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Em copied the monsters movement, her head tilting very slightly.
This is gonna turn into a staring contest...

The beast laid down, still staring at Em, and let out a little huff

Em relaxed her shoulders a little, still confused.
"Uhh... Hi there." She said to the beast.

The creature seemed quite content to remain where it was, resting it's head on top of it's paws.

Em crouched down cautiously, shuffling a little closer.
I hope this isn't a weird beast tactic...

"Umm, my name's Em, nice to meet you." She said to it.

The beast raised it's head and nudged Em's hand slightly with it's muzzle before settling back down

Em petted the beast on the head and smiled.
"Aw, I don't know why those people were screaming earlier." She said happily.
Don't bite me don't bite me don't bite me....

A deep rumbling emenated from the beast's chest and it nuzzled against Em, nearly knocking her over.

Em giggled, patting the beasts head a final time before standing up again.
"Okay, time to calm down a bit." She looked around, the streets were pretty empty now that most people had run away.
She stood there thoughtfully, one hand on her hip.
"I wonder if you're tame enough to sneak into an Inn.."

Em giggled, patting the beasts head a final time before standing up again.
"Okay, time to calm down a bit." She looked around, the streets were pretty empty now that most people had run away.
She stood there thoughtfully, one hand on her hip.
"I wonder if you're tame enough to sneak into an Inn.."


They ran back to where they had last seen the monster, hoping that clues to lead them in the right direction would present themselves. Luckily it had left a large trail of scared innocents going noticeably in one direction. It was going toward the water... Strange. He hadn't expected that it would go further from escaping. Perhaps it had sighted one of his 'friends' and gone to chase them. He crossed his fingers, hoping it was the green-obsessed one that had caught the creature's eye.

They both followed the long line of people, all still shocked from seeing the creature. Eventually it led them to the docks.

Shit! There it is! Hammond grabbed Ari's hand, pulling her behind a building and out of sight of the wolf-type creature. "Look," he whispered, "we're only gonna get one chance at this, okay? And if we screw up it's probably going to go insane, so let's make this count," he drew his beam sword, not letting it flicker to life just yet.

"Get to it." He patted Ari on the arm before taking off in the other direction around the building, leaving her to sneak up from behind the creature. As it was Hammond would be able to take a side-on approach and Ari would be coming in to plant one of those chips from behind. It made perfect sense... in his mind, at least. If she failed, he could come in with a flanking maneuver.

He looked out from the darkened alley, expecting to see the wolf alone. But no, Em was there... Em? But... the monster... And she isn't getting attacked?

This made no sense. Monsters attacked people. It was in their very nature to do so. Monster + Person = Death, surely? The only people that monsters didn't attack were... Well... there was no-one that monsters didn't attack.

So why in the hell was Em befriending this one?

Three explanations presented themselves. 1) This creature is huge and beastly with massive claws, but inexplicably not a monster, so he should be completely fine with it. 2) Em was in league with this monster, and she was also a reason it was running around killing everything, so he should go over there and kill both beast and beastmaster. Or 3) The creature exuded some kind of mind control aura... Which meant he might have to kill the monster and hope that freed Em as well, or be forced to kill her in mercy.

He hoped it was explanation number 1. It made the most sense. Em was treating the lupine as a master would treat their pet... But anything including Em that made even a sliver of sense was probably bad news for someone, most likely for the closest other people in the area.

Aloran came stumbeling out of the warehouse following in the general direction of the creature and Em, pausing he stopped when he saw they had catching sight of Hammond he jogged around to meet him.
"Alright Hammond whats the plan?" he said breathing heavily.

The beast's ears perked and stood up, it then proceeded directly towards Hammond and Ari, it sat in front of the pair and canted it's head to the side.

He jumped at Alo's sudden appearance behind him, "What are you doing here? I thought you were still pissed off at me from earlier..." He attention shifted from the beast to Alo, a bit cautious that Alo could still be dangerous to him.

Savannah rounded a corner to see the group he had been hoping to lose. He didn't believe in fate much, but it was making a pretty strong case for itself. Sighing bitterly, he strutted towards them. Then he noticed that the creature was with them.

How odd. It seems docile now.

He decided not to put his pistol away just yet. He came within hearing distance.

"pissed off at me from earlier..." Hammond was saying, and looked towards Aloran.

Many thoughts ran through her head when the beast heard her coming and turned to greet her, "This is going to hurt" and all it's variations being the highest on the list. But it wasn't attacking for now. That was good. Longer to enjoy her last moments.
Slowly she knelt down and placed her egg on the floor next to her so she couldn't drop it if it jumped at her. With the egg out of the way, Ari gingerly held out her hand to the animal to gauge its reaction to her smell.
And she was pleasantly suprised when instead of trying to bite her, it licked her palm. She cautiously drew closer in case the beast was trying to trick her but it still didn't strike, continuing to lick her hand with it's rough tongue. A smile emerged on her face as she stroked its ears, producing a deep purring from within it which she matched with her own, dropping down and hugging the docile beast.

"Hey Ari!" Em said happily, she walked over to them and stood a few feet away, to not scare the beast.
"Are you feeling better now?" She asked with a concerned look.

Ari looked up from her nuzzling at Em and gave her a small nod.
She then moved to pick her egg back up before returning back to stroking her new pet.

"I'd take that as a 'sort of'," Hammond said, coming out from the shadows of the building. "She hasn't said a word in about..." He looked up at the sky, as though it held the rest of his sentence within it, "5 hours. Maybe as long as 6. Although she has no trouble communicating with animals, it seems."

"She has a strong will I'm sure she will be fine" Alo rested a hand on Hammond sholder, "Lets go and get a drink somewhere. Em seems to have things under control."

"A drink from this town? After last night? I think I'll pass," Hammond laughed somewhat uncomfortably, remembering his last drink and it's consequences not-fondly-at-all.

"It can't hurt to make sure she's fine, right? We can't be too sure of these things. Plus we still need to do something about the cat-monster thing. We can't just leave it here in the middle of the docks."

"She'll do fine, Hammond. You're worrying over nothing. The creature..." They both watched as Ari continued to happily play with the creature. "I don't think he will be a problem."

Hammond sighed, half-mindlessly. Why was he being so scared of things now? He had proven to himself that Ari was better now, she had shown him so herself, so why was that shock still with him? Maybe it was that each time he had to look at her he had to relive the moment in which he saw only pure fear upon her face, when she looked at him with such anger and frustration and hate and all he had was good intention...

He snapped back to his reality and said, "Yeh. Perhaps I am worrying over nothing. I probably just need something to set me right again. Something to keep my mind busy."

"We should play poker!" Em suggested enthusiastically, hoping it was the sort of thing Hammond was thinking of.
"Think about it, it's fun, and it keeps your mind busy, plus you don't get drunk off it." She smiled.
And if we work together, we can scam Alo out of some Llum. She thought mischievously.

As she stroked her new pet she noticed its ears perk up and a low growl rumbled from within. It turned its head quickly and Ari followed its gaze to see several spheres flying towards them. She deftly sidestepped one and her pet swatted another away before they suddenly popped open and let out a hiss of white gas. She quickly drew in her breath and ran blindly through the smog, the cat in pursuit.

She heard voices behind her, her friend's cries and other unknown voices barking orders before her friends fell silent.
She darted some large shipping crates and looked round to get a look at their assailants before they vanished. The attackers appeared to be wearing golden masks and were now dragging her companions away leaving one lone mask to collect the spheres and dropped items.
Ari placed her egg beside her and motioned for the cat to stay before creeping out when the mask's back was turned, keeping as quiet as she could to get close enough to strike.

~ "Over here! There's gold everywhere!" Em skipped delightedly over a mountain of gold, giggling as she threw countless coins in the air.
She looked around, a group of friendly imps rolling in the gold, whooping with joy.
"Wheeee!" She dived into a pile of gold.

Em jolted awake, her eyes bleary with sleep.
"Mmmfle?" She tried to speak, but her mouth was gagged. Using her tongue, she managed to dislodge the gag. Looking around, Em saw the others, all tied to chairs. They seemed to be locked in a small, empty room.
"Guys....?" She whispered, frowning.

Mr. Savannah was quite confused. There was one simple reason for this: he found himself waking up. This was confusing because he didn't remember going to sleep, or indeed much of anything about the last few hours. His confusion mixed with alarm when he discovered that he was gagged and tied to a chair in a small room. His hat had been removed, which added indignation to his growing list of emotions. Memory flooded back.

He had been collecting his latest bounty when he discovered a woman - Aricla, something told him - lying unconscious in an alleyway. While seeing to her, her friend - Harold? - had appeared. What happened next was still something of a blur. He knew none of it had been good, though. Something about hospitals and a monster and a band of fools out to get him and themselves killed, and masked men.

He heard a mumbling sound from behind him and immediately went still and limp, breathing regularly, as if he was asleep.

"Guys...? Guys!"

The voice sounded familiar. He turned his head, ever so slowly, to see a woman looking about, the gag hanging awkwardly about her lower lip. He also saw others, one of which stuck out in his mind - Hammond, that was his name. Deciding the woman was probably trustworthy, he nodded to her twice, to get her attention.

"Good morning, sunshine." Em said, lowering her voice again. She wiggled in her seat, trying to untie the ropes.
After a few minutes, she managed to get her hands free.
"Success!" She said, before attempting to untie the rest of the ropes.

As sliently as was possible, Ari crept up on the mask wearer. They didn't notice and she was able to get close enough to deliver a blow to the back of their head. The unsupecting scavenger dropped with a grunt and dropped the bag of equipment they had been collecting.
Ari punched the air triumphantly and started to finish the job of picking up the loot, humming as she worked. Then she felt a tap on her shoulder.
She turned quickly to find she was face to face with the not so unconscious mask who sent their fist straight for her head. She ducked and span, extending her leg but her opponent also dodged, jumping backwards into a ready stance. Ari rose to her feet and mimicked them as the two waited for the other two make their move.

"I am obliged," Savannah clipped as he stood, rubbing the back of his neck and wrists, loosening his joints.

"While we wait for the others to come round, I suggest we get our bearings. I am Mr. Savannah, but your name seems to have slipped my mind, I am afraid," he said to Em.

Let me sleep a while... I've had about enough today... Dream Hammond lay upon a white bed, in a superb whiteness that stretched outwards forever in every direction.

A white chair appeared, upon which sat another Hammond, though this one was slightly larger and looked less cleanly presented. This, Dream Hammond quickly realised, was his pessimistic side given form. "No! I'm not letting you just be asleep when you have things to figure out. I mean, you've been out protecting that little beastmaster bitch for the majority of the day when it would have been so much easier for you to ditch her mute arse in the marketplace and never looked back. What gives?"

Dream Hammond sat up and shrugged. I don't know. She's a friend?

"Hehe. Pull the other one Casanova. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together can figure out what your motive is."

So what if they can? Doesn't that just make it more likely to happen?

"Yeh, of course. I mean, running from you at every opportunity really screams 'I'm madly in love with you.' She must just be waiting for the perfect time to sweep you off your feet. That's exactly what it is." He chuckled.

Dream Hammond paused. Why is that every time I'm unconscious my pessimistic, cynical side decides to make a nice rant to take me down a few notches?

"As opposed to what? Your nice side? HA!"

I fucking hate you, you know that?

Hammond stirred slightly and made a sort of muffled moan that Savannah and Em would be able to hear.

"My name's Em." She replied to Savannah. She heard Hammond make a noise, and rushed over.
"Hey buddy, lemme get those ropes for ya." She said, patting him on the shoulder before going to untie his hands.

He looked around as Em untied his hands. He made some muffled complaints before Em pulled the gag from his mouth.

"-bout time! Stupid masked bastards snuck up on us..." He then rubbed his wrists, trying to get some feeling back into his hands after them being tied together for so long.

He looked around, a bit confused. "Any idea where we are?"

"I dunno, I'd have to say a really big broom cupboard, or a really tiny bedroom." Em said, taking a look around. The room was completely empty.
She went over to the door, testing the handle. It was locked.
"Aww man, I wish I knew how to pick lock stuff now..." She sighed.

The mask lunged, attempting to grab her but Ari ducked under his arm and kicked the back of his leg. It momentarily knocked him to his knee but he was up and going for her throat in an instant. Instead of dodging however, she aimed a punch for his throat. The blow barely hit, sliding along his neck and carrying her with it, but it was enough for him to clutch at it instead of her.
The two collided and the mask's momentum proved greater, crashing into her and sending them both to the gound. The fall stunned her for a moment and the mask took advantage of this opportunity to roll away and grab a weapon.
With his weight gone Ari could breathe again and she quickly got to her feet to see the mask going for the bag of equipment. She sprinted towards him and he turned when he heard her close behind but couldn't react quickly enough to dodge when she leaped, placed a palm on his face and used her momentum to slam him to the ground, knocking him unconscious.

Ari took a moment to catch her breath before she began to search him for any clues as to where her friends might be taken. She found none.
Well maybe if I go in direction they were dragged I will find some guards outside. But what do I do if they are there?
Her gaze fell down on the unconscious man.
She dragged him back to where her cat was lying behind the crates and started to undress him, shooing the cat away whenever it tried to sniff or lick him. When she had finished stripping him, she opened one of the crates with her saber and lifted him inside, taking note to leave the lid open slightly for air.
Dressed in her new attire, the egg in one arm, the bag of equipment in the other and her cat following far behind, she started towards where she hoped her friends, and their enemies, would be.

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