The Webway: A Warhammer 40k RP (Started, Still Accepting!)

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The man in armor was on the move, and so were the Tyranid. The crept along the floor slowly, not making a sound as the slunk behind the Tau. S3 was drooling acid onto the floor now, its eyes focused solely on the armored life form.

In his mind, S7 warned the others not to attack, or he would tear them to shreds if they didn't get themselves shot up.

Karkesh watched as the Ork searched some human corpses, then walked away from the ship. Karkesh jumped off the pile of rocks and landed at the mouth of the tunnel below. He began creeping northwards, stalking the Ork.

Karkesh began shivering. This webway as very cold, much colder than the Warp and Daemon worlds. He walked over to the Imperial corpses and approached one of the bodies. He began ripping pieces of cloth off the human's corpse and wrapped them around parts of his body. He remembered that humans used cloth to keeps themselves warm, and it would probably work for him too.

After he was done wrapping himself with cloth, he tore out a hunk of the dead human's flesh and began eating it. Once he was finished snacking, he resumed following the Ork.

After listening to footsteps echo the halls for what seemed like hours, but was actually a few days, never seeing another being except for once, when some Tyranids passed by him over a day ago, Illyrian decided to start moving onward again. Maybe, if Tyranids were here, than there was someone they were hunting. That meant there had to be someone else roaming these tunnels. If Illyrian could find them before they got killed, maybe he could help.

As soon as he was sure he had everything he came with, Illyrian left, heading a direction different than the of the 'Nids. He didn't want to run into them, not by himself with only a Pistol. No doubt he could handle it, but not without taking a fair amount of wounds, and He had no idea if they were capable of using acid against him.

Feels weird how everything changes even though he saw the long hallway go on for miles a few minutes ago. Felt like he been walking for hours on hours and not finding anyone. Growling as he stop and growled.

"Oi w'ere all da enemys!" he said out loud. "Dis is da webway. I waz t'inkin da eldar boyz would be 'ere" He look around, seeing the webway changing or messing with his head. Good thing the ork mind isn't like everyone. He streches and started to walk again after taking what seem like a few minute break when it was really a few hours.

Sarge kept hearing a faint hissing sound, as though water was dripping upon a hot stove. He bares his bonding knife. Normally, it signifies the brotherhood among Fire Warriors, but since his bond brothers were dead, it was simply a knife now, albeit a good one.

Immediately ahead of him, there is nothing, but further down a large figure is making the sound he kept hearing. It is a Tyranid of some sort, and if they were anything like the Tyranids being trained back on Pech, they were powerful and mean. Sarge immediately turns a down a closing corridor and runs as fast as his hooves can carry him.

The tyranids make no attempt to conceal themselves any longer. S7 lets out a bloodcurling screech, sending the other Tyranids into a dead sprint after the Tau. Each Tyranid was screeching or hissing to make the Tau even more frightened. S3 was ahead of the others, acid dripping down his jaw and falling to the floor. He spat out a large glob of it up ahead, not caring if hit the life form or not.

The other Tyranids let their scythes scrape along the walls, creating a grating noise. They were closing in on their target, but would quiet down again once they were upon him.

Ace kept walking, wondering how he could escape this mad place. He gripped his fingers on the trigger, keeping it at chest-point.

He reached a certain point where he could hear some alien sounds. Tau? Tyranids? Orks?
He prepared himself for anything that could come, especially Chaos

Goresmas'a heard something in the webway. It was hard to tell what it was as he never heard anything like it, but it sounded tough and orky like. Though the way he heard it close off he growl and curse the sky at Gork and Mork. He saw a new webway open up and follow it. He slowly felt weird on the inside of his body.

His entire race was fungi-like. So they can just photosynthesis which means they don't really have to eat, though that doesn't stop them anyways from eating, but now he has no sun to give his body energy and no food source, at least not yet. He will have to catch something or find some rations to have when he does need the food.

Regeneration Complete
Analysis of Current Necron Frame
Necron Frame: Active
Upper Right Appendage: 100%
Upper Left Appendage: 100%
Lower Right Appendage: 100%
Lower Left Appendage: 100%
Main Body: 100%
Cranium: 100%
Current Power Levels: 100%
Auxiliary Power Cell 1: 100%
Auxiliary Power Cell 2: 100%
Auxiliary Power Cell 3: 100%
Combat Algorithms: Active
Logic Algorithms: Active
Investigation and Analysis Algorithms: Intact
Regeneration Ability: Intact
Communications Array: Intact
Long Range Receiver: Off-Line
Long Range Transmitter: Off-Line
Short Range Receiver: On-Line
Short Range Transmitter: Off Line
Analysis Complete
Review of Current Objectives

Primary Objective: Pursue and Eliminate Chaos Warship
Status: Complete
Secondary Objective: Confirm Elimination of All Organic and Spectral Life onboard
Status: Incomplete
Rearrangement of Current Objectives
Primary Objective: Confirm Elimination of All Organice and Spectral Life onboard
Status: Incomplete
Secondary Objective: Locate Long Range Transmitter and Relay Coordinates to nearest Superior Program
Status: Incomplete
Tertiary Objective: Implement Cleansing Protocol for the Arrival of The Deceiver
Status: Incomplete
Current Armament
Status: None
Scanning for Necron Armaments onboard
Scan Complete
Gauss Pistol
Necrodermis Sword
Investigation: Location of Standard Gauss Flayer

Investigation: Gauss Flayer would have fallen during the Crash
Analysis: Current Arms unable to effectively carry out Primary and Tertiary Objective
Conclusion: Gauss Flayer must be located
Temporary Solution: Arm Current Necron Frame with the Inferior Necron Armaments

Unit 23 walked towards the Weapons Cabinet. It slowly lifted it's right arm and, after clenching it's fist, brought down the arm with Incredible speed, immediately breaking the metal cabinet. It's arm stayed still for a few moments then withdrew. In It's hand was a Gauss Pistol, pulsing with a deadly green light.

It repeated the motion with it's left arm, and pulled out a Sword of Necrodermis. The Sword would be able to cut through almost any material in the Galaxy. It placed the sword at It's hip and scanned the Immediate Area.

Investigation: Fate of the Necron Warship
Analysis: Majority of the Arms and Technology are broken beyond repair. Ship is currently Useless.
Addendum: Standing Order 13524: Necron Technology must not fall to the hands of Lesser beings
Conclusion: Necron Warship must be destroyed
Solution: Reactor Meltdown

The Necron ship was silent for several minutes, It's dark metal reflecting no light and not even the sounds of the Dying emanating from it. Unit 23 aimed the Gauss Pistol at the emergency exit and fired. A green stream of energy ripped the metal apart, afew more shots insured an opening large enough for the 7 foot Necron to exit out of. It looked at It's surroundings for a moment, seemingly curious before it started moving again. It's long methodical pace insuring that It would be well out of the Explosion's range.

Meanwhile, the Ship behind It started to glow. The Previously peaceful Emerald Light coming from the ship turning into an Angry Crimson. The entire area was bathed in the light and, after 20 seconds, the Ship exploded, bathing the surrounding area with Radiation. The Fire and Radiation spread out, burning and Irradiating the surrounding area. In a normal Environment, the Walls would have been charred and broken by such a massive explosion. In a Normal Environment, every living creature within a hundred meters would have been burned to death, and every Organic a Thousand Meters beyond that would feel the Radiation drastically altering their Body Composition. But it wasn't a normal Environment. The Walls seemed to absorb the Fire and Radiation, not allowing it to pass any further. The Light emanating from the explosion lit the surrounding area without Ill effects, damaging no one. The walls were still 90 meters away from the ship however, and Unit 23, who was 65 meters away from the ship. The Flame engulfed him, and the accompanying Radiation bathed his Software. The Fire and Radiation barely registering a blip along Unit 23's Mainframe, and It's body. It kept walking, knowing that It's body would never be damaged by Necron Technology, even when said Technology experienced a Reactor Meltdown.

Stumbling around the what he assumed be some kind of Eldar world. After coming to an impass he felt the presence of something. It felt human but he wasn't sure. He couldn't trust smell the air was too stale, it was too dark for sight, and even he couldn't trust his hearing sound seemed to bounce around, but he was sure someone was near. He could feel it. To be safe he readied his rifle.

Ace looks around, hearing more unknown sounds. He wonders if it's just him, or if there really is an enemy.

"Keep your sanity Ace" He said to himself

He continues walking down the black path

A little off put by the loud whisper he knew he just heard he took postion in case it was an enemy and called out.
"Who's Ace?!" Shouted Richard into the warm blackness. "I know I didn't imagine that! Who's there"

"Oh damn my luck, a possible enemy" Ace thought.

"Who are you? And are you a member of the Imperium Of Man?" He quickly asked in half-dread, half anticipation

Reanalysis of Enclosure and triangulation of current location on the Planetary Body
Enclosure made of Unknown and Untested materials. Current Location impossible to determine. Phenomenon designated as 'The Warp' interfering with current Instruments. Enclosure Impervious to Gauss fire. Enclosure Impossible to chart due to the Warp Phenomenon.
Investigation: Plotting a Direct course to the Chaos Warship
Analysis: Location impossible to analyze. Analysis of Enclosure indicates destruction to be Impossible.
Addendum: Enclosure seems to be widespread. Indicating that the Chaos Warship would have crashed here.
Hypothesis: Inhabitants of Chaos Warship are present within the Enclosure as well.
Query: Is the Enclosure's Indestructibility even? Does the entire Enclosure share the trait?
Reply: Initial Reports seems to Indicate an Affirmative
Temporary Solution: Continuously search for Chaos Inhabitants. Probabilities estimate that they will eventually be found and Eliminated. Their Ship will have also crashed as well. Probabilities indicate an even GREATER chance to locate said ship.

Alert: Vocal Resonance equal to that of a Human Conversation has been detected.
Investigation: Human Predicament
Analysis: Humans unlikely to be victorious in sustained combat. Resources gained from the Organics would be Trivial at Best and Inconsequential at Worst. Souls gained from elimination would not be Devoured by the Great C'tan Gods.
Addendum: Possibility that Organics will have superior Weaponry in comparison. Projectile weapon classified as a Bolter Rifle would inflict slightly moderate to Moderate damage. Energy Projectile known as the Lasgun would inflict minor damage depending on Charge, Aim and Skill of Use. Damage to current Shell is a distinct Possibility. Deaths of Organics will occur without a doubt, but damage to Shell may be more than acceptable.
Conclusion: Observe Organics for now. If Permissible, eliminate at slightest possibility. If not, observe until Chaos Targets have been found.

The lights shifted and danced in a twilight of never ending pagan worship of Vre's surroundings. He gazed out of the now bloated and extinguished husk of his ship, through a ruptured festering wound, a window created by the sub-space rupture.

But it was to be expected, some of the web-way entry points - like the one he had used to enter were unstable and could pass a few seconds in the warp before entering into the web-way.

Vre was already fully suited up, the infinity braid on his body all the sustenance it would need by absorbing aspects of the web-way.

He then turned an infinity point on the ships wall and rested his hand there, interacting with the ship psychically, seeking the information he required.

Power status: 5%
Weapons status: 0.4% functionality - sub note ¬
------------------------------------------------------------------Forward rent'san cannons immobile.
------------------------------------------------------------------Aft rock'lo prisms immobile and inoperable.

To be expected.

Vre thought, not bothering to worry about other crew, this being his own vessal and him the sole operative.

To work.

With that thought Vre activated the safety protocol on the ship.

30 seconds.

Taking one last glance at the interior of his ship, Vre stepped out in the the abyss of vortex colours that awaited him outside the ship.

24 seconds.

Reality blurred and raced. Vre felt his very molecules separate, implode and reconfigure themselves as he was magicked along the otherworldly like vines of the web-way.

Then the explosion came when Vre counted 10 seconds remaining.

Also to be expected.

Vre was no stranger to the use of web-ways and knew that time didn't always pass normally in them.

Vre rose from the ground he now found himself on and observed his surroundings, making sure to stay in the pose of the hidden reaper.

After taking a quick scan he realised he was in a pol'cor a part of the webway made manifest to anchor the weigh point of many web-way gates within a point of sub-space. Vre also noticed a human creeping behind a boulder not to far away, but oblivious to Vre due to his vantage point. Vre also noted the chaos ship and knew by the wrenching feeling in his chest that it was not empty of chaos filth.

Vre however didn't believe the human could be of any use and without practical knowledge of chaos numbers was unwilling to engage. Vre glanced to his left and caught the ripple of a web-way gate.


Vre sprinted effortlessly towards it and found himself within a tunnel. The flickering lights of the web-way once again accompanied him. But almost instantly Vre recognised the ship before him. It was Eldar and the ship had crashed recently.

Maybe they are still alive.

Vre knew no one would still be in this ship, they would have headed into deeper into the web-way, even if they were operating on basic knowledge of the warp.

So Vre began to head deeper into the blackened and yet rainbow spectrum womb of the web-way.

@Caelum: Thats fine with me. And yes, you would have night vision.

Illyrian paused, looking around once more. To his left, a long corridor. Ahead, there was a junction not far ahead. To his right...wait. The Webway had just changed again. Now thepath to the right led Orc ship? That wouldn't be good. Tyranids and now Orcs... Something was amiss in the Webway, but what?

After a moment's pause, Illyrian decided it would be optimal for him to backtrack a small amount, see if the Web had stayed the same. He wasn't any closer to the center than he had been when he started out, and That just wouldn't do at all. A quick turn, and... More wall.

Since his path was now closed, Illyrian pressed onward and to the left when he arrove at the junction. maybe he could circle around and get closer to the center.

"Yes, are you?" Gathering up his courage Richared thought of more to ask? "What Regiement are you from?!?"

Richared ask the strange and nervouse voice. Richard felt scared, Eldars only know trickery and this could be a trap, but if it wasn't he had found a commrade. This is important the only way for him to survire would be in the safty of numbers.

Goresmas'a growl loudly and curse at every turn. The webway kept him going in circles and seem like he walk this way for miles now. He seem to come back to the Imperial guard ship. But stop, looks at it again. Something was off with this one he thought. He got closer as it was a bit hard to see in the dark webway and he found out it was a different ship!

He look around, looting the bodies of what he could but finding nothing much but extra ammo clips and some rations. He ate some of the rations as well as cutting off a hand of a imperial soldiers. Eating about half as he saves the rest with the other small portion of rations he found. He grunted and gets back up from resting and eating. He looks around to see which way to go and found out the webway had yet again change on him. "Stupid blasted t'ing. can't make up its own mind" He said as he continue on his way. Looking for a way out or something to kill with his choppa and shoota pistol.

Vre turned a corner and before his eyes manifested the silhouette of a tall figure standing at a junction. Their armour looked slightly scrapped but not overly damaged, their height indicated they could be Eldar.

Yes definitely Eldar.

Vre thought as he inched silently closer to his unaware victim, noting the oriented armour. Vre didn't dare call out, this was the web-way and by law of averages he calculated he had less than a 0.03% of this being a fellow Eldar, against 97% chance of it being one of the Fallen Cousins, a Druchii.

After a moments thought Vre decided he either had to attack, fall back or reveal himself, or he would lose his advantage.

Just as the figure began to move off to the right junction way, Vre made his move.

Utilising his warp spider warp pack, he warped behind the Figure. The burning fire, caused by the brief stroking encounter with the warp as the pack shifted space, within his mind was muffled by the warmask of khaine, the blessing that all Eldar Warriors held, so that their sanity was preserved. Only the Exarchs, leaders of the Aspect Cults were cursed to always wear their warmasks, and thus were outcasts in Eldar craft worlds, forced to stay within their shrines except in times of war.

Vre's blades hissing as they rent and oscillated the molecules of the atmosphere as they materialised in-front of the figure's exposed neck and chest, and his own body behind.

"Shea nudh Asuryanish ereintha Asuryanat".

Karkesh continued to follow the Ork, when he suddenly heard two voices shouting. They sounded human. Karkesh turned to where he heard the noise. He could sense two humans nearby.

When Karkesh looked back to where the Ork was walking and saw that he had left while he was distracted. Karkesh probably wouldn't be able to find the creature again in all this darkness, so he decided investigate these new people.

"I'll watch them, then rip them apart when they let their guards down." he thought

Karkesh creeped over to where the voices were coming from. He hid behind a large rock and watched as two Imperials were talking to each other.

Analysis of Current Situation indicates Human Organics as members of the Faction known as "The Imperium of Man"
Current Conversations Indicate them to be soldiers of the Imperial Guard.
The Medusa V conflict has confirmed standard Battle Philosophy of the Imperial Guard
Observation: The Imperium posses the Largest amount of Galactic Mass in the Galaxy. The continued Survival of other Organic Factions are only possible due to the sheer number of Adversaries the Imperium faces. Unlike the Genetically Altered Space Marines, the common Imperial Stormtrooper is simply Irrelevant. The Death of One would hardly matter.
Addendum: Conflicts during the Medusa V Conflict has confirmed the Tactics employed by the Average Superior Unit. The Majority of the Commanders used Inefficient Tactics which are all centered along the assumption that there would be more Units. Dozens of Regiments insured that the Tactic Succeeded.
Conjecture: As such, The Imperium would only see fit to give their Units the Minimum requirement in a Sustained Conflict. Further showing that The Imperium views each Individual Unit as useful in a Group. This Further Implies that each Unit is simply unable to truly function at their Full Capacity, due to engaging in Combat Individually
Addendum: Individual Units would still be Skilled. Current Tactics, though Incredibly wasteful, would Insure that an Imperial Guradsman Unit would be Incredibly Battle Hardened. Skilled in Survival. However, this would still be Insufficicent against one of their Adversary Faction's Equivalent.
Conclusion: The Guardsman offer no threat to the Necron Frame. Their Elimination would be without doubt in normal Terrain. Unfortunately, The Enclosure's Nature creates Scenarios wherein Accurate Calculations are Impossible.
Solution: Elimination Protocols are in Standby. Current Calculations Indicate a 87% probability of Terminating Targets. Elimination of Targets must require a minimum of 95% Probability of Success for a successful Strike.

Oke the shuttle is gone, I am the Emperor knows where and the freaking FNG's are gone. This is starting to look like one of those days Hawk thought while walking in a certain direction.
And best thing yet, I almost can't see a bloody thing in here. Maybe the binoculars can help?
Taking out the binoculars, Hawk tried a couple a settings on it.
Well the best I can get is this choppy IR
Continuing his journey, Hawk came on to a three way.
Oke honey, do your thing
Taking out his bayonet, Hawk tossed it in to the air. Catching the bayonet again in his hand and looking at it, Hawk saw a engraving of a lady grinning back at him.
Oke, right it is then

Illyrian heard the faint hissing and then the screeching of a warp-pack, but realized he didn't know where the attack was coming from. In conclusion, he decided to just stay still. Hopefully whomever it was would be friend rather than foe. When he heard the unnamed humanoid speak, he at once knew he was in the presence of another Eldar.

"Stay your blade, Warp Spider. I am not your enemy here."

Illyian thought better of speaking when he remembered these tunnels did not only have eldar in them anymore. He resorted to using his thoughts to convey messages.

I am Illyrian, of Craftworld Iyanden. From what craftworld do you hail?

"I am from the Cadian 3rd Shock Troops! You?" Ace wasn't going to lower his weapon any time soon, even if an apparent 'man' was here.

"89th Echolon Regiemnt." Richard relaxed a bit but wasn't going to let down his gaurd "Did your ship crash too? No survivors?" He shouted back, he need to be 100% sure.

He heard talking echoing among the walls. Sounded human as he shouted a loud orky "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" Wanting his enemy to shake in their boots when they hear the ork chant. "You 'umies gonna bez da next target of my choppa!"

Karkesh watched as the two humans continued speaking to each other. He decided that now was the time to strike.

"They're too busy talking to one another. They will not see me coming." he thought

Karkesh moved away from the cover of the rock pile and began creeping towards the humans. Suddenly, he heard a loud ork-like roar nearby. Karkesh scowled.

"Stupid Ork! Does he want to get himself killed? When I see him, I'll tear him apart like I will with these humans."

Karkesh stood where he was, waiting to see how the humans reacted to the roar. He unsheathed his blade as he knew there would be blood soon.

"Yes, it has crashed. No survivors... I think" He replied agressively. He didn't want to give the impression he was weak.

Before he could say something a loud ork warcry prieced the thick darkness. "Shit! Look buddy same happen to me, I'm coming over don't shoot. Only way were going to get out of this is by fighting together!"

Richard ran into the direction of Ace's voice before he could get a relply hoping it was really a human and hoping Ace wouldn't shoot him out of fear.

Karkesh saw one of the humans get up and run towards the other. He was becoming thirsty for blood, and saw this as his time to strike.

He got up and charged towards the human who was running. He let out a vicious scream.


Karkesh raised his blade forward and lunged at the human.

Chaos is here too? Richard thought to himself. Richard pointed his gun in the direction of the screaming and open fired, the light flashing off the walls gave him some light. He continued firing in slow succesions to conserve ammo. He could only hope it would slow the enemy down fast enough for him to be able to get Ace and if Ace wasn't an enemy in disgues then Him and Ace could retreat into the black. Then with a slim chance their tracks would be covered up by the ever shifting maze.

I never had to hope for some much, and all of it just so I could live for a few more moments to get lost in a maze.

Though he didn't really belive, faith was something he needed right now as he ran backwards to Ace firing on the unknow enemys. Emperor protect me he whispered to himself.

"Chaos Scum" Ace thought and jumped out of the danger. He was used to fighting Chaos in Darkness but not Daemons, especially ones as vicious as the daemons of Khorne.

He opened up fire and tried to conserve ammo. He would kill it with his bare hands if he had to.

Richared finally reached Ace, happy to find him to be a human. "Lets fall back into the Maze there's no way we can take on a Daemon and Ork on in this darkness, I'm already running low on ammo!"

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