Society of Justice 3: Crisis on the Earth

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"Ah yeah, that would be cool," Brian agreed. "I was scouted to be a wide receiver, I practiced with the guy who ended up winning the provincial championship as a starting quarterback. Some good times back then man."

He watched as Katie came over and draped herself onto Leland. "Damn, is every girl in here taken? Man, that's harsh. Day late and a dollar short on the joining time for that, huh?"

"No..." Taryn said slowly in response to Levi. She shook her head as she drew the word out. "As long as you don't mind watching all the episodes." she replied. "Annd...possibly the movie that comes afterward. Well, only if you like the show. And I...think you'll like it." she smiled. "I like it..." she trailed off quietly and shrugged one shoulder, her good mood still firmly in place. Taryn glanced at the screen and saw a large ship that looked vaguely Star Wars-esque.

"Two weeks isn't that long m'dear, but no matter what it always feels like it's been forever right? Still nothing compared to that month and a half away; that was certainly not fun," Leland replied to Katie as he gave her a long hug before giving her a kiss, "Glad to be back though for awhile. Should be a number of months before I have to start doing promotions and such. So how have you been Katie?"

Tyson picked up his bag and left The Merriweather after most of the group had gotten off. Tyson went straight to his room passing the majority of the team who were now in the pool. Arriving at his door Tyson removed the pencil lead seeing that it was still intact. So no one's been in my room. Tyson removed the gum from his door handle and entered his room throwing the gum in the garbage can. Tyson then closed and locked his door before putting his bag on the desk in his room.

Tyson opened his bag and started unloading boxes of ammunition into the top desk drawer leaving one half empty box out. Tyson then removed all the full magazines from his bag and inserted them into the same drawer and left the empty ones on the table. Finally Tyson removed his gun, his gun cleaning kit, and the spare parts for his armor. Tyson refilled the empty magazines using the rest of the box of ammunition and placed them in the the drawer before throwing the box out. Tyson then disassembled his gun and cleaned it before reassembling it and leaning it against the desk.

Tyson then removed his armor to inspect for broken and chipped pieces. Shit this is going to use up most of my spare parts. Tyson first noticed that most of the front shin pieces had to be replaced due to a large amount of broken or heavily chipped pieces from where the snake's tail had hit him. On the back of the legs were a few scratches from diving under the snake's tail but those didn't need to be replaced. Tyson then looked at his chest piece. A couple of the tips of the plates had been broken off by the punch. Okay. I'm a little impressed by that. Only a little. Tyson then removed all the broken plates replacing them as he went.

Tyson took a part inventory and got up to go ask someone where he would submit an order for new replacement parts for his armor. As he got up he hit his shin on the side of the desk and a large jolt of pain shot through it. Maybe I should get my shins x-rayed or something. Tyson lifted his bag from the desk to put it on the ground and noticed a key under it. Tyson grabbed a spare piece of string, looped it through the key, tied the ends in a knot, and put it around his neck. Tyson noticed a bit of blood on the back of his armor as he looked over the desk one more time to see if he missed anything else and felt the cut on the back of his head. I should get some hydrogen peroxide on that as well.

Tyson left his room, locking the door on the way out, having not bothering to change out of the fire retardant clothing he wore under his suit. Tyson inserted the pencil lead back on top of the hing and headed towards the pool. As Tyson got to the pool his saw some new people there. Okay so now we have a cyborg, a bird that looks like it previously belonged to a mad scientist, and that overrated so called rock star. Wow, I generally don't give a shit about his music I don't even know his name. I never thought I'd hit hat point, but it is awesome. Stepping outside Tyson asked, "Is there a doctor here? Also, where can I submit some order forms for the things I need?"

"Oh, not bad, not bad," Katie answered, returning the kiss in equal measure. "Just been the usual until today. As you may have noticed, we picked up some new recruits for the Society. They've proven pretty resourceful in the obligatory training... some were possibly too resourceful," she added, remembering the little incident with Tyson and his gun.

"But yeah, that's pretty much it from my end. What about you, what've you been up to? I know you were working on a new album; I assume it's mostly the same as the first one?"

Being a Star Wars fan, Levi instantly noticed that the men on the much larger starship wore gray outfits that resembled those of Imperial officers. He wondered briefly if the resemblance was intentional or not. As Taryn's words trailed off, Levi spoke up. "I like it so far," he said with a smile. "Reminds me of the time we watched Star Trek," he added with a quiet laugh. Happily, Levi thought back to the early days of their relationship. Just about two years ago, but it felt as if they had been together for much longer.

"What is it man?" Brian asked Tyson. "You hurting? You come over man, I can fix that right up for ya." Brian set his beer on the side of the pool and hoisted himself out. "So, yeah, what's the problem?"

As Leland and Katie talked, Jason patted Brian on his back as the two got out of the pool, and walked towards Tyson.

"Yup. Don't worry though, you'll have a chance at finding love...if another girl joins the team, and doesn't leave without a trace. Or you could take the easy route, and just find a girlfriend from outside the Society. She'd just have to get used to all the superpowered shenanigans that go on around here." He told the newbie reassuringly.

"Sounds like you've been having an absolute blast then," Leland replied sarcastically, his hand pushing back some of Katie's wet hair back. "I can tell that the test for the new recruits must have been interesting. As soon as that new guy walked in everyone's attitude changed," he added, gesturing towards Tyson who had just entered the pool room and asked for a doctor.

Leland whistled to get Tyson's attention and pointed to the Doctor who was still sitting in the pool, staring off into space as he planned his revenge.

"Now that that has been taken care of...the new album! So my first album was this alternative arena rock-ish type thing with some influences here and there from many genres. The one that I just finished is going to be completely metal!" Leland said, clearly excited as he continued, "So once I start working on the next one, once my future tour is over and stuff, I plan on making like an EDM, French House type album. Each album will be a completely new thing!"

"Yeah, I guess so man," Brian said, as Jason was trying to comfort him. "I just don't want that whole damsel in distress sort of thing to happen to her, you know? Just all that kidnapping and having to go after her. I don't think many relationships could take that sort of strain over and over and over, you know?"

Katie smiled when Leland tucked her hair back, but raised her eyebrows at his decision to change styles every time he produced a new album. "Hmm. Not a fan of metal myself. But hey, I'm not your manager, just your girlfriend." She gave him a grin and another fleeting kiss as she drew a little closer, lightly tracing a finger across one of the tattoos on his shoulder.

Eventually Rowan plucked up the courage to grab a drink, and approached the closest cooler. Talbot squawked at him in what he presumed to be an annoyed manner and ruffled his feathers as soon as he opened it and took out a bottle. Needless to say, the shapeshifter quickly retreated to avoid provoking the strange creature, and slid into the pool to join the others.

"Hey, Garrus, um... what's a bird doing here? I didn't know we were allowed pets," he said before taking a swig of beer.

"Technically you can own pets here, it's not that big of a deal. I had a ferret though he stays at home now, and Alex has a cat. That alien eagle thing though is Talbot, Leland's pet of some sort. He's just a moody bird and doesn't really like anyone other than his owner and Ethan over there," Garrus explained as he pointed over to the cyborg who had taken a deep sigh as he continued staring at the door, "You don't have to worry about him attacking you unless you piss him off or he is ordered to do it.


You hurting? You come over man, I can fix that right up for ya.

The Doctor's head perked up when he heard that, immediately looking around until he found the source: Brian. He got out from the jacuzzi (weighed down quite a bit due to still having worn his clothes into it) and started to walk over, grabbing out a syringe of sedative before deciding against it at the time.

He'd bide his time. He did however kick Garrus in the shin for letting a healer on the team and slapped Brian across the face before leaving the pool room to go into his office to plot.


"I figured you wouldn't like metal. And that's fine by me, just like how I'm more than happy that you're my girlfriend," Leland told her, noticing the Doctor had left the jacuzzi and asking if she'd like to join him in it.

"Mmm, yes, that sounds good. Although I know somewhere else where I'd like you to join me," Katie said quietly in Leland's ear, teasing him a little by slipping out of his embrace and heading for the jacuzzi under her own power rather than allowing him to teleport them both. Besides, it was only a short distance, and thus didn't really need to be crossed in a nanosecond.

"I see. Wait... did you say alien?" Rowan asked, incredulous. "I mean, sure, the introductory paragraph of the application form mentioned a 'galactic Battle Royale', but I didn't think anyone would want to bring back a souvenir from it." The idea was just weird to him. He knew the concept behind Battle Royale... that alone was just plain creepy.

"Anyways, moving on," he added, hoisting himself out of the pool and crossing over to join Jason and Brian. "Seems the guy dressed as a medic doesn't like you, bud," he mused. "He a regular around here?"

Brian started rubbing his face for a second before the pain of the slap subsided. "Yeah, jeez, what was that all about? And why was he all wet? I mean, did he fall in the pool or something? It's not my fault...unless he stepped on that bottle over there. Then I guess it might have been my fault."

Tyson heard Brian offer to heal him which sounded a lot faster than a normal treatment, but Tyson was leaning towards finding out the full extent of the damage. However after The Doctor was pointed out to him, Tyson's mind pulled a one eighty and decided Brian was a thousand times better way to go. Before Tyson could ask Brian to heal him The Doctor slapped Brian and stormed off.

"That wasn't your fault Brian. He's a doctor and your a person with the ability to heal people through contact. If I was a doctor I'd be feeling extremely less useful when someone much more effective at my job comes around. Actually that feeling is universal in that situation. However I wouldn't mind if you could fix up my shins and the cut across the back of my head?" Tyson asked Brian.

Garrus held his (surprisingly) bruised shin and flipped off the Doctor, his son deciding to try and be like his dad before getting distracted once again by a sip of soda.

"Rather you not try that anymore," Garrus muttered to Renton, the child going back to playing with his toys now that nothing interesting was going on.


"Such a tease, you're such a tease," Leland sang lightly as he climbed out of the pool and followed Katie into the jacuzzi, "Wow didn't immediately get destroyed by acid, guess the self-cleaning doesn't happen whenever the Doctor leaves the pool or jacuzzi. What a good thing to know."

"Yeah, I guess that would suck. I mean, if someone came up who had a better shot than me and took my spot, I'd be pretty pissed too," Brian conceded. "All right, let me see this stuff."

He turned around and saw the state of Tyson's legs. "All right, that should be quick." He placed one hand on each of Tyson's shins and closed his eyes for a few seconds as the welts subsided. "Right, one task done. Let's see your head man." As Tyson turned around, Brian saw the cut on his head. He couldn't be sure where in the assault that came from. Probably from Richard. He put his hand over the cut and repeated the process. The blood that had spilled was absorbed back into the cut and sealed up. "And there we go. All done." With that he went back to his beer.

Jason looked on, snickering at the Doctor's brash jealousness.

"But yeah Roe, like Tyson concluded, that is our doctor. He doesn't talk much (if not, at all), and he's quick to use his sedatives. Before you came along Bri, the doctor was our resident medic. But now that you're here, we have a field medic as well. Unfortunately for you, you might want to sleep with one eye open for the next few weeks or so. Who knows what goes on in that guy's mind..." Jason simultaneously informed Rowan, and warned Brian, watching the Doctor as he stormed out.

"Reminds me of the time we watched Star Trek,"

Taryn tilted her head as she paused to recall when her and Levi had watched Star Trek. She remembered both the initial attempts and when they were finally able to finish the film. "That was nice." she replied, settling herself against Levi's side once more. She laughed softly as she realized just how similar this situation was. "I'll try not to fall asleep." she promised, holding her hand up in a pseudo scout salute. Taryn looked up to smile at Levi.

"Y'know, I've never really known why the self-cleaning system activates when the last person gets out," Katie mused as she moved over and sat in Leland's lap, one hand resting on his chest while the other arm curled around his neck. "What if someone else wants to get in a few minutes later? It would be so much more efficient when the last person to use the pool just flips a switch or something."

"Uh-huh," Rowan answered Jason. "I'll be sure to lock my door tonight then, just in case. Anyways, I think a new topic might be best. Brian, I overheard you mention something about finding yourself a girlfriend. It can work, as long as you discuss the whole superhero thing ahead of time, get everything sorted out before you even consider getting into a relationship with someone. It worked for me and my ex back when we were in college together. Sabrina knew exactly what I could do, and she was fine with my abilities as long as I didn't use them to get her to do anything she didn't want to."

"Well, I dunno. Like, I had a couple things going at university, right? Like I had a couple girls that I could go to and be like, 'Hey you want to do something right now?' and they'd be all over it. But if they learn what am I actually doing now, I'm not so sure they would be going for it, you know?" Brian explained as best he could. "Although if I told them I literally had healing powers, I don't know how that would go over."

"You better not". Levi returned the smile and locked eyes with Taryn. As he looked into her brown eyes, the world around him slowly phased out of existence. The sounds of Firefly began to fade into a dull background drone. Even after two years, that familiar feeling of warmth and love always threatened to be overwhelming. Until he met Taryn, Levi never imagined that anyone could make him feel that way. To him, she was quite possibly the most beautiful woman on Earth. Still smiling, Levi leaned in closer to Taryn, resting his forehead gently on hers. Although words failed him, the silence and their proximity spoke volumes.

"The thing about my relationship is that I told Sabrina absolutely everything, right from the start," Rowan explained, taking another pull from his drink before he continued speaking. "It did take her a while to come to terms with the fact that I could become her exact doppelganger in about ten seconds, but we got past it. She quickly understood the way I think - brain beats body - and we both applied it to our feelings for one another. Simple as that."

"Of course, your situation is different, 'cause you have different abilities. I dunno what I'd say if I were you when talking to women; maybe just keep your powers on the lowdown until you're actually into a serious thing with them. Or, y'know, if they're smart they could figure it out for themselves." Rowan paused for a moment, thinking over what he had said before adding, "Of course, any advice I give is just suggestions. I'm not saying you should do this or you shouldn't do that."

By this time Tommy had swam a few laps and was now hanging on the side of the pool near everyone else.

" Ya, telling girls about your powers before hand is a really good idea. I remember this time in high-school when I forgot to tell this one girl, on our first date some idiot opened up a nether-gate in the diner we where in, and this demon crawls out and I had to chuck him into the ocean. Turns out, throwing a soldier of Zirifron's 2nd legion three miles, is not the turn on I thought it would be. But in the end I guess it worked out after all, we wound up going steadily after she had gotten over the whole thing." Tommy said to Rowan and Brian.

Taryn remained still as Levi leaned closer, the side of her mouth twitching in a partial smile. She closed her eyes briefly as Levi's forehead rested against hers. For a moment Taryn reveled in the closeness of Levi. She breathed in the unique mixture his cologne and the soft hint of leather from his vest.

Taryn raised her hand to the side of Levi's face, lightly tracing his clean-shaven cheek. Distantly she was pleased that he'd discarded his moustache. Keeping her gaze locked with Levi's, going by instinct and memory, Taryn slid her hand up to trace the outer edge of Levi's ear. She brushed her fingers through his short hair and finally settled her hand gently on the back of Levi's neck. Slowly, very slowly, Taryn leaned up to press her lips to Levi's in a soft kiss. Which was closely followed by a second kiss that was still slow but held more pressure.

"I was just making a joke about how toxic the Doctor was, but you do bring up a good point. I thought it just did it at scheduled times since that makes more sense...maybe it just has sensors and cleans itself when there is just too much dirtiness," Leland mused as he took a sip from his soda and offered some to Katie.

"I believe we can easily work something out. The mansion already has plenty of space, but if you want an addition we can." Richard replied.


Lillian climbed out of the water and walked over to Renton to simply sit next to him and keep an eye on him.

"So what is the plan for the rest of the day dear?" she asked.

"Oh... that would explain why I didn't get it," Katie said with a shrug and a smile, taking a sip from the soda when Leland offered it. "And yeah, I dunno how the pool schedules its cleaning. Might have to ask someone about it." She went back to gently running a finger up and down one of his tattoos, occasionally giving him a kiss or resting her head on his shoulder if he moved it above the water level.

Alex rolled her eyes. "Not what I mean Richard." Alex said softly splashing him pointed to her stomach and pointed to Renton. "I mean that" she said laughing some. "I mean kids, well not now but we can start talking about it." she added.


Eric blinked and saw the Doctor storm out. He got out of pool and followed him. "Hey are you ok Doc?" he said softly putting a hand on his back softly. "I'll still come to you for heals." he said.

"Well Lillian, I'm thinking we'll stay here a little longer than head home. I might have to stop at the restaurant for a bit, but if you want we can just head straight there and I'll make dinner there than once we go home we don't have to worry about eating," Garrus replied, watching as Renton reached out to grab the soda. He quickly grabbed it and moved it behind him, "Plus Joel needs his shots."


"I think it'd be a good idea for us to find the case we want to do any midnight rendezvous. And with our knowing of the schedules it won't end up like that one time we went swimming at night and it turned on...that wasn't fun," Leland muttered, shaking his head as he tried to forget the memory.


The Doctor moved his shoulder to get Eric's hand off it, not in the mood for nice words. He had one thing on his mind: Revenge. He headed into his office and tried to shoo Eric out, putting on the kill-suit and getting out a bunch of knives as he started to think of what to do.

"I don't know. I guess we'll have to see if any of those girls are actually interested in a relationship. Or, you know, if they're just in it for the loving, right?" Brian said. "Either way, nothing I can do about that now, so I'm just going to enjoy myself now I think."

"Oh yeah... geez, that was a failure," Katie said with a grimace. "Still, we know better now. I'll talk to Taryn, Levi or Richard sometime; they're the techies 'round here, they might know." She paused for a moment, remembering one of the phrases Leland had used.

"Speaking of a midnight rendezvous... what are you doing later tonight?" she flirted. "I'm open to suggestions."

"All down to their decision, I guess," Rowan answered, nodding sagely. "And yeah, live it up while everyone else is in the mood to party. Catch you later, maybe." With that he clapped his free hand on Brian's shoulder, tipped him a friendly wink and slid back into the pool, knocking back about half of what was left of his beer in one go.

"I think we can work that in. Though I would think it best if the majority of the pregnancy is in the off season." Richard replied.


"Sounds like a plan to me Garrus, you can take Joel to get his shots and I'll watch Renton." Lillian replied as she grabbed a water bottle and took a drink.

"We really will need to get Renton over his fear of water eventually." She said as Renton shied away from the water bottle.

"Well..." Leland started with a smirk forming on his face as he looked at Katie, "I am free tonight; hell the next few months are free for me truthfully. So I think we can fit in a little bit of fun here and there, I have been eying the kitchen table for awhile. And I did notice there was some whipped cream in the fridge too."


"He'll get over it. He just doesn't like it I guess. Probably scary to him, though it does make bath time a helluva lot harder than it needs to be," Garrus replied as he watched Renton throw a toy into the water.

"Quite a throwing arm. But it's probably a simple thing that he'll get over when he gets older," he said as he got up and fished out the toy so that Renton wouldn't start crying again.

"Whoa, cool your jets, sweetie. People use both of those for purposes other than what you'd like us to do with them. As a side note, don't even think about suggesting the couch," Katie said, matching Leland's smirk with her own apart from adding a little more seriousness to it. "Would you settle for some never-before-seen lingerie, a blindfold and the double bed in my room? Or perhaps you'd like to come back here later?"

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