Prey: A Character Driven RP [FINISHED]

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"Okay, thank you." Takeda said as Rin left to tend to Maya. The boy looked around the dwelling curiously, taking note of the very simple decoration. It seemed like a cozy place, and as he approached a window he couldn't help but look out over the street. Being up in a tall building never seemed to get old for Takeda, it was such a nice change from seeing peoples' legs all the time.

Then his stomach gurgled and he put his hands on his belly. With a giggle, he went back into the kitchen and did as Rin suggested and made lunch. He probably wouldn't have made anything in the oven or grill anyway, so she had nothing to worry about there.

There was a short fridge on the edge of her counter, and he opened it and looked inside. It seemed to have quite a lot in there, but all in small amounts. It was like everything in the house was designed to be small and efficient, and if Takeda had thought on it enough he might have realized that it made it easy to pack up and leave at short notice if such an action was required.

After a minute or so of shuffling around the contents of his host's fridge, Takeda found a container with a trio of rice balls inside. He pulled it out and smiled, then started looking through the drawers for chopsticks. He had to stand up on his toes to see into them, and he was a little shocked to find a thin bladed knife in the first drawer.

Curiously, he pulled out the knife and held it carefully in his hands. It was a hunting knife, for throwing. And it looked very nice to him, a black and silver handle and perfectly reflective blade.

He heard footsteps and quickly put the knife back down and pushed the drawer shut, muttering a short curse under his breath. Rin walked back out and gave him a glance.

"Did you find everything you need?"

"I-I can't find chopsticks." he said, taking the container and holding it. Rin smiled and opened a drawer on the other side of the kitchen and handed him a pair of the wooden utensils.

"I'll get a hold of someone to help Maya, then we can chat."

"Okay, thanks." Takeda crawled up onto a chair and set himself in front of the table. He decided that it was safe enough here, so he pulled down his hood and let his vulpine ears perk up. As he let himself relax, his bushy tail also revealed itself behind him. The orange appendage flicked and waved lazily behind him as he started to eat the rice.

Maya drifted in and out of consciousness; one moment she was being carried up a flight of stairs, the next she was being undressed by strong hands and then being held up in a tepid bath while having a flannel rubbed vigorously across her grubby skin. She shivered slightly as cool water ran down her body. Rin's voice floated across to her like it was coming from the other side of a dark void; it sounded more like reassuring background noise than words. After a time she was lifted onto a hard tiled floor and stopped trembling as a warm towel was wrapped around her thin frame. The small girl barely had time to feel its woolly texture before she was clothed in a silky material which despite probably being many sizes too large felt very snug. The hands finally laid her down onto a comfy bed and nestling her head into the pillow sleep immediately embraced her.

An indeterminable amount of time passed before Maya awoke to hear voices around her. She felt somewhat vulnerable and so kept her eyes closed and pretended to still be asleep. One of the voices was recognisably Rin's, the other was much deeper, that of a man. He spoke quickly in a harsh voice and first pulled back the bedcovers to inspect his patient before gripping her injured arm tightly with a cold hand. He moved away and spoke to Rin again before placing a spoonful for foul-tasting liquid into her mouth and making sure she swallowed it. With that they left the room and quietness returned. Maya turned over relieved and within seconds was dreaming again.

Rezetta was getting tired. It had been a long, somewhat dangerous day, and everything was dragging on her mind. Everything she'd been through so far, from the shock of hearing her former friends might have been captured by the police, to the fear she'd felt from the weird group of hunters trying to kill her, to the illusions she'd constantly been weaving throughout the day was giving her a headache. It was a little hard to concentrate now, stuck in the back of a taxi cab going who-knew-where. She'd thrown up another quick illusion to hide her teeth when said cab arrived in the first place.

Speaking of cabs, she had a vague thought that the real cab Lily had called for earlier wouldn't be happy to see the people he was supposed to be picking up were gone. But that wasn't important now. She forced herself to focus back onto what Lily and the driver were saying, trying to ignore the headache building up inside her skull.

"Who hired you? What do they want with us?" she demanded, her eyes on the knife Lily held at Ivan's neck. While she didn't doubt that Lily could use her powers to keep the car moving safely were Ivan to be killed, she'd rather not have to witness it. After everything else she'd witnessed today, Zetta didn't think she'd be able to hold it together to smell more blood, more death, in the air. Then again, you gotta do what you gotta do, she thought with a grimace.

"Don't know, not really," Ivan said, trying to look back at them but forced to focus on the road when Lily's knife pressed against his neck with slightly more force. "Only know the name of Peirson. He paid me to drive."

"What do you want with us?" Zetta asked the impostor.
'Dammit Zetta, I told you to act normal. They don't want you. They don't know about you. They can't know about you.' Lily fumed internally.
"Don't know, not really. Only know name of Peirson. He paid me to drive" Came the reply to Zetta's question.
"Alright, so you don't know shit. You're just a hired driver" she said, removing the knife from the impostor's neck, leaving a long scratch that would develop a mark, but ultimately fade. "So fucking drive!" Lily finished, shoving him forward as she stowed the knife back in its strap.

The driver rubbed his neck, but didn't seem to be in such a discomfort. He continued driving into one of the more shady areas of town; the 'docks' as they were dubbed. Although it didn't possess a proper dock, only one that hadn't seen use for decades, it was still located at sea.

The car suddenly stopped, and Ivan opened the window. Both Zetta and Lily tensed, but Ivan only held up a card at some kind of scanner. The chain-link fence slid sideways, and Ivan drove past them. They stopped at the far end of a courtyard, where several floodlights pointed inward. They illuminated a circle in which over a dozen people stood. They were clothed normally, although some held objects eerily similar to the 'holy objects' the chanting individuals held not hours ago.

Meanwhile, at Rin's place.

Rin payed the 'doctor' the standard fee, plus a little extra to keep his mouth shut. She was sure he'd caught a glimpse of the Kitsune tearing through her rice inside, because he shook his head while he took her money. She gave him her usual buisnesslike smile and closed the door. When she entered Takeda was still busy eating. He only noticed her when she sat down on the loudly creaking leather coutch. He gave her a tentative smile.

"So, Takeda. Your friend Maya's being looked after now. The doctor assured me it was a minor infection, and he was able to take care of it."

He looked relieved. Rin let him eat for a small while before continuing.

"Would you mind if I asked you a few questions? It's not often I have a real live Kitsune in my house." She asked with a quick wink.

Takeda's ears perked up as she asked for some questions. The way she said "real live kitsune" made him feel important and special, so he smiled and winked back at her. There was only a little bit of rice left so he tipped up the edge of the container and scooped it into his mouth, then hopped down off the stool and put the dirty dishes in the sink.

"What did you want to ask me?" he inquired, taking a seat on the couch beside her. His tail wrapped around his waist and curled into his lap, and he held it in his hands securely.

Rin thought for a minute.

"Weellll.." She started slowly, "I know you can do stuff, you took out that car pretty good. What I want to know is what kind of stuff you can do."

She tapped one of the frail tomes lying on the low table with her feet.

"You get mentioned quite alot in some folklore, you know that?"

"Well, this is us." Lily said, opening the door and stepping out, she performed a small spin and held it for Zetta to climb out after her. Closing the door, she began to walk towards the illuminated area. "If I say run, Zetta, run. Don't look back, get away from here however you can, and call this number" She said, her eyes focused directly ahead, gazing into the small conglomeration of bodies in the circle as she slipped a small piece of paper to Zetta. "If they want to send someone, tell them where, if not, tell them nothing. Now, let's go meet our hosts." Lily finished, shooting a cheeky grin to Rezetta and speeding up a little "Evening all!" She called, hoping against hope that these people wouldn't want to kill her. She had some lovely new boots at home she wanted to wear a few more times, and dying would be a big inconvenience for that.

She hated having lied to Zetta about the people on the other end of the phone number she had given her. Instead of the mysterious criminal underworld Zetta's mind would have constructed, she would instead reach a kebab shop in Norfield. The person on the other end of the phone wasn't important however, but the confidence that the idea of a safety net would give Rezetta would hopefully be enough to get her to safety, and out of earshot in case anything happened. Because Lily had noticed that Zetta had a knack for taking things in her stride, a knack that could be used. Hopefully the mob would find her and she could put herself to good use. Either way, she was walking towards either a welcoming party or a a firing squad, and either one required preparation.

Ivan got out of the car as well, moving past the two passagers and taking place next to one of the people in the illuminated circle. The man, with an almost comical goatee and moustache, grabbed Ivan by the chin and jerked his head up, left and right. He clicked with his toungue and released his chin.

"Evening." The one in the middle said, beckoning them both into the light.

Takeda looked at the very old-looking book and tilted his head curiously. He couldn't understand how someone could write a book about him, he'd been hiding and running for most of his life.

"They talk about me?" he asked quietly, then remembered she had asked him a question first. "Oh yeah, I can do some stuff."

"The car thing was an illusion. Sometimes I can just make things happen, but usually I just have to make-believe that something's happening and it just does it. Aaaaaand, I can turn invisible. And I can turn into a fox."

The kitsune bounced a bit in his seat and smiled broadly at Rin. It was nice for someone to take an interest in him, and he enjoyed sharing things about himself.

As Rin and Takeda conversed, Maya slept oblivious of her surroundings. She was dreaming of her old home, back to an incident still burned into her mind after all that had happened since:

Jinan City: 2 years ago

In a small dimly lit room a five year old Maya sat crossed legged in front of an old television set. Behind her stood a grey sagging sofa and a tall book shelf piled up with odd papers and cheap magazines, surrounded on all sides by four pale yellow walls. Despite the slightly ragged appearance of the room's furniture, it was generally free from dust and dirt. The small girl was not that unlike she would look in a couple of years time, only a head shorter and a bit chubbier, except her hair was tied with white ribbon into pig-tails. She was singing along with the program in a low voice when the door into the room opened.

"Child, I'm back from work."

"Mummy!" Maya cried and ran over to hug her mother. She was a short but moderately built woman with a somewhat pinched face and dark hair tied back into a bun. Her long unrevealing skirt and well-pressed shirt was typical of the working woman.

"Did you have a good day?"

Maya nodded enthusiastically "I did all the work you set me, and I had lots of time to play with my toys and watch TV too!" She paused and then put on a more serious expression. "There's something I've wanted to ask you. The show today was talking about families and they said everyone has a mummy and a daddy. Why don't I have a daddy?"

Her mother stood still for a moment and then shook her head sadly. "You just don't. I've made and raised you all by myself. Like my own little loaf of bread!" She laughed but then her expression turned to one bordering on anger. "Why do you ask? Am I not enough? Can I not provide for you, as I have done for these last five years?"

She looked down in embarrassment and held her hands together nervously, getting her mother upset was never a good idea. "You're right, I don't need a daddy..."

"Of-course you don't. Why, it must have been that animated Japanese rubbish they dub and put on our TV for cheap content, wasn't it? Typical Japs trying to turn my own daughter against me by making up lies about you needing a father. Do you remember why we should never trust those island devils?"

Maya shook her head in confusion; she hated, not to mention felt frightened, whenever her mother was like this.

"I'll give you a clue, it's something to do with Granny, heaven bless her spirit."

She thought for a moment, then unsurely put up a hand "I remember now, they shot her daddy and brother in the war a long time ago for no reason!"

"That's right, and they did a lot more terrible things too that you're too young to hear about, but long story short however peaceful they pretend they are now they're evil and you should never trust one. Ever."

Maya just nodded and tried to avoid eye contact by stared at the bookcase, afraid that her mother might hit out at any moment if she looked like she was disagreeing. The woman calmed a little and began to look awkward.

"I'm sorry for scaring you, my child, I need to get you some more of those second hand American videos from the store, they're much better and they'll help you with your English."

She looked up at her mother again with a smile on her face, she was very relieved that the short-lived rage had passed without incident. "But why do I have to learn English, it's sounds silly and no-one speaks it!"

Her mother smiled "It may seem silly to you now, but one day that'll be your ticket to a good college and a better job. I don't want you to end up like me, trapped in an unrewarding job I don't like forever. Now should we go make some dinner together?"

Present Day

Maya mumbled an unintelligible remark in her sleep, then turned over and was silent again. Around her the empty stillness of the room hung like an invisible drape only to be disturbed by the occaisonal murmur of voices outside.

"Oh really? A fox?" Rin said. Takeda bobbed his head.

"That's pretty impressive. I have never met someone who could actually change shapes."

Her face took on a more serious tone.

"Do you remember where you came from? And what have you been doing since you were...well, born?"

Rezetta's palms were sweating as she took the paper Lily slipped her and tucked it away in the pocket of her jeans, her fingers barely moving. She wanted to protest the plan Lily whispered, but there was no good way to go about doing that without any of the mysterious people ahead of them hearing. If these people, whoever they were, proved to be dangerous, could she really just run and leave Lily alone? Sure, the other woman could definitely handle herself, but Zetta placed high stock in her own powers.

That little thought sparked another idea in her head. If the time came when Lily told Zetta to run, she could just craft an illusion of her fleeing so that in reality she could stick around to help out. Then again, that could just lead to disaster, what with the headache she had already. It was getting a little difficult to think straight, and any more illusions--whether to hide her own retreat or hide her continued presence and instead distract the group of people--would only make it worse.

The number she'd been given would have to suffice then, if the moment to run came. Though she admittedly didn't know as much about Lily as she would have liked, it seemed the other woman had connections. Surely calling them and informing them of the situation would lead to people better suited for the task of taking out these people and save Zetta from one hell of a headache--literally.

Zetta lost her train of thought as she and Lily both stepped into the light to stand in front of the crowd. Zetta, one hand nervously running through her hair, eyed the holy objects some of the people held out of the corner of her eye, trying her best not to directly look at them. She'd had a few encounters with crosses in the past and didn't fancy trying to handle any other church objects; there were still a couple of burns on her hands that needed to fade, not that she ever let those remain visible.

Takeda's mood seemed to grow somber as Rin mentioned his past. He was a spirit that preferred to live in the present, and his past was filled with plenty of painful memories.

"Well, yes. I was born on a farm, in Japan." he started, "I stayed around there for a long time, learning from my mother and then watching over my family later. I ended up following my great nephew to war to protect him, and . . . he ended up dying in the Pearl Harbor battle."

The kitsune sighed and paused for a moment, looking at the floor between his feet. He slowly ran his fingers through the fur of his tail, remembering the day he'd fought and begged with his charge. How he'd been unable to get him to reconsider the kamikaze mission and eventually compromised upon guiding the plane to it's target. He was silent for more than a minute before he looked up again.

"I've been lost for a long time. I don't know the name of my family's home, and I haven't been able to find my way to Japan again."

"Oh, I'm sorry." Rin said after she noticed his content expression falter. "I didn't mean to drag up old ghosts."

She was silent for a minute, absently observing the room. Suddenly she lightly tapped one of his ears.

"Tell you what, how about you go and check up on Maya and I get something from the car. I think I've forgotten something in there."

Maya sighed in content as she hugged the soft quilt around herself, and then groggily opened her eyes. She was lying in a comfy bed which sheets and covers were coloured only in the most pure white. She was wearing some sort of nightgown, an adult sized garment though as the sleeves draped far past the end of her arms. Her hands looked different somehow; she realised with a start that for the first time in over a month they, along with the rest of her skin that she could see, were spotless.

Where am I? the little girl thought as she stared round at the neatly decorated room. For the first time she felt there was something around her right arm, she rolled back a pink sleeve to find a clean bandage tied neatly around her injured limb.

Oh... As recollection gradually dawned on her, she began to feel very alone in the almost stiflingly tranquil bedroom.

"Takeda?" she called out in a quiet voice that hinted of panic. "Are you there?"

Takeda's ear flicked back when Rin tapped it, and he put his hand over it. A little smile cracked his face as he looked up at her.

"Okay, I can do that." he said enthusiastically. The boy wasn't one to dwell too long on negative thoughts, and leaped off the couch and hurried back through the hallway he'd seen them go into.

The first door he chose was not the right one, it turned out to be a bathroom. But then he heard his voice spoken and whirled around to the door across the hall. He slowly pushed the door open and peeked in, grinning when he saw Maya.

"I'm here!" Takeda said as he entered the room. The kitsune crawled onto the bed and sat down beside his friend's feet. "Did they fix you up?"

"Takeda, you're still here!" Maya tried to move towards the kitsune but found she was still feeling a little weak so instead made do with nudging him affectionately with one of her bare feet. She then looked at him quizzically for a couple of second before she realised the meaning of his question.

"Uh huh, I'm feeling much better again now." As if to prove her claim she pulled herself into a sitting position and then shuffled along to where the boy was sitting.

"Where's the lady gone?" she whispered in his ear while furtively glancing towards the room's opened door. "Who is she, is she nice?"

The boy smiled warmly as his friend crawled out from under the covers to sit beside him. He was glad she was feeling better, that bandage on her arm looked promising. And she definitely looked better now that she wasn't covered in dirt and grime.

"She said she had to go back to her car for something." he answered her. Takeda scratched his hair a bit and went on, "She seems nice. She let me have some food from her fridge, and she asked questions about me. Kitsunes have a lot of stories about them, she said."

A bit of pride entered his voice as he said that last part. "But she also said she keeps weapons around. I found a big throwing knife in one of her drawers. It's kinda suspicious, I think."

"Maybe she's got them to fight off bad guys? My mummy had a big knife which she pretended wasn't there most of the time, except when we were in danger like the time she thought someone was following us home. I don't think the man was actually after us, but she made me hide under the bed for ages, and then ignored me when I asked her about it afterwards!"

Maya thought back to her recent car journey; by now there was little she recalled of what the lady had said.

Her name is Rin! she remembered But what else did she say about herself? She couldn't think of anything, but Takeda seemed happy and relaxed as he sat beside her, so Maya decided that the mysterious woman had to be friendly.

"I'm bored" the small girl said aloud "Can you play with me? It would have to quiet game though as I don't feel like moving now. Do you know how to play mummies and daddies; I used to do that home with dolls though it would be much more fun with a real friend! I don't think Rin has any toys though so we would need to find something to be the baby..."

Maya suddenly felt uncertain, she wasn't sure whether this was the sort of game that boys played, especially older ones like Takeda.

"If you want to..." she finished hesitantly.

Rin closed the door to her building. The fox-child was exactly as she expected; careless and almost as childish as the form he took. It was hard to keep seeing him as something endangering her.

The lights for her car flashed twice as she opened it remotely. She quickly sought the front seats for her bag. It wasn't there. She cursed and opened the door to the back seats. A tattered bag was indeed there, but it wasn't hers.

With a mischievous smile she took it. It was remarkably heavy. She looked inside, and the smile widened even further. She had it.


Gabriel placed the small pendant directly in the center of the incorporeal eye. The pupil widened and an unearthly scream shot through the empty hangar. The man dressed in only a loincloth twitched once and then collapsed, a puppet with his strings cut.

Gabriel sighed. He had stopped the invasion of several different dimensions and furfilled the will of more than one god. All at the price of his six companions. The hangar was littered with their remains; The Angle of Bones now in tatters, Alex the reporter with a hole in his forhead, Paul the giant who was once destined for royalty now broken underneath a pile of shrapnel that once was a car, Basaran the minor god, wrenched in two by the grim reaper itself, Marcus was nowhere to be seen, spread across reality iself because of the spells he conjured himself and Adam pierced to the ceiling with multiple stakes through his chest. The only one missing was Anomaly, who had sacrificed himself to create the small pendant he now held in his hands. It was slighty smoking, but what wouldn't after dismissing the summoned Underlord himself.

After a few moments of reflection, Gabriel noted that the smoke was taking form instead of just lazily drifting off. He started right into the face of Bona Dea, the godess of Roman legend, and his protector.

"Your job is done, conduit." She said with a barely audible voice. She extended a ghostly hand and touched his forhead. A universe worth of thoughts filled his mind. Then he drited in his oblivion.

A while later..

Gabriel wrenched his eyes open and stared right into the flashing headlights of a car across him. He lifted his head from the hard ground and found himself on the ground of what looked like a parking lot, lying against a building. He distinctly remembered something of binge drinking.

He shook his head and took a cigar out of his pocket. He snapped his fingers and a small flame lit on his finger..

Takeda wasn't sure what to say about Maya's story. Luckily she changed the subject fairly quickly. He'd never played anything like that before, but he was willing to try.

"I'll bet she keeps a toy in here somewhere." he said confidently. There was a small chest at the foot of the bed, which he opened up. Sitting right on top was a little cloth doll. "Here!" he said, holding it up. The boy crawled back onto the bed and handed the doll to Maya, smiling at her.

"Wow, a baby girl! Thanks!" Maya clutched the tiny doll to her chest. "Your name can be Di-Di, little one" she said to the toy in a motherly tone. She then looked back up at the kitsune and spoke in a mock gruff voice.

"My name's Mrs. Takeda, your's is Mr. Takeda! This bed is the house and the rest of the flat is the city. Now go and get a drink and some food for me and the baby, and don't let the Rin catch you, or she'll eat you alive!" Maya tried hard to keep a straight face as she said this but she couldn't stop herself giggling a little as she finished delivering the instructions.

"...and don't let the Rin catch you, or she'll eat you alive!"

Rin smirked. The chatter of small children was always so innocent. It sounded so unreal in relation to what she was about to do. The door opened as Takeda opened the door to get his 'wife some food.' He was slightly startled to see her.

"Hiya, Takeda." Rin said. She held up her hand. "Recognise this?"

A shining ball rested in the cup of her hand.


Meanwhile! in the toolshed!

The pair carefully approached the group of people. The man with the comically shaped goatee and moustache beckoned them closer.

"Come now! Quickly, quickly!" He said impatiently. The person in the middle shushed him.

"Don't mind Myrddin over here. He's just miffed because you damaged his golem."

The voice was clearly female. She waved carelessly to the shape of Ivan.

"But he can be a prissy girl sometimes. Now, onto introductions."

She removed the cowl that obscured her face.

"You can call me Rin."

"Well then, Rin let's get this straight here and now so the two of us will cause you an awful lot less trouble in future" Lily said, her voice perfectly calm, and remaining professional in tone, planting her feet firmly on the ground, her feet in line with her shoulders, trying to turn the conversation her own way by using body language to give herself an imposing presence. "Who are you, and what does your cult, group, charitable organisation, corporation or conglomerate want with us?" She demanded to know, before adding quickly to the man named Myrddin "Also, what's with the moustache? Are you really trying to pull off the Dick Dastardly look? seriously not cool."

Rezetta folded her arms tightly over her chest, nibbling the inside of her lip as she stepped forward with Lily. Golem? she thought to herself as the woman named Rin spoke. She let her eyes stray to their cab driver, standing still beside Myrddin. What does she mean by golem? Is that some new euphemism for worker I haven't heard yet? She shook her head, frowning as Lily began to speak.
"I don't think aggravating these guys is a great idea, Lil," she murmured to the other woman as Myrddin scowled and Lily and, possibly subconsciously, smoothed his fingers over his mustache. She cleared her throat and looked over to Rin, who had not yet answered Lily's questions. "If part of your plan is to interrogate us, I don't suppose you'd give us food first? I feel like I haven't eaten in ages." The last bit she said under her breath, rubbing gently at her tummy. This taxing day was taking its toll not only on her head, but on her stomach now as well.

Takeda giggled as Maya started to narrate their game. He nodded as she spoke, then rushed off to get the food and drink. In his mind he fancied himself going out for groceries.

When he saw Rin he jumped a bit in surprise; first because Maya said she would eat him, and then second because of what she was holding. The white ball that held a part of a kitsune's power, that was the item they treasured most.

The fox-boy immediately reached over his shoulder to check his backpack. He gasped a bit when it wasn't on his back anymore, then looked up at Rin.

"Y-you found my ball." he said nervously, "Thank you . . . can I have it back please?"

Seeing Takeda's surprise, Maya slid off the bed and approached the doorway cautiously. Her eyes widened at the sight of the glowing white ball in Rin's hands; she had never seen anything like it before.

"What is it?" she asked curiously "can I touch it?"

"No, no." Takeda said quickly, turning toward Maya and holding out his hand palm-first at her. "Please, don't touch it."

Real fear was in the young boy's eyes as he looked back and forth between the two. He felt cornered and just wanted this situation to be over. He wanted Rin to give him the ball back and let him tuck it away again where it would be safe.

"It's just my ball . . . it's very special to me."

"Sorry, I didn't know, I just thought it looked pretty."

Maya stepped back uncertainly; she had never seen Takeda be like this before. It reminded her of when her mother got really worked up about something outside; a look of helplessness and stress mixed in a massive dose of fear. She wanted to give the boy a reassuring hug but wasn't sure if he'd appreciate that right now, so instead she simply nervously fiddled with the ends of her hair.

"I'm sure Rin will give it back right now, won't you?" she quietly asked the woman standing in the doorway.

Somewhere in Jinan

Rin laughed and gave Maya a somewhat sinister smile. Her large brown eyes seemed to glint with malicious glee.

"Not so fast, little one. I know there are rules about these, that I can get a favour in exchange for returning the ball. One that young Takeda won't be able to break once he's made it, am I correct?"

She held the glowing ball tauntingly close to the kitsune, her fingers tightly gripping it's white exterior like the talons of a predatory bird.

Meanwhile in Paris

Myrddin looked aghast at what Lily had said to him.

"Dastardly Dick? How... how dare you speak to me like that! You don't know what I'm..."

"Quiet Myrddin! You've already said quite enough for now." Rin fixed the moustached man with an icy glare "We might as well treat our guests with the respect they should be showing us. Go and get them those sandwiches we had saved out the back, and drinks too if you can find them."

"But... but..." Myrddin stammered "That was my lunch! You can't..." his eyes twitched as he gave Rezetta and Lily a murderous look "You'll pay for this, I swear!" and with that he stormed out of the room.

"I do apologise for his behaviour..." Rin said smoothly "but he's simply the best Golem creator you can find. Any questions while we wait?"

"Well the questions I asked before Dick Dastardly blew his lid would be nice if they weren't left hanging." Lily said calmly "To clarify what they are: Who are you and what do you want with us? I'll also throw in a bonus question of why do you even need a golem? You've got enough people to do the grunt work, and if the maker's magic is the slightest bit off, and even the best make mistakes, they can go dangerously AWOL, and bring a group of Predators right on top of you. Do you even know what happened in Prague?" Lily was actually fine with the golem, because they were practically harmless ninety-nine times out of a hundred, and could be stopped easily enough with a sledgehammer, but she felt that asserting some of her knowledge would make Rin less prone to patronising her.

Rezetta couldn't help but give a slight smile as Myrddin stormed off. If he had been a little nicer and the group in general wasn't so cryptic, with the air of a potentially dangerous enemy, she might have felt a little sorry that she and Lily would be given his lunch. As it was, she couldn't really care less.

She let her mind wander a bit again as Rin and Lily spoke about the so-called "golem". At first the term hadn't made any sense to her, but a couple of years' worth of knowledge from reading various fiction books started to come back to her. She recalled golems of some sort being in a couple of the stories she had read. Her eyes drifted back to Ivan as she thought on this. Some sort of construct, crafted out of... Well, it certainly can't be clay in his case, right? I guess there are different ways. She shook her head, marveling at the sudden realization that, for a half-demon with magical powers, she didn't know as much about the magical world as she aught to. Instead, she trained her focus back on Rin, who appeared about to finally answer Lily's questions.

Somewhere in Jinan

It was a rainy and foggy day, as a tired archeologist lifted his face from his work table, half asleep. Hunger began begging the man to get rid of it. As Alec was eating breakfast, he turned on the TV.

"Yesterday, a huge event has occurred! In Jinan Television Station, a girl and boy have been seen "disappearing". The security footage of the camera that recorded this is now being examined for tampering, however a few guards also explained that they saw this happen. Here at The Major Mark news corporation, we believe that this was a set-up by the TV station to boost ratings and popularity, however we can never be sure. Now onto today's new..."

Alec turned off the TV as soon as he became angry. "Stupid TV station! I'm not going to watch anymore of your shows because of a few kids, and special effects! This sort of thing is why we cant have good TV!"

With that Alec lost his appetite. He began getting ready for work, and then left the two-floor, grayish, rectangle of a house. On his way to work, he saw a few news paper vendors and bought one of their weekly stories'. He folded it, and stuck it into his back-pack. When he reached his office, his boss was showing an unfamiliar man around his office.

"Hey Mr.Jones, what's going on?!"

"I'm afraid you've been replaced, its not that you aren't skilled with your work, in-fact you're one of our best, but we just found someone better..."

"I figured that out already, but why didn't you just tell me what I was doing wrong!?"

"First of all, where were you when the company went public, and displayed the actual body of King Tut? Where were you when you promised to do a presentation on the extinct dart-fly? Do you think I need to remind you of your "other" unattended meetings?"

"No thanks."

"Now you have three days to clear out your office, you can do it now, or later, but if not, you have to leave. This is a strictly staff only area."

Alec left the sky-scraper shocked. He began worrying about what to do next. After almost ten minutes, a short and chubby man ran up to Alec.

"Hello sir, I hear that you have just been laid-off, is that right?",

"Number 1 How'd you know, and number 2 Why?",

"That isn't important, but we were think if you can do a small task for Tao Zheng Bio Research company.",

"What does your group need me to do?",

"Our new HQ might have a few visitors that can never leave, they have been hidden on our property a few weeks ago to frame us for murder, we really need someone to get rid of them.",

"Are you kidding me!? I'm a traveling scientist, not a grave robber!",

"Well we could have paid you a fair sum, but if you insist, we will have to use other measures of convincing you. I believe you have heard about the ongoing hunt, yes? Well we know a few members there, and your talent, best for you if you come with us..."

Somewhere else in Jinan
As Dr. Strauss got off the subway and climbed the stairs back to street level, he rolled the collars of his shirt and coat to prevent, and dodged out of peoples' way to avoid any accidental contamination. He knew it was probably a sign of insanity, but Dr. Strauss swore he could feel the Disease flowing through his system. Given how adaptive it was... it almost qualified as sentient.

Dr. Strauss walked across the street to the newstand and bought a copy of every tabloid or obscure medical journal to get information on others in the area who might have inexplicable or fantastic abilities. After flipping through a few, he found something intriguing in the rumor section of one tabloid about a man who seemed to have the ability to talk to the dead.

Believing that such an ability would prove invaluable in tracking the history of these abilities, Dr. Strauss straight for the nearest graveyard in the hopes of tracking this person down. Mr. Kimura's invitation to the Tao Zheng research center could wait. Dr. Strauss was intrigued.

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