Society of Justice 3: Crisis on the Earth

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"Ah that training course. Got rid of that with the second batch but it was interesting for the truly original Society members. Best part was they really didn't have anything built in for those that could fly so it wasn't actually all that bad for me in my suit." Richard said with a chuckle.

After picking up the last two new recruits Sebastian drove everyone back to the Promenade, already looking forward to dropping everyone off and heading back home until he was needed once more. He pulled up to the large beige structure, getting out of the limo and opening up the limo doors for those inside. He noted that it had taken him forty-five minutes to collect everyone, much better than last year's pick-up where everyone was so spread out.

"The Promenade, ladies and gentlemen. Mr. Masterson will show you all inside," Sebastian said, giving a slight tip of the hat.

Taryn smiled and took the bottle Levi handed to her. "Thanks." she said quietly.

While they waited for the new recruits to arrive Taryn and Levi chatted idly. At one point during their conversation Taryn glanced over and noticed that Garrus was watching the Food Network on TV. Whatever the current chef was making did not look appetizing, or even edible, so she quickly turned back to Levi. She talked briefly about how she'd made some minor upgrades to the Promenade's security system. "... mostly software upgrades for better logging options." she explained.

Alex stepped out of the limo. "And welcome to the Promenade. You're new home." Alex said opening the door and walked in blinking as a now full grown Sam ran up to her. "Why hello Sam" Alex said as the cat jumped into her arms. "You missed me I see." Alex said petting her.

"So, this is it. The HQ. The not-so-secret base of the Society," Rowan said with a grin, stepping out of the limo after everyone else had gotten out. Impressed by the pillars and external appearance, he nodded approvingly before following the others inside.

"Not that bad a place, I must say. And this is only the... entrance hall, I presume?" he guessed, uncertain.

Katie perked up at the sound of an approaching car. Perhaps the new recruits had arrived. She got up from her chair and ran a hand through her hair, which she had grown out over the past year. It now reached down to slightly longer than her shoulders, and she had come to like it at that length.

Opting to go and meet the new guys, she picked a flower from a nearby bed, tucking it behind her ear for show, and entered the Promenade from the back doors, taking a slow walk through the halls. She figured Richard or Alex would probably give everyone a tour of the place before everyone went out for the obligatory training session, and with that in mind she made her way to the lounge.

"Entrance hall and museum yes. Follow me and I will lead you to where you will all be staying during your time at The Society. Down that hall is the museum which now has a section dedicated to the current generation. In the area for current Society members we replaced the showers connected to the gym with a pool. Off the museum is a cafe, restaurant, and gift shop but I don't think you'll really care to go there very often. The gardens are out back and the area where you will be living is fairly straightforward in design." Richard said as he began to lead them to the heroes area of The Promenade.

Alex followed Richard with Sam in her arms walking close to him. "Damn I remember my first day here, I wanted to kill Tommy." Alex said rolling her eyes.


Eric left and infirmary and walked to the lounge sitting down on the couch. "Today is the day." he said looking around.

Vanishing his gauntlets, Steven walked along side the rest of the group, taking careful note of the cameras. 'They must take security here very seriously', he thought. 'I wonder what measures they have hidden. More importantly, I wonder who built this? This is definantly beyound commercial grade security'
"So when do we meet the other members?" he asked Richard

In midst a conversation with Garrus and Tommy, Jason soon noticed the others that entered the lounge.

"Hey Katie, are the youngbloods here yet? You were the only one outside, so you were our designated lookout." Jason asked casually.

"I heard the limo pull up, so they must be here somewhere. Probably taking the tour before meeting up with us," Katie answered, taking one of the remaining seats in the lounge, opposite the others. "Hey, do you guys know if the usual training exercise is on again this time around? It was amusing watching the last batch have a go at it."

Levi couldn't help but laugh at Katie's comment about the last group. "You mean when Patriot tossed me halfway across the field while I was clinging for dear life on the Mechasnake?" he asked jokingly, remembering their own training exercise. Although the experience had renered Levi unconscious and significantly injured, it had been a valuable learning experience.

Katie joined in with Levi's laugh. "Ah, yes, I remember that. Good times... even if you had been taken out of the fight by that. I wonder if Patriot's gonna make an appearance this time around." She had forgotten that Levi and Taryn had been in the previous group of new applicants; they had spent enough time with the Society that it felt like they were part of the original team.

"We've had the MechaSnake two years in a row, so that probably gonna come back. But, I wonder if we'll get to beat the shit out of these recruits like we did with you guys last year. Fighting Snooki was fun (albeit, a bit disappointing because he eventually rage-quit and hara-kiri'd himself)." Jason wondered, remembering the big fight that the last training session devolved into.

Tyson retrieved his bags from the trunk of the limo and started following Richard. Tyson wasn't paying attention to what Richard was saying as he was scanning the museum. Tyson noted some roman architecture designs in its outward appearance as he saw the abundance of security cameras. Tyson started to look around at what was in the museum as th tur led inside. Most of the historic items here could double as modern art masterpieces. Tyson tuned Richard back in as he pointed out the gym and pool. A proper gym is going to be a good change from working out in the apartment and its been forever since I had a swim. Tyson continued following and listening but didn't figure he would be using the cafe, restaurant, or gift shop at all. The garden didn't rank high on his list to visit either.

"If we want Patriot to join us then we'd simply need to call. Doubt he's doing too much over on his island. As of now there is no plan to kick their ass, though if things go the same way they did the last time..." Garrus started as he sat up and checked on the sandwiches, around half of the original ones he made were gone due to the constant munching.

"I guess I can just make more later..." he muttered, making sure he looked presentable, muttering something about first impressions as he sat back down and waited for the new recruits.

"Man, this is just, wow, this place is huge!" Brian was in awe of his new surroundings. He had never seen let alone lived in a place like this before. This was an absolute mansion. The bathroom was probably bigger than his parents' whole house. The gym, the pool; they sure beat rocks and the chilly Gulf of St. Lawrence.

He looked around some more, taking it all in. "Hard to believe this is a superhero HQ!"

"Ooh, sandwiches," Katie said to herself, taking one and resuming her seat. "And yeah, I suppose we could just call him up. Though... d'you reckon we'd need him if we were to challenge the new guys to a fight? I mean, I reckon we outnumber them, but I don't know anything about their powers and suchlike."

Rowan kept his mouth shut as he followed the tour around, able to see over the heads of a few of the others due to his height extension. The museum had certainly been something he wanted to revisit; he particularly enjoyed taking a quick look at the wall of memorabilia from old battles. Dented bullets that had been stopped by supers with skin like stone, old service medals from the members who had received them from world leaders... there was even a piece of railroad track with a prominent, suspiciously human-shaped dent in the metal. Whoever had survived that must have been incredibly tough.

"We wouldn't need him, but I don't think he'd mind joining us. I doubt he does much over on 'Americaland' other than build more coconut huts or make some Patriot Punches! If we do invite him we'll have to remember to ask him to bring some of those babies over. Man they are good," Garrus said, already making a mental note to ask Patriot to bring them.

"Even without the advantage though we'd still beat them, no offense to them of course. We're just more experienced than they are, as simple as that," Garrus added with a shrug.

Richard walked them to the lounge of the Society where most of the members happened to be. Once he opened the double doors into the lounge he spoke.

"And this is where you will be staying, rooms are over there. This area is the lounge and the kitchen is that way. The gym and pool slash jacuzzi room are down through there." Richard said as he walked back over to the others original Society members.

"So how are you guys, excited to meet the latest batch of recruits? These ones so far are better than the last, no verbal slap fights and no actual punches being thrown so far."


At that point Lillian walked in with Renton holding her hand.

"Good because the paperwork was hell on that one." She said as she walked by them and over to Garrus, giving him a quick peck on the cheek.

"I think that's a record then," Garrus replied as he got up, giving Lillian a kiss and picking up the excited Renton as he walked over to the new recruits.

"Well you all look like a good group. I'm Garrus Arreos, and everyone here are going to be your teammates in the future. There are sandwiches and drinks over in the kitchen right there, and once you're done getting settled we'll tell you what's in store," Garrus said to the new members, Renton playing with his ear as he did so.

Levi stood from his seat as he heard Richard's voice echoing from behind the entrance to the lounge. By the time he got to his feet and turned around, the double doors were opened. Walking through the open space was the always formally dressed Richard, leading the new recruits in. Waiting for Richard and Garrus to finish speaking, Levi straightened his vest, cleared his throat and spoke up as he approached the group of newbies, hoping Taryn would follow. "I am Levi Harland, the resident magnetism user. I'm excited to see what all of you are capable of".

"Hey, guys, welcome to the Society," Katie said, getting up to greet the new recruits with a wave and a smile. "I'm Katie Southe, otherwise known as Demeter; plant control is my specialty. Garrus pretty much said everything else, so... I'll leave you to it." She crossed to the kitchen and got herself a glass of water, then returned to the lounge with it.

"Once you guys go through the training exercise, and you're officially accepted into the Society, feel free to talk to me about, well, almost anything, if you need someone to talk to," she added from her seat.

"Hmm... so the media was right way back then. Miss Southe and Demeter are one and the same," Rowan mused to himself as he took a sandwich. Fascinating. I may have to talk to her about that, if she's fine with it. Before taking a bite, he checked his watch. Enough time had passed, so he stepped away from the others slightly, and focused on himself. The strange cracking sound produced itself again as he reverted back to his normal appearance within a few seconds. The process was far faster when he changed back to his original form.

"Sorry about that, guys," he said amiably before biting into his sandwich.

"Hello. I'm Steven McPhearson. AKA Helios. I suppose we have some time to kill before we start training,"he said, constructing a large silver armchair and laying down. "I'll just be here. Waiting. Anytime you want to start, please let me know."

Taryn looked up as the recruits filed in. She tilted her head in confusion as she recognized one of the group. 'Wait...we recruited Nathan Fillion? He's an amazing actor but I didn't know...' The being who looked like Malcolm Reynolds suddenly shifted and became a young man, still with blue eyes, of medium height. 'Oh...isn't that interesting.' Taryn grinned as she moved to stand slightly behind and to the side of Levi. She waved at the group before giving her own introduction.

"I'm Taryn Foundre, technopath and electricity manipulator.", Taryn held out her hand palm up and generated a small sphere of electricity that gave off a quiet crackling noise. She closed her hand into a fist to extinguish the construct. "Good luck with your training." she added.

"Training won't begin for a bit Steven, so you can just take a seat and relax. Grab a sandwich and mingle, stuff like that. Glad to have you all on board," Garrus said before he walked over to the kitchen and grabbed another sandwich, Renton trying to grab ahold of it. He walked over to Richard and said, "I think we'll be calling Patriot to come and join us like last year, sound good? I also plan on having him bring some of those cocktails of his, just letting you know."

"Fine by me. I don't have to deal with him on a near daily basis so I don't care if he comes around every once in a while. Oh and ask him how Americaland is coming along. Last I checked he was still working on the suburbs and hadn't gotten to his first real city yet. Funny that he is doing infrastructure without a real population to speak of, but that is Patriot for you." Richard replied.

"I'll be sure to ask him that, though I think he'll be more than happy to tell everyone about what he does everyday and about his future plans for Americaland," Garrus responded, taking Richard's tie out of Renton's hands before going to the couch and taking a seat next to Lillian. "I think this will be a good group," he muttered, looking over at the new recruits.

"He probably will." Richard replied simply before he took a seat on the couch.


"Something tells me this group will work well. Nobody has a split lip yet so that's a plus." Lillian said before turning to the new people.

"I guess I forgot to introduce myself. Lillian Arreos, not much to say about myself really. I'm brought on a few missions and I have expertise in weapons and fighting styles but I spend most of my time making sure the Society stays in business and taking care of my child."

Tyson entered the room and saw what he hoped was all of the Society's members. He watched as the members started to introduce themselves. So we have a woman who controls plants and an occasional member who's basically described herself as a soldier. I see no potential conflicts on a ability level coming from either of them. However the guy that's the magnetism controller and the woman who controls electricity could cause some serious problems when I'm wearing my armor. I'll have to pay attention to when and where they are using their powers.

"I guess that all of you shouldn't have to introduce yourselves before pretty much any of us do. So I'm Tyson Bishop, or Sound Check if you would like. I can manipulate sound waves and frequencies with my mouth." Tyson said introducing himself. After a quick moment of thought Tyson asked, "Where's the washroom? Its a lot less formal than I thought it would be and suits are kind of uncomfortable."

"Oh yeah, hey, I'm Brian," the lanky young man managed to get out. "I'm sorry, what was that about food? Sandwiches? Where? Over there? Aw man! I haven't eaten since this morning! Missed the bloody caf supper. The hours there are messed up. Anyway, yeah, I'm just going to hit those right quick. Yeah."

With that he headed over to the table that was indicated to have sandwiches on it, and grabbed two of them, with some lunch meat in them. He didn't care at this point. He usually had to starve himself on the cafeteria meal plan he was on, so this was a golden buffet for him. Picking up one of the bottles of juice, he came back over to the group. He took a huge bite out of the first sandwich. "Man, these are so good right now! Whoever made these, awesome job."

Jason took a quick head count as the new recruits socialized with the senior members.

"Seven newbies. Hm. There was like, seven recruits last year too. Funny how that works, huh?" He said approaching them new kids on the block.

"Hello to all of you. My name is Jason Rojas, and I hope none of you turn out to be very annoying, or a total burden to the team. Welcome!" He added enthusiastically with a smile and a small bow.

"Only three people from last year's recruits stayed too. I wonder if anyone from this team will perform a disappearing act like those other schmucks?" Erebus added as the two scanned the crowd.

Alex took a set on the couch next to Eric. "Happy to be official now?" Alex asked him smirking some. Sam walked over to Eric's lap and curled up to him purring.

"Yes I'm happy Alex. Do I have to do the training too?" Eric asked not just Alex but everyone.

"Y'know, Eric, I don't think it's necessary for you to go through it," Katie said to him. "I mean, I reckon you've made up for it during the incident at Christmas, and I'd trust you to have my back. So that's a no on my part, if we're voting on it." She gave him a quick smile before taking another drink and returning to her sandwich.

A quick eater by nature, Rowan quickly finished off his own lunch - it was all he needed, as he ate more at breakfast and dinner - before grabbing a drink and wandering over to the lounge, hoping to score some points with the more experienced Society members. Maybe he could even pick up a couple of hints in regards to the training exercise that was undoubtedly going to take place in the future.

"May I?" he asked, gesturing to one of the seats on the couch on Eric's side. He usually asked before sitting next to someone; his mother had always said that that was the way to do it, lest he land himself in hot water.

"Meh I still better do it. Everyone that joined the Society had to so I might as well." Eric said then looked over at Rowan. "That's fine ummm mind if I ask your name? I'm Eric." Eric said putting his hand out for him to shake.

"Rowan, Rowan Ward. Otherwise known as Silhouette, when I'm not confusing people by turning into them," the shapeshifter answered, offering his left hand to shake. After a little bit of confusion - Eric had used his right hand - Rowan sat down next to him, an amused smile on his face as a result of the little situation that had passed.

"So yeah, um... what can you do, Eric? Sorry, I'm a little short on conversation topics," he said, tugging at his shirt collar in imitation awkwardness.

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