The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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World Marshall Secure Location: Anomalous Materials
"Paranoia amuses me so"
ARES | Viscus | Dimitri | M. Lab Tech

"Hmm...Could hide quite a lot of weapons in there, couldn't you?" He mused as the Guard once again began to leer at her.
"Alright, I now want you to eject the weapons you have stored one by one. Normally when we get subjects like you, that process is already done but not all our subjects have such vast hammerspace capacity."
"And if you think he means "Fire Everything", I refer back to our previous conversation..." The guard reminded ARES, not liking this one bit, even the most logical of droids she dealt with tried to make a move and so would ARES.
And when she did, she would be ready for it...

She would be ready for it...

She would be ready for what exactly?

"..." There was a good 10 seconds of silence while ARES glared at the both of them. When that was over she replied. "... You know, I'd be more than glad to cooperate with that little demand, except that I wasn't built for this situation. You know, being without limbs? That said, there isn't exactly an internal "eject" button I can press to simply toss the sniper rifles, fusion cannons, large machine guns, armor units and ammunition I contain out. You can reach in again and pull out whatever strikes your fancy first, but don't be a dunderhead. Your extraneous focus on caution is hilarious actually. If I did "fire everything" my next move would be..? What? Trying to wiggle my way to my arms and legs on the table over there and reinstall them with my teeth? I may be a machine, but like the human beings my AI was based off of, self preservation is a priority unless otherwise impossible. You aren't just examining a machine, your taking a person hostage. That requires power over the situation. Power which I lack as a dismembered quadriplegic. It should also be noted that the collar around my neck caused interference with my motor functions even when I had my limbs attached. Now I don't assume you're going to put me back together once this examination is done with, but you would be losing information on how I work without access to physical data on all of my four other forms. Forms which I was made to be able to change into as a full body, not just a damn torso." she explained to the both of them.

"... So, let me tell you the one plan I have for escape at the moment. It doesn't seem to actually be happening any time soon anyway, since it would require a very large change of state from myself which would ironically require your cooperation. If and when you actually reattach my limbs, I would be planning to take one of the weapons which you remove from me now and use it to turn you into a fine red mist. Then, I'd take the most explosive of my ordinance and, ahem... erase the data you've gained via this lab before finding where my colleagues are imprisoned and rallying them to destroy this place from the inside... she explained, before the glare she had before faded with a sigh, her face expressing boredom more than anything else.

"There are however, three to four inescapable factors preventing me from doing so." she continued to explain.

"Firstly, the very obvious physical restraints I've been placed under. Even if I were to use the time you do have to spend examining me fully assembled, this collar around my neck would shut me down with an electromagnetic pulse or if deemed necessary, detonate and kill me. Second, even if I were able to remove the collar and dispatch the both of you, there would surely be more security and lab personnel for me to contend with on my way out, and given the exoskeleton which was on a rack beside me the last time I was conscious before now, that would not end well. Thirdly, even if it did I have no idea where my colleagues are being held, and time would then be of the essence as I'm certain such a commotion would not go unnoticed. Finally, if I managed to break my restraints, deal with the both of you and preferably the collected data, avoid termination by any other personnel and locate my cohorts, I could not guarantee that any of them would be in any condition to assist in what would then be our escape. Especially because last I recall they were outfitted with the same restraint as I. Now I'm sure that feigning surrender is the oldest trick in the book to make you put your guard down, but your getting in the way of research on someone for whom escape is currently, thoroughly, impossible. I don't mean to provoke you, that isn't wise in a situation like this. Though I do find it necessary to state that you're being a hindrance on your own work at this point... which speaks volumes about your critical thinking skills." ARES smirked. It was a hopeless situation until that might change. If and when it did though... ARES wouldn't hesitate to commit to such a ludicrous route of escape. Until then? She was going to have a little fun at the expense of someone who is just too dedicated for her liking.

The Rising Dawn: Hangar: Kalastryn, Miia, Elise, Jenny, Batter, Ghost

Kalastryn had spent a good deal of time of the flight back to the Dawn meticulously picking glass shards out of her wingspan and using a portion of whatever emergency medical supplies they had aboard to bandage herself. She wasn't really that badly cut by anything in particular, but she bandaged her ankles especially to keep them from being able to move too much. Really, the bruising on them from the stunt she pulled of dislocating them when she was fighting Jenny left them looking as black as though they had frostbite. She could have assumed one of her undead forms and "healed" via the use of negative energy, but in such a cramped space that wasn't a good idea. Namely because of all the spells and abilities she had using negative energy, the one which would have sped her recovery along the most was death aura which... was an emanation.[1] Without the ability to keep herself distant for the time being, she didn't feel like initiating a friendly fire incident at this moment in time.

Once they had landed, Kala was the last out of the transport itself. Experiencing pain simply by putting your weight on your feet will do that. Despite the pain she was going through though, wincing with every step she took, she had a smile on her face nonetheless. She couldn't say anything about how stable Jenny's condition was, but for the moment at least, she hadn't needed to resort to killing one of their own. That did remind her of something, and she limped over to Miia with a brief apology.

"Back on the roof when "Ghost" arrived, I apologize if what I said frightened you. I didn't actually plan on hurting the man. It was nothing personal, I just really wanted to shut him up after the day I... the day that we've been having." She explained.

After that, she noticed a few things. Notably her longest held friend was once again aboard. That, and regrettably, Kazuya seemed to have recovered... or at very least, was so determined to make a recovery on this operation that he was able to shamble his way out of a hospital bed. She wasn't exactly sure who to speak with first. Though, that little dilemma seemed to solve itself as Slindis and Kazuya conversed with each other.

Looking over to Miia, she discreetly suggested "I wouldn't be a part of that conversation. If you thought I was angry back on the ground, well... I'm pretty sure there is no frustration I could need to vent that Slindis isn't already expressing more clearly." she said before limping off in the direction of the canteen. She wasn't quite aware of the situation being as dire as it was- that not everyone was making it back at this moment in time. If and when she found out, there would be hell to pay. For now though, it would be prudent to remain out of the fray... preferably sipping down a tall glass of wine.

[1] In a fairly small radius it would effect not only her, but those nearby. Consider it an equal and opposite of Teri's positive energy aura. Thing is, while positive energy isn't good for the undead and negative energy is, the same could be said in reverse. She doesn't feel like sapping the life out of those aboard just to make her recover more quickly.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | Rising Dawn Library
"...other people, ingredients, Phillip's doodoo, Nina, then Phillip"
Sloth | Envy | Nina and Phillip

With Nina somewhat preoccupied with the possibility of violently upchucking all over her helpful tour guides, she wasn't super quick to retort anything back when they laid out how she really didn't matter in the grand scheme of things. Earth was just some tiny little speck in the vastness of the ever expanding universe that dark matter was very clearly against anyone ever visiting the entirety of, even with the sheer volume of time the universe offered them. If you looked at it that way, any action some poor earthling did really didn't amount to much in the grand scheme since, Glen the planet furthest Earth didn't really care what Nina was going to do with herself that day. Still one must always consider the smaller things in life, since even a couple of seconds out of a person's life could be an entire turning point. Batman wasn't gonna be Batman until his parents got full of holes, and the Doc wouldn't have made the flux capacitor without that fateful bonk to the head. Events were still events, and they changed people as they moved along.

But first was Nina's need to reply to Sloth first, her head wasn't spinning as much any more, and she could definitely point out which way was up. She slowly shifted in her chair, now kneeling in the chair with her right arm holding the rim of the chair for support, while with her other hand a single finger pointed upwards as if to call for her turn to talk. "Well, at least that's useful, marble world was pret-" Nina started saying as her body shuddered and her expression turned that particular green no one ever wants to see. In mere moments, Nina's stomach had decide it didn't need its contents and that Envy's turtleneck needed some extra colour. The question however was if the spattering would reach its target, Envy's telekinesis, Sloth's slowing effect and the general, albeit brief, forewarning meant she had time to react if she was quick about it.

Nina however wouldn't see the end result of what Envy's fate ended up being, as she'd leaned back to compensate for her stomach's actions, her chair had tipped over away from Sloth and Envy. Phillip rolling back with her and Nina would find herself moments afterwards standing on her feet, Phillip still under one arm of her's but her hat now on the ground. She wobbled a bit trying to get her barrings, although with her stomach now empty she did feel a bit better. Unsure if she had any ammo left, her immediate priority was finding a bathroom, which after a momentary glance around her she'd spot the classic sign. "S-Sorry, I gotta... I gotta go." Nina replied, already moving in the direction of the bathroom by the time she was done speaking.

"'Scuse me!" Nina commanded as she pushed her way through the bathroom door, frankly not expecting to visit another one so soon after the one in the bakery. In her short move over to the bathroom, she had to admit she was feeling better than she had prior. Still once she was inside the bathroom she quickly gave herself the once over, and proceeded to rinse her mouth out with more water than was really necessary. Phillip was gently placed on the counter top beside the sink she used. "Ugh, that could have gone better... You know, I'm getting the feeling like nothing is going to go our way today." She groaned, bracing her arms on the edge of the counter top. "I know! I'm trying my best, it's not every day the sky practically falls on you." She mumbled, her head leaning to the side. "We just gotta find where Ryan scurried off to, he'll fix it... somewhat. But where, would, he, be?" Nina continued, pausing as she thought over her possible options until she snapped her fingers. "Okay what if we just find his room, then we could, and then, and then... What?" She seemed to trail off, looking down at Phillip's hiding spot. After a brief pause, Nina's head tilted as she looked through the mirror to see behind her to the left, and noted the very confused and honestly paranoid looking woman standing at the stall she'd come out of.

"Um, hello there!" Nina greeted the woman, turning around quite abruptly and giving her a small circular wave. "You're probably wondering why I'm talking to myself, and that's a very good question. It all started when-" She started to explain herself when the woman without much warning left the bathroom, not even saying anything to Nina. Unknown to Nina, this poor soul already had enough excitement in one bathroom for today, snake ridden zombies coming out of mirrors would make anyone a bit jumpy. Of course Nina didn't know this, and instead concluded this person must have had something important to attend to. "That was weird. It was like she'd seen a ghost or something?" Nina pouted, checking her face in the mirror one last time to confirm she'd gotten off any remaining splooge. She was sad the woman couldn't have been much help, but whatever mental trauma she'd gone through that day must have made a lasting impression.

Before she continued Nina did one quick check of the bathroom just to make sure no one else was in there, least she got interrupted again, before finally clapping her hands in success. "Okay, so is, we go find Ryan's room, we get into Ryan's room, we get you the hell out of that bag and then... Well I guess after that depends on if Ryan is back yet. We could easily wait for him though. Plan?" She asked, Phillip replying back with a rather quick expanse of the bag before settling down again. "Plan, alright let's do this!" She boasted, getting Phillip settled again before setting off to find the library exit, and eventually the private quarters. Although she'd try to avoid running into Envy and Sloth at the moment because of obvious reason, Envy's powers alone would be able to locate Nina and Phillip's aura would give them an idea they were nearby. Outside the library she'd feint some confidence in her destination, walking in a manner like she definitely had a clue where she was going, but would probably get looped around once or twice.[1]

[1] So if anyone wants to bump into Nina on her way to Ryan's, just send me a message in the chat or PM or something, that way I know I'll wait for your comment, otherwise I'll probably write up another post soon of her getting there.

Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location | Secure Cell Block: Designation A-Class
...Well, this sucks...
Caim | David | Mio | Teri | Bison | Bruiser | Shadow/Agent

"....Right, see, while I agree with the plan, there is a slight snag: Namely the part where I don't have explosives shoved my arse." David snidely remarked as he listened to Shadow, not really aware of the ruse that was being played on him (Then again, that was literally the least of his concerns right now).
"Alright, so now we're done catching up, I really would like a better idea then "Escape", preferably one with details and a reasonable chance of success." He then said as he could only watch as Nadalia and Katya got taken away be a guard and some others for-...some reason.
"Ahhh shit. YOU PRICKS HAPPY OVER THERE?! YOU KNOW WHERE I COULD HAVE BEEN RIGHT NOW!? BACK IN MY ROOM MOST LIKELY HAVING VICTORY SEX WITH MY GIRLFRIEND!" He then shouted over to the two villains among them, though part of him did seem to forcefully calm himself down after that line, considering the Swordman he was sharing a cell with.

Back with Bruiser, he seemed a little put off by how "Cheery" Mio was about the whole situation and her belief that escape was possible.
" are missing-...the big picture here...This isn't a's just a air conditioned graveyard...They snatch "outworlders"-...up...take their stuff...grind anything else useful from them...then let them rot..." He managed to say as she seemed to pat him down, looking for anything of use in her "Escape attempt".
"...1: Food will be-...brought in
2: No real order...just whomever has some kind of-...inhuman power or technology
3: They are all robot-....cyborgs...couldn't help us, even if they wanted to.
4: Might be. Been in solitary since-....i got here...Boss man doesn't like-...attempts on his life...
5: If there is, i doubt-...The "Heroic...Rising Dawn"...will be given such a chance...
he then kindly answered each question before turning back over to the trembling Cleric.
"...I know-...I hurt you...but I mean it: you...shouldn't be here....I should....will...but you..." He rambled on, having about as much trouble as one could expect from having his shit so royally kicked out of him for several months straight.
"HEY! YOU LITTLE PSYCHO SLUT! DON'T JUST STAND THERE! HE'S FUCKING DYING! YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DO THIS TO ME! I JUST-...I-..." Bison kept panicking in the cell next to them, it wasn't meant to play out like this.
Little by little, all the mistakes he had made were starting to catch up to him all at once, not in the actual sense mind, but the emotionally.
"Ahhh-...ahh- YOU! WHAT'S YOUR NAME- (Mio) Please tell me you know something about first aid! I promise you, you help my friend out, I will give you an entire African country of your own when we get out of here and I take over this stupid fucking world!" He then began to plead, the treads of his sanity starting to become undone.

Though it all, there was a guard change, the regular guards starting to back up as the special enforcer arrived on the scene.
Metallic footsteps and the whirring of servos filled the air as The FULGORE marched past their cells, glancing at them before taking his post opposite them.
He was quite the smooth talker as he glared at each of them, his vision scanning along each one as even some of the guards began to edge away from this..."Thing".
Teri might remember this figure better then most, considering that he was the reason she was even in here...

The Rising Dawn Adventures

[Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location | Secure Cell Block: Designation A-Class | Guard Outpost Alpha: Interrogation Room 2
Future Arc Setup - Take 4
Antoinette de la Trou | BEWP | Betty BEEP | Katya Rostikova | Benedict Warrington | Nadalia

"To be honest... Mademoiselle Nadalia, neither my Maitre or myself know how we arrived here," Said the pupil in her lush French accent, "We had been holding out position in Dresdon when the Beacon fell and the Winged Host started burning the city to the ground. The Morningstar, seeing that the city was lost and ordered a retreat " The young woman stated as she turned to look at her mentor, who was checking his handy work and ensuring that the bones were in proper position.

Nadalia didn't really have much to say, or ask in return. It took nearly all her energy to just remain awake, enduring the pain as Benedict was doing all he could with the resources provided. Quite funny how she denied BEEP any medicine or treatment, but now the pain was overbearing so she had to get this kind of assistance with no antibiotics, no narcotics to nullify the pain ... nothing. Nadalia felt everything, so it's not hard to imagine why she couldn't speak back at this point.

She closed her eyes, taking slow and deep breathes ... you could almost say as if Nadalia was readying herself for child birth. It's been awhile since Nadalia felt so, helpless, so human. If I could be freed from this appalling device which remains to be shackled to my neck; ah, how I would be so grossly incandescent right now... Nadalia thought, racing through the entire prison and setting those who've wronged her aflame. While it wasn't exactly a thought for the faint of heart, she wanted to so badly. To be at her peak once more, showing mortals why she was given the nickname Iron Queen, how Nadalia would impress her companions the strength of a true pyromancer born of dark.

"Alright... I'm going to help you all finish up your introductions so that Eddie and I can get what we came here to get and you all can get back to your escape plans. Also Father Warrington, if you could step aside so that I can help Miss Nadalia," The Teenage Magical Girl said as she knelt next to the wounded Ironqueen and placed her hands on the wounds.

It wasn't until she felt her hands that Nadalia began to open her eyes ... noticing that someone else took Benedict's place. It was a very young girl with black & white hair, in a pink outfit. Just how long was Nadalia daydreaming for before time shifted? Exactly what was happening for her to miss out on the swap between two people? (Yea she ignored BEWP getting a signal about Eddie & Scarlet coming in through a portal).

Closing her eyes, the teenager took out a spool of thread and started channeling energies into the object. Slowly uncoiling from the spool, the cotton thread wormed it way through the injured woman's skin and started threading itself around Miss Nadalia's formerly shattered bones, "I know that is going to sound a little strange Miss Nadalia but I'm going to thread together a series of sleeves that fit securely around your broken bones and then I'm going to reinforce them with spells so that you can walk around without any issues. After a 3 or so months time, the materials will start dissolving so you don't have to worry about getting cotton fever or anything like that. Next I'm going to stitch your muscle fibers together before I stitch up your wounds with more reinforced thread. Okay?"

".. I ... " Nadalia tried to talk, yet couldn't help but take a sigh of relief when Scarlet was successfully fixing her legs up quite efficiently. It didn't subdue the pain, but it was a lot better than what was being done for her beforehand- no disrespect to Benedict's medical aid of course. "To answer your question, Miss Katya, Father Benedict and Miss Antoinette aren't just time travelers. They're also from an alternate dimension. They dimension hopped onto our plane of existence. In our world we battled the Nazi's in World War II wear as in their world, they've been fighting against the Father, their world's equivalent to this world's God. While the bombing of Dresden in our world was carried out by the Allies, in their world the Father's army burned Dresden to the ground. They're going to join the Rising Dawn and you guys are going to be great friends." Scarlet said as she started stitching up the wounds on Nadalia's legs. "Actually you're all going to be good friends... with the exception of you... you're going with us." The Teenage Magical Commando said to Betty BEEP.

"Indeed you are!" said Eddie as he took his cue and walked towards the cyborg, "Congratulations, you have won a non-refundable non-negotiable trip through our portal. Meet exciting people! Visit breathtaking places! Save the future!" he grabbed her by the arm and slid the armband through, "Anything is possible when you play 'find the loophole' with the fundamental laws of reality!" he strengthened the armband and turned to Scarlet with a grin, "Package secured."

"Hey, don't you dare take her away from us. Unhand her- Ahhgg ..!" Nadalia tried to get up, but failed pretty miserably as she instantly fell right back on her tush into the wheel chair, sweating yet again from how much pain she had to shrug off. Scarlet was kind enough to not scold the Bride of Ash for such a rash reaction, but, who could blame her? They were suddenly sweeping a friend away from them, and Nadalia didn't want someone to die or get removed on her watch.

Sighing, she made it clear to the prisoners, "I'm sure the four of you are expecting me to give you armbands to that you can escape with your friend Betty... unfortuately... I can't do that because you four are essential in helping the rest of the crew escape. Since you have a certain French woman who can teleport, you shouldn't have any issues getting to the secured room where your equipment is kept. Just keep an eye on the security cameras for an opening. I know you guys can do it... also... you might want to check some of these cardboard boxes for weapons or something that can help you get out of here." Scarlet said as she placed her hands on the collar around Nadalia's neck and deactivated the depowering mechanism and the explosive. The black and white haired magical commando paused for a moment as she pondered something, "I know that you're not going to listen to me but... if someone asks you to go to Titan... you tell them no... no matter what.

With that, Scarlet turned and exited through the portal. Staring at the hole where the two extra-temporal beings had been, the foursome were quiet for a moment.

"Was that Ruby's sister?" Katya suddenly blurted out, "Daaaayum that little kid's gonna be stacked when she grows up!!"

"... ..." Nadalia stared ahead, without even looking down as she began stroking the collar with her bear hand. The moment slowly sunk into the Iron Queen's mind, taking a good moment to absorb what just occurred. For starters, she could feel the cosmetic assembly of fire coursing through her veins. Strength was returning to her, making the pain start to dwindle away as if it never existed, her chest no longer feeling heavy or gutted with shredded pride. Imagine if you were hospitalized and bedridden for days, only after a week or two you could move again no problem. That feeling cannot be described with mere words, let alone bought. It would be trying to tell a person what color looks like, or telling a machine how it feels to be alive, it is undeniably impossible but you can picture it nether the less.

".. Thank you, my child." Nadalia closed her eyes, a single tear being shed out of sheer happiness and the woman smiling, the warm sensation settling into her heart. Without another moment to spare, she casted Warmth, the floating ball with rays of oozing flames breezing through the air and splashing Nadalia's body with a familiar embrace that was more than welcomed in her eyes. Slowly, Nadalia began to recover in a way only Teri could describe as a "miracle being born" where her bones were being relocated along with the help of Scarlet's cotton and sleeves that were knitted into the flesh's openings, along with a layer of meat growing out of the empty socket where Nadalia's other arm used to be at. If given enough time, she could reform her left arm, but they may not have enough time for such a thing to occur.

"Now, now ... gather yourself before you brew a storm." This was directed at herself, trying to resist going into berserk mode and unleashing her wrath onto every guard or employee that allied themselves with the Bison. "Ah, forgive me Katya. I was talking among myself like a widow- what is our next course of action?"

She seemed a bit too happy though, a little excited knowing she wouldn't be a pinned up handicapped waiting for another beating. Instead, she would be the one to deliver the blows onto any who stand in her way, or gave her a reason to test her 'recovery'.

((More posts to come!! Plus going to make another post with Nadalia since bluerocker requested it!))

The Rising Dawn Adventures

Avatar Adventures | The Airship: The Rising Dawn | The Brig
Wesker | Cortex | Chrysalis

"C-c-c-c-c-c-Chrysalis!? YOU'RE HERE?! OH MY GOD!" He stammered as he nearly broke into tears and went weak at the knees. Chrysalis almost rolled her eyes from his sudden reaction, but she dismissed being a dick because his, well ... imprisonment could do that to a man, even drive her insane perhaps.

"Hang know her?"

"It was from before we even met, she helped me win the Twisted Metal Tournament! She'll totally get us out of here! Listen, Chrysalis, Queen of my heart, you have to get me out of here! They are salvages! Kazuya nearly killed Doom last night and I'm certain he's going to kill me next! Quick, get these cells unlocked and I-i-i-i-I'll figure out a way for the both of us to, the 3 of us to escape. Eh-eheheheh...heh..."

"Aw, you poor ... poor man." Chrysalis went on one knee and began to look right into Cortex's eyes, staring for a good moment.
"Did they really make a man that's so bundling with genius, so mesmerizing to the point anyone would faint if you looked their way suffer like this? ... Cortex, Cortex ... oohhhhh Cortex." She did something quite risky, which could easily backfire on her but alas, she hugged him through the bars. Yet as she gazed at Wesker, her eyes were glowing green and her lips twirled into a devious smirk. She was getting fed from the midget's love for her (or heat of the moment of love, it mattered not). She made sure to not devour his love, for giving away her 'intentions' might make Cortex retaliate as a result.

"Don't worry, I can get you and your play mates out of here. Only, you have to promise me something my lovely little scientist."

"Anything, ANYTHING FOR YOU!! Just name it!! He offered, looking at her with hope filling into his beating heart. It's been too long since he could smell freedom from this close up, the answer before his very eyes.

"Say my name ..." She brushed her hand against his cheek through the bar, looking at him with a gaze you could that could draw any man closer in. "Oh Chrysalis! Yes, Chrysalis, you know me better than anyone! I would never forget your name!!
He practically screamed out, putting his very soul into the response. Chrysalis took her time standing up, looking down at the man before saying these very words to him ...

She chuckled with delight, yet a sinister face that clearly showed she wasn't here for Cortex's rescue. Far from it.
"You've clenched my thirst, for a good portion. But it just, isn't doing it for me ... see, your love doesn't even amount to what the others have around here, and theirs could possibly be my personal food drive for years to come. In other words, you're kind of useless baldy. I won't risk my neck for someone as pitiful and downright pathetic as yourself. You belong here, with your Gay-for-pay asswipe friend over there, to rot. Ta ta for now love, I have bigger fish to catch~" She turned around while humming to herself, walking away from the cell with satisfaction upon her face.

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Escapist Avatar Adventures | Airship Rising Dawn | Medical Bay | Surgical Observation Room
Let's get the show on the road and moving...
Ruby Babbage-Lovelace | Rory Mercury | Doom | Rhodes Selmy

The scene within the Surgical Observation Room unfolded rather quickly and before Rory Mercury had a chance to share what limited knowledge she had regarding the opposition, this "Ghost" had offered what information he had, the short of it being that a group that called itself "The World Marshall" currently had the missing members of the Rising Dawn in its possession. The rest of the man's information was superfluous, as was his presence. The more he was around the Darkly Dressed Demi-Goddess, the more she had to restrain herself from cutting the soldier in twain.

*TSK!* "You aren't going to get anything from that Fat Green Slob. While I don't condone Mr. Mishima's attempt on his life-...well, nothing of value would have been lost." *TSK!* "Ghost" said, failing to notice that color of the lips of Emloy's Disciple had shifted from pink to purple, *TSK!* "...Now, I'll take Doom off your hands. I got word he was causing a bit of hassle and it's not like he's really doing anything important here, now is it?" *TSK!*

Before the armored guard could move, he found his path to the prisoner, Doom, had been blocked by the impossibly large blade of Rory's Halberd and that the little girl that was able to heft such a massive weapon was glaring at him. She appeared to have taken quite the offense with the words that "Ghost" had spoken.

"We'll take care of your 'prisoner,' you needent worry about that. You, guard, should worry about leaving this room as quickly as possible and in as few pieces as possible," The young looking Demi Goddess stated before you imposed herself between Doom and Ghost, pointing her Halberd at Ghost's chest, "The next time you think to speak your mind about Life and Death, you may want to reconsider, these are the domains of my patron, the Dark God Emloy, to decide and his decree has always been that no life is without value... including your's"

As was typical of the Rising Dawn, yet another conflict was brewing between two members of the crew, one who felt that the prisoner deserved better treatment and one who felt he had the authority to decide whether a prisoner's life was worth anything.

"Ummmm... excuse me? Miss Rory?"" The childish voice interrupted from behind Despleased Demi-Goddess of Death, "I think I can find where our friends are..." Ruby said before turning to the mother of Dolores Selmy, "and the people who hurt Dolly. You both want to find them, right?"

The black and white haired child squirmed in The Major's arms as she tried to reach under the skirt of her dress, removing a small blue swatch of cloth, its ends fraying as if someone was trying to deconstruct the fabric thread by thread.

"I can show you where they are if you take me with you." The nine year old little with a warrior's expression on her face, "I want to be strong like Loli and I want to help our friends... and your friend too, Mister Doom. Mister Bison is still alive, right Miss Rory?

The Demi-Goddess nodded in agreement with Ruby's assessment of whether or not the former Dictator was still alive or not, though she was far from convinced that taking Ruby was a good idea.

Location: Observation Room | Med Bay | Rising Dawn
'abad alllah khudara'ahum 'abdhul lisidiqik damk wamalak

Rhodes Selmy

Rhodes' eyes softened when she heard Ruby speak. "Anisa," her voice was uncharacteristically soft and kind, reminiscent of when she first held young Lolita in her arms. "The battlefield is no place was such a young and pure soul."

Rhodes closed her eyes to think.

"Though, if what you say is true and you can indeed lead us to those responsible..." she shook her head, "Oh how my heart beats torn between my fury and my love." Then she nodded. "It should be done nonetheless. I was indeed none older than yourself when I first felt the itch for war, the boiling of my blood and the thirst of righteous justice. It would be wrong of me to deny you the justice of avenging poor Lolita."

Rhodes was now resolved. She motioned to her six Angels, who then moved in on her. "We will protect you, Anisa, as you lead us to those who have sinned against the most sacred of blood. And you," she pointed at Rory, "shall accompany us in all parts toward the realization of our justice."

The eudaimone will stay aboard and investigate the leadership, however. Rhodes added silently to herself. The commotion that had occurred here had allowed the two special operatives to slip onto the Rising Dawn without being noticed. Not by the Captain nor any of the other staff. Rhodes was sure that there was something going on in the government of the ship. Either something within the Rising Dawn hero corp itself or the G-Corp that was supplementing their forces.

She held Ruby tightly in her arm and drew her pistol. Rhodes turned toward Ghost, "We are now a part of this operation. Take me to the officer in charge."


"Take me to your commanding officer."

The Rising Dawn Adventures

Denver: Outside the blast site.
"Did Someone say something?"
Kalastryn | Miia | Elise | Jenny | Batter | Ghost | G-Corp Grunts

"And why are you STILL dressed up as a baseball player?!!" Miia asked in a way one could describe as disbelief. She understood maybe on that day when she and the Batter met, he was perhaps playing baseball ... but why, why after all this time is he still in those clothes for? He tilted his head to the side with the same stoic expression as ever as he thought for a moment. He finally opened his mouth to reply. "These are my clothes." He couldn't exactly tell her he was hiding his true form and if he ever reverted back he'd rip her apart limb from limb. He sat there for a few moments before continuing. "Why are you here? I thought you held disdain for death?"

"It's a long story .." Miia placed a hand onto her face, trying to hide her disgust with how everything went down. She tried to drown out of the thoughts of Elise murdering those cyborgs down the stairwell, and the whole fiasco with Katya (you know, when the guard nearly beat her to death ... only for her to drown him in the hacker's own blood. This didn't include Eddie splattering his body throughout the room like a Christmas decoration either). "This trip was supposed to be an adventure, to be the good guys in everyone's eyes. Instead, so much SHIT happened that i'm probably going to need therapy after this!"

Miia ruffled with her hair in frustration before focusing on communicating with the Batter like a normal human being would.
"Seesh, and I thought I was cold-blooded ... not after today. You have no idea the kind of mess I got stuck into today, and the worst part is- we didn't even stop the bad guy! He's still out there with a number of our friends held prisoner, and who knows what they're going through. Uugh, this day was supposed to be perfect and, and fun .... the hell was I thinking?!!" She tried to say, but went from being normal to raging aloud once again. However Elise stopped by, interrupting the two as she informed her Lamia friend, "Our ride is here love; they're taking us to the Rising Dawn. You will have all the time you want in catching up with your friend once we're back home safely." With that, the Spider Queen walked off to the chopper as Miia gazed back at the Batter.

"... We, we should be going. I've had enough of this place anyways. I hope to see you there Batter." Miia waved, turning her back towards the transport. Yet, before she began to head over there, the Lamia did glance back at her friend. The look implied she was in a thinking phase, the kind of expression you'd have in debating with yourself. Suddenly, she hurried towards the Batter and gave him a good hug while saying to him, "Never got the chance to thank you by the way-" referencing to the Batter helping Miia stay safe and saving her hide a few times in the abandoned warehouse. Once she was done with her gratitude, she left for good this time towards the aircraft to get a ride back to the Rising Dawn.

The Rising Dawn: Hangar:
Kalastryn, Miia, Elise, Jenny, Batter, Ghost

When the Hangar was in view, Miia gathered herself for a brief moment. She was finally somewhere she knew nothing could happen to her, at least ... she was thinking this. So far, this was her safe haven, far away from the troubles of the world. Even if something went wrong, this place would certainly be on top of solving it ASAP while Miia could get protection from so many people around her. This brought comfort in Miia's bosom, though she blushed when thinking about her actual bosom.

Suddenly, Kalastryn came up to her, not looking too great from all that's unfolded but Miia didn't look at the Tiefling any differently than she had before. "Back on the roof when "Ghost" arrived, I apologize if what I said frightened you. I didn't actually plan on hurting the man. It was nothing personal, I just really wanted to shut him up after the day I... the day that we've been having." She explained.

"It happens to the best of us." Miia shyly answered, intimidated by the memories of Kalastryn about to beat down Ghost if he so dared say another word. Yet, Miia tried her best in making the situation as light hearted as possible. "If the evil man used my Darling to try and murder me, I would be pretty darn pissed too. Ehehe, but ... it all worked out anyways! I- ... uuh, Kalastryn?" Miia turned her head, noticing that her magical partner was distracted by something. When peering the same way, she witnessed a man barking orders to the rest of the staff members aboard.

Looking over to Miia, she discreetly suggested "I wouldn't be a part of that conversation. If you thought I was angry back on the ground, well... I'm pretty sure there is no frustration I could need to vent that Slindis isn't already expressing more clearly." she said before limping off in the direction of the canteen. The Lamia stood there, blinking a few times before feeling out of place; the kind of feeling you get when you've got no clue on what to do next and just awkwardly take up space as people pass by you.

"Ookaaayyy then, sure, just ... go on your merry way then!" Miia sarcastically taunted Kalastryn, feeling like she was left out since the girl didn't invite her to tag along. Then again, she wasn't mad either- no one could blame Kalastryn for the rage she held in from Kazuya. If Miia knew what went down with the dickheaded commander, she would probably go up to him and join Slindis in talking smack about the guy. Luckily, she didn't know the details so Miia wouldn't be doing that sort of thing.

Meanwhile, Elise was already opening the door to her own hotel room. The assassin began to immediately undress, stripping herself naked and fell right onto the bed with her breasts pressed against the soft mattress. She sighed, making sure to not dig her icy blue claws into the bed as she began stretching her limbs out.

"What a sick joke ..." she sighed, enjoying the comfort with the air brushing against her bare skin. The tarsus (spider legs) on her back shifted slowly to the sides, back & forth to get a feel so they wouldn't be locked into place. It was like another pair of limbs being stretched, only in a way you couldn't mimic the human arm so they had to get relief in another fashion. She did turn around onto her back, the tarsus hanging outward to not get crushed between the body and the cushion.

"We're supposed to be professionals, the elite among elites ... why would they bring an amateur to the field? She could of died, if it wasn't for the few of us that cared about her well being, ppft." She huffed, blowing some hair out of her eyes before staring at the ceiling with butt naked. "What was she supposed to do, be a meat shield for the group? Obviously she isn't ready for going out, especially if she isn't ready to get her hands dirty ..."


The memory of Miia asking her this rung in her head, making the girl's eyebrow twitch as a result. Elise sighed yet again, trying not to think too much about the guilt and more on the reality of things. "Be careful darling, because someday you might be in a position where it's either you or them ..." she stated only to herself, speaking out her thoughts. ".. and I may not be there to save you when the time comes. But, enough of that- time to get some rest." She went for the lamp, turning it off before shuffling to lay her head against the pillow. She was on her stomach again, giving a little smile before finally getting some shuteye.

This dude wrote some stuff

World Marshall Secure Location: Anomalous Materials
[Goodbye my only friend...
...Oh, did you think I meant you?]

ARES | Viscus | Dimitri | M. Lab Tech

Dimitri waited for a time to get a bearing on the security systems that were passing by in this sector of the network. Putting on his SCOUTER, Dimitri took a look around the area before he noticed something odd - one particular "line" on the ground seemed to cause the scanner beams to shake and shudder, if only for a moment, causing the Blue Butler to double-take, and look more acutely at the "ground" at that specific spot.
"Hmn..? That can't be right..."

As his careful eye looked over it again, he noticed that the SCOUTER started picking up a "hidden" pathway on the ground, appearing as an iridescent pipe[1] Looking over it further, Dimitri carefully followed it's path up - and finding it lead straight to the central hub. As he gazed at the "pipe", the AI couldn't help but mull over it further, "Is this a proxy connection? Why would this even be here? The network spans the whole facility..."

But, if security seemed to phase over it, then perhaps Dimitri could make use of it. Phasing the NINE_IRON from it's zipped packet, Dimitri gave the pipe a hard whack. As luck would have it, a "panel" on the pipe popped right off, leaving a crawl space just large enough for the Butler to crawl inside. With a bit of careful arrangement and resetting the panel, Dimitri began slowly crawling through the space towards the hub. However, the Blue Butler hadn't paid too much attention to what was inside the proxy, because the moment he began his journey towards the hub, he "felt" his hand "squish" on a piece of material in the pipe.

Dimitri's senses were suddenly assaulted by a multitude of text, images, and sounds; jabbering, flashing, glaring. Insults of all variety assailed his sensors, images of unspeakable nature filled his visual sensors, and the sounds... oh the sounds. Removing his hand from the "material" Dimitri blinked in confusion, before he saw the "source", a cached URL by the name of "" In fact, it seemed to be the source of most of the material in this proxy...Well, that certainly explained why it was there. With a shudder, the AI continued on his quest, doing his best to avoid any other "sludge" as he crawled his way inside.


Slipping out from the pipeline into the hub terminal, Dimitri looked up towards the "screen" and saw the sleepy Systems Administrator nodding off in front of the control panel, allowing Dimitri to have a bit of time to think. As far as this terminal was concerned, he was a "program" in the system, another bit of data transferred from the network to be stored away in a temporary cache. But, if he wanted to take control of the terminal, he'd have to wrench control away from the User. And to do that - he'd have to access the active directory and change the user permissions; effectively locking her out of the computer - at least until a technician arrived and modified the system to allow her back in. But first... he needed a distraction. She would see Dimitri open up a window, even if it was something as simple as the Command prompt. If he could somehow put her out of sorts...Ah, of course!

Dimitri wandered over to the audio jack of the terminal, and began to whisper quietly, his message travelling out from it and up to the user's headphones, "How does that song Her Ladyship likes go again - right. Let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the- one, two-


Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location | Cell
Mio | Teri | Bruiser | Caim | David| Bison | Shadow/Agent | FULGORE

She turned to Teri. "So ... do you think you can help a bit? I know that it might hurt, but can you patch up this guy a bit? And then ... there are people in the other cells, but I can't really see them. Can you describe them to me? Maybe they can do something useful, as well."
"...I know-...I hurt you...but I mean it: you...shouldn't be here....I should....will...but you..."

Teri rubbed her temples as she was being buffeted at three different angles, be it an apology from a dying man, a query for information, or being verbally abused by a dictator, the Cleric tried to think of what to do first -


Without even thinking, the Cleric turned to Bison and shouted, "MAYBE IF YOU STOP FUCKING YELLING AT ME, I CAN I CONCENTRATE!"
"AND I'LL STOP FUCKING YELL"Bison's voice cracked midsentence before he finished, "-ING WHEN YOU HELP MY FUCKING FRIEND!"

A heavy silence filled the air after Teri had shouted her piece to Bison, who in turn remained quiet. Turning away from the young woman, he found himself content to try and find something else to grumble about... Which in turn brought a realization to Teri - she had openly declared she'd do her best to help with Bruiser's condition.
"...If only because you asked, Mio."
She stood quiet for a moment longer, and turned back towards her cellmates, gingerly advancing towards the Machoke and bending on one knee, "...Can you walk?"
" you...want me?"
She pointed at one of the cots and watched as Bruiser slowly got up from his spot, the stump where one of his arms used to be healing in a way that looked particularly nasty. Teri grimaced, and gestured over to Mio to help Bruiser up, the duo working together to move him towards one of the cots as an impromptu examination table.

The DC for a Heal check to stabilize a dying character is a 15. Uh.. Even without her magical items, Teri has a +15. She auto succeeds. Her Skill Trick - Healing Hands, activates, allowing her to heal 1d6 of damage..she rolled a 1.

What followed was frankly, a blur. Teri had thrown herself into her work, the task of patching up the Machoke allowing her to overlook the patient himself, her mind switching into that of when she overtook a great quantity of patients on the Dawn. It started simply - she needed bandages, and to clean as much of the wounds as she could. With Mio as an assistant and her patient being, for the most part, compliant, she was able to use the ragged covering that used to be a shirt as well as converting the pants into shorts for bandage use. She used the toilet to wash the rags before either cleaning up the wounded areas; then rinsed and wrung them as tightly as she could before using them as bandages or splints. It was long work, and thankless, but after some time had passed, the Cleric was able to step away, her own clothes now covered with spots and stains from her handy-work. She would have preferred to have her usual tools on hand, but for the equivalent of a back alley job with naught but bandages and some water - it was enough. At least he wouldn't bleed to death.

That left Mio's questions. There was a lot to cover for each of the companions in the cells, so Teri made herself as comfortable as she could, sitting down and leaning against the wall closest to her bars. She gestured Mio over, and in hushed tones, began pointing out members of the Dawn, "Alright, I'll start with the people I'm most familiar with, friends of myself or my Dad." she pointed at Caim first, "Over there is a man named Caim. He's a bit taller than us, has black hair and blue eyes. He doesn't talk much, because something happened that made him mute. He has a device that fixes that, but like everything else, it was taken away. He's the best with any sort of melee weapon you can think of, and jump really high." As she described the mute, a reverent tone crept into her voice, and she finished with, "He's really powerful, strong enough to go toe to toe with my dad and come out even; and he fight side by side with Angelus. They're unstoppable together. If she's not here, she's probably going to come tearing this place apart looking for him."

She pointed next to David, "And over there is David, he's older than me and Caim, aaaand kind of an alcoholic, but that doesn't stop him - he's the best sharpshooter we got on the team. Aside from that, really good at brewing booze and great at cracking jokes...When's he's not shoving his foot in his mouth."

Next was Shadow/Agent, which gave the Cleric pause before recognition colored her features, "Oh, I remember him - I don't him too well either, but he was a good friend of Caim and David's. He's a Russian soldier, swears a lot, but he's good at what he does. And let's see... Who's left?"

The Cleric looked around for her other two comrades, and clammed up when she saw Nadalia and Katya pass by, collarless and with Nadalia regrowing her arm. Teri wasn't quite sure what was going on, but if the duo were able to get out and get their collars off, then perhaps they had a plan... Teri could only hope, anyways. Giving a small indication of her head, the Cleric continued to whisper to Mio, "Those two that just passed by are Nadalia and Katya. Katya's really smart, and I think she does things involving digital stuff, but I'm not really sure.. We like undwinding by the bar a lot, so if she mentioned it, I don't remember, and the hangovers didn't help either. Nadalia on the other hand, she's.. Oh she's something alright. I don't know her super well, but I know she uses fire magic? That's about all I can really say, she worked more closely with Dad than me."

After going through the laundry list of her companions, Teri's eyes settled on the cyborg standing by the cell, the somewhat light expression on her face fading as she gazed upon her captor, "And that one. That's the guy who brought me here. He's called Fulgore, but when we fought, I saw his face. His real name's Adelheid, and... Well, given the current state of affairs, something's wrong with him. For one, Adel would never work for the bad guys not after... Anyway, he was more the wandering warrior type, just kinda does stuff cause he feels like it."

Following that, the Cleric's head turned back towards her companion, leaving the floor open to Mio.

[1] The writer of this post acknowledges that this whole segment has gone very far down the TRON Logic hole. *Insert the MST3K Manta here* We apologize for any heads exploding due to technological incorrect-ness. ^^;

The Rising Dawn Adventures

The Rising Dawn | Hangar

"Ookaaayyy then, sure, just ... go on your merry way then!" Miia sarcastically taunted Kalastryn, feeling like she was left out since the girl didn't invite her to tag along. However, after that was said and done, the Lamia pretty much stood there in awkward silence. She placed one hand onto her arm, the typical pose a girl would have when they're lonely.

"Guess i'll just ... talk a stroll." Miia softly laughed to herself before shifting to anywhere that had a pathway, not exactly caring where it would take her. She seemed relaxed, but her mind couldn't shrug off the horrors that took place back in Denver, and who could forget such memories? Miia's little smile faded away the moment those memories were becoming too real, playing in her head like a movie screen before the eyes. To get her mind off the matter, she shook her head and began to close her eyes. Remembering an old song back in the day, she began to sing only to herself.

"I don't know if you can hear me,
Or if you're even there ...
I don't know if you would listen
To a Lamia's prayer
Yes, I know I'm just an outcast
I shouldn't speak to you,
Still I see your face and wonder
Were you once an outcast too?
God help the outcasts
Hungry from birth ...
Show them the mercy
They don't find on earth
God help my people,
We look to you still
God help the outcasts
Or nobody will-"

"Lady, can you keep it down? Some of us are working here ..." One of the staff members begged, Miia quickly snapping back to reality.
"Aauh! Sorry, sorry! I was ... a little loud wasn't I? I'll hush it, heh." Rolling their eyes, they simply got back to work. She noticed boxes near a desk, with tape labeled "Donations" on it. "What are these for?"

The coworker slowly turned in their chair, eyeing the curious Lamia with a look that screamed 'does it look like i'm in the mood to talk?' yet because they weren't going to be a dick about it, the employee kindly answered, "It's for charity. See, we figured Denver wasn't going to end up pretty after you guys showed up so we're sending the city some donations to help those who were hit hard. Figured it would make the Rising Dawn sympathetic in case people shifted the blame on us for the disaster that struck."

"H-hey! Maybe I can help! Since we couldn't do much to prevent the bombs from hitting the Denver capital, maybe I can at least support the civilians in another way. Maybeeee ... craft them clothes! Oohhhhhhhh Rachnera showed me how to knit clothes together and sew-"

"That's nice, but can you just go and do it? You're going to get me in trouble with my boss." He pleaded, looking back to Kazuya whom wasn't too far off in the distance. Nodding in that typical anime manner, Miia scurried off making the man whisper under his breath, "Are they fucking hire anyone now a days? Jesus christ ..."

The Rising Dawn | Hotel Room

Let's just say she 'borrowed' some equipment from the workshops and other departments that may or may not of been willing to tribute their tools. Nether the less, Miia slammed the door open with her tail and laid everything onto the bed, with stars in her pupils. "Alright, time to help make the world a better place! One pair of pants at a time!" She was excited, until realization came in ... she only knew how to make clothes for Lamias. She didn't know the dimensions, portions, or physics of the human male / female leggings. She began to sweat, rubbing both her arms in fear of screwing up.

"I, I have the pins ... scissors, fabric wheel, pens, threads, needles, uh ... squirt bottle, sleeve pressing tool, gel ... I have everything I need except a model to measure the dimensions of their hips and legs. Aaah! Darn it, what ... what exactly am I going to do now? My plans are already turning to dust." She sighed, her ears lowering themselves in defeat. Suddenly, a thought came up- a rather crazy one but it might just work.

"Maybe I can make clothes based on Darling!! I know everything about him! His height, his weight, his body- hehehe -his type and everything in between. I can make it work! See Miia, you've got the right idea!" She patted herself on the back metaphorically before getting to work. First, she would craft the jacket Darling wore- a light tinted green sweat jacket. This took a few tries, hence 'tries' since Miia kept poking her fingers with the needle. It was also kind of challenging because Miia had a serpent's body so she had to use the tail to spin the wheel while working out the fabric wheel. After say the 6th try, she managed to make a decent sweat jacket that was quite similar to the real deal. Next came the graphic white T-Shirt that Darling wore under the jacket. She had a much easier time making this, since it was a mere shirt with no windings or stitches between the shoulders or other areas. Trying them on, Miia hugged herself with a huge grin.

But it didn't stop there. She didn't feel it was enough, so being in the heat of the moment- she got to work making a beanie. She had some wool to spare, and though she didn't plan on using it ... it was quite covenant that she did have some in case. She even got two cotton balls of wool and stuck them on the tips of the beanie's laces. She gazed at it, thinking to color it the same as her jacket, but- as a moment passed, so did yet another thought. She blushed, wiggling her ears and started stitching buttons to the front of the beanie. Tearing some of the carpet off the floor and using a black spray can to dye the synthetic material. She started working to create something, and sowed it on top of the beanie. Noticing how it seemed bear even to this point, Miia decided to patch some cotton to the sides of the beanie and stitch them to blend with the material. To finish her masterpiece, she stuck a little wool at the tip of the beanie and colored it red with her pen. Placing the beanie onto her head firmly, she stuck her tongue out while feeling rejoiced about her 'art'.

"Aaawwwwhhhhh!! It really does remind me of Darling so much!! I'm never going to take this off for as long as I live!!"[2]

[1] Song is called God Help the Outcasts from the Disney Movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame
[2] That's totally not creepy at all, with Miia cosplaying as her crush ... no sir.

The Rising Dawn: Hangar
Slindis, Diana, Kazuya, Angelus, Kalastryn

Slindis moved back to allow the transports more room to land, and she rubbed her chin as she listened to Kazuya's talk. In her mind it felt like some backpedaling and wishy-washy attempt for Kazuya to pass the buck off; something that she personally wasn't too fond of as Kazuya was supposed to be taking charge here. Her soft sighs of disapproval made her mindset rather apparent to the badly damaged man, though as she uses another Lay on Hands she managed to bring Kazuya back to fighting-fit shape. And I thought they'd have it handled here with us gone, though now's not the time to complain about cleaning up their mess. There'd be no way I could look Teri in the eyes if I did.

Slindis used Lay on Hands, healing a rather massive chunk of Kazuya's wounds! He does not regenerate any body parts or wounded pride, though. Uses left for the RP day: 2

After she gave the man a moment to fully recover from the massive level of healing, she then directly replied to Kazuya. "We are going to recuperate, me and Devon are going to have to aid your medical staff to heal the others here, and then we will get them back. Rushing in recklessly to save them will only bring more failure, and I am not about to risk their lives on multiple rescue attempts." After that, she lowered her voice and whispered in Kazuya's ear as she got near him.

After that, she approached Kalastryn with a rather broad smile, patting her on the back before handing Kalastryn a vial from a pouch. "I wish we could have met up again in better times, friend. If you drink this, it should help you out a bit; I had to aid some undead while I was gone and it's a rather powerful tincture that should aid you."

The Rising Dawn: Lower Levels: The Armoury
Icarus, Melethia.

Melethia spent a good bit of time cleaning up the armory after the havoc that had been wreaked, giving Icarus some time to simmer in his anger. The young elf doesn't seem to struggle with even the larger chunks of shrapnel despite how heavy they looked, however, and before too long the Armory's left in a more-or-less functional state sans the damage done from Eddie's intrusion. "I will not pretend to know what history you have with anyone else here, but you will not change how anyone sees you if you sulk about it. Time spent dwelling on how others see you is time better spent improving your talents, and improving yourself will shut them up." The elf's words were still rather terse, though, and the detached tone of speaking was outright bizarre considering her appearance.

As a matter of fact, the green-haired elf's entire being shouted 'veteran', from the rather sturdy stance she took and the stern eyes critiquing the half-angel to the myriad crisscrossed nicks and scratches on her bracers and armor that could be faintly seen in a few tears of her tunic. "You already seem content to coast on natural talent as well, but that will only get you so far. Your energy is erratic and unfocused, which any enemy that is actually versed in combat could exploit. I will not say whether or not your survival until this point is due to sheer luck, but if you continue like this you will be nothing more than a rotting carcass when fate catches up to you."

Following those rather harsh words the elf proceeded to quickly set up some new traps on the floor, and even if Icarus's eyes could catch the movements the elf's vast experience with traps would make it hard to discern exactly how it worked. A few light pokes and scratches with her odd purple dagger are followed up with a grunt of approval, and shortly after the bold youth locked eyes with Icarus and rather harshly intoned, "If you are content to wallow in your untrained talent you are free to do so, but if you intend on actually having some use in the upcoming missions you will be following me to the training room and leaving your pride at the door."

The Rising Dawn:Canteen, Bar
Selena, Luke, Alashi, Tania, Violet

Alashi lightly nodded as Selenia introduced herself, and as she worked on her drink she stretched some more. "Business as usual, though to be honest I thought it wouldn't have gotten that bad. I did come with some other friends, and I bet you we'll have our other team members back before too long." Her drink was finished up before too long though, and as she waved down Luke. "You know we will be getting them back, right? You don't need to drink yourself into a stupor."

She also did give a curt wave to Tania as well, though for some reason she felt something slightly off about the woman. Nothing she felt she had to be worried about, but at the very least she didn't want to be completely lax around her, though her focus was thrown off as Violet greeted her in the boisterous manner that only he was capable of. "Just got back with Devon and the others, actually. Now, do you mind holding still?" Shortly after her request her nails sharpened up, and she sliced the collar off of Violet with only a minor nick to his cheek.

The Rising Dawn: Hallway, transitioning to the living quarters
Devon, Rugal

Devon was certainly a bit surprised to see Rugal was the one with the scent, though as Rugal states that he needed assistance the Bard patted his back. "Very well then, follow me. I doubt you want to talk for too long anyway, Slin and Mel arrived with me and Alashi." Thankfully the hallways in this part of the ship were a bit more secluded, and before long Devon guided Rugal to her room. It was still slightly disheveled, as they'd had to leave on rather short notice, but it was more than clean enough for the pair to sit on the bed. "So, what is it? I'd wager it's got something to do with that deal you just made with Lucifer - don't bother denying it, I know that scent from anywhere." Even though Devon was speaking rather casually, Devon was admittedly nervous. She hadn't dealt too much with Rugal personally while she was last on the ship, and even though Slindis had been fine with him there was still reason for concern considering the size difference.

It wasn't enough to make Devon shake, however, and as the door was opened the pair could see the disheveled Garm napping on Teri's empty bed in the room across the hallway. Feeling bad for the lonely wolf, Devon sung a light tune that would both comfort Garm as well as wake him up. "Mind if we have Garm in here? Poor pup looks like he's been through hell."

The Rising Dawn Adventures

Escapist Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location | Weapon Storage
Katya | Nadalia | Teri | Mio | Antoinette de la Trou | Benedict Warrington | Bruiser

To walk these halls without a collar without restrictions, or limitations ... picture a person with a sweet tooth trying to ignore everything within the chocolate factory- that would be Nadalia right here. Any second, she felt the urge to unleash her power upon those who've wronged her, to show them what it means to be the Iron Queen. However, there was a lot to take into account before being reckless. For starters, the Bride of Ash was actually a rather wise tactician since she's won multiple wars in her time of ruling over her kingdom. Blowing their cover now to get some petty payback would surely cost them not only their chances of escaping, but everyone in alliance with Nadalia would suffer as well since they're trapped like animals in a cage.

Despite not exactly knowing FULGORE, she knew not to underestimate the only android to stand out from among the guards. He seemed 'special', due to his appearance and being out of Teri's range meaning he was specifically assigned to watch over the Rising Dawn members. Going toe-to-toe with him would not buy them enough time to free the others or get far in this hellhole.

Step by step, we will unravel what they've taken from us .... Nadalia thought, breathing softly through her nostrils. She was doing a good job resisting the desire to slay these guards, but it would eventually come down to 'when will it be appropriate' so to speak.

From the corner of her eye as she passed Teri's cell, she noticed the Cleric, her Pirate friend, and someone she also didn't quite recognize (Bruiser). Seems he was patched up not to long ago, some blood stains smeared within the cell walls.
If we do not act soon, they might face such fate as well ... Nadalia thought, concerned they wouldn't hold back on torturing her friends for answers or self amusement.

She didn't have her arm fully recovered just yet- she had to step out of the Warmth to get a move on. Why? Well staying here any longer would increase suspicion as to why the prisoners were out of their cells and well ... you can figure out how unkindly they would take people like Nadalia without a collar walking around. She turned to Katya softly speaking only in her range of hearing, "There, do you see that? Up ahead ... the place that holds your belongings. There are men perched against the door, and many others may lie beyond it. What shall we do with the little spare time that we have?"

I mean Nadalia could easily (or least try to) take them out swiftly, using pyromancy. But that would cause a scene, and that would draw attention. She could of course, play that 'girl in heat' scandal again like when she was with Rugal- yet she despised that role so greatly. Never again would she play the whore, in favor of gaining access to anything despite she killed the guard before he could touch her flesh. Perhaps, there may be a way ... It was crazy, and pretty risky, but ... she would try it. What other choice did they have while being in the open? So with that, she kind of, well- walked straight up to the guard who was standing in front of the weapon's storage.

Like any logical person would- they immediately pointed their weapon at Nadalia, ordering, "HALT! Why are you out of your cell for?!!"


"Fear not. I was escorted with your superior ... for she wanted to see the error in your technology. You see, she tried to get my collar fixed and alas, it is still broken." Nadalia showed him the collar that was deactivated, resting in her palms while she advised him, "I was told there was a spare in your storage, and if I were to disobey ... there would be, 'hell to pay' for my disobedience. Do show me in, so I don't suffer for your mistakes." Perhaps Katya might of had a better plan, but ... again, they were in the open, and sure enough if they didn't act swiftly, they might of not had the chance to do anything at all.

Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | Hangar -> Canteen
Diana | Angelus | Kazuya Mishima | Slindis

Diana had not expected someone to touch her and heal her wounds, especially not after it did not happen to her while she was in the draconic form. At first, she nearly tried to squirm away despite Slindis telling her not to. Still, she was not really in a state to just walk away. As she felt the Lay on Hands, she stopped squirming as well, and just enjoyed the sensation of her wounds being healed. Despite still being in a very bad mood, she wanted to smile and say her thanks.

As Slindis stated this, however: "You should be fine for now, but next time be more careful around missile defenses, Miss." Diana instead just said "Pfft. How about anyone tell me beforehand, that there are missile defenses?" as she was looked at further.

Now, with a clearer head, she listened to what Kazuya had to say: "...After a unexpected change in management, the details of which are un-important at this junction in time, Violet was left to command our latest operation to try and capture Bison. It went badly, as Angelus can attest. I'm currently in the process of recalling our forces back to the airship before planning our counter attack to eliminate both Armstrong and Bison."
This was not really something Diana had expected. It put the blame on Violet, and there was no explanation at all why exactly it had happened. A temporary change in management? Who was the manager, anyways? There was an easy way to at least find out who the person speaking to was, what role he had. How to punish him best, too. Probing his mind.

She got into his head easily. He seemed distracted. Internally, he was screaming about what had happened, which pleased Diana at least. Feeling the blame was, for her, crucial, and this was noone who needed help with it. Looking further, she easily found out that this, indeed, was the 'Kazuya' Bison had spoken of before. The one she was confused about, because she had not gotten the task to attack from him.

"Hey. I met Bison down there, he sends his regards. I think he is in trouble now, too, though."
She did not know if that would make things better for him, but she did not care. Another thing she found interesting, and her response to it, whispered, made it clear: "If you really want to punish the one who changed your management, I would like to be of help. I'm starv ... I really don't like this guy anymore." Killing Violet was something she had thought about herself. Alas, having some fun on the Rising Dawn without permission wasn't something she would do, as it would make her a villain. But if she was allowed to ...

She put the thought in the back of her head. She needed to appear as if she had at least some humanity in her, at all times. It was pretty risky to suggest something like it. Instead, she distracted herself by reading Kazuya's mind further, finding out he failed to woo over Slindis. Which she found pretty funny. Why were people like that? Always desiring what they couldn't have. Of course, she could try to get his hopes up, because it would be funny, but for now, she was interested in more murderous things, or just to crawl into a corner and hate everything, not in opposing the incompetent 'leader' of the Rising Dawn's operations.

"I assure you, with my command restored, I Can win this battle. Had I been aware of Armstrong's involvement in Bison's last stand, I wouldn't have lead such a headstrong attack like Violet did. I'm not going to let either one of them appear as victors nor will they remain in possession of your crew and family. Now, shall we begin?"

"Later, I have to drink to this situation." Diana stated bluntly. "Give me a call, will ya?" she winked, her phone number appearing in Kazuya's head. "At least once you find out where our people went, exactly."

Then, she walked away, hips swaying, planning on a direct route to the canteen. If she could not murder, at least alcohol would put her dark mood to rest for some time. And it was not really like she had any reason to just stand around and wait. She glared at any people she came across hatefully, not even really realizing it. After a few staff members had gone past her, she felt like spreading her misery a bit more. As a woman with a white face, maybe due to shock, went past her, she called out: "Put some make-up on, this looks like you belong in a basement doctor's office, not on the Rising Dawn."

Diana did not even wait for an answer as she just went past the woman, glaring at the next victim for her bullying. And she found one in a girl with really long blonde hair, Nina. "Cut your hair, this looks stupid." she said. "And is impractical. It's like you decided to make it as bad as possible. Also, your dye looks fake." With that, she just walked further, arriving at the canteen.

Before she sat down next to the first person she saw, she took an imp by the neck, held him directly before her face, and said: "Get me a Bloody Mary. Or two of them." Then she put him down again, and watched him scurry away, hopefully getting her order.

Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location | Cell
Mio | Teri | Bruiser

Mio noted and remembered everything Bruiser said about their captivity. That it was a prison to rot in did not affect her at all. After all, every prison was meant to be rot in, at least every bigger one, and none of them were only that. In other places, smuggling was rampant, and while she did not know if these cyborgs would not allow it, what she heard so far did seem to indicate that something was happening, and not just nothing.

After all, there was the possibility of real talk or real stealing something from a guard if food would be brought inside. Maybe she would not even get interrogated. And if they were just not there to talk, if they were just robots, the possibilities were limited, but you could plan on what you could do precisely. How much did Bruiser even know, if he did not know if there was smuggling? And time to get together would be nice, but, as evidenced by some guys in other cells shouting shit at each other, apparently talking was possible. And you could do a lot with just talking.

All in all, Mio's spirits were still high. She might just have to use some other people, Bruiser's information was not perfect.

"Ahhh-...ahh- YOU! WHAT'S YOUR NAME- Please tell me you know something about first aid! I promise you, you help my friend out, I will give you an entire African country of your own when we get out of here and I take over this stupid fucking world!"

Realizing Bison was talking to her, Mio thought and shrugged, calling back: "My name is Mio. Better remember it!" She started helping Teri drag Bruiser with some difficulty, but assisted her as best as she could. "I will take you by your word!" she added towards Bison. "If you get out of here, and somehow take over the world, you give me the country!" She laughed at what she had said, not taking it completely seriously, although making it clear that she would actually demand it.

The heavy steps of the Fulgore made her look up, but not making out much more than metal, she did not take more than a glance. This would probably not be something she would try to deal with, anyways. Then, finally, Bruiser was stabilized, and Teri could answer her relevant questions. Like who she wanted to make friends with, who would be of use, and who would just whine all the time, like Bison or Bruiser.

Liking to talk, she also gave comments to each one Teri described: "A mute warrior? Good in melee? It's like out of some legend. I'll be sure to give him a crowbar if I find one!" she laughed. "A sharpshooter, too? So far we would not even need magic or something! Maybe I can get some booze from him, too ..."

After Caim and David, Shadow was next, which Teri did not know much about, and Mio therefore could not say much. "Always good to have more drinking companions."
And, speaking of Nadalia and Katya:
"So these two ... they can just run around like that? Hey, I want too!" Realizing the Fulgore was still standing around, she did not say much more. Just: "I wonder if those two like each other, or someone else. I mean ... I don't know what 'digital' means, but it sounds nearly as hot as fire magic!"

At the last one, Mio made a short laugh. "Adelheid? That's a woman's name in some places! And nowhere else I even heard the name! Maybe he was a wanderer because of his name?
And if there's something wrong with him ... aside from his name ... can you try to find out what exactly? I can't really do psh ... psychiatrology, but you're a doctor!"

She got more serious again. "Really, do you think you could find out anything if I talk to him?" she said to Teri before stepping closer to the bars of the cell, but still having enough distance to step away fast, if necessary. "Hey! Adelheid! What's with the metal? What's with your name? Feeling unhappy? If we had a couch here, I would ask you to sit and relax on it. Wait, is it even pleasant to sit in that metal?
... Can you even sit? Seriously, I'm worried about you. We should all be friends to each other! The world would be a better place this way! What do you say, man? Time to make peace?"

The Rising Dawn: Hallway/Bedroom: Devon, Rugal, Garm

"...How did you-!?...God dammit, is it seriously that noticable!? urg, Remind me to wear more cologne when this is over then..." Rugal groaned when Devon casually revealed the all-so-secretive deal with the devil he had just made.
"...Lucifer wanted to be of assistance in the upcoming rescue mission, we believed that this was the best way to work around his limitations on interactions with mortals. Don't think I need to tell you to not to make this public knowledge. Either way, we're going up a well armed and well trained force with several tactical advantages over us and some of our allies hostage. I'm not about to refuse some "Divine Intervention"..." He explained to the bard as he began to pace around the room, seeming to massage the back of his head (Which seemed to be where the "Scent" was coming from).
"I can have regrets later when I know my daughter isn't in the hands some of right-wing nutcase with a military fetish..." He then added, least until Devon turned the topic of the conversation to Garm, who had seemed to be back on his feet for the most part.
"Garm? I thought he was still being treated..." The "Captain" (a term that sounding more and more hollow to him) remarked as he glanced at the depressed wolf.

Walking up to the creature, he knelt down as he ran his hand along his fur before saying "This is Temporary, Remember that."
The wolf blearily opened one eye at being addressed, "I know... I just didn't want to be in the Med-Bay any longer."
He gave a quick sniff with his nose, causing his head quirked in confusion,
"Strange... Is Tear-ri's Luke around? It smells like he just did some magic. I thought he wasn't supposed to..."
Rugal silently bit the inside of his cheek for a moment before deciding to change the topic: "I have some good news: We just got some backup and one of them wishes to meet with you." He said as Garm noticed the rather attention grabbing singing of the bard, right before the "Alpha" lead him into Devon's room.
"...?" Garm took a couple more sniffs, and along with the singing, his ears and tail perked up with recognition.
"Devon!" Shooting past Rugal, the wolf ran up to the Bard's side, rubbing himself against Devon's side, "I am very happy to see you after everything that's happened!"
"Hm, actually, Now that you are recovered, is there any information you can give me on Teri's attacker? Devon, you might want to hear this too..."

Garm's ears lowered and his tail drooped once more as he began to recount the events,, "We had just finished saving one of the groups from being mind controlled by our enemies, and were going to regroup with the pack. Because I'm the faster of the two, Tear-ri was riding on my back. We followed some mapping from the Dimitri voice, and went down a side path, that's when he showed up.
For a human, he looked weird, almost like he was covered entirely in armor or metal. Tear-ri tried to talk it out and asked him to leave us alone, but he wouldn't listen, saying some kind of..order or something. I didn't know exactly what he wanted - but he said "surrender". That's when the fight began. She used some magic, summoned a thing to help, it made his metal get really cold - and then she Reppuken'd him in the face. His helmet broke off, and that's how I know he was a human..."

Garm paused, the look on his face showing that he was trying to remember more, before he looked up again, "Oh! She knew the guy! I remember that now. When she saw his face, she called him 'Adel'! So she knows him...Somehow. And then he did HIS Reppuken, knocked out our Support and... Everything after that I can't remember. He was too fast. After getting the summon, he went for me. If you didn't show up, Alpha, I'd probably would have died."
"Adel....Sorry, that name means nothing to me...Though I am wondering how he was able to know that Ki Technique, While I my own knowledge of it was learned somewhat second-hand, it's not common knowledge anywhere from my experiences...."

The Rising Dawn: Medical Bay: Doom, Major Rhodes, Ghost, Ruby, Rory

*TSK!* "...Can I just say, you two REALLY know how to harsh someone's buzz?..." *TSK!* Ghost remarked as he slowly brought up his index finger before softly pointing the Major's gun away from his face.
*TSK!* "Alright, alright, I'll bring you to the CEO, just keep your little "Friend" on a tight leash. Management mightn't have their shit together right now, but I can assure you: The rules about dangerous criminals and what they can and cannot do is still in effect. Even if the subject in question can't read. Follow me..." *TSK!* The special agent said before bringing the group over to the Hanger.
Doom meanwhile was recovering from the shock that comes with being told that a loved one was dead and the shock of being told that a loved one might still be alive.
"Ww--w-wwhat?! H-h-ow do you know!? Armstrong didn't kill him too?!" He began to ramble as he tried to keep up with the others, only to face plant when his pants fell down because he didn't close the button and pull up the fly.

The Rising Dawn: Hangar Command Center: Slindis, Diana, Kazuya, Angelus Feat. Doom, Major Rhodes, Ghost, Ruby, Rory

While the Drow's kind healing did much to restore his focus and ease the pain he was in, it didn't do much for the part where he was still fit to explode from anger, sheer force of will being the only thing stopping him from having a repeat of last night (and possibly loosing the other arm).
The fact that Slindis was now giving him an ultimatium didn't help matters just salt into the wound at this point really.
"Give me a call, will ya? At least once you find out where our people went, exactly." Diana then said as she walked past him, right as a series of numbers began to go into his hea-....she-...was in...his head?
Quickly a wide portion of his anger turned to instant dread, already attempting to make a inventory of all the thoughts he had made in the last 24 hours.
His panic was rather visual, as noted by a few glances by his men at the continuing mental destabilization of their "Leader".
"...The hell are you all looking at?! Get back to wo-Ark!...And get me a uniform!" He barked at them, his voice cracking as his sole arm held onto the desk at his post, trembling as if he has Parkinson's.

Before long, the Group lead by Ghost arrived on the scene, the Agent pointing to the one-armed man currently now sporting a topless look on his Purple uniform before saying *TSK!* "That's the boss-man right there. Personally though, I think that there's going to be another "Change in Management" soon. I mean, he's basically just as far gone as Dr. Dumbass there, only he can actually read." *TSK!*
Kazuya soon noticed the group nearing him (as well as that annoying little bitch with the Halberd), attempting to present himself with some authority even as he stood there in a mostly unbuttoned shirt.
"Mind telling me what you are going in my Command Center?..."

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Caramel Frappe:
This was a Collaborative and consensual beatdown :P

Avatar Adventures | The Airship: The Rising Dawn | The Brig
Wesker | Cortex | Chrysalis

"Ta ta for now love, I have bigger fish to catch~"

It happened so quickly that Cortex still had a joyful expression on his face by the time Chrysalis was walking away, looking love struck before the expression slowly began to fade.
There wasn't any anger, any sadness or-...really anything, this had happened so many times before in the past.
He didn't fight it, he didn't protest, didn't even shed a tear.
Letting go of the bars, he then went back to sitting in the corner of his cell, having had his daily reminder of the cruelty of the world and why a man like him would never find happiness.

But while Chrysalis was content to merely walk away with another poor man's heart broken in her wake, before she could reach the door, a leather glove came down on her shoulder before she heard a rather chilling sentence.
"Getting out of the cell wasn't the part we had trouble with..." Wesker calmly spoke into her ear from behind, now standing right behind her and several feet beyond an open cell door.

It was then the Changling Queen realized she was going to have a very bad time...

Instinctively, she quickly turned around and did what a lot of women would do in such a position: Kick her tormentor in the nuts.
Wesker merely slid back slightly before catching her foot at the apex of it's swing.
For a brief moment, she saw a smirk on the former Black Mesa Administrator before her ankle was violently rotated a full 180' degrees.
She screamed in pain before her leg was pulled towards Wesker, allowing him to land a powerful palm strike to the chest forced all the air out of her lungs.
Her eye couldn't see it because it was so fast, but the doctor then flash-stepped behind her as she was launched back, grabbing her arm and head before plowing her face right into the steel wall near the entrance, breaking her nose and knocking out several teeth.

"I am not a good person..."
A terrible kidney punch nearly vaporized it within her back while a swift downward stomp on the back of her foreleg, caused the bone to snap and jut out though her shin.
"I've killed people for my research, used that research to kill more people..."
Pulling her out of the head-shaped dent in the wall by her hair, he allowed her a moment to collect herself, even going so far as to step back and give her an opening to hit him back, smirking as he stood there with his arms out stretched, as if to say "Bring it".
While her head was spinning, she knew a fight when she saw one and went to use her magic to-
A roundhouse kick across the jaw soon put an end to that, knocking her back deeper into the brig and way from the exit.
"I know I'm going to pay rather dearly for what I've done in my time. I've accepted it."
Her hair was pulled again as he began to drag her back into his cell.

"I know better then to make excuses, to rationalize my evil deeds..."
Before it happened, she saw it coming, which made it a bit worse when her head was shoved into the toilet, water starting to fill her lungs as his heel drove into the back of her skull, keeping her pinned in place.
Both hands then grabbed her wings, tearing them as he threw her back against the bars of his cell.
"I've learn to live with my life choices, my morals, what few I have." He said as he stood over her, gently pressing his foot against her exposed and broken shin bone.
She screamed as he kneeled down to look her dead in the eye for the next part: "One of those is to repay those who hurt the ones I care about in kind. And you really hurt someone who would have gladly given his life for yours."
Standing back up, he shoved her body along with his foot until she was laying along the cell door, her midsection lined up with where the bars locked up with the wall.
"Remember that when you think back on this."

He then grabbed the cell bars before violently "Closing" the cell, ramming the bars against her torso repeatedly.
She tried to stand up as she spat out blood, only to be hit by the bars again.
Attempting to sit up, she tried using her hands to block the next on, only getting a broken hand and wrist for her troubles.
"So how does that make me different from you? It's simple really..." He said as he sat her up lined up with where the door frame.
"When I wake up and look at myself in the mirror, I can say this to myself and know that it's the most honest thing I might say in the entire day...I. Am not. A Whore."
He marked the end of that statement with one last door slam, connecting with her face, her chest and her..."Downstairs" at all once.
A foot then pressed against her bicep before pushing her out onto the floor in the middle of the brig, right before Wesker relocked his cell and calmly went to wash his hands.
"...Don't blame yourself Neo. When you are ready to talk, I'll be here..." He addressed his friend, though he barely even responded to the violence, instead staring at the rivets in the steel walls of his cell with a thousand yard stare.
*Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn!* "Ohhhh, that was Wonderful na-WHOA WHAT THE SHIT?!"

Deadshot seamlessly inserted himself back into the brig (After all he was "There the whole time") as he glanced at the barely breathing form of the Queen bleeding on the floor in front of him.
"....Someone going to tell me what the hell happened to her?"
"She tripped and she fell."
"...Ah don't really expect me to believe that?"
"And you don't expect me to believe that when the children came in here, they were lying when you said you weren't in your cell?..."
"........I didn't see nothing if you didn't see nothing..."
"Glad we can agree on something."

The Rising Dawn Adventures

Avatar Adventures | The Airship: The Rising Dawn | The Brig
Wesker | Cortex | Chrysalis

Life was like a box of chocolates. Sometimes you'll get creamy dark chocolate, other times you'll get a taste of red velvet strawberry chocolate, and other times milk chocolate. Once in awhile, you may come across a flavor you're not too fond of, but that's okay ... you move past that. But then there's those very particular days out of a blue moon- there's bleach within the little chocolate and you're suffering greatly for picking that particular sweet. Well, that metaphor ties in very well with what Chrysalis was going to feel today.

She's tested fate before, getting into a fight with Cyber Akuma which she got away with some scratches. She survived Bruiser's interrogation by breathing green fire into his face; allowing her to fly away. She's even caused a storm of drama with Puce and Kurumu, turning the two love birds against one another. But karma is a thing, and it can get downright nasty if you abuse your chances. See, she didn't have to be a dick towards Cortex. She didn't have to stomp in his heart for the sake of it. Hell, she could of tried to be sympathetic even if she wasn't into the little man. But see, she decided to go out of her way in making Cortex feel like absolute crap despite he was behind bars, with nothing to spare. So surprise, surprise, when Wesker plays the role of 'karma' and beats the every lasting daylights out of Chrysalis with no remorse.

She couldn't defend herself, let alone get a good glimpse at him long enough to try using her magic. When a man can move in a fraction of a second to flip you over, punch you to the next room, or do things you thought impossible with physics, well ... you're just going to bear with what's to come and BOY did Chrysalis have a rude awakening when Wesker beat her hard.

She was lying on the floor, every joint in her body cried out in pain .. her world shattered from being overpowered so easily. Queen Chrysalis wasn't even awake to feel the shame- she was out cold, if not close to slumbering into a coma for that matter. As the guards began to slowly wake up, they adjusted their gear and armor until one shouted aloud, "Holy shit, which one of you did her in?"

They gazed at the unconscious, brutally broken Chrysalis that looked like she was pretty much dead with things out of place (her leg for one) and her wings nearly torn off, if not hanging by a string of flesh. "Fucking christ, which one if you jackholes went overboard in beating the broad?? If word gets out, we're in deep shit with Rugal. We do NOT want him involved with this."

"Don't look at me, that bitch threw me across the room. Went head first into the bloody wall- so I wasn't responsible for, for THAT."

As a few more guards began to finally snap out of their little 'knocked out' nap, chatter begin to fill the room. None of them could explain what caused this, and the prisoners were still locked in their cells- so it had to of been one of the guards. Or maybe ...
"What if a Rising Dawn member stepped in and took her out? Maybe they tried to stop her-"

"Even if that was the case, why the fuck did they leave her on the floor bleeding out? I mean, LOOK at that fucking scene. They fucked her up like Inafune fucked over my kickstarter money." All the guards slowly turned their heads to the one guard, whom lowered his head as a result. "Hey, I ... I was cautiously optimistic for Mighty No. 9 and, well ... HEY let's not lose focus. We got to clean the scene before someone sees this!" Without question, the few scrambled over to Chrysalis, picking her up (while one was horrified how messed up Chrysalis was, with her mouth pouring blood, lacking some teeth, a swollen eye ... then again most of her body was wrecked up.) They went near their supply room to bring out, you guessed it ... a large sized black trash bag. Stuffing her in there, one carried her like Santa Clause would with a sack of toys as he made his way towards the Medical Bay with 2 other guards acting like an escort.

Avatar Adventures | The Airship: The Rising Dawn | Medical Bay

It wasn't easy trying to play it off. Chrysalis wasn't a mere child or kid-sized animal. She was a full grown woman stuffed into a trash bag, which was already ripping on the bottom, causing one of the 2 guards to carry it from below. They noticed a few Rising Dawn members already hanging around the medical bay, so they had to take the long route in getting into the office. Once they safely made it inside without causing suspicion, they poured the almost lifeless Chrysalis onto the medical table that wasn't taken up and hurried out the door. Heck they didn't bother bandaging up the poor lass.

"Someone's going to wonder how the hell she got in there."

"Doesn't matter, it's their problem. Let's just go back into the brig and pretend nothing ever happened."

"Pretend we didn't nearly kill one of the residents, or pretend a single woman took us out effortlessly before she got beaten up?"

"FU- you know what I mean!!! Come on, get back to our stations asap!"

The Rising Dawn: Canteen: Selena, Luke, Alashi, Tania and...Violet... /)_-"

"Careful-Careful-ow!" Violet whined as the collar was finally cut off his neck, wincing slightly as his cheek was cut.
"Ah Thanks. That was just-..."A good natured prank" by the staff here. Eheheheh...." He then tried to play it off, only for one of the waiter's to hover in front of his face and give the real version.
{You see, his waste of mortal flesh was in charge of the operation that the crew was dispatched on earlier today. Then he got drunk and began to cause trouble here for the rest of the day instead. The Captain was here and from what I gathered, he might have gotten his daughter killed in action. Now, put that Cone back on him, if you take it off, he won't learn anything.}[1]
Without so much as explaining himself, the imp then flew off, leaving a confused Violet to try and play off whatever the hell he just said.
"...Ha! See? They love me here! Now-ummm-I should go, all play and no work makes-....someone-...something..." The G-Corp scientist then said before attempting his exit, walking at a speed that indicated he couldn't leave fast enough...

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[1] Spoken in Infernal or Demon-speak

World Marshall Undisclosed Location: Anomalous Materials: ARES, Viscus, Dimitri, M. Lab Tech, Paranoid Guardwoman

"...Damn, She burned you. Your two got burned. Burned hard. Like, you're just ashes now." One of the junior techs said as ARES pointed out the mistake the GM had made[1] pointed out the issues with the way they were going about their examination of the android.
"...You are really wiser then most of the machines we get in here, I'd just to say." The M. Lab Tech said as he nervously laughed, it had been sometime since the subject he was examining managed to deliver such a statement to him, pointing out the flaws in his research.
"...You know what? Seeing how you just explained your plans and why they won't work, I think it's save to say you are no real threat to us." he then said, much to the annoyance of the Guardwoman.
"Keep the EM field up but re-attach her limbs. This one has been rather co-operative in her examination. Besides, our measures are able to prevent any and all "outbursts" she might have. After all, she said it." He then ordered as the junior techs began to take her off the machine rack, putting back on her arms and legs.
"Perhaps now you can detail your weaponry a bit better now, hm? Go on, let me seem them. He then asked while the guardwoman kept watch.

Back with Dimitri, the System Admin seemed confused at first, right before her cybernetic ears were blasted with a rather impressive imitation of the famous Drowning Pool classic.
"WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!?" She screamed as she fell off her chair and held her ears, giving Dimitri all the time he needed to open the command line prompt and have his way with the admin's settings and permissions.
He was then presented with the network topology, a blueprint of every device on the network and what it did, and with this access, he was free to do whatever he wanted to the un-suspecting lab techs...

[1] Seriously, Sorry about that. So much to keep track of X.X

The Rising Dawn: Lower Levels: The Armoury
Icarus, Melethia.

As Melethia Cleaned up the armoury and set new Traps, Icarus Very carefully positioned himself near the door without triggering the traps. Icarus noticed her obvious signs of battle, her rather sharp eyes had effectively caught his inexperience, He was somewhat embarrassed to admit that when sparring with his brother Danny Boy, 9 times out of ten, Danny got the better of him. "If you are content to wallow in your untrained talent you are free to do so, but if you intend on actually having some use in the upcoming missions you will be following me to the training room and leaving your pride at the door."
Icarus took a deep breath and attempted to calm down he managed relatively well but he was not great at controlling his emotions Though his Ki energy was now tamer, He had once been able to hold himself in control but it seemed his current power was something he couldn't keep under wrap.
"Very well I just have one question Would you mind if my brother supervised? He's been my Sparring partner and at this point he;s the closest thing I have to a teacher." Icarus then realized he probably should utilize his sword for practice, when he trained in the Void he had always used a blunt practice blade or a large stick. He held out his hand mentally thinking 'I need a practice sword something that wont break, with a similar feel as my sword, but blunt' suddenly the hallway became cold, he felt like something sort of current was trying to pull him he braced himself, by the time the feeling subsided he felt like he just ran a block but standing before him was a Sword-kin, it was older than the ones he had seen before "Hail Prince,It greeted him in a raspy metallic voice "I have heard thine summons and I hath come forth, You will find I shall be an adequate implement for your practices." The Sword-Kin then transformed into a sword, it was almost identical in general design to His own blade, but without the fine detailing and this sword had signs of age, it was also a single material in this Case Titanium. It was while Icarus was holding the blade that he realized Melethia, was looking at him, "Oh right I umm should probably explain he said. "My father was a bit of a blacksmith, he learned how to make sentient swords, that'd turn into little servants." He smiled meekly he also hadn't expected summoning the Sword-Kin from his Vault would tire him.
The Rising Dawn:Canteen, Bar
Selena, Luke, Alashi, Tania, Violet

Alashi was listening politely to Selena, "Business as usual, though to be honest I thought it wouldn't have gotten that bad. I did come with some other friends, and I bet you we'll have our other team members back before too long.""You know we will be getting them back, right? You don't need to drink yourself into a stupor."
Selena set down her glass of whiskey "I had a near death experience, I was in a van plummeting towards earth, so I may need to.. take a break, also A friend of mine may have went a lil... berserk when he thought I died."
She sighed Her head was spinning though of course to her everything else was spinning and it was hard to stay focused or awake.
"Just got back with Devon and the others, actually. Now, do you mind holding still?" Alashi then managed to slice off Violet's collar with her nails. A giggle escaped Selena a somewhat rare occurrence unless if a certain half angel was around.
"Careful he loves to flirt He especially can't help himself if he thinks the girl is pretty," She saiod asd The collar was placed back on him heShe was somewhat oblivous tyo his clear desire to be out of his room and instead grabbed him by the wirst and pulled him in closer to her "Hey Violet do you think You could find where the crew got kidnapped if I gave you a Kiss?" She said snickering she evidently had too much to drink, A touch of magic began to collect around her, It was her Wild Magic. It seemed the tight control of her powers was loosening.

In a Faraway Place.
His body shuddered, he had not felt pain in a long time but that would certainly have registered had he been capable of feeling such a thing. when he looked up he saw a horrendous abomination a demon was before him, It's revolting body was obese from gorging on so many Human souls they were in a swollen belly he could sense their struggle to escape a toothy maw grinned widely "Greetings oh Raven King, I hope you Don't mind my invitation But I Will take great pleasure in Devouring your soul,"
He stood up his staff appeared gripping it tightly the Massive monstrosity Began to Laugh "You are Intend to fight, Foolish Creature it was time you were dethroned" a clawed hand swiped upwards at His Face. the blow didn't injure him however as the Demon did so The claws of the best hooked under the mask lifting if off it's owners face and sending it into the air it connected with the ground.
"Oh dear did I deface the great king Oh please forgive me" It laughing mockingly but paused as Black smoke was drifting off from The Raven King. The Spiritual Psychopomp shuddered as his flesh became corporeal.
"What?" He asked looking at his opponent The Demon was in genuine shock as what seemed to be a mortal man was standing before him dressed in casual clothing. The Immortal Raven King was now wearing Jeans and a T-shirt aloing with a coat made for zipping a grey jacket and a hoodie together.
Dillon looked at himself he was dressed in casual attire and smiled ans his hands clenched it had been so long...
"Ergh It is of no matter you still posses the souls of the Raven King, I shall devour Your Soul and everything you-ergh" The demon had a sudden interruption in the Version of A fist colliding with it's Face. The demon attempted to fend off this attack but it seemed this "mortal' was faster than he should be and launched himself into the air The many eyes followed the movement but didn't anticipate him to launch down so quickly, It could feel it's black bones crunching under the weight of it's adversary.
"Ergh How, HOW ARE YOU THIS STRONG?" the Demon snarled not capable of understanding the power this mere human was displaying.
This didn't last long though as Dillon charged landing a flurry of blows. A grin was spreading across Dillon's face the Demon had clearly underestimated him. The Monstrous Creature growled as Dillon drew a sword, allegedly from nowhere, He slashed at the Beast's gut it howled in pain as the numerous souls came to Dillon, They gathered close to him. his arms sheltered them, a soft melody became audible.
"Wretched Demon you are a threat to Humanity, as such you must be dealt with" He reached into his pocket and produced a Faceted Mirror. The demon writhed as the mirror shined brightly Its twisted and contorted as it's retched form reflected back to it, The demon began to disintegrate In Dillon's Bright light until it;s physical form was no more, but the demon was still visible in one of the facets of the mirror struggling to escape it was not the first creature to enter the mirror and it certainly wouldn't be the last.
Dillon's hands raised and the many souls Shifted Taking the physical form of Silver and gold coins The he gently dropped the coins in a purple silk Bag tied to his belt.
Looking around looking around Dillon Managed to climb out of the hole, pausing to pick up the black Raven-esque mask. He wasn't in a hurry to put the thing back on again, He hand;t felt alive for such a long time, he could at least get some lunch...

And Somewhere Not So Distant
Cabrion awoke somewhere different, He had been couch surfing when he Had a dream from Nythium. As usual it was unpleasant, but He had at least been informed he would wake up with no idea where he was, That wasn't very atypical for him.
When he did wake up His hate had been strategically placed over his face requiring him to remove it. He stretched out groaning, his hand snaked down hoping to find a bottle only to feel plush carpet. With a groan Cabrion got off the Rather nice couch and found his Jacket hanging off the arm of the couch the house was empty and silent He looked around it was clearly a pleasant place to live. He walked over to the kitchen grabbed a post it note writing out "Thanks for Letting me use your couch" he reached into his pocket and pulled out a few gold coins dropping two onto the table he stuck the note to the fridge, taking his jacket before leaving. wherever he was the air felt different here, could there be Magic in the air? was this a world where magic existed? It was faint but he could tell this was not a mundane world, He smiled This place would be worth staying around.
He fumbled around through his Rucksack Searching for his figurines "Thelonious I know your in there somewhere..." He said when he touched something and his mind was filled with curses" "Oh sorry princess" he rolled his golden eyes and started walking, Walking away from the sun.

Texas Joker 52:
New Character Debut!

World Marshall Undisclosed Location: Secure Cell Block: Designation A-Class: Bison, Bruiser, Caim, David, Teri, Mio, Shadow/Agent, FULGORE Featuring B.C. and King Leoric!

The life of a convicted criminal was often a colorful and interesting one, with various events stringing together in ways that often didn't make a lick of sense either in the moment or out of it, usually strewn with victims all along the way. The fact that one prison break landed her smack-dab in the middle of yet another prison was a prime example, and Bonnie Clydesdale couldn't help but run through the entire sequence of events to try and make sense of it. It helped to alleviate the boredom that was starting to set in.

It started with the Confeddie Correctional Authority, prison guards with a fancy-schmancy title, deciding that really, a normal maximum-security prison station in space just wasn't enough for someone with her caliber of criminal skills. It was flattering, really, something that gave her a little chuckle when she heard about it. From there, they put her on a nice little Confederate Prison Transport, where she had quite a bit of fun flirting with and flustering one of the guards. His name was Jimmy, if she remembered correctly, and his face turned such an entertaining shade of red when she licked her lips and winked at him.

She remembered contorting some, mid-flirt of course, to get in a better position to work on the locks on her restraints. B.C.'s mouth twisted into a scowl at the memory of how much of a pain it was to try and shake her ass in that position, but it had worked. Once her legs were free, she went to town. After that... It was kind of a blur. What WAS clear was that she had taken one of the guard's Beamers and in the scuffle, poor Jimmy's face was red for a completely different reason than her flirting. Granted, it was still an entertaining look all the same as his blood-drenched face gaped at her in dumbfounded shock, she admitted with a quiet giggle.

She ran through her mental records, which were a little fuzzy with blue beams bouncing everywhere in the ship--Wait. Bouncing? The buxom convict let out a heavy groan as she closed her eyes and leaned back on the metal box she sat on. Of course, the ricochets. They had to be the culprit.

Because immediately after killing all the guards along with the pilot by some stroke of luck--Good or bad, she couldn't tell--She had taken the helm of the ship and had it go into a warp. From there, everything went wobbly, there was an alarm, and she crash-landed.

Next thing she knew, she was back in the slammer, but one that was a little more primitive than she was used to. And of course, she wasn't alone. She gave a sidelong glance through her eyelashes at her incorporeal cellmate.

"You know, it wouldn't hurt to be a little more friendly, honey. We might be stuck here for some time." she said in a sultry voice, one with just the slightest hint of a southern accent.
Next to her "New girl" was a specter that didn't look too pleased to be here as he hovered above some enchanted looking urn on the opposite side of the cell.
This had not been a good day for the former king of Khanduras, First he was tormented by the antics of Katya and now he was being transferred to share a cell with an even more annoying version of that little brat.

Grinning after a moment, she batted her eyelashes at him and leaned forward, making sure to give him a good look at the girls thanks to the partially-undone prison jumpsuit, adding, "Besides, I can think of worse people to be locked up with, can't you?"
"I once had to share my body with the soul of one of the most evil demon lords in all of creation. I felt his presence though my entire being, day in and day out. I watched as he used my own hands to terrorize my kingdom and my people. I was powerless as he made me kill my beloved and used my sons as vassals when I refused to submit to his power. And even now, centuries later, he has cursed me into this immortal form you see next to you. I do not die, I do not live, I merely am because of that terrible evil..."

There was a moment of silence as Leoric seemed to sigh mornefully and-


Out of habit, he then tried to strangle his new cellmate, only to watch as his hands faded harmlessly though her neck time after time.
"Oooooh, that's different. Never felt that kind of thrill before. Do it again!"
"GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! ONE OF YOU! SERVE YOUR KING AND BRING ME THIS WRETCH'S HEAD ON A PIKE! YOU WILL OBEY YOUR KING!" He began to scream to both the nearby guards and prisoners, if he hadn't lost his mind to madness all those years ago, he could certainly imagine losing it now.

"OH WILL YOU SHUT UP!?! THIS WORLD ALREADY HAS A KING AND THAT MAN IS ME!" Bison then shouted back at his new neighbors before turning back to the on-going medical operation next to him.
He seemed to be rather worried the whole time, even as Bruiser was being patched up.
It was a rather emotional time for him, first his schemes seemed to have been disassembled by his arch-rival and enemies, then he watched one of his closest allies in a state of near death.
But for now at least, he seemed calm, watching intensely as Teri and Mio helped the Machoke out, peering in over their shoulders from his cell as they did their thing.
"Is-is-is he going to be alright?" He then asked when it appeared they were done, judging from the fact that Bruiser didn't seem to be about to die at least.
"....T-.......Thanks....I know I-...well-....just thanks..." He then meekly said before returning to his pacing around the cell, relief starting to fill his system.
"If you get out of here, and somehow take over the world, you give me the country!"
"Deal, how about Libya? I've heard about Bengazi so much during my campaign it's the last corner of the world I want to be in." He even joked, the irony of making such light-hearted humor with people he was trying to kill less then a few hours ago not being lost on him.

Bruiser meanwhile seemed content to just lay there, looking somewhat relaxed now.
Granted, it didn't really help counteract the part where he had been tortured on and off for the last year but even just the placebo of having his wounds tended to did a lot.
"...You-...didn't have to do that, you know....wouldn't have held it against you..." He said, even managing to smile a little as he laid there, allowing the women to converse as he made the most of his current respite.
David meanwhile was just glad they were holding up well enough, even as the topic of conversation turned to their "Watchman", The FULGORE.
"...Huh...So he goes the same kung fu stuff that Blondi does?..." He remarked as both Mio and Teri attempted to converse with the machine.
"Hey! Adelheid! What's with the metal?"
"What's with your name? Feeling unhappy?"
"If we had a couch here, I would ask you to sit and relax on it. Wait, is it even pleasant to sit in that metal?"
"... Can you even sit? Seriously, I'm worried about you. We should all be friends to each other! The world would be a better place this way! What do you say, man? Time to make peace?"

Bison watched the whole time as little by little, he realized just which "Adelheid" the cleric was talking about.
"No, you aren't going to get any peace from that man. Isn't that right, Adelheid?" The dictator taunted as he attempted to get the robots attention.
"Now, this mightn't have been the same man, but the Adelheid I knew of was a truly fearsome warrior that fought as part of a great ruler's army. A man who was able to single-handedly break the fighting forces of countless villages, even cities. A man who was loyal to his leader and people. A man who enjoyed every second of it..."
The last part of that statement seemed to actually get a rise out of the machine as he slowly turned his head towards Bison, walking closer to his cell as he examined the figure, even going so far as to tilt his head as if confused.
"But of course, it couldn't be the same man. That man is dead, isn't he?" The dictator chuckled his hunch confirmed as he walked back away from the edge, seemingly enough to get the machine to return to his post.
Once he was out of earshot, Bison then had a suggestion that he shared with the others.

"What if I told you I could bring "Adelheid" back and make him loyal to only me-...I mean, "Us"?..."
"We. Are not. Doing. That!" The Machoke growled as he managed to force himself up on his feet, looking a LOT more like the Bruiser that Teri would have remembered.
"Bruiser, listen to me, I can do this-"
"I know you could, thats why I'm not going to let you."
"What?! Do you WANT to die in this shithole!?"
A tense air formed as neither side stood down, forcing David to try and break the ice somehow.
"...Uhhhhh....Can we opt out of the "Dying in this shithole" plan?"
...Goddamn it David...

Before a conflict could start along our prisoners, an actual one started outside their cells as Nadalia revealed herself before the guards.
She was spotted LONG before she reached the weapon storage by the other guards along the cell block, after all, she just walked past an entire stretch of prison cells with guards posted along them minus a collar AND an escort.
Quickly she was surrounded by armed Cyborg guards with rifles, but they didn't seem to try and take a shot at her, instead waiting for the FULGORE to bring up the rear before standing in front of her.
It paused for a moment as he went though some of the data-logs, namely Katya's ruse to get her and a few other prisoners out.
[You left your cell with 3 others. Where are they now?] He droned before baring his blades, intent on getting his answer one way or another.

Escapist Avatar Adventures | Airship Rising Dawn | Medical Bay | Surgical Observation Room
Party's over... can we go go go?
Rory Mercury | Ruby Babbage-Lovelace | Angelus | Diana | Doom | Kazuya Mishima | Naamah | Major Rhodes Selmy | Slindis

The Demi-Goddess of Death was neither in awe of nor amused by the false sense of authority the hapless former CEO of G-Corp attempted to put on display. It was apparent that Kazuya Mishima could have been a great warrior in his day though time had not been kind to the wounded warrior and while Rory Mercury could appreciate the stoic manner in which he held himself upright, the man was still a slimy as a minotaur's digestive system. It was this type of creature that Emloy's disciple enjoyed personally sending to her patron, Emloy. Rory licked her lips and tightened her grip on her Halberd as she prepared a response to Mister Mishima's vain attempt to curry some sort of authoritative power.

"Mind telling me what you are doing in my Command Center?..."


No, that was not the sound of the giant Halberd slicing off Kazuya's good arm, nor was it the sound of his head being sent out the great Hanger Bay doors, it was the sound of the former but temporarily reinstated CEO's clothing being tightened like a corset. Apparently, one nine year old girl had taken offense to the man's sweaty and flabby man boobs (or sweaty pecs) being out for display.

"Ew ew ew ew!" Ruby Babbage-Lovelace exclaimed loudly as she both covered her face as well as pointed an outstretched finger towards the formerly bare chested former but sort of current CEO of G Corporation. A muffled voice from the side of Major Rhodes Selmy's ample hills could be heard lecturing the Red Faced Executive, "If Auntie Rhodes has to keep them covered up, so should you!"

Now, it's assumed that Mister Mishima had never worn a corset, or if he had, he'd refrained from revealing this side of his personality to the world, he'd have found the experience rather uncomfortable as the super tightened and strengthened cloth, thanks to the magic of a magical girl in a pink dress, would have been trying to crush the man's ribs into dust and deflate the man's lungs. It would not be too dissimilar from a full hug from Miia.

The black and crimson clad loli halted her attack as her prey had been disabled and to have killed him at that moment, while fitting for the man who attempted to kill one of his prisoners, would have gone against everything that Rory had learned regarding the honorable treatment of prisoners. Sighing loudly as she released the tension out of her muscles and released the blood lust that was about of overtake her, the Dark Haired Demi-Goddess eyed the oxygen deprived megalomaniac before addressing Ruby.

"You may want to loosen your stitching a bit Ruby," Rory said playfully to the little girl whose face was still pressed against her Auntie Rhodes' chest.

"Okay Miss Mercury!" Came the still muffled response with was soon followed by sound of stitches popping open and air being allowed back in Kazuya's lungs.

"Now... when you are ready to listen to reason, little Ruby here will guide Major Rhodes, her Angels, what crew are able bodied to join the assault and myself to the location where our comrades are being kept. If you want to send you men, that is entirely up to you. If you want to redeem what honor you have left, you can come along. If you want to stop us, I'm sure either myself of Major Rhodes would be more than willing to convince you why this would be a bad idea." Rory said severely as she dictated how things were going to work until whatever petty nonsense was going on with the broken business man was settled. She turned to her companion with the nine year old girl in her arms and asked, "Have you anything to add?" and turned to the other Rising Dawn Heroes in attendance (Angelus, Slindis), "Or have you any issues with what I propose? I should warn you that regardless, you won't deter me from freeing our captive friends."

Now this was quite the scene that had unfolded on the Hanger Deck. Kazuya Mishima, Former/Current/Future Former CEO of G Corporation was being told in "his" Command Center what was going to happen by a pair of women holding a pair of girls (or girl like beings in Naamah's case). If Kazuya was going to try anything, it would probably be best to do so when he wasn't in such a precarious position.

World Marshall Undisclosed Location: Anomalous Materials: ARES, Viscus, Dimitri, M. Lab Tech, Paranoid Guardwoman

"...Damn, She burned you. You two got burned. Burned hard. Like, you're just ashes now." One of the junior techs said as ARES pointed out the issues with the way they were going about their examination of the android.
"...You are really wiser then most of the machines we get in here, I'd just to say." The M. Lab Tech said as he nervously laughed, it had been sometime since the subject he was examining managed to deliver such a statement to him, pointing out the flaws in his research.
"...You know what? Seeing how you just explained your plans and why they won't work, I think it's save to say you are no real threat to us." he then said, much to the annoyance of the Guardwoman.
"Keep the EM field up but re-attach her limbs. This one has been rather co-operative in her examination. Besides, our measures are able to prevent any and all "outbursts" she might have. After all, she said it."

"That's much better..." ARES said as her arms and legs clicked back into place, rolling one shoulder and rubbing it with the opposite hand as you might expect someone to do with a sore shoulder.

"... Well doc, given that you haven't threatened me several times over, I guess I could spare some details." She said. Externally, she was surprisingly calm, giving a rather careless disposition on letting slip what were military secrets on her inner workings. However what she was thinking internally was very different. Reattaching her limbs was a mistake... not one that she would make abundantly clear at the time being, but now that she actually had her limbs attached, her motives changed.

Instead of buying the patience of those in the room with complete cooperation in order to stay online, she was trying to buy time with those explanations. Time for use by the other members of the Rising Dawn. She knew how many were captured on her own transport, but if other trucks arrived earlier or later it wouldn't matter... the result was the same. She'd witnessed them take a well armed military base by storm, level a building while fighting an enormous machine that would make her creators blush at the thought of making... this should not be very different. They fight, falter, and then attack again with a resurgence that far outperformed their first attempt. As of now, they'd probably found a way around their restraints. Keeping the collars on but not functional would be the perfect way to hide in plain sight... hm... given their "subtlety" at MIT that might not be exactly the case, but nonetheless they'd not be down for long.

There was plenty to speak about, and so long as she didn't contradict any earlier information she could inform them of whatever she wanted right? Though, that might prove difficult, seeing as how they've been examining her piece by piece before she awoke and couldn't bluff through what they knew so far. She'd just have to reveal the details slowly. One of the easiest ways ARES had learned to slow a conversation were counter questions. The more time you make your interrogator dwell on specifics and ask for more information, the more time you could spend not answering the questions they asked before.

"While I see no harm in cooperating further, you're going to need to be specific. I have 5 more or less readily available armor and weapon systems, when I switch between them, not only does my exterior change, but I quite literally "rewire" mentally. File directories to information on weapon and augmented performance systems suited to other frames are stored in respective locations, which even as in control of this body as I am, I cannot access without donning the appropriate gear. For example, this is the Astrek corporation[1] designed Dreadnaught frame. It's the least mobile of the five, but that is a side effect of being the most heavily armored of each of them. It most heavily armors the back, and the legs as I'm sure you've noticed. The plating on the arms is less thick to allow for a necessary amount of dexterity to operate heavy weaponry such as the heavy machine gun it was meant to operate." She says, before getting back to her main point.

"The accord were very specific about the limitations ARES units were built to comply with. I could inform you about a select few universal utilities every frame has, but other than that... while my persona is not disrupted in the process, my understanding of how the other four systems work is limited unless I were to actively wield them. It only takes a few minutes to shift between them, but I assume you and your cohorts have priorities on what you want to get out of my information. ARES units were meant to function in groups of five preferably so that each armor's role could be utilized to their maximum potential and their shortcomings would be compensated for by other units. Out of the roles I can fill, one armor is meant for stealth, another for medicinal purposes, an engineering frame which has the most utility of all of them, and a frame armed with explosive ordinance which is faster, but less well defended than this frame." she explains.

"I suppose what I'm getting to is that time is a non-refundable commodity. Valuable to you at that. I could go one with this system's functionality or at your preference I could give you more preferable information sooner with a bit of time to adjust." She suggested, which all in all would sound excellent... but what she really wanted out of that was to bait the doctor into allowing her to shift frames, the downtime making it more difficult to obtain information without actually resisting. More time her information needs clarifying means more time they have to spend learning it. More time they have to spend studying ARES means more time they can't shut ARES down. Of course, more time they can't simply shut her down means more time to be potentially chance upon an opportunity to be useful when World Marshall inevitably comes to regret their choice of enemies...

[1] Given that these armors were based on ones meant for human use, their original designs are credited to their original manufacturers. Thankfully, there are actual corporations in game which I can name!

The Rising Dawn: Hangar
Slindis, Kazuya, Angelus, Kalastryn

All in all, there definitely were worse people to be intercepted by on Kala's way to a little R&R while everyone gathered themselves. The potion which would ease most of her wounding once she resumed her form of false life was really only a welcome aside. Taking the potion and slipping it into her pocket at least for the moment, she chuckled "... There have been better circumstances for a reunion before, but nonetheless welcome home." she replied courteously. "I'm sure we have much to discuss... I'm going to begin teaching a pupil shortly for starters... once this whole mess is behind us at least..." she trailed off.

Now, Kala wasn't exactly on top of things when it came to how everything went, so as she and Slindis passed earshot of Kazuya she did ask. "... Speaking of... how bad is the situation, exactly? I know it would be too much of a god given blessing we be finished cleaning up Mishima's mess just yet, but while on the ground I was... sidetracked with another endeavor once Bison slipped from our reach. Since you spoke with the "leader" of this operation himself... you're likely more versed in the situation than I." she admitted, though she felt no shame in retrieving Jenny alive, she wasn't quite satisfied with how things turned out. Especially since Kazuya doesn't seem to be the type to leave anything unfinished, which means that while Bison was not likely still at large, that wouldn't satisfy him and by extension- the Rising Dawn which he's been using as a pawn.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | Rising Dawn Hallways of infinite mazeness
The Halls are Alive, with the Sound of Insuuuults!
Nina and Phillip | Several random RD staff | Diana

With the library behind her, Nina would start touring the inner bowels of the Rising Dawn. It wouldn't take overly long before she'd see the Rising Dawn looked kinda like that one scene in One Punch Man. Nina being not overly good with directions didn't help either, but fairly soon she was lost. Still she would press on, moving down the hallways she found herself in, feinting confidence in lew of not being about to simply ask someone "Where was the area people slept at was?"

As she moved along however, two workers were moving a bin of newspapers along, having stacked them a bit higher than they really should have, some rolled off the side of the cart as Nina walked by. "Oh sorry about that Miss!" The one guy said as he tried snatching some of the falling papers.

Nina had to dance around some of the papers, trying not to step on any of them. "Haha, no seriously don't worry about it, it's cool." Nina reassured them, although it seemed like the two disagreed.

"I told you we had too many on there, that's the third time they've fallen off like that!" The woman scolded him, picking up some of the papers. "I know, I know! The other cart's wheel was going so I just thought this one would be fine." He retorted back.

Nina picked up a couple of the newpapers herself, planning on simply helping the two out when it dawned on her. "Hey, if you don't mind, I could totally takes some of these off your hands? I was heading off to go speak with Ryan at his place for a bit and he was looking for some reading material." Nina suggested, taking about four papers herself.

The guy smiled happily, giving Nina a hand shake. "Sure! Yes of course! That would be wonderful, thank you." He said, with the slightly lighter load they were able to stack it properly. "But, we still need to-" the woman interjected, probably not so care free about the papers being swiped so easily. "Hey, what's a couple of loose papers, the fish and chips guy wasn't going to be needing them all anyways. H-Hey?" He started replying to the woman as Nina started walking off down the hallway again, only to turn around nervously when the guy called out to her. "Y-yes?"

"I know that way was the faster option while they were waxing the floors the other day, but if you were going for the Private Quarters, it'd be a lot faster going down that hallway Miss!" He suggested, pointing down the hallway to Nina's right, which she gave a curious look to before waving back. "Oh really!? Good to know! Have a good one!" She said before ducking down the hallway.

The guy waved for a moment, turning around as her heard an elevator chime, seeing his cohorde already at the other side of the hall. "Come on, let's get out of here already, must be those waxing fumes maybe, but it just feels weird in this hallway." She called out to him, simply getting an agreeing nod in turn.

Nina felt like she was getting close now, still on the hunt for the Private Quarters, but this time unlike the many people she'd passed so far wearing a uniform of sorts, this woman was wearing a pretty flirtatious dress and high heels. She tried not to pay the woman much mind as she continued on, but it seemed Diana had other thoughts in mind.

"Cut your hair, this looks stupid." she barked at Nina, causing her to stop for a moment, a bit stunned at the response. "And is impractical. It's like you decided to make it as bad as possible. Also, your dye looks fake." She continued on without even giving Nina a chance to speak as she continued forward and continued down the hallway. "Maybe I like it bright and cheerful..." Nina mumbled to herself, honestly not wanting to draw attention to herself, but still the comment stung all the same. She'd resume her travel in due time, letting out one final comment as she strolled on, kicking at the floor a little. "Besides, it's not like it's my choice my hair's got a mind of its own. You can only destroy so many hair stylist's snippers before they stop wanting you to show up..."

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | Rising Dawn Private Quarters - Ryan's Room
"Wakey Wakey!"
Ryan | Annie | Nina and Phillip

Once Nina finally made it to Private Quarters, she had to make a quick double take, nearly passing by it given how many halls she'd already passed by on her way here. "Oh please don't be in some other area now." She murmured to herself as she started looking at the rooms and quickly realized something she hadn't thought of. "I have no idea which room he'd have..." She said under her breath.

Now this wasn't the end of the world, but it was one snag she couldn't beat on her own. Needing a free hand, she set a couple of the newspapers under her arm down to the floor, and pulled out her phone. "Hey hey, so you got any idea which room is Ryan's, Phillip?" she talked into the phone. In truth, her phone was basically dead at this point, and wasn't even on, but it allowed her to talk to Phillip without someone questioning her as easily. As she nodded and carried on, she slowly paced down the hallway. Eventually Nina paused in front of a particular door, Ryan's to be exact. "You sure? Alrighty then!" Nina said as she looked at the door in question, and then leaned her head to the side as she specifically looked down at the space under the door, about the same as her own doors at home. "Well we forgot our keys again, but let's go grab those other newspapers." She said as she set down the dufflebag at the foot of the door, leaving the zipper slightly ajar and sitting on its side.

Now as Nina walked back down the hall to the stuff she'd left, one single tentacle slinked out of the bag, and slid underneath the door with ease. Nina had quite a few times forgotten her keys, and Phillip would need to unlock the door for her, and with very little effort whatever locks that were keeping the door closed were now, unlocked. Phillip would hold the door handle on the inside, allowing Nina to push the door slightly ajar. Phillip would slink the single tentacle back into the bag, which Nina would then pick up and bring into the room. "Hehe, that was easy huh?" Nina whispered as she walked in, a bit disoriented because of the contrast between the well lit hallways to the near pitch black bedroom.

She'd set a couple of newspapers down gently and then moved to a open space and gently set Phillip down in the bag. "Okay, finally! You must have to stretch after all of that~" She sighed as she unzipped Phillip, letting him spill out of the opening. Immediately Phillip stretched his limbs outwards, silently expanding outwards, curling and waving to and fro. Additionally Phillip's form seemed to grow much larger, initially he would approximately only be able 25ish centimeters, but quickly expanded to nearly a full meter in some places. Of course gravity meant he'd look more like a large mound than a ball. "Feeling better now?" Nina smiled, even in the dark she could tell Phillip was feeling far less cramped and far happier now that he was out.

"Well, Ryan's in the bed right?" She asked quietly, turning her head back to the bed's outline she could spot. "Wow alright, then he must be pretty tired if he hasn't woken up yet, so let's keep ourselves entertained while he gets a bit more rest." She said as she grabbed the newspapers, and opened them up to the reveal the flyers on the inside. "And here's the good stuff~ Now sure, we probably have plenty at home, but you know how stingey those cashiers can be. We might need new coupons, and heck, there could be brand new ones we've never seen before! You never kno-'" She started explaining before Phillip interrupted her, snatching the paper from her and holding it aloft. From within the layers upon layers of tentacles, a pair of child proof safety scissors came forth, and soon Phillip was happily snipping away at coupons like a small child filled with determination. "Thought you'd like that~" She whispered, then decided to check her phone. "Okay, you keep doing that, and I'm going to see if Ryan has any phone chargers lying around." She explained to busy Phillip before getting up and slowly walked around the perimeter of the room.

Little did Nina know, it wasn't just Ryan resting in his very own bed ... but Annie as well, having her head pressed into his chest. As the girl began exploring the room in darkness, she accidentally bumped a desk (lightly of course) which the lamp rattled on the surface. Due to this, however, Annie immediately opened her eyes from the noise it made. She didn't give away the fact she was now awake, nor did she move a muscle. Instead, the Titan Shifter merely heard footsteps and something like slicing (Phillip cutting the paper up) but of course in darkness, you wouldn't be able to tell.

Slipping away from her ex Author, she slowly got on one knee while readying herself, eyes forward to where the echoing steps were coming from. Even despite having the drop on Nina, the blonde slowly walked off the mattress and kept her back arched, keeping her own noise in check. Something felt wrong, even the aroma in the room was disgusting to her (thanks Phillip). However, it was dark so neither Nina or Annie could tell whom was who, so the moment Nina turned when she heard a shuffling, "Oh hey, Ry-" Annie quickly dashed forward- throwing the innocent girl to the ground. She got on Nina right when her back made contact with the floor, the Titan Shifter's elbow pressed sideways to lock Nina down, applying some pressure so she couldn't move. "You have 5 seconds to talk, or I will puncture your thyroid gland ..." she threatened in a cold tone, and she made sure to keep her voice down in case whatever was cutting could not hear them.

Nina's phone clattered to the ground, Annie's actions more than enough to stun the civilian. Annie listening for that cutting would still hear it, Phillip apparently hadn't stopped, although that aroma in the air she'd thought she felt, it felt more pungent now. "Oh shit, oh poo! You're not Ryan! Who- What!?" Nina panicked, frankly in shock. "No! Don't do that, we can talk! We can talk Phillip." Nina pleaded. Annie would feel that pressure from Phillip lift ever so slightly, but would still be pressing her more than when she'd first woken up. Additionally with the momentary pause, Annie would start hearing more than just the frequent cutting, but the slow movement of Phillip's tentacles. He wasn't moving towards them, but as the tendrils infinitely cascaded over one another, it would produce some soft sounds.

"... Don't move." Annie requested, noting how Nina did not retaliate or try assaulting back. So, rather than facing to fight Phillip or make a move to harm Nina any further, Annie remained calm throughout the moment despite she felt sicker by the minute. She remained to sit over Nina with the elbow, keeping the girl at bay yet at the same time, the Titan Shifter reached for the lamp's cord to flick the light on. The room lit, not all of it- but obviously enough to scatter the darkness away within a millisecond. Staring at one another, Annie saw the face of Nina, and then glanced over to Phillip. She looked surprise, with eyes slightly getting wider from the sight of the tentacle monster cutting paper up, which isn't something you see everyday really.

Realizing Nina has still not made a move against Annie, the blonde raised her elbow up and got off Nina with a bored expression. Nina would have been keeping an expression of unsure anxiety, her eyes shifting from Annie to Phillip and back several times. Even with Annie getting off of her, she still wasn't entirely sure if she was in the all clear.
Although it doesn't happen often, Annie did offer her hand to help the poor girl up, adding the line, "No, I'm not Ryan ... and you might want to fill me in on why you and your- whatever that is -decided to break in."

Nina would hesitate a moment before eventually accepting Annie's hand, the powerhouse easily being able to prop Nina up. Once she was up, she moved a bit so she was standing in between Annie and Phillip. She wouldn't make any large movements, but it seemed she was protective of that big noodle monster. "Um? well." Nina started to say, at a bit of a loss for words, she wasn't entirely sure what her thyroid gland was, but she was sure happy it wasn't popped at the moment. "Well first, he's not a whatever that is. He's Phillip. Say hi Phillip." She requested. Currently Phillip would be holding the flyer away from Annie and Nina, appearing like he wasn't looking in their direction, and yet a single tentacle came up to Nina and waved much like this little guy at Annie. This lone tentacle would then retract back into the mass.

"And my name is Nina, we're kinda new to? this universe?" She said questioningly. "Ya, it's a bit of a long story, but when I went out of my house today, everything was kinda weird, and there were these mind controlled hippie guys? And Ryan, and Miia and Katya were there. And I helped get the mob away from everyone, and Ryan offered to fix my house after Eddie the butthole wrecked it. And then I got kidnapped by Eddie, and after some bull and him trying to blackmail me, I got here." Nina listed off the main highlights of her day so far, not going into Sloth's efforts since he'd wanted her to keep the Multiverse under wraps. "So? Phillip isn't exactly like normal people, and I needed to get him out of the bag, so? I thought what better place to come than Ryan's room. He already knew about Phillip, and I needed to talk to him about my home, so? that's why I broke in. I'm really sorry, I seriously thought this was Ryan's room." She apologized, only to have her eyes slowly shift over to the bed shortly after she said this, finally noticing Ryan still having his nap. "Wait, that's? Then..." Her vision then turned back to Annie. "Ooooh, okay. Yaaa, my bad." She replied back.

Annie didn't even shift her head back towards Ryan, all while bearing her expression everyone has come to terms with by now ... the bored expression. It didn't mean Annie was tired of people, or was generally bored- that was just her natural look is all. Still, she did address the matter at hand, "Yea, this is his room. The idiot strained himself to nearly passing out, and is lucky to be alive. But, i'd rather keep an eye on him than leave my friend to the Medical Bay ... I know what your crew is like." While it wasn't directed at Nina directly, the girl could grasp what Annie was getting at with her message. Nina however would still point up to herself. "My crew? But I just met you?" She quietly commented.

".. And yes, I was sleeping with him. Before you go there, i'm talking about resting with him so we could both catch some sleep. Who knows how long he'll be in bed for, after the limit he pushed himself to. Could be a day, a week ... or more 'More?!' for him to wake up, so I don't know if you'll be able to get what you want." She turned her back to check up on the sleeping Author, checking his neck for a pulse. If the rhythm of the pulse was normal with a single pattern, he was fine. However, if it was off or skipping beats, there would definitely be a problem at hand. Luckily, he was fine apart from being in a sleep you would only imagine a patient at the hospital would go through.

".. The fact you didn't knock on the door, or ask if anyone was home before sneaking around makes me question your motives ... you said something about Ryan promising to fix your house, correct?" This time, Nina had Annie's full attention but it didn't look like a pleasant face to be looking at. "Why Ryan of all people? Do you already know about who he really is, or is there something else you want from him?"

"Okay, that's a little longer than I was hoping... everything in the fridge might start going bad if I need to wait that long." Phillip who hadn't really reacted to any comments and had mostly been keeping to himself immediately stopped cutting the flyer upon hearing the food might go bad. Several tentacles reached up and grasped Nina's shoulders and sides and lightly shook her clothes. "I know I know! I'm not happy about it either, we did groceries only a couple days ago. We'll have to come up with something, but it should be okay, Alright?" She said, trying to calm the surprisingly upset Phillip, holding a couple of the tentacles like one would cup a hand. "Found any good ones yet?" She asked pointing at the flyer that now looked more like swiss cheese, which Phillip in turn held up several clippings. "Oh wonderful! Half price on ham!"

"But ya, Ryan said he was going to do it, he kinda fell through with the promise of protecting me, but I was hoping he'd make it up to me with my home. He happened to be in the same area my house ended up being brought to. I don't really know much about what you Rising Dawn people do exactly." She said scratching her head. "All I know is you got a pretty wide range of oddities working here, and most who could probably kick my butt with their pinkie? But seriously, he gave me a shpeel about what was going on, and said he'd protect me until everything was over and get my home in order." Nina said, raising her hands up in a surrendering fashion, just in time for her stomach to growl.. "You don't happen to have any food here though, do you?" She then asked sheepishly.

It was then, Annie began to study Nina long and hard with a scan of the eyes. One could say it went for as long as 7-8 solid seconds of silence between the two, probably making Nina rather uncomfortable with the awkward pause. However, as a relief, Annie closed her eyes with a soft sigh before noting, "Both you and .. 'Phillip' seem harmless enough, so i'll let the intrusion slide. But-" Annie opened her eyes, looking serious and bored at the same time if that was moderately possible. "Under no circumstance will I abandon my Author- I mean .. Ryan, to fetch you two food. I'm aware that my peradventure paranoia is uncalled for, yet time after time i've seen what goes on this ship ... how anything goes. So instead, i'll let you borrow this." Annie went to the drawer closest to Ryan's bed, and with that pulled out a key. Feeling it's surface, she gazed Nina right in the eyes while slowly handing out the key. While it wasn't necessary for Annie to be suspicious of Nina, she knows people can be spectacle of good intentions only to later stab you in the back when their true intentions are revealed. In the world Annie came from, she secretly fought against humanity and understood how low human beings can stoop to in order to survive, or gain profit out of the most selfish of reasons.

"Because of this 'Chrysalis' whomever that keeps mooching off him, he installed a lock on the refrigerator, so ... anyways, all the food you want should be clear to cook. Mostly frozen processed food and junk that isn't healthy for you, but that's what he has to offer." After dropping the key into Nina's open hand, the Titan Shifter brushed hair out of her own eyes before going towards the bed where Ryan slept as if nothing more was to be said. Once she seated herself on the edge of the mattress itself, she reached over for her Maneuver Gear that was resting against the bed's frame and before you knew it- was cleaning her nape-cutting blade with a single white washcloth. This of course required certain oils to polish the blade's metal, in which Annie had the possession of those materials all nearby her. If Nina or anyone took these facts into account, it was as if Annie moved in with Ryan, regardless if she had his permission to or not. Hell, if Nina knew about Annie's history with the guy ... she would question as to why the girl was so protective of him. You'd think for someone that couldn't stand her previous Author that she'd want her own room, her own personal space, and not be part of his life in any matter whatsoever. But, here, it's the opposite. She sleeps in his room, occupies herself in whatever Ryan is doing, and more questionably- she chose to come back to the Rising Dawn and be around Ryan despite the events from before. It really leaves you to wonder what Annie wants from all of this ...

Nina looked at the key in her hand, and then to the minifridge in the room. Frankly she kinda wondering how she hadn't noticed that fridge already, but that didn't much matter. "Thanks a lot!" She said, taking a moment to look at the blade Annie polished. 'That's gotta be the second biggest exacto knife I've ever seen.' She thought as she looked down at her open hand which had had the key in it, but now was shockingly bare. "What the?" She exclaimed as she started looking at the floor thinking she'd dropped the key, only to stop when she hear the fridge door open. Phillip had swiped the key, scooted to the fridge, and was already peruse Ryan's junk selection. "Hey, let me help a bit you~" Nina laughed as she went to go see what was available, frankly not being overly picky at this point.

For all those who have characters in the Private Quarters[1]
[1] Now although Phillip's aura wouldn't normally penetrate room to room, since the Rising Dawn crew had little to no exposure to him, and I'm still imagining the rooms are fairly close to each other, if you wanna have anyone feel the edge of Phillip's anxiousness aura go for it.

Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | Confusing Halls
Big things come in small packages
Simon | Ton Ton | Cadolbolg

"Please leave me alone." He barely whispered.

The duo looked to one another, and the back to Simon, Ton Ton being one to make note of the gun the man currently had holstered. Given his behavior, he looked more scared anything; and if they were too startling, he might pull it at any moment. They needed to calm the man down, and maybe get him to a doctor - lest he tear through the entirety of the Dawn to get someone hurt. Maybe..

Ton Ton carefully held up his hands, palm facing down and gently began to speak, "Mister, you really need to listen to me, please. From what I'm seeing, you really scared and confused about where you are right now - and that's okay. We get people like that a lot - they're called 'Off-Worlders'. It just means, through one way or another, you fell out of your home world and ended up here. I'm one too, actually. It's how a lot of people end up in this place. You are on an airship called the Rising Dawn, and as that implies - you're really high in the air in a closed space. So what you need to do is calm down. We can get you some help, promise."

Cadolbolg tried to follow suit, and eagerly waved a hand, erm, claw, "Yeah, and things can get a little chaotic here sometimes, but that's our home for you. I'm Cadolbolg, and this is my brother, Ton Ton. We live here and uh... Well, we do a lot of stuff too, but like Ton Ton said, we have doctors and lots of nummy food~! Best way to make friends is over a sandwich, don't you think?"

The Rising Dawn | Canteen - Bar
In the service industry, courtesy to one's guests is paramount, even if you want to flay them alive.
Selena | Luke | Alashi | Tania la Fey | Violet | Diana

"You have a bad day too Luke? Tell me about it while you make a Death in the Afternoon for the both of us. Come on, drink with Major la Fey." She cracked a gently sarcastic smile while flashing Luke her badge.

Luke did his best to keep up a "proper" expression as he readily made the cocktail, starting pouring in a jigger's worth of absinthe in a champagne flute followed by filling the rest with the nominal drink, the clear emerald-color liquid changing to more of a sea-foam green after the fact. Sliding the glass forward, Luke was about to ready another drink before he heard-
"You know we will be getting them back, right? You don't need to drink yourself into a stupor."

With a weak smile, the Bartender answered back, "I won't be drinking myself into a stupor, miss. I haven't even been drinking....much."

However, with that said, Luke neglected to fix himself a Death in the Afternoon as well, turning back to Tania, "I think I'll be holding off from serving myself, Major. I'll admit my earlier indulgence wasn't quite as professional as it should be... That said, I know you and your companion were privy to some of the events - primarily my need to intercept some of the disaster that was the Dawn's previous mission. It's been, to be delicate about it, a bit of a bad day."

As he finished his (abliet somewhat halfassed) explanation, the bartender's attention was pulled away once more when he heard one of the imps walking towards the bar and requesting a pair of Bloody Marys. Following Luke taking the time to craft the drinks and carefully sticking in the requisite celery, he left a napkin underneath the drinks and gently sent the beleaguered imp along his way.

The Rising Dawn | Hangar Command Center:
Kazuya | Angelus | Ruby Babbage-Lovelace | Major Rhodes | Rory | Kalastryn | Slindis

Angelus took in the slew of events in stride, watching with a dark sense of pleasure as Slindis gave Kazuya a scathing lecture (at least, even if she didn't know that Diana had read his mind prior, she had gathered the impression that Slindis' words had shaken him). However, with the arrival of the Major, Rory, and Ruby and a declaration was made about the finding of their comrades, the dragon's interest was renewed. Her great head turned towards Rory, a wisp of smoke trailing from her nostril, "I do not have any objections towards the rescue of our comrades. After all, as Mr. Mishima was the one who sent us to the grinder. That said, however, as much as I feel eager to rain fire and ash down upon my enemy's head, a touch of strategy may be necessary. A lack of intelligence was what got us into trouble in the first place, and I'd rather a second catastrophe to not happen again. If need be, I'll be happy to lend my wings for scouting or transportation."

The dragon's posture straightened after she gave her piece, her tail sliding faintly against the metal floors. She was tired of sitting around in this cramped space, doing naught and stewing; and the opportunity to do something productive was a sight for sore eyes.

Location: Hangar Command Center | Rising Dawn
Friends accept you without your excuses, and enemies will not listen to them, so for who do you make excuses?

Major Rhodes Selmy

"If Auntie Rhodes has to keep them covered up, so should you!" Little Ruby said, squirming against Rhodes' firm hold on the young budding flower. She held her closer and laughed girlishly. It had been a long time since she had found something so endearing as to push her to laughter.

"To be young again and to live life so earnestly!" Rhodes smothered little Ruby in affection briefly before spinning on her heel, hair dramatically flowing behind her. Her angels were lined up behind her, rifles pointed outward as to give the Major the appearance of wings made of steel. Her heeled boots slammed into the metal floor with a imposing crack as her coat settled around her. "It is as the Hero says." There was a pause as the Major's words set in. The angels around her shuffled into a tighter formation.

In contrast to the silence of the Angels, Angelus spoke her bit by saying, "I do not have any objections towards the rescue of our comrades. After all, as Mr. Mishima was the one who sent us to the grinder. That said, however, as much as I feel eager to rain fire and ash down upon my enemy's head, a touch of strategy may be necessary. A lack of intelligence was what got us into trouble in the first place, and I'd rather a second catastrophe to not happen again. If need be, I'll be happy to lend my wings for scouting or transportation."

Naamah stirred in Rory's arms, disturbed by something in her fitful slumber. "And so Babylon fell to the might of the Canaanites, and all their men were put to the sword and their women and children were scattered across the empire. The King who sat in Zion, most hallowed Solomon, had declared that the era of Judgement had begun. But as then as is now, even the wisest of men fall to hubris."

"Except for me this will not be a rescue mission," the Major set Ruby down and turned around. A stream of moonlight struck her, casting the Major in a heavenly silver glow. She looked every bit like the guardian angel that was her namesake.

"This is Jihad. I will kill them to the man."



Post Modern Mysticism
Location: Canteen
A dream so deep that it is inescapable.

Tania la Fey

"It is a shame then," Tania said with a sad smile as she stirred her cocktail. "I had grown lonely at the absence of my partner." She brought the drink to her ruby-painted lips. Her eyes were closed as she drank. There was something there, a suffocating softness, like dry cotton. It was not in the drink, but in the air around her. It clouded her mind and made her hands tremble. Miki and Pisa flitted about above her head.

"That was sure something. You felt that too didn't you Pisa, Miki?" She finished her drink and set down the empty glass. "That killing intent, an intensity that could not be borne from hatred. A desire driven only by love." Love. The word hung in the air in front of her in the same way it had left her lips, as if biting into soft flesh. "Some girls just shouldn't exist. Who are you really, Dolores?"

Tania returned Alashi's wave with a curtsy, something she ha not done since she had first courted Lord Oberon himself. She smiled. How surprising it had been when it turned out that he was such a huge push over. Lord of the Hunt my ass. All he really wanted to do all day was to bake. Something that he had indulged in during their brief life together in that quiet sleepy town.

It all seemed like a dream.

Tania walked over to Alashi and Selena's table and put a hand on the drunken witch's head. Titania's eyes flared to life. Embers bursting from the emerald depths and drifting off into the moonlit sky. "Young sorceress who holds the embers of the Old World in your bosom, quell such magics before you call upon the eyes of beasts hungering in the night." In a single motion Titania mollified the twisting energies Selena was emanating. She blinked the embers from her eyes.

"I suppose it is folly to keep up this guise to those heroes who are sensitive to magic," though she eyed Violet for a brief moment. That man should pose no threat to me. "Alashi, I am Titania, Scarlet Lord of the Court of Dreams and Sorrows. Put your heart at ease. I mean you and your friends little harm."

[1] I couldn't get this picture right ;n;

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | Ship's Library
"Oooh, that's gonna stain!"
Sloth | Envy

Once Sloth finished Envy's explanation of the Vice's prejudice against mortals, he looked Nina over with a quirked eyebrow. The young girl was looking a little green around the gills, as the saying went, and he started to wonder whether or not interdimensional travel was finally taking it's toll on her, having gone through their portals twice in quick succession. Of course, he only started to wonder, because she confirmed his suspicions a moment later by promptly vomiting all over Envy.

Now, Sloth could have, and even would have slowed the projectile of bile and half-digested food with relative ease, had he been fully awake. As it was, being half-asleep did more than just slow him physically. So, in the span of about fifteen seconds, Nina emptied the contents of her stomach onto Envy, then stumbled away saying that she had to go. As the gray-clad Vice grimaced as he watched her retreat, the Embodiment of Jealousy stood there, clearly shuddering with disgust.

~Sh-she just... Oh man, oh man, oh man, this is nasty! I have to go wash this out!~ Envy stammered telepathically before she thrust out one hand to the side.

Unlike Sloth's portals, which were like uneven rips in the fabric of the world, Envy's portal almost looked like an eye opening, with streams of black liquid pouring out around the edges. None of it seemed to even touch her as she hurried through and it closed behind her. Leaving Sloth alone in The Rising Dawn's Library.

With a frown and a heavy sigh, Sloth just shook his head and started to slowly make his way out of the same doorway that Nina hastily strode out of, but instead of looking for a bathroom, he figured he might as well see where any other deities like Eddie or Rory might have gone. Which inevitably meant looking for the booze.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | Ship's Halls
"... I don't get it."
Farber | Eddie the Dead | Eddie the Dead | Scarlet Babbage-Lovelace

The thing about smoke bombs was that they made it awfully hard to see through. That was usually the point, assuming it was just smoke and not some sort of stinky gas, which usually also made it hard to breathe, much less smell good for about a week. Farber knew all about how smoke bombs were used since he was pretty good at using them. In fact, he was pretty sure that the hall he was heading down was largely empty whenever he set off that smoke bomb.

Which was why he was absolutely stumped when he ran headlong into something firm, yet strangely soft and almost luxurious. But the result had him knocked back onto his butt as he gasped in confusion, and then promptly began to hack and cough.

By the time the smoke cleared, he looked up to see a rather pretty teenage girl, with odd black-and-white hair. And the moment he got a good look at her, she seemed... So familiar for some reason. The fact that she squealed and grinned when she got a good look at him and helped him up to his feet told him that he seemed more than just familiar to her.

"FARBER! Lemme guess you're getting chased... again? Is it Katya? Or maybe it's Icarus... he doesn't like it when you mess with his Dragon Gauntlet you know... or maybe it's... Eddie?"

He merely gaped up at her with a dumbstruck expression. How did she know his name?! He had never met this girl before in his life! But then... Why did it almost feel like he knew her somehow?

When she spotted Eddie behind him, however, a look of concern passed over her face, and she turned to speak to someone behind her.

"You never told me that you ran into ... me."

Leaning to one side to see just who she was talking to, Farber's reeling confusion only got worse. After all, just behind him in the hallway was Eddie the Dead, the new, zombie-looking bane-of-his-existence. And behind her was also... Eddie the Dead.

Looking between both Eddies, his jaw dropped even further as he tried to make sense of just what he was seeing. After all, he didn't think they were twins. They had the same name, same clothes, same voice. Even he knew that twins usually had a few small differences, but those two Eddies were pretty much identical. In fact, he was so desperately trying to figure out just how that was possible, wracking his eight-year-old brain for some kind of explanation, when the girl in front of him ruffled his hair and kissed the top of his head before walking through what looked like a hole or window in the air.

"Hey... Hey, wait! What's going on?! I don't get it!" he called out in vain.

Before he knew it, he was once again alone with a single Eddie in hall. He frowned in silence for a few seconds before he said anything else, but his tail violently swishing in the air behind him showed just how hard he was thinking right then. After those few seconds of silence, he let out an explosive sigh and shrugged in frustration before he started to walk in the opposite direction from the Mercenary Demigod.

"You know what? I don't care. This crap is making my head hurt. I'm gonna go find Ruby." he grumbled under his breath.

The Rising Dawn: Hangar Command Center: Slindis, Diana, Kazuya, Angelus, Doom, Major Rhodes, Ghost, Ruby, Rory

The longer this day lasted, the more humiliations that Kazuya had to endure.
First, that damn child did something to his shirt that threatened to undo most of the healing that Slindis had granted to him, then the bitch in the black dress had to show up to rub salt into the wound.
Still, the case had been made and it wasn't as if he was in much of a position to stop them from doing anything but as he managed to get himself back to his feet, wincing slightly at having his chest squeezed like a children's toy, he was able to ask "...You going to at least tell me where you think of striking? I'd imagine that if my men were aware of your movements, they would be able to help..."
When Angelus made the case for Recon, Kazuya then added "My thoughts exactly. I'm currently using all assets available to me to try and establish battlefield control and get some damn intel on the enemies forces. Also, you mentioned that child as being your "Guide"? Mind if I get some context for that or is that "Above my Pay Grade" now?..."

Back with Doom, he did his best to not really stand out amoung the group, seeing how he was back in the same room as the man who tried to kill him and all.
He did manage to tap on the Major's shoulder, almost acting more childlike then the child in her arms as he muttered "...uhhh....Can Doom come along? He promises to not be a hassle or-...anything...He-...just wants to make sure his friends are okay..."
Even as he stood there wearing a helmet that completely covered his face, the eyeroll by Ghost was clear as day.
*TSK!* "Hey, look, I'm just as happy to do all Jihad as much as the next guy, just please tell me we aren't letting the brain damaged kid with badder issues come with us?" *TSK!*
"Hey! Ruby doesn't have brain damage-...Wait does she?"
Several confused grunts came from Ghost, as if he was having an aneurysm before blurting out *TSK!* "Jesus H. Christ, you can't even insult him, he's so thick! Urgggg, look, just call me when you have your shit together so me and the Hooters Mascots can go all 9/11 on this town. Fucking hell..." *TSK!*
And with that outburst, the Special Agent walked off before going to re-stock his various weapons and gadgets, as well as make a radio call to someone...

The Rising Dawn: Brig Hallway: G-Corp Grunts Unit 316 and 317

Seeing as how the original brig guards seemed to be missing from their post (The fact that Chrysalis kicked the shit out of them before they had to haul her to medical not being a commonly known fact), 2 of G-corps finest took their place, yawning and scratching themselves as they stood ready
*Ring Ring! Ring Ring!*
"Oh for the love of-...Now fucking what?" One of them groaned as they answered their Radio.
"Unit 316 speakin-....wait-what?....He's heading out again? The Hell? he just got back to his cell?..."
While his friend was taking care of business, 317 was scouting the area for possibly threats and he found something he wouldn't mind taking in for "Questioning".
"Whoa, brah...Solid 8 coming in hot..." He said as he noted one of Major Rhode's angles walking along, being sure to pretty himself up and run a hand though his hair.
"But-...Sure why can't you go? Ain't you wearing his outfit anyw-OKAY OKAY! Right, I'll let him know-AND WILL YOU CUT THAT OUT?! I GET IT! SHE'S, not you...urg, And the meeting? Same place?...Oh we're in the flight deck now?...Right, that'll do. Unit 316 out." 316 groaned while his friend kept nudging him.
"Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey there. How you doing? Been a naughty girl? Got a few cells free if you were..." 317 said as he attempted to use all 3 of his Charisma points to chat up the Eudaimon while his friend merely facepalmed.
"...look, Restricted area, yadda yadda yadda, piss off, alright? This isn't even my shift, the pricks who were meant to be here went AWOL..."

Escapist Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location | Weapon Storage
I Love You, Red.
BEWP | Antoinette de la Trou | Katya Rostikova | Benedict Warrington | ARES-35 | M.Bison | Bruiser | Caim | David | Fulgore | Mio | Nadalia | Shadow/Agent | Teri

BEWP Strategic Module:

#include iostream
#include interactions
#include katyaMoveSet
#include twitMoveSet
#include BeneMoveSet

boolean weaponRaidComplete = FALSE;

int main()
while(interaction(Fulgore, Nadalia) == TRUE && weaponRaidComplete == FALSE)
Twit.shadowTeleport(Twit, Benedict, Katya, WeaponStorage);

for(i=0, guardcount(WeaponStorage) >= 0, i+3)


useItem(Twit, AngelDust);

Twit.cout << "Ahhhhhhh. All better.";

removeItem(Katya, Mali_Volcano);

addItem(Katya, MPVGPAMAC);


weaponRaidComplete = TRUE;


return 0;

Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | Canteen
Diana | Violet | Selena | Luke | Alashi | Tania la Fey |

Before Violet could leave the canteen, he suddenly found himself standing directly in front of a woman, towering over him. Diana glared at him with hate-filled, glowing, eyes, blocking his path. She asked just a simple question: "What went wrong?", but he could hear it in his mind as well. "What went wrong?"

"You brought us into a territory lined with missile defenses. An enemy willing to bombard his own city. Why? I will be the judge of your answer, so don't fuck it up." she added, though his answer would only matter a tiny bit. What he was actively thinking, this was counting as well. Diana probed his mind for the answers she seeked. Why Violet had taken command, if it had been just stupidity to send her and others in (punishable already), or if he just had been under stress (punishable as well, for taking command). There was not really any chance of going out of this interrogation unharmed.

An imp brought Diana two Bloody Mary's. She downed one of them immediately, giving the glass back to the imp. She was about to use the napkin, as she read what was on it. Grimacing, she pat the head of the imp gently, and muttered a thanks on it. Then, still having a glass of the red cocktail in her hand, and having the red juice around her mouth, she continued glaring at Violet.
Maybe, in his state, he could have the illusion that her shadow was bigger and slightly different, as well as much darker, as it should be.
(It's a telepathic illusion, so noone else can see it.)

Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location | Secure Cell Block: Designation A-Class
Mio | Teri | Bruiser | Other inmates

As Bison and Bruiser were discussing the Fulgore, Mio listened and thought for a bit. Finally, she said: "Couldn't you just ... turn him off and on again?" Thinking a bit more, she added: "What's the problem with getting him on our side, Bruiser?"

She looked and felt around a bit more, trying to find out how to get out of the cell. "I mean, if we get out of here in a short time, because our people who somehow managed to leave their cells, we probably don't need him. Although just turning Adelheid off might be a good idea, then.
If this takes a few hours more, I think I'm getting bored. It would be more interesting to find out what Adelheid would do. So ..."

Suddenly, Mio called out to one of the guards. "Hey, I'm hungry! When is feeding time? I heard we get something!" After getting an answer, she shortly looked to Teri and Bruiser. "I hope you are willing to help me here. Distracting the guard and stuff."

By looking, she would try to find out how the guards opened the cells, or if they had something like keys on them.

The Rising Dawn: Lower Levels: The Armoury
Icarus, Melethia.

The shorter elf nodded as she guided Icarus to one of the training rooms. "Go ahead and have your partner, though I will state only once that any attempt on his part to interfere in the training will inevitably result in the both of you being dragged to the medical bay. Still, shall we begin?" The room was rather plain, though there would be ample space for the pair to maneuver around. The elf then started punching in a few commands at a small terminal to set the parameters of the training room, and while the computer started to process what Melethia had put in she took a look at the morphing blade with a rather critical eye.

A little bit of examination did show that she was mildly impressed with the animated blade, though when she finished her critique up she dryly intoned to the young man in a rather blunt manner. "The sentience is intriguing, but it is still only as good as the titanium it's made with. I know Titanium is lightweight, but can it match up to these blades?" Melethia then took that time to pull out a rather sharp and extremely well-made kukri with a purple sheen that had a pungent scent to it, and a matching handaxe that was just as well-crafted accompanied it asshe calmly entered a fighting stance.

Icarus could also feel a faintly comforting presence around the rather sharp handaxe as well, though as Melethia led in with her first flurry of slashes that was meant to test the extent of Icarus's defenses she rather calmly quipped at him. "Since you are still green I set the room to throw up a siren in case you start getting too badly hurt. If I were you, though, I would try not to take advantage of that..."

The Rising Dawn:Canteen, Bar
Selena, Luke, Alashi, Tania, Violet

Alashi also ordered a Roll in the Hay from Luke as she listened to the statement the imps gave, making sure to place the cone back on Violet should she have the chance. "See me later if you want the collar off, Violet!" Even then, the man was running rather rapidly and Alashi wasn't in too much of a rush to go anywhere as she nodded. "And I can understand that, Selena, though you might want to hold back on the drinks..."

The blossoming wild magic would be a bit more for Alashi to be concerned about, but as the queen of the fae greeted her she offered a light handshake as she sat down again. "Name's Alashi, and if you see anyone giving me any titles let me know so I can smack some sense into them~" She then calmly chuckled, though it was easy to see she was keeping a keen eye on the bartender...

The Rising Dawn: Hangar
Slindis, Angelus, Kalastryn

Slindis then nodded faintly as she idly replied to her longtime friend. "Well, Kalastryn, it's been a long time and I've been a few different places... though, it doesn't seem as if much time has passed here. That's a bit odd, though honestly I think when it comes to this whole scenario that the whole chain of command broke down. Of course, I'd prefer if we finished up here soon as well and for the rest of our team back safely, though I will have to agree with Angelus when I say that we need to make informed decisions on our next moves here.

The Rising Dawn: Hallway, transitioning to the living quarters
Devon, Rugal, Garm

Devon chanted a rather decent healing spell to patch up Garm's injuries to help the distressed wolf out while she stroked the wolf's fur. "Well, Rugal, I've said all I'll say on it. The scent will fade after a while though, and I'll be right there with you and Garm here getting Teri back. For now, is there anywhere else they could use me here? I don't think I could quite cover at the medbay, though if there's any way I could calm the others down here I'd be more than willing to aid.

The Rising Dawn: Canteen: Selena, Diana, Luke, Alashi, Tania and...Violet... /)_-"

Violet's "Brilliant" escape attempt was cut short by a drunk Selena, never in all his days did the embrace of a member of the opposite sex seem so much like a prison.
"Hey Violet do you think You could find where the crew got kidnapped if I gave you a Kiss?"
"Ghhhhhheherrrrrrrrrrrr-You're drunk! I shouldn't take advantage of you in this state!" He quickly said before attempting to gently pull her off of him, being careful not to be too forceful for fear of knocking her over and having her hit her head.
"What went wrong?"
"Ohhhhh Sugar Honey Ice Tea...." He the squirmed as Diana returned to the room, clearly not looking happy about how he had handled himself thus far.
"You brought us into a territory lined with missile defenses. An enemy willing to bombard his own city. Why? I will be the judge of your answer, so don't fuck it up." The shapeshifter asked as she saw a number of things in Violet's mind.
First it was fear of taking over after Kazuya, then it was fear of failing, then it was fear of being assassinated, then it was fear of everyone realizing just how woeful he was a everything and now, fear of her.
"...Look, you see-HEY!" He tried to answer before Alashi put the damn cone back on his head.
Struggling with it for a moment, he got back on topic before saying "Look, I knew they had forces in the area but I didn't know they had all that! I knew Armstrong had a private army but I didn't think it was THAT big....Look-...please-.....I didn't know..."
The more it went on, the more that Violet's mind began to imagine all the violent ways in which he would be mauled for his failure...

(More posts hopefully coming)

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | World Marshall, Undisclosed Location | Secure Cell Block, Designation: A Class
"Bomb voyage."
B.C. | King Leoric | Others

For someone of B.C.'s natural attention span and need for nigh-constant entertainment, the sensation of the ghostly "king's" attempted assault only kept it's novelty for about fifteen seconds. By that point, the Anarchist, Convicted Criminal and all-around Horrible Person that he was locked up with was sick and tired of not only being bored but locked up in the first place, the sensation of which had lost it's novelty long before she had reached this primitive little slammer.

So, with a swing of her long, sadly covered, legs, she slipped down from the metallic box... Urn? Whatever it was, and idly reached up to feel along the collar on her neck with fingers that were as skilled with electronics and locks as they were flawlessly manicured. Her fingertips seemed to dance across the collar's surface in a blur, and within a few seconds it had popped off with a distinctive click.

It was immediately followed up by the also distinctive sound of beeping. With a smile, she casually wrapped the collar around the bars of her cell, then pushed the strange metal container closer toward it. The Blonde Bomber finally sat against the opposite side of the box and looked up at the ghostly form of her cellmate.

"I hate to say goodbye so soon, but what can I say? It's been a blast." she said, before closing her eyes and covering her ears.

When the collar detonated, it did several things all at once. First, it blew out the bars of the cell rather effectively, if crudely. Second, it very likely ruptured the nice metal container that B.C. had been locked in with. At the same time, the explosion pushed back both box and Convict away, and though the box stopped after a few inches, B.C. was carried a little farther and knocked into the wall behind it. Lastly, it filled both cell and hallway with some godawful smoke.

It took a few minutes, but when the smoke cleared, B.C. was back on her feet, waving away the remaining haze with a grin on her slightly ashen face.

"Time to blow this not-Space pop stand." she said to herself, before turning to the Phantom King and stepping backwards out of her cell.

"Well honey, I've gotta go! Toodles!" the Convict told him with both a wink and a blown kiss before practically skipping out into the hallway.

It was time to wreak some havoc, snatch her freedom back from The Man, and get her personal effects back. Although not necessarily in that order.

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