The Webway: A Warhammer 40k RP (Started, Still Accepting!)

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Sarge turned a corner and met two Imperial Guardsmen with their lasguns pointed at him. "Who are you, xenos scum?" one of them said, and Sarge turned on the shield drone.
"Now is not the time for your xenophobia, gue'la," Sarge says, "we have larger problems than each other."

"How do we know you won't kill us?" Ace asked, still pointing his Hellpistol at the Tau

Karkesh continued to run deeper into the tunnel. When it appeared to have lost the machine, he spotted and laid against the side of the tunnel. He began breathing heavily, exhausted from running so fast.

"By Khorne...what the fuck was that dammned thing?!" he said

Kakresh had never seen anything like that creature. It was made entirely of metal and didn't appear to act like other beings should.

Karkesh then remembered his wounds. He ripped off a piece of cloth that was on his leg, tore it into two pieces, and wrapped the pieces around his arm and side. Once he was done he continued walking along the tunnels, looking for new enemies.

"There's ones other than the humans and Ork here. I can sense them." he said to himself "I can sense Eldar somewhere in this webway."

"I have nothing to gain in doing so. We are being hunted by at least three Tyranids and a Bloodletter. They are far greater foes than we pose to one another.

We can kill each other when this is over."

Sarge puts his pulse rifle at ease.

"I'll ask my partner. I still don't trust you Xeno Scum but you have a good point" Ace replied

Great a bloody ork, thank the Emperor he didn't see me. mmmmm I can take the shot, but if I miss he would charge me in a second.
Trying not to make any noise, Hawk pulled out broken lens and tried to threw it the way the ork had been walking. If it worked he could sneak away silently, else he had to run and gun it.

Rich was weak form exhausted, and his wounds and that slash the demon made at Ace wasn't looking to hot either. "I say we let him join, for now. Were injured, low on ammo and on the run. Though I trust you xeno and I'm sure you don't trust us, but not trying to finish us off right now says something. Though don't think you can backstab us later because we could lead you somewhere or you can get something for us. Were just as lost and broken as you. Worken together might be are only chance."

Vre kept his blade up for a moment before lowering it. He did not sense tainted thoughts from this Eldar, the chanting curse of the great dark deceiver (slannesh), no, this was another lost Eldar.

"Dangerous to speak with the mind in this place. Warp creatures can pick up your thought threads and find ways into your mind."

Vre stepped in-front of the other Eldar.

"I am Vre'tan, how did you come to this place?"

The Tyranids had given up their search earlier, and were now roaming the large tunnels looking for more life forms. They crept silently along the edges of the tunnel, making sure not to make a noise. This time they would hunt by stealth.

Goresmas'a heard a sound and let out a roar and charge at it.

"I got'ca now 'umie!" he said. Looking around from where he heard the sound as started swinging a bit. "OI! Quit cha bein sneaky ou' grot of a 'umie" He kept looking around that area until he got bored and continue on his way. Looking for more prey to hunt and chop down with his choppa.

The Tyranids had given up their search earlier, and were now roaming the large tunnels looking for more life forms. They crept silently along the edges of the tunnel, making sure not to make a noise. This time they would hunt by stealth.

Observation: Currently, Ork, Human, and Spectral factions have been Contacted.
Hypothesis: Due to current Location and from current analysis of Data, more species are likely to be Involved within the Enclosure.
Conclusion: Due to Unusually Large amount of Organic and Spectral variety present within the Enclosure, analysis of Individual Species is required. Due to current location and likeliness of Hostilities, In depth studies are not advised.
Anthology Access: Granted
Information Analyzing...

Unit 23 stood in the middle of the Tunnel, emerald eyes staring straight ahead and it's back rigid. It's right arm was still holding onto the Gauss Pistol while the Necrodermis Sword was attached to his Right wrist, allowing for quick withdrawal in the event of a Short Range Battle.

Illyrian cautiously spoke. Although Vre'tan was an Eldar, there was still no proof he could be trusted.

"Dangerous to speak either way. Sound carries far in these tunnels, and you never know who is watching or listening. I've already heard footsteps and voices, none of them Eldar either. My ship was caught in a wormhole and crashed. I've been wandering down here for quite some time, trying to find the center. We better walk, try to find the center, or at least get close to it. How did you come to be wandering these tunnels?"

Illyrian started walking, continuing down the tunnel.

Keeping alongside his new companion Vre'tan replied.

"You don't want to know why I am here and the how is irrelevant".

Cannot afford to alienate a potential ally early on.

After pausing for a moment, Illyrian took a left at another tunnel before speaking again.

"Well, I suggest we at least stick together for now, whatever your mission may be."

"Agreed. My name is Shas'Ui Tau'n Lynu. Call me Sarge. I currently have this shield drone, a tracking drone, and this pulse rifle. I also have a repair kit for any equipment. What supplies do you two humans have?"

Sarge hears snarling coming from the darkness behind them and fires a few shots down the labyrinth.

"We may want to talk about this en route to our next location."

Darth Caelum:

The Tyranids had given up their search earlier, and were now roaming the large tunnels looking for more life forms. They crept silently along the edges of the tunnel, making sure not to make a noise. This time they would hunt by stealth.

The Tyranids weren't about to give up their hunt, easing along the floor as rifle shots flew over their heads. They knew this was the same man who had damaged them like earlier, but they weren't going to rush in screaming this time, instead, they would kill the life forms while they were unaware.

Karkesh continued to walk along the tunnel. He could sense the presence of Eldar getting closer.

He may not have known much about the Eldar, but he did know that they were a psychic race. This meant that they could be communicated with telepathically.

"Perhaps I should try to communicate with them." he thought "I could trick them into thinking I'm an Eldar, and lure them to me."

Karkesh didn't know if the Eldar could tell a daemon from one of their own with telepathy, but he didn't care. He would end up killing these weak cowards no matter what happened. Karkesh reached out with his mind to the Eldar.


Conclusion: From analysis of current Species, Combat Reaction Algorithm has been created. Combat Algorithym rendered Obsolete upon departure from the Enclosure.

Tier 1: Human; Physically Inferior in comparison to the majority of the races. Mainline Human poses minimal threat to Necron chassis. Termination if hostile, current Objective requires 100% Priority on Chaos elimination.

Tier 2: Tau; Physically Average. Main focus on Long Range termination with energy based projectiles. Supplemented with Inferior Machine Constructs and Inferior Alien supplement Forces. Eyesight posses minor disadvantage, focusing on Long Range objects significantly slower than close range objects. Majority of Tau forces do not utilize or are particularly excellent at Close Range combat. Termination if hostile, current Objective requires 100% Priority on Chaos elimination.

Tier 3: Demon, subset Khorne. Ork; Physically Superior to the majority of current Species. Knowledge of battle likely unparalleled. Unknown ability to reason before Combat. Termination on site, emphasis on Khorne Demon.

Tier 4: Tyranid; Physically Strong. Ability to Consume Organic life deemed detrimental to Ultimate Objective. Adaptation utilizing consumed Genetic Data observed during the Medusa V Conflict. Current Status as threat to the Ultimate OBjective requires all Tyranids to be Terminated on site. Due to their current status, the majority of Tyranids lack an Individual Conscience. All of them are lead by the Hive Mind. As such, small Infiltration Drones are unlikely to appear. Presence of Tyranid forces within the Construct: Negative.

Tier 4: Eldar; Physically Average but dextrous attacks and technology supplement physical weakness. Psychic abilities drawn from the Warp is a major Advantage to the Eldar. Knowledge of the Enclosure will allow them to effectively navigate the Enclosure and outmaneuver any other species. Conflict with the Old Ones proved the effectiveness of their Psychic Abilities. Eldar poses significant threat to Necron Chassis. Termination on sight.

Mission alert: Pulse Energy detected. Likely source from Tau Infantry. Investigation advised.

Unit 23 started moving towards the sound of Pulse fire. It walked with a Methodical pace, but moved quickly due to it's long legs.

"Very well, do you think you could lead? You seem to be able to see with that gizmo suit better than us. Ace and me need to go back to one of our ships to collect ammo."

EDIT: I redid the post to involve the Daemon thought speak. sorry for not noticing it at first.

Illyrian had been walking for while now, and Vre had remained silent. Suddenly, the walls began to echo conversation. I sounded like...Orc?!? What was an orc doing here? At least it appeared to only be one. Hopefully They could take him on. But before he could start moving towards the direction where the monologue was coming from, Illyrian heard a voice inside his head.


At first glance, a normal thought. But thanks to intensive anti-psyker training, Illyrian could tell this was no friendly. The alterior motive of daemonic hatred was obvious. After a moment of hesitation, Illyrian replied. Risky, but he couldn't hold back.

Foul creature, I will spill your filthy blood and dismember you when I find you. You defiled this place, and now it must be purged of your taint.

Illyrian quickly shut his mind off from all further communication in order to prevent the daemon from entering his mind.

"Actually, my race have very good eyesight. Your Space Marines are our only competition in terms of eyesight, and it is hard to distinguish which is better.
How far away is your ship?
Very well, I shall lead. No funny business, though. My shield drone has recharged and my tracking drone will watch you."

*Screech from the Tyranids*

"I suggest we hurry."

"After you Tau" Ace said

Rich began hobbling after Ace and the Tau. "I'm not sure where the ship is, these wall seem to move around. I think if we walk enough we'll run into it."

Goresmas'a look everwhere for the 'umie he thought he heard down this way. He spat at the ground in a rage. How can he be orky and put a choppa inside someone skull? Orks were made for fighting and winning! How can he do either when he has no one to fight? He kick at the ground. If he didn't get anything to fight down here soon he would go quite mad from the withdraw.

The tyranids quickened their pace, falling in step behind the life forms(tau and imperials). S3 limping behind the others and letting out frustrated hisses every few minutes.

Damn, Ork's are really dumb. Hawk thought, while making his way away from the Ork.
You know what, I am going to have a little sport with him.
Coming to a threeway, Hawk stopped and went and stand around the corner. Leaning around the corner, Hawk aim at the Ork and shoot one shot at him before ducking around the corner and concealing himself with his camo-cloak.

The two Eldar entered an enclosered area and off in the distance they made out the shape of a large ship.

"Lets check it out".

Vre said to his companion and drew his blades up in the form of the swaying storm.

Sarge and the Guardsmen advanced until he saw the shape of a large ship and two figures approaching it. Sarge sent the tracking and shield drone to investigate.

Karkesh wasn't too surprised when the Eldar realized he was a daemon. He remembered that a few of his fellow bloodletters were able to tell each other part suing only telepathy, and the Eldar were probably not much different.

"It was worth a try, and now I know more." he thought

Karkesh continued to follow the Eldars' presences. He could sense himself getting closer to them.

Soon, he could see what appeared the very faint outline of two Eldar. They appeared to be approached a large object in the distance. Karkesh slowly crept along, quietly following the two from a good distance.

"Get your Drone thing to investigate" Ace said.

Tracking drone activated

Investigate movement.

Two life forms, swift movement, elegant armour.

Diagnosis. Eldar.

Threat Priority: Delta.

Alliance ability: Average.

Sarge activates his comm in the tracker.

"Strangers, I bid you greetings in the name of Tau.
I am Shas'Ui Tau'n Lynu. Call me Sarge. I am currently aligned with two Imperial Guardsmen and being chased by no less than three Tyranids.
We would be appreciative of your help. We are surely more likely to survive together."

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