Clans of Garrus (STARTED! Still accepting applicants)

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HALLO! first crack at an RP, group for RP is already up (for dice rolls, this will be needed, rolls for almost everything except damage are done with a d20, I will prompt you which die to roll in other cases)

I will play the part of the clan leader (Garrus is broken up into tribes, this will be explained later) I will give you tasks and occasionally accompany you on said tasks (i'll also be rolling for enemies/Npcs). here's a short summary of the roll types

You may choose to be futuristic or archaic, each class and type has it's own advantages and disadvantages, these will be listed, along with weapon types (weapon damage will be listed later on).
CLASSES! (guidelines will be placed with classes for your char description)

Reserve slots

Char sheets
(Keep in mind your sheet will be removed should you drop out or go inactive for along time without prior warning)


Placed here because when I tried to move it higher it blocked out everything else.

More will be added as the players encounter them.

Reserve please? =]

Wewt! granted!

I'd like to submit my sheet, however someone is going to have to teach me the mechanics of the game if it is accepted.

Looks good, one thing though:you don't have to put long range next to the rifle, rifles are automatically long range, sorry if that caused some confusion. as for the mechanics:when you get into a fight or decide to do something, you'll roll dice to see who goes first in the fight or to see whether or not you accomplish the task (say you wanted to jump over a large boulder in the way, you'd roll dice to see whether or not you make it safely over it)

Oh:you'll need to join the user group as well (same name as the RP), otherwise dice rolls won't be available.

busy schedule, consider this a reserve.

This has me interested but I'm in a few good RPs at the moment so I'll stay out for now and maybe show up as a free agent later. I'm just wondering how much later you're predicting to need some free agents.

the free agents will be introduced in the first quest, either as NPCs or players, depending on how many (if any) join. they'll pop up throughout the story, I'll ask that you send me a sheet for your free agent (and the type) beforehand, if it won't be too much trouble.

Btw, before I submit my sheet (working on it now) is there a set story? Or do we kinda make our own story as we go along? =]


Little bit of both, starts off in a set way then I just introduce the NPCs, obstacles, enemies, and such and it's up to y'all to figure out how you wanna' handle it. so, in other words, it's non-linear, players decide how to reach the objective (i'll list options in most situations, groups will be used to vote on a choice if needed, although I may allow someone to take their choice despite the group vote if I find it amusing enough.)

Oh, and i'm afraid you can't use pistols if you choose archaic (Firearms training isn't included in an archaic type...I'm gonna' edit something real quick for the rogues, uno momento.) sorry, figured I might as well tweak it since we haven't started yet.

Unarmed attacks now added to weapon stats, Rogues now have martial arts training (check weapon stats for info)

Oh, and i'm afraid you can't use pistols if you choose archaic (Firearms training isn't included in an archaic type...I'm gonna' edit something real quick for the rogues, uno momento.)

Edited =] as long as I can still have short sword/dagger combo its fine with me :D

You can, and if you want a mid-range weapon still you can grab a Glaive. (that's Krull or Dark Sector kind of glaive, not the actual glaive)

Nah don't worry about it, although can I throw my dagger if nessecary? xD

....good idea *Makes tweaks to unwritten rules*...speaking of which, I need to get down some written rules..*makes tweaks to written rules*

While i'm at it:think I should introduce a set currency or would that just complicate things? (I was thinking of just adding it to the char sheets at the top of the page so people could check it withou much hassle)

A currency would make sense, though it would need to be both archaic and futuristic. Or one for each, who knows. You're the GM after all.

I'd say you should introduce currency and keep track of it throughout the adventure for buying items and staying at inns and whatever else people usually run into in Garrus that needs money.

Annnd another addition:hitpoints, everyone starts out with 60 hitpoints, once you hit zero you're unconcious and must be carried to safety by teammates (unless you wish to remove yourself from the RP in which case the enemy will deal a killing blow, concious or not)

Actually the currency would remain the same as futuristic and archaic dwell together within several of the clans (some are devoted to one or the other, though)

Did I mention this RP was thought up and made last night over the course of, like, an hour? hence the roughness.

Alright, we're gonna' need at least three clan-based players to start (and is it just me or are the rogues pretty dang popular?)

I dont mind being clan based, maybe a new member? But I was gonna come in a tiny bit later cause of my other RP's, although what with the RP recession they are moving slower anyways xD

Up to you ^_^ it's fine if you join the party later on or not at all for now, I may ask you to switch to clan-based if noone else pops in in the or so. although I hopefully have the three needed with Exitednuke and Revolverwolf's sheets

I hope that there are no problems with my murderous rampaging barbarian.

Just a quick question:he clan or free agent?

A free agent.

KK (*mutters* Damn)

I'd also like to become a free agent so I can come in a little later. I'll let other play and I'll observe.

Alrighty then. *shouts into the escapist forums* C'Mon other peoples! join so we can get started!

Oh, and a reminder:all need to join the Clans of Garrus user group, this will be needed when we start the game for dice rolls as well as stat tracking

For those to lazy to search for the link!

*Plays jeapordy music as he waits for wolf to get his sheet posted and for other people to join*
EDIT:Ohey! we's on da' first page!

If you really, really need another clan-member, I'll see if I can conjure up some time for it. I'd hate for this RP not to happen.

Wait do you need an actual D20 to play this? (Cause I don't have one)

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