The Webway: A Warhammer 40k RP (Started, Still Accepting!)

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Illyrian headed towards the ship, looking forward to ffod and rest, even if it came from humans. As long as he could recuperate for three, maybe four hours, he would be fine. Maybe he could find something useful too. If he could just find something relevant to thir position in the webway, he could find a way out.

Vre'tan spoke up as they entered the ship and his companions dumped themselves against the ship walls in exhaustion.

"Illyrian, I know where we are in the web way".

Vre'tan said in the Eldar dialect - he didn't care their other companion couldn't understand.

Illyrian's shock was explicit, and that was saying something when one knew that Eldar emotions were kept very deep beneath the surface so as to not attract the unwanted attention of the great devourer.

Karkesh watched the creature's blade slice through the metal plate. He noticed it's gun was no longer aimed at him.

Thinking quickly, Karkesh jumped onto the metal being. He grabbed the creature's arm that held the blade and pinned it down. He raised his sword up with his other hand.


Karkesh brought his hellblade down. The sword cut into the creature's armour and plunged into it's torso.

Sarge continued walking around the Imperial ship, looking for something to eat, something to help him recover, and some parts for his tracking drone.

So far, he found some parts from the ship, a primitive propulsion system, some plating, boot straps, a tool kit that had tools not included in the repair kit, and a medkit.

Sarge ate form of human pastry that was crisp and covered in salt, canned meat, and drank some water. He decided to stash the rest of the food he could carry in his pack to take to the Guardsmen.

In terms of weapons, Sarge found a Commissarial sword, 20 lasguns, 6 grenade launchers, a plasma gun, and a 12 bolt pistols with extra magazines each. He put two grenade launchers, the plasma gun, and four bolt pistols with the magazines. Sarge equipped two bolt pistols.

Sarge began altering his drones and took the sword.

Ace eased up; the Tyranids weren't coming any time soon. But still, it didn't kill to be on guard.

Hardware Error: System Damage by 13%
Software Error: Neural Damage by 9%
Chaos Anomaly effectively scrambling Necron Neural pathways by 28%. Increase in damage by 5% every 10 seconds
Tactical Analysis: All Damage done is as foreseen. Everything is going according to plan.
System Analysis: Activation of Regeneration Capabilities.
System Rebooting
Hardware Error: 0%
Software Error: 0%
Chaos Anomaly successfully Contained. Damage to Neural Pathways dropping by 2% every 30 seconds
Energy Cell Number 3: 90%
Tactical Analysis: Chaos Longsword currently entrapped by regenerating Necrodermis Shell. Bloodletter unlikely to be posses the capability to retake the Blade.
Combat Analysis: Bloodletter currently containing Sword Arm movements by 47%. Chances of being able to eliminate Stasis without further armaments: 39%. Bloodletter combat abilities are too effective to be taken on in a Leverage match. Chances of Victory rises by 26% if requisition of Necron Fire Ar is allowed. Further chances increase by 2% every 3 seconds that the Bloodletter is not in position of further weaponry.
Tactical Analysis: Agreed. This Unit suggests concentrated fire upon the Cranium, arms, and rib cage. Gauss Pistol more than enough to fatally wound the Target. Once properly immobilized, the Target may be dissected for Information at our Leisure.
System Analysis: Executing.....

Unit 23 was bathed in a dark, emerald light emanating from the stab wound Karkesh had made. Counting upon the light's sudden appearance, the Necron grabbed the Pistol a few inches away to his right and brought it to bear at the Demon's body. If the flesh ripping properties of the Gauss Beam make contact with the Demon's skin, it would only be a matter of time before all that was left of him would be a pile of desiccated bones.

Of course, it was not very fair for the regeneration to have enclosed the Demon's blade. It was also not very fair that, because of the light, the demon would't see that not only has his blade currently entrapped by the Necron's Necrodermis shell, but the Gauss pistol on the Machine's right would be eliminating 38% of his body mass starting with his Rib Cage. Of course, if the Demon attempted to take the blade away, it would almost certainly not have enough time to turn away. Despite the obvious wounds a fairly large sword being stirred around any beings insides would damage it, the Necron believed that the expended energies would be an acceptable price for the Success of his Primary Mission.

Still, the Necron didn't know the concept of Fair Play. So it began firing at the Demon and didn't have any immediate plans to stop firing within the next 3 minutes.

"Au, Damn you, you groxs son of.............. Come back here you coward!" Hawk called after getting hit in the head by something.
Checking what had hit, Hawk fond something that looked like a pistol.
What a piece of junk is this thing. Ooh well, a nice memento.
Pick it and putting it in his back, Hawk limped towards the ship.
"Thanks. He, do you happened to have a medkit or a very nice nurse in there?" Hawk asked the man that had helped him.

Ace returned to the others, confident the Tyranids were gone or lost. Hopefully both he thought.

The Firefight died down, Ace and the others had already rushed to the ship. Not noticing Hawk. "We got some food and medical suppiles in the ship, we also got some... Um well tempory allies so don't be shooting on sight or saying anything rude, they've been helpful so far and trustworthy and I rather we all get out of here alive." Richard said addressing the newcomer.

Sarge walked out of the ship carrying weapons and food in his bag.

"I found some rations and supplies in your ship, gue'la. Hopefully they are enough to sustain you. I have also found one medkit. We must use it wisely."

The altered drones followed suit.

Goresmas'a ran down the hallway, looking for something to use. He needed a bigga gun to use against the gathering 'umies. Though he doesn't know where he could find spare parts to make one. He start searching in the webway, thinking he can head back to the 'umies ship and his own to gather enough parts from all the ships.

Karkesh was stunned by a light that came from the wound in the creature's chest. As his eyes began to recover, Karkesh suddenly felt a burning pain at his rib cage.

He looked down and saw that the creature had aimed it pistol at him and was firing it, it's green blasts destroying his flesh.

Karkesh grabbed the hilt of his sword, which he planned to cut off the metal monster's hand off with. However, Karkesh was unable to pull the blade out of the creature's chest.

The metal being continued firing it's gun at Karkesh, ripping the flesh of the daemon's torso. Karkesh knew this would have happened eventually. All servants of Khorne would end up dying one day, and it was best if they died in battle.

Karkesh leaned his head down to the metal being's face. He snarled and let out a roar.


Karkesh then felt a burst of pain. He fell to the side, his body and flesh now ripped apart. He let out a chuckle as he quickly bled out and died.

Combat Analysis: Victory assured. Cranium losing 15.73% of It's overall mass every 5 seconds with 47.98% already lost. Torso losing 9.57% of it's overall mass every 10 seconds with 35.24% already lost. 48% of it's right appendage had been eviscerated before it lost overall cohesion with the Main body and dropped off. Left appendage still intact, though 58% of it's mass has been lost.
Combat Analysis: Bloodletter has stopped facilitating combat or escape maneuvers. Bloodletter Terminated.
Tactical Analysis: Query, does the demon have enough of it's Spectral Signature to facilitate a Trackdown procedure?
Combat Analysis: Scanning.....Affirmative. Though majority of the Main Body is particularly eviscerated, the main portion of it's Spectral Signature is still intact.
System Analysis: Excellent. Due to unfamiliarity with the Construct, we have been unable to properly track down Chaos presences within the Construct's shell. Now that we have a significant sample, we can facilitate Hunter Killer Operations on the escaped Chaos Warship.

Unit 23 stopped firing 5 seconds after Karkesh breathed his last. After 2 seconds, it grabbed the remains of the Demon's head and placed it near it's 'mouth'. After 5 seconds, Unit 23 threw the Demon away and stood up, appearing to sniff the air. As if picking a direction at random, the Necron started moving.

Ace went over to the Tau 'Sarge' to see what he had found. Undoubtedly something useful.

Sarge walked met up with Ace and set down the bags.

Points at left bag.

"This bag has supplies, a medkit, and some spare weapons. I have already repaired myself and my drones."

Points at right bag.

"This bag has food in it, and I have already eaten."

Sarge pulls out the plasma gun, the 4 bolt pistols, and the two grenade launchers out of the bag, and points to the bolt pistols he has equipped.

"These may prove useful, if my experience with your Space Marines is what I remember. There are more supplies still in the ship, but I could not carry them. Please forgive me, but I used parts from your ship to alter my drones."

Sarge pats a drone.

"The ship seemed beyond repair, and these alterations may prove useful."

"I do not mind. These drones are more important than a crippled ship." He replied

"So are you saying there are more supplies? We will have to go later to retrieve them as anything is invaluable in these times..."

"There are more weapons, lasguns mostly. There are also spare uniforms. More food in a galley."

Suddenly the encloser's sky came awake with lightning bolts, dancing arcaicly in a twisted display of pulsating power.

Goresmas'a look up in the sky. He didn't know if it was nature to happen or if something was wrong here.

I betta geta toda ships. Get some cova and start workin on da bigga guns

He thought to himself as he ran off in a random direction. He could feel himself getting close to ship. As the maze webway shift and change he came to a Imperial ship that seem to be better shape then most. He smile his orky smile and ran into it. Taking parts of it a part and starting to work out a bigga gun. While taking cover inside the ship.

The tyranids had been resting for the past few hours, regaining the strength that they had lost when they tried ambushing the humans and the tau. Their plan had failed, because they had rushed into it with a wounded Hormagaunt, which greatly hindered their chances of success. That and they sprinted forward instead of hanging back and taking them out one by one.

S7 began to move, the duct system causing a small creaking noise as it continued forward. The last thing it remembered was that it had been inside of an imperial ship, and S7 confirmed signs of life when he heard scattered noises below.

The other Tyranids continued to rest, but S7 could rest no longer. It crawled towards a small vent that it could break out of if need be, and attack whoever was inside.

As Goresmas'a was setting up the gun parts he heard something moving within the ship. Growling he pick up his ax and spat out the bolt he been chewing on. He look around, hitting random vents and possible something could hide in. Getting ready to dive his choppa into whatever was in the ship with him. "Oi ya git. Come out and fig't me like a ork!" he yell out.

The vent in front of the Tyranid smashed inward, and S7 saw a large pair of orcish fashioned boots appear and disappear almost as quickly. S7 snarled, leaping out of the vent and aiming a cut towards the back of the Orc's leg. It didn't expect to do any major damage, but it wanted to anger the Orc as much as it could.

Goresmas'a felt sharp pain in his leg as he turn around and kick at the thing that cut him. Seeing a small bug/lizard creature hitting the wall. "Oi Im gonna cut you ya grot" he said as let out a warcry and goes towards the tyranid. Slashing his choppa at its head.

S7 let out a screech, ducking underneath the choppa and back into another vent. He crawled along these vents, until it was on the other side of the orc. It screeched again, launching itself at the Orc, this time, its scythes aimed at the back of the Orc's knees.

Sarge and the Guardsmen heard a loud screech in the distance.

"I hope the alterations worked."

Tracking drone activated

Investigating motion

Analysis: Violent activity occurring 800 meters due relative west. At least five life forms.

No signs of other life forms.

"It seems the Tyranids have recovered."

Goresmas'a bent downwards to look into the vent where the Tyranid ran into. "OI! GET OUT OF DAR!" he yell as S7 stab him in the ass. Goresmas'a got up quickly and howl in pain. He try to shake off S7 and if that didn't work. Goresmas'a would slam him at the side of the desk.

"Well if the nids ain't coming here, what are you worrying about then?" Hawk said while climbing in to the ship. Picking up a medkit, Hawk duck out a shell in his leg and started bandaging his wound.
"Where did you say, you fond the lasguns" Hawk asked the xeno. "Also what the heck are you actually xeno?"

"I am worried that they may find us, due to proximity. I found the lasguns in a cargo hold."

Sarge points to the cargo hold.

Sarge then takes off his helmet.
"And yes, I am a xeno."

S7 screeched, digging his talons in deeper and raking his claws against the Ork's back. A small amount of venom was already pooling in S7's lower jaw, but he would need a lot to do any damage to the Ork.

Goresmas'a reach back and grab S7 by the tall and rips him off. Slamming him into walls for some pay back. "Gonna gut yeah, ya stupid grot" Goresmas'a said as he raise the ax and starts to come down on the Tyranid.

S7 was dazed for a moment before glaring up at the Ork. It's beady black eyes stared right into the Orks for a moment, before it let out a nasty gurgling noise and spitting out a glob of acid. The acid was aimed right for the Ork's face, as the Tyranid wiggled free, slipping back into a vent.

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