw another psychic attack at him, twice as powerful as the first one. And another. And another. And another. And when he was sure Darkside was at least staggered, he reached out, grabbed the thing with his mind, and yanked him towards himself, rushing forward at the same time, ready to hit the monster with the force of a ballistic missile.

Frozen Moscow: Annie, Cadolbolg, Constance, David, Devon, Ella, Garm, Teri, Ton Ton, Yu, Deadshot, Shadow!Deadshot

The bit of Healing that Teri did went a long way in terms of getting Deadshot back on his feet, albeit still shaky and confused as to what the hell was going on.
"uhhhhhhh...somone turn none the damn heating..." He groaned as the many, many, MANY cuts and bumps he got over his stay in Moscow were fixed up, Teri noticed that was more Rugal Level of medical attention.
"Yu, you might want to lay off on the whole "Self Help" thing, he's in a world of his own right now...Literally." David remarked, figuring that Deadshot was not really "All There" just yet.
His shadow on the other hand was only getting more and more upset with the situation.
"...You want to know what I realized was a grave mistake?...Letting you live." He growled as a *ding* filled the air as the pin of a Flash-Bang Grenade bounced off the ice before he lobbed it as far as he could with Ella holding him.

The world flashed white as all sound left the world, or rather a REALLY loud sound drowned it all out, as the Shadow used this chance to break the hold, grabbing the glass shiv on the ground before rushing in.
From a strategic stand point, Annie was the best target, seeing how she had the largest Persona, on top of the sheer revenge value.
It nearly worked too, as everyone's vision began restore, he was already mid dash and mid lunge, least before the Real Deadshot tackled him, resulting in the two wrestling on the ground over the Shiv.
As a veteran of several bar fights, it was really a sight to behold for those who could actually see it as they exchanged punches, headbutts and whatever else they could.
At first, The Shadow managed to get the upper hand, managing to pin his otherside down before attempting to drive the Shiv into his chest, only to stop in fear when Deadshot managed to press his Wrist gun into the side of his head.
"...You wouldn't..."
"Oh, no, wouldn't dream of it, not after all the FUN we had! Nothing like reliving the most HORRIFIC FUCKING MOMENT OF MY LIFE!"
"And it was your fault, you did this to them!"

The Shadow seemed to freeze at this, just long enough for Deadshot to get a leg free and kick him off before getting back to his feet and violently kicking his Shadow while he was done, loudly Punctuating each kick with a new swear word ("Sodding tramp shiner! Slut Diarrhea! Spazz Dictator!" and so on) for a good few minutes until he had to stop to catch his breath.
"...I'm a total prick, I know it. Will that change?...I dunno, but lord knows if I have to deal with this shit, you ain't getting a free pass either...Me..."
The Shadow then faded with the acknowledgement as Deadshot began to wobble away, clearly after getting though some deep seeded self loathing issues.
Then he asked the one question that bugged him above all.

"...When did I get a jacket?..."


The AA-verse
Location: G-Corporation light transport: Tokyo
Time: Early evening

Darkside | Boss

Darkside felt genuine fear as the psychic blasts came and he felt himself getting pulled towards His opponent, he had to finish him quickly he drew his knife and dived hdling it in fornt of him ready if Boss attacked he would literally fly into the dagger. He hoped Boss would split and run off, either that or he'd have to hope to finish him, then consume him.

Icarus nodded and jumped off the plane,
"we should move as fast as we can then, We can't let Darkside get too strong, I don;t know a lot about him but in lets just say I know about the fight, you guys had on entry, I didn't want to use this but it's my best bet."
He raised his hand and from the void a sword dropped, there was something dark about it
"In case your wondering this thing is called Dark Excalibur, It can drain life energy." he tied the sword's scabbard to his back.
he then flew as fast as he could to where Darkside and Boss were using their direction as a fair guess,
I can;t let that thing grow it could ruin the future, The monster should be over there in the ocean, that thing learns fast though, and if your fighting it alone it just has to get you into a grab.
He grimaced as he sped hoping he'd make it in time.

The AA-verse
Location: G-Corporation light transport: Tokyo
Time: Early evening

Kazuya | Edge | Icarus

Kazuya was not impressed when the Angel took off with the Gems as quickly as he arrived, it seemed like fate was conspiring against him today all of a sudden.
"DAMMIT! GET BACK HERE WITH THOSE! GRRRRR! FOLLOW THEM! DON'T LET THEM OUT OF YOUR SIGHT!" He barked at the pilot before the Transport he was in took off after them, That Angel was going to get them all killed if Darkside got those gems.
Just one thing after a-god-damn-other. *Sigh* Richardson at UNIT never has to deal with anything like this I bet...

Yu Narukami, Deadshot & Russian force 1.
Location: Frozen Moscow | Shadow Realm | Personaverse.

Satisfied with the acceptance of the shadow and the unlocking of a Persona, Yu nodded to himself. Remembering each time he has seen this scene with each of his friends and some of this crew, seeing the Persona card land into Deadshot's soul, Yu knew what next to do. "I don't know." Yu shrugged to Deadshot at why he had a coat, once again sticking with his deadpan like face. "We should get you out, you must exhausted ... everyone usually does." Yu said to Deadshot and looked towards the big group.

"Lets ... get out of here. The cold might give us some sickness." Yu said to everyone, his hand holding a weird object, it looked like a ball covered in white fog. This was on object Yu had gained from his own adventures, it covered the groups escape of a Dungeon or Shadow World. "Lets get our stuff together, tell me when you all want out of this place." Yu saying, keeping his large sheathed katana in one hand. Izanagi at this point was already gone.

Location: Creepy Forest | Shadow Zone

Akane | Angelus | Caim | Cz | Jenny | Kalastryn | Lucieon | Melethia | Ornstein | Ryan | Rugal | Slindis | Som

What Ryan least expected was an assault coming from Ornstein, his Dragon-Spear being swung towards the Dragonoid to forcefully keep him at a distance. Ryan simply just didn't get these two... then again, sometimes you can't get everyone to like you.

Concern yourself with matters of your own kind, dragon disciple.

The Author rolled his eyes, not giving a f- about the warnings thrown at him. What good would it do to be enraged, the cause by two strangers. Though they did save him so he wasn't going to disrespect the warriors either.

"I don't like you, but I am not stupid. I fully intend to work with you when necessary,"

"Good to know I guess..." Keeping his distance because of the harsh reaction from Ornstein, Ryan saw a few Shadows lurking in the trees. They appeared to be smart, knowing what the three were capable of and probably planned a surprise attack when the three least expected it.

"As for matters of my current employer," he growled, "it's simple to say that a particularly eccentric Mage in Red is making me ensure the survival of this particular group of people."

The Dragonoid paused, his mind stunned. Was Lucieon talking about... The Red Mage? But, wasn't that the very culprit who tried eliminating all the authors and killed millions of people? Why in the world someone like THAT want Ryan to be alive and well?
"You're pulling my leg here... are you telling me that he was the one who ordered my rescue? I don't believe that one bit... and if he really did, what does he wish to gain? I can't imagine he did this out of kindness."

Frozen Moscow: Annie, Cadolbolg, Constance, David, Devon, Ella, Garm, Teri, Ton Ton, Yu, Deadshot, Shadow!Deadshot

She should of known better- that Shadow had a trick up it's sleeve. Causing everyone to go blind, she couldn't see a thing... let alone hear with that high pitch echoing every noise out. The last thing she saw, like a slow-mo within the cinima movie theaters... was the Shadow charging at her with a shiv (broken glass shard that could kill someone of course). She wasn't quick to block, her neck wide open... until the real Deadshot came in and man handled the Shadow.

Annie was dazed, seeing him not only save her, but the fact he saved HER... the expression on the girl's face was nothing short of stunned. When Deadshot finally confessed how he saw himself, he also added the fact the Shadow was him... and it was over. The Shadow faded and Deadshot seemed control of his thoughts. The question he asked everyone was, "...When did I get a jacket?..."

The mercenary suddenly felt a hug from the front, his body slightly shifted backwards from the force applied. Annie was holding him tightly, her face looking forward with eyes closed and though she wasn't smiling... there was a tint of blushing across her nose. Whatever Deadshot would think of this, he knew why Annie was giving him this sort of attention.

".. To think that you'd take another dive to save me... I knew you were not what the Shadow spoke about you."

Even the tone itself was soft, light hearted and meaningful.

Annie glanced up, giving a friendly glance (without the smile to boot) and sighed to the man. "As for the jacket, it is mine. I placed it over you body while you mingled in your own little world, probably caused by revisiting this place. ..."

Frozen Moscow Annie, Cadolbolg, Constance, David, Devon, Ella, Garm, Teri, Ton Ton, Yu
Better for the mood

The events all happened too fast for Ella and Devon to process, and the pair simply turned to the others afterwards.

"Let's get out of here, then." Devon did her best to keep the group bundled up, but it was clear that the bard and Ella wanted out of Russia now.

Creepy Forest - Withered Clearing: Akane, Angelus, Caim, Cz, Jenny, Kalastryn, Lucieon, Melethia, Ryan, Rugal, Slindis, Som
I'd put something clever here, but I don't have the idea for the jokes.

As Melethia was dragged out of the brambles, the Shadow gritted its teeth as it took the blows and leapt in for a killing blow only to get punched into the briars by Slindis.

"Melethia, I know you're awake, so listem to me. You are not dead weight. You have never been dead weight. If you want to think that because I wasn't around in Stormreach, I was busy stopping the Emerald Claw from taking you almost constantly. Teri's always valued you as a person, so she doesn't think of you as dead weight.

Rugal's always cred for you as one of the most lively people he knows. THe ship never has considered only your skills to be beneficial; they want you there. So come on, Melethia. Stand up and show this shadow that you're not defined by your awful past."

Melethia feebly gets up, grabs her Evoker dagger, and stabs the Shadow in the foot. "DOn't shout out; I know exactly what I can handle... You know, I thought I was weak always looking at the others on th ship. I always thought I was next on the cutting block because of what we went through in the past. No Longer... Today, we're dismantling all of this nonsense and cutting through to the truth of the matter."

When Melethia finished saying that, the Shadow pulled the dagger out of its foot and shook Melethia's hand, changing the dead forest into something else entirely.

"We've still got a lot to do today, so let's keep goin'."

The AA-verse
Location: G-Corporation light transport: leaving Tokyo
Time: Early evening

Kazuya | Edge | Icarus

As the Trio raced towards Boss's Aid, Kazuya had now taken direct control of the Transport ship as he tailed Icarus and Edge, quickly accelerating in front to cut them off before using the intercom to talk to them.
"Attention: If you two want to fight him, That's fine by me and I have re-enforcements inbound. But if Darkside get's his hands on those gems, then Boss is dead anyway. Give them to me so I can contain and neutralize them back at HQ where he can't get them. I'm not letting Boss Die, but I'm not letting you just play into Darkside's hands like that. It's not a complex decision. I'm opening the rear ramp, just throw them in and I'll double back to G-Corp." He explained as he opened the rear ramp, revealing the former pilot standing by to take them from the Angel.
"Believe me, I'm making the right call here. If you think you can take him head on, go ahead, but my city is doomed if you fail and that's not a risk I'm willing to accept. Now hurry up, I only have so much fuel on this thing left!"
Kazuya was REALLY adamant about getting those gems it seemed.


The AA-verse
Location: G-Corporation light transport: leaving Tokyo
Time: Early evening

Kazuya | Edge | Icarus

Icaurs was a bit unsure of just handing over three gemstones, then again it wasn't Kazuya knew how many there was.
with sleight of hand he unslung his bag and tossed the gemstones but he also secretly took one for himself to hold onto, just in case something went wrong, He and Edge then moved around the chooper and flew off.
"Hey edge, I know you fought him before, and ou know boss what are boss's chances alone? he he'll be fine right?"
He flew fast, hoping things would turn out correctly. Of course he couldn't be certain but if he remembered correstly the Monster obtained his second form by fighting someone alone. He wasn't sure if he was going to cause damage but if he was careful he couldn't see how Darkside could obtain his next form.

Moscow Annie, Cadolbolg, Constance, David, Devon, Ella, Garm, Teri, Ton Ton, Yu

Needless to say, this was the last thing Deadshot was expecting (Though that could be applied to a lot of things these days) when Annie flat out hugged him.
"Right...Just...You *Might* want to get this thing washed now..." He remarked, clearly a jab at his own appearance given the current situation.
Either way, he took it off and threw it back over her saying "Also, you might want this more then me. I lasted this long." before advancing to the others in the group namely David.
"...Seriously...You actually wanted to save my ass?..."
"For legal purposes, I'm only going to refer to it as "Killing Other-You's ass"."
"Phew, for a moment there I was worried I'd have to thank you."
"Fuck you too, fuck you too."
Despite everything, the two snipers managed to shake hands before Yu called for the group to move out.
"Damn Straight, I need to get home in time to tuck Yu's Mom in!" He then crudely joked.
"...Yep...He's back..." David couldn't help but chuckle.

Calm Forest - Spring Meadow: Akane, Angelus, Caim, Cz, Jenny, Kalastryn, Lucieon, Melethia, Ryan, Rugal, Slindis, Som
The Cheesiest song possible

Battered, Bruised, Torn, Cut, Shot, Bleeding, all of these words could be used to describe Rugal at this point in time, thanks to traps, arrows and basically shoving his hands into what could be considered Nature's version of Iron Maiden.
Still, once he saw Melethia safe and sound in the arms of her mother, he knew it was worth it.
Though as he picked himself up, he realized one thing: He'd like to not have to take as many arrows next time.
"...You two okay?" He had the nerve to ask, despite looking like someone out of some gory war film cross bred with an archery target.
"Don't move, you're bleeding heavily, just hold on and let me stop it."
"Alright...though, I'm personally more worried about the arrows. I lost track after the first 10 bolts." He admitted as he yanked out one out of his arm, prompting Melethia to examine it for a moment.
"Pffff, You're worried about these Wheathair? These would be lucky to get though rusted chain mail." she said dismissively, getting a reply in the form of "...Too bad I didn't bring any of that then..." followed by a brief laugh as he was tended to.

Jenny meanwhile was finally starting to come around, much to the joy of Akane (She was still there ^^;) as she slightly stirred under the protection of Echidna as Cz watched.
She was alive and stay that way, though it was clear that she wouldn't be moving without assistance anytime soon.
Barring some slight movement, she still seemed out of it for the most part, but she was alive...
"Yes...We're alive...No thanks to you..."

Hopefully this exit sequence is cool with you.

Yu Narukami, Deadshot & Russian force 1.
Location: Frozen Moscow | Shadow Realm | Personaverse.

"I would say likewise about your mother ... except the difference here is that I wouldn't need to hit on here." Yu's smile turned to smug as he shot back a mother joke at Deadshot. The worst fact is that he is probably right, many older woman have hit on him before. Deadshot would probably see this truth within Yu's gray eyes.

Looking back down at the escape item he held, Yu awkwardly stared at it, forgetting how to use the ball. "Hang on to your clothes ladies!" He called to them as he threw the ball upwards. It hovered in the air unnaturally above the group, then smoke smoke came out of the weird item, it was actually white fog and it covered the whole group. The next thing everyone in the group felt was the floor give out under them, and soon everyone was travelling through a weird black and white tunnel.

Club Escapade | Personaverse.

Back to club music.

Soon enough, the group had returned into the club. The music still pumping in the background of the main stage. They had actually all arrived into on big private room of the club, which was usually used for karaoke and group parties. Yu naturally opened his eyes and he sat with a leg over the other, his hand still holding a drink. Looking around he could just about see everyone, yet his attention was on the TV due to habit.

The AA-verse
Location: G-Corporation light transport: Tokyo

Edge | Icarus

Metal Art: Summon - Level 8 Art:
Bring forth solid metal from the ether. Can be shaped with Mold during summoning. Dissipates after several minutes.

Wind Art: Swiftness - Level 1 Art:
Increase the speed of your movements; at high enough levels, you will be little more than a blur of flesh and steel.

Edge couldn't fly, but he could travel quickly by summoning metal to run on. It didn't exactly leave him in fighting shape, but they could cross that bridge when they got to it, and it was faster than traveling there by chopper.

"...the problem is," Edge began. "Whatever this thing is, it's a supernatural creature. Or at least I'm guessing it is; those stones it wants to absorb are magic. Boss isn't so good-"

Edge was interrupted by a flash out on the horizon, followed with a thunderous crash that knocked both Icarus and Edge off balance, and throwing Edge into the ocean.

The AA-verse
Location: Over the Pacific ocean
Time:Early Evening

Darkside | Boss

Darkside waited. He had managed to plunge his dagger into Boss right as he had been hit by...Darkside couldn't even compare it to anything. He had never heard of anything that powerful, let alone experienced it. But...he had survived. He had used a ki barrier to protect him from the worst of it, but it had cost him the arm he had used to attack Boss.

Several minutes passed. The mist cleared. Boss was still hovering in mid-air, but much less steadily. Darkside's dagger was sticking out from his forearm, and blood was flowing freely from the wound. And he was gasping for air. He was weak. Vulnerable.

"Y'still there?" Boss shouted. "I'll make you a deal. We both walk away, call it a dra-"

Darkside flew towards Boss as fast as he could in his weakened state, slamming into Boss with his whole body. As quickly as he could, Darkside wrapped his one good hand around Boss's throat. Boss flailed around, physically striking at Darkside to no great effect, while Darkside's fingers dug deeper into Boss's neck.

And suddenly, Darkside was holding nothing but air. Boss was...just gone.

Darkside had won.


The AA-verse
Location: G-Corporation light transport: Tokyo

Edge | Icarus
Icarus was buffeted by the massive blast.
"N-no this is bad this is terrible, I didn't want this to happen but we were too late." He fished edge out of the water the warrior couched out water
"Edge, I I can;t sense Boss's energy, I hate to say it but I think he might have been killed I can still feel Darkside it's faint, but he's still alive which means, I'm sorry" he lowered his head, a twitch of anger started to affect the young half Angel, his eyes began to widen then constrict becoming oval like. His jaw clenched, his father had always been cautious of his anger, because of the threat it posed.
His wings flapped as he moved at a much greater speed than one would have expected. Carrying Edge didn't seem to slow him down
"He must die." Icarus swore.

The AA-verse
Location: Over the Pacific ocean
Time:Early Evening

Darkside laughed. he had won, he lost his dagger but he could sense the crystal was approaching, he merely needed to wait and ambush them. he dove under the water and waited he began charging up a large attack, gathering what strength he had left it wouldn't matter once he had the Gem he would obtain a form more powerful than anyone had ever seen.

The AA-verse
Location: G-Corporation light transport: leaving Tokyo
Time: Early evening

Kazuya | Edge | Icarus | Boss | Darkside

As Edge and Icarus took off, Kazuya meanwhile was examining the gems a a pair of fighter jets were scrambled to their location.
"Alright, get this back to HQ, Lock everything down, anyone so much as fire a spitball at you, they're fired. and let them know it" He ordered the pilot before placing them into a Metal Suitcase and locking it, striking it once or twice as hard as he could to make sure it couldn't be broken open.
"It's secure, second you land, take this to Doctor Violet, he'll know the code. Godspeed." He then finally said, receiving a salute as the Pilot handcuffed it to himself, before making his way back to the rear ramp of the plane.
"Alright, you ulgy want a fight...let's go......" He silently said to himself as dark energy began to flow from him, slowly mutating his body as he engaged his Devil form.
As the ramp opened, He watched as a pair of Fighter Jets raced past before leaping out of the transport and flying towards the battle.

While Devil Kazuya was making his way over, the Pair of jets slowed down once they reached Edge and Icarus, making hand signals to the duo to indicate they were going to be their escorts.

Location: Dark Forest | Shadow Realm

Akane | Angelus | Caim | Cz | Jenny | Kalastryn | Lucieon | Melethia | Ornstein | Ryan | Rugal | Slindis | Som

"If I knew, I would tell you," Lucieon replied. He eyed the shadows lurking in the dark and drew Estoc toward them, watching them and waiting to parry if they struck. Ornstein kept his vigil, very aware that he was at a type disadvantage in the forest. But the determination of the Princess Guard was strong. "It seems the more power someone has, the more mysterious and unwilling to explain their actions they become. From what I can gather from that white-haired bastard is little enough substance." He panned his eyes back at Ryan, "The authors are integral for his plan. They have to be alive, functioning, and very aware of their meta-existential location. Losing even one more of you would be catastrophic. Not only to the world of Avatar Adventure's, but to every world that it has branched to since."

Cz, protected by Ornstein's electrical field, held Jenny tenderly in her arms, pressing softly against her white skin. "You're awake," Cz said. She placed a hand on Jenny's forehead and felt for a temperature. Though she couldn't actually tell what was healthy for a creature such as Jenny, she found the warmth to be nothing out of the ordinary. Both Akane and Ryan had been godsends in the form of first-aid, and now it seemed Jenny was at least more physically stable than she was. "How do you feel, is there anything that hurts overmuch?"

The (Un)Real World
Location: Willis' Tower | Chicago | Illinois
Time: 4:05 P.M.

Darren | Deborah | Kyre | Titania

Mrs. Himura looked away and feigned a sudden interest in the Chicago city scape. Her cheeks were a crimson pink. Barely noticeable, jut barely flushed. "I don't seem to recall... anything of the sort," she said softly, hiding behind her bangs.

Titania gave a sidelong glance to Kyre and smiled with her snaggletooth gleaming as it caught the last rays of the winter sun. Then the Queen of the Fey turned her attention back to Darren and conjured a mirror in her right hand. She held it up for him to see. The mask was black and white, split down the middle into a frown and a smile. His hair was oiled back and combed to a sheen, and the silk shirt wouldn't have seemed out of place in the Phantom of the Opera. A white blouse adorned with three blue gemstones on the front with a thick black velvet mantle draped around his shoulders, giving rise to a neckpiece that framed his figure so Darren looked both taller and stronger than he was. His pants were disappointingly simple. Ironed black slacks with dark brown lines that ran from hip to toe. Though his boots shimmered with the veneer of real leather and felt the part too. Soft, supportive and flexible.

"What a shame," Titania said, backing up and crossing her arms before her barren chest, "you missed all sorts of steamy pseudo-lesbian goodness. It was quite the scenes, I can tell you."

"Mistress Titania! Please! Don't dwaddle on that subject!" Kyre screamed, still facing away from Darren and Titania. "We have many much more important things to take care of!" There was a slight stammer in her speech.

Titania gave that vicious half-smile again and replied loudly over the winds, "Oh! I can't hear you! I was just about to TELL DARREN HERE ALL ABOUT that time you and Kurumu spent together while waiting for Danie- MMPH" The Queen's eyes were open wides, her irises shining in the light like pools of blood. Kyre had made her way to titania and clasped her hands around the small girl's mouth in such a fast motion of fluidity that Darren had not even seen the woman move.

"More pressing matters please," Kyre said kindly, smiling nervously, "alright Mistress Titania?"

Titania's expression returned to normal, the moment of surprise gone. there was a small crunch and Kyre jumped back yelping, droplets of ruby-red blood streaked the air and were swept away int he wind. The Queen of the Fey was not amused. Indeed her expression was still and mildly annoyed, her teeth, almost fangs, glistened with Kyre's blood. "More pressing matters indeed," she said simply. There was no movement in her hands or feet, Titania stood eerily still. Eerily serious. "First order of business, there are only two people in the world I will let touch me without me leave. One of them is Oberon. The Other is Him." Kyre nodded, nursing the bite marks on her left fingers. Honestly... those two seemed to come directly out of an Japanese-style animation what with all the mood swings and shenanigans.

She turned to Darren and spoke sternly. It was as if Titania was a completely new person now. "Second order of business, you are an Author and are able to work in jurisdictions that I cannot. You are like Him, but lesser in power. I belong to the boy who goes by the moniker Savasaan, so my power only extends to the worlds and power that he controls with his twisted teenage mind." Titania paused and spat at the floor, as if talking about her restrictions left a bad taste in her mouth. "It takes multiple authors to change the course of fate that afflicts another character. I am only one of the few exceptions, wrested away by one to be used by another. reformed and regiven voice, mind, and ability. But I am not ab Author Darren. Yet, you are, however miserable and undeserving." She closed her eyes and frowned, uncrossing her arms and letting her hands hang to the side of her fur coat. She looked almost akin to a penguin if you looked hard enough. A blood soaked penguin.

"And for the matter of locating Kurumu, it is but a matter of simply contacting the Dramatist, is it not?" She waved her hand and summoned a laptop before handing it to Darren. It was already signed into his Escapist account. "Send him a Private Message. And I'm sure this will stay confidential. After all, who reads these long winded expository posts but the one directly involved?"

The (Un)Real World
Location: Willis' Tower | Chicago | Illinois
Time: 4:05 P.M.

Darren | Deborah | Kyre | Titania

Darren took a moment to check himself out, he looked good he had to admit, even when he brought his bloody axe up on his shoulder and posed with it.
"...Yeah...Yeah, I can see me wearing this at my wake..." He said before a full blown argument broke out between them while he was examining his outfit.
"...Yeah, I'm actually starting to see why you two would have a problem tracking her down..." Darren Snarked as he watched Kyre and Titania argue over what exactly happened between the former and Kurumu, it seemed like the easiest way for him to get killed was just to get in-between then during such a dispute.
A bit more exposition later that I skipped over, Darren did respond to the bit about being "miserable and undeserving".
"Hey, it's not exactly all it's cracked up to be you know! Hence why I'm here trying to end myself!" He spat until Titania revealed the one way to find Kurumu: The Internet.

"...Man, The sheer amount of Meta here would make Ninja's head fucking explode..." He remarked as he did as he was told.

RE: Heya!:

Hey Dissy!...Remember me?....The...guy who...made fun fun of you while you were offline...
*Ahem* So how are you?! Long time no see! So basically me and...Well, just me actually (Because know?...With Teri?...And Bruiser?...) was wondering if you could help me with something.
Basically, I'm trying to tick off a bucket list of items before I finally get out of this fucking psycho realm and one of them involves Kurumu. (Nothing Sexual, I really doubt her standards are that low ^^;)

...So yeah, where exactly is she do you know?

"...Nailed it." Darren then said before he handed back the laptop to Titania.
"...So...uhhh, if this doesn't work, do I still get my Permadeath?..."


The AA-verse
Location: G-Corporation light transport: leaving Tokyo
Time: Early evening

Kazuya | Edge | Icarus | Boss | Darkside

Icarus arrived and Edge stood on a fighter jet.
"You, what did you do to the person you were fighting?"
Darkside cackled seeing the assembly his right arm was gone but no blood dripped from the wound.
"I have dealt with him he is no more I recommend you hand over the crystal before the same happens to you.
Icarus grit his teeth Black lightning crawled along his arms like black erratic snakes.
"You sick bastard" he clenched his fists tightly his knuckles turned white, and his nails dug into his hand.
It was clear he wanted to charge in, he managed to restrain that instinct, Kazuya noticed the half angels mood was flaring.

Frozen Moscow: Annie, Cadolbolg, Constance, David, Devon, Ella, Garm, Teri, Ton Ton, Yu, Deadshot

After the smoke cleared and the party were back with one another, the festivities weren't really able to begin as a man dressed in a Shadow Operatives uniform approached the group. Doing a quick head count, the Operative gave a quick nod and muttered to himself before beginning with,

"Oh good, you're all here. While you guys were grabbing Deadshot, we found out about the Shadow Zones in the city and sent forces ASAP. It's partially why there's a club to return to at the moment; we grabbed the Generator a couple minutes ago. Anyways, my Boss wants to talk to all of you. She's at the back door."

Giving a little wave, the Operative ran off to continue whatever job he was doing, which lead the party to realize something else... There were no employees left in the bar. In fact, it was now crawling with Shadow Operatives who were examining every nook and cranny of the place.

Cadolbolg gave a cheerful yawn, probably not realizing the implications of the lack of customers and was the first to vocalize his pleasure in leaving the icy wasteland that was Moscow, "Man, it feels good to get out of that cold place! We should get something nice and hot after talking to the boss lady, Devon. Maybe some more of that beef bowl stuff from yesterday?"

Ton Ton gave a nod of approval with Cadolbolg, but his expression seemed a bit more concerned than his counterpart's, "Last I checked, there were workers in this place... Where did they all go?"

Garm remained close to Teri, who was still looking over Deadshot in the process, giving a small shake of his head before sniffing around to get a further idea of what was going on. However, the scent of alcohol, cigarette smoke and... "other smells" were too much for the wolf to properly pinpoint anything; to which he gave a snort of distaste. As for the Cleric in question, after deciding the final diagnosis of a full checkup, said to the exhausted gunman, "Looks like you need another good healing spell, and you'll be up and running. We can finish that up after speaking with Ms. Mitsuru, hmn?"
After asking this, the Cleric turned to Ella and 'sent' over the rings, "Hey Ella? After taking care of the patient here, you want to hang out a bit? I bet the both of us could use letting off the steam, right?"
Sure, the question sounded a bit awkward when she asked, but if there was progress to be made in the right direction, this was a start.

Calming Clearing: Akane, Angelus, Caim, Cz, Jenny, Kalastryn, Lucieon, Melethia, Ryan, Rugal, Slindis, Som

With Melethia's Shadow finally brought back to a reasonable state of being, a held breath was released among the pact partners. Caim put away his sword and gave an acknowledging nod to the young elf, "I wouldn't expect less of you. You're a tough one, Melethia. Now, to get that Nise-Mono character... Where did she sneak off to..."

Angelus, in the meantime, was a bit more concerned about her charges, and called off Echidna's protection as she looked over them both, "You two aren't hurt anywhere else, are you? Do let me know if you are not feeling well. Jenny, you look pale..?"
True to the title of her Persona, Angelus had already taken the role of a somewhat fussy mother, examing the two carefully for wounds or ills. Now if only Angelus could see the true cause of Jenny's pain...

Club Escapade: Annie, Cadolbolg, Constance, David, Devon, Ella, Garm, Teri, Ton Ton, Yu, Deadshot

David was one of the most thankful to get out that frozen hell hole, hoping that he'd never had to return to that dark period of his life again.
"Brrrrr...Cheers, We're going to thaw out and then we'll be down." He said to the Shadow Operative that greeted them before he went over to the nearest radiator to warm out.
"Ohhhhhhhh yeeaaahhh...Well, I guess Deadshot going on that little trip worked out well. Managed to flush them out of here and might have opened up some new leads. Still, This might prompt them to act out, you saw how quick they were to push the button. We're entering the End Game people..." He said to the others as he watched the Shadow Ops do all CSI on the area.
"Oh, Sweet, Thanks Yu." The Sniper then said before shamelessly helping himself to the students drink as he leaned on the radiator.

Deadshot on the other hand, while he was going okay, he looked like someone from another world altogether, with his tattered frozen attire starting to drip onto the floor as he transitioned to a much warmer area.
"Y-y-yeah, yeah, just give me a minute. Brrr, I've literally got Blue Balls." He shivered slightly as his body began to get used to the fact he wasn't in Moscow anymore.
"Hey, who do I have to stab to get a change of clothes over here!?" He then began harassing the Operatives on the scene for something that was warm, dry and still intact.

Calming Clearing: Akane, Angelus, Caim, Cz, Jenny, Kalastryn, Lucieon, Melethia, Ryan, Rugal, Slindis, Som

"Leave her. Unless she is also in the Shadow Zone, And I see no reason why she should, she'll most likely had made a break for it right after we were sent here. Right now, our priority is finding a way out of this Shadow Zone before someone else's Shadow tries to take a shot at us." Rugal said to Caim as he pulled out one of many bloody arrows and dropped it into a growing pile beside where he was sitting while Slindis used her Persona to fix him up.
"Ah, that smarts... Best we can hope for is that Mitsuru managed to snatch her up. She has a lot to answer to..." He added as he began pulling one out of his leg, personally wishing that the Shadow just used bullets instead.

Jenny merely groaned as she attempted to sit up, still feeling weak and light headed from the blood loss she had suffered thanks to Melethia's Shadow, not to mention Ryan's, err, "Medical attention".
She winced as she moved her leg, now having an nasty looking burn from where the wound was sealed as she looked around to see everyone taking in victory over the Shadow: A Victory she did nothing to assist in...
"...My skin is white, I always look fucking pale..." The pokemon spat at Cz and Angelus as she tried to stand up unassisted, failing miserably as she did.
"Wow...You really suck at this whole "No, Really, I'm fine!" thing. Sheesh, can't even lie right..." Her Shadow taunted as she finally managed it in the end by supporting herself on one of the trees, only to fall to her knees due to the pain Ryan's Cauterization caused her leg.
"Jenny, please let me hel-"
"Jus-..Shut it!" She then said before jerking away from Angelus arm as she picked herself up before glaring at the rest of the group.
"...Well?! Can we just fucking get out of here!?" she shouted, the frustration and pain clearly starting to take their toll on her mentally and it was showing.

Yu Narukami, Annie, Cadolbolg, Constance, David, Devon, Ella, Garm, Teri, Ton Ton and Deadshot
Location: Club Escapade | Personaverse.

Tearing his gaze from the TV, Yu came back to life as he heard one of the operatives speak to the group. "Here? Better report to her then." Yu said out loud but it was mostly aimed at himself. The sudden hand of David came and snatched the glass from Yu's hand. "It isn't alcoholic ... only soda. I am underage." Yu pointed out easily, as the drink tasted something like Dr. Pepper, except a tad different. Getting up from the sofa, Yu walked to the door of the karaoke room and turned around.

"I'm going to report to Mitsuru-san, you are probably all free to lounge around a bit seeing how you just left a shadow zone, usually it takes a lot of energy out of a normal person. But as I've seen, you are no normal group. Still, feel free to rest a bit before travelling back." Yu's voice was normal once more, except he was putting up a strong face, the fatigue was setting in. This was from both the environment, the lack of clothing and his previous experiences with the Shadow zones.

"Ah, a busy day." Yu said to himself as he left the doorway and walked casually downstairs in a slow but brisk pace. Paying attention to the environment, Yu indeed wanted to know why all the Shadow Operatives were all here. Was there a possibility that someone, probably an enemy, their enemy, created this situation for a reason. Getting to the backdoor, Yu was ready to report in to tell Mitsuru about the details of Deadshot's Shadow Zone. Yu only hoped that Deadshot won't get punished for anything, even if the guy is a bit annoying.

Location: The sky | Personaverse.

The high speed wind felt like nothing, especially to the Wanderer who felt a bit weird in his digestive system system. The Gas Station visit was not a good one, after filling the gas and paying the cashier, he had gained the attention of the only other customer of that certain station. While wearing his own Doctor gear, he met another lab-coat comrade across on another gas pump.

After glazing at each other for a solid minute, the Wanderer placed on his Jetpack but found the other Doctor nowhere to be seen. Only a weird bottled vial remained, giving a grunt the Wanderer took the challenge of the Doctor, only seeing a note placed underneath it. "You look sick, have this. Dr. Edo" Was the note, giving a smirk, the Wanderer gulped the small vial in one mouthful, surprisingly it felt like he drank some kind of super energy booster.

Yet minutes later it felt like he had drank a laxative potion instead. " ... damn that, Edo!" The Wanderer cursed as he continued his search for the Shadow Operative Tower in the night sky.

Location: Dark Forest | Shadow Realm

Akane | Angelus | Caim | Cz | Jenny | Kalastryn | Lucieon | Melethia | Ornstein | Ryan | Rugal | Slindis | Som

"If I knew, I would tell you," So it would seem even Lucieon was not informed of the true intentions that the Red Mage had. This was some disturbing stuff that Ryan was undergoing... knowing he was saved by people whom served the one that nearly destroyed all of the AA universe and even the real authors at that.


"It seems the more power someone has, the more mysterious and unwilling to explain their actions they become. From what I can gather from that white-haired bastard is little enough substance."
Oddly, Ryan gave a slight chuckle from his throat- hearing someone who served the Red Mage calling him a 'white-haired b****' was out of the blue. "Must say, that is somewhat true isn't it?"

"The authors are integral for his plan. They have to be alive, functioning, and very aware of their meta-existential location. Losing even one more of you would be catastrophic. Not only to the world of Avatar Adventure's, but to every world that it has branched to since."
This was news Ryan had to think deeply about- replaying that in his head to understand.

Authors are integral for his plan.. ? Since one of us had recently died... wouldn't that already-

"If that's the case, you should probably let him know that only a day or two ago.. an author died.... he jumped in front of my character Annie to save her from a flying spear. I'm only telling you this because it is me repaying you with information."

Though while they were busy chatting, Ryan noticed how everyone seemed to stop being on guard. He glanced only to see how the whole situation was somewhat resolved (unless more was to come unexpectedly). Placing that giant greataxe onto his back, he cracked his neck a little to adjust the tensity when fighting the Shadows.

It was here when Ryan remembered Jenny and to probably check up on the poor lass. After all, he did... pretty much give her a nasty burn so hopefully he'd give her more support then sealing a wound with a burning axe.

"Jenny, please let me hel-"
"Jus-..Shut it!" She then said before jerking away from Angelus arm as she picked herself up before glaring at the rest of the group.

Ryan paused when approaching, his eyes fixated on the Gardevoir since she had a knee-jerking reaction. It seemed off to her personality as far as Ryan knew her... and it even made him suddenly ponder about an interesting concept that could be undergoing with the Pokemon.
"...Well?! Can we just fucking get out of here!?" she shouted.

That was the key, right there. That 'aggressive response' was the token of someone going under something worse then what was happening on the outside. Ryan came into view when Jenny once again sloped downward from being in such pain. Kneeling to her, Ryan said softly, "Jenny, you're not acting like a lady right now."

As offensive as it was, Ryan got her attention now for sure. ".. I've noticed for some time, that you've been ... bearing a pain, almost of a burden right? Like, a downside spiral in your mind that eats away your sanity... to me, that is called 'Hollowing' where I come from. In your case, I am betting it's a Shadow isn't it?"

Sitting straight up, Ryan crossed his arms and told her straight up, "I'm even betting right now, that your Shadow is beating you up mentally for what happened? ... Well ... truth be told, that Shadow is not what makes you, you Jenny. The Shadow will always be a part of you, but the Shadow does not make up whom you are entirely. Even now, I have not faced my Shadow yet who has attempted to hurt me in ways no one else can- because that Shadow knows all there is to know about me. My past, my sensitive feelings towards a subject, everything... and it'll jab at it whenever it can."

"Now, I could be wrong but if no one else is going to say it, then I sure as heck will. You will need help facing it Jenny, sooner or later. I'm even willing right now, to jump in and fight that Shadow to save you. Not to be a white knight, but to show you're part of our crew and I want to adventure with everyone for as long as possible... since you're part of said crew, I will throw my life away to save you!" Ryan gave a friendly smile, though he started leaning a bit against the tree.

The poison hasn't subsided yet, and I don't have much time... hopefully I can help Jenny before anything happens.

Club Escapade: Annie, Cadolbolg, Constance, David, Devon, Ella, Garm, Teri, Ton Ton, Yu, Deadshot

"Y-y-yeah, yeah, just give me a minute. Brrr, I've literally got Blue Balls." He shivered slightly as his body began to get used to the fact he wasn't in Moscow anymore.
"Hey, who do I have to stab to get a change of clothes over here!?" He then began harassing the Operatives on the scene for something that was warm, dry and still intact.

Hearing how Deadshot was willing to stab someone for clothing made Annie stare with a bored, unimpressed expression. However, she also took her jacket off because it somewhat reeked ... so she too will be needing some new clothes soon. At least they won another fight and no one died on Annie so- a win/win situation.

".. At least we are now safe for the time being. I could go for a drink..." Although, deep down she wanted to help Deadshot find some clothes, possibly see if they can reconnect by any means. However, the titan shifter knew better and wanted to give Deadshot space or else she'd tempt making him uncomfortable.

With that, Annie sat on a stool and simply looked ahead... wondering if she could have some water. All the drinks were pretty much alcohol based drinks with nothing in value to Annie. Yet here she was, browsing what was available. Seeing how so many Shadow Operatives were checking out the place, she wondered... if they were really on their side.

What if they wanted the crew to do all the 'dirty' work and took advantage of their services by the end. After all, the crew wasn't getting paid... no one was asking questions on their backstory, along with just going with the flow. She wouldn't back down or step out of the missions, yet... she didn't feel she could trust the people. Not everything is in black or white after all.

It was a pretty rare sight for Jenny to be so calloused when people were just trying to help and Kala knew it. Even with the hardship they just went through... it'd probably be best to help her face it now, rather than let it fester any further. Realizing this, she called out to the rest of the group inconspicuously to keep her (and the rest of them) here so they could help in the only way they could. "I'm just as opposed to staying here as all else, but it'd be for the best if we stayed here and looked. We aren't going to be done for the day with this anyway. If I remember correctly, apprehending Nise-Mono was our primary objective. Might as well have that to show for all this." She said just before Ryan had guessed the same as her. *sigh* "Well Ryan, Jenny, it won't help anything to leave now then... Jenny has to come to terms with it, and sadly, the only place where we can help that along is here. Jenny, I'm no stranger to self hatred. As a bit of a confession... that city Slindis and I once called home? Originally, I was a spy there. I've hated that aspect of my life for every day since, but it didn't stop me from changing." She said, looking to Slindis knowing she wasn't really guilty of too much, but in an apologetic manner nonetheless.

"So then, out with it... what's troubling you?"

Club Escapade: Annie, Cadolbolg, Constance, David, Devon, Ella, Garm, Teri, Ton Ton, Yu, Deadshot

Not long after his vocal complaints, Deadshot was in fact offered a change of clothes, mainly just some generic sweater and sweatpants to replace his ruined jumpsuit.
Now clad in something that was warm and dry, he then joined Annie back at the bar before leaning over the counter in his usual search for booze, pulling out a bottle of whiskey as he did.
"Ahhh, they say this stuff helps warm you up..." He sighed thankfully as referred to survival advice that had been debunked a long time ago as he poured himself a drink, offering one to Annie as he did.
"...Think it goes without saying I owe ya one. Tsh! Fucking Moscow...How the hell did things get so..."Freakish" in my life?" He pondered out loud, trying to figure out how his life went from killing people for money to something out a Japanese anime.

David meanwhile more or less stayed put, not moving away from the warm warm radiator as he watched the Shadow Ops do all the hard work.

Calming Clearing: Akane, Angelus, Caim, Cz, Jenny, Kalastryn, Lucieon, Melethia, Ryan, Rugal, Slindis, Som

"Jenny, you're not acting like a lady right now."
"WELL CRY ME A RIV-uggghhhh..." Jenny was about to protest until the pain got in the way, though Ryan clearly had her attention now.
However, panic began to set in as both him and Kalastryn began talking about her shadow, the language of Ryan willing to get himself killed being extremely distressing.
"Look, I am-I'm fine! We-we just need to leave here, alright!" She said, clearly attempting to dodge the question, but her Shadow begged to differ.
"Wow, don't need to go that far to get this one to spread her legs, you know?"
While that comment alone would be enough to cause concern for Jenny, what was worse was that statement wasn't in her head, her Shadow was out of her head and around here somewhere.

Rugal wasn't exactly paying attention until that statement, it was something that stood out from the rest of the conversations.
"Excuse me? Who is doing what now?" He uttered in confusion, clearly not getting the memo in relation to the Shadow

Calming Clearing: Akane, Angelus, Caim, Cz, Jenny, Kalastryn, Lucieon, Melethia, Ryan, Rugal, Slindis, Som

"WELL CRY ME A RIV-uggghhhh..."

Ryan rolled his eyes. Her attitude was simply showing and only made the evidence of the Shadow torturing the girl's mind all the more obvious. When giving the speech, he noticed Jenny's expression- he certainly knew at this point... she was infected with the Shadow's fury.

At first, Ryan thought he'd be the one to help Jenny out... but he was wrong, thankfully so. Kala stepped in to aid them both of rescuing the poor Gardevoir from one's own Shadow. *sigh* "Well Ryan, Jenny, it won't help anything to leave now then... Jenny has to come to terms with it, and sadly, the only place where we can help that along is here. Jenny, I'm no stranger to self hatred. As a bit of a confession... that city Slindis and I once called home? Originally, I was a spy there. I've hated that aspect of my life for every day since, but it didn't stop me from changing."

Giving a soft pat on the shoulder of Kala's, Ryan smiled at her. "Well said Kala."

Turning back to Jenny, the Dragonoid continued to give advise, "See Jenny, we understand your pain, really. Look at us, we're pretty much the definition of 'outsiders' in a society full of people. Yet, do we slump down and give into the hatred that's thrown at us? Heck no! Who needs to be 'accepted' by society when you've got people right here, happy to accept you in open arms? We like you Jenny, and we just want to help. Don't think you have to handle everything on your own- in fact, I wouldn't of survived in my world without support from some good people..."

Closing his eyes, he remembered those who've gave him hope. Solaire for sure, the only person in Dark Souls to not only help Ryan throughout the boss fights- but treated Ryan with such dignity. Never did he question Ryan's choices, or mock him for trying to survive against the odds. Solaire was the type of sun bro who'd throw himself into harm's way in an instant just for you to slip away. Yet, Ryan remained at his side to fight against any opponent that dared threaten their existence.

Even when Ryan questioned his sanity, Solaire provided comfort to the Dragonoid and stated if anyone was to have the strength in saving mankind from the curse... it would be him. Never would Ryan forget about such a figurine, a true friend...

Of course, Jenny still insisted on trying to help herself. "Look, I am-I'm fine! We-we just need to leave here, alright!"

Before Ryan or Kala could respond, they heard a voice out in the open.
"Wow, don't need to go that far to get this one to spread her legs, you know?"

Rugal had a thing to say about what was, well... said. "Excuse me? Who is doing what now?"

An awkward silence between everyone at this point. Ryan wasn't so shocked to hear how a Shadow would go 'there', but to say that about Jenny out loud? Unforgivable! This Dragonoid would not put up with that whatsoever.

"So it begins. The Shadow making attempts to make the host drop her esteem eh? Well you know what? I'm sure you're willing to breed for a Shiny, Shadow... but Jenny has WAY more respect for herself then that."
No one would probably understand what Ryan meant by making a 'Shiny', but he wasn't going to let Jenny die on them now, or lose control of herself.

".. When I say Shiny, I mean breed so much by the 210th attempt you finally have a Shiny Pokemon. It's Pokemon logic OKAY!!"

Club Escapade: Annie, Cadolbolg, Constance, David, Devon, Ella, Garm, Teri, Ton Ton, Yu, Deadshot

For quite some time, the titan shifter was twirling a glass between her fingers, gazing at the material. She had no drink, yet didn't crave anything all that much. What she really wanted, was to get everyone out alive of these missions. Of course, the next thing that came up unexpectedly was Deadshot himself.

He took a seat right alongside her, and got his own personal drink. "Ahhh, they say this stuff helps warm you up..." She looked at him with a calm expression, studying the man. Wondering about his sanity, he spoke quicker then she could question him.

"...Think it goes without saying I owe ya one. Tsh! Fucking Moscow...How the hell did things get so..."Freakish" in my life?" What Annie saw before her... was a drink- handed down by Deadshot. He gave her a drink, he... who not long ago at all insisted on keeping a distance.

Her expression was mixed, carrying surprise but more of optimism. It was the face you make when you're graduating at a university, and then suddenly your best friend shows up when they've stated beforehand.. that they couldn't make it. Surprise, with a hidden glee behind it.

Accepting it, Annie took a soft, long sip before making a relieving sigh.

"Thank you." Is all she said, eyes half closed but smiling of course.

... You like him, don't you.
Annie didn't react, but commented back with a normal tone. No.

I can feel the same things you do, Annie. You have something for the man.

I'm just glad he's being friendly with me. Also, it was freezing back in Moscow so the blood is rushed to my face.

Yet your blush remains still. W're in a room with heating, Annie.

Sighing, Annie turned to Deadshot with just her face while leaning forward towards the counter and tells him, "No, you don't owe me. I would of taken any risk to ensure your safety. You're part of this crew, more than anyone here so I had a responsibility But... also, you've saved me from your Shadow during that flash. Without you, he would of harmed me to a degree of no return, assuming he managed to strike me at my vital areas."

With that said, she held her whisky glass up and offered a 'toast' to Deadshot.
"A toast to you.. Deadshot. I respect your drive and offer you my thanks."

Location: Calming Clearing | Shadow Zone

Akane | Angelus | Caim | Cz | Jenny | Kalastryn | Lucieon | Melethia | Ornstein | Ryan | Rugal | Slindis | Som

There was a pause as Lucieon turned around and gave Jenny a long hard stare. His eyes were death, blue, lonely, and piercing. Ornstein let out a growl and flash stepped forward, his spear twirling around his hand until it landed in both hands, facing outward toward the forest dark.

Lucieon stayed calm however and walked forward, addressing Ryan first, "We are aware. That is partially the reason I have been dispatched to monitor the group." He flashed his black card and gave Ornstein the same deathly look. The Dargonslayer stepped forward and swiped twice with his spear, leaving a floating arc in the space in front of him. He eyed the brush and waited for the voice again, hoping that it would vibrate the delicate equilibrium of the arc of lightning.

"If it were that easy to get a girl to spread her legs," Lucieon finally said, breaking the dread silence, "I've died many, many times to vindictive women with large swords. Even more time to sorceress'. and ten times more to butchers." His Princess Guard ring flashed gold in the dark light. "Come on out, I have a lance for you that you won't soon forget."

Avatar Adventure
Location: Sears Tower | Chicago | Illinois
Time: 4:10 PM

Darren | Deborah | Kyre | Titania

Titania snapped the laptop shut and tossed it off the side of the tower, letting it fall to the ground and land on someone with a wet crack. She stared at Darren without speaking, looking at him posing with his axe. She stopped and breathed through her teeth, clenched in either anger or annoyance. "Your death will come only if you achieve your objective successfully." There was death in her words. A subtle indignant air that seemed to set the cold winter chill aflame with swirling heat.

Kyre took a step back and looked up from nursing her hand, "Mistress titania...?"

The young girl did not respond to Kyre. She stepped forward and stepped on Darren's foot, cracking the cement roofing slabs. "You should not speak to me with such an oblique air. You and I are not familiar... If you seek my anger, I will show you that there are things worse than eternal life wrought with guilt."


Titania was caught off guard by the sudden ding and jumped backwards, her eyes wide and hair floating gently down around her. There was a stand with a bell that appeared in front of them. Everyone except Deborah seemed surprised. Then the bell rang again.


"What... is that?" Kyre asked. She walked forward and gave the small silver bell a hard look over. Her single green eye sparkled in the half-dead sun. Her hair draped over her face, and she smelled sweetly of winter berries.

Titania was flustered and turned away. She looked around them for anything that could make rational sense of the


The bell rang again and Deborah nearly fell off the edge of the sear tower with a large set of mahogany double doors appeared where she was standing.

"What in the Seven Hell's!?" She backed up, hopping on one foot, off balance but on-balance.

Kyre turned from the bell to examine the door, almost unfazed now by the appearance of random household objects. Titania slowly began to realize what exactly was happening, and yet again, she was not happy about it. She breathed sharply through her teeth, whistling a high warbling pitch before grabbing Darren by the shirt and throwing him against the door and breaking it in two. Kyre looked at Titania, who merely pointed, and Kyre nodded, following Darren through the hole in the door.

Then at last, Deborah and Titania were alone again.

"It was Red Mage?" she asked.

Titania shook her dainty head, "No. Someone worse. It was a writer, but I do not know who."

The Break Room
Location: Great Library | The Archives of God
Time: Distorted

Darren | Kyre

Darren was falling, there were so many shelves that flew by him, an infinite number of wooden towers that reach high above to to the door he was thrown through. Then another figure appeared in the line of his vision, and it quickly grew larger, and larger, and larger, until it hit him right in the stomach.

It was a warm feminine softness, and the world was streaked with strands of ruby red, the soft fragrance of winter berries dabbled the air. Kyre had slammed into Darren feet first and thrown both of them into a uncontrolled freefall.

"Sorry!" she cried over the roaring wind.

It was a few moments later before they hit the floor. Darren landed first, breaking over a hundred fourteen bones that he consciously knew about, and twenty three bones that medical professionals had yet to identify. Then Kyre landed on top of him and crushed the rest of his organs and skeletal structure. Kyre looked bereaved, shocked, and almost regretful and the mess of a man she was sitting on. His clothes and mask were perfectly fine, but he was undeniably dead... Until she started to feel the flesh underneath her shift and reform, and Darren sprung spontaneously back to life.

He coughed.

Kyre jumped up, embarrassed, pulling Darren up by his arm. "I'm so sorry about that Mr. Darren." She muttered, looking at him with her left eye. It was brilliantly green. Deep, sparkling, and full of life. More than they could say about the environment they were in. What was it? A huge library with shelves upon shelves of papers. Not even books, but just papers. Papers stacked and combined together into piles and stacks and compilations.

"...Where are we?" Kyre asked.


High above the shelves a robed figure looked down, his hair tousled long and uncut. He had spent too long wandering these archives, looking for a cure. Looking for a solution to his problem. And just as he was on the verge on insanity, some people had dropped from the sky. Where had they come from? He wondered. He moved closer to take a look while the sunlight still streamed into the library. His heart stopped and he gripped his staff and liquor tightly.

"Kyre? Darren? What are they doing here!?"

The AA-verse
Location: G-Corporation light transport: leaving Tokyo
Time: Early evening

Kazuya | Edge | Icarus | Darkside

Edge clenched his fist. If Boss was No, he couldn't be. Boss wasn't a goddamn moron, if he couldn't win he would have teleported as far away as he could. Hell, he was probably back over in Japan, trying to meet up with them. Darkside had to be lying. He had to be.

Edge shook his head. He had to think clearly, and calmly. "Not buying it, Slithers." Edge shouted. "Boss messed you up pretty bad. I can see that from here. And there are three of us here; two of us made you run like hell at full strength, if I recall. Not only that, but Black Ops over there-" Edge nodded towards Kazuya. "Decided to get his horns on, and brought some fighter jets, which are a tad bit sturdier than helicopters. And the man you killed..." Edge drew his one good sword. "...was my best friend. No matter what happens, you aren't walking away from this with your life."

Location: Skies of Japan, above Tokyo.
Time: Early Evening.

The skies of evening began to settle, just like the life around it. People were hustling back to their homes, families and loved ones. Little did they know many things were happening around them, with many characters involved. A few clouds have appeared in the sky, not enough to disturb anything down below. Little did anyone in the city or world below this sky that a figure would emerge from legend and come to this world for many a purpose.

It all began with a single spark, these sparks flew in the air from nothing and then, lightning. Elemental electricity flooded around the clouds, covering a mile around the city. This electricity soon began to make lines, lines and more lines until it had made what looks like a large circle hovering above the city center. Accompanying this circle was a smaller circle which was similar in size to the master circle but smaller, as if forming a ring like shape in the sky.

Symbols began filling this weird electric ring, weird symbols no one could tell unless they have immersed themselves with magic, dark arts or lore from another world. Finally, the smallest of circles, one that a small person could stand in was formed right in the middle of that large ring. suddenly, more electricity surged towards the center of the ring, towards the small circles. This amount of power was enough to make the city's lights blink on and off.

Finally the electricity was gone, the ring and small included. All that remained were the weird symbols and a hole that seemed covered in a light substance like paper. Then, a rip, as if someone and they indeed did rip a tear in the fabric of this universe. A small object came through, to many it would only be a small dark shape, yet this was a person. "Hmm ... wrong calculations I see, should change that later. Was all he could manage to say before pulling out a small book.

"Now that is done, now where is it ... " The mature yet young like voice rang out, his fingers moving as if he had done this a million times before. "Obice." he said calmly and pointed a finger to his falling body. Suddenly a magical circle appeared behind the man as it blocked and bounced it's way off a radio tower. Right now the height was getting lower and lower, but the magical person knew exactly what to do.

In the path now was one of the largest skyscrapers in Tokyo, the projection was clear and then.
A loud collision between the object and the building's horizontal roof was heard.
Once more a magical circle was below the Wizard as he opened his eyes. Pushing himself up, he inspected his environment. "A building ... this high? Is this suppose to be a castle?" He asked the new world before him.
The circle suddenly faded away into nothing and the wizard dropped down to the roof, but still fixated on the city below him. Slightly looking up, he saw the paper portal close up, as if someone had applied glue to it. Now a star remained in the direction of the portal.

"Well, I never knew a Royal Wizard would end up here. Is this what I get for serving that Arthur?" Another question emerged from his mouth, yet a cocky and happy smile emerged on his face. This was another world were he would learn even more magic and do more good, or his name isn't Merlin.

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