The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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The Rising Dawn: Armoury
Hillary the Slime | David West | Jenny | Violet

Perhaps David was still so hopped up on pain killers his mind was playing tricks on him, overcompensating for what was really happening in reality. The only real heavy impact was the very first one, to which Hillary would actually recoil at how easily she smashed through them. What proceeded after would best be described as the fastest disarming raid to have ever existed, as Hillary was literally ripping any implement the skeletons had on their person like taking candy from a baby.

Any warrior of merit would be utterly humiliated to have their arms of war removed, to have it bitten through, spat out, and tossed aside was a disgrace, but to be picked up and hurled down the hallway was completely demoralizing. This is the situation the skeletons faced, an unstoppable juggernaut that wouldn't put them out of their misery. Only to prolong their suffering as the group continued."GO AWAY!" Hillary exclaimed with a booming voice, taking in air long enough to get out that simple command as well as swallow the bits of platinum she'd picked up from Violet.


"Eek!" Hillary exclaimed as the fancy electric arrows darted towards her, quickly ducking back around wall. "Oh great, they got here first...Hillary, try and draw their fire. I'll aim for golden boy over there." Mr. West would instruct her, while Hillary nodded furiously, the little hamster in her mind working overtime today.

What was she supposed to do, how're you suppose to distract thingies that just wanted to big meanies!? If she just walked in there the big scary sparky one would shoot her with its fancy arrows. David wouldn't be able to tell where Hillary was looking, mirror like eyes after all, but neither would the skeleton that was attempting to sneak up on the group from around the corner from where they'd came. Wielding a large warhammer, it would attempt to bring it down on Jenny and Violet, only for Hillary to reach out and grab it. Before the skeleton could realize he should probably let go, Hillary pulled the skeleton up and over the group as she reformed her voice box again. "Hillary told you to go away, but now I got an idea! You will help Hillary!" She said as she strolled into the armoury room.

Try as the skeleton might, it wouldn't be able to break out of Hillary's grasp as she held him up by its forearms. "Waaaah, you will listen to Hillary and stop trying to hurt the nice people of the ship here! Wooooooo~" Hillary shouted, waving the skeletons arms around like a puppet. If the skeleton struggled, Hillary would more than likely break an arm unintentionally, which would cause her to yelp and throw the arm away.

Table for Two
Nina's story

Table for Two
Nina's story

The Rising Dawn: Server Farm

"Hey!" Mio said, nonchalantly sniffing the robot that just woke up and spoke to her from her own actions. "It's good that you are taking care of the safety of this ship now. Construct, do you accept me as your new captain?
Also, should you know where the old useless captain is, could you tell me where?"
She placed her hand on its shoulder.

"The situation has grown quite dire and I would hate it if anything would happen to this beautiful airship and its treasures. I can take the responsibility the old captain couldn't, as I have enough experience to serve a crew several times over! Anyways, why don't you answer me?" She gave Viscus a broad smile, and winked with her one eye.

The Rising Dawn: Server Farm


If a expressionless face could emote, Viscus would be glaring right at Mio even harder then he usually does.
[The acting captain, User: Rugal Bernstein would have to approve and sign off before you can be designated captain. Forging User Signature now...Processing...]
Before she could even asked what happened, a nearby contract began to print out from one of the nearby terminals.
The contract pertaining to becoming Captain of The Rising Dawn was a massive tomb of legal jargon and technical terms that were unlikely to have existed back in Mio's world.
Thankfully, rather then force her to read all the terms and conditions, Viscus was kind enough to instead give her a "Sign here" page before adding [In order for this provisional contract to be legally binding, I must recite the remaining 234235 pages of the contract to you-]

Viscus then began to speak so quickly that Mio couldn't make sense of it, right before finishing with [-Recital complete. User: Mio has been legally cleared to become captain. All captain protocols unlocked. Request my presence at any of the terminals on the ship and I will assist. Now, return to your mission of securing the vessel while it's still intact. I will keep this room secure.]
He then got back to his vigil, keeping his sights trained at the door into the Server farm while the computer began to run both auto-repair on the ship as well as scanning for King Leoric's current location.

Meanwhile, on the security screens...

The Rising Dawn: Armoury
Hillary the Slime | David West | Jenny | Violet

"...Oh you're joking..." David groaned when Hiliary tried to reason with the undead skeletons.
It did work for a moment, least in the sense that they stopped what they were doing as they tried to figure out what SHE was supposed to be doing.
{HEY! PUT ME DOWN YOU HORRIBLE DEMON!} He pleaded, shaking and trying to break from her grasp while his friends reacted accordingly.
Johanys (That was the name of "Golden Boy") didn't really care too much as Hillary found her hostage suddenly pelted with arrow bolts in the face before fading into dust in her arms.

{YOU BASTARD!...Wait, aren't we already dead?}

The golden one merely motioned to the others to attack again, least before David nailed him in the skull with his magnum.
Rather then the skull exploding boom he was hoping for, the bullet merely made Johanys stumble a bit, the Former Royal Archer holding his head in pain.
With a roar of anger, a sudden surge of electricity arced from his body, running along the floors, the walls and anyone unlucky enough to be in their way.
His forces retreated to cover, as did David as he muttered "Okay...That's a new one."
Violet was actually helpful as he said "I-I-I-I know this. It's an old demonic enchantment Kazuya tried to have me put on APCs. Every time that one is struck, he'll release a powerful current in all directions. The harder the impact, the greater the reaction."
"Oh great...Alright, how do we beat it then?"
"Oh, that's not the hard part. The reason that project went nowhere was because it didn't increase the durability of any person or object enchanted and caused a massive around of frien-"
"That's not what I asked, Doc!"
"Beat him like you would anyone else! Just be careful, the closer to the subject's destruction, the more intense the reaction! HILLARY! HE'LL LIGHT UP EVERY TIME YOU HIT HIM SO WATCH OUT!" Violet warned before Johanys began to take aim at her again, static flowing off his body while his men started to open fire again, not wanting to end up like poor old Kenny...

[1] Reworking that "Running out of energy" concept so it's more based off what he does rather then how many posts he's in. Rule of thumb, the more he does in a post, the more energy he loses I.E. He'll lose between 20-40% from the remaining travel to Rome alone.

[1] Video Link. Notice how he manages to move fast enough to not be visible to the human eye.

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