Society of Justice 3: Crisis on the Earth

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"Guess I'm here to keep any fights from breaking out then," Garrus said with a chuckle, grabbing the remote control and flipping through channels before leaving it on his favorite channel, the Food Network.

"As for Renton showing any signs of powers, none yet. But he's only going to be one year old, and powers don't usually start showing up until puberty for the most part. I am curious as to whether or not he will have any powers though, he might just be normal like his mother though," Garrus mused.

"Nice to meet you as well Rowan. There will be an opportunity for you to show off your powers soon enough. In fact, all of you will get to do so. Consider it a sort of initiation and test of your power." Richard replied as they drove on.

"Seems the media has more then made sure I'm well known." Alex said extending a hand to Silhouette. "It's an honor to meet a fellow super. As for your powers I'm curious as to what they are." Alex said.

"Garrus you need to fix your definition of normal if you think a woman who can hit two targets at 200 yards with two different pistols at once during a back flip, while balancing your restaurants accounts, and while 6 months pregnant is normal." Tommy said as he finished the last bit of sandwich and washed it down with a mighty gulp. "Any way you'd better hope Renton's powers don't come till later if ever, I had my powers ever since I was a new-born and my dad can tell you some horror stories about that."

Jason replied with a simple "thanks" before taking a generous bite from the hand fruit.

"Hey you remember 'the beach'?" He asked quite randomly, mouth still full from the apple.

"Before you answer: Erebus brought it up, and now I can't stop thinking about it." He quickly added, casually taking another bite from the apple.

Rowan accepted the handshake, hoping to befriend Alex sooner rather than later. "First and foremost... I think showing you all is much easier than telling you about it," he answered. "This may take a few seconds." Sitting back in his seat, he closed his eyes and concentrated, remembering the body he had wanted to use when showing off his ability. Soon enough a strange sound sounding like cracking bones could be heard as the changes began. Ten seconds later Rowan was a few inches taller, and his appearance and clothing had changed completely. He looked down at himself, checking that nothing was out of place. Perfect.

"And now I'm Richard Castle. Best-selling novelist, gentleman, magnificent bastard and fictional character," he declared in Nathan Fillion's voice. "So yeah, I'm a shapeshifter."

Confused by Jason's words, Katie sat up again and said, "Um... No, actually. I don't know what you're on about. Must have missed out on that. If it's something I don't think I wanna hear, then I don't wanna know."

"True, I guess it just seems normal to me since I'm used to it," Garrus agreed as he thought it over before continuing, "I kinda hope he has powers, I think that'd be pretty interesting. At the same time though I'm wondering if a normal life would just be better for him. Who knows? As long as his power isn't something that is completely crazy and one which he could easily destroy the world with I'm fine. Would rather not deal with something like that."

"Not entirely crazy that he could destroy the world with? From your family? Let's go down the list, Granma Claidt, who can manipulate her body to the point of having any power she chooses, Granpa Arreo, who was the most powerful wizard in the world and beyond, Uncle Claidt, who is probably the most powerful one alive currently, and Papa Arreos, who could probably turn the Pentagon to a pile of rubble if you show up with the shivers." Tommy said.

"If he winds up having the ability to make people spontaneously com-bust by pointing at them, I'll be slightly disappointed."

"Interesting is one way to put it, I suppose." Taryn replied. She took a second to debate Levi's question before she nodded in agreement. "We probably should get going." With one last glance at their project Taryn turned toward the side door of the garage. She picked up stray tools that were still on the floor along the way. She stopped to place them on the workbench before she reached for the door handle. Taryn swung the door open then turned to look at Levi.

"Shall we?" She asked with a brief grin.

"Oh boy, now that you said that I know my kid is going to be screwed up in the power department. Jesus christ now I expect nothing other than a world-destroying power. I'll have to keep a sharp eye on him in case he starts to get his powers early, if he does get any that is," Garrus said with a slight realization that his son would more than likely have some type of super power.

"...what's the chance of him being adept with magic Tommy? That's the one thing I'd prefer he not have," Garrus asked after a moment of thought.

"She wasn't there that day, genius. Yeah, your memory's totally going wonky." Erebus piped up, Jason realizing his mistake.

"Oh yeah, I forgot you didn't come with us that day...Lucky..." Jason said, pausing momentarily before blurting out another "thank you" and walking towards the main entrance of The Promenade, the cool breeze of the building's internal AC greeting his bare chest and other body parts. Making his way towards the lounge, he greeted all who inhabited the room, tossing the core of the apple into the garbage can as he walked into the kitchen.

"Decent enough, you have the signature of someone whose been infused with magic, due to your dad. You'll pass that on to the kid, in fact he could learn magic either way, even if he didn't get that boost from you. As for whether or not he'll be like Leland, as in innate magical ability that doesn't need to be learned, you'll probably see that when he old enough to use full sentences, keep an eye out for things going missing, sudden fires, electrical shortages, small tornadoes, lesser demons, wails of the dead, blood pouring out of sinks, and a destabilization of reality in general, those tend to be the first signs of a prodigy." Tommy told Garrus as he finished the last of his Cranberry juice.

Levi grinned in return and spoke playfully as he stepped past her in the doorway. "You know it, my love". He planted a quick kiss on her lips before he stepped all the way though. Levi held the door open for Taryn so she could step in before letting it close. "To the lounge? I don't know about you, but I could use something to drink".

"I do not look forward to that if he does have that innate ability. I guess I better enjoy this year than before he can speak in full sentences. All of those sound downright terrifying, and if I and Lillian have to deal with that I think we'll both go crazy," Garrus replied, giving Jason a wave and inviting him over to sit with them.

"Thanks for telling me though Tommy. Not sure if it will help, but it will make sleeping tonight that much more difficult," he said.

"Meh, it's not that bad." Tommy told Garrus before looking over to Jason, "Hey man, whats going on? Are you prepared for any recruits from hell?"

Tommy then stood up and went over and grabbed another sandwich and glass of juice before joining the others.

"Man I love cranberry juice, dried cranberries too, I wonder if I can get Katie to grow me some..." He muttered as he sat sat down.

'Well now that you mention it...' Taryn nodded. "Sound good." She said in response to Levi. Taryn began walking toward the front door of the Promenade. As she moved through the well maintained grass she pulled out her phone to check the time. Taryn's eyebrow rose when she realized how long they'd been working. The recruits would definitely be arriving soon. Taryn swung open one of the big front doors and stepped into the Promenade.

"Hell no. I can still remember the ones from last year. Thank God they left. We probably would've still been stuck on that damned planet if the majority of last year's recruits decided to stick around. As long as we don't get another emo grandma, a guy dressed entirely in orange, a illiterate policeman, or any other poor excuses for superheroes, then we'll be fine...hopefully," Jason replied to Tommy as he plopped down on the couch.

"It is taking them kinda long to gather them all up though...think there's a traffic jam going on or something? The suspense is rising with each second." He asked.

"Dude, that's pretty fucked up right there!" Brian commented on the latest occurrence. "So you can just like change yourself at will? That is awesome! That is so much better than me! I mean, you can be anyone! God damn!"

"Well, yeah, I can look like anyone I want, even women, but I can only change after being in one form for ten minutes or I shift back to my normal appearance," Rowan explained, smiling at the voice he was using. He liked it, and had occasionally used it when speaking to others for their amusement. "See, this is why people call me Silhouette, 'cause it's so hard for them to remember who I am sometimes."

Steven was intrigued at Rowan's display. "Impressive. I've actually been working on something like that." He flexed his arm and a beautiful silvery woman appeared next to him. "It's a shame that I cant seem to make them have color though."

Levi and Taryn walked through the main entrance of the Promenade, heading down the currently empty halls. They stepped through the double doors leading into the lounge. Levi looked around and noticed that Garrus, Tommy, and Jason were already there. He offered a wave to them as he headed to the fridge in the kitchen, looking for a drink.

"Interesting, but not the most interesting thing I've seen. Not by far, once you meet Leland and have your first adventure with Mordtoten, you'll see what I mean. A little shape shifting and constructs is nothing compared to some of the stuff those two pull. Each of them is a pain alone, let alone together." Richard replied.

"Then add on to that Major Crime, and Camille and you have some crazy ass shit. Oh yes and my father as well." Alex said kissing Richard softly putting a hand on his lap.

"Now out of curiosity why did you all join the Society?" Alex asked.

Wow, almost slightly awkward there. Hope they're like dating or something...

"Um...well I don't know, to be honest," Brian replied. "Seemed like the right thing to do? I mean, like I've went out by myself a few nights there, and it's probably not best for me to go at this sort of thing alone, so I just thought, you know, security in numbers, right?"

Steven glowed for a moment and looked as if he was about to yell, but then his silvery construct put her hand on his shoulder. He paused for a moment, took a deep breath, fixed his sunglasses, and spoke with an overly calm voice. "I was...coerced...into joining by the government. I'll skip the details. They're on my file if you're really that interested.

Bypassing Richard's comments - the names were unfamiliar to him - Rowan answered Alex instead. "A recommendation from my ex-girlfriend after I took care of a problem for her in Snake Alley. Long story short, she fell in with the wrong crowd, they kidnapped her and I... resolved the situation, for lack of a better word. She broke it off a while later with the suggestion that I join you. The entire incident was in my application, if I remember correctly."

"I've learned to pretty much ignore the files, let Garrus worry about who to pick and why. Files can only tell me so much, it is only when I meet the recruits I can actually figure you all out." Richard replied.

Steven seemed to process Richards words slowly. He sat motionless for a moment, turned to him and replied "Well then. What do you make of me then?"

Taryn's gaze followed Levi as he moved toward into the kitchen. When he was out of sight she shifted to look at each of the Society members who were in the lounge. Taryn offered her own small wave and a brief smile. Not wanting to interrupt any conversations, Taryn walked toward one of the empty sofas. She inspected the cushion then sat down to wait for Levi to return. Her fingers tapped against her knee in a short pattern.

"What I have been able to gather about you all so far is that you will be useful. Your powers are varied and sure to come in handy in a fight. You personality may be volatile, but no more than mine was. You do seem like the sort that is at least willing to help if not necessarily happy about doing so. The rest is rather unimportant at the moment. What is important is that, realize it or not, you are Society material. Now how advanced you all truly are will be tested later, but so far I like this batch far better than the last. A major improvement is simply the fact one of you hasn't punched another yet." Richard said.

"Well, that's fair enough, I guess. But then, I can't really judge 'cause I don't know about the last time you brought in new recruits," Rowan said, adjusting the jacket that had come with changing into Castle's form. "I'm going to assume it was bad and leave it at that. What kind of testing will we be facing? Preferably something combat-oriented. I haven't tested my... other talent, shall we say, for a while. Not since the time I burned a one-inch hole clean through twelve inches of solid steel."

Looking briefly through the refrigerator, Levi found nothing that really appealed to him at the moment. Soda was always nice, but it wasn't the most hydrating beverage. Milk was okay, but he didn't feel like taking out a glass. Ultimately, Levi decided to pull out a bottle of water for himself and one for Taryn from the fridge. He opened his bottle and took a few sips as he made his way back to the lounge, over where Taryn was sitting in an empty sofa. He took a seat next to her and shifted a bit until he was comfortable. Levi handed Taryn the spare bottle. "Just thought I'd get you one too," he said.

"I must admit, the idea of some combat would be rather exciting," Steven said, while making the silver woman vanish. "I wonder, what kind of training facility would this group have? Is it a simulation? Or maybe training dummies? Or what about"-he flexed his hands and light emitted and pulsated, forming thick, silver gauntlets-"some good, old-fashioned, sparring?" His mouth formed a wicked grin at the thought, though his eyes still seemed unresponsive behind the thick sunglasses.

"Shoot, actual fighting? I'm uh...not exactly the best at it," Brian admitted, while he rubbed the back of his neck. "I mean yeah, when I played hockey we had some fights there and I got into a couple of good ones, really tagged one of those bastards from Inverness High, but that's completely different then like, actual fighting, Van Damme fighting and that sort of stuff. Plus I haven't played hockey in a bit, so I'm not going to be any good at that right away either."

"To answer your question Alex, my reason for join the Society is spite. Sure I'm joining to best help society with my powers but more importantly there are some people I want to piss off and have them not be able to do anything about it." Tyson answered honestly. If I get public recognition and favour for being a super hero the military can't just up and kill me. When I am full trusted and loved I'll release the information on the highly illegal experiments and how those politicians killed my team to cover it up. That will damn well piss them off because if they kill me they are screwed and if I live they are screwed.

Tyson then switched his attention to the conversation on the upcoming test. "I doubt it would be sparring. The things we'll be doing should be insane. Sparring's good for a test of how well you fight one on one. Realistically I'm expecting something to test our current limits and crush us under them. Could be a swarm of robots attacking us in overwhelming numbers or could be an obstacle course that's trying to kill us. Think worse case scenario." Tyson said in a cold military veteran voice with a thousand yard stare.

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