Society of Justice 3: Crisis on the Earth

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"Well I was figuring we would join the others and watch you in your natural habitat." Richard replied with a chuckle as he looked for a pair of trunks in his drawer of the dresser.

"Figured that would be rather interesting."


Lillian changed quickly and joined the others at the pool. Quickly finding a seat to set her towel on before diving into the deep end.

Alex laughed some and put on the rest of her bikini and put away her suit. "Na the bed is my natural habitat." Alex said wrapping her arms around him from behind, hands flowing down his chest and stomach.


Eric walked to his room and quickly changed into his swim trunks and walked to the pool and jumped in swimming around and sighed feeling better.

"I guess I will," Levi replied as he took Taryn's hand in his. Heading past the pool area, they entered the Promenade and walked through hallways. The sounds of their footsteps echoed through the empty halls. They stepped through the lounge and passed the double doors leading to the living quarters. Levi led Taryn down the hall until they reached the door to his room. "I figured we could relax on the couch and watch TV or something..." he said as he undid the lock to his door. After undoing the old-style manual lock, he opened his door and gestured for Taryn to step in. After she walked in, Levi followed her and closed his door and turned the lock. He knew by now to lock his door when he didn't want to be disturbed. "Well, here we are".

"Woo!" Brian exclaimed as he dived into pool, finally reaching his promised land. He surfaced, hovering briefly in his spot getting his bearings before swimming right over to the coolers that had been dropped off. He jumped up to be able to root through the ice before fishing out a MGD. "Eh, no Canadian beers, but this will do I guess." Dropping back down into the water, he tread water as he popped the top off and started drinking.

"Ah, much better," he said, the memory of that paint thinner he was given before slowly fading away.

"Well, here we are".

Taryn smiled. While Levi locked the door she had continued walking toward the TV. Sliding off her jacket Taryn folded the garment lengthwise and draped it across the back of the couch. "Watching something sounds good." she replied. "Maybe a movie?" Taryn countered lightly. 'Or maybe some footage.' She slid her hand into her jacket and retrieved the small computer. As Taryn flipped the machine over a dim red light became visible on its side. 'Aww. Now where is...aha.' After a moment of searching around the TV Taryn retrieved one end of a thin white cord and plugged it into her computer. She left the machine charging on top of the DVD player and walked back to the couch to sit down.

Richard couldn't help but laugh as he pulled out a pair of trunks to change into.

"I'm sure it is Alex. Right now though I'm going to go change into my swimsuit so that we can join the others." he replied.


Lillian was at this point was swimming in the pool and waiting for the inevitable clusterfuck to occur. In the meantime she was content with lazily floating in the water while it was still relatively calm.

Alex smiled some. "Alright, I'll meet you at the pool then." Alex said walking out and joined the others at the pool. "aw water my best friend." Alex said jumping in the pool and swam around feeling at home. She made a small vortex around her after she popped back up to the surface.

Tommy ran to his room, stripped off his clothes, and pulled on a pair of board shorts. He then ran to the pool at full tilt. When he was in the pool room he prepared to make a running jump into the pool, but as he tensed up to jump his foot slipped. In order to avoid face-planting into the deck he jumped at the last second, propelling himself into the pool arms-spinning legs flailing, looking more like he had just been thrown off a ship than anything else.

Tommy laned a few feet away from Lillian and sunk to the bottom of the pool before pushing off the bottom and surfacing.

"Hehe, that was a close one." He chuckled before submerging again and swimming to the wall underwater.

"I think you know full well how good we are at finishing movies," Levi said with a laugh as he took a seat on his couch. He watched Taryn plug her computer into the charger that she had previously left in his wall. Levi was meaning to tell her that she had forgotten it there, but it was of no consequence now. He smiled slightly as Taryn made herself comfortable next to him. After a few seconds of silence, he spoke up. "I'll let you pick something this time," he said as he reached for the remote sitting on his newly acquired coffee table. Handing Taryn the device, he leaned back again into the couch.

"Thanks." Taryn said quietly as she took the remote and started flipping through Netflix's menu. "And we usually finish them...eventually." She finished with a grin. Though, since Levi had a good point she skipped the movies and went straight to the TV Shows. Several recommendations popped up, the software having chosen them based on 'recent viewings'. Taryn glanced at the box art and titles as they scrolled by then one in particular caught her eye. It reminded her of the Merriweather. The title art showed a crew of people in earth-tone clothing, a blue and green planet. And a spaceship that looked somewhat similar to a certain nocturnal insect.

"How episode or so of this?" Taryn asked with her thumb poised over the enter button.

"All right, I will meet you there." Richard said as Alex left and he began to change. Not too long after he was in his trunks and had joined the others at the indoor pool. He calmly climbed in before simply relaxing against the edge of the pool.


"He was so lucky he didn't land on me or else he would have wished he had jumped into hell itself instead." Lillian said as Tommy almost landed directly on top of her and swam away.

"I think the pool was in more danger then you Tommy...well the pool itself and Lillian," Leland said as he took his goggles off to get some of the water out of them, "I mean just imagine the damage. A catastrophe. Worst disaster since the Hindenburg I'd say."

"What was?" Garrus called as he reentered the pool room in a shirt and green trunks, Renton in his hands.
"Tommy almost killed your wife," Leland replied before diving under.
"Again? Seriously Tommy you need to be more careful," Garrus said with a disapproving nod, heading to the coolers and grabbing a soda (getting a dirty look from Talbot in the process). He then laid out a towel and sat down on it, sitting Renton down as the boy played with some toys.

Alex swam up to Richard and brushed her hand softly on the side of his leg as she surfaced. "Hey Richard." Alex said cuddling up to him and kissed him softly on the cheek. "Been a long day so it's time for some rest." she said putting her hand on his shoulders.


Eric went right for the diving broad. "KOWABUNGA!!!!!!!!!!" Eric yelled diving into the pool doing a cannon ball and splashed Garrus with a huge wave of water.

Levi looked at Taryn's choice for a moment. He wasn't familiar with the show in question, but he had made a point of checking it out at some time. Nodding, he spoke. "Um...yeah, that's fine. I've been wanting to check this show out anyways," he replied. Smiling, Levi moved a little closer to Taryn and kissed her cheek. Honestly, he didn't care what they watched, or even if they watched anything at all. The fact that they had time to spend together was enough for him.

Taryn turned her head to glance at Levi then grinned. She hit the play button set the remote aside. Netflix filled the screen with a red washed out logo, changed to black, then slowly loaded. When the progress bar filled partway the episode began. Suddenly gunfire and blasters and a shouting lone gunman filled the screen. Taryn startled. 'I forgot how this started. I thought it was with Wash and tiny dinosaurs...' Laughing quietly Taryn leaned against Levi. She hadn't seen Firefly in a while. But she was still able to quote most of the episodes. The good ones, anyway.

"Ahh I needed this" Steven said, reclining into a constructed flotie. "Hey guys! Lets invite that mortoden guy everyone keeps mentioning. He seems like fun!"

Levi flinched slightly at the sudden and somewhat loud beginning. His new surround sound system definitely worked, and worked very well. The show was off to an impressive start in his mind. He relaxed again, smiling as he felt Taryn leaning against him. Nonchalantly, he put his arm around her waist and focused his attention back to the TV screen.

Richard held Alex as she rested against his side. He was content to just simply sit in the water and watch the others.

"It has been a long day hasn't it? Just felt so quick I hardly even noticed." He mused out loud as he sat.


"I'm fine Garrus, I'll just kill him if it happens again." Lillian darkly joked as she swam to the edge and climbed out before going to the cooler and grabbing a bottle of water, also getting a dirty look from Talbot.

"Watch it Talbot, I've eaten more fearsome birds than you after killing them with my own two hands." She replied, matching the intimidating look she knew the bird was giving her.

"It really has and a crazy one at that." Alex said her feet softly kicking in the water. She made a soft wave in the water and smiled. "God still feels like we're on our honeymoon." she said softly to him. "maybe we can keep this up for a few years." she mused some.

"I'd prefer if you don't kill him, preferably just injure him a bit. He tends to be useful in battles," Garrus replied as he wiped the now wet hair out of his eyes due to Eric's tidal wave. He also had to comfort the dripping wet and now crying Renton, picking the toddler up and patting him on the back. "Next time take into consideration the one year old who is afraid of water Eric," he said with annoyance as he tried to calm his son down.


Talbot let out a loud screech at Lillian, ruffling up his feathers to look even bigger before flying into the bored Requiem's lap.
"Aw the big boy just doesn't like most people Lillian, you know this by now. He's a moody alien eagle thing," Leland said as he gave a quick wave to Ethan and Talbot, only his bird acknowledging him, "Something the matter Ethan?"

"Beep beep beep Beeeeeep," Requiem replied in a sad tone, staring at the door as he ran his hand through Talbot's blue and grey feathers.
"Ohhh you can give her the present later! I'm sure she'll like them after you took all those hours to make them," Leland replied, getting a sad beep in reply before shrugging and going back to swimming.

"Sorry I didn't see you Garrus." Eric said swimming up to Leland. "So how was the tour Leland? anything worth while or just nothing but crazy fan girls?" Eric asked swimming next to him.

"I think we can Alex." Richard replied simply as he relaxed.


"Oh I know that Leland. I just want to make sure the little bastard doesn't mess with me or mine. He's smart enough to know I'll kill him if he does, just reinforcing the fact." Lillian replied to Leland.

"You should apologize to poor Renton here," Garrus muttered, getting his son to stop crying by bribing him with soda while no one was looking.


"Of course you could take him in a fight, poor Talbot hasn't been trained at all to fight. He just tends to go for the eyes; I'll teach him someday," Leland replied to Lillian as he resurfaced and heard Eric's question.

"The tour was great, though after the few first shows I realized that it was only around an hour and a half long, so I extended it by two hours by jamming and letting the audience request songs. Did some pretty interesting covers during the tour," Leland said, trailing off slightly as he swam over to Eric, "And now I have another album ready to go and possibly another tour within the next few months. All is well."

"How can you tour none stop like that? Hell I'd go with you if it wasn't for how long your tours are. But still point being how can you tour like that? Your a machine." he said impressed.


Alex kissed his lips softly and put a hand on his cheek. "So what's the next step for us?" she asked tracing shapes on his stomach.

"Lots of rest Eric. And having a lot of stamina. And drinking a lot of water during the show! And once the show is done and the fans have their autographs and pictures heading straight to bed. Then getting up in the morning and having a good breakfast," Leland replied, going to the edge of the pool and teleporting a soda from the cooler into his hand.

"Though it is a long tour. Whole world, all the major cities. At least I can get their quicker and set things up easier with a little magic here and there. Means I only get to hang out with you guys on breaks or when you're at the concerts, but I've gotten used to it. And in my free time I can still hang out," he added as he sipped his soda and leaned back.

"Never hurts to remind the little shit every once in a while." Lillian replied to Leland before he started his tale of his tour.

"I could honestly never stand that, jet lag alone would screw me up." she chimed in.


Richard returned the quick kiss before speaking.

"No idea honestly, we'll just have to find out together." He said.

Brian was now on his third beer and looked intent to at least double his tally by the party's end. He was making a trip back from the cooler, and heading over to where everyone had seemed to gathered in the pool.

"So, what's everyone talking about? Is it hockey? I could go on and on about hockey, let me tell ya!"

"I thankfully don't have to deal with jet lag thanks to simple teleportation. Myself, Talbot, and Ethan all get to just head over to the next place whenever we want. It's all good, though I've had to mind wipe a number of the roadies. Thankfully though it only ever happens once in awhile, and it never hurts them or anything," Leland replied back to Lillian before turning his attention to the man heading over to where they were.

"Hockey? Nope not talking about that; I actually don't think we've ever talked about sports here...hell does any one of us even follow a sport or anything?" he asked those around him, "But yeah no. Personally dislike hockey, I always thought it was kinda stupid. Though I do like fights..."

"Dude, you're missing out man," Brian said. "Greatest sport in the world. Played myself for the past seven years, just like club stuff, but it's great man. One of the best defensemen of all time comes from my hometown."

Appearing from the water, Jason rose from the pool, shaking the excess water from as he pulled his goggles down from his eyes. Walking up to the group, he heard the conversation that was occurring as he grabbed a soda from the cooler.

"I haven't played or watched sports since I joined the Society...though I did play a lot of Rugby and Soccer when I was still with the Key Corps. They just...never let me kick the ball since I would either rip it to shreds, or launch it out of the park with one kick." Jason said, taking a long sip from his can of carbonated beverage.

"...Now that I think about it, I've never actually seen a game of hockey...I only just, know it by name." He admitted to Brian.

Taryn paid little attention to the beginning battle in the episode. Not that she didn't like it...she was just waiting for a certain scene. Four minutes the battle lasted. Then there was the sound of an acoustic guitar strumming and the theme song Taryn knew would be in her head for days. Then after a few minutes of spacewalking the camera cut to a man in a pilot's suit playing with toy dinosaurs. 'Yay...'

Taryn smiled, then laughed at the antics of the red-haired pilot who often served as comic relief. She made a note to see if Netflix had the movie that came after the series. 'I wonder...wait.' Taryn leaned back to sit up straight and turned to look at Levi.

"'ve never seen Firefly?" she asked.

"I declined going out when the tour was up in Canada to watch a few hockey matches, perhaps should have done that. I never really tried to get into sports, mainly because I didn't have a chance. Did like it when the Union would have it's annual football game; those were good times. Myself as the quarterback because I can actually throw really well, mom was the catching god, Major Crime was the best lineman, and Ethan over there is a grand tightend," Leland explained, a smile on his face as he thought about some of those matches.

"Good times..." he said as he nodded his head, "Anyways perhaps we should one day get the Society to play some sports together! I think that'd be fun."

After leaving the Merriweather, Rowan and Katie left the airship and wandered back into the lounge together. The shapeshifter immediately noticed that his suitcases had been moved in from the limousine; he had obviously forgotten about them. Enlisting Katie to help him move into the hallway and pick a room to occupy, Katie left Rowan to unpack all his clothes and suchlike, as she left for her own room out in the gardens.

"Okay, Silhouette, let's see... business suit, casual wear - Ooh! I'd forgotten about this," he mused to himself as he lifted a small framed photo from one of the cases, setting it on the desk that had been provided for him. "Where are you now, I wonder," he asked the photo before resuming his unpacking. After a few minutes of solid work, everything had been completed and sorted out.

"Now then. Pool party," Rowan said to the last empty suitcase before kicking it under the bed to join the others. With that, he quickly changed into swim shorts, taking a quick look at himself in the mirror before he left. Upon entering the hall containing the pool, he gave the others a wave and made his way over to the coolers... stopping short at the sight of the most unusual eagle he had seen in his life. But then, that wasn't really saying much; Rowan only knew eagles from movies, TV and Wikipedia.

The bird seemed to be guarding the drinks. Sigh. What does a man have to do to get a beer from the coolers, Rowan thought with a chuckle to himself.

Once Katie was in her room, she "closed" the door behind her and opened up her footlockers and suchlike. After mulling over what to wear for a good fifteen minutes or so, and trying on a few outfits to see how she looked in the wall mirror (held up by restraining vines and hooks made of thick bark), she eventually picked a two-piece outfit that kind of complimented her hair now that it was longer than in previous years.

A towel wrapped around herself to both preserve her modesty in the hallway and use after having been in the water for a while, Katie soon found almost everyone to be already in the pool... plus Leland, Requiem and Talbot. She pulled her towel off and put it to one side, stepping into the water and making her way to Leland soon after.

Ducking underwater to slip through the group a little easier - and inwardly shuddering for a second the instant she put her head under - Katie resurfaced and put her arms around Leland. "It's been a while, babe," she said after giving him a brief peck on the cheek. "I missed you."

Alex smiled cuddling to him more. "We'll just let it met us as it comes. Hell we already live together both here and your mansion so no need for a house. What about umm an 'expansion'?" she stated.


Eric swam away from Leland giving Katie and him some time. "Hey Leland if you need someone to fix shit let me know and I'll be willing to come with you.

Levi shook his head slowly. "Can't say I have," he replied. "Is that going to be a problem?" he asked with mock seriousness and a grin. On screen, a man played with dinosaur action figures before sweeping them away suddenly and hurriedly as a light flashed red on the console in front of him. Levi was already liking this show, and it was barely beyond the opening titles. As the man who had been playing with dinosaurs warned his comrades about an approaching starship, Levi's attention focused again on Taryn.

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