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The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Rising Dawn: Above Denver-Ruins

Rising Dawn: Navigation Bridge: Rugal Bernstein, Pvt. Marcus Lassirbeen

"A party?...Hm..."
Rugal's reaction was a little mixed, not that he hated the idea mind, just he currently wasn't in a very festive mood.
Still, it was on tomorrow so his mood might have lifted by the time it was on and it would just be rude to refuse a hand written invitation, something that he would know something about from the years he played host to the KOF finals.
"Do pass them on, Private. And inform her should she require assistance in catering or just setting things up to merely ask. She desires to better relations between the two factions and it seems like the least I could do." He then answered before neatly folding the letter back up and handing it back.
He thought about the letter's sender, trying to recall where he had heard that name before (as well as proving her point about the divide between the "Heroes" and staff when he had such a hard time remembering).
"She was the daughter of the Major, wasn't she? And was wounded in the battle, correct? Apologies if I seem a bit shatter-brained. I've had a lot on my mind this day..."

Rising Dawn: Living Quarters: King Leoric

"Ahhh...Truly fit for a king..." The Undead Monarch stated as he examined his new "Residence".
With the battle for the kingdom of "Denver Colorado" won, he began to seek out a new land to reign over and the strange flying metal fortress this "Rising Dawn" seemed to be as good as any.
He didn't have any nerve endings anymore, what with being a skeleton and all, but it did little to stop his enjoyment of the kind-sized bed he laid on.
It was already better then his cell in World Marshall's prison and whilst he didn't understand all the "Technology" they used, he still could picture himself being rather happy here.
Besides, he still owed B.C. both treasure and his protection in exchange for his crown and he would not be seen dead (undead?) going back on his word.
For now? It was time to rest and recuperate as well as get used to this new world around him, as well as clean himself.
He had been imprisoned for several weeks and had little else to wear but his battle armor, had he still had sweat glands, he'd smell like a cattle shed.
So clad in what he thought was Regal Attire and a pair of Strange soft shoes, he began to seek out the bath-house on this fortress.
He had heard good things from the servants and High Heavens knows, his old bones needed to be returned to their former glory.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | Canteen
"A nice cold beer is just the thing to top off a prison break."
B.C. | Mio | Luke | Others

One she had picked up her effects, among a few other things in the World Marshall Facility, it hadn't taken her long to find her way back to the group she left. After all, it seemed like a decent idea to stick around with them for the time being, if only to get the lay of the land, maybe even mooch off of them for a little bit. Not only that, but Teri seemed like a nice enough sort, even if she reeked of virtue and goodness, and Mio seemed fun, if a little too interested in her tits.

The Space Convict was also quickly getting used to just how weird these people were, especially after catching a glimpse of a dragon on their way to what she presumed to be their home, base, hideout... Whatever they decided to call it.

As it turned out, it was a ship, which was a little bit of a surprise. From what little she encountered in the prison, the tech level of this dimension or timeline or whatever seemed kind of primitive compared to what she was used to. But the group she fell in with seemed to have a perfectly functional ship. Interesting. Perhaps she could "commandeer" it later on.

When the others went their separate ways, B.C. continued to stick with Mio, and the two of them made their way to something that she immediately recognized the moment they stepped inside.

"A bar! Mio, you sure know how to treat a girl right." she told her companion with a playful wink as she bounded over to the counter.

"Bartender! I'll take a pint of the cheapest beer you got on tap, and start up a tab for me, would ya?" she asked, giving Luke a suggestive grin before looking back over her shoulder at Mio, "And what'll you have, Mio? We can have it put on my new tab."

Shimmying onto one of the bar stools, she leaned back against the bar and looked around the canteen. It was predictably sterile given that this struck her as a very military ship, but even then it had a sort of charm that even Confederate Military Clubs she was familiar with sorely lacked.

"Not a bad little place, all-in-all. Granted, I'd prefer a seedy little dive on a backwater pirate station, but this'll do for now. You get much business?" B.C. asked, glancing back at Luke with her ever-present smirk.

Past Tense | The Rising Yawn | Anjali's Cabin
Eddie the Dead - Bikini Snake Girl

"...People seem much more accepting towards my ... condition, as well. I thought I was a freak, but it seems there are mostly freaks here." she chuckled, and he chuckled along. The Yawn sure seemed to be brimming with... unique personalities. Most of them contemptabe, and people that Eddie wouldn't wanna share the same universal cluster with, but that was besides the point. He wasn't there to talk about undesirables, but her. She looked interesting. Her plight was sympathetic. And most importantly she didn't make him wanna facepalm every time she opened her mouth.

"But I'm still not used to it. I eat ... raw meat. This is weird. But I felt like I had to."

Nothing too serious. If it'd had been living flesh, though, now that would be something to worry about.

"And then ... there were these two people - I think they were faeries, but only kind of? - they only spoke in riddles, and showed me weird dreams.Something like a bond towards the Rising Dawn, but also ..."

Faeries in the Yawn? Grand. Nothing quite like having the universal equivalent of internet trolls on the ship. They would at least provide a good source of stress relief, though.

"It's not normal here to just torture little faeries, right?"

'Course it was. He did it all the time!

"Even if they can be summoned again?"

That just means you don't have to worry about spoiling the goods!

"We are the good guys, right?"

Pointless question. Morality is arbitrary.

"Not just ... I don't know. I don't really like violence."

A pacifist? Now that was a surprise. Given her clothes and equipment she looked like she came from a hunter-gatherer society, hardly the place for those with aversion to violence. He made a mental note to try and discern her place of origin and investigate it.

"But I'm sorry, I'm talking far too much."

"You're confused. Better to let it out than keep it in."

All in all, she seemed to be handling things well. Confusion and existential angst is the least one would expect from someone who was recently returned to the world of the living. Though, he supposed that this being a ship of 'freaks' as she put it helped with that. It's easier to cope with your own unique branch of absurdity when you come into contact with others even more absurd.

"How are you doing, Eddie?" she asked, as she started getting dressed, "What is your role here, anyways?"

"Hah!" he laughed, clearly amused by the question. "Must I have a role to play? Can I not simply exist and do as I will?" he shrugged, grinning, "I suppose you could say the role that I play is the role that I myself am. People may call that role arbitrator, troublemaker, peacekeeper, hero, hell, even villain! Such labels are meaningless to me. I do as I wish, whenever I wish, whatever my mood wishes!"

"Confused, yet?" he said playfully, "Don't be. All you need to understand is that I hold nothing sacred and act accordingly. Lemme spare you further philosophising, then, and answer your first question: How am I? Rather annoyed. My ward has no interest in staying in one place or listen to me. You've met her. 8-year-old, likes needlework. So, rather than busy myself with an exercise in futility by trying to reign her in, I'll let her do as she pleases until the time comes where I have to authoritavely step in, or she comes to me." He turned his head to his left, as though staring at the wall. "To that end, I'm keeping her monitored."

He turned to Anjali "That out of the way, I don't suppose you got any plans for the day? If not, wanna hang out? We could stay in the canteen, have a drink or two, laugh at the freaks, exchange stories, that kinda stuff? Or we could take a trip to Vegas. Show you a taste of how this world's like." he scratched his cheek, "At least, that's if you feel like it. It'd be understandable if you need some time for yourself."


Current Time | The Rising Frown | Canteen
Eddie the Dead

He slouched on the chair, drinking tequila and smoking cigars.

They were a good brand, too. Cuban-made, the very same Castro used to smoke. He had a good supply for them, part of the reward of a job he had done some time ago.

The tequila was good too, had a sharp bite to it, and left a lingering sweetness on the tongue.

All in all, not a bad way to wait. His spirits had improved, and his irritation had lessened, though was not yet completely gone.

Then a man walked in. He was tall, muscular, and had an air of confidence about him. You could even say he reminded Eddie of someone. More importantly, though, along with him walked a pretty sweet-lookin' babe, who, given the guy's body language and words, he was looking to bang.

"I swear to you babe, my real name is Steel. Joseph's the name I picked for myself."

What kinda parent named their child Steel, anyway? Eddie smoked his cigar, watching perused the man work his 'art'. To his surprise, however, the eager, young, space cadet passed his table and left a letter.

"Oh, and before I forget. My CO wanted me to give this to you, cool guy."

Eddie lifted an eyebrow, then grinned and exhaled smoke through his nostrils. This all seemed pretty amusing. So, he searched his pocket, and pulled out two large gold coins. Aztec gold, exceptionally crafted, each coin worth many times its weight in currency.

He flipped the first of the coins in the air, and whether through luck or technique it landed right in front of the now leaving duo of Steel and and babe.

"For services rendered," he said without turning to them, opening up the letter. As he did, he flipped the other coin, which either through luck or technique landed on top of the other one. "And that's for letting your CO know that next time they want something from me they can come themselves." Uninterested in regards to their reaction, he smoked his cigar and started reading the letter.

Collabed with dis guy

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The Escapist Avatar Adventures
Rising Dawn: Hanger

Angelus | Caim | Pvt. Jefferson

The man and dragon duo mulled over the simple note, before Caim said what they were both thinking, "This sure seems addressed to 'you', rather than the both of us. I'm getting the feeling I'm not invited."

Angelus huffed, sending a gust of warm air over the two humans below her, "As if it really matters. I could easily bring you with me, that's part of the letter. 'You and anyone you wish to bring'. It's rather simple, Caim."
The (former) prince crossed his arms, tapped a foot, and after a moment's thought, nodded along, "Alright, alright. I guess I don't see any reason to protest. I need to polish my armor though, it's a bit bloody."
"You're always 'a bit bloody'. The only time you don't stink of it is when you rise from the bed and when you fall into it."
"You know, I don't HAVE to deal with this, I could 'forget' to give you back the mask. I could walk away and leave you here in the hangar."
"Would you really?"
Caim 'said' nothing as he reached into the armory and presented the dragon with her mask and a simple red dress, his gaze to the floor as he 'said' over their link, "Maybe if I was a bit angrier. I'm going to go clean up. You're welcome to join me, if you'd like", and power-walked out of the Hangar, leaving Angelus with the private. One transformation sequence later, and Angelus gave the private a curt nod of her head, she said "You needn't deliver any ill tidings to Ms. Selmey; thank you. Though - I might recommend preparing enough food for two hungry hatchlings, just in case they see fit to join as well."

Following this, she made her way out of the Hangar and into the halls of the Dawn. Caim's offer was quite tempting, but it had been quite some time since she had stretched her human legs - how much had her territory changed since she last walked in it like a mortal?

Rising Dawn: Canteen
B.C. | Cabrion | Eddie the Dead | Lucas "Luke" Cypress | Mio |

When Envy and Sloth deigned it fit to take their leave and that incessant ringing had finally stopped, Luke let out a breath he didn't realize he was holding. With the Vices leaving him well enough alone, as well as the apparent demise of the monster outside, things could start getting back to normal - as normal as the Dawn could get anyway. His end of his bargain with Bernstein was done, those captured by the World Marshall were rescued. While he could not reap the benefits that entailed from such a victory (at least, not at the present moment), Luke was happy to return to a much more "mundane" state of his current stomping grounds - at least until a trio of new faces appeared.

Two were a pair of young women, one whom appeared to be an albino pirate woman - probably an offworlder; the other wore an orange jumpsuit reminiscent of a prisoner's garb, the front unzipped to reveal a garish ensemble (if it even could be called that) of a bikini top in eye offending colors that clashed with the jumpsuit, a set of grenades on her waist, a wavy high-tied ponytail and heavy boots; which made it's bearer look like she walked out of a bad 80s action movie. All that was missing was a beefy man with an AK to appear and start shooting the bar up. Luke resisted the urge to douse his eyes in the spirits behind him as his sense of fashion cried out in pain, and instead made a note of the third entering the Canteen....Which only added to the "unusual" factor when it came cluster of characters presently in his bar - the third approaching had an "interesting" sense of fashion as well, seeing fit to mix a cowboy hat with a pompadour. The only real redeeming feature was the jacket, and even then - with the rest of the dark colors it was mixed with, it gave more of an "Emo Greaser" look with a hat on top rather than anything really innocuous. But, customers were customers, and one of them started talking to him - oh, it was the aberrant whirlwind of colors, great.

She asked for the cheapest beer on tap (which in Luke's opinion, was probably water with yellow food coloring in it), identified the pirate woman as "Mio", and began to chat him up; the cowboy/greaser standing back and looking a little dazed, as if he pulled a Rip-Van-Winkle and stumbled out of faerie land,

"Not a bad little place, all-in-all. Granted, I'd prefer a seedy little dive on a backwater pirate station, but this'll do for now. You get much business?"

Luke turned his attention back to the girl in front of him, getting the glass of beer ready before gently sliding it over and answering in a polite tone, "I do and I don't. It really depends upon the time of day and whether the crew here are busy. We just got back from a doozy of a mission, so I suspect it'll be filling up soon. How about you and your friend here? I don't remember seeing your faces around."

In the meantime, Luke flicked one of his fingers towards the boy in black, an Imp following a non-verbal order to waddle over to the newcomer and take an order. In this case, the beleaguered imp in question gestured one of its tiny arms towards one of the many tables the canteen had to offer; and after waiting another moment, it made a drinking motion and pointed towards the bar; awaiting some kind of response from it's new patron.

Rising Dawn: Med Bay
Adelheid | Teri

Teri, despite having endured the gauntlet that was the World Marshall Prison, found herself bouncing back to her normal duties with a renewed vigor. While the staff on call had done the best they could to manage the Med Bay while she was away, healing magic conserved supplies and shortened surgery times; alongside with her Aura acting as equal parts painkiller and wound management, the soldier mortality rate dropped significantly. Garm had taken up his usual vigil at the entrance of the Med Bay, but Teri had noted that on occasion he gave someone entering or leaving a harder look than was typical; but he was otherwise harmless. However, barring somewhat overprotective wolves; the Cleric found herself back at the side of one Adelheid Bernstein, questions whirling in her mind. He was practically comatose when she and Garm had recovered him from the ruins of Denver, but how would he act when he woke up? Would he remember his previous mission as FULGORE and attempt to capture her again? Would he recognize the name "Bernstein"? How did Armstrong manage to enslave him?

Before she could think any further, the young man began to stir, his attention first brought to the variety of medical implements in his body, followed by his eyes flitting around to every little detail around him. Now was as good a time as any - stepping up to the bed, Teri gave him a little wave and chided gently, "Hey now, take it easy! You got really hurt down there, so moving around too much isn't gonna do you much good." She pulled out her tablet and opened a new document on it's word processing app before she continued, "My name is Teri, I'm a doctor on the Rising Dawn, and right now you're in it's Med Bay. You've been out for a little while, so I'm going to ask a couple quick questions and take some notes to gauge your condition. Nod your head for yes, and shake it for no. That sound okay?"

Adelheid remained silent, no doubt on account of the damage to his vocal cords, before slowly nodding and swallowing. In an attempt to make her patient more comfortable, the Cleric held up a cup with a straw and offered, "Thirsty? You do have an IV in that'll give you the fluids you need, but here you go. And...I know this might be a little overwhelming, but bear with me for a little longer."

She waited for him to drink faintly before he nodded again, and she continued her line of query, "Do you remember your name?"
He nodded faintly, and she began to type notes on her tablet, "Do you remember how you got hurt?"
The younger Bernstein paused at that question, seeming to think it over before exhaling and shaking his head, his expression appearing somewhere between frustrated and confused. Teri add an additional note before she continued,
"That's okay, we found you in some rubble in Denver. A number of things could have done you in. To be honest, you're pretty lucky to be alive. Do you remember anything about these?" She pointed at the implants that were currently riddling Adelheid's body. "There's a lot of them; and if you know anything about why you have any of them, that prevents me from accidentally unplugging something like a custom pacemaker."

Teri wanted to be joking when she said that, but even with Dimitri and Viscus putting their heads together to help her, the removal of the varying bits of metal and circuitry from Adelheid's body was proving difficult. A heavy inclination for healing magic always helped when one was a medical professional, but in Adelheid's case, some of the implants were so deftly mixed with his biological systems that only the most superficial of the metal (mainly, the outer chassis that acted as a sort of "armor" around his body) was able to be removed without a degree of caution, everything else being a mixture of educated guessing and lengthy discussions with the two AIs about the form and functions of everything. Without a proper blueprint, each surgery and removal had to be calculated with the utmost of care; and that wasn't even considering the amount of physical therapy Adelheid was probably going to need after all was said and done. To add another layer of difficulty to all of this - Teri's patient could only shake his head; not that the residential Cleric wasn't expecting that - it was likely he was modified without his consent if he didn't remember anything pleasant about what lead up to his current state of being. However, she was given an idea.

After a moment of saving her current notes on her Tablet, she opened up an old function that hadn't been used for quite some time, and offered the Tablet, "You know, this has a text to speech function. If you have any questions for me, you're welcome to use it until your vocal cords heal. Though - if I need to leave here, I'll be needing it back; but until then, I'll answer your questions to the best of my ability. How about it?"

maria's story

"So I must ask you, do you truly wish to be set free?"

Maria coiled her body tight and then set herself atop of it as if she was sitting. Her expression was gentle and her ears were tapered on her head. She set her hands above her chest, resting gently on her heart. "That is most kind of you," her voice dripped with honey, "but that is not necessary." She motioned with her hand out toward the darkness of the library, "There is not one of us who live here who do not expect to die one day, but not one of us will die upon the swords of heroes. Though they seek to do us violence, the laws of this world forbids them to truly kill us and us to them. It is an ancient covenant that binds us all together - a conflict by a contract signed to magic itself."

She spun around and set down her cup, "Here is the secret," she said, "heroes must come from a world that is not ours. And so Eden protects us and them while we play. Those heroes could be born here, or they could travel here as you have, but they are not from here. The very nature of their souls are different." Her body quivered, jaws snapping, "So when I killed them, I was simply realizing that they had become part of our world - soul and all." Maria's eyes glowed brightly with the light of invisible embers, "the very nature of magic had begun to change - and the nature of our reality and the next is shifting. Where this develops, I cannot know."

The blue glow of Jiyam's butterflies returned to the darkness in the distance. "Ah, here Jiyam returns. It would be now to voice your last concerns before you leave. Or perhaps, your concerns if you wish to stay."

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Rising Dawn: Above Denver-Ruins

Rising Dawn: Navigation Bridge: Rugal Bernstein, Pvt. Marcus Lassirbeen

There was little Rugal could say to justify the last few weeks of action, they had suffered much and while he would have pointed to the capture of a rather dangerous man as their prize, he knew better then to try and argue that case to someone who had lost friends in this battle.
Once the Private had left the room, the "Captain" let out a large sigh before massaging his head in his hands and sitting silently on the bridge, on a chair he had no right to sit on and on a ship he had spent years trying to bring down.
Finally spurring himself out of his brooding, he then began to make his way around the halls of the ship, searching for something to take his mind off the mess that had been the last arc the last few battles they had raged.
I sure hope whoever they do end up electing as president has some ounce of common sense about them...

Rising Dawn: Medical Bay: Adelheid, Teri

"....uh-...." Adelheid managed to get out before slowly moving a finger towards the tablet, wincing and gasping from pain as his arm muscles/cybernetics were moved.
Relaxing once he had gotten his hand into position before slowly moving his index finger from one letter to the next.
He strained to do so but he managed to type out a simple question which the tablet then played back: "W-H-Y_Y-O-U_H-E-L-P?"
Once he was done, he looked glad to let his arm drop before exhaling heavily, the act of typing that out really taking a lot out of his already depleted strength.

Rising Dawn: Canteen
B.C. | Cabrion | Eddie the Dead | Lucas "Luke" Cypress | Mio |

A small but pudgy looking Imp Approached Cabrion, he took a seat at a small table near the corner.
"Hmm I didn't know there were Imps in this realm if that's the case then I wont need these"
He stated and stowed away his hat and shades revealing his horns and golden eyes.
"I'll take a whiskey on the rocks, By the way is it okay if I smoke in here?"
He asked taking out a thick black cigar. Before the imp could answer The Tiefling created a small flame on the tip of his thumb "Great" he answered no one and lit the black tube a distinct crackling sound was heard as he inhaled from the cigar, it's end lighting up. He exhaled a thick cloud of black smoke which was not the most pleasant scent, unless you were used to burnt herbs. Cabrion looked around, Waiting for his drink This place felt unusual, He took out one of his pewter wizards, setting it on the table. "Hmm Say Thelonious, Any idea why I was brought here?"
"If I had to guess, I suspect there is a powerful magical confluence in this location, Nythium needs more information on magic from other worlds after all."
Cabrion Shrugged and made a few more puffs of smoke, thinking.

The Rising Dawn

Anjali | Eddie

Eddie the Dead confused Anjali with the first words that came out of his mouth, but these words at least sounded very impressive, and philosophical. So Anjali listened to him with interest, as he explained to her his existence and his role, or rather his lack of a specific role. Her mind tried to put these things in place, but was failing to solve a paradox.

As Eddie explained that he was looking out for an 8-year-old by mostly letting her do what she wanted, Anjali nodded. While it had not been fit for a girl to be left alone in the village-society she came from, she had always hated the tasks that were put before her, like making dinner and cleaning. And she never had the chance to fully grow out of this rebellious and idealistic phase. Therefore, leaving someone to do what they wanted was what she would want to do as well.

Finally, Eddie asked her out. "That out of the way, I don't suppose you got any plans for the day? If not, wanna hang out? We could stay in the canteen, have a drink or two, laugh at the freaks, exchange stories, that kinda stuff? Or we could take a trip to Vegas. Show you a taste of how this world's like." he scratched his cheek, "At least, that's if you feel like it. It'd be understandable if you need some time for yourself."

It only took a second for Anjali to answer: "Yesss. I mean, I had enough time for mysself, thank you. I don't have any planss, so I would like to 'hang out' or ssomething. And of coursse I would like to sssee more of thiss world. Vegass, you say? I wonder what that iss.
Let me jusst put on my clothess ..."
It dawned on her that she had stood in front of Eddie half-naked the whole time, and she made a motion to cover herself with her arms before stopping herself. There was no point in doing it anymore, after all this time talking. "Yesss, let me jusst put on these clothesss, then we can do whatever."

Therefore Eddie would leave Anjali in her room until she was dressed, and wait for her in the canteen.

Anjali | Pvt. Ilana Emmerson

It knocked. Anjali had just put the top of her uniform over her head. "Hmm?" she made, trying to get it to fit correctly. It knocked again. "Ms. Khatri, I have a message for you." someone said, while Anjali buttoned up the shirt, and knocked again.

"Jusssst a moment!" Anjali called back, sounding more harshly than she had intended to sound. She struggled a bit with this many buttons, and of course the pants, as she usually just had worn a dress ... and this had been hundreds of years ago. But she had to admit, this uniform, after being fixed by Ruby, was quite comfortable.

Finally, after setting all clothes in order, and putting her hair up, hoping she did not look too creepy this way, she opened the door to her cabin.
"Sssssorry, what iss it?" she assked, as her red-glowing eyes fell on the soldier-woman standing in front of her room.

Mio | B.C. | Luke | Canteen Interior

Mio had taken her sweet time to change back into her admiral's coat after finding the evidence locker room. Prison uniforms really did not fit a captain. Of course she kept the sword she had found, even though she also took back the cutlass and all other weapons. You usually could not have too many things at once.

Finally looking and feeling like her normal pirate-self again, and also getting used to the way her new companion B.C. was dressing herself, Mio went into the metal ship that was waiting for them with her, and it did not take long until she had found the canteen by smell alone.

"A bar! Mio, you sure know how to treat a girl right." B.C. said as she made her way to the counter, Mio following. "Of course I know." Mio stated. "You will not find anyone more chivalrous than me on this world or the next."

B.C. in the meantime already ordered cheap beer, before looking back over her shoulder at Mio, "And what'll you have, Mio? We can have it put on my new tab."
"I will have a kill-devil. Or demon-water. Or rum. However you call it here." Mio said without hesitation, not even really looking at the bartender. She was a bit more interested in the crew as she sat down on another bar stool, wondering who could be useful in a pirate crew.

And how to make as many friends as possible.

Diana | Canteen Interior

Diana had fought again, but, as the giant boss appeared, had taken her leave of absence. Until the fight was over, at least. Now she was just sitting inside the canteen again, in a slutty outfit, drowning her sorrows in annoying imps by bringing her different drinks she did not even finish. "Bring me your favourite drink." she said to one of the imps. "I wonder if you have your own mind, or are just some kind of dirty servant." Her abuse of imps limited itself to the verbal components, however.

There had been something she had wanted to do, but right now she could not even remember what it was. For now, she just got wasted. Sometimes she hated looking into other people's minds. Sometimes they could only think about dumb things like drinking, and she could not get rid of these thoughts until she did what they were thinking about. It was time to do nothing until she got an idea how to scare another person for life. Hopefully she could find someone with arachnophobia, that was always fun.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Denver | Ship's interior corridors
Hillary has never heard of a Santa before, but I'm excited to meet him!
Cadolbolg | Ton Ton | Hillary

As the little ones sped through the hallways on their adventure to see the legendary Saint Nick, they'd hear the crack of a series of sparks from a hallway intersection they were quickly approaching. The brief whiff of ozone waft through the air before they'd hear a loud splat followed by a couple hard thuds to the floor. However they decided to tackle this unknown event, there would be a rather unexpected sight.

Whenever the two found their way around the corner, they would see what appeared to be a woman approximately in her mid 20s faceplanted into the floor. Appear being a very important disclaimer since she looked to be made of the very linoleum that made up the floor. Her body however still had the normal proportions of a human, ten fingers ten toes, four limbs, a short bob cut that looked to be one solid mass. She was naked in terms of clothing, but as she propped herself up by her elbow, they'd see she was following Barbie Anatomy rules or possibly more accurately Nonhumans lack attributes. She briefly held her head in her hand before she noticed the two. She blinked with her blank eyes, no iris or pupils were visually present. Depending on their eyesight however, they'd see the speckles that dotted the linoleum translating across her eye showing that indeed she did have functioning eyes to some degree.

Sitting up a bit more the woman sat up more, placing a hand to the ground to stabilize herself, and made the biggest yawn the hatchlings had ever seen. Now when the word phagocytosis is used, it's supposed to describe single celled organisms pinching their outer membrane to make space within, but this was an appropriate description of what the woman did as her lips opened and her mouth took shape as it extended deeper and deeper until it was out of sight in the back of her throat. At that point it was hard to say just how far this process continued within her until finally. "Hmm, hello! Hillary was... finished for the day and had left for her room to see Penelope. But now I'm here... Hillary has never seen you before, did you see how Hillary tripped?" The woman asked, her disposition sounded quite friendly although it was clear she was confused as to exactly what was going on. At least she wasn't freaking out upon seeing a dragon turtle.

Off to one side of the corridor a short ways away from the woman, there also lay a figurine with three people in a group. A young girl of 8ish with long hair and a bright smile, a younger woman with a blindfold across her face, and a middle age woman with a look of great wisdom and care towards the two younger ladies was featured as she looked down on them. The figurine was also made of the same linoleum as the floor.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Rising Dawn: Above Denver-Ruins

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Jenny, Diana

While she should have been in bed getting the same kind of treatment the one known as Adelheid was, Jenny had something a bit more pressing on her mind.
There was a man she knew as Dr. Violet in one of the medical wards, being treated for what seemed to be a violent mishmash of mental disorders and without having any prior history of such illness in his life.
At the moments where she did manage to calm him down, he mentioned something about wanting to apologize to someone named Diana.
A quick word with some of the staff revealed who Diana was and, more importantly, that she was currently drinking herself numb in the canteen.
Currently sitting in a wheelchair and using her mental powers to gently push it along, she was still glad in bandages but thanks to Teri's efforts, she fared better then most did when it came to "De-Cyborging" her.
Noticing her target questioning the imp, she spoke up mentally and said "They have as much personality and free will as you or I. You would do well to respect that..."
After a wordless exchange with one of the waiters, she brought Jenny a apple juice while she rolled up to Diane's table.
"I'm not going to beat around the bush. What did you do to Dr. Violet?" she then asked in a rather confrontational manner, even while her lips drank her juice out of a straw.

maria's story - Good End

"A child without knowing the words, can still feel where home is."

Jiyam's light came ever closer. Maria picked up her cup and took long gentle drinks of the sweet fruit tea. There was nothing more she could think to say - though her twisting body below betrayed her emotions. She had hoped, something deep inside her maiden's heart at any rate, that these guests would stay and become guardians of the Library. Without knowing them, she had grown fond of them. She was fond of the odd way they looked, the strange way they smelled, and the off way that they spoke. There was a muted familiarity with them, as if she had known them for already a long time.

Perhaps that was just the Library's way of expressing it's sorrow.

"It is as you wish. May good fortunes give rise to our next meeting."

"Here comes Lady Teresa," Jiyam said as she landed silently before the gathered group, "I bid thee give respects to the first queen of Candor." The butterflies landed gently around her like a cloud of snow. Their gentle luminescence cast everyone in a ghostly blue light as they waited for this Queen. Above them in the maze of bridges, other guardians gathered and gave knee to her coming.

In the distant darkness came a sensation as if the very air was choking on malignity. A seething hatred for all that was living, an absence of life - an absence of energy. Then from the darkness came a form walking upon the air as if it were stone. Her steps were quiet, but audible in the sudden gravity of the room. She was barefoot and her skin brushed against that ethereal stone as she ascended from the depths of the shadows.

Maria coiled her body tightly and smiled. "It has been far too long since you've come out. You are out of shape, Teresa."

"I do not hurry to play dress up," came her response. Her voice sounded soft, simply said, and sweet like that of a young girl's, yet her voice boomed and echoed off every corner of the library. Gisella held Katya close and Katya could feel the tenseness of Gisella's muscles, as well as the weak trembling of her softer flesh.

"I do not call you this time to put you in new clothes, sister," Maria called back.

Teresa stepped off of her ascent and onto the stone floor on which they all stood. The very rock softened at her foot falls and became no harder than gentle foam. She cleared her throat, "Hihi! Whatcha need from me then?"

She was... smaller than anyone really expected. Maybe five feet tall if you were pushing for it. Her small body was stained with deep blood-red tattoos that squirmed in the light like worms. She wore a tight fitting top and a skirt so short that it was really more of a cloth belt. Teresa reeked of blood.

Her tattoos were off... and on closer inspection, they were not tattoos, but huge swathes of missing skin and flesh that bled a river of constant blood in beautiful swirls and patterns across her otherwise flawless skin. Up and down her arms they ran, over her shoulders and through her breasts. Each bloody river pooled near her naval, where they collected into a thick solid gemstone in the shape of a filigree heart. No, it wasn't a heart. It was a womb carved into her belly, and the gemstones were like some sick mirror of her womanhood.

In an instant under her cheerful and toothy grin the gravitas fell apart as quickly as Maria did upon her younger sister. The great dragon swept the younger girl up in tight undulating coils until the two were at eye level. Maria kissed Teresa on the blood gem embedded on her forehead. "I love you sister."

Teresa laughed, "Love you too sis." She looked down at Katya and she looked down at Benedict and she looked down at Antoinette. "Who are your guests?"

"Travelers from another world." Maria answered.

Teresa paused and gave the group another once over, "And I guess they want to be sent home?"


"Ah, it makes sense. I'd leave big tiddy land too if I was given the chance. Despite how it is, everyone's inflated chest bugs the ever living daylights out of me." Teresa groped Maria to make her point, fondling the giant's chest with a practiced precision. Maria recoiled and dropped Teresa onto the stone floor, which came away and bowed to soften her landing.

Teresa turned to Benedict, "Man, well I suppose you want to leave my world. That means I gotta let you." She cracked her neck both ways, "It's a real pain in the ass you know, I'd much rather be with my harem than up here performing the ritual."

"I am sorry that I disturbed you, my lady." Jiyam said solemnly.

"Oh don't worry about it," Teresa said casually, "I'll punish you later, Jiyam-san."

"Thank you my lady!"

"You," Teresa pointed at Antoinette, "get ready to planeswalk. I'll only take down the barrier for about thirty seconds, so if you can't get out of our world by then, you'll be stuck here for another two weeks at the very least while the planar storms subside." She plucked the blood gemstone from her forehead and placed it on her tongue. "Now then, let's get started."

Instantly the haze of despair and darkness that followed Teresa vanished and in it's place a massive blinding whiteness took it's place. All around them white light broke through the darkness of the Library caverns and beautiful swirls of colors came flooding in from the outside.

Then all at once the world turned to white and Teresa's swirls of reds and blues and yellows and greens and oranges and violets devoured their senses. The bubble that separated the world of Midas... the Labyrinth of Midas from the rest of the worlds came crashing down and the storm of possibility and imagination was almost too much to bear. Here, in the Library, whose place resides in a close nexus to all of the other Labyrinths that had been created by the Great Mother, magic was so dense and so pure and so powerful that almost immediately those three intrepid mortals were lost to the vastness of pure creation.

In the tempest of welcoming light, their very dreams drifted in an out of being. Teresa held those false realities at bay with lashes of her scarlet blood. "Alright, see you later space cowboys." She grinned and held up her index finger as Antoinette and her two charges shimmered in the embrace of creation and vanished into Eternity.


Then the darkness returned, a black shield born of blood that swallowed the Library, swallowed Candor, and swallowed the realm of Midas, shielding it from the other worlds.

Obtained: "Proof of Voyage"


Rising Dawn: Canteen
B.C. | Cabrion | Diana | Eddie the Dead | Lucas "Luke" Cypress | Mio |

The imp serving Diana huffed when his patron suggested that he had no free will of his own, and took it's leave towards the bar, chittering something or another in Infernal under it's breath. When it reached the front bar and said something to Luke, the bartender's eyebrows furrowed, before he shot a glance over to his patron (who was now talking with Jenny and ignoring a group of half-finished drinks), then back to his subordinate, "What did she ask for?"
"My favorite drink."
"Did you have something in mind?"
"Not really. Your will permitting, I was going to give her some of the 'good' stuff. Humans can survive imbibing fire-whisky, right?"

Luke looked back over to the human talking with Jenny and squinted for a moment, before noting that this human appeared to have glowing eyes. Unless your initials were M and S, that was not typically a common feature among your garden variety mortal. Returning his attention to the serving imp, Luke nodded faintly and waved off the imp, "Yeah, I think this one can manage - Don't hang around unless you're called back again."

With a little bow, the imp left to the kitchens to acquisition the drink in question, leaving room for the second imp to arrive. This one made note of the black plumes of smoke Cabrion was making at his table, as well as an order of whiskey on the rocks. Luke poured out the desired drink and slid the glass over to the imp, but paused when asked about the question of whether smoking was allowed. He shrugged, answering pointedly, "We don't get a lot of smokers around here. So long as it doesn't set off the fire alarms, I don't see why not. And here's the whiskey on the rocks for our resident Charlie Daniels fan." before he sent that imp on it's way as well; bringing his attention back to his main serving party. B.C. seemed content to nurse her beer at the moment, but Mio brought up the potential for something a little more entertaining than just pouring beers from the tap.

"Rum? Well, I don't think it'll be killing devils anytime soon[1], but I think this should suffice..."
Grabbing a couple bottles from the display behind him, Luke opened a metal container and after placing a chunk of ice inside, poured a quintet of different liquids inside, he placed a cap on and shook it heavily before pouring out the mix into a glass. The final flourish came in the form of a slice of pineapple skewered on a toothpick, a small sprig of mint and a straw. He placed the amber colored drink on a serving paper and slid it towards the pirate with a genial smile, "Might I suggest, a Mai Tai? Two different kinds of rum, liquor, syrup, and lime juice; I think it should suit your craving..."

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Denver | Ship's interior corridors
Hillary has never heard of a Santa before, but I'm excited to meet him!
Cadolbolg | Hillary | Ton Ton

Frequently when the resident reptilian children encountered a humanoid, their reactions were as followed:

1) An indiscriminate amount of "Awwww" or cooing, like when one happens upon a puppy with huge watery eyes.
2) Shock or confusion, oftentimes accompanied by several words that little dragon/lizard children shouldn't be hearing
3) Violence, typically of the life-threatening kind.

To encounter something that looked at least somewhat human and not do any of these things was surprising, as well as not wholly unwelcome. Now, barring moments of physical affection, it was nice to not hear something like "What the fuck, a talking lizard" (and Ton Ton knew it was hard enough reigning in his younger pact-brother's tendencies, much less through parroting bad words) or to not be shot at. Rather, Hillary's greeting was 100% nonchalant, as if she had seen plenty of flying turtle-dragons and Tonberries. Therefore, it only seemed right the little duo return the greeting in kind.

Ton Ton shook his little lantern in a friendly manner, and Cadolbolg waved a little paw to the slime lady, Ton Ton opening with,
"Hullo! My name's Ton Ton,"
"And I'm Cadolbolg! I've never seen you before either! We've been looking for someone named Santa. Is Penelope Santa?"
"I don't think her Penelope is Santa, Cadolbolg. For one, Santa was a man last I checked; unless Lao Ban Santa is still in charge."
"Don't worry about it- Anyway, Miss Hillary, we'd be happy to help you find your friend. What did Penelope look like? Maybe we've seen her and just didn't know it."

While Ton Ton's idea was certainly a good one, with Cadolbolg closer to the ground (relatively speaking anyways, he was carrying Ton Ton while hovering in the air, he was wont to see what was on the path below him more frequently. This lead to the little dragon-turtle baby pointing out the trio of dolls and asking plainly, "Is one of those dolls Penelope?"

Rising Dawn: Med Bay
Adelheid | Teri

Adelheid's question gave the resident Cleric pause, as she mulled over what exactly possessed her to pull the young man out of the rubble. What was she hoping to gain out of this? Garm had brought up a solid point to leave him - the young Bernstein meant her nothing but harm when they first met; and at the same time, Teri had reason to believe that perhaps something was different. Back when she broke his mask in their scrap, the identities of FULGORE and Adelheid separated, if only for a moment; before the programming took over and she was captured. Yet here they were, him possessing no recollection of who she was or his former directives, and her feeling nothing but confused about the whole matter. She felt ..."dirty", for lack of a better term, like an honest child's guilt who, after having stolen someone's food, played dumb when questioned about it afterwards.

She knew of the young man in front of her - at least superficially - her brief stint as an Author granted her that much, yet at the same time, she did not know him. She didn't know things like how he took his coffee, movie preferences (if he even had any), or the story to an embarrassing scar like a real friend would have; she only knew him as a concept.

When she finally did cobble together an answer, her tone was careful and level, her expression uncertain, "I...honestly can't tell you if I had a reason or not when I dug you out of the rubble, aside from 'it seemed like a good idea at the time.' And even then - do I need to have a reason?"
"Aside from you being the illegitimate son of my adoptive father and wanting to keep you away from potential power-mongering executives."
"You should worry more about getting better, rather than why I'm helping you."
"Maybe I'm a little scared of what happens if you remember how you got there."
"I'm not here to hurt you, Adel, I can promise you that much."
"But can you promise you won't do the same?"

There was no way to sugar-coat it, Teri knew full well that she was lying by omission. He wasn't in any shape to handle the amount of information she had about "Adelheid Bernstein", and the consequences of telling him everything she knew were up in the air. Yet, as she spoke to the person she had previously regarded as a 'concept'; even with the best of intentions in mind, she felt as if her stomach was a den of vipers.

[1] Trivia time! I wasn't able to work this in properly, but there is a place in North Carolina called Kill Devil Hills that does sell rum by that name (and was presumably named after the old moniker for the beverage). I thought it was neat.

He wrote most of this

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Rising Dawn: Above Denver-Ruins

Rising Dawn: Command Bridge: Rugal Bernstein, Major Rhodes

The Command Bridge was a windowless room deep in the superstructure of the Rising Dawn, and as Rugal approached he could feel the tension in the air.
There was no Officer of the Watch, no assistants, not even those strange soldiers that the Major had brought with her.
Instead, the silence was only broken by a male voice - angry and harsh.

"-and under who's jurisdiction did you abandon the Soul of Tomorrow!?" said the voice. It was a large husky man plastered over a digital screen. His moustache covered his mouth, but even through that mat of thick bristly hair his scowl was clear.
"My own, sir." Rhodes said. She acted meekly, somewhat bashful. She had taken off her beret and coat, leaving them lying on the table in front of her. She held her hands together gently on the communications table."And how did you free the Confessors from prison!?" he continued, spittle staining the screen.
Rhodes was silent, but did not take her steely eyes away from the man.
"They came to me," Rhodes finally said, softly and matter-of-fact. "They are my people, and they stayed in your prison only because I had commanded it."
"Such insolence! Utter disrespect! I should have you court marshaled for such an act of treason! Where in the world did you even run off to Rhodes!? What was so important that you left the Soul of Tomorrow unattended for three days, and what compelled you to suspend the construction orders of the Inquisition!?"
Rhodes cast her eyes down.
It almost looked like she was a scolded child, uncharacteristic of the no-holds barred Major that Rugal had seen - and that Major Armstrong had fought. "I have no excuse, Brigadier General sir."

Oh lovely...another adoring audience... Rugal thought to himself as he suppressed a sigh before walking in, whatever about his past life, at least back then securing victory as Rugal Bernstein, Legend of the Criminal Underworld actually felt like victory.
On the Rising Dawn? It felt more like an unrewarding chore.
"I take it you don't watch the news much do you then, Brigadier General?" He boldly stated as he attempted to channel some of his former glory with a commanding presence.
In a past life, he used to rub shoulders with dictators, rebel leaders and higher ranking generals, right before getting them to eat from his hand or beg for mercy, time to see if he still got it...
"Our unit clearly required assistance after a surprise ambush in Denver did much to weaken our forces. One of those wounded was the Major's own daughter and frankly, had she not abandoned her post, my own daughter would have fared even worse. I'll confess that I'm not too well educated on the Major's role in your organisation but with the detainment of M. Bison, Dr. Albert Wesker, Dr. Neo Cortex, Dr. Victor Von Doom and the creature known as Bruiser on top of basically coming to our rescue, I am rather glad she made the tactical decision she made..." He said as he strode though the bridge, making sure to show the Brigadier General his "Good" side.
"Of course, I can imagine there are somethings more important then making sure that the entire United States don't fall into the hands of a mad man, that an extremely dangerous villain who once destabilized the entire Indo-Asia region doesn't evade capture and that this entire ship isn't being blasted out of the sky...Though I might require some assistance in figuring that one out myself..." He then asked in a matter that seemed to finally make the General snap.

"... THIS IS BIGGER THAN YOU. ANY OF YOU." The man managed to speak though gritted teeth before the call was terminated, something that Rugal took a bit more pleasure in then he should have.
"It really says a lot about your commander when I find his manners to be less polite then Kim Jong-il's..." He said to the major, recalling his past dealings with the Korean Dictator (least before he figured out those "RPGs" he was selling him were just stolen muskets, good times...)
"I tend to bring out the worst in men. But even among men, General Noran is known for his hair-trigger temper. Much to my own misfortune that he is my commanding officer." Rhodes sighed back before flipping her hair slightly as she put back on her beret.
"Indeed. I had come to thank you for your assistance, though it appears an apology might be better suited. I know you had your own reasons for coming to our aid, but I'd sleep better knowing you didn't lose your rank because we-...*I* couldn't control the situation." The wanna-be captain winced slightly as he said that, but after all, the first rule of leadership: Everything is your fault.
Starting to return to her proper confidence, she merely answered "Keep your gratitude. I came to protect my children. My position was never in danger. I am far too important for them to court marshal."
"Very well. Though and I mean this, I would like to repay the favor. Should you find yourself in a situation I might be able to assist in, in person or otherwise, I insist you ask for me."

To his surprise, the Major had something in mind: "Very bluntly then. Can you get my daughters American citizenship?"
"Natural Born or Visas?"
"Either. They have been holding Saren and Laeta's immigration paperwork over me for good behavior since I arrived here."
"...Would it not cause you hassle for them to "Suddenly" be US citizens?"
"It would. The proper paperwork needs to be done, which I why I have not had them forged already."
Nodding slightly in understanding, Rugal then took out his PDA before making a memo for himself, as well as taking down some extra notes for this little business deal of theirs.
"Any prevalence in what state or city they would like to be residents of?"
"Not particularly. They have not been in one city for very long, given the nature of my employment...Wherever is convenient shall do. But the biggest matter is getting their applications unfrozen and forced through the bureaucracy. They are watched - any unofficial methods will surely be revoked."
Smiling slightly, He then answered "Understood. While I'm "Dead", it's not the first time that's happened so there is still a great deal of uncertainty around my fate. As such, I should be able to call on some old contacts in the State department. Nothing criminal, just some office worker will suddenly get a vast improvement in their work ethic and "accidentally" overlook the current state of their applications."

"That would be... nice. I would very much like Saren and Laeta to grow up to lead normal lives."
That sentence gave Rugal pause as he instinctively clutched the device in his hand before gazing at one of the walls of the command bridge.
"Indeed...I wonder sometimes if Teri and Melethia still can. So much has happened in both of their lives, because of this ship" He muttered in a wave of self-pity, a habit that he'd find downright rage educing if it wasn't so damn depressing.
"Do not give yourself that much credit. They chose their lives, and would have done the same thing without you. There are those who are born with a thirst for adventure, and a thirst for conflict. I was like that when I was young. Their father was the opposite - and I hoped that he would have given my daughters a gentle life far from the 'miracles' to which I had to attend."
Part of him wanted to correct her statement but considering the nature of Melethia's Deathmark or Teri's former "Demi-god" status, he settled on replying "I can understand that, I don't wish to force them to live a life they don't want to live. I just hope they can find something more peaceful then the mess we just cleaned up."

"Or perhaps you do not give your women enough credit - when they are ready to retire, they will. I have scarce seen one who fights when they have no heart. War is a tedious thing, believe me. Those of faint heart would not have lasted this long." Rhodes answered as she swiftly put on her jacket before placing a hand on the Captain's shoulder.
"They want to be here, for whatever reason. Cherish that."
"...I'll try. Thank you once again for your aid, Major." He answered back, even going so far as to give her a formal salute.
A slight bit of amusement crept onto her face as she walked off stating "It is quite alright, save your gratitude for something more significant."
Before she reached the door, she did slow to a halt as one last matter came to mind.
"Something else on your mind?"
"Yes. I saw something while I was here. A white cat, or something like that. Do you allow animals aboard this ship? I remember faintly that Lola always wanted a cat."
Giving it a bit of thought, he then answered "Indeed we do. My daughter and partner each own domestic dire wolves. I myself own a black panther. But a normal white household cat? Can't recall seeing such a thing..."
"Hm...It was the most particular thing. Well, whatever is the case, do keep an eye out."
And with that the Major left and Rugal was back to finding things to occupy his mind to keep the recent memories buried.
Right...Might as well start making those phone calls then... He thought before returning to his office, trying to remember the number of children the father he was about to threaten had....

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Denver | Ship's interior corridors
'I'm getting the feeling of deja vu?'
Cadolbolg | Ton Ton | Hillary

While the duo made their introductions, Hillary got to her feet and acknowledged their greetings with another hello. As the two continued to talk about if Penelope was Santa they might not catch Hillary's mannerisms; she would briefly rub her fingers together, squeeze her arm and lightly brush her hand across the solid mass of hair on her head. Obviously, she was checking something, but what exactly?

Once Ton Ton had made up his mind to offer to help Hillary, she felt the need to correct him on one slight disconnect with what they were saying. "Well, Penelope will be where everyone sleeps for the nigh-" Hillary started to explain herself as her eyes looked to see what Cadolbolg had pointed to, immediately cutting herself off as she saw the discarded item.

"Oh! Oh no!" Although not a shout, those words didn't lack the emphasis a shout would carry as she beelined for the figurine that lay on the ground.[1] Gingerly, she'd pick it up and rotated the object around to inspect it thoroughly. After an agonizing spell of scrutiny, Hillary closed her eyes and held the figurine close to her chest, a small smile forming across her lips. "Thank goodness it's alright." Making her relief well known before she turned her head to Cadolbolg. "You have no idea how much this means to me, thank you very much Cadolbolg~" She gave a brief pause to allow the little turtle dragon a moment to let the appreciation sink in before continuing with. "As for your question though, none of the people here are Penelope. This was made many years before I ever met her."

Her head tilted up a bit further as she spoke to Ton Ton "As Hillary was saying, I don't think Hillary'll need help finding Penelope herself." She stated, trailing off a bit as she looked around again. "Where I am right now, that is a better question to ask. I don't remember this hallway now that I think of it either; did Hillary miss a sign again? I am on The Laplace, right?" She said as she looked down the hallway Ton Ton and Cadolbolg hadn't come from.

[1] It was a one solid piece statuette, not three entities, all standing one a single base (Akin to this for example) presumably made by one solid piece of limoleum. At least for the moment.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | Canteen
"What the Hell? Oh, sorry."
B.C. | Mio | Luke | Others

She had to give credit where it was due, the bartender was certainly a handsome devil. Snappy dresser too, though she supposed that any classy bartender had to be. Really, if she wasn't completely disinterested, she'd be tempted to make a serious pass at him. But sex wasn't her idea of fun. No, her idea of fun was both simpler, and had a wide range of wonderful shit to choose from, and she didn't even need anyone for some of it.

"I do and I don't. It really depends upon the time of day and whether the crew here are busy. We just got back from a doozy of a mission, so I suspect it'll be filling up soon. How about you and your friend here? I don't remember seeing your faces around."

As he slid her beer over, she took the time to think about her answer as she took a nice, long sip. It was certainly cheap; The nasty taste and alcoholic burn in the back of her throat definitely told her that much. But it was cold, and it was already contributing to a light, pleasant buzz. However the taste was so bad it ended up being rather fascinating.

So while the bartender saw to other orders, she sat back and took another experimental sip. She couldn't really tell what kind of beer it was, really, and she considered herself something of an expert on cheap beers. In fact, she could only think of two other times she had tasted beer that was worse. It made her think of a space monkey with a urinary infection that had peed in fifty-year-old nuclear battery acid. Fascinating.

Turning back to the barkeep, B.C. set down her glass and smirked at him a little. She caught a glimpse of one of the other patrons as she did: Both he, and the little waiter that took his order, looked like they came straight out of an old Terran Bible of the Satanic persuasion.

"We're new recruits, actually. Though I for one can't say for sure what exactly I signed up for." the Convict lied smoothly, "I mean, I know the official line for this outfit, but what are we really in for? What don't they tell the newbies?"

She placed a hand under her chin and propped her elbow onto the bar as she leveled her eyes on Luke, before jerking her head toward the horned and tailed customer.

"Look at him for example. Clear he ain't human like you guys, or that's one... Hell of a skin condition. And I ain't human even though I look it. So you've got whatever he is, your waitstaff, and you've got space aliens like me. Just what kind of outfit is this? Hate to think I actually joined an intergalactic circus and freak show instead of a fighting force." she explained with a lighthearted shrug.

Escapist Avatar Adventures | Denver Airspace | Airship: The Rising Dawn | The Canteen
The Arrival... and a Quest...
Rory Mercury | Katya Rostikova | Antoinette de la Trou | Benedict Warrington | B.C. | Cabrion | Diana | Eddie the Dead | Lucas "Luke" Cypress | Mio

Emloy's Oracle had simply been lost in the shuffle of time since the defeat of the Grotesquerie Empress at the hands of Ole Saint Nicolas. She remembered being rather annoyed at the thought that such a beast could be defeated in such a random manner and vented that annoyance in a rather destructive fashion, causing so much damage in one of the training rooms that it would be at least a month before it was back in service. While it was hardly a replacement for the real thing, sometimes a demi-goddess had to do what a demi-goddess had to do, especially considering that robbing the Black and Crimson Clad Berserker of glorious battle was akin to foreplay with no climax. While not as good as a life or death struggle, the session in the training room had taken the edge off, so to speak, and allowed Rory Mercury to throw herself into assisting with some of the rescue operations the restored local government had begun, moving rubble with her bare hands and removing those lucky enough to survive while saying prayers to those who were not.

That was a day or two ago, give or take a week, and with the rescue operations now shifted into recovery operations, meaning that no signs of survivors remained, and exhausted Rory Mercury returned to the Airship.

"Tadaima..." The Dark Haired Demi-Goddess muttered as she passed through the swinging double doors of Canteen before remembering that she was neither home nor did many aboard the Airship speak the Japanese language, "I'm back..." She corrected herself as she settled into one of the bar stools at the bar, resting her halberd against it as she did. Seeing that the Bartender, Luke, was busy rather busy with a group of patrons, a few of whom were unfamiliar to the Demi-Goddess of Death, the Overworked Oracle of Emloy flagged down one of the bar's many minions and ordered a beer.

"Aren't you forgetting something, my dear?" The imp said rather uncharacteristically towards its customer, its eyes fixed upon the Priestess with a rather intense look. Looking at the lowly creature, Rory didn't have to look around her to know that those around her had stopped moving, a rather standard procedure when a deity communes with his chosen. Tapping itself on the forehard while scratching its chin, the imp possessed by Emloy continued to speak, "Yes, yes, quite right. I believe I told you to go visit my shrine in Japan and consecrate it, am I right? There are those who have chosen to follow in your footsteps and walk in my light. Without a shrine, however, their prayers fall on deaf ears. That will just not do! Besiiiides, it's been some time since you've visited your beloved man-toy hasn't it? I hear his grave is a rather popular place to visit among my future priestesses... and among those who follow another goddess whose name I don't need to mention in your presence."

Rory eyed the imp possessed by Emloy and didn't say a word, her eyes flicking towards her halberd before returning back to her patron. She could feel the anger boiling up from the cracks at the mere reference to Hardy. Finally, after a moment of hesitation, she nodded, "Yes, my lord Emloy. I will go to your shrine and consecrate it..."

Emloy nodded with a smile, chuckling as he responded to his Demi-Goddess' words, "I'm sure that's not all you'll be doing... but I'll give you free-reign on the matter, as I always have, my chosen one. Oh and just a bit of warning about my future followers... they may seem a little ... strange... but well, I am the god of insanity after all. Have a safe journey... oh and... I think you're about to get a traveling companion..."

Time resumed for the world, or was it Rory that time resumed for? Around her the patrons of the establishment continued to mill about, drinking or discussing the topic of the day. The imp, having had no memory of his recent use as Emloy's hand puppet, brought returned with a cold beer, its label bearing the words Deadman's Draft. Picking the pint glass off of the bar, the Demi-Goddess of Dead took a thoughtful sip as to who her companion in travels might be when a rather familiar noise made its entrance.

*BOOOOOOOM!* Went the roof of the Canteen as something breached the hull of the Airship before landing on top of the bar.

"Tadaima..." A dazed and confused Katya Rostikova muttered from atop a pile of recently returned dimensional travelers, "Oh... hey Rory... did you know that your name sounds like a play off the word loli?" The Dazed and Confused Code Compiler commented before looking around, "Hey guys... I think we're back."

The Rising Dawn

Anjali | Pvt. Ilana Emmerson

Anjali took the letter Pvt. Ilana Emmerson held out to her, kind of taken aback by the aura it showed. "Thank you." she said, "But who wass Lieutenant Sselmy again? Did I meet her before?"

She stepped out of her room, closing the door behind her, and started to walk towards the canteen while looking out for Emmerson to follow. "I'm not a lieutenant by the way, I jusst got this uniform ... what iss your name, if I might ask?"

As she continued on her way, she put a fingernail under the lid of the letter and carefully opened it, curious what it might contain, as she took it out and tried to read it.

Mio | B.C. | Luke | Canteen Interior

Mio inspected the drink that was served to her curiously. "Mai Tai? Never heard of it, but it sounds like something the cannibals of Thatchen Island would drink." she stated, before chugging the whole drink down in one go.

"Huh, that's sweet!" she called out after. "Whew, I did not expect that! Well, actually, you said it contained syrup, but still ...
It was pretty nice. Another! But you could make it a bit stronger this time!"

After the few seconds it took to do all this, Mio finally took in her surroundings a bit more. She inspected Luke for a bit, then stated: "Hey, you look like someone who could get into perfectly legal business, not only alco... rum. You have to tell me, did you work as a pir... privateer at some point? It's perfectly fine if you haven't, I would hire you regardless. Not that this is some kind of interview to find out if you would work or anything ...

Hey, did I tell you about the time my ship went into some kind of dark hole, because it was pushed by a giant octopus? Probably not, I just got here. So yeah, I went through this hole and ended up here, and WHERE THE FUCK IS MY SHIP?!"

Diana | Jenny | Canteen Interior

Diana stopped drinking, irritated, as she registered a foreign voice in her head, before continuing it again, not looking much different than before. Get out of my head, can't you see I am busy? she adressed Jenny. This is very important. I need to get gronked as fast as possible, and this shit really does not hit hard enough. I thought, maybe this imp-thing could get me something better.

Who was Dr. Violet again?

As the imp returned, she gave him a smile. "Thank thee. I will try and judge you by the merit it brings me." Diana took the fire-whisky and inspected it. "I guess this will work." she stated, and raised her glass to Jenny, meeting with her eyes. Was he one of the guys trying shady stuff with me? You know, I just beat them up if they don't stop. Was that it?

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Rising Dawn: Above Denver-Ruins

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Jenny, Diana

"I know you know who Dr. Violet is..." Jenny insisted, not breaking eye contact with Diana, this wasn't the first time she dealt with "Her Type" and it wasn't going to be the last.
"From my understanding of events, He wronged you somehow during the battle in Denver, so you did serious damage to his mental state. If you tell me what exactly you did to him so I can fix it, I might forget the fact that you violated and abused the mind of another living being who held no ill-will towards you and from what I was able to get from his current state, had no malice in his actions. I understand the lust for revenge, I've suffered from it myself, but I am not going to allow this to continue. So I'll ask one more time..."
There was a venom in her words as she leaned out of her chair slightly before making sure that she heard her displeasure with how things went on.

"What. Did. You. Do. To. Dr. Violet?"

"Attention Heroes and Staff, this is Engineering Captain Theiss speaking.

Due to the extensive damage that the core cabins have sustained in our last battle the Rising Dawn will be making an emergency stop at Cloudtop Citadel. I know that this is unprecedented, but I urge everyone to be calm. The Staff should still be able to find repair protocols in their digital handbooks. Heroes do not need to worry.

At our current speed we are expected to arrive at the airbase at around 1:00 AM tomorrow morning. Repairs will be extensive and will most likely last most of the day. Please take this time to make sure all affairs are in order - that includes accounting for any personal affects that might have been damaged in the fighting.

Additionally, Lieutenant Anazorzia - you left your 'companion tool' in the women's bath house last night. It's being held at the supply depot until you claim it. Please take better care of your personal belongings in the future.

That is all."

Rising Dawn: Canteen ------------------------------------------------------------------ 11:30 PM

Lt. Dolores Selmy

"Want anything to drink?" Laeta cooed. I shook my head. The Canteen was abuzz with activity now and the ambient clamoring of life under its roof was calming to me. I could hear the sharp clink of glasses, the slosh of drinks, the laughing, the coughing, the joking, the chewing. The beat of leathery wings, the sizzle of cooking meat and the drifting aromas of garlic and pepper. "Losko, do you want anything?"

The white rabbit looked up at Laeta from his perch on my head. His shifted his weight as if he was thinking. "I shall take some carrot juice if it would not be too much trouble."

"Yohoo, waiter! We'll have a Bloody Caesar, a carrot juice, and a grapefruit juice please!" The imp that Laeta was addressing scribbled down what he could as she continued her order of eats. She rattled off a whole list of meats and sweets to her waiter, going into specific detail about the spices that she would like used.

Then at the very end Saren chimed in, "I would also like a bowl of broth please. No salt."

I leaned back and let my head rest against the leather of my chair. I shifted my hips in the cushion and sighed. I still couldn't feel my legs. They were there, I rubbed my hands against the inside of my thighs, but it felt like they were missing. It might as well had been an empty space as far as my body was concerned. A strand of hair drooped over my eyes. I brushed it away. It was a miracle that I lived at all. The long term damage I suffered was considerably light. I laughed sadly. I'm so lucky that I had sisters who were so kind as to give themselves up for me. I'll forever cherish the pieces of Laeta and Saren I now hold inside my body. I held my hands against my lap, rubbing absentmindedly against the fabric of my dress. I always liked the sound of fabrics being rubbed.

I felt two hands snake around my neck and Laeta's plush warmth caress the back of my head. "C'mon sis. Cheer up. Doctor said you're in really good health right?"

I forced myself to smile, "Yeah."

"And Captain Pushover said all of the letters were delivered successfully right?" She meant Isaac.

"Yeah," I said. I looked down. I still had one letter, the paper's soft folds were nestled snugly in my sleeve.

Laeta snuck her hands toward my naval and leaned heavily onto me. Her warthm felt nice in the brisk atmosphere of the Canteen. "Then why are you so glum?"

"Huh?" I was surprised.

"I haven't seen you smile truly since you woke up," Laeta continued. I could feel her breath on my ears, tickling some stray strands of hair.

I guess I haven't, "I just have had a lot on my mind." I knew that it was a combination of nerves and actual sadness. It hadn't been more than a few weeks since I began my deployment, but I felt like so many things had changed. The last week in particular felt like a whirlwind of events.

Laeta pressed her head against my neck and snuggled against me, "I can believe that."

I looked up, worried somewhat that Katya had not returned to the ship yet, though none of the other heroes seemed that bothered by their missing compatriot. Truly cruel these heroes were, with eyes that observed only what stood before them. My ears started ringing and my eyes stung. I blinked them hard and then shook Laeta's embrace off. My head hurt. The world around me felt strained, stretched, attacked. I remember this feeling - it was the same sort of discomfort I had when that Blue Eyed Demon first took root. Then as if the very air had been shattered, the ceiling caved and deposited three corpses on the bar. Their tangled bodies slammed hard against the polished wood of that bar - of which I was very fond of - and I broke into silent tears. Katya lay in a dazed euphoria atop the pile. Safe and sound.

Was it simply that all the other heroes knew that they would all come back?

"Katya..." I said, but my voice came out soft and weak. It sounded more like the squeaking of a mouse than anything really human. "Katya!" I said louder, hoping to get her attention. "Katya, here!" I pulled out her invitation and held it out towards the dazed girl. "I hope you haven't forgotten your promise to me!"

"Oooh. Spicy, is this your new girlfriend?" Laeta teased. "I didn't know you swung that way."


The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Rising Dawn: Selena, Icarus, Dark Mongoose

The buzzer informed the two of someone approaching. then Selena felt the presence of Anti Magic the two reluctantly untangled their limbs from each other. Selena's heart dropped Remembering the nightmarish creature that had tried to kill her, Icarus nodded and his wings wrapped around the both of them He took a deep breath to focus his Ki.
"whoever is coming in Please Identify yourself, if you attempt anything hostile I'll be forced to Incapacitate you with lightning" He announced clearly Selena meanwhile was trying to find her wand and She also attempted to fix her blouse as it was partially open. Her Wan was on Icarus's Desk across the room to far to lean over and grab luckily Icarus himself was between her whomever was breaching the door.

The Rising Dawn


Anjali | Pvt. Ilana Emmerson | Eddie

"Shall I deliver your promise to attend to the Lieutenant? It really would break her fragile heart if you refused." Pvt. Ilana Emmerson asked Anjali after she had read the curious invitation. Anjali answered, slowly: "I guessss ssso ... I wass waiting for ssome kind of asssignment, doing parties iss asss good asss any.

But before you leave, I have ssome questionss about thiss invitation: Like ... what'ss a bikini? It sseems like the lieutenant wass impresssed by what I wass wearing, but I don't know what exactly makess my sstuff a bikini ... alsso, should I wear thiss at the party? I mean, if it impressses people ...

By the time she had asked this, they were arriving in the canteen, and Anjali was looking around for Eddie, spotting him drinking and smoking, seemingly pleased with himself. Before she walked over, she turned to Pvt. Ilana Emmerson again, continuing her questions:

"I don't have any ssunday clothess at least, sso I don't know what iss expected of me. And ... can you tell me where the recreation hall iss located? I would not want to arrive late ...
thank you for bringing me thisss, though."

Shortly after, she walked over to Eddie and sat herself down on a chair next to him. "Hello, Eddie. I am dresssed and ready for Vegass or what thiss was. Oh, and did you alsso get the invitation for a party tomorrow?"

Diana | Jenny | Canteen Interior

"What. Did. You. Do. To. Dr. Violet?"

There is a way the brain can use to trick itself, so the blame a person should put on themselves gets instead put on another person. It is called projection. Of course, Diana was a master in this. So she answered, not telepathically anymore, but in a raised tone of voice, so most people around could hear it:

"Bitch, I did not really do anything to him. Most of the things he is he was before. Stupid, in no way to take care of himself and others, and having several neurosises. So as he was stalking me, I got him a new neurosis, so he would leave me alone, and preferably, everyone else. Well, and guess what? As soon as he's done, you arrive, bringing all this shit up again.

I think I would do the same to you, because you are annoying me greatly, but you are already a helpless, crippled little weasel. So it would not be fair. So how about you leave, or you get punched in the face?" Diana stood, taking a half-empty drink and holding it in her hand for now, not caring about what was spilling on the ground. In the other hand, she held the burning drink, and chucked it down in one go.

"Stop stalking me! I want just one day in peace and quiet, but nooo..." Jenny could feel a lot of anger coming from Diana, not all about her, but directed at her nonetheless. It was genuine, even if there was no real reason for it. "Fuck off!"

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Rising Dawn: Above Denver-Ruins

Rising Dawn: Medical Bay: Adelheid, Teri, Viscus

Adelheid wasn't in much of a position to really give a response to Teri's lie (Not even anything to suggest if he believed it or not).
He seemed to think on it for a moment before slowly typing another word: T-H-A-N-...
The young man struggled for a moment to hit the final key "K" before deciding that was enough effort exerted for one meeting, though even then, he managed to force out a slight smile.
He shivered afterwards as the pain kicked in, prompting him to jam on the painkiller drip a bit more as his body relaxed again.
[I would suggest leaving Patient 1099 to rest for a time, Ms. Gravel...] Viscus chimed in with this trademark annoyed tone, making Teri wish that Dimitri was the one pestering her instead.
[I would also recommend that when we land at Cloudtop Citadel, you review the materials list I have sent you and attain the objects I have highlighted as "Required" for both Patient 1099 and Dr. Jenny.] He then added, proving just how effective(?) he was as a personal assistant.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Jenny, Diana

Jenny was used to patients lashing out, it was part of her job after all.
It wasn't all motivational speeches and hugs, there were times where the people she wished to help would think the worst of her and take out possible decades of pent up anger out on her.
This? This wasn't that. Just another spiteful bitch who, at some point, might have been badly hurt and might even need the Gardevoir's help in the future.
For now? She just needed to be reminded of what happens to bad people.
"...Very well. 1 day of peace. Just be careful tonight..." She remarked before reaching her hand out to Diana's while she was picking up a fresh glass.
Grabbing onto her "Friend's" hand, she then added in a rather venomous tone "And the day after that. And after that. And every single day until your heart stops beating. So go ahead, have a peaceful day. Make it count. Who knows? You might never get another one again..."
The Shapeshifter felt something akin to the Psionic version of a pinch in the back of her mind, right before Jenny finished her drink and began to wordlessly wheel herself away from the table, looking rather happy for some reason.
"Should you change your mind and find yourself needing to confess in order to "Clear your mind", I shall be in the medical ward. Bye~!" The Gardevoir sent as she went to leave the room.
Now, all she had to do was wait...

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Rising Dawn: Above Denver-Ruins

Rising Dawn: Hallway near spa: King Leoric

After a long relaxing soak and having a pair of handmaidens give him a rub-down (Granted, there was no flesh on their hands, or bodies, but it was enjoyable all the same), The Skeleton King almost shined in the light.
His bones had all the carbon scoring and dirt wiped off and were polished as if they were made from crystal.
While his armor was still in being taken care off, he did manage to get some regal attire to clad himself in. (Least that's what the Staff said it was...)
Still, so long as he had his crown, they would know who he was and they would show respect to their King.
Finally cleared from the filth of that dungeon, he decided he would make his way to the banquet hall of this flying fortress.
It was then that he happened upon the other royal on his ship, Nadalia, the woman from the battle with mastery of flames.
"Ahhh, Her Majesty, It is good to see you safe after the battle." His ancient voice greeted her before giving a well practiced bow to Bride of Ash.
"I wish to extend my than-..." His wish was cut off as he noticed that there was something..."Off" about the Queen at this moment in time, looking far more sickly then in their last encounter.
Hell, he seemed to be in better health and he was an undead freaking skeleton!
"...Ma'am, has something foul befallen you? Do you require aid?..." He asked with a great degree of concern as he offered his hand to steady her.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Rising Dawn: Above Denver-Ruins

Rising Dawn: Medical Bay: Adelheid, Teri, Viscus

Teri managed to keep a faint smile and gave a little wave as Adelheid lulled himself to sleep, the cocktail of medicines and painkilers pulling him into a (hopefully) dreamless slumber. However, as if on cue, Viscus' voice rang from her Tablet with a string of recommendations and orders regarding the project Jenny and Adelheid were living through. Her expression slipped back to it's true state, the corners of her mouth falling neutral, her eyes drooping, the bags underneath them becoming more readily apparent in the process. Rubbing her temples, she tapped a couple of buttons on the Tablet's display to bring up Viscus' recommended supply list before drawling,

"Duly noted, on both counts - though I was already well aware of the first. I may be deferring to your judgement regarding the cybernetic components of my patients, but I'm not a complete idiot when it comes to their baser needs. I'm surprised he was able to move as much as he did."

[Considering who exactly Patient 1099 is, it was to be expected.]

Teri's eyes slit, and a small groan echoed in her throat before her voice dropped lower, bringing the Tablet closer to her face as she hissed, "And what did I tell you about little vague comments like that? I'm in a public space right now, Viscus."

[And I have a readout of every sound, every word and every keystroke on the ship which I have to censor and monitor all because you don't have the nerve to be honest to your own family...] The AI barbed back as he brought up a simplified version of that display.
[I used to do this for a living, remember?...]

There was a very pregnant pause in the Med Bay, before Teri grumbled "You wanna go? Fine, let's fucking go then." under her breath and began to storm towards the entrance of the Med Bay. Garm's head rose from his guard point when she approach, his head tilted inquisitively. As he moved to begin getting up, the Cleric held up a hand and muttered, "I'm only going out for a few minutes".
"Garm-....Please. Just for a few minutes..."

The large wolf looked between the Cleric's hand, the floor, and her face, before finally shuffling down into his seated position again and huffed, ".....I'm poking you on the rings if you're gone for more than 15."


Rising Dawn: Private Quarters Teri, Viscus

With a sigh and a nod, Teri pushed onward from the Med Bay, before finding herself back in her personal chambers. With the door closed behind her back, she leaned against it and said back, "First things' first - Are you out of your damn digital mind?! Dad cannot handle that information right now. Garm barely managed as is, and he already hates the guy-

Another voice cut in from the overhead speaker, this time the dulcet tones of one Blue Butler, who had made note of his creator's change in schedule, "Not that it's without good reason, your Ladyship..."

"Oh no, not you too, Dimitri..."

"I.... agree with Viscus' stance, to a point. While I think it's delicate situation, I do stand on the grounds that his proposed solution could potentially reduce your stress level. My readings indicate that it's barely dropped since you've returned... It's worrisome. Your personal health is paramount. For example, your sleep schedule is beginning to concern me-"

"Dimitri, please! Ugh...Look, it's a bad idea right now; and don't even get me started on Adelheid - with his memory impaired, we don't know what could be a potential trigger for him!"

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Rising Dawn: Above Denver-Ruins

Rising Dawn: Hallway/Canteen: David, Katya, Selmy

"-And you are certain that there was no sighting of her on the ground? Not even on one of the CCTV?...Urg, nice bit of fucking help you are. Good luck..."
And after what felt like the 100th phone call (8th in reality), David was quickly starting to give up hope of seeing Katya again.
Granted, the little bitch was an annoying little pest and the only reason he wanted to find the cunt was to ensure that she wasn't getting in trouble.
After all, that's why the first thing he did once he got back on the ship was ask Vermilion if she had returned to the ship, followed by having a few of the Rising Dawn's staff review some camera footage of World Marshall's prison.
It wasn't his problem that a possibly underage girl was last seen being led away by a scary cyborg soldier into what could have been some kind of twisted rapist dungeon to be maimed and brutalized and no one had seen her since.
And with the lovely thought of Katya screaming for help in his head, he began phone call No. 9 as he walked into the canteen to try and calm his nerves.

That was when he saw her sitting right there as if nothing had happened.

"...Katya?!" He exclaimed, feeling both a mixture of rage and relief, thank god she was alright and everything but FUCKING HELL the nerve of that little bollix to just show right back up as if there wasn't a search party looking for her sorry ass!
"Hey, what the fuck!? Where the hell were you?! Last time anyone had seen hind or hair of you, you were being brought to some fucking torture dungeon?! And you just show up without telling anyone leaving me worried sick?!"
There was a bit uncomfortable silence after he revealed that he had been worried for the Crimson Clad Hacker's safety, resulting in him softly face palming before blurting out "...Well, so long as you aren't dead then...Here, throw us a glass of whiskey if you're all getting a round..."
Sitting down and keen to change the topic from his rather embarrassing reveal, he turned his attention to Dolores before adding "Ah, good to see you up and about. Heard you got hit hard but I had a feeling that wouldn't keep you down for long."
The compliment seemed forced but it was coming from a well meaning place, besides, he even offered to pay for the round, anything to get people to forget what he just said.

Helped out with some interaction in here :)

The Rising Dawn Adventures

The Rising Dawn Adventures: The Rising Dawn Airship - Hallway section
Hillary | Ton Ton | Cadolbolg

Hillary wasn't left wondering for long, as her head tilted up as the announcement came out from the speakers.

At the onset of Theiss mentioning the Rising Dawn and Cloudtop Citadel, a worried look splashed across Hillary's face. Neither name was familiar to her, and it had become very clear that she was not on the Laplace anymore. While the message made it's conclusion, Hillary paced back and forth, her lips moving as if she were mumbling. No sound came out however, a difference in how her voicebox worked perhaps? Without seeing what she was looking for in the immediate area and time of the essence, she looked back to the two children. "Oh this is not good, not good at all! I need to see the captain of this ship. There's been some sort of a mistake. Can you show Hillary there?" She pleeded, hands clasped.

The little dragon turtle was the first to reply to Hillary's plee. "Oh, you need to talk to Captain Rugal?" He asked, to which Hillary nodded with vigor. "Yes, a captain would be perfect! Where is he?"

With that extra experience in his life, Ton Ton wasn't as quick to simply help without getting some answers himself."We can show you where he is, but he might be busy. You sure you can't ask us what you need?" He asked in turn. Now it was clear Hillary wanted to get going as soon as possible, but Ton Ton's question was a very fair one. How could they help her without knowing what was wrong. "I need to stop being on this different ship and get back to the Laplace! We were stationed at the... um... Rom-del? Yes Romdel sector refueling station. Hillary must have gotten back on the wrong ship. There's no time, every second here is who knows how much space away from the Laplace we are!"

The hatchlings shared a look between the two of them as they listened to Hillary's explanation. "Space? Hmn... I mean, we went in space once - but we're not in space now. " "I don't think we've ever heard of a...Romdel sector before. Or a Laplace. We're on a planet called Earth, in the Solar System. Ever heard of it?"

Hillary looked to both of the little ones, having to take some time to think this over, a proverbial lump in her chest started to form. "No, Hillary's never... heard that planet..." She eventually responded. "Hillary's never been very good at navigation. She once nearly shorted out a control panel accidentally, and Mister Kalrus asked Hillary if she wouldn't go in there without someone else..." Hillary lamented on her lack of knowhow. "I, just have a really bad feeling about all of this. Could you please take me to this Captain Rugal?" She asked again, wanting to have more solid confirmation on her situation.

The little duo looked to each other with a confusion, before shrugging and saying "Sure.""Sure!" at the same time, Cadolbolg taking point as he fluttered down the next hallway. Despite the obvious rush in her words, Hillary wouldn't go any faster than a brisk power walk, but the hatchlings would help to bring her to one of the people in charge.

The Rising Dawn Adventures: The Rising Dawn Airship - Command Bridge
Hillary | Ton Ton | Cadolbolg | Rugal Bernstein

It wouldn't take too long until the door leading into the Command Bridge opened again to the former Kingpin of Crime. Hillary would have a brief look around the room concluding that the man standing in the center at his phone was the man she was looking for. "I think I can take it from here, thank you two for helping Hillary find him! She wouldn't have been able to do it without you~" And with that compliment out of the way, Hillary stepped into the room.

These changes however didn't seem to register with Hillary, she simply walked forward almost ignorant to the transformation as she called out to Rugal. "Excuse me! Mister Commander Rugal sir? I am very sorry if you're busy at the moment, but Hillary has anxiously been needing to ask you some questions if you could?" Hillary requested, her blank featureless eyes looking to the man she hoped would be able to help her.

[1] Although not a full on ripoff of it, Hillary's form is based on Karl from Law of Talos So that's what her hair/helmet is looking like. Her body proportions are staying relatively the same otherwise.

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