The Webway: A Warhammer 40k RP (Started, Still Accepting!)

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"Agreed. I'll follow" Ace answered

Karkesh charged towards the human, who fired his gun at him. Karkesh was hit twice in the chest by a lasgun, but his breastplate weakened the shots.

Suddenly, Karkesh was hit in the side by the other human, his arm burned by the laser shot. Karkesh grabbed his arm and yelled in pain. He continued running towards the human, but instead of lunging with his blade he had lowered his head and prepared to charge him.

Karkesh rammed the human with his horns, knocking him over with the blow. He quickly grabbed the human with his uninjured arm and pulled him up. He turned to the other Imperial, holding his friend's body as a shield. He had seen this trick used by a marine in the past.

"Drop your gun, human!" he shouted

With the Daemon breathing in face Richared pulled his knife out with his free hand and although it was painful he made a strong lung straight into the face of the vile beast.

"FOR THE EMPEROR!!!" Richared shouted with all his strengh hoping to strick fear into the withered black heart of the bastard.

After making the strike he yelled out for ace to take the shot. "FIRE AT THE BASTARD ACE!"

"Son of a bitch!" Ace yelled and continued firing, not worrying about ammo anymore.

"Emperor guide me towards victory" He mouthed

Status Alert: Organic classified as 'Ork' has engaged Human Organics in Extended Combat. Use of Current Tactics confirms Identity of the Adversary.
Addendum: Ork Species is currently one of 2 Species still Active from the Conflict with The Old Ones. Caution is Advised.
Combat Alert: Human Organic has relocated next to It's fellow Unit. Chances for Human Survival raised by 34%
Mission Alert: Chaos Presence Confirmed. Classified as Demon under the Spectral Entity known as 'Khorne'. Literary Similarity to Plant known as Corn deemed Irrelevant. [1]
Observation: Spectral Analysis indicates that the Khorne Demon is under Sub-Classification of Bloodletter. Ability to engage Viable.
Conclusion: Presence of Bloodleter suggests him to be part of the Primary Objective. Reassessment of Objectives Indicates that the Bloodletter must be eliminated.
Addendum: Bloodletter is the Primary Target. Target for Termination. Termination Status Maintained Indefinitely. Bloodletter Reclassified to Secondary Objective upon discovery of Chaos Warship. All Other Organic Targets are Deemed Irrelevant. Termination of Organic Subjects Authorized upon the Completion of the Primary Objective or during Hostilities Initiated by Organics.
Solution: Gauss Pistol deemed Sufficient for Bloodletter Termination. Bloodletter deemed as Information Source. Upon Bloodletter's reduction to 57% Spectral Energy, Interrogation will commence.
Combat Algorithms Active
Analysis: Close Combat deemed Insufficient and Unnecessary. Long Range Termination by Gauss Fire deemed Appropriate.
Combat Alert: Bloodletter using Human Organic as a Safeguard against Long range Fire. Surprise Attack may be Compromised.
Analysis: Irrelevant. Gauss Weaponry is sufficient to tear the Organic's Basic Components apart by Molecule. First 2.5 Discharges will ensure Organics Termination should the Bloodletter alter It's shield to the Gauss Weapon. Subsequent 13 Discharges will insure Bloodletter's Termination.

Unit 23 stood up, his fool 7 ft. mass showing itself fully. It Raised it's right hand, Gauss Pistol glowing menacingly, and activated the weapon. Emerald Energy began to fire from the Weapon.

[1] This is shows 2 things. One, the time in the Webway is starting to affect the Necron's Behavior. My personal Hope is that he'll eventually become something similar to HK-47. The other thought, the one actually going through my mind and not the one I made on the spot, is that I CAN'T let that one Go.

The human Karkesh was holding suddenly broke his hand free and grabbed his knife. He stabbed the blade into Karkesh's face, the daemon's bone mask shattered when it struck. The knife cut into his flesh, but didn't go nearly far enough to kill him.

Karkesh screamed in pain. He grabbed the human by the neck, then slashed him across the chest with his claws. Karkesh was hit in the side by the other Imperial, and dropped the human he was holding. He turned to the other human, holding his injured side.

"You weak bastard, I'm going to ki..."

Suddenly, Karkesh heard a noise. He turned around and saw a tall, humanoid-creature made of metal. The creature had pulled out what appeared to be a gun and fired at Karkesh's direction.

"Oh fuck."

Green blasts of energy flew towards Karkesh. The daemon ran as fast as he could away from the new creature. He was already wounded and didn't need to be fighting three enemies at once.

A few shots almost hit Karkesh, but he was running so fast they whizzed by. Karkesh saw a tunnel nearby and ran into it.

Richard held his chest and screamed out "LET GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!" Richard picked up his knife and sheathed in and began hobbling away form the danger as fast as he could. He almost wanted to thank the Necron who had just saved him but he doubt the souless machine would apperciate it at all.

Richard plan was to find a Imperium ship and hold up there while they recovered.

Mission Status: Bloodletter survival apparent. Damage to Target Unknown.
Analysis: Bloodletter has began Evasion Tactics. Due to the Inherent Qualities of the Enclosure, Bloodletter Evasion apparent.
Observation: Human Organisms and Ork Organism present. Human Organic unlikely to attempt an Assault upon this Frame. Ork Psychology indicates that the Ork will engage in Hostile Action against this Unit.
Addendum: Human Organics pose 5%-13.86% Minor threat to Necron Frame. Status Irrelevant. Elimination of Human Organics deemed Irrelevant to Primary Objective. Elimination of all Organic Life under Tertiary Objective.
Supplement: Ork currently poses a minimum of 25% threat upon this Unit. Likeliness of Hostile Action: 100%. Ork will likely attempt to engage in Hostile Actions against Necron Frame.
Conclusion: Pursue Primary Objective. Bloodletter must be eliminated and Chaos Warship found. Exterior Factors beyond the Objectives are Irrelevant. Will not Engage in Hostile Actions against the Organics. Once the Ork Organism begins to offer Hostile Actions, Termination will be Approved.
Solution: Ork Organism vulnerable to Gauss Fire. Close Range Combat will allow a 78% chance at Ork Termination. Hunter-Killer mode Activated. Bloodletter Tagged as Primary Target.

Unit 23 began to move, slowly and methodically towards the tunnel the Bloodletter had fled towards. The Gauss Pistol in his hand was still glowing dangerously, and the Necron's eyes were filled with an Ancient Hate towards the Living, Constrained by the Machine Body it was currently Inhabiting. It seemed to be daring the Ork to try and kill it.

Walking down the corridor, Hawk heard a strange noise. Stopping and pulling his cloak around him, he took out the binoculars.
What the heck was that noise.
Scanning the way, Hawk noticed a barely recognisable heat blimp heading his way.
Now, what the heck is that? Better to be safe than sorry
Reading his weapon, Hawk hungered down and waited.

Goresmas'a walk by Hawk without seeing him. Due to the darkness and with the cloak around him. He spat at the ground grumbly said

"Dag! I coul'da sworn I saw somet'ing down 'ere" He looks around. This might be a good shot for hawk to take, but what if he miss? In the darkness and being this close to the ork and with the webway changing the surroundings. If he miss, he could be dead within a few minutes once the ork mek started to charge at him.


Sarge kept running and chucked a grenade at the closest Tyranid, which managed to disorient it long enough to get in a shot at its leg.

Ace followed Richard, not wanting to be left alone. Strength in Numbers.

Sarge followed the Guardsmen, not wanting to be alone.

Richard with Ace behind him ran through the blackness, hoping to some how loss their enemeys retreat to the ship and recover enough to venture out again in hopes to find...Find what exactly a way out? This place is in another diminsion the best we could hope for his a peaceful death and even that is asking much. Pushing the thought out, Rich gritted his teeth and press foward ignoring the pain. He felt a someone else besides Ace following him.

Might be that bastard of an Ork on our ass. No matter we'll loss him one way or another

"Son of a bitch is following us. But who's the bitch?" Ace muttered.
He decided to tell his findings to Richard

"We're being followed" Ace quietly said

Knew it! Richard thought to himself. "Can you see who or what it is?" He barly managed to gasps out between the pain and the running.

"In this darkness? No way in hell" Ace said.
"Let's try stopping for a brief second, it might get lost without our footsteps"

"Agreed" Richard said with a sigh as he buckled over he sat down against the wall to take a breath which almost felt as if it was moving. "okay we might as well get ready incase this thing does find us" he said in a low whisper. Then pointed his rifle in the direction he thought the thing was coming form.

Ace did exactly the same


Mission Status: Bloodletter rapidly Retreating from Battle Perimeter. Current speed indicates that the Bloodletter will be beyond current Necron Frame's ability to observe through Light Detection Apparatus.
Analysis: Bloodletter Escape Inevitable. Escape has already been Foreseen. Termination of Bloodletter Inevitable. Probabilities state that an Incursion will occur upon the Current Necron Frame within the Next 1536.67 Years. Probability of Bloodletter assaulting other Organic Lifeforms, 100%. Probability of Bloodletter Encountering Unit 23, 100%.
Observation: Enclosure reasserts and reorganizes It's walls whenever Line of Sight has been broken. Reassertion is likely total, only apparently constant factor is that all Organic, Spectral, and Mechanical Objects introduced within the Enclosure is Preserved. If stated Objects are destroyed by other factors, the Enclosure will not Interfere.
Hypothesis: If Organic, Spectral and Mechanical Objects are preserved, unless Independent action Terminates objects, then stated Objects are likely to remain within the Enclosure for an Inestimable amount of time. Regardless, no matter the size of the Enclosure, it either cycles several Million combinations, or Generates new Combinations randomly.
Conclusion: If the Enclosure cycles the Combinations, then an Encounter with the Bloodletter or the Chaos Warship is Inevitable. If Randomly generated, then the Randomization process will Inevitably pair our paths together. Termination of Bloodletter is Inevitable.
Addendum: Due to Bloodletter's own Psyche, it will Inevitably need to come into Conflict with other Organic Beings. Due to it's Immortal status, it will have to repeat said Conflicts for a Long amount of time. Said Conflicts will draw attention to itself, thus drawing my attention towards it.
Conclusion: Bloodletter's Termination is Inevitable. Encounter with Bloodletter is Inevitable. All that is required is that current Necron Frame keeps Progressing.
Investigation: Calculate probable Tactics against all Known hostile Factions against the Great C'tan Gods.

The Tyranids hissed, S4 being shot in the leg and the others temporarily blinded. The path closed in front of them, something they could have easily gotten through by spitting acid at the wall... but instead the backed away S7 letting out a bloodcurling shriek before sprinting backwards and down another path that led lower.

The other Tyranids followed, sprinting after S7, S4 limping badly but still keeping up.

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