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"Are you asking because it's pertinent. Or are you just curious?" She queried in a way that implied that if she could be seen she would be seen with a quirked brow.

He gave a shrug. "Bit of both. I'm wondering who Vincent is and why you'd be celebrating not even five seconds after we killed your Puppetmaster. And did you not think, even for a moment, that the adventurers would check the rooms further up the hall?"

Em fidgeted on Hammond's shoulder, mumbling in her sleep.
"Hmm... Nyeh.... Bats... Everywhere..." She sighed, falling back into a deep sleep.

"Vincent doesn't exist. Or at least there isnt't anyone by that name that works for me. Had it been someone who needed to speak with me they would have said 'who the hell is Vincent'." The woman said

"Very well. What is this place, and why have we been brought here?"

"This is my base, I thought you knew that?" The woman responded with a playful tone.

Savannah tried to rein in the force in his voice, but it was difficult. "You avoided my second question. Why are we here?"

"Because you were captured?" the woman offered

"Stop being obtuse. If this is your base, then the guards must be yours. Why do you want to know where Kronos is? Give a straight answer!"

Savannah tried not to eye the gun lying at his feet too much.

"Want to know? Oh, we already know. Unfortunatley my employees were unaware of this and captured you, you're free to go whenever you want. down the hall, to the right, second door on the left." The woman responded

Savannah narrowed his eyes. "I do not trust you. If you can find Kronos unaided, why bother to capture us?" Looking around the room, he continued, "Your presence here seems odd. Why would you have your personal bathroom here, so near to where the Puppetmaster was sealed? I still do not know who you really are. You also avoided the question of how you knew the Puppetmaster had been killed so quickly."

"It took quite a while for us to track Kronos down. My personal bathroom was here long before th puppetmaster was captured. And I knew about it because this was the first time I passed by the hallway without seing the flaming pits of hell. Any other questions?" The woman replied, exasperation latent in her tone.

"Why were you heading this way if you knew the Puppetmaster was here?"

Hammond tapped Savannah on the shoulder. "She's told us the way out about a dozen questions ago, and I'm ready to stop wasting our time asking petty questions about small details to a woman who we have yet to even see. We're waiting for you here."

He turned away to go through the door and exit, but turned back again when he noticed Em snoring quite loudly, "Oh, you don't mind if we nick some water, do you? Blood is a nightmare to clean off without it."

Savannah's temple throbbed.

"Waste your time?" he asked Hammond, giving him a dangerous look, "Waste your bloody time! You have dragged me up and down this town - if indeed we still are in it - wasting my day on your troubles! And in case it has slipped your mind, you were the one who asked about the Puppetmaster in the first place!"

"The closer the puppetmaster is to you, the stornger his illusions are, I have to pass by this hall to get to certain areas of the base, the hallways intersect up ahead." She said "Now if you enjoy your continued existence I suggest you leave."

"When I asked, it was still interesting." He turned away to Ari, completely prepared to leave Savannah behind, and started to usher her away to the exit. Pity that she didn't answer my question.

Savannah was about to respond when he heard something. Focusing, he made out a faint beeping sound. Not taking any chances, he shouted for Hammond and Aricla to run and that there was a bomb, making sure to take the bag with him.

Ari had been ignoring the conversation for the most part, partially because she was trying to block out the noise of the shower as it was making her mouth water with what little saliva she had left. She had instead been trying to remember nursery rhymes until she realised the only ones she knew involved wells and drains. Failing that she had plugged her ears and decided it was a good time to decide the note of that whistle she could still hear until Hammond had started to steer her out.

Then the green blur had shouted about a bomb.

This set her off instantly, remembering what happenned the last time. She was only vaguely aware of the others behind her, instead focusing on not running into the walls, a task she was only having marginal success in despite being linear. Until the intersect, which she somehow managed to fall through.

After getting back up, brushing herself off and trying not to look at her friends directly to avoid as much embarressment as possible from her fall, Ari saw the bag that the green man was now holding and remembered about her egg. She took it off him and nearly dropped it again when she felt it wriggle. By her logic, however delusional right now, bags should not wriggle. But sure enough it did it again.
She placed it on the floor and knelt down to prod it.
*Prod prod*
Stop that and let me out.
Ari froze. That wasn't her voice but it was in her head. Perhaps she was just going mad? Was that it? Opening the bag seemed the only option to find out so she did, carefully untying it and peeling the top apart to see what was inside. The good news was she wasn't going mad.
The bad news was there seemed to be a reptile of sorts staring up at her to which she simply responded by calmly pinching her arm, closing the bag again slowly and gently keeling over.

She was shortly woken up when the thing had clawed its way out of the tangling fabric and promptly bit her. At first she didn't know how to react. How exactly is a person supposed to react to a small toothy creature that can speak to you in your head when it bites you as thanks for letting it go? Especially when that same creature is now curled up on your stomach. Not much she decided and proceeded to close her eyes and just wait for it to go away like the others did before.
Don't count on it. And stop breathing so much, I'm trying to get comfortable.

As much as he hated it when Savannah gave him orders, Hammond also hated it when his insides were splayed into decorative shapes by exploding devices, so he quickly went along after the two of them, not forgetting to drag the still-unconscious Em with him.

Hammond half-ran, half-limped forwards as he struggled to keep up, while having several rather odd phrases uttered into his ear by his drooling baggage. "Yes waiter, I will have the blueberry pancakes..."

"What? Well I'd like to speak to your manager..."

If he had been elsewhere he would be whispering things back to try get her onto the most weird conversations that he could. As of right now he was too busy trying to keep his endless source of entertainment alive. And he supposed he could keep Em alive while he was at it. Besides, how confusing could it be to get out of a base that they had just gotten directions out of?

"I could have sworn she was 18..."

Definitely less confusing than that, in any context.

Savannah had determined they were out of any likely blast zone (if there was one). He heard an odd noise behind him, and as he turned, noticed the bag had gone. Alarmed, he whipped round completely to see Aricla being pinned down by some sort of reptilian creature. Immediately he rushed forward and held it by the neck with his left hand and by the body with his right arm so that it could not bite anyone but also was not being harmed.

"What is this thing?" he demanded.

Suddenly, the creature managed to get its head out of his grip with unexpected strength. A puff of flame shot out of its open jaws and singed Savannah's hand. He cried out and inadvertently released it. It scuttled off into a corner and growled angrily.

As he caught up with Savannah and Ari, Hammond wondered why they had stopped. He couldn't understand why they would go from running for their lives from an explosion, which he noticed had yet to happen, to gawking at a small lizard.

He gave a rather confused look to the green suited man, then to the small lizard that had bested him and then finally to the stunned woman on the ground.

"I'd ask, but I already know that it's not going to make any sense..." He would have offered a hand to Ari to lift her to her feet had he not been carrying Em already. Accursed unconsciousness. Constantly plaguing the group.

What an ill tempered little beast. Aricla thought as she got to her feet quickly dismissing the apparition. Because it must be, otherwise that means she would have to go mad again, a state which she was quite tired of. A flimsy excuse but for now it would do. For now it was the second door on the right. Or was it left?

Nothing good ever happened with the right so she picked the left and was near immediately barreled into by a wall of fur and slobber. Correction, she thought, Nothing good ever comes from the left.
After shoving the hefty beast aside and getting back to her feet Ari went outside, squinting from the glare of the sun.

Someone mentioned going to an inn, an idea Ari was quick to agree with, patting her cat's head before walking. At first it didn't follow, too busy trying to stare down the lizard. Unsuccessfully it seemed, as the lizard was soon curling up on it's back and the cat was whimpering at her. She smiled at it and ruffled it's ears as they walked.

It was getting to the point where Ari would classify them as lost. They hadn't found an inn yet and she didn't know where they were, hoping that someone would send them a sign or some directions.
They obliged. And Ari walked headfirst into it.

After being brought around again, this time by the cat, and missing the doors the first time she tried, Ari stumbled into the inn and held the door for the others, staring at the floor to avoid any looks they might be giving her. There was one gaze she didn't miss however, it being the gaze of a shady looking man approaching her, appearing to have a hand on the hilt of a blade at his hip. She backed away from him and he did the same, his eyes having shifted from her. She followed and saw that he was staring at the lizard that was now stretching itself on the cat's head.
But just as soon as he appeared, he vanished, running up the stairs and out of sight.

Ignoring Ari's predicament entirely, which may have been slightly unlike Hammond, he went into the building and took in a lungful of air. Sickly, disgusting, putrid air that smelled not-so-faintly of sweat, tears and vomit. He kinda wished he hadn't breathed at all, instead dying an awful death right there and then so that he didn't have to put up with the smell.

But it felt like it had been weeks since the last time that Hammond was greeted to the inside of an inn, and it was a refreshing feeling that almost balanced out against the awful air. Knowing that in only a short time he would be able to leave Em with someone else and drift away to sleep to figure out what the hell was happening, it almost made today worth it.

He'd forgotten half of today though, since it felt like an absolutely colossal amount of time that he had spent running out of imploding buildings, back to hospitals and through marketplaces after Ari, so he actually had no idea if it was worth it... Did he do those things today? Did he ever do them or did he just make them up now due to his state of sleep deprivation?

He shook his head to clear his addled mind, warranting a confused grunt from the still-unconscious Em, and then he dragged her along with him inside and toward a shabby looking man that he assumed to be the innkeeper.

"Innkeeping man..." He began, his mind not quite used to using words that made sense after listening to Em's half conversations for so long, "The furniture, for sleeping, you have them?" No... That didn't make sense... He knew that didn't make sense and yet he continued on in the same fashion. The fuck was that word? He'd used it just a moment ago in his mind-thinking word-maker thing... brain?

"You mean a bed, you jackarse..." Em mumbled quietly. It's, like, brain osmosis or something... Em was acting rather like Hammond had before, and Hammond was completely unable to make any thought that made any sense, which is exactly what he thought Em's mind would previously have been like.

"Yeh, what she said. A bed." He didn't wonder how Em had said something that fit into his conversation so well, rather adamant on getting the opportunity to go to sleep without then waking up in a dungeon with a clone of one of your friends trying to murder you for once. That isn't much to ask, right?

The innkeeper, though somewhat confused, gave his price for the rooms. 60 llum. A highly unfair price of 30 each, when Em would most likely be able to fit into a closet and be completely unaffected by such an accommodation.

Well, he was far too sleepy and apathetic right now to complain, so Hammond handed over the money (after swiping it from his little unconscious tag-along's pocket, of course) and took the two keys for his own.

He turned back to his last two conscious 'friends'. "Ari, you mind helping me carry Em to the room?"

Having helped Hammond take Em to her bed and sorted the sleeping arrangements for her cat as well, Ari happily proceeded to drown herself to sleep, gulping down more water than is probably safe to drink in one sitting, all the while ignoring the berating voice in her head giving her a lecture on acting like such an animal.
All I'm saying is that you should act more like a lady. At this rate people will view you as no better than a dog.
Oh shut up. I'm thirsty.
I can tell.
She momentarily glared at the creature curled up beside her on the pillow, looking up with mild interest, and poured a little water on it's head. It blinked at her.
Now your bed is wet. Or is that how you prefer it?
Ari just stuck her tongue out and carried on drinking while the lizard slinked off the bed to a drier patch of floor.

Ari awoke to familiar surroundings for a change, much to her satisfaction. She spent a few moments enjoying the novelty of having a pillow to cuddle, albeit a damp one, before sitting up and rubbing her eyes. Swinging her legs over the side and narrowly missing her scaly tag-along, she started to stretch. As she did so, she noticed one of the drawers open in a nearby cabinet was open. In fact, they were all open as were several others in various pieces of furniture. Did she use them at all last night? Maybe that one, but certainly not the others. There also seemed to be a rustling coming from the closet. Ari somehow simultaneously sighed and bristled. And this was shaping up to be a nice day for once...

With her pistol unholstered and her game face put on, Ari ripped open the door of the closet and pointed her gun at a rather suprised looking man who quickly put up his hands.
"Don't shoot!" he cried. Ari tilted her head as she scanned him for any obvious weapons. She found none but did notice that his zipper was undone.
"What are you doing here?" she asked, already hearing the answer in her head.
"Uhh... nothing? he replied, a blush creeping it's way onto his face. Ari just nodded with an unimpressed smile. Then a thought struck her. She remembered the man from the night before who had seemed almost scared of her newest pet and had bolted upstairs. And now someone was poking around her room. Suddenly his presence didn't seem as innocent.
"Turn around and place your hands behind your back!" she barked and he complied with a whimper. She quickly glance behind her at the door and window to see how he got in. The window seemed to be the answer. Then another thought hit her. Was he even real?
Of course he is you idiot.
Says the telepathic lizard. He didn't respond. She turned her attention back to the man and kicked the back of his leg which sent him to his knees.
"Who sent you?" she yelled. Her mind was in a whirl now. She didn't know what to suspect after the days she had been through lately.
"No one! I swear!" the man cried desperately. Ari pondered what to do now. Surely this wasn't just a random occurence. He had to have been here for something that she owned. Could she risk letting him go? He would undoubtedly tell his group about her. Could she risk that? No... She would have to kill him to make sure. She couldn't leave the body here though. It would have to be mov- she stopped herself. The man was trembling by this point, waiting to find out what she did. What was she thinking, planning his death like that?
"Get out." she whispered, lowering her weapon and stepping aside. He wasted no time, almost flying out of the window at the chance.
Alone again, Ari sank down onto her bed thinking about her malicious attitude. She realised she was still tightly gripping her pistol and stared at it for a moment before tossing it aside.
Was that the right thing? she asked.
It's possible. It all depends on if he truly was here for something, was the disembodied reply.
"Yeah, the egg wasn't there. It must have already hatched." Her eyes opened wide as she took in what she just heard. Hoping she had just imagined it as she looked out the window, sure enough, she saw the man standing with a walkie-talkie in his hand. Thinking quickly so the moment wasn't lost, she ripped the bedsheets from the mattress and, remembering something about parachutes, made a hole roughly in the middle. Rushing to the window, she whistled sharply and leaped through. Her whistle was answered quickly with a loud roar and she could see her cat bounding towards the now screaming man as she drifted quickly down. Her landing was graceless but painless too which counted as a success in her mind. Her cat had the man pinned down nearby and she casually made her way over. The walkie-talkie was panicking, the voice had raised and was franticly asking what was wrong. Ari scooped it up and held it to her mouth.

"I'm afraid he's a little pre-occupied right now. Try again later. I might not have killed him by then." She turned to her prisoner, "Now then. I think it's time we got to know each other better. Don't you agree?"

The mand's eyes were wide and he nodded his head rapidly "Sure, sure. Let's have a civilized chat...uhmm...could you get this thing off of me?" He queried, sounding just a bit panicked

The warrior stirred from dream-filled sleep, cursing quietly as he did so and found that nothing he had dreamed was real. Apparently he has been woken by some loud noises from a room away, and was not in the mood to find out what they were.

"...the hell?" He flipped the covers and pillow on the bed over, in an attempt to get rid of the noises that did seek so bitterly to plague his early morning. But, as annoying as these noises from the next room were, he admitted that they were better than Judges. No such luck was brought by the additional sound barrier of a pillow, as he heard a grunt and the ripping of fabric through it.

He sat up in the bed, a quizzical look in his eye. He was almost glad that he heard these noises. They gave rise to an interesting number of scenarios in his twisted mind, many of which he would want to walk in to see and others which he would just like to know about. Suffice to say that ripping and grunting featured heavily in each and every one of his ideas.

He grabbed his weapons, in case these noises were not nearly as good as he hoped they were, and set off towards the girl's shared room. If he was lucky, he would find them to be fine. If he was very lucky, he might just get an up close and personal view of Ari and Em's coming out party.

And if he wasn't lucky at all, Judges would be in that room making Ari and Em shaped puppets out of some conveniently placed corpses. He did not like that scenario.

Hammond reached the room, hearing a whistle and several fast-paced steps before he managed to kick open to door. As the door swung open forcefully, he saw Ari's lizard sitting on the windowsill, it's head gesturing away towards the ground a good ways away.

He went over to it, following it's line of sight down to Ari, another of her pets and a man that looked to be incredibly close to being run through with a combination of teeth and claws. "Looks like she's got things under control, eh?"

Chuckling softly, Hammond looked over to Em's bed, "Hey, Em. You're missing Ari's wild ride down the path of homicide. You might want to get a front row seat for this one while you still can."

Savannah woke with a start to the sound of a crash next door. He raised his head up, inch by inch, from behind the bed he was sleeping beside. Over the mound of spare pillows he had commandeered from other empty rooms and placed under the quilt, he saw the door open and Hammond missing. Taking hold of his gun, which was next to him, he rose to his feet and continued to the doorway, leaning to look down the hallway. It was empty, but the door to Aricla and Em's room had been broken down.

What now?

Gradually, he proceeded to the other room and heard Hammond speak. Dropping his guard - but only a little - Savannah went in to see Hammond, the Jiryu, Em in her bed, Aricla's empty bed, an open window, and the room's drawers in a state of disarray.

"What happened, Hammond?" he asked.

"Not yet." Ari replied, walking back to the bedsheet. After she picked up the makeshift parachute, it's days of improvisational performances not yet over, and patted her cat to release the man. He rose to his feet and Ari once again ordered his hands behind his back using the sheet to bind them.
"Come on. I don't want to question you out here." she said as she began to walk while her cat nudged him from behind for a little motivation.
They must have looked quite strange, a man with his hands tied behind his back being pushed through an inn by a rather annoyed woman who was trying hard not to think of the potential rumours that were no doubt already brewing around the corners of the room.

Ari saw that her door was already open which solved that problem. She pushed past Savannah, barely acknowledging him, and told the man to sit on the bed, throwing the walkie-talkie into the closet.

"Now then. Who are you, why are you here, how did you find us, who are you working for, what do they want and what's so special about the egg? Answer them in any order you like." she rattled, sitting on the edge of Em's bed and leaning forwards to stare at her prisoner.

"Well I was hired by this guy. Said he was a private collector and was interested in getting himself one of them." he said as he squirmed under her gaze, trying to look anywhere else. Ari smiled.
"Alright. Where can we find him?"
"I don't know. He picks where we meet." Her smile faded for a moment.
"Well where were you going after you got the egg?" She asked, still staring.
"To my safehouse. I'd wait there till I got the call for the next meeting. If there is one at all now. Not sure if he'll want it hatched. But my partner will sort that out."
"Yeah. Well. More my boss really. He's the one you spoke to over the talkie. He's setting up all the deal arrangements with the guy while I get the item."
"Where could we find him?"
"You won't. He stays on the move. And if I don't get back soon he'll kill me so can I go yet?"
"What do you mean kill you? How can he kill you if you're with us?"
"I mean that if I don't get back he'll think I've been captured. And then he'll level the area."
"Well we can't let you go. There's things I still need to know."
"I can show you the way to my base. Then you can speak to my boss when he gets back." Ari nodded.
"Take us there."

Hours later, at an undisclosed location

Boredom was the work of the day today it seemed, as Hammond lazily kept one eye on their captive and another toward the skies, hoping for a glimpse of something that suggested that he might one day get away from these Neanderthals. Or maybe that he might get to enjoy a single moment of happiness as her heard Savannah fall over. He would settle for the second one.

Their unnamed thief companion spoke up, pointing and drawing Hammond's gaze to an unassuming house. "We're here."

"This is it? We walked for hours to get to a house that's exactly the same as the ones we've been walking past the entire way here?" A sigh could be heard from Hammond as his head dropped.

"You think we're stupid, don't you." He made a few steps to the thief, taking the collar of his coat and pulling him up by it. Ignoring the thief's protestations, Hammond made a sweeping gesture with one hand. "You see, it's obvious as daylight that you brought us here to fuck with us. There's traps in there, isn't there?"

The thief shook his head rapidly, "No, nono!" Hammond smiled, ignoring the thief once again. His mind was already made up about how to check more quickly for traps. He took hold of the thief with both hands, taking a running start. As he neared the house, the thief's screams growing louder and louder, Hammond threw the man with enough strength to send him gliding painfully through a window, shattering it with the force of his impact.

A few seconds passed, in which no sounds could be heard save for the pained moans of a certain projectile.

Hammond smiled, wandered back to his allies and clapped his hands together. "Well, at least we know there's no traps." He started sauntering back toward the house, "Now let's go see the dama-"

A vivid spark shot into him through a dart from the window, causing his muscles to spasm slightly before he dropped to the ground, completely limp. He looked up from the dirty pathway, complaining inwardly as pain still shot through every nerve. And then a blurry shadow fell over him, spitting angry words to Hammond.

"I take you... to take down my boss, saving your lives and the lives of hundreds of people... AND YOU FREAKING THROW ME THROUGH A WINDOW!?"

You've got more to fucking worry about now. He tried to reach for his sword, but his limbs still screamed in quiet agony over their shock and he was unable to move. Oh... er... Little help? He felt arms wrap around him, pulling him to his feet and then he was leaning against a shoulder, though he could barely make an image of who it was. In his free hand he had been handed his sword and was uneasily using it as a makeshift cane to help keep his balance.

He stumbled uneasily along with Ari, applying as little pressure to the ground as he possibly could as she led him toward the house. They entered and, with the exception for some broken glass that had nothing to do with Hammond at all, found the house to be rather unremarkable. Ari seated him upon a less-than-comfortable dining chair, leaving him to his own devices. He looked around. Okay, at least we won't be here too long.

Several hours of irony later

He would be kicking himself right now, but his muscles still hurt from their not-at-all therapeutic electroshock. Well, at least he could move slightly. He turned his head to their 'partner', the thief.

"Well, we've been waiting and waiting and waiting. Where is your boss?"

The man shrugged and started to speak when a walkie-talkie on a nearby table sprang to life. "Onyx, are you there?" Said the little talkbox. The man walked over and pressed the button "I'm here, boss." He responded. There was a moment of silence before the man responded "Alright. do you have the egg?" the talkbox queried "Yeah. where do you want to meet?" The man known as Onyx queried. "Downtown market, site B." Replied the talk box "Understood." Was all Onyx said before setting the walkie-talk back down. He looked to the group "You can follow me or stay here. Either way there's likely to be a fight."

Hammond winced in pain as he pushed himself up from his chair, putting his sword into the ground and leaning his weight onto it. "Yeh, yeh, you'd like us to stay here, wouldn't you? That way you can get your boss to level the house while we wait patiently for you." He tapped his head knowingly, "Well think again sunshine. You have to wake up pretty early in the morning to get one over on a Bastia."

The thief shrugged. "Whatever..."

Hammond, somewhat deflated by the apathy in the thief's statement, wrapped his hand again around the top of his sword-cum-cane and then the 5 of them set off in search of the downtown market.

Nowhere in particular, ~30 minutes from the market

He painfully trotted along, a sword acting as a cane in one hand and a deceptively strong woman in the other. "Aren't you worried?" A voice spoke up beside him, from the woman carrying him along. "About it being a trap, I mean?"

Hammond would have shrugged, but it was hard to when you were using your shoulders as an integral part of your walking, so he simply answered. "Not really... We have the advantage of numbers."

She frowned, uncertain of this advantage, "Maybe... I just think it might be better to split up, just in case it is a trap. It couldn't hurt."

He nodded, which was a far easier action for him. "Fair enough. If we have two in front and two to hang back with your pets, that should prepare us for an ambush."

"Good plan."

"Of course it's a good plan. I made it." He smiled as he hobbled along, ignoring the glaring stupidity that was all of his failed plans and idiotic backfires along their journey caused by him and the fact that it was mostly Ari's plan.

Hammond looked around, as if an indeterminate amount of thought had just gone into something and then had vanished in an instant. To be succinct, he was confused. He decided that any questions about this would be rendered moot though, since the only people who could answer would be a two-bit thief, a woman who was decidedly less-than-all-there, a Beastmaster and Savannah. And why would he value any of those answers?

His legs hurt. Never mind the fact he had to walk with Ari holding him up and a cane, obviously the cure for him was a whole load more walking. Hammond loves walking, without even the most subtle hint of sarcasm at all, and he wouldn't like to stab the guy who made them walk this far either. Nope. Hammond definitely wouldn't like to stab him in both kneecaps and then see how he liked walking to somewhere on the other side of the town for no discernible reason. And he really wasn't practicing his stabbing technique with his sword/cane.

"Stop fiddling like that," The voice came from beside him, from Ari, the woman who was helping him walk, "or you can find someone else to stop you falling over."

In quick reply, the sword went back to patting along the ground in time with his limping.

A few moments of silence went by before he felt the urge to complain again. "Seriously, when the fuck do we get there? I'm absolutely sure we've been past this bar 3 times already."

Naz sits in the tavern glaring angrily at his captor. this bastard was keeping him here to prevent some third party from attacking him. Apparently others want his dragon egg too. He takes a shot of brandy and wishes his weapon's were with him. He looks at the pack the man has that has his weapons in it. If he had his weapons he would gut this guy and his goons right now. Being held hostage is not on Naz's agenda. Naz is supposed to be in his village returning with meat from the hunt. They will assume he is eaten and elect that scum Dervin as clan huntsman. All he may do now is wait and see.

"I'm sure it's just a coincidence. We'll get there soon." Ari spoke forcibly despite similar feelings, trying to push away doubts with logic. They were walking across the town after all. It was bound to take some time. Still... it seemed a sound tactic, exhaust them before an ambush, or even spring one along the way.

Although his seemingly constant moaning ate away at her patience she couldn't help feeling sorry for the man. He had been hit with a taser after all. She looked up from the floor at him.
"If you're still having trouble after this you can ride my cat. Come to think of it I still haven't named it yet. Maybe you could work on that to keep busy?"

Her gaze fell away again and settled on a small metal safe on the side of the road. And it was glowing.
It was weird. And possibly dangerous.
"Green Man. Could you open that?"

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