Society of Justice 3: Crisis on the Earth

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Jason sat, perched upon the flat of the roof, the sunbeams of high noon cast directly down upon him. As he looked out into the city, a small smile stretched across his face as Richard's message came through his comm. He rose to his feet eagerly, walking towards the edge.

"I totally forgot that new recruits were coming in today. But, i'm with Kate. I can wait till they get here." He answered into the earpiece, cargo shorts blowing in the wind.

"How could you forget? It's the only reason Garrus was so busy this morning." Erebus replied.

"Oh yeah...I forgot about that too." Jason thought in return.

"Geez kid, your memory's gone to the shitter."

"I can't help Ero. My mind's been on other things lately." He continued, swan diving off of the tall establishment, black tendrils quickly encasing around his bare feet, forming into hard armor. He eventually came in contact with the ground with a dull thud, his feet unscathed.

"Like what? Are you thinking about what happened at the beach?" Erebus said, Jason's eyes widening, face contorting into a concerned grimace, accompanied by a sigh.

"Well, now I am. Thanks for that." He replied out loud, Erebus snickering in return.

Brian slowly lugged his huge hockey bag down to the curb of Bartlett Hall. It literally had everything he had in there, that and his laptop bag consisted of all his possessions in Nova City. He was told to pack light since the dorms were very small so he did. He checked the clock on his cell phone, it was about the time he was told to be out on the sidewalk. He looked around the street, there was nothing coming in either direction.

"So, what is up with this? They tell me there's a limo coming and there is nothing....oh maybe that's it." A sleek black limo started appearing into his peripheral vision, becoming sharper as it came closer. "Nice, this is going to be sweet. First time in a limo."

Richard saw Brian through the window.

"I still can't believe it actually happened. A bit of a shock to the system to find my playboy lifestyle over. Then again, nice to be settling down a bit." He said to Alex as he opened the door and sat back as he waited for the man to climb in before speaking.

"Welcome to the Society, I am Richard Masterson AKA Blue Steel and this is Alex Masterson AKA Mist. You are?"

"Uh, I'm Brian," he said a bit timidly as he climbed in with his stuff. "I uh, just Brian, right now. Kinda new to this whole superhero thing." He shut the door behind him and quickly found a seat as the limo started moving again. "I mean, this is all so professional and stuff. I just hope I can catch up quick enough with you guys."

Richard couldn't help but laugh at the word Professional being used to describe the Society.

"Oh I'm sorry for laughing, but you will learn that the words Society and professional do not go together. Only time we are even slightly professional is in a fight. Nice to meet you though Brian, I'm sure you'll do fine in the Society."

Inside the garage of the Promenade, Levi Harland grinned happily and lifted his bronze work goggles up to his forehead. "Alright, Taryn, everything's done down here!" he said as he set a small blowtorch aside. Closing a metal pannel and sealing it with a quick pulse of magnetic energy, Levi stood and straightened his vest, brushing a bit of dust off. "I think this'll be better than ever," he said as he inspected their work. At Richard's request, Levi and Taryn had spent three days assisting him with this project. Three days well spent, he thought. It had been a while since Levi had this much fun working on something. He leaned against a stack of crates. "What kind of new recruits do you think we'll be looking at?" he asked Taryn.

Tyson sat in the entrance to his apartment building and checked his watch. It was twenty minutes past the start of pick ups. "I'm probably last to be picked up," Tyson thought to himself as he put some gum in his mouth and started to chew and blow bubbles. Beside Tyson sat two bags. One was filled with his armor, weapon, ammunition, and mask. The other bag contained the little clothes he had and his will.

Time was starting to tick by and Tyson looked out the glass door. The Limo wasn't insight, but Tyson could see his reflection. His hair was short and still within military regulations, he had stubble showing that he could have shaved off but choice not to, and he was wearing a suit for the first time since before joining the military.

Tyson checked his watch again and barely a minute had passed.

As Richard and Brian talked Sebastian put the limo back in drive as he followed the route to the next new member. After ten minutes of driving through the streets of Nova City Sebastian slowed down and pulled up next to Steven McPhearson, honking the horn a few times to get his attention.


Garrus sat down at the kitchen table taking a few bites of a sandwich as he called his restaurant, making sure everything was going well without him. After his sous chef hung up on him telling him not to worry Garrus called his wife, asking if she was going to come over once she picked up the phone.

"I hope so," Brian said. "So what is the deal with this then? Like I know we have have these special powers and stuff right, and I know there is a lot of the little crimes and stuff going on, but is this seriously like the comics? Like, are there really any Lex Luthors or that that we actually have to fight? Cause, that would be pretty extreme, and I don't know how good I am yet, at least with my powers that could actually hurt anyone. I'm really rusty at it..."

Steven snapped out of his daze at the sight of the limo. 'Well, at least my indentured servatude will be in style,' he thought. He entered the car casually, making the interior of the car brighter as he sat down. "Hello. I'm Steven McPhearson. But I assume you already have my file, seeing as how I was coercered into applying. It is a pleasure to meet you."

"There are more Lex Luthor types out there than most would like to admit Brian." Richard replied before Steven joined them in the limo.

"Hello, name's Richard Masterson. I guess you are in the same boat that I was when I first joined then? Trust me, it may seem worse than any prison right now, but it tends to grow on you after a bit. Just give it time."


Lillian picked up the phone before hearing Garrus ask his question.

"Yes Garrus, I'll be there with Renton once everyone is there." Lillian said with one hand holding the phone and the other holding their one year old child so he didn't go walking off.

The limo sped up twords their next destination. Steven seemed to glow for a moment, then took a deep breath. "I suppose that's true. Either way, loosing my temper won't change my situation. Cest la vie I suppose. I think I see the next destination up ahead," he said, trying to change the subject as quickly as possible.

"Damn," Brian commented. He looked out the window for a moment or two as the limo started to slow down. He turned to the other guy who had been picked up, he had something of a glow to him. It was almost incandescent. "Hey, by the way. I'm Brian."

"And I am Alex Masterson. I joined the Society to kill the man the murdered my mother but soon found my self drawn to the Society and other things." Alex joked. "It's a pleasure to meet all of you." Alex said giving them a slight nod.

Tyson looked up and saw a limo approaching. He grabbed his bags and stepped out the door checking the tops of the surrounding buildings and the streets for anyone suspicious. As the limo stopped outside the building Tyson signaled the driver to open the truck and Tyson put his bags in it.

As Tyson opened the door to the limo and saw a man with short brown hair in a suit, a woman with long black hair, a relatively tall man with longish dirty blond hair, and another man where business casual clothing and sunglasses. Tyson entered and introduced himself, "Hi. I'm Tyson Bishop and I'm glad to have the opportunity to be a part of this organization." The limo took off and Tyson sat down. This can't be everyone who's joining. They were clearly behind schedule. This will be a change of pace for sure.

"Alright then Lillian. Can't wait to see you two," Garrus replied as he ended the call, leaning back in his chair as he grabbed another sandwich to eat.


Sebastian waited until Tyson was in and settled before driving off to the next person on the list, a Michael Sterling. He pulled up to the park, putting the limo in park as he looked around for Michael.

Michael shouldered his duffel bag and walked over to the limo. He pulled open the door and climbed inside. When he entered, the temperature inside the limo seemed to rise by five degrees. "Afternoon," he said, "I'm Michael Sterling."

"Hopefully ones that will fit in." Taryn Foundre replied to Levi as she carefully walked around their now-completed project with her arm outstretched. Her hand hovered less than a foot from the surface. When she reached the end of her circle Taryn gave a satisfied nod. Lowering her arm Taryn walked toward Levi. The fingers of her right hand flexed at her side. A small electric spark appeared at the tip of her little finger, traveled across her fingers to her thumb, then flashed before blinking out of existence.

Taryn reached the crates but chose to stand next to Levi. "I'm curious to find out about their abilities." she commented.

"Please to met you Micheal, I'm Alex Masterson also known as Mist." Alex said holding her hand out to shake his hand. "If I may as what are all of your powers?" Alex asked blinking feeling a huge difference in his body heat compared to her low body heat. It was even higher then a normal body heat.

Michael extended his hand to accept Alex's handshake, but pulled back, "I'm sorry, I'd love to shake your hand, but I'm afraid I might burn you. You see, I can control heat and fire. Occasionally, things I touch with my bare skin burst in to flame. It's why I don't play the violin any more. I've gotten it under control for the most part, but I don't want to risk it. What about you? What are your powers?"

"Nice to meet the both of you, Richard Masterson. I'm otherwise known as Blue Steel. If you don't know why I have that name you'll learn soon enough." Richard said.

"I can control water in all its forms for ice to steam. Also I can produce a light and dark energy that can ether hold someone down or blast them away, however, that power is brought out with anger so I don't use it much." Alex said pulling back her hand.

Steven was suddenly at attention towords Alex. "I'm sorry, but did you just say you could manipulate light? I never met another person who could do that. I would love to see how that works, if you dont mind" Flexing his hand for a moment, he produced a silvery bird that flew small circles around his arm. "Can you do anything like that?" he asked.

Alex looked over at Steven. "I can't manipulate light independently from darkness but yes I can control light but it's source comes from my body. I can make things out of ice but not my light and dark powers." Alex said then created a ball of water that danced around the limo and returned to her small gourd of water.

Steven smiled slightly, though the smile didn't seem to reach his eyes. "Thank you for the information. I'm quite sure it will be usefull in the future." He carefully adjusted his sunglasses as the silver bird landed on his arm and began to slowly fade away.

Levi nodded. "I'm interested too, actually. Our group was an...interesting one," he said. "I just hope they don't start killing each other from day one," he added somewhat bitterly. With a sigh, he pushed himself against the crates and stood up straight. "You think we should head out and wait for the newbies to show up? From what I hear, the limo should be coming back soon, and you know how I am about introductions".

Tommy was in the Lounge, drinking a large glass of cranberry juice and Alcohol, and Nail polish...

"You know I can definitely wait for new recruits, don't you guys remember the nightmare we went through last time? They practically destroyed the lounge just will all their fights. I swear if any of these guys start getting prima-dona I'm chucking them into the city pool for a cool down." Tommy replied to Jason and Katie. New recruits always made Tommy anxious, the last group had been fairly hit and miss, he prayed to god this one wouldn't be the same.

"Jeez, I can't do anything like that," Brian commented. "You guys are the real deal. I mean, like I said, I'm really kind of rusty with what I can do. I've been suppressing what I can do for so long, since I didn't want to stand out or anything. I don't know what I can do really. Like watch."

Brian focused on a tray of drinks on a shelf and started concentrating, he tried to keep it small as he could. Within the small circle the drinks started floating off the shelf and into a small portion of the field. The drinks floated there for about three seconds before falling to the floor. "Yeah see I can't even hold that for that long."

"You can just lob them into our pool...though that might mean instant death depending on if they get thrown in when the pool is 'self cleaning'," Garrus said to Tommy as he walked over and handed him a sandwich, himself trying to stop eating them all.

"I've looked over the recruits and they don't seem to be as troubled as the last group. We should still stay on our toes though just in case," he added, thinking over the fights they had had with the past recruits.


Now that Micheal was aboard Sebastian drove towards the next member, making note that there were only a few left now.

" Oh thank god," Tommy replied as he began eating the sandwich.

" I mean they couldn't go five seconds without whining about their backgrounds and then going at each others throats. I remember we even had to drive one separately because she'd probably kill everyone who had the poor judgment to be born with a Y-chromosome." Tommy said as he washed down the mouthful of sandwich with some more juice.

"So how's Renton?" Tommy decided to ask in order to change the subjects from potentially volatile recruits to Garrus's potentially omni-powerful spawn.

"True, true. Also, wasn't she like thirty-something, and emo as hell? I didn't quite understand that. Yeah, the lot of that last group was annoying, but, we did get Alex, Levi, and Taryn from that unruly group, and they're the nicer ones of us (well, not Alex, but you know what I'm getting at). Like Gar said, all we can do is wait for the others, stay on our toes, and hope that we won't get any sour apples in the bunch." Jason replied, wiping the sweat from his brow.

"Even though, a green apple would totally hit the spot right now." Erebus pointed out. Jason paused for a second, realizing how right he was. He then made his way towards the gardens.

"Hey Katie, can I have a Granny Smith?" He asked, his bare feet stepping onto soft grass.

Tyson watched and listened to the others. So we have a water manipulator, a fire manipulator, a light manipulator, and a person who can barely lift up some glasses with his mind. Okay that last has to have another power or something. "Well I can manipulate sound waves with my mouth. I'd demonstrate but I don't want to break something or cause anyone mild to bad discomfort." Tyson replied to the earlier question wondering what other people would be joining them.

"I remember all that. Made me feel like a crappy leader since I couldn't really stop any of those fights," Garrus responded, turning the thermostat down and taking a seat.

"Renton? He's still an amazing little bundle of joy and energy. Now he can say 'dada' and 'mama', along with calling my brother 'lulu' whenever he comes to hang out. Adorable little thing, still just a little anxious about walking alone. He much prefers it when we hold his hand or if he has something to hold onto. Oh so one day a week ago I stood seven feet away from him and tried to get him to walk to me without holding on to anything; so I call out to him for maybe a minute or two before he just started to cry! It was the cutest thing so I rushed over and comforted him, such a cutie. You should see him when he's playing around with Joel, so much little laughter coming from him," Garrus blabbed on as he excitedly talked about his son to Tommy.

"Don't worry Garrus you're a good enough leader, when we had thought you were dead, no one was around to tell Alex and Leland to shut up an keep walkin'." He replied.

"Renton is a cute kid isn't he, has he shown any signs of powers yet?" Tommy asked, after all, Renton's grandparents where probably some of the most powerful people in the universe, and his father was powerful as well.

"Oh, hey, Jase," Katie said as she sat up. "Yeah, sure, no problem," she added in response to his question. She tapped the side of her deckchair and a short branch grew out of it, producing a trio of the apples he had requested.

"Personally I'm a Braeburn fan myself, but each to their own," she said, picking the branch off and handing it to Jason. She noted how easy it was to produce things like fruit, vegetables and other plant-based necessities these days. The two months of intense training she had undergone recently while Leland was off on his world tour had certainly been fruitful. Katie giggled to herself at the unintended pun.

Soon enough a limousine pulled up to the footpath just in front of Rowan. This is it. He quickly deposited the two suitcases he possessed in the boot, before stepping inside through the door held by the chauffeur and taking one of the few empty seats. At the sight of all the other people in the room, he paled a little, slightly nervous at meeting so many new people at once.

Eventually he spoke. "Richard Masterson, and his wife Alex as well. I'm honoured to meet you. I'm Rowan Ward by birth, but those who know what I can do call me Silhouette. Do you need a demonstration of my abilities?" he asked. "I'll do what I can, but I don't think the second of my two skills is appropriate for this situation."

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