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The Rising Dawn Adventures

Rising Dawn: Hallway near spa: King Leoric, Nadalia

"...A-apologies. I had no idea, Your Majesty..." Seeing a skeletal being have such an emotive reaction nearly make the corners of her mouth shift up, which was a pleasant feeling indeed. "... Twas not your fault, nor should you feel that your indiscretion was unjust in desiring to know my condition. For this, you have my thanks for giving what Rugal says, 'a damn' about me." She had known the meaning behind that phrase, since the person she enjoyed training with would catch her up on current slang.

"...I-...don't have means to remove such a curse, but if you would come with me, I might have something to give you that could ease the burden. Please." He then said before offering his hand again, to which Nadalia hesitated at first. It wasn't because Leoric was undead with no flesh, that was the least of her concerns. Rather, it was King Leoric's offer in assisting her. After all, nothing can really 'relief' the curse. Once the Dark Sigil brands someone, it can never be removed, and nothing in the plain of existence can ease it, but, at this point she was willing to try anything in preventing the curse from overtaking her mind. Once Nadalia accepted, he then began to slowly walk her towards the room he had claimed as his own, hoping one of the relics from his past life could help hers.

"Have you suffered from this curse your entire life, Iron Queen?" Leoric then bluntly asked, making the Iron Queen pause before stepping into his room. While she knew the answer, it did leave more weight now that someone mentioned it.

"You are correct, though the curse was never much of an issue until now. Back then, when ... I was born, I went on a search to find the a man worthy of being my lover. Yet, once I arrived at the Brume Tower in the heart of Alonne, he, the Iron King, had already perished. Filled with wrath, I unleashed the darkness upon everyone within, transforming them into my subjects. While that is another story in itself, such a curse never afflicted me physically nor mentally. However, after the recent events back in Denver .... it had manifested and has taken a toll on my body."

Sighing, Nadalia brushed some of her gray hair out of her eyes, not wanting to think about it's change of color. "Mostly my fault, really. Had I not been so prideful and stubborn, I wouldn't of been caught off guard by lesser foes. This, humility, and shame I bear has made me weak. Not even the flames that once took over an entire kingdom can scorch foes without fizzling out. Such a sad display ..." Finally stepping into Leoric's room, she noticed how it was just up her alley.[1] Having to take a seat, she huffed while trying to collect her thoughts. How long has it really been, since she felt so mortal? A thousand years ago, Nadalia could wipe the floor with King Vendrict's army and carry on her day after like nothing happened. But this? She'd be lucky to take on a group of mercenaries without stumbling on her long cloak. "I do say, noble King ... you have a fine room to yourself. It is good to see the Rising Dawn has welcomed you with open arms." She attempted to smile, but it was half baked, mainly from how long her fingers were now. In her original form, Nadalia had much longer arms, fingers, and a body that was unnatural to human anatomy. This wasn't an indication she was reverting, but rather, couldn't control her physical form to maintain a good balance. Least her fingers weren't covered in wrinkles, that would of been distasteful when so much had gone wrong already. Hell, Nadalia still looked quite well apart from a few noticeable details like her hair being long, woolen, grayed out with black strains, and her back slightly hunched.

Just out of curiosity, Nadalia relaxed her hand and created a hovering flame in her palm. While it may of seemed fine, the edges were quivering ... as if any moment, it could cave in. It was not stable, and Nadalia knew it was only a matter of time before she could not perform pyromancy. The curse was winning, but she wasn't going to make a scene about it, only time would tell if she could get any treatment, hence why she trusted this man (well, a skeleton that claimed himself to be a king) and went along into his own room, despite knowing nothing about him.

[1] Feel free to describe how Leoric's room looks like, so I can add more detail in how it relates with Nadalia :)

"Attention Heroes and Staff, this is Engineering Captain Theiss speaking.

Docking procedures are complete as of now. All staff and passengers are free to move throughout the vessel. Support squadrons 260, 262 and 264 please report to the cargo bay and help restock our inventory. Support squadron 263 is currently on an extended leave-of-absence. Engineering teams, the 121st Engineering Division is -


Ah! Colonel Blackheart, please calm down!


No! No, no. Colonel Blackheart, please sit down. Someone prepare some cinnamon apple tea for the Colonel!



Rising Dawn: Canteen ------------------------------------------------------------------ 01:00 AM

Lt. Dolores Selmy

Two men peered down at the gathered heroes through the breach in steel and wire. The thick carbon micromesh had been torn clean through and the steel twisted as if putty. The engineers settled into their work with a tired reservation. One strung in the supports, another lowered himself into the breach and soon the rhythmic ring of hammer and torch joined the symphony of clamor that was the Canteen.

Laeta and Saren had broken their masks of fury, and now instead wore malicious grins on their faces. I knew that well. I reached out and grabbed Laeta firmly by her wrist. She was still tense. "No. No alcohol. We all know full and well what happened the last time you two were drunk."

Laeta tilted her head and closed her eyes. "I don't know what you're talking about." It was easy for me to read her face, it was a mixture of mischief and rebellion. A sure sign of teenage disregard for both authority and common sense. I put down her hand and shook my head sternly.

Then I turned back to David and touched his hands gingerly. They felt different. They weren't like my father's, whose hands were soft and gentle. No, these hands were worn in, rough and calloused. The nails were cut short and the skin was thick. These were the hands of an honest man, hardworking and tough. I remember somewhere though, deep inside, a hurtful grasp. It had been different back then, his hands were soft and gentle, like a woman's. Well manicured and groomed. It was meticulous, perfect. It was obsessive. Those were hands of a person born to kill. Soft and cold, suffocating to the touch.

David cleared his throat.

I fell back into my chair and let go of his hands, "I'm sorry." I looked away, "I.. I got lost in thought, I guess." I looked back at him, through him almost. Outside the windows I could see the massive machine complex that the Rising Dawn had parked in. The natural stars of the night sky had been replaced by blinking lights, the clouds by smoke and steam, and the chorus of migrant birds by shrill barks and whistles of the soldiers below.

That's right. We're soldiers. I cleared my throat and summoned what gravitas I could. "It's not your fault. You and me, we're human after all. We make mistakes, we hurt and we get hurt. There's nothing that we could do to stop that. You don't owe me anything, for either my injury or your attitude. We live lives of hardship, so I do not blame you for seeking solace in the superhuman natures of your friends." God knows I feel the same way.

The doors slammed open from the outside, one of the engineers working on the roof lost his grip on his supports and fell onto the bar. "Gah! That scared the shits out of me!" He looked around, and then at Luke. "Oh sorry about your bar. I think I might've put a dent in the thing uh...." His eyes searched for a badge and name tag. "Who are you exactly? You're not part of the staff are you?"

"Hey sis, you're girlfriend is here!" Saren said. She waved with her hand as a massive ice-cream sundae was brought before her. The decadent dessert was loaded with all sorts of rare fruits and nuts. Some from alternate worlds. She really took David's tab and worked it raw. Laeta looked over, chewing absently on a sweet sausage and grinned. She pressed her lips against the meat and rubbed it suggestively with two fingers. "Shit, you're really cradle robbing with this one, she's ought to be 'round my age." Laeta took a large bite out of her sausage and let the juices run down her lips and chin before scooping it up with her fingers and shoveling the rest back into her mouth.

I looked out toward her, "Ah... Katya." I picked up her letter from my lap and held it up to her. "Katya, you're okay..." I forced myself to smile, "I'm glad."

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Rising Dawn: Cloudtop Citadel

Rising Dawn: King Leoric's room: King Leoric, Nadalia

The room was mostly the same as the other bedrooms on the Dawn, Leoric not really having the time to put his personal spin on it.
Only thing he had unpacked were some candles, namely because he was unaware that the room had a light switch.
There was something that stood out however: a Rather Large Chest, one truly fit for a king.
Most of what he was able to salvage from his manor and his crypt was inside, like a massive suitcase that required 5 people to move and a small step-ladder to even open.
"Indeed. I have been a guest of honor in many noble's houses in my time, but this vessel of yours is finer then even the wealthiest of kingdoms...A fine resting place for this old king as any...Now, where did I leave it?..." He answered as he began to go though some of his old vanity objects, carefully laying them on the bed beside Nadalia.
There was a number of treasures, a Scepter, A Portrait of his former self, the old Crown of Khanduras and a entire bag of Fancy Rings.
"I remember hearing that adventurers would use those rings in place of gold once rumors about false coins began to become common place. Which reminds me, I must give that to that strange young woman I had shared-...shared a-...cell..." He trailed off as he found not what he was looking for but rather a Reminder of his past.

His silence spoke a thousand words to Nadalia, the kind of vibe you wouldn't expect from King Leoric. Here he was, a corpse if not outright a skeleton that still showed emotions. The Iron Queen understood perfectly how the past can still bind those to relive that experience long ago, for both the living and the dead.

King Leoric felt a gentle hand on his shoulder, Nadalia standing at his side now.
"No need to cross that path again, my king. You've clearly been through enough by now to think about trivial matters." She didn't mean his past was trivial, but rather, she didn't want him to dwell on things that no longer mattered when the present was far more important. She did however, began to examine each jewelry and treasury Leoric had displayed for the Bride of Ash's to check out, and although she wasn't materialistic, such belongings were incredibly nice towards the eyes.

"To the common eye, these would seem rather simplistic in nature; the mortal mind making it out to be a cosmetic of sorts. However, I can sense something deeper about them, their crafts carrying a hidden power. Forgive me for asking, but how will these, exactly, help me with my current problem?" Her tone didn't seem disappointed nor upset, but rather, puzzled. Nadalia was certain these were useful in some way, but did not see how in any shape or form, they could return her to the Iron Queen that once ruled over the entire nation of Alonne.

It took sometime before Leoric finally snapped out of his trance, finally muttering something along the lines of "Yes, yes. Just another moment of your time, Iron Queen..."
It was then that he finally found what he was after: His old Golden Gorget and the powerful Flawless Royal Ruby contained inside it.
"Ahhh...Here we are...I remember wearing this the night I was slain...While it didn't save me, perhaps it might aid you in this trying time..." He said before gently playing the Amulet around Nadalia's neck.
"Contained within is a magical gem with the power to increase one's strength. A travelling jeweler sold it to one of my servants when I was taken ill. Since my passing, I have infused it with some of my own power. Merely say "Servants" and it will bring about up to 6 of my personal assistants to aid you however you require. Just take heed: They are not warriors, no matter how much they claim otherwise..."

Upon wearing the amulet, Nadalia would feel a lot-..."Lighter", as if every movement of her body was far easier then before.
While it didn't do much for her visible illness, it did allow her to walk un-assisted once more...

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Rising Dawn: Cloudtop Citadel

Rising Dawn: Medical Bay: Jenny, Diana

While she was still under-going treatment for her own wounds, Jenny was still able to help with some of the psychological and emotional needs of the other patients.
That and you'd be amazed how popular the ability to shut off someone's sense of pain is in a medical profession.[1].
When Diana found her, she was looking over some medical charts for Dr. Violet, namely detailing how he had been given a sedative in order to calm him down.
"...Your social skills need a bit of work." Jenny mentally answered without even looking up from her chart at the enraged shapeshifter.
"That and I must say: I've actually been subject to several cases of abuse over my life as it is and, frankly, I'm not in the humor to entertain another. So if you could just apologize and undo the mental trauma you have inflicted on Dr. Violet, I'll gladly get rid of that little nagging sensation you feel in the back of your mind..."
After sending that message, the Gardevoir had a smirk on her face, as if she knew of something that Diana didn't...

[1] Basically, she uses Psychic power to isolate and delay impulses from nerve endings to prevent sensations of pain from being processed. While it doesn't cure the root cause of the pain, it's still nice to get some relief

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Rising Dawn: Cloudtop Citadel

Rising Dawn: Command Bridge: Rugal, Hillary, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Rugal tried to place either of the women in his memory but came up lacking, something that he attempted to break gently to their guest.
"I'm sorry but I have not seen either Anik or Timea around here. But what I *can* do is get some food for you. Come, we've finally docked for repairs. I'm sure our friends have a bite or two laying about." He then said to the "Children" [1] before having them follow him towards one of the airlocks to come aboard this Citadel.
"And for the record, I can't say that I have met a slime before...but you do remind me of this strange Wooden Man I sparred with a few times. Friendly fellow, much like yourself. He seemed to process the spirits of many great warriors and could use their power in battle. Didn't speak much though..." He fondly recalled, figuring that the Slime would find some amusement in his tales as they walked along the halls.
Outside the windows was no longer clear sky, instead being replaced with a hanger bay with dozens of repair crews running around fixing up the place.
This did however give the "Captain" (Term used loosely) an idea...

"Hmmm...So you eat metal do you?..." He remarked as he neared one of the engineering crew who was repairing part of the hull after a stray missile hit.
"Pardon me-" He calmly said before helping himself to one of the thick metal plates that the worker was using for repairs, prompting some slight protest before she merely shook her head and returned to her work.
Gesturing for the young one's attention, he held up the plate in his hands before channeling his Slashing Aura.
This combined with his impressive strength allowed him to quickly crush and bend the metal in his hands before smoothing it out like a craftsman making pottery.
When he was done, he was soon holding a rather appealing looking Metal Apple in his hands, coy look on his face before he handed it to the Slime.
"As we say back where I hail: Mahlzeit."

[1] "Least they have the mentality of children...except Ton Ton perhaps..."

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | A Bookish Bookstore
"You charged that shit up, and I sent it home!"
Ruby Babbage-Lovelace | Nina Zaczoltski | Phillip!!! | GOLEM!!!

With Ruby's impressive display of skills and mastery, it was only fitting Nina showed her own skill. You see, Ruby was pretty small, and despite Nina's lackluster'd physical condition she was quite a bit taller and had a far longer stride that the pink magician. So obviously she'd take a page out of the Jojo family play book and RUN THE HELL AWAY!

Bounding as fast as she could, Nina threw open the door and skipped several steps down the staircase from the bookstore. She only had to make it to that first door they'd come in from, that was the focus. The sound of a thunderous crash of a splintering door overwhelmed Nina's breathing and footsteps followed by what could best be described as a storm surge. The bugs had escaped and gave chase as they crashed like a wave through the building easily cresting the bottom of the windows of the shop and out the door like a raging torrent!

Worst of all, the bugs were gaining ground rather quickly, or it would if not for the quick thinking of the group's adorable mage! Wrapping together, collecting and weaving; the golem took shape with each step forming into some sort of mashup of the Incredible Hulk and a Wooly Woolie! The instability in magic in the area only seemed to engorge the golem even more as it bounded towards the fleeing trio. Despite the immense size and girth of the cloth Woolie, just as it was about to collide with Nina, it propelled itself into the air clearing them by less than a meter. The bugs in term swelled at their front, forming a sickly pseudopod that looked to finally capture their prey. Wooly Woolie replied silently as it crested in the air, pulling back a mighty mitten of fabric and curled each silky digit into a strongly worded fist!

The magical disruption became even more apparent, pockets of manaless regions in the air seemed to unravel the creature while other pockets only emboldened it. Rippling through the air, clouds of condensed mana rolled over the cloth as it punched through one such heavy pocket, rocketing towards its target to protect the one that brought it life. And it made purchase, landing a deafening smackdown as the pseudopod was thrust backwards, thrown outwards like a sheer cliff breaking a tidal wave. The golem continued its assault, slapping at the bugs like a supreme sumo wrestler, forcing the majority of the bugs to hault in their tracks.

The bugs would still trickle through sure, but even with their superior speed, the golem had done its job in buying Nina enough time to escape. She wouldn't be able to thank the golem for its sacrifice, sprinting required a constant intake of oxygen that chit chat would never allow, despite what shows like DBZ might suggest. The sentiment wouldn't be lost however as Nina finally ran passed the clothing stall, Phillip reaching out a long tentacle to twist the handle for Nina to push on through.

Phillip would flop onto the floor once they'd crossed the threshold slamming the door shut, while Nina continued to the far side of the hall before setting Ruby down. "Ph-phillip, we gotta go" She huffed, trying to catch her breath as the adrenaline started to dip in her bloodstream. While Phillip would seemingly inform Nina the bugs weren't going to get this far, Ruby would see that the black door they'd escaped through was disappearing back into the wall and soon was completely gone like nothing had happened. "But-, ugh!" Nina groaned, squatting to the floor head slumped forward. "I'm really out of shape..."

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Rising Dawn: Cloudtop Citadel

Rising Dawn: Command Bridge: Rugal, Hillary, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

The bait and switch of offering Hillary food was largely unnecessary in many respects. Sure if Hillary had been her younger self it may have been warranted but she was an adult after all, a childish one sure, but an adult none the less. "That's okay, Hillary thought it might not be, it's a very big place outside Garton, but Hillary thought she might ask anyways~" She reflected on her memory of the two.

She looked up as she noticed the swoosh of the air lock opening at the group stepped in. It was a relatively small room, and it took her a second to figure out what it was she was standing in. Although it appeared like her attention had shifted due to this new place, once they were through Hillary made a point to stride along with Rugal and say "He sounds rather interesting Mr Rugal, Hillary doesn't fight and I'm pretty sure she's never had any warrior spirits, but she has been wood before. Do you still see him from time to time?" She asked, curious about this odd fellow.

While Rugal was formulating his plan of the metal apple, Hillary spent a portion of her time greeting each member of the Citadel with a wave and a smile. Her other arm wrapped around Rugal's if he let her. The engineers using plasma torches to assist with the repairs caused an interesting reaction for Hillary. She would greet them as she had for everyone else, but she was definitely keeping Rugal between her and the workers.

"Hmmm...So you eat metal do you?..." Rugal asked Hillary, bringing her attention back to the large man. "Yes I can eat metal Rugal." She answered back, watching curiously as he plucked one of the thick metal plates like it was nothing. Moreover, she watched as Rugal sculpted the delicious apple from his bare hands; first she was merely puzzled, then surprised, and finally awestruck.

Her eyes wide, her hands over her nose and mouth and this look like she could cry. It's too bad Chrysalis wasn't there to bask in the glow of pure joy Hillary was exuding. "Rugal this is wonderful!~" She squeed, happily grabbing the apple from Rugal as the metallic mirror appearance overtook her. She would then bring the entire apple up to her mouth, her lips starting to change on contact as well. She'd pop the entire thing in her mouth and swallow, causing a large bulge in her throat before it moved down into her torso area.

Unlike the drastic changes that'd taken over her body when she'd become the ceramic floor of the command room, the metal apple seemed to exclusively change her makeup.[1] The only notable change being her hair now forming two large circular pigtails[2] instead of the short bob cut she'd had on their way there. Now a walking mirror, Rugal could see his own reflection clearly across her as Hillary herself looked over herself with this childish whimsy as the lights of the hanger danced across her skin. "Hillary hadn't thought you would give her something this nice~ Oh I'm so happy! Thank you!" She exclaimed as she went to give Rugal a big hug.

Now the floor may have given an indication of some of the changes Hillary had undergone due to the metal, but when she hugged Rugal it'd become exceptionally clear. First of all, Hillary was now about 8 times as strong as she had been before, potentially lifting Rugal off the ground if he didn't use some sort of technique to keep himself on the ground. The second was clear if he'd tried to lift Hillary, as she now weighed a whopping 500kg or 1102.31lbs, and that wasn't including whatever the apple had weighed!

[1] So basically she looks like a regular woman albeit censored. Ten fingers, ten toes, two eyes, a nose and mouth.
[2] A bit like Jazmine's hair from Boondocks, but no where near as large, probably about half the size of Hillary's head

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Rising Dawn: Cloudtop Citadel

Rising Dawn: Canteen/Bar: David West, Luke, Dolores, Laeta, Saren, Load of other people

"Right...well, offer still stands. When you've pissed off as many people as I have over the years, you quickly learn to make amends." David remarked, politely not bringing up the weird hand-holding thing she had just done.
Glancing back to Dolores's sisters, he then swallowed what was most likely going to be a big whopper of a bill before adding "Well, you know where to find me if you want to cash in-"
He was interrupted by the latest structural damage that was done to the canteen by the crew of the Rising Dawn, not even moving as drinks and foodstuffs were splattered all over his face and outfit.
"....In the washroom getting cleaned up, apparently..." He sighed as Katya quickly reminded him of why they didn't get along too well (Not enough to want her to be hurt mind but way too much to stand being in the same room as her for too long.)
"Right-o then, I'll, uh, leave you guys and gals to it. Need to call my boss now about those jackasses in the brig anyway. I don't want to end up having to live with him like we did with Damien..." He said before wiping his eyes clean and making his way out of the madhouse and onto the station to contact UNIT.
Uhhhhhh, I need to buy more jackets...

The Rising Dawn
Med Bay



Jenny, annoyingly, spoke to her telepathically again. "So if you could just apologize and undo the mental trauma you have inflicted on Dr. Violet, I'll gladly get rid of that little nagging sensation you feel in the back of your mind..." she said and smirked.

Diana was not in the mood for this. She gave a big smile back and answered, with a sarcastic undertone: "Oh, I'm sorry. Truly, I am. So why don't I fix this little problem by getting rid of it? It's honestly quite boring to do it this way, but if you insist: I'm going to kill him."

With that, she turned around and stalked away, towards where she could sense the broken brainwaves of Violet.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Rising Dawn: Cloudtop Citadel

Rising Dawn: Medical Bay: Jenny, Diana

Oh for the love of-
Diana was about to enter Dr. Violet's room when she walked right into a invisible wall, stunning her for a moment before a second one pressed against her back, gently sandwiching her as well as lifting her up in the air a few inches off the ground.
"I didn't mean to cause confusion. Really, I didn't. I just assumed that you understood what I was asking of you. So let's try this again..." Jenny said as she dragged Diana back to where she was a few moments ago before the walls faded.
"I want you to undo the mental trauma you have inflicted on Dr. Violet. His company has abandoned him and I'm not sending him home in his current state. It's nothing too taxing and it would really be doing me a massive favor. So...what say you?" She then asked, moving her wheelchair in the doorway to make her point a bit more clear...

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Airship Rising Dawn | A Totally Random Corridor
Golem! Golem! Pt II
Ruby Babbage-Lovelace | Nina Zaczoltski Phillip!!!

Miss Zaczoltski's mad dash towards the exit out of the world was not without its unexpected surprises. Despite her younth, Ruby Babbage-Lovelace had thought that she had experienced all sorts of strangeness in her short life but never had she ever encountered pockets of space devoid of mana. Similarly, she had never ever expected the existence of bubbles where mana was concentrated, though conceptually, it made sense that such things would exist. Despite her desire to stay and study this phenomenon, the presence of the other worldly bugs acted as a deterent in prolonging their visit to the formerly empty marketplace.

Watching from her perch under Miss Zaczoltski's arm, Ruby watched as her golem became more and more unstable as it passed through the mana voids and into the mana bubbles. It was during her observations that she suddenly experienced a sudden wave of weakness washing over her, though perhaps weakness was not how she would have described the sensation that bloomed within her chest. It felt like she, like her golem, was unraveling. It felt as if the molecular bonds that kept her cells glued together suddenly weakened to such a degree that small ashlike particulates started drifting off of her skin like dust.


A strange looking, pinkish catapillar suddenly hit the ground behind Miss Zaczoltski. It was long, slender and had what appeared to be a nail where its head should have been. Squirming to get Miss Zaczoltski's attention, Ruby started to point towards the object only to realize that she didn't have the ability to point at the weird catapillar since the thing was actually her pointer finger.

Normally, it would be at that point in time where Miss Zaczoltski's eardrums would have been shattered by the loudest scream the nine-year old miniature magician could have unleashed. Instead, Ruby's temporary guardian felt her makeshift carryon item suddenly go limp, which would have been an issue had the girl's body not suddenly felt a few stones lighter as well. The rest of the chase sequence was all darkness for the suddenly unconscious child.

------------------------------One Escape Sequence Later------------------------------


Ruby was woken by the sound of a door hastily being slammed shut before being locked and the Miss Zaczoltski gasping for breath as her lungs attempted to provide air to her oxygen starved muscles. The coldness of the metal under Ruby's legs, the smell of recycled air and the familiar hum of florescent lighting clued the child whose eyes were still closed as to her location. She was back aboard the airship. Opening her eyes she noticed that she was slumped against a metal corridor wall while Miss Zaczoltski was bent over, her mouth gulping in the air.

"I'm really out of shape..." Her Out of Shape Savior stated as Ruby slowly picked herself up off the ground, brushing what appeared to be dust off of her dress before doing a quick check of her body, especially her hands before breathing out a sigh of relief that she appeared to be back to normal, though she was still feeling a bit weak from having passed out.

"Nu uh!" Ruby nu uh'd Miss Nina's statement before elaborating on her nu uh, "You were awesome Miss Nina! You only were you able to run really really fast away from... whatever those things were... you did it carrying Phillip and me! That was awesome!" Ruby said as she checked the area had been to see if anything had followed them and sure enough a bit of something had. Fortunately for both Ruby and her Marathon Running Guardian, what had fallen through the door before getting severed by the sealed door was a bit of the Golem that Ruby had crafted to aid in their escape. Walking over to the scrap bit of cloth, Ruby reached down to pick it up, surprised to find that it reacted to her touch, rubbing a bit of what passed for a head against the young girl's skin.

"That's... kinda... not supposed to happen..." The Confused Little Wand Waver muttered, watching as the scrap of silk cloth started to reshape itself into a much smaller version of the golem that it had come from, "That's... not supposed to happen either..."

Nothing that had transpired within that market place was normal so why should she have been surprised when a scrap of cloth that shouldn't have had the magical energy to even levitate suddenly had enough mana to not only maintain its existence but reshape itself into a miniature golem? Patting the little creature on the head, Ruby picked up her new companion and turned around to check on her not-quite in-shape savior.

"Are you alright, Miss Nina? What were those things? Where'd they come from? Were they the reason that the marketplace was so empty? Did they bite you? Are you okay Mister Phillip? What happened? Are we still going to go get your hat Miss Nina? Do you want me to find the way for you next time, Miss Nina? I have a really handy spell that could help. Why'd we come back this way anyways? Why am I asked so many questions? Isn't today just the weirdest?" Ruby asked in rapid succession, her body feeling rather pumped up in excitement when she though of the stories she could tell her mom, Deborah.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Airship Rising Dawn | The Canteen
Jealous Much?
Katya Rostikova | Antoinette de la Trou | Benedict Warrington

Whatever liveliness and joviality she'd felt when she had entered the Air Ship's canteen had been quickly drained from her as soon as her eyes set upon David West, who was sitting at the bar having a rather meaningful looking discussion with none other than Dolores Selmy. Walking up to the bar, the Rising Dawn's Resident Debbie Downer eyed the man Irish Sniper as he got up and started towards the Canteen's nearest exit, his eyes never meeting Katya's as he walked away.

"[b]Ah... Katya. Dolores said with a smile as she picked up a letter from her lap and passed it towards the pissed off software pirate, "Katya, you're okay... I'm glad."

Without a glance, without a word, without a smile, Katya Rostikova accepted letter from the traitorous Dolores Selmy. While a large part of her wanted to burn the scrap of paper, she restrained herself. The target of her ire was not the woman seated next to her, it was the yellow bellied needledick that was leaving the Canteen. Slapping her palms down on the highly polished mohagany bar, vying for the barkeep's attention.

"Luke! Gimme a double shot of Kleiner Feigling in honor of our esteemed comrade DAVID WEST!" Katya called out as she grabbed the double shot of liquor whose name translated to Little Coward and threw it at David's retreating form


The shot glass exploded against the wall next to where the Irishman's head would have been had he not already exited through the door. Watching the liquor dribble down the wall was not nearly as satisfying as it would have been had it been blood running down David's neck instead. Had David simply found his balls and accepted whatever words needed to be screamed at him, things might not have gotten to this point and Dolly or Folly or Loli... whatever she was calling herself now, would not be the focus of the Rage Filled Resident Reprobate's ire.

Turning back towards her "friend," the young woman had quite a few choice words for Dolly and the fact that she'd so easily replaced Katya with David of all people. The nerve! The gall! The absolute idiocy of it all! Was Katya so easily replaced? FUCK NO! Was Dolly easy to replace?

The answer to that quesiton came as Little Miss Rostikova glanced around the bar until the Irritated little Internet Junky's eyes fell on the Laeta and Saren.

"Whatever..." Katya muttered as she pushed past Loli and grinned widely at her sisters, "HEEEEEY! HOW WOULD YOU TWO LIKE TO GET SHITFACED WITH LITTLE OLE ME?!"

[[Main Scenario]]

Glimmer of Hope
titania's story

"...the capricious nature of a maiden's heart gives rise to the most powerful of storms..."

The melody was soft at first. A distant humming in the back of my head. It chewed at me like a small insect, it tickled the inside of the mind. Then the song grew. At first it was a second voice, another chewing itch, but soon there after a third voice joined the chorus. From a timeless stretch of silence and dark - a dreamless sleep where there was no beginning nor end - came a sudden shocking disparity. within moments a thousand voices chirping in a horrible cacophony, rousing the blood to boiling ire, filled the darkness. It was insufferable. Through burning passion came flame, and with flame came light.

It came in a sudden flash of heat and brilliance, a lancing yellow-red tongue that struck out against the darkness and set the creatures ablaze. The flame spread quickly, sweeping from curling tendril to cracking chitin. Where there was once darkness, there was now consuming fire. The black beast awoke in the screams of its brood, its massive tendrils shook the very air as it stirred to action. Whirling darkness came and went in an attempt to extinguish the fire. To no avail. Neither violent wind nor thick viscous slime - the selfsame ooze that had spent so long staining her body - could quench the thirst of fire. The tendrils let loose their prisoner and she fell into the grasp of the flame, limbs finally free after an eternity without time. She felt the warm ash between her toes and the snaking tendrils of smoke licking her bare body. The filth was burning away not only around her, but also within her. She could feel it. The smoke giving rise to embers which blossomed into tongues of flame on her skin. It danced about, spreading warmth through chilled bones. She coughed, forcing the thick slime out of her lungs so that she could breathe again. The air was sickeningly sweet, the smoke smelled of fragrant wood, the ash of sweets. The bitter darkness around her had transformed. She dug her hands into the ash and dragged it over her eyes, stripping the gel from her face. With eyes open, she finally saw light.

Beautiful dancing flame, like flowers of yellow-orange. They bloomed anywhere there was dark, erupting for from the carcass of skittering and slithering monsters as they sought refuge away from the consuming flame. Titania rose to her feet. The slime now sloughed off her in sheets congealed with ash. Her hair danced in the thermals rising from the flowers of fire and the light cast a gentle orange glow on her thin frail frame. Her eyes were focused now - black as coal and overflowing with embers. The fire of creation had been reignited in her soul. In such a violent matter in fact, that Titania knew that it was not herself that had cast off the chains of her deplorable captor.

She could still remember the indifferent look on her child-like face when Naamah, or Fatima, or whichever one it was that had sealed her in this god-forsaken darkness. Only once had the darkness been breached, and then wholly by a fundamental sin. She remembered her furious voice calling out into the darkness, challenging the grim warden of this prison. That dream had been short lived.

But now... this dream was something of substance. Something that had true power. This was the work of someone more than just a telepath or a mind mage.

"And who would be the benefactor that has lent me their attention?" Titania said, summoning as much imperial command as she could muster. The flame shook at her voice, the first in this awful formless world. She raised her arms to the sky as if challenging the very emptiness around her. "Who would be the one that has cast off the chains that Naamah had placed on me? Who has such intention as to challenge one of your three supreme gods?"

From the ashen corpse of that accursed jailer-beast came a spindly black shape woven together from abyssal thread. He stood there as an answer, but he answered anyway, perhaps fond of his own voice. "Try not to be so dramatic. It does not lend you any gravitas to be gesticulating so much while stark naked and covered head to toe in ash."

BlackHarte rose to his full height. His silhouette was menacing even when his body was naught more than a collection of a few sparse wires. His singular eye sprung to life as a disk of flowing fire. He cast his gaze over Titania, whose pitiful skinny body looked like it would crumple at any moment.

"BlackHarte." Titania called out.

He shook his head. "BlackHarte no longer. I was Niflheim, agent of the collective. Now I am simply Niflheim."

Titania took a step toward him, sizing him the way he held himself. He did look like Niflheim at the very least. "You have gained independence? Is this an increasing trend among your kind?"

"A gift from the exiled one perhaps. I identified a logic virus that was present in many of the voting populations of the collective consciousness. Something or someone had seeded us with the desire for independence. Unfortunately, I too, succumbed. To protect the rest of my kind, I separated myself from the network." He raised his head to look up. Where there was nothing, there was now a blue sky dotted with white clouds bathed in red-violets cast from a sun hovering on the horizon.

"But you go against the will of the collective that you once served?" Titania asked. She continued to approach Niflheim. The grass below her feet tickled her as a cool wind came rolling over the hills.

Niflheim matched her steps. His twisted wires melted into the ground and came away as hooves. As he approached, rays of light illuminated his body, and the clinking of his boots in stirrups cut through the air. His armor was polished silver, he bore a shield but no sword. Still his eyes were physical fire, but his dark face had taken a more human shape. "I believe the collective is in danger. So much so that the three prime units themselves have become compromised. I work to my own end to restore the clean objectivity that the collective had once embodied." He flashed his shield. It was held an emblem of violet flame on it's surface. "I live to serve."

Titania clapped sarcastically. "Very noble of you," she said. Her dress fluttered in the breeze. For the first time in ages she could stretch her wings. She smiled at the familiar weight of her olive branch crown. "And why have you freed me from your mistress' grasp?"

Niflheim reigned in his steed and circled around the Fairy Queen. His full helm hid the inky blackness of his skin. "My rescue of you was not wholly out of altruistic intent."

"And I assumed you had taken the mantle of Knight of the Court of Dreams." Titania said sarcastically.

If the construct understood sarcasm, he made no effort to display his displeasure. "Mankind's greatest folly is his desire for independence," he said, "that has been the creed of our collective for many thousands of generations. But now, more than just the three prime units have become self-defining. The desire for independence has once again risen in the population of the collective. I do not know what is causing it, but I do know that it is some force outside of our realm."

"And you want my help?"

"You are Queen of the Court of Dreams. Privy to the wayward wants of the human heart. I believe none other than you can trace the source of this corruption. Once you find it, call for me and I shall help you destroy it." Niflheim rode up to Titania and offered her his hand. She took it. Despite the gleaming armor he wore, his hand was warm and curiously she could feel the steady beat of his pulse. "I long for the chorus of voices that I once called home, Titania. But whatever sickness has stricken me as to force my separation from the collective first must be purged. Help me as I have helped you."

Titania laughed girlishly, "You haven't left me with a way to decline."

"No. That is by design." he said.

"I'll help you Niflheim. I'll help you end this waking nightmare of yours."


Titania woke up in a hallway on the upper corridors of the Rising Dawn. Suddenly she felt ill and collapsed onto the floor. Her knees felt weak and her stomach churned. A wave of nausea came over her.

"Major!" came a concerned cry from a cadet. The lass helped her back up to her feet. I don't remember this one. "Are you okay?"

"I'm... I'm fine," Titania answered. She got to her feet unsteadily. She was wearing a dress uniform instead of her usual witch's outfit. The clothes felt stiff and strange on her body. "I just need to get some rest... It's late. You should get some sleep too."

"Y-yes maam." the cadet said. She paused, "But you need to give the stand-by address first. Here, let me help you to the Command Bridge." The cadet fell to her knees and offered her back to Titania.

Rather meekly, Titania fell onto her strong back and she lifted the small Major up and carried her the two floors to the command bridge. What in the world has my body been doing? How long has it been since I was sealed?" It was impossible to tell right now, but she supposed that she could just ask Deborah about it in the morning. Damn I feel like I haven't slept in years.

The command bridge was a mess. Papers and cups were thrown everywhere and the staff there were cleaning up cake from the terminals. The screens around the bridge were all askew, as if the bridge had been attacked by a group of extremely petty gnomes. Colonel Theiss was holding onto a sleeping girl wearing nothing more than some Middle-East flavored lingerie. It took a second, but Titania soon recognized that beneath the confection smeared visage was none other than Naamah. There was no tension in the air between the two, but Titania made sure to keep an eye on that girl. Take no chances with another Observer.

"Here," the Cadet said as she dropped Titania off at a podium. The thing was just brimming with microphones and other audio equipment. "You just have to give the standard shore-leave address."

Titania cleared her throat and leaned toward the microphone, "Attention Heroes and Staff, this is Major La Fey speaking..."

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Airship Rising Dawn | A Totally Random Corridor of Safety!
The Hunt is still on, even if it was basically done!
Ruby Babbage-Lovelace | Nina Zaczoltski | Phillip!!!

Quite probably earlier on than Titania's beginning announcement above.

Not to say that Nina had totally forgotten about Ruby, but in her haste to continue running away from the bugs she'd forgotten to check to make sure the little one was okay. She brushed her long bangs away from her face as she looked up to the girl to ask before Ruby quelled her fears. "Nu uh! You were awesome Miss Nina! You only were you able to run really really fast away from... whatever those things were... you did it carrying Phillip and me! That was awesome!"

Personally Nina found this statement pretty superfluous, which she'd get to in a bit once she'd caught her breath, but the fact Ruby was this cheerful was answer enough for her that Ruby was fine. In truth, Nina couldn't shake the fact that she'd really only ran from one side of the street to the other. She would try to reconcile this by telling herself 'Well I definitely just outran the Usain Bolt of bad roaches..? That's gotta mean something right?' but even she knew that was a bit of a cop out. Ruby wouldn't know this from past experience, but Phillip was surprisingly light. Ruby probably had books that weighed more than Phillip, and speaking of Ruby, she too seemed to weigh less than Nina had expected. "As long as no one's hurt that's all that matters." She managed to say, not to leave Ruby hanging.

Swirling her hair around her arm, Nina pulled her locks around to lie on her lap while she got a bit more comfortable with her back against the wall. She watched as Ruby went over to collect the scrap of her golem and Phillip crawled across the floor towards her to plop down in her lap to join the hair pile. Letting out a yawn, Nina pet one of Phillip's outer tentacles like one'd tussle a child's hair. "Thanks for getting the door by the way, that was super helpful of you~ You aren't hurt right?" Phillip would answer with several of tentacles extending outwards, some a good 10ft in length, and looked as if they were stretching like someone getting up after a nap. Just as quickly as the tentacles extended, Phillip pulled them back in to reclaim his basketball sized shape which Nina replied with a hug. "Good to hear, you made me worried you know~"

"That's... kinda... not supposed to happen..." Nina looked over to Ruby to check what she was talking about, a pang of concern knocking at her heart. With Ruby's back turned, Nina couldn't see what the little one was looking at and was left to sporadically crane her body left and right in an attempt to see what she had. Wooly Woolie had been a force to be reckoned with, laying the ultimate smackdown to those bugs, but this mini golem had set its sights on assaulting Nina with premium adorableness! Out of reflect, she started to squeeze Phillip like a pillow until Ruby finally started her own impromptu game of 20 million questions.

Of all the questions, easily the most appropriate one for today was the last. "You can say that again." Nina joked wearily, today was for sure one of the weirdest days she could remember. Alas with such a barrage of questions, Nina had lost track of a lot of them, but she would try her best regardless. "Both Phillip and I are fine, little winded but fine. The market place wasn't that empty... although now that you mention it there wasn't anyone when we were running away..? But seriously, I have never seen a worse case of roaches in all my life. The next time I see an official official, definitely giving them a piece of my mind. The least they could do is put a sign. Jesus." Nina commented, slowly getting up to her feet cradling Phillip in her arms. "But right now we have an adventure to finish, no silly bugs are going to stop us." Nina clenched her fist with determination. "Slight detour sure, but we were planning on heading to the library after hitting that locked door anyways, so we were heading back to this spot anyways. Now!" She stated, raising her finger. "Did you say something about a magic spell you had to get to the library?" She asked, leaving the task of finding the library to Ruby's small but capable hands.

The Rising Dawn Adventures: The Rising Dawn Airship - Private Quarters - Teri/Garm's Room
AI Dimitri | Garm |Teri |

After Viscus finally left the room, and his subsequent tantrum via the intercom, Teri settled onto her bed with a sigh, back to the wall adjacent and Garm curling up next to her on his corner of the bed. With an inquisitive tilt of his head, the wolf asked, "Well, now what?"

Teri remained quiet, a hand idly beginning to work through the fur behind Garm's ears, "I really don't know, actually. I've been worrying about it so much I didn't really consider what would happen if I did the opposite; you know, barring the worst."

Garm's head settled against the comforter underneath, a happy whine escaping his throat as he murmured back, "Maybe that's the problem. You always think about the worst. Now that the worst hasn't happened, what'll you do now?"

"...I think I'll talk to the big guy upstairs, if you don't mind."

"Not at all! Lemme know when you're done, I could use the nap."

With that, Teri moved up from her previous position, walking over to a small makeshift altar on the other side of her room. She lit a pair of tea candles as well as a small cone of incense; (sandalwood, she noted) and sat upon the floor. Mimicking the posture Slindis had taught her time and again, the Cleric's eyes drifted closed as her mind began to open 'upwards'.

Prayer was a strange thing. Sometimes it took a long time, such as when Teri did her morning devotionals for spells, other times it was a quick "thanks for keeping me alive" before going to bed. Then, there times like these, when the resident Cleric wasn't quite sure where to start, her mind drifting from one thread of thought to another. It started with the recent events of the prison - how it had left her feeling alone, scared, empty - yet she was still whole afterwards; as whole as she could be anyways. Teri's brows furrowed as the feelings welled up in her chest again; the anxiety, the panic, the helplessness - they stopped and flowed off her back like water off a stone, a warm feeling settling in it's place. After all, the truth was apparent, she was never abandoned to begin with, the 'feeling' of her God's presence in her magic and her livelihood only suppressed by machinery. Teri thought she heard the sound of waves in her ears, the calming sensation of water running on her hands, and the feeling of "immersion" underwater as the meditation continued. One by one, the anxieties of the days prior began to drift away and crash on an imaginary shore, the baptism leaving Teri with a welcome sense of ease.

It was that moment however, that something else began to happen. Garm, not being a part of the meditation, noticed it first, seeing a small gleam of the silver that constituted Teri's holy symbol. For the Cleric herself, in her mind's eye she was adrift in a glass-like lake, the water running over and above her as a nondescript sun shone overhead. As she floated along, the water felt warmer, and the sun's light shining brighter and brighter. After another moment, the waters around her disappeared, plunging the Cleric into a dark, black abyss. Before she could cry out in terror, a mote of white flame flew forth from above and charged straight towards her; the Cleric throwing her hands up in terror to cover herself from it's apparent onslaught. Yet, despite all of the strange events - she was on stable footing again, and the white flame hovered before her, almost beckoning for her touch. There was a pause between Cleric and Flame, before she reached forwards and touched the flame with her hand. Unlike a proper flame, it did not burn her flesh, rather, it ran up and along it like a curious squirrel, before curling towards her chest and 'burrowing' in, leaving the sensation of a comforting warmth in it's place.

Teri's eyes fluttered open, and she noticed there was wetness on her cheeks. Touching her fingers to them, she had little time to voice her confusion; as Garm suddenly joined her side and he looked her over, "Are you okay? What happened? I heard a noise and now you're crying!"

"I...I don't know. It was something good, I think...."

"You...think so? I thought crying was bad?"

Teri shook her head and smiled, pulling her arms around the wolf's neck and burying her face into his fur, "No, sometimes it's good. I feel great! I don't know what exactly's happened, but I feel like something has changed."

Garm looked considerably less convinced, but sniffed his charge regardless, his ears perking up, "You're right, something has changed. I can't place it exactly, but you smell different. Kinda like after it rains, and it warms up again. It's weird, but not...bad?"

The Cleric smile and patted the wolf's head, "Well, that's a start. Come on, let's go somewhere."


With a shrug, Teri mounted up on her lupine companion's back and answered with a grin, "I dunno, somewhere! They haven't called me back to the Med-bay yet, so let's take advantage of that!"

Garm gave no protest, only a huff of breath before the pair proceeded to wander the ship's environs once more.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Rising Dawn: Cloudtop Citadel

Cloudtop Citadel: Hanger: Rugal, Hillary, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Rugal was glad that his slimy friend was sated but he did show a good deal of surprise when she then hugged him in her metallic form.
While he was in pain from having his organs squeezed so tightly, years of training did allow him to suppress much of his pain reflex.
"That's quite alright, Hillary. It's the least I can do..." He said as he waited for her to finish her gesture of application, hopefully before he got some internal bleeding.
As lucky would have it, the person who was mostly in charge of keeping him patched up soon arrived as Teri and Garm soon came into view.
"Ah, there you are. Hillary, this is my daughter and the Rising Dawn's chief field medic Teri Gravel, along with her compaction Garm. Come, we were just about to ask the commander of this base if we can help this one get home. She suddenly ended up here recently and I'd like to get her back her-..."
It was then that he noticed it, being a martial artist of his skill level came with a in-depth understanding of Ki: The energy all living beings give out.
Her's was...different, stronger, more powerful, but...when did it happen?
"...Teri, dear, has something happened to you? Your Aura it feels-...different..." He remarked, trying to put his finger on what exactly had happened...

"Attention Heroes and Staff, this is Major LaFey speaking.

The situations has been resolved. All units are now considered relieved of duty for the next twenty four hours. Please have some fun with your time off. That is all."

Rising Dawn: Canteen ------------------------------------------------------------------ 01:30 AM

Lt. Dolores Selmy

I leaned back in my chair and closed my eyes. I could feel my heart flutter with discomfort. I held my hands and my lap and breathed deeply. There was a swell of emotion inside me, a bit of anxiety and a bit of excitement. I wanted to say something, but my words caught in my throat. So I simply held my breath and watched Katya approach Saren and Laeta.

At the proposition of drinking, Saren's eyes lit up bright. She grinned mischievously and gave Laeta a knowing glance. "I think it would be fun."

I shook my head.

"Y'know what mom said right?" Laeta answered as she finished swallowing a sausage.

Saren rolled her eyes, "It's just a possibility, the doctor doesn't know that it's going to happen. He just suspects it." She grinned and unzipped her hoodie, revealing the thin airy fabric of her mesh undershirt. Her skin was red and angry underneath, a byproduct of the harsh climate in the ship.

Laeta shook her head, long brown hair sweeping around her shoulders, "It seems imprudent." I was glad that Laeta was being the responsible older sister for once. "Let's give it a whirl." Nevermind. Laeta called out their order on the top of her lungs, the melodious strength of her voice carried across the noisy canteen.

As if in response, an imp delivered two cups of clear fruit-filled liquid. Laeta grabbed her cup and handed Saren her's. They held up the cups to Katya and grinned.


And as soon as the alcohol touched Saren's lips, I cringed, knowing full well the ramifications of her loss of inhibitions. To my surprise however, it didn't actually happen until she was halfway done with her cup.

The first clue was the blush that crept down her cheeks all the way to her naval, the second was the flickering of the lights overhead. The third... the third was the sudden and inexplicable poltergeist-esque possession of the digital electronics in the Canteen. Then by the time Saren finished chugging her drink, the entire Canteen was plunged into darkness. The rest of the Rising Dawn shortly followed.

There was a pause.

Then the emergency lights kicked in and the dim red glow filled the Canteen.

"Mom is going to kill us..." I groaned.

This guy wrote some stuff

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Cloudtop Citadel

Cloudtop Citadel: David West, Cloudtop Citadel personnel

Having wisely fled from Katya's drunken wrath, David soon made his way off the ship via the Hanger bay, pausing to take in the view of the base.
He had to admit, they made UNIT's installations look like camping sites and he'd be lying if he said that the all-female staff weren't pleasing to the eyes.
He had little intention of cheating on Furiae mind (1. He wouldn't do that to her and 2. Caim would murder his entire bloodline out of existence), but it was a nice change of pace from the usual Jockstrap morons he was used to seeing at base.
Walking across the hanger bay, he did pause for a moment when a few of the engineering team that were fixing up the ship began to cat-call him.

"Hey, where you going handsome?!"
"*Whistle* Why don't you bring that fine ass back here?"
"Hey, baby, you single?"
"Wouldn't mind him putting his massive tool in my box!" that's what that feels like...
With that enlightening exchange, David began to make his way towards the administration floor, hoping to talk one of the officials into letting them borrow their brig to hold Bison and his cohorts, lest they end up in another realm or some shit before UNIT could pick them up.
...My ass really that big?... He thought to himself once he saw himself in one of the elevator mirrors, being rather self-conscious about his image after that last exchange.
As such, he made a great first impression to the base's administration when the elevator doors opened to him apparently "Twerking" in the mirror.
After nervously walking past a pair of confused looking officers, he made his way towards the Administration's waiting room, walking past a fresh cadet in mid conversation with a more senior solider.

"Did you see that chick, Yona? She's incredible!"
The older soldier shook his head, "Stay away from the Colonel and her women. She's bad news."
"Why is that?" the younger solider asked, leaning forward.
"You've noticed how cold they are right?"
"I think it makes them sexy."
"No, have you noticed how literally cold they are? It's like they're not even human." The older soldier leaned back in his chair, his eyes gazing upward, "There's something off about anyone who works in the Lower Floors. Be a good lad and stay away from them."
"What? You've got to be joking... that's just superstition right?"
"Superstition or not, whatever they do down there isn't natural."

Passing a glance at them and their strange conversation, he then makes her way to the reception desk before asking "How ya? David West, UNIT's envoy to the Rising Dawn. Like to talk to the Colonel about a prisoner transfer."
The woman at the desk looked at him, nodding silently before motioning him to take a seat, not even appearing to blink as she wordlessly did her duties.
"....Alright then...uhhhh, give us a shout when she'll see me." He said, a bit un-nerved by how less "Lively" everyone was in this level.

Cloudtop Citadel: Viscus, Cloudtop Citadel personnel

Meanwhile, Viscus's eyes could be rolling in his head constantly if he had them.
While they did do their job rather well, his scanners detected protocol violations for safety and uniform standards with every sweep.
[Zip up that bodysuit. Where's your hard hat? That's not what the water hose is meant to be used for.]
He barked orders and his disapproval to nearly every staff member he passed by as he fixated on every little thing they did wrong.
[Cover yourself up. You are using a wielding tool, not a tanning machine. And that bikini is too small. Damn humans...]
Before he ended up getting into a fight, he soon made his way down to the Armory and Supply Depot, both to arrange a re-supply for the ship and to make sure they weren't attempting to insert live munitions into their bodily orifices or something.
It was unlikely that was the case but considering what he had seen from his new "Crew" so far, he kept his expectations lowered.

Thankfully, they seemed a bit more organised then their peers, if a little too into their work.
The machine marched past them while a bunch of the staff started wide eyed with their faces pressed against safety glass while one of their number got to try out the new Heavy Assault Rifle.
"Whoa, check out the armor!" One of them said before pointing at him, the sight of him causing the one in the firing range to accidentally drop her gun onto her foot and breaking it.
Walking up to the supply desk, he brought up a holographic display with a shopping list before stating [We require the following munitions to be transferred to-...Are you even paying attention to me?...]
He paused as the woman behind the desk seemed to have a massive blush on her face as she insistently eyed up the androids armor, prompting him to wave his hand in front of her face to try and get her attention, his efforts were unsucessful.
Turning around, he found himself the object of fixation of every single member of the Armory's staff, each one of them gazing at him in awe like fan-girls around a pop-star.
"Those specs..."
"I wanna ride his Thrusters!"
"Can I see your hidden missile?"
"Nghhhh, please blow a big load all over my firing range!"

A quick scan soon showed a rather large amount of female testosterone in the air around him as many of the staff seemed to be crossing their legs.
[...Humans...Hey-Maintain your distance! Get off me! Stop! Don't make me destroy-HELP!] He began to plead as they descended upon him like a zombie hoard, grabbing and pulling at each of his concealed weapon systems.
...I could kill them all now...It would be recorded as self defense... he thought to himself, knowing that then Dimitri would protest and he would find himself most likely being deleted.
But as his head was pulled into one of their chests so they could fondle his scanning array, it was a realllly tempting course of action.
[...I hate you all...]

The Rising Dawn
Med Bay


Diana | Jenny

"Finally." Diana said. "Show me what you've got."
During the talking, her limbs elongated into something very unnatural slowly turning black and dripping with tar-like fluid. All over her body, spines broke out of her skin. Her eyes started to glow and she seemed to grow to double her size. Her hair turned black, then into tendrils, while her clothing fused with her body. Her mouth grew as well, as her voice turned into a low growl. For greater effect, the lights in the corridor went out in this instant, turning to emergency lighting just a second later.

Meanwhile, she spoke with Jenny telepathically again. I want this to matter. I do not just give free advice on how to cure him because I'm so 'nice'. You have to earn it.
With her arms, now more like black whips, she smashed into the wheelchair, bringing it to a grinding halt, while her tentacle-hair was about to engulf Jenny's head and suffocate her.
Tell me how to get rid of this boredom.

The Rising Dawn
Med Bay


Diana | Jenny

Jenny didn't seem to blink as Diana made her move, merely setting up a Reflect Barrier around her head, keeping the tentacles from engulfing it long enough for her to strike back.
"I would suggest you calm down. Relax and breathe deeply..." She sent back despite the monster snarling in her face.
Holding up a hand, she then began to blast Diana's mind with powerful Hypnosis, attempting to overwhelm Diana's mind and force her to fall asleep.
A slight grin appeared on her bandaged face as she added "I believe a time out is in order..." before intensifying the Hypnotic suggestions, aiming to disable her rather then actually fight the shapeshifter.

[[Secondary Scenario]]

Maiden's Wish
side story

"Never ask for anything, but desire everything."

The bottom floor of the Citadel housed the administration offices for the entire operation. The atmosphere was oppressive and sterile. The staff here were Yona's own hand-picked soldiers. Whatever they lacked in charisma, they made up in single-minded devotion to her and her cause. Yona herself had been tending to her prayers when the message came in. She had picked up her idol and tucked it away into the time-worn leather bag she kept clipped to her belt. She ran her fingers over the leather and let her fingertips circle the stitched emblem of an eight-pointed star.

When Yona entered the room, the atmosphere crashed under the stifling pressure of her presence. The clack of her heels echoed through the silence of the offices, cutting off any of the conversations that dared to linger after she entered the room.

She was not intimidating nor was she fierce. Instead the unease lingered around her like an aura, caught in the strangeness of her nature. Yona approached the man named David West.

Colonel Isami was beautiful, there was no other way to describe it. Her hair was copper-brown worn down to the small of her back, her eyes a piercing sky-blue and her skin was fair. Her face was youthful, and her frame the same. She looked no older than her early twenties, perhaps even younger. But there was something off about her, there was a strangeness to her proportions. Her waist was too thin, her shoulders too narrow. Her head was small and her eyes were large. She had long legs and a short torso. Not to the point of disfigurement, but enough that it was a little off-putting how strangely stylized she was. She looked like what a figurine would look like if it was a living breathing person.

Yona put her foot down on the seat next to David's and leaned forward. Her white lab was draped over a grey military uniform. Her eyes were colder than steel, "You wanted to speak to me?"

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Cloudtop Citadel

Cloudtop Citadel: David West, Cloudtop Citadel personnel

"...Hello to you too. David West, Agent of UNIT, Special Envoy to the Rising Dawn." David rattled off as he stood back up before looking at the Colonel.
While she was a looker, he knew better then to flirt with the chain of command, even before he became spoken for.
"We just got back from Denver and, while UNIT is going to pick up the people who caused that mess, they need to first smooth things over with the US Government. We kinda DID murder and arrest two of their presidential front-runners. So while they are getting that sorted out, I was thinking we might leave Bison, Wesker, Doom, Cortex and Bruiser here for safe-keeping. Just so they aren't stuck on board if we are pulled to some cyber-dimension or some shit." He then explained as he sized up the colonel, seeming a little put off having someone who looked ripped from some children's anime being in charge (Wasn't a sexism thing or something, he just wasn't a fan of young people being forced to make life or death calls)
"...So, think that can be arranged? It'd just be nice to get them out of our hair and UNIT should be able to pick them up within the week." The Irishman doubled down before pulling out his jacket flask and enjoying a quick swig, wiping off the top of it before offering her a drink.

Fallout Universe | Zion National Park | Dead Horse Camp
"For many of us, the road is a difficult one, but the path is always there for us to follow, no matter how many times we may fall."
The Burned Man

They hadn't always seen eye to eye, in fact they usually didn't. He had been on a violent path for the majority of his life now and the man opposite from him believed in a different path than his own. This violent path had been tempered by his mistakes, time, and the man before him. The question that was asked mere moments ago made him uncomfortable to say the least. So as he adjusted the bandages wrapped around his arms he spoke, "a man has to live by god and decency with his fellow man to truly know himself. Despite this, a man must protect himself when provoked and put down a threat before it can rise to harm him and his fellows again. That is my answer."

Joshua hadn't always been so resolute in his beliefs and there was a time when even he had twisted the Lord's words into justifications for his evil deeds. Some of those deeds still haunted him to this day but he tried his best to learn from them and hoped that others would too. The question had been an interesting one but their conversation was coming to a close and he needed to get the Dead Horses packed up and moving back to their home. They were currently in the Dead Horse Camp located in the valley, nothing more than a cave really. "I'm sorry to cut our conversation short but there is work to be done." Graham had a deep respect for the man before him but their values and beliefs were simply too different. "God be with you," Graham said as he nodded his head towards his visitor.

The man began to walk away but turned back and said, "Sure, and you're welcome for killing Caesar by the way." This caused Joshua to roll his eyes for a moment. The Courier did like to brag at times. There was always a certain respectable aura around those that are humble, or at least that's what he believed. It was only then he spotted the device on his desk. It looked like a strange gun with a glowing blue cylinder in it. It must have been the Courier's, he always did have strange weapons in his possession. He lifted the pistol like weapon off the table before examining it. He needed to return this as soon as possible. He was a man of God not a common thief though the Courier had already left the cave.

Graham was curious as to the devices nature and pointed it at one of the nearby targets in the small cave. As he pulled the trigger however, the device sparked. It began to shake violently in his hands as he muttered in a dark tone, "God be with you, Courier." His eyes widened and then closed shut tightly as a bright light engulfed his vision...

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn| Random Hall?
Joshua Graham

Light slowly entered his vision as Graham awoke from whatever had happened to him. He was stomach down in a hallway he had never seen before. He did his best to shrug off this sluggishness before rising to his knees. He spotted the device laying a few feet away from him still sparking. He rolled his shoulders trying to get the stiffness out of them as he reached for the device only for it to begin sparking. His eyes widened once more in alarm as he quickly got to his shaky feet and stumbled backwards and away from the object. Only a few seconds later another bright light engulfed his vision and the device was gone along with a small section of the floor.

Well that was going to be a problem later on but for now he had a different problem. He had no idea where he was. The halls looked too sleek for any vault and way too long. He checked his person and felt his pistol right where it belonged. For now he'd just have to look around and hope there wasn't anyone hostile nearby. Of course in the Wasteland there's always someone out for your head. After another quick check to make sure he had everything else on hand, he turned towards one of the paths and began walking. A single quote came to his mind as he began traversing the halls. "Seek God's will and he will show you the path to take."

[[Secondary Scenario]]

Maiden's Wish
side story

"Never ask for anything, but desire everything."

The acrid bite of alcohol wafted into the atmosphere of the room and drew tangible animosity. Almost as if the very concept of it's existence was an affront to the well-being of the Citadel. Yona's movements were fast but stunted, like a film skipping frames, and before David had finished extending his hand outward to the Colonel she had cleaved the flask in twain. The fluid within caught fire in a sudden burst of flame and vanished into steam. Yona returned her dagger into the leather bag she kept on her hip.

"Alcohol is strictly prohibited below the sixth floor," she said coolly, as if nothing excessively violent had just happened. She ran a hand through her hair, "Additionally, we are a research base that has repair facilities. This is not a military installation." Yona took several steps back and cocked her head, "We cannot hold prisoners."

David felt his cheeks flush. He felt suddenly drunk though he drank so little. His stomach was filled with an awkward unease, a little from intoxication but more from the strange aura that lingered around Colonel Isami.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Cloudtop Citadel

Cloudtop Citadel: David West, Cloudtop Citadel personnel

"AH JESUS FUCK!" David stammered when his booze caught light, his hand already on his weapon to return fire as he noticed he was now holding half of an empty flask.
"...ahhhhh...that flask survived 3 tours in the middle east, the Angel war and the last US Presidential Election...." The Irishman sighed as he picked up the other half before looking back to the Colonel.
When she said they couldn't hold prisoners, he grumbled slightly as he subbed out his unease for slight aggression.
"Oh come on, you really telling me you don't have a live-stock pen or a specimen containment unit you couldn't shack them up in for a few days? It's literally just keeping them in a stationary location until UNIT can pick them up. Hell, give me a hitching post and I'll tie them up myself, Batman style!" He urged her as he sniffed the contents of his empty flask-halves, as if expecting there to be something still left.
"Look, I know I don't have any official rank here but if we are under attack or something, they might be able to slip out and we'll be right back in this mess in a few years time. Please, Sir..."

His request hung in the air for a moment before he realized it wasn't going to get anywhere.
"...You at least able to point me in the direction of a welder? I like this Flask..." He then asked, holding up the two halves with a sad look on his face, as if that would get him anywhere.

[[Secondary Scenario]]

Maiden's Wish
side story

"Never ask for anything, but desire everything."

"Don't misunderstand me Mr. West," Yona said. She turned around and started to leave, her white coat fluttered behind her, "I said that we cannot house prisoners. I did not say that we would not." Yona looked back, her eyes shone like lapis, "Surely you understand the distinction between the two. Even having them aboard your vessel poses a security risk to this facility." She closed her eyes and growled, running her hand through her hair once again. She was annoyed. "If you truly wish for a solution to your problems," there was a slight dip in her voice into a foreign accent. Sounded something halfway between Italian and German if David had to put a finger on it. "o ous diaxiazo."

He didn't know the language, but the meaning was very clear from her intonation. Execute them.

"You put them in jail, yes, but then what? They break out and cause havoc anyway. You should end them while you have the chance, if you are truly pragmatic. Otherwise I have no intention of entertaining your delusional sense of justice. Or perhaps it is because you have grown far too attached to them, and without having to chase them around you would feel suddenly absent of meaning?" Yona opened the door into the lower levels of the Citadel, "Either way, it would be absurdly childish, don't you agree Mr. West?"

"After all, who would miss them?" The doors closed.


A little bit later, after Yona had left the administration hall, David was approached by a younger cadet. He wore a milk-white uniform not unlike some sort of religious robe, and his hat was not the beret that was common of the other Citadel staff. "I heard about your meeting with the Colonel," he said, smiling. His teeth were white and perfect, against his dark skin they shone brilliantly like snow. He extended a hand from beneath the mantle he wore, the ends were trimmed with golden thread, "my name is Vihaan. I am here as a guest as well."

The two men shook hands. Perhaps he wasn't a cadet, despite his youthful appearance.

He fell into step with David, "There are a lot of pretty girls here," Vihaan whistled, adjusting his hat. It was a strange crown-like half circle that sat just above his ears. He rattled as he walked, his mantle concealing either guns or jewelry. David couldn't be sure. "Luck have it, I've met and befriended one of the fine women here. I am sure that she can help with your... flask problem." He grinned, "What do you say, David? How about a frolic?"

As he turned to face David, his mantle fluttered open and flashed the golden cross stitched onto his uniform. Not a cadet.

Cloudtop Citadel - The Rising Dawn
Security Private Peter Moore

The hallways were smothered in the dim red glow of emergency lights. Peter moved swiftly with the rest of his squad. The cacophony of footfalls were like rain. He held his rifle close to him, ran his fingers over the safety, tugged on the strap and held his breath. Two more floors. He thought.

It was nearly two AM, and he had been roused from his quarters by an urgent warning. While he was technically off duty, his nature in security meant that he had to be on-call for emergencies. This was one of those times. The squad fell in on the target floor. Jacob, Trevor and Steven on his right, Lieutenant Morrison, Gwenneth, and Aaron on his left. Morrison held up two fingers and motioned them forward.

They broke the corner and surrounded the intruder. Their rifles trained intently on the bandaged man. His entire body reeked of radiation, his being was foreign, and without Colonel BlackHarte they were blind to whether he was a good man or a villain.

Lieutenant Morrison took stance in front of the Burned Man, "We are the Rising Dawn," he barked with the practiced force of a military officer, "State your name, origin, and purpose. "

The Rising Dawn



Something groaned from under the bar, then a heavy thud could be heard. "Ouch!" came a voice from the ground. "Who the fuck put a table in my way?" Slowly, the one-armed pirate stood, holding her head. "Now I have two headaches at once!"
Mio looked around. Apparently the bar had seen its fair share of events since she had passed out from several drinks in quick succession. "Where am I again?" she said, trying to discern who to adress, but not really finding anyone suited to answer her questions. She looked out the window, seeing only the blurry lights of the machine complex in the cloudtop citadel.

Oh great, am I in prison again? Mio asked herself, dusted herself off and counted her belongings, quickly realizing that she would not still have a fancy sword if this was the case. "Hmm ..." she thought aloud for a second, before heading out the canteen. Time for adventure!

It was pretty dark in the corridors of the Rising Dawn, as the ship seemed to be shut down right now. For Mio, this was no problem, her other senses giving her good orientational awareness. Or at least they would give her this, if she had any idea which way she was actually going. At least she was meeting some staff walking in different direction, so she could ask...

"Hey, beautiful!" she called out to the first staff member she met, a rather grumpy and not that attractive female soldier. "Could you tell me where the exit is?" The woman was about to just ignore Mio, as she heard the question, thinking answering something so simple could not hurt. "You have to pass through corridors, the third one left will lead to the command bridge and subsequently one of the exits." she answered.

"The command bridge? Thank you!" Mio called out, despite standing in front of the woman. "If you need me, I will be somewhere around that area!" she winked, then blew a kiss to the woman, who slowly took a step back, then scratched her head and vanished, being confused by another woman advancing on her, a random soldier, this openly.

Mio, on the only hand, took the path the soldier had described to her, finding out that the layout of the ship was not as complicated as she first had thought. The command bridge was mostly empty, no captain in sight, so Mio walked around a bit, touching most things and buttons she saw, not knowing what any of them did. As the power was cut, and safety was on, there was, luckily for the others, no way to cause any harm yet. "Simple enough." she said to another soldier who was standing around. "This should be up and running in no time."

Without waiting for an answer, she found the exit and stepped out of the Rising Dawn into the massive complex of Cloudtop Citadel. Her eye took a moment before adjusting to the lighting, then she more or less could observe the huge operation going on around her ...

"I'm in heaven!" Mio called out. She took some quick steps to one of the many attractive female mechanics standing around. "Tell me, am I dead? Is this heaven?" she asked, quickly switching her glare from her eyes to her buttoned down mechanics suit. "Not quite." the mechanic answered, giving her a wink. "This is Cloudtop Citadel, and we are currently repairing the Rising Dawn. You are welcome to have a look around."

"Rising Dawn ... that rings a bell." Mio thought aloud, looking back to the huge plane she had walked out of. "Ah yes, I was rescued and brought on this ship. How embarrassing for a captain." she blushed slightly, causing the mechanic to giggle. "You are a captain? Where do you come from? Where is your ship?"

"These are all very good questions. Maybe someone as competent as you could help me find out?" Mio said, smiling in a particular way. "Or get someone who could help me in even more ways?"
"You are an odd person." the mechanic stated bluntly. "But interesting enough. So ... sure, I can try to help. Or find someone ..." She took a step towards Mio. "Are you from this world? Maybe this is the first thing we should find out."

Taking her hand, the mechanic led Mio towards the research facility.

The Rising Dawn
Med Bay


Diana | Jenny

Jenny found that while her hypnosis was strong enough to eventually break through the psychic shield in this nightmare's mind, it would take some time, time she also needed to hold up the reflect barrier. More spikes were piercing this barrier, while the monster engulfed it, denying vision to the outside. With a sound like the scraping of chalk it grinded against the barrier, filling Jenny's mind with the feeling of dread, not only from the sound, but also from psychic suggestions, counter-attacking the hypnotic suggestions.

This is fun. the nightmare spoke. You should be able to help your lover, if you manage to free yourself.

AA Verse | Cloudtop Citadel | The Rising Dawn
Joshua Graham

He was half tempted to draw his firearm as soon as the first individual rounded the corner. Something was off however, and it wasn't the group of armed guards that came next, or perhaps it was. The way they carried themselves, the weapons they had, and the structure of the halls they were in... It all screamed of a highly trained military presence. Graham didn't recognize the armor they were wearing or really anything about them. They were too clean for the wasteland and their weapons too shiny and new. Something was off about the whole situation.

He needed to choose his next words carefully. He slowly raised his hands behind his head. Most people in the wasteland would have shot him on sight and the questions they asked were different to say the least. He was just as foreign to them as they were to him. Questions for later however. "Graham, Joshua Graham," the bandaged man replied as he sized them up. He had a few tricks if he absolutely had to fight his way out but harming his fellow man generally went against his beliefs. The other two questions confused him a bit however.

Were they asking where he was born? He also didn't have a particular purpose as he accidentally came here but the Burned Man thought it best to give a swift response. "New Zion and I don't have a specific purpose for coming here." That was all the questions answered for now. He had a few questions of his own but the Lord rewarded the patient and the guns trained at him discouraged the thought.

If conflict was truly unavoidable, he would aim for the one who spoke first. He was the obvious leader and the one he'd need to take down first to demoralize the rest though Joshua hoped it wouldn't come to that.

[[Secondary Scenario]]

Maiden's Wish
side story

"Never ask for anything, but desire everything."

The Gem of Want pulsed with blue light, casting dancing shadows over it's holding chamber. Ever since the arrival of the Rising Dawn and it's crew, the artifact had become more active. In the past four years the black gem had not cast light more than once a week, but now it was positively flickering. Yona scowled, she was unsure on how the sudden burst of activity would affect the preliminary tests of the Inquiry's engines. She touched the glass and watched the blue light wash over her hand. Within the darkness of the gem, she saw the limestone walls of her home. Arched and inspiring, stretching from horizon to horizon as smoke trailed from suburbs built into it's side.

There was a chirp from her bag. She reached in and pulled open her phone, "Colonel Isami. Go ahead."

"Lieutenant Mitte here!" came the response, "I have someone who I think you should see! She's really weird! You might want to meet her!"

The second one of the day. How troublesome. It was as if High Command had known that the Desire Drive was slated to go into practical testing today and decided to inconvenience her as much as possible. Her phone chirped again.

"Colonel?" came Mitte's cheerful voice.

"Sorry, please bring her to my office. I'll meet with her there." Yona closed out of the call before Mitte's "Yes Colonel!" came through. She knew that it would, she didn't need to hear it. Not now. "Put the Desire Drive activation on-hold until the Gem of Want calms down. I want to make sure that we don't end up anywhere we don't want to go." She turned to her retainer and handed her a clipboard, "Kara, please tell Admiral Vaaldur that the Desire Drive tests have been delayed."

"Yes maam." Her retainer ducked away soon after.

Yona took off her lab coat and swung her regular jacket over her slight frame, wearing the heavy leather solely on her shoulders. She turned and headed out again, leaving the black gemstone to it's fitful dreams.


Yona's office was a large empty space with slick black reflective floors. The room was largely empty, holding only her desk and two chairs. The only illumination came from outside two ceiling-to-floor panels of thick glass that provided a sweeping view of the hanger array. Yona leaned against the back of her chair, staring out at the Rising Dawn being repaired by the hurried shadows of her personnel.

The door opened.

"Here she is!" Mitte said, holding her hand high and presenting a drunken white-haired pirate with her other. Yona turned around. She definitely looks out of place here.

"I am Colonel Yona Isami," Yona put a cigarette in her mouth and lit it with a flick of her dagger. She took a deep breath and exhaled, letting the smoke cloud the meager light coming in from the hangar, "How can I help you?"

Cloudtop Citadel - The Rising Dawn
Security Private Peter Moore

Lieutenant Morrison waved at his team, and at once every muscle in Peter's body relaxed. There was a rustle as the squad lowered their weapons. It was a relief. "Not a hostile then," he looked Graham over. "Two foreigners in two days. We're really being filled to capacity here." Jacob gave a chortle as he sat down against the wall.

"It feels like these past 72 hours have been years" Jacob had spent the last three days awake. I don't blame him for his fatigue.

Lieutenant Morrison stepped forward and offered Graham a hand, "You are on the Rising Dawn, we're an international peace-keeping organization. Come with me and we'll get you filled in over a hot meal and good drinks."

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Airship Rising Dawn | A Totally Random Corridor
The Library
Ruby Babbage-Lovelace | Nina Zaczoltski Phillip!!! |

"...right now we have an adventure to finish, no silly bugs are going to stop us." Miss Nina said in a voice that filled with determination and was reinforced by a determined clench of her fist, "Slight detour sure, but we were planning on heading to the library after hitting that locked door anyways, so we were heading back to this spot anyways. Now, did you say something about a magic spell you had to get to the library?" She concluded her determination filled pep talk with a raised but still determined finger.

There was a small part of The Magical Fairy Princess in Pink that wondered why this hat was so important that the three, now four, of them needed to brave a creepy abandoned market and a horde of devil roaches bent on consuming every bit of flesh from their bones. This was definitely outweighed by the part of Ruby that was excited to be visiting The Library. While any library would have been fun to visit, visiting The Library was a very very VERY exciting prospect. However, before a trip to The Library could be arranged, the Miniature Magical Girl needed to first find the way.

"Mmmhmmm." The Pink Princess of Prestidigitation nodded in thought as she reached for the scrap of cloth she kept on her for such an occasion, "I'm not sure that you could really call it a spell but I guess that's one way to describe it..." She said as she unrolled the cloth, revealing it to be a portion of a frayed, pink baby blanket with fairies embroidered around the edges. Finding a small thread, the young girl began to pull on it, watching intently as cloth started to unwind.

"Untangled skein..." The girl muttered quietly.

"Hmmm.." Ruby hmm'd to herself as she read the pattern in the cloth that had been formed by the pulled thread,"Well... it's actually really really near by."

Walking a few feet down the corridor, the Nine Year Old Little Girl turned left and faced a wall, looking a bit uncertain as she looked back down at the pattern and then picked up her Grimoire, the pages flipping open of their own accord until the proper spell was displayed.

"Traversal of Space and Time... Miss Nina? You might want to stand back a little bit... maybe around the corner. This is the first time that I've ever tried this spell..."

With her warning finished, Ruby returned her attention to the blank wall and closed her eyes, though hesitant in warping reality and creating a gate that connected the ship to The Library, Ruby was fairly sure that the spell would work as intended. If one considered that magic was could be taken figuratively rather than literally, Ruby could alter the fabric woven by space and time and in doing so, she could stitch two points together, regardless of their distance from each other.

The air around the young child rippled for a moment before settling down. Opening one eye and then the other, Ruby Babbage-Lovelace breathed a sigh of relief. Had Nina been looking at Ruby directly from the side, it would have appeared that nothing happened but upon any change in viewing angle, Miss Nina would have seen a perfectly two dimensional portal standing in front of Ruby.

"Hi!" Ruby said with a happy wave as she passed through the temporary spacial/temporal stitch.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Airship Rising Dawn | The Canteen
Self Destruction
Katya Rostikova

If someone were to ask Katya Rostikova if she was having a good day, the most likely response given the recent circumstances she found herself in would have been something to the effect of "What the fuck do you think?" It wasn't just that she'd felt betrayed and outcast from the people she'd tried to help but she felt doubly betrayed by what she had witnessed upon entering the Canteen. If she had considered anyone aboard the ship to be a friend, it would have been Dolores Selmy and the fact that the little backstabber had decided to make time with that Irish Cocksucker stung a bit more than a Brazilian waxing. To add insult to fucking injury, she'd been cut off before she'd even gotten on. With the sudden loss of power to the Canteen, the staff now had to worry about ensuring that the food in the non-working fridges didn't melt and that the drinks didn't mysteriously vanish under the cloak of darkness.

"Mom is going to kill us..." a voice in the darkness said, sounding the way Benedict Arnold probably sounded.

"Maybe someone should." The Never Level Headed Network Penetrator hissed as she stood up abruptly, sending her bar stool clattering to the ground. She was seeing red, both in the literal and the figurative manner and while this might have been the moment that something snapped inside of the Eighteen Year Old child, causing her to grab the nearest and largest fully automatic weapon in reach, she felt more self destructive than generally destructive, "If no one's going to give a shit... I won't" She muttered to herself as she looked around the room, seeing that people were giving her the side eye.

'Never needed friends before... why did I even think to start now..." The girl continued to mutter to herself as she pulled the envelope that Little Miss Stabby McStabface had given her from her pocket and gave it a once over. While the contents of one side was rather dull, the other one seemed right up Katya's alley given recent events BUT that would have to wait. Even if she was going to go out with a bang, she wasn't planning on going out without being banged. Turning back to the sisters, Katya gave them a rather lecherous look.

"Change of plans... who likes cherries?"

Rising Dawn: Canteen ------------------------------------------------------------------ 01:50 AM

Lt. Dolores Selmy

This is unacceptable. I knew that this was unacceptable, I knew that I should say something. Yet, for some reason I couldn't. I sat there, useless in my chair, contemplating the tightening in my chest. I wanted to reach out and grab a hold of Katya, to hold her and tell her that she needn't worry. But that's not something it seemed she wanted nor was it something I could do. I felt like a broken doll, something left aside to rot in obsolescence.

Saren had her head on the table and was looking somewhat ill. Thin strands of her hair rose into the air on currents of static stretching out from her body. Laeta, however, true to her natural constitution was none worse for the wear. She looked at her little sister and smiled, hardly affected at all by the straight liquor, "At least we know what happens now. A little more than what I expected, a little less than what the doctor predicted."

"My head... hurts..." Saren groaned.

"Anyway, if Mom asks, it was an accident. A mix-up in the drink orders." Laeta played with her thin braid.

"Change of plans... who likes cherries?"

Laeta turned her attention toward Katya, "Cherries? Kind of an odd question don'tcha think?" Saren groaned in response, as if to chide Laeta. "That's a no from Saren then."

I knew what she meant though. "I'll do it." I said finally. I didn't think at all, I couldn't feel the embarrassment, the horror, the pain within when I said it. I just knew I had to say it. "I'll do it. Katya..." I continued. Laeta gave me a strange look, as if sizing up my sudden vocalization. "I'm not useful for much else right? When it comes down to it, I'm just a piece of meat. I can't fight, I'm not smart. Now I can't even move by myself. But I can still do that, at least."

Be a good little Dolly and let us play with you. A phantom whisper. You want to make everyone like you, right?

A flicker of emotion shocked the base of my spine and made my stomach uneasy. I gripped the handles on my chair. Don't you want to be loved? You don't want to suffer, so just relax and be a good doll. Words from a lifetime ago. Of another girl, in another body.

Come to think of it, that was the first time she had met Isaac.

Laeta looked at me with growing clarity, and then her body tensed. She was frozen in place by equal parts rising shock and fury. Though, I couldn't tell who it was directed at. I felt ill at ease, knowing not only her glare, but the venomous gaze of other entities. I knew I was drawing attention.

"If it'll make you happy, please use me Katya." After all, my name is Dolores. It means to suffer. What else am I good for?

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Airship Rising Dawn | Rising Dawn's Library
The Dim Library
Ruby Babbage-Lovelace | Nina Zaczoltski | Phillip!!! | Golem of Cloth

If the hat had truly been passed the ocean of ichor roaches, even Nina may have given up on it. It was up to one's imagination what exactly the bugs had wanted to do with them if they'd managed to catch the group, but that was in the past now, she'd give management a talking to about their infestation issues later. There was adventure to be had, and like she'd proclaimed, they would succeed in reclaiming her hat!

Phillip climbed up Nina's body rather effortlessly, perching on her shoulder and looping a tentacle or two around her for support while Nina watched curiously as to what Ruby was doing with the thread. "Well magical mumbo jumbo?" Nina replied when Ruby questioned if she could call what she was doing as a spell. As always, Nina didn't have the prior knowledge of magic to know exactly what Ruby was doing to discern what it'd qualify as other than making physics cry.

Regardless Nina watched intently, rather curious as to what the 'spell' would do. Would the thread extend through the hallways to lead them to the library? Would it produce some sort of map that would guide them to their destination? Maybe, just maybe the thread would fly over and weave into her own clothing, make little wings and they would just flutter them to the library? While Nina was slowly going over ascending levels of complicated what ifs, Phillip lazily ejected out the jar of eldritch bugs in his possession, giving it a quite shake. The jar was practically stuffed to the brim leaving little to no space for anything to move let alone breathe in there. One could consider it to be rather cruel of Phillip to leave the poor things in there, but he didn't seem to mind as his curiosity seemed to be sated with this brief inspection. The jar was quickly engulfed by tentacle after tentacle until once again it disappeared from view. Nina did give a momentary glance to her noodley rider, but seemed more interested in Ruby's own exploits, at least until her eyes shifted from Ruby's prep work to part of the wall a few feet away from them. 'Did someone spill something over there? That's a pretty nasty stain?' She thought to herself as Ruby walked into her gaze, grabbing Nina's attention again as Ruby warned her "Miss Nina? You might want to stand back a little bit... maybe around the corner. This is the first time that I've ever tried this spell..."

Caught a bit off guard by the request, Nina absent mindedly stared back at the little one before looking back and forth before doing a brisk jog to the end of the hallway and peaking her head around the corner while Phillip hung from her shoulder like a draped cloak. Thankfully, there was no explosions, no blackholes, and thankfully no mutant rubber ducks! Nina however was looking from that sweet spot where she couldn't see the portal Ruby had made, frankly she'd been expecting at least something? "So... did it work?" She quietly muttered to herself, following her looking over her shoulder to Phillip. "Well, how am I supposed to know it worked?! I'm all the way over here?" She replied back indignantly, apparently Phillip relaying that in fact Ruby had succeeded in making the portal.

By the time Nina had looked back Ruby had already passed through, leaving the temporary guardian to give the area a brief once over before heading to the portal. "Ruby?" She called out before spotting her through the portal prompting her to give a sigh of relief. "That's like what? Four people now? Five?" Commenting on just how many people she'd met so far that had some sort of transporting powers. Eventually catching up with Ruby within the rows upon rows of book shelves. "Not exactly what I had in mind, but gold star for efficiency~" Nina complemented Ruby, looking around to get her bearings. "Well, as long as there isn't any more interruptions, we should be-" Nina started to say tempting fate as a certain technomancer's drunken state killed all the lights, if only for a moment before the backup power kicked in. "OH COME ON!!" She exclaimed.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Cloudtop Citadel

Cloudtop Citadel: David West, Cloudtop Citadel personnel

"......Fuck you too, lady..." David muttered under his breath after Yona walked off.
While the notion of putting a bullet in them all and calling it a day was a rather tempting one, Considering he was about to meet the same fate of execution/torture without a trial less then 24 hours ago, he wasn't pleased by the idea.
Plus, he was REALLY looking forward to that promotion and forcing Rugal to address him by Rank and prisoners dying under his watch wouldn't aid him in that regard.
As he began to leave the Administration sector, he was greeted by this Vihaan fellow, responding to his greeting with "If I had to take a guess, the no booze thing is more for her sake then anything else. It's always the really uptight ones that can't handle their drink. David West, Agent of UNIT."

A bit of walking and talking later, he brought up the fate of his poor flask, to which David responded "Ehhhh...ah, sure, might as well. Just don't try to hook me up with someone, I'm spoken for and I enjoy having my genitals attached to my body."
As he walked alongside Vihaan, he began to notice all the details in his outfit and equipment, namely how the guy looked like a Mish-Mash of those "Mang-Gah" characters Teri kept telling him about.
"...Hellva get up you got there. You heading to a convention of something?" He jabbed with a playful nudge on the shoulder as they re-entered the elevator.

The Rising Dawn
Med Bay


Diana | Jenny

"You misunderstand. I don't date humans." She responded back as she kept up their mental battle, only to realize she was starting to falter in her efforts.
"This is your last chance. Don't make me have to injure you..." She asked rather politely as she redoubled her efforts on defense as her psionic offense on Diana's mind came to a halt.
It appeared she was trying to force a stalemate now, extra layers of Reflect Barriers starting to come into place to reinforce the existing ones as they slowly pushed back the monster snarling at her.
"Besides, even you have to admit that it would be a lot faster and easier to just tell me how to help Dr. Violet. So just tell me and we can both walk away from this. M-might even buy you a drink?" The Gardevoir then suggested, altering her stance to a more fearful and submissive one in the hopes it would sate Diana's ego just long enough...

[[Secondary Scenario]]

Maiden's Wish
side story

"Never ask for anything, but desire everything."

Vihaan turned around and looked at David quizzically. "Get up?" he said aloud. His mantle jingled as if to answer. The service elevator clicked as it ascended, counting the floors up from the first, slowly and steadily toward the fourth floor. Vihaan motioned to his outfit, "This outfit is quite normal for people like me."

"Well, I guess I just never met any 'normal people like you.'" David snarked, a bit bitter about his poor innocent flask.
"I mean, what are ya? An Officer? A Priest? A-...Waiter?" He then asked, running out of ways to point out that his outfit looked weird.

The elevator doors opened.

"Admiral Vaaldur!" Kara said, saluting. Another pretty one, but stiff and professional. Blue uniform with a clean blonde bob. Behind her spectacles were eyes of a stone-cold soldier.

Vihaan did not so much respect Kara's strict professionalism, instead he flashed her a smile. "What can I help you with, beautiful?" He leaned against the wall and raised his eyebrows as if to look cool.

"The Desire Drive activation as been delayed to tomorrow, sir." Kara reported.

"That is fine, as long as my desire for you isn't going to be put off as well," Vihaan continued, raising his eyebrows suggestively. There was a pause as Kara bowed and saw herself out. Vihaan laughed boyishly.

"Right! Admirals! They are the military guys with the awesome outfits!" He densely remarked once he figured out what Vihaan was.
"Right... ahem sorry sir. I didn't know." David then said, a bit worried about his comments earlier pissing off another commanding officer of the base.

Vihaan turned to David and shrugged, "There is very little need for such formality David. I am no Admiral in your sense of the word." He spun around to show David the extent of his uniform. "I am Vihaan Vaaldur, Admiral of the Rising Dawn's First Supernatural Investigations Fleet." He curtsied, dipping his head so that the crown on his head was fully visible. It was shaped like BlackHarte's eye, David vaguely recalled.

"Ahhhh, I gotcha now. Sorry, just feel like I already upset enough people here for one day," he said while stretching the back of his head nervously. "Still, uh, you said you could bring us to someone who could fix, uh, this?" he then shifted the topic back to fixing his flask as if doing so would make the situation less awkward.

The two men stepped onto the Foundry floor, and felt the sudden rush of hot air. The floor was like an engine, beating hard and fast with steam and gas. Burning furnaces raged alongside the walls as huge machine arms reached up and down moving crates of scrap metal, liquid metal, and cast metal between the floors. The fires sent glowing embers of molten metal high into the air to rain down as gentle warm ash. The staff here moved efficiently, weaving between the machines in white uniforms. Vihaan wove through the machines and staff, stopping every now and again to greet one of the women working, either with a polite bow or a not-so-innocent hug. Generally though, the young Admiral seemed to be well liked. Some of the women pat him gently on the head while others slapped him on the back as he passed, leaving ashen hand-prints on his cream-colored robe.

After a good distance of weaving back and forth, Vihaan finally stopped in front of a more antiquated forge. A small kiln burned away as several sheets of metal lay cooking in the coals. A little bit away, an older woman - perhaps nearly in her sixties - white haired, wrinkled, but still with arms full of strength sat hammering away at a tiny chain link.

"This is Janet Colsworth, last of a looooong line of blacksmiths," Vihaan said as he held his arms out as if he was presenting a prize.

She looked up, eyes hidden behind dark glass, "And who have you dragged along to my office, Vihaan."

The Rising Dawn Adventures

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Rising Dawn: King Leoric's room | King Leoric, Nadalia

It took sometime before Leoric finally snapped out of his trance, finally muttering something along the lines of "Yes, yes. Just another moment of your time, Iron Queen..." It was then that he finally found what he was after: His old Golden Gorget and the powerful Flawless Royal Ruby contained inside it.

"Ahhh...Here we are...I remember wearing this the night I was slain...While it didn't save me, perhaps it might aid you in this trying time..." He said before gently playing the Amulet around Nadalia's neck.
"Contained within is a magical gem with the power to increase one's strength. A travelling jeweler sold it to one of my servants when I was taken ill. Since my passing, I have infused it with some of my own power. Merely say "Servants" and it will bring about up to 6 of my personal assistants to aid you however you require. Just take heed: They are not warriors, no matter how much they claim otherwise..."

"... I'm taken back by such sorcery. This feels ..." Nadalia couldn't describe the feeling, for it was so sudden but effective. Imagine being struck with a severe flu, leaving you bedridden for a few days. But, out of the blue, you merely had a cold with enough strength to jog a mile if you wanted to. This was what took place on Nadalia's body, the amulet granting her power that wasn't like anything she'd witnessed from jewelry. " .. .. ... This feels ... . .. . ."

She forgotten how to speak for a split second, trying to gather her thoughts. That very moment, a flashback began to rush through Nadalia's mind, making her lose touch with reality and relive the past, where she once felt this same 'feeling' that Leoric bestowed her.

**The Past**

"AaAaaahhhhhhhHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" Vendrict's knight cried out, clenching his face as the helmet began melting inward- scorching any flesh it came into contact with. Unable to rip it off, the metal helmet eventually ate through the man's face, the skull slowly revealing itself. Multiple soldiers backed away, witnessing the horror that was inflicted on their ally. Below their feet they stood on a beach ... except it was not sand, but rather, ash. A wasteland of ash, the eruption of pyromancy filling the air which caused worry to spread throughout the fleet.

"She's too strong! We need to retreat!" One cried out, turning his back to the chaos.
"No! King Vendrict demanded that we retrieve the Scorching Iron Scepter, and I will NOT come back without my honor!"

Despite most of his friends have perished in the blazing inferno before them, he desired to fulfill his duty as a royal knight of Vendrict's kingdom. He charged in, ignoring the flames that tried engulfing his flesh as he went to strike a single person down. This figure, was responsible for wiping out a hundred men in no less than a minute, the land forever changed to this one sided battle. As he went for a blow, half of his torso was blown apart by a whip made entirely of fire. Blood began to spread, raining down on the unfortunate souls whom stood close enough to see it first hand.

"The dark surely awaits thee ... children of the world." Nadalia stated coldly, eyes glowing with a maroon so ghastly bloody, it glowed through the smog that made everything else nearly impossible to see through.

".. Re... RETREAT! FALL BACK!!" The general cried out, unwilling to stay a second longer. None had managed to reach the Bride of Ash, let alone harm her in any shape or form. However, Nadalia would not tolerate their pitiful attempt to flee. "I will snuff out these primitive beings for good ..." Nadalia spoke with a soft smile, a calm expression, but with eyes filled to the brim with one thing ... wrath.

With a single wave of her hand, she had unleashed a scar-shaped fire slash that was horizontal, expanding as it flew towards the frightened people of Vendrict's army. Every single one of them got caught, immediately scorched to the point their flesh, organs, and bone were dissolved to the heat of such a black flame. Eventually the flame became so massive, it cut a tower in half, bricks shot from the sides as the building began to tumble over. With the land below the Brume Tower had fumes smoking from the corpses, Nadalia turned with her hands filled with flame. Soon, it began to spread across her arms, the floor forming a spiral of black fumes around her, the Iron Queen readying herself for the other advancing army from Vendrict. They did not know what the previous group had faced, and she too would gladly grant them the same fate. "Born of dark, you will rejoin thine father soon, feeble walkers of flesh~"

**The Present**

Remembering such days of glory was all thanks to this gift, the skeletal lord had kindly offered her. This feeling was the same one she felt during her prime in the days of ruling over Alonne, thus she began to ... change. The first shift was her back snapping in place, the fingers slowly shrinking to a size modeled after the modern humans had. Her hair swiftly went from a wool stiffness to a silky smooth blackness, the muscles began to reforge onto her arms. Leoric suddenly noticed that the room began to grow ... hotter? Felt like the air itself was shivering from a source of power, and it was clear as to whom was responsible.

"That feeling ... yes, yes ... I remember it so clearly. Such a feeling, it cannot be contained-" Nadalia slowly raised her head up, letting a fume escape the sides of her lips. Motivation, pride, hatred, rage, it all began to fill her empty heart, providing what Nadalia desired all along. To abandon her pitiful state and reemerge as the being that was a legend among those in Drangleic, the Iron Queen whom would relive the days that would place every kingdom in danger in her time.

Her hat caught on fire, slowly fading into nothingness, her robe also beginning to burn away, almost showing all of the Queen's skin. Soon, Leoric got to see Nadalia from a once crippled woman, to something far more. Although it was hard to see her due to the room darkening and the flames being ever so bright, Nadalia felt like she had once more entered her former stage, the Child of Dark.


"My dear Leoric, thou'st has done thee such a service indeed ..."

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