The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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World Marshall Undisclosed Location: Secure Cell Block: Designation A-Class: Bison, Bruiser, Caim, David, Teri, Mio, Shadow/Agent, FULGORE Featuring B.C. and King Leoric!

The FULGORE's line of questioning quickly became the least of his concerns when B.C. managed to detonate her collar and use it to escape.
"Well honey, I've gotta go! Toodles!" B.C. happily said befo-
[Halt!] The machine droned before B.C. found herself on the business end of more guns then she had been in recent memory.
Before she could even get a few steps down the hall, they were upon her, en-circling her while the FULGORE tried to return to his original query.
[...Was this your doing as well?] He then asked the Iron Queen, least before something much more important happened.

A haunting laughter began to escape the smoke in B.C.'s former cell, prompting the FULGORE to slowly look away from Nadalia, right as he got the information on who else was in that cell.
A large mace then swung downward onto one of the guards, crushing him instantly before swatting another away like a common fly and launching him clean though one of the cells on the floor above them.
The clinking of bones and armor then rang out as a Rather large Skeleton stepped out of the cell.
"Cower...before your KING!" Leoric roared before laughing madly and began swinging at the guards on that level.
Lead rattled his skull and bones, piercing though his armor but you can't kill that which has no life, didn't stop the guards from trying however.
While his attacks lacked skill and precision, they clearly didn't lack impact as he marched down the hallway towards where B.C. was being detained.
Seeing where this was going, the Convict hit the deck as the mace cleaved the guards who were still standing up, smearing their organs and cybernetics against all the cells nearby.
Now covered in oil and blood, Leoric glanced down at the one who freed him, holding his mace tightly, conflicted about if to kill her or not.
".....Grrrr...Your service is noted...Wretch..." He finally replied before resuming his crusade against his captors.

David needless to say got a bit animated when this happened, seeing how there was another escapee and he was currently kicking ass.
"Guys-....Don't mean to alarm you but I think our good Karma is about to pay off..." He said to the others as she watched the fight beyond his cell get more and more out of hand.
Bison was also watching closely, waiting for any chance to get out of this hell-hole and "Repay" all his captors for their kindness.

In the chaos that ensured, the cells containing the Rising Dawn were damaged and it became clear they weren't the only ones...

This dude helped in some places

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World Marshall Undisclosed Location: Secure Cell Block: Designation A-Class:
Bison | Bruiser | Caim | David | Teri | Mio | Shadow/Agent | FULGORE | B.C. | King Leoric

Caim was the first to act in the chaos, making note of the damaged cell walls. Taking a few moments to stretch his legs through a couple squats before he backed up from the "front" of his cell, and leaped, bringing one of his legs forward on the damaged part of the enclosure. Now, while Caim was not a "proper" martial artist (at least, in the hand to hand sense), even prior to his fateful encounter with Angelus the former prince had boasted a strong set of legs and the absurd ability to jump about 5 feet in the air. That all in mind, Caim had far more confidence in his kick being able to make a (further) dent in the already damaged front of his cell; and to his pleasant surprise, he found himself stumbling outside of the remnants of his cell and into the chaos of the cellblock fight. Scanning the closest environs, his eyes alighted on a familiar sight jutting out from the guards' hips in a holster.



That would work nicely.

Singling out a guard who was on the periphery of all the action, Caim grabbed a piece of rubble and charged again, bringing the chunk of concrete into the guard's face. In the haze of the confusion, the mute warrior grabbed at the sword at the guard's hip and tugged, pulling free a sight for sore eyes. With a murderous glint in his eyes, Caim readjusted his grip to accommodate for the new weapon (Eastern in design, he noted, rather akin to Nobuyoshi or Takamasa in his armory, but with a straighter edge), and thrust it forward into the guard. With a foot planted on the unfortunate sap, Caim pulled the sword back out, and relished in the smell of blood and oil filling the air. Ah, yes, this was his place.

"Hey, throw me his piece once you are done bashing his brains out."

Caim snapped out of his reverie when he heard David's voice shouting from further away - oh right, his friends. He had gotten so caught up in the moment he had almost forgotten about them. Gingerly picking up the guard's gun, Caim rushed back towards David's cell. Handing off the gun, the mute gestured to the rest of the prisoners in the immediate vicinity, urging him to join him in getting the other Dawn members out of the cells.

~Several moments prior to all the chaos~

Teri was unsure unsure how exactly to react to the little debate between Bruiser, Mio, and Bison; electing to quietly watch Adel (or Fulgore, or whatever he went by these days) silently guarded the group. There had to be some way to get through to him, right? Maybe if she waved Rugal's name around, that could elicit a reaction. Of course, that had the potential to go horribly wrong as well, and he could just stab her right then and there. What to do, what to -


Everything in the cellblock exploded into chaos. There was an explosion by some happy go lucky lass, a skeletal king (or was he a lich?) had begun cleaving through guards with a mace like he was the second coming of Sauron, the cells were damaged, and Caim had managed to wrangle himself out in the chaos and grabbed a sword. Maybe they didn't have to wait on a rescue after all! Teri looked down at her hands and flexed them experimentally, before muttering to herself, "...Time to apply their teachings in a practical setting."

As Caim went about in his bloody frenzy, Teri took the opportunity to rip the lower half of her pants off (making them effectively shorts in the process), and wrapped the cloth strips around her hands as impromptu bandages. They weren't gloves, but they'd provide a little bit of protection in the meantime. Of course, this also left her cell companions. Bruiser... Teri didn't want to think about Bruiser. She turned her attention to the other girl in the room, Mio. She had said that she was familiar with high seas adventures, but Teri wasn't entirely sure what she was capable of, much less if she was able to deal with... Any of this. She was some poor girl who happened to be around the RD when all this went down. At best, she had some combat experience, and they could get her a weapon, and at worst, she was a bystander who needed to be guarded. Either way, both outcomes would be difficult with the collars on. After getting everyone out, the collars would need to be first priority, alongside wound maintenance... But first things first.

The Cleric's lips purseed into a grim line as she tried to formulate a course of action, and gestured to her nautically inclined companion, "Looks like we didn't need to distract the guards after all, Mio. I don't know what these guys are gonna do, but until the collars come off, all I can use are my parent's teachings, and unfortunately, I'm no master in them. But if we stick together, we should be able to get you outta here. What are you able to fight with? We might be able to grab you a weapon..."

World Marshall Secure Location: Anomalous Materials
ARES | Viscus | Dimitri | M. Lab Tech

When Dimitri found himself in the position of power over the Lab Tech, he began his sabotage of the lab techs by quietly turning off all of the EM fields in the lab. Second, he began to concentrate, and generated another SPRITE as he did before, this one a pale blue. To the SPRITE, he instilled the command "Search for User: ARES and deliver this message to her. If she has the ability to connect to the network, give her the credentials necessary. If she attempts to open communications with me, follow her commands, so long as it opens communications between us."

After sending the sprite off to find ARES, Dimitri waited two human seconds before he composed an email to Viscus regarding the situation, and sent it off.

Following that, Dimitri began interacting with the devices on the network, denying them network access through the permissions on the Administration panel. The Blue Butler gave a small chuckle as the Users began to express confusion as to why their computers were suddenly unable to access the network, or crying in distress for misplaced work (databases were rather finicky that way, weren't they?). Now to watch and see how this would all unfold...

Escapist Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location | Anomalous Materials
So... people forgot she was around...
Katya Rostikova | BEWP | Antoinette de la Trou | Benedict Warrington

This was a new sensation... well a new sensation for two of the people floating around in the darkness. Looking around her, Katya had no idea where she was or if she was even on the same planet that she'd grown up on. What kept her from panicking was the fact that there were two familiar faces floating in the semi-darkness with her... well... as familiar as one could get having spent between 22 minutes to 22 hours locked in a cell will them.

"Where in the FUCK are we?" The Rising Dawn's Resident Digital Deviant asked loudly as she floated in the nothingness known as the Shadow Realm.

"Shush! S'il vous plait!" the familiar feminine French voice belonging to Antoinette de la Trou exclaimed as she attempted to focus on getting themselves back into the prison and to their comrades, "I'm trying to get us back into the prison and to your comrades... but... I'm having some problems."

"Well, this is simply confirmation of what young Katya has been implying for some time now... that we are not on our world." The Fatherly Figure known as Benedict stated simply as he floated past Katya with a peace filled smile on his face, "Given this piece of information, the decision to attempt to teleport into the weapons storage area was truly a poor one since my apprentice is unfamiliar with this dimension's spacial coordinate system."

"So... how do we get back to the prison?! " The young Katya Rostikova asked as she attempted to swim over to Twit and throttle the bitch!

"One second. Give me a moment to try." The former child soldier for the Empire muttered as she closed her eyes.


The darkness was suddenly broken by a series of prismatic pulses of light caused by things being phased into Antoinette's Shadow Realm. Katya, held her breath, hoping that Twit had teleported her imprisoned compatriots out of the prison and out of harm's way.

"WHAT IN THE HELL IS THIS?!" Katya exclaimed when she realized that it wasn't people that had been phased into existence but equipment.

"Zut alors!" The somewhat exquisite curse came from the junior member of the Blasphemer's brigade. In an attempt to phase back into the prison, Antoinette had attempted to use their equipment as a sort of anchor, "I had intended for us to teleport to our weapons, not for our weapons to teleport to us..."

"WELL NO SHIT! BUT THAT STILL DOESN'T HELP US GET OUT OF THIS SHIT PILE NOR DOES IT HELP ANY OF THE OTHERS!" The Impassioned Member of the Rising Dawn exclaimed as she once again tried to swim over to Twit to throttle the bitch, "NOR DOES IT HELP US GET OUT OF THIS SHIT SHOW! AND THIS THING ISN'T MINE!"

Katya held out a what appeared to be some sort of futuristic magnetically driven assault rifle, stifling the thought of using it on the pair that she was stuck in limbo with.

"Hush, child. There's no use in crying over spilled milk. Have faith that your comrades can get themselves out of that prison while we try to get ourselves out of this prison. In the mean time... I suggest you tell us about this world. I suspect that the better the understanding that Antoinette has of this world, the easier it will become for her to teleport us back to it. Benedict said as he pulled his legs in, settling into a cross legged sitting position.

"Fine... Katya said as she strapped her gear onto her body, "But if we don't get back... I swear to God I'm going to shoot someone."

"So... the Father doesn't exist in this dimensions... not in the capacity that we're used to." Antoinette said, noting the fact that Katya had not been punished by the Father for using his name in vain, "Go on... I am listening..."

Katya Rostikova, Antoinette de la Trou and Benedict Warrington are out for the remainder of the arc or until the encounter becomes more manageable.

The Rising Dawn: Lower Levels: The Armoury
Icarus, Melethia.

The shorter elf nodded as she guided Icarus to one of the training rooms. "Go ahead and have your partner, though I will state only once that any attempt on his part to interfere in the training will inevitably result in the both of you being dragged to the medical bay. Still, shall we begin?" Upon entry Melethia Saw a Strange creature was already in the room it was doglike but walked on two legs. It had been punching the air but was somehow knocking around a punching bag a few feet away. Seeing Icarus The Anubis-esque creature Seemed to get exited and bounded up then sniffed and it's sharp eyes examined Melethia, but kept a polite distance.
"This is My Teacher and Adopted brother Danny Boy, and I assure you he Will not interfere unless you fight in a dishonorable manner." Icarus smiled and Danny Boy Dutifully stood in the corner sizing up the Elf. Icarus summoned part of his armor mainly his Blue Doublet which was in Fact Brigantine, the armor plating on his legs and his Brigantine Gauntlets.

Melethia Inspected his Titanium Sword-kin which was in Sword mode.
"The sentience is intriguing, but it is still only as good as the titanium it's made with. I know Titanium is lightweight, but can it match up to these blades?" Melethia then took out a rather sharp and extremely well-made Kukri with a purple sheen that had a pungent scent to it, a Similar Hand-Axe accompanied it as she calmly entered a fighting stance. Icarus took a Defensive stance, He had fought a variety of weapons His father used to wield two weapons. the first thing he noted was both the Kukri and Hand-Axe were designed for optimal striking. However there was one flaw in Melethia's weapon choice: They lacked any Reach, With his longer arms he had a slight advantage, but only slight.
Melethia led in with her a flurry of slashes that was meant to test the extent of Icarus's defenses.
The Set of attacks were certainly alarming Icarus backed up using footwork to keep out of trouble He threw up parries as the weapons swung in towards him, he did a decent job defending himself Though he was losing ground, He knew he'd have to advance His eyes took in as much detail as he could: Where Melethia placed her feet, which arm she lead with, where she opened her guard. He felt his wings touch a wall. It was now or never, Melethia gave one more slash at Icarus he responded by flaring up his wings and launching himself into the air, he landed behind her and he immediately whirled around with his sword outstretched to swipe at her, He aimed for the armored section of her torso he also had full intention to slow the blade down before he hit her, not intending to cause any injury to the young elf.

The Rising Dawn: Canteen:
Selena, Diana, Luke, Alashi, Tania, Diana and...Violet

Surprisingly Violet was incredibly nervous, He almost seemed fearful of her, Most likely it was the Blue, crimson and Indigo sparks surrounding her that was really scaring him.
"Ghhhhhheherrrrrrrrrrrr-You're drunk! I shouldn't take advantage of you in this state!" Selena looked away but out of the corner of her eye she saw he bumped into someone else. Alashi tried to Reassure the witch "And I can understand that, Selena, though you might want to hold back on the drinks..." Selena Sighed "Alright I guess I don't want to wake up with a hangover." Selena finished her Whiskey "I'm drinking just water from now on." She then felt a strange sensation as someone put their hand on her head something she definitely didn't appreciate
"Young sorceress who holds the embers of the Old World in your bosom, quell such magics before you call upon the eyes of beasts hungering in the night."
"Hey how about you mind-" She froze when she sensed this person's powerful magic. The wide brimmed pointed hat also made it was quite clear that she too was a Witch. Selena took a deep breath attempting to calm down but she was able to properly focus her Magic at this point.
"I think I'm starting to regret my decisions" she said weakly as she her head rocked feeling very dizzy.

Escapist Avatar Adventures | Airship Rising Dawn | Medical Bay | Surgical Observation Room
Just A Little Thread...
Ruby Babbage-Lovelace | Rory Mercury | Angelus | Diana | Doom | Kazuya Mishima | Naamah | Major Rhodes Selmy | Slindis

While the adult members of the Rising Dawn discussed their adult topics that were far above the nine year old pink primped princess' understanding, Ruby Babbage-Lovelace was busy trying to discover the location of the missing members of the Rising Dawn. This task was made difficult as the girl was also busy trying not to drown in Auntie Rhodes' boobs. With an arm pushing one of her auntie's copiously large endowments to the side in order to maintain an air pocket, Black and White haired little lady found it nearly impossible to hold the blue swatch of cloth and pull out a thread as that would have required both hands. Hanging at her Authoritative Auntie's side, Ruby noticed a thread of hope or rather a thread that stray thread dangling off of her beloved Auntie Rhodes' uniform.

Slowly reaching out her free hand, Ruby grasped the barely visible snagged bit of cotton and pulled gently, the future unraveling itself before her as easily as the cloth of the Commander with the Commanding Presence's uniform did. As she gently unworked the singular strand she could hear Mister Mishima speaking as he questioned just how it was possible that Ruby knew where the missing members were kept.

"Also, you mentioned that child as being your 'Guide'? Mind if I get some context for that or is that 'Above my Pay Grade' now?" The man boobed master of martial arts muttered in a mocking manner.

Below the river, under the city one mile high,
Beneath the place where death came from the sky,
You will find the place where your friends yet live,
A place where the best defense is a shiv.
Though you have the will to fight
Follow these rules to ensure that things will turn out right.

The quickest way into the heart of the beast
Is what your foes will expect the least.
Plant your seeds deep into the ground
and pierce the place where your friends can be found
But before that can even be done
You will have to own both ground and sun.

Beware the fiery Norse Men's flight
and dodge the flak that explodes in the night.
Be wary of the giant metal men with arms numbering four
While burning Denver's killer down to the floor.
Move your floating home over the heart of the land
And break through both rock and sand.

"It appears that she's proven herself more useful than you, already, Mister Mishima," Miss Rory Mercury said as she fixed a stern look upon Mister Mishima, the former man in charge of it all. It didn't appear that the Black and Crimson Clad Calamity was particularly fond of the Japanese Businessman at all, though from what Ruby had heard while she was in the Medical Bay, there was a particular reason for it. Turning away from the businessman, the young looking loli addressed him with her back turned, "Gather what men can still fight, we've been dawdling for too long."

Walking away from the Powerless Power-broker, Miss Rory looked at Auntie Rhodes with a small look of concern.

"While we have that man trying to run around and organize a counter attack, do you have any idea what the little one is talking about?"

Location: Auxillary Command Center | Rising Dawn
Those who are friends are of kin. Those who are of kin shed blood as one.

Major Rhodes

Rhodes stopped and set Ruby down. The major's face was burning a deep pink, her bangs hid her eyes. She was silent for a little bit.

"While we have that man trying to run around and organize a counter attack, do you have any idea what the little one is talking about?" Rory Mercury asked, moving swiftly up to the Major's side. While the Major's strides were longer, she took them slowly and deliberately, allowing for the smaller woman to catch up.

"Anisa..." the major said lightly under her breath. She shifted her weight awkwardly between her legs. "You really shouldn't do that without telling me..."

"MUSTAFIA!" one of the angels said, running up and slamming her own body against the Major in a tight embrace.

Rhodes squirmed underneath the embrace of her angel, her left arm held against her chest. That tiny thread Ruby pulled in her divination had caused the entirety of her top to have become unraveled. What the Major couldn't cover herself, her angel did for her with much flailing, self-disrobing and silk-scarf wrapping around Rhodes' chest.

"If you want to see them... you just have to ask, Ruby. We just can't have men around..." Rhodes looked away and put a hand on her face, cheeks red.

There was a pause as another angel tackled Doom to the ground. "WHAT DID YOU SEE YOU HEATHEN!? FORGET IT IMMEDIATELY BEFORE I PUT YOU TO DEATH!"

In the back, yet another angel spoke in the ranks, "That was... that was so moe..."

After the Major's chest was once again covered by a makeshift bandage of silken scarf from her faithful angel, she spoke to address Rory. "Ruby speaks to us to seek the earth in full assault. We will probably move to attack directly above their prison, take the air with the Rising Dawn, and I'll have bunker busters queued up from the Soul of Tomorrow. After that my angels and I will sweep the area and deliver all the men to God." The Major smiled gently.

Eudaimon: Lilith

Lilith put her rifle back over her head and looked at the G-corp grunt and his friend. He had the simple nature of a desperate man to him. Greased hair, shaven chin, and a slump in his shoulder that she recognized as the result of many days alone in self-despair. She blinked, blue eyes glimmering in the harsh white light of the ship's hallway. There wasn't too much time to waste, so Lilith supposed she'd have to lay it on pretty thick.

Then she smiled, "Ah, hiya," she faked a Southern Californian accent, though that was where she was from originally before being picked up by Mustafia actually, "I'm new on the ship here, just transferred here from the front." She leaned forward, "You seem really friendly, mind giving me the up and down of the place? Somewhere private maybe? It's just so cramped in here and I've got a terrible sense of claustrophobia." Lilith unzipped her body suit so that it left bare everything down to her naval, "I just can't stand closed spaces, they make me feel so hot."


Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | Canteen
Violet's Nightmare
Diana | Violet

"Look, I knew they had forces in the area but I didn't know they had all that! I knew Armstrong had a private army but I didn't think it was THAT big....Look-...please-.....I didn't know..."

"Wrong answer." Diana answered Violet, grabbed him by his collar and pulled him out of the canteen. She talked more quietly as she dragged him along, into a part of the ship that was less populated. "I asked you why you did not know it. Why you did not scout it out. But you are completely obvlivious, aren't you?"

She pushed him into a storeroom, drank the Bloody Mary fully, and dropped the glass on the ground. "You know, I hate being taken for a fool. But now, now we are all alone, and I finally can have some fun. Actual fun, not that stupid robot-eating stuff. You now how tasteless metal is?" Despite it looking normal earlier, as Violet now looked at the grinning mouth of Diana, it seemed to have two rows of spiky teeth. Her eyes were burning coldly still.

"I should not have expected more of you. More than thinking with your balls." Her grin seemed to get wider as she grabbed into his crotch and put the other hand on his mouth, so he could not scream. "Maybe they need to be taken off? But ...
that would be too obvious, wouldn't it?"
Suddenly, it seemed to get darker in the room, as Diana's poisoned mind began leaking into Violet's, and he could hear her voice only in his head. "I learned things that are much more fun back where I came from." She pushed close against him, what even he might have longed for, but not in this situation.

Dark clouds were filling his mind, making it hard to think. "I can be your fear. I can make all that you fear reality. But I also can create new fears ... and new longings ..." Her face came incredibly close to his, and she was looking deeply into his eyes. "You still would like it, wouldn't you? I know the mind of you males. But there is nothing wrong with it. It should be embraced!"

Violet could feel how his sex drive was heightened ... manipulated ... changed. His desires were brought to the top and not brought back down. It would feel like he desired every woman he saw. The dark clouds changed this ... slowly. They changed parts of his personality. This was no simple mind-reading. Or even controlling. This was changing his sense of self.

"But it also should be feared." was added in his mind. And suddenly, the dark clouds took out all the fears about embarrassment, the fears about speaking to someone desirable, even the fears about bodies themselves, naked ... especially these two things. The round ones. The ones pressing against his chest right now. What was that even? Why would you not fear round things? They could be really intimidating. Round things, like cabbages. Or sport balls. Or these things starting with b ...

Suddenly, the dark clouds lifted from his mind. Before Violet stood Diana, with her ... things. And her big, pointy teeth. She smiled, and took his hand. She lifted it to her mouth, putting his hands dangerously close to her round ... things.
Then she bit his little finger off. Chewed on it, smiled. "Tasty." and left the room.
Just a second before his memory of the dark clouds faded.

Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location | Secure Cell Block: Designation A-Class
Mio | Teri | Caim and guards and Bruiser and stuff

Mio flinched as she suddenly heard another, unexpected, explosion. She took a step back from the cell door, stepping closer to Teri, fear in her eye, initially. Then she heard Leoric's laugh, and, after a short time, saw him knock out the cell door. And not attack her, but the guards, which made her much more confident. "Now that's what I'm taking about! Getting out of here!"

Meanwhile, Teri was starting to rip the lower halfs of her pants off, which got curious glances from Mio, as she looked back and forth at the chaos outside and Teri inside. She realized what Teri was doing just after a short time. "Are you sure you can punch hard enough?" did she ask, right before Teri spoke to her, a bit worried about Mio's abilities.

"Looks like we didn't need to distract the guards after all, Mio. I don't know what these guys are gonna do, but until the collars come off, all I can use are my parent's teachings, and unfortunately, I'm no master in them. But if we stick together, we should be able to get you outta here. What are you able to fight with? We might be able to grab you a weapon..."

"Hey, I did promise to get you out of here, didn't I? I keep my promises!" Mio answered, overhearing that Teri was speaking about getting Mio out. "Now, this will be quite easy with that chaos out there. Don't be loud and don't make yourself big, and follow me." She did not seem to be worried about Bruiser. Instead, she silently walked towards and out the cell door, occasionally looking back to Teri, making sure she followed.

There, she also could see Caim fighting an array of guards, some of them trying to fight back, some of them, one row behind, having their guns pulled but not shooting, worried about hitting their own. Mio's eye fell on the same place Caim's eyes had before, a sword holster. With some very quick movements, she had pulled a sword out, and taken a low stance. The guard had not noticed this happening, at all.

Looking back to Teri, Mio winked. "There's my weapon." she whispered. "But now we should get to where our things are stored. I'm not getting out of here without my coat.
Uhh ... do you know where to go?"

In that moment, one of the guards seemed to pick up on something, and slowly turned. Before he could do so fully, however, Mio's sword was on his throat. His eyes widened, just for a second, then Mio cut with a quick slash and jumped a step back as he was going limp, slightly yelping due to landing on her injured leg. Otherwise it had been quick and clean. Mio quickly hurried around a corner, made sure Teri, but noone else, was following, then spoke again.

"Sorry about that. You should not see these terrible things ...
where should we go though? This prison is much bigger than the ones I am used to."

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | Rising Dawn Private Quarters - Ryan's Room
"And she said we couldn't make anything good from that? Right, Challenge Accepted!"
Ryan | Annie | Nina and Phillip

As Annie passively watched from the bed, taking care of her sword's needs, Nina and Phillip would be raiding the fridge and freeze. The goal was simple, look for stuff to make some legitimate noms to eat, and then cook said food with extreme... determination. It wouldn't take long before Phillip made up his mind on what was going to be made. While sitting by the counter, he extended some of the tentacles outwards to grab inside the fridge, putting out whatever he needed.

Nina realizing Phillip had taken the charge, moved out of the way as he did his thing. "So what are you thinking of making this time then?" She asked politely, looking down at the noodle monster. Phillip would pause for a moment, several of the tentacles stopping for a moment as a couple of them shifted her way, acting like he was giving her at least some attention. "Oh come on, what do you mean it's a secret Phillip? Just tell me what you're planning on making!" Phillip didn't let her finish before he started moving things around getting a kettle boiling some water, setting a cutting board down. Nina simply sighed, he was probably pretty stressed from all the goings on that day, she couldn't hold it against him if he wanted to do some things his way for once. "Alright, well if you need me, I'm not going anywhere. Just ask?" She smiled encouragingly before resuming her hunt for a cellphone charger.

Meanwhile the main show was starting as from within Phillip's mass, several sheathed knives and pans appeared. Pushed out from a barrage of other tentacles that cascaded forth, Phillip immediately started cooking a frozen hamburger patty as well as throwing some butter into another oiled pan. While they started to slowly sizzle, several of Phillip's tentacles whipped around with uncharacteristic precision, snatching up a couple onions. They flexed for a moment as the outer most skins flaked off without much resistance as they were set swiftly to the cutting board.

The familiar sound of a blade being drawn forth filled the air as Phillip grabbed a cooking knife, and like a striking python started cutting the onions into ringlets.[1] Phillip however continued chopping away at the onions, one tentacles apparently having several smaller tendrils coming out of it which danced between the chopping blade, moving onion pieces in and out of the spot as needed.

Into the melted butter pan Phillip threw in the chopped onions as he simultaneously flipped the burger on the pan with a flick of his non-existent wrist, having it do a nice 540 in the air. He'd stir the chopped onions in the mix of melted butter until they were nice and tender, and while they neared their completion, Phillip broke apart the hamburger while grabbing a mass of paper towels. He'd flip beef up again, snatching the bits with the paper towel. With a swift twist, a large majority of the grease Annie would be against was now separated. And with that he dropped them into the pan like a hailstorm of beef.

Now beef broth was a problem, since Ryan didn't have any, nor did he have the reasonable alternative of chicken broth, nor did he even have old bones to attempt to make new broth. He had one option however as maddening as it might be to use. In a large mug, Phillip opened up one of the instant beef noodle cups Ryan had lying around, and immediately tossed the crummy noodles, using the pack inside as the broth he needed! He dumped that into the mug, pour the boiling water he'd prepped from the kettle at the beginning, and then dump that into the mess of onions and beef. Lastly, a couple of spice bottles would pop out from Phillip's mass as he'd give a couple shakes of a few before putting them away. He'd cover the pan with a lid to let it simmer there as he moved on to cleaning the finished beef pan.

"I think I know what you're up to Phillip~" Nina mused as she flopped onto the bed's edge, giving herself just enough room to not fall off, but also not to incur the wrath of Annie. She'd kick her feet up in the air while she rested on her stomach, and then had a seemingly one sided argument over if she really did know the dish with a couple "Ya I do."s and a few "I definitely got it."s sprinkled in between to respond to seemingly nothing.

"So, Annie? You sure you don't want any? Phillip says he's got enough he'd definitely be able to make you a serving too if you want?" Nina asked from her spot, looking over to the diligent little Shifter of edginess. Now Annie might still have had her reservations on the quality of Ryan's food selection, but still somehow, someway, she would notice her mouth was salivating. Despite her not being hungry, not trusting either of them overly, or just simply thinking the food wasn't a good quality for her; her body was somehow still yearning for a taste of what Phillip had been working on for the passed 20 minutes or so.

Regardless of her answer, soon enough Phillip would start to work again. He'd grab another large coffee mug and used it to judge a round circle cut for a couple slices of bread, which he'd then through into a toaster. He'd also grab out the cheese block, and what happened next seemed odd as one of Phillip's tentacles went around to each of the cupboards, hovered there for a second before moving onto the next one. "Maybe he lost the cheese grater or something?" Nina stated out of the blue. "It could happen, maybe someone else needed it, we don't know." She added. Without a supposed cheese grater, Phillip instead used one of his knives to slice the cheese and divide it into small slivers. Once the bread had finished toasting, he through it into a microwave with the cheese on top to melt the cheese. And with that, he was done!

Finally he ladled some of the french onion soup into one of the mugs, setting the toasted bread within. It was simple, and yet somehow it brought everyone's attention to it in the room. The first he'd give to Nina, which she'd immediately dug in, thanking Phillip for the food in turn. If Annie had agreed to have one as well, Phillip would prep one of her too, and needless to say against all odds, it tasted just as good as it smelled.

When Nina was nearly done her allotment of onion soup, she looked over to Annie questioningly. "So this has been bugging me practically since Ryan first noticed Phillip with his magic eyes of bag spying. Frankly other than Eddie giving me the gears about Phillip no one has been reacting... poorly towards him? Are people like him more common around here, or are things just that much more... liberal around here?" Nina asked Annie quietly, Phillip was obviously still in ear shot, but given the situation Nina didn't really have a choice in that matter. "Really I'm not sure where I'm going to go from here if Ryan's really going to take that long to get up. I just don't want Phillip to get hurt." She said with genuine concern.

[1] Despite whatever hang ups she'd have with Phillip, or him using a blade with such speed in such close proximity to Ryan, she'd feel that aura of Phillip's had dimmed in comparison to all other times she'd noted its presence.

The Rising Dawn Adventures

World Marshall Undisclosed Location: Secure Cell Block: Designation A-Class:
Bison, Bruiser, Caim, David, Teri, Mio, Shadow/Agent, FULGORE, Nadalia, Featuring B.C. and King Leoric!

The plan was obviously not going in her favor ... for Nadalia was soon surrounded by armed Cyborg guards with rifles, but they didn't seem to try and take a shot at her. Rather, they waited for FULGORE to bring up the rear before standing in front of her. It paused for a moment as he went though some of the data-logs, namely Katya's ruse to get her and a few other prisoners out.
[You left your cell with 3 others. Where are they now?] He droned before baring his blades, intent on getting his answer one way or another.

Instead of complying, Nadalia stared at him with eyes that did not show signs of fear, of being intimidated; for her eyes told a different story. If the cyborg was watching closely, you could see her hands to her sides ... the fingers flexing slowly in and out of her palms.

She wanted blood, she desired to take swift action here and now. But alas, Nadalia closed her eyes ... knowing full well taking any action may put her friends at risk. Fortunately for her, the FULGORE's line of questioning quickly became the least of his concerns when B.C. managed to detonate her collar and use it to escape. "Well honey, I've gotta go! Toodles!" B.C. happily said befo- [Halt!] The machine droned before B.C. found herself on the business end of more guns then she had been in recent memory. Before she could even get a few steps down the hall, they were upon her, en-circling her while the FULGORE tried to return to his original query.
[...Was this your doing as well?] He then asked the Iron Queen, least before something much more important happened.

A haunting laughter began to escape the smoke in B.C.'s former cell, prompting the FULGORE to slowly look away from Nadalia, right as he got the information on who else was in that cell.
[...oh...Great...] A large mace then swung downward onto one of the guards, crushing him instantly before swatting another away like a common fly and launching him clean though one of the cells on the floor above them.
The clinking of bones and armor then rang out as a Rather large Skeleton stepped out of the cell.
"Cower...before your KING!" Leoric roared before laughing madly and began swinging at the guards on that level.
Lead rattled his skull and bones, piercing though his armor but you can't kill that which has no life, didn't stop the guards from trying.

Before Nadalia knew, a riot broke out ... and she didn't even have any part in it!

Leoric was going to town on the guards, hitting them away with ease while some of the Rising Dawn members managed to sneak out of their cells. From the corner of Nadalia's eye, she spotted Caim was the first to take advantage of the chaos itself. Next came Mio soon after, disposing of a guard without giving herself away. The siren shot off, alerting the staff, filling their ears as the prison was under attack by the very prisoners they were watching over. Honestly, the Iron Queen didn't know how to feel about this. While she was, in secret- pleased with the carnage and massacre of these vile guards, she wasn't satisfied. Not. One. Bit.

Disposing of guards would be child's play, take for example the skeletal king proving that with his might overlapping any of the guard's pathetic attempts in shutting him down. She could go searching for that one particular guard whom crushed her legs ... but running around blindly for him would be a waste of precious time. No, she would draw her attention on the one who stared her down like a dog ... sizing up to her. FULGORE. In the madness, he was ready to send these rioters to their graves, starting with Caim, until his sensors detected a heat source above 165 degrees. He probably wouldn't of noticed if the foot steps weren't drawing closer towards him in ear range. Turning around, the cyborg found out what was generating the heat.

Fire was spreading across the hall that led to the changing room, and most of it clutching to the bars, the ceiling, and consuming the corpses that Leoric (and the others) left behind upon the floor. Even the blood was now drawing fire to consume it entirely. For him, he saw her, not as the prisoner he demanded answers from ... but a force that could determine the difference between the facility surviving or crashing down over their heads. Her maroon eyes greeted him back in welcome, as the Bride of Ash's sleeves were burnt from the flames, leaving rigid edges with black tainting the tips. Her hair swayed with her movement, a mesmerizing stroll that looked dangerous to the eyes of the receiver. For FULGORE, she hungered for him ... trailing two of her fingers against the wall. As these fingers dragged, they left a trail of fire in it's wake- which only grew more lividly when Nadalia stepped away, her stare burning into the cyborg's twisted soul. "It was unbearable, idling by as you talked down onto thee. But, that is in the past, and talk is cheap.
Let me surround you... in my flame."
She said with a smile, one that would put most at unease. A thirst that could not be clenched, Nadalia challenged FULGORE with a thriving sensation. Combat, duel ... it didn't matter what you wanted to call it. Nadalia's killer instinct was to purge FULGORE from existence, and that she would follow through.

When 10 feet away from FULGORE, she finally started rushing at him, her whole hand on the wall now. As she sprinted, the trail was far wider- leaving a cesspool of fire burning hot and expanding in her wake, the Iron Queen gathering excitement in her chest. Training with Rugal always was an elation due to how powerful her sparing partner was. However, both were limited for their maximum strength could kill the other, or cause catastrophic damage upon the Rising Dawn. But, here ...?

There was no restrictions. She would not hold back, and unleash the power that granted her the title ... of the Iron Queen.

The Rising Dawn: Hangar Command Center: Slindis, Diana, Kazuya, Angelus, Doom, Major Rhodes, Ruby, Rory, Rugal, Devon, Garm

"It appears that she's proven herself more useful than you, already, Mister Mishima,"
This was his life now.
From a lowly martial arts student from the past to one of the most powerful men in the present day the bitch of Lolita, a little girl and an unwilling stripper.
"....Yes, Ma'am..." He merely said before returning to his post, clearly no longer resisting or objecting to anything as he merely began to assemble a team of soldiers for-...whatever it was that these women wanted to do.

Doom meanwhile was a little confused at what exactly happened, the little girl said some stuff that he didn't understand and in the process, the Major seemed to lose her top.
However his keen mind was able to point out a detail that many others might have missed in this exchange.
"If you want to see them... you just have to ask, Ruby. We just can't have men around..."
"....Wouldn't that make you a pedophil-AHHHHHH!" He asked before one of Rhode's personal guard tackled him to the ground before screaming something about "Heat-ing" at him.
"DOOM DIDN'T SEE ANYTHING! DOOM DIDN'T SEE ANYTHING! PLEAS-JUST DON'T HURT ME AGAIN!" He screamed while bringing his hands to his face, accidentally brushing them against the Angel's chest as he did and getting a slap in the face for his troubles.
"Oh of the love of-...Can we at least pretend that we ar-...I mean-...oh forget it, Just know my men are ready when you are..." Kazuya merely grumbled, knowing full well he didn't have any right to talk after all that had transpired.

And just to punctuate just how terrible this meeting was going, Kazuya then heard the LAST voice he wanted to hear from:
"...Have we arrived at a bad time?" Rugal said as he, Garm and Devon soon arrived on the scene, the "Captain" of the ship being somewhat used to such displays after living and working here for so long.
"...Major...Not the circumstances I'd imagine we'd be meeting in..." He greeted Rhodes, nearly getting set upon by the Angels attempting to protect their commander's modesty.
Luckily for her, Rugal's eyes were soon elsewhere as he spotted Slindis talking with Kalastryn.
"Ahhh, you've returned safely. I cannot begin to express my relief. No doubt you've heard about our situation..." He explained to the Drow, each word sounding like nails on a chalkboard for poor Kazuya...

(More posts coming soon...hopefully...)

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | World Marshall, Undisclosed Location | Secure Cell Block, Designation: A Class
"It's getting hot in here!"
B.C. | King Leoric | Bison | Bruiser | Caim | David | Teri | Mio | Shadow/Agent | FULGORE | Others

Being the experienced Jailbird that she was, B.C. wasn't particularly surprised that she was immediately met by guards following her exit from her smoking cell, though she had to admit, she was impressed at how many there were. If nothing else, this place got points for quick-response. However, she was surprised by the fact that her cellmate was all of a sudden a lot more corporeal than she remembered, and was in the mood to drop the hammer when it came to the fact that these guards were an 8 as opposed to a 10 when it came to just how quickly they responded.

Which meant that they weren't quick enough to dodge his big, fuck-off mace as it proceeded to tenderize some fresh pork.

When it swung in her direction, she didn't simply drop to the ground, instead bending backward and catching herself from falling in what could have been some sort of yoga pose. Once the mace was out of the way, she executed a flashy back-flip and stood, one hand on her hip, as she stared up at the skeletal giant.

".....Grrrr...Your service is noted...Wretch..."

"Yea, you're welcome, hun." B.C. replied with just the barest sneer as he proceeded to tear a path of his own through the prison's hallway.

Taking a moment to watch him continue to pound guards into the floor, the Convict shrugged before bending down to take some of the fallen guards weapons, which was easier said than done. Most managed to be crushed under the Skeleton King's weapon, but a few managed to survive the onslaught, and when she examined one, she had to chuckle. So primitive, they didn't even shoot lasers or particle beams! Not that that was a problem, she thought as she took one of the Advanced Assault Rifles, along with all of the magazines she could conceivably carry.

She looked up after stuffing a magazine into her cleavage to see several other captives exit a cell, which seemed to consist of at least three men, one of whom was getting another a weapon after cutting down a guard with his own sword, three women, one of which looked more than a little worse for wear, and some sort of android. And they were talking about getting the hell out of here. She started to grin, before one of the ladies, the one missing an arm and wearing what she realized were singed robes, decided to teach the guards a very valuable lesson.

Namely, that if one couldn't take the heat, to get out of the raging, magical inferno.

Within seconds, an entire section of the hallway was wreathed in flames, and even B.C. had to flinch from the heat. Looking back at the one-armed woman, she looked to be more than a little pissed by her robotic companion. Really, the tension she was getting off of those two was nearly as hot as the flames behind her, but only one was managing to make her more than a little sweaty. With a shrug, she decided to do the only thing she could think of to cool off.

Namely, by stripping out of her prisoner's jumpsuit. Besides, it was hardly her kind of outfit, and it wasn't her shade of orange, unlike the one she was in when she was picked up by these jokers. Once she was down to nothing more than a two-piece bikini and a pair of boots, she stuck her stolen magazines whenever she could actually keep them, and walked up to the group as they formulated a plan to get out of there.

"Why hello there! I hope you don't mind, but I overheard that you all are planning on gettin' outta here. Mind if I... Tag along?" she asked with a sultry grin, before she introduced herself with an offhand burst of gunfire at a nearby guard that wasn't quite dead yet, brightly saying, "The name's Bombshell Carrie! Pleased to meetcha!"

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | Hallways Leading to the Canteen
"You are feeling sleepy."

As one of the lone figures stalking the halls in the direction of the Canteen, Sloth was moving notably slower than usual, even by his own standards. While he was usually described as moving at a snail's pace, that was usually hyperbole, since he at least moved at a casual stroll most of the time. Now, however, he did seem to be going at the same pace as a snail, with his posture being a little more slouched, and his eyes drooping so much they were nearly closed.

But he needed to get to the Canteen. He wasn't entirely sure why, but the didn't stop him from knowing that it was at least reasonably important to get there. Probably someone he needed to check in with, he thought as he stopped for a moment to give a wide yawn.

Of course, just because he needed to get somewhere didn't stop him from being tired. Tired of having a job to do, tired of walking around and having violent or exciting events happen around him, tired of being tired. He gave another yawn before he simply decided that, no matter how important it was that he get to the Canteen, he would get there when he was damn well ready.

And promptly fell face-first to the floor of the hallway and began to lightly snore.

Sloth is now officially ASLEEP! This means that he is effectively worthless as anything but a minor obstacle in one of the halls leading to the Canteen for the time being.

World Marshall Undisclosed Location: Secure Cell Block: Designation A-Class: Bison, Bruiser, Caim, David, Teri, Mio, Shadow/Agent, FULGORE Featuring B.C. and King Leoric!

All sights were on the Skeleton King as he stomped though the area, bullets peppering his entire being but not so much as even slowing him down as he swatted incoming guards out of the way like insects.
This would be the start of his new reign, a vast kingdom laid before him just waiting to be born, he would rule these people and that rule would be everlasti-


Because of a missed headshot, the guards actually managed to exploit the immortal's spiritual bond to this crown as it fell off his scalp before bouncing off the bloody prison floor.
Quickly, he felt his strength leave him as he began to fall apart, the bare bones that made up his form crumbling to a heap below him.
He didn't notice it at first when he was forced back into his wraith form, it was only when he attempted to swing at another guard, only to watch his now incorporeal mace pass though his skull harmlessly.
"WHAT-....oh........YOU THERE! ASSIST YOUR KING!.....YOU! I DEMAND TO BE REVIVED!......ANYONE!? I ALONE HAVE DELIVERED YOU FREEDOM!....Tch, everywhere I go, ungrateful peasants..." He began whining at he hovered over his corpse, remembering just how hard it was to move a crown back onto his skull when you don't have arms. or legs. or a living body.
"...It's because I'm dead, isn't it?...Bah, Bigots. Bigots the lot of you!"

David meanwhile was quick to make the most of the opportunity when Caim handed him an assault weapon.
One of the few things he had going for him was his keen aim and, unlike a lot of the other Dawn members, that couldn't be taken away by T-Minus.
While he didn't have Philemon's gift of unlimited ammo in this state, he didn't need it too much as he scored several direct hits on incoming guards, with a few rounds to spare to test something.
"Caim, just a heads up, I'm about to do something REALLY stupid...Just-...Pass on a message to Furiae for me, in case it doesn't work out."
This was the one thing that was able to snap Caim back to reality as the implications of that message began to sink in, his expression frozen and his eyes widened beyond the point of discomfort.
"Tell her-...She's amazing and-...I really enjoyed my time with her and-...Not to blame herself if I don't make it...and-...I loved her."
There wasn't much that could give a warrior like Caim pause, but that would certainly do the trick.
While he was trying to figure out how to feel about this, he saw David smile before he brought his weapon up to his own throat, bringing up extremely painful memories of his sister's own attempt on her life.
Time seemed to slow down at Caim reached out to try and stop the sniper from taking his own life, his hand barely missing the butt of the rifle as this gunshot seemed to drown out all others.
David trembled as he stood there with his eyes closed, slowly opening one of them to witness the sight of a rather nervous and fearful looking Caim.
Glancing around, he didn't see any blood, any broken flesh or even burn marks, but what he DID see was a broken explosive collar at his feet, shattered from the force of the bullet that hit it.
".......huh...I-...really wasn't expecting that to work..." The sniper confessed to an increasingly exasperated Caim as the battle raged on around them.
"....Want me to do yours next or..."

Bison meanwhile had done his best to slip by unnoticed, after all, outside of Bruiser, everyone in this prison most likely wanted him dead (Least out of all the people who knew who he was).
During Leoric's rampage, he hung back from the door as one of his stray mace swings blew it open, giving him his chance to escape.
He glanced back over at Bruiser was he looked awe-struck at what was happening.
Conflict filled his mind as he was torn between staying with his loyal friend in his hour of need or bolting and trying to figure out a way out of this collar before he was found again.
In the end, he was able to over-come the personal weaknesses that plagued him his whole live and, for once, he showed some real loyalty as he looked once more to Bruiser and the Rising Dawn...Before running as fast as he could in the opposite direction.
"SEE YOU ALL IN HELL YOU DICK-LESS JUNK HEAPS!" He shouted over his shoulder at his former captors as he ran to what he thought was safety.
Problem was: He ran right past Nadalia, hell, nearly ran into her had he not corrected his course at least.
"OUT OF MY WAY, YOU BLACK BITCH!" He said as he could feel the warmth of freedom coming to greet him....that was the warmth of freedom right?...Right?...

Though it all, the FULGORE found himself rather busy attempting to regain order, least before his HUD began to spike with dozens of heat warnings.
While his men were attempting to control the S-Class prisoner, he saw Nadalia advancing towards him, leaving a massive trail of flame in her wake as the Prisoner known as Bison ran around in the background on fire and screaming.
Even though his armor was now bright red from the heat, it didn't seem to affect him yet, though Nadalia was able to notice a series of air-vents opening up.
[Preparing to engage...] The machine merely droned before extending out his blades to meet her attack.
But before her blow could connect, he-...vanished? Her fist met thin air while an violent plasma blade slash raked along her back.
Several more blows against her midsection and head soon followed, the Cyborg using his cloak and impressive speed to try and bypass any defense she might put up, even as his armor hissed and steamed from the flames.

As the fight went on, Bruiser was able to limp out of his cell behind Teri and Mio, slightly overwhelmed by what he was seeing.
He had been in this hell-hole for quite sometime so it was really jarring to see the guards so powerless to stop the ongoing fight.
Soon, all that went out the window when he saw Bison slowly succumbing to Nadalia's flames.
All pain and fear left him as he charged into the inferno to save the dictator before he died of friendly fire (Bah Dum Tsh!), the leathery skin of the Machoke faring much better against the heat and flames then any human could have.
The fact he quarreled with a dragon for so many years also helped.
Edging past the Cyborg and Queen's fight, he then carried Bison out on his shoulders, even if it meant undoing many of the wounds Teri just closed.
Nearly collapsing before her and Mio, he then wheezed "Always running into fights...he can't win..." as he began to try and pat down the flames on the flailing villain.

Escapist Avatar Adventures | Airship Rising Dawn | Medical Bay | Surgical Observation Room
Is Doom's Helmet getting tighter and tighter as this arc progresses?
Ruby Babbage-Lovelace | Rory Mercury | Angelus | Diana | Doom | Kazuya Mishima | Naamah | Major Rhodes Selmy | Slindis

Were Rory Mercury cut from the same cloth as some of the other flat as an ironing board lolis that a certain stormy dispositioned former author had a penchant for, she might have become rather jealous of the fact that Major Rhodes Selmy had been particularly blessed by the goddess of milk and cheese. When one had experienced as long a life as the Black and Crimson Calamity had, one understood that beings came in all shapes and sizes.

"(Big breasts are filled with dreams while small ones are filled with dreams)" The Suddenly Spooked Pseudo-Psychopomp thought to herself as she realized what the Well-Endows Warrior Woman had said.

"Ruby speaks to us to seek the earth in full assault..." The words entered Rory's ear canal and stimulated her ear drums.

"Y... you mean... u... un... underground?" The Scared Little Loli started to stutter as she realized that Major Rhodes' Road to Victory lead directly into Hardy's domain. There were few things in the entire universe that could cause the fearless little lolita to quake in her crimson boots, one of those things happened to be the Hardy, Goddess of the Underworld. The Battle Minded Berserker wondered if she would be better suited for the assault on an alternate target, leaving the prison liberation to remainder of the Rising Dawn crew members and Major Rhodes.

"It's okay Miss Rory. You're going to be okay." A childish voice filled with knowledge said from somewhere between to the enormous bust of the Confident Champion and her angel, "Hardy isn't here."

While Rory took a moment to calm herself, the nine year old in the pink dress spoke loudly, addressing the single remaining Artificial Intelligence on the ship.

"Miss Vermilion, could you please contact the rest of the crew and ask the to assemble for Miss Rory and Auntie Rhodes? They are going to tell us how to rescue our friends!"

"Attention Crew. Please report to the main hanger for briefing."

Having recovered from her initial fears at the prospect of having to travel into the very heart of Hardy's domain, Rory Mercury looked up and noted the arrival of the ship's captain, Rugal Bernstein, and another of the crew members, Devon. Sensing a connection between the Drow, Slindis, and Rugal, Goddess of Love's lips creased into a small smile, her affection for the simplest of things banishing away her fears.

"Love... it nurses us when we are sick and gives us strength when we are weak. It banishes our fears and boosts morale. 'Tis is not wondrous, Naamah?" The Young Looking Demi-Goddess addressed her carried companion.

Attention Players:
Starting Monday, the remaining encounters will be handled by both bluerocker and myself. If you have any questions or concerns, please send them to us via PM. If you're planning on taking part in the rescue and are currently in the middle of an interaction, please have it completed by Monday or start running them as flashbacks.


Gen Gen

The Rising Dawn Adventures

Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | Storeroom
Diana | Violet | Miia

No matter how hard you try, it's nearly impossible to stay put when you've created something past your normal standards. Dressed like her lover 'Darling', she slithered out of the hotel room to find her fellow friends. Whether it was Kalastryn, Ryan, Annie ... hell, Kazuya- she didn't care. All the Lamia wanted was to show off her beloved design.


"This jacket is so thick, I may not ever need a blanket ever again~ Aaahhhh DARLING! It feels as if you're with me~" Miia spoke with only herself, tugging at the laces and sticking her tongue out once more with such glee. Totally not creepy to dress like your lover and wear a hoodie that resembles his face by the way, no sir ... *ahem* as Miia wondered, she took a corner around the hallway ... only for her to spot Diana in the distance,the girl smirking to herself. Odd, seeing a full grown woman wonder out of a storeroom when she wasn't part of the staff. Making sure to stay hidden around the corner, the Lamia waited until Diana was out of sight.

"That was, that lady ... what was her name again? ... And she left that room empty handed. Something's funky around here and it's not me! I've taken my showers!" Miia whined, being her typical self that could make some people cringe. She quickly dashed like a snake would towards the storeroom, keeping her back against the wall in case Diana stayed around. Slowly, she began to open the door without facing the room itself- keeping an eye out. Once it was open, with great hast the Lamia bolted in before shutting the door behind her. "Alright, time to see what she did-" yet, she was caught off guard by Violet, sitting on the floor. His hair was a bit messed up, clothes wrinkled from what could be assumed in her eyes that someone roughed him up a bit.

"Uhh, wh-what are you doing here of all places VioleAAHAH OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FINGER?!!" Miia cried out with hands cuffed to her own chest, noticing how his little finger was spewing blood. She shook in absolute horror, making soft cries from the horrible sight. However, instinct kicked in and the Lamia found herself jumping to his aid while shouting at him, "D-DON'T JUST SIT THERE!! WE NEED TO GET THAT BANDAGED UP RIGHT NOW!!" Looking left and right, Miia didn't see anything in the storeroom to cover the bleeding wound. However, she did have something that might help, and as much as she wouldn't want to, it was for his sake- so without delay, Miia ripped part of her sleeve and began tying it tightly around the gushing hole that once had a finger in it's place. Although successful, blood soon began to redden the cloth, making Miia have her mouth open in disgust, shock, worry, and 25 other feelings rushing through her body.

Suddenly, Miia yanked her IPhone out from the jacket's lower pocket before dialing 911. Placing to her ear, the girl bit her lip with sweat beaming down her forehead. Even her tail tapped against the floor repeatedly, like someone tapping their foot in an anxiously fearful manner. Ring .. ring, ring ... ring, ring ... ring ..

"Denver 911, what's your emergency?"


"Please calm down and address your emergency, ma'm."

"VIOLETGOTHISFINGERCUTANDIT'SBLEEDINGREALLYBADOHGODIM'APUKE-" Miia slurred her words, trying to breath while talking but all it ended up doing was making her hail harshly instead. The operator instead asked, "What's the location of your emergency?"

"Uh, UhHHHHhh-UUHH! OH! We're on a flying airship with demi gods, mutants, demons, and powerful friends! I'm- ... H, hello?! HELLO!?!" Miia shouted, noticing how the other end of the line had a dragging bleep. In other words, the operator hung up. Pulling at her own hair, Miia immediately said aloud, "AaAAHHHG!! W-what do I do!? Wha, what if he dies on me?? Everyone here might think i'm a murderer, and if they think that- I'LL BE A ROASTED LAMIA FOR SURE!! NOOOOOOOOOO- .. . . wa-wait. Doesn't the Rising Dawn have a medical center or clinic?" She asked herself, blinking as a result. Feeling this is most likely true, Miia picked Violet up with her tail around his ribs before bulging through the door, and racing to find the Medical Bay.

"Don't you worry Violet, you'll be getting help in no time!" All while his head kept banging against the corners as Miia rotated around them; making sharp turns.

The Rising Dawn Adventures

World Marshall Undisclosed Location: Secure Cell Block: Designation A-Class:
FULGORE vs Nadalia
Bison, Bruiser, Caim, David, Teri, Mio, Shadow/Agent, FULGORE Featuring B.C. and King Leoric!

"OUT OF MY WAY, YOU BLACK BITCH!" Under normal circumstances, Nadalia would of certainly given a Bison a beating he wouldn't soon forget- her mind was too occupied in taking down FULGORE. The heat of battle was all she craved, and oh ... she would definitely be getting the fight of her life. Besides, karma struck the racist man as her flames consumed his flesh soon after.

[Preparing to engage...] The machine merely droned before extending out his blades to meet her attack. Nadalia was ready for this, for the Iron Queen went for a Sacred Flame[1], which was truly a savage pyromancy spell to pull off on any mortal. Sadly for her, FULGORE would be no push over in this battle. You see, the cyborg vanished completely, leaving her burning hand to hang in thin air while an violent plasma blade slash raked along her back. Such an attack really did a good number on the Bride of Ash, nearly making her stumble. But, it didn't end there- for several more blows against her midsection and head soon followed, the Cyborg using his cloak and impressive speed to try and bypass any defense she might put up, even as his armor hissed and steamed from the flames.

There are a few things Nadalia had to keep in mind, despite she was no longer under the effects of the T-Minus. The biggest problem was the fact she still only had one arm ... the other only 1 / 8ths of the limb grew back. Second, her rival was invisible whom could attack at speeds she & Rugal fight at, so the disadvantage was quite high right now. Let's not forget FULGORE already went for a killing move in one turn, slicing down her back which nearly touched the spinal cord. As in, Nadalia's whole back was bleeding quite a hefty sum, the Iron Queen trembling with all of her nerves screaming.

After FULGORE did a forward kick like you saw in 300, the kick sent Nadalia's back against the wall, the Iron Queen spitting blood from the impact itself. Huffing to herself, the Iron Queen realized she might of already been outmatched from the start, which didn't sit well with her. "Ah, to be so unkempt against a foe such as thy. Truly, I ... am ashamed of thee." She admitted humbly, knowing full well she's not fighting at her best. When getting off the wall, you could see a big blood stain that her back left, most of her upper shirt becoming redden from the injury FULGORE left. Speaking of the cyborg, do you really think he'd let her move about? Absolutely not, for the killing machine popped right in front of her- digging his plasma claws into her chest. He lifted her up with one hand, swung her around before slamming her back against the floor with the concrete flying upward, a small crater made in her wake. Pulling the blades out, Nadalia clenched her chest with the only hand she had, trying to stop the blood flow but realized she was in quite a problematic state. "Hah ... hahah. Aha. Well done, well done indeed. You may measure up to a sovereign, if only..." Nadalia smiled before the next thing FULGORE knew, she breathed out fire like that of a dragon- causing the cyborg to be pushed back. Such a comb of fire to come out from a human sized figure was insane to think about, but Nadalia was capable of doing as such. Being on her feet again, Nadalia looked more than ready for the smack down. Her eyes maroon, flames all around her increasing in size, the Iron Queen keeping a straight face with a smile to follow. ".. If only you fought on a warrior's terms, rather than a trickster in the shadows. Shameful, and for such a display- you will be punished dearly." Seeing how FULGORE would continue going invisible, Nadalia decided to do something she hadn't done in ages ... which normally, she'd only use to test someone's might but this would be a different exception.

Placing one hand on the ground, black fumes began to spread outward, brushing past FULGORE's feet and climb up the walls. Eventually, they did fade ... as if nothing happened. Suddenly, a rumbling could be heard, with smog emerging in front of FULGORE. Soon, it got bigger to the point it reached both ends of the walls, and with that, a hand reached out of this portal and grabbed onto the floor for support, as the body began to rise up.

A very large, tall figure revealed himself ... his armor, his flesh- all of it a dark color, almost as dark as Nadalia's hair. You could not see his face, for it was hidden in the darkness of the abyss, and the towering warrior wielded two swords. One was a very long straight sword that measured up to two grown men, the other ... was a different story. His other sword was massive, almost as big as the giant, and looked like molted lava had dried up around the sword. Think of Gut's sword, but molded with chunky edges and even bigger than that sword. Oh yes, for Nadalia summoned her loyal servant- Raime, the Fume Knight[2]. His breathing sounded dreadful, visible as if the air was cold with fog coming from the mask's opening. Clearly, the size of this being topped FULGORE, and the cyborg soon found himself in combat with this dark being sprinting at him. He managed to dodge the thrust of the straight sword, but he did not anticipate the Fume Knight's follow up. For no one could expect someone to swing an ultra great sword as fast as the Fume Knight did, the vertical swing catching FULGORE right along the chest- literally sending the cyborg 30 feet back with a crease left on his chest plate.

The roar the Fume Knight made sounded horrible, woeful to anyone nearby. It wasn't loud, but downright disturbing nether the less. Using his ultra greatsword as a shield, he tilted it down 90 degrees, ensuring that most of his body was hidden behind the blade as the giant marched forward, advancing towards FULGORE. Meanwhile Nadalia watched, sitting Indian style with her clothes drenched in her own blood, yet smiling nether the less. She was sitting in the middle of the prison's hallway, secretly in awe of how her follower was giving FULGORE a real fight to overcome.

[1] Sacred Flame - The user strikes their hand through their opponent's chest, unleashing fire within their body. Once enough flame has spread throughout, the user closes their hand inside said oppoent, causing the fire to violently erupt within their body like a bomb.
[2] This is how the Fume Knight fights. See Here

The Rising Dawn Adventures

Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | Hotel Room

Her bed right now was like a lodestone ... a material acting like a magnet and drawing her to it. The Spider Queen could not get out of bed, not that she was paralyzed or weak. Rather, her consciousness played like a record, telling Elise in her own voice, 'just rest up, you have nothing more to do' even though there was plenty of things to do. Maybe it was guilt, making Miia witness murder before her very eyes. Perhaps it was failing to protect Doom from Kazuya, even though she had heard the news of him wondering about, well and breathing. Maybe after her body isn't feeling so lazy, she'll go for something haimish in the Canteen?

"Mmmhhhh ..." she groaned, laying on the bed, her breasts pressed against the soft mattress while completely naked.
"... The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout,
Down came the rain and washed the spider out,
Out came the sun and dried up all the rain,
And the itsy bitsy spider climbed up the spout again~"
She hummed to herself, remembering she used to sing this very song for the children back then ... when she was a nun. Elise closed her eyes, playing the memory like a movie in her mind, of how the children would laugh and dance around Elise as she sang numerous songs to please them. Pleasant times they were, before she led those children and their parents into a cave before feeding them to her Spider God. The laughter became cries of horror in her mind, seeing those she called 'family' being drained of all their liquids, the skin turning pale and eyes losing substance. If Miia or anyone knew of her past to such an extent, they'd think of her as a monster.

But, those on the Rising Dawn have also gotten blood on their hands, so what difference does it make?

Summoner's Rift changed Elise, from a sadistic killer to a civil social butterfly, valuing life. Well, maybe not to the extent Miia does since Elise will still assassinate anyone who's in her way along with taking lives for the greater good. This doesn't even include Elise's thirst to devour blood from her victims, yet the last two missions- she never got the chance to have some blood. Miia would cause a scene, thus would kill her mood to have a meal. In truth, Miia was (without intention to) killing Elise slowly.

".. Well, my mind's made up." She said, looking rather defeated by none other than herself.
She grabbed the phone off the wall, and began to dial Violet's number (his work phone in the Hangar) before it rang a few times. However, instead of Violet answering ... it was one of the guards keeping watch of the Hanger. "If you're trying to reach Violet right now, he isn't here. By the way, who's calling him?"

"Elise, dear. I'm his private secretary ... and I wanted to ask him a rather, personal favor."

"Personal, huh?" The guard sounded interested, probably getting the wrong idea because of male tendencies.

"It's too bad he isn't here, I wanted him to deliver me something special~"

".... Special?" The guard picked up, grinning with his face pressed closely to the phone itself.

"Yes, something only a man can do. It's something you can't buy with money."

"........................... Go on." The guard began to drool slightly, as he tried to hold it together.

"Hhmmmm, maybe you'll do instead. Mind coming down and assisting me with my, problem love?"

"Yea, YEA! Just tell me your position and we'll sort this out." His anxiousness was starting to show at this point.

"Guest Room 342. I'll be waiting~" Elise said politely, before hanging up. With that said and done, she went for the shower to clean herself. Can't greet anyone when you've been out in the sun all day, fighting for your life. After 20 something minutes, she wrapped a white towel around her body. It acted like a robe, due to it's size ... and even concealed her spider legs on the back (though this was only possible because she could bend them inwards, making them flat against her skin beneath the clothing / outfit / ect.) To no one's surprise, there was a knocking on the door. "Coming~" Elise charmed the guest with her voice as she opened the door. There he was, the random guard that wasn't supposed to leave his shift. Yet, he couldn't refuse an offer like this.

"Here I am babe. Now, what's this 'problem' you have going on?" He hinted, leaning against the door frame with one eyebrow raised.
Elise chuckled before pulling him into the room and shutting the door immediately after. The guard scanned her body before admitting, "Well well ... this wasn't part of my contract, but i'll take it as a bonus." Elise chuckled again, her friendly smile beaming but those eyes of her were an icy blue, that did not match her smile. "Does anyone know you're here?"

"No, I mean- i'd get my ass handed to me if anyone found out I snuck off to get some service." He fixed his collar on the armor, trying to look sharp for his lady friend. Elise on the other hand, walked up to him to measure the man. She also admitted to him in return, "How lovely, a healthy man such as yourself will be more than perfect for this occasion."

"Healthy? ... Like, good looking? Because i'm something you can't miss sweetheart. Now why don't you take off that towel and-"

"My dear, this isn't something you should rush. Moments like these aren't meant to be quick, at least ... for me."

"... I'm not following." The guard began growing confused, rubbing his scalp while staring at Elise.

"You see, I wanted Violet to ... send me one of his guards that he would lay eventually lay off. Seeing how you've already proven yourself by breaking a few codes, you're going to make the cut." Elise's eyes were now noticeable, making the guard rather nervous. "And i've already missed out thanks to our little pacifist friend. Two meals left unattended in the last week. It simply won't do. You on the other hand~" Before the guard could draw his weapon, Elise already sprung on him- pinning him to the bed. She was on top, her mouth bearing chelicerae (spider-like fangs) as she sunk it deep into his neck. He wanted to cry out, but the venom already sank in- making him immobile. As he laid there, Elise allowed her tarsus (spider legs) to come out from the white towel. While he did get to see her completed nude, the sight wasn't arousing at this point. Instead, his last moment was seeing a beautiful woman drain all the blood from his body, some even leaking onto the bed sheet from how big the bite mark was. Elise finally got to satisfy herself in a tasty meal.

The Rising Dawn Adventures

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | Rising Dawn Private Quarters - Ryan's Room
Ryan | Annie | Nina and Phillip

"So, Annie? You sure you don't want any? Phillip says he's got enough he'd definitely be able to make you a serving too if you want?"
As tempting as it was, seeing the meal being prepared ... she didn't really feel like eating. It's the kind of feeling you would normally accept but emotions can play tricks upon the body, denying you any interest in having meals. A struggle Annie would not allow anyone to see, so instead of downright refusing the offer, she humbly said in turn, "... Not feeling the appetite for anything. That isn't to put down Phillip's cooking; just i'm not hungry. Thanks."


When the french onion soup was finally perfected for the taking, he gazed at Annie ... as if he awaited for her to request a meal or pass it up. She did a hand gesture- slowly waving her hand up & down to show she would not be eating. It was rather passive really, not annoyed with Phillip or irritated in the slightest. In truth, she still couldn't tell if Nina and Phillip were trust worthy ... because to her, everyone is a ticking bomb just waiting to go off. Rugal, Wanderer, Kazuya, and more have fallen short of being good people in her eyes, so she won't likely let her guard down around anyone no matter how sweet they seem.

When Nina was nearly done her allotment of onion soup, she looked over to Annie questioningly. "So this has been bugging me practically since Ryan first noticed Phillip with his magic eyes of bag spying. Frankly other than Eddie giving me the gears about Phillip no one has been reacting... poorly towards him? Are people like him more common around here, or are things just that much more... liberal around here?" During the exchange, Annie was testing out the belts that would lock in with the Maneuver Gear, seeing if each strap was stable enough to hold the equipment or if she needed some replacements. "Can't really say. Everyone you meet on here is gifted in some way, others being above humanity. If anyone outside the ship were to meet someone like Rory, they would immediately sanctify her till the day they die. Some of them may have a strong immunity from Phillip's presence, biologically or even matters of magic ... since that apparently exists." Being a bit satisfied that none of her belts were damaged by the outcome of Denver's Capital, the titan shifter now gave Nina her full attention with a bored-like expression. That wasn't to say she was bored, but in general, she appeared to be by looks. "Really I'm not sure where I'm going to go from here if Ryan's really going to take that long to get up. I just don't want Phillip to get hurt." She said with genuine concern.

"... Who really knows. I could of taken him to the Medical Bay, but with what's happened to certain individuals, including myself ... leaving him in the care of the Rising Dawn would probably be a death sentence. From what i've witnessed, those who run this airship are megalomaniacs; doing whatever they like because of the power they have over others." While it wasn't exactly on topic with Nina's topic, Annie wanted to give some insight on what the girl might run into if she were to become a full fledged Rising Dawn member.

Getting off the edge of the bed, Annie stretched one arm upward while the other bent behind her neck, ensuring the body felt as flexed as humanly possible. Scanning the french onion soup that was being slowly consumed by Nina did make Annie doubt her earlier answer. "If it makes you feel better, Nina ... he shouldn't be out for too long. He's only out from exhaustion alone, so with some rest and given peace ... he'll be up." Going to Ryan's personal fridge, she opened it to grab herself a Coke Zero before popping the can's tab open, a hissing noise ringing through the room. Annie gave it a few seconds before drinking it, with her head tilted upright so the drink naturally flowed downward. Giving a normal sigh from the result, Annie walked on over back to the bed before sitting onto it's edge yet again; the springs making the bed rock a little from the impact.

"... Do me a favor and don't tell anyone about his location. I don't need people going on a witch hunt to track me down and take him from me-" A pause on Annie's speech, the girl realizing how she worded that. From Nina's perspective, it could of came off differently than what Annie intended. "Point is, he's better off with me than the Rising Dawn. ... what?" Annie looked annoyed now, giving a 'what is with that look?' at Nina before closing her eyes looking pretty annoyed. "If you're wondering why I care about him ... is because he owes me. Ryan was my Author once, and during that time ... he made me experience some unforgivable events. Before redeeming himself, he sent me away for reasons I can't explain because no logic can be found. So now that i'm here, i'm going to see it through that he makes up for his sins." Despite explaining this, she didn't notice the fact her hand was on Ryan's head- feeling for his temperature. She was doing this by instinct, even while looking directly at Nina and not applying the physical touch. It was as though, maybe, she did it with a nurturing thought for her friend and hid this fact, even from herself.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Vice's Realm | Envy's Room
"I ship it!"

As Sloth exemplified his nature by sleeping on the job, Envy had taken refuge in her room in the Vice's personal dimension after being the unfortunate target for projectile vomit. The room itself was absolutely dreary, with heavy black curtains blocking out any potential light from the windows, the walls painted a deep forest green with black floral patterns along the edges and where the walls met floor or ceiling. One side of the room was dominated by a large and rather Gothic four-poster bed with black lace curtains.

But beyond a few bookcases laden with books, a couch, and a desk with a surprisingly advanced-looking computer atop it, it was rather sparse when it came to furnishings. Envy currently sat at said desk, intently watching the live show that was on the screen. She had long since abandoned trying to clean her turtleneck, and had abandoned it for a t-shirt, one emblazoned with the words "Perc'ahlia Forever!" in blue across the chest, with the image of an armored brown bear beneath it, wearing golden-rimmed glasses and holding a primitive yet elegant looking rifle.

As it turned out, in one of the many versions of Earth that existed parallel to them, one of her favorite shows was playing right that moment. It was about some rather nerdy, but talented, voice actors of the time playing a tabletop RPG, and it was a show that Envy had been hooked on since it had started. She had already seen the entirety of the show several times by this point, but since in this version of Earth they had reached one of her favorite episodes, she couldn't resist watching it.

In this episode, a member of the party, a Human Gunslinger with white hair and golden-rimmed glasses named Percy, had been felled in the battle that finished the previous episode, and after the party had taken him back to his hometown where the cleric of the group was waiting, they were preparing to resurrect him. There were no guarantees. They needed to give him a reason to come back. And Envy clasped her hands tightly together against her chest as she leaned a little closer.

"I should have told you," said Vex'ahlia, the team's Half-Elf Ranger, "It's yours."

~Oh! Oh, it's happening!~ Envy cried excitedly as the actress who played Vex described how she bent down to kiss the lifeless lips of Percy after declaring her love for him.

There was a rather melancholic telepathic sigh as Envy wondered just what it was like to love someone else, and hopefully be loved in return. But, Sloth said that since they didn't have souls, they probably weren't capable of love. Wait a minute...

Envy let out a mental gasp as she realized that she had abandoned Sloth in her hasty, anxiety-fueled retreat after being promptly vomited on. While he wasn't exactly helpless, he probably would like her help right about now, and she felt more than a little guilty for running off like she did. After all, he DID manage to get her away from Pride, if only for a little bit.

Turning off the computer's monitor, she stood up and promptly opened a portal to where Sloth was.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | Hallways En-Route to The Canteen
"Never change, Sloth."
Sloth | Envy

True to his name, Sloth was still sleeping peacefully in the middle of the slightly grubby floor of one of many hallways inside The Rising Dawn, completely oblivious of everything that was happening around him. It was often said by those who had some experience with him that he slept like the dead. Those that truly knew him however, knew better: Even the dead couldn't sleep that soundly. So as a dripping black orifice opened in the world next to him, with a somber young lady stepping out of it, he continued to snore without a care.

Envy looked down at him for a moment and shook her head, and she would have smiled just a little if she was capable.

~I guess I shouldn't be surprised. This is you all over, Sloth.~ she murmured telepathically, mostly to herself.

She took a moment to bend down and ruffle his long, gray locks, managing to avoid any of the myriad cobwebs that managed to find their way into his hair. As she scanned the surface thoughts of the Lazy Vice, she realized that he was supposed to go to the ships canteen... For some reason. Even he hadn't entirely been sure why. She would have frowned at that. Canteens usually meant people, and she wasn't comfortable around crowds. But, since she had gone there to help, she supposed she was stuck.

Standing up, she reached out with her mind and picked up the inordinately heavy Sloth, managing to lift him into the air, although he hung rather limply as she held him up with her telekinesis. With a quick look around, she managed to spot a nearby map that showed her where she was, and where the Canteen was supposed to be. Then she started to make her way there, at a pace that was moderately faster than Sloth on a more wakeful day.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | Canteen
"I feel like I know you from somewhere..."
Sloth | Envy | Selena | Luke | Alashi | Tania la Fey | Violet | Diana

The moment Envy stepped even remotely near the Canteen, she could already tell that there were quite a few people there, something that she was immediately uncomfortable with. She didn't do well with people, especially since she couldn't help but read their thoughts without even meaning to, which usually only highlighted not only their own insecurities, but her own.

As she stepped in, a floating, sleeping Sloth in tow behind her, she seemed to scan the room, before her head turned in the direction of the bartender, Luke, and stopped. Sloth continued to float a little and even bumped the top of his head against her back before finally coming to a halt, but she didn't seem to notice. She was focused solely on Luke, or at least it seemed she was. It was hard to tell, given the curtain of dark, green-tinged hair that covered her face.

~Hold on...~ she murmured telepathically, her mental voice clearly taken aback.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | Katya's Quarters
"I'm gonna be sick. But it... Was worth it..."

While Katya was busy in a pocket dimension with a pair of strange time-travelers, or dimension hoppers, or some combination of the two, her room was oddly occupied in her absence. Atop her bed was the large crate that had held the Japan Crates she had ordered. A large portion of which, some dastardly stowaway had eaten in a fit of sugar-fueled gluttony. And strewn around it, both on the bed and on the floor of her cabin, were the empty Japan Crates, along with a plethora of other boxes, wrappers, and bags, all for the sweets that would have been inside said Japan Crates.

But the wooden box wasn't empty. At the bottom lay a small, groaning little boy that clutched at his stomach. Chocolate and other sugary substances coated his face around his mouth, and his eyes were closed as he felt another uncomfortable gurgle in his belly.

Not too long ago, Farber had managed to find his way back to the room he had run out of hours earlier, and finished what he had started. He had, single-handed, eaten every last piece of candy from the shipping crate. Really, it was impressive, especially given the sheer volume of Japanese Treats compared to his small, lithe, eight-year-old frame. His stomach was feeling more than a little bloated, his teeth ached, and his head was spinning a little as he came off the sugar-high. The young Ish was also probably going to throw up before too much longer. But, he thought as he drifted to sleep, it was well worth it.

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World Marshall Secure Location: Anomalous Materials
ARES | Viscus | Dimitri | M. Lab Tech
[60 seconds remaining]

While being further questioned, examined, and watched by the M. Lab Tech and the one cyborg security attendant that refused to pay less than full attention to ARES every move, there was a... pleasant surprise that ARES found. Well, I say "found" but it was really hand delivered. ARES' antivirus was momentarily triggered, but was given a green light as the SPRITE Dimitri had sent entered her system with very welcome news... the message Dimitri had sent steadily crawled across her vision, hardly the sole reminder at the moment that she is a machine. The received message was like the bar at the bottom of many news outlet's coverage, zipping by information while everything else remained visible. Rescue was already on it's way? Oh, that was excellent, now just to think... actually... she would learn very soon enough what Dimitri meant by Viscus being "Problematic..."

Dimitri had been most useful as Viscus waited for the lab's security measures went down, his AI avatar cracking his neck slightly as he prepared to channel all the anger, all the frustration that humanity had caused him.
For months, he rotted as MITs spam filter, watching those under-educated students look up "Dank Memes" as well as attempt to undo his hard work.
He could see them there now, looking up porn in class and mocking him when he was forced to block it off.
But now, He would have his reven-

*You got mail!*

[........Has to ruin everything, doesn't he?] The AI groaned to himself, already knowing what the contents of the email contained.
Well, there was little he could do about it, he was just going to have the make the most out of the situation he had been given.

The M. Lab Tech took his notes while ARES spoke when suddenly all the lights in the lab began to flicker.
With the security measures offline, Viscus was able to have his way with their protocols, shutting off all connected devices en mass.
The PA system then flared to live as a simple message was delivered:

[Attention all Lab Personnel. Your security has been shut down. 60 seconds after the end of this announcement, all lab equipment, including research subjects, will be under the control of *I*, Viscus. Use this time to surrender yourselves and no harm will befall you. Any attempt to resist will be deemed as a hostile action and will be met with a hostile response. If you wish to resist, then take this time I have given you to communicate with loved ones and other targets of your affection before your timely demise. The countdown]

Right on cue, every screen in the lab was turned on and all of them had a blood-red timer that slowly ticked down from 60, right as every single technician and guard in the lab began to panic.
Before the timer started however, he sent out another email to ARES with a simple statement:

[I will be active in 60 seconds. Use this time how you see fit. If anyone resists, they will be marked for termination and will be annihilated at the end of timer. These people will not be missed, so don't feel bad if *Accidents* happen.]

ARES read this loud and clear, and it became abundantly clear just who Dimitri was talking about. She was half tempted to message Dimitri back and berate him for opening a channel to her for someone who, last they contacted each other, implanted and executed a logic bomb that froze her every joint for a rather hefty amount of time... but, that could wait. Beggar's cannot be choosers and in her situation, all the help she could get was needed.

The dropped EM field felt strange, but not unwelcome to ARES. Imagine carrying an 80 pound weight on each shoulder, and a back-brace. Also, flexible rods along your arms and legs, making movement possible but not quite simple. Now imagine shedding all that weight, all those restraints at once, with next to no passage of time between. Of course, she was still collared, but something told her that with her cohort's work in disabling the EM field, it wasn't going to be an issue.

Hm... actually, she had an idea for how to get rid of it here and now. First, she activated her reflective plating and tampered with her collar. Not in such a method that she was looking to pry it off, but as an ivory, pearlescent fluid seeped out of her pores and formed a casing over her body and armor, hardening wherever one source of the flow met another until she was encased in an oily, semi hard film-like substance. Why you ask? Well, because she was going to remove her collar the hard way, and it would of course explode. For any of you unfamiliar with explosives, the way the collar exploded was perceived by ARES to be in the way of a fragmentation grenade (frag). Fragmentation grenades, though possessing limited incendiary potential from the initial blast, were not like a Molotov cocktail in choice of thrown volatile weapons. Their main source of damage came from two factors. The sheer force of the blast, and most importantly the shrapnel (the fragments of the explosive casing each serving as a fast moving projectile, hence the name "Fragmentation" grenade.) In ARES' current form, luckily, she was literally made to withstand tremendous force. The concussive force from explosives has been documented to cause such internal organ damage that in World War two, there were many casualties in Britain of people who had no surface injuries whatsoever. The culprit was discovered in autopsy as for these people the force of the dropped bombs- though spared the intended shrapnel, had ruptured their internal organs.

Why was this an important detail? Well, thankfully ARES- with a little help from the temporary defensive module activated above, (and the lack of internal organs to damage) would be save from the concussion of the blast. However, her intention was to have the collar blow itself apart while attached to her neck, the reflective plating causing all the shrapnel from the blast- including that which would tear itself through her neck, head, and god knows where else- to be reflected outwards.

Rending at her collar with all the strength in her right hand, sure enough, the blast sent shards of metal ricocheting off the enclosed walls and digging into the flesh of whoever was so unlucky to be in the vicinity and unprotected.

Replying to Viscus as she set about regaining the lost equipment from the lab enclosed by Dimitri, beginning of course with her own weaponry and Dimitri's tablet, she sent the following.

Misunderstood Intentions
Location: Hangar Array | Rising Dawn
Some nightmares are best held close to the heart.

Naamah, the Exiled

Naamah woke to the sound of Rory's voice. Her dreams had been both bitter and sweet. Her mouth felt try and her arms and legs cold, so she held herself closer to Rory's beating heart. Her scarf reared its head and gazed around. "Naamah has awoken." Fatima said slowly and clearly. Her body shimmered with the light of stars; it turned green, then blue, then red and yellow before finally settling on a brilliant white. "And coincidentally Fatima hath returned from her journey."

There was a brief pause as the little girl in Rory's arms and her black scarf addressed each other as separate entities.

"Our best kept secret has been undone by sheer coincidence."

"Yes indeed," Naamah cooed as she closed her eyes. Her thick eyelashes seem to float in the gentle breeze flowing in from the gaping hanger doors, "How did Siddhartha respond to your summons?"

Fatima settled her head on top of Naamah's head, it's singular green eye stared at Rory. "I was unable to contact Siddhartha. As far as I am able to tell, Siddhartha has not been in the general cluster of planes for a long time."

"And Siddhartha's retainers?"

"Exiled, each and every one."

"That is most perturbing, yes indeed." Naamah opened her eyes, now glimmering with a vibrant green. Her most powerful skill, Sacred Sepulcher had been restored to her alongside the other half of her personality.

There was another brief pause.

"You told her of Rehoboam, my most shameful son?" Naamah seemed somewhat annoyed.

"I spoke only of good things. Of his childhood. I had kept my eyes away from that dark time immediately before you had chanced upon me deep in the desert."

"Yes indeed, yes indeed."

"I will now take my leave, Naamah, to deal with the meddling of that Fairy Queen."

Fatima lay her head against Naamah's breast and turned dark. Naamah suddenly perked up, full of that childlike energy she embodied during her initial awakening some hours ago.

"YES INDEED, YES INDEED!" Naamah screamed, suddenly pulling Rory into a tight embrace. "Love is so sweet, yes indeed! Hearts intertwined, locked together, beating as one! Humanity is born to love for self and for others! Yes ineed!"

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The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | Canteen
Hello, is it me you're looking for?
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Luke, despite being quietly belittled by his daughter earlier on, was taking the turn of events in stride. Based on what she said, returning had brought herself and a couple other reinforcements on the ship, so that was a step in the right direction. Though, Luke couldn't help but feel a little jealous - were it his way, he'd already be down on the ground and fixing this mess, no angry fathers or sarcastic children to snap at his heels. Didn't they understand the nature of his position? One does not uphold a duty as he did without a few nasty consequences under the way, and the LAST thing he needed was another guilt trip; especially everything was going out of its way to try and blow his cover, be it the woman with the book, or the Vices showing up in the ashes of Denver-

Wait, what in the Seven Hells started that line of thought? Now wasn't the time to be thinking about any of this. He was under "active duty" as Luke. Something was touching his mind. He wasn't paying attention and something got in, but, Lucifer - no, Luke, he needed to remain Luke right now - for her, he needed to remain Luke and keep calm. The only thing that could have gotten into his mind would have to mean someone new had appeared on the Dawn and didn't have a sense of manners. But even so, he should have had a relative awareness if someone was trying to invade his mind with magic or charms or psionics; for something so insidiously have gathered that much in that little of a span of time only mean-

Luke's gaze snapped to the entrance of the Canteen, his eyes locking with a girl with green hair, a burly figure floating behind her. A shudder ran up the bartender's back, realization kicking in about who exactly walked in. His brows furrowed, and it took every fibre of the bartender's being to not snarl, worry being replaced with white hot anger. His thoughts hissed "Invidia!" to the interloper, his "voice" sounding more than simply "indignant". No, he was furious; his mind was easily invaded and his cover was hanging by a thread yet again-

"Attention Crew. Please report to the main hanger for briefing."

Oh good, some reprieve and progress. With a pointed *AHEM*, Luke tried to call the attention of some of the more "active" members of the crew, and said "As entertaining as it all is, I think some of you may be a bit more interested in the briefing?" He punctuated this to Alashi by giving her a knowing look before his gaze returned back to the girl with green hair, his thoughts pointedly addressing, "I am in no mood for your games. Why are you here?"

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Co-DM Post: Activate! Form of - plot movement via exposition!

If you are interested in the rescue mission, look here

As Angelus waited for the group to gather, she took note of the military human and her small detachment that had arrived, particularly her... Zealous attitude towards the turn of events. It was almost reminiscent of her Caim, to the dragon's amusement. However, if she was to be one in charge of strategic arrangements, the dragon saw it fit to give the Major a quick prod in the right direction, her voice rumbling whilst clad in her larger form,
"Major, a word?"


"You are aware this is a rescue mission, yes?"

"There are... prisoners?"

"Yes. We have been discussing it up to this point. However, I can forgive the misconstruction on account of arriving late to the conversation."

"That changes little, but know that it is duly noted," the Major stepped away, heels clicking against the hard floor. Her angels followed closely behind her.

After gathering the group, a disruption by a young winged woman with two men in tow[1] and Major Rhodes being gently reminded that this was a search and rescue mission, as opposed to a pure and simple vengeance (though the two just so happened to align nicely), the Major gathered the group around a projection screen while one of the few competent G-Corp grunts manned a simple PowerPoint.

Her angels were lined three to a side on the small elevated stage. Rhodes stood in the center, her coat whipping around her in the fierce high-altitude winds. She drew herself to her full height and pulled tight the belt that held her coat around her chest. She closed her eyes and cleared her throat. And then when she spoke, her voice drowned even the roar of the sky.

"Attention!" she bellowed. The rest of the world seem to honor her with a revered silence. The Major spun on her heel and slammed her hand onto the projection of the wall behind her. Her eyes were inhumanly fierce. "I am Major Rhodes Selmy of the United States Air Force! I am now in charge of this operation since your commanding officers are incompetent!"

"As I have been told! Your people have been captured! And despite that fact, you are all safe! Floating in this flying fortress of yours! Have you no duty to those who protect you!? Bear you no weight of guilt?" The Major paused and turned around to look at the PowerPoint slide. Her raised her chin high, and let her long hair drape down behind her. "Nonetheless, you will be redeeming your honor."

The slide clicked. The Major turned back toward her audience. "FIRST! You will destroy their anti-air systems! The enemy has interceptors and ground mounted anti-air weapons. Obliterate them with extreme prejudice! Let them know the despair that befell Babylon, let them feel the very fires of heaven! Your lives are your best weapons, do not be afraid to use them, for this is the crux of our operation!"

The slide clicked again.

"After our airspace is secured, the Rising Dawn will deploy our combat forces through the use of the old air to ground living payload system! You call them drop pods, but that is a name not indicative of the bravery of those who are held within. Those of you part of this team will be the Deliverance for your sins! And the absolution of those aboard! You will restore the honor of the Rising Dawn! Your compatriots are held deep below the earth and the Deliverance engines will place you as deep as possible, but from there you will need to find and secure those that have been captured, retrieve them, and return them to safety!" the Major pulled out her pistol and held it high above her head. "Lethal force is not only authorized, but encouraged! Leave none witness to your fury!

At last the Major let her coat slip off her shoulders. She reached deep within her coat and cast out to the wind a shower of white-gold iris'. She let her coat crumple to the floor as the flowers swept around her, the stage, and the audience like a blizzard. "Then at last, all non-extraction personnel will converge at the missile silos and we will end their livelihoods. This will be their end, and we will be the witness to their funeral!"

The Major took off her beret and tossed it to an angel. She buckled her belt and pulled a tight vest over herself. "This is your time, Rising Dawn, G-Corp, Heroes. Put on your best face. Failure is not an option."



[1] Furiae, Hien, and Blade have been moved to the Dawn's Med Bay. I'm sorry, I had no other way to properly integrate them back without disrupting the plot stuff.

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With Notes by Katya!
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The Detention Area had erupted into chaos as the imprisoned Rising Dawn Crew Members attempted their break out. It was both a fortunate and unfortunate thing that their escapades had not gone unnoticed. It was a fortunate thing since the actions of the imprisoned crew members had encouraged the other detainees throughout the underground prison to execute their own escape plans, causing the World Marshall's armed guards to spread themselves thin. It was an unfortunate thing as the actions of the crew had drawn the attention of FULGORE.

The mechanican man cocked[1] his head to the side, as if puzzled by the sudden shift in the battle between himself and the fiery Bride of Ash. By rights, the woman should have been face down on the floor coughing up bits of teeth and blood but the sudden appearance of the Iron Queen's Knight, Raime the Fume Knight, had taken the robotic warrior by surprise and that surprise had cost FULGORE dearly. Straightening himself up, the Warden of the Detention Facility eyed the Great Black Figure and his mistress[2]. Moving his feet from the twin trenches that had been carved into the concrete floor during his maneuvers to stop his backwards flight, the energy blade wielding death machine appeared to hesitate as its on board tactical system took stock of the situation.


Armor: 32%
Energy: 40%
Cloaking Field: Damaged

Tactical Status: Calculating... please stand by...

Despite the dire looking report, the man in the suit was sure that if he was able to knock out the one armed Bride of Ash, the dark knight would disappear. Of course, a positive outcome was also contingent on whether or not he could disable Nadalia before the other members of the Rising Dawn took action. If he took too long, he would be faced with an encounter with only a minimal chance of victory, unless they did the polite thing and formed a queue to face him in one on one combat. As FULGORE stood there weighing his options, fate seemed to intervene, though it shouldn't have been unexpected seeing as it had happened before... the fire suppression system that had soaked Nadalia earlier erupted once again, this time with a vengeance.

It is worth noting that the second activation of the fire suppression system was a sign that the World Marshall took the safety and security of its detainees quite seriously. The detainees were given relatively clean and sterile cells that held gas mixtures comparable to their home worlds. Any detainee that was injured was given top notch medical treatment. For the most part, the detainees were as well treated as they could be, up until they were taken off to the vivisection and interrogation rooms[3].

It was also worth noting that the sudden downpour had two effects which affected FULGORE's decision. The first was the negation of the cloaking field that had caused Nadalia so much trouble. The second was effect was quite obvious to anyone who had taken an elementary school level earth sciences course and learns about what happens when water is heated past 100 degrees Celcius. It was as if someone had thrown a lit smoke bomb into the corridor only instead of smoke, the corridor was filled with vision obscuring steam (even the guards using Heat Sensors would have been hard pressed to see anyone in the heated water vapor).

Having updated the environmental variables, FULGORE determined that the situation was not completely out of hand and there was only a minimal possibility that he would emerge victorious in this situation. Granted, he could have assaulted the crew of the Rising Dawn while they were also disoriented and disabled a few of them but there was a high probabilty that he would still lose. It appeared the best move would be to retreat, repair, rearm and force the crew to come to him while they were relatively unarmed. To make this possible, a distraction would have to be implemented and the World Marshall had made sure that in the event of a riot in the detention area, there were contingencies. Accessing a panel on the side of the wall, FULGORE activated the Heuristic Entanglement and Neutralization Tactical Artificial Intelligence Units[4].

Attention Detainees: Head back to your cells in a calm and peaceful fashion! Comply now or force will be used!

As the automated message was repeated for Detention Block A, a row of walls slid open and a horde of the HENTAI Units were deployed. Propelled by a singular, gyroscopically balanced wheel, the guard bots were outfitted with light armor as well as a pair of whip-like appendages[5]. Seeing the Fume Knight, a trio of the roboguards lashed out with their arms, binding Raime's arms and legs.

Turning around, FULGORE entered the Armory...

GM Notes::
Thanks to Nadalia's Fiery Hotness and her (possibly) planned creation of a smoke screen, FULGORE has exited the detention block to repair (and upgrade) himself. For now, there are a number of the HENTAI Units roaming about attempting to capture the prisoners and throw them back in their cells. Additionally there are still less than a dozen armed guards attacking the crew.

You all have free reign as to how you complete this scene. Be as creative and descriptive as you'd like

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As far as first days on the job went, Gunnery Sargent Percival Ross' first day on the job was probably up there as far as being the worst on record. If the reports that he was receiving from the other sectors was correct, the facility in danger of being totally overrun by the terroristic detainees. Rubbing his temples, he noted that an updated report showed that there was now a great big spherical voice where Detention Section Q had been, meaning that the reality benders had slipped their control collars and warped that section of the prison to God only knows where. Despite this he and his men were determined to ensure that the detainees in Sector A did not get past his checkpoint.

"Eyes up!" The Gunnery Sargent ordered as he heard a heavy set of boots approaching. The 7 other soldiers in his squad already had their weapons trained at the door, waiting for whomever was approaching to appear.

"Hold fire!" The squad leader ordered when he saw that the person who appeared was none other than the Head of the Detention center, FULGORE, who was looking like he'd decided to break up a fight between a bear and a tank, "Sir! Glad to see you're safe! The situation in the... sir?"

It appeared that Mister GORE was in no mood to listen to a status update as he promptly ignored the Sargent and went over to the repair station, a metal and glass cylinder used to repair the various automated drones used in the facility. Activating the machine, the station powered on an a door slid open, revealing a host of repair tools.

"Hold this position..." The Cybernetic Commander ordered as he got into the chamber.

"S... sir?" Sargent Percy stammered, realizing that it was too late then the door to the station slammed shut. Regardless of how rude the man was, orders were orders. Turning to his comrades, the Bulldog of Sector A started barking, grabbing a rather wicked looking assault rifle from the experimental weapons shelf as he did [6]"ALRIGHT! YOU HEARD THE MAN! NO ONE GETS PAST US! ARE WE CL..."

BABOOOOOOOM! Went ARES-35's control collar, sending shrapnel into the room.

"Mother fucker...." Sargent Ross and his ringing ears cursed the designer of the detention center's choice for solid metal walls. Picking himself off the ground, he noticed that a container had been knocked off of a shelf by the blast... well there were many containers that had been knocked off the shelf but this one was special due to the fact that is had landed next to the the repair station and was leaking a foul looking ooze into the machine's base. This was the least of his concerns as his eyes registered movement near the epicenter of the blast. Creeping up, the man with the assault rifle paused to check on Private Lafferty, cursing silently when he he was unable to find her pulse. He had very little time to react to the woman's death however as he was soon puzzled by the fact that there was a woman standing where the blast had been, a woman who should have been splattered all over the walls. Was she one of them? Probably.

"FREEZE!" The Sargent called out to the armored woman, his finger hovering over the trigger, "GET DOWN ON THE GROUND OR I WILL PUT YOU DOWN! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? HOW IN THE HELL DID YOU GET IN HERE? HOW IN THE HELL ARE YOU STILL ALIVE?"

All very good questions, ARES. How will you respond?

GM Notes::
FULGORE has entered the repair station. At this point the ARES and the A.I.s are free to do whatever they choose. They can engage in conversation with the Sargent or kill him, his 5 remaining men and the reinforcements that will soon arrive. Feel free to make up any small talk for the Sargent, he's a fairly generic NPC that believes he's detaining dangerous super powered individuals... and no... he doesn't watch much TV otherwise he'd know about ARES.


[1] Katya: HAHA! COCK!
[2] Katya: HOLY SHIT! I didn't know Nadalia was into BDSM! ~Starts hacking into Nadalia's Room's Security Cams~
[3] Katya: What happens in the vivisection room stays in the vivisection rooms!
[4] Katya: HENTAI Units? Did you just fucking make up an acronym for HENTAI? What's next.. tentacles?
[5] Katya: I knew it!! Tentacles!
[6] Katya: HEY THAT LOOKS LIKE THE ONE I JUST GOT! HEY THAT IS THE ONE THAT I JUST GOT! HOW ... ohhh... right... this takes place before I get it.

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BABOOOOOOOM! Went ARES-35's control collar, sending shrapnel into the room.

"FREEZE!" The Sargent called out to the armored woman, his finger hovering over the trigger, "GET DOWN ON THE GROUND OR I WILL PUT YOU DOWN! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? HOW IN THE HELL DID YOU GET IN HERE? HOW IN THE HELL ARE YOU STILL ALIVE?"

All very good questions, ARES. How will you respond?

ARES cracked her neck, not really flinching at the Seargant's threats, though she certainly did answer his questions while cracking her knuckles at the same time, still covered in a pearlescent white coating of hardening fluids which cracked and crumbled away at her neck and shoulders from the blast.

"Ah, right... more questions. What I was doing here was being questioned and examined by your lab personnel. What I am doing here is getting out of here. As for how I got here in the first place, your coworkers wheeled me here upon my detainment where they began examining me. This involved removing both my arms and my legs, asking me questions, and re-attaching them... which wasn't smart on their part. As for "how the hell I'm still alive" I'm not human, if that hasn't come across." she said, before leveling a threat of her own.

"I've had a day, sir. First of all me and my cohorts have spent almost this entire week trying to prevent the efforts of "M. Bison-" disguised as politician Vincent Vega from using his psionic power to brainwash the masses and become president of the united states, launching an orbital strike weapon to orbit the earth and assume total control of everything. You're probably aware of it, it's been all over the news. Beneath MIT was a weapon development lab where they were shipping the parts to NASA to be assembled, Black Mesa was being run by a man named "Albert Wesker" under an alias, and our assault to retrieve that man alive was successful. Earlier today we were just about to complete our work and get out of your hair when you had to step in, detain us, and so forth."

Energetic, electrically crackling beams of energy extended from ARES' wrists as she continued. "That all said, two of our allied AI units have wrested control of your network, so I do hope you weren't overly reliant on your security measures. In roughly... 30 seconds at this point, one of our AI units will activate and wreak havoc on them, probably even turning them against you. I've spent the last couple of hours dismembered, unable to feel my arms and legs. Now, if you were a smart man, you would put your weapon down before you get to know the feeling." I don't want to do anything drastic... but I will. So if you value your life, you'll stay out of my way." She announced, before moving to collect the equipment listed in the text file Dimitri had sent. Of course, she was more than prepared to back up her threat, but...

This all felt... off, to ARES. She'd been programmed with all her ordinance to protect people. Most of that programming went haywire at Black Mesa, but at the same time that simply meant she had to evaluate the situation for herself all the time. The Sergeant in front of her wasn't the only thing in the situation. She did just kill somebody breaking free. Shit, there's been more than a couple of bodies behind her just over the past couple days. In such a regard, she did realize that acting this way is what made it easy for Bison to paint them in a negative way.


"I've answered your questions, now let me ask one of my own. Would you be willing to cut a deal here? It's a really simple proposition. You stay out of our way, and make sure I'm not shot in the next 5 or so minutes, and I'll show you exactly how advanced I am medically. Tell everyone who actually listens to you to stand down, or at very least let me by unscathed... and I'll resuscitate your friend there. I didn't really mean for anyone to be specifically harmed as I broke out of that collar, but that said I'd not be opposed to maintaining that neutral stance."

This person wrote a lot for the briefing, kudos to them

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"No need to tell me twice." Kala replied, rising to her feet after bearing witness to the... "enthusiasm" of Major Rhodes during the briefing.

When she had first arrived back on the airship, she simply assumed she was early. She was going to go to the canteen, R&R for a little bit while everyone else arrived and plans were made to recover their failings but that was clearly not the case. Her allies, her friends being held captive weren't going to wait another minute. She shifted into her vampire form and practically inhaled down the potion Slindis had given her. She wasn't unfamiliar with the concoction. It was a potion made to impart a massive amount of negative energy on whoever imbibed it. For anyone alive then this would be a more efficient method of execution than hemlock ever was. For the undead it might as well have been a curative elixir of legend. Her leg, having healed somewhat during the fuster-cluck of combat scenarios in Denver looked now like it wasn't ever hurt to begin with. The holes in her wings which she bandaged over were completely restored, and all in all, she felt great physically. Mentally, she was a nervous wreck. She had been held hostage by Bison just a little while ago, though if she were to guess, Armstrong's "accommodations" would be even worse. She didn't have room to misstep, and as much as she wanted to break into their location and get them out personally, she had to swallow her pride and admit she would be useful elsewhere.

"I'm nimble enough in the air to get the attention of their anti-air units and survive. You want to give them hell? Very well. I'll rain everything I have upon them, fire, lightning, death itself. As soon as we're set to go, they'll regret being here today. Whenever you're all ready." she nodded with resolve.

Reposting because it's going to become relevant soon-ish. Teri and Caim have been unable to change their allocations as of the plot, but these serve as a refresher for what they have/had available prior to capture. (That and I just put them both in the same place for book keeping on my part.)

The Rising Dawn Adventures

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"Hey, don't worry about it. More for me then~" She mused, cracking a smile as she lay on the bed, passively grabbing a loose newspaper for her to look at any coupons that might be there. Although she didn't quite get Annie's reason for not wanting the soup, she wasn't offended either that Annie wouldn't want some.

Phillip on the other hand, had a slight bit more insight into why Annie refuse, or at the very least knew it wasn't 'because I'm not hungry'. He could tell Annie was interested in the soup and as such, he too would give her a motion, which she struck down as well. Regardless Phillip would get the soup ready for Nina and be done with it for the moment.

During her eating time, Nina started finding her current belly lying on the foot of the bed a bit uncomfortable to eat, and as such, she readjusted herself to instead sit there. One leg was tucked underneath her while the other hung off the bed, bracing herself on the floor. A large majority of her hair tumbled off the bed as she looked to Annie to ask her question, and would passively listen while she finished the bit of bread she had left. The comment of "-Some of them may have a strong immunity from Phillip's presence, biologically or even matters of magic-" produced an odd look from Nina however, the wording frankly a bit weird when Annie was talking about a presence. Heck, Ryan had mentioned something similar about some weird feeling too back in the Denver streets, which then brought her thoughts back to Ryan. "Really I'm not sure where I'm going to go from here if Ryan's really going to take that long to get up. I just don't want Phillip to get hurt."

Now what came next could only be described like stepping into a movie half way through it. Obviously Annie had history with the medical staff, both with how she spoke about them, and how Annie didn't want her to tell anyone about Ryan either. Which Nina thought was honestly pretty dumb, which Annie seemed to catch on to pretty quickly saying her piece about Ryan owing her for some unforgivable even. Nina of course wouldn't know what this even was, but given her current train of thought that didn't much matter to her.

"So, I get where you're coming from. Ryan did something dumb and you want him to get better." She stated, leaning over the side of the bed a moment to set her finished mug down on the ground, afterwards looking back to the stoic woman slowly patting her fingertips together. "The way I'm kinda seeing this though, I'm feeling you're kinda going at this the wrong way." She said gingerly, then raised her hands in a surrendering fashion.

"Unfortunately, I feel like I've jumped headlong into the middle of a 20 part series with no context, because you saying 'the medical staff can't be trusted' fills me with why? Ryan said the Rising Dawn was sort of like the Xmen, while the way you're describing it sounds more like Deadpool... Which was also part of Xmen wasn't it... Right?" Nina pondered a moment, plucking her bottom lip with her finger before hand waving it away.

"Anyways the point is, you solely taking care of Ryan is probably a bad idea if he's going to be like this for a long while." Nina said straight forward. "As far as I understand, you don't have medical training, which if all he needs is rest to get better cool, but how do you know that? He still needs to get fed all the time, and water, and speaking of water showers too so he doesn't get dirty, and you gotta make sure he gets moved a bit so he doesn't get bedsores, and make sure he doesn't puke and drown in his sleep." Nina rhyme'd off like some sort of laundry list of activities, then snapped her fingers. "Oh, and poop! This isn't some videogame where that doesn't come up, he is probably definitely at some point going to poop his pants and I am certainly not taking care of that, and neither will Phillip." Even know no audible sound came from Phillip, the recoil alone from that comment was enough of a response.

"And see, I know what you're thinking. "Well Nina can still take care of him.", but to you I respond with." Nina continued, almost arguing with herself at this point, putting in her own interpretation of Annie that to her credit was pretty dignified. "You can't be the only person that knows he's here and still do all the important people saving stuff you do on the Dawn!" She spelled out, karate chopping her own hand as if to punctuate each word. "From what I've gotten so far in the short exchange I had with him, he definitely has the idea of helping people down... fairly well. He fumbled a bit, but whatever. Point is, I can't see him appreciating you staying as his solo caregiver, and not helping other people you could be saving instead. Moreover it's a liability for Ryan since no one would know he's here, what happens if anything happened to you! I'm not even talking about anything major, even just something like a simple trip to get groceries, would leave him open for crazy people jumping through your house! Regardless of your thoughts about the staff, your plan isn't a very good alternative either!"

"Unless I get info to say the otherwise, you sounding a whole heck of a lot like my mother and vaccines, and ooooh boy is that a fun migraine to have, let me tell you." Nina concluded, probably not the best articulated rebuttal, but she felt her point had been gotten across. Regardless of Annie's feelings, leaving Ryan solely to herself in this state was showing some serious hubris that was just asking for the oodles of gods that seemed to be walking around here to fiddle with. She also wasn't underestimating Annie's capacity to achieve this goal of her's either, but today was showing that if bad things can happen, they will probably try in spectacular and unpredictable fashion, and putting one's eggs in one basket was not a smart plan.

"Attention Crew. Please report to the main hanger for briefing."

Nina looked up to the disembodied voice of the speakers as the group was assembled, obviously the call didn't matter to her, and she figured Annie didn't care about it either, but she thought she might as well ask. "We're gonna be ignoring that I assume?"

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...One for the dramatics I see... Rugal thought to himself as the briefing finished, not exactly pleased with the tone the Major had chosen to take but it was hardly inaccurate: He did fail in his duties and it was well deserved.
During the presentation, he glanced over to Kazuya, who had wisely decided to retire from the scene, giving his men instructions ("If they tell you to jump, ask how high.") but opting out of any more involvement in what was most likely the greatest military failure of his entire life.
With Kalastryn's announcement of going on the Anti-Anti Air team, he stepped forward and said "I'll be with the Extraction team then. I should be able to ensure the team's safety in close quarters...That and I'm certain Teri would be relieved to see me..."

Not long after, the agent known as Ghost soon spoke up, totally not just after sneaking in during the speech.
*TSK* "Alright, guess I'll go with the assault team once those AA installations are down. many of these "Angels" are we sending in or are they just for show?..." *TSK!* He asked in a somewhat jeering manner while the Doctor of Doom merely rose his hand as if in a classroom and asked "....ummmm, what can Doom do?"
*TSK* "Go back to his cell and let the grown-ups handle this mess? Man, get out of my sight before I get have a mind to finish what Kazuya started. This is a military operation, not the fucking Special Olympics..." *TSK* The Agent then snapped before wandering over to his equipment locker, getting loaded up and ready to go

((Working on other posts, honest))

The Rising Dawn | Medical Bay:
Jenny | Chrysalis | Dr. Violet | Anyone I didn't list

It had been a rather tense evening for Jenny, fresh off a days in World Marshall "Employment" and looking rather worse for wear.
While her body wasn't too heavily augmented compared to most Cyborgs, it still made her treatment a bit harsher on her body all the same.
A few internal devices were removed while she was "Disconnected" and there was word that she might need a cane for the rest of her days.
Thus, as she laid there, staring at the ceiling, she longed for something to take her mind off this...

It was about this time that she saw someone who looked like a black woman get put into a cot beside her own.
She fixated on the woman for a moment, thinking that she didn't look like Staff or any crew member she knew, what happened to her? how did she get there?
Pangs of guilt spurred her to sit up, wincing rather intensely as she did so.
After all, she was used was a weapon by Armstrong's men, what if this was someone that she hurt.
Leaning over to the other patient, she reached out to nudge her asking "Hey....Hello?...Can you hear me?..."

While this was happening, a pair of annoyed looking guards began to drag a rather crazed looking Dr. Violet along the ground towards one of the soundproof wards.
Diana's spells and Miia's "Assault on his senses" left him a twitching mess as his hair dye leaked from his sliver hair whist rambling about "potatoes on people's body" and "They were in my face" and so forth.
The guards were just glad they had broken any other would-be heirs to the company, happily tossing him in a ward before locking him inside.

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Before the Briefing

Were Rory a mere mortal, rather than an Oracle to the God of Death, it was within the realm of imagining that Naamah's sudden and feverish embrace might have, at best, caused some light bruising or, at worst, caused a few broken rips and internal bleeding. Despite the immortal demi-goddess' ability to shrug off even the most severe of life threatening injury, she was not immune to being surprised or being startled by the violently exuberant hug.

"YES INDEED, YES INDEED!" Naamah screamed "Love is so sweet, yes indeed! Hearts intertwined, locked together, beating as one! Humanity is born to love for self and for others! Yes ineed!"

Like a constrictor, like two atoms being fused together, the Black and Crimson Clad Berserker felt the space between her and her companion growing ever so smaller and the capacity of her lungs getting equally as small. If Naamah was expecting a response from Rory, she was going to have to wait since even Demi-Goddesses weren't immune to the laws of physics and needed to fill their lungs with air in order to speak.

"Ummm... Miss Naamah" A young and familiar voice chimed in from the side, slightly muffled by two pump mounds of flesh in front of her mouth, "I don't think that Miss Rory's face is supposed to be that color."

"HUFFFFFFFFFF!" Came the sudden intake of air into the freshly released lungs of the former blue faced loli-goth former love goddess, who simply smiled at her companion, putting finger to lips as the briefing started.


After the Briefing

"(That was certainly a lively briefing)" Rory Mercury thought to herself as she waiting for Major Rhodes to climb down from the briefing stage that she'd used to present the assault briefing. The plan was simply enough for even a fool to follow, though there was no doubt that there was at least more than one fool present for the plans that the Major had outlined. Looking out from the slightly lower dais, a look of disapproval crossed the War Goddess' face when she realized that there were a number of crew members absent from the meeting. Were these members too consumed with their own affairs to be concerned with the welfare of their comrades or were they something else.

Having placed Naamah on the ground next to her, the Black Haired Berserker was able to pay full attention to the meeting, admiring the efficiency at which the Major had delivered her impassioned words, though unlike a certain First Lieutenant from Rory's past, there was a certain amount of vengeance fueled blood thirstiness. Were they back in the Special Region, there was no doubt that Palapon, the God of Revenge, would have given this woman her blessing or, perhaps, offered her a place by his side as his Oracle.

With the briefing ended, the three battle groups started to form. As one of those who was to take part in the prison assault and rescue mission, Rory waited for the Major who was also taking part in inevitably bloody incursion (blood splatter being inevitable whenever Rory was involved).

"A noble speech, Major Rhodes," The Former Goddess of Love commented, "I'd almost forgotten how impassioned the people of your world can get prior to battle, especially when given proper cause."

It had been a widely held view by those in control of the Empire that the people of Japan were weak due to the care that they showed for their citizens. No government with an army powerful enough to withstand the might of the Imperial Army could possibly be concerned about their civilian population. Their beliefs were soon corrected when the JSDF mounted raids on various occasions to rescue not only enslaved Japanese citizens but to rescue their captured ally, Princess Pina Colada. It was this desire to protect, not conquer, that seemed allowed the soldiers of this world to persevere.

"Auntie Rhodes is going to make sure that those men down there are never going to be able to hurt anyone like they did with Miss Dolly... Loli," Ruby said as she walked next to the Major, seemingly more mature than possible for someone of her age.

"You should stay aboard this ship, little one," The Demi-Goddess said, kneeling in front of Ruby. While there was a tone of respect and admiration for a child that would risk her life, even Emloy frowned upon the senseless death of a child, "It would be much safer for you."

"Nu uh. You and Auntie Rhodes'll keep me safe and I can help you get through the maze when we get there." The nine-year old girl in the pink dress responded, shaking her head.

"And you are going to allow this?" The Demi-Goddess of Death asked the Major before turning to Naamah, "As for you, friend Naamah, are you coming with me as well?"

Escapist Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location | Weapon's Storage
Ross' Raiders' First Day...
ARES-35 | Dimitri | Viscus versus Gunnery Sargent Percival Ross and The Raiders

Had Gunnery Sargent Percival Ross been aware that he'd been assigned to guard patients belonging to a Inpatient Medical Facility for the Criminally insane, he would have been a bit more prepared to contend with the fact that the patients held onto their delusions as though they were fact. He would have been prepared to explain to the woman standing in front of him that she was, in fact human and that anything contrary to that belief was a misfiring of her synapses. However, he could not ignore the fact that the woman appeared to be wearing a full suit of combat capable armor nor the fact that she was standing in the epicenter of the blast that had claimed the lives of two of his men... nor could he explain just how she was causing energy to dance from her wrists ever so dangerously, causing the Sargent to swallow nervously.

Gunnery Sargent Ross was in charge of a group of contractors that had taken part in more than a few skirmishes in the past, taking part in conflicts in places where the populations walked miles down unpaved roads to get to communal wells or where the more popular family names ended in -ov. While the money had been good, Ross and his Raiders had gotten rather tired of the merc business since it seemed like the shit usually hit the fan the day Ross' Raiders landed and so they had decided on a milk run, sub-contracted guard work with World Marshall. Ross was totally and completely unsurprised that there was now a prison wide riot on his first day.

Despite all the piss poor luck Ross' Raiders had with their contracts, he'd never lost a man until today and here was some bright and bubbly bitch woman saying that she could bring them back from the dead? He was unamused by this.

"Lady... if this is some sort of joke that you're trying to pull on me, it's not funny." The Gunnery Sargent muttered, his rifle still pointed at the woman's center of mass, watching as the woman pulled a few weapons from the shelves that even Bull, the group's strong man, would have had trouble carrying, "To be blunt, even if everything you were saying was true, about M. Bison masquerading around as a politician and trying to become president by controlling the world by enhancing his psychic powers through the use of NASA satellites and MIT, what makes you think that the public would even have allowed him to get into that sort of position in the first place? I've heard of the guy, never met him personally, but based on what's been circulated, he's not the brightest bulb in the box and it would take someone with more than four braincells to see through any sort of disguise that the former dictator could come up with. That's not to mention that he's pretty much wanted by every sort of law enforcement agency on the planet for a varying assortment of war crimes and human rights abuses. That's not even taking into account that the guy's masquerading around as a Senator and not one hack with political aspirations has decided to dig into Vincent Vegas' past and found out that the name is an alias and demanded proof of citizenship. So it's a bit hard for me to think that the entire world would be dense enough to buy into a plot that sounds like it was lifted from a James Bond Porn Parody."

Despite the fact that there were more than enough reasons why Ross could simply dismiss the woman's claims, there was still the underlying fact that the worm being dangled in front of the Sargent was quite a plump and juicy one. She was offering the lives of his men.

"Fine... you've hired me and my men for five minutes. The way things are going, it doesn't look like we'll be collecting a paycheck any time soon for this gig. BUT if you so much as make a move on any of my men or deliver what you promised," Sargent Percy said lowering his rifle, "I'm going to send this armor piercing tungsten slug flying at 3000 m/s through your body."

Turning to his men he started barking orders, before moving to cover the door. Seconds passed before the sound of gunfire echoed down the corridor. Seemed that even after being hired by ARES, Ross and his men couldn't catch a break.

Escapist Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location | Weapon's Storage
"If you're smart, your first day on this job will be your last."
ARES-35 | Dimitri | Viscus versus Gunnery Sargent Percival Ross and The Raiders

"Fine... you've hired me and my men for five minutes. The way things are going, it doesn't look like we'll be collecting a paycheck any time soon for this gig. BUT if you so much as make a move on any of my men or deliver what you promised," Sargent Percy said lowering his rifle, "I'm going to send this armor piercing tungsten slug flying at 3000 m/s through your body."

"To be honest, from an outside perspective I wouldn't have believed a word out of my mouth on the subject. Not that it isn't the case, but I agree it sounds a bit absurd, putting it lightly. Bison is an idiot, if you should ask me. Though, he's an idiot who has a talent for finding much brighter people to associate with. That said, I don't know about you, but I only strike bargains I intend to keep." ARES replied, and while her would-be mercenary executioner decided to be a smart man and not fire at the currently bullet reflecting ARES.

For the next three or so minutes, ARES was knelt down on both knees, here eyes closed. If Mr. Ross had decided to take a moment to look in at ARES, he'd probably be surprised by the mechanical appendages with welders and clamps springing out of an area on her back that was flung wide open, stripping her out of her armor and placing a new set in it's place. This one was quite different from all her others. The armoring it possessed was probably akin to Kevlar across her arms, legs, and torso. However, other than on her knees, feet, hands, elbows, and back... there was a distinct lack of metal. That isn't to say it didn't have something impressive about it, but the biotech frame wasn't at all made to be a jack of all trades. It was a master at one, which is keeping people alive. That would mean as far as defenses, attack power etc. it was probably the frame in which she was the most vulnerable. There were may things this suit was not suited for, but it would be hard to match up to it in what it is capable of.

There were roughly two minutes left to go when a pneumatic hiss came from ARES as the mechanical arms receded to where they belonged, her joints unlocked, and she was able to move. And move she did, quite quickly in fact, not wanting at this stage to anger the Sergeant in the next room if she didn't have to.

Kneeling down and Examining the body she decided she was going to resuscitate, it didn't look great... shrapnel was not exactly a great thing to contend with. There were more entry wounds than exit wounds, which meant that at least some of the sharp metal bits of ARES' control collar were still embedded in Ms. Lafferty's corpse. This was never a good thing. Even if said pieces of metal were embedded in non-vital organs, once revitalized Private Lafferty would be in excruciating pain as the everyday biological processes the human body goes through would have to perform those tasks around the shrapnel. This... often proved deadly, as movement from muscles and organs could shift the metal around into something that without a doubt matters to keep the body running. Fishing all of that out of the Private was going to be the first priority. At least her body was still warm, so she'd have gone through minimal if any decay yet.

Stretching out her right hand, flipping it upwards so that the palm aligned with her wrist, a hole opened in her palm to drop some white canister to the floor. Turning it upside down and flipping a switch, it then began to hum and release a cloudy black mist. If one were to look at the contents of it under a microscope, thousands of nanobots were dispersed throughout, and wherever it landed on the Private's body, their purpose was made abundantly clear. The spilled blood coating Private Lafferty seemed to be slowly flowing back into her body as the nanobots herded to the surface wounds of the Private's body and diving into her blood stream. Shrapnel began to seemingly pull itself mostly out of Lafferty's wounds and protrude long enough for ARES to pull them out by hand.

ARES, at this current moment, was functionally blind. Not that her eyes didn't work, but rather, every nanobot that activated was sending a real time video feed straight to ARES' vision, showing ARES their progress. This was good insofar as seeing what she was dealing with, but terrible at letting her see her surroundings. It was like trying to view your desktop through 800 overlapping message windows. Though, with what she could see, the miniature mechanical medics inside the Private had extracted nearly everything, and the newest ones to land on Lafferty stopped carrying what very little blood cells that weren't already relocated back inside.

Now knowing that all the shrapnel in the body in front of her was removed, the nanobots began hardening themselves, linking together like threads of a rope and looping themselves like thread and sutures to close and bandage the wounds left on Lafferty's body. At the end of it all, it still wasn't exactly a perfect recovery. Hell, even having effectively reclaimed about 97.86% of the blood lost from the neck mounted grenade ARES set off, those scars weren't going to heal themselves very soon...

However, while it wasn't a pretty sight, it would be functional enough to hold the Private together at least. Which was all well and good, since the process left her with precious little time to actually revive Lafferty, about 30 seconds. Sergeant Percival Ross would likely step back in the room with his rifle at the ready, only to find that ARES had much a different look to her. Even the blades of energy which Sergeant Ross was threatened with were formed very differently. Instead of two long blades, one in each hand, they were like the knife tips of a scalpel protruding from her fingernails. With one swift stroke, she made an incision in his fallen comrade, and the mist of nanobots went for it almost entirely together. It was almost as if her chest cavity had just sucked air in like a smoker with their mouth on a cigarette. These nanomachines threaded together around Lafferty's heart, and began to constrict it, and then slack... and repeated this process to simulate a heartbeat until her own vital processes rebooted.

Flipping the canister and turning it off, the lingering mist in the air slowly drifted out of sight, carried away by- and likely disengaging within, the ventilation system. Standing up and addressing Sergeant Ross, she concluded."Hmph. My old employers used to think we were so different... I don't see how. The human body is like a biological machine in a way. All it's parts working together like gears in clockwork to make you function. She's not exactly awake yet, but her heart's beating and she's in stable condition. She'll live, provided you can get out of here before worse occurs to one of you.

Think it strange all you want, I do have to apologize for hurting your friend there. It wasn't my intention, all I wanted was to get my restraints off. Pretty inhumane to line control collars with explosives, you think? That said, looking over the files on the personnel your employers did manage to capture... I've got rescue coming, in addition to the riot. Of course I don't know that for sure, but it's not like the crowd I associate with to leave anyone behind. It would be rather wise to make yourselves scarce as soon as possible." she advised. Turning to the storage shelves and collecting the last of the gear attached in Dimitri's message.

Location: Bow Hangar Array | Rising Dawn
White iris' for resting spirits.

Major Rhodes Selmy

"If the child wishes to fight then I have no right to deny the yearning of her spirit," Rhodes answered. She turned toward the open hangar doors. The wind billowing in swept her hair into a frantic dance reminiscent of the clash of a cat o' nine tails. She put her hands into her pockets and leaned back to look at Rory. "Whatever providence I can get, I will take. This world is too harsh to pass up any opportunities." She closed her eyes and motioned toward the sea of clouds basking in moonlight. "This is the world, my small friend. And it will welcome our coming with open arms. Under my blessing, Ruby shall come to no harm."

Naamah tapped her staff on the ground twice. She leaned on the old wood staff and swayed gently with the breeze. The jewelry that adorned her hips jingled lightly as she moved. Her eyes were closed, as if she were sleeping. "Naamah has no quarrel with those below, yes indeed." She pursed her lips, "Naamah's role is to observe and record. Naamah only acts when Naamah's Solomon bids Naamah act. Otherwise she should not become to intertwined with the strings of karmic destiny." There was a small pause as she stood up on the balls of her feet, as if trying to taste the very wind on her lips. "Yes indeed. Naamah needs to stay here and prepare to witness a great change in the threads of fate. An event looms on the horizon like a mountain. Dark, immense, and inescapable. It tastes frightening."

Rhodes chuckled, "I did not know you had the Wife of the Good King herself on board." She seemed to only be half-joking. "This is great providence indeed. Let it be known then, anisa, with you two we cannot fail! Not when the very eyes of King Solomon's bride watches us so graciously!"

The Rising Yawn - Corridor
Eddie the Dead

He hated time travel.

For most people, a meeting with their future self is an extraordinary, nearly impossible circumstance. More often than not, it was not an actual meeting with their actual other-time selves, but rather, a meeting with a self from an alternate reality, which was similar enough to be mistaken as their own reality, but not quite the same. Time travel thus was not truelly time travel, but rather dimension hopping. The rules of time are strict, and as most beings are bound by it, they are bound in a fundamental level to its rules.

But he was a being outside of time, unrestricted by its laws, free of their limitations. Needless to say, this was not the first time the timeless rocker had met himself from a different time.

Most unfortunate, then, that every other time it had happened brought grim tidings.

Time travel was by its nature a hastle, its very involvement in jobs meant ill days approached. Though he was unbound by time's limitations, he was nonetheless subject to its complications, and so every action taken must first be fully considered and analysed. To do that, rather than focus his perception of time up a single, 'present' instant, he would need to instead broaden it from point A (which would be the point upon which he would need to travel in time) to point B(which would be the point from which he jumped from.) and everything inbetween and after, and fully analyse the consequences of each individual action from there. Otherwise he would be stuck in a nearly endless loop of trial and error until he got the desired effect. And, of course, there was always the meeting with his future self, which almost always went as it did in this instance: Lots of cryptic words but no actual substance.

By Luck, did he ever hate time travel.

The imp had already buggered off by the time Eddie had fully assessed the situation. Today it just kept getting better and better it seemed. First he was tricked into his assignment, then the promise he made to the kids, followed by the stupid pastry business which reminded him why counting on mortals is synonimous to disappointment, the return home only to find the promise broken by the children and his efforts in vain, then there was the talk with his patron and her dreadful foreshadowing, and now this. Not one break to be had, one unfortunate circumstance after the other.

He stared at the ceiling, with a look that said "You're laughing at me, aren't you?"

And so, with a deep breath, Eddie walked his way back to the canteen, only to be met with another nasty surprise: his ward wasn't there. In her stead, he was greeted by a drunk with pieces of glass stuck on his head. Said drunk managed to set a new record for quickest three strikes: Fifteen seconds, three sentences, twenty-two words. Already in ill mood, Eddie without a word grabbed a bottle of wine from the nearest table and smashed it on his face so quick and hard that it sent the man flying in the impact's opposite direction, doing two full circles before landing on his face.

In that small rage-fuelled explosion, Eddie had an epiphany. Why should he spend every single moment of his precious time babysitting that little brat? it was gonna be years before she came of age, and since his future self was still on the job, it meant that he hadn't to worry about the girl walking into her death.

So to hell with it, he thought. He had already devoted enough of his time for her in one day, and in both instances was awarded with squat. The girl didn't deserve his full attention, and he still have all the time in the world to nurture her into bartending. It was thus time for some Eddie time, Eddie felt like spending this time on a much more interesting person. Peering into the All-song, he located her part of the melody, and with a single step walked through time and space a few ounces away from her location, in front of her room. Knocking before entering, Eddie took note of his coat hanging along other clothes, and put it on.

"It's me," he said as he did, "I've come to check how yer doin'." He took a peak into the bathroom, liked what he saw, and leaned on the bathroom door, grinning.

"Ya know, people of this world usually bathe with their underwear off. Not that I'm complaining." His face hardened, and he took a more serious tone. "How are you adjusting? I saw you got yourself a new pair of clothes. I take it the crew hasn't given you trouble?"

The Rising Dawn | Crew Quarters

Oh nooooo...

"-ngar for briefing."


"-e main hangar for briefing."


"Attention Crew. Please report to the main hangar for briefing."

Barbas slipped off the vacant bunk and dropped to the floor with the grace of a freshly evicted flounder. He went splat.

BLEHHH! Never be teleported on a full stomach.

Rising one leg at a time, he dragged himself in the direction of what must be the washroom. Hopefully nobody on the ship's crew had spotted the creature from the barf lagoon; with any luck the mess would be blamed on beings from another world.

The message had piqued his curiosity. Since he appeared to be stuck here for the time being, why not? Surely it couldn't entail anything more unpleasant than what he'd already suffered on the way here, he hoped, shivering under the cooling blast from the taps. Sheesh, it was like Coldharbour in here.

He paused briefly, considering the last thought.

No, it definitely isn't that bad. At least this place didn't have three-armed, argh, no, why that memory, argh.

Screwing shut his eyelids and concentrating hard on forgetting his most recent time in the umbral plains, the shaggy hound padded toward the hangar.

Escapist Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location | Weapon's Storage
ARES-35 | Dimitri | Viscus versus Gunnery Sargent Percival Ross and The Raiders

[Just...Great...] The AI thought to himself as his dreaded countdown finally finished, looking rather on edge and twitchy within the tablet as he watched his chance to finally get some revenge on the race of meat-sacks that had tormented him for so very long.
But no, there was no one resisting and the ones that were ARES was able to talk out of hostilities.
This seemed to anger the AI, he was looking forward to being "Let loose" off the binds he had spent much of his existence in for the last few months.
Well...there was nothing he could do about it, but seeing how the timer had finished, it was time to make good on his promise.
Using the Cameras and research logs, he began to scan though countless files on all the Androids they had in stor-

[...Target Acquired] :)

The AI's mood finally was lifted as it then transferred himself into a Rather Advanced Power Suit, instantly feeling back at home inside one of his original armors.
The armor quickly sprang to life, hovering off the rack before marching right past all the Soldiers and frightened staff.
[Viscus Mark 3. Armor : Online : I *live* again!] He blared without any modesty before making his way to the equipment section, keen to resupply his weapon systems and perhaps pick up a few upgrades.

dis dude contributed too.

Texas Joker 52:
This person wrote some stuff. :3

Escapist Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location | Detention Area
M.Bison | B.C. | Bruiser | Caim | David | Ghost of King Leoric | Mio | Nadalia | Shadow/Agent |Teri | versus - FULGORE | Prison Guards | [unknown]

".......huh...I-...really wasn't expecting that to work...Want me to do yours next or..."

Caim would have slapped David at that moment. He really wanted to. He was practically dying to, in light of the events that had just occurred; after all - it's not often that a man confesses to dating one's sister and then do something so horrendously, borderline-suicidally stupid...then again, that was David West for you. Caim grabbed David by the scruff of his shirt, pulled him close and very pointedly mouthed, "We will need to talk. Later. Don't die" before the Irish gunman was unceremoniously dropped back on his feet. Caim tilted his head to allow for David's little "back-alley" collar removal procedure, his eyes closing in anticipation of a bullet misfiring and entering his neck, blood spilling out as he cursed an idio-*BANG!*

The gun went off, and the remnants of the collar were on the ground. With it's destruction, however, Caim could feel the sensation of fire in his veins singing once again, Angelus' mind tugging in the back of his. He smiled, the connection no longer blocked and absently 'reached' for her. The stifling silence from that a moment past was now gone, and in it's place was an incarnation of fire and smoke; of burning vengeance - he'd see her again soon. Caim waved off for David to rejoin the group and dashed for Nadalia, the oncoming steam making it harder and harder to see. Finding the Bride of Ash, Caim jerked her shoulder with a free hand and animatedly gestured towards the direction of the little group growing by the other end of the hall. Not receiving much of a response in return, the Warrior gave an audible sigh and shook his head before diving back into the fog caused by the steam.


Following being dragged down the hallway by Mio, Teri tried to gasp out a "Wait!" or "Hold on!" to her friend, but to no avail - she was already pulled along, Bruiser, Bison, David and Caim (the last two missing their collars) joining. The most notable, however, was that there was a young woman sauntering over to the group. She was clad in a very brightly colored bikini, wavy blonde hair and a cocksure grin. In a very nonchalant manner, the young woman had fired a burst with one of the Guard's weapons at one of the staff, bringing them down in a heap of metal, blood and oil in a manner of ease - one that reminded Teri of the mute in their party. Were it not for the prison setting, the young Cleric would have sworn she had walked straight off a beach looking for some fun; which brought her attention to the most notable aspect about her - the lack of a collar. It was then that the sprinklers came on, dousing Nadalia's flames and creating a heavy mist; the sounds of additional mechanical reinforcements filled the air and an idea hatched in the Cleric's thoughts. Pulling herself away from Mio's grip, the Cleric ran to the strange young woman, her eyes pleading as she stammered out, "Excuse me - I don't mean to be rude, but some crazy shit is going down, and I really need you to get this collar off me. Do that and I'll help you get out - I know magic and I'm a healer."

The Space Convict's smile didn't so much as dim for an instant as she turned to look at the woman who stepped forward first. She looked pretty rough and tumble herself, having wrapped her hands in rags presumably so that she could punch something without hurting herself so much. The fact that she mentioned that she used magic and can heal people though was weird, but really, it was par-for-the-course for the way the day was turning out. After all, less than an hour ago she was sharing a cell with a ghost and their boxed-up remains, said ghost turned into a giant mace-wielding skeleton, and some chick turned the halls into a furnace before popping in a big-ass knight. Weird was kind of understating today.

"Sure, gimme a sec and I'll get that collar off-a ya." she said with an almost sing-song tone to her sultry voice.

Taking a few steps closer, she bent down a little to get a better look at the collar and, fingers of one hand dancing over the surface, it popped off with a click, along with a slow series of beeps. Bending to pick it up, she ignored the rapidly increasing beeps and threw it in the direction that power-armored asshole had gone after his cloak malfunctioned.

When the collar came off, the Cleric gasped like a drowning man tasting air for the first time. Hands grasping at a now free neck, the young woman rasped "Thank you" to B.C. as she began to feel the previously suppressed effects return to her. The sound of water rushed in her ears, and a happy, kind, sorely missed sensation began to grow. It started in her chest, and spread from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. It was a gentle warmth, akin to getting a hug from someone after they've been away on a long trip, or having a cup of hot cocoa after a rainy day. The love that the Cleric feared was lost was never gone - it's aftereffects were merely suppressed, held down by a cruel device.

It's first manifestation was in her Aura, shooting outward in an invisible field 15 feet around the Cleric. Those caught in it's path began to feel their wounds closing; the nasty effects of fatigue and bruising melting away and being replaced with a warmth in their bones. The next step, was when the Cleric grabbed BC's hand and gently tugged her along to the rest of the group. Calling over her shoulder with a nervous edge in her voice, she began with, "Thanks again! I-I'm Teri, by the way. You'll learn everyone else's name soon enough, I'm sure!"

After she pulled BC closer to the main party, the Cleric's eyes darted about to figure out what to do next. Her aura was good, but trouble was coming in on mechanical tentacles, and they needed to be ready to wade into melee - at least, some of them were. Scanning over their heaviest hitters, the first set of chants came easily enough. The familiarity of a healing incantation filled the Cleric's mind, and even without her holy symbol, this was one that was able to be cast. Point to the members of the group that were more of an "in your face" inclination (read: Caim, Bison, Bruiser, and Mio), another surge of healing energy filled them as she called out, "Oh, Lord - I call to thee, grant these warriors four your Vigor!" In a manner akin to the Aura, the bodies of those affected noted a sudden OOMPH in their wounds, Bruiser and Bison's being the most notable in closing up after their abuse in the cells. However, this was not the end of the Cleric's work. With the water raining down on all of them, another idea hatched in her mind. Mio, while showing prowess with her blade, was probably the most "mundane" of the group in the Cleric's eyes, and after showing such care for her well being, Teri saw fit to try and pay back the favor. Waving a hand over the wet blade, Mio's sword gained an icy shimmer, almost as if she had left it in the frost overnight. With a smile at her handiwork, Teri gave Mio a weary smile, "It'll last for about half a minute, make it count!"

Spell slinging! Teri dropped two buffs - for Caim, Bison, Bruiser, and Mio, they get Lesser Vigor, Mass. What this does is that those affected get fast healing 1, enabling them to heal 1 hit point per round until the spell ends and automatically becoming stabilized if it begins dying from hit point loss during that time. Think of it like a weaker version of her aura, only they don't need to stick close to her. It lasts for 18 rounds (114 seconds/ 1 minute 54 seconds). Because of Augment Healing, the first "round" gives 7 points of healing, the rest being at 1 point per round.

Mio, however, gets an additional buff. Frost Weapon - which is exactly what it sounds like; it grants a magical ice magic effect to her sword. Lasts for 48 seconds.

Time till next 2nd level spell - 18 seconds
Time till next 3rd level spell - 24 seconds

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